Understanding The Global Settlements By Seeing Beyond The Masks

For comprehending the Global Settlements, first understand its background and real issues before you look for answers. Don’t bite on the disinformation hooks. Fake information is fallow ground.  Also, it’s not happening as portrayed by the Plebs and Rednecks. Start by understanding the subjective, real-world judgment calls we have to make to protect our interests and nations. Raise your own consciousness reality awareness. The GS reality versus the mythological broker version which is not going to happen.

Future American control is delusional. Hegemony is ending. Perhaps with a blast for the whores of wars. 

A taxing dilemma for us in the settlement process is having a clear tacit agreement. In December of 2021, we were insistent that Elders did not sign off on anything less than a phased table top distribution where only 20% per tranche could be completed at each stage limiting the Fed’s ability to syphon off and steal the assets (as the Fed did when intercepting and syphoning of a multibillion ACAT wire transfer sent by SWIFT to Tropos, but misappropriated at the bank by Yellen’s team). No one has ever been paid out, ranging from Marcos, the M1 Principle in Indonesia, Ryadi and many more. Wild West rules – they steal everything – which is an alarm bell to continue with the US process.

Then, we did not have BRICS and yet still refused them. Now, we do. A major new alternative, and we have increased beneficial use terms to deal with us, encompassing a strong ethical agenda. Allowing the cabal and Zio Jews access to sequestrate funds again is anathema to us, and an issue we watch with care. They cannot help themselves and yet always help themselves. That is the endless dilemma. With BRICS we can have autocratic ethical oversight control. With the US, it’s on a par with being sealed naked within a sack of avaricious sewer rats. If we are able to achieve a sensible BRICS solution, it enables us to allocate funds by choice to service good US causes and projects. Directly to pre-cleared good people of approved standing.  A varmint check. We are focused on helping Americans. But even more focused on stopping the US Jewish banking mafia helping themselves. BRICS will change the world and end Fed tyranny. Britain’s arming of Ukraine to kill Russians is not helping our process; our own knee jerk politicos. But, if done, all nations will line up for benefits. Money greases wheels. Intense dialogue continues daily; it’s a multi-party process keeping the weevils out. 

The entire world is now separating into new trading hemisphere zones, as the dollar and US hegemony are being ever more contested and rejected. Asia is breaking away, as is China and Russia. Hemispheres are polarizing, leaving the US as incursers and predatory Zionists up in lights. Jewish hegemony usury banking has enslaved the world, to become totally subordinated to their predatory usury schemes, and the true fiscal consequences of allowing this rodent species to take hold of the world’s money supply is now under global separation hemisphere reviews. The split is coming as c5 billion people will leave the US hegemony umbrella. BRICS will break America. Eurasia IS coming with BRICS and vast markets. It will be forced to choose – or bankrupted. Look at Germany, straddled with costly NATO bases which won’t last 48 hours but will kill vast numbers of innocent Germans in US inspired hegemony conflict.  Now they freeze to death. Some partnership. Body bags for DC.  

Even Eisenhower forewarned of what was coming down if not checked. Zionist forces sit like carrion with Washington’s Military Industrial Cabal and its Agencies, encouraging them to squander evermore with reckless abandon. Every turn, the Jews earn from your own avaricious recklessness. Goyim! A nation now owned by the Zionists and Israeli ringmasters are gaming you all. Like Soros, all are loathsome. They are gaming America blind. This species has form. Millennials of it. To achieve anything, where is the money coming from to pay you out first? Show me the real Money! They never give back, only sequestrate and take. Users run usury banking! They do NOT have the money. 

Why would the Far East, Asia, Russia, South America and Africa want to be paid in USD when these monies can be sequestrated at any time?  They are re-planning hemispheres and cutting America out and off. Alarm for the Fed and Zionists. They face losing their gaming board. Losing a lot. 

Same carrion, same games. Goyim never learn. Understand the past to see them in operation now, same games played over 5,000 years.   

It was estimated by Josephus that the Romans slaughtered or sold into Slavery c100,000 Jews in the early years of record to contain these volatile itinerant Gypsies’ dogs. By c70 AD there were so many Jewish uprisings, forcing them to adopt ghetto tactics to divide and rule. Just look at Palestine today. How they sequestrate everything in sight as they have done with America. They seek a Greater Israel and now Jewkraine. Tapeworms loose. The concept of an enlarged Jewish Khazarian homeland encamped on Russia and Europe’s borders is anathema to all. Nuclear missiles delivered by Israel, Khazarian Mafia flooding in along with America’s worst Zio/Jewish Crime families. A country 4 times the size of the UK and the size of Texas, vastly rich in minerals, and farming capacity. If then crooked Ukraine is absorbed by a Greater Israel, it would be a giant carbuncle on the backside of mankind. Money laundering, drug trafficking, people trafficking, child trafficking, and arms trading loose under their control. Crime Inc., unleashed. OUT of control. Now we are refocused on Russia, realizing the greater good is for them to win in Ukraine and to clear this land mass of US Black Operations Labs, corruption and Jews. Clear out the lot. We cannot realign the new nations as trading blocks leaving this mass corrupt cow patty in the center. France and Germany aligned with the US, lied to and deceived Russia. Any trust has gone. The UK arms and weaponizes Ukraine killing ever more Russians and antagonizing Moscow. Every indication is that we could have WWIII within 3 to 4 years, with truly dreadful consequences.

The world today parallels the old Roman/Judaic conflicts with never ending Jewish incursions, temple money changers, and their endless rabblerousing. From 132 to 136 CE, the Bar Kokhba revolt brought mass Roman anger. Emperor Hadrian, between 117 to 128 had endless revolts and just lost it with them. He booted all Judaic Jews out of Jerusalem, with Roman legions effecting brutal mass genocide, where hundreds of thousands died, and this viral species were slaughtered by Rome suffering their anger and frustration. Others left alive were dispersed throughout the Middle East and across into Europe or Asia. Like HIV or weeds, they spread and mutate. Egypt and the Romans found it was an uncontrollable blight on humanity. They are!

