Caesar Has Fallen – New Directions And Intelligent Maneuvers In The Age of Neo-Bolshevism

Some time ago we discussed the possibility of a Biden/Harris victory and the attendant post-election ramifications of such a thing. An eerie parallel to The Year of Four Emperors was sensed to be re-playing in the modern US Republic; a transition of power to an ever-increasingly less capable group of power seekers who lack the accomplishments of prior peers to justify the offices they suddenly now hold or aspire to.

Well, this day is now a reality. A man who is clearly in the early stages of cognitive decline is now president. It is unlikely that he will serve out a full term (or is unlikely to be in shape to campaign again in 2024).

If comrade Kamala moves up before 2024, she appoints whom as V.P.? Then, in 2024, they may lose to which GOP challenger? Or a Trump party return? Rapid-fire power struggles may soon play out. Chaos may ensue, just as it did for Rome when Nero drove a dagger into his throat, after being declared an enemy of the state.

All the post-election “Trump will be staying” rhetoric from many supposed “sources” has come to nothing: Q, Insurrection Acts, Light Workers, military intervention, Pence’s electoral college gambit, White Knights, NESARA announcements, QFS watermarked ballots, etc. All have failed to materialize and produce the results that were claimed to be coming. But, you can rest assured that conspiracy promoter ad revenue ticked upwards between election day and inauguration.

Some have no scruples when it comes to truth, and discernment skills in some circles are very poor. There is no area in life where false information does not enter in. All manner of lies, exaggerations and embellishments are often used by those who wish to seem “wise” or “expert”. When pressed, such types melt away or eventually move onto another grift, having suddenly become “expert” in another area as if by magic.

And there is another hard realization we should admit to: Politics, in the fast accelerating technical age, has run its course. It’s not going to reform or right itself; no more than a Roman legion could if it somehow found itself dropped on a modern-day battlefield. Its very construct, well suited to the tasks of the past, is now irreversibly obsolete.

Today, one man with a modern automatic weapon could fend off an entire cohort of Caesar’s most seasoned veterans, while making love to his wife. In the same vein, an entire legion of good men could not make politics perform the best and most effective management of a modern day society, when such can be done technologically and on a more decentralized and efficient scale.

We see those with little accomplishments to their name rising to positions of political power with nothing more than a copy of The Communist Manifesto tucked under their arm, and backed by an ever increasing, angry, dis-enfranchised mob rallying to their red banners. Regressive psychosis is in full bloom, as if society has developed a curious affinity to sail in a rudderless ship by the hand of a known failure of a master.

That a new-age version of Bolshevism/Socialism is the game plan for the left to grab power is simply as a result of the intended educational and social environment that has been constructed to incubate such, by a relatively small number of oligarchical interests, who skulk about in the dark halls of power using their influence to ply their corruptions in political, media, high tech media, and business circles. And this pestilential clique has constructed for itself a legal shield against any criticism or challenge. They are indeed sublimely clever, and intelligent.

Any body of humans who truly has as their goal the liberation of all persons on earth to have the highest standards of living, and the elimination of poverty and the need for war, would not promote, of all things, Bolshevism, as the solution. However, unfortunately, this is the direction the political winds are blowing at the present time.

So, for the individual, who can wield no force against the political powers on his/her own, are there any means to effectively bypass this inflamed political boil on the buttocks of humanity and make for themselves the means to live well and achieve economic stability?

Fortunately, yes. And like ages past, those who saw the pending past significant social transformations in play, and understood them, also viewed them as opportunities to survive and prosper in the process by being early in that understanding.

Technology has advanced to a point where people can wield enough power through micro processing to avail themselves of resources and benefits which were only once available to deep pocket consortiums who could afford the then highly expensive computing time it required.

As just one example, A.I. based trading and predictive analysis systems, far better than any E.F. Hutton broker in the past, can now be inexpensively accessed by almost anyone, anywhere. So, to, is the ability to transact anything via smart contracts and do away with useless and bloated third parties, thus making it possible to partake in commerce at much lower costs.

Society is decentralizing at a rapid pace, and centralized institutions, big governments and the like, are slowly starting to look less appealing as protectors of rights, but rather more like impediments to them.

But, while a national imperative for freeing the world from politics is not expected, this does not mean that the truly forward-thinking segments of society can’t effect such freedoms, in essence, on their own, over time, and in the process, become the new vanguard of where society is inevitably going to go if humanity follows the dictates of emergent societies in the past. In other words, the changes will come as they always have – by the opening of pathways for people to travel if given the chance and unstoppable by weight of sheer irresistible numbers.

People are naturally drawn to survive as their “prime directive”. We can now avail ourselves of more efficient and advanced tools for doing so, especially during times of transition in a modern age. This means that achieving wealth and applying that wealth to increase your standard of living and value to society is going to get easier, notwithstanding the debacle of political Bolshevism growing in influence in the USA.

Any group that is seeking the optimum route to secure its future would be remiss to avoid understanding the above, so we will be discussing it further in the future, along with practical assessment and application.

But what about global re-sets and currency revaluations? As has been witnessed by all who read WHA, we have effectively exposed and debunked the many false GCR/RV scenarios which continue to be sold to the obsequious throngs of mesmerized gapeseeds, and have de-clawed the fiction merchants while laying bare the real world backgrounds to what re-sets really are, and are not.

Any true procedures along those lines will still be shared with our readers since we do have the very best assistance from London power centers, whose business in this area is pretty much in their lap 24/7. If anything should come of these longstanding curiosities, we will indeed bring you the news, as is appropriate.

What comes down the road from it will be based on real world processes based on hard economic solutions and not fantasy funding to rescue speculators who went long on war-torn paper bets issued by war profiteering bookies. So, for those of you who are still interested in seeing if anything does arise from this sector, don’t feel we are going to completely ignore it. It simply won’t be deeply analyzed, as in times past, any further.

It’s high time we move forward, and let the hustlers take on the responsibility of delivering the claims they sell. Let us never forget the wasted years that these running dog blabbermouths have given their audiences, as we look back on yet another year having closed without the pecuniary largess that was coming weekly – but didn’t.

Some of the claims being made have been truly bizarre. The estimates of payoff are, at times, fanciful. Many have been led to believe that they will turn their one million dinar into multi-millions in USD by simply walking into a bank, or via an appointment by an “800 number”.

Well, nobody just walks into a bank off the street and makes that kind of gain without some serious diligence. And, the 800 number thing has morphed from a simple bank inquiry made by a group of paper holders years ago (to ask if they could call into a bank to arrange an exchange should such a thing happen). Naturally, the bank said they probably could arrange an 800 number if there was enough business, and a market was there.

This theoretical arrangement mushroomed into a myth of RV-ready banks currently staffing multiple “call centers” around the USA, with people manning phones to take your information and set your exchange appointments to come in and “get rich”. These staff members seem to be continually waiting around, on stand-by, on call, having pizza parties, being called in, called out, called in again, called out again, in-out-in-out, or stunned like ducks hit on the head with a club, or simply confused about why the phones are not ringing.

Multiple offers have been made to any of these RV call center employees to come forth and verify their occupations and purpose, with strict assurance of identity protection. None have done so.

We are not saying that currency revaluations won’t happen, but, it has been made painfully clear by those whose business IS international financial restructuring, that paying off unauthorized war profiteering currency positions will not be in the budgets. Those revalues may come in far lower than advertised – as they plan to re-inject value up to realistic budgeting requirements via authorized notes, and not to bail out unauthorized bills which materialized out of some mill in Iran or France.

It’s been almost 18 years since heavy armored columns rolled into Iraq and laid waste to the place. In that time, other new financial sectors, which were largely ignored by currency selling promoters, have created many millionaires for initial outlays, which, at times, amounted to a few hundred bucks. And, without war torn blood-lust profiteering as a prime reason to set it up, but instead, a valid underpinning for transforming the world’s industrial and financial centers for the better.

One of these new sectors is Blockchain technology, the process that powers Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) arrived in 2009, and an initial market was set at around .10, USD. Eight years later, the price soared to over $19,000, an increase of some 19,000,000%.

Dinar remained the same price throughout this same time.

For what most put into Dinar, say, around $500 on average to be conservative, that return rate would have been a payout of $95,000,000 before taxes. And, all right under the noses of the “currency experts” who said your middle-eastern blood money payday was coming “soon” – year after year.

Presently, a new range of $30,000 – $40,000/BTC is in play. That $500 is now worth about c$175,000,000.

Dinar has remained worthless.

The decision to hold such paper is a personal one. But, it need not stultify you into sitting idle while the world offers more promising horizons built on technological development, and not war profiteering.

In any event, we are well positioned here to provide accurate and well sourced information on any public chances at a paper exit, should it occur under realistic circumstances. We don’t say that lightly, and it’s not an exaggeration. If you have been following our articles for the last few months, you know that the source is not from some Jakarta apartment over a bar, a low rent dwelling in Arizona, or a behind-in-rental in Hong Kong with a weekly Paypal begging channel.

For those of you who have arisen from your dinarian dogmatic slumber, and think that you missed the chance for a financial transformation in your life from digital asset class speculation, you most assuredly have not. From all indications, the largest gains are still ahead.

We can not give individualized investment advice. We cannot recommend any investments. But, we can share what we feel are quality ideas, and why we like them. From there, it’s your duty to learn and act in accordance with your personal circumstances, if you wish to. In that, we are happy to help if we can. Many of our regular readers are becoming quite adept at this market, and can offer help if you simply ask for it. We will also post many articles and videos covering a wide variety of news and developments in this amazing, relatively new sector so you can gather information as needed.

Unlike dinar paper, or the like, this sector has proven statistics. And, not just with Bitcoin. After the last halving in 2016, many new crypto ideas delivered transformational asymmetric gains to those fortunate enough to take well-timed positions.

NEO, an open source Blockchain project which allows a myriad of tools for across the board development in many ecosystems, could have handed you as high as c$785,000 for a $500 risk had you exited it in January of 2018. Ethereum, likewise, handed people amazing gains, rising from around .40 to a high of around $1400 at around the same time. $500 there could have handed you c$1,750,000.

Many more examples are in existence. And, this was at a time when the level of institutional interest we see now was nowhere near present levels. Not even close. The entire sector has exploded, and with it, for the well prepared, the best gains are most likely ahead of us.

We have shared many digital asset ideas which we feel are poised to bring astronomical gains for low initial risk. And, of course, we always stress that only risk capital, and not critical survival money, should be in play. There really is no need to over-invest and cause unneeded sleep loss, or loss of consortium because you blew the family purse on a wild bet that went sour. Such amateur-night foolishness is highly discouraged here.

Just know that there are opportunities to possibly transform your bottom line without waiting for Iraq or Vietnam, or whatever country whose bones there are to pick at, to reflect some kind of tangible gain from a currency re-set.

To conclude this particular topic, Blockchain technology is certainly amazing, with so many facets and potential impacts on our lives that we cannot possibly cover all of them. The rise of the Blockchain economy is going to lead to new innovations, many of which are still outside our creative imaginations at this time.

But, there is another sector which also holds the keys to potentially life-altering consequences, both financial and existential.

That sector is called Transportation as a Service (TaaS). Let’s briefly address this area.

TaaS is going to greatly impact the world over the next few decades. There will be some massive upheavals in society which will stem from the development in this sector. There will also be some amazing opportunities for wise investment of capital, provided one adheres to rational placement of funds and proper research.

Combined with another sector, A.I., this sector will greatly impact the lives of many.

TaaS is a combination of many technologies which will revolutionize and transform how we get around. Using both A.I. and various other new innovations, the way we move ourselves and the underlying methods used to accomplish this, will open doors for incredible gains for early investors.

At present, everyone is familiar with the electronic vehicle, or EV. Of course, this is not exactly new information. We all know about Tesla and the Prius hybrid that you ride in when you hail an Uber. But, what many may not think of is that the battery technology used to store energy for such vehicles is improving at a very rapid rate. Ten years ago, it cost $1000 per kilowatt hour to store. Now, the costs are down to $100, and going lower.

This is a very important turn of events because this means the range of the electric cars now coming out can be significantly increased to upwards of 400 to 600 miles per charge. And, because battery technology is not only getting better but also a lot cheaper, the point at which time EVs are going to be less expensive than gasoline powered cars will soon be upon us, perhaps as soon as 2022.

If you are thinking what we are thinking, then you are right. This will mean that very soon, and a lot sooner than most think, gasoline powered cars will no longer make any sense. How so? Well, for one, the gasoline engine is a complicated thing with many moving parts, and are costly to maintain and operate on a yearly basis. All electric vehicles are far cheaper to run and maintain.

The drivetrain in a gas powered car has as many as 2,000 moving parts, versus as few as 20 in an electric car. Electric cars and trucks have motors, not engines, so they don’t need to shift gears, and they don’t need oil, spark plugs, air filters, coolant, or transmission fluid. There’s essentially zero maintenance, besides rotating the tires. And, while a conventional car typically lasts 150,000 miles or perhaps 200,000 miles if you’re punctual with your maintenance, electric car engines can last 500,000 to 1,000,000 miles or more under the right conditions.

That may be all well and good, but where is the “Service”?

This is where A.I. comes in. Because based on developments in this sector, the era of the self-driving car is soon to be a part of our lives. Right now, in limited sectors in major cities, these self-driving cars are being tested within geo-fenced areas. They do not drive anywhere outside of these sectors at this time, because they are still being developed and are not ready for unrestricted area coverage. But, as time goes on, the areas will grow, and as they do, this is where TaaS will impact our lives in ways unimaginable.

Rather than own cars, in the future, people will simply subscribe to TaaS vehicle services which will allow them to hail a ride right to their door. For a nominal fee, say, around $175 a month, they can use such services for far less than the yearly cost to own and maintain a gas powered car. AI will allow such things to happen, and with increased safety.

The impact to society will be huge. Just for starters, there will be no more parking ticket revenue for cities. No more personal injury mills run by shady attorneys for exaggerated injury claims, because such cars won’t hit each other. No more moving violation revenue for State or local governments. No need for gas stations, or major oil drilling for gasoline needs. No need for car insurance, warranty contracts, or any of the far reaching and numerous industries associated with supporting all of these things. Many sectors will be impacted as we shift from one operating basis in transportation to another.

With 40,000 people not getting killed in auto accidents every year, there will be far less funeral home revenue, and far less legal issues from such clogging the courts. Emergency services will be alleviated from attending to such things – a huge cost savings. Each industry directly affected, affects several more in turn, and so on.

