Never Before Should So Many Take Back So Much Stolen By So Few

WHA, unlike any other site, excels with a cross-proliferation of truths. Your creative thinking and input gives it daily life, informed opinions, and foresight for all. So, we take it as a Duty of Care to try to inform everyone about the complex and competing realities facing us all.

We try to have your backs, but unlike the Plebs, YOU need to understand the game board playing out. Our world – your world – is not just changing. Your own freedom to even be free is hemorrhaging fast. Only this site gives balanced, non-MSM truth. Humor, too. Guidance to face and prepare us for what may be coming. Life is under relentless threat.  Political integrity has long gone, and as for Fauci, how low is the bar?

This is our State of the Kikedom Union address for 2023.

Why was intense moral outrage not expressed when the convicted and pre-jailed Kushner crime family facilitated skank grifter Trump’s mass release, for MONEY, of long-term jail sentences for seriously bad Jewish criminals? A mongrel of a man, as shown by his mongrel parentage, and of no moral integrity, as Stormy and Cohen will attest.  Multiple serious crime cases were commuted. The Alamo is ashamed. Presidential privilege is not for abuse. The world is appalled. We warned you beforehand that known heel spurs coward draft dodger Trump would run with the Washington riot. He’s white trash and no more. No second run for him.

America is in freefall. Liberty covers her eyes at what is befalling the Land of the Free.  Why was a president taking pardon money from convicted seriously bad Jewish criminals? Why did this crooked grifter steal the mineral-rich Golan Heights for them and Tel Aviv mafia skanks?  

Just look at the chart of how many of the Kikedome now mass surround Biden in the White House, controlling all. What Democracy is this? America is beyond “In Play”! Rip these Weevils out.    

War risks increase as NATO and the Agencies threaten Russia and China threatens Taiwan. Europe faces rising energy costs with potential to melt down its economies. Iran steps ever closer towards a nuclear breakthrough, and Israel to deserve Armageddon. Poland receives ever more American NATO cabal arms ready to attack Russia. How do we penetrate the skulls of Americans heading towards out of control fiscal implosion WWII German-style? A nation now sadly clueless to reality – a Reality TV nation.  Yet, still, with so much inherent and wasted potential. A once great nation is now freefalling, muzzled and ridden by Socialists and Zionists.  Woke now rules a nation no longer awake. So many lives given – for this?  Plan for a serious US meltdown. 

If those US-supplied missiles now based in Poland hit Russia, then NATO and Poland will be erased within hours as Russia has forewarned and meant. Russia has already moved Iskanders and more missiles onto the borders ready to attack. Look then at the German incoming displaced migrants! Their hypersonic missiles will hit America. Russia cannot be more clear. They WILL attack the US mainland and global US bases. War is war! Out-of-control Agency hawks are walking you blindly into this. No more hiding behind other borders. 9/11 times a million is the price to pay for these fools! Your lives! America mentally fragmented over 9/11. It cannot mentally take a homeland war. The US would be a fireball in play. Who cares that you hit back. You will die – it’s that simple. Russians have a fatalistic view. Planet Earth does not want, or seek this. Time to de-tense and seek sense. 

WHA has oversight, as do so  many of the focused contributors, also it leads with true GS awareness and COVID reality. A competent and cogent cross-collective from impassioned site supporters. WHA has also seen, first hand, so much American goodness has been availed to those in need, from the good hearts of its people. Charitable acts of giving to fellow men. The GS can help the Elders rethink cryptos, creating opportunities for all, and WHA is frontline placed. Thinking for the people for the good of the people. Simple, meaningful projects like advanced hydroponics is one of our future strategies. Self sufficiency for our citizens. A nation’s need to feed. 

Ahead of the pending high science breakthroughs in clean energies, as we research fusion and Hydrogen power with Anglo American leading university projects and thinktanks, the consequences will have enormous implications for you, your future life structuring, and taxes, and how the loss of dependency impacts upon selective and ruthless energy suppliers, who each face obsolescence once their rice bowl places are gone. Arab nations and feudal kingdoms will lose majority income sources. So will tax and customs entities. The Parasite takers. It will tax the revenue suits. The energy barons’ kingdoms face oblivion. State budgets face major hits. So will defense industry spending. Time for peace and an end to Waste-ERS! 

Survival thinking. Once you can purchase Hydrogen energy chips, or fusion power access bypassing the state, each society will face enforced change. Some even will evolve. Anarchy may come with feudal revolutions, as is happening already in Paris. The Wogs are revolting. Yes, aren’t they? The sick states will try, as ever, to regulate control, but this may be their demise. Radical revolt is stirring across the EU.  Wakeup time also for America. No more porous borders. The straw and the camel’s back. Sophisticated industrial nation states, like Germany, may follow Italy, where Roman refuseniks just revolted, taking back Italy, and England may follow close behind. Hopefully! 

Such a talent

Our own Monarchy itself now faces a melting pot. A dithering weak dweeb as King and a whining, limp wrist family nonentity, with the new Mrs. Simpson, are trying to set up a new Court with a grasping C-lister mediocrity in L.A. Wannabes grasp at straws. Pitiful mediocrities. Narcissist Markel opines, selling her fickle soul and butt for a buck. It won’t last the aftermath, but anger will. Betrayers!

The West, once losing hegemony inputs and income, risks becoming tinderboxes for social revolt. Look at Paris. London is a growing risk to follow. Partial radical driven revolts, barbarian led. Free up energy, and you free nations of state tyranny.  Or, as with poor Germany denied by Merkle’s inept awareness planning, you freeze to death. Industries are failing. Jobs lost and communities impaired. WEF offers tyranny and oppression. Schwarb seeks to be the Borg Master. Release the power to the people, and free will follows. The Zios, illegals and states may be faced off. Anarchy versus tyranny. The future faces a people’s militias melting pot.  Look how Germany once united its people, its patriots, and marched to a cause. It overreached fighting on 2 fronts, lost the plot and paid dearly.

The Motherland and Fatherland irreparably damaged their economies, but Germany’s vast rebuilding and modernizing program was funded by the Alliances. England’s was not. It stood alone, unaided and was raped and ravaged by the cynical and devious opportunism of Washington asset-strippers. Gold reserves were sequestrated and war aid supplies were priced off the map, taking over 65 years of American predatory war debt to redeem. Ruthless scavengers’ opportunism destroyed our economy. We have not forgotten, nor forgiven. We wait. Opportunism will be repaid as the hegemony kingdom implodes and Billy-No-Mates reaches out to find none.

Hemisphere changes incoming may not be as you envisage. Take away the energy threat and it all goes into freefall, freeing mankind from political and banking repression. Washington D.C. faces unconsidered oblivion as nations rebel with the arrogant ringmasters. Sadly, so many are Kike-driven.  America’s power has been founded upon ruthless hegemony and fake  money, as were all old Empires. From Hannibal and Rome, upwards. Takers! Over time, each failed. The split hemispheres will reshape the West as power transfers out of reach. Washington balks, and trade walks. End of empires. The West is going…West.

The emergence of Eurasia is unstoppable. It’s coming and will build to a tsunami. How nationals amalgamate is the key and dilemma. The future incoming Eurasian global power will end America’s plutocracy.  Reshaping with it, the new world. Reshaping old cultures minus American vultures. Change is evolving. Nations will. If only we can mutually project-cooperate in time as we envisage with Elders’ funds. Harvesting the water of the Rockies, Hydrogen energy and fusion power. Solutions together as applied minds and shared projects. Structured thinking. Getting power back to Germany and the people. The Rothschilds, Soros and WEF Borgmasters out of it!  Opportunist Zionist fake puppet Zelensky seeks to integrate a role within the WEF.   

Lamp Posts for Schwarb and his demented followers. Study history. Think first of big picture implications. Mutt free. Woke on Steroids! Schwarb profiles like an unelected dictator. We agree! The Appian Way for he and his kind. Even currently, faced with the laughable WEF, and pending multipolar hemisphere break-ups, those train wreck lights moving fast, are coming at us. Will 8 billion become disposable pawns on the board of life? 25 million blood cult Zios see Goyim to go. Schwarb wishing to seize all? 

