New Technology Forces Change Upon The Old Order

For many, the following will be a significant wakeup call.

In Europe, and the world to follow, after the trials of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) with South Korea, London and China, the schedule is set for a Global Digital Currency World by the start of 2025. Whether Europe or America can sustain themselves until then, is another issue. The ever-more socialist U.S. is visibly behind this push, but the ramp-up is clear and coming worldwide.

The automated clearinghouse system (ACH) is changing to allow direct deposits from non-banks, i.e., big tech, which is, in essence, their reward for censorship efforts against the Trump campaign. On December 23, 2019, there was approval of modifications to the Federal Reserve Banks’ National Settlement Service and Fedwire Funds Service to support enhancements to the same-day ACH service to prepare for digital currencies. On September 25, 2020, the Board amended the implementation date for certain modifications. They are preparing for a new, REAL digital currency, but this means two things.

First, by this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term elimination of public debt (Or the U.S. would collapse), escaping their incompetence and criminality, in which case there will no longer be Primary Dealer Banks, and hence, therefore, thank God, no need to bail out the incestuous Goldman type banks when they blow up in trading, assuming they will still be allowed to trade in the future. The same thing will hold true in Europe.

Secondly, there is this belief (Modern Money Theory) that debt does not matter as with a digital currency you print to your heart’s content and no one knows, so why does it matter? The slight problem with this is that both Russia and China have told the Globalist WEF to piss off. So we can expect tensions, because they will try to subdue them by hook or crook. Even to the extent of going to war. Either party might refuse to supply any goods to the digital currency crowd, sending them into never-never land. Do you not think that there is a reason why China is building silos for nukes at a frantic pace, or why they just did a siren test in their cities for fear of attack?

This Globalist crowd needs America as the attack foil to execute their plan and will fail without it. In the end, it will not matter. Russia has the wherewithal to render America silent and dead within 30 minutes. It will do everything possible to try and avoid such a direct encounter. But pushed to the brink, they will strike, even if they take the U.S. punishment that will come. The Pentagon does not get this. Have they ever? Naïve!

What is clear is that Vaccine passports have much less to do with YOUR Health, but more to do with population control. To think you need such a passport to buy petrol from a gas station in Slovenia confirms everything. And perhaps now as people there demonstrate, they will realize they are fighting to be free. They will attempt this draconian control in every country in Europe. They will fail, but the damage of state, police and bankers tyranny with their attempted socialist state communism, will leave a long ugly scar as their systems collapse.

We can only hope sanity returns. That will require another set of changes, far different than the path we are currently on. As it is, our societies and cultures are massively damaged from their attempt at absolute control.

It will take time, planning and new levels of digital capital to rebuild. Once the Fed moves to create its own digital currency, it will no longer be the independent entity it was supposed to be. Welcome to the new 21st Century of a hybrid central bank, end of primary dealers, and the elimination of government debt. Just ponder the impact to banking in general. There is a reason why Twitter has a bank license.

Of course, you will be told this is all for your security, when in truth, it’s so that the Hoi Polloi do not revolt when their government system collapses.

Banks do not see this end coming. This is no light at the end of the tunnel; it is a freight train that will run over them. CBDCs will mean you have less privacy with respect to your money and wealth. Discretion will not be yours anymore. Just ask anyone who lived through the Soviet era. Living in a self absorbed Reality TV world. Joe Public Sheeple Brains do not see this coming. Ignorance is their Bliss. Until…Bang!

The Sheeples’ road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these globalists are fighting to retain power in the middle of their unsustainable debt house of cards collapsing. Much like debt is eating China beneath the surface while their exports shrink.

COVID passes are all about control – not health. Is not Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline about control, if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated, no gasoline. Soon enough they will try no food or medical attention. Do you really think that clipboard carrying folks in Toronto trying to get dentists to sign up for not providing care to non vaccinated people is random?

They will not stop until the public wakes up enough to give them the boot. In some countries, this will be at the polling booths (provided they do not use Dominion voting machines to alter the vote) and in other cases it will be the public mob that carries them out. Watch for sane leadership steering through this. It will be the safest places to reside. When this falls flat, we will see national currencies restored. Pay attention to Populist Candidates who want your vote, as they likely are the more honest and at least THINKING! Not one of us will escape the impact of what is coming, so please prepare yourself for the realities of what IS coming for and at YOU!

This IS the beginning of the end of socialist America, and the smug EU. Apocalypse is coming for the Goyim-hating Zionists. Deservedly. At the flick of a switch, centuries of Zionist Jewish manipulation, theft and hegemony will be removed. We can and WILL seize it all back. They will be gone! Finished. About time! There will be no return to normal, we have left Kansas for good. This will be obvious when 3rd quarter results are reported.

Technological Advancement Will Enable The End Of Monopolistic Strangleholds

Banks’ compliance tyranny will die along the new, incoming tech controlled Appian Way. On every cross, a squealing banker. We WILL collect!

The Ponzi House of Cards is coming down. Who then pays for welfare? Why? Think it through. Reality check time.

There are ways to ease yourself forward into the new era. Here is some guidance for surviving the coming upheavals as technological development impacts society, with the expected chaos that accompanies almost every significant major technological advancement in the human experience.

1. Get out and stay out of debt. Debt is how banking cartels loot the planet. If you have substantial debts, seek counseling on how to pay them off as soon as possible. You may have to run the gauntlet. Things like new cars, cable TV, eating out, booze and cigarettes, movies, expensive clothes, rented furniture, etc. may have to go for a while. A second job, of which the income from will go to 100% debt settlements, may be your crown of thorns along with ditching the new car and driving a 15 year old $800 beater. But, once you are cleared of that mortgage and/or credit card payment, that same amount now invested in a quality long term mutual fund or similar, will make you a millionaire in 10 years, aside from pursuing other avenues in the short term.

2. Maximize your ability to earn. Learn new in-demand skills. Seek more overtime. Pay yourself first from every paycheck at least 10% right into savings. Otherwise, if you do not, you are working for free as a slave to your business/employer. Be smart. Don’t work for free.

3. Build wealth by recognizing up-and-coming sectors, and get in ahead of the crowd. Today, Blockchain, Transportation As A Service, A.I./Robotics and Biomedical, are the future. Consult qualified advisors within each of these sectors and make your plan using your disposable income. Don’t use margin loans. Cash only. Earlier blockchain risk takers made billions, while others played with their poop and then proceeded to join BLM and ANTIFA. Nonetheless, we are still very early compared to where we are going.

4. Be ready for anything. Nation States are losing prestige in the minds of new generations, and may falter. Be prepared for sudden disruption in food chains, utilities, police protection, etc. If such are cut off, do you have enough emergency rations, water, arms, power generation capability to sustain your life for at least 6 months? COVID shortages were kid’s play compared to what a major earthquake along the West coast of the USA, or a major biological attack from a religious fanatical organization could do to infrastructure.

5. Remove anyone close to you who constantly preach about and contemplate the ruin of things. Be Human the Solution, not Human the Problem. People who sit around and grouse about life’s hard parts are sometimes doing so because they fear if you unleash your true potential, they will be left behind as you move forward. Such people, on inspection, have been found with a history of destroying themselves as well as others around them. Get away from them – quickly, quietly, and without any regret.

6. Your health is your greatest wealth. Spend funds on good food, nutritional supplements of your choice and sane medical advice before you spend anything on other non-essential necessities. When you have good health, you have everything.

7. Do everything within your particular circumstances to reduce your tax. Once you reach a certain net worth and income, as your tax bracket gets too burdensome, consider expatriating to another tax friendly country if you are young enough for your remaining year’s tax savings to be substantial enough to pass on to your heirs, and not to worthless governments. Seek out professionals on this topic, and make sure you are well advised by someone with at least 10 years track record of assistance. It can be a huge decision, but well worth it.

Lastly, we continue to monitor the GS progress. Stay tuned for more on this as events unfold. As it stands now, unless some overwhelming compelling force causes a halt to the presently ongoing Asiatic holiday festival where they eat every stray dog in town, then it’s looking like it will all spill into 2022. We will be the first to know if otherwise.

Thank you all for your contributions to the rather stimulating banter in the comment section. We have some very, very intelligent and accomplished people who read this site, and many of them contribute to the often-times rowdy conversations. We have seen lives changed as a result of a lot of information shared here at WHA. After all, that should be the goal of any association of people who gather to peacefully seek a viable path to enhance their future survival. And, believe it or not, we are just getting started.

Remember, we are very early in the Blockchain experience:

Strength and Honor


    1. While not the BTC ETF itself, these futures-based BTC ETFs are one step closer to the spot BTC ETF approval that Wall St is waiting for. They are fee-hungry, and have millions of eager clients who want in, but are not technically skilled to use wallets and cold storage to feel secure in placing sizable amounts in on their own. Wall St will solve that problem with easy on-line access, and safe, insured custody solutions.

      Then…hold onto your hats.

      You all wanted an RV. Well, holding your dong or not, you may just get one.

      Let’s see what a few more months brings.

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  1. 17 second video: WORLD’S GREATEST COP and I mean it, PRICELESS. We are going to do each other a favor: You are going to slow down while coming through here, and I am going to rip that Biden/Harris bumper sticker off the back of your car so people don’t think you are an idiot.

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    1. Nothing is going to come of LaPalma. All the hysteria is based on a computer model that has little basis in reality. There isn’t even an “overhang”. The current “massive uplift” is… 10 cm.

      If you want to be anxious about volcanos be anxious about the YellowStone caldera….



    You had better believe they are worried

    Even in a country as inept and corrupt as America Justice is looking at the Bidens.

