New Technology Forces Change Upon The Old Order

For many, the following will be a significant wakeup call.

In Europe, and the world to follow, after the trials of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) with South Korea, London and China, the schedule is set for a Global Digital Currency World by the start of 2025. Whether Europe or America can sustain themselves until then, is another issue. The ever-more socialist U.S. is visibly behind this push, but the ramp-up is clear and coming worldwide.

The automated clearinghouse system (ACH) is changing to allow direct deposits from non-banks, i.e., big tech, which is, in essence, their reward for censorship efforts against the Trump campaign. On December 23, 2019, there was approval of modifications to the Federal Reserve Banks’ National Settlement Service and Fedwire Funds Service to support enhancements to the same-day ACH service to prepare for digital currencies. On September 25, 2020, the Board amended the implementation date for certain modifications. They are preparing for a new, REAL digital currency, but this means two things.

First, by this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term elimination of public debt (Or the U.S. would collapse), escaping their incompetence and criminality, in which case there will no longer be Primary Dealer Banks, and hence, therefore, thank God, no need to bail out the incestuous Goldman type banks when they blow up in trading, assuming they will still be allowed to trade in the future. The same thing will hold true in Europe.

Secondly, there is this belief (Modern Money Theory) that debt does not matter as with a digital currency you print to your heart’s content and no one knows, so why does it matter? The slight problem with this is that both Russia and China have told the Globalist WEF to piss off. So we can expect tensions, because they will try to subdue them by hook or crook. Even to the extent of going to war. Either party might refuse to supply any goods to the digital currency crowd, sending them into never-never land. Do you not think that there is a reason why China is building silos for nukes at a frantic pace, or why they just did a siren test in their cities for fear of attack?

This Globalist crowd needs America as the attack foil to execute their plan and will fail without it. In the end, it will not matter. Russia has the wherewithal to render America silent and dead within 30 minutes. It will do everything possible to try and avoid such a direct encounter. But pushed to the brink, they will strike, even if they take the U.S. punishment that will come. The Pentagon does not get this. Have they ever? Naïve!

What is clear is that Vaccine passports have much less to do with YOUR Health, but more to do with population control. To think you need such a passport to buy petrol from a gas station in Slovenia confirms everything. And perhaps now as people there demonstrate, they will realize they are fighting to be free. They will attempt this draconian control in every country in Europe. They will fail, but the damage of state, police and bankers tyranny with their attempted socialist state communism, will leave a long ugly scar as their systems collapse.

We can only hope sanity returns. That will require another set of changes, far different than the path we are currently on. As it is, our societies and cultures are massively damaged from their attempt at absolute control.

It will take time, planning and new levels of digital capital to rebuild. Once the Fed moves to create its own digital currency, it will no longer be the independent entity it was supposed to be. Welcome to the new 21st Century of a hybrid central bank, end of primary dealers, and the elimination of government debt. Just ponder the impact to banking in general. There is a reason why Twitter has a bank license.

Of course, you will be told this is all for your security, when in truth, it’s so that the Hoi Polloi do not revolt when their government system collapses.

Banks do not see this end coming. This is no light at the end of the tunnel; it is a freight train that will run over them. CBDCs will mean you have less privacy with respect to your money and wealth. Discretion will not be yours anymore. Just ask anyone who lived through the Soviet era. Living in a self absorbed Reality TV world. Joe Public Sheeple Brains do not see this coming. Ignorance is their Bliss. Until…Bang!

The Sheeples’ road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these globalists are fighting to retain power in the middle of their unsustainable debt house of cards collapsing. Much like debt is eating China beneath the surface while their exports shrink.

COVID passes are all about control – not health. Is not Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline about control, if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated, no gasoline. Soon enough they will try no food or medical attention. Do you really think that clipboard carrying folks in Toronto trying to get dentists to sign up for not providing care to non vaccinated people is random?

They will not stop until the public wakes up enough to give them the boot. In some countries, this will be at the polling booths (provided they do not use Dominion voting machines to alter the vote) and in other cases it will be the public mob that carries them out. Watch for sane leadership steering through this. It will be the safest places to reside. When this falls flat, we will see national currencies restored. Pay attention to Populist Candidates who want your vote, as they likely are the more honest and at least THINKING! Not one of us will escape the impact of what is coming, so please prepare yourself for the realities of what IS coming for and at YOU!

This IS the beginning of the end of socialist America, and the smug EU. Apocalypse is coming for the Goyim-hating Zionists. Deservedly. At the flick of a switch, centuries of Zionist Jewish manipulation, theft and hegemony will be removed. We can and WILL seize it all back. They will be gone! Finished. About time! There will be no return to normal, we have left Kansas for good. This will be obvious when 3rd quarter results are reported.

Technological Advancement Will Enable The End Of Monopolistic Strangleholds

Banks’ compliance tyranny will die along the new, incoming tech controlled Appian Way. On every cross, a squealing banker. We WILL collect!

The Ponzi House of Cards is coming down. Who then pays for welfare? Why? Think it through. Reality check time.

There are ways to ease yourself forward into the new era. Here is some guidance for surviving the coming upheavals as technological development impacts society, with the expected chaos that accompanies almost every significant major technological advancement in the human experience.

1. Get out and stay out of debt. Debt is how banking cartels loot the planet. If you have substantial debts, seek counseling on how to pay them off as soon as possible. You may have to run the gauntlet. Things like new cars, cable TV, eating out, booze and cigarettes, movies, expensive clothes, rented furniture, etc. may have to go for a while. A second job, of which the income from will go to 100% debt settlements, may be your crown of thorns along with ditching the new car and driving a 15 year old $800 beater. But, once you are cleared of that mortgage and/or credit card payment, that same amount now invested in a quality long term mutual fund or similar, will make you a millionaire in 10 years, aside from pursuing other avenues in the short term.

2. Maximize your ability to earn. Learn new in-demand skills. Seek more overtime. Pay yourself first from every paycheck at least 10% right into savings. Otherwise, if you do not, you are working for free as a slave to your business/employer. Be smart. Don’t work for free.

3. Build wealth by recognizing up-and-coming sectors, and get in ahead of the crowd. Today, Blockchain, Transportation As A Service, A.I./Robotics and Biomedical, are the future. Consult qualified advisors within each of these sectors and make your plan using your disposable income. Don’t use margin loans. Cash only. Earlier blockchain risk takers made billions, while others played with their poop and then proceeded to join BLM and ANTIFA. Nonetheless, we are still very early compared to where we are going.

4. Be ready for anything. Nation States are losing prestige in the minds of new generations, and may falter. Be prepared for sudden disruption in food chains, utilities, police protection, etc. If such are cut off, do you have enough emergency rations, water, arms, power generation capability to sustain your life for at least 6 months? COVID shortages were kid’s play compared to what a major earthquake along the West coast of the USA, or a major biological attack from a religious fanatical organization could do to infrastructure.

5. Remove anyone close to you who constantly preach about and contemplate the ruin of things. Be Human the Solution, not Human the Problem. People who sit around and grouse about life’s hard parts are sometimes doing so because they fear if you unleash your true potential, they will be left behind as you move forward. Such people, on inspection, have been found with a history of destroying themselves as well as others around them. Get away from them – quickly, quietly, and without any regret.

