Comes the Hour. Comes the Man

88 BC. General Sulla Arriving in Rome Under Arms to Bring Order. Never the Emperor – Always the Emperor Maker.

Another year is upon us.

What we can disclose at this time is that we cannot disclose anything in great detail. But, rest assured, what you cannot see is looking back at you.

A dynastic alliance, formed to reshape the future without the need for profiting off of human misery, is in possession of the means, the advantage and the guidance to assert itself on the world’s stage.

These alliances are also building in other directions. A recent message for our leading key German supporters is as follows:

Kommt die Stunde.

Kommt der Mann.

Das nächste Mal werden sich Mutterland und Vaterland vereinen und nicht gegeneinander kämpfen

(Comes the hour. Comes the man. Next time, Motherland and Fatherland will unite and not fight against each other.)


While almost the entirety of Earth is laboring under a Kakistocracy which itself is under the influence of a parasitically oriented, international clique of rootless opportunists, the aforementioned alliance is tasked with offering an alternative. Only significant power can overcome a significant problem. Anything less capable of doing so is doomed from the start.

Presently, more details are not possible. Hopefully soon they will be.

But, overseeing all of this is a special collective group also advancing Trans-Humanism planning to have life expectancies reaching to c200 years, so as not to lose such valuable knowledge and wisdom, in order to take humanity forwards to a new level of ethereal and cosmic consciousness. With the applied sciences of those 200 years, what will then be possible? Formal Religions will fail and fall. But, will be replaced by a higher consciousness of being more, and soul values.

So much is unfolding.    

The current scene society is faced with is disastrous – bordering on catastrophic. You all see it. With applied research, you will find the malignant hand of the Goyim enslavers all over it, and their Talpiot tentacles burrowing deep into most critical structures and information hierarchies.  Spying on all they presume to own as masters of the Goyim web; the nations they covet and the damage they do. The tracking oversight knows all.  Scheme as they may, there will come their day. 

Increasing energy and healthcare costs pushing people out of their homes. Pension funds are facing a looming crisis. Most plans were structured for actuarial function up to around 70-75 years. People are reaching into their 90’s and even 100’s in greater numbers. Who will make up the differences?

Military spending is absorbing resources which could provide for the education and healthcare of many who otherwise go without. What good is funding large standing armies when drones and precision nukes have rendered their open maneuvering virtually obsolete? Waste. Ending the Military Industrial Cabal to instead focus on excellence and trade, would lift the world out of poverty.  Trillions are mass wasted in pursuit of warfare hegemony. Why is money not instead focused to aid the living and so needing? 

Why is the unelected Deep State outside of the rule of law and ethics? Once the Petro Dollar fails, who will fund them? 

Banking is being forced to change, as ever more decentralized financial technologies pressure them to become competitive. SWIFT will be gone soon, along with their rip-off fees.

Even the most benevolent political leadership is becoming ineffective by default. Even without all of the conspiracies, the plots, the power struggles, the infighting and debate of which politics is comprised of, its effectiveness when set against superior technological means of societal management is outclassed by miles. Politics is visibly failing, and new powers WILL emerge. 

It’s time for the political horse to be led to the glue factory, and more effective and reliable means utilized to meet the needs of society.

While such will most likely not happen by a sudden burst of sanity on the part of the political classes, the passage of time and the realities of technology and its inexorable effect on the way people live and work, will see to the glue horse’s fate. But this is for future generations to consider. Presently, we are facing a far different reality within which we must survive, notwithstanding the progress in present time.

To close, thank you all for your continuing contributions to our discussion sections. The incredible work all of you are doing to bring together such a wide array of facts and opinions for reader consideration is exceeding our expectations.

Be ready for anything. Always.

Something enormous is in play and moving forwards which will only uncloak when ready; stealthily shielded and being readied to swoop down on the known enemies and poisoners of mankind. 

More when possible.



  1. Tino – I want to tell you, what a nice husband you are to go to fashion shows with your wife.

    There some things my husband will do with me, but that would be a definite noooo.


