Comes the Hour. Comes the Man

88 BC. General Sulla Arriving in Rome Under Arms to Bring Order. Never the Emperor – Always the Emperor Maker.

Another year is upon us.

What we can disclose at this time is that we cannot disclose anything in great detail. But, rest assured, what you cannot see is looking back at you.

A dynastic alliance, formed to reshape the future without the need for profiting off of human misery, is in possession of the means, the advantage and the guidance to assert itself on the world’s stage.

These alliances are also building in other directions. A recent message for our leading key German supporters is as follows:

Kommt die Stunde.

Kommt der Mann.

Das nächste Mal werden sich Mutterland und Vaterland vereinen und nicht gegeneinander kämpfen

(Comes the hour. Comes the man. Next time, Motherland and Fatherland will unite and not fight against each other.)


While almost the entirety of Earth is laboring under a Kakistocracy which itself is under the influence of a parasitically oriented, international clique of rootless opportunists, the aforementioned alliance is tasked with offering an alternative. Only significant power can overcome a significant problem. Anything less capable of doing so is doomed from the start.

Presently, more details are not possible. Hopefully soon they will be.

But, overseeing all of this is a special collective group also advancing Trans-Humanism planning to have life expectancies reaching to c200 years, so as not to lose such valuable knowledge and wisdom, in order to take humanity forwards to a new level of ethereal and cosmic consciousness. With the applied sciences of those 200 years, what will then be possible? Formal Religions will fail and fall. But, will be replaced by a higher consciousness of being more, and soul values.

So much is unfolding.    

The current scene society is faced with is disastrous – bordering on catastrophic. You all see it. With applied research, you will find the malignant hand of the Goyim enslavers all over it, and their Talpiot tentacles burrowing deep into most critical structures and information hierarchies.  Spying on all they presume to own as masters of the Goyim web; the nations they covet and the damage they do. The tracking oversight knows all.  Scheme as they may, there will come their day. 

Increasing energy and healthcare costs pushing people out of their homes. Pension funds are facing a looming crisis. Most plans were structured for actuarial function up to around 70-75 years. People are reaching into their 90’s and even 100’s in greater numbers. Who will make up the differences?

Military spending is absorbing resources which could provide for the education and healthcare of many who otherwise go without. What good is funding large standing armies when drones and precision nukes have rendered their open maneuvering virtually obsolete? Waste. Ending the Military Industrial Cabal to instead focus on excellence and trade, would lift the world out of poverty.  Trillions are mass wasted in pursuit of warfare hegemony. Why is money not instead focused to aid the living and so needing? 

Why is the unelected Deep State outside of the rule of law and ethics? Once the Petro Dollar fails, who will fund them? 

Banking is being forced to change, as ever more decentralized financial technologies pressure them to become competitive. SWIFT will be gone soon, along with their rip-off fees.

Even the most benevolent political leadership is becoming ineffective by default. Even without all of the conspiracies, the plots, the power struggles, the infighting and debate of which politics is comprised of, its effectiveness when set against superior technological means of societal management is outclassed by miles. Politics is visibly failing, and new powers WILL emerge. 

It’s time for the political horse to be led to the glue factory, and more effective and reliable means utilized to meet the needs of society.

While such will most likely not happen by a sudden burst of sanity on the part of the political classes, the passage of time and the realities of technology and its inexorable effect on the way people live and work, will see to the glue horse’s fate. But this is for future generations to consider. Presently, we are facing a far different reality within which we must survive, notwithstanding the progress in present time.

To close, thank you all for your continuing contributions to our discussion sections. The incredible work all of you are doing to bring together such a wide array of facts and opinions for reader consideration is exceeding our expectations.

Be ready for anything. Always.

Something enormous is in play and moving forwards which will only uncloak when ready; stealthily shielded and being readied to swoop down on the known enemies and poisoners of mankind. 

More when possible.



  1. I am now waiting for someone in the Dinar Guru world to come up with the idea of a Ukrainian currency RV. Let’s see if they start selling that one on E-Bay.

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    Nothing wrong with that so what?
    A key realty issue facing America

    Not good news

    That’s a lot of Russian corruption money
    Ben Wallace warns Putin intends to invade the WHOLE of Ukraine

    Be clear the cost to Russia now is seismic as even the G7 has voted against him Russia will be hurt from this badly and taking Ukraine will be an arms salesman’s dream all nations will spend now. We must get Germany re militarized and cut the crap. We are lucky they only had the Corporal, or the lot would have gone. Not dissimilar to Biden or Pelosi when idiots are in charge.
    Putin bans ALL British flights to and from his country

    Big deal like anyone wants to go now? Or ever? Putin just shot tourism dead
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say they ‘stand with’ people of Ukraine

    These 2 Half Wits are totally delusional. Absolute tossers. Muppets.
    Why Donald Trump Is Every Batman Villain Rolled Into One | Madras Courier

    The Chump really thinks he’s Batman. Bat Shit Crazy more like.
    Donald Trump says he’s Batman. Here are 15 reasons why he might just be right. – The Washington Post

    In the mind of a Dope why not the Joker?
    Ukraine war: Battle for Kyiv begins as war enters ‘hardest day’

    Russian tyranny laid bare.
    Putin wants iron curtain and China watches closely’, professor warns

    White House wake up this is coming.
    Ukraine ‘hits airfield in Russia’ with missile strike in blow to Putin

    Why the hell has Puke In launched this evil war of oppression and exiled Russia to hell for decades
    Brave people of Moscow dare to speak out against Ukraine invasion

    Yes to all the good people of Russia speaking out we don’t want this or any more wars. Do not force us to launch because we will. Remove the Tyrant it needs only one wrong move and we will mass attack. Unstoppable. Remove Puke in
    Why Russia is so worried about Britain’s £3bn warship
    What looks worse

    Educating Americans.


    The Gathering Storm in the West
    Few are listening anymore to the clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Bidens and all the toxic hypocrisies they embody.

    By: Victor Davis Hanson
    American Greatness
    REVEALED: Trudeau Is A Puppet Of Klaus Schwab — Shown Taking Direct Orders From World Economic Forum – enVolve

    Trudeau should hang for this in Public.

    Sadly, this reality and a reality that must be stopped or freedom as we have known it will be over.
    As you watch the stocks of Moderna and Pfizer head for the toilet, know that Wall Street has woken up and will sell these stocks off to zero and the insurers and hospital corporations that will be impacted.
    The hard question is what will the public and various governments do in light of a highlighted agenda that clearly has encountered resistance.
    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Shiva Releases Scientific Study Results Revealing Maricopa Counted 200,000+ Ballots with Mismatched Signatures that Were Never Reviewed in 2020 Election

    How does one say Fraud more loudly ???
    If you cannot get 2020 right, then nothing else matters.

    3M14 Kalibrs at work

    In days Ukrain will fall.

    Missile and artillery strikes are surgical. Most if not all aerial Ukrainian forces destroyed. Most Ukrainian soldiers are laying down their weapons as opposed to fighting. All bio labs are being destroyed. Yes bio labs while key infrastructure is avoided. All units of resistance are being eliminated with extreme prejudice regardless of origin.

    Here is a map of the various strike points and I am not able to confirm yet whether troops are in Odessa proper but am quite sure that they are on the outskirts of Mariupol. And as i have written before I believe the Ukraine will be split into 2 parts. Kyiv east is the new Ukraine down to Odessa which will open up Moldavia to port access without gang payoffs. While the region west which is full of NeoNazi’s who are armed will become the problem of Europe and in time will be absorbed by other nations. It is why the embassies were moved to Lviv.

    China is already eyeing how to get in to port access and it is not clear it will be easy as Russia will holding them back to allow Ukrainians to develop this.

