The Global Settlements’ Often Overlooked Consequence

For 30 years, the Temple Head of Asiatic dynastic Elders sought out one entity, or channel,  with whom they could achieve the goals which comprise the purposes of the Global Settlements. Such a search ended with complete and total trust placed in one London source. 30 years – it took that long.

Such an entity had to possess the requisite skills to immediately harmonize with longstanding dynastic ethos operating in very ancient traditions, and to assist bringing them forward into a modern world of assets with which they could effect the releases of immense off-ledger gold reserves, and do so safely and legitimately.

This meant one thing: Such an entity would have to have the power, and cultural relationships behind it, to effect releases in the face of several magnitudes of monopolistic resistance – the kind of resistance that has started wars, conducted assassinations, suborned bribes, corrupted laws and usurped rights – all to retain its grip on power and to remove any and all threats to its continuing existence.

More importantly, the entity would have to ensure the licensed and controlled beneficial use of the assets, in a shared wealth creating partnership, where both sides benefit. Funds used will be fit for purpose to serve need, not greed. Societies can then be enhanced and not plundered.  Planned Societies with no oligopolies or oligarchs.  Educating mankind in universal truths so that a new species of mankind can emerge. True cosmopolitans, worthy of expanding its frontiers into our solar system to ethically and responsibly manage the abundant resources it contains.  

The entities have a complete and total understanding of the opposing forces, and what they are capable of. Their tactics are well known. And the opposition know the consequences, to them, of successfully unleashing a new financial system, out of their control, which has sufficient material backing to utterly destroy the Jekyll Island aberration. More on this a little later. 

You may think such a power-wielding entity would be uninterested to move amongst common men, not to mention ever discuss this monumental undertaking openly (within limits). But, to our great fortune, the entity is truly humble and very generous with time spent to assist WHA in understanding the realities of this task and to dispel the many myths, embellishments and outright lies and falsehoods about it that are used by opportunists to separate people from their money and their senses. You know the tales: All the NESARA, Galactic Federation, Restore The Republic, Q, Great Reset, Dinar riches, Annunaki-took-our-gold, and, an-itinerate-Irishman-in-Jakarta-is-going-to-fund-the-world kind of things.

By some concatenation of fortuities we made contact with the right people and established trust. This trust has allowed common men rare insight into a world where the decisions that move nations are made and effected. I know that sounds like a real hoot, a knee slapper and a poke in the ribs.

But, it’s true. And here we, and they, are.

And since it is not often someone wielding the sole trust of key Asiatic gatekeepers with immense gold reserves comes aboveboard to exchange information with “little people”, there are some who may be tempted to think such a person as, “just another dude who claims he knows an Asian with hidden gold”, kind of thing. Well, rest assured. WHA has been shown still unrevealed proof of their sovereign access; fully corroborated and unmistakably authentic. Don’t let the at times jocular, easygoing nature fool you. It’s quite normal for people of high station to possess the fondness of humor too!

Now, the part about the consequence.

At this time, US Treasury persons and Rothschilds emissaries are in Seoul trying very hard to circumvent the British/Asiatic alliance and sweep the board. Typical.

But, the Temple Elder Head WILL NOT MEET THEM. And, why not? Because the trusted party in London said not to. They are left to treat with inconsequential underlings. They had their chances in New York last December, and blew it. Trying as they are, they will get nowhere in Seoul.

So, if the Seoul gambit is out for the FED, what is the plan for a release route?

Enter, BRICS.

An alternative release, via BRICS, is developing and potentially will be in play. An end-run around the US FED. If the key Elders okay the London lions to proceed along those lines, in concert with huge diplomatic delicacy,  it’s GAME OVER for the FED and banking as we know it.

The center of power shifts, and suddenly an “Ethical Center for International Finance” is established. Long needed and truly long overdue. After decades of plunder and thievery by a minority tapeworm species, their years of key planetary financial control, ends. What this may mean for the USD’s preeminent role is probably not going to augur well in the end, but it will for mankind. 

The key change will be the dismantling of international finance’s corrupting influence over political processes. The focus will be to ensure that the economy exists to serve the people, not for the economy to serve capital interests, as is the case now. Capital should exist for the economy so the economy can exist for the people, and not to exploit them. The goal is to raise living standards, and not to plunder nations while filling the pockets of banking cartels and their political puppets.

Those who see this elite new world uncloaking via BRICS will also sense the unmistakable vision of something new in international finance: The highest standards and integrity, whereas before, such things were punchlines in the Rothchild’s tea parlors.

Such an operation is beyond low profile. That’s for a good reason. There are many other dynamic aspects to this. Safeguards, rules, procedures, etc. Too much to cover here, and probably best not to disclose anyway. Just know that the right entity for the job, has that role. One entity. No other.

We are privileged to see the depth of global communications and the real progress, even as necessarily limited as it is.  The scale of the Global Settlements is epic. Few really understand just how epic it is and will be.

The stakes in the game are very, very high. But so will be the rewards if the Asiatic/London congeries of dynastic alliances carries the day. We will continue to bring any news about this to the extent possible.

In closing, know that your comments, views and informational contributions at WHA are read, assessed and factored in to future planning where appropriate. Nothing is missed. You are being read by those same incredibly brave and hard working entities who are on the front lines, pressing the attack.

Your ideas are given serious consideration. Don’t think otherwise. It’s your forum, and we thank the many valuable contributors we have here. We have the freedom to express thoughts, opinions and ideas that other “woke” and namby-pamby butt-hurt intellectually insipid sites would reel from as they run screaming for a safe space. They wear blinders equal to the cuckold’s horns.

Thank you, again. As we always remind you, be ready for anything.

Stay tuned.



  1. Jamie Dimon goes after Biden: “This Is A F**king War”: Slams Biden Energy Policy, Says Investors “Don’t Give A Shit” About ESG; “time to stop going hat in hand to Venezuela and Saudi & pump US oil”

    And he did say when it comes to ESG “investors don’t give a shit” warning not to “cede governance to do-gooder kids on a committee”; Finally, he stressed the need for strong American leadership


    So, finally Dimon can’t benefit from insanity (climate change, sustainable goals, and all the other bs) after all and wants the adults in charge again. It is tragi-comical.


  2. ‘In an interview on French TV, former presidential candidate and long-time French politician Jean Lasalle said that, despite originally being FOR the vaccines, he’s now changed his mind, after four post-jab heart surgeries. “I got the … vaccine that almost killed me, that distorted my heart,” he said. “I have had four surgeries since January 3rd of this year.”

    Lasalle explained that he got the jabs because Prime Minister Macron urged everyone to do it, and he wanted to show he was being part of the solution. But later, he said he found out that Macron and most other French ministers were NOT VACCINATED.’


  3. Never mind that hemp IS NOT marujuana… hemp growing should be classified as a Natural Right of Citizens because the US was a hemp economy at the Founding…


  4. This ego tripping , timewastimg, over rated Runt and her manipulative father waste too much media time. The mind of a sour faced child brings nothing to the equation. All front over a pointless Runt.
    Romance, as if, It can curdle milk from 200 yards. Find a blind Goblin for it.

    Greta Thunberg had to get bodyguards after Trump tweeted about her

    Russian nuclear strike would trigger a ‘physical response’ by Nato, says official – as it happened

    Opening Pandoras Box crazy times.

    Trump is the Orange version of a combined cross breed between Jabba the Mutt and Planet of the Apes. A complete MORON!
    ‘Step forward Rishi and Penny’: Tory WhatsApp messages reveal divided party

    The state of Politics today. Slimy Sunak, a WEF puppet, rejected by the party voters, plays skullduggery with Lazy Poser Maudant., each waiting to stick the knife in, snake oil types.


  5. Sometimes… sharing without comment… is just the right way to do it.

    Wisdom of The Day: Always lead with love, but master the throat punch. You never know when you need to use it.

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  6. Sadly BMW are moving UK car production to China. What a loss.
    Maybe our females did not pass the stair bannister test. Can Munich girl?


    1. There is only one way to find out. 😉

      And I did read your earlier comments and had laughs as usual. And yes there is a difference in Minecraft and Mein Kampf. lol how funny that was. Yes a good MG42 would help us these days at the border but our politicians are full of soy. Babies. Weaklings.

      Now John I am not as good looking as Igrid Bergman but that was indeed funny. So I will need oxygen? Are we climbing K2 next? lol

      Huggs from Munich!
      Gott Mit Uns


      1. Frieda,

        You have as much charisma inside, and remember, I know that.
        Quality of Soul, priceless. Humour also.

        No need for K2. The Swiss Alps can give it all. Independent and neutral. Home for Aryan Kinder to Yodel. Crap winters but wonderful summers. What could we do all Winter to keep warm?