    From Western Europe to West L.A., we know we’re governed by leaders in business, entertainment, and politics who hold scorn for our country, its history, its heroes, its people, and their religion.

    They have the money and the power, too. They can freeze truckers’ bank accounts and mask children as young as three. They can order Australians into internment camps and host drag queen story hours. They can force vaccinations, close churches, arrest priests, bankrupt businesses, prosecute bakers, empty prisons, defund police, and sometimes even win votes.


  3. They can’t help themselves. The current Ukraine situation is on Biden and the Globalist and Khazerian-Zio crazies.


  4. More or less. And neither Yemen nor Uyghur control anything worldly strategic. Xenophobia has a long history in our existence. Just an aspect of reality. Do not be surprised if the next 60 years brings us homogenous Nations as opposed to heterogeneously populated ones.

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  5. Hunt for traitors in Kyiv: Troops arrest and blindfold ‘Russian spies’
    President ‘could lose grip on power if he doesn’t take Ukraine’

    We will respond accordingly. This mad fool will create his own ending, but hopefully wiser Russian Generals will stop him. They have an intelligent military.
    Russian nationalism stokes ethnic strife | The Japan Times

    What is Putin unleashing? He’s put Russia back 25 years now.


    Among the many precedents set by the Covid pandemic is the requirement to be vaccinated before you’re allowed to travel and that’s set to become a global standard.

    The World Heath Organization, which had such a great pandemic, wants to ‘facilitate’ its 194 member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates. To do so it’s setting up a ‘gateway’ to standardize the issuing of QR codes that confer privileged health status to their owner. Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems has been chosen as an industry partner to develop the vaccination validation services.


  7. Kyiv comes under huge bombardment leaving a pulsing glow over the sky

    Conflict rages as Ukrainians make their country their own Alamo and Putin may be creating his own new Afghanistan.
    If f they hold out another week Putin runs out of money and supplies become stretched as their support planes and columns are hit
    Worldwide the Global lashback builds. It’s getting messy as Diplomacy turns against them
    In another week the sheer intensity of diplomatic actions will start coming home. For the first time ever Lavrov is finding he’s becoming ostracized as a Parish and his assets are being located and frozen. As are Putin’s. China starts to distance from them
    Is this becoming Napoleon’s Waterloo?
    The sadness is that all they wanted was being accomplished politically by Diplomacy before they changed tactics and became their own worst nightmare

    Threatening Sweden and Finland plus building stroke forces on Poland’s borders is taking him towards a NATO war.
    No one wants this. Every death on both sides is sad and the displaced nationals are not the Epitaph he needs.
    This is getting ugly.

    This is getting beyond messy now for Putin and Lavrov. Losing the plot and losing their corruption fund pots. Oligarchs are being mass hit. Russia is creating its own minefield

    Sanctions will bring the whole corrupt Soviet system to its knees.

    London sticks it to Putin and Lavrov big time and the world is uniting against Russia. This is becoming a Diplomatic disaster for Putin

    This will really hurt them all

    Now Vlad gets impaled


    1. The idea that Russia can’t move, on its own territory, sufficient force to conquer Ukraine, is silly. Nothing whatsoever, let alone supply lines, are being stretched.
      Which UK analyst said that? Russia is not acting at planetary distances. The US can bring infinite relative force on Cuba, China can bring infinite relative force on Taiwan, and Russia can do the same to Ukraine. As a matter of logistics it is trivial to do on one’s own territory.

      As to ‘China distancing’ that is NOT visible here in the cheap seats. Not to say it is not happening, just not visible here.


  8. Like

    1. Remember, the mainstream media’s narrative is always the one thing that we can be certain isn’t true. Note that the Global Times has already exploded one popular pro-Ukraine narrative.

      [[“”The broken father saying goodbye to his daughter in a video clip that went viral on social media on Friday after being misinterpreted by some Western media, was actually not fighting the Russia troops, instead he chose to stay in East Ukraine where he is based to fight the Ukrainian army “invading” his homeland…

      The video was quickly reposted by a group of Westerners who are supporting Ukraine because it was in line with the taste of Western “geopolitical correctness.” And eventually, numerous Western news media including the New York Post, the Daily Mail, the Newsweek and the Sun posted the video on their websites without even checking the basic facts. Some Indian media such as the Times of India also disseminated the twisted interpretation.

