From Londinium Comes A Message Of Hope

Interesting developments in the Elders Saga. Real world!

The Chinese Elders, US Treasury and UN, along with the World Bank are now close to agreeing to phased steps for initial releases.

1. First Projects are being phased for Africa. Greatest need!
2. London will become the Epicenter for Elders’ Financing and control, as well as both their UN and Commonwealth proliferation.
3. We will assess Crypto holdings. No more can be said until done.
4. A sizeable Global operation is phased to grow once adequate London Infrastructure has been accomplished and funded to cope with the needs forecast. We will be using our existing US Partner Operations to coordinate with the US Treasury and UN. All is yet to be signed off and will take time. US Treasury links is the point of interest. As is the parallel UN. Elders already have key UN roles. As do the Chinese.

While details cannot be publicized, it’s progressing. A step at a time and a huge historical investment.

Trust is earned. Hard earned. NY has been bypassed for Fiscal control. The British Trust wins.
The first steps towards Global rebalancing and a better world. Relationship Banking. Hope for Africa. British Ethics to protect all. British Managed Wealth for the Common People. Zionist shielded.

Green shoots.

Stay tuned.



  1. Hello this is Inge. Setting up to assist Frieda. Do I use her account here or should I set up my own? Thank you and Frieda says hello.


    1. Hi Inge.

      Just use her account please. Simply identify yourself as you do and all will be fine.


  2. Of course Russia will escalate attacks. It’s all about Winning. No surprise its cranking up. It’s only time before Moscow moves in for the the kill.


    De Santis is getting screwed for Disneyland.


    If only Tony could pull like this?


    This is a big Chink in their dreams

    As German study finds that “vaccination” causes cancer (!), another study has been rushed out to “prove” that COVID is the cause
    China’s UnionPay Overtakes Visa in Debit Transactions as Global Financial Realignment Continues

    This is the reality of the falling influence and power of the Western system. As settlement mechanisms shift both location and ownership control so does the power of preference for actual currency preferences. The day may well arrive that the centric currency of settlement against which all currencies trade may well change. This has huge implications especially as the BRICS are rising with 80+ nations wanting to join. And it is more likely than not UnionPay will use whatever this produces as a settlement currency.


    Taiwan Says It’s in Talks on Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella – News From

    Dumbest idea ever. Just the sort of arrogant, Dumb Nuland Zionist grab which can get America Nuked. Zionists like Sewer Rats can not help themselves. China will say F U.

    Taiwan Says It’s in Talks on Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella



    1. I actually can’t stand Bruce Springsteen. Dishwater pseudo Americana hickish barndoor country culture slop for the shallow-minded. Bigtime Libtard band leader who wants more anchor-babies to be “born in the USA”.


    1. Beyond alarming and correlates to our fears.
      5 million years of progressive Evolution faces Fauci , his needles and Human pollution.
      Solution? Death of Fauci and Gates!

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    1. Sad as it was for all, and millions dead, the next War could well be against America.
      US Hegemony in Europe will have to be ripped out.
      We must break free of the DC Choke Yoke.
      Make Peace with our Neighbours and share values. No more Woke, Disneyland or DC Filth.


    1. So cruel , so wrong.
      There needs to be a Third Category for Gender Benders only.
      Let Freaks ONLY compete with Freaks. Level the Playing Field.

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      1. Correct and I have stated similiar thoughts before including that they should have their own bathroom. So 3 seperate bathrooms.


      1. True. Even with the EEG-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, the yield for returning a child to neuro-typical, typically ages 4-12, is only ~33%…

        I spent 2011 thru 2020 doing that therapy or rather guiding other docs in how to do it.


          1. Tell them that the child is at risk for nothing, and certainly not hepatitis B. So the shot at birth is unnecessary. Beyond that, let them doc shop until they find someone willing to spread the vaxxes out in time, and not on top of one another. That will reduce the chance of autism or other vaxx injury dramatically.

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        1. And THAT is why it’s so DAMNED Important that your voices here raise the Flag and maintain alerts.
          Post the phased UN linked GS, I WILL use all influence with the Elders, to face America down over this and escalate redress. Guilt needs to face Hard Time, like LIFE! This needs to become a Hague Issue.
          Post the GS, Both Bush 43 and Blair will also feel hands on their collars. Soetoro too!
          As America declines,so will Teflon protection!
          The life of those children deserves consequences.

