Causes Of Global Settlements Delays And Battleplans To Overcome Them

“What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all.”

London Temple Head

These are multiple interlinking issues to help you really understand the full board in play today gaming your own lives, the reason for global settlement delays, and what is coming at you. Unplanned, unshielded they will take it all.  Get real and get organized. They did!

Politicians have failed us all. The system is not working because of the dubious political rogues, ambulance chasing attorneys, grifters and snake oil peddlers, seeking only self-enrichment, who hold too many seats, and, sadly, in the U.S., are mainly funded and owned by Jews, and the lobbyists (presidents all are).  Trump’s own pardoning for obvious “alleged” bribe money via the Kushners, of seriously convicted long sentenced criminal Jews, is disgusting and shameful. As was his land theft of the Syrian’s Golan Heights for the Kushners, Israeli racketeers and Cheyney.  He’s yet another shameful, political low life! No, it’s NOT acceptable. He’s a shabby grifting slag and it hurts good Americans. Trust is a price not fair to be lost. 

There are few quality statesmen left to deal with this barbarian Putin and his Moscow mafia henchmen. The orange blimp can’t. Biden’s too incontinent to understand the meaning of a continent. This war has caused so many delays. Rasputin’s so scattered the board right now. Chaos rules while vipers change Biden’s diapers and Hunter channels funds to Ukraine. For what? You wonder why it takes time? Swindling the swine?    

Both U.S. Houses are full of the self-serving, untrustworthy rogues like Pelosi and Clinton, who hold too many seats, and, like the ruthless Bush family, blatantly loot the store unchecked by the system. America’s infrastructure is failing and collapsing, because wealth created and taxed from your American societies hard work, and US Zionist global hegemony, is also being syphoned off by the bloated military industrial cabal and Jewish bankers.  America fares badly beyond most Western nations, as since JFK, there has not been a national leader of intelligence, patriotic embodiment, and integrity, to serve the needs of the nation, and ensure ethical standards. Instead, as with the Bushes and Clintons, archcriminals of the worst kind loot with impunity. How can such a festering, feral rabble lead anything? You wonder why Asia and the Far East are breaking away and scourging the dollar and SWIFT? Eisenhower warned America’s deaf ears and dumb politicians what was coming.  When will America wake up to reality, as all around them is collapsing and no one cares? We will explain more in stages.  

Here is an interesting rabbit hole of intrigue if you were unaware. Can you absorb and handle this? Welcome to my world, if so: How America Secretly Recovered Yamashita’s Gold

First and foremost, before we get to the real issues affecting all nations, let’s dispose of these tiresome Dinar banshees and endless desperadoes who just won’t get it; the ever-vacuous ambulance chasers. Hard facts. Reality time, not pumpers’ empty rhetoric.

The protected assets behind the settlements are beholden to no one and will not be cross assigned to underpin or bail out fake currency printing scams, promoted by such undesirables and Dinar pumping con artists. There is no agenda to bail such almost demonetized notes, or even converted versions.  Nor will Iraqi banks assist convert or encash out to anyone who illegally invaded and perniciously destroyed their poor, DEFENSELESS country. Wantonly!  Hegemony ghouls and bloodsuckers who have no shame or humanity for these lost Iraqi souls. Just gimme, gimme, gimme hands out. They feel owed. Pitiful. One million Iraqi innocents are dead, and no shame! Swap places!  Murdered by the U.S., swindled by Bush 41, and Iraqis genocided by Bush 43.  Pariahs, banshees wailing in the night.  Eat it. There is no, and never will be, any interest in enriching such bottom feeders, and they are all peeing in the wind. Blood money! Scurrilous greed and human indifference.  Me, me, me! SORRYYY! Not happening. Noise on the system Wombats. Swamp creatures.  

Gettin’ Ready For The RV! (For 15 years)

Anything for a failed fast buck, after how many years and how many fake imminent closures?  You lost! Wake up and walk. It’s time now as Iraq is not coming good for such ambulance chasers.  How long is your wake-up time? Dreams are not free. Cash out and get out while there still are suckers to buy. The pumpers took your pants down. Get-real time. The Settlements are not bailing you. It’s a no-show and they still keep hustling! They know now that you will swallow… anything. Iraq is NOT bailing you, nor are the Elders. Not a chance! No one is buying pumper’s paper, apart from you. The Dinar rags know there’s one born every day. How many have tried to get their notes back from dubious group arrangements, and failed? We are looking at another South Seas Bubble just waiting to pop. Too late then, exit now. Quit dreaming, you don’t have multi-millions at stake, just what you put into it, even if that. Running money only. Call it and try Cryptos. It’s time. They failed. Time for you to bail. Know when to fold and walk away, when the dream is done. Before your money is. The IMF will not bail it, nor will Iraq. Bail or go down with the burst bubble as many gullible fools will.  Time to stop being a Mug. Call it and start afresh. 15 years of bottom feeder BS?  Pumpers feed from naïve greed. Good suggestions to help you with meaning respect.  It’s only time now before the Fed’s hands are on collars.  Then it’s too late for them and they know it. Stop dreaming and start thinking straight. Re-purpose your lives. There will be no Free dinners from Dinars.  

If you really want to be part of the oncoming Settlements allocations markets, first start with intelligent reading by actually understanding the history of the Elders’ Au and what IS coming with the currencies and BRICS.  You need to position. You do the real legwork for once and get the true history of what it takes, the subterfuge, and their chicanery, the Criminals In Action Agency, and Zionist skullduggery with these Khazar raptors waiting like hydras on every corner. Appreciate what was done to Yamashita, Marcos, M1, Riyardi, Tropos, Falcone, and the tyrannies perpetrated by these carnivores and Cabal jackals like the Bush Family and Greenspan. Get with it.  Read up and think what If – it’s you?  Unguarded it will be. 

