From Evolution to Revolution. Will The Pending Global Settlements Save Mankind In Time?

The GS is a dichotomy and we need to avail ourselves of its potential for real changes. But perspicacious, malignant interests seek only to corral power towards the vested interests of tribal banking Zionism and the Communist WEF. They will derail it before they will avail freedom for all. We seek to keep you all free.

Unfolding around us and before us, is a Political takeover of our Representative Houses by Dark Forces with malignant intent. It’s not just the deranged and predatory WEF, who openly advocate an intent to sequestrate all, but the sheer scale of Governing powers penetrated by the Davos Assembly, and the Shadow Ringmasters behind them.

As the UK is now in Political freefall, Sunak is a committed WEF attendee, inexperienced in any Corporate Governance, unleashed among a motley bunch of typical mediocrities engulfing Politics today. Merkel homogenized Germany. Its very Soul sold to madcap Socialism. The Hapsburgs were sunk by a Merkelberg.

 The G7 mandate to go Cashless, will leave you powerless and your very families both bereft of assets, beholden to the dictates of Communist aspirations beyond your worst fears. Enlightened minds are traumatized as the Sheeple Sleep. 

The Bidens, BLM, Woke and the Cabal Agencies, bowing to the Pied Pipers of Israel, are dismantling America, along with Zionists gutting it all from the inside. The Jews virtually own all. Bloodsuckers!  You gave them a ‘Safe Haven’; they ensnared you all as Goyim to be taken. Contemptible. Still you sleep. Brain dead. This new ideology is designed to seize, at will, all you hold, with no Court of Appeal. Just to steal. 

The Mother of Parliaments is imploding. The EU is a Socialist quagmire. A collective failed Superstate. Zionists and Israeli Oligarchs have unleased Energy consequences which threaten to implode and freeze economies. Is the West Lost? 

BRICS is coming. With it, the power to face and take down America. The new America bereft of its Buck, who do you think will give a F? Hegemonies bill is coming home. Not Saving Private Ryan, but a Ravaged America Crying. 

Can we use the pending GS to settle and save Mankind from this kind? Be assured from London it is so intended. Have you seen, or realized, what is unfolding around us? Around you?

But, as the acting British Presidency of the G7 nations, Sunak announced yesterday the intent for Banks to progress with CBDCs, allowing Banks to control and manipulate it all. Corrosive chicanery at work again. Sunak is a WEF puppet. So there is little hope of  Democratic integrity there. Left under the auspices of the WEF, and NWO, we are seeing new Pied Pipers leading you all into oblivion. This does not augur well for Mankind. Sunak is a pre-patented WEF Mole, lacking in the real ethos of Soul, instead being the cheaply made deviant R version.  Soros will be one of his handlers in the Turd Chain of the WEF. But, so was Johnson. Why on earth is there such a dearth of integrity? Politics has lost all meaning today, and lost its way. Parliament, the Mother of all Democratic Debating Houses, is in need of serious deep Delousing. Physicians first heal thyselves.

Truss, having only served in office  for 7 weeks and failed, is now availing herself of an unearned and unmerited PM’s Tax Free Pension of £150K a year for life. By such are we ruled.  Unreal vacuous varmints, the lot. I give you the Bidens, Orange Grifter Shrek Trump, the Commie Fake Kenyan, the loathsome Clintons and ever treasonous Bushes.  Where is hope when each deserves the Rope?  

We are under DAILY attack by NWO conspirators, Zionist Bankers, and out-of-control Illegals supported by Soros and his like type Rodents.  Political leaders are in free fall as Democracy fails. Indifference will lose all.

“The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.”

“What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

The American Hebrew, September, 1920

The UK Mother of Parliaments , the House of Commons, is under attack and losing all Democracy. 8 known WEF MP member supporters, lobbied the hell out of MPs to hold off a free vote for Maudant to get Sunak instead in. 

