The Ides of March – A Lesson

2065 years ago today, an accomplished Roman general and politician arrived at the east portico of the Theatre of Pompey, in Rome.

Shortly thereafter, he laid dead.

Surrounded by several senators, many of which he considered friends, they acted on a pre-arranged plan to kill this man because he had come to power by force and concentrated such power in himself for the duration of his life.

Or so they claimed.

Power is a dangerous commodity. Mishandled, it can lead to what poor Caesar experienced – being dispatched by many whom he had granted titles, rank, forgiveness, and favor to. Even his closest friend in the Senate, Brutus, is said to have struck the last, and most likely, the only fatal blow.

Throughout his life, Caesar overcame many severe, life-threatening situations. From being captured by coastal pirates – to being targeted for proscription by Sulla – to commanding outnumbered legions in Gaul – to nearly drowning in Egypt (when forces there rebelled against his presence forcing him to jump from his quarters and swimming away to escape) – to fighting a civil war, again, outnumbered.

His skill and talent to command people kept him alive and he captured for himself the rulership of his people. He lost it for one reason only: He simply refused to arrange a proper body guard. He never imagined that there would be knives leveled at him, in, of all places, the senate.

His ultimate successor, his nephew and adopted son, Octavian, consolidating his power upon the death of Marc Antony and the brushing aside of Lepidus, established the Praetorian Guard – the first organization of official body guards for the protection of the emperor.

Octavian, having done so, and having the skill to keep them well paid and occupied, ruled for 40 years – the most successful reign in the history of the Roman Empire. And, he most assuredly had many enemies as well.

So, on this day, remember this as many of you are starting to see your financial lives improve substantially, especially for the first time as your digital assets take root and provide for you the means to expand your own power and abilities – even if not quite to the level of a Roman dictator. It’s still a significant achievement to acquire the means to be self sufficient, and today, it’s easier than at any time before to do so.

The means to acquire information, to put that information to work, to create value from almost nothing more than an idea in record time, is fast-tracking the human experience for those who can harness these skills.

Just remember – it’s the one detail you may overlook which can have you down in no time.

As your lives become more and more centered around digital asset management, never forget your personal digital “bodyguard” is necessary to prevent on-line “assassination”.

Acquiring digital wealth is one thing, but remember to guard it well. One slip, and lives can be forever affected in a very negative way.

As things heat up, and valuations are being forecasted to ascend significantly higher than even now, please, take proper steps to protect what is yours. Learn proper cyber security basics and perform an assessment of your digital life and make sure your “Praetorian Guards” are on duty and effectively protecting you.

We thought it would be best, on the anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar, to remind you of what a simple oversight can result in.

We have received many messages from readers who are enjoying significant increases in their speculative digital portfolios, and we thank you so much for sharing them. It’s very satisfying to see so many people, after years of struggle and disappointment in currency matters, finally winning!

To be sure, there will be corrections and volatility, both up and down, ahead. Be ready for it if you are in for the long haul, and if not, it’s no shameful act to cash in if you have achieved the numbers that make things better for you.

We continue to monitor the Global Settlements progress. We hope to have more news concerning this monumental undertaking as soon as it’s possible to publicly share it. For now, rest assured that we are in the very best of hands when it comes to the accuracy of information concerning this transformational process, and whatever can be shared will be when possible.

As always, be ready for anything.

Thank you!

Leggio II Avgvsta

Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest. Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. WARNING VERY GRAPHIC! Very explicit filthy sexual language, violent acts/murder, bad language (F-word used throughout.) Pray for protection for your own emotional and mental health prior to watching.

    This is truly horrible. Tony, if you don’t want this here, just delete it.
    But I just feel that so many folks do not understand what child trafficking really means. You hear glimpses, but this video tells real story. So sad. Such uncaring folks.
    This was on Parler.


  2. Hi Tony, seems like cryptos are retreating a bit. I’ve added to my holdings, I truly believe this year is my chance to finally get some financial independence. I thank you for helping us all. I know you have sacrificed your time and used your contacts for us and for that god will bless you.


    1. Yes, we are in a correctional phase- the price will always seek equilibrium. Like a heard of wildebeests retreating from the shore after a few of their kind are picked off by a crocodile. They tend to back up and wait at that point.

      Most agree that the largest gains are still ahead. From all I hear and see, this is very true. Your safe position sizing will carry you forward, crocs and all.

      Thank you for your comment and I am very happy you are prospering. It should get even better.

      Stay tuned, because other things are brewing which will make cryptos seem like a drovers dowry.


  3. The American people are getting visibly acclimated to a Kamala Harris presidency. A new directive from the White House is one of the most concrete developments that federal officials are getting warmed up for the Harris takeover, as well.

    In short, their kind of recovery.


  4. Hahaha!


    1. Why bother he’s already got that job in the Windsor Family. Apart from the Queen and William,
      the rest are the Munster family!
      This is their Bart Simpson.
      Selling His Ass for Megan’s ambitions. Megan, Nancy and Clinton?


  5. France and the EU having totally failed to plan for vaccines are now threatening to block any Astra Zeneca vaccines leaving for the UK manufactured under licence to us and produced to orders for us. It’s OUR Patent Product. Designed and funded by us. Now the want to steal it. The EU’s SS.
    So Yes please do. The minute that happens the UK needs to stop all Subsidy transfers to Brussels immediately. Put a 25% Tariff on all German and French Cars and products coming to the UK, and let them pay Brussels .
    This is part why we left the EU. Its horrible run by Socialists. Scavengers. .Let their Exports and economies collapse. Break them! Money will hit them hard. Euro Crats? Bang!


  6. Market Alert.
    Google, Gmail and other services linked to Android phones crashed last night.
    Yet another Goddam Bug
    If your phone wont link to Google Searches or access your emails., don’t panic your not alone.
    Typical of Tekkies,. rather than fix their Shite they start babbling on about how to re route via God knows what route. It’s not our problem YOU fix it Dam you. If we fine these companies starting at $50M a day and doubling each 2 days, see now fast they move it. Hackers and Virus creators simply need chopping, Judge Dreads – caught and bang! No Courts. Track and hack them out! No mercy. . Nightmare times .
    Android users are hit badly.
    It’s a nightmare again. It’s a bug! Wait for the excuses. Will they fix it?


  7. Myanmar military seizes George Soros’ bank accounts, issues arrest warrants

    ” (Natural News) The military government that was established in Myanmar following accusations of voter fraud earlier this year has reportedly seized the bank accounts of numerous Open Society Foundations owned and operated by billionaire provocateur George Soros.

    Along with the seizure came the issuance of arrest warrants for 11 members of Soros’ organizations who are believed to have given “financial support to the civil disobedience movement against the military junta.”


  8. The 15th Century Medici Bank Is Getting A 21st Century Re-Launch And Also Will Serve Crypto Firms
    “The Medici Bank name, most notably associated with the 15th century banking giant in Italy that, at the time, was the largest and most respected banking institution in Europe, is getting a reboot by one of its descendants.

    Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici, who is part of the same Italian banking family that ran the original Medici bank, has opened a new Medici Bank in Puerto Rico. And it’s getting a 21st century upgrade as a crypto-friendly institution.”


  9. John and everyone else. You may have missed this video Tony shared the other day. It is a total crackup,
    Never shared anything from twitter before so I hope the following link works. If not, scroll down to the comment Tony made on March 21 at 12.21pm. It’s the RyMac twitter link.

    The one at the end kills it


  10. Now that’s the Paris I remember…


    It’s like trying to ban sex. You can, but it always comes back stronger.

    Let’s organize. Call Cigna right now and tell them you will buy their insurance, but only if you can speak to a white man. 😂

    It’s about time, Time.

    No word yet if they would provide free insulin for the diabetics who go into ketoacidosis after eating the donuts.

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    1. Tony – I hope you don’t mind that I am posting this again up at the top of your blog. This is so huge, I did not want anyone to miss it.

      Cardano + SingularityNET Partnership = Trillions in Marketcap!
      View at

      Watch Charles Hoskinson and Dr Ben Goertzel discuss SingularityNET and Cardano in great detail. Must watch to the end!


  11. In stages the new QFS will unfold, but it’s a two edged sword.

    One almighty battle engaging right now is the death rattle of the US Fed and its Zio/Jewish racketeers.

    They and Israel own America and have the EU Banks as dependents. When QFS comes in, they go, and they know it.

    Skewering these Sewer Rats will take time. They stole America, but the world ls not so gullible.

    Ron and JFK were great US Patriots, they did well for America and were accorded huge respect.

    Since Nixon, Bush and the Clntons, it’s been all downhill. Crook after Crook.

    Bush 41 was the single worst thieving Mongrel Crook ever to hold office. That says a lot after the Varmints who have. Yet he’s Eulogized.

    We hold files with named KGB Generals who first held meetings with Bush 41 to racketeer in Global finances. Then, even the KGB found him too crooked to trust and withdrew.

    Romney with his forgotten Offshore Billions and Tax evasion. As for the Clintons?

    Under QFS, these sort of low life parasites will be exposed, and all funds, if sought, recovered and nowhere to hide. Drug Dealers, Criminals, Corrupt Politicians and Tax Evaders, will find all files and assets transparent to all.

    They will light up the Global screens. Histories and source funds plus all connections will be traceable and show. No more dirty secrets. All recoverable.

    So, they are resisting. Worse the Zios know its time out for them. Bank transfer costs and currency change rackets will get flattened with a universal currency. Transfers and values will be immediate. Why then do we need Banks?

    This is all playing out. SWIFT is facing annihilation. As is Forex. Monitoring will be far better. Crime will take a hit as funds histories are displayed to all, and all linked Beneficiaries shown.

    Blockchains will drain banks dry. The Fed will be fed to the Dogs. But the coming run on America will expose the cracks. Where then do the Zios run to? Always they have and they covet Ukraine.

    Once the Afro Hispanic majorities take over America, who then funds and arms Israe-Hell? Who funds the Politicos? Who will funds the vast Agency powers and waste? The Military? Who then cares?

    Once Americans break free of the IRS, what then? Your money, your choice. QFS will free you and scuttle the parasites. This is why a consensus is taking time. Not for Dinarian Half Wits. Real assets, real people.

    China is using their version of QFS to scuttle America. Why not? Gaming the lot. Smart. It’s coming. Convert or Collapse faces Banks. As for Revenue?

    Stage taxes and AI will rule. Quantum Economics.


    1. “blockchains will drain banks dry” Hi John – do you think xrp and xlm will have a use case when that happens? I think they will both go up significantly higher. Get in get?


