Transforming The Future Via The True Halls Of Power

Asiatic Dynastic Power Awakens. Benevolent Goals Devoid Of Parasitic Usury

From extensive discussions today starting early morning with the Dynasty Elders, progression towards a meaningful Global reorganization is being achieved. Real people. Real leaders.

What’s coming, with key UN support, will affect all nations. Real issues. Real project needs. Real contributors, getting Real cash soon, for helping effect Real Change. People, Real people, responding when called, will help make it happen.

This will become the forward march of We the People. You – Matter! 

The last few years, out of Public sight, Elders, their wives, Attorneys and Interpreters, have been quietly progressing enormously important agendas re: financing, restructuring, out of public sight.

The corridors of power. What you don’t see.  

Self help, mind power. Not an invisible Higher Power, never there when really needed, is it? That Eureka moment, to realize you’re alone. Just real people. Humble, with a respectful agenda towards our fellow man. Off radar, one agenda to put back so much. 

Today was a good session. Focused consensus. Re-tracking hope, not hopium!

It’s coming. Today was a good day. Progressive and Stage One money is already stockpiled in the US! Positive steps. 

It’s ready when it’s ready; and owes no one. That it’s happening, is all.

Cool nerve, calm hands now. Professionals. Important moves now. This will be the full Global deal released in stages. Huge!

Stay tuned…


  1. Boris ‘the buffoon’: Ex-foreign minister Alan Duncan’s blast at PM
    Football and rugby in talks over £20 vaccine passport to bring fans in
    The bitcoin terrorists of Idlib are learning new tricks | WIRED UK
    Britain WON’T suffer devastating third wave of Covid gripping Europe because so many people have been vaccinated and warmer weather is coming, public health expert says

    Professor Linda Bauld, from the University of Edinburgh, said Britain is ‘in a very different position’ because of its successful vaccine rollout and long second lockdown which got it through the winter.

    That’s the price of European Socialist ways
    Italy enters three-day lockdown while France begins four week shutdown

    Dreadful what is happening with Covid in Europe
    ‘Time to hear MY truth’: Piers Morgan to tell-all in 1-hour TV special

    Good for him expose this Crock!
    Russian analyst warns European or world war could break out in Ukraine

    How do we get the Thick Plebs to realize out there is WW111 building if this goes wrong.
    I KNOW what a seriously F Up Sheeple species we have and many as Leaders.

    I know the Electorate is dumbed down and have no voice or interest. As long as they are fed they don’t care.
    So if this kicks off it will be 9/11 all over again but instead of mass panic in NY as we saw, it will rain down all over the US and world. Our small Island can’t take 4 hits and we will get 10 plus.

    The US will be a total Shock and Awe but they still don’t get any of it. Of course it won’t happen. Not to us. We are Special.

    Jeez. Clueless. In whose name?

    Clueless of reality while Dumb Fs postulate crap blogging , who cares?

    Real issues, real threats but these Muppets chase My Lick fake currencies.

    We are the end game of cross breeding this lot.

    Too seriously dumb to think Russia won’t launch. F your War Games that will be no child’s game war. Who’s funded Ukraine and why?

    If this goes wrong be sure you all pay. But why the rest of us? Because we were dumb enough not to boot your bases out. Big mistake. If Ukraine goes nuclear, what then? Be assured Israel will be atomised nothing left. Every Zio loaded city will follow. Austria started WW1. Why should the world be lost for DC? It’s time the world closes those US bases and tells you head on, the next fight is your homeland only for a change. Let the US die alone we are done with Hegemony. Big mistake 990 bases it needs to all go to the Homeland. End Tyranny.

    Putin needs to make it clear, you touch our land and we launch. Call them. It’s time to end Boys with Toys. Time to end wars

    Pigs wild again


  2. Just a few comments before we start Easter weekend.

    I continue to get messages from people who are experiencing continuing increases in their digital asset portfolios. This is wonderful and I am glad we are having an impact on those who have ventured out into this new space, which is the true terra incognita of our age.

    Our list of suggested ideas is certainly not all inclusive, and there are many, many other good quality projects out there, so if you are looking for them, and feel you have found something worthwhile, by all means, you are welcomed to share it here.

    By all indications, by all metrics, by all signs which we can possibly review in the span of time available, the interest from institutional entities and so forth shows no sign of abating. There are the occasional brickbats hurled by the Luddites, and the curious negative comments leveled by rather oddly behaving billionaires and their interests. But somehow these are always the same people who buy later on, after their comments cause weak holders to bail out because they used funds not suited to volatility. We should all see this kind of thing coming a mile away, by now.

    On the GS front, the reaction to IB #166 has been largely enthusiastic. Others seemed stunned into silence. Still, others, a little of both. Whatever your reaction, just know that the information contained in #166 is real. It’s not the ramblings of a Paypal space cadet, an itinerant, starving blogger who is M1’s chosen PR rep, an MLM talk show hustler, a circus tent preacher with a call in number, or any other unrelated parvenu which sprang forth from the turgid swamps of opportunists which latched on to the misfortunes of war-torn nations whose notes became the chum for sharks.

    The entirety of the processes taking place in the real world, between the segments of power which have pledged to focus their efforts to assist man, and not further infest with opportunistic usury, is something that cannot at this particular time be fully detailed here. Perhaps in time it can be. But, rest assured, your host would not be running this site on a guess, or on a hope, or a wish, or ethereal pixie dust from the wood-sprites of Fangorn Forrest. From the very beginning, it was only because we reached out to parties who had a valid connection to events, that we have taken time to do this. Absent such, there would be little need to cover matters directly related, or even peripheral to, the GS. One’s life is not worth spending on chasing fairies.

    We will have to exercise great patience and understanding concerning the full understanding of just what the GS will eventually mean for the common man in terms of opportunity. It could take many different forms and shapes, many of which we cannot even imagine to think of. The vast majority of details surrounding this process have not been released. 99% of what you read about it on the net is horse shit.

    So, for now, we will have to content ourselves with having delivered to you a burgeoning digital asset bonanza. Next in line, hopefully, will be amazing things which are being worked on by some pretty well placed and powerful people, with good intentions and the steam to deliver.

    Thank you again, and if you celebrate Easter, please be safe and enjoy.


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    1. Thank you, Tony. I may be able to speak to the “stunned silence” from my view. This coming from someone who knows people in legitmate organized groups (didn’t have the stomach or cash to jump in myself). They have been told countless times they were going to be paid out imminently, literally for YEARS, and nothing has come of it to this day. It’s exhausting to them, and my friends are “worn smooth” from it all.

      With so many false starts, we have all been conditioned to believe the elites (however you would like to characterize them) hold the ultimate control and power. No matter how many times I’ve heard things were about to occur, there is no visible result. This is not an indictment of you or John, both of whom I adore, just the sad reality for some it is their sense of doubt is reaffirmed. Shrouded in so much secrecy, that’s where elites appear to thrive, away from the light of truth that should expose their duplicitous behavior and land them in prison in a righteous world.

      I would love more than anything to believe this is coming to an end, and settlements would be released once and for all to make things right, but history informs us someone/something will continue to delay this ad infinitum. And then the cycle repeats. People can only suppress so much disappointment before they start to acknowledge the system is designed to benefit the few in spite of the many.

      I just watch from the sidelines in the struggle between good and evil. Can’t hope but help John pulls it all off for the good guys against all odds, and those that have invested so much with the sole intent of helping others with the proceeds of their gamble, ultimately benefit. I just have nothing but history as a guide.


      1. Thank you for that most interesting comment. I will answer as best I can, which will have to be with some discretion and consideration for those whose interests we do not wish to falsely speak of or assume.

        I am very much aware of the “countless” false start notices which have plagued the groups. When you consider who is in charge of the banking systems, you can certainly start to understand why such has occurred…over and over again. Someone always has to hold out wanting more for themselves.

        I appreciate you not holding me or anyone indictable for such, as neither me or anyone else on the site are responsible for group management. The issues that John is dealing with are not with the currency groups but rather way higher in the pecking order, so let’s try not to mix it all up into one batch of confusion.

        With respect to any group, at this time we are not able to act as any kind of direct reference point for their status, and all those involved have to maintain contact with their respective transaction coordinators for any updates or questions about the continual delays and reasons therefor. I can tell you that there are many, many angles from which these group matters can be viewed, and when you factor in personal disagreements, disputes, arguments, hearsay, dissatisfaction, anger and all the human reactions to not getting what one wants out of something, it can be very hard to discern the real reasons from the made up ones, concerning “why”.

        But, I can say this. Not all groups are equal. Some were formed from rag-tag lower level brokering, groups and sub groups layered upon sub groups, and have no clear lineage to a valid sanctioned approved end transaction group. Others, clearly, have displayed legitimate credentials, ISO certification, letters of approval and have permission to do as they intend with full oversight from governing bodies. It’s the “when” part that is totally out of their hands, and it is doubtful that they will be given permission to give such a date in advance for obvious reasons.

        Now, with that being said, the group matter is still something I would prefer to let everyone in such groups attend to with their contacts, and WHA is not going to be a central switchboard to issue a final determination on the legitimacy or non-legitimacy of any specific group. There are serious issues involved here and if we were to cause parties to act on their group “in or out” decisions, and things were to transpire in a positive way, those who may have prematurely bailed because of something said here may have cause to seek damages. So, you can understand that the group matter, and determination of each as to legitimacy, is out of our hands at this time.

        The group dynamic will eventually play itself out. I would guess (and this is just a guess) that once we see success among the larger Brontosaurs in the GS realms play out, we should see a parallel success with any groups at about the same time. It will be then that the answers will be had for all in those groups to know. It will be then that they can take any issues of failure up with those who made the representations to them. And that won’t be WHA.

        As to the public exchange matters, well, that’s another kettle of fish altogether, and we have been repeatedly told that such is an extreme longshot. The decision to hold or fold on notes you hold in your hand is certainly up to each person. Some have bailed on it. Some have partly bailed. Still, others, continue to follow the primrose path of “800 number” riches. That, too, will eventually play out. The gurus will either be held up as having led people to the greatest and most shocking financial coup of the century, or will be chased from one end of the earth to the other by marauding gangs of vigilantes seeking redress for 20 years of false promises and exaggerated claims.

        Indeed, the history of all this has shown that easy money is seldom delivered in a timely fashion. But, let’s remember that this entire scene is made up of separate and distinctly different transactions, with the traditional mixture of both fake and legitimate efforts.

        Once the true legitimate processes play out, we will have a clear view of the battlefield as the smoke clears and the triage begins. Then and only then will we know just what was real, and what was not.

