White Hats Report #48

Episode I is UP!

We’re pleased to announce that Episode 1 is up and can be viewed on our new YouTube channel, White Hats Media Group, links provided below. In gathering intel and documents to include in the White Hats Report 48 series, it has been determined that 5 -7 parts may be needed in addition to supplemental information “dumps” we will be releasing to be spaced between the parts of the #48 video series.

The story that NEEDS to be told is at least 75 years of history if not twice that. We will present the events and reveal the names of the bad actors involved. We will give you an overview by providing the “dots” you’ll need to connect in order to get a better understanding of the origins, history and methods of the shadow government, aka the DEEP STATE. The events of the last three years should leave no doubt now that…there is a shadow government….or DEEP STATE….and the term we’ve used in our reports is CABAL. They are all the same in our mind, criminal organizations created to subvert governments, steal productivity, technological advancements and wealth from the people inhabiting this planet to enslave us all.

Share this video with all your social media contacts, send it to your elected representatives and be sure to subscribe to the White Hats Media Group YouTube channel and click the alerts button to get notified of all future videos in this series. We need to get the word out and your assistance is critical to the success of this exposure. We need to push for investigations of the Falcone and Tropos Capital thefts and the Federal Reserve fraud involving fake gold and $15 trillion that the American taxpayers are STILL funding. Trump is our best and last chance to rid the country and of the dark siders. The rest of the world looks to us to lead and we MUST meet that challenge.

NOTE: YouTube has continued its aggressive censorship campaign and if they take down our channels because we are revealing truths they wish the public to be unaware of. They are attacking channels using the subjective “hate speech” weapon, neglecting to explain the reason for censoring a video. We will notify you here if we have to move our shadow government exposure videos to Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

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White Hats Report#48, Episode I – Follow the Money




  1. OWoN:

    An interesting new speculation. Our London leading BSDs are speculating on the vast new fortunes which can be re engineered if the markets can be driven down as the ideal time to do the Global Reset and PP releases to virtually double the wealth of the recipients as the market recovers over the years.

    It’s been a Banking racket for centuries and is being re assessed right now. Hold back, force fire sales and mass cash in from crashing the vulnerable. It works, unless you’re the vulnerable then God help you because Bankers won’t. Fortunes are made from recession and halving the markets will open up cherry picking. Under every rock?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-27-february-2020.html?showComment=1582917839555#c1245268601745744919
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    1. Ravencoin is a fork of BTC and is essentially designed to transfer assets along a blockchain protocol. I have done little investigating of this project so far. My portfolio is pretty much topped up, so I really don’t need nor have any Ravencoin. That, plus ZRX is, in my view, a superior technology for this kind of thing and probably has better management.

      But, no matter the case, always remember that your exposure to any one idea should be small. Not all ideas will make it. Many projects have many reasons why they may fail, even those with good management and funding. Likewise, even bad ideas can have runaway price increases that defy imagination.

      My approach is always to keep you guys safe. That means keeping positions small. So, if you acquire this coin, you can take a chance with a modest amount just for grins. If it works out, hey, great. If not, you didn’t lose junior’s Yale dorm slush fund.

      A few of our ideas will depend on future regulatory approval for what they intend to do, which is why they are so cheap. But with small positions, we can still risk it and remain safe. The point is that you want to get in before such approval is given, because when it is, and then pushed by Wall St, the rocket takes off. If not, that one small loss is offset by wins in other areas.

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  2. tony some of us here were in the mood to watch some kind of historical documentary but not really sure what. We could use some suggestions. Can yhou give is some ideas? Something adventurous and perhaps within he last one hundred years would be good. No ancient. Help lol.

    Also we are going on a buying spree in the alt coin markets tonight. Buy the dips as you say!

    Thanks again your pal C


    1. Well, you might want to check out an older series called The Last Place On Earth.

      It deals with the expeditions launched by both the British and Norwegians to reach the South Pole at the start of the 20th Century. It may be available on Youtube. It won’t be in high def, but if I recall, it was well acted, including Max von Sydow, Martin Shaw, Sverre Anker Ousdal and many other fine actors from a time when they actually could articulate a dialog without an atrocious amount of consonants.

      Let me know how you enjoyed it!


      1. Tony thank you so much. We found it and watched it. What a fantastic piece of history! How interesting that the Norwegians ate some of their dogs to get to the pole and back while the British team starved and froze to death. Quite a stark outcome.

        Snatched up some bargains in alt coin markets yesterday. Cant wait for the year to play out because I think the prices are going to the moon. Thanks again your pal C.


        1. Hey I am glad you liked it.

          Yes, Amundsen ordered all but 18 of his sled dogs to be butchered to feed the men and other dogs. This prevented the need for extensive depots which were time consuming and difficult to do. The fresh meat also helped them stave off scurvy, which was a real risk in those days.

          Scott, while a good planner and organizer, ran into very bad luck with the weather on the return trip. They didn’t understand the concept of a temperature inversion in those days, so they didn’t plan for such low temperatures at that time. They also had misfortune with mistakes being made with certain depots not being fully stocked. Had the weather held up, he would have most likely made it back. They came within 10 miles of a major depot before they succumbed to frostbite and malnutrition. Brave men. Just very unlucky.

          Good to hear of your bargains. I too added a few, but am pretty well stocked for now. More would just be gluttony, which is always bad. I echo your prediction of higher prices. The more I look into what’s coming, the more incredible things look. Hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride on the way!

          The only downer is the continuing delays with the currency groups and thus the public chances being keelhauled along the way. We are getting closer and closer to the digital asset lift-off point, and to have that happen without a paper exit beforehand is going to be tragic. Bankers and public good just don’t seem to go hand in hand.

          Thanks again!

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  3. OWoN:


    Notice how Stumpf vanished and ran from Wells?

    How they just agreed a Multi B payment to buy off Justice for a while?

    Well sorry, but that was for one issue. We have Many! Not just with Wells either.
    The heat is building again,and daily we are at them like itching powder.
    When a Banker is jailed watch activity.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-21-february-2020.html?showComment=1582745210433#c6170319751018348448
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  4. The local news this morning announced that the corona virus is “on its way” to our state and to stock up on food and water for two weeks.

    Really? Did they ask for it’s itinerary and which hotel it will be staying at too?