6. Your health is your greatest wealth. Spend funds on good food, nutritional supplements of your choice and sane medical advice before you spend anything on other non-essential necessities. When you have good health, you have everything.

7. Do everything within your particular circumstances to reduce your tax. Once you reach a certain net worth and income, as your tax bracket gets too burdensome, consider expatriating to another tax friendly country if you are young enough for your remaining year’s tax savings to be substantial enough to pass on to your heirs, and not to worthless governments. Seek out professionals on this topic, and make sure you are well advised by someone with at least 10 years track record of assistance. It can be a huge decision, but well worth it.

Lastly, we continue to monitor the GS progress. Stay tuned for more on this as events unfold. As it stands now, unless some overwhelming compelling force causes a halt to the presently ongoing Asiatic holiday festival where they eat every stray dog in town, then it’s looking like it will all spill into 2022. We will be the first to know if otherwise.

Thank you all for your contributions to the rather stimulating banter in the comment section. We have some very, very intelligent and accomplished people who read this site, and many of them contribute to the often-times rowdy conversations. We have seen lives changed as a result of a lot of information shared here at WHA. After all, that should be the goal of any association of people who gather to peacefully seek a viable path to enhance their future survival. And, believe it or not, we are just getting started.

Remember, we are very early in the Blockchain experience:

Strength and Honor


  1. Weapons and how to arm in the coming new Wild West lawless America as the old Empire is ending badly.

    1. Use that Right to Bear Arms and use it well. Fast. Before they take that away also.
    2. Know and think through the small arms difference.
    Automatics have a nasty risk and habit of jamming when you are most at risk. Revolvers don’t.
    Plan your. bullet loading.
    But with care.
    An automatic with normal 38, 45s or similar are ok for extended lead bullet magazines for whatever you need.
    But if serious threats and close up think of loading up with cross head Dum Dums, they will open up inside and exit the size of a saucer. Or lodge inside with vast organ damage. Just aim fast, a controlled 2 handed stopper shot for the middle. The bullet does the rest. Revolvers are best to carry Dum Dums. More control.
    Hollow heads also are stoppers. Asses your risks and needs. If Mad Max times get real and nasty. But be sure don’t hit innocent civilians with those. A small 22 is for head shorts. Ghetto conflict think Dum Dums. Animals also. A Dog with a limb blown right off can’t follow though an attack.
    ( Nor Wives!) or Angry Husbands.
    Dum Dums are good for Politicians, Jewish Bankers, and Lawyers, or mad Dogs.
    If drawing your weapon you have a 2 seconds window to use it or lose it. Targets move.
    If in real danger, think fast and blast.
    If wives Rubber Bullets only.


    1. Tino is going to freak when speedo prices go up 400%

      I know it’s sensitive timing Tino but a smile right now helps you.


  2. SF Driver
    If, and I only say, IF TSHTF, money will have no value. Material assets only, food, health products. and clean water, right up to valid metals. Negotiable. assets. Useable assets.

    Whatever you gift or give to the masses, they will just Pig Out and waste it. Pigs Trough! Wake up time would come soon enough. A gun is fine, but can YOU pull the trigger? Hesitate, you die, it’s that simple. That real.
    Just take care of your immediate family, that’s enough. If Mad Max time comes then the S ‘Really HTF! Nightmare zones. There will be no Humanity with Sub Humanity. So far, and hopefully it stays that way, it’s JUST conjecture.
    The current version of Socialist Weaned, all too many Wastes of Space Mankind, could not cope with such a reality. Pandora’s Box would erupt. The Institutionally Corrupt System will not protect you Nor corrupt Cops with guns. Law the, what Law? S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L!
    Water purification kits! First Aid Kits. Pain Killers. Seeds! Thermal Blankets and Clothes. Night Sights!
    Learn to ride horses, -Fast if so. Just hope you don’t need to find out.

    Now its calm, just watch. Conjecture.


    1. Correct on above. Hope not. But prepare. That fantasy that was the dream is over whatever.
      Crime families like the Bushes and Clintons stole from America and the Jewish Bankers gutted you.
      When the Afros and Hispanics take over for their lick, all you will be left with is their P ! Collapse is coming.
      Both Houses are a Disgrace, Bribe taking Biden or the Orange Shrek ? What a sad choice for America. Empires end and the failure of Infrastructure still does not permeate through Thick Skulls. Welfare Hogs, treacherous Beltway, Military armageddon. Where do 10 M Jews run to next? The EU will do a deal with Russia to process via the Gulags first. The EU will not take them back. The Afros and Hispanics have “Views”.All coming to America,
      The Reality Check – Mate.


  3. Sussexes could return to UK to attend party celebrating Princess Diana

    Two sad, attention seeking, scavenging Creeps. England does not want you Bolter, or the Weak Chin hiding Wimp your now stuck with. Stay away you sold out your country for that LA cable TV Airhead and she struck for a Royal Role she had no Class to handle. England is better off without you stop cashing in on the Royal Family you failed 😀 do one! Creeps!

    And SOON! Run America Run!
    Watch “Atheist Asks God “Why Are Humans So Dark and Doomed?” He Was Amazed By The Answers He Received” on YouTube

    What is after life? Watch. Your call.

    The ONLY two ways to stop French Duplicity, is to either stop all subsidies instantly, or reinvade the Bastards and savage them.

    At the Battle of Waterloo, Marshal Blücher rode the attack line of the Prussian Cavalry and stated to all that No French Man must be left alive on the field, and that he would run through any Prussian showing Mercy to the French in the Battle.
    Napoleon had ordered killed any Prussians in battles before, including Women and Children. Memories are long. The Normans slaughtered the English from 1066.. We came back. We repaid their cruelty.
    France is devious always. Trust None!

    Lifeboat carries migrants including a 16-day-old girl ashore in Kent


  4. Financial Times: 136 nations agree to biggest corporate tax deal in a century.

    A step at a time first we get a Global uniform tax net.

    So, more truths about the lying, Con Man Grifter, is anything about the Skank not Fake?
    An absurd Orange Turd, only Biden is worse.
    America deserves and needs neither,


  5. 😬


  6. The Yenta smells money.


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  7. A few comments for the weekend.

    The last few weeks I have been watching the evolving saga of the possible approval of a BTC ETF. Key analysts predict this is likely to happen either this quarter or the first quarter of 2022.

    For those of you who have crypto positions, be prepared for the impact of such. One ETF approval would signal to Wall St that more crypto products are most likely to follow, and with millions of eager stock investor wanting to participate, their onramp may soon be opened. It is unlikely that this will have a negative affect on prices. However, there may be intense volatility between now and then as the strong continue to acquire from the weak.

    Prepare yourselves for “what should I do now?”. There is no one answer. Everyone’s life is different and depending on your goals, and needs, the actions you take will be based on such.

    I continue to get e-mails from readers who have done very well and have taken profits to make a difference in their lives. Fantastic! I do think that in the months to come, we will see more of such messages as the early positions we have taken will most likely prove to have been very prescient acts ahead of a world that is transitioning to a blockchain economy. It is unlikely that we will regress backwards from it. Doing so would be like declaring we are going back to vacuum tubes.

