Understanding The Global Settlements By Seeing Beyond The Masks

For comprehending the Global Settlements, first understand its background and real issues before you look for answers. Don’t bite on the disinformation hooks. Fake information is fallow ground.  Also, it’s not happening as portrayed by the Plebs and Rednecks. Start by understanding the subjective, real-world judgment calls we have to make to protect our interests and nations. Raise your own consciousness reality awareness. The GS reality versus the mythological broker version which is not going to happen.

Future American control is delusional. Hegemony is ending. Perhaps with a blast for the whores of wars. 

A taxing dilemma for us in the settlement process is having a clear tacit agreement. In December of 2021, we were insistent that Elders did not sign off on anything less than a phased table top distribution where only 20% per tranche could be completed at each stage limiting the Fed’s ability to syphon off and steal the assets (as the Fed did when intercepting and syphoning of a multibillion ACAT wire transfer sent by SWIFT to Tropos, but misappropriated at the bank by Yellen’s team). No one has ever been paid out, ranging from Marcos, the M1 Principle in Indonesia, Ryadi and many more. Wild West rules – they steal everything – which is an alarm bell to continue with the US process.

Then, we did not have BRICS and yet still refused them. Now, we do. A major new alternative, and we have increased beneficial use terms to deal with us, encompassing a strong ethical agenda. Allowing the cabal and Zio Jews access to sequestrate funds again is anathema to us, and an issue we watch with care. They cannot help themselves and yet always help themselves. That is the endless dilemma. With BRICS we can have autocratic ethical oversight control. With the US, it’s on a par with being sealed naked within a sack of avaricious sewer rats. If we are able to achieve a sensible BRICS solution, it enables us to allocate funds by choice to service good US causes and projects. Directly to pre-cleared good people of approved standing.  A varmint check. We are focused on helping Americans. But even more focused on stopping the US Jewish banking mafia helping themselves. BRICS will change the world and end Fed tyranny. Britain’s arming of Ukraine to kill Russians is not helping our process; our own knee jerk politicos. But, if done, all nations will line up for benefits. Money greases wheels. Intense dialogue continues daily; it’s a multi-party process keeping the weevils out. 

The entire world is now separating into new trading hemisphere zones, as the dollar and US hegemony are being ever more contested and rejected. Asia is breaking away, as is China and Russia. Hemispheres are polarizing, leaving the US as incursers and predatory Zionists up in lights. Jewish hegemony usury banking has enslaved the world, to become totally subordinated to their predatory usury schemes, and the true fiscal consequences of allowing this rodent species to take hold of the world’s money supply is now under global separation hemisphere reviews. The split is coming as c5 billion people will leave the US hegemony umbrella. BRICS will break America. Eurasia IS coming with BRICS and vast markets. It will be forced to choose – or bankrupted. Look at Germany, straddled with costly NATO bases which won’t last 48 hours but will kill vast numbers of innocent Germans in US inspired hegemony conflict.  Now they freeze to death. Some partnership. Body bags for DC.  

Even Eisenhower forewarned of what was coming down if not checked. Zionist forces sit like carrion with Washington’s Military Industrial Cabal and its Agencies, encouraging them to squander evermore with reckless abandon. Every turn, the Jews earn from your own avaricious recklessness. Goyim! A nation now owned by the Zionists and Israeli ringmasters are gaming you all. Like Soros, all are loathsome. They are gaming America blind. This species has form. Millennials of it. To achieve anything, where is the money coming from to pay you out first? Show me the real Money! They never give back, only sequestrate and take. Users run usury banking! They do NOT have the money. 

Why would the Far East, Asia, Russia, South America and Africa want to be paid in USD when these monies can be sequestrated at any time?  They are re-planning hemispheres and cutting America out and off. Alarm for the Fed and Zionists. They face losing their gaming board. Losing a lot. 

Same carrion, same games. Goyim never learn. Understand the past to see them in operation now, same games played over 5,000 years.   

