Despite Big Tech Bolsheviks The Net Widens On Bite’n Biden While The USA Decides Its Future Course

Be clear, if the US Elects Biden, the vast Capital conversions in final negotiations with the Chinese Elders will bypass America’s Banks if that brainless Crook is elected. America will lose all confidence and Trillions in Capital will flee to safe territories. Biden is a Toxic Bomb to American jobs and recovery. Bypass this parcel of Crap fast.

We live in a dangerous era. Was there ever a more pressing time for Americans to vote freely, with news they can trust? Truth denied to you from Facebook and Twitter, by 2 manipulative, treacherous Skanks in Zuckerberg and Dorsey. Shame on these disgraceful Traitors to American voters rights. The world is watching you being so badly manipulated by Deep State Media Commissars. Traitors who’s companies merit the highest possible Fines with each banned from holding Media roles for life. They are hiding key news from you on Biden, and his so unfit conduct.

Oh Woe Is Beau!…(sniffffff!!!)

So clearly unfit as a potential President. There is a voluminous history of Bribe taking, Money Laundering and corruption by Biden as we have evidenced before. The Falcone bribes are his real Achilles heel. The CIA Agents using US Government planes to fly between Banks moving Biden’s bribe money from Clinton and Bush 41, laundering his offshore bank accounts to hide his bribe money from Falcone’s Forensic Investigators, and Obama shielding him. The MSM have refused to allow it to be revealed. Knowingly they will allow yet another Crook to occupy the Oval Office. If Biden were indicted to answer for his crimes, he would be jailed for life. What a family. But Barr indicts no one. DO – Justice – Where?

Will Trump Keep Barr If He Fails To Indict Powerful Politicians Caught Red-Handed?

For the very standards and values the Founders sought to pursue for their new Democracy, representing a Constitution for all the people, where are the MSM as Protectors of Truth? Liberty and your rights to be free. Liars deny you the Constitutional rights your visionary Founder Patriots died for. America was founded in pursuit of personal human freedoms escaping the Feudal monarchs. The very ethos of the Statue of Liberty itself. As Suckemberg denies truth again. What a torpid Weasel. Vile!

The blatant and scandalous meddling by Twitter and Facebook is so serious that both Suckemberg and Dorsey should be arrested for Criminally Conspiring to defeat the course of Democracy and Justice and to rig a vote in favour of a man of known Dubious character unfit to even run for office. The most heinous abuse of power, and undeserving of the trust of Americans to run either operation. Hopefully, if President Trump is returned, he will appoint new candidates of quality and commitment to deal with the MSM. Also the DOJ.

Should Big Tech Social Media Be Declared A Public Utility And Regulated?

That Epoch Moment – Does America return Trump as the only hope to stop the Deep State Cabal? Or, plunge America and its Allies into an unsavory orgy of America’s Despotic Crime Families, unleashed yet again, leaving Obama, Biden, Bush 43 and the Clintons to strip bare what’s not yet been stolen. Then, to orchestrate Military/Agency campaigns to loot what is left from the Chinese Elders and any remaining wealthy targets not yet bled dry by the Deep State and Pentagon War Lords? Be assured, if Biden gets in, it’s the end of America as we know it, and any hope of a Democratic restoration of liberties and values in the States. Socialism and all their Wealth Taxes will come at you, including tax stripping your Pensions as unearned income, at will. It will escalate towards a Chinese / Russian territorial face off. China will not stand by while America loots nations yet again. Not where this time China has disputed Self Interests in those Elders’ assets. That will be the Rubicon Line for China. With avaricious Political front men in Washington, too arrogant and too dumb to see the down side of a total no win risk. If pushed be assured, Russia / China may well preempt. You can not argue American comfort and presumptive logic against a Hard Core Commie. Fanatics will launch.

We have strongly advised Chinese Elders they now face the option of a protected assets conversion facilitation being done fast, while they can still get a Trump backed deal, or face Pentagon, Contractor and Agency sequestration with the Political Crime Families if Biden gets in.

They are shocked to think Trump may not win, but this is the ruinous US Welfare land of Walmarts, and they vote! Bussed in by the Demo-rats and God knows what cash handouts.

It’s truly horrible to see this in live play right now. Those who contribute nothing may leave you all with just that. Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

The Cabal Military Industrial Thugs and Thieves will come running. Parasites unleashed. Obama and the Clintons will do deals with a new Treasury Secretary under their Crime Family Control, to use Pentagon and Agency Contractor funded resources, to raid, loot and steal everything left of value, and not already under their existing Criminal Cabal control. Time runs out fast for America. Time for a peaceful transfer with cooperation, not sequestration. Pontification needs to end. Now!

We have strongly advised Elders to Deal now for a release of core assets, or all deals will be off the table. But to keep the settled capital out of the US. If the Crime families get back in, it will escalate to a face off. Taking yours – off!

This is the nation who got fought to a standstill in Korea.

The Heros who ran screaming in terror from Vietnam and Cambodia.

The nation who got blasted to hell in Mogadishu.

The nation who just got faced off and flattened by Terrorists in Syria, until Russia stepped in and manned up, to shield Assad. Russia achieved where America failed.

But still the vast US Military Contractors’ bills poured in. Now they claim they dealt with ISIS? Get real. Russia did! The only thing America gets are the Contractors’ fat Bills.

The nation who murdered a Million defenceless Iraqis, but had no idea how to run the nation, left. What a truly God Almighty, shameful mess America has made again there.

The same nation losing its Butt in Afghanistan is getting ready to run back to Mammie, having failed yet again. Heroes? In Disneyland and Hollywood maybe. Only! But the bills pour in. The Military Industrial Cabal Contractors are getting so rich. Only in America. But Trump IS trying to stop it.

We have strongly advised Chinese Elders they now face the option of a protected assets conversion facilitation being done fast, while they can still get a Trump backed deal, or face Pentagon, Contractor and Agency sequestration with the Political Crime Families if Biden gets in.

Too much Hollywood, who needs truth? Do none understand they are just Cannon fodder to the Cabal? Bred as Body Bags or Tax Slaves. Clueless.

American ethical consciousness only runs as far as- “When can I cash My Dinars?”

Iran, like Syria, has waved the long finger and is now protected by both China and Russia. Scheming Israel has real issues unfolding.

As Russian arms sales now predominate across the Middle East, once Russia delivers S400’s and S500’s, it virtually imposes a No Fly Zone for US War Planes, as well as leaving US Fleets as sitting ducks. US Hegemony is failing in the Middle East so who else is left for War Criminals to raid and loot? Israel, with Kushner’s collusion with Mossad, manipulating Trump, has stolen the Golan Heights, but Syria backed by Russia, will one day redress that. So will Iran when the US cuts and runs from Israel, and Judgment Day comes calling for the invading Khazars. You can be sure the Islamic Fundamentalists will not be missing the impact of Covid as it washes through Israel. What may they now weaponize as payback? What a WMD? They will think smart. Khazarville is a sitting Duck. How long before both China and Russia see the military advantage of allowing Islamic fundamentalists to take out Israel and its knock on consequences in America?

America is fast running out of options. Who to rob next to fund the Military Store?

There’s no question if they rig and fix voting to get Biden in, the world has a real problem. Will that Clown even survive a year without Greed overpowering the Cabal?

Biden can’t even command his own thoughts, how can he command the Military Industrial Complex, beholden to no one? They will hold him in complete contempt.

Obama, the Clintons and Bushes will eat him alive.

Is no competent authority orchestrating the Trump campaign strategy? Just Donald Duck again? Voters will tire of the same repetitive TV Reality Showman. They want details of what will be new as he totally failed this time to clean the swamp. He’s locked out by DC, bypassed by the totally Answer-to-No-One Deep State, and can’t even get his Head of DOJ to deliver it.

But, faced with the current morbid choice, we have to keep him in, because Biden is too appalling to even contemplate. This is the land of American Reality TV. Where a Soap can put yet another Dope into the Oval Office. How can we all help try to stop this Biden travesty of Justice?

This coming week will be the Hunter Dope Fix, and corrupt Joe’s Rico Racketeering with his son.

But next week we will be opening yet again with Biden’s bribe money from Clinton, stolen from Ed Falcone, herself acting for Bush 41, and the CIA Agents acting for Bush, using Government planes to fly between countries hiding and laundering his dirty money. Each on a kickback. No Hiding Biden, the truth will break and finish you. Saving America!

“Joe, what is your opinion of Information Briefing #159?”


    1. That doesn’t even make logical sense. And what then constitutes “non-essential”… It’s like when they took some aisles went out at Walmart because home-locked folks figured they could garden, so garden tools went suddenly “non-essential”. When is that two fingers wave going to happen Brits? Tell ’em to F off and die…

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  2. And why is anyone reporting, anywhere, that inner members of the Trump circle are suggesting concession? This canard, of inner circle members suggesting folding, has been floated before 4 times, at the time of each coup attempt. Each and every time it has found to be without merit.

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  3. Stop the black pill reporting.

    No voting fraud Court case, anywhere, is ‘blown out’. Who the hell is reporting this? The first cases were filed on Monday. You can’t have a ‘blow out’ at filing. The State won’t even entertain a brief in counter for days. The only report that could be so misconstrued is the Michigan Court asking for extra documents to be filed. That’s not a ‘blow out’. Jesus F Christ.

    The evidence available is overwhelming.

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  4. Like

      1. December will tell the tale. If they cannot come to the legal conclusions required through a standard process, the State legislators will send their slate of electors to the House for a vote. I sense this is where it’s heading. Pennsylvania’s changing of the deadline criteria is likely going to be found unconstitutional and all those late ballots will be voided. If so, the game changes and in more ways than one.

        At this time I would not worry about how it all plays out or how they do it. I would worry about personal protection and security. Because if this thing flips, the BLM and ANTIFA factions are going to raise holy hell, and this time, Trump (assuming he is in office of course) will not hold back the Guard.


        1. Well, today is certainly an interesting day.

          There are scattered reports of RNC lawyers dropping the ball (clearly on purpose), with those lawyers being tossed and replaced by Giuliani/Sekolaw/Bondi identified lawyers. So much crap is coming into the tip lines for vote fraud evidence that the lawyers are overwhelmed in follow-up. I believe we also have Giuliani going on the record for the tsunami of shit being phoned in.

          The scenario you describe above is certainly a possibility. I expect this to end next week when Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania go full Trump. North Carolina went to Trump 20 minutes ago.


        2. Well in that case of hope the Guard let it rip and once and for all shut those destructive, disrespectful, criminal dip shits down.



    Correct and his first appeals blown him out. It will get worse.
    ‘She has her own agenda’: Ivanka is quietly urging Trump to concede to Biden because she’s afraid of burning bridges as she eyes her own future White House run

    During a senior staff meeting, Ivanka Trump told the room ‘it was an ‘honor to serve the people and people should be happy with what they accomplished’.

    Unreal the arrogance to even think she’s WH material as President. But it may stop the Kushner Dweeb dumping her. Gimme the Money Honey?
    Prince Charles told Diana ‘he didn’t love her the night before their wedding’ because he didn’t want to go into marriage ‘on a false premise’, friend tells new documentary

    British astrologer Penny Thornton, whom the Princess of Wales began to consult in 1986, made the remarks in ITV’s new documentary The Diana Interview: Revenge Of A Princess.

    OMG that poor Child was forced into that. What a Shit of a man. A disgrace not fit to be King. He will so piss off the nation. He alone may collapse the Monarchy.

    Late desperate moves are failing because the DOJ failed to drain the swamp


    Absolutely right it’s about saving Britain not that Goddam IRA Terrorist supporter so we are soon alone. Just walk on the EU it’s pointless

    The parties over

    Pence looks to be dumping Trump

    What a mess

    Nero will fire them all before they come for him
    If only he’d drained the swamp it’s too late now

    Banks will now join the queue

    Suck that

    He tried to take it to the Dems and failed

    It will only get worse for Trump losers lose

    Two sad attention seeking pointless Tossers
    Trump camp unveils suit to disqualify hundreds of thousands of votes

    He’s already been asked where is the hard evidence because without this is never going to win
    Georgia Officials Caught Handing Over Ballots to Far Left Groups Linked to Hillary Clinton to Ballot Harvest for Joe Biden

    If Trump does win this he needs to gut the lot asap.
    Nasal Spray Prevents Covid Infection in Ferrets, Study Finds – The New York Times

    Trump will be wearing his pouch skin on his head next.
    Poor little Ferret


    Islamists behead more than 50 people on a football pitch in Mozambique

    Again the disgusting atrocities of this vile Islam cult

    Democrat election officials rigging the votes with fraudulent votes in favour of Bidet


  6. All the hype apart, Trump now has at best 2 weeks to give the world evidence of reasonable doubt, the Justice system also. It’s worth noting the rebuff he’s already had from Michigan, so clearly he needs Attorneys on their A game, which has been questioned for first passes.

    We all want Trump to succeed and for Biden to be stopped. This is where we need Barr and Rudi fronting a serious contested case for each State, and to make it clear to this very, sadly very compromised MSM Propaganda apparatus, that this will be a fight for true Democracy. Never has it been more under threat.

    Trump is under Global Media assault, and most untrue.
    If he does win, and we all hope so, next term he needs to do the job he was elected for and Drain the Swamp, Make it personal. Make it happen.

    No President ever has had to contend with such Media vitriol. But the combined percept of a truly very low IQ, and naïve arrogance with his embarrassing Public Ego Statements, creates this Buffoon image, entirely of his own making. Defining himself to be a Genius to a surrounding media begs trouble. It also creates the Moron perception.

    He’s now in a fight he can’t afford to lose. What’s his downside?

