From Londinium Comes A Message Of Hope

Interesting developments in the Elders Saga. Real world!

The Chinese Elders, US Treasury and UN, along with the World Bank are now close to agreeing to phased steps for initial releases.

1. First Projects are being phased for Africa. Greatest need!
2. London will become the Epicenter for Elders’ Financing and control, as well as both their UN and Commonwealth proliferation.
3. We will assess Crypto holdings. No more can be said until done.
4. A sizeable Global operation is phased to grow once adequate London Infrastructure has been accomplished and funded to cope with the needs forecast. We will be using our existing US Partner Operations to coordinate with the US Treasury and UN. All is yet to be signed off and will take time. US Treasury links is the point of interest. As is the parallel UN. Elders already have key UN roles. As do the Chinese.

While details cannot be publicized, it’s progressing. A step at a time and a huge historical investment.

Trust is earned. Hard earned. NY has been bypassed for Fiscal control. The British Trust wins.
The first steps towards Global rebalancing and a better world. Relationship Banking. Hope for Africa. British Ethics to protect all. British Managed Wealth for the Common People. Zionist shielded.

Green shoots.

Stay tuned.



    1. Sad to see what some have become. So don’t speak, don’t not speak, don’t react, just sit there and shut up, but that will also offend someone. What a waste of time!


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  2. Way past to go after crooked Clinton.
    She belongs in Jail

    Another crooked Wray deep state drone

    Beyond needed take the Bidens down

    Now at last Covid Fraud is being reviewed at high level Command

    Wray for jail

    At last organised claims against Hunter Biden are gaining traction



    Well said!!!!

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    The Department of Homeland Security claims the phones are a security backstop in the case of an emergency that “takes out communications” in part of America.

    A Department of Homeland Security advisory said satellite phones are a tool for responding to and coordinating government services in the case of a ‘man-made’ or natural disaster that wipes out communication.

    Many conservatives including DC_Draino are expressing alarm that a cyber attack prior to the 2024 election would be used to justify changes in voting procedures that will benefit Joe Biden. He argues that senators are being issued the phones to prepare for this exact event.

    Something to keep an eye on.


  5. New gateway port for China

    Russia, China and BRICS are muscling America right out

    For over a century China has patiently waited for this. There is no question that China has Russia’s back.

    Adventures in NATOstan: Sparks Flying in Ibiza, Locked Down Bilderberg in Lisbon — Strategic Culture


    Crazy games again.

    EXCLUSIVE: Deleted Web Pages Show Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’.

    It all started with Obama. Of course, expect nothing less.


    It maybe America’s last hope, whether one likes him or not.
    Wait until the truth comes out about the Ukrainians killed in Bakhmut which will be closer to 100,000 troops than 50,000. Their top General lies in a Kiev hospital having been wounded on May 8th and likely will die there.
    Meanwhile impeachment articles have been filed against Biden by M. Greene; she has grit.


    1. Loved him in Rome. Despite the over-the-top storyline, never has Rome and Romans been portrayed so accurately.

      He was my age, so it’s very sobering to feel mortality today.

      May his Soul have a fine journey and may God smile upon him.


    1. I know of this Pastor. He tears into them with every homily.

      The simple truth is the ideas of Western Civ led to the greatest advances the world ever saw. We abandon them at our peril. It’s not so much that the Black Man is incapable and the White Man better — it’s the ideas of Western Civ were developed and held predominantly by White Men. To the extent that other cultures adapted said ideas did prosperity for the masses ensue.

      African blacks were completely bypassed and are barely coming out of the equivalent of the European Dark Ages. In the US had the Democrat fangs not got into them we would have been done with all their bullshit by the 1980s. Had MLK lived, the revolution would have been properly completed.


  6. Like

    STEVE KIRSCH: So could you then have your medical license revoked for giving your honest opinion like that?

    DR. JAMES THORP: Absolutely, yes.

    STEVE KIRSCH: So you’re caught between your oath [Hippocratic Oath] and your duty to your patients, and losing your license.

    DR. JAMES THORP: That’s exactly right. There’s no such thing— there’s no physician or nurse in the entire United States of America that should be believed anymore.


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    1. Correct. Still 370M living daily clueless to what is coming to smash them as it all implodes.
      Saudi is already stepping off the USD for ARAMCO sales..Soon the Middle East may no longer sell and ship Gas/ Oil to America . Asia is taking it all. BRICS will organise to drive the US out of all markets.
      China now owns Africa, by making smart planning use of funds. What happens when it embargoes critical metals sales to America? When it takes Taiwan and No Chips?
      What happens when denied Usury Baking Rackets the whole US FED system crashes?
      What happens when Russia, using Iran as the frontal launch pad, erases Israel?
      Be assured, from the Muslims to the Wookies,enough minds are focused on a Jew Virus.
      It’s only time. Covid was only a test run. A big one is coming. It’s only when.
      What happens when America can no longer pay for welfare and says No to the Mass Ho?
      When Usury Banking fails, implosion tracks. The State of DC says it all.
      Biden or Harris alone are unthinkable. Behind is worse. It’s all now a nightmare on Elm Street.
      Thank God the Kennedys and others are now challenging. They bring hope.