“50 of [the Jews’] most important outposts and 985 of their most famous villages were razed to the ground. 580,000 men were slain in the various raids and battles, and the number of those that perished by famine, disease and fire was past finding out. Thus nearly the whole of Judaea was made desolate.”

Cassius Dio, History of Rome, 69.14.1-2

Assessing that, how can we have a GS underwritten by worthless American dollars, led by predatory Jewish bankers with a known sequestration trait? No enlightened nations seek a new usury hook, or currencies backed by nothing but hype.     

Look at Europe today and America. They infiltrate, sequester and dominate. Almost all Russian Oligarchs running from the law are Jewish. They stole, defrauded and looted Russia blind. As with Ukraine. China is deeply immersed in strategizing new BRICS hemisphere structures, and conceiving a free landmass with no US hegemony warfare bases in Japan. Taiwan, South Korea and Australia, are all under review. As are NATO bases which cannot contain a Russian assault for more than 2 days. If we are polarizing, as is, why do we need America at any level? BRICS, if endowed then with c$15T of Elders AU, can bank leverage that 10 fold, and underwrite a whole new economy.

The US can’t fund a GS. We can.

Polarization of the East/West territories now needs the new incoming BRICS currency to fund the split. Or have America cut off the money supply. 

The EU will fail and needs to realign with Eurasia. All Middle Eastern energy will then be sold to the Far East, Asia and Europe. America is already being circumvented. Without hegemony, the entire incestual US Military industrial cabal, will fail. 

The key now is to redesign a full stage phased Eurasia as its own fully integrated trading and economic block, free of DC and Zionist usury fake moneys. Europe must face East to markets exceeding 5 Billions, and let the US go West.

Can a new Paul Revere wake up America? The dream has gone West. Now, it’s the whole world marching down on you. Karma and angry gremlins. Stealing the world is now over. Like Rome, the world is coming home. Self-sufficient Eurasia is coming.    

Unleash innovation to save this once great nation.  

So, the key takeaway here is: Don’t fall for false and highly embellished “intel” about what the valid Global Settlements are going to be. Such is often falsely sold as “mass debt forgiveness”… “dinar or other currency millions from public revaluations”… “NESARA”… “galactic intercessions”… “a world which will instantly be free of problems”… “one or more blogging bums in a shanty or rented apartment is going to be handed trillions to save you”, etc., and;

The real-world necessities for the GS will be addressed with real-world solutions based on real-world agreements that avoid the very problems that were brought on by the current cartels. There will be no room, nor funds, for indulging indolent megalomania, or something-for-nothing profiteering by freeloaders. The future multi-polar world will now demand far more skilled contributory value to maintain past living standards. There are now new “players” on the block.

As outlined above, the changes ahead may not be easy for many. We must also not ignore the unknown or the unpredictable.

So…be ready for anything.

More when possible.



  1. The Bank of International Settlements, another Rothschild’s Fed Jew Owned racketeering front, is finding it ever harder to keep up the Ponzi Scam of the Euro, where they, the Vatican and the CIA, tried to corral all the European nations into one united control and tax collecting front. Mass Fools ruled and the Vatican acting as the focal front for Religion and schools. It’s visibly all failed. The bottomless Pit of Socialist waste that is Brussels, and the presumptuous arrogance of the French with the pointless Strasburg conclave, is bleeding them dry. Germany, soon devoid of British tax input contributions, can no longer cope with the EU burden alone. Nor should they have to. NATO is just a US Arms Sales front, Tax Collecting from stressed nations. Why?
    How long, devoid of real wealth contributors, can the EU survive? It’s become little better than a Ponzi Scam. Netting gullible nations to pay collective fiefdom fees to a Glorified Rotts / Fed scam. If and when it blows, who pays? Who survives? How?
    The EU is not working. How long before between 20% to 40% of Europeans are not either? AI and IT is coming. What then are the collective masses purpose? Change is coming, dumbing down has brought us to this.

    Look even in the EU at what passes for Leaders.

    Nations riddles with growing Gheto’s and tides of 7th Century basket cases. Ignorant and Feudal.
    Riddled with hate. We took them in, now what Fate?
    The EU is a bubbling cauldron of trouble. Until stopped, they will keep endlessly coming.
    Raping Europe. They “”Want!” We want- Them gone!

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    1. Just as an aside: There is no such thing as a “Thucydides Trap”. Those of us trained classically know this. It is a modern moniker to give a semblance of respect to the non-sensical, moronic, Clown World idea(s) of defending Taiwan and of international meddling. Let’s stop pretending that violence and war has any other root than wanting, by force, resources of which the aggressor party could not have otherwise.

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    2. This paragraph is particularly interesting because it shows just how inverted Clown World is:

      Clinton’s positions represented the bipartisan elite consensus on foreign policy, and in one of her last debates with Trump she stated that she would immediately declare a “No Fly Zone” in Syria against Russia’s expeditionary force in support of President Assad’s government, with the American air force presumably shooting down any Russian planes that continued to attack the anti-government rebels. A presidential candidate promising war with nuclear-armed Russia should have raised a few eyebrows, but America’s media and political establishments apparently regarded her positions as solid and sensible ones in contrast to Trump’s outrageous proposals to reestablish good relations with the Russians.

      Now what’s fascinating is that I remember both an Admiral and a General testifying in Congress to the inanity of the idea of a No-Fly-Zone over Syria and how it would instantly lead to confrontation and escalation with the Russians. Not a peep in the News.

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  2. A note from Berenson:

    APR 23

    This morning, Eugyppius published a fascinating Stack on the way how German media outlets are now serving a heavy diet of mRNA jab injuries to their readers. As he notes, this new skepticism appears mostly confined to Deutschland – at least for now.

    What’s particularly interesting about this turn is that Germany is home to BioNTech, the company that deserves the credit that Pfizer gets for BNT162b2, the mRNA miracle jab. BNT162b2 – as its initials suggest – is a BioNTech invention that Pfizer had the good fortune to commercialize for a 50/50 split of $70 billion in sales.