              1. Me too! Remember the bumper stickers? People would cut the B and R off and stick it on their car.

                And for the people out there thinking it was something other then burgers, you should be ashamed of yourselves. hee hee

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  12. Jeremy Clarkson calls Meghan Markle ‘silly little cable TV actress’ in defence of Piers Morgan

    Clearkson calls it right, and the silly little bessoted Man Child throws away his culture for this Wannabe Bit Part Bolter.
    Why Anthony Scaramucci makes the bull case for bitcoin

    Now the Mooch wants to make a name for himself, not just Loser.

    Global shortage in computer chips ‘reaches crisis point

    China has control
    Trump will use ‘his own platform’ to return to social media after Twitter ban

    If it works he has control, If not he’s blown.
    EU’s southern states step up calls for ‘solidarity’ in managing mass migration

    Its a desperate sign and they stop coming they are just over breeding too many
    Bitcoin takes a dip as Ripple creates waves
    Watch Ukraine and Russia

    The madness is coming just like when Austria was the dupe behind WW1.

    Assets are being moved into place by both sides
    Russia will act and the question is whether NATO will as well/. Russia is Eons ahead in technology and Laser power. Plus shielded.
    As with the bullying, brutal US Shock and Awe Campaign on a helpless Iraqi Civilian population, Russia will annihilate the UN and any US forces linked.
    Then hope they dont turn on the EU. Be assured of oine thing. If any US forces attack Russian forces, Russia will pre empt. Boom!
    The US still cant grasp this. Simply knowing they got the US first is enough, Armageddon will be paid. They don’t care. America will be dead. End of.
    China’s digital currency poses a threat to the West
    Once Chinese Digital currencies are bought, that’s money out of the West. It empties Western Banks and it tanks.
    Protesters smash police windows amid ‘Kill the Bill’ march in Bristol

    The shape of things to come. Freedom from lock downs are being fought and deaths will follow. It’s called resistance to State Tyranny. Revolting and building.

    Good man William a thinking Monarch.
    AstraZeneca vaccine 100% effective against severe Covid, study finds

    Cut through the BS and take your shots or face the consequences. Without your travelling nowhere and refuseniks will simply be blocked from Flights, Hotels, Sports venues and theatres.
    If you get the dam thing it may be too late. It’s mutating as fast as the Zionist Mafia.
    Watch “ALL AROUND THE WORLD ANTI LOCKDOWN PROTESTS / Hugo Talks #lockdown” on YouTube

    People are waking up to this Lock Down BS and protesting in anger.
    Police are now getting hurt. But, its only when the Politicos get manhandled, tarrred and feathered, that it will end.
    Scientific Advisors, are any more qualified for a Gulag?
    The trillion dollar quest to create a virtual universe.

    Who needs reality this is America?
    US has ‘secret evidence of UFOs breaking sound barrier without a sonic boom and performing moves humans don’t have the technology for’, says Trump’s Director of National Intelligence

    The Pentagon and intelligence agencies were in December given a 180-day deadline to produce a report into UFO sightings, meaning it will be released by June 1.

    UFO truth is coming Folks. The dam will burst.
    Even no deal might make more sense than this unstable Brexit agreement

    The EU Parasites still do not get the FACT that the UK WILL walk with a NO Deal if their games continue, and we will cut off all subsidies instantly. See how that goes down. Pigs at an empty trough!
    You need to watch this.




  13. I would respectfully draw all your attentions to the tremendous Jobs, ICE do, the US Border Guards do to stop illegals and Drugs. Also the huge contributions made by US Customs and Immigration. As with 9/11 the Real Backbone true Patriots of America, while Political Crooks, Zionist Bankers,.the likes of Soros and the Jewish Mafia milk it dry. Well done all of you,.now lets help America sweep out the trash before Biden,illegal Soetoro Obama and Nancy add them as Voters.

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    1. Congratulations SF driver. that is fantastic news. I’m sure you will be happy in your new home and environment. I love residing near water as well, seems to soothe the soul. I wish you all the very best for the future SF driver. You have done very well.


  14. Donald J. Trump, [21.03.21 18:06]
    Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

    We proudly handed the Biden Administration the most secure border in history. All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.

    The pathetic, clueless performance of Secretary Mayorkas on the Sunday Shows today was a national disgrace. His self-satisfied presentation—in the middle of the massive crisis he helped engineer—is yet more proof he is incapable of leading DHS. Even someone of Mayorkas’ limited abilities should understand that if you provide Catch-and-Release to the world’s illegal aliens then the whole world will come.

    Furthermore, the Mayorkas Gag Order on our Nation’s heroic border agents and ICE officers should be the subject of an immediate congressional investigation. But it’s clear they are engaged in a huge cover-up to hide just how bad things truly are. The only way to end the Biden Border Crisis is for them to admit their total failure and adopt the profoundly effective, proven Trump policies.

    They must immediately complete the wall, which can be done in a matter of weeks—they should never have stopped it. They are causing death and human tragedy. In addition to the obvious, drugs are pouring into our country at record levels from the Southern Border, not to mention human and sex trafficking. This Administration’s reckless policies are enabling and encouraging crimes against humanity. Our Country is being destroyed!

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    1. Tony, are you still here? We miss you greatly! Nothing is the same! Please come back. The patriot reset our real President is bringing in, is also in play from what I read, and it will succeed. PRAISE GOD. Haven’t written in probably couple years, but have always followed. Well, until John took over the show and made WHA what he had made OWON. sigh. I wish John the best, but he cannot hold a candle to you, Tony, in class and in my mind, in information. I read a lot of John’s posts before he took over, and he wasn’t always on top of the truth I trusted and had from patriot sources in our nation. Just sayin’. God bless all our WHA readership and our beloved Tony. And GOD help John to find his own platform to rant on. In JESUS NAME. RJ Daniel
      PS THANKS JAMES DARREN! Good post!


      1. Yes, I never left.

        Thank you, it’s nice to be missed, but not sure I know who you are or why you are missing me.

        I don’t really know of any patriot reset that Trump is working on, but I would not mind it at all. Anything to do away with the Bolshevik infestation we have in charge now.

        Just so you know, John has not “taken over”, and WHA is NOTHING like OWoN is or was. I am the sole responsible manager and I alone approve comments. There are no other moderators or administrators. John is a contributor of his own free will like anyone else, but he enjoys a position in financial circles which enables us to have key perspectives that almost no other similarly situated site covering our subject matter, has. For this, he is allowed to pen articles when he chooses. But, I have the final editorial say, which he has never argued with me about. He’s been very, very generous with his time, and continues to be. He really does not need us, nor does he need to spend time here. Somehow, despite his 12 plus hour days, he finds time to help us stay tuned in to his particular corner of influence and activity, so I would hope that you would see the value in that.

        You are welcomed to have any of your particular favorite persons of similar verified station and accomplishments contribute here if you like. They will have to verify their credentials and position, but they are free to speak to me about it.

        Anyone here is welcomed to “rant” or be just as opinionated, whether briefly or verbosely as he may be. I do not place limits on commentary or subject matter.

        I appreciate you thinking that “John can’t hold a candle to [me]”, but honestly, I doubt very highly I could walk into Westminster tomorrow and assume his role. In fact, I don’t think I could get past the Glock guards without getting a .40 caliber enema in the process. I know you say that in furtherance of the bias you wish to display in my favor, for whatever reason, but I think we can all understand that he rose far, far higher that I ever will in terms of positions of responsibility and influence in the realms of international finance and political processes. And for sure, he has most likely put his very life on the line in service of his country many more times than I ever did.

        As far as him being “on top of the truth”, well, what is truth? Many things have yet to finalize or play out, so it’s a bit early to inspect and form conclusions on just what was true or not in this business. We will know soon I hope.

        So, with that, I will say thanks for your post, and enjoy your stay.

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      2. How far did America’s Truth go with the Election? The destruction of Vietnam, Iraq, Syria? For a nation not even able or allowed to run its own Central Bank,Treasury, or Fed, or protect its own borders, what level of Sheeple can’t handle truth? As the Chinese are doing with the Uyghurs, once the QFS is installed, post the crash of the US economy, re educating will follow if the Dems leave anything to even focus on.Or Agenda 21?

        To be World Leaders, you have to be able to take the heat and knocks. It’s one world we share, and dam sure you will hear from the rest of us when DC keeps on screwing it up.

        As DC is visibly imploding, drugs and crime is rife, you have lost in Syria, China and Russia now have have tactical weapon and technology superiority, and you can’t even be trusted to run a straight election, what part of truth can’t you handle? 85% of you don’t have a passport. You have never travelled or experienced Culture, and are Geographically illiterate. Who are you to opine on World Events, when you are run as Sheeple by a Criminal Military Industrial Cabal and Economic Slaves of the Zio Mafia. They Own you!

        Biden? You can’t even run your own back yard. Apart from Tax Slaves for the Zios, and Body Bogs for Israel, and the Military Industrial Cabal, what purpose do you serve? Your own Tri Lateral Commission wants to Population Deplete 85% of you, and Bush 41 called you Useless Eaters. Some Patriots. Media propaganda and dumb down TV, shapes simple minds. Do we help save you from yourselves?

        The game is up. Too much Hollywood. Educate? The world has. That failed with Trump and Bush 43 visibly. How did America become such a Goddam almighty mess? Trump had 4 years and failed . One termers have never come back before. His Senior Appointees, his choices, left screaming alleging he had the mind of a child. As did Bannon.

        The world has views. Plus Culture. Sorry if Global truth offends. Thinking helps.

        Have you any idea what QFS will do to America? Or you? Do you understand QFS? Or the Tri Laterals aspirations for you? Your own President, Bush 41, called you Useless Eaters, and Soros holds you in contempt, while he, and the Zios, milk you dry.

        The days of the Founders are long gone. Great men. What’s gone so visibly wrong? A Neo Liberal, Commie Elite now have you. Good luck with that. You think 2024 will even be a Free Election? Really?

        You know what the Jews allegedly did with the myth Jesus? As with America now! So you believe Fairy Stories? No wonder it’s all gone. Reality is for those who can handle truth. Good luck with QFS. Disneyland is not real. Truth is. Trump- Lost. Hello? Losers are not Leaders.

        When the Afro Hispanics take over, what then? Their “Lick?”. This is now America. Payolla! It’s over. It’s like watching Goldfish in a bowl. There’s a whole real world beyond it. Try it?