    Now here is a mind blowing reality no one wants to talk about because it is how they were able to loot the Ukraine to a greater extent than some other countries in the region.
    I have disgust for criminality allowed by crooked politicians or banks unfit for purpose, regardless of who or where they are. And sadly the world is full of shitheads acting as politicians who do not deserve to be dog catchers. It is well known that the Ukraine has been used and abused as a money laundry for funds that have enriched many a pocket with Ukrainian politicians and their sponsors taking their 20% cut. While at the same time the people of the Ukraine have been kept down and preyed upon by ruthless gangs for profit. For example, Ukraine and Moldova are favored hunting grounds for young women to be lured away from their homes for prostitution against their will while politicians take bribes to stay silent. This is a reality.

    It appears that Russia still owns the Ukraine because it never reestablished it’s borders when the Berlin wall fell. Any nation needs to do that to secure it’s own borders with other nations, which it hasn’t done. So whatever Russia does to the Ukraine, is none of anyone’s business. Putin and crew had to wait until they were certain of the ability to defend and fend off any retaliation by the WEST. And God willing perhaps the Ukrainians can rebuild their country free of the yoke that was around their neck. There is a huge religious connection of belief that underpins what Russia is doing. While i have dislike for the way things still are in Russia, it simply is not the Russia of 20 years ago. And nor are the people there they same as they were. Times change people and attitudes and tolerances. Russia is by location the balancer between east and west and time will show if both the country has grown enough with leadership to match.

    As many people report today Putin has made it clear by speaking and by last weekend’s missile demonstrations that the West needs to stay away from what is internal affairs of safety and interest. This truly pisses off the West because a line in the sand was drawn and everyone knows the consequences of crossing. This also unmasks the illusion of what is NATO and magnifies the vassal state of some European nations for all to see.

    This statement by Ban Ki Moon was posted on Gab Feb. 22nd.

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made an astonishing statement,
    the distribution of which is forbidden in Ukrainian media and on the Internet.

    At a meeting of the UN Security Council the conflict between the two states was raised.

    The following conclusion was drawn from it:
    Ukraine has not registered its borders since 25.12.1991. The registration of
    Ukraine’s borders as a sovereign state has not taken place in the UN.
    Therefore, it can be assumed that Russia does not commit any violations with
    regard to Ukraine.
    According to the CIS treaty, the territory of Ukraine is an administrative district of
    the USSR. Therefore, no one can be blamed for separatism and forcible change of
    Ukraine’s borders.
    According to international law, the country simply does not have officially
    recognized borders.
    To solve this problem, Ukraine must finalize the border demarcation with
    neighboring countries and obtain the consent of neighboring countries, including
    Russia, to their common border. It is necessary to document everything and sign
    agreements with all neighboring countries.
    The European Union has pledged its support to Ukraine on this important issue and
    has decided to provide all the technical assistance.
    But will Russia sign a border treaty with Ukraine? No, of course not!
    Since Russia is the legal successor of the USSR (this is confirmed by the decisions
    of international courts on property disputes between the former USSR and foreign
    countries), the territories on which Ukraine, Belarus and Novorossiya are located
    belong to Russia, and no one has the right to dispose of this territory without
    Russia’s consent.
    Basically, all Russia has to do now is declare that this territory is Russian and that
    everything that happens in this territory is an internal Russian affair.

    And if i am correct in this assumption, then i imagine the NEW Ukraine will have its’ own government in days ahead elected by its’ own people and have governance as a demilitarized nation on Russia’s border and eventually brought into the SCO and be part of the Eurasian push which is occurring now. This also means more. Ukrainian goods will have a market eastward and not westward. As for thinking Russia will bail out the place, it is doubtful and the Ukrainian people will have to dig deep into their souls as they have for centuries and rebuild. However, what Russian will do is allow a freer flow of wealth by eliminating the graft and cutting off the siphoning of funds to pockets of external politicians and their kin.

    As for reality Ukraine will become a fertile ground for investments provided such investments are real and not one streets on the backs of the people. Time will tell and risk will be there as it is in many countries.

    Ukraine Heros. imaging Macron or Biden weapons flat in seconds.

    Putin ‘behaving like the Nazis’ and ‘committing genocide’, EU declares

    Correct it’s genocide


  3. Would like to be clear… I post a lot of stuff, and I am not saying everything I post is factual… I leave that to be determined by the people with experience and knowledge… I do know what I believe to be true, but that is my opinion…
    Overall, it appears that in young and healthy adults and in healthy children, covid vaccines may already have caused far more damage, and deaths, than covid itself. Thus, covid vaccination should likely be restricted to covid high-risk groups, or perhaps even be stopped altogether in favor of state-of-the-art early treatment of high-risk patients.

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    1. There is no age group where the mRNA jab provides a net benefit. Remember, they only do half-the-accounting. Namely it prevents COVID. For a couple months. But how many do we lose then to heart attack, stroke, new and reactivated cancers not to mention general cellular failure when the mRNA jab crashes the cellular OS resulting in aberrant death.

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    The next battleground for gun rights will likely be fought at the local level, and it’s going to be a tough fight.

    Since the Gun Control lobby can’t seem to pass any gun control through Congress, they’ve taken two different but distinct pathways. The first is the Biden administration ruling by executive fiat and using the DOJ & ATF to push “regulations” that affect gun owners using existing laws on the books.


  5. Good to see your firing Rockville. Stay safe. We are with you and watching. All sad to see Pukie Ins games.
    Aid will follow. We ALL know. We are tracking daily. We are with you.

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  6. Russia has now just lost the Football Champions League final striiped from them in May. Decades in planning and all Prestige gone.
    G7 have vetoed him.
    SWIFT has to be pulled and the US must stop being Gutless. Pull SWIFT to Russia FFS!!! Grow Up.Grow a pair.
    Puke In appears to be lining up Poland now.
    Big Mistake.
    Now is a tough time for America.With Biden and Pelosi at the help its a Chimps Tea Party.
    NATO and the UK will go it alone.
    After this Germany and the UK need to rethink roles. Re arm, re tool, re plan roles. Unite!

    Be clear, with the Gates plans for a cross air or touch transferable imposed vaccine solution, that’s the Tri Laterals Wet Dream for a Pandemic carrier. Deliver that loaded with WHAT??? Is this Clown for real? Black Death!!!!!!
    What a Plague they will unleash.
    Perhaps Tino can advise this risk.
    How fast did Covid travel? That was just a test virus. Lock and load a big one and how many go?

    We are right in the middle of a vast refinancing negotiation. The Capital run demands will Bank runs start. The Treasury is getting run over with new variable forecasts. But Bankers bonuses are soaring.Why?

    Ras Putin has no idea of the size of hole he’s digging for himself.
    It’s not Kabuki now as Real Forces of power align. Like most Politicos he has no concept of Political impact decisions . I forecast how we would play it last week and the exact strategy as forecast, as our moves, is now falling in line. One gibbering Chimp disbelieved,. Eat that, Monkey. WHA talks with authority as an Imbecile free site. . The speed of real power, not imbecile Chimps.

    Now the EU needs to sort its Commies and will. Suit, boot and Toss the lot to Russia.
    Vermin seed to be sent home. Each Commie Ho needs to go. Let Russia deal with 20M Illegals incoming.
    Overfly the borders with each Commie evicted to be given their own Chutes to either jump or be thrown out. If only we could film their faces when they find out its a camping Bergen pack with a body bag. Free fertiliser .

    Tossers tossed., Re think their stink.
    If that Napoleon Wannabe hits any NATO lines it starts. 48 hours to Nukes then. Locked,,loaded and aimed right now. Same rules,Subs in place, 5 to 7 minutes from launch to impact. Codes ready to open on command.
    Puke In is bringing down his own hell. Does that Bell Toll for you Puke in?

