Never Before Should So Many Take Back So Much Stolen By So Few

WHA, unlike any other site, excels with a cross-proliferation of truths. Your creative thinking and input gives it daily life, informed opinions, and foresight for all. So, we take it as a Duty of Care to try to inform everyone about the complex and competing realities facing us all.

We try to have your backs, but unlike the Plebs, YOU need to understand the game board playing out. Our world – your world – is not just changing. Your own freedom to even be free is hemorrhaging fast. Only this site gives balanced, non-MSM truth. Humor, too. Guidance to face and prepare us for what may be coming. Life is under relentless threat.  Political integrity has long gone, and as for Fauci, how low is the bar?

This is our State of the Kikedom Union address for 2023.

Why was intense moral outrage not expressed when the convicted and pre-jailed Kushner crime family facilitated skank grifter Trump’s mass release, for MONEY, of long-term jail sentences for seriously bad Jewish criminals? A mongrel of a man, as shown by his mongrel parentage, and of no moral integrity, as Stormy and Cohen will attest.  Multiple serious crime cases were commuted. The Alamo is ashamed. Presidential privilege is not for abuse. The world is appalled. We warned you beforehand that known heel spurs coward draft dodger Trump would run with the Washington riot. He’s white trash and no more. No second run for him.

America is in freefall. Liberty covers her eyes at what is befalling the Land of the Free.  Why was a president taking pardon money from convicted seriously bad Jewish criminals? Why did this crooked grifter steal the mineral-rich Golan Heights for them and Tel Aviv mafia skanks?  

Just look at the chart of how many of the Kikedome now mass surround Biden in the White House, controlling all. What Democracy is this? America is beyond “In Play”! Rip these Weevils out.    

War risks increase as NATO and the Agencies threaten Russia and China threatens Taiwan. Europe faces rising energy costs with potential to melt down its economies. Iran steps ever closer towards a nuclear breakthrough, and Israel to deserve Armageddon. Poland receives ever more American NATO cabal arms ready to attack Russia. How do we penetrate the skulls of Americans heading towards out of control fiscal implosion WWII German-style? A nation now sadly clueless to reality – a Reality TV nation.  Yet, still, with so much inherent and wasted potential. A once great nation is now freefalling, muzzled and ridden by Socialists and Zionists.  Woke now rules a nation no longer awake. So many lives given – for this?  Plan for a serious US meltdown. 

If those US-supplied missiles now based in Poland hit Russia, then NATO and Poland will be erased within hours as Russia has forewarned and meant. Russia has already moved Iskanders and more missiles onto the borders ready to attack. Look then at the German incoming displaced migrants! Their hypersonic missiles will hit America. Russia cannot be more clear. They WILL attack the US mainland and global US bases. War is war! Out-of-control Agency hawks are walking you blindly into this. No more hiding behind other borders. 9/11 times a million is the price to pay for these fools! Your lives! America mentally fragmented over 9/11. It cannot mentally take a homeland war. The US would be a fireball in play. Who cares that you hit back. You will die – it’s that simple. Russians have a fatalistic view. Planet Earth does not want, or seek this. Time to de-tense and seek sense. 

WHA has oversight, as do so  many of the focused contributors, also it leads with true GS awareness and COVID reality. A competent and cogent cross-collective from impassioned site supporters. WHA has also seen, first hand, so much American goodness has been availed to those in need, from the good hearts of its people. Charitable acts of giving to fellow men. The GS can help the Elders rethink cryptos, creating opportunities for all, and WHA is frontline placed. Thinking for the people for the good of the people. Simple, meaningful projects like advanced hydroponics is one of our future strategies. Self sufficiency for our citizens. A nation’s need to feed. 

Ahead of the pending high science breakthroughs in clean energies, as we research fusion and Hydrogen power with Anglo American leading university projects and thinktanks, the consequences will have enormous implications for you, your future life structuring, and taxes, and how the loss of dependency impacts upon selective and ruthless energy suppliers, who each face obsolescence once their rice bowl places are gone. Arab nations and feudal kingdoms will lose majority income sources. So will tax and customs entities. The Parasite takers. It will tax the revenue suits. The energy barons’ kingdoms face oblivion. State budgets face major hits. So will defense industry spending. Time for peace and an end to Waste-ERS! 

Survival thinking. Once you can purchase Hydrogen energy chips, or fusion power access bypassing the state, each society will face enforced change. Some even will evolve. Anarchy may come with feudal revolutions, as is happening already in Paris. The Wogs are revolting. Yes, aren’t they? The sick states will try, as ever, to regulate control, but this may be their demise. Radical revolt is stirring across the EU.  Wakeup time also for America. No more porous borders. The straw and the camel’s back. Sophisticated industrial nation states, like Germany, may follow Italy, where Roman refuseniks just revolted, taking back Italy, and England may follow close behind. Hopefully! 

Such a talent

Our own Monarchy itself now faces a melting pot. A dithering weak dweeb as King and a whining, limp wrist family nonentity, with the new Mrs. Simpson, are trying to set up a new Court with a grasping C-lister mediocrity in L.A. Wannabes grasp at straws. Pitiful mediocrities. Narcissist Markel opines, selling her fickle soul and butt for a buck. It won’t last the aftermath, but anger will. Betrayers!

The West, once losing hegemony inputs and income, risks becoming tinderboxes for social revolt. Look at Paris. London is a growing risk to follow. Partial radical driven revolts, barbarian led. Free up energy, and you free nations of state tyranny.  Or, as with poor Germany denied by Merkle’s inept awareness planning, you freeze to death. Industries are failing. Jobs lost and communities impaired. WEF offers tyranny and oppression. Schwarb seeks to be the Borg Master. Release the power to the people, and free will follows. The Zios, illegals and states may be faced off. Anarchy versus tyranny. The future faces a people’s militias melting pot.  Look how Germany once united its people, its patriots, and marched to a cause. It overreached fighting on 2 fronts, lost the plot and paid dearly.

The Motherland and Fatherland irreparably damaged their economies, but Germany’s vast rebuilding and modernizing program was funded by the Alliances. England’s was not. It stood alone, unaided and was raped and ravaged by the cynical and devious opportunism of Washington asset-strippers. Gold reserves were sequestrated and war aid supplies were priced off the map, taking over 65 years of American predatory war debt to redeem. Ruthless scavengers’ opportunism destroyed our economy. We have not forgotten, nor forgiven. We wait. Opportunism will be repaid as the hegemony kingdom implodes and Billy-No-Mates reaches out to find none.

Hemisphere changes incoming may not be as you envisage. Take away the energy threat and it all goes into freefall, freeing mankind from political and banking repression. Washington D.C. faces unconsidered oblivion as nations rebel with the arrogant ringmasters. Sadly, so many are Kike-driven.  America’s power has been founded upon ruthless hegemony and fake  money, as were all old Empires. From Hannibal and Rome, upwards. Takers! Over time, each failed. The split hemispheres will reshape the West as power transfers out of reach. Washington balks, and trade walks. End of empires. The West is going…West.

The emergence of Eurasia is unstoppable. It’s coming and will build to a tsunami. How nationals amalgamate is the key and dilemma. The future incoming Eurasian global power will end America’s plutocracy.  Reshaping with it, the new world. Reshaping old cultures minus American vultures. Change is evolving. Nations will. If only we can mutually project-cooperate in time as we envisage with Elders’ funds. Harvesting the water of the Rockies, Hydrogen energy and fusion power. Solutions together as applied minds and shared projects. Structured thinking. Getting power back to Germany and the people. The Rothschilds, Soros and WEF Borgmasters out of it!  Opportunist Zionist fake puppet Zelensky seeks to integrate a role within the WEF.   

Lamp Posts for Schwarb and his demented followers. Study history. Think first of big picture implications. Mutt free. Woke on Steroids! Schwarb profiles like an unelected dictator. We agree! The Appian Way for he and his kind. Even currently, faced with the laughable WEF, and pending multipolar hemisphere break-ups, those train wreck lights moving fast, are coming at us. Will 8 billion become disposable pawns on the board of life? 25 million blood cult Zios see Goyim to go. Schwarb wishing to seize all? 

Zio todger-choppers are currently mankind’s worst threat.  Neanderthals – as perceived by any advanced civilization. Organ mutilators. Gross.  Like COVID virus, remove the dreadful virulence of those 25 million and the world will be a better place. Goyim need to fight back. Not go into the night. The DNA virus needs to go out in the night, hunting assimilated Khazarian spawn, and level the field for humanity. These temple usury money shysters mugged Americans when Woodrow Wilson naively allowed these shyster Kikes to ram their claws into the gullible nation’s wealth creating system via their Jewish Jekyll Island Fed in 1913. The biggest tapeworm America ever let loose to gorge itself on the hardworking Americans’ earned wealth. They stole it all as they do to all nations who let them in. How many nations have evicted them over the centuries? Always, it ends the same. They arrive dispossessed and steal all. America has been systematically looted, dispossessed and has lost everything. Within just 15 years they owned America. You own nothing. You can neither trust, nor reason with these parasitic self-serving rodents. Has 6,000 years taught you nothing? Slow learners? They see Goyim only as slaves to serve them in entirety. This cruel and ruthless blood cult despises you. They are worse than HIV. 

