Transforming The Future Via The True Halls Of Power

Asiatic Dynastic Power Awakens. Benevolent Goals Devoid Of Parasitic Usury

From extensive discussions today starting early morning with the Dynasty Elders, progression towards a meaningful Global reorganization is being achieved. Real people. Real leaders.

What’s coming, with key UN support, will affect all nations. Real issues. Real project needs. Real contributors, getting Real cash soon, for helping effect Real Change. People, Real people, responding when called, will help make it happen.

This will become the forward march of We the People. You – Matter! 

The last few years, out of Public sight, Elders, their wives, Attorneys and Interpreters, have been quietly progressing enormously important agendas re: financing, restructuring, out of public sight.

The corridors of power. What you don’t see.  

Self help, mind power. Not an invisible Higher Power, never there when really needed, is it? That Eureka moment, to realize you’re alone. Just real people. Humble, with a respectful agenda towards our fellow man. Off radar, one agenda to put back so much. 

Today was a good session. Focused consensus. Re-tracking hope, not hopium!

It’s coming. Today was a good day. Progressive and Stage One money is already stockpiled in the US! Positive steps. 

It’s ready when it’s ready; and owes no one. That it’s happening, is all.

Cool nerve, calm hands now. Professionals. Important moves now. This will be the full Global deal released in stages. Huge!

Stay tuned…


  1. So, just to put a fine point on it. The Brazil and India numbers are absolute and total horse manure. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop in India. But the one for Brazil just fell:


  2. They vote.


  3. China to dominate crypto economy as US and EU asleep at wheel with digital currency

    Jeff Bezos; Dogecoin backing ;can set crypto value to $1;in less than 24-hours.
    Bitcoin could pull back to $20,000 – claims global investment boss – CityAM : CityAM

    Read, absorb and step with care.
    Heathrow refuses to allow extra flights from India – BBC News

    The door should have been shut weeks ago. Pathetic Johnson wobbling agian. The man is a Prat!
    The £1bn bitcoin heist organised from Britain

    What a Crypto Scam and now many suffered big? Where is he now? Who is he? A huge Con Trick was pulled.
    NatWest will refuse business customers who accept cryptocurrencies

    This is a buge kick in the mouth for Uk account holders. Kicked lout of the bank for even trading in Cryptos.
    Russia: we’ll leave International Space Station and build our ow

    So soon the US becomes Billy No Mates in Space also?
    Worldwide Chaos Just A Step Away In Eastern Ukraine
    A view from a Contributor.

    Drums of war beat and soldiers prepare whilst the public sleeps oblivious of the danger that looms. It is like watching a movie unfold on the big screen. The difference being people will really die and life will be changed.
    As I keep writing, China and Russia will not stand apart in a war with America. Many years of neglect and squandered capital and time has left America very vulnerable. Some people write about the Chinese coveting America and its’ landmass. I think the opposite. I imagine that both China and Russia will not hesitate to destroy America so that it never rises as a threat to challenge their respective hegemony. After all without America, China can take South America and Africa at will, while Russia could care less, having more than enough land for its’ people.

    Ask yourself what does this mean as tensions increase in Europe:

    China has moved a portion of its nuclear force to a ‘Launch on Warning’ posture.

    The People’s Liberation Army has now moved a limited number of their nuclear forces to ‘high alert duty’

    — Admiral Charles Richard, the head of U.S. Strategic Command

    So if war does break out, NATO armchair warriors will relish a chance to fight Russians sacrificing Ukrainians and Poles in millions. But will the US military be prepared for a no holds barred nuclear barrage from China and Russia on American soil? I suggest to you this will not occur because the role of the US military is to protect the constitution and the American people. And when push comes to shove, they will not engage in a war orchestrated by a civil authority with questionable status. As ironic as this made be it perhaps is the best road to a nuclear standoff that could provide a more engaged world. Sadly, Europe seems like it will pay a dear price for folly. And even there it is becoming clear Germany is saying, not me.
    Palace is ‘calmer’ without Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘kicking off

    The Man Child and his Cinder Fella are well out of it and no one wants the Bolter back. Attention seeking mental case.
    Resistance Axis on war alert, to ‘openly’ target Israel if Iran attacks continue: Hezbollah insider | Middle East Observer
    Another Biden fiasco with proxy use. The only question is when will they take a step too far?