      3. Hi Rhoda,
        WELCOME back. I hope you are well.

        I caught your note many comments lower where you have managed to sort the site out which has allowed you to see all the action here from everyone that participates at WHA these days, very happy you achieved that ;-))))

        Thank you for your kind words too. I may not be as sweet as I once was though, little older and crankier these days lol.


  15. John may never come back to WHA after this one.

    This has to be racist. Just racist I tell ya.

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    1. OMG Tony, that RyMac video is an absolute killer.

      I think we both know that big J secretly desires the final lady with the cheese grater in a very strange place. You know he loves dangerous situations lol. Oh and he’ll be back alright, he loves those gals clad in metal. Ha ha.

      Hey Johnny, where is my pic Mr? ;-)))))))


  16. Already there is serious, vicious infighting between China and the US as China knocks the US right off its perch. Reset- What Reset? Too much pre cleared BS on the Net.


    Total confusion and Chaos in the UK over controls. At this stage, with Covid rife and mutating in the EU, low cost , sweaty, cheap booze Costa hotels are a breeding ground for mass infection.
    Allowing our Morons free access to disgorge , mass infect each other, and then carry it back here is madness.
    Has he got the Guts and character to say No the great unwashed? Far greater, is he then dumb enough to extend our existing economy destroying lock downs? “Scientific Advisors” who need throwing off the Cliffs of Dover into raging seas for the current Economic disaster/. . .


    The chaos will destroy the economy soon.
    His new business: Trump seeks personal political brand as he grips Republican base

    He now Greenmails and Blackmails the GOP for use of his brand. What a mess. Cashing in on fund raising. A Half Wit runs the Asylum that is DC now.

    Still they can not field or fund Quality candidates. America is already being faced off and down by China. With a new Idiot as Leader, where is it going?
    VeChain Price Prediction: VET primed for its last leg up of a 220% bull rally
    Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Is On the Cusp of a Breakout
    Disgraced SNP finance secretary Derek Mackay, 43, quits party

    A Scots MP tries to bombade a 16 years old schoolboy to become his Bum Boy. Disgusting. The Sturgeon Hag is also caught lying. Scots? Since Roman times, a nation of Arseholes.

    Disgraced SNP finance secretary Derek Mackay, 43, quits party

    It’s becoming never ending. Economic destruction faces us.

    Unleash him in both Houses in DC?
    Hopefully now, the shame of the lies and treachery of that Scots Hag,Surgeon, can help after exposure to get her to resign, so the Island can unite and live together. She’s a nasty, Socialist Troll who need to be gone! And Ugly!!!!

    DAVID DAVIS: If Scottish cops come knocking, I’ll give them cup of tea

    View at
    Coinbase CEO’s charity enlists ‘ambassadors’ to help donate cryptocurrency: ‘It’s really hard to get people to give money to strangers on the internet’ – MarketWatc

    Just please, think with care before giving your money to so many Charities over which you have no control or oversight how its used, think and be aware.
    Apart from all too many giving themselves fat salaries, luxury cars, high contribution Pension Funds and expense accounts, research and find how little goes to actual end use.
    Once you find its only between 5% and 15% ask what’s the point? It’s all too often a racket with Skanks milking it. Try contributing direct there are so many good causes.
    Homeless are on the streets all around you. Abuse homes also. They need. Animal centers and the Salvation Army. They do so much good.
    Just watch the hype centers. Make your money make a difference. Not fill Chancers pockets.
    Best TOP 10 crypto to invest in 2021 | Best TOP 10 crypto to invest in 2021

    More info to try to help you all get rich.
    ‘Most of my crypto net worth is in ether’

    Think about why?
    Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity

    Jeez whose put the Lill Fella under attack?
    China’s digital currency poses a threat to the West

    Remember, what they take in , takes out from the Western pot. It weakens and crashes the Dollar.
    Israel: Thousands rally against Netanyahu ahead of tight election contest

    This vicious, ugly, Nasty Criminal Zio Rat, needs stopping. Kushner’s handler!
    I’m not trapped, insists William: Prince was left ‘reeling’ by his brother’s claim to Oprah

    William, the Queen and Kate work so hard for their country. Good and valued assets.
    Harry and that C Grade Actress, posing for Oprah, do such disservice.
    Harry has naively trashed his family, friends, trusting causes and his country..
    Stop hiding behind your Ginger beard your neurotic , pampered F wit. Your free to go any time. Stop whining for hand outs and relinquish the Titles
    You were warned not to marry this hard nosed LA Bolter. Can all your friends, family and the Public be so wrong you misfiring F wit?
    William is NOT trapped you whining Bitch.
    Kate drives around freely. meets her family and friends, and goes shopping with William. Markel used to walk safely out of Kensington Place and go shopping
    So can you.
    So Harry No Mates, just stay away, shut it, and get a job! Loser!.
    When Markel bolts again,.what then Wassock? Treacherous, Weak Weasel

    The people are pissed off!
    EU doubles down on threat to block Covid vaccine exports to the UK insisting ‘everything is on the table’ and the bloc is focused on ‘protecting our citizens’. British ministers warn ‘the world is watching’

    European Commissioner for financial services Mairead McGuinness said ‘everything is on the table’ and the EU’s focus is on ‘protecting our citizens’.

    Good. Yes Please.!
    Then block all EU payments subsidizing those bastards. Crash the lot. Bring it on.

    What’s coming will be far worse than Covid and life changing for all. It will be a Global disaster. Vast deaths and world changing. Travel will end. Trapped!
    JCVI member issues social distancing warning

    This Bollocks goes on!

    JCVI member issues social distancing warning
    Channel 4 documentary says Queen is ‘frustrated’ by Charles

    After a life of service, and total dedication, the Queen is beyond saddened to see that Charles is simply never going to be up to the top Job as King. Diana knew that and so do the Public.
    The Twat needs to step aside for William. But he won’t, so he will put the Monarchy at risk as the pampered Brat Harry has done William and Kate are right for the role. Charles is as waste of space.
    Philip needs to tell him to put the country first and go! It’s no job for a Twat!

    Channel 4 documentary says Queen is ‘frustrated’ by Charles

    Good, can’t we do 100M more as reprisals?


    1. You have shared some good links here John. Not sure how you find the time to locate all that you offer but I do appreciate you putting in that time and effort. Thank you.

      I absolutely agree with you regarding the required research of any charity one intends to donate to. There are so many cons around these days. Top choice recommending the Salvation Army too. They are at the top of my list along with some animal groups that do wonderful work.

      When I was very young my mother ended up on her own for a few years due to a very stupid mistake my father made. She had three children to care for on her own and she worked her butt off day and night to get us through. Things got rather desperate for us for a short time at one point and she felt forced to ask for assistance from charitable groups to ensure her three children were okay. And she was not one to ask for assistance from anyone under most circumstances, not even other family members. The Salvation Army were the only charity that assisted us and got us all through a very tough time. I have never forgotten that and ever since have given every bit of support I possibly could from that day until this to them and it will continue until I am no longer alive. They are brilliant.


  17. Serious income help is being gained via the site.
    Those parties who listened to suggestions to sell worthless currencies and speculate in Cryptos instead are now very well off. Well compensated. As attested for all on site.

    For those desperate Grunts sitting tight for their magic mushroom millions, what can we say? One party in Texas is ever more worried about currency call back requests they can not service. Others just sip their coffee, draw on their cigarettes (Tit Substitutes) and still think they have millions pending. Greed wont’ feed need. Nor will naivety.

    Grunts are born. Everyone finds their own place on the totem pole of life.

    Elders funds will NOT be used to bail that Turkey shoot, No one else has either the money or interest.
    Those cashing out probably have the next 2 years to cash in with Cryptos. Use it or lose it!

    Great site, great people, all your comments, bar Trolls, are valued. The site is strong. So now are your rising bank balances. Speculate to accumulate. Happy to see Biffies now getting in. As with many. Ignore the Broker and Pumper rags. Read, research and try.

    It’s a big year for you all ahead.


  18. Way to go!… stand up America!
    Letter from Several USD Law Professors to the Dean, About the Criticism-of-China Investigation
    EUGENE VOLOKH | 3.20.2021 7:19 PM
    I think this is quite correct; for more, see the post below:
    Dear Robert,
    We have read your email to the law school community as well as your email to one of us. Here is our reaction.

    The faculty member in question made a political comment in forceful language. He has the right and perhaps the obligation as a citizen and an academic to comment on matters of public concern such as the Chinese government’s handling of COVID, and to do so in evocative and forceful language. No fair, much less lawyerly way of reading what he wrote would conclude anything other than that “Chinese cock swaddle” was referring to propaganda of the Chinese government and surely not denigrating people of Chinese origin or descent. The context makes this perfectly clear.

    Blog posts by academics fall within the bounds of academic freedom as defined by the AAUP. Student concerns about discrimination should always be considered soberly. Yet, an academic institution committed to free inquiry cannot allow misplaced accusations of bigotry to become an all-purpose tool for silencing critical comment. To allow such accusations to undermine academic freedom ultimately ensures an environment of fear and suspicion for all members of the academic community, undermining rather than ensuring a welcoming and respectful discourse. Describing the disputed comments in this case as “offensive language in reference to people from China” of a piece with “hate crimes directed against the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community [and] racist commentary” inevitably creates the impression that judgment has been rendered in advance and the outcome of the promised review has been predetermined.

    We are concerned that treating these complaints the way you are doing validates student reactions and strained interpretations that are misguided, that reflect a lack of critical thinking, and that will chill faculty members’ teaching and scholarship. We sincerely hope it will be possible to work together to find a better way.


    1. Thank you, James for all your posts. They are excellent. All of them. GO RAND! I’m sure glad you are posting. And glad to see Aurataya again too. Sure thought we’d lost our entire website with all the wonderful friends on here. Maybe you’ve been here all along and I couldn’t find you, expecting the website to work semi-as it had before J.
      Blessings on you all. Our world is about to change for good. SO SO MUCH IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! OUR GOD IS FIGHTING FOR US instead of against us! HE WINS & SO DO WE. Though not sure about Mr John who is convinced there is no GOD. That doesn’t seem to phase Our LORD, however! 🙂 RJ Daniel


  19. Not sure if you have ever watched this video Tony but it is one of my favourites. It makes me cry every time I watch it. So beautiful.


    1. Thank you, no. I have not seen it until now. Very moving, and I accept that the communication abilities she displays with those animals is very valid. A remarkable story.

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  20. Be careful what you take at face value from Charlie Ward.
    1. He’s a Broker.
    2. His wife is mercurial?
    3. Hes linked with a lot of Dubious parties. Flake territory.
    This is no “Competent Authority”.

