From Londinium Comes A Message Of Hope

Interesting developments in the Elders Saga. Real world!

The Chinese Elders, US Treasury and UN, along with the World Bank are now close to agreeing to phased steps for initial releases.

1. First Projects are being phased for Africa. Greatest need!
2. London will become the Epicenter for Elders’ Financing and control, as well as both their UN and Commonwealth proliferation.
3. We will assess Crypto holdings. No more can be said until done.
4. A sizeable Global operation is phased to grow once adequate London Infrastructure has been accomplished and funded to cope with the needs forecast. We will be using our existing US Partner Operations to coordinate with the US Treasury and UN. All is yet to be signed off and will take time. US Treasury links is the point of interest. As is the parallel UN. Elders already have key UN roles. As do the Chinese.

While details cannot be publicized, it’s progressing. A step at a time and a huge historical investment.

Trust is earned. Hard earned. NY has been bypassed for Fiscal control. The British Trust wins.
The first steps towards Global rebalancing and a better world. Relationship Banking. Hope for Africa. British Ethics to protect all. British Managed Wealth for the Common People. Zionist shielded.

Green shoots.

Stay tuned.



  1. This will ensure the best employees remain on the job.


        1. Equinox is the most over-priced athletic club around. The idea of the place is really to get affluent 30-somethings in the same place in the name of healthy activity and provide a sexual marketplace.

          But serves them right. They should have fired her after the 4th tardy… Of course, the fact that the idiot judge didn’t set aside the verdict or give a directed verdict is just astonishing. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m probably missing some finer point of NY law,,,




    Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex is the discredited face of America
    Markel needs whiplashing across the face daily for 3 months with a wet Turd.
    What a F Mongrel Harry got headjobbed by. Another F Actress took him to the Cleaners.
    She lacks the Class or Decorum to carry off Royal Duties.
    No Grace Kelly, just LA smelly. Grace Kelly made it, Markle just bolted. Boring. A Turkey flapper.
    She could have been Americas Princess of Hearts, not its just a flapping Wannabe Tart. We gifted her that.
    It’s 90% likely the ManChild will divorce it. Both the Mother and Daughter are Bolters. The Man Child has no Role. Ginger Tosser whining is boring.
    She was accorded care and goodwill by the UK.
    All this Protection BS is just that. Stop F Attention seeking and they walk freely.
    Pumpkin face cant not stand not being the centre or attention.
    1. Your F ugly from many angles, and those pathetic boney straggly legs have never seen a days work out, just sitting on that very fat Arse.
    2. In 5 more years that Drag Hag effect will become clear to all. What then, the Pound?

    The Hag is a Drag.
    LA Please, swerve it. 2 sad Assholes.


    Over reach and hubris have befallen many a nation in decline as an empire. In this case the bluff is being called on the Federal Reserve Dollar by outing a declining American economy.

    If this were to happen, one must ask whether Western ratings would be what they are.

    For example, one must assume that great economies produce a great deal of steel consumed by industry and for export purposes. In this case, America is 4th in size and is dwarfed by China. One might question and speculate that even with all of its’ problems India has a larger economy than America. Can we even believe what Western rating agencies say anymore?

    In so doing, it becomes clear that a separation of value is coming and it sure is not going to be upwards.


    1. Yep… same thing is true of indomethacin. At first sign of symptoms indomethacin reduced viral replication more than 1,000x. We knew this in 2005 if memory serves. Also monteleukast and levoceterizine. And in the early pandemic a nursing home came up with a 100% survival combo, will see if I can dig it up. We should all preserve it for future reference.

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  3. What could possibly go wrong? H/T to a Russian on private locals board:

    “Microsoft, Visa, and other national and global companies will participate in the upcoming pilot project of the Brazilian central bank digital currency, the digital real.” ( )

    “The USAID-sponsored, Visa and Google assisted Diia app not only forces Ukraine into a digital ID panopticon, it encourages them to snitch on fellow citizens, reporting them as Russian collaborators so they can be arrested and disappeared.

    Yale-trained Mykhailo Fedorov of Ukraine’s ministry of digital transformation was on hand to sell Diia as the future of ‘e-governance’. Fedorov previously oversaw Ukraine’s partnership with FTX, which saw $60 million in ‘aid’ disappear in Kiev. […] Fedorov thanks U.S. taxpayers for serving as the first social investors of Diia.

    Host Kara Swisher jokes that AI is going to destroy humanity, then complains the U.S. public will never accept an app like Diia. USAID’s Samantha Power reveals Estonia, Zanzibar, and Colombia are launching similar ‘e-gov’ apps alongside USAID.

    Google, Visa and U.K. government are also Diia sponsors.

    Visa Executive Chairman boasts Diia also offered financial incentives for Ukrainians to get vaccinated….

    Last year Ukraine awarded its national peace prize to Visa’s incoming CEO.

    These people are genuinely overjoyed that Ukraine, by 2030, will be totally digital.

    They say it will be the first cashless society and dependent on remote learning. They say this model is humanity’s future. No regard for the obliterated nation — maybe because BlackRock gets to rebuild?”

    ( ; ; ; ; ; ; ; )


    1. 4 years too long! She already got a life sentence, the poor mother.
      Thank God she slammed 5 into him. Hopefully Hollow Heads and Dum Dums.


        1. Now she lives, with her daughter in harmony and rapture.
          Now he pays, with no escape. Remember if the Soul cannot die, bar intercession,
          Imagine the Richter scale of Pain and Terror Atonement will bring.
          There will be No Mercy or Plea Bargaining. Payback is real!
          First he sees Playback,
          Then he gets Payback! No place to be, its Karma Destiny
          The True Shit Chute!


    Biden Admin’s $40m ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives’; Documents uncovered by the Media Research Center (MRC) revealed the Biden Administration used a $40 million grant
    program of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ostensibly earmarked for anti-terrorism purposes, to target conservative organizations and media, including you, me, Breitbart News.


  5. Fat bitch is worthless.


    1. A F Mossad front seeking Zio seeking to take Jewkraine as the new Greater Israe Hell and cross import more Khazarian Mafia with all their Crime, degeneracy and filth they will bring.
      So much a pity the West is just so F Dumb and sees nothing.
      They Assimilate, integrate all while Fools just Masterbate!
      Amalgamate and drive these F out!
      The best of American’s come back to the European Motherlands. Feudal oppression is gone and let’s have this Khazarian Shit Gone! Come home and let’s build better.
      No EU land for Nuland. Bad Jews News.