    “First, Fauci champions dangerous animal experiments to balloon his $6 billion budget. Next, he doles it out via grants to EcoHealth and other white coats in the U.S. and abroad. He and his colleagues then personally edit and approve the experiments they funded for publication in scientific journals—then claim success because of the publication record. Finally, he renews the payouts to fuel the government gravy train,” Daedalus said in a statement to The Epoch Times. “Fauci isn’t following the science, but EcoHealth sure is following the money.”


  8. This is from Brian Cates Telegram channel… very smart guy who has been following Durham from the start…
    The case Durham is building in this trial is damning.
    He’s demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that
    1. Nobody in the FBI ever verified the Steele Dossier or the allegations from it that were used for the Carter Page FISA warrant.
    2. Along with the FBI never finding any corroboration for the allegations it used in the FISA warrant, Durham is repeatedly getting the FBI personnel to state that neither STEELE nor DANCHENKO ever provided any corroboration for these dossier allegations either.


    He was tasked to discover exactly HOW a surveillance warrant was granted to spy on the Trump campaign with FAKE ALLEGATIONS that came straight from the Clinton campaign’s dirty tricks team.
    He’s at the point in building case where he’s establishing that nobody involved – FBI or the people who provided the dossier to the FBI – could corroborate any of it.
    The part where he makes the case that the FBI deliberately committed felonies in making false sworn statements in a FISA warrant to the FISA Court comes later.
    Very likely in December or January.



      Denial is no longer possible: FBI headquarters not only pumped up the Russiagate scandal knowing none of the “evidence” held up, it then turned around to help deep-six actual evidence of Hunter Biden crimes that tainted now-President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election.

      The FBI framed Trump and saved Hunter Biden: It’s time to clean house, for good


  9. Congressman Paul Gosar:
    No one gets canceled for lying.
    They get canceled for telling inconvenient truths, incompatible with the official narrative.
    From Covid lies to mutilation of children by doctors, those who speak up against the lies sold by the elite are attacked relentlessly.
    William Hall:
    How does the guy with the “most votes ever” also have the LOWEST approval rating ever?
    Mindy Robinson:
    I’m so glad we were all “conspiracy theorists” last year for bringing up how people HAD to be let in from the inside at the Capitol. The whole damn thing was poorly set up by the Feds, and if the media had a backbone the average American would know the truth by now.
    The Rotunda doors at the capitol weigh 20klbs each and are secured with a magnetic lock and code. They have to be opened from the inside.
    The fact that the FBI has spent their time raiding the home of Trump, and continue to obsess with finding a single thing on him.
    But still have yet to find a handful of pedophiles, not named Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, after decades of child trafficking on Epstein island…
    Tells you everything you need to know.
    👇 Boom
    Nancy Pelsoi hired her daughter’s documentary film crew to follow her around on Jan 6 after rejecting calls for increased security at the Capitol
    And now you know why Pelosi will never testify at the J6 Committee
    Benny Johnson:… Nancy Pelosi was mic’d up and had a professional documentary film crew with multiple cams recording her every move on J6. Stop acting like this is ” normal.”


  10. The wrongly coordinated invasion of Ukraine, has exposed the sheer scale of US Black Operations meddling worldwide, from its scurrilous and dangerous Lab Rat viruses, to its military support of extremist Right Wing Militia and the scale of Israeli / Zionist Oligarch control and corruption spread across our nations. The creeping, bribe taking tentacles of Washington DC and the Bidens. The criminality of Hunter Biden and the vacuous, inept response by American Federal authorities towards dangerous malpractice of its Political Elites, the Contract Mercenaries, and American chicanery at its worst. Nations equally suffering, are repulsed by what is unfolding. Saudi is publicly siding with Russia. As is Asia and the Far East. A visible Schism is unfolding before us, breakaway nations choosing to opt out of US Federal Reserve banking tentacles, its Petro Dollars, and US authoritarian oversight of their domestic affairs. Nations are defecting from the Western Club viewing emerging alternatives to Bretton Woods.
    The rapid growth and repositioning of India, counteracts China’s power influence, creating balance from Beijing authoritarianism, but combined, a huge front to emerging BRICS nations. A power front of its own. Western Agency meddling domination, and US Agency promoted Doctrinaire demands are weakening. The cloak of American subterfuge in Ukraine has been exposed to all. The Emperor has no clothes. Naked is visible. Soon, as with Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq , Mogadishu and the Persian Gulf, America will visibly run away. Its Hegemony, uncontrolled printing presses, Agency scurrilous practices with their 990 plus Global bases, and CIA Rendition Torture Centers, ever more exposed, will be subjected to Global scrutiny and tighter Fiscal oversight. As with Genghis Khan and the Fake Assimilating Khazarian Mafia Jews strangling America like a Tapeworm, sucking it dry, will be blown into the dust of history as yet another failed Empire. America is lying and Dying. Exposed to a world who will foreclose. Credibility is dying, all see Washington Lying. American lies won’t fund Import supplies. So, where now for the fatted American Welfare Cow? BRICS is coming. With it, payback. Billy No Mates. The Jews lost the plot and took the lot. Karma will follow. Fury will rage.


    1. John,
      I agree with what you have said. I’m really without words seeing what this nation has become. No values, no respect. It is rotten to the core. People are behaving exactly like the leadership who runs this nation (USA). We are only focus on destruction. I remember many many years ago, neighbors took care of each other. If someone goes on vacation the next door neighbor would watch the house to take care of things while the family was out. Now they don’t even know each other or care for it because he/she has a better car or nicer house and are full of envy and hatred. I see 4-5 years old see their parents curse and insult their neighbors, next day those kids learn those insults and repeat the atrocities to others and follow those same steps. It US a culture. We lost our education. When I grew up I would get my ass whooped if I did something bad (anything, no questions asked!!!). And if I did it in school my teacher would whip my ass as well. I had to beg her not to tell my dad otherwise would have been worst. Not now, now parents defend bad behaviors, they promote criminals and that’s the nation we have become. No longer a nation with values or morale. Just pure hypocrisy and lies.
      Look what happened at the school in Parkland Florida over 4 years ago! 17 children/students and staff killed by a murderer. Well it took 4 PLUS years to decide what was going to be done with him and a couple of days ago the life of the killer will be spared and now we have to pay for his meals, TV, and all the benefits a prisioner gets to enjoy for the rest of his life. He shoulda been put down in a few months, period. He killed 17 people and everyone knew it!!! Why do we have a dead sentence if it’ll never be implemented!!!

      Another big problem is that in the past the President had the power, now the Congress has grown way too much and with that comes more power (both chambers) and personal greed. We have way too many senators (100) and representatives (435), plus the ones on each of the 50 states!!! It is just too many clowns driving decisions with incompetent morons with individual /personal agendas. Many of them know they may be short timers so they need to get their piece of the pie NOW just in case they go quick but also will be joining the Washington DC VIP club. If they don’t leave now, oh well let’s keep ridding it. Inside trading? Hell yeah!
      It takes way longer to make a decision and almost impossible without personal agendas. With 535 senators and reps and a White House full of mommies and zombies it is just impossible to do things right.
      Meanwhile in looking at the BRICS leadership a lot of their countries don’t have a Congress or large nonsense parliaments, their presidents DO make decisions and they DO have a plan, whether we like it or not they DO have a plan with Focus and a target. Countries in need look up to them as their needs are now and not for 3-4 years later. And sooner rather than later those other non BRICKS countries WILL follow and become additions to the BRICS. So soon there will be so many following that the name will no longer be BRICS, but BRICS Plus! And wait until their currency backed by assets takes off.
      The world has realized what this nation (USA) has become. It can no longer be hidden or covered.

      Ukraine: As I see the Ukraine situation at the beginning was not a war, but Rusia defending Russians being abused by Natzies and bad parties within Ukraine (mostly on the east side). And to help with the issue there was the Minsk accord. I think 2. Erosions of it with a common goal With many nations agreeing to not attack Russians in Ukraine and vice versa. As those Russians in Ukraine were REAL Russians from the ole Soviet Union that remained in Ukraine. Well those countries agreed on stopping the mini conflicts until USA got involved. And then the Minsk accord went to shit, and the abuse continued, then expanded and from a strategic operation from Rasputin to defend his people now it is becoming a war (I’m not defending Rasputin but stating what I learned that Is not from the BS media).. Now we have Countries with no say in Ukraine blowing the gas northern pipe that feeds Europe, and Thursday tried to blow the one from between Turkey and Rusia that can also can feed Europe to avoid the dead of millions during this winter. Whoever has been following the details of what’s going on there knows that Ukraine is not messing with these pipes (Other people/nations are!!) I guess we call them black ups. But those will be triggering the war. While innocents in Ukraine pay for the Boys with Toys games. Now outsiders are using this proxy war to do one and only one thing. Make money. Call it black ups, private contractors, et. And now ISIS members are being engaged into the war to fight Russia. The same ISIS that were being exterminated, for some reason they are wanted back! And with pay! They’re being paid dollars and euros!!!
      This nation needs a solid leader. I believe that if Trumppy was in the lead we wouldn’t have had this war. He wouldn’t be getting involved as Sleepy Joe has been manipulated. The problem is that Trummpy was not a good leader either but with his stupid ego and bragging attitude he still was the better of the two.
      God protect us all, but the sky doesn’t look blue no more.
      Ok, not off my soapbox!


