Despite Big Tech Bolsheviks The Net Widens On Bite’n Biden While The USA Decides Its Future Course

Be clear, if the US Elects Biden, the vast Capital conversions in final negotiations with the Chinese Elders will bypass America’s Banks if that brainless Crook is elected. America will lose all confidence and Trillions in Capital will flee to safe territories. Biden is a Toxic Bomb to American jobs and recovery. Bypass this parcel of Crap fast.

We live in a dangerous era. Was there ever a more pressing time for Americans to vote freely, with news they can trust? Truth denied to you from Facebook and Twitter, by 2 manipulative, treacherous Skanks in Zuckerberg and Dorsey. Shame on these disgraceful Traitors to American voters rights. The world is watching you being so badly manipulated by Deep State Media Commissars. Traitors who’s companies merit the highest possible Fines with each banned from holding Media roles for life. They are hiding key news from you on Biden, and his so unfit conduct.

Oh Woe Is Beau!…(sniffffff!!!)

So clearly unfit as a potential President. There is a voluminous history of Bribe taking, Money Laundering and corruption by Biden as we have evidenced before. The Falcone bribes are his real Achilles heel. The CIA Agents using US Government planes to fly between Banks moving Biden’s bribe money from Clinton and Bush 41, laundering his offshore bank accounts to hide his bribe money from Falcone’s Forensic Investigators, and Obama shielding him. The MSM have refused to allow it to be revealed. Knowingly they will allow yet another Crook to occupy the Oval Office. If Biden were indicted to answer for his crimes, he would be jailed for life. What a family. But Barr indicts no one. DO – Justice – Where?

Will Trump Keep Barr If He Fails To Indict Powerful Politicians Caught Red-Handed?

For the very standards and values the Founders sought to pursue for their new Democracy, representing a Constitution for all the people, where are the MSM as Protectors of Truth? Liberty and your rights to be free. Liars deny you the Constitutional rights your visionary Founder Patriots died for. America was founded in pursuit of personal human freedoms escaping the Feudal monarchs. The very ethos of the Statue of Liberty itself. As Suckemberg denies truth again. What a torpid Weasel. Vile!

The blatant and scandalous meddling by Twitter and Facebook is so serious that both Suckemberg and Dorsey should be arrested for Criminally Conspiring to defeat the course of Democracy and Justice and to rig a vote in favour of a man of known Dubious character unfit to even run for office. The most heinous abuse of power, and undeserving of the trust of Americans to run either operation. Hopefully, if President Trump is returned, he will appoint new candidates of quality and commitment to deal with the MSM. Also the DOJ.

Should Big Tech Social Media Be Declared A Public Utility And Regulated?

That Epoch Moment – Does America return Trump as the only hope to stop the Deep State Cabal? Or, plunge America and its Allies into an unsavory orgy of America’s Despotic Crime Families, unleashed yet again, leaving Obama, Biden, Bush 43 and the Clintons to strip bare what’s not yet been stolen. Then, to orchestrate Military/Agency campaigns to loot what is left from the Chinese Elders and any remaining wealthy targets not yet bled dry by the Deep State and Pentagon War Lords? Be assured, if Biden gets in, it’s the end of America as we know it, and any hope of a Democratic restoration of liberties and values in the States. Socialism and all their Wealth Taxes will come at you, including tax stripping your Pensions as unearned income, at will. It will escalate towards a Chinese / Russian territorial face off. China will not stand by while America loots nations yet again. Not where this time China has disputed Self Interests in those Elders’ assets. That will be the Rubicon Line for China. With avaricious Political front men in Washington, too arrogant and too dumb to see the down side of a total no win risk. If pushed be assured, Russia / China may well preempt. You can not argue American comfort and presumptive logic against a Hard Core Commie. Fanatics will launch.

We have strongly advised Chinese Elders they now face the option of a protected assets conversion facilitation being done fast, while they can still get a Trump backed deal, or face Pentagon, Contractor and Agency sequestration with the Political Crime Families if Biden gets in.

They are shocked to think Trump may not win, but this is the ruinous US Welfare land of Walmarts, and they vote! Bussed in by the Demo-rats and God knows what cash handouts.

It’s truly horrible to see this in live play right now. Those who contribute nothing may leave you all with just that. Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

The Cabal Military Industrial Thugs and Thieves will come running. Parasites unleashed. Obama and the Clintons will do deals with a new Treasury Secretary under their Crime Family Control, to use Pentagon and Agency Contractor funded resources, to raid, loot and steal everything left of value, and not already under their existing Criminal Cabal control. Time runs out fast for America. Time for a peaceful transfer with cooperation, not sequestration. Pontification needs to end. Now!

We have strongly advised Elders to Deal now for a release of core assets, or all deals will be off the table. But to keep the settled capital out of the US. If the Crime families get back in, it will escalate to a face off. Taking yours – off!

This is the nation who got fought to a standstill in Korea.

The Heros who ran screaming in terror from Vietnam and Cambodia.

The nation who got blasted to hell in Mogadishu.

The nation who just got faced off and flattened by Terrorists in Syria, until Russia stepped in and manned up, to shield Assad. Russia achieved where America failed.

But still the vast US Military Contractors’ bills poured in. Now they claim they dealt with ISIS? Get real. Russia did! The only thing America gets are the Contractors’ fat Bills.

The nation who murdered a Million defenceless Iraqis, but had no idea how to run the nation, left. What a truly God Almighty, shameful mess America has made again there.

The same nation losing its Butt in Afghanistan is getting ready to run back to Mammie, having failed yet again. Heroes? In Disneyland and Hollywood maybe. Only! But the bills pour in. The Military Industrial Cabal Contractors are getting so rich. Only in America. But Trump IS trying to stop it.

We have strongly advised Chinese Elders they now face the option of a protected assets conversion facilitation being done fast, while they can still get a Trump backed deal, or face Pentagon, Contractor and Agency sequestration with the Political Crime Families if Biden gets in.

Too much Hollywood, who needs truth? Do none understand they are just Cannon fodder to the Cabal? Bred as Body Bags or Tax Slaves. Clueless.

American ethical consciousness only runs as far as- “When can I cash My Dinars?”

Iran, like Syria, has waved the long finger and is now protected by both China and Russia. Scheming Israel has real issues unfolding.

As Russian arms sales now predominate across the Middle East, once Russia delivers S400’s and S500’s, it virtually imposes a No Fly Zone for US War Planes, as well as leaving US Fleets as sitting ducks. US Hegemony is failing in the Middle East so who else is left for War Criminals to raid and loot? Israel, with Kushner’s collusion with Mossad, manipulating Trump, has stolen the Golan Heights, but Syria backed by Russia, will one day redress that. So will Iran when the US cuts and runs from Israel, and Judgment Day comes calling for the invading Khazars. You can be sure the Islamic Fundamentalists will not be missing the impact of Covid as it washes through Israel. What may they now weaponize as payback? What a WMD? They will think smart. Khazarville is a sitting Duck. How long before both China and Russia see the military advantage of allowing Islamic fundamentalists to take out Israel and its knock on consequences in America?

America is fast running out of options. Who to rob next to fund the Military Store?

There’s no question if they rig and fix voting to get Biden in, the world has a real problem. Will that Clown even survive a year without Greed overpowering the Cabal?

Biden can’t even command his own thoughts, how can he command the Military Industrial Complex, beholden to no one? They will hold him in complete contempt.

Obama, the Clintons and Bushes will eat him alive.

Is no competent authority orchestrating the Trump campaign strategy? Just Donald Duck again? Voters will tire of the same repetitive TV Reality Showman. They want details of what will be new as he totally failed this time to clean the swamp. He’s locked out by DC, bypassed by the totally Answer-to-No-One Deep State, and can’t even get his Head of DOJ to deliver it.

But, faced with the current morbid choice, we have to keep him in, because Biden is too appalling to even contemplate. This is the land of American Reality TV. Where a Soap can put yet another Dope into the Oval Office. How can we all help try to stop this Biden travesty of Justice?

This coming week will be the Hunter Dope Fix, and corrupt Joe’s Rico Racketeering with his son.

But next week we will be opening yet again with Biden’s bribe money from Clinton, stolen from Ed Falcone, herself acting for Bush 41, and the CIA Agents acting for Bush, using Government planes to fly between countries hiding and laundering his dirty money. Each on a kickback. No Hiding Biden, the truth will break and finish you. Saving America!

“Joe, what is your opinion of Information Briefing #159?”


  1. World War 3 fears SOAR as German spy chief warns China is close to ‘world domination’

    Red Joe is coming, and how China is laughing as it mass releases Bidens dirt.

    What worse than a dumb, ignorant. Mindless Biden?
    The even dumber, ignorant Pissants who will vote for him, and whose waste of space stupidity could destroy America.

    In Pensillvania the Trump fight to survive is on. His supporters are out trying to stop the Morons stupid enough to walk America into chaos and economic freefall

    Also to count just how many are stupid in America

    Can we use them on Biden supporters and illegals?
    There’s no Hiding for Biden
    BREAKING: China’s GTV Releases Two More Videos of Hunter Biden — Sex Selfies from Laptop — Videos 3 and 4

    It grows … guy is crazy and ness help Ye the MSM< Jew Tube abd Twitter blank out all truth.
    If Trump gets back in he must re license the media and prohibit licenses to the likes of Suckemberg and cronies. Time to clean up and clear out the trash.
    Chinese Group Behind Release of Biden Tapes Claim Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -201

    Ouch … treason calls .. Obama, Clinton, Biden Same SCUM! I fTrump gets back in Biden must go down and the same Rat pack with him. Why are the Clintons and Soetoro not in jail?
    Shared from Sky News: Special forces did 'exemplary job' ending suspected tanker hijacking and crew are now safe, minister says

    As I predicted for you on Sunday, our SBS would storm the Tanker Hijackers off the English coast and either arrest or kill the lot. You don't mess in our backyard. We shoot to kill. And fast!
    Oxford coronavirus vaccine is to get approval ahead of Christmas so it can be used for medics and the elderly BEFORE final trials are finished, says professor who is leading the project

    Medics and high-risk patients are likely to receive Oxford's Covid-19 vaccine before the end of the year, Adrian Hill, the professor leading the project said.

    We bring you the news as is. Vaccine ready by Xmas. Elders and Health Workers first.
    Meghan Markle is 'shocked' people think she is wading into politics

    Shocked. The Bolter who married a Prince and cut him loose from his family and Royal bonds, ran away and lost him all his heritage rolls, but wants to keep the privileged life . Also to meddle in politics and Showboat like a typical Californian Airhead.

    She has neither the class or intelligence and she's heading for the rocks.
    Harry may be booted as a Royal soon, the lot will be pulled. She's a crock.
    _______ wih forTrump if Patritjs coe out again.

