The Emerging Realities And Opportunities Of The New Roaring Twenties In A Post-Brexit World

With the UK about to leave the reviled Socialist Communist EU and to Brexit, the UK Economy will boom. Its Global footprint and its potential is huge.

But what may befall America if stripped of its right to a true Democratic vote, by these Self Interest Criminal Enslaving Elites and Zio trash?

Is betrayal of the Founders’ so well conceived Constitutional Rights to ensure you were never again enslaved this way, not your Voting birthright to protect Americans? Also for your own Children? Obama, Biden, the Clintons, the vile Zionists and Nasty Nancy, would enslave you all by their Treason. Albeit whilst still lining their own pockets with their own crooked treachery. How can Obama ever find a solution, he can’t even find his Birth Certificate! This ever Lying, Usurping Chicago Fake Con Man. Such Trash rules fools.

The Election and Vote Rigging scam visible to all is treasonous. If you don’t bring their crooked system down, your endowed rights all end.

With the Chinese Dynasty Elders now close to a UN supported redemption release for the key Elders, the US is so desperate for use of those metals, Cash Pallets and Trusts. But, by focused redemption and hard bargaining, huge things can happen next year. Good things. We will not budge. No way the Cabal way.

For them they bend or it’s their end!

It’s time for Free thinking, not Free riders. Opportunities for WHA. Time to think about Cryptos and to escape the Pariah Zio Trash and oppressive Elites’ cynical taxes.

Imagine what is possible by combining the vast potential of the UK AND its Commonwealth of c2.5 billion people with the potential of a refocused America? The UK has full access to c500M in the EU. It has access to over 1.3 Billion in India. It has access to Asia. Now refocusing on the above and the entire Commonwealth, the UK now has a target Trading market well exceeding 4 Billion people. Even focused up to 5B possible. It needs no one.

It will Thrive free of Socialist dogma and the UK HAS its own Central Bank, OWNED ONLY by the nation, not the Rothschilds shackles of America or EU. The Rotts have no UK foothold. They were removed decades ago.

The world sees the crude and brutal betrayal of America’s wealth creating voters.

Post the emerging Releases, with funds then to underpin key projects by selective UN/ Elders Project Funding, Wealth and Job creation can boom. It will NOT be used to fund Monopoly Games money by cross demonetized notes gamblers. Nor Pumpers or Shyster Promoters. Notes ransacked and stolen from Iraqi banks or falsely printed by US forces, are not of lawful origin. Nor will we fund any such redemptions. You bought it, you sort it!

War Torn Currencies Will Not Be Revalued To Extreme Levels To Fund Speculators

A new world is coming and they are afraid. Free of Zionist Banks or even US Dollars, now able to use the Blockchain and Cryptos in a free Ethernet highway, what is possible now? Cryptos will soon be bigger than the Banks. Free of their rapacious charges also. Even China is preparing to release an unhackable speed of light new Global communications system. US communications, MSM enslavements, and Hegemony is about to end. A new world is emerging but how do we all help shape it?

There are no nations. It’s just a fake illusion. The entire world is only land and sea. The rest is an illusion of Corporate Governance. All to deceive and manipulate you into universal sufferance. Corralling Sheeple. Sequestrate and dominate the gullible.

But – Your Soul was born free, as is our choice to work towards the evolution of a Superior (Humane) Human Being. Free to evolve as Being More.

We need to Defeat the Elites. The real border starts with the Consciousness of the Human mind. Your Soul was born free for a journey of Human Carbon Life Form discovery. Subservient to no one, nor their Fake religions. No God wants pieces cut from the genitalia of your children. It’s Gross!!! Have you no thinking ability? It’s your children! Blood sacrifices are Neanderthal. You need horse whipping to wake you up to cease such a macabre, disgusting cult practice. Incarcerate Shivas! Mind enslaving children to such indoctrinating Cults is abusive and wrong. All are based on false Fallacies. Man created Religions.

A new door is opening. Do you cross the road to an enhanced Crypto meritocracy, or allow this cynical vote rigging to steal the election and derail all the Constitutional values your Democracy aspired to? The Democrats offer you None!

The Presidency is NOT about the Party. It’s about the privilege and honour to represent the face and values of all Americans. Biden does not deserve such a role, ever! Appoint him and you just dismantled the Founders entire ethos, those who so aspired for the Constitution, living values to enshrine, empowering all of you.

“…With the Chinese Dynasty Elders now close to a UN supported redemption release for the key Elders, the US is so desperate for use of those metals, Cash Pallets and Trusts. But, by focused redemption and hard bargaining, huge things can happen next year. Good things. We will not budge…”

In 2021, which road will you take? Thinking for yourself is a good start.

America is about to lose its place as the Global lead power. What then as the new world surges? Bribe Taking Biden, his foul Son, Nasty Nancy plus Chicago Con Man Usurper Soetoro will self enrich themselves only. Ever more rapacious abuse of power. The US Cupboard is bare already. Rifled for decades. Freeloading is ending.

It’s your life, your journey of discovery. Such a privilege to even be alive. Life – is all!

2021 is a new world and destiny for the UK. We broke free of Socialist Hegemony.

But what of our US Allies? Bribe taking Biden lied, your votes denied. Barr in Justice was a Plant only. Justice is ever corrupt. Both Houses self serve only. 10M Jews and Zionists OWN America!!!!!! How can you allow this to be? Israel and Mossad control America. Wake TF up and step clear as the UK has just done with Brexit. Lose your votes, you lose your right to be – Anything! Britain just took everything back. Votes count.

For the UK the future is bright. Biden just stole America’s.

You will do what?

The World is not ruined by the wickedness of the wicked, but by the weakness of the good.

Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. [video src="" /]
    What’s it all for?
    Pathetic like scavenging pack rats. No organization from the Jenners practice just a money grab.

    Elderly patients left queuing around the block in freezing cold
    No wonder Americans are turning off Biden and crowd to over 51% now and growing fast .. Google is being dumped for DuckDuckGo and people are dumping WhatsApp for signal .. The Jews News censors face a wipe out. Time these Zios were ramrodded out.
    We all need to switch. Leave a pile of festering poo and debt for them to fund. Payback,

    We have had this from numerous sources now.
    Time will show if correct or not, just be aware.

    Just received this message from someone at national level with links to Don Jr.
    ❗My guy close to Jr. JUST messaged this:

    Military takedowns and arrests begin this wknd and will continue forward for the next 13 days/nights. Some international raids have already started. Italy has also been found complicit in our election fraud. Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones, tv’s, radios & internet. It will override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time. Do not to be scared of what’s coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold. DO NOT travel to any large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities. People will start rioting once this intel breaks thinking Trump is a military dictator. He only has 13 days to put this dog down.

    The implementation of the Insurrection Act began after the raid on the Capitol and was marked by Trump’s broadcast to the people to disband and return home. This broadcast wound up being blocked, for the most part, by the media. Nevertheless, his address fulfilled the requirements to initiate the Act. Marines and National Guard troops are being moved as needed for the riots that will start after the national release of the intel. The intel will be dropped for everyone to see and hear in loops that will be several hours long. The system was just checked by the FCC a few days ago alerting ALL media that they cannot block the flow of intel under federal regs. Trump will be moved continuously like a chess piece from now until the 20th in order to avoid any retaliation against him and family. Trump had to exhaust ALL other means legally before this operation could commence. He gave everyone a fair chance to come clean and they refused. His press release of a “smooth transition” did not include the word, “concede” as he has no plans to do so. Rather, there will be a smooth transition of power to his new cabinet, staff and Vice President, General Flynn.

    The rally in DC was an awesome event! The raids on the Capitol all started with BLM and Antifa members (many from the Philly area) and included Capitol police or those posing as Capitol police. Every day, new info is pouring forth to support this. They opened up the barricades and doors to the Capitol and let them in.

    Also, I just got an update on the Capitol breech. It appears there were some Special Ops members dressed as Trump supporters who went in with the crowd of protesters that were able to secure 20+ laptops w/hard drives with data regarding sex trafficking intel from both, Pelosi and Schumer’s offices.

    The Vatican is being raided as we type.

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  2. So… 5 days ago both my wife and I fell ill. Nice 101F fever, all the usual flu symptoms.

    No. We didn’t bother to get COVID tests. They are meaningless, suffer no prognostic purpose, and we’d be going to the hospital anyway if our O2 saturations dropped. Isn’t it wonderful that I can get an O2 saturation off my phone sensor?

    Within minutes of the fever, HCQ+Zinc+Z-pack. In my case, also indomethacin (just in case it was a SARS variant), with no budenoside available — we substituted monteleukast and levoceterizene.

    So here we are with fevers finally tapering after a typically 5 bad flu days. O2 saturations never fell below 95%.

    Amusingly, there was a newscast piece about the “stressed hospital system”. A quick call to an insider informed me that the so-called “stressed system” had ample capacity and total census was within bounds of the last 3 years flu season. The slight increase in hospitalization was due to the insanity of having to admit precautionarily folks that were COVID positive to get 3 days “prequalification for remdesivir”. Most were being discharged the moment the docs felt they were not at risk for progression.

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  3. Hi Tony, I thank you for help on selection of cryptos. Should we add on to our alcoins or wait for correction. Thank you and J2020


    1. Hi Dan, great question.

      For now, I would suggest you do not buy any idea we shared if it has gone over the buy-up-to price on the list.

      I am going to create a new linked page to keep that list up to date and easier to find. Been meaning to do it but been busier than a blind beaver in a petrified forest.

      All the buy-up-to prices are current except for BTC and ETH, which were raised to 40K and 1400 respectively.

      I would not suggest buying BTC right now. ETH is still in a good buy range. Check all the others against the list before adding more.

      Just ask here if you have any specific question on a safe buy price if you need help.

      Good luck!

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    1. Hi Tony,

      We are still all here. Trying to keep it together and not get overwhelmed with all the negative information floating around. For sure we at least know what is happening out there. But we need to keep our mental health in a good place as well.

      Thank you as always for all the great tips on cryptocurrency. I have recovered from my investment mistakes and made some money based on your suggestions. I like our style here of hodl.

      Here is wishing you good health and prosperity in this new year.


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      1. Awesome to hear!

        Yes indeed…the long game is where the true wealth is. We are at the right place at the right time at the right price.

        No matter how severe the volatility…now is not the time to panic sell or frantic buy. Just get in at the right price and wait for time, Wall St FOMO and the built-in irrational price actions to take it all to the stars.

        Not all ideas will make it, but it only takes a handful that do and suddenly your life takes a huge turn for the better.

        Why else would we even do this if not to get a result? Too many years chinwagging about currencies has been wasted. No more.

        From now on, we stand our ground here and hold to the last.

        Then we get drunk and go to John’s house for a party. 😵 🍾

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        1. Only it’s not a bottle you have to bring to Johns parties. He also thinks Twins are good. Keeping it in the family.


        2. Heck, you buggers cannot have a party and get drunk without me. But I don’t think John is speaking to me at the moment so probably won;t get an invite lol. Someone will have to sneak me in somehow.


    2. Remember a while ago Tony I mentioned I had a go at a little trading? Well, I ran away with my tail down as I seemed to be terrible at it after seeing the dollars fly out the door. I decided not to let it beat me and jumped back in to have another go. Doing okay lately and have made back what I lost plus some. Just wanted to try and make some dollars on the side so I did not have to touch my crypto as I’m not able to do my regular work these days. It;s killing me though being locked out of making any moves between 8am Sat to 10am Monday lol.


      1. Be disciplined, and never let your emotions guide your trades.

        I don’t trade anymore, but today it’s easier than ever with the advanced tools available.

        Keep up the good work!

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        1. Thank you Tony. You are absolutely correct, emotions were what brought me down last time but not this time. Don’t really want to trade as it does stress me quite a a bit but seems to work as an answer just know until I find another income avenue. Thanks again for all your guidance.


  4. John, I read your updates below in response to Sampson’s questions. I’m still not clear on the situation with the “Big Battalions”. Do these transactions come under the “few Elders and PP positions that are very advanced” or are they “nowhere”?

    Also, will a change in administration in DC cause further delays or will it have no affect on contracted groups? Many thanks.


    1. John F

      The Elders are very far forwards.

      The Elders have their own Gold, plus Note – Cash pallets in T’s all USD,

      That can be brought back into the system, once fully agreed for us. It will move to London for safety and integrity and away from Fed, Wall Street and US corruption. American hegemony is over. Trust has gone! All!.

      The key London Trust headed by the most Senior Lords and key power figures, will administer and preside over its integrity. Infrastructure Projects of benefit to many nations will commence.

      A whole new approach will be taken towards Cryptos, with new innovations to benefit many of you.

      In addition, the many thousands of Elders Trusts which were take over and manipulated by voracious Agency and Pariah Banks, plus truly evil Crime families like the Bushes and Clintons, and the deeply corrupt bagmen like Greenspan, are all under review. Those funds need to be back working for the people as intended. Not racketeered by Zionist Bankers.

      As we convert assets to Cryptos ,away from that US Treasury / Fed Zionist Jewish racket, we can start the Global recovery in such steps as can be achieved. Wealth creation projects will be encouraged in many societies.

      Education will be a key dynamic.

      One core issue will be the Ethereal and UFO revelations disclosed over time. It’s always been strongly objected to in order to maintain and perpetuate the Vatican lie and their Jesuit foothold in the WH. Both Clinton and Trump are ex Jesuit scholars.

      What does that tell you?

      There is one key ex Military PP still in play as they brought genuine funds in from Elders also.

      Iraq has a finite capital limit as to its size as an economy. The military use of the plates captured, and Agency racketeering mass selling to the desperate, greedy or gullible, won’t end well for many. No one is bailing that crock. Such funding as is necessary to underpin Iraq’s new economy, is all that is, or will be, affordable. Torch the rest. Take it up with the Promoters and Pumpers. Iraq is not being saddled with that hype. War looting and racketeering is not a Lawful basis to establish History of Funds Ownership Title, and that whole turgid mess will come to a head.

      A Clean Up is starting. We will NOT be using Elders funds to bail demonetized currencies.

      You bought it, you sort it. Read up on the South Seas Bonds fiasco and end game.

      Had those funds been in Cryptos? Most of the key Brokers, Pumpers and Wannabes have left Reno, including the Chinese elements. Parties we advised to get out have, and are recovering in Cryptos under WHA oversight.

      WHA is the platform now. Truth givers.

      Also excellent Health and Covid contributions by Tino and others.

      John F, all that others crapola circulating, has no money sponsors. Prosperity Funds looted by venal Promoters will have to be addressed in Law. Neither Santa nor Custer are coming. We will not bail them.

      Please, all look to get onto Signal and off Whats app and Google. It’s time to end the Zio censorship and abuse. Crash and trash that lot. Facebook also. Move away from them. 2021 rethink and reposition from it all.

      Getting your notes back from Reno may not be so easy. The South Seas bubble?


  5. Idi Amin Warnock is heading to the US Senate. That we elected such a Marxist is indicative of what our schools are turning out.

    Remember when Kathy gave us all head?