Allow me to quote Israel from the book of Isaiah. Start to Know your Enemy. Their book! Their religion and their own false core beliefs.

Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption, They have forsaken the Lord, they have spurned the Holy One of Israel, and turned their backs on him. Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom“.

Nothing has changed. I give you: The Kike. Even their God rejects them.

Read the Wikipedia files on how many nations booted them out. Make the effort! Read Isaiah on Zionism. Forewarned against, still they covet all.  Read and weep! Nations lost. Hated and exiled. They learn nothing, their sleazy cult is fundamentally flawed. So sad. They have owned every American president for many decades, both houses and their fake MSM propaganda Media. Our Democracy has been derailed, bypassed and stolen. The Constitution has been subverted as they do to all nations. 

Commie fake Soetoro usurped his standing and illegally occupied the White House. Fraud! Soros funds chaos. 

Trump, the SKANK that he is, abused America’s trust and filled Mar-a-Lago with state funded staff just to feed his failing hotel chain, and the Kushner CRIME Family, used this roped dope to pardon so many convicted, BAD Jewish criminals. Leaders abuse America. With the Afros and Hispanics queing up for their lick, such chaos is coming. All parasite fleas on America’s back. A recipe for revolution. How can we protect the innocent, harmless and decent Jews, as necessary Zionist retribution unfolds? That is our dilemma. Saving them. How to try to shelter the innocent, deserving good Jews. I know good ones.  

Last December, our key bankers and Elders flew in from Singapore, Frankfurt, Seoul and those in NY also, to try to quietly achieve a USD GS deal, off radar, with good intent, but cautious. We came so close. But, as ever, last minute US racketeering derailed it. As always. Chicanery is species inbred. 

But, with BRICS and CBDCs emerging now as credible real alternatives, we can now change the gaming board and remodel. Major board changes we are not missing. This deal can now be done without the US, then see the vitriol hit the fan. Opportunities lost? But it has created a new board to game all. Be assured, London will allow none of the Zio trash near the Elders’ GS wealth. We have total corporate blocks on them. Absolute blocks. No Zio banks or faeces species. They neither have, nor deserve, residency rights in the Middle East. These are Arab lands. Khazarian and Ashkenazi locust, despised and rejected by Europe, swarm free. Iran, Syria and Russia need to activate Israeli Armageddon. Reason has failed for 6,000 years. It needs a final solution. Science-backed to deal with Khazarian marauders. No access at any borders. Negate fake MSM news. Jews news! Knowledge is power and the wisdom to rid the board of incoming problems and reality checks is the only way to stay safe from what is coming down. Nowhere better for you than at WHA. Now, sadly, the Jewish owned MSM is just toilet paper. As for failed leaders? 

BRICS and CBDCs will break the America you think you know unless free-thinking Americans innovate and crush the Jewish owned state. With SWIFT tanking, the future bail-ins waiting in banking, with pension funds running dry and wrong algorithms, health care running dry, industries and jobs exported, just who will be left to pay the freight? We will be left to the low-lifes of Washington DC’s fate. My lick central HQ is draining the pot. When the petrodollar collapses, you will pay with what? More toilet paper fake dollars? It won’t fly. Are your new US fraudulent CBDCs only worth Zionist snot? Nations won’t buy it. Naïve fools ruled by Khazarian crooks in Tel Aviv. Now Russia is arming Iran, what next will hit the fan? Iran is now only a step away from the nuclear bomb. Stalingrad is coming hard to Ukraine. Armageddon practice for Israe-Hell. 

The world is about to split into polar hemispheres, 75% non-American! Have you thought this through, how it will then affect you? America must have its own non-Jew central bank if it is to survive. Get them out! American wealth created is for Americans. Scavengers out! So much innovation can still be achieved, but distanced from the Zionists’ and Vatican’s knee. Unleash your potential and let it be – free! Innovation to save each nation. Release the potential of all our people. Not mules carrying Zio jockeys.

Post our GS we WILL be working and reaching out to innovative Americans and global associates, planning with good intent to develop beneficial visionary projects together. Applying sciences for Humanity. Clean, low cost hydrogen and fusion energy will be high priorities. Power FOR our people. Planning your water needs and safety. Planetary changing. Cogent cohesion of minds, researching and funding solutions. Appliance of science. Prioritized thinking. Power sharing. Power – For and To the People. An energy cell, not a hard sell. 

As the false Western World’s self-serving Washington Zionist polluted cabal is deteriorating in front of our eyes, who retains these visibly inept political lemmings’ Western leadership?  Why are nations failing to grasp what does not have the balanced portrayal of reality being played out daily, as the Western reality of old-value democracy crumbles before us. Bush 41 destroyed the constitution by his criminal racketeering; about as credible as Clinton’s blatant lie to Americans. No national or family values remain. Look at the incessant filth that Jewish LA disgorges. The banal and toxic WEF is unelected, but dangerously penetrates weak political assemblies with veiled and venal intent, arrogant and blatant. Anal Schwab rules all these fools. A pawn of the Rothschilds and Soros. He offers you only depraved socialist slavery and Marxist chicanery. Your freedom sold for fool’s gold. You have drifted so far from the visions and dreams of the Founding Fathers. This Constitution is a stillborn ablution. Borgs!

 Only the merging of common unity between the Motherland and Fatherland can save Europe. Is there time? Is the German willpower still there? Historically, did the UK and Germany fight to empower the Khazarian Ho? Look now how we opened the loch gates and the price paid.  Many have the hindsight now to question, “What if”? Where was the foresight then?  All can now relate to this fate. 

Aryans must break free. Our lands, our Rights, our combined Might needs to be restored! Or let the Zionists illegal swarms send us into the night. Now off the Vatican knee, it’s time to get Wog and WEF Free. 

“Back to The Channel, lads. There is work to do.”

WHA brings you balanced truth. Hard truth, as-is. Tenable or otherwise. Not Agency or Zionist propaganda. Free of Zionist or Agency cabal chicanery. Our Woke is real!  Cogent facts. Faeces species free. Where is the crumbling alliance taking us?  Be very aware Santa Klaus is not there. Just Klaus Anal Schwab. Snow White is coked-up, and the only fairies are either running Woke, LA/SF Whorehouses, or holding DC seats, scavenging for bribes. Free-fall alliances. ONLY the EU’s Motherland and Fatherland, merging and marching for a cause, can save European Caucasians from the jaws of these dead-eyed, Khazarian manipulating, Israeli-backed whores and incoming mass illegals. The crimes of these swine!

25 million DNA pollutants, plot and propagate this. A viral and scurrilous scheming 25 million tainting 8 billion! Time to wage war for Mankind on these faeces species. DNA is the weapon.  

Who has saddled Russia with its own Vietnam? It was predicted, wrong timing and tactics deploying when not really ready. But soon, there will be a price. General Armageddon will unleash a missile storm. Unstoppable.

Poland is in play and will be blown away.  

Ukraine was badly planned by Putin’s inept Russian leadership. The lives sadly lost on both sides are brutal, ruthless inhumanity destroying mankind has played out to all. Each soul, and lost soul matters. So many innocents are needlessly lost. Families are devastated. Entire communities destroyed. It could have been yours, then it matters. Ukraine was sadly a foremost very corrupt child/people trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking and vicious Asov Neo Nazi autocracy. Profiteering also by ruthless, mainly devious and scurrilous Zionist Jewish oligarchs, using the Asovs as vicious criminal enforcers enslaving all. Now, at least, that is exposed. As are the multiple US funded Black Operations WMD Labs. Currently, the double- dealing gaming board Zionist snake, Zelensky, acting in cahoots with his Zionist handlers and oligarchs, is profiteering from American weapons and war funds, returning vast kickbacks to the likes of the Bidens. Obama will also be concealed in the chain, as will the usual cabal snake poison peddlers. Corruption Inc. at work. As with all war criminals, it needs a Russian edict to identify and avenge their fallen and those to blame and pay. 

Following the vast losses of Russian military negligence, and the global humiliation Russia has suffered, this ex-mediocre KGB runt has exposed himself with his visible knee jerks, surrounded himself by them and failures, has now resulted in him appointing his own new Vlad The Impaler, in General Sergie Surovkin, known by the alias of General Armageddon, to win in Ukraine at all costs. No mercy. Win ugly, just win! Genocide and mass cruelty walks with him, as portrayed in Syria where his war crimes and callous genocide matched America’s in Vietnam, Libya and Iraq.  Russia’s own new Ming The Merciless is loose. Charged with winning at any price, new tactical battle plans are being drawn up. Russia now has c700,000 troops in play waiting to re-invade, and is regrouping. Vast supplies of new missiles and drones are being delivered. Some by Iran, unstoppable Iskander missiles, and ever more highly accurate Iranian attack drones, all being constantly refined with more sophisticated telemetry, for attacks on Israel to follow. Their support costs for help to Russia will include future nuclear proliferation aid to the Iranian Supreme Guard. And weapons, yet to emerge, will involve nuclear capability to deal with the Khazarian mafia thugs assimilating and posing as Jews, continuing their unchecked Rothschilds’ visions of a border breaking expansion to create a “Greater Israel”. Israel’s dream of a Greater Israel encompasses Jewkraine backing into the scurrilous heartlands of Kazakhstan, with open doors to the Khazarian mafia, coordinating wanton child/people trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, and all the usual Khazarian Jewish criminal histories.

