Clearing the Rot and Cleaning Out the LOT! Where Do We Start?

Almost 5 years ago I singularly authored, and graphic selected, this full big picture overview report on the past, then present, and the now future events and core issues.  

Little has changed. The same corrupt Political deviants still run free. Law has failed. So much reality needs to be factored in to understand the big picture. Reason beyond inept Politicos. 

The fake Catholic Church Kiddie Fiddlers still feed their Coffers on the backs of a gullible congregation. Wills, seized land holdings and the voracious State sourced income to run Church Schools with a pedophile record second to none which would have stripped any Corporate Licensed Entity of its licenses long ago. The Vatican and Jesuits are UNFIT to manipulate and enrich themselves from State Education Budgets and no one seems to have a clue what to do. So many Neros fiddling while Rome is burning.  

Leaders are still variations of inept and appalling Jerks, while the Sheeple still mindlessly shuffle to oblivion. The report and oversight were ever truer then and is now. 

Who’s in control in this Global Political Sink Hole? 

At least they took down Maxwell. What about the rest?  

Transhumanism can only work if we have Humans left.  

Birth Rates are falling, and new Pandemics are calling. No thanks to Fauci and Gates. 

So, WHA has permitted a re-publishing of this article, with some up-to-date revisions, so we can revisit the issues within and perhaps determine in whatever way one wishes to use, if society is getting better or worse in your immediate vicinity. And based on that determination, you can perhaps plan your way forward with a better understanding of what you may encounter.

Thank you,


All this is needed to give YOU a new life fit for purpose. Freeing YOU from the Cabal and Zionist Kazakh’s Zoo! It’s them – Or You!

Self-Help is Humanity’s only solution! Switching on reality.

Looking at the emergent current human species, most of what can go wrong… has.It will continue until we remove the Khazars. 

Is the only thing which switches on what passes for US Intellect, the question of – “When can I get My Dinars cashed, Food Stamps or Welfare Checks?” First, understand the bigger picture and what YOU can help us all do. From Dinars to false Religions, to UFOs, what do you know? Has Covid taught you nothing? 

Where is your quality of judgment calls with so much bogus nonsense perpetrated as history?

Don’t believe those who practice and flatter to deceive.

Before trying to eulogize powers and actions needed, first even try to understand part of the Big Picture reality Rot problem as all interrelate.

Millenniums of Tribal Warlords, Despots, Feudal Monarchies, Dictatorships, through to the current convoluted mess of an unholy alliance between the scurrilous Vatican Jesuits scheming, and the US criminal Military Industrial Cabal and Criminal Agencies controlled war machine nation, with its attendant Zionist Oligopolies of Banking, Media, Law and Federal/Treasury Zionist infiltrated mass malpractice, which combines to control all. Sloth, greed, duplicity and criminality perverts the entire infrastructure. A truly unholy alliance of Perverts, duplicitous Zio Tapeworms and Zealots sucking this gullible humanity life species dry. Why are Epstein’s Lolita Free riders not in jail? Maxwell now is. 

Parasites and Despots rule, all unchecked. None are fit for purpose. How could a person as loathsome and deeply criminal as Clinton ever have challenged unchecked for the US Presidency, and still, she walks free? Clinton has more baggage than a camel train. But so do most of them.

What of the unreleased volumes of corrupt perverts names attending Epstein’s Island where depraved and loathsome men preyed on these young girls. What happened to publishing the list? When??? Who?  How about naming and shaming, letting Justice free for the world to see? Values? Who needs to be named and shamed? Who are they all? Including dirty Bill Clinton with his 23 plus trips to Epstein’s depravity hole. How can you eulogize this slime as Heroes? Who were the rest? Exposure time for the lot! The Zio MSM protecting their own again. Watergate was the end of US Press integrity.

Who sweeps out these ugly human excreta of an unfit, self-assumed ruling species to initiate a new planetary start? If not, has your whole existence been for nothing?

What can go wrong has. It’s ALL unfit for purpose. Stop- The- Rot!

Crime pays in America. Look at Obama, the Bushes and Clintons. Bribed Biden. Hunter’s crimes. 

Where, among all the Leaders is any one visionary candidate, one with a sense of purpose and recognition of a new direction to enable Man to emerge as a creative new Cosmic Species? Who has an exhibited perception of Justice, Morality and Ethereal Soul Values? Look at the Despotic corruption of the Vatican. Godless! An Evil Perverts Charter. 

Who can lead? Feed needs and not greed.

JFK tried. JFK died!

MLK had a dream. So did Clinton, but his was wet. Daily!

Mandela emerged and saved a nation from an ugly Civil War. Where are the new Mandelas?Certainly not Con Man Soetoro.

Who then as emergent Leaders, possess a collective ethos of values, able to redirect the emergence of a visionary new Global society fit for purpose, to emerge from our blinkered, delusional life, enabling you to take up your role in the greater Cosmos as Kinetic energy aided beings? Transhumanism is coming, but to what end? Who leads as the emerging Superpowers compete? Who is left behind, and how do we address the unholy alliances of Sloth with the current dysfunctional and unworthy misfits in office today?

So much is evolving and leaking. But what is Mankind’s priority list. What is YOURS?

The escalating Military risk of the unelected Deep State raised tensions with Russia and China, leaves America and the world exposed to a narcissistic Elephant Gut Yahoo touring Asia posing like an empowered Caesar, but of such little visible intellect as to fail to understand that it is the Cabal Agency which propounds tensions with Russia and China further. How does it help Americans understand the lies, aggression and mendacity for power, will be paid for by their lives, for Cabal lies?

Trump was trying to build a bridge of understanding with Russia, but like Brutus before him, the knives in his back risked bringing him down protecting Cabal agendas which benefit no one but the Bankers and Vatican. The real enemy is often at home as Emperors found with the Roman Senate. Betrayal and treachery abound.

The new Soviet Satan 2 Stealth missile is of such power that only 12 of their almost unstoppable stealth radar shielding missiles penetrating will suffice to wipe out the entire US. Just one even launched will erase the UK or France. An awesome weapon and more to come. Russia has such advanced and sophisticated robotic and electromagnetic weapons as to negate opposing armies, neutering their electronics and guidance systems. Sitting Ducks to mop up in a Russian Turkey shoot.

Forget the claims and aspirations of the US Skunkworks. That’s Yesterday’s news. Russia may now be one or even two generations ahead of the US, and with a highly refined Soviet secrecy network, keeps its own secrets close for the nasty element of surprise, while the KGB are plundering America’s. Meddle at your peril. Reverse engineering can get the jump on all of you. The US still denies Roswell. Yet Russia’s crashed 7 are on record. How advanced is Russia now? 

