Be Ready For Anything In 2022


This will be a very brief article, our last for 2021.

First, let us take but a moment to review a few things.

In past articles and discussions, we predicted that:

  • Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump in 2020. He did.
  • Cryptographic Blockchain technology would continue to expand and positively affect the value of key ideas which would attract institutional interest and their capital resources. This is happening now.
  • The “revaluation” of certain war-torn currencies, and the instant wealth many expected from such, would continue to fail to materialize. It has.
  • Bolshevism would take root and grow in influence in both public and private sectors within Western and Western European nations, at the covert urging of the very same ethnocentric ideologs who were responsible for the creation of Bolshevism in the early 20th Century. It has.
  • Secluded dynastic Asiatic wealth would be prepared for release for responsible, non-usury purposes, and to, in part, assist nations with key infrastructure rebuilding. This continues to progress.

We could expand on and outline each above point with pictures and articles. But to do so would not allow brevity. So, we will not do so here. We will leave such a task to be performed in the comments section as a group effort. This is your site to experience, and, in large part, your written contributions make it what it is.

We will, instead, simply issue the very same warning to all of you which we have often times repeated in the past: BE READY FOR ANYTHING.

Anything, you say? Yes. Anything.

Disruption of utilities, food, power, police protection, transportation. The sudden shock of natural disasters as well. Always be prepared to access emergency rations, water, fuel, arms, shelter and power.

Your personal means of survival should be the foundation of your existence.

Next year we will be looking for continued digital asset gains. We also anticipate the successful commencement of key Asiatic elders’ wealth transfers.

From there, if these two activities proceed along the lines we anticipate, the combination of both continued traditional institutional cash inflows, along with newly liberated Asiatic wealth participation (via key London Trust guidance), we could see valuations of an unimaginable magnitude follow as a result.

Because we enjoy a rare, direct connection with the key London principal who works with and guides the dynastic elders as they marshal their resources for release, we are in the best possible position to hear of, and potentially act on, any significant moves that may stem from the impact of their success.

Thank you for your continued readership and have a safe and prosperous New Year.

Strength And Honor



    1. Now– this is interesting. Now we have the tech to beam visions into people’s heads.
      Millions of Muslims are converting to Christianity, after having of dreams and vision of Jesus Christ.


  1. In a few hundred years, if we survive, they will look back on these times as when governments started losing ground to technological consortiums, around which humanity coalesced to take itself beyond taxpayer/slave status, to that of equal participants in developing the tools to live in harmony with the environment and each other, to the greatest degree possible.


  2. Who’s the Real Anthony Fauci
    Damning evidence on Roberts???????????????

    So, is Roberts just a hooker looking ot Greenmail as they do.
    Gislaine Maxwell accuser Carolyn testifies in sex trafficking trial


  3. In Roman times, this rat bastard would never have reached old age. They would have nailed his tongue to a chariot wheel and snapped the whip. What was left when the horses returned would have been tossed to the hyenas.


    1. Kayleigh for PRESIDENT the Brightest one out there.
      I’m not joking. Way ahead of DC crap. An Intelligent President for a change? Why not?
      Not Trash or a Cabal Puppet either. Huge accolades for Patriot Kayleigh.

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    As Putin builds with India Russia and China are Pushing America out of the Far East

    Bombshell Audio Reveals Hunter Biden & Walmart Chairman Discussed ‘Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump’ in 2020 Election

    Criminal Biden is a Subversive. Why are they not hunting him with the authorities?

    How DUMB is Shrek?

    A in days’ work with the effort to counter Trump and what he represents. DC hates outsiders.
    Why are we allowing these people into our societies?
    Indian brother ‘decapitates sister then poses for SELFIE with head’
    Ukraine warns of a ‘bloody massacre’ if Russia invades amid tensions

    The US invades all over the planet, murdering millions with no authority. Putin needs to tell them to SHUT The F UP or go for it. Go on red alert and see how fast the US climbs down. Clean up America starting with Detroit and Yes- Stop Meddling!

    Ukraine warns of a ‘bloody massacre’ if Russia invades amid tensions


    Dr Hilary is a Liar and he and Lorraine Kelly urgently need reporting to Ofcom…

    Over 6 in 10 Covid-19 hospitalisations in the past month were people who are Fully Vaccinated

    Here’s the evidence…

    REAL News NOT Fake Covid news.

    Dr Vernon Coleman – “They have exaggerated Omicron to cover up the rising flood of Heart Attacks due to the Vaccines”

    Predictably, governments around the world have now got a new variant of the rebranded flu to use as a weapon in their fear campaign…

    Not for the feint hearted

    Click to access 5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf



      1. Lol John. Some girls are built that way. I don’t think she’s fat. She has a skinny waist and flat stomach. Probably not the most flattering outfit for her body shape, but that’s a matter of taste.


          1. John – has anyone told you lately how charming you can be? 😆

            The cute older lady’s outfit and hair in the background is SF Driver approved. 😂

            I’ll dress like that when I’m old and not before! Like when I’m 90.

            Just playing SF Driver!


            1. You have to put it in to put it on.
              Those haunches would feed Ethiopia’s staving millions for a month. Ship her, save the Whales.


            2. That lady in the background is probably the rock of the family. No jokes from me. Good people matter.
              So damned few.
              It’s what’s inside.
              For the front,one about 9 courses. A day!