Zio todger-choppers are currently mankind’s worst threat.  Neanderthals – as perceived by any advanced civilization. Organ mutilators. Gross.  Like COVID virus, remove the dreadful virulence of those 25 million and the world will be a better place. Goyim need to fight back. Not go into the night. The DNA virus needs to go out in the night, hunting assimilated Khazarian spawn, and level the field for humanity. These temple usury money shysters mugged Americans when Woodrow Wilson naively allowed these shyster Kikes to ram their claws into the gullible nation’s wealth creating system via their Jewish Jekyll Island Fed in 1913. The biggest tapeworm America ever let loose to gorge itself on the hardworking Americans’ earned wealth. They stole it all as they do to all nations who let them in. How many nations have evicted them over the centuries? Always, it ends the same. They arrive dispossessed and steal all. America has been systematically looted, dispossessed and has lost everything. Within just 15 years they owned America. You own nothing. You can neither trust, nor reason with these parasitic self-serving rodents. Has 6,000 years taught you nothing? Slow learners? They see Goyim only as slaves to serve them in entirety. This cruel and ruthless blood cult despises you. They are worse than HIV. 

Allow me to quote Israel from the book of Isaiah. Start to Know your Enemy. Their book! Their religion and their own false core beliefs.

Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption, They have forsaken the Lord, they have spurned the Holy One of Israel, and turned their backs on him. Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom“.

Nothing has changed. I give you: The Kike. Even their God rejects them.

Read the Wikipedia files on how many nations booted them out. Make the effort! Read Isaiah on Zionism. Forewarned against, still they covet all.  Read and weep! Nations lost. Hated and exiled. They learn nothing, their sleazy cult is fundamentally flawed. So sad. They have owned every American president for many decades, both houses and their fake MSM propaganda Media. Our Democracy has been derailed, bypassed and stolen. The Constitution has been subverted as they do to all nations. 

Commie fake Soetoro usurped his standing and illegally occupied the White House. Fraud! Soros funds chaos. 

Trump, the SKANK that he is, abused America’s trust and filled Mar-a-Lago with state funded staff just to feed his failing hotel chain, and the Kushner CRIME Family, used this roped dope to pardon so many convicted, BAD Jewish criminals. Leaders abuse America. With the Afros and Hispanics queing up for their lick, such chaos is coming. All parasite fleas on America’s back. A recipe for revolution. How can we protect the innocent, harmless and decent Jews, as necessary Zionist retribution unfolds? That is our dilemma. Saving them. How to try to shelter the innocent, deserving good Jews. I know good ones.  

Last December, our key bankers and Elders flew in from Singapore, Frankfurt, Seoul and those in NY also, to try to quietly achieve a USD GS deal, off radar, with good intent, but cautious. We came so close. But, as ever, last minute US racketeering derailed it. As always. Chicanery is species inbred. 

But, with BRICS and CBDCs emerging now as credible real alternatives, we can now change the gaming board and remodel. Major board changes we are not missing. This deal can now be done without the US, then see the vitriol hit the fan. Opportunities lost? But it has created a new board to game all. Be assured, London will allow none of the Zio trash near the Elders’ GS wealth. We have total corporate blocks on them. Absolute blocks. No Zio banks or faeces species. They neither have, nor deserve, residency rights in the Middle East. These are Arab lands. Khazarian and Ashkenazi locust, despised and rejected by Europe, swarm free. Iran, Syria and Russia need to activate Israeli Armageddon. Reason has failed for 6,000 years. It needs a final solution. Science-backed to deal with Khazarian marauders. No access at any borders. Negate fake MSM news. Jews news! Knowledge is power and the wisdom to rid the board of incoming problems and reality checks is the only way to stay safe from what is coming down. Nowhere better for you than at WHA. Now, sadly, the Jewish owned MSM is just toilet paper. As for failed leaders? 

BRICS and CBDCs will break the America you think you know unless free-thinking Americans innovate and crush the Jewish owned state. With SWIFT tanking, the future bail-ins waiting in banking, with pension funds running dry and wrong algorithms, health care running dry, industries and jobs exported, just who will be left to pay the freight? We will be left to the low-lifes of Washington DC’s fate. My lick central HQ is draining the pot. When the petrodollar collapses, you will pay with what? More toilet paper fake dollars? It won’t fly. Are your new US fraudulent CBDCs only worth Zionist snot? Nations won’t buy it. Naïve fools ruled by Khazarian crooks in Tel Aviv. Now Russia is arming Iran, what next will hit the fan? Iran is now only a step away from the nuclear bomb. Stalingrad is coming hard to Ukraine. Armageddon practice for Israe-Hell. 

The world is about to split into polar hemispheres, 75% non-American! Have you thought this through, how it will then affect you? America must have its own non-Jew central bank if it is to survive. Get them out! American wealth created is for Americans. Scavengers out! So much innovation can still be achieved, but distanced from the Zionists’ and Vatican’s knee. Unleash your potential and let it be – free! Innovation to save each nation. Release the potential of all our people. Not mules carrying Zio jockeys.

Post our GS we WILL be working and reaching out to innovative Americans and global associates, planning with good intent to develop beneficial visionary projects together. Applying sciences for Humanity. Clean, low cost hydrogen and fusion energy will be high priorities. Power FOR our people. Planning your water needs and safety. Planetary changing. Cogent cohesion of minds, researching and funding solutions. Appliance of science. Prioritized thinking. Power sharing. Power – For and To the People. An energy cell, not a hard sell. 

As the false Western World’s self-serving Washington Zionist polluted cabal is deteriorating in front of our eyes, who retains these visibly inept political lemmings’ Western leadership?  Why are nations failing to grasp what does not have the balanced portrayal of reality being played out daily, as the Western reality of old-value democracy crumbles before us. Bush 41 destroyed the constitution by his criminal racketeering; about as credible as Clinton’s blatant lie to Americans. No national or family values remain. Look at the incessant filth that Jewish LA disgorges. The banal and toxic WEF is unelected, but dangerously penetrates weak political assemblies with veiled and venal intent, arrogant and blatant. Anal Schwab rules all these fools. A pawn of the Rothschilds and Soros. He offers you only depraved socialist slavery and Marxist chicanery. Your freedom sold for fool’s gold. You have drifted so far from the visions and dreams of the Founding Fathers. This Constitution is a stillborn ablution. Borgs!

 Only the merging of common unity between the Motherland and Fatherland can save Europe. Is there time? Is the German willpower still there? Historically, did the UK and Germany fight to empower the Khazarian Ho? Look now how we opened the loch gates and the price paid.  Many have the hindsight now to question, “What if”? Where was the foresight then?  All can now relate to this fate. 

Aryans must break free. Our lands, our Rights, our combined Might needs to be restored! Or let the Zionists illegal swarms send us into the night. Now off the Vatican knee, it’s time to get Wog and WEF Free. 

“Back to The Channel, lads. There is work to do.”

WHA brings you balanced truth. Hard truth, as-is. Tenable or otherwise. Not Agency or Zionist propaganda. Free of Zionist or Agency cabal chicanery. Our Woke is real!  Cogent facts. Faeces species free. Where is the crumbling alliance taking us?  Be very aware Santa Klaus is not there. Just Klaus Anal Schwab. Snow White is coked-up, and the only fairies are either running Woke, LA/SF Whorehouses, or holding DC seats, scavenging for bribes. Free-fall alliances. ONLY the EU’s Motherland and Fatherland, merging and marching for a cause, can save European Caucasians from the jaws of these dead-eyed, Khazarian manipulating, Israeli-backed whores and incoming mass illegals. The crimes of these swine!

25 million DNA pollutants, plot and propagate this. A viral and scurrilous scheming 25 million tainting 8 billion! Time to wage war for Mankind on these faeces species. DNA is the weapon.  