    Efforts to get Elder transactions done, continue behind the scenes. We understand that the window for 2021 is still open, but closing fast. It is tragic that so many resources which these transactions represent are continually delayed by things like holiday revelries, ritualistic food ingestion and political greed and avarice. If by some assemblage of miracles a success is achieved, this will hopefully signal a new era of using such resources for other than Kabalistic exsanguination of nations via usury.

    Until that day, we will focus on what tools we have at hand which are currently on the move and make the most of it.

    Currency RVs, galactic NESARA money fountains, ZAP’s zillions, Goguen’s gazillions, Mark Z’s millions, etc., continue to produce nothing. Yet, people line up to “thank [them] for what they do”, and send them donations. A more pathetic mass propitiation there never was on this earth.

    Be safe, and be ready for anything.

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  8. 🚀🌛

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  9. Covid did NOT originate in infamous bat cave, French study says

    Like anyone believed it did?
    Thu, 7 Oct 2021, 23:36
    Subject: : From a friend in Hong Kong replied by a friend in Australia

    If you think this is not coming elsewhere, think again. This is not what we have wanted for our countries, no one asked and no one voted for this nonsense. This is not about fighting one another or victimizing one person over another. In each country, we are all equal citizens and we do need to come together and say NO, for ourselves, families and friends, and those less fortunate. And in some countries like Canada, even the police have the public’s back. Whether average Canadians have theirs remains to be seen. I know of several provincial and local forces who are determined to fight for freedom lawfully to stop what is happening. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in very dark times and there are very few nations we can go to, that are not damaged, or fallen into similar conditions as Australia and Hong Kong. Each of us will make a choice whether we want to or not and whatever the choice, the consequences will occur. Even now we see citizens of various nations leaving nations behind to places never thought about, out of fear of what they see. And the worse in certain countries will be experienced this winter as high gas and food prices take their toll. This is certain as there is nothing that will stop those horrid headlines that are already written.
    As we come to a thanksgiving weekend, may we all give thanks and pray for better days ahead.

    “We have had that here in Australia for 6 months. Every shop every public place, hospital, doctors, buses, trains nowhere is not under surveillance .
    Now they match your face to the signing in with the government app to check it is the right person .
    Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER “
    “I got out of Jail ( his hotel room) a few days ago!! But get this…the HK government has an app you have to download and this app scans bar codes at every single venue in the city so they can track your movements. If one person in that venue (eg a restaurant) get covid..they round EVERYONE up who was present and throw them into a quarantine jail for 14 days!!!😲”
    But does this sound like what we are hearing and starting to see now? You download your info every time you visit a restaurant so how long before one will need an app that tracks all your movements including when you visit a store.
    By the way, this is a Canadian originally from India who also tells me he is not sure he will return to Canada as there is more freedom in India than Canada and he trying to convince his wife who is a lawyer to leave.
    Climate change: More than two feet of rain fell in Italy in half a day, something not seen in Europe before – CNN

    So now Italy is really Pissed off.

    A sign of global cooling.
    Supporting Prince Andrew is damaging Queen’s image, says royal expert

    Whether the Queen likes it or not, Andrew will land her head on in public fury if she continues bailing his Ass to escape trial.

    It’s too public now he must answer to the Police and Court. He and Fat Fat Fergie are both obnoxious sleaze bags . If he’s done the crime he may have to do the time;
    Him with the Slags in the showers will be some picture. New Meat on the Block. Face down for this Royal clown. Grind your teeth they are coming in;.

    If he’s innocent free him, if guilty ??????????????????????????? She can’t shelter him now. What is the Truth? It’s calling Fat Boy.

    Supporting Prince Andrew is damaging Queen’s image, says royal expert


    1. How cool was that? Thank you all so very much for standing up for us down here. I personally appreciate it greatly and I know many other Aussies will too. Cheers mates.

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  10. Let them walk… way to go Coinbase!

    Coinbase is now “much more aligned” and has even increased the number of its employees a year after the company announced it would focus on creating an open financial system for the world and disengage from social activism and political issues, prompting some workers to walk out.


  11. My thoughts are with Tino the week end.
    No place to be, but life. Time heals. Time to be, in Grace with more. The Soul of the Universe is with you both.
    Respect and compassion.
    When the time comes be at one with God. Goodness awaits. His Soul will be blessed.
    Such valuable time now Tino. It matters. Good call.

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    1. Fake President , Fake Son, Fake Bribe denial. He’s not alone. Time to dethrone.

      Harris cocked more times than John Wayne’s rifle, loved it. Did she?
      What a mess. What a farce.
      It’s time for both, to see their Arse.

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  12. Like


    A 75-year-old New York man died last weekend after a hospital refused to give him the drug Ivermectin in a last-ditch effort to save his life, despite an order from a judge, an exclusive report from News10NBC’s Jennifer Lewke revealed.
    Although Jeremy L. Carter was vaccinated against COVID-19, he still caught the virus at the end of August, Lewke detailed. He became sick enough to be hospitalized at Rochester General Hospital and continued to deteriorate to the point where he was placed on a ventilator.

    “Each of those times we were successful and those people went home. In this situation we sued, we got a court order and the hospital refused to administer the Ivermectin,” the attorney explained.


  14. “Present thine arse for thee to kiss”, said the banking giant to the geek BTC army.

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  15. Ja!

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  16. The Looming Energy Crisis: People Are Going To Die This Winter – Blain’s Morning Porridge

    Between high energy costs and crazy food prices coupled with a lack of Lorry drivers this may well be a tough winter in the UK.
    Big Pharma payola scandal erupts in Australia, takes down six corrupt officials and Australian Premier Berejiklian –

    If they did this in Australia, you can be sure it has been repeated elsewhere. And no doubt more such disclosures are to come in other countries. We just need to wait.

    Totally disgusting, leading one to think that all politicians who endorse such vaccinations need to have their finances closed examined to see if they should be believed or their dictates even listened to. After all within article 7 of the UN Convention on Human Rights is this sentence: “ In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation”. Can we see long term studies on the effect of these MRNA vaccinations ? And under Article 12 of the same Convention it is made clear :” Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that Territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.” Seems like you should be able to get on a train, bus, or plane without restrictions.

    It is apparent that lockdowns, travel restrictions and the forceful pushing of these vaccinations is contrary to the UN Convention on Human Rights and the question of the fidelity of politicians who are doing this must be asked. The same goes for the Health Officials pushing this agenda.
    This is what they are pumping into you. Madness!
    Dr John B. on Twitter: “(1/n) A microscopy analysis of a Pfizer-BioNTech #Covidvaccine sample. The analysis was performed with bright field and phase contrast microscopy and applying rigorous scientific and hygiene standards. Two samples were analyzed from the same vial. These are the results:” / Twitter

    Crazy stuff Do NOT have the Pfizer Vac. DECLINE! …
    Watch Azerbaijan

    As Iran does a test war for Israel, watch what comes down. Israel at some stage will follow.