      None of the news outlets have apologized for their mistake as of press time.””]]

      Now there is a useful term we’re certain to see – and probably use – in the future: geopolitical correctness. — courtesy of Vox Day

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    1. Liked by 1 person

  10. A common sentiment now — I’ve seen this in NYC, a blue blue place…

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    1. I’m really loving the fact that JAG is saying that Biden committed treasonous acts and that someone will pay! I can’t wait!!!


  11. Like

  12. The US and allies promise to remove Russian banks from SWIFT network

    Exactly as we told you days ago as policy, we are right ahead of it all. Remember it’s all Kabuki we write the speeches and put the actors on their feet scripted WHA has shown you this for years ringmasters matter web masters
    The horror of what Ras F Putin has unleashed here.

    Zelensky claims Russian forces have attacked KINDERGARTENS
    Full list of Nato countries and map of which members border Ukraine and Russ

    Already little Napoleon is ready to pounce again.
    Putin turns his attention to Finland and Swede

    How do you stop a Commie Dog from attacking? You Kill it!
    Dead! Animals!

    Shame! Commie Reds again. Every Commie needs to be booted out of Europe, Go FFS you Red Scum, Savages!
    Putin just planted in the minds of Men why the next Barbarossa will not fail.
    Commies? Stench of Animals and Barnyards!

    Bravery of desperate Patriots fighting EVIL war against Ras Puke ins Ra Puke filthy force.

    Russia just stepped into the Hall of Shame worldwide.

    If Ras Puke In uses this appalling filth in Ukraine we need to all, worldwide, bring him down fast and hard. Including facing down the Chans, blocking all money to China, and shutting China down until they cut Puke In loose. Man U and face down the whole Global Commie Con. Pay back for the Chinese Covid! They could, they SHOULD have done more and faster!
    Show Leadership down down Puke In!

    Thermobaric is Bar- F Baric Puke in. Use that we should Nuke you to hell.
    Good for them Russia must be thrown out of EUFA and the World Cup. Out. Immediate Sanctions
    BREAKING NEWS: Poland announce they will REFUSE to play against Russia
    Well, well what did Tino advise here long ago? Scientific, Advisors cost the world how many T’s? ************* F all these IDIOT!!!!! Advisors All need totsl Bull Whipping 50 lashes per week for 6 weeks. Salt after each!

    Sweden ‘correct’ to avoid full Covid-19 lockdown, report claims

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    1. Exactly!

      This is the Hegelian Dialectic approach being used by The Brotherhood to move forward their agenda.

      Good cop…bad cop. Thesis….Anti-Thesis.

      They want limited nuclear war to reduce population, crash the system and finalize their police state before the great reset.

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      1. Amazing she is rarely mentioned. Which is why we need our own platforms. We need to go back to the pre-1950s media approach without the crazy cancel behavior and uniformity. There used to be as many opinions and reports as there were papers!

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        1. Love the speech.

          The question is who wrote it? Because she didn’t.

          Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing. A year ago she endorsed Biden?

          Soros is running democrats as progressives to appeal to republicans and seal the deal. If I was a betting man she will be on a 2024 ticket.

          Not that republicans are better because 90% of all politicians are scumbags.

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  13. A Leader with moral character who does not try to runaway the American way
    Some still have the Alamo character.
    The US has Biden and Obama. Europe has the sadness of Ukraine alone. as we do nothing to stop this cruel genocide. Next it may be Finland and Sweden. Or Germany and other nations. Well Europe, how about it?
    Still want to sit on your arses now? Remember the mass Rape of Germany post WW11?
    Or the courage of the small British Tank Regiment who when faced down by a vastly superior Russian unit at the end of WW11 refused to make way and hand over a small defenseless German town to n=be mass raped and slaughtered by animals.
    They were told they would be wiped out if not standing aside. What were a few German lives, who cared?
    Everything! We did. We refused and stood as Spartans to die but warned them take us out and you will have started WW111.
    For us saving our German Brothers and Kin Folk was everything. Honour, civility and the right thing to do. What would Red or Wogs understand about being civilised.?
    As the Russians dithered and waited from orders from on high to wipe out the British. the English Spitfires arrived and made it clear, touch our tanks and We F the LOT of you right now. Dying to save German lives and women from Rape.
    As Europe should be doing today for the poor Ukrainian people. Respect for anr and culture. Or are we Red Commie Animals or Wogs? What is one life? Everything!
    Shame on Putin. Shame on the EU to do nothing Commie filth again.