    How can Man be free dangling from a Commies knee? The Rubicon line, sort the swine.
    Start by cutting all Russian SWIFTS. Block all supplies and parts. Cut all Russian flights out. Block all Visas. Plague Ship Rules. Watch that bite. .


    1. We are seeing good signs as intelligent Russian Generals question this strategy with Puke in. Also good Russians are waking up and asking WTF is he playing at?
      No one wants this with Ukraine, and no one wants what will happen if Puke In hits NATO bases or nations. If he invades or attacks Poland we LAUNCH!

      Russia was making real and good progress before this Midget got Uppity. I’m sorry to see Laverov become now an ugly Propaganda fake.


    1. From the Forbes article,,, this is horseshit!…

      “We believe it gives people peace of mind when the folks around them are unlikely to be contagious,” says Gus Warren, CEO of Bindle, a health verification app that allows venues to verify the vaccination status of patrons. ” ….

      ” unlikely to be contagious” … REALLY?

      We know the vaXX does NOT prevent transmission… this is commonly known now because they could not hide this fact… so what good does a pass do?… it is just a way to get people to accept, eventually, a social credit system…

      And the morons who want this are about making themselves feel better about having an experimental drug running thru their body’s!


      1. Remember, it’s a tautology. The con is that they are playing on the emotional angle of folks wanting “to feel safe”. Not even true safety, just the feeling.

        However, in logic —

        If a vaccine works, one is not a risk. So no fear of the unvaccinated, so what’s the purpose of the pass? It doesn’t matter if vaccinated and unvaccinated intermingle.

        If the vaccine doesn’t work, one is at risk anyway, so the vaccinated are no different than the unvaccinated, so what’s the purpose of the pass? It prevents nothing.

        It also assumes a fact not in evidence — the unvaccinated are all active disease carriers. It ignores natural immunity and that the asymptomatic do not transmit disease.

        And lastly, it converts a free society, which means all thing not prohibited can be done, to a prior restraint society were nothing is permitted unless compliance with arbitrary demands are met.

        As you have said, it’s all about control. It’s a psyop.

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  7. JUST IN: New analysis of all-cause mortality data from Massachusetts, acquired through a FOIA, shows that only 6% of the 39k all-cause deaths (acd) in the first wave and 3% of the 48k acd have #COVID19 listed as the main cause of death on the death certificate!

    Shall we burn down the CDC now? Shall we indict CNN for the death ticker now? 6%… what if ALL counts worldwide are just as off… (in fact, they are — no NPI, vaxx mandate or vaxxport was ever necessary.)

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  8. Evaluating the Russians at this point, I have to say Putin’s Generals have done a good job of lightning decapitation.

    I expect Kiev to fall within a day or 2 at most. It took 21-days and 30,000 dead to take Bagdhad.

    If they are really smart, they put in a new government for East Ukraine, drop back to the ethnic regions and call it a day.

    We’ll see now what Putin’s resilience is….


  9. So — ya blew it Big Pharma. Did you really think it would go unnoticed? That I would not see it… let alone those that were sitting in the datastream? This is one big Crime Against Humanity compounded two-fold: the “vaxx” wasn’t — and on its back you tried to build the Digital-Id-cum-Social-Credit-Score.

    YOU SHALL NOT PASS — with apologies to Gandalf.

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  10. Scratch one Ivan. War is a dirty business.

    Scratch some more Ivans.


    New research funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aims to develop a needle-less vaccine that can spread like a virus rather than have to be injected, leaving no way for anyone to remain unvaccinated.
    The goal is to create a vaccine that people “catch” without their consent, and without the need for any injections. The vaccine would be passed from one person to the next like a cold, in other words.

    Biffie: This sicko freak just never stops.


    1. They will use an already existing tech, called self-amplifying RNA. saRNA, what could possibly go wrong?

      In any event, the narrative of the jab mRNA has totally collapsed and is now moving slowly into two competing narratives, only one of which can be true (a) it was safe and effective and got us to the endemic phase or (b) — the reality — the vaxx was dangerous and useless, and we are quantifying the million(s) dead worldwide by it.

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    1. Head lines never talk about how this guy/girl/whatever wonders why people judge him/her/whatever for liking animal sex… yes,, it is a true quote!… really brings perspective at a time like this!


  12. Has Rootin Tootin Putin any idea of the scale of Dog Poop he’s landing Russia in? Right now Russia tops the Pariah League and after America and Israel, that takes some doing.
    In today’s media savvy world, Putin is going to devastate Russia’s image for this century. A Psychopathic cheap little KGB Thug out of his depth posing on the world stage. A miniature Goon who thinks he’s the Terminator. Sad, Mad, Vlad.
    This will so shame Russia. A hero only to low life, Gypsies Dog scum. Real people real lives trashed. For a low life?

    Biden admin EXPELS Russia’s second most senior diplomat in Washington

    Commies and Shit flies interbreed, Russia is getting a beating now in London twice a week. Stupid moves and needless. Dwarfs and Trolls.

    Liz Truss kicks out Russian ambassador following ‘very grumpy meeting’

    The UK is now on war alert if needed. We know we can’t win. But we know we will put him into a nuclear winter for 20,000 years.
    Biden warns Putin the U.S. will be ‘involved’ if he moves into NATO

    Every day we now crank it up. Real action, real consequences.

    Government bans all Russian aircraft from UK airspace from MIDNIGHT
    Put sunflower seeds in your pockets so they grow on Ukraine soil’: Woman confronts Russian troops | Daily Mail Online
    Good lady well done

    Can somebody else’s wife count?

    ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus was having sex ‘FOUR times a week’ with wife Lena


  13. The only war Wafflehouse has ever waged has been with the digestive system!!! LOL… Well, and quite possibly IHOP, but that particular food fight didn’t hurt anyone really 🙂


  14. Tony many of the cryptos have now come back into buying ranges so we added across the board since late last night. We did have a few in our group point out that the price action at the present time looks very close to that of last July. Any comments on this?

    Also a few of our young folk have accepted blockchain development work with Swiss firms. Good pay and the projects are unbelievable. The new economy will be the blockchian aeconomy without any doubt.

    We have been catching up on the chats and we applaud you not getting sucked into the drama of OWON or taking WHA down the path of such childish prattle. Our time is best spent on valuable discussions.

    The few little clues John has given sound incredible. The world is going to change so much and we certainly need to be on the right side of those changes. Can not think of a better place to be than here to be informed.

    And to MunichGirl. Love your spirit!
    Your pal C.


    1. Indeed they have. If you are in for the long haul, where the wealth is made, then by all means, buying value at a discount is your prime directive if proper for your circumstances and risk tolerance. Use the foolish who panic sell to bolster your long term holds. Selling into panic on negative news is the donkey play – the emotional financial transaction is the stupid one. Always factor your emotional reactions at the beginning, not the middle or end. If you are finding yourself in a panic, you overdid your position at the onset. Or, you have left gains in play that you really wanted in your pocket and can’t take the drawdown. Set a target and stick to it.

      Of course, if one is trying to trade these markets for short term profits, you better be good, because that’s a tough job. Our approach here is not for that kind of thing. We are in for the maximum value. In 2-3 years when BTC is 200K plus, this will become more evident. The quality alt coins will tag along for that ride, I am most positive. That’s our goal here. If anyone wants to trade, they are welcome to it.

      Neither John nor I have time for witless drones. He’s handling the affairs on which the destiny of many nations will ride, in many respects. Someone in that position does not stop the show to deal with a cur dog yammering at one’s heals. And thus, we move forward here. Our readers did not sign up to spend time reading a Jerry Springer retard rag. Thus, we will not become one.

      That’s great about your young ones. Swiss firms! That’s certainly the center of the crypto universe. Well done to them and let us know how it goes. If I were 20 years younger, I would do the same. School is not for me anymore.

