Caesar Has Fallen – New Directions And Intelligent Maneuvers In The Age of Neo-Bolshevism

Some time ago we discussed the possibility of a Biden/Harris victory and the attendant post-election ramifications of such a thing. An eerie parallel to The Year of Four Emperors was sensed to be re-playing in the modern US Republic; a transition of power to an ever-increasingly less capable group of power seekers who lack the accomplishments of prior peers to justify the offices they suddenly now hold or aspire to.

Well, this day is now a reality. A man who is clearly in the early stages of cognitive decline is now president. It is unlikely that he will serve out a full term (or is unlikely to be in shape to campaign again in 2024).

If comrade Kamala moves up before 2024, she appoints whom as V.P.? Then, in 2024, they may lose to which GOP challenger? Or a Trump party return? Rapid-fire power struggles may soon play out. Chaos may ensue, just as it did for Rome when Nero drove a dagger into his throat, after being declared an enemy of the state.

All the post-election “Trump will be staying” rhetoric from many supposed “sources” has come to nothing: Q, Insurrection Acts, Light Workers, military intervention, Pence’s electoral college gambit, White Knights, NESARA announcements, QFS watermarked ballots, etc. All have failed to materialize and produce the results that were claimed to be coming. But, you can rest assured that conspiracy promoter ad revenue ticked upwards between election day and inauguration.

Some have no scruples when it comes to truth, and discernment skills in some circles are very poor. There is no area in life where false information does not enter in. All manner of lies, exaggerations and embellishments are often used by those who wish to seem “wise” or “expert”. When pressed, such types melt away or eventually move onto another grift, having suddenly become “expert” in another area as if by magic.

And there is another hard realization we should admit to: Politics, in the fast accelerating technical age, has run its course. It’s not going to reform or right itself; no more than a Roman legion could if it somehow found itself dropped on a modern-day battlefield. It’s very construct, well suited to the tasks of the past, is now irreversibly obsolete.

Today, one man with a modern automatic weapon could fend off an entire cohort of Caesar’s most seasoned veterans, while making love to his wife. In the same vein, an entire legion of good men could not make politics perform the best and most effective management of a modern day society, when such can be done technologically and on a more decentralized and efficient scale.

We see those with little accomplishments to their name rising to positions of political power with nothing more than a copy of The Communist Manifesto tucked under their arm, and backed by an ever increasing, angry, dis-enfranchised mob rallying to their red banners. Regressive psychosis is in full bloom, as if society has developed a curious affinity to sail in a rudderless ship by the hand of a known failure of a Master.

That a new-age version of Bolshevism/Socialism is the game plan for the left to grab power, is simply as a result of the intended educational and social environment that has been constructed to incubate such, by a relatively small number of oligarchical interests, who skulk about in the dark halls of power using their influence to ply their corruptions in political, media, high tech media, and business circles. And this pestilential clique has constructed for itself a legal shield against any criticism or challenge. They are indeed sublimely clever, and intelligent.

Any body of humans who truly has as their goal the liberation of all persons on earth to have the highest standards of living, and the elimination of poverty and the need for war, would not promote, of all things, Bolshevism, as the solution. However, unfortunately, this is the direction the political winds are blowing at the present time.

So, for the individual, who can wield no force against the political powers on his/her own, are there any means to effectively bypass this inflamed political boil on the buttocks of humanity and make for themselves the means to live well and achieve economic stability?

Fortunately, yes. And like ages past, those who saw the pending past significant social transformations in play, and understood them, also viewed them as opportunities to survive and prosper in the process by being early in that understanding.

Technology has advanced to a point where people can wield enough power through micro processing to avail themselves of resources and benefits which were only once available to deep pocket consortiums who could afford the then highly expensive computing time it required.

As just one example, A.I. based trading and predictive analysis systems, far better than any E.F. Hutton broker in the past, can now be inexpensively accessed by almost anyone, anywhere. So, to, is the ability to transact anything via smart contracts and do away with useless and bloated third parties, thus making it possible to partake in commerce at much lower costs.

Society is decentralizing at a rapid pace, and centralized institutions, big governments and the like, are slowly starting to look less appealing as protectors of rights, but rather more like impediments to them.

But, while a national imperative for freeing the world from politics is not expected, this does not mean that the truly forward-thinking segments of society can’t effect such freedoms, in essence, on their own, over time, and in the process, become the new vanguard of where society is inevitably going to go if humanity follows the dictates of emergent societies in the past. In other words, the changes will come as they always have – by the opening of pathways for people to travel if given the chance and unstoppable by weight of sheer irresistible numbers.

People are naturally drawn to survive as their “prime directive”. We can now avail ourselves of more efficient and advanced tools for doing so, especially during times of transition in a modern age. This means that achieving wealth and applying that wealth to increase your standard of living and value to society is going to get easier, notwithstanding the debacle of political Bolshevism growing in influence in the USA.

Any group that is seeking the optimum route to secure its future would be remiss to avoid understanding the above, so we will be discussing it further in the future, along with practical assessment and application.

But what about global re-sets and currency revaluations? As has been witnessed by all who read WHA, we have effectively exposed and debunked the many false GCR/RV scenarios which continue to be sold to the obsequious throngs of mesmerized gapeseeds, and have de-clawed the fiction merchants while laying bare the real world backgrounds to what re-sets really are, and are not.

Any true procedures along those lines will still be shared with our readers since we do have the very best assistance from London power centers, whose business in this area is pretty much in their lap 24/7. If anything should come of these longstanding curiosities, we will indeed bring you the news, as is appropriate.

What comes down the road from it will be based on real world processes based on hard economic solutions and not fantasy funding to rescue speculators who went long on war-torn paper bets issued by war profiteering bookies. So, for those of you who are still interested in seeing if anything does arise from this sector, don’t feel we are going to completely ignore it. It simply won’t be deeply analyzed, as in times past, any further.

It’s high time we move forward, and let the hustlers take on the responsibility of delivering the claims they sell. Let us never forget the wasted years that these running dog blabbermouths have given their audiences, as we look back on yet another year having closed without the pecuniary largess that was coming weekly – but didn’t.

Some of the claims being made have been truly bizarre. The estimates of payoff are, at times, fanciful. Many have been led to believe that they will turn their one million dinar into multi-millions in USD by simply walking into a bank, or via an appointment by an “800 number”.

Well, nobody just walks into a bank off the street and makes that kind of gain without some serious diligence. And, the 800 number thing has morphed from a simple bank inquiry made by a group of paper holders years ago (to ask if they could call into a bank to arrange an exchange should such a thing happen). Naturally, the bank said they probably could arrange an 800 number if there was enough business, and a market was there.

This theoretical arrangement mushroomed into a myth of RV-ready banks currently staffing multiple “call centers” around the USA, with people manning phones to take your information and set your exchange appointments to come in and “get rich”. These staff members seem to be continually waiting around, on stand-by, on call, having pizza parties, being called in, called out, called in again, called out again, in-out-in-out, or stunned like ducks hit on the head with a club, or simply confused about why the phones are not ringing.

Multiple offers have been made to any of these RV call center employees to come forth and verify their occupations and purpose, with strict assurance of identity protection. None have done so.

We are not saying that currency revaluations won’t happen, but, it has been made painfully clear by those whose business IS international financial restructuring, that paying off unauthorized war profiteering currency positions will not be in the budgets. Those revalues may come in far lower than advertised – as they plan to re-inject value up to realistic budgeting requirements via authorized notes, and not to bail out unauthorized bills which materialized out of some mill in Iran or France.

It’s been almost 18 years since heavy armored columns rolled into Iraq and laid waste to the place. In that time, other new financial sectors, which were largely ignored by currency selling promoters, have created many millionaires for initial outlays, which, at times, amounted to a few hundred bucks. And, without war torn blood-lust profiteering as a prime reason to set it up, but instead, a valid underpinning for transforming the world’s industrial and financial centers for the better.

One of these new sectors is Blockchain technology, the process that powers Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) arrived in 2009, and an initial market was set at around .10, USD. Eight years later, the price soared to over $19,000, an increase of some 19,000,000%.

Dinar remained the same price throughout this same time.

For what most put into Dinar, say, around $500 on average to be conservative, that return rate would have been a payout of $95,000,000 before taxes. And, all right under the noses of the “currency experts” who said your middle-eastern blood money payday was coming “soon” – year after year.

Presently, a new range of $30,000 – $40,000/BTC is in play. That $500 is now worth about c$175,000,000.

Dinar has remained worthless.

The decision to hold such paper is a personal one. But, it need not stultify you into sitting idle while the world offers more promising horizons built on technological development, and not war profiteering.

In any event, we are well positioned here to provide accurate and well sourced information on any public chances at a paper exit, should it occur under realistic circumstances. We don’t say that lightly, and it’s not an exaggeration. If you have been following our articles for the last few months, you know that the source is not from some Jakarta apartment over a bar, a low rent dwelling in Arizona, or a behind-in-rental in Hong Kong with a weekly Paypal begging channel.

For those of you who have arisen from your dinarian dogmatic slumber, and think that you missed the chance for a financial transformation in your life from digital asset class speculation, you most assuredly have not. From all indications, the largest gains are still ahead.

We can not give individualized investment advice. We cannot recommend any investments. But, we can share what we feel are quality ideas, and why we like them. From there, it’s your duty to learn and act in accordance with your personal circumstances, if you wish to. In that, we are happy to help if we can. Many of our regular readers are becoming quite adept at this market, and can offer help if you simply ask for it. We will also post many articles and videos covering a wide variety of news and developments in this amazing, relatively new sector so you can gather information as needed.

Unlike dinar paper, or the like, this sector has proven statistics. And, not just with Bitcoin. After the last halving in 2016, many new crypto ideas delivered transformational asymmetric gains to those fortunate enough to take well-timed positions.

NEO, an open source Blockchain project which allows a myriad of tools for across the board development in many ecosystems, could have handed you as high as c$785,000 for a $500 risk had you exited it in January of 2018. Ethereum, likewise, handed people amazing gains, rising from around .40 to a high of around $1400 at around the same time. $500 there could have handed you c$1,750,000.

Many more examples are in existence. And, this was at a time when the level of institutional interest we see now was nowhere near present levels. Not even close. The entire sector has exploded, and with it, for the well prepared, the best gains are most likely ahead of us.

We have shared many digital asset ideas which we feel are poised to bring astronomical gains for low initial risk. And, of course, we always stress that only risk capital, and not critical survival money, should be in play. There really is no need to over-invest and cause unneeded sleep loss, or loss of consortium because you blew the family purse on a wild bet that went sour. Such amateur-night foolishness is highly discouraged here.

Just know that there are opportunities to possibly transform your bottom line without waiting for Iraq or Vietnam, or whatever country whose bones there are to pick at, to reflect some kind of tangible gain from a currency re-set.

To conclude this particular topic, Blockchain technology is certainly amazing, with so many facets and potential impacts on our lives that we cannot possibly cover all of them. The rise of the Blockchain economy is going to lead to new innovations, many of which are still outside our creative imaginations at this time.

But, there is another sector which also holds the keys to potentially life-altering consequences, both financial and existential.

That sector is called Transportation as a Service (TaaS). Let’s briefly address this area.

TaaS is going to greatly impact the world over the next few decades. There will be some massive upheavals in society which will stem from the development in this sector. There will also be some amazing opportunities for wise investment of capital, provided one adheres to rational placement of funds and proper research.

Combined with another sector, A.I., this sector will greatly impact the lives of many.

TaaS is a combination of many technologies which will revolutionize and transform how we get around. Using both A.I. and various other new innovations, the way we move ourselves and the underlying methods used to accomplish this, will open doors for incredible gains for early investors.

At present, everyone is familiar with the electronic vehicle, or EV. Of course, this is not exactly new information. We all know about Tesla and the Prius hybrid that you ride in when you hail an Uber. But, what many may not think of is that the battery technology used to store energy for such vehicles is improving at a very rapid rate. Ten years ago, it cost $1000 per kilowatt hour to store. Now, the costs are down to $100, and going lower.

This is a very important turn of events because this means the range of the electric cars now coming out can be significantly increased to upwards of 400 to 600 miles per charge. And, because battery technology is not only getting better but also a lot cheaper, the point at which time EVs are going to be less expensive than gasoline powered cars will soon be upon us, perhaps as soon as 2022.

If you are thinking what we are thinking, then you are right. This will mean that very soon, and a lot sooner than most think, gasoline powered cars will no longer make any sense. How so? Well, for one, the gasoline engine is a complicated thing with many moving parts, and are costly to maintain and operate on a yearly basis. All electric vehicles are far cheaper to run and maintain.

The drivetrain in a gas powered car has as many as 2,000 moving parts, versus as few as 20 in an electric car. Electric cars and trucks have motors, not engines, so they don’t need to shift gears, and they don’t need oil, spark plugs, air filters, coolant, or transmission fluid. There’s essentially zero maintenance, besides rotating the tires. And, while a conventional car typically lasts 150,000 miles or perhaps 200,000 miles if you’re punctual with your maintenance, electric car engines can last 500,000 to 1,000,000 miles or more under the right conditions.

That may be all well and good, but where is the “Service”?

This is where A.I. comes in. Because based on developments in this sector, the era of the self-driving car is soon to be a part of our lives. Right now, in limited sectors in major cities, these self-driving cars are being tested within geo-fenced areas. They do not drive anywhere outside of these sectors at this time, because they are still being developed and are not ready for unrestricted area coverage. But, as time goes on, the areas will grow, and as they do, this is where TaaS will impact our lives in ways unimaginable.

Rather than own cars, in the future, people will simply subscribe to TaaS vehicle services which will allow them to hail a ride right to their door. For a nominal fee, say, around $175 a month, they can use such services for far less than the yearly cost to own and maintain a gas powered car. AI will allow such things to happen, and with increased safety.

The impact to society will be huge. Just for starters, there will be no more parking ticket revenue for cities. No more personal injury mills run by shady attorneys for exaggerated injury claims, because such cars won’t hit each other. No more moving violation revenue for State or local governments. No need for gas stations, or major oil drilling for gasoline needs. No need for car insurance, warranty contracts, or any of the far reaching and numerous industries associated with supporting all of these things. Many sectors will be impacted as we shift from one operating basis in transportation to another.

With 40,000 people not getting killed in auto accidents every year, there will be far less funeral home revenue, and far less legal issues from such clogging the courts. Emergency services will be alleviated from attending to such things – a huge cost savings. Each industry directly affected, affects several more in turn, and so on.

There are many more ways that TaaS will change our lives, but this is not the place to outline all of this. What we want to focus on is the opportunities that TaaS will give the smart investor in the months and years to come. Many companies make the constituent parts for these vehicles. Everything from the software, to the motors, the batteries, the hardware, the control servos, etc., have companies which are expected to boom as these new services start to expand.

The opportunities are too numerous to continue to explain here.

Take some time to research TaaS, and use the tools you have at your fingertips to find companies which deal in this sector, and consider placing some of your risk capital in them. This sector, like Blockchain technology, is fairly new, and is developing rapidly.

Remember, the future will not immediately reveal many of the best ideas as technology has not gotten to a point that makes such unknown ideas possible for someone to presently think of. But those ideas will come, and many of the technologies we see developing now will play roles in such future ideas in ways we can’t imagine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what we see today is “how it’s going to be forever”. That’s not so, and history shows us this.

The point to all of this is to get you to think outside of the falsified version RV box. Other worlds await.

If there is any legitimate cause to focus on revaluation of currencies, it is for nations and their respective treasuries to determine how to manage. And usually, their focus is not on paying off bookies at their cost. This point, having been repeatedly made along with several warnings about the dangers of following non-expert “currency advisers”, can not be made any more. We can only issue so many warnings before we have to lower the lifeboats for the last time.

That time is just about now.

With Biden/Harris now a reality, it’s time to remember what Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman said: “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

Likewise, we feel it is no use trying to “fix politics” as it is now becoming cruelty. It’s best use-case is over. The retrograde de-evolution into Bolshevism in this election cycle, in the “freest nation on Earth”, proves it.

You could elect a legion of angels from heaven to political power tomorrow, and by morning you would wonder why such enlightened beings would lower themselves to manage the affairs of Earth in such a backwards and barbaric fashion. True, we still live in a world managed through political processes. You should participate in it.

