Global Settlements Planning and Real-World Challenges to Overcome

Salve Citizens!

We sincerely hope all of you are well and prospering. Thank you for the overwhelming responses to the chat section. From crypto, Covid, politics, economics and to the Ukraine, the amount of information shared, and the clarity that is brought to many subjects by our readers is truly appreciated. We know the majority of our readers do not comment, but we nonetheless welcome you.

What follows is an explanation couched in the language of reality, and various plans we hope to implement in the near future, along several fronts.

But first, let us briefly comment on the ongoing market in selling fantasy and magic goofus dust to the gullible masses.

There exists, still, many who believe of secret plans being worked on by mysterious groups of fantastically imagined persons, to widely distribute trillions of dollars to the general populations holding various kinds of currencies, or who are enrolled in some kind of program to disgorge such funds as part of a plan to “free humanity”. Such groups almost always invoke heavy new age mysticism and/or fervent religious incantations, but somehow never reasonably explain a legitimate provenance to such a rare altruistic sovereign/banking undertaking.

There indeed is a global restructuring in the works, but it is not for refunding failed political Tammany Hall types, idle wealth seeking megalomaniacs, or non-contributors and goldbricking slackers. What was true in the early days of humanity is still true today: You need to work for your own fortunes. Nobody, especially banking cartels or sovereign treasuries, is going to shovel millions in your direction for nothing, especially at the cost of a nation’s lives or economic wellbeing.

With respect to large sovereign financial transactions, what is truly coming will come in stages. A very carefully planned and realistically funded and structured series of events which will find its way to the corners of the world where need is truly present. From the very source to the end point, at no time will any one of the various self-anointed “guardians of galactic wealth” be handling such a task. Nor will the currency talk-show hosts or suddenly-an-expert bloggers.

But understand that achieving the legitimate distributions is not without an opposition which cares little for you or anyone outside their private club. We have outlined the astonishing level of theft which financial cartels have engaged in to divert funds earmarked for legitimate public good into their greedy, usurious hands. And with virtually no repercussions in any legal court; a true testament to their influence at the highest levels. One such case was the $700,000,000,000 Tropos theft, overseen by Janet Yellen, the treasury felon. These funds, issued as an ACAT Fund to the Tropos Project Account, held under Wachovia Bank, were blatantly and ruthlessly stolen in transit by the Fed intercepting the SWIFT wire to the Bank, on Yellen’s then Fed watch, where for the last 20 or so years now they have had free illicit use of vast funds meant to fund projects helping millions to do good. They are used instead for the Rothchild’s Fed usury lust.  

Appeals to the highest office in the land resulted in no appropriate action being taken to return stolen funds. For a more thorough exposé on this matter, please see White Hats Report #23.

Safety of Elders’ funds is key. This is not accomplished by invoking NESARA wood sprites or galactic forces. Such safety is achieved by being in the trenches, face to face. An iron hand is needed to safeguard such funding from a “Tropos outcome”. For at any time, if allowed, such resources would be waylaid by the claws of treasury goblins. The Elders are being counseled to reject one shady deal after another – all designed to benefit the goblins, and not humanity. The hand that rocks the cradle is ever alert to such dealings and will stop it cold. No propping up of treasury rat nests will be allowed. Such brethren will not be allowed nearby.

The Zionist cabal Petro-dollar confidence scam is ending. Worthless Zionist Fed paper is backed by nothing but hype. They have syphoned out your hard-earned wealth by stealth, as ever. America’s wealth has been stolen by a locust swarm. You will soon be handed the title to an insolvent farmland of husks, while the goblins, sated by plunder, move to their next target of opportunity. Currently, they salivate over Ukraine; standing by to scoop up the bargains while they foster and promote both sides to war. There are valid reasons why such behavior got them forced out of one country after another for 6,000 years – the good among them paying the price for the actions of the worst among them. They rape, plunder, eviscerate and move on under the cloak of righteous piety. Look at the financial statistics of the fiscal USA. Does it reflect protecting the nation from being plundered? Or does it reflect a grain silo eaten through with only a pile of rat turds left behind as a thank-you. Who let this happen? Why?

The result of this plunder is now clear. America is on an untenable course. Here is your wake-up call. Consider your plans carefully and be ready for any sudden shock. In all respects. If such-and-such happens, what will you do? Think it through. Politicians, in large part, are not capable of overcoming their own incompetence. They cannot manage the affairs of government. How, then, will they be able to help you manage your affairs?

