Do You Want Global Reality Or Guru “Truth”? You Decide

Before we start a new year, it’s probably best to convey the following now and prepare to move into 2021 with a fresh perspective.

Out of public sight, little understood, game changing moves are taking place in the major league. We will explain further a little later on.

Life is a game board where, in this case, too many pawns presume to be kings.

WHA raised for you the specter of false guru visions and fake Dinarian hope propagated yet again by the mercenary currency gurus. False gods deflect you from both reality and a new life direction. We promote nothing for profit. Just reality.

Too many innocent, needing and desperate people were sucked into the glib assurances of the fake Dinar paper promoters. Armed with sequestrated Iraqi Dinar plates, with $20 of printing and packaging, the promoters offered multi-hundred million dollar returns from a demonetized currency which was neither of valid intent to be redeemed, nor of credible commitments, for just $500, or more. The promoters and pumpers went wild!

Bait and switch. The bait was your greed. The switch was your money.

Promoters got rich and rode the wild tiger market fueled by middlemen and fake gurus. Anyone attempting to challenge truth, questioning their impossible dreams, unleashes waves of vitriol by naïve wassocks who “know it all”, but, mainly, the f— all variation.

Suckers really are born every day. Fools and their money...part.

Chumps continue to pontificate how they will be paid, from the land of brokers’ dreams, while you got laid!

How many years, false dawns and failed promises? When does it dawn, Custer’s not coming? The amounts of quadrillions of dollars in future revaluation claimed are delusional. Of course, Iraq’s not backing it, nor able. Do you want a South Seas bubble?

Read now, the reality:

No nation has the money, interest, or even the will to bail these gullible, albeit innocent and mainly well-intended high gambling wannabes sucked in by the pumpers’ hype. Each, failed fantasies, but not for the pumpers who scammed your money! Why don’t they pay up and make good their promises? Every month, every year, never ending flatulent hype. More gurus’ fake news. More tomorrows. Ambulance chasing is fraught with failures. So many “M1s” and “empowered ladies” from high density low cost homes in Palookerville alleging authority to draw down the funds, but can’t – ever!

Indonesia is awash with “M1s”. Not one can raise a dime and some are scamming up-front fees against more false, illegal get rich fast promises. Again – trusting, good people, get hurt. The most needy are victims of the pariah greedy.

The reality is this: One high-profile, publicly protected future global refunding project, a nations reshaping plan, is very much in play. Very much so. But, not for brokers or ambulance chasers.

Contrary to tiring claims of ever more “elders’ assigned masters”, or lady gurus of the universe, a very high level real and authorized economic/humanitarian project is actually progressing, with cross-U.N. finance ministers and collective elders’ true representatives, whereby all the genuine AU holdings, from all elders’ nations, (albeit often without full, or some even any LMBA registered and evidenced bundle packs) is now being cross-assayed as a special project undertaking. All holdings are being computed up to a cross-collected value, and will be allocated to a U.N. controlled Global Nations Redevelopment Program fund. The game of hidden metals, illegally concealed from use, benefits no one. Any unauthorized transfers now become money laundering with huge bank penalties. We refuse to touch such transactions. Crime is time and not for us. All nations’ holdings are now being, at last, coagulated for global beneficial project funding for c200 nations to be allocated monitored development-only-funds as approved. Not for get rich quick shysters.

None of this is coming to street traded demonetized paper. No functioning duly authorized competent Iraqi Government ever was empowered or had rights to authorize this quad T debt fantasy. Why argue with fools? There is not the money in the world to fund such ridiculous claims.

Nor even interest!

In London, the Elders’ key Trust advisors will shut down any such errant attempt. The key U.N. party about to take control will do nothing without London oversight. It will not clear appropriations. Dongs are safe. Iraq has limits on what will be allowed and authorized. The rest is “Whakkie Bakkie”. Quad T’s? Get real! Mass printed, unauthorized source currency, is not real money. But, why argue with an opinionated gullible rabble fool?

Think, those funds flowing back in cryptos now and starting again?

A senior, real Elders authority is being appointed with the U.N., to head up, supervise and monitor the allocation of approved project development capital to 200 nations. Rebuilding the world. Effective use. Phase funded with professionals.

For nations there will be project benefits and jobs. Not funding whakkie backie papers. Nor political or military/agency kickbacks. Iraq can afford at max to issue c$7T in notes. No more. But to whom?

Who repays Iraq trillions for the VILE “Shock and Awe” bombing of a defenseless nation? A million innocents unlawfully killed – 5,000 years of culture erased.

So, facing down the needs of 200 nations, where are you in the queue?

Real help, with an ever growing economically literate WHA readership, look how many have followed and profited from the site over the last few years, even doubling funds and more. If you start small, achievable real objectives and rebuild, in 5 years from now what could you then be worth? No free dinners from 20 years of fake Dinars! You have a vibrant community, common interests.

New concepts are under consideration for next year. Economic global community development. Not a bad ground floor position to restart is it? Real assistance is planned, so stay tuned. When the aforementioned projects are completed, look for future details on what this may mean for the truly able, capable, intelligent and prepared.

The rest? For those who scoff at the content above, sorry. But truth is, if you can handle it: Custer is NOT coming. He simply relied on poor information and charged in, but couldn’t charge back out.

Thank you. Please have a safe Holiday.

Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true. – Julius Caesar


  1. John2020 wrote: “We have days before Jan 6th.Where is his Deep State War Plan?”

    I will let Candace Owens give you a little peep into what weapons Trump has:

    Take note of the conclusion at the end of this discourse below when you see the words “patriots in control”. Also note these words: “He baited the Deep State into staying in DC, so they can be arrested.” Also, Candace wrote: “He gave the Deep State the chance to come clean and try to fix things. They chose Treason! They will all hang, as the result.”

    Here we go…..

    Candace Owens:
    “ At the moment, POTUS is sitting on a stack of Trump cards that he’s just waiting to unleash…a royal flush!

    He has court cases that will go to the Supreme Court and thanks to the Texas case, he’s now aware how to file them properly…under article 3 not 2…so the SCOTUS will be forced to listen…..
    He now has the DNI report. Barr stepped down and can now be a witness…..he did his job. Durham is special counsel and can prosecute, in any state….

    He’s letting civil, criminal and federal courts fail to handle the situation properly… he can use military tribunals. He has ALL the data from the NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer and likely many more computers, unknown to us….

    He has the dueling electors from 7 state legislatures. He has VP Pence, as the final arbiter of which ballots to accept…..

    He has the Insurrection Act, the NDAA, the national emergency, the 14th amendment, the 2018 executive order, the 2017 very first EO, the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants, the Declassification of everything, people swearing affidavits by the 1000s.

    He has all the statistical data being analyzed….along with the videos, emails, phone calls and bank transfer statements…..showing the coordination of the coup d’etat.

    He has RICO and he has the crimes against humanity videos. Wikileaks just dropped extensive information and Assange will be pardoned. Assange can then openly discuss the murder of Seth Rich….

    Now that the governors and secretary of states certified and Biden accepted….they each committed and knowingly agreed to acts of Treason….

    Solar Winds was literally just raided and Dominion is closing down, as well. He has the CIA servers, used to change dominion machine votes from Trump to Biden…and he will soon have access to the actual machines, themselves….

    He baited the Deep State into staying in DC, so they can be arrested. Biden hasn’t accepted any transition money and Harris has still not given up her seat on the senate….

    The military has infiltrated Antifa and BLM. He has all their financial records. He knows which politicians took Chinese and Soros money….both Republican and Demorat….

    He positioned Christopher Miller as secretary of defense and Ezra-Cohen Watnick as assistant secretary of defense. He literally just wrote an executive order, regarding the military line of succession. Many suspect Watnick to be Q.

    He is defunding the CIA. He just replaced Kissinger & Albright on the National Security Advisory Board…..with men loyal to him.

    The military has been flying planes, far more than usual, all over the country. The Navy just parked mega fleets on both coasts. The 82nd Airborne is preparing for an operation….which is the same group that General Flynn & AG Donoghue were enlisted.

    Pieces are finally falling into place. POTUS has it all! He is just laying out the pieces and building the narrative. He knows he won and they committed Treason! He set a trap and they walked right in, without hesitation.

    He gave the Deep State the chance to come clean and try to fix things. They chose Treason! They will all hang, as the result.

    Patriots in control! Nothing can stop what’s coming.”.


  2. As I see it, the underpinning of our political discord is neither Trump nor the Democratic party. Rather, it is the mainstream media (controlled by a mere handful of billionaire owners (and like-minded board members) who have their own undeclared political agenda). And, unfortunately for our country as a whole, those motives have nothing to do with journalism.

    Cheered and supported by The Deep State, the mainstream media, enraptured by their own self-righteous presumptions, have become the daily juice feeding this terrible emotional divide between friends and within families.

    The working blindspot for most of us can be fixation and assumption of facts in hand. If I am constantly reading and listening to sources A, B, and C while you have been reading and listening to sources D, E, and F with all six of those SOURCES implying that their information is sacrosanct yet the data provided by A-B-C is the polar opposite of D-E-F then we have paralysis, even war.

    Woven into this mess is the ongoing use of intentional and sophisticated lies-of-omission which, in effect, is the peripheral poke-in-the-eye. It becomes harder to see clearly … for any of us, for all of us.

    There are, of course, exceptions within the morass: real journalism, determined digging for the ‘greater truths and awareness,’ courageous frontline calls for a reunion.

    We will rise as a country, stronger for the experience … more determined than ever to listen well, to see our illusions of separation.


    1. It will be hard to rise nailed down by the Deep State and NWO. Trump was your best hope unless America reverts to JFK models and processes Real Leaders. Since Bush 41 there have been none.
      Biden will release havoc and chaos. For America 2 sad choices. Yet a nation full of capability, and quality. Just not in Politics.


  3. While I understand that both Russia and China may have some powerful weapons, they do not have decapitation power. Which means the retaliatory strike will glass Russia including each and every individual in the population bunkers, and we will open China right up to the mantle. Of course, the USA will be a cinder, but NO ONE is rebuilding out of the ruins in either China or Russia. 300MM will not survive in China. They will be lucky if 300 do.

    If the rumors of dimensional delivery of nukes is true, the last and final strikes will be ours. Which means no aspect of the China or Russian leadership or progeny will survive the final blows.

    MAD remains supreme. Nobody will be going into any of the radioactive wastelands to check. There will be no troops available to do so. Maybe a couple submarine crews from all sides might surface some time after the holocaust and die when their supplies run out.


  4. All Trump’s hype apart, where is his move to nail his standards to the Mast and fight like a man for Justice?
    No doubt the election was rigged. But surrounded by mediocrities and family critturs of dubious meaning, who has the Professional skills and standing to appeal this election? Even Pence visibly wants to jump ship.
    Trump needs to get his message out with power. Now is his last hour.

    Or be just a Blowhard, give up without a fight and go into the night. The Lying King is fast running out of time. Worse, walking headlong into 4 years of new litigation and possible criminal charges. He needs a quality legal team and Zippergate Rudi is simply way too low caliber. He seems to profile like possessing the collective firepower of a Muppet.
    Pardoning Contract Mercenary Killers for vile Genocide does not read well for Trump.
    Nor loathsome Kushner Senior. Is it possible to score less than Zero out of 10 for Tact or Diplomacy?

    The tragedy for America is that it IS only between Trump and Biden. Sadly, neither are fitting. Both gross.
    America’s Bar is way too low, and stepped over by Barr as the Deep State Plant Fixer.
    Two weeks to go, when will Trump’s big game play show? He needs to call their hands now. His legacy is at risk of free falling. 4 years of Covid type lock downs and similar yet to come, may well bring Trump’s Debt ridden hotels crashing to earth.
    Denied flagrant abuse use of his vast State funded entourages being dragged out to boost occupancy in his flagging hotels, facing oncoming Deutsche and other loan redemption demands, how will he funds his alleged large scale litigation defense bills? Is the game up for Trump? Either he makes his move soon to game that board, or gets nailed to it.
    Never in US history, has a President been so MSM reviled, or obtuse with his abuse of the Pardon process.
    Is there a week when Shrek is not loose in a cascading China Shop? Who saves him from himself so he can help save America from Biden and his low life conspiring Cronies?
    Sadly, he visibly lacks a sophisticated Executive Support team, is there still time?
    Biden, Obama and the Clintons smell a feeding kill. Parasites are gathering.
    If Biden’s installed, expect a lock down, there goes the economy.
    We so much need Orange Shrek to make his move. He has right on his side, sadly just not Justice.
    They have him ringfenced, like a hyena pack snapping at his heels, waiting for the kill. Devoid of State protection, if he bows out, so many want his scalp. I’ve sat in safari wagons watching a lion pack and Cheetahs move in for the kill. Does Trump have a scintilla of what’s in store for him to lose now? The country even more so. America’s last hope is Trump. If Trump falls, China and Russia will confer for the spoils of a war.
    What will it take to save Trump now? We will evidence to you the dirt.


      1. If only he had a focused, top calibre Executive Team to expose the mass corruption for him and for the Patriots.
        Again, the one legged man in an Ass Kicking contest dithers and flounders. We have days before Jan 6th.Where is his Deep State War Plan? We all look in disbelief that America is stuck with either.

        Let’s not presume Logic when seeking to quantify Politburo and Kremlin strategies. As Hitler found , the Russian Death Wish carries all policies. Just knowing they totalled the US is justice enough for them if push comes to shove. It does not equate to US logic. Prime WW111 territory if the spark is lit, if conflict is allowed to unleash, wild card moves will trigger the board game.
        War with Russia will suck in China and No War Games will matter. Russia and China may risk taking their chances hoping their Bunkers stand. They both know their only hope is to render America defunct irrespective of consequences.Since when did logice permeate the policies of war? Desk Jockeys will not rule, Kremlin Hawks will. Putin has little say if the Kremlin Hawks say go.

        A war is not likely yet, so it’s praying Trump has parties ready to act, and a game plan to take down Biden yet.
        All we see is the Lying King posturing with ever ill judged moves and comments. Seriously street smart Military and Agency Deep State activists have him constantly in play. He IS the War Game. They want him gone.