    Yet the mRNA vaccine nationalism that has protected Pfizer and Moderna from government and media scrutiny in the United States doesn’t seem to be working for BioNTech in its home turf.

    I’m sure the lack of local love is unrelated to the fact that BioNTech’s founders are a Turkish immigrant couple rather than blue-eyed charter members of the volk. But whatever, not my problem. Let’s all hope this German export spreads like soft cheese at Oktoberfest!

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  3. From the email Demand An End to Vaxx Mandates
    In November 2021 the Biden Administration issued vaccine mandates for workers at hospitals and other facilities that serve patients in Medicare and Medicaid. The mandates have done far more harm than good, and should be ended immediately.

    At a time when the shortage of health workers is already severe, thousands or more medical professionals have been fired or were forced to quit due to mandates. This means even longer waiting times and lower quality care for the sickest and most vulnerable patients.

    Besides the harm caused by removing qualified clinicians and caretakers from the workforce, there is little evidence that the shots are significantly effective in reducing transmission and infection. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic released data indicating that medical professionals’ risk of contracting COVID-19 increased, “with the number of vaccine doses previously received.”

    The U.S. FDA also notes in April 2023 that “almost all of the U.S. population 5 years of age and older now have antibodies” against SARS-CoV-2 either due to previous infection or vaccination. In addition peer reviewed research finds: “No significant difference in risk of COVID-19-related hospitalization … was detected between vaccine recipients and non-vaccine recipients infected in previous waves.” Another published study confirms: “Previous natural infection was associated with lower incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection, regardless of the variant, than mRNA primary-series vaccination.”

    Regarding safety, data continues to build that raises important questions about harmful effects, for example on pregnancy outcomes, neurological function, and cardiovascular events.

    There is no justification for mandates to continue one minute longer and every reason to end them now.

    Why does the Biden Administration stick to its ill-conceived and counterproductive mandates? Could it have anything to do with lavish million dollar contributions promoting Biden from Pfizer and hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties paid to the federal government from both Pfizer and Moderna?

    No one should have the authority to compel an individual to receive a medical procedure. It is especially egregious if done for financial gain.

    Demand President Biden end mandates immediately.


  4. Like

    1. I don’t know which is sadder, that they didn’t know the correct answer or that the interviewer didn’t tell them the correct answer. Sheesh!


  5. Jesus F Christ. Just stop.

    In the UK, the latest fear porn is the Arcturus variant with experts warning of 5 waves a year. Not a ghost of a chance of a snowball’s chances in Hell.

    Even if…

    Give everyone at start of symptoms: Ivermectin, azithromycin and monteleukast/budenoside. Or if you don’t want to do that, indomethacin at start of symptoms with a little budenoside on the side. Whatever you do, don’t give them remdesivir. And for God’s sake, stop it with the endless masking.

    Problem solved


    1. 1.Very tiny number masking Tino, just low grade brain dead. Morons.
      2. Far more worrying is the computer tracking to keep vaxxing and Refuseniks taking a stand.
      3. Worse are brainless wives demanding holidays and needing the Jab certs to fly. Kids today just can’t rule her indoors. Madness, my generation had a perfectly good backhand if needed. It worked.
      Trousers have switched. No guiding them. They need to swap wives, not risk lives.


      1. On (1) glad to hear.

        On (2) that ship set sail the moment you had one NHS. Then again, prior to pandemic you had strong informed consent laws. Revert to them. A vaccine mandate is a contradiction in terms.

        On (3) LOL. Agree.

        Jab certs of any kind to fly are a useless measure given that the vaxx neither protects, nor prevents transmission, nor ameliorates illness. And even if it did, the very definition of a pandemic is that the pathogen is here and there — so there’s no point in preventing travel.

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  6. Vampire finance kills off Bed, Bath and Beyond. The large specialty retailer goes bust. Note by Vox Day. (Also, Mike Lindell is laughing. That’s what you get for boycotting him.)


    Economic centralization is a community killer. We see the pattern again and again and again. A financialized corporation devours all of the local suppliers, takes over the entire industry, then somehow manages to go bankrupt despite the fact that it doesn’t have any serious competitors.

    How is this even possible? The answer is straightforward: vampire finance.

    As recently as 2022, Bed Bath & Beyond’s revenue was higher than it was in 2009. But by then, it was already seen as being in trouble and on its way out. The problem, of course, is financialization and the systematic draining of profit from the financialized corporation’s operations. A healthy company pours its resources back into the business and grows as a result, leaving everyone better off. A dying company is one that has had its resources methodically drained from it by the financial vampires, thereby leaving everyone worse off except the people who killed it.

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  7. Secret CDC Report confirms over 1.1m Americans have ‘Died Suddenly’ since the COVID Vaccine Roll-Out.
    Further Government reports [from the UK] confirm the “vaccines” are to blame.
    APR 23

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    1. Indonesia has been robbed blind by the US. Elders have been deceived, exploited and cheated. Agreements and Contracts have been reneged on. Lies followed lies. Endless US treachery.
      You wonder why they want the US and Fed out? Wait until it all gains momentum.
      70% plus of the world will send America packing. Memories last. Once it hits, and builds, how can the US buy in anything as no one will sell for Dollars and the US has no money to buy BRICS or Yen to trade. Payback is coming. Only Americans are blind to Global reality. Too much drinking the Kool Aid.
      There will be no Aid for the US when the curtains come down. Gas prices will soar. Saudi is booting the US, as is the MIddle East.

      The Filipinos want the US gone. China is preparing for War. But the mindless Bullock rambles on blind to what’s coming. China will see America off and out of the Far East. How can the US keep funding these needless, threatening, Hegemony bases while the Homeland is decaying?
      It’s over and only the Blind does not see. Billy No Mates is alone. No one wants endless meddling.
      It’s coming home.


