New Technology Forces Change Upon The Old Order

For many, the following will be a significant wakeup call.

In Europe, and the world to follow, after the trials of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) with South Korea, London and China, the schedule is set for a Global Digital Currency World by the start of 2025. Whether Europe or America can sustain themselves until then, is another issue. The ever-more socialist U.S. is visibly behind this push, but the ramp-up is clear and coming worldwide.

The automated clearinghouse system (ACH) is changing to allow direct deposits from non-banks, i.e., big tech, which is, in essence, their reward for censorship efforts against the Trump campaign. On December 23, 2019, there was approval of modifications to the Federal Reserve Banks’ National Settlement Service and Fedwire Funds Service to support enhancements to the same-day ACH service to prepare for digital currencies. On September 25, 2020, the Board amended the implementation date for certain modifications. They are preparing for a new, REAL digital currency, but this means two things.

First, by this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term elimination of public debt (Or the U.S. would collapse), escaping their incompetence and criminality, in which case there will no longer be Primary Dealer Banks, and hence, therefore, thank God, no need to bail out the incestuous Goldman type banks when they blow up in trading, assuming they will still be allowed to trade in the future. The same thing will hold true in Europe.

Secondly, there is this belief (Modern Money Theory) that debt does not matter as with a digital currency you print to your heart’s content and no one knows, so why does it matter? The slight problem with this is that both Russia and China have told the Globalist WEF to piss off. So we can expect tensions, because they will try to subdue them by hook or crook. Even to the extent of going to war. Either party might refuse to supply any goods to the digital currency crowd, sending them into never-never land. Do you not think that there is a reason why China is building silos for nukes at a frantic pace, or why they just did a siren test in their cities for fear of attack?

This Globalist crowd needs America as the attack foil to execute their plan and will fail without it. In the end, it will not matter. Russia has the wherewithal to render America silent and dead within 30 minutes. It will do everything possible to try and avoid such a direct encounter. But pushed to the brink, they will strike, even if they take the U.S. punishment that will come. The Pentagon does not get this. Have they ever? Naïve!

What is clear is that Vaccine passports have much less to do with YOUR Health, but more to do with population control. To think you need such a passport to buy petrol from a gas station in Slovenia confirms everything. And perhaps now as people there demonstrate, they will realize they are fighting to be free. They will attempt this draconian control in every country in Europe. They will fail, but the damage of state, police and bankers tyranny with their attempted socialist state communism, will leave a long ugly scar as their systems collapse.

We can only hope sanity returns. That will require another set of changes, far different than the path we are currently on. As it is, our societies and cultures are massively damaged from their attempt at absolute control.

It will take time, planning and new levels of digital capital to rebuild. Once the Fed moves to create its own digital currency, it will no longer be the independent entity it was supposed to be. Welcome to the new 21st Century of a hybrid central bank, end of primary dealers, and the elimination of government debt. Just ponder the impact to banking in general. There is a reason why Twitter has a bank license.

Of course, you will be told this is all for your security, when in truth, it’s so that the Hoi Polloi do not revolt when their government system collapses.

Banks do not see this end coming. This is no light at the end of the tunnel; it is a freight train that will run over them. CBDCs will mean you have less privacy with respect to your money and wealth. Discretion will not be yours anymore. Just ask anyone who lived through the Soviet era. Living in a self absorbed Reality TV world. Joe Public Sheeple Brains do not see this coming. Ignorance is their Bliss. Until…Bang!

The Sheeples’ road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these globalists are fighting to retain power in the middle of their unsustainable debt house of cards collapsing. Much like debt is eating China beneath the surface while their exports shrink.

COVID passes are all about control – not health. Is not Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline about control, if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated, no gasoline. Soon enough they will try no food or medical attention. Do you really think that clipboard carrying folks in Toronto trying to get dentists to sign up for not providing care to non vaccinated people is random?

They will not stop until the public wakes up enough to give them the boot. In some countries, this will be at the polling booths (provided they do not use Dominion voting machines to alter the vote) and in other cases it will be the public mob that carries them out. Watch for sane leadership steering through this. It will be the safest places to reside. When this falls flat, we will see national currencies restored. Pay attention to Populist Candidates who want your vote, as they likely are the more honest and at least THINKING! Not one of us will escape the impact of what is coming, so please prepare yourself for the realities of what IS coming for and at YOU!

This IS the beginning of the end of socialist America, and the smug EU. Apocalypse is coming for the Goyim-hating Zionists. Deservedly. At the flick of a switch, centuries of Zionist Jewish manipulation, theft and hegemony will be removed. We can and WILL seize it all back. They will be gone! Finished. About time! There will be no return to normal, we have left Kansas for good. This will be obvious when 3rd quarter results are reported.

Technological Advancement Will Enable The End Of Monopolistic Strangleholds

Banks’ compliance tyranny will die along the new, incoming tech controlled Appian Way. On every cross, a squealing banker. We WILL collect!

The Ponzi House of Cards is coming down. Who then pays for welfare? Why? Think it through. Reality check time.

There are ways to ease yourself forward into the new era. Here is some guidance for surviving the coming upheavals as technological development impacts society, with the expected chaos that accompanies almost every significant major technological advancement in the human experience.

1. Get out and stay out of debt. Debt is how banking cartels loot the planet. If you have substantial debts, seek counseling on how to pay them off as soon as possible. You may have to run the gauntlet. Things like new cars, cable TV, eating out, booze and cigarettes, movies, expensive clothes, rented furniture, etc. may have to go for a while. A second job, of which the income from will go to 100% debt settlements, may be your crown of thorns along with ditching the new car and driving a 15 year old $800 beater. But, once you are cleared of that mortgage and/or credit card payment, that same amount now invested in a quality long term mutual fund or similar, will make you a millionaire in 10 years, aside from pursuing other avenues in the short term.

2. Maximize your ability to earn. Learn new in-demand skills. Seek more overtime. Pay yourself first from every paycheck at least 10% right into savings. Otherwise, if you do not, you are working for free as a slave to your business/employer. Be smart. Don’t work for free.

3. Build wealth by recognizing up-and-coming sectors, and get in ahead of the crowd. Today, Blockchain, Transportation As A Service, A.I./Robotics and Biomedical, are the future. Consult qualified advisors within each of these sectors and make your plan using your disposable income. Don’t use margin loans. Cash only. Earlier blockchain risk takers made billions, while others played with their poop and then proceeded to join BLM and ANTIFA. Nonetheless, we are still very early compared to where we are going.

4. Be ready for anything. Nation States are losing prestige in the minds of new generations, and may falter. Be prepared for sudden disruption in food chains, utilities, police protection, etc. If such are cut off, do you have enough emergency rations, water, arms, power generation capability to sustain your life for at least 6 months? COVID shortages were kid’s play compared to what a major earthquake along the West coast of the USA, or a major biological attack from a religious fanatical organization could do to infrastructure.

5. Remove anyone close to you who constantly preach about and contemplate the ruin of things. Be Human the Solution, not Human the Problem. People who sit around and grouse about life’s hard parts are sometimes doing so because they fear if you unleash your true potential, they will be left behind as you move forward. Such people, on inspection, have been found with a history of destroying themselves as well as others around them. Get away from them – quickly, quietly, and without any regret.

6. Your health is your greatest wealth. Spend funds on good food, nutritional supplements of your choice and sane medical advice before you spend anything on other non-essential necessities. When you have good health, you have everything.

7. Do everything within your particular circumstances to reduce your tax. Once you reach a certain net worth and income, as your tax bracket gets too burdensome, consider expatriating to another tax friendly country if you are young enough for your remaining year’s tax savings to be substantial enough to pass on to your heirs, and not to worthless governments. Seek out professionals on this topic, and make sure you are well advised by someone with at least 10 years track record of assistance. It can be a huge decision, but well worth it.

Lastly, we continue to monitor the GS progress. Stay tuned for more on this as events unfold. As it stands now, unless some overwhelming compelling force causes a halt to the presently ongoing Asiatic holiday festival where they eat every stray dog in town, then it’s looking like it will all spill into 2022. We will be the first to know if otherwise.

Thank you all for your contributions to the rather stimulating banter in the comment section. We have some very, very intelligent and accomplished people who read this site, and many of them contribute to the often-times rowdy conversations. We have seen lives changed as a result of a lot of information shared here at WHA. After all, that should be the goal of any association of people who gather to peacefully seek a viable path to enhance their future survival. And, believe it or not, we are just getting started.

Remember, we are very early in the Blockchain experience:

Strength and Honor


  1. Tino

    The circle of life is ongoing forever. Just paths Tino.
    But now linked forever. Soul bonded and Soul brothers.
    All the goodness in the world is with you both. Higher ascended Soul Guides are with you both,
    Your blessing is caring, being able to. Richness of Soul.
    Think of the rank Humanity who can’t. Self serving, Delusional Takers. His and your goodness is known.
    Belief he will be ongoing is the strength you will need. Trust and believe there is so much more.
    His pride in you he carries forever. His purpose of being, is you. Know always he is with you. Eternal Tino. Eternal.
    Your bond of goodness is forever.Eternal. His pride- is You. His journey has meaningl
    Goodness, is priceless.
    To know, more so. To touch life and make a difference Tino. .Putting back. A true hand of Humanity. Knowing Good.

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    1. Thank you for the timely words John.

      My father passed to the Beyond in the first few minutes of October 26th, after 61 years of marriage at the age of 84 with the whole family here.

      When I got him home from the hospital, he said “E bello qui”. “It’s beautiful here”

      I’ll be back in the fray after his funeral.