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    A suicide note was also present at the scene which was left by the husband and father of the family. In the note, the 40 year-old confessed to murdering his wife and 3 daughters before killing himself. The motive he described behind the murder-suicide was his fear of forthcoming penalties after it was discovered that he forged his wife’s vaccine certificate.


    1. Russia has no need of US Banks or USD. DC presumes too much.
      Stop F Meddling! Open the F Silos Russia and show them what war will be.
      If they keep Yapping send an Iskander missile to wipe out a top meddling US base and say Your move. Respond and we launch 1,000.


          1. I feel like a Cat spotting a Rat when I see his lot. 6,000 years of the Spawn and nothing but trouble.
            A Designer Virus! Sort it.


  6. Mon, 6 Dec 2021 at 18:57

    Subject: A response to your mistaken belief of unrivaled superiority

    How many DEAD Americans will it take to realize you are so deceitfully lied to?
    Vietnam, they lied and ran. Mogadishu, they got totaled. Syria the Russians took over. Iraq how much did it cost and for what purpose? Shock and Awe. The shock was when the bills came in. Afghanistan buried the British Empire and Russians. Does no one study history? It’s a killing zone.
    How many Trusting good Patriots died for their lies?

    Russia cannot be beaten now, OK? Don’t try and Die!

    I have great respect for American special forces and those people who do the unimaginable. I trust them more than any other group and they have proven that by saving my own behind. A number of them have told me they understand that the armchair viewers of their work do not have their back. They rely on their brothers in arms to assist and know they are dispensable even the field generals. Today’s field military does not believe in their command structure to have their back. This is tragic to say the least. And yes, they will fight to the last man or women if called upon to die, even in vain. Death in vain is more than tragic as it is dishonorable. Winning on a battlefield means taking at least one more breath than your enemy for purpose beyond death.

    Frankly, war with Russia is meaningless as it is not winnable. It matters not about the balderdash scripted and mouthed by the Ukrainian puppets for their masters. Nor can NATO win against Russia. And American deployment will not make any difference. Let me explain this plainly. Let’s go back to WWII, Russia lost 27 million people and Belarus lost 1/3 of its’ population. When i say lost, i mean they died. Think about that. This leaves deep scars that time does not erase, it only heals the pain. By the time America arrived in Europe the hard fight was won already on the Russian front where Germany lost its’ manhood pride with 18 million dead. On the western front, you had German youth, not men fighting as the majority of men died on the Russian front. If you need proof, go to the cemeteries in Normandy and look at the ages of the children of nations who lie buried there. America’s best performance was in the Pacific and not in Europe. And the talent and skill of men like Patton is sorely missing today on any battlefield front with exception of perhaps the Pacific theatre.

    Let’s deal with facts about why a war with Russia is pointless and will result in defeat. And further loss of creditability for America and its’ people who really do not want to have a war with anyone, especially a nuclear war. US recon satellites and X-37 are already made obsolete, especially with S-550 and A-235 (not typo’s there is a S550, you just do not know) already deployed or about to be deployed in the nearest future, especially deployed as mobile complexes. The pointed question is this: even if you see the hyper-sonic weapon’s launch, what are you going to do about it? Moreover, you can “observe” gliders; but what are you going to do when you “observe” launches by 3M22 Zircon or Kinzhal from MiG-31K or TU-22M3M, how does it change the situation for the targets? I have the answer for you; it changes absolutely nothing because you cannot shoot down those missiles. The targets will be destroyed. There is nothing in the US arsenal now and in the foreseeable future which can intercept Mach=9-10+, let alone M=20-27, targets. Nor does Europe possess anything remotely capable and neither does China. And you are prevented from a sneak first strike in the Pacific by the arming of the Kuril Islands with Bastion naval system and now the S350 air defense systems. And as for the practice runs at Russia by American planes, the moment a launch is detected from such aircraft entering Russian airspace, a launch will occur at America that you will not stop. As much as such efforts may be designed to scare Russians, believe that that they have missiles that will not scare in advance but will destroy upon contact. Such efforts are total insanity as you have no way of escaping the consequences.

    The war planners have no clue how this war, if it comes to it, will look like, including NATO, headed by the US, if the US decides to somehow “intervene”. War is by no means organized nor does it go as planned and Russia has planned for war, a nuclear one. Here is a question to the boys, how will you counter this? To fight a possible stalemate war, you require a major NATO force to fight Russia in Ukraine, assuming no nukes, which is a big assumption as i imagine they will be used and used early. You will need around a million of combat personnel to have any chance to accomplish anything on the ground; forget having some sort of “victory”, whatever it would be called such by NATO. Good luck assembling it in a month (while Russia can mobilize 2 million in approximately the same time), or even in 3 months and then conduct combined arms operations in the entire western district which would include a Polish Front. The United States cannot conduct serious combined arms war in Europe even if it wants to–she simply has no resources for that, and time doesn’t stand still. It is why Norway has already cautioned NATO and told them to stay away from its’ border with Russia. With each passing moment the myth of the “finest fighting force in history” evaporates and without this myth the scaffolding of the American Empire continues to collapse with the increasing speed. The time is running out fast, really fast. Show the world you mean business by closing your borders with military might if that is what it takes and stop the thievery and insane pedophile obsession that seems rampant. Show children matter and that morality has substance. This means much more than war on a world stage where people watch and react.

