Financial Re-Sets

A Waypoint To Competent Planetary Management

You, Too, Can Be a Congressional Representative

In greater and greater numbers, people are seeing political governments, and the growing numbers of incompetents that comprise it, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, as no longer necessary to manage the needs of an increasingly technologically managed society. They simply are not trained to do so, and anyone with even a modest IQ can understand that.

Other societies encountered similar situations. There was a day when the last Western Roman Emperor sat on his throne, and was thought of in similar fashion to the present-day ex-bartender and place-holding political store-front dummy congresswoman. He was there, but…why? The luster of the Caesar’s robes was long ago worn through. Nobody saw value in the now powerless symbol.

The Empire, long ago divided into East and West, with the West being flanked by its enemies whom commanded far greater resources than any organized Western Roman force could now overcome, possessed almost none of its former influence, much as we see happening with the USA today.

Surrounded by Vandals, Ostragoths, Alamani, and the intermixed within its shrunken border who could manage to get there and squat, the idea of a Roman Empire in the West didn’t interest anyone anymore. The populations which once organized around the Caesars, moved outwards. All the “modern conveniences” of the former Rome (water aqueducts, sewage management systems, food distribution networks, protection, road maintenance, etc.) had ceased to effectively function. So, too, had the need to be there to obtain such things. Similarly, the calls in the USA for “infrastructure expenditures” point to the poor state of such in the present time.

The Eastern Empire had managed to hold on much longer because it commanded control over its culture, military and economic processes with greater skill than in the West, which had faltered from shear overwhelming forces, both internal and external.

Similar to that period of time, the present-day awareness of society managed by a five thousand year-old model of monarchies, presidents, congresses, parliaments, juntas, satraps, potentates, commissars, dictators, kings, etc., will also give way to a more local and efficient center of influence: The individual technically savvy person who commands at their fingers the ability to transact/produce/exist, at will, without the need to have a central parasitical authority (government) to support in the process.

The globally incoming tax increases may be the final straw for many. Also, the arrogant presumption that, “…the hoi polloi will always acquiesce without a fight to such parasitism…” may be incorrect.

Given a viable technological pathway, and by sheer weight of numbers, they will, by natural default, force onto society a method of operation devoid of the need to render unto Caesar what was not his to begin with.

This is the first period in modern history that technology has outpaced the human ability to perform tasks of societal management on the widest influential scale ever known, and the power and influences once reserved for governments, kingdoms, republics are now going to graduate along a wider sphere, with less ability (or need) for centralized command over any of it. Hence, politics will become unimportant, and eventually go extinct.

Like the Western Roman Empire’s collapse, it will not always be orderly or without consequences. But, it will happen if we do not downright destroy it all with a catastrophic war, or have a natural disaster put an end to life on Earth.

One thing is for sure. We cannot continue to survive at optimum levels at the present rate of incompetent management of our resources and technological prowess. Only adherence to outdated, obsolete ways of how we relate to the universe, and, each other, stands in the way of a more rapid-fire implementation of the most logical and effective solutions for delivering to the people of Earth the superior society they are capable of having.

This is where the present efforts by dynastic elders, and their role in the huge transactions they are presently involved in, play a key role in bridging the present to the future. A new way of thinking, entirely centered around building a new civilization, not allowing money-grubbing shylocks to squeeze it.

Be assured, behind the Elders is one very hard focused entity who will not take crap from politicos or even acquiesce to their self-serving laws or practices. Be assured, there is an agenda and it’s a Tsunami coming at the suits.

Once achieved, from this new waypoint of liberating resources for true beneficial progress, the future outlined above can more rapidly be made reality. These efforts continue, and we will bring you news about it when it is possible.

It may seem that nothing is happening, but this is not so. Often, there is frantic progress, followed by sudden halts. Then, just when it looked like prolonged delays were expected, the accelerator is engaged and things move forward again; a dynamic, emotional gamut playing out on an international stage. The pressures and responsibilities of those involved must be formidable.

So, stay tuned.

We have received many reports from readers who have used gains from our suggested digital asset plays to pay off debts, fund schooling for their children, re-invent their lives, etc. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a very satisfying feeling to know we are providing value while asking for no financial compensation in return.

Rest assured, by all indications, the largest gains are yet to be had. The path will be a very volatile one, which is expected when you are early in a new technological space which is forming its running legs. There will be more drama, more “fear”, more “expert opinions”. If you are in for the largest possible wins, simply tune it all out. Time, patience, and prudent risk management is all that is needed.

As for AOC? There will always be bar tending. Perhaps a robotic AOC licensing deal.

But, then again…maybe not.

Strength and honor…



  1. Y’all have lost your minds over a virus that in the pediatric population has a 99.999% survivability….


  2. What?? Tell me again, how has the Ripple payment system “failed”, when it’s being used by:

    American Express, Lulu Exchange, Santander, SCB, Lemonway, SBI Remit, Nium, Banco Rendimento, BeeTech Azimo, Tranglo, IndusInd Bank, Pontual, Currencycloud, Cross, and hundreds more?

    They use it to do what the Fed can’t do at the same speed and with greater reliability and less cost.

    Now you know what a Jew financed sock-puppet looks and sounds like.

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  3. ‘Wobbling’ moon will cause devastating worldwide flooding in 2030s, Nasa warns

    So now they will vaccinate you for sea sickness?
    Paris in flames as protesters fight new Covid pass and vaccine laws

    The French have had enough. Germany and England will follow.
    Then America? Are the Mutants waking up?

    Paris in flames as protesters fight new Covid pass and vaccine laws

    NASA’s Juno spacecraft snaps stunning images of Jupiter and its moon

    Interesting . If they tried that Fly past earth Trump would try to eat it.


  4. Should pilots take the mRNA jab?

    Pilot Magazine — Flu v COVID

    A Canadian doc has just reported that 62% of ~900 patients are suffering clotting related disorders! And he courageously reported this in violation of a gag order. I wager even national security conscious England has never hit a doc with a D-notice on a medical issue.

    Italian team has just reported that the vaxx effort in Italy is a failure relative to Delta variant, with reading-between-the-lines, that the Delta variant is predominantly infecting the vaccinated.

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  5. “COMMENT: Marty, it is amazing how you are the only one capable of forecasting this trend years in advance. I have been attending your WEC events since 2011. You have forecast long ago that the deflation would end in 2020 and that this wave would be inflationary with shortages in commodities. If the world simply raised the white flag and ran the economy according to the ECM, all our lives would be far better. I fully understand your desire to have Socrates continue after you. It’s time to go public. GH

    REPLY: The problem has always been that forecasting is just opinion. That is why they try to ignore our forecasts or plagiarize them and pretend they thought this in the shower. The entire global economy was set for shortages to start with. Then these people in government, confronted with the Monetary Crisis Cycle, have taken the dark path to Marxism dangled in front of them by Schwab. They have inspired racial conflict to claim that the people want Marxism to achieve EQUALITY. Schwab puts out this scenario that unrest will get worse because they want his communist solution. It is a brilliant strategy. You create the crisis and then offer the solution.
    You then start this defund the police so you can replace local police with federal who will no longer be local as in the Nika Revolt. Then you have Gates buying as much farmland as he can and with political pull, he gets Biden to claim there is a surplus of food (a lie) and he then pays Gates for not growing food while over 20 countries are on the verge of starvation.

    Inflation continued to surge in June, with consumer prices accelerating at the fastest pace in almost 13 years. The Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods and services as well as energy and food costs, jumped 5.4% in June up from last year. That’s higher than May’s 5% year-over-year price rise.

    Based upon clients reporting from Italy, much of their crops have had to be destroyed because there is now also a shortage of cans. Indeed, I happen to like V8 juice. None is available in cans anymore – only plastic bottles. End fossil fuels and you kill plastics. California will be forced to reverse its climate change decrees for there is a severe shortage of power and without air conditioning, a lot of elderly will die. They will probably blame some COVID variable.”

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    So,, let me get this straight… we let illegals come across our southern border like water flowing down a creek, while Kamala tells them to sign up for welfare.. but, the ones fleeing real dictatorship and persecution from Cuba we tell thin this:…

    “Again, I repeat, do not risk your life attempting to enter the United States illegally. You will not come to the United States,” he reiterated before explaining that the U.S. Coast Guard already began designated sea and air watches in the straits between Florida and Cuba following the unrest over the weekend.

    ” While Mayorkas turns his back on migrants fleeing communist Cuba, the number of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is climbing. In May alone, U.S. Customs and Border Protection made more than 180,000 apprehensions at the southern border. In addition to a rise in single individuals who “continue to make up the majority of these encounters,” Border Patrol agents saw a significant increase in drug trafficking which led to seizures of at least 18 percent more drugs than in April.



    Twitter censored Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s video depicting the impacts of rising inflation, a day after a negative report sent the stock market tumbling.

    A Twitter spokesman told The Federalist, “We marked this Tweet as sensitive in error, and have since reversed that action.”
    my comment… Right, they got called out on it and did not have a legit excuse… that is why they reversed it!… POS scum sucking anti-American bilge water drinkers!


    1. It now comes out that Trump was going to cut South Korea loose and break the Alliance.
      Secrets do not stay buried. Now what?
      If North Korea now invades South Korea, after first pounding them with MIssiles, and China Nukes Japan, then invades Taiwan, the US will do what? Run as with Afghanistan and Vietnam. Hegemony is over.
      Trump just gave China and North Korea the green light for all of it. Biden won’t go to war for them..
      You have just given up Austral Asia.
      Rebuild America. You are in free fall. America does not have the money for Global Hegemony. Infrastructure is crumbling and Welfare costs are crippling the country. Get priorities right. Stop the illegals.
      Why would China not support a North Korean invasion of South Korea. It then gets both all that Cheap Labour, and Organ Donors. Plus it gets to recover all Chinese Dynasty assets hiding in South Korea.
      This has been pounded into South Korea today. Wake TF Up!
      China and Eurasia is coming. God help Australia and New Zealand. America has to retrench and heal itself.
      Neither China nor Rocket man in North Korea will miss this. Invade and they feed their own masses.
      This just got ugly for Seoul.


      1. Not saying it isn’t exactly as you say, but it is very peculiar.

        I’m not sure why anyone believes that North Korea, which can’t hit the broad side of a barn with stone at ten feet, can somehow successfully invade South Korea. No destitute nation in the last 100 years has ever attacked a superior enemy.

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        1. North Korea would be used as a false flag. China would make every move giving them the gain and Rocket Man the blame.
          As China murdered its girl children it’s short of hundreds of millions, so Korean women and girls would be absorbed fast. Rapaciously and ruthlessly as with Organ removals. Sex Slaves!
          You won’t stop China. Including in North Korean uniforms if needed. A new nation masking camouflage.
          As with assimilating Khazars, they got 5M into America disguised as Jews.They took everything. Including the media control now blocking you. Roaches breed and feed. Just 5M took America. Stupidity took the rest. As Heel Spurs enabled Trump to dodge the Draft but chase the women. Clinton the same game. Americans don’t fight. Apart from the real heroes of Emergency Workers who manned up with 9/11 and massive credit to them. The city lot of blubbering men were a disgrace. Cowards in tears. Mammie. South Koreans will surrender fast. To what?
          What is happening now in Afghanistan? The US just ran. As Afghans surrender to the Taliban, they are shot. Each day just like with Vietnam.
          China is coming. In whatever disguise. China will sequestrate each Nation State. As you enslaved Africans to build America. Plantation Bodies. Same game. The Comfort Women? China wants” Their lick”. Your doing what to stop the new Genocide in Afghanistan? It’s not a good time to be South Koreans or Taiwanese procrastinating.. If China nukes Japan, Americans will freak to get out of Asia fast. China knows that.
          As for Destitute nations, what about America? Does bankrupt qualify? It poses as a Democracy. As China may pose as North Koreans. Locusts come. Then devour and leave what behind? Look at Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and poor Vietnam. Democracy? China and Russia WILL take the Middle East. CBDC’s will take out the US Dollar.America can’t even harvest drinking water.
          The world is re aligning. Who fixes collapsing US infrastructure? 10 years Tino, see how it then profiles for America. Empire end.


      2. Sorry Johnny, but F the Chinese Commo trash. It may well be,,god help Australia and NZ but what will be will be. The NZ’ders are fierce and I am one million percent behind them. Actually, I wish I was born an NZ’der. I have huge admiration for them,they are a nighty force, particularly the maori among them.

        As for Aussies, well, we are a weak pack of puppet shit to be honest. I have no idea where all this crap will end but to say, interfere in my lifestyle with commo bs and I will do my very best to make you F right off. It may not be enough but I will do what I can while protecting others I need to.

        As for me, if you are in my face with your commo crap and the end is near then make sure I am not near my gorgeous perfectly sharpened kitchen knives because I will slit your f’ing throat on my way out the door. No way will they ever convert me to that bs.

        I am more than happy to go out fighting if those f’ckers invade us.


  8. Well, I have achieved a new personal best.

    Each and every well-documented, well-referenced, and professional sounding post of mine at Medscape has been summarily deleted.