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    1. All work is hand in hand with the CIA, FBI,DEA, FED and major Drug Banks. All feed from it.
      One Global Puke bowl. No less Customs at Chicago airport who knowingly clear certain Chinese Cargo flights . The Chicago and Panama Bank Launderettes. Fat Mayors Fiefdom kickbacks. Political filth at its worst. HSBC Powder Providers. The Mafia has always owned it. Now run and rigged by corrupt Political Jews. All are in on it.
      Nothing has changed. How many old Mob Thugs were Jews. Most were. Still are.
      The Plebs are mass ignorant. Herds of Cretins. All Taxed and sheered.
      Ukraine is a disgrace. How many dead or will die? Jew F Kraine!


    1. A high-tech civilization requires a lower IQ of 105 just for maintenance…

      This video was as bad as the video of the idiot in South Africa filling a tanker trailer with gasoline, while smoking, and having the whole fueling station, his tanker and 2 other tankers blow up… I wasn’t able to find that particular Act of Stupidity, so I proffer the following in its stead:


    1. Yep,
      Borders we defended, Crooks, Creeps. Wookies, Perves and Freaks we upended.
      All knew if they were Arthur or Marther. Or God help their ears with the backhander they got to keep them straight.

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    What size of dip is coming for Cryptos?


    Comer Drops $5 Million Biden Bribe Bombshell in Letter Threatening Wray with Contempt Over Subpoenaed FBI Whistleblower Document | The Gateway Pundit | by Kristinn Taylor
    Wray is part of an FBI and Agency Thug Plutocracy who treat Americans and the world with disdain. Whores above the Law.
    America cannot recover until hes in jail.

    Contempt on Wray and impeachment articles on Garland in a land where justice seems improbable and beyond reach. So what’s next?


  7. I good man died yesterday. To preserve the innocents and few items that may still have some security consequences, we will simply refer to this man as MOHPHD.

    MOHPHD interviewed me long ago at my first California job. Unbeknownst to us both, the company we both would be working for was a dotcom bubble company — brilliant ideas and even a fabulous implementation solution to a problem of network management by yours truly. Unfortunately, in a larger issue, said company’s management was gaslighting all of us in a flip-the-company scam. Karma is a bitch, between lawsuits upon failure and disease, all the owners eventually got theirs in destroyed lives and death.

    The interview was unique in that MOHPHD walked in and point blank told me the problem they were struggling with and if I had any ideas. I was somewhat flummoxed because (to me) the solution was obvious. So I asked for a white board and 15 minutes to get it all sketched out. 15 minutes later I outlined the solution. 5 minutes after that 3 managers and 3 senior engineers came in. I repeated myself. Then MOHPHD took me to lunch with the rest of the physicists. A few days later I started work. MOHPHD would be a part of my life for 25 years after that.

    MOHPHD had lived quite a life. As a child he had memories of crystal cities of an unknown world. He had surprising control of his arterial blood flow and could shut down bleeding from a wound from all but a major artery. He worked on many black projects. He was a participant in the operations that rid of us of major German/Italian terrorist groups in the 80’s. For Texas Instruments he implemented a major financial arbitrage project against Forex — successfully. He created an award-winning and novel spiral support structure with one continuous beam of concrete that supported a major cupola-like building Inspired he said, from those childhood memories.

    Great sadness visited when he lost a son to suicide due to an undiagnosed manic depressive condition.

    MOHPHD was also a very social man, with a house high on the LaJolla bluffs, where before his divorce, I met a litany of famous and not-so-famous scientists that he collected together on a regular basis. It was at one of those parties I would meet Kari Mullis and jointly consult with Mullis on a novel cancer therapy.

    In a particularly amusing incident we drove together up to Manhattan Beach to meet with a brilliant fuzzy logic computer scientist and mathematician. I was somewhat perplexed at the invitation, but I just chalked it up to his somewhat eccentric character. Plus I wanted to meet someone who had been dumb enough to turn down Larry Ellison’s offer to implement the earliest version of Oracle. (That must have stung!) In any event the guy was excited to tell us what he had been working on. Unfortunately, he reached a point where I had to tell him that his conclusion was incorrect, as if he could do what he claimed, then he could solve the Halting Problem — a violation of a fundamental result in theoretical computer science. He challenged that and I showed him the 5 step proof. We were shown the door in a fit of pique. MOHPHD went on to tell during the ride home — “Bob. Thanks for that. I’ve waited 30 years to see someone do that to him…”

    He was extremely kind to me and offered me a room to live in during the 2008 implosion which wiped out the San Diego medical device industry and had thrown me into unemployment.

    In any event, it was a privilege to know him. He passed, thankfully, very peacefully. Given who he was, I would not be shocked if he simply willed himself on, knowing it was his time. May his Spirit journey well in the Beyond.

    I will miss him…


    1. Life is a carbon life form journey Tino, look what he takes with him as an awareness asset for the Cosmic Data Bank?
      Nothing dies. Nothing is lost.
      Apart from Biden mentally!


    2. Glad you had a chance to know this kindred spirit and shared good memories. Another one who lives in your heart:)


  8. Non-White Leaders in New York City Want Gang Database Abolished because 99.6% of People Registered are Non-White
    Paul Kersey • Thursday, May 25, 2023 • 900 Words
    Imagine a city where we know who all the criminals are & who they interact with…:

    NEW YORK—Advocates recently promoted legislation to clear a controversial New York Police Department of Investigation (DOI) database that they argue keeps tabs on predominately Black and Brown residents in New York.


    1. Sadly
      As I have intimated so often to you, whilst I have regard and respect for the African and other American categories who do exist, who do good things and who both belong and have a right of respect, and credit, and protection for their role in the nation, their Rights, it’s the wrong lot bringing America and society down, and left unchecked everyone will lose.
      I have good Afro American Partners, I value them, and applaud them. I stand with them for all the good they are, and what they bring to us all. We need to spend more time exhibiting good folks.
      It’s not the colour of your skin, nor the place of birth,

      It’s the values and valour in your heart, or for the bad ones, their Black Souls which need ripping out.
      We cannot stand by and keep seeing our societies depleting values, screaming for Woke, creating badly wired cross genders, and imposing their immorality of the gutters, polluting our nations.

      If we are to save what we have, when do we call it time for the Rubicon Line?

      You cannot evolve a nation polluting from stagnation.
      Too much media focus glorifies torpid Rot, with Welfare grasping value wrecking Gorilla Snot!
      Bullets are made round to go around!

      When a sinking society is degenerating into depravity forsaking all reason,
      Maybe it’s time the West unleashes Hunting Season!

      It’s taken us 7,000 years to evolve towards Democracy.

      Now the Khazarians , Wookies, Wogs and Gender Freaks want to scrap the lot for their Autocracy.
      I believe the wrong sort deserves their Rights.
      Their Last F Rights!

