Causes Of Global Settlements Delays And Battleplans To Overcome Them

“What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all.”

London Temple Head

These are multiple interlinking issues to help you really understand the full board in play today gaming your own lives, the reason for global settlement delays, and what is coming at you. Unplanned, unshielded they will take it all.  Get real and get organized. They did!

Politicians have failed us all. The system is not working because of the dubious political rogues, ambulance chasing attorneys, grifters and snake oil peddlers, seeking only self-enrichment, who hold too many seats, and, sadly, in the U.S., are mainly funded and owned by Jews, and the lobbyists (presidents all are).  Trump’s own pardoning for obvious “alleged” bribe money via the Kushners, of seriously convicted long sentenced criminal Jews, is disgusting and shameful. As was his land theft of the Syrian’s Golan Heights for the Kushners, Israeli racketeers and Cheyney.  He’s yet another shameful, political low life! No, it’s NOT acceptable. He’s a shabby grifting slag and it hurts good Americans. Trust is a price not fair to be lost. 

There are few quality statesmen left to deal with this barbarian Putin and his Moscow mafia henchmen. The orange blimp can’t. Biden’s too incontinent to understand the meaning of a continent. This war has caused so many delays. Rasputin’s so scattered the board right now. Chaos rules while vipers change Biden’s diapers and Hunter channels funds to Ukraine. For what? You wonder why it takes time? Swindling the swine?    

Both U.S. Houses are full of the self-serving, untrustworthy rogues like Pelosi and Clinton, who hold too many seats, and, like the ruthless Bush family, blatantly loot the store unchecked by the system. America’s infrastructure is failing and collapsing, because wealth created and taxed from your American societies hard work, and US Zionist global hegemony, is also being syphoned off by the bloated military industrial cabal and Jewish bankers.  America fares badly beyond most Western nations, as since JFK, there has not been a national leader of intelligence, patriotic embodiment, and integrity, to serve the needs of the nation, and ensure ethical standards. Instead, as with the Bushes and Clintons, archcriminals of the worst kind loot with impunity. How can such a festering, feral rabble lead anything? You wonder why Asia and the Far East are breaking away and scourging the dollar and SWIFT? Eisenhower warned America’s deaf ears and dumb politicians what was coming.  When will America wake up to reality, as all around them is collapsing and no one cares? We will explain more in stages.  

Here is an interesting rabbit hole of intrigue if you were unaware. Can you absorb and handle this? Welcome to my world, if so: How America Secretly Recovered Yamashita’s Gold

First and foremost, before we get to the real issues affecting all nations, let’s dispose of these tiresome Dinar banshees and endless desperadoes who just won’t get it; the ever-vacuous ambulance chasers. Hard facts. Reality time, not pumpers’ empty rhetoric.

The protected assets behind the settlements are beholden to no one and will not be cross assigned to underpin or bail out fake currency printing scams, promoted by such undesirables and Dinar pumping con artists. There is no agenda to bail such almost demonetized notes, or even converted versions.  Nor will Iraqi banks assist convert or encash out to anyone who illegally invaded and perniciously destroyed their poor, DEFENSELESS country. Wantonly!  Hegemony ghouls and bloodsuckers who have no shame or humanity for these lost Iraqi souls. Just gimme, gimme, gimme hands out. They feel owed. Pitiful. One million Iraqi innocents are dead, and no shame! Swap places!  Murdered by the U.S., swindled by Bush 41, and Iraqis genocided by Bush 43.  Pariahs, banshees wailing in the night.  Eat it. There is no, and never will be, any interest in enriching such bottom feeders, and they are all peeing in the wind. Blood money! Scurrilous greed and human indifference.  Me, me, me! SORRYYY! Not happening. Noise on the system Wombats. Swamp creatures.  

Gettin’ Ready For The RV! (For 15 years)

Anything for a failed fast buck, after how many years and how many fake imminent closures?  You lost! Wake up and walk. It’s time now as Iraq is not coming good for such ambulance chasers.  How long is your wake-up time? Dreams are not free. Cash out and get out while there still are suckers to buy. The pumpers took your pants down. Get-real time. The Settlements are not bailing you. It’s a no-show and they still keep hustling! They know now that you will swallow… anything. Iraq is NOT bailing you, nor are the Elders. Not a chance! No one is buying pumper’s paper, apart from you. The Dinar rags know there’s one born every day. How many have tried to get their notes back from dubious group arrangements, and failed? We are looking at another South Seas Bubble just waiting to pop. Too late then, exit now. Quit dreaming, you don’t have multi-millions at stake, just what you put into it, even if that. Running money only. Call it and try Cryptos. It’s time. They failed. Time for you to bail. Know when to fold and walk away, when the dream is done. Before your money is. The IMF will not bail it, nor will Iraq. Bail or go down with the burst bubble as many gullible fools will.  Time to stop being a Mug. Call it and start afresh. 15 years of bottom feeder BS?  Pumpers feed from naïve greed. Good suggestions to help you with meaning respect.  It’s only time now before the Fed’s hands are on collars.  Then it’s too late for them and they know it. Stop dreaming and start thinking straight. Re-purpose your lives. There will be no Free dinners from Dinars.  

