Germanic Warriors Attacking Romans At Teutorburg

Germany Will Not Have A Third Chance At Recovery If The Next “War To End All Wars” Successfully Ends All Wars…And Everything Else

In the 20th Century, in excess of 200,000,000 people died from warfare or effects from it. Germany, a country that was central to two world wars in that period, twice recovered, but let us consider her present reality and how it may not be possible to have a third post-war recovery if the events in Eastern Europe worsen into a non-conventional war. Historic truths need to be clarified so that causes can be learned from. And unless the true causes are studied in total, from both sides, one cannot adopt accurate preventative strategies to rid the environment of the actual causes of conflict. America itself is now possibly on the very same path to self destruction, with the parallels and causes eerily similar to Germany’s past Weimar collapse. Saving Europe and Germany as a long term part of Eurasia is possible. Saving America may not be.

Sadly, undeservedly, Germany is currently being derailed right now, swamped with endless flows of Illegals, their mounting crimes, and drowning in usury and Federal debt as vital industries collapse under racketeer energy prices. Its banks such as Deutsch (CIA Agency racketeering bank) are being US Jewish Fed bailed, but at what price?  If Deutsch goes, contagion will run riot affecting the EU and America. The economic powerhouse is fast running out of power. The US parallel is both! It’s always the vanity of leaders and fine print which ends empires.

Be clear. If Germany fails, the EU goes with it. America will then hemorrhage from the contagion erupting like Vesuvius.

NATO bases are needlessly alienating Russia by favoring the criminal oligarchs’ Ukraine, its Agency vanity, and more wars for the same festering Cabal whores. This was all avoidable. The US Mainland may easily be the front line, and not just Europe as Nuland has clearly stated US policy which could make us a target. Sadly, as is evident, Nuland and her Neocon and Zionist associates will also gladly sacrifice millions in Germany and Poland without an ounce of remorse. This carnivore cabal, with its NATO arms and costly protection racketeering front, really needs to be re-thought out in Europe. If the EU needs real defense, let it be self-funded as self help!

Are we repeating how blindly and indifferently we walked unprepared into WWII? Post the Potsdam Armistice of WWII we gave away the very nations we were fighting for to the Communists. Millions fought and died for nothing. What was the point of giving Poland an unsolicited war guarantee when being incapable of defending that same territory? And now, “F the EU”, says Nuland! “F the US”, say some, as Ukraine is ready to fall to Russia, after billions of dollars and NATO on the edge of all but repeating these same “war guarantees” that eventually handed Communists half of Europe and plunged the world into a cold war costing billions more and hundreds of thousands of lives. Both Poland and Czechoslovakia wound up under Bolshevik rule for 50 years. Why did Britain turn a German-Polish conflict over Danzig (a 95% German occupied region under Polish control that even most British cabinet members agreed should never have been separated from Germany after Versailles) into a world war? Can we afford to start another world war over similar issues, with hypersonic nuclear armed nations?

Get the US out of Europe – ever funding their military industrial Cabal killing the world and playing with nuclear fire. Wars will end and even larger ones can be averted. End poor Germany’s time as an expendable pawn on Washington’s gaming board. Tel Aviv at its worst is seeking the New Jewkraine. At what cost? America has lost the Middle East and the petrodollar will founder.

Do we really want an out-of-control nuclear armed, money laundering, arms-selling, drug, child trafficking crime syndicate pushing for a Zionist Greater Israel expansion right on Europe and Russia’s borders, swamped with the Khazarian Mafia threatening everyone? WWIII guaranteed if so. And that WILL take out America’s mainland head on. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Mogadishu, Syria – they win nothing but mass kill millions. A badly flawed and failing criminal Washington DC empire in retreat while Nuland seeks to ignite the world. We need to unite it without US hegemony!

To strategic thinkers in the U.K. currently working on needed Global and EU restructuring needs, it is gratifying to see the first foreign visit made by the new monarch, King Charles III, has been to Germany, not Paris as originally intended. France has lost control of its borders, but is now losing cities to anarchy and insurrection. There is growing anger from those forced to work additional years to fund mass illegal immigration needs. It will be interesting to watch the solution to this new French Revolution. 

But the warm hand of friendship extended by Charles to our German EU Allies, gives us all hope. Germany and the UK need to join, and plan a new Europe. As real industrial leaders, we will effectively deal with illegals, basket cases and bottom feeders, removing all as needed. A new  powerful gaming board of hope is now there for our combined nations. The respect and goodwill of our hand of friendship extended. Both, let us build on this. The EU needs us both ever more and our markets of Treasure Island await.

Germans are currently being frozen out of humane living in hostile conditions. Fellow Europeans are doing nothing to help. Merkel lost the plot. The Governing parties she presided over encouraged and allowed in mass illegals swamping their national identity, then sadly lost both border and economic control. As are the EU and America. All playing with fire!  All part of the Neocon Washington NWO Zionist gaming board agenda. Soros, Israel and the CIA have a lot to answer for. Europeans have the energy, capability and capacity to protect their fellow Europeans. Yet our self-serving interests are failing our own brother Europeans. So short sighted. With a visible dearth of quality leadership in the EU, we do nothing. What a sad collective. England itself is now run by a dodgy Indian and Scotland has fallen to a white-hating Pakkie radical. Then, even lower, we have Biden running America – into the ground!

Why should England and Germany unite this time to save Europe? Because history (the correct and complete version of it) teaches us what happens when hidden parties, who smell money and skulk around in dark corners of political halls, make deals to keep nations struggling under the boot of usury and not prospering on their own productive merit with a sound capital framework made to serve the economy and not exploit it. For example, the end of WWI and the resultant events which affected Germany. Post the tragedy of WWI, the alliances of France, the US and UK alongside the Russians, raped Germany with unmerciful terms which all but guaranteed another war over lost territory. How did this come about?

The war started in 1914. By 1916, Germany had essentially won the war. Her submarines had removed all convoys from the Atlantic. England was deprived of ammunition and food supplies and her armies were within weeks of starvation. The French army had mutinied, having lost 600,000 men thus far. The Russian army was revolting against the Czar and made peace with Germany, and the Italian army – well, let’s just say that nobody really feared going up against Italian soldiers since about 450AD. Not a shot had been fired on German soil; not one yard of her lands taken.

Despite this, Germany decided to offer England peace terms, which in the summer of 1916 they were seriously considering, as they had no choice. While this was going on, in October of 1916, Zionist interests in Germany went to the British war cabinet and offered them a path to victory by using their influence to bring the United States into the war on the side of Britain. The price: Palestine for Jews, after you have won the war.

After successfully using their political and banking interests to get the US into the war, the Balfour Declaration memorialized this agreement to give Palestine to the Jews in payment for getting the US into the war. With German press now issuing defeatist Homefront-demoralizing rhetoric, and banking support being withdrawn, Germany eventually could not economically compete with the US on a war footing and asked for an armistice – despite never failing to defend her lands. General Ludendorff urged the army to fight on, and was relieved for insubordination. Two weeks later, the Kaiser abdicated. Germany was at the mercy of the allies.

The original Treaty of Versailles on June 28, and the Treaty of Saint-Germain on September 20, started the great humiliation of Germany. Large eastern territory won from Soviet Russia was lost. Huge sums were to be taken to pay off the debts of France and Britain which were borrowed from American banks. The Rhineland was to be demilitarized. Germany’s army, once the largest in Europe, was to be cut to 100,000. Hardly enough to defend a country of that size let alone start a war. No advanced weaponry was allowed. Alsace-Lorrain was to become French, Posen and West Prussia Polish, and Memel became Lithuanian. An economic blockade was imposed on Germany to enforce payment of reparations, which resulted in the death of 769,000 Germans from malnutrition and sickness, with another 150,000 dying of Spanish Flu. The price of reparations was set at 226 billion Marks. Germany was forbidden to export goods, but required to accept imports.

British Prime Minister Lloyd George wrote on Versailles:

“The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians and journalists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.”

The tensions which had started the war not only remained, but were now amplified.

A rather noble idea that was developed was that states should be decided by nationality. For instance, Poland should have a country of its own, rather than the Polish living as minorities in, say, Germany, Russia or France. But in redrawing the maps of Europe, the concept of nationality was not applied to Germany. The new Poland was given access to the sea via Danzig, separating millions of Germans who were to be a minority in Poland – the very thing they were trying to avoid by assigning state populations by nationality. The new Czechoslovakia was to be given borders which also included millions of Germans, referred to as Sudeten Germans. These inexplicable, disastrously planned arrangements were almost waiting for a strong nationalist Germany to arise and set right. Many in the Britain delegation were against the idea of separating so many Germans from Germany by the Danzig corridor, and they were very prescient in their concerns.

Straining under the Versailles and St. Germain treaty shackles, Germany fell behind on their reparations payments. French troops moved into the Ruhr Valley and occupied German factories to seize payments for themselves. With no effective standing army, Germany could not stop them. They cordoned off districts and demanded papers for movement as if these districts were foreign countries. As hatred for the French built, the seeds of a nationalist revival in Germany were planted.

The Weimar Republic in Germany functioned on American loans, and when the stock market crashed in 1929, the eventual massive bank failures and loss of credit caused the German economy to collapse in 1931, and, by 1932, unemployment reached 35% and inflation began to spiral out of control.

With millions unemployed, the revolutionary Jewish Communists leaders Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg attempted a “red” revolution in Germany. Political parties of all kinds were in the streets vying for power.