But, don’t dismiss the fact that all systems of human social organization have life cycles. And the current transitions to the technological age will be far faster than past transitions, and for the truly aware and prepared, the opportunities will come much faster as well.

To that end, we now set the tone for 2021.

WHA was originally started to support a group of White Hats while seeking the real truth concerning global settlements, currency resets and revaluations. That task has been completed, and our paths have undergone a necessary divergence; they attending to their center of focus and we on ours.

As a by-product of this association, we have been fortunate to retain a hard won relationship with what we earlier referred to as a London power center. Consisting of a long lineage of dynastic influence, such a congeries of power reaches far above the din of retail level activity in high finance. This gives us a unique access advantage, and one which is freely shared to those who are wise enough to discern the difference. And now, because of this generous donation of their time and assistance, we must move in new directions, because the times require it.

  • We will remain an open discussion forum. Any topic is fine, as always.
  • We will watch for and share digital asset ideas which we feel are potentially going to deliver life-changing gains.
  • We will cover and promote news items that Bolshevik run press won’t. No social media hippie CEO holds this site in his hands. This includes pointing out the continuing folly and slow death of politics, and the criminally insane, incompetent, and ineffective who are swelling its ranks.
  • We will continue to watch for news concerning legitimate and real world dynastic asset/currency settlements – the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to experience.
  • We will advise on how select readers may be availed of new investment and project opportunities stemming from dynastic settlement conclusions. (Via registered parties. WHA is not a licensed broker dealer).
  • From this time forward, unless specifically and urgently needed, no more time will be devoted to the discussion of RV controversies via our Information Briefings. You may continue to discuss the topic in the chat threads, but the resources we devote to information releases must now be saved for purposes which occupy a higher plane.

Our consistent warning to all has been: Be ready for anything.

Those who heed that warning and move towards that state of readiness to as high a degree as possible for one’s circumstances will find life can be lived from a point of being cause, and not effect.

This site is not here for the sole purpose of hosting endless commiseration about the ills of life. There are no shortages of such sites if that is your desire.

We are here to create the means for effective communication; a platform for learning and understanding; to truly understand international geo-financial, geo-technical and geo-political processes, so you can empower yourselves to move forward as political environments move backwards – flailing about in a hopeless Pavan, while hemorrhaging relevance in a modern technologically advancing age.

And we have the good fortune to have the support of a key player who moves among the “hands that rock the cradle“; who has the trust of key dynastic elders; who is safeguarding the guidance and use of pending newly released resources for life supporting causes, and not war or parasitic usury; who is willing to devote time to assist our true understanding of these processes – and with occasional humor!

Combining this beneficial assistance with the available, ever expanding technical tools in the hands of those who use them, there will be pathways for stunning progress, even in the face of the many obstacles which the dying political classes will place in the way.

Some of you don’t know it, but your lives are going to change in ways you would’ve never thought possible. The choices you make will be very important.

Choose wisely. Neo-Bolshevism has now come to power.

Leggio II Avgvsta
VercovicivmHadrian’s Wall

If technology does not liberate all people for the pursuit of higher aspirations in human achievement, then all its technical potential will be meaningless. Jacque Fresco


  1. Hi Tony,

    The staking website i posted could have been a scam. I checked the websites and they look like they are a mock copy of the actual stellar, cardano and ripple websites. Please take the post down.




    As usual, Heel Spurs sells out all who trusted him. It was always only ever about him. But when the bill came due, he did what he does to his suppliers.
    There is no honour in the Soul of a rat.
    They won’t march for him again.
    Only Leaders lead from the front.
    Not one who hides .
    He won’t be convicted but he will lose trust .
    Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
    Shrek plays Golf. The ego of a Wassock
    God help America with 4 years of Biden as Obama plays him
    What happens with Deutsch and Stormie will be interesting


    Really? But how when we are now looking at ,4 years hospital backlogs because of Covid 4, times more people will now die because of failed hospital care than Covid. That is the First World. God help the third

    Oh for half an hour with our Scientific Advisors in a locked room and a torque wrench in one hand and a blow torch in the other.

    Biden will order them to ship in more illegals

    We have destroyed Millenniums of our Culture so needlessly with this BS!
    Biden warns China will ‘eat our lunch’ on infrastructure spending

    So Stop wasting Trillions on the F MIltary, Boys with Toys!
    Social distancing and mask rules will have to last until AUTUMN

    There are Scientific IDIOTS now claiming masks for Life!
    Covid is ever evolving. It’s nasty. Unless we stop ALL Global travelling, we have to treat the whole world.
    Or, do you want Agenda 21? Half all war costs for 3 year,s and heal the world?

    Social distancing and mask rules will have to last until AUTUMN
    Shared from Sky News: Britney Spears’ father loses bid to retain some rights over $60m estate

    Too many people have lived off Britney from ex Husbands, Boyfriends to her Father. Parasites.

    I misread the title and got hyped. Dam Lol
    Russia’s fully autonomous UDAR Unmanned Combat Ground Vehicle can talk to drones & is capable of revolutionizing battlefield — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

    Several years ago, I watched clip of a earlier version of UDAR take out an ISIS stronghold in fighting in Syria. What was amazing then was the ability of 3 such units to have one draw enemy fire while the other two coordinated and targeted the fire locations. When ready, all three attacked in unison with a very controlled kill radius. I also saw one such unit take out a tank hidden behind a wall.
    There is no question that Russia used Syria as a proving ground for new technology and an opportunity to train its’ military in a combat situation where there was real risk. The very active rotations of manpower was to give as broad a base of experience and learn from combat to prepare to defend mother Russia as it is well accepted within Russian circles that NATO will come and needs to be fought on soil other than Russia. Today sees Russia in overtime production of hypersonic missiles to have an ample supply for purpose. This is why ALL NATO, Ships bases and sites will be wiped out in hours by Russia in conflict.
    And it is interesting that Russia is cautioning Iran against moving forward in their development of nuclear tipped missiles vs China who is very much encouraging Iran to move forward and act. China also will help Iran to nuclear arm and destroy Israel. Israel has no purpose, rights or place in the Arab world. Look how they treat Palestinians, it’s disgusting, It’s only time Boom!.

    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Vaccine doses shouldn’t be more than six weeks apart, scientist behind Pfizer-BioNTech jab says


    This will cost Trump in trust.

    Pity- Dam!

    She’s A Lady……This is so good.- great

    After Trailer Trash like the Clinton, Big Mike and ugly 666’s Daughter with Neo Nazi 41, is it not time to thank Melania for the Grace she endowed to the WH, while still protecting that obnoxious mini Hulk and America. Big Mike and the Kenyan filled their boots.The Clintons looted everythiong, and the Bushes robbed the store.

    What a beautiful class act she is after what they put her through! I believe she is the best well dressed, classiest, caring First Lady in the White House for decades. A disgrace for what they put her through not to mention death threats. All Americans should be proud of what she brought to the country in class and imagery. She brought Class to Shrek.



  3. Introducing the Stellar Community Staking Competition
    [Link redacted. Please contact Stellar directly for any information on staking]

    Cardano Staking Pool Launch
    [Link redacted. Please contact Cardano directly for any information on staking]


    1. Tony,the above is links to spam sites,the “ripple insights” link is a spam site trying to steal your info and crypto.They are very deceptive,usually received by owners of ledger products from a info hack. Ripple would never give away XRP,would they? BE CAREFUL!!


        1. The other 2 are spam fake sites also! These bastards are very devious, creating sites that look just like the company sites. XLM is not giving away crypto. They want your info to steal your crypto and info.


          1. I have redacted the links. I appreciate the sharp attention to this Dennis, thank you. I think from now on any staking matters will be left off this site.

            Anyone interested in staking will have to contact the token companies directly and make inquiries as to the legitimacy of such opportunities.


  4. Good point, and something to keep in mind. We will, sooner or later, have a correction. Such is healthy and needed to keep the markets viable and liquid. Be ready for it, and if you are in for the long haul, where most of the wealth probably still lies, then the worst thing you can do at that point, is sell.

    2021 is shaping up to be a very unbelievable year so far. And, from the limited information we have been given about the vast wealth that is waiting to be unleashed for strategic international re-balancing, we can only imagine what that will result in.

    Hang on, it’s probably going to get really, really bumpy. Don’t let the strong shake you out prematurely. You can rest assured that at the first sign of a correction, the wolves will be out just waiting for the weak to panic and fall behind the pack so they can be picked off.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

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    1. Thank you for introducing us to the crypto currency world. Can’t wait till one of your suggestions that I bought does a moonshot.

      Lots of good news coming out on cryptos. Just sad that I did not try to get verified on a few other exchanges other than coinbase. Missing out on a lot of altcoin opportunities.


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  5. WHA readers who bought crypto in 2019-20 be like…

    Put them in a room alone with John and his sjambok. Solved.

    Bloody marvelous!

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    Interesting news on the Pfizer vaccine if correct

    Kent Covid variant is ‘going to sweep the world’, top scientist claims

    This crap is heading your way.

    Kent Covid variant is ‘going to sweep the world’, top scientist claims

    Call him? We can call him a lot of things.

    And there you have it all !

    Years of Global chaos ahead now
    Who Are the Ultimate War Profiteers? A U.S. Air Force Veteran Removes the Veil – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    Interesting article
    Israel killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist with remote-control machine gun that was smuggled into the country in small parts, report claims

    Israeli secret agents spent months smuggling a high-tech machine gun into Iran in tiny pieces to kill the regime’s top nuclear scientist, it was revealed last night.

    They have their own Nukes to threaten the world. But kill their neighbors for seeking equality.A truly NASTY Pariah species.
    Bristol Covid variant may reinfect vaccinated Brits, SAGE expert warns

    Now America is saddled with weeks of pointless Demrat games Trump will not be convicted what’s the point?, Bidens a gibbering idiot and Covid issues are going to tear your economy apart. That is where focus is needed not ambulance chasing a low life Grifter you let in because the bar is set way too low
    Trump’s Lawyers so far have been a pathetic joke. But then, so is he.
    It’s only the fact that Biden will be worse but neither are fit for office. Sadly.
    Yet so many good Americans could do better and that’s where our focus needs to be. To champion contenders fit for office. Then to stop Jewish money controlling who is put in power.

    Boozer Springsteen is losing huge Sponsors because he’s a pisshead
    HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Hand Recount Finds Dominion Owned Voting Machines Shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN Candidate in Windham, New Hampshire, 300 Votes!

    So much evidence of voting corruption. What is the point of all the talk if no one does a dam thing about it?

    Since all ballots are required by law to be kept for a period, why not simply do a hand recount and end this nonsense?



    “Digital assets are becoming part of the mainstream,” said Roman Regelman, chief executive of BNY Mellon’s asset-servicing and digital businesses.

    BNY Mellon’s announcement marks the first time one of the big custody banks has unveiled a road map for treating digital currencies as any other asset.


  8. I know Tony and John and probably everyone else dislike my musical contributions but Tony loves me so I am allowed to share them. LOL LOL

    This is such an awesome song. And the lyrics are good too. They were totally awesome live. Even though I ended up in hospital once or twice after attending their concerts LOL. Must thank Scotland for shipping these boys over to Oz, we love them here.

    Cold Chisel Lyrics
    “When The War Is Over”

    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away
    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away

    When the war is over
    Got to get away
    Pack my bag to no place
    In no time no day
    You and I we used each other’s shoulder
    Still so young but somehow so much older
    How can I go home and not get
    Blown away

    You and I had our sights set
    On something
    Hope this doesn’t mean our days are numbered
    I got plans for more than a wanted man
    All around this chaos and madness
    Can’t help feeling nothing more than sadness
    Only choice to face it the best I can

    When the war is over
    Got to start again
    Try to hold a trace of what it was
    Back then
    You and I we sent each other stories
    Just a page I’m lost in all its glory
    How can I go home and not get blown away

    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away
    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away
    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away

    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away
    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away
    Ain’t nobody gonna steal this heart away


  9. Dennis says:
    February 9, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    Altcoins ripping it!! Etherum just getting started! EIP1559 could only be weeks away. Ethereum Upgrade Could Pump Price By Burning Billions in ETH Each Year

    My comments:

    This post above by Dennis is extremely valuable. My major crypto holding is Ethereum and not Bitcoin, so you have given me a big boost in confidence that Ethereum will continue to grow bigly alongside Bitcoin. In fact, to me, Ethereum makes more sense as a store of wealth than Bitcoin does. I hope they do add the burn feature as it will greatly boost the price of Ethereum.

    Here ye….. here ye……

    There will be a Royal Ball held in the honor of our very own Dennis inside of Mains Castle, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. The ball starts at 7 P.M. sharp. Hope you all can come.

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    1. Wannabe a Bruce

      Good points re Ethereum. Watch the markets.
      Any chance you can save the poor field beasts and roast the Sturgeon Hag instead for the Ball?


    2. Heck man, as much as I like you I would love to know what you are drinking lol. Then again, maybe not, I am far too easily influenced lol.

      I must say, Dear Robert The Bruce, you may rub some the wrong way but in my opinion, you are very generous in your consideration of others. I personally find that to be a lovely quality of your spirit. Thank you for sharing that facet of yourself. I appreciate it.


  10. Russian Air Force experts publish plan to neutralize NATO forces in all-out war with bombing strikes against key military targets — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

    If one reads the 368 page report, one concludes the Russians are very serious. An orchestrated total NATO wipe out.
    What the Europeans and US seem not to notice, is that the tone of Russia has distinctly changed for Europe and that should be clear signal of a changing attitude towards the West. Just note the recent commitments to hypersonic missiles.
    If Europe stumbles too far the response is likely to be one not anticipated. It will be the Iron Fist. The risk of war with Russia this calendar year has risen fast like war with China is on the rise. It is fatal mistake to assume that either party will take well to what they see as interference within local hegemony.

    Google News – Here’s How To Find 100x Altcoins Before They Burst on the Scene, According to Crypto Trader Lark Davis
    Even the French are blaming US Left Wingers for the mess in France.
    ‘Out-of-control leftism’ in US is a threat to FRANCE, politicians say
    The grand illusion of the 'great reset&#3

    An interesting theory indicating his belief the Reset will be Spiritual; not economic. More achievable because for sure, no one else is coming to make you rich.
    NASA;s IBEX Mission: Exploring the Edge of the Solar System

    What a Pity it had not take the Pakies with it. Recolonize a Klingon planet, not ours!
    Palm Beach council to decide whether Trump can live at Mar-a-Lago

    Yet another Trump battle. If he loses this, where then? He knowingly signed a contract clearly stating he could and would NOT live there.
    So, if he loses this where next? To move will money he does not have.
    If Melania walks, what then for this straddled Turkey? His home in doubt.Stormie blowing. Banks wanting payback of loans. The loss of Golf Tournament income No time to be a Chump.
    Donald Trump rages at his defense attorneys after ‘rambling’ opening speech | Daily Mail Online

    Shrek is not happy in his Diaper again.
    America’s Elite vs China’s Autocracy – Tablet Magazine

    The true nastyness of the Communist State, but America’s!

    “Being treated like an animal by dictatorial autocrats and bureaucrats with no reasonable recourse is a normal condition of life in most of the world. Just not in America. Not until the political, corporate, cultural and academic elite of the richest and most powerful country on Earth decided they weren’t rich and powerful enough…”
    Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Drops a BOMB on Power-Drunk Democrats – Trump Offered Assistance Multiple Times to DC Officials Before January 6th (VIDEO)

    Evidence Trump DID offer help to shield Washington but the Dems set him up.

    Of course, the democrats wanted their media day. Sewer Rats.
    Schumer: Impeachment Trial Will Be ‘Fair And Honest.’ Here’s A Look At Who’s Running It. | The Daily Wire

    Whose being cruel to dumb Shrek?

    A decided event as they will make Trump a martyr through their persecution.
    Biden Administration To Begin Removing All Senate Confirmed U.S. Attorneys Appointed Under Trump | The Daily Wire

    They will remake the country in their own Left Wing Commie image.