  5. This is all starting to make sense now.

    Last nite, I was looking up at the stars and thinking, planet earth is just a spec out there in this vast universe. So much turmoil that doesn’t need to be – all for money and power.


      1. I think about it often Tony.

        It pains me to see fellow human beings suffering, especially in China right now.

        I guarantee the advanced civilization planets out there would never treat their own like we do here. For profit and other reasons. It’s sickening and disgusting.


        1. I agree.

          The conditioning, implanting and mass arrested development our civilization undergoes, is tragic.

          If we could have all heads of State to set on a course of phasing out money and politics and phasing in technological implementation of a resource based economy, with the same seriousness as the Apollo moon landings, in 10 years the earth would be as close to a perfect place as we could make it.

          Everyone could have the highest standard of living. Nobody would go without. No homeless, no excessive crime. No motive to steal, rob, mug. No competitive stresses to make a living. The talented among us would work together just as we always do when faced with a challenge.

          Education and entertainment would be transformed and rid of any motive to persuade in the direction of a hidden agenda for a special interest. People would learn what is vital to know to intelligently manage our planet’s resources, and apply them to our lives.

          It is doubtful that such a transformation will come about by mass agreement. I am afraid it will come about over time, and be a very difficult transition.


  6. OWoN:

    Q: How is the FL team doing? Anything you can share?

    A: “…The Florida teams are backstepped waiting for scheduling and Disclosure decisions. That last curve ball only came out today so we’re on it. Dept of Justice are engaged via the PPs as we challenge unlawful Bank use of and withholding of PP funds…”

    Q: Is there still a hope Florida teams will receive contracts later this week or is that now looking like a longshot?

    A: Won’t now be this week but we are pushing next if possible. The PPs we are waiting on Justice as Banks are visibly engaged in Crime and RICO. When one goes we break the log jam. We have a war of attrition and a hard position. Ours is not Missionary!
    Once we clear any it’s possible a few Brethren will start receiving due process.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-21-february-2020.html?showComment=1582647689114#c3303346913756569475
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  7. I don’t know if you subscribe to Chris Martison’s channel – for those who have not, I wanted to share this. He reports updates on the Corona virus almost daily. This is the latest report.

    Coronavirus: Time To Prepare Is Running Out


    1. He said that Hong Kong is in full lockdown but we have a friend who lives there and she just visited Japan.

      We sent her some masks and were worried about her when she did not respond back. Well three days later, to our relief, she sent us pics of her in Japan (with her mask on) eating out, etc. having the time of her life.

      That does not sound like a lock down. Hmmm


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  9. Very Sad, Shocking News
    February 21, 2020

    It is with a very heavy heart I report to you tonight the shocking and terrible news that our good friend and incredible patriot, Phil Haney is dead. Details are few, but he was was murdered, found somewhere near his abandoned car, shot in the chest. He had been missing since Wednesday.

    Rumor has it that Phil was about to return to DHS. We don’t know any more at this point, but if he was killed because of what he knows, this is a significant escalation in the Red-Green Axis war against America. I will let you know when I learn more.

    Phil was a wonderful man, a dedicated patriot and a devout Christian. We can take some comfort knowing that he is with the Lord and once again beside his beloved Francesca, who was taken by cancer last year.


    Sheriff says it’s “suicide.” SURE IT IS!


  10. “Are you keeping your dream alive”

    I really like this song but I guess it never took off. I had a secret crush on Jason in the early nineties. (Ssshh don’t tell husband) Lol
    I remember him being a really nice guy. He served in the military and was really proud of it.


  11. This is the latest report from Chris Martinson. A must hear! Among many updates he reports, I could not believe my ears on this one. Costa Mesa California (my hometown) is filing a lawsuit to prevent 35 – 55 infected people to be transferred to Costa Mesa in a highly residential area.

    Coronavirus Cases Doubling Overnight In Many Countries


    1. I would also like to mention, the facility where they want to transfer the infected people is not only surrounded by residential neighborhoods. It I is also within a few miles from South Coast Plaza and many places for shopping and restaurants, the performing arts center, Orange County Fairgrounds, Orange Coast college, private schools, many businesses and John Wayne Airport. Costa Mesa is not a big city and is bordered next to Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Santa Ana. All heavily populated areas as well.



      1. I also have family there. A judge has issued an injunction preventing the use of this facility for the infected. Good grief– common sense should have nixed this dumb and dangerous idea before it ever got this far.

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        1. Thank you for the good news Blackbear!

          Im still curious- why in the first place. California is a huge state. Why not plan to go to the desert where nothing is around, unless….

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  12. OWoN:

    Formal complaints have now been lodged with Enforcement relating to a few, and 2 particular, gross Assholes!!!, who continue to mouth off about issues relating to progress on delicate discussions, appertaining to imaginary links and settlements positions, of which they each have NONE! Neither put up money. Neither are party to the real talks.

    It is annoying the front teams who fear leaks, and the Zio Trash who will use any excuse to duck and weave, and obfuscate delays.

    It’s costing real time and money for the teams in Florida, London and DC. Real money and stress. They alone have the skin in the game. Only they Put Up. Gobshite Bloggers presuming they will be unleashed with Leos fund’s – wake up. They won’t see a Dime.
    They then espouse authority and call for cash? That’s a Crime! They need to do time!
    Dead in the head, each of them!

    Delicate issues are being worked out. It’s no ones business, or money, but ours. No one is more focused. Florida is no carnival. All are trying. As are the PPs. It takes what it takes.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-21-february-2020.html?showComment=1582381549008#c628530029928070797
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  13. OWoN:

    Between the Vatican Holy Roman Empire, Monarchs, Sovereigns and Treasury/Fed, we are trying to conclude phased releases of long indebted Redemption’s, but to do so without the Noise on the System interruptions of a handful of US Assholes mass informing the markets they will be the control points. One so seriously F in the head, he declares he will become Treasury Secretary, and bottom feeders wire them funds and drink the Kool Aid. Lunacy.

    None of these Cretins will feature. We need them – why? Not happening.

    Real progression is off radar, there will not be a feeding frenzy with an orchestrated Bums Rush. One of these Dopes also has a criminal past, and when his collar is grabbed, he faces real heat. Fantasists? Regulators are now watching them.

    I watched Assange screaming like an hysterical Piglet when they dragged him from the Embassy. Zero dignity, terrified.

    It will be red hot Pokers for the Guys now being set up for a fall. Posers?