By 1933, in the midst of the continuing great economic depression of the time, Germany was continuing headlong into bankruptcy. Economic production in both Germany and the US was scarcely more than half of what it had been in 1929. Millions of Germans were unemployed. In every town were homeless, starving and desperate people. 235,000 a year were committing suicide. Foreign elements positioned themselves in places of power within the government to open paths for opportunists to line their pockets from the misery of a now dying social order.

The Daily Mail reported on July 10, 1933:

“The German Nation was rapidly falling under the control of alien elements. In the last days of the pre-Hitler regime there were twenty times more Jewish government officials in Germany as had existed before the war.”

Franklin Roosevelt and Adolph Hitler began their respective political offices at this time and would hold them for 12 years until each died in April of 1945. Both set to task to solve the economic woes their nations faced. Although there were some striking parallels to the solutions implemented, the results were very different with Germany having a far more effective attack on the problems of unemployment than any other country.

Hitler Assumes Hindenburg’s Post

The National Socialists had now come to power in Germany via an election. Their banners rose out of the desperation of a nation which had fallen as far as it could short of total collapse. If Versailles had been structured with an ounce of humanity, it would have ensured Germany protection against the international hyenas that were set loose to feast on its bones. But there was no money to be made from a nation free to devise a system of economics that would exclude the money jackals. It would fall to a man of modest education, a former decorated lance corporal in the army, to unite Germany under one banner and start his country on the road to recovery in a way Versailles never came close to doing.

In an address to the nation, two days after being appointed Chancellor, Hitler addressed the nation:

“…The misery of our people is horrible to behold. To the misery of millions of unemployed workers is added impoverishment of the whole middle-class and the artisans. If this collapse also finishes off the German farmers, we will face a catastrophe of incalculable dimension, for that would be not just the collapse of a nation, but of a 2000 year-old inheritance of some of the greatest achievements of human culture and civilization. The task that we must fulfill is the most difficult that German statesmen have had to face in human memory. But we are all filled with unbounded confidence because we believe in our people and its imperishable values. The new government will achieve the great task of re-organizing our economy, by means of two great four year plans. The German farmer must be rescued to maintain the nation’s food supply, and in consequence, the nation’s vital foundation. The German worker must be saved from ruin with a concerted and all-embracing attack on unemployment. Within four years, unemployment must be decisively overcome…”

After years of the usual approach to “solve” economic problems, a new government now rose to address the matter. Without a detailed explanation of the economic mechanics, by using a national credit system (which denied international banking cartels the chance to profit from) and using its labor and productive capacity as the basis of its economic wealth, by 1935, unemployment was at an end in Germany, and one small aspect of the Versailles Treaty had been overturned by plebiscite with the Ruhr Valley being returned from French to German control. By 1936, higher incomes were pushing up prices, or making it possible to raise them. By the late 1930’s, Germany had full employment and stable prices – in the industrialized world, a unique achievement. It was now clear that National Socialism was not Marxist Socialism. Many took notice of this. Especially those who saw it happen without their “help”.

As the new nationalist government grew, resentment towards Jewish monopolies in press, business and entertainment also grew. The Frankfurt School, which the government considered a vile foreign perverse sexual influence on German culture, moved to Geneva, then later New York City, joining Columbia University, Berkley, Princeton, and Brandeis. Their printed materials were ceremoniously burned in Germany, and the headquarters burned down by Hitler Youth.

The Zionist interests responded and launched an economic boycott movement against Germany while just 500,000 or so Jews lived there with many enjoying the economic ride upwards to greater prosperity as a result of the new economic policies. Contrary to most versions of this time period, most of the atrocity propaganda (including outright lies and exaggerations of such) happened in spite of Hitler, not because of him. Yet, historians tend to condemn the Germans for what was to take place ten years into the future; that they could not do anything just and right in 1933-39. In fact, Hitler bailed out a large Jewish-owned department store chain and then strictly forbade mass arrests and harassment of businessmen and industrialists, as it was during this time they needed to address the severe unemployment problem, and many Germans worked for that store.

Many such acts to prevent reprisals against Germany’s Jews were implemented, despite the Zionist economic war declaration. Acts of violence were prohibited; Hitler promised not to boycott German Jews only after world Jewry stop boycotting the Third Reich; Goering ordered mass arrests of dissident NSDAP party units who violated such boycott orders, including a death penalty order for threats of atrocities towards any Jews. Jewish subculture and Jewish orthodoxy was not to be interfered with. There was no benefit to Germany to do so.

Great strides were being made. New innovative highways were built, new housing developments and advancement in sciences and engineering far outpaced any other nations’. Workers were given state funded vacations. The 40 hour work week was devised with overtime pay, paid vacation and holidays. State subsidized cafeterias were installed in many workplaces. Cities were cleared of vice and public acts of debauchery. Affordable home loans were made available, and for each child born, 25% of the loan was forgiven.

After the war, most Germans recalled these times as the best Germany had, before or since.

With all this prosperity being achieved in such a short time, without resorting to foreign banking debts or fractional reserve debt usury, it was only a matter of time before the incredibly powerful influence of financial cartels would be brought to bear on the political classes of other nations which were controlled by, and in debt to these same cartels. Since they lost this controlling ability within Germany with her now strong nationalist government, they could not use political bribery, press or financial weaseling to stop the popularity and spread of this economic volt-face. Jews had been removed from any ability to hold state political offices, state educational posts or state media and state financial control. They would now use their political and financial interests to get other nations to exert pressure on Germany.

With the Jewish declaration of economic war against Germany (with some key Jewish leaders calling for Germany’s complete destruction), and the increasing anti-German rhetoric being spread by Jewish dominated press interests across the globe, it was decided to remove the Jews from Germany over time, and let each respective peoples live as they chose.

Coin commemorating the Haavara Agreement

In good faith, the German government and Zionist leaders in Germany worked out a process by which Jews in Germany could be sent to Palestine to live and take all their wealth with them by transferring it to Palestine as German export goods. The process was outlined in the Haavara Agreement. In an ironic twist, Germany was taking a part to create what would later become Israel. German Jews started emigrating to Palestine in 1933. Only the outbreak of war stopped the process from being carried out to completion.

In March 1938, a referendum of 99% in favor of German union (Anschluss) with Austria was passed. German troops marched into Vienna and were immediately attacked with…flowers. Because of this, the German annexing was also called the Blumenkrieg (war of flowers). Hitler entered Vienna and was warmly greeted. It was his first time back in the city where he struggled for many years as an artist and common laborer.

Chamberlain And Hitler At Munich

The Munich Agreement of September 1938 set forth the peaceful solution to the plight of the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia. And indeed, Czechoslovakia was territorially fragmented as a result. But the result was no war, and while some call this appeasement, others would call it better than war. But what happened as a result? The Sudeten Germans were returned to German rule, as most had wanted and certainly would have voted for if a plebiscite had been undertaken. Poland moved in to annex the tiny disputed region of Teschen, where thousands of Poles lived. Hungary’s ancestral lands in the south of Slovakia had been returned to her. The Slovaks had their full independence guaranteed by Germany. As for the Czechs, they came to Berlin for the same deal as the Slovaks, but Hitler insisted on and granted a protectorate. Upon returning home, Prime Minister Chamberlain received many warm and effusive letters thanking him for averting war. Memories of WWI were still fresh in their minds and the British people were hungry for peace to prevail.

It would appear that with the Ruhr Valley back, the Sudeten Germans back, that only Danzig remained to reverse the harsh proscription of German territory via Versailles.

Winston Churchill, who would later become Prime Minister, wanted to go to war over Munich despite not having the military force in Europe to do anything about the events there. The idea was that such a move by Germany was only the start, and they would take over the world if not stopped. But was that really the concern? If Germany was intent on world domination, why did they not prepare for such an undertaking? With no superior surface fleet or troop transports and only 29 oceangoing submarines, a navy that couldn’t get out of the Baltic Sea and two engine bombers that could not even reach London from Germany and back without running out of gas – was this a force set to achieve world military conquest?

Could there have been other reasons he pushed so hard for war with Germany? As history shows, behind all wars are interests that profit and gain from such. There can be third parties identified as the bearers of influence for war among nations, providing financial and other support in return for declaring need for or causing such conflicts. Simply identify those who will benefit from the outcome if the horse they back, prevails. We will now explain one such party and its role in pushing nations to war against each other in the mid 20th Century, and see who benefited from the horse that won.

In the pre-war years, Churchill, like Hitler before 1933, was adrift and without firm career underpinnings. He had previously served as First Lord of The Navy in WWI, and after, between 1930-39 he was a member of Parliament earning £500 per annum. He was beset with large expenses, having a large country house with gardeners, secretaries, nurses, chauffeurs, etc., so he performed several jobs to earn extra funds. A gifted painter, he did works of art in oil, six of which he then sold via an art gallery in Paris in 1921 using the nom de plume of Charles Morin. Except…there really was a famous painter named Charles Morin who died in 1916, whose post-impressionist paintings were worth quite a bit. He also used his considerable writing skills to write condensed novels for the Chicago newspaper syndicates. But soon, political fortunes would turn for him.

