Be Ready For Anything In 2022


This will be a very brief article, our last for 2021.

First, let us take but a moment to review a few things.

In past articles and discussions, we predicted that:

  • Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump in 2020. He did.
  • Cryptographic Blockchain technology would continue to expand and positively affect the value of key ideas which would attract institutional interest and their capital resources. This is happening now.
  • The “revaluation” of certain war-torn currencies, and the instant wealth many expected from such, would continue to fail to materialize. It has.
  • Bolshevism would take root and grow in influence in both public and private sectors within Western and Western European nations, at the covert urging of the very same ethnocentric ideologs who were responsible for the creation of Bolshevism in the early 20th Century. It has.
  • Secluded dynastic Asiatic wealth would be prepared for release for responsible, non-usury purposes, and to, in part, assist nations with key infrastructure rebuilding. This continues to progress.

We could expand on and outline each above point with pictures and articles. But to do so would not allow brevity. So, we will not do so here. We will leave such a task to be performed in the comments section as a group effort. This is your site to experience, and, in large part, your written contributions make it what it is.

We will, instead, simply issue the very same warning to all of you which we have often times repeated in the past: BE READY FOR ANYTHING.

Anything, you say? Yes. Anything.

Disruption of utilities, food, power, police protection, transportation. The sudden shock of natural disasters as well. Always be prepared to access emergency rations, water, fuel, arms, shelter and power.

Your personal means of survival should be the foundation of your existence.

Next year we will be looking for continued digital asset gains. We also anticipate the successful commencement of key Asiatic elders’ wealth transfers.

From there, if these two activities proceed along the lines we anticipate, the combination of both continued traditional institutional cash inflows, along with newly liberated Asiatic wealth participation (via key London Trust guidance), we could see valuations of an unimaginable magnitude follow as a result.

Because we enjoy a rare, direct connection with the key London principal who works with and guides the dynastic elders as they marshal their resources for release, we are in the best possible position to hear of, and potentially act on, any significant moves that may stem from the impact of their success.

Thank you for your continued readership and have a safe and prosperous New Year.

Strength And Honor



  1. Well, let’s hope so. $70T was moved over the last 30 years from Main St to Wall St and I suspect from there offshore. It’s amazing that the economy has been able to subsist on dregs for so long… the patient has been in final breaths for some time now…


    1. Way bigger Tino plus the Military Grey screens , it’s huge. Where do you think the boom in $500M mega Yachts has come from ? It’s been ripped off you all. The Tax Havens have it all.Tax EVADED! Parasites. It all feeds greed not the needs of humanity!

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  2. There is a lesson here for everyone: If you can feel your heart, and there’s no history of anxiety, get to an Emergency Room immediately. As a general rule, you can go up to a heart rate of 100 without feeling your heart. Feeling a racing heart at rest IS a problem. So if you DO feel your heart, there are usually only two types of situations (1) heart block, where the conduction system is malfunctioning or (2) the ventricular contraction is out of whack, both situations requiring immediate attention by professionals.

    Having said that, for F sake, why? What in Nether Hell possessed you to vaccinate an otherwise healthy child, who even with prior comorbidity, had a 99.99% survival chance?

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    1. Saw that Tino,, insanity caused by fear from MSM and our wonderful leaders!… now seeing ads about strokes in children, as if it is normal and we have overlooked it all this time… same with heart problems in children… they are getting out in front of what is to come, and happening… on my way out where I will no doubt meet up with a few people who still think this is all about safety and health, GOD help me not to snap!

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  3. The Chinese are not attacking and threatening the world.
    Russia is not attacking the world apart from F Stupid poisonings in London and Salisbury
    Only America and Israel threatens and attacks the world.
    Pariah nations of the worst kind. That passport anywhere in the Far East, Middle East or South America can get you killed.

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  4. Evil at its WORST! Trump like the shit he is sold out Mankind. They will not stop, Until?
    Time for the Brain dead Goyims to Wake TF UP! Sheeple!


  5. Our enemies are :
    1. The Khazarian Elites.
    2. Israel and the Zionist Parasites and Liars.
    3.Islamic forces.
    4. The Military Industrial Cabal and its Deep State Agencies.
    5.The Jesuit Vatican.
    6.Soros, Suckemoff and Gates!

    The rest is negotiable.

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    “The study and research outlined in this report does not provide strong justification for introducing this policy in schools,” said Sarah Lewis, professor of molecular epidemiology at the University of Bristol.

    And they should, because forcing children to wear masks all day inhibits their ability to learn, particularly if they struggle with hearing difficulties.

    Mask mandates can detract from the quality of education and exclude pupils with hearing difficulties from discussions, Lewis said.

    “Where there is insufficient evidence of a benefit of a policy and evidence of harms the default should be not to intervene,” she said.


    “According to some of the surveys I’ve seen 90 percent of people in ICU are people who are not boosted,” said Johnson. He also said that he “cannot stress enough how vital it is” to receive a booster jab.