    My top post, which had gone thru vetting by moderators, which had clear support there amongst the readership, lambasting the illegality of vaccine mandates for healthcare workers while the vaccine is under EUA, was deleted 12 hours later without notification.

    So, with this, I am banned, shadow-banned, and outright deleted across 5 major forums…


  9. I honestly don’t know how much effect cumulative prayer and thought has, but if you believe, please start your engines.

    Blood clotting chemistries are showing micro-clotting in way, way too many of the vaccinated. This is a prelude to a monster wave of vascular consequences, which will range from peripheral vascular disease to heart disease to stroke.

    Pray that I am wrong on this prediction, because we will be looking at hundreds of thousands cases per year in excess of normal.


    1. Tino

      I have felt blood clot and seen veins appear post vaccination. Not good. I fear your very, very right.
      It’s good the site has you.


  10. Triple error by Fauci
    1. No scientific evidence that masking children is effective. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. A 0.125 micron viral particle cannot be stopped by 2 micron pore surgical masks. Because physics. In fact, in children, dead space air in the mask induces hypercapnia.
    2. Children have low disease risk, statistical zero mortality risk and do not transmit asymptomatically. Asymptomatic transmission is a PCR mirage. Mortality risk is below 1 in 250,000. Transmission is, at worst, 1 in 80,000 child to adult
    3. For the rare transmission, we have ivermectin and other drugs. Do NOT demand masks on children.



    “This entire Great Reset is the sales pitch to the younger generation, which glosses over the hard facts. Some people are saying there are two resets and call the other the “Direct Reset,” which seems to be a term they are trying to apply for the unspoken details of the Great Reset.  I have been warning that Bitcoin was allowed to expand to get the youth involved in surrendering all cash. Nobody knows who created blockchain because it was done for this purpose behind the curtain. Klaus Schwab has been the marketing piece to end all democratic functions by selling the cryptocurrency as the future, which is to create total control over our spending. We will not be allowed to buy or sell without the permission of the Deep State. In his open 8 points for the 2030 agenda, he states democracy must be terminated.
    These practice runs for a pandemic and then for hacking have all been carried out as part of this agenda. We had COVID released from a lab they selected in China, and once Schwab began warning about global hacking, that too began. All of this ONLY benefits one thing — the surrender of our liberty.
    In less than one year, they have proven that the vast majority will obey blindly. Stanley Milgram’s experiments have shown that people will even torture others if told to do so. Human nature will never change insofar as we all have personal feelings — we can love or hate. That said, we are also influenced by mob behavior. The experiments of Stanley Milgram definitively show that people would torture another if ordered to do so. He called his discovery, Obedience to Authority. His experiment using an actor to pretend he was being tortured was revealing.
    Based on how people respond, the Jews that left Germany at the early sign of trouble with Hitler were no doubt called conspiracy theorists or some equivalent. No doubt the majority thought this would simply blow over. Today, the people who were called conspiracy theorists have been proven correct, and once more, we have the majority refusing to look at reality.
    Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm Göring (1893–1946) when put on trial at Nurenberg said the truth:
     “Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.
    But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.
    With respect to a Democracy they argued, the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States, only Congress can declare wars.
    Göring replied: “Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.””


  12. Joe Biden, Jim Crow and Texas Voting – WSJ

    When the Wall Street journal turns on Biden, the winds have changed About Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17,503 DEAD, 1.7 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

    This is serious Indeed let’s see what happens?
    Russia boasts highest level of new military hardware among world’s armies — Shoigu – Military & Defense – TASS

    And you want to poke the Bear why? Russia is now a fearsome foe. Do NOT Dream. Have you seen what Russia now has. They don’t have Washington’s Dum Asses in their Politburo.
    Meghan Markle will executive produce new animated series for Netflix

    She’s such a grubby manipulator. The Royals need to rescind her titles and Bin this parasitic grubby User!
    ‘Your sailors will get hurt if you go near Crimea again,’ warns Russia

    No time for Johnson to go playing Desk Heroes with our Navy’s lives.


  13. February 11, 2018
    Control of America
    “It is a marvel that the american people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country.”
    “We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”
    “It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government, their families and relatives, but never Jews. They destroy all members of the police, state police, army officers and their families but never Jews. You see, we know when a government begins to search for the Communists within its borders they are really attempting to uncover Jews in their area. We’er not fooled! The invisible rulers in the Communist countries have a world control over the propaganda and the governments in free countries.”
    “We control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Even your music! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers. Before long we will have complete control of your thinking.”
    “…few have the guts to speak out. We would all have better understanding between each other – jews and gentiles – if we spoke out more openly. Your people don’t have guts. We establish your thinking – we even place within you a ‘guilt complex’ making you afraid to criticize Jewry openly.“
    “It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every Jew out of this country.” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal
    You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them.” – Marcus Eli Ravage, Jewish author, quote from January 1928 issue of Century Magazine [show less]


    1. They/we need to stop using the word “vaccine”, for what they are injecting lacks attenuated viruses. When will the masses wake up? I say don’t count on it. Mapping out our lives as if they don’t exist with the exception of when the voting time comes around, we will be able to save a lot of grief for ourselves.


    U.S. Attorneys » Southern District of California » News
    Department of Justice
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    Southern District of California
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021
    FBI’s Encrypted Phone Platform Infiltrated Hundreds of Criminal Syndicates; Result is Massive Worldwide Takedown
    For Further Information, Contact:

    Media Relations Director Kelly Thornton (619) 546-9726

    SAN DIEGO – A wave of hundreds of arrests that began in Australia and stretched across Europe culminated today with the unsealing of a federal grand jury indictment in San Diego charging 17 foreign nationals with distributing thousands of encrypted communication devices to criminal syndicates.

    The 500-plus arrests that took place during a worldwide two-day takedown were possible because of a San Diego-based investigation like no other. For the first time, the FBI operated its own encrypted device company, called “ANOM,” which was promoted by criminal groups worldwide. These criminals sold more than 12,000 ANOM encrypted devices and services to more than 300 criminal syndicates operating in more than 100 countries, including Italian organized crime, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, and various international drug trafficking organizations, according to court records.

    SEARCH WARRANT – Operation Trojan Shield

    INDICTMENT – Operation Trojan Shield


    1. Tourism will fall off a cliff. Investments will cease. Expats will leave then Whites will flee.
      The incoming Zimbabwe. Been there pre Mandela and seen it all. The economy will go into free fall.
      The Tribes are capable of such gratuitous inhumane violence. Beyond brutal.
      So sad.

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  15. Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca are OFF the ‘green list’ and given amber warnings – as thousands of Brits say they’ll have to CANCEL their summer holidays (but Croatia gets go-ahead for sunseekers)

    One couple told MailOnline that a trip to Ibiza to reunite with their grandchildren for the first time since Covid hit would now have to be cancelled due to the strict isolation rules for returning Brits.

    This will devastate poor Spain. It never ends.
    MI Attorney’s Explosive Interview: “We have proof that ‘Election Source’ was accessing machines and that the election was subverted”…”Votes were switched” [VIDEO]

    And you wonder why the world is watching ? We all KNOW it was stolen.
    Masks, screens and workplace bubbles in new Covid office guidance

    You elect an IDIOT this is what you get. Big Pharma wants you shackled now all have seen how stupid the masses truly are.
    When does America, or tne Zios, ever give back what they stole?

    Masks, screens and workplace bubbles in new Covid office guidance
    HUGE New Evidence Pointing to Massive Voter Fraud in Fulton County, WHOPPING 60% Error Reporting Rate, Tally Sheets FALSIFIED – Geller Report News

    Just proving what we already know. Why the hell do these Mule Dumb Asses not get a hold of this?

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    1. And it’s hysteria. Delta, by PH UK’s own numbers, is a CFR of 0.2%. It is statistically indistinguishable from the flu. Additionally, you are now suffering an artificial casedemic by PCR with non-tracking deaths. The pandemic is and remains over.


  16. Couldn’t copy and paste the link. Here it is. Still confused in how to post Twitter links. I’m think getting it now. Sorry.


    1. The one thing WEF and others won’t go so far to say, is : “We will not need money anymore”.

      Instead of lamenting to the disaster of job loss…and “re-inventing economic systems”, they should say… “We can now build a new future without monetary systems, and all will share equally in the abundant resources of our planet”.

      Will they? Probably not. Money grubbing interests are still in control, and won’t give up that easily. Only when a dozen or so of them are crucified by the starving, will they see their future…which is that of reduction and eventually removal.

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      1. I think I’m starting to understand.

        Thank you Tony

        The ending to the new normal documentary does end in a positive note though. Tino has mentioned it here.

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      2. Tony
        It’s all good and well to have a Project Credits based system, until some Zio Crook steals your Credits!!!!!
        It only works to remove money if we remove all the Roaches at the same time.

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          1. The stomp of a Jackboot, and a Roach processing centre which never fails. No shortage of volunteers for sure.
            They would pay triple rate to do 3 shifts a day.


  17. Life is good.


  18. Why the hell are you letting them in?

    When did a democrat work for Americans?
    Coming to America and atrleady across Europe.

    South Africa in chaos: At least 72 are dead in riots across country
    All Three Presidents Who Declined the Covid Vaccine are now DEAD – Coercion Code – “Dark Times are upon us”

    In God We Trust

    There is NO variant, Not novel, NO pandemic – Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich

    This is a bombshell video conference between Dr David E Martin and Reiner Fuellmich that should fatally debunk the official COVID narrative, if you send this to everybody you know who still watches cable news.

    David makes a tight case, backed by mountainous evidence that COVID-19 wasn’t a lab leak. It is a US bioweapon, as is the so-called vaccine. The primary motive is money.

    Everything David says can be used in a court of law and is backed by over 20 years of research, patent filings and FOIA documents, including Anthony Fauci’s recently-released emails. David does not speculate about anything. He doesn’t get into any ulterior motives beyond what he has seen in official or verified documents. What he can definitively prove is that COVID-19 is a financially-motivated scam more than 20 years in the making.

    Furthermore, he says “SARS-CoV-2” is not novel. It’s the same old SARS (SARS-CoV-1) bioweapon targeted for human lung epithelium that Anthony Fauci commissioned the University of North Carolina to create and which was patented on April 19th 2002, months before what he calls the “alleged” outbreak in Asia.

    David goes through the CDC’s patent filing for SARS coronavirus on April 25th, 2003, followed three days later by a filing by Sequoia Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of same, in a patent on anti-viral agents of control of infections by coronavirus. Sequoia Pharmaceuticals (subsequently, AB Links Pharmaceuticals) was later rolled-up into the proprietary holdings of Pfizer, Crucell and Johnson & Johnson.

    David says this is a RICO case. “And the RICO pattern, which was established in April 2003 for the first coronavirus was played out to exactly the same schedule, when we see SARS-COV-2 show up, when we have Moderna getting the spike protein sequence by phone from the Vaccine Research Center at NIAID – prior to the definition of the novel subclade. How do you treat a thing before you actually have the thing?”

    The goal of all of this has been to institute an aggressive “pan-coronavirus” vaccine schedule for adults, that seeks to replace our natural immune system with synthetic mRNA biology. This goal and the means to achieve it is encapsulated in a statement made by Wuhan Institute Gain-of-Function contractor, Peter Daszak in 2015: “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow that hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

    David says, “Peter Daszak, the head of EcoHealth Alliance; Peter Daszak, the person who was independently corroborating the Chinese non-lab leak non-theory, because there wasn’t a lab leak. This was an intentional bioweapon of spike proteins, to inject into people, to get them addicted to a pan-coronavirus vaccine. This has nothing to do with a pathogen that was released and every study that’s ever been launched to try to verify a lab leak is a red herring…

    “It’s always been all about money. And just to answer a question that was asked slightly earlier, the script for this was written first January 6th, 2004.”

    Reiner asks, “January 6th, 2004. Who wrote the script?”

    “Merck, at the conference called SARS and Bioterrorism. ‘Bioterrorism and emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobials and immune modulators.’ Merck introduced the notion of what they called the ‘New Normal’, which is the language that became the branded campaign that was adopted by the World Health Organization, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, which was the board, upon which the Chinese Director of the Centers for Disease Control, Bill Gates’ Dr Elias of the Gates Foundation and Anthony Fauci sat together on that Board of Directors but the first introduction of the New Normal campaign, which was about getting people to accept a universal pan-influenza, pan-coronavirus vaccine was actually adopted January 6th, 2004.”

    As to the vaunted Delta and Lambda “variants” that we’ve been hearing about lately, David says, point-blank, “There is no evidence that the Delta Variant is somehow distinct from anything else on GISAID. The fact that we are now looking for a thing doesn’t mean that it is a thing, because we are looking at fragments of things…Because of the way in which we currently sequence genomes, which is actually a compositing process – it’s what we’d call in mathematics, an interleaving – we don’t have any point of reference to actually know whether or not the thing we’re looking at is, in fact distinct from either clinical or even genomic sense…It’s just an alteration and a stop-and-start of what you call the ‘reading frame’. There is no ‘novel’ anything.”

