From Evolution to Revolution. Will The Pending Global Settlements Save Mankind In Time?

The GS is a dichotomy and we need to avail ourselves of its potential for real changes. But perspicacious, malignant interests seek only to corral power towards the vested interests of tribal banking Zionism and the Communist WEF. They will derail it before they will avail freedom for all. We seek to keep you all free.

Unfolding around us and before us, is a Political takeover of our Representative Houses by Dark Forces with malignant intent. It’s not just the deranged and predatory WEF, who openly advocate an intent to sequestrate all, but the sheer scale of Governing powers penetrated by the Davos Assembly, and the Shadow Ringmasters behind them.

As the UK is now in Political freefall, Sunak is a committed WEF attendee, inexperienced in any Corporate Governance, unleashed among a motley bunch of typical mediocrities engulfing Politics today. Merkel homogenized Germany. Its very Soul sold to madcap Socialism. The Hapsburgs were sunk by a Merkelberg.

 The G7 mandate to go Cashless, will leave you powerless and your very families both bereft of assets, beholden to the dictates of Communist aspirations beyond your worst fears. Enlightened minds are traumatized as the Sheeple Sleep. 

The Bidens, BLM, Woke and the Cabal Agencies, bowing to the Pied Pipers of Israel, are dismantling America, along with Zionists gutting it all from the inside. The Jews virtually own all. Bloodsuckers!  You gave them a ‘Safe Haven’; they ensnared you all as Goyim to be taken. Contemptible. Still you sleep. Brain dead. This new ideology is designed to seize, at will, all you hold, with no Court of Appeal. Just to steal. 

The Mother of Parliaments is imploding. The EU is a Socialist quagmire. A collective failed Superstate. Zionists and Israeli Oligarchs have unleased Energy consequences which threaten to implode and freeze economies. Is the West Lost? 

BRICS is coming. With it, the power to face and take down America. The new America bereft of its Buck, who do you think will give a F? Hegemonies bill is coming home. Not Saving Private Ryan, but a Ravaged America Crying. 

Can we use the pending GS to settle and save Mankind from this kind? Be assured from London it is so intended. Have you seen, or realized, what is unfolding around us? Around you?

But, as the acting British Presidency of the G7 nations, Sunak announced yesterday the intent for Banks to progress with CBDCs, allowing Banks to control and manipulate it all. Corrosive chicanery at work again. Sunak is a WEF puppet. So there is little hope of  Democratic integrity there. Left under the auspices of the WEF, and NWO, we are seeing new Pied Pipers leading you all into oblivion. This does not augur well for Mankind. Sunak is a pre-patented WEF Mole, lacking in the real ethos of Soul, instead being the cheaply made deviant R version.  Soros will be one of his handlers in the Turd Chain of the WEF. But, so was Johnson. Why on earth is there such a dearth of integrity? Politics has lost all meaning today, and lost its way. Parliament, the Mother of all Democratic Debating Houses, is in need of serious deep Delousing. Physicians first heal thyselves.

Truss, having only served in office  for 7 weeks and failed, is now availing herself of an unearned and unmerited PM’s Tax Free Pension of £150K a year for life. By such are we ruled.  Unreal vacuous varmints, the lot. I give you the Bidens, Orange Grifter Shrek Trump, the Commie Fake Kenyan, the loathsome Clintons and ever treasonous Bushes.  Where is hope when each deserves the Rope?  

We are under DAILY attack by NWO conspirators, Zionist Bankers, and out-of-control Illegals supported by Soros and his like type Rodents.  Political leaders are in free fall as Democracy fails. Indifference will lose all.

“The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.”

“What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

The American Hebrew, September, 1920

The UK Mother of Parliaments , the House of Commons, is under attack and losing all Democracy. 8 known WEF MP member supporters, lobbied the hell out of MPs to hold off a free vote for Maudant to get Sunak instead in. 

Sunak is a WEF Clone. As his is Father in Law, his primary money source. He’s a Puppet on many strings. Sunak’s Father in Law runs his business operations via Moscow. Russian Mafia territory. Compromised to Hell. The stable lead from the Mother of Parliaments is being dismantled as the WEF and NWO Conspirators take control. Unreal.  As with the US, where is Security now? No Vetting?

We never more needed a tribe of Cannibals with a taste for an Indian.

Rome fell to the Vandals inside. China fell to Genghis Khan and his marauders once allowed inside.  They built the wall to stop it again. 

America fell to the Jews and Zionists. Parliament is failing and falling.  It is appalling.  The EU is falling. Hope will die with the WEF lie.  They will take everything and leave you with nothing. As Zionists have done to America. 

Let’s be clear. With the planned population reductions and asset seizure intentions of the WEF to enslave you all, (and the 6,000 year’s history of the old, depraved Tribal Temple money changers, cross bred with the murdering Genghis Khans Khazarian plains marauders, assimilating as Fake Jews), a new and Vile Rodent Species of  Zionist Assimilating “Jews” takes all with no compassion or mercy. They have only contempt for the Goyim, viewed as cattle to be harvested. Low worth animals. 

Seen On Israeli TV

History repeats itself in cycles and we still never learn. Old Empires are ending, and with it, new Leaders. New Empires emerge, rise, and old ones always fail. Look at Global Demographics. Whether religious, racial, or US Hegemony promoting self benefitting Capitalism, until now. Empires foundered, lost by failing resources, or emerging Barbarian internal anarchy. And along this same model, the West is in trouble again. Bad trouble. Zionism has sucked America dry and still they are asleep. Corruption, Socialism and Zionism has thrived but serving only its own Elites. Now the Reaper arrives with the price. How do YOU position to be safe?

But worse. There is now a blatant war unfolding between China which covets America, Russia who seeks to derail the EU, and the WEF, who if left to their devices, aspires to enslave Humanity itself, grabbing all assets for its new Cabal, and even seizing their very Souls. The WEF, like the Zionists, seek to aggregate all. Our Sovereign Right to Be Free, is now under attack again. Enslaving all is ugly. Will we ever learn?  The WEF and Zionism are each as pernicious and ugly. For Human kind, a Death Sentence under Despots. Each needs to be stopped! The Sheeple line up for their Vaccines, and are Tax Sheared of all assets. The Treasury and Fed are a fiercely guarded, bloodsucking Zionist and Jewish Conclave, Goyim denied.