We do, in fact, have plans to try to help most get clear of what is coming, but it will create a schism with the Zios. 2 big dogs will not feed from a bowl for one. Ours will be a power transfer and no feed bowl for them. No Khazars or camels in the tent. 

But now we keep our cards close, and plans shielded. It will be epoch-breaking for mankind, and ball-breaking for their kind. We are planning for post-America. Not following the lemmings to the cliff edge in the kingdom of the blind. Know your enemies. 

Held as assets in Elders’ trusts, these few remaining dynasty global hard Au assets, which were not pre-stolen by the Cabal or Zionists, are subject to multiple well-contemplated codicils, and at all times protected from scurrilous, unprincipled Americans.  They are also protected from emerging Chinese interests. Having stolen the rest across Asia and the Far East, the usual predatory U.S. locusts are being kept well away. The Zionists and the CIA crime families syndicate cabal are the real enemies of geopolitical freedoms. The now failing NWO conspirators are panicking. Skull and Bones fear their own oblivion as rats on a sinking ship. Kissinger aspires to see 50% of the Third World dead, or more. Some kind of humanity! It’s now a Davos thinktank head-on grab with WEF.  If that tanks, what then? Hopefully, it will! Neither China nor India will go with it, thankfully. 

And Who Controls The Money?

Life becomes an ongoing poker game at all times; watching out for so many concealed cards up their sleeves, like river boat card sharks.  Have you any idea of the focused force and threats applied to parties who decline them, or the global extent of their reach?  

The Cabal are beyond shadow governments and face implosion as economically unaffordable. Over 60% of taxes coerced by the IRS are used to fund banker and the military industrial black operations. You cannot conceive their agendas and real-world take out via the Fed programs if you’re outside the loop. We try to warn you. Americans are clueless of the unelected powers who rule and run their lives. Their powers and controls far transcend presidents. They control it all. Unchecked! 

These same funds supported a global hegemony which funded Fauci to unleash COVID-19, and skunks like Gates to hype up and enrich himself from faulty and fake vaccines, sterilizing and killing the world with protected Teflon indemnities. 

Let us help you grasp core dichotomies we face, and more to follow to understand our moves and why YOU also need to learn and plan forward to protect your own assets from what is coming. Dreamers will be lunch. Clueless. Gone is gone! But we will also show you what is possible if handled correctly and funds ethically redirected. Position for BRICs and your own safety. Your own mind power! Learn how to game your own board or get bank bailed-in. Sucker punches.  

  • $10T of Au (But more in reality) held in secure storage will be worth at least $15T to $20T over 10 years invested as simple net asset capacity in securities trading. In reality, if we utilized these vast funds to securities trade in the Tier 1 and Tier MTN and BG markets, that could transform national debts, and interjected as needed and deserved, will be like a Viagra shot for struggling retirees and pension funds. Time to build CDFI Community funding. MTN and BGs fund the Cabal and most Zionist bank racketeering. What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all. Caring and sharing as society deserves. But with the Zio’s snout taken out!  
  • With the collapsing U.S. petrodollar, $10T of Au converted now for a depreciating American petrol dollar currency, will be worth at best only a depreciated $5T by then, and possibly far less. Even demonetized. Will it even survive? Toilet paper! Why hand over these hard-core assets for a worthless fast depleting US fiat currency and to Cabal treasury Zionist sharks to still steal? It’s an ongoing protracted poker game with Zionist swindlers and their Israeli overseen FRB NY skunk hole. Other factors also impact, meriting intense geopolitical and Treasury oversight. We need at all times to be Teflon clad dealing with these ever-scheming Cabalists, the same Fed who intercepted an $800B ACAT Tropos SWIFT and blatantly stole it from the Wachovia Bank screens mid transfer. Racoons! We protect the Elders as a united team together. Au will not move for toilet paper, nor to banks open to Fed or BIS sequestration for the Zio’s alien nation.    
  • The same Fed/Treasury Zionist Rothschild backed parasites with whom multiple parties signed off the Bank of Indonesia Riyardi Au contract, (Fronted and insurance wrapped by Greenspan, confirmed to us by both the Governor of the B of I, and the ex-White House Senior Legal Presidential Advisor) confirmed for us that the account was real, and that Bill Clinton was then using the proceeds weekly, with poor Riyardi denied access to his own lawfully contracted profit share. But this was not for public media release. It was part of our own journey of discovery while entering the web and unmasking the weevils at work. 
  • Over decades we have been able to access most of the Cabal and Zionist networks, also their infrastructure behind, seeing firsthand most of the betrayal and siphoning off of the vast wealth and hard-earned assets of mankind, and the unaccountable corruption of what is both running America, and robbing it blind. All Eisenhower’s warnings and fears were realized. Even then the weasels were burrowing in deeply.  Eisenhower feared for you all. It has come to pass as he warned. 
  • America is run with 2 sets of books, one undisclosed for mass connivery and unparalleled fraud and ruthless chicanery. The scale of siphoned theft is the primary cause of America’s deteriorating infrastructure and Israel’s hidden wealth. It keeps these Jews well suited and booted. Gullible Goyim whom they despise, exploited. The transfer switch game which allowed the Bushes to award single supplier contracts without tendering to their own front companies, skimming vast profits by double transfer cons, with the likes of Cheney acting for the Bush family to skim the lot. Bush 41 was a crime lord, a con artist. They got rich stitching up Americans. You!
  • Let me give you all hope. For many years we have been planning innovatory rail networks across Eurasia, from Beijing to London, traveling via Kazakhstan and to both Moscow and the U.K. The same from China, through India and over to Iran. Networks taking us from Iran, via Turkey, into Greece and Europe. Networking also new joint-venture projects between the U.S. and U.K., which has great synergy. The same with Germany. Vast new infrastructure projects. Creating and building entire new economies. Taking the vast industrial potential of the Ruhr to empower its foundries, fabrication industries and opening up new jobs for metal workers, re-tasked to manufacture the vast new rail tracks and rolling stocks needed for the emerging Silk Roads’ new cities, communities and infrastructure along the way. Refunding the Foundries to re-fund Germany and other nations by intelligent use of securities profits to secure your futures. Money for taxes not skimmed to offshore banks. Enrich nations instead. New education systems free of Abrahamian dogma and no Vatican child molestation. Core ethereal values star children! Allow and encourage Germany to adopt part national service as with Switzerland, to protect its borders, communities and women with pride. 
  • Our Elders would part-own the entire new highways, the infrastructure, and the global community financing. Waging war on want, not each other. Not cross-funding the vast, out- of-control rapacious military industrial Cabal, four-squares-a-day posing comic Pentagon characters; coffee and burger fat guts who run from trouble, and their greedy toy soldiers. Its unquenchable thirst is for the creation of wars to feed the vast shadow governments military combine hegemony contractor companies who mass kill for profit. Or to feed its Criminals In Action crime syndicate agencies who quadrupled opium production in Afghanistan and did deals with the Taliban for profits. Never mind that the ever-faulty Lockheed planes fall out of the skies, they just charge ever more fees which increases their profits. Never mind the fact the ejector seats don’t work, this time they make sure any new “Francis Gary Powers” pilot does go down with his plane. Vast trillions are syphoned off each year, and for what gain for Americans? Zero! Mugged!
  • When the new central BRICS currency is unleashed as a preferred USD alternative, which many will then adopt, do you have a clue what is coming at you? 
  • When over 50% of all water running off the Rockies every year is wasted, while America faces droughts and food shortages, why is it beyond Washington to innovate, repair the levies, create new dams and use the enormous power then harnessed to generate new hydro power for the cities? Self-help, instead of the Cabal helping itself. Self-sufficiency by self-help. Here is a brief review of a project proposed in 1964 which could have been built in 20-30 years. Instead, Lyndon B. Johnson chose to spend the funds on Vietnam and kill 58,000 of our young men in a war that was never declared by Congress; men that could have built this system. The resources, both financial and technical, exist to do this and other projects. But only if such project funding will remain out of the grasp of desperately insolvent central bankers, who, like before, will not see such positive life supporting projects like the North American Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA) as important to their interests.