        The Biden cost is dreadful. With so much evidence of treachery, how has Trump used it?
        Pardoning Contract Killers for Genocide has won him few friends in the Global communities. Gross! How does a slimebag like Kusher merit a pardon? Trump kills his own credibility. Hopefully, not the world.


        1. While I agree 98% of the above, Kremlin Hawks need to think twice, as well as the Chinese Chicken-Hawks. Nobody cares, really, if Taiwan goes back to the mainland, and really, nobody gives a damn about the South China Sea. Australia — well, we’ll see.

          Plus, if this is because China wants new land because it fouled its own, well, guess what — there is some prodigious tech over at Dept of Energy that can reclaim it fast and cheaply. Really new stuff.

          Plus, the genie is out of the bottle. It’s not like the pressure that has been applied so far did anything other than show to, say about half the population, how corrupt everything is. It WILL crystallize and then we will have another quantum shift — and it won’t be in the Elite and Powerful’s favor.


  5. Remember — the garbage antigen test is useless. At common settings here (40 cycle count) it is generating a whopping 97% or higher false positives.

    If you follow the vaccinated subjects with the garbage antigen test, since they are making viral peptides from the mRNA, and since exosomal homologs will be excreted from cells, especially in those exposed to previous coronaviruses, the vaccinated will begin to test nCov positive in spite of their vaccination.

    In which case, isn’t that a political disaster re: the vaccine?

    And it begins RIGHT NOW:

    Please remember that the media and literature is wrong (again because of the garbage test) — the incubation of this coronavirus is the traditional 3 to 5 days. Now, it’s possible that the guy got sick — but not with COVID. There is no COVID anymore. With exceptions ( much less than 1%) virtually ALL cases called COVID are reclassified other regular URI. Farr’s Law took care of the contagion in March to August 2019.

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  6. Dear Valued Customer,

    Effective J‌anuary 1‌9, 2‌021 at 10a‌m U‌TC (5a‌m E‌ST), XRP will be delisted and trading suspended from the Crypto.‌com App in the U.S. Below please find how the delisting of XRP will be handled across Crypto.‌com’s products:

    Deposit and Withdrawal
    U.S. based customers won’t be able to deposit XRP into the Crypto.‌com App as of J‌anuary 1‌9th, 10a‌m U‌TC (5a‌m E‌ST). Withdrawal of XRP from the Crypto.‌com App will not be affected.


      1. I am planning on making further comments on this at a later date, but since you mentioned it…

        If your tolerance for volatility is high, I would simply hold onto XRP. If you cannot stomach one pick in your portfolio getting hammered, then by all means, act as you see fit.

        This is a prime example of why you do not go heavy into any one idea.

        I am holding for now. Ripple has a lot of cash, and good lawyers. The SEC will not get an easy battle here. The idea that they let Ripple sell XRP for 5 years or so before acting on this “violation” is a complete joke. XRP is not a security, and they know it.

        I will comment further down the road. I am traveling right now so stay tuned.


        1. I’ve got a strong stomach. I’m holding.

          The Global Islamic Economic Summit 2018.
          Quote from Dillip Rao (hope I spelled his name right)

          I’ll post the video as soon as I am able for those interested. Phone acting up again!

          “The bulk of XRP sales were to institutional investors and as this starts to transition away from the retail to institutions, that’s when we’ll start to use it for wholesale financial usage. That’s when the turning point will come.”


        2. Grayscale increased #XRP position by 8.5% as of yesterday. Go to Grayscale Twitter page to see it.

          What do they know that we don’t?

          Tony, can’t wait to read your take on everything. Thank you!


  7. Dear Valued Customer,

    Effective J‌anuary 1‌9, 2‌021 at 10a‌m U‌TC (5a‌m E‌ST), XRP will be delisted and trading suspended from the Crypto.‌com App in the U.S. Below please find how the delisting of XRP will be handled across Crypto.‌com’s products:

    Deposit and Withdrawal
    U.S. based customers won’t be able to deposit XRP into the Crypto.‌com App as of J‌anuary 1‌9th, 10a‌m U‌TC (5a‌m E‌ST). Withdrawal of XRP from the Crypto.‌com App will not be affected.

    Crypto.‌com Earn
    U.S. based customers with XRP Earn deposits will have their XRP unlocked and moved to their Crypto Wallet on D‌ecember 2‌9th, 2‌020, 10a‌m U‌TC (5a‌m E‌ST); interest will be paid up until this date.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the in-app chat. We’re here to help.

    Best regards,
    The Team



  8. High-cycle PCR tests do not properly diagnose covid-19, were weaponized to terrorize nations and deprive personal liberties
    Monday, December 28, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson

    Bypass censorship by sharing this link:
    Image: High-cycle PCR tests do not properly diagnose covid-19, were weaponized to terrorize nations and deprive personal liberties

    (Natural News) If you suddenly come down with symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome, you will not want, nor will you need, a covid-19 test to prove it. The infection will be prevalent and you will naturally want to stay in bed and recuperate.

    But common sense is no longer a virtue. Fear, panic and anticipation of sickness has become just as infectious, just as dangerous as the disease itself, driving people to line up and take invasive DNA swabs and nasal probes to see if they “have the virus.” These tests are not intended to diagnose covid-19 and they routinely give off false positives, but they continue to be the measurement to justify lock-downs and the suspension of civil liberties.

    PCR tests being fraudulently and unlawfully used to suspend civil liberties and sow discord.

    These PCR tests for covid-19 cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles. These faulty instruments were never intended for diagnostic purposes and are unable to determine whether SARS-CoV-2 is the causative agent, even when clinical symptoms are present.

    Symptoms such as fever, chills, sore throat, cough and loss of taste and smell can be the body’s reaction to a variety of causative agents. There are hundreds of pathogens that circulate in humans every year, and the body is always adapting to this microbial environment. The deadliest pathogens are most often acquired in hospitals; for example, drug resistant tuberculosis has claimed 4,408,519 lives since year 2000. Drug resistant streptococcus pneumoniae, Clostridium Difficile, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, vancomycin-resistant enterococcus are just a few more hospital-acquired pathogens that have killed millions of people in the 21st century. Covid-19 is one piece of a much larger puzzle, a sign that human immune systems are weak and ailing, malnourished and compromised.

    No amount of diagnostic testing, separation, isolation and deprivation of rights will stop this process; therefore, testing for covid-19 is a waste of energy — a lost cause. The most important approach to facing the world is to take steps that strengthen innate immunity, using nutrition and plant-based medicines to counter viral load. After all, respiratory symptoms aren’t just caused by covid-19. They are also caused by orthomyxoviridae (which contains dozens of influenza viruses), paramyxoviridae (which contains the parainfluenza viruses), human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and human metapneumovirus (hMPV.) The same overlapping symptoms of covid-19 can also be caused by picornaviridae, rhinoviruses, enteroviruses (such as coxsackieviruses and many more enteroviruses), rhinovirus (including at least 100 types). Not to mention, there are various mutations of human coronaviruses already in existence including (HCoV) 229E, HCoV OC43, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV), along with viruses from the family Adenoviridae, and the newly discovered HCoV NL63 and HCoV HKU1, and the ssDNA virus from the family Parvoviridae.

    High cycle PCR COVID-19 testing has been used as a weapon in 2020
    PCR testing has been used as a weapon in 2020, to terrorize people and take away their liberties. These instruments of terrorism have been used as the basis to torture small business owners, lock entire industries down, unlawfully detain people and quarantine them in their own homes. These tests have been using a higher-than-normal cycle threshold to detect for covid-19. The FDA and CDC have recommended that the tests be run at a CT of 40 from the beginning of the “pandemic” even though a CT over 35 is scientifically unjustifiable and guaranteed to generate 97 percent false positives. When the number of amplification cycles is increased to this level, the test is more likely to return a “positive” result, even if the person isn’t sick. High cycle PCR tests were the reason why so many people tested positive without showing any symptoms, driving the false narrative that the virus can be spread by “asymptomatic carriers.”

    In Europe and America, case counts of covid-19 were inflated for both the living and the deceased because amplification of RNA particles was conducted at 34 cycles or more. Once this threshold is passed, the likelihood of a true positive is near zero. Dr. Lee Merritt warns that the term “case” has been arbitrarily redefined to include people who tested positive for the presence of noninfectious viral RNA. Merritt says, “That is not epidemiology. That’s fraud.”

    A Portuguese Court recently ruled similiarly that high cycle PCR tests above 34 cycles are medical fraud and are illegally used to deprive people of their civil liberties. The European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases revealed in April that, in order to get 100 percent confirmed real positives, the PCR test must be run at 17 cycles. Florida is currently leading the way for scientific transparency and are requiring all labs to report the number of cycles they are using for their PCR tests.


  9. In no specific order:

    PCR test for nCov2019 — pure garbage, false positive rate 50% to 100%, probable fp rate 97%. WHO knows full well that you have a false case-demic just as in the 2009 real and false swine flu peaks. They did this deliberately. Errors of this magnitude are NEVER innocent.

    Ivermectin — If given at start of infection, virus(es) of all kinds, undetectable at 48 to 72 hours. Give by injection. 93% index of effectiveness. For doctors — if you can’t get your hands on ivermectin, now that the insane politicos are restricting it too, indomethacin 50mg BID will put a 1,000x-5,000x damper on the viral rise. Great work by the Italians. You’ll find the PubMed reference easily using indomethacin and SARS as search terms. — Nota bene: Indomethacin is a coronavirus specific therapy. AFIK, not effective for influenza A and B. However, Singulair and Xzyzal at doube/triple regular dose, IS effective in influenza (and putatively coronavirus).

    OMG — 330,000 thousand dead of COVID. NO. You have 330,000 that have died with an nCov positive test. A spot check by a professional pathologist of the deaths being reported show that 40% have no basis to be a COVID death than a positive nCov antigen test. What do you want to bet the remaining 60% are given the garbage antigen test? Yeah, something other than COVID or UPPER respiratory. The year is clocking out at 2,855,000 dead — which allowing for population growth and random death, is what we experienced the last 3 years in the U.S.

    HCQ — Sorry naysayers, HCQ+Zinc+Azithromycin, given first 5 days, works. See Congressional Hearing. (I STILL see the NHS Chief Medical Officer has not been removed for his wrong call in banning HCQ… How many did that decision kill?)

    Immunity Passports — Are empirically useless. Farr’s Law will eliminate COVID like it has all other diseases within a year. Even now, less than 1% of all putative COVID meets the clinical definition of the condition. Several thousand recent nCov+ samples were tested privately, and found to be nothing but Influenza A + B. It’s all reclassification of regular seasonal crap. When the next contagion hits, X-Virus-2022, it won’t be on the passport anyhow. So, what’s the point? Not medical control of contagion, that’s for sure. If you notice, it’s not like after SARS showed up, it continued — it disappeared without a vaccine, without any political decisions needed, because it doesn’t have a true reservoir.

    The vast majority of us, maybe as high as 90%, have cumulative immunity to coronaviruses or to most coronaviruses due to prior exposure. I suspect the SARS variant never made it past August given that there is very little true clinical CoVID in hospitals today.

    With the large 10MM population surveillance study out of Wuhan, showing that 300 so-called asymptomatic patients, spread it nowhere and that the resulting 10,000 contacts DID NOT get the disease, can we now just f’ing stop the “asymptomatic spreader/super-spreader” nonsense. As a Chairman Emeritus quipped “URIs, including coronavirus, cannot spread ‘asymptomatically’ in any significant degree”. By extension, lockdown, social distancing and masks — UNWARRANTED AND USELESS. You are, in fact, safe at the 99% level, if the person across from you has no symptoms.

    Masks — Because of the droplet study that showed a 100-fold drop in droplet spread with masks, the mask users think that is somehow definitive science. Please… How much aerosol do the 2 micron pores of a now wet mask produce. And don’t forget, zillions of submicron and larger particles spread out from the mask. ( Ritter et al., in 1975, found that “the wearing of a surgical face mask had no effect upon the overall operating room environmental contamination.” Ha’eri and Wiley, in 1980, applied human albumin microspheres to the interior of surgical masks in 20 operations. At the end of each operation, wound washings were examined under the microscope. “Particle contamination of the wound was demonstrated in all experiments.”)

    Masks — Masks have driven influenza to zero. OK Sherlock. Then WHY is COVID skyrocketing simultaneously? The two can’t be true. Exercise left to the reader.

    The whole “mandatory” thing: OK. If the vaccine works, the vaccinated are NOT in danger or a danger to you. What do you care if I’m vaccinated? Leave me to my own life.

    Employer nonsense: See asymptomatic spread results above.


    1. You know what happened to Wallace. We hung, drew and quartered him, removed his sexual organs and hung him off the spike in the Westminster Hall of Parliament. We keep it wall mounted today to remind the Scots. Pence may be scared of the same or similar.
      You did NOT have a fair Election and the MSM are gruesome.Re vote or reject Biden. Fail and it’s over.


  10. The ‘SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028’ Simulation of Oct. 2017 Details a New Coronavirus PLANdemic That Will Follow COVID-19

    Covid was just the test run. Now they have seen you mask up and lock down they know the unreal scale of Banal stupidity out there. Unreal mass ignorance.

    Crazy stuff . Be aware, the Wolves will be back. Ugly times may be coming, as states get ever more empowered now. There will be no more funds for Useless Eaters in their minds, or Retirees. Those needles will retire you.
    Watch “Japan fight for Trump” on YouTube

    The Japanese are outfighting for Trump. Why are no Americans All Couch Potatoes?


    New York Post Tells Trump to 'Give It Up' Over Election Claim

    So, the New York Post wants Trump to fold? No surprise there.

    Britons overseas have no right to our help, says Foreign Office

    Too right, you dont put in, you dont take out.

    Mathematician Bobby Piton Finds More Than 500,000 Unique Last Names in Pennsylvania: ‘Sophisticated State Actor Was Able to

    Optimize Desired Outcome’

    Who will investigate the rigging?