    1. They will litigate with Cohen for his lies over Stormie and Cohen will sell him out. Cohen is a slimy Shill.
    2. Litigation pending covers his alleged Sleaze and rent girls association. Melania will be faced with this. That has a high likelihood of triggering a shameful a divorce action and families at war. Huge bills. Huge vitriol.
    3. He has major loans to repay. How? He’s not making the profits. How many bankruptcies? To Bankers he’s a joke.
    4. Some of his likely cases, if found guilty, carry a potential Jail sentence. Which Lenders will lend to a Loser with a Jail prospect?
    5. He’s taken hundreds of Ms from Adelson and others and failed. They won’t fund him to run again. Nor will his current legacy aid his family to try themselves in 2024. Not as Toxic kids.
    6. He’s got a Short Window to turn this around, but fail and the world WILL Judge the man.
    7. He’s in the firefight of his sordid life. If he loses the Plot, he will lose the Pot. Melania is a one way Cash Machine. A Marriage of Financial Convenience.
    8. The world knows he’s been facing a rigged deck, but can he prove it? Nothing less will do. Also now!
    9. If Trump ever needed to get smart for sure, no time like now. My hopes are with him, for all the good reasons. But how do we sanitize a Toxic Trump? A perception of an Appellant profiling as a Public Turd tends not to persuade Supremes of his probity. A Brothel running Grandfather, a borderline very shady Father, a series of Bankruptcies, and a lurid, sordid personal life, will still factor into Supreme considerations. He’s still offended many women. They vote!
    10, Has he got the organization skills and mental faculties to overcome this? Right now Trump IS a one legged man in an Ass kicking contest. But they have steel toecaps. Will this Trump, with the Hump, Go Bump?


  7. Brilliant approach:

    De novo protein decoys block COVID-19 infection
    This report details the creation of de novo protein decoys that were specifically designed to bind the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein with high affinity, preventing its association with the viral receptor hACE2, which is required for infection.

    As reported, the optimized, hyperstable proteins act as decoys that bind to the virus and block cellular entry. The lead molecule, NL-CVX1 (CTC-445.2d), is shown to prevent infection of multiple human cell lines and to protect hamsters from serious consequences of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Prophylactic intranasal administration of the protein decoy led to survival of all hamsters challenged with a lethal dose of SARS-CoV-2.


      1. Gorgeous picture! Tony – look at it this way, in Buddhism we live countless lifetimes. We’ll be thirty years old again many times.

        See what we have to look forward to? 😬

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    1. Michigan looks to be an appeal Blow Out for Trump. If he can’t land that the rest is academic.
      It looks a strong defense as presented.

      Not hopeful T can now win this? It’s messy and blown out day one.

      I’ve watched him bluster and threaten for decades. This time he’s up against States. Unless he can prove his case, he will get run over. Stick to hard facts and he has to show. They had a week to do this right. He got run over in a day. 2024 is a nice concept, but who will fund him and will be swerve jail time? This is a game where the Bluff stakes get bigger. Also the costs. He doesn’t have the pot to fight the lot.
      If he folds they come for him with mass litigation and investigations.

      If he folds, he has to fund c$400M just to settle loans due soon. He doesn’t have it so can only reborrow.

      But Lenders don’t like to Lend to Losers. Especially buried under ligation and Jail risks. It’s not easy, and he’s now in free fall. Spikes are waiting if he crashes to earth. Could Trump – Go bump?

      This is a war zone for him now and the Dems will come after him. As will the Deep State and Media.
      The MSM is really on his case now.

      Does he run?

      If he’s blown out as per today, Litigation no longer looks a home run. Messy today.



    Why even give the useless Muppet that long? He’s such a Jerk!

    So now the Dems want Trump declared as a Flight Risk to stop him evading prosecution?
    What about the Dems?
    Pfizer claims coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective in clinical trial
    Watch “The next US president ‘will be decided by the rulings of the Supreme Court'” on YouTube

    If America is to have any integrity left, this has to be done via the Supreme Court as is now proceeding. Trump needs to be declared the Duly and Lawfully Elected President or all trust in American Justice will be gone.

    Tories demand lockdown ends early amid claim PM fears he was ‘bounced’

    So much BS as so called Scientific Advisors projection of mega infections are failing again and our cities are collapsing. What a Con!
    Israel feared seventh country hit by Covid strain spread by mink

    BS that’s not Mink, they have been humping Rats again. Zios????

    Well done Putin that’s loyalty. Unlike idiot Blow Job Johnson.
    We all want this exposing.

    They are all on his case.

    Thump, thump, thump, thump Jeez what a life. Then his skirt dumps him?

    She will spend every day fighting for Alimony when Kushner dumps her which he will. He’s helped steal the Golans and got Israel talking to Arabs. He’s done.

    Call a Skunk a Skunk


  10. Site Overview for All Key Issues.

    1. There is growing hard evidence of Criminal Conspiracy and Vote Rigging which is a blatant Criminal Conspiracy to steal the US elections. The vast Social Media groups, and Vested interests such as War Criminal Soros, and Chicago Con Man Usurper Barry Soetoro, have acted as a collective Conspiracy, to stop the exposure and publication of known Biden Crimes and even Treasonous conduct with the Falcone affair, using CIA agents and,Government planes flying around moving Biden’s bribe money to hide it from Falcones investigators, and blatant money laundering as well as Tax Evasion. Just what sort of Vetting has America undertaken? None!!!! Biden IS and always has been UNFIT FOR OFFICE! Why has the media affected such a cover up? How dare Twitter and Google/You tube mount such blatant Censorship unchecked? The world now knows this, just not Americans.

    It’s not going to go away! It will diminish your standing and credibility on the Global stage. Wise Supremes need to recognize and stop this. This Presidency needs to be protected and decided by the Supremes, to protect America’s Democracy. Biden needs to be Biden his time with the Conspirators in Jail.

    2. The Vote counting and allocations machines have been IT rigged to switch Trump votes to Biden and negate Trump’s own count. The Contracting company is owned by the Pelosis. Dirty Nancy again!!!?????????????

    3. If the Supremes order a Forensic Investigation, Trump WILL be vindicated, and these false returns rejected. Trump will then, and needs to be, duly elected for his second term.

    4. Payback. The treacherous Nations Leaders who have prematurely contacted and congratulated this sham False Leader in Biden, will be re assessed for future US support, and Boris Johnson in London, this two faced, limp brained apology for a Leader, will find a cold chill when attempting to call Donald in future. He’s a Wassock! Nigel Farage however, who went on a Road Show with Trump totally backing him, with solid verbal commitment, will have an ever open door. That helps maintain the Special Relationship. Johnson could well ( Hopefully!!!) be gone next year. Slag!! Our Westminster Jungle Drums are already beating to remove this duplicitous Ass. The UK is with, and supports Trump.

    5. Covid is already now flatlining and declining in the UK again. The justifications for locking down our nation, is in decline and questions why we have needlessly and recklessly put million of jobs at risk, and caused the collapse of tens of thousands of businesses, leaving Towns , Cities and Office blocks in total decline. The entire infrastructure and tax collection behind them has collapsed. Industry and Commerce is in freefall. We are only 4 days into the new Months unjustified lockdown and already it is shown the Justification simply does not exist, the forecasting data was false.

    6. Biden is already meddling in Irish affairs which are way beyond his metal capacity, and giving encouragement to IRA Slags like Jerry Adams. Ireland is a Toxic Tribal Ghetto needing special handling. Way beyond Bribe Taking Biden’s Pay Grade.

    7.Bribe Taking Biden is already meddling in complex Covid issues, and could derail America’s vast Industrial and Commercial infrastructure taking it beyond repair. In turn needlessly collapsing vast millions of jobs. He has the mental dexterity of a Tosser. This simpering half wit will take the Sheeple to the Abyss.

    8. I am watching Republican Afro Americans, suddenly re morphing into claiming a lifetime’s committed support for the Democrats. What a Prick will do for their lick? Duplicity rules fools. Just morph into a Turd and be done with it.

    9. The media went into a Global tailspin over Watergate. What these Treasonous Vermin have done to Americans precious votes is 100 times worse, yet neither Media nor Political entities are seeking Truth or Justice. Liberty cries.

    10. How can we, your Real Allies, help save you from the treachery within?


  11. Mary Trump on the end of Uncle Donald: all he has now is breaking things | Donald Trump | The Guardian

    Families heh? She has been nothing but poisonous for years.

    -You want truth, can you handle it? The media won’t show it. How can anyone call this election fair?
    Where the hell is the MSM with this it’s far worse than Watergate.
    Trump MUST attack this and all thinking people must be with him.
    Bribe taking Joe needs exposing.

    Now we know the two softwares used in the hijacking of the election:

    1. Hammer program

    2 Scorecard

    all derived from the Dominion System … which ties back to Pelosi

    My understanding is that the FBI are now on the case. Three million votes were changed.

    The following Fox news story with Lou Dobbs interviewing Sidney Powell

    tells the story. The repercussions from this should run quite wide and deep.


    Eating too many quad McDs has built that quad Gut

    The UK has the Commonwealth plus whole world go trade with. Over 7B people. We don’t need to be dictated to by 350M led by a geriatric

    2 sad wannabes

    Contemplating if it’s time for Pence to cash out?
    Protests are building
    : Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming – American Thinker

    A GREAT ARTICLE Now this you ALL need to read and contemplate. A lot of two faced Effective waste disposal. Leaders may regret those Butt Kissing calls they made when they find theirs are not accepted in future by the Real President of the US.
    Trump MUST Litigate and will.
    Be fully prepared Folks, the Supremes may well support him, then watch the Dems run for the hills.
    Who cares if BLM and Antifa riot, and Soros plays his games. Time that lot get sorted anyway. and frankly, opening up with the 2B of hollow heads held by HS will at last get use of their investments.
    At least the incinerators get full rubbish supplies. Well rid. Effective waste disposal.

    But again, if Trump successfully overturns this corruption, a lot of Political Leaders will have real cause to regret their treacherous betrayals.
    Not least Boris Johnson, slimy, backstabbing Turd. Nigel Farrage will have him out next year. Loyalty heh?
    At least a Brits was out in full force fighting for Trump pre election. Trump won’t forget which!
    hey lie, They Lie, They lie!


  12. If Trump ( Hopefully) has the support of the Supremes, the US must use Forensic Investigators to review those votes, and annul the false scams. Then let’s see how Fake Biden deals with Payback.Bastards!


    Donald Trump IS the Lawful American President and must remain or all American Trust is gone.
    Geriatric Joe and Kamala Ho have to go.

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  14. I was starting to ponder this exact scenario a couple of weeks ago. So, where do we go from here if true?

    With election rigging via mail-in ballots, the real purpose of the COVID bioweapon now becomes clear

    “(Natural News) It’s now abundantly clear that the real purpose of the engineered COVID-19 bioweapon was to allow Democrats to steal the election via mail-in ballot fraud.

    By deploying the coronavirus weapon in China and allowing it to spread globally (thanks to the WHO and left-wing media calling Trump a “racist” for trying to close flights from China), the globalists were able to engineer long-duration lockdowns across America in defiance of medical or scientific justification.”


      1. The talk over here re the virus has certainly quietened down too. To think such an elaborate and evil plan was hatched impacting the world, if the story is true that is. What a desperate act.

        But while it is quieter re the virus we are swamped with news talking about the “President Elect Biden.” It’s totally unbelievable. I cannot tolerate what they are saying about Trump and the manner in which he is being treated and disrespected, it is utterly disgraceful and I will never forgive any of them for what they are doing. I honestly do not think I have ever seen anything like this in my lifetime. Disgraceful and disgusting. We will be kicking all their arses soon enough though. Bend over bitches. LOL



    The mainstream media have now collectively ganged up to interrupt the Presidents speech and to openly state on air he is lying.. They shame him and America and it stinks of Deep State collusion

    So now at last the Kushner Rat is getting heat.

    Brexit talks remain deadlocked going into decisive we With this IDIOT as Prime Minister Brexit will never end. Walk you Fat Tosser and see how fast the EU folds.
    A brainless Preppie Boy whose failed in all his real life jobs fronts Brexit- Badly! Pathetic.
    ETH 2.0 Scheduled for December, Vitalik Deposits $1.4M Worth of Ether Into Phase 0 Contract | Altcoins
    Melania Trump is ‘counting the minutes until divorce’ when Donald leaves the White House
    Trump will see his rear.

    Melania has only ever been an Eastern Block Bride at a price. He goes looking for these ready money Raptor girls, just like Stormie, and he always ends up screwed. Dumb and Dumber.

    She’s hoping this is the end so she can grab the bucks. Bad cat faced over drawn plastic surgery and an eye on the Bucks. Wonderland is about to tumble.
    BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden |

    The stink grows I warned you last week this was in play. Most Intel Chiefs knew it. If Trump survives , and I hope he does,. he needs to change the laws in future so these mongrels come under direct WH control. End their treachery.
    Treasonous Bastards. Just like the FBI.
    Major Lawsuits Will Be Happening

    Its key that Rudi and the team bring these Crooked States down.

    Dems Start ‘Enemies List’ to Go After People Who Supported Trump, Including Fed Judges He Appointed

    Unbelievable. Trump had better wake up and realize they will come after him big time.
    He’s now facing huge problems refunding his Group loans due for redemption next year. Not able to falsely, coerce Thousands of support staff into his hotels being paid for by the State, will come home with a bang.
    Moment of truth as occupancy levels plummet, They will and his bottom line will be hit. Bankers know this and most will decline to bridge him.

    Melania now will be single tracked on Divorcing him and scalping all she can grab. He always buys them in, and one way or another it always ends up this way. Renters come back for more. Just like Stormie. Greenmailers.
    Kushner now is allegedly ready to run away because he knows the Dems will target him high.

    As fast as Trump get serviced for his for Divorce, expect Kushner to follow with his Trump Shickster. Their influence is gone, so will Kushner.

    With over 3,500 litigations behind him, the next 3 years will be hard for Trump. Family war on top.
    There may be nothing left to run in 4 years, and who backs losers? Adelson shelled out $75M for Chump in September and he still lost. Jews, don’t lose, with grace. Trump will lose face everythere. and he knows it.
    The media is already cranking up the onslaught on him. Daily it’s going to bombard him, he’s so much in play now .

    He’s about to unleash Hydras with a bloodlust to take him down. No Time to be Trump.

    Anderson Cooper regrets calling Trump an ‘obese turtle’

    It was was funny though.


  16. Allow me to give you a different perspective of this Vote Debacle and Trumps reality. .
    He has to fight and win- Or:
    Step one with Trump Group refinancing coming at him next year, if he loses the WH, new costs for a Loser will cripple his group. Watch Bankers scuttle him.

    No longer will he be able to hop between failing Hotels filling them with state funded support staff and SS, so the bottom line will plummet. He will see his Rrrrrrs.