    1. Since when do “safety concerns’ get addressed post-approval?

      As a former medical-device guy, we do nothing, I mean nothing, in humans until I have a good handle on safety.


      1. Hmm, And we are doing nothing post Fake Vaxes. vast Pfizer Profits, the incubating deaths for vast millions.
        Obama, Gates, Fauci and the False Priests really, really, really need a Nuremberg trial.
        As do Bush 43 and Phoney Tony Blair for the fake Gulf War and deaths.
        As do the crooked Clinton and BIden families.
        Nothing but the Cyrus virus will rid the world of the scurrilous Bloodsucking Zio Rats who have suppressed and infected the world. The entire US is a Jew conquest. A total incestuous Fiefdom.
        Their Demon seed breeds and subjugates all to its will. Look at Washington DC and the WH.Riddled with them.
        Their can be no reason, with this papacious indoctrinated Cult. They covet all.
        We saw now quickly Covid spread. Once released, the DNA targeted Cyrus Virus can bring long overdue resolution. Iran, Russia, China, India and the emerging Industrial Leaders need to help rid the West of these scurrilous vermin seeds. Nothing less than toalling then will work. Let Covid lead the way in the path of Vermin knowledge. Take the Flow to the Ho. Israel is one giant, rapacious Hole in the Wall Gang. 10 Moab Neutrons can remove most. The Iranian Republican Guard can invade and see off the rest. Cyrus can take down the usual US gathering holes. It’s time for mankind to emerge as Rodent free.
        A great plague once sorted London. What will emerging nations conceive? Most Criminal Russian Oligarchs are Zio vermin. Russia will shed no tears for them once gone. Time to let the light in.
        Thank God for the new, emerging Washington DC House forces. Yes to clearing out the trash.


    Former President Barack Obama is among “500 Americans” banned from entering Russia in response to a new round of US sanctions.

    On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a list effectively blacklisting hundreds Americans from the country with immediate effect.

    Individuals are banned by the Russian government for supplying Ukraine with arms and persecuting Americans who sought to stop Joe Biden’s certification as president on January 6, according to a press release issued by the ministry.

    The Russian government has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the Biden administration’s prosecution of Americans who protested at the US Capitol on January 6.

    J6 political prisoners are aghast that Putin is demonstrating more interest in protecting political dissent and the First Amendment than the US governement and the GOP.


  10. Your future executives, politicians and scientists.


    1. Utter f’ing bs on the reader-added content. SIDS dropped phenomenally during the pandemic because well-baby visits dropped to zero. The CDC is doing a statistical tap dance the likes of which has never been seen. I believe virtually all regular vaxx and SIDS stats are being gamed and outright corrupted or faked for that period. The existence of pediatric groups with near zero autism and SIDS, all of whom which suppress or delay vaxxing on the QT says it all. What drives me crazy is that the collated data would prove the anti-vaxx narrative but no one talks because the authorities would come down on all these practices.


  11. Trump will marry one soon,

    This is gaining traction. Worldwide now
    This keeps getting air space
    The world is running with this now
    This is now frightening LA
    This Kennedy is a stand up guy
    Flame throwers

    2 German Patriot Reservists to keep fit decide to spend a week together hiking across the Bavarian mountains and valleys. New scenery.
    A few days later both friends were becoming erratic with each other so they agreed to split and each spent a night and day alone doing their own thing then would regroup the next day. day.

    Otto was back first and Heinz was an hour late from when agreed.

    How did your day go Otto, Heinz asked.
    Fantastic Otto answered.
    I walked the hills and valleys in the blazing sun, I ate wild berries and fruit, swam in crystal clear waters, Wonderful I laid back in the cool grass and let the sun dry me off.
    I have never felt more alive.
    How was your day asked Otto?

    You can not believe what happened to me, said Heinz..
    Alone in the wilderness and valleys, I came across the most spectacular naked woman’s body tied to the rail track.
    I spent 4 whole hours making wild passionate love with her, every and any way. I blew my mind, God what a body.
    Sensational, I’m drained for a month now.
    Wow said Otto, you really scored.
    Are you going to see her again?
    No Heinz said, we are done.
    Why ever not, asked Otto? What made you an hour late, I was getting worried?
    I know, said Heinze . At the end I spent the last hour looking for her head, ,but I couldn’t find it and so I came back.


      1. Translate and circulate for those with a brain to appreciate risque humour.
        No offence is ever meant it’s just joking.