    But they are vaccinated; just not boosted. So that’s the new standard for this week, as the omicron variant — which is far less lethal and potent — spreads. How will the powers that be define the vaccine standard next month? Next year?

    “First, it was the vaccine that would protect you, then the booster, and now it’s looking like a 4th vaccine will be added to the mix,” the media outlet reported. “All this confirms for the public is how little these people really know about the vaccine they are forcing on everyone.

    “Those in positions of power will continue to push for the newest vaccine, blaming people who get the virus for not having the latest jab, rather than stepping back and considering the fact that maybe the vaccines are really not all that effective against COVID after all,” 100% Fed Up continued.


  8. What does this say about the last 2 years?…

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul released data Friday breaking down COVID-19 hospitalizations by those who were admitted due to the virus and those who were admitted for other reasons but were found to have the illness.


    Colette Martin, R.N., has been a practicing nurse for 17 years in Louisiana. On December 6, 2021 she testified to Louisiana state lawmakers that her hospital is witnessing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, encephalopathy and heart arrhythmia following COVID-19 vaccination yet hospital staff are failing to report anything to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).


    It’s not often you hear the words “John Deere” and “controversy” together, but that’s exactly what is coming to pass as the agricultural staple looks to debut its first fully autonomous tractor.

    Equipped with six pairs of stereo cameras and AI, John Deere’s new 8R tractor can both perceive its environment and navigate, according to a new writeup by Wired. It relies on neural network algorithms analyzing data streaming into its cameras.

    In fact, it can even “find its way to a field on its own when given a route and coordinates, then plow the soil or sow seeds without instructions, avoiding obstacles as it goes,” the report says.


    Even more importantly, it would hamstring any efforts to ensure the integrity of the vote by preventing actions like the cleaning of voting rolls to ensure that people who have moved or died aren’t still registered. It would also ban widely popular voter ID rules, expand mail-in ballots, restrict efforts to ensure that their signatures are valid, and legalize vote harvesting. It would also impose new rules on campaign contributions in an attempt to override the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. FEC decision that protected political speech.

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    Update (1143ET): The Supreme Court, which is hearing arguments over vaccine mandates, displayed a stunning lack of knowledge of basic Covid-19 facts during today’s oral arguments.

    The worst offender – Justice Sotamayor – who not only claimed that there are “100,000 children in serious condition,” with many on ventilators (there are 3,342 per HHS with many or most being incidental covid positives alongside other conditions), but that Omicron is as deadly as Delta.

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  13. Trump is a freemason.

    His daughter married a zionist

    His son is engaged to the ex-wife of Gavin Newsome. You don’t become a governor unless you were born into bloodline order or are MK.

    They are part of the brotherhood.

    His latest interview with Candace Owens just showed his true allegience. He knows what the vaccine is about and that it’s killing people, yet he still pushes it.

    He was allowed to be nationalistic on everything but 5G and the vaccines. These are the most important issues to globalism and the ID control grid.

    He is a Trojan horse. Period.

    These are the hands that rock the cradle of civilization. Both sides are controlled and slowly move the agenda forward.

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  14. How to put it…. listening to the arguments at the Supreme Court on the OSHA mandate is like listening to the most mentally retarded try to reason with quantum mechanics. The failure of the lawyers to understand the salient arguments and the failure of the Justices to reason at all — complete failure to understand that the vaxx does NOT reduce transmission and is thus worthless — complete failure to understand that OSHA has literally no statutory authority whatsoever to deputize millions of businesses for a public health — says we are in so deep trouble…

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    1. Like I said that last week.

      There will be no help from SCOTUS.

      They are all either born into The Order or co-opted.

      This was really the worst thing to happen because they will now push to make it mandatory for everyone and push to override states rights.


      1. States Rights my ***. If CDC can’t, for lack of statutory authority block rental agreements, the OSHA cannot mandate vaxxes, for exactly the same reason. And therefore, and exactly for previous reasoning, neither can CMS/HHS order vaxxing of healthcare workers.

        Additionally, and superseding all the above… Nuremberg Informed Consent voids it all because no vaccine can be given under coercion. The Right to Refuse is absolutely embedded in Informed Consent. This is why all laws, including childhood vaccination, are obscene caricatures of the law without redeeming virtue. You see, the Nuremberg doctrine exists to explicitly remove “for the Greater Good” as a reason to force a medical procedure on a person.

        The Supreme Court is now just another caricature, an institution incapable of executing its function of keeping the laws within the Constitutional limits. A political charade. The first 9 names in the phone book could do better.


        I’ve seen roughly 1800 cases autism in my 11 year involvement in the topic. Nearly all reported the same damn thing — we gave a vaccine shot and the light went out in his/her eyes. It’s [cumulative] vaccine-induced aluminum poisoning. I’ve met circa 200 unvaccinated children. Never have I seen such unbelievably healthy children!

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        1. Of course you’re right….but the Order is taught a different code of “Do What Thou Wilt” and they have worked their bloodlines, minions, MK ultra slaves and co-opted people into positions of power.