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  11. Russia courts Muslim countries as strategic Eurasian partners

    While Washington DC, the Dumbkoffs in Brussels and the Zio Cabal are meddling, Putin and China are peddling BRICS and Freedom from Hegemony. Wake TF up in the West. Change is unfolding big time.
    The world wants the US and Zionist Snout OUT!
    As Iran backs Russia with weapons for Ukraine, it’s only time before Russia, India or Pakistan responds with Nukes for Iran, then Roach Central Atomises and world change follows.
    Only time before the incoming Big Bang to start a new life. Roach Free. 6,000 years to the Final Solution. The new world will deal with them. What is incoming seems to be unstoppable. Asia has had enough.

    All just steps in the chain of consequences.

    I encourage you to read this article and absorb what is being said here.

    The post Western world is definitely under way and no amount of puff and huff from the West is going to change that. This is what was put in motion by the going show masquerading as a government without realizing the consequences of removing Russia from Swift. All the under currents were well under way and a hegemony that was hollowed out by a thieving culture was laid bare. Today, as you see Swap lines extended from Switzerland to South Korea by the Fed, you are seeing a system feeding on itself as things fall apart. And like the boy trying to stop the leaks in the dike, it will not work. Nor will climate control crowd see their utopian dream as their dreams are simply that and no more. However, do not count them to accept this as they attempt to change society causing great upheavals. And it is why we have started to see people back tracking from the ESG narrative.

    The challenge while there is time, is to understand everything about the west taken for granted will change and new markets will exist in this new order occurring before us in plain view. Whether the West chooses to reinvent itself or not will determine the role it plays in this new world being formed and defined. Failure to change and accept reality is and will not be easy. However, failure to change will leave the Western world cut off and out of the post Western World ushering in a much more diminished existence as prosperity shifts away. As it is going forward the West is already being shut out of food related influence, rendering some institutions irrelevant reducing western hegemony. Big stick threats are falling on deaf ears. Even when you have such power the need to threaten to use it denies the threat making the threatening a choice of using it, or go home. It is the noise of nuclear threat that gives it away. The whole nonsense of the use of tactical nukes first by Russia is a joke as their doctrine is well documented in writing for all to see and there is no need to use nukes to win objectives in Ukraine as the recent barrage of missiles demonstrated. The power grid in the Ukraine can be easily destroyed causing the people there to return to the Stone Age. However, that would cause at least 10-12 million to flow Westward overwhelming Eastern Europe into a crisis of mass proportions. So a different approach is applied no matter how awful for the innocent people there. In any case, this conflict will be resolved and Ukraine will be stripped of its’ capacity to wage war. Even now, its’ value as a producing nation is being reduced to making it a secondary thought process. And it really is a sideshow in the big picture as tragic as it is.

    And you can be sure that old established patterns of settlement in trade will change in the course of this because new hands are reaching for their share of a pie being baked. This will change banking because the levers of USD hegemony control are being severed and creating new pockets of power at its’ expense.

    Perhaps, people tomorrow will look to creating things as a means of prosperity over the diminishing western financial world which is losing its’ charm and ability to produce lifestyle.
    Shiba Inu price: Will SHIB price double with 20 million daily token bur
    Top secret NATO nuclear exercise to take place over UK as Russia tensions intensify

    Exercises are starting. Does WW111 follow?
    West makes plans to avoid panic if Russia uses nuclear bomb in Ukraine
    We are approaching that Munich Moment.
    Prince Harry’s demand to Charles over Archie and Lili’s titles – but it’s unresolved
    Deal with these arrogant free loading Swine, cut them out and off. They left, close the door. Fantasy Island. Screw his demands petulant child.
    G7 leaders warn Putin over use of nuclear weapons; Zelensky calls for international mission along Belarus border – as it happened
    Its not just Putin his Generals want to Nuke Ukraine.
    ‘Step forward Rishi and Penny’: Tory WhatsApp messages reveal divided party

    Already in the London Bear Pit the dirty bastards’ whishes were rejected in the vote backstab. Politics is not working. Asshole loose.


  12. Like

  13. Really?… this guy is going to get some kids killed!… unreal!
    Jha, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, has a 10-year-old son and said on Twitter his plan is simple: “Follow the evidence and get him boosted.”

    The doctor, who is on leave from serving as dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, said he has a few reasons for doing so, mainly that “kids are way better off vaccinated than not.”


  14. Oh stop it and get back on your feet, you stupid bunch of idiot cuckolded faggots.

    If it was not for Europeans, these “indigenous people of color” would have nothing close to the standards of living that they do now. You don’t speak for European people, so go back home to the woman libber or soy boy who cucked you and grow some balls. Every race has been on both sides of that existence, so wise up, shut up and drop dead.


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      1. Thank you.

        (Reaches for the oxygen and nitro).

        All of our contributors are doing a fantastic job, as I am sure you would agree. From the Global Settlements (and the front seat you offer us to see it unfold) all the way to COVID, crypto, current and past events, we have an open road to read it all without hesitation or fear of censorship.

        We will break even newer ground in time.


  16. Now We Know: The Conspirators Want World War III – The Expose
    Population reduction, vast post war rebuilding profits, vast war stressed asset stripping.
    Soros, the Rots and Rockefellers all over it. War pays big.
    Madness, importing Terrorist supporting Bitches with Hottentots who lost the right to be here. Trash which needs trashing.

    British woman and her child are repatriated from Syrian camp
    Polygon (MATIC) Whales Suddenly Move Over $200,000,000 in Crypto As Markets Consolidat
    So much timewasting on the Trump Lump. Yes. he incited and orchestrated it. Yes, as we forewrned he ran like Draft Dodging COWARD he is. the Heel Spurs Draft Doger. lying, Con Man, Skank and Grifter.

    CNBC: LIVE: Jan. 6 hearing to reveal new evidence, focus on Trump’s state of mind during riot — 10/13/22.


    The names & faces of the 150 Bilderbergers who have influenced & controlled the response to COVID-19 – The Expose

    For Tino, Biffie and all who have helped the Covid fight back.
    FYI Name and Shame.
    Macron is really being truthful for all the criticism he is getting over this.

    The combined West is in a very deep trouble–it desperately needs, US included, an off-ramp. The economic fallout has only begin and some people are seeing the light and they do not like what they see. And quite contrary to the balderdash of Russia using tactical nukes in the Ukraine it is just that, balderdash. This past week has clearly shown that Russia can if it so chooses to send Ukraine back to the Stone Age by destroying the electrical grid by hitting transformers and not power plants.

    It is safe to assume (indicators are there) that Russia and the US are talking behind the scene, but the US has no serious leverage over Russia in any field, at this time. And the white flags are getting ready. Sadly for the US, it doesn’t have anymore a competent diplomacy and is not ready, yet, to start listening. The likes of Sullivan and others are hindering a rapid peaceful conclusion. But the US military is looking to get off, sooner than later. However, even with a deadbeat administration do expect an exit that will leave others hanging in the wind, just like in Afghanistan. It just will be a question of how it is spun for media.

    Macron is aware of certain discussions and is making an early exit to stay relevant and not take flak while leaving others to carry the heat.

    Creditability of this current administration drops lower by the day. There are even rumors that Treasury failed their audit with a trillion gone missing. It will get bigger as they dig. Zio Rats take the lot.

    Beyond sad, she can’t even position him safely? A need to educate the Birthers. Big time. Save precious lives.
    Baby Harvey McGlinn suffocated to death inside mum’s sling

    A truly filthy, despotic animal species. We needed Barbarossa. Still do. SCUM!
    Press ganged to die for the Runt.

    Russia’s conscript catchers snatch men off the streets for Putin’s war
    They Breed!

    Fifth grade teacher is arrested for making KILL LIST of students

    Watch “My Teacher Wants To See You (FUNNY CLEAN JOKE) | Funny Jokes 2022” on YouTube




  17. JUST IN – Turkey adopts a law that allows imprisonment of social network users and journalists for spreading “disinformation”.

    Users who disseminate “disinformation” will face a prison sentence of between one and three years. That sentence can be increased by half for owners of anonymous social media accounts.


  18. Doctor Who Mutilates Kids Goes On Campaign Trail For North Carolina Democrat
    Nevada Asks Snitches To Rat Out Crisis Pregnancy Centers So The State Can Shut Them Down
    2 More Attorneys General Support Coalition Of 13 Telling Biden To ‘Stand Down’ From Repression Of Child Mutilation Critics


  19. Like

  20. Don’t go to any doctor who recently graduated from this milk toast, Bolshevik mental ward of a school.


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  23. Barnes Brief
    News in Brief: The Introduction

    Some Wall Street firms convincing themselves Democrats will hold both house & Senate. More evidence they don’t know what they’re doing.