No one should fail to assess and read into what is happening with the approaching Global Hemisphere splits. 

Trust and Détente between the West and Russia is irreparably damaged. Merkel and others’ admissions that they created a false front and lied to Russia about their true foreign policy intent, while the CIA and EU plotted to create wartime situations inside Ukraine and Poland as attack bases against Russia, has had a marked impact upon Russian perceptions of trust and the need to accelerate serious levels of high speed nuclear missiles. It is no longer war games, but serious hostile intent. Inept, incompetent Western leadership is visible to all, as the CIA and Rothschilds covet ever more power.  To Russia, the concept and harsh reality of a Khazarian mafia crime led, hostile Nuclear enriched base on its very own borders, and the visible subterfuge and blatant chicanery exposed by the West, is a declaration of Trojan War intent none have missed. Russia and China both realize they have a combined military capability now exceeding  the Americans, and the ability to strike now with devastating consequences for America and Europe. As suddenly as WWII broke out with the annexation of Poland, flames are being fueled by fools. Porous borders and fiscal implosion are combined attack vehicles. Led by fools, the West is sleepwalking to disaster. Political, crass and naïve incompetence places a face- off ever closer. China covets Eurasia, but also America’s food capacity homelands. As the Khazars do with Ukraine. 

China, using BRICS is skillfully designing a serious weapon of mass destruction for the West by coercing energy sales and trade via the petroyuan and BRICS separation of old US petrodollar influence as America is being pushed out of everywhere. And the EU faces its nations imploding, economies destroyed.  This is 9D Chess, and with a US led by sniffer Biden, how do you think America will evade what is incoming? Naïve, ignorant, delusional fools, lead the West. Citizen morons chase Dinar and Dong dreams with zero quantified monetary backing or will, led by drooling fools. Donkeys. 

Right now, our world is a very, very dangerous place, and top, experienced Western professional military planner observers have never been so afraid. Over the next 3 years, be worried what may unravel and flash fire crash. One more naïve, wrong move by the scurrilous US war machine Agencies, is all it will take to ignite the tinderbox. 9/11 was frightened children blubbering in despair with the only heroes being the US Emergency Services  workers. Bush ran and hid.  Imagine 10,000 times that volume hitting the mainland as a fire bowl erupts in hours. Pearl Harbor, 9/11; all know America is asleep on watch and the roaches are ready. So F childlike nationals dream. Truly, too many are a Walmart nation.

While behind the scenes, real dialog proceeds, dogma free, and none tied to a Rothschilds’ knee. The West is a House of Cards – you call this balancing?       

Imagine that giant, dead-eyed turd factory species, emerging in Russia’s backyard and on Europe’s borders. Horrific. A Nuclear armed, toxic pestilence emerging from Israel, uncontrolled.  The “Rottenchilds” Kingdom of the Damned. With Israeli nukes to blackmail and threaten the world. Doing nothing begets Armageddon, but Global. With this Faeces species, nothing is ever enough. No one can reason with uppity rodents loose.  A brainwashed human pestilence. Dead Souls walking. America’s endemic corruption permeates through all, taking the West into freefall. Biden, a bribe-taking, mentally ailing puppet, rules fools as a pawn for Obama and the Woke, commie causes behind. A Kingdom lost. Corrupted votes, ringfenced Goyim, for only the Khazarians Genghis Khan spawn to ride free. The West is now ruled by these Faeces species.  Ukraine will get wasted. Hopefully, the Zios, too. The Israeli snout needs ripping out. Jew-free Ukraine. Oligarchs, out. Russia’s Oligarchs, out as well. 

As BRICS emerges, supported by c75% of the world’s population, the US Kikedome is fast tracking its Kling-On currency Game of Thrones via their own CBDCs offering to head off the petrodollar demise, buying time, ringfencing the Goyim swine. Capital markets face a meltdown.  Everything is built upon Jewish fiscal usury practices, using and owning YOU! You live and breed to facilitate the Jew. Goyim slaves to a Rottenchilds’ cause. Palestine and the world were stolen to facilitate these vermin. Each nation has sold its kingdom for a kikedom. Scammed, as with Jekyll Island. Worthless paper sold for the souls of a gullible nation. America got shaken and taken. Now as naïve kindergarten minds, they swear a ridiculous and deeply offensive oath of allegiance to a shapeshifting, assimilating Khazarian marauding, inbred swine species. Faeces feeding from all. Why are so many asleep on watch to this roach invasion? 

Can Man apply free will to be human kind? Can we learn to evolve ourselves also as a species of enlightened light energy as higher ascended souls? What is our core, primary mission objective of being? Start by being – more?  Your future is yours to lose. Not to walk in Zio WEF Borg shoes.

What we do, needs to be up to you. Free will! 

And to close, we share with you now some news concerning the Global Settlements. And note: What we share here is, at best, about 10% of the overall mechanics of the GS. The bulk of the entire affair remains off radar and veiled from the public eye, for good reason.

Rather than selling the Elders’ gold, we are instead now changing the game plan and offering only 10 years beneficial use gold-backed Bonds, insurance wrapped, for the new currencies, but with Social responsibilities and redress.  Beneficial Use only, controlled use and a clear line. Cross it and we pull the Bonds. Game changing ploys. Seismic shocks to many. Ethical use or into the night. We Pay – We Say!  Targeting needs. Human need. Energy for Mankind. Not subjugation to the Zio nation. Rethinking purpose and need, not greed. Real power is creating Human life for a purpose and a Sustainable Vision Plan.  Ethereal planning and Soul values. Meaning. Yes-We-Can.

Thank you, again, for your time. Stay tuned for more updates and any possible further news on the GS. Rest assured, so much is happening out of sight. There is a 9D chess game playing out among those on whose backs the world turns. And, if you are reading these words, you have the best chance at staying accurately, and realistically, informed on these events.

Let’s see what 2023 brings. We go forward to find out.




  1. Correction: Eating 2.5 FRIED eggs a week will probably give you cancer – of any kind.

    You want soft yokes. Poached or soft scrambled eggs.

    I eat 6 a day. No cancer here.

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        1. Yes imagine having to explain that to the Wife, she’s now HPV forever, incurable and Wombs to go. Poor woman. Father and Son, both same Gutter licking slimy LA Kike Pervs. Not what she thought she was marrying into. She bought the farm. She must be gutted. What a breed.
          Take care of that tongue Tony. One wrong lick, forever sick.
          He’s indifferent, like his creep father. How badly both aged. A low life price.


    1. Meh… there are far more injurious foods and actions. Plus, use olive oil instead of butter and don’t burn them and pretty much all risk vanishes. Of course, at the rate we are burning down the egg farms it will cease to be a problem of any kind quite soon.

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      1. If you can get the oil right from the press, not a problem.

        From the store, you don’t know how long that oil has been sitting – processing, to warehouse, to shipping, to the store shelf. If so, they become unhealthy to consume.

        Butter…loaded with Butyrate, a super-nutrient capable of preventing colon cancer, improving intestinal health and calming down an anxious brain.

        Butyrate even acts as an appetite suppressant. But butter is more than Butyrate! It’s loaded with iodine, selenium, sulfur and vitamin K, along with other nutrients.


  2. And more insiders are throwing Pfizer under the bus. To wit:

    “Project Veritas @Project_Veritas

    BREAKING: A new @Pfizer insider has sent just us an image of Jordon Trishton Walker’s internal Microsoft Teams profile showing he is still an active employee of the pharmaceutical giant

    If you have information on this story, contact us at

    [Pic of the doc lists him as Walker, Jordon – Director Scientific&Operational Initiatives and his Manager is Wu, Shuang Sarah, VP, WRDM Scientific Planning]

    3:35 PM Jan 27, 2023″


    Pfizer CEO Bourla et al are having their cages rattled.
    Pfizer is not responding to numerous FoxNews Tucker Carlson requests for a statement. No statement to any media.

    It must be highly unnerving to them that there are now Pfizer insiders in touch with Project Veritas, unknown and invisible.


  3. Enough of the bs.

    Pfizer committed a non-trivial major felony.

    Directed evolution IS gain-of-function.

    To jail, for a lifetime as per

    18 USC 175;

    Ҥ175. Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons

    (a) In General.-Whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains, or possesses any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for use as a weapon, or knowingly assists a foreign state or any organization to do so, or attempts, threatens, or conspires to do the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both. There is extraterritorial Federal jurisdiction over an offense under this section committed by or against a national of the United States.”

    The “Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989” was passed to make the weaponization of viruses illegal, in fact a felony with a life sentence punishment.