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  9. Not Earth-shattering, but a good comment


  10. Out of loyalty to a character that should have been retired long ago and my memories from high school, I will struggle thru the mess that is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

    But I couldn’t help smiling when this latest bit cropped up in the trade rags:


    I’ve said before and I’m saying it now, the attraction of Indiana Jones wasn’t that you wanted to see his movies, it was that you wanted to BE Indiana Jones. Young, mid-thirties, Nazi-punching Indiana Jones. Nobody wants to be old-as-f 80-year-old Indy. Bringing him back to the franchise was a terrible idea… Unless you were planning to obliterate Indiana Jones and the rumors all said the same thing, that, that was what they were planning to do. Indiana Jones would be humiliated by Fleabag for the entire movie then, time travel back to his forties, meet his younger self, and then his younger self would be killed. Banishing Doctor Henry Jones Jr from all of his adventures. Then Fleabag would pick up his hat and have those adventures for him thus cucking Indy, his audience, and all men everywhere.

    LucasFilm actually had the nerve to be surprised when the test screenings bombed. Much to her rage, Kathleen Kennedy was ordered to unfuck the ending.

    The ending was resentfully changed to Indy getting heroically clocked by Fleabag, because he wanted to stay in the past. He wakes up in the present and is bummed about it until Marion walks in with some groceries. At the start of the movie they had been divorced, and that got Butterfly Effected away. So now it’s a happy ending.


    Go Woke, Go Broke and KK must turn a profit for Lucasfilm!


    1. Whilst we Muse about the Indiana Jones saga, much is not dissimilar to the journey of discovery with the Elders.
      Same Hydras, Wookies and Lookers. Same collusion, Grifters and Scalpers.


    1. Hmm,
      With a smile on my face, a German just married Munich Girl with a possible 50 years to life ticket.

      Joking Lady!


      1. Make sure that when Inge is tracking comments she comes equipped with a Brit curved ball humour valve. Take nothing at face value. Double meanings are fun to cause coffee losses.
        How to singe an Inge


    1. I watched this video a few days ago. Sad he was exposed to crap like that at such a young age. Speaking of his age, he looks older than I do and he is in his fifties. Being film stars must be very hard on the health.


  11. The BRICS Has Overtaken The G7 In Global GDP – Silk Road Briefing

    From a contributor and valid.

    While this article is dated 2 months ago, it gives a good view into the direction of where the BRICS are headed and the sheer delusion of the so called Rules based order dictated by American exceptionalism failing on a world stage.

    America lost itself by forgetting that the business of America is business and not military adventures to enrich a few while allowing globalism to hollow out the homeland of adequate resources to sustain a leadership role. It has not helped that the rise of Neocons aligned with the military establishment added to the corruption of State to give homage to criminal activity exploiting the world under the banner of American foreign policy. If you ask average Americans they could care less about what goes on in the rest of the world turning more to what happens around them in daily life. American isolationism stems from Americans being America centric and not wanting to adventure the world in a military fashion. It is why since Vietnam proxy armies are used as are mass bombing and land campaigns against poorly equipped armies of nations who stood out as primitive opponents against a vast array of air superiority assets. Just think back to “shock and awe” in Iraq.

    Today, this same misguided and lost mindset of characters wages war against Russia to attempt to see Russia broken up and to feast on some 75Trillion in in ground wealth to continue the parade. Sadly or righteously for this band, Russia over took America in military technology long ago and is well ahead and perhaps cannot be caught being several generations ahead in things like missile technology. The gap across the military sphere of assets is too great to be caught up with by a financially incapable status and corruption which destroys effective use of capital in research or manufacture. Nor does a will exist when thievery and devious thinking rules.

    Today’s Silk Roads while started by China as a Chinese initiative to have dominance has created a juggernaut that does not bend to singular dominance. Having experience American boots, the BRICS and the 80 + countries wanting in are throwing off the cost of using Federal Reserve Dollars in trade to have individual freedom based on national efforts and not central discretion of one party. This is simply decentralization at work which is death to centralized control. This is what the fight is about. And oddly the proxy conflict in Ukraine has strengthened Russia while weakening AMerica and NATO while demonstrating the sad state of Western technology. Think about the up to date Patriot missile complex supplied to Kiev in hopes of a demonstrated media event to be dashed by a single missile. No new systems will be supplied to avoid future embarrassment. Only old systems like F16’s will be trotted out for failure. And there are no new funds for thirsty eyes of manufacturers as wallets are empty.

    In today’s theatre of play, western audiences are led by failed leadership where in most cases the majority of the public has no faith in governments or the direction being taken as it is contrary to national or individual gain. It serves only to attempt to hold on to power quickly leaving as other non 7 nations stay their course. With so many nations wanting the BRICS alternative over the past, it is clear that the G7 has already failed in offering any real alternatives worthy of consideration, which tells you what the future trend is. This failure to understand coupled with corruption on a mass scale and lack of moral high ground ( think foreign bio labs etc.) will lead to collapse of relevance as the West stumbles and economies contract.

    Nothing collapses overnight but what is quite clear is that the decline of the Western economies in world trade will continue until there is awaking to cause a change and what nations will look like is likely to be quite different than what they are now because standards of living will decline along with social unrest. With this will be a political shift out of the mess that this brings.


    1. As the venomous Mossad Israeli Jews have the US Pentagon straddled with Jewish Generals, expect every chance of a US triggered War with Russia to allow the Zionists to Asset Strip and plunder Russia afterwards. They will kill billions to loot and take. Kissinger could not have been more clear, they see the US as Dumb Palooka Body Bags to take the bullets for Zionist inspired Hegemony policies. Jews lie while Americans die, 6,000 years of the real Foe being the Zionist Ho, until each nation wakes up and expels them.
      Russians will not give up its nationhood, for the Fake Jew PR of Hollywood.
      Washington does not get that this time, mess with Russia into a Nuclear War, and you will be washing the blood from the dead bones of Washington DC. A nation too stupid to lead, has the Nuclear button in the hands of Biden and Woke, when Israel has finished you will be dead or broke.
      You’re way past recall, as ever, the Jews want it all. Body Bags and DC Slags.
      The curved ball reality to peace, is nuclear empowering Iran and even Syria, to rid the world of Demon seed.
      The West will die for the scurrilous Zionist lie. Get Rid- Of the Yid!
      Genghis Khan’s marauding, cross Jew breeding. assimilating HO all need to Go!
      Russia will not go into the night without the mother of a fight.
      Americans simply have no idea, the Zionists have taken them all for Fools, and served it up their rear.
      Now we are on the brink of collapsing in the West,
      Feeding the ravenous greed of the Zionist Pest.
      When will a judgmental world unleash the Cyrus virus.