    Total confusion AGAIN with Polls yet look at the crowds marching in Texas for Trump and NO NO NO Turnout for Biden. How can such Biden polling be true?

    To me, this may be a HUGE win for Trump if Patriots vote – AGAIN to protect America from the Dems.
    Where is Biden finding votes unless via the Minorities, Welfarians and Illegals tracked down by the Dem machine and driven to Voting booths How many times? When they find States votes exceed the population, what then? This needs to be published and suspect votes denied. The Lying,Thieving Democrats are clearly rigging votes.
    Tino get those bets on. Even a thousand bucks will give you a $1,750 payback for 2 weeks and what a night out that will fund for you to celebrate with the good lady.

    Then the wife finds out and kills you afterwards. Lol Joking Tino!
    Watch "Joe Biden has told the ‘lie of the campaign’" on YouTube

    The Lying Contest, who will outlie the other?

    Watch "Biden ahead in Pennsylvania polls but Trump still seen as 'man of the people'" on YouTube

    Until those votes are counted, assuming not Electronically rigged, where is truth?

    Big Bitcoin prediction, OKEx spooks markets, Ripple exec's big mist
    Bitcoin vs Ethereum: A side-by-side comparison


    1. I feel quite devastated by this news. I am having trouble even believing it. Texian was a magnificent woman. She was strong, intelligent, bold and absolutely beautiful. This is a huge loss.

      May her journey forward be the peaceful and beautiful experience she deserves.


  2. A picture of Malia Obama’s credit card was released beside some lines of cocaine. More notable than the illegal substance was the fact the card was a JP Morgan Palladium Visa.

    The JP Morgan Palladium card is for “the 1% of the 1%.” Minimum $10 million under management; $100 million median. There are only 5,000 in the world. Why does Malia, the daughter of a former president who didn’t prosecute any bankers, have one?


  3. The Brits have just given the EU misfits a 72 hour ultimatum to either back down on their unwarranted Fishing Demands ir OUR Waters, or we walk with NO Deal.
    That’s it now. Accept or F U!

    If the UK walks, Holland and Italy will follow.


  4. Excellent documentary on the intrigue of the modern day British Empire and how it remained a financial power, post the loss of its major colonies.

    I can understand why dynastic caches are destined to find a home in The City.


    1. 8:45 a.m. Monday EST

      So… rumors that Biden has had a stroke. Reality is probably that he is non-functional coming down from the huge medication hit that was given to make him coherent for the debate.

      Joe Biden last night seemed to forget who the president was, noting that he was fighting against ‘four more years of George.’ Addressing supporters online, during a virtual concert to drum up enthusiasm, the 77-year-old sat next to his wife Jill.

      ‘Four more years of George, er, George, er, he – we’re going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world,’ said Biden. Jill appeared to remind him, under her breath: ‘Trump,’ as Biden faltered over such an elementary fact that it is the classic question asked of confused patients: ‘Who’s the President?’
      So… big time rumor that Hunter Biden overdosed. Reality is probably that they have sequestered him so he can do no more damage.
      So… placards everywhere with “Bidens laptop matters”… in Beverly Hills
      The Biden sex videos are not simply sex videos with random people. They are videos of Hunter Biden having sex with or around family members. Degeneracy.
      Yep… Greenwich CT… who’d have thunk?
      Headline: Former Vice President Joe Biden has regained a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in Texas…. I have bridges in Brookly, Queens and White Plains to sell you if you believe that… Anyone want to give me 100:1 against Trump winning?
      The drops have paused… and it has been a frantic move-countermove out there. Something is up… also, rumor of an info nuke coming down range. We shall see….

      Oh… FBI Wray confirms they had the laptop last December… given it is probably exculpatory of the President on the whole Ukraine affair will heads roll?



    This is the typical view of the media with no concept of the serious consequences of the very Democracy loss they espouse.

    As we see with all too many Dilettante presumptive Editors, the stupid opine.

    Now hear, I’m genuinely afraid, Tacky Trump may have a wall of female dissent. This will not be a fact balanced decision for many, but an emotive dislike which could cost dearly for America, and them!
    We need Kayleigh to Big Him Up Fast for the Female vote it matters.

    Now this is also exactly my assessment, and I don’t have to deal with him daily, but those who have concur. A man child. With an attitude and beyond narcissistic.

    The ” I’m a Genius” doesn’t seem to understand he’s Thick! But it’s him or Biden. He’s a self delusional Saddo. Always that has worried me relating to him. His arrogant naivety and visible stupidity.

    But-We pray and Lobby it’s him, so at least we can try to find someone of competence in 4 more years. If it’s Biden, Leave?
    Look at such Class in Kayleigh. Look at the outstanding Class of so many top American’s. You don’t lack IQ, but stop putting lightweights in office. Don’t respect the Man who can’t fulfill the roll.

    But as with Johnson, the UKs own PM- he’s also Thick! Bush 43- Thick. We all keep on electing them. Why? The mess we are all in is because the bar is set way too low. It’s a wake up time for all of us.

    Or a Total rethink of Politics. That I totally advocate. Too many Polticos are simply too stupid to be entrusted with such roles. Yet we keep repeating the same mistakes.

    We are all to blame for condoning it. We need to get those Blinkers off Americans. You can’t assume and Presume to be World Leaders if you man the Oval Office with inept Morons.

    Nor have hissy fits when we call you out on it. The world is changing fast, and all the Empire’s end. None see it coming. Rome? Ransacked by the Vandals and Barbarians. As is Washington DC today.

    Read this: Riots in Rome: Far-right protestors clash with police in Italian capital during second night of demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions.

    The Italians are revolting.
    Don’t take it the wrong way Tony LOL.

    So, they try to hijack a Tanker off the English coast. Idiots and trash. Our SBS units will storm it and shoot them dead.

    They will learn the hard way and the message is always clear. We shoot to kill.
    To a degree there is a case for certain species reduction.

    This is a massive boost if Trump can swing New Hampshire right up Biden’s rear end.

    Tino those odds will drop by Wednesday if this continues.

    This guy is a joke it’s a travesty like buying a pig in a poke.
    Spain declares new State of Emergency set to last until MAY

    Poor Spain how are these nations going to survive. People are going to have to accept EU and Asia are out for Tourism and for years. Hotels and Airlines are in huge trouble.


    1. There is no gender divide. Trump rocks it with the women. Stop listening to the MSM. GOP voter registration is thru the roof. Do not confuse a man’s choices of women with whether or not women find him attractive or alpha or votable as President. Let alone from a pathetic MSM editorial piece.

      The only way Trump loses is if they pull major fraud. Hell, I live (family choices) next to the most liberal enclave outside of San Francisco, e.g. Greenwich, CT. They just had a freakin’ Trump rally….

      We are witnessing a phenomenon that occurs only every few generations. The cumulative impact of non-ending propaganda is creating a population that is inured to it…


    2. That article above from The Guardian is absolute bs. They have referred to / interviewed a woman that is making out she is so godly but absolutely brain dead imo. So this twit would rather support a corrupt, money hungry, thieving, sniffing child mauler than Trump? Yeah, that’s real godly thinking isn’t it? Stupid bloody woman. She needs to take a very good look at what she has stated in this article and hopefully realize how utterly ridiculous her thinking and awareness actually is. That is just plain bloody ignorance.

      I agree that some women can be swayed in certain ways but I think you need to give a good chunk of them a little more credit.


      1. It’s amazing that people think Trump is stupid. He created an alter ego “the Don” which he uses in all public appearances to fool his enemies into thinking he is an idiot so they will underestimate him and get careless. The very fact that so many people think that the self-made billionaire who only ran for president once, under-spent his opponent by a considerable %, and won, shows how genius Trump really is. It’s not easy to fool that many people, when the evidence and facts that he is incredibly capable are so in your face and obvious.


    1. Tino

      What now of the long term effects, lung damage and mental, of sub standard knock off cheap masks where complete morons wear them alone in the streets and driving in cars alone. Totally brain dead. Exhaled breath containing God knows what re absorbed. Quite apart from the fragmentation of children’s image of society.
      Sadly, I now see a mass population of Turkeys walking to Thanksgiving. Drones have arrived


      1. Learning to read another human’s face musculature is not a process that is complete by age 2. We learn and evolve the skill literally to maturity. We are creating, if we don’t stop right now, a generation of children that will be emotionally stunted — almost a form of ad hoc induced autism — who will misinterpret the looks on other faces.

        The mating ritual itself, starts with eye contact, ‘the look’ and women shyly breaking eye contact before returning it. Try it with a goddam mask on. I double dog dare you. It takes half of men all of puberty to get that right. It ain’t happenin’ when you got a mask on…

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        1. I feel for the grocery store clerks that have to wear a mask for 8 hours a day. What are the long term effects of reduced oxygen intake for 8 hours a day. Every single person that wears a mask for long periods of time will eventually develop serious health issues as a result of internal organs and brain being starved of oxygen. That seems to be the plan. The covid scam was simply a creation of the media, but we may have an actual real health crisis ahead simply as a result of the masks.

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  6. Pelosi is next — Source: Vox Day

    To exactly no one’s surprise, it looks as if Nancy Pelosi’s bagman will be the next to be exposed. The /pol/ anons are all over it:

    Nancy Pelosi is next to get burned by the drops


    Latest update: There have been a slew of photos released showing Hunter involved in sex with minors. Also a photo released of him having sex with his brothers’ wife while she has the wedding ring on. Too much stuff like that to even go over but I am saving it all.


    They are starting to drop the other stuff and Nancy Pelosi has now been dragged into this. Her boy, Paul, had a Taiwanese girl friend who has stated that Paul was setting up the same kinds of deals for Nancy that Hunter was setting up for Joe. At first she thought he was a legit business man but then discovered it was all fake shell companies being used to funnel money to Nancy from the Chinese government. When Paul figured out she knew, he left her and then sent CPS to take her 4 children. This story is growing, but Nancy is clearly another Joe.

    The drops are now coming so fast that there is no way I can handle all of it, and it is now being dropped via multiple outlets once Twitter banned Gnews. All I was doing is saving files to the desktop as fast as I could and when I closed the browser it looked like I had a HUGE porn stache….


    Imagine the effect if this continues all the way to the election. Wikipedia editors are already beginning to throw up their hands at the futility of trying to police the information flow. Although, as it happens, we may not have to imagine anything.

    Gnews will expose hard drive content for the next 13 days.

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    1. Thanks James. It makes sense to me. Nothing surprises me coming from that family and those circles. God only knows what those children have experienced. People who interfere in any manner with children do not have a right to keep living imo.