Who has saddled Russia with its own Vietnam? It was predicted, wrong timing and tactics deploying when not really ready. But soon, there will be a price. General Armageddon will unleash a missile storm. Unstoppable.

Poland is in play and will be blown away.  

Ukraine was badly planned by Putin’s inept Russian leadership. The lives sadly lost on both sides are brutal, ruthless inhumanity destroying mankind has played out to all. Each soul, and lost soul matters. So many innocents are needlessly lost. Families are devastated. Entire communities destroyed. It could have been yours, then it matters. Ukraine was sadly a foremost very corrupt child/people trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking and vicious Asov Neo Nazi autocracy. Profiteering also by ruthless, mainly devious and scurrilous Zionist Jewish oligarchs, using the Asovs as vicious criminal enforcers enslaving all. Now, at least, that is exposed. As are the multiple US funded Black Operations WMD Labs. Currently, the double- dealing gaming board Zionist snake, Zelensky, acting in cahoots with his Zionist handlers and oligarchs, is profiteering from American weapons and war funds, returning vast kickbacks to the likes of the Bidens. Obama will also be concealed in the chain, as will the usual cabal snake poison peddlers. Corruption Inc. at work. As with all war criminals, it needs a Russian edict to identify and avenge their fallen and those to blame and pay. 

Following the vast losses of Russian military negligence, and the global humiliation Russia has suffered, this ex-mediocre KGB runt has exposed himself with his visible knee jerks, surrounded himself by them and failures, has now resulted in him appointing his own new Vlad The Impaler, in General Sergie Surovkin, known by the alias of General Armageddon, to win in Ukraine at all costs. No mercy. Win ugly, just win! Genocide and mass cruelty walks with him, as portrayed in Syria where his war crimes and callous genocide matched America’s in Vietnam, Libya and Iraq.  Russia’s own new Ming The Merciless is loose. Charged with winning at any price, new tactical battle plans are being drawn up. Russia now has c700,000 troops in play waiting to re-invade, and is regrouping. Vast supplies of new missiles and drones are being delivered. Some by Iran, unstoppable Iskander missiles, and ever more highly accurate Iranian attack drones, all being constantly refined with more sophisticated telemetry, for attacks on Israel to follow. Their support costs for help to Russia will include future nuclear proliferation aid to the Iranian Supreme Guard. And weapons, yet to emerge, will involve nuclear capability to deal with the Khazarian mafia thugs assimilating and posing as Jews, continuing their unchecked Rothschilds’ visions of a border breaking expansion to create a “Greater Israel”. Israel’s dream of a Greater Israel encompasses Jewkraine backing into the scurrilous heartlands of Kazakhstan, with open doors to the Khazarian mafia, coordinating wanton child/people trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, and all the usual Khazarian Jewish criminal histories.

No one should fail to assess and read into what is happening with the approaching Global Hemisphere splits. 

Trust and Détente between the West and Russia is irreparably damaged. Merkel and others’ admissions that they created a false front and lied to Russia about their true foreign policy intent, while the CIA and EU plotted to create wartime situations inside Ukraine and Poland as attack bases against Russia, has had a marked impact upon Russian perceptions of trust and the need to accelerate serious levels of high speed nuclear missiles. It is no longer war games, but serious hostile intent. Inept, incompetent Western leadership is visible to all, as the CIA and Rothschilds covet ever more power.  To Russia, the concept and harsh reality of a Khazarian mafia crime led, hostile Nuclear enriched base on its very own borders, and the visible subterfuge and blatant chicanery exposed by the West, is a declaration of Trojan War intent none have missed. Russia and China both realize they have a combined military capability now exceeding  the Americans, and the ability to strike now with devastating consequences for America and Europe. As suddenly as WWII broke out with the annexation of Poland, flames are being fueled by fools. Porous borders and fiscal implosion are combined attack vehicles. Led by fools, the West is sleepwalking to disaster. Political, crass and naïve incompetence places a face- off ever closer. China covets Eurasia, but also America’s food capacity homelands. As the Khazars do with Ukraine. 

China, using BRICS is skillfully designing a serious weapon of mass destruction for the West by coercing energy sales and trade via the petroyuan and BRICS separation of old US petrodollar influence as America is being pushed out of everywhere. And the EU faces its nations imploding, economies destroyed.  This is 9D Chess, and with a US led by sniffer Biden, how do you think America will evade what is incoming? Naïve, ignorant, delusional fools, lead the West. Citizen morons chase Dinar and Dong dreams with zero quantified monetary backing or will, led by drooling fools. Donkeys. 

Right now, our world is a very, very dangerous place, and top, experienced Western professional military planner observers have never been so afraid. Over the next 3 years, be worried what may unravel and flash fire crash. One more naïve, wrong move by the scurrilous US war machine Agencies, is all it will take to ignite the tinderbox. 9/11 was frightened children blubbering in despair with the only heroes being the US Emergency Services  workers. Bush ran and hid.  Imagine 10,000 times that volume hitting the mainland as a fire bowl erupts in hours. Pearl Harbor, 9/11; all know America is asleep on watch and the roaches are ready. So F childlike nationals dream. Truly, too many are a Walmart nation.

While behind the scenes, real dialog proceeds, dogma free, and none tied to a Rothschilds’ knee. The West is a House of Cards – you call this balancing?       

Imagine that giant, dead-eyed turd factory species, emerging in Russia’s backyard and on Europe’s borders. Horrific. A Nuclear armed, toxic pestilence emerging from Israel, uncontrolled.  The “Rottenchilds” Kingdom of the Damned. With Israeli nukes to blackmail and threaten the world. Doing nothing begets Armageddon, but Global. With this Faeces species, nothing is ever enough. No one can reason with uppity rodents loose.  A brainwashed human pestilence. Dead Souls walking. America’s endemic corruption permeates through all, taking the West into freefall. Biden, a bribe-taking, mentally ailing puppet, rules fools as a pawn for Obama and the Woke, commie causes behind. A Kingdom lost. Corrupted votes, ringfenced Goyim, for only the Khazarians Genghis Khan spawn to ride free. The West is now ruled by these Faeces species.  Ukraine will get wasted. Hopefully, the Zios, too. The Israeli snout needs ripping out. Jew-free Ukraine. Oligarchs, out. Russia’s Oligarchs, out as well. 

As BRICS emerges, supported by c75% of the world’s population, the US Kikedome is fast tracking its Kling-On currency Game of Thrones via their own CBDCs offering to head off the petrodollar demise, buying time, ringfencing the Goyim swine. Capital markets face a meltdown.  Everything is built upon Jewish fiscal usury practices, using and owning YOU! You live and breed to facilitate the Jew. Goyim slaves to a Rottenchilds’ cause. Palestine and the world were stolen to facilitate these vermin. Each nation has sold its kingdom for a kikedom. Scammed, as with Jekyll Island. Worthless paper sold for the souls of a gullible nation. America got shaken and taken. Now as naïve kindergarten minds, they swear a ridiculous and deeply offensive oath of allegiance to a shapeshifting, assimilating Khazarian marauding, inbred swine species. Faeces feeding from all. Why are so many asleep on watch to this roach invasion? 

Can Man apply free will to be human kind? Can we learn to evolve ourselves also as a species of enlightened light energy as higher ascended souls? What is our core, primary mission objective of being? Start by being – more?  Your future is yours to lose. Not to walk in Zio WEF Borg shoes.

What we do, needs to be up to you. Free will! 

And to close, we share with you now some news concerning the Global Settlements. And note: What we share here is, at best, about 10% of the overall mechanics of the GS. The bulk of the entire affair remains off radar and veiled from the public eye, for good reason.

Rather than selling the Elders’ gold, we are instead now changing the game plan and offering only 10 years beneficial use gold-backed Bonds, insurance wrapped, for the new currencies, but with Social responsibilities and redress.  Beneficial Use only, controlled use and a clear line. Cross it and we pull the Bonds. Game changing ploys. Seismic shocks to many. Ethical use or into the night. We Pay – We Say!  Targeting needs. Human need. Energy for Mankind. Not subjugation to the Zio nation. Rethinking purpose and need, not greed. Real power is creating Human life for a purpose and a Sustainable Vision Plan.  Ethereal planning and Soul values. Meaning. Yes-We-Can.