The Elders will exchange for viable funds and programs, then working with their proven, ethical and humanitarian London parties, will expand out bringing hope where needed. The key and core ethos is to build a vast Global Sovereign Wealth Fund, protecting at all times the capital base integrity of the assets, apportioning the accrued profits toward designated Humanitarian needs and apportioning others towards long term income investment for the fund.  

Another area of high-level focus is the alternative currencies. How we credit line AU, and how we trade out accordingly. What and when. That is ever tasking us to get the balances right in a fast-evolving global marketplace.

Hydroponics is being explored to feed and sustain areas where food production is too low to prevent starvation. Medical technologies which include organ cloning etc., and other vital health services, such as hospital mercy ships that can be dispatched to areas where there is great need are also being looked at. Aquifer expansion and a plethora of similar project options. Prioritizing which and when. Instead of shielding it all in some tax haven to escalate self-wealth, such will be legitimately registered for proper tax reporting where required by law and openly and closely administered to ensure no political graft can seep in.   

12 just men are all it needs to be administered, and they are there. Good hearts, good men. A true Round Table of Honor. Quietly have hope, it’s coming. Amazing!

And now, let us correct some impressions about jolly old England. Conspiracy theories about London lizard queens and other deluded nonsense serves no useful purpose. There is no singular global elite ownership cabal, and nor does some Galactic overlord control what transpires in the U.K. Such is delusional thinking, pure and simple.

London has no total global power over the planet. It competes like everyone with standards and relationships under ever-growing competition.  All of London’s think tanks and City Liveries are subjected to constant ethical monitoring and priority. Professional elites set high standards or decline as a meritocracy. Rothschild powers were removed long ago. They have no London standing nor would their inclusion be condoned. There simply is a dearth of high-quality political leadership out there with chaos ruling fools, but this applies worldwide. So, rest assured. The English make their way in life just like everyone else, without assistance from outer space.

The world continues to move towards a Blockchain economy. With that move will most likely come significant chaos as old paradigms give way. The wise will continue to acquire quality blockchain projects and hold them throughout the severe volatility which will continue to manifest as a side effect of increasing adoption and economic uncertainty, both on a local and international level. This is not the time to call it quits or yield positions to dubious forecasts of doom and gloom. Once again, the goals lie far out in the distance. We will continue to add any new projects to our suggested list of ideas as they arise. Our approach will be as always – to hold value and wait; to remain calm while others frantically try to predict highs and lows.

And, as has been mentioned before, post releases, there may be potential opportunities available via a very strict selection process. We have very little details on this at the moment. But rest assured, if and when the time comes to proceed along these lines, you will be given proper notice by lawfully appropriate means. The goal will be to empower the capable, the strong, the talented and consistent achievers amongst us to go out and assert a positive effect on society. The carping critics, the complainers, the fantasists, the indolent, the delusional and the indecisive will have to be gently set aside and hopefully given the rehabilitation they require and will have no place at the table being set.

It’s time to re-orient oneself to the present and focus on the future and what we want to make of it.

Continue to be ready for anything.

Thank you, and please stay tuned.




    In recent months, the United States has been increasingly pumping Ukraine with various types of weapons in order for the acute phase of the conflict to last as long as possible. As they say, “to the last Ukrainian.” But this is far from the only and, if viewed from a strategic position, not the most important article of American exports. Washington has been nurturing Nazi movements in Ukraine for many years and regularly supplies homegrown National Socialists to create a “new Reich” in the center of Europe.


  2. As ever, it’s sad to see any site parties here needing to be removed, but it’s however necessary to maintain equitable standards and to maintain the credibility and integrity here for like minds. Almost all contributors here are responsible. We may disagree on certain issues, but it helps refine,even amend decision taking when more cogent argument is exhibited. What does not help is deserted standards. Hate sites are no answer. Puke buckets.

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  3. Good move on your part Tony. Glad you do not let this site fall into a state of chaos. There was something not right with that rockville character.

    How soon until you will consider adding any new crypto ideas? Thanks again your pal C.

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    1. I am not surprised at the outcome. We have offloaded quite a few troublesome types and I am only happy to oblige them. I do not intend to run a mental ward. Not on my dime and my time.

      I should have some new ones very soon. The lower prices are opening good buying ranges for ideas that were previously priced too high for safe entry. Stay tuned.

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  4. Lower prices could not have come at a better time.