    1. Yeah, the Xenon 129 signature is hair-raising. It IS a nuke signature. One gentleman who I leased a room from back in the day was a physicist, and he was very, very intrigued when the data on the signature first came out. Makes you wonder.


    1. Love watching figure skating. It is the only sports I have the patience to watch… This, however, is a whole other level …. ROFL….

      This is so wrong….


  4. Something to help for the future for many.

    Daily Mail: Cryptocurrency for dummies: Everything you need to know about digital assets.

    It’s never ending.

    Evil Walks Among Us: Child Trafficking Has Become Big Business in America | John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

    How this came to be in what is supposed to be a leading first world nation is mind boggling!
    Pepe Escobar: Ukraine War is Desperate Bid by US to Preserve Hegemony and Prevent Multipolar World – YouTube

    One of the more astute reporters …
    As war shifts to Asia where China will be engaged, what manner of lunatic does not understand America and NATO have no capacity to engage in any sizable war with anyone? The lack of supply capacity to Ukraine demonstrates this. The fools there now are at gun point recruiting Hungarian minority living in small villages on the border at gunpoint to send to the front as they have run out out ordinary Ukrainians to slaughter in a losing fight.


    KEY UPDATE for you

    Zaluzhny may have told the Pentagon there are 232,000 killed.

    Stratfor – a mediocre CIA front – goes for 305,000 killed.

    Chinese intel takes no prisoners: “irretrievable losses” exceed 500,000 and may have reached 680,000…
    I am inclined to believe the Chinese intel on the high side which are in keeping with i have heard. Count in another 500,000 wounded and non returnable to fight and add in another documented 35,000 MIA and the Ukrainians are down to about 180,000 actual semi trained troops and the rest are simple Cannon Fodder for Russian artillery. No wonder the Russians are in no hurry, it is better to allow the Ukies to kill themselves in futile attacks.
    What people should consider is that the losses of available manpower will seriously limit Ukraine’s ability to produce crops due a simple lack of farmers and that will affect food supply in 2024.


  5. Robert Malone observes a few salient facts about the Project Veritas bust of a Pfizer director admitting gain-of-function research on the coronavirus.

    1) Pfizer lawyers did not throw their Director of R&D Operations and Scientific Planning under the bus.

    2) there is no denial of what he said.

    3) No denial that he is Pfizer staff.

    4) Swapping new spike sequences into original Wuhan-1 is technically gain of function research. The press release from Pfizer only addresses the company’s own actions and statements regarding gain of function and directed evolution research.

    It does not specifically mention any contractors or partners that the company may be working with.

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    1. Pfizer Quietly Releases Statement in Response to Bombshell Project Veritas Video (

      Good points observed by Malone.


    1. And shouldn’t heads roll for this? Is there a reason why who gave said spying orders is not brought out and publicly flogged? Should they not be demoted, pension sheared accordingly and removed from their positions? Because leaving them in place without consequence will only embolden them to do it again.


      1. Tino
        My texts, emails and all comms are tracked daily. Hourly!
        My phones, total snooping. So F inept I even hear them talking to each other sometimes when I don’t fully hang up. Set up for Sr when I refused to be bought or comply. A Global State we live with. Low life’s with no lives. A price we pay to aspire. Big Wet Brother.


      2. It is the plan all over the world… they are emboldened, and have been… look at our 3 letter agencies here at home, tyrannical actions… I would bet this kind of stuff has been going on for a very long time, and a whole lot more!… smart phone?… right… is there any doubt they have tons of info stored on every soul on the planet?… I am slowly breaking away from the umbilical cord that attaches me to my Samsung… how long will it be that we have no other choice but to be wired in though?


  6. Once BRICS is launched, and CBDCs come in, the resulting chaotic market failures of the US Petro Dollars, and even Global willingness to accept US CBDCs as Trade payments, will escalate tensions. Currently the US scams 50% of USD take out from Saudi’s Aramco profits. Saudis incoming Rulers will negate that by selling None USD. Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa, South America and Asia will simply curtail their US trade. Already it’s visible and phasing.
    China and Russia have an economic war with America. Strategically planned and clinically well executed. Asia applies the Mico Chips and China the African and other key minerals. Doors will close. It’s only years before horns will be locked and trade blocked.

    Rather than expanding US Global Centers of Excellence, their only usual predatory solutions are ever more War bases. We are SICK of it! How many times does it need to fail? A Jewish Mafia and the CIA Crime Inc run America. Each duplicitously serves only their ruthless Self Interests of failing Global Hegemony.
    Macron as French President, has already self raised as conjecture, the need for an independent European Self Ruling European Army to fight America if needed one day. NATO gone. Times are fast changing as DC staggers blindly. Akin to Rome as the Barbarians plotted inside the gates
    US Democracy has long failed. It’s gone! Jews and DC Scammers rule this rabble of fools.

    We truly are about at best one and a half minutes to deadline on the Nuclear Clock. Far worse than Cuba.

    Our own calm, highly experienced, Senior Military Leaders are beyond stressed and worried at the increasing risks towards melt down. Ukraine is a Weapons Testing Game, and a Zionist Oligarchs Criminal regime, multi facet. The concept of the Khazars and Israelis taking and then Nuclear arming JewKraine defies belief. Yet staggers on unchecked. As Zelensky’s wife goes on multi hundred thousand dollar shopping trips, this Deviant Perv rattles his begging bowl for ever more money. Farce times showboating.

    Be clear, as Russia ever more amasses its combined, superior forces, the big stick is coming. Including Nukes . Poland is in play via Nuland. Defenceless Germany as Bystanders.
    Eurasia is coming. It’s Inevitable. That vast , connected land mass, cannot continue to be meddled with by the self interests of DC and Zionist Israe hell. a Global nuclear face off is melt down. Western Political mediocrities are incapable of resolutions. Mental mutants. We face a truly dangerous 3 unstable years ahead as Currencies and Capital markets disentangle. Led by Sheeple? Facing Wolves! Reality is Not the Kardashians. America has so far left the rails. You won’t get a second chance with WW111 if it breaks. Mass ignorance will not save the West. Barbarian rules will unleash.
    Where is The Constitution? So many Noble Aspirations. What happened to Rome? Eurasia will emerge. Empires end. But for Billy No Mates?

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    1. We do take your words seriously John and when you say your military professionals are worried we know you speak from walking in the same places they do.

      Germany should place her panzers on the borders. Not into the hands of that kike con artist who has millions in banks and homes outside Ukraine to run to. God help us all if we do not stop these parasite poisoners of mankind.

      And thank you for the recent video. 🙂


  7. 🤣

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    1. Leave the planets physical history alone. It belongs to all of us. Stop taking down statues, changing the history books, and writing lies in new ones. Is Sweden doesn’t want the artifacts, then give them to a country that does.


    1. Correct, and it’s what we are working towards. You can not envisage or contemplate the frustration, anger, confusion, panic and disbelief when we tell the most Senior Politicos the incoming GS will not be allocated to you for inept misuse. We WILL allocate needs direct, bypassing the lot of you. You actually WASTE c70% of funds taken with Admin overheads, with the then pitiful only c30% which arrives to deal with the struggling end user needs. You ARE the problem. We can accrue enormous tax savings by just offing the lot of you. NHS Trusts paid direct at point of funds entry, plus 15% more to fast ease pressures. You lot gone! The NHS will approve.
      Contract out Border forces using also employed Military and Retiring Military at the borders. Wogs and Dogs out! No papers, no entry, No Hotels. FEMA type camps. Armed guards.Riot and shot! Wogs caught in any crimes, out! Families too.
      No access or NHS, or housing for illegals. No schools or services for illegals. Mass ship to Africa as is possible now. Restore vast unused shipping empty currently. It made America and Australia. Make a new future from the past. Sort at point of entry, money talks and Wogs walk. The future will be you lot gone, or mass reduced. You are the problem and you’ve failed. Ditto so many issues. Our jails are full of illegals costing. Reverse banana boats. Out!
      No Legal aid for illegals. Stop those Attorneys ambulance chasing rackets. We need to mass cut the State. Common sense laws. No papers, no entry. Wogs to go. Rapists, Drug Dealers, Kiddie Fiddlers, Muggers, Robbers, fast track the lot of you. Bio fuel works. Sort Scum.Mass cut the State and fund most needs direct. Watch changes then. Wogs are mass buying up Cheap Hotels at Sea Border points and making vast millions renting rooms to illegals from Welfare payments. What??? Crazy, stop the lot. We are swamped and sinking, drowning with uneducated and stinking. Change is needed. Say No to feeding these scavenging Ho. Bleeding hearts, you fund them. Woke?????
      For the US, fill FEMA Camps, why waste? Post GS time to really rethink. We pay, we say. Then see possible changes. Waster’s ruling is killing the West.

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  8. Come with me if you want to live.

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      Once again, it is the women who stand up and the men pull fuzz balls from their navels and gaze around. Thank God for strong women who when I was part of the Canadian trucker convoy and US were on the front lines more than men, shame on the men around us, preening.

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  9. All we ask. What a Partnership united.

