2022 – Out Of The Chaos Arose More Chaos

I am going to invoke dominus privilegium and personally address you in what will be the last briefing for 2022. These are my words, unless described otherwise.

The year comes to an end, and I am sure there is no need to summarize it here, as all of you are experiencing it firsthand in your daily lives. I am quite sure that depending on how each of you are personally situated, the chaos impacts in very different ways. What is most important is that one learns how to adapt ways and means to survive through it all. And this is certainly not going to be a universal approach for everyone. However you are making your way, I hope you are achieving your goals in doing so, the current malaise notwithstanding.

Let us review a few key areas of interest, and briefly discuss what I would like to achieve next year.

The Global Settlements

For those that don’t know, the World Global Settlements are to be the largest financial transactions in the history of Earth. They are designed to achieve the ethical infusion of off balance sheet Asiatic dynastic wealth into world economies, subject to strict oversight and management, by a core team of trustees, including one of our key site contributors.

As most of our readers know, a serious meeting took place in New York last December, which resulted in a failure to agree on terms for U.S. beneficial access. The U.S. negotiators, we are told, have committed a very serious error in failing to accept terms designed to protect the transactions from earlier acts of treachery that could not be allowed to repeat. Now we are awaiting a possible commencement of these monumentally huge transactions via a BRICS framework, which would leave the U.S. to go it alone to compete with a world seeking to move away from dollar dominance.

We have the good fortune of direct contact with the one entity that key Asiatic dynastic Elders consult with on the GS, who recently said the following in an internal discussion:

The potential net consequences now facing America will be draconian. A multipolar split where America loses all dominance. Nations dropping the petrodollar. Ending global reliance upon SWIFT. The end of energy and core commodities priced in dollars. Global suppliers refusing to sell energy or commodities for worthless dollars, demanding the US pay in alternative currencies, or heavily discounting the dollar. 

We face pension funds becoming insolvent. Banks bailing in from clients’ savings – stealing from you. Pensions being reneged upon and income losses in value of at least 30%.  Soaring gas, home heating, health care and food costs. Food shortages, and the collapse of welfare with riots expected as former recipients revolt. 990 plus US warfare bases shut down with no money. Vast fleets at sea not able to buy fuel, or food, or pay for docking. An air force not able to buy jet fuel.

The US has exported jobs and industries. It’s made the Third World wealthy and America poor. Old mother Hubbard has nothing in the cupboard. The world knows the US is run by whores. 

Is this the new incoming domestic Boston Tea Party where the world says, “Enough!”? 

Yet the illegals keep flooding in and crime rises. D.C. is on the take, and corruption rules fools.

What can go so wrong?  The world is cutting D.C. free!  Losing 75% of the world, what then is America’s destiny? War? WWIII? All lose. 

Rethink and plan out of bail-ins. A bail-out for those who can! It IS coming, and when it does hit it will go like Rome. D.C. is incapable of planning through this. Scam city. Every snout seeking a hand out.

Information and knowledge, now, is everything. We [WHA] are forewarned of so much. Heed it.

We have been repeatedly warned that a BRICS GS release will have potentially detrimental economic effects on the already strained, hyper-inflating USD. As BRICS nations continue to expand, and with their currencies possessing hard metal asset backing, the non-metals backed USD may find itself being supplanted in traditional long standing trade mediums. This could result in a Weimar economic condition in the U.S. I have taken steps to personally prepare for this, and I suggest you research how to protect your portfolios from such deleterious events.

As I would like to think: We are in the right place, at the right time, with the right information, and know the right people who deal with the GS on a daily basis. So our updates on the matter will be right from the source, when possible. I don’t think it could get any better than that.

Tales From The Crypto

Some time ago we added a list of suggested crypto ideas as a courtesy to any readers who wished to avail themselves of it, and we will continue to do so free of charge into 2023.

I continue to point out that this sector is truly terra incognita, and will be subject to very extreme volatility, suitable only for risk capital. Recent events have shown why such warnings were given, and continue to be.

I continue to believe that we have not seen the ultimate highs that are yet to come in future cycles. So the extreme volatility we have seen this year, with prices down where they are, should not be taken as a final capitulation or failure of the industry. Far from it! It is, in essence, the price we will pay for a much larger future payoff, with the ultimate goal of transformational wealth accumulation.

This is a time to cost average your holdings, if right for your circumstances. But one must be careful to choose projects which are well researched and have valid use cases, and not borrow funds to buy them. Our list of suggestions is to guide you if needed. There are thousands of tokens and coins. We have presented only 13 of them to consider.

The Blockchain economy is still very new and struggling to find its legs in a regulatory quagmire of bureaucratic swampiness. But, find them, they will.

We will have to be patient, as I am quite certain that once the regulatory framework is worked out, Wall Street interests will not miss out on fee income they desperately need from offering crypto-based products to their millions of clients with trillions of dollars to invest. Once they build easy, one-click onramps for techno-dunces to use, combined with new generational inherited wealth that surveys revealed is earmarked for this new space, we should see a monumental rise in demand for potentially scarce supplies of BTC and ETH, and the many quality tokens which transact on ERC-20 blockchains, along with BTC-settled ETFs. Only SEC incompetence, scam artists, and current economic malaise have delayed it.

The current price volatility is not due to lack of interest or a defect in the technology. Not even close. Bad, unregulated brokerages, are. But, brokerages and exchanges are not crypto. They are essentially mirrors of old centralized monetary systems which have the Federal Reserve to bail out the scams. Crypto has no such backstop, so bad actors will go down and stay down forever. And that is how it should be. It will strengthen the future players who will be forced to operate with greater transparency in order to win the trust of the smarter money that will demand it. So, you will either offer that transparency, or be brushed aside, and not bailed out.

Commercial interests continue to make plans, and adoption goes on. Along side it, we will have to suffer the impacts of scams, bad actors, bad ideas, economic whipsaws, political incompetence and foot-dragging to get to where I want to see us all arrive – life changing wealth accumulation by being early and being disciplined to know we are early and knowing just what is ahead. It will slow us down, but it will not prevent the inevitable. No forward leap into any technological advancement has ever occurred drenched in the effulgence of perfection.

For now, as I write, my personal view is that prices will continue down for a while longer. The margin calls from the FTX debacle are causing forced selling to cover leveraged bets and other similar stupid gamblers’ folly. This is foolishness by greedy players and we can take advantage of it by adding to our positions at discounts, using cash.

Again, we are early, and accumulation is the game right now. It is common in this space for prices to retreat 90% before firing upwards 5,000% and beyond. If you can just buy and hold, think of what awaits you. But, we may see BTC at $12000 and ETH at $500 before we are back on the trip upwards. Bear markets usually end on a very, very ugly capitulation that is sudden and wipes out the last of the weaklings and leveraged death-loving berserkers. We have not seen that just yet. You’ll know, if and when we do.

For now, we will continue to add new quality ideas as they are researched and vetted. And barring that, there is little need for any change of our particular crypto strategy for 2023.

Plans For 2023

We will continue on with the comment section, made available for sharing of information and general discussions. It’s your forum to bring forth anything you consider important, so please do so.

I continue to appreciate the many valuable contributions made by our regular readers on a very wide array of subject matter, and I am very impressed at the genial, dignified tolerance as others present widely diverse views and opinions.

For 2023, I am going to devote less time to my own comments and more to the new portfolios which I have been working on for some time now. I will not go into details on the final shape of the new ideas, which will be presented for your consideration, but rest assured that very careful planning will be done to navigate the uncertainties ahead in the next year, and make available options for you to take advantage of, if you wish. I feel it is important to offer some tangible value to help survive and hopefully thrive amidst new challenges, and not just talk about them. Some practical application, as opposed to merely the theoretical, so to speak. As always, we cannot and will not give individualized investment advice.

And, if the Global Settlements find an optimum environment to proceed, we will certainly be ready to assist with administrative duties pertaining to any post-release related financial products which may be properly made available to our readers.

From all indications, the next year may present some serious challenges, so as I am always reminding you all: BE READY FOR ANYTHING!

I appreciate you allowing my personal indulgence with this message to you. Thank you all for your participation. We will be back after the 1st of January with a new feature and hopefully a lot more.



