Caesar Has Fallen – New Directions And Intelligent Maneuvers In The Age of Neo-Bolshevism

Some time ago we discussed the possibility of a Biden/Harris victory and the attendant post-election ramifications of such a thing. An eerie parallel to The Year of Four Emperors was sensed to be re-playing in the modern US Republic; a transition of power to an ever-increasingly less capable group of power seekers who lack the accomplishments of prior peers to justify the offices they suddenly now hold or aspire to.

Well, this day is now a reality. A man who is clearly in the early stages of cognitive decline is now president. It is unlikely that he will serve out a full term (or is unlikely to be in shape to campaign again in 2024).

If comrade Kamala moves up before 2024, she appoints whom as V.P.? Then, in 2024, they may lose to which GOP challenger? Or a Trump party return? Rapid-fire power struggles may soon play out. Chaos may ensue, just as it did for Rome when Nero drove a dagger into his throat, after being declared an enemy of the state.

All the post-election “Trump will be staying” rhetoric from many supposed “sources” has come to nothing: Q, Insurrection Acts, Light Workers, military intervention, Pence’s electoral college gambit, White Knights, NESARA announcements, QFS watermarked ballots, etc. All have failed to materialize and produce the results that were claimed to be coming. But, you can rest assured that conspiracy promoter ad revenue ticked upwards between election day and inauguration.

Some have no scruples when it comes to truth, and discernment skills in some circles are very poor. There is no area in life where false information does not enter in. All manner of lies, exaggerations and embellishments are often used by those who wish to seem “wise” or “expert”. When pressed, such types melt away or eventually move onto another grift, having suddenly become “expert” in another area as if by magic.

And there is another hard realization we should admit to: Politics, in the fast accelerating technical age, has run its course. It’s not going to reform or right itself; no more than a Roman legion could if it somehow found itself dropped on a modern-day battlefield. It’s very construct, well suited to the tasks of the past, is now irreversibly obsolete.

Today, one man with a modern automatic weapon could fend off an entire cohort of Caesar’s most seasoned veterans, while making love to his wife. In the same vein, an entire legion of good men could not make politics perform the best and most effective management of a modern day society, when such can be done technologically and on a more decentralized and efficient scale.

We see those with little accomplishments to their name rising to positions of political power with nothing more than a copy of The Communist Manifesto tucked under their arm, and backed by an ever increasing, angry, dis-enfranchised mob rallying to their red banners. Regressive psychosis is in full bloom, as if society has developed a curious affinity to sail in a rudderless ship by the hand of a known failure of a Master.

That a new-age version of Bolshevism/Socialism is the game plan for the left to grab power, is simply as a result of the intended educational and social environment that has been constructed to incubate such, by a relatively small number of oligarchical interests, who skulk about in the dark halls of power using their influence to ply their corruptions in political, media, high tech media, and business circles. And this pestilential clique has constructed for itself a legal shield against any criticism or challenge. They are indeed sublimely clever, and intelligent.

Any body of humans who truly has as their goal the liberation of all persons on earth to have the highest standards of living, and the elimination of poverty and the need for war, would not promote, of all things, Bolshevism, as the solution. However, unfortunately, this is the direction the political winds are blowing at the present time.

So, for the individual, who can wield no force against the political powers on his/her own, are there any means to effectively bypass this inflamed political boil on the buttocks of humanity and make for themselves the means to live well and achieve economic stability?

Fortunately, yes. And like ages past, those who saw the pending past significant social transformations in play, and understood them, also viewed them as opportunities to survive and prosper in the process by being early in that understanding.

Technology has advanced to a point where people can wield enough power through micro processing to avail themselves of resources and benefits which were only once available to deep pocket consortiums who could afford the then highly expensive computing time it required.

As just one example, A.I. based trading and predictive analysis systems, far better than any E.F. Hutton broker in the past, can now be inexpensively accessed by almost anyone, anywhere. So, to, is the ability to transact anything via smart contracts and do away with useless and bloated third parties, thus making it possible to partake in commerce at much lower costs.

Society is decentralizing at a rapid pace, and centralized institutions, big governments and the like, are slowly starting to look less appealing as protectors of rights, but rather more like impediments to them.

But, while a national imperative for freeing the world from politics is not expected, this does not mean that the truly forward-thinking segments of society can’t effect such freedoms, in essence, on their own, over time, and in the process, become the new vanguard of where society is inevitably going to go if humanity follows the dictates of emergent societies in the past. In other words, the changes will come as they always have – by the opening of pathways for people to travel if given the chance and unstoppable by weight of sheer irresistible numbers.

People are naturally drawn to survive as their “prime directive”. We can now avail ourselves of more efficient and advanced tools for doing so, especially during times of transition in a modern age. This means that achieving wealth and applying that wealth to increase your standard of living and value to society is going to get easier, notwithstanding the debacle of political Bolshevism growing in influence in the USA.

Any group that is seeking the optimum route to secure its future would be remiss to avoid understanding the above, so we will be discussing it further in the future, along with practical assessment and application.

But what about global re-sets and currency revaluations? As has been witnessed by all who read WHA, we have effectively exposed and debunked the many false GCR/RV scenarios which continue to be sold to the obsequious throngs of mesmerized gapeseeds, and have de-clawed the fiction merchants while laying bare the real world backgrounds to what re-sets really are, and are not.

Any true procedures along those lines will still be shared with our readers since we do have the very best assistance from London power centers, whose business in this area is pretty much in their lap 24/7. If anything should come of these longstanding curiosities, we will indeed bring you the news, as is appropriate.

What comes down the road from it will be based on real world processes based on hard economic solutions and not fantasy funding to rescue speculators who went long on war-torn paper bets issued by war profiteering bookies. So, for those of you who are still interested in seeing if anything does arise from this sector, don’t feel we are going to completely ignore it. It simply won’t be deeply analyzed, as in times past, any further.

It’s high time we move forward, and let the hustlers take on the responsibility of delivering the claims they sell. Let us never forget the wasted years that these running dog blabbermouths have given their audiences, as we look back on yet another year having closed without the pecuniary largess that was coming weekly – but didn’t.

Some of the claims being made have been truly bizarre. The estimates of payoff are, at times, fanciful. Many have been led to believe that they will turn their one million dinar into multi-millions in USD by simply walking into a bank, or via an appointment by an “800 number”.

Well, nobody just walks into a bank off the street and makes that kind of gain without some serious diligence. And, the 800 number thing has morphed from a simple bank inquiry made by a group of paper holders years ago (to ask if they could call into a bank to arrange an exchange should such a thing happen). Naturally, the bank said they probably could arrange an 800 number if there was enough business, and a market was there.

This theoretical arrangement mushroomed into a myth of RV-ready banks currently staffing multiple “call centers” around the USA, with people manning phones to take your information and set your exchange appointments to come in and “get rich”. These staff members seem to be continually waiting around, on stand-by, on call, having pizza parties, being called in, called out, called in again, called out again, in-out-in-out, or stunned like ducks hit on the head with a club, or simply confused about why the phones are not ringing.

Multiple offers have been made to any of these RV call center employees to come forth and verify their occupations and purpose, with strict assurance of identity protection. None have done so.

We are not saying that currency revaluations won’t happen, but, it has been made painfully clear by those whose business IS international financial restructuring, that paying off unauthorized war profiteering currency positions will not be in the budgets. Those revalues may come in far lower than advertised – as they plan to re-inject value up to realistic budgeting requirements via authorized notes, and not to bail out unauthorized bills which materialized out of some mill in Iran or France.

It’s been almost 18 years since heavy armored columns rolled into Iraq and laid waste to the place. In that time, other new financial sectors, which were largely ignored by currency selling promoters, have created many millionaires for initial outlays, which, at times, amounted to a few hundred bucks. And, without war torn blood-lust profiteering as a prime reason to set it up, but instead, a valid underpinning for transforming the world’s industrial and financial centers for the better.

One of these new sectors is Blockchain technology, the process that powers Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) arrived in 2009, and an initial market was set at around .10, USD. Eight years later, the price soared to over $19,000, an increase of some 19,000,000%.

Dinar remained the same price throughout this same time.

For what most put into Dinar, say, around $500 on average to be conservative, that return rate would have been a payout of $95,000,000 before taxes. And, all right under the noses of the “currency experts” who said your middle-eastern blood money payday was coming “soon” – year after year.

Presently, a new range of $30,000 – $40,000/BTC is in play. That $500 is now worth about c$175,000,000.

Dinar has remained worthless.

The decision to hold such paper is a personal one. But, it need not stultify you into sitting idle while the world offers more promising horizons built on technological development, and not war profiteering.

In any event, we are well positioned here to provide accurate and well sourced information on any public chances at a paper exit, should it occur under realistic circumstances. We don’t say that lightly, and it’s not an exaggeration. If you have been following our articles for the last few months, you know that the source is not from some Jakarta apartment over a bar, a low rent dwelling in Arizona, or a behind-in-rental in Hong Kong with a weekly Paypal begging channel.

For those of you who have arisen from your dinarian dogmatic slumber, and think that you missed the chance for a financial transformation in your life from digital asset class speculation, you most assuredly have not. From all indications, the largest gains are still ahead.

We can not give individualized investment advice. We cannot recommend any investments. But, we can share what we feel are quality ideas, and why we like them. From there, it’s your duty to learn and act in accordance with your personal circumstances, if you wish to. In that, we are happy to help if we can. Many of our regular readers are becoming quite adept at this market, and can offer help if you simply ask for it. We will also post many articles and videos covering a wide variety of news and developments in this amazing, relatively new sector so you can gather information as needed.

Unlike dinar paper, or the like, this sector has proven statistics. And, not just with Bitcoin. After the last halving in 2016, many new crypto ideas delivered transformational asymmetric gains to those fortunate enough to take well-timed positions.

NEO, an open source Blockchain project which allows a myriad of tools for across the board development in many ecosystems, could have handed you as high as c$785,000 for a $500 risk had you exited it in January of 2018. Ethereum, likewise, handed people amazing gains, rising from around .40 to a high of around $1400 at around the same time. $500 there could have handed you c$1,750,000.

Many more examples are in existence. And, this was at a time when the level of institutional interest we see now was nowhere near present levels. Not even close. The entire sector has exploded, and with it, for the well prepared, the best gains are most likely ahead of us.

We have shared many digital asset ideas which we feel are poised to bring astronomical gains for low initial risk. And, of course, we always stress that only risk capital, and not critical survival money, should be in play. There really is no need to over-invest and cause unneeded sleep loss, or loss of consortium because you blew the family purse on a wild bet that went sour. Such amateur-night foolishness is highly discouraged here.

Just know that there are opportunities to possibly transform your bottom line without waiting for Iraq or Vietnam, or whatever country whose bones there are to pick at, to reflect some kind of tangible gain from a currency re-set.

To conclude this particular topic, Blockchain technology is certainly amazing, with so many facets and potential impacts on our lives that we cannot possibly cover all of them. The rise of the Blockchain economy is going to lead to new innovations, many of which are still outside our creative imaginations at this time.

But, there is another sector which also holds the keys to potentially life-altering consequences, both financial and existential.

That sector is called Transportation as a Service (TaaS). Let’s briefly address this area.

TaaS is going to greatly impact the world over the next few decades. There will be some massive upheavals in society which will stem from the development in this sector. There will also be some amazing opportunities for wise investment of capital, provided one adheres to rational placement of funds and proper research.

Combined with another sector, A.I., this sector will greatly impact the lives of many.

TaaS is a combination of many technologies which will revolutionize and transform how we get around. Using both A.I. and various other new innovations, the way we move ourselves and the underlying methods used to accomplish this, will open doors for incredible gains for early investors.

At present, everyone is familiar with the electronic vehicle, or EV. Of course, this is not exactly new information. We all know about Tesla and the Prius hybrid that you ride in when you hail an Uber. But, what many may not think of is that the battery technology used to store energy for such vehicles is improving at a very rapid rate. Ten years ago, it cost $1000 per kilowatt hour to store. Now, the costs are down to $100, and going lower.

This is a very important turn of events because this means the range of the electric cars now coming out can be significantly increased to upwards of 400 to 600 miles per charge. And, because battery technology is not only getting better but also a lot cheaper, the point at which time EVs are going to be less expensive than gasoline powered cars will soon be upon us, perhaps as soon as 2022.

If you are thinking what we are thinking, then you are right. This will mean that very soon, and a lot sooner than most think, gasoline powered cars will no longer make any sense. How so? Well, for one, the gasoline engine is a complicated thing with many moving parts, and are costly to maintain and operate on a yearly basis. All electric vehicles are far cheaper to run and maintain.

The drivetrain in a gas powered car has as many as 2,000 moving parts, versus as few as 20 in an electric car. Electric cars and trucks have motors, not engines, so they don’t need to shift gears, and they don’t need oil, spark plugs, air filters, coolant, or transmission fluid. There’s essentially zero maintenance, besides rotating the tires. And, while a conventional car typically lasts 150,000 miles or perhaps 200,000 miles if you’re punctual with your maintenance, electric car engines can last 500,000 to 1,000,000 miles or more under the right conditions.

That may be all well and good, but where is the “Service”?

This is where A.I. comes in. Because based on developments in this sector, the era of the self-driving car is soon to be a part of our lives. Right now, in limited sectors in major cities, these self-driving cars are being tested within geo-fenced areas. They do not drive anywhere outside of these sectors at this time, because they are still being developed and are not ready for unrestricted area coverage. But, as time goes on, the areas will grow, and as they do, this is where TaaS will impact our lives in ways unimaginable.

Rather than own cars, in the future, people will simply subscribe to TaaS vehicle services which will allow them to hail a ride right to their door. For a nominal fee, say, around $175 a month, they can use such services for far less than the yearly cost to own and maintain a gas powered car. AI will allow such things to happen, and with increased safety.

The impact to society will be huge. Just for starters, there will be no more parking ticket revenue for cities. No more personal injury mills run by shady attorneys for exaggerated injury claims, because such cars won’t hit each other. No more moving violation revenue for State or local governments. No need for gas stations, or major oil drilling for gasoline needs. No need for car insurance, warranty contracts, or any of the far reaching and numerous industries associated with supporting all of these things. Many sectors will be impacted as we shift from one operating basis in transportation to another.

With 40,000 people not getting killed in auto accidents every year, there will be far less funeral home revenue, and far less legal issues from such clogging the courts. Emergency services will be alleviated from attending to such things – a huge cost savings. Each industry directly affected, affects several more in turn, and so on.

There are many more ways that TaaS will change our lives, but this is not the place to outline all of this. What we want to focus on is the opportunities that TaaS will give the smart investor in the months and years to come. Many companies make the constituent parts for these vehicles. Everything from the software, to the motors, the batteries, the hardware, the control servos, etc., have companies which are expected to boom as these new services start to expand.

The opportunities are too numerous to continue to explain here.

Take some time to research TaaS, and use the tools you have at your fingertips to find companies which deal in this sector, and consider placing some of your risk capital in them. This sector, like Blockchain technology, is fairly new, and is developing rapidly.

Remember, the future will not immediately reveal many of the best ideas as technology has not gotten to a point that makes such unknown ideas possible for someone to presently think of. But those ideas will come, and many of the technologies we see developing now will play roles in such future ideas in ways we can’t imagine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what we see today is “how it’s going to be forever”. That’s not so, and history shows us this.

The point to all of this is to get you to think outside of the falsified version RV box. Other worlds await.