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  7. Tino

    Many years ago we Conservatives ( Republicans) were standing at 4/1 betting odds against re election with a biased MSM and false polls. I had a Gut feeling the Public would not sink us with crap like Labour ( Dems) and took a gamble, the price was to big to miss. We won and Bookies took a hammering .

    I watch the daily McEnany TV Media shows and she’s excellent. Well prepared, concise and highly attuned responding to questions. Well done America she’s the best I’ve seen world wide and so sensitively negates typical false MSM sound bites. Buffy the Vampire Slayer move over over for the Kayliegh Fake News MSM Asshole Slayer!
    If Trump ( so Hopefully ) wins she’s a huge part of this. America will owe her and well done as a Trump pick for the role. Credit for him also. I do when it’s fair and merited. It’s not a one way street.
    Tino , back your hunch and if it pays, as I really hope, send my Thanks a Bunch with Your Fistfull of Dollars.


  8. Prince Andrew ‘could be sacked’ as Commodore of Britain’s most famous yacht club

    Really? Substitute Could for SHOULD!
    Bitcoin whale clusters pinpoint 3 key levels for BTC price rally to continue
    US election polls tracker: who is leading in the swing states?

    Be clear if Trump wins, Pollsters are history.
    EU’s banks to ‘run out of cash in days’ if Brussels mounts ‘childish’ Brexit punishment

    Brussels will get English Muscle right up them soon. It’s one way to stop them wasting OUR money!
    Booking holidays to Maldives and Canaries still horrendously complicated.

    I really don’t see the issues here. Such areas are riddled with Covid and it will get worse.
    There really is a need for a State Goon Squad, to visit these selfish whining Arseholes, apply the Mother of all smacking, for putting our nations at needless risk, and it’s sorted. It’s hard to whine with thick lips, a well caned Arse, and eyes too swollen with crying to see the small print or pass a passport photo check. We proliferate these Morons. I know the type, My Holidays – Mental Eunuchs and Her Indoors demands. I never had that problem.
    I deserve! Yes, you do. Bang- Sorted! Ass holes!


    Cryptos are spied on
    Watch “Nancy Pelosi Finest”



    Twitter deleted Wood’s tweeted picture of Hunter Biden smoking crack and getting jerked off by a hooker’s foot. No problem, we screen shot the thing and it has a permanent home here at WHA.

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  10. Tony thank you so much for the crypto info. We just had a get together here in upstate Ny of our investment club and since we bought the dip in btc our core holdings are now up 100%, and we cant thank you enough. We have startedt to incorrproate the newer picks you have given and after some research we agree that they are indeed value based and worthy of investment. We had a few members who had cashed in their dinar and put the proceeds into btc when it was about 4K and they are now triple that amount and going to reposition into some of the ideas on the list. They wanted to pass a thank you to you.

    We also wanted to thank you for giving John2020 a new home and voice here. We appreciate him having freedom of opinion and an unrestricted platform from which he can share his unique perspective from his position in high London financial circles. This has proven very valuable for us here because we use his critical analysis to better determine the currency matters and it allows us to take a side route during these extended failures of any RV for us people on the street. In doing so we have prospered regardless and we thank you for allowing his voice to come through when he was otherwise being attacked and silenced because of one persons emotional instability.

    Our club forecastes are very bright. We project 7 figures into late 2021. We hope you will accept our invitiation to come speak at our celebration scheduled for the Poconos and we will let you know when.

    Thanks so much and we look forward to meeting. Your pal C.

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    1. Hey, sounds like you guys are really in the groove! Well done to you and your club members. I am presuming that since you claim to have bought the dip in btc, you are up 400%, not 100%? Did you mean the dip when BTC was about $3500? Whatever the case may be, congratulations.

      I would be delighted to attend your celebration late next year. I love the Poconos – very beautiful! I will make some room and I look forward to meeting and having some good conversations.

      When I extended the invitation to J2020, I made it clear that he would enjoy freedom of expression without any rebuttal from the host (me). I may not agree with all his opinions, and he not with mine, but this is not the forum for us to hash out such differences, nor would I do it in such a crass and unrefined manner, publicly or privately. This is a forum for sharing information, and it is left to the reader to accept or reject any information or determine if any information presented is useful to their circumstances. To invite a guest whom in one is found a unique perspective, and then proceed to disrupt their expressions, is counterintuitive and unintelligent.

      He will have our platform open to him for as long as he wishes it.

      Thank you again, and keep up those returns! I am fairly certain that you have only begun to see what is in store for you and your club, and it does my heart good to hear of such results from our readers.

      If things shake out as I think they may in the Elder/gold/project world, we may have some additional avenues for people of good intention and character to travel on. We will see.

      Press on…

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        1. Right now every Crypto I am in, as well as, all I am watching, are slowly trickling down….I actually love this!…. ready to pounce on some more that I want to add, and add more to what I already have…. trying to find the bottom is the worry…. the lower the better so that my few bucks goes a lot farther…..

          Looking forward to the future!

          Also looking forward to post J’s efforts…. Thanks Tony and J


          1. One more thing….. Tony, your list was/is fantastic…. everything I am in and want to be in is on your list…. feel like I am on the best track I could be on…..
            Thanks again!


    2. Wondering, did all of your club members cash out their dinars for Crypto? I’m near certain I am going to do the same. Thanks!


      1. Club members? I think you mean “readers”.

        We don’t track the personal transactions of our readers, so I have no idea. I doubt all of them have. Some have decided to hold their paper. Others, have not. Some have enough funds to partake in both with no stress. It’s a personal decision.

        For now, we have been told currencies are dead in the water until mid next year for the next possible window.

        If you need any help with crypto issues, just drop a line and someone will help.



    Trump moves to take on the Deep State

    Too bad to be true. How the hell can he pass vetting?

    What ugly Cretins
    Watch “DNI Ratcliffe: Hunter Biden’s emails are ‘not part’ of Russian disinformation campaign” on YouTube

    Shifty Shiff, caught LYING again! What a ;piece of dirt? Now his own Ontel Head says Schiffs claim is BS!!!!!

    The SAGE files: Papers presented to Government claim Covid-19 is mutating, London ISN’T seeing a spike in cases but patients are dying FASTER in the second wave than they did in the first

    The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) was presented with evidence in September that said the UK did not have the capability to research these mutations in depth.
    WOW! Joe Biden Says He Will Mandate Mask Wearing on All Interstate Highways — in Your Vehicle (VIDEO)

    Face facts, Biden is a MORON! Not unusual in DC nowadays. The man has Batshit for Brains. How can you elect THAT Dump to such a role?
    Talk about the Bidens being compromised, as its a total Rats nest.
    Here’s a comprehensive overview of Chinas games in play. Dirty Joe and his evil Son. Watch the videos you Lousy F Biden and Resign! Withdraw you Whore!

    Click to access kvbjhb.pdf



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  12. Like

  13. This is a wide-scope accounting piece. Like Ben Shapiro is a propped puppet, we are confronted with a pollster who is a a propped puppet. Everyone is giving this pollster so much credence for his thoughts, thru the MSM parrots, and his poll site, FiveThirtyEight. So this alleged King of the Hill is Nate Silver, the son of Sally (née Thrun), a community activist, and Brian David Silver, a former chair of the political science department at Michigan State University. [Source: Wikipedia] Nate is a nerd (loves baseball obsessively). Nate is a soy boy. Nate is gay. Oi Vei! That’s three reality desyncs in a row. Do you think anyone with that profile (shy of a true genius) can somehow rise to the top of his profession without [cough, cough] assistance? I mean, really, this is Nate, Nate’s only reasonable ability it how to apply statistics to poker and is good enough that he supported himself playing at one point but never a champion at it. This is literally Nate’s only credential that has a true reality basis. (And kudos — it’s a hard way to earn a living — and boring!) Everything else is “soft skill” set. Nate is apparently a libertarian – liberal. If you think that is a contradiction in terms you’d be right. If you think he might be mentally unstable at this point, I can’t blame you. For all his claims of being a statistician he’s a midwit parrot that built a model of a rigged system (taking the inputs at face value!) and [gasp] shocker(!) it predicted the outcome of the most rigged Election in modern history — the 2012 Obama Election.

    2016. So, enter Trump! Silver says his model says Hillary will win. Oh the Jew wails (yeah, Nate’s Jewish, connected, useful idiot to the Usual Suspects — I mean, who else would hire Nate? Would you?) and hand wringing and prevarications of why the model failed. Note ABC owns his website now… So, come 2020… he predicts Biden will win. Now, barring fraud, Silver is the only one who is dumb enough to insist that his model is right and it is reality that has it wrong. Read that again. One more time. That’s the primacy of emotion over reason. If Silver was in the infantry in Vietnam, he’d would have died of friendly fire in the first ten minutes…

    Sorry soy boy, it’s TrumpSlide 2020 the whole way. In fact, if it goes the other way, you know it was stolen and perhaps Civil War 2 is the right path to take.

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  14. Where did Creepy Joe’s money go?
    Joe Biden’s financial reports simply don’t add up:

    Joe Biden’s personal finances — at least as he lists them publicly for voters — don’t add up.

    The politician who reveled in the moniker “Middle Class Joe” carried a relatively modest portfolio during 47 years in public office. But he scored a $16 million-plus windfall after he left the Obama White House. That includes $11 million he and his wife Jill earned in 2017, mostly on book and speaking fees, $4.6 million in 2018 and $985,000 last year, according to tax returns he made public earlier in the election.

    But when he filed a federal financial disclosure form earlier this year to run for president, the Bidens listed only assets of between $1.5 million and $3.2 million. And that invites the question: Where did the rest of the money go?

    “I can guarantee you if I was auditing those forms, I’d have questions,” says Paul Miller, the owner of New York-based tax firm Miler & Company LLP.

    The corruption of the Biden crime family almost certainly exceeds that of famous crime families of the past. It’s intriguing to see how so many of the reportedly rich don’t actually have any money. Perhaps, like Rush Limbaugh having talent on loan from God, they only have money on loan from Satan. — Source Vox Day

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  15. Any half competent Forensic Financial Analyst, empowered by a DOJ written remit, can easily find transfers of money between Bidens, Bribe Funders, his Associates, his family and himself. Also they can find money hidden anywhere in the world by Biden, as the KNOWN Beneficial Owner, and that is all they need to arrest him and finish this FARCE!!!
    With the huge resources available to the US, the DOJ, FBI and CIA could uncover all this by next Thursday. The videos alone give reasons to arraign Biden, and for sure, he will sell Lying Joe out as a Plea. It’s that kind of family.
    Trump needs to use this approach and show him in Handcuffs before voting day. Soetoro Obama was bad enough. Biden? All Stinking and No Thinking? The whole world knows Biden is Hiding a total crock. Is there any DOJ left in America? Any Justice at all?
    This is a slow motion train wreck the world is watching. For God’s sake unleash Forensic Analysts now. Biden in a Jail Cell won’t hunt! No Bail No mercy.