    This is what drives the current crowd in D.C. insane, especially the humiliated Pentagon, which still has enough policy “advisors” (mostly civilian political scientists’ warmongers) who think that the US can fight Russia in Ukraine. Frankly, consider firing the lot and get men or women with combat experience to talk to their counterparts in Russia and forget the Ukraine. It is a failed state that no wants or can afford to fix at this time. It is time to retrench and rebuild from within without armchair leadership that is way past its’ prime. And with People who care about America and not with oligarchs and political dynasty families who lack morality, pillaging the public at every turn with impunity.

    Maybe you stand a chance with China if you combine the sources of other ASEAN nations in a directed assault being able to resupply required equipment sourced outside of Chinese control. It is one reason TSMC is racing to build a massive chip plant in Arizona and move production there from Taiwan. You might say Taiwan is betting on America for asset protection going forward. And that is a plus in your favor. China has recognized the threat and is going full speed ahead with their missile programs while it still can before its financial house of cards in real estate renders that effort mute. China is also afraid of what it does not control or know and that is your command in Cheyenne Mountain and its’ arsenal which is not at the disposal of the political crowd in DC. Do not think that all those ships off the coast is only California dreaming of communism. There is a real financial bite to China, notwithstanding other issues. There’s a very good reason why military flights are occurring daily hunting K containers on both coasts to protect the homeland.

    Give thought to not acting out of hubris and consider the downside because unless you are prepared to go all in and risk everything you will lose with people dying on a battlefront that simply is not winnable or even defensible, once the first shots are fired. And remember that to win you may end up laying on the battlefield dying to take the last breath, but is that worth dying for if it is avoidable? Because Russia has decided it is worth dying for, if attacked.



    Conversely, they run the risk of creating a small but clever cadre of conservative youth who understand from firsthand childhood experiences the consequences of toxic racial grievance politics. Don’t be surprised if the propagandizers who intend to give permanency to left-wing hegemony instead give rise to a nascent conservative political force that will uproot it.


    1. If my sons were of school age now, they would definitely not be going to mainstream schools. Home schooling, trade schools, and first hand experience with mentors of diverse trades, would be my choices.


  8. Off the rails right into empty hyperspace


    1. Can’t wait until kate brown is gone, gone, gone! This state is run by 3 large dem cities. The rest of us are rural and spread out across the state. So far, we haven’t been able to get enough to vote them out and restore sanity.
      DeSantis, please send your clone to Oregon!

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  9. China sends ‘world’s first 6G’ test satellite into orbit – BBC News

    Once upon a time it would have been America. Well until the Cabal and Jewish Bankers stole all the money.
    Biden to Pentagon: Keep the War Machine Running

    Democrats always expand the war machine.
    If you can read this so can Russia and China. Should we assume that a FaceTime chat between Biden and Putin will accomplish anything? Yes, of course Russia will ask for written agreements as to Red lines and the Biden crowd will listen, and nothing will come of it. Other than possible future dialogue, which is better than missiles flying, built war preparations will continue.
    My take is Russia is trying everything to avoid what will come and that is a war in Europe. War is not productive to either Russia or China and certainly not Europe, as it only serves the Neocon agenda whose time is long past. An attack on Russia is certain to cause a fierce response. And it is why China is massively building missiles to have a deterrent.
    You may or may not know that Russia put its entire pacific sub fleet out to sea recently and now satellites have shown they are arming the Kuril Islands north of Japan with the Bastion naval systems which operate at 2.5 Mach and are ship killers as well as deadly for land targets with a 350–400-mile radius. Next will go in their airborne defensive systems like the S350 shortly. Like maybe this week.
    They in effective have closed the north end of the seas north of Japan when and if China goes for Taiwan. And at the same time effectively closed any attempt at an American carrier strike from the Pacific at Russia. By closing off airspace from a carrier strike force in the Pacific, an attack has to come by missile or long-range bombers which will be easily picked up on radar and reacted to. This eliminates the ability to commence a 1st strike. Now you know why the Pentagon is so concerned. Russia has assumed that when war comes it will be on 2 or 3 sides. War through Iran is not achievable now that China and Russia have the Caspian gas field sown up. Both parties will now defend it as will the Iranians.
    If the Ukies march to their slaughter and the Poles choose to find death, Europe will suffer greatly, and nothing will change their need for natural gas. And Russia will still control the transit of all the commercially viable gas and oil. Biden was the mistake of tHE GLOBALISTS who did not realize Russia and China would lay in the weeds waiting to spring a trap. All they needed was stupidity and time, the likes of Blinken and the obsession of communism to change the geopolitical hegemony for a long time.
    What remains to be witnessed is whether America comes to a near death moment before being forced to be a consumer, giving up territory it controls in name only. The reason Blinken speaks of more sanctions it is all he has outside of European NATO.
    Both China and Russia want customers plain and simple as it suits their mercantile economies. And they prefer who are not a threat to their hegemony but will willingly sell their wares for cash as we see with Russia supplying Diesel fuel to the American eastern coast.
    America will have to rebuild itself from within to find itself and rid itself of stupid to find real hegemony. Hegemony leadership has been lost because moral leadership is nonexistent. That is why many parties simply see America as not agreement capable and this is truly tragic. While Europe is going to experience true upheaval that will likely take a decade to sort out learning that communism does not work.
    Tragic because it could have been different. Expect this week’s telephone chat to accomplish nothing but give measured time before conflict breaks out.
    war in Europe is best fought in January when the ground is frozen or in October before the mud comes.
    We can only pray for peace and wisdom in leadership in all nations before serious damage is done to the world we have known.
    Who Says You Can’t Overturn Fraudulent Elections? The Results of a Local 2020 Election in Florida Were Just Overturned and Decertified
    One worrying response from a Doctor to the vaccines and side effects due.