Still, they probe and poke the Bear. Despite that, Russia and China are scooping up the entire Middle East and Asian economies, escalating also to South America. China has taken Africa. So why continue this wasteful funding of the nearly 1,000 costly US Hegemony bases no one wants? Apart from a flatulent military and Toys for the Boys. Trillions wasted has got them where? From such waste, you got what? A crippled US economy and a world at war. Homeless, jobless and Washington DC – pitifully Hopeless!

You ran away from Afghanistan as with Vietnam. America has lost the Middle East, China and India will tackle the Far East, and Europe is gone. 

Yet during this allegedly unsettled period for Russia, Soviet Food Harvests are booming with record export sales for Russia. Each major Russian sale is another American loss. Where is truth in a sea of confusion and State lies?

In terms of visible new Soviet Weaponry uncloaked or hinted at, whilst the US has two or more alleged post Roswell crashed UFO crafts, Russian intelligence tracking sources indicate 5 or more UFOs were allegedly recovered from Soviet territory UFO crashes, such are being reverse engineered in Kapustin Yar, and also have been since the 1960’s. What technology and weaponry from the far greater Soviet Intel Treasure Trove, has now emerged hidden from the West? How far ahead is Russia now? Generations? Russia has a newfound confidence. For a reserved nation, why? Calling that card may now be terminal. Russia has caught up and surpassed the West militarily. They don’t need 1,000 four square meals bases. America has lost the plot, and its pot. America has lost its role now as Global Leader and can only delay the inevitable. America needs to cut its vast military waste costs. Just Butt out! Feed and employ Americans first. On his tour of the Chinese Wall, how he must have wished to ask President Xi – “How can I build one of these across Mexico?”

The smarter Drug traffickers will just tunnel under it, and far worse, supplying not just vast increasing quantities of drugs, but renting out safe passage not just to millions of illegals to pass through, but the day when they start taking money for the Terrorist groups to start bringing both WMDs and even toxic bacteriological WMDs of such power as to kill millions unchecked, for distribution throughout American cities and towns. Plagues unleashed. The US has wiped out entire civilizations throughout Asia. Millions have died, and vast millions are homeless. Stateless and swamping Europe. US Policies have been the biggest F Up the world has ever seen and still they keep on arming and funding this Brutal land stealing, mass genocidal Kazakh Terrorist Ghetto Israe-Hell for its endless Arab aggression programs.

These are no God’s chosen! They are Lying, thieving, murdering Kazakh spawn marauders hidden inside Judaism. Jews always lived at peace in the Middle East, these are Kazakh swine who stole Palestine, who want it all, and like the Zio spawn in the world, nothing is ever enough.

How long before the anti-American Asians organize and set up God knows what distribution tunnels, bringing into America their own fanatics determined on vengeance. Thank God for US Border protection, the ones Gunrunning Obama did not get killed. When will he be brought to account for that? Plus, the vast Muslim Brotherhood infiltration, he allowed into America. Problems grow. Enraging the world is not a smart thing to do. Nor is poking a bear! Without consultation or sense, so much has been done by the Cabal in your name. All greed for Zionist and Agency Demon seed. Payback?

How is the world now a safer place with angry millions – Displaced?

Yet the biggest priority in US conceptual thought, is – “When can I cash my Dinars?”

With such, Empires are lost. Supremacy has been lost to Political and Educational Degeneracy. Welfare now owns the disposable Slaves.

Putin had his “Make my Day Punk” moment when he invited the illegal Usurper Con Man Barry Soetoro/alias Obama to go for it over Syria if he felt lucky, and in turn then gloated at Russian bombers power erasing US Battleships electronics systems as a salutary warning, which sent them scuttling away in terror as sitting Ducks. No heroes there, as with Vietnam.

From such rapid Soviet/Chinese evolution, is evident US confusion. Butt-whipped in Vietnam, the Soviets stole a lead with the first Dog in Space, followed by Russia putting the first man in space, with no comprehension from the US they were about to be outfoxed and outperformed by the Soviets. Russia won the Space race.

It may well now have won the Arms race. Russia has a defense pact with China and an aura of confidence. What gives him such an aura of supremacy now? It’s clear.

We can only progress in our efforts as one people of all mankind to conquer space when we share in costly technologies and create intellectual product R&D for the benefit of all mankind. Otherwise, we fight a pointless, minion species, costly Feudal war. The greatest barriers are the dearth of real Leaders today. Political Skanks now so ineptly rule fools. Few challenge such mediocrities. Why not? None are fit for purpose.

Trillions of critical US and world restoration capital has gone missing, and nothing is done. Now we even have a US approach to the House of Lords from a US WH connected party asking, “Please, can we have our $15T back?” $15T would rebuild America and stabilize the EU. A Debt resolution to ease the confusion. But it’s not theirs. These were funds ‘Created’ under the Pureheart operation, by the US Fed, Treasury and Homeland Security, acting to Treasury appeals to the criminal relinquished Bar License Usurper, illegal Alien Barry Soetoro O’ Bumma, to create $15T of mythical funds to cover over a vast $16T shortfall on the US Balance sheets about to bring the whole US Cabal Ponzi scam crashing to earth. Sleight of hand, and a fast-conjuring fix was actioned out of Congressional, Public or media oversight. Albeit deeply criminal and the worst money laundering case ever. They got away with it. 

Fact, FACT!!! The US Department of Homeland Security, acting in conjunction with the Fed, US Treasury and working with, also sheltering, known Filipino Con Man Wilfredo Saurin, coerced a series of major US and UK banks to create, then Launder, $15T of US funds against an entirely bogus asset of nonexistent AU holdings. A duplicitous scam perpetrated between criminal elements of the Jakarta Indonesian Fed, a complicit Indonesian Bank, Cabal banks in the US and two UK Banks who really should know better. SWIFTS were issued between the Fed, two US Banks of substance, and processed via well-known alleged Money Laundering Bank HSBC and RBS in London to cross pass such funds and reintroduce them in apparent cross balance sheet transfers, enabling them to enhance a depleted Treasury Balance Sheet, confusing the system and Banks colluding from the top in crime. But who now has that $15T? And where is the Chairman, posing under the false pseudo-name of a dead boy, since he fled from Pureheart to a then Scandinavian CIA Safe House, until we again blew that cover, as we did with Herzog? The greatest fear of SIS was that if we expanded it further, we risked shattering the Atlantic Alliance. Let the sleeping dogs – Lie!

Who is enriched with those funds? An approach has been made from the WH to the Lords for help trace them. Please Sirs, we have lost our money. How do we get it back? Can we have a copy of the Discs you hold? Leaders – Children lost in a sea of confusion! No! Not unless this time we both share AND when recovered, it ONLY goes to use fit for purpose! No more Cabal grandstanding. They lost the plot and the Pot. Their move. But on Public watch this time. With integrity! Those who deceive and steal must be brought to heel.