    1. So silly. Are we going to accuse me of “structuring” $750 if my Mexican subsidiary sends me an $250 EEG fee per week x 3 weeks as opposed to $750 at the end of the month?

      Plus $250 these days barely covers an expensive dinner out…

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  16. Thanks for the bookie tip John. I will be placing a Trump to win bet.

    On nearly the same date 4 years ago the bookies were in the tank for Clinton as follows:

    Those considering placing money on the outcome of the U.S. election can get odds of 2/11 with Ladbrokes and Betfair, which implies an 85 percent probability of a Clinton win. At those odds, the gambler would receive just 18 cents for every dollar they bet.

    Unfortunately for rival candidate Donald Trump, the odds of him winning the election are 6/1 (a 15 percent chance) according to Betfair, though any gamblers backing him would win back their stake six-fold. Ladbrokes has slightly better odds at 4/1.

    Will history repeat? I think so.


    1. Tino

      On this occasion, I lack the National depth of feeling to judge and as ever, the MSM confuses.
      I want a Trump win, be clear of that.
      The sheer scale of Trump posters across the backroads of America is an indicator.
      Trump Road Show turnouts is an indicator. Bidens are zero.
      Yet the polls???????????????????
      Unquestionably Media bias is deeply disturbing. It should be a choice of the lesser of two Evils.
      Biden would never clear vetting here. Neither in fact would Trump, but he’s a far lesser threat than Biden.
      The Presidency of the US is supposedly to elect your finest as the face of America. Both, for sure, are a No then.
      But the choice now for Americans is simple, it’s between just these two, and Biden is simply unthinkable.
      You called it before Tino, so if the same balance of US Public consciousness holds, and that’s what it’s ALL about, then your judgment would make you a mayor return. Even any of the odds are good Tino, if your judgment again
      this time real. Bookies do get it wrong.
      Apart from smaller Bookies offering Hype bets, the real betting appears c 7/4 against Trump and only 1/2 for Biden but still a 175% Profit on your money for less than 2 weeks. William Hills and Paddy Power are easier for US Citizens to access. A marked difference. A Judgment call Tino, if correct, 175% return over 2 weeks is a hell of a good call.
      My main concern is the organisation of the Dems bussing in volumes of the minorities, and visible Postal corruption. Ballot rigging.
      Was there ever a time, again, for the heart of America to say Hell NO, and get out to vote.
      Phone lines are active and the Dems will track down every last voter. Trump simply does not have that Electoral infrastructure, but will thinking Americans abhorrence of Biden be enough? It all rests now on that floating vote turning up for him. Getting to them. Bribe taking Biden is unthinkable.He’s a Crook. He’s also impaled on the Obama and Clinton hooks. Worse, the Deep State. Biden is owned. Biden is deeply compromised, and his family is trash.
      How can any American want THAT as the face of America? A factor Trump needs to promote harder.
      The odds are yours to call. Judgment calls. I, for one, hope you are right and so far you have a 100% good call rating. It’s only money, back your call Tino and good luck. Whatever your risk it will delight you if correct again.
      My only concern, is the Moron factor manipulated by the Dems. The sheer volume of these Turkeys and their illegals. Like Obama, Undocumented workers!!!!!!!!! The Dems will stoop to anything. Also stop at nothing.
      My real hope, deeply concerning, is that Trump carries it. If Biden wins, all America has been, is then a Busted Flush.
      I wish Trump, and you, success. Go for it Tino.


  17. ________

    Let’s hope Trump wins the media is so undecided and so lying it’s hard to know what to believe. Biden blew it with no oil policy, but Trump was messy on Health Care also.
    2 Befuddled opponents with no clear plans. It’s alleged that 47 million have voted already, so it’s scraping the barrel now.
    As a one man band, flying by the seat of his pants, can Trump swing the Floating vote?
    He failed to drain the swamp, has he lost trust?
    Oxford coronavirus vaccine works ‘perfectly’ and builds ‘strong immunity to virus, researchers find – providing hope to millions and quelling fears that it might only lessen the severity of infections

    Now researchers at the University of Bristol have found the vaccine delivers the instructions for the Covid protein, which cells copy thousands of times to produce it in large amounts.

    The Oxford Covid vaccine sounds more hopeful. But, is it just sound bites?

    Subject: Queen leaves Prince Andrew enraged after rejecting plea for his pampered daughters
    This pampered, seriously narcisstic buffoon still does not get that its time for hios Brats to pay their won way. His beyond obnocixious and needs a slap! Hard!
    Cryptocurrencies are a fad best avoided despite Paypal accepting bitcoin

    Not all are Crypto fans it seems.
    Heads spin after Burnham’s success, the PM’s troubles and Sunak’s shameless U-turn

    Lockdowns are cruppling economies and the UK has 2 idiots sinking the nation deeply into tax debts now

    Wait until the vast lost revenue from collapsed businesses hits home and the surge in bankruptcies builds.
    How many lives will be lost from medical services stopped as now?
    Again Politicians can not be alowed near economies. Other peoples money is NOT theirs to Tax- Steal!!!!!
    Britain signs first major post-Brexit trade deal with Japan

    Britain has signed its first trade deal with Japan. More will come. Holland may soon follow the UK and Brexit then its Cold Turkey for the Wasters in Brussels.

    The EU will soon get FU from more as tney pull out.
    Aliens on 1,000 nearby stars could see us, new study suggests

    Close the curtains fast? our neighbours may be popping in for looting. Don’t we?
    Borat ‘defends’ Rudy Giuliani for ‘sexytime’ scene as film released

    This is a real Howler for Giulliani he must be seething.
    Trump mocks sparse crowds at Biden rallies:‘You couldn’t catch Covid no matter what you did’

    I still hope to hell Trump has enough votes to get back in. Its beyond worrying for us all if a nation has so many Morons as to vote in Biden. Sadly, step up America!
    See now the price from dumbing down? Your lucky, your a site of Thinking People, but the neighbours?
    Forget Ethereum, DeFi Is Being Built on Bitcoin – CoinDesk
    Twitter erupts as Melania seems to yank her hand away from Donald’s

    Be assured this travels, and is the last thing America needs as the Public face of Americas First Family. No question, when the Presidency is over, so is the farce Melania has to live. He’s gone!

    Twitter erupts as Melania seems to yank her hand away from Donald’s
    This is a tragedy.America had its own Princess and we welcomed her with open arms. She had a unrivalled opportunity. But, she couldnt take being second to Kate. The Man Child that is pointless Harry, has created his own Wallace Simpson disaster.
    But worst, she ended up despised and rejected. As will Markle. Once the LA Airheads tire of them, what then? Be assured, when William becomes King Harry is out.
    Markle, the Bolter, is a Loose Cannon taking down all she touches.
    No Class and it now shows.
    Thats a Californian Divorce in waiting. She will cash in and play the stage. Markle has so let down America. She couldn’t cut it on the world stage. She let us all down. The Bolter again. She had form.

    Prince Philip’s ‘relationship with Prince Harry has not recovered’
    Husband jailed for having sex with 29 CHICKENS can still keep hens

    Cluck, cluck. Who wants a?
    Pakkies heh?

    Trump really has not done well from the Debates. The disaffected will decide it. We all hope somehow the silent Patriots will carry him, but from a cross media spectrum, his standing is lowered. Much!
    I have to fear the worst. Shrek with an attitude but not intelligence does not sell well to Voters. The Afro Americans will decide this. Hopefully the enlightened ones.

    We fear the count down if Biden wins. It’s blind hope now. Certainly the media is counting him out, but they did before. Truth alone will be clear in 2 weeks. Has Trump blown it? Stormie did.
    Melania casting aside his hand is not going unnoticed. If he loses, how long does she stay? Alimony claims here we come and Stormie for sure will feature again.

    For sure, for him the down side will be free fall. Somehow we hope he carries it. If so bring Trump Jr to the WH to gain public acceptance fast and to run to keep the Dems out.
    At the final presidential debate, Trump came prepared to show the country that he could be civil, stay (mostly) on topic, and still beat Biden. | Fox News

    This is a fair media summary on Trump versus Biden. Interesting!

    He’s always been a nasty little shit and a Brit Guardsman put him on his arse nursing a black eye. He needs it weekly he’s vile. No one can stand him.

    Well for Tino and others so sure of Trump heres a Bookie offering 50,/1 against Trump Indicating not a chance.
    I can’t it my heart wants him to win but me head says he’s looking all over like a loser.

    It’s really not looking good for Trump.

    If Biden gets in how many Americans will Follow?

    Rudi has issues now he might as well claim he was following his Leader and thought this was normal. Sorry Rudi it was rud ey and it’s going to stay with you. Tacky!


    1. As for healthcare….Obamacare was a disaster…. it was a frickin joke!…. I had it…. the mandate represented a dictator ship!…. what else would the American people put up with?…. well, being face covered apparently…. there is no doubt in my mind Trump would bring about the best healthcare we have ever seen as a collective nation if he could get the grifters to work with him instead of worring about their pockets and past crimes!…. my 79 year old mom asked me this AM, why does America put up with all this criminal activity in our elected leaders!…. Americans think that’s just the way it is and accept the lying scum…. Trump was and is the opposite of all that….

      Tino is right about the moderator lastnight, biased big time….
      How can anyone fault Trump to this point…. look at all he has managed to accomplish, while fighting our own 3 letter agencies and 50 years of hunkered down politicos!


  18. Global Settlements and Elders Reality Status.

    As ever there are always issues when multiple countries are cross involved. Invited or otherwise.

    Right now there is a ripple of delays where Japan is counter claiming that vast Gold holdings THEY Stole and looted, during WW11, hidden in South Korea, and other nations, is their property and needs to be returned, or they to be cross compensated as part of the emerging US/ Elders settlements. That is now causing needless delays. The Japs are trying this on across nations. Our strong advice to the Elders is to tell the Japs it was never yours anyway and war loot is not lawful title property, so get lost! But Attorneys cross opine and threaten litigation. It’s Greenmail at work! They want their lick- or else! Suit Wars? These Maggots arrived recently with a hand reaching for the pot just as we are closing. Two can play it seems. They are copying America.

    History? So what of the vast number of Gold bearing Galleons we Brits stole by seizing Spanish Galleons in South America and plundered as Pirates? Do we pay that back? Gold stolen from the Incas?

    What of the vast fortunes we plundered from India? Where does it end? The Vatican would be left threadbare.
    At this state, delicate negotiations have cross trade implications as Japs and others want their lick! Also the vast fortunes looted by Bush and the CIA/ Pentagon post WW11. The worms are out of the woodwork, hands grasping.