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  12. The junkie was full of junk


    1. Well spotted, worth watching, and naked truth.
      But how do we persuade a Moron that it’s stupid?
      I give you Biden and Trump. A basket case each.
      Look around, it’s profound, the scale of vacant eyed, stupidity abounds
      Morons not worth saving, eat away the resources for those who are.
      The Jewish racketeered Fed Ponzi Usury scam is only a Pyramid scam waiting to burst.
      If and when it does, Man Kind, will not be.



    Sound familiar?
    The owner said she rents to people from all over the world but has had difficulty with most of her Black American clientele. She categorized them as “disrespectful, entitled, unappreciative” and said the reason they are is that they have been spoiled and given too much “free sh*t” in America.

    She complained that they “start fights with each other” late at night and said they expected the same treatment in Jamaica that they receive in America, “They think that they can come to Jamaica and can get the same free shit here, and they are nasty about it.” She continued making it clear that she is not saying all Black Americans are the same.


    1. I am glad you found it valuable knowledge. We have been warning of the rise and re-birth of Bolshevism in the West. Even the Russians now admit that their past had to deal with this scourge of humanity. And it gives some clarity as to why Germany tried to erase it from the continent. We gave those miserable c–ksuckers 11 billion dollars in WWII, and now look what we are dealing with?

      Vlad didn’t mention the Frankfurt School…perhaps fearing that giving credit to Germany for throwing those roaches out of their lands would create confusion in the minds of the witless drones who got their history from Steven Spielberg.

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  14. One wrong move and the GS will be put on hold for another 10,000 years.


    1. How far will they go to stay in power?… Nukes?… looking at the blatant, obvious, control state the US is in right now, using tactical nukes will be coming I would think… how far will they go to stop the GS?… as far as they need to it looks like


    2. This is a deterrent move. It’s a clear message that Russia will respond in kind if the Retards try an area-clearing weapon.

      It is the US that can’t be trusted at this point with nukes. But within the halls here, everyone is very truly terrified about the use of nukes. This is looking like a war-theatre move given locations.


  15. US struggling to explain images of its destroyed hardware inside Russia — RT World News

    From a contributor

    What is the point of struggling to explain the use of American or European equipment on Russian soil? Call for what it is, because spin is meaningless. Yes, America spends money it does not have depriving its’ citizens for the glory of war in dreaming of defeating Russia and breaking the country up to feed upon its’ natural wealth. Recent colored maps announced define the intent beyond a shadow of doubt galvanizing the Russian public to stand behind their leadership in a fight for their existence.

    Any thinking person already has realized that Ukraine is a proxy army to fight for NATO and America in a war against Russia with the battlefield being Ukraine, engineered by Neocons in America. A proxy is really nothing more than a mercenary for hire that has been hired. Historically, mercenaries have always been used in conflicts. Equipped by their masters to fight as opposed to wasting citizen lives. Ordinary Europeans and Americans have no interest in a fight with Russians. And frankly any attempt to secure of enlist such a military call up would cause mass uprisings.

    Should anyone be surprised that Ukrainian pilots are actively being trained in America to fly F16’s? Yes, American Air Force Generals have said this will not change anything. However this is not relevant because F16’s can and will carry Nukes to strike Russia soon. Those Ukrainian pilots are on a one way path to their death to escalate the fight.

    While it maybe adequate for now to ignore the nuclear dust spreading across Poland into Germany. Will it be so easy to overlook a nuclear attack on Crimea or some other part of Russia? And should we not see this as a direct escalation that will force Russia to retaliate in response? While this sounds like some crazy movie script, the danger is very real with insane Neocons at the helm in America and elsewhere. Do you know that power has been cut off to the largest nuclear plant in Europe with 9 days of diesel fuel left to keep the water cooling the rods? Does no one understand the danger and risk to Europe? Or should one assume that the past meltdown was acceptable because this could be much worse.

    When you see people out of fear and apprehension buy gold dory bars to secure momentary monetary value, it is clear that beyond fear of war lies an apprehension of far worse. Because in a time of so called tactical nukes being authorized one might imagine that all manner of debt and currency may well be defaulted upon blaming war and uncontrollable circumstances and not the irresponsible actions of politicians. Ask yourself when have you ever witnessed a politician admitting they were wrong? And as for gold, i can attest that my family’s burial of gold coins dating back to Czarist times has never been recovered and has served mute to preceding generations. Even land has not seen recovery to what it once was. It is why even today in certain parts of Italy and France one finds gold coins and the like from times past and lives given from forgotten history.

    Should history choose to respect itself in teaching and repeat; the outcome for a Ship of Fools will more than likely follow historical consequences as opposed to creating new courses of history.

    We all hope so. The sooner he bolts on that Gold Digger the better


    Way past time these Traitors do time

    Just to keep Munich Girl laughing


  16. Hang in there MG. We are not far behind.


  17. Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers had a great stream of the DeSantis announcement (linked video starts after the announcement ended). As Barnes and Baris have been saying for months, Trump is branding DeSantis as a RINO swamp creature based on who his donors are his congressional record (pro war, TPP, cutting social programs, etc.) Whether or not you personally see DeSantis in this light, it seems to be very effective and I don’t see how DeSantis converts enough voters who already say they are for Trump (who is polling around 60% now).


    1. Tino has read it right. De Santis just can’t get the Poll numbers he needs to beat trump.
      Sadly, that leaves that vacuous tub of lard to run but he’s a better choice than Biden.
      The real sadness is none are fit for America.
      4 years of that Fake Orange, Narcissistic, Heel Spurs Draft Dodging Coward will leave America ever further behind the new multi hemisphere world coming. No time to font a Grifter or Butt Lifter if Mike Obama appears. We need Patriots not Trannie Queers.


  18. Killing Floor: Firsthand Witness Attests Hospital Deliberately Hastened the Deaths of COVID Patients
    “So if your patient is diagnosed and called a COVID patient, [you get more money]. Then, if your patient goes through certain treatment protocols, remdesivir, ventilator, et cetera, et cetera, each one of those, you’re going to get an additional amount of money.”

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  19. Metabiota, the US company funded by US Department of Defence’s Threat Reduction Agency (“DTRA”) to operate biolabs in Ukraine, was founded by Nathan Wolfe who is linked to the Global Virome Project, EcoHealth, World Economic Forum and Jeffrey Epstein.
    Wolfe, directly and/or through Metabiota and its sister non-profit Global Viral, is not only been funded by various branches of US Department of Defence but, is also funded by Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca and CIA venture capital company In-Q-Tel.  And this is merely scratching the surface of those backing the biolabs in Ukraine.

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      1. We need Iranian and Russian Labs to help us rid the planet of Viral vermin.
        Too many of the Bastards are now Agency, WH, or even Pentagon. Like assimilating Crabs they need burning off.