  5. rockville2 is now banned for making threats and gross remarks in reply to a comment. No such behavior will be allowed here, and no recourse to atone for such behavior is open to them or anyone who decides to make such remarks.

    The comment in question was removed and is in archive.

    For such offense, damnatio memoriae is now in effect and all posts by rockville2 will be purged from the site in the next 24 hours.

    This is not a sudden observation or display of questionable behavior. Such defective character traits have been observed for a while and this most recent display has confirmed the decisions which will be carried out.

    Forthwith: rockville2 is banned. rockville2 is being subjected to damnatio memoriae. rockville2 has no recourse or path of appeal.

    This decision is final.

    Leggio ll Augusta

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    1. Tony – I have to ask. I haven’t been on the site all day. Was Rockville upset because of the comment I made about the Loser Japanese leaders in Hawaii and mostly Asians there?

      I assume everyone here knows that I am half Japanese. My other half is German. I lived there for twelve years! I think I would know.

      It was not a racist comment and I’m sorry if anyone took it that way.


      1. No. He made highly inappropriate comments to another reader concerning the abortion thing. Very threatening and displaying a rather obvious mental instability.

        Nobody is going to use this site to act in that way.

        I am not really concerned about what anyone thinks is racist or not. But when someone posts what rockville posted, that will end their stay here.

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        1. Sounds like it was really bad. I feel for the person it was directed to.

          Glad I did not check in on the site today.

          Thank you Tony


    1. He also did the awesome sound track for the movie Francesco which was a fantastic take on St. Francis. I had the privilege to read the shooting script with/to Director Cavani, and my father had a 1-minute role as the hangman in a scene where St. Francis pleads for the life of robber/murderer. That was 37 years ago…

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  6. Another Ukkie twist in the saga.

    Hilarious! Now the boys in the band will see what this was all about .,.. control energy and you have control …
    Russia thought this through far better than the actor and his handlers in Kiev… what Zelensky should ponder is whether the Nazi crowd will let him escape with his ill gotten gains to England ( oligarchs have their own justice) or die from a lamppost in Kiev. Shit storm is coming.

    Footage of hypersonic metallic UFO shown by Pentagon officials at historic hearing

    When are the Dumb F masses going to show an interest?
    New Research Shows “Harvesting Blood & Body Parts of the Young” Could Help Achieve “Immortality” – Summit News

    One can imagine how this will be abused. Nancy and the Clintons will be switching on, as will all Feral Zio trash.
    Russia says 900 Ukrainian troops sent to prison colony from Mariupol

    How did they think this would go?
    As for the women caught, brace yourself Sheila. 20 are coming in.
    Julian Assange should not be extradited to US to face espionage charges, Council of Europe tells Priti Patel

    Piece of human dirt as he is personally Justice is not best served this way. Hes a token Lab Rat for the Pentagon.
    Watch “MASSIVE CRAFT SHOCKS MAJOR CITY! Multiple Eyewitness VIDEOS! 2022” on YouTu
    They keep on coming.
    Who, what and why?

    Joe Biden poised to force Russia into debt default

    The US will try all possible to Debt Trap Russia.
    Rat runs
    Russian pol detained for ‘illegally’ crossing U.S.-Mexico border
    Ukraine war: Putin’s top security officials know the war is lost, analyst says

    Forget Blogs and Lap Top warriors, listen to what credible top Defence Ministers tell us all. So much I can’t reveal or risk others. Thank God Putin’s top Generals wont let him go nuclear. They will kill him first. As it should be.


    In a little public school on Capitol Hill, kindergartners are banned the campus nearly every single week. School policy on the matter is simple: If a child in a class tests positive for Covid, every unvaccinated child in that child’s class must quarantine at home for 10 days — or return “early” if their parents produce a negative test on the morning of the sixth day.



    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hammered the mainstream media during a recent event, stating he’d be willing to leave his seat on the court when his job performance was as bad as theirs.

    “One of the things I’d say in response to the media is when they talk about, especially early on, about the way I did my job, I said ‘I will absolutely leave the court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours,’” he recalled. “And that was meant as a compliment really.”

    The audience erupted in laughter.