Thank you, again, for your time. Stay tuned for more updates and any possible further news on the GS. Rest assured, so much is happening out of sight. There is a 9D chess game playing out among those on whose backs the world turns. And, if you are reading these words, you have the best chance at staying accurately, and realistically, informed on these events.

Let’s see what 2023 brings. We go forward to find out.




  1. Another interesting article on recently passed Luc Montagnier – his commentary on “HIV RNA viral segments spliced surgically within the COVID-19 genome” and his research on optical biophysics.

    April 30, 2020:
    “We have carefully analyzed the description of the genome of this RNA virus. We weren’t the first, a group of Indian researchers tried to publish a study showing that the complete genome of this virus that has within the sequences of another virus: that of HIV.”

    While the Indian team was induced to retract their publication under immense pressure from the mainstream medical establishment (which never bothered to seriously refute the content of the study’s research but rather used the “random-mutation-makes-anything-possible” argument), Montagnier stated “scientific truth always emerges”.

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    They look, on the face of it, like mistakes. This week, number crunchers at the International Monetary Fund released forecasts saying that over the coming year, Russia’s economy will grow, while Britain’s will contract. And that Russia will actually grow faster than Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse.


    1. “Some of the Covid-19 vaccines currently in development could increase the risk of acquiring HIV, warned a group of researchers in the The Lancet medical journal Monday, potentially leading to an increase in infections as vaccines are rolled out to vulnerable populations around the world.”


  3. Insurance Analyst Stirling Finds 7% Increase In Mortality for Each Covid Vax Dose Received, so a “fully vaccinated” individual who took 5 doses increased their risk of [premature] death by 35%


  4. Nitrogen is evil seems to be the latest cry of the enviro-whackos.

    This in an atmosphere that is a whopping 78% nitrogen. The human contribution to the nitrogen cycle, given that the whole planet is covered in plants, with roots fixing nitrogen via bacteria, is less than an ants fart, proportionally speaking.

    Clown World. This is about controlling farmers and inducing famine. They really have forgotten the French Revolution (and one reason why Washington DC created the Dept of Agriculture — no revolutions based on food starvation!).


  5. Golf caddie collapses, given CPR during AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am; so the obvious question again is, do you think [it is the] COVID gene injection vaccine?
    — Dr. Paul Alexander


  6. This is interesting… article with a 2 hour vid attached…

    Pharmaceutical Whistleblower: Covid and the ‘Toxic Vaccines’ are Bio-Weapons Created by U.S. Department of Defense (Video) – RAIR
    “Really this is a military operation, war crimes and atrocities covered up as a health event.” – Sasha Latypova

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    1. This is a expanded version of the video with Katherine Watts with other contributors. The same researcher that myself and Biffie posted a few days ago but could not post the live link.
      (Over the target?)
      This video needs to be seen and shared by everyone to understand what fifth generation warfare looks like.
      The fact that DOD did this not only to US citizens but the world should be a wakeup call to everyone.
      Where’s the outrage!!!!! Is it time to WAKE UP NOW?

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  7. Chinese students running distribution for drug cartels: former DEA official | Just The News

    America is being run over by Criminal Drug Cartels and bribed Bidens.
    Very sad tale of an America unable to protect itself. In Mexico the drug labs are high quality pharmaceutical grade factories under the protection of the Chinese military. But then what border problem exists in minds of fools or worse?
    Agreed, this flatulent, Brainless, proven Coward and Skank, offers America nothing in the Mental bank. He wont carry enough votes as a Cheap, proven low life Skank. He sold pardons to Jewish Criminals.
    UNFIT for Office. Untrustworthy Grifter. Ditch this Grifting Bitch and his Ego trip. He’s a low life Crock of Shit. Coward and Liar. Raise the Bar and aim higher.
    The Spectator: What is the point of another Trump presidential campaign?.
    China Hails Its YJ-21 Hypersonic Ship-Launched Missile That Can ‘Strike Enemy Ships Without Being Intercepted’

    Story going around for last several days

    More interesting that Russia closed borders With Georgia. What this suggests is that with the new assault coming shortlym a new recruitment or mobilization will occur and borders get closed so people cannot leave.
    Expect a multiple front assault that will pound everything in its’ way On the ground Ukrainians are falling back to guard Retreat routes, Defensive lines that were supposed top be built, never were, As the money was all stolen by Zelensky and the Jews, par for the course.

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    “Ultra-processed foods, such as frozen dinners, processed meats, and sweetened breakfast cereals, are cheap and convenient. But, according to a new study, these inexpensive and easy-to-prepare foods might actually come at a cost to health and wellbeing.”

    This news release about the study conducted by the Brits made the radio news a few days ago, which I heard while in the car. I was astonished to hear it.

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  9. John I did receive your message and pic. How adorable you were as a child. Mom looks stately strong and proud. Your artillery piece is very impressive! 🙂

    Very moved here at your continuing good will towards our country and people who are in large need of national rebirth of pride and accomplishment. We are fortunate you are taking time to help us understand how things really work and how they will work with your projects. We need the economic engines to work for the public good and social stability and not to fatten up the purses of international money cartels who buy the politics they want or start wars they want to profit from.

    Now you keep up the work and always be aware of our appreciation in Munich. And behave! 🙂
    Gott Mit Uns

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    1. Europe has to become a strong Economic Partner and part of Eurasia, One collective co enjoined land mass. Cross border trading, Cross Border Security. Cross Border RESPECT for Values and Cultures. Europe is for Europeans. First we must take care of our own people.
      No more Rothschild and Israeli Gang Usury Games and Fed Rackets.
      NATO is a Cabal Front Game to corral and mug us into needless wars, where we do the needless dying, and funding the US Agency Whore machine. End it! We need our own European Culture unity and NATO out. Gone! The UN out. NWO Rats also. No to the WEF and No to Rotts rackets. Time to rebuild one collective Real and Respected European OWN Nation. The Homeland for OUR OWN FREE, NOT Free Riding Wogs and Khazarian Mafias. Repatriate, even Banana Boats. Out! Clear out the trash. We cannot survive without. No more Melting Pots with Gorilla Snot. Including bringing back good Cross European American bloodlines Ancestors Coming Home with the Right to Be Free! Rethinking Values fit for purpose. Trust Aryan and, Scandinavian and Teutonic bloodlines. It’s within! Out with the Cabal, NWO. WEF Freaks and the Rotts. Yes We Can, and MUST! Post GS we talk. Whores out. No more DC Hegemony they need to go. It’s a big ask but a Must Do. No more Zio DC Slavery. We make- We Keep! We Feed, House and Educate our Own in need. No more Beholden to the Khazar Vultures. Erika!

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  10. If I may be so bold, if catecholamines trigger cardiac events in pilots due to the stressors of flying, we can suppress this to an extent with plain old vitamin C, 3-5 grams every 4-6 hours while flying… just an idle thought

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  11. These people are bat shit crazy.


    1. Shit for Brains. No Bank will take Desk Positions or risk Reserves on Jungle Bunny paper. Who will redeem this Crap?
      Pig Ignorant Bottom Feeding Grunts again. Just re Spell Grunts!


  12. Exactly What We Would Expect If A Recession Was Beginning – Sales Are Down Throughout The Economy
    Putin to launch hypersonic Zircon missile during war games

    Russia will stop America dead!
    Britain would run out of ammo in a day if it fought Russia

    As I forewarned if we fight we go Nuke within a day.

    Slowly Truth is breaking. We are NOT Slaves! We will NEVER be YOUR Slaves!
    Millions worldwide are discovering the truth, as the film “SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS” is being sent around the earth in seven languages.

    The storm has erupted worldwide!
    Millions worldwide are discovering the truth, as the film “SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS” is being sent around the earth in seven languages.