    As the head of an organization that monitors all breaches of biological weapons treaty violations, that publishes lists of names and contact information and that identifies who is financing these breaches, David says, “For us, it wasn’t hard to figure out that this was not a public health crisis, this was an opportunistic marketing campaign to address a stated objective. And that’s why this is Occam Razor, it’s the easiest thing to describe, because they’re the ones that said it. The Occam’s Razor reality is that they said they needed to get the public to accept a pan-coronavirus vaccine countermeasure and they needed to the media to create the hype and investors would follow where they see profit.

    “You do not have anything else you need to rely on to explain the events of the past 20 months than the actual statement of the actual perpetrator. I don’t do the navel-gazing exercise of going in to try to understand whether there were ‘mommy issues’ behind a bank robber. If they’re holding a bag of money outside of a bank, I actually make the crazy assumption that maybe they’re a bank robber.

    “Similarly, if I have somebody who says ‘We need to use the media to hype the medical countermeasure,’ which is actually the injection of a synthetic, recombinant, chimeric protein developed off a computer simulation, if I’m actually going to listen to the motivation for why that might be being done, I will listen to the person doing the simulation, who says, ‘Investors will follow where they see profit.’ I don’t need more explanation.”


    David begins by telling Reiner that his team has reviewed the over 4,000 patents pertaining to the SARS coronavirus and done a comprehensive analysis of the financing of all of the manipulations which gave rise to SARS as a subclade of the Beta Coronavirus family.

    David’s team took the reported gene sequence of the so-called “novel” coronavirus, as indicated by the ICTV (the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses of the World Health Organization) and compared this gene sequence with those in the patent records as of early 2020 and what they found were over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel coronavirus was “entirely a fallacy.”

    David says, “There was no novel coronavirus. There are countless very subtle modifications of coronavirus sequences that have been uploaded. But there was no single identified novel coronavirus, at all. As a matter of fact, we found records in the patent records of sequences attributed to novelty going to patents that were sought as early as 1999. So, not only was this not a novel anything…it’s not been novel for over two decades.”
    David then takes us on a short journey through the patent landscape.

    “The first vaccine ever patented for coronavirus was actually sought by Pfizer…which was specifically this ‘S’ spike protein – so the exact same thing that allegedly we have rushed into invention – the first application was filed on January 28, 2000, twenty-one years ago.

    “So the idea that we stumbled on the way to ‘intervene’ on vaccines is not only ludicrous it is incredulous, because Timothy Miller, Sharon Klepfer, Albert Paul Reed and Elaine Jones, on January 28th, 2000 filed what ultimately was issued as US Patent #6372224, which was the spike protein virus vaccine for the canine coronavirus, which is actually one of the multiple forms of coronavirus.

    “But as I said, the early work, up until 1999 was largely focused in the area of vaccines for animals. The two animals receiving the most attention were probably Ralph Baric’s work on rabbits and the rabbit cardiomyopathy that was associated with significant problems among rabbit breeders and then, canine coronavirus, in Pfizer’s work to identify how to develop ‘S’ and spike protein vaccine target candidates, giving rise to the obvious evidence that says that neither the coronavirus concept of a vaccine, nor the principle of the coronavirus, itself as a pathogen of interest, with respect to the spike protein’s behavior is anything novel, at all. As a matter of fact, it’s 22 years old, based on patent filings.

    “What’s more problematic, actually the most egregious problem is that Anthony Fauci and NIAID found the malleability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccines.


    “SARS is actually not a natural progression of a zoonotic modification of coronavirus. As a matter of fact, very specifically in 1999, Anthony Fauci funded research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill specifically to create – and you cannot help but lament what I’m about to read, because this comes directly from a patent application filed on April 19th, 2002…where the NIAID built an infectious, replication-defective coronavirus. It was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium.

    “In other words, we made SARS. And we patented it on April 19, 2002, before there was ever any alleged outbreak in Asia, which as you know, followed that by several months.

    “That patent was issued as #7279327. That patent clearly lays out, in very specific gene sequencing, the fact that we knew that the ACE receptor, the ACE-2 binding domain, the S1 spike protein and other elements of what we have come to know as this ‘scourge pathogen’ was not only engineered, but could be synthetically modified in the laboratory using nothing more than gene sequencing technologies; taking computer code and turning it into a pathogen or an intermediate of the pathogen.

    “And that technology was funded exclusively, in the early days as a means by which we could actually harness coronavirus as a vector to distribute HIV vaccine…

    “So it gets worse. My organization was asked to monitor biological weapons treaty violations in the very early days of 2000. You’ll remember the anthrax events in September of 2001. And we were part of an investigation that gave rise to the Congressional inquiry into not only the anthrax origins but also what was unusual behavior around Bayer’s Ciprofloxacin drug, which was a drug used as a potential treatment for anthrax poisoning. And throughout the fall of 2001, we began monitoring an enormous number of bacterial and viral pathogens that were being patented through NIH, NIAID, USAMERIID, the USArmed Forces Infectious Diseases program and a number of agencies internationally that collaborated with them.

    “And our concern was that coronavirus was being seen not only as a potential manipulatable agent for potential use as a vaccine vector, but it was also very clearly being considered as a biological weapon candidate. And so our first public reporting on this took place prior to the SARS outbreak in 2001, so you can imagine how disappointed I am, to be sitting here 20 years later, having 20 years earlier pointed out there was a problem looming on the horizon with respect to coronavirus.

    “But after the alleged outbreak. And I will always say, ‘alleged outbreak’, because I think it’s important for us to understand that coronavirus, as a circulating pathogen inside the viral model we have is actually not new to the human condition and it is not new to the last two decades, it’s actually been part of the sequence of proteins that circulates for quite a long time.

    “But the alleged outbreak that took place in China in 2002, going into 2003 gave rise to a very problematic April 2003 filing by the United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. And this topic is of critical importance to get the nuance very precise. Because, in addition to filing the entire gene sequence on what became SARS coronavirus – which is actually a violation of 35 US Code Section 101 – you cannot patent a naturally-occurring substance, the 35 US Code Section 101 violation was Patent #7220852. Now, that patent also had a series of derivative patents associated with it. These are patent applications that were broken apart, because they were of multiple, patentable subject matter.

    “These include, US Patent #46592703P, which is actually a very interesting designation, US Patent #776521. These patents not only covered the gene sequence of SARS coronavirus, but also covered the means of detecting it, using RTPCR.

    “Now, the reason why that’s a problem is if you actually both own the patent on the gene, itself and you own the patent on its detection, you have a cunning advantage to being able to control 100% of the provenance of not only the virus, itself but also its detection, meaning you have entire scientific and message control.

    “And this patent, sought by the CDC, was allegedly justified by their public relations team as being sought so that ‘everyone would be free to be able to research coronavirus’. The only problem with that statement is it’s a lie. And the reason why it’s a lie is because the Patent Office not once but twice rejected the patent on the gene sequence as ‘unpatentable’, because the gene sequence was already in the Public Domain.

    “In other words, prior to CDC’s filing for a patent, the Patent Office found 99.9% identity with the already-existing coronavirus recorded in the Public Domain and over the rejection of the Patent Examiner, and after having to pay an appeal fine in 2006 and 2007, the CDC overrode the Patent Office’s rejection of their patent and ultimately, in 2007, got the patent on SARS coronavirus.

    “So every public statement that CDC has made, that said this was in the public interest is falsifiable by their own paid bribe to the Patent Office. This is not something that’s subtle. And to make matters worse, they paid an additional fee to keep their application private. Last time I checked, if you’re trying to make information available for the public research, you would not pay a fee to keep the information private.


    “I wish I could have made up anything I just said but all of that is available in the public Patent Archive record, which any member of the public can review. And the Public Pair, as it’s called at the US Patent Office has not only the evidence but the actual documents, which I have in my possession.

    “Now, this is critically important…because ‘fact-checkers’ have repeatedly stated that the novel coronavirus, designated as SARS-CoV-2, is in fact distinct from the CDC patent. And here’s both the genetic and the patent problem: If you look at the gene sequence that is filed by CDC in 2003, again in 2005, and then again in 2006, what you find is identity in somewhere between 89% to 99% of the sequence overlaps that have been identified in what’s called the “Novel Subclade” of SARS-CoV-2.

    “What we know is that the core designation of SARS coronavirus, which is actually the clade of the Beta coronavirus family and the subclade that has been called SARS-C0V-2 have to overlap from a taxonomic point of view. You cannot have ‘SARS’ designation on a thing without it first being SARS.

    “So the disingenuous fact-checking that has been done, saying that somehow or another, CDC has nothing to do with this particular patent or this particular pathogen is beyond both the literal credibility of the published sequences and it’s also beyond credulity, when it comes to the ICTV taxonomy, because it very clearly states that this is, in fact a subclade of the clade called SARS coronavirus.”

    David then goes through the CDC’s patent filing for SARS coronavirus on April 25th, 2003, three days later, followed by a filing by Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, a Maryland corporation for a patent on anti-viral agents of treatment and control of infections by coronavirus.

    “Ask yourself a simple question,” David says. “How would one have a treatment for a thing that had been invented three days earlier? The patent in question, the April 28th, 2003 patent, #7151163 issued to Sequoia Pharmaceuticals has another problem. The problem is, it was issued and published before the CDC patent on coronavirus was actually allowed. So the degree to which the information could have been known by any means other than insider information between those parties is zero. It is not physically possible for you to patent a thing that treats a thing that had not been published, because CDC had paid to keep it secret. This, my friends, is the definition of criminal conspiracy, racketeering and collusion. This is not a theory. This is evidence…”

    Reiner says, “This well could blow up into a RICO case, ultimately.”

    David says, “It is a RICO case. It’s not could blow up into it, it is a RICO case. And the RICO pattern, which was established in April 2003 for the first coronavirus was played out to exactly to the same schedule, when we see SARS-C0V-2 show up, when we have Moderna getting the spike protein sequence by phone from the Vaccine Research Center at NIAID – prior to the definition of the novel subclade. How do you treat a thing before you actually have the thing?”

    Reiner laughs.

    David says, “It’s gonna get worse, here. On the 5th of June 2008, which is an important date, because it is around the time that DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research program in the United States actively took an interest in coronavirus as a biological weapon. June 5th, 2008. AB Links, which is part of Sanofi files a series of patents that targeted what we’ve been told is the novel feature of the SARS-C0V-2 virus. And you heard what I just said. This s the 5th of June, 2008.

    “Specifically, they targeted the polybasic cleavage site for SARS-CoV-2, the novel spike protein and the ACE-2 receptor binding domain, which is allegedly novel to SARS-CoV-2 and all of that was patented on the 5th of June, 2008 and those patents, in sequence were issued between November 24th of 2015 and, which was US Patent #9193780. So that one came out after the Gain of Function moratorium. That one came out after the MERS outbreak in the Middle East but what you find is that, then in 2016, 2017, 2019, a series of patents, all covering not only the RNA strands but also the subcomponents of the gene strands were all issued to AB Links and to Sanofi.

    “And then, we have Crucell, we have Rubius Therapeutics, we have Children’s Medical Corporation, we have countless others, that include Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in München, Protein Science Corporation, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, University of Iowa, University of Hong Kong, Chinese National Human Genome Center in Shanghai, all identifying in patent filings, that ranged from 2008-2017, every attribute that was allegedly uniquely published by the single reference publication, the novel bat coronavirus reveals ‘natural insertions at the S1/S2 2 cleavage site of the spike protein and possible recombinant 3 origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus,’ the paper that has been routinely been used to identify the novel coronavirus.

    “Unfortunately, if you actually take what has been reported to be novel, you find 73 patents issued between 2008 and 2019 that have the elements that were allegedly novel in the SARS-CoV-2, specifically as it relates to the polybasic cleavage site, the ACE-2 receptor binding domain and the spike protein.

    “So the clinically novel components of the clinically unique, clinically contagious – you know where I’m going with this – there was no outbreak of SARS, because we had engineered all of the elements of that and by 2016, the paper that was funded during the Gain of Function moratorium, that said that the SARS coronavirus was ‘poised for human emergence’, written by none other than Ralph Baric – was not only poised for human emergence, but it was patented for commercial exploitation 73 times.”


    Reiner interjects, “Ralph Baric – I think I saw a video clip where he said you can make a lot of money with this.”

    “Yes, you can,” David replies, “and he has made a lot of money doing this.

    “So for those who want to live in the illusion that somehow or another, that’s the end of the story, be prepared for a greater disappointment. Because somebody knew something in 2015 and 2016, which gave rise to my favorite quote of this entire pandemic. And by that, I’m not being cute. My favorite quote of this pandemic was a statement made in 2015 by Peter Daszak.

    “The statement that was made by Peter Daszak in 2015, reported in the National Academies of Press publication, February 12, 2016, and I’m quoting, ‘We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow that hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.’