Sunak is a WEF Clone. As his is Father in Law, his primary money source. He’s a Puppet on many strings. Sunak’s Father in Law runs his business operations via Moscow. Russian Mafia territory. Compromised to Hell. The stable lead from the Mother of Parliaments is being dismantled as the WEF and NWO Conspirators take control. Unreal.  As with the US, where is Security now? No Vetting?

We never more needed a tribe of Cannibals with a taste for an Indian.

Rome fell to the Vandals inside. China fell to Genghis Khan and his marauders once allowed inside.  They built the wall to stop it again. 

America fell to the Jews and Zionists. Parliament is failing and falling.  It is appalling.  The EU is falling. Hope will die with the WEF lie.  They will take everything and leave you with nothing. As Zionists have done to America. 

Let’s be clear. With the planned population reductions and asset seizure intentions of the WEF to enslave you all, (and the 6,000 year’s history of the old, depraved Tribal Temple money changers, cross bred with the murdering Genghis Khans Khazarian plains marauders, assimilating as Fake Jews), a new and Vile Rodent Species of  Zionist Assimilating “Jews” takes all with no compassion or mercy. They have only contempt for the Goyim, viewed as cattle to be harvested. Low worth animals. 

Seen On Israeli TV

History repeats itself in cycles and we still never learn. Old Empires are ending, and with it, new Leaders. New Empires emerge, rise, and old ones always fail. Look at Global Demographics. Whether religious, racial, or US Hegemony promoting self benefitting Capitalism, until now. Empires foundered, lost by failing resources, or emerging Barbarian internal anarchy. And along this same model, the West is in trouble again. Bad trouble. Zionism has sucked America dry and still they are asleep. Corruption, Socialism and Zionism has thrived but serving only its own Elites. Now the Reaper arrives with the price. How do YOU position to be safe?

But worse. There is now a blatant war unfolding between China which covets America, Russia who seeks to derail the EU, and the WEF, who if left to their devices, aspires to enslave Humanity itself, grabbing all assets for its new Cabal, and even seizing their very Souls. The WEF, like the Zionists, seek to aggregate all. Our Sovereign Right to Be Free, is now under attack again. Enslaving all is ugly. Will we ever learn?  The WEF and Zionism are each as pernicious and ugly. For Human kind, a Death Sentence under Despots. Each needs to be stopped! The Sheeple line up for their Vaccines, and are Tax Sheared of all assets. The Treasury and Fed are a fiercely guarded, bloodsucking Zionist and Jewish Conclave, Goyim denied.

Look how they violate and mutilate Palestinians and neighbors. A truly corrupt sub-species of humanity.  They know the petrodollar is dying, and are bailing. As ever, the sinking ship and Rats.

But, even they have their own new worries developing. Advanced Iranian rockets being field tested now by Russia are in use attacking Ukraine, and are helping Iran to logistically increase their destructive power, refining telemetry and distance testing, ready for war with Israel. As China also readies its own forces for Taiwan. Change is coming. Armed force. The will of Xi will not be stopped. A new Ming the Merciless. While America has minger Biden loose, Diaperless.

Havoc is now emerging in the West. First to the life belts as usual, are the Zio Sewer Rats. The smell of Gold, always the Rats arrived. 6,000 years of this pestilence.

Mindless, unaffordable energy scams, racketeering by Oil Moguls, Despot Sheiks and Futures City Slickers Ripoff Racketeering, is no future for Humankind. Their greed, if left unchecked, will cripple the world. Where are our Leaders? All face turmoil and chaos. Bankers ever-scamming. 

Our world, our desperate people, need help and good Leaders to stop these Free Feeding Vultures. That will be a first. 

Energy bills of $4K to $10K are about to hit our homes. Pure, unjustified Greed. It’s not just Russia, it’s greedy opportunists. How many poor Souls will now needlessly die? Retirees and the poor just don’t have it. Nor do they deserve this. Slam Futures Traders and Price Limit suppliers. 