There are many more ways that TaaS will change our lives, but this is not the place to outline all of this. What we want to focus on is the opportunities that TaaS will give the smart investor in the months and years to come. Many companies make the constituent parts for these vehicles. Everything from the software, to the motors, the batteries, the hardware, the control servos, etc., have companies which are expected to boom as these new services start to expand.

The opportunities are too numerous to continue to explain here.

Take some time to research TaaS, and use the tools you have at your fingertips to find companies which deal in this sector, and consider placing some of your risk capital in them. This sector, like Blockchain technology, is fairly new, and is developing rapidly.

Remember, the future will not immediately reveal many of the best ideas as technology has not gotten to a point that makes such unknown ideas possible for someone to presently think of. But those ideas will come, and many of the technologies we see developing now will play roles in such future ideas in ways we can’t imagine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what we see today is “how it’s going to be forever”. That’s not so, and history shows us this.

The point to all of this is to get you to think outside of the falsified version RV box. Other worlds await.

If there is any legitimate cause to focus on revaluation of currencies, it is for nations and their respective treasuries to determine how to manage. And usually, their focus is not on paying off bookies at their cost. This point, having been repeatedly made along with several warnings about the dangers of following non-expert “currency advisers”, can not be made any more. We can only issue so many warnings before we have to lower the lifeboats for the last time.

That time is just about now.

With Biden/Harris now a reality, it’s time to remember what Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman said: “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

Likewise, we feel it is no use trying to “fix politics” as it is now becoming cruelty. It’s best use-case is over. The retrograde de-evolution into Bolshevism in this election cycle, in the “freest nation on Earth”, proves it.

You could elect a legion of angels from heaven to political power tomorrow, and by morning you would wonder why such enlightened beings would lower themselves to manage the affairs of Earth in such a backwards and barbaric fashion. True, we still live in a world managed through political processes. You should participate in it.

But, don’t dismiss the fact that all systems of human social organization have life cycles. And the current transitions to the technological age will be far faster than past transitions, and for the truly aware and prepared, the opportunities will come much faster as well.

To that end, we now set the tone for 2021.

WHA was originally started to support a group of White Hats while seeking the real truth concerning global settlements, currency resets and revaluations. That task has been completed, and our paths have undergone a necessary divergence; they attending to their center of focus and we on ours.

As a by-product of this association, we have been fortunate to retain a hard won relationship with what we earlier referred to as a London power center. Consisting of a long lineage of dynastic influence, such a congeries of power reaches far above the din of retail level activity in high finance. This gives us a unique access advantage, and one which is freely shared to those who are wise enough to discern the difference. And now, because of this generous donation of their time and assistance, we must move in new directions, because the times require it.

  • We will remain an open discussion forum. Any topic is fine, as always.
  • We will watch for and share digital asset ideas which we feel are potentially going to deliver life-changing gains.
  • We will cover and promote news items that Bolshevik run press won’t. No social media hippie CEO holds this site in his hands. This includes pointing out the continuing folly and slow death of politics, and the criminally insane, incompetent, and ineffective who are swelling its ranks.
  • We will continue to watch for news concerning legitimate and real world dynastic asset/currency settlements – the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to experience.
  • We will advise on how select readers may be availed of new investment and project opportunities stemming from dynastic settlement conclusions. (Via registered parties. WHA is not a licensed broker dealer).
  • From this time forward, unless specifically and urgently needed, no more time will be devoted to the discussion of RV controversies via our Information Briefings. You may continue to discuss the topic in the chat threads, but the resources we devote to information releases must now be saved for purposes which occupy a higher plane.

Our consistent warning to all has been: Be ready for anything.

Those who heed that warning and move towards that state of readiness to as high a degree as possible for one’s circumstances will find life can be lived from a point of being cause, and not effect.

This site is not here for the sole purpose of hosting endless commiseration about the ills of life. There are no shortages of such sites if that is your desire.

We are here to create the means for effective communication; a platform for learning and understanding; to truly understand international geo-financial, geo-technical and geo-political processes, so you can empower yourselves to move forward as political environments move backwards – flailing about in a hopeless Pavan, while hemorrhaging relevance in a modern technologically advancing age.

And we have the good fortune to have the support of a key player who moves among the “hands that rock the cradle“; who has the trust of key dynastic elders; who is safeguarding the guidance and use of pending newly released resources for life supporting causes, and not war or parasitic usury; who is willing to devote time to assist our true understanding of these processes – and with occasional humor!

Combining this beneficial assistance with the available, ever expanding technical tools in the hands of those who use them, there will be pathways for stunning progress, even in the face of the many obstacles which the dying political classes will place in the way.

Some of you don’t know it, but your lives are going to change in ways you would’ve never thought possible. The choices you make will be very important.

Choose wisely. Neo-Bolshevism has now come to power.

Leggio II Avgvsta
VercovicivmHadrian’s Wall

If technology does not liberate all people for the pursuit of higher aspirations in human achievement, then all its technical potential will be meaningless. Jacque Fresco


  1. Say “ahh”.

    No doubt they will spin this as “sex education”.

    The SEC is the turd in the punchbowl.

    This will inspire a new generation of Eunuchs.

    The Swiss don’t miss.


  2. Although the Government has said vaccination will not be mandatory for the general public, it has been reported that NHS executives have been considering making it a requirement for frontline health workers – following in the footsteps of many care homes that were starting to make vaccination a condition of employment.

    Chief medical officer Chris Whitty has told health staff that they have a professional duty to be vaccinated and, according to a report in The Times, there is a “live debate” among NHS leaders about whether it should be mandatory.

    The General Medical Council has said “doctors should be immunised against common serious communicable diseases unless medically contraindicated” and that “strong measures” should be put in place to protect patients where there are good reasons why a doctor cannot have the jab.

    Likewise, the British Medical Association (BMA) has backed Chris Whitty’s position and agreed that health staff should be vaccinated unless they have a valid medical reason preventing them from doing so.

    In a word: NO

    Informed Consent applies to Doctors as well. Informed consent must be given free of coercion.

    Attaching your livelihood to getting the vaccine IS coercion. Period.

    The UK is apparently signatory to the Nuremberg accords against human experimentation.

    The vaccine is presently an Emergency Use authorization. This makes it ABSOLUTELY EXPERIMENTAL in humans.

    It is a double whammy. Remind the idiot barristers of this please.


  3. BEWARE: There is NO THIRD WAVE.

    The actual, real prevalence, is dropping like a stone. Everywhere. The PCR is just generating false positive. Remember even if nCov2019 (the virus) goes to zero, the PCR will report false positives in the tens of thousands on extended testing. “Zero COVID” is impossible given the PCR standard. You will simply have lots of folks dying while positive.

    What is being seen in the hospital right now rarely shows the septic/O2 desat/coagulopathy triad of the original syndrome. Patients are being treated inappropriately because of the false positives.

    Open up.
    Discontinue social distancing.
    Stop wearing masks.

    Use the trifecta meds at the first sign of a cold.
    Use indomethacin if you have it. (Regular dose!)
    Keep vitamin D status elevated. You need to be high blood D weeks/months BEFORE you get sick.

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    A break from reality

    Way to go Andrea

    Typical EU we are out of it and already they want us to subsidize their train system. No way unless a wet Wimp like Johnson gets bought off why do we want a system allowing these Wogs to come here on the cheap? Or illegals creeping in. Ground them..

    Interesting to see what this will do to Israel.

    This may be needed in future
    Eighty prisoners die in massive brutal prison riots in Ecuador

    No worry Joe and Nancy will give them residency and free welfare.
    French vaccination drive ‘too slow to prevent third wave’

    Now we are facing the Third Wave which is already crippling Germany.
    Be assured, looking at the consequences. Refusal to vaccinate will be deal with by vaccine passports and then you will see how tough life will get .
    No passport no health care, no store access, no planes or trains, not even access to a Gas Station. All Bluetooth coming.
    This Third Wave will panic the suits .

    This, frankly, is disgusting. Anyone found ” Dumping” in public places should be subjected to a public harsh Butt whipping.and the weals left will ensure they don’t try that again
    Signs of a red scared asswhipped butt will do it. Filth! Degeneracy.


    1. Thanks for those hydroponics links John. I have been wanting to have a go at creating a small system to get to know the ropes. I have a good veggie garden in soil going but very keen to learn the art of hydroponics, you links will help me kick that off. Thank you.

      Re your final link referring to Kissinger. That piece of excrement should be strung up. What a low life piece of filth he is.


  5. Good point: SARS-Cov-1 went away in 2002/2003. Farr’s Law and all that. And no vaccine…

    SO…. do you really think SARS-Cov-2 (and variants) won’t do exactly the same thing?


  6. So — looking at it differently — Assume the orthodox line is correct even if it isn’t.

    Guess what? What COVID? It ain’t there….


  7. Oh, enough of the damn fear porn.

    Now the CDC claims the variants will undo all the “hard work” (what work would that be? the economic destruction from useless lockdowns, ineffective social distancing, and worthless masks? The massive reclassification of the dead thru a flawed antigen test and double-counting?) and make the vaccines near useless.

    Repeat after me — Farr’s Law. Let’s be 100% clear, the reason nobody walks around worrying about H1N1 (Swine Flu) is not “herd immunity” which is a somewhat useless concept. It is Farr’s Law. And no, nobody knows why the damn viruses burn out, BUT THEY DO. They burn out EVERY TIME.

    The range of possible variants is between 57 and an alleged estimate of 4000. The vast majority of these variants are of no consequence. It is NOT clear that the so-called UK, South African, “Combined” variant, Brazilian variants are more infectious. Their prevalence originates out of a sampling surveillance methodology and models (I am still flumoxed that Ferguson’s work is used for said models, wasn’t his work horrifically erroneous to begin with? Why hasn’t he been drummed out of the profession?) that are not necessarily valid. Given that PCR is still used, as the overall prevalence drops (IT IS! The media isn’t reporting…) the false positive rate run will go thru the roof, approaching easily 99.9%. (Which is why, given PCR, there can’t be ” Zero COVID”, ever.)

    Remember, the 2009 Swine Flu had a real and fake dual peak pandemic. The fake pandemic was a casedemic. Sounds familiar? It should, but for the insane double-counting, you would have had a primary wave of real “COVID” Mar/Apr/May-2020 and small secondary wave during influenza season. With Rizzoli placing 1500 COVID positive samples under Scanning Electron Microscope and finding influenza virus instead of coronavirus, says it all. Of course, if I was the UK government I would investigate why the 2nd wave had “excess death”, where the double-counting is happening, cross-adjust for false positive rate (ie. dying-while-positive) and lastly — WHY DID THE UK WALK AWAY FROM ITS CAREFULLY GAMED OUT PANDEMIC PLAN OF 2011 and 2013…..


  8. With the new Third Wave already hitting,. Political panic will follow. Simplistic Goons will rule.
    Germany is in uproar that the UK has mass vaccinated and Germany and the EU failed to order supplies.
    A Third wave will just collapse the lot. Economic chaos means no State income. No money to rule fools!
    Assess the varying options and actions.

    I look in sadness at the UK Sheeple alone. Mindless, panicking totally brain dead. They spy and turn on each other. They attack anyone without a mask in the stores like hyenas. .
    Asthmatics and any similar care needs can NOT wear masks. Millions! Genuinely. You can NOT breath in masks.Fact! What of their rights? They cause no harm and instead are at real risk.
    Even last week in a tyre refitting garage, I was threatened head on by a Grossly overweight Obese, ugly tub of lard, who spitting and screaming threatened to attack on kill me if I did not put a mask on. Despite a clear badge and lanyard hanging from my neck stating exempt, he loudly roared he would kill me. I calmly asked the counter attendant to witness and attest I neither caused nor incited what was about to happen and I was calmly attempting to avoid escalation. The Mutant was hyper. Taking off my coat standing back and advising him with calm quiet, if he attempted an attack he would pay a heavy price. This was a c 300lb angry whale, think ugly drunken redneck type. Picking on what he thought was an easy target Retiree. Big mistake.
    He was hyperventilating, spitting ugly with rage. This is what poor, innocent retirees will face. Ugly.

    As I prepared for this incoming body bag, my first thought was him hanging onto and ripping off my shirt as I threw him into the wall or sent him sailing to the floor. A Sperm Whale incoming. Wheres a harpoon when you need one? So. avoiding needless waste and his bloodstains to go on it, I took off my shirt and flexed my muscles. That stopped him. He saw the size of my muscled arms and pecs. Heavily toned and muscled rippled shoulders. A mutants light came on. The body did not match the worn face. Seeing me face up ready to fight, arms raised ready, to legs balanced, this was no helpless Civvie type, he bottled.
    He screamed do you realise I will kill you? No you can’t , I replied, but I however, can kill or seriously damage you when you make your move fat man. Back off, and leave or go for it.

    Now this is what Retirees ever more will face. Mass ignorant retribution. Common , ugly morons loose.
    It’s part of the mindless mask game plays. What a social scam and see how it’s working. Your becoming indebted in State Loans for problems they created. They have flat lined society.and can not believe how easily the Sheeple succumbed. Neither can I. Now the Cretins and low life turn on each other. What chance have the Elders got with low life like I encountered roaming loose. Klan types! Vile.
    With a Third wave, it may become really ugly. Mongrels roam loose. Attack dogs.

    My half life, wanna Vigilante, bottled and left. For once he made the right call. But millions of retirees or impaired cant’ face down this garbage level. Low life’s breed. Had I been the average Civilian, it would ended badly. Innocently. As will mass happen now. Masks will kill many who cant wear them. I know! What is the cost of daily absorbing your own Toxins., expelled for a reason? Asthmatics will die. Fast. Why? Far more than with Covid. Lung cases?

    Kissinger showed his hand in 2009 on masks. I am sending you the article. Read and please share that Kissinger page. It tells you all. No time to turn on each other. Nor need.
    My respect, to you all.

    You, on WHA are the thinking people. What of the poor masses left to fend alone. Defenceless?
    What is oncoming?