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  3. Just where are the big Dinarian Pay Offs these Pumper Puke Bowls have been espousing now for decades? The Pot is Empty, no one is bailing these Fools.
    Dinars are a badge of gullible fool shame and the worst kind of Ambulance Chasing free lunch blood money for Bottom Feeders.
    How many still get mugged each month? It’s an”American Thing”.
    Stolen Plates feeding Pumpers and Masterbators. Dinarian Chronicles, a Klaxon Horn for Clowns. Summon up the Brain Dead.
    Dump you damned Chump.
    Dump, stop the mindless pain and start again. Stop swallowing the Kool Aid for Muppets.
    Time to wipe your Rrrs. of Dinars!
    All that’s left in the Zoo is you. Mug money with no Honey.


  4. Why are they not all arrested and given 25 years to life?
    Again, is there ANY Justice left in America?


    1. Why are they not all arrested and given 25 years to life?
      Again, is there ANY Justice left in America?


  5. That’s too friendly a welcome.

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    1. Pussy always costs Tony.
      Just give away half of your world and be suckered.
      American Attorneys need to be hung.


        1. Yep
          Standing on 2 Boobs is so much better.
          Pre Nups are for suicide Pups. Agree an advance fee per year and if not, a Pigs Ear!
          When a guy sees the cost he will decline. It makes no sense.
          Test out the Pussy but stay on the fence.


    Debt ceiling set til 1/1/2025 – which means unknown debt increase – but $4 Trillion is a good estimate…
    Debt Ceiling “Deal” totally scraps the $131BB in cuts to return bureaucracy to pre-COVID levels in favor of what appears to be effectively flat spending (down or up a little) – at the bloated 2023 Omnibus spending level, jammed through in a rush in December
    Debt Ceiling “Deal” abandons work requirements for Medicaid
    Deal abandons our repeal of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act tax-credit crony giveaways – which Goldman Sachs says costs $1.2 Trillion.
    The deal abandons inclusion of the very powerful anti-regulatory REINS Act (which we just passed through House Judiciary as well) in favor of a form of administrative pay-go which is relatively toothless and/or able to be waived.
    The deal abandons full repeal of Biden’s unlawful student loan bailouts – forcing only a re-start to a small number while leaving in place $400 billion+ in loan forgiveness and punting our constitutional duty to the Court.
    The deal keeps full $80BB expansion of the IRS and the 87,000 employees it funds to target poor/minority 3-5x more – except for $1.9BB for this year.
    The deal does claw back $29BB remaining of the COVID unobligated funding which is used as part of the budget games.
    Does nothing for the border. Does nothing regarding pistol braces. Does nothing regarding Presidential overreach. And in many ways kills our leverage to get them through the appropriations process.
    Finally, again… this deal raises our debt ceiling an unlimited amount that is likely close to or over $4 Trillion.
    And there is more in the article.




    Russia will flatten it all


    Imagine how ugly

    At last progress

    A real low now
    Pepe Escobar: Eurasian Heartland Rises to Challenge the West

    As America, sadly, visibly deteriorates and Rots fronm the Head, Europe gets ever loser to Eurasia, and will eventually co enjoin.
    America will LOSE Europe, and evermore Europe, faced with occupying Amrmies and Rapacious US Banking and insane US inspired meddling Laws, want ever more to be rid of the US.
    It’s coming.
    Europe will in time create its own EU Force, and ask the US to leave. To take out its bases, and its Ponzi charging racket of NATO.
    Russia is not a threat to Europe. America, with its 990 plus Foreign bases, is a racket for Hegemoney. While America visibly deterrates at home.
    Infrastructure Rots, WOKE destroys family values, BLM defrauds, and the Zionist steal all.
    This will all end badly. The world ev er more feels the costs of allowing influence and oppression to the Ugly Sisters of Sodom and Gomorrah. Or Whashington AC/DC! Be- Gone!

    And you wonder why China has not spoken to the US at any level for 3 weeks after a sit down with Sullivan? The reality is there is no one to talk to worth talking to from a Chinese perspective. Given trade levels this should be a concern.
    This comes at a time when relationships with Russia and America is nearing the point of no dialogue, and one might forecast Embassies maybe closed in the future. And not just in America. The world is Awoke, the US is Broke.