An alcoholic mediocrity Junker was the ineffective Leader of the largest Economic trading block, that of the European Union. He was absurd. A drunken buffoon and a joke. But as are most of them. Merkel is hostage to unstable coalition collaborations in German society, with no clear Leaders. Its borders now overrun and choking with Illegals. Merkel? No clear direction, hindered by ruinous Socialism. As an East German Commie, she was indoctrinated by Leninist dictates, and simply processes a subservient cannon fodder directive to entrapped Germans. Merkel has no clear majority Mandate, and rules simply as the Leader of the largest minority coalition party. Chaos rules fools. Progressive Germans are very frustrated, seeing Illegals flood in as unstoppable aliens robbing and raping. Not unlike Americans under Cabal political rule, entrapped in a Zionist monetary enclave. The EU is a collective Rat Pack of mediocrities. America is not alone. It just has more Rats in power than the rest.

Most EU Leaders are indoctrinated, and power control placed Jesuits, marching to the orders of Rome, and the Jesuit Vatican. But under the Knights of Malta, Masons and Skull and Cross-bone Society, America also rots from within. Indoctrination being ruination. All inept as with the Cabal!

Clearly that very transient species now seeking their future transfer to newly enhanced transhuman aided super beings, will create a new directional species. But, what of the rest? Who decides and what criteria? Who travels the new road, and who is to be left behind? See for God’s sake, beyond your Dinars and Freeloading.

Assume you and your children will be left behind, what then? Do you even start to comprehend the implications of this?

Elongating the lives of the Bushes, Clintons, Bidens and Zio like type trash, will produce a truly malevolent subspecies with unchained havoc! Bush himself bred, but all just kids like Trump, all brain dead. What is the point of enhancing this type of train wrecked misfit, why not delete each such Elite? Bush, Clinton and Trump families are cross marrying Criminal Zionists, or in the case of the Clintons and Trump, entire criminal families. Why perpetuate such an ugly species? What a complete Klutz Kushner is turning out to be. One from another Zio’s criminally convicted family Shite house to the White house.

Good Juduaism can be a blessing on nations. Truly a number of good, albeit mislead Jews, do seek to conduct themselves as a God’s humanitarian people.

But the Zios are a degenerate curse. To Judaism also.

America has allowed these malevolent Kazakh Zio roaches to breed millions in an orgy of uncontrolled, wanton greed. Now they also own the lying media. Time to de louse the entire Zio infestation house! Good Jews are invited to assist. Who needs these corrupt Temple Money changers?

From God’s house to a rampant louse! Zios are Child and mind rapists in the Temple.

The only finite limit of our abilities is the inability of the nonentity Elites to understand that all human life is born equal, but most are denied equal opportunity. We hold back the emergence of the majority of our species, by the restraints self-imposed by the failing order of a Society lacking vision, integrity, morality, or sense of purpose and direction. Education denied. Guidance denied. Progress denied! So many children’s potential denied.

Every Child should have a right to life, a Right to Love, Protection and a Right to fulfill their full potential and hopes.

But under Cabal and Zio trash rule – denied! These are the true enemies of hope and the destiny of man. All Rights – Denied, as Kazakhs lied, the future for each life form – Died!

Time to De Louse this Godless House under Kazakh subjugation.

A key part of our post release agenda must be to take schools back from the Jesuits and Catholicism, then to create a new, Pedo free syllabus intent on focused education for all the children, and mixed schools will be a key step forwards, to bring back Muslim and Jewish children away from the platitudes of headbangers. All children need to be educated free of Abrahamian diatribe. Who needs the ramblings of a Schitzo Paranoid Delusional, confusing all children? Free children’s minds to grow with culture and reality. Or follow a Nutter and stay in the gutter?

Step up and determine your own children’s futures not as Church grooming fields.

Citizenship and Ethereal values are key for the new world. Education is the key for the future.

Today, chaos rules, led by fools. Nothing changes, it has been this way for Millennia. Even now, why do we not question as a species, the clearly dysfunctional failings of a lost society led by such fools. How did Indonesian passport holder Obama ever clear vetting?

Moses allegedly was lost for 40 years leading his collective tribal rabble, on a journey a non-idiot with a compass, could have tracked from Mt. Sinai in just 11 days. Where are desert signposts when you need them? So, their God lost his way? Really? Do we never learn? History shows no one reads the nation’s Leaders heritage of His Story! How then can we ever learn what to avoid next time if no one recollects the failures of the past, and why? Hubris, the arrogance and pomp of failed Hubris. Look at the sordid criminal Bush family. Degeneracy and corruption overcame all, as they bribed, extorted, betrayed and corrupted their nation. A Traitor’s Crime Family!

Sadly – it worked!

America, from the first Federal breaches of trust, breaches of Treaties, betrayals of the Native Americans, and practiced mass genocide, was a fertile breeding ground for the Mafia, Zio corruption, bribery, extortion, and Luciano who, as with the Cabal today, owned Justice, or at least the Judges and police. The Mob owned the system. All we have done, is merged it, re-clothing whores, Pimps, Shysters and Fraudsters, as Attorneys, Senators or Congressmen. They just re-suited the Trash and cross bred it as Clinton’s and like type.

Currently, so many are in a pursuit of a free handout from the speculative opportunism following the genocide of nations. Entire countries, and ancient civilizations have been wiped out by the deviant Agencies, and Arms plus money supplies funded to ISIS and the like, by the US and Israel. The Middle East has been decimated by Cabal regime change ploys, and the duplicity of the vile Kazakhs seeking their mad conquest for a greater Israel. Millions of innocents annihilated. Who cares? Is there any moral perspective left to any of it? Looking on, looking in, any Ethereal watchers see only degeneracy of a species. Self-serving, none deserving.

Where is hope, humanity and moral conscience in any of it now? It’s a Global dilemma. Humanity is losing its Soul. Japan needs to stop its cruel, mass destruction of annual Mink hunts. Save the Whale, harpoon Trump! Moby Dick is lost at sea.

Reality indicates that the Sovereigns appear likely to currency convert and go to CBDCs first. That in itself will suffice to underpin and capitalize the relaunches.  Banks can just sluice out the ambulance chasing street holders, selecting first those instead, who have shown between the sites, the will and goodness of heart to support Global restoration as a Thinking and Caring Global Task Force, willing and able to create new projects systems and help deliver and install in new or deserving communities. One people, one Global nation of need. We need Hands out across the Oceans, helping brother Man, not hands out as more Gimmes. Time we think as a single human species and feed / house those in real need.

Time, to start to rethink purpose. Funds Fit for Purpose. People willing to help others, not just themselves. What kind of society do we want to emerge? Where is Your voice?

We – The People?