If there is any legitimate cause to focus on revaluation of currencies, it is for nations and their respective treasuries to determine how to manage. And usually, their focus is not on paying off bookies at their cost. This point, having been repeatedly made along with several warnings about the dangers of following non-expert “currency advisers”, can not be made any more. We can only issue so many warnings before we have to lower the lifeboats for the last time.

That time is just about now.

With Biden/Harris now a reality, it’s time to remember what Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman said: “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

Likewise, we feel it is no use trying to “fix politics” as it is now becoming cruelty. It’s best use-case is over. The retrograde de-evolution into Bolshevism in this election cycle, in the “freest nation on Earth”, proves it.

You could elect a legion of angels from heaven to political power tomorrow, and by morning you would wonder why such enlightened beings would lower themselves to manage the affairs of Earth in such a backwards and barbaric fashion. True, we still live in a world managed through political processes. You should participate in it.

But, don’t dismiss the fact that all systems of human social organization have life cycles. And the current transitions to the technological age will be far faster than past transitions, and for the truly aware and prepared, the opportunities will come much faster as well.

To that end, we now set the tone for 2021.

WHA was originally started to support a group of White Hats while seeking the real truth concerning global settlements, currency resets and revaluations. That task has been completed, and our paths have undergone a necessary divergence; they attending to their center of focus and we on ours.

As a by-product of this association, we have been fortunate to retain a hard won relationship with what we earlier referred to as a London power center. Consisting of a long lineage of dynastic influence, such a congeries of power reaches far above the din of retail level activity in high finance. This gives us a unique access advantage, and one which is freely shared to those who are wise enough to discern the difference. And now, because of this generous donation of their time and assistance, we must move in new directions, because the times require it.

  • We will remain an open discussion forum. Any topic is fine, as always.
  • We will watch for and share digital asset ideas which we feel are potentially going to deliver life-changing gains.
  • We will cover and promote news items that Bolshevik run press won’t. No social media hippie CEO holds this site in his hands. This includes pointing out the continuing folly and slow death of politics, and the criminally insane, incompetent, and ineffective who are swelling its ranks.
  • We will continue to watch for news concerning legitimate and real world dynastic asset/currency settlements – the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to experience.
  • We will advise on how select readers may be availed of new investment and project opportunities stemming from dynastic settlement conclusions. (Via registered parties. WHA is not a licensed broker dealer).
  • From this time forward, unless specifically and urgently needed, no more time will be devoted to the discussion of RV controversies via our Information Briefings. You may continue to discuss the topic in the chat threads, but the resources we devote to information releases must now be saved for purposes which occupy a higher plane.

Our consistent warning to all has been: Be ready for anything.

Those who heed that warning and move towards that state of readiness to as high a degree as possible for one’s circumstances will find life can be lived from a point of being cause, and not effect.

This site is not here for the sole purpose of hosting endless commiseration about the ills of life. There are no shortages of such sites if that is your desire.

We are here to create the means for effective communication; a platform for learning and understanding; to truly understand international geo-financial, geo-technical and geo-political processes, so you can empower yourselves to move forward as political environments move backwards – flailing about in a hopeless Pavan, while hemorrhaging relevance in a modern technologically advancing age.

And we have the good fortune to have the support of a key player who moves among the “hands that rock the cradle“; who has the trust of key dynastic elders; who is safeguarding the guidance and use of pending newly released resources for life supporting causes, and not war or parasitic usury; who is willing to devote time to assist our true understanding of these processes – and with occasional humor!

Combining this beneficial assistance with the available, ever expanding technical tools in the hands of those who use them, there will be pathways for stunning progress, even in the face of the many obstacles which the dying political classes will place in the way.

Some of you don’t know it, but your lives are going to change in ways you would’ve never thought possible. The choices you make will be very important.

Choose wisely. Neo-Bolshevism has now come to power.

Leggio II Avgvsta
VercovicivmHadrian’s Wall

If technology does not liberate all people for the pursuit of higher aspirations in human achievement, then all its technical potential will be meaningless. Jacque Fresco


  1. John,

    How much longer will Central Banks be able to print money at this rate without it leading to a global financial sector meltdown? It’s already been shown that 98% of last year’s GDP in the U.S. was stimulus, if I recall correctly. But that monetary policy must have an end game, no? What don’t I understand that you can educate me on? Thank you in advance.


  2. John2020….if I could ask please. What vaccine did you knowingly get, and did you have a choice of vaccines to choose from, and did you feel any side effects and how are you feeling at this time?
    Respectfully Martin


  3. And it will be the best tasting “stake” ever.

    Get ready for Comrade Commie-la. The 25th Amendment will soon be invoked.

    For a land that supposedly brought the world ‘enlightenment’, these chaps seem nothing more than a miserable assemblage of vacillating wogs.

    Where are the indictments for ANTIFA and BLM, for wanton rioting and insurrection against Federal court buildings? Bolshevism gets a pass.

    “I can’t help it”, said the Bolshevik. “It’s in my nature”.

    Dumb all over. How did we get past crawling out of the ocean?

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    Take the vaccines and check out on life
    Vaccination drive is ALREADY easing UK’s Covid pandemic and is reducing cases as well as protecting recipients from symptoms, early data shows

    Professor Anthony Harnden, the deputy chairman of JCVI, said preliminary research suggested the first dose of the vaccine is helping to protect young adults and over-80s in the UK.

    It’s looking like it will take 2 years to ease down on Covid while the world is infected. Serious issues for economies.
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Life won’t return to normal for at least two years, expert warns, saying pandemic ‘isn’t over until it’s over globally’
    Donald Trump’s D.C. hotel is a dead zone as the once-bustling restaurants and lobbies filled with Republican power-players sit empty after the president and his family’s exit from Washington

    The lobby at Trump’s International Hotel in Washington was the see-and-be-seen spot for family and allies, but Thursday night the lobby and restaurants sat empty.

    As we predicted Trump filled his hotels scamming meetings at State expense. Ever the Grifter. Now the real world hits. Can he ride the storm?

    Be assured, the Dems will apply new controls with an eye on Trump retribution.
    Facing falling hotel income, which we predicted weeks ago, can the Grifter ride the storm?
    Falling incomes , litigation, Crime investigations and vitriol. Surrounded by Jackals.
    Even Melania is looking to stake out her own ground. Billy No Mates is wounded.
    For sure he will fill tabloids. The MSM smells blood.
    Shared from Sky News: The competing forces trading blows over lowly GameStop
    STEPHEN GLOVER: We have known for a long time that the European Union is a bully. From the moment the British people voted to leave the bloc, it tried to bully us into submission.

    Brussels is vile and the best thing the UK did was to leave the EU.

    It’s a truly nasty Socialist bunch of Free Loading Pariahs. Now coming to America with the Grasping Rice Bowl feeding fuel to the Dems.

    This is one more Covid variant we all have to deal with. Slippy little Suckers.


  5. Conservatives Must Now Draw A Line In The Sand And Stop The “Great Reset”

    “There are many millions of Americans today in the post-election environment that feel uneasy about the fate of the country given the rise of a Biden presidency. And though I understand why this tension exists, I want to offer a possible “silver lining”; a different way of looking at the situation:

    With Biden in the White House, there is no longer any ambiguity about what conservatives (and some of the more courageous moderates) need to do and need to accomplish. Now we know where we stand, and now the stakes are clear.”


    Devastating costs of lock downs if it erupts there will be blood

    Who need Rats like them as partners thank God the Brits voted Brexit. F the lot of them .

    The UK needs to front up and ban all US extraditions until she’s handed over

    Notoriety forever now.

    But how do the get the crooked Dems to accept ,?
    China says it will no longer recognise the British National Overseas passport as valid travel document from Sunday as feud with UK intensifies over plan to allow millions of Hong Kong residents path to residency

    The announcement by foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian plunged the visa system into uncertainty just hours after the UK said it would begin taking applications for BNO visas on Sunday.

    Monday the Brits will give refuge to 300K HK citizens fleeing Chinese persecution. Bring your money with you!

    Hello Big Reality Check!

    No problem strand the lot. Keep borders safe. Stop exporting Covid. You go, you stay.
    Fire breaks out at Napier Barracks that is temporary home to migrants

    They want to burn down the guts we provide free no problem now let them sleep outside in the ice, rain and snow and in a few weeks they will be begging to go back to where they came from or the EU.
    Feed parasites this is what you get.
    Don’t encourage them we have millions too many.
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    Tony ive told you before about this. You risk Chicken Pox you know! Lol
    Go excite a few rednecks and Clinton will be up for it.
    Kanye West faces two class-action lawsuits and $30 million in damages

    Sounds like Trump all over.
    Ministers warn ‘going on holiday is illegal’ in new ad campaign

    Global Big Brother is here and the Sheeple will be locked down or knocked down. Wait until our brain dead arrive back and get rammed into 500 pounds a day hotels they must pay for and huge fines if caught outside. Most won’t know what’s hit them
    Our mass ignorant low life’s coming back from Spain won’t have the 5K so jail’s will fill fast. That’s if they can find room .most are full of Afros, Pakkies , Muslims and Drug dealers.
    Most of this lot need a different type of Covid needle guaranteed expiry within a year. Pointless eaters.
    The next decade will for sure bring in reductions. If big virus attacks start numbers will soar. All accept it’s now only when which suggest they have it and Covid was only the test run to see how the Sheeple would react.
    Pre Covid I never realised how truly stupid all too many are.
    Be assured TPTB now do. The point has not been missed.
    Think Tanks are now re planning. They saw how fast the brainless subjugated.
    I’m sad at just how mass moronic ours are, so Globally who knows . The point and considered pointlessness of many is now becoming a behind closed doors issue. Applied minds are active. Money will rule. The vast losses societies have accrued will bring to bare radical thinking. Pension Funds see real opportunities to rebalance the books . Over 30% of patients in our nursing homes died from Covid. Huge cost savings . Processing centers now.
    France shuts its borders to non-EU countries including Britain

    What’s coming next? To you?

    The Russians called it right. A narcissistic half with who could be ego massaged and manipulated. But note even then the intellectually limited assessment. Correct. I’ve even a lot of Trump’s type in my life. The fact that he was coerced and financially manipulated into a role many levels beyond his abilities shows they played him right. The number of absolute Jewish scumbags plus the Kushners he pardoned and the asset rich theft of the Golan’s plus his manipulation by Israel and key US Jews was precision played. Brutal, crude, deceitful and Jewish. He’s devastated the GOP and out America back decades in Defense and Global power. Chess Masters picked a Checkers Muppet and put a Pawn into play. He moved US forces away from Syria and key Russian ambition areas. Israel manipulated him into creating Jerusalem as an Israeli Embassy placing for America with him having no concept how they were gaming him. Kushner, Israel s Clown Prince ran him to order. Now Bidens in Russia and China can’t believe how fast Rome is falling.russia read him right. How he’s been played.


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        I remember all the amazing showgirls when I visited Vegas. That place blew me away, so over the top but exciting.


    1. That video may have appeared to some as weakness but to me it was totally traumatic.

      May I ask John, how the UK intends to get those hk’ers out of HK when their passports are no longer legitimate as far as the CCP are concerned? How do they leave HK with illegal docs?


      1. Aurataya
        If they hold British passports they can fly. China’s nightmare now is losing them
        If China tries to stop UK passport holders flying out we will bring China to its knees.
        In a heartbeat we would pack the Chinese Embassy off home.
        If they want us to cancel 5G try it.
        IN a heartbeat we would supply arm to India. Not what China wants.
        Their UK exports would freeze. China has its largest RMB platform in London. Imagine?
        The best in HK will come to the UK. We will send boats to get them. Warships, Aircraft carriers and subs. Evacuation. We built in handover safeguards
        When the Chinese or Indians come for Australia, we will take Brits in. Oz WILL be lost.
        We will take care of our people there. It’s had its run and now Eastern forces want it.
        It’s only time. .

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        1. Thank you John, I appreciate your response and must admit, I love any action that annoys the CCP.

          Good on you for looking after the hk’ers. not that I really think you need more immigrants in the UK.

          May I thank you for coming to the potential aid of the Aussies.If either of those forces come here it will not be good. F them anyway, this is not their land but we certainly are in a very weird geographical position. I honestly do not know what the future holds but it has certainly started to unnerve me.

          I personally do not wish to confront some sort of invasion here but if that’s what happens then I suppose I will have to be up for the fight. I am pleased to know our English buddies might be there in time to save a few of us. Ta mate.


      1. I don’t hate Morons, just pity and contempt. Hopefully in the next 4 years you may find a candidate fitting. After all, things have been so bad a Kenyan Chicago Con Man Shemale mugged you for 8 years.
        High quality exists. Cant you set the bar higher than having a pulse?
        How did Biden ever clear? Soetoro?
        JFK raised the bar. Why did you lower it so low? Have you looked at your worldwide killing record? A million Iraqis dead. Who gave you the right?
        Did no one IQ assess Trump.Competent assessment?
        Respectfully use the next 4 years to profile quality?
        Globally have you seen your standing?
        Time to get up to speed.


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    1. Great Crypto Casey video Tony. Thank you. It really helped me understand what just happened. I would love to be as smart as Casey. So wonderful to see someone so young and still so smart.


    1. Soon, as Global Equity diligence is undertaken on all Shareholdings, the evident lack of profits and even losses will trigger Sell orders. Money will flood out. But to where. Properties,Stores, Transport and Leisure are blown.For many years now. If yet another virus arrives, that’s only WHEN, all market will dive.
      Money will knee jerk out.
      Cryptos have a few boom years ahead, until the Crooks ruin it.

      Buying Demonetised Notes or Racketeer printed notes sucking in the desperate, gullible and greedy.Further enhanced by Hillbillies, Agencies, Contractors and the Military 4 Square useless with attitude. Regular attendees in Reno until they realised the stink was Reno and their Free lunch was not happening. .The BS excuses became hollow. At some stage this will implode and the trusting gullible will recall notes no longer there. Then trouble starts. The latest rot is waiting for Tax deals. Like the last 3 years!!!!
      South Seas bubbles waiting to be pricked.
      Fed hands will be on collars. Time calls.

      Awoke, rudely awoken Wannabes will need a life belt of hope.
      Falling Stock Markets will disgorge cash from Sell orders. A lot of Automated Tracker systems will automate Sales, and need to reinvest. Where? Who wants White Rapids stocks?
      You have a year to assume a position and get in.
      Expect surging Grunt tides battling for Crypto access.and watch it surge. For 2 or 3 years it will then jump where possible. Take profits and review. Nothing lasts. ( Look in many cases at her indoors?). Joking!
      Next year will be volatile. Time to get out of Non Performing deals, and try to find fledgling Minnows about to become Whales. Often Her Indoors did. Joking LOL. You were not supplied a Harpoon with the Licence?

      A New Year. Thinking time. For Fly Blown Currencies sinking time? Set a Drop Dead date.
      No one is putting up the amounts propounded. 17 years and still you don’t get it- Hello?????
      Fund your Crypto ride , real deals.
      Just watch the new HK arrivals get stuck in this year.You haven’t even realised this year. Hedge Funds need new access fast.
      Good luck watch your WHA site. Good people are on it.

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      1. John dear,

        Why do you throw stuff here that people don’t even understand? Only Tony and you I bet!!
        I have a direct question though; Are the PP still working on Taxes?
        I don’t know if the answer will be so confusing that would make me not ask anymore?


        1. No the PPs are not working on taxes just getting paid. Every persons tax issues differ.
          Get the money first is key. PPs are for money owed.,Debts to be honoured by dishonourable Skanks !


