Be Ready For Anything In 2022


This will be a very brief article, our last for 2021.

First, let us take but a moment to review a few things.

In past articles and discussions, we predicted that:

  • Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump in 2020. He did.
  • Cryptographic Blockchain technology would continue to expand and positively affect the value of key ideas which would attract institutional interest and their capital resources. This is happening now.
  • The “revaluation” of certain war-torn currencies, and the instant wealth many expected from such, would continue to fail to materialize. It has.
  • Bolshevism would take root and grow in influence in both public and private sectors within Western and Western European nations, at the covert urging of the very same ethnocentric ideologs who were responsible for the creation of Bolshevism in the early 20th Century. It has.
  • Secluded dynastic Asiatic wealth would be prepared for release for responsible, non-usury purposes, and to, in part, assist nations with key infrastructure rebuilding. This continues to progress.

We could expand on and outline each above point with pictures and articles. But to do so would not allow brevity. So, we will not do so here. We will leave such a task to be performed in the comments section as a group effort. This is your site to experience, and, in large part, your written contributions make it what it is.

We will, instead, simply issue the very same warning to all of you which we have often times repeated in the past: BE READY FOR ANYTHING.

Anything, you say? Yes. Anything.

Disruption of utilities, food, power, police protection, transportation. The sudden shock of natural disasters as well. Always be prepared to access emergency rations, water, fuel, arms, shelter and power.

Your personal means of survival should be the foundation of your existence.

Next year we will be looking for continued digital asset gains. We also anticipate the successful commencement of key Asiatic elders’ wealth transfers.

From there, if these two activities proceed along the lines we anticipate, the combination of both continued traditional institutional cash inflows, along with newly liberated Asiatic wealth participation (via key London Trust guidance), we could see valuations of an unimaginable magnitude follow as a result.

Because we enjoy a rare, direct connection with the key London principal who works with and guides the dynastic elders as they marshal their resources for release, we are in the best possible position to hear of, and potentially act on, any significant moves that may stem from the impact of their success.

Thank you for your continued readership and have a safe and prosperous New Year.

Strength And Honor



  1. Chris Whitty ‘saddened’ by number of unvaccinated Covid victims in ICU

    Information respectfully shared so now it’s open view time.

    Poor Greece was shafted to hell by Goldman’s and the EU
    Theranos boss Elizabeth Holmes GUILTY of four counts of wire fraud

    A whole new meaning telling a Baby toddler Mummies in the Can
    Moment mannequin is beheaded in Afghan store on Taliban orders
    Biden and Nancy next? The US does another one but in Orange. All as brainless.

    Moment mannequin is beheaded in Afghan store on Taliban orders
    The UK is in danger of becoming a police state masquerading as a democracy

    Thats because the mass Sheeple sadly ARE so bloody offensive to deal with. You have no idea what is coming. Wait until 5G goes on full power. Sadly we will lose the good ones too. We have to allocate the future boosters categorised for use?

    We need a special one for the Zios. A one-month delayed reaction. Given also to all El Al Pilots. Take that from the Gipper.
    Watch “The US Airforce Soldier Who Faced Aliens | Retold” on YouTube

    Rendlesham again.

    Good we need a brain in the Windsor family. Charles has none. As for the Rest OMG!!!!!!!! Harry and his Hottentots? Wannabes. Boring.

    Kate Middleton ‘finds it challenging to mix with world players’
    Prince Andrew sex abuse hearing starts in New York

    If it does come out albeit alleged that’s he’s banged more of Epsteins groupie Hookers Andrew burns alive in free fall . If he’s played it will come out. Be sure William alone will decapitate him so will Charles.
    England is about to fry his Butt.

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  2. The scan of the following insurance companies confirms the initial report of 40% increase or more. For Prudential, they have had a massive 87% increase in death benefits paid comparing the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021. Such a detailed breakdown wasnt available for New York Life, but their 2021 year to date (1 Jan to 30 Sept) death benefit payout is up by 27%. Examining Pacific Life documents identifies multiple units. For Pacific Life the year to date claims are up by only 12%. But for a subsidiary, Pacific Life and Annuity, claims are up by over 80%. This is an opportunistic search; more data may be forthcoming.

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  3. All please note the massive expansion of the Blog and new entities ever more coming in .The topic range is unprecedented,
    Huge success and thanks to all contributors helping. What a site. What growth. What a need.