    But, as we are indicating to all, If Biden is elected, he is handled and managed by Obama, the Clintons and even the Bush family Crime gangs. They are all Deep State and if Trump loses, we have at best 3 months handover to try to phase in anything, because for sure the Chicago Con Man Obama, the Clinton, Bushes and all the Deep State cronies will steal anything left not bolted down. The DOJ should have indicted Obama and the Clintons, Bushes too, all as part of Trump’s Electoral promises. Now they are back! Sloppy thinking again!

    So much for Draining the Swamp. Maggots left feeding from us all. Trump promised and failed us all. Will a second lie work? He failed to keep his Vote pledges. He failed Americas trust. How much will that now cost him? And us all? He failed to jail these Crooks! His watch. His incompetence. How many resigned labelling the mind of a Child? So what now? Emboldened they are back.

    He failed to build a solid incisive Administration and ran it as a one man Reality TV Dictator show, badly! How many
    disenchanted voters will defect? Now he rides his luck. We all hope he keeps enough to hang on. If not, NWO is a Given! This Clown let us down. The job was always too big for him, but Biden is far worse. If Trump loses, it’s Biden and the Deep State. That is the mess the Orange Shrek will leave us with. Chaos. Real world the Devil is always in the detail and fine print. How can a guy who can hardly read, succeed? Worse, with his known and visible mental limitations. The world perceives him as a Klutz of the first order, a serious Joke, but it’s how far he can get away with it now within the US Border. The scale of dumbing down votes! Our great unknown. Shrek or Americas neck.

    You had better believe, if unleashed the Deep State will thieve. DC is built upon Charlatans who live to deceive.
    The vote is Crock One or Crock Two? But the power is now with the Muppets and not down to you.

    Was there ever a time we needed Paul Revere more to wake up the Sleepers? The Deep State is coming! NWO if Biden is let in. Soetoro is licking his lips for his share. Michael too for all his new Wigs. Transition or Transvestites. This is America. Land of the Free- Lunches. Watching Alice in Wonderland. All our hopes are on Trump hanging on.

    A meritocracy of incompetence the next 4 years needs to sort if he keeps it. We hope.

    In the meantime we push daily for resolution. That alone can save all. That single block used wisely could hold the balance of power. Funds fit for purpose designated and protected to serve the people. Politically shielded. We need to De Louse the Zionists Counting House. Time wasting at what price? At one this morning I was in detailed discussions with Attorneys in Seoul. You? Try our world. The world is a stage, with so many playing their part, badly!


    1. John,

      Is this the result of the Synod meetings you spoke of, or separate negotiations? It appears trying to get 200 countries to agree on rations is complete lunacy, and we have held out believing there was a chance.

      Is the next best option at this point a Biden victory to affect global settlements? At least everyone could agree on the common enemy to finally force releases.


      1. Bidens lot will steal the lot. I am trying to get a consensus with Greedy Elders, and deflect the newcomers.

        We really need it agreed before the election. Human nature and ambulance chasing Attorneys derail if left uncontrolled. Simply declining any role or dialogue for Non Elders is key. Simple, in their face and done out of sight.

        We are not engaged on the Global issues that’s another Cauldron of Sewer Rats.

        The Elders if cleared will suffice. It meets all our agendas. A Biden victory leaves America in real peril. The world also. China and Russia will eat him alive.


  19. Borrowed from VoxDay. Saves me the time of writing my own summary. Let me amplify by saying the Biden was drugged to high heaven and the moment the peak drug effect passed, it was obvious he couldn’t formulate answers properly. There’s no question in my mind that he was being prompted somehow:

    The debate was a rout. The only way one could think Biden kept pace is by deliberately forgetting everything Biden said yesterday, last week, last month, and last year. Trump was stronger on the opening COVID response section, even where the moderator cut in to fake fact check, and he obliterated Biden on the laptop, foreign policy, race, immigration, and energy policy. Biden’s insistence that he never said he’d ban fracking was comically stupid—Trump’s team had a link to video posted on Twitter within minutes—and then Biden went full stupid by calling for a ban on all fossil fuels. Those lines work in a Democrat primary, but it’s hard to see Biden winning any coal or oil state with that stance.

    The only issue that might have been a draw was health insurance, and that was largely because the moderator framed the entire question around Democrat talking points and then gave Biden nearly twice as much time.

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  20. Salve Citizens –

    This will be my last extended comment for 2020.

    Some time ago I offered an opinion that if we do not see any sign of a public paper exit by end of Q3, then it was not likely to ever happen in the last quarter of 2020.

    Well, as you know by now, the contents of Information Briefing 158 confirmed this fact way ahead of schedule.

    We will spend less time worrying about public exits. We are positioned very well to give you any news on this topic, but since real world progress in other areas are presenting better and timelier opportunities to do what many of you wanted to accomplish with paper, we will just wait for that news and not make it our prime focus at this time. If by some concatenation of unexpected miracles any exits should be imminent, we will do our very best to prep you for it. But, as when, or if? We can’t offer any window right now.

    As you have read many times, there are very complex and high level preparations being undertaken to process Elder gold/currency transactions, which may, at some point in the future, offer project related on-ramps of a very controlled and regulated manner to you. We will watch this very carefully, and what can be shared about it, will be, at the right time.

    We have shared a list of some digital asset projects and the response has been very good, and we thank you for that. This sector offers risk-manageable participation for your spare cash, and much better chances at speculative gain in the near term than war-torn paper has offered in the past nearly two decades. 2021 should be a very good year for these markets, and there are some chances that many of you who are participating may see your lives transformed in ways you have been hoping for. We are certainly hoping so.

    We will offer a more expanded commentary on this, and other promising sectors, in the next Information Briefing.

    For now, we are watching the election, and the results may require some adjusting to our plans for next year.

    Politics is what it is – an outdated, failing method of managing the needs of a modern technologically advancing world. Look for more propaganda from this sector as it attempts to desperately portray itself as relevant and needed in such a world, and as it continues to educate people to believe such falsehoods.

    Those of us who can see around this, while resisting the temptations to fall into the fantasy-world “solutions” offered by nutcase promoters,(i.e.,NESARA dreamers ,fake M1s, blacklisted high-priestesses with codes, dinar hustling ex-cons, etc.) will be able to hopefully play a very important role to guide the best and brightest forward on solid ground and within sane environments. Gods knows, that is really needed on Earth.

    Those of you in groups, once again, we can’t make any public comments on the details of how they will proceed, or when. Please stay in contact with your coordinators and rely on them for any news. We understand your frustrations at having not done any better than even the street speculators, but this is not something we can openly discuss in great details here. Be grateful that you have a spot at a table that has a better chance of being counted.

    Thank you again for your readership and participation. Be sure to vote!

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    1. Thanks Tony. Reading between the lines can we conclude that the 2 day Elders Synod meeting that required a key families consensus for a pending agreement did not go well or is that still ongoing?


        1. Thanks Tony. The only reason I asked about that was the timing of your post and that imminent decision seemed to coincide. Thanks again for clarifying.

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    2. Thank you for sharing this message Tony.

      As this is your last extended comment for 2020, may I take the opportunity to thank you for managing and financing this website, all of your personal time and effort you have placed into WHA to educate us all in many areas and sharing your knowledge, research and opinion with us regarding future opportunities. And most importantly, giving us the opportunity to get to know you.

      Basically I offer you a huge thank you for creating this space for us the learn, grow, get to know each other and have some fun along the way. I personally would feel quite lost without WHA in my life.


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  21. Concise, detailed, easy-to-read summary report regarding private party intelligence report on the Bidens’ intimate relationship with the Communist Party of China:

    Author Background:
    Intelligence report referenced in summary report:

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  22. _______
    Spain is first European nation to exceed one million coronavirus cases

    We go where no man has gone before.
    This is the nation who spread VD in the 10 th century and who brought it to South America. It’s natural a bug lands there first. But sad now for Spain this will kill Tourism and property prices already thieving Spaniards have started breaking into Foreigners Spanish homes robbing or squatting

    Here’s hoping

    Lock this Usurper up

    Why wait fire now he may not have the power in 2 weeks.

    Cruising for a bruising
    Absolutely right clear the streets

    About time
    Conjecture or fact?
    We, with even half a brain, know that this is high on the Tri Laterals Wish List so is this our Rubicon Line where free thinking man left the rails?

    Go Trump or Go Lockdown: The World Debt Reset Program and HealthPass – Forbidden Knowledge TV

    Secrets, do not stay buried, and the money trail, will link to Biden.

    This is a major body blow to the Biden candidacy as the numbers are $200MM as payoff monies… and that is Money laundering ……

    Another Nutter from the Gutter after how long? Payola is a bit later now. Stormie took it all.

    Last Chance Saloon.

    Is it possible for the Trump Team to focus on continuously preparing him to even attempt an hour of cogent, visible intellectual presentation. Not just the usual Carnival Barker Bluster, but this time to engage and solicit the Floating Voters who will finally decide this election. Aided of course by an electronic blocking system to stop Joe’s hidden ear, and eye pieces feeding him facts and response he does not intellectually possess? America does not deserve a Ventriloquist’s doll. Nor the world.

    This is Trump’s time to show America a Jebb Bartlet, not Archie Bunker.
    He has to overcome the natural tendencies of a thinking element of the Electorate, who find Anathema with his persona, but also to avoid the narcissist attacks by an Editorial layer of preening Prima Donnas, many self appointed in the alternative media, also unfit to command such a role of influence. Who Edits the Editors?

    Trump needs to encourage and solicit direct appeal.
    To leave a clear viewer distinction, it’s Trump or this Chump?
    But which personality will Trump adopt as his tenure of office now hangs by a thread?
    At least Kayleigh’s back and what an Asset.

    But now, as they are visibly prepping the Gaff Meister out of public sight, if it still hangs in the balance, as to which personality will turn up on the night?

    It’s now down to appealing to sophisticated Thinkers. Balanced , intelligent and considered rhetoric, to encourage those Votes, and keep the world and America safe.

    If Trump wins, hopefully his team will orchestrate a clean sweep of their adversaries such as Google and Twitter, and well as the standards needed to be entrusted with the alternative media.