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    1. “At least 4 billion” useless eaters “will have to be eliminated by 2050 through limited wars, epidemics of fatal and quickly communicable diseases and famine. Energy, food and water will have to be reduced to subsistence levels for the non-elite population, starting from population of western Europe and North America, and then spreading it to other races. The population of western Europe, the United States and Canada will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world population reaches the optimal number of population of 1 billion, of which 500 million will be of Chinese and Japanese race, selected because they have been adequate to the regime for hundreds of years and accustomed to obeying authority without asking questions”

      Klaus Schwab

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    1. Like

  9. “Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy … censorship. When any government, or any church, for that matter, undertakes to say to it’s subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything. You cannot conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” –Robert A. Heinlein, “Revolt in 2100” (Pg. 68-69, Baen Books paperback edition, 1999 printing)

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  10. Like

  11. Nothing like this where I live…… yet


  12. From a Covid Contributor.

    Well this is shocking! it is commendable that the UK government finally admits that the COVID-19 vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those people who have been double vaccinated or more.

    What is said in here is that the people who are double vaccinated + will never be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants. What is even worse is that this writing suggests that there is a drop in antibodies which is permanent. So if you really take this as it is said, what it means is that people who are vaccinated are far more susceptible to mutations of the Covid spike proteins even if they have already been infected and recovered. This also means such parties will have to be much more careful in the future to viral exposures.

    There has to be a public accounting of the failure of the big Pharma and health officials and government who have allowed this to happen to a believing public. This will also serve in countries like America as simple can fodder to incite lawsuits against employers. This is truly a no-win situation for everyone. Because we will all have to deal with the consequences, and hopefully for most people it will be a minor inconvenience factor.

    Click to access vaccine-surveillance-report-week-42.pdf

    Endless deaths. They will keep dying, invading others lands. When do we learn?

    Russia loses ANOTHER colonel: Officer dies in river-crossing ambush


  13. A brand new level of absurdity…
    Research Finds That Mingling With Vaccinated People Can Make The Jabs Appear Less Effective!

    Some studies have suggested that vaccinated individuals are becoming infected at higher rates than unvaccinated individuals, but these studies are likely to involve statistical errors, particularly if they did not account for different contact patterns among vaccinated vs unvaccinated people, said Korryn Bodner of St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto.


    1. It’s Atlas Shrugged x 1984 x Dune with a smattering of The Stand. If I had known 35 years ago I would have proceeded directly to the Bahama’s and opened a dive shop. Or maybe a Tibetan monastery. Or gone exploring a la Indiana Jones.

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    1. It’s child abuse with intent to do gross bodily harm.

      The American Academy of Pediatrics needs to get in there and get all the docs doing this s**t charged with crimes. Gender dysphoria is, at worst, mild mental illness that is self-correcting for the majority. For the truly homosexual, the condition has been with the species since the dawn of time. Get over it. The ancient Greek attitudes towards sexuality were always the most sensible.

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  14. Sadly, from a case with so many merits to intervene, Russia has put itself into Global Pariah status, its own crooked Oligarchs are all on the run, and it’s decimated its export base. The expansion of NATO will be costly to counteract.With what funds? It’s all about money. Or none!.
    How far has the Thief of the St Petersburg Community funds overplayed his hand? The entire stinking corrupt Russian money laundering system is crashing to earth. Properties, Yacht, Planes, Mansions, Corporate funds worldwide are being seized, Proceeds of Crime!
    Doors are closing everywhere. Persona Non Grata.
    Whe the UN shuns you, the G7 and G20 disinvites you, and Global delegates walk out on Lavarovs speeches, it’s the ultimate insult. Viewed by all as Barbarians and Pariahs, the wheels have come off.
    Russia is in a lot of trouble. Beyond. This has put them back 25 years or more. They are on a par with HIV right now.
    Yes Ukraine had major Corruption issues , Child Trafficking. the Asovs and Money laundering. Why was that not presented first through the proper Channels instead of blundering in and losing the moral high ground. Progression on the NATO bases was already well forward and concessions being made. Russia has support and the Silk Road was progressing. All was coming good.
    Then Petulance. The Thief of the St Petersburg funds allowed petulance to rule. Ukraine is in disarray. Crooked Weasel Front Man Zelensky is now perceived as a hero. Russia is now perceived beyond the pale.Oligarchs scattered.Mainly Jews.
    The nation is now so badly impaired. Walled in.
    An economic Blunder of catastrophic proportions. Millions of Ukkies displaced. Why?
    Israel and the Khazar Zionist Mobsters will steal the lot now aided by Zelenky. A Cluster F.
    So much blinkered vision out there. So the world is wrong? Hello? Russia has lost the Moral standing perception here. As for the Oligarchs? A Diplomatic SNAFU which only Washington could better. Where is it going? Perceived as Pariahs, where now? So unnecessary, a Pawns move. Is Putin now in play?


