Financial Re-Sets

A Waypoint To Competent Planetary Management

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

In greater and greater numbers, people are seeing political governments, and the growing numbers of incompetents that comprise it, as no longer necessary to manage the needs of an increasingly technologically managed society. They simply are not trained to do so, and anyone with even a modest IQ can understand that.

Other societies encountered similar situations in the past. There was a day when the last Western Roman Emperor sat on his throne. He was there, but…why? The luster of the Caesar’s robes was long ago worn through. Nobody saw value in the now powerless symbol.

The Empire, long ago divided into East and West, with the West being flanked by its enemies whom commanded far greater resources than any organized Western Roman force could now overcome, possessed almost none of its former influence, much as we see happening with the USA today.

Surrounded by Vandals, Ostragoths, Alamani, and the intermixed within its shrunken border who could manage to get there and squat, the idea of a Roman Empire in the West didn’t interest anyone anymore. The populations which once organized around the Caesars, moved outwards. All the “modern conveniences” of the former Rome (water aqueducts, sewage management systems, food distribution networks, protection, road maintenance, etc.) had ceased to effectively function. So, too, had the need to be there to obtain such things. Similarly, the calls in the USA for “infrastructure expenditures” point to the poor state of such in the present time.

The Eastern Empire had managed to hold on much longer because it commanded control over its culture, military and economic processes with greater skill than in the West, which had faltered from shear overwhelming forces, both internal and external.

Similar to that period of time, the present-day awareness of society managed by a five thousand year-old model of monarchies, presidents, congresses, parliaments, juntas, satraps, potentates, commissars, dictators, kings, etc., will also give way to a more local and efficient center of influence: The individual technically savvy person who commands at their fingers the ability to transact/produce/exist, at will, without the need to have a central parasitical authority (government) to support in the process.

The globally incoming tax increases may be the final straw for many. Also, the arrogant presumption that, “…the hoi polloi will always acquiesce without a fight to such parasitism…” may be incorrect.

Given a viable technological pathway, and by sheer weight of numbers, they will, by natural default, force onto society a method of operation devoid of the need to render unto Caesar what was not his to begin with.

This is the first period in modern history that technology has outpaced the human ability to perform tasks of societal management on the widest influential scale ever known, and the power and influences once reserved for governments, kingdoms, republics are now going to graduate along a wider sphere, with less ability (or need) for centralized command over any of it. Hence, politics will become unimportant, and eventually go extinct.

Like the Western Roman Empire’s collapse, it will not always be orderly or without consequences. But, it will happen if we do not downright destroy it all with a catastrophic war, or have a natural disaster put an end to life on Earth.

One thing is for sure. We cannot continue to survive at optimum levels at the present rate of incompetent management of our resources and technological prowess. Only adherence to outdated, obsolete ways of how we relate to the universe, and, each other, stands in the way of a more rapid-fire implementation of the most logical and effective solutions for delivering to the people of Earth the superior society they are capable of having.

This is where the present efforts by dynastic elders, and their role in the huge transactions they are presently involved in, play a key role in bridging the present to the future. A new way of thinking, entirely centered around building a new civilization, not allowing money-grubbing shylocks to squeeze it.

Be assured, behind the Elders is one very hard focused entity who will not take crap from politicos or even acquiesce to their self-serving laws or practices. Be assured, there is an agenda and it’s a Tsunami coming at the suits.

Once achieved, from this new waypoint of liberating resources for true beneficial progress, the future outlined above can more rapidly be made reality. These efforts continue, and we will bring you news about it when it is possible.

It may seem that nothing is happening, but this is not so. Often, there is frantic progress, followed by sudden halts. Then, just when it looked like prolonged delays were expected, the accelerator is engaged and things move forward again; a dynamic, emotional gamut playing out on an international stage. The pressures and responsibilities of those involved must be formidable.

So, stay tuned.

We have received many reports from readers who have used gains from our suggested digital asset plays to pay off debts, fund schooling for their children, re-invent their lives, etc. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a very satisfying feeling to know we are providing value while asking for no financial compensation in return.

Rest assured, by all indications, the largest gains are yet to be had. The path will be a very volatile one, which is expected when you are early in a new technological space which is forming its running legs. There will be more drama, more “fear”, more “expert opinions”. If you are in for the largest possible wins, simply tune it all out. Time, patience, and prudent risk management is all that is needed.