    Jesus, not again. Was not a 737 Max, but still…

    Hester rocks. I am curiously aroused by that woman.

    Please…LET IT AFFECT THE PRICE in the short term. Please!!! Bargains at this stage would be awesome.

    No word if the injection was a royal pain in the ass.

    How does it feel to be early? Enjoying the worm? Morning worm? lol

    Banking and the IRS – Herpes and Aids would be an improvement.

    Why is this man not PM?

    Faggot Bolshevik chased out of the airport. This putz is over-rated.

    Now that’s British!

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  6. With growing lock downs and kids off school, demand for lap tops and note books is off the chart. Huge shortfalls are coming. Stores are out of stocks,.and supplies are not coming. This may last 2 years. Get new models where you can. Its getting desperate now. Growing shortfalls. Get back ups fast. If you can.


  7. Stay-at-home dad is arrested for stealing Nancy Pelosi’s lectern

    Deep State Deep Shit just dropped on these clowns as we predicted.
    What happened with Trump’s corruption arrests? See our frustration?

    How to live away from Tacky Caribbean dives
    Covid IS buliding now and its bad.

    Boris Johnson begs families to stay home as death toll hits record
    America’s Color Revolution – PaulCraigRoberts.or

    Paul has had the time to focus on a well considered article and very much worth your time to read.
    Great article worth reading. How Americas dream died and what will become of the poor Mugs within. Trump was the last chance to break free and it failed. A JFK with a brain could have worked.
    It’s over for Free Americans now . Sorry if truth hurts. You just lost America.
    Read and think.

    They want Trump to suffer now. At any cost.
    Read the Paul Roberts article also

    Lindsey Graham begs Biden to order Pelosi not to impeach Trump again
    Scientists warn measures are too ‘lax’ and demand even stricter rules

    What the hell is coming at us?
    Police confront anti-lockdown mob chanting ‘take your freedom back’

    Protests are building there will be blood

    Can he save it in time?

    Stick it to this runt hard.

    The Jews News stranglehold on truth is here
    Subject: Ian Lyne on Twitter: “Lt. General Thomas McInerney, speaking at the White House yesterday. He says white hats (good guys, part of special forces) got Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the breach of the Capitol on Wednesday. He says she’s frantic, and this is why she’s pushing to impeach Trump. Pls RT” / Twitter

    Dirty Nancy has reasons to freak. What will be exposed now?
    Italygate, part II: Obama and Renzi accused of being the masterminds of the US electoral fraud – La cruna dell’ago

    We’ve heard this for weeks. Where is the action?
    This is an important Trump message update for all.

    Trump fighting from a secure location, did not concede

    Following Wednesday false flag “storming” of the Capitol Building — staged by left-wing Antifa / BLM instigators who dressed up as MAGA supporters — we witnessed the final act of betrayal against our constitutional republic as members of Congress flipped against truth and voted to accept the fraudulent Biden electors, making Joe Biden the “president-elect.”

    Under the cover of night, the treasonous US Congress voted to install CCP puppet Joe Biden into the White House, confirming his fraudulent slate of electors as accepted.

    A few hours later, Trump issued a statement about a “transition of power.” Here it is:

    ‘Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again.’

    This statement is being widely interpreted by the media to be a concession statement from the president. However, it is no such thing.

    Trump did not concede at all. He did not congratulate Joe Biden and he did not say he would leave the White House.

    When he says, “the end of the greatest first term,” that makes perfect sense, since Trump’s second term would begin on January 20th. So his first term is ending.

    Don’t worry Facebook medics.. covid isn’t real, the hospitals are empty and figures are being over inflated.

    I have covid, I guess there was only so long I could shield from the inevitable. I have spent last night in resus along with half of Nottinghamshire. That’s not even my obs machine, it belongs to the person I’m doubled up with in my resus bay as there is no more space to put anyone needing resus care.

    The NHS is overwhelmed.. but they will still care for you. The staff will still flog themselves shift after shift and double up bed spaces to make sure if you’re having a heart attack, a stroke, you’ve broken your ankle on the ice or someone’s crashed in to your car. They’ll still magic free drugs from thin air to help you. And fortunately, even if you comment on every single post on the Derby Telegraph page with your own facts and theories that you’ve shared from your mate Alan, who you once drunkenly snogged in Scream, that let’s face it, haven’t been through the best peer review process … then yes, they’ll still treat you too.

    I’m still in the very early days of it and it’s causing me to have mast cell crisis. But lots of oxygen, some hefty steroids and I’m back in my own bed for now. The risk of overwhelming viral load by being admitted is greater at the moment than the risk of ongoing mast cell crisis and anaphylaxis at home. And the bed should go to someone that needs constant oxygen, for now I don’t, so we’ll wait until that point if it comes.
    ‘I’ve made £100k’ – meet the Bitcoin investors cashing in their profit

    Good luck guys
    Stay-at-home dad is arrested for stealing Nancy Pelosi’s lectern

    What a Moron he’s going to pay for this

    The Capitol Was STORMED! Everything You Need to Know

    Friday evening was Big Tech’s version of Kristallnacht. The Twitter accounts of President Trump, Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, and scores of other brilliant people who I followed were summarily terminated.

    America suddenly began to feel like China.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc. all acted in concert.
    Companies that collectively control the information flow for 3 billion people. Companies, without which, modern life is impossible. These companies have just announced they are in control of the US political system. Even Trump’s mass email service canceled him (which happened to me twice in 2019).

    And to think that Kamala Harris hasn’t even taken power yet.

    To his credit, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is a Leftist (but not a Globalist) condemned Facebook and Twitter for blocking President Trump.

    When I first began publishing ForbiddenKnowledgeTV in 2010, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, who’d existed my whole life in an exclusively Liberal bubble but because there was no way I could support Hillary Clinton, I was able to overcome my lifelong anti-Trump and anti-Republican bias to appreciate the good things he had to say and to vote for Donald Trump.

    Almost immediately after making my new views publicly known, Google demonetized my site by more than 80%.

    Although I didn’t connect the two events at the time, the unrestricted war that has since been waged against those who support Trump over the past 4 years has proven that these two are connected.

    This includes the latest False Flag “storming” of the Capitol being blamed on Trump but incited by Antifa, as anyone can see in the numerous videos taken at scene – though the FBI will deny this.

    This purported “storming” of the Capitol is now being used to enact Chinese-style de-platformings from social media, with de-bankings sure to follow – if Michelle Obama gets her way.

    More importantly, this False Flag is being used to muddy the uncharted fraud that stole the election from Trump – and the 80-120 million Americans who voted for him.

    I don’t understand the depths of my friends’ and family’s demoralization, that they are celebrating this; that they cannot see that a coup d’état against our Constitutional Republic is under way; that they are cheering the handover of the United States to China and the Globalists!

    It’s become more than clear that Big Tech is not in the business of making money via the services they provide to their users. They are so vastly wealthy, they don’t need money. Their real currency is the control of the human mind.

    They seek to corral the zeitgeist of the global population and to transform it into their One-Party Rule, like that of the CCP.

    The absolute power held by these tech giants has corrupted them absolutely. They are one with the Deep State. It is long past time to put them in check, assuming this is even possible.

    JP Sears has done a hilarious piece about it all. We’re going to need all the humor we can get over the next few years.


    1. Well hearing this news I will change my tune toward you (for the moment anyway lol) and wish you a speedy recovery John. I honestly do wish you well even though you drive me utterly crazy where Trump is concerned.

      I know you will need to rest so if you could somehow arrange for Tony to be kept in the loop regarding your health status he will be able to advise us if and when appropriate, if that is not rude to ask of you or someone close to you please.

      Cheers big boy, take it easy. I’ll be thinking of you. And if you need to hear how magnificent President Trump is during your recovery just give me a holla lol. Actually, that might be the perfect pill to enable you to recover at a much speedier rate. Nurse Slayer on duty. LOL


        1. Bloody hell, am I thick or what? Man, that bugger needs help setting out his comments properly then. He scared the crap out of me with that comment. Heck, now he knows how to break me down easily lol.

          Ok, that looks like I am allowed return to annoying him with how wonderful President Trump is then. LOL

          You are a bugger John. Thanks Tony.


  8. John,

    Can you provide any insight into releases for PPs? I know its been awhile and this site is moving in another direction, but when, if ever, will releases for U.S. PPs become a reality? There are those of us in PPs who hope to make a difference in the World with the proceeds that still cling to hope.

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Sampson

      First we have to clear complex special interest issues between the Elders, UN and Treasury/ Fed with additional Military/Agency overlaps. Many Pigs at the trough.

      Forget all the open market rhetoric its BS. The Elders have their own assets and currency. The rest have none.
      There are a few Elders and PP positions very advanced. Not Reno. The rest are nowhere.
      Reno and Florida are blown. No sign of anything real there now.

      No one is going to print vast T’s to bail BS notes printed to order to take advantage of broker markets.

      Toilet paper in many cases. With Trump gone expect nothing from Biden’s crew. He is run by Obama and Clinton and they will spend the first year stealing anything not locked down hard. They are salivating for their licks.

      America is in free fall. Chaos rules fools. Biden will be a disaster for Americans. A Moron’s vote.


      1. Thank you very much, John. Politics aside (although interdependent), do the PPs finally settle this year? Been watching this site for awhile now, per your recommendations, for the dam to break and wondering “what is realistic to hope for”?

        Lastly, is Reno and Florida still in play for the big battalions? Thank you, sir.


        1. The help you get from WHA to rebuild in Cryptos is priceless for you. How many years has Reno been?

          Those with a brain need to think recall, and if concerned sell as best you can. If you can, because if that dam bursts ????????????At the tail end of that crap shoot, you just may find a lot of black holes and big questions. Reinvest in Cryptos and start again is an option. Or dream on with the gullible. Fake Gurus, fake promises. Fake noise on the system. Your call. It profiles like a dead hippo rotting in a waterhole. You want to drink that Kool aid?
          Your call. Time for smart money to review now and think, don’t you think? I never bought into that mess..

          We can’t advise, your call. Smart money will think. How many years of this bust?

          Just a respectful suggestion, your call. You asked. Magic mushrooms won’t bail it. Or sell part and spread your risk. Cryptos are live and growing. Or a dead end watering hole? How many broken promises and false dawns?

          If Overstayers are sent home. can you even get out? Have you done your diligence? Risk management.
          Feeding desperation or greed needs a live. visible market to go on. Hello? Just think that’s all.

          I can’t answer for you on any part of the game, nothing is visible. The only Play I see is monopoly money. But the Gurus find suckers every day it seems . More reborn. Your call, for how many more years?

          Had that money been in Cryptos? That’s all I can indicate. No advice, your call. How much longer before the recalls start? Stampedes? Is it a South Seas bubble? Read how that went. Just an observation, no more. Is that Hippo Koolaid? Rose water it’s not.


      2. Sampson,

        The “change in direction” will be away from Dinarian concerns and all the fantasy claims of NESARA and the like.

        The PPs John is helping with via his position is very much a real world operation and it’s such things as this, and what may stem from the successful completion of his work there, that we will be focusing on. So, don’t worry that such will be excluded. It will not be. It will very much be a larger part of our reason for even having this site in the first place.

        I hope that clarifies the matter.


  9. ‘Make him a commoner’ – Queen urged to remove Harry from royal line of succession Toss out this Tosser become Markles Puppet you Muppet

    A guide to brown fat – and why it could hold the secret to weight loss Fighting flab

    UK to ban travel from 11 more countries amid South African variant fears Double standards
    Women fined £200 over eight-mile trip to Derbyshire beauty spot – Derbyshire Live This is the BS police apply now

    Coinbase cryptocurrency traders continue to face frozen funds for weeks

    BREAKING NEWS: Twitter PERMANENTLY bans President Trump
    ——— They are cutting off his lifelines so they corner him like a caged know how this will end BREAKING NEWS: Twitter PERMANENTLY bans President Trump


    1. I almost never post but read everyday on this site and others. Many people bring good information here to help everyone understand what is to happen next. I have inside info I believe to be true. I am told Trump will be in for another term. Much will happen in the near future. Much has been planned in advance for this time as Trump knew this was coming. Another post stated why the left is trying to impeach again. Read it and you will understand many sealed indictments being opened now will bring arrests to thousands and imprison and death to many. The evil will be removed, the lies corrected, and then you will see we will have another chance to bring this country up again. Never be complacent as our enemy will be at out gates always. This country was founded on Christian values and if we stand for those values we will never be defeated. Right now our enemy is inside our gates, in our schools, in our political world, in our banking system, in our government offices, in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, in the media and move industry. Pay attention and you will see. Be ready to support our President Trump as this battle is far from over.

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    2. Stuff twatter. President Trump has Parler and Gab.

      Many online are stating that Parler has apparently crashed with so many people around the world trying to join to hear from President Trump. The commies and now going all 1984 with Parler too but it can still be accessed. LOL


    3. Far Left Activist John Sullivan from Utah Who Was Arrested for Storming the US Capitol Is Released without Charges — Organized Antifa Event in Area at Same Time as “Stop the Steal” Rally!

      “John Sullivan, a noted leftist leader from Utah, stormed the US Capitol with fellow activists on Wednesday.
      John Sullivan is a Black Lives Matter goon from Utah who was flown into DC during the planned “Stop the Steal” rally.

      In August John Sullivan threatened to “rip President Trump from the White House” during violence in Washington DC. Sullivan was flown to DC for the protests.”


  10. Here is more for you dear Aurataya13:

    Thanks for your complements. I hope to live up to them. I am sorry you are under a draconian law that prevents you from accessing some information. Have you tried the TOR browser?

    Here is more for you below, and thank you for sticking up for TRUMP while others bash:

    Sidney Powell (Trump’s amazing lawyer) says that despite the fact that they certified the electors, President Trump still has the full power of the foreign interference E.O. to toss out the whole thing.

    Lin wood ( another lawyer working for Trump) also says Trump will be in for the next 4. Despite what you are hearing. He has the sworn affidavit from Italy from how they rigged the numbers for Biden which was delivered to Trump, Gohmert, Flynn and to the senate and house members at 1:12 pm the day before yesterday, before they certified the election. So they knowingly certified a fraudulent election.

    Also yesterday before president Trump spoke, they and 25 other American citizens filed a grand jury investigation which is given to them in the US constitution.

    It has been used 8 times in our history with a 100% success rate.

    Unless Trump concedes, which he has not done despite what the news is saying… Biden will not be the president on January 20th.


    Let General Flynn lift your spirits dear Aurataya13:


    Listen to what Simon Parkes has to say in the following video. It seems to match what was discussed above. I believe that TRUMP has a very effective TRUMP card up his sleeve:


    Your friend, Robert The Bruce – King of Scots – Spider Watcher In Chief ( Joke for John2020 )

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    1. My sincere thanks is offered to you again Robert The Bruce. You have been so kind in sharing information and links, thank you. I just watched the General Flynn video, it was absolutely amazing. I have great respect for General Flynn, he is an amazing man.