    Real dialogue stays off radar. How many times did low flying Attorneys tell you it was all done, the totally looted CMKX funds would be repaid, and parties who stole Leo’s funds would be in for Trillions? Bust, without a Pot to P in, they opine.

    Well now they have attention. About time. They will be getting free food. Take the Vaseline.

    Q: FREEDOM Funds looted also ?

    A: Leo’s not happening via the parasitic camp graspers. Private discussions are in place and not for public release. Reality is being applied.

    The looted so-called Prosperity Funds were very prosperous. For the Promoters. Sue them. Public funds will not be used to refund speculators. Rightly so.

    Highly complex scenarios govern each redemption move. There will be no bail out for bust funds the public got sucked into.

    Cash is finite, but a sensible series of discussions are ongoing related to Bonds and currencies. There is sensitivity towards a viable conversion bridge.

    Far more important is why the vilest abomination seed crop of Genghis Khan continue to be allowed to rape America, the Sovereigns, to issue and charge for worthless dollars, to Racketeer with impunity inside US borders,and now virtually own the US in entity. I only know the fastest way to delouse a dog is to apply liberal doses of vermin toxins then douse the hound and drown the Bastards. Lice done give up feeding off the host willingly like tapeworms, extermination removes this infestation. Until this toxic and rapacious sub species is purged from society, our world will be plunged into ever more mass destruction and suffering.

    Post releases we have plans in place to provisionally set up Non Fed, Non Rotts and Zio Free new Banking operations. De Loused!

    With us there will be no compromise. Restitution of a centuries plundering merits project funding. With the Bastards chained and manacled in Nuremberg type trials. Military laws and their Attorneys sentenced for corruption and conspiracy to hide details of visible crimes. To me, just being an Attorney for a Zio is enough justification to hang you. There is no victim-less crime and we need Russia’s Gulags full as we export them to do their deserved time.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2020.html?showComment=1582280217204#c5474938615800096841
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. President Trump knows about it all. We understand that he has helped lay groundwork, but he is not involved in the day to day talks or operations of it.

      As to Israel, etc. There is no easy way for the US to extricate itself from that relationship because it goes back many years. Financial cartels used their influence to put into place the Balfour Declaration, which dragged the US into WWI to rescue the British, as payment for their assistance with the establishment of a “national home for Jewish people” in Palestine. WWII was basically the same gestalt, with the false excuse of protecting Polish territorial integrity by treaty agreement with Britain and France who agreed to defend Poland from any attack by Germany. This, of course, was almost a given because of the festering disagreement over control of the largely ethnic German settlements in the Danzig corridor, land lost after WWI. Churchill was deeply in debt and was bailed by Zionist interests, saving him from ruin and obscurity. The end result was the unleashing of a disaster, which, as we know, resulted in Poland being handed over to the Bolsheviks, Communism expanded in eastern Europe, the destruction of the British Empire, and the rise of the US as the new lapdog for Zionist banking interests.

      With all that, a deeply embedded system of control having taken root over decades, don’t look for the US to suddenly declare Jewish banking interests as “outlawed”. Oh, heavens no. Not going to happen. Can you imagine what that would mean if the US Government acted in such a way? OMG. The communists would be screaming bloody murder! Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!!!!! It’s not going to happen. There will be no expunging of Jews, or disavowal of Israel. That is much too vulgar a display of power for Goyim to be allowed to put into play. The seeds for those entrenched roots were planted decades ago, and they won’t be removed so easily.

      My take on this, is as follows: If such powers are to be removed, then it will have to be from within, and by people very close to those activities. A mass uprising by city folk won’t happen (demanding Jewish interests be removed). Such a thing would only be accomplished by people very close to those operations. We have been following such for quite a while, and repeatedly told that the balance of power is heading East. Financial power centers are being moved, but not by an outcry of the masses. That’s not going to happen because of the past history that has been burned into the minds of people by schooling, movies, politics and many other mental implanting methods. Every year there is a new movie out of Hollywood about fighting the Nazis. Yet, the Communists are given a pass. They are admired. They are lifted up as heros. Right now we have two Bolsheviks running for President, and people actually support them.

      So, you see, once redemptions are pushed through, a significant part of it will head to places not controlled by Zionist banking cartels. This is the way it will be done. Not by some political declaration or mass uprising. The political support for Israel, the funding, the influence that Israel wields in the US will not be removed in some sudden purge. The center of power is going to move because people close to those centers are going to move it. What this will mean to the US over time I cannot say. I am not a political analyst or expert in government finance.

      However, I do have a good understanding of history, and by seeing how power shifted in the past, you can sense how it will in the future. Never before in the history of our world have the masses taken power from the powerful. It was always up to a few close to that power who made the changes actually stick, public unruliness notwithstanding.

      And that is just how this shift is going to happen. Do you see masses swarming in the streets demanding Jewish banking dominance be dismantled? No. And you never will. But, in far away places, select groups who are fighting for the return of significant sums, are arranging for just that. Just like in the past, it will be in the future. The changes will take place out of sight.

      I am tired…slept all of 3 hours in the last two days. So just let me say what I have always said. Be ready for anything…good or bad. Have food, water, spare cash, self defense, etc., at the ready. Always.

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      1. I do appreciate your kind words and compliments.

        At one time I did consider writing two books. One to deal with the ridiculous notion that only whites were slave masters, and a second on how altered history is used as a tool by academia to shape political outcomes.

        But, those topics are both covered very well by others, and I don’t want to take the 2-3 years of research each one would require.
        David Irving covered the causes of WWII very well, and look what happened to him. You take a big risk if you interfere with the Holocaust mental implanting. That movie subject and political cash cow is sacred, and those who have challenged any aspect of it, rightly or wrongly, pay dearly. There is no freedom of speech on that topic. You toe the line, or you are branded a Nazi-lover.

        Pat Buchanan wrote an excellent book on the causes of WWII, and one particular short article on that subject can be found here.


        His book, Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War, is excellent. He really gets to the real causes of that war and the outcomes which pointed back to the real motives of it.

        So, as you can see, there is no need for me to add anything to the narrative. It’s well covered by talented writers and researchers who paid a heavy price for their work.

        Being historically accurate is a dangerous occupation.

        Thanks again for your comment.

        Pax Vobiscum


      2. That was a great question from SF driver. Thank you for that and thank you Tony.

        I gained a deeper understanding of the bigger picture of what the heck is going on out there.


