The Emerging Realities And Opportunities Of The New Roaring Twenties In A Post-Brexit World

With the UK about to leave the reviled Socialist Communist EU and to Brexit, the UK Economy will boom. Its Global footprint and its potential is huge.

But what may befall America if stripped of its right to a true Democratic vote, by these Self Interest Criminal Enslaving Elites and Zio trash?

Is betrayal of the Founders’ so well conceived Constitutional Rights to ensure you were never again enslaved this way, not your Voting birthright to protect Americans? Also for your own Children? Obama, Biden, the Clintons, the vile Zionists and Nasty Nancy, would enslave you all by their Treason. Albeit whilst still lining their own pockets with their own crooked treachery. How can Obama ever find a solution, he can’t even find his Birth Certificate! This ever Lying, Usurping Chicago Fake Con Man. Such Trash rules fools.

The Election and Vote Rigging scam visible to all is treasonous. If you don’t bring their crooked system down, your endowed rights all end.

With the Chinese Dynasty Elders now close to a UN supported redemption release for the key Elders, the US is so desperate for use of those metals, Cash Pallets and Trusts. But, by focused redemption and hard bargaining, huge things can happen next year. Good things. We will not budge. No way the Cabal way.

For them they bend or it’s their end!

It’s time for Free thinking, not Free riders. Opportunities for WHA. Time to think about Cryptos and to escape the Pariah Zio Trash and oppressive Elites’ cynical taxes.

Imagine what is possible by combining the vast potential of the UK AND its Commonwealth of c2.5 billion people with the potential of a refocused America? The UK has full access to c500M in the EU. It has access to over 1.3 Billion in India. It has access to Asia. Now refocusing on the above and the entire Commonwealth, the UK now has a target Trading market well exceeding 4 Billion people. Even focused up to 5B possible. It needs no one.

It will Thrive free of Socialist dogma and the UK HAS its own Central Bank, OWNED ONLY by the nation, not the Rothschilds shackles of America or EU. The Rotts have no UK foothold. They were removed decades ago.

The world sees the crude and brutal betrayal of America’s wealth creating voters.

Post the emerging Releases, with funds then to underpin key projects by selective UN/ Elders Project Funding, Wealth and Job creation can boom. It will NOT be used to fund Monopoly Games money by cross demonetized notes gamblers. Nor Pumpers or Shyster Promoters. Notes ransacked and stolen from Iraqi banks or falsely printed by US forces, are not of lawful origin. Nor will we fund any such redemptions. You bought it, you sort it!

War Torn Currencies Will Not Be Revalued To Extreme Levels To Fund Speculators

A new world is coming and they are afraid. Free of Zionist Banks or even US Dollars, now able to use the Blockchain and Cryptos in a free Ethernet highway, what is possible now? Cryptos will soon be bigger than the Banks. Free of their rapacious charges also. Even China is preparing to release an unhackable speed of light new Global communications system. US communications, MSM enslavements, and Hegemony is about to end. A new world is emerging but how do we all help shape it?

There are no nations. It’s just a fake illusion. The entire world is only land and sea. The rest is an illusion of Corporate Governance. All to deceive and manipulate you into universal sufferance. Corralling Sheeple. Sequestrate and dominate the gullible.

But – Your Soul was born free, as is our choice to work towards the evolution of a Superior (Humane) Human Being. Free to evolve as Being More.

We need to Defeat the Elites. The real border starts with the Consciousness of the Human mind. Your Soul was born free for a journey of Human Carbon Life Form discovery. Subservient to no one, nor their Fake religions. No God wants pieces cut from the genitalia of your children. It’s Gross!!! Have you no thinking ability? It’s your children! Blood sacrifices are Neanderthal. You need horse whipping to wake you up to cease such a macabre, disgusting cult practice. Incarcerate Shivas! Mind enslaving children to such indoctrinating Cults is abusive and wrong. All are based on false Fallacies. Man created Religions.

A new door is opening. Do you cross the road to an enhanced Crypto meritocracy, or allow this cynical vote rigging to steal the election and derail all the Constitutional values your Democracy aspired to? The Democrats offer you None!

The Presidency is NOT about the Party. It’s about the privilege and honour to represent the face and values of all Americans. Biden does not deserve such a role, ever! Appoint him and you just dismantled the Founders entire ethos, those who so aspired for the Constitution, living values to enshrine, empowering all of you.

“…With the Chinese Dynasty Elders now close to a UN supported redemption release for the key Elders, the US is so desperate for use of those metals, Cash Pallets and Trusts. But, by focused redemption and hard bargaining, huge things can happen next year. Good things. We will not budge…”

In 2021, which road will you take? Thinking for yourself is a good start.

America is about to lose its place as the Global lead power. What then as the new world surges? Bribe Taking Biden, his foul Son, Nasty Nancy plus Chicago Con Man Usurper Soetoro will self enrich themselves only. Ever more rapacious abuse of power. The US Cupboard is bare already. Rifled for decades. Freeloading is ending.

It’s your life, your journey of discovery. Such a privilege to even be alive. Life – is all!

2021 is a new world and destiny for the UK. We broke free of Socialist Hegemony.

But what of our US Allies? Bribe taking Biden lied, your votes denied. Barr in Justice was a Plant only. Justice is ever corrupt. Both Houses self serve only. 10M Jews and Zionists OWN America!!!!!! How can you allow this to be? Israel and Mossad control America. Wake TF up and step clear as the UK has just done with Brexit. Lose your votes, you lose your right to be – Anything! Britain just took everything back. Votes count.

For the UK the future is bright. Biden just stole America’s.

You will do what?

The World is not ruined by the wickedness of the wicked, but by the weakness of the good.

Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Below from an unnamed source:

    “Trump can’t do this on his own. He let it go for a reason. It is in the hands of the military now. The election decision in AZ is a key piece. The military has to step in with the proof of a fraudulent election and use their constitutional powers to remove folks under section 3 article 14. Trump HAS TO BE OUT OF POWER AND AWAY FROM DC. Big piece, otherwise he is a dictator taking/holding power. The military has not only the power but the responsibility of cleaning it up and ruling until honest elections are held. Then power reverts back to civilian rule. There are a lot more moving pieces but it makes sense. It will take days or even weeks for it to play out. If the military doesn’t, then our key leadership has been been corrupted.”

    Biden is on his way to the White House now. What will happen there? The arrests we were waiting for? Some hope left……

    Robert The Bruce – Prison Spider Watcher ( inside joke between John2020 and myself )


      1. No offence to you Robert The Bruce,,, but I could go for a long time without hearing from another “unnamed source”,, a very long time!

        This part from your unnamed source opens the back door I see… ” If the military doesn’t, then our key leadership has been been corrupted.””

        Isn’t it very obvious key leadership is corrupt?


    1. Hw will not be on his own; The Three Legged Stool – Countries within Countries
      We will use this analogy for many things because it gets us some relief from the censorship police. Let’s look at the setup.

      The whole world is controlled by this three legged stool.

      The power over humanity – The Vatican Sea (A country inside of Italy)

      The financial control over humanity – The City of London (A country within the Country of England)

      The police (military) control over humanity – The City of Washington D.C. (A country within the country of the United States)

      We will get into the history of these in our rebuilding of history but the point here is that the focus of the world change is to take out these three power structures an return the control over every nation to the people of their own country.

      Who best to do this other than the United States. In fact, it had to be this way. Once the police structure is separated then they can be no enforcement of control over humanity. Why is it in every country in the world people are focusing on the United States? Why are people around the world carrying US Flags?

      We can will will discuss the conditions of the world and how they will be corrected but I had to get something published now that get everyone to understand that Washington D.C. with the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 made them completely separate from the rest of the 50 states.

      The second American Revolution is happening in one area Washington D.C. The states only become part of that by having standing named in the constitutions since the 1776 Original Constitution. Why has Washington D.C. been placed under lock down?

      The concern when this revolution will start is based upon a number of things begin put into place. One of the biggest issues is the protection of people – you and me. See we have no standing with the current constitution. We are under maritime law which make us under the sole control over courts to do with us to do with what they want as directly mainly by the state governments. The federal government has turned that over to them. On March 13, 2020 President Trump signed an Executive Order that put FEMA in control over the 50 states and Washington D.C. If you are not familiar with FEMA powers you need to do some research. They are completely outside the constitution – the current constitution. This gives them more power than the federal government itself.

      So current activities of rolling us back to 1776 constitution is to first make our cities as safe as they can be before the revelation is kicked off. As of yesterday you should look at those states that had blackouts with comparison toe BLM and ANTIFA camps.

      It is my opinion from all my sources that you need to be prepared for condition red. You need to have money in the home. You need to have food for at least 10 days and more likely 2 weeks. You need to have medications refilled. You need to have your cars gassed up and extra cans if needed. You need to think about everything controlled electronically and make sure that if you have obtained those items you need.

      It is important you look at everything going on and the signalling that is taking place.

      Back to the three legged stool. What has happened recently at the Vatican and Italy? When was the money supply cutoff from the world because they were using the US Petro Dollar which was taken out of commission – WHEN? When were we notified that this was going to happen – immediately upon the election of DJT. For the last four years, DJT has been removing all that he needed to get to this point in time.

      We will witness very soon a change in history that has never been done in modern day.


  2. HENRY DEEDES: Biden drops flag on Trumpism… but will U.S. let him?

    The new administration will reverse Trump policies right out of being. Covid has a high focus now. Unlike under Trump who denied it. Biden will unleash Trillions of dollars to cover economic shortfalls, the cost of that will be higher interest rates and inflation. Biden and the Democrats will launch a debt revolution.
    The vast military presence will be a Deep State indicator that Trump’s revolution has failed and Socialism bordering on Communism is now coming to America.
    China will become ever more powerful
    Mike Pompeo slams woke-ism and multiculturalism on last day in office

    Mike Pompeo makes his own pitch towards a possible 2024 run but stating he will be smarter than Trump was implying an intelligence difference

    Huge accolade to Kayleigh she will be sadly missed.
    American Airlines unveils ‘health passport’ for international passengers entering US | Routesonline

    Its here now. No vaccine, no travel soon. Health passports are coming. No travel, no sports stadiums, no theatres or mass shopping soon without. No entry to vaccinated society.

    Becoming standard fare.

    Recriminations run wild
    Biden’s 15 executive orders include mask mandate, halt of Trump’s wall

    Even as of today Socialism is released. Biden will cost America dearly.
    Clearly Pelosi is spooked.


    1. By Trump!Worst president ever in US History!Time for somebody who cares for our country!Trump only cared about his ego and his bank accounts! !He looted America!Sorry but look what he left for somebody else to clean up!While his fat ass was golfing!Looking forward to the Biden Harris Adminstration!❤️✌️Gotta keep it real!!!!!


  3. Of course.


    As expected. Get trained with a firearm.


  4. For those of you who think that the idea of Donald Trump getting onto the National Broadcast System and becoming a part of the effort to put a stop to the inauguration of Hiden Biden is an idea that only conspiracy theorists have cooked up, then have a look at this breaking news below:


    John2020 wrote about his problem:

    “By appalling mismanagement, this pathetic and inept apology for a UK Government, has managed to take 50K death for phase 2 of Covid, erase millions of jobs and devastate the economy. sacrificing 500K lives as many operations and care treatments have been put back years, we have saddled the nation with Furlough Debts for a generation, and unleashed a masked public visibly so stupid as to question their very purpose? 50K lives for 500K lives and fiscal free fall? Judgment calls are Balls!”…… We poor Brits have a problem.
    Unless vaccinated and certified, we can not enter Westminster. Parliament or the Lords. We can not fly, or enter other nations. Soon hotels will be blocked off, all public areas etc. No access then to Stores, Banks etc. Nor even Dentists. It’s all coming. No vaccine certificate, held on a Public register, and linked on our phones, means we are simply outside the community. Untreatable.
    What’s coming is not good. Pensions funds welcome it for sure. Population and life expectancy reduction.”