 Restoring nations and civilizations we have so wantonly destroyed. Replacing the Cabal Hegemony bases, with Trade and Educational centers. Humanitarian aid teams. Reaching out to our brother mankind. Atonement for the Millennia of cultures we have destroyed. Successful new integrated redesigned and planned communities can lead the way for others. We need an agenda, a purpose to be a better, more enlightened species. Time to rethink and plan balanced and structured new communities with sound values to enrich all. Time for the US Military and Agencies to F off back home! Go! Stop funding and arming Terrorists. Stop funding regime changes. Look at the carnage caused.

Who will weep for America if the Fanatics come through those border tunnels? Payback? WMDs can take many forms. Each horrific.

We instead need. to educate and liberate.

Truth to break free, to educate and expose false religions.

We did nothing as Lenin emerged, communism thrived, and vast millions died.

Now we sit neutered again as the filth and disgusting despotism of the ugly Cult of Islam can only be eradicated with education, where 9- to 13-year-old girls do not have to suffer arranged, forced marriages of carnal hell to ignorant, mutant 40 to 70 year olds, ending the untold misery and beatings from this medieval and perverse gutter trash.

Time to expose, punish and end the numerous vast numbers of Church pedos. Withdraw their pointless Tax shelters, take back their land holdings for community use, sequestrate the Vatican’s vast manipulated fortunes extracted with the enforcement of the murderous Inquisition and their kind, and end their 2,000 years of lies peddling to a naive humanity blindly following false concepts of Gods which the Vatican, as the known Mafia’s Bankers, does not follow. Close down the Vatican as a false State! Blinkered Nonsense! We need to take away their schools, then we sever their tentacles. These Perverts are bloodsucking nations with their fake Godless Order. 

Explore beyond, think out Ethereal reality, expand each human’s own consciousness, to emerge from this Caterpillar Deep State of most of today’s sub species of non-thinkers and help mankind emerge to fly to a real destiny as Ethereal Beings. It’s time to think and be… More!

As the first of the major PPs start to release, how they are ring-fenced, and kept safe to use accrued profits only to restructure society in achievable steps matters. No more following outdated Mantras of false ideologies.

Just 12 mainly unconnected men, over 3 centuries, attempted to challenge and expand each person’s concept of humanitarian, moral and family values, and to question the purpose of living, to being more. They challenged the Feudal despots, iniquities of each conquered species, false States and raised the concept of human values for all. 12 men converted and lead 1 billion to believe in something more, at terminal cost for many of the 12. Just the concept matters.

Armed with funding, and a valid cross funded agenda, what then could 120 or even 1,200 of you from the sites, correctly focused, achieve today with 7 billion so much in need? Raising the bar is the start. You don’t have to get cashed out from currencies to make a difference. Contributing time while waiting could open so many more personal opportunities, when the projects start. Self-help and helping others in such need is the key to all. Pulling together as one nation of all to put back.

The Chosen One is not coming, nor is Democracy from any State. It’s ALL down to us each to conceive and achieve fundamental change. No more passing the Buck. We each need to take responsibility for all actions and refuse subjugation.

Funds are too finite, and discretion is likely to rule.  Tens of thousands of loose cannons, grasping Wannabes, is not an appealing concept or sight. Money needs to be channeled. It will all be phased to first feed need with organized groups. Priorities will come first.

Elders will cooperate for Selective AU transfers, but only to such groups as can be evidenced as worthy, who will pay for it, and who will use the new platforms to trade up using profits accrued for a fitting agenda. To enhance humanity, ecology and nature. All life is sacred. All living organisms are inter bound as a Cosmic matrix of life. Understanding purpose is phase one. Understanding yours even more so. A true agenda, fit for purpose, fit for all, is what we aspire to.

We at WHA have established a selective Global following. A voice of all people who test the boundaries, and who dare challenge the cause of human despair. The Global contributions daily, show that hope lives, in all of you. We will be considering who from the Readership can help join Response teams to make a difference. If 12 good men can change a world, what can 1,200 of you achieve funded? In the corridors of power, you are read. They fear you are a Real, Thinking Democracy in waiting. People power, growing by the hour. You – are hope!

Free Will – Use it Well! Will you if asked, step up? I will? Only We, The People, can MAKE it happen. Self-help. Your call, or calling? What call will you make?

Thank you, and please be safe.

Stay tuned.



  1. Bankers are evil scum, example #453182

    A Bank of America executive stated that “we hope” working Americans will lose leverage in the labor market in a recent private memo obtained by The Intercept. Making predictions for clients about the U.S. economy over the next several years, the memo also noted that changes in the percentage of Americans seeking jobs “should help push up the unemployment rate.”

    The memo, a “Mid-year review” from June 17, was written by Ethan Harris, the head of global economics research for the corporation’s investment banking arm, Bank of America Securities. Its specific aspiration: “By the end of next year, we hope the ratio of job openings to unemployed is down to the more normal highs of the last business cycle.”

    Read more:


    1. Which is why banking should be severely regulated with a broad prohibitions of what can be done with excessive and redundant protections for those depositing money or using their cards. They shouldn’t be allowed to take a dump without forms in triplicate, identity scan and samples for drug testing.

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  2. Nichelle Nichols, best known for the capable Lt. Uhura in Star Trek (Original Series) has passed on to greater glory after 89 years on this mortal plane. She was a class act.


  3. So John I am from Krypton now am I? No I wish I was as it is now becoming quite a mess in Germany now. My sacred lands are being disgraced and turned into an uncivilized mess of conflict and horribly managed social structure that will resemble a third world toilet stall.

    My petrol expenses are terrible and not to mention our electricity costs.

    But we see England suffers from the same influx of military aged foreign rabble coming in while our native born are pushed out of controlling our very own country. All largely organized by Jewish interests. Men being turned into cross dressing feminized fruitcakes. Women being turned into violent baby hating witches who have forgotten their vital roles in society as mothers and supporters of strong men. Our birthrates falling and foreign born ones are increasing. All carefully guided. Not just an accident.

    So this is the end result of the western worlds cold war victory? To open our borders to those who hate, rape and plunder us? To take our food away and make us eat bugs? To debt enslave us under the EU? Do they think we do not remember the past and what was attempted to throw off this very kind of slavery of our people?

    It is time to rally together now that we cannot doubt who it is that is pushing us apart. It will not be easy and is getting harder to save the few who remain with eyes open. But we are trying and working hard at it.

    So maybe we need a Krypton B solution?

    Then after you can maybe test my heart okay? 🙂 You bad boy. We look forward to your updates. I hope people here understand how hard you work at your duties and the serious nature of it. A victory is needed for us in the west and the first place to strike is at their greedy control of finance and sweep them out of the disproportionate rolls and monopolies. That is where they maintain their power. You are targeting those very things with your releases and that is a brilliant first move. We are fortunate that such a thing is in the works. So very few know of this. It gives us all hope. Please do not be slow.

    Busy day tomorrow so goodnight and…

    Kisses from Bavaria!

