From Evolution to Revolution. Will The Pending Global Settlements Save Mankind In Time?

The GS is a dichotomy and we need to avail ourselves of its potential for real changes. But perspicacious, malignant interests seek only to corral power towards the vested interests of tribal banking Zionism and the Communist WEF. They will derail it before they will avail freedom for all. We seek to keep you all free.

Unfolding around us and before us, is a Political takeover of our Representative Houses by Dark Forces with malignant intent. It’s not just the deranged and predatory WEF, who openly advocate an intent to sequestrate all, but the sheer scale of Governing powers penetrated by the Davos Assembly, and the Shadow Ringmasters behind them.

As the UK is now in Political freefall, Sunak is a committed WEF attendee, inexperienced in any Corporate Governance, unleashed among a motley bunch of typical mediocrities engulfing Politics today. Merkel homogenized Germany. Its very Soul sold to madcap Socialism. The Hapsburgs were sunk by a Merkelberg.

 The G7 mandate to go Cashless, will leave you powerless and your very families both bereft of assets, beholden to the dictates of Communist aspirations beyond your worst fears. Enlightened minds are traumatized as the Sheeple Sleep. 

The Bidens, BLM, Woke and the Cabal Agencies, bowing to the Pied Pipers of Israel, are dismantling America, along with Zionists gutting it all from the inside. The Jews virtually own all. Bloodsuckers!  You gave them a ‘Safe Haven’; they ensnared you all as Goyim to be taken. Contemptible. Still you sleep. Brain dead. This new ideology is designed to seize, at will, all you hold, with no Court of Appeal. Just to steal. 

The Mother of Parliaments is imploding. The EU is a Socialist quagmire. A collective failed Superstate. Zionists and Israeli Oligarchs have unleased Energy consequences which threaten to implode and freeze economies. Is the West Lost? 

BRICS is coming. With it, the power to face and take down America. The new America bereft of its Buck, who do you think will give a F? Hegemonies bill is coming home. Not Saving Private Ryan, but a Ravaged America Crying. 

Can we use the pending GS to settle and save Mankind from this kind? Be assured from London it is so intended. Have you seen, or realized, what is unfolding around us? Around you?

But, as the acting British Presidency of the G7 nations, Sunak announced yesterday the intent for Banks to progress with CBDCs, allowing Banks to control and manipulate it all. Corrosive chicanery at work again. Sunak is a WEF puppet. So there is little hope of  Democratic integrity there. Left under the auspices of the WEF, and NWO, we are seeing new Pied Pipers leading you all into oblivion. This does not augur well for Mankind. Sunak is a pre-patented WEF Mole, lacking in the real ethos of Soul, instead being the cheaply made deviant R version.  Soros will be one of his handlers in the Turd Chain of the WEF. But, so was Johnson. Why on earth is there such a dearth of integrity? Politics has lost all meaning today, and lost its way. Parliament, the Mother of all Democratic Debating Houses, is in need of serious deep Delousing. Physicians first heal thyselves.

Truss, having only served in office  for 7 weeks and failed, is now availing herself of an unearned and unmerited PM’s Tax Free Pension of £150K a year for life. By such are we ruled.  Unreal vacuous varmints, the lot. I give you the Bidens, Orange Grifter Shrek Trump, the Commie Fake Kenyan, the loathsome Clintons and ever treasonous Bushes.  Where is hope when each deserves the Rope?  

We are under DAILY attack by NWO conspirators, Zionist Bankers, and out-of-control Illegals supported by Soros and his like type Rodents.  Political leaders are in free fall as Democracy fails. Indifference will lose all.

“The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.”

“What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

The American Hebrew, September, 1920

The UK Mother of Parliaments , the House of Commons, is under attack and losing all Democracy. 8 known WEF MP member supporters, lobbied the hell out of MPs to hold off a free vote for Maudant to get Sunak instead in. 

Sunak is a WEF Clone. As his is Father in Law, his primary money source. He’s a Puppet on many strings. Sunak’s Father in Law runs his business operations via Moscow. Russian Mafia territory. Compromised to Hell. The stable lead from the Mother of Parliaments is being dismantled as the WEF and NWO Conspirators take control. Unreal.  As with the US, where is Security now? No Vetting?