      I did try Tor a while ago but it seemed to block me from viewing some of the websites I tried to visit at that time. I will definitely look at this again as soon as time permits. Have to start making several changes in these areas instead of just sticking in my same old patterns. I’ll get there.

      No worries at all re supporting President Trump. I am absolutely horrified with what has happened to him since being elected President. And his treatment lately is beyond utterly disgraceful. I think I know more about politics in the US than I know of my own country these days. I feel very strongly about what is happening in the US and do not wish to see your country taken over completely by the traitors.

      Wake to an enjoy a magnificent day Robert The Bruce.


  11. Of course. Shitter didn’t ban all the incitement to riot from Marxine Waters, Commie’laHarris, Annihilate-ya Pressly or Nutsy Pelosi.

    The media cuddles up to Biden/Harris, and laughs at this kind of thing.

    And to think, Wall St has not even entered. Better buy a truss, because when they do, you will want to grab onto that train and you want your balls along for the ride.

    The Bolsheviks in the press and media are effecting their proscriptions.

    Where are all these supposed secret arrests, military moves, light worker armies, Trump “storms”, QFS watermark ballots? Q? Hunter’s laptop in possession and still no indictment? Who is in charge, the Marx Brothers or just Marx?

    And then some…

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    1. Sorry it looks like i posted a link to my own computer and I can’t see how to delete the post. Can you delete the post for me please.


  12. For a couple days, the political class has been in an ever-growing cacophony, screeching for President Trump to leave office IMMEDIATELY.  Now, I have found out why . . .

    For over a year, various individuals have been pointing out a historically large number of “sealed cases” on the Dockets  in all 94 federal district courts.

    Sealed cases are nothing new; but the shear volume of such sealed cases has caught the attention of many court watchers: Over one-hundred-thousand (100,000) such cases and growing.

    It is a tad bit unusual for there to be a sealed case.  Those types of things usually happen when civil actions are filed involving trade secrets or proprietary information when corporations have litigation.  Sealed cases also happen when juveniles are in the federal criminal justice system, which is rare.  

    One other type of sealed case is when a Grand Jury has Indicted someone, but the government doesn’t want that target to know, so as to prevent them from fleeing, and also to prevent them from either destroying evidence or tampering with witnesses.

    It is that last type that these 100,000+ cases SEEM to consist of.  But because the cases are sealed, absolutely everyone in the court system is sworn to keep such info quiet, and they do.

    Minutes ago, a former colleague of mine from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, informed me that Assistant US Attorneys in EVERY federal district have spent the past two days unsealing Indictments and walking them into Magistrate offices to secure Search Warrants and Arrest Warrants. HUNDREDS OF THEM.

    According to my source, these are the Warrants to go after the big shots.  The heavyweights.  The “elite” on everything from child trafficking, to child rape and even murder.  

    I doo not have first-hand knowledge of any such massive effort to unseal Indictments and obtain arrest warrants, so I cannot speak to this claim form personal knowledge.  I am relying on what a former colleague has told me, and I trust this person.

    If this information is accurate, THAT would explain why the entire political class, current and former, is coming out of the woodwork demanding President Trump leave office — or be removed from office – immediately.

    We could very well be on the eve of an incredible amount of legal activity that may . . . just may . . . change things in our nation forever.

    Hal Turner

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  13. As expected.

    Of course.

    All attempts to regulate crytpo are simply to be able to track gains for taxes. Every one wants a piece of the action.

    This Bolshevik is the epitome of political storefront dummies. She will be president one day.

    In chaos, you can always count on lawyers to win big.

    The Bolsheviks are prepping their proscription lists.

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  14. We must impeach Trump and bar him from holding office again. Now | Corey Brettschneider

    4 to 5 dead from his shambolic power grab. Now the whole world is queing up to tell this Clown YOUR FIRED!
    Piers Morgan ends friendship with Donald Trump and calls him ‘deranged monster’ – Mirror Online

    Piers is being too kind.
    Melania call him worse.
    Donald Trump’s Final Days

    Now he tries to pardon himself.
    Trump slammed for saying HE called in the National Guard to quell riot

    They Lying King too Dumb to be true.

    Trump slammed for saying HE called in the National Guard to quell riot
    PayPal, Coinbase Invest in Crypto Tax Automation Startup TaxBit – CoinDesk
    WhatsApp forces users to agree to share private data including phone number with Facebook

    Censorship by the Jews News.
    Beast from the East 2 fears as Scotland wakes up to snow amid Met Office weather warnin

    Ugly weather.
    DoJ confirms email accounts breached by SolarWinds hackers

    Serious deterrents are needed for hackers. Cryptos worst nightmares.
    Bitcoin tops $40,000 as investors seek hedge against inflation
    Capitol riot: Democrats seek Trump’s removal from office

    Theres so much hatred and contempt for Trump voting him out will get a majority. He willl leave vilified and ridiculed.
    More Republicans say they will object to US election result
    They have a case but Trump may be long gone.

    Trump did NOT concede… Lin Wood explains “many traitors” to be arrested shortly… final list of confirmed traitors acquired last night during congressional vote

    It is all too late now?
    “The Stink of His Family Is Nearly Impossible to Get Off”: Jared and Ivanka’s Final Chapter in Washington Demolished Their Future

    Now this from a cultured nation like the UK, is an issue we can empathise with. We see the Kazarian Mafia assimilating Fake Rodent Jew Crime families like the Kushners, manipulating Shrek to grant them Presidentail pardons for crimes, working in turn with Netanyahu and Kushner to illegally steal Syrias Golan Heights territory for its vast mineral wealth holdings, having Jarhead, sneerigly refered to by key Arabs as the Clown Prince, acting for Trump, to gain a Peace Accord shielding Irael from its pernicioues crimes and land theft, and its abuse of Palestinians forced to the Gaza concentration camps by vile Khazars, denied use of their own lands.
    He’s installed a vaccuous daughter for God knows purpose to run activites she’s ill prepared for, and to block a key role from core Professionals.
    Europe sees he and his family as a Tacky Joke. Shrek walking like a lumbering great Mc D gutted Klutz ahead of the Queen for the Guard of Honour in London is yet another of his ignorant, crude and low class lack of cultural procedures. No one missed it, and his second visit, bring his ammassed extended family, UNIVITED, to graps Statesmanship standing back home, but ever more showing a Disneyland .family gawping like Trailer Trash at the vast array of historical Artifects and huge wealthy holdings of the Palaces and history of a real Empire..They came across as Beverly Hillbillies.
    JFK brought you Class and Camelot. JFK was respected and flew the flag high. JFK earned respect.
    Trump is a product fresh from the Stye. The world stage is unforgiving.
    So too, is America now.
    His latest escapade in DC will be his legacy. The mental kingdom of the Klutz. Cheap. Tacky and Whacky!
    US Capitol riots: DoJ warns national secrets may have been stolen

    The MORON posing in this seat will do real time for this. His fine will be high. His Jail Time will be the most they can give him, and those black SUVs will arrive anytime over the next 2 weeks, possibly even at 5 in the morning, when they will drag him out cuffed as they find him. Naked Ok, they will parade him as is. Hundreds will pay for this.
    5 people now have died. The world has recoiled, it’s been a huge prestige blow to America.
    Kushners will pay for this. Untouchables. Trumps kids can forget running. This shame will be permanent.

    Over the next 2 weeks there will be a concerted effort to throw Trump out- Fired!
    He can forget running again. He blew his own case. He failed to fight to win. Pussy Whipped.

    He’s now persona non grata in all political circles. Loser is his Epitaph now.

    The scale of this will be seismic for him. Lives were lost. When the litigation starts for his own past foilbles, Jurys will have issues.

    Whoever this clown is in the Chair, No Judge will give you mercy. Your going to the Pen for hard time. Bubba is waiting. There will be a bonus price offered to Christen your butt. Carry your Vaseline.


  15. “Now, Congress has certified the votes. A new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20,” Trump said. “Serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime, and to all of my wonderful supporters, I know you are disappointed, but I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning.”

    Sounds like conceding to me…. when Trump says our incredible journey is only just beginning he is saying he will run again in the future… himself and/or his family… intel peeps take that to mean he has some HUGE bomb to drop!…
    There is no big proof… server in Germany?… Q?… the entire list of intel peeps?
    Horseshit!… NWO incoming!


    1. Nice to see the real facts starting to come out HIW. Thank you for that post.

      I am more than a little weary reading all the absolute poisonous crap being put out and then posted here from the MSM vilifying President Trump. It’s as though he has created all the wrongs in the rancid American political system.
      People may think I am delusional, but I will say this here on this board. You haven’t seen or heard the end of President Trump yet. Watch this space!

      As the President Of The United States POTUS has achieved more for the world and the USA in particular, in one term, than that treacherous waster Barry Sotero along with his mate Michael, could have ever dreamed of in a string of terms, never mind the 2 wasted terms he used and abused. An African immigrant pretending to be a US citizen. So, tell me again, why is his Birth Certificate locked away from the world so no one can see that he was born in Kenya.
      Ask yourself this question, do you really believe that President Donal Trump would have endured the constant hatred and all the negative press from every quarter, to finally throw the towel in?

      I am going to put a link up here, which I believe will and should stir the minds of the receptive thinker. Whether you agree with it or not, you may well find yourself at least wondering, just how this is all going to end. Not I would suggest as the MSM are crying out for his blood but by the tables about to be turned for the benefit of all the world.
      This is the start of the link as a taster:

      If you find yourself worried right now, ask yourself these questions…
      1) Why would Trump (a man hated by those who are falsely claiming the presidency) approve the use of hangings and firing squads AFTER the election in which he seemingly “lost”?

      2) Why are they pushing SO hard to impeach a president that supposedly leaves office in 12 days?

      3) Do you really think Trump leaves office without playing ANY of his Trump cards? Do you think his EOs (especially on foreign interference in the election) were just for funsies?

      4) We were warned of a necessary “scare event”. What does this seem like to you? We were told that only at the precipice will people find the will to change. What does this seem like to you? We were told POTUS would be isolated from making arrests for optics.


      Just thought it appropriate to put something up that offers some support instead of the continual negative rhetoric. I guess we will all know for sure in the very near future what the outcome really is going to be. I feel confident Donald Trump hasn’t/wasn’t purposely placed to save the Republic of the USA.
      By the way per chance anyone may think I am a deluded Republican supporter, far from it, I am a UK Citizen.
      Posted for balance.

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      1. Should have proof read before posting, just a small amendment at the end of the above post.
        I feel confident Donald Trump hasn’t/wasn’t purposely placed by his backers to waste these four years but to start the fight to save the Republic of the USA.
        God Bless The USA.

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      2. JT57
        The site has gone out of its way to keep Trump in office,Warts and all. Biden has been fully exposed, his associats also.
        We still stand by Trump being a far better alternative than Biden.

        But a truly effective President- No!

        JFK was. Trump is just a Chancer, not anywhere near the quality needed for the role, and ONLY git it to keep Clinton out. We “Realists” keep it real.. There is no harm in publishing multi-site views of warts and all, That way gets a balanced truth.

        Including yours.

        It also shows his support team we are watching.

        Washington is a feeding trough of Slime. Expended belts in the Beltway.
        Look at how we take it to Johnson in the UK. Mini Marcon also.

        Caustic wit puts manners on them.

        Most of the adverse articles have been earned. Thick skins are the first pre requisite of Politics. Trump took it to IQ also.
        What did Trump to to dismantle the Deep State?

        How many corruption arrests? History will not be kind. Why did he illegally award the Syrian Golan Heights to Israel for Kushner and associates to rob its mineral wealth. To pardon Kushner Criminal family members.

        He’s a sleaze as the next 4 years of litigation will expose. His real problems have yet to start. Do we stop that truth?
        Tony will be out fast to remove unacceptable articles, be assured.

        Your as welcome to fly the flag for Trump. It all balances out.

        It’s also why the site is ever growing No one will help you spill your coffee faster than us. Free speech? Within reason.

        Just watch what we take to Bribe taking, Child sniffing Biden and Nancy. Free speech. We watch all. Make your voice heard as you just have. All others the same right. Tony monitors. We all do. Tino also flies the flag high for key issues. All are read. Including you.


      3. Q?… and all the other guru/intel/little birdie peeps… I see a lot of them resetting, moving the bar now!… as much as anyone I want the above to be true, but here we sit with the Pres resetting and prepping for AFTER Biden is in… have to wonder!… comment below lifted from another thread… said what I am feeling…

        “After years of being strung along, once again, for the 1000th time, we are told to “wait” and see the “big” plan. Sit quietly and wait and see! All I have seen is the DS grow more powerful and get away with horrendous crimes! Now, we are being told to wait, yet again! Wait until when? Until we have every single God given Right stripped from us? Wait until our children and grandchildren are slaves and have no idea or memory of what America once was? Is that how long we wait?”

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  16. Are you looking for a penny stock that could make you a lot of money? Consider this one. I am hoping I do not have to access my crypto but keep crypto only for access if I escape to another country. I only want to touch conventional investments while living in the USSA.

    I hope this one goes to the moon and some others I have so I do not have to transfer crypto to fiat in order to pay bills. I hope that never happens unless I have already left the USSA and I am settled down in a crypto friendly country.


  17. Donald Trump temporarily BANNED from Twitter, Instagram AND Facebook

    The Deep State fights back

    Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the count on Wednesday, would take office if Trump were removed

    Trump mentally unfit.
    Subject: ‘Trump blows up US democracy’: the world watches on in horror

    Adolf arrived this way. Will Congress call his bluff?
    What of the wall of litigants Trump faces once leaving the WH?

    Does Trump have a plan or strategy?

    More are now leaving him

    Trump is getting real blowback now

    So now, after 20th January does Trump lead the mobs again? Note the rifles and arms? They came to fight and kill.
    His life goes into free fall after Jan 20th. It seems unlikely he can overturn the votes, and has failed to get Biden arrested.

    Has he got any cards left to play? His whole administration is jumping ship. Trump is now himself in play!
    Once leaving the WH they will mass litigate and other investigations are pending . His whole sordid life is heading for the toilet it seems.

    The media will eat him alive.
    Pence declares Biden’s victory is certified and seals Trump’s fate

    So now it’s over and Shrek goes to contest mounting litigation plus other criminal investigations. Devoid of Presidential immunity the life of a Parish Skank will be trawled over by a vengeful media who will expose his every blemish
    . Female Groupies wait to Greenmail him Stormie threatens more plus others’s looking ugly..
    This will be high value litigation and if proceeding top PhD level specialist Trial Lawyers will put this 13 year old IQ plebian misfit on the stand and publicly shred him under the full media spotlight. Ruthless character exposure in a public assassination. No mercy will be given Shrek Hunters are lining up for scalps .