          1. Greatly appreciated John.
            those efforts you’ve made with those PPs have been very difficult. that’s for sure.
            Hope you guys come triumphant!

            thank you!


  8. Life’s not so tough for some. At 9-30 Sunday morning outside of public site we get our Covid Shots.
    Or decline and don’t enter Westminster or travel again.
    Catch 22. For me no option. The shot or career shot.
    Just not in public queues starting next month. One small privilege no waiting.
    Life’s a risk. Whats another? Or I lock down on the outside.
    Life goes on, an reaction and doesn’t.
    I’ve already been told there’s no room for me upstairs until the Virgin Mary goes on vacation.


    1. Respectfully,
      You don’t have to stand out in life, but you do have to stand up.

      Unless you are getting some “special” covid shot, you’re dead anyway.

      This is not a vaccine, it’s a weapon. The VAERS system is blowing up with serious side effects reported. I know multiple people that were hospitalized within hours of taking it and still don’t feel right.

      Why give them your consent?

      I’ll die on my feet before I ever give these elitest, Davos, WEF scumbag POS the satisfaction of watching me die on my knees.

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      1. HIW

        I stand up every day.
        At my age it’s academic.
        I need my Covid cert now to operate.
        The rest is just a pit stop on a never ending journey. .A new Ethereal challenge has its appeal.


    2. You’d think John that one would stand on informed consent and state that vaccine is unequivocally experimental given its Emergency Use status. This violates Nuremberg principles, which I believe (unlike us) the UK is a signatory to in full.

      If you are going to give in on the forced adhesion of your career to the shot, common sense and law be damned, load the body up with tumeric, two aspirin, monteleukast and levoceterizine. This will almost certainly short-circuit the insane inflammatory overload and hopefully prevent the runaway aspects of the vaccine that have been killing folks.

      Or, how damnably hard is it to find a doctor, member of your millennial families to give you a saline injection and a Covid Card?

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  9. China is getting ready to move on Taiwan. Its warned the US to back off or else.
    Its now told the US an attack on Chinese forces now will be an attack on China even if its in Taiwan.
    China is simply recovering its own territory
    China has warned the US you attack us and we WILL take the fight to the US mainland
    Stop trusting war games
    If those nukes hit we all lose. 9/11 showed the terror for Americans blubbering like big girls blouses.
    Tough isn’t? Don’t give what you can’t take.
    Taiwan is real. So is a warhead once launched . There in no logic justifying who won when your mainly all dead.
    WW1 in Austria started just so.
    Being Globally illiterate, most Americans have no idea how the real world operates. Most have no passport. No culture or even a vague comprehension how nations think.
    Know your enemy. Tsung Su
    Americas is mass ignorance.
    How many voted Biden?
    How can you argue a war game result with a dedicated Patriot when 1,000 nukes are incoming?
    If China launches Russia has to!
    Few American even know where Taiwan is, or the consequences of nukes.
    They mainly don’t read, so will be blissfully unaware of China laying down a warning. Pearl Harbour. Laid back pig ignorance. They even ignored radar warnings then.
    5 to 7 minutes before sub launched missiles arrive. Russias Kremlin is itching for the chance to take it to America.
    Putin will have little say.
    Peace is simple, Butt out of Taiwan.
    A bunch of coffee swigging doughnut Butt desk warriors in the Pentagon cant handle what they may start.
    How did Vietnam go? Afghanistan? Syria? Iraq? Libya? Chaos everywhere. All failed. Every war America ends up running away from leaving chaos behind. Hollywood glorifies Fake media. The world pays the cost of truth.
    The US thinks its bases surrounding China will matter. How, when they go and America is a cinder bowl?
    China goes too.They know that. Corner a wild dog it fights for its life.

    I don’t glorify war. Just warn of the reality consequences. It’s NOT a game when all life has gone. Centuries of Nuclear winters. Each side thinking they will ride it out in Bunkers. Really, then the viruses take over. Slow death. Entombed.
    Taiwan has a marker down. 9/11 was one! Multiply that a million times.
    It’s time for America to look after its own. Slam down Global incursions.
    Just go careful on Taiwan and look where T F it is. No More Wars!
    Real people deserve peace.


  10. Say ahhhhh.

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  11. Tony what a day! Can you imagine what happened with Gamestop!! It looks like the technological advancements you spoke of in your last article is starting to impact the old machinery. All those people on the reddit platform using the more efficient decentralized means to organize against the hedge fund robber barons and they ate their lunch. what an amazing thing to watch!

    We are having quite the month on the crypto front. Wow those defi coins. and to think we are not even seeing the largest of the wall st crowd in yet. we cant wait! BTW, based on Jonhs cautions we have in our group here almost no more paper. Just token amounts of dong but no more dinar and zims are all sold too. Enough of that crap.

    We watched this tonight at our meeting and now ironic that that those that force such politics on us wont have it in their country. Hilarious but sad at the same time. Hope its okay I share if not just remove it. Your pal C.

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    1. OMG…lol!! Where do you find this stuff? I spit out a mouthful of my Kombucha….Adolf in a Hawaiian shirt??? Hahaha!!! I don’t see a problem with it. Diversity is our strength, so what’s wrong with that? 🙄

      Yes indeed, the GameStop hedge fund slaughter pen interdiction is just one act in the future drama of the technically advanced systems of communication and organization bringing its force to bear against the older systems in ways that strips them of their advantages. A shot was fired across the bow of Wall St. This was indeed a very historic week. I am very glad and it does my heart good that we are doing what part we can to help people see ahead to the horizons where things like this are going to happen more often, and in ways we can’t imagine. I bet those hedge funds didn’t think they would wake up to a horse’s head in their beds.

      Be ready! The speed of transformation is going to be very quick and the powers that be will NOT have an easy time of it. So many think that WEF and TPTB will continue to waltz over the people like in decades past. Well, this week shows that such will NOT be the case. And it won’t be by “restoring the Republic” or “going back to an organic constitution” or some such thing. It will be via ways that we can’t imagine and based on people using the tools of innovation which are by their very nature going to replace older systems as a natural artifact of progress.

      After all, what’s the point of progress if change is not the end result?

      As for paper, I understand your moves and John certainly gives us all a very key perspective. My paper holdings are very small. Mere token amounts. I never went big in that stuff. But, I know many who did…crazy big!!! Mortgaged homes, tapped into retirement funds, sold cars, stocks, bonds, etc. to follow the dictates of TNT and Okie, and 15 years hence – zip. If I had large positions I would sell them. But, I don’t. So, c’est la vie.

      What’s coming this year in digital assets will most likely make GameStop look like milk money.

      Behave, and keep up the good work.


  12. Wall Street is becoming Fall St.

    Krispy Kreme Carstens. The World Bank headquarters is round for a reason.

    “I can’t help it”, said the Yenta. “It’s in my nature”.



    Wild West vaccine games.


    Beyond worrying

    More Dirt on Dreadful Epstein and his disgusting Users

    Palm Beach officials are reviewing Donald Trump’s use of Mar-a-Lago as his residence

    Trump was only allowed to buy the Club with a clear Non Residency clause. A contract is a contract.
    He agreed and signed it
    Gabbard: Leftists Are Plotting ‘KGB-Style Surveillance’

    Spot on … Coming now to America. Commie Kamala and the Rice Nut bowl.
    Britons required to declare ‘valid reason’ for travel or face fines

    A good Ass whipping is needed for some. Its mainly the cheap booze, low life level who bring back Covid and a dose! Yes to smacking them down.
    UK holiday prices soar as Britons snap up Easter breaks

    A big Yes to keeping our money at home this year.
    Britons intend to buy British food post-Brexit, says poll | The Independent

    Another good move get the Farmers of their Arses living off subsidies..Produce food damn you!
    Don’t spend importing what we can grow at home.
    EU Failed to Sway AstraZeneca to Tap U.K. Supply for Vaccines – Bloomberg

    The nasty, whining EU who only ordered 3 months behind us now want our supplies. Imagine had we stayed in that bloated dung heap?
    Germany Poised To Cut International Air Travel “To Almost Zero” On Virus Variant Fears | ZeroHedge

    Goodbye Germany! Apart from tourism becoming non existent, all business or hub traffic will cease and even air cargo will suffer.
    I also know of a North American based consulting firm that is watching a multi million dollar contract evaporate over restrictions and logistics of people traveling there. Germany about to crumble?
    Disease X: Scientist says next pandemic is a matter of ‘WHEN not if’

    A massive reality looming
    More pressure on Prince Andrew over Epstein

    He is already totally disgraced and he faces real trouble this year. Charles wants to boot him out and the public just want him sent to America.
    Royal documentary banned by the Queen since 1972 is on YouTube

    This is going to blow badly
    Germany’s vaccine commission blocks AstraZeneca for over-65s

    It’s getting messy out there
    South African ‘super-covid’ is in the US

    This is a nasty Bugger it can limbo under protective shields if Jamaican music comes on
    Fauci Virus: Shocking new evidence proves covid-19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID

    Is a Class Action coming at Fauci?
    Although not a new story, there is more information here. He deserves to see a mass class action suit or two both on behalf of those who died and those who have seen economic loss that follows through to his funded Bill Gates. And certainly he should not hold any public office.



    1. Re you last comment above John, the pic of Klaus. Who the hell gets around dressed like a complete twat in the attempt to look important? Total dim whit if you ask me.



    Keep an eye on this. I do not believe this is the way to ‘cool’ this planet. I am one who believes that we are heading for a natural cooling trend not warming. If you have to create a risk pool to compensate nations that may be hurt by dimming the sun to cool the earth…it just sounds like another way to poison the earth and keep food from growing.
    And of course, who trusts BG!


  15. This was a major, major priority. It will be his legacy. China Virus China Virus China Virus! China Virus China Virus China Virus! China Virus China Virus China Virus! China Virus China Virus China Virus! China Virus China Virus China Virus! China Virus China Virus China Virus! China Virus China Virus China Virus!

    Workers of the world, Unite…on the unemployment line.

    Bad move. What will the unemployed oil workers eat?


    Bills introduced in the Mississippi House and the Tennessee Senate would repeal state sales taxes on precious metals bullion. This would not only relieve some of the tax burdens on investors in those states; it would also take a small step toward treating gold and silver as money instead of commodities.
    “We ought not to tax money – and that’s a good idea. It makes no sense to tax money,” former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said during testimony in support an Arizona bill that repealed capital gains taxes on gold and silver in that state.
    “Paper is not money, it’s fraud,” he continued.
    The impact of enacting this legislation would go beyond mere tax policy. During an event after his Senate committee testimony, Paul pointed out that it’s really about the size and scope of government.
    “If you’re for less government, you want sound money. The people who want big government, they don’t want sound money. They want to deceive you and commit fraud. They want to print the money. They want a monopoly. They want to get you conditioned, as our schools have conditioned us, to the point where deficits don’t matter.”
    Practically speaking, eliminating taxes on the sale of gold and silver cracks open the door for people to begin using specie in regular business transactions. This marks an important small step toward currency competition.

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    1. They have to get the taxes off Gold if it’s to move Globally. It’s like having to pay taxes to buy your own money as coins??????????????


  17. Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I introduced to you all the stock of the company Pharmacyte Biotech several weeks ago and since then the stock price has been moving up up up. I hope it continues and good for you if you bought it after doing some due diligence on it yourself. Do not buy on someone’s recommendation alone. You are welcome for that introduction.


    Here is an crypto to consider. I am not recommending it as I am not a financial advisor and can not recommend things. But please consider the research below and do your own research on FANTOM (FTM).

    They will announce their DEX soon, but that information has leaked out to some, and that is why the price has moved up greatly. I believe there is still great upside, but be careful to get in at the right timing so you do not lose. That timing may be now, but you be the judge and not me. Remember other DEXes have gone to the moon in price recently. Why should FANTOM be any different and so far it has proven to move up just from the semi-private leaked information about it’s coming DEX (decentralized exchange).

    The DEX with the lowest fees, ease of use, and that can also trade all of the coins on it will win, and FANTOM’s DEX should provide all of those benefits. Most DEXes can not trade all of the coins on their DEX and yet the prices of these DEX tokens are going to the moon. Can you imagine the potential of FANTOM?

    A proof of Fantom’s low fees: An address made 50k transactions and paid only 7.60$ in fees. That is less than one single token swap on Uniswap. I repeat: THE COST OF THOSE 50,000
    TRANSACTIONS IS LESS THAN ONE SINGLE TOKEN SWAP ON UNISWAP. Move over Uniswap, because here comes FANTOM. Imagine how cheap it will be to trade on the soon to come DEX that FANTOM is developing. Imagine the upward movement in price of this token FTM after the dex is officially announced and the masses find out about it and start buying……

    This address sent almost 50k transactions over the past 2 months, spending a total of $7.6 in fees.

    In your research of FANTOM (FTM) please be sure and also visit the blog that Fantom provides, and also go onto the Weiss Research site below and notice that Fantom is in the five top coins by technology. The grade that is given to FANTOM is relative, and the coin is much much much better than most garbage on coinmarketcap etc. Weiss has analyzed Fantom and found it’s tech to be better than Bitcoin.

    Fantom is now developing a huge blockchain infrastructure for the govt. of Afghanistan, and soon they will announce the release of their DEX which should pop up the coin price. Many more projects for the future is in store….

    Be sure and visit the FANTOM blog also.. You can ask questions on Telegram and on Discord also if you want to as the FANTOM groups are on those platforms.

    Sincerely, Robert The Bruce

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  18. Some good news about Reno, finally.

    “Caaarsstens don’t like it….rockin’ the blockchain…rockin’ the blockchain…”

    The other third are studying the impact of Carsten’s doughnut expense budget.

    Wait, did you just assume its gender??

    Wall St will soon step in to help them understand.

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  19. Not sure if the following is made up or from a real person, but I loved it!… I do believe the points in the post are real…
    maybe Tino could chime in on the medical points in the post…

    Written by Ellie Grey:

    “Loving this !!! Wish more people would do their research…

    I signed both the kids up for the GP practice today only as they both need their hearing tested…But the nurse came out and started having a chat with me – she said that she’d noticed that Marley hadn’t had a single vaccine, and that Skye was years overdue.
    I told her that I absolutely would never consent to them having a single vaccine and as soon as they’ve had their hearing tested that we will again be deregistering.
    She then made a comment somewhere along the lines of ‘that’s a very uneducated decision to make, we are medically trained for a reason, so we can save lives…are you? What do you do?’
    This pissed me the fuck off! But boy was I glad she asked. My reply –
    Thanks for assuming that I am uneducated, a bit of discrimination is great for a Monday morning. I’m actually studying my law degree, of which I have had a result of no lower than 89% for any of my assignments and my medical sciences degree, no lower than 91%. I am studying to specialise in vaccine inury and pharmaceutical corruption. Can you name me 3 ingredients in a vaccine? No. Can you tell me how many human and animal dna cell cultures are in the vaccines? Na. Can you tell me what the VAERS database is? Nuh uh. Can you tell me how many mcg of aluminium a baby receives in the routine 8 week jabs? Nope. Can you even tell me how many vaccines a child receives by age 12? Nada. Can you tell me how much compensation has been paid out for vaccine injury and deaths? No can do. Can you assure me that the safety of combined vaccines has been tested? Noooo. Can you reassure me that you have done over 3000 hours of research like I have? No. Can you tell me you were aware that you are more likely to die from the MMR than mumps, measles or rubella combined? No! Don’t you dare call me uneducated when I can wipe the floor with you on this topic. YOU are the uneducated one, who was trained purely to sell vaccines on behalf of £2bn a year profit pharmaceutical companies.
    Yep, I was rude. And nope, not a single fuck was given 👍
    After she left the receptionist booked me in their hearing tests and I muttered loudly –
    ‘Babies don’t start developing their own anti bodies until they are a year old anyway, so even the idea is bullshit’ 🙄
    I wasn’t in a good mood.”

