Pausing To Contemplate And Consider The Infinite Future

For 715 years a Shadow Brotherhood has retained its anonymity, and commitment towards a better State of and for Mankind. Fighting the Vatican, corruption and the Deep State. 

Kloten, the Cross Keys of Basle, Swiss Banking, the Temple District of London, the Knights quarter, Lincolns Inn,  and Queens (Kings) Counsellors Oaths of Allegiance sworn in the Templars Church in London, evolve around a “Need to Know!”. Quiet battles for Mankind. In quiet, silent, unseen hands, are embattled with the Dynastic Elders for resolution over 700 years in the making and the Secrets of Jerusalem. Not to be shared. Do you share yours?  Israel’s own Armageddon if not resolved. And their Zionist Khazarian assimilating seed.  Soul battles in the night, by Knights of Honour. All for the Soul of Humankind facing a pestilence 6,000 years in the making. People matter. For the Good of all. The Tempest of a Pestilence.   

As we live in a political, social and economic state of dysphoria, this one time I think the exceptional collective intelligence of our readers and contributors may collectively gain by contemplating all aspects of these two pictures as a graphic main feature.

It’s thinking time.

Our collective consciousness; no space cadets, lizard people, Coneheads, or Moonies. Just contemplation as one. What more is beyond the ethereal door? Lead with Star Seed?

We thank you, the readers, for your valuable and considerable intelligence.



  1. ” We were seeking to promote peace, but the West did not support these efforts, but rather faced increasing pressure on us, Russia does NOT consider itself an enemy of the West, we do NOT seek hegemony and we do NOT want the world to depend on one pole, no stability in relations with the West at all now, they sign agreements and then reject them easily “- Putin.

    ” Europe is deprived of its sovereignty, Washington is still trying to impose its will and hegemony, but the peoples of the world will not agree to this policy, Russia’s dialogue with the traditional West will be a contribution to a multipolar world, and this is their only chance to restore pluralism” – Putin (


  2. Beautiful song. I love the lyrics. Aurataya, if you see this. I’m dedicating this song to you.

    Jason Mraz and Daryle Hall
    93 Million Miles


    1. AJ, Thank God we kept you after the Tokyo Rose attacks. Sadly, she’s got screws loose and it shows. She’s now ensconced with Nutters Inc where low life and head cases find common ground. It was a sad phase, her outbursts were uncalled for, and she did make some valuable contributions here. But loose screws create search engine instability. It was sad to lose the good parts of her, but the Luney section had to go. It was barking.
      It was nice of you thinking of Aurataya, she’s a good Soul. As are you, even if with now worn red shoes. Your heart is good. Aurataya is a good friend to the site. As are you. Tony instantly went into support overdrive when the Lune went freefall on you. You were no part to blame. It was ugly and wrong. I’m sorry it was unleashed on you. Nutters heh? It’s always good to see you on site. Safe with friends and like minds.
      My desk is forever swamped with incoming. I spent 10 minutes listening to all the rolling video. A mind break Lol.

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      1. That was such a nice thing to say. Thank you for your kind words John. Tony, you and the people here on the site are very special to me.


    2. I guess I’ve missed quite a lot of the goings on in the site. People go thru so much these days that I feel like I am going nuts myself. Hope eveyone have a wonderful day. Found this clip on youtube that might give us a little bit of perspective.

      Out of the mouth of babes….

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    1. Every chance they will be reintroduced again this winter with idiot queues. When I have one anywhere, my head screams Moron! They are spread everywhere. Mutants. Infect the masks, reductions sorted


  3. Russia is training Iran how to crush protests, White House warns

    Getting them ready to deal with the Khazars in Israel
    The 5 shocking signs of one of the most deadly cancers you may not know about

    Tough being a Bolshevik
    Trump bragged about new US nuclear weapons, Woodward tape shows

    Motormouth loose

    Innovation is live

    Thinking man.
    T.J. Maxx joins in ban against Kanye West

    The Jews and woke have given Kanye the poke. Kim won’t let him.


    1. This WEF slimy ~Creep augurs badly for Britain. The state of Politics today. None are fit for their office. Time to rethink Politics. It’s not working.