    Rumors float that Iran will launch an attack on Azerbaijan soon. They have 3,000 or more large speed boats that can be used as attack drones against enemy boats and ships. Azerbaijan does sit on the Caspian sea where Iran has those boats. But anything that happens there will be with the pleasure of Russia, who can shut it all down in minutes, if they choose.
    An official with Azerbaijan stated today that when they go to war with Iran they will totally defeat them and split them into four regions .
    Since Azerbaijan is not even close to having the force to defeat Iran, with around 100,000 troops against Iran’s hundreds of thousands…it is likely that the official spoke out of turn and gave away the plot. In other words, if and when a war starts with Iran – Azerbaijan will likely have the back up of Turkey, Israel and perhaps the US to defeat Iran. Although with a Biden any promises made are empty.

    It seems obvious that something is being planned in a conflict against Iran, and Iran is taking the bait so far. Whether it is to discredit them or really have a longer term war is not clear.
    As far as Russia is concerned, it is not known what they will do. My guess is that they would sit it out unless their interests were threatened. China may be more inclined to interfere, except that would require the to put Taiwan on a back burner and most unlikely with their internal financial and economic issues. They can ill afford a foreign affair, although they are occupying Bagram in Afghanistan which they may use as a operating base to assist Iran.
    Why use them at all ?
    Fauci, Bright, and Daszak Caught Wargaming COVID Virus and mRNA Vaccine Rollout –

    Why is Fauci still not arraigned?

    Sure looks like crimes against humanity!
    HMS Queen Elizabeth to visit the South China Sea

    Two fingers to China. Britain WILL protect its Dependencies. We don’t run away! We are coming through. Try and die. Simple enough. Their call. We don’t Spook, we Nuke!
    Compulsory viewing for all Americans. Wake up time in the Zoo.

    Now this Video tells you why every American who voted Biden or Obama, is TOO STUPID TO EVER VOTE AGAIN. TOO CRASS DUMB STUPID, WATCH IT MORON SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!
    We need to Gift YOU lot to the Taliban. You screwed up, F Up Morons are the problem. Stupid Vote! People die, and Hunter Biden is still not in Jail? WHY MORONS,WHY NOT?


  17. “Keyword Warrants” – Feds Secretly Ordered Google To Identify Anyone Searching Certain Information

    “An accidentally unsealed court document reveals that the federal government secretly ordered Google to provide data on people searching specific search words or phrases, otherwise known as “keyword warrants,” according to Forbes.

    According to the report, the Justice Department inadvertently unsealed the documents in September (which were promptly re-sealed), which were reviewed by Forbes. In several instances, law enforcement investigators asked Google to identify anyone searching for specific keywords. “


  18. Key witness in FBI case against Assange held in custody to stop his ‘crime spree’ in Iceland – media

    “Testimony of the Icelandic criminal, identified as “Teenager” from “NATO Country 1” in court papers, was cited by US prosecutors to prove a pattern of hacking activities by Assange. Thordarson earlier this year told Stundin that he made false confessions to the FBI after he contacted the US Embassy in Iceland and offered to help them build a case against Assange in exchange for immunity from prosecution and a monetary reward.”

    News of key witness lying is ‘devastating’ for US case against Assange; it must be dropped, WikiLeaks co-founder’s ally tells RT

    ” The US’ case against Julian Assange must be dropped after a key witness confessed to lying, as the reputation of Western law and the future of journalism depend on it, UK journalist and friend to Assange Vaughan Smith has told RT.

    The news that WikiLeaks volunteer turned FBI informant Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson fabricated some important parts of his accusations in the indictment against the site’s co-founder Assange “was not a surprise,” Smith pointed out. Those close to WikiLeaks have long known that the man “had behavioral issues,” he said.”


  19. Take a minute and watch this FANTASTIC video by John McAffe
    Everyone should watch this, it is not only about porn. This really lays out the security dilemma extremely well.
    8 minutes malware, keystroke, data stealing, money, bitcoin wallet, etc.

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  20. Why settle for less? Adoption. What’s in your wallet?

    Depends sales are up at the Fed.

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  21. BIDEN EPIC FAIL: China Taking Over US Bagram Airbase, Military Assets Moving In, Deploying Military Planes to Forward Position – Geller Report News

    America Vietnam- AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China will make Trillions from the Minerals, what a vast Free Base you left them, and you will never, EVER be trusted again.

    What a insult to the many soldiers and their families and a f#$K you to the American taxpayers and a real piss off those all those nations who send aid and assistance. And a real forget me not to the Afghanistan people who aided the troops there or those who tried to westernize.


  22. Hi tony yesterday we had a meeting and someone mentioned that Ridly Scott will be directing a movie about Napoleon and you had posted a tweet about it. We learned that Juaquin Phoenix will be cast as Napoleon. Seems odd but perhaps the star quality is what they were after as he does not look like Bonapart at all.

    Our crypto portfolios are bursting! We are at the point where we dont even flinch at dips anymore. do you think we will see an etf this year?

    Thanks again from your enthusiastic supporters in NY. Your pal C.

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    1. Yes, I read that about Phoenix, and my feelings are mixed. He’s a fine actor, and his dark persona may suit the role as Bonaparte was known to be very cold and temperamental on the battlefield. With the pressures he was under, that’s understandable. But, I agree with you in that he bears no resemblance at all. However, I can’t think of anyone who really does, except Armand Asante, but he’s too old now, and too tall.

      Bonaparte was known to be highly strung, intense, always on the edge of exploding. I can’t see Phoenix acting that part. But, Scott is no idiot. So let’s see what they produce in the end. I hope to see some decent representation of his brilliant strategic mind in this film. It’s ironic that some of his best tactics were during the final battles on French soil where he was outnumbered sometimes 3 to 1, yet managed to deliver a pasting to the allied forces, who in the end, developed a strategy to never fight a battle were Napoleon was in command, but instead, targeted units under his subordinate commanders. His former Marshal Bernadotte, who defected and led Swedish forces, knew Napoleon well and suggested such a strategy, and it worked. Bernadotte himself, was no dummy in command and knew Bonaparte’s ways.

      In any event, I am looking forward to the movie. Hollywood produces so much garbage these days, so I am hoping they will end up with a quality project in the end.

      Just hold those crypto positions! Imagine where things will be once we get an ETF, and when the top 5 retailers start accepting BTC, etc. There are billions of people waiting to play, and once Wall St gives them an easy on-ramp, look out! And, when you consider possible elder assets inbound, hopefully, then the numbers become unimaginably huge.

      We should know how it all shapes up in the next 6 months.

      Take care.

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  23. And inside the IMF, they are going berserk. I bet the thought on their minds is, “This could put us out of business!!!”.


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    The British and Japan show a face off against Chinese expansion.

    Brits show a power display again
    China warns World War Three could be triggered ‘at any time’

    One arrogant misjudgment is all it takes

    Real wealth is who. ,,?
    Watch “They Were Enormous.. The Russians Saw Something In Space That Is Totally Beyond Explanation” on YouTube

    ‘Conveyor belt’ of rape and torture in Russia’s prison system exposed

    How they deal with Islam and Zionists
    France ‘stole’ five million AstraZeneca vaccine doses destined for UK

    The UK should have stopped all EU payments and brought the bloody lot down. Subsidising Bastards makes no sense.
    We are all with you in Spirit Tino. In Gods hands. From Star Dust to the Stars. A journey we all chose to make. Your father is blessed also Tino. And so proud of YOU.