Happy Holidays From WHA


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! That’s a desperate banking cartel speaking.


  2. As China and Russia are tearing the face off Americas Petro Dollar, once they get control of the Energy markets via Petro Yuan, BRICS and CBDC’s, America implodes.Boom.
    It will come like a Thief in the Night, and Paul Revere will be consummately absent.
    A Sleeping Giant will go out like Infanticide.
    Get this clear, Big Money is leaving America already. Florida Mansions are selling and going.
    Smart money leaves. China and the Rotts are taking your futures. The Rotts versus Rotten Leaders.
    Chess Masters play out Checkers Rednecks, while filling you full of illegals.
    The Pied Piper calls, and is leaving with your Balls.


  3. Disinvite the little Shit and see how far his Netflix scam takes him. Markel has no Class. Dump both.

    Prince Harry refuses to say if he will go to his father’s coronation https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11601851/Prince-Harry-refuses-say-fathers-coronation-new-ITV-trailer.html?ito=native_share_article-nativemenubutton
    Russia’s war drains Ukraine’s rich list of power
    Mainly Jews thats good.

    Race to overthrow Putin and take crown has begun, says former loyalist

    The Weasel is now surrounded by Shysters and Takers. A hard landing is coming.

    Race to overthrow Putin and take crown has begun, says former loyalist https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11601677/The-race-overthrow-Putin-Kremlin-crown-begun-says-former-Russian-loyalist.html?ito=native_share_article-caption#i-38c1739f014e4222
    Prince Harry’s favorite book at Eton was Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11603059/Prince-Harrys-favorite-book-Eton-Steinbecks-Mice-Men.html?ito=native_share_article-caption#i-54a917dec46b1a92

    Tosser Princes.
    Prince Harry contacted a psychic to reach his late mother Diana https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11603541/Prince-Harry-contacted-psychic-reach-late-mother-Diana.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Damned Brat is out with the fairies
    From a contributor.

    U.S. Forces in Europe Prepare for War With Russia

    How many more times will we stand by while America forces endless wars?
    The Whores of War!

    Someone once wrote or said, that war is politics by another means. One does wonder does that means politics kills and war simply does it better and faster?

    Let’s not sugar coat realities already observed in the Ukraine. The West has Ukrainians using more artillery shells in two weeks than what the US produces in a year. Let that sink in. Is war without a military supply chain to back it up, practical? Sure you can buy shells from South Korea but for how long? So, what does that say about cost? After all war is measured by affordability which makes all wars banker’s wars. Because without credit there can be no war. In a world quickly coming to a liquidity crisis without war trying to beat the clock of fiscal reality is a route of despair as the hourglass of sand will run out before a real sustained war can be achieved, or even hoped to be won.

    Bluntly put, if the 90,000 NATO soldiers in Romania go in, expect 45,000 to be dead in the 1st two weeks. The 16,000 US troops in the Baltics will be dead by the end of week one. And this is without true combat as Russia uses standoff weapon systems. As for actual combat face to face throwing troops without integrated tank commands is a slaughter. Where are the thousands of tanks going to come from to match or overwhelm Russian forces? Yes, Poland is next in sacrifice, but at what cost? Does anyone really think that the entire energy grid of Poland cannot disappear in a day with standoff missiles? Does no one realize that many missiles being used in Ukraine today are actually dated Russian technology and in many cases Russia scales down the technology for the job at hand as not waste money. As much as Western Planners orgasm at the thought of seeing state of the art weaponry being deployed in the Ukraine, so far they have been denied that pleasure. What they have seen is tactical integration of troops not thought to be possessed by Russia; which is why everyone wants to see the Russian real invasion to see, to future plan. Yes, it will come but only when Russia is ready on its’ own schedule and not on a Western one. Because Russians realize that plans need flexibility for the unexpected. So yes, killing a few hundred young Russian troops in barracks is sad but a calculated attempt to cause a premature response which will not be coming. And yes, we all know it was American satellites and other systems manned by Americans that caused the kill. After all Americans under contract in Ukrainian uniforms are deniable. And none of this will change the reality of the fresh killing fields in the Donbas where the Russian meat grinder swallows what is left of a Ukrainian army. The territorial conscripts are not real army but simply cannon fodder.

    And perhaps even more to the point, where is the energy going to come from to back up a mass movement of combat troops with backup while maintaining a semblance of a consumer economy? Does any thinking person plot this out? You can mask failure with a new great reset to usher in a new currency. But what does a failed economic state of affairs say about value of that currency? Yes, i suppose you can seize assets of the public at large and call this yours. But is this not communism? Or shall we call it fascism? Why anyone thinks that a public who’s had the pleasure of private ownership will give up that ownership to own nothing to be happy is a delusion.

    As the wheel of economic turmoil accelerates, so will dial on war increase, in hopes of shifting attention to war over the failure of governments and the central banking systems fostered.


    According to FT – the Japanese-owned platform in the City of London – has been forced to admit “the global energy order is being reshaped” with the inevitable rise of the petroyuan.

    These are Empire-controlled petrodollar freaks – so yes, they are in absolutely freak out mode.

    This shows that everyone and his neighbor has been reading the latest analyses by Credit Suisse superstar Zoltan Pozsar.

    Meanwhile Russia announced it’s reserves will be only in gold and Yuan, no Euro’s and no USD.

    Watch more more details to come out later this month



    1. John – I talked to a psychic several years ago and was blown away. I did not tell him anything about myself and out of the blew he said my father is here and gave me a message. He did not know what it meant but I did. No way he could have made something like that up. From personal experience, it is not that out there.


    1. More brainwashing. Guess tv commercials are not enough since most people have turned to streaming services or no tv. Next thing you know they will be adding billboards all over.

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  4. “Ancient cultures around the world spoke of a vast cycle of time with alternating dark and golden ages; Plato called it the Great Year. Most of us were taught in school that the dark ages were real but the golden age was just a universal myth. However, new scientific evidence suggest this cycle of high and low ages may have some basis in fact and Caltech is hot on the trail!”

    Anomalous Out-of-place Artifacts in our Present View of History

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      1. Thanks.

        Last I looked it is categorically illegal to mandate any substance with a substantial safety signal. This f’er has them across the board. And the official organ of .gov just put out the data. Of course, it seems we have lost the Law the last 2 years…

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  5. Cloud coin
    The only digital currency you can store offline as a PNG file.
    No mining, no public ledger, no accounts needed
    Free & Instant Transactions
    Transfer CloudCoins Via SkyVault or send CloudCoin files through messaging apps like Gmail or Telegram.
    Transactions require virtually no energy since CloudCoins are just files and a piece of code. No mining or verifying transactions.
    Impossible To Hack
    The RAIDA protocol gives CloudCoin physical integrity and makes it resistant to quantum computers.
    Private & Anonymous
    No transactions are recorded. You can own CloudCoins without creating a wallet or account. You simply request new verification keys for your CC files.

    I heard the owner in an interview and thought I would share this.


  6. Like

  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-kevin-mccarthy-speaker-vote-house-b2255922.html

    As usual, when the going gets rough the Heel Spurs Coward runs away. Politicos Trump is a Dump. Another mental case like Biden
    Next they will be heading West.

    TREASON: Gen. Mark Milley Hid Nuke Codes from Trump – Held Secret Calls with Chinese Defense Officials – Then Surrendered to Taliban and Armed Them with $80 Billion in US Weapons

    Why no Treason charges?

    Now do you not trust such leadership ???

    Not good news facing Ras Putin it seems.

    Putin facing ‘military catastrophe’, former defence minister warns https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11597799/Putin-facing-quick-military-catastrophe-former-Russian-defence-minister-warns.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Sadly, this is why our own PTB are ever more in favour of planned Population Reduction.Too many presumptive F Low Grade Mutants best gone!
    For sure, they have no idea what they wreak. Disposables.
    Moment people break through barriers to see New Year’s fireworks https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11589895/Moment-hundreds-people-break-barriers-New-Years-fireworks-London.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Correct he’s a total Asshole.