      MunichGirl is quite a pistol. More balls than most. Figuratively speaking of course.

      Keep up the good work.

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  15. Frankly, the top public brass in the world have their head in their ass. Even as the Tapeworm that pushes Digital ID and Climate Change and Critical Race theory keeps burrowing. The Biden Admin is the biggest bunch of national security morons ever assembled.

    F you all. It’s time for serious people to be in charge again, and folks that don’t have NWO agendas. It’s going to be a mess for years to come.

    The whole Ukraine mess was avoidable, and for all the West’s blithering, two ethnically russian areas went back to Russia.

    Similarly, Taiwan has already voted with its feet for China. The idea Taiwan gets to be independent was never true. You blew that one over 80 years ago. TMSC. This forms a very serious problem because the United States, Germany and basically the entire western world permitted TMSC to be the source — a single-source, and a dominant one for that which is not single-source — for electronic components, specifically complex ICs.

    We did this under the false claim and statement that Taiwan was “free” — that is, not Communist as is mainland China.

    That was always a lie and China has always said that Taiwan is part of China, period, and while they permit economic and political freedom to a greater degree there it is only because they want to that this is the condition in which Taiwan operates today.

    Yeah, I know it’s Stephen King but, but I have seen the same statement 100-fold from the crazies in DC

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  16. Good to see thinking people.

    Russians plead for peace: Demonstrators gather in Moscow
    We are cranking up the net on him now daily. Fast and phased realities. This will put Russia back decades now for Trust. So sad and bad moves. It was all coming along.

    Boris unveils new sanctions against Russia after Ukraine invasion

    How the hell have we got to this?

    Ukraine: NATO orders commanders to prepare to defend allied territory
    Sick sad and inhuman! Some glory in it, Creeps.

    How Putin rains down death on Ukraine
    Forget the obsession with sanctions against oligarchs. I have a better way to hurt Putin | Vladimir Putin | The Guardia

    Putin is in so much sanctions play now.
    Putin really will not like this. Curved balls with HIS!

    Minister urges Russian generals to stage a COUP against ‘madman’ Putin
    Stop praying for reincarnation Tony.

    Bees explosively EJACULATE to death during heatwaves, study finds


  17. Our hard sanctions have started and will be phased in as pre advised here. Money talks. Watch how we deal with the Oligarchs and Russians here now. Hard and ball! Money boarding! It took us one day to unleash. One day and more is coming Much more. Watch reality here. Not phobic rants, real world. We act and have.
    Well done Olaf Scholtz. We are with you.
    The Football Championships to be played in Moscow will soon hopefully be stopped, as will the F races.
    Why the hell has it come to this when reason was building. Huge overreaction. Not necessary and so wrong a move. How many will die for for this sad ego tripping? Tragedy is unfolding. Will we ever learn? Why?
    When Man is not kind.

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  19. From an associate and viable reading:

    Recently I wrote Putin banned the export of ammonium nitrate (AN) from Feb. 2 to April 1, which was the first shot across the heads of world leaders. Putin is guaranteeing affordable supplies for domestic farmers following the spike in global fertilizer prices and a crisis created by COVID that materialized in a drastic shortage. While at the same time spiking international prices.

    Russia represents around two-thirds of the world’s annual 20 million mt ammonium nitrate production, most of which is used in fertilizers to improve yields for crops such as corn, cotton, and wheat. Even fertilizing a lawn will cost more.

    Meanwhile Biden has seen to it, that sanctions on Belarus restricts fertilizer shipments (2nd largest in the world) while Latvia cut off port access to Belarus ensuring higher transport costs and time delays.

    So while we see moves in the Ukraine, it is far more involved and multilayered than people see. And why you are now starting to see fertilizer prices skyrocket which will lead to higher food prices and no doubt shortages. And while politicians will say it is supply chain issues, the reality is something else. It is one of the reasons wheat futures are rising. The same will occur in corn etc.

    And no doubt soon to be confronted gas shortages in Europe will add to food scarcity both by cost and availability of supply coupled with a sessional labor issue complicated by Covid mandates. One hardly thinks migrant labor will be vaccinated leading to more crop loss this year. So even simple crops like asparagus in France will be hurt. Last year was a disaster as crops went black in fields due to labor shortages caused by mandates.

    By design and by foolishness we will see very real inflationary pressures on food which politicians fail to grasp.

    The UK has to punish Putin for Ukraine, but only Germany seems capable of stepping up

    Europe and the world is now facing its own Rubicon line. BE CLEAR, If Putin gets away with this, China follows!!! China Follows and Hell, comes to nations.
    This is the mind set and actions of the Scum who murdered 20 million Soviets under Stalin.

    They will murder 100M if unleased across Europe and the world. This time America, it WILL hit your Homelands if this kicks off big time.

    Well done German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, You OLAF, YOU Manned up and stepped up to say – This is our Rubicon Line, and we are proud of you Olaf, and pround of all of you, we all are.
    So please, allow our limited character UK keyboards to send you this message from your fellow Aryans and Teutonics.

    Ich mochte sehen wie sich ganz Europa ahfmacht und zu Erika marschiert, warhrend wirunsdem bloschewisttiisohn Abschkaum stellan Translate in haste but with goodwill and respect. Munich circulate please. Correct the grammar LOL. We are on this hard now. We stand with you.

    We march together. Motherland and Fatherland, meet our destinies if that is what it takes to stop the Bolsheviks. England and Germany are key now. Mini Macron failed, his little arms raised as kissed Ras Putins Butt and failed, then slunk home to be cuddled by his Grannie!

    Olaf made the sacrifice and stepped up and that will send a shudder down Gazprom’s ranks. Russia’s war machine needs those funds, as do the Oligarchs and Rat Weasel Putin’s own kickbacks from them.

    So, enough dithering from mental juddering speech Buffoon Johnson. Lavrov insulted Liz Truss with her Diplomatic efforts, so let’s respond as MEN of Courage, Spartans!!!!

    Freeze ALL Oligarchs, Russian Mafia, and Russian funds inside UK and Tax Haven territories. Freeze all transfers and all funds to Russian held or Russian Beneficial Ownership accounts. YES YOU CAN!!!!

    America, intercept and hold all SWIFTS. as you do with reading our emails, as you did when you stole Tropos funds. Master thieves as you are.

    Cancel all Russian UK Passports issued as Golden Investment Passports. Block all Russian visas from all UK territories. Allow no UK or UK Tax Haven Property or Investment ownership for Russians, force sell the lot and freeze all funds as proceeds of crime. As the Mafia they ARE!

    Seize all Football Clubs from Russians here. Force sell. Deport all Russians.
    Allow NO Russian Yachts or Ships to dock at EU or UK ports. the US the same. Monaco boot out all Russians and their wives, Bodyguard Goons and Whores. Clean up Monaco,

    Now THAT is action Stumble Bumb Johnson, stop fumbling and let’s get to it. Affirmative action. No Waffling Wars you Clown. Man Up! Face Up! Put Up! We MUST!

    Do that and Putin will be dealt with by Moscow. Money talks!

    Lead! Do this and China will think twice on Taiwan and South Korea. Think, preempt!
    Correct so act now!
    Retired General’s warning that Britain may soon be at war with Russia
    About time now let’s throw the lot out. All Proceeds of CRIME! Freeze it ALL. They will deal with Ras Putin.

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich ‘has been BARRED from living in UK’
    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes this will really hurt in Moscow. This will slam home. For them a PR Smash Down DISASTER .

    St Petersburg could be stripped of Champions League final on Friday
    This is my fear as the Bully Shows Shock and Awe. Ego and Deaths. Stalin types.