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    1. Medically, overall, it is correct.

      Public health matters, particularly sanitation, and nutrition, particularly trace minerals and calories, dropped infectious disease 95% from their primary peak. Vaccines was the mop up crew post 1965.

      From 0-2 years, the baby should be in its highly anti-inflammatory state. We disturb this with vaccines, which is unforgiveable. We give the hepatitis B vaccine at birth — causing a non-trivial level of shock — and damaging the hippocampus.

      Non-vaccinated children have a level of vitality and health that puts the rest of us to shame.

      There is a very shameful history in how vaccines were developed and manufactured that belie the good they do and have done.

      Also, recent Court cases against the CDC forced them to retract the statement “Vaccines do not cause autism” as it was indefensible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prove the opposite legally, though in logic, obviously, draw your own conclusions.

      It seems complaints raised by MD’s, all those of us who are vociferous, that a saline placebo had never been properly used in vaccine trials DID have an effect. Under the scrutiny, the COVID vaccine makers, use saline placebos in the Emergency Use Authorization trials. [Don’t read this as somehow endorsement of the Moderna, Pfizer, etc mRNA trials. The bastards skipped animal trials or did abbreviated trials. And if you analyze the details of these trials, they moved the goal-spots, and didn’t infect the trial participants. With a garbage antigen test, tell me how they knew who was truly COVID positive or not…]



    It’s means we pay you to sod off back home. Were full.

    What happened to life for treason?
    Shops are boarded up in the Netherlands as they prepare for rioting

    Holland erupts again

    Pain in the arse isn’t it?
    Our beautiful world , until some polluting Bastard comes along.

    Justin Amash on Twitter: “Biden: “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?” / Twitter

    ‘Dark Money’ Helped Pave Joe Biden’s Path to the White House

    No surprise . But so did Jewish money for Trump. It’s the corrupt American way which cuts 2 ways. .
    More than 100 MILLION people worldwide have had COVID-19 and over 2.1 million have died since the first case was reported 391 days ago

    A staggering 100 million people around the world have been infected with COVID-19 as of Tuesday, a grim Johns Hopkins University tally shows. It took just over a year to strike 13% all people.

    Thank you China and F U too!
    ‘It’s over, let’s move on’: Republican senators blast Trump’s second impeachment as ‘dead on arrival’ – after 45 of them effectively signaled ex-president will be acquitted by voting the trial ‘unconstitutional’

    Three high-profile Republican senators on Tuesday appeared on Fox News to speak out against the impeachment of Donald Trump, describing it as an act of revenge and bad for the country.

    So now,Trump walks,End of.

    Oh, apart from 14 or so litigation claims. Perjury, Criminal investigations, the odd alleged Rape, and another Mail Order Bride divorce unfolding.
    Enough to make the average person Trump.
    2.5MILLION British jobs at risk of being lost

    It will get darker and worse. Translate that to 12.5 M American jobs and see the fiscal impact of lock downs. Also the congestion with delivery vans now.
    Trump’s YouTube ban is extended indefinitely and Giuliani rapped

    Jew Tube shuts Trump down indefinitely now

    Canada gets rear end shafted by Biden


    SHADOW LEADER? Ric Grenell Reveals Who He Thinks Is “Calling The Shots” In The Biden White House

    Want to know who now runs the Real Shadow Govt? Who Biden reports to and Harris?
    No surprise as this was always the plan.


  21. Clarification of alleged Tax issues with the Ambulance Chasing Demonetised Notes, Attorneys and other Chancers.

    They have been talking this Tax garbage for the last 3 years. From Florida, Reno and Singapore,then HK.

    Show me the money. What of the parties now bust in the process? Remove one overstayer, then what?
    It’s ruined lives in Reno, families too. Every month it fails.

    Our only point, and no offence to anyone, was to question when do you call time on it and go Crypto?
    Is 15 years not time enough to call time and try Cryptos? BS buys you nothing.

    The problem for many is if you leave it too long, once the return demand floogates do start, the papers apart from Dongs, may become unsaleable , as well as recovery problems when enough say – Enough! Fed territory!

    Why listen to Bribe Taking Demented Joe issues? It’s way over his dumb head.
    Trump did nothing for you in 4 years, nor Obumma in 8
    Just a gentle and polite suggestion. For your own sakes, set a BS cut date and cut your losses!.
    Leave the Bank of Never Pay and turn your few K of this garbage into maybe 50K you can get paid for in Cryptos? Your Dime, your Time, but 15 years of nothing? Time IS money. You’ve made Zero!

    Or just sink if this old South Seas hype bubble goes belly up. Even the Chans have left town.

    There is No Money for this crock. Broker hype. Pumpers and Trumpers! Suckers, fools and money heh?

    A Reality Check won’t produce one for you. BS has baffled brains – yours! Set your Sucker Walking Date

    How much would you have made in Cryptos? I could never equate to buying into it. Dreamers. It’s always been another Brokers paper chase. Like CMKX. Still these Turkeys keep gobbling,.Does smart money get out, or go down with it? Reality Checks will get you a check. Draw a line and call time! Or drown in BS. China will not destroy its Vietnamese investments it’s already Devalued Dongs!!!! Fantasy money. Failed reality. Draw a line and call time. Buried trouble will surface for some. Post crash auditing will be interesting. Turkey farming!

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    1. Yes love it! I’m so frustrated. Unable to use my like button for some reason. It’s been this way for months and on top of it, the site does not load so I miss so much of the topics being discussed.

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      1. I think the like button issue may be a wordpress issue, it sometimes happens to me too. Sorry beautiful, I am not techie enough to assist you with the other issue. I wonder if a different browser would correct that?


  22. Me in the old days, trying to close a trade before DeFi and FinTech came along.

    Quick, someone call Biden.

    What’s all this then?

    I agree. WEF is a coven of witches and warlocks. Zero innovation. Simple scheming to leech off of the blood of the creative and hard working.

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    1. Rudloe Manor is still active Tino, via the base down the road from te old Admin meetig Manor. High security. Vast underground operations and the RAF base is a special” Landing Base?”. Stop anywhere near it and Area 51 level security will come to you in minutes. Nick Pope and Mufon tried. Only 5 minutes, security arrived and ordered leave- Or else! Our own UFO Shadow there a Vast undnergroud base. Beyond Top S!


    2. Tino

      The UFO angles are all well covered.
      It’s the Time Travel links which are being hushed up.Also the unmanned, intelligently controlled vehicles on scientific missions. Why has Rudloe Manor gone deep underground?
      Why are so many unmanned craft active, or Greys? Did Transhumanism go wrong? Is Rudloe a Portal? Nick and Mufon tried to even look into the base access point then parked a hundred yards away. Security was on them in minutes.. Very high security. Such intense monitoring says only one thing. Minutes and vehicles arrived? What are they hiding? Officially the Rudloe RAF units have moved. Really? Why such intense security now? Whats hidden underground?


    1. If you have checked the box to subscribe to comments and you are not getting them, check your spam filter. If not there, then it’s an issue with WP, or try another browser.

      Other than that, I am not sure what it could be.



    ” A sweeping, radical rule is pending for Illinois K-12 teachers that should prompt everyone, of all political stripes, to fear about the fundamental roles that teachers and classrooms are assigned to fulfill.”


    He purchased 100 $100 strike Apple calls that expire in January 2022 and paid between $250,000 and $500,000 for them. He also bought 25 in the money Tesla calls, selecting the $500 strike calls with a March 2022 expiration, according to the report. Those cost between $500,000 and $1 million. Finally, he bought between $500,000 and $1 million in Disney options, buying 100 calls at a $100 strike that expire in January 2022.

    He also “paid $500,001 to $1 million for 20,000 shares of global investment firm AllianceBernstein,” putting his average price around $33.37.

    Obviously, the call option purchases are worth noting – not only because they are leveraged investments and are far more risky than buying outright stock – but because the Speaker now clearly has a vested interest in the success of names like Tesla, whose trajectories as public companies can be altered drastically by government decisions.

    Paul Pelosi and Speaker Pelosi’s office didn’t respond to requests for comment, Barron’s said. Can’t say we’re surprised.


  25. Good morning….

    A brief housekeeping note.

    From time to time we get posts from cult members who seem to think that the real world is run by UFO priestesses or wood sprites from Epping Forest. These are often of a snide and childish nature, and self-serving.

    Such posts, if determined to be in such a category will be deleted, or responded to by myself. So, if you are acting on the direction of your Svengali on a mission to engage in such mental fornication, don’t bother. You won’t get within 10 paces of the wall.

    The time taken to host and operate this site is done free of charge, with all costs to us, and the time to interact and assist is taken away from real world responsibilities, and not the self indulgence of personal desires to waste our time, or yours, with lost causes.

    The vast majority of our readers are busy as well, and are of good character and contribute in very positive and valued ways. If you do not fit that mold, this is not your place.

    Leggio II Avgvsta
    Hadrian’s Wall
    Pax Vobiscvm

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    1. Well I am not alone,, 100 percent for sure in wishing to contribute to this sites costs Tony.. I think I may have to draw up anew will lol.

      Far out Tony, I think my time may be up.????? We each how have our limits and maybe I have reached mine.


      1. F’ing hell.. It would be so bloody wonderful if I could make a bloody comment without a typo.
        May I say. ” draw up a new will.”
        Far out, there is another bloody typo.
        I don’t know what the heck that “how” is doing there. so I will attempt to retype that and state. “We each have our limits and maybe I have reached mine.”


        1. Far out Tony, I owe you big time.

          I am so tired these days but so admire your strength and commitment. YOU are way stronger than I could ever hope to be. You truly are a legend of my lifetime.


          1. I appreciate that, but I have been known to lounge around a bit too much sometimes. Almost in a permanent state of indolence for days at a time – but with a laptop near.

            John gets all the girls. I get hosting bills and trigger finger.

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            1. I would not feel at all guilty enjoying a few days laying around with your laptop, you deserve much more relaxation with all the work to do here at WHA.

              I have been curtailed quite severely as far as movement goes too. I fell down the stairs the other day and have caused myself some rather painful injuries. It’s such a weird staircase in this house. I am up and down the silly things many many times each day but was so tired one evening after a rather trying day my legs were just not working properly lol. And I was totally sober too lol. Probably would have been better to have had few under the belt as it may not have hurt so much lol.

              Take care Tony.


              1. Be careful! I have a 100 year old aunt who insists on traversing her two staircases every day on foot, sometimes alone in her huge home, to get from her bedroom to her den, where she delights in moving piles of things from one place to another, and back. The foibles of the elderly will go unchecked in her home.

                I fear the same for her someday. I offered to install a chairlift for her but she won’t have it.

                I will be fine. I have not started to fall over my own feet just yet, but when I do, I hope to fall into the rescuing embrace of a hot nurse.

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                1. I agree with your Aunt lol. 100 years old, good on her.

                  My relative also wishes to place one of those lift chairs on the stairs for me as I reside on the lower level of the property. No way on this earth am I ever using one of those things. I absolutely insist on keeping my legs as strong as I possibly can, which means up and down the stairs as many times as I have to each day. Leg strength is so important to me. But, must admit, I have been very careful since my fall.

                  Ha ha. If that ever happens to you then I also hope your nurse is pretty hot. I am way to independent to ever accept assistance to move around. My motto is, if you cannot do it yourself then never expect anyone else to do it for you. My next home will most certainly be a single level one, that’s for sure lol.


        1. I just had to come back in and correct a little misunderstanding Tony.

          I did not feel that any of your housekeeping comment was directed at me personally. The part of my comment when I noted “my time may be up” related to my current state of health after my fall down the stairs. I just get really down when my movements are limited, particularly to such a degree they are now and still knowing I have to get so much done each day. But I will get there somehow. No worries Tony.


  26. Godfrey is right. Anyone saying such rubbish does not know how BTC works. If they could stop it, they would have years ago. It’s all bullshit.


    We need to get rid of banks. That IS possible.

    They don’t even try to hide it now. McCarthy was right.

    What a kick in the balls. Seriously – the SEC sues Ripple after years of the Feds considering using it for the back bone of its CBDC. We should improve the SEC by putting the Marx Brothers in charge.



    She will do well there.




    For Tino and others a series of detailed releases we will start to unlock for you.

    Dreams are free where is the brainpower ?
    Joe Biden on Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: ‘It has to happen’ | Trump impeachment (2021) | The Guardian

    On the questions of a Judgment Call why pick a battle you can’t win?
    Biden and Nasty Nancy are a febrile curse for America.
    It’s ugly can’t we route it to the Pakkies and Israe Hell?
    Killing off Cookies will help us all. Vermin seed.

    Hi, I found this webpage and thought you might like it
    Holland rages against lock downs. Riots and fighting.

    Lockdown fury sparks a THIRD night of violence in Holland
    Bitcoin’s days are numbered, warns Bank of England governor

    Just a word to the wise its worth reading
    Not a good prognosis

    Binmen and carers are most likely to die from Covid, ONS data reveals
    Now won’t this bring the lot to earth?


    The Grifter again
    Coronavirus UK: Weekly care home death toll triples in a fortnight

    Up to 30% of care homes patients have died it’s nasty.

    More issues with worrying consequences if not proven safe

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  28. John, quick questions:
    A few days back, you mentioned that Reno asset holders were stiffed after their assets were used to underpin HK platforms. Were you talking about currency or bonds assets? The assets in question must have been assessed at a fairly high value to serve as collateral, yes? Lastly, will the currently existing tax treaty need to be renegotiated or newly approved by Biden and re-signed by all players before the private group transactions are once again ready to go and, if so, how long will that take?
    Thanks for your insights.


    1. AB

      Currencies. They have failed again and have spent years chasing that fantasy. Now how the hell do they get them back? Or you? Is 15 years not enough time to cash out of failures and go Crytpo?

      There are Three issues , not one, re the Tax Treaties.

      Internal PPs need to be reconciled , such as the blatant theft of the Tropos ACAT and the T’s the perpetrators!!! have hidden offshore from profits. The same also for a US Patriots betrayed by these Jackals. Bush Racketeered. Clintons had use. Obama failed to act as requested. It was all way too much for Trumps pitifully low IQ, as for Biden? This is our American reality. Now Bribe taking Joe the demented Ho?

      The last issue is how we deal with reconciling the Elders assets and bringing both vast Cash pallets and Metals back into the system with a London / UN interface. Especially under UK Private Trust control, not US, as the thieving and treacherous past of the Fed and US Treasury has negated any future trust where the Cabal is involved. It’s a complex stinkpot we are dealing with. Removing Ziorats. We will only allocate part of the Funds to the US. The rest come to London. For the US, Trust is bust!

      It’s a complex series of negotiations, with concurrent new Assay testing and reconciling new values and title with the LBMA, as well as getting the key Elders appointed to control the UN Project fund allocation and banking safety away from the US Banking and Fed Pariahs. A daily bubbling cauldron of Witches dissent. Not easy. From Bush 41 onwards it’s been a cesspit. Only now as the Empire is collapsing, can we achieve reason in stages. Telling a Ho NO daily! It takes time to permeate in. Especially with a Ho that’s lost the plot. Confused, unwanted, Billy No Mates coming to terms with decline.