    At least with the blogs, the hit rates of the Poodle Fakers become clear in rapid decline. The Churn effect is visible. As with the media. CNN’s free fall is visible to all. If Trump succeeds, time to selectively weed out those press passes. Kayleigh should not have to deal with such a blatant unsavoury Dog pack daily. It’s at the White House discretion who is accorded access, and Acosta, does not merit such a privilege. In 2 weeks the world sees the fight for freedom or NWO and America on its knees? This may be Trump’s recovery vote. Taking it to Biden with No Hiding! Yes, it IS Personal. Calling out his family as it is. Not fit for Office!
    Ghislaine Maxwell’s 418-page deposition about sex life is made PUBLIC

    How did she think this would end?
    Prince Andrew is already trashed for life in standing. He has been stripped of all appointments. For him, this could be free fall. Secrets don’t stay buried, but if this gets worse he may be.

    Good for Trump.
    Dems Panic as DOJ Warns It May Go Public w/ Vote Fraud Probes –

    The DOJ MUST go public. Biden must not win by Fraud Like Obama

    The big problem in America is that people are not understanding the true issues, otherwise the Biden’s would have been kicked to the curb long ago. The country Is polarized beyond belief when it is should be united. I guess it is the sign of times we live as many nations are in a similar boat.

    In Canada, the PM waits to see if Trump wins or loses to call an election. While thinking Canadians prepare to leave. And finding peaceful existence becomes more elusive in a world in turmoil and change.

    Valid debate views

    Watch “Trump Is Facing MASSIVE Lawsuits When He Leaves Office” on YouTube

    Real issues for Trump, if he loses, he loses his Butt it seems.


    In confrontations with Obama Trump should wave his Birth Certificate and passport and demand where is yours Soetoro?

    Birth Certificate, Birth Certificate, Birth certificate? Show America Yours.
    Show us you have a right to opine!

    No But Bathhouse Barry sounds better!



    ” My name is Tony Bobulinski. The facts set forth below are true and accurate; they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive. I am the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Rob Walker. That email is genuine.

    This afternoon I received a request from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance requesting all documents relating to my business affairs with the Biden family as well as various foreign entities and individuals. I have extensive relevant records and communications and I intend to produce those items to both Committees in the immediate future. “


  24. As Joe is on the verge of Political Genocide for the Demo Rats, do they jump ship and try to substitute a new face fast, such as possibly even Hilderbeast? Be assured, her ego alone would run.
    It’s a US horror story to see Soetoro/ Obama, that Usurping , Lying, Kenyan Con Man, is able to arrogantly run free, espousing his Commie Mantras, taking America more steps fast forward towards NWO.
    Either the Manchurian She Man, is taken down, or this toxic Shape Shifter takes you with it.
    Trump is not the ONLY left obstacle stopping America sliding into NWO.
    Only 4 more years will give America and Trump time to find his worthy US Patriot successor.
    Soetoro/ Obama never had issues with how to suc-ceed in America. Anybodies would do! Why is that not in Gitmo?


    1. If Trump wins the Presidency, be prepared for Trump Jr to be prepped, as per Bushes 41 and 43, therefore assuring not only, the Legacy, but a block against both NWO and the DemoRats for the next decade. All rides on getting Trump back in. Voting DemoRat is voting NWO. Look at how active the Kenyan Usurper has become again as his Masters fear their game plan derailing. If, hopefully Trump IS re elected, high on the Must Do tasks must be the unsealing of Obama files, his Birth Certificate, and arraignment to his Usurpers cage in Gitmo. The succession is either Trump Jr or the Demo Rats.


    2. Age is a matter of individual genetics and lifestyle wear.
      At only 77, Joe Biden is already visually and audibly is tottering on senility and geriatric melt down. He was never intellectually capable anyway. But, we know there is no capability vetting as Bush 43 would never have cleared, or Gerald Ford.
      Joe Biden can NOT pass any credible Health Check. Why the hell was this not vetted?

      America can not be thrust into a Biden, Harris or any last minute VP switch? Is this when Harris gets switched for Clinton as the new VP? Or even Michael Le Bon, Fool me once? How do you Vet a Trannie?
      Evidence of abysmal genocidal cruelty, and treasonous conduct by Biden’s son, collusion, corruption, and Fraud by his daughters, makes this yet another family ethically unfit for office. As the Bushes were! Clintons also.
      Joe Biden is visibly 20 cents short of a full dollar. Is the process insane?

      The nuclear button in the hands of Dr Strange-child sniffer?

      Even Harris becoming President does not bear contemplation. The US would be stuck with these Mutts for 4 to 8 years. What has the world done to deserve this? Russia, China and even Iran hold enough dirt on Biden to blackmail the Clown the minute he’s elected, if so.
      The FBI sat on the Biden dirt for 8 months. Justice also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Bar has done what? Who can not feel for Trump, surrounded by these Weevils?

      Now way should he carry Wray, another Day. He needs to be cut now. While he still has the power.

      If Trump does beat the odds and gets a second term, hopefully, we Deeply HOPE, he focuses on clearing out the trash, and at least preps Jr in a formal role, to give him the Street Experience and Public Recognition with credibility to launch the Dynasty continuity the world needs. Dedicated to deny the DemoRats.
      So few days so much at stake. How can good Americans vote to stop so many Demo Rats on the make?
      So many are on Welfare, lifetime Non Contributors, or visibly lacking the basic education to vote- Do and Badly!
      We fear for America this time. Elect Biden, the whole nation leaves the tracks.


    1. I am in the middle of listening to the first video and it is conspiracy type info, so maybe better not to post it Tony. I’ll leave it up to you.


    1. If you can’t protect the Constitution from Political Fraud and Shysters, how long can Society last as you know it?
      They have stolen everything else. Only your freedom is left. For how long?


  25. On December 2, 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte won a decisive victory against a numerically superior force at Austerlitz, in modern day Czech Republic. Having lured the center of the enemy force to attack the French right wing, he then brought his reserves forward to attack the center of the allied line that was left almost vacant. He then proceeded to attack the enemy right wing and sent it fleeing, while the enemy left wing was already in full flight. Army colleges to this day study Napoleon’s tactics.


    Just days later, news of a British naval victory in October put a damper on the celebration.

    Cheers to Britain on this 215th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

    “Everywhere I went, the British Navy followed” – Napoleon


  26. There were no tricks from Boris Johnson at PMQs – he truly didn’t have a clue

    Yes it’s true Johnson is a pitiful joke as a PM. Pathetic.
    REVEALED: Adam Schiff Connected to Both Companies Named in $7.4 Billion Burisma-US-Ukraine Corruption Case

    The Dirty Dems now Shifty Schiff is caught with his own hand in the till it seems.
    18 Reasons to forgo flu vaccinations this year — Health & Wellness —

    Worth listening to.
    Watch “Attorney General William Barr Delivers Remarks at the Virtual National Law Enforcement Training..” on YouTube

    Yes , Yes, Yes, Attorney Barr.

    How about you tell that to the Bidens,.Weiner, the Clintons, the Epstein Island and Plane users.
    About from NOT arresting disgusting Vermin, when will you arrign Biden?
    When will you arraign anyone?
    Why are non of the Epstein or Weiner Pervs arraigned?
    Why can’t you arraign Biden this week the videos are clear?
    Why not interview Joe Biden, the Chinese videos and fund sources are clear?
    Will you willingly allow this disgusting man to run for President a day longer?
    Is there any Justice left in America on your watch?

    German Microbiologist and Medical Professor Issues Serious Warnings about a COVID Vaccine

    Take care out there with these very very dodgy vaccines and games in play. Its like unleashing an Alimony Attorney in your pants!
    Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil union

    Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions
    Sick Bastards, Either you have the word of God or not. Not that its ever stopped you dirty Pervs Kiddie Fiddling and skullduggery. Time to close down the Cult scam don’t you think?
    Coronavirus is ‘back with full force’ in Germany, state premier says And so the Con goes on mask up. Submit.

    Coronavirus is ‘back with full force’ in Germany, state premier says
    Donald Trump will go down in history as a revolutionary leader on the global stage

    What I thought it was Stormie to Go down?
    A Covid-19 vaccine could come in the next few months, scientist says
    Covid is like Herpes or the Mother In Law. It lands to stay forever.

    A Covid-19 vaccine could come in the next few months, scientist says



  27. Demoralization Season ends early

    The polls are “tightening”, as they always do, but a little early this election cycle. Most likely this is because the Hunter Biden scandal cut the legs out from pollsters’ intention to “credibly” increasing Joe Biden’s lead to an “insurmountable” lead.

    Today’s Trump vs. Biden poll finds that the race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has suddenly gotten much tighter. IBD/TIPP’s latest 2020 presidential poll update shows that Republicans are rallying around Trump, Biden is leaking Democratic support, and the gap among independents has narrowed.

    The latest IBD/TIPP Trump vs. Biden poll update shows the Democratic challenger leading the Republican incumbent by 2.3 points, 48.1%-45.8%, in a four-way presidential poll of likely voters. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen has the support of 3%, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins 0.9%.

    Since the IBD/TIPP 2020 Presidential Election Tracking Poll launched on Monday, Oct. 12, Biden’s support has slipped 3.8 points, from 51.9% to a new low-water mark of 48.1%. Trump poll numbers have gone the other way, rising 2.4 points to his new high-water mark of 45.8%. Biden’s lead peaked at 8.6 points in the Oct. 13 presidential poll.

    Of course, even this fake poll shows Trump and Biden as deadlocked. Jo Jorgenson is much more likely to receive around one percent of the vote than the 3.27 percent that the Johnson/Weld ticket did in 2016.


    1. Tino Trumps road shows get 30K to 50K attendances. Biden gets zero to 50.

      All across the backroads of America are vote Trump signs. There are almost non for Biden.

      Mail fraud does appear a problem. DemoRat Organisers bussing in Deadbeats to vote is an issue.

      It concerns me that a Usurping Chicago Con Man like Soetoro is now out hustling again where a real Trump should have had his ass in Gitmo from year one.

      All now comes down to hoping Real Americans get out en masse and vote Trump, The votes of the real people are critical now. Should unemployed long term non contributors vote? Why, as they vote Demo and saddle you with more bills. Then breed more for Welfare income.
      This is way too close to call and worrying.
      Knowing Soetoro is a crooked Con Man why is he free? Why didn’t Trump drain that Swamp animal?
      Tino, if Biden gets in God help America. All of you.


  28. John,
    You must be making some headway…dovetails into your metals may be the way comment last week.

    From a recent AMEX change of service agreement…appears to be setting up for a gold and silver backed currency.

    Effective January 15th, 2021 we are updating this sub-section to add precious metal coins and bullion to the definition of cash advance in your cardmember agreement.

    This obviously puts metals on par with cash.


    1. HIW

      As I subtly hinted, it’s “Metals”.

      We are very far forward, and have vast Cash Pallets of USD to be re allocated back into the system, A major Global Agency is working with us toward a hopeful closure. The Elders Synod meets for the next 2 days as we need a key families consensus for the pending agreement.