    The solution:

    Become a part of the Scottish independence movement and get free of that mess in the UK system. Move to Scotland, and work with me and William Wallace in creating a lasting freedom solution. We need you !!!


    Robert The Bruce – King Of The Scots


    1. Hmm

      Remember Wallace was betrayed and sold out for money by his own Scots begrudgers. Treacherous. They left him to be dragged away chained, Castrated, tortured horiffically, hot pokers plus!!! then hung, drawn and quartered. Clans betray Clans.

      Who wants to belong to such a sub species, and now the Gobshite Turgeon, having been given 20% more per capita than English citizens, has blown the lot and is pleading now for ever more .Hot Poker? They blow their Banks, blow their budgets, have real Drug and Drink issues, and are a fly blown pestilence cruising for a bruising.

      We care nothing what the Scots, do, but like America, the land is ours by conquest, and not for sale. It’s OURS!

      This whining Deluded Sturgeon Troll is all too typical. Centuries has clearly not house trained them. Kilts were clearly because Scots trousers were unwearable, They still cant wipe their own!

      Scotland is Broke! Wasters! Scots King Charles, we beheaded him. Rob Roy a cattle thief.

      Robert the Bruce betrayed Wallace. It’s just a Tinkers Camp with an Accent. Please be free to take the Scots, The land is ours. Over two thousand years and still they cant keep themselves. Whiners and Wasters. Rome called it rightl The Wall! We need to seal it asap. Then they eat each other- Sorted.

      But the Land IS ours. The while Island IS ours.


      1. Interesting and question. You posted “the land is ours by conquest”. So why doesn’t this apply to others who have conquered and taken land? Namely Israel? They gained much territory during the 6 day war, which they took down a mulit nation army. If England takes land by conquest, as have most nations in power, should likewise not apply to Israel as well?


        1. Israel was allowed a lawful region,The rest they stole.
          Once assembling enough Nukes Iran will sort it. It’s only time.
          Be clear,I have Jewish friends and many I have enormous respect for. Good human beings.
          The conduct of the Khazars in Palestine has been genocidal. Vile Nazi types. Good Jews are not like that.This is Genghis Khans seed. Assimilators. Good Jews need and deserve protection. These are not. They are not Jews.


  5. Hello tony just stopping by to thank you again for the great site and the help you have given. !Sorry to hear of the trigger finger! I know how that goes.

    Just so you know we sold part of our ENJ position today for an amazing 25K take, and will reenter on the dip which we think is coming as they always do. If we are wrong then no big deal as we still hold the rest and other picks are still in play in our group portfolio. Those we expect to go higher still…millions by years end.

    You have done a great service to your readers by helping them with this information which I know is not free to obtain on your part so we thank you so very much.

    Dont fret too much about the few dinarian trolls you have here pretending to be low key supporters. You have a good thing going and we know you will not let them derail your efforts. currencies have failed so far and no other site has taken upon themselves to present another route for them to have a chance to recover from decades of lies and donations theft.

    Looking forward to more from John2020 and his elder efforts as well. Some here dont understand how lucky it is to have suppoert from such a highly placed person of finance and commerce. As you have told us before the worth of such a thing is reason to be tolerant of differing opinions. what matters is that truth prevails and results are achieved. many soldiers in Stonewall Jacksons division hated him but they followed him because he brought them victories. Only morons would try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by ignoring such a persons warnings and advice of how things work at their level.

    Tomorrow we say bye to Donald. He gave his all but in the end he was not given the support he needed to stay. He did a great job with the economy until the virus hit. Its obvious the jew money masters wanted him gone.

    Thanks again your pal C


    1. Hey I am very happy to hear of your ENJ results. I think I saw that it was up 90% today alone at one point. Good move on your part and I am glad it worked out for you!

      It’s been a while since I have studied Civil War history, but I do think you are correct about Jackson’s men. He indeed was a grim and solitary figure. But, he knew how to win and in the end, that’s why you fight.

      I don’t worry about trolls. We have a few clever ones once banned who have returned under different names, but they are not fooling anyone. Too bad they insist on such things. Very soon now they will regret the doors which will be slammed in their faces. Where we are going, childish pedants won’t be allowed to follow.

      Carry on, and thanks again for your support and good will.


  6. Biden to Push Transgender Bathroom & Sports Laws ‘On His First Day in Office’
    Vows to ‘restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms’
    By: Jay Greenberg |@neonnettle on 16th January 2021 @ 6.00p


  7. Seriously, do I need this Yenta’s gas to survive today?


  8. Watch “Donald Trumps hair flies off in winds from Hurricane Florence MUST SEE” on YouTube

    Its funny to spoof him
    Watch “General Flynn Just Dropped a Bombshell” on YouTube

    What happened to the 100%???????????????????????

    Bitcoin ‘will surge to value of $1million’ as expert predicts ‘enormous money’

    South Seas Bubble here it comes.
    Bill Barr told Trump that ‘clownish’ legal team was lying to him about ‘bull***’ voter fraud claims, reports say | The Independent

    So Barr called it right?
    Trump’s presidency: a lesson in the true meaning of ‘American carnage’

    They come to bury Caesar.
    Recriminations start. History will not be kind.

    Bill Barr says election fraud claims ‘precipitated’ Capitol riot
    Keystone pipeline: Biden ‘to cancel it on his first day’

    Some lost Legacy
    This will get ugly.

    Subject: The New mRNA COVID Vaccines Inject an Operating System into Your Body – Not a Conspiracy Theory, Moderna Admits It
    Dystopia Now! – Surveillance Through Vaccine Certificates, Digital IDs, And Biometric Data – Truth Unmuted

    Its coming now.
    When will the Plebs wake up?
    As with Rome too late.
    Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced

    Sure but have you seen the price of batteries when needing replacing. How much? WTF?????????
    Reality folks?

    Subject: Watch the attached video to understand what is coming and why and it will all make sense… some very brave people have put this out for us to see.

    The good old days were seen in 2019, and there will be no return to normal, nor will government build back better; they simply cannot afford the cost.

    The other week, Manfred Weber (CSU) of Germany joined the initiative from Greece to grant all citizens vaccinated against Corona free travel in Europe. He has joined the movement to introduce a new EU-wide vaccination certificate. “We support the proposal of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for an EU-wide recognized vaccination certificate that enables free travel in the Schengen area,” he told the Bild newspaper. The alternative is that “every country sets its own rules, a fragmentation that nobody wants,” he added. According to the information, the topic will be discussed by the 27 heads of state and government on January 21, 2021, at a virtual EU special summit. What is not spoken of is the negative reaction people have to the vaccines. There will be no moral political outrage to deaths, without large scale objections and protests.

    This is the very same exact policy of Adolf Hitler. The freedom to travel will be suspended using COVID as the excuse to keep you safe from non-conformers. To stop civil unrest and the threat of revolution, they are going to use COVID to restrict movement. They are turning our free society into a prison camp and there is nobody willing to stand up in our defense. This is why Schumer and Pelosi are doing their utmost to crush all resistance in America — “Papers, please!” The objective is the Great Reset.

    This is the collapse of our free society. It is over. Socialism is unsustainable so they are moving to authoritarianism to usher in their great reset. Everything is unfortunately on schedule. May God have mercy upon humanity. As in the end they will fail but humanity will pay a terrible price through the chaos that results to a new world .
    McConnell says Trump ‘PROVOKED’ the MAGA mob in dramatic denunciation

    So many want Trump’s head.



    Certainly that’s not something we need to harp upon for most of our readers, who understand exactly how the Fed printing trillions of dollars over the course of months has further bifurcated the wealth gap in the United States.



    Well, with a roughly one year delay, scientists from Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins finally wrote a paper which may come as a shock to all the virtue-signaling progs out there, because its conclusion is stunning: in a nutshell, the NBER working paper (“The Long-Term Impact Of The Covid-19 Unemployment Shock On life Expectancy And Mortality Rates”) finds that while there have been roughly 400,000 covid-linked deaths so far (amid extensive debate of just what is a “covid-linked death” since even crash victims are counted as covid casualties, not to mention tens of thousands of others with terminal co-morbidities), the long-term economic implications from covid-related lockdowns are dire, resulting in COVID-19-related unemployment “which is between 2 and 5 times larger than the typical unemployment shock” and resulting in a “3.0% increase in mortality rate and a 0.5% drop in life expectancy over the next 15 years for the overall American population.”


    VeChain Becomes The First 5-Star-Rated Blockchain Service Provider In The World, Certified By TÜV Saarland, A Renowned Institution Accredited by National Governments
    With technical strength and market-proven blockchain use cases, VeChain has been certified as the first and only approved 5-Star Blockchain Service Provider under TÜV Saarland’s notation.

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  12. Covid UK: Travellers into UK face Australia-style ‘hotel quarantine’

    Welcome to Stalag UK.

    For sure he will need smarter Attorneys than Zippergate Rudi

    Putin will deal with this guy and it won’t end well

    Now more are leaving Google

    Yes and BUSINESS class costs will be hammered. Cheap flights to high risk areas won’t fare well as numbers get forced down

    An awful lot of Doctors are anti vaccine
    Britain’s youngest terrorist will be freed from prison

    The Aussies are dropping the ball.
    Most Read Articles:
    No one is telling you this.
    One-in-eight ‘recovered’ Covid patients ‘DIE within 140 days’: Study finds devastating toll on people who were hospitalized – with a THIRD readmitted within weeks
    _______ Prospect of Pardons in Final Days Fuels Market to Buy Access to Trump

    Is the Grifter cashing in before he crashes out?

    From The New York Times:

    Prospect of Pardons in Final Days Fuels Market to Buy Access to Trump

    The president’s allies have collected tens of thousands of dollars — and potentially much more — from people seeking pardons.

    DC On Lockdown: Is this what preparation for the largest false flag in US history, orchestrated with the intention of sparking a civil war looks like?

    None of this makes sense. No protest group would take on 30,000 heavily armed troops in DC. With their extra air support and cove?. Anyone preparing to come to DC would be seen long before they arrived, and there is no evidence of such massing of people.
    Is some other agenda is in play. Or just a message to say We, the Deep State Rule you Fools?

    National Guard deputized as US Marshals

    Now this is interesting. Why?


    1. Is it possible that the 25K NG troops in DC are there not from direction of the Dems but from the Military and Trump? If Biden and cast step foot in the Capitol for the Inauguration, they could be seized by the military on counts of Treason and other corruption. If that is the case, then the NG is there to ward of the nasty Left rioters that will be enraged over the Biden Mob arrested. Hopefully on National/Global EBS TV


      1. From what I have read they do not have any rounds in their guns… I think its just a show of power… Pelosi went out and showed her support for them the other day… also read that a chunk of the guard had been sent packing do to non vetting… they were probably Trump supporters so sleepy, creepy Biden got sceeered!…

        Quite frankly, I am scared!… between Biden’s new appointees and the existing moron communist creeps, we are fuuked!… might be a move to TX for me… not sure about my state here, but if mid west pulls away from the crap a move is happening for me, if at all possible!

        I just can not understand, for the life of me, the people who support Biden, and can not see what is happening in our country!