    Joe Biden and Hunter’s shared bank accounts could make president target of FBI probe | Daily Mail Online

    Interesting reveal
    Merck’s New COVID Drug Is Making News — How Does It Compare to Ivermectin? • Children’s Health Defense

    And you wonder why ivermectin is so hard to get ?
    Two New Studies Show Quercetin Improves COVID Outcomes

    While a having interesting impact on gout issues, it may benefit many other people and the includes vaccinated or non vaccinated folks.
    Try and Die.

    First regiment of S-500 air defense systems to defend Moscow — source – Military & Defense – TASS

    Think what you wish as this is not a singular unit but a regiment. But remember that Moscow is now a NO fly zone. This means that any attempt to attempt a 1st strike will be stopped and a response will occur. The response comes back with unstoppable missiles that are exacting in consequence. Only a fool or a suicidal party would even think to test this.


  3. Screw the banking cartels.


    Could anyone work in politics these days unless they are high?

    These little treasury weasels are desperate to make you pay for their broken system. The present tax and treasury systems we labor under are over 100 years old. Just like the Yenta’s face appears to be.

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  4. The conversation with MN prompted me to share my experiences with the people of Catholic faith I came to know. Actually I tried once about a month or so ago, but the text got chewed out by the anti-spam program and did not feel like reposting it then.

    I worked for an immunotherapy doctor in 2000 as an office manager in her clinic. She was actually a pediatrician, but due to long hours and lower pay like most family doctors in the US, she changed her speciality. Her clinic was open two days a week. One day for the skin tests to determine patients’ allergies, and her nurses gave the antigen shots to the patients on the other day. She was big on training her patients to be self-reliant so that they had minimal needs for her care. She hated to be bothered by them. One day, one of her patients called from another state for a prescription to be faxed to the pharmacy. She had asthma and needed the inhaler refill. While I was speaking to the patient on the phone, the doctor hung up the call, saying it was her fault for running out of her meds because she was not disciplined enough. The real reason why she did not want to accept the request was because she did not want to pay for the long distance phone charge to fax the prescription. The patient called again and was screaming over the phone, but the doctor hung up the call again. I only lasted there for three months because I was not even sure if she was going to pay my wages. I started to chat with the people in other clinics and found out this doctor and her husband were famous for being deadbeats. I do not remember how I made her pay for my hours, but I did because I was very good at my job.

    Her husband worked for a diocese as a counselor to screen all the priests wanna be, and both of them enjoyed very lavish lifestyle. The church gave both of them the type of medical insurance known as “indemnity” that pays whatever doctors and hospital charge unlike what most people end up with with the contractual write offs.

    15 years went by, and I was still working at the clinic but for another doctor with different speciality. I was told the immunotherapy doctor died from uterine cancer metastasis post chemo therapies. I was surprised because she was still in her early 60’s, but at the same time I was not. How did she get the uterine cancer in the first place? It is my opinion that malignant strain of HPV was introduced by her husband who was surrounded by young sexually active men who required his counseling. How do I know so much about HPV, human papilloma,virus? Because I learned a lot by reading charts dictated by the colon rectal surgen who used to treat anorectal condylloma patients. Remember when Kirk Douglas got throat cancer from Cathy Zeta Jones? The same thing happened to the doctor, and she did not make it unlike Kirk Douglas. I think there is such thing as Karma. What comes around goes around.
    Her husband disappeared shortly after the funeral, most likely to flee from the debt collectors. Kind of like the saga that has been going for decades with the Settlements.


    1. To believe in higher power, we do not need organized religion, and to be educated, we do not need educational institutions. I wasted a lot of my time and money to figure these things out.


    2. It was Michael Douglas. Kirk Douglas is his father. Sorry for the error. My PC got hacked while I was posting my comment. I wonder who? I am just a nobody who used to drive in SF.


        1. I know she is a hottie, isn’t she? With her bypolar and all.
          I need to quit talking like a dude so people here know my gender. I was accused of being a lesbian, but I am not interested in vagina.

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          1. I think Catherine is one of the most gorgeous women that ever walked this earth.

            I am not making fun of you or anything SF but your statement above “I am not interested in vagina” totally cracked me up. Never heard anyone express it quite like that. Thank you for making me smile this evening. I have had a crap day and you just brightened it.


  5. Watch “Gravitas: China is preparing 4 military campaigns to take Taiwan” on YouTube
    It it’s actioned its not going to end well.

    China’s Much-Hyped Stealth Drone ‘Sharp Sword’ Launches Swarming Decoys At Enemy Warships In A New Viral Video

    Any fleet will be wiped out.
    Russian warships stage show of strength off of Japan

    Russia is warning Japan now.


    1. Hope you and Dad are sharing some beautiful moments together Tino. Thank you for letting us know about Paladin’s Dad, much appreciated.

      Paladin, not sure if you visit WHA but I would like to let you know that I am sad you have recently experienced the physical loss of your Dad. May his journey be beautiful, yours peaceful and both paths forward filled with love.


  6. Like

    1. My god. Those people should be hung for this. And I know exactly what that deviant little creep in the skirt needs to teach him a lesson. This stuff is so far beyond where normal, decent and moral people should have allowed this type of behaviiour to go.

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  7. Loudoun County father arrested at school meeting says daughter was raped by boy in girls’ bathroom | Daily Mail Online

    The new America. Woke, Markel with her Idiot Man Child Play Doll Weak Chin Wig Harry, BLM, Hunter Biden, Hooker Harris, and Orange Shrek.
    Large Canadian Town Bars Unvaccinated Couples From Getting Married | ZeroHedge

    So let’s understand, being vaccinated allows you to get married and not being vaccinated does not. How does this relate to health?
    Dumb just got dumber.
    Shut up, Fauci! We don’t need your permission to celebrate a holiday

    Why is Fauci not in jail for life?

    What a doorknob, he makes. The administration look like an a amateur hour TV show.
    My tribute to Canadians
    Goodbye to the US $. Goodbye to the US Hegemony. Game over as the world polarises.
    At best America has 5 to 10 years now, or maybe less if these Burger Butts in DC roll into WW111.
    Whatever the time, it’s the end of the US as Global leaders.
    They came as a Locust swarm and stole the land of the Native Americans, They then polluted the Earth until the game was up.
    At least Rome left us Culture, Science and the Arts.
    The US leaves only McD’s, HIV, Dope and mass corruption.
    Best gone. Move on. .
    CNA: China looks to roll out its new digital currency on a larger scale in February.

    Hungary fans involved in ugly clashes with police at Wembley as officers use batons | Daily Mail Onlin

    We see the sad state of UK Policing today. Disfunctional, dissorganised and gutless. Fit only for preying on women and motorists. Shameful. Useless.
    We need to defund and start again.
    Furious drivers are forced to take on Insulate Britain AGAIN: Lorry driver comes within INCHES of hitting activist while a female motorist drags another off the road as eco-mob block traffic on M25 for a 13th day

    The demonstrators ran out onto the road by traffic lights at junction 31 of the motorway near Thurrock on the north side of the Dartford Crossing which links Essex to Kent.
    Kamala slams European explorers who ‘ushered in a wave of devastation for Tribal nations’ and vows the Biden administration will work to address the impact of America’s ‘shameful past’

    The vice president on Tuesday told the annual Congress of Native Americans that history did not adequately acknowledge the damage done to their communities by European explorers.

    What about its Shameful NOW????????????????

    Jeez another with Trumps IQ.
    La Palma thermal imaging shows much more destruction

    Now we see how La Palma is actually evolving we can call it.
    Huge Lava Flows and Island destruction , but Fake University Reports hype a Tsunami which was never to be.
    But the Island is badly hit.
    Crete in Greece is now getting earthquakes. The Med has its issues.

    When you see the ethereal imaging you start to realize just how unstable the area around the lava is.



  8. Look at what the Merriam-Webster Dictionary added “or regulations mandating” a couple days ago to the “Anit-Vaxxer” Definition

    Definition of anti-vaxxer
    : a person who opposes the use of vaccines or regulations mandating vaccination

    I just heard this on the Joe Rogan Podcast with Alex Berenson which was kicked out from Twitter….!! First time i hear from this individual….


    1. Alex Berenson started out in one corner, (vaxx, liberalism, classic NYT) and ended up in our corner (anti-this-vaxx, Trump may have a point, NYT who me?, Twitter-banned for pointing out the failed narratives).

      I certainly give him credit for intellectual honestly. It’s been a jarring experience for him.

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      1. Yup… that’s what i heard on this episode. Thanks for the clarity on the subject as you normally bring every day Tino.

        Much appreciated and prompt healing during these hard times.

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  9. Source for Ivermectin.
    We need to be aware that the current Covid Protocols (esp. Remdesivir) have turned many hospitals into “killing fields” for Covid patients.

    Dr, Ardis:

    Here’s a young man who recently lost numerous relatives, who had one thing in common: they all went to the hospital for treatment.

    We need to get Ivermectin and dosage instructions out to our family, friends and possibly even the wider community. Then, assuming we also boost our immune systems by taking Vitamin D (see * below), whenever we get sick we take the Ivermectin at home as early treatment and get well right away; no trips to the hospital for testing or treatment and we don’t become statistics in this fake Covid pandemic. Medical authorities will not help us do this; they continue to tell us there is no prevention or treatment for Covid-19; we need to do this ourselves as a grass roots effort. I know of a reliable website where we can order Ivermectin directly from a foreign country at a good price (must buy quantity though). I would reveal that to any of your readers who are interested and that you trust. They could then make it available to their friends, family and possibly community. I can also provide them some guidance about that.

    * Vitamin D: take 50 * (your weight in lbs) each day. E.g. 160 pound person * 50 = 8,000 IU/day. Then do a Vitamin D blood test after 3 months; fine tune the amount from there. This is as important as the Ivermectin, it’s the one-two punch!

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  10. It’s a difficult time now for Tino, the site is with you.
    Your valued and not alone. Your journey together matters. Those Bonds are now eternal.
    Respect from all Tino. Time heals.