    “Come on man” your claim to victory is a joke … as more and more of this comes to light the average person in America will become more angry and hostile over the election steal.

    ‘Nashville Christmas Bomber’ Was a Patsy, 2 Separate Explosions Were Triggered at the Same Time – ERBN

    So whose really, going to face the music for Nashville?

    Bitcoin price to grow ‘ten times by end of 2022’ as JP Morgan estimates value of $650,00
    Kiwi Tests positive for Covid-19. If you don’t have an accurate test, you don’t have a contagion, nor a pandemic, nor even a case-demic. (2 min 15 seconds)

    Chris Christie says Trump’s pardoning of Jared Kushner’s father Charles ‘doesn’t overshadow his extraordinary work’ in prosecuting the real estate mogul who hired a prostitute to seduce and extort his brother-in-law

    Christie, a longtime friend and ally of Trump whose known for his brash persona, insisted that he didn’t have much to say about the motion during an appearance on ABC’s This Week.

    The Kushners are filth and this is an abuse of power by Trump demanding the Presidency, But Clinton sold pardons. Sadly this will be part of Trump’s legacy.

    That said, with only he or Biden as choices, we have to hope Trump survives in office.

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  11. Could?

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  12. The Big question for 2021 is- Does Trump run, or does Heel Spurs run away?
    Better to man up fight, than be seen a Coward who slinks off in the night.
    Trump Runs, but will he run for a second term invoking Insurrection powers
    Does he have a clue what will come for him if he falters now?
    For Trump, it’s all in, or the trash bin.
    Lose the fight of his life, and then lose the wife. He has to stand this time. His legacy stands on it all.
    Trump or Biden is all that’s on the table. America has come to this.

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  13. Covid: Post-exposure antibody protection trialed

    Now another one? Big Pharma is booming. We cant fix the Cold, Flu, Sars or HPV, but Covid we can do in 9 months?
    Can we just run this as is.

    So, the Dominion machines and whose who. For Biden, no Hidden!
    Donald Trump’s pardons must not obstruct justice

    Absolutely right Trumps louch ways to pardon the guilty as hell must be overturned
    H.G. Wells’ Dystopic Vision Comes Alive With the Great Reset Agenda — Strategic Culture

    What Really Happened to Donald Trump in the 2020 Election

    How Zuckerberg used his spare billions to corrupt the election process – described below – must not be allowed to happen again. Not by either political party.

    Zuckerberg, what a Scumbag. Gitmo calls for him.
    Professor Neil Ferguson: People don't agree with lockdown and try to undermine the scientists

    The people say Hell NO!!!! to Ferguson.
    AstraZeneca boss says firm has worked out ‘winning formula’ to boost Oxford vaccine’s efficacy with jab set to roll out next week – as ministers target 15million people to vaccinate to end cycle of lockdowns by February

    Pascal Soriot, chief executive of the British-Swedish pharmaceutical firm, told the Sunday Times that a two-dose method can push the vaccine’s efficacy rate towards that of its rivals.

    Here’s hoping, the lock downs have to end.
    Fauci spouts the obvious again. We all know that. But we also know the death projected are BS! Far more will die from the shattered economies and treatment closed hospitals.

    Dr. Fauci warns Americans the ‘worst is yet to come’ in COVID pandemic
    So much for the threat, while the threat of economic disaster is very real.


  14. Nutsy Pelosi…imagine, she’s what…third in line for the presidency? Worthless hag.

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  15. Bolshevism – the scourge of Earth.

    Buffet…smart investor, but the personality of a Roomba.

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  16. ‘Rudderless’ QAnon may reinvent itself after US election, warn experts

    What a mess France has caused. F Macron.Stop buying French products. The UK needs to blockade French wines and Champagne. Buy no more French cars. No more French Farm produce.
    The Frogs will string the little slimy bastard up by his own Cohonnes. If only Johnson had the brains to lead.

    We have to agree with the FBI on this. But then Trump always was, and always will be, a low life himself.

    Yes to Brexit. The Brits persevered. Will Trump run away like a Man Child? We hope not.
    ‘Russian collusion was a fantasy’: George Papadopoulos blasts Mueller probe for ‘setting traps’ for Trump campaign and says ‘we still need answers’ on how the investigation started after being pardoned by the president

    Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos appeared on Fox News on Wednesday night, a day after receiving a presidential pardon, to blast the Mueller report.

    Time for real questions now.

    Another ” Miracle Cure”, or Hopium?

    The last thing we need right now with a UN deal imminent.

    Yet again, the media so debases Trump. He may as well be both Judas and Barabus combined, his legacy will be infamy.

    Be sure, he knows the media all have it In For Me!

    All are watching Trump and Rosen.
    Sweden records first case of super-infections coronavirus strain

    This new virus version is racing away with infection peaks everywhere. Mutations to order it seems.
    Is there more in play than meets the eye here?

    What a tragic trail of reckless stupidity. So many accidents waiting to happen

    Beyond time to get real. Markle had manipulated Man Child family idiot Harry into No Man’s Land. It’s time to cut both loose, the idiot boy has no standing left in the UK and Markles just another damn Wallis Simpson type. Sad, she had it all but no Class to carry it. She’s harming the monarchy time to cut her off.
    Lin Wood claims courts are compromised, explains why; Lawsuit to block 5 states’ electoral votes – YouTube

    Correct but who will stand with Trump and will Trump stand or run?
    If Trump runs way Democracy dies.
    If it all rides on the character of Trump, we must fear for you all.
    When does bad deliver good?



    1. I have been asked to leave this message for “JOHN” by an old poster.


      Jeff, there is no time for pissing contests here. Tell “Arizona” to either post directly here at WHA, or not. Don’t deliver such remarks via your username. John2020 has replied in private to your email. Send it to Arizona and that will be the end of it.

      Further, one does NOT need a Word Press account to post here. Just enter a username and email address and comment.


  17. Bill Barr has made money from an investment in Dominion Energy, a $60 billion public corp that pays a $2.50 dividend annually, NOT from privately held Dominion Voting Systems. So that meme about the reason for Barr not investigating DVS is fake news.


  18. They are really going to have to cook the books now.
    No excess mortality against 5 yr averages.

    This nearly axiomatically means that a big bulk of the dead is reclassified regular dead by the garbage antigen test. March, April,May you had a contagion. Now you have nothing but regular seasonal crud.

    All Cause Deaths

    Sweden USA
    2010 90,487 2012 2,543,279
    2011 89,938 2013 2,596,993
    2012 91,938 2014 2,664,285
    2013 90,402 2015 2,693,027
    2014 88,976 2016 2,725,761
    2015 90,907 2017 2,804,279
    2016 90,982 2018 2,831,836
    2017 91,972 2019 2,845,793
    2018 92,185 2020 2,882,095
    2019 88,766
    2020 85,338


    1. In the UK 67M people are locked down for months yet again, destroying millions of jobs, destroying the shopping streets in towns , wiping out hotels and airlines, losing Trillions in Trade, and harming education.
      At most we will lose max 20K more. But Flue is not registered, just Covid. What????
      Beyond brain dead deeply offensive Muppets jump 10 feet glaring if we walk within 6 feet of them. Total morons!
      Children are being alienated distanced from relatives. Store Counter Staff are offensive if we are not masked. These total Monkey brains have bought into the mantra. New design masks create an aura for the brain dead behind.
      Wear masks, rob stores Hello?
      We have created a farce, each mask needs to front the face of an Arse. Subliminals.
      The irony of mediocrity rules. Society will pay a price for this.


  19. It seems the report on the “70% more lethal COVID variant”, when tracked backed to source at Imperial, was from Neil Ferguson. Yeah, that Neil Ferguson.

    Not that a broken clock isn’t right twice a day, but do you want to base your National Policy on it?

    Mr. Ferguson isn’t even telling you a measurement — ie it’s not like the prevalence and death tally for the new variant came from hospitals via reputable, non-garbage antigen cross-tests. It came, again, from some goddam computer model estimate.

    And because this man’s work is universally garbage (he has been wrong on all major predictions going back more than 10 years), why is anyone listening to it?


    1. Tino
      Try standing in queues being asked to put on your mask by some cabbage brained Check Out woman, and the responses they get from me. Tino, proof, the crass stupidity and gullibility of way too many is proven.
      I told one yesterday just take your Jab the Nanobots coming will sort you. Your shot will get shut of you post retirement. We need to automate check outs to mass read our trolleys and take from our cards. The Tri Laterals have a case with this lot. Be assured, future shots WILL be graded!.I’m saying no more.
      The UK policies are based on fear and paranoia. Chaos rules fools. We are now in mass lockdown.
      My pass gets me out of most of it. One benefit. Utopia has been surpassed by Moronia.


  20. PREPARE FOR WAR: After Jan. 6th, expect all hell to break loose across America –

    One view of what is to come

    I would have to concur with most of this to save America.
    But, the Kushners have already saved their rear ends. He has pardoned criminals and scumbags.
    He is surrounded by WH officials who obfuscate the truth from him and block him from resolving problems.

    The issue is will he really fight?

    He ran as a Draft Dodger and Heel Spurs bought his pass. We know hes not up for a mans fight judging history.
    The pressure is really on now.

    He is beyond needed to save America, but does he have the Intellect, Integrity and Courage to fight to the end? A real dilemma.
    I’m not sure hes yet worked out if he runs away, what is waiting is unstoppable litigation anway. Probably divorce.

    If he fights, who thinks for him because he lacks loyal support, and these complete F Brain famlly free riders are way short of what he needs.

    Kushner is a preening Mossad Zionist Joke, and the daughter?

    Who can run the tactical war plans for him because he’s visibly way too dumb personally . America needs a Trump with Brains, not a narcissistic poser. Is there time?

    Hes had 4 years to build a team and most have run away. Barr has broadsided him. A Deep State plant. But he appointed this stooge despite warnings.

    The I’m Intelligent is visibly NOT, and this takes him from Checkers to 5 D Chess facing Chess Masters who possess the clear Intellect and experience this Chump sadly lacks.

    So Yes, we need Trump but with smart support, not Zipper Giuliani, he’s in a Chess Game able to field only Pawns. Half of those not loyal.

    My fear is he will run away, then what? If Biden is allowed in to run America all is lost. A totally corrupt Infrastructure will simply impose its crooked will on you.

    Does Trump have the quality of backing to fight for you?

    Who can think for him? James Baker protected dumb Bush 41, Condi protected moron Bush 43, who does Trump have? No one! And that is the real problem.

    Read the report, Yes, Huge Yes to the need, but is Trump capable alone? Are you on Crack?

    Your views on the article?

    Yes, I want Trump to fight and stay. But backed by who?


    Now will Trump get the hump?

    Barr has a lot to answer for. Hopefully he will. He needs to be indicted.


    The Reveal Report on Twitter: “BREAKING – Intel says that former president Bill Clinton ( a Rothchild ) has passed away this past weekend. Sources say it will be made public soon 🤔” / Twitter

    Trying to confirm

    White House Tells Trump Staff to STOP Packing Up: “Updated information will be shared in the coming days
    Now this we really hope is true.

    If its Trump or Biden it has to be Trump. So we get it out there fast. Hope- ium?
    Military leaders ‘conducted high-level talks amid fears Trump could invoke martial law in a last-minute bid to stop Biden becoming president’

    On Thursday, six senior military members spoke with Newsweek, confirming that the discussions are currently being conducted behind closed doors.

    If true Trump will have No Pentagon backing for Martial Law.
    Deep State, as if?
    US will now require negative COVID-19 tests for ALL passengers arriving from the UK as Britain battles mutant strain which is 70% more infectious

    All airline passengers arriving from the UK must test negative within 72 hours of departure starting Monday, the CDC announced late Thursday.

    Expected, it starts!

    We hope for our US Allies this proceeds. Justice is needed here. We will support Trump in getting it to you all.

    The MSM are all over him.

    Jeez Dinarians he’s coming for you


  21. Twas The Night Before Reval

    Twas the night before reval, when all through the house
    Not a creature was sleeping, not even my spouse.
    The Dinars were laid on the table with care,
    In hopes that the news soon would be there.

    The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of new cars danced in their heads.
    And mamma in her snuggie, and I in my drawers,
    Had just settled our brains for a long currency war.

    When on the computer there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.
    Away to I typed with a clash,
    opening to the homepage to see the News Flash.

    The glow of the screen on my laid out Dinar
    Gave the vision of dreams I had held at afar.
    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a flashing notice the RV was here .

    The government was seated, so lively and quick,
    I knew in a moment it must be a trick.
    More rapid than eagles they fell all in line,
    The IMF had told them “Now is the time”.

    “Now Mahdi! now, Allawi! now, Abadi and Saad!
    On, Mullahs! On, Kurds! on, Ashour and Awaad!
    To the top of the basket! to the top of the chart!
    Now Revaluate! Revaluate! The RV must start!”

    As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
    When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
    So up to the top of the forex charts they flew,
    With accounts full of dollars, and new millionaires too.

    And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the tile
    The prancing and dancing of my wife gone wild.
    As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
    I heard my phone ring, a startling sound.

    It was my neighbor, who lives down the street,
    He is a banker for Chase, and asked could we meet.
    A bundle of ideals he had in his mind, of places my riches to put
    he could find,
    He sounded excited, but I had my plan set in my mind.

    His voice how it lifted! He sounded so merry!
    His words were like candy, his attitude so cherry!
    He promised an exchange rate, without a great spread,
    I feared if I trusted my dreams would be dead.

    The receiver of the phone, he held tight in his hand,
    And I could tell his heart, was beating like a band.
    I could imagine his broad face and a big round belly,
    That shook when he spoke, like a bowlful of jelly!

    He is chubby and plump, like a fat old elf,
    And I laughed when I thought about him, in spite of myself!
    He asked me to call soon, as he was going to bed,
    I thought to myself I have nothing to dread.

    I put down the phone, and went straight to work,
    I counted my money, then turned with a jerk.
    I felt a soft finger aside of my nose,
    And there stood my wife in an amorous pose!