    Melania will bury him in Alimony litigation, just like Stormie, and she will take him to the Cleaners. This is a Divorce Donald can not Duck.

    Forget the talk of 2024. If he loses this time life for him will become Little Big Horn. Who takes first cut at that scalp?
    This is a MUST win for Trump because if not, the Dems will change the rule to Rule forever!
    They will show you how to Jerk, a Jerk Off, for ever. He needs the Supremes to negate those votes. But will they?
    Most think not. Where is Justice when you need it?
    If he loses, he loses the plot. What then for “Damian” Kushner ? We he even stay with the Budgie? It could be catching. When Zios no longer need the Schickster as a no longer working key to the door?
    Will Melania even put the nation before Divorce litigation? Gimme, Gimme, Gimme the money Honey!
    Sleaze unfolds.
    Trump has to win- or else?


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    1. Rickard’s in my view, is at his best when he gives geo-political views. He makes some good points about the fact that the Republicans still hold the Senate, and gained in the House. This will help keep him in check as he slowly goes senile and is removed.


      1. But then you get Harris, a complete poor taste joke as Commander????????????
        Clinton and Obama will run her daily- .Ragged!


        1. Unfortunately, yes. But they will keep her in check as well, and whatever disaster she selects as VP. If the economy tanks between now and 2024, which many say will, then in 2024, we may see the Republicans take the White House, Senate and House.

          We may go though a list of short term disasters, like Rome during the period of The Year of Four Emperors before we get someone of quality again.


  18. What is this shit! Where were all these people during the debates. Everywhere you turn, says Biden won, including Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple, who tweeted today congratulating Biden.

    This video is supposed to be live celebrations across the U.S. but they are only showing one large crowd.


    1. Media brainwashing. Paid f’twats making up the crowd. FORGET them A Johnson, they have not won and will not win. The supreme courts decision will come in December which is where we will all see how big Trump did win this election.

      The Demo f’twats are trying to force their way into the Whitehouse by any means possible. They are bringing out every trick in their rotten corrupt book. Stuff them. DO NOT let them get to you.


  19. Okay, enough evidence has come to us showing the election results were protected by the use of Big Tech technologies instead of Big Tech being used against President Trump as it usually is.

    I propose that all of the people who will be eligible for lock up instead be allowed to remain at their jobs, and have money drawn out of their salary for the rest of their lives to pay down the national debt. Each IRS agent can be used to monitor the salaries of the many people each one is assigned to in order to assure that money is drawn out from each pay check etc.

    That way the IRS is turned into an agency that is useful instead of one that preys upon mostly innocent people who do not owe taxes anyway if the real law is followed. Just think of the many people who are involved in this election fraud both in planning and those who work in the ballot counting rooms. The national debt would be paid down by those who otherwise would be rotting in prisons that draw out money from tax payers pockets that is not really put to good use.

    Reading these websites make me feel as giddy as Scrooge was on the day he was converted:


    1. I think you are a little too kind with your suggestion Robert. lol
      I have a better idea. Take all of their assets and then string them up. DONE. And even more money could be made by making a lottery of or auctioning off the position of the person who gets to pull the lever on each one of them. The big mouths and big names would bring in a bundle of money in.


    1. Hey Mak, thanks for sharing this video, it’s awesome.

      I do have a question though if you can assist me please. At about the 4.25 min mark he shows a letter that was sent to all States in August 2020. This letter advised the States that they were to use the official watermark on all official ballots. If the States that are corrupt were made aware of this requirement in August, why did they not print more of the official ballots with the watermark applied and use them for the extra ballots they submitted that were illegal? Instead, it looks like they have printed ballots without the watermark for the illegal ballots they submitted.

      I originally did not think the States were each made aware of the watermark requirement but it appears they were. I don’t understand why they would be so stupid not to include the watermark on all the dodgy ballots they added to the official ballots. This is crazy stuff. Any ideas? Thanks Mak.


    1. The Political Freaks, Users and Sycophants are drooling over Bidens boots when the Creep is not even in office.
      The MSM are all over Biden like the second coming. Sickening, two faced Tinkers Dogs, the lot.
      Nobody seems to care that the biggest Vote Shafting ever in the US is taking place
      Suddenly Afro Republicans, have always been Democrats???????????
      The world is two faced. Everyone seems to be shapeshifting behind a Creep. There is neither morality, nor integrity. There are times when I just see the worst of humanity.
      The Vote Fraud is FACT and planned.
      Is there any purpose in caring about the brain dead users? Decorum zero.
      It’s like no one cares what’s going down, as long as they get their lick on the other side.
      Tri Laterals, sadly you have a point! Is there a purpose for 90% of them now? Shallow Folk? The only difference I see now is Indifference as they jump the fence. Are they worth saving? Are they worth caring for, as they don’t!

      Shallow Sheeple.

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    2. So did the twat we have over here. I suppose at the very least, we are seeing who is in bed with them now.
      I am horrified at what these mongrels are trying to pull off in the US.


  20. The Bidet Sham Is Unraveling

    Thinking Americans,. we abhor this Sham. United we stand with you.
    Bidens always been a Creep. Totally unfit for office.

    Clear and appalling Treason is in play here.

    Subject: ‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’: Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats

    Crazy stuff, where is accountability? We forewarned you earlier there were strong rumour an Election hack had been cynically planned and executed on the American people.
    America or Banana Republic? Voter Fraud Alert!: What was the point of a Revolution to escape Feudal Monarchs if your new founded Republic just went Banana?
    Michigan is back in play after software ‘glitch’ correction returns votes to President Trump

    Not so fast Joe! NO way can you do another Obama. Its time to look at you, and the entire process. Have you knowingly been part of this?

    There is a critical and beyond urgent need to investigate the truth and integrity of the American Democracy. America has invaded nations for less. We can not stand by without a voice of dissent while the very heart of Americas Democracy is being stolen before our eyes. Blatantly by the most unethical and devious acts of corruption and betrayal.

    Ric Grenell Tells Reporters in Vegas to Do Their Jobs, Says Non-Residents Voted In NV

    We are seeing unfolding the biggest voter betrayal in World Democracy. Be ashamed America! Stop this appaling Travesty and Treasonous theft.

    There again we are fining even more State planned fraud in Nevada.


    1. Now we wait for the truth to be revealed and then the real winner be declared. The True President Donald Trump.

      Text of a statement from President Donald Trump on the election result:

      “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process. Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.

      “Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots. This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election. It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access.

      “So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

      The statement was issued while Trump was golfing at his club in Virginia
      America Votes 2020 special promo image
      Full coverage at

      LIVE UPDATES: 2020 U.S. presidential election

      Text of statement from U.S. President Donald Trump

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  21. The Trump Triumph in PA is Beginning
    Supreme Court Issues a New Order in Pennsylvania

    Alexander Macris
    The Supreme Court has spoken:

    All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely, (1) that all ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3 be segregated and kept “in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,” and (2) that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately.

    Until today, this Court was not informed that the guidance issued on October 28, which had an important bearing on the question whether to order special treatment of the ballots in question, had been modified. The application received today also informs the Court that neither the applicant nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them. I am immediately referring this application to the Conference and direct that any response be filed as soon as possible but in any event no later than 2 p.m. tomorrow, November 7, 2020.

    The Supreme Court tends to be understated. For those of you who aren’t familiar with how they speak, when an opinion says, “Not all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance… which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them,” those are fighting words. Justice Alito is angry because SCOTUS has been ignored.

    This makes me even more confident that SCOTUS will rule in Trump’s favor.

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  22. Rumor on the street is that Biden turnout was even weaker than anyone could have thought. Not everyone is a shill — whistleblowers seem to be coming forward. Untold millions of votes may have been shifted from Trump to Biden. It may turn out to be more than a 3% vote switch as per Sydney Powell, outside the glitches that moved circa 250K/2MM votes in the Dominion software. Trump crushed it. Just back of the envelope, roughly 1.3MM votes need to be pulled off Biden in PA, with possibly another 250K or more ballots need to be restored to Trump, giving a lead of 1MM+ votes to Trump in PA.

    BREAKING — Giuliani Conference being censored by MSM and being marred by “technical sound glitches” by those covering it. Funny, my Internet stream is flawless

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  23. The natives, restless they are. (With apologies to Yoda). Steam is building at the grass roots. Lifted from a popular blog.

    In 50 BC, the Senate, led by Pompey, ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome because his term as governor had finished. Caesar thought he would be prosecuted if he entered Rome without the immunity enjoyed by a magistrate. Pompey accused Caesar of insubordination and treason. In January 49 BC, Caesar crossed the Rubicon river (the frontier boundary of Italy) with only one legion and ignited civil war. Upon crossing the Rubicon, Caesar, according to Plutarch and Suetonius, is supposed to have quoted the Athenian playwright Menander, in Greek, “the die is cast”. Erasmus, however, notes that the more accurate Latin translation of the Greek imperative mood would be “alea iacta esto”, let the die be cast. Pompey and many of the Senate fled to the south, having little confidence in his newly raised troops. Despite greatly outnumbering Caesar, who only had his Thirteenth Legion with him, Pompey did not intend to fight.

    It is now time for President Trump to metaphorically cross the Rubicon by invoking the Constitutional powers invested in him by the 14th Amendment.

    Biden and Pelosi are far less capable leaders than Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, a brilliant military general who was celebrated in no less than three triumphs, and far less popular. The American people are with President Trump. The law is on his side. The Constitution is on his side.

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  24. Want to bet the votes went to Biden ? 21,000 false votes missing? Suspend the counts lets re vote the lot at the polling stations.
    To hold any validity in candidate votes, these votes would have to be identified and removed from the count to have voting integrity. Why the voting apparatus does not immediately do this is most telling as delay does not speak to integrity of votes cast and counted? Quilt comes by defense of such votes.
    As I have said many times before, this was and is the most crooked election so far in America. And I doubt have are seeing more than ten tip of the iceberg on this.
    PA USPS Official Willing To Testify Under Oath Over Ballot-Backdating | Zero Hedge

    The list and incidents keep growing quickly. It may be time to think of cancelling the Election and re voting the lot. The sheer scale of vote rigging evidence is now too large to ignore

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    Biden was prepared to claim victory at 8pm. Then ‘Hammer & Scorecard’ was revealed and now it’s a deafening silence.


    Add the Supreme Court ruling re: PA and USPS whistleblowers coming forward to that as well.

    The (D) are entering the hurt locker….

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  26. Now….If we were ALL rich Dinarians and Dongers already we could fund the lawsuits and help stop this BS.

    Might be a good time for the elders to work a deal…release the funds Trump and we’ll fund about 10000 lawyers right up their ass. Last person they want there is Biden.

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    1. I have provided the Elders a clear oversight of the scale of corruption now emerging over this election and the cynical theft of a nations Democracy. A betrayal of Trust,. stealing the very Soul of the nation.


      1. John, can you expand on the QFS situation or any other events going on, if any…
        maybe the election has thrown a massive wrench in the works….
        just looking for a bright spot in the middle of all this mess….
        I know many are saying there is a plan and team Trump is on top of the fraud….
        got to believe that when I see it!…. hope its true…. for Americas sake!

        Also, I really can not see a Biden admin working the coming events to anyone’s benefit that would put power in the hands of Joe Blow…


  27. And the hits keep on coming!

    Sidney Powell: They need to investigate the likelihood that 3% of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called Scorecard. That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote. It would have gone across the country and it explains a lot of what we’re seeing. In addition they ran an algorithm to calculate the votes that they might need for Mr. Biden in specific areas. It happened in Michigan where a computer glitch resulted in a change in votes in I believe 5,500/,6000 in favor of President Trump just in one of 47 districts. All of those districts need to be checked for the software glitch that would change the vote for Michigan dramatically. The same thing is happening in other states. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of ballots appear for solely Mr. Biden which is statistically impossible as a matter of mathematics. It can all be documented; it is being put in files that we will file in federal court.

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          1. That would be an honor James. I think I would very much enjoy that little cage fight. LOL One look at her close up would set me right off. I had better take some extra vitamins that day just so we can make the first hit really count. LOL



    Well, guess what? The software that had the “glitch” is called DOMINION. Owned 60% by Pelosi’s husband….

    Do you know where the software was deployed?

    Wait for it….

    Wait for it….


    So assuming the morons didn’t change parameters for the Steal, adjusted for population, we are looking at millions of Trump votes falsely ascribed to Biden — which of course, means, as I already said — Trump won massively — beyond all limits — smashing all Election records…

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    1. Tino

      Watching new truths clearly emerging, and what’s visible being attempted, we are totally on side and will now come out heavily for a recount and denial of Bidens flawed victory.It can not stand. It’s evident now what is being attempted and it’s also time to ascertain the scale of Democratic collusion. Expect a serious attack by us over the next 48 hours on this flagrant theft of Americas Vote and denial of Democracy to its own people.
      If Biden has any integrity left, he should stand back and down, ashamed of this. But integrity with this bribe taker? Rotten to the core. The game is up.


  29. So, quick analysis of the Michigan 6,000 vote “glitch”. Glitch, my ass. Outright fraud.

    So, 48 Counties had the same glitch. So, assuming a “constant glitch” (and you can bet it wasn’t), that is a arbitrary boost of 6,000 x 48 or 240,000+48,000= 288,000 votes!!!

    If you are wondering how a man that can only attract 57 humans, 3 cats and a dog, somehow was “competitive” it’s right there. AND HE WAS STILL LOSING — requiring an additional 130K votes at 4 a.m. to close the gap. Are we keeping count? 418,000 votes of which 240,000 belonged to Trump!!!

    Do we understand the size of the original win by Trump in Michigan????

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  30. The official twitter site of the CISA, Chris Krebs, seems to be saying the watermark story is not true. He does not use the term “watermark” however. See what you think.
    Contrary to #disinfo floating around, @CISAgov
    doesn’t print or audit ballots! We offer @cyber
    support to state & local elex officials. Don’t fall for these efforts to confuse & undermine confidence in the election! #Protect2020


    1. Interesting that it says “Local election offices have security and detection measures in place that make it highly difficult to commit fraud through counterfeit ballots”.

      That is absolutely not true. The measures might be there, but they are not followed. Fraud is rampant at the state and local level.