    1. An unelected Perverts Commie Coven. Parents have every right to want them Gone!
      Time to build an Appian Way in each nation. 3 Days to die, let them question why?
      Time for strong Leadership.

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      1. I never quite understood a Firing Squad… Those being fired upon are just standing there, that’s too easy! Why not let them run around to get some good practice in for our SWAT or Police? If they want easy targets, they can just go to the gun range!


        1. It’s intended to have them blasted by so many bullets and to compensate for those who miss.
          The Squad Commander goes over and shoots the body in the head to make sure he’s no Lazerus.
          Compulsory for all Pervs, Rapists and Kiddie Fiddlers.

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          1. LOL… I get that. I just figure “why waste a training opportunity?” Head shot at the end would definitely be in order!

            This is coming from a person who saves dryer lint for fire kindling 🙂 and all of the veggie pieces I don’t use in a recipe to make vegetable broth.


  8. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/worst-ever-look-back-nancy-pelosis-disastrous-record-speaker-house-failures-decent-human/
    Most radical pro-abortion Speaker in US history
    ** Supported abortion up to the birth of the baby
    ** Supporter late-term abortion
    ** Frequently corrupted Bible verses to push her demented vision for America
    ** Ten times Nancy Pelosi repudiated her Catholic faith
    ** Pushed vicious lies – she knew were not honest – about President Trump and Russia
    ** Used government aircraft as a private taxi for family and friends
    ** Worst spender in US history
    ** Created the worst inflation rate in 40 years
    ** Left economy in shambles – worst bond-stock markets since 1871
    ** Increased taxes on working class
    ** Slandered the Tea Party
    ** Slandered Trump
    ** Slandered Trump voters
    ** Secretly decreased security at US Capitol on Jan 6th
    ** Refused National Guard on January 6th
    ** Lined up a film crew for January 6th
    ** Led war on fossil fuels
    ** Responsible for energy prices at record highs
    ** Pushed radical energy policies
    ** Worst gas prices ever
    ** Broke government
    ** Supported open borders
    ** Support sex education to grade schoolers and toddlers
    ** Pushed “voting rights act” to destroy elections in the US forever
    ** Pushed Obamacare – raised healthcare costs to record levels
    ** Led the Defund Police movement
    ** Supported BLM 2020 movement and riots
    ** Got rich with insider trading
    ** Escorted her family around the globe with her to seek business deals for personal wealth
    ** Perpetual liar

    These are just a few we can remember off the top of our heads.

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  9. So, Big Yawn what happened to the skies opening January 2nd for Okie Chump, Right Charlie, and that vast linked chain of failing Mommas and Flosom Pencil Dicks on Whakkie Bakkie?
    Show us the money losers. You said- Again!
    Losers Fantasists and Flakes. At least they can earn something in a Homos Whorehouse for Bums.
    Ben Dover! Wastes of Space, the lot.


    1. He’s like herpes, John. Once he arrives, he always shows up when you least expect it, and leaves nothing but the fear of showing up again.

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      1. Pencil Dick has no idea what it takes to get Forex Screen systems into a Bank, the Compliance, Systems Field Testing and levels of risk Banks will take on the currency.
        It’s Jungle Bunny Paper, start with Zero?
        We have Wakkie Bakkie Rope a Dope Okie,
        The Galactic Ambassador from a high density , low value Welfare type Estate in Arizona,
        A Spanish based ex London Bank Bag man married to a Circus Lady accustomed to Clowns.
        The ugly ex Jail Birds still getting Free Dinners!! from Suckers,
        Ragged Assed Broker Fantasists still Credit Surviving in Reno after losing the plot and lot,
        Some Lower versions of Herpes are curable, but the Reno lot proven Stupidity is for life.
        Now the Jerk above tells us another 24 hours.
        Living Proof, you can’t cure Stupid.
        But, it’s America. Look at Washington DC. Most AC/DC.
        So, in 2 more weeks when still nothing shows,
        Who cries time out in the Land of the Ho’s?
        Leave those types to the derelict old site , Russian Farm Animals, a Snail Farmer and Tokyo Rose.
        It seems like Herpes they are with us forever. Whacko’s who can’t close.


        1. Pencil dick has yet another outbreak:


    1. Hilarious! Both videos. Instead of sitting there laughing at the guys crack, I would have already been out the door in two seconds. Gross!


    2. Now Me I would have slipped onto the towel fast lying face up waiting for her to drop right onto the Gear stick facing up. Shimmied in faster than Danny de Vito. .

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  10. MOSCOW, Dec 29 — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting the forced collection of biometrics, as well as discrimination against citizens who refused to hand it over, follows from a document on the official portal of legal information.

    The new law establishes the legal basis for processing biometrics for identification and authentication using the Unified Biometric System (UBS) or other information systems.


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  11. Cleveland Clinic researchers, led by physician and infectious disease specialist Dr. Nabin K Shrestha, conducted a large retrospective cohort study
    In a bombshell finding (but not surprising given growing data), the risk of COVID-19 increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode, and importantly, with the number of vaccine doses previously received.


  12. Bills NFL football safety Damar Hamlin collapses in game against Bengals; Dr. Ramin Oskoui cardiologist called me & sent me some data; Dr. McCullough has been screaming about this; JJ Watt
    “I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest. I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin. If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis. We have been told he was successfully defibrillated on the field and has been intubated and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy. The nation prays for his complete recovery.”


    1. This was a topic of conversation at dinner last night. My father “wants to know what’s really going on. Of course all of the ANTI-VAXXERS are ‘screaming’ that it’s the vax.” [He turns to his significant other who is a nurse] “So my daughter here…”

      I replied, “I don’t scream about it. No one listens when you scream. I just talk about what I have found during my OWN information searches… eventually people will hear and see and I’ll get to say ‘I told you so’.”

      Fortunately, it has really started to get to that point with my mom’s side of the family… siblings, also.

      I firmly believe in the after life. I really wish some of my loved ones who have passed recently would just come back and shake the shit out of the rest of us… The truth shall set you free! LOL

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  13. XBB.1.5 – What You Should Know
    Highly mutated and immune evasive variant spreading rapidly

    Could Ukraine’s drone attack on Russian ships herald a new type of warfare? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/nov/01/could-ukraines-drone-attack-on-russian-ships-herald-a-new-type-of-warfare
    WW11 started with Poland.Will 111?

    Subject: Hal Turner Radio Show – 15,000 Active-Duty Troops from Poland on the front lines in Ukraine!

    Once this widens it will be difficult to put the war genie back in bottle. While hesitant to raze the Ukraine, Poland may well find itself an exception to be made a example of.

    Happy New year to you !

    FYI .. unchecked England is gone. All these Pakkies and Wogs are killing our Island
    We need a Muzzi and Zio virus asap
    WAR FOOTING: Biden Regime Provided Real-Time Sensitive Targeting Information to Kill Russian Generals

    A crash dummy in charge of a ship of fools is bound to run aground. Do not think the 300 Russians killed in their beds today were not US targeted. We wait for the Russian response. There is no way the attack would have come otherwise and it makes for the greatest one day loss so far away from front lines.


    WAR FOOTING: Biden Regime Provided Real-Time Sensitive Targeting Information to Kill Russian Generals
    Is The United States Poised To Lose The Second Cold War? – A Son of the New American Revolution

    Sometimes, one has to look far into the horizon to see what comes. Yes, the WEF is finished! History will write 2022 was their high point. Because with waning US hegemony the globalist plan to use America as the battering ram against Russia first and then China has shown itself to be a hollow threat. Unless the ship of fools led by crash dummy wants a nuclear exchange in which case they will lose regardless, and more than their heads. And the majority of the world will not wept. Countries like Switzerland have already awakened to the ills of unchecked immigration and have started to revolt by limiting such foolishness to the point of being willing to severe relationships and treaties. They will not be the last as nations seek to survive. Even in places like Florida, real money is starting to think about moving. When billionaires tell you they are leaving, and leaving behind their over priced mansions, one should take note.
    Yes, there will be a rest within the next decade as a new order comes into being as various players race for positions on the board from Indonesia to India to China and of course Russia. This in turn causes a fierce realignment of nations and interest.
    Already, it is clear that money is repositioning itself to ride out the storms coming because of the change of hegemony. The fact is that Western arms have failed to perform against Russia. And contrary to propaganda by western media the rest of the world sees through the fog being fed to the West.
    Choices are simple as to what train one wants to board just as it is practicable how the world will change as a result. As we enter this new year, forget the the past, keep the memories and plan for the future realities that will come even if we deny their occurrence.

    Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum: The New Fascism – Slay News

    The WEF lost its’ potential when it became apparent America could not win against Russia. Even a nuclear exchange will not change the reality. However, this sad pretense of leadership will continue to force absurd policies and threats whenever they can until the day they too are history. Marxism is failure of ideology and this grand vision of a failed philosophy will also end in failure, simply because it failed to take into account human nature. The notion that you will own nothing and be happy is absurd. And to think that China and Russia will roll over for such failed philosophy is naive at best. As is the rank of followers who were conned or bought off to join in a senseless parade.
    The question will be how the public will hold this crowd to account?

    Announcement: Collapsing Conspiracy Cover-Ups?, by Ron Unz – The Unz Review

    A promising future denied to America and the rest of the world.

    Why TF is the world so IGNORANT?

    Subject: The PfizerGate Scandal: A Shocking tale of a Global Government Plot to hide the COVID Vaccine’s Immune System Destruction – The Expose

    Crazy business

    The High Cost Of Blowing Up The World: Ukraine & The 2023 NDAA |

    Insanity on steroids

    How COVID Vaccines Cause Cancer

    How does one say enough ?


    How COVID Vaccines Cause Cancer
    Wait A Second! Merkel Did What? | ZeroHedge

    No One believes NATO or any European leader any more!
    As for American foreign policy, it is in tatters. If China takes the global hegemony lead, it will be due to sheer incompetence and stupidity of a West that allowed unfit leadership to exist. Putting the western world we have known to rest. It matters not in country hegemony or corporate existence, incompetence destroys standing



  14. https://postmillennialnews.com/7YNuOO

    California ‘sanctuary state’ law for ‘trans kids’ takes effect
    “No questions asked, no real mental health assessment, minimal
    diagnosis, and no parental consent.
    Wiener originated the bill in January of 2021 and it passed the California legislature over the summer. Weiner has also brought forward bills that relaxes laws for the sex offender registry, puts biological males in women’s prisons, and has worked to decriminalize those who infect others with HIV after not telling them of their positive status. Weiner also supports public heroin injection sites and decriminalizing prostitution.


  15. Growing rumours that Ellon Musk may run to split the Presidency vote, it didn’t stop Soetoro as a non natural born, at least Musk knows his Gender. A Trump / Biden face off is too bad to be true. America badly needs Clean Skins in the race not 2 Skanks.
    It’s worrying that either runs again, each belongs in Jail. Deservedly, both Scumbags.
    Many Americans have the ability, just non front running in Politics. The GOP needs to boot Trump.
    Selling Pardons pardons to Convicted Jewish Criminals, he is not fit for Office. A Loathsome Slag.

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  16. Putin wishes us a happy new year, and won’t allow gay pride parades and lessons on the joy of gay anal sex being taught to children in the Donbas, ensuring their national existence, while the West can’t define what a woman is.

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  17. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/excerpts-democrat-english-dictionary-updated-2023
    Here are just a few:

    Ableism: the idea that ability, competence, achievement, and merit are somehow better than their opposites. A disgusting remnant of a White, patriarchal society that must be eviscerated with all due haste.

    Dr. Fauci: a God-like figure who actually exists, and selflessly serves humanity in the blessed name of “science.” Hallowed be His name and peace be upon Him forever and ever. Amen.

    Extremist: someone who disagrees with a Democrat.

    Fascist: someone who disagrees with a Democrat.

    Illegal aliens (more properly called “undocumented immigrant”): downtrodden and oppressed, these people must be allowed free access into our country and the freedom to go wherever they like, in any quantity, without restraint. They bring much needed diversity and skill sets to our land.

    Man: though there is no currently agreed on definition for this amorphous term, all can agree that testosterone-fueled toxic masculinity — and the patriarchy — are very bad things indeed.

    Woman: there is no currently agreed on definition for this amorphous term.

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    1. Biffie
      Add that a Democrat, sadly post JFK, is someone who perverts Democracy and Children.
      Obumma doesn’t know if he’s Arthur or Marther, the Clintons were disgusting, Nancy’s husband got bashed up by a Homo he invited home. Bribe taking Biden and loathsome Son Hunter, belong in Jail., and the party is riddled with low and loathsome scumm and scammers .
      As for illegals and Crime, rapes etc, hello?
      Sadly, how America has changed.

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  18. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-fireworks-new-years-eve-2022-queen-ukraine-sadiq-khan-nicola-sturgeon-judi-dench-b1050207.html

    A colossal fireworks display.

    Be CLEAR, Trump paid no Taxes because he made no Profits, he’s a Loser as we keep stating. A Grifter, Delusional and a Skank. Trump has a lower IQ than Forrest Gump, and less Ethics.
    It mystifies us all in the West why he’s still even in play. He’s a Shyster and Creep.
    Don Jr lost money and the Kushner’s Crime family used him to steal the Golan Heights and to free multiple long term convicted Jewish Criminals for money. Truly a disgusting low life. The Founders would turn in their graves. He’s repulsive.
    This is the Scum and human filth we are letting loose as Illegals here. We need a Public one week hunting license, shoot all we can and no retribution. Sweden and the Czechs need to clear the Russians out. Degrading Human Farmyard filth.

    Boy, 13, is allegedly raped at hotel for refugees in Waltham Forest https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11388857/Boy-13-allegedly-raped-hotel-refugees-Waltham-Forest-man-30s-arrested.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Beyond interesting to read again an article I created and authored so many years ago. Still nothing has changed, but look at how we were challenging reality.
    Now the torch has passed to WHA.


  19. Confidential documents reveal that within months of receiving the initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, some individuals are developing Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED).
    And as if that weren’t alarming enough, official documents also prove that a mysterious form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is also appearing in a disturbing number of recipients just five months after their initial injections.



  20. Check out this interview with Gerry Vanden Bossche – he has been developing vaccines for decades and he is very concerned about this one, says we are setting humanity up for disaster. He is putting his reputation on the line. It can be found on YouTube – Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic or go to http://bit.ly/GeertV


    1. This guy is a frickin weasel, liar, fraud, and even when he “retires” he is not going away. Like n pelosi and obummer, he will just be in the background.


  21. Selective Depopulation critical thinking. Visibly services are now failing and the system is tanking. We can’t afford Hotels, homes, Health care, Education and Crime waves, resulting from the masses of unwanted illegals.
    Nor the mindless, bubble blowing vacant eyed and mindless Grunts believing they are going to be freely availed of Trillions in a reset for fund their Dumb asses, and to pad more Welfare Butts.
    There is no money, nor Will to fund the Grunts. Nor intent.
    A month from now, look back at the Cretins and put the lot on Whackie Bakkie.
    Why waste time thinking or debating Grunt fantasies. Mutts. They need Santa on Coke. So not happening.
    Even retirees soon face a Come to Jesus meeting and funds depleting fast by living too long.
    Factor in the Jabs are now a political tool to Off the Wasters by refining selective jabs.
    The Vaxxes negate the need for more taxes. Even a 20 % Grunt reduction will ease pressures.
    Grunts dreaming rights as they get called into the night. Pension funds Execs will welcome the need not to feed. Vacuous empty cranial space leaves these delusionals taking up Air time. Change is in progress, how to Cull.


    1. Unfortunately James we now live in a world where 90% of the world are ignorant Plebs and 70% Pig Ignorant beyond belief which is factored into Elites Population Reduction planning. The fact that you’re here says a lot for you, but what do you think will happen to the 80%? Phased obsolescence.
      Forget just the GS, a selective Population reset is in behind the scenes active thinking. Why feed those we don’t need is a growing Mantra. Health Care,Welfare, Pensions are all under attack. Budget failures and cuts. Strife for Life itself. The Pleb test. Factor it in.

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    1. Thank you Concord. I appreciate the support.