    I sprang to my feet, and let out a whistle,
    And away we flew to our room like the down of a thistle.
    The children surely heard me exclaim, as we dove out of sight,
    “Happy RV to all, and to all a good-night!”



    Update from a former army intelligence officer with a trusted contact within the CBI:

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    1. When dealing with currencies, be aware also of the clear and distinct anti money laundering rules and risks.

      First, a nation’s issuing volumes in circulation will need to be in amounts approved by the banks as appropriate to the nation’s size and in affordable amounts to support the balance of payments supporting its economy.

      When holding a nation’s currency, you need to show how earned. Note – earned!

      During the illegal Iraqi war, troops and Contractors raided the nation’s banks, and war looted notes and bullion at will. Scavenging pirates at work. Theft and war crimes.

      Plates had previously been transferred to Iran by Saddam, and the Iranians wasted no time mass printing notes which were carried across the border and converted into USD by street smart Iranians in a massive money laundering scam until the US woke up to the Billions of Dollars the Iranians were scamming them for and stopped the local exchanges fast. The Iranians had thought it was Xmas. They took Americas pants down.

      Banks had been looted and notes of War Crimes criminality, held by the Military, Agencies and Political villains. Reno is full of this crap. A million poor Iraqis died, but no one cared.

      No one yet knows the extent of the printing which took place with the plates the US seized and printed in order to fuel the rapacious demand conjured up in the US and even the Contractors were part paid in new notes to keep them on side especially when ISIS then became active. Pariahs have lunched everywhere, caring nothing for the sordid history. None with a conscience, it’s My right to invest.Grave robbing? America , the source does not matter, Gimme,Gimme,Gimme the money.

      No culture, the Buck is all.

      The IMF has to balance the books for these nations. Iraq can only justify a currency base of c7T in circulation as a supportable currency.

      How much was printed, there is talk of Quad Ts in Reno hangers? Madness if so. Greed unleashed as ever. Iraq can not carry this nor should. No one can.

      Banks will run shy of the public risk to carry trade exchange risks for this.

      It can carry a lot of bad media. War looting? Grave robbing? It has the South Seas bubble all over it. That burst.

      The big Compliance question, will be anti money laundering checks as criminals, Bible Belt hustlers, Redneck Hooch traders all got carried into these ” New Notes” How did you earn this money – lawfully?

      Banks are obliged to seize such funds if declared of dubious origin fueling a dubious origin.

      When they count the money, they count the cost. The US had its Ass singed with these notes in Baghdad. Once the IMF and Iraq see what may be about to unleash from Hangers and Hangers on, expect a Culture shock. A whole new line on Vulture Club seizures. This has some way to go with more turns in this road. Who knows, who picks up this bill? It won’t be Iraq and the US is bust. Only dreams are free.

      For many of us we did not invest because it did not pass Diligence questions. Will it now? I bought my looted notes from a Hustler or a Pumper, they are now mine. Really? How long has it been? Banks have done what? Squat.

      The ONLY RV planning in the real world, is for Project Aid to nations. A large number of selected nations to be allocated a block of redevelopment capital, NOT for paper gamblers to get a free ride.

      The gullible market naivety staggers belief. Just who would raise such amounts to bail paper gamblers while a world is in need? The same sort of naivety which got them in trouble in the first place. Will they ever learn?

      FFS Custer like Santa is not coming. OK- so they vote Democrat?

      These deluded Pariahs need to be taken into a basement room with a couple of 7 ft Gorilla-sized Marines who pass them backwards and forward, each giving them a maximum force hard smack across their ears, almost detaching their heads until these Gullible dreamers wake up to reality. They infect others, and childlike fantasies propagate. Look at LA and their voting Democrat? A collective Mantra of stupidity. Smash it out of them.

      Iraq will ONLY get what it needs and no one has any interest in feeding Gamblers’ greed. No one invested, they got Sucker punched. What happens to Suckers? The Elders deal being negotiated is for an Appointed Elder to be given the Administrative Role for all allocations, the Diligence and Probity to protect the integrity of the new capital project releases and keep US Vultures out. The Elder to be appointed is very close to London, and will do nothing without cross consultation. London will never agree to fund such amounts, like, Never? It neither exists nor will be released.

      Money is ONLY to make a key difference by developing nations. It’s not our remit to dry Wombat tears. Who keeps feeding these Stupid Cookies?


      1. Jeez Tony, can you imagine their Banshee wailing telling them Santa is not coming? Pricking their comfort bubble.
        When I read their crap, I wonder why otherwise normal people lose it?
        Custer was told not to venture out alone, but do they ever listen? This CRAP is the South Seas Bubble self repeating, and still the Pumpers are feeding off them. It does not even pass the most basic Diligence check. Line up the 7 ft Gorillas to process a few maximum force head slaps on a live blog. Someone needs to slap the crap out of them.
        Israel funds tens of Bs to bribe and buy Beltway seats each year. They own both houses by sleaze. In turn they get back vast Bs in aid. Sucker punching the US every year. Trump even stole the Golan’s for them. Are all of this lot bred by Homer Simpson? Is it in the water, or bred through the wrong door? You see why Mossad now owns America. Delusional. Bad John, bursting fantasy bubbles. Watch the run on Soothers now. Waaahh, Maammmie!


          1. I think the Kazar Stoat has got up the back door of the Goat. Rogering the brains out of it. 🐭
            Imagine it Walt Disney version. With a S House rat waiting for seconds. 🐀


    COVID-19 Is NOT A Coronavirus! The Best Treatment Plans Prove It.
    Because we consult Covid cases in all 24 time zones, it has also become clear that distinctly different variations of the COVID-19 bioweapon have been released in those major cities that have experienced the greatest coronavirus cluster explosions worldwide. In other words, the COVID-19 bioweapon launched in Wuhan is considerably different than the one released in Milan, Tehran, New York City, Seattle area and/or Guayaquil, Ecuador. In this fashion, the bioterrorists have been able to launch biological attacks using various versions of COVID-19 that forever elude a truly correct diagnosis and, therefore, an effective treatment plan that produces a permanent cure is always out of reach.”


  23. Trump pardons debase the presidency – and he can and will go lower | Donald Trump | The Guardian

    This is Trump, he will take gross, cheap and tacky to a whole new level.

    He’s now pardoning murdering Contractors thieves, villains, the vile cheap Kushners and who knows what next.
    Abuse of office again.

    If he’s out mid January the litigations, frauds, sex allegations, and God knows what is coming at him.
    The cheap Skank had 4 years to hide, but couldn’t cut the day job, so payback is coming.

    The Media are relishing Trump’s future days in court. What an Epitaph. The apple did not drop far from the tree with him.
    America has no culture so can’t understand standards.

    Trump was not ever what the Founders had in mind.

    America does have so much talent. Just not inherent in him.

    The media will plague him to his grave. If he fails to recover this, and tries to hide out in Florida, the world will drop on him. 4 ugly years await him now.

    He’s the assignment no Secret Service Agent will want now.
    Feds Could Be Ramping Up Investigation Into Rudy Giuliani | NBC News NOW

    So, the Feds will look into the Zipperman now?
    What a Clown.

    ANOTHER mutant form of coronavirus is discovered in Nigeria after new strains were found in South Africa and Britain

    John Nkengasong, head of the Africa CDC, said the new variant is different to the ones found in the UK and South Africa but it is still too early to tell whether it will have any effect on the virus.

    So many versions of Covid now it raises real questions of sourcing.
    Have each region been given their own? Is the planet In Play?
    A bigger agenda? This is too wide to be coincidental.
    Post the release of the Elders funds, these are very much the projects we need to provide aid for and peace corps to help.

    Its a tragic loss of human life. If only we could substitute Zionists. Bolsheviks and Khazars instead. Save humanity, remove inhumanity and rid us of this pestilence.

    Gunmen massacre 102 people in Ethiopia before troops kill 42 militants
    Thats a good sign God tries to remove them also. Nothing special now is there? One virus to another.

    Israel announces its third nationwide lockdown amid Covid spike
    FTX Exchange Launches Pre-IPO Futures Contracts for the Coinbase Public Listing | Exchange
    Jaw-dropping royal dining rooms: The Queen & Prince Philip, Queen Letizia, Crown Princess Mette-Marit & more

    Only the Brits know how to really fine dine!
    The Culture Club.
    For those who have- Everything.
    Post Brexit watch the UK grow.
    The battle for Mars: How Elon Musk, Blue Origin, and the US could set up the first extraterrestrial government
    Is nowhere save?
    Second ‘Roaring 20s’ likely to take place after the pandemic, predicts academic

    Once Brexit clears watch the UK Klondike rush.
    Donald Trump’s latest wave of pardons includes Paul Manafort and Charles Kushner
    Again the Klutz cant help himself he gets sucked into pardoning the Kushner Crime Family. Is there a brain in that head? Sordid and STUPID again!

    The Zios have their bought Goyim in a lead reign. You cant cure stupid.
    The ‘Beginning Of The End’ For Ripple And XRP As Coinbase ‘Considers Its Options’
    Emmanuel Macron proved he is no friend to Britain as chaos hit UK-France border

    Big mistake rescuing that lot from the Nazis. We have always has trouble with the French.
    China deal proves we were right to leave
    Trump heads off to Mar-a-Lago after dropping covid bill grenade – but will he come back?
    Is this a spoiled Brat and Coward, or True to form and history, does Draft Dodging Spur Heels run and hide, or fight like a man?
    Suckembig Is Going Down Like The Titanic: Proof That Facebook Frontman Was DNC’s Bagman

    This supercilious Runt is a fool. The Democrats have no problem using him, but will never allow him to threaten them so they will destroy him. It is the way of a Communist, use the tools and eliminate them after use.
    He should read history. Soon he will become it. Zionists misfits.
    Christmas Eve lockdown comes into force in Italy

    Tough for Italian Stallions.

    Christmas Eve lockdown comes into force in Italy

    More clarification of the loathsome Creep Trump has pardoned. Who questions the theft of the Golan Heights orchestrated by Israel and Creep Jared Kushner, will Biden reverse it? Why not?
    More bribes?
    Roberts deserves this emailing en masse.


  24. Even the president is aware of this.


    1. Bolshevism is alive and well in the USA. We have only ourselves to blame. General Patton had these scumbags pegged at the end of WW2. He went so far as to say “we fought the wrong enemy”. That’s an amazingly shocking statement to make, especially at that time. It took balls to say that – something he had then, and which we lack now.

      Once Biden is sworn in, and if the Senate falls to the left, watch for Bolshevism to make greater strides. Their big tech compatriots rigged elections and brazenly bragged about it.

      Trump is surrounded by them, and they have struck with their daggers.



    Do how much of the new Covid variant lies undetected around the world while the UK has detected it and is working on it hard.

    The Sheeple mass swamp the rail stations to run away

    MGM s word is not their Bond

    Slimy little Macron has caused chaos with his ego now backlogged France is in trouble.
    Unhackable potential but they will first bug it before they release it.

    Subject: Google News – NASA scientists achieve long-distance ‘quantum teleportation’ over 27 miles for the first time – paving the way for unhackable networks that transfer data faster than the speed of light
    George Soros Apparatchik Lord Mallach Brown Believes “A Global Economy Needs Global Institutions to Govern It” – They Hate President Trump and Need Him Gone

    The age old battle of good and evil has never been won and to this day it continues unabated.
    All the lockdowns and virus frenzy scare tactics all boil down to this. It is that simple. Sadly the selfish, shallow, ignorant Sheeple get none of this.

    How Britain shot itself in the foot being the ‘best in the world’ at sequencing viruses and spotting the super-infectious mutation that left the UK a pariah – as scientists admit it could have emerged elsewhere

    If it wasn’t for the Covid-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) consortium, hailed as the ‘best genomic sequencing programme in the world’, the new strain would have likely slipped under the radar.

    The MSM won’t give Trump an inch of goodwill. He is beyond hated.

    Shit travels like Locusts infecting all in their path.

    Special Message from President Trump – YouTube

    When Trump tries to be Presidential they block him. No President ever had so much betrayal.

    Brexit talks hinge on fish ‘worth less than Paul Pogba’

    Brexit almost done now
    South Africa’s second wave is driven by mutant Covid-19 strain
    Pfizer vaccine doses delivered to Macclesfield GP surgery thrown away

    The poor elderly in care homes have just been put back 3 weeks because of planning stupidity
    **BITCHUTE – Breaking China News ‘Why is it not over for Biden, the Hunter blackmail operation revealed’**

    If you have not seen this it is worth watching
    Fwd: This Is No Longer Funny – Can Someone Please Take Biden To Walter Reed For A Cognitive Test?

    Atre there any Safety Checks to stop so flawed a Crock like Biden? Or Kenyan Usurpers
    Drone 2 Technology – Weaponry.mp4

    Sadly, this is reality coming to the battlefield or city, or group of people as its’ owners direct. The question is what happens when the terrorists get their hands on such weapons?
    Sorry there is no IF! They will!
    Be assured its only time before Palestian payback on the vile, inhumane Khazars. It won’t take a lot to let a low yield series of bombs loose on that lot. Once they seize back the Golans Syria alone will shred them.
    [video src="" /]
    So Georgia now concedes that Trumps votes were rigged. It will do what?

    It states:

    “The November 3, 2020 General Election (the “Election”) was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy. (…) The Subcommittee learned that the history and control of the company that owns the Dominion voting system is unclear and provides serious implications of foreign interference in the U.S. election.”

    “(…) The Subcommittee did not have time to investigate the numerous publicly reported issues with the Dominion voting machines. The Subcommittee takes notice of the various publicly reported functions of the machines and heard evidence that the machines can duplicate fraudulent ballots to the point that not even trained personnel can tell the difference between a test ballot and a real ballot. Testimony also suggested that the system responds wirelessly to being reset from an unknown location as happened with the poll books. The Subcommittee also heard that Dominion machines can be programmed with algorithms that reallocate votes between candidates. In addition, the Dominion machines are programmed to count votes using percentages of whole numbers rather than actual votes, which is a feature incompatible with the actual voting process. The Subcommittee learned that the history and control of the company that owns the Dominion voting system is unclear and provides serious implications of foreign interference in the U.S. election. (…)”

    Click to access george-report-on-election.pdf


    20 US Election Irregularities

    Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with someone who uses simple facts and common-sense reasoning to give you an idea of what has actually happened.