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    1. My Krypton Aryan
      An advanced report is in production to help you understand many things. All of you,
      Much of what we are doing has to stay off radar. The Zio Rats again have Senior Treasury parties in Seoul seeking to coerce and induce a separate solution. They fear what we can do, to them also Their fear is that we are incorruptible and capable of smashing their Webs. Current evolving world events and Currency Market stability is causing confusion and fear of moving and losing all.
      We had all this agreed for conversions over Xmas but we refused to allow a single Table Top Deal and demanded phased stage payments only or they steal the lot as with Tropos. The Lead Elder will not move without the London nod. Temple Heads also. This is a No Win for the Khazars and Cabal. We are playing 5 D Chess while they can only play Checkers .
      Once we get the phased deals agreed and transferred, we own the board. Check Mate. This is a power game off the Richter Scale. It’s wide open for taking then. What did Ellion Ness do? As must we.
      First the cards must drop. What is coming with BRICS alone flatlines them.
      London is suffering too, as is the US. You’re not alone. Let it play out and keep that heart strong for the 5 times a night Knight while we build you up.

      We can always breed more with Twins to catch up. Or more. Unlike Harrison Ford we are real.
      Think of the Phoenix and we will arise.

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    2. Hey Munich Gal,
      I just wanted to say g’day to you and let you know I am thinking of you and most certainly in your corner. I also wanted you to know that my favourite uncle was a proud German/Australian man. Munich Girl, my German uncle was the most beautiful precious person that I was so totally blessed to have ever enter my life and that of my family. He was the most decent, moral and loving man I could have ever asked for to come into my life. My bloody god I miss that man. He truly was a shining star in my life. I miss him so much.So from me, here is to the incredible true German people.


      1. Hi aurataya13! Thank you much for your good wishes and I return the same. 🙂

        Yes I remember reading somethings about your uncle who was young during the war and I think fought at Seelow Heights before he surrendered to the West. He was a brave lad I am sure and a man of honor.

        You speak with a true heart. I will share more about some of my relatives when I have time. For now it is late and I must sleep!

        Huggs from me and Bavaria!

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    The Guardian: ‘Soon it will be unrecognisable’: total climate meltdown cannot be stopped, says expert.
    The Times: At his most dangerous and with a political solution now impossible, we’re entering final stage Putin.

    This cornered Punk needs removing before ho goes nuclear.

    Dam right they do, and this gold-digging Harpy will see her Ass as all round on her.


  5. Food for thought on sanctions, question everything, h/t Vox Day::

    A rare student of this subject [sanctions] is the American economic historian Nicholas Mulder, who points out that more than 30 sanctions “wars” in the past 50 years have had minimal if not counterproductive impact. They are meant to “intimidate peoples into restraining their princes”. If anything they have had the opposite effect. From Cuba to Korea, Myanmar to Iran, Venezuela to Russia, autocratic regimes have been entrenched, elites strengthened and freedoms crushed. Sanctions seem to instill stability and self-reliance on even their weakest victim. Almost all the world’s oldest dictatorships have benefited from western sanctions.
    Whenever one’s logic is proven faulty, the correct response is to question the assumptions that underlie the syllogism. In the case of the repeated failure of economic sanctions, the false assumption is the beneficial nature of free trade. Sanctions intrinsically assume that trade is necessarily good for a nation in any and all circumstances, and therefore imposing sanctions that reduce the amount of trade will weaken the targeted nation.

    This is a provably false assumption, as evidenced by the way in which economic sanctions have made Russia wealthier and stronger relative to its former trading partners. Economic sanctions don’t work because free trade doesn’t work.

    This conclusive evidence of the failure of free trade dogma should inspire more economists to be skeptical of the claims of the comparative advantagists, but unfortunately, the history of economics suggests that it probably won’t.


    1. And in the comments of the video this gem:

      William Giesecke
      5 days ago
      This guy’s story has a very familiar ring to it. In November of 1966, I was stationed on the USS Stoddard (DD-566), and we were on our way to Viet Nam, and were about a day or two from Yokosuka, Japan, headed toward Yokosuka. In those days, it was standard procedure for the Russians to shadow all US ships going to Viet Nam. However, we had been in a bad storm for several days, and the Russian photo recon plane couldn’t see us very well, so they gave up and went home. The storm had broken, and the weather was clear at this point. We observed an air contact, both on radar and visually, and thought that the Russians were back. It was also standard procedure when the Russians were watching us (we were in a Task Unit with the USS Kitty Hawk) that the carrier would launch a couple of F4’s to keep an eye on the Russians. Except that this contact wasn’t Russian. The visual contact we saw was a blue white light at about 10,000 feet, flying at about 150-200 knots. When the F4’s got reasonably close to the contact, about maybe half a mile, the thing shifted into high gear and went from directly overhead to out of sight over the horizon in about in about two or three seconds. This was a LOT faster than anything on earth was capable of that we knew anything about. All of us who saw it just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. I’m personally convinced that this was a UFO. It certainly fit the description, it was Unidentified, Flying, and was a definite Object. There is some kind of intelligent life that’s keeping an eye on us.


  6. Eye-opening examples of the depth in deception in this article…
    In 2020 Lancet published an apparently fraudulent study discrediting the use of hydroxychloroquine in the management of COVID-19. While this was later withdrawn, it should not have passed first glance of a serious editor as the data published by a previously unknown institution could not credibly have been collated in the timeframe concerned.


  7. ‘We know what’s been going on’ Netflix urged to pull plug on Harry and Meghan’s deal

    Time for Netflix to scrap the deal with the Pumpkin faced Bolter and the Ginger shitfly.
    Holger Zschaepitz on Twitter: “This horror chart suggests that #Germany is heading for a huge energy crisis. Not only are gas prices near record highs, but electricity prices in particular are signaling stress.” / Twitter

    Who heats the Wogs in Winter? Locust swarms. When you can’t ever fund Gasoline to light them up?

    Germany is toast unless a course change takes place quickly

    ‘Rishi is toast’: Inside the battle for the Conservative leadership

    Hopefully. It’s either Pound Shop Liz or this slimy little Bastard. Neither a good choice but he’s no choice. Politicians today. Crap rules fools


  8. I can’t even begin… for now treat as humor…


  9. Only an idiot like Johnson would propose such an execrable thing; to suggest that people who were never slaves should receive public money from people who never owned them.


  10. Like

    1. Well, if it all goes belly-up circa 12-15 hours from now, it was an absolute delight to be in this forum. Hopefully we’ll catch up somewhere along the way in the great transmigration of souls across the meta-verse.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. British troops in ‘high-readiness exercise’ with Finnish and US forces

    The UK , NATO and US are preparing for and training for war with Russia. Its cranking up as they destabilize energy protocols. A prelude to war.
    This Russian animal should be hunted down and give the same. Then have both eyes burned out. Better than killing him.