    Putting a mental midget with attitude like that was always risking this end game.
    Yes it’s terrible that a low life like Biden gets in, but a vacuous Pleb like Trump let it happen
    His legacy will be ridicule. Already the cartoonists are on his case and ligation Ambulance Chasers are lining up to hunt a bear.
    Wait and see if they get him on the stand. He will be ruthlessly exposed for both his sordid history and arrogant presumptuous mediocrity of intellect. Do they protect the image of an ex President or rip him a new Butt in public..
    Trump has no idea what may take him down. His epitaph is coming .
    Or does he flee? Where? Scotland has rejected him, the Caribbean won’t want him and he’s a figure of public ridicule in England so does he run with Snowden to Russia?
    Or stay and face the music? A tempest storm? This will be a bonfire of vanities.
    Big names to be made scalping that.
    He really should have got an education not just attended. Heel Spurs won’t cut it now. Ignominy and Shame await if litigation succeeds . They will show this Loser no pity. Ever one to sue others it’s payback time looming .
    His legacy, a Chump with the Hump thrown on the Dump. That’s a lot of quad burgers falling to earth.

    How long can truth survive ?
    At The Highest Levels – Part 1 of 3 – Neon Revolt

    The dirt of the Deep State.

    Explains what happened to Seth Rich
    Trump should be denied entry to UK after ‘inciting violent mob’, says Scotland’s justice minister

    Shrek is in a whole world of trouble now. Trips tp his Scottish Golf Club may be banned. The whole world is on his case. Billy No Mates!
    4 years and he built no alliances. 4 years he failed to drain the swamp. 4 years he failed to jail Clinton.
    Shrek is out because he lost trust. He lost part of the women’s vote, and his dirt with Israel, coerced by the Kushner Crime Family, made many nervous.
    When he stole the Golan Heights for Kushner and the Israelis, the world saw the Skank again at work. His ego was offensive, his crude ignorance found him wanting, and his simply lack of intelligence deterred many.
    Its all about trust and he’s lost it. No one likes him and we all see why.
    Everything he’s contested he’s lost. If that trend continues when he is sued, he will go pear shaped fast. No entry signs are up for Trump. He’s lost the plot.
    Iraq issues warrant to arrest Donald Trump for ‘premeditated murder’

    Poor Shrek no one loves him it seems. He cant go to the Middle East or Iran now can he? Even the Hag Sturgeon in Scotland disses him. Jesus no Inn wants this baby.

    Iraq issues warrant to arrest Donald Trump for ‘premeditated murder’

    They smell a kill with Trump and the usual bunch of Vipers see he’s now legless and come in for the kill. . High the mighty have fallen. 300 lbs of lard in freefall now.

    Trump IS that train wreck coming down the line and it will really hurt.

    No WH funded Quad Burgers forn McD’s eating 3 at a time as comfort food. Soon the Grifter has to pay for his own. Every worm is turning, the Spice runs.

    Facebook BANS Trump’s account after president incited MAGA mob
    Why education is so bloody important for Americans


    1. Well, as far as I’m personally concerned PRESIDENT TRUMP is always WELCOME in Australia. Not that I consider he would be safe here with the wankers we have running the country.

      And he would be most welcome in my home any day where I would make him the best bloody hamburgers he has ever eaten in his life. If that’s what he likes eating then that is what he gets.


    1. That was so sad. BUT, I am still holding onto hope for the next 72 hours to expire, only then I will believe Trump has walked.

      He made a few mistakes and did some things I consider to be totally wrong but I will always believe he was the best thing to happen in US politics for a very long time. And I will never forgive the filthy dirty rotten commo scumbag f’ing traiters from the many areas involved in his persecution. They will face justice one day and I hope their pain and suffering is brutal and terrifying.



  18. Like

    1. The Fed and US Treasury has a $2.5B Block and lock on funds and more needs special dispensation.

      $2.5B. So who pays Leo?

      Its bloggers crap which keeps circulating

      I was asked over 15 years ago by our Treasury teams not to get involved in this Wanta scenario it was never going to happen. I agreed, its saved all this time and stress.

      Who us paying the Fed has no money, nor the Treasury, It’s IDIOT talk!

      As if TBTB will give T blocks to a guy whose head has real issues right now.

      Leo needs to be left alone not pestered with this crap. He’s ” Out of it” now. Understand?

      Had Regan intended it, a formal role would have been orchestrated. How did Ron end up? Same thing! Sad.
      $2.5B limits. Reality.

      This is dream land.


  19. Like

  20. There now allegedly 4 dead, from Trumps altercations. Guns and rifles on the streets. Civil war threats.
    Hitler started tbis way in Germany. Be clear there is a parallel. Trumps legacy will be in question.
    The world is recoiling at the sight of Washington in turmoil. Politicos worldwide fear their own roles.
    Johnson is kissing Bidens butt. Creep! He’s shacked up with a vexacious, meddling PR Yapper. Worse, she’s ugly. Would you? No! Where’s his judgment sporting that in daylight? She has a face for a Fairground Ghost Train.
    Johnson should sell her pictures to scare Burglers.

    I was asked by South Korea at 5 this morning what is happening in America? Is he finished and why is Biden not questioned on Votes and his China links.? South Korea fears Bidens Chinese bribes.
    Trump has 10 days to save himself. Or less! Trumps actions have opened the door to Chinese ridicule. Is that Americas Democracy they ask? The world is confused now. Does Trump have a plan or any idea? Support is draining fast. in Washington He has to step up now or get run over. The gloves are coming off.


    1. Actually, anyone that does not clearly see what has been done to Trump during his first term and that believes the msm bullshit about him is an absolute brainless twit.

      One also needs to look closely at the identity of some of the supposed Trump supporters / so called rioters at the Capitol and note that they were well identified Antifa scum. And the weak behaviour of the minimal police presence should also be considered too. One could even consider that behaviour rather encouraging and well directed. Sounds like a good decoy situation to avoid debate in Congress.

      And Pence is a filthy traitor.

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      1. For my dear Friend Aurataya13:

        Do not worry dear, I agree with you:

        WARNING! GRAPHIC VIDEO – Female Trump Supporter Executed by Capitol Security


        Quotes from posters run together:
        My dad worked for both DOD and Homeland Security. You can’t just take over a federal building, and do what we saw today without some help from the inside. This was orchestrated by members of the Senate, and members of the capital police. I was communicating with someone there and they said the police gave 4 busses of them an escort in and took the barriers down for them to get into Capital building. They told us what they were going to do. And the DC Police welcomed them in!


        Now that Treason in Congress is on public record IN VIDEO FORMAT, here is what is currently on the table about to be unleashed.

        *FISA = START
        *LEGAL MILTARY ARRESTS OF TRAITORS ( I hope this includes sleepy Joe )


        The military took all of the laptops from Congress when they left the premises. They were messaging the CCP, ANTIFA, and the Fake News. This ‘onslaught’ of the Capitol Building by ‘patriots’/’antifa’ was a Sting Operation! They Were Caught Red Handed!

        The dude wearing the horns, I explained in another post – he’s actually an undercover Marine, and he was playing the part. His name and social media profile, calling him an actor – was fake. He attended protests (both BLM and patriot) shirtless (so obvious to others he is not wired) but, unbeknownst to everyone – he had cameras inside the horns the whole time! Recording everything! He has been gathering intel on Antifa/BLM for a while now. Today, his played his part convincingly.

        #TheStormHasArrived #plottwist #plottwist #MSMENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE #BigTechElectionInterference

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        1. Thank you so much Robert The Bruce. I appreciate your sharing of this information. Unfortunately, I was only able to view one of your links due to being in the land down under and all the ridiculous 1984 restrictions that currently apply here with the tech firms, it was the most graphic video. WOW! I am normally right into graphic but that was seriously disturbing.

          All this pain, suffering and chaos was so unnecessary. I so desperately long to reside in a world of truth and honesty but it seems my dream is turning in the other direction. Maybe it is not my time to be here. Truth be known, I have always felt that way anyway.

          I am at an age where it is beyond me to head in the direction of the physical fight and am left with what remains beyond that. No matter what, I will never give in to anything that I know is wrong or do not believe in. 10 years ago I would have ripped someones throat out with my own teeth should that have been called for in a moment of confrontation and threat. Aging totally sucks.

          I find you quite interesting Robert The Bruce and sincerely thank you for contributing what you do here at WHA. Your perspective is certainly new and different and I welcome that. One can never ignore a new perspective, no matter what direction it may come from.


    2. Never start a fight unless you are prepared to see it.through and win.
      He incited riots with no plan or end game. Again, typical Trump. 4 years in the Swamp is alive. The Jerk did nothing. Typical of that truly thick Buffoon. Next week may seem hin ripped out of office in shame.
      Just watch the litigation still to follow.
      Now, having rattled cages yesterday most of his team are deserting him. Ashamed!
      Today they have drawn up Impeachment proceedings and are looking at the artlcle 25 line to take him out as mentally unfit..Really? I thought his CIA speech proved that.
      The question now is if he can get though next week. Most want him ripped out now from both sides.
      If Impeached he can never run again. Pence is done with him,.as are most. A vicious backlash may remove him next week.
      Idiot as he is, Biden is no answer. A sad time for America. Maybe a young kenney will run in 4 years. Or equivalent. If Trumps bounced in shame, he burns the family. The world has turned on Trump. The walls are closing in. God help him next week.They want him out in shame.
      Biden is a dreadful option.
      4 bad years now for America. Or lose the plot.
      Shrek is now on the ropes for sure. The whole Beltway wants him gone. What a mess.


        1. Trump called them up as his power show. Now the world is calling him to account.
          They may throw the book at him for this. Torching his ego. His top command is running away.
          Billy No Mates fiddles like Nero while his Rome burns.
          What you see now is a free falling Bum falling into a quagmire.
          TPTB are lining up for retribution.


          1. And the PRESIDENT has the right to call a rally to support the truth of his presidency during elections. He knows his supporters are not violent and fully expected a simple show of great support for his presidency and truth.

            Maybe you should have a good look at the last comment by WHA and then tell me who are the ones instigating the riots and chaos.

            Anyone that has turned on Trump should never be forgotten because it is clear evidence they either do not understand the truth or they are corrupt. Two choices, easy.

            I am utterly shocked by this entire affair in the US. I have never witnessed such blatant corruption so publicly perpetrated. I still do not believe Trump supporters will accept what has happened here and nor should they.

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      1. And why is it that so many people desire to ridicule and crush a man when he is on a downhill slide? To me that behavior is utterly disgusting in the case of a man like Trump. Some may deserve such treatment but PRESIDENT TRUMP does not.


    3. There are 4 dead and 1 ghost.

      1 Protester, female, armed with a US flag and Starbucks cup, shot by a weak-minded Congress security officer.

      3 from Health Reasons (happens all the time, heart attacks, strokes, etc)

      1 Capitol Hill Police Officer — by gunshot, even though NO ONE HAD WEAPONS — completely UNREPORTED during the events of the day. A verily Ghost Death.

      As to support draining fast, you mean Deep State rats running for cover? Elain Chao — shill that she is.

      20% support the Capitol Storming? More like 60% in general. Nothing like watching Congresscritters freeze in fear because, I don’t know, Patriots were coming to what? Hold them Responsible. Most cannot unsee their fearful faces…

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      1. Tino
        He’s had 4 years to create a series of focused Task Forces, each to focus on designated issues and bring then to account. He’s done nothing. He failed on his promises, he’s failed to get control, now they will get him.
        It was all clear the day a big Mutt stood up and told the CIA he was “intelligent”.
        When to all, he was visibly not.

        He’s got at best 10 days to land a blow.

        JFK fought them all and won many. The Bay of Pigs he was pushed into, It tought him to trust none of them.
        Since JFK, only Clinton had an IQ but was bogged down by sleaze. He should have taught Monica how to use a washing machine. Imagine that stain sold at Sotherby’s now? Opportunities.
        Reality Tino, is that the one thing both Monica and Trump have in common, is they both blew it.
        I don’t want to see Trump switched for Biden.
        Too late.

        All Trump has to face now is ignominy and litigation. His scalp is on offer.
        The next 4 years will not be kind.
        The media have a 4 years meal ticket. Open season. For him, nothing will be off limits. Nowhere to run and hide.
        What’s coming will be vicious. He failed to shield himself behind a Top Professional Team. Instead he brought in Kushner, and his daughter. Naive stupdity. Shrek ran loose. How to lose!
        No one wins. Two awful choices.

        Young Kennedy or similar needs to come through. If there will even be a straight election in 4 years.
        So much raw, sound potential. Will none run?

        Even Biden is building a better team than Trump achieved. That quality may save America.
        Also save the cost of Trumps vast entourage filling his hotels. The Grifter can find his own occupants now.
        Deutsch are coming. Loan Redemption. As are the litigants and more.
        He may not be able to fill his hotels, but he’s going to fill newspapers. Tabloids for sure.
        He’s so in play now and has no idea. 4 years of Skidrow will he survive it?
        He probably thinks Ignominy is a Pygmy Camp in Africa.


  21. HIW says:
    January 4, 2021 at 7:05 pm
    “TRX and Bitorrent are next target of SEC. Watch for it. Should be coming shortly.”

    Question: Can you provide us with a link to a web page that can give us something believable and pertaining to this? Thanks.


    John2020 posts:

    “Man is found murdered with his genitals amputated in Spain

    Can’t we export this to the Beltway and FRB New York?”

    My reply: You can export that same technique right from England because you people did something similar to my dear friend Sir William Wallace…. only it was much worse. Poor William.



    Foundation: Let us imagine that the benefits of a revalued Indonesia rupiah is going to flow to the Indonesian people ONLY and those people in other countries who purchased rupiah, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, will be cut off from the ability to reap any benefits from the revaluation of the IDR. Question: Is there a plan in the works to provide the Indonesian people with a greatly revalued currency?


    Memories of my dear friend: Sir William Wallace

    His speech before the army:

    “I AM William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny.
    You have come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What would you do without freedom? Will you fight?

    Soldier replies as he looks at the English army across the way: Fight? Against that? No, we will run; and we will live.

    Wallace replies to the soldier: Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live — at least a while.
    And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… our freedom!


    1. His own Scots Clan Leaders betrayed him and sold him out for money. Typical F Jocks!
      A point we would have made to him as we cut his Nutts before Drawing and Quartering him.
      He died a terrible, inhumane and brutal death screaming for mercy. They all do.Savage times.
      How did he feel when that knife cut away his genitals? Brutalised, tortured and battered in the Tower. No Hero then, just betrayed and alone. From Robert the Bruce up, Scots were forever sold out. Tartan Tinkers.

      Many times Scots Clan Leaders betrayed their own. So many lives were wrongly lost for Scots treachery and greed. The rot is deep.
      Dont eulogise trash. It’s just a giant Tinkers Camp of misfits and whiners. Look at and listen to that Hag. Midgies, Minature Shit flies spawn in Trillions to eat Scots.

      The Romans built Hadrians Wall to keep them out.
      We need to rebuild it to keep them In!
      The ONLY good thing coming out of Scotland –
      Is the Empty train coming back.

      I joke!


    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks so much for this message/update and for providing the information you have. It’s always fab to hear from you in your videos.

      Wishing you a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year too.

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      1. Thanks so much.

        Yes, I had a very nice trip, a mixture of business and pleasure. A lot was accomplished.