      I will never watch “Hey Jude” again without being reminded of the re-make. lol

      See you next year as well.


    2. Thanks Concorde and I hope next year Munich Girl gets over the real world costs and Wo Mans up to take it all forward together. Knocks included. To win it all has to go on the line. Ride the waves , we all do. Try your brakes failing approaching a roundabout at 80 MPH. The handbrake switch and trying to drop gears in an automatic swerving between Trucks tyres screaming does not work. I got launched and walked. Pissing off 41. His Bookkeeper got poisoned trying to go public. Plus major FBI Thug Squads car ramming her. Next year has huge complexities to overcome. Unlike Harrison Ford, I have real battle scars, and no Stunt Doubles. Joe Public has no idea, A big article is coming at you. The State of the Kikedom Union for 2023. Reality Check beyond Disneyland . But how we can help you all win will be hinted at. The Simple Minded will get herded. Annual vaccines and an age or Welfare trash Ticket to Die! The White House is riddled with Khazarian Genghis Khans assimilating bad seed spawn. Unbelievable. Rat poison wont work. DNA is the way to blow bad shit away. Time to De Louse the White House. Biden can’t and Trump is owned. Kike Collared.
      The huge Culture Shock for America will be 75% of the world dumping the dollar, swerving US dependency, and the c30% real world income value cuts tracking in, as no one seems to be waking up to reality. 1946 Germany did as cash went hyper. BRICS will brick you like a Camel. Just Okie Dopey Horse excreta, Trillionaires from next Tuesday C U N T uesday types, the lot. Reading standards limited to Comics.
      And you have Biden run by Woke and the BLM, plus Mossad’s leg men all around him.
      Freedom is NOT free it has to be fought for. America has given their lives and blood for so much, but now the Kikes have taken it all. Trump running again appalls me. The worst 30 seconds of Stormies life. Bannon openly says he’s a Moron with the IQ of an 11 year old. America can’t go into Freefall with that Creep at the helm. Clone JFK fast.

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  22. Fierce battles of Russians with 12,000 Poles: They cut down the 16th Polish Division in Donbass – 1,200 dead – With N/S Warsaw officially enters the war –

    Are we walking into a NATO Russian Face off? Sadly, it appears only a series of major Nukes wiping out US bases and atmomising the US, will stop the CIA Chicanery keeping our world at war and Contractors fed. Body bags need to start with Washington DC and all major bases.
    While Russia still has a weapons, tactical Air Speed, and Submarine volumes to flatline America. Atomising DC will be no loss to the world. Put the Subs in range. target the missiles, and unleash coordinated with missiles over both coasts, over the Arctic and have China join in, Sadly Australia will be hit badly, with many of us having family there. It’s coming to a Face off, if Poland gets hit it goes Global.

    Losses are far greater than is reported. Numbers exceed 5000 Poles killed and at least the same amount wounded. They will fare no better than the Ukrainians and die in vain.

    ‘XBB.1.5’ is the new United States grand-daddy sub-variant now displacing BQ.1.1 & BQ.1 & BA.5; XBB.1.5 based on CDC data today accounts for 40.5% proportion; Vanden Bossche, Hodkinson, I, we warned
    that the virus has become largely resistant to the induced vaccinal antibodies (Ab) & the non-neutralizing Abs place sub-optimal immune pressure on the antigen while infection is high; drives variants


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  23. Sorry to be absent. Am in hospital recovering from encephalitis. And an induced blood pressure crisis from long standing kidney disease . If there was a stroke, I’m fully intact in the aftermath.

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and looking forward to developments.


    1. Thank God and our Doctors your OK. That’s no Greener Grass Tino. You were missed. As a key and valued member of our community, all are with you. Speedy recovery. Life needs you Tino.


      1. What lovely and touching tributes to Tino from all the site supporters.
        Lives matter. Tino matters. I was ecstatic when he and Biffie came over. Collective solid backing for WHA, with the old site now derelict bar Roaches. Judgment calls Empires made and lost.


  24. It takes a year of foreplanning for Forex Desks to take on a new currency, and assess its Buy/Sell positions. Also bring in Counterfeit Note checking and Merchant Banking follow ups. Desk Field Testing and Currency Training is needed with Central back up. London, the world’s biggest Foreign Exchange centre, with all its Global Banking Branches, has no such operations field testing. Nor showing as imminent.
    Monkeys can type, Okie is proof. As for the Z character and Spoof Charlie, how many failures? Low lobe Grunts, the lot. Every year, the same fantasists and Gobshites unleash their drivel, fantasies are propounded, and Bottom Feeders hollar their usual psychobabble Crap. As ever, unfounded Noise on the System. 6 months from now it will be the same. All have the minds of Children. 60 year old’s still in Puberty. Not worth air space. Fantasies. Stupidity is infectious. Each is proof. Idiot drivel.

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    1. Correct General Armageddon will unleash hell. Ukraine is going down the drain. Zelensky will run, extracted. Like Eichman, Russia needs to also trace and scoop him up. A Gulag retirement place for life. As Rome did with Vercingetorix. Ampitheater strangulation.


  25. “Are we living in a virtual reality? Is the universe emerging from an information processing system? And if so, could we ever tell? Is it possible to ‘hack’ the system and change reality?“


        1. Definitely not bored. I find this type of information fascinating. Even Elon Musk said we live a simulated world. Our minds are so very powerful. Much more so than we all realize and definitely more than we use it. Now that I am retired and able to slow down with some tasks in my life, I am going to expand this mind! lol

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  26. Happy New Year to everyone! Don’t forget, you can harvest a tax loss in crypto, and buy it right back, as wash trade rules do not apply to crypto yet, locking in losses for 2022. One downside is it does “reset” short term gains. Let’s hope 2023 is better.

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  27. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™
    Every household should have this six-item kit and be prepared. Far too many people go shopping they day they are sick and test positive. Be prepared ahead of time! http://petermcculloughmd.com
    Dec 28
    What if you get sick? Peter McCullough MD: (*Dosages for duration of active treatment)
    1. Povidone iodine (dilute w’ water as gargle, prophylactic & treatment)
    2. Zinc 50mg
    3. Vitamin D3 20000IU
    4. Vitamin C 3000mg
    5. Quercetin 500mg 2x day
    6. Famotidine 80mg (Pepcid)

    short video on these items.

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  28. On our final Friday of 2022, I thought I would review the closing dinar guru gibberish that I read with great amusement sometimes. Another year and zero heroes despite weekly claims of imminent!!

    So one last time, here are the closing reports from the currency experts via DinarDaily:

    *New Guru Alert* Guru Jarad 12/30/22

    “We are minute-by-minute for announcement of NESARA/GESARA, the Gold Standard and then activation of the private R/V GCR.”
    When NESARA/GESARA was announced, the Gold standard had to be announced for it to be activated or invoked. The real “People’s Rainbow currency will start. The fiat FRN or Federal Reserve Notes have to go bye-bye!!
    After the Gold Standard, then the R/V GCR that is private.
    “There is really NO good news that has been coming out from the “Forces of Light”, it has all been the dark side.” This does not mean the Forces of Light is not winning or is not doing anything, they just do not want to announce to the public or the Dark Side what successes they have, for the betterment of these operations.
    The new financial system is up and running. It has already been tested. The Starlink, and the QFS, Quantum Financial System is the name and on the over 3,000 low orbit satellites up there.
    There are about 200 countries that have announced their Gold Standard, America is NOT one of them yet. There have been issues here, but are being taken care of. But THIS WILL happen for America; soon.
    The Alliance has cleared out the rot or the “Bad Apples” for this to happen. There is NOT many Deep State Rats or illuminati left to do anything. They are offering to the Alliance trillions now, for amnesty of their crimes. It will NOT be accepted. This is fiat dollars that is not worth much, anyway.
    Still from last week. The means we have to initiate NESARA/GESARA before the Deep State Rats or banking illuminati wants to initiate their “Digital Currency or the so called CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency. They want to do this on the first of the year 1/1/2023!!

