Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

As Europe and the world was ever more divided, millions were dying in cruel, hostile conditions. None knowing why, and the mustard gas was yet to follow. 

Like now, it needed a new season for reason and for the Souls of Humanity to stop this profanity. 

As Germany, Sweden and Europe are being overrun by these mass-ignorant, crime-ridden, raping hoards, it’s time to unite and lead a common fight for each other. To keep our own nation’s humanities and hope alive. To work as one, to keep our homelands and motherlands.

Political incompetence has failed us all, and will. Truly evil forces manipulate us all behind the scenes, with a vested agenda to divide all, mass cross-breed chaos, and rule. Having bought our political orders and ruling all banking, they now seek to create their own mutant, subservient and dependent race under their own NWO false flag, where their elites take and rule all, as nations fall and bankers sequester. Never more did we, and the world, need a new Munich Agreement to save the souls of our nations, our heritage and our RIGHTS to be free.

Man, and we, need to unite and fight for good. We have no worthwhile leaders, just manipulative publicly funded suited bottom feeders. Munich II, it now needs you. We are at war for survival of our own kind. Mankind. 

As ALL will go West to a multi-polar new world, have YOU yourself even thought it through? What it means for you long-term? It’s coming – enormous seismic changes towards the pending and complicated Global Settlements outcome. Most of the West are sadly just brain dead; clueless. You cannot build a value-based democratic democracy based on greasy pole, non-achieving, inept political mediocrities. Just eight key Zionist Jewish families own the Federal Reserve, BIS, US Treasury and BOTH Houses for political control. Do you understand the battles coming?

The world you think you are in is just an illusion. Left to them, you will own nothing but just be owned by them. A Goyim Chattel. Believe it. Their way, you lose it all. Serfs! Taxation and Zios are taking it all. The Zios are driving you all towards their melting pot of racial cross-breeding mud-people drones flooding Europe until it blows, to serve only their order. Borgs! They own America and the Governments. They own and manipulate both Houses stolen by stealth and fraud while you blindly did nothing. You next? Will the public all only care when it’s too late. Thank the gods for the coming global split, and our chances to unite, rethink as independent human beings together, and stop what is unfolding. Rallying the nation’s carers and raising the bar!

Thank God for WHA, all of you worldwide united, and the radical unity we need when the GS comes. If we can stop the Rotts and Zio DC Cabal stealing the lot, all can rebuild. We need to swerve the US CBDC version. It’s a skunks chain for all to be taken at will. BRICS will help smash the global and WEF Zio plans. This they fear and with reason. 

BRICS is our New World Order battleground, political as hell, but the basis for global change to suit a new emerging Human species. We will not become Zionist or WEF feces. 

People, worldwide, given a chance, are good. Most of our problems are because of Zionist usury, global chicanery, political avarice, or Agency manipulation – the cause of most wars feeding the gross military industrial cabal. No NWO and no WEF. Feed need. Educate.

When will we learn, it’s all about nurturing souls. No one is “special”. Just be a good and humane being.  Not Goyim as slaves to the truly evil doctrinaire Zionist species scavenging the planet. 

Eight scurrilous and duplicitous Jewish families own it all! Why allow this oppressive lie? Oh what webs they weave, those who practice to deceive! How many world wars have these scheming, evil bastards been behind, and who, combined with the Khazarian Mafia, is scalping and skimming Ukraine? Who are most of the infiltrated, thieving, criminal Russian oligarchs having their stolen assets seized worldwide? These Weevils are human parasites. Gold fever, they come. Each with second Israeli passports and their hole-in-the-wall bolt-hole. Take off the blinkers. 

Every child has a right to life, education and family love. To belong. Every person here has right to try to fulfill their destiny, free of oppression, and the liberty to grow and each in turn, contribute towards a better world for all, with true Ethereal Values and not false religions.