        As we move away from failed RV watching, I am focusing on several projects to augment our greater focus on digital asset wealth building. While some are still stuck in the dinar guru merry-go-round, we are going to lay the groundwork for carrying forward on the successes we are just now starting to see in the digital asset space. This is just a warm up.

        The meetings I attended and the people I had the pleasure of meeting were amazing. Real world plans of attack and action.

        This, paired with what our London friends are working on in terms of what part of it may open opportunity to our readers, is going to fully lay bare the new frontiers ahead. And once these plans can become reality, the entire focus will be leaving those who can’t escape the mesmerizing vapors of their guru fantasies behind, and moving forward with those who know what it takes to make progress in the real world.

        I also want all to know that from all I see and experience, there have never been easier times for people to take advantage of the advancement in technology and it’s impact on investing and making it easier to partake in the evaluation and participation of same.

        Case and point. A year or so ago a relative of mine expressed interest in options. While I usually do not like to try to teach people how to approach that market, I decided to help. So, I gave them some pointers, showed them some resources, helped them set it up, and whished them well.

        So, I saw this relative again a few weeks ago, and asked about their results. She explained that she started with $35K taken from her IRA, and turned it into $250K in three months.

        I felt proud! She’s doing about $15-30K a month now and is taking a few months off to go skiing in Maine. Plus, doing more to help animal shelters in her area and helping the homeless.

        And that’s just what we want to do here on a broader scale. Help the most intelligent and able become more able, and have a greater positive and more valuable effect on society. And that’s not done by sitting on one’s buttocks and waiting for NESARA.

        As for the view, yes. It’s one of my favorite spots. I have been visiting Lake Arrowhead since the 70’s and consider it one of my most treasured get-a-way spots.

        Thanks again, and stay tuned!

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        1. Awesome message. Huge congratulations to your relative Tony, what she has achieved as a newbie is fantastic. And just look at the support she is now able to offer the homeless and animal shelters. Two of my favourite causes. this is totally brilliant news, thanks for sharing it with us all.


        2. Thanks for sharing – sounds exciting and positive things coming to fruition. Something we desperately need in this world. I agree regarding waiting around on one’s buttocks. If we want to change our lives, we have to make it happen. I’m a bit of a go getter by nature but I do feel on a deep level, what we ultimately are here for is to enjoy life to the fullest and help others and I do. I’m not even wealthy…..yet. I suppose it is all relative anyway.

          How fortunate that your relative has you as part of the family. Good for her! and what kind soul. You have been right on with the cryptos, that’s for sure Tony. Thank you for being here for us.

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  22. The UK has unwillingly been pushed into a further 3 months lock down. That after 2 previous attempts which achieved nothing.
    Education has been abandoned. How can Sheeple too dumb to reason anything, mass home educate?

    Re breeding thick Sheeple now? Masked morons are its own indictment.. Most are too thick to educate their own children. Schools give the kids a chance not to be them!

    Students are now facing landlords demands to pay for accommodation they can not use, and refusing. Melt downs.
    Towns and Cities are folding. Trains, buses, Taxis , Hotels, planes empty. Petrol/ Gas stations falling demand.
    Gyms, shops. hairdressers, and even Hospitals closed. Pubs, Clubs, restaurants mass closed. Try getting a crashed computer fixed..
    Major stores closed for 3 months again. Why? All our major stores are in freefall. Most are collapsing.
    Giving Furloughs is building up a vast tax backlog. It’s not their F money! Now they are talking of wealth taxes!
    More! We already pay 40% plus 5% NHI. F off! No more! Stop spending OUR money!

    Death levels are minor. We need to focus on treating this thing, not decimating the economy.
    At worst 50K lives for 3 M jobs? Fatties and Smokers are high risks. Open the Gyms. Treat obesity. Wire their damned jaws. Stop Junk food. Tri Laterals vaccination units at Mc D’s? I joke!

    How many Covid are Flue? Flue has disappeared. Hello?

    Lard Arse Johnson will not accept offers from Chemists Shops to mass vaccinate. So again he will miss all targets. We are only vaccinating over 50 year olds, and that will take all year. Repeats next year?

    Troops at major stores to mass inject the sadly way too high a % of brain dead will get through them.
    Seeing what has emerged, watching Sheeple loot stores, line up like morons, dead sheeps eyes, panic every 6 feet, underpins the Tri Laterals case. Pension funds will be sorely tempted to steer those future vaccines, annually renewable! This has truly opened Pandoras box. Pension funds, with Soros, Gates and the Zios in monetary control. Are you serious? You don’t see the paradox here?

    This virus will be with us for years. Funded how with no economy left?
    Adult re education is visibly sorely needed. Or the jab. Be assured, the pointless methane producers has awoken interest now. Their pension fund draw down will be reviewed. Their purpose? Will it be ” Just Business ethos?”.
    Economic melt down will escalate tensions. Who pays? How long , how and why?
    Time to remodel economies. Havoc is awoken. Depopulation is again awake.
    Politicos are State paid. Self Employed are denied the right to work. But the Bills roll in.
    Confusion rules fools. Tri Lateral temptation will be high. Bilderbergers will debate the purpose and point of mass Sheeple now?
    At what point does Humanity leave the rails?

    I raise only the issues. When they can’t raise the taxes?


  23. What a kick in the balls.

    What a kick in the ass.

    And with that, the Bolsheviks are now in control of the US Government.

    Warren Buffet…talented investor…with the personality of a stale slice of rye.


    Congress never looked better.

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  24. I wonder whose gold is this? The raid took place on New Years’ day. Those laptops could be quite revealing.
    Maybe the reason Biden cancelled his inaugural parade and why Kamala Harris has not resigned her senate seat.
    Will Pence stand his ground
    Does not sound like he’s going anywhere.
    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence China Was Colluding with the Bidens and Providing Information on How to Defeat President Trump in the 2020 Election

    Truly a Manchurian candidate is Biden. America is at a crossroads. Time don’t you think?
    Wisconsin Legislature Announces Resolution To Be Introduced on Thursday Which Will Likely Decertify State and Award to President Trump

    Will change the game adding heat to the Game. We are with you all on this one.
    Preparing us ahead for years of this crap.
    Chris Whitty says restrictions could be brought in NEXT WINTER
    Powerful! Demonstrations Outside Toronto Mayor John Troy’s Residence

    Toronto Natives are restless. Taking it to them is good.
    Rumor is protests are becoming a daily affair at his home and the same is occurring at Premier’s residence.
    Each week shutdowns continue will cause more and more pent up frustration.
    Who knows what will happen if they extend past January. IF People will gt off their laconic Butts!

    UFO report set to be released as a result of US emergency relief bill | Science & Tech News | Sky News

    The UFO report which can start it all. Way overdue. When I have time I will create a report which will give you the key dynamic you are all missing and which clarifies the source of key UFO incidents, but in many cases worryingly unmanned, remote controlled craft, and the Big Questions as to why?
    Double dip recession on the way: Lockdown 3 set to cost us £390m a day

    Total economic suicide! Madness! Totally wrong strategies

    Why does the Socialist Fake Media keep denying voting fraud? Biden must Not be President!

    An ideal article for WHA to lead the way for so many growing readers.
    Good info here for all

    The world needs to face down China over this and stop it’s exports until access is allowed. The Chan’s brought this pandemic down on the world
    Trump is a buffoon – but the next aspiring autocrat won’t be so incompetent | Richard Wolffe

    Yes, Trump is a Buffoon, all outside of La La Land see that., and the big Question is who next?
    The next one won’t be a Moron like Shrek, and with what Agenda?
    Post Trump, 4 years to plot.
    Federal judge in Atlanta denies last-minute effort by Trump to decertify Georgia Biden victory

    The stress in the eyes of a befuddled Shrek says it all. The States everywhere, are turning him down.
    If Biden is given the WH, an early task need to be to give back the Golans to Syria and end Israeli and American hegemony
    Get the F OUT of world meddling and sort America. Empires end, as ours did. Quit having stolen this land mass from Native Americans.
    America has been founded on Slavery ,Fraud, Corruption and Hegemony Genocide . Enough to absorb that don’t you think?
    Go back to becoming a great Industrial nation ,the Empire is over.
    Biden Arrested, SCOTUS Roberts Caught, CIA Child Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring Exposed | Politics

    FYI .. on a number of sites during the last day

    We all look exasperated and bemused, as Forrest Chump is too inept and Thick to use the vast reach of the Oval Office to direct and demand Enforcement take down this squalid , sordid family. JFK would have had him bagged and tagged long ago. This is the American tragedy having a President, as inept and Thick as a Brick as this Chump.
    Anything goes with these Beltway Ho’s.

    Trump ( Forrest Trump) would lose by simply being Stupid. The world sees and laughs at a Moron. Americans are offended.

    Do better with candidates. When will America put talent first? Raise the Bar! Are you serious?
    Put GOP before Trump: Mitch McConnell plans speech today pleading with Republicans to save their party and NOT get behind President

    Donald Trump’s extraordinary crusade to overturn the presidential election will come to a head on Wednesday as Congress meets to certify Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

    Not looking good for the Grifter Lying King.

    The Lying King is about to be fed to the Jackals. They are waiting in mobs for him.
    The UK’s ban on crypto derivatives is set to go into effect on Wednesday

    Already the London markets are locking out Derivatives racketeers.
    GOP turns on Trump, blames ‘election fraud’ claims for Senate disaster
    If he loses this Trump will face the fury of the Beltway. His ego but low IQ is the cause.

    GOP turns on Trump, blames ‘election fraud’ claims for Senate disaster
    Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization – Health and Money News
    Right or not it sure as hell gets my attention to to take care and check.

    No woman, should take this vaccine unless she is well into menopause or past it and without real investigation to the lasting impact. Apart from causing women to be infertile the same effect occurs in men who really understands the longer term impact. And the design of these vaccines impair the body’s normal immune response to mutations of this virus or so various writings suggest.
    Eugenics is cruel and ugly and has been practiced by many parties in the past.
    God knows what else will happen over time with those people who get the vaccine.
    We should take note that in many countries they are already talking about stopping the vaccine at 70 years of age on mass and that should tell us something. I feel bad for the first line workers or those in hospitals who get the jab regardless of family wishes. As it is many are refusing to get the jab, especially in hospitals. My mother who is in hospital, received her jab yesterday and she has experienced terrible reactions to the flu vaccines in the past to point she has not been taking them for years. And given the option she would never consent to receive it knowingly. Who knows what will happen now.
    Your health is yours to keep and protect and your choices are yours to make. Just keep in mind that with these vaccines your choice cannot be changed as once jabbed, the effects will be what they will be for the rest of your remaining life.
    What do we tell the Sheeple?

    There is a bunch going on and some of it is still classified, as behind the scenes positions are taken. What took place in the Ukraine on the 1st has a tie in to what happened in Germany. People do not know what really was on the servers as of yet. The election information was captured before it left the States in real time. Look at what Patrick Byrne is bringing to light. And do remind yourself that every call and email or tweet is recorded in real time and spooled out if deemed necessary. Your phone is your tracker as every location of your movement is known and visible unless you understand how to spoof and mirror in the cloud. Even your activities can be predicted with accuracy based on previous actions.

    There is very little in the world not known or visible and it takes only the courage and honesty to act.

    British politicians urge EU to drop China deal after Hong Kong arrests

    Who rams a chopstick up the Commie Chans
    Violence is coming.

    Thousands of Trump supporters stage ‘Save America’ rally
    Exclusive: 423,000+ Trump votes removed in Pennsylvania, data scientists say | NTD – YouTube

    Ever more dirt, is no one listening?

    Mikes not going to get tarred with Trump.

    Mike Pence DEFIES Trump’s demand to block Biden’s confirmation

    Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race – Institute for Good Governance
    Why are Regulators not all over this?
    Why is Shrek so tackily slow and Dumb. It needs a blow torch under that Butt. Romans knew when to strike.

    They do have it all … Trump has all he needs to declare Marshall law and arrest the bad guys.
    If not now, then I do not know what it will take.
    What will happen now is the populace will never accept Biden.
    Expect more on the net as it will be posted on line from several sites.
    Ready the popcorn!
    Miller now engaged The dirt is erupting. Why hasn’t Trump appointed a Task Force weeks ago? The Mutt has it on a-plate.
    Barack Obama was behind funding of subversion campaign, coup against President Trump: Report

    Obamas ruthless treason needs to be hanging at the end of a rope in Gitmo.

    It was broken by the Italian press and more disclosure will be forth coming.
    More chaos will result in America over these disclosures.
    Best Total Summary of Election 2020 Fraud & Obstruction of Justice.pdf

    How can anyone say this was all above board?

    Click to access best-total-summary-of-election-2020-fraud-obstruction-of-justice.pdf


  25. Well, after this, I think We, The People, may have actually put the fear of God in our lawmakers.

    The Day the Capitol was Stormed will go down in history. Fantastic. (And just in: The Pentagon has denied the request to deploy the National Guard to the Capitol. Hahahahaha.)

    Congratulations to the Protesters that took the Capitol. All shots fired were by Security Forces.

    In a better outcome, some of the worst of the Treasonous Bastard Congresscritters would have been shot dead on the floor of the House as a message to future generations on what not to do. The day is still young.

    The image of the fearful agents (with their pathetic COVID cloth masks still on), guns drawn, behind barricaded furniture in the House is just priceless. Even the armored agents with protesters on the ground look ridiculous.

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    1. Tino should I get vaccine? Are you getting vaccine? CT. native here. Is Tony getting vaccine? I dont no if i should get it. Age 50’s. Thanks.


  26. Pence caved. As expected and feared.

    I’ve never seen anything as sad. The modern era has been nothing but a lie starting with the JFK assassination. Corruption is near total. No doubts now.

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  27. If, and when it becomes clear Trump has lost, watch life turn on him. The Republicans will mass ridicule and dissown him. Ambulance chasing Attorneys are salivating to get him on the stand. He won’t grandstand them.

    At the last count it seemed to be 13 or 14 cases pending litigation or criminal and more to come.

    Removed from the WH, the press will have a field day. Will he leave the country? If so where to? Will Melania go?

    Every day it’s building now. Weinstein thought he was Teflon. Now he’s lugging his Butt around the Pen. Epstein croaked.. Republicans are massing to take it to him. Every day more venom.

    Why no focus on Bidens crimes? Beyond sad.

    January does Trump arise like the Phoenix or crash and burn. Donald the Dodo T shirts?

    The next 2 weeks he will either be the Winner or a Loser. For him no in between.
    I for one, hope he survives, But I see the Rats leaving the ship.

    No Camelot awaits for this guy. He had his 4 years. Now the price?

    2 weeks to save hs Butt, or lose it. The Kushners have coerced their Pardons and stolen the Golans. They will cut him loose. Will the House of Trump, go Bump?

    Deutsch will be there soon to redeem their loans. As will many more. Knives are out.. Can Donald Duck?