    1. John, see if there is any video footage of this incident.

      We could make a fortune setting up a pay-per-view. Aurataya13 would pay dearly to see you without your shirt.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Possibly and I was hoping so for what was unfolding if needed. I needed to show I did not escalate the conflict, or use more than reasonable force. In a confined space with such body mass, I needed to take out his sight and throw him into the wall or shoulder throw him onto the floor where his weight alone would have broken him..Which is why I wanted no shirt to arrest his fall,and to show I only deflected his attack, Punching him out is no way. It looks bad in court. Eyes, shoulder throws or what we call “sacrifice throws” works every time if you can launch them as you backflip over and take them over your head. Few get up. A hog hitting the ground or wall know its hurt. Sheer weight, trajectory and impact force is like being hit by the planet. Try it? A hog incoming, take out his eyes, Those few seconds are all you need to launch him. He ” Fell” onto you. Self defence. They don’t get up. Calmly, destroy. Garbage disposal. It may be coming to us all. Civvies have no chance.Nor need it! Stay calm,focus destroy. Standard conflict training with field experience. It’s getting ugly here. Worse is coming.
        I read we have Zero flue, Covid is alleged to have killed it. WTF?????
        Pleb manipulation. I preferred to walk with no Police follow up or media. Not good for image.
        Trash prowls. Covid has brought out the worst in the Sheeple. Morons panic. Mindless.
        See the Kissinger issue. Cretins get ugly.


        1. I agree with your tactics. Making an enemy blind solves a lot of things.

          Can you imagine, having come so far in your career, and with what you are involved in now, with what you have described so far in terms of progress here on the site, etc., to be derailed by a deranged walrus grease money? Holy mackerel.


      2. LOL LOL LOL

        You beat me to it Tony. I was just about to ask John for a pic and thought he would be willing to show off the bod to someone who may admire it rather than to a drunken redneck who was scared of it.

        Hmmm, let me think for a moment. Okay, no money needed, I would like to barter in this case. LOL

        OMG Tony, you are getting as bad as Johnny. LOL I think I need reeducation after being around you two for so long. LOL

        Love mucking around like this. Thanks guys.


  9. Biffie
    God to see you back firing. I’m sending Tony some hydroponics features also for you.
    Be assured the Vaccines are key to the future now. No vaccines and no access, anywhere?
    Now the battle is on to stop what will follow because for sure over 65s, unless graded as contributing, are going to start getting a different version of the jab. Pension funds see the window,to cut costs., and will combine with Big Pharma,.So many are Zio controlled, Khazar spawn, Plains Marauders assimilating false fronts. We just gave them a weapon. Reshaping society. Some future? Now they can and will control the masses.

    The Covid Third Wave is coming. Its already hit Germany. This will create State panic and a Refuseniks backlash.
    New articles coming over.


  10. //
    Microsoft, Intel and Adobe team up to eliminate human knowledge and halt all questions under the guise of stopping “disinformation” online

    “To combat the prolific spread of “disinformation” online, a cohort of the world’s most powerful tech corporations is working on a project that aims to forever silence opposing voices on the internet.

    Microsoft, Intel, BBC, and Adobe, along with lesser-known Truepic and Arm, have joined forces to develop new censorship tools, the likes of which the world has never seen.”


  11. With banks on the verge of cutting off gun shops, will those who support the Second Amendment switch to cryptocurrency?

    “Republicans are worried that the firearms industry is about to be rendered equal with the cannabis industry, the latter of which still has no legal access to the banking system due to federal discrimination.

    Many who cherish the Second Amendment believe that the financial industry is poised to shut its doors to the gun industry, which is why some gun stores are making the switch to cryptocurrency.

    Rob McNealy, a Second Amendment supporter, created the Universal Settlement Coin (TUSC) specifically for the gun industry. The cryptocurrency is meant to provide gun stores with a tool that will allow them to provide goods and services outside without interference from the banking industry.”


  12. Biden Gives $4 BILLION to WHO and Bill Gates for Global COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (
    For the past few weeks since the roll-out of the experimental COVID mRNA “vaccines” we’ve been told by government health agencies that the massive amounts of injuries and deaths that have occurred just after the injections have nothing to do with the “vaccines.”
    And yet, Joe Biden just recently gave the World Health Organization and GAVI, the global vaccine organization founded and funded primarily by Bill Gates, a $4 BILLION pledge for a new COVAX Program which includes a global compensation program for COVID-19 vaccine injuries, courtesy of American taxpayers, in an effort to entice poorer countries who are skeptical of the new COVID vaccines to distribute Big Pharma’s COVID injections.


    1. Great job. Good on him.

      I just had to look up one of the fruits this gentleman is growing as I had not heard of it before. The cashew apple fruit. Looks really interesting. I have been recently planting some fruit trees and this one would be an interesting addition if I can get seeds or a plant here in Aus.

      Thanks so much for sharing this link Biffie, much appreciated.


      1. Aurataya, you are welcome. I also like the way he fed his chickens. I am also going to plant some dwarf trees in big tubs. My soil here is a lot of clay so I do raised bed gardening. Good luck on your gardening. Yummm.

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        1. Thanks Biffie. I have the same soil issue here but did get a load of gorgeous organic soil brought in for the ground veggie garden but also have many raised beds going too. I just love being able to go outside and pick most everything I need for a beautiful meal. All the best to you in your garden too Biffie.


    2. Biffie
      God to see you back firing. I’m sending Tony some hydroponics features also for you.
      Be assured the Vaccines are key to the future now. No vaccines and no access, anywhere?
      Now the battle is on to stop what will follow because for sure over 65s, unless graded as contributing, are going to start getting a different version of the jab. Pension funds see the window,to cut costs., and will combine with Big Pharma,.So many are Zio controlled, Khazar spawn, Plains Marauders assimilating false fronts. We just gave them a weapon. Reshaping society. Some future? Now they can and will control the masses.

      The Covid Third Wave is coming. Its already hit Germany. This will create State panic and a Refuseniks backlash.
      New articles coming over.


      1. Hi John. Thank you for the links for hydroponics. I still love my dirt. I make my own compost. Takes a lot of gathering up leaves, manures and other amendments. A happy gardeners work is never done!


  13. Of course.



  14. Trump and Biden news – live: Latest updates as Romney predicts Trump 2024 nomination ‘landslide’ | The Independent

    So now crooked Romney tells us its game over for the GOP, its either Four Flushing Trump or bust for them.
    In 4 years they cant find and Intelligent Patriot, experienced in Commerce, Industry and Washington ways, without shameful vices or criminal links, fit to run?
    Trump meets none of this criteria. Have they no shame? Carnival bluster is no answer. He and the Kushners will frag a second run. This sordid man has no concept of honour or integrity. Worse, he’s a fool. Moronic level.
    Find a Patriot Worthy!

    Or rethink the Presidency. If Trump is the best you can do, as with the Clintons,. end it. Sordid Trump is no answer. Nor a match for Xi or Putin. They know he’s stupid. As does Europe. If he’s all they can field he can lose again.
    Tiger Woods has surgery on ‘multiple leg injuries’ after car crash | Daily Mail Online

    This is tragic for Tiger. Mega best wishes from us all here.
    Rudy Giuliani spent days dodging voting firm’s $1.3 bn lawsuit: report

    This running hair dye greasy little man is a sad joke.
    Magnets, vacuums and tiny nets: the new fight against microplastics

    We are destroying our world. Is no one awake?
    Manhattan prosecutors ‘expand their investigation into Donald Trump to also look at Don Jr and chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg’

    Cyrus Vance Jr, the Manhattan district attorney investigating Donald Trump’s tax returns, is reported to be increasingly interested in Donald Trump Jr.

    As Trump himself was the sordid progeny of 2 less than salubrious low lifes, and he has proven the apple theory, why not look at Don Jr? Where do they stop the rot?
    Merkel admits -‘We are in coronavirus third wave’: Germany is in the grip of pandemic as it defends closing its borders and pleads with population to take AstraZeneca jab

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told lawmakers in her conservative party at a meeting on Monday that Germany had entered the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Germany is now in a Third Covid wave and pleading for its citizens to take the British AstraZeneca shots.The population is seething they are so far behind the UK.
    Covid is out of control across Europe. The world too.
    Fair case Bruce deserves to be seen to be clear.

    Judge dismisses DWI and reckless driving charges against Springsteen
    FBI Seized Congressional Cellphone Records Related to Capitol Attack

    One might be curious what connections to democrats are made and who will prosecute them ?
    So many crooks. What’s the FBIs track record to date?


  15. So the NY Times is on a full-court press backing COVID vaccines.

    In its first article, it tries to return to “normalcy” by pointing out we live with influenza but that COVID kills 25 times more than influenza. And that we can get vaccinated. Ptui!

    Now, let’s be clear — the death estimate has to be downgraded massively. In fact, by a minimum of 16-fold and possibly 30-fold. Dead-while-positive and the double-counting by the CDC has massively reclassified the dead. UK has a similar problem caused by the garbage antigen test which is marking many dead-while-positive and some double-counting which I think is just bureaucratic shenanigans as opposed to the sheer fraud of the CDC.

    In the second article, schools should re-open and teachers get vaccinated. Masks, etc. for students and then eventually — vaccinated. Ptui!

    The true prevalence of COVID is heading rapidly for 1 per 100,000 and will effectively be zero by summer. The teacher demographic has a 99.85% survival rate. Yeah, you read that right — a 0.05% difference from influenza.
    The death rate 6 yr- 18 yr olds is a 4th/5th decimal place affair eg. 99.9999ish % percent survival rate. More will die from regular influenza than COVID. In fact, more will drown than from COVID. Shall we ban swimming pools? At that level of survivability vaccinating everyone is a quixotic mission.

    And now… drum roll… Fauci says pregnant women should vaccinate! Are we [insert expletives of choice] crazy? THERE IS NO DATA SHOWING mRNA VACCINES ARE SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. Already we have reports of miscarriages from Social Justice Warrior virtue signaling doctors. A pregnant doc got the vaccine and promptly miscarried within ten days. Have we forgot the homology concerns to placental support proteins that Yeadon and others raised? Take Fauci out.

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  16. Visibly, and clearly, Trumps problems have only just begun.
    Criminal Attorneys like Cohen, he who took the offered Silver from this fake tan Svengali, are now hissing Zio Serpents fixated on revenge. He will do all possible to torpedo the Quad burger. Chump.

    Stormie hovers for Bucks, a Rent Girl who does anything for a Buck. But she’s there, another of his badges of shame
    The MSM find him repugnant and are digging. What a Pit. What a Putz.
    The IRS are looking at him.
    His family are now fair game. Such a turgid pot.

    Removed from power, how will his group now do? Major Golf tournaments have left him. Hotel occupancy can’t be good.
    Deutsche Bank want their money back. He only borrowed c$450M because he didn’t have it. They want him cut loose. Not client quality. Now he must borrow again. At what cost? Deutsche have seen enough and want him gone As do the ex wives.
    How many will litigate this year and next? What is the IRS stance?
    Will Melania stay?
    In 4 more years, fatter still, how long will his health carry that mega fat Gut?
    He already shows mental health issues. Self repeating speech patterns. His visibly limited IQ,
    Devoid of Culture. Is Dementia coming?
    As the nets close in, which attorneys are fired next? So many walked once seeing him in real time. Yuk!
    Chump is lunch this year for the media for sure. Packaged crap. A free lunch. Gift wrapped.

    The real tragedy now, is Biden’s in. Feel for America. The Dems will rape the nation. They learned from the Bushes. Trump never drained the Swamp. He and the Kushners live in it.

    As a disbarred, disgraced attorney, Cohen is fixated to bring down Trump. He knows the secrets, paid off the girls and possible whores, and will be leaking like a sieve to the IRS. If Trump did, in fact, use Cohen to hide Crimes, he needs to follow Cohen’s directives, and get Jump suits, large gut sections, made to order. Cohen has lost everything,. His mission now in life, like a deserted bitch, is to bring Trump down.
    Anything Cohen knew, is now known to many. Every day Cohen’s life mission, is to bury Trump.
    With all the Jewish Mafia accessible what can Cohen do?

    Then the Girls may all talk. How many and who? Trump has only just left the WH safety zone. He’s open season and Cohen is a Bitch in Season. How many more wait at the media gate?

    The media salivate. What scoops to see the Grifter walk the line. Count nothing out.

    2024 for Trump is a lifetime away. If Cohen, and so many more win out, the only Pen he will be reaching is the Penitentiary. With no Johnny Cash to save him. The Dems, Nancy, the Clinton’s, the MSM, most of the Beltway, and hard core GOP, will amalgamate to bring Trump down. He missed his chance to put Clinton in jail. She won’t miss hers.. You wonder why Trump comfort eats? Melania in her own room cares nothing for him.
    Melania is 50 now and has life decisions to make. Cash in, or let others?

    Trump has no concept of what may be coming. Sophisticated attorneys declined him. Excreta stains!
    Weekly he will get his fame, or ignominy. He courted this.

    This big issue now for Trump his – Will he do time? For what? Surrounded by Sleaze and Zionists, what is coming? Trump is so much in play now. 2024 is a long way away for him. It’s time to remove the Blinkers and look at the Trump issues unfolding. It only needs one to bring him down.
    America, with the best Social Cognizance in the world, needs to find real contenders for 2024. Raise the bar!

    Harry Truman served you well, so did JFK. Eisenhower tried. Since then, from Nixon on, apart from JFK, it’s been free fall. Who arrests that fall before they possible arrest Trump? Ignorance is no foundation for the US Presidency, It’s an honour to serve. Make them fit to?

    Putin and Xi are career Leaders, Not a Jackass. Play like kind.


      1. Your welcome! I just wanted to post that there are still citizens of this country that live like this. That some gave up life and limb so others can sleep in peace at night.

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  17. A Bolshevik, through and through.

    The Cotton Gin is light years ahead of regulators.

    The hippie bought the dippie.

    Just do it and stop the bullshit.

    That’s better, but not by much. Just release it.

    I hope John does not prefer dry martinis.

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    1. After watching that Garland video, I believe he is definitely related to Biden lol. Or has the same mental health issues. My god, that bloke is a shocker. He most certainly should not be in any official position.