In 1936, around a dozen top ranking dissident politicians who were once in office and were willing to do anything to get back in, set up a secret group called The Focus. They initially sought to challenge the governments of Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlin to get Churchill installed as PM. The group suddenly became most active in July of 1936 with a large cash fund of £50,000 set up by The Board of Deputies of British Jews in London. Churchill was tasked with pointing his guns at Germany and Hitler from then on. He continued to warn of rising German power and the threat he claimed it posed. All other state problems for him – India, the economy, unemployment, were not a priority. A brilliant writer and orator, he was very effective at his mission using press and media to turn people against Germany. When war broke out he was politically elevated once again to First Lord of The Navy and suddenly turned his back on The Focus.

But just before the war started, in February, 1938, as the Austrian/German issue was heating up, Churchill received a letter from his stock brokerage, Vickers Da Costa, informing him that due to a collapse on the American stock market, his shares had become worthless and a margin call was in effect. He would have to come up with £19,600 or the account would be liquidated, putting his estate in danger of being sold to satisfy the debt. He immediately wrote to his friend, Brendan Bracken (later, Lord Bracken) and asked for help, else he may have to leave political life and take up regular employment in The City to pay off the debt. He placed his house, Chartwell, on the market in April of 1938, for £25,000.

Then, out of The City came an Austrian-born millionaire, Sir Henry Strakosch, whom Brendan Bracken had found as a solution for Churchill’s financial ills, which by this time also included having to cover his son’s gambling debts. Strakosch wrote to Churchill announcing that he would buy up all his debts at Vickers Da Costa, and paid him £20,000. Any future profits to the account would go to Churchill, and any losses would be covered and absorbed by Strakosch. What a deal. His immediate problems were solved for the moment. But he still needed to cover his expenses for running his large estate.

Next to step in and assist Mr. Churchill’s finances was the Czech government, for now the matter of the Sudeten Germans had arisen in Europe and their country was on the line. Historian David Irving did extensive research into the Czech archives, and stated of this time:

The Czech government started paying not only Mr. Churchill but also every member of his political group, The Focus, colossal sums of money we’ve heard before – about £500, £2000, £20,000. The Czech government sent a payment in July, 1938, because obviously Czechoslovakia is next on Hitler’s menu, to their Ambassador in London, Jan Masaryk, for about £2,000,000. Two separate payments, not exactly £2,000,000 of course. It was the equivalent number of Czech Crowns. All these payments are recorded in the Czech files and I’ve actually seen the checkbook stubs. They were paid into a special account that Jan Masaryk set up in the Midland Bank in London, not even the proper embassy account. After Czechoslovakia had vanished at the time of the Munich Agreement in September and the subsequent entry into Prague in March 1939, when the subsequent Czech government sent investigators to London to find out where the money had gone, Jan Masaryk refused to answer. He said he used the money in the interests of Czechoslovakia and he didn’t consider himself bound to answer to the new government as to whom he paid the money to. But we know who he paid the money to from several sources. Firstly, the principal Czech intelligence agent in London was a Catholic priest and he wrote a report in October 1938 after the Munich agreement ended Czechoslovakia, and this report is in the Czech files. This principle Czech agent says it wasn’t until the £2,000,000 came in the summer of 1938, in July, and made available by our ambassador in London that I was able to begin active, subversive work among the opposition members of Parliament, the Conservative opposition MP’s, the Labour and the Liberal members of Parliament, with all agreeing to overthrow Neville Chamberlain if they could. That made my work much easier – the funds made available through Jan Masaryk.

Closer and closer the hidden hands were guiding events to their desired conclusions. The final piece on the chessboard for Germany to close the Versailles wound, was Danzig. Here is where it would spiral out of control into an avoidable conflict that cost 60,000,000 their lives.

After Munich, it was obvious to Britain and the world that Germany was keen on regaining control of Danzig, a city of 350,000, and 95% German, taken from them at Versailles so Poland could have a seaport. As if in a panic, the Chamberlain government issued to Poland an unsolicited war guarantee that if Germany used force to take back Danzig, and if the Poles resisted such, Britain and France would come to her aid. This gave Poland and her leaders (a junta of Polish Colonels) the spine to resist all offers from Germany to solve the matter without force. Hitler had instructed his military and diplomatic corps that he did not want a military solution to Danzig. He had other goals for Germany, and ultimately he needed peace in the West so that Germany could establish allies on all her borders and become the center of a strong economic Central and Eastern Europe. He considered England a natural ally, and respected and admired her empire, seeking no conflict with it. He also wanted Poland as an ally, and had a good relationship with Josef Pilsudski, the de facto Polish leader who warmed to the idea of returning control of Danzig to Germany, but he died in 1935. Further, in an effort to keep peace with the West, Germany abandoned any idea of taking back Alsace-Lorrain, and other smaller territories lost at Versailles in that location.

Germany offered Poland several solutions, some which were so magnanimous that the diplomats who read them were stunned. Germany would settle for a German flag over Danzig, political control for the Germans with Poland keeping economic control, no demand of the Danzig Corridor back, and a quarter mile wide road and rail across the Polish corridor connecting East Prussia to Germany, which had been cut off at Versailles by placing a strip of land between them. This agreement would make Poland an ally and part of the pact of nations he wanted to build as a bulwark against any idea of Soviet incursions into Europe. But backed by a war guarantee, Poland would not even discuss it.

As a diplomatic move, Germany signed a non-aggression pact with Russia on the 23rd of August, most likely a maneuver to get the British to back down and insist that Poland work out their problems with Germany, since such a pact would certainly divide Poland in event of force being used to subdue Poland over Danzig on Russia’s natural border. But instead, inexplicably, on the 24th of August, Chamberlain re-issued the war guarantee to Poland. Hitler backed down, again, not wanting a war with Britain. Further attempts were made at diplomacy. All failed.

On September 1, 1939, minutes after the order was given, Stukas of the 77th Dive Bomber Wing were airborne. More force on land would follow. Pandora’s Box was opened. On September 3rd, Britain and France declared war on Germany. On September 17, Russia invaded Eastern Poland. Britain did not declare war on Russia.

Historian and political commentator, Patrick Buchanan, said of this time:

The Polish corridor and Danzig were not worth a war by Great Britain. Secondly, Great Britain could not defend the corridor and Danzig. Third, they had no plans to defend Danzig and the corridor. Fourth, they thought the Germans were right on the issue.

What I’m saying is they should never have issued the war guarantee to Poland. They should have told the Poles the truth. We can’t defend you, and there’s no way we can defeat Germany in the amount of time it’s gonna take them to defeat you. You’ve got to decide this yourselves.

What the British should have done, and the French, after the collapse of Czechoslovakia is draw a line across the Low Countries and across the front of France. A red line, and tell Hitler if he crosses it, he’s at war with Great Britain and France. Hitler would never have crossed the line. That is what the Americans did when Stalin had control of all of Eastern Europe. We didn’t say you’ve got to get out of Poland, or if you move into Hungary as they did in ’56, you’re at war. We said if you cross the Elbe River you’re at war with NATO and the United States, and Stalin didn’t cross it. That is what I’m saying, that Hitler didn’t want war with Poland. He didn’t want war with Britain. And had there been no war guarantee, there would have been no war in the West, in my judgment. And frankly, all the people, all the Jewish people and Christian people of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece would have survived the war. There would have been no war in the West.

In two weeks, the Polish army ceased to exist as a fighting force. Warsaw fell soon after.

Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, made plans to move into neutral Norwegian waters, in violation of their neutrality, to seize ports from which Germany was taking on trans-shipped iron ore from Sweden. These plans were leaked and Germany was made aware of the move. They moved quickly and seized all the ports with military force one day before the British arrived. For the Brits it was a debacle of which Churchill was famous for ever since Gallipoli had seem him sacked from his first term as Lord of the Admiralty in the first world war. Former PM Lloyd George called it “…a series of debacles which were Churchill’s responsibility…”

The Narvik disaster saw Chamberlain’s government fall, and as he left office he suggested the King send for…Churchill. The very disaster Churchill had planned in Norway caused the removal of Chamberlain and Churchill’s elevation to Prime Minister. On May 10, 1940, he took office, and on that same day, the Germans invaded France and Belgium, where the allies were assembling in preparation to invade Germany in Spring of 1940. They were no match for the lightning speed and surprise of the German advance. The Maginot Line was bypassed in ways thought impossible, and soon 300,000 allied troops were trapped on the beach at Dunkirk. The Luftwaffe swept British planes from the skies. Then, to everyone’s astonishment, Hitler ordered his panzers to halt in front of Dunkirk. The Germans let them go in a move to allow peace another chance to prevail in Europe. Otherwise, nothing stood in the way to annihilate the Dunkirk forces.

Peace proposals were sent to England which were seriously considered by some in the Cabinet. Germany made no demands on British territory. Germany offered to come to Britain’s aid if any of her lands were invaded by a foreign enemy. Germany offered to withdraw all forces back to the frontier borders in exchange for a free hand in the East to see to German affairs. But a crisis in the British War Cabinet soon developed. In view of the debacle in France, Foreign Secretary Halifax urged the Cabinet to accept the proposals, which were brokered through then neutral Italy. The stated goal was “…to secure European peace for the century…” and not just an armistice.

On May 26, Halifax told the Cabinet to face the fact that:

“…it was not so much how a question of imposing a complete defeat upon Germany, but of safeguarding the independence of our own empire, and, if possible, that of France. That peace and security in Europe were equally our main object, and we should naturally be prepared to consider any proposals which might lead to this, provided our liberty and independence were assured…”

Churchill urged the War Cabinet to await the final outcome of Dunkirk. Halifax disagreed, urging that the best possible terms were to be had by accepting the proposals immediately. After appearing to consider this, Churchill, ever the clever one, outmaneuvered Halifax by calling a meeting of his 25-man outer Cabinet and in ending his speech to them, said:

If this Long Island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground.”