    We are fully aware of:

    1. ADE or Antibody Dependent Enhancement which will set off the nightmare among the double triple quadruple jabbed.
    2. It was anticipated and the time duration was 4 to 14 months from the 1st kill shot.

    God have mercy🙏
    Why Germany is set to be the new sick man of Europe… led by an anti-British Chancellor
    Why let the Wogs in it’s crazy?????????????
    British Army marching song for Frau Merkel.

    Adolf has only got one Ball,

    The British Have 2 Not Small

    Himmler had something similar,

    Whereas Goeballs had no Balls at all.
    Our site Italian Stallions need to freak with horror.

    Italy begins lockdown of the unvaccinated from TODAY
    Watch industry experts discuss if Crypto is changing the meaning of money on 21st Dec, 3PM
    I was a cryptocurrency millionaire for about 5 minutes with $1.3million – then I lost everything as the coin crashed

    A big lesson Crypto guys.
    For a pampered, spoiled nation and family sell out Wassock like this, when you have nothing earned to say Shut TF Up – Waster.

    People stuck in jobs that don’t bring them joy should QUIT, says Harry
    The Tories are waging a war on drugs – but there is cocaine all over the parliamentary loos | Zoe William

    Start the Clean Up there.
    No Snorting or Cottaging Dam You.

    But it’s NOT funny
    U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware – sources | Reuters

    Scum of the Earth when will America wake up? Send the F lot to Israel.
    They do it to everyone Rodents!

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  10. “COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,
    As you know I am a longtime subscriber and active treater of Covid-19 patients. There is no doubt that this pandemic has been used for political purposes in much of the world, particularly the US and Europe.  One only has to ask why cheap therapeutics were not only dismissed but their use actively prevented. Why isn’t natural immunity recognized at all let alone acknowledged as superior to vaccine mediated immunity. It really is a crime against humanity.
    Here is an excellent link by a well-regarded former WHO employee. I suspect my Norwegian is better than yours but the article is in English. She touches on the many issues that really matter about Covid-19 that the mainstream media in the West will never discuss.
    P.S.  You are spot on about the source of this man-made virus. There was no accidental leak. Stay safe.
    REPLY: This entire scenario of using a virus right down to deliberately releasing it in China was laid out in October 2019 at a conference but my sources say this plan took real form by August 2019 and Gates bought into BioTech in September the next month. I fear it will take the military to rise up to save humanity and defend against this foreign invasion.
    Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger of the WHO has come out against corruption. This is the basics of what she said in this interview in Norway that would never take place in the United States.
    “It was special: Organizations such as GAVI – the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization led by Bill Gates – they came to WHO in 2006 with funding. Since then, the WHO has developed into a new type of international organization. GAVI gained more and more influence, and total immunity, more than the diplomats in the UN. GAVI can do exactly what they want, the police can do nothing.”
    The WHO underwent an audit in 2014 and after that, it became more like a company with countries as its subsidiaries.
    “When I worked with international relations in the WHO in 2013, I saw that GAVI came in more and more. GAVI presented a global action plan for vaccination 2012-2020. That is, eight years where GAVI had everything in their hands. Bill Gates handled the vaccination, he took over.”
    She said the pandemic was most certainly planned. ” You can see this from all the documents. Everyone can analyze them, they are in the open, right in front of our eyes.”
    She has said what I have been hearing from doctors that without autopsies, there is no real evidence of death. She said: “This is not easy to know, because autopsies are not performed. There are a lot of lies and scams in science, and in the systems. The PCR test is one example, the doctor can not use it diagnostically. Doctors are paid to claim that deaths are due to Covid, based on PCR that does not work. Very often this happens without an autopsy. They say the death is due to Covid, even when it is not.”
    I have explained that the government was covering COVID so hospitals are paid to claim that deaths are due to Covid, based on PCR that does not work. I have said that I was personally test FIVE times and it was negative, yet two doctors said they believed I had gotten COVID. When I said I did not know anyone with COVID, they said I could have simply gotten it when pumping gas. So I said the masks do nothing. They said pretty much.
    Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger added:
    “It is terrible that one does not do clinical research, one only obtains information from the hospitals. It is unique in pandemic history that the data is not available. In the United States, 17 000 deaths from vaccinations are reported, including children and babies. It is not ethical to continue. So far in the United States, the death toll is three times higher than the total of all vaccines in the last 35 years. These are official figures, without clinical research or validation. The research is not finished, but the vaccination continues. It’s awful, really criminal.”
    There are reports coming from around the world that I am receiving which I cannot yet fully confirm, but the sources are diverse. The claims are that stillbirths are exploding among vaccinated mothers. To think that politicians are deliberately suppressing such claims demonstrates that these people no longer “represent” the people. You simply do not act this way if you have any morality. It is a heartbreaking experience to lose your child. I know what that is like after losing my first son. It’s not something one takes lightly.
    There are others coming out as has Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health. I truly wish this has all been just a conspiracy theory. But this is a battle shaping up between good and evil, and it is very evil.”