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  13. We are getting reports back alleging that parties trying to get their currencies back from Reno are failing.
    It’s being alleged that a certain Reno linked person, has assigned those notes to underpin a Trading Program being run from Hong Kong, and can’t recover them. He’s under real pressure now. Everyone is allegedly being stiffed.
    Our fears. If they can’t recover their notes, how can you? Do you join the queue or risk the lot?
    Is the bubble about to burst?
    Just news as we have it. Do you need to call it a day and try to get out? Parties have allegedly tried for weeks and failed. If you gave no rights to use your notes for this, and the accrued benefits are not for you, why are you allowing this? Lose, Lose. Lose.
    Good parties known to Tony have confirmed this for us. It’s all allegations, but parties not able to recover their currencies at some stage will go the the FBI. Then armed with Regulators and Forensic Auditors swoops may start. Wait much longer and any chance may be gone. South Seas Bond Bubble? Do you jump or drown? Or wait another 15 years with Fairy Stories.
    Your call, your life. Can you get out at all? If so Cryptos appear a far better bet right now. Your call.
    No angle for us. Just respectfully sharing concerns. Do you make the call or end up with Fall? Jump or drown?
    Is 15 years not long enough to make that call? Bail and sell if you still can. Can you even get them back? Try?
    But, your call. If the Feds go in it’s over. Safety now?


    1. While we are happy to share information of this nature, this particular information is naturally relevant to people in private groups, and thus should be dealt with in private.

      Anyone with any concerns you have with your particular group situation needs to be addressed directly with your point of contact, and ONLY with that point of contact. If you make a request for return of notes, you should do so ONLY based on your own decision and in concert with counsel if needed.

      Boy oh boy.

      A mini insurrection and a currency group allegation explosion all on the same day.


      1. Woe betide anyone presuming to extend a reality check to the fantasists.

        Such amounts as are speculated by free loading bloggers, simply do not, nor will, exist.

        Global funds are finite. Nations are stretched. The only surplus we have are the Diapers flung with abandon if we state a simple reality, that funds vastly in excess of IMF and World Bank budgets, are being propounded to bail demonetised currencies. Why? Who pays? NO nations or Banks can. Fantasists.
        For what benefit to these nations, and who picks up the incredulous costs? Why?

        Where is this vast money hoard hiding? If only. The US will raid the place fast. For sure.

        Put in $500 Bucks, walk out with $5M ? Sure, within finite limits it happened with Bitcoin within capital market limits, but that’s flying a kite for the demonetised currencies. Each nation has a currency issuing net capital value which the IMF and others will condone to circulate as needed to support its economy. Iraq is tops $7T if even that.

        Mercurial minds are engaging in self delusional monopoly mind games, based on nothing but fiscal desperation, We are “Owed” the usual Mantra.
        Most achievers work a lifetime accruing wealth with all the sacrifices and intellect imbued. Their only check is reality. Most have no idea of the hours dedicated, or pressures involved. Knowledge and experience takes time to refine. Focus.

        Yet a Third Wave has assembled, based with NO Forex Experience, who speculated on South Seas Bubble Currencies, who congregated as “Dinarians” and Co, and for 15 years or so, have been “Promised” by the Gurus. Some recently jailed.

        More are born each day. Daily Guro blogs promise” We are there”, and the Sheeple flock in. “It’s my Right!”

        Bankers look with incredulity at so many born each day. Parted with their $200 to $500 Bucks each presume te hold $2M to $5M or whatever. Delusional.
        Attempt to suggest they refocus and rebuild their few hundred bucks in Cryptos, and the Vitriol flows.

        He’s attempting to block my $5 Million Buck I am owed.

        Not worth taking your few Bucks and try to turn it into real world thousands. That does not make you rich. Neither do fantasies. Unreal. How many years?
        That aside, it’s good to see how with Hubris genuine attempts are being made on WHA to assist you gain real wealth in measured steps, then in turn with a track record, you can apply to leverage. That is how real wealth is made. Forex Trading needs intense focus and experience. Not Jungle Bunny Paper.
        Work- Nahh, Aaaahm Gonna go Git me some of those theyyyh Dinars and aaaahhm gonne be rich. Okie promised. Big Bubba too. (The speech drawl is humour!) It’s what we hear daily with Across the Pond life.

        One born every day.

        Disneyland apart, huge credit to WHA, and its Crypto guidance. Thinking peoples measured wealth.
        Your each cross engaged helping each other. A good colletive site.

        Or get the hysterical vitriol. He thinks I’m a Grunt. Not at all, a similar sound possibly?

        Stop protesting, smell the ozone,

        The site is helping many trade free. Focus on the real tips. Reality?
        As Trump, sadly will realise, sitting there on Thursday morning staring at his Weanie. Melania, where is my magnifying glass?
        I came in to save the nation. Now I’m about to be burried in litigation.
        Watch the UN arise as a sleeping Giant in future. Project opportunities. But, for Professionals. Aim for achievables.


    2. Interesting. What about people in single man groups? Namely, i’m in a group with me, myself and I. I only hold 2 mill btw, chump change but that change can make a big difference to the little chumps like me:)


        1. It’s curious that mass printed, worthless, de-monetized currency can be used to back a trading platform which, to my knowledge, takes the equivalent of about $500,000,000 US to even get a seat at the table.

          But, some guy was able to get access to palattes of notes held in Wells Fargo warehouses and get a bank to allow them backing for said trading program even though it’s toilet paper.

          The KYC department really shit the bed on that one. Or there is something not being said.


  14. Of course.

    Fail Britannia

    Get ready.

    When in Rome…

    They would have to shut down the internet to achieve such a thing. Dumb, greedy bastard bankers.

    And when Biden strokes out, Commie-la Harass will do even worse.

    Be ready for anything. This could be very bad. Bolshevism is taking power, and those against this, know it. The reason for the 2nd Amendment may be on display in short order.

    One of our suggested ideas. 💰🥂📈

    And, another one of our suggested ideas. 💲💲💲🤑🌜


    Advice from the IMF, to spend more? Sure Christine, only after you give the world one good reason why the IMF even exists?

    Stinking Bolsheviks. The pestilential maggots should have been rendered and fed to the hogs.

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    Family supermarket trips set to be BANNED in ‘shop alone’ policy

    Masks heh you get them home and find you’ve pulled a schnowser.
    Now you can only pull a Trolley.
    One should ask the question of what happens when he decides not to plant.
    Never forget he thinks climate change is worse than than the virus.

    So now he decides who eats or who dies?
    This is a big step backwards.
    Means Europe is cut off and only doubt can grow about intentions.

    But its also time the US fights its on wars on its own soil. Then NO Wars!
    Soon China and Russia combined will be ahead in the Space and Arms races.
    House Committed Six Violations of the Constitution During Impeachment: Alan Dershowitz

    A rigged vote and house.
    Who will hold them to account ? Trump deserves Justice also.

    More Dirt
    Banker Benjamin de Rothschild, owner of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, dies aged 57 – family to media — RT Business News
    One Rott cops the lot!

    Of course he’s enraged. But how can the mind of a Child work out whats happening to him?
    If his possible future trials go to full court, they will eat him alive.
    The UK leads the world in the Whackem in Cines.
    Entire UK ‘could be vaccinated against variants within four months’

    What a star presidents aid she was. A credit to America. Concise, prepared and so sad not to see her gain her own second term. She serviced that role with pride, intellect and honour. Beyond sad to lose her.

    Bidens executive orders will mass strikeout almost Trump’s entire legacy.
    Your thoughts on this? Trump is about to be erased from being.

    Expect little mercy
    Trump unleashes hell for many. A motherload

    If the truth sets you free, then we all need to review this carefully and Americans even more so.

    Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails D, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on…..… These are Clinton’s emails:

    Index file!
    Send to everyone you can as fast as you can! 😎
    They were able to let it out because trump declassified it all today!!!!
    Video shows MAGA mob rifling through paperwork in Senate chamber

    Maybe now these Raptors will get the Nation is ready to blow- them away?


  16. Two issues of importance in a tumultuous week ahead.

    1. Very positive progress was visible with the Chinese key Elders on Sunday. We are mainly awaiting the Assay reports as so much had to be re assayed to revalue and accredit new certificates to this vast Global venture. For Security, we can say no more. It takes what it takes and it owes no one. It’s -progressing.

    2. We so much hope that a genuine US Stateside deal to redeem and re repay a long suffering US Patriot is honoured soon. He has such good intentions for those funds. For 38 years rabid Presidents, Bankers and others profited, dishonouring all. Hopefully that may soon be repaid. It’s been ugly. It’s beyond time to do the right thing.

    The US and UK will meet soon. Real issues. London setting. Hope!

    Reality rules soon. The 3 Power Heads are The Vatican, London City, and the US Military Cabal. Time to reconvene. Joe will head to London first. Team supported. Time to find a new Accord. Progress!


      1. It will impact Projects and your ability if approved, to either become a Project Employee, Contractor or supplier.

        No one is squandering good money on mad, grossly overhyped Currencies. Pump the Pumpers, and lead will do!

        Iraq can ONLY support c$7T max in currencies. With the vast overprinting and racketeering, allegedly Quad T;s sit in Reno. From our contacts there. No one is bailing such crap if true. Not happening. No money of ours or the Elders is going to cover such hype. It’s a RICO case, and you all got mugged. Guru mags pure scam paper. Toilet paper. How many years and still no one does the Maths? Buying scam crap does not carry a right to be bailed out by others. Sorry, but read up on the Southern Seas Bonds Scam. You are all victims of scurrilous Varmints.

        It’s like looking in on a Turkey Farm watching them gobble any crap waiting for Thanksgiving.
        No one seems to ask the right questions.

        1. If Iraq can ONLY stand at max c$7T in notes, how much was printed by the Iranians and Bushes Crime Gang plus the Agency and Military?
        2.What IF say even $100T was printed let alone Quad T’s, with a reality limit to support at best $7T, what happens to the rest? There is NO MONEY to pay for it! No one is bailing that crap, and serious Dinar Brokers have left Reno with a burned Butt, it’s hopeless for them. The Chinese have left. It’s for Basket cases and Fantasists. Know when to cut your losses. Get out and into Cryptos.
        3, How did YOU Lawfully earn those currencies from Trading with Iraq? History of Funds. Banks need to seize them if the products of Racketeers. It will come. Your Dime, your time. No one is bailing that crap. There is no money. There will be no rescuers. Ask for your money back. When do you cut your losses before the bubble bursts? Only those first in will get out. When the wake up call comes it will burst.
        4. The US has no money to bail that crap, Iraq can’t. The Elders won’t, not a chance. Southern Seas Bonds. Do you jump now or go down with the ship? A question, if you recall those notes from Reno, how many will get repaid and how do you think many were living before they cut and ran? Or those left? If the Feds go in and Audit, what if they come up well short? We know some are in real survival trouble. When Overstayers have to leave? It’s a South Seas Bubble fed by Turkeys.
        5. Zimbabwe has no money!
        6. Vietnam has devalued!

        Your Dime, your time. Know when to fold. Ask Kenny Rogers.

        Sorry but?????????????? Bush and Co knew how to pluck Turkeys. Jump to Cryptos get real!
        I say it with respect and kindness. How long?


        1. OMG!. This currency matter is seriously starting to be painful now.

          I sincerely appreciate what John and Tony have shared for many years from their personal perspective of this matter. And although it has not always been clear but sometimes hopeful for some, I do believe it is now time to be very blatant in the manner in which we assist some to understand the truth of this matter. I am not speaking for anyone, just myself based on reading what has been stated in black and white many many times now.

          John has for many years now, in my personal opinion, given hope to those a little desperate for some good news regarding the reevaluation of certain currencies. Maybe there was hope at some point. In later times John has clearly and exhaustingly expressed that there is no hope for such reevaluation of currencies. He has tried to explain the reason for such as well as adding a few additional remarks for those having a little difficulty in understanding his manner of expression.