    This has been brewing for years

    Multi parties across the whole Arab and Iranian Kingdoms are tired of Khazar Israeli agressions and arrogant cruelty.
    So many nations are weaponizing ready. Muslims need only get Nukes from Pakistan and it’s game over.
    How long before Russia supplies Iran with S400s and even S500s. Also Iskander missiles.
    When that happens Israel becomes a No Fly Zone. Anything will fry once leaving the ground or even aircraft approaching.
    Iskanders will blow Israel apart.
    The time is coming when so many combined allies say No More and launch. This vicious Zionist Rat pack will be put to the sword.
    Jews and Arabs lived side by side in harmony for centuries. Only Khazar Scum who don’t even belong there are causing this strife.
    Innocent Jews there will die with them. The arrogance of the Khazars knows no bounds. Ghengis Khans Rapijng , thieving Marauders are loose.
    Intelligent Arabs are weaponizing. Israel asks for it. Worse, some do deserve it. But what of the rest who will die? As they did to Palestinians. A Tsunami of hate is about to burst free. . as ever. r/

    Interesting take on India worth noting.
    This reality will have impact from the Middle East to Britain and onto to Canada in many ways.
    Surrey man who claims he created Bitcoin launches legal action – live updates

    Here comes another one.
    Ultra Realistic Humanoids Robots | LuxBotics

    Crazy stuff. But when she goes wrong you can fix her. Try that with the Wife!. But she’s going to be a whole lot cheaper than the wife. If you dispose of her.
    The Red Necks will only buy one for the whole family.
    Muslims are trying to buy them as 9 year olds.


  4. Mortality risk from COVID-19
    The constant portrayal of COVID-19 as a threat has caused distortion in people’s perception of their risk of dying from it, if they are unlucky enough to catch it. The risks of dying are dependent on age and comorbidities, e.g.:

    Healthy 35-year-old woman If unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, chance of surviving = 99.9991%

    The chance of dying is less than the fatality risk of a general anaesthetic for a procedure
    55-year-old man with co-morbidities* If unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, chance of surviving = 99.2135%

    The chance of dying is less than the risk of an average 55-64 year old dying of any cause this year

    Healthy 75-year-old woman If unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, chance of surviving = 99.8251%

    The chance of dying is less than the risk of being injured in a car accident each year

    85 year old man with co-morbidities* If unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, chance of surviving = 79.9154%

    The chance of dying is less than the risk of living for one year in a care home

    *comorbidities included in the study were: cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, chronic liver disease, diabetes mellitus, cancers with direct immunosuppression, cancers with possible immunosuppression, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic neurological disorders, sickle cell disorders.

    This data will be an overestimate as it comes from table 1 of this study published in August 2020. The study estimated an overall infection fatality rate in Western Europe to be over 1% and even Professor Neil Fergurson agrees that it is more like 0.8% with WHO estimates now substantially lower than that.


  5. Christian Uyghur Describes Genocide In China, ‘There Is No Hope For Us’ – National File

    Every time you buy China made you support this inhumane, repressive and rapcious regime. For all their talk China is two faced and cares nothing for humanity, unless it is on their terms.
    The world should come to understand what they truly represent, because they are single minded in their pursuit of hegemony to the exclusion of all other cultures. Life has no value there.


    1. Biffie

      You should see the contempt the Elites governing now have for the mindless Sheeple as they mask, line up and jump 10 ft if anyone approaches. Their very being or paying their Pensions or Welfare is now being questioned.
      Pavlov experimented only with dogs. Humans just failed. What will be unleashed?


  6. Why is England locked down still? It’s over. Has been since last summer since double-counting and reclassification during the winter by corrupting the statistics was necessary to maintain the illusion of “pandemic”.


    1. Tino

      The answer is Scientific Advisors on a power run, and that Wobbling half wit Johnson. Governed by mediocrities.


  7. “… I’m afraid the election of actual Bolsheviks in 2020—and I don’t use that term lightly—has sealed its fate. Not to mention that the nomenklatura in most major cities and states are cut from the same cloth…”

    The only party he could save, is the Donner Party. Too late.


  8. Columbus police try to avert a new wave of BLM anger over the fatal police shooting of a 15-year-old girl by releasing bodycam that shows her attempting to stab two women just minutes before Derek Chauvin was convicted, as protesters gather

    Columbus Police said that one person was killed in the officer-involved shooting that took place on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday afternoon. Makhia Bryant was identified as victim.

    Way too many guns used in America. Both sides! How many :Police shootings are there? How many are prosecuted? How many die needlessly? How many get away with it?
    Mike Tindall says Philip’s funeral was ‘how he would have liked it’

    She’s an amazing woman and deserving of praise a great Monarch.
    Biden isn’t ending the Afghanistan War, he’s privatizing it: Special Forces, Pentagon contractors, intelligence operatives will remain

    What a total waste of money and people. It’s a FARCE. Feeding Fat Contractors profits ONLY!
    Washington Post Report May Include Some Accuracy In Indicating that It Was former AG Bill Barr Who Blocked the Release of the Spygate Documents

    Trump was hindered by so many people protecting the Deep State
    How deeply planted and corrupt was Barr? We were pre warned he was a Deep State Stooge!
    Did Barr betray America?