Strength and Honor.



    1. Just saw Biden’s approval rating,,, 37%… shocking that it is that high… should be at about 2%… probably is at 2% but they couldn’t fake it any higher than 37% without being completely obvious… according to the poll most are worried about the border, and his no action… he is taking action, the action he intended from day one when he reversed all the policies Trump had in place… it is about changing America… welcome to the new world!


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  2. It can’t fall apart fast enough.

    This is an interview at Highwire of Deborah Conrad, PA-C. She is from a New York hospital. She has multiple recordings of her conversations with manager and upper level administration – they did not know they were being recorded. Chilling and damning. She is highly credible in how she comes across. Her last day of work is September 27th. She is being forced out for refusing the hospital vaxx mandate. The wrong people are being fired or are quitting.


  3. John says “Are you ready for the CBDC”. I know I said I would not bring up the subject of them anymore but I am.

    From my understanding, Central Banks will have two payment rails on the ILP. One for them, which is private and the other for everyone else. How is this transparent??

    Are the programmable CBDCs replacing fiat? It sure sounds like it to me. They may not be able to print at will, as you stated in the past but this is far worse.

    Article: CBDC – How dangerous is programmability


    1. Damn. Somehow mangled the link.


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  5. KlausSchwabby on Twitter: “A Turkish man sacked by his employer for not taking the vaccine makes a personal demonstration of resistance. And he didn’t hold back. All forms of resistance are now valid. Makes yours count.” / Twitter
    So now we have a dual society, Vaxed and unvaxed.. Only unvaxed don’t work and go on welfare.
    Prepping for transhumanism? See the parrallel?

    This guy makes a statement at a great cost to his employer. This is actually going on far more than people know.

    Watch industry experts discuss the evolving CBDC landscape globally on 30th Sept, 3PM | Register N

    Are you ready for this?

    Macron wants the EU army and the US out of Europe.
    Pretty much like the rest of the world.
    995 bases. Why? Hegemony is changing.
    Know when to close them and F O home.
    How did Afghanistan go?
    And the rest?
    How much does America waste on the Pentagon and its Agencies? How many must die for this lie?
    Macron wants an EUArmy to “Fight” America. His words.
    Why are you funding Nato? Why not US Infrastructure instead? France has turned on you. Who next?
    ‘I do regret having dinners with Jeffrey… but he’s dead now, so…’: Bill Gates looks VERY uncomfortable as he squirms his way through interview about his friendship with pedophile Epstein

    The Microsoft founder, 65, first met Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse in 2011 after the financier had been convicted of soliciting sex from a minor.

    Now this is good MSM work. Taking it to Gates. As his wife is doing.


  6. With the spirited rhetoric and attack by Tino on the La Palma models, I for one welcome it and the work input,
    Tribute to the site and what inures for all as truth seekers.
    In a world of opinion confusion a balancing opinion.
    As I said from the beginning,the conjecture is? .
    The value of the site to all.
    Good work Tino. Well done. Logic?
    Now about this pending Biden vacancy?


    1. How about we switch the discussion to the Tsunami created by the asteroid that hit the earth 75 million years ago and killed off the Dinosaurs? That was one big Tsunami. Now, let’s hear someone disagree with that. lol


  7. @John Yes. You did say 3,000 ft (1000M) at origin. You just didn’t realize it. (And for shame, you really think I’d get something that basic wrong?)

    I quote you “Tsunami model predictions show a mountain wall 600 ft high .hitting the US at 400 600 ft hitting NY at 400 mph plus?

    A 600ft wave at NYC implies a 3,000 ft wave at origin. The drop ratio at 3,000 to 4,000 miles is between ~1/5 and ~1/6. On those parameters alone the model from London U is horse manure.

    It just ain’t happening. After the Imperial College fiasco one would think your advisers would have learned their lesson.

    This IS a much, much more realistic model.


  8. Critical Immigrant Theory

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    1. It’s only taken 11 months.Very impressive.
      And the rest?
      Then they do what?
      The whole Cant rotten system is built this way now. It’s ALL endemically rotten to the core.


    1. I didn’t do too bad with back-the-envelope scribbles… In fact, I am very pleased with myself, if I do say so myself. LOL.