  8. Deagel Population Forecast of Nearly 70 Percent Fewer Americans by 2025 is Starting to Look Prophetic | The Gateway Pundit | by Joe Hoft

    Biffie gave you an interesting presentation doing the rounds. It’s worth considering, as it is currently under high level review for Geo Poltical implications.
    Let’s throw you a curvred ball. If its necessary to give America the biggest bloody nose before a full our Cataclismic conflict as a No Win end game, the current assement is that taking out the entire West Coast by submarine attack, giving America the last face down option to stand down or the lot goes,is meeting Military favour as a War Game .A nation who always runs away under real conflict, can be trusted to run when faced with total oblivion and seeing the West Coast gone,CA being expendable, Washngton too, all believe will lead to US capitulation.
    A face down showing this has all gone, and you all go if those Silos launch. One hour to close the Silos,launch and the lot goes. Your satelites will all be gone and your flying blind. The final Ultimatum likely. Saving America by annihilating the West Coast first. Mach 15 is indefensible, but so is American Hegemony in the hands of fools like Nuland, the Cabal and Israels mind games. Be assured, if the attack comes Israel will be gone in a heartbeat.The lot atomised. Sad for the innocent lives with collateral damage, Palestinian and Arab lives, but Israel features high as a Ho to Go. Armageddon Head On. Will Israel or the West Coast count more in the final Ultimatum. Rodent kill and the West Coast expendable?
    This was around a while ago and is back under deliberatation. Uncertain times and tensions rising. More inept US meddling. The Bully faces a head on Pearl Harbour. Will they ever learn? Does the West Coast have to be Toast? We face very uncertain times now.
    When will America , unelected, get TF out of world meddling for Cabal Arms sales?

    It certainly is possible, however remote.
    Right now there are unknown issues. Rumors abound about a looming war with China with people getting advance notice to get out of harms’ way. Those Russian attack subs can play havoc if China is attacked. A Yasen class sub will wipe out the West coast if ordered to launch.
    As you know more American troops and equipment is headed to Europe at month’s end. And Syria is heating up with Russian jets pushing.
    Meanwhile in early successful testing new model Zircons are flying at Mach 15 with a 2000 kilometer range. Admire the ability of the fuel technology and ability to communicate with such missiles at these speeds, especially since they have independent guidance systems.
    Yes times are becoming crazy and fools and blind zealots lead into a potential fight that cannot be won.

    The rest of the Blog Biffie alludes to is below. Time to take off the Blinkers and read. What If? Pearl Harbour America.


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    1. Thanks John. Once again, good points you make. Sure want those that should, to make good choices so this doesn’t happen. Wish we could reach out and bonk their heads together and then they wake up with a completely better mindset. But so far mankind has just not learned to settle their differences with their minds not their hammers.


      1. It’s not just the low grade bottom Feeders in Politics, even in the very much Upper House of the Lords, there is a constant queue to bail out certain miscreants who can not control Wife’s spending habits, or attitudes. This “Perception” of Leadership part Rules. My removing or threatening certain lucrative Directorships, controls the gaming board. By such, we also rule Fools. The hands which rock the Cradle. Post Elders GCR’s, changes demanded will be seismic. See why I so support BRICS, the Fed Snout out, and Cabal gone.
        I want to see a new world Fit for Humanity, not fake Zionist or Cabal greased wheel profanity.
        Values and a true Ethereal Value Base released. Enlightenment. Real priorities. End this Abrahamian nonsense. Delusional and fake. Educating the very purpose of Being, more.
        The world is what we chose to make it.
        Chose better.


    1. Our own NHS faces collapse Tino. Flooded with Wogs flooding in for care, under budgeted all are now in total despair. Schools too. Wogs to go.


  9. It seems the bastards, including Fauci, discussed a merger of HIV and coronavirus. Insanity. Can you imagine the catastrophe if the common cold triggered a full blown immune deficiency syndrome? We’d all be dead and it wouldn’t be a reset, but a full-fledged reboot with the few survivors starting out again like it was 11,000 BC.

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  10. There’s a push to make sea level rise the next Big Thing. Let’s be clear — there is no basis for this. It might take more than a 150 years to get a meter at a declining rate if current satellite measurements are in fact accurate. Within error bounds, there may be no change at all.


    1. Hard to prove, but it’s a most interesting hypothesis. We would need to get lucky and have an on-ice body from long before to compare with the current after. Even then, we’d need a truly absurd change, not something subtle. Still, makes one think doesn’t it…?


  11. Sigh. Despite RFK Jr having it right on vaccines, he is every bit the closet statist that We, the People deplore. He believes the climate change garbage and is on record suggesting climate deniers should be jailed. This in a nation with the First Amendment. This is the kind of mental hole that leads to vast harm and vast violation of Individual Rights.

    And so far, no comments of note on doing a clean sweep or minimization of all the anti-life agenda bs coming out all the 3-letter agencies.


    1. Again
      My first judgment call based on his video was as follows:
      1. Visible speech and coherence limitations.
      2. No JFK for sure or even close.
      3. Apart from the family name, he seems well below a second Trump run.
      Trump, or a Chump, but which is which?
      Sorry, he’s a lame game.


      1. My consideration, between this K or Trump, it has to be Trump.
        This is a lame K riding only on the family name. Sadly. I had hoped for more.


  12. America’s empire is bankrupt

    Morally for sure, its sadly beyond depraved, and getting worse.
    Financially that happened within 15 years Jekyll Island when the Jews took the lot.
    Worse STILL too damned STUPID to get it that every Year they are scammed and mass syphoned.
    Too stupid to realize that the reason no American is EVER allowed to have top Fed or Treasury Jobs is they would see the chicanery and jail the lot. All Jews and Zionists OUT of the Treasury and Fed!
    The world needs a Cyrus Virus.

    Colonise Israel FFS.

    Germany needs his kind back now

    One led the Dems

    So now the US unleashed Fauci

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      1. Third world countries would probably have better diets than here because of lack of regulation.

        The next step of this will be the introduction of bugs in the food supply.

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    1. RSV is dangerous only to the neonate and the extreme infirm. And of course, an mRNA vaxx is the most stupid and dangerous solution one could possibly come up with…


    1. Good questions and Malone needs to be questioned under Oath…
      Writes 2nd Smartest Guy in the World
      2 hr ago
      Let’s add some color on this with some basic questions:

      1. Was Malone aware that his mRNA “technology” was used in animal trials?

      2. Did Malone know that not a single animal study administering his mRNA “technology” was successful?

      3. Did Malone know that precisely because all said animal studies showed great potential dangers of mRNA “technology” that there was no possible way said mRNA technology could have ever made it to human trials?