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  11. They just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on…..

    These are Clinton’s emails:

    Index file!

    Send to everyone you can as fast as you can!

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    1. John,

      The shame of this all, is that settlement delays live, thrive and empower the bankers under the darkness of secrecy. We all know the power of shedding light to injustice through social media. If this story got out to the press, and circulated on social media, it would make “Occupy Wall Street” would look like a pep rally. If the general public had any idea of the obstructionist tactics of bankers, especially if the release of funds would someone make their lives better, forget pitch forks. There will be blood.

      Most don’t understand why their lives are worse off because of the Fed and the systemic greed that runs deep in their ranks. Maybe it’s time to scale your efforts to compel them to release the funds for the betterment of humanity. Good way to insure your efforts is to enlist the aide of a few billion people. They’ll bring the flame throwers.


      1. AB

        People wont get of their idle arses, that’s the problem and why the Elites despise them.
        The”Sheeple” have no friends or support in High Places.
        They are down so much due to crass stupidity and laid back indifference. Lemmings.


        1. The Elite are just hypocrites. One spreads fear from every hired mouthpiece and the MSM, while suppressing every sensible voice and then they blame the the Victim of their Operation.

          Here, if I take the average man on the street and ask how many died of COVID and how lethal it is, I get absurd replies as in “millions”, “very, overwhelmed hospitals from the dead”, which is just narratives.

          Any sensible Country would have adopted HCQ+Zinc+Zpack by May 2020 and by December 2020 would have adopted Ivermectin/Doxy/Budenoside/Vit D with or without monteleukast/levoceterizine. Nobody would have rushed a vaccine, and a sensible judiciary will have told the PTB to pound sand on mandates and vaxxports.

          And now that we know that in the hospital they did nothing, that in the UK they blatantly engaged in midolazam euthanasia, that here they blew out lungs and killed via remdesivir (a 3-time loser of a drug, thank the Evil Leprechaun (Fauci)), not even properly timing dexamethasone over budenoside.

          It’s not going to play out as they think. See SouthWest, American Airlines, Amtrak. Defense contractors are now being told point-blank by Courts, uh-sorry-YOU-can’t deny exemptions– EEOC is now folding on the mandate. OSHA hasn’t even written the damn rule. What’s absurd about all this — the LAW never changed — everyone just hysterically began doing it. Wait until the inescapable failure in logic of the vaxx passport gets hit on its absolute arbitrariness with zero utility. God do I want to be a fly on the wall when judicial notice is forced of the Israeli’s Health Minister hot mike “that the passports are just to coerce the unvaccinated”. Not to mention hypocrisy in Israel. We have Nuremberg Informed Consent. Let’s see how long before that elephant stampedes thru the Courts and the People.

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    2. John, please be specific on exactly what financial settlements are coming to a conclusion and time frame as you and the elders see it, as of now ? Thank you. May Queen Elizabeth live forever, beautiful human being.


      1. Rockville

        Sadly I can’t.

        The ” Lady” granted them a new 10 Year SKR renewal 5 weeks ago. Still it has not been put to work.

        Despite the Crown, Vatican, Rockefellers and our actions, we still can not get a Fed /Treasury consensus. The US is offended and appalled we refuse their offer which is less than 20% of market value for the assets.

        When we object we are told with vehemence “We”, Royal presumptive “We”, have the rest already allocated for our own use. ???? So we respond!

        When the Elders direct the South Korean President to tell the US to “Go Forth and Multiply Yourselves”, it creates a Diplomatic discourse. They take umbrage. Deservedly!

        This pampered, Narcissistic State Fed Cabal is meeting focused refusal. Unwelcomed!

        The Game Board is in play. Gaming Them!

        That is nothing to the scale of discourse we get in London refusing them preferential treatment or advantages.

        We are “Apolitical”. We hold all Politicos and Bankers in equal contempt. Each seeking to stake their grubby claims on the use of OPMs funds. NO! It’s not happening. We owe None. No one!

        These funds, when released, are for us to uplift Humanity. We have no national agenda. Nor interests. For each $1T we allow to go to Governments, at best the needing End Users get only c$300B. The rest these parasites take and waste. We need none of them and can deliver the full $1T direct. Over 300% greater use. Intended use of these funds is shaking many. They are hard nosed out. Parasite free use!

        The needs are intense and will be vetted with care. Ethical, Ecological, and intense Fiscal Providence.

        Battles are daily and raging. Conflicts everywhere. It’s the big picture which matters. We owe no one, Self interest pleas fall on deaf ears. We are focused on our own Agendas. Only those. We fund, we pay, we say.

        In time, our time. Geo Political battles daily. Rattlers in suits!

        Beats the Colosseum.

        For the Losers, ignominy.

        Just- Watch?



    The video portrayed the children as regular kids – however it has been revealed that they were all paid actors who auditioned for the part by submitting a monologue and questions they would ask a world leader, according to the Daily Mail, which notes that the Washington Examiner revealed the production company; ‘Sinking Ship Entertainment’ out of Canada.


  13. Covid written the way we write it, when read as one would read Hebrew = DIVOC, or posessed by a demon, in Hebrew. Probably not a coincidence.
    Hebrew is read from right to left. There is no question that Covid as we read it is DIVOC as they read it.
    Remember the testimony of the priest I posted a couple weeks ago, where he literally said God left and a demon was with him for 40 days after the first jab? I have little doubt the jab is indeed a gateway.
    Yes. Go get your Divoc shot.
    The above from

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    1. Hmm I woke up once and realised I was married. That Demon took 35 years to dislodge.
      It’s now where it belongs with the Demons from Hell. Mentally.

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      1. It always blows me away that you feel so strongly about that when there was once a day where you loved that woman so much you married her and had children together. Such a shame for it to turn out so horribly.

        Then again I suppose sometimes relationships can become rather bitter, particularly when there is a good sum of money involved. Such a shame things go that way.


        1. Look at Megan Markel. It’s gone to her head and she’s simply not up to it. Harry’s a sad Wimp. Useless.
          We need break clauses where we renew or don’t. 90% would never renew.
          God a Break Clause would put manners on them. Fast!
          We are not their meal tickets for life. Cross the line cut loose the swine.
          Keepers mare good, but too damned few.


        2. I think what men resent is the power women end up with by giving birth to their offspring. It is one thing men cannot do no matter how many times transgenders inject female hormones in to their bodies to achieve the appearances of what women look like. In nature, there is the harmonious balance between the male and female, but this was destroyed by the “powerful” but small minded men through politics, religion and education. I really think we are living through the end time, and we don’t know how all of this will end.
          I have learned the major differences between Catholic church and Greek orthodox church. While the Jesuits/Vatican exploits women, Greeks protect their women. How do I know this? I lived with a Greek family for five years when I was young. I think their wisdom come from their mythology and having longer history in which women said “that’s it!”. Without women, life comes to an end.


          1. How about women who bring so much misery to men’s lives? They know how to use their “assets”. Funny how the word starts with a*s*s*. They know how to hook men with high net worth and seal the deal by getting pregnant. Then life will be a bowl of cherry from thereon. All they have to do is act like they like the guy and pretend like they enjoy the sex with them, or say they have a headache. I was watching a YouTube video that talked about the dating app “Tinder” in which women all want men with lots of money. If I were a guy looking for a girl to date, I won’t be looking through Tinder app. It is a sad reality, but it is what it is. After what I experienced with “creep” the PHD, I decided not to create any kind of “ship”…, friendship or relationship from the Internet. This is going to be my new rule to live by.


            1. Fortunately, not all women are how you described them. I for one was thought by my mother to be independent and have a job just like she did. She emphasized getting an education which is the only thing we will always have
              with us.

              Also, not all Catholics maltreat women as you described. I come from a place where a woman’s opinion is valued. I was born and raised Catholic. Not all Catholic priests are Jesuits as well. And not all Jesuits are those who infiltrated the hierarchy of the Church to do harm. As one wise priest once said and I quote ‘It is the church of God run by men.’

              With the ratio of men and women in the world, the men should have enough women to choose from so that they don’t end up with the wrong woman.

              Peace to you brother and I hope you have a wonderful life ahead.

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              1. I only know two Catholics that I came to know through working. One day I will share my experience here. Everything I learned in my life came from my own experience and formed my options accordingly. Our time here on this planet is limited, so we need to choose how we spend our life with whom wisely. If the world was so great, what are we doing here? So much has gone wrong, don’t you think?


                1. By the way, how have you been feeling? You shared with everyone here that you have taken the jab. Hopefully it was a placebo.


                2. I am feeling ok so far thank you for asking. I live gratefully day to day. I know quite a few who have passed on due to COVID. The most recent was a classmate of mine in high school. A good friend is suffering from long term covid. An old friend of mine passed away from it last April.

                  So every day I am here becomes more meaningful. Thank you are 2 words I have learned to say more and more. If the good Lord decides my time is up then I will go knowing that I did my best with what was given to me. I am no saint by any measure.

                  I know so many things have gone wrong. It can get even worse from here. We can only do our best. But as you also said, we are not, in the end, going to be here forever. We need to spend our time doing good. In eternity all the good we have done comes with us. That is all we can bring.

                  Alright SF. Stay cool. Try to look on the bright side sometimes. I am not saying Hopium. Let me give you a quote from my favorite Saint. Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry.

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    1. What this whistle blower fears is creating the power vacuum, not loss of his own life.