Sending in the Marines with brass knuckle dusters, to Corporates, Despotic Sheiks and Vulture Funds, will soon put manners on these slick, syphoning, opportunist Bastards. They are ugly. Second only to Politicos.  What TF anger response would soon change the ways of the City of London and Wall Street if nobbled hard by controls, and impacted by brass knuckles. Preservation-Of-Societies. Freedom starts by protecting Ours.   Winter is incoming fast. As will be food and heating deprivation. A war on humanity will decimate Human kind. We are not ready.  These reckless prices are simply unaffordable and not justified.  Allowing Arabs to cut back production by 2m barrels a day, creates a false shortfall and exacerbates price racketeering, bringing Arabs vast unearned profits and bringing Hell to those so much in need. We do nothing. Fat Cats don’t care. 

Never mind us funding more of their Whores, it’s time to line up our Gunboats along their shores. As we created and ordained the House of Saud, we can take it away if our voice is loud. 

Don’t Racketeer with our lives. 

Never before, in the history of our Human (Questionable status for some!) history, have we been so close to true Nuclear Armageddon. Abject incompetence rules. Lions led by Mules or Grifters. 

Xi stands head and shoulders beyond all of them so far, even with stressed “Commercial Communism.” He still has a grip on control. They have a grip, a plan, and it’s working for them. 

Xi Jinping Consolidates Power And Plans For The Future, While The West Worries About Mis-Gendering

The EU is a Ship of Fools, fast running aground. The WEF opines as it covets the assets of Swine. Even to its Disneyland comic suits,  America has been ungluing for decades, they have no planning and no fallback. Just “My Lick!”

What is coming next –  At You? Banks, the Fed and Central Banks, have self created their own oblivion. Never more have we needed the rebalancing of Global nations sensitive economies, and an equitable balancing of resources and Risk/Reward management. Fairer divisions and Respect for Caregivers. Human, and Human values. In short, the very ethos of the GS.  

Sadly, the masses are Clueless of what is evolving. Illiterate of reality, or even capable of comprehending their own plight. Gobbling Turkeys who can see only the feed bowl. None think. We have sunk to this. Basket case Banana Republics where Graft and Chicanery rules.  An Autocracy built of Mediocrity. The US totters towards economic oblivion and melt down. The long forewarned dangers of the Military Industrial Cabal, were prophetic, and exposing a vast, Monolithic Empire of Contractors bleeding the life blood out of an entrapped Domestic population, escalating out of control towards a possible face off with China is pending destruction of our planet.  It’s NOT OK, it’s our world. For all to share.  

If the Earth is an incubating world for the emerging Souls of all Mankind, what will it take to make it Fit for Purpose for all of Humankind? 

No Leaders of Standing are Standing Up for Justice. Just Their Enlarged Rice Bowls. Road kill with Road Runner approaching. 

Russia and China’s vote is cast. Ukraine and Taiwan, or a Nuclear blast. Titanic, sails blind again. What Destiny if this Nuclear Genie Breaks Free? Israel’s Armageddon Destiny?

Be ready for anything. There are no assurances of any particular outcome.

Stay tuned for more news concerning the GS as is possible.

Thank you!



  1. The Nazi uniform past of this piece of disgusting Soros human filth.

    Toss out all these Tossers

    It’s time this Grifting Con Man faces justice.
    Researchers have figured out how the Amami spiny rat lost its Y chromosome, and some believe the same fate may be in store for humans
    read more:

    Breeding the new Jews.
    The Global South births a new game-changing payment system

    Credit Cards will be hit under BRICS.