    Gurus Frank26 & Firefly 12/30/22

    [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

    FIREFLY: [His bank friend says] It’s really close. He says they’re just ironing out the final issues. He thinks when we see the HCL then the budget will appear to the parliament. Or if the budget goes first it will not be approved until the HCL is approved and implemented. FRANK: Either way I agree 100% on every direction/option he gave…yes it is very close…I believe you’ll see a combination of 3 things. The budget, new exchange rate and the HCL all together at once…bring them together at the beginning of the year.

    “After years of delay and disagreement, an agreement was reached by the “majority” to pass the oil and gas law“

    Once in a blue moon there is an article that stops traffic. This stopped traffic on a one way street! …the moment you see the HCL, nanoseconds after that you’ll see the new exchange rate. Have I changed that statement? No…wow. Wow. WOW! …this is an amazing article…

    “Decline of the dollar in Iraq“

    I thought it was an increase in the dollar in Iraq?! So which is it? …NOTICE THE 2%-3% PLUS OR MINUS FLUCTUATION… AND THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS DEPEGGING FROM THE USD. Today it went the other way. It fluctuated with the American dollar going down against the Iraqi dinar. Where as before it was going up against the Iraqi dinar, which is what we don’t want. The management of the exchange rate crisis by the Central Bank of Iraq is being well taken care of…IMO you will see this downward trend until the Iraqi dinar floats.

    Guru Bruce Dingleberry 12/30/22

    Birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates have been tradable commodities on the open market. Those monies were now converted to bonds and those bonds will be paid back to us as restitution.
    Also, Taxes you paid, interest paid on loans, credit card interest and mortgage interest paid will be paid back.
    That restitution is supposed to start for those age 61 and older around the 16th of January.
    Ages 46-60 will receive their monies some time in Feb.
    Those ages 24-48 will receive a lesser amount, possibly in March.
    There was a requirement to receive that money and that was not to quit your job.
    The monies will be paid in a direct deposit to your bank account. If you are on Social Security it will come to you that way.
    The amount is payable to you per year for 11 years starting mid January for those 61 and older.
    Tier 3 Bond Holders: Monies were moving into Bond Holder accounts as we speak. The amount in those Bond Holder accounts is Quatro sextillion dollars.
    Bond Holders would receive monies in their accounts on Thurs -Fri-Sat-Sunday 1 Jan.
    Bond Holders would receive 1% access to those accounts on Monday afternoon 2 Jan.
    Bond Holder monies will be paid out as a structured account.
    Tier 4B: Banks have been telling people that the Contract Rate on the Dinar would be up on the front banks screens on Tues. 3 Jan. and they could exchange then.
    Banks have been showing active rates for the Dinar on the front screens for the last few days.
    The Front Screen Rate on the Dinar was the same as crude oil per barrel price (within $2 each way).
    The higher Back Screen Rate on the Dinar was the Contract Rate and would be available at the Redemption Center, even to Zim Holders.
    Bruce received confirmation that Tier 4B will be notified Monday afternoon 2 Jan, or Tues. before noon, with exchanges beginning Tues. afternoon 3 Jan.
    Part of the reason we didn’t go this year was that the Star Link Satellite System needed to be integrated into three more countries.
    All banks globally needed to be Basel 4 Compliant by Jan. 1 Sunday. Any banks not Basel 4 Compliant by Jan. 1 would not be part of the new banking system.
    In mid March all currencies of the World will be on par 1:1 with each other.
    Charlie Ward was over GESARA and was expected to announce the GCR around New Years Eve.
    It was not known when NESARA will be announced for the US.
    Zimbabwe with all of it’s natural resources will be the richest country in the World and the Zim currency will be the currency for all of Africa.
    Cell Towers have been retrofitted to receive Tesla Free Energy so it can be used in all homes.
    Guru MarkZ 12/30/22 Empty Guru MarkZ 12/30/22

    Member: Good morning MarkZ, mods and everyone. Welcome to the last Fri of this year

    Member: Well another year has come and gone with all the hype around the holidays. Next hype cycle Easter.

    Member: IMO …the next date to watch is Jan 1st !!!!!

    MZ: “Finance minister reveals dollar exchange rate in next year’s budget” This is the same thing we were told a month ago. This story is recycled.

    MZ: Now today- in the same news cycle “ MP confirms the government’s ability to stop the rise of the dollar any moment it wants ”

    MZ: And now “ Iraqi MP’s push for extraordinary session over chaos in currency exchange market” This one is saying we need the exchange rate now and break the black market.

    MZ: other than that its fairly quiet. Still hearing everywhere from us in the banks on the 2nd…to us in the banks by the 14th…..we just know its close. We know they are moving forward quickly…and the world is coming to a crossroads where it has no choice but to move to commodities or asset backed money.

    Member: Charlie Ward says they all have been told to have total silence on news!

    Member: What about the Vietnamese dong?

    MZ: It is waiting along with everything else. Still expected to be around $2.25 or so….

    Member: I believe everything is done we are just waiting for an event

    Member: Any Sheila news?

    MZ: Not yet…I am hoping she responds while we are on this podcast.

    Member: Is today the day of the big crash?

    Member: red market this morning

    MZ: “Former Goldman Sacs managing director confirms the Central Banks are about to reset global monetary system using blockchain technology” She is talking about the Fed owning the banks…whereas we are looking at the QFS where the UST owns the money again like in our constitution. . .

    MZ: “Zoltan’s year end masterpiece . Dusk for the petrodollar. Dawn for the Petroyuan and the coming of the commodity rehypothecation” There are some great quotes here and is a must read. He is talking about a reset. And how other countries have moved onto commodities are no longer accepting US Dollars…they are now freely exchanging their own currencies back and forth. He is one of the greatest minds in the world on economics.

    MZ: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/zoltans-year-end-masterpiece-dusk-petrodollar-dawn-petroyuan-and-existential-threat

    Member: Christmas not so good but this new year will be much better…

    Member: May the TEARS you cried in 2022 water the seeds you’re planting in 2023!


    Member: Happy New Year the best is yet to come blessings are coming soon
    Guru MountainGoat 12/30/22

    We are told in an article…that the budget will be in parliament ready for review and vote in two weeks. …That pushes it to early January 2023 to begin the voting process. …So, sit back and hang on. The news is about to get really good….

    And as usual, it’s all now on for January 2023 for “the Blessing”.

    It’s like watching the characters from a retarded production of The Nutcracker.

    So it’s on to 2023 for these characters.

    I am so ready.

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    1. I don’t understand why the need to post this kind of garbage. This platform is above this, and no one here is falling for this blatant deception. Why the continued need to give this any oxygen?


      1. I understand your concern, Sampson. I really do. And I appreciate your rating WHA as highly as you do.

        But…as the host of WHA I need to have some comic relief or I may go running mad into the night. I also wanted to reinforce the point of what folly the dinar guru business is as we do have a few of them here among us who think we don’t know who they are.

        Also, it is kind of sad as so many people, and I mean tens of thousands, are still following these pied pipers of piss pots into a doomed future. The harm they are undergoing is beyond believable.

        But, fear not. As I mentioned in the IB, next year I will be removing myself from the act of posting as many comments on a daily basis as I usually have been to focus on the added portfolios. I will leave most of the comments and contributions to all of you. And thus, I am quite sure almost none of it will be dinar guru gibberish.

        So thank you for allowing me some entertainment, as next year the work really begins and I will have to seek my laughter elsewhere.

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        1. I agree with both. Your posting of this also is a sober reminder of how many really stupid people are out there educated or not. Shirley you can’t be serious about not posting. I enjoy your comments below captions. They are my morning pick me up.

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  29. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1189182995367615?sfnsn=scwspmo&s=F5x8gs&fs=e

    The Brits are merciless taking it all back
    America needs to do a million plus.

    America, be afraid: Canada is euthanizing 10,000 a year: TOM LEONARD https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11507875/America-afraid-Canada-euthanizing-10-000-citizens-year-TOM-LEONARD.html?ito=native_share_article-nativemenubutton
    Boring a Stiff Hunter Biden will fly in.