        I could say a lot more, but for now, I will have to be cautious. I have always kept my word with properly withholding information entrusted to me, and I will not go back on that, ever.

        Whatever your personal situation, I hope it works out.



    The woeful destruction of this vast service market

    Covid passport trials to begin: PM set to unveil test scheme

    And so it starts. All nations will follow and your voices will be hollow.

    The whining swines knew the rules well done Spain. Cancel their visas for the rest of this year. High risk selfish bastards . .tourism is over this year get used to it what’s a year off for Gods sake. There are real issues playing out.

    This is the future the Pigs against the people
    UK set for milder 53F today as parks brace for onslaught of visitors

    This seriously stupid mediocre lump so needs a smack. Sense knocking into this half wit
    Meghan Markle appeared to lead ‘normal life’ during her time as royal

    Correct. Cut all this Markel BS she was regularly seen out walking and shopping in Kensington with no risks or pressures. It’s all so much media BS. The Bolter was out of it’s depth. End of!

    A lot is coming
    So the Guy on the right tells Mell how hard is is when he gets Furloughed between resurrections

    This Palooker so needs a Slap!


    1. Here we go again. The delusions of this Space (d) out Wannabe living in a low cost, high density Welfare Zone in Palookerville, Arizona, communicating on Skype free calls to survive, is the new Mistress of the Galactic ET forces. She even has her own hot line waiting in BelleView.
      For a person so heavily Red Flag listed, our Banking must be amiss for Compliance to overlook her “Credentials”. Flakes?
      How long will this farce go on before she’s told Kim, Kim. Kim. Santa isn’t real!. Like – Your Deal!
      The ET Ambassador to the Moonies! ( Loonies)
      This Cinderella won’t get her Fella. Why keep giving her air time?


  4. Utterly shameless. The restrictions serve no purpose whatsoever and are meaningless relative to the spread of nCov2019. The virus will virus. When will the UK lead by example and throw out the authoritarians at all levels?


  5. He’s not wrong

    He’s just operating on the surface level. Scott Adams points out that Social Justice has a body count:

    [I’m just going to say it:

    If CDC guidelines had told us to socially distance from obese people over the age of fifty, the pandemic would already be over.

    Because math.

    And they fucking knew it.

    But they couldn’t say it.

    Wokeness probably killed 200,000 people.] — Scott Adams

    It’s almost certainly worse than that, if one takes the rising suicide rate into account. As much as I personally love the lockdowns, they are lethal for both people and local economies. Source – Vox Day


  6. Mauritious offers you Tax Haven Banking and Tax Free Crypto Banking shelters. Consider it as a sound Scumbag shield and Tax shelter..


  7. Already it has started. Mass organized Pig. Amounted, armed and brutal in attacks against the mass Sheeple as they round you up and corral you all.. Sheeple for slaughter.

    Think, really THINK, when Transhumanism comes in, and the Pigs are unleashed again the non enhanced majorities, they will be thinking Herd Reduction. Any excuse. Hello?

    It always starts this way, suppression and Herd reduction follows. Ostriches stick their heads in the sand. You?

    Don’t try it in San Francisco. LA, NY and those DC guys in Washington!

    Covid has given the Suits the Power to round up the Swine.

    Time to arm like they do for a face off don’t you think?

    Torque wrenches and crow bars are felt hard. Look at what they carry????

    Are bad times coming as the Swine Herders take power?

    The future I see so far, is Sheeple to the Slaughter.

    Make Crypto fortunes and get enhanced. Level the playing fields.

    A crow bar or torque wrench gives you the power. A 44 magnum levels the field. How do you defend – Freedom to be, your own Soul? Sheeple will lose it all.

    Freedom is like Virginity. When its gone its gone Yours is being taken! So are you.

    Heel Spurs ran away and hid when Patriots rallied to his call.

    A Non Coward is so needed to rally the people to. Heel Spurs is not the man. A Burger King and Bling is not what America needs. Nor the West. The Founders were real Visionaries. It must NOT be taken from you.

    Always its Jewish money which buys the Presidency and seats.

    Post Elders releases who should we fund to give Power back to the People? Patriots for President no more Jewish owned fronted Goffers. America for Americans. Rethink Banking and reject Zio Racketeers. Bank the wealth of the People for the People. People must not be mask enslaved. People have the right to roam!

    What future do you want? Theirs?


  8. In a nutshell, as prevalence drops the false positives sky rocket towards 99% regardless of PCR cycles. Throw in high cycle PCR, and you sky rocket into nigh 100% false positive territory.

    And lo… and behold… what was predicted happened… the complete waste of time that is testing college kids and younger….

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  9. She gets it

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    1. Unfortunately, most of our fellow citizens are Stupid and Afraid. A recent poll by Gallup, pub’d in NYT shows that 30% believe their odds of being hospitalized if they get Covid are 50/50. Another 30% believe the chances are between 20-50%. Even official numbers say it’s only 3%, and of course, if you actually treat it when you get sick ……
      Hopefully there will be money in the near future for massive education programs.


  10. The dogma showed by regulatory agencies is frightening. We might as well be arguing whether a woman who drowns vs a woman who survives Salem-witch trial drowning is a witch.

    Unbelievable failure of institutions. Errors of this magnitude are never innocent. Who needs institutions incapable of performing their function?

    Excellent rebuttal of the sky-is-blue vaccination posture of an agency:




  12. Slippery when wet! Joe Biden, 78, VERY NEARLY trips up again on Air Force One steps as he clutches his bag and umbrella en route to Pittsburgh to unveil his $2trillion infrastructure bill

    Joe Biden walked up Air Force One’s stairs very gingerly Wednesday holding an umbrella and a briefcase as he took off for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to debut his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

    Apart from tripping yet again, this pathetic Clutz still does not get that the restructuring Bill needs to be way bigger.
    Which it would be if we were not having to divert multi Ts to that F MIlitary and Agency scam game. The UN right now is being delayed releasing major settlement deals because of rapacious demands from the Agency and Deep State.

    Money for you, or them, is the question? It’s like a cancer at work eating up the world. Kill the Cabal.Kill the Deep State. Kill the Fed. Hello?
    Alexei Navalny goes on hunger strike in protest over his jail conditions days after claiming he was reprimanded for ‘waking up ten minutes too early’ and ‘wearing a T-shirt’

    Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has announced on Instagram he is on a hunger strike to protest the prison conditions he is experiencing which have started to cause him health problems.

    What the hell did he expect? Putin will crush him.
    Police clampdown on revelers holding parties in parks
    Sheeple loose and the cost of cleaning up their filth afterwards is an issue. Sheeple shit everywhere. Disgusting rabbles, booze and filth..

    Police clampdown on revelers holding parties in parks
    Boris faces vaccine passport battle against Labour AND Tory rebels

    Conservative rebels and Labour will fight Johnsons plans for a Covid passport.

    Sadly, having seen the mindlessness of the Sheeples and how easy it’s been to corral the lot, expect no reasons for optimism to swerve these Passports.
    Whilst I consider it yet another unmerited state imposition, all the indications are they are coming in.
    Leadership today is so mediocre they can do as they wish.
    Refuse and you don’t fly, end of. Far worse follows.
    Boris faces vaccine passport battle against Labour AND Tory rebels


  13. The possible sterilization ramifications of the vaccine-spike-protein homology HAVE NOT been put rest.

    There is a push now to have teenagers vaccinated. The truth is almost everyone thru age 24 is bulletproof relative to COVID. There is literally NO medical reason and NO epidemiologic reason to vaccinate anyone under age 30 unless they are obese.

    Is everyone in medicine asleep at the switch? This vaccine SHOULD NOT be given to any female of child bearing years, no female that is pregnant and certainly NOT to teenagers of either sex.


  14. A subject you are all being kept woefully ignorant of, is the coming, progressing Transhumanism.
    Who is funded, who is not.

    It will create a dual species, and with it, divisive trauma.

    One, a new advanced Human species exponentially faster. stronger and more intelligent that you can start to contemplate. One connected to Global IT networks, and full AI capability. The Superstates and Elites will fund their own, Who funds you?

    Of course there are benefits, huge, But few for you outside the tent in this Zoo.

    By even 2030, or soon afterwards., it starts. Contemplate a life expansion towards c200 and age regression.
    But only, for those inside the programs.


    That is the forerunner to the Trilaterals Population Reduction thesis.

    The new species of enhanced Humans will have little time or interests in the lower orders.
    The divide will be beyond massive. Man to Monkeys.

    Self interest will take which routes? Competition for resources. You lose.

    With accelerating AI, Transhumanism and all it offers those enhanced, who plans for, or allocates resources to the rest of Global societies? Who needs them? Who cares will be the emerging battleground.

    Is Humanity to become enslaved to its own dramatically enhanced species?

    Be assured, it will have grave implications. Covid alone is an example of the indifferent contempt the Elites have for the masses. The sheer, sadly pathetic skittishness of the Sheeple and their new, masked, 6 ft of space, as they queue to order outside stores, has already created its own version of expendables.

    Within the next 50 years, the new Elites Ethos will be, “Why feed those we do not need?”
    Transhumanism creates Sub Humanism for the lesser species.

    It will change entire Social Orders. With it, conflict. How have the Pygmies fared?

    Enhancing, Biden? Nancy?

    Pandora’s box, and we have no locks.

    The new Feudal division.


  15. Within months? Why prolong the inevitable? IMF = Useless bureaucrats. Obsolete and a parasitical drag on humanity.


  16. Thought I would share this everyone.

    My husband works with a young guy (mid thirties) and got his second shot yesterday.

    He said he felt really bad with this second one. Brain is foggy, every joint in his body was aching, couldn’t sleep, no energy. My husband said he looked really out of it. He left work early because he felt so bad. That was just the second shot. Poor guy.

    How good could putting this in our body be good for us?

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  17. Fears Prince Andrew could be dragged into Ghislaine Maxwell trial as she faces fresh charges

    We need to tell the US YOU put up the Sacoolas Killer you are hiding from UK Justice, and we will let you question fat Andrew. Have some F conscience.
    So now Macron is bringing in a 7 o clock curfew as lock down tightens. How would you take a US lockdown and curfew?