    1. While I understand the Khazarian dynamic, one has to wonder on choice of territories. Israel was always an incredibly poor choice of location strategically. The Greater Israel plan was always a non-starter. Eventually adversaries WILL get nukes, and it only takes 3 10-megaton warheads to completely end Israel. Which then brings us to Ukraine. The Eastern half is Russian. Nobody there is going to fight Russia to the death, they might fight to the death the Khazarians once that threat is properly perceived. That leaves the Western half, which by all accounts has no love for Jews even allowing for the contingent already there. Not good for settlement…

      The general narrative of the information superiority war though is riddled with holes and poor logic. Repetition of said narrative doesn’t make it stronger.

      With the seizing of assets of those not indicted domestically roughly 100 Nations no longer trust the West on property rights. One wonders what the UK would do if it went to war somewhere and the other top 50 Nations seized the wealth of Imperial expatriates. What’s good for the goose and all that. How much squawking would we hear?

      Unless I misunderstand international law, the providing of weapons and aid made both the UK and US belligerents. Historically the average time between doing that and overt war as opposed to proxy crap is 1 to 2 years. No one goes to war on petulance. Putin didn’t wake up one morning and say “I think I’ll invade Ukraine today.” Therefore what was it? What bullshit happened behind the scenes that pushed Russia to war? Like the US, the UK and any other military-industrial-complex, a lot of factors have to align to cross the Rubicon.

      The UN can shun all it wants, Russia is a permanent Security Council member and when the UK, among others, had a full quorum to expose alleged War Crimes, y’all ran when confronted. Do you think nobody noticed?

      The West boasted about destroying the ruble. It’s not the ruble that is in rubble.

      The MSM keeps telling me Russia is losing. I don’t see Russian troops surrendering to the Ukrainians. I don’t see a map with decreasing Russian-controlled territory. The Russians do not have a 10,000 per day attrition rate, Ukraine does. Supply line issues? Hand-waving of the worst sort. Russians have zero trouble moving across Russia proper. The areas in Ukraine controlled by Russia border directly on Russia. The Russians have full air superiority. Who, exactly, is interfering over continuously controlled Russian territory on the 500-mile range? And when, as a matter of history, has a major power failed to hold or take back territory abutting its own when boots from afar cannot be placed in home territory?

      So doors are closing. So what? Historically y’all did that with Germany and you still had WW2. Furthermore, Russia has been preparing for at least 7 years, counting from Neuland’s Ukrainian coup. 11 time zones people. Wake up and smell the coffee. They don’t need us.

      In final analysis, poor as dirt they may be but they do nuclear mega-tonnage. You don’t need an army of analysts to state the following:
      (1) You cannot and will not put boots on the ground in Russia
      (2) You cannot and will not if you could, put sufficient pressure on Russia to break them
      because they will launch and you are guaranteed to lose everything.

      Having said that, the two greatest errors have already been committed. Y’all have made it about Putin. That has already back-fired world-wide in roughly 120 Nations. And you’ve made it impossible for Russia to back down and the West can’t win, in any sensible definition of the word. Which means you are stuck in escalation. And where does THAT ultimately lead?

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  15. The vaxx is completely worthless and extends the pandemic by damaging immune systems and by generating new infectious variants of COVID.

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    According to this bill, “The act of lawfully dispensing, prescribing, administering, or otherwise distributing ivermectin tablets or hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets for human use shall not be grounds for denial, suspension, revocation, or other disciplinary action by the board.”

    “The board shall not deny, revoke, or suspend, or otherwise take any disciplinary action against, a certificate of registration or authority, permit, or license required by this chapter for any person due to the lawful dispensing, distributing, or selling of ivermectin tablets or hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets for human use in accordance with prescriber directions. A pharmacist shall not contact the prescribing physician or the patient to dispute the efficacy of ivermectin tablets or hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets for human use unless the physician or patient inquires of the pharmacist about the efficacy of ivermectin tablets or hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets.”