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    The system, which will be accessible to law enforcement but not insurance companies, will also be able to catalogue the exact type of vehicle and send the information to manufacturers after an accident.
    Authorities claim the data will be “anonymized,” meaning the information can’t be used to identify the owner of the vehicle, although only the incredibly naive would plausibly believe that.

    For decades, government have been pushing for all cars to be fitted with black boxes that track location data.
    The ultimate dystopian scenario involves giving police the power to utilize similar technology to completely disable the functioning of a vehicle if the driver is deemed to have committed an infraction.

    This doesn’t need to be a criminal offense, if the pursuit of social credit score schemes continues to become more invasive, it would eventually be used as a form of punishment for everything from unpaid utility bills to offensive comments posted on social media.

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  5. A blatant POS liar… evil scum!… lets ALL vote once and make sure that happens… simple…

    “Senator Schumer’s rash, partisan power grab should be seen for what it is—desperation and a failure to do what Joe Biden and Democrats ran on: unify. If this rule change were to pass, the people of Utah and the United States would suffer immeasurably as the Senate devolves into a strictly majoritarian, Lord-of-the-Flies environment. Senator Schumer and his disastrous plan must be stopped.”

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  6. This actually ran on Israeli TV. Bare faced contempt for Goyim. Imagine the outrage if a similar thing were directed at them from the Gentile perspective.


    1. Post the Settlements 2 can play. Stealth drones will spray a new Pesticide!
      When the Rebels launch 50,000 rockets, they will spray down first. Iran will look again. Vermin watch.
      He won’t be wearing a Bloody head when parties are done.
      LA to follow. Then cleaning up NY or is it JY?
      Khazar Skunkville needs a visit. We’ll put a new head on – Armageddon.

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    2. They had their say those dirty hypocrites who profess to want peace while standing on our necks. To hell with these dogs. Now let’s let someone else have a say. Equal time? See how they like it when we get around your controlled media? Shove your shabbos up your fat ass!!


    1. As with Mussolini, they all need to be hung and not by the Weenie.
      If Covid teaches us anything, we can design a customised gene targeted Roach cocktail to spray, so they all go away. The Labs will be put to work through the night, with the Rats in plain sight. .Designer solutions for human pollutions. Roach Removal Inc. To clear the Zio stink. Save .lives, waste the Roaches. .

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      1. Even better if we had reversed the parting of the Red Sea after the Gypsies Dogs were leaving Egypt and saved 6,000 years of Global Roach conduct, we would have averted how many wars? They funded Adolf, and Napoleon for Gods sake, ( The Neocon Bushes were the Zios Bag Men to HItler funding WW11 war and murder) and how many of the 40m dead were they behind in WW11 alone.? How many helpless Russians were ruthlessly murdered by Stalin’s F Bolsheviks, with the stink of their Zio hands all over it.40M more????

        If it had not been for Martial Blucher and his Prussian Cavalry (Russian / Germans, ) coming to our aid at Waterloo, we would have lost the battle and Napoleon would have mass murdered us all We were down to our last half day and about to lose!!!!!!!!!! No mercy. It would have been a very different Europe then. A different world. History lies to you. It’s all contrived and fake! When the Russian German Black’ Flag Cavalry swept down that hill hitting the French from their rear, they changed the battle and we won the War. Rothschilds double dealing funded both sides. Wellington got the Credit, but those Germanic Cavalries saved Europe. We could not have hung out 4 more hours. That tight. . .

        The Russian Mafya Oligarchs with all their Crime syndicates, Brutal People trafficking, Drug running, and mass corruption is mainly that lot. Stinking Zio Roaches. Pollutants again.

        Germany needs to co enjoin with the UK and F that lot off. Leave the EU. Work with the Teutonic nations and turn back the Mussie and Afro illegals. Restore Germany to its own Proud nationhood, Germany for Proud Germans and their Sax Coburg Klein Englander Cousins. Rebuild a Europe fit for purpose together. . Not for Deviant Boy tampering Vatican Socialist Zio collaborating Jesuits, with squalid Commie ways. We need strong Economic Leadership rebuilding Europe, not deviant Jesuit Vatican game plans
        Zio free and our children off a Vatican knee.
        Clean up Europe for a real Victory. Unite and fight for a new world, fit for all. Fit for purpose. .

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    1. From the ex Front line, 10 good men with GPMG’s 5 more on Mortars, well laid out minefields, smoke canisters delivered by mortars also to confuse the bastards, then Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iran live again.
      Practice training first in LA. De Lous both DC houses. Mow the Ho.
      How many wars were caused and funded by these Whores of Wars? Time for payback.
      10 Blackhawk gunships each firing 2,000 rounds per minute loaned to the oppressed nations for a month.
      Do the job!