    Most of everything we have in the world is fake including the people in it. I have known this truth for a very long time. The challenge for me was pretending to look like I was part of the program just so I was employable, but it became impossible to be in the game at the beginning of 2017 and left my last employer (a major hospital in SF). There is a YouTube channel “Sean Baker MD”, and I hear him saying he walked out of his profession as an orthopedic surgeon earning $600K per year. He was able to do so because his “partner” (not sure if it is his business partner or life partner) was well to do. Until things get sorted out for the better, the healthcare system is a ground zero. Life becomes liberating when we don’t have to pretend any longer.


      1. Women scare me because they go after what they want and are transparent not leaving too much for imagination. I had a tree service guy to cut down 15 trees to prevent forest fire. He is in his 50’s and so is his soon to be his wife. She has been harpooning for domestic service job from me which I do not need because I am self reliant. She tried to give me a hug yesterday, but I had to pull away from her. She dresses like a sex kitten and not my type, lol. Whoever thought I was a lesbian got it all wrong. Tony needs to keep his Jr. all tuckered away where it is safe. 😊


    This is not about science, as Fauci insists. It is a toxic amalgamation of power-lust, avarice, fear, and religious devotion. Billions of dollars are at play, and the power to surveil Americans and suppress the freedom of political dissidents with vaccine passports is intoxicating to elected officials and bureaucrats.

    The pretense that we owe allegiance to the COVID vaccines is just another bit of nonsense used toward those ends, and those of us who know it must never stop saying so.

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  12. He should be stating this as fact… not asking it as a question…

    Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Sunday blasted Dr. Fauci for his failed Covid response and for sabotaging early treatment using cheap, available, generic drugs.

    “I ask a simple question, did Dr. Fauci’s response to COVID-19 work? 788,000 lives lost, many because he ignored and sabotaged early treatment using cheap, available, generic drugs in favor of a vaccine that is not as safe or effective as we all hoped it would be.

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    Interesting thoughts.

    About time we need Common Sense and Justice not lunatic Judges soft on Crime. . Hard sentences and hard actions.
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19 vaccine creator says next virus could be ‘more contagious’ and ‘more lethal’

    What’s tracking next? Think Tanks needed.

    A good step, they feed crime! A hard smack down.


  14. Remember, this is insanity — would anyone, anywhere have gone into hysterics for 10 people with a cold? Oh, incidentally the report doesn’t actually say anyone was sick… not to mention that people are still running insane PCR cycle levels…

    COVID Outbreak On US Cruise Ship Despite Fully Vaxxed Passengers

    Despite every cruise line requiring passengers and crew to be fully vaccinated before boarding, a cruise ship returning from a sail across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea with thousands of passengers onboard detected an outbreak of COVID-19, according to AP News.

    Norwegian Breakaway, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, departed from the Port of New Orleans on Nov. 28 and sailed to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico, with more than 3,000 people on board.

    Ahead of returning to its homeport in New Orleans, the cruise line detected ten COVID infections among its guest and crew. Those who were infected were fully vaccinated and were forced into quarantine.

    Governor John Bel Edwards, the City of New Orleans, and the Port of New Orleans were notified about the incident and contacted the CDC. The infected passengers and crew will either travel directly to their homes or self-isolate at an undisclosed location.

    Despite a 100% vaccination rate on the vessel, there was still an outbreak of COVID, suggesting that vaccine effectiveness is severely waning.

    A recent study of the three primary COVID vaccines showed a ‘dramatic’ drop in efficacy over six months. So as cruise ship operators begin hitting the high seas with only fully vaxxed passengers and crews that have waning defenses against the virus, one would suspect additional outbreaks on ships as new infections surge across the US.

    Even in Europe, where vaccine passport schemes and high vaccination rates are highly enforced, countries are experiencing a surge in infections.

    So what are cruise ship operators going to do now? Only allow passengers and crew who are not just fully vaccinated but have their booster shots?


    1. Tino 1776 you might like this article?
      These claims must be investigated and examined thoroughly by nonpolitical parties interested only in the truth and in human health for the good of humans, not for political agendas, money or fame. In the meantime, there are options for removing or detoxing the body from nano graphene oxide/hydroxide particles.
      By Ms. Smallback

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  15. “Furthermore, recent data from Hong Kong demonstrating clinical myocarditis in 1 out of every 2700 boys who receive the second Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty dose (4), together with a report from Viet Nam of over 120 students being hospitalized after receiving the same vaccine (5) make it clear that mandating that children be vaccinated with these ineffective vaccines is quite literally medical malpractice, and may meet legal criteria as a crime against humanity.” — Dr. Robert Malone


    1. Tino

      Sadly, most parents I know are simply too naive and gullible to make such calls for their Children. Like the dreadful circumcising of poor Jewish Boys. Each horrific. Dreadful!
      But the as yet unknown consequences for the trusting and DEPENDENT children affects all.
      How is this guarding and guiding them? Injecting WHAT????????? What of their Rights?
      Where are the Pilot Studies of consequential risks for children?
      Who gives the State the right to impose Statutory vaccine powers over Adults or Children?
      Who pays when the wheels come off, as they will?
      Who gives the State the right to presume to Own- Our lives?
      Consequential damages are as yet indeterminate, but of seismic risk.
      I have see first hand the side effects, and they are horrific. If that is what is visible on the Outside, what lies incubating and infecting on the Inside?
      Keep up the good work Tino and all. What have we unleashed?
      Aren’t the Democrats enough? Smiling, or Trump and Biden for that matter?