    I was informed that in Africa it is being shared with politicians, doctors and lawyers. A network of retired police officers and detectives who fight child trafficking in Europe told me they have received the film in five languages, from their international connections. They said: “This film is doing a world marathon!” The founder of Doctors for Freedom in Europe messaged me, offering his help. It is being shared among networks of business leaders, and politicians in the Netherlands promised to watch it. And so on, and so on.
    Several people told me they will send it to their local and national authorities, to open their eyes.
    Below you can see a text message I received from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. He says: “This may help stop the UN from becoming a one world government.” While working on this production, I indeed felt it was going to be a true world changer.

    Dr. Fuellmich said that it will be spread among people at the UN, and other organizations. My prayer is that this will open the eyes of key people in the UN, WEF, WHO and governments worldwide. As the former UN executive director Calin Georgescu says in “SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS”:
    “The oligarchs have focussed on manipulating the minds of the people.”
    The vast majority of people working inside these organizations truly believe they are doing good work to help humanity. Their mind is totally hypnotized. This film can break the spell, and open them to see the truth, just like Calin Georgescu woke up, and is now warning humanity.
    Don’t hit the dragon just once

    My plea to all of you is once again to keep spreading this eye-opening film, that has tremendous potential to further accelerate the worldwide awakening that is turning the tide.
    We must have the mentality of a warrior. Don’t hit the dragon once. Don’t hit it twice. Keep hitting the monster of deception, until it crumbles.
    Somebody wrote me that she has been posting the film as a comment under social media posts of famous politicians. That’s the way to do it: go to accounts of influential people and post the link to the film as a comment. That way it can reach thousands of people in a few minutes. Post it as a comment under the posts of presidents, ministers, celebrities, media personalities, etc.
    What if this film would indeed be the spark that ignites a wildfire of consciousness among high level people, who then become instrumental in preventing the UN from becoming a world government?
    That’s what the truth can do, and it wil happen!
    Let’s keep spreading it, in Telegram groups, Facebook groups, on Truth Social, Gab, Gettr, everywhere you are able to post content. Send it to your local law enforcement, school directors, hospital directors, local newspapers, and so on.
    May we all be part of the greatest transformation of all time.
    David Sorensen
    If you haven’t seen “SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS” yet, make sure to watch it. Use the links below.
    Share these links:







    We need your help
    I exhausted our resources to make this world changing (and potentially world-saving) project, that is causing mass awakening in many nations. I took a risk, trusting that the support will come. If you appreciate what I am doing, then please do an effort to help us out financially. The total expense for this entire project is about 20k. Thanks for standing with us in the fight for the future of humanity.
    SUPPORT US is a ministry by Hope for Humanity PMA. Our goal is to build a better world, by bringing truth and hope to people in every nation. Therefore we provide a platform for world leading scientists, lawyers, physicians, journalists and other experts that reveal critical information that humanity needs to be aware of. We reveal criminal activity and corruption in the high levels of our society, so the people can defend themselves against these criminal practices, and build a better world together. David Sorensen is the founder of Hope for Humanity and David is a strong believer in a loving Creator who has a beautiful plan for our world, and who wants to fill us with love that overcomes evil.
    The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine trained in Britain surrendered after the first minutes of the battle – RIA Novosti, 02.02.2023

    Training is wasted as are lives in a useless conflict.
    Who in Britain is training for the 750,000 likely to default on mortgages?
    Is it not time to look after one’s own citizens and not foreign adventures?
    MORE: Hunter Biden’s Biolab Firm Metabiota Linked to EcoHealth, World Economic Forum – Russia Claims it has 20.000 Biolab Documents

    The dirt never stops with this crowd ..
    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Ran The Democrats’ FTX Crypto-Theft – Part 6

    Yellen the TROPOS Thief exposed again.

    This is worth reading as it exposes the filth of both Yellen and the Biden show.
    Here is the background not said. When Yellen was chosen it was because she promised to secure the money sitting in Treasury recovered under Barr to pay off debts and secure new graft. Sadly for her sticky fingers, there nothing in the cupboard to be had as it had been secured away from her. So next best thing was FTX and money to laundered through the Ukraine as bigger problems existed so war was triggered to get funds desperately needed. Sell offs of oil and gas also needed to pay off obligations, just all part of a day’s work just like any patsy needed to thrown under the bus.
    Enjoy the series which really should be a spy novel. Maybe some day some will pen the script for a movie on this caper.
    Damned right you should be.

    Americans should be worried. Pushing Russia into a corner is very naive and dumb because they will respond. Zircons at Mach 9+ are no laughing matter.

    Really who would get sucked in again to fight for the Coward in Chief who ran away and deserted them all. Scumbag, Grifter and Skank as we forewarned all. Blowhard Coward, Scumbag.


  13. In the Canadian case of charges levelled at a Pastor for exercising his Right to Speak, it’s nothing but comedy gold.


  14. Shadow

    The Rabbit Hole goes much deeper to organised RICO Conspiracy.
    Bush 41, Greenspan, Cheney and others, using Agency and Pentagon Fed Programs, worked in combines to rob the store. A whole new Mafia Inc.
    Bush 41, Thief in Chief, as his whole family history aspired, worked with Cheney and Soros, to buy vast Aquifer assets in Bolivia using Treasury money to enter Pentagon Grey Screen Fed programs, spewing out 600% a week for alleged Defence use, but cross wired vast side commissions to buy vast assets for personal enrichment use. Fraud and Treason!
    During the 2 terms of the idiot son, Bush 43, Cheney was assigned to work with Condi, minding him, while he and Cheney plus Agency cohorts, ruthlessly robbed the Store. Single No Tender Contracts awarded to their own Contracting Single Bidding, where a $2 Hammer became a $25 item but in billions.
    Greenspan racketeered via the Fed and Treasury, ruling it with an iron grip, using front only Gophers to front all. America was Gang Raped, so was the world. Look how fast Herzog was shipped to Germany and Interpol muzzled. Organised RICO Crimes beyond belief. The CIA was a Bush Thiefdom. and Greenspan Master Embezzler. All Elders accounts were looted. Larceny via the Butt!
    Reality is off the Richter Plot!
    Treason Plutocracy.


    1. Nullification needs to be adopted by all nations. Culpability cannot be bypassed by words. Guilt is GUILT! Do not obfuscate the Law. Those responsible need to be found responsible and prosecuted for the full extent of their crimes. Fauci needs to get life plus 150 years electronically maintained in a Petri bowl. Anally electronically attached.

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  15. Picked this up at NakedEmperor comments:

    Yes, the con men have detected a whiff of Romania 1989 and fear what happened in the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife. They’ve become aware of the growing worldwide push for Nuremberg 2. The Australian ABC have reported that there are secret data about the “pandemic response” that are being covered up. It must be bad. The Cleveland Clinic data and the data on the wipe out of IgG3 and class switch to IgG4 plus the secret data have left some of the tyrants terrified. The con scum fear what’s coming and don’t want there to be justice or to be held accountable. If billions figure out that they are headed for an early grave because of politicians then the threat of [Long] prison terms will not deter them. They’ll be angry they were conned. What are the tyrants who destroyed immune systems going to do when the secret police security surveillance state operatives and judges who upheld the mandates start dropping like flies? Some of them took the real jabs and have noticed the turbo cancer and would like to spend their remaining days with their loved ones.

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  16. Normally I don’t discuss particular pundits. Mostly because I look at content, whether the content is verifiable and stands up to reason.

    I will make an exception for Ben Shapiro.

    I was deep into getting practical immunotherapy knowledge as Ben Shapiro was introduced to the world at the tender age of 16 on I liked the Christian rag because for the most part in those days it actually tried to deliver news and the bias was easy to see. However, Shapiro’s presence made no sense — he wasn’t particularly erudite in any way, his “common sense” was better than the average 16 yr old but not particularly so, his knowledge of history mediocre, and at best was a good parrot of conservative points and lastly, he wasn’t all that bright. Basically a normie — basic midwit not halfwit.