    Ukranian President Zelensky blasts Biden for offering to evacuate him
    Counter-hypersonic capability key feature of Type 83 Destroyer

    Now Russia is afraid. China too. The British are coming.
    Real fire power.
    Ukraine invasion: Ministers braced for ‘long and serious conflict

    Putin has just started a real and long Cold War.
    Is the world about to pay the price for Joe Biden being in power?

    Yes and the END of America looms. IGNOMINY.
    Lloyds Bank on heightened alert for Russian cyber attacks

    Wait until Putin sees what we can do!
    Putin vs. the entire concept of international law

    A Tyrant is loose and needs to be stopped and lopped!


    1. Playing advocatus diaboli :

      Relative to the last point above. How so? Did we or did we not abide by the Minsk Accords? We did not. Did we or did we not, via Victoria Nuland, establish a threat to Russia? We did. Do the anti-Russian Khazarian Zios have or have not plans on the Ukraine as a threat to Russia? They do. Are the two primary, allegedly independent areas, not ethnic Russian? They are. Did we not expand NATO eastward and ring fence Russia with NATO bases? We did. Is there or is there not a significant Neo-Nazi thread in the Ukraine? There is. Given that it is the US that can’t be trusted, why were there at least 15 biolabs in Ukraine? Biowarfare clearly. Why the F is anyone talking ‘genocide’ — is the total dead NOT roughly 1000 each side at 7 AM EST today? Does not rise to genocidal levels. Why is ANYONE prattling about Russia taking Poland or Romania? There is ZERO evidence of this.

      So exactly, who did not abide by international law?

      Russia calculated what they could do, and did it. With 8 years of direct provocation, I would say their restraint was admirable.

      And really, a Nation that spans 11 times zones doesn’t give a damn about petty sanctions. They have all they need internally. Given that energy is priced sensitively by marginal utility, if Russa pulls its energy exports you will see catastrophic price changes which will destroy whole economies. Y’all tried punitive bullshit before on Germany and it bought you WW2. And thanks to Speer, the German war output never fell until near the end of said war. What could Russia do with its 11 time zones? And given that they went to war, the oligarchs with money abroad have probably been told to sit down and shut up and take one for the team. But I’m not in the Arena, so let’s hope I’m wrong.

      The good news is all this malarkey will cripple globalism and return, for obvious national security reasons, domestic capability in many, many areas.

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      1. Has anyone seen the Ukraine presidents previous ventures?… eye opening for sure… why does it seem that world leaders, take Kamala for an example, are all moronic dimwits that have no soul or integrity…
        They are empty shells on a string that can be yanked around at will, used and then thrown to the wolves…
        What is Putin actually doing?.. is it about world domination?… does not seem that way to me…
        Again,, our MSM is lying and agenda driven…. how can someone not be skeptical as to what this is really all about?

        Our man Tino:
        ” The good news is all this malarkey will cripple globalism and return, for obvious national security reasons, domestic capability in many, many areas.”


        1. After reading the letter from Putin above, I appreciate the different views on this site today.

          Heard this on the radio this morning…lol:
          Both of their brains (bidedumb and camelhair) are like paper that got shredded and reassembled by Helen Keller.

          Sure sounds that way when they speak.

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  14. Get ready to forego your Stolichnaya Bloody Mary.


  15. I was thinking of a T-shirt idea.

    “I Joined NATO, Vladimir” 🤡


    1. Now you MUST. F this Commie Dog to hell. When the EU re assembles post EU failure, as it will, led by Germany and the British, Aryans and Teutonis, you Commies are GONE!. Get OUT!