          Can we please please please end this cycle of hope and clearly state, that for those who consider Johns opinion to be important and truthful in their future decisions and plans, he is clearly stating the following.

          THERE IS TO BE NO REEVALUATION OF THE DINAR, THE DONG, THE ZIM OR ANY OTHER CURRENCY. HE IS TELLING US THAT THOSE INVESTED IN SUCH WERE TAKEN FOR A RIDE. A suggestion is to get rid of any of it you can, maybe that is on ebay or whatever, the Dong you can still cash back in at the currency exchange at the current market value. These decisions are up to each of you but it is truly the end of the road for the dreams of making millions from a few hundred bucks.

          IT IS OVER. Cash in what you can and start doing research on crytpo’s. Tony has offered so much direction and advice re this, it is not to be ignored if you still have dreams of making a buck the easy way.

          I am probably going to be hated after this comment but this crap has gone on too long and still there are some wanting a miracle. Please end it now and follow what Tony is offering you.

          God, I have watched this painful drama drawn out for far too long. I sincerely feel deeply for some but life is what it is and sometimes we get the sucker punch. Don’t give up. Get smart, sort it out and follow what is being offered to you.


          1. It has to be a personal choice – to hold paper or bail.

            After the next main article, we will put RVs behind us, insofar as ever writing about RVs in main articles is concerned. Anyone wanting information on such can approach their guru or goat about it and let them take responsibility for delivering on such claims of speculative success in that arena.

            People will be free to talk about it and ask questions about it, as I wont censor, but we will issue no more main articles concerning all the points we have made about the fraudulent side of currency RVs already. There is no need to chew cabbage twice.

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            1. Hi Tony,

              Might as well use the Dong on my next trip there with friends and family. Moving on to the more exciting world of cryptos. It has been quite a ride like a spy movie in the making. Thank you for all the information you have provided.

              But we need to move on to the next adventure on the crypto currency world.. I am pretty sure this next chapter will be better than the last one.


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              1. We will do our best to bring as many resources to bear for continued exploration of digital assets for our readers who are in need of some financial boosting.

                The next main article, out soon, will set the pace for this year as we leave dinar-ville for good.

                Even if the dinar would come in at $3 tonight, in endless billions, for many, it would be far too late to make any difference with so many years gone.

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            2. Thanks Tony. I do apologize for being so bold and rude. But it just seems so hard and painful to watch to end the dreams and face the reality of this matter for some. You are correct in your approach, as always and I sincerely thank you for that.


  17. A changing Presidency and a synposis of realities.

    Despite the volmues of wild conspiracy theories surrounding Trump and DC right now, let’s clarify actualities.

    1.Trump IS losing the Presidency. Biden’s only role has been to get him out.
    2.Wild theories of mass arrests are stillborn, as was Trumps reneged on promise to Drain the Swamp, and Hillary!
    3. No question vote rigging took place. But so it did for Bush 43.
    4. Trump will now attempt to retire to Florida, contested by residents.
    5. In the first month of Biden’s Presidency, he and his team will unleash such volumes of Executive Orders as will erase Trumps Presidency and Legacy. They will remove him from history. Fact! I don’t condone it, I just state it. Trump’s Legacy will be gone.
    6. Removed from the protection and shield of the WH, Trump now faces a vast array of angry Litigation Law Suits pending. With additional criminal cases for Perjury etc. Will the System shelter him as it did for Kenyan Non American Born Usurper Soetoro? Realities. Or will Trump become the first American President to be jailed? Many more deserved to be. They were far worse.
    7. Trump faces mounting real Fiscal and potential Insolvency issues. Deutsche have dumped him and want their c$450M back. As will more. Who will loan it to him to repay? His value is spent.
    8. He’s lost the Golf Tournament, and Hotel occupancy will dry up if Biden locks down America, as is likely. How then does Trump redeem his Debts? Trumps problems are now growing.
    9. If, in fact, he’s forced to the Witness Stand in the Cohen case and others, lurid details will be released in public, in turn humiliating and alienating both his wife and family. Suddenly Public reality and opinions will change. Cohen has a Death Wish towards Trump. Stormie and more just want the Bucks. Tabloid fodder. Dirt sells and Trump smells. As turgid as Trump, how will he fare if forced to the Witness stands. Leading Litigation Attorneys will expose and eat him alive. For a man of No Hubris, how will he handle Humiliation for all to see? If it goes so far, Shrek will be shredded.
    10. No Global Leaders want Trump in the system. His Persona, belligerency and dubious character once Publicly exposed for the Muppets, will make him a Global Pariah. His kids can forget Running. He was no JFK, sadly!
    11.There will be no reverse Military takeover over in DC. Trump has no Pentagon support. It’s wild rhetoric from Bloggers, this week tells all.
    12.Sadly, Kayleigh, whose been excellent, has gone. Huge credit to her and America for her role. She was outstanding for you. Well respected by all. Be proud of her.

    But we now are entering a whole new era. The Elites versus the rest.
    So many unfounded wild conjecture theories have been propounded. All vacuous.
    Biden WILL head first for London, where new deals will be made. Fact! Joe will come for his Lick!
    America WILL rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, as Trump is dismantled.
    But the Elites?

    You all have an opportunity via WHA to get onto the Crypto bandwagon and fast. Do a second job and earn it! Get real! Charity begins at home! Because it’s going to dry up if not. The Fiscal realities of The Herd will be reconciled. Pay to Play, or go away. Division is beginning. With voting now rigged, who cares what we think or vote? Adjustments are now being planned in. Real power rules fools.

    There will be no Non Contributors rights, unless we bring in a Universal Income Support System for Free Loaders as well as Genuine Need Cases. This will be fought! Hard! But fought not to. It just invites more mass Illegal unwanted immigration, expanding Welfare Ghettos, and escalating Social deprivations. Those in real Power, have views! Reduce the costs, reduce the herd. Only feed what we need. Those will ever more become policies. A simple Logistics direction. Look at how harshly Israel has brutally segregated Ghaza. No one cared. A road map to more.

    Soon without the Vaccine certified on an electronic register, you won’t be able to travel, board planes, meet in public, or mass congregate. Already the herd is being corralled. Refuse and good luck with that.

    From Monday you can not fly into London without pre testing as clear. Mass flights have been stopped.

    Do not underrate what’s coming. The EU is in turmoil. The UK has Brexited leaving a Black Fiscal hole the Wasters in Brussels can not cover, and a Debt burden non wish to pick up. Trouble is brewing.

    China and Asia are stepping clear of the US Hegemony rules. Pressures will escalate.

    It’s no bad thing for America to cut NATO funding. Fund protection at home first. Feed Americans!

    As economies reshaping shifting takes place, Fiscal Logistics will matter. Non contributors won’t. The State of Being will become accountable. Funded or Free Loading? Two big dogs can not live off a meal for one. You know that end game.

    These are not personal views or wishes, Just observed realities.

    The new ethos will simply be to let the masses presume their vote counts or matter. Post Biden, all will be re assigned. Was Trump the last US Democratic vote? It failed Americans. New systems are now coming in. Control is planned.

    Biden will meet the key London power parties.

    Behind closed doors, the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. Bilderbergers, Foreign Office, and the Anglo American Alliance, will meet Biden and it will be sorted. As ever. The rest is Kabuki. Dreamland. The Public perception of reality is not. Biden will not be as brash as Trump, so don’t underrate him or his team now. Good Americans will keep him focused and in line. Ambassadors know the ropes. Top Professionals. An accord will be reached.

    Post Trump, Democracy hope just lost the plot. Your not alone. Johnson here is being measured for the drop. 2 for one.
    Democracy is leaving the rails. Society will reshape. Will populations?

    New controls, new rules.

    If they will steal your votes, what next?

    What will the new Elites evolve into? They will block another Trump. This shook the autocracy.
    In 4 more years, who then? Will the GOP even matter? Or have the vote power?

    The Deep State rules. Trump failed. Sadly, so did Democracy. What now? A confused world awaits.
    But for Trump- Retribution? Et Tue Brutus as Senators daggers are drawn.

    Has Trump just lost the Leader of the Nation for mass litigation?

    Trumps troubles are just beginning. But Democracy lost. We will all pay for this. Trumps dreams will not be free for him. In just 4 weeks Biden’s Executive Orders will reverse him right out.

    What will become of America now? Of you if Fiscally impaired? Think Cryptos. Think Real life?

    Dreams are not free.


    1. I am not going to attack the bs you are spewing too much just now, other than to say you should be utterley ashamed of yourself and your country for even considering working with Sniffer Biden. I have more to say in a few hours. Not that you probably care about that. If you can have your say on a free speech website then so can I.


      1. Aurataya
        We can’t stop American electoral issues, much as we try to help.The US electorate has to sort this;
        Real world our Trade and Defence issues with America must go on. Even with Sniffer Joe.
        It’s enough that we are bringing him here, for his first Foreeign tour, to reach an accorde. Diplomacy.
        We all have grave reservations about Biden, but as Pompeo has declared, he not only wants to run in 2024 but claims he will be smarter than Trump. That wont take a lot but its a start.
        Aurataya, Trump by Wednesday is one Reality We now have to deal with it, this is a mess of Americas doing
        Within 4 weeks almost everythig Trump did will be reversed in key areas. Biden will legalise c10M illegals as new voters. A horror story.
        We have to get a new Trade balance with Biden and fast. Economic suicide if not.
        Few of the last US Presidents had good qualities, but we had to work with each. Biden legalising c10M illegals has probably closed the door on the GOP Republicans now. God help Americans. What’s coming is a horror story.
        We have to try to get a tenable relationships asap. We can’t throw the baby out of the bath.
        Trump has lost, we adjust. As will all nations. Of course we see whats gone down, but Americas Patriots have to deal with it, We have to keep the Trade and Defence safe. All nations will do likewise. Biden is not a friend of the UK, but it’s now been drummed into his head, he and the US need the UK and London. He also has to compromise now. We all do. But we will be first out of the blocks for deals. Or else!
        The other issues are realities. We compromise. We all do.

        The Currencies were a US scam. As always. Trying to help parties rethink now via Crytpos is no bad thing. Their choice. Who bails before the bubble bursts? How many can we save? They took a bad gamble and got conned.
        Most who we suggested think switching to Cryptos have now got their losses back. It’s their choice.
        Truth via the Dinars is hard to swallow. We have helped many rethink.
        There is no way we are helping any get bailed via Elders Funds. Not happening! Nor saddling Iraq with impossible debt to shield Pumpers. The South Seas Bond Bubble scam collapsed. First out got out. The rest lost the pot.
        So dont lose the plot, get out and via Cryptos and recover the lot. Or lose the pot?
        Tough times. We care Aurataya. Just views

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        1. John, may I firstly say that I appreciate the time you have taken here to share your opinion. Thank you.

          Don’t worry about me please, I gave up on the currency deal a long time ago and now look forward to decorating a wall of my next and final home with that toilet paper to remind myself of my error. And I thank you again. I live and learn.

          Reviewing your response it is obvious to me that I do not comprehend this world as well as I possibly should. I personally do not wish to continue living in a world that is so completely immoral and corrupt. Sure, there are those that can play the game and outwit the other party to gain the upper hand but this is not for me. I must just be one of the simple people that wish to live this life with honesty, respect, truthfulness and peace. The big games are way too much for me to deal with and in most cases understand. My sheer horror when confronting some of the reality of this life finds me quite stunned.

          I just do not comprehend why everything has to be so cruel, deceitful and intolerant. Surely, this is not what was intended for life on earth. Maybe this blue green earth is the school of learning and people like me need to have our eyes opened to the true horrors of mankind, or should I say manunkind.