          They don’t care. They don’t follow our laws and they think nothing can stop them.

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  15. This slimy Rat Weasel has woken up the Brits.

    Tony Blair knighthood petition reaches one million signatures
    Russian submarine collides with British warship’s sonar |

    Call to the Admiralty, Help, we just hooked a Russian Sub, Do we hall it home or cut it loose, Putin’s face?

    Munich: The Edge of War: like a bumper episode of The Crown

    How we muddled war and the deaths of so many.
    Putin taking a risk in Kazakhstan and may hope for reward

    Yes Putin- Put – In the boot fast.
    No time for platitudes as Biden gives sharpest denunciation of Trump yet

    Loser Joe fights back.
    Covid-19: Hundreds of maskless London Underground passengers fined

    Easy money now for the taking.
    Duke of York has not ruled out pay-off for Virginia Roberts Giuffre financed by the Queen

    Disgusting Mummy buy her off.
    Disgusting F Blackmailing Hooker!


      1. Our warship was sonar chasing the Bastard downTino, and got it. Now a Good PM would have ordered our Captain to drag it Arse over Tit backwards to our naval docks and shamed Vlad. Please London can we have our Sub back please, pretty please. Vlad on your knees. lol


  16. While this sounds wonderful to many, they do not understand, as John has said, it is insane and can not be paid for… it will lead to a breakdown of healthcare… which is the goal anyway… socialism!… our leaders always do everything accept attack the real problems…
    President Joe Biden wants to lower Medicare’s eligibility age from 65 to 60. Now Sen. Bernie Sanders is intent on doing him one better. The Vermont socialist, the country’s leading promoter of single-payer health care, is pushing Democrats to open up Medicare to Americans as young as 55.


    “Here you have a group led by an individual whose entire career has been devoted to disrupting the peaceful transition from one president to the next since 2001. And this is who they trot out to conduct a candlelight vigil for Democracy? The hypocrisy on display with this media circus surrounding January 6th is really overwhelming,” Kyle Shideler, Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, told The Federalist.


    “I do think that if you have this Jan. 6 Committee, why do we not know some of the people who we know were really involved in orchestrating this? They got pulled off the most-wanted list,” DeSantis said, in reference to new reporting that the FBI silently stripped names from its website on the same day The New York Times revealed agency informants were in the crowd.


    In the last five years, we have indeed seen many internal threats to democracy.

    Hillary Clinton hired a foreign national to concoct a dossier of dirt against her presidential opponent. She disguised her own role by projecting her efforts to use Russian sources onto Trump. She used her contacts in government and media to seed the dossier to create a national hysteria about “Russian collusion.”

    Clinton urged Biden not to accept the 2020 result if he lost, and herself claimed Trump was not a legitimately elected president.

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has violated laws governing the chain of command.

    Some retired officers violated Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice by slandering their commander-in-chief.

    Others publicly were on record calling for the military to intervene to remove an elected president.

    Some of the nation’s top officials in the FBI and intelligence committee have misled or lied under oath either to federal investigators or the U.S. Congress, again, mostly with impunity.

    All these sustained revolutionary activities were justified as necessary to achieve the supposedly noble ends of removing Trump.

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  20. And no, it’s not the vaccine that is responsible for low severity and low death rates.

    Omicron is simply a common cold… IFR 0.02% approximately….

    Repeat after me — Farr’s Law….

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    1. The case Tino is this.

      Israel is the MOST vaccinated State on the planet,.but with the highest % of population infections and dropping like Flies. 4 shots and now climbing to 9? .Ever more miracle vaccines monthly , and ever more cases rising.
      What happened to “We Are Special?” What “Gods”Children? Has their Satan done a 69 on them?
      All for a Cold? We are destroying Economies and irreparably corrupting DNA chains for a Cold? Why? We then breed what Mutant species.? Karma and consequences.

      With their vile Bloodcult sexual tampering with the Penis ends of poor innocent Boys, aligned with their HPV infected Child’s Penis bloodsucking Shivas infecting the child for life, what sort of perverse Naive, Neanderthal Cult is this? One ever more infected for sure. ~ Why are their Special Vaccines not working? We are Special?

      Infections are ever growing in this ever more vaccinated Moshes land. Self destruction. Cain and Able only Able is not Able to stop the virus. Would any “God” want Genghis Khan’s descendents of Plains Marauders, Raping, pillaging , murderous scum as a low Sub Species of any life form, with preferential selection? What hype. Assimilated marauders, they are not even Bloodline Jews. Just assimilating Khazar DNA trash with very bad histories and booted everywhere. Pariah Cults?
      Their own Historical prediction was that they would end with Armageddon.Agreed to that.