    Click to access the-immaculate-deception-12.15.20-1-1.pdf

    Click to access navarro-peter-cv.pdf


    1. Well, without reading every link above I have to say this.
      I do not give one F what anyone thinks of PRESIDENT TRUMP, In my opinion, he is the best thing that has happened in the US for a very long time. Okay, he is not perfect and has made some very dubious decisions but I am sure PRESIDENT TRUMP has the best interest of the US and her people in his vision.

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  26. Like

    1. I hate to admit it, but I have had a serious aversion to XRP. Typical emotional female.maybe. LOL Please do not tell A Johnson. LOL


      1. I’m just here for the ride. I feel the same as you Aurataya.

        IMO things are not what they seem. Something big is brewing with Ripple and XRP.

        I’m glad I diversified. But dang, Tony was right about Bitcoin.


        1. Have no worries that your alt coins are not yet on the major upswing. BTC rises are great, but now the price is too high for safe buys. It would take BTC to get to c50K just to double your placement at this point. Still, that may happen in time, but the potential for life altering gains from 1K$ are no longer presenting themselves in that coin.

          The so-called alt coin market will have its day. We’ve suggested some of the best value. Real use cases which should attract huge inflows of capital once the right Wall St on-ramps are in place. Watch for ETH to shine very soon. That one is still way undervalued in my opinion.

          We are still way, way early in this market. What’s coming in 2021 will most likely be grade school face sucking compared to the serious intercourse that you will be engaged in when you see the numbers come. 😉

          The game is afoot.


  27. Great summary, but…now what?

    If XRP is a security, I am Eva Braun.

    That’s probably a lot less cordial than he’s used to.


    1. I read the 75 page Ripple lawsuit last night. I’m no expert on securities, however, there are some interesting things in it. A couple of things stick out.

      The SEC claims that only 1.6% of the annual income of the ripple companies comes from money transmittal. The rest is the sale of XRP. No banks are using it as they claim and that only about 15 small remittance firms use it.

      They were also essentially paying large institutional entities for clout by selling them large blocks of XRP at 10%-30% discounts with no or very minimal lockup periods. Something never offered to the general public.

      The suit is requiring the ceasing of all XRP sales by the company and the disgorgement of all profits of the company and executives.

      It remains to be seen how it plays out, but there’s teeth to it.

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      1. More like suspicious to me. The .001 top XRP holders (institutional money) are buying while everyone else is selling. I saw the chart, but unable to post it.

        I’m going to hold and let the circus play out.

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        1. I think that’s the smarter play. The long game. I never engage in short-term knee-jerk reactions. I prefer to keep my position sizes rational and equal, and let the overall strength of my accumulated positions carry the weight of any storms while the ship sails on to the future.

          The key issues to me is: Does XRP have an effective use case? Clearly, many member of congress and the G20 agree that it does.

          This litigation will go on for quite a while, and Ripple has very good and effective legal counsel. They should move out of the USA. I think they will.

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          1. I noticed the link regarding clayton resignation today reverts to his biography. Here is the first paragraph of the statement. You have to scroll to the bottom to read the link.

            “Dec. 23, 2020

            I recently submitted a letter to President Donald J. Trump informing him that today, December 23, 2020, will be my last day as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The text of the letter is included below.”


  28. Last drive-by of the night…

    What if, the back of the envelope calculation regarding the Elections is correct? What if Trump won with 120 million votes and the 2nd greatest landslide of all time? And what if even the (D) are beginning to believe?

    Interesting times indeed!

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    1. Tino

      Your voice is dissent will be needed ever more as the MSM networks deluge the party line on Covid. Truth to be challenged. None of the Stats work and I see almost no real Covid cases. Certainly nothing to justify wrecking economies. Often I forward Covid articles simply to be contested. We need- The balance of probability and Truth.


  29. Oh Dear God — I’ve been attacking the fact that there is no way with the garbage antigen test used in the vaccine trails could possibly give the correct numbers in control and experimental arms.

    It turns out they even cooked the trial books by manipulating the endpoints — and while my respect for Topol is only modest — the profession tends to hang on his every work.

    Peter Doshi, associate editor of the medical journal BMJ, and Eric Topol, Scripps Research professor of molecular medicine, wrote a devastating NY Times opinion piece about the COVID vaccine clinical trials.

    They exposed the fatal flaw in the large Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna trials.

    September 22, the Times: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”:

    “All the rave reviews of the vaccine, the babbling about a historic breakthrough, the celebrations—complete and utter nonsense.” —

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  30. So, they finally realized they need to cook the books. In order to bring this into line, they are now stating that the total death thru Nov IS NOT ~2,450,000. Which means double-counting current COVID deaths to pull an OMG! “3 million dead” head line by year end — only projection — max, is ~2,850,000. The problem dear WHA troops, is that you can’t get there from here. 600K cannot die in the 8 weeks from Nov and end-of-year. Statistically, it jus doesn’t turn. Influenza can’t go to zero while simultaneously having ridiculous COVID numbers. Youtube can’t keep up with the “over-run/stressed hospital is empty” videos. Remember 300,000 didn’t die of COVID, 300,000 died while have a positive garbage PCR test. There is a massive difference. The rest is double-counting. Note the cross-check — it’s categorically impossible, as a side-effect of regular viral spread, that Asia has no contagion. Simply impossible.

    It’s also ridiculous that the UK allegedly has 17 new nCov strains. Please. Error by people who shouldn’t be running genetic sequencers. Farr’s Law has no repeal method. It is impossible as a matter of biophysics to have a triple wave of ever-increasing size. Going back 1.5 centuries you literally have only one 2nd wave, maybe two. Occam’s razor says “casedemic” by garbage antigen test. They f’ed it up in 1978 with a rushed vaccine, and they f’ed it up in 2009 with a 2nd wave false “casedemic” caused by a garbage PCR. History is repeating.

    Lastly, since the garbage PCR cannot distinguish between variants, the idea that the UK can figure out prevalence is just, well, pure bs. And the idea that they are distinguishing variants here and Italy and Germany is also pure bullishit. Someone is certainly lying….



    Sad, delusional and pathetic, what a WH Epitaph.
    With a case so much in his favour, does Trump grasp any of it?
    Sadly, as truly thick as he is, the prize is slipping away. Can no one help Pinocchio?
    Time runs out for the Lying King. Can’t someone with half a brain help make his case?
    America deserves better. Where’s JFK when we so need one?
    Open Letter to President Trump: You Must Use Insurrection Act to “Stop the Steal” and Defeat the Coup – Oath Keepers

    Yes, big YES to the Oath Keepers. But who leads Trump to see the light in time?

    Whitty says Covid hospital cases could match April peak by New Year

    As the US appears to be about 3 to 4 weeks behind the UK in the infection curve, just watch what is coming your way now. The UK is heading fast towards tier 4 now for the whole country. Its out of control.
    China has lot to answer for.
    Major questions, True Origin, Source, Designer and why? If it was Wuhan Designed, surely they can reveal the structures we can then reverse engineer a solution for.

    Whitty says Covid hospital cases could match April peak by New Year
    Early humans may have survived the harsh winters by hibernating

    Sounds like Congress and the Senate to me when work needs to be done.
    Bill Barr WON’T appoint special counsel for US election fraud probe

    So the Trojan Mole is at it again. Americas biggest Stooge! A truly disgusting man.
    Barr: No need to appoint prosecutors to investigate Hunter Biden

    Barr wont investigate Election Fraud. He wont investigate the Bidens. The Deep State Cover Up Mole is active.
    ‘We were complicit’: Lawyer who worked for Trump administration pens op ed apologising to US | The Independent

    No question the DOJ needs disbanding in its current form.
    COVID-19: a study shows one blood group is more resistant than other

    It looks like blood group a is most at covid risk.
    Boris Johnson’s plan for 22-mile bridge across Channel exposed amid Dover chaos

    At last some common sense.
    Hotspot hospitals are on the brink

    Phase 2 Covid has hospitals hitting swamping collapse stages. This new mutation is fast infecting and out of control.

    Hotspot hospitals are on the brink
    Brexit: Police preparing for disruption at every port and airport as no-deal loom

    More chaos looms.
    BBC Weather: Britons brace for Christmas washout as remnants of US storm to batter UK

    The trouble for 70 M Brits stuck on a Rock in the Atlantic is nowhere to go when it hits. About as welcome as a visit from the Mother in Law.
    “The Biden Family”

    America will stand by and let THIS become President. Have you no shame?

    It also keeps mutating. China has a lot to answer for.
    Covid reaches ANTARCTICA meaning it has spread to every continent
    Mutant British variant of coronavirus ‘is probably already in the US’
    its with you now guys expect the numbers to soar soon.

    Mutant British variant of coronavirus ‘is probably already in the US’
    Firms start work on ‘freedom passports’

    It’s all playing out. No vaccine cert no entrance. The round up of the sheeple.

    Firms start work on ‘freedom passports’
    Now Spain bans British travelers as officials meet in Brussels today

    Will no one shut down and stop these selfish swine from travelling. Pampered Brats will infect and carry it to everyone.

    What’s coming next will be vaccination certs. No certification, you don’t fly or travel. Fail to show your cert and your refused entry. Probably from April if you cant show your cert you wont board a plane. It’s a start.
    The whole of Europe is infected. Why allow any in?

    As from next week any Brits choosing to live overseas lose their UK Bank accounts. You go, you lose UK Banking. We need to close our borders also soon. Illegals out. EU hoards out. No more dependent family relatives games.
    Out hospitals are full of them. Care first for our own. They contributed. Blow ins have not.
    Vaccinate our own first.
    Now Germany, Spain and Greece wont let them board flights home without 3 clear tests. Good. It’s a new world with NO Order!
    From January its Tier 4 then total lock down is coming in. The economy will take such a hit. Airlines and hotels have it very hard now.

    Now Spain bans British travelers as officials meet in Brussels today
    Flynn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring US Election, Willing to Provide Information to Trump

    You can bet this is widely known inside the Beltway now . All Nations want to help America but the Trump Chump cant help himself. Too many Senior Staffers have left screaming hes got the of a child.
    Europeans saw that pre election even.
    The tragedy for America is that is Biden or Trump. So many Americans have real ability. Electing half wits creates this dilemma. Only Shrek thinks he’s a genius. As for Biden?

    America faces the unholy Trinity. Harris, Clinton or Michelle. A Witches cauldron of horror.
    So many want to help, but how? We just see an Orange Ox loose in a box.
    ‘This Is The Only Fight That Matters’—Exclusive Interview with Steve Bannon

    Americans must fight for freedom before it is lost. Will Americans rise up for this? We are all with you.


  32. They have gone forth to enrich the land with valued vibrancy.

    Acts like this are needed, and those holding up GS releases are stopping similar acts. Financial cartels are a blight on the world.

    WEF, IMF, etc. Ancient relics of central planning and nation management based on 100 year old models. These dinosaurs need an extinction, and DeFi is going to be written on that asteroid.

    The Feds are insane. Whatever the outcome, this is why you don’t go heavy in any one token.


  33. Newsmax Sells Out, Betrays Americans With Ridiculous “Clarification” About Dominion And Smartmatic

    For your Freedom,

    Robert The Bruce – Friend Of William Wallace


  34. Sadly, all the indications are that Trump will fold, accompanied by a sigh of Relief from DC and the Legal system.
    The sadness is for the poor Voters, who entrusted him their votes to drain the swamp and render down the Deep State. DC outplayed and outstayed him. He leaves minus his Pants, ( XXXX size) his little fingers and Winkie exposed to all. Failed. When push came to shove, the man seemed not to be able to cut it. The case and DC corruption is clear.The need for it to be removed is clear. But his being not man enough is also sadly clear. No Elliot Ness, just a big girls dress? An opinionated Grifter came in and free rode his ego. A chastened Carnival Barker leaves’ Sadly the Deep State and Swamp still flourishes. Trump will have failed if he does not recover this. Nothing so far profiles well for him. Shrek does not have the neck ( certainly not the intellect needed) for this job. The art of how to get Dealt Out of the Deal? He got so played. So apart from having stolen the Golan Heights for Kushner and Mossad, what’s he done as a worthwhile legacy?
    3 weeks to go, a Winner or Ignominy?
    On now to fight the litigators. Criminal cases too. Without the army of State support staff, funded by America to fill his losing hotels, is he heading for choppy waters again?
    He may well have won by a landslide, but he’s ill prepared for the downside.
    4 years without the intellect to build the infrastructure so needed. History will not now be kind, if he sees his own behind. Where’s the deal to save this? Time runs out fast. Save the day, or run away?
    3 weeks. Where’s the Rabbit? Does he leave as Road Runner?
    He’s no JFK for sure. Is he now sadly destined only for the Exit door?
    Americas tragedy is Biden. Harris???????????????? Obama has him on a string.
    The only real hope is the Global refunding exercise deeply forward. Good people,good intent. Let’s see.


      1. Tino

        Issues aside, I for one want him to stand firm and front up.
        Sadly DOJ have not helped. Barr has free passed so many crooks.
        Trump hopefully can swing this. Biden is too awful to be true.
        The problem for Trump is, who thinks and fronts for him ?All are gone.
        Deserted or ran screaming.
        4 years and no top team. Just Kushner and the girl.
        Right now he’s like Bowie at the Alamo. He allegedly got pig stuck.


        1. Perhaps, but I’m not on the inside. Jan 6th is the next stress point. The reality is even the simplest swap of State Electors shifts this to a Trump victory. After all, it was good enough to smuggle JFK in via the dual slate of Electors from Hawaii….


    1. A). PRESIDENT TRUMP has not given in. He is still the bloody PRESIDENT.
      B). “The poor voters.” They will never give in. FACT.
      C). PRESIDENT TRUMP’S personal appearance and eating habits have NOTHING to do with the vote.
      D). Can you even comprehend what this bloke has been through during the last four f’ing years? Ego or not, No one has dealt with what PRESIDENT TRUMP has had to deal with during that time.