    David Fuller pleads guilty to 16 sexual offences against 23 dead women https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11385339/Necrophiliac-David-Fuller-pleads-guilty-16-sexual-offences-against-23-dead-women-mortuaries.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    CoinDesk: Alameda Research Liquidates Ethereum-Based Token Holdings for Bitcoin.
    Ukrainian “law on deserters” will not leave any chance for salvation | 12/26/2022, InoSMI

    Will it be any different with Poland? Soon what remains of the Ukrainian forces will be wiped out, and will have died in vain while that crook Zelensky as a Neocon puppet destroys the Ukraine. As it is the population of Ukraine has dropped below 30 million from 44 million. It will never recover.

    Zelensky appoints sexologist pyramid schemer as ambassador to Bulgaria – The Grayzone

    You cannot make this up. Crazy that anyone would send money to this clown parade without kickbacks. Which is why there are many as we saw with FTX and will see with more future disclosures.

    Russia fires missiles at Ukrainian cities, Ukraine military says ’54 of 69 missiles shot down’.

    Russia boosts naval nuclear force — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

    This is a serious example of a country preparing for whatever comes with high tech tools.
    Compare that to the balderdash spewed by DC and the out of control printing presses. To continue to annoy or agitate much more or longer maybe once too often. Hitting Engels airbase may seem like a good idea but what if Russia says enough and takes out all NATO bases in Europe to make a statement felt? Ramstein can be wiped out using conventional missiles.
    Complete madness stalks government halls.


    Good, burn his Ass!
    Shared from Sky News: Chinese military jet comes within 20ft of US air force plane https://news.sky.com/story/chinese-military-jet-comes-within-20ft-of-us-air-force-plane-12776375

    Who shat themselves first?
    The dead are waiting to reap his Soul.

    Putin is dogged by MORE health rumours https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11585269/Putin-dogged-health-rumours.html?ito=native_share_article-nativemenubutton
    Time to mass sack these Socialist free riders.
    End their compulsory Fat Cats. license.

    BBC ‘warping modern Britain’ with ‘woke’ dramas, report warns https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11585077/BBC-warping-modern-Britain-allowing-woke-viewpoints-dramas-report-warns.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    1. are we seeing a pattern in these violent restaurant brawls? can we say Dejavu Minneapolis riots and defund or fire the police for not taking the clot shots ? After all, The breakdown of the western family structure is the goal of the Marist underpinnings of BLM . ( read the mission statement on their website ) Once again , the media will not show or discuss any of it .


  30. Oh oh oh !!! I just can’t wait!!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪


      1. This is the same garbage of 10 years ago. Don’t try to cure the stupid. Redneck types.
        Dinar chronicles trash. If any were possible the Bankers would be lining up. They are not.
        Ambulance chasing Bottom Feeders.


  31. Smiling, probably

    Russia claims Britain ‘co-ordinated’ Nord Stream explosions https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11377157/Russia-claims-Britain-ordinated-Nord-Stream-explosions.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Use a Cattle Bolt Gun.

    Elon Musk slams Fauci for infamous ‘I am science’ quotation https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11582583/Elon-Musk-slams-Fauci-infamous-science-quote-refuted-criticism-COVID-policy.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Ukraine is being pulverized.

    Moment Russia unleashes TOS-1A rocket launcher near Bakhmut https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11581825/Ukrainian-spy-chief-says-Russia-completely-dead-end-significant-losses.html?ito=native_share_article-caption#i-e7a3c703545abbbe

    A new year wake up Spoof but reality check

    An end to US hegemony?

    Read More Here: https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/vladimir-putins-vision-of-a-multipolar-world/
    PETER HITCHENS: Arrogance could send us towards nuclear catastrophe https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-11524385/PETER-HITCHENS-arrogance-folly-Ukraine-send-nuclear-catastrophe.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Germany Sees HUGE Spike In Excess Deaths After Vaccine Rollout, No End In Sight To The Carnage!


    As they should, Win Now or Bust.

    Sky News: Ukraine war: Russia’s Lavrov rejects Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s ‘peace formula’.
    U.Today: Mike Novogratz Remains Long-Term Believer in Bitcoin (BTC).
    Euronews: One woman, five French and a sanctioned Russian: These are Europe’s richest people.
    The Times: I’m reassured now Meghan has become a Mrs Simpson.
    The Telegraph: Death of Moscow’s ‘sausage king’ shows why Western companies will never return to Putin’s Russia.

    FXStreet: Bitcoin whale activity signals possibility of a historic bull run in BTC if this occurs.

    Today truth no longer readily exists as all media is controlled in one form or another and attempts to filter truth exist everywhere. Few are those independent journalists or companies that go against the grain of top down censorship.
    It falls upon the individual to do their best to decipher what rings true, whether it is by observation or research or simply critical thinking. Otherwise one becomes the recipient of whatever narrative serves the agenda of the day. And in so doing individualism escapes living to become a part of a collective of lies to rule existence.


    Kanye West is dining with white supremacists and openly praising Hitler. How did we get here?

    Small organ root cause


    Damn you missed him.



  32. https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/baby-alex-the-definitive-accountin?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=email
    Many of you already know Baby Alex’s heartrending story. Unfortunately, what you know is likely inaccurate. I reached out to Cornelia Hertzler, Baby Alex’s mother, to request clarification regarding the conflicting details I found floating around online, and she was gracious enough to recount exactly what occurred. Cornelia appreciated the opportunity to set the record straight.

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  33. Hunting Down Purebloods On The Global Eugenicists To Do List A major case for WHA

    Reality, the bloodhounds have your IDs and are coming for you. If your not tagged as Jabbed you ARE tagged to be lifted.

    Really the choice of vaccination or not has always remained with the individual as an expression of choice. To lose the right to choose what is injected into you is beyond even Roe vs Wade, which was about States rights over that of DC.
    We are all born equal and to think that somehow we must all act or accept dictates equally is called dictatorship on mass scale by unelected officials, who seem to think they have rights of rule. To give up national rights over citizens is called treason.
    Is it any wonder then that the majority of Americans expect a Civil War in their future? And they well be not alone as tyranny often finds its’ own curse.

    Enemies of the people: dictating the future | winter oak
    WHA helps enlighten all. Exposing the Rats and the Rotts.

    Interesting expose. Illuminating.


  34. The childcare plan to ban the words ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ | 7NEWS
    A peak childcare body has claimed words like ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ aren’t inclusive and should be banned from classrooms. The guidelines have incensed parents and experts,


    1. The big issue is the American media is completely corrupt , including the two that claim to be conservative . Everything we hear and see is a total lie . The WEF is right out in front , telling us what they are doing, including the positioning of front men clowns to do the bidding of the Marxists . WAKE up folks and don’t fall for the us vs them trash . trump, Pelosi, and Schumer are on the same team .

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  35. Daily Mail: Sam Bankman-Fried meets with The Big Short author Michael Lewis while on house arrest.
    So much for helping Arm Ukraine, Putin has his Thugs threaten our Ambassador.
    The Punk wants to play we will just seize more of their Yachts London homes and assets all over the world. Punks need House training.
    Pro-Putin mob yells abuse at Britain’s ambassador to Moscow https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11385143/Pro-Putin-mob-yells-abuse-Britains-ambassador-Moscow.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Russia is taking hits.

    Financial Times: Russian airfield near Ukraine border hit in drone attack, say regional authorities.

    Billionaire Elon Musk ‘plans to fire 25%’ of Twitter staff https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11373087/Billionaire-Elon-Musk-plans-fire-25-Twitter-staff-round-layoffs.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    A good deal for both. Sensible.

    The Guardian: Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak agree to increase gas exports from US to UK.
    About bloody time stop funding them.

    The Guardian: Foreign Office making ‘draconian’ cuts to overseas aid, says Andrew Mitchell.
    We fund bloody Illegal Wogs and Woke and this is the cost!
    Return all Wogs and force Woke Broke! Our own first!
    Liverpool Echo: ‘The NHS has collapsed’ – grim image shows patients lining corridor at struggling Royal Liverpool Hospital.
    Voting machines heh? Part owned and Programed by Nancys husband, Hello??????????? The one with Gay partners?

    Sky News: Big win for Joe Biden as Democrats land outright majority in the US Senate, NBC News projects.
    The Russian way. Animals!