It was estimated by Josephus that the Romans slaughtered or sold into Slavery c100,000 Jews in the early years of record to contain these volatile itinerant Gypsies’ dogs. By c70 AD there were so many Jewish uprisings, forcing them to adopt ghetto tactics to divide and rule. Just look at Palestine today. How they sequestrate everything in sight as they have done with America. They seek a Greater Israel and now Jewkraine. Tapeworms loose. The concept of an enlarged Jewish Khazarian homeland encamped on Russia and Europe’s borders is anathema to all. Nuclear missiles delivered by Israel, Khazarian Mafia flooding in along with America’s worst Zio/Jewish Crime families. A country 4 times the size of the UK and the size of Texas, vastly rich in minerals, and farming capacity. If then crooked Ukraine is absorbed by a Greater Israel, it would be a giant carbuncle on the backside of mankind. Money laundering, drug trafficking, people trafficking, child trafficking, and arms trading loose under their control. Crime Inc., unleashed. OUT of control. Now we are refocused on Russia, realizing the greater good is for them to win in Ukraine and to clear this land mass of US Black Operations Labs, corruption and Jews. Clear out the lot. We cannot realign the new nations as trading blocks leaving this mass corrupt cow patty in the center. France and Germany aligned with the US, lied to and deceived Russia. Any trust has gone. The UK arms and weaponizes Ukraine killing ever more Russians and antagonizing Moscow. Every indication is that we could have WWIII within 3 to 4 years, with truly dreadful consequences.

The world today parallels the old Roman/Judaic conflicts with never ending Jewish incursions, temple money changers, and their endless rabblerousing. From 132 to 136 CE, the Bar Kokhba revolt brought mass Roman anger. Emperor Hadrian, between 117 to 128 had endless revolts and just lost it with them. He booted all Judaic Jews out of Jerusalem, with Roman legions effecting brutal mass genocide, where hundreds of thousands died, and this viral species were slaughtered by Rome suffering their anger and frustration. Others left alive were dispersed throughout the Middle East and across into Europe or Asia. Like HIV or weeds, they spread and mutate. Egypt and the Romans found it was an uncontrollable blight on humanity. They are!

“50 of [the Jews’] most important outposts and 985 of their most famous villages were razed to the ground. 580,000 men were slain in the various raids and battles, and the number of those that perished by famine, disease and fire was past finding out. Thus nearly the whole of Judaea was made desolate.”

Cassius Dio, History of Rome, 69.14.1-2

Assessing that, how can we have a GS underwritten by worthless American dollars, led by predatory Jewish bankers with a known sequestration trait? No enlightened nations seek a new usury hook, or currencies backed by nothing but hype.     

Look at Europe today and America. They infiltrate, sequester and dominate. Almost all Russian Oligarchs running from the law are Jewish. They stole, defrauded and looted Russia blind. As with Ukraine. China is deeply immersed in strategizing new BRICS hemisphere structures, and conceiving a free landmass with no US hegemony warfare bases in Japan. Taiwan, South Korea and Australia, are all under review. As are NATO bases which cannot contain a Russian assault for more than 2 days. If we are polarizing, as is, why do we need America at any level? BRICS, if endowed then with c$15T of Elders AU, can bank leverage that 10 fold, and underwrite a whole new economy.

The US can’t fund a GS. We can.

Polarization of the East/West territories now needs the new incoming BRICS currency to fund the split. Or have America cut off the money supply. 

The EU will fail and needs to realign with Eurasia. All Middle Eastern energy will then be sold to the Far East, Asia and Europe. America is already being circumvented. Without hegemony, the entire incestual US Military industrial cabal, will fail. 

The key now is to redesign a full stage phased Eurasia as its own fully integrated trading and economic block, free of DC and Zionist usury fake moneys. Europe must face East to markets exceeding 5 Billions, and let the US go West.

Can a new Paul Revere wake up America? The dream has gone West. Now, it’s the whole world marching down on you. Karma and angry gremlins. Stealing the world is now over. Like Rome, the world is coming home. Self-sufficient Eurasia is coming.    

Unleash innovation to save this once great nation.  

So, the key takeaway here is: Don’t fall for false and highly embellished “intel” about what the valid Global Settlements are going to be. Such is often falsely sold as “mass debt forgiveness”… “dinar or other currency millions from public revaluations”… “NESARA”… “galactic intercessions”… “a world which will instantly be free of problems”… “one or more blogging bums in a shanty or rented apartment is going to be handed trillions to save you”, etc., and;

The real-world necessities for the GS will be addressed with real-world solutions based on real-world agreements that avoid the very problems that were brought on by the current cartels. There will be no room, nor funds, for indulging indolent megalomania, or something-for-nothing profiteering by freeloaders. The future multi-polar world will now demand far more skilled contributory value to maintain past living standards. There are now new “players” on the block.