    Macron will address France tonight amid third wave of coronavirus
    Most experts believe Covid vaccines will be ineffective within 1 YEAR

    So much for lock downs and economic destruction
    Meghan Markle is ‘likely’ to run for US presidency, biographer claims

    This is the ego tripping Wannabe insanity which infects America and sweeps up the world with it. Experience zero. Intellect moderate. Past messy. Pressure ability, a proven multiple Bolter. Plus, as America’s Princess, she couldn’t handle it and let us all down to deal with her ego and mental problems.. she married a dysfunctional Man Child.. Sure she fits the mold of most Wombats who make the White House what it is.
    Russia announces new Covid-19 vaccine for ANIMALS

    So they are creating new protection for Zionists and Nancy?
    Trump signals he’ll run for President in 2024 during first interview

    Ego could make it possible.
    Suits actor urged Royal Family to ‘apologize’ to Meghan Markle

    Ridiculous. This is no Grace Kelly. Just a Bolter with mental problems. Actors heh? Do they grasp reality?
    Subject: BREAKING: Memo Details Hunter Biden Collusion With Fugitive Ukrainian Oligarch (Documents Included) – Stillness in the Storm

    Pathetic It never ends and they never face Justice. Mobsters welcome this is America.
    Recently, we have written about the growing prospects of war in Europe.
    While we have seen the Ukrainians slaughter themselves in the past, what now seemingly is occurring is going to result in a much broader conflict with wider spread repercussions than mass Ukrainian deaths.
    The 2 articles links attached outline from differing views of the impending disaster. However it is the NATO connection both in financial and in manpower support that is going to potentially create a situation that will not be contained. It is foolish to idly poke the bear, and that much more naïve to do so in the spring.
    Yes, you can read and watch the train transport of real weapons to what is likely to be contact lines. However let me tell you what concerns me. It is not the Ukrainians foolishly dying for a lost cause, nor their self destruction. The Ukraine is already a failed state and as such is beyond repair and everyone knows this.
    Russia signals its’ intention by demonstrative action that explains what will happen as Russians do not threaten or boast, they act. What I have seen and gleamed is that they have as of today, activated to high alert status and deployed the RS-24YARS also called the SS -29 in the West. I understand that they have 73 such road mobile and fixed units. These missile systems have a 12,000 KM range with each carrying a minimum of 6 warheads and a maximum of 10. Their preparation time to launch is less than seven minutes.
    While wars are always about money and power when politics is taken to another level, this is truly an insane effort as this goes beyond the realm of competitive action for economic gain, as there are no winners in a nuclear exchange. I wondered what the action would be as we watch countries implode with ever increasing debt loads that will not be repaid by broken and shattered economies with the lockdowns that have been imposed. Could it be that war will be used for debt relief, as debts are simply abandoned using war as the excuse? What is more concerning is that the clear preparations for war are not limited to a small battlefield. War is not always manageable and the prospect of a larger disaster looms. From what is visible now, the time line to war seems very short. Perhaps things could get hot as early this coming week, or the later part of April, as the early part of April is usually too rainy for easy tank movements. If in Europe today, one should pray as Easter approaches for peace.
    What is really a mystery is, if NATO really gets into a fight over the Ukraine, who are not a NATO country, is whether America would actually defend Europe on a nuclear basis once it embroils itself in a conflict it cannot win. As this would most certainly result in nuclear missiles landing in America. And it is doubtful that either France or Germany have the will to shoulder the burden of such a conflict as both have much more to lose than to gain so we will have to wait to see. As it is, a nuclear war on the continent is bringing the world to brink of destruction for whatever the reason.
    We now have mass ignorant populations everywhere, and no one ,even thinks of the raging war risks of neighbours.
    If Russia Nukes, Ukraine, we will do What?



    The Wisconsin House has recently passed two bills that would ban mandatory vaccines. The bills would make it illegal for a business or the government to require that employees receive the vaccine. The bills come as multiple states and countries are planning on requiring vaccine passports to allow someone to live their lives.


  19. What’s his tail number? I want on his flights from now on.



  20. Is America Dead? (The End of America?

    Looking on, looking in, this is not the America we lived with, fought with and shared values with.
    America basically was founded on Crime. Federal chicanery stole the Native American’s lands and rights.
    The Cops, ( Police) were always dirty, and Judges were bribed. Between the Italian Mafia, and the Jewish Crime families, America was carved up long ago.
    The Federal Reserve Scam stole the pot and the lot. Corrupt and venal Criminals Political families like the Bushes, Clintons and now new Skanks thrived.
    Attracting with it Pond Life Grifters like Trump, and Bribae Takers tlke the Biden and Pelosi families. The rot is deep. Akin to very advanced HIV.

    Is America dead? Where have you been since the demise of JFK and the last 40 years as it unfolded. All rights usurped by the CIA and the Bushes. Now the Deep State Kenyan Usurper.
    Re: Exclusive — Gordon Chang: China Attempting to ‘Overthrow the American Government’

    They are already integrated into a single government
    The competition is Kabuki theater
    The real enemy is, we the people, and the us constitution
    There is a huge problem that is growing larger by the day. It will take a significant catastrophic event to wake up the free world… We have no idea what that event will involve—Let’s hope it is not similar to Pearl Harbor..Via Ukraine or Taiwan.

    Without the vaccines and passports your going nowhere The Sheeple and now subjugated and herded. The Chips will follow.

    Not many of you will see old age. Times are changing. Rights have gone. Freedom with it.

    Huge protests are hitting the UK. Police bruti]ality is unleashed. is growing.
    Adults who suffer from gum disease are TWICE as likely to have high blood pressure, study warns

    A study of 250 people with periodontitis – severe gum disease – found people with the condition are 2.3 times more likely to have high blood pressure.
    Bitcoin Failed the Test on Being a Real Currency: BIS
    Cryptocurrency Is a Top Theme for Soros CIO Fitzpatri
    Jesus panicking at this imagine if it cuts us to only 3 times a day? Joking! But note the point.
    Men who contract Covid-19 have THREE TIMES the risk of ED, study says


    1. If many of us will not see old age, then instead of living in fear from this broken world, live life to the fullest.

      LOVE with all your heart. Keep your vibrational frequency high, like a shield. Get out in nature and see the glorious beauty of GOD’s creation. Deepen your love and compassion for all living beings, which is the essence of
      The Buddhist teachings.

      Can’t understand why the Elders (assuming their Buddhist) would want and support a world where the very essence of who we are, are being threatened. But what do I know.



    Not only is there an absence of evidence supporting the notion that children spread Covid-19 virus in any meaningful way, but there is direct evidence showing that they simply do not spread this disease!


    1. Even exposing the children to mRNA malaware (vaccine) is a Crime Against Humanity. It’s also useless in the extreme. The “vaccine” is at most maximally effective circa 95%. Ages 1 to 20 has a survivability of 99.99997% e.g. official stats (last I looked) says 26 died across the whole United States, normally influenza kills circa 16. Therefore, to be useful, you’d have to 100% vaccinate the whole cohort. Unfortunately, the side effect profile of the vaccine is likely to kill 11 statistically and damage 5,0000. So net, net, it’s a loser proposition, assuming it works as advertised (it doesn’t). In fact, even testing it at these numbers is blatantly unethical.


  22. Now, remember VAERS massively under-reports to the tune of 10x to 100x… so what do these numbers imply for reality? If 2050 deaths is minimally really 20,500 — the vaccine is as deadly as a mild flu season! Who the hell needs a vaccine whose actual death rate approaches the routine death number of influenza???

    VAERS on COVID Vaccine thru Mar 19th







    Total Heart Attacks
    Total Miscarriages
    Total Severe Allergic Reaction
    Total Thrombocytopenia


  23. All the Nations have gone insane.

    First, herd immunity is just a hypothesis to explain Farr’s Law. Farr’s Law, the phenomenon whereby virus explodes on a population, and then disappears, is the reality fact. There is actually NO EVIDENCE that an 80% level of vaccination induces protection against spread. That’s just some number from some simulation and guess-timates. This is just more malarky to convince one to take the vaccine. (And it’s not a vaccine, it’s literally biologic malaware.)

    Therefore, as a matter of hard core logic, you can’t have rolling waves of COVID. At most, in the current case, you can have TWO waves. The off-seasonal cycle wave Mar/Apr/May 2020 from the spread at Wuhan, and then the seasonal wave. The problem, of course, using the garbage antigen test, you can manufacture waves at will — see the 2009 casedemic.

    Now, I realize nobody has bothered to calculate the mortality improvements (the data is a snarl due to the garbage antigen test) from improved understanding and treatment, but survivability with oxygenation, anti-coagulation, steroid for immune over-reaction, has more than doubled or tripled in the true *clinical* COVID cases. Ultimately, we have a deep problem in both stats and literature. Most of the literature is wrong because of mass inclusion of non-true-Clinical-COVID in the patient basis, and no government number about cases/hospitalization/deaths is correct because of false positives, the dying-while-positive and deliberate double counting.

    Speaking primarily for the US, the CDC excess mortality counts are completely unreliable. An autopsy audit says 40% of the dead had nothing to do with COVID. Applied at the gross level, that drops 500K dead directly to 300K. Double counting in general says that the 500K can’t be more than 250K. Since the garbage antigen test, taken at highest prevalence and lowest false positive rate puts the fp rate at 70%, that puts the dead of COVID at 150K. Unfortunately, since we *know* that the prevalence was low for many months even at peak, and that many institutions ran 40-cycle-PCR, e.g. 97% fp rate, we’d be lucky to clock in at 45K dead. Remember except for NYC, El Paso, the LA County System (insane remdesivir policy requiring 3-day in hospital to get the drug), very few hospitals were stressed at all, neither in the Mar 2020 wave or the fall 2020 waves.

    It’s all hysteria.

    I have some calls in for Brazil. I’m not sure but I think we are seeing a casedemic in Brazil or the natural anti-seasonal flu season there. Remember that Brazil is where hospitals were provably burying empty caskets as a means of cashing in on the COVID run….


  24. I am selling WHA to this guy once I retire.

    Scratch another low wage warehouse job category off the list.

    Behold, your next president.


    This comment from a reader on this site. Sums it up well!
    Gates the insane psychopath with money & no college education controlling the world! Crazy! Paralyzed & sterilized millions overseas with his toxic vaccines, Blocking the sun with toxic aluminum particles, releasing 750 million GMO mosquitoes into FL & TX, Buying up 250 million acres of Farmland to control the food supply, wants the nation to eat ONLY synthetic meat! NEXT? Vaccine passports & the mark of the beast!

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  26. Napoleon would approve.

    Of course. Bolshevism is the thing in Portland.

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  27. So, 4-fold increase in miscarriages. And yes, the extra 3x are all vaccinated…

    So, who do we arrest for this ongoing crime against humanity?

    Who is responsible at the CDC for suggesting that it was safe for pregnant woman to take the jab? On zero evidence mind you, pregnant women were not part of the original EUA trials. Until the recent insanity (and associated miscarriages) of influenza shots in pregnant women, nobody in their right mind would ever have given a vaccine or any other not-extensively-tested drug to a pregnant woman. My former profession has lost its collective mind.