    Interesting conjecture.


    There will be so many guys buying. Lawyers will all get screwed.

    They will skin him alive



  8. The current Vote reading even before the Vote Rigging, real world, is as follows:
    Biden 40%
    Trump 28.6%
    De Santis 18.2%
    Kennedy 5.3%.

    To be so low gives Kennedy no chance.
    Can De Santis come with a surge or get steam rolled.
    How much will Trump’s baggage weigh him down?
    If the Dems throw in Trannie Obama or Clinton, they walk it.
    The numbers, all hype apart, do NOT look good for Trump. No De Santis.
    I was surprised how low Kennedy came. I expected higher.
    Media hype apart, and as so much litigation is now pending, Trump has a mountain to climb.
    Every dumb, Rhino Assed Welfare Rat out there will vote Biden. Too dumb to work, but they vote.
    America is so broken. So sad. It needs a Civil War. Erase the Grunts.
    How long can Thinking Americans ignore this decline to the Swine?
    Dreams don’t sustain nations, and 990 plus bases are eating you alive.
    The US and WHO will imprison you all. Abdication of a Free Thinking Nation.
    America is fast going West.
    European bloodlines, rethink and return. A real crash is coming.


      1. Factor in that the Dems will always get 40% plus from the masses. That’s ever a constant. In reality come election day it will be higher. Especially when rigging gets to work.
        1.Trump v Clinton the Dems were confident Clinton was home. Big shock.

        2.Trump v Biden Trump was confident he was not a One Termer. Big Shock.

        Trump is not an experienced DC Election Orchestrator. Worse, he is, and will remain forever- Thick.
        Postal votes and riggable counting machines gift corruption.
        Welfare Wogs gift Poison Ivy votes. Welfare Wogs contribute nothing, No Pay should have No Say.
        Illegals now with votes? It’s Academic but you are poisoning your own well.

        I found the Kennedy vote to be lower than anticipated.

        De Santis splits Trumps support. That was higher than expected.

        Come the day, Real World, Bluster Guts will face a c45% hard core Dem vote plus the rigging.
        Reality, it’s the 10% swing between each which will sort it.
        Dems will have a large scale Electoral machine to get them out and to the Polling Booths. Plus massive Postal Vote rigging. Counting Machine fixes will happen. Florida was rigged for Bush 43. It’s always been just Who in the Zoo screws you.

        Bottom line expect either side to get c45% from their parties, but the Republicans are in numbers decline as Wogs Breed and Illegals grow.
        It needs it all on the line this time for the republicans to organise.
        Is there the focused infrastructure and Will?

        The apparatus may fail Trump. He’s too thick to handle the detail.
        Bannon ” Mind of a 12 years old Child !”

        Reality is that party machinery will become the Battle Ground akin to a new Civil War.
        Chump may be outgunned. Dems will be heavily organised. Chump has no Infrastructure.
        All the usual US Razzamataz will play out, but it will come down to Bums in the Voting Booths and Bums mass rigging the cards. Dem corruption will be huge. Mr. Thick cannot match it. He lacks the Infrastructure and detailed thought process. Europe sees him as Mr Thick, a Putz and a Joke.He’s a picture of ridicule, the Orange Yeti.
        All Polls apart, organisation will define the nation. He does not have command of, nor understand the fine details to win. I for one, will not be surprised to see him lose again.
        He is not a Party Insider─ so lacks Infrastructure mass support.

        As predicted, when he called for mass Insurrection, he Ran and Hid, Cowards do. He exposed his colours and Butt. That will cost him next time.
        All the semantics will come down to Floating Voters.
        He lacks mass Republican support. He’s not a Made Party Man Just a Grifter Made Good- Once.
        Malleable Biden will be “”Managed”. Demos have a far more sophisticated “Corruption System!.
        Plus a visible Puppet in play.
        It’s sad for America, it’s sad for the world, that this Orange * unt is the best you can front.
        Of course, of the 2 we want Chump to win, but reality is he faces ignominy and the Dems machinery.
        All indications are- he will get hosed again.
        Corruption? America is built on it.