As outlined above, the changes ahead may not be easy for many. We must also not ignore the unknown or the unpredictable.

So…be ready for anything.

More when possible.



  1. I’m done with the FDA. They have zero credibility.

    Read the below. Integrate it. Laugh at them. Follow your own heart from here on out.

    While the principals behind CAALM are experts and offer the FDA valid points in their comments, the FDA flatly rejects the organizations requests, declaring that a licensed vaccine doesn’t need to demonstrate that they prevent infection or transmission nor does a vaccine authorized under provisional emergency use authorization need to demonstrate infection prevention or transmission.

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  2. Bill Rice Jr. wrote a paper in the past showing that for the majority of UK children, the risk of death due to COVID was 0.000; it remains so in April 2023; the data has been stable for 3 years but CDC, SAGE, NIH, FDA, PHAC etc. ignored it, their doctors & scientists were just too academically lazy, intellectually sloppy, inept, corrupted, cognitively dissonanced to read the available data

    APR 26


  3. https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/breaking-whistleblower-to-expose-us-govt-involvement-in-massive-child-trafficking-operation-paub/
    “I thought I was going to help place children in loving homes. Instead, I discovered that children are being trafficked through a sophisticated network that begins with being recruited in their home country, smuggled to the U.S. border, and ends when ORR delivers a child to a sponsor – some sponsors are criminals and traffickers and members of Transnational Criminal Organizations. Some sponsors view children as commodities and assets to be used for earning income – this is why we are witnessing an explosion of labor trafficking,” Rodas will explain.


  4. Japan’s lunar lander appears to have crashed.
    The private company behind it has lost contact with the spacecraft. (CNN)

    Given that governments don’t want the competition, I say sabotage.


  5. “You wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are. How bad are they? Ask yourself, is any news organization you know so corrupt, that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers? Anyone who would do that is Pablo Escobar corrupt and should not be trusted”

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  6. The fallout continues

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  7. This Cabal and Zio moves to “Get Trump” may blow up in a lot of faces.
    The world sees the almost bottomless depth of US corruption, and DC is the visible Pit of Corruption and Treason. Yet nothing is done. Why is Hunter Biden still free? Why are Clintons and Obama free? The FBI, CIA and DHS are tarnished beyond belief. So is the Senate. Congress tries valiantly to expose them all, but no teeth. No European nation of standing could carry corruption the way America does. No one cares. Sadly, US corruption is endemic. Rotten to the core. And the Wogs will keep flooding in. Watching from afar, but seeing daily, and with a Global perspective, America is visibly imploding. All Standards have gone. You are shambling towards WW111.

    The innocent are suffering, and corruption rules with disdain,Teflon to Justice.
    It’s like watching 350M Lemmings tottering on the Cliff Edge. Blind to the drop. Gimmes with hands out. Grasping Goffers.

    Right now only Trump seems to be tuned into the depth of problems, and need for change. But DC and the entire, fabricated, utterly corrupt Politicised Agency Neo CON system is throwing the kitchen sink at him.
    It is clear he has no Democratic protection accorded. Trump is no Angel, I am well aware. But neither were the Bushes, Clintons, Obama or Bidens.
    Why is the system united and dedicated to stopping Trump running if he’s got the support of the People?

    I see, motivated, intellectually competent and sophisticated Congressmen , many good Patriots, trying to expose corruption and expose Truth. But denied.

    To be clear, I don’t like Trump, nor do I support what he is. But we respect his Right to be Heard and for American justice. If he only gets the chance to adopt and enforce what he espouses, that can transform America. BRICS, the Yen, rejection of SWIFT, and CBDC,s are growing side issues of world rejection of the US Cabals Hegemony, the sheer scale of organised corruption, Endemic corruption Rotten to the Core. America has both lost the Plot and forced Polar Hemisphere Breakaways. It’s like watching the Fall of Rome, or South Africa.

    Whilst Yellen and the crooked Zionists seek at all costs to Corral and dominate the US the US Treasury and Fed, ─ the US Justice system and the economy, the Free World is walking.
    When the Dollar goes. it’s over. Ask Germany how hyper inflation went down Post WW11?
    Now, it’s all unfolding and coming at you.