It’s your one time pit stop here in an endless journey of cosmic life, to experience carbon life form in this beautiful world, in a world we all share, to each evolve, not pollute and despair. You came here as a cosmic life Being Soul and this existence, how you live, is your own Book of Life and all you take with you on your endless life journey. Guard it well and with pride, it’s all about you and the values inside. How will you present when called?  How can we teach Mankind – to be kind? 

A new world is evolving. We need to make a difference. Hemispheres are reshaping now. Hegemony bases will be faced down. Emerging new people are not manipulators’ sheeple. 

At the last count, NATO, America’s war-making machine, had 48 major warfare bases and c3.5 million personnel. Why? Poor, passive Germany and Poland will be erased again if played as passive pawns on a board by Washington.

Australia has no chance if China comes. Real world, understand where you are. We European nations need to rethink Europe, protect our cultures, our histories – poke Woke and toss the Human Rights Act so we can block illegals.

Block, arm and defend our borders. Germany must NOT go into the night. Aryans and Teutonic, as one we must fight. One people, not hegemony sheeple. 

The GS Overview Alone – Other key issues to follow. All as important to you. Understanding, places you apart. Then Above! Only WHA access gives you this. Your own supported site. 

China and India as the 2 Major BRICS economies, are each beyond wary of each other. Neither will accept subservience. Thrown also into the pot are Russia, South Africa, South America and Asia. Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and the Zionists Mafia, are fully engaged in Trade missions seeking access and power there. Hooks! Washington dreads the EU adopting BRICS, while we really assess the best UK option. We will deal with our own best, hands free of Washington’s knee.

The Chinese Elders are slowly coming to terms with a possible BRICS solution, where the Chinese Communists and criminal Beijing Mafia with others, are allowed to be BRICS minorities, as a controlled part of the future mix, and problem fix! Resolution takes understanding and time. Huge cultural mind steps as each position for best advantage. All is in play, so many collective self-interests. Its own witches cauldron.

China’s case is that it’s their money, stolen by the Elders Dynasties. Not true. Our belief is that it’s also part Japanese, but theirs was also looted from other nations, including old German gold held for safekeeping, which we will not expand upon. All being re-smelted. But all chains were compromised and each “sequestrated” anyway. Chinese and Elders’ revulsion at historical Japanese brutality, and mass genocide, rape, torture and inhumane experiments, requires consummate diplomacy. Japan seeks to forget. Ravaged China cannot. Memories are long. Japanese outreach parties offering key London Trustee Advisors large emoluments to help influence their bars to be redeemed, will never be accepted by London. Trust and ethics are. Unbuyable!

America, sadly, via Zionist chicanery as usual, blew their chance of a real deal in December 2021, and the incoming BRICS alternatives evolving now changes all equations and balance of powers. London will be the focal protectorate arm for the Elders. So many witches covens are in the mix, each with boiling cauldrons of dissent and avarice. It needs the wisdom and experienced Judgment of Solomon. Daily. Evolution of each to remove Western political pollution. We think above as a Global imperative.  

If we go via BRICS, the Petrodollar will melt down. Saudi, Russia, China, India and the EU will call their dollars. Economic war. The rest – you know. Each has re-geared down their economies to only now face a maximum 10% exposure to the US, and India grows ever closer to Asia, Russia and the EU. Each has opted out of Dollars and ejected SWIFT. If we go via BRICS we don’t need LBMA or London clearance on the gold; via cryptos and Blockchain we can cut the West out in entirety where we so choose. 

It can get better, as we are now exploring visible potential to create our own project and trade linked cryptos, Blockchains and our own bank vehicles and facilities, outside of London and US DC regulatory domains. Pestilence free. New ethical entities, with interfacing HealthCare and pension retiree planning as investment bundles, cutting out the state, City Platform Managers, and all offshore skim-offs from usury offshore bank leveraging margins. Once peoples’ chosen vehicles participate and share in real wealth created platforms, not Agency defense rip-offs feeding cabals for wars, where does your cash flow? Yes, if desired, they can, and may, can Japan. What is cooking? 