  28. Sorry kids — it’s mathematical malarky time and I’m telling you they don’t know and can’t predict.

    This here is the front page, I leave it as an exercise to identify the obvious flaws here… once again it is a model. The UK simply does not have a direct surveillance infrastructure. They have a “sampling infrastructure”. Imperial College has proven they don’t know what they are doing, and we are doubling down?

    In any event, here it is:

    WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Modelling, MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA), in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, Public Health England (PHE), the Wellcome Sanger Institute, University of Birmingham and the COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) Consortium+.

    The SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7, now designated Variant of Concern 202012/01 (VOC) by Public Health England, originated in the UK in late Summer to early Autumn 2020. We examine epidemiological evidence for this VOC having a transmission advantage from several perspectives. First, whole genome sequence data collected from community-based diagnostic testing provides an indication of changing prevalence of different genetic variants through time. Phylodynamic modelling additionally indicates that genetic diversity of this lineage has changed in a manner consistent with exponential growth. Second, we find that changes in VOC frequency inferred from genetic data correspond closely to changes inferred by S-gene target failures (SGTF) in community-based diagnostic PCR testing. Third, we examine growth trends in SGTF and non-SGTF case numbers at local area level across England, and show that the VOC has higher transmissibility than non-VOC lineages, even if the VOC has a different latent period or generation time. Available SGTF data indicate a shift in the age composition of reported cases, with a larger share of under 20 year olds among reported VOC than non-VOC cases.


    1. Tino
      Agenda 2025 is what you are missing from the strategy. Each test step accomplished from compliant masses takes them a step closer. Until now, as we see in the UK, the base, unchallening mass stupidity of the sheeple has never been more, sadly, clear. Coralling the herd. Once they get away with annual Whack sinations, they have the key to the Kingdom. Stupidity pays when they are part eraised. Surrounded by brain dead Mutts, the Tri Laterals ethos becomes an alarming danger to all. The level of compliant hard stupidity and mass panic seen in the stores, exemplifies why try to explain, when the thing has no brain?
      The Agenda behind, is a huge threat to mankind, and may be part of the real UFO truth also.. Where did it all go wrong? The big UFO paradox. Can the future, save the past? The Genie these clowns are messing with, once unleashed, as we have seen with mutations now, may run out of control. Still no outcry on Wuhan- Why???



    The CDC’s VAERS reporting system was set up to track vaccine-related injury, Most patients can expect to experience some kind of adverse reaction, but for the vast majority of patients, symptoms will be relatively mild and clear up within a couple of days. But amid a rush of reports about patient deaths, Berenson points out that the number of patients seeing serious complications per the number of doses distributed is roughly 50x higher than the rate of ‘adverse’ reactions caused by the flu vaccine.


  30. But, will he…???

    Family Brawl in the House of Trump

    That’s a dead bang-on lock, and a jack-deuce-9 certainty. Were there are fees to be made, Wall St would set up a traveling crap game if Nevada would issue it a license to do so. Trillions of $$ are waiting to get into this space in an easier fashion. Wall St brokerages will fill that need. They will not pass on this sugar teat.

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  31. The key current realities of “Alleged ” Covid.
    1. The new mutated UK version is racing away now with infection levels..Staff are overloaded now, not the hype, reality, and it’s causing utter chaos.
    2. People who have never achieved anything credible in their lives now run nations as Polticos. We will lose at best a new 50K to this virus in phase 2. But lock downs will lose hundreds of thousands and cripple our entire economic establishment,. Millions are losing jobs. Focusing on coping with Covid without destroying the economy is a rational strategy. Entire towns and cities are failing. Schools mass closing. Education is in free fall.
    3. The South African version it is alleged may bypass the vaccines immunity protection and mass kill. It is alleged the vaccines may not work with this strain. What next?
    It’s coming fast to America. Infections are faster and more potent. Be prepared. Let’s watch actual infection levels in the US. You should hit 5 times the UK numbers to match population sizes. If not, why not? .
    Time to cross share information as Allies.


  32. Hi John,

    Could you provide an update on how is going with the Reset? Are the Assay activities still on going? How long do you expect that will last 4-6 months? I think it’s been about 2 months already based on what I’ve read….

    Thanks and happy new year!!



    1. Hello Fancy Nancy.
      Assays for such volumes take time. Also the political and economic ramiifcations. We can not create such a vast bullion bases into a free pool market as would collapse the bullion market if we offloaded it crashing all LBMA structures.
      We are currently working out how we give it a bullion value for Economic and Project development and how to best service nations, not the Military or Agencies. The UN are no Angels. The Agencies are Criminal. It’s a balancing act.
      Retaining wealth created to serve the needs of the People, and protecting its longevity from the Weevils.
      Its a complex series of Dynamics Nancy but we are all over it. Daily!
      The site will release news first, but only when it’s ready and safe.
      We are working on the infrastructure ahead.


  33. _______
    Bluff or real?


    While I support rejecting deportation he’s still very much a media overrated low life and he needs to be sent to his home nation. Fast!
    Google News – Bitcoin flash crash sees biggest price drop in cryptocurrency history

    Not good reading for Trump.
    Angela Levin says Duke of Sussex is ‘shadow of prince’ she once knew

    What a Wassock he’s turned into a bag carrying poodle for that pointless attention seeking flake Markle .
    He’s blown it and now she won’t!
    Don Lemon on Trump: I guess if you’re going to lie do it well.
    Ever more covid chaos and confusion
    Travelers arriving in the UK ‘will be asked for negative Covid test’
    Supermarket shelves are stripped bare of toilet roll and food

    Mad, mindless morons as ever. Sheeple!

    Every week the hole gets bigger

    Brexit difficulties now start for Johnson as suppliers decline the UK export red tape rules

    Can Trump lock Biden out in Georgia?

    No one wants Shrek hiding out in their countries to avoid the US inauguration

    No assets. Huge debts. Fiscal Gross incompetence and the biggest Gob in Scotland wants independence. Socialist trolls! Gob Shires

    No surprise there the world knows that
    PM reveals 1.3million have now been vaccinated

    So now 2% of the UK have Covid so we assume 10% or more will get it.
    Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing general Soleimani

    Once he leaves office the Mullahs want his head. They can wait.

    IRS creeping up on Cryptos . Grab, Grab, Grab.


  34. Digital Assets To Consider (Update)💰

    Buy price updates.

    BTC – Based on current price action and institutional demand, coupled with a shrinking supply, you can consider a buy-up-to price of $40K for BTC.

    ETH – You can now consider a buy-up-to price of $1400, up from $750. This price won’t last long, so if your portfolio can stand the risk, and if you wish to add more ETH, you can do so with pretty good safety margins at these prices.

    This is the way.

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  35. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

    There is ZERO evidence that the “new mutation” has either prevalence or contagion level as indicated. You have neither the surveillance mechanism nor the analysis infrastructure to track such a mutation. Which means some shit-for-brains egghead typed AGAIN into a computer model! And who the F is doing the models? You weren’t over-run the first time. And why, when clearly you are running north of 35-cum-40 cycles on the garbage PCR, you can clearly discount your “cases” by at least 70% (and your hospital are NOT close to full EITHER), is ANYONE expecting over-run? You didn’t have an H1N1 over-run, and that virus hit 1.7 billion worldwide.

    BUT let’s say it’s TRUE. Then FIRE your present NHS Chief Medical Officer, that banned HCQ. REINSTATE HCQ and Ivermectin, zinc citrate/sulfate, azithromycin, use budenoside early (dexamethasone if goes inpatient) and crush this fucker of a virus with cheap meds NOW. Is EVERYONE asleep at the switches?

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    Head on putting manners on the EU. Brussels will get s culture shock


    The London Judges will be under orders on this one

    Willie the Skank well if you will let mongrel Dogs in? Lol

    Wake up time what Democracy? Scum SCAM !

    No bad thing if we reciprocate and send theirs back plus for Spain we can cancel all Spanish flight and landing slots. Already Spaniard squatters are seizing Brits costly holiday homes. So we need to stop all Spanish exports to the UK which will hit them hard.

    Degos expect this from Gypsies Dogs

    A worthwhile start

    Wowser time

    Go the Donald
    Julian Assange will find out TODAY if he will be extradited to the US

    Good news for Extradition freedom of free speech

    That cringfully hissy fit cowardly undignified pathetic real life creep Assange gets to stay out of America’s clutches. A decision I applaud Even for an undeserving low life like Assange we need to keep free speech and this kick in the Whitehall Gonads will upset the Washington Butt Kissers but it’s the best of British fair play coming through protecting Liberty of speech.

    It’s the right call. Now we need to get this other low life Assange free. For justice.

    The Media won’t back truth and Donald so needs his Trump card to survive. It’s to the wire now. Back to the wall . Biden is visibly as crooked as a Dog’s hand leg. When do the Enforcement forces come for the Bidens . Americans deserve justice. The world is watching and appalled by Beltway corruption.
    Nicola Sturgeon set to announce tough new Covid rules

    Media mad Sturgeon desperate for the limelight again . What a warped Troll the Scots are carrying. She’s an ugly Soul so the Gods gave her a face and Butt to match.
    Man is found murdered with his genitals amputated in Spain

    Can’t we export this to the Beltway and FRB New York?
    Boris Johnson says harsher Covid lockdown IS coming
    America needs to watch this new virus and get ahead of the curve. Shutting the dam borders has to be high on the Agenda . Our idiots should have locked down flights from Wuhan then China last January. Our limp wrists waited way too long and these bloody ants kept flying in carrying infections.
    America, for your own sakes, shut your borders. Lock this crap out for 3 months.

    So now Butthead Johnson is trial leaking Tier 5 is being readied and soon people will be caged at home not even allowed key shopping or exercise. All I see now are mindless, timid rabbits..damp squibs.
    We are so with you all on this. Please ALL American patriots support this or regional marches keep Bribe Taking Biden and his Cocaine addicted child molesting son out of the WH. Keep America and you Free.
    Boris Johnson says harsher Covid lockdown IS coming

    Now the UK goes into full lockdown and utter chaos. Try fixing a computer or car. Try getting household deliveries. Madness now rules.
    Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting Pfizer jab

    What do you expect from corner cutting grossly inadequately tested hype vaccines? She won’t be the last
    Richard A. ROTHSCHILD Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

    Just what is in those vaccines ?
    Data Analysts Reveal: 30,000 Trump Votes REMOVED, 12,173 Switched To Biden, 150 Fulton Precincts Had 90% Biden votes

    Is there any doubt that election official fraud took place ?
    All the hiatus with Watergate. Why is there no outcry for Trump ?

    CAUGHT ON TAPE: Brad Raffensperger Begged For Chinese Votes – National File

    Some people might call this treasonous.
    This new mutated virus version is ,40% to 70% more infectious than last year.
    It is predicted that if we do not get control of this within 21 days our heath system will be overrun .
    We have to get the vaccines out so we can try to ease out of lock down towards the end of February.
    This is a pivotal phase to either win the battle, or lose it .
    All take care it’s coming your way. Schools are locked down until late February if we can get vaccines out by late February we may be able to ease back on Vaccines.
    We will be prioritizing on Elders down to 50year olds which takes us to mid year
    There are no plans for the children or under 40 s this year as they are at less life risk loss.
    This is our guideline as of tonight.
    Real panic moves and strategy leads.
    Because the non vaccinated will still e carriers and speakers, this will carry for years until we understand how to create an effective vaccine for younger age groups. Also test prototypes for them..

    This is a long journey ahead.
    Economic chaos and consequences for 2 years or more .
    Trump Call Actually Reveals a President Deep into Detail, with Establishment Republicans Dismissive, Unwilling, and Rejecting Transparency

    Best take on this I have seen so far
    New ‘super-COVID’ variant will take pandemic ‘to a whole new level’

    Be careful it’s coming and only 3 weeks before it’s raging through America and worldwide.
    Amusing the media challenging fake votes are now pursuing an ideology of Trumped Up Charges



  37. From my home state of Minnesota, I am enraged again by a Squad member who obviously supports her constituents In Minneapolis:



    A viewer contacted the Verify team with multiple claims about Joe Biden’s past votes as a senator, in regards to taxation of Social Security benefits. The beginning of this viewer’s email read as follows:

    Prior to 1983, social security was not taxable. In 1983, Joe Biden voted in favor of taxing 50% of social security – and it passed. In 1993, Joe Biden doubled down and was the deciding vote in raising the percentage taxed on social security from 50% to 85%.

    The Verify Team reached out to Social Security experts, to not only confirm that Biden voted for these bills, but also to get context and nuance to these decisions. The Verify team also looked through Social Security Administration records, for a detailed history of Social Security legislation.


  39. Many bought dinar instead. 🧻💩

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  40. A simple strategy to screw over the COVID agenda.

    Using the recent WHO report on “excessive cycling” of the PCR, immediately decree that all PCR reports report the result at cycles of 25, 30, and 40. AND add a legal statement that No positives at 30 cycles or above have a reliable scientific basis in fact.

    Also, dictate that the MSM report positive cases as “z1 positives at 25 cycles, z2 positives at 40 cycles”, and sit back and watch heads explode and pundits reverse themselves like crazy.

    At the very least, the insanity of “No flu this year” and “OMG — Zillion cases of more contagious variant of Covid” will instantly reverse to 90% flu/10% other regular stuff — and — “What pandemic?”


  41. SEC v Ripple – Deaton v SEC – XRP Not a Security.

    With Special Guest John E. Deaton.

    On January 1, 2021, John Deaton, Jordan Deaton, James Lamonte, Tyler Lamonte, Mitchell McKenna, Kristiana Warner, and all others and all others similarly situated.

    Petitioners v. Elad Roisman As Acting SEC Chairman, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

    Chip and Jeff will talk with John E. Deaton who filed the complaint against the SEC.



    The Chan’s are coming.

    Assange will be crushed if he’s extradited

    Correct and this will be a bad year for the pompous and Nasty Git!
    Good nor should be or you!
    He’s not a happy Lawyer

    It’s real and out of control. A mess heading your way.


    Keep an open mind on this new infection peaks and deaths are real for the mutating version

    A short time song and life video for you new year



    1. Happy New Year to you too John. Thanks for the video/song. Unfortunately to me, it was very sad but I get the positive message it was intending to convey. Cheers to you mate.



    A project conducted by Harvard University scientists and funded largely by Microsoft founder Bill Gates to test sun-dimming technology to cool global warming is quietly moving forward in Sweden.

    We know what you’re thinking – this can’t be real… but it is.

    Reuters reports that the Harvard project “plans to test out a controversial theory that global warming can be stopped by spraying particles into the atmosphere that would reflect the sun’s rays.”


  44. Royal Navy sent into English Channel as Brexit deal comes into force

    Absolutely bloody right. France and Foreign Trawlers can stay the hell out. Our fish our seas.
    Experts warns hospitals Covid cases is ‘MILD’ compared to next week

    Now we are starting to see real expansion of serious spikes with this latest mutation and deaths. Real deaths, are rising. It’s unchartered territory..we don’t have the vaccines or delivery systems it’s chaos again. Many commited health care staff keeping us safe on the front line, are contracting it and dying..
    When are we going to investigate the source and cause. Do Soros, Gates and China have exposure here?