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      1. Tino
        I tried only to interject a few respectful and meaningful words for when this time came. Synergy with your pain but not loss.
        But the real beauty Tino is your Soul bond together. Real togetherness.
        Eben Alexandre went public on his one visitation. Read it.
        I’ve had numerous but chose to stay off radar. It’s real. Beyond! Reading Ebens encounter may help you reason why. .
        We feel for you Tino. Your family also. I hope it eases soon. Truly. What you gave him he carries with him.
        That Eternal bond does not die Tino,Ever!
        Life choices Tino matter. Your values are good. He is now in Rapture. Serene peace.All is good. All is real. He’s home Tino. A Soul of the Universe.


      2. Tino, sending you many good thoughts and virtual hugs for you and your family. ‘Passed to the Beyond’ to many new opportunities, surrounded in love and beauty.

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      3. Thank you for letting us all know of your fathers passing Tino.

        I am never to sure what to say to others experiencing such a situation so I will just express that I offer your dad, yourself and your family thoughts of comfort and peace. XX


  2. They’ll be registered to vote by the mid-terms.


    1. New York was, should and could again be a grand city. The only problem is, all these wanking f’ing twats turning it into a pool of shit. Get them out and return the city to what we know it can be. And F De Blasio too.


  3. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appears at High Court via video-link

    It’s pointless him whining like a Big Whoosie here he needs to fight his case in the US and pray hard. The Pentagon wants his sniveling Ass, end of!
    Joe Biden and Democrats vow to 'make billionaires cry' with new tax on super-rich#

    So Bribe Taking Jo is now the Tax Grabbibg Ho?
    China’s Massive New Aircraft Carrier Is As Big As It Can Be – Naval News

    China is coming.
    Pentagon confirms nearly 450 Americans trapped in Afghanistan | Fox News

    Mogadishu cut to pieces.

    Benghazi mutilated and castrated. Alive!
    Get it through those thick military heads no one wants the US meddling. Of course they sold you out. WTF are you there? They will rip you apart and sodomize you, in turns. Get real and get OUT!

    What a betrayal of citizenship? You think you matter? Really? Sam get the T shirts.
    Mind you what should we expect from leftist fools wanting communism? It seems like the Western world is hellbent on destroying itself.

    The illegals are swarming in. Morons run DC.
    Border Force: Home Office confirm two men rescued off the Essex coast are Somali nationals.

    What the hell went wrong with shooting fish in a barrel?


    1. Sniveling arse or not, he has the fricking right to a fair hearing. Which we all know is certainly not achievable in the UK or the US or Aus as far as the bullshit entanglements are concerned here in the crap hole land down under. “Lucky Country” ???? Ya reckon, what a load of bullshit that reference is. Kiss arse, brainwashed shit hole, that is what Australia is.

      You have your opinion John, but you could never look me in the bloody eye and tell me Assange has been treated fairly in the UK. And if you think you can then I call bullshit again. I do not give one f what he has done, although I personally appreciate him exposing all that he has. What gives these aresholes he has exposed the right to be protected? F them totally.

      No matter what he has done, he fricking well deserves the right to a fair hearing just like all the other criminal sickening and repulsive pricks operating in the UK, the US, Aus and the rest of this god forsaken world do. (Hmm maybe, some crime I do not excuse lol) But is that possible? NO BLOODY WAY. And the reason is because the upper tier decide not. Well F them too in this case.

      You may not like him as a representative of what is supposed to be a “real man” but as far as I’m concerned he has done one hell of a lot more than many supposed men in this world.

      And finally, I do not care if he snivels, cries, whines, yelps or whatever the hell else a human being is capable of under pressure, he HAS THE GOD DAMN RIGHT TO A FAIR FRICKING HEARING. BLOODY AMEN.

      If you defend the treatment he has received in the UK, even though you hate his guts as a representative of what a man is supposed to b,e then I would seriously need to reassess my opinion of your judgement and morals. Not that my opinion matters to you at all John, which is fine, I know my place and I am cool with that. We live in different worlds. BUT F’ING FAIR IS FAIR in any of our worlds.

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      1. He ruthlessly encouraged a mentally unbalanced, sexually confused US Army private to access sensitive and betray secret information. It’s TREASON and the Woosie concerned was lucky not to be shot. Assange hung him out to dry. Assange is a User not a Hero and I see a Gutless Piglet squealing like a hog when ripped out of the Embassy.
        He’s a piece of S*** undeserving of sympathy. Save that for us loo.Hes a sleazebag , There are far better. Give him 20 years in Bellmarsh. That will sort him. He’s a Fake hero.


        1. Your descriptions of this matter and those involved grow more and more robust every time we have this disagreement lol.

          An adult person can not be coerced nor used if they personally choose not to be, that is a weakness in that person not in the one allegedly trying to coerce or use as you suggest. If that person was so defective and weak, then why were they in such a position in the first place?

          I personally do not take to Assange on a personal level either, nor consider him to be a hero but that should not be the determining factor in his ability to gain a fair trial and proper legal treatment and rights during that process.

          Your description of Assange being a gutless squealing piglet do not bother me at all as I now understand why you express words of that nature where he is concerned. I accept your right to feel that way and express yourself in that fashion.

          We are never going to agree on this topic and I accept that now too. I shall let it be from now on as I do not wish to continually argue with you, there seems no point to it anymore.

          Hey John, I hear there was an interesting new development in Andrews case recently lol. What a justice system.


          1. We are all freedom fighters.
            1.We did not coerce a mentally “Challenged” Army Private to betray his country and put America at risk. He did!
            2. As regards suitability of candidates, have you seen what they have in the Senate and Congress nowadays?
            3. Or the WH?
            4.America really needs to raise its bar.
            5. As regards Andrew, the Court of Public Opinion has dealt with him. Ignominy is a bad place to be- Forever?
            6. Assange had a fair trial We have avoided ne hin to the US yet. But we should swap him for Sacoolas, the self . confessed killer who ran from here , Hand over Sacoolas!
            7.As regards Andrews 17 year old misdemeanour, she went hunting for money and got taken by a Zio Monster. She could have said No. So we know, she Fs for Bucks. Name it? Andrew is trashed beyond hope here. Mainly because he’s a Turd anyway. Roberts is just Greenmailing with the usual lowlife species of US Ambulance Chasers. Andrew is totalled here. He will never be allowed back as a Royal. He’s Dog Excreta. He pays.
            8.This site is awash with caring, honourable freedom fighters. Real issues Compassion also.
            9. A deal will be done over Assange. Belmarsh is ugly. Harsh and brutal. Animals caged. Assange has aged.
            Let’s just be grateful for WHA. So many mentally aware people. Good people.Good cases.
            10. So many here do such a good job contributing. Each matters. Discord is fine, it’s debate. We are all , just contributors. Andrew has a life sentence for ” Possibly!!!”, having knocked off a willing 17 year old. Life?????
            She took money – Hello? Epstein was there before. And who else? Roberts is Buck Hunting. No shame.

            The world has bigger issues. Real People- Matter. Tossers not.
            Look how shameless Markel and Dweeb Harry are cashing in with each Hottentot.

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            1. Thanks John, I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion on various matters noted. I will not delve into it all again and share my opinion on each point. I agree with some of the information you have noted.

              Yes, the world does have bigger issues but it is my opinion that all issues being dealt with must come from a position of truthfulness, fairness and honesty. Can we ever achieve that? I honestly do not think so.

              Take it easy John, I am not your enemy, simply someone trying to deal and understand with this world in the state it is in. But you keep ruffling my feathers you bugger. Heck mate, I don’t mind at all to be perfectly honest. I love a bit of ruffling lol. Life ain’t nothin without it.

              I hope you enjoy a portion of your weekend away from your work schedule. XX


  4. All issues apart, my thoughts are with Tino right now and the new life journey ahead. Only time will heal the hurt. Good men get through. 1,000% for sure he’s going to a good place. But words won’t stop the hurt.
    We are just here for him when he needs us. . Good hearts carry it.

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    1. Tino is one hell of a strong man from my perspective. No matter what faces him, he will come through that experience stronger and wiser. Your personal level of care for Tino, John is beautiful.
      John, we must have a discussion one day in the future when such rawness is not present regarding time healing hurt.

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  5. Cotton grew a pair and put this Bolshevik AG where he belongs.

    It was a probe to see if societal Prozac saturation was high enough.

    Vibrant diversity.

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    1. Holy shit is right. Go and get well and truly f’d with this crap. I lasted 9 seconds listening to that utter bulshit. Why the hell do these total dickwads not go and learn to live what we call a real normal life. This shit is way over the top. Have they not got anything better to do that make up this load shit that they keep spewing out into this world? Obviously not. How about they learn to live what a real life is like. How about they gain some fricking vision and grey matter and realize what is happening to their country. How about getting a fricking job. How about waking the f’k up and acting like a fricking adult.

      Actually, maybe they are beyond repair to a normal type status. F right off then imo and stop annoying the rest of the normal world with your utter waste of time bullshit.


  6. Watch “Gravitas: Israel preparing to strike Iranian nuclear sites” on YouTube

    Having been kicked out of every nation they were given rights to live, the Khazarian Zionists ended up dumped in Palestine and now we see where they have gamed out poor Palestine their land theft over 300% below agreed levels. Extortion and brutality

    Who the hell let this parasite Mafia get Nukes?

    Hopefully Pakistan will arm Iran. Russia too. It’s time the Demon seed was stopped. Who can deal with such an Evil Pariah species.? It’s only time before someone does.

    The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy by Saule T. Omarova :: SSRN

    The Commies have it, and YOU.

    And this is what you want as The Comptroller of the Currency in America?
    Marx would be proud.