    America never had a chance with this flotsam skimming it for self interests. Daddy Dork scandalously released so many convicted serious Jewish criminals. Disgusting!


  25. UK Data Shows COVID Infection Rates Higher Among Fully Vaccinated – Big League Politics
    Can we really still call it a “breakthrough” infection?


  26. Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed
    Sept 28, 2021

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  27. Thought I would share this video link for those that may have inflammation issues or maybe just for overall general health. Definitely worth watching the entire video imo. This type of info has been around for quite a long time but certainly noteworthy for those that may not have come across it before. Some fab personal stories shared as well. Can’t hurt to give it a try if you are suffering any discomfort.

    The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary)

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  28. Remember I posted about a friend of ours in Maui who works for BMW?

    Thought I would give everyone an update.

    He was placed on suspension for not taking the vaxx. They didn’t fire him cuz they did not want to pay Unemployment Benefits.

    He went down the street to the Mercedes dealership and they hired him and said they don’t care if he is vaccinated or not.

    This thing is all over the place. What a joke? Happy Mercedes hired him though. 😊

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  29. One of my sons lives down there. I have been sending him information on vax and swabs, etc. for awhile now. He has 3 children. I sent him The Spartacus Letter yesterday. He says he is keeping a close eye on this. Too bad California and the rest of the west coast has such crappy governors. Wish oregon had DeSantis!


  30. Find this man and put him in charge of the border.


  31. I wonder if they have acquired nukes on the down low? I don’t know how they would fend off China otherwise.


    1. Of course more for them to skim interest from loans. It’s a Skanks game as always. She took the Tropos funds and scammed them. Zios again! Guillotines?


  32. _______
    Shared from Sky News: Estimated 330,000 victims of child sex abuse in French Catholic Church since 1950, commission finds

    This I believe, filthy scum.
    Nuns used crucifixes to rape girls during decades of abuse carried out by clergy in France’s Catholic Church that saw attacks on 330,000 children covered up ‘by a veil of silence’, damning report finds

    At least 330,000 children were sexually abused in France’s Catholic Church between 1950 to 2020 with the attacks covered up for decades ‘by a veil of silence’, a damning report has found.

    More Vatican filth! Get them OUT of Schools!


  33. Imagine this, plus Elder capital, and the feeling of being ahead of all of them?

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  34. Adoption

    Vibrant cultural enrichment

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    1. Community value Tino. Earned.
      It’s a hard time coming, but trust and believe it’s ONLY transition. The Soul TRULY is its own Being. Both one and part of all.
      He’s grateful he’s got you. And vice versa. Family values at their best Tino. All carries forward, you, will see.
      You are now bonded forever. What a Book of Life? Your both lucky. Values that matter.

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  35. Worrying and expected.


    They can’t hide the internet is blowing their cover

    What a superficial dog he’s turned out to be. When Markel ditches him, and she will, please keep him in the US on welfare. No one in the UK wants him back Markel will tire of him. Both are freaks!
    Vermont Woman Fired, Denied Unemployment for Refusing Vaccine, Becomes Homeless and Flees to Florida

    Totally sad to see this in America. What has become of Liberty?
    Masses of innocent people are now getting this from the Covid vaccines. What the hell? Come clean! You have done What

    A Few Covid Vaccine Recipients Developed a Rare Blood Disorder – The New York Times

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    A post on the Daily Exposé on Thursday showed concerning statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicating that deaths among teenagers over the summer have increased significantly on the previous year, coinciding with the vaccine roll-out.

    I dug into the data a bit and I have to say I agree that it looks worrying. I’ve plotted above the deaths among 15-19 year-olds by week for 2020 and 2021. (Unfortunately the equivalent data isn’t available for previous years as prior to 2020 the breakdown was into 1-14 and 15-44 year-olds.)

    The marked divergence around week 23 broadly corresponds to when the vaccination programme among the age group was being ramped up, as indicated below.


  37. Ivermectin Opposition Ramps up as Big Pharma Begins Marketing Expensive Copies of It
    October 4, 2021

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  38. Let me correct a key misunderstanding for you. State Pensions should be OK within limits.
    The Welfare we refer to is that vast Homogenous flotsom group of State grasping Arsholes who wont work, live off benefits, and all of us, as bloodsucking Parasites, who need to be used as landfill or as Organ Donors. Non Contributing Social Scammers and Welfare Bandits. Trolleys loaded with Wallmart Junk Food, sized 42 dresses and 66 inch arses.
    Males, never working, whole sole role in life is loose shoes, a Joint and a warm lavatory seat to wiggle their feet.. Aaahh want me Maah Benefit Check and my free phone.Part time Dope dealers and Petty Crims. The underbelly of failed humanity. Aaaah want Maaah benefits. Bang! Sorted!

    Females who factory farm kids for Benefit Income, 6 kids via a possible 36 different fathers combination.
    Cross breeding trash in a vicious cycle. We need to rethink this herd species. Or it expands. Hands out grasping.for their ” Entitlements”. WTF? What is the point of this species of Low Life? Waster disposal trucks are needed. Why keep breeding this species? It’s just a garbage pyramid. Who pays- You DO!
    Maybe we do need a short term war to stick this Herd Turd on the front line with faulty ammo.Sorted.It’s like watching amoeba replicating in a life Petri dish. Stash your cash or it goes to this trash.
    Thank God for the valiant and good Border Services. Great job Guys. Thank you. The world needs you.
    We cull our herds on farming estates. Why feed pointless, and why cross breed it? Do we learn nothing?

    So No Guys – Retirees should be OK,it’s this Free Riding layer needing sorting, badly.
    But there still is no Pension Pot for Retirees, it’s still Ponzi. But morally supportable.
    The other lot is just Free hanging Gorilla Snot.
    Retirees should be Ok, it’s the other lot which needs thinning and binning. Action needed.

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    The Biden Regime is targeting political opponents and using the might of the federal government to abolish the First Amendment by classifying dissent as “domestic terrorism.”

    US Attorney General Merrick Garland has instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Covid mandates, citing ‘threats.’


    PENNSYLVANIA – Democratic state legislator Christopher Rabb has announced his intention to introduce legislation to enforce “reproductive responsibility” for men.

    “Rarely is there a meaningful dialogue,” a memorandum from Rabb said, “around public policy focusing on the personal responsibility of cisgender men in this sphere.


    “Therefore, I will be introducing legislation that will require all inseminators to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first.”


    1. And please excuse my vulgarity again but F Rabb. Who the hell do these pri??? think they are? F the lot of them. It is well beyond time we the real people take a strong stand against these F’wits.

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    2. I don’t agree that this is the thing to do. But, when I was younger and riding the bus to school, there were 2 families of catholics on our road that has very large families. The road is 3 miles long and by the time it went up and back down the road, our bus was full. One family had 13 kids, one had 11. It just seems very unnecessary to has that many children. Please adopt locally first before having more children has always been my thought about this.

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      1. I hear you on that Biffie and agree in a fashion.