If you really want to be part of the oncoming Settlements allocations markets, first start with intelligent reading by actually understanding the history of the Elders’ Au and what IS coming with the currencies and BRICS.  You need to position. You do the real legwork for once and get the true history of what it takes, the subterfuge, and their chicanery, the Criminals In Action Agency, and Zionist skullduggery with these Khazar raptors waiting like hydras on every corner. Appreciate what was done to Yamashita, Marcos, M1, Riyardi, Tropos, Falcone, and the tyrannies perpetrated by these carnivores and Cabal jackals like the Bush Family and Greenspan. Get with it.  Read up and think what If – it’s you?  Unguarded it will be. 

We do, in fact, have plans to try to help most get clear of what is coming, but it will create a schism with the Zios. 2 big dogs will not feed from a bowl for one. Ours will be a power transfer and no feed bowl for them. No Khazars or camels in the tent. 

But now we keep our cards close, and plans shielded. It will be epoch-breaking for mankind, and ball-breaking for their kind. We are planning for post-America. Not following the lemmings to the cliff edge in the kingdom of the blind. Know your enemies. 

Held as assets in Elders’ trusts, these few remaining dynasty global hard Au assets, which were not pre-stolen by the Cabal or Zionists, are subject to multiple well-contemplated codicils, and at all times protected from scurrilous, unprincipled Americans.  They are also protected from emerging Chinese interests. Having stolen the rest across Asia and the Far East, the usual predatory U.S. locusts are being kept well away. The Zionists and the CIA crime families syndicate cabal are the real enemies of geopolitical freedoms. The now failing NWO conspirators are panicking. Skull and Bones fear their own oblivion as rats on a sinking ship. Kissinger aspires to see 50% of the Third World dead, or more. Some kind of humanity! It’s now a Davos thinktank head-on grab with WEF.  If that tanks, what then? Hopefully, it will! Neither China nor India will go with it, thankfully. 

And Who Controls The Money?

Life becomes an ongoing poker game at all times; watching out for so many concealed cards up their sleeves, like river boat card sharks.  Have you any idea of the focused force and threats applied to parties who decline them, or the global extent of their reach?  

The Cabal are beyond shadow governments and face implosion as economically unaffordable. Over 60% of taxes coerced by the IRS are used to fund banker and the military industrial black operations. You cannot conceive their agendas and real-world take out via the Fed programs if you’re outside the loop. We try to warn you. Americans are clueless of the unelected powers who rule and run their lives. Their powers and controls far transcend presidents. They control it all. Unchecked! 

These same funds supported a global hegemony which funded Fauci to unleash COVID-19, and skunks like Gates to hype up and enrich himself from faulty and fake vaccines, sterilizing and killing the world with protected Teflon indemnities. 

Let us help you grasp core dichotomies we face, and more to follow to understand our moves and why YOU also need to learn and plan forward to protect your own assets from what is coming. Dreamers will be lunch. Clueless. Gone is gone! But we will also show you what is possible if handled correctly and funds ethically redirected. Position for BRICs and your own safety. Your own mind power! Learn how to game your own board or get bank bailed-in. Sucker punches.  