      Due to papered over incompetence, due to credentialism, we have too many parrots and not enough thinkers, who actually know HOW to really do things. That brought us insane pandemic outcomes from poor models. It is clear, to me at least, that La Palma, a geophysically stable island for a goddam 3.5MM years, which doesn’t even have an overhang — literally — it is a classic cone geometry — somehow got a reputation by repetition, based on an original 4M movement of its Western Slope in 1946 — then amplified by silly nuke cum tsunami fantasies of militarists — even though NOTHING about the island supports the goddam scenario. And nobody checked assumptions. Again. It’s just typical government farble garble of the sky is falling.

      Of course, why anyone is dumb enough to live on La Palma (Vesuvius anyone? 2000 years and we STILL do this?) beats me….


  9. Yes, because they f’ed the data beyond recognition and only NOW are we beginning to unravel the crap statistics. Even PH UK played shenanigans, but without access to raw data, death certificates and charts — yes charts — we can’t figure out who did what to whom. And up till very recently, I was in awe of PH UK keeping the numbers. Unfortunately, euthanizing everyone with midalozam is quite horrific, quite the Crime Against Humanity, and when, again, are we indicting the NHS CMO?


  10. What a 100 foot wave looks like….

    That’s Tino surfing in the green room spitting in the face of La Palma. If you turn up the volume you can hear him screaming…”I told you it was all bullshit” 😁


      1. Instead, if the wave hits that Oh Shit I got it as wrong as My Trump Bet, will be the squeal from Tino in NY.
        Fact and Statistics? Use judgment. It’s best.
        No Speedos Tino. Don’t swallow.


        1. Politics and physics are two very different beasts so it’s a false comparison. But not to put too fine a point on it, Trump DID win. Dr. Doug Frank can predict every part of that Election fraud.

          You approach matters from what-if and how do we avoid losses. But then there is reality, and not being omniscient, you have trusted advisers across the spectrum. In this instance, they are ignorant savages who not once checked the basic assumptions and errors compounded on errors.

          As to LaPalma, I didn’t get it wrong John. And all the malarky originates from a retarded paper in 2001 from Dr Simon Day , Senior Research Associate Inst for Risk & Disaster Reduction. Jesus F Christ. Really?

          So far, your UK academics have been wrong about every topic raised — COVID spread, COVID vaccines, anthropogenic global warming, sea change levels, and now La Palma. Right now we are 4-0 in my favor. The model I show above, that has realistic assumptions, agrees with my back of the envelope. I sleep like a baby. Governments cry wolf too much. I’m sure 3 months from now when the eruption ceases, it will be 5-0 in my favor. In fact, let the Russians or Chinese nuke the base of the cone. It would be a good lesson to the militaries showing that against multi-billion tons of inertia a nuke is nothing but a matchstick, When nothing happens , we can stop it with stupid ideas, especially when the forces involved are up to 10^9th larger than anything we can muster.

          I on the other hand, can show the island is a cone, hasn’t once in 500K years triggered a tsunami (cone is intact), that the origin of the story is the 4M West Slope change from 1946, that some body said “the West Slope is frangible” despite it being there at least several hundred thousand years, that Strombolic volcanoes are NOT prone to explosions, that you have a 6000M downslope of which 4000M are underwater, on a modest continuous slope. There is not a ghost of a chance of 1000M wave at origin. A 20kmx20kmx1000M wave at origin requires a displacement of 400 000 000 000 metric tons of water — if you think a landslide off a volcano side can do that, well, I have news — it ain’t going happen. The landslide is roughly 100x too small and that is being generous. And the nukes can’t do it, because there is actually no overhang as can be seen directly on the topographic maps. So at best, you are back to a landslide.

          I’ve said my piece….


  11. And now for something completely different.

    A Great Lady!
    Audie Murphy’s Wife !!
    A Very Interesting read!

    Audie Murphy, the kid from Farmersville, Texas, was only 46 years old when he died in a helicopter crash into the Virginia Mts. He was bothered all his life when he came back from the War and it really affected his life. He never got the medical help he should have gotten.
    Not many young people know who Audie Murphy was or how big a war hero he was. Two or three of the medals he earned would make most service men proud, but to have earned his decorations in battle is truly unbelievable.