      With all their vaccines, ( Non Working) and ever more infections, have we just seen the Armageddon Window to Khazar Carrion solutions? DNA warfare for Blight removal from the Human species,. That will not be missed. Labs will be “Thinking”. Get Creative, isolate this viral polluting Native. Their Promised Land is calling as the Khazars are falling. I- Was- Promised. Sucker! By who? From the insanity of Abraham. A Cult of blighted minds.
      Ever more escalating side effects. We are injecting trusting Children with this? W-T-F????
      Sheeple? Israel leads. It ever more dies. The moral here? The Rats nest is mass infected? No God?
      Will a Cold let Armageddon unfold? More Jabs, more Zios falling. Now we see why the Wailing Wall?
      A Zio Sub Species buggered beyond recall. Israel is now a Petri Dish.


    1. Well, if you noticed, there is only the Pfizer shot in Israel despite lip service to Moderna and J&J.

      Plus see John’s no-holds-barred post above this one.


  21. So, among the crazies, talk of interment camps for the unvaxxed, is bubbling. Insane humans are trying to have laws that allow them to “quarantine indefinitely” anyone they target with “diagnostic tests”. Sounds reasonable — never mind the PCR has a 97% false positive rate at a cycle count of 35. Now, with calm reason, do you think a country with 750 million guns in private hands, is going to allow this?

    Remember the vaccines have injured, roughly, between 6.5MM and 42MM individuals. They haven’t put it together yet, but they will. It’s coming…. the waves of anger haven’t started yet… but they will…

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    1. Post thalidomide, have we learned nothing? Lab Rats in Israel are dropping like flies
      So why should good Humans follow?


      1. People are following… I see more people around me folding and taking the shot… pressure!… roll the dice and take the shot and hope it does not kill you so you can NOT be protected from a COLD!… the powers that be are not going to stop until they are forced… think many are waiting to see the SC decision… I know I am… come FEB I will be out of a job unless I am vaXXed or pay for my own weekly test… it appears much rides on the Supreme Court… MSM is as culpable as any in this mess… they need to hang as much as anyone!


  22. Hmmm…
    So omicron is 10x minimum less deadly — so IFR is ~0.02%
    By comparison alpha/delta had an IFR of ~0.25%.
    By comparison regular influenza (H1N1) is an IFR ~0.15%

    So what do the crazies do?


    1. Of course the moronic Aussies will do that Tino. Any grey/gray matter that was here has gone totally out the door. I have no idea what the future holds here in the land down under, it is worrying.

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    2. Tino,, they do not care what the real science is!… they want total control and everyone to put this crap in their body… for “safety”!… evil bought and paid for leaders rule!


      1. I know James, I know. But we have to meet insanity and hysteria with calm and reason. Otherwise, the next level will have to be massive civil disobedience or Khazakstan. As it is the non-compliance levels are rising, so I remain hopeful.

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  23. “California-based epidemiologist Tracy Hoeg was floored that two-dose vaccination actually reduced protection.”

    That’s because Tracy Hoeq is just another specialist that can’t think herself out of a paper bag. Did anyone somehow miss the chorus of voices that talked about vaccine enhanced illness, original antigenic sin? Or the fact that the mRNA dosing was wildly too large, raising suspicions that they knew it would degrade in efficiency? Not to mention Pfizer clearly gamed the trial results….

    So… now that the .Gov cannot dodge the vaccine reduced protection can we [insert string of 4-letter words] stop it with the draconian mandates of all flavors? Or do we really have to escalate to violence. And don’t think for a minute the Khazakstan revolt was over fuel price — it wasn’t — it was over the vaccine mandates.

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      1. SF, I am really sorry to butt in here in your conversation with Tino, so please excuse me. I want to tell you something. I hope I am not being too bold or intrusive, forgive me if so.

        I feel your pain regarding your life without your parents. trust me, I get that to a certain degree. My own life was messed up as well. I personally cannot ever take your pain away but the one thing I will remind you of is the person that you have become from experiencing the path you have.

        Look at the strength you have. Look at the courage you possess. Look at the level of awareness you have in so many areas. Look how you have managed your life to be where you are now. Look at the experiences you have known that have educated you and made you wiser. No one did that but YOU.

        SF, YOU are in control of your life and always have been. I know certain experiences impact us and dreadfully so in some circumstances but we are the ones that get back up and deal with it. YOU have dealt with the hand that was presented to you and still are and wonderfully so I would like to add.

        SF, YOU have a beautiful heart and a kind, gentle and caring soul. I know that, you know that so let us rejoice in the amazing beauty and magnificence that is YOU. XX Never forget that.

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      2. Maybe each person views that perspective differently. What are we really? Are we our body? Are we our soul? Are we what resides in our heart? Are we our minds?

        We are experiencing this life here and now, sharing our lives on this planet from a very basic and limited 3D form. In my opinion this 3D body we have is very simply a vehicle to experience one form of knowing life from one aspect of living. It sometimes seems like it is everything because it is the present we are currently engaged in.

        I believe there is a whole lot more to know beyond this planet and although many will consider my perspective negative or wasteful, I am seriously looking forward to moving on to next phase.