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  7. Reading down through the comments below this article, here are a couple:
    Whistle blower nurse from Slovenia….”Number 1 is the placebo, saline. Number 2 is a the mRNA. The number 3 is an mRNA sticker that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. She said those receiving the number 3 bottle will develop soft tissue cancer within two years of receiving the jab.”
    And: I’ve recently experienced Constructive Dismissal after 36 yrs as a Trauma & ICU Nurse & Clinical Nurse Manager UK NHS for refusal to accept, prescribe or administer this alleged therapy or direct my staff to do so if they were of the same opinion but were afraid to articulate their beliefs following extensive research through Managerial pressure or Occupational fear. I am now unemployed, without professional references & for a New Year Treat been advised my lifelong pension has been disqualified. I’ll survive, even if it’s driving a truck but it’s with a broken heart I can no longer practice my vocation to my patients & even more concerning a recent poll has identified 42% of Doctors & 64% of Nurses are actively seeking to leave their positions as soon as practicable. In 2021 we lost 44,000 of 335,000 nursing & care staff. God Help the public who need us & grant self forgiveness to those talented professionals who can continue no further! [show less]

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    1. I’ve seen reports that only 6% of BTC is available for trading on exchanges. Supply shock with a short squeeze is bound to happen soon.


  8. Well, MedPage finally took The Step. I guess I was finally over the target. I stopped typing when the ban-hammer notice came up. I was going to point out the experience in Japan, Uttar Pradesh, Peru and Mexico City with ivermectin, and of course, the 63 (64?) papers where the treatment effect was clear.

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      1. A lot of people on Twitter are going to Gettr… I’m already on GAB and I really like it… Similar set up as Twitter, but no one has cut off my account yet 🙂


    1. Supreme Court answers our questions:
      In a Supreme Court case decision in 2013 – Pathology vs Myriad Genetics, Inc – the United States Supreme Court ruled that you cannot patent human DNA as it is ‘a product of nature’. However, at the end of the ruling, the Supreme Court wrote that if you were to change a human’s genome by mRNA vaccines (being used currently) then the (altered) genome CAN be patented.

      This means that everyone who has had the ‘vaccine’ is now technically ‘patented’. Anything that is patented is ‘owned’ and comes under the definition of ‘trans human’.

      All people who are legally identified as being ‘trans human’ do not have access to Human Rights or any Rights granted by the State. That is because they are not classified as anything 100% organic or human.

      Therefore, technically, anyone having this ‘vaccine’ can no longer have any access to Human Rights. There have been a few legal papers discussing this recently, so there should be clarification on this soon. As of now, the high court ruling stands.

      Full Supreme Court Ruling


    Meghan and Harry are sending Archie, two, to Californian nursery teaching ’emotional literacy’ and ‘how to be kind’ and his classmates have no idea he’s royal, fellow parent claims

    The Duke, 37, and Duchess of Sussex, 40, who live in a $14million mansion in Montecito, California, often pick their son up from school, a fellow parent told The Mirror.

    Markle needs the crazy farm.
    Testing chaos continues in race to get swabbed before school return

    Another fiasco
    Ministers say ‘nothing in data’ to force new Omicron curbs in England

    More utter chaos

    The Pig wants to feed again, and the other Pig wants to hide.
    Andrew is under siege here. Blown to hell. Magic, the pompous Prick is getting roasted.

    How would lying Trump know what is Truth?
    Raise the BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like- NOT???????????????
    China plots ‘take over’ of Latin America with new ‘action plan’

    Do the same for Iran and Syria to flatten Israel if needed. Ugly predatory Khazar killers.
    Rina Oh claims Epstein and Maxwell ‘shopped her around’ at Mar-a-Lago

    It’s getting round to Trump
    Hundreds of wild white-tailed deer in the US are infected with COVID

    A whole new meaning to Oh Shit
    Biden STUCK on Air Force One while stairs are dragged through snow

    Is it hard to field a Retard?
    Covid-tracking scientists in France spot ANOTHER variant

    Sounds like the Soetoro Obama AC DC variant to me

    Of course she will she’s Zionist Tax Excreta


  10. So, we are looking, insurance-detected, at roughly 187K excess deaths of non-COVID origin. 12 sigma is a non-trivial signal.

    Remembering that COVID deaths are 10-fold over-estimated due to the bs PCR test, in the US COVID probably killed 80,000. Let’s be conservative and add in the full first wave without adjustment and say 120K died.