          I suppose, in a way I must be thankful to you in the sense that you keep the world ticking over in the areas that you do. If it was up to a simpleton like me I would tell that sticking sniffer to p??? right off and then request that the real President of the US meet with me. And ya all know who that is hey, President Trump. Actually, I would not even allow that piece of corrupt sniffing trash to walk on the soil of my country. This truly is the most horrific fraud. I know there are a billion things that have happened in this world that are equally if not more horrific but this one has been so in your face and blatant.

          Anyway John, again I thank you for your time and consideration in responding to me as you have. I know it sounds weak but I just feel so incredibly helpless against all the evil in this world. Don’t get me wrong though, if I’m in the mood and someone wants to tackle me then I’ll be good for a battle lol. But life should not be about battling. Well, not in my opinion anyway. What a dreadful waste of time it truly is to not have the right to a beautiful life experience on the crazy planet. How majestic would it be to wake each day and be surrounded by a beautiful, peaceful and calm environment and beautiful sincere honest people that you were assured you could trust.

          Okay, it looks like I’m dreaming of wonderland now so I had better shut up lol. Thanks John.


    2. Okay, If it even matters, I am going to go through your points listed.

      1). F the sniffer. President Trump is still the legal President of the US as per the god damn vote of the US people. No matter what the F anyone says or does.

      2). Okay, he was certainly behind the ball in draining the swamp but do anyone of us truly understand what the impact truly is on the position he has held? ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NO. John, I know you are up there in some part of the world but can you honestly understand what President Trump is experiencing and has experienced during the last 4 years? You are not in his position and are only viewing it from your perspective. I honestly do not believe you are grasping the tentacles that may bound him in certain decision making processes.

      3). Finally we agree.Cheers to us. But why are you accepting this? I personally refuse to. And if you have any standing in the godforsaken world then you should be standing up for what is right, truthful and moral. But of course that is in my opinion which probably holds no weight in your world. I am just one of the dumb arse sheeple I suppose but be damned if I will not exist this world speaking the truth no matter what the cost. I am ready for that.

      4). IF, BIG IF btw, if President Trump should decide to retire to Florida where he legally owns property then that is his bloody right. If some twat residents do not like that then they can move the hell out. Heck, they can move the California and go shit on the sidewalk like some others seem to be doing. Actually, what gives any resident the right to decide that he cannot live where he chooses to reside? F them too.

      5). NO BLOODY WAY ON THIS GOD DAMNED EARTH WILL TRUMPS LEGACY BE DELETED. They will try to delete it but the people of the US and the rest of the world will NEVER FORGET what has happened here. President Trump was the best shot the US has had for a very long time and I for one will never forget him. Ego or not, I do not care. That man cared and loved the US and he may have slipped up with a few decisions but had he been given a fair chance I personally believe he really would have made America great again.

      6). I certainly hope not. There is no way he deserves to be jailed. But hey, maybe we could have him picked up by the UK cops and placed into Belmarsh for a few years and then put through some dodgy legal trial.

      7). President Trump’s value may be nothing to the criminal banking industry and those if such ilk but I do wonder if those who believe in him would possibly raise such funds to assist. He has many millions of supporters around the world and they are not all little people either.And never forget, the little people have some power when needed.

      8). Yep, he sure has some initial issues to deal with thanks to the turn coat arseholes that have done the dirty on him. So….F them imo. At least he now knows who the traitors are. He can handle a few losses.

      9). OMG, get a grip will ya. Who gives one shit what Cohen or fake tit cheap arse stormie has to say about Trump. I personally do not give a damn what any of them have to say. And I do not care if Trump has misbehaved in the past, most bloody men do anyway. He resides in a world where temptation is rife and sometimes the buggers succumb to that, that’s life in the big city. The past is the past. We all reflect and learn hopefully. These putrid arseholes that desire to make a buck attempting to humiliate Trump will get their comeuppance. There will always be a judge at some point in life and they will be judged for their disrespect and totally immoral thieving behaviour. And if his wife decides to leave him due to those tales then so be it. That is completely up to them to decide or work out. That is not for the rest of the world to decide for them, it is private business between them alone.

      10). Trump may be no JFK but he was the best thing that happened to the US in a long long time. I personally do not give a crap what the rest of the world thinks of Trump. What really matters is what the US people think of him and I think it is pretty obvious what that is. Has any President ever gained the votes Trump did? NO BLOODY WAY. The US people wanted Trump and the shifty commo MF’s decided the people of the US were not going to get what they wanted.

      11).This week certainly will tell all. I personally am hoping for a miracle. Heck, I cannot even sleep properly with all the drama going on in the US. If things go the way I am hoping they do not then I will never forgive and never forget.

      I’m tired and going to wind this down now. John, if you accept Biden entering your country as the fake representative of the US then I am completely disgusted by that. That piece of shit should be strung up. How can you honestly accept him representing the US? He is a fraud and pretending he represents the US people is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen. And it is also completely disrespectful to the good people of the US. If the UK had any balls you should tell that pr??? to take a hike.

      Obviously you reside in a world that is not familiar to me and I reside in a world that may be familiar to you but not desired. What really should be important to both us is that we abide by a decent code of truthfulness, decency, respect and honesty. Where do we each find that in this world? My world is simple. Maybe your world is more complicated but none the less, should these qualities still not be important?

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      1. Aurataya,

        Well said and my thoughts exactly.

        It’s the same broken record garbage that has been regurgitated and posted for the last 10 years.

        It should just be copied and linked at the top under the crypto assets and we can read it whenever we want to hear egotistical BS about how elites are better than the rest of the freeloaders and how the great unwashed have no culture.

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          1. Hey Tony,

            Thanks for the reminder, I shall cool it as you have recommended. And I do thank you for allowing me to have my say as much as you have.

            I have to be honest with you though, I do not see what I have done wrong here. Okay, I did swear way to much and I apologize for that.

            But, no need to respond, I shall take your direction.


        1. Hi HIW,

          Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your perspective but in all honesty, I have to disagree. I do not think we should be repeating what we feel is untrue. If we have the strength, we should continue to have our voice heard and speak our truth as we see it. Maybe it will not be heard but we must continue to express ourselves as honestly as possible. Hopefully most can remain a little more polite than I usually am when I am angry.

          As much as I get angry with John sometimes I still have a great deal of respect for him. I believe I just have to face the simple fact that this world and all the goings on it it are in many cases beyond my comprehension. Heck, maybe I should not have been a high school drop out lol.

          Take care HIW and take it easy. Clear thinking an expression generally comes from those who remain calm.


      2. Loved this part:
        ” That piece of shit should be strung up. How can you honestly accept him representing the US? He is a fraud and pretending he represents the US people is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen. And it is also completely disrespectful to the good people of the US. If the UK had any balls you should tell that pr??? to take a hike.”

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        1. Hey JT57,
          Thanks for your comment.

          Heck, I sure hope this is true. I am praying Trump does do something in the next 48 hours. If not, even as an Aussie I am going to feel quite lost in the little understanding I have of this world. Looks like a sleepless 48 hours. I hope for the US and the world Trump does pull through all of this. If so, I would be in party mode for a long time to come lol.


      3. Heck, I am going to hit LIKE to my own bloody comment cause it is damn good. lol. Even thought here were a quite a few typo’s lol.


          1. Hang in there.

            Some day there will be a revaluation, most likely. It just will not resemble the kind of huge multi-trillion-dollar payday that so many are sold on.

            We will have to wait and see. Currency speculation is a very, very hard road. And it has been turned into a massive used car salesmen convention, including the prostitutes waiting outside the meeting rooms.


            1. I’m trying hard to hang in there Tony.

              The strange thing for me is that I do not need millions of dollars. I live a simple life.

              I jumped into crypro because I found comfort in you being there next to me with you calm guidance. I still remember the day I first hit the buy button for BTC. I was actually scared to do that but became a little addicted after that lol. Personally, I find crypto exciting but my true intention of investing in it is to ensure that someone else that has previously been in my life is well taken care of. A little for me too while I desire to dwell here lol.


      4. GOOD FOR YOU, Aurataya13.

        IMHO, it appears there are too many sheep on this forum who follow the so called “leader” . I believe the only people who run down President Trump are Cabal/Deep State supporters i.e. OWO/NWO supporters. People who say that President Trump has not done anything needs to check out the below article. Also, I am a firm believer in “It’s not over till the fat lady sings”. Biden in NOT president yet and D.C. does not look like a place for any “inauguration”.right now. Common sense tells me to look at what else is going on. President Trump is my president and he is not a loser. Approx. 80% of LEGAL U.S. voters also agree with me. ~ TC

        1-16-21: White House Releases List of President Trump’s Accomplishments – And It Is Historic!
        President Trump’s White House put together a list of accomplishments to date from the President’s efforts while in office. The list is a mile long.


        1. Hi TC,
          Thanks for your comment. It looks like I have caused a bit of trouble with my recent comments, which was certainly not intended.

          My only reason for using the word “sheep” or “simpleton” was basically to refer to a wildly known description that people are aware of. I was not putting anyone, nor myself down using that term. To be honest, I wonder sometimes about my own ability to understand the big picture compared to others that have the ability to grasp and accept that with ease. I know I am not the sharpest knife in the block but heck I am really having trouble accepting what is happening in this world right now on a moral and legal basis. I tend to lash out when something of this enormity confronts me and that which I view as wrong.

          We each know how we feel about what is happening now and are given the opportunity to express that here at WHA within limits. Which we must accept if we desire to remain a part of this website. I also consider the rules here to be quite fair. Being respectful and civil really is the key to moving forward. If others appear that do not offer that then we can ignore it and continue on our own path. I apologize to everyone for behaving in such a rude and confrontational manner. Maybe that is just an element within my personality that needs tempering.

          When I reread the comment I posted that caused a bit of drama I can see that there would have been a much more polite and mature manner in which I could have expressed myself so it looks like the error is with me.

          I do not wish to see a split here at WHA over political opinions. We all have much to learn from each other and that is a daily occurrence for me, which I am extremely appreciate of.

          Thanks for sharing President trumps list of achievements above. Even John has posted that list believe it or not lol. I like you will never accept Biden as the US President. President Trump will remain the real President of the US in my mind until the US people gain a legitimate vote and decide to legally elect another person of their choice.


          1. aurataya13… With this comment you made…
            ” I know I am not the sharpest knife in the block but heck I am really having trouble accepting what is happening in this world right now on a moral and legal basis.”
            I Think you nailed how millions of people are feeling!… its kind of like my house has been invaded and its not going to be the same…
            TC,, just because people are not responding to a poster like you think they should does not mean they are sheeple… this is a wonderful site with many thinking heads (way above mine)…
            earlier today I watched the vid I am posting at the bottom of this post…
            and I have not felt such a heartfelt feeling in awhile… sense of loss and since of pride… and also a little bit scared of what is coming… need to be sure where I am directing those feelings now are the right direction… a lot of the fault for the loss does lie with Trump… I have to wonder why Trump did not do more to stop the steal before it was stolen!… anyway…
            Time to gird up my loins and move forward!

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            1. I believe you are absolutely spot on in all you have stated in your comment James. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to offer those words.

              James, the video you posted gave me tingles, it was so beautiful. I have to admit though, I did shed a tear at the end. Yep, I’m a big softy sometimes in cases like this lol. I feel such loss over what has happened to President Trump. It is just so immoral and I’m angry we do not seem to be able to do anything about correcting it at this point.

              My thoughts and heart are with you all in the US.


    1. Tino,
      I’m glad you and your wife are doing better. Is Ivermectin available in the US? How did you acquire HCQ?
      Currently I take 25 mg of Indomethacin, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D as my own version of preventative treatment.