Look how they violate and mutilate Palestinians and neighbors. A truly corrupt sub-species of humanity.  They know the petrodollar is dying, and are bailing. As ever, the sinking ship and Rats.

But, even they have their own new worries developing. Advanced Iranian rockets being field tested now by Russia are in use attacking Ukraine, and are helping Iran to logistically increase their destructive power, refining telemetry and distance testing, ready for war with Israel. As China also readies its own forces for Taiwan. Change is coming. Armed force. The will of Xi will not be stopped. A new Ming the Merciless. While America has minger Biden loose, Diaperless.

Havoc is now emerging in the West. First to the life belts as usual, are the Zio Sewer Rats. The smell of Gold, always the Rats arrived. 6,000 years of this pestilence.

Mindless, unaffordable energy scams, racketeering by Oil Moguls, Despot Sheiks and Futures City Slickers Ripoff Racketeering, is no future for Humankind. Their greed, if left unchecked, will cripple the world. Where are our Leaders? All face turmoil and chaos. Bankers ever-scamming. 

Our world, our desperate people, need help and good Leaders to stop these Free Feeding Vultures. That will be a first. 

Energy bills of $4K to $10K are about to hit our homes. Pure, unjustified Greed. It’s not just Russia, it’s greedy opportunists. How many poor Souls will now needlessly die? Retirees and the poor just don’t have it. Nor do they deserve this. Slam Futures Traders and Price Limit suppliers. 

Sending in the Marines with brass knuckle dusters, to Corporates, Despotic Sheiks and Vulture Funds, will soon put manners on these slick, syphoning, opportunist Bastards. They are ugly. Second only to Politicos.  What TF anger response would soon change the ways of the City of London and Wall Street if nobbled hard by controls, and impacted by brass knuckles. Preservation-Of-Societies. Freedom starts by protecting Ours.   Winter is incoming fast. As will be food and heating deprivation. A war on humanity will decimate Human kind. We are not ready.  These reckless prices are simply unaffordable and not justified.  Allowing Arabs to cut back production by 2m barrels a day, creates a false shortfall and exacerbates price racketeering, bringing Arabs vast unearned profits and bringing Hell to those so much in need. We do nothing. Fat Cats don’t care. 

Never mind us funding more of their Whores, it’s time to line up our Gunboats along their shores. As we created and ordained the House of Saud, we can take it away if our voice is loud. 

Don’t Racketeer with our lives. 

Never before, in the history of our Human (Questionable status for some!) history, have we been so close to true Nuclear Armageddon. Abject incompetence rules. Lions led by Mules or Grifters. 

Xi stands head and shoulders beyond all of them so far, even with stressed “Commercial Communism.” He still has a grip on control. They have a grip, a plan, and it’s working for them. 

Xi Jinping Consolidates Power And Plans For The Future, While The West Worries About Mis-Gendering

The EU is a Ship of Fools, fast running aground. The WEF opines as it covets the assets of Swine. Even to its Disneyland comic suits,  America has been ungluing for decades, they have no planning and no fallback. Just “My Lick!”

What is coming next –  At You? Banks, the Fed and Central Banks, have self created their own oblivion. Never more have we needed the rebalancing of Global nations sensitive economies, and an equitable balancing of resources and Risk/Reward management. Fairer divisions and Respect for Caregivers. Human, and Human values. In short, the very ethos of the GS.  

Sadly, the masses are Clueless of what is evolving. Illiterate of reality, or even capable of comprehending their own plight. Gobbling Turkeys who can see only the feed bowl. None think. We have sunk to this. Basket case Banana Republics where Graft and Chicanery rules.  An Autocracy built of Mediocrity. The US totters towards economic oblivion and melt down. The long forewarned dangers of the Military Industrial Cabal, were prophetic, and exposing a vast, Monolithic Empire of Contractors bleeding the life blood out of an entrapped Domestic population, escalating out of control towards a possible face off with China is pending destruction of our planet.  It’s NOT OK, it’s our world. For all to share.  

If the Earth is an incubating world for the emerging Souls of all Mankind, what will it take to make it Fit for Purpose for all of Humankind? 

No Leaders of Standing are Standing Up for Justice. Just Their Enlarged Rice Bowls. Road kill with Road Runner approaching. 

Russia and China’s vote is cast. Ukraine and Taiwan, or a Nuclear blast. Titanic, sails blind again. What Destiny if this Nuclear Genie Breaks Free? Israel’s Armageddon Destiny?

Be ready for anything. There are no assurances of any particular outcome.

Stay tuned for more news concerning the GS as is possible.

Thank you!



  1. Every politician that allowed this mass invasion of Britain should be quartered and their pieces posted along that bridge.

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  2. The Associated Press: Trump files lawsuit to avoid Jan. 6 committee subpoena.

    Tactics of a Grifter and known Coward
    This, sadly, is what the Illegals and Wogs bring down on us.

    Manhunt launched after woman is ‘raped by a stranger’ in a nightclub

    With the IQ of a 12 year old is Palin going to be bailing?
    More migrants arrive in Dover after being picked up by Border Force

    Send the lot to internment camps and ship them out over a month
    Putin orders a new batch of 6,670mph nuclear-capable Zircon missiles

    US meddling has forced this
    Would-be migrants hurl stones at French riot police in Dunkirk

    For God’s sake turn the GPMGs and flamethrowers on them..10 days wasting Wogs they will get the message. get EU borders armed and shoot to kill.


  3. It is with great pleasure and happiness that my wife and I become great-aunt and great-uncle, welcoming into this life, Emily Clare, a beautiful baby girl. We also thank whatever God(s) there may be, as she is perfect and perfectly healthy while having been born to triple-jabbed (over my somewhat vociferous objections) parents.


    Election judge Michele Swinick has come forward to report what she experienced in Maricopa County on Election Day.
    “In my opinion, the machines were programmed to do this, and it was all planned. The process and narrative, both machines and people. It was brilliantly done. They isolated the ballots to replace or not count them in 223 bags. The hard part for them in 2020 and during the primary was getting the ballots to match their manufactured machine count. This way, they have everything isolated in the bags.”