    Biden begged Saudis to delay oil cut until after midterms.

    Biden’s Hall of Fame moments from the last month: asked where a dead woman was, claimed to be raised by Puerto Ricans, suggested nuclear Armageddon was coming, often wandered off stage to nowhere, and claimed his son died in Iraq.

    $1B+ Sandy Hook verdict against Alex Jones, about 100 times larger than any such verdict in world history for a speech case.

    Inflation stayed hot at over 8%, with core consumer price index prices their highest increase since 1982.

    The USDA would like you to register your garden.

    1/6 Committee subpoenas Trump. As Mike Davis forecast, SCOTUS skips taking up Trump raid issues for now.

    Russians about to take Bahkmut.

    Protests rock France, as Macron suggests good time for de-escalation.

    Tulsi Gabbard endorses Joe Kent, explains she never supported World Economic Forum (their use of her photo was unauthorized), and her speech already translated into AOC getting ridiculed at town hall for Ukraine policies.

    Wisdom of the Day: “No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or to be outlawed, or any otherwise destroyed, but by lawful Judgment of his Peers, or by the law of the Land.” The Magna Carta, Chapter 29, 9 Hen.3. c.29 (1215).

    A Reasoned Rant: The Argument

    As bail debates rage, a return to the precepts and principles of our Founding generation informs us. A core problem with vesting discretion to deny bail in the state is two-fold: first, it empowers the state to imprison people without conviction of a crime; second, the politics of bail favor detention rather than bail.
    Imprisonment denies more than physical liberty: it strips the accused of his associational rights, privacy rights, expressive rights, familial ties, economic prospects, reputational protection, and pretty much every other right. Nowhere is the protection of liberty more important – nor was it of more concern to the Framers – than in the confrontation between the State and the individual when the State attempts to deprive the individual of his or her physical freedom. The Framers recognized that the panoply of protections against government deprivation of liberty contained in the Bill of Rights would be rendered nugatory if a defendant could be interminably incarcerated on the basis of mere allegations. Thus, the Eighth Amendment’s bail guarantee must be seen as part of the Framers’ broader concern, deeply rooted in English and Colonial experience, that no individual be physically detained and restrained by the state except under compelling circumstances.
    The struggle to enwomb individual liberty against the incursions of the state commenced ten centuries ago and has not lost its force with time. After the Magna Carta, securing a man’s liberty but by law of the land and trial by jury of his peers, the sheriffs, kings and courts still searched for and found ways around the guarantee by converting bail provisions into extortion rackets against the poor and imprisoning the politically disfavored innocent under whatever pretext available without accusation and trial. The definition of “excessive” for the American revolutionaries was anyone accused of a non-capital offense not made bailable by sufficient sureties.
    Executive branch misappropriation and judicial branch misapplication of bail authority sadly hallmarks the English history of the excessive bail clause. This fundamental protection against the state’s most feared power, coterminous with its monopoly on legalized force, derives from the first Anglo-American rebellion against the misappropriation and misapplication of state power, a rebellion that birthed the Magna Carta. The assumption embedded therein was that the law would only allow imprisonment but through the proscription of criminal statutes, as only authorized by the law of the land, and that no criminal conviction could take place, but by a jury. While the ancient English system entrusted the protection of these liberties to the legislative branch of Parliament against the judicial and executive branches, the English Parliament’s abuse of these liberties precipitated the American Revolution, which extended these protections in the federal constitution against all branches of the new national government.
    In the modern age, no judge has any incentive to follow the law. The law requires bail be set to the least restrictive means possible that can prevent a person from fleeing. The court must find that, without the restraint, a person would successfuly flee. Courts know very few defendants successfully flee. Yet, the court’s great fear is that a person out on bail will flee or commit a crime while on bail, and suffer political blowback. Consequently, their real analysis is not the “more than 50% chance” the person will flee, but a mere 1% chance the person will flee. This is because those who serve bail successfully don’t get applause for the judiciary like the person who doesn’t serve bail successfully.
    As the surety of our liberties, the Bill of Rights provides particular protection before a person’s physical liberty can be deprived through criminal prosecution, clothing the accused with the presumption of innocence, and prohibiting punishment for past conduct except upon proof admitted under the rules of evidence, properly obtained, to a degree of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, as adjudicated by a jury drawn from one’s community. Denial of bail denies it all.
    As the wisdom of the ancients provided: “If it suffices to accuse, what will become of the innocent?” See January 6th defendants for that precise principle in action.

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    Biffie: Pro and Cons of cbdcs.
    Unfortunately, CBDCs—and all the terrible things that go along with them—are probably coming soon.
    To summarize, here are five steps anyone can take to opt-out of this terrible system.
    Step #1: Use Physical Gold and Silver
    Step #2: Obtain Financial Sovereignty With Bitcoin
    Step #3: Get Organized Locally
    Step #4: Exchange Value for Value
    Step #5: Become a Prepper


  25. Like

  26. Like

  27. The Jury deserves to be flogged by the Cat, 20 lashes. Salt rubbed in after 10, to be repeated weekly for 10 weeks. Disgusting betrayal. No law. 200 lashes over 10 weeks. Drag them screaming. Animals!

    Special needs son of Parkland victim walks out of court in disgust

    Ben Wallace: Vladimir Putin knows he’s no longer invincible

    So here lies the beginning of the end for Putin. True to life, he came up short. So now the offer to start the Gas again, hes on tne run.
    But Germany has declined him. The UK is hounding him and is parasites to hell, Hes failed in Ukraine, the world sees it.
    Russia has lost the plot and threat as an army.
    Revilled by the G7, even G20. Shunned by the UN. Influence gone. He’s now freefalling.
    EXPOSED: Before Ukraine blew up Kerch Bridge, British spies plotted it – The Grayzone

    Yes, true to form. The Brits cut his supply line. Class versus a horses Ass.

    Crazy business ..

    The UK is such a pain in Putin’s side. Backside.

    Pay with WHAT? He doesn’t have it!

    He’s a Joke.
    Meghan Markle wants to ‘rubbish Royal Family’ as Sussexes ‘stuck with the devil’ over Netflix and book deals

    Remove her titles and ditch this bitch she wil then get zero air time
    2 Shitflies.
    Watch “What’s With This Mysterious Military Logo With a Flying Saucer? And Why Was It Removed?” on YouTube

    2 years ago we were prepared to concede this. Then Russia faced concessions and getting it. But then F Wit invaded and now its all lost NATO will come forward. Russia lost the plot. .
    Threating again WW111 is risking a pre eptive by us! Stupid talk! Skip Rats dont get it.

    Russia says granting Ukraine membership of NATO will start WW Three
    Good, now Take the Scumbag out and execute him before the appeals games start.

    Jury reaches verdict in Nikolas Cruz death penalty trial


    1. Jones cut down on the portions you fat limp brained Bastard.
      Lol What a Fool. Morons eat, just look at Trump. Comfort eating.


    1. Good to see this live debate and backlash. The Runt is being pushed into it. Dead is Dead and for the First Time America now faces a War on its own Homeland and the terror of what it has done to others. Nukes are great levellers.
      Russia is fully deployed ready to attack the Satan land if ordered. Those missiles and ICBMs coming over the pole, are unstoppable. If unleashed it will be in thousands. The Stone Age beckons. Be assured, if it kicks of ALL, I mean ALL of America takes it head on. Nowhere to hide, irradiated for 20,000 years. One way to cut the Wog Flow. Armageddon Head On for God’s special Hymies? What a wake up all. Perfect timing will be c 3 am on a Sunday morning, when all asleep on both coasts.
      Russia please do NOT forget Israel. It needs to go at the same time, Atomise the Kazarian Swine.
      Cornered Rats and Kazarian Zio Twats. How do you think Palestinians feel as you arm and fund their brutal oppressors? What comes around goes around. Corner Putin, the UK and America get it.
      We die first. But then our Subs and Bombers, WILL kill him and his nation. NATO and the US will follow. Havoc rules Fools. No Win but Russia will go All In. They know the Brits will kill them .
      There is no halfway house here. De- Lousing Humanity.


      1. When in Moscow as the then new Foreign Minister, Liz Truss was ridiculed and talked down to by Lavrov as Putin’s attack Dog. A Thug at his worst. So unnecessary and wrong. That was when Lavrov blew it big time. We marked his card.Now as PM she has the power and Will to stick it down their throats, and WILL. With MI6, GCHQ and Units not for Public show, we are all focused to take it to this Ho. Commie fragging. We are torching his ass. Loving it.
        By the hour, they are getting Butt reamed by a major power.
        We are just as much using the Cross Dressing Runt to stick it to the Ivans.
        Ukraines name , British Drones, rockets and Missiles. British troop training. Big games in play to trash his day.
        Vengeance is cold. Brits, like Elephants, never forget. Underrate us at your peril. 67% of all Forex goes through here. Unique Real Power. Runts who poison on our Turf, are Noted. The centre of all world banking is where? The Empire survived and thrives. Unique cunning. And great PA’s . All with horizontal flips. Joking! If only. Humour.