    Pictured: Russian soldier accused of castrating Ukrainian prisoner


    This escalates the conflict … Like for like!
    Meghan Markle and Harry had ‘monumental row’ with royals ahead of final official event

    Rescind your Titles and get a job you loathsome whining, attention seeking free riding bottom feeders. Fix that nose Markel! Harry’s fit for nothing.


  12. Top News in Brief: Chinese media talks of shooting down Pelosi’s plane if she visits Taiwan on government planes…massive win against vaccine mandates, as Illinois medical group settles for $10M+ to those they denied religious objections to…Twitter censors Epoch Times…Trump endorses Tudor Dixon for Michigan Governor…

    1. “No longer can we consider ourselves innocent until proven guilty. Now we are all suspects in a DNA lineup waiting to be matched up with a crime. Suspect State, meet the Genetic Panopticon.”


  13. New Study From The Heartland Institute Finds 96% of NOAA Temperature Sensors are Corrupted, Thereby Leaving the U.S. Temperature Record “Fatally Flawed”

    “The report observed that changes in the technology of temperature stations over time resulted in many being placed closer to buildings, as well as other heat sinks such as asphalt, concrete, and brick infrastructure. In some cases, official NWS thermometers were moved to parking lots and next to external heat-generating air conditioner units from previously cooler locations.

    In conclusion, the rate of warming as measured by unperturbed surface stations, USCRN, and UAH does not
    represent a climate crisis.”

    Click to access 2022_Surface_Station_Report.pdf


    1. And the “why” of the fraud is obvious. There’s no significant warming. Now this also calls into question the “higher night-time lows” considering that even with the fraud, there were no “higher highs”….


    1. I have perused the evidence. It is a total failure of the peer review process, the whole thing smacks of “consensus building” for the purpose of setting up a Big Pharma R&D score, and of course, outright fabrication on the part of the authors of the seminal 2006 paper.

      All Alzheimer drugs based on the hypothesis of the folding of amyloid proteins should be pulled instantly regardless of purported effectiveness and re-introduced only after review by non-interested parties schooled in the art.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Brian Cates: There is a less than 1 in 3 trillion odd of Covid developing the same genetic code as was patented by Moderna several years before.

    Covid was created by your intelligence agencies.

    Will it be any shock in the end?

    Scientists claim Covid virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that ‘matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before


    1. Old(er) news but remains oh so pertinent.

      The damnable virus does show signs of human tampering. Fauci needs life imprisonment for funding it as required by law. His wife, as Ethics officer, needs to go down too. I’d prefer hanging at dawn on national television, but the law only allows life imprisonment.

      And while vicious to the elderly and the comorbid, it was NEVER of significance to the under 65, did NOT require a vaccine, did NOT require all the insanity of lockdown and but for the mRNA bs we would be completely past it by now.

      We now know that there was straightforward treatment with hydroxurea, for hospitalized patients with dropping 02 saturations in April 2020, that would have rescued 85% (!) of patients. The fact that none of us bleeding edge folk, including the McCullough/Yeadon spear-tip, were alerted to this shows the breadth and width of the data hiding. The results of the particular hospital were clearly hidden by Health and Human Services. Why? It instantly blows the EUA out of the water, and does so still today. There is no warrant whatsoever for the vaxx or any other mRNA product.


  15. Finally. Courts ruling correctly. NorthShore Hospital System nailed for its rights-abusing behavior. And yes, Victoria, in the US you *assert* your Right and tell the Gov to F Off. NO EMPLOYER gets to tell you what is YOUR religious view.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Hi Tony we had a morning meeting and totaled our combined crypto holdings and worked out the expected projections once the prices retrace to the former highs. The totals are crazy! Can we ask what you think about the recent BTC strength being a sign of the bottom? We are just curious and understand it wont be something to hold you to.

    Also we recently watched a movie on the French revolution and we enjoyed it. Is there some further expansion on this topic and the rise of Napoleon you can suggest for us? We have found that over ten thousand books have been written on Napoleon so is there a favorite of yours we should pick? Thanks so much and we are looking forward to Londons next report on the GS! Your pal C.


    1. Well. Again, I don’t like calling such things, but since you asked, I don’t think we are quite at the bottom just yet. Too many leveraged ideas that were really bad ideas took a lot of those gamblers down the tubes, and there are some left. That, plus the same thing going on in the equity markets as people on the skids and being very careful. Not to mention the fact that we are indeed in a recession.

      Bottoms in such speculative markets have to resemble a full-on charge against a machine gun in the Somme. We have to see much more bloodbath to the point where people are all but resigned that “it’s fallen, and it won’t get up”. Then…the big concerns will step in and buy it and ride the FOMO chasers to the moon. Of course, the continuing adoption and institutional development on the blockchain framework is continuing at a huge pace, the soft market notwithstanding. It’s unbelievable to see. When I have some time, I will provide more details on this, but time is short now.

      This is the time to buy lightly, if you wish to buy. Like Sir Lawrence Wildman taking Gordon Gekko to the cleaners. If you have 10K to place, then consider only 3k, etc., at this time, because we are going lower if I am correct. And then, as they did in the movie, once you see a tumble from these prices that are lower than the last lows, consider the rest. Just a suggestion.

      More on this later but I will have to do it on video as it would take me too long to type it all out.

      On Napoleon…look for the works on him by Will Durant. “The Age of Napoleon” I think is the title. You may find it on audiobook. Been a while since I read it, but Durant is excellent in his narrative and depth. You will get a true sense of almost being there as the events unfolded, and you get the entire view. Not just the good guys vs. the bad guys kind of nationalistic viewpoints that are very skewed and didactic to suit the interests of those who fund such works. Durant took it on the chin for his works at times because he dug deep and was not concerned about critics. I respect his work a great deal.

      TAON will take you from the revolution period throughout his career. His brilliance, his flaws, his genius and his failure of judgements, all there to explore. He was an extremely brilliant man and had a very hard job on his hands given the absolute disaster that France was at that time, and what could have been far worse was not so because of his capable administration and considerable intelligence in large part.

      One aspect that I remember vividly from that work was the rather capable job the fractious revolutionary committees and directories did to manage the war they were caught up in as they battled against the first coalition set up against revolutionary France by the other monarchies which feared the spread of such French experiments into governance without a sovereign. They managed to keep the foreign armies in check and maintain some economic progress before Napoleon, but not nearly as well as he did once he outmaneuvered the two triumvirs who were selected with him after the bloodless coup which brought him to power.

      All in all, you might love Durant’s work. Have a go and let me know.

      Have to run.


      1. Thank you so much Tony we appreciate the suggestion and your opinions.

        When you stop to look this site has incredible information and very smart people! C


  17. ‘Dated intelligence and poor planning’ hampering Putin’s troops

    If it’s in fact true, that Putin has lost up to 75K of his troops in Ukraine then he’s got his own new Afghan hell. All comes at a price. Some price if the 75K is your family.
    Novavax Vaccine Contains 1 mcg Armyworm and Baculovirus Proteins Injected into you with Each Dose – Vaccine ImpactWhat the hell?????????????????????????????