  18. Trump’s former lawyer says tax release could spell end

    Cohen is another Guttersnipe circling like a Buzzard. Like Stormie. Carrion. So many knives poised, it happens when you try to be Caesar.
    Bitcoin price crash wipes $10,000 from its value
    Profit taking. It will rise again.
    Like the little Fella, it peaks, crashes to earth and rises again.
    Brexit: 1,000 EU finance firms ‘set to open UK offices’

    Now the EU is flooding into London.
    Biden and the Democrats Still Running Scared After Stealing Election – Will Never Hold an Open Event with the American People

    Bribe taking Joe runs scared.
    Everyone knows this.
    Juan O Savin | The Real Story of the Obamas and Epstein – Forbidden Knowledge TV

    Now at last they are starting to look at the real dirt behind the Clinton,s Obama and Epstein. What a festering pot of rot.
    Ruling on Trump tax records could be costliest defeat of his losing streak

    The MSM are out to Dog him whenever possible. He will have no life.
    Queen’s cousin is jailed for 10 months for sex attack

    The Scots low life side of the Monarchy.
    Drunken Scots again.
    Naked man sprints down a London street with officers in hot pursuit

    Send for Aurataya. She will catch and keep him for a week. His legs will be gone for sure then.

    Naked man sprints down a London street with officers in hot pursuit
    Buried at sea: Italian cliff-top cemetery collapses into the ocean

    This is what happens every time the Italians cause earthquakes by Jiggy Jiggy in their coffins. You should bury them seperately, not together.

    Buried at sea: Italian cliff-top cemetery collapses into the ocean

    Whistleblower Video Footage of Forced COVID Vaccines in German Nursing Homes Goes Public – Attorney: “We’re Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder”

    You will taker De Needle or Ve Fire! Jumpenzee!
    Trump defends his dream. But litigation is coming. A day in the life of the Donald.
    Maybe, one day he may get it. Live clean?
    They can only get him for things he has done. To live life as a Skank is a choice. Food for Karma and thought.


    1. You are a very bad influence on me Johnny. ;-))))))
      With a butt like that I might keep him for longer than a week. LOL
      Re the walking note. I could tell you a very funny story but not for public viewing. LOL
      Unfortunately, at the moment I may have difficulty catching him, bugger it. Still nowhere near recovered from my fall down the stairs. But you can still keep teasing me. LOL


  19. The management of our society through political means is starting to produce levels of insanity which are becoming lethal to our survival as a species.


    1. I could not agree with your statement more Tony. What that lunatic is suggesting is sheer and utter madness.

      With what is going on lately in areas of this nature and others, I am starting to feel it is beyond my ability to understand how people like Levine think in the manner in which they do. I just cannot grasp this level of insanity. Where has their ability to recognize common sense gone?

      This type of thinking is most definitely not normal in my opinion and it is so very far from clear and normal thinking that it absolutely is a very serious threat to the more sane in this world, let alone the children that will be so horrifically impacted on so many levels by such ludicrous proposals. This is truly frightening and completely unacceptable.

      Levine urgently needs some serious mental health care not be placed in a position governing and representing others.


    2. This Pantomime Dame is frightening. Biden’s been sucking on Hunters Crack Pipe.
      That now runs America???????????????????
      God help you if the Chans do ever come. At least the Zios would get the mines or US Gulags. . A sliver lining,.


  20. They thought they could take our lands?

    This is how to deal with Illegals and Muslims.

    Even then it was clear and coming.
    Now the Lemmings run for the Precipice.

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    1. Sorry, on above I forgot to add Scots. We have form!
      The only way to deal with these forever whinging, drunken Gobshites.
      Longshanks failed to finish the job and just bought off the Clans.
      Like the Roman Ampitheatres, we really should have matched Jock against Jock to the end.
      Now we are saddled with.them breeding on Welfare.
      Och Jock, off with Yer Cock.Breeding sorted!
      It stopped Wallace. Charles 1st and more.


  21. Silly Goyim, tricks are for Yids.

    Resistance, is futile.

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    If the Niapah virus hits us it has a c75% death rate and we are woefully unprepared.

    It’s 50 to 100 times worse than Covid.
    Big Pharma has no answers and you are being told- NOTHING! Mass Genocide here we come.
    Boris set to say ALL schools will return on March 8 in new ‘roadmap’

    The UK has blown apart a years educational program. Unis are in chaos. Lives ruined. Shops may not open before May and hospitality June.
    Hotels shops, towns, cities are all ruined. For what? The economy is ruined. Pubs., clubs , shops, restaurants, gone! But the Landlords keep grasping rent.
    So many lives ruined. Highly paid Scientific Advisors have lost nothing. Lynching?

    Boris set to say ALL schools will return on March 8 in new ‘roadmap’
    Nipah virus warning: Brain-swelling disease with 75% death rate could be next pandemic | World | News |

    This appears to be the next Biggie which is it comes will be unstoppable. 75% death rate. Swollen Brains,only the Irish will be safe.
    House Resolution to Recognize the Significant Role Vitamin D Plays in the Fight Against COVID-1
    Arkansas’ GOP governor says he won’t back a Trump 2024 bid

    If the GOP fall victim to Trump again in 2024 its game over.. Really? With so many talented Americans 3 years is not time enough to develop quality runners?

    Biden or the Chump. Is that not alarm bells?
    China Is Creating a New Master Race :: Gatestone Institute

    These folks are going a bridge too far; man has always rushed what centuries of evolution produced to his own detriment.
    To think they will change is also naïve. They are buying EU and US schools. Long term indoctrination.
    Not a Zio will be left standing. The Kazars will lead the Cleansing program. Muzzies and other obvious targets will be rounded up. History repeats itself.
    Investigators already have Trump’s tax records, as outgoing president faces losing legal protections – Fortune

    New Problems are emerging for Trump.
    Now his Tax Records are no longer sealed. What is emerging from this Congenital, habitual Liar, is a decade of Maleficence , business losses and tax evasion. Losses and Lies!
    It’s a history of his Dog and Pony shows, lies, accounting irregularities, and false claims. Typical Trump. Fantasy Land of a Grifters world. A Hotel Group built on quicksand.
    A failing and falling Empire now under the tax microscope. Skilled Analysts will see through his crap. All while he eats for America. Forget Ghostbusters, try Gutt Buster!
    He won’t be kicking the Can he’s going to be spending ever more time in.
    When the “Hero” aint worth Zero, and he’s all Phony, when then? A trip to the Pen?
    More Legal issues in the day life of the Chump.
    Trump’s NY Times Tax Return Investigation: 13 Key Takeaways

    For the Serial Liar, does it all now start to crash to Earth?


    1. More Propaganda from “The Brotherhood” mouthpiece…Mainstream Media!

      Rinse, Wash, Repeat
      Rinse, Wash, Repeat
      Rinse, Wash, Repeat

      There is nothing to see here….These are not the droids you are looking for.


  23. We don’t need a ‘path’ out of lockdown.
    We don’t need a road map.
    We don’t need to be cautious or gradual.

    It must end immediately and completely and never be considered as a policy again.

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    1. Sadly Tino. the Sheeple have rolled over. Gaping retarded mouths, Brainless, assembling to order and corralled for the Abattoir. They believe what they are told and read. Plebs, the lot!
      Don’t expect much from what passes as Humanity now.
      Vacant looks, open mouths, brainless. The Tri Laterals are emboldened now.
      Useless Eaters just may have bought the Farm. Covid was a Test run. The Sheeple bought it.
      I am saddened by the wanton economic destruction.
      But, more disappointed by the sheer mass stupidity I see. It’s akin to watching Rome burning, fuelled by suited useless Turds.
      We have become, part mass useless. People? Post WW11 it’s slipped.


    1. This does not surprise me at all considering everything else happening in the US and other places too. I am shocked at the speed they are attempting to destroy the US. But I am hopeful that none of us will need the banks soon with everything happening in the crypto arena. Buy the dips lol. Thanks James.


  24. Of course…World domination is their stated goal. Our zombie nations in the west are helping, and have been since 1940.

    WEF and IMF do what to help? Can someone explain why they exist, other than to reveal plans that always fail?

    You can just about take that to the bank, literally.

    Fake certificates/exemptions will be a growth industry.

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  25. Cities across France could face even TOUGHER lockdown

    Every reason more lockdowns are building

    Poor Garden Gnome someone’s taken his plastic bath Duck away.
    The mess goes on

    Matt Hancock says ‘time needs to be taken’ lifting the lockdown
    WOW: New Court Docs Show FBI Can Intercept Encrypted Messages from ‘Signal’ App
    Their noses are everywhere. Stassi USA.
    Here’s Why Protonmail Is Better for Your Privacy Than Gmail | by z3я0тяυѕт | The Startup | Mediu

    Dump gmail folks.

    View at
    Will America follow?

    Coronavirus vaccine for every adult in Britain by July 31st
    This is actually sad for both our nations.

    America and England shared a mixed Race American Princess and she was both welcomed and applauded.
    She was supported by the Queen and family. Glamour for both our nations.
    But Court Protocols and Diplomacy weighed heavily on .the Bolter, and true to form, she did .As sadly predicted.It is sad! This hurts both nations.
    Harry is just a man child. Most Windsors are.
    The buckled nose B TV actress couldn’t cut it. Harry was warned of this.
    So as the Man Child he, is they both ran away to Disneyland, Her to cash in on the Royal lineage. Like Wallace Simpson, it won’t last and the backlash will come.
    Once fickle La La Land tires of these gruesome sponging twosome, and Oprah manages to ice them with the Palace for a cheap media circus shot, Harry may fast run out of lineage support anywhere.
    La La Land won’t carry Not So Snow White and Dumbo.once cut loose from the Royals.
    William, once King, will exit his Ass.
    Bolted on her first husband, bolted on her UK status, bolted on her father, who bolts first next? She will tire of the Bor child. As Simpson did. Windsors have little real personality glamour,
    They could have done so much from the Palace worldwide and done it better. But the Hooter Queen wants to be the Queen.

    Sad, sad, sad. Karma always collects. 2 kids and Markle with Political ambitions next. Does she then screw a Congressmen and dump Harry? They will eat her alive.
    Together they could have done so much more. Back to the Suits Filing Room. Every guy I know took that ride mentally. Her one moment of fame.
    She blew it, but then, she’s an actress. Albeit B grade. .
    America will lose its Princess and they just lost the plot.

    William’s fury at Meghan and Harry’s ‘insulting’ parting shot
    What a Brainless pair they are. Oprah, after her 97th Lypo Suction ( This week) will take chear shots. Muppets.

    Meghan and Harry blindsided The Queen with Oprah interview
    Visa CEO asked about future of cryptocurrency

    Russia records first cases of human infection with bird flu strain H5N8

    Beats a Dose all too common in Russia.
    Smoking Gun! Joe Biden’s Dept. of Energy Blocked Texas from Increasing Power Ahead of Killer Storm

    Here you go … Biden at work.
    The Covid BS goes on.

    Dealing with the aging wife



    1. My sister shared your aging wife video with me last week. LOL It is an absolute scream. Loved it. Definitely must watch it until completely finished though. Hilarious stuff.

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  26. Hi Tony,

    I would like to thank you once again for the guidance on the crypto space. I was just thinking of my exit strategy when you mentioned that we should still wait as the run up of the crypto prices was still under way. I am up more than 20k at this time. Wouldn’t have thought this would happen if I have not followed your guidance to HODL. I got my currencies way back in 2018. Bought at the peak and I just let them sit there and waited patiently.


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    1. Fantastic! I love hearing these kinds of experiences. Well done on your ability to hold on and see the future that you are working towards.

      I wish more people I deal with on a daily basis aside from the site had the ability to exercise the kind of discipline that you have described. I have worked with people with years of experience in business and finance who manage their crypto portfolios like strung out junkies hiding in the dumpsters behind a Winchell’s Donuts.

      They are certain in their ability to predict “doom and gloom” merely on a hunch, and act to try to avoid it only to see their impatient panic selling costing them when rises like we are experiencing now come about. Likewise, they then try to correct the error by frantic FOMO buying when prices are not optimally presented; chasing shadows in a whirlwind of desperation caused by overcomplicating things.

      Of course, if there is a number you have reached that will solve a critical problem in your life, then by all means, take the gains and go forth to do so. There is no dishonor in selling to achieve a goal you have reached, even if not significant in wealth. But, for those who can hold and make their way on their salary at the same time, the future may hold significantly more gains ahead.

      Thanks for sharing! Good job.

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      1. “strung out junkies hiding in the dumpsters behind a Winchell’s Donuts. ”
        OMG Tony, you totally crack me up with statements like this. LOL


  27. I would say her regulatory oversight is subject to a lot of speculation.

    The Royal Navy stopped Napoleon, only to be outmaneuvered by a flotilla of ingrates in dinghies.

    🌈🏳‍🌈Welcome to A Hat of Color Auxiliaries. 🌈🏳‍🌈

    Boy I am sure glad that racist Trump is gone. 🙄

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    1. That Coke advert is insane. Who the hell is going to fall for that bs, it’s ridiculous.

      OMG! The Ashley StClair link is an absolute ripper. Good on him. LOL

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  28. Hi Tony, just want to say thank you. I sold most of my VND and put it in the crypto’s you suggested. Well $3500 has now become $18,000. Looking forward to more updates and new altcoins. I’m not selling what I have because I do believe it’s just getting started. Thank you and J 2020.

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    1. Awesome news! I appreciate you sharing.

      If things continue to shape up as I think they will, by the fall, that 18K will be a hell of a lot more.

      And, if you think of it, if you ever thought that the VND was going to amount to anything, and you had sufficient pre-notice, you would rebuy with “house money” and await the rise with zero risk. I am not saying that would be desired or possible, but just consider that your increasing fortunes have given you options to deal from strength.

      And…once those elders are done with their deals…watch out! Those numbers are beyond comprehension and could open doors that were once never considered possible.

      Stay tuned! Good work, and congratulations.

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  29. Food for thought.

    I have suggested that there was an original pandemic and a fake casedemic coupled to collusion in government(s) via double-counting. Most egregiously, in UK, US (very badly), Australia, Italy and Germany.

    HOWEVER, in the first wave, there was no question that folks were dying of something. The blip is visible in total death even though it was not particularly large for an infectious pandemic. The second blip is just dying-while-positive and would be invisible in total deaths except via the collusion double-counting. Please note that hospitals, when cross-checked by people on the ground, were visibly NOT stressed during the so-called second wave despite larger death numbers and cases. Not possible, right?

    NOW, come this video which was kindly forwarded to me by the network. If this guy really did put 1500 samples under a scanning electron microscope and didn’t see coronavirus and did see influenza A or B, we have a really big problem. And if this was cross-confirmed by the other mentioned labs… oh boy!

    What big problem? Well, the vaccine might work against coronavirus all it wants, and, giving the benefit of the doubt, might even work well against the nCov virus if it exists. It certainly won’t be working against Influenza A…..