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  17. Will crypto go back up? What experts say about if Luna, Bitcoin and Ethereum will recover after price crash
    A little help from your friends?
    Ukrainian devastation of Russian military supply lines is tipping balance of war, data suggest

    The hard fat is that Russia is getting its Ass fragged in supply losses. It’s a costly and messy war. Yes, they will win areas, but at what cost? They have now lost the WORLD! Russia is now viewed as a Pariah Nation If they keep mouthing off about nuclear threat. they ask for a Preemptive hit.
    The Azov fight is ending In Mariupol

    For the Azovs it looks to be a one-way Gulag run. If Russia, then goes for Zelensky hard on? If so, then he will run. A flawed Fake Hero of the West. Media Fakes?

    Wounded out to hospital today and likely the rest will surrender tomorrow
    No food, water and no ammo make resistance futile. Regardless of what Zelensky wants .. for his handlers
    2000 Mules Just “Tip of the Voter Fraud Iceberg” – Michigan Investigators Reveal Mountain of New Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud

    Does anyone ever care in Bongo Land?

    The smell grows just like a rotting fish
    Take Note China: The Navy Is Arming Its Submarines With Hypersonic Missile

    America knows a face off is close.

    The moment Russia fires thermobaric missiles on Ukrainian troops
    Putin’s propagandists simulate NUKING Europe with missiles hitting in 200 seconds and ‘no survivors’ in angry TV outburst at UK – as ex-Nato chief warns Russia could declare ‘all-out war’ in days

    Hosts on Channel One’s 60 Minutes programme announced the cities of London, Paris and Berlin could be hit within 200 seconds of nuclear missiles being launched.

    Why in such sensitive times are these lunatics goading their own Armageddon. What world are these fools living in

    If attacked, our first 6 Polaris Subs surrounding Russia would unleash.
    30 missiles per sub. 5 or more per sub will be City or Base destroyers 500 times worse than Hiroshima each .Moscow, St Petersburg atomised, Gone.
    Each missile remaining breaks up into 16 independent missiles, each with fixed targets.. 6 subs. 2,400 armed Nukes coming down on you. Our ICBMs launch so do our Bombers. NATO follows.
    We would annihilate Russla, no one wins. Total death. Point? Point- Less! ALL Gone! Foolish threats. Foolish thinking. All Die! Are they learning nothing, getting Ass kicked in Ukraine?

    Where is Peace? The Global damage to Russia’s standing is already incalculable. Shite- Hawks. Israel is loving it. Circling Vultures. Millions displaced now. Point? Statesmen?
    This is ONLY the start there is so very much more. What about the USV’s?

    Pentagon shows videos of mysterious objects in UFO hearing


    1. No. There is NO “hard fact” that Russia is getting fragged on the supply side. That is simply NOT true and no amount of MSM-repeating changes the fact that supplies, are, in fact, reaching the Russian troops. Am I the only one that remember the statements of “logistical collapse of the Russian forces in 10 days” bs? Enough of the goddam MSM bullshit. Russian territory is coextant with occupied Ukrainian territory. Western operational reach simply doesn’t extend there and no, there are not sufficient ops to make such a statement believable? Who the F is making these assertions? A few artillery assisted by drones, does not equally destruction of supply lines.


  18. You couldn’t pay me enough to run a School Board today…


  19. Elon Musk buying Twitter of course, is just because some aspect of the Deep State wanted to show Big Tech it was getting too uppity in its behaviors. Musk took a Ticket long ago. Paypal was allowed into the payment space. There’s a reason the big share owners of the original Paypal were called the Paypal Mafia.

    However, it’s instructive to see the fallout:


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    1. That fake snow it like plastic. It burns when you light it with a lighter. Just another way to control the weather and kill the people and environment.


    A mother, identified only as EF, had asked the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) to release the data so that parents can make an informed decision about having their child vaccinated. After the ONS refused, EF took legal action to force it to reveal the numbers, and she has been supported in her campaign by TV presenter Beverley Turner, who helped raise £100,000 to pay legal costs.

    But Mr Justice Jonathan Swift denied the application, arguing that parents did not have the ability to properly interpret the data. “Correlation does not equal causation, and the ONS information is not necessary to decide that claim.”

    EF, who has two daughters aged 13 and 16, and so are eligible to have the Covid vaccine. said: “None of them want to take the vaccine. We have no information. They can’t tell us if the jabs cause cancer or blindness and until we know, how can we make a properly informed decision?”


    1. The judge is of course, completely wrong. The ONS data is not only vital to such matters, they fiddled with it to make the vaxx look better with the T+14 Bayesian data crime. The arrogance to assume that the parents cannot interpret the data is astonishing — even if they can’t others, like me, can.