      4. Could Malone extrapolate that since there was never a single animal or human study performed when the COVID DEATHVAX™ was deployed that it was unsafe?

      5. Did Malone really take an unsafe and unproven injection just so he could “travel?”

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  13. Scienctific paper challenges with facts the ‘climate change’ narrative and calls for the cessation of ‘Net Zero’ policies around the world:

    “Thus, in our scientific opinion, any government or other analysis advocating “Net Zero” regulation, policy or other action is scientifically invalid and fatally flawed science if it:

    A. Omits unfavorable data that contradicts conclusions, for example, on extreme weather events such as heat waves, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and droughts.

    B. Relies on models that do not work and thus would never be used in science.

    C. Relies on IPCC findings, which are government opinions, not science.

    D. Omits the extraordinary social benefits of CO2 and fossil fuels.

    E. Omits the disastrous consequences of reducing fossil fuels and CO2 to “Net Zero.”

    F. Rejects the science that demonstrates there is no risk of catastrophic global warming caused by fossil fuels and CO2.

    We urge all government agencies involved in “Net Zero” regulation, policy or other action, including USGCRP in its final version of the 5th National Climate Assessment, to apply the scientific method and
    • Delete any reliance on and citation to IPCC government-controlled findings.

    • Delete any reliance on and citation to CMIP models and any other models unless they have been proven to work.

    • Delete any reliance on methods other than the scientific method, such as peer review and consensus.

    • Include and analyze the enormous social benefits of CO2.

    • Include and analyze the enormous social benefits of fossil fuels.

    • Immediately stop all efforts to eliminate fossil fuels to avoid massive human starvation in the future.”

    Click to access Challenging-Net-Zero-with-Science-digital-CO2-Coalition.pdf


  14. https://cointelegraph.com/news/unchained-raises-60m-to-offer-collaborative-custody-bitcoin-services

    Of interest to Tony, Concords group and all of you.
    We need both gone.


    Madness attack the UK we rain down mass nukes. his losses will be terrible then pariahs will come in to finish them. Nukes would pulverize them and who cares if we’re dead? The policy of a Fool.. Every chance his own Generals will kill him first. Bunker mentality


    1. Riding the Rapids Tino.
      Just don’t rule out RFK yet. let’s see what be brings.
      Either way he will break Biden’s vote.
      All I want, is what’s good for America. No Agenda.
      Hear him out. Democracy? Or Biden Demo Crazy?


  15. Trump has a major opportunity to sue


      1. Heh, you should have seen the vegetable wars… I won. (In truth, my parents couldn’t know that I have the gene that lets me taste the bitterness in veggies… )


  16. Like

    1. Sadly James, it’s erasing America and others will follow. Gullible fools!
      But, what are we allowing done to our Children?
      When we Prostitute our children, it’s the end.


  17. Extensive, highly detailed and focused talks are now progressing between the Elders warehouse families, key Elders Trustees, China, India and Russia. then, as an emerging group, linked to London where Veto powers sit. Power conference calls were triggered today. London cares and is chicanery proof, trusted and entrusted by the Elders. Its own power of proven Eminent Domain.
    Power, as the US is finding, as did Rome, is transient. London knows and recognises this.
    Since the 1,300s London has had a settled domain of its own Elders. Entrusted knowledge, bearing and a special Cultural Humanitarian Knowledge agenda. Unseen but empowered, and the all seeing eye. Globally linked.

    The new focused Dynamic discussions may take a year or more, but once parties have both compromised unachievable and pointless avaricious agendas, all now are starting to understand that United is power, and the need to serve a Higher Purpose. The Dog Flea Bargaining is being removed. Permeating through is what Rodents have done over 6,000 years and why Khazarian Lice must not be condoned. There must be, and will be, no Room at the Inn for this faeces species. The New Model needs to be Usury Free. To serve a Higher Purpose, and society. One Fit for Purpose. Weevil free. To seek an enlightened Destiny. Locust free. or Go West?

    It will take what it will take, but parties who do matter, are focused and empathising with new and real Human needs. Hegemony had led us from Rome to Washington DC, all ended in Wars of fake cause. Human ideology and mind power enrichment delayed, lost and side tracked to the greed and avarice of the faeces species. 109 countries woke up to them, but the West has been a Slow Learner. Enough, now empowered and entrusted Advisors, are making clear this species can have no eminent domain. All for one means for the greater good of a new, emerging Humanity, not the avarice of Israe Hell and Cabal corruption. Did ever a carbuncle bloodsucking on the Hind of Mankind need more to be lanced.

    An inclusive Agenda takes time. but parties are now starting to understand a new agenda free of the DC Hegemony knee, and Exchange of Views of combined Wealth sharing, by Trade achieved, indebted to none. No Usury Rodents or DC warmongering Cabal’s using us.
    Free of the Rot of the DC knee, we are seeking a better Mankind destiny.
    Vision and empathy with need, or sacrificed to the failed treadmill of human greed are the choices.
    Do we emerge as the new aspiring enlightened Star Species, or convoluted AI versions of the Faeces Species?

    Enlightenment takes time to permeate in, but new Steps for Mankind today without Mooning anyone. All lying back as one, looking up Blinker free, and seeing the Stars. Hope in the mind of Human kind.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A Spiritual Awakening for Human Kind … It Shall be d’one John. Bless your group’s work, our work, are God’s Work to bring the Light when He Comes. Muchas Gracias!


  18. https://www.analyticsinsight.net/crypto-news-shiba-inu-shib-trading-volume-jumps-by-100-this-week-cardanos-ada-revolutionary-aiken-is-live-now-in-phase-alpha-renq-finance-renq-raises-12-million-with-ease-in-its-ongoin/
    Global financial crash on brink as UK warned it’s days from recessi

    Serious recession warning for the UK economy and interest rises in the US will smash US Real Estate. Expect Cryptos to take a market drop.