  • $10T of Au (But more in reality) held in secure storage will be worth at least $15T to $20T over 10 years invested as simple net asset capacity in securities trading. In reality, if we utilized these vast funds to securities trade in the Tier 1 and Tier MTN and BG markets, that could transform national debts, and interjected as needed and deserved, will be like a Viagra shot for struggling retirees and pension funds. Time to build CDFI Community funding. MTN and BGs fund the Cabal and most Zionist bank racketeering. What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all. Caring and sharing as society deserves. But with the Zio’s snout taken out!  
  • With the collapsing U.S. petrodollar, $10T of Au converted now for a depreciating American petrol dollar currency, will be worth at best only a depreciated $5T by then, and possibly far less. Even demonetized. Will it even survive? Toilet paper! Why hand over these hard-core assets for a worthless fast depleting US fiat currency and to Cabal treasury Zionist sharks to still steal? It’s an ongoing protracted poker game with Zionist swindlers and their Israeli overseen FRB NY skunk hole. Other factors also impact, meriting intense geopolitical and Treasury oversight. We need at all times to be Teflon clad dealing with these ever-scheming Cabalists, the same Fed who intercepted an $800B ACAT Tropos SWIFT and blatantly stole it from the Wachovia Bank screens mid transfer. Racoons! We protect the Elders as a united team together. Au will not move for toilet paper, nor to banks open to Fed or BIS sequestration for the Zio’s alien nation.    
  • The same Fed/Treasury Zionist Rothschild backed parasites with whom multiple parties signed off the Bank of Indonesia Riyardi Au contract, (Fronted and insurance wrapped by Greenspan, confirmed to us by both the Governor of the B of I, and the ex-White House Senior Legal Presidential Advisor) confirmed for us that the account was real, and that Bill Clinton was then using the proceeds weekly, with poor Riyardi denied access to his own lawfully contracted profit share. But this was not for public media release. It was part of our own journey of discovery while entering the web and unmasking the weevils at work. 
  • Over decades we have been able to access most of the Cabal and Zionist networks, also their infrastructure behind, seeing firsthand most of the betrayal and siphoning off of the vast wealth and hard-earned assets of mankind, and the unaccountable corruption of what is both running America, and robbing it blind. All Eisenhower’s warnings and fears were realized. Even then the weasels were burrowing in deeply.  Eisenhower feared for you all. It has come to pass as he warned. 
  • America is run with 2 sets of books, one undisclosed for mass connivery and unparalleled fraud and ruthless chicanery. The scale of siphoned theft is the primary cause of America’s deteriorating infrastructure and Israel’s hidden wealth. It keeps these Jews well suited and booted. Gullible Goyim whom they despise, exploited. The transfer switch game which allowed the Bushes to award single supplier contracts without tendering to their own front companies, skimming vast profits by double transfer cons, with the likes of Cheney acting for the Bush family to skim the lot. Bush 41 was a crime lord, a con artist. They got rich stitching up Americans. You!
  • Let me give you all hope. For many years we have been planning innovatory rail networks across Eurasia, from Beijing to London, traveling via Kazakhstan and to both Moscow and the U.K. The same from China, through India and over to Iran. Networks taking us from Iran, via Turkey, into Greece and Europe. Networking also new joint-venture projects between the U.S. and U.K., which has great synergy. The same with Germany. Vast new infrastructure projects. Creating and building entire new economies. Taking the vast industrial potential of the Ruhr to empower its foundries, fabrication industries and opening up new jobs for metal workers, re-tasked to manufacture the vast new rail tracks and rolling stocks needed for the emerging Silk Roads’ new cities, communities and infrastructure along the way. Refunding the Foundries to re-fund Germany and other nations by intelligent use of securities profits to secure your futures. Money for taxes not skimmed to offshore banks. Enrich nations instead. New education systems free of Abrahamian dogma and no Vatican child molestation. Core ethereal values star children! Allow and encourage Germany to adopt part national service as with Switzerland, to protect its borders, communities and women with pride. 
  • Our Elders would part-own the entire new highways, the infrastructure, and the global community financing. Waging war on want, not each other. Not cross-funding the vast, out- of-control rapacious military industrial Cabal, four-squares-a-day posing comic Pentagon characters; coffee and burger fat guts who run from trouble, and their greedy toy soldiers. Its unquenchable thirst is for the creation of wars to feed the vast shadow governments military combine hegemony contractor companies who mass kill for profit. Or to feed its Criminals In Action crime syndicate agencies who quadrupled opium production in Afghanistan and did deals with the Taliban for profits. Never mind that the ever-faulty Lockheed planes fall out of the skies, they just charge ever more fees which increases their profits. Never mind the fact the ejector seats don’t work, this time they make sure any new “Francis Gary Powers” pilot does go down with his plane. Vast trillions are syphoned off each year, and for what gain for Americans? Zero! Mugged!
  • When the new central BRICS currency is unleashed as a preferred USD alternative, which many will then adopt, do you have a clue what is coming at you? 
  • When over 50% of all water running off the Rockies every year is wasted, while America faces droughts and food shortages, why is it beyond Washington to innovate, repair the levies, create new dams and use the enormous power then harnessed to generate new hydro power for the cities? Self-help, instead of the Cabal helping itself. Self-sufficiency by self-help. Here is a brief review of a project proposed in 1964 which could have been built in 20-30 years. Instead, Lyndon B. Johnson chose to spend the funds on Vietnam and kill 58,000 of our young men in a war that was never declared by Congress; men that could have built this system. The resources, both financial and technical, exist to do this and other projects. But only if such project funding will remain out of the grasp of desperately insolvent central bankers, who, like before, will not see such positive life supporting projects like the North American Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA) as important to their interests.

    And those interests are not interested in looking out for your interests.  
58.000 Dead Instead Of 4,000,000 Employed. Courtesy Of Politics And Its Backers

Remember, the preceding information concerning the global settlements is certainly true, but not all there is to know. It is impossible to reveal all the details at this stage. The complexities require delicate handling and discretion. As we can, more information will be forthcoming when it is appropriate and safe to share. Your understanding is appreciated!

And as a final thought, the only place you will find accuracy in all matters concerning the global settlements, is right here. No other sites or outlets are going to legitimately reveal details of the process beyond what is disclosed here. Be cautious in your judgment when you hear stories of pending mass public financial payments from “elders” or “Asians”, claimed by people with no discernable positions of responsibility within the necessary sovereign halls of power where such matters are negotiated.

Remember, the mountain does not come to the man. Never forget this.

Thank you, and stay tuned for further announcements. The journey continues.



    1. He will feel that for sure. Next time it has to be a Drone. Implant a Cell and send him to Hell.
      Assassination can change a nation. Ras Putin?


  1. Top News in Brief: Turkish efforts to broker peace in Ukraine go nowhere…

    housing data indicate a rapidly deepening recession…

    a range of polling data shows promise for GOP candidates in key Governor’s races…

    Germany talks about wild heating limits for workplaces and residences due to growing energy crisis…


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  3. Poor Ras Putin. All he touches turns to crap.

    Ukrainian drone strike hits HQ of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

    Send 10 M Khazars fast. Clear out Israel NY, DC, CA and Florida. .

    Proceeds of Russian Crimes. Scumbags.