We never more needed a tribe of Cannibals with a taste for an Indian.

Rome fell to the Vandals inside. China fell to Genghis Khan and his marauders once allowed inside.  They built the wall to stop it again. 

America fell to the Jews and Zionists. Parliament is failing and falling.  It is appalling.  The EU is falling. Hope will die with the WEF lie.  They will take everything and leave you with nothing. As Zionists have done to America. 

Let’s be clear. With the planned population reductions and asset seizure intentions of the WEF to enslave you all, (and the 6,000 year’s history of the old, depraved Tribal Temple money changers, cross bred with the murdering Genghis Khans Khazarian plains marauders, assimilating as Fake Jews), a new and Vile Rodent Species of  Zionist Assimilating “Jews” takes all with no compassion or mercy. They have only contempt for the Goyim, viewed as cattle to be harvested. Low worth animals. 

Seen On Israeli TV

History repeats itself in cycles and we still never learn. Old Empires are ending, and with it, new Leaders. New Empires emerge, rise, and old ones always fail. Look at Global Demographics. Whether religious, racial, or US Hegemony promoting self benefitting Capitalism, until now. Empires foundered, lost by failing resources, or emerging Barbarian internal anarchy. And along this same model, the West is in trouble again. Bad trouble. Zionism has sucked America dry and still they are asleep. Corruption, Socialism and Zionism has thrived but serving only its own Elites. Now the Reaper arrives with the price. How do YOU position to be safe?

But worse. There is now a blatant war unfolding between China which covets America, Russia who seeks to derail the EU, and the WEF, who if left to their devices, aspires to enslave Humanity itself, grabbing all assets for its new Cabal, and even seizing their very Souls. The WEF, like the Zionists, seek to aggregate all. Our Sovereign Right to Be Free, is now under attack again. Enslaving all is ugly. Will we ever learn?  The WEF and Zionism are each as pernicious and ugly. For Human kind, a Death Sentence under Despots. Each needs to be stopped! The Sheeple line up for their Vaccines, and are Tax Sheared of all assets. The Treasury and Fed are a fiercely guarded, bloodsucking Zionist and Jewish Conclave, Goyim denied.

Look how they violate and mutilate Palestinians and neighbors. A truly corrupt sub-species of humanity.  They know the petrodollar is dying, and are bailing. As ever, the sinking ship and Rats.

But, even they have their own new worries developing. Advanced Iranian rockets being field tested now by Russia are in use attacking Ukraine, and are helping Iran to logistically increase their destructive power, refining telemetry and distance testing, ready for war with Israel. As China also readies its own forces for Taiwan. Change is coming. Armed force. The will of Xi will not be stopped. A new Ming the Merciless. While America has minger Biden loose, Diaperless.

Havoc is now emerging in the West. First to the life belts as usual, are the Zio Sewer Rats. The smell of Gold, always the Rats arrived. 6,000 years of this pestilence.

Mindless, unaffordable energy scams, racketeering by Oil Moguls, Despot Sheiks and Futures City Slickers Ripoff Racketeering, is no future for Humankind. Their greed, if left unchecked, will cripple the world. Where are our Leaders? All face turmoil and chaos. Bankers ever-scamming. 

Our world, our desperate people, need help and good Leaders to stop these Free Feeding Vultures. That will be a first. 

Energy bills of $4K to $10K are about to hit our homes. Pure, unjustified Greed. It’s not just Russia, it’s greedy opportunists. How many poor Souls will now needlessly die? Retirees and the poor just don’t have it. Nor do they deserve this. Slam Futures Traders and Price Limit suppliers. 

Sending in the Marines with brass knuckle dusters, to Corporates, Despotic Sheiks and Vulture Funds, will soon put manners on these slick, syphoning, opportunist Bastards. They are ugly. Second only to Politicos.  What TF anger response would soon change the ways of the City of London and Wall Street if nobbled hard by controls, and impacted by brass knuckles. Preservation-Of-Societies. Freedom starts by protecting Ours.   Winter is incoming fast. As will be food and heating deprivation. A war on humanity will decimate Human kind. We are not ready.  These reckless prices are simply unaffordable and not justified.  Allowing Arabs to cut back production by 2m barrels a day, creates a false shortfall and exacerbates price racketeering, bringing Arabs vast unearned profits and bringing Hell to those so much in need. We do nothing. Fat Cats don’t care. 