    “Peter Daszak, the head of EcoHealth Alliance. Peter Daszak, the person who was independently corroborating the Chinese non-lab leak non-theory, because there wasn’t a lab leak. This was an intentional bioweapon of spike proteins, to inject into people, to get them addicted to a pan-coronavirus vaccine. This has nothing to do with a pathogen that was released and every study that’s ever been launched to try to verify a lab leak is a red herring.
    Lawyer, Viviane Fischer comments, “And there’s really nothing that is new in this –”

    “Nothing.” David replies. “73 patents on everything clinically novel. 73, all issued before 2019. And I’m going to give you the biggest bombshell of all, to prove that this was actually not a release of anything, because Patent #7279327, the patent on the recombinant nature of that lung-targeting coronavirus was transferred mysteriously from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to the National Institutes of Health in 2018.

    “Now, here’s the problem with that. Under the Bayh-Dole Act, the US Government already has what’s called a march-in provision. That means that if the US Government has paid for research, they’re entitled to benefit from that research at their demand or at their whim. So explain why, in 2017 and 2018, suddenly, the National Institutes of Health have to take ownership of the patent that they already had rights to, held by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill? And how did they need to file a certificate of correction to make sure that it was legally enforceable, because there was a typographical error in the grant reference in the first filing?

    “So they needed to make sure that not only did they get it right but they needed to make sure every typographical error that was contained in the patent was correct – on the single patent required to develop the Vaccine Research Institute’s mandate, which was shared by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in November of 2019 and Moderna in November of 2019, when UNC Chapel Hill, NIAID and Moderna began the sequencing of a spike protein vaccine – a month before an outbreak ever happened.”

    Reiner asks, “You have all the evidence, right?”

    “Yep,” says David.

    “So it’s all about money?”

    “It’s always been all about money. And just to answer a question that was asked slightly earlier, the script for this was written first January 6th, 2004.”

    Reiner says, “January 6th, 2004. Who wrote the script?”

    “Merck, at the conference called SARS and Bioterrorism. ‘Bioterrorism and emerging infectious diseases, anti-microbials and immune modulators.’ Merck introduced the notion of what they called the ‘New Normal’, which is the language that became the branded campaign that was adopted by the World Health Organization, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, which was the board, upon which the Chinese Director of the Centers for Disease Control, Bill Gates’ Dr Elias of the Gates Foundation and Anthony Fauci sat together on that Board of Directors but the first introduction of the New Normal campaign, which was about getting people to accept a universal pan-influenza, pan-coronavirus vaccine was actually adopted January 6th, 2004.

    “So it’s been around quite, quite a long time. I’m not going to belabor many more points, other than to say that it was very clear that Moderna knew that it was going to be placed at the front of the line, with respect to the development of a vaccine, in March of 2019. And this is a very important date. Because in March of 2019, fr reasons that are not transparent, they suddenly amended a series of rejected patent filings, which is a very bizarre behavior. But they amended a bunch of patent filings to specifically make reference to an intentional or accidental – I’m sorry, their term: deliberate release – of coronavirus.

    “So in March, they amended four failed patent applications to begin the process of a coronavirus vaccine development and they began dealing with a very significant problem that they had, which was that they relied on technology that they did not own. Two Canadian companies, Arbutus Pharmaceuticals and Acuitus Pharmaceuticals actually own the patent on the lipid nanoparticle envelope that’s required to deliver the injection of the MRNA fragment. And those patents have been issued both in Canada and the US and then around the world and their around-the-world equivalents.

    “Moderna knew they did not own the rights and began trying to negotiate with Arbutus and Acuitus to get the resolution of the lipid nanoparticle patented technology available to be put into a vaccine. And we know, as I made reference to before, that in November, they entered into a cooperative agreement with UNC Chapel Hill, with respect to getting the spike protein to put inside the lipid nanoparticle, so that they actually had a candidate vaccine before we had a pathogen, allegedly that was running around.

    “What makes that story most problematic, beyond the self-evident nature of it is that we know that from 2016 and 2019, at every one of the NIAID council board meetings, Anthony Fauci lamented the fact that he could not find a way to get people to accept the universal influenza vaccine, which was his favorite target. He was trying to get the population to engage on this process.

    “And what becomes very evident, with Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance, UNC Chapel Hill and others and then, most specifically, by March of 2019, in the amended patent filings of Moderna, we see that there is an epiphany that says, ‘What if there was an accidental or an intentional release of a respiratory pathogen?’

    “And what makes that particular phrase problematic is it is exactly recited in the book, A World at Risk, which is the scenario that was put together by the World Health Organization in September of 2019. Months before there’s an alleged pathogen, which says that we need to have a coordinated, global experience of a respiratory pathogen release, which by September 2020, must put in place a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control, and the acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate. That was September of 2019.

    “And the language of a release of a respiratory pathogen was written into the scenario that ‘must be completed by September 2020…this was the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s unified statement. There are a number of people who have taken credit and then backed away from taking credit for it…”

    Reiner’s group begins a Q&A and then David begins to wrap it up by recalling his experience investigating the anthrax attacks of 2001. He notes wryly that while 100,000 US troops had been sent to the Middle East to “get even” for 9/11, that two US Postal Service Inspectors were in charge of the anthrax investigation, the largest biological attack on US soil in its history.

    Having seen all of that and having an organization that monitors all breaches of biological weapons treaty violations, that publishes lists of names and contact information and that identifies who is financing these breaches, David says, “For us, it wasn’t hard to figure out that this was not a public health crisis, this was an opportunistic marketing campaign to address a stated objective. And that’s why this is Occam Razor, it’s the easiest thing to describe, because they’re the ones that said it. And the Occam’s Razor reality is that they said they needed to get the public to accept a pan-coronavirus vaccine countermeasure and they needed to the media to create the hype and investors would follow where they see profit.

    “You do not have anything else you need to rely on to explain the events of the past 20 months than the actual statement of the actual perpetrator. I don’t do the navel-gazing exercise of going in to try to understand whether there were ‘mommy issues’ behind a bank robber. If they’re holding a bag of money outside of a bank, I actually make the crazy assumption that maybe they’re a bank robber.

    “Similarly, if I have somebody who says ‘We need to use the media to hype the medical countermeasure,’ which is actually the injection of a synthetic recombinant chimeric protein developed off a computer simulation, if I’m actually going to listen to the motivation for why that might be being done, I will listen to the person doing the simulation, who says, ‘Investors will follow where they see profit.’ I don’t need more explanation.”

    Health Impact News

    Comply with COVID-19 “Vaccination” Demands and You Could End up DEAD Like These People
    July 11, 2021 3:07 pm

    The public pressure for people to get the COVID-19 injections is in full swing right now, as those who wanted these shots and have already taken them voluntarily are quickly dwindling down. The first court case challenging employers who are mandating these shots as a condition for employment in Texas went the way of Big Pharma and government, as the judge ruled that people still have a choice – they can choose to refuse the shots and look for employment elsewhere. In addition to employers, many schools now are also moving towards mandatory COVID-19 injections as a condition for enrollment. The question everyone needs to ask themselves these days when faced with these mandates is how much do you value your job or school? Enough to potentially give up your life or become permanently disabled? Sadly, there are many who have taken that risk, and lost. They are now dead, and the debate is over. Once they bury or burn your body, there is no turning back. As we reported on Friday, the CDC now admits that over 9000 people have died following these COVID-19 injections since they were unleashed on the public last December. Those are more deaths recorded following the COVID-19 shots in the past 7 months than deaths recorded in the CDC VAERS system for the past 31 years following vaccination, when the VAERS system was implemented in 1990, shortly after the U.S. government gave legal immunity for pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines for injuries and deaths caused by those vaccines. And yet when these people die after receiving a COVID-19 injection, the corporate media will very seldom report their “vaccination status” when mentioning their deaths or in their obituaries. They will blame anything they can drum up as an excuse, even if the victims were young and previously healthy with very little chance of dying from these other causes they list. We primarily find out about their “vaccination status” through their social media accounts where they admit, and often brag, about getting the shots. We bring you four more stories of those who gave in to social pressure to get the shots, but did not live long enough to regret their decisions. Those regrets will have to live on with their families and loved ones who will never see them again in this life.

    Is the Government Coming to Your Door this Week to Pressure You to take the COVID Shots? Here is What You Need to Know
    July 11, 2021 7:30 pm

    As we reported last week, the Biden Administration announced a new campaign to target Americans who have not yet taken any of the of the experimental, non-FDA approved COVID-19 shots. This campaign includes “going door to door.” Since this announcement last week, there has been a lot of information published as to just what this means, in both the alternative media, as well as the corporate media. As can be expected, the issue has been politicized, so what this actually means when you read things in the corporate media will depend on if that media outlet’s reporting tends towards the left, or towards the right. But at the end of the day, whatever comes out of the mouths of the cronies in Washington D.C. actually has very little to do with what will affect people at the local level. So what is happening at the local level, and what should you do if someone comes to your door wanting to talk to you about COVID-19 shots? I will give you some practical advice in this article. This advice is based on my years of experience in my working with attorneys all across the U.S. regarding the over-reach of local government agencies such as Child Protective Services who routinely come to people’s homes with the express purpose of looking for a reason to medically kidnap their children. Most of those legal issues apply to this situation as well, regarding government agents coming to your home to discuss COVID-19 “vaccines.”
    Read More…

    Sophia Media, LLC
    201 Hunters Crossing Blvd.
    Suite 10 – 149
    Bastrop, TX 78602

    New Great Game gets back to basics – Asia Times

    Eurasia on the rise. America will be pushed out.
    POLICE are caught looting goods as South Africa’s descent into lawlessness continues with more shops ransacked and huge queues for food amid fears of shortages caused by rioting

    Footage showed people accosting a man wearing a South African police jacket beside a hatchback filled with household supplies, including bread, milk and cooking oil.

    It’s coming to America in its time.

    New cases arise.

    Innovation to help each nation. Transhumanism steps closer.
    White Pigmy F Up Macron could well find himself facing a 3 fold attack.
    1.White French fury if a revolution starts under a new midget Napoleon wanting revenge . If France goes up expect blood. It’s simmering!
    2. Afro French anarchy. Their Ghettoes are cauldrons of Drugs, crime and rape. Beyond ugly with crime.
    3.The Muslim anarchy coming as they breed, all on Welfare and plot for Shariah Law. Madness. Drugs, Crime and Rape!

    If Sweden leaves the EU, as is simmering, followed by Italy, France will implode. The French rip off the EU rotten with their scheming subsidy lies, and when they can’t pay to play, it’s Judgment Day.
    When all is built to deceive, what happens when the UK paymasters leave? Woops, it’s happened and more will follow. The EU is hollow. All scavenging Mongrels. .Mindless Socialists.
    Just like the Demo Rats. It’s coming for all of them.

    “No vax, no supermarket.” Welcome comrade to communism!
    Been saying this as recently as yesterday, here is Macron announcing it. Believe it now or ignore it until you are faced with this. And you wonder why a liquidity crisis is on the way? What if just 20% of the French public decided to order in and not go to the supermarket; you would see riots as supermarkets implode. As it is, ordinary people in cities like Paris have bug out plans in case of violence, with cars parked just outside of Paris for the get away from danger. What a way to live. I am glad I had the opportunity to see and expertise France in the past as it is a shadow of its’ former self today.

    All scavengers.

    This WILL NOT STOP unless the public rises; it is too late for anything else. They aren’t going to suddenly reconsider their depopulation agenda, nor their agenda that you will own nothing and be happy. This will end badly as sooner or later the public will rise and no amount of dictate will overcome the mob. Macron should study French history, and reflect on what happened during the French Revolution. Only this time he will face not just the French populace but the Muslim ghettos that have consumed many parts of France ruining many a town and neighborhood. Parking a luxury car in public takes on new meaning of risk in places like Nice which used to be great places to visit. And if you are thinking of travel to France today, think twice. And the same applies for investment there.

    French Pres. Emmanuel Macron: “The unvaccinated will bear the brunt of the restrictions rather than everyone…from the beginning of august, the vax pass will be needed for coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, trains, buses etc…”


  19. Always good to hear from you Aurataya13! Sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead anybody. That post was a link I found on Those are his words above the link posted. I just clicked the link and added his explanation. Forgot to say from
    Thanks for your Aussie update of what is going on there.

    I hope everyone has a chance to read the script from the video I posted from forbiddenknowledgetv on July 13, at 7:18pm. It gives a well researched history of where this really came from and what it is. I was hoping Tino would share his thoughts on the information.

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    1. Sweetheart, please accept my apologies if I came across the wrong way. I am personally a little more aggressive than normal with all this virus bs, plus, I had a bad day yesterday on the old home front. You did absolutely nothing wrong and did not mislead anyone. I always appreciate your contributions, even though I don’t comment of all of them.

      You never need to explain yourself Biff, you are one of the most honest upfront people on this forum. Actually, you may very well be correct in the assessment you presented. I am just so frustrated with everything happening these days I probably tend to down play much of it.

      To be totally honest, I am becoming more and more angry by the day with what these so called govt twats keep trying to do to us. The day will come when they will regret it.