    And those interests are not interested in looking out for your interests.  
58.000 Dead Instead Of 4,000,000 Employed. Courtesy Of Politics And Its Backers

Remember, the preceding information concerning the global settlements is certainly true, but not all there is to know. It is impossible to reveal all the details at this stage. The complexities require delicate handling and discretion. As we can, more information will be forthcoming when it is appropriate and safe to share. Your understanding is appreciated!

And as a final thought, the only place you will find accuracy in all matters concerning the global settlements, is right here. No other sites or outlets are going to legitimately reveal details of the process beyond what is disclosed here. Be cautious in your judgment when you hear stories of pending mass public financial payments from “elders” or “Asians”, claimed by people with no discernable positions of responsibility within the necessary sovereign halls of power where such matters are negotiated.

Remember, the mountain does not come to the man. Never forget this.

Thank you, and stay tuned for further announcements. The journey continues.



  1. You Are Not Supposed to See This…Cancer – The Forbidden Cures (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News

    Worth watching ..

    Biffie: In case anyone missed this video that was posted by John, here it is again. I just finished watching it and I have heard of several of these treatments before. There are cures for cancer. And this video tells of several successful ways.

    Thank you John!!


  2. That’s one.


  3. Shut up you dumb kike.

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  4. News in Brief: The Introduction

    Russia responds. Massive overnight attacks throughout Ukraine as Russia responds to the attack on the Crimean bridge. Trump again calls for immediate peace negotiations.

    Economic reports to watch this week: CPI, Fed, Consumer Survey, Retail Sale, and Earnings reports.

    Biden’s DOJ continues to end investigations into China’s influence, including in elite educational institutions.

    Mainstream media panics as election officials brace for “surge of highly motivated election deniers” working as poll watchers and election judges. Many alligator tears shed at Barnes household.

    LA City council members caught on tape ridiculing each other over race.

    Christopher Columbus Day. Wokesters complain; Italians celebrate.

    Ben Sasse resigns from the Senate.

    Fears about European debt and a potential global sovereign debt crisis spike.

    Big donors to BLM complain about missing and misused funds.

    Kanye reinstated and banned on same say in social media.

    Wisdom of the Day: “The contention that an injury can amount to a crime only when inflicted by intention is no provincial or transient notion. It is as universal and persistent in mature systems of law as belief in freedom of the human will and a consequent ability and duty of the normal individual to choose between good and evil.” Justice Jackson.


  5. He has no life ahead, the US wants him caged for life, so this may be merciful for him. A tough time to be Assange.

    Julian Assange has Covid as wife says next few days will be ‘crucial’
    Get clear about Trump he’s such a truly THICK Moron he’s too stupid to know what day of the week it is. Why eulogise Shrek?

    The Guardian US: Kevin McCarthy claimed Trump had no idea his supporters carried out Capitol attack – live.

    How can it be Terrorism fighting to save your country from Moscow Crime Cabals. Ukkies fight to be free. Russia comes to take and rape.
    Ukkies wipe out 10,000 more and we all need to block these animals Visas. Deport what’s in the EU and America. Block Russian Mafia and Oligarch funds. Shoot to Kill!

    Vain, ignorant and STUPID!

    Nickerless Sturgeon is mouthing off bubbles again about Referendums. Peeved because Liz Truss have not called her. Do I not call her enough?
    Let the Whinging, Thieving, Drug ridden Drunken Bastards go. Huge welfare savings. Re erect the wall. Stop the trains and reduce the flights. Let them keep themselves. Please?
    Then if the Referendum fails, AGAIN!!, we must insist she’s gone. Gone for good. Hag free. No more talks until she walks. Get that ugly Pigs snout out of our trough.
    Failing that neutron the place. Scots free land. Sorted. Even the Romans walled them out. They knew! No Scots, no problems.