    So… the cure is pointblank worst than the disease.

    Let’s be blunt: Rationally, the mRNA vaxx is a total failure. To the psychotic sociopaths, it’s just more democidal killing. So, now the gloves come will come off. Remember that families are genetically related. Will fathers and grandfathers, when they realize (and they will) they have been conned with deadly consequences to their families (multiple deaths), just sit on their asses? No. They won’t. Not in the midWest, there will be retribution.


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    1. From the original report:

      We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business not just at OneAmerica, the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. The data is consistent across every player in that business.

      Davison said the increase in deaths represents huge, huge numbers, and thats its not elderly people who are dying, but primarily working-age people 18 to 64 who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.

      And what we saw just in third quarter, were seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic, he said.

      Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic, he said. So 40% is just unheard of.

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      1. It is going to blow up… how are they going to be able to keep ignoring?… someone will jump ship and get out in front of the incoming hell storm… “We did not know, we were just following orders”… can anyone see a way they will be able to cover this?… what kind of excuse will Dr Death Fauci give?… I hope it rains down on them like blistering tar!

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        1. If everyone is dead….who will be left to protest and complain. 50% of the population dropping like flies end society. It’s Mad Max time then. 10% to 20% send us back to the stone age.

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    2. If we factor in that Covid is NOT the KIller predicted, and Omicron is ore like O My God what a waste of Space,
      WHY are they dying and who is Lying?
      My combern is that we are unleashing side effects based on assaulting every facet of our metabolism and the “Vaccines ” are negating our hereditary DNA defences. multiplying 50 times the alternative and serious non covid risks. We are under attack everywhere now What have we unleashed?
      Madness. With no preventive screening or monitoring, expect non screening activating thousands of needless deaths, because of systematic REGLECT of cover.
      How many will die for the Great Covid Lie?
      Hen pecked by Her Indoors? Is there a worse death? A Nagathon?

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  12. Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. Dr. Malone, has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times. Since January 2020, Dr. Malone has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the US standing against mandated COVID vaccines for children. He is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about COVID pandemic research and treatment.

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    1. An excellent interview. Top notch. Remember, Dr. Malone has deep roots in the traditional medical science world, and that colors some of the responses. He WILL and MUST accept that what used to be institutions that were usually trustworthy are hopelessly CORRUPT and taking orders from outside. Once he accepts that, he could be the most powerful voice, even greater than what he has achieved to date.


  13. Fantastic history. And we here have the distinction of enjoying company with a descendant in present time. These are heady days which we will look back on as the goals unfold from this location. Amazing.

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    Chest and lung problems will accelerate. Madness. Playing with fire!

    If not it’s War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    40 US and NATO bases in Germany alone will be pounded to hell.
    Tragic for the innocent German people helpless in the middle.
    Shared from Sky News: Dinosaur footprints discovered on South Wales beach date back 200 million years, experts believe

    I thought it was a hoof print from Oprah.
    What the hell?


    1. F them. Take the Italian way. Ignore them. And if that doesn’t work, since they have declared war on us, quietly execute them as they come off work. Or firebomb them. No cop has courage in front of Molotov cocktail at their feet. Or take the French approach. Spray a ton of manure on their doors…

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        1. It’s early John.

          The narrative is collapsing. The Italians are using small dollheads to game scanners.

          There are mass demonstrations in every Western nation. 27th consecutive Saturday demonstrations in France for example.

          No one will be able to spin the death rates as natural.

          Already 4 out 5 deaths is in the vaxxed even though every expert said the vaxx would protect. The masses are beginning to feel betrayed.

          Finally the concept that they have been conned is entering public consciousness. Unless the govs relent, it will move to sabotage and from there to more serious intents.

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          1. The death rates are key Tino if even released correctly. Give time for what the hell is incubating yet.
            What the hell is unfolding inside us?


            1. Tino

              The Elite PTB want the Sheeple gone, simple as. Covid has shown to horrific levels,how many of the pointless Welfare costing Fs are loose, eating and Bleating..Pension funds orgasm at the prospect of mass reductions. Too many eating, smoking, crapping and costing. .

              Opportunities abound. So many pointless Mutts loose. Turds in herds.
              The key point is- What is the point of so many of them?
              Do they contribute F all?
              Way too often- No.
              It’s not just the Eye in the Sky which looks and asks Why?
              Reality Check is the monthly one for ” Useless Eaters”..
              Covid questions their purpose ever more now. And real world costs.