  5. The ever Pungent Stink of rigged machines and false postal votes,for Jewish owned candidates denies good Americans and Loyal Patriots a right to be Free in their own land.
    A Focused design based on Rodent DNA, and 80% will go away. Time to House Clean the obscene. Bring on Wailing Wall Street. Rat hunt!


    1. Truly sickening, this Bitch was choking at owning his Ass.
      Sold out again is ONE Straight and true?
      So another bought piece of shit is lined up to front for this C species. .
      Cyrus, the Virus get loose in that pestilence. They gloat. Time they choke.


      1. What a truly nauseating creep. Rodent filth has no place on this planet.
        There is only one solution, and it’s deserved. Technonology and science will show the way.


  6. As an ultra Left Wing Extremist with a net worth of only c$800K how will Fetterman accomplish integrity in the Sleaze Machine of Washington?
    So far he profiles as a far better option than Biden, and De Santis has to stay well clear of Mega Creep Trump rather than be tainted with that gross Slob and Bribe Taking Jew Criminal Presidential Pardon Creep selling out America for kickbacks from the Kushner Crime Family and their Criminal Scum associates. Trump is Not Fit for Office, and Win or Lose, De Santis needs to decline the vile Slob and hold for integrity. Trump is Unfit for the Office ever again. Clean up the Oval office. Sweep out the Trash. De Santis needs to swerve the Jews.


      1. Beyond sadly and sickeningly Yes. Time for China and Russia to retrack Wuhan to a new Cyrus DNA virus. Go for the throat and waste each Scroat. Give the world a break. Feed the Wailing Wall
        Let Hell call the Spawn home.


        1. I have heard other disconcerting things about DeSantis too. He may be used to split the vote between Trump and himself, thereby giving the win to the demonocrats for president. We will need to dig for information and watch carefully. I still like what he has done in Florida though. A strong leader.


  7. Some comments for Friday…

    When we started to assist with crypto ideas, we set a few hard and fast rules. One; only use disposable income for ideas, and keep position sizes uniform; and Two; keep your coins/tokens off of exchanges.

    Now you know why.

    The FTX debacle stems from both criminal hypothecation and reckless leveraged gambling in an asset class that is highly volatile.

    Take the opportunity to use your spare cash to acquire good projects at highly discounted prices, as these cleansings occur. Cash. Do not borrow or use margin. We will most likely see more highly volatile price action as others with highly leveraged positions will be liquidated to cover margin calls. Let these bonsai buckaroos play chicken with the markets. We will collect the eggs.

    Anyone who borrows to take on highly leverages positions in an asset class that can move 50% in a few days against such positions, is just plain stupid. This is the strung-out junkie speculator’s domain. We will use their delirium tremens to buy at fantastic discounts.

    These flushing out of turd players will continue, as well as the failure of bad ideas and junk projects which are simply ponzi schemes and frauds. There are thousands of cryptos. We have only a dozen or so on our list.

    We are navigating around these bozos. Simply acquire at the dips, according to your personal capacity to do so safely, and hold. It’s that simple. We are into holding value, not trading junk.

    If your approach is different, then so be it. For this site, we will maintain the safer strategy.

    I could write a lot more and get more detailed, but why bother? The approach is simple, so let’s not get complicated by overanalyzing the debacles.

    This was a Lehman event for cryptos. There will probably be more, but always remember that such actions are based on stupid moves by stupid people, and not with the fundamental idea of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other quality use case developed by smart players who are in for the long term.

    I lose no sleep over these things, and actually welcome them by adding to my positions, and this week was quite a shopping spree!

    Roma Victor!

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  8. Like

  9. PCR cycle count thresholds above 25 means detecting viral dust and fragments & old coronavirus and NOT culturable infectious COVID; why was it then set at 40 & 45 in US & Canada? 95% false positives!
    CDC, NIH, Health Canada of Canada, all globe’s health agencies set cycle counts above 35 & this meant 90% of all positives were not, we closed down school, business, society NOT for real COVID;
    NOV 11

    I say it as clearly as I can: the vast majority of person’s who were denoted as POSITIVE in 2020 and 2021 were NOT! It was a fraud, this PCR test as was asymptomatic transmission and equal risk of severe outcome if infected regardless of age etc. All of it was a lie! The pandemic response was a fraud!

    “Based on WHO guidance, citing Chinese journal articles, doctors around the world began putting patients on ventilators en masse, killing thousands before a grassroots campaign stopped the practice. Based on the WHO’s guidance on COVID-19 testing, again citing Chinese journal articles, labs used, and continue to use, PCR cycle thresholds from 37 to 40, and sometimes as high as 45. At these cycle threshold levels, approximately 85% to 90% of cases are false positives, as confirmed by The New York Times.”


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  10. Real risk to these jabs

    This you all need to read.
    This is an extremely important interview that I need everyone to pay attention to
    Dr McCullough interviews Ms Latypova.

    Here she describes that the hot lots are not random but due to chemicals not “gelling” together. The lots separate out and the bottom part
    becomes inert and harmless to you, but the upper parts leathal to those that receive them

    Dr Paul Alexander.
    Open in app or online
    STARTLING interview with Dr. Peter McCullough: “Department of Defense (DoD) Driving Mass
    Vaccination While FDA and Vaccine Companies are Powerless to Stop It”
    Trade is on the move and the American Arms Cartel is being cut right out as BRICS builds to replace the dollar.

    This is a 1st of several deals where the Saudis buy armaments from India

    This is part of BRICS oriented strategy of supply to replace western arms.

    BBC: PCS strike: 100,000 civil servants vote for walkout.

    Hopefully let 100,000 go as not needed..
    ‘Trumpty Dumpty’: Former president ridiculed by his own favourite newspaper
    Why Pi is the next Covid variant on every scientist’s lips
    Putin makes top brass take the fall for Kherson humiliation – and that’s no accident
    US election: Trump tears into rising Republican rival DeSantis

    Trump fears losing control
    I’m a time-traveler from 5,000 – I have photographic evidence of the apocalypse

    We keep finding flakes
    Arctic Silk Road’ Comes Alive As Russia Sends Oil To China

    All these moves, with Saudi and BRICS to follow, will Bankrupt America.
    Total collapse. Then what?
    All clear and we do nothing.
    The WEF is beyond dangerous. Our limp brained leaders are blind

    The reality of arctic shipping is here. The big difference is that there are few vessels built for such transit. If one believes that we are entering a solar minimum then such vessels will be much more in demand in waters that will have more ice than before.
    New whistleblower: Joe Biden is DIRECTLY INVOLVED in Hunter’s criminal dealings –

    The world sees and knows this. How can America be respected when it does nothing? Will these Criminal Bidens ever face Justice?