        I always believed one should be entitled to have as many children as they desire on the condition that they can FULLY SUPPORT them with ALL needs until the age of 18. That includes good nutritious food every single day, a solid moral environment, comfortable permanent housing that is at all times safe and secure, a sound, quality education, access to and funding available for top level healthcare when and if needed and all the other stuff that children need during the years of birth to 18 years. I also believe it is important to have both parents in the life of a child.

        I believe, in consideration of the above points, there would not be too many people these days that could actually afford those things if they were to have more than two children. I absolutely do not agree with people having children for the sake of governments handouts. Many do it and it utterly disgusts me, particularly when one sees the environments many of those children are born into. Many have no hope from day one. I watched a doco regarding this situation a long time ago and witnessed a mother feeding a baby McDonalds. I was so furious over that, I could have chocked her with my own hands..

        I know some kids make it in life even when they have come from difficult circumstances but I consider it a parents job to ensure a child has the very best start in life when considering starting a family and that means all avenues need to be addressed, funded and covered in every aspect to ensure that is the case. Maybe I seem a little over the top but it is just how I feel about children being brought into this world.

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        1. My mom was the youngest of nine kids,,, she is now 79 young years old… in those days the more kids you had the more help you had to work the garden and the animals, it was your food, and damn good food… it seems to me the system is what is wrong, not the amount of kids you have…when I was a kid we would go to the store and fill up the trunk of the car with bags of groceries for 20 bucks!.. the value of the dollar?… I do not like the idea of ” allowing” anything, much less the amount of kids you can have… I like the idea of getting rid of the evil pos scum in our system and actually have elected leaders that work FOR the people… there is plenty for all on this earth… GOV does not help anything, they take and create more diversity and need… the majority of people wlll make the right decisions when they are in an environment that promotes such… we have been conditioned to accept a way of life that is way below what it could be.

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    1. It is all thanks to you Tony that many of us have the opportunity to witness “glowing” before they did. Thank you so much for your magnificent guidance.

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  42. I will be absent for a while. My father is entering the final phase of decline. Due to a strange quirk of physiology he is stable at death’s door. I really don’t know if he has 3 days or 3 weeks but it’s coming. And he should be much weaker, but he is still clear-headed (mostly) and there is no real pain (miracle).

    Hopefully WW3 doesn’t break out on Taiwan. But that’s above my pay grade.


    1. Tino all our respect and thoughts are with you. Clear heads are good and no pain is a good life. He will meet his Soul Guides with dignity. It’s only a transition Tino.We all make it. Time will be what it will be but the love he feels from his Son is all. That goes with him. Your both lucky. Where he is going next will be pure Rapture Tino. But Raptors for Bush and the Zios. He will always be with you Tino. Waiting also. That Bond is eternal. Real value. Soul value.

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      1. OMG John, that is one of the most beautiful comments you have ever made. Ya could have left the Bush and Zio references out but we all know that is just you lol. Otherwise beautiful and a delight to read. Thank you.

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    2. Hey there Tino,
      I know this situation is a part of life for everyone but it does not take away the pain and sadness during such an experience. I wish your Dad a beautiful journey ahead and may your path experiencing this be peaceful and knowing. My thoughts and heart energy are with you both. XX

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    New racketeering games caught
    The Blairs avoided paying £312k in stamp duty for London office’

    It’s good to see the UK exposing political corruption

    This is getting damaging at all levels and Revenue will take them apart.
    Russia unleashes 6,670mph hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine

    Russia’s unstoppable missiles can now be sub fired evading all Defences. Rent them to Iran
    Taliban ‘destroys’ ISIS-K cell hours after attack on Afghan mosque

    So it takes the Taliban or Russians to kil Isis. Just close all 990 plus US Foreign bases rebuild America sack the lot.
    China flies 52 aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace in largest mission ever

    This shows China is serious and coming
    Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are DOWN
    Police officer ‘raped woman and got her pregnant on living room sofa’


  44. John,

    You previously mentioned October as a key dateline for the U.S. to negotiate terms offered for settlements. What’s the status and what occurs next, more importantly? Palace intrigue is building.


    1. James I’ve already sent this to the site also. The UK has no chance. Only to kill in return. So we will. Our subs and warships are already in place right now. It’s panicking the Chans. We are giving 2 fingers to both Russia and China. Fire on us and die is our response F U!.Take out one ship and we nuke. F them to hell. Their call. Fire and die. Or get out our our face. Their choice. F Putin and F Beijing. We only die once. Then so do they for sure. We can live with that, Will they die for it?


    2. Samson

      I’ve already warned Seoul, if you don’t resolve this during October, Thanksgiving is another Pig Feast followed by Xmas and New Year. Then Chinese NY. .That knocks them into April. I have already remonstrated with them, if you can Pig Out on 8 courses a day for 10 days you can sort this. Childish minds! Like DC It’s like dealing with Chump. .A child’s mind. Will they still be here if Taiwan kicks off? Kindergarten, the lot. As Tillerson, Kelly and Mattis found dealing with Trump. The petulant mind of a Child. It’s Global. Both sides. We need baseball bats for heads. Iron will help!
      We can only be Pitchers and Catchers. Too many Forrest Gump’s.Mental Adolescents. My vitriol is daily.
      Childish minds.

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    1. Jay
      The US is broke. It is grossly irresponsible to keep on borrowing to pay Welfare when bankrupt. It needs to stop. There is no magic panacea to fund Debt cases. Cease works! CBDC’s will block it. It’s all a mess. When the US blows, what then? The Treasury has no money nor the Fed.We once had Work Houses, you worked to eat or starved.
      America is awash with uncontrollable amounts of Wookies flooding in. You have NO MONEY! Cease!
      Let the free spenders fund them with their own money, but they never do. Ideas are cheap but they never pay the bills. Always others. Platitudes? .
      When the Petro dollar implodes, what then?
      America needs to get real. Stop crazy borrowings. the herd is too big.
      How can you keep funding social security bankrupt? .Why? Take jobs wherever, go to them. Work to eat. That works. Welfare kills nations, I see it. All lose from it.
      .Rebuilding economies will take time, and work planned economies are blue sky right now. Today is reality ,No Money no Honey,. There are jobs .
      America has lived a lie for 50 years. It’s coming home. Stop breeding Welfarians.
      Think Tanks above now talk. Surely you know how this will end? It’s coming.
      The Have’s,the Have Nots and the Hottentots. There will be blood.


      1. John,

        Thank you for the response. My mother has social security, She worked 40 years and retired at 68. This money is hers, they took it out every two weeks for 40 years.This money will need to be paid back to her. There will be an uprising from the children of their elderly parents that worked and have social security now.

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        1. Fully agreed Jay. Everyone wants to throw around the term “free money” when referring to social security but neglect that people collecting it PAID into the system 30 + years. I’ve been working now 35 years and have paid into that all these years. Its s8t BS to tell me it will not be available and the US is “broke”.
          Noooo, they’re some overspending idiots. Dumping money into BS, such as billions to gender study programs overseas.

          But it is what it is. I get the elite have stolen from the people and abused the system. And now the retard wants to increase taxes on middle class to pay for 3.5T proposal. What garbage. But lets bash on Trump some more.