    We’re booing loudly: Megyn Kelly torches Meghan Markle skipping coronation

    Well said Meghan this vacuous, ego tripping mediocrity cant cut it as a Royal and she’s let America down. Ditch the Bitch. William and Philip warned him not to marry her. They say a Bolting User all over her.

    Madame Von der Leyen – McKinsey and Pfizer – Global Research Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    One dysfunctional person. She’s a dangerous little Muppet who will hurt Germany.

    Article from a Contributor with good points.

    While so many folks think this conflict in Ukraine should be over soon. This is completely wrong as Russia sees this ending in 2027-2030. They have no need for a rapid conclusion as internally their inflation rate is down to 3%. Compare that to what is occurring in the West. Rampant inflation destroys economies, it does not build them and outs a burden on society of increased prices. When it ends Ukraine will end in its present form.
    This morning a US satellite was downed over Kiev, as a distinct warning. Russia has stated that there are red lines when it comes to killing Russians. The US has publicly already complained about Russia using space like weapons to darken satellite imaginary and disconnect GPS in the Ukraine. The reality is they will not allow US imaginary to kill their soldiers by feeding targeting data to Ukrainians. This is coming to an end. Ask Musk why his satellites are falling selectively out of the sky.
    The longer this charade goes on the weaker both NATO and America appear on a world stage. Battleground weaknesses on display are not inspirational for going to war with China. None of this is lost on many nations.
    This all plays into the longer term weakness of using the Federal Reserve Dollar as a settlement currency. Just the same, weakness in a military forum will not serve to strengthen anything. Remember the corruption of Ukraine is unparalleled. One reason grain is not moving as much as it could be from Odessa is because shippers are refusing to pay bribes to Ukraine port officials.
    This week Russians are in China coordinating on a new settlement currency that likely is a at least a year away as new participants like the Saudis become part of the BRICS in a new expanded block. What is clear is that the West is not invited. It is the same with China and Russia who are about to leapfrog chip manufacturing beyond what the West has. Within 2 years both of them will lead the West in chip design and manufacturing.
    The best program is for America to stand together as the nation it once was to come together to move forward. It no longer can afford the multitude of bases and in reality gunboat diplomacy has had its day. As even Blinken is learning that China wants nothing to do with DC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He , and his kind, have the Appian Way slots all over him. Atonement awaits with no escape, yet the West sits gawping in vacuous stupidity. 109 countries got it and despatched the lot. Will the West FFS wake up? Just look at the vile history of the Bidens. Where is hope, both they and this Rodent each belong on the end of a Rope?


    1. Heard about this on the radio yesterday. Thank goodness that Project Veritas has done this investigation. A sad thing for the children who get pressured and brainwashed into thinking they are not who they were born as.


    1. Dr. Simon Goddek
      Hey @hiltzikm, in your opinion piece (https://bit.ly/3nuR5et), you said that “those who have deliberately flouted sober medical advice by refusing a vaccine known to reduce the risk of serious disease from the virus, including the risk to others, and end up in the hospital or the grave can be viewed as receiving their just deserts.”

      I find your attitude unworthy of a Pulitzer Prize winner, especially since current data shows that those who have not been vaccinated or were skeptical from the beginning were ultimately proven right.

      The ‘vaccines’ do not prevent severe illness, hospitalization or death. On the contrary, the more often people are ‘vaccinated,’ the higher the probability of an early demise. This once again shows that journalism has failed and that a dialogue on equal footing is essential for a functioning democracy.

      People like you, on the other hand, are the personification of the danger to peaceful coexistence. We – those who have been discriminated against by you and your peers for three years – will never forget what you have done to us in the name of ‘science.’ No amnesty!


  19. British comedian & animal rights champion was laid to rest today. Paul O’Grady who entertained some of us with his hilarious ‘Lily Savage’ act many years ago. It was good back then. True humour.


    Wishing him all the very best on his Spiritual journey.

    Thank you, Paul. Thanks for all the laughs, the sarcasm. Brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aidan
      He actually led the way with a whole new genre of macabre wit and cutting comments.
      I apply the same with Munich Girl to keep her heart pounding.


  20. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/19/uk-to-ignore-echr-rulings-on-small-boats-after-sunak-caves-in-to-tory-right?CMP=share_btn_link

    Absolutely right, screw the Judges, kick them, and the Judges, Arse first out of here.
    Vladimir Putin’s Russia is headed for a military dictatorship – and total collapse

    Whats the media big deal.America has been run by a total Criminal Deep State Mililtary Industral Cabal for Century and the Jews plus Israel own your ass. And YOU!

    Biden administration ‘interfering’ with criminal investigation into President’s son

    The Bushes, Clintons and Soetoro Obuma, all Pieces of SHIT who bent US Justice and robbed America. Traitors, the lot!
    Biden iws Scum, he needs to go. This says it all.
    How laid back stupid are Americans?


    OK Frieda how did you stack up?
    History in making

    You cannot make this up. This family is worse then the Munsters! Creeps loose breed Creeps.



        1. But stop eating for 3, or you will end up a Blimp like Trump. Remember what goes on needs to come off. Or we will need a wide angle lens afterwards.

          Liked by 1 person

  21. You got to be kidding me. I raise my voice in frustration at the DMV and I end up with 3 officers around me. This knucklehead (a valedictorian??? in what school system?) keeps carrying illegal weapons (we’ll skip the 2nd Am issues) and any mental health professional can see this is a sociopath, is given probation by an idiot female judge (can you say ‘idiot’), and pulls a murder rap within 2 days…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A good friend, and a smart one, pointed out that there is a chain of inevitability here. Given that this male did NOT have internal controls, jail would have simply meant a murder on a different date with a different victim.


  22. Like

  23. Debbie Lerman: How America’s National Security Complex Took Over the Pandemic Response

    In this episode, I sit down with Brownstone Institute fellow Debbie Lerman to discuss her research into U.S. government documents and the origins of America’s pandemic policies.