  12. As a young Med student I scrubbed in on a 16-hr tumor removal and it nearly killed me. The operation was successful. The tumor turned out to be benign, but its compression effects were not. Hence the surgery. Thankfully, slow growing, the patient will die of natural causes before the recurrence over 40 years would cause her any problems.

    Meanwhile kudos to the surgeons below.

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  14. Top Gun-ski


    1. The Holiday Inn Manhattan Financial District was just approved to house asylum seekers for the next 15 months. William Farrington A federal bankruptcy judge in Manhattan approved the plan on Monday submitted by the hotel’s owner, Chinese developer Jubao Xie.

      NYC Holiday Inn could earn 93,000 daily to house migrants…

      Here’s is one owner and now you know why.

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  15. Meloni goes nuclear power for Italy…

    Good girl. She saw what crap went down being dependent on fossil fuel from other nations… especially Germany.


    1. How about ALL Americans? Perpetual Welfare Trash should not have Voting Rights.
      Putting nothing in, No Say!


    The students allege that homeless people are in the bathrooms and using drugs at the lunch tables.

    “We see them coming into our bathrooms. We have them sleeping in our athletic shred and we also have them breaking fences and doing drugs on the lunch table,” student Alfredo Hernández said during the board meeting, according to a report from NBC News.

    The high schoolers said that the problem has been ongoing for roughly a year.


  17. “There’s a case unfolding in San Francisco that’s causing a lot of concern and getting a ton of attention. A young, black transvestite was caught shoplifting, and as a result, a black security guard ended up shooting and killing him. The security guard says it was self-defense and authorities quickly agreed. No charges were filed and he’s completely off the hook.”

    “Many people are noticing the differences between this event and a recent similar incident that took place on a New York City subway, where a violent “Michael Jackson” impersonator threatened a train full of commuters. The outcome of that incident differed significantly, and many believe this is further proof that we have a broken, weaponized, political justice system.”


      1. I did not know the meaning of jobsworth so I learned more British words today. 🙂

        And no I would not be in that crowd with the god word on my torso lol. I would be the girl with the whip spanking your bottom! 🙂


        1. A feisty joke I sent you has been withdrawn so it has to be formatted tomorrow. The kicker is the end you will not be expecting. A complete curved ball. A John special so look out for it. Germans with humour will love it.


  18. Watch “Marjorie Taylor Greene silenced at hearing” on YouTube

    Marjorie is gaining traction as she calls out Americas Traitors. The world watches, and knows.

    I do not know if i should laugh or cry or drink

    From a Contributor His Voice to Be Heard

    Yes, I know those Russians are backward. With Russia, being a backward shit hole of a country with the economy smaller that Latvia. My goodness no toasters and no lawnmowers, what to do ? Driven to drink Vodka. Foolishness at its’ worse.

    If people could think and understand what real economies are and what and where actual production occurs they might understand very little is made in Western countries. Most of this comes from Asia. Meaningless nonsense from a crowd who are like an abandoned unwanted dance partner.

    There are 80+ countries now wanting to join the BRICS, and the West is not invited or desired.

    This flawed thinking is what happens when one is completely detached from the realities of a real industrial productive economy and emerging Eurasian (colossal) market, whose details, including possibly the new reserve currency (or basket of currencies) will be discussed in St. Petersburg mid June. Again the West is not going to participate. How does a dismissed and diminished western construct deal with a reserve currency that they are not a part of? Will there be a diminished value of exchange for such currency? The reality is that those toasters and lawn mowers might have a much more different meaning coming from Asia priced in an acceptable currency to producers and not consumers. Sanctions will be meaningless then as they are now.

    МОСКВА, 19 мая. /ТАСС/. США ввели запрет на ввоз в Россию ряда телефонов, диктофонов, микрофонов и бытовой техники. Соответствующий список опубликован Минторгом США. В перечень входят электрические проточные или накопительные водонагреватели, электрические утюги, микроволновые печи, кипятильники, электрические кофеварки и тостеры. Также запрещено поставлять в РФ линейные телефонные аппараты, беспроводные телефоны, диктофоны. Вместе с тем в список включены сушилки для белья, машины и аппараты для фильтрации и очистки воды, снегоочистители и снегоуборочные машины, газонокосилки, сельскохозяйственная техника, стиральные машины и швейные машины. Помимо этого, к ввозу запрещены литий-ионные аккумуляторы, аккумуляторные батареи Nesio, пылесосы, измельчители пищевых продуктов, электрические лампы.