    What the hell???????????????????????????
    Line them up….. sure the stampede will not occur
    Powell pushing Asia into a new financial crisis

    Overplaying his Promised Land hand.
    Be clear this cornered Rat is ever our fear. The Ukkies are wasting his ass need to send more. armed drones and missiles. Russians? Animals Corrupt animals with no class. Gutteral farm animals how many are now sanctioned? Crime Inc!. .
    Cornered Russians spark fears of Putin deploying nuclear weapons
    Russian troops ‘film themselves castrating a Ukrainian POW’

    Horrendous and these pieces of shit are loose in Europe. Intern the bastards
    Could UK be forced to turn off the lights like Germany to save energy?

    This is BS we are surrounded by gas and oil fields it’s time to slam energy companies profiteering with BS. Tough leaders who say No and sequestrate it. F them it’s ours the people go first. Jail lawyers.

    Watch “Funny Jokes – The Blonde City Girl Married A Farmer And Moved To The Farm.” on YouTube


    1. Above is an older account… I wonder how many are re-thinking SIDS now?… it is obvious that SADS is the VAXX… what a jagged pill to swallow for all those waking up!… heads on pikes is needed!


      1. SIDS is caused by the extreme vaccine schedule. With the pandemic — “well baby visits”, a scam if there ever was one, dropped and with the drop, SIDS dropped. Thus a natural experiment proved the case, but the Medical Complex has its head buried in the goddam sand, 3 feet deep, and whitewashes with statistical tricks.

        Unfortunately, there’s plausible deniability because children under 1 year of age die of a myriad of causes, mostly some hidden defect or weakness that takes them long before the rigors of the world do.


    1. Yea and making it harder to clear oil trades, due to background checks to see if I am a Russian oil trader funneling profits to Vladimir. Thanks a lot. lol


  18. I prefer the Fresco circular city designs over this. But the future can possibly be many things and who knows just what social engineering designs for living will prevail. It’s very true that current city designs are way past their due dates, inefficient and in need of change.


    1. And taking it further , the water vapor contributions on our water covered planet, is as follows. Water vapor is 100x the concentration of CO2. It’s heat capacity is a whopping 100x that of CO2. So water vapor contributes 10,000 fold re heat storage of CO2. Thus, Co2 is just a tail that someone worries wags the dog…


  19. Seminar Dave, starting at 2:30 and to about 3:50, gives us a group currency update, according to whomever he consorts with in this eternally nascent, always-coming-but-never-arriving endeavor. Says things are happening in Zurich.

    Never in my life have I seen such an endeavor proceed along such a number of years and produce absolutely nothing in the way of results. That is, unless you are an expert promoter promoting to the promotable.


    1. Again he’s talking complete and utter Shite. Zurich has no such Capital capacity or collective power. Ignorant, misinformed fantasy rhetoric.Total BS! Dumb and Dumber. Mix with idiots, become one,
      Misleading the masses again. More cash calls and they swallow. Give them walk on parts in Deliverance.
      What a Grunt, or Similar!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Look like Zip Rats to me. Immediate 12 Bore// Gage job. Boom- gone!
      Designed for Rodents everywhere. We also used to be plagued by Crows, a Black Irish pariah bird, until I shot a hundred a day for a month and blew out their nests also. Numbers fell fast. It works with Irish terrorists also.


  20. Now comes the price for allying with and allowing Bolshevism and Communism to remain viable and organized past the mid 20th Century. A huge serpent is now slowly consuming us. They scream “Nazi Nazi Nazis!!! White supremacists!! Oh save us, oh save us!!”. All the while, we gender-bend our way into a confused lump of a society while the Bolsheviks gain ground. Nazis are not and never were a threat to the West until we started bombing them at the behest of international financial cartels who were run by who again? The same elements who are now guiding us into our doom.

    We have nobody to blame but ourselves. It’s going to take careful planning to survive the next few decades. A modern-day Arminius is unlikely to come. If he exists, he is most likely on puberty blockers and Ritalin and being groomed by a drag queen funded by a local ADL LGBTQ focus group.


      1. We need you to hurry John. Only Hungary and Poland have balls. Germany lost them long ago. Ugly fat cow Merkel had them I bet but not where it counted.

        And yes I saw that comment about your hot bath. You bad boy! 🙂

        Hug and kisses from München!


        1. Munich Girl
          It’s still only 05-31 here and I am making time replying to you and site issues. Total focus on all issues.

          As for hurrying, I was on extensive conference calls with the key Seoul Elders yesterday morning at only 07-00 No one works harder. It’s not about hurrying. If only and we wish too, it’s the endless vast intricate details holding us all back. Always the Devil is in the detail. Geo political historical US Chicanery issues., Zionist Skullduggery and reading the Risk Factors. Study the history of the brutal Elders callous treatment, Cabal and Fed. Treasury treachery, lies, extortion, the US torture of Hiroshita, the betrayal, of Marcos, M1, Riyardi, and all they touch. Criminals in Action ( CIA) . Mossad, the Rothschilds and the Zio Rats in total control of US Finances to be scalped at will. Zio’s Slaves. Animals. They own America in total. A Milk Cow. Rotten to the core. Every deal they have lied and reneged on. We agreed on an exchange mechanism and flew the key Global Bank Directors, key Elders, and Attorneys to New York over Xmas, and still the money and phased conditions were not forthcoming as agreed and promised. They are Shameless. Tight Capital Control Conditions, we give them Zero trust. We have a total Duty of Care dealing with these ruthless Bandits. The terms of exchange we cannot reveal, but it’s tight for good reasons. As is our demand for phasing only, or they will steal the lot in a single Tabletop exchange. Phased only as this reduces the scale of their theft risk. It’s their nightmare. Phased safety.

          Yesterday I was explaining to collective parties that CBDC exchanges will now come under BIS oversight, and Basle BIS parties are just Rothschilds fronts. They will steal the lot from the screens. Huge risks. We are dealing with ever evolving CBDC risk issues. They are NOT safe! The Petrodollar is worthless and CBDCs not yet ready. The fine print details are how they always loot the world, as ever. Zio Rats!

          Evolution, if only we could follow with the Final Solution.
          We work 24 x 7 do you want to take that bath?
          Nothing is ever easy. One slip we lose the lot, a bath with Piranhas? You want that?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Wait and see when the new BRICs central currency arrives. The US is then so dead. We will not allow these Parasites access until clear terms are met. We have safer ways and time is not our worry. We will not lose the pot in haste to bail others. It will be done our way. Or not. Safety is all. If we go BRICS its game over for the Zios. The $ crashes and Americans see their Asses. The big board. Reality checks.