    Listen directly here at

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    1. I found that video last night Tino and was going to share it this evening here at WHA to gain your opinion but you beat me to it. Thank you.



  30. As our world continues its charade of emulating Dune, Minority Report, 1984 and Elysium in an absurd blend, I hear the BMJ is squarely going down the route of Bad Think and Thought Crime — read the insanity at

    And no, this isn’t a debatable topic. Anyone who even raises thought-as-crime wants to do things to you that you wouldn’t allow otherwise.

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    1. Thanks Tino, well worth reading.

      This world has gone insane. The time is nearing to leave society behind and go bush I think.



    Haley has no halo.

    The Lakes where John goes walking when time allows. A beautiful part of England. Nature is magnificent.
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will NOT be returning as working royals

    Greed,arrogance and 2 pampered B list Brats

    Many I suspect, would like to see Whitty fed live into a meat mincing machine feet first.

    Introduce them to Slack Alice.
    Trump golfs in a MAGA hat as Biden repudiates America First

    Playing himself, and still cheating!
    Russia and China ready to sign historic deal to build first moon base after snubbing US in new space race

    I suppose they will mine the moon for raw materials. America was so busy waging war on the planet for the last 30 years you let China take Africa for all key materials.
    Now you will have China and Russia Mooning at you!
    Hillary blasts Ted Cruz for leaving dog Snowflake behind on Cancun trip

    Really, what about Bill when he left hsi DOG behind wiht 17 trips to Epsteins Island?
    Lindsey Graham latest Republican to ‘bend the knee’ to Trump in Mar-a-Lago visit

    Snivelling misfits.
    Melania and Donald Trump ‘living separate lives and have done for many years’ – Daily Star

    No secret there its only how long the Charade goes on. Eastern Mail Order Brides and show Gilrs don’t last long in The Grifters World.
    Watch “EXCLUSIVE: Tour Of The Great Wall Nancy Pelosi Built [Benny On The Block 37]” on YouTube

    Walk tall by Nancy’s wall.

    3 Faces, all plastic.

    US Army building world’s most powerful laser weapon.docx

    Star Wars Cometh. It is why majors weapons systems all are going to lasers. The Russians demonstrated a laser firing system on a SPECIAL MIG 31 in space to knock out both incoming missiles and satellites several years ago. Special flying suits were developed as the plane actually leaves the atmosphere to fire the laser weapons systems.
    Within a couple of years engagements are likely to be laser based as opposed to nuclear as the thinking is that such weapons systems allow one party to win over another.
    Remember Atlantis!

    More on Mach 874,000
    TUPLAP is not going to do it for a name, though
    The US Army is building the most powerful laser weapon in the world
    TECHNOLOGY 19 February 2021
    By David Hambling
    The US Army is building a laser weapon more than a million times more powerful than any used before – although because it delivers short pulses, the overall energy involved is low.
    Existing laser weapons produce a continuous beam that is held on a target, such as a drone or missile, until it melts – the first was deployed by the US Navy in 2014. The new weapon, known as the Tactical Ultrashort Pulsed Laser for Army Platforms, would be more like science-fiction movie lasers, firing bullet-like pulses of light.
    Such ultrashort laser pulses carry extreme power over vanishingly short lengths of time: the project is aiming for a terawatt pulse lasting just 200 femtoseconds (2 x 10⁻¹³ s), compared with a maximum of 150 kilowatts for previous systems.
    The laser would produce 20 to 50 pulses per second, for an overall power rating of 20 to 50 watts, around 10 times more than an LED light bulb. Ultrashort lasers this powerful are already used in laboratories and factories, but the US Army wants a compact, rugged version that can be aimed at distant targets.
    Normal lasers are ineffective over long distances because the beam spreads out, but ultrashort pulses can be shaped into self-focusing light pulses called solitons that turn the air itself into a lens, continually refocusing the pulse.
    Such a weapon would produce dramatic effects. The rapid temperature rise from the ultrashort pulse would vaporise the surface of a target rather than melting it, a technique used industrially to drill precise holes through metal. The resulting rapid expansion of gas can also produce a powerful blast wave.
    In addition, the US Army hopes to create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effect using the laser. On striking a metal target, the laser pulse rapidly accelerates electrons, and the moving charges produce a burst of radio-frequency energy powerful enough to disturb nearby electronics. This is a known problem in laboratory settings where EMPs can affect measuring instruments. A sufficiently powerful EMP could bring down drones or missiles by disrupting their control systems.
    Contractor Aqwest in Larkspur, Colorado, is developing a ceramic disk laser for the project. The design is a variation of the thin-disk laser invented in Germany in 1992. The original lasing disc was just 0.1 milimetres thick and was attached to a heat sink to disperse waste heat. Aqwest’s version is thicker and can deliver proportionately more energy in each pulse. The firm declined to comment.
    Building this kind of laser weapon is possible with current technology, says Derryck Reid at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. “This is not science fiction.”
    Reid sees the self-focusing effect as the key benefit of the new laser. Although the amount of energy is low compared with a continuous beam laser, delivering it rapidly to a small enough area could be effective. “You could certainly do some damage with these power levels,” he says.
    Laser weapons are intended for use against small, fast-moving targets like drones or missiles. If used to target a human, it would cause unpleasant burns, but would generally be less harmful than conventional weaponry.
    The International Committee of the Red Cross, which has worked to develop international law around laser weapons, declined to comment on the specifics of the weapon, but notes that the only current restriction on such arms is a 1995 treaty prohibiting the use of lasers intended to blind.
    Aqwest’s contract states that the prototype ultrashort pulse laser weapon will be demonstrated by August next year, after which the US Army will decide whether to go ahead with further development. This could lead to laser blasters mounted on ground vehicles and helicopters.


    1. The Lakes District looks absolutely glorious, so peaceful. Lucky you. The opening paragraph of the article was brilliantly written too.

      Love the last two jokes too. LOL

      Ta big boy.


    1. Tino
      Bang a Bimbo with form for Bolting and this is what you get.
      Look at the bone structure on it. In 10 more years she’s going to look like a Halloween Pumpkin with eyes cut out.
      The Boy Child will be Screaming, Grannie, take me home. But then William will be the power.
      Philip tried to warn him.William tried.
      But he was thinking with his Willie. Silly Willie?
      A lifetime dedicated to real service and the Queen gets a Prat like this.
      A Floater and a TV B Grade Bolter, how will this end?


  32. Yes, you read that right. We may be forced to change our name to Not White Hats Auxiliaries.

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      1. I remember long ago when one of THE White Hats was being interviewed by some late night talk show, and someone called in to take issue with the term “White Hat”, claiming it was something akin to the KKK.

        Dumb wanker had no idea that the KKK wore hoods, not hats. Unbelievable.

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    1. OMG!

      Well, Coca Cola should not sell brown drinks then as I consider that racist as a white person. Always two sides to a story, not that that is permitted these days. Stuff them.

      And I am proud to be a WHITE Hats Auxillary follower. The sooner a company like this is shut down the better, the world does not need their poisonous products anyway.

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  33. I would love Godfrey to be a reader here.

    And soon endorsed by the SEC, once they decide to stop being A-holes.

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    This is nice well done America

    It doesn’t take a lot to flip a Neanderthal Trump is living proof

    Please let London have a copy also.
    Boris Johnson will pledge to donate UK’s surplus Covid-19 jabs

    The Tri laterals won’t be happy
    Trump’s going to need a pacemaker.

    Hmmm, is this an Advert or fact?
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months
    The Agenda well explained…

    Trump is creating waves again in the GOP


    1. John, thank you so much for sharing that Dr. Tenpenny video re the vaccine / agenda. That was one of the best I have watched. Really helped me understand the vaccine a great deal more. That video is essential viewing in my opinion. Thank you.


  35. Read thru this EO research…
    ” It turns out that the same day Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, he also lifted the security on our power grid for 90 days (Trump’s EO the year prior secured our power grid by giving China no access.) ”


    1. Good God! I hope he gets a new one ripped for this.

      Unable to get the link to work but get the drift. Far out! This is beyond seriously dangerous.


  36. After destroying Western Civilization with lock downs, after making “cases” a false metric, after creating thousand dead by “dying while positive” and ascribing them to COVID, The Lancet admits the truth.

    However, for public health measures, another approach is needed. Testing to help slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 asks not whether someone has RNA in their nose from earlier infection, but whether they are infectious today. It is a net loss to the health, social, and economic wellbeing of communities if post-infectious individuals test positive and isolate for 10 days. In our view, current PCR testing is therefore not the appropriate gold standard for evaluating a SARS-CoV-2 public health test.



    Download the PDF or the Fulltext prior to it being forcibly retracted.

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    1. Tino… you are a fantastic wealth of factual information… Thank You


      It does not fit the agenda and narrative!… our freedoms are under attack from every angle!

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  37. It seems we’ve been lied to again.

    A while back in this forum I said the UK has a sampling surveillance infrastructure relative the variants. This means anything about prevalence and spread of the variants COMES FROM A COMPUTER MODEL.

    Unless the government has secret data, there is NO DIRECT EVIDENCE that the variants
    (a) evade the immune system
    (b) are more transmissible
    (c) more lethal

    REALLY. It’s all science…. fiction. It would go against all known experience for a lethal (if one with 99.8% survival can be called that) virus, to go more lethal or more transmissible. Entropy doesn’t favor that path.

    In fact, the 3 papers claiming this, are all article of faith from computer models. You’d think by now we would have also have full peer review and access to the models. We don’t. Why NOT?

    TWO of the three papers, have NEIL FERGUSON as co-author. Really? REALLY? This guy hasn’t been told yet to resign, sit down and shut up? WHY would ANY paper with this SOB, that in whole or significant part, caused your lockdowns, be taken as GOSPEL, again?

    You can find an appropriately detailed account over at

    Please also note the continuous reports of the elderly dying post vaccination. The rate is roughly 3 fold normal attrition. Note the disaster in Span. 46 of 145. Note also this disaster:

    Please note the CDC is reporting 1170 dead from the vaccine. Note that VAERS — is an underreporting activity. It has been estimated that VAERS can be off from 10 to 50 fold. Even the lower bound says 11,700 dead. This isn’t conspiracy theory or anti-vaxxism — it’s simple raw numbers and the historical reporting under-report ratios.


  38. This is getting better than sex.

    Deep Float: We Hate Crypto But Love Money More.

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    Banks need help to reign in a wild runaway

    Cohen for sure knows beyond doubt how self serving treacherous Trump is..Guliani has already seen how dangerous trusting Trump is and now realises he’s got a loose cannon as a client.
    Lockdown: We could struggle to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic

    How do we smash it into the skulls of the seriously thick Sheeple this is a cost of bad, inept political decisions , they, the laid back , socially lazy People are allowing to happen. Rounded up an corralled. Slaughterhouse next?
    What part of this insanity do you not get?

    Great, Kayleigh a back drawing blood

    Yuks, reality?


    The only American pseudo Businessman who went bust trying to run a Casino.
    (PDF) “A comparative study on Ivermectin- Doxycycline and Hydroxychloroquine-Azithromycin therapy on COVID19 patients”.

    Life makes it through , until Democrats screw that up also

    Texas finds out what Snow is as power goes out.

    Trump’s limited attention span leaves him right now on ordering his next 3 McD quad burgers and attacking McConnel for exposing him. Statesman or petulant child?

    Hydroponics at work for you

    Send the Dems and Zios to the free promised land

    It’s coming. Be assured. These lock downs and public reactions have left political and governing forces in no doubt of the Goldmine of public mass manipulation capability. Sheep line up.
    Vaccine passports branded ‘unworkable’ in pubs and clubs

    Centuries of hospitality is going to the wall because a limp brained half wit who can’t think or even complete a sentence is being bullied by naive scientists.
    The entire economy is in threads.
    Will Biden follow this madness?
    Facebook has ‘attacked a sovereign nation’ and ‘shown tech giants think they’re bigger than governments’: Australian Prime Minister’s fury after Zuckerberg BLOCKS all news and even Covid public information in row over paying for content

    Facebook has banned Australians from accessing or sharing news in protest at a new law which will force them to pay for the content, with politicians describing the shock move as an ‘abuse of power’.

    Nasty, obnoxious Suckembig needs bringing down to earth with a bang. Rodent type. Zio trash. The world needs to look again at this Kazar Spawn.
    Facebook news ban: Furious Australian PM hits back at tech giant

    We absolutely do need a united front to create a Global alternative to Facebook and tell Suckenberg to shove it. This Kazar monopoly must be broken
    Please watch , thinks
    and for God’s sake get those stupid masks off your faces everywhere possible. The comical compounds inside those masks absorbed into your lungs are Toxins which over time will activate life threatening serious illnesses..
    The masks do not cover your brains so use that instead.
    These masks kill! Watch the video..listen. Think. Masks off.

    The attached picture says why!

    Lockdown: We could struggle to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic



    1. Thanks for that mask meter reading video John, definitely worth viewing. Frightening stuff. One good thing though, is that all the politicians are wearing them, well when everyone is looking anyway.


  40. HIW – I want to thank you for recommending Safedinar. I sold 99% of my dinar and 75% of my VND to them. I am now awaiting my second direct deposit. Outstanding company.

    Now which crypto should I put it in? Wish I could have sold the paper two months ago. The money would have doubled by now.

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      1. John2020 Not only earning zero but sold at a loss holding on for years.

        There are not many second chances in life with opportunities that cryptos offer for the average person. Missed the opportunity to buy Bitcoin cheap, years ago. Bought Dinar instead. Whoops

        Yes! I’m in the game! Thank you John


  41. The insanity moves to a whole new level…
    The study is from 2016, but in this new article its “gaining traction now”…
    In short, you can not say its natural to breast feed because it may upset those who can not breast feed?!?!
    “We are concerned about breastfeeding promotion that praises breastfeeding as the ‘natural’ way to feed infants,” wrote Jessica Martucci of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and Anne Barnhill of Johns Hopkins University in the journal Pediatrics. “Promoting breastfeeding as ‘natural’ may be ethically problematic, and, even more troublingly, it may bolster this belief that ‘natural’ approaches are presumptively healthier.”

    “Referencing the ‘natural’ in breastfeeding promotion, then, may inadvertently endorse a controversial set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate,” they state.


    1. People like this need a brain transplant. Or why bother really, just put them out of their misery. Where on earth does this type of utter stupidity come from?