    1. Crazy how much evidence and cases keep showing up from many goverments and the vax scam continue to be pushed 🤦🏻‍♂️.

      BTW…. This Eva is on😏🔥👌🏼

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      1. Governments ever more are WEF penetrated.
        Population reduction is the mantra. Imagine what happens if they succeed with even 25% and they target 90%. En mass they would take out parts of Asia, South America, Africa and parts of Europe. Weaponised. America may target its own inter breeding Welfare groupies.
        The real danger is when parties target DNA WMD’s and it jumps the species. Zios will be number one target. But for centuries they have crossbred and many families unknowingly carry the line. Huge implications for vast innocents. We are weaponizing self annihilation. A dangerous Genie to unleash. We are playing God with fire. Educating Man is our greatest priority. Ending Tribalism and false Gods . End religious mantras and harm. But, who cares in the societies of Morons.? Ignorance rules fools. Educating stupidity? It failed with Trump and the Bushes. Visibly.


    1. Let’s see how all these ISO20022 [XRP, XLM, Hedera, Quant, Algo, XDC, IOTA] cryptocurrencies will perform within the next couple of years. Fingers crossed🤞🏼and following closely the Digital Assets to consider list from Tony.

      I did not arrive to the crypto world early like many around when they were better bang for the buck or extremely cheap in comparrison but at least i was able to follow the consideratiion from Tony last year and now am sitting back and enjoy the ride with the little something collected. Hehe 😃

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      1. If could turn back time, I should have listened to Tony and loaded up on BTC at 3,500 dollars. Even at the price it is now, it’s going to go up to numbers in the future we can’t even imagine, imo.

        Btw, you are early. I started buying XLM in the low 30 cent range almost five years ago. Been buying as the price went all the down to three cent range. While watching BTC make all new time highs. Moral of the story. Must listen to Tony more! 😫

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        1. I think you are correct concerning future pricing.

          XLM is currently a HOLD on our list, meaning don’t buy, don’t sell. In time, this one will most certainly be on Wall St’s recommended buy.

          The key catalyst we are waiting for is the BTC settled ETF, and SEC clearance for Wall St to sell cryptos, and crypto-based products to Ma and Pa stock buyers. Trillions of dollars in inherited wealth is also coming into transactional position, and 40% of those who are the recipients are signaling desires to go into digital assets with part of their lick.

          Then, there is the X-Factor of the dynastic Elder positions which are talked about as being most likely to happen, but the timing is unknown. How many people know of Elder potential in this space? Only those who read this site, most likely. Where else does their key advisor talk of such? None that I know.

          So, don’t worry about missing out. You have not even begun to experience the true potential of what is coming. It will take discipline and emotional stability to ride it all out. Traders trade, but if you want the long term golden goose to crap out maximum wealth, then you simply hold onto the goose and let him do so when ready and be ready to catch it all.

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    Trans Activists Offer Gender-Confused Minors Cash And Uber Rides To Get Them Away From Home
    Meanwhile, in Virginia, the Pride Liberation Project (PLP) is organizing resources to help confused minors whose parents are not supportive of their gender and/or sexual identity experimentation to run away from their homes to stay with a “queer-friendly” adult. The potential for predatory behavior with this initiative is alarming.


  5. There is so much wrong with this statement… incredible… they are only saying this now because they have no choice…
    The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has revealed it did not know about the heightened risk of a heart condition called myocarditis from Covid vaccines until five months after they were approved for the public.

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  6. Vicious African War Criminals Are Settling In Your Backyard Thanks To Biden’s Failed Southern Border
    ICYMI – PayPal has reinstated its $2,500 fine for “misinformation.”

    CDC Pushed for COVID-19 Boosters Without Clinical Trials: Emails
    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pressured U.S. regulators to clear COVID-19 boosters

    Performers dying, falling ill and collapsing on stage ~ 53 in 3 months to 19 Oct 2022

    MSM Reports on Looming UN Investigation of US Biolabs in Ukraine
    “Vaccinated Canadians Suffer Most From Covid -Featuring Dr.Trozz!

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    1. Looks like a routine stop gone bad. We proceed on that assumption.

      Terribly poor cop training all around. In this particular instance I have zero sympathy for the police. Now, if this would happen a few more times, driving while black would stop being a crime. Of course, the video is context free so we don’t know why he was stopped or whether he was wanted for a crime. Odds are nothing justifies the outcome.

      And dare I say it? Was there any need whatsoever to go physical? All one had to do was rollup two cars and wait him out….