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    1. The best Video I have seen thought out, written, prepped and produced for him.
      It works well for America. Well done all. It makes him look credible.
      America so much needs a real Leader now. But so do many nations. Politicos- Stink!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. John, thank you! That is the most positive post I’ve ever read from you about our awesome President, who is STILL President, btw. If I missed any other positive post, my apologies. Whenever I received an email from WHA–for a long time now, it was only one of your long articles–ever! And there was no “comments” section to click on in the heading, or any other choice, just your post. So I thought you somehow took over and our Tony was gone. I am so delighted to find our neat group still here, and TONY too most of all! SO DELIGHTED. RJ

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  21. Time to take stock of our list of suggested digital assets. We are currently in a correctional phase so let us see how we are doing this far. This list is valid for one day.

    BTC. The price was about $10,000 when we published the list, and currently we are at about $59,000. c400% up.

    ETH. The price was about $350 when we published the list, and currently we are at about $1850. c525% up.

    DASH. About $71 at time of list publication. c326% up.

    STELLAR. About .08 at time of list publication. c525% up.

    RIPPLE. About .24 at time of list publication. c252%up.

    CINDICATOR. About .009 at time of list publication. c330% up.

    VECHAIN. About .01 at time of list publication. c900% up.

    0x. About .36 at time of list publication. c436% up.

    RIPIO. About .04 at time of list publication. c300% up.

    CRYPTERIUM. About .23 at time of list publication. c200% up.

    ENJIN. About .13 at time of list publication. c1846% up.

    STATUS. About .02 at time of list publication. c550% up.

    STREAMR. About .04 at time of list publication. c350% up.

    SOLVECARE. About .09 at time of list publication. c377% up.

    UNISWAP. Price has advanced c640% over buy-up-to price of $5.

    CURVE. Price has advanced c295% over buy-up-to price of .95.

    Remember – you all owe me 10% of profits. (Kidding).

    For now we will watch these ideas very carefully. In all probability, the largest price advances are still ahead.

    You wanted an “RV”. Well, you have it.


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    1. Thank you Tony. I will very soon be buying my first coin. Have been studying the how to of it all. The information you have provided on this site is very helpful. I am excited!!

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    2. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have about 7 of those you mentioned above. Just regretting I did not buy sooner and more. FOMO in its very essence.


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    3. WOW! Those figures are most impressive when viewed together like this. And thank you for taking the time to present this information, with updates Tony, greatly appreciated.

      You have done extremely well with your guidance and assistance Tony. As have others here at WHA noting their recommendations too. I have relied heavily on information shared at WHA as I simply do not have a great deal of spare time to research for myself. So I sincerely thank everyone for each and every contribution.

      Liked by 2 people

    4. 10%? Heck, I was going to offer you way more than that but if 10 is your figure, so be it lol.

      I know you are kidding Tony and this is why I feel compelled to continue thanking you for what you have done for so many people. No where else would we have been so wonderfully guided, educated and reassured without a single dollar being requested in return. THANK YOU SO MUCH TONY.

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    5. I own six from your list and a few I found on my own. In 2017 I was on the outside looking in. well….. not anymore! 😁

      Love ya Tony! You are the best.

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    6. Dear Tony,
      Thank you SO much for still being here. I thought I’d lost you, our WHA family and our whole website when the only thing that ever came up when I clicked on the emails from WHA were one of John’s posts, with nothing at all in the heading to click on. This time when I clicked on the email, the page said NOT FOUND! BUT there was a heading with several choices, including comments at long last–AND IT OPENED! I was so excited to find you still here! WAHOO! And Aurataya too! She was good at speaking my heart too whenever she made a comment to you! Anyway, please discard my 2 earlier comments. Finding you here still is all that matters! 🙂 🙂 RJ
      PS TKS too for the crypto help! I shared your earlier crypto posts. 🙂 Also, what does S*P*Q*R stand for?

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  22. Glue the floors and stop the Illegals in one hit

    Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort partially closed by Covid-19 outbreak

    This is why he kept blocking lock downs. I told you his games.
    EXCLUSIVE: Putin Humiliated Biden in Moscow Meeting, Reveals Obama-Era White House Stenographer.

    Heaven help us if the demented fool starts a war with either Russia or China or both.
    The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed | Blogs | LifeSite

    Awful Why the hell is the media not all over this?
    The Queen needed stiches after being bitten trying to break up a Corgi fight

    Imagine setting up a double date by mistake with Aurataya and Taylor Day. Lol
    The Chinese are suddenly making it very clear what they think of us | Fox News

    Hey Tucker, it’s not just China. The world looks at these complete Arseholes you have running DC, a Presidential choice between Dumb and Dumber, and a population so engrossed dumbed down they cnat see the whole world is not laughing with them but at them. So many F Ups in DC , Hunters lap top not even being investigated., who can take the US seriously now? US Politics reek. The game is up now.
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Fears of third wave grow in Europe as Germany warns of ‘exponential growth’ in infections

    This is now with us all big time.

    The age old question. Because what’s on the bottle is not what’s in the bottle sadly
    Is Shamima Begum’s new look just a sham? She’s ditched the hijab for hair dye and watches GMB from her tent – but behind her makeover, troubling questions remain

    When pictures of Shamima Begum emerged this week, they were bound to cause consternation. Many would struggle to recognise the 21-year-old with her dyed hair and casual clothes.

    One 9MM hollow head and sorted!
    Shared from Sky News: Goldman Sachs junior bankers warn bosses they could quit over ’98-hour’ working week

    Welcome to my world. They can’t take it.
    Crypto Mining Stocks Could Keep Beating Bitcoin in ‘Modern-Age Digital Gold Rush’ – CoinDesk
    Shared from Sky News: COVID live – latest news: Summer holidays abroad ‘extremely unlikely’ and UK on brink of giving first jab to half of adult population

    Why can’t this Tosser of a PM knock it in the heads of the mass Sheeple, No High Risk Holidays in oxic Traps like Spain this year? Make these Self Centered whining Morons holiday at home this year. We have to stop a Third Wave.

    Sydney Powell’s Latest Interview | Armstrong Economics

    Sydney exposes all the lies , Corruption and Crime. No one does a thing. Defund the FBI?
    Police clampdown on Hyde Park anti-lockdown protest

    Well done the Brits full protests ,F the police and F the masks

    America leads one nil. The UK is shot in the foot with masks, and almost a year of lockdowns. Absolute , total way OTT Bollocks!


    Coinbase Yuk!


    1. There would be no “double date” issues for the gentleman planning on organising such an event. At my age I know to take a step back for the pretty, young, vibrant ladies. In other words, I have the ability to face reality in this area these days. Sucks getting old though lol.

      BUT…. If I was in a situation where that classed as my territory was being stepped upon, I have two possible avenues of action. 1. Allow every adult involved to make their own decision and live with the outcome of that decision. Or 2. start the corgi fight lol. I think I may go with number 1. Too tired and too old for bs drama anymore.


    1. Oh dear me, with that many of those little critters running around I would be totally freaking out if I was in that situation. I only had to deal with about 3 or 4 in that house I lived in, discussed previously, so to save them was doable. But that many? OMG! Maybe I would become a killer lol.

      I know they cause trouble but I always consider that they are just looking for something to eat to continue their lives, just as we do. But I am not one to put up with filth or mess of any kind in my home. My home must always be maintained in a clean fashion but I will put up with the occasional spider or gecko. If I can relocate a critter that may me annoying me, then I will try to do that. Just don’t like killing animals of any sort. It’s the bloody humans that need dealing with lol.


      1. I also do not like taking any form of life, except in certain cases when mine is in jeopardy.

        Also, I was watching a video about the 13 million feral cats that are running around in Australia, causing tremendous damage to native species, including extinctions of many. I see they hire people to cull this heard. I am seriously thinking of spending some time down there and joining in on that. Not that I have anything against cats, but that is a very serious problem for Australia and since cats are not endangered, I feel it is a justifiable kill.

        We have the same problem in Texas with wild hogs – they do lots of damage and are breeding faster than Zio bankers.

        We should encourage people to stop big game hunting of majestic endangered animals in Africa, and go after these pestilential hoards which are useful for meat and hide. Cat fur makes great insulation for coats and hats. Wild hogs make great sausage, and I would donate all the meat to the needy.


        1. Yes, we do have a problem here with cats Tony. Not only that which you mention but irresponsible owners allowing their so called pet cats to roam at night killing beautiful birds. Their are laws that insist pet cats must be confined at night but many do not follow this. It is not the animals fault it is the stupid irresponsible owners fault. I am allergic to cats too so I always avoid them, unless I find a sick or injured one, then I’ll suffer the consequences to assist it.

          I appreciate what you have noted about joining in on the cull and thank you for wishing to assist in that. I just become heartbroken that we even need to do this. If things were managed correctly by stupid humans in this country many animals would not need to suffer as they do.

          Big game hunting is heart wrenching to me. I do not understand a person that can kill those magnificent creatures. They themselves should be shot in my opinion.

          When I took myself on a drive one day just to get away for a few hours, I came across an elephant in a paddock. It was in a country area with houses not too far away. I just could not help myself and had to go over to visit it. Elephants are my favorite animal. OMG Tony, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I was very cautious and approached very slowly. After speaking to him and looking into his eyes for a few moments he allowed me to touch and stroke his face and ears. His eyes were magnificent. It was very hard to walk away from that gorgeous creature, it took me over two hours to do that.

          I just thought of one of the culling events you could join here if you enjoy a bit of rough and tumble excitement. The camel cull. OMG, that would have to be one of the wildest things I have ever seen. Yep, I still feel sorry for the camels and hate to see them captured and not allowed to live out their lives in a free manner but they are said to be quite a problem.

          You do have honorable ideas re such problems Tony and I do appreciate the truth you speak in this area but it is incredibly hard for me to see animals killed even though I know in some instances it may be needed but it still boils down to bad human management in the first place.

          WooHoo! Coming to Aus hey? I may have to get Morrison to hit the permanent border lock down button after your arrival. Ha ha, just mucking around Tony.

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          1. God I hate typos. That second “Their” in paragraph one, beginning of sentence three should be “There.” Sorry.


  23. Et Tu Canada?

    Like you really have a choice in the matter?

    He could have saved the Donner Party.

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  24. Cardano (ADA) To Hit $5? Probably – Cryptocurrency Price Forecast
    China;s New Digital Currency Is Easy to Use but You'll Be Watched

    Accept Chinese Spying comes with it.
    Socialist poltical crap what do you expect.