    Russian marines say generals are treating them as ‘cannon fodder’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11397991/Russian-marines-say-incompetent-generals-treating-cannon-fodder.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Wagners Wankers now need Bankers.

    Wagner Group goes mainstream as infamous Russian mercenaries gain corporate logo and skyscraper HQ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/11/05/wagner-group-goes-mainstream-infamous-russian-mercenaries-gain/
    Putins Thug Scum
    Russia’s Wagner Group ‘have as much power in Kremlin as ministers’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/nov/01/russias-wagner-group-have-as-much-power-in-kremlin-as-ministers

    Did he, as alleged, invite an Arse Bandit home?

    Nancy Pelosi says husband Paul was violently ASSAULTED by attacker https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11365447/Nancy-Pelosi-says-husband-Paul-violently-ASSAULTED-attacker.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


  36. Priming the pump for 2023.


  37. From MG….

    As many of you might remember, on occasion, I do contact the Central Bank of Iraq and get news.

    Of course, they only tell me what they can and so there are no “secret” sources involved here. What I try to do is take the everyday news from Iraq and make a list of questions that might help us understand what is going on over there. I try to stay neutral and just listen to the FACTS and what they are telling me.

    So, in my most recent conversation I asked these questions and received these answers:

    What is really happening as to why the IQD is devaluing so rapidly now, even though all the other sources of Iraqi reserves and revenues seem to be climbing steadily?

    The reason told to me was that there was a new platform installed at the banks for currency trading and that all banks were trained on it and must now use it. This platform is multi-currency. Yes, the banks can now trade global currencies in Iraq. This does not yet make the IQD international, as some say, but the process is now in place. Why now?

    During this process of installing the new trading platform, the currency auctions were shut down and when they came back up using the new platform process, there was a backlog of demand for the US dollar, thus the demand rose greater than the supply the CBI could release to the banks in time to head off yet more inflation. But the CBI then came out and told us this crisis was over and with over 96 billion dollars of reserves there was plenty of dollars to overcome the demand and settle back to the 1450 rate. But that didn’t happen. Why?

    My next questions were: Why did it not settle back to 1450? As it is now climbing to over 1560 and could reach 1600 and maybe even 2000 before the end of the week. Will the dinar crash? (Remember that the dinar was put on a sole de facto peg to the US Dollar in 2004)

    I was told that a couple weeks ago, the IQD was taken off the sole de facto peg to the US dollar and paired instead to a large group of currencies. The dinar was only “paired” to the US Dollar along with another large set of other currencies. I guess it was a basket but they did not call it that. They also said it was done “in a simulated or temporary measure”. I asked what the hell did that mean as I never heard of that term being used before. Then it clicked in my head. I think I know why!

    I had to go back to the 2011 process that Dr Shabibi told us would happen when they got ready to reinstate the currency. His plan laid out that the CBI would first simulate and then monitor the process for a week or two (maybe longer) to watch for high run-away inflation. If it was successful and they could control inflation, the next move was to reinstate the dinar on FOREX. In the meantime, or about the same time (it depends), they would also have to conduct the project to delete the zeros within Iraq.

    I then asked my contact the most logical next question: What is the rate going to be once pushed back on FOREX, if the simulation results are favorable and it is approved (given the GREEN light) to go.

    I was told the rate depends on the level of inflation during the simulation but could range from 80 cents to $1.20. They do not expect the rate to stay long at that level and believe it will climb steadily once re-introduced to FOREX. They intend to monitor it and slow it if needed to prevent it exceeding a cap which they told me was about $9, although we know Dr Shabibi told us it could withstand up to $16.00.

    I then asked: Could this be why the new platform was installed to clamp down on potential corruption and prevent dollars from leaking outside of Iraq?

    Yes, but more than that even. I was told that the situation with Iranian corruption is now being monitored closely, and I mean VERY closely by the US Treasury. There are more measures yet to be introduced if there is still too much leaking out. Yes, this is all part of the process. It actually began the process but the platform was installed in regards to the reinstatement as the banks must be able to exchange all international currencies in a global financial banking environment. We can clearly see that something is different, much different.

    Logically, I then asked for a timeframe for the reinstatement not expecting to get an answer but I thought to ask it anyhow. To my great surprise I was told a target and that it was before the end of January. This made total sense to me knowing everything else I know. So, as I suspected, the CBI was up to something, only the full story was not in the daily news from Iraq and the average person to read. Yes, they told the citizens about the new platform but they did not tell them the full reason for installing it now. This, of course, is fantastic news and we all should be optimistic that this could actually be the end to this dinar saga if the process goes to completion.

    But, do not celebrate until we get the green light and know that the results from the “live” simulation were favorable. I do not know the criteria for a “favorable result” but I am sure we will hear the full story someday when it is all over. Be patient and relax.

    So, let’s not put the jackass before the cart and start a bunch of false rumors from what I am telling you today. We don’t want to be jackasses like all the other intel gurus. The situation is just as I told you. I know many tend to want to go off half-cocked in knee-jerk reactions. There is still time to monitor the dinar and they still have to make a choice to BACK OUT or DO IT. Can they control the inflation?


      1. Jay
        The IMF alone will decide what is affordable for Iraq to sustain and maintain a shattered economy. At best it’s a few Ts. These Ambulance chasing Delusionals are on Crack. Not happening. We said 3 weeks ago Okie is a Crock. Reality rules Fools. Today whose right? Santa shat in his Stocking. Monkeys and Morons can type. Monkeys beat Okie.
        Iraq has No Money and the Thieving US never pays back. Ali Baba and 350M Thieves.
        Only Dreams are free. Crack is for Delusionals. Try Whakie Bakkie.


  38. https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-12-26-mysterious-shock-wave-cracks-earths-magnetosphere.html
    A mysterious shock wave cracked Earth’s magnetosphere Monday night, December 19. Magnetosphere is the region that protects the planet from harmful space radiation.

    Although the shockwave’s origin is unknown, astronomers think it came from an ejection of energetic and highly magnetized, superheated gas discharged from the sun, which is also called a coronal mass ejection (CME).

    According to Space Weather, the ejection may have been unleashed from sunspot AR3165, which fired at least eight solar flares into space on December 14 that caused blackouts over the Atlantic Ocean. Even though scientists are not yet sounding the alarm, a crack can remain open for hours and allow solar winds to flow through.


  39. Only in America could this happen …

    Brittney Grinner was flown home from Russia to San Antonio on a
    Gulfstream G550 at taxpayer expense. A G550 burns around 400 gallons
    per hour and the cost per hour is $7,500. It’s 14 hours of flight time
    between Moscow and San Antonio. But first you have to get the jet over
    there. So roughly 28 hours of flight time at $7,500 per hour adds up
    to $210,000.

    Now for all the liberal idiots, let’s look at how “un-green” this was.
    A G550 burns 400 gallons per hour – she caused 11,200 gallons of jet
    fuel to pollute our planet. She’s also being treated at Brook Medical
    Center, a MILITARY hospital on your dime.

    Only in today’s America can a person who uses drugs, bad-mouths
    America, kneels for our national anthem, and promotes green living,
    get this treatment – on your dollar.

    And we left a Marine behind for this trash!
    The WHO and its World Health Summit let the cat out of the bag

    Iran warns Kiev of the consequences for threats to Tehran – Essence of Time

    Sometimes you have to think about stupid. Of course, Iran will not hesitate in reducing the Ukraine to caveman status if directly threatened. However, think about the consequences for Iran. Nothing better for Neocons to take out Iran while avoiding direct confrontation with Russia. Why? Because a direct confrontation will cause a escalation to nuclear exchange and America will lose. Yes, millions of Russians will die and there is no defense for hyper-sonic missiles. Currently there is 30-36 Mach 20 missiles on the ready to be launched. Still feeling lucky? Only Neocons like Kagan and Nuland dare to tempt such odds. However as the world turns, China, Russia and perhaps India will have their say and extend a umbrella of sorts. Such nonsense is very passé. Belarus already has a Russian nuclear umbrella; it is just the western media does not report this.
    Humanity deserves better, frankly Americans deserve better and the rest of world serves more responsible leadership from America. Why there are not global protests for peace is mystery. No one, and i mean no one will win from a nuclear exchange.



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