    1. I do not agree with animals being used in such circumstances but the other side have other weapons too, they should remember that.


    1. Have you seen the Rhinos Arse on her? She’s huge.Eating for 10! It’s a Hippo! God its ugly and he wakes up to it.
      Love it he deserves her.
      She’s appalling. And a Scouse accent. Grunt Class of the worst kind. Pure hippo. Potto Mouth!


  15. The truth is turning out to be so simple even the public health experts and the media can’t hide it:

    Omicron is less dangerous if you’ve been infected before, and less dangerous if you haven’t. It’s less dangerous if you’re fat, and less dangerous if you’re thin. It’s less dangerous if you’re old, less dangerous if you’re middle-aged, and less dangerous (as in probably so not-dangerous its dangers can’t even be measured) if you’re young.

    It’s a cold. The only risk it represents is that our massive testing infrastructure is now disrupting society. If we made everyone with a cold test and quarantine during the winter, we’d have lots of unnecessary economic, educational, and medical pain too.

    The solution isn’t to pretend it’s dangerous. The solution is to stop testing for a cold. — Berenson 01/02/2022

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  16. The Denninger Proposal. Let’s do it:

    1. You have the right, and no physician may refuse, to demand prescription on a treatment or prophylactic basis of any drug currently licensed in the United States subject only to the limitations of this statute. A physician or pharmacist may not refuse to provide such a prescription or fill said prescription, nor may a pharmacy intentionally obstruct in any manner obtaining such a prescription including but not limited to by refusing or failing to order same from a distributor so as to prevent it from being filled.

    2. A physician who judges, in their professional opinion, that such a prescription medication is unwise, unfounded or will not treat or improve the condition for which the patient desires the prescription shall indicate on the prescription that it is being provided “AMA”, that is, against medical advice. Such an indication shall absolve both the physician and pharmacist, along with any employer of either, from all liability whether civil or criminal associated with the outcome of its use by the person to whom it is prescribed.

    3. Any health insurer may, at its option, refuse to cover any prescription written “AMA”, however, all non-insurance discount cards or certificates (e.g. “GoodRX”) may not condition their use on the lack of such an “AMA” designation and no discrimination on price is permitted based on the presence of absence of an “AMA” designation on the prescription.

    4. A pharmacist or physician who determines, in their professional opinion, that drug interactions between the drug prescribed and other drugs, supplements or other pharmacologically active substances being consumed by the patient are present and potentially harmful shall cause the prescription in question to be so-indicated prominently on the label of the container dispensed.

    5. Exceptions: Federally scheduled drugs that are habit-forming (e.g. opiates) may be refused a prescription if, in the sole opinion of the physician, the requested prescription is (1) in excess of medical need or (2) is intended to, or is likely to be, diverted to another person or entity.

    6. Violations of Sections #1 or #2 of this statute shall constitute criminal felony assault upon the patient so-impacted, shall constitute a civil cause of action including derivative suits for harm should any disease or condition impact said patient who has had such a prescription refused, and shall operate to immediately and conclusively revoke the acting party’s medical and/or pharmaceutical license, which is deemed a publicly-available record. No pharmacy, physician practice or other medical entity may employ any person who has suffered a revocation of their license for such a violation during the revoked period, and said revocation shall be for at least a period of one year. Each and every patient so-impacted shall constitute a separate and distinct offense and all revocations shall be served consecutively.

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    1. Roberts is corrupt as is Kavanaugh. Coney-Barrett is weak. Thomas is about the only judge left that isn’t owned by someone. I would not count on getting help here. Most are brotherhood or have been compromised.


    2. It will be an interesting test of the SCOTUS. With the CDC rental suspension adjudicated against CDC, in theory, by precedent, you take the same ruling, put a line thru CDC and write OSHA, and then rule again, this time writing in CMS.

      If they don’t do this, kiss the Rule of Law completely goodbye.

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    Putin and the Kremlin now have the S500s on place across all borders so any missiles or aircraft coming in will be destroyed instantly. Every NATO base or ship will be atomised by Iskander hypersonic missiles meaning Germany and Ukraine will be destroyed in minutes. Israel and the Zionists want Ukraine and are stoking up a war so they can steal the land and they did with Palestine and surrounding states. Russia will leave Germany and Poland as dead States as warnings to the West. Soros is destroying Germany with Muslims. Russia will wipe it out with Iskanders. Poor Germany its innocent people have no chance the only Warning they will get is dying.