      Cheers beautiful, all is well. You keep shinning as beautifully as you always do and never hesitate with anything you desire to share. XX


  20. On a serious note: I just saw this. John is this true?
    #CCP Vows to Nuke #Japan if Japan defends #Taiwan. As Japan is the only country that has been nuked, so nuking Japan “will get twice the result with half the effort.”


    1. AJ

      President Xi has publicly stated that he will invade and recover Taiwan in his Presidency.
      Japan has a long history of vicious genocide against China. Japs are hated.
      So far the nuke threat is allegations. But China has memories.

      China is engaged in sea and land training and vast assets are being moved into place.
      China has dramatically stepped up production of its ICBMs and with its Technology pact with Russia, will have warheads each capable of taking out entire US cities.
      Plus it has expanded its fleets and Subs.

      China knows, if the US defends Taiwan, it has to nuke America. It will have to be big. Huge.
      Japan is small change.
      This is the price of meddling. Butt out – Or?
      Of course it’s a No Win war, but if this does kick off Russia will support China. The UK will be erased for sure we have US bases here. We will be gone.

      Boys and Toys.
      So far its just Jaw. But if China invades Taiwan as Xi forewarns., every US Base in Austral Asia faces being wiped out. They have to. If it comes, it will be like Pearl Harbour.. America will be surrounded on both coasts by both Chinese and Russian subs.
      The new Russian supersonic missiles would flood in. America would be a cinder bowl. ICBMs would come in vast numbers over the poles. It would be a war to end all. 990 plus US bases all gone.
      But, as ever America just does not understand war, you lose them all and run away. Look at the mess now in Afghanistan.
      When madness reigns who knows what next move?
      Expect hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Russian Troops to invade America post bombings.
      It will be total annihilation. Surrender won’t help you. This is what the Cabal will have brought to you.
      The case is academic, what will he left anyway?
      Did Pearl Harbour teach you nothing? History repeats itself.
      This time IF the nukes fly the US White Flag will. 9/11 showed Americans can’t take it. Forget Hollywood.
      If , as threatened, they go for Taiwan, you will do what?
      Taiwan is a No Win. Japan will be Chump Change. China is coming whatever.
      Leave AustralAsia or lose the plot. Then lose the lot. Rebuild America. End Hegemony. Save America.
      Eurasia is coming. Americas had its day.Just like Rome- Time to go Home.
      Know when to Hold and when to Fold.Taiwan will go.


      1. I pray it doesn’t escalate to what you describe or worse.

        To say we are living in uncertain times is an understatement. We are being challenged in every aspect of our lives.

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      1. 😂 too funny Tony!
        In honor of the George Floyd mural. I know this is weird but I can’t stop laughing. I think I need some sleep. I’ll probably regret posting this tomorrow. 🤣

        Lightning strikes


    1. ‘What if there was an accidental or an intentional release of a respiratory pathogen?’

      “And what makes that particular phrase problematic is it is exactly recited in the book, A World at Risk, which is the scenario that was put together by the World Health Organization in September of 2019. Months before there’s an alleged pathogen, which says that we need to have a coordinated, global experience of a respiratory pathogen release, which by September 2020, must put in place a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control, and the acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate. That was September of 2019.

      “And the language of a release of a respiratory pathogen was written into the scenario that ‘must be completed by September 2020…this was the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s unified statement. There are a number of people who have taken credit and then backed away from taking credit for it…”


  21. This video about Covid being “New world order” is quite good.
    This starts with the Australian “new world order”, don’t hit back arrow when you see that, there are many many more. 2:20 long. This video is not my style, but it ended up being good. It would probably wake up the most indoctrinated leftist. It is a SLEDGE HAMMER. I found this HERE. and the page this was on is well worth a read also. Don’t be put off by the repeating voices at the beginning, watch it to the end. It really is good.
    2 minute video


    1. Hey there Biffie,
      Hope you are well and thank you for sharing this video.

      As an Aussie currently located in NSW, I consider this video quite dramatic but in many ways true. We sure do have a lockdown on our hands but it is only in the greater Sydney area at the moment. It is affecting my area in the sense that they are requiring the wearing of masks in the entire state of NSW and also the QR checkin bs in all shops as of two days ago.

      All this bs is not affecting me too much other than that I refuse to wear a mask and also flatly refuse to checkin to any shop at all. I went into a store the other day and was told by the security guard on the door to checkin with the government app. I advised him that I was too dumb to use a smart phone lol and only had a land line phone and based on that, was he still refusing me entry into this particular store where I spend thousands of dollars each year. He then said, “go straight in, you are fine. But things have changed in the last two days here.

      I wanted to purchased some goods from another local store and called ahead of time. I advised the person answering the phone that I will not wear a mask nor checkin with the govt app. They advised me I had to or they as a business would receive a fine of $13,000.00 dollars and I would gain a personal fine of $1,300.00 if I did not comply. I then stated that I was a cash buyer, told him exactly what I wanted and asked if he would be willing to bring those goods into the carpark for me and be paid in cash with a nice tip for their beer collection jar, usually located on the counter. His response, “sure thing love what time will you be here.”

      All these govt rules and regs, they can shove right where the sun does not shine. I flatly refuse to bow down to any of this bs but also admit on the other hand things are getting a little too uncomfortable for my liking particularly where the care of my Aunt is concerned. This current lockdown in NSW is getting extended each day due to the the so called current outbreak. They are now suggesting we will be in a four week lockdown in the areas mentioned above so far.

      So, it is what it is for now. We will see what the near future holds. I am totally over all of this crap.

      Take care Biff and thank you for all the excellent links you are sharing lately. XX


      1. Aurataya,
        Good to see you firing strong again. Having you, Biffie and Tino here is a real help. Humour helps.
        Vaccines are coming in total.
        Soon without a vaccine cert you won’t be able to go, or do anything. Total block out if not.
        I don’t defend it but just state as is. Madness rules. Chaos will follow.
        Vaccine risk levels? God knows..
        Thanks China- NOT!
        As for masks? JC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Good to have a Communal Site isn’t it? So many good contributors. No prima donnas, or Flakes.
        WHA stands strong. So much potential.

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        1. Thanks so much John, that was sweet.

          Well, I got over a shocker of a dose of the flu and then pneumonia following that, took bloody seven weeks to recover but all is well on that front now. Still physically a little weak in the old bod from my fall but getting stronger each day. Started working again on the house renovations but no where near as good as I was just yet but atleast it is happening again.

          I sincerely thank you for considering me a part of the awesome team here at WHA but we all know I’m not the super brainy type but know and accept my place and can always contribute where kindness and empathy are needed or a bloody kick up the butt if called for lol. And don’t forget that I love a bit of naughtiness and fun along the way. You are my Bro on that front lol.

          I understand what you note re the so called vaccine but no matter what I am confronted with, I will NEVER be told what to do as far as that is concerned. It is my body and will always be my choice. They can lock me down, take away many of the things I am used to having in my life but I will always survive even if it is in slightly different circumstances. I am prepared to live my life out in isolation, I have never been too much of a social butterfly anyway. Much prefer to be on my own residing in peace and quiet. As long as I have my garden and the animals around me, I am quite happy. Heck, you should see the animals I have sharing this environment with me, wombats, echidnas, possums, brush turkeys, magpies, butcher birds, rock wallabies, goannas, drongo brids from asia/russia, sea eagles, currawongs and more, it is absolutely amazing. Love it.

          You are most certainly correct in stating how magnificent it is to have WHA. I would feel quite lost without having the ability to pop in here. I really only gain enough time to get here once per day but it always feels good when I get here. Yep, I love it and am so very thankful to have found such a wonderful community that really helps me learn, grow and have a type of personal connection with such a wonderful group of people. And really, we owe Tony on a monumental level for what he has done for all of us and continues to do.



        1. Sweetheart, that is such a kind comment to offer me, thank you so much. Actually, I have realised recently that I am not as strong as I used to be in so many ways as age is taking its toll. Mentally I am softening a lot which can be good and bad lol. BUT I will always be strong when it comes to someone telling me what to do if it is not something I desire to do. I will fight to the death on that front until my spirit soars to another dimension.

          My beautiful lady, you have so much to be proud of. Look what you have done for your gorgeous mom. Not many are prepared to undertake suck a task. Look at your magnificent vibrancy you share here with all of us. I love your sense of humor, your level of intelligence, your kindness and your honesty. You are a beautiful light in this world AJ and your brighten my life enormously. THANK YOU SO MUCH. XX


          1. Thank you Aurataya so much for the nicest compliment anyone could ever have. You have such a gift with words. I could feel your sincerity and it touched me very much.

            And I hate to admit it but this girl is slowing down too. Just a little bit. I’m no spring chicken anymore. Did I just say that? Lol

            Sounds like your feeling much better. Hope your Aunt is doing well too.

            I love music – all kinds and I really enjoy when you post your “time for a break” music videos. It is a nice break from reading all the crazy things going on in the world. My husband writes music and someday if I can figure out how to post it here, I’d love to share it.

            Hope you have a great day! ❤️🌸

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            1. Actually beautiful, I am a high school drop out. Not intentionally but I got kicked out of the a’hole relatives home I was residing in and had to go to work and start earning pronto at a reasonably young age compared to most .I have no idea where this gift with words you speak of ever came from. I LOVE reading beautiful expressions, it fills me with emotion, which I love, which is why I so sincerely love reading when Tony writes his beautiful messages and historic reflections.

              Hey gorgeous, you are a year younger than me, lucky you lol. You are vibrant, exotic, spectacular lady. Never let this world bring you down. You know how strong you are and I will never accept you giving in to anything this world throws at you no matter how tough it is because I know how strong you can be. You are stronger than you are prepared to accept, I know that. XX

              Beautiful, I personally do not know you but I do not need to, I can tell who you are from what you share her at WHA. If I can offer you a little motherly advice, just because I am a year older than you lol, I wish to tell you this. Always be cautious, keep check of your emotions, unlike me lol, love that beautiful man you have and always continue to be YOU. Even if being you ruffles feathers sometime, REMAIN TRUE TO YOURSELF. And kiss your gorgeous mom every day because nothing replaces a real mother.

              Oh heck, sorry beautiful, I am super emotional tonight as I have had to deal with some historic stuff with my Aunt. And may I thank you for asking about her, that is very kind of you. WOW! this sure is a road I have not traveled before and it is certainly not easy but I think I am dealing with it. It is so weird having to hear what happens to a person when their mind no longer functions properly. I am not normally a very patient person where, shall we say non normality of brain function is concerned but I am having to adapt and to be honest, it is torture to me. BUT I must persist. I made a promise and I NEVER break a promise.

              I listened to a song the other day, which is really sad but the lyrics are so beautiful. I’ll pop a link below but it is a very sad song. Just my style these days unfortunately.

              Sweetheart, you do not need to comment to my rather lengthy post, just rest and do what you need to do. I am just a rambler most of the time and it is often good just to intake and ignore me.

              Be well always beautiful. XX


  22. Yep

    This is probably a strategy to pre-empt the shock of audit results that are going to show who really won in Arizona. They will claim it is a violation of voting rights.


  23. A Liquidity crisis is coming soon.

    How do we tell the Moronically Thick, the game is almost up now?

    America was DESIGNED to have a lowly educated sector as the Body Bags of war to protect the Energy Moguls the Bankers and their worthless USD, now the game is up. They were only bred to die, and not ask why?

    As with all Empires, it’s ending. So where to go for a No Account Ho? Multiplied by 50M or more?

    The Lying Kings have run out of Monopoly money. New Big Dogs are on the block, IT has boosted Asia, Russia is now armed to the teeth, and Big Dogs are circling for the kill.

    How do we tell the citizens of Palookerville, in 10 years your gone? The Third World is coming to America.

    Remove the Marching Bands of gullible Brainwashed Toy Soldier Patriots, that they have run out of Basel III liquidity quotas, and CBDC’s to fund unaffordable and gross Welfare masses, then where does truth take you?

    To Gotham City and the Biden Penguin? Or posing Fatman Trump as the Orange Shrek Crusader? The whole silly game is almost up. Yet still the masses slumber. Disneyland rules so many Fools.

    We are headed into a liquidity crisis not like the one we had in 2008 but like the one we had in 1998 when long-term capital management (LTCM) in New York blew up.

    Recently, it has been in the press that Wells Fargo is cutting off personal loans, lines of credit and the like with a concern on their part with the ending moratorium of eviction and mortgage defaults on July 31. Well maybe this is a reason, but I think it’s a little deeper than that, and that is why Buffet stepped away from the board. There are many bubble financings that have taken place and even huge bubbles exist in many stock valuations. Meanwhile the USD is actually deflating which makes it look like inflation. This is why capital has turned to private assets over government assets. Governments are losing the confidence of the public and capital at the same time.