  7. ISIS in Afghanistan Could Attack U.S. Within 6 Months: U.S. Intelligence | National News | US News

    How do you spell dumb? Is anyone awake in America today? Look at Bidden FFS???? What is wrong with you all?
    If Afghanistan goes for it again a Gibbering Retard is on watch. What can go so wrong? How does America even survive Run by Crooks, Morons and Half Wits in Politics? .
    Space Mining: Scientists Discover Two Asteroids Whose Precious Metals Would Exceed Global Reserves

    Innovation anyone. Real thinking?

    It’s so sad that for yet another Fast Buck, an interview based on lies and deceit, is yet again exploited for crude cheap shots and gain. Disgusting and crude.
    Markel and Harry will never be forgiven for their part. When the money runs out and it will, the Judas price will be paid.
    Markle is a disgrace. Harry too. Be assured you will live in ignominy. Treacherous brats. Disgusting low standards. The two will be reviled. Cheap Skanks. Di would hate this. We all do.


  8. 140 years ago today. Three lawmen and an ill-tempered, consumptive drunken dentist confronted a group of cowboys with the intent to disarm them for a misdemeanor offense of carrying weapons in town.

    The rest is history.

    I hope this does not get mistaken for a GS negotiation. lol


    Joe Rogan continued to promote the use of Ivermectin for treating the coronavirus.

    Last week Rogan told his audience that Dr. Pierre Kory from FLCCC treated him and 200 members of Congress with monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, Z-pak, NAD, vitamins, and ivermectin.
    Joe Rogan: Dr. Pierre Kory, who one of the doctors from the Frontline Critical Care Group that has been treating people, including by the way, 200 congresspeople have been treated with ivermectin for COVID. Did you know that? Yeah. Google that!

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    1. A Buddha is the highest life condition within all of us. It is not something outside yourself and it something we all have the potential to achieve (Enlightenment).

      Just sharing:
      I started my Buddhist practice again and I had forgotten how liberating it is. After many years of studying theory, it not the same as the actual practice because it something you can feel. We all have the answers within anyway.

      I appreciate Tina Turner for her YouTube channel for helping people change their lives by helping themselves. I was practicing long before her because I was born into the practice. I know this will not resonate with everyone but maybe it will for some. This is a form of meditation. There are no rules. Chant for whatever your heart desires.

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        1. Lol John – I know… sounds strange. I’ve heard it all growing up. It’s very natural to me.

          Buddhism is not so easy to understand. I don’t consider it a religion. It really is science as Tina stated. Not easy to look in the mirror. Mom use to tell me when you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back and your thumb is pointing up to the universe.

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          1. Buddhism questions everything but is the only religion focusing on Mans Soul and all life forms around us.
            Apart from Zionists and Muslims, as Low Life Forms.
            Buddhism correctly, questions personal responsibility and accountability.
            It understands the beauty and accountability of Being.
            Scrap the other crap. Buddhism is our mirror to the Soul.
            Face up and Fess up. But Wo Man Up!
            Making Man be Kind.
            Not the destiny of a Vatican knee, or Blood Cult Todger chopping of Abrahamian lunacy.
            Buddhism seeks to raise personal consciousness and collective responsibility..Awareness of being a better Human Being. We don’t need the Chants.Just to enlighten and enrich Being alive.
            Being aware of our Destiny and Circle of Life. Being aware of Being More.
            When the Knight Templars encountered the Abdals, a new direction was taken leading to Vatican conflict.
            Each ” Understands”. Aware and there. Outside of Public sight. But aware of the greater being.

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      1. John – you are absolutely right. You don’t need to chant to raise consciousness. My mind races too much, especially with what’s going on in the world. Its easy to feel insignificant. By design of course. It helps keep me focused on my deepest thoughts.

        It’s a self empowerment tool, that’s all it is and it works. 😊 No way it can’t. It’s the law of attraction. To each their own. Different paths to reach the same destination is all that matters. A higher vibrational planet that we can create.

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    1. Another Doozie dragged up from Palookerville. Watch the facials, too stupid to talk and not mass blink.
      They Believe? Belle View calls.


  10. Royal Family LIVE: William set for furious Netflix row as Sussexes cash in on £112m deal | Royal | News |

    It’s sad that Bolter Markel , just like her Mother, is a money grabbing little Mercenary. Self taking and Nasty. A Taker – Faker! She had the chance to be a Real US Princess with all that brings. I wanted that for America also.We all did.
    But the lack of Class, Grace and Decorum was unleashed ,as this Bony legged Big Butted Zulu type Arse Ego tripper, manipulated her baldiing, Ginger, no longer even Spare to the Heir,took a cheap shot to sell out a Millenia of Monarchy history and values, for a Cheap Shot Fast Buck. She is such a low standing Mercenary C Lister F!

    Harry could have been a High Value semi Monarch with the Commonwealth, but sadly has Diana’s lack of Grey Matter, and got Boned by a User. What a Clown.
    The pair disgrace Diana. So wrong, all of it.

    So the price of a disgraceful Judas Act is c$120M for selling out the family. What Punks. After taxes that won’t even keep them for 3 years, Me Gain Wants!
    Hollywood will tire of them and post the books, they will have nothing left to sell. Treachery at a price. He’ s sold his Soul for this Bitch. She’s let down America!!!!
    Look what they have both done to her poor Father, when after her own Bolter Mother ran out on them, leaving poor Thomas to carry the Freight alone. Which HE did! Now she’s Supermum????? Get Real!
    Ragland left them Ragged Assed. I feel for Thomas. Denied access to his own Grandchildren, it’s wrong, Bad Karma. Bloody wrong!
    In 3 years when Talentless Betrayer Harry has blown the Judas Silver, where then? A lap dog to Buckled Noses Political ambitions? They will eat her alive.
    But now she needs to fear the posse of Mercenary past relationship Creeps with stories to sell on her. What comes around goes around.
    It won’t be long before Woke is BROKE!
    Age comes fast and it’s showing already. That Pumpkin face and Buckled nose will go South.
    Eeeejit Harry has crossed the Brits. There will be Blood – Betrayers? Each is a mercenary disgrace.
    He won’t last, she will tire of him and run. Then the Punk will run home – Like Andrew?
    Andrew got the Teenagers. Harry got on his Bike? Wait until her own stories leak. Do you swallow – Punk?
    But both have now got Infamy. Treachery? He’s so let William and the Queen down.
    She’s failed America. They have both failed us all. Shame, the pair of them. Unworthy of office. Out both!
    Meghan Markle’s new crisis! Royal insider: ‘She needs to stop men from her past revealing more skeletons in her closet’
    Bummers loose. Looking at Nancy, Yellen and Clinton, would you?

    Suspect, 38, is arrested over the rape of a man in an Exeter park

    For Tino and those interested.

    UFO video shows pulsating orb drop down from the sky

    Sort this Poodle Faker!

    Good – Real Love matters! Priceless.

    Prankster, 24, was stabbed to death on Valentine’s Day after joke text

    Sounds and profiles like marriage to me?


  11. These treasury rats are looking more and more like real rats every day.

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  12. Again, this rabble of known Agitators gets away with no prosecution and vast costs. Put the F tanks in and run them over. Squash this vermin. They have zero effect for good.

    Insulate Britain tell motorists to avoid using M25 tomorrow
    Li-Meng Yan: Chinese Defector Reveals COVID Origin

    Re Elect Fake Skank Chump and they will have it by 2025!

    Word is getting around that the Chinese want global dominance by 2035.
    Still think they will not try using bioweapon so and take advantage of fools like Fauci or Gates to assist in their quest?

    Stop the mass Thick with Cheap Booze Flights to the Med and Disneyland.
    Yuk, what a Bummer.

    Police release image of suspect on an e-scooter after Bristol rape
    Again old but funny.
    We know one who will volunteer. Lol

    Funny and true!

    Sad SICK, and good to see Sheeple waking up slowly. Wake T F!!! Up.

    Dam Mormons will jump anything that smells like Pussy

    15 lions at Utah, Denver zoos test positive for COVID’s delta variant
    Greta Thunberg to march at Glasgow climate protest

    What is the point of this Mouthpiece Media Midget?
    Respond SLOWLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Border Force responds to ‘urgent incident’ off coast
    Australian Premier Says Quarantine Facilities Will Be Needed For The Unvaccinated

    Australia is becoming a Captive State and the natives are asleep on watch.

    Crazy folks ..What a mess. Australia is a no go zone for anyone … including citizens .. capital surely will not be flowing in …



    Some States may declare independence from the Federal Government, imo. There are sane people around still.

    “The number one song on iTunes, beating even Adele, was “Let’s go Brandon,” which was banned by YouTube because it is the new saying “F__k Joe Biden.” What has emerged around the country is resistance that has NEVER before been seen in America. The new anti-Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” song by rapper Bryson Gray was censored by both YouTube and Instagram because it is against Biden. Social media is so anti-democratic you would think they are desperately trying to convert the United States into the new hybrid version of the Soviet Union. Freedom of speech has truly vanished. I am writing about this BECAUSE the song made #1 on iTunes.”

    Now I understand what the “Brandon phenomena” was all about.

    “We reported that food prices are on the rise in Canada and worldwide. A recent survey (n= 5,011) shows the impact inflation is having on Canadian families. According to a poll by the Angus Reid Institute, nearly half (46%) of respondents said they were having “some difficulty” paying for groceries. Over one-third (37%) said they found feeding their families “difficult,” while an alarming 9% revealed it has been “very difficult” to put food on the table. Despite growing wages, 43% said the increase was “not even close” to offset additional costs. When asked whether the cost of living or losing income was of greater concern, 87% said that inflation impacting their cost of living is their main worry.
    All the data coming in is consistent with Socrates’ forecast that food prices should rise between 2022 into 2024 due to shortages, as we have seen with the ongoing supply chain crisis. While developed nations may not be at risk of famine, there is a 17.2-year cycle to famines extending back to 2200 BC. For example, the famine in North Korea during 1994-1998 claimed an unknown number of lives. The North Korean government maintains that “only” 225,000 to 235,000 died during the famine, while others believe the number is closer to 2.5 million to 3.5 million. Food rations and famines have occurred in recent history, and it is not far-fetched thinking it could happen again. Our models indicate that in certain parts of the world, the cycle beginning in 2022 will extend into 2028/2029”
    According to Clif High, China wants both Canada and the US to grow their food production, and its’ people have to go.