    List of Decorations for Audie Murphy :
    Medal of Honor
    Distinguished Service Cross
    Silver Star (with oak leaf cluster)
    Legion of Merit
    Bronze Star (with oak leaf cluster and Valor Device)
    Purple Heart (with two oak leaf
    U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal
    U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal
    Presidential Unit Citation (with First Oak Leaf Cluster)
    American Campaign Medal
    European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (with One Silver Star, Four Bronze Service Stars
    (representing nine Campaigns) and one Bronze Arrowhead (representing assault landing at Sicily and Southern France)
    World War II Victory Medal
    Army of Occupation Medal (with Germany Clasp)
    Armed Forces Reserve Medal
    French Fourrage in Colors of the Croix de Guerre
    French Legion of Honor – Grade of Chevalier
    French Croix de guerre (with Silver Star)
    French Croix de guerre (with Palm)
    Medal of Liberated France
    Belgian Croix de guerre (with 1940 Palm)
    Additionally, Murphy was awarded :
    The Combat Infantry Marksman badge with Rifle Bar, Expert Badge with Bayonet Bar.
    Isn’t it sad the media can tell us all about the BAD that goes on, but ignores the GOOD people? If a movie Star or politician stubs their toe we have to hear about it for Days!!!

    From the Los Angeles Times on April 15, 2010
    Pamela Murphy, widow of WWII hero and actor, Audie Murphy, died peacefully at her home on April 8, 2010. She was the widow of the most decorated WWII hero and actor, Audie Murphy, and established her own distinctive 35 year career working as a patient liaison at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration hospital, treating every veteran who visited the facility as if they were a VIP.

    Any soldier or Marine who came into the hospital got the same special treatment from her. She would walk the hallways with her clipboard in hand making sure her boys got to see the specialist they needed.

    If they didn’t, watch out.

    Her boys weren’t Medal of Honor recipients or movie stars like Audie, but that didn’t matter to Pam. They had served their Country. That was good enough for her. She never called a veteran by his first name. It was always “Mister.” Respect came with the job.

    “Nobody could cut through VA red tape faster than Mrs. Murphy,” said veteran Stephen Sherman, speaking for thousands of veterans she befriended over the years. “Many times, I watched her march a veteran who had been waiting more than an hour right into the doctor’s office

    She was even reprimanded a few times, but it didn’t matter to Mrs. Murphy. “Only her boys mattered. She was our angel.”

    Audie Murphy died broke in a plane crash in 1971, squandering millions of dollars on gambling, bad investments, and yes, other women. “Even with the adultery and desertion at the end, he always remained my hero,” Pam told me.

    She went from a comfortable ranch-style home in Van Nuys where she raised two sons to a small apartment – taking a clerk’s job at the nearby VA to support herself and start paying off her faded movie star husband’s debts. At first, no one knew who she was. Soon, though, word spread through the VA that the nice woman with the clipboard was Audie Murphy’s widow. It was like saying General Patton had just walked in the front door. Men with tears in their eyes walked up to her and gave her a Hug.

    “Thank you,” they said, over and over.
    The first couple of years, I think the hugs were more for Audie’s memory as a war hero. The last 30 years, they were for Pam.

    One year I asked her to be the focus of a Veteran’s Day column for all the work she had done. Pam just shook her head no. “Honor them, not me,” she said, pointing to a group of veterans down the hallway. “They’re the ones who deserve it.

    The vets disagreed. Mrs. Murphy deserved the accolades, they said. Incredibly, in 2002, Pam’s job was going to be eliminated in budget cuts. She was considered “excess staff.” “I don’t think helping cut down on veterans’ complaints and showing them the respect they deserve should be considered excess staff,” she told me.

    Neither did the veterans. They went ballistic, holding a rally for her outside the VA gates. Pretty soon, word came down from the top of the VA. Pam Murphy was no longer considered “excess staff.

    She remained working full time at the VA until 2007 when she was 87.

    “The last time she was here was a couple of years ago for the conference we had for homeless veterans,” said Becky James, coordinator of the VA’s Veterans History Project. Pam wanted to see if there was anything she could do to help some more of her boys. Pam Murphy was 90 when she died. What a lady
    by Dennis McCarthy,
    Los Angeles Times on April 15, 2010

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  12. Adoption…

    More adoption…

    Still more adoption…


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  14. I really hate being the contrarian but no model I have heard so far holds water. It all absolutely fails on cross check.