      In the words of Oscar Wilde, an Empire which has gone from Barbarism to Decadence and never experienced Culture in between. Dealing with Decadent Barbarians on Point Duty? Zionists we scrape off our shoes?



  29. For traders, the tools are getting better all the time. So much for calling your broker, or endlessly reading charts.

    What will come out of it? Well, WEF is not a law making body. They just get together, shag each other, eat caviar and congratulate each other for being masters of the universe. Anything they support will be to keep their ownership of the international crap game they oversee. Progress is made by human ingenuity. Then, there are these bureaurats who seek to leech off the productive.


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    1. Thank you Tino for posting the covid vaccine experiences.
      Hope you and you wife recovered nicely from covid.
      (Biffie here)


      1. Hi Biffie,

        So, if I had to guess, it was influenza A. Less than 3% of all hospitalized “COVID patients” were actually COVID. (Please note that California catastrophe is no longer in progress, miraculously, and Newsom has lifted his curfew orders.)

        Yes, we are doing fine, again, after two weeks, in which we had 7 days of 101F fever. We never O2 desaturated. We used the trifecta of HCQ/Zinc/Z-pack. We also used levoceterizine/monteleukast to slam some inflammation and briefly used indomethacin to nail both the virus and other body aches, and at the peak, plain aspirin to address my doc’s concern “….but, but… COVID coagulopathy”. (I told him it wasn’t COVID, he wanted to test, and had a fit when I said “How would you know? 97% false positives”)

        In any event, if it was COVID, it is clear that the trifecta holds the line. If it was influenza A, the trifecta works just as well. Despite the fever, we had very limited symptoms, mostly fatigue.

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        1. Biffie

          Beyond Welcome it made my day to see you here. Over the last couple of weeks I has been thinking about your asset value and how to get you contributing here. On reflection you have as Picklevine and under work pressures I have missed it. You make the team complete. Truly it gave me a boost this morning Yourself and Tino are 2 valued assets. Now I know the site is in safe hands. You had been part of my background cognitive consciousness for the last few weeks then suddenly it happens. ESP Biffie!


          1. Hi John and everybody. I can’t seem to get my login to work on my phone and I never really liked my name here. Seriously, this is the very first blog that I ever joined and was shy about what to call me. I would like to be Biffie over here too, but I remember in the past that Tony frowned on name changes. But I have always read this site everyday since I first posted.
            John I do appreciate the information that you bring in here. So informative and interesting. And Tony, you have allowed a wonderful platform for interesting topics. I am not yet invested in cryptos but am starting to learn about it. And I want to thank all the other posters for their contributions. I look at so many of the links posted here and learn a lot. Thanks.


            1. Hello, I am glad to have you here.

              No worries, if you want to be Biffie, you can be. Just use that name next time, and I will know who it is.

              I do frown on name changes out of the blue, but that’s for internal metrics and other security reasons. For you, I know who you are and the change is fine. It’s only when people start playing games that it becomes problematic. Fortunately, that is rare.

              So, Biffie it is from this time forward.

              As for cryptos, have a look at the resource page and the suggested picks, and if you have any questions just ask.


  30. All Parties Humanitarian Rights Reality Check.

    1.First, you don’t have any.
    2.Since Wilson sold out America to the Jewish Bankers, and Bush 41 totally ratted Americans out of YOUR Constitution it’s gone only down. The Bush /Clinton Crime families totally betrayed Americans of all their birthrights. You have not had an intelligent, caring President, since JFK. He died for it. Bushes served only to steal. Clintons too.
    3.Full Electronic and Digital passports ARE Coming in. ARE! You may as well howl at the moon. There will be no mass organized resistance, Sadly!
    Electronic US Crypto currencies will follow. Biden and co will remove all your rights to bear first assault level weapons, then the rest will follow. A bunch of rednecks or armed ” Patriots” staring down an elite Military will get erased. Pygmies facing Howitzers. They have Armour piercing GPMG’s Armed Drones, full electronic surveillance and mass death . What happened to Native Americans? You’re next! Buffaloes! They no longer have any use for you. Expendables!
    4.Biden doesn’t have a clue what he’s signing. His only role is the photo shoot. Plus keeping him away from questions. Trump and Biden. Only in America. Unreal.
    5, This Plebeian fantasy of RVs to fund the masses is unwarranted. Wake up and Grow up. It’s not happening. For what? Why?
    No- One- Cares! I’m not having it I hear. Who are you? Your status? Dreamland. Your main hope now is survival.
    6.Commie Kamala and Bag Lady Bag Nancy. Yuk what a front twosome. Even they are just fronts. The real power you don’t see or understand. Kabuki Chess and you are the inconsequential Pawns. Sorry?
    7,.What happened to Custer? The Deep State are not Indians. Nor do they care.
    8. You have 2 hopes. Cryptos and being thrown a bone from Elders projects to help you grow. Freebies? Why? Disneyland has a lot to answer for. They coerced this crap from Kindergarten. Nobody remembers who came second! Nor cares!
    9. Those big lights bearing down is not Santas Freebie wagon.
    10. We are trying to encourage you with Cryptos. But who tries? It’s Maaaahh Right. Right. Sure Agenda 21, whose first? We can’t cure stupid. Self help starts with listening. Santa is NOT real! Your ONLY rights are what you can pay for.
    There’s a world of difference between Humanitarian Values and Agenda 21. Each needs money.
    Yes, we DO care and Yes, we are trying via the Elders, but first help yourselves is being misheard! First earn the right. Because if you do not wake up, you will go into the night.
    Are you worth saving, or cannon fodder for enslaving? These are the real issues . Start tracking or start running.
    The Crap on so many Blogs. Clueless. Barf creatures.
    Ask the right questions – of yourself?
    Sir Patrick Stewart just got his Jabs to swerve the Final Frontier. You?
    The speed of change now is so fast. America right now is like watching the Warsaw Ghetto. Then they came!
    We look on, we look in, it’s so sad. Dysphoric confusion rules. They vote!
    Life in a bubble then it ‘s reality “Pricked!”.
    Well done the switched on, but, have you seen the baggage to carry now? Listen to and look at Biden? Moses he is not!
    We will try to feed intellectual need. It’s a good site, most of you do get it. We will send you pics of how Holland and France are erupting in conflicts. Society has real issues. It’s coming.


      1. Tony, It’s sad. She’s missed every date again with her Space Fairies pass. Kims becoming delussional. Is she on Crack or Whakkie Bakkie? She goes public with this garbage? Then fails again, again and again.
        It’s sad. She’s not a bad person, but 6 months shock treatment in Belle View would sort it. What a waste.
        Out with the Fairies. Planet Absurd.


    1. Tino

      Watched it but, we are now weaponising Stupidity. Who will fund fixing the mass stupid and why?
      Tino, we are now approaching a Rubicon line of human purpose. Fit for, or not? Step back and watch core agendas. They differ so much. The core ethos coming will be the battle between Enhancing or Depletng societies. Post Covid and what’s still to come, who counts the costs-of the helpless Grunts? The Judgment call- Economic or Souls? What of the unemployed to come? Who picks up the costs of the Lost Everything? Whose call will carry the weight?


      1. Within the context of your last several posts, and those are scare enough, the simple truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

        First, if the Elites weren’t undermining everything at every turn, you would be at Full Employment. The Report from Iron Mountain is wrong on Economics. No issue of people earning their way.

        Second, if indeed hyper-automation is achievable, the carrying cost of the masses is a fractional cost number of no consequence. Which opens up both education and intellectual enhancement possibilities.

        Third, only Sociopaths deplete Societies.

        Fourth, one could Transhumanize 100% of humanity in 20 years if one wanted. It would be glorious. We should not confuse long-term planning ability of the NWO with wisdom.

        Just for counterpoint. We are at the beginning. We’ll see where we end.

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        1. Tino

          The purpose of the site is valued debate, and your points are both heard and evaluated. But heard!
          Right now Sociopaths rule. But, if all goes as hoped with the Elders, there can be a Third Way. First the building blocks. Please,continue. I give you the rough outline for a reason and to engender current reality.
          But no one has yet factored in the Dimensional or Space Time Realities. Unmanned craft are returning to this time continuoum for a reason. Is this the era in which we lost reproductive fertility? They need to reproduce. Why? What does this era do? The Rendlesham Forrest Craft was the Study of Humanity from 6,000 years in our future. Why unmanned? What have we lost? Or will? .


          1. John, you have been rattling along about these Elders, the mysterious Elders for years
            I’m thinking they are your imaginary rabbit


            1. John is busy attending to matters way above your CMKX fantasies and animal levity. But, before we have a legionary escort you out of camp, let’s review your track record to see if your acumen is on a level to be casting stones at those you know nothing about.

              G-man – 2019/07/07: Cryptos aren’t stable, very risky Stable coins are headed our way.

              G-man – 2019/07/12: The take from this is he understands the “thin air” concept as it relates to currencies, all of them including the US dollar and the money laundering, pump and dump, naked short selling fraud that takes place for nefarious purposes when “assets” are backed by nothing of intrinsic value
              That US dollar status will change, DJT hints at that

              G-man – 2019/07/22: Exactly, what will happen to those cryptos with no value behind them> Investors will move their funds from fiat cryptos to asset back which means fiat cryptos will fail along with those investors who have money wrapped up in them….

              A man with your failed track record of fortune telling should find another site to troll on. Your first post since August of 2019, and that’s all you got? Did you even bother to see the picture from past posts which show the meetings in London with the elders? I know you probably did, so your goal here is to be a magnum rectumus. Well, you succeeded at something, finally!

              Do let us know when your CMKX shares are paid off.

              Lastly, you spelled your e-mail wrong on the form. ‘Comicjackpot@’, instead of ‘Cosmicjackpot@’. I think the former is more you than the later. (I suppose you thought that would fool me into banning the “wrong email” so you could get around it).

              Tell Kim we said hello, and that she’s looking mighty fine.

              “Guard. Escort this citizen to the sentry and instruct them to place him outside the gate, with a swift, hard kick in the ass. Not too hard, his brain is damaged enough as it is. And, guard, give this man a rabbit. He’ll be lonely out there”.

              “By your command”.



  31. WEF whiffs about everything…and innovates what? Nothing. Digital currencies are coming in spite of their blather, not because of it.

    Goddamn Bolsheviks. We are too lenient with these bastards. The Guard is camped out in DC guarding air, when they should be in Washington having target practice.

    Xi whiz.

    That’s some based coin.


    Bolshevik job reduction efforts have started. America Last. Make America Grovel Again

    Of course, because this is vitally critical to all. Keystone Pipeline guys will just love your hard work to change the money they now won’t earn.

    No kidding?

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  32. Boris Johnson says the UK will be ‘ruthless’ over travel quarantine ahead of France decision

    If Covids so as is it appears to be in Europe we need to be mercilesss with selfish swine coming home and slammig the lot into Airpost quarantine hotels for 2 weeks at top prices will burn them. Its mainly the low cost grunts causing this. We really need to close the air, sea and rail tunnel ports to them. Strand the lot. Its mainly our low life end. Agenda 21 has merit for them. Get tough is right.
    Third flight from Haiti lands with many COVID-infected passengers

    Not blocking flights is gross incompetence again
    This is insane given the lockdowns Canadians are living through.
    So many people have seen their lives turned upside down and to allow this to occur is negligence on the part of government.
    And what is so special to allow Cuba such indulgence while other countries need to have the ability to test in place.
    181 Dead in the U.S. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections – How Long Will We Continue to Allow Mass Murder by Lethal Injection?
    Mastercard to increase fees for UK purchases from EU

    Their charges are grossly excessive anyway why crank it up more its a scam.
    Legal experts say Trump’s pardons include major ‘gaps’ that may expose recipients to further prosecution

    Looking at much of the human SCUM he released thats no bad thing. Yes, Bang them up again. Him with them for what he’s done. .
    AP source: Lawmakers threatened ahead of impeachment trial

    Trump takes it to the Gutters again.
    Bitcoin Price at $1 Million? This Is How It Can Happen: Anthony …

    Biden news live: Latest updates as Trump ‘had no vaccine distribution plan’ | The Independent

    Yet more evidence of the Denial Chump doing nothing.
    Biden Stops Trump Order To Slash Price Of Insulin, EpiPen | The Daily Wire

    I imagine he just pissed off anyone paying for insulin and the like or suffering from allergies. Disgusting Big Pharma steals again.
    Bribe Taking Biden!
    He should be in jail. Shreck again was too stupid to act. Poor America two such appalling Dummies.
    Trump wants to set up ‘MAGA party’ to challenge Republicans who voted to impeach him, says report

    I doubt this will stop them. Too many want him gone. Shreck out? But Biden is worse.

    The attack on free speech, why expect anything else from communists? Wake UP Americans!!!!!!
    53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started

    Another Gates African disaster hidden.

    This befuddled clown is too dangerous to give the role it needs to bypass him and his white Camilla the Home Counties bike everyone’s ridden it.
    She’s got more baggage than the Beverly Hillbillies
    Dutch mayor warns the country is heading for ‘civil war’ after riots

    The world as is now.


  33. The United States Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Bank have BOTH called-in their “Emergency Response” Teams.   This was done today — SUNDAY — and the teams are now assembled in their offices in Washington, DC.

    Something gigantic is obviously coming down the pike and to have these two entities call-in their ‘Emergency Response” people on a SUNDAY NIGHT is extraordinary.

    I do not yet know what the situation is, but I am leaving my condo right now (9:05 PM EST) and heading to an ATM to get cash for myself and then to top-off fuel in my car.

    Suggest you think about doing the same.

    Hal Turner.

    Guess we’ll see what this week brings. I think Armstrong has a panic cycle coming anytime in his models so we’ll see. Considering Biden killed 80000 jobs in 5 days, anything is possible

    Biden is probably releasing his national firearms registry and AR-15 weapons ban executive orders this week.


    1. ETH enters blue sky price discovery! ETH/BTC chart is great. Huge buyers and very limited exchange supply, this puppy may blow to 5k to 10k very quickly! (As long as BTC behaves)

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  34. You’ll need a time machine, pal. A bit late for that.

    Just sign it, Joe. Then we will give you your Ensure and a high colonic. President Harris is here, and soon, VP Pelosi.

    Oh you better believe it. Laws will be passed to cement the left’s position as the party of ‘righteousness and the guardians of the downtrodden and underfoot’. Anything white, right or which could bite, will be declared deviating from the works of Marx, and branded “racist”. We are heading for a potential civil war. Be ready if so. We are going to pay a big price for allowing this pestilential ideology to escape removal when we had the chance to remove it.


    1. I cannot even comment re the Biden link. I am still in such dreadful shock with what has occurred in the US re the sniffer.



    An interesting and professional move if actioned

    As long stated and visible another trophy bought wife may be about the check out. The cost of Eastern Block catalogue wives

    Watch out for scammers

    Yep, the entire political establishment is reviled by his crude, brash. Lying childlike duplicity. Yet the public love him.
    So they stitched him up and with his appalling list of Jewish criminals pardoned, he showed why he’s unfit for the office. Must find better and it’s not Biden
    Crypto forecast for the first half of 2021 – Finextra

    More forecasts and chances

    Hard to believe this HAS happened in America. With her background anyone would have failed the military security clearance background checks, yet she could be the President? Truly, the inmates are running the asylum scenario as their planned agenda continues.

    For those who voted for this…be careful what you wish for. The Commies tend to eat their own.

    For those who do nothing to stop this…you deserve what comes.

    An enlightening and frightening article!

    It’s coming
    For Robert the Bruce and like Scots wannabes.