  16. What a tangled web. I can only imagine where the spider who spun it resides.

    Oh boy oh boy!


    1. And the first time I saw this possibility in the trade news was mid-April 2020….

      Imagine that, a simple therapeutic that protects without significant side effects…


  17. UK says it will work ‘all day’ to persuade Europe to cut Russia off from Swift

    Yes it WILL hurt our Banking but it’s the RIGHT thing to do. As is booting the Oligarchs. Honour!
    Seeing REAL moves is believing.

    Biden ‘WILL sanction Vladimir Putin’
    Furious Putin prepares to use ‘father of all bombs’ as brave Ukrainians hold up advance: West warns Russians could use terror weapon that that vaporizes bodies and crush internal organs as invaders’ advance on Kyiv runs into fierce resistance

    They fear Vladimir Putin could resort to high-power thermobaric weapons – dubbed the ‘father of all bombs’ – as brave Ukrainians resist.

    If Ras Puke In uses MOABS the world needs to Total Russia Right Out.
    Ukraine is defenseless. America is a F shameful DISGRACE not stopping Russian low-cost Gas and Oil to the US. Disgusting, Pariah bastards which are worse? As you STEAL Syria’s OIl.

    Rat weasels and Zio Bucks. A Sham as Leaders now the Orange Turd thinks he’s Batman? A Gibbon is on Point Duty.

    Who leads today? The UK is frying them alive in London. Man, T F Up! Patton had to slap one. Wimps. We were digging your infantry out of Fox holes from the Normandy Beaches cowering and crying. Hollywood lies again. So much fake news. Vietnam – ran away crying. Syria failed, Mogadishu shot to hell and ran. Afghanistan ran away. Some Allies. Ukraine don’t call us.

    If the UK had not fought Hitler alone for 3 years while you war profiteered and Racketeer raped us, and bought time OUR nations cost, if we had not taken it and stopped Hitler, he would have had the A Bomb first, there would not be a Jew or Afro alive in America, Israel would not exist, and you would all be marching to Nazi music. But truth is not your truth, is it? Truth hurts. Cheap Oil – Bend over!

    How many innocents will Adolf Putin Kill while you do nothing? again! Does the world have to pause, for Washington’s Whores? How many will die alone? Why? Shame on all for those cheap Oil and Gas contracts. SHAME! What price is a Human life? I miss JFK. We all do.

    Don’t just freeze them sequester them as Proceeds of Crime.
    America Wake the F up and stop taking in Cheap Russian Energy. Cease you Cheap Bastards. Cease! Use your own. Show some bloody restraint.
    Can’t Brain Dead Bidens BLM and ANTIFA team of Minders get the Mutant to sign a Presidential Order to Ban and Prohibit all Russian Energy from today? Lead Damn You!
    Blinken: We’re Not Halting Gas and Oil Purchases from Russia Because We’re Trying to Minimize ‘Pain to Us’

    You TWO FACED Scheming Bastards you’re a disgrace. Cheap, two-faced, low-level Scumbags. Man, U Dam you Germany just did Shame on You.

    Hilarious … how about we have no choice, or the eastern seaboard goes without diesel and there is no one wanting to replace Russian oil to us? Who surrendered to who knowing they are empty of ability and full of noise?
    Cold comfort to the Germans who have been told, you are on your own but listen to us. Nord Stream 2 will go ahead as reality displaces fiction and hubris.
    Watch “How Nose Swabs Detect New Covid-19 Strains | WIRED” on YouTube

    For Tino and all.

    So many more will die- Why?

    Ukraine says it has inflicted one of Russia’s heaviest days of losses
    Compared to flu shots, covid “vaccines” are 11,361% more likely to cause a stroke –

    What the hell is coming down now?




    Full, all-out Crime Against Humanity, all mRNA jabs MUST STOP NOW.

    mRNA spike protein IS reverse transcribed into the DNA base genome.

    Pull it. NOW. ALL laws about mRNA vaccination, including travel requirements, and all NPI must CEASE.

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