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  20. Fever Carrying Mosquitoes Studied In Ukraine BioLabs Used To spark Dengue Pandemic In Cuba‼️

    “The facts of the use of Aedes mosquitoes as biological weapons, exactly the same species with which the US Pentagon worked in Ukraine, were recorded in a class-action lawsuit by Cuban citizens against the US government and were submitted for reviewing of the signatories to the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons.”


    1. My brethren have lost their way. Too many rules, too much lack of common sense, ignorance of informed consent, adhesion where none should be… It’s a mess. Thank you politicos, insurance and cowardice.

      It doesn’t even make medical sense. Vascular rejection is just one facet of transplant graft rejections. And I therefore mandate a vaxx that is known to have endless vascular complications because a one-dimensional COVID worry? How f’ing insane is that?



    Beyond hope so someone has to step up and stop these vermin taking all. Huge Yes to Iran


    Great Replacement Update / Garbage Haul Edition: Illegals Are Trashing The Rio Grande. Wait Until They Move Into Your Neighborhood | Blog Posts |

    What a disaster on the American border. What? Its all over the UK and Germany too. Cage and return the Bastards and if vast lines helicopter gunships and cannon shred the lot.
    Beyond sad and it should be alarming to every American. So is any wonder now that the Major of New York complains about all the migrants let into hotels in New York? In some hotels they are 50% full with these folks and regular folks refuse to stay in these hotels. Does anyone blame them? Who wants to visit New York ?


    The inside story of Russia-Iran-India connectivity

    The trade routes spelling the wealth of tomorrow. The UK and Germany need to be in on this. F the US meddling off.

    It is what I have told you before … he will
    Never return to duty

    Watch “Tom Tiffany gets point of order for asking questions about Hunter Biden Case #hunterbiden #shorts” on YouTube


    TIME to expose him


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  22. Like

    1. Once we all go multi currency keep the Temple Changing F’s out of the process.
      We need a worldwide red flag on Jew access anywhere.
      No Jew Shrews syphoning from the process is real news. Jew are bad news.

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      1. I am glad you found it valuable knowledge. We have been warning of the rise and re-birth of Bolshevism in the West. Even the Russians now admit that their past had to deal with this scourge of humanity. And it gives some clarity as to why Germany tried to erase it from the continent. We gave those miserable c–ksuckers 11 billion dollars in WWII, and now look what we are dealing with?


  23. A thought for the day for Munich Girl
    I know you can’t spend much time standing on your feet,
    So contribute via your laptop from a lavatory seat.
    But be careful the Crabs in there can jump 6 feet.



    1. Oh you are so bad! 🙂 My assistant had to explain the crab part as I was not understanding on how crabs would get into a toilet.

      With my doctor and husband getting on my back for not resting I have to sometimes go find my laptop which they hide. You and the readers here are doing a very good job of all so please excuse my not being around but 4 more months of this then I begin motherhood in full. 🙂 My assistant Inge will be watching for content and reporting to me when away. So behave John! But also keep up your important assignments as we know how critical it is.
      Gott Mit Uns


      1. I pre-warned you when dealing with the macabre realities of life and not so kind Humanity that curved ball humour is needed to keep sane. Always jokes with an angle. No false Gods
        Our focus is 24 x 7. No pressure? Lol Multi Dimensional Chess if needed. A huge game plays out daily.
        No place for Fools or Limp Wrists. Real world is not for the naive.
        I see ever more the pain and hopelessness facing poor Germany. As I do with Channel Crossings and bottomless Wog flows.
        I alluded to you the standing of Blucher, the Hapsburg’s and Bismark’s. Rommel and more.
        The moves over the last 2 weeks with the Treasury, UN ,Africa and Elders are Green Shoots of hope. Innovation but happening. Now it’s all debating again.

        Although they will start with 2 African nations, all will flow via London and the full Infrastructure Control Command Centre will be via London.
        Think Blucher, Bismark, the “Special English families ” still cloaked but empowered who will lead.
        Real Knights to deal with Unwanted undesirables who will build resources to man and block the borders.

        We will be looking to reject and reverse the ridiculous Human Rights Act. Including to revoke and Poke the Wogs, not go broke. Torching the Boats will stop their games. Time to fill the Banana Boats and return Skid Row Bums. No more hotels, straight to the Camps. Time to review the WEF and Socialist Free Riding trash. A Big Stick is coming. Let it all play out, it takes what it takes.
        Tell Inge be careful what you singe.
        Now remember, 6 feet! 2 metres. Lol.
        Your cause and need is ever in mind. You all are.
        And always, the humour. Never at face value.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It reached that decades ago. No one there gives a F. It’s a Me, Me, Me my lick mass, and I feel for the good ones surrounded by so many gratuitous brain dead Fs.
      America is now a Juggernaut heading downhill with its breaks failing and DC Dumb F’s asleep at the wheel. It’s like watching a Chaplin era silent movie farce with Hollywood Jews all taking it up the A? Long gone are the Founders wishes or values. Washington DC is the Pits. The decadence of Rome with no one home. In CA, and in Washington AC/DC Sodom is here.
      The good ones please, rethink your role in that emerging Shitheap.
      Your own Ancestors were motivated to leave and resettle.
      For the good ones, many here with us, get the Blinkers off.
      The world is yours.


    1. While I wasn’t surprised that the Empire That Never Ended had all sorts of corruption there, I was surprised by the extent of biolab construction. Frankly there is basis there for causus belli along with all the other action, most notably the insanity of Neo-Nazi and Nuland’s coup.


    1. Christianity , so called, after about 100 AD is just another man centered organization . It has had a few people that had been born again and had Christ living in them ,but the organizations have not had Christ reigning . That is an inward thing , not outward . Today, its much worse and the Modern church is by and large soul based and controlled by and for men . Christ is seated at the right hand of God in heaven since his resurrection and also alive, in born again men and women. When Christ returns , he will be reigning over the earth for a 1,000 year( the millennium ) before the creation of the new heaven and new earth . ( future events). I have seen all the postings of Christ being just another one of the dead prophets and such . Those comments are nothing new .Real Christ centered life is a relationship with a person , Christ . God does nothing outside of the son and all things are summed up in and by the son . I realize most people don’t believe that. That is why they are called non believers . Today however, if you hear his voice ( and you will know it when it happens) do not harden your hearts , but received him, in you. Time is short . I am posting this at his direction because he loves you all, very much .


    1. Furthermore, even with comorbidity, the under 70 death rate was something like ~0.5%, e.g. 3x the flu. At some point, we have to tell the pandemic fear-mongers to FO.