    Brits told point blank to Shut T F UP stop whining, you’re NOT flying away or even Home Travelling for holidays until it’s safe.
    You will not fly without vaccine certs and book nothing yet even at home.
    Police are everywhere. Fines, fines and more fines. Pigs monitor all cars. You ping up if 5 miles from the car number plates home. Why? Pig Brother is watching!
    The mass brain dead are still booking holidays and being bounced back at the Airports. Brain dead, the lot of them. Elites, you have a case!
    This lot will be AI Cannon fodder. Surplus stock!
    Grant Shapps says vaccine passports COULD happen for foreign travel

    Again let’s sideswipe Covid passport statements by lightweight Politicians.
    Covid vaccine checking will start with airlines probably from April so at some stage, if your ID and your vaccination card does not electronically check out your not flying so accept the fact that Covid testing is going to be electronically linked to passports sooner than you think.
    You have the right to refuse, but then have you tried flying without a valid passport or opening a bank account.
    Bravado or not you either will live withing the system vaccinated, or outside of it and good luck with that.
    Parkinson’s disease: Scientists take ‘vital step’ towards finding a cure

    Good steps. It’s needed. So is senility for Biden.
    The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    Another full expose of the Covid Wealth grab game.
    Worth reading.
    Orwells 1984 albeit aged now, is a terrifying prediction for whenever.


  11. Springstein has been arrested for~Drink Driving. He will have to hitch a ride with Willie Nelson to get On the Road Again, at least its free joints all the way then. Now Cops will target the Boozer Loser. Free lunch bookings.

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    1. That bloody turncoat deserves to fry for driving drunk. What a piece of leftist crap he is. How dare he risk the life of others on the roads in such a manner. I will never listen to his music again. Go an drop dead a’hole.


  12. Covid is projected to be with us for up to 7 more years in phases. Factor that in. Huge life and work changes. Travelling and vacation changes. Large public assemblies will be out. Sports etc will suffer.
    But, note is it widely accepted that a virus far worse than Covid is inevitable and evolving, it’s just when.
    With then truly draconian consequences. We can not cope with Covid, How will we manage that?
    As AI accelerates, what can, or will we do, with the misplaced Sheeple?
    Out of jobs, out of Skills, out of money, and out of use. Yet they will keep breeding. Muslims especially. Vaccines will become annual events, and then the temptation to reshape the Sheeple will simply be too great- Not to!.
    It will start with the Guns. Then Sheering. Elite control is for Sheeple Culls? How fast have these truly dumb Mutts self corralled. Masked and neutered. Jumping like half wits if approached. We are truly surrounded now by Lemmings. Unreal.
    When 5% Self Interest controls the other 95%. Think about that.
    To rethink and re plan, or the Elites, WILL reduce the need for Man. History?
    Biden. Lemmings lead! Geriatric brain dead. The future for Man may not be Kind.
    Thinkers- Start? As your site does.


  13. Allow me please to give you all a reality check on the reason for Settlements delays, and the complexities and time issues involved. Hopefully this will negate the need for the unwarranted Troll activity of one self delusional, thankfully not operating on WHA. Just an excreta fly

    Elders are key to all. Only they have net assets of AU and Cash.

    But, the real world problems. Why it needs careful and consummate handling. How it will help your Cryptos in time.

    First, there are 40 key Elders Chinese Dynasty families. A collective decision is needed for all assets.

    The Elders are not the State. They are separate but live sheltered by The State.

    Dynasty assets go back many centuries. As such recorded histories do not exist for today’s banking History of Funds checks. They just “Exist” hidden also from the State.

    To Trade Gold – AU, it needs to be LBMA registered with a full Bundle pack Certificate of Origin, Title, Assay reports over the last 5 years. Transfer records and sales records. They do not exist.

    Now, assume Nazi Gold stolen in WW11 and placed first in Japan by the Germans to hide it was involved.

    Such vast assets, in addition to the Pre Communist Chinese Dynasty’s, was transported for safety to many locations, including the Philippines. The history of US Theft and torture of Yamashita via Manilla is well recorded. But they only looted and stole the Marcos gold. Dynasty assets went to South Korea and Taiwan.

    But not LBMA registered.

    Currently unregistered Gold finds it way to Dubai and the Indian markets minus documentation.. But only the tip of the Iceberg.

    South Korea now has its own Refinery, LS Nikko. Gold is now re refined and Assay recorded. But only such volumes as is needed for sales.
    Vast pallets of US Cash sits in Warehouses also. Not accredited in the Banking systems.


    The UN , and others covet access to those combined assets. But the Elders do not trust Americans, or America UN links.

    However the UN is a useful platform to enable the Elders, in conjunction with known and acceptable old UK special ” English Elders own Families Bloodlines” to place such funding into selective Global Project funding to help nations. Trust! Such funds will only come to the UK. Only to London. But only to cleared Special parties use. As such the UN has to agree to appoint Selected Elders as UN Project Funding Executives, where they alone, in conjunction with known old English families, will Trust Manage and regulate those funds for use. Wheels within Wheels. Special Cells of of influence. Family to family Bloodlines. Not Political Deviants. Look at what Bush 41 and the CIA did to them! They Know!

    To effect transfer of such funds to London only, requires intense inter party negotiations, and new Infrastructure
    hierarchies. But not for Public disclosure. Do you share your secrets?

    These are the culmination of Centuries of Power Broking. Calm hands. Secrets to keep Secret.

    The US Fed and London shared the Marcus Gold with half going into a Bank of England /Fed Trading Program run in London. The US blew its own share. It’s now asking the UK to re share what’s left.

    They have our answer to that. 2 Fingers!

    What’s a decade to reconstruct centuries of input?

    To agree with a deviant monstrosity like the thieving Zionist Treasury and Fed, how to allow vast cash pallets back into the On Balance Sheet Regulated Banking system for appropriate Global benefit. But the sensitive actions have been to keep it out of Thieving US Jewish banking hands. To help the world, not the Jews to help themselves. The Rothschild’s were booted out of the B of E and London Banking decades ago. Their gnarled claws rape America still.

    It will come also to a whole new Crypto direction reshaping wealth. Putting wealth created back to the people.. Deservedly. Making People matter. Wealth creation for the service of Need, not Greed.

    Such an Agenda takes time. Denying Hegemony! Denying pervasive forces. Ensuring an Elders and UN power sharing of Selective funding. A new UN agenda, corruption free and the US Snout taken out!

    It’s real. It’s evolving. Who cares about the opinions of delusional Excreta flies?
    Real World, Real People are reshaping history. On a Need to Know.

    Safe hands in Safe lands. Culture matters.

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    1. John,

      Does this affect your previous timelines where you anticipated partial resolutions in March and a phase out plan to follow? Hoping and waiting patiently for your success.


      1. Sampson

        Hopefully with hair still intact.

        We are still seeking to stay on track, but on the final tracking run it’s the delicate nuances of Diplomacy and enforcing both clear vision and strategy as the core element of the new Global infrastructure which leads to constant skirmishes, as we route the Bastards dug in like the Crabs they are, from core Banking and Securities Service roles. Having had over a century to abuse their standing and privileges, it’s a major Culture Shock when a Goyim version of Conan the Barbarian, combined with a certain Holy Lands Ancestral Order, routes them out of key Banking roles previously assumed as their exclusive domain, to find a whole new Global Banking selection criteria is in place, with no roles or room for them to participate. A Rodent Exclusion Zone.
        This is why the new Global Infrastructure is taking time, Rodent removal.
        Also, to their horror, exploration of new Fiscal horizons bypassing the Jewish Fed, Jewish Treasury, and highly selective Corporate Banking platforms, with them finding an exclusion zone, and a whole new Banking concept coming along with prohibition Blocks for them as new Club Rules. While 2 US Jewish Banks still have we phase out the MTN and BG markets for Bank Pentagon and UN Platform trading, they now are facing a whole new dimension of strategies and an exclusive Corporate Regime they have no place in. Invitation only. With None! As with Rome and the Barbarians, they are now under attack within Borders, and losing.

        London runs a Glass Ceiling. Non above a certain floor. Rodent free.

        We are rebuilding the Commonwealth with Wealth created for the people. To educate and enhance future humanity, remove the Blood Cults, and practicing Pariahs. Shaping Minds and Destinies. A Phalanx to unify its core strengths, Varmint free.

        So, it takes time, because their confusion, is finding their historical Cult practice controls, don’t work or fit, when they are assigned no roles. An Epoch for them. A new Dimension with no access door. Exclusion zones. Putting back- What???

        Nothing will be concluded unless our Key Elders are appointed to the UN funding platforms, and the full Facilities Management contract with the London Trusts, and its vast Global and Merchant Banking relationships, plus what will come for Cryptos and Blockchains will revolutionize Banking. Throwing the Money Changers out of the Temples. Factoring in new Global Corporate Community Developments strategies. What, you want to invest in People? You get the Gist. Rethinking Humanity to be better. Cult free and No Vatican knee.

        Politics is not working. As you saw with the Trump revolution. There is a Peoples Will for a new way.

        Planning that is key, Time is flexible. It takes what it takes. We owe no one. We self fund. It’s a new frontier, with arrows aimed at our Backs. We are shielded. There is a collective Agenda and purpose. Fighting the Hydra!

        It’s coming Samson. Just out of sight. But intense daily.

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        1. John dear,

          Thank you much for your feedback as is always appreciated. I am also grateful for the fact that you don’t give us koolaid, but reality (even if we don’t like hearing it), is best getting the truth. Hope you and the Elders are successful and things get done in March. If they don’t I would not be surprised as I can see the FED/Treasury (as they are NOW the same identical group from OSAMA’s regime) would rather see the whole world collapsing before collaborating with the noble and honest causes that you and the Elders lead. But that is my opinion based on the greed that drives them and the corrupt system that we are under.

          God bless!

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    2. Thank you John.

      If I may be so bold as to offer my opinion on one matter raised. Firstly, I made a comment the other day re the troll matter but asked Tony to remove it as it was a tad vulgar lol, as bloody usual haha. .

      So, may I firstly ask why you would give one crap about that piece of poop troll. That twerp is a brain dead lying attention seeking moron. DO NOT waste you time giving that f???er any of your time nor attention.

      Run your own race John, as you know full well to do. If someone annoys you like that wanker, then ignore it. You do not need to answer to a piece of crap like that.

      So thanks for everything to date big boy. Let us all see what the future holds. Like it or lump it so they say. That is bloody life and that will never change. Cheers to you.


      1. Aurataya,

        Correct But I can’t go public. I do no more than comment here at request, but reality based.

        Being free of that type is a relief. It, I say, IT, even tried sending a private message to Tony. Brain dead!

        We have way too much on to waste time with Road kill. It’s clueless.

        WHA goes from strength to strength. Facts are enough.
        But, thanks for the support. Appreciated. WHA does a good job for all of you.

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  14. what Trump will avoid taking the stand for his Impeachment. It’s not about truth or Justice the Dems don’t have the numbers.

    But the Stormie trial and others are different. He needs to be ordered to the Witness box. If he declines, or takes the Fifth he’s finished. So far it’s only allegations. What is truth? It needs to be exposed.
    But be clear,if tested his family and the world will hear the lurid details. If innocent, he needs to prove it If not they will shred him alive. Prove his innocence , or prove his guilt. One or the other, it’s time. Free him, or expose him.
    These are the real trials. Free him, or finish him. He deserves to be exonerated, or skewered. Which?
    Melania Trump doesn’t attend Donald’s Super Bowl party sparking ‘discontentment’ rumours – Daily St

    With the deluge of personal shame heading Trumps way in public, who can blame Melania if she walks. It’s no life with him.
    Reading the sordid details, he’s his Grandfathers type, for sure.
    Will Trump be able to settle anything left for 4 more years? Who will pay his legal bills? First he has to repay Deutsche Bank. Plus how many more?
    Mail Order Eastern block brides. Move to Check Out.
    He’s gross for any woman. Yuk! Every chance she will cash out her Pre Nup. Who can blame her. He’s gross.
    So much more will break.
    They are all gross and vile. Let them knock each other out. All it will do is create claws marks. Its just sound scratch Shrek.
    BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial begins
    Democrats say they have ‘devastating’ NEW evidence against Trump for his impeachment trial just before it begins – as ex-President ‘forgoes golf to watch every minute on TV at Mar-a-Lago’

    Democrats are set to present ‘devastating’ new evidence against Trump for impeachment, aides revealed as the former president prepares to ditch golfing to track the trial on TV from Mar-a-Lago.

    They can’t convict, but what a lead in for the next trials. Can He handle the truth\
    Can you get this up. He’s totally flow over the Cuckoos nest. How TF can that be in charge?
    [video src="" /]

    This F needs to be stopped!

    Holy batshit
    Jeez that will make you jump


      1. You are a ;little trouble making shit Johnny. That is a nice term here in the land down under btw. That scared the crapola out of me. No, I did not have a coffee in my hand, thank god or it would have been everywhere lol. I know what you need. A bloody good smack lol.


  15. Money changes everything.

    Rumors that one of the litigants was a pussy have been greatly exaggerated.

    Mordor has been briefed.

    Don’t lie to the wife.


  16. SHOCKING: Non-sedated Human Beings “Scream With All Their Might In Sheer Agony,” China’s On-Demand Organ Harvesting of Millions of “Fresh and Alive” Human Beings Confirmed

    This is beyond barbaric.
    How can anyone do business with such a regime ? Is only the UK facing them down as with HK.? China is belligerent and threatening London. 2 Fingers to that!
    MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Suggests Using Drone Strikes On Americans (VIDEO)

    Are these people smart enough to even understand what they say? But Yes, its a real Threat to both America and Israel. Weaponized Drones????????? Remote controlled beyond borders. From Toxins to Bombs what is coming?
    Telegram: Contact @AntiilluminatiOfficial

    The Public are being fed the entity of a great coming Beneficial 4th Generation Industrial reset. The concept that for 50% of the soon to be unemployed 50% of the masses, a vast new automated AI revolution will fund and feed all of you,

    While you go and play Didly, idling away to your hearts content.
    De- F-lussional. Pure Alice in Wonderland. Why?

    That’s so not in the heads or hearts of the money men gathering in Davos. Hard heads seek not to fund fools, but to remove their need. In their minds, why should they? The contributing workers and wealth producers, invest their lives funding unemployables to play? See both sides.

    So much talk about the 4th phase. AI. Yes huge Tech progression and advances coming, No question IT research will produce exponential advances. But how directed? Funding focuses direction. A human one. Not Humane. AI will accelerate the unemployment queues. We can not task up or create residual funding for them under current systems. Nor is the will there. So, we will be stuck with a growing problem. Sheeple!

    What about the 5th Revolution? Population re alignments? Only out of Sheeples sight.

    Population increases has ravaged our planet and seas, destroyed the environments, and boosted pandemics. Look at the Amazon. Our Coral reefs. Ecology. Pollution. Yes we all know the aspirational technological options. But what if not?

    An ever growing population brings with it the need for greater focus and investment in Health Care, Education, Crime control, Social Services, Racial conflicts, Drug escalation, housing shortfalls, traffic congestion, and chaos.
    First hand, witnessing the vast mass queues, and the sheer moronic stupidity of so many unbelievably naïve mass stupid Sheeple, the core Ethos of the Bilderbergers inner meetings, and the Davos Think Tanks, will be to challenge Why?
    Why feed those we do not need? When money talks and the Sheeple walk. Corralling may become policy.

    A hint for you. You ARE on a good site with multiple Crypto participants. Self help? Small steps. Santa is not coming and in 90 seconds Trump best efforts Stomie never was.

    How fast the Washington DC protest faded has not been lost. How disorganized, shambolic and pitiful. How Trump incited then Hid! All noted.

    But mainly, just how great the Global masses have self corralled, their jibbering naivety, and lack of alternative direction. Leaders lead, but not todays basking mediocre sharks. Their greed, or your need?
    The Humanitarian goodwill, Spiritual and Ethical interests, or simply todays visible balance sheet of perceived need. Herds are managed and Stock reduced as perceived needed to sustain a viable population.
    Just look at the ever greater tidal surges of Illegals. Their costs and consequences for societies simply not able to copes with their vacuous needs and criminality.
    Wealth creators know this.

    Aspirations of aspirational Humanitarians principled people, never seem to be accompanied by the funding needed via them. Goodwill talk is cheap. As ever someone else’s pockets.
    Pragmatic wealth creators know how to keep it, and how easy to lose it. Every dollar is My Prisoner is the Ethos. It works.