    Thousands of lives’ needlessly lost to EU’s AstraZeneca ban
    Prince Charles ‘enormously let down’ by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s racism claims

    Cinderella and her Man Child Fella need to quit the Royal scene, she’s seen to be untrustworthy and self serving. Both she and her father leak!
    Harry, simply is,an IDIOT! She bolted in a year. Kate handles it, William too. Markel has no class. End of.

    Pampered Brat Harry cant survive in LA alone. It’s going to end up with a Pitt Jolie type face off. 2 Freaks together. How does Brad muzzle that? She’s poisoning the kids. Shrew types? Markel has form now. Bad! The MSM will play her ego.
    Interstellar visitor is NOT an alien craft but from an exoplanet

    Another Myth implodes. Goguen can’t throw her hook on that.

    Interstellar visitor is NOT an alien craft but from an exoplanet
    ITS TIME – VIDEO!! Banned everywhere – PLEASE WATCH – last hope video!!

    Thye have ruined Industries, commerce, shattered family, trashed town and cities, and its failed! These inept Bastards have to be brought to account. What a mess. Lies!
    Frightening to think America lets a visibly impaired, rapidly declining geriatric, loose on its economy and nuclear command. If this Clown faces down China, as well as having just recklessly insulted Putin, we have the makings of a WW111 cocktail waiting to happen. Eeejits! ( Irish for Idiots!)
    Having never fought a war on home soil, DC has no idea of the consequences. Russia and China have missile interceptor shields to protect them.They are ready for a first strike. The US is NOT ready for what will come back.
    Be clear, if you take on either China or Russia you will get both back. Then the Genie is loose. End of America!
    If the US falls, the EU will do a deal with Russia, which will activate a Zio and Muslim sweep of Europe. Israel will be ripped apart first. No mercy next time.Nor camps. For real.

    You ran screaming in terror from Vietnam. Reality! Mogadishu too. There will be nowhere to run if it’s WW111. The simple size and aggession of the Chinese army and murderous might of Russias will be fought in the US and not by Hollywood.
    I’ve no doubt of the bravery of the Patriotic American soldiers. But they would be so overfaced. War Games are just that. Russia and China will not be playing games. .Nor taking and feeding Prisoners. Yoiu will raped and shot, or slave labour.
    Way too much false, delussional US propoganda. Like Rome, the Vandals already inside will help the enemy ransack the lot. They will think, it’s my lick! That sick! Too many are so Thick!.Be carefull what you wish for.Too many are so naive. .

    Who’s in charge? Biden accidentally Kamala ‘President Harris’
    B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers And B-1B Lancers Team Up For Arctic Show Of Force

    Does anyone read or watch demonstrations put on by Russians?
    Several years ago now, Russia demonstrated with 2 MiG-31 ‘s laser strike ability in space to knocking out inbound missiles. Does anyone really think they are not prepared for a first strike?
    What people should be concerned about is their response. This whole macho charade can easily have deadly consequences, even if a 1st strike would be a complete success as the “dead hand” would take over and several thousand missiles would fly and human life would end.
    There is far more to be gained for humanity by working together than by playing macho games where the end result is known and only the timing of the a game participant’s death is unknown.
    Security of Russia’s south, including Crimea, ensured in full, assures military commander – Military & Defense – TASS

    Does the West, including the UK and EU, have a clue about the rapidly changing Russian /Chinese emerging market issues?

    When Russians make statements it is a matter of fact and not bravado. It is not their style to brag about their abilities. They have been concentrated on rebuilding themselves to repel a multi frontal full out attack on their homeland with conventional forces. While their defensive missile capability is second to none. They will annihilate NATO and the US.
    Why poke such an opponent?

    When your own analysis suggests defeat; to tempt such an outcome is very foolish. Especially, given that Russia neither needs or wants what any of the countries on its’ western border have to offer outside of mutual trade potential. Russia is very rich in natural resources and does not need anything from the west. However, they could use extra people as their population is light given their land mass.
    As I keep saying Russia will sooner or later realize there is no future value pursuing western trade and engagement and will turn away from Europe and the west.
    This will be a loss for Europe and the west both in trade and influence.
    And if the west truly is naive enough in its’ current state to attempt intrusion onto Russia soil or protectorates, one can expect the full might of Russia’s talons as a lesson and warning of what else can come.

    As I wrote the other day, if the Ukies have decided to meet their end, they will find out quickly how fast it comes when and if their massed troops incur onto the Crimea.

    We should expect a similar deterioration in relationships with China under the current American administration with implications for parties in the pacific region.

    It’s never ending.

    No thanks to China for this!
    Former PM Cameron Tried To Steer Emergency COVID Loans To Floundering Greensill: FT | ZeroHedge
    Cameron caught greesing the wheels it seems.
    WHO Insider Blows Whistle on Gates and GAVI

    Whistle blowers dont get listened to.

    Why would anyone trust Bill Gates and his agenda ?
    What Do We Know About China’s Newest Missiles? – Defense One

    Even an unlearned scholar can see where this is headed in terms of Taiwan. When they are ready they will act and use the missiles as a deterrent or as a lesson.
    Sadly, one must contemplate that it is only a matter of time before China takes Taiwan and what ramifications ensue.
    President Joe Biden, 78, falls up the stairs of Air Force One
    Dangerous Escalation In Ukraine: Russia Warns Of “Total War” Thr

    The heat is in on the line of contact and is escalating.

    This was to be expected after Putin basically told Biden to pound sand. Parties involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline were warned by the US to stop work.
    Russia Deploys All Black Sea Submarines as NATO Kicks Off Drills – The Moscow Times

    Russia is way ahead of the US in Submarine warfare.

    Taking no chances… remember the great reset crowd want to subdue Russia and thinks now under Biden the US will have their NATO back. And you wonder why they are so concerned with their inability to find Russian subs off the coast of Florida and Israel?
    If they provoke Russia, may god have mercy on their souls.
    Autonomous Vehicles Will Automatically Stop For Police, Roll Down Their Windows And Unlock Their Doors | MassPrivateI

    Big brother at work. Then why not defund the Police? Electronic speed controls,.No Pigs free riding.
    How high will Bitcoin go? | Inside Story

    Autonomous Vehicles Will Automatically Stop For Police, Roll Down Their Windows And Unlock Their Doors | MassPrivateI

    Big brother at work. Then why not defund the Police? Electronic speed controls,.No Pigs free riding.


    Hackney has refused to close her establishment despite multiple orders from the state to close after reopening last summer. She was told by a judge to surrender by Thursday, which she declined to do.

    “I work hard. You work hard and you can accomplish many things. My employees depend on me,” she said.

    “I’m the one who has to pay the bills. The city is not giving me a break on my property taxes,” Hackney told CapCon.

    “It takes someone escaping communism to show Americans how to be American,” Martin told Breitbart News.


  26. Hi All,

    Just an FYI. After using the crypterium app to buy crypterium, I have the following observation.
    1) Used a bank card to buy crypterium in the crypterium app. Did not know initially that I will be charged bank transaction fees because the company is located somewhere in Europe.

    2) The crypterium coin has been down for awhile and just today just came to a level where I can actually sell/exchange it to recoup my initial small investment. I tried using my bank card to ‘cash out’ but the functionality is ‘not available’.

    3) I exchanged crypterium to USDC so I can send it to my coinbase account. Functionality is ‘not available’.

    The website says that they are working on improving the app. I have checked options 2 and 3 above a couple of weeks ago and they weren’t working either. I will continue to try to get my funds once the send to wallet function is restored.

    Please take what you need from this information.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) Indeed they are. Fees are a bank issue. Buying crypto will involve a fee from someone in between. Everyone wants a piece of the action.

      2) Selling to “break even” in the midst of a bull market, seems odd, but perhaps there was a reason for that.

      3) Try exchanging to BTC then sending that. I did a BTC withdrawal from the CRPT app to another wallet just last night – badda bing it was done in 10 minutes.

      In fact, over the last 6 weeks, I used their predictive analysis function (free version) to earn a 54% gain on my initial deposit of BTC. Unfortunately, the ETH gas fees are too high right now to continue trading between ERC20 tokens with it for now, as my returns would have been much higher if they were more in line with customary levels, but I will take it and be happy.

      For sure, Crypterium is going through growing pains, and the experience will not be perfect at this point, but their development continues, and the risks can be managed for the potential gains that more wide-spread adoption is bound to bring for platforms of this kind. That’s how I see it.

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      1. Hi Tony,

        Thanks for the reply. You might have just provided the information I needed to accomplish what I was trying to do.

        I was going to use the amount I am withdrawing for buying another crypto that increased 300% in the last couple of days.

        It was pure luck I bought this at almost at its lowest. I wished I bought more. The use case is solid. If anyone wants to research it. The crypto is called Harmony. Also called the One coin.



    1. QFS is still in a Global negotiation of vested interests. China is trying to steal a march. No less than America.
      We have stepped back each week from still inconclusive completions. Pigs at the trough!


      1. John,

        Is QFS deployment a necessity for the GS releases to occur? It seems the pigs at the trough will never be satisfied with what’s owed in their minds.


  27. Re Taylor Day, Kids in cages.
    As ever the Devil is in the detail. Location, when , and a meaningful write up please.
    WHA provides full analysis of issue. Twitter is OK for Trump Tweets, but little else.
    Real issues as above need exposure please. Details? .
    Many of us avoid the hacking risks of Twitter. Full report?


    1. I think her objective was to visually show that Biden’s treatment of these people is no better than anyone’s, despite little tinpot Bolshevik crocodile tears from AOC and other drama queens of the House.

      The picture is probably from the Mexican side of the fence, given the police cars’ appearance.

      When it comes to Taylor, visuals are pretty effective if you ask me. 😁



    Hoogland had previously discovered that his daughter’s school had been showing her sexual and gender identity education materials known as “SOGI 123,” which the report referred to as transgender “propaganda videos.”

    By the 7th grade, the school had changed his daughter’s name in the yearbook without telling her parents, and “socially transitioned” her with the input of gender ideologue psychologist Wallace Wong, who advised the pubescent child to take testosterone.


  29. As soon a Joe goes…into office she blows. Literally.


    It may be cheaper to hold them undersea.

    We are really, really in trouble.


  30. Imagine Elders bringing their resources into this sector…🚀🌛

    Rome needs another crack at the continental management duty. Via Appia reborn.

    Someone will claim he’s entitled to do this.

    Good for her.

    We are lucky these have been small so far. Just a little bigger, and one of these airbursting over a major city could kill millions in an instant.