    Sturgeon slams Truss as ‘another spin on Tory misery-go-round’
    Who Else Bought BlackRock’s LDI Swindle Products? | ZeroHedge

    The Zionist yanks F your pension funds putting them into a box. You’ve been Zio Raped AGAIN! Will you EVER learn?
    For those neither sleeping, or brain dead. read this. Please?

    Just how laid back and stupefied are Americans? You do Nothing??????????? Obama is Raping your Souls. All he will leave is Ass Souls.
    Good reading. Unless your Trump and can’t. Trump ONLY has the IQ of a 10 year old.
    Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2022 at 17:15
    Subject: It did not have to be this way but what should be expected from a coke head

    Key, important news and views on Ukraine. From those hands on.

    Zelensky is a first class clown unfit for anything. That said he was warned by MI6 that an attack was coming and he ignored it just like anything that does not fit his narrative of the day.

    Even in the mid 90’s relatives of mine told me after being in Canada that they would never see such a state even in their life times because it was impossible to catch up. And since the break up of the Soviet Union the Ukraine has been a laggard in development largely because of its’ criminality and thus problematic state for doing business. Even 25 years ago it was simple to go there and become an oligarch if you would pay off. Sole production in everything from canning to plastics was on the table for money.

    Sadly, now the time has arrived to pay for past sins by seeing a beautiful populace thrown back 30 years+ to rid them of a thieving culture. God have mercy on the countries that accept this spawn because they will continue wherever they are. Already elements have entered countries like France and Poland.

    As for the Ukraine forces on the front lines they are learning what i have warned about for a long time Starlink is not secure to Russian lockdowns. They do not have to knock the satellites down only to scramble the signals. Even American satellite info has gone dark so these folks are on their own.

    Attacks on critical infrastructure throughout Ukraine continue – what is known at the moment

    The destruction of the Ukrainian energy system continues – thermal power plants, substations and other infrastructure facilities and buildings of law enforcement agencies have come under attack. Electricity has already been cut off in Lviv, Ternopil, Kyiv, Kharkov, Sumy, Dnipro and other cities. The liquidation of 11 important infrastructure facilities in 8 regions and Kyiv is officially announced.

    In total, more than 200 shells were fired. There are reports of massive missile launches from the Caspian and the Black Sea, so we should expect a complete blackout in Ukraine soon. There are already demands to remove the top military leadership of Ukraine and specifically calls for the resignation of Zaluzhny. Zelensky is the real problem as he is a water buy for his enablers. And it will only be over when they stop. The parade of 2 Sarmat intercontinental missiles yesterday in front of the American embassy was a direct warning to America to back off.


    47 – Nikolaev region

    60 – in Kiev

    15 – in Lviv

    27 – in the Vinnitsa region

    20 – in Kharkov

    15 – in Odessa region

    This will not just be reflected in the suffering and grieve in the Ukraine. France is very reliant on steel from a plant that was hit this morning. Out 25 nuclear reactors only 12 are on line and the balance was awaiting pipe to fix Corroding cooling pipes. France has a power problem going into winter that will affect not just staying warm but industrial output.

    If traveling in Europe, be prepared to make changes because there will be further escalation going into November affecting Europe more than what is happening now.

    Meanwhile, it looks like things are heating up in South Lebanon and could easily break out is conflict by the end of this week.
    Hal Turner Radio Show – MASSIVE RUSSIAN ATTACKS IN PROGRESS INSIDE UKRAINE; Zelensky’s Office Hit By Missiles!

    Its building

    Good, lets call her cards. She wins, she takes them and feeds them. She loses she’s out the same day. We want her to win then they are both out.
    But Canny Scots are all Sheeps Arse Dags. They won’t leave and work. Born and bred Parasites. Give the English a vote of separating and 95% of us want them gone. Out. An ugly species. Cross bred with Sheep and all back doors. Scots Yuk. Gobshite Sturgeon needs to go. Or we have a hook on Westminster place wall for her. William Wallace rotted and dropped off. No pleasing some Cadavers. Time we impale her on it. We gaff Salmon, let’s hook a Sturgeon. God she’s ugly.


  6. A man convicted of raping a child received gender reassignment surgery at the taxpayer expense and doesn’t have to register as a sex offender… and apparently the judge thinks he knows better than doctors.

    Man convicted of raping a minor sues state over housing him with men, and judge awards him $2.58M

    A man convicted of raping a child received gender reassignment surgery at tax payer expense, doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.


    1. NEW – Biden admin requires trans women to register for draft if they were born male.

      “US citizens or immigrants who are born male and changed their gender to female are still required to register. Individuals who are born female and changed their gender to male are not required to register,” reads the guidance on requirements from the Selective Service System.

      The Selective Service does not require those who were born female but identify as transgender to register for the draft, only those who were born male.


  7. With Helicopter Man being given the Nobel Prize for Economics I have lost all respect for the Award. And I honestly deserve 2 of them for Medicine. 1 for helping bring about a non-toxic form of cancer therapy and 1 for placing on a sounder footing a therapy that reverses autism in 1-in-3 kids, improves the autism in 1-in-3 kids and nothing happens in 1-in-3. Both aspects were work-for-hire, but nonetheless…

    I’ll try for a Turing Award…

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  8. So many Key and Core Real World Issues are being promoted by so many of you now on site.
    Tony is working with me at one in the mornings to get key issues out for you, all. He’s an unsung Hero. At the old site all I got was narcissistic knives in my back and petulance. WHA leads, rocks and thrives with No Knives. Great Commenting parties and good readers. So many are trying. A good place to be. Free of petulance and Commie dysentery. You all make it work. Credit to all.