This is not just the GS, it’s a re-think of all. Tables are loaded. 

As for the Japanese, if told by BRICS, “You cannot participate in BRICS or our GS releases, while continuing to base foreign military bases hostile to and threatening our own Eastern domains for hegemony games, nor sell into our markets“, how will that go down? Australia, 5 eyes and all, will get an unpleasant wakeup call. Protection starts with BRICS domains. Home-free of US brutal self interest manipulative hegemony. Reshaping of the East and Asia is unfolding. Snouts out. It’s all on the table and all in the pot. One collective plot. Go home time? 

Those who stole everything may soon end up with nothing. Checkers playing chess? Don’t underestimate the severity of this. We, who lost Empires…know. Memories are long. But we maintained cultural relationships and global banking. The US just prostituted the children and can’t understand “Why the hatred?”. It will reshape the future. 

Power is transient – illusionary. People migrate, lest we forget. As Americans you once also did. But then, sadly, you lost both the plot and pot. How will we cope with the endless locust swarm border crossings of freeloading interlopers bringing debt, crime, rapes, diseases, scavenging and crippling our health, educations and housing systems? Left unchecked they will destroy all, as with Rome. Empires end. Barbarians come at a price. Today, we expose more reality for you. You all matter, as connected humanity. Being free has value. Watch if we come out of the Human Rights nonsense. 

Work with WHA as we think for you all, outside the box, how to challenge, focus on and protect the key to all our futures. WHA has been invaluable on COVID. Huge credit and our thanks to all.   

Will you be left with the dummies and soothers, holding the baby when it all goes South? Wake up time then is too late! Nothing lasts. Look at the last 5,000 years. Only the Roaches and Zionists types remained Teflon. However many times we scourged them, they dug in like weevils. If only for Cyrus the Virus then. Pestilence removal. More consider now it’s the only realistic way to remove bloodsucking Roaches, as they themselves visibly aspire and worse, via the Zionists’ Mafias, seek to do for all Goyim. Two can play, but their malignant roleplay needs to go away. Or they will! For Humanity’s good. The point of the truly evil bio warfare labs in Ukraine has not been lost on others, especially malcontents.

Radical Islamists and Iranian extremists cross conspire; it could be dire for all. 9/11 was just the opener. They now all see the way to succeed in a mass attack. Their presumptions of taking out a “bad and must-go genetic seed” augurs danger for all. Try to tell the battered, ever-suppressed and murdered Palestinians, the destroyed Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and intelligent but cross-wired Iranian Mullahs, and well-educated, patriotic Republican Guard, not to unite against a common foe, and not to unite in research to weaponize against the invasive Zionist Ho. Worldwide! Nations all destroyed by their asset-stripping by stealth. So many minds could become cross-deployed to unite, to right the past and DNA weaponize against the common foe, the ruthless and parasitic Zionists. Upcoming bio genetic tech advancements are not missed by ever growing vengeful fanatics. They envisage an easy way to knock out many millions and not cost trillions. Payback loose? Oil money and despotic rulers, if cross-combined, may seek to remove the oppressive swine. 7th Century cults with a Zionist and Islamic death wish. With an envisaged global Khazarian Mafia Zionist target of probably 25 millions, they presume none have human rights, but what of at least the good and harmless Jewish half, decent people harming no one, who will be innocent good family values Jewish members of each society? Contributing as normal people, serving as innocent Jews in sciences, healthcare, the arts and education.

Why should they also, by mass DNA weaponized viruses, die?  It won’t just be collateral damage taking out c10 million in America, and 5 million in fake Israel. Islamists care little about collateral damage. Nor does Iran. They just want Zionist and Khazarian mass dead.  But – be alarmed and wise. It will species jump. Has COVID taught us nothing, from the Fauci and Gates swine? Still, no one carries the can for Fauci and Wuhan! Trust the sciences? What a politically naïve fools mantra. Ignorant and political turkeys, like Johnson, gobbled and eulogized as we mass jabbed billions. What are we unleashing upon gullible humankind? Have you seen the vaccine side effects? What the hell have we allowed loose? COVID was science and species meddling. Now it’s incubating and mutating. So much for our capability there, as Fauci hides and denies, but Gates ruthlessly lies and profiteers. Thank God for the views and caring informed contributions of WHA. 