And yet, not one German bullet or bomb had fallen on England. Peace was not to be. After Germany signed an armistice with France, Churchill issued orders for the British Navy to destroy the main French battleships anchored at Mers-El-Kabir while in port, to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Germans. In doing so, they killed 1300 Frenchmen, some of whom were only weeks before assisting Britain in evacuating men from Dunkirk.

Operation Reinhardt, between October 1941 and November 1943, transported millions to their deaths from gassing and disease at the hands of psychopathic elements of the SS. At the same time, the British diverted food supplies from Bengalis to British soldiers in Greece, and killed up to 4 million when famine swept their country. “It’s their fault for breeding like rabbits”, said Churchill. Genocide and mass civilian casualties are a part of warfare, and even the angels of history partook of it.

German POWs at Stalingrad

Germany’s fate was ultimately decided by June 1944, when it became a two-front war which became unavoidable after poorly planned Operation Barbarossa’s failure to secure a hoped-for victory in the East and after Stalingrad saw 300,000 ill-supplied troops of the Sixth Army surrender. By now, Hitler was suffering severe setbacks for which he could not easily make up in manpower or materials (all the while, Roosevelt sent the communists $11,000,000,000 in war aid). He became increasingly argumentative with his general staff, many whom vehemently disagreed with his sudden changes in strategy in Russia. Plots against his life culminated in the July 20th bombing at his East Prussian headquarters, which he barely survived. He became increasingly paranoid of plots, and whatever humanity he had left in him was starting to diminish.

He signed execution orders for downed Allied airmen, in clear violation of war conventions. He refused to consider any talk of an armistice or surrender, instead choosing to fight to the bitter end, and ordered his Armaments Minister, Albert Speer, to conduct a total destruction of the Ruhr Valley factories and all critical infrastructure in Germany. Speer pretended to accede to his wishes, but secretly refused to carry out the orders. Orders to destroy Paris were also previously ignored.

As the end drew near, he berated his general staff, calling them cowards and traitors, furiously claiming they learned nothing about war, and only how to hold a knife and fork at the academy. He ranted that Germany had failed because it was not worthy of a victory, and they should all drown in their own blood. Goering, from outside Berlin, informed Hitler that if his communications should be cut with the outside, Goering would assume command of the Reich. This was considered gross insubordination and treason which infuriated Hitler. Himmler commenced to seek peace talks with the West without authorization, and upon being informed, a furious Hitler told an aid that it was truly the end. When Himmler’s adjutant, Herman Fegelein, who was Eva Braun’s brother in law, went AWOL, Hitler suspected he had run to the West and had him tracked down and returned to the bunker where he was ultimately shot for desertion.

Adolph Hitler was now a broken man. Shuffling around in the bunker, stooped over, and afflicted with Parkinson’s. After giving awards to a few Hitler Youth for bravery, he dictated his last testament, married his mistress, and a few days later committed suicide. His dream of a unified Germany unfulfilled.

Before doing so, his valet, Heinze Linge, asked him, “For whom should Germany fight for in the future?” To which Hitler replied, “The coming man.”

And whose horse came in to win? Certainly not the British. They would end the war bankrupted, bombed and bled. Her empire in Asia, India, the Mideast and Africa coming apart. Twenty years later it would all be gone. The Poland for which Britain had gone to war was lost to Stalinism throughout the Cold War. Churchill would be forced to accept Stalin’s annexation of half of Poland and its addition to the Soviet Bloc.

How about the French horse? France would end the war occupation after five years, lose her African and Asian empire and then sustain defeats in Indochina in 1954 and Algeria in 1962.

The Americans? They ended the war with the least losses of any great power, but as part of the West, was the loser of the world wars of the last century.

The Soviets? They clearly won. They occupied Berlin, annexed the Baltic states, and took Eastern Europe, courtesy of Western inability to make peace.

What happened in 1939 was essentially a civil war in the West, one that was guided into existence just as surely as one guides a car down the road. And the reverberations from that catastrophic debacle continue to this day, with the West being flooded by the inhabitants of its former colonies and seemingly bereft of any ability to manage its own borders despite overwhelming calls from its citizens to do so.

The West – with the Frankfurt School in its schools, sewing a debauched curriculum defying natural instincts that does not belong in the educational halls of any nation that calls itself a nation at all. The West – drowning in ruinous debt and infected with a cordyceps-like financial cartel of Jewish central bankers directing the plundering in ways Versailles architects would envy.

Germany has twice recovered from world wars. A third world war in Europe will most likely involve Germany again, but there will not be a post-war recovery. The apocalyptical outcome will leave almost nobody alive to decide if Germany or whatever other country should pay reparations. Those reparations will be paid for by the lives of all of humanity.

Do not ignore the highly suppressed true facts of how the last world war started, because we are witnessing the same mechanism in motion in the present. Ukraine may be granted membership in NATO, and this is essentially a war guarantee once again, brought to you by the same influential Zionist financial cartels in league with military arms industries who set Europe ablaze in 1939.

NATO was originally set up to defend Europe against Soviet expansion. Now, it’s clearly an expansionist force of the military industrial complex and Western financial cartels. And they are going to possibly dangle Ukraine’s NATO membership in the face of Russia and what…expect them to go along with it?

We have failed to learn that war guarantees simply guarantee war. Even worse, most are educated to believe in the cause of war to be something like a fairy tale of good vs evil.

As Winston Churchill pointed out to Lord Robert Boothby: “The unforgivable crime of Germany, before the second world war, was her attempt to extricate its economic power from the world’s trading system and create its own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”

200,000,000 corpses in the last century may be a fraction of what this century may see die if we continue to let a minority of psychotics in powerful positions push nations into world war. World War II could have been avoided. World War III, must be.

Lastly…remember that for may years now we have been told the Global Settlements will not allow access by any of the same cartels which were instrumental in diverting resources towards war in the past centuries. Knowing the long history of these influential forces and their tactics, we can now fully appreciate the tasks ahead to keep these large financial GS resources out of their hands, and also appreciate the level of courage it is taking to do so.

It won’t be easy…as Germany learned.

Stay tuned, and always be ready for anything.



    Ventilators: you will come to learn that even on that, POTUS Trump was misled and that ventilators did not help but rather killed, killed most people placed on them! Yes, with sedation (midazolam),
    Remdesivir, DNR orders, no antibiotics, false positive PCR test, morphine, dehydration, malnourichment, ISOLATION of our elderly, we killed them & ventilators blew holes in already trauma lungs!


    1. But more in BRICS will follow. US bullying started this. The whisper will become a roar. America’s wealth only exists because of its Global currency standing. Able to pay with Fake dollars, just mass printed backed by nothing but Fake Fed hype.
      Lose that and you have to buy vast US Imports with other currencies you don’t have. The US then has to buy-in using Foreign Exchange. At what price? Earned with what?
      Feed endless illegals with what?
      When the Dollar drops at least 30%, and later far more, you won’t be able to buy Oil or Gas for the Warships and Planes. Meddle then at what price?

      Feed illegals with what money you do not have, with imports you can no longer afford. How?
      Post BRICS, the world is going to turn on America, and the whole Fake House of Cards will fall.
      For a nation with no concept of Geography, try HISTORY.
      No, not asking Americans to read the Classics, that’s a step Way too Far for Americans, just the failure and end of Empires. We know, Americans cannot even conceive it, but as we saw them scrambling and clawing, crying in terror, and begging for extraction in Vietnam, running from Afghanistan, dumping Illegal War destiture Iraq, shot to hell in Mogadishu, it’s coming. Billy No Mates post Hegemony has no Friends. Do unto others?

      America WILL Fail. It’s going to get ugly. It’s going to get nasty and it’s going to bring home what the real world knows is due.
      Good Americans, and there are many, will not be able to conceive why all is free falling.
      It’s the Price of the Agency Cabal and Usury Jews. They all used YOU!

      For the Good Americans, many who came as Locusts from failing lands, there will come a time for many to end the journey and return to Homelands. When the US is no longer fit to be your Home.
      Woke, BLM, the Sex degeneracy of your Children will be the Wake TF Up call. You want this Filth?
      Were you consulted? Good Americans, the world is yours, you don’t need to stay enslaved in the new Federal State Khazarville. You have hopes.Why work enslaved to carry free riding Dopes?
      For those not able to journey on, the coming I want My Licks from Afros,Hispanics and Islamists will determine a future you can equate to Mad Max Time surrounded by Alien Swine.
      Sitting 10 deep on Soros’s knee. Surrounded by bloodsucking Khazarains , no place to be.

      Muslims 4 wives and 28 kids all on Welfare, living like Kings and pulling your strings.
      Surrounded knee deep by growing Hottentots, leaving only for you and your family, Gorilla Snot,
      Coming to America. Oh for even a one eyed Man?


      1. $50K to anyone who sprays Munich Girl with indelible Black Ink while she sleeps as a joke.
        Goostep that to Erika. Lol Jeez waking up as a Wookie? The look in the mirror, Priceless.


    1. Classic British Army Marching song,

      Adolf has only got one ball,
      Goering has 2 but very small,
      Himmler, has something similar,
      But poor old Goebals has no balls at all.

      We marched, we sang we fought.
      So many lives.