    They can give it but can’t take it. Sound familiar?
    Ukraine: ‘We’d take a nuclear attack over being a part of Russia’

    Sadly when Ukrainians would rather be dead than Red still does no resonate.
    Russia-Ukraine war: Putin losing information war in Ukraine, UK says; explosions in Russia and Crimea – live

    Little Ras Putin is losing the plot.
    The founder of a crypto powerhouse says Meta and Microsoft are ‘digital dictatorships’ and wants to crush their dominance in the online world

    Positive thinking!
    Scientists make massive breakthrough in nuclear fusion as ‘ignition’ is finally achieved

    What, Creative Consciousness at LAST?
    EXCLUSIVE: MASSIVE Democrat ‘Bot Farms’ Revealed Influencing Elections, War, And Racial Tension — 51,343,790,000 Social Media Impressions Since 2019 — They’re Gearing Up for November & 2024 #BlueCrew #DemCast – DailyVeracity

    Will no one stop this Evil Weevil Party?
    Lockheed Martin is the first in the world to deliver the HELIOS laser weapon – it works on the principle of the “Death Star”
    Fine, until their Planes fall out of the sky.
    Ras Putin is so far behind he’s clutching at straws now.

    Russian propaganda channel claims troops have been poisoned in Ukraine


    1. I can’t believe the nuclear fusion that they can do the ignition on a controlled basis . Then to bring in two parts of hydrogen to ignite it is almost unbelievable. If it works you could power the world with little nuclear power. Then the waste product is helium a gas product that can be used. Thanks for the article John.


  4. Yet another example of the Big Pharma/USDA/FDA complex destroying small farmers and the organic industry.

    This small Amish farm in Pennsylvania is getting hammered by the USDA because… get this… they’re producing raw milk and preservative free meat.

    Is this about health or about population control? (you know the answer)


    1. The meat part is arbitrarily bogus.

      Unfortunately the milk part isn’t. Milk, prior to the advent of pasteurization, was the primary vector for intestinal tuberculosis not to mention a couple parasites.

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  5. Minnesota: AKA Mogadishu Dr Abdul Muhammad Masood former Mayo Clinic researcher pleads guilty to terror charge after pledging allegiance to ISIS Wheres The MSM ?

    Minnesota: Muslim former Mayo Clinic researcher pleads guilty to terror charge after pledging allegiance to ISIS
    No one who gave Muhammad Masood his work visa, and no one at the Mayo Clinic, would have dared inquire about his thoughts regarding jihad, infidels, Sharia, etc. That would have been “Islamophobic.”



    President Biden admitted recently that the coming ‘New World Order‘ will soon force a digital currency on everybody which will completely replace the traditional U.S. dollar. On March 9, the Biden administration released an executive order (EO) instructing a long list of federal agencies to study digital assets and to report back to him about their use and proposals to regulate them.


        1. Lol

          I read our Intel reports on him here when assigned here as a KGB Embassy Analyst.
          He attended English Language courses for Foreign students in London.
          He was no Field Agent, just a KGB Report Analyst and no more. As with all Soviets, he was monitored deeply by us with Language School ” Oversite”. Not considered worth recruiting and turning.
          Character reports read dull. monotone, lacking drive, intellect, vision and personality. Considered a mediocrity unlikely to achieve significant KGB progression. A Paper Tiger and no more.
          When the KGB reorganised he was considered surplus to need. Limitations. Unemployed,he then found a job as a Funds Analyst in the St Petersburg Mayors Department, entrusted to manage and invest Community Funds. He, and his grubby Cohorts embezzled the lot. He ingratiated himself from there. Corrupt to the core. A shielded Weasel of a Man. His lack of vision shows in Ukraine. a Moscow Mafia Poodle Faker.
          So I have to be nice to a Runt? To Pop Russians?


  7. Like

  8. Ethereum Merge Will Be Good for Coinbase, Says JPMorgan
    Drone footage shows incredible moment firefighter is attacked by a 12-FOOT alligator in a Florida lake – and miraculously SURVIVES despite losing half his skull

    JC La Verde, a firefighter and paramedic, was attacked by an alligator while swimming in a Florida lake on August 3. La Verde swiftly escaped the grip on the alligator sustaining injuries.

    A total Arsehole. No brains, he just lost half of them. Too many idiots loose.

    It’s beyond sad, so many good businesses will be lost. Price Cap and STOP Price Racketeering. Block Energy sequestrating their funds. Bastards. Soros types. chop the lot.
    Taiwan considers evacuating cultural artifacts amid China tensions | Asia | An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 17.08.2022

    Shall we take this as clue to what comes forth? South Korea needs to do likewise. China is coming.


  9. Fully Vaccinated Mike Tyson, says he was beaten into submission taking covid vaccine says he’s about to die now in wheelchair
    Investment Watch Blog
    August 17, 2022


    Mike Tyson said he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, but the legendary boxer sounded compelled to share something about his decision to get the shot.

    “I didn’t do it willingly,” Tyson told USA TODAY Sports during an interview at his cannabis company. “I’m a little apprehensive of that. I was pretty much beaten into submission to do this because I travel internationally. And if I don’t travel, we don’t eat.

    “So I decided to take the risk and take the shot. And people, they have their own choice. I never got sick.”

    Mike Tyson thinks he’s going to die ‘really soon’


  10. A New York City sex offender who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after punching a diner, fracturing his skull and causing a brain bleed, has been allowed to walk free after his charges were downgraded to a misdemeanor.
    NYC thug, 55, who put on gloves to knock out diner in unprovoked attack is FREED


    1. So, for a disease with a provable IFR of 0.22% you deployed a vaccine, nay — mandated — a vaccine with 0.2% fatality rate.