Changes are coming, and must. Or the West WILL go bust! As Western hope and democracy sinks, the whole system stinks! Led by shallow, talentless mediocrities with no concept of what it needs to run an effective democracy. Hope dies under political lies. None merit office.  

In the old Centre Democratic Mother of Parliaments in London, the system, as we know it, is on a fast track towards melt down now. Evolution or revolution, but it’s starting now. 

Our people can no longer make sense of how to pay their own heating and housing bills, or meet needs for key monthly needs. Yet we do nothing about insatiable and escalating bankers and City traders’ wanton greed. Inflation is loose, and ripping up our lives by the roots. Banks all plot to swallow the lot. Then what? Watch the EU riots if they catch on. 

Once the dissenting German people were united to fight back. How did that go? They almost achieved it.     

For the first time in maybe 40 or 50 years, mass public strikes in the UK are starting, caused by the desperation needs of our people. We have no public pot left, and it will follow in the US and EU. Yes, it’s coming to YOU! Or, the lot goes. Then it’s Mad Max and the ho’s.

Train strikes are stopping cities from functioning and chaos.Growing corporate losses will follow with no employees to earn.

The total National Health Service failure faces us as they are coming out on phased strikes. No ambulances, cancelled operations, treatments, or nurses gone. Doctors’ GP surgeries, too. 
The teachers, schools, universities, civil servants and state, are all coming out. Desperation rules, but the state has no money. Pay with what? And the strikers don’t get it. Each has lost the plot. We all need to rethink America’s asset-stripping for wars!

But, here is the big one. We have allowed bankers to rig, racketeer and weaponize water and energy, our basic building blocks of life. We were told, assured, in fact, by these gas charlatans, that to start we would have to pay more to fund it, then costs would decline, but they never did. They racketeered it, greedily monetized it when profitable, then stole the lot and saddled us to fund vast dividends we first paid for. As inept governments flounder, as now in the UK, the calls to nationalize energy and water will grow, and rightly so. If this current government falls, as expected, then the even worse Labour (Democrats) will scoop the lot. Devoid of anything, low intelligent grunts with an ignorant lust for power, at any price, we may be opening the doors to Soviet-type Socialism as in the early 20th Century.  

We have the mass hooligans and rabble rousers waiting to unite. Just as Lenin did. Dreams ruined by rabble rousers who co-enjoined and got over-promoted. The rest we know, but we now may have the same sinking despair. An evolving melting pot, heading for trouble. 

As the economy falls, costs rise, inflation soars, homes and jobs are lost, they see endless City bankers bonuses and mega-yachts, and unstoppable illegals taking the homes and welfare of the ever-distressed nationals – it won’t take a lot to flashfire and unite. If Labour moves to fully nationalize water and gas, it sure as hell will have the support of the masses. Socialism ruled by worse grunts at what price? If Europe then unites on the illegals, what blows?      

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the plotting Zionist, Khazarian Mafia, NWO and WEF monstrosities, still left unchallenged by a blind media, owned and suppressed by these bastards, already plan to negate our cash, passports, driving licenses and even bank cards with a catch-all bio genetic sheeple corralled intel chip. Vaccines still head your way, to put the sad and breeding mass-stupid away. Trigger the chip and your lifeline is a blip. Corralling sheeple. Be clear: Elites despise the zoo. They see only one end for 90% of you. The CFR is clear. You need to disappear. 

For distressed and soon to be dispossessed US patriots, who are themselves original one time immigrants, illegal weevils are forever coming to rape it. As with Europe. Unsustainable.   