  28. If the Moscow Dwarfs new Thug Meister fails to win by brutality, where then for the Runt as focus will all be on him? Will he be off to a Gulag to join the Swine?
    Now each day he lives in fear, of those plotting to put it up his rear.
    It’s draining with no brainpower. Time waits for no man. Runt clocks are ticking.


  29. The Snitch and his Bolter Bitch.
    Damn them both.
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘tied to Netflix and book deals’
    Wed, 12 Oct 2022, 20:10

    What a mess, some cover ups.


      1. She is smiling. 🙂 Such a bad boy! But funny at the same time. And Tony stop looking at Polish women! They are beautiful we agree there.

        And yes we know well the sneering faces of invaders who come to our lands because of the stupidity of our politicians to follow the communist EU and the worm Soros while we pay them to be here and abuse our people. We have plans as well and as we had discussed long ago the events in Italy, Sweden and now with a high profile American celebrity openly speaking against the minority who control the majority the flow of battle is going to turn.
        There is more coming. I will not openly say but soon all will see. I will say more of what we see in Denmark, Germany and France is coming and their ranks will produce leaders who will not be idle. That is all.
        I know you are working hard on your projects here and so is John on the GS so soon let us hope the two vanguards merge to continue to free nations from the bloodsucking of humanity.

        Long day.
        Gott Mit Uns
        Hugs from Munich!


        1. Beauty , Special Lady is the courage and values you hold as a Patriot, a Good European and a Good German,it’s what’s inside that matters most. Between you and the Swedish cousin, your character ( Zany crazy) and Soul, wins every time. Looks fade, the kinder won’t. Sieg Heil and a major smile. As for what’s inside. London? Aryans first, and what a thirst. Willing to die trying,
          Your London Red Baron .


  30. But I thought the idea that Jews were that powerful in banking was purely anti-Semitic?


  31. Plunder.


  32. Great new article! We are looking forward to some exciting and also dangerous times but I am sure we will make it if we stay ahead of the curve on as many things as we can.

    Maybe we need to sacrifice to Moloch? It seems to work for these people. They got everything. For now anyway.

    We are looking forward to the new portfolios Tony. Our crypto portfolio is well averaged and primed for higher gains when the next run happens. Thanks so much. Your pal C.


    1. I look forward to hearing of those results, which I expect will surpass by a wide margin those of the past. Good work as always. Patience will pay off.

      How interesting that it was in 1933 that God’s chosen performed that ritualistic mock barbarity.

      The new portfolio is currency being crafted and I am trying to decide in which market to focus on. Credit spreads and things of that nature are out. Too complex for most to understand. Too time consuming for me to watch. The most expedient short term platform would most likely be crypto- based as it would keep the asset class the same as the long term wealth portfolio. But, as Wellesley said at Waterloo…”this ones going to take careful timing.” We want net positive for the quarters, and that is going to be a trick in this environment. But I dare say the British Pound and the Yen have been yielding some delicacies as of late. When in Rome…

      We have to have some goodies for the readers while we await the GS shockwaves. My schedule as of late is just plain work, work, work, and I sleep when I pee. I am behind on the thing, but almost ready.


  33. Wynn beat Biden DOJ effort to claim illicit lobbying over his casinos in Macau

    Biden admin tries to force independent contractors into W2 employees

    SCOTUS questions states trying to control other states’ food

    Jones jury asks judge to clarify nonsensical jury instructions; Judge fails

    California federal judge won’t allow Stossel to sue Facebook over libel

    Feds must pay $125M for overcharging PACER fees

    SCOTUS overruled a prior federal appeals court ruling that allowed undated mail-in ballots to be counted in Pennsylvania.

    Britain’s bond problems and pension issues heat up.

    In latest inane set of sanctions, US plans to ban Russian aluminum.

    Pfizer admits they never actually tested whether the vaccine was a vaccine.

    Wisdom of the Day: “To-day unbind the captive, so only are ye unbound.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.


  34. Natural News: BURN THE SCIENCE: Germany announces plan to “thermally recycle” 800 million covid masks as FUEL amid energy crisis.

    If this doesn’t make you laugh…….

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  35. Remember Your DNA “Ancestry Kit”?

    Police are now using Predictive Family Genotyping to Generate Suspect Images Worldwide

    People should know that if they send their DNA to a consumer-facing company, their genetic information could easily fall into the hands of law enforcement to be used in criminal investigations against them or their genetic relatives. None of this data is covered by federal health privacy rules in the United States.

    According to Greytak, the technology now rolling out worldwide, creates a composite image by running the suspect’s DNA through machine learning models that are built on thousands of people’s DNAs and their corresponding appearances.



  36. The British authorities are prosecuting a nurse for murdering infants:

    A nurse accused of murdering seven premature babies – and trying to kill ten more – took up to three attempts to poison infants by injecting insulin, milk or even air into their tiny bodies, a court heard today. Lucy Letby, 32, is alleged to have gone on a year-long killing spree while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital – including one child who died less than 90 minutes after being handed into her care.

    Today the specially trained ICU nurse was described as a ‘constant malevolent presence’ on the Cheshire children’s unit where she allegedly killed and injured many vulnerable children – including twins. She is accused of using night shifts to launch many attacks because she knew parents were off the neonatal ward.

    Several babies were allegedly poisoned with insulin and one child – known as Baby E – was murdered when Letby allegedly injected him with air, Manchester Crown Court has heard. It caused what doctors call an air embolus, which leads to strokes or heart attacks. Letby is also accused of pumping dangerous levels of milk into the premature children via feeding tubes or veins.


    1. She was under suspicion 3 deaths before she was caught. Big questions of culpable negligence.
      Mindbreaking for the parents. Beyond inconsolable. She needs to die.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Filth of the world 6,000 years still parasites.Vermin seed. Pity poor Palestinians. They need a DNA virus for them. Way past time this predateur virus was gone. Mongrel Khazar Dogs, the lot. Arm Palestine and Iran to help.


    2. Look at what a disgusting creature he is. Vermin breeds vermin. Egypt failed us all. It’s only time before someone goes on Swine watch.


  37. Wake up the Sheeple!

    Running in the woods by yourself with a mask on, swimming in the wide open ocean with a mask on…
    Read this online
    A New World Order
    of total insanity
    Running in the woods by yourself with a mask on, swimming in the wide open ocean with a mask on, putting a mask on when entering the restaurant and taking if off at the table, driving in a car all alone with a mask on,… these are a few of the completely insane behaviors in the New World Order.

    The next generation is being prepared for blind compliance, by teaching kids in schools to not ask questions, don’t criticize, and simply follow the rules. This is plainly visible in the large numbers of little children, who are at no risk for c0v!d whatsoever, riding their bicycles with masks on, playing in the park with masks, while keeping “safe” distance from their friends.

    They are being programmed to be mindless, fearful servants of a controlling system, that rejects all who use their brain as it was intended.
    Intelligence must be destroyed
    The complete eradication of every semblance of common sense is also apparent when you observe how on airports travelers are required to maintain 6 feet of distance at all times…
    …after which they are all stacked on top of each other for hours on end, in a small confined space.
    It is also witnessed in restaurants where people carefully keep their mask on when they enter, but once they sit at the table, their mask goes off. When they walk to the toilet, they fearfully put their mask back on, and once they sit back down, it comes off again.
    Indeed, every intelligent person knows that viruses avoid restaurant tables.
    Lone individuals driving around in their cars with masks on, or joggers running all alone in the wide open fresh air while they wear masks, further illustrates how these policies are turning humans into the dumbest creatures ever to roam the face of the earth.
    Every and all intelligence has to be destroyed.
    People sporting on the beach without a mask, swimming in the ocean without a mask, or camping out in the wilderness have been violently arrested in Spain, Germany, England, The Netherlands, and many other nations. In South Africa people walking in their own backyard without a mask, were violently beaten by police. The world population is trained to brainlessly follow even the most insane orders, and those who refuse, are aggressively punished.
    The total loss of a sound mind is the new normal in the New World Order of the World Economic Forum and their psychopathic allies.
    Meanwhile politicians are seen without masks during their social gatherings, but once a television camera is pointed at them, the masks are up. Indeed, we know that these viruses are activated by TV cameras.
    Recently was in a hospital, and was instructed to wear a mask, which I firmly refused – much the the bewilderment of the staff. After my visit, I accidentally exited the hospital through a backdoor, and had to walk around the entire building to the parking lot. I passed a window of a conference room, where I saw about 10 staff members of the hospital sitting all very close, talking vividly. None of them had a mask on! Yet, they demand ill patients, who need the oxygen, to wear a mask at all times, while inside the hospital.
    Besides insanity, the world is also witnessing a sickening level of hypocrisy.
    The good side of all this indescribable madness, is that it is going way too far, and is therefore causing hundreds of millions of people to wake up, and begin to understand what is going on in our world. This level of mass worldwide awakening has never occurred during the entire existence of mankind, and it is the worst nightmare of the tyrants. They are digging their own grave by mandating this kind of far fetched insanity. Only the corrupt and wicked gladly go along, while everyone with intelligence, and integrity, is waking up.
    Countless conscious individuals worldwide see what is going on in our world, and innumerable initiatives are birthed to build a better world.
    This offers hope for the future, as for centuries the masses were clueless about the evil powers ruling their countries behind the scenes. At last humanity is starting to see how raving mad the rulers are, and how insanely wicked their agenda is.
    Time for the greatest awakening of all time!
    To be continued..
    What’s next?
    In part 7 of the World Domination Series, we will see what the intelligent, good people of the world can do, to put an end to this mind blowing insanity. If you want to read or share the full series in one revealing post, then use the following link:
    If you miss one of the 6 emails in this series, then look into your sp@m folder. You will find it in there.