  9. Hat-tip to JimmyChanga:

    Special Guest Nurse Anne On
    The Catastrophic Fallout From The BioWeapon
    Injections – Cancers, Strokes, Heart Attacks,
    Kidney Failure Exploding In New York Hospitals

    Want to know whats really happening in US hospitals right now? Listen

    [audio src="" /]
    (length 1 hr)


  10. Lifted from Anonymous Conservative. I met Bill Gates briefly on a trip to Boeing which dovetailed with Microsoft having some corporate shindig. Upon meeting him, all I have to say is I agree with Vox Day == that I have serious doubts he was responsible for MSDOS or even Level 2 TRS-80 Microsoft BASIC as a programmer. (Plus, Micro-crap, as we in the field refer to most of the stuff Microsoft produces, just continues a trend set 50 years ago Some decisions I see in their software make me cringe. I once lost 16 hours on a trivial issue because a resource, claimed to be owned and locked — in the programming sense — wasn’t at all because the OS would routinely steal it… sigh)

    Given Gate’s family connections, inherent level of sociopathy, and I’m sure Vox Day’s comment makes sense: AC’s scenario would certainly go a long way toward explaining why Bill Gates the face of all things Clown World these days. I don’t know about you, but I tend to doubt he has any particularly strong attachment to Africa, vaccines, or farming. He’s basically a creepier, sexually ambiguous Elon Musk playing the role of Smart, Successful Billionaire, as even the old stories about his supposed programming chops tend to strike one as little more than a charade.

    Moving on::

    Anonymous Conservative BEGIN QUOTE

    Today’s lesson in espionage – Bill Gate’s little foreign f***toy, who Epstein tried to blackmail him over, knew Anna Chapman. It changes everything. The story was Bill Gates competed in a Bridge tournament, and he was so impressed with the intellect she displayed, he had an affair with her, and she, little star struck ingénue was so awed by his star power, he was able to get her in the sack. Epstein crossed paths with her by chance, when she was seeking $500,000 to set up a Bridge-oriented website, and while he did not give her the cash, he paid for her to attend computer programmer school, and let her stay in his apartment in New York City for nothing. Then he later tried to blackmail Gates into putting money into a JPMorgan charitable fund using his knowledge of the affair.

    What really happened? This girl knew Anna Chapman. She was a spook. Moreover, a trained honeypot spook, probably. They probably met in honeypot school. Bill Gates runs Microsoft. His software is on everyone’s computers. Years before this, he was probably approached, or connected with someone, probably with relation to bridge. A bridge connection. Supposedly you never want to simply send your infiltrator in cold, looking to compromise someone, or get something, because they first have to fight to gain trust, and your meeting may always seem unusual and provoke suspicion. You first insert another person, beyond reproach, who never tries to compromise the target, or get anything out of them. They build trust and a bond with the target, and then you then insert the compromiser through them, using an introduction and some social capital (Here is my friend…), so the compromising agent has some social capital going in, and the target will never wonder how they met, or if there was an ulterior motive. Gates probably has another agent in his circles somewhere who introduced them. I would assume she was part of a massive operation, specifically targeting Gates, maybe hoping to get him to insert someone into Microsoft at some point, maybe someone who could get a backdoor into Windows, if they could get deep enough. Impossible to know how it worked from here, beyond he was a target, and was so important it was probably impressive in scope once she got in with him.

    It also explains why Epstein let her stay in his apartment when she came to New York (and met her friend Anna Chapman) and why he paid for her to go to computer programmer school. Epstein was pure intelligence [spy], and he likely knew exactly who she was and who she worked for. So he probably planted her somewhere in a controlled apartment, probably put up with cameras and microphones being monitored by his bosses, and a controlled school, where his intel handlers could get a good, long, multi-year look at her, maybe with an eye to turning her, or at least building a legend on her. Epstein contacting Gates about her probably was not so much a case of “I know about your affair,” but was probably more along the lines of, “I know you got compromised by a Russian agent.”

    The whole world is now a masterclass in intelligence operations, because they are everywhere, starting on your first day of kindergarten – assuming you don’t count the monitoring inside your house before then.

    And always remember, spies use sex to infiltrate. Women have limitless options, so even model-tier guys will be ignored by them. If an even half-way, kind-of-pretty girl ever suddenly seems obsessed with you, something is amiss.


    1. Epstein is turning out to be much more of a rabbit hole than everyone thought. His claws are deep and extensive. No doubt he was used to get the goods on many.


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