    Watch, in a few months they will be clamoring for BTC.

    She’s right. Governments are overdue for a relevancy check. Staffing every one of them with cadavers would actually improve their efficiency.



    You can’t trust even those projections wait until Deutsch and others ask for loans to be redeemed.

    So Clinton has a sister?

    This signals the end for Zionists US domination
    Shamima Begum wanted to kill herself when children died in Syria

    Hopefully she will never be allowed back and can die in the hell of her own making . ISIS. Kills mass innocents and she glorified in it. She must never be allowed back. No bad thing to deport her family also. Pakkies again.

    Billy No Mates has shat his best here. A dumb and stupid betrayal is backlashing him. Dumb shit! Ginger Minger

    If routed to Russian Gulags it would soon stop their games. Why don’t they go to Muslim paradises?
    Piers Morgan criticises Gayle King for comments on Harry and Meghan

    Dumb Harry’s going to get dragged into this media dirt circle. Stupid child.
    Royal author says Prince William’s ‘very protective of Kate Middleton’

    Poor William saw his mother destroyed by both the media and Charles appealing betrayals. He doesn’t need this for his wife and kids and this bearded shit brother should never have started this vile media circus. The press need to back of he’s done such a good job so far like his Grandmother the Queen. Brits will stand up for and protect both the Queen and Willis. Also Kate.
    Harry’s a naïve list little boy sadly being played by Markel. This will hurt them both the media is relentless. If Harry does not rebuild his family fast he’s gone.
    Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case

    Not a good stock to own Time the world ditches this bitch.
    ‘Arctic dome’ set to hit UK today with snow warning and freezing temperatures expected ‘until Easter’ – Leeds Live

    Where would England be without coal? When you are hit with such storms which come with a Solar minimum, being green means freezing. And electric cars and like do not do so well in this kind of weather, nor do solar panels work.
    It is more than likely that Britain will experience more such events as the Solar Minimum accelerates over the next few years in parallel with what happened before.
    Whether their leadership is capable of admitting and dealing with this remains to be seen and whatever does or does not occur it will impact the economy.
    All of Northern Europe can expect to see real changes in weather in years ahead. And being green will not be helpful as Germany recently discovered.
    I suspect coal use will increase and not decrease and Europe will need Nord Stream gas pipeline far more than thought going forward. Natural gas and cheap gas will be a crucial element in Europe’s economy going forward.
    Nobel Prize Winning Inventor of PCR Test Said that Dr. Fauci “Doesn’t Know Anything – And I’d Say It to His Face”

    He’s destroyed the Global economy.

    The question is why anyone listens to him.
    Megan Who Cares?

    Harry, Harry, Why don’t we open a Wassocks club?

    So many times we have warned our American Allies, this is coming. But with 350 Million Heads up all those Me. Me Me Butts, not even light gets in.
    Not sure who wrote it but it has come down to this sad truth… This IS America today.

    Border Patrol warns Biden that ‘overwhelmed’ staff can’t cope with ‘crisis’ levels of immigration: Agents reveal how migrants are heading for US because they ‘hear on the news we are letting people in’ – as cartel warfare breaks out on border

    Biden’s DHS secretary has said the situation could get worse before it gets better, as one Honduran migrant on the border tells Fox he’s heard the U.S. was just letting people in.

    Whose siden with Biden now?

    This Bribe taking Geriatric with a Coke snorting Son has lost the plot. He’s retarded.

    He wishes that is his only competition. Hopefully America fields quality by then.
    Property boss laughs off claims Harry and Meghan ‘plagiarised’ logo

    Pathetic what they can’t conceive they steal.


    There are some crazy talented people in the world.

    Michael Cohen to speak to investigators for the EIGHTH time as New York prosecutors charge ahead with their investigation into Donald Trump’s finances

    Michael Cohen, 54, will speak with prosecutors working for Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance on Friday, as the team issue new subpoenas in their investigation into Trump.

    For Trump it never ends


  32. After Biden and Obama’s Commie Czars have finished looting with America, what will be left for you?
    The Demo Rats, BLM and Whackos, plus rapacious Zionists will loot the lot. Empires end.


  33. Tony’s New Years delayed wish.
    To Play away with Taylor Day.
    But you must leave home first Tony

    Just teasing him Taylor.


  34. Tony good morning very early here and having my coffee and saw your upping the BTC buy to $75,000. Yahoo@@@!! The last times you did that the price eventually passed the price so we appreciate your confidence in this and I am going to recommend to our group here that we make less the gold allocations and increase the BTC in our speculative group holdings. Things are going so well that in this arena that the kids of a few of our members have decided to take the ivan on tch blockchain course and intend to seek emplyment in that industry. So many good things have come from being here at wha and we thank you again for your effort. They would have never considered doing so had they not seen the crypto casey posts. Just you taking the time to share that has had effects on the lives of young adults who were not sure what to do with themselves and now they have direction as if by magic overnight with renewed purpose. amaxzing!!

    I am lookin out from my window at a nice boat, a nice truck and a brand new $9k prefab workshop I ordered to hold my lawn equipment and my new tools for my woodworking hobby which is starting to make money too now. All paid from crypto profits with plenty more on the way from all I can see. So many other friends of mine have similar new things and much needed I might add. Lives are being helped here not money sucking like from the donation trickster intel people.

    And we all saw the pic that j posted with the elders. How amazingly aawesome was that to see! we cant wait to see that project go into a state of beginng as the many dsecriptions we have been given sound incredible beyond belief.

    well I better get some work done.Thanks so much again. your pal C.

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      1. Come on Lil Fella fantasise fast. If you can’t rise to the occasion send her Brad Pitt? Shes worn out the Donk.


        1. Brad Pitt? No thank you.
          And I’m not continuing the “donk” conversation because you always lead me astray lol.


  35. Can WHA refresh my memory as to what exactly global settlements are. I thought it was old bonds owed to chinese families, but it seems like off books gold coming back into the system.

    What exactly does this do? Increase gold value, back currencies by gold.

    Is this the reset to gold back currencies?

    I’m a little confused. I know you made a post about it defining each, but I can’t find it on the site.


      1. Those in the loop know. Outside its too early to show our hand or intent. Between the Elders, UN and London, rethinking vast operations. Re balancing selective economies, infrastructure projects, Banking and Cryptos.
        More later.


  36. Our enemies must really be tempted to move in.

    It begins…

    These hand-job/boom-boom parlors were overdue for a crazy, porn-addicted white guy to shoot up 8 hookers.

    Holy 🐶 💩

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  37. Salve, Citizens Of The Republic:

    We are going to raise the buy-up-to price suggestion for Bitcoin. For those of you who are in a position to allocate further risk capital, consider buying more BTC up to a price of $75,000. I will amend the list to reflect this.

    We will still see volatility, but the long term outlook is still very positive for this space. Gold is not performing to the same level as BTC and the new generations have little concern for it. The new “gold” for them, is BTC.

    Pax Vobiscvm

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  38. Tory revolt as review calls for ‘deeper trade links’ with China

    The Guy is s truly brain dead bloody road kill poser. Dreadful typical political Chancer.

    2 of Europe’s scavenging Socialists have been found out by the voters and are being arse whipped at tg election polls.
    Socialists? Demo Rats!
    Shared from Sky News: Shootings at Atlanta Asian massage parlors leave eight dead

    Bankers or Wankers?

    Drop the standards Gimme the money!
    8 shot dead, multiple injured at two spas and Atlanta massage parlor

    They are coming for our animals. Can we throw the wife in?
    Joe Biden: Putin will ‘pay the price’ for election interference

    Hmm Bribe taking Biden calls out Putin, Vlad will wipe the floor with him
    F U Sheeple with your brain dead lock downs,. Reach out to each other what Twat dares tell me not to hug my kids and grandkids.

    Harry and Meghan ‘had deal to postpone interview if Philip died’

    2 Scurrilous attention seeking media scavengers. Disgusting. They need to be cut loose Harry’s her Sock Puppet, stupid little boy next she will be looking with contempt now she’s finished as a Royal. No class, just crass. He’s a silly naïve child.
    Part of Harry and Meghan interview was to plug Apple mental health doc

    Harry can’t court media cover without knowing the price is they forever own you. It’s like inviting Weevils into your food store but their food is you! Markel has no consummate experience to shelter a Man Child she’s a Bolter herself. A manipulator. She’s LA hardcore.
    Watch “Ancient Aliens: DNA TEST REVEALS OTHERWORLDLY BEINGS (Season 7) | History” on YouTube


    Incredulity and hypocracy. Are there no standards? Standards Unbecoming!


  39. I TOLD YOU they were screwing with the numbers…. Is there some Lord you can sic on this John?

    Follow the thread:


    1. Tino

      As ever your input is valued and appreciated. However?

      Westminster is shut down with Covid and has been since last year. As our group know, I have access to the Covid Committee, but it can’t be assembled with Lords storm troopers because of the lock down. We are not back until June and then its holidays?????

      I full agree with all your points, but the Cabinet is under the thumb of Big Pharma.

      Change is me facing off these Plebs with the Elders deal cleared and paid, and that is the time for favours, horse trading. No different than DC.

      One man exhibiting the Master Global *** Contracts in his hands to the Temple Masters, Principal Elders, one whose own father was the World Gold Council Chairman, and key Legals, has the real power.

      But try driving through tens of thousands of Assay reports and Re Assays. Then re-tracking original Certificates of Origin for shipments 40 years ago, via Africa or Asia, and see these Wookies’ hands out!!! Lining up Legal Title is a vast undertaking. One document out of Sync in a batch and it’s chaos sorting it. I am driving and motivating our Peers daily to assist me mass process this via the Commonwealth Leaders. Japan is knocking on the door with threats and inducements to redeem Gold they stole from the Germans in WWII then sneaked into South Korea and Taiwan. Possession is all! Crapping Japs. Elders stole it Last! Like the US.

      Harrison Ford couldn’t handle this. Beyond Hollywood. But real time 24×7. Beyond Public concepts.

      Politics responds to money. The Elders have total Commitments and key Groups in play.

      Those phones start at 03-00 hrs up to midnight. Oh to be a Slave, if only. They get to sleep. Once concluded, then we set up the demand sequences and wish lists. It’s a big list Tino. Inclusive. It’s already creating waves with the realisation of implications. Vast complexities and multi, multi tasking. 5Ds of knowledge and memory banks. Time pressures create the typos. Lol. But fact.

      So allow me to play the cards, but a Howitzer cocked not a BB gun. Our OK Corral is coming.