  31. Vote Scam.

    This is global tragedy! This needs to go to the Courts and ban all Postal votes, re run manually the counts are too tainted to trust. Re Run key votes where this is found!! Let the President show it and America will stand behind him, so will the world.

    It is not possible to have more votes than registered voters, without fraud.
    A great deal of effort goes in to determining and verifying real live voters. So when we see and hear tell of the dead voting, you can be sure the vote is being rigged. And if the ballots are water marked as suggested, then evidence of fraud is clear.

    The question is what will Trump now do about it? Because if nothing is done then the voters in America do not count, only the counters. Proving Stalin correct, when he said only the counters count; not the voters.
    This should alarm everyone in the so called free world to see this and to accept this as valid. As it becomes an example to be followed destroying the count of a vote in every country encouraging the same approach in many countries against the will of the people.

    Changing the voter counts within the last month

    Wisconsin 3,129 to 3,684,726

    Pennsylvania 6,469,000 to 9,091,371

    Ohio 6,062,000 to 8,080,050

    And some haven’t been inputted yet.

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  32. We have just sent you the clear evidence of REAL Voter Fraud which needs to go to the Courts and negate all such states, with a new day Poll Booth Vote only, these States are too tainted to trust. Overturn all postal votes for those states. Set up one day and either show or blow. No show, no voice!
    Fast and concise. Then watch truth emerge. End this crime!


    1. Well John there is a lot of information now emerging to prove the case of voter fraud. Let Biden declare victory and then watch the outcome. It wont be the White House for him it will be the shite house in Gitmo, along with all the rancid dems who have perpetrated this disgusting sham and attempted to steal the Presidency. POTUS 2020 Election when it finally is proven the length and depth of their fraud then The amazing President TRUMP will finally be vindicated and your team can then focus on getting the funds in place to help repair all the damage caused by the previous administrations finally,

      This particular video may not prove the case but at least AG Barr has come out and vociferously stated that the Mail in is a shambles.

      DHS cyber agency invests in election auditing tool to secure 2020 elections

      Michigan county flips back to Trump, following repair of voting software glitch

      SECRET WATERMARK TRACE on all Federal mail-in ballots

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    1. That young lady will be secure for as long as she wants to work with President Trump, well at least for the next 4 years anyway. Job security is guaranteed. The truth is out there and the dems or demo rats will finally be held to account. Fear not.

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  33. Lastly, a personal note: my wife has been sick now 13 days with a URI. It is mild but lingering. It may or may not be the contagion. On the statistics, it probably isn’t. There’s no point doing the garbage antigen test — it’s just a random result anyway. Plus we’ve never proven that nCov2019 is the cause of COVID. And I can do more for her here than in a presently useless hospital which won’t even try to treat because her O2-saturation is 97%.

    5 days ago we switched over to the trifecta, which is a generic antiviral regimen. It can be used for any URI viral illness. She is doing well and any slide seems to be averted. We procured the HCQ from Canada 6 months ago thru a friendly doctor before the insanity began.

    As a once Boy Scout — be prepared.


  34. Even though it’s only a vote difference of c1% or less, they are going to Biden.
    Fraud is for others to, prove. If they have the evidence Act! Each day credibility will be lost.
    In the next few hours Biden will be announcing to America he’s probably won, what then is Trump’s balanced response? No time for more bluster. Trump needs a cogent and considerate clear response. It needs to be incisive and respectful to all. Not a tantrum driven Shrek, with a dyed racoon pelt on his head, waffling in rambling responses.
    Calm, cogent, dignified and clear.He will do what?
    Biden and America will call his cards. Will a dignified President stand up and put up, or Trump with the hump?
    If plausible evidence exists, show it now. Get the American people on side. Truth is a good place to start.


  35. In other news… the complaints against docs for using HCQ are falling one after the other. The simple truth –The evidence supports HCQ use, informed consent was met, and no violations of the Oath of Practice were in play.


    The Texas Medical Board has dismissed a complaint against Houston-area ophthalmologist Richard Urso, MD, that had been brought due to his prescribing of hydroxychloroquine for patients with COVID-19.

    The board said there was “insufficient evidence to prove that a violation of the Medical Practice Act occurred. Specifically, the investigation determined that Dr. Urso was appropriate in his care and treatment of BM, JM and KM,” presumably initials of Urso’s patients.

    The investigation determined Urso “specifically used social media to share articles and discuss treatments used for COVID-19. The standard of care was met and there was no violation of the Medical Practice Act found; therefore, no further action will be taken.”

    The letter did not mention hydroxychloroquine, but Urso previously stated that he had been reported to the Texas Medical Board for his use of the drug in patients with COVID-19, according to The Texan, a news site run by a prominent Tea Party activist.


  36. Larry Correia, bestselling novelist and erstwhile auditor, notes the panoply of red flags surrounding the fraudulent 2020 presidential election:

    Before I became a novelist I was an accountant. In auditing you look for red flags. That’s weird bits in the data that suggest something shifty is going on. You flag those weird things so you can delve into them further. One flag doesn’t necessarily mean there’s fraud. Weird things happen. A few flags mean stupidity or dishonesty. But a giant pile of red flags means that there’s bad shit going on and people should be in jail.

    Except for in politics, where apparently all you have to do to dismiss a bunch of red flag is be a democrat and mumble something about “fascist voter suppression” then you can do all sorts of blatant crime and get off.

    I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of information about what’s going on during this clusterfuck of an election. Last night I was on Facebook talking about the crazy high, 3rd world dictatorship level voter turnout levels in the deep blue areas of these swing states was very suspicious. Somebody gas lighted me about how “I’d have to do better than that”, so this was my quick reply, listing off the questionable bullshit I could think of off the top of my head:

    The massive turn out alone is a red flag.
    But as for doing better…
    The late night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.
    The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.
    The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.
    The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.
    Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.
    The poll observers being removed. Red flag.
    The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.
    The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)
    The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.
    The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.
    USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.
    The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.
    Any of those things would be enough to trigger an audit in the normal world. This many flags and I’d be giggling in anticipation of catching some thieves. And it isn’t that I have to do better. I’m just an gen pop observer who happens to be a retired auditor with a finely tuned bullshit detector. This is going to the courts.

    Generally speaking – f them. Don’t fall for it. Trump we have your back. Notice how they’re always trying to get you to quit. Hold fast. Ban from the White House any black pill turncoat. Because that allows them to claim victory without having to defeat you. Force their hand. Remember that your demoralization is the entire point of the exercise. And liars lie. That’s what they do, so don’t be surprised when they do it, and don’t fall for it.

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    1. Tino
      Be sure, be clear, we WANT Trump to turn this around and win, but now IS the time to show clearly some of this evidence himself, help them understand, then in a calm and Statesmanlike manner, ask for their understanding, trust and support to take this on for America and Justice for all its people. Not to see your earned votes nullified by crime. That will win him Global accolades.


  37. We clearly don’t see the same Media. What “Visible Lunatic”? The Trump ad hominem is quite tiring. He is NOT stupid, misguided or insane. Jesus F Christ. The voter fraud is blatant.

    Other than Deep State shills, who in nether hell is suggesting Trump concede?

    We understand, don’t we, that it is Trump, and NOT BIDEN, that has had the largest goddam turnout in history? So much so that they have resorted to manufacturing millions of Biden votes?

    While it has not be publicly confirmed, it is now more likely than not, that the ballots have been crypto-ed. Which means the crazy Biden runs, in the middle of the night, after official receipt times, are known. By extension, who did what when to whom is known. There is a world of hurt coming that way.

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  38. I truly want to believe that Dr. Steve P’s report of a sting operation is real. If someone can show me some extensive due diligence revealing Dr. Steve P’s background, and what his job once was, and website pages that can prove that background, and if Paladin has checked him out, etc. etc. etc…… then I will know he has a reputation to protect and he is not just repeating information from a dubious source or I will not believe he is giving us just a story that benefits himself.

    I will be just as excited as a blind person who miraculously regains his sight.

    Anyone? Please make me into a believer in Dr. Steve P. I want to believe based on due diligence done on this man. Please help.

    Thank you Tony for this blog.


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    1. I understand your feelings. I have the same, but this watermark ballot thing is something I can’t fully digest with certainty either way.

      How can such a thing go down and be admissible in any court unless the Department of Justice is running this operation? Trump cannot set into motion that kind of thing on his own. That would outdo Nixon and Watergate – a gross violation of the limit of his powers.

      Perhaps there is some angle to this I am not seeing, and clearly, I don’t have access to such agencies. He claims he does, and is aware of the operation. Either he has gone mad or he is for real. What could it be?

      He’s an educated man and served with distinction in past administrations in a clandestine intelligence role.

      Has he gone nuts?

      The only way a street-level plebeian like myself will know is to see if anything comes of this before election day. If not, then Steve Pieczenik’s credibility goes down the crapper for good, and for all time.


    2. Robert do your own due diligence and you will soon be reassured that Dr Steve Pieczenik is a true patriot. He is not a profiteer he is and has always been a patriot to the US.

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  39. Subject: BREAKING: Project Veritas: Nevada USPS Carrier Caught on Tape Pledging Voter Fraud to Remove President Trump From Office (VIDEO)

    Pathetic. Now THIS is what President Trump and his team need to be clearly highlighting to get the Patriots and Global Allies on side.

    Israeli forces leave 41 children homeless after razing Palestinian village, UN says

    As ever Israeli genocide continues.
    Iran Adopts Bitcoin for International Trade Amid Heavy Sanctions, Falling Rial, Soaring Inflation | Regulation

    The Micks are running from the Euro.
    Brexit panic: Brussels admits bloc facing economic devastation – EU publishes dire report

    You dont say. Just wait until the Uk leaves.
    Lightning Operators Are Bracing for a Bitcoin Bull Ru
    Meghan and Harry ‘not selling’ as cover images halt magazine sales amid popularity plummet

    Surprise, surprise.
    The Man Child and the Wannabe C movie actress are loosing Media power. Now what, for Harry a real job, Hello, doing what?
    Next watch Netflix rethink and run.
    Markle has blown it big time as a Princess. Harry has blown it big time as a Prince. So now does Markle take up Blowing in LA to survive?
    This fantasy childs game will last how long?
    Methinks the attention seeking also ran will bolt.
    She had the Title, but lacked the Class.
    MORE Dead Voters Caught Voting in Michigan — Many Are Older than the Oldest Human Alive Today

    The fraud is unbelievable . Tino these are issues to save your bet.

    The Bluster Buster is about to implode.
    Now he needs to win everything to get anything.
    The people have voted- No!
    No more Trump. Now who’s got the Hump?
    Boo Hoo, I will sue you?
    Losers are losers.
    As for running in 2024, fine but to lose again?
    4 Years, did he drain the swamp?
    That will be his legacy, Bush 41- Read my Lips.Trump, Swamp Creature.
    Don Jr says his dad should ‘go to total war’ over the election

    He has no choice Losers don’t cut it next time
    Trump’s inner circle seeking person to tell him he has to admit defeat

    How do we deal with a visible lunatic whose lost the plot and election.
    Who will tell the Lying King youve lost and you’ve got to go. He’s going to be in free fall in consequences also but talking of raising mobs and insurrection will blow right up in his face. It worse in America’s. Time for the men in White Coats folks.
    What a mess. We are going to win big. Hello?
    Sorry folks he’s had 4 years to plan getting all sides on side. He’s hired his family instead of consummate Professional top men and the ones he did resigned screaming lunatic child stories
    Conspiracy theories won’t wash or matter. He needs Dorothy to take him in hand to go and see the Wizard. Air Force One to Belle View.
    We all wish it was. It coming down this way. The system has allowed equal rights for one vote each to so many low lives and non contributors. Until you change that you just gave a permanent ticket to free ride to the Dems forever. Those who make the cake need to decide the slices. Or run out of Bakers.

    So sad to see this unfolding. Hissy fits won’t sort it. He’s alienated too many thinking women also. Like Bush 41 ignominy calls. Running again in 4 years won’t fly. By then America may have competent delegates in place. 4 years of Biden could fast track that.
    Give so many really good Americans the chance.
    Trump needs to focus on what may come at him now once removed from Oval Office protection

    Just wait until Melania walks. His Bill then?

    Heads up watch out guys

    People are marching Johnson has to watch it or the lot of them could come down.

    Without procrastination Bidens already a dead duck before he starts

    Putin is Putin in his resignation

    What the hell else did they expect?
    Trump closes the gap on Biden in Arizona after dump of mail-in ballots

    This is hard to accept for many
    Please look at the last chart and you will realize just how over blown this thing is.

    This is a interview with Ron Paul on the same subject

    Click to access covid-19-tracker-10.30.2020.pdf



  40. Thomas Wictor puts some perspective on everything. I posted last night about the CISA organization, a new federal agency nobody knows about. This is how they have done this sting operation. They made it a matter of national security. He explains it. Watch before it gets deleted.


    1. I can still watch Wictor here. Try this. Someone else downloaded it to save. I will try to find another link. This is worth listening to for perspective.


    1. Actually, the official reply to this was several ballots did not scan properly, so the man was reading the ballot choices to the lady who was filling in a duplicate ballot that could be scanned.

      I tend to think in this case, they were not actually committing fraud.


  41. Interesting projections trending.

    It’s starting to look like Biden may even hit c304 or thereabouts, and leave Trump flattened in his wake.

    We won big will become we lost big. Biden may hit the same numbers as when Trump won, which will be a cruel irony. Right now, unless Trump has enough Hail Marys working for him, he’s profiling for a major Ass Whipping on the world stage. He may end up run over like Clinton. How did that end up for her?
    Forget all this loose talk of 2024. He faces 4 years of pending litigation. Plus a business, which lacking the hotel income from his vast entourage, and the need to redeem loans next year, will be an Albatross around his neck.
    Which may explain the Golan Heights blatant Land Theft which Crime Family Dweeb Kushner fronted with Cheney, to steal the minerals and energy illegally from Syria, abusing Oval Office power, all this to shelter until Trump leaves office to pay over as his Spoils of Power. Once a Grifter always a Grifter. It may help cushion his losses to come. Skanks at work.
    But, having never been attractive to Bankers, how does he profile to refund with new sources after being Ass whipped by Biden? Or deal with the litigation pending. For sure his money costs will go up now. Without the Shelter of the Oval Office, how will a perceived Loser establish favourable credit lines?
    Losing office is only the start of his troubles. It will compound.