      It took omicron to infect me and I’m a triple-comorbidity. I walked out among the alpha and delta infected and not a damn thing happened. Omicron did put my heart rate at 100+ but wife and I waltzed thru the infection in 2 weeks with HCQ, indomethacin, monteleukast and levoceterizine and of course, azithromycin.


    1. With Atonement there is no escape. There are No Special People, and Abrahamian Myths are just for the Feeble Minded. He, Soros, the Bushes,Clintons, and Zio Jew Freak Show running DC, the Cabal and the Agencies, face an Ethereal Reality none conceived. Too late to be sorry now.
      Soros and Kissinger can not live forever, but they can Atone for it forever.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Horse manure. The vaccine is provably ineffective and provably damaging. Covid is just a cold. The scientists are missing something…


    1. It’s either bias or corruption. The results make no sense. Also given covid pcr positivity is nothing but a random results of generalized infection with anything viral, we need to look at these results with a very jaded eye.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tino

      I looked into this many years ago.
      The potential gains are impressive, and enormous.
      All homes need mortgages both to buy and resell.
      Banks all want accredited 10 years materials standards,certificates, industry approved standards and warranties. Without, Builders cannot sell to you if you need a mortgage and you cannot forward sell as such, untested homes cannot be mortgaged. Your stuck with them.
      Allowing 2 years application Industry Approvals Certification, 10 years field testing, a year of reports and approvals, you are looking at up to 15 years with slippages to even get it off the ground. Good, even great potential, but bottomless obstacles. Not for Grubby Half Wit Dodgy Developers, and most are.
      Builders,Real Estate Developers are a grubby, slippery bunch of untrustworthy half wits, Chancers and rogues at the best of times. They want fast, easy money to spend and blow. most with the minds of a Ho. Bottom Feeders.
      It needs a major Market Leader to build, rent out and take time for approvals. They don’t have the Capital.

      Few have the imagination, most are grunts grasping only fast bucks,
      A lot of legwork for Grunts who once clutching profits are drunk on a Beach, or Clubbing.
      Yes to the concept, but real world Paper Tigers kill it.


      1. Thanks!

        So, as always, its government bullshit and government protectionism in the way…

        This is why we can’t have nice things, like $99K houses…


        1. Hemp blocks keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Also many structures internally can be hemp based. It’s a commodity with vast potential. Not least Hemp Medical oils.
          Hemp can be processed into a vast range of fabrications and materials. It has vast properties and is cheap to mass produce. Easy to work with and cheap. Textiles would outlast all known workwear garments. Beyond hard wearing. It would change textile industries.

          You’re on the right track but Yes, it’s the Suits, and moronic stupidity of Leaders.We have our own Chumps sadly. No vision, all Monkey Trumps!

          Once we only allowed elevation into power those of proven ability and achievers. Statesmen.
          Now it’s Oily Creeps, Usurpers, Grifters funded and owned by Jews, Attorneys seeking fast take outs on greasy Poles, and the Jewish control of the stupefied Body Politics today.

          We need the thinking parties of WHA here today, empowered and in position replacing grasping Attorneys, Free Loaders, Jew bait and Grifters.

          We need Shit Free Leadership and to scrap most oppressive Laws.

          Europe is for Aryans, Teutonics and Nordics. Unless approved to enter and assimilate to our standards, you can F off back to the hovels you came from and take your Mosques or Neanderthal conduct with you.
          America is deeply in the Shit. For the best of you, time to Quit. Or be Goyim Slaves to the Zio Rodents. They care nothing for you or your culture. Abrahamian Cults!

          The Romans civilised Britain and educated us. They developed a wide range of Cultures. As have the Greeks. France built sophisticated Cultural standards and the Arts. The Hapsburgs, plus Bismarks and many Aryans shaped Europe. Field Marshal Blucher arrived just in time at Waterloo to turn an impending Napoleonic victory into a loss. We were snatched from the jaws of defeat and I know that. Germany, you have your own English Bismark, Blucher and Hapsburg with you. Yet at Waterloo Wellington got the Credit. He was within a hairsbreadth of being decapitated by a vengeful Napoleon.
          Working TOGETHER got us through as is needed for the future. History and Culture required education and knowledge. One people. New Europeans. A nation of innovation. Mind power!
          Working together the Black Flag and Uk Flags will rise together to clear out the trash.

          Post the Elders GS, London will become a Vast BRICS center, freaking the Rotts and Zios, and will chart its own destiny, Politico free. There will be an outreach to Both Germany and the Italian firebrand. United we will stand. Pride will be restored and together we will stand.
          We will rebuild Europe, cut off Usury Banking, build peace with our Russian neighbours,, get the Gas and Oil flowing to people and Industries, and Seal those F Borders. The Human Rights Act will be out on its arse, the Socialists and Warmongers with it. We will rethink Politics to serve need.
          Patriotic Military Training will be given, to defend our own and boot the WEF.
          I can’t see the US turning the corner. The best of you belong here. At least you have that option.
          Wookies, Hispanics, Islamists and Arse Bred Hottentots are erasing America’s place to be credible.
          Think EU and Be Free. You can only carry so many Free Riding Free Lunching basket cases.
          One extra straw can break the Camels back, then the Mussies and Wookies want to screw it.
          Sodom can Sod Off!


          1. Very true re: Waterloo.

            Napoleon was in pain that day and left the field for an hour or so. Marshal Ney was in field command and mistakenly took a 100 pace rearward move by the allies as a retreat, and mistakenly ordered an unsupported cavalry charge and was repulsed. It was a close shave, but if Napoleon had not left the field, it could have possibly been a victory for him.


            1. Just when he had Wellington on his back foot floundering, the Black Flag of Buchel and the Prussians appeared over the hill behind Napoleon’s lines, and Buchel gave the Chilling Order to all, let not a French man leave this field alive today. Then the Prussian Cavalry attacked with Lances and Swords from behind. Late, but God we welcomed them. It changed it all.
              A Brit will reach out, with respect to our Germanic allies and help.
              We are all part Aryan,Teutonic, Nordic, Anglo Saxon and Celtic. Had Napoleon won it would have returned the UK to the horrors and Depravity of the butchering Normans. Also ended our Empire. The Industrial Revolution would not have happened. World changing.
              WW1 and 11 were wrong. No WW111 for us. No need for Zionist and Cabal greed!
              Time to unite and send the Wookies and Rodents into the night.
              End Usury Users, and pack off Warmongers. Focus on innovation to help each nation.
              Sharing good values, and restoring values. Protect our Children and Elders.
              Christianity not Muslim profanity.