  16. Seven videos by Mike Yeadon on the lies told to us by our governments and health professionals.








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  17. Janci Chunn Lindsay – Toxicologist Warns Against COVID Jabs

    Jabba the Mutts- Line Up!
    Investors are betting there will be a stock market crash

    The FDA Slaps Major Warning About Pfizer Drug as Vaccine Reactions Come Under Scrutiny – Becker News

    Interesting …When will this sink through?
    Ghosts of Weimar haunt Germany as tabloids attack EU bankers over soaring inflation

    If this hits the EU follows.
    My wife was disappeared by China’s elite – now I want to expose their corruption

    So now they Launder People?
    Elon Musk Invests $500 Million In New Trading Platform – Releases To Public, Making Ordinary People Wealthy


    Fake IDs and fake claims. Money is gone. They will empty your accounts.
    Dont be tempted WHA cares!!!!
    Self-help does not mean them helping themselves. Elton Musk Rat is not party to this. Dozens of them are popping up via via Crome.
    Don’t be tempted. Crooks and scammers are at work.
    UK’s progress on Covid now squandered, warns top scientist

    The US is getting sucked back in.
    We all wait to see move exposure. Andrew only has the Queen to save him and she’s not with us much longer. Sadly!
    If this goes wrong for Andrew Charles and William will shred him once the media unleashes. He’s always been a Turd anyway.
    He was such a nasty Brat at the Sandringham Estate; the Horse Farm Workers threw him into a muck heap. The Queen knew. He’s a shit.

    Let each day roll and see if Maxwell serves him up. What is the truth?

    Prince Andrew took at least FOUR flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane
    If only, there were IQ pills for Trump and Biden?

    Covid pill could be offered to vulnerable patients before Christmas
    This is just part of Covid vaccine side effects. GPs can’t treat it and are clueless. Steroids will kill your soldiers when the Lil Fella sees action. If he can even reach attention? It’s a vicious circle.
    It gets all over your body and face. You don’t have an STD and partners need to calm down. Get cushioned toilet seats in case one comes flying at you!
    It’s horrific. We have parties from South Korea to the UK with it. It’s nasty. But what the hell is still only yet incubating?
    Be careful out there.

    Scientist warns it is ‘too late’ to halt spread of Omicron

    It’s out, it’s Rabid and it’s coming at YOU!
    Dogs should be fed ONCE a day – new advice set to cause heartache for beloved animals

    Try this with the wife?
    Europe is heating up if they combine between nations, they lot will erupt.

    Protests in Belgium as rules toughen for third week in a row
    Mandatory vaccinations: Three reasons for and aga
    NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)

    It’s always shining, always ablaze with light and energy that drive weather, biology and more. In addition to keeping life alive on Earth, the sun also sends out a constant flow of particles called the solar wind, and it occasionally erupts with giant clouds of solar material, called coronal mass ejections, or explosions of X-rays called solar flares. These events can rattle our space environment out to the very edges of our solar system. In space, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, keeps an eye on our nearest star 24/7. SDO captures images of the sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. In this video, we experience SDO images of the sun in unprecedented detail. Presented in ultra-high definition, the video presents the dance of the ultra-hot material on our life-giving star in extraordinary detail, offering an intimate view of the grand forces of the solar system.



  18. Tino – maybe there is something to the 12 inches of snow in Hawaii.

    The National Weather Service reported temperatures at 56 degrees in Honolulu, setting a new record. The lowest temperature previously reported in that area was 59 degrees in 1962.

    Furthermore, Honolulu barely made it up to 70 degrees, which is a record for low day time temperatures.


    1. They are free. Now look at the Banks, Supremes , MSM, Wall Street, Madoff, multiple of their serious crimes convictions Trump just got paid off to pardon, Weinstein,Madoff, Maxwell, Epstein and ask what the hell we let free? They OWN and Corrupt America. What have we unleashed?
      Who was right?
      I don’t condone the Camps. but alone they are Roaches in the Soup.


  19. Professor in exile for having spoken out


  20. The incredibly brave man and his wife who stood alone against the Nazis and their own government risking not only their lives but also their children’s to save over 6,000 jews. When asked why he would defy his own governments orders he simply answered, “My obedience to God and doing the right thing no matter the cost over ruled their orders.”

    The forgotten history of Chiune Sugihara, the Oskar Schindler of Japan who is credited with secretly saving over 6,000 Jews from the Nazis.
    In the course of human existence, many people are tested. Only a few soar as eagles and achieve greatness by simple acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and humanity. This is the story of a man and his wife who, when confronted with evil, obeyed the kindness of their hearts and conscience in defiance of the orders of an indifferent government.

    These people were Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara who, at the beginning of World War II, by an ultimate act of altruism and self-sacrifice, risked their careers, their livelihood and their future to save the lives of more than 6,000 Jews. This selfless act resulted in the second largest number of Jews rescued from the Nazis.