    Daily Mail: Cryptocurrency for dummies: Everything you need to know about digital assets.
    Proof photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Giufrre is not a fake

    If this up in his face it will bury him
    Bitcoin Pauses. But Here’s Why a Recent Trend Suggests a Big Spike Will Hit Friday.


  10. We are correct. 1 billion humans have taken the clot shots. Thankfully 200MM of these were injected with useless mush. Another 200MM with partially useless mush. That leaves some 600MM injected with poor quality control tolerance-stack problem jabs. Of those 30MM are walking dead, and 100MM the partially walking dead. The rest some 400MM will have all sorts of medical issues that if we get started RIGHT NOW we will be able to provide them with proper care and some quality of life in their shortened lives.

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    1. Another country being ruined from the inside. What a shame. Wouldn’t want to live there, not even sure I would want to visit. Becoming a scary place. Just the way I feel about canada and what it has become. I know, usa is on it’s way.

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      1. True. But body language is not congruent to the situation. Makes one wonder if we are witnessing a gay-porn-fantasy that went sideways. To avoid the aspersions it then went down the path of assault and wacko cover story. Maybe?

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  11. Well, well, well. Did we just admit to, essentially, insider trading? And isn’t it a conflict of interest to be both advocate and investor when lobbying government for mandates? Perhaps seizing his assets should be on the docket of the government. Personally I think he merits the guillotine but reducing to penury might be better.


  12. Be aware. Lock and load if needed. The Hottentots may be gearing up to burn and loot their own neighborhoods.


    1. Barbarians inside always go this way. Ask China and Rome.
      Sadly, the future unfolds.
      Europe needs to re emerge not as a US Zio Clone but Fortress Europe.
      We need to cross engage with Eurasia.
      Selective screened immigration only, with uninvited Wogs and Hottentots for Deportation.
      Valued Contributors protected. Bottom Feeders ejected.
      Time to rethink the Political and Zionist Ho. BRICS can reshape money, and Cryptos too.
      You only have One Primary Protectorate and it needs to be YOU!
      No more Goyim corralling. That fightback starts when Cyrus the Virus comes calling.
      There is no Reason with Hell Spawn Legions. Eurasia needs to sweep the lot.


  13. Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID vaccines rolled out — info from Steve Kirsch.

    It is only a question of time before we have a mid-flight emergency.

    Scuttlebutt is that we have already had some close calls, and maybe — just maybe — some of the small plane crashes may be related to the vaxx and pilot heart attacks…


  14. War update – by Aleks – Black Mountain Analysis

    Do NOT sacrifice Germania for Nulands Roach Mafia vermin. Soon they will be out of the Middle East and Asia. We need to warfaring lot out of Europe. Once the Petro Dollar is gone its time to go BRICS

    One of the better insights to what has happened and what will happen excluding nuclear war. Russia has already clearly sent the message and will not make another warning if DU shells are used. It will simply strike.
    Neocons are basically cowards and are delusional with hatred that prevents them from using common sense. This is the biggest threat because they ignore warnings and consider vassals as disposable. So the lost of German tank manufacturing is good thing because they can buy US tanks. This is their logic and it should not be ignored that a byproduct win is a destroyed European war machine that can be rebuilt. People in the equation do not matter, as they will sacrifice allies without regard if there is a gain. The infamous words of Nuland are a stark reminder “fuck the EU”. Poland would do well to remember.
    As it is on the ground in Ukraine, it is obvious that loses of certain city nodes are a preparation for a wider ground offensive to start soon.
    And since both sides are committed the window to get off i a closing window for America which is getting smaller. As for Russia, it will go all the way and that needs to be understood.


    1. The GP Surgeries are culpable. They are paid per vax so mass line up thousands over 2 weeks. It’s a huge earner for them.


      1. The sad part is none of it works. I wish I could find the link, but there has been literally zero impact by the flu shot on flu mortality, and more often than not, the poor choice of epitope target means the shot failure rate is something like a whopping 70%. The flu shot has never statistically speaking, helped anyone, including most elderly. You’d get far further with a double-dose x 5 days of monteleukast and levoceterizine at the first sign of symptoms. We have excellent, and I mean excellent, data that this drug combo is inherently safe — even in children — and damn effective at shortening the duration and strength of the flu.

        Furthermore, we keep doing the stupid. (Forgive the ungrammatical.) Namely, we give pregnant women the shot, in violation of all medical common sense. And despite claims to the contrary, it does cause miscarriages at the margin. The numbers and Bayesian are such that the risk was never justifiable and of course, it was never safe in this cohort.

        The common flu, and even the thrice damnable covid, is NOT a threat to normal, healthy, pregnant women. Plus the shot(s) fail, so what’s the point? I don’t have the math handy, and I’ll check when my brain is more awake, but having to inoculate possibly up to 100-1000 women to prevent 1 (!) easily recovered from flu, is just utterly asinine.

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  15. Who or what will save us now?


  16. Oh, let that truth come out!
    Back in 2019 when the corrupt US House, under Nancy Pelosi, was frantically putting together a garbage narrative of President Trump saying something wrong on a phone call, TGP was putting together reasons why these crooks were so adamant to get President Trump.

    We knew then, and we can confirm now, that the reason they frantically used this false narrative against President Trump was that Trump was getting too close. They couldn’t risk the President uncovering their crimes in Ukraine, especially in relation to the Biden family and friends and Burisma.
    The Biden (and now Kerry) scandal in Ukraine is much more than about the money paid to Hunter Biden for being a Board member at the largest gas producer in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings. The real scandal involves billions in aid funds from the IMF and US that has gone missing.

    Burisma (Ukraine’s largest oil and gas provider) is the entity where Devon Archer (connected to John Kerry) and Hunter Biden were on the Board.

    and more….


    1. I’m told we will let Iran do it and sit back while SA screams for the U.S. help. It won’t come from any other source. Either way we are headed for war.


  17. US Marines Open New Base on Guam to Prepare for Future War With China – News From

    Passing the death parcel

    Somewhat futile as China would be sure to make this an early target.
    We are quickly arriving at the point where combat is 1st fought with stand off missiles and then with troops. So unless you can defend forward positions from certain attack, it is waste of time, money and manpower. And one can safely assume it will be hypersonic missiles that strike and America is not in the game.
    The bigger waste of money is the $7billion+ of weapons that has been offered to China and Russia on the cheap. It is surprising that the gong show is not trying to buy it back to send to the Ukraine.


    What a mess for all nations.

    ‘Russia is now at war with NATO and the West’, EU official admits

    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Was Receiving Classified State Department Briefings on Regular Basis – Used to Promote Biden Family Business

    America and its citizens are so abused by this clown show of thievery. And what does this say of allied nations who support such behavior?
    How can there be any sensible constructive relationship building with such behavior? America’s remarkable loss of influence is directly attributed to having this type of leadership and it as a nation is not alone.

    We, in the know, KNOW what scumbags the Bidens are. Why are they never contained?


  18. East West now faces off.
    There is a staged move to isolate and take War to Russia.
    The WEF, and their Woke alliances, are taking their Rodent NWO aspirations towards a multi polar conflict where a total Schism of power will result, and hemispheres will realign. Sadly that retarded half Wit Harry and the obnoxious Markel Bone Hag, have failed us with the Commonwealth opportunities, while the Buckle nosed Grunt Dwarf Wannabe in Montecito, no Class, all Ass, divides nations for her Ego self adulation tactics. Another ugly Wallace Simpson attention seeker is uncloacking. Empires lost. Runts presume to rule fools.

    Hopefully, the aspirations of Anal Schwarb and his half wits are now self exposing this mediocre Chimps Tea party. So many shallow grasping Flaws, and their cheap, tacky flown in Whores.
    No place to be, nor associate to such a flatulent Cabal NWO State.
    Free Human thinking, while this sterile Tramp Ship of State is sinking. All Schwarbs Fronts, what a collection of Marxist C’s!


    1. Sure, serve and possibly die for this cause so we can treat you like crap. Sure doesn’t make one feel like they want to serve their country.


  19. GAME CHANGER: Putin’s allies are now calling for Berlin to be nuked after Germany’s decision to send tanks to aid Ukraine

    If Putin goes this is my nightmare for Germany. The Russians forever want Stalingrad revenged. Total death! We Klein Englanders care about you. You do matter.

    People especially European politicians seem to forget that in Russia the Great War is well remembered as few families did not lose loved ones in that fight. The horrors of death experienced are well remembered and kept alive in memories.
    To what end Europe and America chooses to reignite such memories and garner the apprehension of an invading force is clearly an unknown. Because it will unite Russians to understand that WWIII is upon them. Bombing Russian soil with B52’s is a fool’s errand just as seeing German tanks raises the specter of WWII when many millions died and starved. And that says nothing about civilian losses or lifetime angst suffered by survivors.
    And what we in West imagine will be the outcome is also a mystery. Because no matter the delusional state of politicians and Neocons, war is ugly and death is death. We should be careful not to sleep walk into seeing such terror first hand. Because this time the terror will not be carpet bombing but nuclear tipped hypersonic missiles delivering blows.
    Soon enough Russia will move on the Ukraine to eliminate the threat the West has created. And to think we should expand this conflict is plainly stupid beyond belief.
    Pfizer lied, COVID Vaccinated Germans developed AIDS, & then 1 million died in less than a year according to Secret German Government Data – The Expose

    Wow! Its happening in the UK.