Never mind us funding more of their Whores, it’s time to line up our Gunboats along their shores. As we created and ordained the House of Saud, we can take it away if our voice is loud. 

Don’t Racketeer with our lives. 

Never before, in the history of our Human (Questionable status for some!) history, have we been so close to true Nuclear Armageddon. Abject incompetence rules. Lions led by Mules or Grifters. 

Xi stands head and shoulders beyond all of them so far, even with stressed “Commercial Communism.” He still has a grip on control. They have a grip, a plan, and it’s working for them. 

Xi Jinping Consolidates Power And Plans For The Future, While The West Worries About Mis-Gendering

The EU is a Ship of Fools, fast running aground. The WEF opines as it covets the assets of Swine. Even to its Disneyland comic suits,  America has been ungluing for decades, they have no planning and no fallback. Just “My Lick!”

What is coming next –  At You? Banks, the Fed and Central Banks, have self created their own oblivion. Never more have we needed the rebalancing of Global nations sensitive economies, and an equitable balancing of resources and Risk/Reward management. Fairer divisions and Respect for Caregivers. Human, and Human values. In short, the very ethos of the GS.  

Sadly, the masses are Clueless of what is evolving. Illiterate of reality, or even capable of comprehending their own plight. Gobbling Turkeys who can see only the feed bowl. None think. We have sunk to this. Basket case Banana Republics where Graft and Chicanery rules.  An Autocracy built of Mediocrity. The US totters towards economic oblivion and melt down. The long forewarned dangers of the Military Industrial Cabal, were prophetic, and exposing a vast, Monolithic Empire of Contractors bleeding the life blood out of an entrapped Domestic population, escalating out of control towards a possible face off with China is pending destruction of our planet.  It’s NOT OK, it’s our world. For all to share.  

If the Earth is an incubating world for the emerging Souls of all Mankind, what will it take to make it Fit for Purpose for all of Humankind? 

No Leaders of Standing are Standing Up for Justice. Just Their Enlarged Rice Bowls. Road kill with Road Runner approaching. 

Russia and China’s vote is cast. Ukraine and Taiwan, or a Nuclear blast. Titanic, sails blind again. What Destiny if this Nuclear Genie Breaks Free? Israel’s Armageddon Destiny?

Be ready for anything. There are no assurances of any particular outcome.

Stay tuned for more news concerning the GS as is possible.

Thank you!



  1. Political Assassination and Zionism — Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

    In May 2009, Yehoshua Zettler, the Israeli terrorist who orchestrated the 1948 assassination of Count Folke von Bernadotte under orders from Yitzhak Shamir, died. It is one of many dark ironies of this tragedy that a member of the Swedish royal family, head of the Swedish Red Cross, rescuer of 11,000 Jews during the Holocaust, and UN peace mediator—was gunned down by a Lehi operative who spent the rest of his life running a gas station. That a man of peace was cut down in the prime of life as he tried to resolve one of the world’s most intractable conflicts–while his murderer died in his bed at the ripe old age of 91–seemed a terrible injustice.

    Political Assassination and Zionism — Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

    Revisionist history bull shit. Bernadotte acted as the negotiator for a rescue operation transporting interned Norwegians, Danes and other western European inmates from German concentration camps to hospitals in Sweden. In World War II he negotiated the release of about 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps, including 450 Danish Jews from the Theresienstadt camp. Bernadotte succeeded in rescuing 15,000 people from German concentration camps, including about 8,000 Danes and Norwegians and 7,000 women of French, Polish, Czech, British, American, Argentinian, and Chinese nationalities. British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper wrote in 1953 that Himmler’s personal masseur, Felix Kersten, who had played some role in facilitating Bernadotte’s access to Himmler, that Kersten – quoted as saying, that according to Himmler, Bernadotte opposed the rescue of Jews and understood “the necessity of our fight against World Jewry”. This attempt to dress Bernadotte with the halo of a saint: complete revisionist history.