      Ethical vaccine safety limit, worldwide consensus, is 1 death per million.

      Why is the vaccine still being used? Why are heads not on pikes? Where’s Regulatory or the joke facsimile of same?


  11. Winter is coming in months for Ukraine. If Ras Putin fails to win by then he will have his own Stalingrad hell.
    I care nothing for Selensky, just an observation. Will the Thief of the St Petersburg funds get caught in Winter as Napoleon was in Russia. Will the Moscow Runt get caught on the front? Both are as bad. 4 months and hell freezes over. If Ukraine lasts that long, nature will not Nurture the Russians.
    Now China has discovered vast Oil and Gas reserves, and the EU is cutting Russia off, troubles mount. For either side, it’s a Whores war.



    If you think you’ve read this before … you have not read this before!

    Things you must know to be informed:













    Now you know why no one is investigated. They all have their hands in the cookie jar! You might remember James Comey who investigated the Clinton email scandal and the Clinton Foundation, and made the final decision to not recommend prosecution by the DOJ.

    It turns out that the Clinton Foundation was audited by the law firm DLA Piper. One of the executives there was in charge of the Clinton Foundation audit.

    Who was it? Peter Comey, James Comey’s brother. Peter Comey held an executive position with the Washington law firm that did the audit of the Clinton foundation in 2015. Peter Comey was officially DLA Piper “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas,” in 2015 when the Clinton Foundation scandals first broke and Hillary was preparing her Presidential campaign. Not only was DLA Piper, the firm where Comey’s brother worked involved in the audit of the Clinton Foundation, but according to the foundation’s donor records, DLA Piper has given between $50 – 100k to the Foundation. It gets even cozier. DLA Piper executive Douglas Emhoff is taking an extended leave of absence from the firm. Who is Douglas Emhoff? He is the husband of KAMALA HARRIS! Just a coincidence? Amazing if it is. You can’t make this stuff up! Another example of the DC swamp.”

    And it only gets worse. This “Family Tree” will make your head spin . . THE SWAMP IS DEEP!!

    Dominion (voting machine provider) serves 40% of the US market. It is in 30 states – – The state of Texas rejected the machines.

    – Admiral Peter Neffenger is on Biden’s transition team.

    – Neffenger was the President of the board of Smartmatic

    – Smartmatic (another voting machine supplier) entered into an agreement with Dominion in 2009

    – Smartmatic counted votes in Venezuela

    – Smartmatic is connected to Philippine voter fraud

    – Smartmatic is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros (-he and Brown are life-long friends)

    – Brown chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including the Open Society Foundation,

    – Brown chairs the Centre for Global Development.

    – Open society of course is owned by George Soros

    – Smartmatic partnered with DLA Piper Global

    – Douglas C. Emhoff works at DLA Piper Global

    – Douglass C. Emhoff is Kamala Harris’s husband

    – Guess who owns Dominion? – -Blum Capital Partners, L.P.

    – Guess who is on the board for the company? — Richard C.Blum.

    – Richard C. Blum is Dianne Feinstein’s husband.

    – Nancy Pelosi’s husband is also a major investor

    – An aide to Nancy Pelosi, Nadeam Elshami, was hired by Dominion Voting Systems

    And it goes on & ON!!

    – Dominion Voting Systems is listed on the Clinton Foundation website.

    – Dominion Voting is listed as a $25,000 -$50,000 donor to the Clinton Foundation in 2014 by The Washington Post

    – Georgia Governor Kemp used Dominion Voting after Texas and Florida rejected them

    – Dominion has a lobbyist named Jared Thomas

    – Jared Thomas was Governor Brian Kemp’s chief of staff and press secretary from 2012 to 2015

    – You must remember the Feinstein-Kavanaugh-Soros connections to understand this next information

    – Debra Katz (Christine Ford’s lawyer) worked for George-Soros at the Open Society Foundation.

    – Debra Katz (Christine Ford’s lawyer) also worked at Project on Government Oversight (POGO).

    – POGO is funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

    – POGO is the co-signer of the letter Diane Feinstein presented against Kavanaugh’s nomination.

    – Kamala Harris did not prosecute OneWest Bank for their fraud when she had the authority – Soros owned OneWest Bank.

    – Now you know why a woman who placed 7th in her State when running for President is now VP.

    Sadly Canada is being fast lost to Tyranny. America will follow.

    Canada to Launch Digital Identity Program | Armstrong Economics

    What is happening to this country ? Soon it will be unrecognizable to what it was.


    1. See above, you don’t think America has MAJOR Problems?
      Too many are brain dead at the wheel, and the rest free ride.
      The light in the tunnel is the major Life Train Wreck coming at you.
      The Vandals are already loose, and when the Dollar goes, who keeps the Ho’s?
      Nothing lasts forever. Who will weep for this lot when it comes down?


  13. re: the multipolar speech

    quote: When both the Russians and the Chinese are singing from the same songbook, and are even being joined in military exercises by the Indians, it should be fairly obvious to even the casual observer that the globalist order of the last 70 years is dying.