    2. Well said on hemp John. I sold rebar for a company for 5 years in the nineties. I visited a jobsite where they were using hemp to build the house. I wish I could remember where it was and I would drive by there to see how it was doing. I just really rally for hemp products of so many kinds. It is so useful. And Thanks Tino for the article.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. And yes you would not believe who is reading here. The quiet chats in corners and in chambers all reflecting agreements to the solutions often mentioned here. The public faces seen on news shows are but one face. After hours they join us for discussions of a different kind. They all know what you are attempting to do with the gs is needed but they dare not say how much they want to see it openly. But trust me. They quietly cheer you on.
      Gott Mit Uns

      Liked by 1 person

  25. If you want to play…

    Here’s a list of AI for you…


  26. This is why we can’t have good things. Do not expect men to remain honest in the face of such corruption. The man should have received a promotion or a commendation, not sensitivity and diversity training.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really F’d.
      Now hopefully you realise why we want the best of you to come back home to Europe , start a new life and help us rebuild our nations in dignity, and to drain the swamp of Wogs and illegals.
      No more US Nuland Jew Laws from her and her Zio Marxist husband. No more CIA or NATO meddling. We want the US and Zionist Snout OUT of the new Europe. Only now are we getting the Vatican out, the Ho needs to flow.

      European Law for Cultured Europeans and shove the Soros, Zionist doctrines.
      America is now sadly a failing Colony imploding for all to see.
      When Europe rebuilds, it will use tough love and Cultured Laws, not the rambling madness of Washington’s AC/DC Whores. We will not see our Children end up Bitter, following America right down the Shitter.


  27. The LLM/GPT models are really not as good as the hype. We are in another hype cycle.


    “Overall, because the average rate of getting correct answers from ChatGPT is too low, the posting of answers created by ChatGPT is substantially harmful to the site and to users who are asking and looking for correct answers.”

    Read through this entry far enough, and you’ll see that they also mention problems with credit and attribution of the sources…


  28. “…A correct anti-inflation policy would be to remove the sanctions that restrict supply and the free movement of goods and services. The Federal Reserve’s higher interest rates simply suppress economic activity, thereby reducing supply, and results in higher prices…”

    Isn’t that right out of the chaos-is-profitable usury playbook!


    1. Always the jaws lock on and the bloodsucking tongue activates.
      6,000 years of sucking Suckers.
      Erasing the tapeworm sorts it all.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s YOU, or them. Until you get that they will suck you dry. They are 100% Incestuous. Goyims are inferiors to be exploited .
          They take it all. Shapeshift, lie and deceive. Carnivore Rats!
          I see no hope treating them with compassion. It’s one sided, they need broad siding.
          Once we had the Gunboats to put down these Scroats. Let our cannons roar.

          Liked by 1 person

  29. Like

  30. Devin Nunes: Obama Knew… Obama Was Directly Involved – He Got All the Intelligence Agencies Involved in Trump-Russia Hoax But Knew It was a Lie Back in August 2016 (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

    Everyone knows and no one does anything.

    America needs truth and Obama needs real time in a cage.


    He nails it. Zelensky may well find that neither his villa in Italy or Miami is safe.


    America needs to stop the Obama. Criminal twisted cronies each are Ho to go..


    What AF Wimp and whiner. DUMP Markel you dam fool. She’s toxic bad meat.

    Traction is building for Motor Mouth.


    1. It’s sad that an over blown, over fed Orange Money Trump is all you have to fire with.
      Find better and Wake TF up.You have far better, many. FFS GOP get off your limp arses and organise. Both houses have good people. Shortlist and back the best.
      Money Trump will not deliver, again!


  31. This is propaganda from start to finish:

    The Cool Down
    The Cool Down
    New study reveals a major issue with meat that most people aren’t aware of: ‘The science is actually quite clear’
    Story by Laurelle Stelle • Friday

    Madre Brava study about Grilling steak
    Madre Brava study about Grilling steak
    © Provided by The Cool Down
    According to a new study, most people aren’t fully aware of just how much animal agriculture contributes to the Earth’s rising temperatures, The New Statesman reported.

    What happened?
    Madre Brava, an organization pushing for less polluting and more eco-friendly food production, recently set up a survey of more than 7,000 adults across Germany, Brazil, France, the U.S., and the U.K.

    Out of the people polled by Madre Brava, very few knew much about the meat industry: The U.S. held the highest percentage of people who said they know “lots” about industrial meat production, at only 8% of the population. Only 31% of people in the U.S. and 26% in the U.K. were “very concerned” or “extremely concerned” about the issue, and only 17% of participants worldwide accurately ranked industrial meat as a leading cause of higher global temperatures.

    Yet livestock accounts for 14.5% of the heat-trapping gases produced worldwide, about the same amount as transportation, the New Statesman reported, based on a figure from the United Nations.

    Cattle farming is also one of the main reasons behind the destruction of rainforests, which the world desperately needs to remove heat-trapping gases from the atmosphere.


    1. The only correct answer to anyone saying this:

      You are anti-human. Your belief system and your science is wrong. Not inaccurate, not partially correct, not maybe. It is 100% wrong.

      Provably so.

      Agricultural emissions, just like Co2, are roughly a 4th digit after the decimal place correction to world temperatures.

      There is literally no such entity as anthropogenic [human-caused] global warming, claims to the contrary notwithstanding.

      I’m not going to bother proving it again. I’m simply going to re-assert that blowing up economies both in power production (no fossil fuels) and farming (no agriculture or meats) for what amounts to a maximal 1 part in 10,000 contribution to the heat dynamics of the planet is plain insanity unless you want to kill people.


  32. We just completed a world conference meeting on line and we discussed the WHA articles. Overwhelming and amazing agreement and support of the elder financial plans for nations was shown by all. From Germany France Poland UK Spain Denmark Scandinavia the US Australia NZ and many other places it was fully understood the seriousness of such plans and how important the idea of using new elder capital to serve the economic development of people and not to plunder them as is the case now. Our country was destroyed once because we shifted focus onto society and away from capital monopolists, a big threat to them! We were all suddenly agreeing that the settlements are basically the same effort but on a worldwide scale and we can only express our support of such! Individual freedom and reward for what one brings to society with assurances of not allowing bloodsucking cults to destroy the beauty of humanity for the sake of a few who want it all at any cost and view most as soulless animals. Your guidance of the processes and awareness of the history you are very much aware of is most comforting to many and by large agreement you are seen as a real ally in a battle against mass ignorance and distorted lies beaten into the heads of people.

    John you most certainly know things we do not and we understand full on why you must be discreet. We know the idea that people in higher administrative postings who know of your work is not a surprising thing to you but it may be worth restating that in very key industrial corners there are people who watch and agree in silence with most of what you say as to causes and solutions.