      And none of the Officers could shoot straight. That’s on them. It should never take more than 1 shot. And really… shouting contradictory orders was going to de-escalate matters?

      And to those that say Comply-Or-Else, you do not understand the psychology here that make the outcome, as played out, a near certainty.


      1. A lot of cops are power trippers and idiots,,, no doubt… but what would have happened if the driver would have complied?… would the driver be dead and the cops shot,,, no… he obviously had a gun,,, he used it!…
        Watching that vid it is obvious, by the words of the cop on the passenger side, the driver had the gun hidden close by and the driver knew they KNEW he had the gun… this suggests the driver had more to lose by complying than not… he had 3 guns drawn on him and decided to start shooting anyway…
        Seems the driver was also ready to take-off… if a chase ensued would innocent people been in harms way?…
        Hard for me to comprehend the atmosphere police work in that has been created by our GOV… trying to create chaos they have defunded and demoralized cops… so many good cops have walked away because of this… it is the same as many things,,, our so-called GOV does everything except what they should do to fix a problem…
        Have you ever used a gun when your life is in danger,, in split seconds?… I can shoot at a gun range and hit targets all day… put me in that scenario and what will happen to my aim?…
        Training tells you to shoot at the mass of a person,,, in the heat of the moment you can not try to pin point a kill shot… a clip with 9 rounds in it is there for a reason… an AR15 with all the bells and whistles with a pin point scope,, and you have it trained on the drivers center forehead, sure, but we are talking a pistol… these cops might have just finished a doughnut and coffee and paid each other for a football bet,,, then suddenly they are in a life and death situation… tuff

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      2. The suspect resisted, the suspect got shot. Just do what a cop tells you. If you don’t like it, take it up with the judge. That’s what he’s there for. That’s all the psychology I need to understand.

        If more of these so-called “Black leaders” would counsel their followees to stop with the “I dindu nuffin'” routine, and just follow orders, whether the cop be an ahole or not, then they would live and have a more positive cop experience. Then, there is the matter of the lie. “There’s nutin’ under my ass”. He was a bad dude, with murder in his plans, and I am sure this was not the first time that wild-eyed maniac pointed, shot at or attempted to murder. Thank gods it was his last.

        I have no sympathy for anyone who resists the legal order of a cop, no matter the situation, race or circumstances of the stop. When you are stopped, you are stopped. So stop, comply and live. Or, if you are a murderous lying cancer on society, you will most likely escalate and die, like this genius.

        I have encountered jerk cops and lived by simply keeping my mouth shut, not answering or even acknowledging any crass or rude remarks, and only asking, “How can I help you officer?”. When you stop following commands, you have started a chain of events that you and you alone are now responsible for, the faults of the officer notwithstanding.

        But if you are a felon in possession of a gun, and choose to hide behind this “I am a person of color and I am going to tell you what’s what, as I hide the gun in my nuts while denying I have it” routine, then I have zero desire to argue any points for the dead guy. He had it coming. He got it.

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      1. The freak Biden appointed to oversee nuke waste (I think that is the correct department) is on record as saying he does not understand why people get upset when he talks about having sex with animals!… he is a bold headed GUY who dresses as a woman… I have posted the link hear in the past… astonishing and repulsive… our GOV supports that!

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  7. 141 years ago, today. Tombstone, Arizona. Three brothers and a drunken consumptive dentist walk into history. And thus began my love affair with history.

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    Biffie: Liberals getting a can of whoopas! from Bundy. lol
    watch 1 minute video
    I have considered moving to Idaho at times, but I don’t like the government there. Hope it changes for the better.

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        1. From the Lords to the Commons we see all.
          For action , they will do F all. For such we are failing. None are fit. End of Empires?


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  10. Every day Frieda we check on you. You’re not alone, we care. All our hopes are with you. No lasting side effects. It’s hard on both of you. Man Kind is not!

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    1. There is a War unfolding, on LIFE itself. The CFR, Soros, Zionism and WEF cannot be more clear. They regard you as an ablution pollution, to be swept away.
      Thank not God, but Tino for his unstinting exposure of flawed vaccines and Fauci chicanery.
      Get each into your head, they want Billions dead. So it’s You, or the Jew. How lucky do you feel?