    Has Trump got the perspicacity to follow it through? Who will Speak for Americans?
    Who else is there right now? Who will be a new Chief of Staff for Trump if he wins? How can he get fair votes? They will rig it all without remorse.
    Don’t Cry for Me Argentina. Substitute America?

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  8. https://www.gbnews.com/royal/prince-harry-meghan-markle-royal-family-news

    Ditch the attention seeking grasping bitch pay it off and go home.
    Russian Army has started the combat use of newest tanks T-14 Armata against Ukrainians. In the warm-up mode for now:

    МОСКВА, 25 апр – РИА Новости. Вооруженные силы России начали применять новейшие танки Т-14 “Армата” для ведения огня по украинским позициям, сообщил РИА Новости информированный источник. “Российские войска начали применять новейшие танки “Армата” для ведения огня по украинским позициям. В прямых штурмовых действиях они пока не участвовали”, – рассказал собеседник агентства.Он уточнил, что “танки Т-14 “Армата” в зоне СВО получили дополнительную защиту борта от противотанковых боеприпасов”. Начиная с конца прошлого года экипажи Т-14 “Армата” проходили боевое слаживание на полигонах в одной из народных республик Донбасса, добавил источник. Впервые в боевых условиях танки “Армата” опробовали в Сирии. Основной танк Т-14 “Армата” разработан в Уральском конструкторском бюро транспортного машиностроения (входит в УВЗ). Особенность его компоновки — необитаемая башня, три члена экипажа находятся в изолированной бронекапсуле, расположенной в передней части корпуса. Танк имеет комбинированное многослойное бронирование, новую динамическую защиту “Малахит” и комплекс активной защиты “Афганит”. Основное вооружение машины — 125-миллиметровая гладкоствольная пушка 2А82-1М, способная применять новые управляемые ракеты с дальностью восемь километров.


    MOSCOW, April 25 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Armed Forces have begun using the latest T-14 Armata tanks to fire on Ukrainian positions, an informed source told RIA Novosti. “Russian troops have begun to use the latest Armata tanks to fire on Ukrainian positions. They have not yet participated in direct assault operations,” the source said. He specified that “T-14 Armata tanks in the NVO zone received additional protection side from anti-tank ammunition”.Since the end of last year, the crews of the T-14 “Armata” have undergone combat coordination at training grounds in one of the people’s republics of Donbass, the source added. For the first time in combat conditions, Armata tanks were tested in Syria. The main tank T-14 “Armata” was developed at the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (part of UVZ). The peculiarity of its layout is an uninhabited tower, three crew members are in an isolated armored capsule located in front of the hull. The tank has a combined multi-layer armor, a new dynamic protection “Malachite” and an active protection complex “Afganit”. The main armament of the vehicle is a 125 mm 2A82-1M smoothbore gun capable of using new guided missiles with a range of eight kilometers.

    With some new artillery shells the actual range is 12 kilometers. These tanks are in serial production and are available in quantity as needed.
    As for Bakhmut, it is effectively in a cauldron. So consider it fallen as it is only days before it falls. Meanwhile the clown Zelensky has order troops to fight until May 9th. In a cauldron there is no supply and all retreat all ground is under visual fire control. He has no conscience in sacrificing these troops for headlines.
    The reality Is that NATO or American troops are about to enter the Ukraine. Body bags will flow back to Dover. Perhaps then Americans will wake up. Better still what fools will die for this nonsense? So do not wonder why Ukrainian troops started to give up and side with the Russians to fight Ukrainian against Ukrainian.
    ‘Caesar’s Prisoner’: The thrilling story of the Gallic rebel Vercingetorix, his Roman guard and the notorious dungeons of Mamertin

    How the Romans dealt with WOGS and how to stop the illegals flow.

    The lying, shameful, politicised FBI. Dismantle it.

    $.7 Trillion in new Biden Taxws hidden, but not now!

    How the Elites all new about and hid Epstein.

    Shameful DHS lying about Illegals and Security. They Lie!

    The Ruthless Witchhunt to stop Trump and protect the Corruption.

    Trump IS the Voice of the masses.

    Tucker exposes UFOs, how many deaths and this is worth watching.

    Give Megyn Kelly a voice the MSM won’t

    Exposing the NWO.

