Do You Want Global Reality Or Guru “Truth”? You Decide

Before we start a new year, it’s probably best to convey the following now and prepare to move into 2021 with a fresh perspective.

Out of public sight, little understood, game changing moves are taking place in the major league. We will explain further a little later on.

Life is a game board where, in this case, too many pawns presume to be kings.

WHA raised for you the specter of false guru visions and fake Dinarian hope propagated yet again by the mercenary currency gurus. False gods deflect you from both reality and a new life direction. We promote nothing for profit. Just reality.

Too many innocent, needing and desperate people were sucked into the glib assurances of the fake Dinar paper promoters. Armed with sequestrated Iraqi Dinar plates, with $20 of printing and packaging, the promoters offered multi-hundred million dollar returns from a demonetized currency which was neither of valid intent to be redeemed, nor of credible commitments, for just $500, or more. The promoters and pumpers went wild!

Bait and switch. The bait was your greed. The switch was your money.

Promoters got rich and rode the wild tiger market fueled by middlemen and fake gurus. Anyone attempting to challenge truth, questioning their impossible dreams, unleashes waves of vitriol by naïve wassocks who “know it all”, but, mainly, the f— all variation.

Suckers really are born every day. Fools and their money...part.

Chumps continue to pontificate how they will be paid, from the land of brokers’ dreams, while you got laid!

How many years, false dawns and failed promises? When does it dawn, Custer’s not coming? The amounts of quadrillions of dollars in future revaluation claimed are delusional. Of course, Iraq’s not backing it, nor able. Do you want a South Seas bubble?

Read now, the reality:

No nation has the money, interest, or even the will to bail these gullible, albeit innocent and mainly well-intended high gambling wannabes sucked in by the pumpers’ hype. Each, failed fantasies, but not for the pumpers who scammed your money! Why don’t they pay up and make good their promises? Every month, every year, never ending flatulent hype. More gurus’ fake news. More tomorrows. Ambulance chasing is fraught with failures. So many “M1s” and “empowered ladies” from high density low cost homes in Palookerville alleging authority to draw down the funds, but can’t – ever!

Indonesia is awash with “M1s”. Not one can raise a dime and some are scamming up-front fees against more false, illegal get rich fast promises. Again – trusting, good people, get hurt. The most needy are victims of the pariah greedy.

The reality is this: One high-profile, publicly protected future global refunding project, a nations reshaping plan, is very much in play. Very much so. But, not for brokers or ambulance chasers.

Contrary to tiring claims of ever more “elders’ assigned masters”, or lady gurus of the universe, a very high level real and authorized economic/humanitarian project is actually progressing, with cross-U.N. finance ministers and collective elders’ true representatives, whereby all the genuine AU holdings, from all elders’ nations, (albeit often without full, or some even any LMBA registered and evidenced bundle packs) is now being cross-assayed as a special project undertaking. All holdings are being computed up to a cross-collected value, and will be allocated to a U.N. controlled Global Nations Redevelopment Program fund. The game of hidden metals, illegally concealed from use, benefits no one. Any unauthorized transfers now become money laundering with huge bank penalties. We refuse to touch such transactions. Crime is time and not for us. All nations’ holdings are now being, at last, coagulated for global beneficial project funding for c200 nations to be allocated monitored development-only-funds as approved. Not for get rich quick shysters.

None of this is coming to street traded demonetized paper. No functioning duly authorized competent Iraqi Government ever was empowered or had rights to authorize this quad T debt fantasy. Why argue with fools? There is not the money in the world to fund such ridiculous claims.

Nor even interest!

In London, the Elders’ key Trust advisors will shut down any such errant attempt. The key U.N. party about to take control will do nothing without London oversight. It will not clear appropriations. Dongs are safe. Iraq has limits on what will be allowed and authorized. The rest is “Whakkie Bakkie”. Quad T’s? Get real! Mass printed, unauthorized source currency, is not real money. But, why argue with an opinionated gullible rabble fool?

Think, those funds flowing back in cryptos now and starting again?

A senior, real Elders authority is being appointed with the U.N., to head up, supervise and monitor the allocation of approved project development capital to 200 nations. Rebuilding the world. Effective use. Phase funded with professionals.

For nations there will be project benefits and jobs. Not funding whakkie backie papers. Nor political or military/agency kickbacks. Iraq can afford at max to issue c$7T in notes. No more. But to whom?

Who repays Iraq trillions for the VILE “Shock and Awe” bombing of a defenseless nation? A million innocents unlawfully killed – 5,000 years of culture erased.

So, facing down the needs of 200 nations, where are you in the queue?

Real help, with an ever growing economically literate WHA readership, look how many have followed and profited from the site over the last few years, even doubling funds and more. If you start small, achievable real objectives and rebuild, in 5 years from now what could you then be worth? No free dinners from 20 years of fake Dinars! You have a vibrant community, common interests.