    Translation: MOSCOW, May 19. /TASS/. The United States imposed a ban on the import into Russia of a number of telephones, voice recorders, microphones and household appliances. The corresponding list is published by the US Department of Commerce. The list includes electric instantaneous or storage water heaters, electric irons, microwave ovens, water heaters, electric coffee makers and toasters. It is also prohibited to supply linear telephones, cordless telephones, voice recorders to the Russian Federation. However, the list includes clothes dryers, machines and apparatus for filtering and purifying water, snow plows and snow blowers, lawn mowers, agricultural machinery, washing machines and sewing machines. In addition, lithium-ion batteries, Nesio batteries, vacuum cleaners, food grinders, and electric lamps are prohibited from being imported.

    ‘Radioactive cloud’ threatening western Europe – Russian security chief — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
    A Contributor

    The sad truth is denial will be the way of NATO until the damage shows in in yet to be born children. Only then will the horror similar to what has been seen in Syria will be obvious to the public. The first public acknowledgment was the videos and pictures of robots being used to extinguish the fire. Why? Because firemen would be dead by being there.
    The land contaminated by the dust will be useless for at least 20-25 years. People really need to be aware of what has occurred and how they will be affected. The Polish people have been tasked with a heavy burden now.
    When you look into Patrushev’s eyes know that if the winds had turned eastward Kiev would already cease to exist along with other cities of enablers of Zelensky. And all the talk of a frozen conflict much like Korea is an illusion. Once the Ukrainians launch their loudly sounded offensive, they will suffer the same fate as the army already destroyed. Expect to see stories and reports of thousands dying daily. And should the Neocon crowd launch their NATO forces into Ukraine as Ukrainians die in mass numbers we should not be surprised to see a tactical nuclear standoff or worse.
    Once NATO published their colored map of how they see the breakup of Russia into 40 odd states; it became clear what the intention is and how Ukraine is a simple battering ram to be expendable. Whether nations like Poland or Romania learn from this remains to be seen. And given Hungary clearly understands how Zelensky has actively considered blowing up their gas and oil pipes upon which their economic survival depends there are no warm sentiments left.

    Recorded conversation between Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland and Amb. Jeffery Pyatt – YouTube

    Nuland is noted here. A Zionist Marxist Shill

    How can it be denied that this is not Nuland’s war?
    Neocons care about no one and nothing but their agenda.

    Poland Quietly Pushes for Zelenskyy Resignation; European Leaders Losing Trust in Ukrainian President: Report – Becker News

    Polacks need not be sacrificed to Zionist land grabs for Jewkraine.

    One imagines that Poland will have more incentive after seeing a nuclear dust cloud on their soil.

    Fully exposing this and more

    Is he a Democrat postal voter?

    Go for shitty schiff

    They will crush truth

    Remember them?

    She’s too dumb for this role

    For Munich Girl lol

    Storm clouds are building

    Credit the good Americans trying


    A huge Watershed moment for Russia. How much longer will the West keep pumping scarce assets into a lost Jerkraine cause?

    Today, the Wagners officially captured all of this city.
    The next week will be spent clearing the mines and building defense lines.
    It will be interesting to see how long it takes for official acknowledgment by Zelensky and what comes forth to change the narrative.

    Sorry to our US associates but Trump is ridiculed by Leaders. Yes, a Fool. Lets get better parties out ahead asap.

    Good work


  19. I just had an interesting conversation.

    The bottom line — medium and large companies are going woke because they are being quietly told they will be denied credit and float if they don’t. It is unclear who is doing the telling.

    Yes, there are also SJW’s and other useful idiots in the mix, but they are enablers.

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        1. That vid is right me thinks!… it reminded me of ESG… also think a lot of this crap it to take attention away from some other bad stuff,,, like child trafficking… look at how many kids are going missing from the border fiasco alone… also think a certain family owns a ton of everything… for example,, this family owns a small railroad,, but that railroad owns 51% of almost all other railroads… and they own so much more… money and power call the shots


    1. Correct and the Depravity and corruption is sickening.
      They screwed Palestine and America.
      We will nail them in Europe and the Far East. .


      1. John,
        I have a couple of questions concerning corruption but I will first explain our agenda.
        We have an environmental company that remediates hazardous waste. The technology was developed at one of the national labs and paid for by the Dept of Energy for the Dept of Defense. It has many applications and couples with our other technologies. We also have contacts at other national labs. Once we get funded we will try and help clean up Mother Earth. Having said this which is to much we will not deal with Woke or Corruption. We don’t believe in Courts or Legal Suits. We tell everyone that on the front end and will handle things in house. The technologies are still under wrap. My question is does your group have to deal with Woke? I know that corruption is there with the UN, US Treasury and World Bank. If you can’t answer it’s understood.


        1. Shadow
          The Elders will do Nothing without consulting their Trusted London associates.
          The Principle Call from from their key Attorneys this week, was to seek assurances that their key London Trust, Strategy and Structuring Trust Advisor will commit to stay in place for them for the next 5 to 10 years, helping lead, structure and protect all.
          London will NOT deal with Woke. Zios, Corruption or Limp Brains. Ethics will rule.
          London has a Duty of Care both towards the Elders and the Human needs we serve. Post the phased releases, the group will consider all Beneficial Developments for Human kind.Zio and Corruption Free.