    Another voice against the MSM lies and Fake News.


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  9. The chaos engulfing the Sudanese capital of Khartoum became significantly more threatening Tuesday when one of the warring factions seized control of a national health lab that contains biological material, according to a U.N. official who called the development “extremely dangerous.”

    Dr. Nima Saeed Abid, the World Health Organization’s representative in Sudan, said one of the parties fighting for control of Sudan – he didn’t say which one – “kicked out all of the technicians” from the lab, where measles, cholera and polio samples are held.

    “That is extremely, extremely dangerous,” he told a U.N. briefing in Geneva by video call from Port Sudan. “There is a huge biological risk associated with (such) occupation.” — USA Today


    1. Thanks. Another great example of mother nature providing and in this case helping a good man and saving trees. Glad they are replanting those trees.


  10. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/04/23/syrian-migrant-arrested-over-german-gym-stabbing-attack/

    ‘A suspect has been arrested over last week’s stabbing attack at a gym in the western German city of Duisburg in which four people were seriously wounded, authorities said Sunday.

    Prosecutor Jill Mc Culler said the man, a 26-year-old Syrian citizen, was arrested shortly after midnight, German news agency dpa reported. He was to be brought before a judge on Monday to determine whether he can be kept in custody pending possible charges.

    Further details weren’t immediately available.’


  11. Source: Barnes Brief

    Biden formally declares 2024 candidacy.

    China expands espionage law in ways that could lock up foreign dissidents easier.

    Trump show trial in NY begins.

    YouTube profits falling

    More biolabs in Sudan.

    Systemic risk signals rise.

    Harry Belafonte passes away.

    Biden admin targets Musk’s Starship program for political payback.

    Fox Corp suffers half-a-billion stock blow from losing Tucker.

    When the emergency never ends.

    Wisdom of the Day: “The few sincere liberals left, the ones actually fighting corporate power, seem like bewildered relics from an earlier age.” Tucker Carlson.

    Evidence: Daily Library

    Bank nervousness rises.

    A take on Tucker’s future. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/04/24/thoughts-on-tucker-carlsons-firing


    The betrayal of diversity.

    Much like the past, the liberal elites turn against democracy itself. https://www.discoursemagazine.com/politics/2023/04/21/are-some-forms-of-populism-more-equal-than-others/

    Ukranian embezzlement.

    Donor pressure on DeSantis. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/25/us/politics/ron-desantis-ken-griffin-2024.html

    Sudan civil war background.

    Credit crunch coming to China.

    As requested: China’s dollar debt problem documented. https://www.bostonfed.org/news-and-events/news/2022/12/china-dollar-funding-denominated-debt-spillover-effects-leslie-shen-boston-fed.aspx

    Closing Argument

    The institutional left celebrated. The corporate right toasted. The Deep State breathed a welcome air of relief. They all welcomed the removal of Tucker Carlson from Fox News. But they may wish they never witnessed it.
    The institutional left deluded itself into believing Fox News originated conservative critique of their policies, priorities and public personalities, when Fox News merely reflected, and often diminished, the public outrage toward those liberal elites, while redirecting populist critiques away from the citadels of power – the corporate collusion with politicized law enforcement, intelligence and military personnel. Big business needs big government to keep the free market away, and both needed Fox to divert and distract criticism from their board rooms. Fox’s real role has long been to keep the Overton window quite closed while cheerleading the contest between Coke & Pepsi as a “real choice.”

    The corporate right equally deluded itself into believing that the problem was Trump and Tucker, not a growing populist rebellion amongst the people, who witnessed a government unanchored from its Constitutional harbor and divorced from its empowerment of the people over elites. Trump reflected populist outrage, not created it. Tucker channeled the populist critique, not originated it. They both echoed Alex Jones because Jones increasingly captured the zeitgeist of the political moment.

    The Deep State’s control over the populace increasingly slipped away without the Cold War to unite the right behind its cause, often disguised as anti-communism. The “humanitarian” neo-liberalism of the Clintonites and the 9/11 for Bushite patriotism only birthed a short break from public skepticism of a military industrial complex long foreign to America’s founding principles. The W coalition died in 2008 on the backs of broken promises, a disastrous war rooted in lies, and a banking bail out masking the cartel of global banksters running our economy for their profit at out expense.