    A cubic meter of water is a metric ton.

    Does anyone have an idea of how much force one would need to get a 3000ft (1000M) wave at origin? Not of a ghost of a chance in hell. There is literally ZERO chance of anything that size. Someone, somewhere simply can’t do math and is off by ~2 orders of magnitude if not 3.

    It’s a cone. Repeat that until you get it. There is literally, geophysically, NO OVERHANG, anywhere at La Palma. There isn’t even a trench to help one out. You can see that right here:

    Does that mean you can’t have a West Slope avalanche? No, but it means you cannot have a catastrophic avalanche without a volcanic explosion. Not likely, near impossible with a Strombolic volcano. Pathetic nukes have no chance either of doing it. You cannot excavate a hole in the side of the cone of the island with a nuke big enough to get what you want. You literally can’t get there from here. And there’s “no fracture” approach because there is NO overhang. It’s a cone island. This is government-repeated malarky. It’s pure farble-garble.

    The physical forces and inertia involved, while not outside a volcanic explosion range, are more than 6 orders of magnitude outside anything man can bring to bear.

    Since we have 3000 ft of ocean depth off the slope, a triggered subsidence of the West Slope of the island, cannot generate the tsunami feared. Since I know the upper bound by explosion can’t be more than 50M to 60M, by subsidence/avalanche you are going to be much, much lower. Since it looks like a 45 degree slope, I doubt we’d get 20M at origin even IF the West Slope went fully into the water. That gives me 2-3M at Washington, DC. Not civilization ending but nasty.

    Also, tsunami waves slow down and do not increase in speed as they hit the shallows — a side effect of wavelength change –, so NO, the “wall” of water WILL NOT hit shore at multiples of hundreds of miles per hour. 30mph to 60mph. Don’t believe me — go check.

    The fact that the modellers DON’T KNOW this, casts total doubt on anything they are saying.

    Reality always rules. If your model is off by 3 orders of magnitude relative to known priors (and we do know), perhaps one should be skeptical of the models.


    1. UPDATE: On a telecast, they have clearly dropped a zero on the mega-tsunami predictions if “half-the-island ‘fell’ into the ocean”. So somebody read the riot act in a physics lab.

      Now, someone at BBC answer me, why would a slide into the water, be a 100M wave at origin, when the two most destructive blowups in recorded history didn’t crack the 50M mark….

      UPDATE 2: Really, the island is 3.5 million years old (!!!), and someone has sold you on the idea, with an unobstructed 6000M tip to base rolling drop that it is going to generate a 1000M tsunami? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to you about. The danger of this, in this particular geography, is [insert expletive] zero. The island would have to explode at full volcanic power, to even crack 50M. It’s Strombolic. While not zero, since it is a volcano, but given 3.5MM years of activity, I am pretty sure not a damn thing is going to happen. Even if Russians nuke the base of the island, and the math really doesn’t work out there either.


    2. No one said a 3000 ft wave bar you! It’s projected as a 600 ft wave via London University. .Their dept model. I sent it to you. I also toned down their speeds. It would still erase the coast if it happened. As I said, conjecture, but what if?
      As for Stats I remember how Trump was home and hosed Biden no chance. I sat on the fence.
      Now whose stroking his Weanie in Florida?
      Let’s hope we don’t test it. I’m signposting it to the Bronx. Don’t swallow. Lol


  15. Biden’s credibility is in tatters.

    Whhoooaa when was it not?
    Scientists planned to release enhanced coronaviruses into bat caves

    So where is truth now? Who exposes it?
    AUDIT: Wendy Rogers Confirms Routers OBTAINED! Results Promised Friday!

    What a mess !! Time to clean it up .

    From this complete Pigs breakfast of criminality denying Democracy and real votes to Americans, we stand with you for exposure and prosecution.
    Fight back and take back America from these Criminals. Repeal these fake votes. Expose Bribe taking Biden for what he is. His sham party with him.
    WAKE UP AMERICANS! Read this !
    Can you- Read? So many can’t. So many Piss ants in power even.

    I give you this via University of London.
    He too has checked. His case is bigger.
    Way too much fake BS out there. Tiring looking at brain dead panicking Sheeple. Shoot the Reporters.