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  9. Is facing threats of bankruptcy?
    Pentagon spokesperson tamps down concerns over nuclear ‘Armageddon’
    Time to tank down Biden.
    Ukraine Is Raising An Army of Drones; As Iran Comes To Russias Aid With Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6

    Very interesting, As Iran now comes to Russia’s aid with Drones, so too will Russia aiding Iran with Israel. A major YES, those Palestinian murdering, land thieving Rat Bastards face payback.
    Supply Iran with Nukes lets sort these Khazars in Rat Central. Good Jews move out for a while. No need for good Jews to die for a Khazarian lie, Jews and Arabs can co exist. No one can with Zios.

    Correct, If these 2 ego tripping, slimy bastards abuse their privileges, Titles will be withdrawn, lines will be drawn and all parties will shun them. Bastards! Users! Look at how Markel has abused her own father.
    Bolters, Mother and Daughter. A C lister Actress, Pumpkin faced and dreadful legs, big ass, no top. Who the hell does she think she is? Harry married a Dog- Fool.

    Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir will ‘never see the light of day’
    Sorry Putin, YOU attacked Ukraine. YOU poisoned Russians in London you F! You ARE a War Crimes Thug who deserves to go to The Hague.

    But now his hands twitch and his legs shake , a Billionare Thief with nowhere to hide. Remember how Ras Putin died! Death now stalks him.

    The Washington Post: Putin blames Kyiv for attack on strategic Crimea bridge.
    The Public of tired of Wank Police and taking action.
    Just Stop Oil hold sit-down protest on The Mall near Buckingham Palace


  10. China ‘began stockpiling PPE months before Covid outbreak’; the question is ‘why’? What did Fauci & Francis Collins & Azar & WHO know then about COVID virus? Baric & Daszak? Birx?

    They knew, 100% KNEW

    We were getting reports of a massive OCCURRENCE in Wuhan, all hospitals, carparks filled in 2019, why? Cell phone records have hundreds of thousands of calls in & out of Wuhan then, why?

    Dr. Paul Alexander
    Oct 9

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    A huge YES to supporting the Iranian people, their women and girls, in their fight back against Tyranny and oppression from these vicious, mind warped, phobic, Religious fanatics. Nutters, the lot.
    Let these women and girls thrive,it’s their right to survive and thrive. Out with the mad Tyrants. End vile oppression.
    How Putin lost hearts and minds in eastern Ukrain

    This low hanging Putin Gorilla Snot has lost hearts and minds he’s lost the plot. Knives wait in the wings, he will lose the lot.
    No bad thing if we get weed by the tail and rip out the roots of crime. Standing tall and daaling with side effects.

    Home Secretary Suella Braverman considers making cannabis class A drug
    Watch “😅 Clean Jokes: My girlfriend and i were in bed kissing passionately and getting sensual…. 😅” on YouTube

    Way to do it. Brain power. Walk the walk and buy better.

    Watch “Dirty Joke – Tarzan and Jane Doing It For The First Time | Jokes Everyday” on YouTube

    These Arizona and Redneck boys.

    This dangerous little Weasel needs smnacking hard.

    Putin will chair meeting of his Security Council tomorrow
    Report: US Special Operations Forces are on the Ground in Ukraine – News From

    US and UK Special Forces now operating in Ukraine will cause hell for Russia.

    But is forcing Russia to react smart? Russia is a wounded Bear right now.
    Stupid mess at their peril. The West has No Intelligent leaders, Lavrov insulted Truss and now is cold shouldered. Where is dialog?

    Of course US forces are on the ground just not officially … as much as the fan club cheers for death of Russians, in this fiasco of conflict; the reality is that without Russians and their cheap accessible resources many national economies will not be able to rebuild.
    While to the angst of some parties Russia will not be silent and die quietly in the night to allow itself to be slaughtered for greed and hegemony. Painful memories reside in what happened when the Soviet Union collapsed with Western help. Yes, that war was fought and won. This one will be decided by Nukes when all else fails to result while a weakened state of hegemony in the ordinary course exists leaving no option but a first strike that will result in a response that will shake the world to its’ core.

    The time left to change course is short and requires enlightened statesmanship, is such intelligent can be found with influence. Otherwise we will see horrors not imagined and current daily concerns will pale in comparison.

    She’s a brutal nasty bitch who needs exposing. Bolter

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  12. That was quick.

    UPDATE – Twitter has censored Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo for tweeting about his recommendation against mRNA vaccines for 18-39 year old men due to an increased risk of death from heart problems.


  13. Exceptional response and the most thorough article on election integrity in America written to date.
    By Patrick Bryne…
    “That is a considerably weaker statement. They have gone from saying We know it did not happen to the much weaker claim: We have no evidence that it happened, we are not going to tell you if or how much we tried to find out, and the machine vulnerabilities must be “mitigated” but there are as yet no patches.”


  14. Who Blew the Runts Bridge of Dreams? It’s a Crimea Frieda just Dwarf Toss him.
    Poor little Runt but hes now put a mega Thug in charge of smashing the Zio Fake front, egos are hurt. Everywhere he turns he’s taking a hit. Now Russians run to avoid being conscripted. No one wants to die for the Moscow Dwarfs Crime Gang. His legs now twitch and his hands tremble, it’s visible to see this mediocre overrated Clown is going down. He will follow the fate of the Czars, he fears who will strike from behind and the Poker up his Rrrrrs.


    Germany shutting down

    If this energy fiasco continues unabated for another 6 months, the question of employment will be secondary to the reality that these companies will not be starting up. And the foolishness, that some how Government seizure of such facilities will led to a promised land. It takes money, non debt capital to restart such industries and that is only if there is consuming economy to receive such supply.
    While there is inflation now, deflation is coming soon, where many assets simply will have no liquidity because there is no demand due to the shrunken economy. It takes many years to restart a economy if you can, ever to reach where you were, as the world does not stand, still nor does it wait for you to get your act together.