    Both modernism and post-modernism have failed. There is no shiny, sexy, secular science fiction civilization at the end of the tunnel. The globalist dream is dead. Again. :endquote

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    1. See what is coming. The Far East. Asia. Middle East and South America want America GONE from control.
      It is still not yet permeating, that Americas economy is lying and soon, will be dying. The Ponzie lie will fall like the pack of cards that it is.A stacked deck. Once the BRICS currency comes. the Petro Dollar will die. The US Fed is trying to create a new Dollar Paper Scam. It won’t fly. BRICS or USD.. One will flatline.
      The world wants the US Snout- Out.
      Get Wise, get into the new Global Currencies and Cryptos.
      Get the Zios Snout OUT!
      Almost 8 Billion people are saying NO to the DC Ho. The whole pack will crash to earth.
      By design, they will block out the Swine. Post WW11 what happened to Germany? Learn from History. It’s over.

      See the tangled web of Evil coming over. The sick and sad reality that is running America.
      Into the ground!


  14. Please, allow me to correct some media misconceptions relating to the Russians and their Mafya / ruthless Criminal Jewish Oligarch associations. These also are no Heroes. Mainly Sharks and Oligarchs.

    1. Putin is fast losing Russian forces. Generals, Colonels etc Contractors and hired Mercenary Thugs have been depleted. They are even down to hiring Murderers from Prisons to serve on the front line now. Plus Naval disasters and Planes lost / Weapons supplies destroyed. It’s a total Cluster F , and that’s reality! Nothing has gone to plan, ( How long is this now???) and he now sees the need to end it and save face. His inner circle are making Diplomatic moves to curtail this fiasco. Moscow is rattled and empty stores bring dissent. Their affluent Commodity store supplies from the West have gone- West. They are feeling it. Revolution grows how in Russia?
    2.Selensky and his Mossad Jewboy backers, plus Oligarch Crooks, have really played Rasputin. This miniature cartoon Cross Dressing Zio Puppet will play every poor Ukrainian life to their own ends and death. Life is cheap to this crooked Zionist Creep. He, the kickback taking Bidens, and God knows who else, are gang banging it all weekly for profit. Ugly, pernicious and treasonous, what a Whores war. The worst face of Capitalism. Truth was long lost. They are milking it. Trust no one or position. It’s one big Carrion Board. Except for dead or Displaced Ukrainians.
    3 The UK Intel Agencies are now systematically tracing, freezing and dismantling Russian and Zionist Oligarchs assets worldwide. It’s beyond hurting. Confusion now rules.
    4. Now that China has discovered its OWN VAST Gas and Oil field deposits, it no longer needs to waste Trillions of its own Capital assets buying Russian or Arab oil. A major kick in the Nads to both and a major boost to its own RMB standing plus the BRICS new central currency to come.
    5 London IS the Sole Chinese approved Epicentre of all the RMB trading outside of Beijing itself. A Huge asset position. When the new BRICS currency comes, a real assault will take place against the dollar. 2 Big Dogs cannot feed from a meal for one. It’s visibly building. The future is about territory. Gaming the Board. China’s own new ” Lick”, US Hegemony rules now being reversed. Spit or Swallow?
    6. Bidens are cashing in big in Ukraine. Pelosi’s in China. Big Pharma on all. Why were so many Bio Labs carrying out such dangerous Toxin warfare Viral Experiments inside Ukraine and China? How deep does it go? Who authorised all of this and who pays? How could over 40 Labs in Ukraine alone be operating under radar? Congress will now do what? Man Up!
    7.We note, as ever, that it’s just impervious to US Psyche that you have overplayed your hand for decades, and have no concept of the accumulated consequences of nuclear armed aggressive impulses of so many disenchanted, historically maligned nations with a grievance. The Philippines are not ever impoverished by being backwards, but the victims of the long historical based abuse of predatory US Colonialism theft. under epric and vicious corrupt Imperialism. Servitude. America reneged on the JFK / Marcos M1 asset protectorat contract. The never ending Colonial Locust swarm.

    Oscar Wilde so called out America . ” America is the ONLY country that went from Barbarism to Decadence without Civilisation in Between !”. Is Karma coming home?

    From a world of suppressed nations, embittered nations , how can it penetrate the American psyche that there are hard nosed Kremlin and Beijing Hawks, who even now, akin to Klingons, would see it as a Just War, irrespective of consequential losses, to know they had annihilated the Evil Empire first?
    America is just Obtuse to 5D thinking. That alone may get you killed. And all with you.
    8.China WILL move on Taiwan. America is so besotted with its own Imperialistic arrogance, DC may activate the ultimate War of No End game Winners. They just don’t get it. When the Romans and British Colonised, they imported Culture, Education and Standards. We created the Industrial Revolution. The US created the Military Industrial Cabal and the ugly, incestuous Zionist Banking parasites.
    Armchair Warriors just cannot conceive that to those bereaved and relieved of everything, now reduced to nothing, the major win to them is simply knowing that they totaled the Empire. The lashback of Payback. Ask the old Alamo Patriots about sacrificial reality. To Martyrs life is cheap.

    As with Pearl Harbour, these are very, very dangerous times, and you are out mentally playing Golf, or to the rest, Pocket Billiards. Fleets are positioning, and your just thinking Missionary, or a Hole in one with a new Intern. Is a new Taiwan Cuba coming? Bandits are circling at 11 o clock. There will be no reason if this kicks off. Is Taiwan worth losing America? Do Senators do Joined Up Thinking?


    1. John,

      When do you anticipate BRICS new currency will be released as a CBDC? Seems alot is riding on that for releases to occur, which could still take a couple of years, correct?