          To keep the focus of London support, it is incumbent upon the parties in power, to support the agreed and planned strategies, and all know that. One Agenda. London will have Global oversight, and all that goes with it. Empowered Integrity. Intense, hugely complex dialogue is in daily play.
          Zio and Vatican Knee Free!

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  20. ‘Devastating’ Cleveland Clinic Study Reveals More COVID Vax Doses = MORE COVID

    “Cleveland Clinic is rated the number two hospital in the world. And so, when a study comes out of Cleveland Clinic, people take it very seriously,” explained Steve Kirsch. “And this study was devastating for the vaccine.”

    What they found was that people who took four doses or more were about 3.5 TIMES more likely to be infected with COVID than unvaccinated individuals.


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  21. NESARA High Priestess

    This was Wendy of the Wendy/Casper mass prosperity NESARA updates that only stopped once she and Casper died. This was her response to being challenged on her facts and to the damage being done to followers after 20 years of zip. Yep, her story never changed…right to the bitter end. Twenty years she waited…for nothing.


      1. Once you accept the truth of it all, the rest, however improbable, needs to happen.

        Plus, given where we are at, as someone braver than me said: “Come on, you apes! You wanna live forever?”

        Enjoy the end of Angel:


        1. We don’t ( Yet) have effective Drugs to remove a vile. pernicious and Ugly Zionist Cult, but enough Global parties see and hear the Need for the Cyrus Virus. Mankind cannot live on Bread alone, Nor Under the Heel of this Vile, Incestuous Bloodsucking Cult. I feel for the Good, but how do we weed out the Bad? Indoctrinated Perverts. Such an Evil sub -species. Better gone!
          It’s a dichotomy. Protecting the good. Weeding the Vermin.


    We are living in an age of mass deception, distraction and denial, of mass brainwashing. We might as well all be living in Jonestown, Guyana and following the orders of Jim Jones.

    That’s how bad it is. It’s all laid out right in front of us. But no one can see it. Or maybe no one wants to see it. The Durham Report is “the canary in the coal mine.”

    It’s all Obama. It’s always been Obama. Obama is the REAL “Big Guy.” Obama is the REAL criminal mastermind. Obama was the head of the snake. Obama was the John Gotti of the US government, overseeing a massive criminal conspiracy. Obama was the head of the “Obama Crime Family.”

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  23. Typical money-grubbing tin-pot puppet Zionist shill.


  24. Time is Running Out

    This is probably why the Russians never launched a winter offensive. Because there is no need for Russia to launch an offensive in order to win the war in Ukraine. All they need to do is hold their positions, methodically destroy everything that is thrown at them, and reportedly, within five months, the flow of military material to the Ukraine regime will stop and its NATO-funded military will collapse.

    Ukraine has five months to demonstrate some “advances” to the US and other Western backers, to convince them of its plans for the conflict with Russia, the Financial Times reported on Thursday, citing several European and American officials.

    by Vox Day


          1. The good Guy is still there but developed to deal with Zionist , Jesuit and Papist trash.
            Always the fight is for Right and Humanity. Never Zionist, Marxist or Papist insanity.


  25. Tensions at the Royal Place as Princess Catherine refuses to courtesy to Charles Mistress.
    Catherine blanks her like a Whore. Charles is a Right Charlie. His kids are calling him out, next they will throw him out. Ego alone brings an unfit Mental Midget to the Throne. All know he’s unfit for the role. Democracy strikes at the Palace. Charlie boy has dissent. William faces him down and flatlines him. Can the Half Wit take the heat?


  26. Like

  27. Like

    In a statement made today on a case concerning Title 42, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch breaks the painful silence on the topic of lockdowns and mandates, and presents the truth with startling clarity. Importantly, this statement from the Supreme Court comes as so many other agencies, intellectuals, and journalists are in flat-out denial of what happened to the country.


    1. This illegal, Birth Certless Commie Usurper needs to be sweated hard! A big Twat Stick will do the trick.


    2. Just get the passenger manifests of him travelling to Pakistan on his then Indonesian Passport and Jail the Queer Commie BASTARD for ILLEGALLY usurping the Presidency. Will no one act for America?


  29. Epstein “Allegedly” grooming Cyrus at 16 is travelling. She’s cross wired for sure.
    Dimon made the flights and he’s up in Lights. As for Gates?
    When are parties hauled in? Arrests?


  30. At some point, Ukraine is going to run out of men to bury. Russia, if you have been paying attention, has been lashing military and logistic targets throughout Ukraine with an unrelenting barrage of missiles and bombs for the past ten days and shows no sign of easing off.