      Now, we just respect.


    1. It is sad. The poor guy tries so hard and he really should not have come back to his senate position after his stroke and depression issues.


  2. So, according to Marco Mendicino: “there may be more “Chinese police stations” operating in Canada”. Sounds like they are trying to get ahead of another story with regard to Chinese government activity in Canada- perhaps he is anticipating more whistle blowers…


  3. Update on the whole Dunphy-Giuliani flap:

    Dunphy claims to have all of Giuliani’s emails and some recorded conversations.

    The $2MM a pop pardon is, however, not substantiated in the body of the lawsuit by recordings or email — it seems to be a free floating accusation. We’ll see what the Robert Barnes local group weighs in on.

    and much to my chagrin…

    My wife confirms we met the woman. Even showed me a couple photos. She looks as crazy as I remember. Of course, she might have some disease that gives her bulging eyes (Exophthalmos is the protrusion of one or both eyes anteriorly out of the orbit due to an increase in orbital contents within the rigid bony orbit. It most commonly manifests in thyroid-associated eye disease such as Graves’ disease ophthalmopathy.)

    I still think she wasn’t firing on all thrusters…



    It’s coming for Jewkraine Central.
    Wait until the new Technology Weapons arrive. Mass Zio extermination.
    Russia has the power and Weapons to flatten the lot. So, when do they unleash is the only issue. Why keep arming Losers who can not pay?

    Be assured, China WILL take Taiwan then South Korea will follow. The Chan Plan is to take all.

    Let’s get the ego centric fat bastard off the public purse
    Once he fails to pay the maintenance and energy bills eviction am follow. No Brits will shed a tear..
    This free riding Ho is to go

    Roast the roaches

    Once this Ukrainian counter offensive occurs there will be Russian one. Russia has already said it will be unconditional surrender and it will not negotiate with Zelensky which really means not with NATO and not with America. So we should not be surprised by what occurs. And no amount of Zelensky visits for more money and weapons will change realities. And should NATO specifically countries like Germany or Poland etc go beyond just money and weapons missiles will come calling and it will not be scattered by concentrated.
    Already we have seen what the blown up ammo depot in Western Ukraine ha produced with robots being used to put out the fire as firemen cannot survive the fumes. How much more such insanity will come remains to be seen.


          1. Looking at the lobotomised West, can you offset balance us against methodical and carefully tactically planned China? They can, because they will Win, so Will.
            Look at the history of the US and British Empire
            We sacrificed poor Palestine. Shamelessly. The Commonwealth was not created by Stealth.
            Gunboat Diplomacy.


    1. Sadly, correct as we saw with Mueller protecting Bush 41, the Clintons, Biden, Herzog and Romney.Crooks to a man.


  5. Meanwhile, click in for the lengthy but good tweet from RFK

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  6. Speaking of timing, this just landed:

    BOOM! Timing being a thing and all.

    I suspected that the filing of the final #DurhamReport marked a milestone that would have then launched us into a whole new chapter of the larger theater of operations…and it would appear that I was right.

    Four-Star General Paul Nakasone, who was in charge of Cyber Command and the NSA during the 2020 election heist retires out of the blue.

    I have long held that he ran point on the novel Solarwinds/Orion hack that wasn’t detected until AFTER the election which afforded white hats the ability to record everything in real-time…which was accomplished…and they were non the wiser.

    In effect, we had breached the enemy’s digital infrastructure without detection and lay in wait a minimum of SIX MONTHS before the Nov election.

    In related news, the Nakasone amazingly went from a 2-star to a 4-star general shortly thereafter – interestingly skipping right past that whole pesky 3-star designation.

    Gee, I wonder what he could have done to have earned that?

    My bet this is related to matters related to being able to testify given the security involved in the work he does.

    This is gonna get good.
    We do indeed have it all.

    h/t Lisa Mei Crowley


    1. And they have money and are ordering uber eats to bring them food. They didn’t like the food usa offered them. Soiled and entitled already before they even get here.


    1. They always penetrate innocent societies, assimilate, then annihilate. Palestine, their neighbours and every country this Predatory nasty Cult penetrates, they subjugate.
      Only the Cyrus Virus can deal with this venomous Serpent sub species. This truly nasty Ho has to go. They offer and bring nothing kind to Mankind. Vermin seed. No one can reason with such a truly pernicious aggressive and nasty Cult. Deviants.
      As the US fails, Eurasia grows, they will focus very much on our minds and planning. Covid was just a test run, we need a focused phase to send this Vermin Virus to its promised land. Hell beckons.
      A well programmed Cyrus Virus will help flatline the cause of wars. Unleash the Beast. Let it feast.


    1. As we have contested many times, Trump is a Grifter, Slimeball and unfit for Office.Sadly.
      But is Biden a better choice? or Harris?
      As ever, to determine with the US, who is fit and not the historical usual piece of Jew owned piece of Shit?


      1. While I can buy that there are Zionist influences, even being “owned”, due to the banking/real-estate issues, the rest is simply not credible.

        Mr Giuliani’s former aide Noelle Dunphy is mentally unstable prone to delusional thinking in romantic matters. I met her twice en-passant while attending non-profit events with my wife. She’s cuckoo! I believe she might even have a restraining order against her from a non-profit owner.

        Trump is the most investigated man in history who has come out clean time and again.

        CNN just had its “Hell is Freezing Over Moment” admitting that Trump was fully exonerated in the Durham Report. Given what transpired in the Dominion-Fox lawsuit — the precedent now applies. Trump should sue CNN for a billion dollars for defamation.

        Why does hearsay get any credence whatsoever? I have serious doubts on the veracity of a $2MM a pardon scheme.

        The story is suspect as is the timing. On the latter, the aide waited far too long to bring her lawsuit, the claims are both sensational and not believable. The timing is suspect, coming directly on the heels of CNN having to eat crow


        1. I don’t deny him either a voice, or Justice.
          1. The Presidential Pardons for so many seriously bad convicted Jewish Criminals at the behest of the Kushners, was a contemptible abuse of Office and Ethics.
          2. Unlawfully Sequestrating the Golan Heights, Syria’s mineral rich lands, for the Kushners and Israeli crooks is again, is a Cain Mark of the Grifter. He’s no JFK for sure. Theft of Syria’s oil also sasly is deplorable abuse.It does not augur well for America.
          3.We see a lot more that we cannot publish.
          4. Both new Kennedy House combatants, and ever more Patriots of both houses contesting the Cabal and Zio fixes, give us hope. Greene is also good in action. She’s exposing ever more. As is the site. WHA is far more credible than any MSM.
          5. I really hope, from either House, that a real Challenger emerges. Not Clinton or Nuland. Good Patriots who the word needs. Dog Shit begets Dog Shit.

          WHA serves us all to debate issues, challenge positions, and inform. All voices matter.

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          1. On (3) that is the damnable problem of the modern era. Too many secrets.

            Either the case can be proved, and it should, let the damn pieces fall as they may — or it can’t – in which case the innuendo is a dis-service to all.


            1. On 3 the Political consequences have to be factored in. So much shit not for Public airing.
              We shared Bush, the Clintons, Biden and Herzog. It got us where? All action, no satisfaction. The festering pot is too deep.


              1. I’m not exactly sure why anyone thought co-opted government agencies would act, but here we are.

                I only wish I had a helpful thought(s) for these issues…


  7. Garbage history deserves garbage ratings!

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    1. Most people today, sadly, are too Dumb to be allowed free to walk loose off a leash.
      Biden, BLM, Woke, and the endless garbage chain they front.
      Useless Eaters had it right. Empowered, what next?
      Cut Hunting Season bring in Culling Season. Mine the Borders.

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  8. An interesting comment on Hillary:

    Kelleigh Nelson
    Writes Kelleigh’s Substack
    49 min ago
    I was a Barry Goldwater girl with her in 1964, she was a witch on wheels controll freak then. She met Saul Alinsky in 1961 when her Methodist youth minister, Don Jones, took his class to meet Alinsky. She wrote her college thesis on him. Don Jones often traveled with Hillary through the years as her “spiritual advisor” until his death.

    Hillary Rodham was a cold young girl and now she’s far worse. She’s more than dangerous…she’s evil.

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      1. She did indeed.

        I remember Bill Clinton tearing into an aide when an elderly black woman with mobility issues declined to come genuflect before Clinton. Like a good American the woman said “If he wants to meet me, I’m right here on my porch”.

        I wouldn’t have treated a stray dog with 6 infectious diseases and lame, the way Clinton tore into the aide on an open microphone. The whole thing got memory holed very quickly because a viral repeat of said video would have killed his Presidential run.


  9. Countries banning meat production. Not sure whose bright idea this was but time to think about looking for another place to live 🙂 if you can…


        1. Yep, they have a taste for Beings, Human Beings!

          Importing Wogs invites trouble always.
          Failed in their own lands, why bring them into ours.
          Raping,Robbing, Mugging, Drug Dealing Welfare Brats.
          Human Pollutants


    1. It will end the moment a few rapists turn up dead in dumpsters.

      It worked miracles back in the day in Italy when the mafia were recruited by the Italian government to put down the terrorists. It got so dangerous to be a terrorist that the terrorists turned themselves in for leniency under the “pentiti” (the penitents) law.

      Of course, arming every blonde, brunette and redhead with zero legal consequences if they shoot their attempted racist dead, would also help.