    2. (1) does not square with so-called “most reliable estimates” which are : Losses of Russ, LPR and DPR are around 6000+. Ukraine has more than 230,000 losses. A 95% confidence bound puts attackers at 15,000+ on losses, and Ukraine at 200K +/- 35K. My “crew” no longer gives any numbers out of Western sources any credence.

      Given failures to date, the completely erroneous predictions of the Western propaganda effort, the inability to prove one war crime in any of several appropriate venues, given the failure and non-start of counter-offensives, I give Ukraine no more than 10 weeks and on the inside bound, maybe 7 weeks to total abject surrender.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That was the consideration 3 months ago. Wrong then and now.
        Reliable UK MOD and NATO data shows over 70K Russians deaths. 6K is fake news. Had that been correct they would have taken the lot by now. We have boots, ” On the ground”. and we supply a lot of weapons. Selensky does not care about the Ukrainian losses. Just funding.
        Russia has been so exposed by this fiasco. Putin is no Napoleon. Just a Jerk.


        1. We’ll see.

          Even assuming, arguendo 70K dead on Russia side, that’s still in Russia’s favor. The Russians can keep going until each and every Ukrainian combatant is dead. There’s that old Nazi hatred spirit for you.

          I think converged agencies are bloody gas-lighting. Has anyone even bothered to report that every. single. anti-Russian action is NOT being viewed in Western favor? That the hearts and minds are almost uniformly pro-Russia? That the UK’s/US/Western stance is not viewed favorably in aligned and non-aligned alike? And that attitude persists in face of the most vast propaganda effort of all time? And that it is a religious, anti-globalist, anti-Western Empire, anti-diversity stance? Nutters maybe, but it is millions upon millions?

          Even if we win, whatever that means in this context, the West has already lost this one.

          Plus, I simply observe Russia is still there in Ukraine, Putin still in charge, and the Russian treasury is doing just fine as is the ruble. And for all their bluster and prattle 1000’s of companies are still in Russia doing business.


  15. Biden’s White House Covid response coordinator just admitted that the six feet social distancing “rule” was a sham:

    “There’s really a new way of thinking about who is going to get infected. We used to spend a lot of time talking about 6 feet of distance, 15 minutes of being together. We realize that’s actually not the right way to think about this. That’s not the, kind of, the most accurate way to think about this.”

    It’s time for everyone to thank for local conspiracy theorists for standing up to the now collapsing CDC and their narratives. Once again we were proven right.

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  16. [[The Neocons may be willing to fight to the last European, but even the European globalists are rapidly beginning to lose their enthusiasm for giving up their food, electricity, and fuel in return for absolutely nothing but more military defeat-by-proxy. It’s anecdotal, but I haven’t seen or heard a single person say anything positive about “helping Ukraine” in weeks now. The general consensus is that it’s over, so let’s all move on already.

    Note that the Russians aren’t even using their own troops, for the most part. The whole special military operation has been a proxy war in which the Russian-supported Donbass militias have roundly defeated the NATO-supported Ukrainian military despite the latter being well-entrenched and lavishly funded.]] — partial comment picked up at Vox Day

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  17. The study ultimately included a total of 301 students from two schools, ages 13-18, who received a second dose of the shot (BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine,” which is the Pfizer shot). Of those, a whopping 29.24% of them had “cardiovascular effects” from the shot, “ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis.”


  18. Vibrancy!


    1. A Sub Machine Gun ( SMG) in bursts of 4 or 5 hollow heads does. A quick sweep stops any creep.
      An aimed Nutt Cluster blows the problem away. Time for societies to renew. Simply sweep out the lot.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. And you wonder why there is quiet yearning among some elite for the return of a nationalist German leader to finish what many considered to be left undone?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Correct. The long-legged hairy Marfan gork raised an army to invade his own country. My only regret is that Booth didn’t bring a second derringer and shoot that bi-polar witch of a wife at the same time. One million US citizens died so that the dictator could destroy the rights of free and independent states to leave any arrangement they determined were not in their interests to maintain, which was guaranteed at the formation of the Federal compact. Why have free and independent states, otherwise? Lincoln forced at gunpoint the centralization of power in Washington that the states were uniformly designed to guard against, and for this he has a memorial and is worshiped as a “great president”.


  21. Russian soldier tells how he was ordered to execute civilians

    Why are we not throwing these animals out of the EU. Garbage scum just like we found after WW11. Once Sweden joins NATO our Admirals will move on some. Use the lot as BioFuel. Europe has no room or place for them. The lot – Out.
    Eric Trump Reveals His Family Has Footage of What Really Happened During Mar-a-Lago Raid

    And they will do WHAT? 4 Years wasted in Office suckerbait.
    Gruesome UK reporting on the shots.
    There are a lot of charts in this article, but the most revealing one – irrefutable – is the Number of recorded athlete deaths in different time periods – near the bottom of the report – just above the ‘Closing Arguments’ section…

    Even if you aren’t a technical / analytical person, it is pretty hard to disagree with the overall conclusion of this report…AND people still look forward to more shots?

    We are “weeks away” from war with China and Russia | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris – YouTube

    So what are they trying to obscure?