    Woman, 69, screams ‘you’re breaking my arm’ as police make arrest

    The UK has thug Cop issues
    Ukraine’s Zelensky Invites Putin To Meet In War-Torn East: “Million Lives At Stake”
    We had this submitted to us today.

    The man is joke or better put, a comic put on a political stage. He has graduated from TV.
    He is not relevant to anything. You can read Russian opinion here:
    The reality is quite simple. Sullivan has gone back to Washington and the Russian ambassador has not returned to the US. There is no diplomatic dialogue in effect under Vienna conventions at this time. What the Ukrainian comic does or thinks is not relevant as this is stand off between the Biden crowd and Russia with NATO and the Ukraine as pawns in a game of war. And Putin will not meet with him.

    Sadly, the rest of us as bystanders to Neocon madness watch the escalations and left to wonder how insane are they? The realization of others in light of madness tells us that these actions toward war for whatever reasons us plebs are denied knowing, are causing rift lines that will not be repairable. Germany has already come out and said Nord Stream 2 is a go regardless of what America or NATO wants and Germany will not sacrifice itself for Biden and his cronies. This effectively throws the Ukraine under the bus because once the pipe is connected Germany needs not rely upon the Ukraine for transit of gas giving independence. There are real ramifications from this that will affect the rest of Europe for a long time. As the pipes in the Ukraine are in serious need of repair and upkeep which they have neglected for a long time. And should the comic find courage he may well turn on Biden and disclose the real role the Ukraine played in laundering money back to the US from Iran that was sent there by Obama and his ilk. But then he will need protection that may not be easy to find. He is caught between between rocks with a rising tide and no where to go.

    Given this, does anyone really imagine Germany will fight Russia or give anything but lip service to NATO? I suggest to you that should war break out what will come forth will shock Europe to its’ core and smash the reset crowd into the anvils of history never to be seen with an account by politicians and other elites for their part in bring war to the people of Europe. The French when they rebelled found guillotines most useful; the same fate may well await those parties propagating war with Russia now. And American influence in Europe will wane as a result and this will not be changed given the moves being made. The unknown question is how many millions will die and what will be lost in the pursuit of war, should common sense not be found.

    Selfish petulant Ginger Limp brain. good riddance

    Ras Putin knows how to crush and suppress.

    Russia stands up to Putin: Thousands protest for Alexei Navalny
    US Nuclear Fears Are Shifting From a Clear Russian Threat to a Murkier Chinese One – Defense One

    Reports are coming in of a speculative Chinese Agenda. The Logic has merit. For China!


  9. Chauvin deserves to get at least 30 years hard time. Then to be sent to a large Pen, mainly the worst vermin of the Afros, and be bunked up with Big Bubba also doing life.

    Thugs in uniform like Chauvin need to see that 2 can play. His conduct was unforgivable. He puts good Cops at risk. He killed a man needlessly. That’s murder. He’s a racist Thug. No sympathy. He’s a Thug going down hard.

    Every day now he lives fearing which Afros will Shank him in the Pen. Wait until he’s put into the feeding or exercise community. See then the fear in his face. He needs to be thrown in live. Bear baiting.


    1. Uh no. Even if what you say was true, this is not the case to make the lesson. The facts of the case do not support murder and an immediate mistrial should be declared because the jury was clearly threatened directly and indirectly, by BLM/Antifa/MaxineWaters.

      Facts of the case: Zip on traumatic asphyxiation. Zip on passive asphyxiation by bodyweight on carotid since the knee is clearly NOT on the carotid in multiple videos. The decedent had 3x a fatal dose of fentanyl mixed with OTHER drugs near lethal levels. Decedent was irrational. Decedent requested the prone position. Decedent died almost exactly as pharmacokinetics of fentanyl would have predicted. Decedent had violent priors. Decedent was a known predator in the community. Cop and Decedent knew each. Cop was on a dozen body cameras. Cop restrained according to accepted procedure.

      The proper charging for the case was not murder. This is involuntary manslaughter in a lesser degree because the Cop was not cognizant that any actions taken would have resulted in death. Floyd NEVER informed anyone that he had swallowed enough fentanyl to assure his death.

      This WILL go to appeal, where Appellate court will unfortunately double-down for lack of courage. This will then go to the Supremes where, in a just world, 3 of the charges thrown out, the involuntary manslaughter sent back for proper sentencing and time served — along with statement of censure by the Supremes to Biden/Harris/Waters for trial meddling.


      1. You think he will survive 30 years in the Joint? Or that aggressive Afro lifers won’t be left alone with him on a work detail? What will be the Brownie Points to Shank him first?
        His future reality?
        1.An Epstein cell visit?
        2. His food will contain a lot of additives. Oral, Anal and toxic.
        3. Visits from Bubba?
        4. Work detail assaults?
        5.Cell visits tooled up and camera’s failing. !!!
        6. Open yard exercise, more shivs than Caesar.
        7. Gang raped?