    Energy woes force plants to close in Germany
    As the war in Ukraine drags on, German chemical makers suffer from lack of Russian supply
    by Alexander H. Tullo
    October 6, 2022 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 100, Issue 36 

    Credit: Trinseo
    Trinseo plans to close its styrene plant at this site in Böhlen, Germany.
    The war in Ukraine is dragging Europe, Germany in particular, further into an energy crisis as Russia withholds natural gas supplies. The situation has become so severe that chemical makers are beginning to permanently shut down plants.
    Trinseo says it has begun discussions with the local works council about the potential closure of its styrene facility in Böhlen, Germany. The company says the plant, which has 300,000 metric tons per year of production capacity, has lost a total of $30 million over the past four quarters.
    “The cost position of the Böhlen facility is challenged due to the current energy cost environment in Europe as well as the facility’s smaller scale, and it’s difficult to envision significant earnings improvement at the site in the near to medium term,” Trinseo CEO Frank Bozich says in a statement.
    In November 2021, Trinseo announced that it was exploring options to sell its polystyrene and styrene business, a divestiture that would have included the Böhlen plant. Citing uncertainty due in part to the war in Ukraine, the firm shelved sale plans in August.
    Similarly, Olin has announced that it intends to shut down methylene chloride and chloroform production in Stade, Germany, by the third quarter of 2023. The company reduced its corporate earnings outlook in September because of deteriorating demand in Europe and North America. And the Japanese firm Arakawa Chemical Industries recently announced that it would close a hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin plant in Germany in 2023.
    Russia has been scaling back natural gas exports to Europe, apparently in retaliation for European support for Ukraine in the war. According to a new report from the International Energy Agency, Russian gas supplies to Europe have declined by 50% since the beginning of the year and could decrease further. “The complete shutdown of Russian pipeline gas supplies to the European Union cannot be excluded ahead of the 2022/2023 heating season—when the European gas market is at its most vulnerable,” the report says.
    Mariana Moreira, head of ammonia for the consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, says some sectors of the chemical industry have seen operating rates fall to 40–50% of capacity. “While all commodity chemicals are impacted as energy-intensive businesses, the sectors that are seeing the biggest adverse impacts are those that either consume natural gas as a feedstock or cannot pass costs on to end users,” she says, singling out the ammonia and nylon industries.
    Indeed, CF Industries ceased production at its ammonia plant in Billingham, England, in August, and Yara International has cut its European ammonia production to 35% of capacity.
    In a recent poll by the German industry group VCI of chemical companies operating in the country’s chemical heartland of North Rhine–Westphalia, 34% of respondents said they had to cut production.
    Chemical & Engineering News
    You Are Not Supposed to See This…Cancer – The Forbidden Cures (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News

    Worth watching ..
    Putin’s war is illegal – and Russians fleeing the draft may have the right to asylum

    When Rissian Pissants won’t go to fight the Runts war, tnh lines will collpase as they leak out of each door. Widows and Orphans next?
    What a mess the Thief of St Petersburg has unleashed on his haplless folk. They run and its growing.
    The No Brainer Drain. The limitations of the Moscow MIdget Mafia Fiasco .
    Note already he hides in his Bunker
    Such a dangerous little Runt. Did I say Runt?
    Vladimir Putin makes ‘brutal and corrupt’ general new military chief

    The Thief in Chief brings in another Villain to try to force a win. More brutality will follow,. and more hate. How can he keep hearts and minds?


  16. So John you think I would be quite a site in a uniform with boots? lol The little Ukrainian worm would not like I can assure. 🙂

    I had quite a laugh about the discount shipping rates for transport. Oh you are so bad.:) You too Tony! 😉
    I had a long business trip so I need a few days off and my boss said okay for once. It is not fun letting people go but it is part of business.

    Yes you should come to the Obersalzsberg for a walk it is very beautiful.

    As for screaming…more promises. Promises promises! lol

    Hugs from Munich!


    1. As a good Patriot, standing up defending your country, and your people’s right to be Free, its respected and to us, humour and cryptic comments being able to put a smile on your face, is priceless. Keep caring, keep smiling, and in London, when coming alone, try to control the screaming unless in a rented house, not a hotel.
      As for Obersalzberg, a lovely idea but with over 100 emails and reports a day, meetings,Group control admin, Strategy planning, time is beyond difficult. It’s the life of a Monk, unless called to a higher purpose, facilitating Frieda.Dreams are free.
      It’s time our nations unite, share the energy , redirect North Sea Supplies, trade with Iran, African energy too, import from Canada, South America too. Time we all, are there for you.
      Sharing and caring, as a United Europe to protect all our lands and all our people. Time to stop importing the mass crimes of these scurrilous mercenary illegals. Pre-empt their crimes. Stop the flow of these Ho. Man the borders, torch the vermin and send the lot back. Time to get a grip and fill each No Mercy Ship. Sail out past Norway, move towards the Arctic and open a doorway and boot them. Invade that, 1,000 overboard. Crabs need to feed. People need a stop to illegals. Merkel was mad! Who will say No to the endless tides of these Ho? Flame throwers on border fences. Mounted machine guns, and Helicopter gunships. Who cannot see we have a war on our hands. Endless invasion from Wog lands. Hang the traffickers. Free our Homelands. Return or burn those who invade. Man the borders, fly the drones, see incoming. and straffe from the air. Doing nothing trafficks despair. Time we all mount our lines, and straff the Swine. Self protection of our own species, stop being run over by millions of these unwanted Faeces.
      And put a smile on a Munich face. Motherland and Fatherland, unite as one. A War on Wogs, time to unleash the starving attack Dogs. Look at the State of France, Paris is now a Ghetto. The price of doing nothing. Time to rethink Europe, rethink need and rethink our own people who need to feed. Get real time. Clear them out.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I liked the part about flame throwers. We have lost our courage and have accepted the fake idea that to not allow people to walk in as they want is being racist. We know who is behind this.