    The Stern Gang saw Bernadotte as a stooge of the British and the Arabs. Attempts to treat Israel comparable to post WWII defeated Germany many Jews, myself included view as putrid European imperialism. The Stern Gang incorrectly feared that David Ben Gurion would accept Bernadotte’s Two State Solution. But the first Prime Minister of Israel had a far straight spine than the Stern Gang realized. The Swedish government publicly attacked the inadequacy of the Israeli investigation and campaigned unsuccessfully to delay Israel’s admission to the United Nations.

    Most of us know something of the history of Israeli assassinations of its enemies. Lately, that includes the recent Iranian nuclear scientists. Assassination, a term first coined by Arab radicals during the Middle Ages. Avraham Stern, founder of one of the most violent and extreme Zionist militias, himself assassinated by British Mandatory forces. Count Folke Bernadotte presented a peace proposal that Palestine be established as a “union” with two separate parts, one Jewish, one Arab. This was dismissed. His second proposal abandoned a union and called for two separate states. This version also failed when Pres. Truman embraced a more pro-Zionist position, causing Bernadotte’s plan to lose support at the UN.

    Lehi viewed Bernadotte as a puppet of the British White Paper betrayal. His peace proposal seriously undermined Zionist aims. Since it proposed that Jerusalem be a UN protectorate and allowed Arab refugees to return to their homes inside what would become the state of Israel. Arafat would make this one of his key negotiation points. Israel rejected both Bernadotte and Arafat’s suggestion as absurd. Following his political assassination, Ben Gurion himself worked to dismantle Lehi. In the mid 1990s PM Rabin proposed the establishment of a Balestinian state, he too, despite being the Prime Minister of Israel suffered political assassination.

    The idea of Israel being carved up into two hostile states and the Jewish Capital treated like post WWII Berlin! Many Jews, myself included – simply NO. We view the Six Day War as the 2nd Israeli war of Independence. Our enemies in Europe and Russia view that second Independence war: they condemn it for radically changing the balance of power in the Middle East. France in particular has sought to dismantle this Israeli victory through UN Resolution 242 and many others. The last UN attempt to foist a Mandate protectorate status upon Israel, UN 2334.

    Just recently the UN General Assembly denounced the victory which achieved Israeli Independence in 1948. Most of the countries despise the Jewish State in the Middle East, they do not even hold diplomatic relations, nor do they recognize Israel. The UN Congress of State representatives has no say in the determination of Israeli strategic interests. Israel does not exist as a non-state political protectorate of the UN, any more than Balestine exists as an independent nation and member of good standing within the Congress of States/the United Nations.

    Constitutional Torah Zionism rejects the notions of both Socialism and democracy in favor of establishment of a Constitutional Torah Republic achieved through the establishment of lateral Sanhedrin Federal common law courtrooms. Constitutional Torah Zionism defines Torah faith as the burden to rule Israel through righteous justice, established through lateral common law courtrooms. We reject the State paying the salaries of judges or prosecuting attorneys as a corrupt form of bribery.

    Constitutional Torah Zionism prioritizes domestic judicial fair compensation for damages as the first Cause of the establishment of Judicial Order within the Jewish state. Local domestic issues receive priority over foreign international issues. The Torah stand as the equal inheritance of all sectors of Jewish society. The Orthodox hold no monopoly on the Torah. We seek first and foremost to build trust and peace among our own people by restoring the נידוי placed upon the Rambam. Shalom simply does not apply to Europe because post Shoah, all trust the Goyim barbarians shattered. We view any European initiative, with extreme distrust after the Nazi ‘Final Solution’. Rhetoric like ‘Two States for two people’ or ‘land for peace’ resembles to our sight and smell, to that of a malignant cancer.

    European imperialism best summed up in the arrogant term: “the White Man’s burden”. We seek to establish as the Main trading partners of the Jewish state, Middle Eastern and North African countries. We seek to turn the Negev and Sahara deserts into grazing and farmlands, by changing rain fall patterns within this region and building an international trade route that travers from Egypt to Morocco.