    Ukraine’s Suicidal Offensive is Bleeding Out While the CIA Loses Its Mind


  31. Like

    1. Sorry Guys, Whakkie Backie America has left the tracks.
      Really, really, really time to rethink residency.
      Joe, or the Ho, or a life worth living?
      It’s a No Brainer, so use yours. Unless Screws are loose, it’s clear that once the new BRICS Empire emerges, the Dollar tanks and so do US Banks. Leave the grasping Whining Assholes and Weirdos behind, rejoin the old Motherlands. The EU will have factory vacancies for Wog Panning and Dog Food canning. De Louse and clean house. America has become a dumping ground for Cast offs and Crime. No place to bring up a family. It’s no longer the Land of the Free. Unless your illegals or Muzzies. 6M really needs to be ejected hard. Then look at the rest. End Welfare for 5 years, they will go. A Criminal Retard and a HO now run America. Is everyone asleep or just too many plain Dumb?They vote! Europe needs good people. It still has Culture not the US Vulture.
      This life is your journey, not a Cattle Cart in America. The Bums are Eating- You alive!


  32. The impending and oncoming invasion of Taiwan is having an impact upon South Korea’s new willingness to achieve a tenable deal to include military protection from China.
    America, as ever, will still take the money and run. When the money runs out, so will America.
    Which is why London will be the Fiscal Epicenter to build a Global Foundation Trust for them.
    Investing with strategic care for longevity. Buying Trust, not to go Bust.


    1. Trump is just a low life Grifting Arsehole, and yet no hesitation to go for him.
      But the scale of Bidens crimes are off the map in comparison, as with Bush 41 and the Clintons.
      Seriously bad criminals. Yet they are Teflon.
      Washington is so corrupt you can trust none of them. Fiefdoms of owned parties, a Can of Worms.
      Jew owned seats to Patronised appointments, and most blackmailed Pervs.
      Biden’s crimes are known. The world sees and knows.
      What’s taken so long for any of them.Corruption is endemic.
      This is one large festering Maggot Heap.
      Look how many supported impeaching.Real people.


  33. It’s crap. The vaxx never worked. It induced more infection. And as a general rule — no — it did NOT improve outcomes. As the pandemic progressed the virus attenuated as theory predicted it would.


    Eythorsson et al. in ICELAND in 2022 reported that with the COVID vaccine, probability of reinfection was higher among persons who had received 2 or more doses compared with 1 dose or less of vaccine. During the Omicron Wave of Infections in Iceland, December 1, 2021, to February 13, 2022; The reinfection rate was highest (475 of 3136 individuals [15.1%]) among those aged 18 to 29 years.
    MAY 18


    1. Tino
      The scale of side effect implications are still incubating.
      How many will they kill? It’s attacking everything.


      1. On the low end I expect 100 million dead in reduced life expectancy from cancer and genomic failure. Think the biologic equivalent of a PC’s Blue Screen of Death.

        500 million will suffer in varying degrees from illness. Although it’s early days, nattokinase seems to really be melting or inactivating the spike protein and reducing complications.


            1. Even one, if it’s you, or those close to you, is mortifying.
              Those projections, once extrapolated into Europe and Asia, will have beyond economic, vast Industrial and Infrastructure head on unplanned and “Uncontainable ” consequences. The world, as we know it, will leave the tracks. Society will disintegrate and who feeds or stops the looting Wookies? Lack of Border control is seeding Wolves into both America and Europe. Rabid Dogs.
              We will have touch down at c200MPH.


    1. The Russians need to finish this. So we can then get past the impending Taiwan fiasco.

      In Weapon Systems and Political Stability one fundamental premise is that wars happen when the balance of power between the opponents is not understood. The war restores said understanding.

      Despite all the bs — the whole Putin to be overthrown — Putin is dying — Putin to be assassinated — Russian military incompetence — Russia suffering unsustainable losses blah blah blah — None of the aforementioned bs was true. Intelligence agencies need to be taken to the woodshed quite severely behind closed doors.

      In fact, the Russians turned out to be patient, turned out to be competent despite early over-reaches, turned out that the war crimes were not or not provable on a reasonable basis, turned that Ukrainians were losing in attrition as high as 21:1 in some battles and 11:1 on average. There is literally no point, despite the biggest propaganda info-war in history, where Russia was going to lose this.

      I make no claims of the interim reality that Putin may or others may have experienced. I merely observe the predictive power of most MSM observers and some insiders was essentially zero. Instead, lateral thinking long-time Internet pundits following Ukraine since the Nuland coup basically had it right. A lot of intelligence agencies have egg on their face. This round goes to the free-lance folks.