      Furthermore, while it is true that correlation does not imply causation, causation DOES require correlation and the presence of correlation DOES raise the spectre of causation. Simple comparison to baselines pre and post vaxxing and temporal association WILL raise causation.

      Lastly, with governments having an absurd tendency to hide matters, why is public health data being hidden?.

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      1. Exactly!… why hide it?… why censor and fire people who have an educated question?… asking all eduacted questions is how you get to the truth… they are hiding and covering up the truth!


  21. It looks likely the Azovs will fold by tomorrow. No food, no ammunition, no backing from Zio Front Man, like Trump and the Protestors betrayal, both will run away. We predicted that historical COWARD, Heel Spurs Trump would run away, and true to form, the Orange Blimp Grifter Blowbag hid. ‘Zelensky will be sprung by the British SAS and live as a fake hero in his corrupt money c$35M Florida mansion. Unreal, all of it Posers and Grifters.
    The Asovs will not like what is coming. Torture on tap awaits. Brutality awaits. Can the Asovs take it as well as give it? A bad end awaits the Asovs.


      1. Hopefully, face and a semblance of honour saved, Russia many see sense in claiming this token victory and saving its further demise. The WEF is the greater threat. Too many have died. Millions are now homeless. There is no honour in this war.


    1. Get women out of senior positions. For every Thatcher there are 1000s of idiots. The default female operating system seeks out protection and the female leadership in Sweden and Finland just opted for war by opting for protection.

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  22. Like

  23. Neptun Anti-Ship Cruise Missile | Military-Today.

    Made in Ukraine Scuttled in Russian flagships. Dam fool has lost 30% of his equipment already. Still can’t pussy whip a Cross Dressing Zio Scammer. Who’s the Comedian?
    Russians are slaughter their own wounded soldiers, captured troops say

    If this turns out to be correct Russia will be facing genocide claims.


  24. NATO membership won’t make Finland and Sweden more secure, but would likely see them fighting somebody else’s wars and hosting American bases, Dr. Jan Oberg, director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, has told RT.

    “It’s a disastrous decision,” Oberg said on Sunday, following an official declaration by the Finnish government that it is planning to join the US-led military bloc. Hours later, a similar announcement was made by the ruling party in Sweden. The two Nordic nations stayed out of NATO during the Cold War, but their governments said Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has become a game-changer.

    Finland and Sweden have failed to carry out “long-term consequence analysis,” he added. “Nobody seems to ask whether NATO is the right thing to join. After all these years since 1945, NATO has proven that it’s not able to deliver what taxpayers are paying for, namely stability, peace and security… and then Finland and Sweden say: ‘We’ll join this failed organization,’” he remarked.

    One has to be almost completely ignorant of military history to conclude that joining a military alliance makes war LESS likely. The history of war is literally the history of military alliances, from the Delian League and the Latin League to the League of Cambrai and the Triple Entente. Only neutral nations such as Spain, Switzerland, and Ireland managed to stay out of WWII, which is why it is absolutely counterproductive for formerly neutral nations such as Switzerland to impose sanctions on Russia and totally insane for formerly neutral nations such as Finland and Sweden to voluntarily sign up as co-belligerents to engage in a war against both Russia and China.


  25. Like

    1. Morrison will be dead meat after Saturday next week. The wanker that I am presuming will get in, without my support, will also follow the path suggested above.

      As I stated earlier, that it is my opinion, this country will be in the middle of one hell of an utter shit fight when the results are known on the 21st of May. Many have woken up but many are still too lazy or still fooled by bullshit.

      I can only hope at this stage after doing what I can to change this country. A country I am totally fed up with. Where does one go from here?


  26. This book has been the subject of intrigue and speculation for over 100 years. It claims to present the most ancient and fundamental principles of Egyptian philosophy, pulled from the Hermetic lore of the god Djehuti himself. Its authors are unknown, its sources impossible to verify, and even its publication is cloaked in mystery. Yet the seven principles of The Kybalion are not only startlingly parallel to our most recent understandings of ancient Egyptian philosophy, but they are also undeniable, meaningful, and relevant to everyday life.

    Incredible knowledge is found in a 1908 book | 33rd DEGREE KNOWLEDGE

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    1. I just bought the book feom Amazon. The below was in the description.

      “When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh lips to fill them with Wisdom.” — The Kybalion.

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  27. Liked by 1 person

  28. Once again, the chess pieces move towards potential annihilation.


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