    What a Global mess we have.
    Man ( Faucci) funded and created Covid, and now has the Health Service on its knees. Chaos rules. Hospital waiting lists are back many months or years.
    We can’t enter key areas, or even many cases, without accepting faulty vaccines which can kill or harm us.
    American warships are now facing off China in its own territories. How did the US handle Cuba? Right to the brink. China won’t blink.

    In a world of Western Dumbos, what happens if this triggers WW111? Who fires first, and what is unleashed. How much of the West will be obliterated, and how many dead?
    The shock aftermath as medical services and all drugs will simply cease. As will water supplies, power and food. Energy and Gas also. Horses without food and water?
    The Ghettos will erupt. With No Cops to protect anything. Looting, raping, killing will become the norm as post WW11.
    What is the voracious arrogance of DC taking us into?
    Russia and China will be ringfencing America soon. ICBMs are also primed ready. Pearl Harbour 2 is building up.

    Again the US Whores of War. It’s a No Win War and at least 150M Americans would die. What for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So. Just. Stop.

      Everyone keeps behaving like this is a hurricane or an earthquake or meteor strike or some inevitability.

      It’s not.

      It’s not even mildly a “scenario winnable”.

      All major tributaries of action will yield only misery without even “a better world later”. A worldwide dictatorship that will crumble into in-fighting in less than a generation and total collapse in 3. And it will take centuries to recover to even the pre 9/11 level of stability.

      Every single bit of the insanity is just human stupidity. It’s nothing but stupid, stupid, laws and directives and agendas. By people who have no business issuing control directives, by legislatures that have no business making law, by individuals with power unrestrained by common sense because they think they can or because some tool or capability exists.

      Never mind the arrogance of believing mind-created propaganda results. The vaxx doesn’t work. The vaxxports are agenda and serve literally no legitimate purpose. The sanctions have destroyed all economic recoveries. The targeting of oligarchs has not removed Putin. Ukraine is lost because strategically it was never winnable and not one statement of war crimes was verifiable — y’all ran for cover each and every time hard proof was required. Y’all cried wolf far too often. This latest story will, as usual, almost certainly be debunked 5 days hence.

      Just. Stop. It ain’t that hard. Reverse all current policies. Eat crow. Let it all be. De-escalate in any of 20 obvious ways.

      Stop imbecilic sanctions. They don’t work. Haven’t achieved their goal and are producing or will produce, a winter of misery. Stop believing your own press.

      Stop using the vaxx. It has prolonged the “pandemic”, it doesn’t work, doesn’t prevent transmission so what is the f’ing point of preventing anyone going anywhere except if vaxxed. How many valuable members (are there any?) of your government have died, retired prematurely or been incapacitated by the f’ing vaxx? Statistically, it has to be 8 to 15%. Smart move there rolling over to vaxxports which violate your own Pandemic Response docs y’all wrote in 2011.

      Stop going along with vaxx ports or requirements for a vaxx that doesn’t even work.

      Stop illegally seizing wealth just because it’s Russian and allegedly “criminal oligarchical”. Nobody believes you. You lost the high moral ground the moment you started. And Putin is still sitting there like a Chesire cat. Strategy failed. Move on. Again, stop believing your own press.

      I told you Russia would route around your bullion organization and they are. Arrangements, even if 100 years old or more, are NOT laws of Nature. To borrow a phrase, the spice must flow, and the fucking Guild will be ignored. And is.

      Sane folk, when they see some negative feedback, let alone a catastrophe across all fronts, normally at a minimum just stop and the brighter reverse course.

      Just stop. At a minimum. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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  22. In what will end up being a cosmic joke and high comedy of an intellectual property dispute before the California courts, I have been hired as technical expert by the defense.

    Without breaching confidentiality and protective orders, let’s just say that if I can make the CDC look bad with their own data and miscalculations, imagine how the plaintiffs here will look since I have them by the short hairs coming and going because I was their Science Officer once upon a time, and if I have my druthers, the knuckleheads will also get themselves decapitated for having perpetrated fraud on the Court.

    Once all is said and done, judgment rendered, I’ll do a live-stream for y’all and we can laugh together over a glass of whiskey. Hopefully, it will be an object lesson and the beginning of the end of Lawfare in this narrow window of law.

    Liked by 5 people

        1. They are useless, you don’t want them. The ugly, rapacious mega greedy Jewish Glazer family have milked it dry. Vile people, a free falling Club.


  23. And this is how to recognize delusion and hubris and Deep State.

    Really? Run for President? After being crushed, yes, crushed — in the only State of the Union where you had a ghost of a chance of making it, with a population density of 1 person per square mile… by a Trump tweet endorsing your opponent…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thankful she’s out!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store… I was talking with my husband yesterday: I feel like election integrity will be up to us in November. We are now the media, we are now the leaders, we are now the ones who will hold people accountable. We MUST be the ones to video and post and share to the point that it can’t be ignored.

      Thank God for places like WHA where we can come together for information to bring to others. I’m ready for battle and thanks to WHA I have many quills in my quiver!

      Keep Calm and Soldier On!

      Love and respect to you ALL!!!

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Let me guess: They identify as Fubies?!?! The probably told the manager of the store that they were pissed that there wasn’t a litterbox in the bathroom for them to use. However, the manager doesn’t speak cat so the problem escalated 😀


    1. Where do you find this stuff? And please tell me it isn’t staged… I realize that at societal collapse the low end goes off the cliff, but this is extraordinary…


  24. And this bears repeating…


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