    Why expect more from from a crime family? America has had a number of them pillaging away not just America but other nations and peoples as well. Where is justice on a global scale when it is needed?? Because with the real carriage of justice we are all doomed to witness history repeat itself affecting everyone.
    Ukrainian flag raised in Kherson as troops enter city

    Russia faces endless losses in Ukraine.
    Just like Vietnam and Afghanistan the body bags keep coming. He’s landed his country into an unwinnable war.
    Because of Russia’s rapes and atrocities these animals will get no mercy. Death rates will tear his army apart.
    Ukraine is run by Criminal Zionist Oligarchs or extremist Thugs and Militias. A sick nation will take all of them down. How long before Putin pays the price?
    Jealous ex shoots off his wife’s new boyfriend’s penis with a handgun

    Kevlar shield the Lil Fella Tony.

    If taking multiple jabs then detox and reduction of the spike proteins is needed to counter then impact on health. It is why everything from NAC to ivermectin is being used by people.
    Sadly the creditability of big pharma is in the toilet.


  11. While chronically picking and wiping his nose, and a quick eyebrow groom, Seminar Dave claims that trillions of dollars will be released to humanity…but only after everything collapses. Everything is ready to go but they won’t publicly release a date ahead of time (so wait for the collapse so you can get your funds to spend on whatever is left after riots and mayhem destroy it all). China is ready but the USA is not ready (I guess they are waiting for the collapse).

    He cites such stellar sources as Ben Fulford (who has been missing cabal-death predictions for years), Simon Parks, and the Palladian woman. And he continues to refer to MI6 as M-1-6. Fulford says Musk is a “Satan worshiper”. LOL

    He says your $310 in dong purchases (from him) will get you $7.5M. I hope he has his securities license since making public pronouncements of return on capital requires it in the USA. (Remember he already got called out on the Meta1 matter and spent time in jail on a contempt order after telling a Federal judge that he (Schmidt) was “sovereign”).

    He then goes into the most ridiculous gibberish about crypto currencies that is painfully hard to watch. It’s so tiresome, really. He actually said Bitcoin went down over 500% in the last year. That means BTC would be at a price of -$272,000. What?? Actually, Dave, it’s down about 75% from the high last year. If you are going to consult people on crypto, start with learning how to use a calculator. BTC has NOTHING to do with macro economic forecasting or prediction either.

    So, let’s celebrate the pending total collapse. I’ve never wished for chaos and destruction so badly! You will be responsible for sharing your dong money with millions and millions of others who will be roaming the lands among the detritus of the collapse. Kind of like a “Trick or Treat!” but where you hand out cash instead of tootsie rolls. And of course, those door knockers won’t be armed in the midst of a financial collapse now, right? LOL

    You be the judge about what you just watched.


    1. This low grade fool would not get past 10 minutes with the Dragon families. A Fantasist like the drug ridden Foden.
      * It IS illegal to solicit funds with the misleading naive promises he is making to expedit false Dong sales. All fabricated fantasies.
      Among his * Blathering* he claims representation with the Elders. Not True!
      He Claims involvement with M1. Not true. M1 is a derailed Indonesian getting nowhere.
      He makes audacious claims of Hong Kong. HK has no such money or power. Fact!
      Now he’s into the Palladians. Fantasy!
      This limp brained man is out with the Fairies.
      He is asset stripping desperate families. Fake promises.
      He, and his Cohorts, have no idea how it all works. The Kennedy.M! contract was all reneged on and is today derailed.The funds HAVE been looted and squandered. No such liquid assets exist, Nor Will!
      Foden and the Cabal? Whakkie Backie and power up his nose jobs.
      He rambles about the election. Have you seen the scale of Postal votes again. Hello?
      Rigged electronic counting. Old news. Nothing is ever done.
      BRICS is the doorway to all of this, and will take time.
      Texas is a Fake Brokers blow job. Stay clear.
      He quotes the Lizard People fantasist Another Nutter.
      This is a chain of Limp Brains seeking your money. Lunatic Brokers.
      China owns Vietnam and will never allow the Dong to mass appreciate and bankrupt its industries by making its Exports unbuyable.
      Look at the video.A cluttered basement dweller free loading on the desperate and gullible.
      How are they going to back a new US Treasury Dollar? With what?
      Flakes and Fakes, the lot. Steer clear.

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    1. This is about scaring people into doing what you are told… do not question just follow and submit!… all in the name of safety and health… your GOV knows what is best for you!


  12. A heroic cop named Zachary Rutherford saved a young White woman from being murdered by a knife-wielding Black criminal in Baltimore.

    Incredible shooting and incredibly lucky that the woman was physically unharmed.

    Tyree Moorehead, the now-deceased attacker, was convicted of murder when he was 15.

    The mainstream media has described ( Moorehead as an “anti-violence activist” who was “shot and killed by Baltimore police,” deceptively implying that the police shot him for his “anti-violence” activities.

    Moorehead’s father claimed that the shooting was “overkill” and the NAACP claimed that Moorehead was “experiencing a mental health crisis.” Leftists are calling the cop a “racist murderer.”

    Of course they are. Low IQs often can’t discern. What about the girl with the butcher knife to her head?

    The pussified cuck media won’t show this video in full, but we will.

    Shooting was justified. End of story.

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  13. Iran has built a hypersonic missile, top general claims

    A huge Yes for these ruthless, predatory Khazarian bastards posing as Israeli Jews. Its coming and payback..
    Now we just raise Woke

    The Guardian: Russia-Ukraine war live news: Kyiv wary of Moscow’s retreat from Kherson; US general estimates 100,000 Russian military casualties.
    Putin is missing G20 in Bali ‘because he fears being ASSASSINATED’

    As he should. How many hundreds thousand people are dead because of this ruthless Moscow gang master and his Thugs? As he should. A bullet is too good and he knows it. He’s way beyond redemption. Karma awaits.