      A lot is in play. No Brokers, Gurus, Ambulance Chasing Attorneys or false Self Appointed Hereditary Signatory, Just Real Families, the Finance Ministers, the Fed. Treasuries and Military entities for security.

      Need I say more?


  29. Biden laptop is legit – DOJ
    The Russia-Russia-Russia rhetoric fails again:

    BREAKING: A senior federal law enforcement official tells @JakeBGibson

    1) FBI & DOJ concur w/ Ratcliffe that Hunter Biden’s laptop & the emails in question weren’t part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

    2) The FBI DOES have possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in question.

    MORE: @marthamaccallum is told by a Federal Law Enforcement Official that the emails are “authentic.”

    The net is closing in on the Biden crime family.

    UPDATE: JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani just confirmed on Greg Kelly’s show (Newsmax) that there are pictures of underage girls on Hunter Biden’s hard drive. The information has already been turned over to Delaware State Police.

    Now, keep in mind that the guy has daughters. So of course he has pictures of underage girls on his computer. But the fact that the information has been turned over to the state police tends to suggest that these are not just normal pictures of his children.

    Also, it’s reported that only 50 percent of the drive has been examined by Giuliani and his team so far. So, no one really knows the full extent of this yet.

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    1. Tino

      These are key interjections needed by us all to maintain key perspectives of likely turn outs.
      Either Trump scrapes by or wins by a landslide. But be assured, the Dems are car and bus shipping them in as an orchestrated campaign. As ours will be for the next 2 weeks to bust Biden wide open.
      Please, maintain the momentum and views.
      I worry when I see postal votes lodge in excess of conurbation populations. Also deceased voting Demo Rat?
      Be assured, if Trump does win, the MSM stock will hit an all time low. He will trash them.


  30. Like

  31. Sorry kids, anyone, anywhere, who has faith in the PCR test re COVID just doesn’t get it. It’s just a garbage antigen test dogmatically used. Errors of this magnitude are NEVER innocent. I apologize for missing this September 3rd piece. However, running tests beyond maximal reliable amplification, axiomatically means the current “surge” is complete bull****. Let hospitals separate COVID syndrome clinically so we can have a clue whether or not we are looking as contagion resurgence. If I’d have to guess we are seeing the beginning of the seasonal URI coupled to those needing care that was suppressed at lock down. The deaths are just reclassifications. Impossible to know because everyone has corrupted their mortality counts. Technically we don’t seem to have excess death, so….

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  32. Digital Assets To Consider

    Some time ago we published some digital asset ideas for you to consider for your speculative portfolio. We are now going to re-issue that list with a few extra ideas. Please note that we are not allowed to give individualized investment advice. But, we can share ideas that we feel are quality and have good potential to turn your spare risk dollars into considerable sizes as this sector grows and attracts more and more capital from commercial interests.

    This list is not meant to be exclusive or exhaustive. There are probably many more good ideas out there. But, we have to limit our list for brevity and time sake. However, we do focus on quality and not quick-buck pirate speculation. The idea is to achieve wealth accumulation and not weekend race track fixes for strung out gamblers.

    Remember. There is no need to over-invest to the point of putting yourselves into a deeply stressful position. It won’t take a lot to make a lot if things play out as they are shaping up to. Be wise. Don’t overplay any one position. Spread out your risk and try to keep each position uniform. This way, your losers or non-performers will not sink your winning chances.

    Let us begin.

    BITCOIN (BTC) – Not much need be said about the progenitor of all crypto currencies. This proven performer has delivered 90,000,000% gains since its inception, and remains the current reserve coin, highly liquid and immutable. While present price levels of BTC are too high to allow transformation wealth from small deposits, you can keep small amounts of it handy to buy other ideas when you feel it appropriate. There are many estimates on the future price levels, some of them as high as $1,000,000. We would guess that in the near term, a price of about $70-100,000 is not unrealistic.

    Mainstream adoption is continuing at a feverish pace, and at present, five publicly traded companies have bitcoin in their treasuries.

    Three of these companies (Galaxy Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain, and Cypherpunk Holdings) added BTC from June to September of this year, amounting to more than $148 million in total. MicroStrategy, a $1.6 billion business analytics and mobility platform, purchased $250 million BTC in August and another $175 million in September for a total of 38,250 BTC. And $82 billion payments company Square purchased $50 million worth of BTC earlier this month. The purchase accounts for 1% of the firm’s total assets.

    In July, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced banks can store and work with cryptocurrency. In September, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken received a U.S. bank charter. It’s now a federally recognized bank that can provide comprehensive deposit-taking, custody, and fiduciary services for digital assets. We expect more cryptocurrency-centric businesses to earn the same title over the next year as demand grows.

    Look for more companies to take 1-2% positions in BTC as an inflation hedge in the near future, which will be bullish for BTC.

    BTC is a buy up to $24,500.

    ETHEREUM (ETH) – Ethereum remains the top development platform for smart contract and decentralized finance development. With the anticipated release of ETH 2.0, the pace of development is expected to significantly increase. While many dithered, debated, engaged in mindless pedantry and sought to act like bigshot analysts in Telegram and Discord chatrooms, this one made many millionaires out of those who rode the initial price of .40 up to about $1400 in late 2017. They saw the future and wisely took a position and held on.

    Even at today’s average price of about $370, it is very cheap compared to where it may return to, and possibly exceed. This one is a definite buy, and the future potential gains outweigh any downside risks.

    ETH is a buy at up to $500.

    DASH (DASH) – This one is built to simply facilitate online payments in a safe and efficient manner. Recently, after many months of research and extensive consulting with various related entities in the crypto field, the CEO of DASH suggested a change to their model.

    A new 60/40 split with master nodes receiving 60% and miners 40% intends to strengthen the network and lock up about 1000 DASH in the process. The price has reacted favorably and the future looks good for DASH development.

    DASH is a buy up to $775.

    STELLAR LUMENS (XLM) – Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and people. It’s building a global network of partners to facilitate cross-border payments around the world. And it can do so at a fraction of the cost and time. The recent announcement that USDC will run on the Stellar blockchain is certainly bullish for this quality project. And, right now you can own a part of it for pennies.

    Stellar is a buy up to .23.

    RIPPLE (XRP) – This project facilitates cross boarder payments for big banks. RippleNet offers connections to hundreds of financial institutions around the world via a single API and makes moving money faster, cheaper and more reliable for customers. It also helps reduce, even eliminate, the need to pre-fund accounts with On-Demand Liquidity (ODL)—a service that uses the digital asset XRP to source liquidity during cross-border transactions, as an alternative to traditional systems.

    RIPPLE is a buy at up to .24.

    CINDICATOR (CND) – Cindicator is a fintech company that builds and develops predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. These services are available exclusively to those who hold CND tokens.

    Cindicator features several products built to utilize their platforms to trade several financial markets. Their results so far have been spectacular. I cannot believe this project is available so cheaply. This one is a real sleeper.

    Cindicator is a buy up to .06.

    VECHAIN (VET) – This project aims to focus on eliminating the widespread problem of fake and counterfeit goods, which costs the public billions each year. VeChain provides the company with an encrypted smart chip or QR code with a unique ID. The company embeds the chip or QR code on the product. Then, it scans the unique product ID and stores it on the blockchain. The company can track the product during each phase of its life cycle… from origination to user. Because the blockchain is tamper-proof, companies know the products they send or receive are authentic.

    Many large companies are using this technology now, and there is no end to the potential expansion of this critical technology to protect brand names and public safety.

    VET is a buy up to .02.

    0x (ZRX) – This DeFi project is bringing interoperability to the world’s decentralized exchanges. Project 0x is a protocol (or set of rules) that programmers use to build blockchain applications. These apps let people trade crypto tokens directly without the need of a centralized exchange.

    Anyone in the world can use 0x to service a wide variety of markets ranging from gaming items to financial instruments to assets that could have never existed before. 0x is important infrastructure for the emerging crypto economy. As more assets become tokenized, public blockchains provide the opportunity to establish a new financial stack that is more efficient, transparent, and equitable than any system in the past.

    0x is a buy up to .70.

    RIPIO CREDIT NETWORK (RCN) – Ripio Credit Network and the RCN token are part of a blockchain-based protocol that uses smart contracts to make low-cost loans. It’s focused on providing loan services to anyone with a smartphone. RCN credit marketplace is mounted on top of a state-of-the-art decentralized application (dApp), which combines the usual tools and features of digital lending platforms with all the transparency and security of the blockchain. The explosion of smartphones means bank branches just aren’t needed anymore. This project is mainly focused on the un-banked, and that market is huge. Ripio Credit Network is being positioned to become the dominant blockchain-based lending solution in all Latin America.

    RCN is a buy up to .04.

    CRYPTERIUM (CRPT) – This project is building a parallel payment network that promises to make buying anything with crypto as easy as swiping a credit card. And it already has a deal in place to bring its payment solution to as many as 42 million points of sale. It’s also created a unique method to drive constant, increasing demand for its CRPT token. in 2019, Crypterium launched the first global crypto card that allows users to spend their favorite crypto currency on the go, around the world.

    You can buy CRPT token directly in Crypterium App, or on the following exchanges: KuCoin, Liquid, HitBTC.

    CRPT is a buy up to .32.

    ENJIN (ENJ) – Enjin is a blockchain ecosystem with products that allow anyone to easily create, manage, distribute, trade, and store blockchain assets. Enjin’s innovation is the ERC-1155 multi-token standard. The core concept behind ERC-1155 is that a single smart contract can govern an infinite number of tokens. Previously, with the ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards, a new smart contract was deployed for each new “class” of token. With ERC-1155, users can send multiple tokens in a single transaction. That offers significant savings on transaction costs and eliminates the wait for each block in single transfers. This makes it easy for everyone to develop, trade, monetize, and market with blockchain.

    ENJ is a buy up to .22.

    STATUS NETWORK (SNT) – Status is an all-in-one decentralized messenger, crypto wallet, and dApp browser. It’s quite a remarkable technological development, and one worth a look. Status strives to be a secure communication tool that upholds human rights. Designed to enable the free flow of information, protect the right to private, secure conversations, and promote the sovereignty of individuals. You have to review their website for a complete understanding of this project and its potential.

    SNT is a buy up to .04.

    STREAMR (DATA) – Streamr’s goal is to build decentralized infrastructure for real-time data. It would replace centralized message brokers with a global peer-to-peer network. And it would use smart contracts and a decentralized data network. On top of its platform sits a data marketplace, where people can easily buy and sell data. It also has powerful tools for analyzing data and building dApps that can use the data. Streamr uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to secure payments and data permissions. DATA, an ERC-20 standard token, is used for settlement and to incentivize network nodes to provide bandwidth for data transport.