    The response to COVID—from lockdowns to mask mandates to vaccine mandates—was actually a national security response, not a public health response, she argues.

    According to Lerman’s research, in a sharp break from official pandemic preparedness plans, the National Security Council (NSC) was put in charge of the pandemic policy in 2020. And Health and Human Services (HHS) was removed as the lead federal agency for the pandemic response and replaced with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who “were like a deer in headlights,” she argues.

    What really happened in the first few months of 2020?
    And for years now, scientists have been working on mRNA technology, but prior to the COVID-19 vaccines, nothing had been approved. The pandemic turned into an opportunity, she says, and now—despite growing evidence of critical side effects from the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines—Moderna and BioNTech have dozens of new mRNA vaccines and therapeutics in development.



  24. Meanwhile, setting the stage for n-th real estate crash.


    Homebuyers with good credit scores will soon encounter a costly surprise: a new federal rule forcing them to pay higher mortgage rates and fees to subsidize people with riskier credit ratings who are also in the market to buy houses.

    The fee changes will go into effect May 1 as part of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s push for affordable housing, and they will affect mortgages originating at private banks across the country.

    Mortgage industry specialists say homebuyers with credit scores of 680 or higher will pay, for example, about $40 per month more on a home loan of $400,000. Homebuyers who make down payments of 15% to 20% will get socked with the largest fees.



  25. “A New York judge on Wednesday denied a bid from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to stop a congressional subpoena of Mark Pomerantz, a former prosecutor with the DA’s office.”
    “ Pomerantz, while at the DA’s office, investigated former President Donald Trump and was a vocal advocate for prosecuting him. He resigned months after Bragg took office, citing his failure to indict the former president. Pomerantz went on to publish a book outlining the case.

    Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil sided with the House Judiciary Committee after Bragg sought to block the subpoena, the Epoch Times reported. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, seeks Pomerantz’s testimony as part of that committee’s investigation of Bragg’s indictment of Trump.”



  26. Princess Cruises are advising mask wearing on their ships again. Due to recent positive cases, one of its smallest cruise ships has reverted back to mask wearing.

    This is beyond absurd. Masks do NOT work, cannot work as a matter of physics, and masks have never worked at all. Even if logic didn’t dictate the impossibility of function, even the data, across Nations, health systems, and direct experience, show that masks are just for show.


    1. Anybody demanding or receiving pronouns around me would get boxed on the head until their ears bleed. So far, in the seeming endless post-stroke doctors appointment the only foolishness I have endured is masking. And that ignominy still resulted in the embarrassment of 3 docs when I called them on the carpet with one question. And like I said, one doc I got rid of actually believed they worked. Someone that stupid doesn’t get to touch me.


  27. ________

    Correct 2 voracious Incestuous scumbags
    Interesting subjective bible analysis on thy shall not kill.


    Slowly the Net is closing on Trump and it’s messy. As ever with Trump, it’s messy. Now he can’t take the 5th!. His ego has landed him right in a corner. Trump is cornered.
    No Trump you cannot Duck or delay these issues. Caplin wants his Ass on trial. No more delays. No more obfuscation. Trumps Butt is on the line here.

    Is Justice coming from the sleaze family.



    1. Hard Fact, when cornered or under duress, Trumps mouth purses up like a sucking Quiff.
      He chose to speak so now he can’t run back to the Fifth, and Info is building.
      A Judge has had enough of Trumps games and his Goffer family. He’s refused more delays.
      Never say No, RFK is brighter than Trump, who knows with Dems and Jew money backing.
      Either way he will split votes. For both of them. Left to Judges don’t rule out Trump being convicted by then. He can forget Barnstorming his Blustering way on Appeals.
      RFK may get momentum then who knows.
      It’s clear Melania is staying well clear of him for a while. She won’t soil her brand or image.
      If the dirt piles up she may decide to walk adding yet more pressure on the Grifter.
      His “Alleged” fake accounting and Tax Evasion may have him doing the Capone shuffle. It’s not looking good so far.
      His Prostitute running family bred him for the Joint. Kushner’s steer well clear now. His next year will be Epic. A few Appian crosses just for him.


      1. We’ll see. As a matter of history the government has always failed at these matters in general, and with Trump in particular. I’ll see if Robert Barnes has a take and get it on here, if it exists.

        Having bumped into Kushner and Trumpette in a Mordor on the Potomac affair, and watched them, he’s a really dim bulb. She’s better intellectually, but has too harsh an edge. Both suggest being predators.


    1. I agree with him. Personally, I don’t take any medication. If I have an issue, I can usually find an herb, exercise, or stress relief through hiking, meditation, good movie, talk to a friend, or just be my own psychiatrist. I realize that won’t work for everyone.


  28. Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson defended rioters who caused chaos on Saturday night, saying they shouldn’t be ‘demonized’, as video emerged of a group of black youths beating a white woman in the street.

    Can you imagine the media and political outrage if it hand been a group of white youngsters beating up a black woman!



  29. We are entering an era of severe dysfunction. Nothing works. And, equally — nothing works well. Quality, or what passes for such, is in short supply. And it runs the gamut from “it works kinda” to “rife with error” to “catastrophic failure”. An example of the first category is Amazon Prime, which barely manages one-day or two-day delivery. The second category is present day medical practice — they don’t know what they are doing. At all. The knowledge base is a mess. The third category is crap like bridges dropping their spans from lack of maintenance and 737 MAX airplanes ploughing into the ground like lawn darts.

    More here:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Speaking of dysfunction, the 2nd most useless agency — the FDA. How’s the below for legal hair splitting and near non-sensical gobbledygook?