    1. ETH could very well break 2K and run up to 10K by years end, notwithstanding its many competitors. ADA should break $1 easily this quarter. We will see.

      All in all, if you ask me, we are still early in this run up. By Q4, we may see prices nobody thought possible.

      We may see a few 30% corrections along the way, but those are par for the course. I personally hold through them and add at every retracement.

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  42. OMG. I can’t stand the idiocy and corruption anymore in my profession. It’s as if everyone has forgotten anything they were ever taught.

    Medscape is announcing that Vitamin C and Zinc don’t work for treating COVID.

    It’s a [ insert expletives here] study. Errors of this magnitude are never innocent. This is about destroying the effectiveness of simple meds against COVID.

    Vitamin C was given orally — at dosages that can’t be fully absorbed and that cause gastrointestinal distress. Only, you see, nobody EVER said Vitamin C oral was the way to go. You have to give 25+ grams Vitamin BY IV!

    Giving zinc by itself as they did is useless. You need a zinc ionophore that moves zinc into the cell to short circuit viral replication. So, you need to administer zinc with HCQ or Ivermectin or even Quercetin.

    That pretty much covers it. Ignore the media story….

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  43. The cigars…

    Even the Norks want coin

    How about a March 15th style meeting in the Senate House for Nancy?

    Lock him in a room with John and his sjambok. Solved.

    Godfrey has balls.

    I ken it.

    John, no fair cornering the charter business.

    Get ready, she’s prepping for Joe’s retirement/entombment – whichever comes first. (Almost ready for the year of four presidents. Trump, Biden, Harris, Pelosi(?) VP).


  44. Well folks, the data for Sweden is IN! And it shows what you would expect. Slight uptick of year over year total-death-from-all-causes, caused by the true pandemic of Mar/Apr/May.

    Unlike everyone else, the Swedes are not double counting. A COVID+ death doesn’t also get tossed into the heart-attack pile, even if it really was just a heart attack. “Dying while positive” as I like to say.

    Drum roll please. Against a 10-year backdrop, the average line, and what the less, but still insane modelers predicted….×900


  45. So, UK, summer fun, lots of hand wringing that the Plebs were causing a COVID disaster.

    I said, unlikely, temperature, humidity, SUN, open air, alcohol, cleansing dips in the ocean, etc. While matters were civil over here, at the time I was savaged on Facebook and on a Twitter channel.

    The envelope please! Drum roll.

    Prof Mark Woolhouse tells MPs there was not a single virus outbreak linked to crowded U.K. beaches last summer

    Did I mention that Spring Break in the U.S. barely caused a blip despite the over-hyped “dangers”…

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    1. Tino,

      Thank you for all of your intelligent NON-PROPAGANDIZED posts that you provide here about COVID.

      Never in history has a world been shut down for a virus that would be impossible to control anyway even if it were really an issue. Now, every other disease has miraculously vanished, but we have 30 strains of some boogeyman virus and 9 billion people need a vaccine to solve the problem. Make no mistake about it…this is not about a virus. This is about the “New Green Economy” and the “Build Back Better” program of the WEF.

      Plain and Simple….Population reduction of the masses through destruction of jobs, toxic vaccines, digital “credit” control of the monetary system, coming food shortages, round ups and on and on.

      This constant rhetoric about various strains and plebs not staying home and the great unwashed flying around world causing all this is just more BS from entitled elites that think they should control society and the masses.

      Which just goes to prove….these elites are not the intelligent ones….they just think they are.

      Keep up the good work.

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    Maxwell does not like this at all. Just wait until she is convicted.

    Re visiting the old Snowdon videos is interesting.

    Inside Putin’s ‘torture dungeons’ in Ukraine

    Such vile people mass murder

    Another day in the life of Trump.


    They are manic to get Trump. It’s personal.
    Britain records another 10,625 Covid cases in 14% week-on-week drop

    The media BS is in decline as the second wave is falling fast and a backlash about to bring down Johnson can be avoided
    It’s carry on working from home! Staff will still be told not to return to their offices even as infections fall and Covid-19 restrictions are lifted – with ‘a way to go’ before that changes

    Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson not expected to set a firm date when office workers should return after many months spent working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Chaos in Commerce as most Home Workers- DON’T !
    It’s screwed the economy and all these IDIOTS can think of is higher Taxes? WTF Stop Spending Dam You!.
    Furloughs are ALL other people’s money Higher Taxes.
    EXCLUSIVE: Marine gone! Demolition crews rip out Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago helipad after exception to Palm Beach’s helicopter-free zone is revoked now he has left office

    Construction workers were seen at the former president’s estate with a red digger and concrete cutting equipment Tuesday, demolishing the concrete helicopter landing pad.

    Just look how fast they act against Trump.
    The changing face of global trade

    Europe has overtaken US as China’s top trading partner. Exports to China from the European Union advanced 2.2% in 2020, while exports rose by 5.6%. In contrast, exports to America declined -8.2% and imports dropped -13.2%.
    Additionally, EU has made a deal with China that allow new investment and businesses to operate in China with less red tape.
    The Chinese will copy everything cheaply and dangerously as they did with the US and others. Chinese ” Knock Offs!”. These Socialist Mugs are walking into a Bear Trap.
    New Nigerian Covid mutation that may be vaccine-resistant infects 38 people in UK – CityAM –

    Beyond ugly and typical of what comes. out of Africa.
    Ebola, HIV and Obama springs to mind.
    UK and California Covid variants ‘merged in US coronavirus case’

    A very dangerous cocktail. Like Ebola!

    No question Trump is now going to hurt McConnel. That whining, malicious mouth will put a lot of unwanted attention on McConnel. A combined Carnival Barker and Grifter is loose now. Nobody loves him in Politics so he’s throwing his Toys out of the Pram.
    Sore losers?

    No question Trump is now going to hurt McConnel. That whining, malicious mouth will put a lot of unwanted attention on McConnel. A combined Carnival Barker and Grifter is loose now. Nobody loves him in Politics so he’s throwing his Toys out of the Pram.
    Sore losers?

    No question Trump is now going to hurt McConnel. That whining, malicious mouth will put a lot of unwanted attention on McConnel. A combined Carnival Barker and Grifter is loose now. Nobody loves him in Politics so he’s throwing his Toys out of the Pram.
    Sore losers?


    1. nobody loves him in Politics? did you see the spontaneous rally in Florida when he drove down the road ? mercy . Did you see the poll that shows he is the leading 2024 candidate? You say you don’t hate him, but because he is so stupid you trash him every chance you get . If he is so dumb, how did he defeat basically the entire corrupt American political establishment, the media, academia , hollywood, the middle east , terrorism , and the now exposed Repubican party ? ps, that is not misspelled.


      1. GJ

        He lost.
        Sadly as the last thing I want is Biden. But it’s also a chance for America to rethink its own vast quality base and get it right.Start with IQ. About time in a modern world. You really need to raise the Chump Bar.
        2024 is a long way away and so many litigation hurdles still to cross. Stormie, Cohen and even Epstein Tapes yet to cut loose.
        I don’t doubt his Florida tour.Did he win?
        They will have 2024 well shored up by then. .Probably 20 M more illegals will be voting.
        Your Socialist Republic, sadly, is fast approaching.
        The current position is a beached , flatulent whale flapping in the wind.
        Yesterdays news gets forgotten. 2024. How did 2020 go?
        I don’t doubt he got Vote scammed. But they will do it again.
        One Termers? It tends to stick.
        If, and I hope not, IF the Dems gain 2024, it’s game over. Corruption rules America. From State tendering up Payola. Nothing is real. Ethics have no place. It’s a turgid swamp.Swamp creatures.
        He drained what? Clinton swerved it all.
        Let’s both hope a serious and Straight Top Class Republican does come through America needs it.
        The Clinton’s, Bush 43, Obama, Jeez?
        It’s a long time since JFK. The Founders were a Class Act. Today’s lot are a Trash Act. It’s endemic.
        But, your not alone. The world suffers. Time to rethink Politics and raise the Bar. High!
        There are some good things playing out.Just watch the site . All in its time.
        I hope by 2024 a good candidate stands up. And Out!


        1. John… I know your note above was to GJ, but, wanted to say, I have been ” watching ” this site many times a day since it started… so hope that moves play out this year as hoped… maybe, just maybe, timing will be on the right side for once… the crypto’s I am in have already made wonderful gains… we will see where that stands when the projects proposed take off… timing!… it will be a grand if the ability to partake comes my way and I have the resources to do so… Thank You Tony and John… the candle burns bright here in my corner of the world!


          1. I am very happy you are prospering with us, and thank you as well for your participation.

            Hopefully, very soon, Big J will have even more spectacular news to share with us concerning unfolding events in the world he works in. The numbers there are beyond comprehension, and in the right hands, will do a lot of good for those who are going to demonstrate the ability to put those numbers to their best good use.

            Stay tuned!

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          2. James
            To help you appreciate the sensitivity cross compounding all, we do not finish until after midnight, and because of the many Global Time Zones, are often active again at 3 or 4 in the morning. Huge pressures and stress.
            All are highly focused. It’s real and progressing. Serious people. Geo Political. Only hard heads and deep pockets survived. Ultra Pro’s. Fiscal Gladiators no Wimp Wrists.
            Good to see Crypto gains.

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  47. Just for a bit of Aussie humor/humour to lighten the loads so overwhelming us these days.
    This bloke kills me. My stomach hurts after viewing some his videos tonight. I desperately needed a break.
    Take 4 minutes away from the boring ordinary tasks of normal life and see if he tickles your fancy. LOL
    Maybe not but I hope so.

    Here’s Carl.

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  48. McCarthy was right.

    Storefront dummy

    Ratskin is the Bolshevik’s chief vermin propagandist. And he has rat nest hair to boot.

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  49. EXCLUSIVE: Three 300,000 Biden Vote Dumps Late on Election Night in Virginia Cannot Be Adequately Explained or Tied to Final Results
    Still no one investigates.

    This is unbelievable.
    Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered?
    Have we got a world too stupid to care?
    The Most Dangerous Enemy the American People Will Ever Face | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    Interesting timing for this writing, especially as several movies will drop this week related to it. At last the Global Dumb F’s are waking up to what is loose.
    Please- Read it I could say far worse. It IS far worse. But the Public are too stupid to see anything. Until it’s too late.

    We need a Global Encryption Agency with termination powers for these vermin

    It’s coming
    The vicious Ayatollahs need to go. America caused this and let that bunch of raghead despots loose. The Shah westernised Iran. US meddling again caused hell. Then they reneged on the Shah. As ever.
    Imperial College expert warns against lifting restrictions too soon

    Yet more lockdown warnings and delay demands.
    Joe Biden’s huge bet: the economic consequences of ‘acting big’
    UK spots 33 cases of ANOTHER Covid variant

    Ever more virus mutation cases casting further immunity doubts on this series of vaccines.
    We need to simply stop travelling with Bongo Land countries as Africa is riddled with one form of virus or another. It’s time to review flying and stop it until safe. Germany has..infected Brits are blocked now by many nations which is good. We should not be allowed to travel risking others. It makes sense to cancel flying holidays this year. It’s getting worse the world needs help.
    Staying home this year makes sense for economies also. Time to get a firm grip .
    Five sentenced to death for murder of anti-Islam atheist blogger

    Why are we even allowing these animals into the West?
    North Korean hackers attempted to steal Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

    Way to go just bomb the Ho.

    Wow climate reality hits Texas.

    Democratic congressman SUES Trump accusing him of inciting MAGA riot

    Now every Flake and Headcase will crawl out of the woodwork greenmailing or desperate for publicity.



    1. Big J, I would love to comment on a few of your statements above as you make me a bit angry re some of them but then again I must learn to behave sometimes bugger it lol.

      BUT BUT BUT, the gorilla glue joke is flaming awesome lol. I would bloody well glue more than that too. LOL The slayer is on call. Ha ha ha.


  50. And so it begins… NOW it is breaking out into the open.

    Fairless Elementary in Navarre, Ohio canceled classes Monday because several staffers had reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The school in rural Stark County announced the cancelation in a now-deleted Facebook post early Monday, saying they did not have enough staff to operate safely after many employees received the vaccine on Saturday.

    BAM! It went viral and is heading National….


  51. OK. Let’s try a different tack. I will NOT explain the math, though any epidemiologist should easily be able to calculate the same value.

    Remember Farr’s Law? It always works. I keep telling you it has cleaned out the virus, mostly, that the variants don’t matter — they simply are the same virus, and contrary to the doomsayers, infallibly less lethal on a cumulative basis. It’s how mutagenicity of a previously deadly strain works. Plus, for Pete’s Sake, survival IS 99.98% ages 2-70.

    Farr’s Law means a presently low prevalence of nCov2019.

    But, but , Tino you say, COVID is everywhere! 100K cases, blah blah.

    How do you know? You don’t. You hear the Media parrot “zillion cases, tens, hundreds of thousands dead”. Test, test, test! with the garbage antigen test. What if I told you that lower the prevalence of the disease, the very mathematical dynamics of the test guarantee failure?

    Tens/Hundreds of thousand dead? At this point? Only the “total dead all causes” puts that hysteria number in serious question. Statistically, accounting for the true small pandemic Mar/Apr/May, the last 4 years are well within bounds. So much so that governments are changing their accounting systems to allow for the double counting of “excessive COVID deaths” ie you died while COVID positive, and blithely adding that to the total death numbers. Mostly it reclassifies the dead.

    I bring this up because all the policies key off the garbage antigen test.

    Only you can’t get to “zero covid”. In fact, the lowest coronavirus typical infection rate prior to the insanity was roughly 3% and typically runs 6% to 10% of all upper respiratory infections on a yearly basis. Since the garbage test actually doesn’t distinguish between nCov and the regular crap all that well, that alone guarantees perpetual lockdown even though there is no threat.

    Kari Mullis — “The PCR reaction cannot be the basis for a mass screening test”

    But I digress. Back to the math.

    If you pound into Bayes Theorem and the derived equation relating sensitivity/specificity/prevalence to get your true positive rate, you can then easily calculate that at a prevalence of 1 in 100,000 of the disease, the garbage antigen test (or any test with similar sens/spec/prev) yields a WHOPPING 99.8% FALSE POSITIVE RATE. (Did I mention that THIS aspect is completely independent of the PCR cycle count which at 40 throws off a 97% false positive rate? It’s amazing any TRUE nCov2019 is detected at all…)

    This is why denying travel to the positives is just plain stupid. All but a handful have disease. Never mind false negatives which is the gaping hole in ALL passport ideas. If you want to have quarantine hotels, DO NOT justify them on the testing model. IT DOESN’T WORK. Either ALL go into quarantine, or you might as well drop the idea.