    The real Halls of Power are controlled by Realists. Flocks of Sheeple running wild is not an appealing sell.
    Phased, funded and timed , maybe in time, but by whom?
    Everyone is basking in the big Reset illusion. What if not, and the 5th is upon you before you know it?
    Within just 10 years, all you know will have changed. Your life with it. Will you still have a role to play?
    By then China will then be the Global AI ruler. While the US funds its IDIOTIC 990 Plus Hegemony bases with nothing left to steal.

    Leadership? Now you have BIden. O-M -God!

    Americas potential is still outstanding. But sadly run and ruined by Fools and Zionist chicanery. Get your Eyes on the ball, and cut off theirs!
    Think 50% unemployed what if- Hello? How soon?
    The site is to encourage debate and thought. Pragmatists. Realists. Thinking Opportunists. Positioning.
    The Final Nail in B*den’s Electi*n Theft!

    One of the best video’s on the election fraud in America. Whether anything comes from this or not, clearly the creditability of the election and the results is so tainted as not to give standing.
    Worth watching to understand what happened.

    Humanity deserves a more direct voting system that prevents such anomalies from occurring.
    But DC is so corrupt. Worse Trump is a fool! The GOP is stranded.
    Travelers who lie about whether they have been to mutant Covid hotspots face up to TEN YEARS in prison as Hancock unveils brutal border curbs with all arrivals needing to take THREE tests – and thousands of hotel rooms ready for quarantine from Monday

    The tightening is set to be confirmed as ministers said they were ‘strengthening our approach’ in response to the threat of variants from abroad.

    You can now face 10 years in jail if you break the UK quarantine rules. And huge fines. Sheeple banged up.


  17. IMF Wants To Use “Digital Footprint Of Customers’ Online Activities” To Assess Creditworthiness

    “For years, researchers have warned of a system in which the government controls every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Every citizen would have to rely entirely on the government to survive in this system. This system has been openly discussed for many years by the “ruling class.” Aka: those who have been allotted social credit (or not) and power based upon their views and opinions. ”
    LOL. Up yours bucko.


  18. ——————————–

    I do not know if this is true or not, but someone wrote that there was a law passed in 2019 that put the military under the control of the former POTUS (DJT in this case) for 60 days. We might not be dead yet. Which might be why they are trying to impeach him without the constitutional authority. Here’s your sauce –{“search”:[“Feb 11 2021″,”President pro tempore”,”Homeland security and governmental affaira”,”President pro tempore”,”Homeland security and governmental affaira”]}&s=2&r=15&overview=closed



    Dr. Sebastian Gorka just dropped a bombshell, warning that the Biden administration is gearing up to target private U.S. citizens as domestic terrorists.

    Let that really sink in for a minute. This would weaponize the government against our own people.


    Might be useful?




  19. This post is dedicated to Tino who has labored diligently on this blog to bring the best in medical information to us. I also extend my royal sword toward him and grant him the title: VISCOUNT OF THE KINGDOM OF SCOTLAND. Welcome Tino !!! Sincerely, Robert The Bruce

    You can find a doctor near you on this website who can prescribe Ivermectin for you.
    I would copy and paste the page of doctors and put it in a notepad so you have it in
    case the gestapo takes down this website in response to a request from Big Pharma:

    Pierre Kory is president of the FLCCC “covid19criticalcare dot com” which has researched many existing medicines for covid-19. Ivermectin is the most promising. Since he testified to the USA congress on Dev 8th much changed. The NIH update it recommendation to neutral, countries adopted ivermectin nationally. We talk about the acceptance of institutions, the treatment plan for prevention, treatment and in the hospital. Why a 0.01 ct medicine cost €5/pill and what can be done

    This video above should be your first vermectin class 101 video.

    and this video below should be your class 102 video to get started.

    Read these if you want to go even deeper and expand your insight:

    Click to access FLCCC-Alliance-Open-Letter-to-the-Investigators-of-the-Oxford-PRINCIPLE-Trial-on-Ivermectin-in-COVID-19.pdf

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  20. “With Bitcoin at [then] $42,000, what sense do BTC ATMs make? Who can afford to take that out of an ATM?” -TNT Tony. (Actual statement by Tony Renfrow on his talk-show).

    And still they call in to kiss his ex-con backside as if he is the international currency expert of the century.

    Dinar value after 18 years – almost worthless.

    BTC after 12 years – c$47K (as of this post).


  21. Crypto is about to get explode!! ETH will explode when institutions find out BTC is very hard to obtain!! Good times ahead!
    Is Apple About To Announce A $5 Billion Bitcoin Purchase? One Bank Thinks So
    “If Apple were to announce that the firm is entering into the crypto exchange business and purchasing the assets as a reserve asset ($5B would only represent ~20 days of cash flow), this would send…

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    1. Indeed it probably will. I am very glad we pushed people to consider this one when it was $350 or even at times less.

      Now I only hope John bought when I encouraged him to do so and used the profits to buy a new Rolls so the chicks would dig that he used ETH to get it. lol

      Hang on. Because the ride is about to get insane…possible huge swings in volatility ahead. Including in the crypto markets. 😂

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  22. Bolsheviks. Remember who is getting your tax money.

    Selling England by the pound.

    Honey, you were born brain-dead. Cruz could not kill you with a thermonuclear device.

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  23. BULLSHIT in DC

    From jarhead buddy
    More proof the whole thing was orchestrated.

    From a Marine Vietnam and retired FBI Agent …….
    This is what happens when Cowards run Politics and Patriots are Leaderless.
    Heel Spurs ran away as Skunks and Grifters do. Don’t eulogize a No Good Grifter. America needs to MAN UP or have the lot taken from you.

    Now every No Good in the Democrats, Justice and FBI are staking you out.

    It’s disgraceful but the GOP is as Gutless and the Grifter won’t lead, he’s too gutless and worse, stupid.
    You need to find a Leader fit for Office, NOW! You don’t have 4 more years. By then you will be locked down by corrupt Laws and Vermin as now.

    Heel Spurs had the chance and loyal support of the Patriots, but he’s always been and always will be a Coward. Smell the Varmint stink. America needs a Man, not a Skank, but do you have time?

    In the meantime,. they are disenfranchising all of you, right now. This is what happens when you get mugged and elect a misfit. Wake T F Up! YOU are losing America!!!

    For Gods sake look at Washington and either act or be ashamed. Sheeple? They are Corraling the lot of you. Is anyone awake? Is the nation blind. Read this below.

    DC Situation Report (SITREP) 6 Jan 2021.

    We drove downtown today on our 6 month check of DC. So, this is what we saw:

    The Capitol, the Senate and House Office and many other buildings and parking lots are surrounded by a 12 foot high fence with concertina wire on top (pics below). We saw NG troops heading in for a shift change (Pic below). The NG personnel with M-16s (We all know — No one gives ammo to the NG :-)) are stationed at intervals all along the fence as show of force. The fence has to be about two miles long with Bagdad type entry points complete with barriers, checkpoints, etc. They have even fenced, surrounded and protected the staff parking lots – I guess so the rabble called the American public can not bother the staff.

    Lafayette Park – the crowds are gone from the park and the streets are empty around the WH. Fences remain around the whole WH block as well as a constant police presence. All the private buildings facing the WH have large “We support BLM” signs. I assume as support or simply so they do not get attacked/set on fire – even St John’s Church (the one that was set on fire) has one prominently displayed. Other buildings around the WH area remain boarded up (Pic below)- but most of the graffiti has been cleaned up.
    At the Capitol and WH – it was all peaceful. No crowds, no demonstrators and no one around except the typical winter tourists we saw walking around numbering about 400. In our 45 minute drive around town, we saw no crowds or groups on the streets or what had been demonstration rally areas. The largest group we saw was a group of kids playing soccer and a homeless encampment (pic below). However, with the streets blocked off, barricades, troops, fencing at the Capitol and WH as well as the tent cities of the homeless, it looks like some third world country and dictatorship – to me it was sickening and sad. Hard to believe that a place so beautiful as the DC Mall has been turned into this.

    We asked a cop how things were going – she said absolutely calm ever since the day the Capitol was stormed as there has been no-one but tourists in DC. Sooo — my biased opinion is that the DC drama in the news is being caused by a bunch of spineless over-reacting cowards and a big expensive (over $500 Million to date) show of force for nothing.
    My big question is – Just where did they get a contractor with that much specialized and unique fencing (almost two miles long, 12 foot high, reinforced, and built to hold back crowds) as well as anti-vehicular barricades and get it installed on such short notice on Capitol Hill? The block around the WH has the same fencing and barricades

    Trump’s impeachment defense lawyers demand Senate dismiss charges because a trial would be ‘unconstitutional political theater’

    Donald Trump’s lawyers blasted the impeachment trial as ‘political theater’ and charged Democrats cannot constitutionally impeach a former president.

    His whole damned life has been Theatre of the Absurd, so we do need to protect America. Exposing this Mutt won’t help America. Smart people know that.
    Pensioners forced to queue in the freezing cold to receive Covid jabs

    It’s only time before parties in power, viewing this welfare dependency chain decides, switch to shots!
    You don’t understand the thinking processes of power. Key needed parties get private shots. The drones as exampled, and lock downs have left key parties in no doubt as the the relevance of all too many of the Sheeple.
    Political expediency will test the barriers.

    No he did NOT. But as predicted he WAS too Gutless to lead. Once a Coward?

    The Media is all over him


    1. James

      Universal control- Yes, income No!
      The last thing they want is a Planet of Welfare free loaders, cross breeding.
      They want the Guns first and then numbers down.
      Now they have seen what a bunch of sheeple is the “Resistance”.they are first ring fencing the Commies Control Zone, then expect the sheering.
      It will start first with Guns then money grabs. The entire economy has been bypassed. Stores are now designed out. Cities are facing 7 years of Covid risk. Then what if far worse arrives?
      As is predicted, it’s only, when? Who will fund the numbers?
      Who will fund and feed those they presume not to need?
      DC is People Leaderless right now. They have control.The Chump has gone. The ragged Barmy Army dissipated.
      They now have the People Barriers up. The Grifter failed you. Heel Spurs the Draft Dodger hid, as predicted.
      Now your Home Alone. Until they want that too. Commie Czars now rule fools.
      Stop dreaming of Rights. You have none. Nor, for them, a purpose or need?
      They had Rights in the Warsaw Ghetto. How did that end up?
      When Stalin took over, how many disappeared? DC may be incubating a Stalin next. History repeats itself.
      The Dems are already plundering Commies next.


    2. I know I am not in the US but for me personally, I will Never accept one bloody cent from any so called government. I could have racked in a pile of cash during these last few years from the so called government here but I WILL NOT EVER take a cent from them. Stick it where the sun don’t shine buddy. I will take care of myself. THE BLOODY END.


  24. Where am I???

    Dumber than the box the rocks came in.


  25. Brazilian Covid strain spotted in France, Italy and Faroe Islands

    What a mess for all of us. China????????????????????? Why are they not made to pay? Pan the Chans!

    Brazilian Covid strain spotted in France, Italy and Faroe Islands
    Tianwen1 probe sends back its first picture of Mars | Mars | The Guardian
    Governments use user data requests to access vast corporate databases

    Horror story. Now they see where you go each day every stop. All your email tracking, All your internt access. Your cards use. Your text and message use. Your are totally read.
    Can exercise really release trauma stored in your body?

    Chasing Hot Tottie certainly does.
    The slippy little Suckers keep evading our interceptors. Todger Dodgers.

    Oxford Covid vaccine ‘is less effective against South African strain’
    Covid infections must fall by another 95% to 1,000 a day before lockdown is lifted, says the NHS: Hospitals chief writes to Boris urging him to wait before easing restrictions after SAGE warned of FOURTH wave causing more than 1,000 deaths a day

    Boris Johnson must wait until there are fewer than 1,000 Covid infections a day before lifting lockdown, NHS bosses and scientists have warned. Experts say it could ‘take months’.

    We were at 45,000 infections a day, even now at 18,000 a day we still cant ot move until below 1,000 a day or we cause another wave. and more deaths.
    Covid is with us for years yet, even travelers are bringing it in. Until we vaccinate the world there is chaos. Like the Chans and Illegals,. it is travelling.
    Lock down is coming to America,.Big time. America is tracking 6 weeks behind the UK. Your deaths will increase.
    China says it is paying ‘close attention’ as the first US warship sails through the Taiwan Strait since Joe Biden’s inauguration

    Chinese foreign affairs spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters on Thursday that Beijing has been closely monitoring the American vessel with a ‘full control of the situation’.

    China tells the US Fleet to get the F out of Chinese seas.
    No question America’s days of Free Loading are over. The game is up. It’s Go Home time now. Or be sunk!
    Take nothing for granted, what if?

    56% of Americans say Trump should be convicted in Senate trial
    A case for Tino and all of you is Global vaccine support. If we don’t treat our fellow man it will just keep circulating. Just 3 months War costs would sort all this.

    WHO chief urges wealthy countries to share Covid jabs
    Really, and who cares? Dreamland.

    Trump is ‘relaxed’ out of White House & ‘happy’ off Twitter
    Without a Vaccination cert, you’re going nowhere. The new world.

    Ministers rule out coronavirus vaccine passports
    Wuhan residents pay tribute to Chinese whistleblower doctor who warned the world about coronavirus before dying ‘of the virus’ one year ago

    Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at a hospital in Wuhan, tried to warn the world, but was reprimanded by police for ‘spreading rumours.’

    Good man but now sadly a dead man who tried as they lied.
    Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered

    We all know the travesty, but Justice and Barr did what? They covered the lot up.
    The Top 10% Is Doing Just Fine, The Middle Class Is Dying on the Vine That most of You!

    What is worth reading at the link hits what I have said many times. We need a strong, prosperous Middle Class to keep any semblance of the world we used to know. Otherwise there can be no return to yesterday. Even if it takes time.

    Tomorrow restaurants will reopen for indoor dining in New York. And this in the so called epicenter of failed Covid response, where not so long ago we saw the digging of mass graves. Now it is all better it seems, or maybe not. But it is clear the city is dying and will never return to its’ former self. The Arts and Theatres simply will not recover. Even Goldman Sacks has moved it’s most profitable division to Miami. If you want Theatre or the Arts, try Miami and not New York. So what about cities like Toronto or Montreal who seem to be laggards in everything they do, as are the provincial leadership. But the Feds are no better and are in fact worse. According to a source at a household consulting firm the Feds were more interested in shock value than recommendations. And to add insult to injury if you are in the states and want back without hassle, rent a car and drive back and avoid the nonsense as all you will do is quarantine at home. Talk about one way airplane fares. The whole situation is a cruel joke.I doubt the politicians even understand the pent up disgust people have. They do not care.
    While in parts of Canada is experiencing a housing bubble, it will not be a lasting one as cities remain locked down. The changes to the a shrinking Middle Class will represent a huge change in what changes occur across a broad landscape of spending.
    The world you knew, and hope, is dying. Life now as a Bottom Feeder if all fails?
    Vaccine strategy needs rethink after resistant variants emerge, say scientists

    Again Covid Science confusion rules these Fools.
    Iran nuclear deal: US sanctions will not be lifted for talks, says Biden

    The Jews have got to Biden already. Useless.
    Now a Republican’s Staff is taken down as a Pedo Trafficker. .
    Restrictions on large gatherings likely to be in place 'for next few years'

    Sports,Theatre, Cinemas, the Arts, all dying fast.No Pop concerts or shows. Horse racing is in free fall. Civilisation is imploding.
    Brexit: 71 pages of paperwork for 1 lorry of fish This is now the BS trying to deal with the EU. Unreal, so we dry dock our Fishing fleets. But with a PM too stupid to tell the EU, unless you sort this mess, your quota to fish here is zero. Sort it or Dry dock your fleets. Dumb Politicos. 71 pages of this BS. Trade? Paper Tigers.
    Vaccine strategy needs rethink after resistant variants emerge, say scientist
    More confusion. Why is China not paying for this?
    Correct and Biden doesnt have a Brain in his head.
    Joe Biden says Xi Jinping doesn’t have a democratic ‘bone in his body’
    Navarro: DOJ Slow-Walked Trump’s Executive Orders While Fast-Tracking Biden’s

    Hard to operate with staff set against you.All were warned Barr was a Deep State Plant, The Chump swallowed. You can’t cure stupid!
    Poor Italy is about to follow Greece in the trashing of old Empires
    I feel for Italy. They are a cultured people and wonderful. food.
    But, Italy is a weak link in the Euro zone and one with the prospect of leaving. To the rescue comes “ Super Mario “ … You may remember him as being the genius who introduced zero interest rates into the Euro zone effectively killing the Bond market.
    My prediction is that what Italy faces will make what Greece experienced a walk in the park. What works and does not work will lmost ikely come to France next within 18-24 months.
    If you want to invest in Real Estate in Italy, hold off, for now.
    The Vandals are coming. Bankers will tear it apart and eat its heart.