      We can not even go part public yet. It stays off radar.

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  40. OMG! 90% have partial or total immunity to this nCov2019 virus. Can we now stop it with the end-of-the-world crap?

    A majority of uninfected adults show pre-existing antibody reactivity against SARS-CoV-2
    Abdelilah Majdoubi,1 Christina Michalski,2 Sarah E. O’Connell,3 Sarah Dada,1 Sandeep R. Narpala,3 Jean P. Gelinas,4 Disha Mehta,4 Claire Cheung,1 Dirk F.H. Winkler,5 Manjula Basappa,3 Aaron C. Liu,1 Matthias Görges,6 Vilte E. Barakauskas,7 Michael A. Irvine,8 Jennifer Mehalko,9 Dominic Esposito,9 Inna Sekirov,10 Agatha N. Jassem,10 David M. Goldfarb,1 Steven Pelech,5 Daniel C. Douek,3 Adrian B. McDermott,3 and Pascal M Lavoie2
    Published March 15, 2021 – More info

    View PDF
    Pre-existing cross-reactivity to SARS-CoV-2 may occur in absence of prior viral exposure. However, this has been difficult to quantify at the population level due to a lack of reliably defined seroreactivity thresholds. Using an orthogonal antibody testing approach, we estimated that ~0.6% of non-triaged adults from the greater Vancouver area, Canada between May 17th and June 19th 2020 showed clear evidence of a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, after adjusting for false-positive and false-negative test results. Using a highly sensitive multiplex assay and positive/negative thresholds established in infants in whom maternal antibodies have waned, we determine that more than 90% of uninfected adults showed antibody reactivity against the spike, receptor-binding domain (RBD), N-terminal domains (NTD) or the nucleocapsid (N) protein from SARS-CoV-2. This sero-reactivity was evenly distributed across age and sex, correlated with circulating coronaviruses reactivity, and was partially outcompeted by soluble circulating coronaviruses’ spike. Using a custom SARS-CoV-2 peptide mapping array, we found that this antibody reactivity broadly mapped to spike, and to conserved non-structural viral proteins. We conclude that most adults display pre-existing antibody cross-reactivity against SARS-CoV-2, which further supports investigation of how this may impact the clinical severity of COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 vaccine responses.


  41. Coinbase to list Cardano ADA on coinbase pro on Thursday. The Alonzo hardfork to allow for smart contracts should release soon. Already over 100 projects ready to switch over from ETH because of fees. Perhaps the biggest news, Charles Hoskinson has said they have huge deals with African countries to bank the unbanked into the hundreds of millions of people completed. He is the Keynote speaker at the African blockchain conference this week, Coincidence? I think not. IMO ADA will be huge! Cardano: Hoskinson to hold keynote at ‘Blockchain Africa Conference’

    Liked by 2 people

    What’s behind the meteoric rise in obscure cryptocurrency Cardano?
    Piers Morgan calls on Britons to ‘stand up for our Queen’ a

    Too bloody right 2 attention seeking money grabbing little Tykes. The Brits will ream his Ass. Mentally repressed creep.

    What’s in play now? This is NWO again

    How China is building nightmarish surveillance state with cameras checking emotions and tracking ‘social credit’ with AI

    Reality coming your way.

    Talk about how to destroy an society and economy.
    Repression and a cast system by decree is called Tyranny and it is clear China has turned its’ back on Capitalism.
    This has consequences that are far reaching not only to keep their economy moving forward but will act as a brake on the development of a consumer economy. Look for China to become much more mercenary going forward as it will seek to seize wealth to keep their charade going while internal productivity will decline. This paints a warning sign on Chinese debt holdings and the value of their currency. It should suggest that as investors in countries beyond China their stewardship should be questioned as their adherence to standards outside of their own will be minimal.
    The twisted future reality maybe a race between various parties to destroy economies to see who did the least damage. Ugly!

    NHS will need an extra £12BILLION a year to recover from Covid

    The sideline real issues we now face.

    This will unleash compliance empire builders everywhere. Chaos with these reprobates.


  43. Oopsie! Try a career instead.

    You think we won the cold war? Really?

    I wonder where they will get it (smile).

    This is important, Goy.

    As we expected.


    1. Starting at 3 or 4 in the mornings, which you see, and working until 11-30 at night, which you see also , leaves me little time for real issues. Getting those damned Assays documented with Global checks and histories takes time time. Suits and Paper Tigers.Huge volumes. Paper chains? What can go wrong does. Try showing C of Os, needing confirmations from African nations or Asians ? As for the notes? Less said the better. It’s all a jungle. Chaos rules. Don’t explain, blank them all as I do. It comes when it comes. It takes what it takes. 5D chess, multi boards. Real time. Real issues.
      But an invitation like that?

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      1. Seriously speaking, yes. John is being truthful about his hours. And I can only imagine the stresses and challenges that go with it. The stakes are very, very high in this game, and even though I am not even close to personally being involved in what he does from his location, I often consider the requisite accomplishments that would be required to have such a job given to someone, and without any doubt, very few would be trusted with such a thing, nor qualify.

        The literal wealth of nations in play. Would anyone think that such a task would be entrusted to some parvenu with a Paypal address? Not a chance.

        When I read of Youtube darlings dressed in Princess Leia wardrobe, caterwauling about having codes to the earth’s wealth, speaking with the president daily, being in charge of alien affairs in this sector of the galaxy…and then asking for a handout…you have to wonder about the human race. Such followers enable this kind of thing, and only contribute to the continual fleecing of more people.

        In the future, we may look back and remember this tiny, obscure, low key corner of cyberspace, and marvel at what unfolded here – quietly, yet openly, and the resultant shockwave which then emanated from it all. You never know.

        I would write more, but I am being paged at the pool. Who, me? No, Chew Me. Damn lol.


  44. John will love this one.

    And she will probably win…people in the US have gotten that stupid.

    I don’t always agree with the garden gnome, but on this one I do.

    I think it says…”Circumcision is hereby cancelled”.

    Don’t invest in gas stations.


  45. Shared from Sky News: Lightning strikes may have sparked life on Earth, according to new research in UK and US

    I doubt it would have sparked intelligence in Trump or Biden.

    The people here won’t forgive Markel and Harry needs to renounce his title and sod off for good. 2 posing fake Brats. Pathetic

    More ever growing complaints of police misconduct in the UK. Disgusting standards clearly trying to compete with the FBI. Not fit for service we need to rethink and reduce police funding.

    The UK increases the number of its nuclear bombs to kill threats
    Four men hanged in Iran for gang-raping woman in front of her husband

    This needs to be standard treatment for all Rapists and Child Molesters worldwide.
    It stops re offending
    Climate crisis: recent European droughts ‘worst in 2,000 years’

    Water will become the new Gold. Who lives, who dies?
    Cryptocurrency And Blockchain: Beginner Guide- NuWire Investor

    Help for the break away Dinarians. Also all others. Getting a New Life? Hope?
    Children as young as 11 are beheaded by ISIS militants in Mozambique

    Disgusting Animals where is a world force to wipe them out? Tragic innocent lives destroyed man’s inhumanity again.

    Hackers, Pedos, Rapists, Molesters , drug traffickers, people traffickers all deserve to be shredded and force fed to Khazar Bankers.
    Now this needs investigating! If true, horrific.

    How about William also being allowed dignity, without Oprah and this bloody narcissistic LA Posers milking fake news.
    Two doses of Pfizer or Oxford vaccine give the same protection against Covid as catching and recovering from disease, study finds

    A study of 13,000 health workers in England found nobody who received both injections suffered symptomatic illness in the fortnight after their second jab. Just 2% of Covid survivors fell ill again.

    Interesting Covid progress if correct.

    Damn right or lose the plot.
    Shared from Sky News: Sir Elton John hits out at Vatican’s ‘hypocrisy’ over ‘God cannot bless sin’ stance on gay unions

    So, despite Vatican City being full of Pervs, it’s taking a moral stance on Homos? Kettles and pots.
    Engineering nature

    We cant even fix a Bug how do we face off Nature? This can wreck the planet so fast. Fools mess.
    Four migrants jailed in Germany for raping a 14-year-old girl

    What is wrong with Justice. 2 years for 4 men raping a 14 year old?
    What not castration and an arm off? A vivid R branded onto their foreheads. Minimum 14 years hard time with an annual flogging with bullwhips or the Cat and salt covered afterwards. Scum of the earth. Or just hang them and be done. Scum
    What can go wrong if Cyber criminals attack the Fiscal networks?

    Who let these F wits loose?


  46. It’s good to see that Putin is telling Twitter he will block them out if they do NOT stop blocking and denying meaningful free speech. Well done on this.
    Unlike these F wits who keep getting elected to lead America, Putin is a Real Leader. who will kick ass to get things done. Maybe poisoning and Gulaging a few few does not go down well in the West, but those Fs in his way. Do Karmela and Markel have form? A Real Leader who steps up and puts down! Rasputin roars. It’s Putin and Xi v. Kindergarten F Wits from DC. Half Wits on the board. Why does America keep electing these pointless Fs? YOU did arise to stop Clinton, but the choice was still yet another pointless F. 4 years and couldn’t play Biden out of the game. He got Gamed by a Numpty. America?
    Putin puts manners on Twitter. Expect China to follow if needed. Men! Action men. Not Rabbits in the headlights.


  47. Once the only standing REAL GS positions are accomplished, irrespective of Political opinions, or standings, we WILL be reaching out to the best of so many capable Americans, and forming Global alliances across many fronts. As with other nations. One Collective of People. Ability to make a difference. Like minds.

    I personally view most Politicos as one version of Dog vomit or another. I don’t know why you, as public members, accredit them with anything. These Self Serving Greasy Pole Varmints are truly clueless. Useless!

    Our approaches will be for Global Alliances beyond the reach of these Parasites.

    No Zios or Khazar Bankers involved, No Fed controls, no Agencies, Skimmers or Scammers.

    The final battle is no AU is coming to the US. The Fed can not lie and cheat its way out of its own mess. They can not come in. You don’t get a little bit pregnant. No Demon Seed is coming in.

    It’s the Feds final frontier. No Camels in the tent! So it takes what it takes.

    Blogger opinionated Floater Stools have no idea nor matter. It’s beyond all their pay grades.

    We the People together, once released, can better sort all this. We need no one, nor Gobby Trolls.

    Just humour and a purpose. A phone call is seconds away and the net. We will stand off DC as long as it takes. We have the Metals, Pallets of cash and Ways! It’s not just a Face off, but taking theirs off. We have waiting buyers.