    Following the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939 hundreds of thousands of Jews and other Polish citizens fled eastward ahead of the advancing German army; many refugees found at least temporary safety in Lithuania. Options for escape were limited and required diplomatic visas to cross international borders. One route was through Asia using a combination of permits issued by foreign envoys responding to the refugee crisis: a bogus visa for entrance to the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao and a visa for transit through Japan.

    One such diplomat was Japanese Imperial Consul Chiune Sugihara, the first Japanese diplomat posted in Lithuania. In the absence of clear instructions from his government in Tokyo, Sugihara granted 10-day visas to Japan to hundreds of refugees who held Curaçao destination visas. After issuing some 1800 visas, Sugihara finally received a response to his cables alerting the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo of the situation in Lithuania. The Foreign Ministry reported that individuals with visas headed for the United States and Canada had arrived in Japan without money or final destination visas. In his response, Sugihara admitted to issuing visas to people who had not completed all arrangements for destination visas explaining that Japan was the only transit country available for going in the direction of the United States, and his visas were needed to leave the Soviet Union.

    As the Nazi regime began tightening its chokehold on Europe, Japanese Consul-General Chiune Sugihara and his wife Yukiko watched with increasing concern as Lithuanian Jews were persecuted, driven out of their businesses, and forced away to “labor camps.” Finally, Sugihara decided enough was enough, and set out to bring the Jews of Europe onto Japanese soil and out of Hitler’s reach. The Japanese government, however, didn’t approve of the idea, and shut down Chiune’s request to issue visas for the fleeing Jews. In response — and in true Oskar Schindler fashion — Sugihara essentially told them to shove it, and began to write the visas by hand.

    He and his wife ended up writing what some estimate to be around 6,000 visas for Lithuanian Jews, an incredible feat that’s even more unbelievable when you compare it to Oskar Schindler’s record of 1,200 saved through his work program. The last foreign officials to remain in Kuanas, Lithuania, save for a Dutch consul, Sugihara and his wife worked round the clock, issuing close to 300 visas a day and distributing them to the refugees who gathered outside of the Japanese consulate gates.

    When Sugihara was finally ordered to leave, he continued to write visas and throw them from the train as he departed, and left his official visa stamp with one of the refugees so they could continue his work in his absence. It is estimated that he saved nearly all of the people who received visas, and after arriving in Japan, the Jewish refugees called themselves the Sugihara Survivors in honor of his bravery.

    So why hasn’t his story been broadcasted like Schindler’s?

    Unfortunately, Japan was still operating under the samurai code of honor during this time, and to defy a superior was considered unforgivable. So rather than award their comrade for his contributions to the war, he was removed from his government position and forced to live in dishonor until his death in 1986.

    Because of his efforts, Yad Vashem awarded him the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1984.

    Numerous shrines, statues, and parks in Japan and Israel were recently created to honor Sugihara and his family.

    The Giant Killer book & page honors these incredible heroes making sure their stories of valor and integrity are never forgotten.

    Story by Emma Liem

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    1. I have seen first hand one of the concentration camps in Germany. Dachau. To see the pictures of the people that were there was horrifying. How they were punhished, fed like rats, herded in the gas chambers and then killed.

      One other country in Asia offered their help to the Jews. Little known fact. The Philippines. Led by the then President Manuel L. Quezon.

      It is good to remember that we are all capable of such love.

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      1. Thanks MN. I did not know that. No wonder why I love the Filipino people so much.

        They are the best. They gave mom the best care in Hawaii and I completely trusted the girls as if if was my care. Very special caring and loving people.

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  21. Unless you have sealed yourself off in a social media echo chamber, lies are easy to spot. Except, that is, when the lie is a big one. People hearing or reading big lies start to doubt themselves and think ‘maybe I have got things completely wrong’. That’s why politicians and propagandists tell big lies. They’re not trying to assert a truth so much as sow doubt and confusion about what is true. That’s bad, but a smart person can resist a big lie by looking at the evidence at hand.

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  22. Advent Health (Florida) will no longer require its 83,000 employees to be vaccinated against Covid.

    Given the fact the mandates are causing crippling staff shortages around the country, expect other hospitals and healthcare providers to follow soon.

    Amazing that rules that are likely never even to take formal effect have caused such a crisis. Just another gift from Uncle Joe this holiday season.

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    1. We have a regime in America and the world trying to control us through fear… for our safety… GOV, MSM, social media, American Medical Association, our schools, big corp, and on and on… control through division and fear… the people doing these acts have to know it is wrong, but they go-along anyway… I will never be that person.

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  23. Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada in Fully Vaccinated Mothers.

    Video: Dr. Daniel Nagase exposes the exploding cases of stillbirths in Canadian women and tells Canadians what they can do about it. November 23, 2021

    This is a story we hear nowadays from everywhere, especially from morticians who’ve been horrified by the huge increase in deaths of these babies in vaccinated mothers.

    The 4 minute video shows the stillbirths are happening in different parts of the country and they are ONLY happening to vaccinated mothers. Start listening at 45 seconds. LINK

    The rate of stillbirths in Waterloo was 28X times higher than normal, for example. Only to vaccinated moms.

    Clearly, it couldn’t have been the vaccines since these are safe and effective.

    Can you ask your doctor what is causing this?