      3. Tony — Great post! The change will come from a newly formed power structure by those close to the current, failing elite system. And, as you said, it will take time to completely remove the Zio rats. What encourages me most is that the awakening masses have managed to push the shadow gov. out into the open — the criminals can no longer fool a growing majority of world-wide citizens, and their vile activities have been, and continue to be, exposed.

        The current oppressive system is being destroyed, but, I’m reminded that history shows that the heros of today will become our enemies of tomorrow. Such is human nature.

        I’m not a fan of the plan the “New System” has for control of humanity. To me, it seems we will be exchanging one form of slavery for another — with a welcomed grace period before the noose tightens. Accountability and exposure are essential in helping humanity to be free. But, both are easily compromised by conniving criminals with power and money. How long will it take before the “new elite” become wicked?

        We were gullible. We believed what the media told us. We believed our politicians’ promises. We thought our elections were fair. We went to war for what we thought were noble reasons. We didn’t realize how our beliefs were being manipulated slowly over time to fulfill a dark agenda that would eventually lead to our demise. We were too trusting. We didn’t think people could be this evil.

        But, the truth is out, and we are awake — all at various stages of understanding and dealing with the awful truth of what has been going on. I’m amazed at the Awakening Movement. Together, we do have power and can influence the policies of the New System. But, we need to watch and be on guard. Because, the New System will breed power hungry, arrogant, delusional criminals who will once again work evil.

        I hope our fellow Americans will remember this fight and what brought us to this.

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    2. JD, there was a trust and there still are trusts
      J’s Elders got bamboozled but are going to be repaid once the atmosphere is conducive. These other trusts are no different
      What was at one time lost, has been or is being clawed back from what I understand
      G-ManJD, there was a trust and there still are trusts
      J’s Elders got bamboozled but are going to be repaid once the atmosphere is conducive. These other trusts are no different
      What was at one time lost, has been or is being clawed back from what I understand


      1. Are you G-man’s PR rep now? lol

        There are trusts for CMKX? Where? Who is the trustee? Hodges took this matter to the courts and lost. All the way up to the Supreme Court. They refused to hear it. Trustees could have been summoned to appear. Why not?

        Good luck with it. It would be amazing if anyone stepped up to bail this thing out. If only life were so generous to those who wondered off into deals like this.


        1. No, I am not G-man’s PR rep, LOL. However, I did not want to tell you “Uhm I told you so”

          Because I sincerely appreciate what you do here with this site. Without question, you are absolutely one of a kind.



          1. 🙂 Okay. Just for the record, G-man is not blocked or censored. He can come and post any time.

            I am very serious when I say that I would LOVE to see the CMKX, and prosperity programs all fund. Nothing would give me more joy to see such financial relief given to the people.

            However, we cannot ignore the warnings of people who sit on those platforms and see a great deal more than we do, and know the lay of the land.

            I do promise that if such should happen, we will conform it and report it to the extent we can.

            Good luck!


  14. OWoN:

    Activities are now progressing to activate US Enforcement Agencies to round up the false Guru and Broker parties causing confusion and raising false hopes in the markets as well as charging them to listen into misleading and frankly fraudulent advice lines and false groups. These parties are building false hopes in stressed and impoverished people and encouraging desperate people to gamble scarce funds with no chance of getting fantasy conversions for them.

    They are confusing the real system and affecting genuine redemption discussions. So we are lobbying to clear them out. Rounding up trash.

    Genuine negotiators fear uncontrolled expectations and the the subsequent stress and disappointments of so many confused people in need.

    We need to clear the decks and handle real negotiations with great delicacy.
    People need. They don’t need deceit or false expectations, or posing Frauds
    Real Patriots have real caring intent and to remove the layers of confusion delaying settlements. We are still allowing disgraceful false currency sites to manipulate a gullible public.

    It needs to stop.

    State actions are being requested to enforce prudent conduct. The Snake Oil Salesmen need to go.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2020.html?showComment=1582240241279#c6732219616926124384
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  15. Thanks for sharing this video SF.

    I personally hope all the Chinese people revolt against the government. Many will die in that process but that government needs to be shut down forever. How dare they treat people as they do.

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  16. OWoN:

    Q: If the Florida operations clear next week will you be in a position to report this or will it need to be kept under wraps for awhile?

    A: Allow 2 weeks now based on latest information contracts will only now be in place later next week then allow a week to get signed and schedules agreed plus Trusts in place and Banks ready. Even then they can slip. But that’s also a route the Public may get a look in for future phases.

    The US PPs are now locking horns with a notorious US bank free-riding with their money. Yesterday a Banker let slip it’s in play so the Agency boys and Military are gearing up.

    So much intense pressure is in play.

    Q: Please excuse the ignorance here but is this a possible currency play for us to move on?

    A: Once we get the majors cleared we will try again.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2020.html?showComment=1582233068322#c3646278023550432911
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  17. OWoN:

    The Florida operations are hitting contract and scheduling complexities so will run into next week to clear terms, conditions and allocations. Even then I will not be surprised, if it all clears, to need 2 weeks for cash to start. We have to incorporate tax collections etc

    It’s all evolving.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-18-february-2020.html?showComment=1582225584037#c220007976541211647
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  18. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Crypto Idea #13

    Tierion (TNT)

    I initially decided to not suggest this idea because the price had moved up from what I considered a safe buy level. However, it has come down during the recent dip (buying opportunity), and so if your spare risk dollar budget allows it, you should consider a position in this project.

    This project aims to secure digital information against cyber tampering. The digital security market is huge, around $124,000,000,000 annually. Corporate fraud alone costs upwards of $350,000,000,0000 per year. If this project secures just 10% of the market, then the rise from its current price could be substantial.

    The project is well funded and with solid management.

    Tierion has found a way to make security of documents very easy and cost effective. They have already secured usage in over 8,500 corporate environments. And this year, Microsoft incorporated Chainpoint (Its product name) into its Flow and Azure Logic Apps.

    TNT is a good project with great potential. With your spare risk dollars, consider buying some at no more than .05.


    This is the way.


    1. Oh Yikes, look at that number of comments. I must change that to 667.

      Well, I definitely would not run into battle naked in an animalistic frenzy but I think I could probably do with a tiny dose of this to dull the pain during the present moments of life. LOL

      Then again, I don’t really enjoy being out of touch with reality these days. Oh well, maybe a little. Hehehehe.