    London has its own Glass Ceiling. No Public explanation. Club Rules. Those in the know, know.

    Real issues playing out. Need to know only. How to use the public domain. Don’t ask, don’t explain. The evolution of the Human species broken free of the Zio Faeces.


  48. Its going to be ever harder for Harry and Markel to ever be accepted back into the UK. He’s seen as a Quisling here now. Her image is now so tarnished. Two Cheap and Tacky Wannabes loose with dreams of grandeur. funded by you, the people. Why? Why should such a pointless twosome be kept?
    William needs to be firm and rescind his titles out. Cut him loose with the Bolting Goose. Users are Losers!

    Time to end this farce and let him see his Arse. Markel’s Drama Queens Political dreams. Her epic TV or Video heights climbed only to a low budget Blow Job and a low budget TV filing room Knee Trembler. No Grace Kelly is she? Grace became Royal. Markel bolted Again! She shamed herself and the family. No class, no idea. She opines? Who cares? Both cheapen the Monarchy. It will end badly.


  49. Thanks so much for sharing this message Tony, I always enjoy your history lessons. I greatly appreciate your warnings re staying well protected with all things crypto too, that can never be stated enough.

    Hope you wake to an amazing day Tony. Thanks again for everything.

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  50. I am going to book her for the GS after-party.

    Is there any escaping these octopi?

    This is racist. Has to be.🙄

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    1. Re the GS booking and Singer, was it written about Prince Harry and the Bolter? 2 Cuckoos in the same nest.
      Taylor may find Twitter warning about going down on her, but she may misinterpret and accept with a smile.

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  51. Hello Tony,,, have been wondering the same thing Concord asked about exits… was very happy to see your answer… I am not on par with some in Concords group as for gains, yet… thanks to you I can not be more excited about where I am currently… the future is bright and I’m wearing shades…
    Looking forward to where we are heading with great anticipation!

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    1. That’s great to hear, James. Thank you for sharing.

      Many of our readers were not able to afford the costs of research for the best ideas, so we undertook to pass on our results (at our expense) to help them get a start.

      I have received many e-mails from people who bought in when we first published the list, and they are over the moon. Many have cashed in so they could finally pay off the house, get that new “whatever” and help their families. I can’t tell you the satisfaction that brings me.

      From here forwards, we will most likely have some pretty intense corrections, and as long as one is properly sizing their placements, such price actions should not concern them.

      The real rewards are out on the horizon, in my opinion.

      And when the GS pops, we can only imagine what byproducts for retail level folks may come from it. And right here, we will be the first to know if and when that should be the case.

      Thanks again!

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    1. How to deal with Trolls and Khazar Bankers. Both Rodents. Transhumanism will see both go. Evolution is the Khazar solution. But for sure, the DNA virus weapons China is testing may well get to them first. China sees no role for the Muslims, so dodgy DNA like the Israeli crosses may get sick fast if field tested. If they target El Al passengers flying to America, how many weeks before it sweeps through NY, Chicago, Florida, LA and DC?

      Be assured, once they have it, Iran will get copies. Drones will deliver to Israel. The Epoch of Khazars’ demise?
      But, as ever, each virus can mutate and jump species. Self destruction?

      For sure, China will test it first on its Uyghur population, and other forces will then fund the Khazar strain. Man will plot. Israel’s Armageddon may be this truth Bomb End of Times? The DNA final solution? Destiny calls?


  52. The videos of Trump mentally disintegrating in Florida is key.
    Forget 2024, he may be sipping food through a straw by then and being dribble wiped.
    He’s trying to beat Joe who goes gaga faster. 2 Mental Geriatrics.God help America.
    Chump is out of the race. New blood is needed. The GOP need to focus. No more half wits.
    Trump was only ever a Clinton blocker. Now he’s a shambles. Cover him up. Commie Karmella is sharpening the knife. What a mess.


      1. Joe, he’s yesterday news just a Clinton blocker. America has vast talent. Unleash it. Shrek is a wreck. No Joe, with so much good capability in America, I wish such vacuous Turds will simply be vetted out., Is there no Moron vetting? He’s a product of America. Your own Floater. Beyond Thick. The GOP needs to find talent fast. Or God help America. You can’t expect to be taken seriously fronting a Floater like that. He’s no JFK for sure. Bush 43 was Dumb, but Trump seems to be the Thickest you ever unleashed. Is there no Moron vetting? Now Biden?
        Can no one screen this crap?


  53. In the UK On 11th March there were 1,608,397 tests done that were negative for COVID (and 5748 that were positive).

    0.3% means effective ZERO COVID as math would show that >99.9% have to be false positives.

    Why are you closed? Why are your police acting as Nazi Stormtroppers? Why are you vaccinating anyone? Prevalence of disease is essentially zero?

    And no, in the fall you will not have a COVID resurgence. It will be the usual influenza, with 10% of URIs being generic coronavirus, with a smattering of nCov….

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    1. Policing is because Cressida Dick, an LBGT Officer,who ineptly oversaw the brutal murder of an innocent Electrician they mistook for a Terrorist, should have been charged and jailed. Instead she got promoted. In turn she has filled Scotland Yard with Sr Female Officers.. Eye candy. No hard experience and Crime has taken off.
      Plods are now out of control because Sr Males are missing. It’s now Fairyland. Clueless.
      But this is Dick all over. Bar missing one! Play acting badly as ever. Pigs loose.

      They are out of control on both Covid and speeding. It makes money to pay Pigs.
      Explaining Covid to Johnson is pointless. He’s simply Thick! Plods now rule fools.
      We are still closed until May 12th. Unreal devastation. Economic suicide.


  54. Prince Harry and Meghan ‘set up parallel Royal Family’ in US as America rages at monarchy | Royal | News |
    2 Scheming, arrogant sly, pretentious , Mongrels. The Monarchy has 1,000 years of history
    A Bolter and a mentally dysfunctional Wimp will go a long way. .As if!
    Not a Royal door will open for them. Naïve posers . London will close them down. Cheap, Fake counterfeit posers Wannabes.
    Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

    So many questions on this vaccine and side effects. But with all of them.
    Want to grow a better tomato? This online gardening club will guide you every step of the way

    Just an issue for the Gardeners among us. It may be helpful.
    Meghan Markle was ‘most welcomed royal ever’ despite claims she was shunned – Mirror Online

    Another fact for this sad and delusional woman. She’s so out of her depth. Harry’s a Wassock!
    Covid cases will soar AGAIN in Autumn warns stats chief despite hopes that Brits will be able to enjoy summer holidays

    It’s an annual pandemic now.. Like Nancy!
    Joe Biden writes a cheque for America – and the rest of the world | US economy | The Guardian

    It’s not even scratching the surface of need.
    Stop funding Wars!!!!! Fund Life!
    Hawaii Bill Would Codify UN Agenda 2030 – The New American

    Will the Thick and Politically naïve Sheeple ever wake up to Agenda 2030 until its too late? Electing Biden?????????????
    Goodbye Hawaii.
    Prince Harry and William’s relationship at ‘rock bottom’ & reuniting for Diana statue is ‘unthinkable’

    Family tragedies are a given.
    Charles will mourne his lost Son.
    The Queen her lost Grandchildren
    William the vicious Market slurs on his wife.
    The honourable thing for Harry to do is relinquish all rights and titles.
    He’s trashed the Monarchy. He’s betrayed his nation. Apart from being a Poodle walking Puppet for Markels ego trips, what use is he?
    The Bolter aspires for the Presidency. Is there no limit to the naive fantasies of this C list Floater?
    When the game plays are in demise, and the so wrong Childish marriage dies, is this the Londinium Sparta game play when the vanquished Prince comes home, tail between his legs, and his begging bowl presuming Royal titles?
    Every chance William as King, will airbrush him out. Market is finished with Kate as Queen. There will ne no room at Court for the soon ageing Markel nose and fake pose.
    2 Flakes fake Hollywood. Until Tinsel Town comes crashing down.
    This is no Cinderella. Harry’s a pampered, spoiled, whining Brat seeking his own fawning LA pack.
    They will soon tire of these C List Wannabes. A Tacky Brat Pack.
    How long before the Bolter sends him back and what a Divorce battle looms. The LA Alimony fight will look like the Alamo. Greed will feed. .
    William will cut his heart out. As for their Kate Fate? Harry is a lost and pointless child, now reviled. Tabloid meat. Raw soon!
    ER Doctor and Advanced Trauma Life Support Professor: “I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19. We are being deceived and manipulated.”

    This echoes the thoughts of many. WTF is real now?
    Meghan Markle’s half-sister renews her attacks on the Duchess by claiming she and Prince Harry are heading for divorce and urges them to go on an ‘apology tour’

    Samantha Markle suggested the Duke of Sussex may already be ‘questioning’ his marriage to Meghan and predicted it could ‘get nasty’ until he ‘starts dissenting or pulling back from her’.

    What a mess is looming. The Man Child and that Chipmunk may well end up in such a tarnished Alimony disaster. The Windors have a 75% record and Markel 100%.
    The C List Wannabe has trashed the Monarchy. The Man Child comes out as an IDIOT in waiting!.
    Pathetic both of them, 2 Low grade Posers. Tabloid fodder. Market with that Hooter opines and posers? When age sags her face. God WON’T help her.
    I would not touch any food or consumable product from China.
    One of our associates made plastic flooring for their chicken and pig farms. Some of which were a million square feet in size. Having seen the videos of those farms I would not recommend eating any fish of livestock from there. Westerners just are not able to handle the horrednous Gut parasites that they can from the conditions food is created in.
    Its a Human Pig Sty. Eat and die!
    Iran levels second set of charges against Zaghari-Ratcliffet
    These meddling busybodies go sticking their noses into Military Regimes like Iran, and whine like Bitches when scooped up. What the hell do they expect? Of course she’s being traded, but she put herself there.
    Always the same, they get caught and expect us to shell out. She chose to go and meddle. Let her sort it. She’s lucky she was not sex trafficked. What is wrong with them? Despotic Regimes? Our countries have enough problems.
    India to ban ownership of cryptocurrencies
    India fears losing control of Taxes.
    Different news on cryptocurrency

    India is panicking.
    Meghan Markle sends flowers to friend Jessica Mulroney for birthday

    Only because Me Gain No Mates has now burned her boats and wants to buy friends back. Two faced User! She’s going to get so exposed.
    The great Covid Truth.

    Gates .. who would trust this guy?

    Sadly this is the forerunner to our Kids machine changed. One step towards blind acceptance.


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