            Liked by 1 person

  21. The Coming Man


    Trader Who Called May 2021 Bitcoin Crash Says BTC Flashing Strong Bottom Signals, Predicts Short-Term Rally

    Humanity which the Russian swine have never shown. Trying to save lives unlike the Dwarf in Moscow dug in like Crabs with his beyond corrupt henchmen. It’s hard to call which is the more corrupt comparing Ukraine but the normal people are not to blame.
    Hanover first to ban hot water in response to Russian gas crisis

    It’s beyond sad to see good German Allies facing this. Total failure of Merkel’s Socialist Shit leadership and too much latitude to Brussels. Norway, Britain and our Global Commonwealth Energy sources can and should be rallying to Germany’s aid. Constructive thinking. Jewish Bankers and Socialist Wankers who failed to plan for Commies games the world needs to unite and close these Bastards down. Germany ex Commie Eastern Block non thinkers caused this.
    So sad, Munich Girl you can share my hot bath any time. That’s Com – Passion for you.
    Lol .

    Boris still rabblerouses them. He’s NO Churchill.

    Hello HIV and a HUGE Yes, damned right we will. With good cause. Nature’s revenge!
    Put a F Spoke in Woke! Emigrate to Uranus!


  23. This is the world we are living in… FFS!


  24. Historic Decision Against Mandatory Vaccination by Italian Court + Covid Vaccine Risk to Human Genome Now Legally Established (Italy)
    The judge declared that you cannot sacrifice life and health of an individual for the benefit of the population, but based on the public data coming from the Italian and European health authority, there is evidence that, at the end, there isn’t even a benefit for the community.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. “We were fooled and outright hoaxed by a pharmaceutical and Government Health mafia, which leveraged hoards of doctors and scientists to commit reputational seppuku in endorsing the “miracle cure” narrative to the masses.

    We don’t have a miracle cure. There was never a breakthrough in combating a coronavirus. It was all just a clever marketing and coercion campaign.”

    Liked by 1 person

      The bill, the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” is scant on details, though Manchin says the bill will “cut the inflation taxes Americans are paying, lower the cost of health insurance and prescription drugs, and ensure our country invests in the energy security and climate change solutions we need to remain a global superpower through innovation rather than elimination.”

      It “would dedicate hundreds of billions of dollars to deficit reduction by adopting a tax policy that protects small businesses and working-class Americans while ensuring that large corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share in taxes”

      Hhmmm…and the real truth is….tax payer screwed again.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Australian National Review – Three Large American Multinationals Bought 17 Million Hectares of Ukrainian Agricultural Land

    FYI … wonder what their losses will be?
    Guessing before it is done it will be a complete write down
    Sell them your Dinars fast. Suckers Inc.
    The prince of rigged ballet boxes comes home. Biden is too Stupid to have a conversation with Xi. As for Harris? A Clutz or a Clone Vote Demo.

    Real Escalation is coming for Ukraine. Body bags will expand fast.. Again see the Jews running to Israel. A Ho to steal and go.

    Chechens on the move in huge numbers … back of their shirts says “to Kiev” …. Triple the amount of armor is headed to the Ukraine than before invasion … trainloads of Chinese armor arrived in Russia presumably for war games in August.. nukes in Belarus with intense training by Russia.. multi layered air defense batteries in Belarus as well including s400
    As I wrote long ago, all the Ukraine will be taken and cleansed of Nazi types … kolomsky has renounced his Ukrainian citizenship and in Israel .. presumably he will loot smaller fish there and avoid prosecution in the Ukraine … since he put Zelensky in power and controls the media the end is not far off .. watch for another exodus of anyone who maybe tried for crimes in the Ukraine run to Western Europe
    Power bill for just one month could soar to £500 in January

    Crazy these energy companies will destroy society they need nationalising and stopping dead.
    Ukraine’s Timoshenko reveals ‘scam of the century’ — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

    So typical. Biden and the Drag Queen thieving at will. Joe gets his 10% kickback via Hunter.
    The Drag Queen and Israeli gets the rest. America gets shafted.


  27. What’s breaking in Ukraine is Hunter and Joe Biden are caught in new 10 % kickbacks to embezzle another $8B in none existent gas funds. The Drag Queen is spotlighted and the other Jew thieves have run to Israel. Another day of Crime with, the Khazar Swine.
    While the corrupt Bidens are hiding.


  28. Is it any wonder why kids are coming out of colleges in the US in the mental state they do?


    1. With what, they are BROKE?. Iraq can ONLY support what the IMF will allow and that is for Internal Economic needs ONLY!. A few T’s at max. No one is bailing those overprjnted Toilet Paper Pumpers Scam notes Wipe Your * with them, that’s all they are good for. Or us that brain to call them in to sell them to new Suckers, and move into Cryptos instead. Pumpers paper does wall paper also. There’s one born every day. Boo Hoo I was promised by Dinar Rags and Sucker papers. When is Santa coming?

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Why Crypto Market Is Turning Red Ahead Of A Crucial Week

    Dam right they are his stores feel it and thousands are sanctioned
    No place to be in Russia’s claws, ASOVs now find reality.
    Putin’s torture camps in Ukraine revealed by Polish security forces


  30. The Barnes Brief: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

    Top News in Brief: Fed raises rates once again…BoJo gives Churchill award to Zelensky…Dems wants Trump indicted…Jones trial sees Judge continue trying to rig the trial by denying evidence Jones apologized…Tamara Lich freed from jail…

    1. “Real world experience has proven that at a bare minimum the vaccine does not work in stopping infection or transmission. This was the original sin and genesis of the fraud.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. People who vax their young boys especially are CRAZY.

      Covid Infection Itself NOT Causing Heart Conditions …

      Tuvali et al, Israel, huge study N=196K cases, N=590K controls, no excess rate of ICD-10-code identified myocarditis in uninjected with natural infection. Counters prior false claims. Can focus on mandated products as source of myocarditis at hand and move forward on management.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. There are NO MORE rocks to hide under. The vaxx kills children in droves, directly and indirectly. Pull the vaxx, pass law to NEVER mandate a vaxx for 100 years and pass law to NEVER rush one ever again.

    The UK Government has quietly confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccines are killing children at an unprecedented rate.

    Shocking figures contained in an official report, published just hours before Boris Johnson announced his resignation as Prime Minister of the UK, reveal Covid-19 vaccinated children are 4423%/45x more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children and 13,6333%/137x more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated children.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good man and right.

      Its TRAGIC what is happening in Germany, Sweden and the UK. Each nation needs to plant 1 million Appian Way poles. Then Fill them! Politicos and Zios too!

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Jim Rockford: We’re all scared to death. I guess that’s a penalty we pay for living in a world where all the price tags end in 99 cents and they sell mortuary plots on billboards next to the freeway. What you do is… you just keep laughing. Just… keep laughing.

    Liked by 1 person

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