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    “I did look through Reuters’s news, and it was concerning to me that a lot of the same issues that I was seeing in other media outlets seemed to be replicated in Reuters’s news, where they were reporting favorably about Black Lives Matter protests without giving any context to the claims that were being made at those protests [and] without giving any context about the ‘Ferguson effect’ and how police pulling back on their proactive policing has been pretty clearly linked to a dramatic increase in murders,” Kriegman told Rufo. “At a certain point, it just feels like a moral obligation to speak out when something that’s having such a devastating impact is being celebrated so widely, especially in a news company where the perspective that’s celebrated is having such a big impact externally.”


  25. Politics – No longer a way to effectively run a modern society.

    Those who will survive along optimum lines in the future will build alliances which are insulated from the continuing collapse of political systems and its detritus. These alliances and systems will be as varied in form as there are numbers of people. Politicians are not educated to or allowed to solve the problems related to surviving in a modern age which now offers efficient solutions in a world of inefficient, outdated political management.

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  26. Revealed: First man in Britain to catch deadly strain of bird flu

    Do NOT go F a Duck
    Four people found dead after terrifying PIRANHA attacks in Paraguay

    Where the hell are they for the damned illegals crossing the Chanel to scavenge off us?
    A couple have to have the right to say NO if they chose. Yes its delicate but so is their right as Bakers. Let Puff the Magic Dragon bake it.

    European court throws out complaint in ‘gay cake’ case
    Julian Assange’s fiancée wants to wed Wikileaks founder in jail

    It’s a mess and he may never get out. Hes looking at 60 years plus in the US. He’s got no hope in the UK he was hissing and whining like a piglet when arrested and dragged out of the Embassy so he’s lost all respect here. No dignity.
    French rebels massively destroy 5G networks | Principia Scientific Intl.

    The French are revolting. Big Yes to that.

    As i say, the French have their ways.
    Subject: Chris Wray Lied: Secret Service Admits They Knew 13 ‘Counter-Protest’ Groups Were Organizing to Attend Washington DC Jan. 6 Protests

    When does Wray get put away FFS sort HIM!

    Another swamp creature exposed. When truth becomes rare, it is difficult to find a decisive course of action to plot a course.
    Ballooning £40bn trade deficit with China raises fears of British dependency

    There’s a huge Chink in our trade deals and it’s all one sided.
    This guy knows the Aussie stance and rules over protecting the state. Hes only got himself to blame. Not so special now, are you? An Aussie boot fits all arses.

    Maggot-riddled food and Covid outbreaks at Djokovic’s refugee hotel
    Federal Judge Deals Another Blow To Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Military – Conservative Brief

    How is this Imbecile, with his Ho of a VP and drug running Child Molesting son still in power?

    Leadership by decree is absence of moral authority to lead.
    This does not work in America. Biden need to GO with his Ho.
    Revolution In Kazakhstan: People Detain Military & Seize Vehicles/ Equipment. Shot Heard Round World
    The Khazars are revolting?

    The ones who became Jews are.

    Populism on the move…It needs to come worldwide.
    COMMIE CORPORATIONS: Pfizer partnered with CCP to develop covid vaccine passport platform, says it’s “proud to stand with China leaders” –

    Interesting that the Chinese government does not use their vaccine but is more than happy to constrain their people with whatever tools they can buy. The operative word is buy. When corporations push profits over morality and conscious, one must question their ethics in pushing their wares. Because such dysfunctional businesses have no consumer consciousness of well-being as it is all about the buck.
    Well all our Politicians are Chickens anyway what do you expect?
    Britain gets hit by EU: case found in person in South West
    Should have taken pics and rnade adverts for all stations stating we will throw you off ourselves when we catch you and we will. Don’t cry for Bastards!
    NYC subway fare dodger, 28, broke his neck and died
    Quebec Under Curfew, Unvaxx’d Banned From Buying Booze, Marijuana | ZeroHedge

    How are the Native Canadians and Afro Canadians going to deal with this?

    A warm lavatory seat, loose shoes, a bottle of booze and a Joint, they come with my welfare check as my rights man.

    Whenever a government elects to dehumanize a segment of society, all of society loses its’ collective sense of community and belonging, and history.
    Results for vaccine effectiveness against Covid at best is mixed with both unvaccinated and vaccinated people now getting sick. To punish people in this way is simply wrong because there is no net benefit. Not to allow dissent is to demonstrate tyranny instead of tolerance.
    How does that stack up under the Charter of Rights in Canada? Because once you take away the right to object willingly without repercussion then freedom to choose disappears quickly.
    These actions are not simple actions to benefit Canadians but to show the heavy hand of government is well and alive in Quebec. This should deeply alarm all Canadians. What’s next in store as government flexes its’ might against any group of society.
    This will be a RED flag for capital flow into Quebec and perhaps the rest of Canada if it spreads. Such actions are a direct threat to capital investment.
    It is like the chartered private flight of a Sun WIng plane that was party central to Cancun with no masks and partying all the way down to Mexico. Clearly no one wore masks and drank heavily. This has reached Trudeau who is beside himself that a private charter would disrespect the rules. To the extent all manner of heat is being brought on to the airline and the passengers who chartered the flight. Once does wonder why government fails to look at itself and its’ short comings in handling Covid vs trying to stamp out the fun that people want to have. What’s next? Do you restrict laughter and song at a wedding reception because everyone is not sitting, with a mask on???
    We live in a crazy world.
    Well done Vlad.
    Impale the lot.
    Child rapists in Russia could soon be sent to penal colonies in ARCTIC
    Hi. I found an article that you might like: “How could the Big Bang arise from nothing?” —

    Like looking for Intelligence in Trump or Biden.
    Don’t ask Dummies.