    It is impossible without you
    It is a tremendous challenge for me to build Stop World Control, because I am not funded by some wealthy entity. If you appreciate my work, then it would be a wonderful blessing if you would make a generous donation. I can’t do this without your support.
    Thank you so much!

    Share this eye opening series
    Copy this url and post it on your favorite social platforms, or share it through email. is a ministry by Hope for Humanity PMA. Our goal is to build a better world, by bringing truth and hope to people in every nation. Therefore we provide a platform for world leading scientists, lawyers, physicians, journalists and other experts that reveal critical information that humanity needs to be aware of. We reveal criminal activity and corruption in the high levels of our society, so the people can defend themselves against these criminal practices, and build a better world together. David Sorensen is the founder of Hope for Humanity and David is a strong believer in a loving Creator who has a beautiful plan for our world, and who wants to fill us with love that overcomes evil.
    Stop World Control 49270 County Road LL56 Bonanza, Colorado 81155 United States +17192073105
    Watch “😂 BEST JOKES | THE FUNNIEST JOKES – Husband sees his wife in the kitchen boiling eggs for breakfast” on YouTube
    For Aurataya and Aussie men.


    He needs, and deserves, the Chair! A wet sponge on the Bastards head also.
    Jurors set to deliberate whether Nikolas Cruz should be executed
    Wed, 12 Oct 2022, 14:50
    Subject: The Globalists Death Wish And The Russian Dead Hand System

    From a contributor. Your views. Your voices being heard.

    I do not know what possesses the gong show called leadership, however I do know it is not common sense.
    Nuclear war is not winnable, even Putin has said this many a time. What desire there is for sure death is insane. Testing fate in the Ukraine does nothing but cost lives.
    With any action or power comes responsibility and this is clearly lacking amongst what is the worse crop of leaders i have seen.
    To fight over a corrupt Ukraine which is a sideshow for hegemony with Russia is a fool’s errand. Want to extend hegemony then do by commerce and dimmish the thievery that exists?
    Having real treasuries controlled by governments and not private parties is a good start.
    It is time to take a boot to thieves and scoundrels and build economies for people and not political gain.


  38. John/Tony,

    Thank you again for your efforts and on the new Tread. Perhaps the opportunities with the BRICS is the beginning of a new and more honest way for humanity. Maybe what it should have been and what is intended for the betterment of mankind. Good luck to you John and your group on this journey I wish you guys strength, wisdom and success.



          1. I dont make fake claims, I was only talking body weight and I’ve dropped 16 kgs massive re shaping, back towards old shape, and healthy. Dam if only we could transfer to areas of interest. No justice. What a waste. Lol
            But putting a smile back is good. But the kinder order is on hold. Foot soldiers.


    During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager helped spread the Russia collusion narrative, one of the most impactful disinformation campaigns in American electoral history. Four years later, a group he co-founded was involved in the federally backed censorship machine against purported 2020 election misinformation.


  40. As Missiles are launched and rockets rain down on defenceless civilians in Ukraine, Man’s inhumanity is ever more visible. Millions have lost their homes, displaced. Too many have died pointless deaths. The mass corruption of the Ukkies, the loathsome Labs, and Crime enterprises, serve only the Oligarchs, Arms dealers and Khazarian Zionists. Why must defenceless innocents die? Life has value, to be alive. Souls matter!

    Russian Barbarians are loose, Now a nasty Butcher has been appointed. Giving the Runt a front to save face. At what cost to life?
    Devoid of Leaders, saddled with a corrupt Biden Dope, where is hope?

    Trump is unthinkable.Biden impossible. Zionism an ugly, crooked affront to humanity.
    Can America not find a real Patriot with values? The Founders did! None had Davy Crockett in their pocket.

    One not owned by evil Despotic Jewish money?

    If we succeed with BRICS, or a split shared balance with the new CBDCs , it will be ONLY based on 10 years renewable Beneficial Use of the AU, via SKRs, and the rot will stop if we pull them, and WILL! We are clear. Zios are out, and the Rot ends. We don’t need useless Politicos to grand slam the Chans. Interjecting India to counterbalance the Beijing Commie Mafia, outflanks them as we Game the Board. Time to sweep the Pawn Leaders away. No room for a Mongol Hoard on the Humanity Board. Borders will have meaning. Crime will not pay. Bullets for traffickers, Pimps, Rapists, Child Meddlers, and Oligarch Sharks. There goes the Vatican. 7th,Century Mussies goodbye! Covid showed how.
    Change is coming, no more Cabal and Zionist Slumming. Skull and Bones will be their OWN!

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    1. Call me dense… and I can honestly say that I am not able to get on here every day like I wish, so I may have missed this in previous posts: with everything going on with Russia, and Russia being the “R” in BRICS; what do you think will happen there?

      Also, seeing as how the US government is such a Clown Posse, how will that play out for the US citizens?

      I’m trying to stay on top of these things… 🙂


    1. James, thanks for sharing.

      I saw the whole thing back then and still can’t believe what this nation has become. To this day, nothing has been done. Like Tucker says “This is corruption”. To me, to the biggest scale.

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  41. Munich Girl that’s not the Spirit of England rising at 3 in the morning, but co enjoin it. Aryan might in the night. Knightly rules.



    Be clear, the net is closing on Putin so also is winter. Ukraine is his Stalingrad.

    Again, ONLY the Brits have the Balls to call out China for its Global aggression, Human rights and climate threats. The Chans will not like this.

    Wham Ba another Ivan in the Can.

    Liz has stepped up, cut the costs of Energy to the poor, helped Industry, and still the media are at her. Cattle!

    If Putin and Belarus take on the G7, each will see their Ass. They will ice their economies and wall them in. The G7 can flatline the both, and Will if forced. A step too far. Grunts take on the big league? Pissant against Plutocrats.
    Hal Turner Radio Show – STUNNING Testimony: Pfizer Never Tested COVID “Vax” to “Stop Transmission” of Virus! We were all lied to ! ! !

    More Covid heat.

    Stunning is it not?
    e were all lied to by a collective of politicians who ruined not just the period of Covid lockdowns built also countless lives while an unwitting public trusted their officials. And some people have died as a result mantra more suffering side effects. Disgusting, none are fit to serve!
    And now we are to believe the same crowd in believing that taking good credit and giving to the Ukraine for thievery to profit is a good idea ? Balderdash! This stupidity will kill millions needlessly unchecked and ruin the lives of many people for generations. If these folks are so taken with dying for cause let them go to front lines of conflict in the Ukraine.
    Ripple will be the basic layer for these CBDCs and stablecoins – Will it drive XRP price
    British businessman charged over helping Russian oligarch evade US sanctions

    As we have over 3,200 MI 6 Intelligence Analysts focused on Fiscal Forensic Analysts alone, any scumbag banker, Professional Advisors or Broker, as we trace all dealings and money history, will light up the screens. Then we take them down and seize the money . Off to jail they go. Britain is leading the way smashing Russia’s crooks. Each day they fear us. Rats in the headlights
    NATO warns Russian sabotage on Western targets could trigger Article 5;

    It wont take a lot for Ras Putin to trigger a face off.
    Putin ‘totally miscalculated’ Russia’s ability to occupy Ukraine, Biden says

    He’s the Thief of St Petersburg Community Funds, way out of his depth. Piss poor judgement and it shows.