    “Numerous companies plan to fire unvaccinated employees once the vaccine mandate goes into effect. Thousands of people have already lost their livelihoods right before the holiday season. Those who choose their personal health over tyranny will become unemployed, and the impact on America’s workforce will be significant. Payrolls in the US increased by 210,000 in November, but the markets were anticipating a growth rate between 546,000 and 573,000. This policy will not help matters.
    Here is a continually growing list of US companies demanding their employees take the vaccine:
    • American Express
    • Amtrak
    • Anthem
    • BlackRock
    • Cisco
    • Citigroup
    • CVS 
    • Deloitte
    • Delta Air Lines
    • DoorDash
    • Equinox
    • Facebook
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Google
    • Jefferies
    • Lyft
    • McDonald’s
    • MGM Resorts International
    • Microsoft
    • Morgan Stanley
    • NBCUniversal
    • Netflix
    • The New York Times
    • Saks
    • Salesforce
    • Southwest Airlines
    • TJX
    • Twitter
    • Tyson Foods
    • Uber
    • Union Square Hospitality Group
    • United Airlines
    • ViacomCBS
    • Walgreens
    • The Walt Disney Company
    • Walmart
    • The Washington Post”

    Sell their stocks. It is Nuremberg time.

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    “In yesterday’s Greg Hunter interview, Vax Causes Variants, Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients – Dr. Elizabeth Eads, go to the 27 Minute mark. Dr. Eads says on Friday she listened to a Polish news conference, with a collection of a thousand lawyers and ten thousand doctors prepared to testify, who have reopened the Nuremberg Trials.
    My feel is the trials are not happening now but the doors are open now to begin the processing.

    That should send terror throughout the global medical community. Watch out folks for a collapse in the medical world.”

    “Dr. Elizabeth Eads is back to update us from the front lines of medicine. Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.” Dr. Eads is witnessing the horror stories of treating the unvaxed who have been made sick by the “Fully Vaccinated.” The carnage continued after the vaxed and unvaxed got together for Thanksgiving. They showed up in her North Florida emergency rooms the next day with all sorts of trouble from the injections that Eads simply calls “bioweapons.” Eads explains, “The day after Thanksgiving and through the weekend in the ER, we saw all kinds of symptoms of unvaxed people. We saw chest pain, heart attack . . . head to toe . . . rashes, and in the first time in my 25 year career, I saw a patient come in with a ruptured left ventricle. That’s a ruptured heart muscle, and he had to immediately go to open heart surgery. That patient happened to be “Fully Vaccinated” and also had the (CV19) booster within a week before traveling. This is very concerning. We are seeing an uptick across the country with chest pain, sudden cardiac deaths. We are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis, whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, with the Covid vaccines. This rupture, we believe, was from a fully boosted patient who had the rupture because of the synthetic spike protein in the booster. This is all very concerning. There are also concerns for transmission of the spike proteins. . . . Pfizer had in their studies that there was transmission happening. That is true, it is in the documents. You can pull the FDA approval and see that there was transmission.”
    So, this is transmission from the vaxed to the unvaxed? Dr. Eads says, “Correct.”
    Are the “Fully Vaxed” getting boosters turbocharging their shedding and increasing the spread to the unvaxed? Eads says, “Correct because we know the boosters have 100 micrograms, which equates to about a billion synthetic spike proteins being produced in the body. The initial Covid shots were 30 micrograms, then 50 micrograms, and the boosters are 100 micrograms. So, you are getting twice as much of the synthetic mRNA, and you are making twice as much of the synthetic spike protein. We are estimating it is in the billions. . . . This is very concerning. These blood clots are being caused by both the graphene oxide, which acts as a razor blade in the blood vessels. It’s slicing up blood vessels causing blood clotting, and the synthetic spike protein in the mRNA envelope that is making intraocular is circulating through the body and causing . . . myocardial heart damage. These antibodies and macrophages that are surrounding these spike proteins are actually boring through cardiac muscles cells and causing damage.”
    Dr. Eads also contends, “You are setting up the patients who got the shots to have an immune deficiency and get viruses. By definition, those are the mutations. It’s the people who have been vaccinated.”
    Dr. Eads also says there are elements of AIDS and HIV in some of the so-called vaccines that Dr. Eads says is really a bioweapon. Dr. Eads warns of a “huge increase of cancers across the board” as a result of the so-called vaccines. Dr. Eads also says that doctors are being incentivized to make decisions that are killing patients in hospitals. The hospitals are incentivized as well to not make sure patients get well, but to basically “murder patients” to collect government money, according to Dr. Eads’ firsthand experience.
    Now, the globalist Deep State is frantically pushing a third CV19 “booster” injection. Eads’ advice, “Don’t get the booster, absolutely not, and I do not recommend a flu shot because Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) will be worsened by getting a flu shot.”
    Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25 year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, who is continuing to expose the lies being told to the public about the deadly jabs. Dr. Eads will highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 injections and tell you who is cashing in on all the pain and death. (12.4.21) (There is much more in the 54 min. interview)”



    Nevada on Thursday became the first U.S. state to impose a surcharge on workers who have not gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, though the penalty doesn’t take effect until the middle of next year.

    All but two members of the state’s Public Employees’ Benefit Program Board (PEBP) voted during a meeting to approve a surcharge of $55 a month on unvaccinated workers.


  27. Governments have to convince the Sheeple the vaccines work to take 2.
    Then to convince you those 2 did not work and you need a third, Hello?


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