    New model predicts Covid cases drop to 9,000 per day by March 2022


  16. Current State of Play worldwide on issues that matter.
    1.America has a possible precarious risk with the La Palma rock overhang. We have warned the US for years to section slice it. Deaf ears. Now?
    2. America will show a shocking Third Quarter loss and it will get worse. Expand the Debt base again. They will.
    3. Biden released known Taliban killers and now it’s hell to pay. Leave Yes, but not that way. Shambles!
    4. If China takes Taiwan the Semi conductors and Chips goes with it. China will cripple America.
    5. Covid is a wild card with no Intelligent leadership or oversight. Serious population exposure for America.
    6.What has Fauci unleashed on the world with Wuhan?
    7. Who is monitoring these vaccines? How clinically?
    8. Why does America still have over 950-plus Foreign bases plus Rendition centres?
    9. Five eyes is now failing. Asian cover is leaking.
    10..Biden is clearly, visibly, mentally unfit for Office, But so was Trump also!
    11.Trump stole the Golan Heights for Kushner and Mossad.
    12. Trump pardoned a lot seriously bad convicted Jewish Criminals for money. Why do you condone that? Why?
    13. What happens to the US Dollar when the Petro Dollar fails? To YOUR money? Can you take a 30% loss?
    14.Can you take 3 more years of Biden? Who will run the Zoo?
    15. Why is America still risking fleet conflicts in the South China seas? Why are you there apart from Hegemony?
    16. When CBDCs hit what happens to US Banks and the Fed?
    17.When will the FRB NY release the vast Trillions it has blocked and stolen? Who will get it back? Who is FRB NY fronting for? Who takes back what they have stolen and syphoned? How much in vast T’s?
    Elliot Ness mark 11? Who? When?
    18. How much was Trump paid to release all those Jewish criminals.
    19. Why were Kushner and the Israelis allowed to steal Syria’s Land? How does Cheney figure in it?

    Your starter for the day.


    1. On (15) remind me, which country sailed thru waving 2 fingers?

      On (18) Trump is down roughly $1 billion on net worth… strange… doesn’t the net worth go up when one is paid off…


      1. 15. We don’t attack and kill everyone for gain war looting. One finger also lol. We are only protecting our protectorates.
        18. How much was scammed ? Trust nothing of his Net Worth, look at the real debts. He packed his hotels with his staff ripping off America.Skank! Now they are empty and he’s whining. The big Grifter got Bungs! Skanks are Skanks.
        Why fly this Orange Blimp?

        We are not boosting Poppy production. Time to find quality candidates. “Quality?”



        1. Hmmm…. shall I list in how many damn ventures the Brits were right there alongside us? Just sayin’. And coming from the previous Empire, this is just pot calling kettle black.

          As to Trump, you work with the tools one has at disposal. As I am fond of saying, ignore the private life and the rhetoric. What did he do? A lot of good things and on balance, was a positive force.

          Even though he didn’t cross the Rubicon, half of the Nation is on the move and he forced a lot into the open. The rushed tyranny in progress, while annoying and accelerating, is mostly doomed to fail because it violates too many aspects of daily living and is visibly unnecessary. And Trump’s Election triggered this paranoid jump into 1984. Ultimately the 2nd Law of thermodynamics applies to society, it’s too many transactions, it’s too costly and eventually, it crashes of its own weight.


  17. The world is not yet ready to overcome a once-in-a-century solar superstorm, warn scientist

    Nor, despite all the warnings, the La Palma rock overhang.
    Wuhan scientists planned to release coronaviruses into cave bats 18 months before outbreak

    Biden could lose 41 House seats, bad as Trump | Washington Examiner

    A big Yes to this.

    And that is on a good day.
    Fauci Funded 60 Projects at The Wuhan Institute of Virology According to New Book: Report

    This is one crazy guy Investigating Fauci. Why don’t the US authorities?
    Now We Know Why Biden Hid The Identity Of The Afghan Bomber | The Right Wing Rebel

    No doubt many people will suffer No thanks to Biden.


  18. My money is on…the fact that nobody will go to jail.

    This is how they treat the Lt Governor of Nevada, I assume, because he didn’t wear a mask. Asses are going to sting.

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    2 minutes
    Go Tucker!