    Invariably, this has to be happening across The Pond as well.

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  28. Poor Diana was so set up by the MSM.Disgusting.

    Martin Bashir ‘showed Diana fake Tiggy Legge-Bourke abortion bill’
    OPERATION SUEZ SHUTDOWN: A Global Psyop With Multiple Nefarious NWO Ambitions | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    Great article worth reading. So many questions now.
    It is quite true that oil was the primary aim. However the negative implications for trade volume and velocity of credit is far more dangerous. Factories will be temporarily forced to shut over this and those exporters needing credit will find themselves sorely stretched.
    Bitcoin consolidates above $55,000 as a huge month beckons for crypto
    Brawl erupts on railway tracks in Argentina

    The whole world is breeding Feral animals and Biden opens the borders????????????

    Brawl erupts on railway tracks in Argentina


    When you study the cold, hard facts of the UK, Nothing stacks up to justify the economic calamity of the Lock Down now.
    1. Lock them out of leaving for few months to restrict the risk of bringing back mutating strains.
    2. Lock out travelers from Red List nations badly infected.
    3. Unlock the nation internally.

    That should suffice to test if safe.
    Third national lockdown looks unavoidable for France in blow to Macron Little Napoleon Wannabe spent too much time posing and he’s lsot the vaccine game play. Now he wants to take on the Brits?

    Third national lockdown looks unavoidable for France in blow to Macron

    Prince Harry is trying to ‘keep up with very bright’ Meghan Markle

    What’s a role for a Wassock?

    Half Witty still does not get it!!!!

    UK’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’, Chris Whitty says

    If this guy walks, America will erupt.
    Holyrood 2021: SNP’s Sturgeon pledges to double child payment

    As ever, this nasty Socialist Gobshite with nothing in tank to pay for anything, is trying to Buy votes again Scotland Nancy. Where is the Hags money?
    Bitcoin trading scam lands Manchester man with half-million-dollar fine

    Pelosi’s Son BUSTED, Ukraine Scandal Explodes- Democrat Party In Shambles – The Beltway Report

    iBidens son, Pelois son. Drtbags.

    Never ending scandals, why does anyone vote for these people?
    Pelosi’s Son BUSTED, Ukraine Scandal Explodes- Democrat Party In Shambles – The Beltway Report

    Now why cant we design a vaccine of this as double Whammie?
    -Subject: Re: Study: Chemical That Causes Penises to Shrink Found in Face MasksThey want to get rid of the male genders and what better way than shrink the pipe

    Another reason to restrict mask wearing
    On January 8th, Nancy Pelosi Made an Ominous Phone Call That Could Change Everything – Revolver
    Talking of Hags, will Nancy ever face Justice ? Clinton too? Some might think what she did is worse than insurrection.


    1. Sorry its done and it wont just be Covid in the passport. It’s a Global ID cert coming. Plus so much more. Tagged!


      1. Yes tagged – global ID, payment ID, show us your vax papers if you’re one of the lucky ones to live thru all those toxic shots. Smart cities where the walls can track everything you do and say. facial recognition, mind reading tech, so even our thoughts are not private anymore and social credit scoring.

        Sounds like a beautiful world. The Elders are ok with this? I can’t imagine being a Buddhist and this is the kind of world they would want. I’m a Buddhist btw.

        “Be the master of your mind – don’t let you mind master you.”

        Well, this new world throws it out the window. Say goodbye to our humanity. We won’t even have our own thoughts anymore. Brilliant!

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  29. Already you have seen the marches and riots over the UK Governments attempts to ban protests. This coming Easter expect many more.
    New Groups are organising the mass assembly of people to shop without masks and warning Police if you attempt again to interfere, there will be more riots and we cannot guarantee your safety. The Pigs are being warned enough is enough and Defund the Police lobbying is now growing. As ever the Pigs get it so wrong.
    This mask game is coming to an ugly head. Mindless Pigs don’t care. Unqualified, early retirement, fat Pensions and crooked unions. Always on Sickies. Time they focus on crime. A job they do poorly. Covid has exposed a lot of issues. Not least the abject stupidity of far too many of the Sheeple. The Tri Lats and Bloodlines are euphoric. Population reduction. Unreal lemmings. Millions here will head for the beaches and parks at the week end. Tailbacks and mass gatherings. If the Pigs mess with that expect trouble. This is not a job for the Pigs.

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  30. Pathetic, so now she’s desperate for attention. Boris ONLY bangs UGLY women, what does that tell you? He’s too thick and fat to pull and hold a Looker. So he trawls Whales.

    Jennifer Arcuri claims she and Boris Johnson had ‘four-year affair’
    This nasty CHINESE virus is causing so many deaths in the Third World now

    As daily deaths near 4,000, worst may lie ahead for Brazil
    Is it all a lie? – Stay at Home > Protect the NHS > 100K Deaths – An analysis of ONS and NHS data – The Daily Expose

    When does the BS end in our nation? The Sheeple ae so gullible.
    Bitcoin was always bound to fail its most important mission
    Does it now become a South Seas bubble?
    Rescue teams shift container ship in Suez Canal by nearly 100ft

    Some insurance claims and law suits will fly from this. Have they no Sat Nov to warn of sideways drifting and why are such overstacked tubs allowed in the canal ? Accidents waiting to happen Ban it from the canal after this. Major fines to be levied.

    Spain says shove it to lock downs, then screams out for Covid vaccines and aid
    Protests spread across the UK. A face off.

    Kill The Bill threatening chaos over Easter with ‘National Action’
    The Democracy Pledge

    The MSM Kazar way!

    See how this works? You steal an election (maybe), but instead of offering transparency by giving access to the facts so that everyone is comfortable as to what REALLY happened, this is how you do it. Pressure corporations to embrace your big lie, keep repeating the lie until the lie becomes (perceived) truth. Isn’t this how Goebbels did it?


    If prudent planning shows this is best, ignore their whines and shut the doors.
    Let’s fund and protect their own country first, or F them. Lead!
    Think outside of the box for our brain dead Ox. The EU is dosed with it.
    Special time, Special needs. Don’t blow it now.
    Best Levi Commercial

    Another reason to restrict mask wearing Save the Lil Fella!


  31. Russia knows that both America and Israel have funded, armed and trained the Military activists on their borders.
    They have seen NATOS scheming, and monitored US Agency Assets in the Ukraine plotting.

    Russia has c250K armed and trained military ready on the borders. Plus the S400 and S500s read in place to shield Russia. EVERY US and NATO base plue Fleets are all targeted ready.
    China will honours its Russian Pact. If they invade Ukraine Russian borders, China will be in Taiwan very soon. The NATO Fleets will be sunk in minutes just like Pearl Harbour. If America attacks Russia it’s WW111.
    The US does not have the Defense systems to take down the Hypersonic missiles which will come. The US can’t fight a home mainland war. It will freak in terror as with 9/11. Blubbering. All Military Installations will be targeted and erased. The EU likewise. All the US’s 990 plus bases will go. Fleets also. Russia and China know they have to take out all Global US targets in the first 15 minutes or else. They will probably hit the West Coast at 01-30 hrs and East Coast 04-30 hrs synchronised and Global plus fleets the same time. They will just Nuke Japan and Israel. .They have to pr empt and will. The world has had enough. The US just does not get that Russia does not care. As Germany found to its cost. This is no Cuba face off. This will take your face off!
    Americans have no idea what is unfolding in the Ukraine. MSM and Media blind. You lost in Vietnam, Syria and Afghanistan. Ukraine will be the Rubicon Line. No one will win what follows. There is no logic in a death wish. Where is the MSM here? Blind and muzzled!
    Russia is so ready. Madness will reign- Down!


    1. Wars? Been going on for centuries. Seriously – what is the solution John? What is it we are to do about it?

      You said in a recent post that we don’t even have a choice to get the vax or not if we want to participate in society.

      Trump won the election but did it matter? Was he part of the grand illusion? 🤷‍♀️ Who knows what is real anymore out there.

      The world is getting ready for a technological leap called the fourth industrial revolution. Why would they care about wars anymore? They’ve got humanity buy the balls!

      You say we all matter but clearly we don’t.

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  32. So, as from Monday Brits can’t leave the Uk until at least August or later. At least it’s trying to shelter the grunts. We breed the Bar Stewards en masse. Unreal. Masked and mindless. The Tri Lats have a case here for sure.
    Good for our hotels. Life savers.


  33. > What if the captain if this ship was told to turn it around, cause they knew they were being waited for? Are we about to find out what that ship is carrying, that they can’t afford for us to find out? Watch the Water, we’ve been told, Watch the Water!
    > Ship Prophecy


  34. Are you seeing a pattern?

    I now identify as an octaroon hottentot. Pay up.

    These people are insane.

    Very true. Wow…beauty, brains, and demanding of historical accuracy. What a woman.



    For a poor Grandfather who can not see his grandson does Oprah face down the gruesome twosome and let his voice be heard? What about his rights? Two self serving callous arrogant Users!
    Central bankers’ crypto experiments should put investors on alert
    They’re coming. Chinas moving towards a phased takeover of the US. As the Zionists and Jewish Bankers have stripped and syphoned America bare, Debt wlll be the final coffin nail.
    EU and Britain ‘are close to a deal’ that will end vaccine war

    We funded the vaccine and onw the patent rights. We contracted with the companies to ship it to us for our own people.
    Now they want to steal it all. French and Gerries again. How many times did we beat them? Thank God we are out of the EU. Socialist Commie low lifes.
    Cut off their subsidies and cut of their trade. Then they squeal and come to heel.

    EU and Britain ‘are close to a deal’ that will end vaccine war
    Watch “Funny Jokes – Our Wedding Anniversary Did Not Go The Way My Wife Planned.” on YouTube

    Watch “Ronald Reagan Cow Manure Joke” on YouTube

    Nothing has changed.

    What the hell is happening to humanity now?

    Professor warns people ‘will be reinfected every two to four years’
    Joe Biden is giving left parties the world over a masterclass in how to use power
    By all means contest the Biden report, but at least we need to hear the case. Does it have merit?
    The Russian warning REAL ISSUES! Real War RISKS. Please Read and Understand. With 7 minutes warning most of you want get out of the Can in time. Your earth will move!

    This occurred late this week, please watch this in the entirety. Do note the missile silos are open. If this was for real, cities would have disappeared. American, EU, Australian and attacks on South Korea and Taiwan would follow.