        He is facing melt down – Face down!
        Death he will pray for and beg for. Dead man walking.


  10. John

    Many thanks for the updates. All looks incredibly positive and encouraging.

    Are you at liberty to say anything about the Big Battalions at this stage?

    Will Big Battalion releases be activated as soon as the QFS goes live, or will there be a hiatus to allow for the new UN infrastructure to be put in place? Or will it all go at once?. Thanks John


    1. John F

      Technically the Big Battalions should have no chance.
      BUT, with the flotilla of Military and Agency Scumbags able to pervert the system and rig it, who knows?
      If it breaks it’s more likely to be rigged via QFS, screwing that for greed. Justification Zero- but the Fix?
      I know a million tragic dead Iraqis concerns no one. War looting again.
      I see no case or cause for them to be paid. So much Ambulance Chasing and Broker BS.
      There are no funds to clear it, so who?
      Not a Dime of Elders funds will be allowed to be used to clear it,Zero. Instant Veto. Grave robbing.
      So who? Nothing makes sense. Poor Iraqis can not be saddled with it. Nor the IMF. or UN. So who?


  11. Mountain Goat says:

    I am now being told by my CBI contact that they are moving ahead aggressively with the RV and will replace the older larger 3 zero notes very soon. This means to us RV time! …Let’s all hang on to our hats. This is going to be a very interesting month ahead. We could end up rich at the end of the ride.

    🐐 ⛰

    What curiosities await…


    1. How many HUNDRED times have we heard this before?

      Iraq has no money. America has no money. Who is going to pay for it? If Biden has to get both houses to approve $2-5T to rebuild America, who the hell is going to take on debt just to fund the Crazy Gang of Dinarians? It makes no sense? There is NO SUCH MONEY these Brokers and Wannabes need to stop dreaming. WHERE IS THE MONEY?

      Wait, tell us, its Goguen and the Space Cadets isn’t it? The only Space there is between their ears. The IMF will never allow such Lunacy. America has none. No chance we are bailing you. The Red Pill or Blue? Disneyland rules? Ask, in a world with Zero spare liquidity, who will fund these fools? How many times does it need to fail to get real? Whakkie Bakkie.

      No Free Din- ars there.


  12. China has moved a portion of its nuclear force to a ‘Launch on Warning’ posture.

    The People’s Liberation Army has now moved a limited number of their nuclear forces to ‘high alert duty’

    — Admiral Charles Richard, the head of U.S. Strategic Command


    1. China and Russia have a Joint Defense Pact. Knowing how close Russia is now to a war with the US, China will joint Pre Empt against America, or go for Taiwan while America dithers, over Ukraine.

      The US has no business or rights sending warships into the Black Sea. .It’s just meddling again.

      China, Russia and the world has had enough with them. We are all tired of their wars. Fleets all over Asia. Why?

      If Russia has to take on the US it has to hit the mainland, including nukes. Only that can stop them. The planet is awash with US bases and Agency goons on a War footing. Always meddling and inciting.

      Bottom line, it all comes down to Hegemony. .Cheap, ugly crude chicanery.
      Until others say enough. Ukraine is NOT Nato. Butt out.

      If Ukraine does kick off, expect Rusia to show its power Awesome weapons will be unleashed. Space weapons too! Will they knock out US satellites. EMP will come in fast. Them mass virus attacks. Power will go down. . .

      It’s really long overdue time to close those 990 plus bases. Stop threatening and killing, Or feel what it’s like for a change, The world has had it for a Century. Be careful what you wish for. All Empires end. China and Russia combined is too much. Why does the world have to die for one Evil Cabal Empire? If so, let’s ensure , at least that nothing is left standing on the mainland. Plus the bases.,Will totalling Israel be the culture shock America needs to back off else? If the Big Dogs go for it expect no mercy. Is Ukraine going to be Russia’s Shock and Awe side show? Ukraine can expect no mercy.

      Real Leaders, good Leaders could sort this, but we don’t have any. Mediocre Crud rules the West. Fools swallow!

      Just taking out Israel and the Agency plus bases could save this world from far worse. Cauterizing the cancer. Or the lot, which makes more sense? First the curve balls will come. Testing. Putin has made it clear. Mess with Russia and the mainland gets it, But what then of China? They covet Americas lands They have options. Most Americans don’t have a clue what’s going on with Ukraine. Or care.

      I think we will avoid war, but if not, God help America for sure The Big Dogs now hunt also as a pack.

      Watch with care what just may unfold. .Israel covets Ukraine’s lands. Russia needs to deal with them.


  13. In case you have any questions that these idiots intend to go underground and launch nuclear weapons to reduce the planets population


  14. She was probably ANTIFA.

    Chaos. Confusion. Disorganization…Politics.

    Yep. Better lock and load and sell your NIKE stock.

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