          1. Let me, with respect spell this out,
            There is NO MONEY. You only ever paid in to clear others needs. Ponzi schemes and theft.
            The $3.5T won’t even scratch the surface of the Military and Infrastructure needs. Fund your own needs not via Jackals. They don’t care. They took you all. They now see the Sheeple are mindless. No threat. We all do.
            It’s gone on Ponzi deals. The cupboard is bare. Population reduction will come. Independent savers have assets. State Scroats Red Pill or Blue? That $3.5T is still not for you. Can you handle what’s coming? Mugged by the State is not Self Help. Sorry but? Can you handle what’s coming? Dreamland will get popped.
            The US is not Broke, it’s bankrupt, OK? A giant Ponzi scheme. Nothing left to crossfire with. Disneyland.

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      2. John – Social Security is not welfare.

        So they siphon the money out of each paycheck (with no choice) for retirement, misuse the fund that’s supposed to be there when you no longer able to work (old age) and the poor elderly is considered a have not? That’s messed up.


          1. How are the elderly who rely on social security going to live. It’s so unfair. People who have worked their whole life being treated like this.

            I’ve got a soft spot for the elderly John and this infuriates me.

            We have the most evil vile people on this planet.

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    The California study finds that vaccinated individuals are more susceptible to COVID variant infections than unvaccinated. Geer Vanden Bossche has been warning that vaccine antibodies would suppress natural antibody responses. The vaccine antibodies take control of the immune system and defend only against a targeted virus.

    Among vaccinated individuals, a COVID variant virus is not recognized by the specialized antibodies provided by the vaccine, and the natural antibodies have been programmed to stand down.


  46. The latest Russian hypersonic missiles take less than one minute launched from Subs 100 miles out. We have no chance. We could not even raise the alarm in time. Russia will supply China and Taiwan plus Australia both will get hit. Japan also. Unstoppable! China is mass overflying Taiwan’s airspace now. China has just warned Australia if you interfere you will fry!
    Crocodile Dundee can’t sort this. It’s building. The question now is when? Aussies take care if this kicks off get 150 miles inland fast. A 50 miles blast radius is no place to be.
    No one needs a Gobby Oz PM mouthing off. You don’t need or want this if it comes. Stay out. Stay safe and watch the news if it kicks off. There are no heroes in a 50 M blast radius.
    Launch Arataya missile loaded and a monkey wrench to hand. . .


      1. Be clear, if China attacks Taiwan they will have nukes ready. Any threat to China and Oz plus Japan goes.
        Respond to that and its WW111. 4 Iskanders finish the UK.
        But then our Subs will erase Russia and China.
        We will be dead but 120 nuclear missiles hiding on the sea bed will be payback,.In turn we then kill both Russia and China knowing the US has to follow up. The wild card is the UK. Knowing we will. For sure! Who then dares pre empt?
        Let China take Taiwan or it’s WW111. The pragmatic price of peace. Trade offs.
        Oz is the innocent Turkey in the middle. Be safe, kick out the US bases. Don’t fight their wars on your shores.
        990 plus US bases threaten peace. .Let war be on Americas shores for once. See how fast it stops then.
        The Whores of Wars are the cause of Wars. De- Claw the Whore. .


        1. I was serious with my post… just my view… sic of all the games and threats… I really do not give a crap… looks to me the roots of evil are so deep through out the system nukes might be the only way to freedom… free the soul!… they should quit playing chicken or shut up about them!

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          1. James I’ve already sent this to the site also. The UK has no chance. Only to kill in return. So we will. Our subs and warships are already in place right now. It’s panicking the Chans. We are giving 2 fingers to both Russia and China. Fire on us and die is our response F U!.Take out one ship and we nuke. F them to hell. Their call. Fire and die. Or get out our our face. Their choice. F Putin and F Beijing. We only die once. Then so do they for sure. We can live with that, Will they die for it?

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        2. You know John, you say “kick out the US bases” but this stupid MF of a country here in Aus has relied on the US to assist us in times of need. As much as I like and totally respect the US people, we have allowed ourselves to become puppets here. This will be our end, which is pretty bloody obvious.

          So bloody be it. Sometimes ya just have to learn the error of one’s ways. Looks like we may well do that here in Aus.

          I do always greatly appreciate the support we have been offered here by like minded countries, but it always comes at such a high price. This is our mistake. We have never had the bloody balls to sort things out as they needed to be. We always bowed down and let others manage our interests and theirs. I am so pissed off with the governing of Aus. These arseholes deserve to fry for what they have done to us but unfortunately they means many of us fry with them. I am prepared to pay that price.

          And in saying what I have above I will still say F Commo China just to make sure everyone knows how I feel lol.

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    1. Well, I would agree, we certainly cannot defend ourselves here in OZ. And that is thanks to our weak arse governments not looking after our own defense systems and relying on every bloody one else to look out for us. When will we have the bloody guts to take care of ourselves? Never it seems, as we are now waiting for UK & US subs. Far out, Australia should be totally ashamed of our conduct. Totally disgraceful.

      And the chinkas want to fry us do they? Well go ahead, but please do not be under the false belief that the commo chinese that reside here will survive. Those that are left that have not been nuked will ensure that every frickin one of those mf’s will bleed badly.

      I totally agree too John, this f’ing PM needs a bullet. He is an absolute pr???. Yes, he sure does mouth off. So typical of a deadshit with quarter sized balls without a brain.

      Well heck, I sure hope I survive along with all the bloody rebels that are left in this country. Loaded and locked, with the tools that are available to me anyway lol.

      And btw, F China forever. Commo pri???.


  47. Like

    1. Those cute rhymes were not really working with those kids. Total aresholes. They can shove this shit where the sum don’t shine.


  48. Hi SF Driver – what is the name of his channel? The one you call montagraph. I tried to find him on YouTube. I’d like to follow him.

    Thank you



    Sensible planning and power sharing

    You hear me now it’s asking?

    Latest Covid reports:

    Click to access Salus_Humetrix_VE_study_2021_09_28.pdf

    PETER HITCHENS: It really is time to scrap the police and start again

    PETER HITCHENS: How does a person such as Wayne Couzens, a known drug user with an unconcealed taste for ‘extreme’ pornography, become a police officer in the first place?

    A huge YES to this. Arrogant, brash, offensive and inept!
    Re task the lot.
    Cargo ships anchored near Los Angeles and New York ports face a 4-week delay to dock, raising further fears over the global supply chain

    This will hurt small business a bunch
    Container ships not being allowed to dock by order of Biden administration! (video)

    What are Biden and his Commie Czar handlers up to?

    This is likely true … just like no warning of the potential risk of La Palma.
    They do want submission on behalf of their handlers.
    Breaking: Lights at Bagram Airbase Turned On – Chinese Military Planes Reportedly Seen Landing at Abandoned US Airbase in Afghanistan #BidenEffect

    China says Thank You Very Much. Dumb Americans.

    After all the money spent there and lives lost one might have thorough they would blow the place up.
    Instead a gift to China, what a insult to the American public and America’s allies!

    Huge ‘Pandora Papers’ leak exposes secret offshore accounts of politicians, celebrities and billionaires
    A new trove of leaked financial records show 35 current or former world leaders, 130 billionaires, as well as royalty, athletes and celebrities who have held assets in or through tax havens.