    This is why, DESPITE A VACCINE, even the vaccinated WILL test positive. Routinely. And since the vaccine DOESN’T stop transmission (it’s not a real vaccine) guess what happens when that passport lets them sail thru…. just saying…

    This is why, test, Test, Test is just plain retarded. NO activity of daily living should be restricted because of the garbage test. Did someone mention pubs? Less than 2% of transmission happens in pubs. You see, just saying, they are drinking a known, if poor, disinfectant — alcohol.


  52. For Tony and John & anyone else that enjoys this type of humor/humour.

    Guts vs Balls

    There is a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We have all heard of people having Guts or having Balls. But do you really know the difference between them?
    In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions:

    GUTS: Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: “Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?”

    BALLS: Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say: “You’re next, Baby.”

    I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. However there is no difference in the outcome. Both are fatal.


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  53. Lee Merritt MD — on masks…

    My resume pales into insignificance compared to hers….


  54. Just means I and the rest of the Minority Report have to keep making the noise.

    The dissenting voices on COVID treatment have gone from being persecuted to almost the gold standard of care. Our local hospital is doing this. It’s not across the land, but more and more are adopting. Now the trifecta is being used in early COVID. Plus steroids to calm the immune system and antibiotics to prevent the pneumonia from becoming bacterial. Most O2 desaturating patients are out in 5 to 7 days. . Also note that back around March/April many doctors and nurses were warning about intubation, that it was actually killing the patients. These ICU heroes were excoriated. They were called medical kooks. Folks with resumes that pale mine into insignificance. Well, this same hospital is now doing exactly what those “medical kooks” said should be done. Giving the patients oxygen and lay them on their stomachs.

    Which reminds me, I end with my usual chide — I see the UK NHS Chief that banned HCQ is still in his role despite that decision now clearly being a Crime Against Humanity on the preponderance of the evidence and a violation of Doctor Autonomy during an Emergency. Unless I am mistaken, the UK did sign the Nuremberg Treaty in its full aspect, including the aspect pertaining to Human Experimentation.

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  55. Nutsy Pelosi to a tee.

    Stupid bastard.

    Politics…it’s done.


    1. That Nancy link was too funny. I was wondering if I may be able to do a better version of it. LOL Not tonight Geronimo. LOL


    UK PM says likely won’t need “vaccine passport” to go to “the pub”
    UK reportedly finishes vaccinating everyone over 70 who wanted a vaccine
    EU anti-fraud office widens probe into fake vaccines
    WHO: notion of vaccine passports should be discussed
    Cuba joins COVID vaccine race
    US COVID cases fall to lowest level since October
    Global vaccine count nears 175MM
    US COVID case tally nears 30MM
    France warns on “variants” spreading
    Indian Institute agrees to supply Canada with vaccines
    Cambodia reports first cases of UK variant
    Tokyo infection numbers fall on daily basis


    1. Allowing for the double vaccinations needed, plus the roll out, we are looking at realistically running into next year to cover all the population. Then, with the mutations we may need to go again.
      This looks likely to become an annual jab.
      But, looking at the raging Neanderthals we have seen loose, it now offers scope for “Selective Reductions”. of the vermin species.
      The EU is so far behind and raging. That’s Socialists for you. Useless. Nancy? Biden? Harris?
      Rebalancing the useless. A call to be made.


  57. So….

    In John’s : CDC WITHOLDING INFORMATION! 1,170 DEAD Following COVID Injections: Almost Twice as Many Deaths as Found in VAERS
    February 13, 2021 4:27 pm

    The situation is between 10 and 50 times worst.

    The double-standard, originally caused by the garbage antigen test, is that if you test positive for COVID and then develop COVID as much as 28 days later, your original test date is the infection date for the COVID. [This is of course, crap. Like all coronaviruses it takes 3-5 days to become symptomatic. In the example above, obviously the patient had a false positive and an exposure at day 23-25.] HOWEVER — if you die after taking the vaccine shot, it is a “coincidence”. WTF!

    VAERS is a known under-reporter. Also underlying conditions give a plausible deniability to the deaths regardless of true forward-looking life expectancy. VAERS can be off, depending on vaccine and reportability channels anywhere from 10 to 100 fold. So we can safely assume 10x the CDC number of 1170 and divide by 2 for roughly 5850. Now, if you take 470K reported deaths and divide by 16x over-reporting of deaths by CDC on COVID, the real nCov deaths are roughly 29,375. 5850/29375= 0.199 or the vaccine has killed 20% as much as COVID. Exactly why should ANY elderly take this vaccine…. let alone the healthy….

    AND WE HAVEN’T LOOKED AT THE ADVERSE EVENTS, which I am confidentially informed estimates as high as 3% of 20MM or 600,000 — of which 10% are serious enough to be completely sidelined at home with symptoms. That’s 60K, of which 30K need active medical care to survive their symptoms — epipens, benadryl, supplemental O2.

    Not an investigative reporter in the land will touch the story.

    Never mind reports from elder care homes with active populations that are suddenly dieing, the active are suddenly bed ridden and the sharp ones suddenly showing dementia. After vaccination. But the authorities say it’s all “coincidence”. Sure. Right.

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  58. Use Vitamin D3 to avoid having to vaccinate the planet. It has the added benefit that it will also put a dent in cancer rates.

    The report out of U of Barcelona shows clearly Vitamin D3 will keep 60% from dying.

    This increases the survival rate from 99.8% to 99.9%.

    Common flu rate.

    $18 per person, less in India, South America, and even China.

    Of course, one could stop hand-wringing, tell the globalist pandemic tyrannists to f’ off, and Farr’s Law will clean this out completely. Please note that if Dr. Yeadon is right (he is), the true pandemic ended by May 2020. The worldwide death rate shows no significant blip outside the seasonal. The CDC has over-estimated by 16-fold the US death via reclassification and cooked all the books. The last 4 years of the UK show no significant changes in overall total mortality — and the Brits are better bookkeepers.

    The reality is this: The original wave hit and we cannot bring back the dead. The second wave, EXACTLY as in 2009 Swine flu is fake. The garbage antigen test produced a fake wave of cases, where the mortality rate doesn’t reflect the first wave. It also explains the anomaly that hospitals were slammed in the first wave and weathered the second wave just fine, without the need of excess resources. Absurd hospitalization rates were driven by the crazy testing and the stupid, stupid rule that Remdesivir could NOT be prescribed prior to Day 3 of hospitalization. Legions were improperly hospitalized and then discharged on Day 3 when symptoms (if any) did not progress.

    Now the blithering sociopaths are starting the variant dance, as if it is of ANY importance. Just. Stop. Stop testing. Stop it with masks. Stop social distancing. Stop lockdowns. Stop it with travel restrictions. No “immunization” or negative testing certificates. They are ABSOLUTELY meaningless when a virus has reached planetary prevalence. And all that bureaucracy is freedom killing and an extra transacton-costs that nobody can afford.

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  59. COVID-19: New vaccine in development has ‘insurance’ against virus mutations | Science & Tech News | Sky News

    Interesting IF FACTUAL!
    Sky net is here Buggered.
    Next will be a signal to what’s hidden in your vaccines, an arm to scoop you up, or just a laser strike and gone. Atomised.

    More bad news

    CDC WITHOLDING INFORMATION! 1,170 DEAD Following COVID Injections: Almost Twice as Many Deaths as Found in VAERS
    February 13, 2021 4:27 pm

    Yesterday we reported that the CDC had done another data dump into the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, showing that through February 4, 2021, there were 12,697 recorded adverse events, including 653 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna. After publishing this article, a Health Impact News subscriber sent me a link to a page on the CDC website where they are reporting that as of February 11, 2021, VAERS received 1,170 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. For the past few weeks, the CDC has been slowly updating the VAERS database with data dumps on Friday, just before the weekend and the beginning of the slow news cycle that usually picks up again on Mondays. On Friday, January 29th, their VAERS data reported 329 deaths from people receiving one of the experimental COVID mRNA injections. The following Friday, February 5, 2021, their VAERS data reported 501 deaths. An increase of 172 deaths. Yesterday, February 12, 2021, the CDC VAERS data reported 653 deaths. An increase of 152 deaths. That still leaves 517 deaths unaccounted for in the VAERS database related to the COVID injections. Why is the CDC withholding this information?
    Read More…
    “Do Not Resuscitate” Notices Given to Covid Patients with Learning Disabilities in UK
    February 13, 2021 7:36 pm

    People with learning disabilities have been given do not resuscitate orders during the second wave of the pandemic, in spite of widespread condemnation of the practice last year and an urgent investigation by the care watchdog. Mencap said it had received reports in January from people with learning disabilities that they had been told they would not be resuscitated if they were taken ill with Covid-19. The Care Quality Commission said in December that inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices had caused potentially avoidable deaths last year. DNACPRs are usually made for people who are too frail to benefit from CPR, but Mencap said some seem to have been issued for people simply because they had a learning disability. The CQC is due to publish a report on the practice within weeks.

    So now it’s pass the parcel for impeachments?

    Johnson tells us first hand how bad it was when he got Covid.
    Israel Launches Strikes Against Damascus – YouTube

    They stole Lebanon’s Land, they stole Egypt’s land, they stole Syria’s Golan Heights, they stole Palestian’s land, now these AMERICAN Armed and Funded Kazars, want to steal Syria.
    Russia needs to get the S400s and S500’s into Syria. That will blast them to hell.
    China needs to help Arm Iran, so does Russia. Pakistan and China will boost Irans Nuclear program. The sooner the better. Israel kills for gain.- always! Israel, sadly, IS the problem. .
    The ONLY thing that will put these predatory Kazar Invaders on their back foot is the certain knowledge that now Iran has Nukes and will use them.
    Only Iranian missiles with Nuke Warheads coming at them will stop these vile Genghis Khan. marauders tearing the Middle East apart.
    America must stop Arming and funding these Tyrants. Biden needs to give back the Golan Heights to Syria. Stop Funding Israel!
    Make these Animals learn to live in peace with their neighbours or go into the night. Jews have no problems in Israel. It’s the Kazars!
    Just look at how they have Stolen America. Always the Kazars! All the Crime, Fake news, corruption, racketeering, wake the F up! Covid does far less damage than this Scum.
    Good Jews are exempt, not any problem. Protect Good Jews. Honourable good people. Kazar filth posing as Jews are the problem. As Russia has found. Their time will come. Armageddon!

    The truth about catching Covid when you’re in a supermarket: Latest PHE report shows 53 per cent of people who tested positive reported having visited one

    It’s now well recognised that bars, restaurants and gyms are ideal environments for Covid to transmit. But have the few places left for us to go during lockdown now become hubs for infection?

    Supermarkets are the top source of Covid. The mass Sheeple again!

    That’s about right , but who in the GOP has the wisdom and brains to plan a serious, CLEAN, experienced High Quality new candidate for 4 years ahead?
    Shortlist 5 right now..Thats the GOP focus. Build the PR image. Build credibility.
    Pfizer’s president of global supply says they hope to deliver two BILLION doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2021

    Mike McDermott said that Pfizer was confident of reaching their ambitious target thanks to a ratcheted-up production schedule at their Michigan factory with additional shifts and production lines.

    This will be nowhere near enough, to vaccinate the world. Then who pays? Who dies, or who cares?
    Is that what we want?
    Assume the vaccine and delivery costs even say $50 Bucks.
    That’s $400 Billion and if twice a year $800B.Who pays?
    Or. do we leave it to to keep mutating, keep killing, and keep coming back?
    Is any Slimebag Politico even thinking about the big picture?


  60. We are starting to see the ugliness of masks. Innocent people, Asthma sufferers etc, can not breath with those things. They too deserve a life, and are a tiny risk. Ugly, low IQ Sheeple morons are threatening and attacking them. Just mindless rabble. Scum. Agenda 21 does have its appeal but it needs to be used selectively.
    Many good people need their dignity not to mask. or be challenged by Morons.
    It’s turning ugly.
    We need to rethink the herd. Sadly, there comes a time to call it.But selectively.


    1. No one would ever want to challenge me in the street or in a store for not wearing a mask. I absolutely will not place one of those ridiculous things on my face ever again.


  61. Like I’ve said before, the second-wave is an utter scam induced by the Garbage Antigen Test, and like in the 2009 Swine flu, the current casedemic is fully manufactured. How do you tell the real from the false — looking at the true death rate. And yes, Victoria, the CDC cooked the books here in the US.


    In a stunning development, a former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says “there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.” The “Big Pharma” insider asserts that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a “second wave” based on “new cases.”

    Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even “almost all” of tests for COVID are false positives. Dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have been reached in many countries already.

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  62. Cancel culture is everywhere!

    A Cambridge University panel of academics discussing wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s legacy concluded that the leader who helped defeat Hitler was actually a “white supremacist” and was leading an empire “worse than the Nazis”.


    1. Really

      It’s not gone away. This is London, Cloaked. Churchill lead nothing. It’s far bigger than him.
      It never left. Nor will.


    1. Balanced, succinct and correct wasn’t he?
      Note the constant meddlesome agenda interruptions of a thick media?
      Thank God for our Independent thinking Media.
      Your voices, the Thinking People.

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  63. If the Elders/ UN initiative is allowed to clear, ( The Elders already have the AU and Cash pallets and London will do it via other ways if not) then it enables London forces to crush the NWO ethos.
    Be clear NWO STARTED with those Jesuit Creeps in the Vatican. It was Vatican slavery.
    The London key parties are the never bending enemies of the Vatican. All doors to the Pope and Papal Guard are shut .Permanently. This will be an interesting year. So much is in play right now. If the US does not concede,,China waits. Either way the Zio’s get it. Banking will change. Forced!

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  64. The Six Million Dollar Man Was Unavailable For Comment.

    So, someone please push Khan in front of a bus. You won’t be punished.

    Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Blockchain.

    Of course. You were up against the Bolsheviks.

    Another crackpot seeking redress for wrongs never done to him, against people who didn’t do it. Dumb all over. Pathetically, utterly and incomprehensively dumb.