  20. I was sent this video from someone who said that MarkZ (NESARA pumper) showed it to his daily pumped audience. They asked me for my feedback.

    Since I am not the expert in sovereign currency matters, I asked London for their take. Here was the reply:

    Total Brokers Fantasy FAKE BS as always.

    1. Fed Debts are already again at Debt Limit levels. There is NO Money. Morons!
    2. The Elders totally coordinate via London. Totally. HK trust accounts have no money to settle and China would take it all.
    3, M1 in Indonesia is forever reneged on. The JFK money has all been syphoned. Gone is gone! Looted.

    ALL Original GS accounts have long been depleted by DC. Elders are NOT swapping AU for Petrol Dollar Toilet paper to see that syphoned also.
    Trust in America is Zero!
    Banks are only Delivery Vehicles and no more. Whore mongers.
    The REAL Global dialog is way above all this.
    For years now WHA has openly advised the Jungle Bunny Paper is not happening. Worthless Sucker paper. Ambulance Chasing bottom feeder Grunts. Slow learners.
    How can the biggest Thieving Parasite Lying F’s be entrusted with the Global futures?
    What kind of STUPID are you?
    Once you read this, close their doors. Not happening. As if? Totally F in the head, the lot. Brain Farts.

    So those of you who are MarkZ groupies, you can add this to his list of crapola predictions and claims. 81,000 follow this guy. The comforting lie continues to outsell the inconvenient truth.

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    1. You got to be kiddin’ me…!

      Webb investigates the Pfizer guy… nothing adds up for this guy…


  21. Oh just shoot me now…

    The Evidence: Barnes Daily Curated Library

    Project Veritas source confirmed.

    Secret history of Nazi descendant Klaus Schwab.

    I’m ready for MacGregor for President!

    Crowder-Daily Wire debate highlights social media censorship concerns.

    Even Politico forecasting Biden in trouble.

    *Bonus: Horses and elks play a little ball in Montana.


    1. I think Unz is applying the wrong standard here. It is not believable, given the evidence of engineering that this wasn’t a lab leak, deliberate or otherwise. And Wuhan IV, does have a paper trail back to Fauci and a batshit crazy, literally and figuratively, researcher on the topic. Given that , if they were not responsible, then they know damn well who was. And last I looked, no exhaustive audit of WIV has yet to happen so…


  22. ———
    Watch “Attwood Unleashed 88: Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, Greta Thunberg & Bill Gates” on YouTube

    The Mutt Club. Now at last Thunberg is being openly laughed at when the Troll opens its mouth.

    Russia warns Leopard 2 tanks may be used as ‘dirty bomb’

    Munich Girl,
    Russia can not be more clear. If German tanks attack Russia it’s serious. If nuclear shells it’s War!
    Dead German lives are not warranted. This is a US, Zionist Oligarchs’ crooked war. Waste no good lives on it. Don’t get sucked in by America. You will be the new front line. Let the US mainland take it for a change. No German should die for another US lie. Fight with Zionists. Get those numbers down. Stop Europeans dying for Zio US lying. Let Russia issue a Real Fatwah on Zelensky and his Zio skid row Bum Oligarchs.
    Russia warns Leopard 2 tanks may be used as ‘dirty bomb’


        1. We agree with you John and of course as you pointed out we know who is the real one pushing for more Aryan destruction.
          Are you sure about Greta John she might be a good cook! 🙂 lol


          1. Not even with a bag on its head.
            The Lil Fella is forever safely shielded, and has a reserve oven to fertilise by choice.
            Would you cross the London Aryan with that?
            No, something better is on slow cooking. Protect the species from that kind of Mongrel Faeces. The EU is just Geography. A plane ride away to fertilise new ideas. We already have something cooking. Approved. Post the Eastern and Asia GS releases, the Klein Englander will emerge for you. All other good nations also. It’s hugely complex as we are battling a vast Zio Rodent Board, but once resolved, the Knights will ride. And every night in Munich. Lol. Cyrus the Virus will Ho Hunt with No Passover. There are ways, not Suit Battles. Cyrus will select and remove. Our nations will make each Aryan Home your own Castle. Time to protect Germania and friendly Allies.
            We will work towards a new, culturally better Europe and re unite as one.
            We have a mission, and for you, a new position.
            Keep the smile.

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  23. Lots of background links. Take what you will and forward around. Courtesy of a barnes.local reader.

    “Frauds, thieves, murderers and posers run the world…” ( )

    “Pfizer Exposed For Exploring ‘Mutating’ COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via ‘Directed Evolution'” ( ; ; )

    “Directed evolution, when applied to people, is eugenics…” ( ; )

    “Who is ‘Jordon Trishton Walker’? Project Veritas recently released a video featuring ‘Jordon Trishton Walker,’ Pfizer executive who revealed shocking new info. But finding anything about him is tough. Here is what I’ve found so far.” ( ; )


    1. Reminder: Dr. Paul Offit of the vaxx council is on the record that the standard of care for a vaccine is 1 death per million.

      This abomination fails the standard by more than 3 orders of magnitude. Regulators, judges, doctors — where are you? Why have you complied with the abomination?


      1. I cannot stress enough that insects contain parasites that we cannot cope with. Some such parasites may be also viral or bacterial that might survive processing and cooking. What about possible prion-style diseases?

        Except in food extremis humans do NOT consume insects, and have NOT consumed insects. Where are the judges? Where is the common sense? And once again, where in Hell’s Bells are my brethren who should be marching with pitchforks on this?

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        1. The first variation of parasite you refer to are now ensconced Politicos, and the second Zio wives married to this spawn.
          But Yes, Evolutionary insanity.
          Re cast Beth from Yellowstone.

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        2. I got up to have a drink of water last night and almost swallowed a spider that had gone for a swim in my glass. The average person inadvertently swallows 12 spiders in a lifetime. I think number 12 got away this time.


          1. Tony, I almost did the same thing about a week ago. Night time, drink of water, looked in as I was raising the glass and there was a stink bug in my glass. So disgusting. Now, I am real careful and look everytime.


      20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries – Analyst Estimates
      These numbers are best estimates, at this point in time, using government data for the global consequences of the clot shot in terms of death and morbidity … Now, these numbers are beyond staggering. To contrast that with history, vaccines have typically been pulled from the market – the last one, the bird flu vaccine – was pulled with only 35 — three, five deaths.


  24. Miscellaneous

    McCarthy excludes Schiff and Swalwell from Intel committees, while putting Jordan, Roy & Massie on government weaponization committees, with Massie & Roy also on the powerful Rules Committee.

    Hawley proposes to end insider trading by Congress, naming bill after Pelosi.

    Oscars include Top Gun as best film, with All Quiet on the Western Front remake taking 9 nominations along side The Banshees of Inisherin.

    DirectTV drops Newsmax.

    NYC schools ban AI chat GPT in fear of students using it to cheat after GPT passed a bunch of licensure exams.

    Lyft to lay off 13% of its staff lifting layoffs in tech space to almost 5% of entire industry.

    Even NYT now admits Barne’s argument: Biden doc debacle “effectively let Trump off the hook.”

    FDA figures out “golly gee, there’s a lot of lead in baby food, maybe that’s not good.”

    I remember when stamps were a dime; now they are 63 cents.

    Maxwell admits Eternal Truth #2: Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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  25. What if the west is plotting to divvy up Ukraine, helping Poland reconquer part of the old Polish-Lithuanian part of western Ukraine? Might that explain the CIA-sponsored purge of Zelensky staff, the cynical purge of Hungarians in Transcarpathia by drafts to the front lines, and the oddities of the tank shipment?


  26. The Argument: A Reasoned Rant by Robert Barnes

    Davos. The World Economic Forum held its conference this past week to discuss the sequel to The Great Reset. Let’s review what they publicly discussed.

    First, their pitch: “the world today is at a critical inflection point.” Their agenda items included: permanent vaccine passports using pandemics as the pretext to control the movement of populations; incorporation of artificial intelligence into more genetically modified or “alternative” food supplies and farming; under the guise of “digital inclusion” a broadscale, wholesale digital monitoring program that includes digital identification, digital vaccine passports, and digital banking systems; removing economic protectionism by ending all tariffs; embracing more war on Russia; and maintaining central bank dominance of global financial systems.

    Second, their rationale. Their pitched pretext for these globalist control policies included: apocalyptic climate change (with a nutty speech by Al Gore and laughing-at-interview attendee Greta Thomberg, though they all got there by private jet piloted by unvaxxed pilots and wanted only gas-fueled chauffeured private vehicles); DEI, diversity equity inclusion and ESG policies, to promote a “fairer” and more “inclusive” society; and even pretended this was all predicated on “indigenous knowledge.”