    Just one sign of bricks being laid in a new road that separates the Western mode of business from the rest of the world, by design and choice.
    It is far more than just a new payment system as what will occur is a new corresponding credit system to go with the alternative payment/ settlement means. So the vast credit systems of everyone from American Express to VISA are subject to competition and change. You can imagine that Bank issues card will face new challenges for acceptance and use, unless able to settle in this alternative system.
    There is no question there will be wealth shift as result and a lower value attributed to the dollar and other Western currencies.
    Where in the world is it illegal to be gay?

    Just wait until BRICS nations get control. Travelers could be vetted and netted
    Body of a newborn baby boy is found at recycling centre

    Must be Zionists they always throw the wrong part away after circumcising.


    1. Regarding the title of the video. Donald Rumsfeld announced this over twenty years ago. I think there is a connection with the missing trillions. Starts with an A and ends with an a. Remember when the world leaders met there last year including ceo and cto of ripple? 🤔


        1. AJ,

          Please ignore prior comment. I thought it would translate correctly to the mind blown emoji. Lol!!!

          Well, the Antartica meeting cannot be anymore weirder.



  2. The guest in the video is Clive Owen who is a retired Managing Director at Union Bancaire Privée in Switzerland. He says the reset will be very good for the global economy. “It’ll boom like the 1950’s”. This statement came after he went into detail of the inner workings of the transition.

    The Currency Reset Will Wipe Out Creditors and Usher in CBDCs


      1. Until the Americans clear the Jewish Mafia out of the Treasury and Fed the inept, incompetent losses will go on escalating. De Jew these Fs don’t have a clue! Get the Jews Snout out!

        100 years of Theft syphoning and losses.
        Toss these Tossers. Get a ‘glass ceiling in and Jews out.
        De Clutter and put the the Jews back into the gutter. Failed!
        Face it as it is. Parasites bloodsucking the world dry like Soros.
        Ship Soros to Moscow and arm Iran to deal with Israel. Close all doors to Zionist Whores.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The gentleman stated the reset will be good for the global economy. He didn’t say for the U.S. The 1950’s boom is more likely in countries like China etc. That was my take.


      1. Don’t assume it’s YOUR Debts Jay, it won’t be.
        It’s Countries. Public baggage will carry. No one will let public debt walk away free. If you borrowed, you own it. Hooks are in. If you owe, you are owned, so shake down debt before the reconciliation axe comes. There is no Fairy Godmother. Just the Ugly Sisters. Too much Fake Fairy Tale crap is loose. The ONLY Fairies are in DC, LA , SF or Israel.

        Once the new system comes in, if you have impaired Credit Records, you could be denied access to new currencies, even accounts. You will be vetted. Losers face getting tossed. Yes it’s going to be a big Crap heap out there, but planned in. Welfare abusers are Losers, with no value. Outside the systems tent, there will be no mercy. Overpopulated waste comes at a cost. Axes will fall. Whining I’m owed will hit the road.

        US Welfare is insanity. It will take such a hit. You don’t earn, you don’t eat, is coming.
        No one is owed, and there is no money for basket cases. Each State is in too bad a state to carry non contributors.
        Before you get “Accredited Accounts” under the new system, they will look at your records from before. Losers will get tossed. No one will take on bad news. Why should they? No Banks want new clients with poor credit histories. Would you? All these Fs on welfare need cutting off. There will be no money for Losers. Carrying this grasping shit is what’s brought it, and everyone down. No one is owed. Populations? Work it out. Losers will LOSE! It can’t go on. America is Broke.
        BRICS will give the US the Poke. Losers, lose. Parties have 2 years to clean it up. No New System Credits to live??????????????????? Truth and Reality is coming. Too many begging bowls.
        G20 soon will not include the US, and then no one will accept USD. Jungle Bunny Paper. 50 years of this Shite loose. Payback is coming. Plan Jay and get clear.


  3. US paralyzed by Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategic swing

    No thanks to the MORONS in DC wh90 have shat the nest and handed the G20 to the Commies and Muzzies. What a Dufus Club. .