    1. Hi Tony – it’s hard to imagine Bitcoin going that high but I remember Max Kieser with his 2000 dollar Bitcoin prediction many years ago and I laughed…. now I’m crying.


      1. Many who bought in at .10 laughed at the thought at it ever hitting $10. And so on, etc.

        I don’t know if it will hit $400K. It may even exceed that. It may not. Right now it’s priced too high for transformational wealth for the little guy.

        Fortunately, many quality alt coin projects are priced in at 2009 BTC prices. And this time, commercial, institutional and Wall St money is coming on board.

        BTC did what it did mostly on speculative frenzy. Imagine what it and many more ideas will do with 500 million stock market investors able to buy through their brokerage accounts. This, and the declining mining rewards with BTC…which is the ‘reserve coin” and the most liquid one right now.

        Every day I see people making this entire thing way more complicated than they need to. They pour over charts, read endless articles and You Tube videos, mixing disciplines to such a degree that it’s amazing that they can decide which hand to wipe with without needing to call a therapist.

        When asked, I always tell people…if you want to really achieve wealth, buy value and let time and progress of the implementation of that value do the work. Real world earns its way.

        Through ups and downs, chart hysteria and one opinion after another, simply hold on. Buy on weakness and don’t let go. If the idea you have bought into has merit, value and good management, then you stand a good chance to see some great increases.

        Ethereum was once $8. Just $2000 in that would have returned $375K in 6 months. Many said it would never get to $100. It rose over $1300. If people would have not sent their money to TNT Tony or ZAP, they could have made a bundle.

        So, don’t cry. Take a chance within your risk capital limits, and don’t bet the farm on any one idea. You HAVE NOT missed the boat.

        Valuations will most likely exceed any rational level of price. Greed will do that. All we need to do is ride it up. Time and the patience and discipline to ride it up is all that is required once you take a position.

        This is the way.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Thank you so much for being here for me/us.

          I have never given money to zap or tnt or any of them but I did buy dinars and dong. I was also invested in Peter Schiff’s firm, so I was scared of Bitcoin and still to this day, he touts off his nonsense when he couldn’t have been more wrong. If I just put the money in Bitcoin at that time, I could have made life changing money already.

          Would of could of should of will not happen a second time around for me.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Peter is an interesting fellow. He’s brilliant in many ways, but a bit of a Luddite when it comes to blockchain ideas. His business is traditional, and of course there is a natural inclination to defend against new sectors.

            However, in some ways he is right about going too heavy in BTC. This is something you never want to do in any sector. Bitcoin can be safely held. It can also be foolishly over-bought in relation to your wealth.

            Peter’s father, Irwin Schiff, was a famous tax protester, and Peter at one time followed his father into that dead-end career path. He saw the light and broke from that path, and he has prospered ever since. His father wound up broke and incarcerated, eventually dying in prison of cancer, while shackled to his hospital bed.

            I met Irwin in 2000 in Las Vegas. He was kind, but when I pressed him on the details of his tax ideas, and that almost all the arguments he was raising had failed in court many times, he turned prickly. I walked out of his office on East Sahara and was convinced that he would eventually go to prison.

            Peter will be signing a different tune in another 6 months to a year.


            1. Peter is brilliant all right – he put me in foreign stocks that was suppose to be safer then US stocks and those stocks did worse in 2008. He said in 2011 that it was a good time to get back into gold mining stocks in particular his favorite Newmont Mining when it was approximately 65 dollars and it tanked. Glad I did not listen to his call on that one.

              I’m not blaming gurus or Peter for my ignorance. I’ve learned that you have to take control of your life and have an understanding of where you put your money, instead of blinding trusting people. Also timing is everything.

              What happened to his father was tragic. Pay your taxes and stay out of trouble. Amazing you got to meet Irwin. How many people can say that.


  19. OWON:

    Our key Florida team returns tomorrow because of US Holidays. The PPs are worked daily, and only currently slipping the odd days because of China, but these are mainly old Chinese Dynasty funds.

    I talked this morning with our US parties. The Bonds and currency parties hope for schedules this week. The PPs can be anytime and we have both Justice and the Military on side.

    But nothing would work faster than a one day Zio Kangaroo Court, and Nooses hanging off the lamp posts outside. It worked with Mussolini. 100 of them in Court Docks would get things moving. 100 Nooses for them and 500 nooses for their Attorneys. Well needed. We are not holding back respecting vacation time,you get called.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-12-february-2020.html?showComment=1581933849206#c8821004544135618452
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  20. Hi Tony thanks so much for renewing the site for another term.

    Our little group here in upstate are really glad about that and want to let you know we consider this little corner of the internet a valuable thing. We love the crypto picks you suggested and they look very good for the long term. You told us that the long game is where the wealth is and that is true. Cant wait to see the market post halving. It is going to be amazing!

    On that topic do you think TNT is a good project? I know yo uwere going to let us know when youfinished looking at it. No rush but we would love your input on it.

    We all hope we can cash in our paper before May. When you look at the math of projections the combination of an rv plus the rise in crypto would be an amazing chance at wealth that is rare for common men to partake in with so little capital at risk. Hope it happens soon. Thanks so much your pal C.


    1. Thank you, and please thank your group.

      i sincerely hope that in due course we will have many readers experiencing what they certainly watch all this international intrigue for – paper profits. In lieu of that, digital assets are the possible solution to continued non-performance of paper. After all, we cannot just sit here for another 10 years and commiserate about it. I am not saying it will take that much longer, but nobody thought it would take the better part of a decade just to transfer money from one place to another. What a sad state of affairs.

      TNT is an excellent project, with fantastic potential. I didn’t include it in the list simply because it was not in a safe buy range at the time, and I didn’t want anyone to chase the price. I will possibly issue it as a selection later. For now, we can expect significant volatility as accumulation takes place with the intermittent kamikaze price chasers pushing prices up and down. You know better than to chase prices, as evidenced by your personal success, so keep up the good work! The smart play is to think like an insider and ride the big commercial accounts upwards. This requires patience and discipline.

      Will the paper exit happen before May? I don’t know. I am not waiting. If it does, great, the two step wealth boost possibilities will be awesome if so. If not, we can say we tried to help regardless.

      Stay in touch and thanks again for your comments.