    These were hard and vicious times. Life was cheap. Clans betrayed all their people, and as also today, sold their Souls for a Buck.

    Wallace and the like were betrayed by their own Scots, not unlike how both US Houses betray America and its people.

    Rotten US President follows rotten President and limp brained Trump will live in infamy for his scurrilous betrayal of office, releasing a vast array pf gutter Jewish Criminals, some Kushner Crime family associates, Most deserving their long sentences.

    As Wallace was tortured, hung drawn and quartered, he then saw his appalling misjudgment trusting Scots, or Americas voting for Clinton, Biden or Trump. Same sort of Vermin. None fit for office.

    The Scots are a truly dirty people, with a failed economy and a Gobshite in Sturgeon who needs gagging with barbed wire.

    Wallace was gagging when the hot irons went in an the knives cut his manhood. Hung, drawn and quartered, a vile end.

    All Scots betray each other. Clans are nothing but waring Gypsie camps. Drunken, scheming and stinking low lifes who Rome had the sense to Wall In! Whisky is the only thing of value to come out of the place.

    Gobshite Sturgeon has blow the pot and now whines for more. Stop all funding! Let nature take its course.
    Tell the Scots remove this Gobshite or starve. For sure they will rip her apart. F Troll. It’s a Witch Wannabe from Macbeth.

    The Hag needs to be in a cage. With unfed Tigers. English pay to view TV subscriptions would go through the roof. Watch the hag gag.

    What’s left hang on the Wallace hook in Westminster Hall. We need to stop shipping food in. Cut all funding for a year. Blame her.- Sorted!

    Hags, where can you hang them?
    UK has identified 77 cases of South African Covid variant

    This leaves us wide open to abuse

    Former Estonian president compares Trump Jr to ‘exceptionally small-brained fish’

    The daughters a half wit, his fathers got the mind of at best a 13 year old but i think less, what can you expect?
    The Biggest Lessons To Learn From the History of Bitcoin

    Theres all year yet to get in. If Biden imposes Lock Down it will slump again but return.


  36. The psychotic death ramblings of rats on a sinking ship.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Aurataya – its been great. Have not worn a mask since we arrived. Only once to the post office so far. It’s a choice here. You can wear one or not and many choose not to. The police are not going to give you a warning or arrest you if you choose not to. How refreshing. A lot of freedom loving people here, so different from Hawaii.

        Mom is in no condition to be traveling but she’s in good hands and doing great. Whew! So much planning and making sure her equipment was here in advance etc. This was quite the move. Glad it’s over. Thank you for asking about her.

        Next I want to learn how to shoot a gun. 🤠

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        1. Thank you so much for getting back to me with your update A Johnson. I am so pleased you are feeling more comfortable in your new environment and that Mom is being well looked after.

          If I was you I would most definitely learn the ropes of handling various types of weapons. It may freak you out at first but persist for your own protection. Go girl lol.


  37. The holocaust Hollywood wont touch. I thought this timely since they are now running the usa. we should not forget the history we are meant by some to forget.


  38. Hi Tony, follow up question. Will you update us when some of the cryptos have surpassed the recommend buy range to continue to add more to our holdings.


    1. I am not sure I understand your question, so let me make sure.

      There is no need for me to update you when the prices exceed a safe buy-up-to price.

      I would be here several times a day with such alerts in volatile times, and as much as I love to volunteer my time for free, I have to set a limit.

      You can simply look at the buy-up-to price of any one on the list, and then check the market price that day. If it’s over that price and you want to buy more, simply set a limit order for a lower price at or below the buy-up-to price and wait.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if I have misunderstood your question.


    1. I find Palm Beach Confidential is very good, and geared for wealth building in large part.

      Weiss Ratings is good too.

      There are probably others, so simply google search for them and see which one fits your budget and style.



    The EU is cracking down on the Tax Havens
    Hey That Elephant on Twitter: “Someone in Biden’s earpiece told him to salute the marines, and Biden just repeated the words “salute the marines,” because he is so used to just repeating what comes from his earpiece. The marines were not saluted.” / Twitter

    Crazy stuff … I wonder if people realize Kamala is not a natural born American, and not eligible for President.

    A Moron and an Alien?
    Still Soetoro pulled it off. Biden’s wife now meets the Troops because he’s too brain dead to do it, But then he always was.


    For Tino and all. Infertility!!!!!

    A long time Medical Doctor associate of mine sent me this as part of our daily communications. Note the infertility risk as this single step will suffice to unleash an irreparable global infertility pandemic with Draconian consequences. Ever more Doctors are expressing deep reservations about these vaccines as they stand

    Doctors Uncensored: Bringing You The Truth

    Freedom of Speech is Under Attack Dr. Gold’s Instagram page was removed. AFLDS’s Facebook page continues to be censored. Dr. Gold’s Twitter feed is.
    Freedom of Speech is Under Attack
    Dr. Gold’s Instagram page was removed. AFLDS’s Facebook page continues to be censored. Dr. Gold’s Twitter feed is being throttled. Big Tech companies have decided that you have no right to hear our message. Forward this newsletter to everyone in your community so they too can BECOME AN AFLDS MEMBER. We must grow our community and stay connected in order to win this fight for freedom.

    ▪ Has No Independently Published Animal Studies
    ▪ Shows No Proof That It Stops Transmission of the Virus
    ▪ Carries The Possibility of Lifelong Infertility
    ▪Has No Independently Published Animal Studies ▪Shows No Proof That It Stops Transmission of the Virus ▪Carries The Possibility of Lifelong Infertility
    Excerpts from the 30-page paper…
    America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19
    This document represents the preliminary findings of an investigation conducted by the member-physicians of America’s Frontline Doctors. We are recommending caution for patients and policy makers and employers. Additional transparency and more research are needed before we ask Americans to embark on the largest experimental medical program in US history. The unknowns must be addressed through a scientifically rigorous process. Mandates for experimental medical therapies are neither permissible nor advisable. Ordinary Americans should not be compelled to sign up for a “vaccine passport” or similar mandate just to travel on an airplane or see a concert with friends. The potential for third-party abuse of private health information and real medical risk to individuals remains much too high. Concentrations of private power pose a threat to privacy and other civil liberties and policy makers must proceed with caution.

    Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon Demand That The Studies Should Not Be Continued…
    Many scientists already agree the risk is much too high to proceed with these experimental vaccines. On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42). Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon demand that the studies – for the protection of the life and health of the volunteers – should not be continued until a study design is available that is suitable to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned 27 scientists against the vaccine and the study design.

    The Department of Defense of the Federal Government Has Contracted With Google and Oracle to Track Vaccinated Persons…
    The Department of Defense of the federal government has contracted with Google and Oracle to track vaccinated persons. In the document entitled “From the Factory to the Frontlines,” the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD) stated that, because Warp Speed vaccine candidates use new unlicensed vaccine production methods that “have limited previous data on safety in humans . . . the long-term safety of these vaccines will be carefully assessed using pharmacovigilance surveillance and Phase 4 (post-licensure) clinical trials.” 69 70 The vaccination effort itself (OWS) is being managed by the military with the DHS and NSA as opposed to what is usually done, which is civilian health agencies.
    There is Evidence to Support That the Experimental Vaccine Could Cause Permanent Auto-Immune Rejection of the Placenta…
    Frontline physicians have a very healthy respect for what is unknown. With these new experimental vaccines more is unknown than known, so this section is by definition, incomplete. But we already have suggestions of where serious problems will arise, based upon early data and mechanism of action. There is evidence to support that the vaccine could cause permanent auto-immune rejection of the placenta. Placental inflammation resulting in stillbirths mid-pregnancy (second trimester) is seen with COVID-19 and with other similar coronaviruses. The way the experimental vaccines work, it is concerning that that deleterious effect on the placenta, which in the wild only lasts as long as the acute illness, would instead be lifelong.
    Simone Gold, MD, JD, James Todaro, MD, Lee Merritt, MD, Richard Urso, MD, Robin Armstrong, MD, Scott Barbour, MD, Jeff Barke, MD, Mark McDonald, MD, Teryn Clark, MD, Shelley Cole, MD, Geoff Mitchell, MD, JD
    Citations for all experimental vaccine information stated in this newsletter can be found in the paper.
    Become an AFLDS member and read the entire White Paper.

    This is becoming a very real danger.
    People should never be pressured to comply with taking an experimental vaccine. This is becoming a very real danger. The coercion can be implemented by government legislation or through policy directives by large private and public corporations, including airlines, employers, schools, and other institutions. This type of assault on your medical privacy is invasive, aggressive, and unethical.
    The Petition To Stop Forced Experimental Vaccines is your opportunity to stand up and say NO to the pressure (legal, social, or otherwise) to take an experimental vaccine.
    We need your help to continue fighting for the best patient care, physician independence, and a science-based approach to healthcare decision-making.
    Please consider ongoing MONTHLY donations, and be a part our Frontline effort to keep Americans safe and healthy.

    Patriotically yours,
    America’s Frontline Doctors

    You are so going to get scalped.

    Subject: The elite have started a $1.9 trillion dollar plan to change America…

    A special message from one of our close colleagues:

    Dear Reader,

    A political and financial wealth expert just put out a very strange video…

    And it might have surprised A LOT of people in the government. Why?

    Because it reveals a plan introduced by Nancy Pelosi to change the American dollar…

    In fact, Pelosi tried to keep this quiet until the document was leaked…

    It’s about a $1.87 trillion dollar plan backed by the elite to give change the dollar…

    And give power to big-government officials to control every part of your life…

    And it’s revealed right here…

    International Expert warns: “Most dangerous financial reform in American history”

    If this plan is successful… it could be implemented by the end of December…

    That’s why I’ve recorded a video from a remote location explaining everything you need to know…

    And what you HAVE to do if you want to protect your retirement savings…

    So if you’ve already retired or want to retire soon, you need to see this presentation now.

    But hurry, because it won’t be online forever.

    You can only take the P out of a real piece of dirt like Biden. It needs to be HUNTED!


      1. James Darren
        Sadly James we do get censored! We get you the key news, and the Jews News cuts it.
        5,800 years and all they touch? This lot are just assimilating Khazar filth. Genghis Khans lot in suits. Scum of the Mongol plains cross breeding. But always predatory vermin.
        Thanks for checking. Appreciated.
        Sorry to take a day to take a day to respond, as Tony will assure you Im active from 2 or 3 dealing with 3 key Global time zones. It takes phasing.

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  40. Banks CUT OFF Money to Trump

    Something tells me DJT did not say “that’s okay, I will move my money to another bank”. I think he has/had a plan to outmaneuver the banks to manage his asset. Hello technology!


    1. Trump has no money to move it’s all shysters hustling and smoking mirrors. Deusche want their loans back, so will others. He ONLY borrowed $450M to cover gaps because he HAS NO MONEY!!! When will the Dummies get it Trump is a 30 Cents Note Grifter. From the Dirt and the Grime of Broadway Where Hustle is the name of the game
      Rhinestone Cowboy, But Little Finger hung. So Stormie tells us.
      Big Law Firms don’t want him. Nor Banks, Sheeple are dazzled by Rhinestones. We focus on Diamonds.
      A Hustler just got his Ass put in a sling The large number of seriously BAD Jewish Criminals he just pardoned is appalling. Shameful!


      1. The son in law…. I always wondered about that. Still, I hope “the plan” emerges in not so distant future although being mindful of human nature and limitations. Thank you for the bitch slap for the sheeple including myself.


      1. So happy you are happy beautiful. I am having quite a bit of difficulty shaking myself out of a bit of depression, but I will eventually lol. All good.


        1. I hope you feel better. I feel so optimistic regardless of the assholes in power. Don’t let them take away your sunshine. That’s what they want. To keep us in a low vibration. Screw them! Focus on what you want and keep it high.

          Good Vibrations 432hz


  41. Hey Tony
    You have penned a very articulate article on many fronts that your readership should relish.
    I did toil in the RV stage and have already moved forward into Blockchain. This came about as being a member of WHA and connecting all the dots laid out by you and John.
    I am curious as to what your opinion is of the the eventual conversion to the gold standard (1776 America) for blockchain investments?
    Much appreciate your efforts!

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    1. Hey I do appreciate that. Thank you.

      Any conversion to a “gold standard” would not have any substantial negative affect on the blockchain space, in my opinion.

      Gold backed cryptos are somewhat of a novelty and it never caught on. It was more of a selling point, but there were issues to who in the hell was holding the gold, and how it would be converted if asked.

      Digital assets have specific use-cases and that’s what makes them valuable as they become adopted, merged, modified and used for a wide variety of technical applications that gold can’t be used for.

      They are two different asset classes.

      Also, with de-fi, you can literally go from a digital asset to a gold unit at the click of a button, and back. So, the two seem to be able to exist side by side in a more efficient and useful medium than trying to run to a dealer and turn your bills into coins, and hope not to get mugged on the way to the gentleman’s club.

      I hope I answered your question.

      John would be more of an expert on what is coming in terms of asset backed currencies and how gold will be used by nations and their treasuries.

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      1. I was looking in to PAXG @ Kraken. It appears to be legit, and if staked @, it yields 6.5% annum. It sounds much better than having to pay for storage with physical gold.


  42. Total Nutter trying to copy the Lying King

    Providing they have any trade deals left after they finish robbing the store.

    Back on the road again
    Police raid wedding with 400 GUESTS held at Jewish girls school

    Best news of the week typical of that lot to think they were beyond the law. 400 is madness the lot should have been fined 10,000 pounds each
    Biden’s Pro-Israel Campaign Stance Takes Drastic T

    A good move it’s time Israel was brought under control.
    Former head of Vatican bank guilty of embezzlement, money laundering – The Jerusalem Post

    Subject: Former head of Vatican bank guilty of embezzlement, money laundering – The Jerusalem Post

    Sometimes, Justice slowly comes 5,800 years of then only now are we waking up??????????????

    Check the books at the US Treasury and Fed if uou want a real wake up call…
    Hope for millions as paralyzed mice walk again after just TWO WEEKS of breakthrough gene therapy that regenerates damaged spinal cord nerves

    Mice that had been paralyzed in both back legs regained the ability to walk with two days of receiving a gene therapy that uses a designer protein to stimulate damaged nerves.

    Now this is worthwhile funding instead of Arms. Pariah State Israel, Political skim offs to Cronies, and Zio scams.
    Money fit for purpose. Hope for many.

    Iran wants to spoil the bitcoin party.

    No question they want him to pay
    ‘I was duped by Trump!’ QAnon Shaman ‘regrets’ acts in Capitol riot

    Yet he pardoned so many clearly convicted Jewish criminals with appealing histories of serious crimes indicating the Kushner Crime family selling influence.

    How will this play out as he faces impeachment . Now others face jail following him.
    How can Biden live with this?

    Laptop repair shop owner at center of Hunter Biden scandal reveals everything – YouTube

    So we assume they now bury this?



  43. Here is a paragraph from the Golden Jackass, dated 1/18/21

    “The Admiralty Law system has been removed and swept aside. The New Republic with its Common Law system as basis is being installed. Donald Trump was the last president under the USGovt Corp with its admiralty law in place. With it came numerous elite privileges within a system of human chattle and monetary access. Donald Trump is to be the first president under the New Republic, which reportedly will commence in the first week of March. The Jackass regards it as an American Magna Carta, where the people are respected for their rights, without chattle links. Expect the Bill of Rights to be reaffirmed and the Patriot Act to be rescinded.”
    “The events taking place in DC right now are changing by the moment. New explosive evidence indicates that Donald Trump may have already been inaugurated into his second term.”