    In the past, I have written about the fact that the EU under the ECB or European Central Bank has not only talked about having a digital currency but it’s gone out earlier this year publicly to do focus group testing on the subject. It’s clear that a policy shift is taking place and there will be a transition if not late this year early next year. The reason is that the stimulus policies going back to 2014 in the EU have totally failed and negative interest rates have destroyed the European bond market. The only remaining tool that the EU has left is to rush out a digital currency as soon as possible as Europe runs out of time. What do I mean by that; well the reality is that nobody is buying European bonds except the ECB itself. That means that there’s a lack of confidence in the debt that cities, municipalities, states or even national governments are producing daily. And it has gotten worse over Covid as it was expected it would be a short time line to stop and restart economies to remake them. Hence the phrase “build back better”. Except that initial lockdown failed to produce the desired results, and the hourglass is running out on the clock of debt being created as economies suffer midst the turmoil that has been created. According to the ECB apparently 80+ Central banks are looking at digital currencies in various stages. This will end the popularity of private digital currencies whether this comes by legislation or by some other means. Meanwhile, there is also a rising crisis in Europe that previously I have mentioned which is the crisis of separatism. Many nations from Denmark to Italy are talking this tune. And beneath this lies the specter of civil unrest that will likely produce both chaos and civil disobedience on unimaginable scale. And in such times ethnic and National prejudices can quickly rise producing situations like one that has besieged South Africa.

    In keeping with this folly, the other day, Macron delivered a speech to the French public on television. He announced authoritarian measures that takes France off the tourist and business list, for many people. He has made vaccinations MANDATORY for caregivers, store clerks, waitresses, and all other workers “in contact with the public” with no exceptions for health or religion. On top of that, he has made it also MANDATORY to have a health pass to enter all restaurants, cafes, theaters, and cinemas. The reality, without a vaccination, you will not even allowed to go to the store and buy anything. Amazon should send him a great Christmas parcel! Maybe Gates will let him ride on his jet for following his advice. People will resist this push, have no doubt. And what about the Muslims in the French ghettos, how will anyone enforce this as even the police avoid entry? The question is who else in the EU will follow his lead?

    As if this was not bad enough, Macron also announced a pension reform after the epidemic. This is the real monkey on his back and that of many countries as the lies of pension accessibility comes to roost. France like many countries can no longer pay the promises of pensions. The question is can he keep the narrative of the epidemic going long enough to see digital currency? This is the real reason for all of this. SOCIALISM fostered by the EU in Europe is dying and what he is really afraid of is an uprising of the general public. Think French Revolution. Not to be outdone in England Boris Johnson is rumored to have agreed to usher in new lockdowns at the end of September. This is what the rush to digital currency is about to avoid a collapse of confidence. But people have woken up and are not stupid. This is why we are seeing rising prices on private assets, be it houses, comic books, paintings and the like as people lose confidence in government. And the scale and mood of protests will change and grow in weeks and months to come. People who lose dignity and hope have little to lose and new lockdowns where ever they maybe, will ignite a storm that will seize up economies and countries much more than we have seen to date. And we can expect many more shortages of various kinds to coincide with these efforts. Especially as supply chains issues remain unresolved and grow.

    Enjoy summer, as fall promises to be full of twists and turns as interests and agendas collide. At some point between mid August and the beginning of November we’re likely to see some sort of event occur in Europe that will make this very apparent to everyone. As this game of borrowing with no intention of ever paying back comes to an end with all of its consequences.

    Are the Foreclosure notices coming again? On a total wrecking scale. It will make Detroit look like a walk in the park. A walk on the wild side? Payback.


    1. Thanks for this comment John. Even though you continue to ruffle my feathers with a few of your descriptive words in some instances, I appreciate what you have shared here, which with my limited knowledge of this world seems very accurate from what I know.


        1. I know you cheeky bugger, it’s all good.

          Actually, you would have to be one of the biggest shit stirrers I have ever come across lol. Do you not ever need to relax in total peace and quiet without drama and stress? Then again, you may just be the type of person that thrives on hyper chaotic energy. How is your bloody pressure Johnny? LOL


    1. Nah, not Johnny’s type, he would be too scared of her under the sheets lol. Anyway, he likes the little feminine intense eyed, stiletto clad compliant ones that love all the sparkles. LOL Hey Johnny, I think I’m back. How’s it hanging big fella? LOL


      1. Don’t you believe the above.

        Glad your back, and I try to ensure it’s not hanging for long!
        My range is wide. Anything with a pulse. Joking!

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        1. Ha Ha, gotcha lol. You are a big tart Johnny.

          Hey Johnny, Nancy P and Hillary have a pulse, oh shit, maybe not. Don’t think your range is that accommodating lol. Then again, one never knows lol. Hmmmm.

          Have a great day big fella. Thanks for the welcome back too. I’ll try to stay safe and be good for a little while lol.


  24. Like

  25. By Megan Redshaw
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will announce a new warning on Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine saying the shot is linked to Guillain–Barré syndrome. In April, the agency added a warning about blood clotting disorders to the J&J shot.
    Stephanie Seneff – COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease

    May? May? You mean having cut so many prudent and essential pre market tests, that you don’t think bombshells are coming?
    They condition tested nothing! What happened to the 5 years normal phased animal and bird tests? Or Congress Critters? Avoid adequate field testing, and you guarantee a vast range of knock on consequences erupting with systems collapse.
    How many times do Bank IT systems go down? But what if now it’s your life?
    What the hell is now running loose post vaccines? It’s now inside you. What the hell may be incubating? A 5 hears process cut to 6 months. Hello? What can go wrong?
    A backlash to EU games for land grabs is coming.
    Cryptocurrency price LIVE: Bitcoin and Ethereum 'in danger' as China strikes – mines h
    Taliban fighters ‘execute 22 Afghan commandos who were surrendering’

    Vietnam all over again. SHAME on all of you who failed to deal with the Taliban !
    It will now run into thousands and Mass Rapes. Girls and Boys. Animals!
    Armed Stealth Drones, identify, target fire- Sorted!
    The Hell with the Pakkies border. House Terrorists, .we come in. Who will cry if we neutron that bag of worms?

    Taliban fighters ‘execute 22 Afghan commandos who were surrendering’


  26. The mRNA, DNA vaccine(s) are scientific abominations. I, and anyone else half-good with statistics, even accepting at face value the absurd numbers reported by national health orgs, will easily come up with the 95% bound on death-by-jab. The interval is ~1/8000 to ~1/16,000. For the US inoculated that will work out to roughly north of 35,000 dead from the vaccine, given after peak COVID, where now the nCov2019 virus has a CFR of ~0.2%.

    If you take that interval, then the vaccine is more dangerous than COVID for any person WITHOUT comorbidity thru age ~50. And I’m being generous, using PH UK numbers. Using John Hopkins Med numbers as a baseline, even for a 65 year old who is (controlled) diabetic and hypertensive and obese (5’11 250lbs) the math still does not favor the shot — as the odds are, roughly-speaking, even between infection and the vaccines. (Hat tip Karl Denniger).


    1. I think the above relates to Tino’s concerns across the card. Over 3 years just what will unravel?
      What cocktail is eating us alive inside?
      Which is why such voices are needed., and Heeded!


      1. I think the graphene oxide smart dust is most plausible.

        Once they get their 70%-80% threshold, the 5G comes on. That’s when it get real interesting.

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        1. Katherine Austin Fitts recommended this movie to watch and I had saved it but forgotten about it until I read your comment.

          “When a mysterious cell phone signal causes apocalyptic chaos, an artist is determined to reunite with his young son in New England.”


  27. “In a Drought California Is Flushing 75% of the Delta Water Into the Ocean” | Don and Steve Jackson – YouTube

    When your as full of crap as Californians. it has to be flushed out of them.

    There is no question this will affect food prices and food availability.
    The question is when and not if, and how people will cope.
    The hourglass of time has run out to avoid supply problems, no matter the alternatives in hand or on the horizon. Waste water on wastes of Space?


  28. The other 20% have not read WHA.

    This Bolshevik disaster really has a sense of humor. When was the last time anyone with a valid citizenship ever was stopped from registering to vote? A fabricated load of bullshit propaganda.

    Sure, honey. And I am schtupping Kate Upton tonight.

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  29. So. Fauci and the statement “most deaths are in the unvaccinated”.

    This absurd state of affairs where Fauci gets to falsely claim a sound-good sound-bite has two irrational roots.

    Root 1 — CDC no longer counts “breakthru” infections, so a vaxxed dying of COVID isn’t reported as dying of COVID

    Root 2 — To the extent a diagnosis by PCR (insanity) is achieved, the vaxxed are PCRed at 18 cycles and the unvaxxed are PCRed at 40 cycles. Understandably this minimizes infections in the vaxxed and maximizes false positives in the unvaxxed.

    As both UK and Israeli data show conclusively, it is the vaxxed that are out dying the unvaxxed. Adjusting for risk or for age only makes the data worse, so it is not about “at risk” folk dying in greater droves. Never mind that the death in the over-80 crowd, with a forward looking life expectancy of 6 months, occurred in two peaks, in the Mar-Apr-May 2020 true pandemic, and the death spike associated with vaccination, the latter summarily ignored despite it being evident in ALL vaccine rollouts.


    1. Tino

      The average life expectancy of today’s 80 year old Brits is c87.
      There is a differing plethora of Stats daily. Based on what?
      No sound, reliable Data exists to underpin any of their presumptions.
      It’s all Spin with agendas. .
      Fauci and UK MPs led by dithering Johnson. That’s some Dogs Bollocks Witches Cauldron brewing.
      Treat the lot as spurious. As with vaccine claims.
      At some stage Fauci will implode. As Puke ugly as Clinton.
      No UK stats can yet be trusted. Nor our Scientific Advisors for sure.


      1. My language was imprecise.

        You are correct that in general, an 80 year old has a 7-year forward looking life expectancy.

        The cohort over 80 that died was in nursing homes with average 6-month life expectancy.


        1. Tino

          1. We just gave them all 7 more years. Word heh. Some power.
          2. It shows you are mass read and no details missed.?

          As ever, you do a great job Tino. Your contributions are valued by all, and ever needed for what is coming down.
          I, and many others are grateful you are here.
          But I suspect longevity tables are about to meet a downward curve.
          No one has yet factored in the years of Health Care knock backs of cases untreated in patient testing. For 2 years there has been no care, but chaos. Treatable then, but too late now. At what cost?

          It’s leaking today that a new lock down may be imposed in 11 weeks.
          If so, then a whole new level of Civil conflict may erupt. Fools and badly conceived Rules?
          The consequential price of allowing Governance by mediocrities.
          What has been unleashed?


          1. John and Tino,
            Fauci is a rambling sack of sh.. This is not about Covid as much as it is about November elections. They will do whatever it takes to keep the mail in voting alive. You have a win at all cost on one side and a bunch of P’s on the other side. Hell if Covid doesn’t work how about a war.

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                1. Bugger. It would be flaming amazing if I could type properly for once. That should have read, “Why is it”


                2. He would be called a Satyr.

                  In Greek mythology, a satyr, also known as a silenus or silenos, is a male nature spirit with ears and a tail resembling those of a horse, as well as a permanent, exaggerated erection.

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                3. Heck, he sounds pretty good lol. Geez, I wonder who could introduce me” OMG! Sorry, I am in a bit of a naughty mood this evening.


  30. I for one would love to see a Trump comeback regardless if “it’s all planned out” by the NWO, as the opinion of the guy in the video stated.
    Go Trump! 🇺🇸

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  31. Really??

    I’ll be dog gone. Literally.


  32. Shariah law under these animals and you let them Into America? They will breed, breed and breed and all on your ridiculous Welfare, then they will take over communities as in Paris.
    This is a pestilence.
    Taliban judge gives grim vision of life in Afghanistan after US leave

    Fully vaccinated people have a 990% higher chance of death due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated according to latest Public Health England data

    PLEASE READ THIS AND CRITICALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT THE DATA MEANS AS DARN FEW PEOPLE WILL DARE TO EVEN RAISE THE ISSUE TO HAVE CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS. And we need to have conversation that means something about this to help our fellow neighbors and friends through this, no matter what side of the fence you are on. We will only get through this together by being honest and caring for each other. There is no wrong or right in making a choice, only a choice.

    The new data are out in the UK and they are pretty terrible with respect to fully contaminated (I mean vaccinated people) and the delta variant. The death rate continues to climb quickly for the vaxxed and it is several times that of the unvaxxed. Hopefully this is not evidence of ADE. It could also be that natural immunity is being out-competed by faulty specific immunity (antibodies not binding). ADE is a catastrophe and it is probably just a matter of time before we see it in North America and beyond.

    I have no idea where Fauci and Walensky come up with this figure that 95% or 99% or whatever of the deaths are in unvaxxed people. They still have not shared the raw data on that and it does not jibe with what is being seen in UK and Israel. Fauci has a habit of not saying the same thing twice the same way.

    This winter is going to suck. Business, especially small business will suffer unbelievably. I think a lot of vaxxed people are going to experience problems, and will have to isolate to protect themselves and their loved ones. They are going to blame it on the critical thinkers who are not going to contaminate themselves and their kids with the spike protein injection. But the truth is in the data and is clear. Watch the UK and real reporting.
    Many members of the British public have been crying into their pillows this week as the prime minister Boris Johnson announced social distancing and mask wearing will end July 19th 2021, despite a surge in alleged cases of the Delta Covid variant.