      Dr. Bostom’s share of the RIDOH document was in response to the FDA’s reply to Elon Musk when he asked “Why?” the monovalent jabs were no longer authorized. The FDA responded, rather nonchalantly, “It’s probably worth clarifying that the monovalent vaccines are still approved (licensed). That hasn’t changed. But they are no longer authorized for emergency use in the United States.” ( https://twitter.com/US_FDA/status/1648472297521680384 )


    2. Tino
      Sadly, and I know you and many here, are proud and well meaning Patriots, akin to Rome and the British Empire, yours is now visibly in free fall as Empires all do.
      It took us 30 plus years to realise it was gone, but at least we kept Trade, Banking and Culture links. That saved us. Sadly your Washington DC Hegemony carries a nasty end game.
      American Hegemony Policies, a poorly educated mass Populace, leaves you standing out and alone, where the combination of the Military Industrial Cabal, and Fed Jewish, Zionist Cult, has stolen standards, and hope. Zionist Banking and Fed Crook Weevils suck you dry. America is simply clueless of Global realities and Global Culture variances. The Me. Me, Me Culture which permeates the States is defunct. Spent forces wasted. As China has now blocked your Defence Industry access for microchips, if Apple follows, it will cascade down. Yet 300M shit for brains seem to be impervious to what’s unfolding. 50M of you left carry this convoluted flotsam of Fools. WHA community are the best. God help the rest.

      With No Democracy, No reliable infrastructure as all visibly crumbles, not only are the Barbarians loose and amok,but the lack of border guards leaks ever more illegals. Look at the visible Gorilla snot fronting for Senile Biden. Bill Clinton was here in Ireland minding the Cretin. Clinton is now a worn, time warped Geriatric in visible rapid deterioration. Phony Tony Blair joined them, Misfits Inc, reviled by all. America has lost the Plot, and soon the remaining Pot. As now failed Colonists, it ever more behoves you to think of a new world where standards can be met.
      Those able to qualify for Europe need to rethink strategies. Home alone with the Wookies loose is no place to be. Xi and China cannot be more clear. America has had its CHIPS!
      Rome sat in confusion until the end. How did that work out?
      Italian Stallions to go.


  30. Now is the time to listen to Tino, Biffie, James and others on the vaccines.
    This is the absolute reality of effects on one of my own family, and why you need to decline the F thing.
    It’s why I want to see Fauci and Gates hung or the Chair. I prefer the Chair. For both. And like conspirators.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definite bummer John and family. Just some thoughts….since the body uses the skin as one way of getting rid of toxins and if this were me, I would try the following:
      drinking and soaking in baking soda bath, finding any and all safe herbs that detox the organs, and soaking in them if safe to do.
      I get melanoma spots on the backs of my hands and arms from way too much sun in my younger days. As soon as I get one, I put chapparal on a piece of cotton ball and place over the spot and cover with a bandaid and reapply herb 3 to 4 times a day for 4 to five days. Then take off and let it sluff off and heal. All gone. Herbs are quite powerful. I am by no means a doctor or nurse, but I do use herbs of many kinds to heal things. Aloe Vera may soothe the spots. I realize that this is from the toxic poison of the vax and it is probably embedded through the inside of the organs, but just keep trying things.


  31. See the pics. This is what the Vaccines have done to my healthy, fit, athletic
    Son, So what is the damage inside it’s on his face also. But how bad are the unseen Organs?
    Doctors are clueless how to deal with it.
    It’s horrific, and this is what you risk if you take this Toxic crap. It’s a Death Sentence. Kids never listen. They have to travel and stupidity rules. I want, I want, I want. Now the price!

    Do YOU want this? It’s why I am now a Refusenik under real pressure.

    Get Real Time.


    Laugh out loud at false egos.

    This is hilarious, but expected. China has announced that it has banned senior executives of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin from entering, working, staying or residing in China. Furthermore, China will now enforce its February 16 ban on Chinese enterprises from conducting import and export activities with these two companies. This also includes micro chips from Taiwan.

    Apart from the stock market hit that these two companies just took; if this ban of micro chips is in the force, then two main defense contractors are basically crippled. If you assume the channel ratchet this up a bit more, you can well be that heavy where are the elements will also be banned in coming days . It’s a fact this cripples US production of many military components and goes well beyond defense production.

    The usual Arrogant, mindless Neocons, really imagined they had all the cards when it came to sanctions. How wrong they are, as more than one party can play this game. If China were to do this to Apple, they would seriously dent the markets. Now that France has committed Airbus to China via production will Boeing find itself on the outs?
    America has had its Chips”


    1. Airbus simply committed a slow-motion suicide. Chinese quality control in Euro-tech will simply result in planes falling from the sky. Japan, infinitely superior on tech and quality control, still can’t manufacture a large plane worth more than spit. We expect China to?


      1. No, but blocking CHIPS to the US, then calling their dollars, will have profound consequences. Lines are now drawn. If Apple next, the US will accelerate towards melt down.


  32. The fossil fuel industry scored a major victory this week when a federal appeals court overturned the nation’s first natural gas ban for new buildings in Berkeley, Calif.


    1. Just put a cash limit Gag on the Afro and other Welfare Losers food trolleys at Wallmart.
      Why feed those we don’t need?
      Sorry but, the number contestants have a case. Lose the Losers.


      1. No, the number contestants DO NOT have a case.

        One doesn’t get to create a dysfunctional system with chronic unemployment, a full blown warfare anticivilization, and then blame the victim. And then, having blamed the victim engage in wholesale murder and democide.

        Especially when the way out is to simply do the opposite of what is being done.


        1. There is no appetite to take any more Wogs. Nor keep our own Losers. Jabs are ever more planned. Flu jabs, really? Gullibles to go. There is no appetite for any more unwanted Wogs here. When it blows, they go. Sink the dam boats. Take our votes. It will blow. Kenya booted the lot. So must the EU. We are not a dumping ground. We want the lot gone Out. within 10 years when we hit 40% unemployed, who calls time? Life will. Ghettos will grow, Homeless too. Lines will be drawn, and Wogs quartered. Reality will force a face off. Look only at Ireland. We are awash with the unwashed. Anarchy is growing. Across Europe. Wake up the Sleepers. 40% is unaffordable. They breed! On our Welfare? Unsustainable. GPMGs sort numbers. Fast.


    1. To keep shit like this who don’t and just breed Muslim babies on OUR State Welfare. Our money!
      Free loaders!
      Cancel our links to the Human Rights Lawyers BS and send the LOT back! Lawyers with them.


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