      1. Weather, factually has restricted Russian moves. Ever more troops and armenants are moving into place ready for planned assaults. When it comes, what will be left of Kiev? Of Ukraine?
        Are we really coming down soon to scorched earth war moves next? How many will die?
        Russia has annexed its old territories, and will not back down. It’s one vast Stalingrad.


          1. If the Russians do Blitzkrieg, as threatened, it can end this year. Zelensky will run to Israel. Russia needs to scoop him up. Eichman style. Re-issue him as a bare assed Lamp Shade.


  34. Now Ford Motor Cars has lost its mind.

    Bud Light can recover from a 24% dip in sales, in time.

    A catastrophic drop in Ford truck sales will kill off Ford as sure as if its factories were bombed by Daisy-cutters…


  35. Unbelievably stupid and criminal. The 4th Am doesn’t allow such an overbroad net.


  36. The Problem of Shrinkage by Vox Day

    As with gun violence, inventory shrinkage actually just a diversity problem:

    Target (TGT) has become a target for major thefts, and it’s taking a huge chunk out of profits.

    The retailer estimated in its earnings release Wednesday that inventory shrinkage — mostly the theft of merchandise — would clip profits by a whopping $500 million this year. Factoring in an about $700 million profit hit from inventory shrinkage in 2022, Target is on pace to see $1.2 billion in profits go up in smoke, due primarily to organized retail crime.

    Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell says the problem is getting worse, is nationwide, and across various merchandise departments.

    “The unfortunate fact is violent incidents are increasing at our stores and across the entire retail industry. And when products are stolen, simply put they are no longer available for guests who depend on them,” Cornell said on a call with reporters.

    “Left unchecked, organized retail crime degrades the communities we call home. As we work to address this problem, the safety of our guests and our team members will always be our primary concern. Beyond safety concerns, worsening shrink rates are putting significant pressure on our financial results,” he said.

    Once more, we see that the materialist perspective is totally incapable of explaining the corpocracy’s embrace of diversity and inclusivity.

    Gordon Gecko lied. Not only is greed not good, it’s not even the causal factor it is assumed to be.


    1. Even though police are technically not a proper lawful tactic, we evolved them into existence and until folks understand that self-defense cannot be delegated, we are stuck with them, as a necessary but productive evil. Kudo to Portland for waking up and smelling the coffee.


  37. Stellar (XLM) is being moved from HOLD to BUY.

    It was announced last month that Franklin Templeton, who manage $1.5 trillion in assets, launched a $270,000,000 mutual fund on a public Stellar blockchain. All transactions processes and recording of ownership will be done on the Stellar blockchain.

    This represents a key milestone, not only for Stellar, but for the entire process of blockchain adoption as a whole. We expect the tokenization of every asset of significant value will eventually be administered in this way. Stocks, bonds, ownership titles, etc.

    It is most likely that more companies will follow suit. So, the best move with this asset is to once again suggest a buy up to .12.

    The master list has been updated to reflect this.



    1. The creature can’t even fix and balance its eyes to focus.
      It knows how to open its hands and a Butt to match.


  38. Wonderful! Very well received here and shared broadly!

    Also to this Tina person know this please. For several years I was a dinar chaser. No direction and sitting with my head in a cloud. Once I came here and started with Bitcoin and others my entire financial life changed. I formed a club locally and now we all take active roles in making our lives better and not sitting around on our asses waiting for something that has not happened in 20 years.

    Thanks again WHA! C

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Concord
      How can any of us explain to the bottom feeding Grunts that Demonetised Currencies have no value, nor will have. It costs c50 Bucks using war looted plates, to print Millions of this crap. with low lobe limp brains conned into thinking the c$500 Bucks or $5K they were suckered out of would allow Free Loading limp brains to cash in for $5M to $50M when Santa arrives. Unreal who with a Brain swallowed? The Promoters filled their sacks with tens of Millions scammed from the gullible Chumps and still they don’t get it. Pumpers and Retards? Vote Galen next. Brain dead victims still dream. They read their crap and believe. Hillbilly papers. Neither the US nor Iraqis have any money and no one will bail these Losers. Zero is coming from the Elders, not a chance. The Thick don’t think.
      Looney tunes the lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have had several direct confrontations with these NESARA Dinarian types. They are a rare breed of obstinacy that defies understanding. Almost to a man, they display some kind of mental defect that I don’t think modern psychiatric texts have ever fully explored.

        Their combined froth makes for an opportunistic sea on which the marketing of various and sundry products are sold and donations requested…sometimes angrily so under threat of loss of “intel”. A kind of psychological mental dependency has been observed whereby any delays or lack of information for a few days causes people to trend towards suicidal thoughts or depression.

        I had one past NESARA high priestess (now deceased) actually openly state that even if the President of the United States informed her that no RV was coming, she would not disclose such bad news to the field as she was certain there would be significant numbers of suicides if she ever did.