    In the end he became a mouthpiece for conservatism and by extension, a Ticket Taker. Ensconced as a ‘fresh voice’ he was given a cushy position and parroted the GOP/Establishment party line with token nods to Constitution and freedom. That anyone listens to him is utterly amazing because it’s not like he says anything useful and most of his arguments add nothing new to the debate. Then again, what does one expect of a Ticket Taker.


  17. The reason behind ridiculous egg prices has been medically proven for a while, but no one caught this until now
    REASON: eggs screw up the MRNA vax and stifle Covid also.
    Look at the dates. They knew at the beginning of covid that eggs screwed up the spike protein, which is why they started killing chickens and burning chicken farms. The relevant date here is Nov 2020, right about the time that eggs skyrocketed and they were destroying chickens left and right.
    The SARS-CoV-2 virus is still spreading worldwide, and there is an urgent need to effectively prevent and control this pandemic. This study evaluated the potential efficacy of Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgY) as a neutralizing agent against the SARS-CoV-2. We investigated the neutralizing effect of anti-spike-S1 IgYs on the SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, as well as its inhibitory effect on the binding of the coronavirus spike protein mutants to human ACE2. Our results show that the anti-Spike-S1 IgYs showed significant neutralizing potency against SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, various spike protein mutants, and even SARS-CoV in vitro. It might be a feasible tool for the prevention and control of ongoing COVID-19.

    Keywords: Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies; IgY; Neutralizing agent; SARS-CoV-2; Spike protein variants.


    1. Not only do they not work… I’m pretty sure they are the reason for most upper respiratory and/or bacterial infections!!


  18. Merck’s Covid drug is causing new virus mutations, study warns


    Panic to stop free trading
    Russia has mobilised 500,000 troops for new offensive, Kyiv warns

    As forewarned and expected, Russia will put down Zelensky’s Dogs.


    1. “And tonight for your WWE half-time entertainment… Ladies and gentlemen: Let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!”


  19. Hmmm… this is what lying does. Despite having the authority to issue mandates eviscerated by the Courts, this retard finds cover in a complete inversion of reality. Healthcare workers vaccinate for their own safety, not the safety of the patients, though the latter incidentally follows, if the vaccine were true ie protective and sterilizing, and of course safe.

    Unfortunately for Hoaxul, the vaccine is unsafe, ineffective and therefore not fit for purpose. (For the moment we will ignore how all this violates Nuremberg Principles.) The vaxx neither prevents infection nor prevents transmission. It is functionally useless. There is in practice, no difference between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, other than the fact that vaxxed are dying at 60% faster rate all-cause-mortality.

    There is literally no reason why the unvaxxed cannot be hired back into all hospital positions.


    1. All correct and who pays for the oncoming Vaccine deteriorating Health issues?
      For those forced to take the Jab, or not fly. How many impaired lives? What is yet incubating and mutating? When the first Pilot death and Co Pilot seizure causes flight loss and all passengers are gone, what then? When do Fauci and co go on trial?

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    1. James,
      These bent, parasitic vipers are a threat to World Order. A live Tape Worm has taken over Washington. Bush 41 and Greenspan caused this.


      1. Given how Greenspan started out, libertarian, Randian (as in Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged) and by all accounts, freedom-loving; his turn and embrace of the dark side is somewhat surprising, indeed astonishing depending on where one stands.

        As a psychologically versed scientist there are very few possibilities:
        – Atheistic despair when confronted with an understanding of how the financial world worked at the highest, corrupt levels of the United States. Thus, a “get mine whatever the cost” decision.
        – A deliberate choice for evil — it happens.
        – A slippery slope of small decisions which led him into the cul-de-sac.
        – Blackmail and it got worse from there
        – The evil of acting for the so-called greater good, like in Watchmen, 10MM dead to save 6B.
        – Confronted with a reality shifting fact from some Inner Circle he choose poorly.

        Of course, he could just be functionally autistic (relative to emotional referents, just think similar to be functionally illiterate).

        Or perhaps he is just a weasel who took a ticket.


        1. Hmm, and as for who tried to Agency Murder he and Bush 41’s joint bookkeeper when she tried to Whistle blow, how dirty does it get? We have the Lab Toxin reports. Greenspan ruled the Fed Programs and Treasury for decades as the Rotts Gate Dog keeper, and 41’s mInder.

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          1. The distance travelled by this man (Greenspan) seems to be great (in the wrong direction). Maybe an unanchored psyche or perhaps a sociopath. Basically guilty of murder huh? Geez whiz. I remember his writings prior to his ascension into the Fed hierarchy. Perhaps an example of either power corrupting or worse yet, power attracting the corruptible.

            Thanks for the amplification/clarification John.


            1. Bush 41, Mossad, the Rotts and Rocks, plus Greenspan, personify true evil. Even Bernanki could do nothing unless Greensperm signed it off. Total control. Bush will spend eternity for his crimes. All truly warped and evil Souls.


        2. John,
          It’s a common theme in D.C. You get elected or put in a position of power and stuff your pockets as fast as you can!


          1. All very deep… I am learning, but with my limited research tools not sure what I am actually getting to build on… plus,, much smoke coming out of my ears!!!… brain overload!… :))


            1. Joe K**** as an Agency Contractor became a rented Cosmic Guinea Pig for Dimensional Cosmic Helmets and ended up in the Stockholm Institute. He died later, badly.
              This is not even scratching the surface.


    1. James,
      These bent, parasitic vipers are a threat to World Order. A live Tape Worm has taken over Washington. Bush 41 and Greenspan caused this.

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  20. Hi Tony,

    For some reason the links I am posting are turning out to be different from what I intended. I even test them first before I post.

    The last post I put in before this one is not the same as what is described. Please feel free to delete. I am going to stop posting for awhile.



    1. Hi,

      The video you posted just now does match the description you gave it. Sometimes after you post you may have to refresh the site to make sure the video you posted displays on your device. I sometimes encounter this as well.

      I run into this on my phone. But not my computer.

      I don’t administer the site via a phone, so I rarely run into it.

      Try refreshing the site after you post your link and let me know if the video you posted does in fact show up properly for you. I think your videos are indeed posting correctly on the site in general.


      1. Hi Tony,

        Thanks for the info. And yes I am posting from my phone. Thanks for the tip. I will refresh the browser next time.



      1. They won’t quit either. Still at it. 18 years on…week after week, claiming riches are on the way. Here is the latest from this guy.

        I love how they claim “nobody knows the date…but it’s close”. How can they know it’s close if “nobody knows the date”?

        Let’s see… ZAP ran out of money again and is asking for more donations (despite the fact that last week he said THIS week was THE week).

        TNT Tony took his group of donations suckers, private. A true cult now, cut off from the outside world.


        All the Holiday pumping has come to nothing. Now the “we are scratching our heads” phase has kicked in.

        Michael Cottrell continues his appearances on the MarkZ Youtube circuit. Still claiming he will “refund the US Dollar” by entering a code into some government computer.

        I usually read all of this stuff over morning coffee. Makes for great entertainment.

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  21. URGENT — Pilot Bob Snow Has Heart Attack Six Minutes After Landing His Plane Carrying 200 Passengers, Blames COVID Vaccine

    “I’ve been contacted by pilots who had issues post-vaccine. My former co-workers unfortunately passed away as a consequence of receiving the vaccine.”


  22. A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an ‘offer it can’t refuse’, by Pepe Escobar – The Unz Review
    A comment by an Associate.

    Shall we suggest the Panic of Failure in global view, is now the mindset of a ship of fools?