    Both He and Pollsters will have real credibility issues now. Neither will profile well. The Vultures are already gathering. Bush 41 never got over the ignominy of being a one termer. Nor will Trump. Without the prestige of the White House, how does he think he will be received? Already the Carion are circling. Key Political Leaders are distancing from him. No power, No Credibility. Trump built no Alliances. His nation did not want him. Even Idiot Bush 43, and Chicago Con Man Obama got 2 terms. Trump has no idea how he will be portrayed now.
    Which is a pity because he outperformed both of them. But he won’t get to write his own Legacy. It will not be kind.
    He’s publicly profiling now like a drunken Hippo flailing in a death role. Knives are out. Payback. Narcissists are mentally entrapped in their own false reality. Sadly, we also get the new price- Biden!
    Not a good time for America.


  42. Tino and all,
    We know the stress and worries with Biden and the Deep State. Beyond most, we know the geo political issues America has not even conceived yet if Biden wins.
    When I throw you a cross spectrum of adverse views, it’s only to help you assess the full game plan, because you ARE being gamed.
    Biden, be clear, IS the doorway back for the Deep State. Fat weapons and Contractor bills, back to War!
    Likely zones, Taiwan, Australia and other poor Sods caught in the Agency battle ground plans. Well, this will wake up the Auzzies. If you live within attack distance of the US Naval bases there, as most do, tough luck.
    Trump, whatever else, DID get you out of Wars,. less body Bags coming home. Less Weapons waste.
    So he’s unpopular with the Military Industrial ‘Complex whos fat padded Butts rape your nation. He’s saved you children’s lives and money. But Contractors see him as a fat income threat.

    He needs those Judges fast because his image and political credibility is in melt down now. Knives are out.
    Myself I have doubts as to whether the F Up Legal System in America does Ethics? Be assured the Deep State will get to them. The Beltway was built on corruption. Law too! Judges???? In America?
    Unless Trump wins the big ones fast, its over.

    The Win Big has not happened. The Wannabe Mega Star now sees his Rrrrs. Be assured, many of the sharpest minds in the Legal Jungles will line up against him. Truth- Justice, How much are you offering?
    I know as Patriots you have beliefs I condone. Sadly, they don’t. DC is a Zoo. NY too!
    Trump is ill suited and booted to take them on. Nor smart enough to know his own limitations. Lunch!

    Biden needs so few more votes and he’s over the line.
    I don’t question corruption or other issues, but proving it fast is key. It’s numbers!
    He simply failed to plan his Campaigns and to hit the key areas. He’s had 4 years to build an ID of Trust with them.
    No input, now you see the output. This needed planning 4 years ago. He thought it was easy? So did Bush 41!
    2 Losers.
    Bouncing back in 4 years is a pipe dream at his age. Ego and spilled milk.
    The next week will sort it. Political Leaders have written him off. Politics is shallow, but bottomless greed. He’s in the fight of his life, and drowning like a harpooned Whale. Too many Bottom Feeders vote! Welcome to America.
    Not what the great Founders planned is it? How can Biden or Harris run it? They will BE RUN! Sadly. This is America.


  43. Like

  44. If Biden wins, The USA may officially enter a “Year Of Four Emperors” phase which I wrote about some time ago.

    Biden will either croak, become incapacitated, be removed, before his first term, and Commissar Harris will hold an office she is not qualified to even audit as a political science intern let alone as president. It will be a rapid fire process of several unknown choices to follow behind her as her VP, then after a loss in 2024, who?

    Trump has to win Pennsylvania. If not, it’s over.


      1. Spirit156, I could kiss you. lol That is the most fantastic news I have been made aware of regarding this election. Thank you so much for bringing it here for us. I am so happy now. I hope to God he pulls it off legally. GO TRUMP.


      1. Wow! I am wondering why he has not said anything on his official JewTube channel?

        Thanks for this.

        John? Any comment on the QFS end of this?

        My only concern is the releasing of this information along the lines of communication they have done, and not through the Dept of Justice? I am just not sure who “they” are with respect to who is running the “sting”. I hope this is clarified in the future. What good is marking ballots with a blockchain tracer if that evidence is not properly custodied by a law enforcement entity?

        If Trump initiated this, how can it be considered legal? He is not a part of the Judicial Branch.


        1. I have the same concerns, but wanted your opinion and John’s. Maybe everyone is tired of waiting for Barr to get off his butt and do something. There is much info coming out from sources other than official DOJ channels. Citizens are doing the heavy lifting. This info, as you know, has been leaking out since last night from numerous sources. But I didn’t give it any serious consideration until I saw Dr. Steve. Seems like he thinks he would reach a larger audience by doing it this way. Also YouTube will almost certainly delete that version.


          1. Yes I see your point.

            I was going to dismiss so many of these “watermark” stories I had been hearing from many other places, but now that Dr. Steve has come out with this, I have to suspend my doubts and consider this credible confirmation. I do not think a man with his credentials would pass this along without some very hard proof in his possession.

            I guess we will see if this plays out as a real sting with arrests, etc.


        2. Just trying to fill in some blanks with the watermarked ballots.

          According to some reports, this CISA seems to be the organization that handled the watermarked ballots. This has not had a lot of publicity, but was set up some time ago to address cyber security. The director, Krebs, was appointed by Trump in Feb., 2018. So this might explain how Trump is responsible for it. He knew this day would come.

          Christopher Krebs serves as the first Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Mr. Krebs was originally sworn in on June 15, 2018 as the Under Secretary for the predecessor of CISA, the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). Mr. Krebs was nominated for that position by the President of the United States in February 2018.

          Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

          Also see:


          1. Well, this is what I expected from a mainstream commentator. I refuse to believe Dr. Steve is a “con man”.

            This is going down a rabbit hole that might have a badger in it. We best be careful.


        3. QFS in in a small vortex right now as a sensitive issue is resolved.
          No comment yet. A Game play has to be thought out.
          I note Conspiracy theories are loose and wild.
          Political Leaders are already distancing themselves from Trump.
          As Biden will be a headless chicken loose, who next? Harris is a Joke. Which Ringmaster.


  45. Sorry. My PA data is old.


    Last updated Nov. 5, 2020, 5:11 p.m. • Source: AP

    U.S. President(Pennsylvania totals)

    88% reporting
    DJoe Biden


    1. This little pointy-eared rat faced Zio putz needs to be reigned in.

      Time to declare Facebook and Twitter as public utilities, break them up and regulate them to forbid any type of censorship.

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      1. Now picture him at the beach with zinc oxide covering his entire face, carrying his little boogie board to the water. He looked like a mime. 😂. It’s true.

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    1. Hmmm. A week from now what will be the new truth?
      We let it all play out. It’s looking like a twisted road so far, if allegations are correct.
      But so far Courts are rejecting it. Game on for the rest. So what about the new claims Trumps team set them all up? Who walks the plank?
      A week- then what truth? Whose?


      1. John,

        Is there some psychological mechanism that makes you pick the most dire of predictions each and every time?

        It is NOT true that the Courts are ruling against Trump. Most are in process. What few decisions that have come down from Nov 3rd are fully in Trump’s favor.

        Wisconsin will be forced into recount by law — and by law, 130K will have to be thrown out, putting Trump massively ahead.

        Pennsylvania Trump is a whopping 700K ahead even with fraud. The Giuliani/Bond lawsuit is in process. The Courts have already mandated GOP observers can move into ALL counting stations. Also, the People in PA are on the move :

        Georgia and North Carolina — it’s going Trump. They are caught between rocks and hard counts.

        Arizona had to be walked back by the MSM.

        Now, if the rumor of massively blockchained or if digitally hashed, ballots is true, then the location of every ballot, and when the false one entered the system, is known. Which means DHS knows precisely who won the Election — and if it is the duly elected Trump — then it is going to be nothing but pain for the (D) traitors.

        ’nuff said.

        In the name of Patriots everywhere, let’s hope I’m right.

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        1. Tino

          I throw in the alternative media views to expand the picture.
          My support to elect Trump has been constant.
          But so is my view of Reality. Current or impending. It’s all a moving target.
          But- to where?
          Now is the time for Trump to show his real cards, if any. Boo Hoo won’t do.
          So now the litigation nation.
          He ran a One Man Show. It’s fast becoming a Carnival Dog and Pony show. Barr could and should have done so much more. Now we see the end of Empires looming. Too many, plus illegals, and mass minorities, vote.
          One non contributing Welfare man, one vote. You don’t perhaps see the need to re plan this?
          Let’s say Trump has the Thinking Vote. But the Deep State, got organised and have his throat.
          Now a real President would have read the Tea Leaves.
          We just supported the lesser of two evils. Now America is choosing. Badly maybe.


    2. Biden 264 Trump 214.
      How close to “Current Truth” do you want., Pre or Post litigation.
      Biden needs only one more state and its over. Trump needs Pennsylvania to even stay in the race.
      On albet “Current” facts, its looks over.
      So now., Conspiracy theories and Litigation apart, Trump needs to be contemplating his navel, because Losing is only the small part of his problems. They will come after him and then he will be facing everything from Tax issues to liquidity shortfall on his Hotels group. Plus, without the large entourage funded by the State as he moves constantly generating hotel income from his support group, what will next years income balances be,Real World?
      Be clear, I wanted Trump to win, but its now almost game over.
      The Carnival Barker is about to see his own rear end.
      Unless he pulls a giant rabbit out of the hat.
      One man, one vote.They just voted – No!
      So now , it’s a One Termer just like Bush 41.
      Scorecard- Failed in office. Failed to stay the course. That will be histories version, – Unless the Rabbit appears. Right now, I think he may need Road Runner too.


  46. TRUMP TRAPS DEMOCRATS! Ingenious sting operation set in motion in 2017 | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    Now this looks like its going to hurt, and if as stated, major heads will roll. They claim to have it all taped and TAPPED!!! Time to re open Alcatraz?
    If its as stated, and we balance our view on IF, then Biden would be a lost cause. But, is this for real? If so, it wil devasate the Dems. So- If?

    US Election 2020 live updates: Biden one swing state away from projected victory; wins more votes than any other US Prez candidate

    Sadly now Americas fate is Deep State and all the mass indoctrination and corruption which comes with it.
    Trump needed tbose 4 more years to take down this unelected monstosity. Vote rigging denied. One man one vote with so many non contributors needs serious review.
    Turkeys just voted for Thanksgiving! Truly sorry folks, Democracy just left the rails. End of the US Empire, the Fascists now have you. Very sad to see the doorway to decline now wide open. Corruption rules Fools.

    Danish towns are in lockdown following outbreak of mutated coronavirus

    What a God Almighty mess. Be ready it and more will be coming.

    Danish towns are in lockdown following outbreak of mutated coronavirus
    Watch “Why is the mainstream media ignoring Nigel Farage’s new anti-lockdown party?” on YouTube

    Farrage is going on the attack over Covid on the UK and challenging Johnson big time.

    Trump Should Deploy ICE to Investigate Democrat non-citizen voters in Vegas
    Sure and then investigate Soetoro and Mike?


  47. Like

  48. Like

  49. The Deep State can only survive by Weapon sales and Contractor wars. Biden will be a lame Duck. China will now move against Taiwan and Australia. They don’t care about populations, nor does America. China wants the territory and the Deep State wants the Weapons sales and Contractor bills. Hell is coming. Even Oz will be in play. All those US Fleet bases will be taken out. Pearl Harbour again. Drone warfare is coming, Robot wars also.
    Biden can’t control the MIlitary, nor Harris. They just got a free pass.
    What happens when this hits America’s shores? Pre Empt risks grow. China will be happy to fight this with Taiwanese and Australian dead. As with the US, always the body bags are the poor Saps in the middle.
    But now.China and Russia will unite. What then?


  50. The election result is so bad I have not been able to bear bait Paladin today, Think of Danny de Vito at his worst. Every week or so I spend time finding new angles to offend, rattle and goad poor Paladin, to play him, but today, it’s so bad I’ve been civil. I mean, so bad I can’t shake Paladins cage? That bad? Sadly. No curved balls and no P taking in Brit humour. He’s a deeply committed Patriot whose seen his nation blatantly stolen.
    Biden will be so bad for America and all of us. Does he pardon his disgusting Son? And himself? Does he pardon Obama and the whole rotten crew?

    Suing States won’t fix the US vote problem. It’s always been a criminal, litigious nation.
    Trumps lost, and next he needs to fear how they will come after him to make an example of him for others to keep quiet.
    A man who can’t get 50 to a road now can get 500,000 postal ballots. Hello????
    It STINKS, all of it.
    Even more for so many good Americans. You just had you country, nation and dreams stolen. The Deep State and Political Crime Shyster’s just struck back. We are all gutted. Words can not define our gutted feelings.
    Hope just died. The consequences of this are bottomless. How can a low IQ man man with Senile Dementia, surrounded by crooks, Govern America? A horror story is unfolding they will loot the store.

    Trump only has himself to blame, he got out of his depth and failed to drain the swamp. It just sucked him in.
    This will harm the world economies now. How can Biden negotiate with Putin or Xi? He’s dribling senile already. Biden is not mentally fit for office, and Harris is a joke. A bad one. The Mongrel pack just got loose.


  51. The thinking,Free World, is gutted by this visible mass Deep State and Democratic corruption. End of the American Dream.End of Empires. Turkeys just voted in Fascism and Thanksgiving. Gutted. A dreadful new world will come.
    A visible Geriatric with Dementia , controlled by Con Man Obama and the Clintons, what can go so wrong?
    A train wreck just left the rails. Deeply. deeply disappointed. So, so sorry good Patriots.
    One worthless fellow man, one vote, doesn’t work does it? No one factored this in. Those who don’t contribute share your wealth? The Gimmes now rule Fools.


  52. Copied from a post explaining very well by Maria McCauley:

    So basically what’s happening is Trump has already won it by electoral votes, but the Deep State froze the election and they’re desperately trying to stuff ballots. Because many states have not called it. Which will force it into the courts. This has been the plan all along for months for the Democrats. I have been saying this since JULY!

    They knew Trump would come out fast and hard, so they had to stop the momentum and freeze the election results from coming out. And take their chances at the courts. The key states are PA, GA, NC, MI, WI who are still unannounced. Dems are trying to steal the election with fake mail in ballots because it’s clear that Trump was indeed winning by a LANDSLIDE.