      And then start deporting the rest of the savages…


  10. Like

  11. What your taxes pay for.


    1. Every day for him will be 1,000 years of Anal separation in Atonement . Big Bubba with a scerated Horn awaits. He will get Butt Tossed and roasted. Each day denied death. Soros will be mind fragged for Millenia. In the bad company of Rotting Souls. Rotten Beings. Atonement is beyond Real. No negotiation , just pay. A truly Evil man. At his age now its only when.

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    Do you want to know where all the illegals w Biden phones are at?

    One of the maps published as part of the Heritage report, showing the movement of cell phone locations over the span of a month from migrant facilities in the U.S. near the border with Mexico to other parts of the country


  13. As the Zio Jews will charge you $1.8 TRILLION to issue more of their worthless Fed Shit paper, which they and the Rotts annually encourage you to overspend each year, because DC is out of control, they milk you as Goyim Suckers and laugh. They scam you for $1.8T just to raise it and Bank costs on top. Mugged and Mugged and Mugged. We look on in disbelief.
    Any business which overspends its budgets goes bust. Any Bank seeing this calls their Funds back.
    The Fed is a Rogue Scam and needs blowing away. Issue your own Dollars from your OWN Central Bank, and use this to rip the Cabal and DC apart. Stop the Agency running America. Close them down! Throw out the Federal State and re think a new America. You are NOT Goyims for the Jews and Cannon fodder for the Cabal. Fly War Criminal Soros to Moscow, and cut Israel loose.All Israeli 2nd passport holders deport. Get a Grip! America is FOR Americans! YOUR Birthright! Your Children, YOUR Rights. Your Land! Yes- You- Can. Close the Borders and Jail the Crooks. Good Americans can turn this around. F the 4 squares a day for the Cabal. Get Jobs! Enforce the Borders.


              1. We need the lot knee trembling as we cut their Nuts first. Even an escaping Rat can’t breed then.
                For God’s sake Fauci release the Cyrus Virus. It’s beyond time.


    1. 5 min video on the quid pro quo set up between Planned Parenthood and the University of Pittsburg. Organ and tissue trafficking sponsored with tax payer’s money through non other than Fauci‼️


    2. Well, if they did, it’s point blank murder for profit, trafficking in illegal organs or derivatives of same, and violating all sorts of regulatory rules. They should spend life in prison or hang. I’m partial to guillotines and firing squads as appropriate.



    What a nasty, snivelling Snot. Both he and Bolter Markel need to be booted. Bolters and Freeloading Harry.. Yuk.

    Michael Obama in reality.


    BRICS Nations Are Expanding Dramatically! – Activist Post

    Sadly, Americans simply have no idea or concept of Global relations. Minds all too often are anally embedded.
    They are on the move. BRICS is unfolding and you are being played right off the board.
    BRICS Will take c60% of World Trade and Banking. America, by design, is getting the Big Finger.
    It has lost the Middle East. Africa has gone Chinese. The Far East will go to China and India. South America will go BRICS. Russia has left.
    Europe, Post EU Failure will go BRICS. Europe will join Eurasia. Too many Americans, like Bush 43, can’t even do joined up writing.
    Just like Rome, the US is coming down. With No Buddies to spare a Dime.
    Assume you will all take a c30% Pay Cut as prices sky rocket when the dollar fails. Its only time before the Default happens. The Jews did this to you. They took your Banking and Bank = rupted you. Zio Slimy Hymies.
    There’s no one left at the Wheel. Titanic 2 is coming. 200M are too stupefied to even think. Who will feed this lot?

    It’s all been pre planned

    Watch “Douglas McGregor: Ukraine Is About to End” on YouTube

    Ukraine either falls or Russia goes to Nuking them.

    Nuclear Fallout? Russian Strikes Create Richter Scale Explosion in Khmelnitsky + Updates

    All the Billions in Arms just gone up in smoke.

    This is the most serious incident of this conflict so far.
    It is likely the DU ammunition sent by the Brits and Americans was stored In this western Ukrainian Ammo depot. There is no question the winds will carry radioactive dust Westward. The is a gift that will delivering for some time. It may be some of those American troops in Romania will be affected. Hopefully most of the fallout got burnt and stays local.
    Crazy business.


    1. Well, the radioactivity shouldn’t be too bad, after all it’s “depleted”.

      But cancer, kidney failure and general heavy metal toxicity… that’s going to be bad.


  15. Now the “unpredictable” we warned to not ignore, is hard to ignore.


    1. We warned you Ukraine is a weapons testing centre for Russia. Just trapped Rats on a treadmill.
      What next?


    1. Mayork aas, and all the other traitors, are the real threat!… what he means is.. patriotic Americans asking real questions are a threat to the agenda!… evil scum


    1. Cultures grew for a reason.

      Cross a Thoroughbred with a Mongrel Dog and what comes out?
      Get Real. We look at the jabbering Wogs in key roles, and ask WTF?????
      Cross top Thoroughbred Race horses with lesser breeds and they get slower. Fact!
      All too often they are embarrassing to watch. Axe me they ask. F brains. I’m axxing you.FFS! Wookie talk.
      Credit those who have assimilated.The rest? Welfare can’t afford it. Why fund Walmarts?
      Axxers are asking for the Chop!


  16. That foul-up in December 2021 is starting to sting about now.


    1. Cap the bloody thing and let go half of DC and the Agencies . It’s all a swarming Parasite Ants nest.
      Torch it and get back to basics. Use Woke and the Left as Bio Fuel to burn the lot. Restore America.
      Keeping less Useless Eaters is more for all. Cap the lot and DC to the Wall.
      Yellen has a face like a smacked Arse.


    1. Take out Putin and the Kremlin Hawks will go to WW111. Creepy little Criminal, Corrupt Crook as he is, at least he maintains a level of Detente. The rest won’t. But what the F would the West know? Crooked Politicos and mass ignorant masses. Plebs and Fools hanging together with Gorilla Snot which binds the bonds. As the West , now lacking any Statesmen with credibility goes West!
      As the Wogs torch Paris, who is next?


  17. A real class act. I met him a few times at the Bellagio years ago when I was there with a date. I gave up poker playing a long time ago but always admired this man’s skill and dedication to the game. Travel well, Dolly!


    1. The MSM refused to cover it when we had him bang to rights with the Bush 41, Clinton, Herzog Biden Bribery including the CIA Agents Bush had flying between nations to Launder his money and hide it from Falcones Investigators.
      He’s always been as straight as a Dog’s hind leg.


  18. BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) TRAGEDY: Veteran British Airways pilot collapses and dies shortly before he was due to captain a full packed passenger jet; did this pilot die due to the mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine?

    What would have happened if he died at 35,000 feet? Would commotion of inflight death caused other pilots to panic and crash? Are pilots at risk due to the VACCINE?

    MAY 14


  19. Interesting Payment method at the end of this video using the XRP Ledger paying in Bitcoin and sending US Dollars on this particular example, meaning you can chose many other crypto/currencies.

    XRP Ledger LIVE DEMO Maxi Nightmare, JPMorgan moves UNDER radar, Yellen Nervous Speech, GOLD Spikes


  20. The chart is correct. The vaxxed under 60 are dying at twice the rate of the unvaxxed in the UK. Government data. No statistical massage other than apple to apple comparison.


      1. We have to waste State Retirees. Vacant eyed, puffing on Cigarettes, masked Morons. Too many are simply a waste of Space. More need to go. Supermarket trolleys filled with crap. All are State subsidised. Like tapeworms.
        Yes, we WILL reduce the herd. Economic realities. Winter Flue Vacs plus for most. Jabber the Mutts.
        Real world. Expect the numbers to rise.



    Just look at the masked dumb Moggies we have sitting as Labour Democratic MPs. Shit for brains vote

    Americans truly, I fear for you. You are employing Mediocrities, F in the HEAD, to fail, and fail and FAIL! STOP THE CARTELS! Cut the BS!!!!!!!!!

    Brits show you how to F a Russian Army. Go Brits Lol

    Prince Andrew ‘is refusing to budge’ from Royal Lodge as he demands a summit with King Charles – and a bit of dignity from his brother

    Prince Andrew is refusing to vacate his home of 20 years, the £30m Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate, setting him on a collision course with his brother, the King.

    America’s dream is dying. That is why Trump may still win


  22. Well, there goes any long-term market or other dominance. The kids will likely never catch up. It’s an interesting business opportunity.


    1. Especially when the criminals are the Politicos and Police. Scots call them Po-lice!
      A Po is a Bed pot!


  23. Really? This is an avowed enemy of humanity and deserves his own individual Nuremberg trial. When I say ‘Hang-em High!’ I mean after appropriate charging and due process. But would I shed a tear if a Friend of Humanity with appropriate training to put a round at 1000 yards took this bastard out? No. I wouldn’t. I don’t condemn self-defense… in any of its myriad forms.


    1. These despicable predators have been decades in the making, and these despicable CREEPS own the Politicos now.
      Not unlike DC. Or the WH owned by the Jews
      Post the RV, it will offer an opportunity for a planned and orchestrated confrontation.
      The ONLY way you are likely to see them off is Mussolini style.
      WEF and Zios are Crab Infestations. No use standing on the seat, most of them can jump 6 feet!