      As much as I disagree with many things he has done, I am all for him at this time. I truly believe he does wish to make America great again and with the right team, he can do that. He may not be the sharpest knife in the old block but I would rather him there backed by Flynn than that other sniffing pedo commo pri??. FACT


  35. Digital Assets To Consider (Update)

    Salve Citizens –

    The anticipated volatility we discussed earlier in the year is upon us, and will most likely become more intense. Hold on and continue to add to your positions at every price retracement, if this is appropriate for your circumstances.

    BTC continues to hold strong above 20K at this time. While opinions on this vary, don’t be surprised if we see a retracement below 20K before year’s end or at some stage before we surpass recent all time highs. This would present a prime buying opportunity as prices will most likely head much, much higher as we get deeper into 2021. BTC remains a buy up to about $24,500.

    Ethereum, currently about $600, remains extremely cheap in price. Consider a new buy-up-to price of $750, up from $550. ETH is a must for your long term portfolio and most likely will surpass its former all time high, in 2021.


    Curve Finance (CRV) – Curve is a decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum network, specializing on exchange of tokens which are pegged to the same asset class.

    The explosive growth in assets held in Curve’s liquidity pools makes it the third-largest decentralized exchange. And these deep liquidity pools with minimal slippage are starting to attract some serious trading volume.

    Since its beginning, Curve has reached $17 billion in total trading volume, mostly over the past few months. Last month alone, users traded over $2.2 billion on Curve.

    CRV is a governance token and it enables token holders to vote on proposed changes to the protocol. You can also stake the token to collect trading fees and generate additional yield on the pegged tokens you supply to liquidity pools.

    We won’t get too much further into the operational details of Curve, since our purpose is the acquisition of the token for long term appreciation and not using the platform to stake or exchange.

    DeFi development is growing and is starting to have a huge impact on traditional financial institutions’ ability to effectively compete because of its inherently inefficient transaction model, which is based on hundred year old concepts. In all honesty, traditional financial institutional business models are going to go the way of the dinosaur, along with their high fees. This truth is simply not being believed yet among such institutions, but it is coming just as surely as Grant took Richmond.

    CRV is a buy up to $0.95. You can buy it on UNISWAP, Gemini or Binance (non USA). You can hold it on MyEtherWallet.

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  36. Despite our generalized mis-givings, the total US Hospital Census remains circa 33%.

    Total US Hospitalized for COVID is, by garbage antigen test, roughly 120K.

    Total beds available – 924K, surge capacity with ventilator support >> 50K. With military assistance another 24K.

    Anyone stating hospitals in general are in a problematic situation is blatantly lying.

    The ONLY confirmed exceptions are in Indianapolis (???) and El Paso via overflow from Mexico.


  37. Matt Hancock warns coronavirus is ‘out of control’

    Total chaos in the UK and EU the lot could be in lock down for 4 months. Few can survive that.

    A Huge YES for this. Go Military NOW! Start with Obama’s arse into Gitmo. Soros, Suckemberg and Nancy too! Plus Deep State and Demos.

    The Covid surge is coming your way. Guys take real care.

    The way to deal with the panicking Sheeple and stop the spread seal the border. Plague ship tactics.
    Panic-buyers queue from 5.50am amid ports chaos

    Already the selfish mindless swine are loose. They cause their own problems by their gutteral insanity. The worst kind of humankind . There would be no empty shelves if this trash behaved so limit them to protect all. There are times when regulators are needed to prowl the car parks, confiscate the vast surplus and give them a hard 5 minutes of Rhino whipping. Minding swine. No sense of need for others. Trash.
    Britain’s supermarket shelves may empty

    Now the panic starts with truckers afraid to be trapped in border lock downs . Chaos.
    Time to get farmers organised and boost home production.
    Dem senator says Republicans who challenge election are ‘bordering on’ treason, a crime punishable by death – TheBlaze

    Dedicated to Tee Cee. Do nothing. FFS? No offence TC, I just do care.
    Sadly, such words only serve to bolster the view that Communism is something to be avoided as such words have no place, given what has happened in the American elections with vote interference.
    A world watches in horror at what voting in America has become. Turkeys gobbling.
    Russia’s New Hypersonic Avangard Boost-Glide Weapon Enters “Combat Duty” | ZeroHedge

    Russia spent wisely.
    With all the silly talk of the threat from Russia and the so called hack by Russia.
    Consider this only information was taken and no cyber attack and fingers point to China not Russia. And Russia has warned China that troop movements to its’ borders within 200 kilometers will be entirely wiped out and 3 cities in China will disappear starting with Beijing.

    This is Russia’ way of saying they are ready to respond as the S500 is fully deployed as a defense. And they have turned down China’ s request to purchase as it is not for export.

    I suggest this is more in the interest of China to see America in conflict with Russia than anything else.

    Photos onboard United fight show complete chaos among passengers

    Bastards aren’t they!
    Italy becomes fourth country to spot mutated Covid in Brit traveller

    Just what was interjected into creating this virus in Wuhan? Time for China to fess up and pay up. No more Chinese lies.
    FTSE 100 falls after opening amid fears of further economic threats

    Chaos is loose
    London’s streets and stations empty in Tier 4 ghost town

    We just killed our towns and Cities.

    Top German virologist plays down fears over Britain’s mutant strain

    Again political overreaction killing our economy. Hang the Scientists not the economy

    Absolutely right, lock us down and out. Stop our mindless Morons cross infecting others. Selfish swine. Stop these flights. Strand the lot. No holidays, get a grip or get a slap.
    REVEALED: ‘Simple Math’ Shows Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted in 2020 Election

    Does anyone believe this result ? Still these pathetic Retards sit on their Butts gawping!
    Shocking vaccine stats

    Please read this carefully.
    According to the CDC, 2.79% of people who receive the vaccine can not work and require medical attention. What happens after a longer period of time, no one knows.
    This is far higher than the number of people dying from this virus.
    Remember that once you take it, there is no way for the body to cleanse itself from the vaccine.

    Click to access 05-COVID-CLARK.pdf


    Former Wisconsin Judge: “Court system deeply intimidated by the left” [Video]

    What a surprise! America is rotten from the top down. It won’t change itself.

    Millions of Danish ‘mutant covid zombie minks’ to be dug up and burned

    Just like Pakkies and Zionists
    Italy becomes fourth country to spot mutated Covid in Brit traveller

    It’s looking like this will swamp all nations. Who created this?

    Health Impact News

    Vaccine Whistleblower Brandy Vaughan Found Dead Inside Her Own Home as Police Open Investigation
    December 18, 2020 4:27 pm
    Totally agree. Stop all talks and walk away. No more Brussels funding. No more plundering free UK fish.
    It’s time to stick it to the EU now.


  38. The idea that y’all have a new strain that is hyper-contagious is not believable. You don’t have the surveillance mechanisms to make any such assertion. No John, you don’t. Anyone telling you opposite is blowing smoke up the tailpipe. The garbage antigen test doesn’t distinguish between sub-types. You can, maybe identify a mutation, but you certainly cannot determine prevalence. Also, your death rate, which is total garbage artifact reclassification of regular seasonal URI crud, isn’t up against 3, 5 and 10 year averages of death from ALL causes. Pay particular attention to section 2. Especially the graph showing the Pandemic Swine flu — the real and false one from the garbage antigen test of the day.


    1. Tino

      In 3 months we will have no economy left. Then what?
      We see No Covid anywhere Just media and MSM claims. I pass on only the media.
      Also the indications of chaos. Nothing stacks up.
      Reality is that c20K at best will die, but then what of the 500K untreated other cases? Our hospital services are non existent and GPs clinics don’t function.


  39. Jimstone has a bunch on his site about the fainting and now passed away nurse. Also shares a fake facebook page that is set up after she got the shot to make it look like she is ok.


  40. Mountain Goat has been the best and most
    level headed purveyor of Iraqi Dinar news
    and this below supports that claim.
    Fake News regarding dinar devaluation is
    what is being put out now for the public.


    Other lesser valuable gurus give their
    views about Iraqi dinar devaluation but
    what they say is worthless if the devalue
    of dinar is nothing but fake news:

    Robert the Bruce – King of Scotts


      1. Feed Scots only Gorilla Snot. Even Emperor Hadrian built his wall to keep them out. Time to build it again. Wastes of space.


  41. US vaccine rollout.

    We are seeing just shy of 3% serious adverse events, defined as ‘being unable to carry out daily activity or worse’.

    And, the young nurse at Chicago Memorial that fainted… has reportedly died. Awaiting confirmation. But is now being repeated by multiple sources. Will update if confirmed false.


    1. It seems she did die.

      The death notice is real, based on the county records.

      Tiffany Pontes Dover
      Age: 30
      Location: Higdon, AL
      Death Report: Done
      Data Source: De Kalb County Death Records


  42. You all know this election was stolen. Why are you not out in fury demanding a recount manually?
    If you let this pass your vote is lost forever. Once they see the Sheeple rollover, it’s your game over.
    Not words, arses on the streets and mass blocking the lot. Re count or the lot goes?

    This IS YOUR Rubicon line.

    We have beheaded kings. You just wimp or blog empty threats.
    Take back America! Or become Slaves.

    Trump failed to act in 4 years. He’s as much to blame.
    Stupidity is not a Quality.

    Master of the Deal, or Master Bator? Lose this it’s his Legacy.

    Where is the Military here? All Deep State? The Constitution is heading for the toilet. There will be no comeback.

    Lose this, become enslaved. The Zionists took your money. The Deep State will take your Freedom. So Patriots will take a Hike and not fight? This IS your Alamo. There will be no tomorrow.

    Only your free lunches of Gorilla Snot. The great American betrayal. Rats conned the Sheep.
    Are they so truly Dumb as not to see? Hegemony comes home, the irony. Re – VOTE!


    1. A Re-Vote is unnecessary.

      In our jurisprudence Fraud vitiates everything.

      If Trump is willing to still serve, he merely needs to declare it at this point, and the real 80MM+ that voted for him will storm any spot he wants.


    2. John…. Most of us are aware that a civil war is a real possibilty… The spark that will light the fire has yet to occur…. The answer to the question,. “Who is willing to die for freedom?” , may soon be determined. No one wants this. I don’t understand why you keep pushing for it to happen?


      1. Tee Cee,
        Because vast Electronic Fraud was a reality. Trump now fast runs out of time, and as a nation,you are sitting on your Butts doing nothing. If Biden presides, NWO follows and your lost.

        Let me be clear. Lose this and your assets are next. Socialist, Commie control. Sequestration of the nation.

        Michelle will follow Biden and your then so F!. Rigged votes become standard.
        Is this what the Founders fought for, and died for, so you could have a say in your own Democracy?
        They died to make you Lions.
        You are cross breeding into Sheep herded by Wolves.

        Because, if no one pushes, your gone Tee Cee.
        Because if this goes ahead, it’s over TC. The United Socialist Abomination.
        Don’t push Tee Cee, just roll over. As all are doing. Then they will come for your guns, and when done then they will come for you. As they take you screaming I did nothing. Precisely Tee Cee.

        We created Democracy via the Mother of Parliaments. We created Laws. We created the Industrial Revolution.
        We ended Slavery. We created Education for all and our National Health Care.

        You have created Global Hegemony, now a Kenyan Illegal Usurper, hand in hand with War Criminal Soros, and a bunch of nasty Zionist Bolsheviks want you all to heel. While you sit and do what? Are you challenging why fight for your freedom? Because Tee Cee Freedom is NOT free!
        What part of the second week of January and you lose to THEIR Plot do you not get?
        Because Tee Cee, we in the Free world can not comprehend WTF is wrong with you all there. Your election has been blatantly stolen, and your answer is Bhhhaam Bhhaaa,

        Smile Tee Cee we will try to save you. Read your own history on Paul Revere. Only now it’s the Bolsheviks and Commies. Then Obumas kind will want your Rrrrsss.
        America deserves better, but fools do nothing.
        Because Tee Cee, if your Democracy dies, we are just left with Media MSM lies.
        Had we not stopped Hitler and his Nazis for all those years, had we fallen, the Nazis would have taken America and you would all be marching to the Swastika. No Jews , no Afros, no infirm or afflicted. No hope for those in need.
        America then sat on its Arse for 3 years while we alone weathered the Nazi onslaught and you callously war profiteered. But for us, you would be Nazi slaves. Fact!

        So if it all collapses, who then saves your Rrrrs? In 3 weeks, over a hundred million good Americans lose their ELECTED President. Your solution is what? Sit back and take it Or bend over.
        We just mass voted to walk away from EU Socialist madness. We just mass rejected them.
        We fought. You want to do nothing while your peoples birthright is stolen? Then the camps follow! Looked at China recently? We gave you your language and ability to read. Freedom is not for the Dumb. Nor the Sheeple.
        Freedom is the Constitution for the American people. You will lose the right, if you go into the night.
        A President who will conspire to steal your nation, will next take your Soul.
        If Biden is not stopped, they won by fraud. Then they really rig the future. You won’t have one.


        1. I for one and my family are sick to death with this horrific state of our nation we love. We are ready to defend at all costs the freedoms including this farce election that took place. We live in New Hampshire where our motto is “live free or Die”. We intend to do such if called upon.

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          1. Jml.

            Don’t die just make sure the Deep State, Treasonous betrayers,Zio Trash and Political scammers do. Let no one take your homes from you. How much has Soetoro Obama stolen or been bribed for? His Moll also, Big Mike.


        2. You misunderstood my statement. Civil war may very well happen. Why do you keep pushing it. We will have to put our lives on the line for our freedom. We don’t need to glasses to see what is right in front of us. You expect us to act on your terms in your timing. The Brexit vote was 4.5 years ago and the UK is still in the EU… No shots fired… No outrage in the streets… Our election was 7 weeks ago and things are still playing out in court. People throughout this nation are praying for a peaceful solution and a proper resolution to this. I will assume you are praying also because you do care.