    Third, their attendees. With the usual suspects of corporate titans, billionaire oligarchs, central bankers, and globalist policy makers, a few attendees of note includes wanna be Presidents Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia (happily talking of more censorship), Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (eager to solicit their favor while dodging questions from nosy reporters on the street), FBI Director Wray (who bragged about Big Tech/FBI collusion), and the Foreign Affairs Minister of Lithuania (speaking of Ukraine). Of note, Blackrock attended too, and Zelensky later thanked them for their “investment” in Ukraine.

    The last one stands out given recent developments in Ukraine. As noted above in the Daily Library, a post-WEF set of Ukranian assassinations, resignations, dismissals, travel bans, and criminal cases of Ukraine’s top hierarchy, combined with the sudden reversal of European powers on sending tanks to Ukraine and reported concerns of ethnic purging in dissident areas of Ukraine suggest this derived from the plan finalized at Davos. The Poles and Lithuanians have been the most insistent on some of these policy prescriptions, and the combined set of events reminds us of their history – the Polish Lithuanian empire that dominated western Ukraine for centuries, sees Russia as their historic enemy, and may want to help reconstitute the old empire. Did the boys at Davos give it the green light? What we do know is soon after, the CIA director went to Kiev, right before all the craziness unleashed in Ukraine. This empire-style carve-up-the-world politics has an old European history, as it is what gifted us World War I, which, in turn, gifted us the rise of fascism and communism, and then, in turn, gifted us World War 2. Are the rich kids up to it again?


    1. This is blatant violation of the biowarfare laws in the United States. I call on every Nation to formally complain thru Diplomatic Channels requesting the prosecution of Pfizer under the Biowarfare Treaty and to seize all profits and assets, worldwide. Executives need to go to the guillotine ideally, but life imprisonment plus 40 years will do.

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      1. Each time this, and these issues are read, by each reading nations expanding parties of consciousness, you ignite a new light of consciousness, and all starts from there.

        Only WHA is expounding such platform issues. The Collective We ! The Green Shoots of New Thinking.


  27. Latest reports say “Palestinian man”, either way, when do we defend the Homeland?


  28. Jesus F Christ! @John, understand not your domain of action, but heads need to roll on this… with serious repercussions for any ninny that thinks routine mRNA shots merit any mandate whatsoever.



    JAN 25

    The British government had data in October showing nearly identical rates of Covid hospitalizations in vaccinated and unvaccinated people during the summer 2022 Omicron wave.

    In some age and risk groups, vaccinated people had higher rates of hospitalization than the unjabbed. For example, healthy 40 to 49-year-olds were more likely to be hospitalized with severe Covid if they had received one or two jabs than none.

    The government quietly released the figures today, in an appendix to a report from its advisory committee on vaccinations.

    The data also show that mRNA boosters are now among the most expensive and useless public health interventions ever tried on healthy adults under 50.
    That calculation applies even the $30 a jab price paid by governments and even without accounting for any side effects.

    The British government calculated that to prevent a single case of severe Covid, nearly 1 million healthy adults under 50 would have to receive a booster. Those boosters would cost almost $30 million for the jabs alone, not counting the cost of administering them. (In the United States, Medicare pays health-care providers $40 per shot, and private insurers usually pay substantially more than Medicare.)

    Yes, you read that right.


  29. Oh fer Christ’s sake — do they not understand that at some point we will shoot them? My God-given Right to engage in commerce and engage with my fellow human has absolutely no dependence on whether or not I am vaccinated for any disease whatsoever, and especially not for one that is, for all intents and purposes, now the common cold.

    And in the absence of a humanistic commercial biologic immortality, we have loads of principled humans that will go out with a bang if it means that they grand-children won’t have to deal with politically dangerous numpties…


    1. He was pushed out of office, was bought by Bush 41 , screwed Murdoch’s wife, and was given his Vatican account. Unlectable Dog!


  30. That’s 31 tanks flushed down the drain. Russian anti-tank aircraft will pick those things off like carnival ducks in a shooting gallery. Heavy armor just won’t last on a modern day battlefield without air superiority, which Ukraine does not have. IMO


  31. Scientists Panic! What if the Universe is an Atom?

    Jeremy Grantham Says the Stock Market Could Crash 50% This Year
    Bernstein: Bounce in Cryptocurrencies Is ‘Mean Reversion’
    Is Russia trying to warn NATO from self induced slaughter ?

    Naïve fools Russia will atomise the lot.

    In modern war electronic warfare is where it is at and without an edge you simply lose and end up dying as a result.

    It is important to remember that all wars are banker wars and not that of nations anymore as banking cartels control what nations do to further collapsing agendas. It is what we see with the WEF and other such globalist groups. Debt based national financing has run the course and affects Banks who hold debt that cannot be repaid.

    In the past, we have seen 2 examples of an American Destroyer “Donald Cook” engaged in the Black Sea and rendered useless as all EW (electronic systems) was fried by a Russian jet. Clearly indicating that secret weaponry does exist and can be used to indicate warning by turning off all electronic ability. Actually Iran has a slightly different version of this that they never have shown.
    We have also seen how Russian paratroopers landed unseen by EW behind Ukrainian lines in Soledar, effectively attacking such troops from the rear, and ending up, saving the lives of hundreds of Ukrainian troops by destroying the Azov enforcers in the rear designed to ensure that the front line troops fight. It was front line soldiers who surrendered while the AZOV troops were killed. No one heard or saw the helicopters who delivered the troops. Most recently, there was a large missile strike on the Ukraine. American AWAC”S and satellites were blind to the attack until such time it occurred, unable to give warning to Ukrainians. it is why more AWAC’s have been sent. NATO which includes Americans still are in denial as to reality. In the past on more than one occasion we have illustrated and commented on Russian ability to make a battlefield go dark. When there is no real satellite imagery and the like, one fights blind as the only sight is that of eyes and sounds. It is thought these examples seen are simply a warning of what will happen when Russians really engage. Because NATO troops will not fare better than Ukrainians. And the Russians have provided ample warning of what to expect. Assuming that anyone cares to see.

    Here is a video on Penicillin which is wiping out Ukrainian used artillery systems. An unstoppable detection system which efficiently destroys artillery. And it is making Ukrainians void of artillery across the front lines. There is no way to resupply such losses to date and only fractional future capability is possible and that too will be destroyed.

    One of the largest electrical substations destroyed in Odessa and no one knew until it happened. Should we not ask why? Because such destruction unknown until it occurs leaves no counter ability to avoid it.
    Globalist Cabal Meets Again to Prepare for World Domination

    Can we be more clear. The whole world IS in PLAY!. Conned and Suckered.
    The globalist cabal realizes they can’t convince billions of people to give up their rights and freedoms, so all their underhanded work is happening outside of the democratic process. Installing their own people in key positions around the world will allow them to shove their agenda through.


    ABOUT DR. MERCOLA: Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of An osteopathic physician, best-selling author and recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health, his primary vision is to change the modern health paradigm by providing people with a valuable resource to help them take control of their health. His latest book “The Truth About COVID-19” was an instant best-seller and the #1 book sold on Amazon.
    WEF Davos – The New Sodom and Gomorrah? – Global Research

    The Whores flown in attested that.
    Lunatics on the loose. Gross, the lot. What filth. No shame.
    The Most Egregious Mistake — Strategic Culture
    From a Contributor.

    Over decades of time, we have seen outright thievery by a corrupt and crooked Federal Reserve acting as the referee of what is called the Reserve Currency; the USD exerting American hegemony by requiring settlement of trade in USD. And the world has watched the Enforcer called Military punish all those who resisted the call, like Libya or Iraq into submission. And with such historical ignorance of yesterday’s empires led to the creation of what is occurring today.

    This atmosphere has allowed the fertile growth of fanatical Neocons like Kagan, Nuland, Kristol and many others to espouse and direct actions of State well beyond understanding or capability or capacity to manage resulting in a blindness of Ideological folly not seen in centuries.

    The actual egregious act was taking Russia off Swift not understanding that America and combined West has lost its’ manufacturing capability and capacity to support a war effort. It is why the scurrying for artillery shells around the world to send to the Ukraine when no domestic ability to supply on a timely basis exists. What is worse the failure to recognize that America’s so called greatness is much by financial asset activity while manufacturing is only 12% of the economy. In real economies, real production matters. However one might expect fanatics rarely see beyond the nose of hatred and narrowness of pursuit. With no counter in play this group has run a muck while apparently the Biden Crowd has no moral ability to bail out the direction by having no standing to do so. So a ship now out of control with no visible ability to navigate runs smack into an Iceberg called Russia.

    This madness of frenzied fanatical purpose has put at risk not just hegemony but is carrying the USD into oblivion by continuing down a path where a change of direction is required before the ship is too far beyond repair. Because a collapse is not singular to America but to the entire western world we have known. This is the really what is at stake now and time is not friendly to continuance. Frankly, both the Neocons, the Biden crowd and Ukraine have to be throw under the bus for both hegemony and the USD to survive as mainstay player midst a changing landscape of trade settlement in alternative currencies to the USD. And similarly America must use the lessened time, a result of the errors made have produced, to rebuild itself or it will disappear along with the West giving up western control and hegemony to Asia very quickly. The opportunity is Asia is not ready, although eager to try to seize the day. However a continued proxy or direct war with Russia will result in a Western collapse. Each day brings more attention to inherent western weakness and a lack of capability. The sooner the end of this fiasco comes, the better for everyone except those who are benefiting short term. And they have always been expendable in the big picture.