      1. Well, even so, we weren’t shaking it. So we needed a full IV nutritional cocktail, with heavy vitamin C, that finally put us over the top.

        HCQ was acquired via Canada via a fellow doctor.

        Indomethacin undoubtedly helps.


          If you want to fully understand the truth about this bull shit corona virus you need to watch this. EVERYTHING will come out.


  18. Howwww sweet it is!

    It’s good to be hard in crypto

    Fook ya!

    Nutsy Pelosi…champion of the vodka martini impeachment process


  19. There’s too much dissinformation relating to Trump and the Troops in Washington.
    Forget Conspiracy Theories. The invasion shook Pense and Nancy knows the Noose waits for her.
    Troops are there to protect the Politicos. Nothing more.
    Trump will be slinking off to Florida and Ignominy.
    There’s no encouraging sign that Trump will stand his ground. We all know the votes were rigged. but the Lying King lacks the brain cells or drive to go for Broke. History again, Heel Spurs will bolt.
    What a shambles.
    Kushner sits there like a Dweeb and the Prissy Princess worries only about her run in 4 years.
    For Gods sake America, find 2 serious candidates. Stop clearing Slop! So long without a JFK.
    Too many wild theories are propounded about Trump. He’s not up to it. A petulant child will retreat to Florida. Sad, Biden is a dreadful option. America so needs quality for 2024. Focus for 4 years and find them.
    4 years of more Dems theft will be devastating for the economy. Pigs smell lunch! Free!
    The Grifter will use his last Free Ride on Wedesday. He promised, he failed. The One Termer checks out.
    One Term, 2 Impeachments, some Legacy?
    Lurid Tabloids gather. Karma ella plots. The Litigation Jackals gather.

    Be warned the world is turning against the dollar
    Is commom sense prevaling in America. Antifa needs to be declared a terrorist orgnisation.
    HUGE! Brother of Arrested Antifa-BLM Activist John Sullivan Turned Him In! — Says His Brother Was “Somehow in Charge” of US Capitol Riots (VIDEO)
    : Dennis Prager: Capitol Siege Was ‘Vile’ but Left’s Suppression of Free Speech Is Worse

    I know it’s long (you can play it back fast), but I really think this is a must watch. Views of a good associate.
    If we lose Free Speech we lose hope.
    GSK won’t commit to redress for children forced into vaccine trials in mother and baby homes

    Society needs this safety valve.
    Scottish independence: If Scotland ‘breaks free’ from UK it faces bankruptcy and EU can’t afford to let it rejoin soon – Jim Duffy

    The Roman Empire didn’t want them. or does the EU.

    Scotland and it’s people, need to Gag that Gobshite Turgeon and be grateful Stoke have carried them for Centuries.
    Free of England then rejected by the EU, this failed nation will sink. Give the English a Free Vote and they are gone.
    Reality there is No Way we are giving up our borders, and Scotland will be dismantled first.
    Get Real does America want to hand back America to the Native Americans?
    Scotland has had 1,000 years and failed. It’s an Arse End nation. Basket cases forever whining. That Gobshite Turgeon does them no favors.
    It’s time for Scotland and England to get close by goodwill and reason together.
    Scotland IS a conquered nation. Even the Romans left. We are not leaving our Islands back exposed, get over it. Scotland will NOT be handed over! As with America!
    Biden and Harris stokes inflation fears.

    They have just saddled you with higher interest rates and DEBTS! Democrats ALWAYS leave you in Debt.
    Trump Really did win the Votes, but he’s just too dumb to organize the clear case and show it.

    How Joe Biden’s stimulus plan shook up global financial markets | Financial Times
    He just cranked up US debt. You pay!
    UK banks ban digital currency deposits: report – CoinGeek

    If the US Banks in Canary Wharf London open up to Cryptos, they will scoop the pot.
    Ex-Trump press secretary Sean Spicer says impeachment isn’t going anywhere;

    This is correct. Shrek is not likely to be convicted.

    WATCH LIVE: President-Elect Biden on his vaccine distribution plan — 1/14/2021

    Shreck thought only as far as keeping his hotels open. Biden is pro active now.

    Covid: UK to close all travel corridors from Monday

    Reality. Close the borders now!
    Britons dash home before Boris Johnson slams UK borders shut from Monday and axes all travel corridors amid fears of new Covid variants from abroad

    Boris Johnson said on Friday that from 4am on Monday all travel corridors will be suspended and anyone coming to the UK must have proof of a negative test in the previous 72 hours.

    Dam right shut them out and shut them Up!
    Ripple Executive Says He Recovered Massive Bitcoin Stash Lost in Crypto Casino
    Good for him.
    Never mind impeachment, there is a good chance Trump will end up in court

    Now THIS is more than Conjecture and the Lying King may be heading to another Big House with free board.
    Is Bubba waiting?


    1. :us: :us: Sidney Powell :star::star::star:Jan 16, 2021 3:11:11 PM 34K
      All indications are that despite the overwhelming evidence of massive fraud, and more evidence available inside the government, and other legal options available, the President is taking no action to protect the Republic. People around him are limiting his information and lying to him about his legal options. The Biden administration will be consolidating power day one and the fascist corporations are already limiting speech and firing freedom lovers. Just look at the military in DC now. Trump did not call them in. And all that for a virtual inauguration that no one will attend?! It’s all about power and global/communist money. You can see and smell the corruption in DC. It’s gone from a swamp to a pure cesspool. There were and have been a lot more people illegally elected than just Biden and Harris.


        1. Sadly James the above is correct. Reality, is the Burge King has no Guts for the fight. Nor IQ.
          So correct, the world looks likely to be saddled with Biden. Awful!
          Is this the end of the line now for our hopes in America? Shrek slinks off and Slimeballs win?


  20. UK ‘super-covid’ variant could be dominant in the US by MARCH

    Sorry Guys but coming your way and Deaths will spike from March

    No one is being told of true failures. If this is correct Pfizer will kill many worldwide. Do they care?

    Big business wants to fund Republicans to stop Democrat corruption

    Our Gift to all Real American Patriots, the good Americans. Not Political or Banking Zio trash, or Low hanging Sheeple with Vitriol and bad attitude. We know the kind.

    Real People, this is the America we all need to try to save. It’s time to clear out the trash. Add the useless types with the wrong kind of attitude, the pointless begrudgers. Some spring to mind.

    For all Good Americans. this is for you. The Real Patriots. Our Friends across the pond.

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  21. Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 – An astonishing theory: FEMA and the US military will save America at its final hour
    01/14/2021 / By Mike Adams / Comments
    Bypass censorship by sharing this link:

    Copy URL

    Today’s Situation Update for January 14th examines the two competing theories for the outcome of the rigged 2020 election. In one outcome, Trump has given up, Biden will be sworn in, and the United States of America will be plunged into a communist-controlled authoritarian police state that silences conservative dissent.
    Another theory is emerging, however, that claims the United States is in a military coup against illegal civilian traitors and that a combination of FEMA and the military will actually save America, not enslave it.
    This theory gained momentum yesterday when Steve Pieczenik appeared on the Alex Jones Show and claimed a military coup was under way to carry out mass arrests against the traitors on or before January 20th. (See video below.)
    During the interview, Alex Jones express skepticism and told Pieczenik sounded like he was spouting nonsense theories that mirrored “Q-tards.” Pieczenik responded with a wager that if Biden wasn’t arrested by the 20th, Pieczenik would never appear again on the Alex Jones Show.
    Pieczenik was a former psychological operations intelligence official with the US Statement Department and helped the United States carry out military coups against foreign nations. The question being asked now is whether Pieczenik is running a psyop on the American people, or if he’s telling the truth.
    It’s not just Pieczenik who holds this view, however. Recent interviews also reveal that Gen. Michael Flynn and attorney Lin Wood are extremely confident that the US military is gearing up to arrest the deep state traitors, essentially implying that the National Guard buildup in DC is actually a trap for traitors. It is factually true that on Inauguration Day, any treasonous lawmakers or deep state actors who show up there will be surrounded by heavily armed troops.
    Trump is able to federalize all National Guard troops by invoking the Insurrection Act.
    But there’s another factor which has emerged in all this: FEMA.
    FEMA is organized as a continuity-of-government (COG) entity, with the power to run the entire federal government in a national emergency.
    President Trump declared a national emergency on September 12, 2018, and that emergency has not been rescinded. The entire 2020 election took place under that national emergency (the “foreign interference” executive order).
    As the theory goes, the civilian government has already collapsed under election fraud, corrupt courts and treasonous actions of the majority of lawmakers, both Dem and GOP. The real government in charge right now is a combination of FEMA and military authority. The election, being fraudulent, is null and void.
    FEMA is run by Peter Gaynor, put in place by President Trump in January of 2020. Gaynor is a 25-year veteran of the US Marine Corps, with special experience in running urban assault troop operations. also reveals that Gaynor ran military security for the Camp David Presidential Retreat. From
    Gaynor served for 26 years as an enlisted Marine and Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps. During his tenure in the Marines, he was assigned as the Executive Officer responsible for the security of Presidential Retreat, Camp David; assigned as the Head of Plans, Policy, & Operations at the Headquarters Marine Corps during the September 11, 2001 attacks; and deployed in support of Iraqi Freedom with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force where he coordinated combat operations in the Al-Anbar Province of Iraq for Multi-National and Marine forces.
    President Trump activated FEMA on January 11th, issuing a new emergency declaration via this presidential order from
    That FEMA order carries very unusual language that appears to refer to a national emergency event much larger than a simple inauguration:
    Today, President Donald J. Trump declared that an emergency exists in the District of Columbia and ordered Federal assistance to supplement the District’s response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from the 59th Presidential Inauguration from January 11 to January 24, 2021.
    The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to coordinate all disaster relief efforts which have the purpose of alleviating the hardship and suffering caused by the emergency on the local population, and to provide appropriate assistance for required emergency measures, authorized under Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives and to protect property and public health and safety, and to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in the District of Columbia.
    That announcement by Trump invokes the Stafford Act, which is found at this link on
    The PDF of the Stafford Act is found here:

    Click to access stafford-act_2019.pdf

    Title V of the Stafford Act contains language that appears to grant the President extraordinary powers during times of a declared national emergency:
    The President may: exercise any authority vested in him by section 5192 of this title or section 5193 of
    this title [Sections 502 or 503] with respect to an emergency when he determines
    that an emergency exists for which the primary responsibility for response rests with
    the United States because the emergency involves a subject area for which, under
    the Constitution or laws of the United States, the United States exercises exclusive
    or preeminent responsibility and authority.
    (a) Specified – In any emergency, the President may –
    (1) direct any Federal agency, with or without reimbursement, to utilize its authorities
    and the resources granted to it under Federal law (including personnel, equipment,
    supplies, facilities, and managerial, technical and advisory services) in support of
    State and local emergency assistance efforts to save lives, protect property and
    public health and safety, and lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe, including
    precautionary evacuations;
    If FEMA turns out to be a defender of America, that would be a huge shock to most patriots, because FEMA has long been thought of as the agency that would round up and exterminate patriots. That’s one reason why this theory is so difficult to parse.
    Note that yesterday, also tweeted out a warning for all Americans to prepare for power outages. And the troops in DC are now being given live weapons and live ammo. What’s that all about?
    Gaynor at FEMA, Miller at DoD
    In addition to Gaynor being put in place at FEMA, Chris Miller was made the Secretary of Defense by President Trump shortly following the rigged elections on Nov. 3rd, when US military intelligence was able to confirm that Democrats and Biden were acting illegally to steal the election.
    DNI John Ratcliffe, we believe, issued a classified report to Trump and the DoD, documenting the foreign interference and cyber war operations carried out against America by foreign aggressors.
    The recent letter from the US Joint Chiefs reveals that the military will only follow lawful orders, and that the military will defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. From that letter:
    …the U.S. military will obey lawful orders from civilian leadership, support civil authorities to protect lives and property, ensure public safety in accordance with the law, and remain fully committed to protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    …We support and defend the Constitution. Any act to disrupt the constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath; it is against the law.
    Chris Miller is a patriot and an expert in unconventional warfare. He is loyal to Trump and helped run successful on-the-ground operations in the Middle East. He’s used to being surrounded by the enemy.
    With Miller at the DoD and Gaynor at FEMA, the right assets are in place for FEMA to run C.O.G. operations while the military asserts its authority to protect the Constitution to make arrests of hundreds of traitors and seditious actors on Inauguration Day. Do not forget that all Special Operations Forces now report directly to Miller, and the USMC reports directly to Trump. Gaynor at FEMA can easily coordinate with the Marines because that’s what he did for 26 years in the military.
    According to this theory, the United States would then operate under temporary military authority for a few months, during which more arrests would be made and a new election might be held.
    Trump is merely acting weak right now, the theory asserts, in order to convince treasonous lawmakers not to succeed in convicting him in the US Senate before January 20th. (That ploy, if it is a ploy, appears to be working.)
    Various aspects of this theory are currently being discussed and promoted by people like Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Lin Wood, Gen. Flynn, Dave from the X22 Report and others. Some of these people are considered Q advocates, but not all of them. Each of these people is criticized in various ways, but that’s par for the course these days: Anyone who speaks out will be attacked.
    For the record, I am not endorsing everything these individuals are saying, but there are elements of truth to each person’s knowledge.
    Zoom call with Lin Wood and retired military personnel gives us even more detail
    Yesterday a private zoom call was held with attorney Lin Wood and retired military personnel (with at least one general) providing us with even more insight. One person who attended the call — which I can confirm did take place and was real — put together some notes from the call, offering the following explanation. I can confirm these notes are accurate. However, there is no link to anything because the call was private:
    There are now 250,000 Chinese troops surrounding us, 75,000 in Canada and the rest in Mexico. The generals said if they set foot in this country they will be wiped out swiftly as they are ready.
    The Mayor of Oklahoma City was informed by POTUS on Monday via email that the Insurrection Act has been enacted and arrests will begin in that city. This is the first of many cities this will happen in.
    This election was cyber warfare on our country. A paper was sent to the White House on the voting in 4 states that showed Chinese cyber attacks moving votes from Trump to Biden. They have proof of this now. This is a foreign country involved in our elections so this has been escalated from a domestic issue to an attack from a foreign enemy. This has moved from a constitutional voting issue to a national security issue now.
    The Capitol Building attack was Antifa and BLM driven – all tactical deception as they call it in the military. It’s common practice.
    yes, we are in a full blown Military Operation right now to remove the threats and install our President back in power and control the violence in the big cities. Keep in mind, if the lights go out, and Biden is not President, it’s not China coming in here, it’s us knocking out the lights to weed out the bad guys. Massive arrests will be happening then.
    Yes, we are in a full blown Military Operation right now to remove the threats and install our President back in power and control the violence in the big cities. Keep in mind, if the lights go out, and Biden is not President, it’s not China coming in here, it’s us knocking out the lights to weed out the bad guys. Massive arrests will be happening then.
    Everything they are panicked about is the world finding out about their Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking Rings they have all profited from for decades. The President loves this country and loves the people and is committed to financially restore all that has been lost since Cov19 started.
    We may begin to see things as early as tonight and we are hearing that it will become hot around the 18th-19th.
    Stay in Prayer. Stay in Faith.
    Many patriots think this is all nonsense… and they might be right
    Notably, many patriots completely disagree with this assessment, including Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes who told me on a private phone call that he thinks there will be no one to rescue America other than ourselves. The military, he believes, has been infiltrated and taken over by traitors and communists.
    Alex Jones also publicly expresses strong skepticism toward this theory, believing it’s mostly Q nonsense that’s being used as a psyop to mislead patriots and drive people to their own doom.
    But if Q is such a successful psyop to harm patriots, why did the entire US media and Big Tech giants all ban Q information? If Q was disinfo that was “working” to mislead patriots, wouldn’t they have allowed the Q channels to thrive?
    And why is there a buildup now of 20,000 armed troops in DC merely to handle an inauguration that the Biden team says will be largely virtual? What are all the troops for? There won’t be any significant number of protesters there, as all the so-called “armed protests” announced recently were fabricated by the FBI and promoted by the media so they could stage false flag shootings and blame it all on conservatives and gun owners.
    There is no actual plan from militia groups, conservatives or Trump supporters to attack any capitol building at all. And Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers just put out a statement calling for peace, specifically disavowing any armed protests on any capitol building.
    So there are layers and layers of disinformation, false flags and hoaxes coming out of the CIA-controlled media, the corrupt FBI and the authoritarian tech giants. They are not engaged in “casual” censorship; they are censoring like the end of the world might be coming and they have to silence all conservatives at all costs.
    Clearly, something much bigger than a simple inauguration is afoot. But we don’t know for sure what it is.
    Maybe it’s truly a nightmare scenario, and after Biden is sworn in, the Dems will launch military-assisted death squads across America to arrest or execute all Trump supporters. That’s the nightmare scenario that many fear. It’s a communist purge, and treasonous criminals like AOC appear to be calling for it.
    Within a week, we will know the real answer
    If Pieczenik and Wood and Flynn and people like Steele are all wrong, then it will become obvious that the patriot community has been subjected to the most elaborate psychological operation in history. The Q movement will collapse, and people like Pieczenik will be forever blacklisted, exposed as hoaxers and manipulators.
    But if they are right, we will witness the most extraordinary turnaround in the history of our nation, and perhaps in the history of the world. Biden will be arrested, the Republic will be saved and the military will uphold the Constitution.
    January 19th is National Popcorn Day, so grab your popcorn and get ready for thrills either way.
    Listen to my full podcast for a more detailed explanation of all this:


    1. The big question is that of WILL?
      Will Trump actually step up, face down the Traitors and do the job the majority elected him for?
      Having run away from the Draft, will Heel Spurs RUN AGAIN?
      Cowards tend not to make Good Presidents.
      Why is Trump clearing out having promised to fight?
      A Thinking World knows the vote was rigged. So do Thinking Americans.
      Heel Spurs has form for Running- Away.
      This time will he and the Military stand and protect America?
      The trouble as always with Trump, is the IQ to think it through.
      4 years of Biden and Bad Karma ella is too unthinkable.


  22. I have linked the list of suggested digital assets to its own page, and you will find this at the top of the home page. I will update it as required and as prices change.

    Hold on, it will be one hell of a ride. But, faint heart never won fair maiden.

    Stay tuned.

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  23. One only has to look into his eyes and see the Prozac is in control

    More “funny business”. Et Tu, Christine?

    Congress, there are already laws prohibiting that kind of thing – funding crime in any way. How about looking into the Biden bribes instead? De-balled eunuchs can’t make an effective move except to vote in pay raises.

    The Neo-Bolsheviks are just getting warmed up with this kind of thing. Swalwell will be issuing reports from the rear very soon.

    Now that’s interesting. I guess it was all in the wrist.

    Oh I hope so! Gobble…gobble….gobble


  24. HUGE: Jovan Pulitzer Releases Report — Confirms Numerous Countries Interfered In the 2020 Election – Millions of Invalid Ballots Inserted Into the Election

    And what will happen now over this ? Democracy failed. Worse Biden got in.

    She’s going to get so much heat

    Biden’s out there trying now while Trump’s ego is dying
    WhatsApp exodus is ‘largest digital migration in human history’

    Their arrogance is their undoing. Will implosion follow?
    As life expectancy falls, we watch the one true miracle of the modern world slipping away from us

    What a mess we are making.
    Former FBI Director James Comey says Joe Biden should consider pardon for Donald Trump

    From a complete Skank who belongs in Jail!
    VIDEO: Hunter Biden out and about with family after dad's certification | Daily Mail Online

    A piece of filth like his father.
    Crypto finally becomes bigger than . . .  the world
    What a challenge?
    Trump’s inner circle in turmoil: Rift with Giuliani, Hicks out and Kushner struggling

    As ever my concerns with this over rated, obnoxious Moron, is how will he handle the downside as he hits free fall.
    His next 4 years may be fighting his crimes. Who will pardon the flatulent Chump? Shtek is crying, his ego is dying.
    Reality is calling on his Karma now.
    By appalling mismanagement, this pathetic and inept apology for a UK Government, has managed to take 50K death for phase 2 of Covid, erase millions of jobs and devastate the economy. sacrificing 500K lives as many operations and care treatments have been put back years, we have saddled the nation with Furlough Debts for a generation, and unleashed a masked public visibly so stupid as to question their very purpose? 50K lives for 500K lives and fiscal free fall? Judgment calls are Balls!

    Savage toll of coronavirus pandemic on NHS waiting lists is revealed
    Yes, but the actual Death Rates are still low! And we can treat it! But not the economy we have killed. Genocide of Generations of jobs?

    Up to 30 PER CENT of Londoners have already caught the coronavirus
    Bombshell revelations as Trump declassifies all FBI documents in Russia probe | Just The News

    But the MSM wont follow up and Biden is still in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dumb Shrek failed to move months ago. Neither up to the job.
    ITALY STOLE U.S. ELECTION – Here’s why they did it…

    An interesting new take for you all. Romans ride free.
    It’s breaking down society.

    this should not come as a surprise as lockdowns will kill more people that the virus when it is all known. The suffering of broken homes and abused women and children and substance addiction will be a burden carried by nations for a long time and reflected in the economies. But for sure it has brought home the stupidity of both Politicians and the so sad mass Sheeple. Mindless morons lined up like Sheep.
    It’s breaking down society.

    This should not come as a surprise as lockdowns will kill more people that the virus when it is all known. The suffering of broken homes and abused women and children and substance addiction will be a burden carried by nations for a long time and reflected in the economies. But for sure it has brought home the stupidity of both Politicians and the so sad mass Sheeple. Mindless morons lined up like Sheep.
    You dont say. We closed all sports, Leisure industries, hospitality and even our Gyms Total lock downs. We wiped outr the economy.
    Now these complete F Brains find our economy is in free fall, Hello??????????
    If this hits the US God help you. No Hairdressers, Nail bars, not even Shrinks open?
    So now our Numb Brains see a problem coming.
    If this farce goes on much longer, there will be a vote for a Leadership contest and mediocre Boris will be gone.

    GDP tumbled by 2.6 per cent in November amid second Covid lockdown
    Yes, but so does the world..And China will still not allow Scientists in to investigate the cause of Covid. A good place to start.
    Do realise it’s coming YOUR way also. Time for China to ante up. Or for us to close off their trade. Dump their economy and the Chinese Commies will be taken out.

    Britain faces even MORE super-Covid variants, scientists warn
    NOT a Vaccine: mRNA COVID Vax Chemical Pathogen Production Device
    A clearly drafted and objective analysis of the pending Vaccines.
    Population reduction. Total cell INVASION!
    Views please, Tino etc.