    Technically, any votes after the 3rd that they magically find, should be null and void and thrown out. All of this theft is behind the Scene


        1. Yes…. I believe this is overblown… Mailboxes have collection times… People could have placed ballots in the mailbox after the collection time… Mail picked up and processed this morning could be counted without a problem. Polls closed at 8pm. Some people could have thought that they could mail ballots up until that time. This is a non story to me. On tax day the post office designates boxes for late pickup… Every tax form collected will get the proper post mark… I don’t believe they established after hours drop off locations… They shoud have…. It seems like they are trying to compensate for poor planning.


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  54. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Fraud will not stand!

    I expect Trump to be vindicated here and get AZ, PA, NC, and GA at a minimum. NV and WI are also likely.


    1. Tino we are all distressed by current events, even though it was expected.
      Global projects are in suspense. The ramifications are endless.
      If Trump tries to run they will come after his family. They will make an example of him so it never happens again. To him it has to be die trying. Or Win!!!!
      The other option for the Supremes is to declare the Dodgy States can not be trusted with postal ballots, to declare them all invalid, set up a one day re vote at polling stations only in each dodgy state, and you either show to personally vote or lose. I doubt 40% of Dems will show. Watch the numbers then. Full ID checks. Every vote count watched. We have 2 watchers checking every vote is correctly assigned, and 2 watch as totals are collated, then checks for higher volumes. Here, you put in nasty message on your vote slip, and the Police will visit your home. Or come to your work premises and collect you.
      The Supremes must overrule and state it’s for the integrity of the system like faulty cars recalled. A faulty vote needs to be recast weevil free. Integrity of the system, that will do it. Never mind the rest where Trump has won.
      It got dirty and they got caught. One day re vote to catch all. The system got contaminated it’s not a safe trustworthy vote.
      It won’t be too difficult to trace those delivering. Apprehend and arraign. Look what you did for Watergate? This is bigger! Arrest and JAIL those found to be in on fake deliveries. Invalidate all known to be falsely backdated. That’s all you need. Start tracing and Jailing them. Watch the Rats run then.


  55. Like

      1. Tino’s Gambit? Love it! When I used to play chess against strong adversaries I used to switch the game around with “crazy Ivan” moves. If they were strong open gamers, I created a complicated closed game. Or vice versa. Used to drive them crazy. Original strategy belonged to Bobby Fisher… 😀

        Anyway, enough black pilling. NOTHING, and I mean nothing, has been settled.. The media DOES NOT get to call the Election. We used to let that happen as a quickie shortcut. Now we wait until Election Officials call each State.

        We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact, there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!
        – Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

        This, and not the election, is the real test of President Trump. In his Discourses, Machiavelli lamented how societies fail because good men refuse to do what needs to be done in order to save them. But it appears that Donald Trump is not going to be a good Republican, sell out his supporters, look the other way, and pretend that a significant part of the vote for his opponent was not fraudulent. (With apologies to Vox Day for the full steal of his paragraph.)


    1. Trump’s team must be feeling gutted right now. It’s not yet lost but it looks to be draining away.
      The hard fact is that whoever you field, the vast flotsam base of Zios, Welfarians, Illegals, and Minorities, all too many tend to cast their unearned votes mindlessly towards the Demo Rats. Time to rethink voting- Earn the right! What is the point of equal votes for unequal contribution, the won’t work, the permanent Welfare shirkers, the Petty Crooks, shapeshifters and shoplifters – all vote? The Deep State rig the system, and the Beltway protects their own. Everything has been lined up to take Trump down and it won’t end there. The Media betray him.
      If Biden wins, what charges will be bearing down on Trump? They want him destroyed. It’s beyond personal.
      They want him destroyed as an example to others to stop any more challenges to their domain. It’s open season on him if he loses. Biden is dangerously close to the numbers. Those vast numbers of Postal Ballots are Trumps nightmare. It leaves the Bottom Feeders a 2 minutes task to put in the DemoRats to feed the Pond life. A trade off. Without Postal ballots Trump would win. Big Mistake. Postal needs to be for Armed Services away, hospitalised sick etc. Not feeding the Rat cages. Covid my Butt! Too late now.
      I’m sorry, truly for all thinking Americans. Also for the mess Imbecile Biden will create. Not least unleashing both the Deep State and Political Cabal who will run him. How long before Harris?
      Unreal and truly sad.


  56. Like

    1. When I voted in Mohave County, we were given BALL POINT PENS. Now, this story from Maricopa county where Biden won when Hillary lost last time. There is going to be some explaining to do.


    1. Trump clearly has a fraud-team deployed across the Nation. Someone is putting the fear of god into the Election officials where fraud is rampant. If we see a third walk back in a third state, we’ll know for certain….


    2. It stinks , all of it. We were advised days ago that Vote Rigging was active, including allegations of CIA IT games at work to fix it for Biden, as advised to you. The same as the Videos and Films of Hunter Biden in Child Sex and Torture depravity in FBI hands 8 months ago and zero action. It’s all a travesty. Forget MSM comments, that’s a total whitewash. Serious crimes are not even investigated by the MSM if it’s a Political trash issue.

      This election is trashing America’s integrity. Imagine Biden negotiating with the Russians or Chinese. They will eat him alive. Chess Masters against a Checkers Retard. Was a man less for for office?
      This is unfolding as a Political disaster. Those too lazy, or too Stupid to vote, mail in? But in such numbers claiming Covid- BS!
      Trump wins the big ones, then games start. With count irregularities , throw it out. Re F Vote only at the Poll Stations. Independent vigilator’s as we have. Every vote counter is watched by 2 people. Each total vote count per candidate is checked for no mistaken or wrong votes. Each vote block count is checked and second checked. Total sheets are cross checked. Numbers checked. None of this seems to be happening. Peoples votes have been found to have been stolen and falsely cast. Why? How FFS? Where was the ID checking? How much has gone on?
      This election- Stinks! I feel for America. You get a Chump or a Chimp.Who voted for a Chimp? Stop these Ballot Dumps. Al Capone now runs US Ballots. Only America would vote in a Chimp, with Dementia also. Would Harris pass vetting? How is she qualified to run America. The Kenyan Usurper and Clinton’s will eat her alive.
      This travesty is about to take off. You are seriously electing a Chimp with Dementia ?
      This looks very, very, very bad. 4 years of a Scuttled Chimp like Biden will derail you all. The Founders are freaking in multi Dimensions now. This is a bad, bad, to dumb to write C Movie! Casting Megan Markle as the Broomstick Witch.


    1. A horror story Tino. Complete travesties are at work.
      Tino, emigrate to the UK. We even throw in Culture for free. A whole extra Dimension for Americans. Biden ticked the box for it but his Irish Ancestry gave him Dementia bypassing the C column. Literacy heh?
      A train wreck is unfolding. Lunch for China and Russia. With no Trump to shelter them Israel is a wild card right now. All their bets are off.
      This is the Founders dream on the rocks. Macabre satire in the worst taste. Like waking up to Hilderbeast in the morning. How is this possible?


    1. Tino

      In the last 10 minutes the Bookies have swung the odds of a win back to Biden.
      It’s close, but agreed, I fear those postal votes of loose ballots. Potential for Fraud is so high. This is America. Not dissimilar to Nigeria for endemic Fraud. Those late votes and postal votes may be Trump’s undoing. Apart from special cases, if you can’t get to a Polling Station and prove your ID, No Vote! No Say.Go- Away!
      Right now Biden is still ahead and with so many Postal Votes from Low lIfe areas still to count. The Bums rush is sitting Flush. Tight to call, but as of now, the call appears to be Biden.
      The Pollsters are a disgrace and need closing down. Totally fake, the lot!
      The MSM have done so much harm. If Trump wins he needs to re license Media and Blow Out the likes of Suckenberg and Twitter. Pack and Zio Rats who tried to steal Democracy.
      Those vast postal votes may sink Trump. The Fraud and the Bottom Feeders. Then we all lose. Harris is NO Presidential material. Biden is visibly demented. Harris is bad meat! She will be run by the Clintons and Obuma!
      This may go to the wire, but the Bum States may cost you all.


  57. Watching this farce in America raises many issues.

    Trumps many personal shortcomings should have given the Dems a walk in, but they have failed, because they are leaderless, and currently, by and large, bottom feeding trash.
    Trump has been a Sitting Duck , a lame Duck waiting to be taken. Clueless, brainless so sleazy Demo Rats have failed to plan. Have they missed their chance? Their campaign has been inept.

    This Fiasco will weaken America’s standing as Global shifts occur. China and Russia are watching this Rudderless, shambles in glee. The confusion of America is visible. Even if Biden wins, they don’t have the Senate, and he’s not up for 4 more months let alone 4 years. The fool is screaming Dementia. A whole world sees this. A Geriatric in control, are you mindless? What has befallen America? Why is the Bar so low?
    America is awash with talent and Intellectual capability. This is Not a Stupid Nation. Why put up a drooling Fool versus a Carnival Barker?
    A world watch and thinks -WTF?

    Whoever wins this, Americas security takes a hit. All can see your Naked Butt now.
    You can not be a World Leader run by a Bottom Feeder.
    If Biden wins, he will be a beached Minnow.
    If Trump wins, who has the Brain power, which he totally lacks, to Drain the Swamp?
    Who can plan and effect serious policies acting for Shrek and install real programs?
    Who will rid America, and the World, of this parasitic Deep State, as is so needed?
    In 4 years Trump failed. Clueless.
    Right now, the world sees a Naked Emperor, confused as he sees his Butt!
    What a shambles, Confucius he say. -“This way is no way. ” to run America.
    As America’s Economic Might declines, China and Xi will be ecstatic. They see a Dinosaur loose waiting to be taken. Be assured whoever wins, America’s standing is weakened. Believe it.
    The question now, is who? Disneyland is loose.


  58. Good morning everyone,

    I hope today is a fabulous day for you all over in the US. I was hoping one of you from the US could assist me to understand your voting system over there if anyone has a few moments to spare please. I have had a look at some information this evening but simply cannot grasp it properly. Yes, I can be quite thick in the head sometimes. lol

    So if every single person in the US voted for Trump, this does not seem to guarantee he becomes President? The Electoral college has their vote, which seems to be the determining factor of who becomes President. Is that correct? I don’t understand this Electoral College vote. Who are these people that make up the Electoral College? I know Hillary is one of them this year. How are these people chosen who have this vote?

    I’m wondering this. If every US person voted for Trump and every Electoral College member votes for Biden what is the outcome then?

    Thank you in advance if anyone can assist me please. Thank you.


  59. We are all watching these votes intensely. The absentee ballots may be the Stink Factor.
    Understanding why certain postal votes are needed, it’s a dangerous territory for the rest and late ballot box stuffing opportunities. America needs to push ever more for get those Butts out on the day the rest if too open to rigging.
    This is, after all the worst Political criminal nation in the First world, DC is the Stink Pot of politics. Anything goes for those Ho’s.
    Right now its too close to call. Yes it may go legal. I hope Trump wins but at this stage Biden is still ahead, and with Dem States still to come . It’s worrying. Trump at 08-07 UK time is still behind, but hoping. America,. for sure has to to look at this voting system. Too large a postal vote is worrying. Late counts closing and late box filling?
    Every reason to be concerned with Clinton and Obama type rats in the Dems.
    A day yet to worry, but we sure as hell are worried at this stage for Trump, he needs to get those seats up.
    Here’s hoping, and he seems a few points ahead in many States, but it’s way to early to predict.
    Quietly hoping but fear a Biden win. This may well end up with the Supremes.


    1. The news in my part of the world has announced that Trump has already stated he is taking this to the Supreme Court John. I would too as the corruption is so obvious. I caught one piece of news that stated some of the polling booths would not even permit entry to the officials that monitor the voting. And that some of the Republican volunteers assisting the voters were booted out of a polling station. WTH.


    2. Watching intensely, Biden is way ahead on the lowly educated sides, the Minorities side, and the Airhead side.
      But Trump wins for Elders, experienced, more highly educated and Wealth Producers.
      So, what we are seeing, is that those too Dumb to vote, those who contribute nothing, unemployed,Crime Minorities, and Airheads, could gain control????????? You had Chicago ILLEGAL Kenyan Usurper Soetoro / Obama pushed into office by this Trash. Sorry, but he did what in 8 years? He and Mike ( Michelle) ran up vast personal deficits, with a funded entourage. He protected Bribe taking Biden from the Falcone investigation sought.He conspired with Clinton, was owned like a Dog by the Bushes, and he achieved what? With Power,Dems abused it badly.

      Be clear, I have Nothing against good, Top Class Democrats winning. Of course they should! JFC was a Democrat and he achieved so much. It’s about Class!!!!! Top Class Thinkers! That’s NOT what you have right now.

      But since him sadly, the Demo Rats ran wild, allowing gutter trash like the Clintons loose, to steal anything not bolted down. Soetoro belongs in Jail! Sadly, Biden is, and always has been, too stupid, and too Dumb to run America. Is he the best the Demos can field? Then Quit! Find another JFK, get Real!
      Raise the Goddam Bar Demo’s, earn the right to lead.

      Trump has major probate issues, no question.

      But it’s right now between these two. One too Dumb, and one Lesser Dumb. Sadly that is America’s dilemma, but if you want to be World Leaders, STOP electing mental Bottom Feeders! Damn right you will hear our dissent, when you elect Stupid, or Bent!
      We have a say in this world, and will. You have a collective responsibility to raise the Bar!! About time don’t you think? Look at the high IQ levels of so many good Americans. Good values of so many Americans.
      Why, for God’s sake is crap like this in play?
      Of course we want Trump to win, but ONLY because Biden is worse! Stop voting on party lines. For the Presidency it’s about the Man. Biden loses!

      It’s going to be hairy week until Trump hits 270. The thinking world is on a knife edge. With a truly moronic MSM which could push us all over the edge. God save us from the Media, Zionists and Demo-Rats! Also None Contributors and those too stupid to vote – who do. All playing out live now in America. Land of the Free – Lunch Trash in the Beltway jungle.
      Tino, sweat – on that Bet. Good luck.