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    Trans Athlete Severely Injures Girls Volleyball Player; District Forfeits Games for Girls’ Safety

    Twitter Employees Beg ‘Reckless’ Musk Not To Fire Them, Demand Dignity
    The ‘everyone gets a trophy’ kids are not happy…
    ARREST THEM NOW: Government-funded Lab in Maryland Plans to Develop Hybrid Monkeypox Strain that is More Lethal than Previous Strains
    It Begins: New York, New England Begin Rationing Heating Oil—Before Peak Winter Has Even Hit
    New Pre-Print Finds COVID’s Infection Fatality Rate Was Much Lower in the Non-Elderly Than Previously Reported
    Tucker Carlson goes full QAnon, says the Democratic Party is “a child sacrifice cult”.

    5 min video on the quid pro quo set up between Planned Parenthood and the University of Pittsburg. Organ and tissue trafficking sponsored with tax payer’s money through non other than Fauci‼️

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  12. The UK as President of the G7, has just announced the move towards CBDCs as Bank currencies to keep the banks locked in and Rothschids claws intact. Jews News Zios feed.


  13. It’s time for the Learned Elders of Zyklon to come forth with the sacred shower routine.

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    1. Circumcision of that lot throws away the only part of value. While the vultures circle and use them as wallets. Re run WW11 and allow 3 more years, sorted!

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  14. How is this allowed to happen?


  15. Finally some good news out of Britain.

    It’s good to be a boomer, and early.

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  16. Is It Just A Coincidence That 8 UK MPs Who Are Also WEF Members Also Supported Rishi Sunak Before Johnson & Mordaunt Conceded ?

    Bloody appalling, all of it. The UK has been sold out. WEF?????????****!!!!!!!!!!”

    All theatre 🎭
    Humiliating moment Biden mispronounces name of UK’s new Prime Minister

    An ignorant Pillock President and a Wog. What a world.
    Aurataya and Munich Girl.


    I must admit I’ve encountered a few women like that. I warned Paladin about “Slack Alice” and to leave his boots on to be pulled out and recovered alive.

    Funded Wagner murderers at work.

    For Munich Girl in her time of need. You’re having a tough break. Life is.
    We had 1,000 years of suffering and persecution from the Vatican. We know best. Most of my Baronial Ancestors were wiped out, tortured or burned at the stake. Our part of the family were Protectors of the Crown for King Richard, assigned to England at the time, so we missed the corrupt French and Vatican Genocide. We also Anglicized to step clear of Rome and Phillipe.
    Mankind suffers to live and to achieve more. The Grass only looks greener on the other side of the hill. It’s false.
    To achieve more, you have to be more. Suffering is part of the package of a Souls journey. Souls are real, as is immortality. All comes at a cost.
    Belief in fundamental values is key to all. Values have meaning. Including standing alone to bear truth. Our breakaway from the Vatican was for the truth they tried to hide.
    We went underground for good reasons, but carried the secrets and protected the reality of all. At a price. But we survived, as you will.
    I feel for you. Be strong and dig in with deep belief. You are never alone. Soul Guardians are with you at all times. In time, you will understand. Ethereal dimensions are real. Life is more.
    Your values are God given, as are you. Your life, your very role here on your path of life, has meaning and is for a reason. Life matters, so do you. The Bocceli song Ave Maria is for you. To walk your path and share your pain
    May Angels guard your Soul and keep you safe. It may be the Kidon unit from Tel Aviv, Hell Spawn of the Rodent Kingdom. Have Karl bring you safe bottled water, you may need to watch all for a while. Everything is seen in Kinetic vision. You are cared for. Life is precious as are you. This song is for you, your precious Soul and your courage. .Your life matters. Over time you will understand more. It’s all an Ethereal journey of discovery. Nothing in the Universe is lost. Nor will you be. There is no time in immortality. Profound awareness is all. You exist, forever. They can not take that away. Hell Spawn has no role beyond.
    Andrea lost his sight, but not his voice, or belief. His gift is to share it with you. You’re not alone. Yours is a journey of Soul. Believe. Life is a jigsaw of Beings. Evolution. Being more, as you are, means carrying more. We do. Be safe. Many care. Be proud to be you.

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  17. NYC vaccine mandate ruled illegal by a New York state court.

    UK chooses 3rd Tory leader within a few months as Rishi Sunak (name butchered by Biden) made PM.