  18. So, finally found out what the impact of the vaxx mandate on total hospital beds. The unvaxxed fired staff losses have wiped out 50,000 beds.

    Peak catastrophe and overwhelmed hospitals occurs because omicron is taking out another 50,000 beds via sick vaccinated staff losses.

    Even so, deaths are ~17x below delta peak.

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    1. Bill died last year broken hearted they stole the lot. We were his London Trustees helping him try to get Justice.
      This is the tip of the iceberg its wa,y way bigger. .

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  19. When Prince Andrew loses his case with Two Ton Tess Giuffrie he needs to be stripped of his Royal status and Titles, Parliament needs to demand it. Conduct unbecoming. He’s a Bum. Put him on it.

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    1. Cloth masks are ineffective against omicron (Leanna Wen, CNN);
    2. The vaccinated can spread and get covid;
    3. The death rate is comparable to the flu (Chris Hayes);
    4. Many people are entering hospitals with covid, not from covid (Fauci);
    5. Natural immunity is a reason omicron hasn’t been as virulent (Fauci);
    6. We have to take into account societal needs, not just spread prevention (CDC);
    7. The asymptomatic should not be tested (NFL);
    8. We should focus on hospitalizations and deaths, not case rate (Biden);
    9. Children are not at risk and schools should remain open;
    10. Covid is predominantly an illness affecting the immunocompromised and elderly and we should not shut down society.

    Those of us in reality have been saying all this for months and most of it since May 2020. But your political priors were more important than the data. You had to have your demonization narrative.
    So welcome to reality. And f*** all y’all for pretending you didn’t know this so you could have fun crapping on Trump and DeSantis and all your red state relatives.
    And btw, AOC and all you Leftist covid fanatics — those whose virtue signaling authoritarian lockdown nonsense that has resulted in millions of lives destroyed — stay in your states and leave mine alone.

    We chose data and freedom. You chose alarmism and unearned moral superiority. Stay in NY, NJ, CA, and the rest — and enjoy the actual paranoid nanny state you created among your friends who reward you for telling them they will kill their kids and grandma if they don’t panic.

    Oh yes, and Happy New Year to all.

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    This is so needed now and asap for so many F your Black Budgets you Creeps. Life must be first not taking it,

    We will fast track this for funding. Hard driven. Tino please watch and track this for the site.


    Nearly one million Britons suffering from heart failure could be cured with thumb-sized patches of cells that can be stitched onto their damaged organ

    Scientists have developed a way of growing tiny amounts of heart tissue in lab
    They hope that this will provide the first ever cure for debilitating heart failure
    This affects nearly 1million people in the UK and tens of millions worldwide

    Millions of heart failure patients could be cured with tiny patches of cells that can be stitched directly on to their damaged organ.

    British scientists have developed a way of growing tiny amounts of heart tissue in the laboratory, which can be observed ‘beating away’ on their own in Petri dishes.

    The Cambridge University team hope this will provide the first ever cure for debilitating heart failure, which affects nearly 1million people in the UK and tens of millions worldwide.

    The thumb-sized patches are made using stem cells, which can be grown into any type of human cell, and are constructed into tissue using tiny ‘scaffolding’ made of the protein collagen.

    They have been tested on rats and will soon progress to human trials which, if successful, could lead to the mass- production of millions of heart patches to cure heart failure.

    Professor Sanjay Sinha, who is leading the pioneering research, said: ‘When someone has a heart attack, their heart muscle is starved of vital nutrients and oxygen.

    ‘We can lose a billion heart cells in one heart attack and the human heart doesn’t regenerate itself. It heals by scarring. The muscle that you lose never comes back.

    ‘This means the heart just doesn’t pump efficiently and patients are breathless and struggle with things they used to take for granted like walking upstairs or getting dressed.

    ‘Of people who develop heart failure, half will be dead within five years. So it is just as serious as having various types of cancer.

    ‘At the moment all we can do is give them tablets, but that doesn’t cure the underlying problem, which is the lost heart muscle.

    ‘The only real treatment is a heart transplant and this country only does 200 a year. We have come up with a new solution – using the power of stem cells to mend damaged hearts – which could restore their heart function and their lives back to normal. There are hundreds of thousands of people who could benefit.’

    Professor Sinha said the research was ‘tremendously exciting’ and that if human trials, which will monitor patients over several years, are successful the patches could be used routinely on the NHS within 15 years.

    He said: ‘Every time I go into the lab with my team growing little heart patches and look at them beating away it never ceases to amaze me.