    Read this carefully as IRAN is doing what it should be doing becoming part of the SCO and at some point the BRICS

    Clearly it is turning its’ economy to Eurasia. This is another brick in wall of American lost hegemony in the region, as the Middle East is and has turned away.

    It will not be just one nation that makes the difference but the combined weight of all participants which causes hegemony to shift weakening the relevance of the West. And this will impact western standards of living as a result as much as influence.

    At some point even Ukraine will become what it has historically been a border between east and west. By 2025 the world will look very different.

    Pepe Escobarposted on PressTV

    Iran’s parliament has just approved the accession of the Islamic Republic to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), previously enshrined at the Samarkand summit last September, marking the culmination of a process that lasted no less than 15 years.

    Iran has already applied to become a member of the expanding BRICS+, which before 2025 will be inevitably configured as the alternative Global South G20 that really matters.

    Iran is already part of the Quad that really matters – alongside BRICS members Russia, China and India. Iran is deepening its strategic partnership with both China and Russia and increasing bilateral cooperation with India.

    Iran is a key Chinese partner in the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is set to clinch a free trade agreement with the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and is a key node of the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), alongside Russia and India.

    All of the above configures the lightning-fast emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a West Asia and Eurasia big power, with vast reach across the Global South.

    That has left the whole set of imperial “policies” towards Tehran lying in the dust.

    So it’s no wonder that previously accumulated strands of Iranophobia – fed by the Empire over four decades — have recently metastasized into yet another color revolution offensive, fully supported and disseminated by Anglo-American media.

    The playbook is always the same. Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei actually came up with a concise definition. The problem is not bands of oblivious rioters and/or mercenaries: “the main confrontation”, he said, is with “global hegemony.”

    Ayatollah Khamenei was somewhat echoed by American intellectual and author Noam Chomsky, who has remarked how an array of US sanctions over four decades have severely harmed the Iranian economy and “caused enormous suffering.”

    Using Kurds as expendable assets

    The latest color revolution overdrive overlaps with the manipulation of Kurds in both Syria and Iraq. >From the imperial perspective, the proxy war in Syria, which is far from over, not only works as an additional front in the fight against Russia but also allows the instrumentalization of highly dependent Kurds against both Iran and Turkey.

    Iran is currently being attacked according to a perverse variation of the scheme applied to Syria in 2011. A sort of “permanent protest” situation has been imposed across vast swathes of northwestern Iran.

    What changed in mid-November is that armed gangs started to apply terrorist tactics in several towns close to the Iraqi border, and were even believed to be weaponized enough to take control of some of the towns.

    Tehran inevitably had to send IRGC troops to contain the situation and beef up border security. They engaged in operations similar to what has been done before in Dara’a, in the Syrian southwest.

    This military intervention was effective. But in a few latitudes, terror gangs continue to attack government infrastructure and even civilian property. The key fact is that Tehran prefers not to repress these unruly demonstrations using deadly force.

    The really critical issue is not the protests per se: it’s the transfer of weapons by the Kurds from Iraq to Iran to bolster the color revolution scenario.

    Tehran has issued a de facto ultimatum to Baghdad: get your act together with the Kurds, and make them understand the red lines.

    As it stands, Iran is massively employing Fateh ballistic missiles and Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 kamikaze drones against selected Kurdish terrorist bases in northern Iraq.

    It’s debatable whether that will be enough to control the situation. What is clear is that the “Kurdish card”, if not tamed, could be easily played by the usual suspects in other Iranian provinces, considering the solid financial, military and informational support offered by Iraqi Kurds to Iranian Kurds.

    Turkey is facing a relatively similar problem with the Syrian Kurds instrumentalized by the US.

    In northern Syria, they are mostly armed gangs posing as “Kurds”. So it’s quite possible that these Kurdish armed gangs, essentially played by Washington as useful idiots, may end up being decimated, simultaneously, in the short to medium term, by both Ankara and Tehran.