    Russia warns of Ukraine supporters trying to plant a dirty bomb in Russia.

    Afghan rescue plan was such a debacle that over 300K emails were never even read.

    Fentanyl seizures at border reach record high.

    More studies confirm school shutdowns caused historic learning losses for kids.

    Kanye confirms Daily Wire wouldn’t allow Candace Owens to interview him.

    Twitter censors fret over losing jobs with Musk take-over.

    Biden admin goes after another Trump ally in Barrack trial

    Wisdom of the Day: “The thing that really is trying to tyrannize through government is Science. The thing that really does use the secular arm is Science. And the creed that really is levying tithes and capturing schools, the creed that really is enforced by fine and imprisonment, the creed that really is proclaimed not in sermons but in statues, and spread not by pilgrims but by policemen—that creed is the great but disputed system of thought which began with Evolution and has ended in Eugenics. Materialism is really our established Church; for the government will really help it to persecute its heretics…I am not frightened of the word ‘persecution’…It is a term of legal fact. If it means the imposition by the police of a widely disputed theory, incapable of final proof—then our priests are not now persecuting, but our doctors are.” G. K. Chesterton.

    Argument: A Reasoned Rant by Robert Barnes

    An expedited excerpt of my speech at the Children Health Defense inaugural conference here in Knoxville.

    Carrie Beth was just a little girl when the state took her away from her only caregiver in life, locking her mother away in an institution for dubious reasons. She led a normal childhood with normal grades until her foster parents valued her more for her labor than her development, and pulled her from school to work and make them money. At 17, she found herself pregnant, after her foster parent’s nephew raped her. Her foster parents sought to cover it up by submitting her to the same institution her mother had been sent to. And that’s when she met the work of John D. Rockefeller.
    Rockefeller used state collusion, corrupted courts, and monopolistic practices to build his wealth in a way his snake oil salesman father could be proud of. He then leveraged that wealth to make more wealth and, as important, impose his vision of the world, a vision that revolved around eugenics. Eugenics originated in social Darwinism, justifying itself as “necessary” for the “security” of the “future” and chose to eliminate the “lesser” or ‘excessive” people.

    Rockefeller achieved this vision first through restructuring medical education, bankrolling muckraking reports that attacked medical schools which taught natural remedies, and replaced it with medical cannon celebrating eugenics, patented drugs, peer-pressure driven medicine through organizations he founded like American Cancer Society, licensure of medical services by the state, media influence campaigns to guide the narrative, and state laws the immunized doctors who engaged in eugenics, such as forced sterilization. Carrie Beth would be his most famous victim, as she is better known as Carrie Elizabeth Buck in the infamous case Buck v. Bell.

    Guess who idolized Rockefeller? Bill Gates. See the comparisons? But there is a difference. Carrie Beth’s own lawyer worked for Rockefeller’s eugenicists, not her. Her trial was a show trial. No one fought for her in the court of public opinion. This time is different. Bill Gates will meet his match in the court of law and the court of public opinion. And the Carrie Beths of today will have a real advocate fighting for them in both the court of law and court of public opinion. We will be heard.

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  18. Putin is fighting an impossible war and there’s no escape

    So who called for Russia as a Win run? The Runt is Losing on the Front. Next his own head after they count their own dead? Runts?
    Investment Strategist Discusses Bitcoin Entering Unstoppable Maturation Stage — Says Price Should Continue to Rise – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News
    Is there no end to the ego of this attention seeking C List Wannabe? Shes a waste of Space! A pathetic Wannabe who could not cut it as a Royal, no Class, a Horses Ass. Only in LA can such airheads pose.

    Meghan Markle will speak on the ‘power of women’ at summit next month


      1. Once we clear the GS issues, we can fund the voices and being of the people to show, where the Jackboot can replace the Zionist suit, and repel illegals at the borders. BRICS can face down Zio funding, and put down bad seed we do not need. When Rodents get in they breed. Rat colonies.

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    1. I’m on day 13,604 of being a woman… I guess like with so many past job interviews, I am too “over-qualified” to enlighten the pedo in chief of womanhood! {insert giant eyeroll and vomitting here.}

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  19. India’s second most circulated newspaper Dainik Jagran celebrates that the UK is “now in the hands of an Indian” on its homepage, after Rishi Sunak was announced as the country’s new PM:

    — “Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of Britain, command of the country that subjugated India for years is now in the hands of an Indian.”