    1. Climate changes are still to come yet. Watch those hit home. It’s all coming home. How can you cope with a c35% wealth cut? Real world.
      Jabs to go? Around?


  14. Hi Tony we all went to see Dune last night and it was fantastic. Like you we had a chuckle at Javier Bardem as stilgar. The fremin were supposed to be of a kind of desert Bedouin tribe and it was odd to hear a man who was obvioulsly spanish leading them. should have cast a more arabic sounding voice for that role.

    Who would you like to see play the emperor in part 2? Music was awesome! glad they finally redid the movie with the modern technology to give its presentation the depth and fullness it needed. Oh yes Jonathan Banks would have been great as the baron but as you said Stellan was very good as well.

    Family doing great here and we hope big J will have good news for us by years end. your pal C


    1. Glad you liked it. Yes, a great effort and very moving at times. The modern-day presentation was well past due, and a pretty good tribute to the genius of both the author and the entire cast and crew.

      As for who I would like to see play Emperor Shaddam IV…that’s a good question. Right off hand I would say Mads Mikkelsen would be good. I would like to think Anthony Hopkins would probably be brilliant in that role, but his Hannibal Lecter mystique might bleed over into the role a bit much. Brian Cox would be interesting. Ciarán Hinds would be good perhaps. Charles Dance would probably be very good. There are so many good ones that could play that role.

      We will see who gets it!

      As for big J…he’s on it like a hot PA. Stay tuned!


  15. The real purpose for the vax is to erase the name of God from your genetic code – your book of life.
    The human genome project revealed that the name of God was written repeatedly into human DNA, and when the “junk DNA” was gone through it was revealed that it contained the hebraic scriptures, all the way up to the New Testament. This was prevalently exposed in the 1990’s but I have not seen anything about it since. The real job of the vaccine is to hijack the DNA and remove the name of God from it so satan can claim it as his own. Watch the video, I have more than a gut feeling this is true, I know THIS IS THE ANSWER. This is exactly why people change after the vax, and why full monks get detached from God after the shot. Here is the reason it is happening:
    THE ORIGINAL LOCATION FOR THIS VIDEO IS ON HER SITE. When you hit her site, she is not trying to sell oils, that’s just how it looks, nothing is sold there at all. I am serving the video from a spare server to reduce her expenses getting it out there. If for some reason it does not show up, Click here to view and download
    [video src="" /]
    interesting 15 minutes


    1. Once we get the price consensus and move funds to London. this site will be ground zero for opportunity
      There is ” Hope”. We can’t say more yet

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    1. Re the video. Spot on in my opinion.

      Re the second link. Good. They can rot for all I care. So much for them caring about emissions.


  16. Let’s go, Elders! Imagine buying all the remaining supply of BTC, ETH? Where do you think those keys will be held? In which city? Suddenly, the center of the decentralized universe may shift and the OTC market everyone wants to deal with is beyond secure, safeguarded and rodent free. (Fingers crossed).

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  17. Like

  18. 🐂 🚀🌛

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  19. Tino

    In case you missed it, I did thank you in the previous section, for your valued counsel re vaccine side effects.
    It’s being pursued .


      1. Tino
        Respectfully, if I may, consider that now he is perhaps contemplating the journey, purpose, achievements and value of all of it. We know what he leaves behind, but what can help him progress to higher Realms knowing his creation, You, became a Healer to help many. What greater gift than life, not just giving, but saving many more. Soul values. Ethereal meaning. To know the difference. From him thousands will be enriched, So will you. The value of a Soul is not Material but Ethereal.
        Your own Book of Life to follow. Consciousness of Being is all. Being a caring Human ( e) Being. To know the values he inducted in you will make a difference to those in need, not pursuit of greed. Good lives and goodness of Being – More. That needs to be his Mantra. That his has been a Good Life is comfort to him.
        Our respect for you Tino. You are not alone. When your own time comes, the revelation of true realty will,be amazing. His Richness is you. Pride. It becomes us all. Our collective respect for you Tino, and compassion. Understanding from Soul Mates, for being- You. .

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  20. A top Indian Doctor, long time good associate of mine, stated that Fauci should be castrated without anaesthetic.
    I asked, You mean Like Marriage?


    1. fauci and gates should be placed in cages like the beagle pups and shot up with ALL vaccines ever made at the same time and left there for the world to watch.

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  21. Why are Soros, Fauci, Clinton, Pelosi, Chicago Con Man Usurper, Soetoro and all like type creeps and crooks not arraigned? Is Soros not a War Criminal? Who is paid off? How many crimes have the Clintons committed? Is Con Man Soetoro not a Usurper? How is Fauci still free? Why FFS? Why?
    Mitt Romney, Con Man and Tax Evader still walks. Why?
    Clinton is appalling. Why is she free? Both of them? Dirty Bill too. Grubby people. Low. Nasty.
    Is there a Teflon club in America?

    Why has paid off Skank and Con Man Trump been allowed , for a PA Y OFF!!!!,to pardon so many seriously bad convicted Jewish Criminals? No standards and NO shame. SKANK. As ever, he disgusts me, for all the low flying Creep. Dung Heap Creep he stands for. Trash is Trash. Not Fit for Office. America can and MUST, do better than that Orange Fake, Low IQ Heel Spurs Coward Trash. Lying Con Man and Coward! Raise the F Bar. Sam Elliot, What Kind of Stupid Are They Sam?

    What damage has Narcissist Dweeb Kushner done to America ? The Kushner Crime Family and Mossad Skanks.

    I Care and Yes, I trash our unworthy Brits too. .Oh Do I ???? Have you not read?
    I despise most Politicos. Greasy Pole Skunks. Fight back against this CRAP! Say No to a Political Ho!
    Do you NOT see what is coming? Do you read? Do you- Think?
    It’s OVER! Wake TF Up! The game is Up!
    Billy No Mates is reaching Skid Row. Get those Blinkers off. America is ailing and Failing.
    Remember Nero? Family links?
    Please smell the stench? The world can. On YOUR watch.

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  22. Fauci Funded ‘Cruel’ Puppy Experiments Where Sand Flies ‘Eat Them Alive’; Vocal Cords Severed | ZeroHedge

    And we are asked blindly to believe in what this person tells us to do? Sorry, such a person does not deserve the time of day. Why is Fauci not under serious Covid investigation?

    Walk out Poland as we did.
    Hi. I found an article that you might like: “Ethereum: the transformation that could see it overtake bitcoin” —

    Take note guys

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      1. Hi SF. Thanks for the education. Both of these videos are shocking and perverted. Such backwards beliefs and disgusting behavior.


        1. The amazing thing is there are people who follow this cult, and more often than not these people are placed in positions of power. No wonder why the world is so messed up. When they lose control of the money system, they need to be kept away, so they cannot force their will on us. I do not think we could peacefully coexist with this group of people. This is why they were given Israel post WWII, but Palestinians became hostages in their own land as a result. I do not know what the situation is, but the public needs awareness world wide. They should never have power over our lives. If they cannot respect us, stay away from us forever.


          1. I meant to say I do not know what the solution is, but they need to be kept away from the “gentiles” so not to cause any more harms especially young children who are too young to defend themselves. Their belief system is very sick.


              1. I am well aware this subject is a taboo, and I realize some readers of this site are thinking “gee, I wish she stops talking about it.” This is why they were able to keep the Talmud teachings a secret. If they clean up their behaviors, we don’t need to talk about it. Until that happens, we need to expose the truth.


                1. The USA is and has been a freak show because the Talmud followers are behind the Military Industrial Complex. What a global nightmare this has been.


  23. These treasury rats will find amazing new angles to get at your money. Little money-grubbing weasels. Yea, sure. They will only go after the wealthy. Right.


  24. Nerve Disorder Guillain Barre Syndrome Officially Added As Side Effect For AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine – GreatGameIndia

    Yet another bad side effect of the Covid vaccines coming at us.
    How many are still incubating?
    Russia and China hold first joint naval patrols in Pacific Ocean

    We are seeing playing out live Naval exercises for battles to come for the control of the pacific.
    China and Russia want the US out.
    Britain is the Wild Card card which rattles them. Britain combining with India will shake China and the Pakkies.
    Al last. How about the Mexican Crime Lords next?

    Colombia´s most wanted drug trafficker arrested after decade on run



    “At last, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has begun speaking independently as he departs from the Biden agenda. Former President Trump and Powell notoriously clashed over interest rates, and we heard time and time again that the central bank was independent of government rule. Once Biden entered the White House, Powell seemed to be more on-board with pushing forth his agenda and a shoo-in for reelection. Recently, Powell came under fire for share trading he made last October as central bankers have become the new scapegoat, and now, his tone has changed.
    While speaking at a virtual conference with the Bank for International Settlements on Friday, Powell surprised many by taking a hawkish tone. The dual mandate of maintaining both maximum employment and low inflation has become nearly impossible. Powell cited the main culprit – maintaining maximum employment under the Biden Administration.
    Short of directly condemning the administration, Powell said the obvious situation now is that the US is still five million jobs beneath pre-pandemic levels. During his final question regarding outstanding concerns, the chairman reluctantly stated, “Italy is one thing in this successful management of…the economic exit from the pandemic.” That’s right – the chairman of the Federal Reserve has acknowledged that maintaining pandemic prohibitions and forced mandates is stifling economic growth. He went on to state how the economy is “missing an essential piece of output because of the constraints and the non-full opening of the service sector,” and he believes we need to give them time to come back. The service sector has experienced notably higher unemployment than other sectors. In some states, people cannot step foot in a restaurant unless they provide proof of vaccination. That is deterring a portion of the population from even spending money on that sector, not to mention employers are unable to fill positions after prolonged government handouts and forced vaccine mandates.
    Powell lost his “transitory” tone on inflation, conceding he understands how “painful” inflation has been for everyone who is affected every time they make a purchase. Yet, it is not possible to maintain inflation without maximum employment. Yellen, who is fully on-board with the Biden agenda, recently said she is confident the US labor force will recover near-term. Powell admitted that conditions will be “extremely punching, certainly in the short-term,” and we may see a labor recovery in a year or so, but it largely depends on government and not Fed policy.”