    ‘We’ve created this floating batch of beating hearts. These heart cells and little patches are like babies, they need to be fed every day with nutrients.’

    Early trials by his team were successful and found the cells grown in the lab can be injected on to damaged hearts in rats. Professor Sinha added: ‘The next challenge is scaling it up. For the rat patch, we might use a million cells but for the human patch, we might want 100million cells or 500million.

    ‘The goal is to be able to have patches we can stitch directly on to damaged hearts when patients come in for surgery. We want a production line where you can make tens of thousands of patches, then a surgeon just picks it off the shelf and gives it to a patient.’

    Professor Sinha’s work is funded by the British Heart Foundation, which is aiming to raise another £3million for research into regenerative medicine through being Charity of the Year for the 2022 TCS London Marathon. Professor Sinha is running the marathon to help fund his own research.

    Professor James Leiper, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said: ‘Growing patches of real heart tissue from stem cells may sound like science fiction, but it is at the cutting edge of the life-changing research that the Foundation funds. Nearly 1million people in the UK are living with heart failure, for which there is no cure.

    ‘Heart failure is a debilitating condition, making everyday tasks incredibly difficult and causing a huge decrease in quality of life.

    ‘These heart patches could be a giant leap forward for regenerative medicine and the answer to finding a desperately needed treatment for heart failure – offering hope to the millions of people affected.’

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    1. Indeed, thank you both and all the rest of the posters, for such an interesting and diverse site to learn and share on. May 2022 be progressively safer and calmer for all.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Personal Greetings to All!

    It’s great to be back home. I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday festivities and are safe and healthy.

    I thank you all for your individually distinct contributions to our comment section while I was largely away, and I am very pleased and proud of the fact that the discourse here is mostly of a mature and self-regulated nature among adults who are without a doubt very talented and valuable to each other.

    When this effort started, I had no idea that we would have the present responsibilities we have to be the platform from which a direct relationship to the halls of power would be crafted and maintained. Personally, this was new territory for which I had to learn to talk less and listen more so that we would not screw the pooch and lose such an advantage by becoming a group of posers and fake intellectuals, as many such groups devolve into.

    Here we are in 2022, and our position has only grown in all positive manner. The future added responsibilities that may be placed on our shoulders will require hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Nothing is achieved otherwise. This will not be the domain of the dimwitted or the dilettante. That is “dinarian” territory. They can have it.

    No doubt you have read the recent updates here which outline the GS progress. No doubt, you can only imagine what has NOT been shared but which is also in play. We are seeing the tip of the mountain through the clouds. What moves beneath is gargantuan in its form, and the power behind it is formidable. Dynasties forming alliances which have not existed before in modern times, and we are here to see it and understand it before 99.99% of humanity even knows about it, or otherwise has a false and embellished understanding of some warped fantasy version of it.

    Let that sink in.

    As for digital assets…I will reserve my personal comments for now. Let’s watch.

    Be ready for anything and thank you again for being the backbone of our site.

    Let’s see what 2022 has instore.

    Strength and Honor

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    1. Thank you so much for this message Tony. I can never say thank you enough to you for everything you have done. You are an amazing man that I deeply appreciate having the opportunity to know. THANK YOU.

      Liked by 1 person


      I’m shadow-banned across Medscape and Medpage, but this unmitigated moron is not only an FDA Advisory Panel member, he is Harvard professor and Editor-In-Chief of the NEJM. A
      vaccine for an age cohort that has roughly a 99.997% survival rate… correction — removing those compromised by severe diagnosis — a 99.999% survival rate.

      “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines like the rotavirus vaccine. And I do think we should vote to approve it.”==Dr. Eric Rubin, FDA advisory panel member, Harvard professor Editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine


    1. Tino

      After the board meeting with the NY Bank Jan 4th, we will. Let it play out.Then we hold all the cards and need only collapse one of theirs to collapse the whole pack. None have seen it yet. The Silver bullet. Timing.
      All Empires end Tino.They have a fatal flaw inbuilt Tino. It’s all a House of Cards. One pull and watch. . .


  23. Why does anyone listen to you? You need to be brought up on Crimes Against Humanity. Omicron has mortality 10x to 25x less than delta. Who the f cares if it spreads fast?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the time right now, as I reinvent myself (again, aaargh!) due to the devastation COVID brought to my revenue stream. I prefer being a help to the small communities I serve despite being shadow-banned across Medscape and MedPage. Sometimes it is thankless and heartbreaking, like the time someone brought me their medical record for a long-standing but benign issue. On the basis of the record I ended up diagnosing missed renal cancer, confirmed rather quickly by the professionals when the proper items were highlighted. Other times, well, who would know how successful the use of cacao powder would be in atypical vaccine-induced vasculitis? A Hail Mary pass that has now worked 3 out of 4 times… Plus, who says no to chocolate when miserable?