    All the trouble the mouthy Irish Hit Leaders caused the UK over Brexit. Now they can’t even complete new export documentation correctly. Payback. Lorries are being turned back. The Mick’s are going to suffer now. Two can play. See how long they survive without the UK. Trouble is brewing for the Boozers Island


    Totally agree. Little Prick!


    1. The mutation is irrelevant. There were more than 50 already. The idea that the latest is “an issue” is just more bs.

      Like most folks, UK labs are cycling the PCR at more than 35, some up to 40 cycles. The direct upshot of it is up to 97% false positive — if I’d have to guess y’all are clocking in at 70% fp at best. On the ground less than 1% is actual COVID. Everything is more or less classic Influenza A, back of the envelope, in there somewhere is 10% regular coronaviruses. The idea that influenza went to “zero” is proof positive of reclassification of regular crud to “COVID”.

      Plus, the statement that there will be a New Year’s peak, is not falsifiable — the accepted season influenza peak has always been Jan15th to Feb 1.


      1. Tino1779 Thought you may be interested in this:
        Link to the study:

        Ivermectin is an FDA approved medication that is used as an anti-parasitic. Ivermectin also has reported antiviral activity and is theorized to work against coronavirus. It’s proposed mechanism of action is preventing the coronavirus protein from entering the nucleus of your cells.


  45. Happy New Year!

    I sought the following article for clarification for myself in order to make a sound decision whether to keep them or not. Not only am I keeping all of my 3700 plus coins, when the price falls to 5 – 9 cents per coin, I am going to buy 6300 XRP coins, so I will hold 10,000 XRPs in my wallet off the exchanges. I have a feeling this was their way of making sure not all of us will make life changing wealth.

    “Bottom Line
    Ripple is one of the most successful payments and exchange platform that will have a big impact on financial transactions in the future. XRP on the other hand, the underlying digital currency powering the network, should see its value continue to tick higher as more financial institutions use the Ripple network to facilitate cross-border transactions.”


    1. “12.48 MILLION XRP MASSIVE Institutional PURCHASE While Retail Speculators Emotionally Sell Their XRP”

      They play with our minds, all the time, especially with fear. Once we conquer our own fear, it is easier to find the greener pasture, but we need to be mindful to secure what we acquire along the way. This stuff is difficult to teach because people are too afraid to take the first step. We do not like making mistakes, but that’s the only way we learn anything. Babies learn by falling many times before they learn to balance their body.


  46. In my January 1, 2021 post that I posted at 4:51 pm and dedicated to John2020 was a link to a video that is now missing in that post. The post does not make much sense without the video. Here below is that video again which is important:

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  47. This post is dedicated to John2020 who is the future insider English mole of the Scottish movement to declare independence from the British Crown. Please accept your esteemed
    assignment John2020. The following post is meant to give encouragement to you sir.

    Oh, I hope Rick Wiles got intel that was true. This is something I’d like to see:


    Robert The Bruce – Friend of the now emasculated Sir William Wallace 😦

    Happy New Year to all !!!

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    1. Wallace wannabe.

      First, be assured our own Political MP Numpties are as naive and intellectually inept as both Houses as to the scale of corruption our across the pond Allies are encountering in the most politically and Fiscally corrupt First World nation on the planet.
      Nothing is more important than stopping Biden, Communist Chicago Con Man Soetoro Obama, the vile Clinton’s, Justice Roberts, the Deep State and crooked Agencies inter engaged in that turgid swamp riddled with Genghis Khan gene pool low life Zionists , and the likes of Soros and Gates.
      My views towards Trump are clear and considered. But despite his so many inadequacies, he is the only player on the board, albeit with the mental limitations of a Pawn with attitude , conscious of the deeply corrupt swamp of the Beltway. Despite his own gross misuse of powers for self interest , it’s minor compared to the alternatives America is facing if left under the pernicious controls of the Deep State and rapacious inhumane Zionist Filth which has permeated their voracious tentacles into the Soul of America, controlling it’s Treasury , Fed,Banks, MSM , Supremes and the filth of Hollywood, Trump is faced with perverse realities of their consequential corruptions.
      He is our one legged man in the Ass Kicking Contest of Washington politics.
      America has no elected alternatives so it’s a straight Democratic choice. Truly elected Trump or mega corrupt alternatives.
      We hold vast files of corruption evidence linking the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama, Biden and the Agencies. Gut rotten as a total collective. Despicable as is Soros and the Israeli Mossad infections riddles throughout America. America is under constant siege from contentious low life’s. It permeates through cross compounding relationships with Allies.
      Global Hegemony has to end and a rebalancing of America’s priorities.

      America’s People and dedicated Patriots voted for Trump
      Their wishes matter. They have been the voting majority and entitled to be governed by their democratically selected incumbent. Vote rigging is pernicious and wrong.

      Now,with humour but we’ll intentioned response on Scotland based on practical reality.
      Scotland is never going to be allowed to leave England at border risk of mass penetration by illegals or invasive forces threatening our security or Kingdom
      Scotland is a conquered country. Even pre that the Tribes were ever in conflict and treachery ruled as with Wallace sold out by Feudaly corrupt Scottish Clan Leaders
      We gave you our clear response with your Leader so betrayed by his own
      He was hung. But not neck broken just slowly hung strangled him cruelly, heart and bowels slashed open alive, then quarter , castrated still alive, quartered with heart removed and his corps hung on a spike to rot in The Westminster Hall in the House of Commons.
      We always show Scots the hook as a reminder to put manners on you..
      Scots are heavily subsidies here. A constant whining presence as with that irritating shit fly Sturgeon living in a delusional bubble time wasting
      We will always protect our Norther sea borders and watch for Russian bomber incursions.
      Scots have had a thousand years to build itself an independent economy but failed. Too much time pissed or welfare grasping. They ran their banks insolvent and all bailed out by the English.
      The land mass will be protected by England . A few million recalcitrant ever whining self deluding Scots matter little in real world economics. Just kilted Midgy flies.


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  49. Let’s hope it’s the surge we need
    Justice Dept. Asks Judge to Toss Election Lawsuit Against Pence


    Free of EU and US BS the UK will attract Global Investors

    Congress has failed to act on clear Fraud abuses
    The US Treasury wants you locked in and that leaves them free to take it all. Be sure, they will!
    The UK now has a growing NHS over load nightmare with Covid. It’s real and it’s racing away the entire hospital system is now stressed this new mutation attacks children also and they are massive spreaders. It’s coming to America, it’s in Israel and ravaging South Africa.
    Just how did Covid get loose and who pays?

    NHS intensive care wards are busier than 2019 despite 700 extra beds
    This is key to keeping all Americans safe.
    Every American needs to listen in its both your life and your nation. What’s time it’s key knowledge and Patriots who care.

    Let’s look again at the Deep State, the Swamp and why we must work with you all to try to keep Trump in office to arrest these Varmints for Treason plus. Also go extradite Michael Herzog from Germany because that crooked Rat says if he’s goes down he’s taking them all with him . Bag Man for the Bushes , Clintons and CIA. Their worst nightmare he’s got the files . So have Interpol but Bush 41 used Mueller to shelter him and that’s a nasty history for all of them. Massive jail time or worse as well as sequestration of Crime assets.
    We all need our voices heard to stop Biden and his crooked backers stealing America. If Biden is criminally installed we lose America. So listening is the least we can all do. Knowledge is power. This frightens them all.


    Yes it’s real and deadly serious. Worse it’s coming your way and you are so not ready for this.
    Mindless and the police crackdown is hard. Fines and for assaults batons are used

    We hope this is so.

    Keep an open mind and trust no one.
    Anything is possible where treachery is second nature to vermin

    Testy is Lin Wood
    DOJ Adviser Says 368,000 Fraudulent ‘Excess Votes’ Tipped Election to Joe Biden

    Ignoring the truth comes with a price politicians will pay sooner or later.
    UK announces 53,285 coronavirus cases and 613 deaths on January 1 2021
    This totally lacks credibility such numbers would have people dropping in the streets. They are not
    Huge fake positives .

    None of our politicians have built or run a successful business. Had they done so we we would not be locking down and mass crippling our nation.

    Stores are closed. If your computer crashes you have nowhere to take it.
    No stores to buy another or parts.
    You can’t leave home to drive or you will be stopped there’s no one to talk to at depots and if your computer’s crashed you can’t order online
    It’s total insane madness

    NHS intensive care wards are busier than 2019 despite 700 extra beds

    What the hell is unfolding ?

    Let’s get other key news to you

    Serious potential issues now
    Avoid using wood burning stoves if possible, warn health experts | Air pollution | The Guardian

    What was in the envelopes?—–


  50. Warm holiday greetings for our politically correct friends:

    “Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. We also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the comming generally accepted calendar year, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. And without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability or religious faith of the wishee. By accepting these greetings you are accepting these terms. This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for herself or himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.”

    For the rest of our friends:

    Here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christ-mas and a Happy New Year


    1. Very Happy New Year to you too Tony.

      Now Mr, am I going to have to get my wooden spoon out after that dig at the Aussies above? I normally kept the spoon reserved for big J but it looks like you two are teaming up now lol. I will let you off the hook this time as you are absolutely spot on about many of our roads here, some of them are an utter disgrace just like the pic. It must be bad if I get a little thrill when driving on a section of the newly completed motorway lol.


      1. Hahah….I had to get a few humorous digs in to my Australian and British friends to start the new year off. Can’t let the POMS off easy now, eh? 🥂

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    1. I absolutely agree that the attack upon the disabled veteran is utterly disgusting. What is wrong with these morons treating him like that? Took bloody four of them to hold him which says a lot about them too. Scenes like this make me seriously angry.


  51. Of course.

    I would say it, but we already said it. So we won’t say it.

    The GOP Empire Whiffs Back

    We landed 12 men on the Moon in less time…with 36KB memory computers.

    The little rats won’t go quietly.

    What he said…

    What (we won’t assume gender) said.

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  52. Underestimating Trump: the US polling industry under fire

    See how Israel treats you?
    Sidney Powell RELEASED A New KR*KEN on the Rush Limbaugh Show! – YouTube

    When you listen to her, how can anyone deny the fraud of the election and the corruption of the judiciary is on full display. The corruption of the politicians is quite clear.

    Without a military involvement in trials how can there be justice for the American voter.

    How can we get news out to you to save America from Biden and the crooked Demo Rats?

    Lets get the truth out there. Even if the US MSM wont!
    Subject: RAFFENSPERGER GETS CAUGHT: Georgia Ballots Were Printed DIFFERENTLY for GOP Counties vs. DEM Counties — Election Was Rigged!

    It’s called election official fraud

    It is a big file better downloaded directly .. Sidney Powell lays it all out
    Getting the truth out for all of you.

    Click to access 2020-12-23-Sidney-Powell-Team-Binder-ZENGER-NEWS.pdf

    BREAKING: Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections Holds Hearing on Voting Machine Irregularities AND IT’S DEVASTATING! – LIVE-STREAM VIDEO

    Brutal We MUST help keep America safe. Read what’s coming out in Georgia now. Get the truth out that the treacherous MSM denies you. Will anyone read the LYING MSM again now?
    Irish prime minister plunges country into new national lockdown ‘for at least a month’ as cases surge 87 per cent in a week

    Prime minister Michael Martin announced on Wednesday that the virus is now spreading faster than all previous forecasts. A further 1,718 new cases and 13 deaths were reported.

    You wont need to ask the Irish twice to take a full month off and get pissed.
    British Army is testing tiny autonomous ‘bug drones’ that can fly in strong winds of 50mph and spy on enemies more than a mile away

    Developed by the British defense firms BAE Systems and UAVTEK, ‘The Bug’ is a fist-sized robot weighing just 6.7 ounces (191g) – roughly the same as a smart phone.

    Sneaky Brits know how to Bug you from a mile away. Hidden from sight.
    BREAKING: DOMINION MACHINES HACKED LIVE IN GEORGIA RUNOFF! Voter Fraud Senate Hearing 12/30/2020 – YouTube

    The vote should be tossed out. Georgia needs to march. Tar and Feather them.

    Obamagate Targeting “Felt like HOSTILE TAKEOVER by Hostile Force!” | Lt. General Mike Flynn – YouTube

    When is this fake as hell, Chicken legged Kenyan Chicago Con Man going to be brought to Justice? Gitmo this criminal. Cage him for life. Fake Michelle with him.

    Extradite Michael Herzog and he will sell the lot out. Bag Man Herzog back from Germany. Extradite Herzog and the lot come down.

    EXTRADITE MICHAEL HERZOG. The lot will hang.


    Lets hope Trump can get this done.

    Now this is an area Trump will find as caustic as rigged votes . He’s been able to Teflon himself like Obamas Birth Certificate hiding within WH immunity. Outside in the real world Vance is just one of many Hyeanas who will come at him in attack packs soon. If he fails to overturn Biden, opposition will be mob handed. We need Trump to block Biden and the Jackals. The lesser of Two Evils
    Trump needs the Oval Office to escape the Karma of a Grifters baggage. He needs to appeal for Minorities type protecting siting the fact that unlike him, they have an educated brain.
    We need Trump right now but Trump does not do Truth or consequences well and they will come in waves. Leopards and spots? Trump’s entire breeding history from the criminal Brothel running grandfather, via a very murky Slumlord father and his own multi bankruptcy shady past, is a Skidmark trail experienced Forensic Analysts will soon be trawling over with a vengeance. Wait until the Sex allegations and rigged evidence with lying on record starts. Cohen, Stormy and his Debt redemptions will congeal so every day soon will be like the dawn of the Alamo and with multi team disclosure demands a Grifting Skank will wish he’d paid attention at college because any experienced Litigious Attorney with half a brain will determine Trump does not possess the other half.
    Even within the protected WH Cloisters he conspired with Kushner and Israeli forces plus other US Crime Lords to steal the Golan Heights assets as a land grab abusing his powers while Kushner shelters his share for post Presidency .
    The guy carries the baggage of a wagon train facing a lot of Little Big Horns soon waiting resolutions. Destiny calls, it won’t be a quiet life as the baggage gets unwrapped. Karma can hit with the force of a Bitch, Vance will only be one of many. Soon he will become Tabloid lunch and the pending new Stormy revelations plus numerous other rent girl associations if probed by skilled Litigation and Criminal Advocates, may see Melania review her position if this plays out in lurid public daily media revelations. The media carry a phobic hatred for him. He’s about to step unshielded into their turf and they will go for disclosure on a scale parallel with the Nuremberg trials . Trump – Will! _______

    Wealth patterns are changing
    China reports a woman from Shanghai as first case of UK COVID variant

    Seriously inept Leaders have to stop flights from infected countries. Covid is raging here you are mad allowing flights from the UK or anyone who’s been to the UK until this declines the EU is awash with Covid. Stop it spreading, block out travelers including your own. For God’s sake use quarantine ship strategies. Numbers are soaring here. Deaths also and the US is 4 weeks behind. Close the dam doors to flights for 2 months. Protect your nations. Not acting costs real lives. Re ACT stop flights
    This is the Patriots Gathering EVERY American needs to attend. Or be Ashamed! Do it for YOUR Country. Send a message to these Rats that says No- We will destroy you Traitors first! March for the right to be Free Americans! The Founders died for you. MIK Freed the African Americans.