    Click to access g30_reviving_and_restructuring_the_corporate_sector_post-covid.pdf


    It’s going to result in Acquittal so what’s the point?
    You can’t humiliate a narcissistic Oaf as Thick and Self effacing as Flatulent Trump. He’s simply both too ignorant, and Low Class to know.
    But it feeds the MSM and many feel the need to try to humiliate the Grifter. Really, as thick as he is it’s a 9 day wonder and he knows that.
    The litigation following is key So much dirt and such a shabby misfit of a man. If Stormie hits the stand, that he will feel. She knows what sells tabloids, so expect Gory details. If she’s on the stand poor Melania will hear Public allegations, so will his family, of his loathsome conduct, and that may finish his chances of anything. Trial Lawyers are salivating.
    He will find it hard to bypass the stand for these. Plus, the Media loathe him, so does the Establishment. Donald No Mates. Impaled on all fronts. The death throes of a Corpulent whale with Stormie alleging a little Pecker. Not a good year or two for Trump. Stripped of WH shielding. Shrek Home Alone?
    Then if Melania walks? Would you stay. What will be the Brand damage? It’s already started.
    Will even Kushner now walk, Golan land theft has been achieved, and so many loathsome Jewish Racketeers bought pardons. What an abuse of power. Have the Zios any further use for him?
    Has anyone? Even Miami wants him out. So many fights on so many fronts seem to be pending. His Crystal Ball screams Free Fall.
    If he does time, imagine his SS detail then? Details?

    You want them let loose?


  26. I apologize for the recent tardiness in clearing comments. Internet issues in this area were severe. It seems fixed for now.

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


  27. well said, Dave Ramsey: “This morning, I realized that everything is about to change. No matter how I vote, no matter what I say, lives are never going to be the same. I have been confused by the hostility of family and friends. I look at people I have known all my life so hate-filled that they agree with opinions they would never express as their own. I think that I may well have entered the Twilight Zone. You can’t justify this insanity. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind. We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan for us. Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America. People who say there is no such thing as a gender are demanding a female President. Universities that advocate equality, discriminate against Asian-Americans in favor of African-Americans. Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now. Criminals are caught-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it’s a violation of THEIR rights. People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves. After legislating gender, if a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him. It was cool for Joe Biden to “blackmail” the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquiries about it. People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their useless degrees. Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated. Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate to the US must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcomed. $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not. If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free. And, pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us “racists”! Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese virus, but it is racist to refer to it as Chinese even though it began in China. We are clearly living in an upside-down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where moral is immoral and immoral is moral, where good is evil and evil is good, where killing murderers is wrong but killing innocent babies is right. Wake up America! The unsinkable ship Titanic America has hit an iceberg, Please share this with folks you know who still have a functioning brain.”

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    1. James

      Now you see the cause of our frustration, and it ‘s not just in the US It’s Global
      The West is rapidly going- West!


      1. John and aurataya…. No idea who Dave Ramsey is, but thought that was “spot on”… what is really scary is the people who CAN NOT see what is going on… it dumbfounds me!


        1. I have heard the name before James but he expresses himself exactly how I personally feel. We must follow up on him.

          James, maybe they do not wish to see. Sometimes reality scares some.F them anyway. Face and deal with it or get back in your bloody hole imo, that is to those that feel that way.

          I just wonder what the hell to do. I know what is happening in this instance is mainly in the US but when one looks around it actually is everywhere. What do we do? Any suggestions?

          I am curious what others believe should be undertaken at this moment in time. Anything? But always remember to be aware and careful of what you are expressing in such times. Code is key.


    2. Almost all of these new social trends are brought to you via the Neo-Bolsheviks and their international backers.


  28. Politics and politicians will never be the source of ultimate human liberation.

    Kind of like a retroactive 1776-style group of American colonies kind of thing.

    Look at all the fun the Elders are missing out on? 🙄

    Ding Dong I am the Chi-Com Sandman.

    JP Moron would never lie to us.🤪

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    1. Note its the Brits banning Chinese Commie Propaganda and the Chans hate it. The Brits will face them down whatever. 3 active full Nuclear Subs all armed. 30 missiles from any one is enough. Some are multi warhead.
      Even 5 getting through, and they will, its the end of the Chans. So F U what can you do?
      Our 5 eyes listening posts track everything they do, so do the Satellites. And there lie more secrets. Weaponising Space! China’s nightmare. What goes around, comes Down!

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  29. How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics
    Oxford Covid vaccine almost as effective against Kent variant, trials suggest
    MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Releases Long Promised Documentary Of 2020 Voter Fraud – Watch It Here! (Video) | U. S. Politics | Before It’s News

    This is crazy stuff about what this so called election produced. It’s now doing the rounds to Americas shame.
    China and Russia are investing forwards to take OUT the US.
    They are very serious about gaining advantage.
    During Pandemic, China Sent Millions of Counterfeit Masks, Test Kits to US: Customs Data

    And you wonder why anyone who is reliant on a given product would trust Chinese goods with independent testing?
    This is the same problem they have with many goods they produce from rail to planes. Why are Trading Standards not sending it all back?
    What a future, and will the next arrive before? What has China done?

    Vaccine calculator predicts it will take 7 YEARS to end the pandemic
    Lab Just Made a More Dangerous COVID Virus

    Why are we allowing this?

    Are these people crazy?
    Chance to wash away the illegals?

    SWAMPS-Élysées! Paris flooded by the Seine and German shipping stalled
    ‘Moment of weakness’: Amateur investors left counting GameStop losses
    If you dont know how to play the game don’t try.
    Inside job: The rapidly changing world of car interior design

    These things are all well and good, but does it teach a woman how to read a map?
    Israel’s vaccine ‘magic’ wipes out Covid cases as second doses of Pfizer jab take hold | Daily Mail Online

    Can you trust any Israeli claims
    New items for the mile high club! Always make allowances for what is missing in the lives of sad Troll malcontents.

    China heh? Jeez!

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  30. Reflecting back, as history determines truth.

    What happened from the vast torrent of Trump Attorneys allegations of verifiable Electoral Fraud? Allegations of raids on German and Spanish Vote Counting Centres. Those projecting Trumps second term, mass arrests, electoral riots?
    Now he sits, entombed in Florida, disbarred from Twitter, Facebook and who knows how many more- Stifled and Stiffed!.This is no Arnie I’ll be back. 3 times married, a draft dodging Coward, multi times failed Businessman Bankrupt, tabloid sleaze exposed, his type profile the same. So much for his word. His Pardons have plumbed the depths of degeneracy. Beyond sad and sleazy. This is no JFK for sure. Sadly.

    Heel Spurs took his flatulent Butt off to Florida, to return to his roots, of a faltering Hotels and Property group in rapid free fall. He’s lost a major Income Producing Golf Tournament. He’s lost the ability to engender his constant travel chicanery between his Hotels, sucking in vast State funded entourage funding. Occupancy is now falling fast. Deutsche is on the horizon asking for their Loan Redemption, and they don’t want him back. Even his Banker does not want this *anker. Home alone 3?

    He should beat the Impeachment charge, they just don’t have the vote numbers.
    But with so much alternative litigation pontificated, and Banking dilemmas, the Orange many appears besieged for the next few years.
    As Biden is reversing all Trumps policies and Executive Orders, will he go so far as the overturn the Golan Heights land theft from Syria to allow the Kushner Crime Family, himself self enriching hiding behind Kushner, Netanyahu ( What a Yahoo!)and duplicitous Cheney plus other misfits. Who will address the gross long term jail sentences imposed on so many criminal Jews which Kushner and Trump conspired to release,abusing the Powers of Office, and a stain on America? Kushners perverse Crime family influences on the Orange Shrek are clear to all.

    Trump has been an affront to Justice. The worst of his low character was allowed free reign in Office, his gross Pardons list sadly typifying the banal mediocrity of this man.
    Americas tragedy was the vote was first between Clinton and Trump, then Biden and Trump. Where was a box for none? The GOP has failed abysmally. Since JFK, so have the Demo Rats.

    Trumps second term was a Non Starter. Not as propounded by so many. He got played, and laid, face down!
    This has been no conquering Caesar, just a Redneck crowd pleaser.
    Heel Spurs would not lead the trusting Voters revolution. True to form, he hid and hung them out to dry. Cowards do. Bluster Buster.
    America sadly now has 4 years of Biden, Harris, Obama and the Commie Czars.
    Will America ever be allowed a free election again? The price of 4 years of the Chump.
    Has the great Revolution now ended in Abdication of Rights?
    Is Democracy now finally denied to America? America will be flooded by Illegals for cheap votes.
    The degenerate low level of misfits now promoted by the Democrats augurs so badly for America.
    As Biden has publicly declared, he does not know what he is signing. Apart from Bribe kickbacks, did he ever?
    The false dawn is over He lost! As a false Champions He’s lost!
    Biden is no solution. Now, corruption rules. This is not a good time to be American.
    Nor for the Free World. Irony indicates the nation most in need of Democratic rescue, is America itself. The Proletariat behind Biden is macabre. America now has more Commies in power than Moscow. The worm has turned. Now the MSM and Tabloids smell lunch for 4 years.
    History will not be kind. Will Melania stay the course? Trump is an MSM gift by virtue of character alone. Low!


    1. If even a fraction of what is written on the Election Steal is true, and if even a fraction of the actions the Deep State took in forcing the final hand are true and as rumored (really DS? A WMD Sword of Damocles on the population?), Trump will have his own Mt. Rushmore. And rightfully so.

      Some of his errors are of no interest and no consequence. So a few white collar criminals got out. Anybody stupid enough to engage them in business deserves to be fleeced. Few care who Trump pardoned and Snowden/Assange were bridges too far given the putative forces involved. Other apparent errors may yet not be. Other errors still, sit at the feet of the false Patriot advisers. Only distance in time, will show what errors may or may not rest with Trump. Some lone wolf Patriot will inevitably execute some of the Traitors, such as Barr and Pence in the due course of matters. The exposures are too clear and too damning.

      Current estimate is that being President cost Trump $2 billion with more losses to come. This is the inverse pattern of the last 4 Presidents. That tells me all I need to know to the Office of the President not being for sale during the Trump Administration. And if Ivanka’s pet husband became rich, well, we’ll skin him later.

      Even whether this battle is lost is still in doubt. The ride or the war, for the moment never ends. (Hell, against the multiversal reality, it certainly never ends!) But for here and now, I will not doubt the man in the Arena.

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      1. Tino

        For what its worth, I’m also a firm believer in the rigging, But to what extent?
        However I do think that a lot of the actual swing was also due to Obama and many forces combining to hit all voters to go postal and the teams who saturated the base to achieve the hits. Leg work.
        Trump underestimated the scale of risk, and thought his Tweets and Road shows would be enough.Arrogance.
        They swung it by input. He was lazy and got panned.
        He lost it by failing to develop a highly focused team and failed, as ever, Mr Multi Bankruptcies, to Plan ahead. He has form for this. A Grifter way out of his depth. They just out performed him, but a c10% clear fraud may have swung it. Again, Mr Thick failed to act when all was clear. JFK would have done. The Founders for sure! Roosevelt and Truman would have roasted them.

        The point of him losing $2B is hot air from him as usual. He does not need a c$450M Butt saving loan from Deutsche if he can achieve such income. He can’t, it’s his usual BS, and he will find Bankers ever more reticent to touch him now. Your a good Patriot and feel from the heart.
        I always had doubts on Trump which I’ve been public on. Biden is worse! But Trump was way below the standards America needs. Not your nation, you have many good people. Post his CIA speech I, like most Political viewers, grimaced at his visible Moronic arrogance, which coupled with his Petulance and Naivety, was an Epitaph we pinned as conformation to his IQ reading.
        He’s best gone, and hopefully the GOP find better now. 4 bitter years, but the Chump got outgunned by a Kenyan Con Man and more. This is not about Biden. He’s just road kill on a choke chain.

        Trump has real trouble heading his way now. His Legal Advisers won’t allow him on the Witness Stand for Impeachment, because like Biden, they know hes also stupid, and will get ripped apart by Trial Lawyers. They are banking just on the numbers. The GOP can’t afford to let him swing. Just as with Kenyan Soetoro.
        Four Dark Years now for America as the Commies rule. Can the GOP find new blood in time. Or will the Dems fill you with so many Immigrants voting, you become vote compound for life? I fear the latter. So does the world.
        Trump only took the $450M because he needed it. He cross fires to survive. With existing income free falling, his future is now visible Amber lights before the big Red stop lights hit him. Bankers see this, and him. He’s becoming untouchable. With Wassock daubed all over his fake tan. The MSM are waiting. He is targeted by all.
        So, he will be back in 4 more years. Backed by Who? The key now is the depth and veracity of litigation. First Impeachment, which I believe he will win, but then the Litigating Ambulance Chasing Reptiles follow. In waves. Bankers, Revenue and more. Bottom line, this a Sleazy man, now trawled before Crocks. Karma?
        Either way, 2 stressed years for sure. No WH protection now. Wassock Hunters are tooling up for the hunt.
        He only needs to lose once and it all comes down. The Dems know that. So do others. Watch the games for the next 2 years.
        Far greater now rides on the next GOP front candidate. Not another Trump for sure, that won’t run. They need a Clean Skin next time. Clean skins, avoid the stink of Trump. 4 years will come quickly. As Stormie also alleges.
        The MSM are praying she makes the stand. Others too. Out of Office, is he out of luck? 4 years of Reality Trump.



    Former vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, Spike Cohen points out that “HR127 would be most heavily enforced against those with the least ability to defend themselves in court: the poor, and minorities. It will also make things much worse in marginalized communities, where only police and criminals will have guns.”


  32. They “saved” the election by Vox Day

    Translation: how the bipartisan ruling party tried to hide their steal of the 2020 election for the Deep State:

    In a way, Trump was right.

    There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

    The handshake between business and labor was just one component of a vast, cross-partisan campaign to protect the election–an extraordinary shadow effort dedicated not to winning the vote but to ensuring it would be free and fair, credible and uncorrupted. For more than a year, a loosely organized coalition of operatives scrambled to shore up America’s institutions as they came under simultaneous attack from a remorseless pandemic and an autocratically inclined President. Though much of this activity took place on the left, it was separate from the Biden campaign and crossed ideological lines, with crucial contributions by nonpartisan and conservative actors. The scenario the shadow campaigners were desperate to stop was not a Trump victory. It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all, a failure of the central act of democratic self-governance that has been a hallmark of America since its founding.

    Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears. They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction. After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result. “The untold story of the election is the thousands of people of both parties who accomplished the triumph of American democracy at its very foundation,” says Norm Eisen, a prominent lawyer and former Obama Administration official who recruited Republicans and Democrats to the board of the Voter Protection Program.

    This is an outright confession spun for the suckers.


    1. Tino
      Also please note, in order to absorb all Global Intel and Trade issues, your read, its only 05-30 and I’ve been active for over an hour already. It takes what it takes and Staying Power is key.


  33. I still seem to be attracting Troll platitudes on the old site. Akin to the Shakespeare’s Macbeth play with the three old Hag Witches around the bubbling cauldron. Ones seems to have escaped and is daily attention seeking with vacuous comments befitting the standards of a sad and pointless rancor driven bottom feeder. It befits a type. Irrelevant as it spits its Troll Rattler venom. Dysfunctionals. It just needs a Belle Vue slot. Wire it up.

    Elders are well forwards but delayed by impending Chinese New Year. Dialog is meaningful. But invited only.
    We calmly anticipate partial resolutions in March and a phase out plan.

    Cohesive strategies are well forward. Pre determined projects are lined up. WHA is linked in.

    As are major Banks and Regulators. All is good, but not for the likes of Trolls or the sad, lost, pitiful and pointless. We just scrape such off our shoes.
    WHA by and large is Troll free. Not a Losers site. Functional’s with humour.