    Constitutional Torah Zionism seeks to conduct diplomacy with an eye to convince our foreign partners to repatriate the Arab refugee populations – the result of the two wars of Israeli Independence. Stateless Arab refugees and their dhimmi second class status the Jewish state rejects. Primarily because it reminds Jews of our 2000+ years g’lut refugee status, which culminated in the Shoah abomination. As Israel repatriated Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries following the 1948 first Israeli war of Independence, this event serves as the model for Israeli diplomacy. Diplomacy seeks to negotiate with our Arab and Muslim partner countries, to repatriate all Balestinian refugee populations back into the Arab world as Arab citizens of those Muslim countries. By making the desert bloom countries across North Africa shall then need and require Arab farmers and ranchers.

    The cruel barbarous behaviour of European kingdoms, their illegal taxation without representation, how they repeatedly expelled Jewish refugee pauperized populations at a whim, the stench of these most vile war crimes, the Jewish people can never forget or forgive. Therefore, our diplomacy with Arab and Muslim countries to repatriate the current stateless Arab refugee populations, scattered across the countries of the Middle East; to terminate the Balestinian refugee camps and give Arab citizenship to these hapless refugee Arab people; something like as did Napoleon, who freed the Jews out of the Catholic ghetto war crime prisons. Such objectives define the foreign policy of Constitutional Torah Zionism.


  2. Like

    1. From the video:
      “December 8, 2022 marks the rise of China and the fall of America.” December 8, 1941 Unites States entered ww2. 342nd day of 2022”

      Me – I think this is an interesting coincidence. In numerology, 342 equals 9, which is a completion number. The end and the beginning of something new. I posted a video several months ago about the significance of the number nine. It was probably boring to a lot of people. Lol. In case anyone missed it and has an interest, Here it is. It’s mind blowing.

      The number nine code is the beginning of the video.


      1. I have to apologize. When China made the announcement yesterday, the 8th, it marked the 342nd day of 2022.

        It looked I little funny the way I worded it.


    2. America has lost the Middle East and is losing the Far East. America will lose Europe.
      Once Oil gets priced in BRICS, Roubles or CBDC;s no one will touch the dollar unless heavily discounted. Many wont touch it at all. Try buying energy or key commodities when you have no money left to pay for them? America IS Broke and CAN’T Pay its way. US Welfare IS mindless.
      Unsustainable. BLM and Bunny power now rules Fools.
      Banking is Tanking, and like Hunter Biden, Politicos are just wanking.
      You will feel the pain as it all goes down the drain. No money, No Honey, and what is left is taken to feed the Zios and Bunny.




    – We have saved our economies and many within the Eurasian Economic Council sphere.

    – Unemployment is lower than in many other places.

    – No problems with basic goods or exports.

    – There will be a “collective gas market” in the coming years.

    – The Bout-Griner exchange was about finding compromise. Contact between Russian-US intel never stopped.

    – Russia will consider REDUCING oil and gas production.

    – Russia’s cruise missiles are MORE MODERN AND EFFICIENT than those of the US.( some missiles used in the Ukraine have production dates of October this year)

    – Oil price caps are essentially “stupid”, ill-conceived and harmful for EVERYONE, including consumers.

    He elaborated:

    “The industry is already underfunded, and if we listen only to the consumer, then this investment will be reduced to zero. This will lead to a catastrophic surge in prices and the collapse of global energy.” As it stands the ceiling is the same as the prices Russia sells oil at anyway, so Russia will not suffer any losses.

    – Most African nations receive support from Russia after breaking away from colonialism. Russian fertilizer is still being stopped at ports despite our commitment to distribute it across Africa for free. The EU should stop talking about Africa and start doing something meaningful.

    Stopping Russian fertilizers going to Africa for free sends a clear signal to Africa to avoid the West. Having lost the Middle East to China and Russia the West will also lose Africa, if common sense does not prevail soon.

    The Guardian: Russian oligarch’s yacht seized in Sardinia has disappeared from port.