    1. Let me repeat, if there are 5 to 7 parts of #48, and one part ever 6 months , then it will take about 3.5 years to complete. Am I correct?


      1. I can’t really say with any certainty how long it will take for #48 to be fully reported.The people compiling the information are busy and work on them as time allows. I don’t think it will take that long to finish it, but just in case, take lots of vitamins and stay healthy.


      1. By statistical analysis roughly 100-1000, pick your R0. Which is why I said the containment game was lost weeks ago. What doesn’t make sense and where the numbers don’t turn, is there is no exponential spread (yet), and there should be. It’s very possible that Asian lungs are damaged by the severe Chinese air pollution making them very susceptible. It’s also possible that the ACE2 hypothesis of targeted bioweapon is in play, and Han-Asian is the true population at risk. — Tino


    1. I have to be careful of how I come to the conclusions I do, but I can openly muse on observations which are not openly detailed. (How’s that for a politician’s dodge? lol)

      I will skip the reasons why I say what I say, but based on personal feelings and observations, I would keep your chips off the table for now. There are key updates still pending, and without such it would be hard to handicap this quarter with any degree of certainty. That being said, things are in motion. We just don’t know how far to a conclusion those motions are.

      Think of it this way. At the Battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon was told that the Russian/Austrian center was moving down from the Pratzen Heights to attack his right, which he purposely made appear weak. But, he didn’t just say “good”. He asked, “In force?” Meaning, the bulk of the forces. That meant his reserves being called up to surprise them would pin them down while his left could move up the heights to cut the enemy forces in two, and dispatch them each as a smaller force. If it had just been a probe by skirmishers, then he would not have been able to put his plan in motion. That’s a fine detail that meant a lot.

      In the same fashion, we can see motion, we are told of it, but we don’t know just how much, and how close they are to the release in force. We may never know until it happens. So, again, I have to simply say that if it starts in this first quarter, it will conclude when proper. If it does not start this quarter, in my opinion, it may not in 2020. Why? Because they are not fearing legal repercussions. They own the game, and while they have to make this thing go to save the game, they obviously don’t fear anyone’s timeline but their own. That’s simply seeing the effect and formulating a cause.

      I guess when you think about it, something billed as “the largest financial transaction in the history of the world”, was bound to take considerable time for many reasons.


      1. Now that was an answer. I think that I’m like one of the two vultures sitting on the fence. The first vulture says to the second “patience hell I’m ready to kill something”. I’ve said it before that a few flying lessons from the roof and the rest will come around.


  21. I have decided to renew the site hosting for one more year. In view of the fact that the digital asset market is going to heat up like Vulcan’s anus, it would be helpful to many if we have a rally point to maintain discussions about possible exit points on some of the ideas we shared.

    And with possible exits of currencies for groups on the horizon, we may with some luck see some success from the land that results forgot. It may have some spillover for the street hopefuls. We really will have to wait to find out.

    I anticipate the next White Hats Report #48, part 2, any day now. We will move to a fresh thread at that time.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Good news. Glad you will be around for another year! Yes,exit points need to be planned, Everybody’s plan will be different,depending on financial needs and goals. I have a rough draft and exit levels written down. I’m not going to let profits slip away this time. I have a feeling this bull market will be a little slower and more steady,but who knows. Crypto be crypto.


  22. OWoN:

    Q: It’s Thursday. PP negotiations for this week is history. Next week seem like more of the same?

    A: Last night’s Bond schedule is running into Thursday seeking to settle.
    PPs have stepped back again due to US debt. Messy.
    The Bond team meet again this morning plus some currencies. They are deciding on exit banks.

    Q: If the PPs have taken a step back because of a well-known problems of US debt, what eventually triggers settlement? US debt will NEVER be under control, as evidenced by Fed daily injects of artificial capital into commercial banks daily.

    A: A certain major bank and its notorious Shyster Zio Keister, is smack bang on the front line of a RICO slammer which may see them broken up and fed to the other Zio run Dogs as one scumbag feeds another.

    Problem- The Scumbag Supreme is squealing like the Zio trash he is, that if he loses his Bank, he holds all the Payola records, of every bought Son of a Bitch, and will take them all with him.

    That is a cause of friction right now. Rats checking their exposure if he faces Closure.
    Then their second problem, which Banks they don’t control will we use, as we have a complete block on the Jews.
    They all know if we leave with the complete full Redemption sack, if they reach out their Claw, only a stump will come back.

    Q: What does “exit bank” mean?

    A: Exit banks are the ones we sell our Bonds, or receive Program or Bonds and cash through. Those experienced with this business and part of the the inner circle.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-12-february-2020.html?showComment=1581605572433#c6333658916308676538
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. I know, damned English always leaving us in the dark. 😉

        He is probably referring to a small select group and their currencies, whatever they are, as opposed to all of them across the board. Just a guess.

        Whatever it is, I doubt very much it has anything to do with public masses running to the bank.

        Liked by 1 person

  23. Hi SF,
    I am sorry to hear you have not been feeling very well of late. I do hope you recover quickly. You obviously like to take care of yourself which is fantastic but I thought I would place a link below for you to do some research on from the Youngevity product range specifically targeting blood sugar issues. Have a read and see if it might be something you feel you could gain some benefit from. I wish you the very best SF.

    Youngevity products for blood sugar issues


  24. He may be right.

    Given the record number of third world mass illegal immigration, and their progeny, who govern their political decisions no better than they do their birth control, I would say that Bolshevism may win in out in 2024.

    However, if the Trump family exercises their options and keeps a sound economy for the next 4 years, and continues to remove illegals from our shores, then there may be a chance to get around that.

    Please do your best to get well. My brother is a type 1 diabetic, and it’s a terrible disease. In many ways, worse than cancer.

    Corona is worrisome. But, in the known history of the world, and also from some fossil records, diseases and pandemics have been the chief killer of human and animal life.

    In fact, some scientists believe that it was disease, and not an asteroid, that started the dinosaur lines into extinction after 150 million years of domination. The asteroid just accelerated the process.

    Our species is wide open to pandemics because of the ease with which we all now move about the world.

    I will do my very best to take care, and you do the same!


  25. Salve, Citizens…

    By all indications, a significant alt coin rally is underway. Those of you who took positions that we mentioned as suggested buying opportunities, congratulations. Believe it or not, even if 25% of those we reviewed achieve their expected target prices, some of you are going to be amazed at how much of a potential life changing experience such may be. This sector of asset class has repeatedly turned small stakes into large ones.