  20. The DC Rats are too busy robbing the country to think about protecting it.
    Subject: US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply; Shortage Could Cripple Economy

    America runs by truck. What happens when the diesel fuel runs out?????

    In focus: BAE Systems’ adaptable strike frigate concept

    The UK is tooling up with serious power.
    Naivety on display … sell for a buck today to lose hegemony tomorrow.
    Barges on Drought-Stricken Mississippi River ‘Dead in the Water,’ Causing Severe Supply Chain Issues

    This will have a grave impact on food shipments and on the American economy
    This natural shipping route has been a unspoken asset of building American hegemony
    What dangers are profiling now in the new world coming?

    China’s Xi Jinping surrounds himself with loyalists in ‘show of force’
    Well sad for the advocates who supported Putin. He’s lost all Western respect and support. He’s staring at defeat and his own fate where Elites are lining up to replace the Runt. Like Napoleon, he will also see his own arse, but Napoleon got to live. Putin faces a Czars bad end. His head is on a plate,. Runts end badly.

    Russia faces ‘inevitable defeat’ in Kherson, UK general says
    These useless Bastards need the Cat 10 strokes a week for 10 weeks. Salt added and fried F anarchists. FFS shoot on sight!

    More than 30 Greenpeace activists occupy parliament


  21. Henry Kissinger
    Janet Reno
    Harriet Miers
    Joshua Bolton
    Eric Holder
    Lois Lerner
    Bryan Pagliano
    Bill Barr
    Chad Wolf

    All held in contempt of Congress

    None served a day


  22. BREAKING Agrawal et al.: “Severe COVID-19 outcomes after full vaccination of primary schedule and initial boosters: pooled analysis of national prospective cohort studies of 30 million individuals
    in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales”; found an increased risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes beginning 10 weeks after completing the primary vaccination schedule
    OCT 24

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      1. I too have rejoined the XRP army. I sold all I had at the start of the lawsuit, but the upside potential now is too great to ignore. The lawsuit will likely be resolved soon. Clarification for XRP, either way,will be bullish. If they settle or outright win the case, upside could be huge. Also if any of the rumors of Ripple/XRP involvement with banking would only multiply the potential. Risk/reward very good on this one. Good luck! Ripple vs SEC: Legal Battle Approaches Final Ruling

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  23. Johnson just cut and ran because he’s at heart, a Weasel and a posing Coward. He was afraid to lose in public. Like Shrek. 2 Faeces runts grandstanding and each short of real ability. So now, saddled by a WEF puppet like Sunak, be afraid. What a world we have today. mediocrities rule Fools. And Xi is tracking in. Change will not help you. What a Zoo.

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  24. It looks like Johnson is bowing out so as not to lose. Disaster it’s then Sunak in, and a bought WEF clone. A rented Indian. Unreal. Poor Britain he’s a skidrow Clown. Kept by his wife, a virtual Rent Boy.


  25. Like

    This is laughable if it were not so sad to seeing people of authority outright lie.

    Supporting the hard work Tino does to keep all aware

    Everyone now knows that the vaccinations did not prevent one from getting Covid. We would do well to remember how well these people lie.

    BREAKING: Judge Orders Fauci, Psaki, Top Officials Be Deposed in Big

    Is there hope now of action at last?

    This will hurt.–7
    France is not a good place to be these days as a tourist or for business
    Beyond sad the place is full of bloody Wogs.
    Go to Raghead lands

    HEARTBREAKING Audition! Young Ukrainian Refugee H…:

    Only 8 years old a wonderful little Ukrainian girl who just wants to live in peace, but to live.
    F U Russians we will keep supplying arms to freedom fighters to hit you scumbags hard.

    How can a silly little Bar Steward like Sunak lead anything, as for integrity, he’s another Kushner type.
    Re spell Sunak as Skunk!
    He’s led by the nose by his wife’s father, who pays for all, and is is deep into the WEF and RUSSIA!!!!
    What a life just like Shrek owned by the Zios. Garbage rules.

    STOP giving Free Care to the FFFF illegals and their tribes. Sink the lot in the F channel. Shooting Turds in a barrel. Launch the Warships to the sound of Erika. Then fire!