    Military expert predicts Putin’s next move will be Blitzkrieg
    If he does this we will bring havoc to him.

    British banks brace for Russian cyber attacks

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  20. Well, isn’t it interesting that there are 15 US biolabs of undetermined degree in the Ukraine? If you superimpose the map of locations and action, one is a subset of the others. Could be a coincidence, but maybe not. Maybe we will be grateful for the invasion in the long run if someone was brewing a super-pandemic…

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  21. For our Munich partners.
    Please see what is coming up tonight and circulate it. Done in haste but needed.
    Commend Olaf Scholtz, tell him ” Noted”. All issues in deep debate today off Public radar but real thinking- Manning Up!. See the report as we put a backbone in Johnson.


    1. John we continue to appreciate your support. Sacred Germany is waking up. What a future our two countries can make now that a plan to rid Europe of the bloodsuckers of humanity is coming. We tried. We failed. Now we must try again and this time we will not fail united against those who once divided us.

      Let the barnyard shit piles scream like babies. All talk. No power, no influence, no sense of honor. Nations beckon for a new era.

      What a world is possible. We are going to build it. We are on the move. We are watching.

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      1. Munich

        You have seen first hand who who sits and coordinates all the real power with the Military and Agencies on one side and the Government on the other. Who heads the inner sanctum committees. Old Guard. Out of sight, never out of control. Politicos come and go. Power stays in safe hands. Inner Domains. Safety. See how fast we moved the sanctions into play, Bang,Done as I said would be done! More to come. As you come to accept Merkel’s EU has failed, we will re group. Power together next time, nor more Corporals. We don’t need Basket Cases free riding. A 2 tier system is needed. Stronger illegals borders. Also Zoned barriers. It’s coming together. The US Treasury needs time for the amounts. Huge steps and Zionist Snouts out. Blocked out. Keep the faith it’s coming.

        Watch the battle unfolding as the 20% US capital syphon offs to fun the WEF is now failing, We have refused. It’s coming down. The new key groups will control the new board. Rodent free. Reshaping the future without Golums!

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  22. Our hearts and minds are with you Rockville 2. Good luck and be safe. So sorry your caught up in this.
    Yours is the voice of reality stay in touch. We are with you. We WILL send aid Rockville we are on it. See my reports later today. See what he has stirred. We are all with you Rockville2.
    The Commies are the poor Russian peoples own worst enemies, They suffer too..Bolsheviks!

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  23. I think Trump is right… I do not think this invasion would have happened if he was president… not because Putin is scared of Trump, but because the need to invade Ukraine would not have arose due to the advancements of the deep state… I may be way off base, and this is just an opinion from my tiny little corner of the world… seems like Putin is only doing what needs to be done in order to secure his own country from aggression… if Putin is successful how much deep state debt will be wiped?

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    1. We simply failed to live up to the Minsk Accords and then made Russia out to be the bad guy. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. With some luck Russia will exterminate some Khazerian Zio morons that thrive on this shit.

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  24. Any hope for the reduction of NATO bases surrounding Russia just ended. Now the Bear is loose and with-it Wild Cards. Now it’s down to how far Putin wants to push it. If he hits any Western bases, it all goes up.
    So far, we assume he will only take Ukraine and we will let him. But then, like Napoleon the Runt will want more. Little men with big Egos. In his head he’s now Vlad the Impaler. It’s contained so far but could easily flash up.
    What will gutless and Useless Western leaders do? Not a lot. But its time now to look hard and fast at ALL Commies in the West. It may be time to change all Borders and put them into Russia, but cut off from the West

    Putin’s tanks roll into Ukraine over Belarus border amid full invasion
    Explosive Impact of Canadian Truckers Protest! – Activist Post

    Now Canada has just shown us what the WEF and Schwab has in mind for all of us and YOU. They and the Commies! One great Commie CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake TF up!
    Trudeau may go down in history as the person who shown the spotlight on Schwab and his agenda to the world. The question is what Klaus will do with what is a liability to the agenda of the WEF?

    Game on!


    Yes, all the Oligarchs here will be frozen, suited and booted. Anything Commie will go.
    Life on the home front: How Ukraine invasion could send cost of petrol to 170p a litre, push up energy bills by ANOTHER £700 and raise price of weekly shop

    Following Vladimir Putin’s decision to order Russian forces into eastern Ukraine, European gas prices jumped by 13 per cent and Brent crude oil closed at almost $100 a barrel – a seven-year high.

    Price Racketeering is coming fast.
    Be clear, interfere and it goes Nuke!

    Putin’s gives chilling warning to the West in early morning broadcast


  25. Fuel prices will soar, price racketeering is here, you will all be hit with costs this hear. Every Con and scam will send those prices up. Opportunists will plot. Gimme, Gimme,Gimme is here. Along with the We Are Owed lot.
    It’s coming. Gut busters.


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  27. Thanks for the cheap BTC, Vladimir. Don’t worry, nobody is going to try to stop you. We have a long history of not interfering in anyone’s affairs. Xi, Taiwan is there. Go for it. Our president is going to organize “truinternashinaaprsure” and will get back to you once he has had a high colonic and has done 3 pushups.

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  28. NEW – Board member of large German health insurance company comes forward: Side effects of COVID vaccines much higher than reported by official agencies.

    “According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 visits to the doctor by our policyholders because of vaccination complications to be realistic to this day. Extrapolated to the total population, this value would be three million,” says BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck in a report by WELT.

    “The numbers that resulted from our analysis are very far away from the publicly announced numbers. It would be unethical not to talk about it.”

    The new data is an “alarming signal,” adds Schöfbeck.


    Almost all of the nation’s top 25 medical schools are incorporating ideas related to critical race theory (CRT) into mandatory training programs for students and staff, warned a watchdog website documenting leftist indoctrination in K-12 and higher education.

    A long-time critic of CRT and the so-called “woke” movement, Jacobson said this leads to a dangerous path for medical education.
    “The mantra of the so-called ‘anti-racism’ movement has no place in medicine. Current racial discrimination in order to remedy past racial discrimination is wrong generally, but is downright dangerous in medicine,” the professor told Fox News Digital, referencing a quote from “How To Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi.


    “The idea that they’re going to come after physicians that spread misinformation, without defining what misinformation is, [is] frightening,” Physician Dr. Jeff Barke told The Epoch Times.


    British soccer legend and sports commentator Matt Le Tissier spoke out during an interview with Oracle films about the many athletes who have collapsed or died on the playing field. He had never seen anything like it in the 17 years he had played the sport.

    The famous athlete is calling for an investigation into the cause of athletes failing health, most of whom have received the Covid “vaccines.” Matt Le Tissier felt a responsibility to speak out after a 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA players in 2021. He accused leaders who ignore this disturbing phenomenon of “gross dereliction of duty.”

    Le Tissier believes that fact-checkers and government officials seek to negate or discredit information supporting the theory that the mRNA injections are behind the sudden onslaught of injuries and deaths.

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  32. China runs the NBA… and the USA?…

    Enes Kanter Freedom, who was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and is newly without a team in the NBA, received a warm welcome from Senators on Capitol Hill at an awards ceremony last week for his continued activism against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) human rights abuses.

    When it comes to the NBA, “you can talk about all the social justice, all the injustices happening all around the world. But when it comes to China, you cannot speak up,” Freedom said at a ceremony hosted by advocacy group Committee on Present Danger: China in Washington on Feb. 17. “If you do, then you’d have to face the consequences.”

    Freedom was released by the Houston Rockets soon after a trade from the Boston Celtics on Feb. 10. He was one of the highest-rated back-up centers statistically in the NBA, and believes that his activism cost him his career.

    “I want to tell you guys that I have no regrets,” said Freedom. There are “more important things besides money and business such as morals, principles, and values.”