    Sounds like the good vs evil are being played out. The bug-eyed-Yellen does not seem to mind taking on the Biden Karma.


  26. Swastika graffiti and Neo Nazi Marches are visible spreading across Germany again as the waves of Illegals, and anti Juden messages bring forwards a new layer of evil Fascism. France will follow,it’s also a powder keg.
    Innocent, decent Jewish families, comprising of Doctors, Teachers, Scientists and more are major and valued contributors. Good people! While the likes of evil Soros, the Society manipulators like the Mego Zionists spawn Bankers, the Society manipulating Population Shrinkers like the Rockefellers, Mossad and the Global scourge of the Khazarians go free. The Jewish Mafia in the US Treasury, Fed, and the Banks, will bring forwards its own demise. Already it is visible. As the tentacles of BLM and the Communist, Marxist rot set in via Soetoro Obama, the limp Brain in the WH is now run by Marxist Puppeteers, What can go wrong?
    Western Global Leaders are visibly, woefully inept and all wanting.
    If a vacuum emerges, as is visible, this is how the likes of Hitler came forward.
    Economic chaos will usher in what, because always Fascists create Scapegoat?. The risk of real conflict in the Far East and Asia is emerging. What happens when the War Games are satisfied and the Boys with Toys push the boundaries? We are lumbering,Shrek like, towards WW111.
    Pre WW11 Deniers were the curse, blind and laconic. Comfort Zone Butt Padded until the Bombs and V1 rockets came. They let it happen. The same today. Russia and China have surged forward achieving advanced Military and Submarine advantages. Also HAARP. Thinking Leaders, With a mission!
    If the emerging German Fascists again kill the poor harmless Jew, will it next be you? Feed Fascisms hunger and where does it turn next?
    Did we learn nothing from the horrors of WW11? WW111 will torch the planet and unstoppable Nuclear missiles will light the skies. They said it wouldn’t F happen with Adolf when the signs were clear! Peace in Our Time”
    The Gaming Board is in play. The pawns are YOU! No time to be your playing Checkers against Chess Masters is it?
    What just happened in Afghanistan,?
    All those lives lost and the US Economy trashed, for what?

    Have you see what is minding the Store today? An Imbecile! Guided by Marxists and a Hooker!

    Rome here we come. The Barbarians have now taken over the Beltway.
    But don’t worry, Bolter Markel is WOKE!
    Led by Joe and That?

    What is becoming of America? It’s sad to watch. Liberty hangs her head in shame today.
    Great Founders, where has it all gone so wrong?
    The Mexican Locusts are coming. What Borders?
    De Lous the White House and Senate. America has been built on Fake Credit. It’s getting pulled!
    When your Gas and Food prices go up by 30%, taxes will follow, so who will feed the masses then when it tanks? Pearl Harbour,all asleep on watch, Bang!
    Now led by a demented Orangutan. The nation sleeps on auto pilot. Remember Titanic?
    Let the Sheeple sleep, Baaahhh,.
    The Woke have it, and you!



    “Dr. Pierre Kory is a world renowned critical care and pulmonary expert in treating Covid-19.  He says nothing is being done to save people from dying long before they get bad enough to go to the hospital for treatment.  Dr. Kory, who is a co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance, explains, “The suppression of early treatment in this country is one of the most historically calamitous actions, and history will not be kind here . . . .Right now, the NIH (National Institutes of Health), besides monoclonal antibody treatment, they advise nothing in early treatment and nothing in prevention.  They say don’t use anything to prevent this, not even vitamin D that we know is protective, and not even drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or any of the other drugs that have shown the ability to lessen transmission.  They say stay home and wait for you to turn blue, and then come to the hospital.  This is absurd, and the people who are dying for lack of early treatment, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, 75% to 80% of people going to the hospital do not need to go if they have been given early treatment.”
    If you do go to the hospital for treatment, don’t expect to get aggressive treatment, according to Dr. Kory.  He contends, “You do need good and aggressive treatment around this disease. . . . I find there is an epidemic of under-treatment in the hospital.  I am an intensive care specialist, and the doctors I talk to are on this anemic NIH protocol, which is Remdesivir, which is ‘death is near.’  That’s a ridiculous drug.  It has shown no efficacy in numerous trials, except for the pharmaceutical sponsored ones.  It’s used late in the disease as an anti-viral, and that makes no sense. . . . The hospital protocols are just not aggressive enough.  So, for me, the key is avoiding hospitalization.  Treat early and treat aggressive.  You don’t want to fall behind this disease.  If you do go to the hospital, almost all hospitals in the land . . . are using this anemic protocol, which I say helps the few, but fails the many.”
    The good news is there are treatments including, but not limited to, Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamin D, zinc and many others, that if used early and aggressively will most likely cure patients of CV-19 the vast majority of time.  Dr. Kory says, “It does not matter if you are vaxed or unvaxed.”
    In closing, Dr. Kory says, “The most positive message is early treatment works.  Don’t worry about the hospital.  Start yourself on an early treatment regimen and a good prevention regimen, and then we don’t have to discuss the hospital.”
    Dr. Kory tells people to go to the FLCCC Alliance website and get any and all information for treating Covid-19 for free.
    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top Pulmonary and Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance.  (There is much more in the nearly 44 min. interview)”


  28. People are debunking these numbers… you be the judge… I am 100% sure if vaxx injuries were actually reported and tracked this vaxx would have been stopped long ago… and how many Coivd deaths area really just Covid?…


  29. Tino
    Thank you, I’m grateful for the time input and considered recommendations for the treatment of an affected Covid vaccine victim. The issue now is to get a GP on board to work on a prescribing and treatment plan. First even getting a willing live meeting takes time. GPs no longer see Patients and the Hospitals are backlogged by more than 4 years, Preventive Checks have all but disappeared. GPs here on $350K plus salaries, ( Some practices earning millions!) now retire at 60 and come back one day a week as a Locum earning as much as pre retired for 5 days. It’s a scam and all they now want to talk about are Wealth Planning tactics for Cryptos or Buy to Let.
    Our Great NHS is in Freefall. Shambolic and Shameful. We need Disaster Planning.
    Australia and America have poached our Doctors and Nurses. We are now serviced by Asians and Africans.
    What can go wrong?????
    Our nation is now Sick!


      1. Or maybe, if my plans change in the coming weeks. Sometimes,when one wishes to help certain folk that cannot navigate the whole wallet thingamejig lol, one may need to cash in on their behalf. Then my bloody job is over. Well, one part of it anyway. Still one heck of a lot to take care of beside that portion.


      1. Very good information. Thank you.

        Well, that’s a good question. If you ask me, this sector has been in a bull market ever since 2010, and has never been anything else but a bull market. The price volatility we have seen in the past, with 90% retracements and lower price consolidation periods were often called “bear markets”. Looking back, were they?

        To me, they were simply buyer markets created by the panic selling of immature hands, which gave the appearance of bear market cycles.

        I personally am not going to fear any volatility from this time forward. All downward volatility, to me, is going to continue to be treated as buying at a discount.

        We have a long way to go until we reach the saturation of capital that is possible to attain. Until then, I will not consider a bear market possible. Corrections, yes. Volatility, yes. But an overall bear market? Not for a long time.

        That’s how I see it.

        We still have potentially unbelievable amounts of Elder capital to find its way in as well. Traditional market players don’t know what sits in those bunkers as future potential. If they can legitimize those caches and they find their way in via London entry points…? How high is high?

        I personally get a bit staggered when I consider what is ahead as possible incoming capital into this sector. It makes knowing just when to call a bear market very hard, because I don’t see any signs that we are even at the real mature beginnings of a considerable bull market yet.

        For now, it’s foreplay. Considerable foreplay, but still foreplay.

        That’s how I see it.

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  30. Here they come…all wanting a piece of Joe’s three trillion dollar pork feast. Get your checkbooks out.

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      1. The illegals are jab exempt. It is pretty clear to me that they want to replace the white population with the illegals. Will the plan succeed? Not according to Clif High and Martin Armstrong, but we are going to experience the needless pain.


  31. “THE 5 STAGES OF A RELATIONSHIP WITH A NARCISSIST (Whats going on with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”

    This is going to be Psychology 101. Most of us are not narcissists, so the understanding of what narcissists do is an afterthought.

    In one of the videos, the creep said “I bet you do not know what ‘gaslighting is (because we are stupid)’.” Who thinks about “gaslighting”? Narcissists and those who fell victims of manipulations by narcissists.

    By the time we realize what had happened, it is too late. There were many clues.



    Cleantech cryptocurrency miner MintGreen partnered with Lonsdale Energy Corp. to supply heat to buildings in North Vancouver, according to a press release. MintGreen’s digital boilers use immersion technology that captures 96% of the heat generated from mining rigs and is fed to water utilities as energy, then distributed to 100 buildings in the downtown district.