    Corruption at work
    Iranian forces ‘deliberately shoot female protesters in genitals’

    What a cruel and despotic Wog race
    Remember … the crumbs all lead back

    The dead trails of Nuland. The EU needs to walk away from subjugation to this tainted nation.Time to call time and get off the DC knee.
    Free Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE TWITTER FILES, PART II – Twitter’s Secret Blacklists | ZeroHedge

    We are on the verge of seeing the cracking open of the entire corruption of government insofar as their deliberate acts to skirt the First Amendment by pretending that it is the private sector that is engaging in the Cancel Culture – not at the direction of the government. And along this road why trust the Private companies and their censorship??? Brings the word TRUST to a new level because people will lose confidence in these companies and others like them and in the end in government itself.
    Sussex MP calls for Harry and Meghan to be stripped of their titles

    Cut them loose

    Diana’s former chef joins wave of angry royal fans blasting Meghan

    What a Clown he’s married this truly tacky Grunt. No class or culture. No hope of refining this Mutt. Two Hottentots and a nation despairing of his whining ways.
    This C !! Needs to renounce his freeloading titles and apply for UN nationality as a Wog appendage. Leave the UK in shame forever and face the freefall when she bolts again . Bad meat.

    Putin says anyone that attacks Russia with nukes will be wiped out

    No problem so he should. But the same applies mess with us and we do likewise.
    Olivia Wilde, 38, ‘still very upset’ over Harry Styles, 28, split

    To a 28 year old old meat is no treat. He’s not even sure if he’s Arthur or Marther yet.
    Russian opposition politician jailed eight years for criticising war

    Another hopes to see Vlad impaled.
    The Guardian: Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer hints at attack on royal family next week.

    2 grasping idiots they will be stripped of titles then no one will touch them.
    Do pictures say more than words???

    The Yuk and the Muck of Fake America

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    1. There is no reliable date yet tracking Birth Defects, Fertility issues, organ mutations, even arterial deterioration. Graphene shards etc. Expect it. Over 10 years expect real issues. WHA is a beneficial warning site. Enlightened. Huge credit to all of you.

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      1. What is it going to take for people to wake up and unite?… these evil POS scum are not going to stop pushing… making that baby take vaxxed blood against the wishes of the parents is about setting precedent… I know several people right here in my neck of the woods that would say the GOV in NZ did the right thing!… unreal!

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  4. The enthusiasm continues! The intrigue! The anticipation! The aged investors! 🧓👴👵👴🏻👵🏽👴🏿🧓🏿⚰☠💀⚱

    What is going to happen? What is not going to happen? What kinda-sorta-maybe-might happen? How much longer will this go on? Who will be left alive? “I am becoming smaller, smaller…” (Those of you who rode on the Monsanto ride at Disneyland before it turned into a faggoty land of wokeness may remember that line).

    From the past, 2021:



  5. Like

  6. What a vile, rude and uncouth street gutter rat this woman is. And her cuckold husband is even worse to stay in a marriage with this Hottentot witch.

    She willingly and knowingly married into the most wealthy and influential white family, and now creeks and groans about “racism” being directed at her. Poor little B movie actress made her bones on the backs of a royal marriage. Otherwise, she would be dancing at Scores or doing Only Fans videos sucking dick with that smart mouth.

    It is a sad state of affairs when someone like this garners as much media as she does. I doubt the average IQ of anyone who admires her would break 85.


    1. Too kind Tony try C list Cable only bit parter.
      She snared this weak sibling. An LA Hussy with even by then a retread Pussy. Mother and Daughter Bolters.

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    Watch until the end to see him laid out as the fool he is. Trudeau and Biden, Madmen loose.

    Climate Change Lockdowns? Yup, They Are Actually Going There… Political madness loose.

    Reminds me of the Hunger Games and restrictions on travel, that existed.
    This new pitch is all about control and was spoken of 2 years a ago. How Europe responds to this remains to be seen.
    What is clear is that capital will avoid Europe as long as this craziness continues. And no doubt with seaborne freight down 40% it is clear the recession we are being lured into will only be far worse with this kind of thinking on travel restrictions and food constraints.
    And clearly taken decisions on energy supplies have yet to exhaust budgets; however it is only a matter of time. How any of this will be positive for the standard of living is a mystery.
    This is a picture received from one of the Ukrainian front lines in the Donbas the other day

    For the poor Ukkies its WW111 already. Stalingrad again.

    You can see why the Ukrainians are seeing 500-800 men killed daily with many times that getting sick, just in one area. The stench of the dead is everywhere as they no longer collect the dead.
    It is indicative of what was seen in WW1, where wave after wave of men died in mud fields.
    Meanwhile Ukrainian artillery unable to impact the Russians has resorted to shelling civilians which are easier to kill in Donetsk.