  43. Attempts by Oxford University and AstraZeneca researchers to induce mucosal immunity by introducing their adenovirus vector product directly to the mucosal membranes of 30 unvaccinated and 12 double-vaccinated volunteers, have gone down in flames. Only a minority of participants developed mucosal immunity at all, and serum-antibody levels were worse than those elicited by intramuscular injections.


    1. Poor Munich Girl.
      Post the London trip, we produce guaranteed Aryans, with a cheeky London grin and Black Humour.
      Soon then, you will chose to stay here. We will still teach them to Goose Step. Can we produce enough to re invade Germany. Singing Erika, I’m coming home.


  44. He was right. A true Englishman in all respects.

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  45. Like

  46. Like

  47. My only complaint is the time between yours news briefs. Strange how the inner spirit witnesses with your brief. Many thanks for all the hard work and may all efforts to bring a new tommorow for mankind be abundantly blessed.


    1. Thank you, Mark. We all hope the very best of minds behind it all will forge the solution needed for rapid progress to be had.


      1. Mark

        Smashing the Money Lenders in the Temples takes time. BRICS needs refining. We are on it 7 days a week and the time zones. There are hugely complex Political implications.


  48. Public outrage forced Vanderbilt to stop gender-changing surgeries on minors.

    In the ongoing parody of peace prizes, Nobel awarded it to the Fed former chairman Bernanke.

    Neo-con style conservatism sees Tory leader Liz Truss at the extraordinary negative 47-point approval rating by the British public.

    More conservative federal jurists renounce Yale law clerks as a hiring ground due to the school’s overt woke indoctrination policies.

    Wall Street Journal report shows how government bureaucrats often trade in stocks in the companies they “regulate.”

    Tulsi Gabbard announces she’s no longer a Democrat.

    New York Times wrote Russia’s so inept it is “not able” to even try to seize any property on the same day Russia entered the key town of Bahkmut and took back some territory it had previously retreated from a few days before. The best place to see the template for the media lies is war and foreign policy.

    Biden admin goes after Liberty Global, a telecom giant, for nearly $300M in taxes. What they are not telling you is who is the key man behind Liberty Global – key Trump supporter John Malone, who is part of the group buying and cleaning up CNN. There is open, over political warfare at Biden’s DOJ against their political adversaries, weaponizing everything.

    PayPal censorship plan triggers stock rout. The market renders its verdict on the insane $2500 penalty.

    CommieFornia declared bumble bees are endangered fish.

    Wisdom of the Day: A state senator came up to Governor Earl Long, and explained his version of loyalty: “Earl, I’m with you when you’re right, but not when you’re wrong.” Earl responded: “You dumb sumbitch, I don’t need you when I’m right.”

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  49. Doctors in America & Canada are coming to us silently, scared, telling us yes, they were denied to try treatments off-label, & they were offered & given fake VACCINE cards by hospitals from March 2021
    So that they would not be laid off due to mandates etc. So hospital CEOs etc. would give them fake cards & some told us they took it for they would not take the shot; some refused shot & card

    Dr. Paul Alexander
    Oct 11

    We are working with them to come forth, they seek us out and want to but scared and we had had several who came out and stepped back due to fear of safety and career etc. But we are working with them,

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    1. And in fact there is a Federal lawsuit laying out in detail the over-reach by the FDA and how thru dramatic false equivalency and outright lie of FDA jurisdiction this climate of terror was deployed.

      Let me repeat for those that do not know: The FDA has zero jurisdiction over the practice of medicine. The FDA cannot prohibit the lawful use of off-label medication, which is of most paramount importance during a pandemic. I was amazed that the profession rolled over on this, not to mention didn’t even know its rights in this matter.

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  50. Putin’s soldiers ‘are entering Belarus in huge quantities’

    That armoured division will smash right through Zelenskys forces. It will punch holes in him. They all just upped the game and Zelensky will be gearing to run with his stolen Billions
    Boy, eight, survives being savaged by a COUGAR near Canadian river

    Munich Girl prowling for live meat again.

    That F Bastard Runt with his Moscow Mafia Thugs, is building himself a Pit of anger and aggression to come.
    This is becoming a Whores War. Lavrov has lost all standing and respect. The Runt does not get invited to key assemblies any more.
    The Cold Shoulder. Lavrov now gets contempt. This is bad for Russia. Like Napoleon he faces his own Waterloo.
    Winter is coming. We WILL help Frag, Bodybag and shred his troops. He’s lost all moral high ground. We will double the Rockets, bring in more anti missile defences, and the huge British Surveillance system with total penetration, will pinpoint all his locations, and direct in a murderous fire point with devastating accuracy. Even heat sourcing, what a Bummer, when the Brits track you labouring on the Shitter. Fire!
    Shared from Sky News: ‘Rescued in the nick of time’: Crew of sinking fishing boat fight off sharks with their hands

    Thank God for that help for all. The best of People kind. Life matters.

    A shock is coming for many, we WILL stop their benefit games soon. Throw the Bastards to the wolves. Enough!
    Got a handkerchief?

    Men can become allergic to their own ORGASM
    Watch “😅 Top Jokes: Tom had been in the liquor business for 25 years. Finally, sick of the stress, he…” on YouTube

    Motormouth, attention seeking, Bolting Markel, you ARE crazy, who else would target a mentally fragged, whining Wimp like Harry and you lacked the Class to do the job.
    You bolted- Again! Shut TF up and do one! Time Westminster boots you both. Flip Burgers, but can you handle even that? The Arse of Rhino, legs of a Chicken, Face of a Pumpkin C list Actress.

    Meghan Markle launches next episodes of her Archetypes podcast
    The long march to a short war. But how much more dying is to come? Putin has just appointed a Butcher for the job, and Zelensky is still filling his pockets with Aid money .A nasty Zio cross dressing Crook.

    As history shows, it’s always in evitable the dispute of politics and dreams of hegemony are often decided by war. Today is day two of missile strikes in the Ukraine. Russian forces have started to take back villages in the Donbas recently abandoned to regroup. The gloves are off and Russian forces will move forward.

    No war comes without financial stress not that of the cost of war but what war tries to cover up. Some informed parties are well aware to the myth of Euro strength and the irreparable damage of years of negative interest rates keeping a flawed idea alive. Choices were made and toasts were made to the pipe of Klaus and the Davos crowd who tell you will own nothing and be happy. In their minds you will give up all you have earned for their song and like it. Really it is Communism and it always fails because it chooses not to understand human nature. In the course of failure it costs so many lives. While politicians imagine following such advice will shelter them from angry mobs. Then of course, there is always a convenient villain to blame; Vlad the Impaler and the Russian Orcs or “Snow Niggers” as the DC crowd call them. Childish yes but that is the same wisdom that wants to punish the Saudis with reckless abandonment.

    Enter on to this stage the sad creation of Nuland and fellow Neocons and personal laundry for so many of the DC elite, the Ukraine and its’ inhabitants to be served up as simple cannon fodder to the last one. Exploiting the hatred many Ukrainians were taught; some of which is historical and some that has roots in Nazi idealism left to spawn after WWII. Today the Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe and perhaps the planet. Ask yourself why politicians choose to send money to this nation over that spending money to help their own citizens. Were not such politicians elected by their own citizens and not the Ukraine? Or do they serve an agenda of others hiding behind the curtain, where the Ukraine and others are simple pawns to be played?

    As Zelensky’s pitch today is more weapon systems and more money and perhaps a nuke or two sent to Moscow to show solidarity. Ask yourself why you want to endanger yourself, friends and family in a nuclear war for such a nation. And then ask why any G7 nation cares about such a rump nation. Surely Ukrainians are no more human than the people killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, or Vietnam etc. the fact they are white or Slavic makes them no better. Blood runs red no matter the race, religion or color as we are all humans.

    Rome long ago learnt that free trade was a security basket of peace, and then forgot it. Seemingly we have not learnt much since that time. Today, we have allowed true rapists loose in capital markets running rampant creating mass grief for Pension Funds, trapped by leverage to gain yields, making market moves catastrophic in nature. As we recently saw in Britain where the Bank of England, as the central bank was forced to intervene to prevent the collapse of pension funds. In addition the rising prices in the energy markets in Europe have created a liquidity crisis in excess of 1 1/2 trillion dollars. Liquidity support will be needed there’s no question about that. The real question is where the capital comes from because most free capital thus far has been tied up and margin calls have already been exercised. Expect real issues in the Gas and Power areas where exposure will sink not only certain European banks but has real potential to cross over into Asian banks. Many people ask the question can you repeat in bank step up to the plate? Perhaps at one time they could have; today with the capital constraints that they have, it is most unlikely.

    With Financial strife the danger of war grows ever more likely and that is something that should concern us all, as every thing will pale by comparison, if it comes.

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    1. Have not caught up with all your links here John but always head straight to the jokes. The liquor business joke was great lol. Ta big fella. Enjoy a top day.