    I would write much more but I must now rest more doctors order! But know that on the street the tide is starting to shift now. Our numbers are growing and starting to have impact.
    We will be working hard and watching!
    Gott Mit Uns

    Liked by 2 people

    1. On your back again? Call me. Lol. Joking! As ever.
      I WANT the Motherland and Fatherland, plus Teutonics. to combine and set up a new Superstate.
      Sound core and good National Values. We will fight for our own Continent not Slaves to an Incontinent Israeli run DC, half of who are AC/DC.
      When the time comes we will unite and March again.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Munich Girl, Think.
      If the Chancellor to the Elders Global Empowering funds,choses to switch to BRICS, leverage them 10 fold in Non Zionist or Fed Banks, and uses that vast power to replan nations, boot out the Parasites and Bloodsuckers, and Hardballs Leaders to stop the Illegals, to smash down on Crime, Man and Arm and Block the Borders, Arm and Train a new EU self protection force, and to bring back Pride and Patriotism to our foundering nations, what could such a powerful entity achieve? To Defend the Weak and Meek, to protect the Children and Family values, to humbly and respectfully protect the meek and those in need, one humble enough to feed the Homeless, Sick and needy. One truly serving a Higher Order. A Millennia of Secrets. But God what a Mercurial sense of Ironic humour and Curved balls come with a smile.

      Look what your own Chancellor achieved when kicking out the Jews and restructuring. Our new order starts with sealing each border. No papers, no entry. illegals revoked. Deported. Clearing out the trash. If only the Rothschilds had empowered Good, not greed. To feed need.
      The Elders Trust and Entrust only one. One World Order will not be New World Order, but the Dawning of a New Man Kind! Putting back, and enlightening all. Ethereal thinking not Material Jews.
      This will be to Free Up and serve the People’s needs. To inspire and lead.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you John well said and your good will is appreciated. And those curved balls with smiles always. 🙂


    3. Thank you for sharing that, Frieda. I am sure we all would agree that world finance needs a good re-tooling. Too much capital is spent on war, usury, political graft and just plain waste. The earth has sufficient resources to allow everyone to live at the very least in a dignified way and in reasonable comfort. But burdening the administration of those resources with parasitical people who just have to have a piece of the action before it gets to the end beneficiary, is forcing too many to go without even most basic of living resources. We attempted to clarify the reason the last century saw so many die, not for a fight against evil (fairy tale), but for financial control and elimination of a system that threatened that control. It can be hard for many to get over the nausea they may feel when those Hollywood movie implants kick in after reading things such as our German feature, but that’s no reason to flinch or back down from exposing the whole story to those who are smart enough to understand it.

      We are not a historical research society but nonetheless we welcome any and all subject matter that is particularly revelatory in moving closer to anything concerning the truth of things that are vital to supporting the human condition in a positive direction. Personal feelings be damned.

      You have the freedom to speak your mind here. All do. So…continue.

      Auf Wiedersehen

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the BBC should be held accountable, guilty parties Fired, and sued.Both!
      Jointly and severely liable.


  33. For such a tragically divided and torn nation, action alone will both save you and return you to Glory Days, as the Springsteen song shows you.
    But act you must. Or it’s all bust. Saving America at a price. Exposing and cauterising the Zionist lice. You cannot succeed with Vermin seed.
    Doing nothing, you lose the plot and you will lose the lot.
    America is drowning under Shit. So many need, and deserve, to be dragged out and drowned or hung. No more mercy. The Founders would have hung the lot. Rightly so. Trash now rules,
    Because YOU let them on your watch. They are sinking the Ship. Your blowing F Bubbles!

    Trump is a blowbag who failed to drain the swamp.
    Why trust him again? Office demands are too high for this Grifting F Mutant.
    We fly orange Shrek Blimps in London when he comes. A Chump, a Joke and a Jackoff.
    The job is too big for that Flatulent Prick. The world sees and knows it. We just see a Fat Clown.

    Sadly, too many Americans are too blind and thick to know the difference.
    Save America – DRAIN the SWAMP! Shit for Brains failed, so who will step up?
    Shit for Brains is too stupid for the role. Biden must go.

    It looks to be Kennedy, Trannie Obama or who?
    Stop dreaming, give America a chance, swill out the Shit ! Of course you CAN!
    America first – Traitors Snouts out! Jail the Bidens! The crooked Baby Sitter too.
    Both Houses are full of Talent, Intelligent Debaters, let them free!
    So much hope, not an Orange Rope A Dope.
    Find your new Moses.
    Fast! Chump is not it. Can even Paul Revere save you lot. Hogs asleep on watch.
    Glory Days are not free. Act and change your destiny. Glory Days!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To get it done, we need someone electable with popular support.

      As things stand, Trump polls between 20 and 59 points ahead of all contenders. Accept it folks. Deal with it.

      Only Kennedy has sufficient name recognition. But he is far, far behind.

      That’s part 1.

      Part 2 is a plan — a doable plan.

      And there isn’t one — short of dealing with the aftermath of collapse by default.

      A $500B protection-only, DoD and Courts gov, would work but neither the will nor the understanding is there.

      Part 3 is the treasonous Deep State. Where each and every bastard needs to have their head on a pike outside of Congress as a Roman-style message to future generations on what not to do.


      1. Agreed on most but sadly the Orange Moron is really not up to the job. The mind of a 12 year old and it shows. A Petulant persona combining arrogance and stupidity.
        If only Kennedy can unseat Biden there is hope. The Republicans have so many good people, is No One in charge? Blindsided by a Mental 12 year old? The world will react if you slip in Biden again.
        Who will wake the F up in the Republican Party? What is going down there will affect the West. Left to Shit for Brains it will all go West.

        Europe must break off from the US and build with Asia. Time to reshape new Hemispheres
        will rule changes. All! We have to get the CIA, NATO and Fed out of Europe and Asia. Close the 990 plus meddling only bases. Warmongers trading body bags for Profit. Europe must self defend and cut loose the Cabal noose. Cease US Hegemony. Who the F are the CIA to replan Europe?
        F off and sort America. Everything is collapsing you now don’t know if you are Arthur or F Marthur.

        Once BRICS comes in you are in for really nasty shocks. You are the cause of Wars and run by Whores. When the EU falls, not only will the Fed Banks choke, but when Germany co joins the UK in an European Free new None EU Order. We will F off the WOGS and close every border. Adopting BRICS to see off DC Pricks. Europe will plan its own future, not Zionist Shark Agency lunatics with ties to Israe Hell. A None Jew new EU. In with BRICS out with Hegemony Pricks.
        This entire Energy fiasco and Jewkraine is all down to the Agency and Zios. Time to De Louse and Clean House. No more Puppets on the DC knee. Change is coming. Germany, Italy, the Nordics and UK will rethink Europe. Eastern Block and Free Rider Trash to go. Usury games will be up.


  34. Like

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