    China and Russia have a Joint Defense Pact. A real one! Attack one, you fight both. For most of the last Century, and part this, America has gotten away with its brutal and cynical Hegemony attacks to rape the world for gain. Nations cowered in fear, but now No More.

    Israel use Americans as body bags to fight their wars for greed. Israel Covets Ukraine. It conspires to unleash a war, then pick up its vast resources and land for 5 cents on the dollar. It’s a Khazar target! Chinas lands are polluted and poisoned.. They covet America.
    As Israel has done to its neighbors lands and stolen without redress.

    Last week highly advance Russian Nuclear armed submarines conducted an exercise in Russia territory within the Arctic Circle in a place called “Franz Josef Land” a small archipelago northeast of Norway and Finland. The reality is that this cuts the flight time by 50% to the US. And it is unlikely anyone would pick up the heat signatures of a launching missile that more than likely would be a hypersonic one. or 1,000!

    This is a final warning to the Deep State and Biden. When and if war comes, there will be no further warnings. Russia will bring war to America directly. About time for Hegemony! Only a naïve person would think a Ukrainian attack on Russia will not be dealt with. That includes the NATO forces in the Black Sea. They will be sunk within 3 minutes, then what? A NATO combined attack on Russia with the Ukraine as the proxy will see the full anger of a Russian Bear protecting its’ soil and citizens. This reply will be to the American mainland and Israel. Both are high risk then.

    China flew 20 + planes into Taiwan airspace most recently. Do you really think they will not seize Taiwan within hours of an attack on Russia? They just imposed tariffs on the wineries of Australia of over 100% effective Sunday. Did anyone report this as it will ruin the wineries? The signposts of brewing war are there to be seen if you look.

    There will be no winners only losers and that includes everyone of us. May God have mercy on a world spinning out of control as only a few demented morons are leading the majority of the world to disaster.
    Stop reading Comic Book War Games, it’s deluded.

    If China goes for Taiwan, America will react. Australia will then be attacked, The 5 Eyes listening posts will go and all US Naval Bases will be erased. Japans too. They have to. The US Fleets will be gone in 5 minutes. So will NATO. Gone! Attack the Bear and it’s over. How do you offer logic to a Nuclear Cloud? War is war. Yes, we know the outcome All do.

    We heard the Sissy Boy Leaders of 1936 to 1939 and Peace in our Time. It did not stop Hitler. Nor Japan.
    Who is listening now? Aussies won’t. Tinny town has no idea.

    Over 250,000 Russian troops have moved to the Ukrainian border. S400 and S500’s missile shields also. Every US and NATO base will be targeted now.

    WW1 went this way. Russia and China, if attacked, will pre empt. They have to.
    Red list of countries from which travellers will need to quarantine for two weeks is set to GROW as ministers consider giving rapid Covid swabs to ALL returning British holidaymakers

    It is understood Government officials met on Friday to discuss whether they should take a tougher approach to travel restrictions, reports claim.

    Tough love.


    1. “ There will be no winners only losers and that includes everyone of us. May God have mercy on a world spinning out of control as only a few demented morons are leading the majority of the world to disaster.”

      This song popped in my mind after reading this paragraph. A cover performed by some talented kids. Dream Theater – pull me under

      It’s written about Hamlet but I sure feel this way at the moment. The world is spinning around me. It’s very depressing to think about.


    2. So much for being a part of the marvelous all mighty protected commonwealth then I suppose. That must have been a whole lot of bullshit then I guess. Maybe where value is found the harbour is safe. Aussie…. not so much it seems. Not that we give a shit anyway. It is what it is and we will take it as it comes. Oh but if it’s the US and we need some trade deals after brexit then, hey buddy, we love you. Sorry, but this is so patently obvious. Seems like economic value equals superficial friendship.

      China invading Australia????? Go for it a’holes. But remember this……. The so called bs pussy arsed government does not represent the people here. Let’s play then shall we. I have nothing to loose anymore. I don’t mind going out blazing. Life is pretty much over for me anyway now, but that’s another story.

      All the doom and gloom may very well be reality but I consider reality is found when one is confronted with it.

      Want to put tariffs on our wine hey? Go for it you f’ing backward idiots. Then go right ahead and drink that sewage you think is wine. Hey anyway, they shit on their vegetable crops so why not go and shit in a wine bottle too. We don’t mind keeping the good stuff here. Plenty of us to keep the industry alive. It may hurt initially but we do not need a pack of commo uneducated f’tards telling us what do do with our wine.

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  36. Reflecting back on Tinos valuable contributions here, a few cogent facts need to be absorbed by all.
    The ACTUAL Covid Death Rate is less than 3 people per 10,000. And falling!

    Factor in that Flue alone accounts for 2 of those 3 people, and ask, why is Covid killing the economies? Why is Flue behg being misdiagnosed as Covid? Less than ONE in 10,00 appears to be Covid now. Misdiagnosed Flue?

    Differentiate Covid consequences differing between the First and Third worlds. It’s not uniform.

    Mediterranean Tourist Traps, Cheap booze, cheap people, loud, gobby, sweaty bodies, and gasping dirty breath out over all around. How do you expect a different outcome? Simply shut down the Med Cheap Booze beaches this year or pay a huge price. Ignore their whines, lock down the Swine. It’s a war on Covid. The EU and Israel failed to read it ahead. Karma has come. With it differing prices. Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France are caught in vices for failing to act and their free movement of illegals. Madness! As with South America. Each failed to control their infected illegals. Free borders, they swarmed in like Locusts. Now, all die? Why?

    America has risks from the Borders. Half Wit Biden opened them up. Infections, Drugs and Crime. Joe the Ho?

    Mutating viruses are escalating. China- WTF???????? You posture- You need to Pay!!! It’s a Chinese Virus.
    The UK so far has Covid under control. But at what price? It needs Real Leaders, not Mindless Boris appeasing Bottom Feeders! Lock them down or lock them out. Joe, just opened the Borders. Why? Just like Obama. Sad.

    If not rectified soon, economies will be irrecoverable. Lock out illegals. Stop flights to risk nations. Bunker down safe. Ride this thing out. Let bottom feeding Swine loose in the Med, and the Grunts will bring it back. All the years sacrifices then will be for nothing. Poor Leaders caused this. Quarantine the EU and South America, Plague Ship rules. Sacrifice 10,000.Save 100 Million! Man up! The problem is of our making. Make decisions. Good ones!


    1. Hey John, I came across this statement in the previous article. I have been curious since you posted this, if these are actually your personal words and opinion. Please see below.
      “Cut through the BS and take your shots or face the consequences. Without your travelling nowhere and refuseniks will simply be blocked from Flights, Hotels, Sports venues and theatres.”


      1. Aurataya

        Vaccine passports are coming in,
        You have the rights to refuse.
        But, without, once ready. most airlines will require it to board. So will sports meetings, Cafes, Restaurants. Clubs, Pubs, Theatres, Cinemas, conferences, hotels, Trains, buses, exhibitions, etc.
        Its a new Global ID card. No cover, you won’t enter the tent.In London you wont be allowed access to the tubes without. Or Taxis!
        Yes there will be many Refuseniks. understood. But at what cost? Exclusion?
        By next year, let’s see? The EU is a confused mess now. Panicking Leaders. Vaccine supply risks and thefts.
        South America and Africa is in real trouble. I just watch trends and panics. Uninformed – Decisions!
        What is truth?

        More important will the US and NATO support attacking Russia via Ukraine? Mindless stupidity if so.
        Washington simply does not get that Russia and China are geared to Pre Empt. They don’t Care! Enough is enough. NATO will be erased in hours. As will be the US fleets. Then what? Ukraine is like.Austria and WW1 waiting. The Sheeple are too mass ignorant to see it, and dumbed down. If China is activated to pre empt, all US bases there will be hit. No option.
        These Aresholes have armed and weaponised Ukraine for this. Israel is the major cause! It needs to pay if so. Kazar Pariahs.


        1. This is just a test, the beginning. Right now they will demand vaccine passports. Very soon, you will get a “passport” if you are in an approved class. Political, social, religious. Fall outside of that class, and no passport for you.

          Next, it will be an implant. Because it’s so much easier to track you. And with the push for digital currency, your implant will make your transactions seamless.

          But if you are not approved, then you cannot purchase necessities, travel, or live anywhere on the grid. Paranoid? No. This is coming. Just like Revelations predicted. I just never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.


  37. FIRE HER NOW BEFORE SHE CAUSES CATASTROPHE. This woman is Ian Ferguson 2.0. It’s the Imperial College silliness on repeat from Edinburgh.

    Prof. Devi Sridhar
    Professor & Chair of Global Public Health, Edinburgh Uni Med School. Director of
    The blithering idiot wants another international lockdown because of variants.

    Let’s be real clear. The variants are direct genomic derivatives of nCov2019 and ARE NOT CLINICAL VARIANTS. E.g. It is an act of medical faith that any variant is somehow an “immune escaper” or “clinically worse”. THEY ARE NOT(Eric Topol should know better!). And given the incredibly BAD science, PCR is unreliable at the screening level, the genetic sequencing is also with a high error rate, given that the 3 base papers that suggest issues ARE COMPUTER MODELS, the last thing we need is another public health official calling for another international lockdown.

    Please note the disappearance of the pandemic correlates 100% with the PCR WHO-recommended cycle reduction from a median of 33 to 20. Is that so shocking? And if you don’t have a pandemic now — did you really have one when the false positive rate was 97%? At what point does one call bullshit?


    1. Tino
      The entire Covid Fiasco is predicated upon Lack of Political Leadership.
      Put simply, they don’t understand.
      And I don’t understand, how the Sheeple can abdicate Sovereign Personal Power to such a crock of mIsfiring, misfits. I see few fit for Office Tino. They despise the gullibility of those who put them there.
      Now Slugs rule Eagles?
      Electing this sordid bunch is akin to electing a Pimp as Pope.
      ” As they Do!”.
      The Judgment calls, of those who know F all?
      Every 4 years you all elect a Pimp in control of the Convent schools of life.
      See how China is now encroaching on all. Global Planetary NWO is creeping in.
      Johnson, Biden, the EU? These Fools will lose the Family Jewels.
      There can be no Promised Land for those who do not understand.
      Abdicating your power, to this shower?


      1. I thought Presidents were selected, not elected John.

        I feel so many people are good hearted. They just can’t see past the veil. The veil they created, so it must be real.


      1. Little more research, which I should have done before I posted the VAXX vid, tells me this guy may not be on the up and up… not sure… not my intention to ever mislead… always looking for the truth!


  38. Not to put too fine a point on it, but really, does anyone think draconian authoritarian approaches will, in any way , stop a 0.125 micron virus from doing its thing?