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          1. The UK leaves in 10 days. Revolution. Also, you have no Court process, Barr is the Deep State Mole blocking you and the Supremes decline to investigate. Nothing is playing out in the Courts, and Justice has died under Barr. Sold out. Your being lead by Sheep. Antifa and BLM have more focus. What a mess. If Trump goes, Sniffer Biden and Harris???????????????????


  43. This is where the last few hundred years are taking us, if we are smart.

    One of our suggested holds. Times are changing.

    Once an East German Bolshevik, Always an East German Bolshevik

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  44. Election watchdog group exposes Zuckerberg’s $500M ‘dark money’ scheme to elect Biden | News | Lifesitenews

    How can this even be legal? 12 months in Gitmo, or contracted out to Soviet Gulag will get Suckemberg talking. Bolshevik shit!
    REPORT, Sidney Powell Meets With President Trump in Oval Office to Discuss Vote Fraud – The Last RefugeThe Last Refuge

    We all await to see what comes next. Military trials for Gods sake, we have seen the Supremes are not trustworthy. Half are Bolsheviks anyway.
    Time waits for no man, but man waits for time to act. This is true in all aspects of life. One must have conviction of heart and courage to act.

    “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.” – George Orwell – 1984
    Think about what has come forth about the stealing of the vote in America. Think about the revaluations and questions of integrity about the vote counting. And recall, that Stalin said he cared not who voted but who counted the votes. It is all part of the way communists think.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    What is happening in America affects everyone of us and not just Americans.
    Mitch McConnell received donations from Dominion Voting Systems and shut down two election integrity bills in 2020 –

    Scale of corruption is unbelievable… Every one is a Pig at the trough.

    Arrest the lot!
    Matt Hancock slams thousands of desperate families fleeing London It’s the Dam Pakkies and Indians traveling causing most of it.
    Boris on the brink: Tories will have to ‘get rid of PM’ if UK delivers Brexit sell-out

    Be assured if Boris Johnson tries to wimp out and conceed our Fish to the French he is gone and a major face off with the EU. He will be thrown out of office.
    Unlike the US, we get rid of Buffoons and bad leaders. Knifed in the back, all go.
    Matt Hancock warns mutant Covid strain is ‘out of control’
    Will we ever learn the truth about China and the pandemic? Two inquiries are ‘cloaked in secrecy’, WHO lets Beijing vet investigators and it appoints British scientist with links to Wuhan, writes IAN BIRRELL

    IAN BIRRELL: The WHO has allowed China to vet scientists taking part in the probe, while also appointing to its ten-strong team the British charity chief Peter Daszak.

    An important article and questions for us all.


    The French in Paris are revolting against Lock Downs, Fake Covid claims, Fake vaccinations, Financial Policing, Fake News and Political Scammers.

    The French are warning the Politicos, we will bring you down. Midget Macron is on notice.

    There is no way he lost

    Perhaps the reason Sidney Powell is being considered as a Special Counsel to investigate and bring charges is that she is qualified to bring charges to a military tribunal without going to the Supreme Court and is capable of charging Robert’s himself in a military court?

    Whether she is in fact selected or Durham does the heavy lifting remains to be seen, however the Deep State is somewhat unnerved by what has started with the Biden crowd being denied security briefings. It effectively means, no hand over is coming.
    There is more to this story best saved for another time.

    Remember this is kabuki theatre being played out. Time for Trump to wake up and put up. Start the arrests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Click to access The-Immaculate-Deception-12.15.20-1.pdf

    Why are these people not arrested?
    This is crazy, these folks need jail time .. theft is theft .. and stealing an election must be a punishable crime
    For Tino and all. As ever NO US Vetting. Just like with Soetoro! FFS get real America! Get the F Bar up!


    The person who wrote this is Dr. John Robinson Jr, MD. He is a Neurosurgery Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL. Dr. Robinson is a board certified double fellowship trained Neurosurgeon who serves as the co-director of the Center for Cranial and Spinal Surgery as well as the founder of The Cyberknife Treatment Center. He is affiliated with Cleveland Clinic Martin North Hospital.
    Colleagues and Acquaintances,
    First of all I have had enough of the mainstream media! While I do not consider myself a political person I am a practicing neurosurgeon with a background in Cerebrovascular surgery and I must scream Foul on the media and avenge the late Paul Harvey with ‘the rest of the story’ hidden from the American public!
    How many of you know that Joe Biden has had 2 brain surgeries, one on each side of his head? How many people know that Joe had a head full of blood after an aneurysm exploded in his head in 1988? How many know that the resulting brain damage from a subarachnoid hemorrhage as the blood breakdown products bathes the brain are significant and permanent damage let alone the compression and damage due to the jet of blood from the rupture itself.
    Why has the media not asked for his medical records, list of medications, EEG, or at least an angiogram of his brains blood vessels (multi aneurysm patients like Mr. Biden have a tendency to form new ones and are recommended to have an angiogram every 5 years; where is the report, really the NY times couldn’t do a piece on this) or CT scan to document what his brain looks like or verify he does not have hydrocephalus or a ventricular peritoneal shunt or seizure disorder (his aneurysm clips are too old to be titanium so he cannot have an MRI) ? Where is the outrage!
    Now I do suspect from time to time that President Trump could use a brain transplant (based on his statements and some inane actions) as well but, to use Biden’s own words against him “Come on man” “the fact of the matter is” the media conspiracy to elect Mr. Biden is unbelievable and wholly liable if he gets into office, while overlooking these significant medical issues.
    I mean really shouldn’t there be some sort of medical prerequisite for the office and all of the stress it induces? Are we that desperate to install the first black female president. Shouldn’t the first black female president be duly elected on her own merits rather than hiding behind a 77 year old sub-arachnoid hemorrhage survivor. Love him or hate him, you do have to admire Mr. Biden for overcoming all these issues in the last 38 years but, this disqualifies him in my eyes to hold the nuclear codes!
    Hell in most states he couldn’t even get a driver’s license without a letter from a neurologist saying he was seizure free for a year and instead we have a chance to elect him the leader of the free world and the keeper of the launch codes with no one knowing the truth, asking any health questions! Especially when he can’t remember who he is running against or who his wife is? Really, these are our choices a narcissist and subarachnoid hemorrhage survivor!
    Whether you are for Biden or against him please be honest enough to spread the truth about his medical issues before he can become our next president with no one knowing the medical issues he suffers from!

    John R Robinson M.D. Neurosurgeon

    West Palm Beach, Fl
    Note the Chinese say military training is under way at Cold Lake.
    Crazy business. Getting ready for the overthrow of America.
    You have done it to all other nations. America truly needs a taste itself of the terror it has caused and true Global genocide. Even then will it change its Hegemony rotten ways?
    Don’t disown it you OWN it. Palestinians suffer despair and starvation every day because of you ridden by the Mossad’s Jew. Trump even stole the Golans for Kushner and Mossad. History will not be kind. Nor blind!
    Karma will be payback with the Bogy on the US back.
    With Biden in, the Deep State and Mossad will finally rule.
    A century and they took it all. Tragic. Still the brain dead can not see. America could have been a true beacon of light, but the Bolsheviks will send you into the night. Goyims for the Dumpster.


  45. Scenes from a Taiwanese “Stop The Steal” & “Fight For Trump” rally today. President Trump is the leader of a global populist movement fighting against socialism, communism, & a political elite which no longer represents “we the people”. China stands at Taiwan’s doorstep.🔻

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  46. With a new WMD breakaway like Covid, I retain an open mind. Untested Vaccines may kill or sterilise more than they cure. No field testing for Chickens, lab rats, monkeys or Elders. It should be compulsory for the Deep State and Democrats as Testers. Plus all Hard Crime ( Sex Crimes, Pedos ) and Death Row Prisoners.

    If correct, the alleged mass escalating mutations, and there are numerous versions, questions where it will end. Or what is still yet to come. With a mind of its own, where is it heading? Mess with nature? Mutating to what? When?
    With migrant mass moving Pakkies in our country, they carry it everywhere. We too need Reservations for them en masse. Ours to a wet, freezing and windswept Scottish Island. The only way out then should be to return home!
    What will next mutate from this lot? A new fast spreading strain is already loose in South Africa.
    What is coming at our poor Planet?
    Why has this not reached comprehensive analysis of what the hell went down in China? The cause, blame and retribution!


  47. BREAKING: Sidney Powell Releases The Kraken; ‘Trump Will Win!’
    Is only Sidney on the ball?


    London and south east could be ‘cut off’ from the rest of the UK
    3 Cryptocurrency Trends to EXPLODE in 2021| Get Rich With Crypto


    The Brits want double dealing Jug Ears to step down.
    The News International: ‘Prince William should be king’: Royal fans want Charles removed from line of succession.
    Long overdue … wonder who he will rat out for a lesser sentence? Every one of Epsteins users from Clinton and Roberts out need to go.

    Now this is amazing
    WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives – OffGuardian
    This comes as no surprise.
    Worse kind of behavior is not to have people tell the truth. Only the truth serves as direction as decisions based on lies lead to failure or more corruption, as is not an attribute of any Government interested in serving the people. Rather it suggests that tyranny is the weapon of choice to force obedience and is typical of countries like China. Or the US Democrats and Jew Tubes.
    Jew Tubes censoring again. They have to be booted out of control.

    Bhakdi is a former Chair of Medical Microbiology.

    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌


  48. Hello Tony :
    Would you be so kind in directing me to the link of
    All the coins that has potential that you have recommended. I would be most grateful.


    1. I don’t think Bank of America outages have anything to do, as the article states with preparing for martial law or any other bank.

      Bank of America is a Ripple partner and with regulations around the corner, I think it may have more to do with banks getting ready for the new digital system.

      There have been many glitches and outages going on for months with the banks.


  49. Pestilential ideology that brought you the wonderful technological advancements like exploding moon rockets, Chernobyl and the Holodomor should have been eradicated from the Earth mid 20th Century. Now we have to suffer these fools who could not hold a real job if their hands were glued to it. All they know how to do is spout Marxist Leninist shitball rhetoric and blame others for their problems.

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  50. This may go down along with the “I am at a railyard and see flatbeds loaded with howitzers on it” rumor. Usually, one sees such when the army is taking delivery of new weapons.

    But, let’s see how this plays out. John may be on the phone shorting Trump Hotel stock as we write.

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    Ruby Freeman (the Democrat suitcase blonde-braid woman in GA) has been arrested! She has acknowledged to law enforcement and investigators her role in the Fulton County methods of GOP witness complaints and the after hours ballot scheme count. She has confirmed her training and the DNC election directives – directly implicating coordination by Stacy Abrams – in the intentional mishandling and processing of mass ballot counts. She also has implicated and named Dominion Officials in Fulton County in charge of the ballot machines engaged and confirmed methods on jump drives to tabulator changes at the adjudication.

    It only takes one arrested participant to give full confirmation of the evidence already collected. Ruby is requesting complete amnesty for exchange of her testimony.

    Source: GA FBI Statement of custody and verification of her cooperation, at 4 am 12/17/20.

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    1. I received that through higher level LE channels and it was confirmed as coming through LE in Georgia. I have no way of verifying beyond that.

      She may not be in the system yet. She may be under protection given the ramifications.


  52. Hi Tony – I’m a little nervous regarding the crypto wallet restrictions.

    I am all for regulations but Ledger had a data breach several months ago and I was one of the people affected and all they got was email, address and a landline phone number. Imagine giving them pictures of drivers license, SS numbers, cell phone numbers, etc.

    Why is it only the institutional investors who can partake in parking their cryptos at a bank who offer custody. I’m really effing pissed off!!

    You had mentioned Is that a good place to park a significant amount of money in cryptos?


    1. I would not worry about those “restrictions”. Not all member of Congress are in agreement with the Treasury rat’s idea. They will probably seek to impose reporting requirements of certain amounts transferred into and out of such wallets, just like they do with bank accounts. It’s no big deal really. They won’t be able to ban such wallets. That would be unconstitutional, and it would never stand, if you ask me. They are just wanting to make sure they can track amounts for tax investigations. Nothing new. The markets are hardly reacting to this news. seems to be pretty good. Check around for user experiences, and try small amounts at first. I would not fear keeping your hard wallets in play.

      In time, retail custody of digital assets will come. They won’t pass up that sugar teat.

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      1. Ok – I’ll calm down. I’ve used token the last couple
        years to report all my trades and they’re great. But transferring your cryptos to private wallets? Seems like a nightmare situation to me and 10,000 dollars is nothing compared to the money we’re going to make. I have transferred that amount and more.


        1. It’s not a problem. That’s what government’s specialize in – nightmares. They simply want to have a tax audit record in case you don’t pay. So, just pay your taxes and all will be fine no matter how much you make.

          In a way it’s a good thing they are shitting their britches over trying to track such things. They would not be worrying about it if they thought this space had no legs or long term value.

          Be ready for anything.

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        2. Yes – They know and we know people are going to make huge amounts of money in this space.

          It sure is nice for a change to see some actual money being being as opposed to holding Dinars for how many years?

          Thanks Tony – I’ll try not worry about it and look at it in a more positive perspective. 👍

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    2. Like

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    1. There may yet be some use for the Vietnamese Dong I bought. Just trying to figure out now how to open a foreign currency account here in the US to put the money in.

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  54. Rex Chapman🏇🏼 on Twitter: “Maria Bartiromo claims an “Intel Source” told her “Trump did in fact win the election”. Arrest her…” / Twitter

    Interesting Does no one care?

    Project Veritas Releases Shocking Never-Before-Heard Phone Call Between Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton’s State Department

    Why is Hillary not on Death Row?
    Interview with Overstock Founder Patrick Byrne on Bribing Hillary Clinton 3pm EST 12/15/20 – YouTube

    This smells up the room.