    What’s new he’s always been a Slob!


  27. Americans Identify Media As Democracy’s Biggest Threat, And The Response Proves Them Right

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  28. ArchBishop Carlos Vigano: “it is emerging that people who have been subjected to inoculation with the experimental serum not only have never been protected from contagion by the virus, nor from grave forms of illness, but they have actually been made more vulnerable to Covid-19 and its variants due to the irreversible compromising of their immune systems caused by mRNA technology. The data also highlights serious short- and long-term effects, such as sterility, the inducement of miscarriages in pregnant women, the transmission of the virus to children through breastfeeding, the development of serious heart conditions including myocarditis and pericarditis, the return of cancerous tumors that had previously been cured, and a whole series of other debilitating diseases”

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      This episode will premiere on Saturday, Oct. 22, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

      Jan Jekielek sits down again with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole for an update on the alarming trends he and his colleagues have seen since the rollout of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, including the rise of “wildfire cancers” and the emergence of large blood clots.

      “The cells don’t lie. The clots don’t lie. The damaged organs don’t lie,” Cole says.

      Cole breaks down the mechanisms by which the spike protein can cause the symptoms being reported, from brain fog to Epstein-Barr virus to changes in hormonal cycles.


  29. Yep. Nice try pal. Two can play.


    1. Whilst the UK government sanctions Russia.

      UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s wife owns £500 million worth of shares in her fathers company Infosys, which operates out of Moscow.


    1. John,
      I just can’t believe that the incompetence (or stupidity) of Yellen boys remain in Lalaland mode and keep jerking around with that AU conversion! At the end of the day BRICS might be a more serious or trustworthy/sustainable deal. Just might….., but that’s my opinion as an outsider.

      Well, That’s why we have you on the chessboard! Lol


  30. Turkey/Rusia:

    Yesterday Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan signed a deal with Rasputin/Rusia to be a major hub for Petroleum and Gas. This has NATO pissed off, but seems that this move by Turkey will help their economy as they’re suffering from a devastating inflation (around 70%). So, in view of that and to help their country they went ahead and jumped on this deal.



    1. NATO needs to boot Turkey out of NATO and the EU needs to decline Turkeys application for joining the Club. Turkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. Yesterday the CDC announced that vaccines are strongly recommended to children. National Hero Ron DeSantis said “he’ll no. No mandatory vaccines to our children in Florida. Not happening for as long as I’m governor of this state. I’ll leave it to the parents”.

    Coincidentally after the CDC came with their announcement Pfizer swooped in the same day and said that they can’t longer afford to manufacture the vaccines for the current price and will be raising the price in 400%.

    Imagine that!


  32. Funny Jokes – Watching The Wife Mow The Lawn Is N…:
    The Guardian view on Liz Truss’s resignation: a quitter after all | Editorial

    She will get gang banged now. The press will fry her.
    You wont expect this one.



    Why is the Creep still in Office? Why is Hunter not in jail?

    Subject: Whistleblower set to blow up Joe Biden’s presidency, linking him to son Hunter’s shady business deals

    Only in America could such a leader be elected …. Mine you it seems all politicians these days have been scraped from the bottom of the barrel.
    Poland buys 300 rocket launchers from South Korea

    South Korea sells killing Rockets?

    People never learn. Money would be better spent on civilian infrastructure
    Shared from Sky News: Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘on the ground’ aiding Russia in Crimea, says intelligence report

    All this is a Practice Run to attack Israel.


    1. Yes indeed…we can only imagine what this new frontier will eventually take shape as. There are so many unpredictable variables, mostly positive, that will come to be in a final form. On thing I am very certain of, is the final form will NOT be failure of adoption and increasing development of best use cases. We are in the right place, at the right time. And with Elder interests which are off radar to 99.99% of humanity and are signaling desired positions…we can only imagine what a formidable opportunity this will eventually be.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. US Taxpayers Are Being Set Up To Pay For All The Injuries

        Pfizer gets to lie…

        CDC gets to lie…

        Elected officials get to lie…

        Public health officials get to lie…

        Fauci & friends get to lie…

        US Taxpayer gets to foot the bill.

        Remember that at least 3.5 TRILLION has already been stolen from the US Taxpayer since 2020.

        Repeal 42 USC 300aa!

        Make the harmaceutical companies pay for the damage they create!


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