    The whole thing is a total fiasco.

    Is there justice in America ????

    What is interesting is that there are two lawsuits in America that have been filed challenging the violation of the oath of office. The first one was filed by Loy Brunson and is still pending in the Utah Federal Court. The second one was filed by Raland J. Brunson and has made it to the Supreme Court of the United States – Docket #22-380. It will be interesting, to say the least, if the Supreme Court agrees to rule on the case. As this is now before the Court. And interestingly enough the Clerk of the Court had contacted them about expediting the case. And there is no need for any public involvement nor any government involvement as they already gave up the right to challenge this case.

    Both lawsuits include defendants Pres. Biden, Harris, former V.P. Pence, and 385 members of congress for breaking their oath of office by voting AGAINST the proposition (that came from members of congress) to investigate the claims that there were enemies of the constitution who successfully rigged the election. He filed ProSe in the Supreme Court.

    This is an interesting argument, but it will be even more earth-shattering if the Supreme Court actually rules on the validity of taking an oath of office. How can you support, and defend, the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic if you refuse to even investigate the claim? The reality is you cannot, however that is common sense. The answer from the Court if positive and ruled upon would eliminate the 2020 elections and likely the 2022 mid elections. Imagine that ! It would also mean a wholesale change of personnel in the administration and will stop the “washing Machine” from laundry because there would be no more to wash. The implications are global.

    It is more than possible this decision will be far more reaching that Roe vs Wade which actually served to reinstate States rights back to the States from the Federal Government. And it would be a sinking broadside to the current agendas in play.
    Planned Famine: Germany Orders Farms To ‘Cease Operating’ As WEF Demands ‘END of Farming’ – News Punch

    So now, the WEF answer to food shortgages is to cease farming?
    Anal Schwab again!

    Europe is going to shrink itself bak to being a third world place at this rate.
    Shared from Sky News: Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss: Who is ‘ringleader’ of German far-right coup plot – and what is the Reichsburger movement?

    German Radicals under arrest.
    World’s media reacts to Harry and Meghan’s new Netflix series

    I do much feel for William and Catherine. This pointless, whining Ginger waster and manipulative shew Rhino Arse Markel need to be stripped of titles and Royal family income . Cut these grubby swine loose once their 3 to 4 year tell all wonder is over, minus titles and Income, their living costs will erode their grubby life style and both will crash to earth.
    Keep the Ginger Tosser and Bone is finished here. Her previous husband is well rid but sad how the bitch manipulates her own father poor man. She’s so grubby. A dreadful attention seeking user.
    Shared from Sky News: UK weather: ‘Cause for concern’ – millions can’t afford to heat their homes as ‘dangerously cold’ weather arrives

    Probably up to 30% of our population will freeze or starve now. Dreadful energy exploitation rackets.

    It stinks she cheated a boy of his life, and justice. Weak political subservience let her run.


  8. What is wrong with these people?… when will the people wake up and say enough of this woke horseshit!… tell MSM to go FO… tell the Bolshevik scum running things to go F O… use your God given common sense and enact laws and policies that work for the good of all… trans, gay, and all that BS is about breaking down society!

    Seattle’s Record-High Murder Rates Aren’t Deterring It From Stealthily Defunding The Police


      1. If defunding the police would get rid of the bad ones then great!… but it will only get rid of the good ones… so many of these so-called leaders do not work for the people, they follow the agenda


    1. Sorry BUT, Right!
      Note all this Munich Girl.
      Time to think, rebuild and protect the Nation State.
      As ever, the Wrong is not the Right, but the Jews.
      6,000 years won’t sort them. The Virus will! Let DNA retrack the way.
      Iran, Russia and China get the Labs to work for a cause. Time to stop their Millenias of Crime.
      Let DNA clear the way.

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  9. Sitting here at minus 7C is not a good time to be talking Climate change it’s bloody cold! How can our poor fund heating, they can’t. Warming will be an If Only to many.


  10. Which infant will die next to further prove the connection and capture the attention needed to shift this devastating trajectory?