      “What Greenwald is talking about is so true, and nobody will ever investigate. When I was in contempt, the FBI set up the girlfriend of a manager at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. They had his girlfriend “help” a friend who said if she did not deliver drugs they would kill her. She tried to help her friend but the delivery of drugs was to an FBI agent pretending to be a drug dealer. They then threatened her life; she broke down and told her boyfriend, who then stepped in and offered to give them the money they claimed they were owed to leave his girlfriend alone. They arrested him as part of the conspiracy, which was the object. They then told him, which is standard, it would all go away if he agreed to act as an inside informant reporting on everyone who took a pile of cash from the casino or came in with cash. He refused and did his 18 months.
      They took me for a little walk outside the courthouse and said I knew everyone, and that was worth a lot to them. In the same words, this can all go away if I agreed to be an informant inside the financial industry. My lawyer warned me they would do that and said I would be like a dog on a leash for the rest of my life. I also refused their offer.
      Every drug dealer I did meet when I was in contempt said the same thing. If they had $500,000 in cash that was confiscated, their indictment said a standard 50%. Their court-appointed lawyer then tells them to keep quiet, for more money would mean more time. Cash routinely vanished and it all goes right into the Deep State — the National Security and Department of Justice.
      I seriously doubt that any president can defeat the Deep State. It will take the army to rise up to defend the people. The CIA was created in 1947, and they succeeded in ensuring that Trump would lose. The entire COVID response has been supported by the Deep State, which was 72 years from 1947. Even in Canada, the military has used the pandemic to test physiological warfare on its own citizens. These people are drunk on their own power.
      This will come to an end, crashing down in the face by 2033. The politicians are not in charge anymore.”

      Question: How many of us will be around by 2033?


  14. Someone sent this to me and asked what I thought of it.

    This lady is obviously suffering from some kind of mental illness, which is common with a lot of people who dwell in a parallel “I am going to save the republic” world. Her comments on Paladin and “The White Hats” were benign in nature so I will let Paladin address that if he wants. She didn’t mention WHA, perhaps since she knows we expose nut bags like her without mercy.

    Let’s hope this woman gets the help she needs.

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    1. Tony – I think you’re right about the mental illness. For the fun of it, I watched a couple of her other videos.
      She seems like a nice lady but can someone please tell me what the heck she is talking about in this three minute video. Couldn’t help myself to post it. I got a chuckle at the end.


    2. Yep, definite fruit loop. Strange look in her eyes as well which is always a sign of fruitloopness lol. And she is quite manipulative in the manner in which she uses her voice too in my opinion.


  15. I sent below article to a hairdresser friend of mine, she cuts my hair… we send info back and forth through Telegram… her response to the article is after the excerpt…

    “My back really started hurting bad,” Goodwin recalled. “Then, I’m like, ‘OK. I need to go to the doctor. That’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all within the span of a month.”

    Goodwin then left nothing up to the imagination when he revealed what he believed caused the health issues.

    “I was fine until then,” Goodwin said. “I was fine up until I took the vaccine, I was fine.”
    Her response:
    “Did you hear that basketball players complaint? I just had a customer come in. He and his wife took the jab at 12:30 on a Monday in January. They went home and that evening she complained she was really tired and her back was killing her. She laid on a heating pad before bed. Woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom. He asked her how she was feeling and she said her back was still hurting really bad. He said you want the newspaper and your coffee? She said not yet. Went to the bathroom at 10 am and laid back down. He checked on her at 11 am and she was DEAD!!”


    1. I had a distant relative whom I had never met pass away after receiving the jab. Her husband took her down to get the jab and after coming back home he checked on her a bit later. He found her sitting at the kitchen table and saw her writing on a piece of paper. She was making a capital letter, small letter, capital letter, small letter, over and over. He asked her why she was doing that and she said, “I don’t know”. Now I can’t remember if my aunt told me one or two days later, but, after going to bed that night, her husband woke up to hear her gurgling and then she passed away. Left behind two children and husband.
      My uncle who is 89 is home on hospice care. We are not allowed to visit without the jab so I guess the last time I saw him in June of this year was it.
      What a mess this world is right now.
      I read The Spartacus Letter. Very good read.


      1. So sorry to hear that news Biffie, such a sad situation. My thoughts are with you and your family. XX

        You are right, this world most certainly is a mess right now. I shake my head wondering where all this is heading.


          1. I would like to see her take over…. talk about an even bigger shit show!… the Biden voters are already wishing they had not been so ignorant… if she gets in they will all be begging Trump to come back!


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  17. Image Surfaces of Dr. Fauci With George Soros, Bill Gates Sr., David Rockefeller, Ted Turner
    The question is simple. How many Illuminati Bloodlines do you see here? Coincidence? Get real.

    Jennie Bond warned Meghan Markle over her ‘massively extravagant’ spending | Royal | News |

    Prepare for the big Reality Check Crash Landing of Markel and the pathetic Windsor Poodle Fakir Harry.
    The Bolter has become England’s new Wallace Simpson. Reviled by all. Harry has blown it here now. He’s got nowhere to come back to.
    2 pathetic, sad, attention seeking Posers who La La Land will tire of.
    Netflix are wasting money on such sad Posing Clowns.

    Markle just wants to spend, spend, spend. She’s left the tracks. At some stage both will crash to earth. Defiling the Monarchy here will not be forgotten or forgiven.
    She’s a Wannabe Democrat Senator.
    He’s bought his own ticket to hell.
    Apart from Posing as a Royal Prince, he can do what?
    Both had the chance to build a Royal Bond for America.
    But Cinderella Bolted with a Limp Dick Fella. .
    Jeez Tony swerve this

    Drunk driver had penis and a testicle amputated after horrific crash
    The Guardian.

    If he invited a riot which led to deaths them hid like the gutless coward I believe him to be, it’s right Justice calls. Barabus Lardarse coward and Skank.
    What will the Senate do?
    So what, he’s now just a fat little Retiree who needs to take a Cruise fast.
    Tom Cruise sparks Twitter reactions with different appearance
    Now Harry and Meghan move into banking

    2 petulant ego tripping F Wits, who cares? A Bolter and a Bearded Wimp.


    1. Re: Penis and Testicles…

      I drove in a state of drunkenness one time in my life. It was 3 am, and to this day I don’t remember ever stopping for a traffic light. I was young and foolish, and lucky I didn’t kill myself or others. Never again have I done that, and hopefully I never will again.

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  18. “The End of Airlines | What the Media ISN’T Telling You!!”

    They have the license to end our lives along with we became accustomed to, but we did not give our consent. Perhaps we were mistaking in thinking that we ever did. So how do we establish our sovereign rights? By being a perpetual nomad? I suppose they want to stop us moving around, taking away our rights to travel, by forcing the jab passport.


  19. “George Gammon’s Advice on When to Leave Your Country”

    I heard from a video, cannot remember which one, that the jab rate is around 60% in both Thailand and Malaysia. It is not easy to obtain the health statistics from these nations, but I heard the doctors there are giving placebo jabs to the people. How do we find these doctors in the respective countries? From the locals. I believe Thailand is open to tourists while Malaysia is not. No matter where we go, we need to overcome the issues with the jab and passport. For the US citizens, the choice is to wait it out with the Second, or leave and take chances. If I go to Thailand, I probably will choose Pattaya for its close proximity to the airport, availability of Western accommodation and food that are more reasonable than Bangkok. What will I do with my property in the US? I could leave everything here. When I come back years later, everything will be here, provided I keep paying the property taxes.


      1. Outsiders have to be given gate access. It is always possible, but my land is farthest from the gate and surrounded by the forests. The previous owner was a Catholic priest who never lived here for almost 10 years. The map on the Internet does not know that this address exists. I guess I will find out if anyone succeeds, but I can pay my neighbor to keep an eye on my property while I am away and now the lawn now and then. Real honorable men exist in the mid West if any ladies are looking for a potential match.


  20. Tino

    I wish you calm, fortitude and the quiet serenity of Being when the time comes to take the next step of this never ending journey. That Bond is now eternal. He will be with you forever. It’s now just a Dimension swap.
    But a State of Being- Forever.
    He’s so proud of you Tino and you made his life have meaning.
    Such a role for both of you.
    The site is with you Tino. Time together, he is so Blessed. But so are you. Real life values.

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    1. It is so delightful for me to see a person, being John, care so much for a fellow contributor.

      May I thank you John for the beautiful expressions you have shared recently regarding Tino’s life experience.

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      1. Bugger, I stuffed up again.
        That first sentence should have read the following.
        “it is so delightful for me to see a person, being John, care so much for a fellow contributor, being Tino.”


    1. I am not even going to click on that first link as I have gained enough info from the title shared. And guess what? They can get stuffed imo. I have had it with this bullshit.

      You are either a man or a woman in most cases. Although, I do appreciate that there may be some anomalies here and there. But please stop shoving this overrated bullshit down my throat.

      Am I intolerant? Am I racist? Am I narrow minded? Think what you bloody well like, I do not give a shit.

      Tony, my rant was not directed at you at all, it was directed at the utter crap getting shoved in our faces 24/7. I will never be changed, so they can all take a bloody good hike to yaya land for all I care.

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      1. No worries!

        A new generation is coming into power. One that has had, in some cases, too much handed to it too easily, and has become too sensitive to the needs of fools, and the idea of not ever insulting a moron outweighs the needs of recognizing key issues which our focus should be on as a culture.

        Bolshevism is behind this.

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      2. I have to put up with a PRIDE month at the fortune 500 company I work. This is one of the leaders in the industry we specialize. It’s insane. I feel like sending a blast email asking when we are having heterosexual month.

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          1. OMG NO! Do these twits have any idea how to limit themselves and their stupid thinking? Thank heavens I’m not into SUPERMAN. He always seemed like a bit of a dag to me anyway lol.



    Trumps Aides may take the heat for the Grifter as ever. His profile won’t last. He will come to Earth when Justice catches up.

    So it’s not the 3 Quad McD Burgers, and all else the Fat Grifter could polish down as Freebies on the State?
    He was Pigging Out to create jobs feeding the Big Porker?
    Pentagon’s former software chief says US has lost the technology battle to China

    End of the US Empire and Damning.