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  33. Laurence Tribe shows his true colors. Deep State shill. He should, at a minimum, lose tenure over this — he knows such a statement is completely anathema to the US Constitution.


  34. The Ukraine Crisis Is on Biden

    The well-known deep corruption of the Biden gamily from Bribe taking, to Drugs and Child abuse is all part of what has landed America in this mess.

    No question Biden owns this. Trump needs to be all over it. Republicans too.
    Missing flight MH370 ‘brought down by a murder suicide plot’

    Now at last we get the truth emerging as reality on the missing flight MH370.
    Not the delusional psychopath fantasies. Reality is a pilot with mental problems.
    We know a few of those.

    It’s stinks it looks like Staley took Epstein’s hookers Barclays again
    Russia warns of ‘painful’ response to U.S. sanctions over Ukraine

    Putin clearly wants his war, but he won’t be dying


  35. We need much more of this… way to go coach!
    “That’s typical of our country right now,” Izzo continued. “Instead of solving the problem, let’s make an excuse and let’s see if we can just, instead of confronting and demanding that it changes, let’s eliminate it so that we don’t have those problems.”

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  36. Read that 11 of the 100 kids died…

    A secret Nigerian government report concluded that the drug manufacturer Pfizer undertook an “illegal trial of an unregistered drug” when the company enrolled nearly 100 Nigerian children with meningitis in a trial testing its antibiotic trovafloxacin (Trovan) against ceftriaxone during a 1996 meningitis epidemic.
    Families of the children, their attorneys, and the media have been seeking the results of the report for five years without success until the report was leaked last week to the Washington Post (7 May, sect A: 1) by a source who asked to remain anonymous because of “personal safety” concerns.


  37. “All States are governed by a ruling class that is a minority of the population, and which subsists as a parasitic and exploitative burden upon the rest of society. Since its rule is exploitative and parasitic, the State must purchase the alliance of a group of Court Intellectuals, whose task is to bamboozle the public into accepting and celebrating the rule of its particular State. The Court Intellectuals have their work cut out for them. In exchange for their continuing work of apologetics and bamboozlement, the Court Intellectuals win their place as junior partners in the power, prestige, and loot extracted by the State apparatus from the deluded public. The noble task of Revisionism is to de-bamboozle: to penetrate the fog of lies and deception of the State and its Court Intellectuals, and to present to the public the true history of the motivation, the nature, and the consequences of State activity. By working past the fog of State deception to penetrate to the truth, to the reality behind the false appearances, the Revisionist works to delegitimize, to desanctify, the State in the eyes of the previously deceived public.”

    ~ Murray Rothbard

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  38. COVID19 Antibodies Improve for Months After mRNA Vaccine – Reuters

    So what? The vaccines simply fail despite the “optimization”. Why? Because the goddam S-protein does not provide proper immunity. When is the bio-spin going to stop… or is it so they can off-ramp from the insanity and lie about continued immunity via false assured immunity ?

    The shots do not prevent infection, do not prevent transmission, wane with time, fail to provide any immunity in the first 14 days (any shot #), the Bayesian data crime of the t+14 makes the boosters look more effective, 1 million adverse events (USA), complete failure in Israel @ 4 shots, the efficacy fails more and more rapidly, no evidence (really) that the infections are less severe, the original Pfizer trial was gamed (see BMJ, BMJ Editorials), Pfizer whistleblower lawsuit, kills roughly a minimum of 3 for any 2 they may save (great politically retracted paper) — which means the vaxxes are outright criminal AND ALL FOR A VIRUS with an IFR originally of 0.22% and continued hysteria for an OMICRON IFR of 0.03% to 0.05% MAX.

    It’s endemic. Get over yourselves. Reverse all mandates, all vaxx passports, all adhesion, — restore all civili liberties NOW. And Canada, grow a pair and take out Trudeau (legally, then try him for Crimes Against Humanity, and hang the SOB on National TV).


    1. Maybe someone can find the link to this article. There has been no updates on this from the Trudeau government. Why? July 2020 news article reads “Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate” A list of viruses are in the article. The list includes 2 vials each of 15 strains. The 2 Chinese scientists were escorted out of the lab in Winnipeg, MB Canada. The lab was built in 1999 under Liberal PM Chretien. I have not seen any world leaders asking for updates on this subject.

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  39. And we have tens of millions of illegal aliens.

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  40. I continue to be amused at Vlastimil who seems to want to make a career out of commenting about our content.

    Just so you know, my name is not Tony Salve. “Salve” is Latin for “Greetings”.

    If you knew my background, you would know that dealing with jokers and serial degraders is not new to me. Easily seen a mile away. And in the past, I have let those who think they were fooling me continue to post, because I understand that whatever a person is, there is a lot more of them if you give them enough rope to play out. So, don’t think you are going to post anything and make me lose sleep or be concerned with any damage to WHA. That is pretty much impossible.

    I find it rather amusing that you actually seem to think that you can send messages to key Asiatic elders and that they would be read even if you could. I hope you really don’t believe that, because if you do, you need to seek help. But reminds me of John Hinkley writing to Jody Foster; possible to do, but really, but did she read it?

    Of course, if you have the background, the connections, the experience, the resources, the lineage, the earned position, the confidence of the elders to assist the elders in their undertaking, feel free to send a copy of your CV to us and we will send it to the right people and get back to you.

    I have no doubt who J2021 is, the access he has, his background, his friends (you would be amazed at who he has stood next to on the world’s stage) and the undertaking he is charged with. He has taken time to assist this site for many years both indirectly and now directly. Never has he refused a request for help with a query. The answers are not always what we would like to hear, but that’s better than hearing comforting lies, yes?

    The stakes in this game are very high. And for good purposes. If I thought he was doing this to fund war industry, war lords, criminal usury, vile Zionist activity of any kind, or anything anathema to decent humanity, I would at once close this site and go back to my quiet fulfilling life – travel, chase German girls all over Bavaria, and let the world roll on without me. But I know that’s not the goal. There is enough bad in the world, already well financed. Do you really think he would stay up all hours of the day to want to finance more of the same? That would be one cold-hearted empty soul of a man if so. Beyond any redemption. But neither he nor the Asiatic chieftains who place their confidence in him would partake in such a vile undertaking.

    If you want to wish destruction on London and the USA, well, that’s your prerogative. It just looks like rage.

    You don’t need to address me or this site any further. You are just wasting your time. You will not change anything over here. You won’t sway my decisions or actions at all. And the elders are not reading your words. Sorry.

    I have no idea why OWoN is allowing a freewheeling one-track diatribe to become its sole stock and trade. It’s a sad state of affairs for a once very well-run site with quality presentations. I would consider that you refocus your efforts on issues and stop the personal attacks. It’s fine if you want to utter against any political or geopolitical issue. Nobody would deny you that. But when you extend your remarks to make accusations of a personal nature just because the person you attack does not speak to your satisfaction, well, it looks like unhinged mania.

    Just some advice to you.

    Nothing you say or do will stop with work over here. Nothing. Nothing at all. Keep that in mind.

    As your former Bolshevik leader once said: Ни шагу назад! Not One Step Back!

    I took the time to reply because I think your time is best spent on something more productive. I will not reply to anything more.

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  41. The latest official US Policy is who the hell does Putin think he is to abuse International Law and take other nations territory. America will now impose sanctions ( WILL!!!!) and crank it up much more as needed. Putin is now in a face off with the EU, UK and US. We warned this would be triggered. It took the UK just ONE Day and more is coming. Putin is now so much in play, He’s now shot his bolt and sadly Laverov has now shot his load with Diplomacy. If this thing goes hostile, Putin’s tanks are lunch, the lot. He has no idea of the weapons waiting. Genocide. Biden has his new Vietnam and a sore Ass from Afghanistan, They will go for a quick mass kill,.and GET IT!. So many will die. WHY? Put Putin on the Front line to frag his own Ass not Russian kids. For God’s sake, TALK! No killing. No wars!