    DATA is a buy up to .04.

    SOLVECARE (SOLVE) – Solve.Care is a global healthcare blockchain technology company. They are on a mission to better coordinate health care records and interoperability between health care providers’ data management. SOLVE is providing software married to blockchain immutability to finally give health care providers a flexible, fully compliant way to exchange information… without having to invest in expensive hardware and software. This project is being integrated at a pretty good pace, and is a very good addition to your speculative blockchain holdings.

    SOLVE is a buy up to .20.

    UNISWAP (UNI) – This DeFi project aims to make the processes of the digital exchange marketplace faster, easier and cheaper. And, while the regulatory hurdles ahead will be significant, you can take a stake in this project and bet on them overcoming such because the upward pressures to innovate and advance always seem to overcome the desire to stop and remain backwards.

    Uniswap is a protocol for exchanging ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. It eliminates trusted intermediaries and unnecessary forms of rent extraction, allowing for fast, efficient trading. Where it makes tradeoffs, decentralization, censorship resistance, and security are prioritized. Uniswap is open-source software licensed under GPL.

    UNI is a buy up to $5.00.


    Remember, only allocate your disposable risk capital to this portfolio. There is NO NEED for reckless overbuying. Keep your tokens off of exchanges. Keep them in your hardware wallet, or on insured online wallets, which are in regulated territory.

    Good luck!

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    1. Great stuff Tony. Really appreciate what to consider. I’m a newbie so what do you recommend for Bitcoin wallet: an phone app, website, or device? Many thanks!

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      1. I don’t like phone apps, just a personal thing. This is not to say there are not very good ones out there.

        For BTC, is an excellent on line wallet. They do not keep your keys. You will generate a recovery key to maintain access in case of password loss. For anything else not storable there, the Ledger Nano is excellent.


    2. Heavens above Tony, you have gone to so much trouble in this comment in offering the information you have. Thank you so so much for taking time to guide us all so wonderfully. You really are a star for being so generous with your time and the sharing of your knowledge and research.

      I have not watched most of the videos yet but hopefully will get through them all soon. You have shared this info in such an easy to understand handy form, which is fabulous for me personally.

      This is just totally awesome Tony and I offer you my most sincere thanks for being so generous to assist us all on this path.

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  33. An excellent empirical approach to COVID (the disease) by professionals. Note the presence of HCQ and multiple avenues to skin the various COVID cats. When the bastards give you a hard time for loved ones and just sit there quoting guidelines (which are pitiful) hit them over the head with this good pedigree video. Slam it up their backside so they spit their useless credentials. You can get the paper itself from PubMed.


  34. Here are a bunch of hard resources proving that “face coverings” are at best worthless.

    1) The Center for Evidence Based Medicine
    “This recent crop of trials added 9,112 participants to the total randomised denominator of 13,259 and showed that masks alone have no significant effect in interrupting the spread of ILI or influenza in the general population, nor in healthcare workers.
    … ILI rates were 13 times higher in Vietnamese hospital workers allocated to cloth masks compared to medical/surgical masks, RR 13.25, (95%CI 1.74 to 100.97) and over three
    times higher when compared to no masks”
    Government doctrine on hydroxychloroquine bows to (questionable) RCTs — why do they ignore them with regard to masks?

    2) Comprehensive review of the actual science, including critiques of studies showing “masks work”. Plus, links to charts of areas that imposed masks, but had cases soar anyway. And quotes from many official entities when they acknowledged that masks don’t work.

    3) Detailed explanation from a PhD in organic chemistry with extensive experience in PPE showing that masks don’t work socially and “face coverings” may very well increase the spread.

    4) Video of vape particles, larger than viruses, going thru and around various “masks”


    1. All you say is true. However, let me make it terribly simple.

      The virus is a 0.125 micron particle.

      The most commonly used surgical mask has 2 – 4 micron pores.

      It is impossible for a mask with 2-4 micron pores to stop a viral particle that is 0.125 microns in diameter. QED.


  35. _______

    The planet can breath again Kaylies back

    Now this, if true, is an election swinger for Trump and with Biden facing blistering exposure over the next 2 weeks hopefully Trump wins
    Who is behind the Pandemic to usher in NWO?

    Please check out the former FBI chief’s video amongst others.

    If this poll is correct Trump loses. So, what can go wrong , apart from who now trusts Polls?

    1. How many real Biden Voters will turn out.,

    2. How many total anti Biden voters will absolutely turn out?

    It’s not hard to call. The Polls clearly call Biden.
    But, as before, it’s so easy to be wrong! Hopefully Trump swings it. How many brain dead Americans will vote for Biden?

    For the next 10 days he will be buried in dirt the MSM refuses to expose. So, if Trump wins time to replace Editors and owners of the MSM. Anti- corruption!
    Articles from Technocracy News for 10/19/2020

    What’s coming… 😢
    Post vaccine they will have incredible tracking data about every facet of you and your health. Also ability to flip your self destruct switch.

    What an asset for Trump AND America..
    Kayleigh alone could win him votes.

    What’s not happening with the MSM and Biden is a disgrace. We have to beat the MSM..ifTrump wins it’s payback time.
    UK plan to be first to run human challenge Covid trials
    Watch “Giuliani: Hunter Biden Emails, Photos ‘Will Shock the Hell Out of You'” on YouTube

    Drip, drip, drip, does Biden have No Sense of Shame?
    Does America want another Skank with No Honour in Office? How many Scumbags have had that office since JFK?
    Are no Americans ashamed by this family?

    Journalist Glenn Greenwald blasts the media’s ‘cone of silence’ around Hunter Biden’s email scandal and calls out the ‘blatant rank-closing’ from news outlets

    Journalist Glenn Greenwald criticized journalists and the media on Monday evening by questioning why more coverage was not dedicated to Hunter Biden’s alleged emails

    At last, now sensing a losing battle over Biden, an MSM Skunk Rat senses the Free Lunch for Lazy Journalists here, so will fill his rags with Biden news now. About time!
    You smoking yet Ho Family Joe?

    Time to close all their Rat hole Mosques and boot the lot.



    Goldman Sachs is reportedly on the cusp of settling one of the biggest criminal cases involving a Wall Street bank since the financial crisis: According to a Bloomberg News report published late Monday evening, the Vampire Squid has reached a tentative agreement with the DoJ to pay more than $2 billion in penalties – a figure that BBG noted is “broadly in line with analysts expectations” – and – here’s the key bit – allows the bank to avoid all criminal penalties.


  37. We are in crazy times.

    Despite the clear Democratic rights of the UK Manchester citizens,. the Mayor Andy Burnham has to put the City into an enforced Lockdown today against all wishes. It’s the end of the road for many businesses, they just can’t take it. Nor should they have to!

    I am seeing statistical projections, based on someone tooting his flute, (CNN again) which drive us towards a total national lockdown before Xmas and that will put stores into free fall. How much cheaper it would be to hang or drown so called Scientific Advisors who got it so wrong and will again.
    So, I say again, are at worst 10,000 lives who will die anyway. worth 3 million plus jobs and the collapse of the economies? Effecting vast millions! Idiot Chancellors keep borrowing for a burgeoning unemployed scrap heap, and taking on Trillions of unacceptable debt. It will take us 20 to 30 years to recover. Madness. HuTrashed Europe hundreds of thousands will now die from lack of Medical care for far worse illnesses. Desperate dying who need not die. Stop funding unemployed. Cease! Get their jobs back. Don’t work, don’t eat will sort it!

    Covid masks are deeply offensive. It has spawned lunatic low life Plebs with attitude who now challenge you if your not wearing Moron masks , totally ignorant and deeply offensive. Brain dead suddenly assume Air Space rights. Morons are loose, with attitude. Half of them need their masks substituting for plastic head bags and tying firm.

    This crap is way, way way OTT and if allowed to escalate will walk you mindlessly to the Refusenik Camps. Look at Canada now? Police (States) are now enforcing this.

    Political Leaders have a lot to answer for.
    Manchester have refused the PMs order so now its force!

    What happened to Democracy, and who gave Politicos these rights? Not the blanket vote Mantra!
    Hitler rose this way. Trashed Europe and we lost c60M. What now?


          1. A Johnson and I personally need to visually confirm the truth of that statement thank you Tony. LOL Please advise a time slot to zoom. LOL


          1. I’ll buy one for you in the next two seconds and have it at your front door by morning for you Tony. LOL You know I always like to be helpful. LOL


    1. What’s the point when he just exonerates them? What a pointless Wassock he’s turned out to be. Deep States Mole!!!!!! For sure, if Trumps re elected, and hopefully WHEN, Barr needs to go. He’s a walking miscarriage of Justice.

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    1. John.. this was posted from AMEX card member services. Is this related to the ‘QFS”?

      “Effective January 15,2021, we are updating this subsection to add precious metal coins and bullion to the definition of Cash Advance in your Cardmember Agreement”


    1. Thanks for posting this Tony. The first time I heard about Bitcoin was when it was around thirty dollars maybe even less from Max Keiser.

      I did not pay much attention into it or took it seriously until 2017. Biggest financial mistake of my lifetime, due to so called financial experts calling it a tulip mania.

      I learned the hard way. Do your own research to come to a conclusion. Many of these brokers out there, at least at the time, do not have a financial interest because they can’t get broker fees from someone owning Bitcoin.

      The same people in the near future will be pushing digital assets to their clients portfolios soon. When Peter Schiff can make money from people holding crypto assets, he will be the biggest crypto pusher.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You did better than I did. And I had been exposed to cyber cash concepts since the days of e-gold, etc., before the Feds managed to tear it apart like a mad dog.

        I started buying BTC when it was $240 and felt like a dummy for being so late.

        But, don’t worry. You, and everyone else are not too late for the next run, which is shaping up to be substantially larger than the last one.

        And you make a good point to keep your own counsel when it comes to the decisions. By all means, read and learn. But never let anyone, even me, be the final determination. That has to come from you, and by doing so you will develop the ability to move on information, and not dither or be swayed by the mass conglomeration of blathering know-it-alls who will say just about anything to sell themselves as wise or expert.

        For the prices we are getting today, even a bad choice will not cost you much if it goes down the dunny. But, the upside potential is beyond comprehension.

        We caught an entire planet getting ready to re-design how it does business, and are able to sneak in ahead of the largest groups who will not get involved until Wall St enables an easier route for them to do so. All we have to do is take a seat, hold on, and let the natural desire for speculative gain that is inherent in brokers and buyers, to do the heavy lifting for us.

        Buy value and hold on to it.

        And, in the future, once our London friends have finalized and implemented their plans, you will behold wonderous things and further tremendous possibilities from responsibly managed centers of power that the truly responsible and stable among us will have the privilege to be a part of.

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