    1. Excellent article re Taiwan, thanks Tony.

      I personally hope Taiwan give it to the Chinese in whatever manner they can. It may mean that many die but to see China and their bs ended, well, I am happy to croak for that.


    1. I am so cheesed off about the UK dropping this case. But, I suppose we could have expected that considering how things work over in the UK.

      What a drooling low life sleeze bag a’hole Andrew is. He’ll get his one day.


  22. Sadly, attention seeking Saddo Charles, who talks to his plants in the Greehouses, just does not know when to keep his stupid mouth shut. Hope the Queen lives 10 more years. We need William next not Jug Ears.

    Prince Charles says he ‘understands’ Greta Thunberg’s frustrations

    Iraqi forces detain Islamic State’s finance chief Sami Jasim al-Jaburi

    Do to him as they do to others. Batter out all we need then behead the Bastard in the Public square.

    Iraqi forces detain Islamic State’s finance chief Sami Jasim al-Jaburi
    Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2021, 15:58
    Subject: La Palma footage Monday

    Whatever is coming is live.

    North West side collapsed last night around 9:00PM EST … the entire Northern quarter of the island lifted about 3 inches Friday night.
    What that suggests is that there is some sort land split on the island as the physical land mass is no longer constant as one mass. Therefore one assumes that the South Western portion of the island where the volcano is is quite unstable.
    What this means for residents and beyond is not clear but caution is warranted especially given the earthquakes that are occurring.

    How the hell has this been covered up. It’s beyond serious. That’s only the ones reported. How many were not?
    This profiles Predators out of control. Critters!
    The London Met we know is rotten to the core.
    Time to redesign and re examine the lot.
    2,000 officers accused of sex offences in past four years
    This is very bad for Putin. It will close more doors on him and his criminal Mafya associates. Thugs at large.KGB Thugs.

    Russia STOLE blueprint for the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, sources claim
    British aircraft carrier and strike group visit Singapore

    Unlike America which runs away from real conflict, The Brits are right in Chans face with Fleets saying try and we will defend our Crown Dependencies.
    China will not like this. So then they do what?
    Because the Brits will not cower and run. The Brits will nuke and finish them. That is how to stop Bullies. Russia too. Brits sailed right up to them and said Go for It?

    This made me proud of him to stand up and face them down. Well done John Stewart. Congress is a disgrace.
    But the Senate Rattlers even worse.

    End this Crap China and Take It! It’s coming anyway and South Korea next. They will unify the lot.

    China warns Taiwan will have ‘no choice but to take to battlefield’
    All this is nonsense. Cut these Southern F Irish off. No Trade – F Off. sorted.
    We pay, We say or Go Away! Stop talking to9 these Bastards and close the door.
    Chinese Torture programs


  23. This is a long read,,, the info is supposed to be in it… I did not take the time to read it yet…

    Breaking news. share on all platforms: FDA document admits “Covid” PCR test was developed without isolated samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it’s testing something else.
    A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples, but rather with what appears to be genetic material from a common cold virus.


  24. Is it time for another Vicious, horrific Western tagged War to remind us of our need for Humanity?

    Economies are in free fall. Leaders are visibly corrupt and inept.
    Crime between feckless and Feral low lifes and Illegals is rising.
    As is Sex Trafficking, Drug and People trafficking.
    Education is failing.
    Retirees are destitute. Illegals swarm in. Uninvited,unwanted Parasites.
    A Feckless Youth has no respect for anyone Politicos are Criminals and Grifters.
    We can’t afford the old people. We can’t afford the Illegals.
    We can’t afford Health Care costs.
    We can’t afford rising energy prices.
    We can’t afford unemployment levels.
    We can’t afford the crippling cost and number of State workers.
    People cause so much pollution.
    A war would cut the numbers. Rebuild better with less.
    Be careful what we wish for. We are stoking the flames.
    With today’s weapons?????????????
    How many will die?
    Why need any die?
    As Taiwan is goading China it asks for retribution. Shock and Awe.
    Do any of us need any more Wars? China will make an example of them. A warning to America.
    America really needs to step away. Let Taiwan negotiate in peace or face the alternative.
    End the Body Bags. East v West is a mess. Leave!
    Hegemony is over. America has stolen it all. Now if you stay YOU Pay!

    Has Mankind learned nothing?


      1. You then allowed this scum to run the Treasury, Banks and Fed and to buy up both Houses.
        Gulag the lot, and Guillotine. End them once and for all. No shortage of Volunteers to drag them and tie them to the Chopping boards. Millions would pay!

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  25. Full documentary.

    WHO and What is REALLY Controlling This World?!..Shocking Revelations of History Documentary Box-set – YouTube


    1. This is basically the same story Illuminati runaways say they are taught growing up in these bloodline families.

      Anu-Draco King
      Enlil-Son of Anu
      Enki-Son of Anu.

      Draco arrived after a great cataclysm around 15000 years ago when a moon crashed into earth and offered help. Humans were starving and living in apocolyptic conditions. A group of elders spoke for the people and warned against it, but the people wanted out of their horrible state. (Some of these elders are supposedly still alive today which seems to correspond with the tablets showing long periods of reign. Obviously, they were advanced in life extension)

      The Draco helped at first, but then slowly took over. Instead of governing in person, they created a hybrid Draco/Human called “The Parents” and they went underground. There were 23 parents (they were split up and managed each of 13 bloodlines and specific programs) and they communicated specific orders down to the Pindar (A Rothchild today). He gave orders to the families (priest class, political leaders, etc.)

      Supposedly, in 2015, Anu left with all but a small contingent of Draco to handle more pressing matters in Sirius somewhere. He said humans were to be left to their own. All but 3 of the parents then took their lives.

      Obviously, this is all conjecture, but I find it interesting how the stories seem to line up together with the exception that they don’t say the Annunaki were actually 14′ tall dragons.

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  26. The silence of Donald Trump: how Twitter’s ban is cramping his style

    Poor little Tweety Fingers suffers. His ego is howling. What a sad day for America when all that’s left is either Brain Dead Biden or this absurd low IQ rambling Orange Turd Grifter.
    Watch “Reba McEntire, Feat. Dolly Parton – Does He Love …” on YouTube

    great performance 2 Classy Ladies.Well done. Reba pushes Dolly to lift her game here. Watch.

    Reba McEntire, Feat. Dolly Parton – Does He Love …:
    Squid Game lays bare South Korea’s real-life personal debt crisis

    Yes its a game but parallels South Koreas reality.
    They can party with 10 days holidays filling their fat Guts, while the nation goes down the toilet. 8 course meals, fashion shows and dances, and silly bloody games, what a mess.
    Kindergarten Children. A Chinese boot will be up their Arses soon if not moving them fast. Peasants or Pissants? Fools! Hard words were said Sunday!. They have been reminded what will happen if China invades and reunites then with the North as one big slave camp then with the North, Rat Soup of they are lucky. Party that! Bongo Land mentality. We hammered it home eve on Sunday, that their laid back stupidity will walk them into oblivion.
    Move those Arses or they will be taken!
    Face down as befits a Clown!
    They’re Killing People! – News With Views

    Coincidence, Really?
    Only in America

    Be clear China WILL take both Taiwan and South Korea.
    If they take on Japan it will be a Nuclear Take Out in Total. Awesome total Pearl Harbour Plus with nothing left alive. Total Armageddon just like Israel will be.
    Instant and total to avoid retaliation. Which means they can not pre warn America. Then what? Real world issues coming.
    China WILL take out all. They are just refining weapons of mass destruction. China IS coming. So is war.

    The Sweet Lew Special – Kamala Harris when she was 29 launched her career in Willie Brown’s bedroom when he was 60. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown admitted to an extramarital

    Watch “‘Even with the assistance of an autocue’ Biden is ‘utterly incoherent'” on YouTube

    FFS wake up and take this Slag out of the role. Which is the more Stupid, He or You? Get RID Now! What is wrong with you? Get RID!

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  27. My thoughts as ever are with Tino
    I just wish you peace and strength to comfort you on your journey right now. Watch the video I sent you on site,
    Hopefully a candle in the night for you.
    Just believe in more.
    It’s real. He gave the world you.

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  28. A lot of new information is coming over for you.

    1. The very REAL Geo Political Risks as China WILL go for both Taiwan and South Korea. Empires always do, as with the Brits and US. There’s hardly a nation on the planet the Brits have not invaded or meddled with. The US just did it badly and got caught. Washington is simply too thick to get Culture. Now many want payback.
    2. Japan sits right in China’s cross hairs. It’s really now just a question of which new Apocalyptic weapons and what power. China has to totally annihilate them and also their Fleet in combined minutes. But Yes it means atomising US bases with No Warning, and both Fleets in the region plus all Sub tracking. But also then having 20 or 30 Chinese and Russian Subs off both US and Australian coasts, warning respond and we atomise you all in minutes. Think just 3! Comply or all die. A face off – hard nose. Awesome ferocity awaits now.
    3. Then there is Harris. What vetting? Just like Con Man Bogus Barry Soetoro. Had by Bad Man Willie Brown, who banged that Ho with every other Slag in DC town. Do you have a clue how to Vet? Fire who cleared Harris.
    4. If TSHTF do you want Harris on Point Duty in the Oval Office? Your lunch.
    5. 350M asleep in La La Land, a Sitting Duck and not an Allie who gives a F?
    6. You will probably by given an invitation ( Ordered!!) to close those Silos and just 2 minutes to comply or go into the night. Fire one and all Subs unleash. Now that, I think will make you Shite. Decades of Corrupt Leadership, incompetence Global brutality. Billy No Mates in the OK Corral face off. Be clear, take on China, you get Russia. . Do not comply, you die. What choice? You will fold. You always do. All know this now.