  33. Bluetooth and the vax – Jim Stone
    The story is that many people are noticing that the vaxxed are showing up on bluetooth. I spent some time looking into this recently and it looks like people might be onto something.
    There are now numerous posts, well done posts, to social media where people have tested to see if the vaxxed really are showing up on bluetooth, and it seems to be the case. When they do, they show up as an “unidentified device” with a string of numbers for the device name. Some are showing up with several connections. I figured this had to be bogus so I tested it myself, out of range of the only person in the area that I know is vaxxed with Pfizer. All devices within range identified themselves. And it would make sense for them to identify themselves, because when people connect they have to know what they are looking for, RIGHT?
    Mexico is not heavily vaxxed with MRNA vaxxes. Most of the people in Mexico who are vaxxed got CanSino or Sputnik. And when I scanned for connections, all of them identified themselves, there were no unknown devices. Jim Stone’s blog IP (the vaxxed becomes the Internet of things according to Montagraph, and I agree.)
    MEASURING WOO – Clif High

    CCP bioweapon effort – biorhythms – Evergrande – release language – Celtic Cross

    In the above video, Clif High discusses the death of Robert David Steele among other things, the ex-CIA. Unlike Jim Willie, aka the creep, he thinks that the death was real, given he was not exactly physically fit, and the cross country bus tour he was taking may have been too much stress for him with asthma as the preexisting condition.

    I am beginning to think the creep is a controlled opposition like Benjamin Fulford is who are in business to create conspiracies (fiction writers). Benjamin Fulford used to say he was getting so many death threats, but he is alive and well and is traveling by air internationally without being killed when so many truthers have been taken out. May be Justin Castro Trudeau is providing the secret service equivalent to protect his life (just kidding). So all the creep’s alleged “demonic attacks” was just a made up story that went on since 2017 to solicit donations since his subscription was low and needed to garner more idiots (myself included) to support his life style in Costa Rica in my opinion where the local people hate the gringos due to their economic demise caused by the advent of Panama Canal that moved the trade ship traffic away. For some reason he seems to have forgotten that he IS a gringo that the Costa Ricans hate.


  34. BRAVO! GOP Reps Jordan, Johnson, Steube, Biggs, Gohmert, Spartz, Massie, Gaetz, Chabot, McClintock and Ken Buck DESTROY AG Garland at House Hearing (VIDEO)
    The Reaper is coming for Gates be Assured.
    If you really think he cares about your well being or that of humanity, think again.
    As the Fauci scandal gains traction so will new information about him.
    Ivermectin for Colorectal Antitumor Properties

    More benefits for you.
    Will Huawei Survive? A Comprehensive Analysis from IDTechEx
    Not just that, but the applied DNA technology ro target selective DNA Bloodlines to remove certain species as Covid did more generally. Will China hold back on Muslims or Zionists? What a weapon. We are all under notice and threat.

    ‘China’s technology dominance could give it decisive military edge’
    White House backtracks after Joe Biden’s pledge to defend Taiwan

    Biden mouths off saying he will defend Taiwan.
    Now the Military are saying No we wont!
    Idiot man. False hope.
    China warns against 'wrong signals' as Biden suggests US would defend Taiwan

    China is clear with America. Do NOT interfere or else. WW111 will follow. It really is time for the US to get the hell out of the Far East. Hegemony is OVER! Quit! As with Afghanistan Run Away! Or 350M Americans die? Hello?
    Where has HMS Queen Elizabeth’s strike group been?

    What now?


  35. Let’s go Brandon! giddie up!! 🤣

    Oh the irony…

    One key rule of gun safety is always un-load and then re-load a gun handed to you before you fire it. Know what you are firing with in that gun, and especially if you are going to point it at someone on a movie set. But then again, if you are a libshit, you would not know that, and now have to live with what you did.

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    Fueled by trillions of dollars of new government spending and trillions more printed by the Federal Reserve and injected into the financial system under the guise of “building back better,” BlackRock and other investment firms have amassed unprecedented amounts of wealth in recent years, which they now regularly use as a tool to push for societal changes.


  37. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was designed for medical providers to report any complications with the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, which would seem to be a valuable tool considering the effects are widely unknown. However, there is no mandate for medical care providers to report side effects to the system.

    Whistleblower and Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad, who has practiced medicine for 17 years, came out and said that medical workers are being dissuaded from reporting vaccination side effects. While working at United Medical Center in New York, Conrad reported 50 adverse events, including four deaths, within a four-week period. Her hospital’s chief quality officer reprimanded her for reporting to VAERS as “this level of reporting [has not been found] anywhere else and [they] didn’t hear of similar reports.” Conrad questioned the system. She questioned why an emergency use vaccination was launched to the public without safety gauges and without any notice to medical providers on what side effects they may see or need to treat.

    Less than 50% of the community that United Medical Center services have the vaccine, but around 90% of sick patients were vaccinated, according to Conrad. Worse, their ailments went beyond a new strain or reinfection of COVID-19. The PA saw patients experience:

    A new stroke
    Autoimmune Hepatitis
    Sudden Bilateral Pneumonia or “COVID19 infection”,
    Syncope with head injury
    New arrhythmias
    New seizure disorders,
    New chorea movement disorder, and more.
    At least five of her patients developed unprovoked deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms within six weeks of receiving the job. She treated four patients who experienced sudden bilateral pneumonia within just one week of receiving the vaccine. The system would not permit her to report patients who developed COVID despite the vaccine.

    The VAERS website states:

    Healthcare providers are required to report to VAERS the following adverse events after COVID-19
    vaccination [under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)], and other adverse events if later revised by
    Vaccine administration errors, whether or not associated with an adverse event (AE)
    Serious AEs regardless of causality. Serious AEs per FDA are defined as:
    A life-threatening AE;
    Inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization;
    A persistent or significant incapacity or substantial disruption of the ability to conduct normal
    life functions;
    A congenital anomaly/birth defect;
    An important medical event that based on appropriate medical judgement may jeopardize the
    individual and may require medical or surgical intervention to prevent one of the outcomes
    listed above.
    Cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
    Cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalization or death
    Healthcare providers are encouraged to report to VAERS any additional clinically significant AEs following vaccination, even if they are not sure if vaccination caused the event.

    There is certainly a grey area between “required” and “encouraged” reporting, as medical providers can use their discretion to claim what caused the patient to experience an illness. For example, if someone is born with a birth defect, it would be difficult for providers to trace that back to the vaccination. The website “encourages” medical providers to report any adverse event, even if they are not sure if it is tied to the vaccine, but some hospitals are actively encouraging their workers not to do so. VAERS should track any ailments within the vaccinated population to see what illnesses they’re more susceptible to contracting. The only reason not to collect such data would be to downplay the dangers of the vaccine. How can individuals and health care providers make an informed decision when the risk is unknown? This raises questions on Fauci’s “safe and effective” vaccine claims.

    Liked by 3 people


    “Your right to earn a living should not be contingent upon COVID shots” said DeSantis in front of a crowd at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Hanger. “When the vaccines first came out, we worked very hard to provide it, particularly to our elderly, but we said from day one: we will make it available for all, but we will mandate it on none because ultimately we want individuals to make the determinations about what is right for them. I want a state in which people are able to maintain their livelihoods, earn a living, and provide for their families. And if the federal government or big corporations are hurting people, then we have a responsibility to step up and lead.”

    Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis proudly announced: “Florida ports are open for business!” The Jacksonville Port Authority (“Jaxport”) is on board and has received a record number of containers at 1.4 million this fiscal year alone. Jaxport CEO Eric Green said that Florida is not experiencing the same congestion back up issues as California and New York ports. Additionally, Green said Jaxport has the space for additional freights and is welcoming ships to reroute to the Sunshine State.
    While the Biden Administration begged the two largest ports in California to begin 24/7 operations, Jaxport has been running 24/7 for some time. “Not only is Florida open for more business, Florida has the critical infrastructure, essential manpower and additional capacity for more business,” AGX Freight Chief Operation Officer Ike Sherlock commented. Although some may point to logistical concerns and fuel costs, ships that are idling for nearly two weeks are losing money on both in addition to labor costs.
    This could be a viable option to repair supply chain constraints. The only reason for the Biden Administration to avoid focusing on Florida’s ports capacity would be political.

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  39. Shackle the vile low lifes, daub them with blood Stake them out on a tag chain in the middle of the Kruger and collect what’s left the next day.

    I have night light spotter tracked the wild animals from open topped Safari Land Rovers at night driving through the open bush in the Kruger at speed, and in the Okavango. I know what’s prowling.,

    Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Hyaenas, Wild dogs, Baboons, good luck with that. Payback! See how they feel? Elephants are wonderful. Some US guys are even married to Hippos. Some with bigger arses. Lol

    They live they go free. Stake them out with Alimony Lawyers. Predators feed. Run a book on it. Video that!

    Chinese scientists build anti-satellite weapon that can cause explosion inside exhaust | South China Morning Post

    They are cunning. The US Pentagon, Outsmarted AGAIN!!!!
    Why have Trillions been wasted by these Clowns? Dummies!
    Muzzies thats 9 Welfare Claims to live off now !!!!!!!!!!!!! Earners!

    Pictured all together for the first time, the world record nonuplets
    Kate Middleton is Royal Family’s ‘last hope’ against Harry and Meghan’s star quality – Mirror Online

    Please do not see these 2 LA Skanks are Royalty they are not!
    Support William NOT Bolting Manipulator Markel. The Half Wit Harry Dumbkoff is Clueless and lost .
    LIES, LIES, LIES and more LIES! I am cross dealing with tens of thousands. No Way have we hit this level and no way would I not know.. Total BS we would flat line! LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Almost one in 50 people have Covid in England, official figures reveal

    He’s too DUMB to read a Teleprompter, how could he plan a war? America needs no more wars. But OUT! The next one will be your last!