New concepts are under consideration for next year. Economic global community development. Not a bad ground floor position to restart is it? Real assistance is planned, so stay tuned. When the aforementioned projects are completed, look for future details on what this may mean for the truly able, capable, intelligent and prepared.

The rest? For those who scoff at the content above, sorry. But truth is, if you can handle it: Custer is NOT coming. He simply relied on poor information and charged in, but couldn’t charge back out.

Thank you. Please have a safe Holiday.

Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true. – Julius Caesar


  1. John2020 wrote: “We have days before Jan 6th.Where is his Deep State War Plan?”

    I will let Candace Owens give you a little peep into what weapons Trump has:

    Take note of the conclusion at the end of this discourse below when you see the words “patriots in control”. Also note these words: “He baited the Deep State into staying in DC, so they can be arrested.” Also, Candace wrote: “He gave the Deep State the chance to come clean and try to fix things. They chose Treason! They will all hang, as the result.”

    Here we go…..

    Candace Owens:
    “ At the moment, POTUS is sitting on a stack of Trump cards that he’s just waiting to unleash…a royal flush!

    He has court cases that will go to the Supreme Court and thanks to the Texas case, he’s now aware how to file them properly…under article 3 not 2…so the SCOTUS will be forced to listen…..
    He now has the DNI report. Barr stepped down and can now be a witness…..he did his job. Durham is special counsel and can prosecute, in any state….

    He’s letting civil, criminal and federal courts fail to handle the situation properly… he can use military tribunals. He has ALL the data from the NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer and likely many more computers, unknown to us….

    He has the dueling electors from 7 state legislatures. He has VP Pence, as the final arbiter of which ballots to accept…..

    He has the Insurrection Act, the NDAA, the national emergency, the 14th amendment, the 2018 executive order, the 2017 very first EO, the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants, the Declassification of everything, people swearing affidavits by the 1000s.

    He has all the statistical data being analyzed….along with the videos, emails, phone calls and bank transfer statements…..showing the coordination of the coup d’etat.

    He has RICO and he has the crimes against humanity videos. Wikileaks just dropped extensive information and Assange will be pardoned. Assange can then openly discuss the murder of Seth Rich….

    Now that the governors and secretary of states certified and Biden accepted….they each committed and knowingly agreed to acts of Treason….

    Solar Winds was literally just raided and Dominion is closing down, as well. He has the CIA servers, used to change dominion machine votes from Trump to Biden…and he will soon have access to the actual machines, themselves….

    He baited the Deep State into staying in DC, so they can be arrested. Biden hasn’t accepted any transition money and Harris has still not given up her seat on the senate….

    The military has infiltrated Antifa and BLM. He has all their financial records. He knows which politicians took Chinese and Soros money….both Republican and Demorat….

    He positioned Christopher Miller as secretary of defense and Ezra-Cohen Watnick as assistant secretary of defense. He literally just wrote an executive order, regarding the military line of succession. Many suspect Watnick to be Q.

    He is defunding the CIA. He just replaced Kissinger & Albright on the National Security Advisory Board…..with men loyal to him.

    The military has been flying planes, far more than usual, all over the country. The Navy just parked mega fleets on both coasts. The 82nd Airborne is preparing for an operation….which is the same group that General Flynn & AG Donoghue were enlisted.

    Pieces are finally falling into place. POTUS has it all! He is just laying out the pieces and building the narrative. He knows he won and they committed Treason! He set a trap and they walked right in, without hesitation.

    He gave the Deep State the chance to come clean and try to fix things. They chose Treason! They will all hang, as the result.

    Patriots in control! Nothing can stop what’s coming.”.


  2. As I see it, the underpinning of our political discord is neither Trump nor the Democratic party. Rather, it is the mainstream media (controlled by a mere handful of billionaire owners (and like-minded board members) who have their own undeclared political agenda). And, unfortunately for our country as a whole, those motives have nothing to do with journalism.

    Cheered and supported by The Deep State, the mainstream media, enraptured by their own self-righteous presumptions, have become the daily juice feeding this terrible emotional divide between friends and within families.

    The working blindspot for most of us can be fixation and assumption of facts in hand. If I am constantly reading and listening to sources A, B, and C while you have been reading and listening to sources D, E, and F with all six of those SOURCES implying that their information is sacrosanct yet the data provided by A-B-C is the polar opposite of D-E-F then we have paralysis, even war.

    Woven into this mess is the ongoing use of intentional and sophisticated lies-of-omission which, in effect, is the peripheral poke-in-the-eye. It becomes harder to see clearly … for any of us, for all of us.

    There are, of course, exceptions within the morass: real journalism, determined digging for the ‘greater truths and awareness,’ courageous frontline calls for a reunion.

    We will rise as a country, stronger for the experience … more determined than ever to listen well, to see our illusions of separation.


    1. It will be hard to rise nailed down by the Deep State and NWO. Trump was your best hope unless America reverts to JFK models and processes Real Leaders. Since Bush 41 there have been none.
      Biden will release havoc and chaos. For America 2 sad choices. Yet a nation full of capability, and quality. Just not in Politics.


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