    3. Trump isn’t and has never been behind. That’s the MSM.

      Unfortunately, we are fighting 60 years of TV conditioning, and not one in 1000 US citizens is statistically numerate enough to know that a re-animated corpse, when 25% of the (D) vote defected to Trump, couldn’t win anything but CA, MA and NY. The whole thing is a TV show travesty.

      In reality Trump won Va, Pa, Mi, Wi and Az. It was, and is, a blowout.

      We even have them on video stuffing ballots in Pa. WI ‘magically’ found an extra 144,000 100% Biden votes? Who the F are we kidding? Way to go (D) — you wanted a Civil War, you are going to get it. (Whether it is hot or cold, we’ll see.)

      They printed 50 million — 50 million fake ballots to sway this Election vote. They literally ran out of ink printing them, I believe, in Georgia.

      [Insert expletives here.]

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    Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Sees Second Largest Drop in History
    General Flynn Tweets Out Cryptic Message About Email Found on Hunter Biden’s Deserted Laptop

    Now General Flynn wants to see Hunter Biden taken down for whats on his lap top. Joe too!
    _______ WARNING: The European Central Bank is Preparing to Launch a Digital Euro

    As I indicated back in mid September, it is coming. It’s going to be a game changer.


  61. 10:30 pm EST Nov 3

    Pennsylvania is wall-to-wall shenanigans. There is rampant fraud everywhere. I still expect it to go Trump.
    They are trying to stuff the PA votes. Something is wrong — only 30% votes reported. FRAUD afoot.

    Florida needs to be called by the majors. It’s a fait accompli.

    Nevada and UK bookies have just flipped the odds on Trump.

    Virginia may flip. CNN rumoring to walk back VA call. We will see!

    Crazy Antifa and BLM mobs surrounding the White House. National Guard being moved to staged positions.

    Of course, this is just the surface. What’s happening behind the scenes???

    The Yuan is tanking on the Asian market. Now, that’s a positive prediction for a Trump victory.

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    1. Time to get those GPMGs and Cannons out to hose down the likes of Antifa and BLM.
      As for the risk of Ballot Staffing?????????????? A major nation like America who can not count its votes or get Arses to voting stations? Way to high risk right now and we pray it’s not decided by Non Contributing Welfare Scavenger States now. Big questions, Big Issues!
      We need the Supremes to squash Roach Games.


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  63. Tino we are getting a lot of Intel on Vote Rigging via IT and the Agency!!!!! Agency Treason!!!! Be assured we have a hard watch locked on. Good luck all of you.


  64. 2:30pm EST Nov 3rd

    Biden campaign officially backing off calling Florida and Pennsylvania as necessary for a Biden victory. Sorry kids, if you can’t take one or the other, you are already toast. On the ground in PA it looks like Trump will get it. Still early on PA.

    Twitter folks on the ground in Florida reporting that Trump may take it by 7-8%. Trump may take all but 1 country.

    California is a mess in reporting. Right now it looks like Biden by a couple %. But your guess is as good as mine.

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    1. Tino we are getting a lot of Intel on Vote Rigging via IT and the Agency!!!!! Agency Treason!!!! Be assured we have a hard watch locked on. Good luck all of you.


  65. Source – Vox Day

    Early county review
    CURRENT VERDICT: early returns look VERY solidly pro-Trump. It’s all but over already.

    Quote of the Day: You’re not going to learn anything useful about the election outcome on here until 7pm, i.e. when they start counting votes. – Nate Silver, 538

    Broward County (M=67)


    1,179,189 registered
    822,837 cast
    71.8 percent turnout
    1,267,187 registered (+7.5%)
    471,474 mail ballots received
    Biden running 1.2 percent behind Hillary so far.
    FL all voting: Rs +56,009. Broward, election day only: Ds up 2300, Palm Beach, election day only: Rs +12,000 (!)
    Trump seriously overperforming in Miami-Dade, up 4.4 percent vs 2016. FL r/d: Rs +92,692 Rs +14,000 in . . . PALM BEACH on election day.
    There are only four blue counties on election day. One is D by only 14 votes, one by 48 votes, one by 1070 votes, and Broward by 3,294. We are 4,426 votes from having every FL county red today.
    At noon, Trump ALREADY has more votes in Broward County than he did in 2016: 204,368 to 193,658.
    As of 1 PM, more votes had been cast in FL than were cast in 2016, 9,967,361 to 9,420,039. Donald Trump currently has an estimated lead of 116,422 which exceeds his 2016 winning margin of 113,000.
    “Starting to fall down the Florida election day turnout rabbit hole. Already went for a run so I think I’d just better go and play some FIFA or something.” – Nate Silver
    Mecklenburg County (M=64)


    Trump picked up 3.05% in early votes vis-a-vis 2016.
    Philadelphia County (M=83)

    Wayne County (M=67)

    Hennepin County (M=62)

    Milwaukee County (M=67)

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  66. As 1:30pm EST Nov 3rd.

    Pro-Trump turnout massive, across the board, all 50 States.

    In key swing counties, Trump vote is coming out strong, by trend outpacing 7% or better (D) vote. Florida is going Trump.

    Attempts at fraud in full swing — but they keep getting caught…

    This will be the 3rd or 4th largest one-way blowout in U.S. history.

    I am now upgrading my prediction to 330 or better Electoral for Trump. I also believe he will win the popular vote.

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  67. Hey all you gorgeous souls in the US and the rest of the world.

    Guys, and Gals, for those of you in the US I want you to know how much I care about you all. I am from the little shitty country called Aus, which probably does not mean a great deal to you at this time but I would like you all to know that I personally recognize the good in you all. I understand the shit you have all been putting up with and as far as I’m concerned those of you I have come to know absolutely ROCK.

    Let us not define ourselves by the company we sometimes keep, or should I say, the company we appear to be made to keep. You guys have the power of the world in your corner and if it was left up to those of you I know, this world would be fricking awesome. You guys go out and kill the living shit out of those a???holes tomorrow. You can do it and you know that. Stand tall and support those that love your country. Trump loves your country and he deserves your support tomorrow., if I can be so brazen to suggest that. If you are leaning the other way, then so be it. That is your choice and you will bloody well god damned have to live with that.

    I know you guys are in for some serious shit over the coming weeks and months but if I can be so bold as to suggest you take every ounce of your strength to fight the good fight for yourselves and your country then, it is said. You guys and gals in the US are absolutely fabulous so do not be deterred by the fuckers trying to f you. You stand tall and tell them to F right off. You stand up for what you want for yourselves and what you want your country to be. I TRUST YOU.

    My dear dear friends here at WHA from the US, I am feeling deeply for you all at this time. I am with you tomorrow and every day following. I support you, I feel your struggle and I will by your side at every turn. You guys and gals stay as strong as you possibly can. I know the road you are treading is not an easy one but if you need support, I and others are here for you.

    Please know that those of you in the US are recognized to carry a heavy burden. But let us all be with you in support of the change and success you seek. I for one am here for any of you. You guys and Gals go out there and god damned well kill those f’ing pri?ks tomorrow. YOU CAN DO IT.

    I have had an almighty absolute shit of a day today but that is not stopping me from holding my arms out to you all in the US. I could probably do with a drink or ten but I will be a good gal, tonight anyway stuff it. LOL Well sort of, haha.

    Guys and Gals in the US, I care so much about you and your future. Do the best you can tomorrow and stay strong and safe. Don’t you let those f’???ers bring you down. You stand up and fight in the very best fashion you can. Don’t be a hero and do not be foolish. Protect yourselves and be safe but please still give those M???? F????s the shit they deserve for F’????g you guys like they have.

    Please please please, those of you here, stay in touch with us here at WHA. I will be worrying about each of you, so please stay in touch and let us know you are OK (okay).

    To close my rant I want you each to know you have the power to change this world. Hey, the rest of us shit kickers in the world are depending on you. LOL. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL. Let us ALL make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And for gods sake, how about we keep it that way hey Bro’s.


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    1. Thank you Aurataya- I haven’t been around much lately. It’s been very hectic here in my world but I want you to know, we’ve got our champagne chilling for Trump victory and celebration tonight! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      Back at you! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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      1. Awesome A Johnson. I could do with a champagne or two as well, raise one for me when you pop the cork. LOL Enjoy a fabulous day beautiful. My thoughts and heart are with you. I hope your life becomes a little more peaceful and relaxed soon.

        Three cheers for a gigantic Trump victory. XX

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    2. So sorry everyone for my foul mouthed language in the comment above. I had a terrible day yesterday and was super angry. I tend to get a bit out of control when having days like that. Sincere apologies. XX


  68. Now this is some real guru blogging. “Michal Murdoch” claims that “It’s here!”. 🙄

    Well…not quite anyway. They still have to work out the schedules and locations, but hey, who cares about that? Right? 📈

    And to top it off, here are the rates he claims:

    IRANIAN RIAL – $20.00 to 1 USD

    IRAQI DINAR – $20.25 to 1 USD

    VIETNAMESE DONG – $20.50 to 1 USD

    (ZIM will remain 1:1 with the USD. Its rate has not been adjusted further)

    ZIM $1.00 to 1 USD, so $100 TRILLION ZIM NOTE = $100 TRILLION US DOLLARS

    And, since the RV is “here”, according to Mr Murdoch, it can be assumed that he has at least 500K dinar, which is the average more or less. So, at $20.25 per dinar, that’s about $10,125,000 he will gain in a short period of time, or at least before 2021.

    Nonetheless, he places a Paypal donations link so he can buy stuff. Millions are within his grasp, and he needs paypal donations now. 💰💰💰💲💲💲🤑🤑🤑💸💸💸


    1. Well if this a???? hole Murdock has anything to do with “The Murdocks” of Aus/Isreal then take it with a grain a bs salt. As we all could have guessed anyway.

      Paypal dpnations? Shove it right up your a??e mates.


          1. I have watched O and “the big guy” take credit for the economy… I also watched vids of O, saying, the economy will never be like it was, and say, what’s he gonna do wave a magic wand, when Trump was running for Pres…. because of things Trump has done the economy is going to roar next year even more…. and who will take credit?

            we do not need a lockdown,,,, we need real information that we are not getting!
            how much learned info has been suppressed?….
            look at just the info Tino brings!
            why do we not see this kind of info plastered on MSM?
            how much blatant suppression of free speech do we see everyday!
            Main Stream Media?.. what a joke!…its amazing the people I know who think the MSM does not lie, or make up false stories!

            healthcare?…. I have no doubt Trump will bring the best we have ever had simply because he is not beholden to big INSURANCE and Pharma?…. what keeps us all thinking things can not be so much better than they are?…. conditioning!…. while money flows to places that give us nothing

            Politicos that have been in office for years and years…. made deals with other countries, sold us out little by little… what have they done for the betterment of our country?… they are in bed with the same people that charge us out the ying yang for our daily needs!… if we see one fact of what i’ve just said,, and we have, then you can bet its system wide!

            People have to board up now for an election?…. are we in some other country?
            it is Trumps fault, right?

            this is truly a vote for the course of our country!

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    1. Well if they think F’ing Biden can win this race legally then they are a pack of bloody twats. How could Trump legally lose this? It simply is not possible.


    1. Y

      I have it on good authority that J2020 requires key elders do this dance via Zoomchat at the start of every meeting.



    2. Well again, the morons in Aus are not permitted to see this. F you twitter. I don’t need to see it to know Trump is the WINNER.


    1. Paladin,
      I wanted to say Thank you so much for your concise, informative report on nesara. I also listened to the previous video about QFS and wanted to Thank you for that one as well! The two “Chucks” are indeed promoting Hopium and posing as good people with solid information. I was one of those people who was believing their information since September. The two crooks have “sucked in” good people looking for information about a reset.

      Thank you again,

      Tammy W.


  69. BREAKING: Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America

    “The MSM, Democrats and the Biden Campaign are complaining that the Tony Bobulinski story is a lie. They want Americans to believe that Hunter and Joe Biden are men of character and Bobulinski is the man lacking integrity. Unfortunately for this corrupt group, we have evidence that proves Bobulinski right.”

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    1. Well, they should tell them right where to shove their bs chips. What are they going to do if the players tell them to shove it? All that mighty money going down the tube. Suckers give in to chips. Tell them to F right off or we will not play. See how fast they change their god damned chip bs policy.


  70. Bitcoin reaches $14K for the first time since January 2018 — what’s next?
    Italian man caught allegedly using airport computer systems for ETH mining

    The buggers will scam anyone.
    Their First Try Backfired, but Giuliani and Allies Keep Aiming at Biden

    Biden is a dirty, Bribe taking Traitor it’s unbelievable he’s still allowed to run. Arrest him and end it!

    Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition: The Most Shocking Revelations

    Maxwell wont be able to lie and bluff her way out of what is coming.
    Maxwel is going down.

    In full: Boris Johnson announces second national lockdown for …

    The Muppet is being played. It’s out here so widely a lock down is too late. It wont stop it anyway. But it will stop the economy.

    For the health of the nation, shouldn’t Johnson’s medical fitness for office be scrutinised?

    His mental fitness certainly, he’s simply not able to multi task or think cogently. He and Trump possess many similarities. Both Bluster Busters.
    Every chance Johson will be gone by Mid Year. Unlike the US, if your not up to it, we knife you in the back fast. London is brutal. Few of the US lot would survive here.
    PMs open questioning in the House twice a week ridicules them in public and tears them apart. They get shredded.
    Prince Harry warning: Duke told to ‘face consequences’ of US move as William takes titles

    The idiot Prince will soon be stripped of everything. Than without the Royal title see how long he and the Bolter last in the real world

    2 Muppets posing, it won’t last. A Divorce looms.
    John McAfee Pumps Crypto From Prison, Denies Tax Fraud and Murder Charges | News Bitcoin News

    Lifes caught up with McAfee
    Holidays abroad are outlawed under strict new winter lockdown rules

    At last they have got it into their Thick Government Heads simply ban the mindless Bastards if it’s so serious. Sheeple don’t think. Muzzle the Mutts

    I really hope so.

    Time and loyalties Heh Kayleigh damn stored videos
    BREAKING: Current Electoral College Prediction Shows President Trump Beating Sleepy Joe Biden By More than Crooked Hillary

    Now this is what we all need to be seeing. Just hope it’s so.
    Bin Crime Family Sold Out the Free Worl

    Biden and his crew must not steal America.