    Sort this F Mess! Not Orange Shrek either. IQ test them.! He fails! Abysmally.

    It does not have to be this way. You have the ability, talent and quality. Raise the bar. Use it or lose it.
    Otherwise, as ever these Dumbkoffs always get it so wrong. But next time will be terminal. Re think America. Live! 350 m do not deserve to needlessly lose life for DC Bums. Why die for this DC lie? Keep America safe. Get out of Asia and the Far East. It’s over! Get real. Get life back. Live!

    Issues coming your way. But the MSM won’t tell you.
    We DO care! Save Americans! Don’t fight battles you can’t win. Or 9/12 will be next!
    Your done as Leaders led by these inept Bottom Feeders.


  29. Weapons and how to arm in the coming new Wild West lawless America as the old Empire is ending badly.

    1. Use that Right to Bear Arms and use it well. Fast. Before they take that away also.
    2. Know and think through the small arms difference.
    Automatics have a nasty risk and habit of jamming when you are most at risk. Revolvers don’t.
    Plan your. bullet loading.
    But with care.
    An automatic with normal 38, 45s or similar are ok for extended lead bullet magazines for whatever you need.
    But if serious threats and close up think of loading up with cross head Dum Dums, they will open up inside and exit the size of a saucer. Or lodge inside with vast organ damage. Just aim fast, a controlled 2 handed stopper shot for the middle. The bullet does the rest. Revolvers are best to carry Dum Dums. More control.
    Hollow heads also are stoppers. Asses your risks and needs. If Mad Max times get real and nasty. But be sure don’t hit innocent civilians with those. A small 22 is for head shorts. Ghetto conflict think Dum Dums. Animals also. A Dog with a limb blown right off can’t follow though an attack.
    ( Nor Wives!) or Angry Husbands.
    Dum Dums are good for Politicians, Jewish Bankers, and Lawyers, or mad Dogs.
    If drawing your weapon you have a 2 seconds window to use it or lose it. Targets move.
    If in real danger, think fast and blast.
    If wives Rubber Bullets only.


    1. Tino is going to freak when speedo prices go up 400%

      I know it’s sensitive timing Tino but a smile right now helps you.


  30. Sussexes could return to UK to attend party celebrating Princess Diana

    Two sad, attention seeking, scavenging Creeps. England does not want you Bolter, or the Weak Chin hiding Wimp your now stuck with. Stay away you sold out your country for that LA cable TV Airhead and she struck for a Royal Role she had no Class to handle. England is better off without you stop cashing in on the Royal Family you failed 😀 do one! Creeps!

    And SOON! Run America Run!
    Watch “Atheist Asks God “Why Are Humans So Dark and Doomed?” He Was Amazed By The Answers He Received” on YouTube

    What is after life? Watch. Your call.

    The ONLY two ways to stop French Duplicity, is to either stop all subsidies instantly, or reinvade the Bastards and savage them.

    At the Battle of Waterloo, Marshal Blücher rode the attack line of the Prussian Cavalry and stated to all that No French Man must be left alive on the field, and that he would run through any Prussian showing Mercy to the French in the Battle.
    Napoleon had ordered killed any Prussians in battles before, including Women and Children. Memories are long. The Normans slaughtered the English from 1066.. We came back. We repaid their cruelty.
    France is devious always. Trust None!

    Lifeboat carries migrants including a 16-day-old girl ashore in Kent


  31. What the environmental nut cases seem to be over looking is the fact that CO2 is needed for the photosynthesis. The plants need what the useless eaters exhale, but they want to kill most of us off which makes no sense, but when did the ruling class make any sense in human history?

    We could tap into geothermal energy to grow foods and to cool/heat our homes.


  32. “Take Legal Action NOW To Save Our National Defense”

    I watched the above video last night and asked myself this question: do we know who are true enemies are? The answer seems to be Grand Solar Minimum, and CCP and the Western ruling class are afraid of losing their power for not being able to have enough food for the useless eaters.
    FLUX WOO – Clif High

    So what must we do to prepare for the crisis? Secure water, food and shelter, and do not let go of your firearms. Communicate with your neighbors to create a plan of actions for the SHTF. Stop listening to those who keep saying “the arrest is happening.” If you have extra money, buy an extra case of beans and a bag of rice.


    1. SF Driver
      If, and I only say, IF TSHTF, money will have no value. Material assets only, food, health products. and clean water, right up to valid metals. Negotiable. assets. Useable assets.

      Whatever you gift or give to the masses, they will just Pig Out and waste it. Pigs Trough! Wake up time would come soon enough. A gun is fine, but can YOU pull the trigger? Hesitate, you die, it’s that simple. That real.
      Just take care of your immediate family, that’s enough. If Mad Max time comes then the S ‘Really HTF! Nightmare zones. There will be no Humanity with Sub Humanity. So far, and hopefully it stays that way, it’s JUST conjecture.
      The current version of Socialist Weaned, all too many Wastes of Space Mankind, could not cope with such a reality. Pandora’s Box would erupt. The Institutionally Corrupt System will not protect you Nor corrupt Cops with guns. Law the, what Law? S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L!
      Water purification kits! First Aid Kits. Pain Killers. Seeds! Thermal Blankets and Clothes. Night Sights!
      Learn to ride horses, -Fast if so. Just hope you don’t need to find out.

      Now its calm, just watch. Conjecture.


      1. Thank you for the reality check. I know how to load my gun, aim and pull the trigger. I have enough ammunition, real mean ones. I have a propane power generator and 500 gallon tank, and a well. The underground water is connected to two large lakes. If anyone poison the water, the fish will float to the surface. Large acreages in this area are owned by privately owned cattle ranchers, so there are more cattles than humans. If I am able to, I plan to build a greenhouse or two early next year, but who knows how things will hold by then. Based on what happened in Australia, we may need to stay put in our own turf and do our best to defend ourselves. There are horses in the neighborhood, so it is possible to learn how to care for them. We need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


        1. Correct on above. Hope not. But prepare. That fantasy that was the dream is over whatever.
          Crime families like the Bushes and Clintons stole from America and the Jewish Bankers gutted you.
          When the Afros and Hispanics take over for their lick, all you will be left with is their P ! Collapse is coming.
          Both Houses are a Disgrace, Bribe taking Biden or the Orange Shrek ? What a sad choice for America. Empires end and the failure of Infrastructure still does not permeate through Thick Skulls. Welfare Hogs, treacherous Beltway, Military armageddon. Where do 10 M Jews run to next? The EU will do a deal with Russia to process via the Gulags first. The EU will not take them back. The Afros and Hispanics have “Views”.All coming to America,
          The Reality Check – Mate.


          1. When I bought this property, I made sure there were no “chosen” anywhere near. Also I checked the state demographics to make sure the “chosen” did not have dominance in politics, for everything they touch turns into shit. I knew nothing about this group of people when I was young, but I learned by their behaviors. They are my least favorite next to the Hispanics who breed like insects to collect all the handouts.


            I really need to see how everything will evolve and decide whether to sell my property or not next year. If I do, where will I go next?


            I heard about the Grand Solar Minimum from two people in the past few days, so it must be a concern among those who are shaping the geopolitics. Even though Argentina is most self-sufficient in food production, there is no way I will go there. In general, I do not like Spanish speaking nations including Spain. If men have to kill the bulls to prove their masculinity, something is seriously wrong with the people. And those who were colonized and indoctrinated by the Jesuits? Gag me with a spoon.

            Portuguese in comparison are more sensible, but I do not want to live in Brazil.


            So many things to consider…..


  33. Financial Times: 136 nations agree to biggest corporate tax deal in a century.

    A step at a time first we get a Global uniform tax net.

    So, more truths about the lying, Con Man Grifter, is anything about the Skank not Fake?
    An absurd Orange Turd, only Biden is worse.
    America deserves and needs neither,


  34. 😬


  35. The Yenta smells money.


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  36. A few comments for the weekend.

    The last few weeks I have been watching the evolving saga of the possible approval of a BTC ETF. Key analysts predict this is likely to happen either this quarter or the first quarter of 2022.

    For those of you who have crypto positions, be prepared for the impact of such. One ETF approval would signal to Wall St that more crypto products are most likely to follow, and with millions of eager stock investor wanting to participate, their onramp may soon be opened. It is unlikely that this will have a negative affect on prices. However, there may be intense volatility between now and then as the strong continue to acquire from the weak.

    Prepare yourselves for “what should I do now?”. There is no one answer. Everyone’s life is different and depending on your goals, and needs, the actions you take will be based on such.

    I continue to get e-mails from readers who have done very well and have taken profits to make a difference in their lives. Fantastic! I do think that in the months to come, we will see more of such messages as the early positions we have taken will most likely prove to have been very prescient acts ahead of a world that is transitioning to a blockchain economy. It is unlikely that we will regress backwards from it. Doing so would be like declaring we are going back to vacuum tubes.

    Efforts to get Elder transactions done, continue behind the scenes. We understand that the window for 2021 is still open, but closing fast. It is tragic that so many resources which these transactions represent are continually delayed by things like holiday revelries, ritualistic food ingestion and political greed and avarice. If by some assemblage of miracles a success is achieved, this will hopefully signal a new era of using such resources for other than Kabalistic exsanguination of nations via usury.

    Until that day, we will focus on what tools we have at hand which are currently on the move and make the most of it.

    Currency RVs, galactic NESARA money fountains, ZAP’s zillions, Goguen’s gazillions, Mark Z’s millions, etc., continue to produce nothing. Yet, people line up to “thank [them] for what they do”, and send them donations. A more pathetic mass propitiation there never was on this earth.

    Be safe, and be ready for anything.

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  37. “Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There’ ”

    I have yet to find out why they think we would want human fetal cells injected into our bodies. They must have a compelling reason for this, don’t you think?
    This is the worst form of crimes against humanity. The question is what are we going to do about it. We already know who these people are and where they live.