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    1. Ya know, at the 50,000 meter level, exactly WHY do we care if 2 ethnic Russian areas land back in Russian hands…

      And where does the Hughes fortune money laundering sit in this insanity…


      1. Yes, good point. We didn’t learn anything from the time when Germany wanted a mostly ethnic German section of Poland back only to have three nations declare war on it as Poland was handed an unsolicited war guarantee if Germany reclaimed a piece of Germany. 50 million died for that brilliant move, and in the end, it all went to the Communists.


    1. London says Hi. See how fast we put them in their cage today. No words, one day and action, bang! More to come. Move the Aryans here. Enough. One people, one land, Here!

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    Forcing 10-year-old girls to sleep quartered with grown men is the kind of behavior you’d expect from a sexual predator.
    When confronted about the sleeping arrangements, the camp’s defense was, “Per California law, we place staff in cabins they identify with,” and the two men refer to themselves as “they/them.”


  43. A message to all our European Allies. As was always the danger Russia would seek to weaponize energy for political gain. More Hegemony.
    The UK is just opening up more Oil and Gas fields for fast track use to help you all. We and Norway will supply Europe as will other Allies. We have vast reserves. Enough.As do the Allies. The Bolsheviks just blew it. We do not condone Ukraine or its criminal autocracy..We even understand the Base issues worrying Russia. But this escalation serves no purpose yet. It’s way too early. Also sad.. Reason was being achieved. If Ukraine falls all goodwill towards Russia will end. It need not be this way. Let change evolve.
    Is Putin marking his own card card now. Even Nato will concede on new bases if asked Diplomatically. Too many vested interests are in play and all are culpable. It’s still invading a European nation and that is the rule of Global law breaking down. Will the EU and America run away? Boys with Nuclear Toys loose? Have we no Leaders left?
    We are approaching Wild Card territory and Loose Cannons. Egos and Misfits, what a mix. This is how WW1 was triggered. Now we have Nukes and Egos. But no reason? Both sides have issues -TALK!. Listen!


  44. Like

  45. The Guardian: UK politics live: Boris Johnson under pressure from Tories and opposition MPs to go further on Russia sanctions.

    Just so you know, there are forces above Numpty MPs and PMs here ramming a broomstick up Johnson’s Butt to crank response right up and face this Bolshevik Down. Remember, do nothing and you get tyranny. Faced with knowing if pushed the Brits will do what they know is inevitable, sensible Russian Generals will rethink Putin’s role and decide if his game plan is too many lives too far.
    He’s overreached and he’s going to cost Russia so much goodwill.
    Time to stop this game and negotiate hard do not escalate because no one wins, and all know the end game.
    Ukraine crisis: Putin asks for permission to use force outside Russia

    Needless arrogance this takes us ever closer to opening the Silos.
    Good Russians be clear, if we launch the US has to follow and you will just be wasted history in the dust.
    Even peace soon and trust is still gone.
    Choose your steps with care, no sound mind wants this war or the deaths which will follow. There is no right to the dead and grieving families. Just dead and wasted lives
    Where the hell has reason gone in this arrogant orgy of posing? Who will interject reason?
    A season for reason with sensible men.
    For Canada, sadly, DISGUST!


    1. So sad, but RIGHT! Ethics and Real Democracy. Real Patriots. Good Canadians. Time to clear out the TRASH.
      Clear out ALL WEF Poison.


  46. Tony’s been up since 7 getting all these key updates to you. Huge Well Done Tony.Thanks.
    .Some State of Play heh? One day only and bang, Putin’s key Oligarch bag men flattened. Gorilla Snot! .

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    1. Do not question what we say… do not support anyone who does… we will make you comply… you are not in charge of your country, we are!.. do what we tell you to do, when we tell you to do it, period!…

      This is not about what she did, this is about instilling fear in anyone who thinks about going against the GOV.



    Now you see how fast London F over the Oligarchs and Bolsheviks will. One wrong move, and fist in their face the next day.

    Forget Trolls, Grunts and Nutters, WHA gives you hard facts and you see the results. We have all of them ready to walk the plank.

    Pawns against Knights and Queens. No Class sees their Ass. The move made just to cancel Nordstream took courage by Germany, so huge respect. Thank you for standing with us. We have noted it.
    Again, Motherland and Fatherland.

    Our thanks also to the Russian Generals telling Putin to stop overreacting and do not start this No-Win war. Way too many lives WILL be lost on both sides. Mad policies.

    Dead heroes are not heroes, just Dead! Why waste good lives humanity does not want or need this. It’s a stupid war. It will put Russia back decades. How does that help good Russians? Or peace?

    These are Putin’s London bagmen being hit right away. He made one bad move, we moved hard. Bloody noses already. What a smack in the Snout.

    These are bad moves by the Bolsheviks. Europe is recoiling, so is the world. As with Rome and the Barbarians we need to look at the trash next.

    Germany, Thank You. That took courage. The Russian Generals too who want this stopped, Thank You for YOUR courage to stand up and say No.

    Good point, it may finish him.


    1. Curious…is Ukraine getting sanctioned for bombing ethnic Russians? Or violating the Minsk agreement?

      Of course not. You need thesis…anti-thesis.

      I would also point out that Putin and Zelenskyy are both graduates of Klaus Schwab’s WEF young leader program. They are on the same side.

      This is just more WAG the dog theatre by the world jewry brotherhood with end goal being global war and major depopulation.


  48. The Government terrified us into wearing masks. Now it should persuade us to take them off.

    An interesting and highly valid comment. Well raised,. I see the mass mindless Sheeple still masked, visibly brain dead to reality and simply too stupid to have self-determined that the re-inhaled toxic breath your body discharged for good reason, is not a toxic element your body wished to be taking back, or the buildup of toxins in those Sheeple masks. We raised Sheep among other things on our Estate, and they are the second dumbest creatures to walk the planet. Take the dammed things off brain dead. It just signifies a Moron stamp. N95 masks are for operating theatres and patient care, but changed every hour for safety, so as to avoid breath toxins being re-inhaled. Not worn for weeks by brain dead.
    God, they walk among us.
    How Covid changed medicine for the future
    Interesting observations.
    UK joins Biden and the EU in ordering sanctions against Russia

    Changing policies in Governments is like turning around an oil tanker. But all are now focused on Russia and this thing if not stopped, will hit them hard. Very!
    Credit Suisse has allowed the morally bankrupt to steal from the poor for too long

    A good, succinct comment, and one which should apply to all Tax Havens also. All Tax Evaded stolen funds! Starting with the Oligarchs and more to come
    City chiefs to unleash £80bn Brexit Big Bang as ministers scrap EU red tape

    Interesting that Britain, by dumping EU Red Tape BS will save $80B. A huge gain, out with the Socialists crap.
    Oligarchs lobby Foreign Office in bid to avoid sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine

    Now they try it on lobbying Ministers, but it won’t work. We are now after them big time behind the scenes. Red Rags to Bulls, this will hurt them and more to come.
    The End Is Near for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | SGT Report

    Beyond time he’s up on radar everywhere now
    Every poop scoop is heading his way. Well worth reading and CANADIANS We are with YOU!
    UK says serious doubts exist within Russian military about invading Ukraine

    This to me is a sign of hope their Generals are intelligent, sophisticated adversaries, and they know the costs here is not worth the downside. They can be constructive peace makers.
    A welcome move. Reign Ras Putin in. No Wars and No Deaths here.
    Not a bad job if your born a Tosser is it?
    How does Charles ever qualify as King?
    Or Camilla as Queen?
    Paid how much?
    Putin orders troops into Ukraine on ‘peacekeeping mission’
    How is it peacekeeping invading Europe?