    The Zionists have freed you of your wealth. Bring the Deep State Down! It’s time. Or lose the lot.

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  53. For our US Allies in particular. WHO Covid Lockdown guidance and the UK Lockdown system in place and being enforced. Remember the ONLY reason Trump has not locked down America is to keep his cash strapped hotels open with a c$450M Loan Redemption to Deutsche Bank coming due, and more on top. Grifters owe!

    If Biden takes over, with the new Covid mutated version racing away, just fator in that within 4 weeks you may well see Biden if in situ, also enacting Lock Down as infections soar. Knowing the impact of that on Trump, count on it. He will be in play with a vengeance.

    The Whole EU is now infected and locking down hard.

    La La Land has no idea of real world consequences if enacted on a par with the UK or EU..
    First text messages to your mobiles and homes.

    You ARE NOW on Lockdown. Instant notice. Do NOT leave your home!

    You must NOT leave home apart from an essential visit for necessary foods to a local store, or a verified Doctors appointment. No Travelling.

    You must NOT meet or congregate with people or receive anyone into your home nor visit others.
    You will be allowed to walk locally for personal exercise but not with others, nor to meet with others. No assemblies.
    No interaction with families or associates. None!

    Police are setting up cordons on roads and freeways. At service and Gas stations.
    You will be asked where have you come from and where are you going to?

    Unless its key work or a feasible reason you will be turned back with a recorded warning.

    If APR cameras then catch you sneaking around to new exits to continue that journey, your car will be intercepted and seized. It goes to the pound. You will pay a fine and fees. Your car insurance will then treble as a Dickhead premium!. You then walk home or call a taxi! Police don’t care. Dickheads walk.

    APR cameras every half mile of the motorways have speed checks, number plate recognition and instant checks if taxed, Vehicles are checked if Test certified as safe, and insured. Or if wanted, a crime suspect or cloned plates. Or now a Covid warned person. Trigger that they will intercept and arrest you. First fines are between c$1K to $20K and a final warning.

    Do it again as the APR cameras all track you nationwide, you will flag an alert. Second time car to the Pound, a Court visit , a Driving ban and a big fine.

    Third time Jail for 3 to 6 months. and confiscation of your car for good. They will stop you!

    After that good luck with Insurance or a job? Who hires Dickeads? With a Criminal Record? Get caught speeding with that on file and a ban follows. Lock down and crack down.

    No Pubs, Clubs, Shops, Hospitality or Hotels are open. No Hairdressers etc. Economic chaos. If walking in a town or city, you will be stopped and asked why? Police are everywhere checking. Schools closed again.Chaos.

    If Biden takes over, the impact on Trumps hotels will not be lost . Lunch! His loans are called in May. This year will be Hunt Shrek Season.

    Just be prepared for a big Wake Up Call if Lockdowns are activated in the US. Day dreamers will wake up fast.

    Biden will highly likely follow WHO procedures or the EU and UKs lead. Covid is at peak again here. More deaths, and the new mutated versions appears now to affect the kids. Mass multiplying your risks now. Those kids will mass spread it. Schools and Colleges here are locked shut. Way too high a perceived risk.

    Do not travel, your a free ticketing cash scalping lunch for Lazy Cops. Things could go pear shaped this year for many.
    Fines, Insurance and jobs. Think before you drive. If you car gets seized how do you get home? They won’t give you a lift.
    I had a US Associate who got away with 4 DUI’s. The fifth time the judge gave him 4 years and 4 months. Instant. Take him away. That sorted his drinking and abuse.

    Pleas will be on deaf ears. Abuse Lock Down if it comes at your peril.

    I don’t comment on Covid or its accuracy. Just the possible Lock Down. We all have serious reservations on Covid.
    If Lock Down does come, Think Before You Drive or meet. It carries costs and consequences.

    Sorry is too late. The Dems know what it will do to Trump. As do Deutsche Bank and other Creditors.

    Biden needs to return the Golan Heights land theft to Syria. Palestine also. Stop the Kushner Israeli Trump theft.

    Lock down your urge to avoid Lock Down if rolled out on you. Get haircuts fast, and stock up. Fill the car gas tanks. Get fit walking? Good luck out here.

    But there ARE good things also playing out, that later. Just a possible Lock Down Heads Up now. You may swerve it. But, if not? 2021 think Cryptos and follow your site.


  54. Well kids we are just over an hour away from New Year here and I’m already in bed. Heck, so much for my exciting life. lol

    I just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous year ahead and thank each and every one of you for being such a top group to kick around with. I know I’ve been a handful on occasion, so thanks for putting up with me. Thanks a bundle for all your support, understanding and kindness too. And big hugs for the awesome education I receive here each and every year on so many levels.

    I do honestly wish each of you a rewarding and fulfilling year ahead. I’m not too sure where things are heading but I would like to think that no matter what we face, we will get through it somehow. Stay strong, smart, alert and safe. May every decision you make be the best for yourselves and those you love.

    Cheers loves, se ya in 2021. Have a ripper. XXXXX

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Aurataya! We survived 2020. Cheers to you and see you on the other side.

      I wish everyone a prosperous 2021 in all aspects of our lives and want to especially thank John, Tony and Tino for being a guiding light.

      Liked by 2 people

  55. By Catherine Austin Fitts
    This week, I will summarize the effort underway to end currencies and what it means to you and me.
    At long last, I have finished my written analysis of the State of Our Currencies. Please read it at the web presentation (see the link above). The direct link is here. Use your Solari password to login.
    We have entered a period of accelerating change—one that is exceptionally fluid and chaotic. The best way to manage this change is to understand the deeper trends that are driving events—and how they are merging into an integrated whole. If you understand this analysis and the many Solari Reports that provide its essential building blocks, you will have a critical map to help you navigate the road ahead.
    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will touch on Andrew Wakefield’s new movie 1986: The Act. It addresses the devastating impact of the U.S. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act adopted in 1986, which freed the pharmaceutical companies from any liability for anything they manage to call a “vaccine,” contributing to explosive increases in vaccine injuries and deaths as well as childhood-onset chronic disease. The film is timely because the future financial system hopes to continue using liability-free “injectibles”; the push for “injectibles” is deeply connected to the effort to adopt crypto and end currencies.


  56. THIS is the video [13-min] to watch! QR Code Inventor Hacks Georgia Voting Machines DURING the State Senate Hearing, Proves They Connect To Internet & Communicate Two Ways.

    Today [12/30/2020] in Georgia Mr. Pulitzer gave a presentation that all of America should see and hear!


  57. What? You mean you are shocked?

    And RVs continue to sucketh.

    Liked by 1 person

  58. What’s cooking in Asia.

    Subject: WHO says coronavirus pandemic is not necessarily ‘the big one. Can Biden protect America if so?

    WHO says coronavirus pandemic is not necessarily ‘the big one’
    Trump rages at Melania’s Mar-a-Lago renovations as he mulls post-White House future, report says

    The media again zooms in on a narcussistic, obnoxious, ego tripping Pig.
    When Melania leaves, and litigation closes in, think of Adolfs last days in his bunker. Lunacy builds without a brain to reason it out.
    Trump legal team will ‘get their clock cleaned’ by Supreme Court in challenging Pennsylvania election results, official says | The Independent

    No doubt Trump has a good case.
    If only he had the brains to coordinate it.

    Deaths are rising with the new Covid it’s getting knee jerk reactions. Tier 4 will kill economies. Most are tier 4 from Thursday morning.
    ER nurse tests positive for COVID-19 eight days AFTER he received Pfizer vaccine

    ER nurse Matthew W., received the Pfizer vaccine on December 18, according to a post from Instagram. He tested positive for the virus on December 26 despite getting the vaccine.


    They took this down on Twitter – Dec 30, 2020 at 9:32 AM.pdf


    Click to access safari-dec-30-2020-at-9-32-am.pdf

    Having already downed a few power drinks, she turned around, faced me, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Listen here. I will screw anybody, anytime, anywhere, their place, my place, in the car, front door, back door, on the ground, standing up, sitting down, naked or with clothes on…It doesn’t matter to me I just love it.”

    With my eyes now wide with interest I responded ……

    “No kidding… I’m in Government too. Are you State or Federal ?”

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  59. Almost all of the UK is closed down with Tier 4 Covd from Tomorrow. Chaos. Absolute devastation for millions now.
    Very, very bad tactics it will ruin many. Unnecessary madness. It will come to the US under Biden. The whole pack will come down.


  60. Everyone,

    If you are qualified for the stimulus, check your accounts. They have started payments and anyone who is registered for direct deposit should be seeing cash deposits as early as tonight. I don’t qualify but a few who do have contacted me with proof of payments, so it’s happening.


    1. The UK voted to leave the EU on terms agreed finally today and are Now, THANK GOD, out of the EU and that Cesspit of Socialists.
      The UK is now OUT of the EU! If only the US could do the same with the Deep~State and Zionist owned Fed!
      Does Trumps 4 years now all fail? They can lie, cheat and steal an election?


    2. The idea of this entire bill is so ludicrous. $150 Billion came to the US and $750 Billion is being sent to every damn country on the planet.

      Why this was ever signed is beyond me.

      Remember, this is basically just a loan. Taxes will come due on the principle and interest. I don’t qualify either, but rest assured we ALL will qualify for the massive tax increases and inflation coming at us like a freight train.

      We are front row participants in the collapse of an empire. History shows these don’t end well.

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  61. Sidney Powell: The ‘New World Order’ Has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’

    “The Roman Republic lasted for centuries in the hands of the people before falling to become the Roman Empire. That change did not happen by a foreign invasion or foreign intrigue. No barbarian or forceful enemy defeated that Republic over 2000 years ago.

    It was defeated from the inside by the treachery of the Senate and the blood of the slain Julius Caesar. Just as Caesar was stabbed in the back by men he thought were his allies, Trump is facing the same treachery.”

    Read this amazing article here:


      1. Careful Aurataya, John visited the Virgin Islands once. Now they are just referred to as “The Islands” among his colleagues.


    1. Trust me to stuff up the spelling. I do know the difference believe it or not even though I stuff it up all the time. Sort not sought.


  62. Hmmm…who here predicted this possibility? 😇


  63. China’s secret plan to topple the US as the world’s superpower

    Always the intention and long in the making.. Biden can not defeat this.
    Congratulations !!! We Did It !!! As always, the last to realize will be the Americans. Sucker punched by Chess Masters.

    Khrushchev’s Prediction

    Remember Khrushchev’s Prediction?

    THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE: A sobering reminder. It’s been almost
    sixty one years since Russia’s Khrushchev delivered this. Many of
    you may not remember his quote or even were alive when Mr. Khrushchev of the Soviet Union made his remarks to President John F. Kennedy.

    Do you remember September 29, 1959 ?

    “Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are
    so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep
    feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up
    and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We
    will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit
    into our hands.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away
    from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
    Remember, socialism leads to Communism. So, how do you create a
    Socialistic State?

    There are 8 levels of control; read the following recipe:

    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.

    2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor
    people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are
    providing everything for them.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That wayyou are
    able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the
    Government that way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of
    their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take
    control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools
    because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what
    is best for the people.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the
    poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and
    it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor. A
    perfect parallel to the Democrat agenda!!!!!

    I remember this very well. He also said “We will bury you”.

    HOPE YOU’LL PASS THIS ALONG………………………………………………..

    Because it looks like his prediction is almost done. Only a few steps left and Biden will take care of them.
    Like the US Rigged Election, truth comes out.

    Russia admits its Covid death toll is world’s third highest at 186,000
    For Tino and all

    One one hand we are supposed to be facing mass melt down with infections, but here we are dismantling the major NEW NIghtingale Hospitals set up to cope with overload. Where does truth LIE?

    London’s flagship Nightingale hospital is being quietly broken down
    The new science of ageing – and how to stay younger for longer

    Really? Chasing hot women does it!
    DO NOT Get Tested ~ Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine ~ Ms. Celeste Solum Validated…Again

    What the hell is this?
    Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple's XRP – Daily Tech Analysis – December 29th, 202
    WhatsApp to stop working on millions of phones from 1 January
    Edward Snowden’s wife shares photos of their newborn first child amid calls for Trump pardon

    Time to pardon Snowden and Assange I think.
    I found this article interesting and thought of sharing it with you. Check it out:

    Achievable goals for many. Remove Zionist Banking. End political greed and corruption.
    Two-thirds of England ‘will be in Tier 4 after tomorrow’s shake-up’

    Economic catastrophe looms
    Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) Yet more of Natures solutions to help you all.

    Kim Jong-un’s sister ‘ready to become world’s first female dictator in modern history’ after squashing death r

    Imagine cross breeding and part cloning Hilderbeast with that?
    Trump pardon for Julian Assange would ‘secure President’s legacy as defender of free speech’ – Nobel laureates

    There would be merit in this for Trump to get some credit.
    Nobel Laureate, PCR Inventor Said Fauci Was a Liar, Abusing Test Data For An Agenda And Afraid To Debate – Round Table Report

    The whole world knows this.
    Russia, US uncover criminal network smuggling cocaine from South America to Russia, Europe – Emergencies – TASS

    Was this an agency bust that Gina provided ? Haspel and Co have a lot to answer for. They are dirty everywhere.
    Pennsylvania Certified Results Found In Error By More Than 200,000 Votes… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    Crazy stuff, how can the vote be certified ? 200K wrong votes, what about the Millions? If only Trump has a brain and experience.
    Long Chinese fingers of influence China has them embedded worldwide deeply.
    Nearly half a million people may have had Covid-19 in Wuhan: study.

    The MSM are waiting to circle Trump like Vultures if he leaves.

    The real fear is the still unknown Virus evolving. But rumours of a Super Sars within 5 years. Real trouble while we have Human ants flying all over the planet. China should have been locked down by the world from day one. Dumb Politicos as ever. This is only Covid. Imagine a 20 to 50 times worse new
    Colorado confirms it has detected first cases of ‘mutant COVID’ strain

    So now the Super Covid has reached America. If Biden is confirmed its strong odds on he will put you in Lockdown. The Dems dream to corral the Sheeple. What do they care about economic consequences they bribe take or steal it all anyway. It looks like knee jerk reactions from a Jerk Like Biden. The UK is a Ghost town will the US follow? We are in a lock down until March or April. The entire economic infrastructure of the UK and EU is in free fall.
    The UK will only take so much before it blows. We have form for Flash level Riots spreading. Also a total disregard for poIicing. Unchecked immigration brought this. Our melting pot could become inflamed anytime, Lets see if America locks down. It gets ugly and sad. Elders suffer badly from isolation.

    Colorado confirms it has detected first cases of ‘mutant COVID’ strain
    FYI .. Chinese clean up crew

    Coincidence? Get real.


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