  51. French Government Isn’t Vaccinated by Vox Day
    Isn’t that just a tremendous surprise…

    « Je me suis fait vacciner car je ne voulais laisser le sentiment que je n’accomplissais mon travail en tant que député. Je ne savais pas qu’Emmanuel Macron n’était pas vacciné ainsi que la plupart des membres du gouvernement. Et je ne savais pas qu’un nombre important de mes collègues ne l’était pas non plus. Et lorsque j’ai dis que j’étais malade après la vaccination lors de la campagne électorale, personne ne m’a écouté et on a voulu me faire taire. »

    La bombe de Jean Lassalle, 10 October 2022


    “I got vaccinated because I didn’t want to leave the feeling that I was not doing my job as a deputy. I didn’t know that Emmanuel Macron was not vaccinated and neither were most members of the government. And I did not know that a significant number of my colleagues were not vaccinated either. And when I said that I was sick after the vaccination during the election campaign, nobody listened to me and they wanted to silence me.”

    Somehow, I doubt it’s only the French government officials who weren’t vaccinated.

    UPDATE: In COVID hearing, #Pfizer director admits: #vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission. “Get vaccinated for others” was always a lie.


    1. I am under “Pressure” for declining my 5th as a top up. A risk too far. I’ve done my bit, no more taking in shit. Too many side issue consequences.


      1. Never cease reminding them that it doesn’t prevent transmission, it doesn’t prevent severe infection, in fact net net it does almost nothing. It is all risk for nearly no benefit.

        The only justification at the gov level is to prevent transmission within august chambers, and the shot categorically doesn’t work to prevent transmission and now admitted as so by the Pfizer CEO.

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        1. The FACT that I have advised Srs NOT to have it has put me in the Crosshairs. Again!
          Nothing known here has been missed, or not used. My calling out the Lab Rats and Opportunists has created a Schism. A No is a No. Yes I had it before, but now I know more. Evaluated facts weigh heavily. These Mutts are so Dumb they have no idea Who, or What, Fauci is. Or the audit trails to date. Lemmings.

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        1. It has consequences Biffie, when I stand many follow, it’s causing waves. They fear a Tsunami being created.


    “As a Canadian, I find what’s going on in my country just insane. The current government prostitutes itself to the WEF. Canada is no democracy anymore. It has become a dystopian dictatorship.”
    “It is incredibly concerning that the same Prime Minister who is signing our country up for this digital ID experiment also ordered the freezing of bank accounts of people who bought a t-shirt to support the freedom protest. Full Statement:
    “Hello everyone. My name is Geert Vanden Bossche. I’m a seasoned vaccinologist with background in veterinary medicine, in biology, immunology, microbial diseases. I have been sending out video messages before and this is probably the last one I’m going to do. I will still write articles, I will still do interviews.

    But this is my last video message. And the reason why I’m sending out this video message is because I can no longer stand it. For me, it has become unbearable to see how our health authorities, our experts and governments are still trying to make people believe that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and that they will be able to control the pandemic.”
    Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Within Months
    Mechanical ventilator killed our peoples, killed our elderly & it was not supposed to happen; lungs were already in trauma & could not withstand the ventilator; doctors & nurses could not operate vent
    see substacks below (Alexander & Senger); Mortality rates for those who received mechanical ventilation in the 18-to-65 and older-than-65 age groups were 76.4% and 97.2%, respectively (JAMA).

    Dr. Paul Alexander
    Oct 11


  53. Thank you both for this informative update.

    Question to John: is you sense the elders will approve the BRICS play or is diplomacy still their preference?

    Love the idea of the Fed being on life support, however, I’m dismayed at the fact the U.S. has prolonged the release for years without considering the consequences in play.


    1. BRICS, if that route, when ready, is a huge market leveller. It would flatline the Fed and Zionist Mafia power. However, take into account the Elders deep fear, distrust and loathing of the Beijing Commies and all they stand for. But also my loathing of the Khazarian Mafia and all they stand for.
      London will allow none into the inner sanctum. We cleared out Rothschilds here decades ago. We know what a viral menace they are. Rothschilds spent 30 years seeking to integrate Lord Sassoon into the top job at the Bank of England. One key Non Public British figure, used all his powers and links via the Lords to block him and stop him. Lord Sassoon lost and he resigned distraught. Rodent kill. 30 years of skullduggery for them in pieces. Damned Brit!
      We can contain the Chans if we front this via London. Facing down the Chans, lifting up the Indians power to counterbalance them. But London is terrified of flatlining the Fed. Time to – Face down that Zoo. Time we step up. America is tanking, we need to take Global Banking.
      Don’t despair, just grow a pair. It’s in play, political as Hell. The Fed are now fast tracking a whole new SWIFT and CBDC strategy to survive, It’s all in play. It’s a Boiler Room right now. Titanic, ” On the Rocks”. Gladiators to the Arena. Who lives, who dies from Zionists lies? The Bear Pit is engaged and enraged. Lost this, they lose the lot. Game on.

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  54. Hey Everyone,
    I hope you are all well and enjoying life these days. I have not been around for quite some time and things do not look like that will change in the weeks ahead. I miss you all and the site so much but other matters are a priority just now.

    Tony and John, I sincerely appreciate the fabulous well written update. I know you are both still working hard putting in the big hours and probably have very limited personal time. May I offer you both my deepest thanks for everything you do for the site, all of us here and all the matters you both deal with beyond those realms. You both truly are supermen in my eyes and I greatly appreciate gaining the opportunity to be here with you.

    This update hit home in several ways but when I considered the seat each of us little people do actually have at the WHA reality table, I feel quite blessed to have been granted such a unique and precious opportunity.


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    1. There are no ” Little People” it’s all a level playing field. All matter, all are equal. Hands across oceans, and me helping Munich Girl ensures Goose Stepping Kinder. Lol

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      1. Thank you John, nice to know. Looks like I had better send Munich Girl more than a good set of Aussie wooden spoons lol.


      1. Thank you James, she’s had tough times and will be uplifted to know we are with her. Family of mankind values. Backing and being there. She matters and we find time. For all of you.
        The Elders are with us for a reason. Trust earned. Values shared. Belief we are one. Buddhists finding an impossible Western kindred Spirit who totally understands. Priceless. Your words will help.

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      2. Hello James,
        Thank you so much for your sweet message, I do sincerely appreciate your kindness. I am walking and still breathing, so all good lol.

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      1. Thank you so much Tony. I look forward to the day I can get back into full swing on the site and get Johnny under control again lol. Be well Tony.

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        1. Aurataya Munich Girl takes it all as fun, she does not need to be under control but under me
          I have a lot of time for her. She’s special. And valued. Especially at 3 in the morning.


    1. Hi there John,

      Thank you very much for your sweet comment. greatly appreciated. I hope you are well and taking some private time to enjoy life’s sweeter moments. Will try to get back again soon. Be well always John. I miss you.


  55. Often, when the site is so fast tracking comments and responses, I find with Munich Girl, if response is not forthcoming quickly., as with scrolling, I need to go down to get appropriate responses.
    Lol macabre British humour .

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    1. Ha Ha you cheeky bugger. Not macabre at all and certainly not British alone LOL. I can see the old wooden spoon needs to come out again. But then again, you may enjoy that a tad too much whilst enjoying such macabre British treats. LOL

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          1. He sure does aurataya! 🙂 And I did receive your messages John. Always makes me smile especially at the end of a long and difficult day. 😦

            The true spirit of Germania is slowing rising once more. And we see signs that England must and will also rise to reclaim her true spirit as well by the stopping of this invasion of our sacred soils by using civilian fodder to disrupt our cultures and do what a conquering army would have allowed had it won against us. That would be of course the installation of their raping and destruction of our way of life and our values. We see what the Elders are doing in association with their guiding honorable London counselor and fully approve! We here work for the restoring of national European right of determination of who lives here and who does not, which all nations should respect for each other.

            Thank you John for helping those Asians come into the 21st century and we here in Germany want our two countries united this time, and working to remove the true vile poisoner of nations and their wicked grips on the souls of our people. Drugs, filthy lifestyles, trying to convince us we are savage and should not make families. Sexual mutilations of our children. These are their works! These dirty smelly little trolls!! How dare they!!

            Europa Invicta!!
            Hugs from Munich
            Gott Mit Uns

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            1. As you turn to me at 7 in the morning, and say Please one more time. Again! Will we ever make Breakfast? Lol

              Yes, I wish.


              1. Post the GS the Phoenix will arise, and Roar! We will unite. And visit Schwab. Tar and Feathers ready. Stocks awaiting. Europe will march with us to be Free. Erika plus. Brussels too!

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    Hope they are Mongrels he’s into one.
    Russian people turning on Vladimir Putin and his war, UK spy chief says

    As sanctions bite, and body bags mount up, the heat is mounting on Rasputin.
    He has appointed a Monster Killer now as the Military Leader. If that backfires it will not be good for him or Russia.

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