    AI is being used to censor emails with specific names
    The Liberals today

    Disgusting Crooked treacherous Skanks in Government. Bent and corrupt.

    Another normal day in the life of the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT.

    Hardly seems worthwhile commenting on.

    The Liberals today:

    Not that surprising really

    A report released today by the investigative journalists of Journal de Montréal shows that the Trudeau Liberal government gave a $237 million contract to a firm that had been created just seven days before obtaining the contract and that the federal government overpaid by nearly $100 million.


    Be clear North Korea will be used to China to attack South Korea as part of Chinese land theft just like Israel does.

    Rudi unloads on that Bum Biden you want proof?

    Well Johnny Depp will walk the plank now for sure and having wasted vast fortunes this now makes him virtually unemployable and could bankrupt him . Hollywood Heh? All totally deluded and crack heads
    The Donald’s not done for yet: Trump has a SEVEN-point lead in vital swing state of Iowa according to the same late poll that showed he could win the White House in 2016

    Donald Trump has surged ahead in the key swing state of Iowa, according to a poll that suggests he has a slim chance of pulling off another huge upset.

    You have no idea how much we hope this is true. A Trump win- Big Yes! It’s that Racoon Cap he wears.

    Seriously too stupid to run and fronted by this Kenyan Usurping Chicago Con Man only in America
    Timeline of Bidet’s Corruption

    The net is closing on Biden dirt. In the UK Biden would have to recuse himself with this right now. We know in this world of Washington Hos anything goes, but this is not the image you want as a President.


  71. Oh my God! Actual tears to my eyes … couldn’t help it. Watch, and you will be deeply moved. Thank you, James Woods!!

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    1. Thank you Tony for pushing Trump that extra mile. ( Your girl friend says your a trier.)
      Every vote counts now. I beyond hope he gets the last swing and races home. We have to stop the crooked Dems.
      They belong in cages and Biden in jail. Within a year Bidens gone with visible Dementia.
      Trumps Gibberish looks mild in comparison. That Stable Genius, the Perfect Man, what a choice heh?
      Just keep Biden out. At all costs. All Trump costs is multiple Quad Mc D’s Racoon Hair treatment, and his skanky games of filling all his Hotels with his vast entourage so he can rip off the State to keep his group afloat. The Grifter we know. We look on in bemusement as no one calls him to account and says You move that lot from the WH, YOU pay for them!
      Here for sure he would be refused the bills. Brass neck. And the Golans he stole for Israel and Kushner/ Cheney!!.
      Only in America, but STOP Biden!
      A Kennedy or Trump Jr need to prep for 4 year forward. Planning. No Gut Rotten Dems or crooks.


      1. Haha…she would comment herself, but she is unable to move just yet.

        Politics is what it is, and my concern is that the remaining years that politics has left are used as wisely as possible to allow the slow and safe transition to a world without it.

        I think in 2024 we may possibly see another Trump in office. If not, Ted Cruz will most likely be the Republican nominee.


    1. I never mentioned when I left the Trump rally, I told myself I would honestly assess the feelings I had when I left it. Well, honestly, I could sense how much Trump loves this country, and its people. He talked to them in a very direct and honest way. And the people responded with genuine affection and admiration. You could sense it as a sincere wave of emotion from the crowd. I had never felt this kind of reaction from an audience before.

      I was stunned that I came away with this impression after attending a political rally. I doubt anyone would have felt the same coming from a G W Bush event, or a Clinton event. The phony persons they are simply come to the surface all too easily.

      Trump is not perfect, but he is far better than anyone else at this time.

      On Tuesday, be ready to protect yourselves if needed. I live in a heavily Trump supporting area, but I will still be packing heat if I am out of the house on election night.

      Expect, if you live in such areas, for BLM and ANTIFA morons to destroy what is left of their neighborhoods as a mass mental retardation protest against a Trump victory. In the event of a Biden victory, look for open acts of revenge of an even worse nature. They will take such a victory as a mandate for their past behavior and may overwhelm police like never before.

      Be ready for anything.

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      1. That is absolutely awesome to hear Tony, what a thrill. I fully agree with you when you state that Trump is far better than anyone else at this time. I believe that if he does win the presidency that he will make some great decisions in the four years ahead. I just hope he deals with all those corrupt criminals once and for all.

        It would be fantastic to know that he had a solid trustworthy team with him. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be in his position not knowing for certain who to trust without question in his circle/government. If he does get back in he is still going to have a gigantic fight on his hands dealing with the MSM, the Demorats and the countless others trying to bring him down. I admire him for still standing to be perfectly honest.

        Whatever lies ahead I believe the road will not be an easy one. I appreciate you advising others to stay alert and be prepared. I’m personally quite unsettled with regard to what the people of the US may be confronting in the coming days/weeks. Stay strong everyone. Please stay alert and safe. I am not normally one the pray but under current circumstances I will be doing exactly that on behalf of you all in the US. My heart is always with you.

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    1. This gibbering half wit buffoon is ” Listening to the Sciences?”. These are the same IDIOTS who projected 500K dead! Well it didn’t happen!
      We have not even lost 5K since April and Flu kills that anyway.

      Real world, if we even lose 50K, which is doubtful, how do we reconcile that with the Millions of jobs gone, and our economy in ruin, with debt backlogs which this free spending Chancellor will rack up taking decades to repay.
      No-No-No to more Furloughs. IDIOTS!

      We will miss hundreds of thousands of cancer cases because of lost check ups not detected them. Many other cases will deteriorate. The poverty consequences of millions losing jobs will lead to increases in crime, drugs and despair. Worse debt! Needless debt!
      These “Scientific Advisors” have been so wrong to date.

      For Gods sake, manage the damn thing! Only hospitalise those in real need, and boot out bedblockers once past danger points. Even an Obese Turkey like Johnson was out in a week and he’s a slob. Bring in tough assessment rules. New treatments make it all much easier to control. We have already dramatically improved treatments. Already we are bed blocking with sick bloody Illegals! Say No! Sod off! We are not a dumping ground for scavengers. Get tough and get real. No None contributors! Free up beds.

      The reality is this new so called 4 weeks close down is false. All indications are they will run it for months.
      Trashing the economy for half wits. When will the Public take to the streets and say Hell No, NO More, and Mass protest. Block the motorways, block Parliament, mass swamp police and cuff them to lamp posts or railings to stop them threatening Democratic Protesters. Cops cuffed will bring home it’s got to stop will get them thinking..Police must NOT become Goon Squads and Freedom Terrorists. If Police threaten the people it will get ugly for them. Weapons will come out.
      Politicos will trash a century of Industries and commerce.

      50K lives max to crucify tens of millions? What the hell are these Turkey playing at?
      Sense has left the rails. The real world numbers are tiny. Stop the Media bigging it up.
      Hopefully Trump is reelected.
      Then at least America sees Justice and Davy Crocket can get his Racoon Cap back off Trumps head! Muppet.LOl.
      Save Racoons, elect Trump. Tell him he’s got to catch it before he can skin it,.That will drop the burger gut.
      Yep, we need Racoon head back. In orange or it’s Biden.
      What a world. The Media has lost the plot. Stick a live Racoon on his head to think for him.


  72. UK fusion experiment used in hunt for clean energy

    Innovation will save our planet.
    New York Post Twitter account unlocked after Hunter Biden stalemate

    About time Twitter got the hell out of Censorship damn them.
    Crypto ‘fear index’ can now be used to peek into the fut
    Ethereum price ascending channel breakout possible if Bitcoin consolidates
    Will Trump be arrested as Biden gets sworn in as president?

    The battle Trump must not lose? But it needs to cut both way and the Mutt needs to have that drummed into him. Win and obliterate them!
    ‘Cash Is Trash,’ So Let’s Bet $425 Million on Bitcoin
    US election: Biden event in Texas cancelled as ‘armed’ Trump supporters threaten campaign bus

    We are taking Texas they claimed. Looks like up the Butt to me. Read that as Texas says NO Dumb Joe!
    After the Virus: The World of 2025 (video)

    The world to come if allowed to… You need to watch this it’s called growing up.
    Ronna McDaniel: Democrats and Independents Turning out in ‘Droves’ for Trump in Minnesota and Wisconsin

    Now this is what the Media is not telling you, so we ARE!
    PhD Chemist Whistleblower who Worked 17 Years Developing Chemtrails: 90% of Chemtrails Designed to Alter Emotions/Mood/State of Mind and Provoke “Flu-like Symptoms”

    Another atmosphere spayer breaks ranks.
    Why is the Corporate Media Predicting a “Dark Winter”

    Censorship is going beyond anything imagined…


  73. Like

    1. Thanks for the video PD. I personally don’t mind old Winston. He backed the Liberals this year didn’t he? I was actually quite shocked at the result of your recent election, never thought Ardern would pull through that strong.

      PD, did Ardern keep her promise about changing the laws regarding foreigners purchasing/owning real estate in NZ? I know she promised that during her first campaign stating that NZders were being priced out of the market.


      1. Winston had some very hard choices, because of the political setup, he had to go into coalition with one of the major parties and decide which bag of snakes to get into bed with. As I recall his decision was to go with the mood of the public, which I respected.
        Regarding the property market, yes she did place restrictions on ownership, with some exceptions. It has been in effect for some time. I’ve put a few links below.
        Trust all’s well over there and you’re doing ok. I have friends in Melbourne who have been doing it pretty tough for some time.
        In my neck of the woods things are strangely uneventful regarding Covid, there’s no apparent sign of any infection and life seems to be carrying on regardless with none of the hysteria and very few paying attention to the ‘tracking’ rules. If you hear any distant rumbling it may well be the whole of NZ snoring in blissful slumber, completely uninterested in what’s happening a million miles away in 3 days time!
        All the very best

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks PD. Winston seems quite upfront, which is what I like about him. It is a shame he is not part of this current government. I’m sure he kept them on their toes. He’ll be back I’m sure.

          Oh heavens, I feel very sorry for your friends in Melbourne. That place has gone crazy. I am absolutely horrified by the behaviour of Andrews. What he has done is completely unacceptable. Never did I think I would see such horror in Aus. First time for everything I suppose. I do hope your friends are doing ok. Things has eased there a little this week so hopefully they may be feeling a little brighter. Might be a very good time for them to consider relocating to another State if Andrews stays in. I strongly doubt he will ever be reelected. That was totally over the top.

          You seem very peaceful and calm in your beautiful country NZ, that’s nice to hear. I am a little envious. LOL

          There will be no way I’ll be snoozing in three days time. I am quite hyper about it all. I can’t believe what I am seeing in the US. Anyway, what will be will be. I just hope for the best for the country and the people.

          Looks like you forgot the links mentioned but please don’t worry PD, I can look into it online this week. Thank you for the thought though, much appreciated. It’s so nice to have you around again PD, hope you stay around and say Hi from time to time. Be well always.


            1. Thank you so much PD. That was very generous of you to go to such trouble for me. I shall have a good look at the links asap. Enjoy a fab day.


  74. I guess it’s too late for a mere petition against lockdowns in GB, but there is some real data on this page if anyone can point it out to Mr Johnson. Over 11,000 health scientists and more than 32,000 medical practitioners are convinced that lockdowns cause more harm than good. So, No, BJ, they are not the only answer.

    In addition, 600,000 citizens have signed the Great Barrington Declaration at and I highly recommend adding your name before any more “leaders” destroy our countries. This was written by 3 epidemiologists from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford, and it is essentially the plan now recommended by Presidential advisor Dr Scott Atlas. It states in part, “Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold.”



    Results: A nationwide lockdown is expected to save on average 274 (median 124, interquartile range (IQR): 71-221) lives compared to the “testing, tracing, and isolation” approach. However, the ICER will be on average $45,104,156 (median $ 49.6 million, IQR: 22.7-220.1) to prevent one case of death. Conclusions: A national lockdown has a moderate advantage in saving lives with tremendous costs and possible overwhelming economic effects. These findings should assist decision-makers in dealing with additional waves of this pandemic.


    1. Tino

      Lock down has been activated again for the UK from Wednesday. all November off after Wednesday and again January if needed after Xmas. It will total the economy.


  76. Fauci’s Treacherous Ties to China and Globalists

    This bears real scrutiny.
    Bobulinski Says FBI Lists Him as ‘Material Witness’ Regarding Biden Family

    Timing is interesting

    “he was questioned by six FBI agents on Oct. 23 in the presence of counsel for five hours, and that they have listed him as a “material witness” regarding Hunter Biden and his associates.”

    And since it is unlikely anything will occur before the the 3rd, what comes after will get focused.
    Open letter from Arch Bishop Tweet by General Flynn on Twitter

    It is of interest that Flynn posted this.
    And the great reset crowd may have a unexpected broadside or two coming their way.
    Sometimes the enemy of your enemy makes your enemy your friend

    Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept – Greenwald

    How can you call yourself Democrats while mass censoring truth about Biden? ?
    Trudeau, EU leaders meet ahead of U.S. election to reinforce support of world order |

    Read New World Order!

    Canada will fall in line with the Great Reset, so what comes should be not be a surprise.
    Boris Johnson will announce a national coronavirus lockdown NEXT WEEK

    Not good news at all. The world will follow. Economies will start to implode.

    Boris Johnson will announce a national coronavirus lockdown NEXT WEEK
    London ‘will go into Tier 3 lockdown in two weeks’ as Britain faces a super-spreader Christmas: Advisers forecast a ‘very, very bleak’ winter – and propose national shutdown either side of 25 December to let families reunite

    Almost 60 per cent of the population – around 32.6million – will be under stricter rules by Monday. And it is understood London could also be moved into the top tier within the next fortnight.

    Prepare for chaos this clown will try to duck Brexit now. He’s a Moron loose. Other nations will follow.
    Truth be told

    This hasty rush to market these vaccines is meetihg a Tsunami of concerns.

    It’s way to early to ramrod these vaccines through yet.
    We always systems test big new IT systems, and there are always numerous unplanned consequential program corruptions to be fixed, but this time it’s your lives.
    Once in, it takes you out!


  77. Excellent, long and detailed analysis of the PCR debacle from the man who ran the R&D for the Human Genome Project, thus doing millions of PCR tests during his career. Might be a useful resource.


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