  24. Admission of ‘Premeditated Terrorism’

    “… until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at the emergency threshold, is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis,” he [Peter Daszak] said, “we need to increase the public understanding for the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

    “Sounds like public health? Sounds like the best of humanity?” asked

    “No, ladies and gentlemen. This was premeditated domestic terrorism stated at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2015, published in front of them. This is an act of biological and chemical warfare perpetrated on the human race. And it was admitted to in writing that this was a financial heist and a financial fraud.”


    Dr. Joe Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General punishes CDC’s Walensky & FDA’s commissioner Robert Califf on ignoring ‘many of the risks associated with mRNA technology COVID-19 vaccines’, harms & deaths
    Ladapo’s letter dated May 10th 2023 is punishing, complete, what I WOULD call a ‘technical schlonging’; Ladapo poses 12 questions that are critical for the CDC and FDA to answer, see below


  26. Freedom is not Free, so I am always pleasantly gratified when I see Tino, as a Medical MD, propounding that ruthless Scoundrels must hang.
    Freedom always comes at a price to protect it.
    Which means sanitisation in any beleaguered nation.
    Sanitise, or take their eyes.
    Which is one way to halt the convening of Zio trash.
    Nothing good is free, ask a poor Child on a Papists knee!

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    1. I was a Jeffersonian libertarian from my early 20’s. In theory, a system of ostracism would work if we were all of one mind, but as the pandemic attitudes towards the unvaxxed showed, it can go very sideways.

      But trials are not just to punish the guilty. It’s also about educating the future as what not to do. I read the Nuremberg Trial transcripts. (I know, I know, think what you will — but I like going back to source materials.) After this pandemic, I am appalled at the co-opted regulatory, the blatant evil of Big Pharma and the clear Agenda.

      Once we got past the Cold War I naively thought the sky was the limit. That’s one reason I was, on the record in 1986, one of the earliest supporters of a human-based, humanistic commercial biologic immortality. The bullshit of the Harari – Elite transhumanism is just an attempt to freeze advantages to re-establish a feudal tyranny with an embodied slave class.


      1. 1. Post WW11, too many were given Free Passes to serve US and Agency projects. Assimilated.
        2. Transhumanism will NOT be for the masses. Elites with such Powers, and the morality of the Clintons, or Zio Khazarian Trash, will not augur well for Society. The worst Feudal orders ever beckon.
        Transhumanism will not be kind to Mankind. Nor care.


    1. Even Russia would ban this lot. A disgrace to Commies. They and Soetoro / Obama are one.
      She Males and Momma Whales.


  27. Little piece of history

    It was Engineer Ben Rich’s idea to paint the SR 71 black. The blackbirds were never blue. That was a rumor that started with painting models of the SR 71. The black color reduce the heat. Also, in some cases there were tiny balls of iron in the paint to help scramble the radar cross-section Kelly did not want to add the weight of the paint in the more the jet weighed the more fuel it would require. MAGA 🇺🇸~Linda Sheffield

    “Overnight, however, he apparently had second thoughts, or did some textbook reading on his own, and at the next meeting he turned to me as the first order of business. “On the black paint,” he said, “you were right about the advantages and I was wrong.” He handed me a quarter. It was a rare win. So Kelly approved my idea of painting the airplane black, and by the time our first prototype rolled out the airplane became known as the Blackbird. Our supplier, Titanium Metals Corporation, had only limited reserves of the precious alloy, so the CIA conducted a worldwide search and, using third parties and dummy companies, managed to unobtrusively purchase the base metal from one of the world’s leading exporters—the Soviet Union. The Russians never had an inkling of how they were actually contributing to the creation of the airplane being rushed into construction to spy on their homeland.”
    ― Ben R. Rich, Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years of Lockheed

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  28. Bastards… they must hang.


  29. A new Pfizer mRNA vaccine has been proposed, one that makes your cells produce multiple non-spike antigens. The T-cell-directed vaccine BNT162b4 encoding conserved non-spike antigens protects animals from severe SARS-CoV-2 infection

    Better. But this doesn’t make a potential mRNA vaxx for humans any better. The approach is simply wrong because by direct action the mRNA insertion tags your cells as foreign. Virtually all bad side effects that occur will still occur, just in a different distribution of bad outcomes…


    1. The real tragedy is shameless American Border Agents allowing this. Gutless morons! Shame on them.


    2. This flies in the face of everyone who went due process to get into this country legally. I know,

      Not to mention the amount of the tax dollars that law abiding citizens pay thru the system only to used to support all of these illegals coming in.


    1. At one level yes. At another level, just f’ing stop it with searches at traffic stops. It is fishing-for-a-felony bit of bullshit which in the vast majority of cases yields nothing.

      If it was more or less certain that under normal circumstances you’d just get a ticket, it would go a long way towards pleasant trips and safe stops for officers. Instead the fish-for-a-felony is all about civil asset forfeiture which is an insanity where the property is considered as having committed a crime, as can literally be seen in filings such as “the State of PA vs $24,000 dollars”.

      Generally, I support our Officers in principle, but on an individual basis some are real blockheads. Of course, this is a problem in general with authoritarian societies and is frankly not worth the trouble they bring.

      Believe it or not, prior to the Speed Limit crap of the Energy Crisis years (and speed limits were the most stupid proposal of those years which we are still saddled with) the only real reason for a stop was “reckless driving” and driving without a permit (for young offenders).

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    1. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry warned Wednesday that the world can’t tackle climate change without first addressing the agriculture sector’s emissions. “We can’t get to net-zero, we don’t get this job done unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. So all of us understand here the depths of this mission.”

      Tino1776: This is possibly the all-time most stupid statement ever. Agriculture by definition produces O2 not CO2. And the nitrogen angle is nothing but absolute scientific horse manure. Nor is CO2 a problem in any way whatsoever — so “net-zero” is utter imbecility to start with.

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  30. Holy mackerel


    1. Very smart. Wait till the weaponry is concentrated and then take out the lot all at once. Then again, the West is nothing but a collection of dumbasses on Ukraine and deserve the outcome that is coming. There was never any reason (rationally) to support Ukraine. The sooner it ends, along with the death of most neo-Nazis and the retards in the Administration the better. I’m getting sick and tired of potential nuclear escalations. I lived with the whole 20-min-to-midnight crap thru my teenage years and really don’t need it now.


  31. Great… let’s have food insecurity forever more… what a crock of s***. The time is fast approaching to hang these folks and anyone that even suggests this kind of insane coffin-corner-control approaches. It is infinitely preferable to have multitudes of farmers everywhere than “four global hubs”.

    And of course, NO, to insects as foods. The parasite problem is completely unsolvable at the present level of technology.


  32. The article lead in pic needs to be the German and Italian forces holding back and dealing with the Illegal flows. Put the lot to the sword and flame throw into the columns who try to keep coming. Helicopter Gunships with Cannons rolling Drum magazines where you can fire 200 plus cannon shell rounds a minute and atomize an entire sports stadium in 3 minutes. Cannon shells don’t discriminate, they kill everything. Stop Pussyfooting. A few nights mega active and Bodies hung on hooks on the approach roads, and the word gets around. Nothing like Jets circling and strafing a column from behind. Once you have overflown them, they are already shredded. Wogs to go! They don’t even get to see their arse, that should already be 200 yards in front of them. It’s Deutschland NOT Wogland!

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  33. As the result of an email discussion regarding the “external authority bias” which, in part, is at the root of most human problems and an antiquated model of human cooperation that doesn’t scale to the size of human organizations and civilizations, my friend asked the ChatGPT program the question. Transcript follows:

    Why is the default programming to follow external authority in human brains even though we don’t need it for survival anymore?

    ChatGPT Response:
    The default programming to follow external authority in human brains is a complex phenomenon that can be attributed to a variety of factors, including evolutionary biology, social conditioning, and cognitive biases.

    From an evolutionary perspective, humans evolved to live in groups and societies, where following the authority of leaders and elders was often essential for survival. This instinctual need for social cohesion and hierarchy has been deeply ingrained in our brains over millions of years of evolution.

    In addition to this biological factor, social conditioning plays a significant role in shaping our beliefs and behaviors. From a young age, we are taught to respect authority figures such as parents, teachers, and government officials. We are conditioned to follow rules and regulations, and to seek the approval of those in positions of power and influence.

    Finally, cognitive biases such as the “halo effect” and the “authority bias” can also contribute to our tendency to follow external authority. These biases cause us to view authority figures as more credible, trustworthy, and knowledgeable than they may actually be, leading us to defer to their judgment and guidance.

    While these factors have played a role in shaping our default programming to follow external authority, it’s important to remember that this programming is not necessarily fixed or immutable. With awareness and conscious effort, we can challenge our biases and conditioning, and develop a more independent and critical approach to decision-making and problem-solving.


    1. This is part of the above tweet…. ” After 1 year of President Nayib Bukele, El Salvador has gone from the deadliest country in the world, to a record ZERO homicides in a year.

      At the beginning of his reign, he promised to weaponize the military, and mass arrest gang members and cartel.

      Communists called his tactics “fascist”. Now, El Salvador is reaping the benefits of a strong militant right wing Christian Nation.”

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    1. What horse manure. In the modern era all of the referents are in computers. It should be a set of queries and collation of records. To do it in an organized, complete way? 2 weeks to 2 months tops…


    1. Russia will obliterate them all. Ukraine is now a testing ground for new Russian weapons. Body bags.


  34. Our thanks to the readers in Germany who forwarded articles to Munich Girl.
    It helps her stay on top,
    Although next year we will fight for that position. Lol

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  35. More US tax-payer money to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance to research bat coronaviruses? This is pure Biden administration bat-sh*t insanity for why would this continue after all we have found out?