  14. Like

  15. Official figures published by the UK Government confirm 1 in every 310 people who received a third dose of the Covid-19 injection in England by 31st December 2021, sadly died within 48 days.

    Why have you not drawn-and-quartered your Medical Leaders? Is the joker who banned hydroxy and other effective drugs still at his job?

    Remember, the standard of an effectively safe vaxx is a death rate of 1 per million…

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    1. Tino

      1. That is NOT publicly revealed and the MSM, as ever, fails to do its job.
      2. We clearly gave too many Wogs a bypass.
      3. Have you see today what passes as a Government here? WEF Flunkies, even now reaching to half wit King Charles. He’s NOT my King! Not his loose woman MIstress Family wrecking Queen Consort. How the mighty, and standards, have fallen.

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  16. Seminar Dave says, in his opinion, the old system will have to collapse before the “new one” along with his “private dong exchange” can come forward. If Armstrong’s model is accurate, his seminar attendees will be waiting a long, long time before they get paid.

    It’s all so tiresome.


    1. I would like to add to that list if I may, esp. after what has just happened to the FTX exchange and all related to it. 7) Not your keys, not your crypto(get a hardware wallet and learn to use it) 8) Don’t lend or put your crypto on any loan or interest site, if they have your crypto it is by law on their books if something goes wrong.9) Don’t leave your crypto on an exchange. I don’t trust web based wallets either, too easy to hack.10) If you do trade or sell, set aside taxes immediately.

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      1. Good points, Dennis.

        I have some of my holdings in and have been secure there for years. They don’t hold keys. One would have to be very sloppy to be hacked there as there are significant layers of security which must be overcome to get away with such. But it is true that hardware wallets are the most secure. Exodus is also good as they do not hold keys either and a recovery phrase is generated which would be impossible to hack unless the holder is a total moron and leaves such information where a third party can see it.

        So far I have not received any reports from any WHA readers who claimed to have been robbed. So, good work all of you.

        And yes, keep your coin/tokens off of exchanges. Big no-no.

        More comments on the market on Friday.

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  17. Financial Times: Donald Trump’s comeback hopes dealt setback as Ron DeSantis steals limelight.

    Good, go for it America does not need more Jewish criminals released for bribes he’s a disgusting Pig of a man..
    deSantis needs to distance himself from that Grifting Crock.
    Decrypt: Over $344 Million Liquidated as Bitcoin, Ethereum Continue to Drop.
    The battle goes on

    Subject: The Truth About Ivermectin Miracle Drug Against COVID

    Makes you wonder how many people could have avoided the dysfunctional last 2 years if this was mainstream, and how many continue to suffer consequences of not making this widespread acceptability.
    “You Have Got To BE PREPARED For What’s Coming…” | Jordan Peterson 2022 – YouTube

    Worth listening to. I fear for our Allies all over Europe and America too.
    How have we got to this mess?

    An American nightmare coming home.

    Is The Love of Money and War is the Root Of All Evil? – A Son of the New American Revolution

    A truly pessimistic look at reality and why things must change before it is too late to avoid a wrong war.
    The Ukranian Israeli Jews will even steal your shoes.

    Ukraine Invokes “Wartime” Laws And Seizes Major Companies | SHTF Plan

    When did seizure or private property become democratic? Does anyone believe that such assets will not be sold in future to fill someone’s pockets??
    Why would any government that claims to be democratic support such a regime?
    This Perp will walk, just like the Bidens.

    Subject: Paul Pelosi break-in shows the Republican Party needs a counterradicalization strategy

    This is dangerous. We need discourse because we need diversity of minds and opinions to challenge our own thinking and perspectives.
    To say such things about people who believe facts or opinions should be welcomed.
    The Americam currency Hegemony is losing ground.
    Wait until BRICS unfolds. Then America will unfold.

    Subject: Turkey Starts Partial Payment In Rubles For Russian Gas |

    You can bet the Turks will play all sides for advantage as they inch Eastwards in relationships.
    Re: ВЗГЛЯД / В деле о теракте на Крымском мосту появился полковник МИ-6 :: Общество

    Russian intel reports transcribed for you show this mess will hurt when its publicised to BRICS members.

    Ouch! Play with fire and get burned.

    Translation: Former intelligence officer of the United Kingdom Christopher Nigel Donnelly, who is now an adviser to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, may be involved in the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge. State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoy (LDPR) writes about this in his Telegram channel, who sent a request to Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a request to check Donnelly’s activities for involvement in the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. “There is a clear British trace in the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. A carefully thought-out plan of a terrorist operation, multi-movement and coordination – all point to the involvement of Western intelligence agencies acting on the orders of the British government, ”the parliamentarian points out.

    Use GOOGLE to translate the whole piece with juicy details of Mr. Donnelly’s so called “intelligence” and teaching career (in Sandhurst )with specialization in… Russia,

    This clearly is a negative for the UK, if this is proven out. Whatever intel the Russians have will be shared with all BRICS members and the SCO. One can be sure of this.
    Fascinating and scary at the same time
    Russia orders troops to withdraw from occupied Kherson

    A good sign it will save more of these farmyard animals being killed. Russian Pussies. Now no one fears them
    Putin has lost face.


    Trump is a Ho who needs to go.

    Sorry BUT Trump’s hand picked mediocrities is the cause of the GOP failures. No one wants that flatulent Crock pulling strings.


    1. Sorry. That’s wishful thinking that defies the odds. All 73 toss-up races went (D) in a statistically impossible swing. Somehow I think Trump didn’t have much to do with that… from a stats perspective you’ve had another election stolen, that’s all.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. It seems now its down to 4 seats to decide the Senate. They will be focused on vote rigging and fixes. Beyond sad it came down to this. Shit elects shit.
    Never in the Founders days. Is there no respect for history?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. For Munich Girl.

    When you find the animal, think as Field Marshal Blucher would have done. No mercy! None! Those linked also.


  20. When Trump warns De Santis not to run what does that tell us?

    Ignorance- Wants to rule again!
    Shrek does not realise he’s mentally challenged.


  21. Congratulations to the idiots in Pennsylvania who elected a moronic Neanderthal to the US Senate, over a medical doctor.

    AOC now has an intellectual equal in the congress.

    I feel like John Wilkes Boothe who said, “Anything to chase away the blues”, when offered drinks after the South surrendered.