    Stop these Hegemony Clowns. End US WARS.
    Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, Mogadishu, Korea, Iraq, Hello??????????????????
    Are you slow F Learners or just plain stupid?

    Scream NO!

    Absolutely RIGHT Common Bloody sense.
    If YOU want them, YOU Keep them, don’t saddle us with them.
    A Common sense fence.


  40. These treasury gefilte fish are worthless.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Meat tax on the table in move to encourage sustainable eating

    Taxing Americans on eat????????????????
    Gas taxes on fuel in the UK are now sky high and its costing c9 dollars a Gallon to drive and coming YOUR Way next.
    With all the Left Wing Socialist Rights coming down on America as the Commies have taken over, Taxes are their clear way out.
    They will spend you dry. Under Biden and the Democrats God help you, but Gods left town.
    Sorry Guys, but for Dong Holders hold onto your meat.
    UK petrol prices near record; inflation dips; bitcoin hits new high – as it happened

    Going up?
    US surgeons test pig kidney transplant in a human

    Oh to transplant 500 Zios and only tell them whats inside them a year later.
    Vikings reached America 500 years before Christopher Columbus, study claims

    Scheme to make property energy efficient may trap millions in unsellable homes, MPs warn

    This will escalate and come your way.
    Four farmers’ plans to cope with soaring fertilizer costs

    This will all rattle up food prices.
    Petty millionaire withdraws £500k and orders bank staff to count it by hand after row – Daily Star

    The Chan Man isn’t having it.
    Republican tells Royal Family to STRIP Meghan Markle of royal title for interfering in US politics | Daily Mail Online

    Absolutely right she and the Feckless half wit are using the Monarchy to enrich themselves and now she’s meddling. Bring Markle to earth. She’s dangerous. The new Clinton???????????
    Rocket failure delays US hypersonic test after China fired 2nd missile

    Now the US can’t evn get a rocket off the ground. Ask China or Russia for help?
    GPs in England threaten industrial action over in-person appointments

    The sad good bye to our NHS. Shame! Tragedy.
    Angela Merkel blasts Macron and his allies over threats to Poland

    Yes to Germany turning on France. Invade???????????? Please!
    Prince William and Kate Middleton are ‘very focused on having a high profile in US’

    Yes please. William and Kate will be respectful to America. They are the quality pair not Mongrel Markel and the Ginger half wit free riding.

    Markel is the new Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be warned and be careful.
    I know the feeling and your not taxing my Meat. No Drive Blockers. Just more receivers.
    It’s made round to go around.

    Spanish king ‘injected with testosterone blockers to curb sex drive’
    Putin slams ‘monstrous’ West for allowing children to change gender

    I’m with Boris impale the manipulators Vlad we need to spike the crazies. They get the point when it’s a spike up where the sun don’t shine.

    Thank yourselves you have WHA watching out for you on so many fronts


  42. The education your tax dollars pay for.


    1. Now that was the most pathetic cringeworthy lesson those poor kids had to endure, of that I have no doubt. I feel inclined to want to shoot that imbecile of an excuse for a teacher. What is the USA coming to???
      Or is it that I am just getting older and have lost touch with the world. Still I want to weep at this outrageous behaviour dressed up as education.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Good god! What the hell was that? That bird seriously needs a solid dose of a heavy sedatives and then take her to the nearest nut house. Utterly disgraceful she herself and others refer to her as a teacher. The only type of teacher she is, is one that shows one how demented a human beings brain can become.


  43. Radio host Mark Levin, a Jew, called for a “…big fumigation…” to rid government of the worst within it.
    He must be really, really mad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You think it will stop there? The UK is already triple your fuel prices and double all else. .And Rising!
      Its coming your way. .
      Your Commies.


  44. So a few days ago I received an advanced promotional copy of Dune Part One.

    Overall I was very impressed with the movie. The story line is widely known already and I won’t spoil it for those of you who are not familiar with the prior 1984 epic or the many series which sprang up.

    There were, in my opinion, some casting shortcomings, which in part I believe the Hollywood liberal casting cliques caused in an effort to get their “diversity” quotas in to keep their jobs, rather than seeking the best portrayal of the dynamics of each character.

    As an example, the role of Dr Kynes was switched to a feminine roll. It was my understanding that Kynes was the FATHER of Chani, Paul’s love interest. The fact that the actress was black, was of little consequence to me personally, but that the actress who played Chani, Zendaya (whoever she is), is mulatto, I guess implies Kynes’ mate and father of Chani was not black. Well, so be it. We can’t expect Hollywood to not take advantage of their positions to insert their dose of subliminal political and social mores into their art now, can we. But it’s a serious departure from the role for no positive creative reason otherwise. Purely a political casting decision – art sacrificed for a cause other than art. Aside from this, Sharon Duncan-Brewster did a good job as Dr Kynes.

    Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen was fine, but his Swedish accent was an impediment when he spoke in low tones, which was almost always. He’s a fine actor, but I would have chosen Jonathan Banks for this role. Banks has a deeper, more menacing voice, and his enunciation and projection would have been perfect.

    Timothée Chalamet as Paul was at first very hard to digest. He’s extremely thin, almost emaciated, as if he just got back from Auschwitz. He should have bulked up a little more for the role. He also has a tendency to swallow his words and not project with a firmness in voice which I would expect from an heir to a galactic post as significant as his. His fight sequences were very well done, and he handled that part very well otherwise. He played the role
    of the burgeoning introspective inquisitor very well.

    Zendaya as Chani is a disaster. Terrible enunciation for someone who is a desert dweller. Spoke her lines with a bit of East Los Angeles ‘tude. I would have gone with Kristen Stewart. I guess we should be glad they didn’t make Chani a non-binary trans eunuch. That is most assuredly going to happen in the future. Just watch.

    Charlotte Rampling as Mohiam was perfect. She is the perfect example of how to deliver diction and enunciation at all vocal levels. Rampling was a personal favorite of mine when growing up. I can recall many hours of auto-erotic adventure at her images in my youth. Her experience suited her well for this part. She totally convinced me that she was the reverend mother.

    Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica was fine, but again, when softly speaking, I could not make out the dialog a times. Otherwise, she was a good fit.

    Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho was at first hard to take in. He reminded me too much of that guy from Game of Thrones. But, later on, his fighting skills and getting rid of that atrocious facial hair suited him better for someone who was holding a highly important role as protecting and training a royal heir, as well as leading, representing and training the forces of the Atreides House.

    The role of Thufir Hawat was hardly given the development so that people could understand what his lineage and function was for the House. Just some fat guy who could have been a butler or valet, and not a master of assassins. His ultimate fate was left out so far. Maybe in part 2 we will see what becomes of him.

    One of the most impactful scenes was that played by Golda Rosheuvel, as Shadout Mapes. During the screening for housekeeper, she experiences the realization of prophecy unfolding before her. This actress did a remarkable job for such a small roll. Truly an outstanding effort and very moving.

    Javier Bardem as Stilgar was terrible. His thick Spanish accent clashed horribly with the clan dynamic; as if they were all led by Poncho Villa. Of course, with the off-worlders invading Arrakis, his presenting himself to the new white man overlord with the fact that they were there before he was, with a Spanish accent, was probably another social justice warrior Hollywood casting shot. We get it, libtards.

    The music was masterful, setting the tone for the excellent cinematography. Of course, we expected excellence from Hans Zimmer, and he delivered. Naturally, the modern-day computer graphics allowed the story to be presented without the atrocious results from the 1984 version. And, they did a good job not making the movements of the various crafts appear unrealistically defying physics.

    There will be sequels. Of course! The spice must flow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear your opinion on this Tony. Thanks for taking the time to share all that you have.

      I did catch up on the older two movies you recommended some time ago and in a way, found them interesting. I will check out the new one when possible.


      1. YW. The crisp modern cinematography and Hans Zimmer’s moving score allowed the story to be visually presented in a quality way which was pleasing to the eye. As I mentioned, a few casting changes as well as more dedication to the author’s original character profiles, and not SJW casting imperatives, would have made it even better in my opinion. But, taken as a whole, a very good job all around.


        1. Great to know and thank you again Tony.

          I still remember that other movie you recommended, Tinker Taylor, Soldier Spy???. Not sure of the exact title lol, you know me, crap memory lol. I loved that one so much I have watched it 3 times since. That was one of the most totally awesome movies I have ever watched.


  45. Happy anniversary Tony. Know that you have changed a lot of lives. Kudos to John, Tino and the others who’s heartfelt concern is always felt. Though sometimes it does feels overwhelming. Take care everyone. There is light yet at the end of the tunnel.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The Best Is Yet To Come was what I heard all the time from a very kind thoracic surgeon, and I believed it. I believe we are all here for a reason, and the reason was not to slave our precious lives to support the Babylonian debt based fake monetary system.


  46. This Bolshevik AG c—sucker needs to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We already have laws about violence… why did the AG need to put out what he did about parents being ” domestic terrorists”… it was absolutely a threat to anyone apposing CRT!… would he label BLM domestic terrorists?… Antifa?

      Liked by 1 person

  47. China Tested A Fractional Orbital Bombardment System That Uses A Hypersonic Glide Vehicle: Report

    All the vast trillions wasted by the US and its Agencies, China and Russia are now way ahead.

    Without a S500 defense system in place there is no defense. It is why Russia who leads the world in hypersonic missile technology developed a defense for their own capability.
    However, this is not as simple as people think as there are Space weapons already in position that render such a attempted strike as suicide. Of course to admit their existence is to take away strategic advantage.

    The US has a real Mother of Shocks and a Cold Bath. China is ahead!

    China ‘tested a SECOND hypersonic orbital nuke;
    See this a bombshell the MSM is covering up now why the hell is this not public?
    Huge issues here for all of you mentally tracking this. Tino and others especially whose valued contributions lead.