    A variant which the very people campaigning for restrictions to continue are fearful of, and they’re right to be… if they are fully vaccinated. ( one has to ask if this was the objective in the first place to place a part of society at risk to control people in broken economies) .. in Canada you can bet they will want federal elections before the public wakes up to what is happening in Britain.

    Because the latest report from Public Health England has revealed that those who have had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have a 990% higher chance of dying of Covid-19 than those who are unvaccinated.

    Boris announced “some” restrictions will “probably” end “temporarily” on the 19th July which prompted those who have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the propaganda and psychological manipulation to declare their outrage all over social media.

    One person even started a petition the following day demanding the Government keep the legal requirement to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets after July 19th. It has received over 170,000 signatures.

    These are the very same people that we can be certain have taken the opportunity to unwittingly take part in the largest experiment ever conducted on humanity by “getting the jab when they get the call to do so”.

    Unfortunately for them by doing so they have just increased their chances of dying due to the alleged Covid-19 disease by an eye-watering 990% according to the 18th technical briefing on SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern released by Public Health England.

    The PHE report which can be viewed here shows that between the 1st February 2021 and the 21st June 2021 a total of 123,620 confirmed cases of the Delta variant had been confirmed.

    Of these 58.1% were people who had not been vaccinated, totalling 71,932.

    A further 8.76% were people who had received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, totalling 10,834.

    A further 14.5% were people who had received one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine at least three weeks prior to testing positive for the Delta Covid variant, totalling 17,933.

    And a further 6.9% were people who had received one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine less than three weeks prior to testing positive for the Delta Covid variant, totalling 8,562.

    According to the report the number of positive cases of the Delta variant in the unvaccinated outnumber the number of cases seen in the fully vaccinated by around 6.6 to 1, giving the impression the Covid-19 vaccines are working.

    However, when taking the total number of positive cases in people who have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine – 37,329, we can see they actually outnumber the number of cases in people who are unvaccinated by around 1.9 to 1. So not working as fantastically as Public Health England would have you believe.

    There are, however, still more alleged cases of the Delta variant occurring in the unvaccinated. So, the real question is are the Covid-19 jabs doing what they are allegedly meant to do? By preventing hospitalisations and deaths.

    The above table shows that of the 71,932 alleged cases of the Delta variant in people who are unvaccinated, 1,182 people presented to emergency care which resulted in overnight admission to hospital. This translates to 1.6% of cases resulting in an overnight hospital stay in emergency care.

    The above table also shows that of the 10,834 alleged cases of the Delta Covid variant in people who are fully vaccinated, 313 people presented to emergency care which resulted in overnight admission to hospital. This translates to 2.9% of cases.

    This means that the chances of being hospitalised with Covid-19 increase by 81.24% if you have had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the Public Health England data.

    This is close to the same percentage of reduction to the risk of hospitalisation the Covid-19 vaccines are claimed to give. It looks like that claim is unfounded.

    Unfortunately, it gets much worse for the fully vaccinated when it comes to their risk of dying due to Covid-19.

    The above table shows that of the 71,932 alleged cases of the Delta variant in people who are unvaccinated, just 92 sadly died. This translates to 0.1% of cases.

    The above table also shows that of the 10,834 alleged cases of the Delta Covid variant in people who are fully vaccinated, 118 people sadly died. This translates to 1.09% of cases.

    The means the data published by Public Health England shows us that people who have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have a 990% higher chance of dying due to the Delta Covid variant than people who are unvaccinated.

    The authorities claim the Covid vaccines reduce the risk of dying with Covid-19 by around 95 – 99%. It looks like their own data has just caught them in a lie.

    Is this evidence of antibody-dependant enhancement?

    Gillian McKeith (@GillianMcKeith) Tweeted:
    The Transport Secretary actually says: “We know that double vaccinated, fully vaccinated people are much more likely to get coronavirus!!!!!!

    No soccer heroes left now in England.Losers!


    Poor little lad the gutless laid back Tossers broke his little heart. He believed they were heroes. Sadly not. Just overpaid Sports players who failed to man up. No excuse. They deserved to lose.

    Filthy disgusting animals


    1. “Shariah law under these animals and you let them Into America?”

      Hang on there a minute John. You are pointing the finger at the US, but is it not true that this Sharia law crap is also embedded into many of your English counties presently?


    “Eric Clapton took the vaccine and now can no longer perform. He said: “The vaccine destroyed me – I now live with pills due to neuropathy.” The sad part of this is that they are pushing vaccines like a cocaine dealer and nobody has does anything to research why someone people suffered side effects or die and others do not. This is like simply going to the casino and rolling the dice to see if you win or lose. According to Leslie Parent, vice dean for research and graduate studies in the Penn State College of Medicine, one of the most respected in the nation, bluntly said: “Scientists do not fully understand why this is the case, but the differences could be due to a combination of a person’s age, genetics and past exposure to other viruses, including common-cold coronaviruses.” Yet nobody knows anything and they still demand everyone be vaccinated.”


      “You cannot sue the vaccine companies and the government will not pay any damages either. They demand you get the jab, but have not done any research to ensure it is safe. However, if an employer insists that you get vaccinated, this is really quite foolish for they are NOT under the immunity blanket. If an employee missed work due to any side effects from receipt of the vaccine, the employer has a problem. Such an illness could be considered a compensable injury under workers’ compensation laws. If the employee dies because of a manadatory vaccine, the family may line up to sue the employer. Businesses better watch what they are doing. They can end up being responsible in many ways. Nobody asks if you got the flu shot or the Polio vaccine when you were a kid. Why is COVID so different when it is on par with the Flu insofar as being lethal. At the very least, this will become a Workman’s Comp claim which could seriously jeopardize the company long-term.”

      The very last jab I took was back in 2015 because it was the condition of employment with a very well-known entity, so I subjected myself to it, thinking I had to have this job/jab. That was a form of extortion in retrospect. I see many young people doing the same today, but this time, things are very different with mRNA. I felt really bad when I was discussing this very subject with a very lovely young girl when I was staying at the airbnb, and she told me she will take the jab to get a job. Once your health is destroyed, no amount of money will compensate our various internal systems such as our spine as an example.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, this is the South Africa I knew. Then we just shot the Bastards. Now they have the guns.
      Be assured post collapse it’s coming to America.
      Once “Whitey” no longer funds and feeds them, they will take. Ugly is coming. .


  34. Police state is on its way… what is the real purpose?… you can bet they will not be going after BLM or Antifa… who are they going after?… will we soon not be able to question our elected leaders?
    Unique among major law enforcement agencies, the roughly 2,000-officer department that secures Congress isn’t subject to a transparency law that allows the public to access official records. As a branch of Congress, which is excluded from FOIA, no such law applies to the Capitol Police. When presented with FOIA requests, it’s common for the agency’s counsel to respond simply that it doesn’t have to comply. In 2005, Congress passed a law that gave the Capitol Police more latitude to shield records the department deemed sensitive from public disclosure.

    Liked by 1 person

    Biffie: This is a really good read. Much more than what is printed here in this article. Or if you prefer…listen to video.

    “And so the central bankers print money out of thin air, $3 trillion and they say to their friends, ‘Here’s $3 trillion. Go buy all the assets.’ And their friends say, ‘Well, that could be very inflating. How could we knock the prices down and make sure that doesn’t set off hyperinflation?’

    “And the central bankers say, ‘Well, how about if we just shut down the whole Main Street economy, because then you could pick up everything cheap, they can’t compete against you. So you could pick up everything for a much lower price and then that will be so deflating, it’ll offset the hyperinflation created by printing this money.’ And then they say, ‘Oh, cool, that works. So how do we do that?’ And then that’s when they come up with Anthony Fauci.

    “Anthony Fauci’s a guy you call up and say, ‘Alright, Anthony, create some more deflation today.’ So he shuts down more economies, destroys more families, kills more people. Right? He’s a desk killer. And that’s how the game is played. And so now, they’ve got $3 trillion and they’re going to buy everything. So they buy houses, they buy real estate. Because you want to institute the Smart Grid, right? So you’ve got to re-engineer all the systems but more importantly, once the Smart Grid’s in place and you bring in all this new technology, including lowering the energy prices, the way you make money on that new technology is by the real estate going up in value.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biffie,
      It’s actually far, far, far worse. Much!
      Hidden from all Public view are the US Federal Reserve Pentagon Grey Screen Trading Programs.
      They are the remit of the Shadow Government and pump out such vast amounts as are unquantifiable to the public. The voracity of the vast, bloated unwieldy Military Agency complex, exists to protect US Hegemony interests, such as Oilfields etc, and its control of all Global waterways. Total Hegemony. The Military backs up the major Oil Barons to rob, pollute and dictate.
      Aligned to that is now an entire new Contractors Industry, killing to order, it’s hidden torture centers. out of control and lawless. Hidden from all Congressional oversight.
      990 plus known bases plus the hidden Rendition Centres run by the CIA.
      Then load in the Black Operations, Black Projects, and the vast hidden Shadow Government Complexes, with underground complexes criss crossing America . Add the hidden world bases. Non reported on.
      All spending off the Richter scale
      A voracious reckless and arrogant Behemoth raping the world. As with the CIA. Itself a vast Corporate Empire worse than the Mafia ever was,. but Global
      Grey Screen spending long since surpassed Quad T’s Unredeemable and indefensible.
      Why , and how, is the US spending more on so called Defense that the world put together. How?
      Non affordable, so they print it! All hidden Off Balance Sheet. How will that ever be redeemed? Impossible.
      If you ever saw the Fed Grey Screen Files alone, you would be truly, horrified.
      All in America’s name! But NOT for your gain.
      $3T is a tiny drop in the Ocean of what they have colluded on and spent, while your infrastructure crumbles, and both China and Russia have now surpassed you with the highest new technology weapons of true mass destruction. Yet the Fed skims Trillions supporting delusional fools. Killing and robbing to order, contained by no border. Look at how much Oil they steal daily from Sirua, Libya , Iraq all on giant Profiteering racket.
      America is a straddled whale heading for the rocks in a polluted ocean of its own making.
      While the Zionist tapeworms inside feed unchecked . America is beyond bankrupt, Far beyond
      When it goes, none will see it coming. Good help you all.
      CBDCs will help the world step away from you. It’s coming.
      As with South African immigrant,s time to rethink when and where you go? Empires end.
      America is dying- Lying.

      Liked by 2 people

    Victims of these programs were sold into them by their abusive parents, a model we see today with parents pimping their children out to the entertainment industry. Britney’s parents had her audition for Disney when she was 8 years old. She was sent to New York City for training and brought on the show 3 years later at age eleven, where she was dressed and directed to perform like an adult.


        1. AJ, I have often thought of all the violence in the fairy tales, the westerns, the war shows, the cartoons in the 50’s, 60’s 70’s. In fact, it seems that that is all there was in them. And it is even worse with all the video games nowadays. Certainly not what an impressionable young child should be learning.

          I was listening to this fellow talk on a late night radio show the other night. He was saying that there are very few “earths” like this one out in the multiverses. That we need to take care of this earth better. What a mess the earth is right now. Sheesh.

          On the other hand…sending good vibes, thinking good thoughts, being kind and staying happy!

          Liked by 2 people


    Bobby was on the east side of the US Capitol on Jan. 6. He witnessed several men attacking the building. Bobby told OAN, “Two men I saw attacking the building, breaking windows, and even pushing people inside HAVE NOT been arrested. And they are not on the list of suspects being sought by the FBI. Now I provided the FBI with 29 minutes of high definition footage, 1080p, more than five months ago. Neither one of these men has been arrested. They are not in any of the 400+ indictments, I’ve checked them all. There’s not one frame of video not one still photograph on either of these men on the FBI’s webpage that ask people to give them tips on who the rioters were. The FBI’s YouTube channel or their Facebook page. They’re putting up all kinds of fuzzy pictures but they’re not putting up the HDI images that I sent them.”

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Our kids need this.

    The way of the future…

    He with the gold,,,rules.

    I hope J2021 found an easier way in.

    Liked by 1 person




    The Trump Card: Group reveals 7-point plan to reinstate Trump in ‘days, not years’ that includes installing him as House Speaker and ousting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

    A seven-point plan of how to reinstate Donald Trump as president ‘in days, not years’ circulated at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas this weekend.

    If only? But will they do it?

    Liked by 1 person

    Bo Polny returned to my show yesterday to bring a powerful message.

    “Bo called me and said July 9 is a powerful pivot moment, the ending of the 444 days, so he wanted to do an interview on that very day.

    And let me tell you something….when the Analyst of Time himself is asking to do an interview on a particular day, that’s something you don’t argue with!

    Actually, it’s always my pleasure to have Bo on the show, I always enjoy chatting with him….and this time definitely did not disappoint!

    We talked about so many things….first and foremost the delay and how God has given these people and extra window of time to repent and admit what they did.