    Get ready for massive tax hikes and more illegals. It’s just about over.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think people need to take an IQ test to qualify to vote. So disappointing and Arizona isn’t looking so good at the moment. Can’t sleep. Staying up until the results come in.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I feel the same way about Oregon. Governors race not called yet. The ENTIRE state voted red but Portland and Eugene and the very northwest tip of oregon. What a sad mess that the states wishes get stifled by those areas every year.

      Liked by 2 people

  22. They (Senate staff of Paul’s) should hire Tino as an expert consultant.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Election Day in America!

    San Fran DA won’t turn over Pelosi attacker to ICE because of “sanctuary city” status.

    Trump gets massive tune-in live to speech believing he will announce, then let’s everyone know big announcement coming next week.

    Baris will be live on election day for members.

    More than 1200 lawsuits have filed across the nation against vaccine mandates, with more than 800 against employers.

    Ukraine seized more private companies as it becomes a near full-scale fascistic state.

    Feds seized over $3 Billion in crypto related to Silk Road.

    DOJ’s “monitoring the vote” statements trigger response from state officials that cannot include poll watching.

    Early election day votes show massive GOP edge so far.


    1. Hopefully she wasn’t injured in the faint, and hopefully the Docs will work her up and make sure there are no clots/PE… and of course, a full workup of the heart…


  24. We’re fooked.


    1. Beyond and the Zio filth have done that to you. They will run. The EU does not want them. They are a Pestilence! Human Crabs! Finish the damned job. Use the Appliance of Science. Ukrainian cocktails. Infestations in any nation. They stole your dreams.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. 5 Billion will be switching to BRICS 350M of you will be left for the Zios to screw.
      What part of this train wreck does La La Land not get?
      It’s ALL coming unglued. Then they will bail in you and all you have.
      You are the Goyims in the Zios Zoo
      Germany post WW11. Now soon you? The world is leaving.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. UK Researchers: “Paradoxically, despite the success of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, vaccine confidence has significantly declined since the onset of the pandemic”
    To the surprise of nobody, it turns out that the campaign to increase vaccine uptake via social exclusion, threats, lies and firings has reduced public confidence in vaccination across the board


    1. It’s happening all over Maricopa County and in some places in NJ… Crazy thing, before the 2020 election I couldn’t name ONE county in AZ and now I know Maricopa all too well!!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Repeat Guy Fawkes for the WEF and don’t fail!
            Post the GS Tino, we go multi hemisphere and try to re deploy the good Americans to suitable Western nations. They may have to move their Ass and families. Or be eaten by Hottentots.

            Pick the bones out of that? Cooked first?
            Don’t try to flog Dead Whores.


  26. Dr. Deborah Birx – who often appeared in front of COVID-19 task force briefings on behalf of the Trump administration – has admitted to doctoring data associated with the government’s response, as well as quietly altering the Centers for Disease Control advice without authorization, according to her own book.



    They will eat them
    Just Stop Oil eco-zealots blockade key roads across London
    Shiba Inu Price Prediction for 2030: Will the Coin Reach

    Just Stop Oil eco-mob spark M25 rush-hour chaos AGAINl

    Armed force is needed and internment
    Paul Hogan ‘falling apart’, desperately wants to return to Australia

    Sad for all
    Russia says it ‘may’ test its Satan-2 missile before end of year

    The Satan missile is devastating
    China will focus on preparing for WAR, Xi Jinping declares

    Sadly this is reality

    This one will catch you.

    The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning. – Santa Monica Observer

    Weird folks. Why is he not in jail?
    Disgusting low lifes.

    Paul Pelosi charged with possession of child porn as #MemorialDay trends

    Are all Democrats drug users?
    Crazy stuff if true as to how and why they are in office.
    What´s Really in the Covid “Vaccines” ‣ Dr Mark Trozzi


    Crazy stuff

    Polls OPEN on Election Day as Americans decide who controls Congress

    How many fake votes can the democrats and Russians squeeze through and still claim it’s credible?
    Walk the walk

    How to keep your heart healthy


  28. No longer seen? All the previous crypto-boogerman talk was just talk. Now they will cheer it on so Wall St can enter with a clear moral high ground. With trillions of dollars of potential new fee-based business to tap into, they will not pass up that sugar teat.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Funny is she trounces him the shame will kill him.
        Also, unlike Trump Clinton has a brain albeit warped and would use WH power tp take him apart.
        It’s like electing a female Lex Luther. If she gets in Trump will see his fat Arse.


  29. Liked by 1 person

  30. “”Scientists tracking climate change have found Europe is seeing temperatures increase at more than twice the global average, and is experiencing a rate of warming higher than any continent on the planet.””

    In two words: horse manure

    The idea that Europe, as a big chunk of the globe, can increase or has increased, except as a statistical accident, twice the global average, is a thermodynamic impossibility. You see, there is this pesky thing called the atmosphere, and this other pesky thing called the ocean, and the heat WILL get moved around. The more interesting thing is where the goddam extra heat is coming from? So, in the absence of aliens and space mirrors and volcano’s it sure ain’t coming from the Sun. That leaves corrupted data, manipulated data, systematic error and plain lying. You pick.

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  31. No hiding for a Biden

    Subject: Hunter Biden’s Secret $40 Million In Russia – GreatGameIndia

    Talk about democratic privilege. Where is justice ??
    ‘BIDEN SOLD US’ Marco Rubio leaves Biden STUNNED with ‘China money’ DIRTY…witness admits all – YouTube
    Biden the Bushes, Clinton, Obama and Trump. Treacherous Bastards the lot! .

    If Hunter is ever charged then Biden will go down as well . … money greases many hands

    Shock Swiss Study Shows All COVID Vaccine Recipients Have Some Heart Damage | Fellow American Daily

    What have they done????????????

    My goodness what had been done to society at large ?
    Record Surge of Infections in Children

    Scary stuff, Childs do not need these shots.
    Video that touches on human existence and its; struggle through centuries to find peace on the path of life.

    Xi Jinping May Invade Taiwan to Shift Blame for Economic Turmoil: China Economic Analyst
    Believe it.