    The Flatulent Prince of the Absurd

    He was a Fat Arsed Waddling Duck in hiding.
    Coward in Chief.

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    1. It figures. Again, on a Friday. It seems each time something very important comes up for a ruling, they do it on a Friday. That way, they have the weekend to escape the uproar depending on the vote results.


  27. Any excuse the Judge needs to tell,them to F off!
    Zios need smacking down every time. Finish in one!

    Now for Andrew, the now gross fat Duke of PORK!!!!!!!!!

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  28. Finally got to listen to this! Great watch/listen… Thank you for sharing.

    From what I gathered: it wasn’t that it had to be the particular administration… *Remember: Hillary was supposed to win*… That was just their predetermined timeline. Follow the money (and the patents). They have been working on this “bio-weapon” for decades!

    It back-fired though. They were testing this on the people of Wuhan (severe Vitamin D deficiency)! Basically their immune system is armed with spit balls and straws… It was pressumed to be more deadly therefore scaring us into submittance (i.e. lock downs followed by the jab). They were expecting about 100 million Americans to die (13 out of 14 people). Our social order being destroyed.

    The heads of state would have played their roles [they still are, it’s just a harder act to sell due to the virus failure]. The CCP would have troops in Canada under the guise of the UN to aide us. *BOOM* slaves!!


  29. French parliament approves Macron’s vaccine pass to exclude unvaccinated citizens from “basic aspects of life.” The bill will now proceed to the Senate.

    It’s unmitigated bullshit and war on the commoner. Let the new global French Revolution begin.


    The offenses that no longer will be prosecuted include marijuana misdemeanors, prostitution, resisting arrest, fare dodging and trespassing.
    Bragg also said his office would “not seek a carceral sentence” except for homicides, violent felonies, domestic violence, some sex offenses, public corruption, rackets and major economic crimes.


  31. Once the real Settlements begin under our control, as we will be buying Banks and others, as well as renewing old Templar non-Fed or USD Documentary Systems for Global trade, we will look at a whole new Public Protection personal welfare approach. Money talks. Money rules Fools, Money is POWER., Money alone Talks!

    We will look at a new Crypto Project Backed System so Investors can grow with Global expansion with Integrity based Mgrs. and systems in place. No Zio low breed Skanks or allowed near, or even to invest. Declined!

    This will give you all chance to get in on the ground floor and grow with it. No Madoffs to make off with anything! We have our own Funds we don’t need yours. This will give the site readers the chance to apply, subject to approval!!, to get in on the ground floor before full launching and secure your own futures. Only the site! Life changing.

    We KNOW your needs. Change is “hopefully” coming. Good things. Rodent shielded.

    We will look at Community funding also. Globally. Rodent free. There is progress so far. More when possible.

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    1. Thank you J, it all sounds awesome.

      Hey big J, do I get pre approval just cause I am so sweet and you really love me a lot? LOL
      Just mucking around with ya J. I always knock back freebies, don;t worry. LOL


  32. Hi Tony,
    Sorry to trouble you when you are so very busy. Not sure if I am alone with this problem or not but I am having a lot of trouble using the site. It’s been happening for two days now and I cannot find a solution.

    WordPress is making me log in every single time I wish to make a comment rather than login once and comment as many times as one likes in a session. The LIKE icon also will not work on any comments and will also not permit me to login when simply trying to like a comment. The login window flashes up and disappears immediately.

    Sorry to bother you with this but it’s driving me nuts. My thanks in advance if you have a moment to assist.

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    1. Everything looks normal here on this end.

      Try clearing your cache and open a fresh browser and try again, if you have not already tried this.

      One does not need to log in unless you are using an e-mail address that is associated with a WP account. Any old email address outside of a WP account-registered email and a username of your choice will do. If you want to experiment with a different username and email please feel free to do so if it will help you troubleshoot the issue. But somehow it seems that your browser is not allowing a cookie to be stored. Have you set your browser to delete cookies on exit? This may also be the issue.

      Let me know how it goes.

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      1. Yippee! It looks like everything is back to normal again.

        I am so sorry to have taken your time with this Tony. I sincerely appreciate your very generous assistance. Looks like it may have been a few different things causing the problem, one being that which you had suggested above. I am such a dork sometimes, I never remember to do that. Also, my computer security has been an issue when reinstalling the current version but that looks like it has been sorted this morning as well. So all good to go again, until I forget what I have to do next time lol.

        Thank you so much Tony.

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    2. Hi SF,
      Thank you so much for offering me your time and assistance, I really appreciate that very much.