America’s inhumane plantation past is itself awful. Europeans also enriched themselves and cashed in sadly. We all carry culpable blame. Brutal inhumanity. Even worse, sadly, many Jews got rich themselves as they mass-trafficked for slavery profits. Money laundering went wild. Same old usury Scum! Empires founded, lives lost and tossed. As was America with the Founders, its Statue of Liberty and Constitution. So aspiring and such considered, well meaning intent. Now, sadly, all has failed. Betrayed by these ruthless racketeers within. Zios and ever pernicious corrupt racketeering greasy pole system politicos. All want their lick. The Afros and Hispanics also now mass aspire.  Zionists and the Cabal, having looted and vacuumed the world, and all that will be left soon is to bail-in YOU and anything else not bolted down. Western states are not Meritocracies. Nor welfare meccas.  Anything not robustly protected, they will sequestrate. Shield your assets, or lose them. Taxes are NOT criminal rights, but impositions of inquisitions.

Cryptos are a thinking person’s way to keep state and bank snouts out of what is morally yours. London is opening Crypto doors. Beware Zionist and DC Snouts. Same claws around every cradle. It’s all about sequestration. Tapeworms loose. Look at what they seek to do via the UN. One world games to enslave all. We need China, India and Russia to reject it. Western morality and values are gone. The enemy is now our best friend, our hope. For Asia and the East to combine, reject Western hegemony and defeat the Zio, Khazarian Cabal oppressive warmongering beast. They need to make it go West! But then who reforms what is left? Who stops the endless Islamic and African locust swarms impoverishing all? America and the West are on a precipice edge. Naïve lemmings. Products of a Jesuits knee!

Across the West, you are now witnessing multiple nations simply not able to pay the freight of welfare needed with nonexistent funds, to fund and feed the parasitic illegal swarms, welfarians or aged. All cupboards are now bare. Get real! Get it at last. The game is soon up. Your hope and bankers’ mass betrayals has saddled you now birthing a new society of Hottentot mongrel pups. 

The masses, and media chattering classes, escalate more Union inspired strikes, each low brain mass demanding, ignorant of the hard reality as nations are stripped bare.  There is no money. Pay with what? Every nation is now its own Titanic, heading for the berg. Non-achievers in governments have spun you all webs of deceit. We are all often horrified at the mutant, Neanderthal braindead representatives we see espousing their abysmal and visibly pathetic ignorance in both Washington Houses. Suited, mass-ignorant gutter trash! Why is the bar on the ground? You dare aspire to this dripping gorilla snot and claim to be fit to lead? Woke – Wake Up! Dreams are not free! Then you have Biden? Are you for real? You lead with that? It’s an ageing hooker re-tread twat! Clueless DC. 

By the end of 2024, Russia will have an economy outpacing both Germany and the UK’s. They have rearmed with high-tech, leading edge weapons; focused on highly advanced technologies and new generations chips. They have re-structured global non-US or SWIFT banking, and planned new industries. Semiconductors are in mass production, and their own new, highly advanced software industries will not only outperform Silicon Valley, but will have their own safe mineral and metals supply sources, which will be simply denied to the West. We will get locked out of c75% of the Asian and Eastern markets. Try warmongering from that! Chess versus checkers. 

Merkel’s naïve leadership failed to grasp Germany’s long-term secure energy supplies needs, or strong border protection. What a loser! She mass-flooded poor Germany and the EU now with diseased, mass-ignorant child meddling, thieving and raping illegals, running drugs and straddling the women. Feeding and housing those incoming masses – what a real crime! Commies heh? 

What is stalking Europe and US hegemony now?  Trigger fingers are ready. What becomes of political mediocrities losing power? If the illegals ignite Europe, what follows? America next? Who will leave the tracks? What do the mass strikes tell you now? Uniting for what? Worse – who and what agenda?  

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. And thus is passing the glory of the (unipolar) world.

Stay tuned.



    1. Also heard on the radio today that gov newsome used that bank. Another one putting pressure on biden to reimburse them.