    This is pure recklessness & pure danger to the US & world! Daszak also denied that the WIV performed gain-of-function research using EcoHealth funds.

    Sen. Joni Ernst said this does not pass smell test
    MAY 13


  36. How they made up the fake religions.

    Stunning Border Footage Shows Texas National Guard Taking Matters Into Its Own Hands, Doing What Biden Won’t

    Well done Guys huge credit and respect.

    A nation without borders develops problems quickly. At least Texas seems interested in teh well being of its residents, while the Federal Government is on vacation.

    Biden’s CIA Assist in the 2020 Presidential Election – WSJ

    Who will close this Traitors Rathole?

    Of course, a coup against American and the rest of the world.

    Not our wisest move

    What a pampered Wimp.


    1. Hi John,

      I was thinking really if I should respond to the post regarding the Catholic church. I am a Catholic. Born and bred as you say. I reply to your post with all respect for your opinions. But I am a devotee of the Blessed Mother of which St. Bernadette was singularly picket to have seen with her own eyes in Lourdes, France.

      Saint Bernadette that is the topic of the youtube video that was posted happened to be one of the most famous ones in the Catholic Church. The miracles that surrounded her, e.g. the Miracle of Sun was witness by over 70,000 people. This miracle was the cause of the declaration of our Dogma of Faith called the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. No one can dispprove it because of the immense number of witnesses of that day.

      The body is incorrupt. And you can still see it today.

      The miracles in Lourdes, France that started during the apparitions of the Blessed Mother to St. Bernadette still happen to this day. I was fortunate enough to have visited Lourdes and have immersed myself in the miraculous waters of the spring that was brought forth there during another apparition of the Blessed Mother with St. Bernadette.

      People are encouraged to bathe in that water, in which I did. The water was freezing cold, but when I came out, every part of my skin that was touched by the water was warm.

      I am fully aware of the immensity of the wrongs that have been committed by the hierarchy of the church and just like you am appalled and disgusted by it. As I have said it before. It is the church of God run by men.

      But do you know that this has already been predicted by another apparition of the Blessed Mother in 1634 called Our Lady of Good Success. This apparition of the Blessed Mother is an approved apparition and as such worhty of belief.

      From the breakdown of the family. You are seeing it now with all the gender identity issues we are having.

      And the scandals of the Catholic Hierarcy (meaning the pedophilia attributed to the Catholic priests). And all manner of corruption within the Catholic hierarchy.

      Sadly, everything she told the visionary nun we are now seeing with our own eyes. This has been the long term plan of the enemies of the Catholic church that started centuries ago, To infiltrate the Catholic hierarchy and destroy it from within. And any good Catholid knows this.

      But good God can never be silenced, Even today victim souls live to take on the suffering of the world. And miracles still abound.

      I cannot convince you to believe as I do. But I cannot ignore what I know and have been given the priviledge to witness. I maybe considered a lapse Catholic but my faith has got me thru tough times.

      God bless you John! And may the Blessed Mother watch over you. You are a good person. God only knows what evil you fight every day for all of humanity.

      May the archangel Michael always watch your back!!!



      1. Sadly Munich Girl, this is the cost of allowing Ashkenazi trash into any society. They are the most perverse Cult, Thieves, Thieving Parasites, and Kiddie Fiddlers. Just look at how depraved Hollywood became and its downgrading of American morality, to what has become America today. Look at Epstein, the rapes by Hollywood Producers, the rise of the Mafia with Jewish financing, and the appaling , immoral theft of Palestine. We need to stop Jewkraene at any cost.
        The Jews now own and run America. Horrific!

        Soros and his kind are Wog Swamping Europe.

        A suggestion, more of “If Only”.

        If only we could take the top 10M of the German people, move you to England to unite the Mother and Father lands. But in turn, we ship 10 M of our own so unwanted Wogs and Illegals to Germany . house the lot in NATO bases, create a couple of false Drone attacks on Russian forces, and let Moscow Neutron bomb the lot. All Wog Aliens atomised. Clearing the trash for Spring cleaning.
        WHA in fairness has given you a voice, a hearing for your cases, encouragement and hope.
        Once the Elders can achieve an acceptable GS, expect a london outreach with new curved balls perceptions of a better Society, rethinking the failed EU, sending home the Gypsies Dogs, and Ashenazis plus Zionists to flog their logs in Tel Aviv, before Iran Atomises the place as one vast Rodent kill. Nothing will stop the Rodent Vermin Seed until it is no more. We cannot re-educate a Rodent swarm.
        We need to rethink Europe, its old Culture values, old sophisticated societies, bringing home to Europe perhaps 50M of America’s best, leaving the Zios, and Wookies, to take down the rest. Most we see are a certified Mother, left to their own they can just go eat each other! A Rodent zoo is not for us or you.

        Post the Elders releases they will need a new home before the Chans arrive. The cultured best we will help find a new and Safe nest. We need the Mother and Father lands to unite, and together to plan the survival fight. Restoring Aryan and Teutonic lands, booting out Ashkenazi and Genghis Khan’s marauding Clans. To jointly De Louse our Motherland European house.
        Rethinking deserving European Cultural needs and removing the Illegal swarms and the Vermin seed. Rethinking each nations Mind. Using just $5T of Elders funds bank leveraged 10 times using BRICS, we can refund the entire GDP of Europe, boot the Dollar and boot the Fed. Rethink the Defence we need, clear out the Ghettos, smash Drugs, and rethink the Leaders we need. A fit all Uniform Law.

        Mess with the Best and Die like the Rest. Tough on Crime. No Dumping Ground for illegals. No papers, no residency. For all, the Bum’s Rush- send the lot back out! Armed with Funds we will develop a new plan, reprocessing the Trash into a whole new Dog Food Can. Or for the Wookie camps. Putting back European values and rights.
        The EU and Euro are a rigged Vatican, CIA.Zio and Jesuit plan.
        Subjugation and control of each nation. Mind pollution is no solution.

        Nationalise the Schools from Fake Religions. to Re Educate. Not the Zionist and Vatican deranged minds how to masturbate. Shit flies to go.


    1. I fear for our youth. Innocence lost at such an early age. And the worse part is, the institutions that we entrust them are the ones teaching them these stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We need to start playing Russian Roulette with all this Vermin.
        100,000 cars driving into Strasburg, Brussels and Paris, all playing Erika at Full Blast, Green and Grey Shirts the colour of new Shoots, and the Grey Dust for the ashes of those we do remove. Nature arising, and both Wogs and Pervs downsizing. Organised resistance. Taking back our lands.
        Mussolini style.
        Money will talk and the trash with a 44 magnum in its mouth will walk.


    1. Poland still has the Camps to use for “Processing”. Waste not want not.
      Forget Bonfire use Wogfires. Bi fuel each fool.


    My classmate Barack Obama and I graduated on the same day in Spring of 1983. This very month is the 40th anniversary of our Columbia graduation.

    These Columbia University radicals (and traitors) had a plan named Cloward-Piven. It was named after two Columbia University professors- the husband-and-wife team of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.
    The plan was actually simple- get everyone possible in America on welfare, food stamps and a hundred other government welfare programs. Get so many on the government dole that the economy is overwhelmed, destroyed and collapses under the weight of the exploding national debt.
    Except Cloward-Piven has been updated. It’s now 100% about the border. If you can’t get everyone in America on welfare to explode the debt, overwhelm the economy and collapse the country, open the border and invite the whole world in.
    Trust me, a brain-dead zombie puppet with diapers and dementia is not the brains behind this brilliant plan.

    This is the Cloward-Piven plan that I learned at Columbia. And the man carrying it all out to perfection is the real President of the United States- Barack Obama. He is back for his third term to finish the job he started- to “fundamentally change America forever.”

    And I would not be surprised if the next phase of the plan is to replace corrupt, mentally-failing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama in 2024. That would be Obama’s 4th term.


  38. By Autumn Ukraine will have exhausted its assets and Natos moves will be called.
    If NATO is seen to be moving Pawns into Conflict, it’s going to be game on.
    This so needless War, risks Russia targeting and eradicating NATO and US forces meddling on their borders. Chess Masters against US Washington Checkers Players, all bungling Buffoons. Always it ends badly for US Hegemony. History says it all.
    The US Hegemony Plan is seeing its End Game.
    America cannot fund more losses. Much as the Jews keep Sucker Lending them fake funds, raping the Economy, we now see both Kennedys and Trump.exposing the scale of losses. A good thing!
    Once Ukraine fails, NATO costs will come under review. As EU Hegemony for the US is ending, money will determine the end game. America has no gain to keep funding wasteful Agendas.
    America is losing the Middle East. Europe will follow. China and India want the US out of the Far East. America is actually running out of Meddling Money. Visibly.
    With respect to all, it’s time now to focus on rebuilding America, by innovation to save the Nation.
    There is no Honey to gain, nor the need to burn Money for pain.
    America needs to shrink its Empire and Fund its own Homeland well. People need stability and Truth! Hemispheres are now realigning. America can only save its own nation by not Dying for others.
    America rose up to break free of the Monarchy to gain Independence.
    The world is now requesting no less. Freedom now from America. Americans inside, its own thinking people now see the cost of being Ruled by Fools. Fund America for Americans. Not funding Global losses. Choose your battles.
    America now has to control its own Barbarians within. It costs. What about its own people’s needs?


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