    And, compare before and after, and ask yourselves is ANY of the present behavior, here or the UK, rational?

    A voluntary 3 week lockdown started in March 2020 for a disease that was predicted to have the following rates:

    30% Hospitalisation
    6% ICU
    3% Mortality.

    12 months of data have updated the rates to:

    1.5% Hospitalisation
    0.1% ICU
    0.23% Mortality

    WTF are you all doing?


    1. Never about a virus. We are watching the WEF “Build Back Better” theme.

      It’s the New World Order….period.

      But first, you have to destroy everything.

      And eliminate 7 billion “useless” eaters.

      These elitists have no idea the Karma they are setting forth on their souls. Anyone propagandizing that we need to kill 7 of 10 people on the planet because “They” believe they serve no purpose and are more important because of some bloodlines is truly out to lunch. It’s not their choice to decide what has purpose on this planet. That arrogance and ego.

      Spirit doesn’t care about money.

      Rest assured, they will face the repercussions of their decisions. Many horrible lives to atone for the support of the mass genocide by stealth taking place.


    2. Every day radio commercials and TV are pumping the vaccine! Now I just saw Bush, Clinton and Obama on tv commercial pushing the vaccine; it must be bad if those crooks are together pushing it.


  39. Like

  40. Your favorite broken record here. So, I pointed out that in the Informed Consent for the Pfizer and other shots, here in the US, the description of safe-and-effective was horribly flawed due to this being a “vaccine” approved for use thru Emergency Authorization. Therefore there is no data on mortality and the safe-and-effective aspect is pure bullshit. Drum roll please…..

    After millions of people have gotten the vaccine, NOW it’s just being revealed that recipients of the Pfizer shot may have to take vaccines every six months, for life, or face more severe illness than normal upon exposure. Thank you Israel for being the guinea pig and giving us a great vaccinated vs unvaccinated view.

    “The Prime Minister has announced in recent days in the media that due to the problem of lowering the level of antibodies after medical treatment, there is a real possibility that the recipients of the treatment will have to take the treatment every six months [until] the end of their days. This material fact was not revealed by the respondents to the recipients of the medical treatment before receiving it… “

    Imagine millions of people being forced to get jabs every six months for the rest of their lives. $$$$$$

    This is what comes of rushing a pseudo-vaccine to market. It will be nothing but repeated tragedies from here on out. I except 4 more fundamental tragedies:

    1) Antibody Dependent Enhancement of disease when the next wild-type hits: Many will die from this. Please invest heavily in apheresis and filters to suck down the cytokine storm to zero. It works. BARDA has the tech. Craig Roberts (and hell is freezing over with me recommending him) is the goto-guy for this. Or just eminent domain the patents, make him rich, it works a whopping 95% plus of the time to shut down cytokine storms if you get in early.

    2) Viral shift — already happening in Israel — the vaccination of the elderly created a shift with the virus going after the young, and creating what we didn’t have prior to the vaccine drive — the true asymptomatic carrier, as opposed to the previously hypothetical one created by the garbage antigen test.

    3) General increase in the death rate — Israel’s vaccine drive has pushed the death rate 5-fold higher at the peak of their regular seasonal curve. Way to go numbskulls!

    4) Auto-immune disease in droves over the next 5 years. It will be horrible. We should be able to see the uptick in auto-immune in the stats 6 mo to 1 year from now.

    I’m sure that a careful analysis of the data will show that what’s happening in Israel is happening everywhere. Of course the data everywhere is a snarl of false positives, double counts, reclassification and all-out government engineered fraud, so I don’t envy who does the analysis.

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  41. Bitcoin could hit $300000 by year-end, predicts crypto entrepreneur


    Subject: The Great Reset is exactly what they warned that Agenda 21 was all about – the reorganization of human society – SURVIVAL BLOG

    The battle is on for Souls. Yours! With Americas future population from this source forecast to be 100M only, you understand why the Tri Laterals are tightening controls.

    Why Israel is getting away with land theft expansion, as they commit genocide on the Palestinians, get Trump to illegally gift Syria’s Golan Heights to them, fund, arm and allow their vile genocides, then to Presidentially pardon Zionist and Jewish crooks serving long term sentences for their Heinous crimes, but able to pay a handsome settlement to the One Termers Rejection package. Sheeple see nothing.

    As Covid Vaccines are now mass introduced, and will become annual events, be assured, its ONLY time before that is weaponized. Pension Funds alone will fund it!

    There is NO Fiscally backed Retiree Fund anywhere inn the First World with adequate reserves without taxes to pay for these Welfare Only, none contributors.

    Applied thoughts to Humankind, are not kind! Power to affect the herd numbers, in the hands of Bankers and Politicos. A Sam Elliot picture says it all. “Are you a Special Kind of Stupid?”.

    Daily now we see supply chain breakdowns affecting everything from auto production to phones so yes food supply is high on the list to be broken down.
    Why do people like Deagal forecast a America population at 100MM people. This is not a some folks working in their mother’s basement.
    Think about this.

    Now do you understand why a small Global team work such committed hours weekly to help create am alternative outcome – Where possible.? Unless we elect better Leaders, this is the downside.

    As the Zios and Jews only control the Monetary Counting Houses, they are counting the Numbers of Useless Eaters. Look how they deal with Palestine, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon????

    Masks and Social distancing is coming in for 10 years, this is how they will corral the herd. Masks have mugged the vast, unbelievably low IQ and mindless Sheeple. Can you understand why there is such disinterest, even contempt, for the masses in the Halls of Power, and Political arenas? Be careful who and what you vote for. Every American Presidency is bought. At what cost?

    It’s ALL Kabuki Theatre and YOU think its real? They just rigged the votes! The sheeple did what? Populations- Hello???????????
    The Political Mandate will become, – Why feed those we do not need?



    Sheeple control is here.!!!!

    Masks could be in place for 10 YEARS, Lord Sumption claims
    Microsoft President Says Fintech Firms Should Leave Digital Currencies to Governments – CoinDesk

    God help you all then.
    The bank effect and the big boat blocking the Suez

    Greed for size caused this. Look at the knock on vast loss litigation consequences.
    Cardano (ADA) Tests Key Levels In Short Trend Lower – Cryptocurrency Price Forecast
    Prince Albert Criticizes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah Winfrey Interview

    Correct Albert, as Oprah milks it like a Klondike rush. Gullible fools.
    30 Years Later, Defending Your Life Is Still the Best Movie About the Afterlife

    Interesting thought, what, for the Sheeple?
    China may have doomed its trade deal with the EU – CNN
    China is pissed. The EU just told them to Piss Off!
    Bitcoin could be ‘outlawed’ in US, says founder of world’s largest hedge fund

    The Zio Bankers are panicking.
    US Cargo Ship Carrying 350 Tonnes of Military Equipment Docks in Ukraine’s Odessa, Reports Say – Sputnik International

    All the wars, funded and supplied by America. Shame on this Cabal. Will we ever learn?

    This is a pretty good indicator of timing as this equipment will be in place come Monday. Omitting that equipment which is stolen and sold off as is the norm in the Ukraine. No doubt the Ukies will send some to Turkey to pay for the drones they have received and Turkey will use the equipment in Syria.

    Germany creates bridge between blockchain and euro
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Third wave of coronavirus could be most devastating so far – German health officials warn

    Poor Germany, deaths are rocketing again. Its a Global pass the parcel game and coming to America. We have done What to China?
    Scientists find evidence that novel coronavirus infects the mouth’s cells

    -Ever more issues arising from this Chinese Virus.
    Batley Grammar School: Prophet Muhammad cartoon row ‘hijacked’ – BBC News

    Enoch Powel read it RIGHT!
    Re issue Shambocks fast!
    They all need to be told, Sod off back to where you came from.
    Central bankers’ crypto experiments should put investors on alert

    Saturn’s moon Enceladus has ‘churning’ ocean currents, experts say

    Pack off the Scavenging Zionists and Muslims. Sorted!

    Saturn’s moon Enceladus has ‘churning’ ocean currents, experts say
    The new Vaccine wars with EU Whores. .

    Macron leads EU hardliners STILL pushing for vaccine export ban
    How can this family weak Wimp advise on anything when he runs around like a Corgi dog following Bolting Mongrel Markel. Strip him of hs Title and be done with him. End it No title for either, DESERVED!!!, and he won’t last 3 years before Divorce. She will be hunting down a new DC Demo Lowlife for her new ticket to ride. I’m sorry she blew it all. Her mother’s a Bolter. She’s also got form. Ragland in La land. A sad. needless mess. A stupid boy.

    Palace officials will watch Prince Harry’s new roles ‘very closely’
    After 10 Years of Civil War in Syria, US (Quietly) Declares Defeat but Won’t Go Home

    The All American Tale, Defeated as Always and still won’t go home.
    You Lost!

    Spend money on America, not face losing wars.

    A good example of human and capital waste, where hegemony politics reduced a country and people to ruin destroying their ability to contribute to global prosperity to satisfy an agenda that created wartime profits for a few at the expense of many.
    Libya was destroyed with vengeance throwing back a nation that served to block migration from North Africa to Europe. Gone is their ability to feed themselves or positively contribute to global society. The human slave market closed by Qaddafi in Tripoli is now open.
    As we approach Passover and Easter one might think we as a species might remind ourselves of what progress, if any, have we made towards goodwill towards our fellow brothers and sisters on and in the journey of life.
    There is irony in watching the ship called “evergreen” stuck in the Sues Canal at this time of the year. People are missing the impact as it goes well beyond simple trade as the Suez Canal has long been used as a smuggler’s road of human trafficking. And since roughly 10% of trade dollar value moves through the canal one might calculate the cost being held up for time; as to accurately see the cost, ponder the daily compounding cost of all traffic inbound stuck behind the ship and who is affected and how.
    This goes well beyond a few extra days at sea.
    Over a hundred riot officers form ring of steel against Bristol demo

    The public face down the State again


    1. “ It’s ALL Kabuki Theatre and YOU think its real? They just rigged the votes! The sheeple did what? Populations- Hello???????????”

      I agree John. The bigger the deception, the bigger the agenda behind it and boy do they have a biggie planned for humanity. 🥲

      “ Microsoft President Says Fintech Firms Should Leave Digital Currencies to Governments – CoinDesk”

      Is this what the lawsuit against Ripple is really about? Taking control of the escrowed XRP accounts held by Ripple?

      The SEC recently stated that it’s ok for exchanges to sell XRP and was not considered a security. They have an issue with Ripple. (Not exact words and all planned of course). This lawsuit never made sense.