    No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the WEF | Mises Wire

    As people lose their jobs and dignity with hope of change, at least they will know where to point the finger. They are coming for you.
    Army Suspends Battalion Commander, Sergeant Major in Korea Amid Racism Allegations |

    Is there a clean up going on? Cant be the Hill is still open.
    Peter Strzok’s Declassified Messages Give Insider View Of FBI’s Trump Campaign Probe | The Daily Caller

    Strzoks got a loot of explaining to do, but Justice has no one trustworthy in command.
    President Donald Trump urged to pardon Julian Assange to ‘keep him out of the hands of the Deep State’

    And this IS the case. If we send Assange we feed him ot the Deep State.
    So, if TRUMP really wanted to choke the Deep State Pardon Assange!
    Here’s why Bitcoin’s 2020 surge is different from its 2017 highs

    New Covid Strain Has 17 Mutations, Scientist Say – Stillness in the Storm

    Yikes 😱 .. first sterility, now a mutant capability… bet on your immune system
    Lin Wood on Twitter: “In discussing @realDonaldTrump in phone conversation in 8/19, Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.” Roberts engaged in phone conversations with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to work to get Trump voted out.” / Twitter

    Is it possible that a person of Lin Wood’s reputation would write this, if it was not true?
    Crazy stuff.


    December 17, 2020: President Trump tweeted Tuesday the following: “Poll: 92% of Republican Voters think the election was rigged!”

    The conservative Amistad Project is reporting that Facebook founder and CEO’s Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation gave $300 million to two NGOs, supposedly to fund COVID-safe mass mail-in balloting in the November 3 2020 presidential and Congress elections. But the project says that the money was used to target strongly Democrat-voting areas in a bid to influence the result.

    And the Amistad Project said that it would bring a lawsuit based on its report, published on Wednesday (December 16), in which it would detail how Zuckerberg and others funneled in total of $500 million through five foundations and 20 NGOs to city governments – supposedly to keep voters safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The figure is said to be as much as $1 billion funded to Democrat president-elect Joe Biden to spend on what turned out to be his lacklustre election campaign. The group argues that Zuckerberg’s funding help deprived voters of a “free and fair” election, because it was targeting Democrat-supporting areas and individuals – which created a “two-tiered election system”.

    “The 2020 election witnessed a coordinated and concerted effort funded by Mr. Zuckerberg and other high-tech interests to use government to improperly influence the election for Joe Biden,” noted Amistad Project Director Phill Kline.

    And further said, “Polling data revealed this coordinated assault on in-person voting generally favored Democrat Party voters who preferred to vote in advance, while placing Republicans, who preferred to vote in person, at a disadvantage,” and it has ironically echoed the pre-election liberal media narrative of a ‘red mirage’ of an early Trump lead erased by the late counting of mail-in vote ballots.

    “Many counties and states are strapped financially and working to determine how to staff and fund operations that will allow for ballots to be cast and counted in a timely way,” claimed Zuckerberg and Chan at the time. And that there donations would help to provide local and state officials across the United States with the infrastructure necessary for resources and training to ensure that every voter who intends to cast a ballot is able to, to preserve the integrity of the US elections.

    “This report paints a clear picture of a cabal of billionaires and activists using their wealth to subvert, control, and fundamentally alter the electoral system itself,’ said Kline of the Amistad Project. Further adding that “We must act now to prevent such privatized elections in the future. The American public deserves transparent and fair elections, not lawless elections directed by powerful private interests.”
    Trump news – live: President should use army to ‘rerun’ election, says Flynn as Pence vows to ‘keep fighting’

    This is hugely important initiative and one we need to mass circulate to get the US mindset right to take back the Republic.

    Re vote and take Biden by the Throat.

    If Trump survives, next time make sure Obama and the Clintons go to Gitmo, and disband the Deep State.
    Keep America Free!
    Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case | Populist Press 2021 ©

    So sad. Forget the Supreme Court to do the right thing.

    Supreme Court is comprised or worse

    Trump must serve his nation and stop this unlawful attempt to steal the Presidency.

    His only choice is a military option to save the country from the deep state actors.

    This the result of a internet poll. To allow Biden to be elected is a international disgrace for America and Americans and a lose of hope and reason for the rest of the world. Freedom as we have known it and life itself will fade under the boot.


    The following is a quite an email: Hunter Biden asks his accountant what would be his income if he was in jail.
    Why would anyone ask about what income one would have if in jail?
    Does it not suggest one knows one has done wrong ?

    (Hoft/Gateway Pundit)


    Founded in 1887, RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise and the largest dual-sector education provider in Australia. RMIT was ranked 10th globally in the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings. The University is also ranked eighth in Australia for employer reputation, among other accolades both historically since their establishment in the year 1887 and in recent years.

    VeChain & RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub: A World Class Collaboration

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  56. Heck, okay, where do we start here? I had better do points cause I have had a few drinks. Yes, of course it was water. Ha ha. LOL Leave me alone, it’s Christmas. LOL

    a). John, thank you for the trouble you have gone to sharing this message, I for one do appreciate it.
    b). I sincerely thank you for being a tad more direct with your message (again lol) re the currency matters. Personally, it makes no difference to me but I do so very much appreciate you being a little more direct in your ,manner of expression for those that may be holding out for some type of RV re the dinar. I think it is pretty clear what the situation is now. Personally, I feel deeply for everyone who has been taken in by the scam and admit I was one too. I gave up quite a while ago on the paper but still hold it. I will not sell it back to whoever, I will one day paste the bloody things on a wall somewhere to remind me of my ignorance. I do still learn in this life ya know. lol
    c). I wish you well with all the high level deals you have hinted at in this message. I know you work hard doing what you do and even though I have no understanding of that, I do trust what you are doing in the world you reside and deal in.
    d). May I be bold enough to suggest that even though you have offered some kind and understanding words to some of us considered in this message, which I thank you for, that we equally spare a moment for a slightly wider perspective where the word “greed” is used. I understand that many of us were hoodwinked and very gullible with regard to the currency matter but I would like to suggest that “greed” may not be an appropriate word in this instance. I would suggest that financial desperation in this life does not equal greed. Greed to me is one being a gormandising vulture. This, imo, is not what we are dealing with here with the contributors and readers of this blog.
    d). Shit, what letter am I up to here? LOL Sorry just mucking around. Basically, big thanks for this message big J. I know you have many facets to your personality and I think I may have a slight grip on a couple of them, these, I thank you for sharing. I also thank you for your patience, consideration, up front nature and bloody ripper sense of humour/ humor.
    e). See ya later alligators. LOL I’ll be back. LOL


    1. Aurataya

      These notes were held by Greedy Politico’s, the UN!!,the Bible Belt Racketers, Murdering Contractors, Agency Spivs, and Criminal Money Launderers.

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      1. No worries John, I hear you. It often just feels a little personal sometimes and directed at us here. But now you have explained the use of that term in your messages a little clearer, then I agree. Greedy bloody bastards. LOL


        1. Aurataya,

          If I felt disrespect to the readers I would not be here. My time given is respect. Hard truth with it.
          I care, never forget that. Just not for Wasters.Assholes, Zios or Politicos. For people, Yes.

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  57. Be sure to limit your grasshopper intake.

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    1. Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!

      Since you introduced us all to the Cindicator bot Tony I have wanted to have a go at that. I totally forgot all about it. I seem to be so overwhelmed with other daily bs matters in life these days and I am neglecting addressing my own future security. I will have to shape up and start smartening myself up. Thanks heaps for the reminder Tony.


  58. That is some tough love. But all of us here in upstate NY in our investment club have agreed it needs to be said. many of us here have gotten rid of dinars long ago and put it into crypto and other tech stocks and we are doing great! Thank you Tony and please have a safe holiday too. Your pal C.

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    1. I am thrilled you hear of your success Concord, big congrats to you and your group. Could I be bold enough to ask how your arthritis issues are these days?


      1. Hi its much improved ever since I started taking more calcium and magnesium and gluco gel from youngevity.

        And thank you for the mention of our group. Yes we are having a great time. we meet once every two weeks and share our long and short term plays. Always better when you collaborate. We divide up sectors for each person to investigate and then each person decides if they want to place funds. Many of us are ex dinarians and Zap donaters. Fools we were. Now we are prospering and cryptos are our best performers and we expect much more from our picks in 2021. WHA has it right and we are so very fortunate for their guidance. John2020 is right too about dinar RV matters. We maye see an rv but nowhere near the amounts paid out that many claim and very limited time window. No country is going to pay off gambling war debts in trillions of $. He’s right.

        I hope you are having a good holiday in Australia. Beautiful country and people are so nice. C

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        1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this message Concord. Your group sounds fantastic and so well organized. I wish you all the most magnificent future.

          Yes, the Youngevity products are certainly good. So incredibly pleased to hear your health has improved. Great stuff.

          Forget the Zap days, they are well and truly gone from our lives. We all got taken for a ride one one or another. Small errors in life to teach us.

          We are swamped with rain at the moment, small landslides in our area but not too serious. Thank you for your kind words Concord, they are greatly appreciated. Keep smiling and be well always.


    1. Pretty sure that any project involving the UN is nothing more than some globalist wet dream to eliminate the ” Great Unwashed”.

      What are these “Humanitarian Projects”?

      Blue Hats on the street machine gunning people down.

      Just more of the same with a different colored wrapping paper and bow.


        1. I am very pleased to hear point number one above. LOL
          How is your back mate? Yes, I noticed. LOL Still sore? At least you have an excuse. I don’t, unless there is something strange happening to me in the nether region that I have not noticed yet. Shit, I may be able to introduce a new letter of the alphabet into this alphabet soup gender business these days. Hmm, I might choose the letter ????? Heck, I can’t decide. Is there one letter left in the alphabet that has not been taken yet? OMG, sorry, I am in such a silly mood tonight.


      1. Yet again, HIW castigates the sophisticated cultural deep issue negotiations of the key Lords and UK Shadow families, with Commonwealth oversight, and shared values of the Chinese Royal Family Dynasty in control of the vast AU and monetary assets being contemplated at last for “Sophisticated” planned Global enhancement use, to make war on want not each other.

        This is Bloodlines meeting Bloodlines and agreeing a controlled solution whereby we allow sight and beneficial use of the Empires hidden assets, with the key Elders Representative being appointed for UN Management of the funds, with sole oversight and discretion of use, and ALL run via London. Ethical and Humanitarian Principles, and control free of US Hegemony or typical American Political or Banking corruption. Combined, We pay, We say.
        We say NO!!! to US skim offs or its Deep State.

        We say NO to Funds use for War or Agencies. We keep the funds safe in London under protected control.
        Think what smart minds can do with these funds in Cryptos? Switching on yet?
        Think what Real Power, independent Bloodlines, with a sophisticated composite Global understanding can do with these funds for Mankind? Projects. No political dependencies? Just power!
        If this succeeds as all hope, power is at that table.

        Real People, Real links, and fully integrated. Bloodlines ONLY talk to Bloodlines. But the intent is good. Only the London parties have ever accrued such Elders trust. Earned!

        Nothing clears Appropriations without Elders approval. Nothing will be approved unless Elders consult with key Trusted London partners.

        These are bloodlines of 800 years who will never subjugate to DC Dogshit whims. Power within power, unseen but the hands which rock the Cradle of State.

        The Beltway is just a Grunts Greasy Café Squat to us. A pit stop along the way of civilization, devoid of Culture or ethics.

        Without the Elders the UN can’t be part of it. Without London key parties the Elder won’t do it.

        Key London parties are on a strict Need to Know basis only, but they are incorruptible with a deep seated agenda to put back. Real values and real hope.

        Have Faith, it is NOT based in false religions, but in the hearts, Ethereal Souls of Humankind. Your awakening.

        Editors Note: WHA has possession of photographic proof of aforementioned parties

        Liked by 1 person


    The way to go for the US and UK

    Dam right the Brits will never be EU slaves

    Wikileaks just put all their files online. This is going viral.

    From Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain guilty, Las Vegas shooting by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs’ AIDS letter, Pedo Podesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agent arrested for rape, WHO pandemic.

    Dig for joy!

    Here you are. Please read and pass it around…
    Julian Assange Has Formally Requested a Pardon From President Donald Trump

    Now this latest block of Wikileaks files has been issued I’m not sure if Trump will be allowed to give him a pardon.
    MY view is release him, but the Pentagon may block it.
    Zuckerberg Gave Half a Billion Dollars to Buy Off Corrupt, Blue-State Voting Officials – Headline USA

    Zuckemberg is an enemy of US freedom. A truly vile rodent.
    Tom Cruise ‘has another rant seeing 5 Mission:Impossible crew QUIT’

    This fake, arrogant ageing Midget has now lost his crew as well as the plot. Someone needs to give the Runt a wake up slap
    Trump’s Palm Beach neighbors launch bid to STOP him living permanently in Mar-a-Lago because he ‘promised not to use the club as his home’, has ‘clogged traffic’ and ‘ignored local rules’

    An attorney representing the DeMoss family, which lives right next door to Mar-a-Lago, want the town of Palm Beach, Florida, to deny President Trump permission to permanently settle there.

    So Trump is now unwanted in Florida? The price of Celebrity and being a Grifter

    What move next because US Democracy is failing fast

    Just a few Pense buys treachery.
    Epstein friend accused of sharing lover with Prince Andrew is arrested

    Look at our Royals.

    The Queen, a Truly great Monarch . Huge accolade. But at what cost to her.
    Charles and Camilla. A waste of Space.

    Princes Andrew and Edward. Wastes of space. But now for Andrew, arrest could beckon. His world is shrinking fast.
    Prince Harry, a Dipshit Child married to a Wannabe LA Airhead with delusions of grandeur who the Monarchy will crush. She’s getting old, that face is becoming a pumpkin with the Markle nose. Will that last?

    Which brings us back to William. A Dedicated, respectful good son of Diana who is the last hope for the Monarchy.
    He is now ALL that is left of value post the Queens reign. Charles is not wanted and Camilla is reviled.
    The lot comes down for William. Thanks to Diana. So she did well. So will William, the rest?
    Andrew is now untouchable. Karma with teeth.

    Epstein friend accused of sharing lover with Prince Andrew is arrested
    Brexit deal news: French fishermen shamed for illegal threat to block UK ships | Politics | News |
    British warships will blast them to hell if in UK waters.

    We have no problem embargoing all French goods here. They are cruising for a bruising. Johnson can agree nothing unless Parliament agrees and it wont.


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