    Read in CBC News:
    Watch “PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”” on YouTube

    What is barreling down on us?
    Secret offshore wealth of world leaders revealed in huge data leak

    Now at last the MSM wakes up and starts exposures.

    The Brits face down China again
    Met Police officer David Carrick, 46, is charged with rape

    If guilty both he and the Police are in so much trouble.

    One of the great questions of science: Are we alone in the universe?

    Send them all 0ur Zios. One way tickets only.


  50. All we know is in a race against time, are we facing revolution, or Apocalypse now?

    The stench of Feudal Monarchs and hereditary Fiefdoms resulted in the French revolution, the Barricades and the Guillotines. Money Lenders, Gender benders and uncontrollable corruption. The presumptive yet rapacious Aristocrats ( Elites!) were mass collected, tried by Citizens Committees, carted to the Guillotines and all dispensed by Summary Justice.

    Something had to give. Public Debt just as now, had risen beyond all accountable levels of Debt. The Nobility and Monarchs just as today, declined restraint further impoverishing the “Peasants” to the State of Penury where the system simply blew. Not dissimilar to the Cabal, Deep State, Zionist Bankers, and Big Pharma today.

    When a fuse is lit, when does the **** hit the fan?

    America right now, is France Pre Revolution, Ignite the mass but Patriotic people, and stand back.
    History repeats itself. The EU will blow also. How far, can the great Fed lie continue? Corruption mass rules Fools.
    Or the Beltway Federal abuse and lies?

    Cryptos and CBDCs are a fuse. Slowly being test lit.

    In London, Guy Fawkes and the Plotters tried to blow up Parliament. Leakers betrayed them. If not they would have changed history. The barrels were all in place. The Feudals would have gone. In a Bang! All in place ready. So close.

    How today, do we play such Disarray? How long?

    Look around, remove the Blinkers.

    It’s a knife edge with Alternative Thinkers.

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  51. La Palma

    Lava flow now the size of 20 football fields in ocean .. more vents suggest unstable land mass …Let’s just watch it play out. It’s killed all property prices now for the Island. Empty hotels follow.

    Dr. Matthews: “Those who die from COVID-19 are Vitamin D3 deficient” – The Chicago Crusader

    The value of D3
    The End of China’s Rise | Foreign Affairs

    Now this will take handling for China.

    It is not just China as a nation that is hitting the wall, but also the existence of the CCP. Control within China is not a constant because various provinces will sever their ties with Beijing given a chance.
    A pertinent question is whether Exporters who have relied upon China are ready for the lesser demand that will come forth. Is China facing its own Tail Spin?*ywj5ob*_ga*aG5KNExkUENhRmNJcGdrYzUzLTlSMWstcXhsTkZLdWY1QklRd2ItN0RBZG5sVW0ydUlveDlJZW53a25oV2dwZw
    Joe Biden deliberately ‘shielded’ from scrutiny as White House siege mentality grows

    How do you hide and shield the Village Idiot, Naked, posing as President? Be Ashamed America THIS is what you have in Office.

    Editorial proficiency, or temperament…sorts the good from the Losers Blogging.
    Egos heh? Sinatra has the last laugh. As we all do over at WHA as it goes from strength to strength.
    Sinatra says it all. . .
    ‘Pedophile’ accused of 45 sex crimes is beaten 15 times in jail

    Real Justice just Lynch him?

    Just like Trump we have yet another overrated, bloated Buffoon in power. Unfit for Office and a Joke. The state of our world today, when Jerks rule.
    Some Questions About America’s “Wealth”

    Here is an interesting take on “wealth.” I certainly think we have greatly discounted the value of the rule of law and freedom of speech:

    Some Questions About America’s “Wealth”

    It is a supremely tragic irony that while the corporate media ceaselessly tout America’s soaring financial “wealth,” the nation’s true wealth — its social order — is fast unraveling.
    While we’re encouraged to cheer billionaires blowing a tiny sliver of their wealth on space tourism and $500 million yachts as evidence of “prosperity,” our media and leadership (ahem) seem to be mystified by the unmistakable signs of unraveling.
    In my analysis, the social order is comprised of all the intangible social elements that serve to bind a nation’s people beyond their legal rights. The social order includes, but is not limited to, social (upward) mobility — the ladder to advancing one’s agency (control of one’s life) and opportunities for improved security and well-being.
    The social order also includes civic virtue, the willingness to share the sacrifices of one’s fellow citizens for the common good in proportion to one’s wealth and power and equal treatment before the law, not just as an abstraction but in the real world of the judicial system.
    The social order also includes the moral legitimacy of the governance system: Does the state (government) serve the citizenry, or is it the other way around?
    Lastly, the social order manifests social cohesion, which is the capacity for shared values and purpose and common ground, all of which generate a concern for the well-being of other citizens and a willingness to focus on shared interests.
    The Rot Starts at the Top
    America has lost all of these elements, as self-interest is the only value, purpose and goal that guides behavior, starting at the top: How do politicians acquire fortunes in excess of $100 million (cough, Pelosi, cough)? Through public service? (Don’t bust a gut laughing…) How do billionaires gain additional wealth so effortlessly (cough, Federal Reserve, cough)?
    The rot starts at the top and then seeps down into every fiber of the nation’s economic, social and political orders. America is now a moral cesspool, and “democracy” is merely the public-relations cover for a neofeudal autocracy.
    Behind every PR narrative lies the corruption of self-interest. How is it that day traders now rabidly follow Pelosi’s stock portfolio and super-wealthy Federal Reserve “leaders” front-run the Fed’s policies to further enrich themselves while claiming the mantle of “public service”?
    How does a child molester like Jeffrey Epstein end up entertaining Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, the Harvard elite and a veritable who’s who of America’s wealthy and powerful players?
    The evidence of irreversible social decay is everywhere: Violent behavior is now ubiquitous in aircraft and other social settings, common ground has vanished and the willingness or even the capacity to identify common interests has vanished.

    Charles Hugh Smith is an American writer and blogger, and serves as the chief writer for the blog “Of Two Minds”. Started in 2005, this site has been listed No. 7 in CNBC’s top alternative financial sites, and his commentary is featured on a number of sites including, The American Conservative, and Peak Prosperity.



    Moreover, as a New York Times editorial warns, you may be an anti-government extremist (a.k.a. domestic terrorist) in the eyes of the police if you are afraid that the government is plotting to confiscate your firearms, if you believe the economy is about to collapse and the government will soon declare martial law, or if you display an unusual number of political and/or ideological bumper stickers on your car.


  53. I have no idea of fact what the cause is… I believe the following though…

    We are facing MAJOR supply chain shortages in my industry and it is not getting better. We expect it to extend through all of 2022 minimum. We are having suppliers get put on rationing by their suppliers.
    We just had a major price increase from a supplier that will reduce our margins by about 10% on our best selling items unless we pass the price increase onto our customers.
    Hearing rumors that container ships trying to dock and unload at US ports have a 6-12 month wait time because there are not enough truck drivers to unload and haul off loads.
    Joe Biden has totally messed up our country’s economy and its only going to get worse.

    These shortages appear to be fully orchestrated by this System to squeeze out and bankrupt all small to mid-range businesses, and to create chaos.
    Link to video —->


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