    Watch “IT’S BAD! China’s Housing Bubble & Economy Just Crashed Hard!” on You

    This is going to have Glo0bal impacts.
    Taliban ‘BEHEAD women’s youth volleyball player’, report claims

    Horrific disgusting and the price of allowing this Muslim CULT into the West.

    Taliban ‘BEHEAD women’s youth volleyball player’, report claims
    Watch “Tucker: UFOs need to be taken seriously” on YouTube

    Tucker and Tino are tracking U Hoos.

    Exploring Real History: Part 2 : Global Crime Syndicate…

    Names you may not know UGLY!
    3000 Chicago Police Officers Defy Illegal Vaccine Mandate – GreatGameIndia

    Turf Wars now in Chicago. Robberies will soar.

    If they do not back down, and are terminated, do not travel to Chicago, Afghanistan will be safer.
    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Worked at Heavily Classified Defense Contractor ‘E-Systems’ Then Focused on Elections Before the 2020 Election

    What a convoluted puke bowl Biden’s administration is. .

    More and more it seems the current crop of administrative folks are more than conflicted.
    This is a brief video showing you Chinese Party minds at work. Such curve balls. Know your enemy!

    Subject: Think they do not think this way

    America has no idea how Chinese minds work, or the depth of the Covid plot.

    [video src="" /]
    Go the Brits. The US Senate and Wall Street Banks next?

    UK troops kill ‘ISIS’ gunmen in Mali, first slain in combat since 2014
    What a nasty piece of Zionist / Israeli Spy work.

    Epstein victim claims Zorro Ranch had computer rooms to spy on guests
    So why all the panic?
    Subject: The covid virus has NEVER been isolated and shown to cause disease… the entire pandemic is based on a fake science myth –

    What a boondoggle for big Pharma.


  48. The new Political thinking is an Eco Tax on meat. Methane from cattle is sky high so they think if you can’t take meat substitute you should pay for it in taxes to fill your gut with meat. They will methane tax your meat.
    It’s coming. Next you pay eco taxes to eat meat.
    You will pay by the mile to travel.
    Diesel cars are already banned from entering more UK towns, it’s growing.
    Higher petroleum car taxes are coming
    Day charges to even bring a car into cities are coming in. It now costs $20 dollars a day to bring a car into London and $60 a day to park it. Vaccine passports are escalating. Unless jabbed you will soon not be allowed anywhere. .No hospital access if not jabbed.
    No Stadiums, soon trains, Buses, Pubs or Clubs. No flights or hotels.
    They are closing you out. Food stores will be soon. No Masks, no Jab no access.
    Taxing you to hell. Who gave them this presumptive right?
    No Booster no Westminster access now. Catch 22. Vicious. Vaccines are killers. What more?
    Big tax increases are coming. Big! Everywhere. Scalping all. Burger Butts will pay. Mucho.
    Next it will be Todger sizes to keep it fed and rising. Line up, measure up.


    1. Soon you will pay an extra c$2,500 dollars car tax on top of all other taxes , or even more, just to even buy a petroleum vehicle.
      Electric cars take forever to charge, freeze in winter, leak power in winter, and if you break down anywhere, God help you. As for replacement Battery prices???????????????? Next they will tax you- To live?


        1. If only but the Sheeple are so laid back and timid. The Political Elites despise them. Sheep to the slaughter. Too many Lemmings. Washington did what? Heel Spurs ran away and hid. Gutless.


  49. The latest from Max Igan who left Australia. He currently resides in Mexico according to Clif High.
    Law No Longer Exists So Its Time We Create Our Own
    “The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” Johan Von Goetha
    CHRONO WOO – Clif High – Discussion of World War 4

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s right. Let’s stick with slow, inefficient, expensive and vulnerable.

      His marriage is probably like that as well.


  50. Holy mackerel.

    Well, that didn’t take long.


    And that’s a lot higher than it should be.


  51. So now Gates is cashing in on UK energy markets


    The heat pump con exposed

    And at what cost?
    Trump can’t hide behind executive privilege anymore. But he’s still trying.
    NHS chiefs call for return to WFH and compulsory facemasks

    These clueless half wits will walk us into hell. The Sheeple have become too stupefied to resist.
    Sajid Javid reveals No10 has bought thousands of Covid pills

    The hooks are in
    Retired pope Benedict says he hopes to join friend ‘in the afterlife’

    Kiddy Fiddler’s don’t get invites!
    Police Taser ‘old’ shoplifter twice and leave his face a bloodied mess

    Use a bloody 44 magnum
    Sort him! Waster! 2 dollars and gone! No more thieving and court costs. Boom!
    Michigan man, 48, dies after being pulled into a WOODCHIPPER

    Poor Guy can’t you thrown in Biden, Gates, Soros and the Clintons?


    1. Happy Anniversary to you too Tony. Bet you never thought you would still be here nine years later lol.

      Tony, may I sincerely thank you for your continued hard work and mega amount of personal time you place into managing WHA as well as taking such good care of all of us as magnificently as you do. You are one in a million. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. You are too kind!

        You have that right. I thought we would have a 2-3 year run at most.

        Well, I can say for sure that things are moving a bit more briskly now than they were then. Still, look at all that has happened in the meantime. A whole new digital asset class has inserted itself into the landscape and has made incredible inroads while we await the commencement of what has to be the world’s most delayed transfers.

        If we get to combine the power of both into one powerhouse, guided by non-usury oriented types, then a new world can start to be assembled.

        There is a very thick, deeply implanted psychosis that has to be overcome, but there are those who indeed stand above such defective existence; who see it from a fair distance above the collective din, and who are not going to buy into the “new world order” as a matter of policy among them.

        We only hope they can succeed. It’s been a long time in the making.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Factor in once we get a price consensus and the Elders paid as demanded first to their own Central Bank free and clear with no usual US Treachery, think what is possible in new project backed cryptos in energy, etc. That unleashed in Cryptos? With who in on the ground floor? Their usual first derisory offer was spat out and rightly so. Now its face off timing. Not being accustomed to being treated as Pariahs, it’s taking time. Free and Cleared Funds outside of the Zio Rats nest can do what? Worse no Zios feeding? Bloodsucking banned! And a Triple reinforced Glass Ceiling, Not one allowed in. Global Zio Free Transfers and Trade. Global benefit for all humanity and total rejection of their games to come. No fake laws to shelter behind. Our response will be a return picture of a naked behind with a positioned lipstick spot nominated to kiss. To trade, not afraid. Free of Hegemony. Free of the Blood Cult Vampire species. Skipping clear of their net they can do what?

          There you have the delay. They will step free???? Correct! Khazarian shielded. Roach free networks. A new world order. Roach free. CBDCs’ Cryptos, Blockchain transfers. Khazar ville can do what? A new beginning with Zios banned from the new promised land. Humanity Pariah free, So it takes time. Our agenda is clear. No Weevils in the food stores. No Agency Rat Trap Banks either.

          As the UK is now doing with the meddling EU telling them to shove their Human Rights act. Its stupid and unworkable. We are not swallowing any more Wogs. They apply through correct channels only. Education Zero F off!

          Liked by 5 people

        2. I hear you Tony with regard to all that you have expressed and thank you again for sharing your extremely wise opinion and incredibly well founded knowledge.

          Unfortunately, for me only, I have hit a wall. I never thought I would feel like this again but my personal circumstances and surroundings down here in the shit hole land down under are beginning to take a tad too much of a toll on me. I am finding it quite difficult to see the positive in anything these days. I do not want to sleep anymore because that is the time the world stops all the noise and I gain the opportunity to enjoy the silence but I don’t want to wake up each day anymore either because I know what will be facing me. I really don’t know what to do.

          All I ever wanted was a chance to live the life I wanted, which was alone, (because I have never found a suitable mate lol), with a few animals in a luscious green and quiet environment. Total peace.

          I hate to be the Debbie downer of the group but one thing is for sure, is that you Tony, have been one of the most gorgeous and totally impressive lights in this life experience for me. I know some here may think I suck up to you but they can get stuffed lol, I like to be honest when I discover a beautiful soul sharing this life experience with me. You would have to be one of the most impressive human beings I have ever had to opportunity to know. I never thought I would meet someone so grand in this life. I consider you my trusted friend. XX

          Anyway, I shall head off now before I depress everyone here at WHA. Don’t worry, I may spark up again tomorrow and start annoying everyone again lol. Just having a bad day is all.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hang in there, mate.

            I am very glad I have brought some encouragement to you. We have unfinished business, so look forward to that, and once it’s complete, we will have an amazing tale to reveal.

            One thing that I have learned, from several bouts of hitting rock bottom in life in my younger years, is that one should always keep moving forward, because there is calm water ahead. Always.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. You just made me cry with your kind and caring expression Tony, thank you so much for sharing your time and beautiful heart with me as you always do.

              I will try to be stronger as I know I can be. I do long for that calm water. I have to soldier on no matter what, so I had better spark up and shake off the old blues. Thank you Tony. XX

              Oh. and please stop worrying about “our business.” That is over as far as you and I are personally concerned in my opinion and was very simply the luck of the draw. No issues on my part. Done and dusted. Although I do appreciate you continuing to consider that matter. The part that does need to be dealt with is being dealt with by other forces, a good result there is all I care about. No worries mate lol.


    1. Whew!!! Man, am I glad they caught that secretary. She could have opened a new camp at any moment and we would be short millions of bankers. A serious crises averted all these years later. Tax money well spent.

      There must be others. We must find them. The new generations of sons of, and daughters of, and grandkids of, and great-grandchildren of…these holocaust survivors, need grist for their claims of monetary recompense.

      The goyim survivors??? Pfffttt!!!!!


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