        We hope and will expect the GS to mandate a of immigration based on the needs of a country not crazy race mixing foolishness burdening us with the lowest third world garbage.

        I want to scream about it all. Cover your ears okay? lol


    1. Answer Biffie,
      She’s No Lady!
      With a family like that and NO Shame for Hunter! No Shame for Bribe Taking Child Sniffer Joe.
      A low and loathsome family, but aren’t they all?

      Liked by 1 person

  17. The Barnes Brief (now out of 1 day embargo)

    Introduction: News in Brief

    Plaintiffs in Sandy Hook case only seek about $8 Billion from Alex Jones.

    Protest leads to Rekieta’s reinstatement on YouTube.

    September job hire intentions at lowest level since 2011.

    As much as half of corporate low-rated debt may default within a year.

    NYC declares state of emergency over its own sanctuary status.

    Biden admin tried to embed “trusted messenger’ on Covid policy on both Rogan and Barstool Sports.

    11th Circuit reinstates Florida’s ban on vaccine passports.

    Another fake Ukraine story debunked.

    Stocks tank, treasury yields rise, as Fed rate hikes seen as likely after jobs report.

    As forecast, DOJ complains Trump still has the docs they are looking for.

    Wisdom of the Day: “Ideas and opinions do not spontaneously spawn across each individual mind, but a center of formation, or irradiation, of dissemination, of persuasion, shapes them from a deliberate effort of development and present them in the political form of current reality.” Antonio Gramsci.

    Argument: A Reasoned Rant

    Imagine this person controlling your financial future. The in-house counsel at a major department of a major bank, declaring an intent to battle the “White Rich Men” that “victimized people of color” using Systemic Racism to deny Racial Equity in the White world. And talking openly about weaponizing their role and their employer to “decide who you’re doing work with.” Meet the in-house counsel at a major bank semi-autonomous division in control of billions of dollars.

    Gramsci championed the idea of a “war of position” whereby revolutionaries could dictate the future through “slow hidden conflict” to gain influence and power in society. The goal is to weaponize everything in society and culture to reshape thinking, creating a hegemonic influence of access to resources and the cultural processes by which people perceive their reality. This also manifested in the Popular Front strategies advanced by the Soviets in the 1930s across Europe and globally to counter the limits of communistic appeal.

    This is a key point Christopher Rufo and James Lindsay often make: resistance to the totalitarian impulse in these cultural/political movements first requires understanding the totalitarian impulse, its origins and imputations. I spent much of the last week working on precisely that unmasking a coordinated effort by big banks, big law, and big hotels to financially gut a simple developer in implementation of this total impact war of position fought in the shadows of the corridors of power. But the first step in any such battle is understanding who, and what, the adversary is. Know your enemy and know yourself, and defeat will be rare, or so said Sun Tzu.

    Evidence: Barnes Daily Library

    1. Deep state election interference.

    2. Excess Covid deaths, but not from Covid.

    3. Real estate woes.

    4. Zelensk’y nuclear gambit.

    5. A new global currency.

    *Extra shot: Changing economies.

    *Bonus: Everyday heroes.

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  18. Aren’t they all?

    Gay Palestinian found beheaded while seeking asylum in Israel

    À cornered Rat may go for it

    And Pigs will fly

    Heads up all
    The anti-drone gun giving Ukraine an advantage over Russia
    They need one to deal with attack helicopters also.

    Russia on Nord Stream Sabotage: “EU Will Have to Face the Fact they Have Been Betrayed”

    Soon Germany and Europe will need an accorde with Russia. New dialog is needed between all. America will wreck anyone left to its own devices. Hegemony again at work.

    One supposes that Musk cannot admit publicly that his satellites are being fried on a software basis. The reality that the Russians early on obtained the satellite communication devices used suggested back then they would reverse engineer those systems to darken the use of them over the Ukraine to retain a battlefield dominance. Everyone knows that they were being used for targeting Russian forces.
    This occurrence now suggests that soon and no one knows exactly when the Russians will start their counter offensive. The big difference for former Ukrainians now living in Russia is that the Russians have properly positioned items like food, clothing and energy supply so that ordinary people will be comfortable through winter. The same cannot be said for the current Ukraine where many towns and cities are not prepared for the coming winter. Sadly this will cause many civilian casualties in addition to those that will be experienced on the battlefield. However that is consistent with a thieving regime in Kiev obsessed with getting the last dollar via the last Ukrainian on the battle front. And what does that say about the constant flow of money to that cesspool while citizens of other nations suffer?
    One imagines that as November 8th nears all manner of intrigue grows as lies grow daily about realities. Perhaps the financial cracks appearing are reminder that not all conflicts need to be won on a field of battle as self inflicted economic hurt is destroying the concept and hold globalization had on the world’s order ushering in a new era.
    The elimination of paper currency notes most recently in Pounds and even Swiss Francs reminds us that no currency is safe when there is trouble as the only currency never defaulted on so far is the USD. And this is why capital is flowing and soon will flow faster into USD causing major dislocations and stress in financial markets for holders of debt. Perhaps one day that will flow into metals as a last refuge.
    Elon Musk refrains from commenting on Starlink outages in Ukraine
    As for what’s happening on the battlefield – that’s classified, he said

    NEW YORK, October 7. /TASS/. US entrepreneur Elon Musk refrained from commenting on reports of Starlink satellite communication system outages in Ukraine.

    “As for what’s happening on the battlefield – that’s classified,” he tweeted Friday.