    And we are not yet even at the point past the BTC halving, or significant institutional and Wall St entry.

    RV, or not, the road is there.

    However, if we can get out of paper BEFORE the bulk of the aforementioned catalysts kick in, then those of you to whom it may concern, it may be one hell of a boost to your well managed and properly sized positions. At this stage, keeping your positions small and not betting your life’s earnings on a few foolhardy long shots, you will sleep well and have only a tremendous upside to look forward to, and a relatively low downside risk to fear.

    And Caesar wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

    The die is cast.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. OWoN:

    Q: I don’t see any funds being released any time in the near future.

    A: Then I’m sorry for you.

    There are of course, no certainties, but you’re neither in possession of the daily documentation, nor party to the Global talks. Worse, you won’t be.

    Please don’t be offended, but allow also for what you don’t know.

    Have a little faith? Whats to lose? Not your Dime or time.

    Assume we do not invest naively. Nor meet and greet Top Parties without reason.

    Q: Are you moving past the “if” uncertainty of releases, and instead focused on the logistics now as the main thrust of discussions?

    A: That has been the case for a while.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-6-february-2020.html?showComment=1581349326789#c5441779388982847952
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  27. BTC at $10.000.

    Those of you who bought the dip to $3500 are now sitting with a tripling of capital if you held this far. Congratulations, and you’re welcome. 🙂

    In my opinion, these markets are just getting warmed up, and this was just some foreplay after the prom. There will be some corrections, and those of you who have partaken of some of the ideas we shared, continue to hold them, and if your risk capital allows it, add to your positions should you wish to, at the dips.

    Wall St is coming, and their fee-hungry brokers are just waiting to pitch the best ideas to their millions of clients with their trillions of dollars. The majority of Wall St clients are unable to negotiate the myriad of wallets and technical unfriendliness that greets them when they try to face up to buying digital assets at the present time. They are eager to partake, but it will only be easy for the majority once they can simply go to their E-trade account, and buy them with a click of the mouse, and have them stored safely in one go, fully insured. Then, greed will do the rest.

    Prices will probably reach irrational levels, but that’s expected in a free market.

    The clock is ticking on a hoped for paper exit before the Wall St greed festival commences. Let’s see if all the hard work that is going on can amount to a break for the man on the street, and some level of exit can be attained. If so, a wonderful combination of strategy and timing could make quite a difference for the bold and truly adventurous.

    I am really cheering for all of you.

    This is the way.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. I’ve been researching the Coronavirus and will leave an interesting link to Dr. James Lyon-Weiler’s site for those looking into this.
    In summery, He lists 4 theories about the origin of this virus. The one he thinks most likely is the Vaccine theory. Studies have shown that animals having the SARS (also a coronavirus) vaccine, and who were later reinfected, experienced respiratory failure. If China was vaccinating their people, it could explain the high infection rate and death rate.

    Several Excerpts below:
    “The available evidence most strongly supports that the 2019-NCoV virus is a vaccine strain of coronavirus either accidentally released from a laboratory accident, perhaps a laboratory researcher becoming infected with the virus while conducting animal experiments, or the Chinese were performing clinical studies of a Coronavirus vaccine in humans.”

    “If the Chinese government has been conducting human trials against SARS. MERS, or other coronviruses using recombined viruses, they may have made their citizens far more susceptible to acute respiratory distress syndrome upon infection with 2019-nCoV coronavirus.”

    “The implications are clear: if China sensitized their population via a SARS vaccine, and this escaped from a lab, the rest of world has a serious humanitarian urgency to help China, but may not expect as serious an epidemic as might otherwise be expected.”

    “In the worst-case scenario, if the vaccination strain is more highly contagious and lethal, 2019-nCoV could become the worst example of vaccine-derived contagious disease in human history. With an uncharacteristic aysmptomatic prodromal period of 5-7 days, individuals returning from China to other countries must be forthright and cooperative in their now-prescribed 2-week quarantine.”

    The article also lists the Bioweapon Theory, which Tino’s info suggests – targeting the Asian population. which may well be the case. Either way, the Asian population is being hit hard, and fatality rates are high. They need help.

    As for me, I would Not take a corona vaccine.


  29. OWoN:

    There are 3 sensitive negotiations.

    1.Elders direct, Private.

    2.PPs with Patriots now in a separate sensitive location. Off Radar!

    3.The Bonds, and “Other Issues” in Florida with Swamp Creatures.

    Q: Is it safe to say you are: 1. Carving new territory in these high level negotiations which; 2. Leaves you optimistic of settlements on the horizon?

    A: It does not need new territory. Just adherence and compliance with the Redemption procedures in the agreements.

    Many parties are credible ex Agency and Military plus ex Treasury all supporting recovery endeavors to get recovery activated. These are not Low Grade Brokers or Mongrel Attorneys. Dealing with Cabal Gatekeepers needs sensitive care.

    America is under ever increasing pressures to clean up this mess.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/02/active-comment-section-6-february-2020.html?showComment=1581092315626#c8545826954112153032
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. After this level of negotiation is completed, is there another? If you recall this has been a day to day thing, going on how many years? Tony any indication of completion anywhere in sight?


      1. I wish I could answer, but I honestly am not at those negotiations, nor does anyone who is there, report to me.

        As to it being “day to day”, I think that kind of description stems from the fact that at any time along the way, all it would have taken is the parties to agree, and right then and there it would have proceeded. But, so far they have not, and thus “day to day” has become, year to year, and nearly decade to decade.

        As for any indication of completion, I am proud to say that such indications are openly shared, and all of you stay updated at the same time I am. No claims to mysterious “sources” are made here. No boasting about having met elders or being the “only one” is in effect. That’s the realm of promoting, not informing. So, you will know just as soon as we are told.

        Be assured that this transaction is real, and will have to conclude at some point. I sense your frustration. I am sure those in negotiating positions are just a frustrated, and their efforts have been, I am told, super human and would have exhausted most men by now.

        It is indeed tragic that it has taken so long. I know many have lost everything and there are many who have arranged their affairs to be totally dependent on exiting their paper at a high rate, to bail their lives out. Just what the outcome will be is not possible to know. But, either way, win or lose, large gain or no gain, the general public needs to have this wretched voyage behind them, so they can plant their feet on terra firma, free their energies, and focus on real solutions.