      John – Defending your life is one of my favorite movies. Hilarious! My favorite part is the past lives pavilion scene. 😂
      Take a look



    Rutgers, the largest public university in the state of New Jersey, became the first public school in the US to announce that students wouldn’t be allowed back to campus in the fall unless they had been fully vaccinated.


  43. It’s officially now an offence to LEAVE England

    After four hours of debate yesterday in the House of Commons, the United Kingdom has approved an emergency measure that will, among other restrictions, fine Brits who LEAVE the country without a qualifying reason.

    Ironically, the British government insists they can legally impose these new rules because of authority that was granted to them under a law called the Public Health Act… which just happened to be passed in… 1984.

    Starting on Monday, anyone who leaves England must submit papers making a certified declaration of their reason for leaving. The authorities will then retain the discretion to fine travelers £5,000— nearly $7,000, if the reason isn’t valid.

    The government has provided a list of 14 valid excuses, such as a professional football team traveling for a match. This is totally fine.

    But someone who wants to attend a religious pilgrimage is forbidden to travel. So is someone who wants to visit an elderly parent they haven’t seen since 2019, unless it is a parent whom the traveler “reasonably believes is dying.”

    How magnanimous.

    By the way, these new rules come despite Members of Parliament acknowledging in debate yesterday that 95% of Brits over the age of 60 have been vaccinated.

    This means that the most vulnerable population has been administered a vaccine that they insist is safe and effective.

    ……So much for Freedom.


    1. HIW

      It’s actually £10K AND they can seize your passport for being an Arsehole.In the next one to two weeks, we need to detain ALL incoming Brits at Customs, escort the lot to the Quarantine Hotels, confiscate car keys to be sold if Hotel bills are not cleared,. and heavy fines if they leave the grounds or meet with the Public at the Quarantine hotels. Smack down hard. There will be police number plate warning registrations on the PNC. Drive that car out of the hotel during quarantine, the PNC will issue an instant radio warning to the Police Interceptor Cars who will pick you up within 10 minutes. Car seized and off to jail for 30 days. Arsehole tax and treatment. Soon they won’t be able to board a plane back without their vaccine certs. Locked out! That’s £10K for each family member. Plus the c2K per head Hotel cost and food on top. Crack down and put down. Tough love.


      1. Has nobody been listening to reason from Tino and the doctors out there who push truth and the truthful science behind it all? Are we now re-living 1933? Tough love? Am I missing something?


      2. Never read anything more stupid in my life. It is also uselessly authoritarian. Not to mention vaccination will DO NOTHING whatsoever relative the spread of the virus, since it really isn’t a vaccine. As described previously, the vaccine now creates what you did not have before — true asymptomatic carriers, since all the vaccine does is cover symptoms.

        There is ZERO reason for these draconian measures. Certainly LEAVING the Country can’t be a crime — this is an arbitrary tax on travel for no reason. Almost like you want to destroy your tourism and air travel. People travelling is not the reason you have/had a pandemic. And technically you don’t have one at all, because adjusted for false positives you have no COVID. In other words, the legislation is totally useless.

        As to return quarantine, that’s even more stupid, insensate and foolish. The virus is here and there. So now air travel affects nothing at all. And in order for this to end, you need the populations to mix as much as possible. The reason why you haven’t had a true serious pandemic (and this one is just hysteria) since 1968 is that selective enhancement of the virus in a local population can’t happen in a day-and-age of air (and other) travel.

        Also, not to put too fine a point on it, 80% have natural immunity even before this shit-storm started. But for the garbage antigen test, there is no overt illness in the UK other than residual cases.


        1. Tino – are vaccinated people contagious? Who knows what’s in those shots. Is it similar to the flu shot where they inject you with the flu virus? I don’t do flu shots either.

          People I know who have been vaccinated when I see them, give me a hug. I took a sip from mother in law’s drink when we went to lunch. That was over a month ago and I feel fine. I take Chinese herb medicine at the first sign of feeling a cold or flu coming on and I never get sick.

          It’s been on my mind. I hope it doesn’t sound like a silly question.


  44. Make the personal effort to google key into Agenda 2030 , read the cross spectrum.of reports to see what’s at risk for our people.How it will affect you,.

    As AI and IT decimates Human Employee needs, what do we do about the new majority free loading?

    City Centres, Office blocks., factories and stores are going! Home deliveries are coming. Shops will fail.

    Just how tenable, or how long, do you think 30% working people will tolerate none contributors of an emerging c70% to live free riding? Ever more human tides of illegals Welfare and Social needs grabbing. Who funds this plague? Or our own undereducated masses?

    Do your really think that TPTB will take time to create an alternative system to feed and support their needs?

    Or have interest? I have seen the impact, and sheer mindlessness of the self interest, spooked, masked Sheeple. As automation unwinds rapidly, who picks up this growing Shortfall Tab? Economic reality. Society will become ever more divisive. As will interests and agendas. We appear to now have a growing Global Walmart feeding trough.

    Ever more for life on Welfare. Guttural Muslims are an invasive plague seeking to now create their own degenerative, 7th Century, ignorant and backward Caliphates. Welfare grabbing and ever demanding. They are bleeding us dry. The balance sheet will be redressed. Off Balance Sheet, or Off Them?

    What is, is not sustainable. We are building a vast human needless Reservoir dam of needless resources rather like a contained Crock Pit. What happens when the Dam bursts?

    Agenda 2030 moves toward the State taking ownership of all your asset after death. Sheeple, to the slaughter.

    A life, for what? To feed their need? A Social Utopia.


    1. John, forgive me if I am missing something… it seems as though we are going from a bright new start to the sky is falling… the global moves you spoke of yesterday, are they intended to counter this 2030 agenda?


      1. From the inside we will fight Agenda 2030 for most. But not for arseholes. Muzzies we must face- Down! We are not out to feed the useless or free loaders, nor the Illegals, or Muzzies.Most will be OK.Get real time.


  45. Not sure if this is legit… I have never heard of this group… but it sounds good…

    “The hearings of around 100 internationally renowned scientists, doctors, economists and lawyers, which have been conducted by the Berlin Commission of Inquiry into the Covid-19 affair since 10.07.2020, have in the meantime shown with a probability close to certainty that the Covid- 19 scandal was at no time a health issue. Rather, it was about solidifying the illegitimate power (illegitimate because it was obtained by criminal methods) of the corrupt “Davos clique” by transferring the wealth of the people to the members of the Davos clique, destroying, among other things, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc. could thus appropriate their market share and wealth.”


  46. When we moved in our new place, the cable man left one of these organite transmitter devices he makes next to the modem. He said it takes the harmful electromagnetic wave energy and turns it into positive energy. I had never heard of this before and find it fascinating. He throws these homemade devices near cell phone towers in our town. Very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Ah, India. So unenlightened about the future.


    We have to allow time for the SEC to do stuff, ya know.

    Vibrant enrichment in a land that was badly needing cultural input.


  48. Awesome news tony thank you so much. We just read the new report at our meeting here and we had cheering and applauisse from all. What amazing things are unfolding from the asian and london partnerships desribed by John. We sincerely thank you and all the readers of Wha for making this tremendously valueable site available. It has been making quite a difference in the lives of many in our town and we cant wait for more good news. Thanks so much your pal C.


    1. Thank you for that…I am very glad things are going well for you and that you and others have found value here.

      Now, without going into fine detail, I would invite you to have some thoughts.

      What if the senior trustee and principle advisor to the Elders, sees their resources are steered into part crypto projects which have been proven to be solid in their use cases, and offer far more upside than down? Imagine that energy, in the hands of focused professionals, to produce results for the truly needy and those needing a new direction and focus to become valued producers and direct that energy in such ways as to benefit others and not for usury?

      Imagine, with the new DeFi protocols, and the QFS, just what impact that will have on money lending brethren. Could be seismic, and not positively for them in terms of being exclusively able to dominate the lending game.

      Freeing up capital for other than sucking the life blood out of countries by cultish usury will be the goal now. Imagine the impact. A huge step forward. This time, no contrived “war to defend democracy” will be bought into in order to defend their leeching territories with our blood.

      And remember, you saw it all unfold right here, in this little corner of the Internet.

      Thanks again and keep up the good work. I am sure John appreciates your kind words.


      1. I don’t fully understand all it all. People here seem very excited so I know it has to be big.

        The way understand is, create the world we want and screw the bastards. Does that sound about right in a nutshell?


      2. So, with that being said, which crypto do you recommend the little guys stock up on? Keep in mind, pre-rv / no-rv money is limited but am willing to part with some of my government cheese they sent me.


        1. Have a look at our suggested picks. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however one looks at it, the buy up to prices on most are exceeded right now and are holds.

          When time permits, I will add more to the list, but I am swamped right now…completely.

          For now, both BTC and DASH are in buy ranges. You won’t make millions with BTC with small money, but I suspect you could make about 50-75% a year with it from this time out.

          DASH is very cheap right now.

          ETH is still a bit over a buy price, in my opinion, but it still has a lot of upside. So, consider that one if you are wanting to get into an idea.

          CARDANO, while not on our list, is still not a bad value at the moment, and some feel it will go much higher in the next year.

          As for which ones will be sensitive to possible elder wealth impact, I can not say at this time because we are far too early to know. That information will have to come from those way, way, way over my head. In time, it may. So, stay tuned.


          1. I am clueless today.

            Out of the four Tony mentioned, DASH is the only one that has not hit it’s all time high yet.

            There are some great Cardano updates in this video by Altcoin Daily. Also, you can stake and make passive income with cardano.

            Hope this helps.


        2. Here are some ideas of projects which the presenter feels have good potential. Just presenting for your assistance.




    Brussels screws up yet again . The EU is a giant Pigs Breakfast of inept incompetence. An Idiots Club.

    The Snitch and his Bitch are already tanking in Hollywood. With no talent. Just ego, how far can this C list Cable TV wannabe really go? Who wants to risk exposing their lives to 2 money grabbing guttersnipes? It’s only time before their bubble burst. Deservedly. Harry is just a besoted childlike prick!
    Industrial chemicals are shrinking testicles, warns scientist

    Hey Lil Fella mask up quick.