    Many moons ago, the illustrious den of thieves thought nothing of stealing Elder Asian funds going back to WWII; nor was any USD printed and stacked on pallets safe from having the digits used, all rendering all such pallets useless and worthless; nor were the gold certificates issued for physical gold by a number of banks, including Swiss ones any more valid. A sad and tragic loss for Asian concerns serving to falsely enhance hegemony. Nor did it stop the outright theft of $700 billion from Tropos, a US corporation who transferred funds from Taiwan via an ACAT to the US. Nor did recovery of such funds under Bill Barr at DOJ serve to return rightful ownership. Do you really imagine Asian Elders TRUST such charlatans? Do you imagine their ADVISORS are blind? And what about other American patriots who have been ripped off? Why should nations like India, or China or Saudi Arabia trust? Could it be why Treasuries are being sold off? Or why Yellen is forced to redeem long term treasuries for short term, as no one wants them? And you really think a rise in DEBT ceiling is possible, in this atmosphere of mistrust? Or is this when change is driven by reality and not fiction? Perhaps, Congress might want to ask WHAT happened to cleanse the den. As we all know honorable actions speak louder than empty words or slight of hand in hopes of no accountability. Making any currency political hastens its’ demise and loss of trust and that has occurred twice with sequestration of Russian State finds and the removal of Russia from Swift. Thus, the move to an alternative BRIC currency solution as alternative to the Fed, the USD, SWIFT and America should not come as surprise. And Globalists must really be in panic as their whole Orwellian dream is collapsing making pawns very visible as the tide fades.

    How does one spell A LOSS OF CONFIDENCE? All currencies are matter of of confidence and when a loss of confidence occurs so sinks value and use and utility as trust disappears quickly. So does sequestration of Russian State funds spell confidence, using a money laundry called Ukraine as an excuse, make it any better? Thinking people realize that weapon shipments are sold off to create profit. The question is for who?

    This article outlines how successive administrations have lost the plot and the narrative in a painfully desperate attempt to have creditability when their own actions spell fear and desperation in understanding the Ukraine is a lost cause where no amount of weapons or manpower supply will change the outcome. And clearly sanctions have failed to hurt Russia making countries like Germany bear the price of stupidity with 4x costs for energy destroying what is left of German manufacturing, who cannot swallow such an increase. One can say Germany made herself vulnerable by reliance on cheap Russian gas. However the increase now will collapse any real ongoing manufacturing going forward. It is why companies like BASF to survive are moving operations to CHINA. Astute American led sanctions feed Chinese hegemony! Surely, the Chinese must have tears of laughter over such plight.

    This is an offer that simply is a failure upon submission and indicates just how shallow this administration is, as even Ukraine being the useful idiot, is thrown under the bus. And yes, all this baloney talk of F16’s flown by instant trained Ukrainians is rubbish. Perhaps NATO pilots from airbases in Poland and Romania wish to be tested against Russian anti craft missiles. However, one might observe that such an action makes those airbases now legit targets under law for Russian missiles. No doubt Russians would like to demonstrate the real scope of damage missiles not yet used, can do in short order. Another dumb idea, unless Europeans can be convinced to suffer the onslaught this will bring, and say thank you. And count on a no win for America or the administration that fails daily on the world stage.

    A sad and pitiful tale of a nation and people capable of so much good in the in world. And yet a nation captive to fools and thieves. Leaving a Western world to cry for failure of leadership and prosperity that could have been.

    ‘Russia is preparing for maximum escalation’, Ukraine warns

    Britain sets out plans to regulate crypto industry in wake of FTX collapse
    DAN WOOTTON: Why is Meghan distancing herself from Spare? Royal insiders fear the disappearing act by the Duchess of Sussex is to secure her even more power during Harry’s negotiations with Charles over the coronation

    DAN WOOTTON: It was Meghan Markle herself who publicly proclaimed that her relationship with Prince Harry was like ‘salt and pepper’.

    It’s time for that Half Wit Charles to face up and Man Up. The Bolter is ruthless and will screw them for ever more.
    She’s a known nasty piece of work. Staff hated her. Worse than Wallace Simpson. Why do low brain Windsors marry ugly divorced Yank Cast offs?
    They chose to leave, so out with both. or Parliament needs to do it. Charles 1st lost his head so we took it!
    This half wit dithering Wet Dweeb Twat cant protect the Monarchy, We need to.
    Rescind titles for both and the Honeymoon won’t last. Blowhards will blow out.
    Two carrion shit flies free loading off everyone. Despicable Grunts, but re spell it!
    Parliament act and just eject the Twat.
    No Titles no stipend no return exile the Prick. When William takes over, it’s game over. Treacherous Vipers.
    Free loading low lifes.
    Crypto lender Celsius misused customer funds for years, examiner finds

    We let these backward, 7th Century Child Molesting Animals loose in the West? Use the Twat Stick hard!

    If innocent, any good man be damned would take the stand and uphold his honour. The cheap pay offs and obfuscation is typical Andrew. If the photo is indeed genuine, Charles should throw him to the Wolves. Harry too.
    Charles is pathetic, thank God William and Catherine can save them from themselves. Without Diane’s legacy gift, the Monarchy would be lost.
    I’m forever sad for Diana, hopeful for William and indifferent to that temporary misfit now enthroned. It looks too mediocre to live long. Pampered but forever a Prat. William alone can save this shambolic bunch of misfits.

    For Munich Girl, our German Allies, those dying in this vicious Jewkrainian War, looted by the likes of Zelensky, and his Zio Filth Oligarchs, the Biden thieving DC and Nuland Agency vermin, we send you hope, that no more lives are lost by either side and that Humanity prevails. The low, abysmal Political misfits bring us to this. Nuland says F the EU. Karma for sure waits for you.
    Listen to the words. Choose; life and love. Keep Germany out of this war. You have suffered enough. No more for those DC or Mossad Whores.
    Choose life. Hope. Find hope and goodness of heart. Find Faith. Let each night be a Holy Night to stop this madness. For all Mankind suffering anywhere, peace of mind. Save lives. Human beings.


      1. Tino

        THAT is why, Thank God, you, James, Biffie and more are here as the voices of conscience and reason, to witness and try to change our Not So Man Kind. Educating a better Western Nation. You all, for many, are hope.

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      1. 5 min video on the quid pro quo set up between Planned Parenthood and the University of Pittsburg. Organ and tissue trafficking sponsored with tax payer’s money through non other than Fauci‼️

        Government-Sponsored Fetal Experimentation at the University of Pittsburgh and Planned Parenthood


      2. I just can’t stand this abuse of the unborn. A baby should never be treated like this unless it is medically necessary and certainly not this late in the pregnancy.

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    1. Indeed, it is truly horrible the many different things that some humans do to each other. On the radio just now, I heard about someone proposing that they use comatose women as surrogates for needy couples seeking to have their own child. Another truly disgusting situation for both the comatose woman and the baby that just incubates with no movement, etc. I know there are millions of good humans out there, but I am disgusted and disappointed with the rest.


  23. Pepe Escobar on Twitter: “Paris. 500,000 people in the streets. 2,8 million across France. Melenchon described it, correctly, as “a citizen insurrection”. Le Petit Roi, meanwhile, was adulating a couple of Ukrainians. And gave them 12 more Caesar howitzers.” / Twitter

    Since peaceful protests seem to fall on deaf ears, should we ponder if the French will dust off the guillotine for another French Revolution. This kind of change always occurs when leadership is deaf to the one cry not heard.
    In France the only question is who will act first, the general population or the Muslims who have eagerly taken next day delivery of many arms sold by the Ukrainians from Stingers to 50 caliber machine guns.
    As for Macron’s thoughts of Statesmanship in speaking with Putin, he is delusional as he has zero creditability.

    Russian Troops Uncover Ukrainian Child Organ Harvesting Operation

    Sent via a Contributor.