    The site, credit to all of you, says it all. May your Crypto surge continue.

    Cryptic wit, not acerbic bile from malcontents. Petruchio determined how to Tame the Shrew. Malcontents?

    Too much time on their hands. The type clustered with baskets waiting at the foot of the Guillotine.

    They breed. But as determined, serve no need.

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  34. Chicken shit coward, blabbering about something she sanctioned when ANTIFA and BLM did the same to others. Crocodile tears. Our enemies can only be emboldened by this kind of display.

    Let’s find out.

    Be ready if this comes. Hold on. The weak will be shaken out. As always.

    Vibrant enrichment.

    The whole earth SHUDDERS!!

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  35. Study reveals extent of Covid vaccine side-effects
    Covid: UK hotel quarantine to start on 15 February
    Price of dogecoin rises by 50% following Elon Musk tweet
    Shrek throws more tantrums. Where’s his soother?

    Death still keeps rolling on no thanks to China

    No vaccines no economy seems to be future policies

    Sorry guys he can’t cook the books for Italy it looks scuppered., Just like Greece the EU will gut them and own their Souls
    Covid has been ‘catastrophic’ for cancer care in Europe, WHO warns

    Soon we will pay the real price for Covid lock downs and that will be for stupidity
    Ursula von der Leyen accidentally SUPPORTS Brexit as she apologises

    Britain is the speedboat of Europe.
    UK government is ‘working on vaccine passports’ for summer holidays

    It’s coming your way

    A whole new meaning to a face off
    Boris faces Tory demands to drop ALL curbs by MAY amid SAGE warnings

    What a God almighty 🤣 incompetent mess Johnson again!

    Bank of America is working with the FBI to hunt down Trump-supporters – American Thinker

    This truly a sad day for America and the Western world. This Treasonous Agency needs ripping apart.

    In all Democratic or semi Democratic countries, a fundamental pillar of speech and this Sovereign freedom is the ability to voice thoughts with the freedom and right to do so, without repression. Whether one agrees or disagrees is not as important as letting difference exist visibly stimulates Society to search itself for direction. When it stops, or is banned, or is penalized singular one thought, one party rule and expression results. And with it comes mediocrity and collective blandness of culture.
    Sadly, it seems that this is coming to a close on a much wider scale than people expected in America. When it comes to a close, it is called Communism.
    Queen names ex-head of MI5 as most senior member of Royal household

    Spies protect the Lies.

    Queen names ex-head of MI5 as most senior member of Royal household


  36. Dear Aurataya13 and A. Johnson:

    One of you good ladies brought a crypto to this forum called Singularity and I have been watching it regretting that I did not put some value into that one. But I want to congratulate you on your pick. Will the person who brought that crypto to this blog please come forward so I may gift you with the royal title of viscountess for your contributions to this blog. It is not necessary to be of royal blood to obtain your new title my ladies. Yes, the title I am gifting to both of you because both of you have been loyal contributors on this blog.

    As King of the Scots I extend my royal sword toward Aurataya13 and A. Johnson and give you both the title of Viscountess. Congratulations to both of you and especially to the one who brought Singularity to the commoners who frequent this blog.

    As a mathematical fact: Broad utilization of the Singularity token to secure AI services on the platform, combined with even a small stream of parties purchasing and hodling tokens because they believe the price may move up in time, would be reasonably likely to cause the price to escalate quite significantly. < Written to me by Ben Goertzel who is involved in the project.

    I must warn you dear Ladies that the Englishman John2020 has threatened to move to Scotland the Pakkies, Muslims and illegals residing in England. It is only right for me to disclose this to you as you contemplate moving to Scotland to be near your dear King and his countrymen.

    A retired general in the United States sent me this planned list of men who will occupy positions in the second term of Donald Trump, my friend. Enjoy reading this list.

    President – Donald Trump
    Vice President – General Michael Flynn
    Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo
    Secretary of Defense – Christopher Miller

    Attorney General – Lin Wood
    Labor Secretary – Mike Lindell

    Director of National Intelligence – John Ratcliffe.

    FBI Director – Sidney Powell
    CIA Director – Kash Patel
    NSA Director – Devin Nunes

    Here is a video of Mike Lindell ( another one of my friends in the U.S. ) that you will enjoy. It is shorter than the three hours of video that will be issued on on Friday. Enjoy this.

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    1. Hi there Robert The Bruce,
      What you have offered here is extremely kind and very much appreciated and I very sincerely thank you for your generosity. I have to admit that is was not me that highlighted that specific crypto, so if was out of A Johnson and myself, it must have been A Johnson. She is pretty switched on where cryptos are concerned and knows a great deal more than I do.

      To be perfectly honestly, I do not feel confident enough in my knowledge of the crypto space to recommend anything to others. I do not have a great deal of free time to conduct in depth research in this field and feel quite inadequate in what I am able to offer others unfortunately.

      I also very much appreciate your sharing of the US information and video. I am hopefully gaining a day off on Sunday so will possibly have the time available to watch the video you have shared above. It looks very interesting so I am quite keen to view it in full. Thank you.

      I have been given many titles in my life lol but not one of those were as meaningful and respectful as that which you offer Robert The Bruce. Again, I sincerely thank you for you kind and generous words and for sharing your lovely heart with us all here as you do. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


    2. Hmm, remember how the Fairgrounds used to shoot Clowns out of a cannon.

      By popular English Decree, imagine the site as Hadrians Wall is all lit up with Cannons and by decree 5 Million Pakkies and Muslims are fired your way with Dependent relatives superglued to them.

      All Circumcision rectified with a Pigs bladder and barbed wire stapled as English Lock Down.

      Each carrying pictures of Mary Queen of Scots who we imprisoned in Windy, Wet and very Cold Tutbury Castle before decided to take pity on the Royal Purse, and just beheaded her. Was that wailing, strangulated Shrieking plea, the invention of the bagpipes?

      The English will grant to all Scots, a Hairy Sporran to encase their Scrotums which we surgically remove to end Scots Population issues in a single generation. As a sign of concern for Scots Herd breeding heritage, we will assign forthwith 5 English Regiments to protect the Herds north of the border, and to service all female stock to out breed Jock influences, and bring civilized prime English beef to bear upon the Godforsaken wet, cold, windy and Hag ridden Highlands.

      As a combined evidence of English concern for the Scots purse, every Scotsman will be awarded 5 drams of Whisky when lined up at collection points for Scrotum removal procedures to turn back future Welfare Cost Over runs, with each assigned a Hag like Surgeon to ensure never again.

      Time we finish Romes neglect. Leave a boil untended and it turns into a festering Scot., Lancing to order North of the Border. Or increase the sewers and population reduction by Liposuction?

      All those uninhabited Islands waiting for Muzzies to mate with the Midgies. Gannet food?

      We will Spruce up the Bruce. Remember like all Scots, he failed, and your Scots King Charles Stuart, we chopped his head off. You bred and produced Sturgeon. I rest my case. It would help if your lot even tried the front door.

      Can you wonder why they all come out with a face like a smacked arse?

      Beyond Teasing Bruce! We had the last laugh on Wallace, and Charles 1st lost his head.
      Without the English your Clans would have murdered each other.

      It’s one Island Bruce, time to learn to live as one, and for you to stop producing ugly women.


      1. Why did ya have to go and spoil my beautiful moment Johnny? LOL You are such a bugger sometimes. Well, most of the time I should say lol.


        1. If an Englishman can not knock a Jock with attitude off his perch, its a bad day.
          Humble Scots have nothing to fear from us.
          But a Scot with a Chip on his block it’s game on.


  37. Imagine how little they will care when things really, really get tough.

    But, the Press Secretary can wear a Soviet Bolshevik emblem, no problem comrades.

    Hey…hey you…yea, you…Occasional Balloon Head Cortex:
    ‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’‘Ocasio Smollett’!!

    Our e-mail is posted on the site. Our complaint manager is Helen Waite. So please, go to Helen Waite.

    Bolshevism, out in the open and gaining ground. Our gross foreign policy debacles of the mid 20th Century have paid off for them. Get tough on them today and you will be accused of “toxic masculinity”. These bastards are smart.

    And for that, the Bolsheviks went berserk and started the biggest shrieking contest ever.


  38. SAS skydive terror: Scramble to save critically injured UK soldier

    All those wasted and costly years and we are still failing to sort Iraq. Why the F are we wasting; Trillions on ever more US wars?

    SAS skydive terror: Scramble to save critically injured UK soldier
    B-1 Bombers Are Deploying To Norway For The First Time With An Eye On Nearby Russia And The Arctic

    It not take long to decrease peace. Americas MIlitary is at it again. More wasted budgets and more needless tensions.

    You can bet that Iskander missiles or other such similar missiles will be tactically deployed as Russia will see this as an attempt at a first strike capability.

    People forget that an S500 missile battery is a offensive weapon as well as defensive one and there is nothing that will stop one in flight that is publicly known. Russia will not even grace China with such systems.
    The chances for a mistake will grow proportional to whatever exercises occur from this new outpost.

    More disclosures ?
    Covid survivors TWICE as likely to suffer effects from jab, data shows

    An interesting factor for Tino and others to contemplate. What of the other cocktails and what happens when they cross mix which is planned? Molotov cocktails?

    Shrek feels Vengeant.
    House Democrat delighted as Matt Gaetz offers to resign seat to defend Trump

    Matrix earth?
    Denmark latest country to recommend AstraZeneca jab for under-65s only

    If it turns out not to work for over 65’s it will bring down the government and hell to pay for the collapsed economy.

    The racket is coming when they charge us to even hold our money. So why use Banks? It’s time to rethink all of them.
    He needs a brain Schwab.


    Arrogant and deluded!
    Democrats demand Trump testifies about his role in MAGA riot at his Senate impeachment trial next week

    House impeachment managers asked former President Donald Trump to testify under oath in his impeachment trial next week.

    With his diminutive mental calibre they will rip him apart. Vanity will get Butt Ripped!
    View at
    Bitcoin boom backstopped by central banks; easy-money policies


  39. Layer 2, then moon. 🌜

    Marxine Waters – Bolshevik Dummy

    Good for President Trump.

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  40. And yet, the sky is still above and the earth soundly under foot.

    Sounds like a lot of bull-SHIFT.

    Y – M -C – Eh!

    I am against removing her. Just the head will do.

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        1. Right now we’re measuring up Biden.

          I’m also using it to hang up and store the Markle model I sent you yesterday while I’m working. .
          The Sound Effects alone will freak most of them. Wasn’t that some exercise routine?


    _______ we
    We now start to vaccinate our younger adults

    Exactly why the EU will fail

    So the ultimate final solution for her indoors

    What if they are right?

    Who stole Goldilocks seat?

    Money talks

    A step back from fronting off

    London leads China property must buys
    Justice department mulls using Mafia prosecution laws against Capitol rioters, says report

    Cranking up on Trump’s base to stop Adolf


    1. Does “her indoors” mean a wife that stays home and does not work John? I have often wondered.

      I know you have a rather crass sense of humour lol but if you wanted a face transplant for a woman that you married then why would you pick someone that was not appealing to you in the first place? Or is ageing the issue here?


      1. Humour Aurataya, hard nosed.
        Albeit with Clinton, Bill should have face transplanted that thing pre marriage.
        The rest read as humour, or sorrow for the guy who married a 125 Lb’er and end up with a Whale? Harpoons needed? Both!
        And ageing is fine if of good personality. It’s not all about looks. Allow humour Aurataya.

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    Merritt explains the difference between coronavirus vaccines and regular immunizations:
    “[Coronavirus vaccines] are not giving you a pathogen … what they are doing is programming mRNA. mRNA is like DNA but it’s the messenger RNA. It’s what makes proteins in the body. It’s kind of like a computer chip that you put into a 3D printer and then you tell it what you want it to make and it prints it out. We have that in engineering and this is the biological equivalent.
    Well, in this case they’ve made a piece of this mRNA to create, in every cell of your body, that spike protein (or at least part of it) and you’re actually creating the pathogen in your body.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt
    “This is a perfect binary weapon. There’s no way I know exactly what that mRNA is programmed to and neither do you and neither do most doctors. The doctors can’t get at that data. That’s for the guys at the very top of this project… If I were China and I wanted to take down our military, I’d just make an mRNA that I know it doesn’t exist in nature so nobody’s going to die from a vaccine and then two years later I release whatever it is that I made… and it causes this immune enhancement death.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt


  43. John,

    Can you provide an update on the status of the QFS deployment? Do you anticipate it will roll out this year, unless, it’s already happened right beneath our noses? Thank you.


    1. Sampson
      With QFS we are having to also factor in variable delivery system options and dollar inflation consequences.

      Plus, as we look to jump between old and new $USD, and how we cover the vast losses for the old MTN’.s coming due over a 10 years phase out and 25 years T Bills, we the need to face up to and face down this lot of
      never ending US Gorilla Snot.

      The bigger problems are with Cryptos and its potential, faced with the vast plethora of Global options, who wants to take a US offering as less War Mongering nations now compete?

      Americas fiscal hold is beginning to fold. If we stop feeding this Dragon, we end its needless wars.

      How to strangulate the 990 plus Racketeering bases encircling the bleeding earth. De Lousing parasites.

      The battle now is ripping Zio and Jewish Claws off Global Settlements Systems. A QFS with the Bastards gone.

      The US is fighting to keep its claws locked on. We are maneuvering to rip them off. We need a new concept alternative Crypto based Global system and the US Snout- Out! Why allow Fiscal Trust to a Pariah Nation which is bust?

      A Global transfer system Pariah free, no more US’ Hegemony. Humanity working together to feed Need not US Wars and Threats. As the face off with Taiwan is coming, its China’s move. War games are visible now as we see new technology Chinese Jets attacking Training Aircraft carriers simulating how to take out US Carriers, China is showing intent. No more subservience. China is arriving with EMP weapons which will fry carriers electronics and sink fleets. New Global Emperors. With a debt also to settle with Japan. As the US is now flooding Norway with B-1B Bombers, who pays for the Arctic battle coming with Russia? Cryptos are new weapons to stop US wars. It’s a whole new Amphitheatre.

      Who controls the Golden Goose of money? Votes for America? None!

      So, settle- with What? Whose hands or collective hands will rock the new cradle?

      Civilization is evolving. Who pays, with what? Empires are ending. The DC Ho’s are getting a bloody nose. No one wants their coin. New systems are coming. The Fed snout – Out! Rott free.


      1. Thank you, John. Plenty to digest in your response. I keep asking myself, how long does this Central Bank spigot of money printing go on and how does it end? Also, how do the global settlements contribute to the overall imbalance of the financial system. We appear to be on a rocket ship about to come crashing to the ground. I welcome your thoughts and valued insight. Thanks, John.


        1. Post the Elders redemption’s, it comes to London. Imagine that in Trading, not 60% siphoned off by the Agencies, Fed and Banks, and vast profits put back to service Human needs, not Pentagon dead.
          Rethinking purpose. Then, as Tony will assure you, I have Crypto ground floor plans to help all of you.
          A step at a time. Rott and Zio free.


  44. The 4 new Covid variant mutations indicate the need to an enhanced new boosted vaccines later this year to take on year end resurgences. So, our second shot by April and a whole new repurposed vaccine again in October and onwards. Doing better than Aurataya that’s 3 sharp pricks this year supplied by the State.
    We have virtually wiped out a years education for schools and Unis. A lost generation beckons.
    Factually the scale and consequences of Lock Downs need reviews by competent authorities. It can’t go on. Deaths simply do not merit this. Neither Politicos nor Scientific Advisers can be trusted.This has been a draconian overkill. Governments can not keep on recklessly borrowing for this, who T F Pays????????????


    1. Oh for pete’s sake. It’s like mental retards are in charge of Governments.

      You don’t need a vaccine at all at this point. Survival of 20-65 is roughly 99.985%. Under 20 it approaches 99.995%. (Open the damn schools) (Fire the NHS Chief that banned HCQ. It was wrong then, and that decision is now heading towards Crime Against Humanity status.)