    Just as Trumpism will long find a voice after Trump, Tucker’s audience existed because Tucker listened to that audience, not because he created that audience. He met an appetite for populist critique, not originated it. And now populism’s prime patron in the court of the press and public opinion no longer has the gatekeeper of Fox Corporate to quiet his voice and shackle his opinion. His harshest critics may rue the day Fox Corporate took out Tucker Carlson.


    1. I also heard a radio host say that in Tuckers contract, he would be allowed to say what he wanted to say. And when he did, he started getting pressure, and finally was ousted.


  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12011009/Haiti-Gang-members-beg-mercy-vigilante-lynch-mob-stones-burns-alive.html

    When enough is enough, and the Authorities are useless or coopted, People will take matters into their own hands… Despite my love of due process and systems of ordered liberty, I accept that desperate measures sometimes must be taken. All reports are that the guilty, and only those and the aligned with the guilty, faced the flames.


  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/tucker-carlson-leaves-fox-news-fired-rupert-murdoch-dominion-b2326141.html

    So now fired by Murdoch as a Phony?
    Another Blast From the Past – Former CIA Director Mike Morrell Confirms I Was Right – A Son of the New American Revolution

    Can anyone spell treason ???
    There is a serious need for Military Tribunals to achieve Justice.

    Agreed so Butt out.
    Well done Green but who acts?



    1. Correct, the enemy of the world is the Military Industrial Complex and the Zionist Jew Cult sucking America and the world dry. Both need to go. Educate out or annihilate. Which? They hate Goyims.

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        1. Good article. And there are more articles out there that say not to trust musk. There is always so much more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.


      1. What Tucker needs to “Get”, is Population Reduction and Sequestration of Assets is coming.
        Did any of us condone this?


  14. way to go clinton
    Remember that time when #HillaryClinton introduced her friend #GeorgeSoros and his interest to get involved in US elections?
    The Internet sure doesn’t.
    Because it has been wiped from existence for the most part. Turns out I found a copy of the file I had archived years ago.
    Be a real shame if people save and shared this widely.


        1. What a Tacky Grunt.Selling fortunes in a Gypsies sideshow next. Road kill loose.
          Look at the kit on that piece of shit.


  15. https://trueactivist.com/finnish-company-is-busy-turning-worrisome-sea-algae-into-replacement-plastic-for-common-products-t1/
    Sometimes, trash and plastic aren’t the only issues when it comes to unwanted things floating in the ocean. For Finnish scuba diver, Mari Granström, she saw exactly how there was so much unmanageable algae blooms in the water that can actually be very harmful to marine life. As a result, he decided to begin a refining company that actually harvests the algae and turns it into a variety of products.

    With the US housing market being so expensive these days, companies are continuously working to try and find new and more cost-effective ways to fabricate lumber in large numbers for construction. One startup has managed to find a way to do this by swapping trees for grass.

    By using highly specialized laminating and molding machines, they found a way to turn the fibers of particular species of grass into materials comparable to wood. They are just as strong, but lighter, and moreover, they can be mass produced much faster than how usual timber takes.

    Biffie: I was on a building site over 20 years ago where they were building a house using hemp blocks. There are so many ways to use what the good earth provides without killing and poisoning unnecessarily.


    1. Biffie

      It will take 10 to 12 years to get Safety Councils Approvals for Hemp Building and Banks still wont touch it for Mortgage purposes. They fear Stoned populations in heatwaves. Lol

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      1. A waste of time smoking hemp, it has very low THC content. It is what was put here on earth to be used in place of so many other toxic industrial products and can be used for many medicinal health reasons. However, marijuana is what is used to get high.


  16. With an election on the horizon, Rice-a-phony takes the rap for foreign policy debacles.


  17. The new feature will look at a similar time when nations crossed the lines that we can no longer afford to cross so carelessly. The same weasels at work behind the scenes…pushing us closer to disaster.


    1. He will FR nuke you because you let shit rule.
      Does ANYONE in that F U Nation realise how close you are to Putin’s Politburo sticking it right up you? They WANT to go for it. If he dies then God help you. The Reds want to go for it. The US is a F Kindergarten nation. In visible decline. They don’t care.