    I have written many times that there are some really sick people there … i have heard from people there and priests about organ harvesting from soldiers for years.. apart from the bio labs where testing was done on military and civilian personnel in attempts to develop specific targeting strains of killer vaccines for Slavic people … because anyone sharing Slavic blood could be killed and not just Russians .. now this research has moved on to places like Poland, where it will be tested on Poles if it is now already.
    This is all part of a really sick illness that should not exist in a modern society. Just like child trafficking has no business being condoned in any society, let alone the West. There was more intelligence amongst savages than we have now, as we turn a blind eye to what goes on around us. When Qaddafi closed the slave market in Tripoli, he had more class than the clown show that replaced him now which has re-opened It, selling women and children, and men as slaves as it was before, for hundreds of years. It is longest running and oldest slave market in the world. And we turn a blind eye to people ripped from their lives to be sold as common flesh having no regard for them. What makes less human than us? Because it could be anyone today who gets trafficked.
    And we are asked by inept leadership to condone such balderdash? Perhaps the problem is the leadership which needs to see the trash bin. If we allow such crap behavior to exist unchecked we will destroy the civility the majority of people have come to believe built standards by which which to judge others. Because one day we will be judged and that may be already be the case as the Global South tells us to piss off, as they want no part of the West. The movement which represents the majority of the planet’s population is a lot more than just having a separate currency or non centric western trade. And if the West is not astute enough to caught the nature of changing winds, it will likely within several years find itself being at war with 80%+ of the world who wants the West gone. And everything that goes with it. Will history write we were intelligent enough to change or will we fall like so many empires and civilizations throughout history, as the sands of time wait for no one.
    And if you think this is nonsense, please travel beyond the West to see with your own eyes the changing attitudes towards the West. Because this is a very real trend that is gathering steam quickly. And phrase “yankee go home” represents far more than Americans, as the same now applies to Canadians, Brits, and Europeans in the Global South.


    1. Ukraine, what a demonic, satanic, human abusive pithole. I am sure there are good and innocent people there and they are not included in the first sentence, but the rest…..


  24. Masks didn’t work and in hindsight, never could have worked. It was medical dogma, something that became second-nature in the aftermath of the Spanish flu of 1917. The sad part is the medical literature was quite clear but everybody believed the dogma.

    But even so, there was never justification to assault people on 6 continents, especially in the US, Canada, UK, Australia. New Zealand was allegedly the worse.


  25. Yea, that’s it. Do that.


  26. We rented an LED truck and parked it outside of
    world headquarters in Manhattan today

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  27. Oh John you do make me laugh. 🙂 You have a panzer barrel for me? Well what if I show up in a Haunebu ll and circle around your barrel before I land? Is it big enough? lol So you will give us a future leader? Do I have a role in that plan I wonder? lol

    You are such a bad boy! 🙂

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    1. Humour priceless.
      Watch your latest video again. Translate.
      Smile. Always time for a joke with you. The more outlandish the bigger the smile.
      Let’s see how this year unfolds.

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    2. Just lobby with ALL your Associates to keep Germany out of this war and do not get sucked in by Nuland or the Poles. The NWO CIA / Rotts, are being faced down and need to be Put Down!
      Do not take in more illegals or Displaced Ukkies. Time to rethink the new EU, to move the US Fraudsters 0UT, and to send back those who don’t belong. ERIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Post the GS, nasty shocks may take out Politicos by the roots. A face off may take off theirs!
      No more Zio Agency Hegemony. People’s needs. not Jewish Greed!
      When Eurasia evolves, all will change. The Zios are to Go! Hell is a start. The Future is ours to shape.
      You ask, do you have a role? 3, 4, 5 or Nein?
      Eurasia will deal with Wogs and Wookies. Chinese style. Woke will get the Anal poke. Red hot poker! Imagine 10 million Germans marching on France playing Erika at full blast. Time to De Louse worthless Eastern Block EU louts. Free loading Bums. Cut loose crap.

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        1. Oh you guys are too much for me sometimes. 🙂

          John I understand what you say. As I mentioned time ago you would not believe who is reading your words and the number who agree but do not dare openly state it. But the bastards are clever and are forever having their sellouts pass laws to bless their existence on the earth and shield them from all blame or critics. Doing so here can get you a jail term. They on the opposite continue to work to destroy Aryan culture so that they can rule over a mongrelized Europe with ease. They do so in the states and UK. Who do you think orders those rafts to move with such ease to your shores? I have no doubt a man with your experience and your position in dealing with these creatures would not disagree with this.

          Many may think you are harsh with your call to remove them from earth but in fact of truth you are probably the closest to offering the solution to save the balance of the populations from the dark future that was predicted would follow after 1945 with society on a downward slant of moral decay and western collapsing in full view. But those who claim such to be harsh are some of the most lost among us because they fall back on their “holocaust” conditioning from Hollywood and this triggers sympathy for those who actually hate them in return. You of all people on the world stage know of what I speak. You deal with their backstabbing I am sure. Of course no harm to those simple peaceful people living but their worst parts are endangering us all. 190 countries pushing them away is not an accident.

          Well I thank you again for the smiles and of course I must thank you for the courage you and your brave Englishman colleagues must have to carry forth your work. And now my work calls tomorrow so I must sleep now.
          Hugs from Munich
          Gott Mit Uns


    1. For a layman, the article is better than most.

      And it reaches even the data-evidence conclusion that vaxxing, in general, is over-rated in its public health impact.

      As per this graph. I dare you — tell me again how vaxxing wiped out the major diseases?


    1. Well worth reading and a balanced review.
      How can America now front, with a Bribe taking, Criminal, Demented C? Russia has the feel of an Imbecile.

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  28. Kids, it’s really simple.

    The unvaccinated are not dying “suddenly” or in any way outside of the usual statistical norms.

    Given the numbers involved this is a statistically valid comparison that implicates the vaxx as a lethal injection.

    It’s the elephant in the room, can’t be avoided and is now visible in all the numbers and analyses. Give it up. Pull the vaxxes, the mandates and all the shenanigans. Go on national TV and state the unvaccinated are a threat to no one and never were.

    Let’s just stop with the anticivilizational depopulationist bull.

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    1. Liked by 1 person

  29. Common sense prevailed… notice the 3 DEMS voted against…
    Despite leftists’ support for deceptively-termed “gender affirmation” and the “transitioning” of children, research has shown that “upwards of 80 percent of gender dysphoric children embrace their sex as they emerge from puberty” and that “children who are ‘affirmed’ as the opposite sex … particularly if puberty blockers are used, consistently go on to further medicalization.” Children who undergo such protocols are subjected to lifelong damage to their bodies. The practices are so horrific that nations around the world, such as England, have ended the disfiguring practices that are falsely labeled as “gender-affirming care” for minors.

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  30. This is all minor foreplay. The real action awaits.


  31. It’s interesting watching the various media mouthpieces and failing Politicos propounding their vacuous irrelevant attention seeking cases on world Boards.
    Failed Blowhard Boris Johnson now intimates Ras Putin once threatened to send a missile to kill him.
    Putin is nothing but a Cheap passed over ex KGB Punk, surrounded by the Moscow Mafia, crooked Mosco Gangland Fixers, and Oligarchs Crooked Jew Boy kind of one low life’s or another.
    If Putin bombed London, Russia follows and his far more Intelligent Generals know that. They alone would stop the ever sickening Punk Runt over reaching.
    Johnson is just yet another Political low life Runt. Mediocrities rule Fools, Our world suffers. Led by Runts.
    I am forever Apolitical. Contemptuous of Half Wits. Saddened by Public apathy and mass crass ignorance.
    I truly hope Germany swerves Nulands CIA War games. Germany has suffered enough. No more Puppets for Nulands Zionist Agency Muppets. Ignore the Fake media. Putin is dying and Johnson is lying. Mediocrities?


  32. And they wonder why I want guillotines…. So, is UK NHS going to due the mea culpa? Is the Chief Medical Officer(s) going to resign and lose their pensions in lieu of spending the rest of their lives in prison?


    UK: Stunning New data show that COVID Gene Injection Vaccines (mRNA) are deadly as they reveal Mortality Rates per 100k are LOWEST among the Unvaccinated in all Age Groups
    The data reveals the gap between the unvaccinated and vaccinated population in terms of mortality rates is widening by the month.


    1. Yeah, I did the one room studio for a while. She has 3x the space I had. The tragic. Who told you to leave home and who paid for your transit is what I want to know. And why is said party not paying for your accommodations.


  33. Finally growing a spine


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