    We poor Brits have a problem.
    Unless vaccinated and certified, we can not enter Westminster. Parliament or the Lords. We can not fly, or enter other nations. Soon hotels will be blocked off, all public areas etc. No access then to Stores, Banks etc. Nor even Dentists. It’s all coming. No vaccine certificate, held on a Public register, and linked on our phones, means we are simply outside the community. Untreatable.
    What’s coming is not good. Pensions funds welcome it for sure. Population and life expectancy reduction.
    An untested product, who knows the future consequences? Be assured, for SURE, they will unfold.
    WhatsApp takes out full page ads asking users to stay

    Way too late Mate!!! You asked for this. Melt down is payback. You deserve it.
    Trump left this sting in the tail. Declassified files … months of reading

    Americas hidden secrets. The world is now reading. You?
    The party seems over!

    Trump plans to fly to Mar-a-Lago morning Biden takes oath of office

    Pamela is trying but the US Military will never condone it and Trump does not want to anger that Bear. The fact is Assange coerced a sexually confused US serving officer to commit treason. Fact.
    NIH updates its position on Ivermectin for Covid

    This is really good news;
    It is the only thing I will take at this time.
    It is very important that people do their own respective research to get it right for themselves, as the wrong choice could cost one’s life.

    Doctors can now prescribe. The results we see pouring in and they are amazing.

    Interesting timing now that the election is done.

    Couldn’t be more needed

    Trump is taking it to them . Good!

    The parties over and empty offices

    Covid 19 is this your vaccine of choice? Sure about that?


    1. Re Assange.

      “Fact” …………..Bullshit.

      What the hell is this sexually confused sympathy comment for? Sexuality has nothing to do with the work between Assange and Manning. To use those words is nothing more than a vote to make Assange look even more guilty. That really is utter bullshit.

      I know you don’t like Assange but to make him look like he perpetrated a terrible crime upon a vulnerable gender confused individual is bullshit and you know it. I don’t give a crap what Manning has up her dress, she did what she did because she wanted to. Assange assisted in facilitating that. The bloody end.


  25. From next week onwards Americas media will adjust from reporting the meanderings and fantasies of a Serial, Low IQ Liar, to the disjointed ramblings of a Demented Crime Family Stooge under Chinese, a Dope Riddled Child Molesting Son, Obama and Clinton directives. Compromised past his eyes, how did THAT get elected?
    As vaccuous as Obamas Birth Certicate. Does the US know how to Vet?
    Why is the MSM not protecting America?
    America has many good people. What of their rights? Bribe taking Biden will be giving way to Bad Karma ella !
    Again Obama and Clinton Puppet strings, Beyond sad.
    Don’t you miss JFK?
    Imagine a LIve JFK Jr? Or any Quality Straight contender?
    Americans deserve a break now. The GOP really needs to get ready for 2024. The Talent is there.
    But will a clean process still exist then? So sad. 4 years for the Old Guard to rob the store again.
    JFK tried and died. Will no Patriot arise again?

    Liked by 1 person

    What a complete and total~ARSE! How history will see him. Real world. The One Termer who saw his Arse!

    Trump ‘orders aides not to pay Rudy Giuliani’s $20K-a-day fee’ as he turns on his closest allies in fury at being impeached for a second time and wallows in ‘self-pity’ at the White House

    Trump expressed disappointment with some of Giuliani’s (left) legal moves in challenging the election results, and did not appreciate his demand for $20,000 a day in the failed push, sources said.

    It really is time to drag out this petulant imbecile and throw away the key.
    Yes, next week he’s fired.
    What Clown fires Rudi with so many litigation cases waiting. It’s like watching a 2 year old freaking. Unreal.
    Wait until the Melania divorce hits. It’s only time. Stormie wants to offload. So does Cohen and more.
    Is this Clown on Crack?
    Truth will be ugly. So many cases queuing up.

    Google News – Beyond Bitcoin: Number two crypto Ethereum is climbing faster and gave rise to the ‘DeFi’ industry that’s netted some investors up to 11,000% in a year
    Twitter, Facebook: $51 Billion Combined Market Value Erased Since Trump Ban

    I wonder if an activist group goes after them in a class action for losses …?
    Both deserve to lose vast markets, and licenses to be withdrawn.
    HUGE: Jovan Pulitzer Releases Report — Confirms Numerous Countries Interfered In the 2020 Election – Millions of Invalid Ballots Inserted Into the Election

    And what will happen now over this ? Democracy failed. Worse Biden got in.


  27. This woman is nothing more than a mafia enforcer. And spends too much time under the tanning lamp.

    Good luck with that, mate. You would be more likely to have the Spice Girls gang blow you before that happens.

    Had I been there, there may have been no “almost”.


  28. Hi Tony, I’ve read all of the white hats reports and cannot believe that they are going to let this happen. I still believe in Trump and their plan. I pray daily for God’s hand to intervene. I await your update on cryptos. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to see mass force used to arrest Biden, etc. But, the odds are against it.

      I will be creating a link for the list of crypto suggestions very soon and will update it as needed. The response has been very good, and the results so far have been terrific. I expect much more as the year progresses.

      I am just glad that we have a route that actually has produced results for the man on the street, since RVs and other venues of hope continue to suffer from the usual sticky finger release syndrome.

      I am working on a new article for release which will set the tone for 2021. I am a bit slow since I have a finger splint on my left hand ring finger. All the typing over the years has given me a slight case of “trigger finger”. i should be back to full speed in a few weeks.

      Thanks for your comment!


  29. For Fancy Nancy and all

    The American Political system works on Payola. They serve only to thieve. My lick!

    Biden, run by Obama and the Clintons, is a Puppet, no more.

    They will spend the next year blocking and checking all funds and deposits to see what can be syphoned. As ever, if not bolted down they will freeze and seize it. As Bush did. Nothing changes each are as dirty.

    We had a Congressman deliver a letter to Obamas desk reporting allegations of Biden’s Bribe Taking, and asking for help to recover Falcone’s funds stolen by Bush 41. Obama/Soetoro, did nothing and Biden owed him.

    We asked Obama via another Congressman’s letter, delivered on record, to assist get an American Patriots long overdue funds held to be redeemed. He did nothing bar fill his own pockets. As Rahm does in Chicago. Payola.

    If Biden gets in, expect No anticipated Settlements to happen until they and their support Jackal packs syphon up their own licks on all. Dirty, Grubby and American.

    But, what IF, Pense having not yet derailed Trump, now sees through a fast Impeachment removal and takes temporary charge? Or other ways.
    Armed with a full itinerary of Biden’s criminality, what if he orchestrates Biden’s pre arrest fast?

    What if Pense and others have another Agenda in play?

    Is there yet a Third Way in play? We can but surmise. The removal of Trump and Biden?

    Trump is Nero right now. Just a fat, mentally impaired Coyote howling at the moon. Will the Senators knives strike?
    Will Pense play the Third Way? This is America, Payolas payback? History repeats itself.

    Clint Eastwood struck for a Few Dollars more.
    Or for Pense in a new play?

    Can America be saved from both? Will Pense act to save America from Biden and his crooked handlers?
    A Third Way to save the day? For America? It has synergy. Then you have hope!


    1. ” If Biden gets in, expect No anticipated Settlements to happen until they and their support Jackal packs syphon up their own licks on all. Dirty, Grubby and American.” …

      Just to be clear John… does the above include the current moves that were “very far forward”…
      so, in other words, all the plans and opportunities for this site will be delayed also?


      1. Elders are different. They have their own vast AU and notes. Assaying takes time. Also registering title.
        We are also supporting a US Patriot. We are focused on core deals. Not the Ambulance Chasers. They are going nowhere. Real ones are in process. Off radar.


    1. OMG!. I just tried to upload an Australian video of an Australian group and these twerps are telling me that it is not available to me as an Australian. Go and get well and truly stuffed then. Not sure if you guys on the site are getting this video or not. Hope so, if not, John will be relieved lol. Man, it’s Youthu Yindi, the song is Djapana if anyone is interested.


  30. The Style Council Lyrics
    “Walls Come Tumbling Down”

    You don’t have to take this crap
    You don’t have to sit back and relax
    (You can actually try changing it)

    I know we’ve always been taught to rely
    Upon those in authority
    But you never know until you try
    How things just might be
    (If we came together so strongly, yeah)

    Are you gonna try to make this work
    Or spend your days down in the dirt
    You see things can change
    Yes an’ walls come tumbling down

    (Governments crack and systems fall
    ‘Cause unity is powerful)
    Lights go out
    Walls come tumbling down

    Yes, they do
    (Yes, they do)
    Yes, they do
    (Yes, they do)

    The competition is a color TV
    We’re on still pause with the video machine
    (That keep you slaves to the H.P., yeah)

    Until the unity is threatened by
    Those who have and who have not
    Those who are with and those who are without
    And dangle jobs like a donkey’s carrot
    (Until you don’t know where you are)

    Are you gonna get to realize
    The class war’s real, not mythologized
    And like Jericho
    Yes, the walls came tumbling down

    (Governments crack and systems fall)
    (‘Cause unity is powerful)
    Lights go out
    Walls come tumbling

    (Down) You’ll be too weak to fight it
    (Down) [?]
    (Down) Oh, will you deny it?

    Are you gonna be threatened by
    The public enemies number ten
    Those who play the power game
    They take the profits, you take the blame
    (When they tell you there’s no rise in pay)

    Are you gonna try to make this work
    Or spend your days down in the dirt
    You see things can change
    Walls come tumbling down

    (Governments crack and systems fall)
    (‘Cause unity is powerful)
    Lights go out
    Walls come tumbling down

    (Governments crack and systems fall) Yes, they do
    (‘Cause unity is powerful)
    Lights go out
    Walls come tumbling down

    (Governments crack and systems fall)
    (‘Cause unity is powerful)
    Lights go out
    Walls come tumbling down

    (Governments crack and systems fall)
    (‘Cause unity is powerful)
    Oh, lights go out
    Walls come tumbling down


    1. Well, do we really think after the shenanigans of 2016, the doubling down of 2018, that Trump and the Intelligence Services just sat on their ass for 2 years, or did they prepare? And if they did prepare, knowing that half of America is hopelessly befuddled, did they set up a massive self-exposure trap — showing that all front-facing Institutions, from trial court judges to SCOTUS, DoJ to FBI, to Congress, are hopelessly compromised. And if so, then, has the final step been taken? No. Now, taking it a step forward, the Election data shows Germany, China, ITALY got packets of data for vote-flipping. So now, the scope is much larger than the US. Now, just suggesting here, what if the rumors of Pelosi’s laptop, with an evil sellout to China, with massive damage to US National Security — are true? Do we then have a situation where external threats must be taken into consideration and are driving all timing? In which case, do we let the government go thru its motions, even if that means putting in Biden as a fac-totem President on the 20th? Sure. And whose view is more consonant with Reality? Pieczenik? or Pelosi? or CNN’s? Where would you place the metaphorical $1 bet?


  31. He has it right. When truth hits them, the Bolsheviks start screeching and come unglued.


    Most likely just security precautions. Not for “arresting the Cabal”. We can’t expect that kind of bold action from politicians in these times. Now, in Roman times…Caesar Trvmp would have half of Congress used as torches.

    I think her plastic surgeon needs to be regulated. Most “funny business” is done using cash. They can’t stop BTC or crypto, and they know it.

    This is how effective “regulation” is.

    Do they look like they are getting ready to arrest “the cabal”?

    No shit. WHA has been saying this for YEARS, gumba.

    Et tu, Brutus?

    Diverse cultural enrichment.

    A modern-day sack of Rome. And the barbarians won’t leave.


    More success in the “funny business” arena.


    As predicted


    1. Give that F’ing Pakistani migrant to me for one hour. Then we will see how much interest he has in raping a 5 year old child. What a piece of absolute sub human shit. Bullet for this mother. but only after my hour. Sorry to be so rude everyone but this crap is very bloody simply not acceptable in a civilized society. ENOUGH.


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