      Looks like everything is back to normal again, thank heavens. I am not very technically minded and have a shocking memory in general so those two together don’t make a good combo sometimes with such issues lol.


  33. Forgive me if this was posted already. It was sent to me by someone who can’t post it. These threads are growing so fast I can’t possibly watch every link.


  34. Let’s see. At an average price of, say, $100 a pop, x 500,000 that’s 50 million, before tax and pimp’s cut and penicillin shots. You could probably hide the entire infield of the NY Yankees inside her.

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  35. BREAKING: Deadly Vax
    Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED,
    Still in Circulation!

    Many are wondering why some geographic areas, such as those surrounding Silicon Valley are not seeing nearly as many adverse reactions to the vaxx as other areas, with Prudential reporting a 87% increase in death benefits paid out in the third quarter of 2021, compared the third quarter of 2020. Pacific Life and Annuity is reporting that claims are up by over 80% and other insurers reporting increases of between 12% and 40%.

    According to Dr Jane Ruby, we the people of Planet Earth are being subjected to mass unethical drug testing, without informed consent, against all ethical and regulatory rules; tests that are supposed to be reserved for rats and mice.


    Dr Ruby joins Stew Peters to relay how she spent 3 hours with researchers who have been painstakingly identifying the lot numbers of the most deadly vials that are now in circulation.

    She says that hackers were able to break into the systems of Pfizer and Moderna and the researchers were able to put together a comprehensive list of all the lots and the code numbers of the most toxic batches.

    According to the hackers, 5% of the batches have generated the 21,000 deaths reported to VAERS.

    She says that in the Moderna analysis, the death rate in the United States was 10 times higher than in the EU and that the EU had ten times more disabilities, as compared with the US. She says it is clear that this was by design.

    She says they’re not testing doses within the therapeutic range, they’re testing lethal doses. She says she will be coming back with a more in-depth report but says, “Before you let your child get in line for these bioweapon shots, if you don’t believe anything we’ve said, at least ask them for the lot numbers.” The lot numbers can then be checked on the researchers’ website, HowBad.Info.

    Dr Ruby says, “What they’re telling us is that this is a worldwide human experiment, it’s intentional and there’s a subplot to this; that there is an attack on the American People.

    “What they basically told me is that all three companies, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – which is essentially Janssen – are testing. They’re actively testing and it’s worse than we thought, because there’s evidence that these companies are intentionally deploying toxic batches.

    “They’ve also identified what they call ‘super toxic’ batches and they’ve released these lot numbers. And I felt like this was an emergency to get this to the American People and the people of the world.

    “I want to show you what they found, in terms of most dangerous lots. And when we’re done with this segment, I urge everyone to go to HowBad.Info, where you can check the lots and you can know which lots are deadly and dangerous if you’re thinking or on the fence about getting any of these bioweapon injections.

    “When you look at the first column here, for Pfizer, I want you to know that the most deadly, dangerous lot [for children] will begin with ‘EW’. Second to that is ‘FA’ and then ‘FC’…

    “The most harmful lot for children, under this EW, FA, FC…the whole lot number is: EW0182 but you can go to HowBad.Info and look up the company and put your lot number in.

    “Under Pfizer for adults, the most toxic, deadly batches begin with ‘EN’ and then, second to that is ‘ER’…

    “Under Moderna [all ages]…their toxic, deadly batches end in ’20A’.

    “Their ‘supertoxic’, under Moderna, have in the middle section – they got very clever…all companies coded their lot numbers so that they would know where the most toxic batches are and I’m going to share with you why that’s important in a little bit.

    “But Moderna took it a step further, with a little cleverness, because they embedded their code for their most toxic amount, either in dose or chemical composition under the letters in the middle of that lot number, J, K, L, M.

    “The analysts were a team that included the well-known [former Pfizer VP] Dr Michael Yeadon, Craig Partikooper from Africa, a woman named Alexandra Ladipova, who’s in California, our well-known Jessica Rose, who we’ve interviewed on the Stew Peters Show before and another analyst named Walter Wagner.

    “Look, this ‘EW’ lot for children – anything that starts with ‘EW’ is responsible for almost all adverse events in children, all ER visits, all hospitalizations, all life-threatening events, disabilities and all deaths.

    “This is serious. And here’s the kicker, Stew: All of these deadly lots that we’re going to show you are all already in circulation, remembering that there could be up to 1.5 million doses per lot.
    This quantification is set by each company. And the way they know that is because they have looked at the companies and they’ve gotten into their systems to see how the companies have laid this out.

    “They made the assertion, Stew – and this was shocking – that what these companies are doing is they’re exporting ‘disability’, as defined by the VAERS system, itself out to Europe; ex-USA. And what they’re doing is they’re exporting, if you will, death. More death, more lethal doses in the United States.


    “Now, let me share with everyone – there’s another chart with a scatter plot, it’s called ‘Pfizer Batches’. And when Pfizer batches were arranged alphanumerically along the X axis, the following patterns emerged. And you can see these dots, these vertical dots represent batch numbers.