  1. Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn good idea and well said! The schools around here are now getting caught with sexually provocative lessons for the kids. The report said that the lesson visually showed kids the act and then they had to write the initials of what student in their classroom that they would want to do this with. I was so appalled and disgusted. The school board is re-evaluating the curriculum.


      1. Indeed, I would certainly like a stun gun and a gun. I don’t feel safe taking hikes by myself. I carry a knife and bear spray, but the more the better.


    1. Wow. Great video. Well put together with facts and it covers his continuing destruction of humanity and this earth. That btard!!!!!!!!!
      He should get every vaccine ever made injected at the same time and left in a jail cell to suffer the consequences.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. To jail, directly, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Strip the license and condemn to perpetual teaching.

      If you knew the crap I was put thru as a 3rd year med student for having yelled at a patient (to startle her, to stop her arms flailing, and inserted a necessary IV in a second flat – I deserved a goddam Guinness record entry), hardly a violation of rights with a non-compliant patient on the verge of dehydration while being pregnant and ready to pop one out. Should have let her faint first.

      I digress. This immunize-against-will, never mind children cannot consent, is extraordinary and shows the collapse of medical teaching standards.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. People, are simply too moronically Dumb to realise that when BRICS comes the whole PetroDollar economy goes. America now only has Syria left to rob blind in the Middle East. Once the Middle East stops pricing in dollars its game over.
    America soon will have to become Elf Sufficient in Energy because they are fast losing Middle East supplies. That Rat Hole Israel will get annihilated by Iran and Russia, Israel is another US attack base on the Middle East. They will sort that once the US is out. The Arabs don’t want them. Nor the Iranians. That lot atomized will be a better world. It’s the 10M in the US who need sorting. If they stake their hooks in Jewkraine it will be a disaster for the EU and Russia. Russia has a big clean up to finish in Ukraine. If they don’t the ASOVS will move towards Poland and new Neo Nazi Bases.
    Putin has to Blitzkrieg them.
    Once the world goes Multi Polar the US loses all Hegemony powers. But with a huge income loss. Its entire Military Spending is Pentagon Program fake money.
    The Fed are desperately trying to swerve BRICS and Blockchains. US Welfare is unaffordable. US Military budgets are gross. A ship of Fools and the Mad Chimp Biden at the wheel. Unreal.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. John,

      How do we make sense of you earlier comment about the new BRICS currency coming online as soon as late next month, versus SWIFTs latest interbank testing?


      1. 2 Entirely different issues.
        Others speculated it being as next month, I have not. Nor will. It takes what what takes.
        Swift has no bearing on BRICS and the BRICS nations already have their own SWIFT altemative system. SWIFT is a Jewish Racket to steal at will. They do!
        The new SWIFT option is just a Jews knee Jerk pincer move to stay in the game.
        BRICS will end the Jewish Bankers racket.
        We will deny BRICS major use for the Cabal.
        What is unfolding in its time, will have vast implications for DC and Wall Street.
        Entire new Non Jewish Banking systems are being developed Rodent free.
        As Eurasia expands America fails. When BRICS arrives the US will take serve hits.
        Too much damage, it’s too late for SWIFT now.
        These are just knee jerk moves.


        1. Which is why El Salvador may be on to something. I recall someone saying we could develop our on platform. Looking for the next Singapore?


            1. You can only clean up America by collapsing it. Unbathed pieces of low life Welfare Shite stocking up on Junk food and play games has to be faced down and stopped. There’s too many scavenging non contributors to be worrying about the rights of WOKE, BLM,Antifa, and all those Whackos. Ever it’s the same, your whining Rights on My Dime. At least 100M Contributing Americans don’t want to work to keep you on Welfare.Nor should. When the Economy does collapse, it’s coming La La Land is going to be such a Culture shock. Depopulating factors high. All farms know when to reduce their herds When BRICS emerges, and Hegemony tanks, who will be left to fund the banks?
              The key CFR mantra grows ever louder. Take out the Useless Eaters. Real calls. It’s been a long time coming.


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