      Plus, vaccine-induced antibody dependent enhancement is almost guaranteed to prime your elderly and a smattering of younger patients. It will be an avalanche of deaths spread over the next few years. Plus, the vaccine is clearly killing the elderly and/or injuring them in droves. When a whole nursing home suffers 13 deaths, and all walking patients become bed-ridden or demented, there’s a problem. (Absurd. If you die within 28 days of a positive covid test, you are counted as a covid death. But if you die within 28 days of the mRNA vaccine shot, it is always a coincidence. Really???)

      Start with giving every person Vitamin D3, 5,000 units per day. A whopping couple UK pounds cost for each man, woman and child. Second, accept no PCR test that isn’t run at 25 cycles. That will get rid of your ‘sky is falling numbers’ and might identify the 1/16th of potentially true COVID. (It’s not even that. Less than 3% of current garbage antigen test COVID is real.) Then, if anyone gets sick, start a Vitamin C infusion with 20 grams of the stuff. If it worsens, continue with more Vitamin C and start the HCQ/Ivermectin/Zinc/Z-pack antibiotic early. Followed by aspirin and budenoside/dexamethasone if it progresses. If it STILL progresses, get them into highly supportive oxygen environment. Start monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron, presently running 100% in clinical trials (or the same from Israel if you must). If that doesn’t work, use aplidin ( ) Additionally, never forget that indomethacin works wonders on SARS. Also, monteleukast and levoceterizine (triple dose) will short circuit viral spread generally for good measure and can be used up to the point of oxygen desaturation.

      The variants are of no consequence. Specialist go into a tizzy because usually more infectious means more death. However, you know how to treat now. There were 50+ variants a mere 4 months into this gig. There will be another 150 in 6 more months. As a general rule the variants will continue to weaken regardless of infectious capability. (Incidentally, since it’s a sampling surveillance infrastructure, how sure are you of the probably crappy models you are using?) Farr’s Law will put an end to this crap if you simply get out of the way. Given that it is impossible for influenza to have gone to 0, given a 97% false positive rate, the second “spike” of COVID is almost certainly chimera and reclassification. Just like in the 2009 Swine flu.

      In fact, eat some crow, open up everywhere, cease any and all vaccine mandates, get rid of the useless masks, cease and end all monitoring EXCEPT at hospitals, stop getting in the way of airline travel. Once a virus escapes local containment at origin, and is world-wide pandemic, just get OUT OF THE WAY. It is simply impossible to control nanoparticle spread once numbers start ramping. Plus, since viruses have been known to hitch rides on the jet-stream, banning air travel at a certain point is… well… of no medical consequence.

      Of course, you could try high power static and oscillating fields to fry the spike protein. An average size Tesla coil or a 1-meter long plasma tube would work. Or you could ozonate the air and fry the spike protein chemically. The midwits in government will tell you all about lung fibrosis in the latter, never mind it takes years to develop such.

      Ok. Said what needed to be said.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Tino

        Good points and your value on site. Now, getting this to our MSM and Political Numpties surrounded by self interest Scientific Advisers is today’s task. Have you seen what we have passing for MP’s next door? Johnson as PM, is as much use as your Johnson to stir tea.
        Within 6 months 80% of our nation will have had the vaccines, plus a second shot. Then the new one arrives to deal with the next stage of mutations. After that? Annuals? New Hegemony?


      2. Tino

        The Scientific Advisers., ( All Safely State and Big Pharma paid!!!) are wreaking having in the limp brains of Politicos. Stooges have become Stools. Chaos and confusion reigns, with a dearth of hardcore much needed brains. As I say so often, it’s way past time to rethink Politics. Thinking for most, is already way past their pay, or thinking grade
        Why empower Mental Midgets? Look at the EU, then DC, and ask, what Bilge in suits has been ordained to take down the system? The West fast goes- West. China is coming.
        Why defend, an Empire at its end?
        Reasoning cognisance is ever more needed. Time to raise the bars. High!
        Trump V Biden.Case proven. The EU, time to drown the thing.


    2. LOL Johnny, you are always teasing me with your crudeness and know I will always bite lol. Well, it looks like you are correct. The government is most certainly doing better than me by a count of two. HA HA HA HA.


  45. Good afternoon Tony. What a day! We are having the best year and it is only Feb. lol

    Thanks again for your help over the many years we have been here. With the ideas you have shared and the ones we researched on our own we are really smoking. We know volatitly is soon to be here so we are ready to hold on through it all. I hope your hand is better. mine are okay but still cant type too much. I am getting good treatment and making progress.

    We hope that the elder deals can go this year finally and we look forward to the possibility of participating in anything related. What amazng things.

    Thanks so much again your pal C.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I do appreciate your feedback. You and your group over there are really hauling the mail it seems.

      Hopefully, along with the digital asset market gains we will see elder deals or some aspect of the GS finally move in a positive direction. I don’t hold out much hope for a ‘public exchange’ of any significant amount this year so I am very happy we have found another route for our readers to explore, both from our ideas to their own research.

      Continue with your good work, and stay in touch.

      The Legion Will Advance!!! (towards the Scots) lol

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  46. These geniuses don’t miss a thing.

    Hopefully it’s not the same team that missed Madoff when he was driving everyone’s wealth down.

    Done did realize, long ago.

    Everyone wants a piece of the action.

    How sweet it is.

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  47. Now this guys, is how to be a Perfect Husband for a few minutes.
    But just NOT with that type of wife.
    What do you mean is there any other type?

    How to protect your privacy at a protest
    Beijing lays down a marker in South China Sea

    China is practicing simulated Aircraft carrier attacks preparing for real war with America.
    Once they unleash EMP weapons, and take out these giant Hegemony ships what next for America?
    It will be followed by mainland attacks if it comes to it When China comes ti will be for real. No war games or Hollywood. Just dead.
    GameStop shares plunge as traders dump stock

    Shock drops.
    Reddit’s flashmob won’t be able to work its GameStop magic on silver
    Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Highest Paid Employee In The Entire U.S. Federal Government

    This is unreal!
    “Shadowy” New York financial institutions pressured Robinhood to restrict GameStop stock trading –

    No game now its in play.

    In a fixed odds game there are no free market entrants for long outside the club.

    Oh to be rid of the accursed Scots. Just keeping the Northern Air Defense bases is all we need. We have no need for the Scots. What a relief dropping that burden of Whinging, whining no goods.
    Every Jock for the Chopping Block. Since Rome left we have been stuck with them. It’s like having a giant Tinkers Camp stinking, living next door to you living off Welfare. 1,600 years and still they are not even toilet trained. Scots? Gobshite after Gobshite. Who cares?
    What a Culture shock if we dump the lot? The ONLY reason we keep them is to protect our borders. Rethink time soon. The English don’t want them. Nor the EU. It’s like letting a Mongrel Dog loose to feed itself. Scavenging. Rome said No! Wall them IN!
    Robert the Bruce betrayed William Wallace. The Scots way. Scavengers. We stopped Wallace breeding more.Time to cut the lot?

    As people are simply disinterested in the sophisticated dangers of Political issues, they are clueless of risks. Especially heightened. Remember on strike is all it will take. Russia and China re now facing down America as well as hacking Defenses.
    If it comes, it will escalate fast. Tin Hats won’t save you. We track this weekly.

    Nuclear war with China or Russia is ‘a real possibility’ admiral warns
    GameStop, Musk and cryptocurrency could end global inequality and weaken American power
    Typical Gobshite Sturgeon. No, the Wee Pug Faced Troll does not need English help, As if? No., just our Free Vaccines , funding fake credit. A good slap is needed.
    Teasing Robert the Bruce apart, it’s actually way past time both nations learned to get on together. We are all on the same Rock in the Atlantic.
    Just have to send our Military up and breed some class and sense into their women. Upgrade the stock.

    Bruce apart, we need real rapport. Goodwill and Bonding? One Island. One people?

    Boris Johnson sends in the army to help Scottish vaccine rollout chaos


    1. Must admit, that wife video was funny.

      John, you are always complaining about women/wives? Maybe you have been shopping in the wrong places lol.


  48. From Twitter:
    Lark Davis
    Feb 1
    The fact that we’re willing to pay the absurd fees to use Uniswap shows that it’s providing a service that no other dapp has yet succeeded to do. BIG OPPORTUNITY for other chains right now! Which blockchain do you think is going to step up to the challenge?

    My reply: I am watching FANTOM FTM because if they can pull off what I think they can do, then the sky is the limit as the dex works miracles on the super low cost FANTOM chain.

    John2020: Remember the Battle Of Stirling Bridge !!! We cleaned the clocks of the English there.

    Robert The Bruce – King Of Scots


    New Video From Crypto Lark:


    1. Robert the Bruce

      Remember the Hook in Westminster Hall,
      Wallace knew then how little time he had left when we cut his Nutts off
      We’ve spent all those years subsidising the damn place.
      That whining Gobshite Sturgeon.still does not get into that thick, Socialist head, that without the Union, they would have no vaccines right now. Sturgeon is a Mongrel fish.
      The EU does not want that basket case, nor do we.
      The smartest solution is to cut them loose,
      No access to the Pound. No London flights, or trains.
      No more Subsidies.
      Stop all TV transmissions from England
      Blank them out. Pay for your own productions.
      All the subsidies they waste on Hollyrood,.Who cares? Keep themselves. Already they are broke again.
      More hands out – No!
      No more vast NHS subsidies for the place. No Education subsidies. No more jobs in England. Work permits rejected. Payback! Go F back!

      Give the rathole 10 years for Starvation to set in.
      No more Scots MP in Parliament. It will wipe out Labour. Job done!
      The EU won’t pick them up, what for? It’s a Shithole. Drunk, Druggies and Gobshites.
      No more bailing their Broke banks, Losers.
      Try running their own currency, some hope. 20 years no UK subsidy would do it.

      An 80% population reduction. Sanitised. Walk back in and take it. Move our Pakkies, Muslims and illegals up there. That weather will sort them. Both. We save £100B in subsidies. No more whining Gobshites.
      You have my vote. Sorted.

      Be assured 95% of the English with a free vote would put the lot out tomorrow. Let them eat each other.
      Rome cut them loose. Lessons? F Barbarians.

      Time, we put manners on them. As Longshanks did with Wallace.
      Did he scream? Mammie????? With a high pitched voice. Northern Ireland and Scotland, both can go. Both basket cases. Wallace’s face as the cut went in. Payback came. Iron fist.
      Still the Gobshite doesn’t get it. Just cut the subsidies and we keep it. Sorted soon enough. No Vaccines.
      No TV. No entry to England. No free food. No NHS. What then? How long? Tossers. F Tinker camp.


  49. We will see if this escalates into the Mainstream Media.

    I was just informed that in Lombardy, prior to the great Covid death wave, the population had been vaccinated against influenza AND said vaccine it is now determined that the dog tissue used in manufacture of the vaccine had coronavirus proteins. Therefore it is now reasonable to assume that many of the dead had antibody dependent enhancement and primary lung failure from autoimmune attack with comorbid inflammatory pneumonia. Which is consistent with autopsies from that moment in time. I had assumed the lung pathology of massive inflammation had been the result of previous exposure to air toxins due to the industrial nature of that Italian region. We were snowed again.


  50. How refreshing is this…

    “Florida is taking back the virtual public square as a place where information and ideas can flow freely. We’re demanding transparency from the big tech giants,” said State House Speaker Chris Sprowls in a statement.

    “The big tech companies have the duty to allow differing views on their public platforms. No one should be excluded. But let’s be clear: They are targeting conservatives,” said Senate President Wilton Simpson according to local10, adding that it amounts to political censorship.

    Liked by 1 person

  51. In the end, he got it.

    XRP is a HOLD for now.

    When I die I’m going to entrust my money to a Nigerian prince
    …on the condition that he can find a valid US bank account to transfer it to.




  52. If we can achieve this with precision guided bombs in Iraq, why cant we destroy the Illegals in the English Channel?

    RAF jets destroy ISIS terror cells with laser-guided bomb in Iraq
    New grid threat: Russia deploys super-electromagnetic pulse weapon – China is ready too – Strange Sounds

    Fools like the current crowd will never comprehend the threats really facing Americans and America, as the American sphere of shared interest is conflicted.
    True hegemony superiority is in EMP and its’ delivery, producing the ability to seize land mass for exploitation.
    Russia long ago recognized the need to defend itself against China while at the same time using China to offset sanctions imposed upon it. While China saw safety in exploitation of Russia’s natural resources to safeguard its’ energy needs with a longer eye on the 75 trillion in natural resources that lie in Russia which is on the same continent as China. Something seen as a logical projection of hegemony which is why talk exist of China flexing its’ reach towards Russia.
    It is why Russia has warned China several times about incursions that will dictate a response. China is well aware that Russia is quite capable of delivering a fatal blow. Some of the so called hawks in America dream of a Russian incursion failing to realize that any such attempt will not be isolated to the European continent but will come to America.
    There is a war game analysis that suggests very clearly what happens if Russia is attacked by western forces and the consequences. In such a exchange the only winner is China who would occupy after the fact, as Russia has not the manpower to occupy anyone and hardly enough population to occupy itself.
    The reality is that only a strong, technology driven America capable of cutting edge defense with opponent consequences too horrid to accept, is the world’s best defense for global peace.
    Former Business Partner of Hunter Biden’s Criminal Defense Attorney Is Picked for a Top Justice Department Position

    Does any country to Political Crime and Sleaze as crude as America?

    Just normal behavior to whitewash everything.
    Covid-19: Concerns about vaccine efficacy as new strains emerge | Daily Mail Online

    We are vaccinating a moving target.
    But,. its a practice run now for the big one to follow.
    Appalling over reaction by the State again. F U all Freedom is everyones Right!

    Ban on care home visits could be made ILLEGAL

    Pathetic swine will never fly again. He goes on a worldwide exclusion list. Scum!
    Moment Ryanair passengers CHEER as police arrest drunken thug
    Trump to outline impeachment defense as Biden seeks to undo border family separations – live | US news | The Guardian

    The second part shows Biden considering Rahm Emmunual as an Ambassador to China.
    Really? Do they do Chicago / Washington Male Homosexual Bathhouses there are frequented by Obama and Emannual?

    China tends to give short shrift to such a species. Rahm as an Organ Donor next? Alive please!
    Just like Illegals the buggers keep coming until shot on sight. A 9mm hollow head costs max a couple of Bucks. Welfare costs millions.Choice? Bang,.Sorted!

    Kent Covid variant may mutate to look more like South African strain
    Unfortunately this Markle Nose Ego tripping B level Actress has taken a limp brained typical Windsor brain dead Prince Harry out of his safe surroundings, on a grasping PR disaster trip as she realizes now he’s just a thick Boy Child, but the Bolter sees Bucks in riding the Clown out for a Hollywood fantasy and La La land until she gets tired of him and bins him.
    This will end in acrimony, divorce and an unwinnable battle with the Monarchy. She had the chance of a lifetime, she was welcomed as a new Princess, but just couldn’t cut it. She hated being second to Kate and William.
    But Kate and William present Class with Dignity. Markel showed only Low!

    She’s milking it in LA but it will blow. Then what for family Spare Harry? William now has so many Children Harrys out of the succession picture.
    The Markle nose is now a Snout pushed out. What a Hooter! Sad it will end bad.
    If the idiot Child renounces his nationality, when she dumps the Chump does he go on Welfare?
    If she only had Class what a role she still could have had. All ego, no brains.
    He’s lost the Plot and may lose the lot. Apart from Markles bag carrier what other use is he now? Another Clown Prince.
    William out of Public sight, has a pampered Brat vicious temper. He runs all over Charles. Harry has blown the. brotherhood. William is unforgiving. Markle is a bubbling Cauldron Witch. A User!

    Buckingham Palace denies Meghan’s claim officials dictated name change

    The nasty, vitriolic Scots have turned on each other. As usual. Actually cutting the Welfare whinging Bastards off a and giving them Snotland, would ensure that Labour ( Democrats) would never get power again in England.


    NP civil war as axed MP calls in police over ‘vicious’ threat’

    Shared from Sky News: Myanmar coup: Fears grow for 600,000 Rohingya Muslims still in the country

    Bang- Sorted!

    Who wants to eat us alive next?
    German ‘cocaine penis’ doctor speaks for the first time

    Tony don’t let this catch on.

    Reign Tino back in.
    Aurataya too for sure.