    “And again, there’s that ‘EW’, you can see the green stack of dots. Those are children’s doses. Even though the company claims that the amount is less than the adult dose, supposedly, we have no idea what’s in there…

    “They are conducting what we call ‘lethal dose studies’. Now, in pharmaceutical drug development, lethal dose studies look at how much you need to cause death and obviously, they’re not done in humans, in people. They’re always done in animals, though they’ve slowed down in recent years, because people have become concerned. Even though they’re rats and mice; they’re ‘lower forms’, people are concerned about the cruelty to animals. But they’re never done in people.

    “And what’s happening here is they are basically, from the analysis, these analysts tell us that these three companies are actively, right now conducting lethal dose studies.

    “Let me explain ‘lethal dose’. They take the highest amount of chemical, in terms of dosage and chemical and what they do is that they determine what lethal amount to test half the population.

    It’s one of the means to assess acute toxicity prior to going into human studies. And like I aid, it has been largely phased-out. They are conducting it without informed consent, it’s against all ethical and regulatory rules. In other words, we believe these companies are just proceeding with impunity, because there is nothing stopping them.


    “I want to also show people something – before we get into a larger look at the lots and what’s happening and how these analysts are so sure that this is not by randomization, that this is not by chance, I want to take a look at the parts of a Moderna batch code.

    “I mentioned earlier that Moderna got a little ore complex and clever. Remember, these companies, we now know are actually embedding into their lots a code to tell THEM which lots are toxic, which ones are causing disabilities and what types of disabilities! This is absolutely outrageous!

    “When you look at the parts of a Moderna batch code, you see ‘011’, the letter ‘L’, and ’20A’.

    “’20A’, as we mentioned before, in the first chart I showed…denotes the most lethal batch of lot codes in the Moderna program right now. And remember, all of these numbers I’m going to show you are from the middle of November, all the way up until s late as December 16, just a couple of weeks ago.

    “So when you look at this number, 011-L-20A, what you’re looking at in the ‘011’ is the temporal batch order; so how it’s being developed over time and deployed by the company.

    “The ‘L’ is the concentration. It tells he company the toxicity and number of adverse reactions.

    “And then, the ’20A’ is qualitative; it’s the ingredient. And either ’20A’, which was the most toxic of their batch lots or ’21A’ came up, as well.

    “So this is their clever scheme…The reason they’re not concerned with safety issues is because this is an a priori design. This is designed ahead of time to send out toxic batches and then, to gather their information.”


    Dr Ruby explains that professional hackers got into Pfizer and Moderna’s systems and they were able to verify the whole lots. Dr Partikooper has a list of all the Moderna batches deployed so far and Moderna also has a web tool for checking the expiration dates for the batches and these computer guys hacked into the Moderna and Pfizer websites and got entire lists of all their batches and batch code numbers.

    She says, “I just want to make something very clear: This exporting death to the USA and disability to the EU, what they found, for example, in the Moderna analysis. There was ten times the death rate in the United States than in the EU and in the Moderna group, there were ten times more disabilities in the EU group compared with the USA.”

    Dr Ruby says they’re clearly not testing doses within the therapeutic range, they’re testing lethal doses. She says she will be coming back with a more in-depth report and says, “Before you let your child get in line for these bioweapon shots, if you don’t believe anything we’ve said, at least ask them for the lot numbers.”

    Running Time: 12 mins


    1. We have quietly warned you this was coming.
      The herd is absurd.For many, what point? TPTB will cull the Swine.
      It’s a Given.Disbursing the waste is the last issue
      Unaffordable Wasters. Just look at what the hell we are breeding? More Trailer Trash.
      Your don’t make the calls nor will you be paying for illegals freeloading. Calls are in play.
      No need to know, just let it blow.
      You will fund how many?


  36. Crypto’s having a sale today. Fed jibberish effect won’t last long. Shouldn’t affect crypto at all, but it does. Would be a good time for some Dollar cost averaging.


    1. Indeed.

      We are still very much in a bull market. Now that we see the sellers shooting their bolt, the longer this channel between 42 and 52K maintains, the stronger the rise from the foundation will be. The current bull market cycle will most likely end with a blow-off top and we have not seen that yet. BTC is still a buy up to $75K.

      Only sheeple and kamikaze pirates dump positions when people are selling. Let it be. They present us with bargains. News driven panic is to be considered a Pavlovian induced discount.

      Look for each Monday’s high to fail to be eclipsed by Tuesday’s close as a good indicator as to how the week will play out if you wish to better time your entries.

      The yearly open for BTC is 46,216, exceeding the yearly open for 2021. Last year’s open was 28,923 which was not appreciably beaten the entire year after. This year, we are already below the year’s open, which would indicate there could be appreciable upside pressure in the not-too-distant future as value investors in the commercial sector look to add to their positions in a price range that has not historically been indicative to contain formidable upside resistance.

      All we have to do is hold on while the stunned amateurs flail about like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

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