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  20. What is the purpose of giving a kill shot out to folks and then giving them a pill to help prevent one of the side effects to help them live. Defeats their kill shot purpose. Something fishy here.

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  21. Jay and all
    Just watch the site and news.. Hope! So many ifs. But so dangerous. It would collapse the Global economy.
    If China takes Taiwan will still be seismic for funds.
    More trouble brewing.

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    1. Please, all if you are near the East Coasts, fill up your car full with gas, and fill up 2 multi gallon gas cans also.
      If the alarm comes you have 10 minutes max to move those arses, others will and roads will fill.
      Go inland fast and head west. Do NOT head North. NOT! NOT! NOT! Drive like hell and avoid Freeways,Shit for brains will crash and run out of gas. They will block the roads.
      Throw the kids in the car and go. You do not have time to collect hangers on or families. You die as a Retard. Simple!
      If your stuck with an argumentative Bitch , Payback. load the kids and drive off fast without it. Job well done The Tsunami will fix it. 10 minutes and when possible get off the Freeways full of Morons. Good roads and go West cross country. North West. Put that spare gas in the boot. Do not drive more than 200 miles you need the gas. Arm if you can. Wise up and WTF up fast if need be. Get a tent. Sleeping bags, Get to Safety fast. Then wait. Get 150 miles inland safe on on high ground. Hope you swerve it. It’s ALL about that overhang. Contain that and your ok.
      Watch and check. If it gets worse, get the hell out. Or drown. Chose. You can’t help stupid.Keep your head while idiots lose theirs. Your life to lose. Now?

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      1. NYC will be gone regardless. In NYC you have to get across the Hudson. It is a 30 minute ordeal to just cross the George Washington Bridge, add hours if a stampede starts. It was nice knowing you all, since these days I’m in the Bronx.

        HOWEVER, Tino’s Minority Report:

        In any event, the fear porn is not believable for the same reason the pandemic projections were not. So let’s see. The tsunami at 3000 or 4000 miles, roughly is one sixth the size of the original wave. So a 3,000 foot wave would in fact, put a 500 ft wave at NYC. Of course, the idea of a 3,000 foot wave from a chunk of island displacement is ludicrous. It fails all basic physics. Never mind the rock face will not fall at g, will not fall as one block, will fall at an angle and will meet, a resistance of one metric ton for every cubic meter of water. The issue isn’t that it will generate a tsunami, but 3,000 feet (1000M) tall it isn’t going to be.

        Krakatoa and Santorini, the two largest volcanic explosions, not to mention the most energetic, in recorded history, with displacements of whole islands which were physically larger than the current crisis du jour, managed tsunami of 30M and 50M , at origin, respectively. I realize checking in with reality is passé, but I can’ help myself.

        How about we ask the physics guys to rework their model(s) and stop acting like the left side of the Atlantic will go bye-bye? And military fantasy about how their nukes would help, well… they will learn how ineffective even 10 megaton warheads pale in front of mass dynamics, where they are no more serious than firecrackers.


        1. I am no expert in Tsunami, but I remember the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia was caused by an undersea earthquake of 9.1 MW energy, not even a landslide. It killed 228,000 in an afternoon along the coasts of 14 countries. It rose to an estimated height, in places, of 100ft.

          It’s my understanding that as a wave encounters shallower depths, it gains in energy and height as at approaches the coast. Hence, why we have waves. The stronger the impact on the water from source, the higher the wave.

          I sincerely hope we never have to watch just what the La Palma slide may produce in the way of a Tsunami. The economic damage from even a forceful 50 foot wave hitting the Eastern seaboard would not only kill people, but it would wreak billions, if not trillions in damage, money that states do not have. It would destroy utilities and disrupt trade, causing unspeakable economic disruption of the entire world. Then, there are the deaths from not only the water, but the panic, crime, disease, and gods knows what else.

          Natural disasters and disease have been the chief killer of people since we learned to fornicate. The La Palma fault will eventually give way, that’s a given. What is not agreed to is the time left before it does. Let’s hope it’s not for many hundreds if not thousands of years.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hi Tony,

            I will be the minority gadfly on this one.