    Throughout human history, when malevolent rulers lost their grip, the collective nobodies retreated to their home base to start over. We have enough land to grow anything in the US, and if we dig through our junk piles, we can keep our outdated machinery going until our industrial engine is revived.

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  38. 🚀🌛

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  39. Covid did NOT originate in infamous bat cave, French study says

    Like anyone believed it did?
    Thu, 7 Oct 2021, 23:36
    Subject: : From a friend in Hong Kong replied by a friend in Australia

    If you think this is not coming elsewhere, think again. This is not what we have wanted for our countries, no one asked and no one voted for this nonsense. This is not about fighting one another or victimizing one person over another. In each country, we are all equal citizens and we do need to come together and say NO, for ourselves, families and friends, and those less fortunate. And in some countries like Canada, even the police have the public’s back. Whether average Canadians have theirs remains to be seen. I know of several provincial and local forces who are determined to fight for freedom lawfully to stop what is happening. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in very dark times and there are very few nations we can go to, that are not damaged, or fallen into similar conditions as Australia and Hong Kong. Each of us will make a choice whether we want to or not and whatever the choice, the consequences will occur. Even now we see citizens of various nations leaving nations behind to places never thought about, out of fear of what they see. And the worse in certain countries will be experienced this winter as high gas and food prices take their toll. This is certain as there is nothing that will stop those horrid headlines that are already written.
    As we come to a thanksgiving weekend, may we all give thanks and pray for better days ahead.

    “We have had that here in Australia for 6 months. Every shop every public place, hospital, doctors, buses, trains nowhere is not under surveillance .
    Now they match your face to the signing in with the government app to check it is the right person .
    Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER “
    “I got out of Jail ( his hotel room) a few days ago!! But get this…the HK government has an app you have to download and this app scans bar codes at every single venue in the city so they can track your movements. If one person in that venue (eg a restaurant) get covid..they round EVERYONE up who was present and throw them into a quarantine jail for 14 days!!!😲”
    But does this sound like what we are hearing and starting to see now? You download your info every time you visit a restaurant so how long before one will need an app that tracks all your movements including when you visit a store.
    By the way, this is a Canadian originally from India who also tells me he is not sure he will return to Canada as there is more freedom in India than Canada and he trying to convince his wife who is a lawyer to leave.
    Climate change: More than two feet of rain fell in Italy in half a day, something not seen in Europe before – CNN

    So now Italy is really Pissed off.

    A sign of global cooling.
    Supporting Prince Andrew is damaging Queen’s image, says royal expert

    Whether the Queen likes it or not, Andrew will land her head on in public fury if she continues bailing his Ass to escape trial.

    It’s too public now he must answer to the Police and Court. He and Fat Fat Fergie are both obnoxious sleaze bags . If he’s done the crime he may have to do the time;
    Him with the Slags in the showers will be some picture. New Meat on the Block. Face down for this Royal clown. Grind your teeth they are coming in;.

    If he’s innocent free him, if guilty ??????????????????????????? She can’t shelter him now. What is the Truth? It’s calling Fat Boy.

    Supporting Prince Andrew is damaging Queen’s image, says royal expert


  40. Here is the worlds’ best hospitals according to Nomad Capitalist. I need to choose an ophthalmologist from the list before I go blind in the next few years. Although schools in the US are rated highly, the people graduating from these academic institutions do not shine in terms of their performances based on my own experiences. It have concluded that the fraternities in these schools have been compromised by the dark elements.


    1. How cool was that? Thank you all so very much for standing up for us down here. I personally appreciate it greatly and I know many other Aussies will too. Cheers mates.

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  41. Let them walk… way to go Coinbase!

    Coinbase is now “much more aligned” and has even increased the number of its employees a year after the company announced it would focus on creating an open financial system for the world and disengage from social activism and political issues, prompting some workers to walk out.


  42. My thoughts are with Tino the week end.
    No place to be, but life. Time heals. Time to be, in Grace with more. The Soul of the Universe is with you both.
    Respect and compassion.
    When the time comes be at one with God. Goodness awaits. His Soul will be blessed.
    Such valuable time now Tino. It matters. Good call.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Fake President , Fake Son, Fake Bribe denial. He’s not alone. Time to dethrone.

      Harris cocked more times than John Wayne’s rifle, loved it. Did she?
      What a mess. What a farce.
      It’s time for both, to see their Arse.

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  43. I listened to the Montagraph’s live stream today an hour after it aired today, and it was a very productive video full of contents.

    He raised a question about Frances Haugen who is tight with Jen Psaki, the WH press secretary who is speaking from the lookalike WH across the street from the WH.

    Montagraph does what he calls “Bo Jingle” (not sure how he spells the term he created) when he has questions to be addressed to any public figures. He called her private number twice, but she did not answer. So the activity turned in what he calls “334” or “344” (one or the other), and his volunteers started calling her to address any questions they wished to ask this individual.

    The discussion moved to the jab and its various potency and reasons behind.

    What he shared next was mind blowing: the patent application that had very little to do with the Wuhan wiggle.

    Why are we sitting around and waiting for the supplies on the cargo ships like stupid? We should implement the domestic production right now. For sure, we could let go of the big agri-businesses and start producing foods the locals consume where I live.
    If we are lacking anything at all, we could send privately chartered jets to anywhere in the world while the Dollar is still being accepted, but if I were the governor in this state, I would be implementing sound money that will be accepted anywhere in the world going forward without relying on the federal legal tender issuance.
    How do we do this? Keep those in power hostage until they do what needs to be done. That’s all. Is it difficult? May be if the community is huge, but where I am, it is not that hard to get the consensus, and men do own many firearms.

    Do you want to wait for their permission? It’s never going to happen. We have to claim it.

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  44. Like


    A 75-year-old New York man died last weekend after a hospital refused to give him the drug Ivermectin in a last-ditch effort to save his life, despite an order from a judge, an exclusive report from News10NBC’s Jennifer Lewke revealed.
    Although Jeremy L. Carter was vaccinated against COVID-19, he still caught the virus at the end of August, Lewke detailed. He became sick enough to be hospitalized at Rochester General Hospital and continued to deteriorate to the point where he was placed on a ventilator.

    “Each of those times we were successful and those people went home. In this situation we sued, we got a court order and the hospital refused to administer the Ivermectin,” the attorney explained.


  46. “Present thine arse for thee to kiss”, said the banking giant to the geek BTC army.

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  47. Ja!

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  48. The Looming Energy Crisis: People Are Going To Die This Winter – Blain’s Morning Porridge

    Between high energy costs and crazy food prices coupled with a lack of Lorry drivers this may well be a tough winter in the UK.
    Big Pharma payola scandal erupts in Australia, takes down six corrupt officials and Australian Premier Berejiklian –

    If they did this in Australia, you can be sure it has been repeated elsewhere. And no doubt more such disclosures are to come in other countries. We just need to wait.

    Totally disgusting, leading one to think that all politicians who endorse such vaccinations need to have their finances closed examined to see if they should be believed or their dictates even listened to. After all within article 7 of the UN Convention on Human Rights is this sentence: “ In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation”. Can we see long term studies on the effect of these MRNA vaccinations ? And under Article 12 of the same Convention it is made clear :” Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that Territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.” Seems like you should be able to get on a train, bus, or plane without restrictions.

    It is apparent that lockdowns, travel restrictions and the forceful pushing of these vaccinations is contrary to the UN Convention on Human Rights and the question of the fidelity of politicians who are doing this must be asked. The same goes for the Health Officials pushing this agenda.
    This is what they are pumping into you. Madness!
    Dr John B. on Twitter: “(1/n) A microscopy analysis of a Pfizer-BioNTech #Covidvaccine sample. The analysis was performed with bright field and phase contrast microscopy and applying rigorous scientific and hygiene standards. Two samples were analyzed from the same vial. These are the results:” / Twitter

    Crazy stuff Do NOT have the Pfizer Vac. DECLINE! …
    Watch Azerbaijan

    As Iran does a test war for Israel, watch what comes down. Israel at some stage will follow.

    Rumors float that Iran will launch an attack on Azerbaijan soon. They have 3,000 or more large speed boats that can be used as attack drones against enemy boats and ships. Azerbaijan does sit on the Caspian sea where Iran has those boats. But anything that happens there will be with the pleasure of Russia, who can shut it all down in minutes, if they choose.
    An official with Azerbaijan stated today that when they go to war with Iran they will totally defeat them and split them into four regions .
    Since Azerbaijan is not even close to having the force to defeat Iran, with around 100,000 troops against Iran’s hundreds of thousands…it is likely that the official spoke out of turn and gave away the plot. In other words, if and when a war starts with Iran – Azerbaijan will likely have the back up of Turkey, Israel and perhaps the US to defeat Iran. Although with a Biden any promises made are empty.

    It seems obvious that something is being planned in a conflict against Iran, and Iran is taking the bait so far. Whether it is to discredit them or really have a longer term war is not clear.
    As far as Russia is concerned, it is not known what they will do. My guess is that they would sit it out unless their interests were threatened. China may be more inclined to interfere, except that would require the to put Taiwan on a back burner and most unlikely with their internal financial and economic issues. They can ill afford a foreign affair, although they are occupying Bagram in Afghanistan which they may use as a operating base to assist Iran.
    Why use them at all ?
    Fauci, Bright, and Daszak Caught Wargaming COVID Virus and mRNA Vaccine Rollout –

    Why is Fauci still not arraigned?

    Sure looks like crimes against humanity!
    HMS Queen Elizabeth to visit the South China Sea

    Two fingers to China. Britain WILL protect its Dependencies. We don’t run away! We are coming through. Try and die. Simple enough. Their call. We don’t Spook, we Nuke!
    Compulsory viewing for all Americans. Wake up time in the Zoo.