      I’m one step behind the leading edge because right now I have little patience for data analysis when back-of-the-envelope conclusively shows the same thing. (e.g. If the under-reporting-factor of VAERS is 41, then the vaxx has killed a minimum of 400,000. Period.)

      Here, of course, there is a different exposure than my other efforts.

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  24. Once we clear with the Elders, as I have already given Deutsche Bank and JPM key roles in NY, and London to come, we will reach out to Deutschland to rebuild with the Klein Englanders, a Teutonic Empire like never seen before. When Marshal Blücher came to join us to smash Napoleon at Waterloo, we won the war and lost the plot. Germany let that bloody Corporal wreak havoc in a wrong turn. If Teutonic Knights united, not fought each other what is possible? It’s so needed now. New times, new Knights and Teutonic valor. Germany can be great again, shared values and united. Hands across the nations to the Klein Englanders. Together unstoppable to save Europe and cage the Bear. United? Germany has many excellent people waiting to come again. Unite. The Socialist EU – is not for you. Let it go.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. John you are wonderful. Europe needs more alliances like this. Save our sacred soil from this and you will have our everlasting gratitude. Mine as well. 🙂

        Not me, but you get the idea?

        We are in good hands everyone. There is hope.

        Happy New Year from Munich WHA!

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    1. I want to wish many good things to all the Patriots here at WHA on the upcoming 2022. I want to thank Tony for his leadership and for keeping the site clean and real and for his insight on Cryptos opportunities.
      And huge thanks you to Big John for his day and night tireless efforts on this journey. God bless you John and May God protect you from the dark forces (as you mention earlier).

      Happy new year!!!

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  25. Prince Andrew alone in Windsor after Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial ends

    Good it’s right that he faces real interrogation. Nowhere to hide.
    Sadly, pre Covid, there was once more of a propensity to live and let live, and goodwill to fellow man.

    In just 2 short years we have been witness to an unimaginable scale of beyond asinine but outright moronic mass Sheeple stupidity, suffice it to say, others now question what is their point?

    On the site you debate, reason, advise, inform, all creative thought. Like minds and a good place to be.

    But now the abusive Grunts confront us,”He’s not got his mask on- His mask is not covering his nose,”. Rabid, mindless offensive Vermin. Cart the lot to the Gulags nonstop. One Way!
    We have unleashed Excreta Flies in hovering storms. Rancid Runts!
    No question TPTB now see, the need to question, “What is their purpose or point any longer? ” Bills are real. Methane emitters, Welfare funded. Bhaaaamy Sheeple.
    Lemmings marching themselves to the Abyss. How they flock.

    There will be selective segregation coming. Forced and enforced over time Fiscal realities.
    Beyond sad. The Karma factor – For every decision or action there is a consequence. Born stupid is one thing. But for the increasing ever Dumber masses to practice it until perfect?
    Where is the line of feed or no need?
    Educate the innocent kids with hope, segregate the rest with none. Get real. Shambolic Sheeple queues will unleash their own payback.
    When all around are losing their heads, who soon decides who needs to? It’s getting ugly. Lemmings!
    What the hell has China unleashed and why no Global action? Chans need to face what they have done, As for Fauci and Master Gates?

    UK Activists Urge International Court To Act Against Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma Over COVID-19 Vaccines – National File


  26. The pandemic hysteria needs to stop, along with all restrictions. There is no nexus of any kind that justifies the existence of vaxxports for access to any service, gathering or job. Add to that omicron is essentially a “backfire” virus with minimal mortality that will provide true immunity to the masses.

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  27. The stats below ARE NOT A CRISIS! Get a grip!


  28. Mr. Tracey is correct. All these doomsayers, most of which can’t think themselves out of a paperbag, should suffer serious consequences for their missed predictions. Complete ridicule comes to mind… just for a start.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. The CEO of the local hospital that demanded all medical staff, employed or affiliated, get the jab or get off the staff, has OVER 100 employees out with Covid DESPITE THE FACT THEY ARE 100% VACCINATED & BOOSTED. Yet her response is….drum roll please….MASK [useless], JAB [total vaxx failure] and wear PPE [useless].

    The cognitive dissonance here is unbelievable.

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