    What do I think about all of this? If this was not true, why are they coming up with the “fake” narratives to give us hope while straying us from the reality (being aired by CNN, ABC, CNBC, etc.)? That is what the Deep State has been doing all these years. I am staying the course and not taking the train to Auschwitz, the promised land for the useless eaters.


  44. Hi All,

    So as we continue in the cryptocurrency world I decided to check out Tony’s recent recommendations. Thank you Tony. I was impressed with the crypterium coin and decided to download their app. I thought overall the use case is pretty solid. I proceeded to go ahead and supply my information so I could buy the coin.

    I have not bought the coin yet. But I went ahead did some more research. There is some information out there about crypterium being a scam. Some users are saying that their bank accounts are being debited with small amounts like .30 euros or so. Some users say that the app or company is making it hard for them to withdraw their money.

    It maybe a glitch in the system since they new. And I have cancelled the card I have provided to them as a means of payment. If any of you have similar experiences or opinions that say otherwise, please share

    Just looking for more information if anyone has it.



    1. I am not having any issues with their app so far.

      One reason we suggest small even positions is to protect against any failure of a project, for any number of reasons.

      There are always “some who say”.

      Did you speak with their support about any issues you are having? Start with that, and always go to them for answers, and not third party chatrooms.

      If we hear of anything critically negative about any of the ideas we suggest, we will make it known right away.


      1. Tony,

        Tomorrow is a big day. I am selling my currencies to the bank tomorrow. Again thank you for introducing us to the world of cryptocurrencies. Will be buying some of your suggested cryptos including crypterium.

        Thanks again,

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  45. I think that was Melania’s job, not yours, Chuckles.



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  46. Go onto Google and ask who were the Jews Trump just pardoned and for what crimes. The results are sickening”
    He deserves massive exposure. A dreadful abuse of power. But Judaism? Rodents!!!!!!! A rotten species.
    Many articles will not copy so read. The Jerusalem Times is explicit. Exactly why they need ripping out of the WH and both houses. Disgusting abuse but expect it from that Grifter. Shameful!


    1. Could you imagine…Elders assets re-monetized and 2% moved into BTC.

      Just like that, all of WHA readers who are in, see Mars, not just the Moon.

      Just like that, every schmuck banker who held it up, bypassed.

      Just like that, Wall St becomes ball street.

      Just like that, John buys Scotland and serves it an eviction notice.

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      1. Tony
        Without showing all our hands, WHAT IF, key Sovereign Banks and others were bought, part directed to set up Crypto Depositories AND Safe Exchange mechanisms, PLUS new Cryptos Project based where partial profits go back into Communities, and communities are selectively invited to participate in Global Projects of benefit to Humanity and Societies? Cryptos where at WHA YOU get in on the ground floor as ” Intelligent Readers?”
        Just have the Troll ejection seats ready.

        But think of Crypto Pension funds for you all? Not skimmed by the Wall Street Racketeers. Remodeled as a new life plan? Self Funded Health Care. Not 50% ripped off by Promoters as in Insurance.

        Hemp alone offers extraordinary cross market potential. Better brick insulation. Ability to be used for vast of composites. Cheaper to produce, natural materials, self sufficiency pollution reduction. Equally vast health benefit by products.

        Amusing to see the plethora of QAnone BS exploded as JFK Jr failed to appear, there was no Revolutionary takeover, and as I fully predicted, Heel Spurs showed his True to Form, and slunk off to Florida where the Community are protesting his presence as a Resident. Melania is showing indications of bolting. She knows what’s coming. She wants no part of the Kushner Rodent pack. Good for her.

        As for the usual Conspiracy OTT fantasists, sorry to see your miraculous JFK Jr no show, he’s actually still on a weight reduction Program with Elvis at the Chicken Ranch in Nevada. Both partners in a Whackie Backy Farm.

        Commie Czar VP Kamala Harris now demands you all stand when she enters the room along with her assigned staff. Along with Bribe Taking Biden, these 2 F brains now run the Asylum. Have you seen the list of 2024 Contender possibles? Will no candidates of Quality stand up for America? Biden is your new Titanic Captain. Who polishes Kamala’s Jackboots?

        Prepare for the doors to mass open for illegals. The ultimate Vote Rigging.
        What’s happening to Americans? Biden will spend you bust.

        A 50K Check to the first one to get a Photograph of JFK Jr and Elvis together. Each with a Spliff?
        They voted Biden, they believe anything. See which Hollywood low lifes turned up? Sad.


        1. Speaking of cyptos, i hold BTC, XRP, Eth, XLM, OX, a tiny bit of EOS. I have some change I can divert into. What do you guys recommend right now? 🙂


  47. Keep talking, Yellen. You and that big ignorant Yenta mouth of yours is making it cheaper to buy.

    Bolshevism in action. Even their press secretary is wearing red, and the hair? Red! Joe, ain’t stallin’.

    Let them all in…they need more votes in 2022 so they don’t lose the House or Senate. These Bolsheviks are smart.

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  48. COVID passports are totally and utterly useless. As of this moment there is a fake pandemic — a casedemic from the garbage antigen test. Farr’s Law, WILL, as it always have, clear the system. I mean, if we had instituted this idea with H3N2, and H1N1 and all the other 57 varieties, it wouldn’t matter one whit to world travel today, and telling the unvaccinated that they couldn’t travel would not prevent anything that Farr’s Law already took care of.

    When the new contagion shows up in a few years, how will having a positive Covid vaccine on the passport help? It won’t.

    Is the virus world-wide? Yes. So travel restrictions make no sense.

    Will there be mutations of the virus? Sure. Always. Forever. And no, you don’t know that the UK variant and the South African variant are more contagious. This crap statement originates out of a sampling model. Do you realize that there are probably 20 mutations that are far less contagious….?

    Are the current virus peaks caused by coronavirus? No. Depending on which WHO document you follow for PCR cycles your false positive rate is 70% to 97%. So it’s all reclassified regular crud.

    Ergo, in reality, the Passport is about foisting control, specifically forcing useless and dangerous vaccines….

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    1. Tino

      With Travel Bans, lock downs until Summer, Flights cancelled, Quarantine hotels, it’s going to become academic as we won’t have an economy left by late year. No Chancellor or Minister has the Right to SQUANDER our wealth on Furloughs for a year, leaving us saddled with the debts for 20 years of tax increases. Here for 50K lives 70M will suffer.
      Herd Immunity is NOT working, it’s pointless. Focus on Treatments, not demolishing Industy and Commerce.
      We will lose 50K phase lives 2 to Covid. ( Where did Flue go?) We are sacrificing 500K patients denied medical need care elsewhere, and already we see a 4 years tailback now for non essential treaments. 50K deaths will demolish the economy and even here 3M jobs will go. Make that 15M US Jobs population adjusted pro rata.
      Biden is going to follow the WHO agenda. Apart from producing Jack Boots for Harris, all else may head for melt down. The Commie Czar just ripped the door of reason ajar. More Whakkie Bakkie for Joe?
      The Clintons and Bushes just united to pick over the carcus. Who let the Dogs in?
      How much public humiliation will Melania take with Heel Spurs in Florida? He faces Roman Legions of Litigators now. Melania has her updated pre nup to cash in. Her visible Plastic Surgery and an exit ticket.
      How will Biden handle Covid?
      Stand UP Karma-rella Harris just entered the room. America bought this?
      For every decision, there is a consequence. Biden!


      1. Ich muss Sie enttäuschen.
        Biden und Harris wurden vor September 2020 verhaftet. Biden ist schon hingerichtet. Er ist ein Massenmörder von Kindern! Der aktuelle Biden und alle seine Kollegen sind Klone und Doppelgänger. Alle arbeiten für das Trump-Team / die Earth Alliance! Alle sind Schauspieler. Unsere Erlösung wird bald sichtbar sein! Trump ist immer noch Präsident!
        I have to let you down.
        Biden and Harris were arrested before September 2020. Biden has already been executed. He is a mass murderer of children! The current Biden and all of his colleagues are clones and doppelgangers. Everyone works for the Trump team / Earth Alliance! All are actors. Our salvation will soon be visible! Trump is still president!


        1. OMG!.
          Well firstly, welcome Metchild,
          Very pleased I had a few drinks before that announcement.

          Personally, I’m not too sure what the heck is going on in this world anymore so I probably have no real excuse to have a giggle re your comment. What you believe is the truth, is your truth.

          As far as I’m concerned, I have had enough of all the bs these days. Give me proof or take a hike.

          I do not mean to offend anyone but have we not yet had enough of all the false dawns?

          Happy hunting kids. Enjoy all the drama, I am over it.

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          1. Metchild, I owe you an apology.

            My statement, “give me proof or take a hike” was not directed at you personally. If I can offer an excuse, I would say that I am currently having trouble dealing with a few things and was far too aggressive in my comment. I tend to be rather blind when I’m in one of my moods which, I might add, appears to be a bit too often these days.

            I wanted you to know that I was really pleased to see you comment here at WHA and hope I did not scare you away from doing that again. I actually appreciated seeing a new face of the website contributing..I just seriously need to learn to tame myself and allow others to voice what they desire to rather than attack others if their opinion differs to mine. I am sincerely sorry for my behaviour.

            Hope to see you commenting again. And never hesitate to have a go at pulling me into line if you feel like it lol.


            1. OMG! I need English lessons lol. And bloody typing lessons.
              Meant to say ” I actually appreciated seeing a new face contributing on this website.”

              Okay, over and out kds, I have had enough today.


  49. The three web pages posted posted by Lin Wood ( Trump’s lawyer) below make for interesting reading. Get into the mind of Lin Wood and see what he may expect for the USA in the future while reading the first two web pages below in particular. I am of the mindset that there is still a chance that Biden will removed and Trump who won the election will finally get in. If you are like the Democrats and do not want free speech or someone to be open minded then go ahead and attack what I just said, but if you are respectful like the person who responded to me the other day, and began his comment with the words: “No disrespect to you but……” then go ahead and read this with an open mind and I will respect what you post also without the need to put it down. I am not a demonrat so I will not do that. Sincerely, Robert The Bruce

    25 hours after the inauguration 43 States are reporting a reduction in covid cases. A real miracle! LOL

    ======== Below is info posted by Lin Wood who was or is Trump’s lawyer ===============

    Lin Wood

    I am one man who has had the help of some great people as I tried to fight back against election fraud and the very real threat it poses to our freedom. Honest elections are critical to our Constitution and liberty. I am a Patriot who wants my children and your children and our grandchildren to breathe the fresh air of liberty.

    I am not the government. I am not the judiciary. I am not the electorate. I just wanted to do my duty as a Patriot to try to make a difference for my family and others.

    In return, I have been blamed for the losses in the GA Senate runoff election. The losses were not my fault. It was a rigged election.

    I am now blamed for not preventing the illegal swearing-in of Joe Biden today. Really? Is that fair?


    Lin Wood

    The events of today make no sense to me. They are close to being what I would describe as nonsense. We appear to have turned our government over to communism. I do not believe President Trump would ever do so without a fight to the finish. I also have total confidence in the integrity of the United States Military.


    Lin Wood

    D.C. is fenced off and the President is never going back to the White House. But not for reasons you may be thinking. Fear not, there will be a new …


    Lin Wood

    I share the link below with you to let you think for yourself and decide whether you believe it to be accurate and reassuring. Maybe you will at least find some hope from it in what I am sure has been a difficult day for Patriots. Keep speaking truth. Keep fighting for freedom. Never give up.

    God bless you. – Lin


    Lin Wood

    Please listen to Dr. Simone Gold of Frontline Doctors discuss the née Covid vaccine. She has important information for you to consider.

    Simone was arrested this weekend by the FBI and spent the night in a jail in California. She attended the January 6 rally in Washington, DC.

    Draw your own conclusions.


    Lin Wood

    I have learned that the executive committee of The Lawyers Club of Atlanta wants to expel me from the organization (after being a member in good standing for over 35 years).

    I hear that Mercer Law School in Macon (my alma mater) is likely going to remove my name from a courtroom named in my honor and then keep the significant monetary donations I have made to the school to help it.

    Efforts are underway to disbar me with the State Bar of Georgia.

    Why??? Because I exercised my First Amendment right to express my political views and have been legally fighting for honest elections???

    I will not be intimidated by such agenda-driven attacks designed to suppress my Constitutional rights.

    Today they are coming after me. Soon they will be coming after you.

    Stay strong. Strengthen your community of friends and believers who share your values and principles. Keep speaking truth. :pray:


    1. Hey Robert,,
      Thank you for all your effort re the above. I may seem like I ignore you sometimes but I do not always have the time everyone else here does these days. I always appreciate what you share but just sometimes cannot gain enough time to go through everything shared.

      Big thanks to you Robert The Bruce. Catch you later buddy.


  50. And…who owns the majority of the media?

    It’s good to be early.

    Cultural enrichment.

    Indeed. Future generations will think we were mad.

    Scumbags like this deserve all the attention?

    “The City” via your app, or in your lap, ol’ chap.

    Bolsheviks roam freely. Why pay for range fees with so many targets for your Glock?

    Societies, to survive, must evolve.

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    Reality for the great masses . It’s coming
    The Trump family made it clear they won’t go without a fight – even if that means a ridiculous one | The Independent

    As Bidens now reversing everything of Trumps, by Executive Order. apart from Ego Trips what was achieved? The Trump Tinker Camp leaves town.
    breathe: the world exhales as the madness of the Trump era ends

    He’s gone, the media now needs a new figure of derision. History will not be kind. A Cabinet of turmoil. Most left him.
    River levels reach record high

    This small Rock Island rock in the Atlantic is hit by freak storms and deluges. Chaos. Mass floods. When homeless where do you go in a lockdown? Hotels are shut.

    Thousands evacuated as river levels reach record high
    Free speech will wither away

    With the end of Trump, the Jews News of Censorhip is killing your right to think or speak. Censorhip is here and its vile.
    They have taken your money , corraled you, and now seek to stupify you. Sadly, Tump and Biden are lving proof it’s succeeding.

    Political crime returns.
    Three former presidents unite to wish Joe Biden well
    QAnon in crisis as day of reckoning fails to materialise

    So much for the Q Anone Flakes heh? Busted!
    Glastonbury CANCELLED for second year in row because of Covid pandemic
    What a snivelling pathetic Bumpkin. This rulesFools?

    Will no one of status represent this Buffoon? No it seems. Wassocks have no Mates. Nero burns alone. Knives are out.

    Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial could take just three days
    This will be a bitter pill for many now. We have lost the plot. So why lock down?
    Herd immunity in the UK is impossible even if everyone is vaccinated

    Wow what an eye opener. Reality is a silver bullet and God help the economy now.
    How the Biden administration might handle crypto regulation
    The Zios are pannicking. Free will?
    London buses are turned into ambulances to ease strain on NHS

    Standing room for Stiffs only?
    Brexit news: UK on brink of securing lucrative 11-country trade superdeal | Politics | News |

    While the EU squabbles on crap, the UK is signing up vast trade deals Globally.
    Wild ride for London's Bitcoin companies as digital coin tumbles

    Rodeo rides coming for Cryptos. Fly high or a busted Bum?
    A Prime Minster, Ministers and the Scientific Advisors. But only masks for you? Imbeciles run nations. Masking truth?

    Social media users go wild over Melania Trump refusing to pose for cameras after leaving White House | Daily Mail Online
    It’s a case of how you read this body language.
    Melania’s dropped the formal state-like posing and declined to give the media the time of day.
    He’s lost the plot, she can see he may lose the lot, and it starts to like like she may go for the Pre Nup.
    She knows the media circus so next. It will all be cheap, tacky and ugly.