            Yes, there is some danger. Minimal at that. As associated with any volcanic island. However, the damn island doesn’t even have an “overhang”. I checked. It is a regular cone island. All this fuss is about the fact the Western Slope of said island moved 4M during an eruption 70 years ago. Which happens all the time around every damn volcano on Earth. And then somebody ran with the following ideas:

            – What if the Western Slope fell into the ocean
            – If it fell as a block what size tsunami would it cause
            – What if a nuke triggered the slide on demand
            – What if an eruption triggered the slide

            Like all government tales, it got bigger and more dangerous in the retelling despite the following facts:
            – Stromboli eruptions — giant pressures are not in fact present because the lave comes to surface. 12 cm surface expansion is peanuts.
            – There is no “overhang” — it is a cone-shaped island — there is no “geologic unit” that would move as a block — I checked
            – A 10-megaton warhead or even 10 such devices, are firecrackers compared to the momentum inertia of the island. It is a military fantasy of leverage. Do the math, I will wait. Done? Yeah, that’s right. Roughly 10^(-10). One ten billionth of the momentum inertia claimed for the mass of the island.

            Historical antecedent argues that there is no ghost of a chance of a 1000M wave at origin. Sorry kids, you need asteroid impacts and Hollywood special effects for that. The geophysical history of the planet shows you have those waves only when big rocks hit the planet at the ocean. Volcanos haven’t done it. And there are, AFIK, no Yellow Stone calderas in the Ocean. Which is what you would need to toss a 1000M wave at origin.

            The models are extraordinarily poor and off by at least an order of magnitude if the data that is quoted is accurate. We are seeing the repeat of poor academia coupled to military fantasists who don’t realize even a 10 megaton warhead will not budge or for that matter cause a fracture to trigger the “overhang”, which incidentally isn’t there. You see kids, you have to actually READ the geological survey.

            Back of the envelope, IF you had a volcanic explosion (e.g. Santorini/Krakatoa), IF it went down in organized displacement, the absolute highest wave at origin is at best 60M and mind you, I am assuming a mega-tonnage that the Tsar Bomba folks would cringe before. Divide by 6 and you get 10M wave at Washington, DC.

            But this too is upper bound fantasy.

            The reality is this is NOT an island that will explode, the Western Slope is NOT a geologic unit and this IS truly another hobgoblin fantasy of people who should NOT be let out of a lab without a leash.


            1. A full university of London report is with Tony. It totally defends the Tsunami and gives facts. Real studies. Real facts. Real wave speeds.


      2. Should it transpire, John is absolutely right.

        Tip: For NYC, if early and tunnels or George Washington bridge are in their usual sad state, compare with the GPS maps if heading North and going across the Tappan Zee Bridge is better. Odds are it will be — It’s also relative high ground in case you can’t get across.

        Also remember — Long Island is a shield for the Coastline, if you are across the Sound your danger index is much, much lower.

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        1. We are watching this closely. If we are lucky enough to get a beyond high risk notice, it would well behove you all, where affected, to simply just drive 100 miles away inland and let it go from a distance.
          I made the point it is conjecture, but so was Biden’s election,which certain parties were confident it would never happen, Shit happens. Biden is proof. Nature can turn so nasty. It produces Zionists and Khazarians.
          At max you would need to stay away a week. Plan for the worst if so.. A week and live? At least you got to chose.


          1. Also for the record, for what it’s worth, Tsunami model predictions show a mountain wall 600 ft high .hitting the US at 400 600 ft hitting NY at 400 mph plus?
            Biden statistically had no chance of winning, nor did Trump before.
            Stats for you?
            But, it’s still conjecture.
            If the rock overhang goes the lot goes at once.
            Because it’s set on a cliff face, the force produced as the shock wave hits the ocean rock wall and reverberates back is what magnifies the forces. Just like with a grenade. The contained implosion at detonation is the force.
            If we do escape this one, it’s time to deal with that overhang.
            Nature, like a Jewish Kugel is a bitch.( Jewish South African word for a materialistic, shallow Jew Tart. ) NY is full of them. LA too.
            It’s all a “What If?”. .
            What if-You do nothing and it goes?
            Noah and the Biblical floods?
            Shit happens. Trump and Biden are proof.


      3. I’m literally in the NW corner of LA… at least 200 miles from the coast. 45 min to Arkansas, 30 min to Texas. I can’t promise we will be okay, but if anyone needs/wants to start heading this way… Come On!!

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