        This entire “RV” milieu has created a large number of mentally dependent cripples who are now so time committed with a huge chunk of their lives spent on hope for their payoff that they are unable to detach from the idea of such a potential sugar-teat being removed from their mouths.

        Their numbers are incredibly large. Clever dinarian marketers have attracted perhaps millions, raking in profits from marketing to their audiences by positioning within this mass hysteria of wealth on the horizon at any moment dynamic. And with it always being out on the horizon, there exists an almost unending length of time for their sales efforts to dwell in. No expiration date on the product.

        What is really needed is for the nations to adjust their currencies based on real-world budgeting and social needs, and after, when millions have not received their easy millions from war speculation on third world bodies, the lot of them will go looking for someone to hang for dragging them through decades of false dawns.

        I am glad that won’t be us.


          1. 20 years on from being scammed. still the Thick dont get it?
            Like Virginity, it’s gone! They lost their Wad. But Santa promised. That is all Belle View land.
            Best kept well away. Most seem to sit blowing bubbles daily. Probably voting Dems also. Gullibles?

            Liked by 1 person

    1. For the record:
      The FBI has ALWAYS been corrupt.Hoover started it!

      Since Bush 41 placed his own Thugs in control, all beholden to him, it was lost.

      Mueller perverted not just Justice, but America!
      Now they are a Law unto themselves, just like the C riminals I n A ction. ( CIA)
      Trump promised to clean the Swamp but the big, THICK Lump failed. Fake promises, he lies.

      Bannon summed him up. The IQ of a 12 year old, incapable of structured thinking or Self Control.
      A Child, funded and owned by Israelis. Was a Second Passport a gift also?

      Melania steers clear. So should America. She will not taint her Brand.
      He taints America.
      He will be buried in Litigation.
      It’s all stacking. The Moby Dick ( less) Sperm Whale in a suit loose to throw Wobblers.
      His own daughter has run for cover.
      The Cabal will crank up Litigation until Dickless Moby blows.

      Our real role, is to locate so many good Republicans and encourage Patriots to run.
      Chump had his chance, stole Syrian Lands and, for Jewish Bribe MONEY- Freed a lot of convicted Crooked Jews for the Kushner crime Family. Tacky, slimy conduct. So Not Impressed.
      We hope and Pray a Patriot emerges for the cause. Either side. Just a good heart and True.
      A party who cares not to be owned by the Jew.
      Clear out the trash. Spring Clean the DC Obscene. America deserves better. So do you all.
      The world won’t take much more. They will close ranks on you.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. Back when soccer was a big part of my life and athletics Adidas cleats were my “go to” footwear. In all but the most muddy conditions it was always like running on a dry pavement.

    Now, I would gladly see this company fail and their factories burned down, salting the earth afterwards in ritual garb.

    Go Woke, Go Broke


        1. Now this WAS my Munich Girl. Now she’s munching Carbs. Lol.
          Stop eating for 3, or keep off my knee.


          1. Ha! That is true I am eating everything!

            And I did receive your email message in private. What am I going to do with you?! 🙂

            We are so glad your elder project is making ground and we are very fortunate that your expert guidance and counsel is there to keep them free of bloodsuckers that have only shown their hate for anything good and decent and out of their greedy grasping.
            Gott Mit Uns


            1. I think next year we can find solutions to what?
              But putting a smile on your face, harmless and priceless. .But fun always.
              Always, you matter. That time was precious.
              Small steps for Mankind., we have so much to rebuild.
              Absolute Ethics, clean 100% by the book. This is for Humankind. Restructuring nations.
              As it builds out, we have the Duty of Care to Honour and will
              Elders know that.
              Memories are forever. Special.
              When the time is right, we will reach out. Germany is not alone. Nor are you, ever.
              This is gaining traction now. Now we battle corruption. Negating it before we start.
              I have some of the highest Military entities in the world around me. All co opted to help.
              A Martial Plan of Yes We Can.
              The Real Council of 12. To serve. To Put Back. Weevil Free! Destiny.

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  40. Sure. But understand, based on current criteria medicine would be unable to categorically state the following: Is there a link between planetary rotation and the phenomenon of the sun rising every morning…

    Something is profoundly wrong in the system as we all know.


  41. So says the mouthpiece of those most responsible for the present insanity:


  42. Calm progressive planned dialogue. Good Cultural relationships and Trust.
    All Alien to Washington but the bedrock of the UK. Why London survives and thrives, and DC dives.
    A Bond of Trust. Life has to have real meaning, not be demeaning. Ethereal values and creating a more Humane Kind of Mankind. Relationship values, Culture. Harmony built from the Children up.
    But first, a Clean Up!
    Many on WHA will empathise where this is going. Your views are heard.
    It’s been our Long March and still is, but breakthroughs are coming. Real people. Real Values. Real need.

    Liked by 1 person

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