    Now this Video tells you why every American who voted Biden or Obama, is TOO STUPID TO EVER VOTE AGAIN. TOO CRASS DUMB STUPID, WATCH IT MORON SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!
    We need to Gift YOU lot to the Taliban. You screwed up, F Up Morons are the problem. Stupid Vote! People die, and Hunter Biden is still not in Jail? WHY MORONS,WHY NOT?


  49. Supply Shortages, Merchant Ships, And Gmis

    Lt. Col. Royston Potter gave his analysis yesterday on the current geo-political situation in the biblical context. He thinks that our enemies are too powerful, and there is not much we can do at this point. I think a lot of lives will be lost because this was intended for decades and centuries.

    We wasted too much time and too much resources in the recent years by listening to the con artists who were promoting “Q” phenomena. The parasites do not know how to stop themselves as they peddle the multi collagen powders (yes, I am talking about you in Tacoma, WA) to the masses while offering no solutions.

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  50. Walmart more strange things 2020/2021😱done purposely? – Whats coming will be worse !

    COMMENT: Hi Martin
    I’m a Kiwi living in France with a French wife. We have chosen not to take the covid jabs and it’s been a bad week for us. On Monday we found out that New Zealand will no longer allow non citizens into the country without evidence of the covid jab. Both my son and myself a New Zealand citizens but my wife is not and we are obviously not going anywhere without her. My mother in New Zealand is elderly and who knows if I will see her again.
    Now, we learn that the French socialists are putting forward a bill in the Senate to make covid jabs obligatory in France beginning January 2022.
    We don’t know this bill will pass or not. I began this message to you to ask you where we could go and live without medical harassment. But I think the time has come to look evil dead in the face and stand our ground. How far do you think this is going to go before they ultimately fail?
    Thanks again for all you do.
    REPLY: This is all about following Schwab and his Great Reset. They are moving methodically to prevent movement which is intended to restrict the non-consenters who, in their minds, would rise up. They are intending to raise taxes dramatically and are deliberately trying to put small businesses out to kill as many jobs as possible so they can rebuild the world GREEN — Build Back Better.

    They will default on government debt, replace pensions with GUARANTEED BASIC INCOME, and they are intending to eliminate any real impact of democracy. Any vote will be inconsequential and this is the Agenda 2030 that Schwab has sold to these people.
    Your fearless leader in New Zealand ONLY backed off because of the exposure of bribes in New South Wales. I believe that massive bribes have been paid as “donations,” and they have used a host of small groups to funnel the money so it does not appear to be one entity. The people on the ground delivering these messages are typically what are called lobbyists. One would have to go after them to trace the source of the funds, but I think the source will become self-evident.
    From France, you can go to Mexico. That is OPEN. From there, after about two weeks, you can make it to the United States without a vaccine. The Democrats allow all the Mexicans to enter if they vote Democrat, and the rumor is Biden will issue an executive order before the 2022 midterm granting all illegals citizenship to vote. They want to flip Texas.
    This makes no sense with these vaccines. If you are vaccinated, you can still get COVID and spread it. The ONLY purpose of the vaccine is to separate the “resistance” for political purposes.
    This is all about defaulting on debt. The system is no longer sustainable.

    I have two questions to ask to all the con artists acting as the Internet BUMS out there. I have named them here in this forum in the recent past.

    Where is “Q”? Where is the arrest?


  51. “Keyword Warrants” – Feds Secretly Ordered Google To Identify Anyone Searching Certain Information

    “An accidentally unsealed court document reveals that the federal government secretly ordered Google to provide data on people searching specific search words or phrases, otherwise known as “keyword warrants,” according to Forbes.

    According to the report, the Justice Department inadvertently unsealed the documents in September (which were promptly re-sealed), which were reviewed by Forbes. In several instances, law enforcement investigators asked Google to identify anyone searching for specific keywords. “


  52. Key witness in FBI case against Assange held in custody to stop his ‘crime spree’ in Iceland – media

    “Testimony of the Icelandic criminal, identified as “Teenager” from “NATO Country 1” in court papers, was cited by US prosecutors to prove a pattern of hacking activities by Assange. Thordarson earlier this year told Stundin that he made false confessions to the FBI after he contacted the US Embassy in Iceland and offered to help them build a case against Assange in exchange for immunity from prosecution and a monetary reward.”

    News of key witness lying is ‘devastating’ for US case against Assange; it must be dropped, WikiLeaks co-founder’s ally tells RT

    ” The US’ case against Julian Assange must be dropped after a key witness confessed to lying, as the reputation of Western law and the future of journalism depend on it, UK journalist and friend to Assange Vaughan Smith has told RT.

    The news that WikiLeaks volunteer turned FBI informant Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson fabricated some important parts of his accusations in the indictment against the site’s co-founder Assange “was not a surprise,” Smith pointed out. Those close to WikiLeaks have long known that the man “had behavioral issues,” he said.”


    The media calls it a conspiracy theory to even suggest that what is behind this Great Reset is Marxism. Well, the World Economic Forum, the bastion of modern feudalistic-Marxism where the elite get to keep their toys but nobody else, outright and openly says that Capitalism needs more Marxism.
    The fact that mainstream media dares to even call this a conspiracy theory when all you need do is go to their site and look at what they are saying, including the overthrow of the United States, is outrageous. The fact that many politicians or media outlets that advocate the Great Reset are guilty of treason.
    The Constitution specifically identifies what constitutes treason against the United States and, importantly, limits the offense of treason to only two types of conduct:
    (1) “levying war” against the United States; or
    (2) “adhering to [the] enemies [of the United States], giving them aid and comfort.”
    They are giving aid to a foreign entity that advocates the overthrow of the United States. That is TREASON!


  54. Take a minute and watch this FANTASTIC video by John McAffe
    Everyone should watch this, it is not only about porn. This really lays out the security dilemma extremely well.
    8 minutes malware, keystroke, data stealing, money, bitcoin wallet, etc.

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  55. Why settle for less? Adoption. What’s in your wallet?

    Depends sales are up at the Fed.

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  56. BIDEN EPIC FAIL: China Taking Over US Bagram Airbase, Military Assets Moving In, Deploying Military Planes to Forward Position – Geller Report News

    America Vietnam- AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China will make Trillions from the Minerals, what a vast Free Base you left them, and you will never, EVER be trusted again.

    What a insult to the many soldiers and their families and a f#$K you to the American taxpayers and a real piss off those all those nations who send aid and assistance. And a real forget me not to the Afghanistan people who aided the troops there or those who tried to westernize.


  57. Hi tony yesterday we had a meeting and someone mentioned that Ridly Scott will be directing a movie about Napoleon and you had posted a tweet about it. We learned that Juaquin Phoenix will be cast as Napoleon. Seems odd but perhaps the star quality is what they were after as he does not look like Bonapart at all.

    Our crypto portfolios are bursting! We are at the point where we dont even flinch at dips anymore. do you think we will see an etf this year?

    Thanks again from your enthusiastic supporters in NY. Your pal C.

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    1. Yes, I read that about Phoenix, and my feelings are mixed. He’s a fine actor, and his dark persona may suit the role as Bonaparte was known to be very cold and temperamental on the battlefield. With the pressures he was under, that’s understandable. But, I agree with you in that he bears no resemblance at all. However, I can’t think of anyone who really does, except Armand Asante, but he’s too old now, and too tall.

      Bonaparte was known to be highly strung, intense, always on the edge of exploding. I can’t see Phoenix acting that part. But, Scott is no idiot. So let’s see what they produce in the end. I hope to see some decent representation of his brilliant strategic mind in this film. It’s ironic that some of his best tactics were during the final battles on French soil where he was outnumbered sometimes 3 to 1, yet managed to deliver a pasting to the allied forces, who in the end, developed a strategy to never fight a battle were Napoleon was in command, but instead, targeted units under his subordinate commanders. His former Marshal Bernadotte, who defected and led Swedish forces, knew Napoleon well and suggested such a strategy, and it worked. Bernadotte himself, was no dummy in command and knew Bonaparte’s ways.

      In any event, I am looking forward to the movie. Hollywood produces so much garbage these days, so I am hoping they will end up with a quality project in the end.

      Just hold those crypto positions! Imagine where things will be once we get an ETF, and when the top 5 retailers start accepting BTC, etc. There are billions of people waiting to play, and once Wall St gives them an easy on-ramp, look out! And, when you consider possible elder assets inbound, hopefully, then the numbers become unimaginably huge.

      We should know how it all shapes up in the next 6 months.

      Take care.

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  58. And inside the IMF, they are going berserk. I bet the thought on their minds is, “This could put us out of business!!!”.


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    The British and Japan show a face off against Chinese expansion.

    Brits show a power display again
    China warns World War Three could be triggered ‘at any time’

    One arrogant misjudgment is all it takes

    Real wealth is who. ,,?
    Watch “They Were Enormous.. The Russians Saw Something In Space That Is Totally Beyond Explanation” on YouTube

    ‘Conveyor belt’ of rape and torture in Russia’s prison system exposed

    How they deal with Islam and Zionists
    France ‘stole’ five million AstraZeneca vaccine doses destined for UK

    The UK should have stopped all EU payments and brought the bloody lot down. Subsidising Bastards makes no sense.
    We are all with you in Spirit Tino. In Gods hands. From Star Dust to the Stars. A journey we all chose to make. Your father is blessed also Tino. And so proud of YOU.


    America never had a chance with this flotsam skimming it for self interests. Daddy Dork scandalously released so many convicted serious Jewish criminals. Disgusting!


  60. UK Data Shows COVID Infection Rates Higher Among Fully Vaccinated – Big League Politics
    Can we really still call it a “breakthrough” infection?


  61. Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed
    Sept 28, 2021

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