    He’s in play now and this is only the start. It takes time politically to get a uniform policy between nations but it’s building in stages and it’s going to hurt. It takes about 6 months for an economy to become entrenched it takes about 30 years to build credible trust as an economic supplier. Lose that as an income source and where will that take Russia? All its ships at sea go into play.
    But the Oligarchs now see empires being torched and like ET are phoning home screaming they are torching me. Funds remitted to me are not clearing to my account. Funds directed as transfers are not arriving. Your kickbacks are being frozen. They are freezing us all like Siberia. Give it time but the next move will bite. Last time we blocked Putin’s Bagman Abrahamovitch from getting a visa to enter Britain. His vast properties are empty he cannot live there. Soon the rest will follow. Oligarchs won’t like being given termination of visa orders. Or finding all funds frozen. What will Snow White do with an unwanted Dwarf?
    Now Russia is waking up to game changes. There are Club rules.
    Intel Agencies are all over it now. Teeth are being felt. This is only the start. Let’s hope sense prevails. It’s becoming a face off. Will the West blink? We can but watch..multi nations are coming on board as happened when we hit them for poisonings. Ignore lunatic grunt bloggers the evidence was solid and accepted by all nations. Over 40 countries sanctioned Russia then. This will get far worse. The odd lunatic screaming alone in the night won’t stop what’s coming. Sophisticated adversaries will use sophisticated sanctions. As ever. It’s the poor and oppressed it will hit the hardest. They are not the cause of this but when did that stop the evil Bolshevik Empire murdering 20M of its own? Even in weeks it will start to show. Again, Pawns on the board facing Knights and a Queen. Czech Mate.
    Depraved killer choked his grandmother before having sex with corpse

    It’s a worldwide problem with them.
    Boris vows to unveil ‘first barrage’ of sanctions against Russia TODAY

    This is huge it will arse rip Russia’s energy plans and finances.
    Germany is not kissing Russian Ass massive well-done Germany. Motherland and Fatherland as one. Unstoppable. Huge, good news to see you on side with us. Respect.
    Munich so happy to read this.
    ‘No plans’ to strip Russia of hosting the Champions League final

    Absolutely right we should take this hugely prestigious event off them. Major face loss then.

    Be clear London has just posted immediate sanctions on. Russia and while the US plays catch up and Europe grows a pair, we are working away behind the scenes with a widening range of Bear Traps to deal with Bolsheviks.

    To our German colleagues Thank You for your courageous moral action on Nordstream. You know who is who and who has your backs in return. We are with you. Our bases and tanks plus fighters. Bombers and Subs will defend you. You know who the real Bears are here. One day is all it took for us to stick it up him. F him it’s now his move. Thank God there are intelligent, good and Patriotic Russian Generals who know that Russia should not be launching this war and who know beyond any doubt what we will do if our German bases are attacked. This is political stupidity not Russian military caused.

    Be clear think beyond Troll stupidity, just Nutters! Russia does have a case to stop more bases and I have been open about that. But negotiated. If this escalates you will buy the farm on more bases not less. How does that help?

    This is not a smart move. Lavrov has been a huge and credible asset to Russia. I have commended him before.
    But that snarling attack on Liz Truss was very poor Diplomacy and has pissed off the Old Guard here. That is our real power. Circles within circles. We don’t leave our future to halfwit politicos.

    Thank you to the Russian Generals standing up to Putin..loss of your boys’ lives will be enormous, and no one wants that. But you know beyond doubt our only options if you cross our lines and you know it’s not talk. I’m not going to publicise what you know that’s our Diplomacy. Hands across nations let’s work together through back channels to stop this thing.

    Lavrov needs to retrack to being the consulate Diplomat. For everyone’s sakes, Drop the Bear act it’s a no win.
    Let’s not give parties proof to ring fence you more that’s a huge trap you’re walking into. A gift of goodwill from us. Mutual accords let’s de politicise this mess.

    Remember what happened to Napoleon at Waterloo. We still have the plaster cast model of his Pecker and Balls here as a memento post his death. His posterity.

    Not a good memory, is it?

    Back-channels guys, this is too delicate for Bloggers, politicos and halfwits. We can work it out. We must. Every life lost is one too many. Intelligent reasoning together. Not Egos.


    “There was never at any stage, even by the following year, any form of analysis of the harms caused by lockdowns,” said Woolhouse.
    “Were they even considered? I haven’t seen any evidence that they were and that is very, very troubling.””

    While those who correctly warned that lockdowns would cause devastation were summarily demonized, smeared, cancelled and deplatformed, what if any punishment will lockdown advocates who got everything wrong face?


  50. As forewarned already now the UK, US and EU have agreed to start hard phased sanctions against Russia. This will hurt and really build up if Putin overreaches. The Oligarchs are panicking already. Lobbying won’t work. We are screening those Bastards hard now. What’s coming will leave underwear stains. Money talks and taking it from them is key to all. We control 90% of all Global Tax Havens as our Protectorates. , there is nowhere to hide.
    Cross that line we will take yours. Intel and IT rules the game board now, Oligarchs now see their funds transfers are frozen and panic starts. Sorry Sir, UK Compliance now asks you to prove in detail how you made those funds and your tax cleared tax records. OMG So F! Hardball, as our Claws now hold theirs! Real power. Money talks.Those are Global UK tentacles locked on firm around their Testicles. We know how to deal with poisoning Dwarfs. How messy does Ras Putin want this? All Spy Agencies are now focused on Russia, Putin and the Oligarchs.Watch what follows if they cross the Rubicon line. Biden is playing Catch Up but the UK has it. Two can play. No one better than London. For good reasons. Let’s save those lives first! So much I won’t say, but so much is In Play, No time to try to be Russia ‘n those funds around when all the banks now do not comply. .Why? Pawns don’t beat Knights and Queens. It’s OUR Board. Need to know only. Stop this War! Reason first. Reason now.


    1. Meh. This presumes a lot of facts not in evidence to me on the street.

      I won’t second-guess those in the Arena, but it doesn’t smell right.

      Russia spans11 time zones. No commoner is worrying about the petty sanctions, hard or not. As to oligarchs, Putin is blessing you for removing a whole bunch of folks that he has to answer to. If I were him I’d round up the sanctioned and quietly execute them. It’s been done before. And now he also has the moral high ground, he’s removed from Ukraine thru independence the two areas that are ethnic Russian, it’s over unless anyone is stupid enough to put a base in what’s left of Ukraine. If anyone should be horrifically sanctioned it’s Biden, NATO and whatever bunch of Zio morons that triggered this s-storm in the first place. Why, for example, can’t a hitman take out Victoria Nuland? Even if it went to retaliatory assassinations, good riddance to the sociopaths involved.

      Also, Russia went ahead regardless of the off-shore malarkey — in fact, in full knowledge of it — which should give strategists great pause to think twice. Russians are many things, but not stupid. How does this play into Russian hands? It might be as simple as a message to oligarchs — you are taking one for the team, we’ll make it up to you later.

      Not to mention loss of trust in the offshore system globally. No one is putting money into Canada now that money was seized for “bad behavior”. Bad behavior is very subjective. If I can’t trust my thieving offshore banker who can I trust? But I suspect this is part of the long term plan to fold the offshore system back in and sanitize it.

      Plus, the Cuba/Taiwan/Ukraine scenarios are all unwinnable by the side projecting force at planetary distance. You don’t even need nukes. Big bombs from 300 miles away max, will always suffice to keep territorial integrity to the neighboring power. China will get Taiwan, Russia will get Ukraine and as to Cuba, it’s a basket case, so we don’t want it. Though seizing it would make the global point quite nicely.


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