    German ‘cocaine penis’ doctor speaks for the first time

    Bad call Dolly. She is one of a few who deserve this award. The world would agree.
    But for God’s sake don’t now go and take it off Biden.
    Dolly is a Super Trooper. Americans be proud! It’s not political Dolly, it’s hard earned.
    Dolly Rocks! She’s an Icon like Elvis.

    Note incoming Annual Vaccinations!
    There lies the real problems! Temptation!

    Pakistan is on its’ way to being owned by China. Makes you want to throw up. India will not be pleased. Any chance we can send 5M of our back? Please?

    If Putin Gulags him he will be forgotten in a month.
    Elon Musk’s Starship SN9 rocket EXPLODES after first flight test

    What a phony Hustler. Would you pilot his space craft.


  53. Police cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving lightExcellent news for EU citizens: A majority vote in the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe affirms that States must not make coronavirus vaccination mandatory for anyone, and at least for the time being they must not use vaccination certificates as passports.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Two things you are not being adequately told.

    1. America IS increasing its war risk with China via both Taiwan and HK! China is NOT bluffing.
    2. If WW111 kicks off, do not be surprised if Iran invades Israel. Highly probable. Even without WW111 it’s only time before Iran takes out Israel. Lancing that gross Carbuncle on the Butt of humanity will send a warning to Zio’s everywhere, your time is coming. The world will be a better place. Russia and China will EMP blanket smother the place first to stop the Khazars launching like cornered Roaches. Changes are coming.
    If China is attacked , be assured Israel gets it. If Russia is attacked, Israel gets it.

    The Board Game of Life, is evolving.


      1. The middle east is a boiling pot. The kettle can blow at any time. Everyone over there hates Israel. If I recall, during the Gulf war, Saddam tried to generate support from Muslim nations against Israel by launching missiles into their cities and neighborhoods. The US had a huge hand in preventing Israel from launching counter attacks.

        Question for all: Supposed Iran attacked GB? Would England stand down? What if they attacked the US? Would we stand down? Well with Biden in there…


        1. Russia and China will ensure Iran gets its nukes. If not, Pakistan will.
          Khazars have no right to be in Palestine, nor will ever be accepted. With Nukes, Iran and Syria will sort them. Iran knows they must go. As do the Arabs. It’s an eyesore in Muslim lands. The cause of troubles. Palestinians have paid so badly. Britain has guilt for that.


  55. At my age, with nothing to lose., and possible life to protect, I had the Covid shot. My choice.
    After effects, you feel the sore arm for a couple of hours.
    A Temperature rise comes in for night one. Then drops. Normal Day 2.
    A sore throat day 2. Also tired quickly.
    But then gone.
    The side effects are over rated. Your choice,
    Little to lose, a lot to gain. Over 60 look at it as more safety. But a choice, Life to lose or not?
    After effects are small. Don’t over buy the Conspiracy theories. But, your choice.
    It’s personal, but Covid does not do personal. Either way risks are small, apart from over 60’s escalating,and over 70’s high. Weigh the age factor. Without your card, exclusion is coming. You will see.
    Very low side effects. Less dangerous than marriage for most.
    It’s just a shot. Time will tell.


  56. So. The CDC over-inflated (thru multiple mechanisms) the count of the COVID dead 16-fold.

    This number is very interesting because, at the root sits the garbage antigen test. I was expecting a 33-fold inflation due to the 97% false positive rate. So, some of the tests were running more accurately, a whopping blended 94% false positive rate.

    Allowing for error, and for the fact that the Mar-May 2020 was the true pandemic, and the insanity of the fall, a casedemic and orgy of reclassifed dead (just as in 2009 Swine Flu) it puts the real dead count somewhere on the order of 45,000 plus the improperly counted NY dead (no good estimate till the dust settles) say 20,000. So we are at 65K total.

    So, for a double flu season, we got medical tyranny evolving rapidly towards a dictatorship along with severe economic destruction.

    Liked by 4 people

  57. I’d say the regulators need regulating.

    Bolshevism in action.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Ha ha! I was trying to be more ladylike.
          Screw it. No fucking vaccine for this girl. They can go Fuck themselves. Is that better? ☺️Cuz I’m a lady. Lol

          Liked by 4 people

          1. This song has been re-recorded to meet gender-neutral pronoun requirements.

            It’s now called “It’s a They-dy” 👄👱🏾‍♂️

            Liked by 1 person

  58. The Romans should never have left.

    Now that’s a good problem.

    Is that all?


    The Swiss can’t miss.

    Liked by 1 person

  59. This is what Trump needs if he’s booted from Florida. Guaranteed to confuse and shake off Alimony and Stripers Rent Lawyers.


    Ego beats brains, living Proof here.


    See, this Peruvian Lawyer goes to a whole new level to get his Client off!

    Peruvian lawyer caught having sex on Zoom during court hearing

    Creative Advertising for the Peruvian Attorney.
    Discrete Personal Services starting at only $200 an hour, home visits available, but we get our Clients off every time.
    Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters made over $1.1m in payments to her daughter using campaign cash | The Post Millennial

    A true loser. The Dems need scouring out. Sadly the usual complete lack of Shrek forethought let them in. Forrest Gump had 4 years and lost. Thick as a Brick they played him.

    In 4 more years the GOP needs to field quality not crap.

    Why didn’t the Clown get this right the first time before hiring anyone,?
    Sadly. He’s up to his games again.
    The good thing is they won’t get the numbers to convict but he profiles yet again as erratic


    Coming to America and the EU.

    Sleaze finds its own types.
    Wife of Putin critic Alexei Navalny is one of nearly 4,500 protesters arrested at nationwide protests across Russia demanding release of jailed politician as demonstrators clash with riot police in second weekend of protests

    Despite authorities ramping up pressure on the opposition with arrests and criminal probes, Navalny aides have called for new nationwide demonstrations ahead of his trial on February 2.

    A battle Putin can not afford to lose. If so, his corrupt regime will put him in a Gulag.
    Biden news – live: President to meet Queen as Trump sheds lawyers ahead of looming impeachment trial | The Independent

    Simple to achieve, Tell Biden you ONLY get to meet the Queen AFTER you have signed the UK Trade deal. Time to put manners on these clowns.
    2 Timewasting tours showing Trumps entourage around got us nowhere. Get the Trade deal done. Let the other 5 G7 Leaders meet the Queen. Just not Biden.
    Focus them.

    Hi Ho Silver


  60. 🌜🚀

    Good heavens!

    Man, I hope John didn’t need to fly to HK for any business this week.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. If the above pic were female Tony would volunteer to be a Tester, and you know the next move. A rattler would not match it. In Coming?



    The Dinosaur is up to his tricks again.
    Is this not the dumbest Mutt ever to hold office? History will not be kind.
    Liz Truss will deliver a ‘huge dollop of Brexit boosterism’ by announcing the UK is applying to join a £9trillion pan-Pacific free trade area

    The International Trade Secretary hopes Britain will become the 12th member of a bloc of nations, including Japan and Canada, in which 95% of goods are traded between members tariff-free.

    In a single step the UK will join a block bigger than the EU. Devastating to the EU Socialists. Treasure Island Britain. Who needs the EU now? Tariff free!
    Masked mugged and Mutants for a year or Morse ingesting your own exhaled crap. I suggest you read up on mask risks.
    Medical masks are M3 grade and changed every hour. The crap you wear traps anything within and still let’s viruses in

    Every time the Chicks go for the money.

    It’s way past time this Free Ride racket gets reigned into sensible valuations. Kept, fed, entertained, free board, cars, holidays. What’s to pay and stuff greedy Attorneys, the US males need a hard wake up smack. 50% or whatever, what’s wrong with you,?, Keep kids by reasonable contributions but surely 4 years keep is enough for her indoors.
    They need to start making their own way after that, men are not a meal ticket for life. No question bad husbands need a smack, but each to its merits. What about the wayward wives who cross the line and reach out for meal tickets and Attorneys to jerk off the system.It’s all a one way system. Every time the men pay all ways up.
    If a woman crosses the line she breaks the contract. Justice is they need to be put out on their arse without a roof or a meal ticket. Cross the line go house, feed, cloth and keep yourselves. Time this parasite scam ends.
    Look at the howling faces like a smacked arse when the female gets hit with a maintenance claim. Wailing banshees. Love it!
    Poor Britney Spears got scammed. Free riders.Sad Sicko’s.

    But overall it’s a Lousy law. Totally abused. I’ve seen too many innocent, good guys caught up with bad wives who paid out forever. Innocent and broke.
    But it’s a Yappers world. Those who talk, do!
    For sure, Melania knows he’s cruising for a bruising. Female media screaming go for the money. Sickening. The son needs to be kept until 18 or more if a Student. Melania at best needs a 6 year meal ticket.
    Beatle Paul McCartney got scammed with a c$35M whack for a few years with a one legged groupie who conned him. Ridiculous. It’s all lopsided.
    I dislike Trump as a useless apology as a man, but the principle is wrong. Meal tickets need limits. US Alimony Attorneys need Whack the lot Insurance policies.
    If she files within 2 years it tells all. Hopefully not a meal ticket for life. Dumping the Chump is understood.. But please, with dignity?
    Hotels income in free fall, Legal bills like Mushroom clouds, how much will be left in 4 years. Stornie is coming. Cohen too. How many more Rent Girls? He’s a grubby little man., Although he’s without Principles, Free rides need to end. .
    The lurid Stormie claims may finish him with Melania.
    Gimmie,Gimmie, gimme the grubby money Honey?
    Time to insure with new Crypto policies promising Whack That Coins for stressed Males, where scurrilous Attorneys need to be paid ( Knocked ) off. 20 pieces of silver.
    Trump just lowers the tone. He looks like maybe can’t pay his Impeachment Attorneys now. What a life, and soon it is again, No More Eastern Block Catalogue wife? Rent girls? Return costs are high Cat walks and Catalogue Cougars.
    Not the sharpest tool, just a Narcissistic fool.

    Do any excuse for Hegemony and weapons sales matter, Taiwan is Chinese territory and China is taking it back so make it clear,, mess with China and they Nuke America’s homeland. See how that goes down. Maybe it’s the only sad way to bring the Washington Dog to heel. It’s always the world taking it , how about the cause of most wars for a change. Just see how it goes if a tester is sent with an ultimatum you either take it or the lots coming. Launch and the lots coming.
    They will take it and whine. A taste of what’s done to the world.
    Taiwan has a choice either accept China takes it back or the US will use it as a battle ground unless China makes it clear attack us in our territory and we take it to your homeland.
    We know the terrible consequences but the US is blind to being hit hard at home as all other nations have suffered.
    China is making it clear back off or we take it to America.
    It’s time to back off end the meddling .
    It only needs one overreach and we know the consequences.
    9/11 was visible evidence of US terror when it hit the homeland. Heroic emergency services , great people. But blubbering gutless city workers almost total cowardice and sadly thousands dead .
    Time to reflect on aggression. Why not a peaceful transition of Chinese territory. It’s coming one way or another.
    The US just does not get the other side fighting back. How’s Afghanistan gone? Who ran in terror in Vietnam?
    If China sent a million troops via South America and Canada imagine the costs.
    Do we need any more wars. Logistics and war games matter little with WW111. Everyone loses and the planet takes the hit. Nuclear mushrooms for breakfast. .
    China has made it clear, attack us in Taiwan and it’s war In America. No more wars escaping the consequences. This time it’s on American soil.

    Chump and Giuliano are getting bounced by world events.

    Putin will have them dragged off to the Gulags where Ras Putin will be waiting.

    Have no doubt they are afraid and will go after all the guns

    Exactly as we have predicted for you.
    Rule by executive order it seems.
    Biden’s Executive Orders will go after YOUR Guns!

    Now you will just be the Slaves of the State. Welcome to the Communist Socialist State of America

    Click to access firearms-bills-117hr127ih.pdf




  62. Evidently YouTube did not allow the Planet Lockdown link to stick.
    Please perform a search to view.
    I’m not a fan of the Buggles !!🧐


    1. I am really please I finally got around to watching this full video Mac. Thank you so much for posting it here, much appreciated.


    Biffie: Whiners. Truth hurts for you.
    Gates’ motives have come under fire over his foundation’s 2019 participation in “Event 201” – a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which simulated a global pandemic after a fictional coronavirus broke out among pigs in Brazil, before spreading to farmers. In the simulation, the virus infected the globe within six months, and killed 65 million people, triggering a global financial crisis. All of this took place just months before COVID-19 emerged.

    In an April 2020 interview, Gates told the BBC: “Now here we are. We didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice, so both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.”

    In April 2018, Gates told the Massachusetts Medical Society that “millions could die” if the United States doesn’t prepare for a coming pandemic. Specifically, Gates said the U.S. government is falling short in preparing the nation and the world for the “significant probability of a large and lethal modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes.”
    Biffie: and article goes on with more facts…


    1. Biffie

      What IF, Covid 19 has all along been a Pilot Study to test infection spread dynamics, Public reaction and to measure Sheeple Lock Downs, Economic impact and corralling systems before the only just -WHEN big one comes along.
      Their Test Run now completing, armed with the core evidence of Covid unleashed, envisage what the population control conspirators may now be contemplating. They just got away with it. Fauci’s funding role with Wuhans Covid?Gates? Big Pharma. They just bagged and tagged the world. Asleep on Point Duty.

      A gullible, defenceless, non resisting mass population of Thick, weak and stupefied masses, able to be plucked at will, under the guise of a Virus. Even I want to boot many of them, they are truly so mindlessly stupid in public, but a civilised Humane view is to ride it and find a better way. From a privileged oversight view, its easy to see why the Elites contemplate reducing, the stupid and weak, and the Zios relish Goyim removal, until you view the IQ’s of Trump, Bush 43 and Biden, the misogynistic mess that is Obama, look closely at Gates, Soros, and realise, from the Frying Pan into the Fire. This is NO Way!
      Education is the segregation selection route, not mass producing more Bush 43s, Liverlips Clinton’s, mentally challenged Trumps, or the Trump Child daughter stalked by the Zio’s as their ticket to ride.Prince Andrew? Prince Charles? Harry? Elite breeding?

      Or education selecting from all, with every child nurtured and given a chance?
      Let Nurture be our nature. Notwithstanding so many Muppets do deserve a good ass whipping to wake these morons up. Willingly!

      So take the Tri Laterals, consider their Elites offspring, are they capable of enhancing humanity?
      Only in the Kingdom of the Blind. Bushes are not the brightest tools. Nor Clinton’s. Trump is unreal. Kushner the Clown Prince, and then Prince Andrew?????? Elites?

      Covid raises core issues. Humanitarian values, the need to rethink and retrack education.
      The Tax Havens? Why? If I told you how much is overnight siphoned you could not handle it.
      The gullible eulogise the Elites who ride all over you. Why do only c 10M of a Blood Cult own America?
      America does not even have its own Central Bank, it’s run by a Jewish Fed, Jewish only Treasury Secretaries, your given only Pocket money, and presume to matter? You seek to dictate to the world? Body bags for Israel!

      The Problem Biffie is much deeper. Truth they could not handle.
      Retrack and re assess. Real chances for all. Segregate minds. Nurture opportunities.


  64. I made a post about a crypto named FANTOM. But I need to inform you that the DEX ( decentralized exchange being built on the Fantom blockchain ) may be delayed. So that means the price could drift lower over time if no good news excites the buyers. So use this updated information wisely.

    Here is some more information about FANTOM (FTM) to read if you want to. I know some of you will be interested.

    According to @defipulse list, Fantom Finance is the 22nd largest DeFi platform. Oh, and the 1st largest non-Ethereum based platform.
    Andre Cronje – FTM Top Dev – Fantom

    Fantom with REN partnership, is a chance for ETH to Scale
    “L1 is the new L2 for Ethereum” Andre Cronje

    Fantom will compete against aave, snx and also uniswap.
    Should be taking huge chunks of market share away from
    all of the above companies.
    ⚡️ Layer 1 protocol w/ 10K tps + 1-2 sec finality
    🏗 ETH bridge
    🦄 Dapps in FTM Wallet
    -> fUNI – DEX w/ 176 synthetics (aka UniSwap Smasher)
    -> fMint – leverage FTM and mint fUSD
    -> fluid staking – ~14% w/ 12 month lock-up
    ->fLend – lending protocol (aka Aave)
    The guy on the intro video is Andre who is working on the exchange.

    Liked by 1 person

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