        Stay tuned.


      1. Americans do not know they are Goyims to these people. They don’t, because they live separate from all others and only pursue contact for their benefit , whether it is financial or otherwise. Well, it’s going to be sundown here soon and traffic will be much less traffic, so I am going to get some outdoor chores done.


  30. Last week, I posted a comment at OWoN about what I thought could be a potential continuation of a Trump political dynasty.

    It is almost a universal law that once you obtain power, you cannot retreat from it in total, or else your enemies will come looking for reasons to dispatch you, or those whom you left in place to succeed you. Certain moves are often made by smart people to protect their flanks, once they are no longer in charge of those flanks.

    In this case, we all know that if Trump should finish his term in 2024 and his family fully retreat from holding political power, his enemies could use that abandoned power against them.

    Hillary Clinton failed to retain the power left behind by Bill, and look what it’s gotten the Clinton family. Obscurity, ruinous accusations and lack of prestige.

    Now comes the potential scenario to both cement a political dynasty and deal a death blow to the Clinton machine with a nearly perfect application of damnatio memoriae to boot. That being, the assumption of another Trump to the office of president, and a female to boot – Ivanka Trump as the first woman president.

    This slap in the face to Hillary’s ambition to be the first woman president would resonate across the entire century. This accomplishment could ease the way for Trump Jr to assume the office in 2032, and in 2040, Baron.

    Will this happen? I don’t know. Ivanka would need to hold a Senate seat from 2020 to 2024, or perhaps Speaker position if a congressional seat is obtained in a Republican controlled house in 2020, which many are predicting. If so, with her name, her money, her backing, and dare I say, her gender, she could pull it off.

    Now, today I see this tweet from liberal balloonhead entertainer Bette Midler. She’s a vile, over-rated blabbermouth, but very well connected in liberal Hollywood.

    As you can see, such a move is on their minds. And it scares the shit out of them. She’s a stably-married traditional family woman, with a career, and straight and white to boot.

    I am not saying I would endorse or even vote for Ivanka, but if she runs, she has a good chance to follow on the coattails of her father’s legacy. The crowds would want more of that bread and circus – largess and good times they would associate with a Trump in the oval office.

    The increasing number of female presidential candidates has eased the pathway to acceptance of that idea, and if Ivanka runs, she not only dispatches the liberal female field, but possibly puts a Trump dynasty in play.

    Who else, after Trump in 2024, could sate the pallets of the coming generations of those who are now enjoying the economic largess from a good economy, and an anticipated better one post GS? Who else could step up and take such credit other than another Trump? Would they really clamor for a swamp creature instead?

    It’s something to think about.

    This may be the way.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I totally agree Tony. There is a sponsored bill in the House by forty of the far left that would forgive crime and open the borders. The Trump plan is the only way to keep the Country that we know intact.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. OWoN:

    Q: Anything new on the PP front, we remain hopeful with two more days in this week, next week? Thank You.

    A: Elders have progressed but that’s off radar.

    US PPs we discuss daily.

    One problem we continue to face is that when good US Patriots have imminent concluding positions, a certain Loose Cannon total Basket Case starts circulating unwarranted claims of his standing and imminent control with neither merit nor hope of ever concluding a personal clearance. Of course it infuriates parties engaged in careful dialog. We have an American who truly merits a visit by sober non gentlemen in a black 4×4 carrying industrial staple guns and an electric cattle prod.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/01/active-comment-section-31-january-2020.html?showComment=1580944350107#c6970668258769057531
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Actually, I think you have misunderstood the direction of travel. Going to FL is not going home, but returning to the location where their business is being conducted.

        “I can’t say”, means he knows the details but can’t reveal them. Not that he can’t say because he does not know.

        I hope I have understood your question.


    1. hmmm! what, oh what can it be?
      Mon Feb 03, 02:35:00 AM MST
      You may have a cross interest in that gameplay. Hope.

      Whitehatauxiliaries.comMon Feb 03, 11:34:00 AM MST
      Tally Ho! Good luck.


    1. Once again, I am beset with constant reminders that circulate in my mind. The reminders of what a great benefit to many a pre-May currency settlement would be.

      This would allow options to partake in a highly likely massive increase in value of select, quality digital assets. These could be easily obtained for little outlay and would enable the possible magnification of one’s risk capital.

      With the news of late, and specifically, the partial concealing of same, it is most likely that 2020 will see legit groups process. Just what this will mean for public hopefuls is still subject to many scenarios, none of which are certain.

      The many stories of hardships and situations of a very heartbreaking nature are plentiful. For many, even a successful outcome tomorrow would arrive too late to save them from what could have easily been avoided had additional financial resources reached them in a timely manner. Such timely arrival has been constantly promoted by many “intel providers”, and many acted in abeyance of other opportunities because of such claims. I hope that proper litigation is brought against the lot of them when the time comes, if possible cases can be made.

      We go forward into terra incognita.

      Liked by 3 people

  32. Going to take some time off. And I think this would be a good time to lay low and watch for anything to happen over the next weekend. Perhaps shortly thereafter the weekend we will be advised.

    I still firmly believe that as goes Q1, so will go the year. One month of that quarter is down, two more to go.


    1. All it would take is for President Trump to have a medical issue, or other reason to not continue in office or run in 2020, and this Bolshevik could quite possibly be the next president.

      Communist teachers in schools have produced Pavlovian affinity for Bolshevism among the youth, and with the changing demographic caused by open borders, the combination is lethal.

      If this man wins the office, however unlikely it may seem, I will consider expatriating.


    1. A friend of ours who lives in Hong Kong told us it’s crazy there right now. She’s been trying to leave for months To the U.S. and now this virus. Masks are sold out and She said she going to Japan to purchase some.

      Not that I don’t want her to have a mask but shouldn’t the borders be closed everywhere? On the map it shows a breakout in Tokyo.


    1. As expected, a volt-face from Carstens the Hut and the BIS. This enabled insiders to catch lower prices by manipulating the rank and file away with negative news, while they secretly fed.

      Always approach a new sector like an insider. But don’t eat whole bakeries like Carstens.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. Say what you will about Giuliani, but he is a first class investigator, and really has the goods on the Bidens. Let’s see if the Department of Justice can get the Jewdicial system to actually do something about it.


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