    Earlier, the Financial Times reported outages in the Starlink system, sent by Musk’s SpaceX to Kiev this spring. The businessman called the article “bad reporting,” because it did not mention that SpaceX covered the vast majority of expenses.
    And with the disclosures that Gazprom can still supply natural gas through Nord Stream 2 one waits to see whether Germany has the political will and freedom to act on behalf of its’ own citizens or not.

    No question Saudi duplicity and skullduggery deserves a huge backlash from us all . Scavenging Bastards, they need Invading and regime change. Lead and put our retirees and poor first. We are not here to fund Saudis whores. Send the gunboats and smack down these camel jockey scroats. Get prices down or launch our boats. Get producing for us all and get prices back down, or grab them by their throats.

    Stop this rip off, Rip Off their Nutts!
    Meghan’s aides branded her a ‘narcissistic sociopath’ over her demanding behaviour – and gave themselves the name ‘Sussex Survivors Club’, new book claims

    It alleges that her aides – who named themselves the ‘Sussex Survivors’ Club’ after Meghan and Harry quit their roles – called the Duchess a ‘narcissistic sociopath’.

    Markel will get brutalised when staff reports and complaints of her bullying come out. This appears to be one nasty, Narcissistic User leading Brain Dead no longer needed Spare Hapless Harry. A Dolt and a Bolter.


        1. JUST IN – PayPal spox on $2,500 misinfo fine: “An AUP notice recently went out in error that included incorrect information. PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy… We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.”

          PayPal now appears to be backing down after many users posted on social media that they will be closing their accounts.

          Liked by 1 person

  19. JUST IN – Florida State Surgeon General recommends “against the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines for males ages 18-39 years old,” citing an “increased risk of cardiac-related death.”

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  20. Diversity is a strength!


  21. Best TV line of the day comes from the 1962 series Mr. Ed where Clint Eastwood guest stars. Eastwood’s line, perfectly delivered to the married-on-the-show couple is: “I know you’re married – but pretend to love him anyway”


  22. On September 30, 2022, PLOS Pathogens published an important new article originally submitted in 2021, “Shedding of infectious SARS-CoV-2 despite vaccination.” The lead author is Kasen K. Riemersma who is a Postdoctoral research associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Riemersma holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Pathobiology, with a focus on vector biology, along with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

    According to this research, the Delta variant caused a surge of COVID-19 cases including among the vaccinated, due to partial immune escape. The authors set out to see if those who are both vaccinated and infected can transmit the virus. To this end, they compared PCR cycle threshold data from 20,431 positive nasal swab specimens which included 9,347 from fully vaccinated people and 11,084 from those unvaccinated.

    They found no significant effect of vaccine status on the PCR cycle values, across the different available vaccines. This means that they found “infectious virus at similar rates, and at similar titers, in specimens from vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.” In turn, this indicates that the vaccinated do shed virus, and “could play a role in spreading COVID-19.”

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    1. I wonder what price we can negotiate with him for Munich Girl with Baton, handcuffs and Jackboots with full uniform. Freak him out LOl
      Zio Hell.


      1. Let’s equip Munich Girl with an Electronic cattle prod. Full uniform and attack drive.For sure, that will give him an almighty Buzz. He will jump 360 degrees backwards. No humane Buts, Electronically cattle prod the Nutts. Mentally focus on that. A fully charged Midget frying tonight. It won’t be Ants in his pants as a new Ukrainian Sputnik is sited. Frieda frying his Butt. Lol


  23. Good heavens. If you want to buy in London, wait a while.


    1. Fake news London has hidden reserves. We can heat the city once Munich Girl flies over. Hope she’s not a screamer. Viagra sales are going to rise when listening wives switch on. How many of our Flakes will try to book into Monasteries.


  24. Like

    For political reasons, these deaths were all generally been lumped together as “Covid deaths,” but this coding was appallingly sloppy. According to the World Health Organization’s initial coding guidance, if a decedent had either tested positive—using a PCR test later confirmed by the New York Times to have a false positive rate over 85%—or been in contact with anyone who had within several weeks prior to their death, then the death should be classified as a “Covid death.” This enormous number of “Covid deaths” was obviously belied by the fact that many places reporting those “Covid deaths,” such as Maine, actually had no excess deaths to speak of.


  26. US Intelligence Warning: China Escalating Influence Operations :: Gatestone Institute

    Be Clear, while Rope a Dope is asleep at the Wheel, China is plotting what it can steal.

    How this is a surprise is a surprise as the Chinese have been this way forever and their fingers are long in the diaspora

    US Intelligence Warning: China Escalating Influence Operations
    Putting nuclear weapons to use risks escalation, impossible to control and potentially catastrophic | Diana Magnay

    Now is no time to be playing Chicken.
    Don’t move to Texas Tony.



    Marcus Aurelius: “If someone can prove me wrong and show me my mistake in any thought or action, I shall gladly change. I seek the truth, which never harmed anyone: the harm is to persist in one’s own self-deception and ignorance.”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And you are doing a good job John and all of you at WHA.

        And I received your message about the phone. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed that. I am so busy but we do watch and read.

        Let us hope the cocaine sniffing Ukrainian man in a dress does not start a nuclear war that will devastate the world. He should not be in office and NATO violations of previous agreements have resulted in this mess. What a tragic situation if the world is destroyed over this little shit money loving monkey.

        Hugs from Munich!

        Liked by 3 people

  28. Note please huge accolades to Tony that info I sent to him at c 3 in the morning his time is still getting on site to you. That is commitment, and why WHA is a great site. Great readers and contributors. Seriously good Editing focus. Thank you, all of you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Exley years ago. The foundations of vaccine science are terribly poor and Dr. Exley is mostly correct about the impact of aluminum in those under 2 years of age.

      The public excoriation and cancelling of his research were unwarranted.

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