    Melania won’t be his Peron. he’s beyond cruising for a bruising. She can see the family carrion circling.
    Watch his future. He’s got 4 hard years.

    Right now he cant even get serious Attorneys to defend his Impeachment.
    Without the shield of the WH, Shrek is in play.
    Good morning all!

    Everyone needs a good laugh today! Have a great day!


  52. Note the key directive.

    A change of direction.

    Removing focus and timewasting from the Dinarians and Fake Guru demonetized currency garbage to focus on real issues.

    My throwing aside fake hope timewasting non currencies as the garbage they are, is my time limitations to focus on key directions and suggest such entities focus on Cryptos, risks and all. I tire of listening to self delusional blabbering about Not Happening GCR’s or RV’s in their simplistic formats. Naive. Rykers Island does not have the space for the shock treatments needed for some. Imagine Sleepy Joe when a mighty Volt hits the Dolt? First time Clintons gone erect for a long time. Frying tonight?

    Evolving fast are competing interests. Chairman Holy Cow they are coming now from China as their market penetrating trade deals demolish American influence, Commerce is in free fall as Covid bites, and the Master Blaster of guzzling quad Burger Mc Ds has gone into the night demolished by his own limp wrist timid fight. I won’t quit, but he did. Heel Spurs was true to form. Shrek has left the stage in his apoplectic rage. Soothers all?

    Now reality dawns, DC corruption is back. Befuddled Joe and some Commie Ho. Reality time.

    His Handlers will manhandle the Dope. It’s a Puppet jerking to order. Struggling to maintain a cogent speech pattern. After Shrek nothing new there.

    But please do note. WHA, is going forward with its own Jason and the Argonauts mission, to find and fight its own Hydras, “Trolls” in pursuit of its own Golden Fleece and to avoid being fleeced.

    We simply raised for you, if holding your notes with Reno Broker Battlions, is it now time to recall them, cash out if you can and start again via Cryptos. I have watched this series of ever failing forages from Reno to Florida, Singapore and HK. Good people have burned Credit Cards and Banks. Only the Promoters and Pumpers got rich- From YOU! Quit dreaming. Most of you don’t have $5M, you never did, just your c$500 Bucks, get it back and start again. Get real. When illusion rules fools, check the ground rules. Cryptos are high growth. For you a chance and YOU in control. Currencies consider at least a recall before the fall. Hubris. These Wizards took you only to Fools Gold.

    If the run starts, smart money will have got out first. There’s only one thing you can do with toilet paper. You paid how much? Do you cash out and skip clear, or listen to more BS and take it up the rear? At least you then have the paper for it. But at what price?

    With WHA Crypto news at least hope is alive each day. Get back on track by getting real.

    After what we are hearing many of you may not see your notes again. Start before the stampede. Your call, your free fall.

    Real things in the real world are happening. Each stage can only be released when accomplished and safe. A new world is coming. Positioning is key. So much is still possible now. Re position. Think smart. Be part of Cryptos while it lasts. When do you call it a day with failed Flake paper?

    Please, never see my dismissals of fake news or currencies as arrogance. Time is short so I warn as I see crap shoots unfolding. Experience gives us crap shields. Varmint shooting gets boring after a while.

    But the battle now will be Yellen and the Fed Zio Crooks going all out to stop you having free crypto currencies they can not tax or steal. Free to keep what is yours? What you alone worked to earn? The Rots Banks would tank. How dare the Sheeple leave our Corral? That is our help to you. Your own Sovereign Right to be free.

    We seek only to shine a light of hope and direction for you all. With humour often. Not fake news but reality checks.
    Tainted Trump has gone, now the Wolves guard the Sheeple again. Yellen stole and blew the Tropos ACAT funds. Now they want yours. The bad guys are back. Watch yours!


    1. Too bad I did not have the foresight in 2017 to sell all of my VND to buy all the ETH before it reached the ATH in December 2017. I met a Japanese girl who bought 300 ETH and kept them in her hard wallet. Talki about life changing wealth. Today, it is no easy feat to buy 300 ETH. Imagine if it gets to 27K by September 2021 as Bitboy Crypto is projecting/forecasting. I am going to try to accumulate 30 ETH right now. Actually I just need 24 more. I waa listening to Dopp University, another Youtuber, who is teaching how to stake ETH from Ledger Nano, but one needs 32 ETH to do so. I hope to be able to achieve this in not so distant future. An old dog can learn a new trick, too, and I am going to keep learning so my life will contunue to have value and meaning. Thanks to you and Tony and all the earthly students who congregate at this well of knowledge.


  53. Tony and John,
    Thank you for your leadership and unselfish efforts to shine light where there is so much darkness. Over many years I’ve watched greed and corruption kill the best laid plans. I’ve seen friends become drunk with power and turn on their very own. Please count me in when it comes to helping the cause and Tony you know that if some things come about I’m willing to jump in. Someone said that the Second Amendment was in place in case the the First Amendment failed. I wish you Godspeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Tony! Tony! Tony!. I cannot even absorb everything you have shared here.

    I am so depressed today regarding you know what but that does not seem to be the way does it?

    This article/message is so incredibly amazing and I so very deeply and sincerely thank you for every single thing you do. I do not know where your strength comes from. You truly amaze me.

    I have zero energy at the moment and am willing myself to gain strength to continue. You enlighten and encourage me with your amazing intellect and drive. You would have to be one of the most incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure to know, even tough it’s online. Even though you curtail me sometimes lol.

    May I just thank you for your guidance, energy, sharing of knowledge and basically just offering us the opportunity to know, in the online fashion we do, what a truly tremendous man you are.

    I can’t really express more today but do again sincerely thank you for EVERYTHING.

    From you favourite Aussie rebel. LOL


    1. Fancy yourself Thunderbolt reborn eh? lol

      Hang in there, mate.

      I have to say it was not easy when you only have 9 working fingers. But, it had to be done. 2021 could be one for the books, so we had to start prepping the site for a change of focus.

      Big J has some very intense things he’s working on, so hopefully soon he can share as situations allow. For now, it has to stay low key. But, what is planned is quite stunning, so take care of yourself and no need to be depressed about anything site related.

      No, don’t feel curtailed in your opinions. I just would ask to tone down the acid when replying to another opinion which you wish to utter against. It’s quite okay to do so, but we don’t need to be cursing at each other in the process.

      I hope you feel better soon!

      Here is something I used to stay up to watch when the stations played it at night when they signed off. It still gives me the chills when I watch it but it always inspired me when I felt down in my youth.

      She’ll be right. Hooroo for now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Tony, thank you so much for well considered and kind reply. And OMG, it so needed to be done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Even though it was with nine fingers lol.

        I know I was totally over the top recently. I also know I should not have been so boisterous and could have expressed myself in a much more polite and mature fashion. Sometimes when angered, I tend to just get down to the nitty gritty and attack. Not the way, I know. And you know I have a lot of respect for John. He has been very good to me and picked me up on bad days with kindness and understanding, which I will never forget. But ya have to admit, he can be a bit of a bugger sometimes. I’m still keeping the wooden spoon handy lol.

        Okay, well from now on I will be a little more calm. In fact, I think it will be easier now as I have had to accept what has happened in the US which was seriously causing me a great deal of stress. Heck, I am an Aussie, not even in the US and that drama tore me to bits. Time to toughen up I suppose.This world just really feels like it’s crushing me sometimes.

        I am excited about the various topics you hint at and can only thank you again for hanging in there and doing what you do.

        Loved the final words in your video. “Put out my hand and touched the face of GOD.”

        So weird. You only have nine working fingers and I only have nine working toes. You would not believe what I did to myself walking around in the dark lol. Anyway. that baby has been strapped and has two more days off then we are back to work lol.

        Stay cool buddy. Thanks for your patience, kindness and understanding.


  55. Napoleon would approve.

    He will do a good job, and probably be fired 5 years later.

    A true government operation. Why kill 1 when you can kill 2 at twice the price?


  56. I will say that after reading the new article by Tony, and reading Johns comments,, I am very excited and ready to explore TaaS!… and the possibilities coming from Johns comments!
    TaaS is something I have talked to friends about many times… autonomous transportation is a no brainer… getting in the early is a no brainer… getting into the right places early is not a no brainer… A.I. is the future… I try to direct my grandson in that direction, but, he is 14!
    After a very depressing and sickening turn of events of which today was the culmination… reading the above has brought a wonderful positive outlook now!

    John and Tony, want you both to know I am grateful to be here… huge thanks to Tony as the Cryptos I am in will, (and already have somewhat), bring me seed capitol for what will come!

    I hope you guys consider me to be a part of the blog here… now, more than ever, this is the place!… ” this is the way”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. James, I have to say it. I think you are one of the most wonderful and beautiful human beings on this earth. May I thank you for being an important facet of WHA and sharing as you do. I learn from you and thank you for that. Cheers to you mate. XX

      Liked by 1 person

  57. Some key comments to compliment the new article.

    The traditional High Yield Program Trading. Platforms serviced the Pentagon, CIA Black Budget operations, and part UN Global Project funding. As well as partial use by corrupt Bankers and primary US Elitist Crime Families like the Bushes and Clintons, using the CIAs shady Bagman Michael Herzog, in turn also linked to Joseph Ackerman
    the since expunged Chairman of Deutsche Bank, such High Yield Programs are ending in the old formats. It has created an insoluble Off Balance Sheet debt. Herzog once arrested by Interpol over the George Bush 41 and Donald Dewhurst Falcone Fraud, really should have been extradited back to America where he has threatened to expose the lot of them if he’s made to pay back his share of the stolen loot. Unfortunately as Falcone claims irrefutable proof of Biden’s bribe taking from Clinton acting for Bush 41, how can Justice be heard when the Mongrels are running the Compound again? The next 4 years will be difficult, will any democracy be left, or allowed again? Biden’s backers will for certain use again the same vote rigging which empowered him by 2024. How can the GOP or Trump counter that? Can America’s economy carry Biden and his Communist Handlers?
    In turn the we foresee the need to rethink Banking, commensurate with the realization of the Future Wealth Creation needed to redeem this spiraling debt such as the 10 Years MTN Bonds in a Ponzi Cycle which long since become compound in an impossible vortex of Debt. The use of such shadow driven Bank Programs has been reduced over the last 2 years, while alternative existing real wealth was sought to become a hard asset base for a parallel base to focus on selective Global wealth regeneration concurrent with Humanitarian planning to feed need, not greed. To feed Mankind, not Mamon. Zionist banking greed and subterfuge has crippled the world. 5,700 years and still these Raptors are scavenging out of control.

    Currently there are far reaching newly evolving strategies being explored. Pilot Studies are being assessed by a Tripartite combination of the fundamental Elders Dynasties, UN Policy committees, and the Inner Power Grouping of the London City, its Commonwealth, and the City’s Own Shadow Power parties under whom the Power base has expanded safely for the last 1,000 years as the world’s Premier Trusted Banking Center of choice. The hands which rock the cradle of a civilized society. The Mother of all Parliaments. and conceptual values upon which Western societies have evolved from is again coming to the fore.

    Biden will soon need real access to its Culture base, and Commonwealth values. Doctrinaire Socialism will not work in London. and may be America’s saving Grace.

    As the wealth of the Knights Templars re emerged in Basle and Kloten, creating the Swiss Bullion and Banking Empires we see today how their hidden hands are seen in London, in the Temple District of Banking and law, where all senior Queen’s Counsel Barristers are sworn in at the Templars Church with Oaths of Allegiance pledged to the Queen and Monarchy. The secret Real Power, Power within power and out of Public sight. Only countenanced on a need to know basis.

    The Global Banking Power base London achieved, was based upon the Templars own Global Documentary system of Credits, from which Global banking has emerged. Britain rid itself of the Rothschilds decades ago, unlike the US which is rigged in its vice like Jewish Feudal grip. America was Cuckolded a century ago.

    With the emergence of Cryptos and Blockchains, the same mental dexterity which created Global documentary Credits for all Financing, is now reassessing needs for a Global safe highway to the use of Cryptos as Commercial Exchange market, free from the cynical self interest control of the Bankers, and free from Zionist siphoning malpractices which has plagued the world for centuries. Community interest, not Self interest. The successful integration of the London parties has gained the trust and respect of the Dynasty Elders, who in turn will have the key UN and other Project Investment decisions. London’s role is pivotal to Globally direct applications.

    Biden’s election has opened Pandora’s box on Ethical Democracy. The means by which he has been coerced into office, will be repeated and enhanced in 4 more years. Assuming yet another period of reckless Democrats spending, within 2 to 3 years the vast integration of Illegals now into America, with Social and Welfare impositions, is likely to escalate stresses, and create a chasm as society becomes evermore divided. Patriots will encamp in their own race stereotype camp, escalating civil division tensions.

    Democrats wanton abuse of power is likely to escalate price increases as inflation hits home.

    An outflow from the dollar will be in inflow towards alternative safe currencies or cryptos. Project based new investment coins will cascade into a willing market, driven by Ethical forces, capital markets outside of Zionist Bankers parasitical control. A free world of commercial exchange. Fast moving and untraceable, Revenue’s worst nightmare. Wealth producers keeping their own wealth created by choice of non compliance with the demands of the rapacious parasites.

    For America, escalating social tensions may result in Civil confrontations, and their feeling of betrayed birthrights.
    As China ever more cranks up Trade deals all over the world, America is encircled and in debt. China tightens the screw.

    As London and the Elders now explore the emergence of sophisticated new Crypto and Blockchain enabled Crypto banks, where income generated can fund Communities to develop free of State and Banking Shackles, new societies will evolve, with a collective will to reign in Elite Political abuse and to use alternative currency
    mechanisms, free of Banking or Revenue Pariahs. It’s not a Crime to evade Taxes, it’s a crime to impose them.

    With a Crypto free will choice, people will choose to keep what they earn.

    For America, as the big Dogs take more territory the flash point is when?

    As the parties in London, have full multi national focus, and the Allegiance of the Elders. it’s relationship worth keeping and one abundant with promise for WHA parties.

    Armed with the potential power of their Sovereign Banks, and controlling 90% the worlds Tax Havens, they more than anyone can innovate highly lucrative new Capital Market and Crypto domains.

    Again if unleashing the vast wealth of the Elders, the hand which rocks the Cradle?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey John,

      Thank you for this contribution.

      I know you have let me off the hook quite a few times lol. I would like to apologise for attacking you recently. Don’t get me wrong though, you still drive me crazy on many subjects and I still think you can be a very abrasive bugger sometimes but hey, I suppose that is who you are, just like I am who I am.

      Anyway, I only realised something this evening. Heck, I can be slow I know. I realised why I became so angered with you the other day. It felt to me like you were forcing your version of the truth/reality down my neck and there is no way in hell I was going to allow anyone to do that. How it turned out is that I just did not wish to accept your version of reality. I wanted to live in hope, a hope that was not happening, you knew, I did not at that point. I did not want you to take my hope away from me which really got my back up and made me want to fight. I am known to be quite a protective bugger when it boils down to it lol.

      I still do not feel I can agree 100% with some of your opinions but I am starting to understand your perspective as far as the political bigger picture is concerned.

      Anyway, I’m not sucking up to you too much as I still might have a slight glimmer of a reputation to uphold lol. And that’s a bloody big LOL btw. And I still have the wooden spoon handy too btw.

      So thank you for what you do. Here’s to a brighter future.


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