    Philippine Infant Dies 4 Days After Being Injected With 7 Vaccines – Death By Injection
    Shall we just accept the continual carnage and destructive path of vaccines? When will humanity finally wake up to the reality

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    1. When my children were born, I waited until they were a few months old before I would allow vaccinations and then only one at a time. So glad I did that then. Now adays, I wouldn’t give them any just like bill gates with his daughter.
      So sad what is happening to these children and that their parents are just being sheeple instead of doing their own research and uncovering both sides of the issue before they make decisions to vaccinate.

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  11. Ukraine the lying and dying.

    Subject: Polish-Ukrainian Confederacy With “Dowry” 700 M1A2 Abrams & M2 Bradley: Plan to Invade Western Ukraine & Insurrection in Belarus (vid) – WarNews247
    Sadly, as i have warned repeatedly this will be escalation that cannot be walked back.
    Expect to hear the word Galicia in the news soon.

    The Ukrianian diaspora is still in evidence and in high places in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Canadian Foreign Secretary, ­Christiya Freeland is a prominent critic of Russia who was banned from the country in 2014. She happens also to be a friend of Victoria Nuland, and both are passionate supporters of her coup in Ukraine. Ms Freeland is co-chair of the Lima Group which is apparently dedicated to the overthrow of Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro.

    In the somewhat murky political background of Ms Freeland, she had long since been an advocate of militant Ukrainian nationalism; this followed very much in the family tradition. Some interesting facts dug out by some Polish and Australian journalists investigating past and present Ukrainian threats to Polish sovereignty in Galicia-Ukraine. “This Canadian statement is discreditable, not only for its ignorance of the ‘surprises’ in the Polish and German records of World War II. It’s also a declaration of comfortable complacency in not investigating how much Freeland aims to revive the takeover of Polish Galicia, with Canadian money and arms, which her Nazi grandfather tried with German money and arms.”

    German military records have been found in a Polish government archive in Warsaw revealing that, Michael Chomiak maternal grandfather of Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, volunteered to serve in the German invasion of Poland long before the German Army attacked the Soviet Union and invaded Ukraine.’’
    We know so little of what is done behind the scenes.
    Sky News: Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss: Who is ‘ringleader’ of German far-right coup plot – and what is the Reichsburger movement?.

    The Socialists fear free thoughts in Germany
    ‘The Mother of All Economic Crises Looms,’ Warns Economist Nouriel Roubini
    The Independent: Jan 6 hearings revealed stunning details of Trump’s attempted ‘coup’..

    For sure they are coming for him

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    1. Our heart goes out to this singer and athlete and our prayers to his son for a full recovery.. Vaccination is certainly the cause. 11 yr olds without induced pathology simply do not suffer heart attacks.

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      1. Over a 3 years cycle Tino, expect a serious graph rise up with problems. What’s gone in, will only come out as Defects! We neither have the scientific resources, nor funding or will to deal with the oncoming consequences. Exponential growth in side effects, at what price?
        Keep up the good work, helping many swerve the risks.
        Having had 3 vaccines already, why the hell do I need more and at what risk?
        Our State and I have issues. Enough is Enough! Now they face resistance. Lines are drawn.
        BS to annual top ups. Total BS! Not for me. We are NOT guinea Pigs.
        My line is drawn. Judgment calls. Quantifying each risk. Side effects are visibly worse.
        What is incubating?

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        1. UPDATE: Yes, 100% to John’s comment above.

          But for the youngster in question, final diagnostics ruled out heart attack. For some reason the poor youngster suffered an anxiety attack…


  12. You will notice a massive uptick playing a narrative that the Trump coat-tails didn’t work, and a 20 something cadre of candidates that lost.

    This is, of course, false.

    92% of Trump-endorsed candidates won.


  13. Time this blatant Turd faces justice. He belongs in jail. Along with the Kushner Crime Family.

    Trump’s company found guilty of fraud in scheme hatched by executives

    Expect nothing less he’s a Shyster. Jail the Bum!

    The Chinese are Revolting.

    Hopefully he’s way overdue for Jail. A truly disgusting slime ball apology for an American.


  14. CLIMATE HUSTLE is a groundbreaking documentary that leads viewers on a fact-finding and often-hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of global warming claims. Hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano and produced by CFACT and CDR Communications, CLIMATE HUSTLE tears the cover off of global warming hype and exposes the myths and exaggerations of this multi-billion dollar issue.


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