    Bo says that ends NOW.

    No more delays, no more windows to make amends.

    What they have done is now locked in stone and judgment is about to fall.

    Who else is ready? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

    That wasn’t all, not by a long shot.

    Bo says the dollar is still set to take a big haircut and when that happens Gold and Silver skyrocket.

    No only that but Bo is standing 100% behind his prior statements that Bitcoin not only goes to $100,000 THIS YEAR but actually blows past it and hits $200,000.

    Yes, you read that right.

    Bitcoin currently sits at $33,500 as of the time of writing this article on July 10, 2021.

    Oh baby, better buckle up your seatbelt for that rocket ship!

    Ok, no more jabbering from me.

    Please enjoy this interview and listen to what Bo says in his own words.

    Find out why the completion of 444 days is very important and where we’re at in the cycles right now.”


  41. Like

    1. Melquiades

      Sorry Mel – But-
      America has been running on Fiscal empty for decades. It’s being crippled paying via Fed Grey Screen program rip offs, and choking taxes funding 4 squares and Pensions for supporting Hegemony Meisters.
      15 years, you got paid and never had to face the real world and make it like regular people.
      So what? , Resign, your young enough to start another career. No one is owed. The cities are full of homeless claiming to be ex Vets. Kept for how long and can’t survive in the real world alone?
      Time the US takes a 50% Military haircut. Way too many are grubstaked to harm others. The world wants them gone! 990 pus US bases.FFS leave! Stop meddling! It’s crippling America. Re build F America!
      Pearl Harbour you were all asleep. Mess with China you will get a real war. At last right into the US Homeland then. 9/11 how they squealed. Real nations had to take it for decades. Like 1M Iraqi dead. War Crimes!
      Is this all the Military can produce,? I can’t make it on my own Homeless?- – Wahh? No one is owed!.

      Protecting- The Oil being stolen from Syria?
      Opium shipped from Afghanistan?
      Oil taken from Iraq?
      Arms shipped to Saudi and Israel? To kill others?
      Threatening Iran? Who won’t submit to American threats. Like Syria.
      You brutally destroyed Libya. Always, you do.
      Who protects the Afghans now as the Taliban walk right in?
      The NATO bases?A joke!
      Have you ever fed the Palestinians instead of shipping weapons to Israel to kill them?
      How do you treat Native Americans whose Homelands you stole?
      Start feeding Americans stop Global looting. Did you learn nothing from 9/11. The world is tired of it
      No one elected you Global Sheriffs to loot at will. Other nations now have nukes and the will to fire!
      Keep meddling and soon it won’t be 9/11 it will be entire cities.

      Don’t whine- Resign. Take the jab or get a real job.
      Mel- rethink Life. Boys and Toys?


  42. Brilliant. This is what you get when you put bureaucrats and not well intentioned science in charge of social engineering. Millions of acre feet of freshwater run off from the pacific northwest every season, into the ocean, before we can use it first before letting it return to the ocean. The North American Water And Power Alliance, long ago, proposed an efficient and cost effective solution to the very thing these diplodocid politicians are now trying to solve with idiot logic. Political solutions are going to kill us all.


      1. California has had issues with water as early as the mid 1980’s. There were “droughts” that were followed by the “mud slides”, especially in the Southern California counties, famine or feasts, the two extreme opposites. Then I saw huge fires in the Northern California hillsides in recent years, and I later heard (read) Raytheon using EMP to burn the houses and cars with people in them while surrounding trees stood intact. California used to supply foods to the rest of the USA. John Steinbeck famously called Salinas, CA as “America’s salad bowl”, but the water use for agricultural purposes was curtailed from the damns to save the smelt, the endangered species, or so they said. They say water will become more valuable than crude oil, and I believe it when they say this because water was being stolen from Lake Michigan when Jessie Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota. Where did they take the water from the lake? China. The water is very scarce in China. I heard someone who used to live in Shanghai that the water gets mixed with sewer, so people end up with skin rashes after a shower. Or rice cooked with the water from the faucet is not eatable due to the foul smell. These things are happening in the upscale condominiums costing millions of $$. That to me is a living hell and is spreading from California to the East. All the problems in California need to stay there to be contained.


  43. How stupid does this Bolshevik balloon head think we are? People have to make copies of tax returns and many other things as part of their responsibilities. Gods what a complete disaster the political process has now become. Useless…useless.


    1. Oh Illinois, what a surprise. A feel sorry for the people there. Get out of the Demoncrat states.

      Oahu Hawaii is starting to mandate proof of vaccine to enter bars and restaurants. Or the owner can continue with masks and social distancing and not operate to full capacity. What do you think they are going to do?

      If they are successful then it will spread to the rest of the islands. What’s next? Grocery stores, concerts, employment, etc.?

      Liked by 1 person

  44. PITTSBURGH, PA—The FBI released disturbing new details today regarding alleged January 6th rioter Robert Morss, who had a fully-constructed LEGO Capitol building in his home. Agents say Morss was also building several LEGO Harry Potter sets, leading authorities to believe he was planning a similar attack on Hogwarts Castle.

    “The suspect had several completed LEGO Harry Potter building sets and was about 80% of the way through building the advanced-level LEGO Harry Potter Castle,” said FBI bureau chief Warren Alvarez. “We feel we caught him just in the nick of time before things turned violent once more.”

    Alvarez said a review of Morss’ online social media accounts show him to be a staunch supporter of Lord Voldemort, believing that Albus Dumbledore was fraudulently elected as the leader of Hogwarts. Documents found on his computer show that Morss was planning a violent protest at the school on July 31, Harry Potter’s birthday.

    “This is a huge win for law enforcement,” said Alvarez. “The FBI is proud of our work taking dangerous, LEGO-building criminals off the streets. Also, now I don’t have to buy my kid a birthday present, which is awesome.”

    More here:


  45. Aurataya, now THIS is a Proposal. Ladies please all watch Ask why your Man did not do this?

    Covid passports ‘WILL be compulsory in pubs, clubs and restaurants’

    They will take away ALL you rights. You really need your guns and so do we.

    Covid passports ‘WILL be compulsory in pubs, clubs and restaurants’

    Sure they didn’t get a Trump crossmatch?


    1. Since the vaxx doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t prevent transmission, what purpose does the vaxx passport serve? NONE. In fact, the only thing the vaxx pass does is artificially, and for no reason whatsoever, exclude those who simply don’t want a worthless and dangerous shot.

      Since the next pandemic will again be an organism that isn’t known, and again, will have a vaxx that arrives AFTER the peak simply because we can’t safely deploy in less than 3 to 5 years, again, what is the point of a vaxx pass? NONE.


      1. Tino

        Agreeing with all the concerns and issues, the ONLY point is that soon, without a Vaccine Passport, you will not be able to do the following:
        Travel by Train, Bus or Public boat. Hire a car.
        Enter Hotels, Banks, Offices, Bars,Cafes, sports stadiums. conferences, hospitals, theatres, shows, or public gatherings.
        So, the choice will be jab or exclude all rights to anything. What rights?

        Some rights heh? You chose to stay safe of the vaccine dangers, and so they put you off radar.
        Your vote is worthless. Government won’t give you one.
        Once vaccines become renewable, you know the rest.
        Justification? None! It’s coming.
        Why are we electing these Critturs? Why allow any to rule fools?
        Raise the bar to pre demand all necessary minimum IQ standards, experience, career achievement and probity standards, and the lot goes away.

        Post Covid, TPTB contempt for the Public is now so deep they favour Agenda 21.
        This has really got a boost behind closed doors.
        State and Social budgets can not cope with the Welfare, NH and Pension /Retiree issues.
        New Ethos? Why feed those we do not need? Elites are not caring. Only Self.
        If the US Economy fails, what will follow?
        When you can’t Pay to Play, do they Put, or Blow You away?
        How long can the Fed go on printing Fake money? Why? It only exists for the Zios to take.
        Once CBDC’s become acceptable currencies, how does a bankrupt USD compete?

        Your concerned, rightly so, with the False Covid issues.
        Review, as I do, the economic issues.
        TPTB are a far greater threat to you all than Covid. They have failed you, but they will survive by taking ever more from you. Why? Because to are corralled Hogs penned in by stupidity. Factory farming- You!
        Democracy? Where? Why- for the Swine? That is the coming conflict zone reality, the State Monstrosity we created. A day of reckoning with the long finger beckoning?
        When the madness ends, it’s the voices of reason we will need.
        Now, as they track you, they will knock on your doors to jab you. Next, compulsory?
        Democracy has long since gone into the night. Complacency.
        Now Biden and Co Rule fools. Tagged and bagged by the Bolshevik’s behind them. Washington is now a Stalag.
        America has lost the plot. The Zionists came and took the pot. Now the Afro’s and Hispanics want their lick!
        Native Americans were dispossessed of all. Your turn is coming. I watched the Death Rattle of South Africa’s privileged Whites as their own end came. It’s now repeating in America. Your turn, as the world turns on the Hegemony Meisters and Tape Worm Zio Shysters. All Empires end. Always badly. It’s clear, looking in and on.
        The American dream, sadly it’s gone.


    2. Bugger! I am not able to watch the FB post John. I am not on fb. Is there any other way to view it? Sounds like my sort of stuff.


        1. Thank you so much for finding that for me Tony, greatly appreciate your trouble.

          Actually, that was lovely in its own fashion. I really like so much about Maori culture. I spent a very large portion of my life with a Maori partner. And I certainly did see the haka a few times but not the sweet version noted in the video lol. Such intense and proud people.

          Thanks John and Tony, I enjoyed that.

          Liked by 1 person

  46. Is the mRNA causing Leukemia?

    FrostHammer@FrostHammer made the following two replies of real interest. That’s to him, her or it.

    1. here is a discussion between Dr Bret Weinstein, Dr Robert Malone, and Steve Kirsch which discusses that possibility.

    2. here is an interview with Dr Robert Malone NY Alison Morrow also on that subject.

    Can we call it the mRNA Leukemia-Causing Vaccine yet?


    At the end of the interview tonight Dr. Bhattacharya said, “The lockdowns do not stop the spread of this disease and they cause absolutely catastrophic collateral harm. You know what we should do? Let’s have the Olympics in Florida with a full crowd. Why bother having it in a place where they don’t want to have an Olympics?… I think it makes no sense to have a lockdown again. And I hope that no state ever goes back to this. This was an enormous mistake and I think the single biggest public health mistake in history.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Thank you for this report! This part resonates with me the most.

    “Only adherence to outdated, obsolete ways of how we relate to the universe, and, each other, stands in the way of a more rapid-fire implementation of the most logical and effective solutions for delivering to the people of Earth the superior society they are capable of having.”

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  49. What a shocker…I wonder how many PhDs it took to arrive at that one?

    Now that’s one fine European woman.

    And of course, in its place we will erect one of a crack-head home invader who threatened to kill a pregnant woman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “What a shocker…I wonder how many PhDs it took to arrive at that one?”

      That sounds familiar? Wow! John told us last week about the CBDC.


      1. Oh, I think you may be jumping the gun with that statement John, you little trouble maker lol. There is no way on this earth Tony’s days will ever be considered expired no matter his age. A mind, memory and writing skills like that never ceases to impress.

        Such an utterly delightful pleasure to read such writing as far as I’m concerned.


  50. I posted some important information on the last briefing above where Tony posted briefing 169 post. Hadn’t realized he moved to new one yet. Please check them out. Thanks.


  51. As jurisdictional banking gets ever harder to open accounts overseas, and that door is being cranked shut, you need to apply while there is even a window at all left.
    Are you ready for the next bank questions coming at you which most of you fail?
    1.Why do you want to open an account in our country? Vacant stare? You blew that one!
    2. Why do you want to open an account with our bank, why us? Again, caught out and rejected.

    Banks don’t want naive and basically thick applicants. Prepare!

    Before you even start, 98% of you may now fail. Rejection levels are huge. Regulators are chasing Foreign Account holders away. Switzerland will sell you out as soon as look at you. And have for millions. Americans are too much trouble. It’s all getting harder. These windows of opportunity are closing.Act while you can. Seek Professional help. Establish an Offshore presence. Soon you may be too late.
    85% of Americans don’t even own a passport. Unreal!
    Apart from Trips to Mexico and Canada, 95% of Americans have never travelled, Culturally ignorant.
    Have you seen what is happening to America? What is coming – At you?

    Trapped mice on a treadmill. You don’t Think?
    Start now, work it out. What can go wrong -does.
    If America fails, you will go where? With what? Palookerville?
    Within 10 years Afros and Hispanics will be the majority, all wanting – My Lick!. It’s over! You are being out bred and soon can’t afford Welfare fed. The dream is dead. Get ahead. First Get- A – Head!
    Running money ? Offshore. For the smart.


  52. Yes anyone can be a congressional Representative and MTG is living proof of that!What a complete knucklehead and the Republican senate keeps her on board like she has something to offer! Lol!


  53. As expected. As instructed. Nobody takes the laws, or the lawmakers seriously any longer.


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