    If all fails, pray for regime change

    A geopolitical game-changer which was unthinkable until recently may soon be on the cards: a high-level meeting between Turkish President Recep Erdogan and his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad (remember the decade-long refrain “Assad must go”?) in Russia, with mediation by none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin.

    What would it take for Kurds to understand no state – be it Iran, Syria or Turkey – will offer them land for their own nation? Parameters could eventually change in case Iraqis in Baghdad finally manage to expel the US.

    Before we get there, the fact is Iran has already turned West Asian geopolitics upside down – via its smart cruise missiles, extremely effective kamikaze drones, electronic warfare and even state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles.

    Empire “planners” never saw this coming: a Russia-Iran strategic partnership that not only makes total sense geo-economically, but is also a military force multiplier.

    Moreover, that is inscribed in the looming Big Picture on which the expanded BRICS+ is focusing: Eurasia (and beyond) integration via multimodal economic corridors such as the INTSC, pipelines and high-speed rail.

    The Empire’s Plan A, on Iran, was a mere nuclear deal (JCPOA), devised by the Barack Obama administration as nothing but a crude containment scheme.

    Trump actually blew it all up – and there’s nothing left: a JCPOA revival, which has been – in theory – attempted for months in Vienna, was always a non-starter because the Americans themselves don’t know anymore what they want from it.

    So what’s left as Plan B for the Straussian neocon/neoliberal psychos in charge of US foreign policy is to hurl all manner of fall guys – from Kurds to the toxic MEK – into the Iran cauldron and, amplified 24/7 by hysterical mainstream media, pray for regime change.

    Well, that’s not going to happen. Tehran just needs to wait, exercise restraint, and observe how so much color revolution virtue signaling will eventually fizzle out.


  4. These dinar guys just wont give up. I wonder who is originating all of this “intel” and why are they doing it? Are there not other things to do with a more noble purpose?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. And it will…


  6. King’s ‘olive branch’ to Andrew – ‘Christmas invitation for Fergie’

    Charles again being WEAK and dithering. Philip correctly manned Fergie as a Cow who disgraced the family and she was never allowed near the Royals.
    Andrew is a piece of shit as Harry is becoming mins blocked by his Markel Bolter.
    You can’t run the Firm with Floaters.
    Both need to be cut loose. Bury bad news. Charles is weak and wet. Pathetic
    Camilla is forever disgraced. Charles is a Tosser who hopefully will either soon.
    Singapore decriminalises gay sex but won’t grant equal marriage rights

    We need to do our bit for humanity and retrack some of those girls.
    Guys for organ donors.

    India will play off Sunak, as THEIR Indian, to counter Chinese policies, and will use the UK as their Pawn on the board.


  7. Brief key updates of interest.

    In the UK less than 30% of Brits now support any religion, nor want any part of them. Butt Lifters. Churches are blown! Game over for the lot now. It’s seen as a haven for Queers and Kiddy Fiddlers. Mindless.

    China and the UK are locking horns over Chinese brutality in HK, towards the Protesters in Beijing, for the beating up of UK Press tracking Beijing Police brutality, and towards the Chans beating up Protestors in Manchester. Who TF do they think they are? If these Fs attack Oz we Nuke!

    The Chinese Ambassador in London was called in and Ass reamed today. Pan the Chan day.

    China is getting ever more belligerent and cruising for a bruising. Brits will Pan the Chan if it continues. Back off Charlies or heat will come down on you lot. Civilise you F Mongrels!

    We look ever more at Fauci and no action. America Wake TF up.

    We are tracking the Bidens and their bribes. A Criminal family of Skanks, just like Trump, the Clintons, Soetoro, and the Bushes Crime family. Will no one Swill this Pig Swill?

    Anal probes for Schwarb and this lot. What a world.
    A free for all for Trash Pumpers paper notes. Get real. It’s Not happening. F Delusional. You swallow.
    Toilet paper, all of it.


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