    With real estate down $2.4 trillion it is likely the whole place is under water meaning a correction that will send many ripples before any invasion of Taiwan . A sign of reality is that those who can are getting out
    Is the Paul Pelosi Story the New Jussie Smollett Fraud, or the new Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal? Or Both? – Root For America

    He asks the right questions

    TSA Extends the Ban on Unvaccinated Travelers Entering the US Until Next Year – One of the Last Countries to follow the Guideline Along with China
    Why is it taking so long to expose human filth?

    MASSIVE Ukraine Press Release Exposes Entire Biden Crime Family! – © RTS | Real Truth Seekers’ UNCENSORED Video Platform

    If you did not see this before then watch this as you will learn what the Ukraine is about ..
    ‘World’s most advanced’ humanoid robot Ameca says she’ll have working legs in less than a YEAR, in ‘jaw-dropping’ new video

    The robot – which has been designed by British company Engineered Arts – revealed that engineers are working on ‘prototype legs’ which should be ready within the next year.

    Send her to Tony.
    This young lady says it all in 4 1/2 minutes. And we remain silent

    From Harvard no less.

    Stumbling Towards ‘Principled’ Armageddon | Al Mayadeen English

    German is sick of America. Early steps to leave.

    Good article worth reading to understand how global events are taking place and why. In Germany we are witness to clash of Political puppets like Sholtz being countered by German Industrialists who have shown they are taking charge and no the Neo liberals/ Neocons of DC or the WEF. These industrialists have always maintained their no so secret lines of communication with both Russia and China. Oddly if Germany breaks free it will be because industrialists said no to the balderdash to save themselves and the German people. We will likely see coming clashes over the immigrant problem in days ahead.
    Chinese President Xi To Visit Saudi Arabia By Year-End | ZeroHedge

    The moves to boot America out of the Middle East and shaft the dollar.

    It is all part of paving the way for BRICS membership next spring and decoupling from USD… then what of obscene printing of fiat dollars??? Rumor is that India is holding discussions about national currency payments to boost bilateral trade.
    > Chinese President Xi To Visit Saudi Arabia By Year-End

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. Thanks Pete for sharing. Not only can you not believe the news, the fact checking can be flawed as well. Shameful manipulation! Caused the deaths of many and much more chaos.


  32. Now Facebook is planning to fire even more workers than Twitter did:

    Just over a week ago, Meta CFO Dave Wehner confidently stated that the not-so-giant tech firm will basically freeze headcount and limit new hiring…

    With the shares down 36% since then (and is down over 70% this year), something has apparently changed extremely fast.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to people familiar with the matter, Meta is planning to begin large-scale layoffs this week. As of the last earnings, Meta had over 87,000 employees (and has never seen a quarterly decline in headcount in its 18 year history)…

    The WSJ sources say that layoffs are expected to affect many thousands of employees and an announcement is planned to come as soon as Wednesday, with company officials having already told employees to cancel non-essential travel beginning this week.


  33. The cumulative info to date shows that all government interventions were a complete and abject failure. The outcome data as measured by death started to rise from the moment interventions began and has continued to rise until the present.

    Millions of lives were not saved. In fact, an elderly selective virus, that had a maximal IFR slightly worse than the flu for the majority, was transformed by governments into a catastrophic medical and economic disaster.

    Metatron ran the numbers. Read the upshot here


  34. Like

    1. Iran, India and Saudi will weigh in then so will South America. Russia is already in. America has Japan by the throat, but there are many in the EU who want to see the US and its Fed dollar gone.
      The EU is self serving and duplicitous. It will move to running with both, but once London kicks in big time with large scale BRICS Forex, the dollar scam will then collapse once the Brits pull their finger out of the Fed Dike. You are seeing the start, of the Beginning of the End, for America. NATO is all you will have left . At some stage, as Eurasia develops, which it will, the hemispheres will part. Land locked Eurasia will become one, bound by Trade and Common interest Money rules, even fools. With South America gone to BRICS, the EU co-enjoined with Asia, there is no way the Far East will allow Japan to be a remaining Trojan Horse for America. They will either assimilate,or there will be war and China will annihilate them. Japan will co- enjoin to live. London will co-exist as HK does as Bankers for China, but London will become Bankers to Eurasia as only London has the vast Merchant Banking and Forex it needs. Only London has the Culture to link. Time to think?

      London has centuries of Cultural relationships with the world. America has none. It will profile like an ageing Ho to the new world, and Europe plus Asia will block it out. Self interest will rule. Hegemony will neither be forgotten not forgiven. It will be the final straw for the poke. A Mongrel Dog cut loose as the new Afro Hispanic groups challenge for their Licks, on the ageing carcass on the failing Body Politics of a declining America. As the Vandals looted Rome. so too is it coming for you in the declining States. With only the Culture of a Vulture, how can it survive?
      Those able, need a new Food Table. Thinking time. A new Zoo or go down with the Swine?
      The Afro Hispanic alliances will gorge it bare. What is the future, try to envision despair?
      Mad Max time? Endemic Political corruption is scuttling the Mothership. Does it become a Plague Ship? What a mess. Now the Orange Moron may run again. How far has it all fallen. From the Founders to this Fool. Empires Heh? The UK has recovered and rebounded from the loss of its Empire. The US cannot even conceive of what is profiling. The Zios are your Trojan Horse.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It will become bad for Germany and many others. The UK had only 2% exposure to Russian energy. Even that we have replaced. Merkel failed to plan. That Commie was a Clown.
      Munich Girl will have to fly to London for Central Heating.

      Jokes apart, real Leadership would result in our expanding North Sea exploration, LNG Tankers and Pipelines coming to your aid and Sharing. Helping our Brother Aryans and Teutonics in times of need.
      Freeze dry the Wogs and burn them as logs. Sorted.
      Once the BRICS GS proceeds a Multi Mult Multi tasking key Elders Chair in London, will reach out to you to rebuild as one, Mother and Fatherlands united, hands across the nations, the Pedo Vatican gone, and Rome rebuilt with us as one. Italian style and culture we need to protect. Respect. Greece also. Each home of the Arts, Culture and Classics. The culture of the Brits will be there for you. Post the GS, as the English post war faced down the Raping Russians to protect you as one, the heart and speed of the UK will be with you. English education, Culture and respect for all of you. As soon as the GS and BRICS Alliance can start, we act. Albeit hugely complex dealing with Special Interests right now, we see all. The eye of the Brits will seal the fate of the so-called Holy See of Rome. Despots snout out. It will remain only as a Museum. Shims gone.
      Post the GS, we will unite as one, those deserving. Borders will be sealed, Wogs returned. Money will talk. Nations will march for change. Europe will unite and fight for each right to be, Free.
      This is way, way bigger than the Gimmes.
      The Soul of Mankind, not the Are Souls of DC or connivery of Tel Aviv. Time to take back, and the Zios sack!