      1. The fast way to stop this is for Russia to say that one NATO American Protection Racket MIssile landing in Russia from any NATO source and its an instant release for 10,000 missiles to annihilate the US Homeland, NATO and all US bases plus Fleets. Scorched earth instantly. No prevarication. No NATO in Ukraine. One attack is war, then no warnings, instant War! No Hotlines, 10 minutes and there will be 100 million more dead US and Khazarian swine. Make it that simple, and clear. Control DC or die. Open those Silos and we launch the lot. Nuclear Arm Iran to make sure that Israel goes. Armageddon Head on for all Khazarians. Target please also every known Jew Conclave in America. Sanitise the lot. Retribution of Human pollution. Let the Goys say, Hello Boys. Boom!


  18. https://www.facebook.com/reel/152228697788743?sfnsn=scwspmo&s=F5x8gs&fs=e
    Britain is stuck in the slow lane with no way out
    Well, there’s always a way out with real Leadership.
    The UK has a Dodgy Indian., kept by his wife, whose parents run Tax Evasion via Moscow companies, who are WEF Supporters, and a real Security risk. So much for vetting.
    Then the US has the Bidens. What a world.
    Blinken Faces Criminal Charges for Rigging 2020 Election on Behalf of Biden – The People’s Voice

    About time the ball headed in his direction. The question is who will charge him? If ONLY we could see Real Justice in this Khazar owned Crooked Cabal. Time to exit Sniffer.

    The Guardian: ‘Four-time loser’ Trump might not be nominee for 2024, Republican insists

    Caution always, its a year and a half ahead and the crooked Grifter could yet crash to earth. The world needs a new JFK, not a Grifter, Usurpers,Sniffers, or Agency shoe ins.
    Nothing changes the fact that Trump is a low life piece of shit. So many better Patriots need a real chance. If the US keeps electing Pigs, Swine rule Fools.
    It’s a fair article count nothing yet.

    Every guys worst nightmare. Careful Tony.

    Again, as the Public are ever more being Dumbed down, and they really are so F Dumb worldwide, Thank God for WHA No Freaks here.

    Tinos Climate Change Reality for you.

    Watch “BREAKING! Mayor Adams TAKES SHOT at Biden Claims NYC is Being ‘Destroyed’ By Ongoing Migrant Crisis” on YouTube

    Sorry but its like a bloody Rat infestation worldwide. It opens crime cities. Total breakdown. Laser the bloody lot .Sorted.
    Bring ALL our Military Home SAFE. No more our kids Dying for Cabal , Neocon and Zionist Lying. Cease supporting Hegemony. Only our families do the Dying. Never the Draft Dodging US Presidents.

    Soon you will be seeing the new Coronation of an Oath Breaking Prince. Never Forget Diana. What was done was so Cruel. so wrong. Diana we will never forget you. Thank you for William.

    Beyond important that you all watch and hear this. Beyond Treason in America, who goes to jail? Let every American watch this. Three times a day for the Thick.

    So Tucker was fired by Fox, Why?



    1. No more usual Trump empty rhetoric. Make it clear , if he gets in, within one week he will FIRE at least 50% of the Agency and rip it apart. 10% of the known worst to go in 3 days. Charges also to follow! Treason and the Rope!


    1. Please, withdraw your NATO Racketeering and warmongering You ARE the cause.
      Back out, Butt out and Go Home. It will save the US and EU Trillions. Stop wasting our nation’s lives and funds. Close the Jewish Nation Raping Fed and BIS. Get your own Central Bank and a life. Stop using Germany and Poland as Punch Bags. Let this fight be with the US mainland direct. You die for the Cabal lie. Nuland says F the EU. We say F the lot of you and your 10 M American owning Jews who stole the lot. The World is a safer place with you gone. You are the problem. You cause the Wars.
      Take out all your bases and stick the lot up your own Ases! Leave, now would be good. Billy F No Mates! Go with all the Zio Ho. Please? You ARE the cause of the Wars. How much have the Jews stolen in Ukraine now? How much has been syphoned in kickbacks to the Bidens? Both? Collapse the EU. Leave. Billy No Mates! Roaches on all our backs. Sink alone.


      1. It will be interesting to see if Tucker is bigger than Fox now or if it was Fox that was propping him up. Either way, he’s in a remarkable position going forward, and if he plays his cards right, he could set up an organization capable of competing successfully with CNN and MSNBC before the end of the year.


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