    Perhaps, this rolling up of the sidewalks has already commenced to give way to a settlement that allows everyone to walk away licking wounds readying for the either a another round or a change of direction to seek a new model. One imagines that starting to be one’s brother over one’s keeper maybe a good start if one can rebuild in time. As it is time waits for no one. And that will require both a cleanup in aisle one in America and a rebuilding of productive capacity with new technologies. It seems the rolling up of sidewalks started last week with Burns of the CIA visiting Zelensky and seeing the deaths of people since and the corruption previously ignored being brought to light about Ukraine and its’ administration. No doubt American misdeeds will be swept away in the dust. And European solidarity will become more divided, as divisions are exploited with purpose. Especially, since in late 2021 Russia called for a return of NATO to 1997 border status. This would change NATO dramatically and perhaps for the better for America and not so much for Europe, and would open new opportunities to all actors to pursue.

    And while pitiful to watch, perhaps somewhere the lightbulbs have been turned on. Time will tell the tale.
    You are ALL being rounded up, computer entry coded, to be cored as Turkeys, toe the line or lose all access.

    Consultation on draft legislation to support identity verification – GOV.UK

    Nonsense at work, it is all about Digital vaccination record control.

    So, the dark malpractice intent of the NWO / UN is clearing for all to see soon. World control. Unelected. Draconian powers and no rights.


  32. And that completes a typical dinar pump cycle. It starts with some “key holiday” or something. Then, it gets to the edge. A mass hysteria follows. Then, the “head scratching”, the shock, the mysterious failure. “We don’t know what happened”.

    The sites that report this kind of thing are pulling unimaginably high traffic.

    One key pumper admitted openly that they knew it was all a farce. The only reason she kept up with the pump was to prevent possible suicides from many who were so psychologically dependent on the endorphin-like relief that some were getting from constantly being told they would soon be overnight millionaires.

    And with that, those of you visiting who are still donating to dinar sites and patronizing the products of same, really need to stop and think about what you are supporting and the incredible damage it is doing. Our reader, Concord, was one of you, but saw the light and his life immediately changed. In fact, his entire family’s did, once he ran away from that corner of hell.

    And that’s all I have to say about this for the year.


  33. And people wonder why I am to the right of Attila the Hun on this issue… the latest open border tragedy…


  34. Gas prices start rising fast again.

    Classified documents found at Pence’s home too.

    Ukraine purge of top officials due to, shock, shock, corruption. (Thank you Casablanca for the immortal line…

    Russian advances in Ukraine lead to west wanting to send a bunch of tanks to Ukraine. (Uh, just how stupid are we to think 31 tanks will make any kind of difference? Very….)

    Excess death reports continue to mount across the vaccinated world.

    1/6 lynching juries continue to convict defendants in rushed verdicts. It’s obscene.

    DOJ sues Google on antitrust grounds. Now you get around to it… Sheesh!

    FDA plans to scrap original Covid vaccines for booster shots. For a disease, which now has a 0.05% fatality rate… in the elderly…

    Amazon opens a pharmacy. Ok. Let’s see if they can Prime it to me really in 2 days

    Wisdom of the Day:
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost.


  35. Like

    1. Good for them and the genius that came up with this great loan default write off idea. He/She told them that every bank needs to lose a little now and then. Take them to the roof for flying lessons.


  36. Like

  37. Like

    1. But first they either have to have, or have access to, under whatever terms, they can get, Real world.
      We can, and will wait, our way, or the highway. We will wait them out. Our terms, for Global good, or no terms. Now they are fighting our Hydra.
      Beneficial use only, allows us to pull any time. That they do not like.
      Their concern is that we are putting ourselves above Government.
      No, we are Governing, because Politicos are proven always to be untrustworthy.
      Toe the line, or feed the Swine, alone. Good luck with that. When your walls are caving in, you have our access. We do not recognise that any of you are fit for Office. So cross the line, and we cancel your ticket to ride. We are cancelling greed. All we ask, is that you first feed the approved need.
      There is your core battleground. A curved ball which holds theirs! Tight. Our rock hard corruption protection terms. To be enslaved to Integrity?
      Our Kingdom is your Souls.
      To make a difference. To serve and protect. Elders see this. Especially the Temple Masters.
      Heavy and weary is the Head which bears the Crown.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope waiting them out does not give them time to come up with a new way to enslave the planet with a global CBDC, or similar… excuse my simplistic view, but I am no road scholar… lol


        1. Only firm resolution will work James. Their Zio Necon agendas are everlasting.
          Cyrus is in our Hopper and Wish List. We accept there will be some collateral damage, but if we can take down at least 15M of the scum, it tears their webs apart. n Then to have Iran and Allies resolve the Rats nest.
          Polar Hemisphere Trading will smash the Cabal. Denied funds DC will see its own Arse. Once we resolve the BRICS and CBDC issues, it takes the Petro Dollar and Fed out at the roots. No more Grey Screens and Fake platforms. Our way we can bypass all the rot. No licks. Global oversight and values.
          Resolving Trust with China takes time,and as much corruption exists there. The views of the Middle Kingdom are being re-educated. It’s a 9D board in play. Double sided. Seoul Elders will not move unless London approves. Temple Heads eat free whatever, so corruption will not buy them. What’s a few years, we look only at the big picture. We owe no one. Nor will.
          Chinese New Years is coming. 8 Pig Out meals a day. Methane clouds.


  38. Well it’s a crisp, cool sunny afternoon on the river today, and I have to satiate my need for what the dinar goofballs are up to. I wonder?

    Banking activity?? Screens going blank?? Rates loading??

    Whooooohooooo!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪


  39. I think I should buy some more popcorn!
    The bread is getting too expensive and the circus seems to be picking up.

    BREAKING NEWS: U.S. District Attorney’s and U.S. Sheriffs working together to criminally charge Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak and many others for racketeering, collusion in creating the Wuhan virus and premeditated murder of thousands by Remdesivir and Covid Vaccines.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Sorry, it’s inbred to keep the Dogs out.
          Our family controlled Cumbria to halt any Scots, Irish, or combined West Coast Mongrel attacks to buy time for London to respond. We also held Leicestershire so if York fell, our garrisons would kill any approaching Scots, Viking, or European East Coast attacks buying time for London to man the Palace and march. We Anglicised our name, but were French ( B) a part we chose not to publicise. King Richard, the Lionheart ruled both domains, but as the French King, never actually visited the UK, a fact no Brits are aware of. We protected his domains and were here when the KTs got taken out. Nothing got past us.
          Sink invaders. Kill any invaders on the lands. Or put them to the sword on the beaches. Worked for us. Still should. It’s either English or Wog. Get confused and look at today’s mess.

          Liked by 1 person

  40. Boris Johnson issues powerful rallying cry to the West
    A superfungus could be the next global health threat – so are we ready?

    Almost as bad as breeding Zionists.
    ‘We Can’t Wait for Hydrogen’: Rolls-royce – Warren East on The Engine Maker’s Future – The Guardian

    Be careful not to invest in expensive old tech cars which will become worthless fast.
    Hydrogen is coming. That will end the Arabs games
    Another Israeli Exploit Developer Caught Selling Malware To Blacklisted Countries | Techdirt

    No surprise

    Only Cyrus the Virus will stop these Bastards. Time to Off the Ho!
    Why are they hiding this about Klaus Schwab and the WEF? | Redacted with…

    To understand Schwarb, his famlies Nazi past.and his CIA funded Mentorship, listen to this.



    How to start another US meddled war

    Estonia is a two bit Inconsequential nation on the global stage and of global trade. However it is a convenient actor for starting a NATO conflict. This is much like what ignited WW1.

    The recent placement of defensive systems in Moscow and St. Petersburg are in relation to this. So is the 85,000 troops that were placed around Moscow for protection.


  41. The outspoken critic of the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Ryan Cole, a Garden City, Idaho physician, and pathologist specialist, has been placed under investigation by the State of Washington with a notice sent via the Department of Health, Adjudicative Clerk Office declaring he has till January 30 to respond to allegations from the Washington Medical Commission that he violated essential standards associated with the care of COVID-19 patients. Cole has gone on the record that he didn’t violate any standards while seeing patients via a COVID-19 telehealth service, as reported by the Idaho Capital Sun.


  42. Oh Dear God — because otherwise I would have use a string of expletives that would make a sailor blush.

    Some CDC moron has jumped the shark. Really? Shots every 60 days? Even the most idiot MD understands that the shots are NOT without RISK. You simply don’t chronically inject people with mRNA. More as I find out who and what.

    AND what about the fact that the more shots the more infections, now conclusively shown, below:


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