      Liked by 1 person

  35. The struggle is only beginning.


  36. Like

    On the day that Joe Biden was sworn into office, he signed dozens of extensively radical executive orders. Then the Biden administration began populating the federal government and the federal Judiciary — including the new Supreme Court vacancy — with hundreds (probably thousands) of the most extreme anti-American people imaginable.

    The administration has re-crafted an enormous number of laws and regulations — often illegally — to push the hard-left, woke, LGBT agendas throughout business, government, education, and society in general. U.S. foreign policy, including the hideous abandonment in Afghanistan and unhinged Ukrainian response, has clearly been coordinated to weaken America and strengthen our enemies. Our military is being emasculated — and proselytized to consider patriotic Americans as the enemy.

    The Biden administration ignores our immigration laws and welcomes millions of illegal aliens to swarm across our southern border, and then methodically ships them to cities across the country (and even gives them cell phones to use).

    The administration’s aggressive “green new deal” is paralyzing our transportation system and causing crippling inflation never seen in this country before. Federal agencies, spearheaded by the Justice Department and FBI, have viciously become weaponized against conservatives, at the same time allowing “Antifa” and other left-wing hoodlum groups to terrorize citizens at will.

    As many have observed, it’s a controlled demolition of America.

    All of this destruction is being attributed by our political establishment to a man with obvious dementia who can barely read through a single sentence on a teleprompter, can’t remember names, and cannot discuss anything of substance.


    1. James,
      Sadly correct and I truly feel for Americans. You’re either suffering from Cabal Rot, Zio trash, or Rubbish like the Biden/ Obama mediocrity. The idea of Trump is unthinkable. An Orange Blimp Shrek. Someone is pulling the plug.


    The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

    A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an “online persona management service” that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

    The project has been likened by web experts to China’s attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.



    Having concluded this, do we revisit the Childhood Vaxx Schedule decision?

    For all the claims, the reality is COVID itself, in fact, does NOT induce myocarditis in children, has a statistical ZERO death rate in healthy children, the mRNA vaxx loses any putative protection in roughly 68 days and lastly we know that (a) Pfizer cheated/gamed the numbers at trial (b) correct efficacy is circa 20% (c) has a deadly SAE profile and only a willfully blind person doesn’t recognize that the Sudden Death Adult Syndrome is caused by the vaxx.


    1. Sadly Tino, the entire current system has failed us and will continue to do so if not changed. The simple selection criteria is flawed and fails us badly.

      Once, seats were the domain of such persons as had demonstrably achieved high status creating and building highly profitable businesses, with all that entails. They in turn chose to enter politics, with a moral conscience to put something back, as a Duty of Care, and Moral Obligation. A moral fortitude.
      Now, we are represented instead by a feed trough of sleazy Polecat Lawyers, or electing sleazy, Oily, immoral Grifters like Trump, and get rich quick opportunists selling access to State Contracts or Influence. Soiled goods.
      The Great, Mother of Parliaments legal debating assemblies have gone. With it all morality and compassion. Hookers don’t give Freebies. Paying to a Whorehouse is a fast way to the Poorhouse. There is no character with Despots or those of low Moral character as is today. Shyster Domains.
      I give you the Bushes, Clintons, Biden, the Commie Criminal owned Chicago crook Obama, and loathsome Trump.Add to that the Tony Blairs, ( Phony Tony) sad inept John Major, sleazy immoral Self Serving Boris Johnson, and the WEF owned and funded Sunak. What can, and will, go wrong?
      We are feeding a Cesspit of Egos and Tosspots. Takers and chancers. Or Pawns hooked to a Ringmaster. Jews Own America. Both Houses and the President. A festering pot.
      Time to rethink the entire screening criteria of who is allowed in the Political arena. De Louse each House. Raise, the Bar and Oh so far.
      Time to rethink the Stink of all of it.
      If the Elders assets are freed via BRICS we will focus on need.
      Wielding the power that will bring, with compassion, integrity and moral obligation. A calling.
      Rethinking the entire fabrication of Societies and need. Removing greed.
      A Global Council of truly Wise Men. Humility will be its core. Excellence its challenge. Ethereal values, and to uplift Human kind. To try to make Man Kind.
      That is what we seek. The power to feed, educate and uplift the meek. Respecting life. Core values.

      Liked by 2 people

  40. International financial cartels fighting for control over who lends you money. It’s the same old story with the same old people behind it.


      1. There is a 3rd Option via BRICS and London to set up a new mankind Special Front and Financing Infrastructure removing the Khazarian snakes.
        Trust London! Trust a bigger picture. Trust a Higher Cause. It’s real.

        Liked by 2 people

  41. “The answer to the question ‘do you have any antisemitic beliefs’ is always ‘NO’ without equivocation.”

    Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL

    I guess we won’t be invited to the Christmas dinner….



    So much for confidentiality. You’re all monitored and sold out.

    Donald Trump as a kid.

    Why don’t we just shoot invaders first? Silent armed drones. Bang. Finished. 1 Buck a bullet not a million a head in handouts for life.

    It Makes sense to blow them away.


    Just Bums ignore them.


  43. Public Health Elites Who Pushed Anti-Science Policies Deserve Accountability, Not ‘Amnesty’
    Recently, Professor Emily Oster of Brown University, admitted in The Atlantic that interventions like social distancing and outdoor masking “were totally misguided.” She decried the “wildly irresponsible claims” of many in positions of power and admits that school closures have led to “historic declines” in student test scores.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The profile of Pelosi is that of a “Protective Relationship”. Hello? Like- Bumber Bama?
      Both products of Gay establishments?
      Look at what Obama and Pelosi wake up to each day. Or worse, see at 3 in the morning.
      The truth is out there. Is Pelosi now ” Out?”.


  44. That does not factor in possible Elder capital, which she most likely does not know about.


  45. Dumb all over…


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