  50. Just in case anyone believes the insane propaganda revolving around the “vaccines” (they’re really not you know).


    ICAN achieved another victory in its ongoing campaign to ensure the government does not spread false information about vaccines. Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services posted a graphic and accompanying message on its public Facebook page. The text falsely stated that “on the journey to FDA approval, each COVID-19 vaccine had to pass through the same thresholds of research & testing as every other vaccine.” It went on to include additional, incorrect information: “all three of the approved COVID-19 vaccines were proven to be safe and 100% effective in preventing hospitalization and death in the clinical trials.” ICAN, through its attorneys, wrote to the Director and to the Chief Deputy of Health of MDHHS demanding they remove the false graphics and messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccines. They quickly complied within 48 hours and removed the relevant false messaging.
    Soon after ICAN successfully challenged the New York State Department of Health’s false social media messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccines, on March 8, 2021, ICAN’s attorneys sent a letter to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) informing them that they were violating federal law. MDHHS’ posted the following graphic and messaging on Facebook:

    This social media messaging – intended for the public – made numerous false claims. First, it claims that the FDA “approved” a COVID-19 vaccine. This is categorically false. There is no COVID-19 vaccine that has been “approved” by the FDA. The only three COVID-19 vaccines currently in use are authorized by the FDA pursuant to an emergency use authorization (“EUA”). In fact, the FDA authorization letters for both COVID-19 vaccines expressly provide that the vaccines are each “an investigational vaccine not licensed for any indication” and require that “[a]ll promotional material relating to the COVID-19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously … state that this product has not been approved or licensed by the FDA.”

    In addition, the three COVID-19 vaccines are still undergoing clinical trials, hence they were also spreading misinformation when they claimed that these EUA authorized products “had to pass through the same thresholds of research & testing as every other vaccine…” ICAN had to point out to a health agency that the FactSheets for Recipients for each of these vaccines unambiguously state that the vaccines “ha[ve] not undergone the same type of review as an FDA-approved or cleared product.”

    Further, the Facebook post claimed that all three vaccines’ clinical trials have proven to be “100% effective in preventing hospitalization and death.” This is also categorically false. The FDA’s review memorandum on each of the vaccines lists as one of the “Unknown Benefits/Data Gaps” “effectiveness against mortality.” The FDA makes clear: “A larger number of individuals at high risk of COVID-19 and higher attack rates would be needed to confirm efficacy of the vaccine against mortality.” Additionally, the FDA’s Review Memorandum for Moderna’s vaccine states: “There were no deaths due to COVID-19 at the time of the interim analysis to enable an assessment of vaccine efficacy against death due to COVID-19.”

    It is also false to claim that these vaccines have been proven to prevent 100% of hospitalizations. In the Moderna trial, one participant in the mRNA-1273 group, a participant >65 years of age who had risk factors for severe COVID-19, was hospitalized due to oxygen saturation of 88% on room air 2 months after receiving the second dose of vaccine.” In the Janssen trial, in a post hoc analysis of all COVID-19 related hospitalizations starting 14 days after vaccination, including non-centrally confirmed cases, there were 2 cases in the vaccine group. Likewise, the Pfizer trial reported two serious cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19, both in the vaccine group, where both vaccine recipients were hospitalized.

    Michigan’s Department of Health needed to be fact checked. We are pleased to tell you that, after being notified that failure to remove the inaccurate graphic and its false messaging would result in a lawsuit, MDHHS responded and removed any reference to “approved” vaccines and to the completely false claim that the vaccines are 100% effective in reducing hospitalizations and death.” This is another victory that should serve to remind MDHHS, and every other public health department, that someone is watching. And if the FDA and our federal health authorities will not ensure that the public is receiving true and accurate information, ICAN will. ICAN’s message should be heard loud and clear: you may not spread “misinformation” about vaccines.

    To that end, the revised post, while clear of two false assertions, is still misleading:
    ICAN’s attorneys sent another letter to MDHHS explaining that it is still not accurate to state that the COVID-19 vaccines “had to pass the same thresholds of research & testing as every other vaccine.” Every other vaccine that MDHSS is referencing has been licensed and approved. In stating that the COVID-19 vaccines have undergone the same review, MDHHS is not “clearly and conspicuously” stating that this product has not been approved or licensed by the FDA. Quite the opposite is true.

    Additionally, the post now states that the vaccines were “proven to be safe and effective.” In fact, the FDA has stated this is not the case: “Based on the safety and effectiveness data, and review of manufacturing information regarding product quality and consistency, it is reasonable to believe that Moderna COVID’19 Vaccine may be effective. Additionally, it is reasonable to conclude, based on the totality of the scientific evidence available, that the known and potential benefits of Moderna COVID’19 Vaccine outweigh the known and potential risks of the vaccine, for the prevention of COVID-19 in individuals 18 years of age and older.” It is highly misleading for a health agency to state in unambiguous terms what the FDA has not yet proven or stated itself. We will keep you apprised of any response to the latest letter.


    1. Tino,
      There is one good thing that will come from these toxic cocktails.

      Soon all the idiot sheep of the world will have taken their “required” vaccines and most will be dead (or seriously injured) within a short period, leaving us a world of intelligent, free thinkers (like yourself) that can live in peace and quiet from their constant bullshit propaganda and their goofy T-shirts proclaiming they have been vaccinated.


    2. Tino
      Agenda 30 is now the Primary Agenda. Read what I am sending over re Population reduction and why.
      Your now heading for 10 years of masks., and total vaccines. I have seen, sadly, the sheer scale of Sheeple stupidity prevalent. Corralling is coming, the Sheeple are so gullible and panic at shadows.
      Why feed those we do not need is coming as a Policy directive!


  51. For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light. Luke 8:17

    God is in control and HE has invited us to join HIM in dispelling the darkness.


    1. Fully agreed Patricia. But I believe judgement has come. And it will get worse. Whether you get vaccinated or not. The push is for digital currency. And noone (other than Christians) will look at a book written 2000 years ago. “That no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”
      -Rev 13:17.


    1. And so it starts. “No strings attached”? Ha! I’m sure people out there are jumping for joy.

      Well – No thank you. I don’t want anything to do with their free conditional money.


  52. Very interesting. I have followed this endeavour through my Sister, Violet from Vancouver, Canada for many years and am excited that something positive is happening and appreciate and thank the people that have worked for so long to bring change to a struggling World who needs some good and constructive views and interest in creating a better and safer world for us to live in.

    Very much appreciated and good wishes for your understanding of a need for honest and true thought of a better and safer world for All.

    Liked by 1 person

  53. I had just finished watching that video and clicked on #166 to see that John had posted it there. Good. This information needs to get out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biffie

      Every lamp post, street corner and bike seat, guess whose checked and marked his turf?
      My intake and scope is vast.

      Once we clear the US releases,watch our smoking guns.
      So many need help.

      Liked by 1 person

  54. Famous Polish Film Producer Creates Documentary Exposing the Sale of Babies for Sex and Organ Harvesting – If You can Handle it

    What a Sick, awful world is around us. Why? As bad as Muslims!
    I hope Maxwell’s depraved husband stands trial with her. Also that attendees at Epstein’s Island, and on the Lolita Express, are exposed, named and shamed

    What a surprise, this is sick.
    Stunning new image of the first black hole EVER photographed | Daily Mail Online

    Just wait until they photograph Slack Alice.
    Mans inhumanity is appalling. I can think of a few Grunts who need and merit exchanging for them. Tragic for the Bears. Maybe a Grunt Exchange is a high merit project for early consideration.
    Putin would do us good deal to ship Soros to Siberia. Let’s have a year off with no wars, and use the Western Military Forces to round up and fly the Trash to Gulag processing stations. Meaningful population reductions.

    Two bears kept in the dark for 17 YEARS are rescued in Vietnam
    Man is arrested over bomb alert at Queen’s Edinburgh home

    Mentally ill, trying to blow up the Queen, was it Harry? OMG? Lol.

    Man is arrested over bomb alert at Queen’s Edinburgh home
    The Last Stop Before Thermopylae

    Truly, and sadly, the average American is a good Soul , believes in their nation, has family values, and just wants to be left alone in peace. WITH the right to bear arms and blow the shite out of criminal aggressors who threaten the families or lives. Good people real values.
    But now you have Demo crooks and Commies and you likely to get unelected Failure Commie Harris soon as President.
    But now with the likes of Antifa, BLM and other Thug groups. all you rights are draining away. Your guns and America is being taken from you. The Jewish Fed Racket and Bankers have taken your money, Trump pardoned a lot of despicable Jewish criminals from major sentences.
    But the Dems and Commies want it all.

    The UK just forced themselves out of the EU. Riots just erupted from an attempts to pass Bills to stop protests. Cities went up in flames and Police got beaten down hard. Manhandled hard! Protest is working. The Bills have done a U turn Politicos sense a good kicking. Police thugs are now scared. Pigs see the nation turning on them. The Brits are manning up. Before it’s lost , will Americans? . .
    The Bill of Rights are YOURS and need protecting. YOU built America. Self help now. I knew Heel Spurs would run and hide in DC. I said so, Ever the Coward.
    Who now mans up for America? For You?
    Warlike Signposts

    Russian tanks are moving through Belarus toward the border of Poland and Lithuania, it is quite an explicit message to NATO.

    More NATO advisers on ground in Ukraine now.
    If war comes it will be soon to avoid the mud of spring.
    Complete madness!
    I will imagine that should actual hostilities break out watch for China to move on Taiwan.
    And markets will go nuts
    25,000 + troops on the move to it’s western borders, Russia has with active radar a extended no fly zone over Belarus with Russian jets on a very short ready status.. like airborne within minutes
    Whether both sides are tested each other’s response times in preparation for some thing imminent or down the road is not entirely clear.

    Russian/Belarusian exercises should have ended on Sunday while NATO exercises are ongoing
    I cannot believe that Ukraine is dumb enough to attempt self destruction by attacking Russia even with western prodding.

    Russia will annihilate the UN if this kicks off.

    Situation bears being aware of, but perhaps it will turn out to be a nothing burger.


    1. I would google UNIPWA and see. I have had no time to do so. However, the picture sent of the UNIPWA gathering, showed key parties specific to the Information Briefing. (wink,wink).

      And funny, I didn’t see Kim Possible, Keenan or ZAP anywhere near.



              But, at present the site is not open. Stay tuned for more information here as it is possible to release. For now, the picture above is, I believe, exclusive. So that should suffice as to the existence of it, for now.


  55. Key Elder is very strict who she allows to stand by her and the pic says it all. That’s power. It’s beyond – you have no idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  56. I have to admit that I’m still extremely leery of anything UN. I’ve not been one on board in the trust column for the UN.

    Thank you for the update !

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Big J will have to answer that, if time permits.

          In my limited capacity, I would imagine that the infrastructure projects and perhaps other similarly situated projects designed for public betterment, would offer a myriad of opportunities for lifting oneself up through valuable contributions. That’s just a guess.

          The fine details would have to come from John, when the time comes.


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