  65. Trump, as predicted walked. The right decision.
    The case was only ever petty Party games.
    We need to focus on who the hell can be found to run in 4 years, Jewish funding free? A Candidate not owned by this sordid lot. Run as a Patriot, none Pariah owned and one funded by the people
    It’s possible. Running as a none Pariah Patriot the name alone will knuckle the Zios.
    All they need ask is a simple Question.Are you backed by Jewish Zionist funds or a true Patriot for America who will not body bag our Children for Israels games?
    It will blow the board away.
    One Clean Candidate with Integrity. .Raise the Bar! High! Sweep the Roaches way.


    1. John, do you consider it even possible now to vote in a good President and decent political party after what we have all just witnessed during this last election?


      1. Aurataya
        This started mainly with that Neo Nazi Rat Bush 41.
        But for a Century the NY Jews have funded all US Presidential runs and for that, a huge price The WH is full of them and both houses. Almost all Banking and Securities crime is that lot. The old Mafia Crimes were that lot.
        They own the MSM and Media and deny truth if it exposes them.

        America is abundant with highly intelligent and suitable people, No question.

        It will need a person of good personal wealth and a clear Patriotic wish for change.
        It will need new,Jew Free communication channels. Multi party financial backing AND a serious Campaign support infrastructure. But, it also needs an Edge.

        A campaign for ALL US Patriots to rally behind it,.
        A Patriot candidate who will ask all contenders , are you owned by, funded by and compromised by Jewish Mafia Funders or not? All are! That’s a real Edge. Huge!

        Like Make America Great again that’s the edge.

        A candidate of the people, clean and Patriotic aspirations will shine through.
        Trump was only ever Jewish owned and funded, but it worked.
        So imagine IF:

        1..,A Clean candidate. That will work.
        2,Self funded or Non Jewish funded. Every time they mass block them it can be used.
        3. Peoples support for the campaign, If they rally. its game on.
        4. A Campaign Declaration of no more Jews running the Treasury or Fed.
        5 The US owning its OWN Central Bank. No more Zionist racketeering. No more bailing out Jewish banks.
        6. Ending Financial and Military support for Israel. It’s beyond time.
        7.An end to Jews funding and buying seats for both houses. Its time! Clean it up.
        8 Re :License the Media..Fit to serve only. Reviewed by the people.

        But how in a country as sordidly crooked as America?

        How do we help good Americans help America.

        A limp brained obnoxious Moron broke the 2 party system. Imagine what a new JFK could do?
        Yes- They- Can, but will they? Let American Intelligence free! Power to the People!

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        1. Thanks John. I would love to see what you have set out above actually occur, that would certainly be magnificent to witness. Decency and truth need to win one day hopefully.


          1. America has no Culture bar Degeneracy. How can .it evolve first riddled with Self Interest as it is, and mass corruption? America has no Democracy. It’s owned! It has only a Pygmy concept of its own internal dilemma.
            Forget the American Dream. A myth! What is, sadly, is all too often ugly when exposed to sunlight.
            Pariah Bankers. Pariah Media, Pariah Politicos, owned by Kazars! Crime families.
            Clinton’s? Bushes, Kushners?
            Disneyland- the lot. Degeneracy is now in 4th gear.


            1. Yes John, I hear you on the points you have raised and agree with some, but personally. I do feel that a good portion of Americans, and those that we know and love, most certainly do have a certain style of culture, it is their own style of culture. It is probably very different to that of yours and mine but it is there within the good and decent people of the US. I wonder if you may not be able to see it because it is so very different to what you personally consider to be culture? I am seriously not attempting to be rude to you here but you have to admit, the English have a long standing tradition of what true culture represents in their eyes and that is very different in other parts of the world.

              America, to me, is quite unique. John, we cannot lump the good American people in with the slime running the political show over there. How can you place those good, decent and beautiful souls we have gathering here from the US into such a category? Your broad responses sometimes may be quite exclusive.

              John, you are English and we know the English have a certain style and that’s cool. I sure don’t mind sticking pinky up toward the sky when I am offered a gorgeous cup of tea in a beautiful piece of English china. Which I love btw, I have the most stunning collection of English china lol, makes me feel truly ladylike when I use it lol.

              As far as the Aussies are concerned, well, we are who we are, style or not, probably not lol, but take us or leave us imo. The Americans also have their own style and maybe you are only concentrating on the negative aspects, which by the way exist in each one of our own residential territories if we are each honest in that perspective..

              Heck John, I know you probably feel like I am a waste of your time sometimes being as none worldly as I may be to you. But please know that I listen to you and always appreciate most of what you share. Your perspective is very different to my own so basically I only have the capacity to share that at bass level as it may be. Maybe things are just the way they are, as far as different levels of existence are concerned. I have no illusions of tickets upon myself, believe me. I know exactly where I stand in this world.

              I do sincerely appreciate having the ability to share with you and have you take the extensive time you do with me but sometimes I wonder if you ever really hear any of us little people and allow to sink in what we express. Maybe we don’t impact the bigger games and maneuvers you are involved in this world to an enormous degree and that’s okay too because that is your world, maybe we just learn from that. I consider it tremendous that we can be from such different worlds and have the ability to share a little.

              A wise little bird once told me that a greater man can always teach me precious wonderful lessons in this life but a shy (believe it or not lol) and introverted person always has the ability to open undiscovered doors to a world that has been overlooked by such a great man. I know what is behind those doors. Simplicity, truth, decency, honour, trust compassion and care. Can’t throw the big “L” word in there as I am still learning about that one lol. Not coming on to you here at all John in expressing that but just hopefully trying to show you that even people on my level in this world have precious qualities to share and they are worthy where true value of a soul is sought. But whether they are important enough in the big scheme of things in this world is probably another matter. I have always wondered about that and am still wondering at this age.

              Not one single one of us knows all about everything. Even those classified as being on the lower rungs posses knowledge that is most worthy. I am a strong believer in listening. But maybe I have the luxury of such time being available for such.

              Toodle Loo Kido. Catch ya on the next tinnie ride to the big bro’s rock. LOL


  66. Tony we had our meeting last night here in upstate NY and when we presented out crypto totals there was a gasp. It was unbelievable the numbers we are seeing. and to think several years ago I was sending Zap money and drinking that nesara koolaid. My how times have changed!!

    We agreed to stay the course through corrections and add to our positions on dips and have set aside the funds to do so. now we are actually welcoming corrections and not fearing them.

    And we are really excited to see what big J has in store for us. this mentioning of the possible opportunities for us once he gets his edlers through the UN thing sounds fantastic. We are ready to be enthusiastic supporters of that.

    Thank you again your pal C.

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    1. Congratulations, again. Keep up the good work. Imagine the collective money sent to all these nesara hustlers and talk-show hosts, instead, diverted to crypto portfolios of the donators. It’s now getting very serious. Lives are being strung out and some serious promises have been made by many, and we will see if they can deliver on them. There may be blood in the streets very soon.

      With respect to the matter of elder/UN transactions, I share your enthusiasm. I do not think many really understand the enormity of it. I do not think many would be able to get their minds around the numbers. These transactions are beyond the scope of the sum total of all the numbers you hear being bandied about by many of the retail level economists who talk of every-day statistics.

      I refer to what is coming as The New Anglo-Asian Alliance, unleashing responsibly managed resources which will not be used to destroy, or for sole purposes of “moneylending”. The precise details have certainly not been disclosed and I doubt they will be until it is appropriate.

      However, even though I am limited to what I can say, the information that we have already been openly given is but a mere glimpse of what is going to come. The numbers are staggering, simply staggering. We can only imagine what the complete plans are going to be. You will be hard pressed to find any common retail-level financial advisor to even be aware of its details and ramifications. This is understandable as this is the venue of the “hands which rock the cradle” and not the cradle itself.

      Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing your successes. I expect more in the future, okay?

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        By making the last payment on all the former Soviet republics debts to the world’s central banks– making Russia the first nation to set itself totally free from the oppressive grip of the New World Order’s banking system– Putin has actually made sure future generations of Russians will not live in financial obligation slavery to the globalist cabal.

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    2. Good on you Concord. You absolutely thrill me when you share your reports re you magnificent accomplishments in the crypto area.


  67. Court Docs Show FBI Can Intercept Encrypted Messages From Deep State-Backed ‘Signal’ App – Big League Politics

    Is there no privacy left in our world? Disgusting.
    Britons ignore ministers and rush to book UK summer holidays

    Morons. The Non Pandemic has brought home clearlyr to me the abysmal, moronic mass stupidity of the Sheeple.
    Pre this, I credited them with more.
    Now, sadly, its clear most ore Mor -Ons!!!!
    The countries Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted arrivals are still flying in from

    For Gods sake shut the doors to Bongo Lands. Chan Ants scuttling brought it in. Have we learned nothing?
    US government appeals UK ruling against Julian Assange’s extradition

    The Biden Sock Puppet has his orders. The Pentagon want Assange to DIE in a US jail.

    It’s nonsense isn’t it? Just stop flights from Bongo Lands.
    Nicola Sturgeon scales back vaccine appointments in Scotland blaming supply shortages despite No10 voicing ‘confidence’ UK has enough – as last two million people in vulnerable groups are urged to contact the NHS

    Nicola Sturgeon said that the number of appointments being offered north of the border could be scaled back, blaming high uptake and Pfizer manufacturing problems.

    The days are numbered for that Scots Gobshite Hag. Off with her head.!

    Robert the Bruce.

    We housed Mary, Queen of Scots, in Wed, windy and freezing Tutbury Castle on the hill.
    Until, like this Shite, she was caught passing insurrection messages so we did the right thing.
    Just like Charles Stuart. Both lost their heads. And we cut off keep costs.
    The Scots are getting mass vaccines free from the English .As they do health care. And huge subsidies.
    Would the Romans have saved them?
    Or the Vikings?

    The truth is Sturgeon has needlessly rabble roused whining insurrection, in a land where they have proved unable to ever keep themselves.
    The EU has no need of millions of Broke, ever whining scavenging Gobshites. Who does? We need only the land border protection. If we ever do cut it loose, famine will follow. Fast!
    Be assured, if we dump the Scots the Borders will be firm. No TV, no English money or food, no NHS funded by the English, no jobs, No One Cares. 5 years they would be begging to be taken back
    But No!
    So, for the sake’s of real Scots innocents, can we not learn to co exist? And for you to stop producing ugly Hags?
    Goodwill, or do we have to re breed English with the Scots women to upgrade the herd?
    Longshanks taught you not to push it. .Charles Stuard we Surgeon, and Mary, poleaxed Queen. we’ve had enough. Bang! Iron fist.
    Seriously the Bruce, in that ever cold, Miggie ridden, wet, drunken, poxed up hell hole, is it not time to co -exist? One Island?
    We could cut your heating off, or worse?
    Joking, but you get the point. Goodwill first? You’re subsidised 20% more than the English and you still blow it. That Hag and Holyrood.
    SNPs are such a F Up. .
    What was the point? You screwed the Pooch again Who the hell bread Sturgeon? Put a gag and bag on its head.
    Failure of Scots Diplomacy. .

    Grandson of Longshanks. With Iron fist. Do we need to finish the job? Or just reason sensibly? And stop you producing ugly hags.
    Together we can do more, and better. Your Clans let you down. always!


  68. Tino
    Also please be aware that LARGE numbers of both infected and Bongo Land Countries are flying in with false and FAKE Covid Certified Clean reports. They buy fake certs. Vast numbers, many infected. Look how many scurrilous Rats flew in from China knowingly infected. They just don’t care. F Peasants.- pissants with no concept of consequences. Nor do they care. Flying Ants come in swarms !

    Over a year and STILL these F Brains in Government are too DUMB to have created safe arrivals testing and even Pre Flight testing. It needs BOTH plus Quarantine Hotels. Policed ! Each floor guarded and room service only. It’s get Real Time. Because- It’s clear the Global mutations and new waves are coming.
    We need to slam the door on flights until safe. We can only just cope with what we have. That already has created havoc with alternative badly needed healthcare checks and treatments. Devastating. Deaths will multiply needlessly.
    If so, we have to qualify deserving priorities.
    Hard calls.
    Life choices need to be made.
    Real calls. Accept Covid is now HERE! So plan .
    Why should Smokers and Grossly obese with Covid bed block?
    Where Life calls are needed, time to take those calls off the Docs and Nurses. Your Humanitarian values need to be protected.
    Money IS finite.Reals calls need to be pre ordained.
    If serious Smokers and grossly obese make such calls, we need the Judgement of Solomon applying as Government policies. Let us lead. At the moment we are containing Covid but knocking back other checks and needs back now up to 4 years. That’s harsh.
    Cancer patients don’t ask for it. Gratuitous greed is a choice. Which is more deserving of care? It may come to that choice. Even as admission.
    This is NOT going away. But asking Governments to think? It’s time!
    Hard calls- Real world. Thinking time.


  69. An excellent presentation Tino. These Toxic breath reversers will do more damage than good. Idiot Plebs walking around like muzzled sheep, will pay a price for this.
    Washing hands is enough. I now just wear a badge on a Lanyard stating expect for medical reasons.
    If asked I state I simply do not qualify for stupidity gags. Its a choice and I steer round it.
    Apart from misting up glasses, and re absorbing exhaled toxins, I defer to your well illustrated multi issue case also. And- Your read here in volume Globally.
    Thank you for the input Tino. It helps many.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I flatly refuse to wear a mask anywhere now. If an establishment advises me I must do so to enter those premises, then I will not enter those premises ever again, even if they change their rules at a later date. Cheese me off once with stupidity and I will not forget nor forgive.


  70. Sigh… I get myself into trouble all the time. In any event, this might help some folks.

    It’s irresponsible and inaccurate to say that mask use makes no difference.

    It doesn’t and provably so. In fact, if anything it proves the opposite. Isn’t it fascinating that mask wearers getting clinically relevant COVID or URI outgunned non-mask wearers almost 8 to 1? In Japan and South Korea and certain Chinese cities, were mask compliance has been high for almost 40 years, has not impacted their yearly influenza curves at all when compared to prior non-masked years.

    What evidence we have says they are useless relative viral spread. Hell, they can’t stop bacterial spread (see refs below) but we should believe they affect viruses? The physics of micron and nanometer object re: their spread is not intuitive. They go where they want at will. Why do you think viral research happens in space suits, negative pressure rooms, and hyper-filtered air. Also, unless you have ever truly studied that, most of what you will think is, well, wrong. For example, a properly fitted N95 mask under optimal lab conditions, when confronted with an aerosol, will still allow 500 to 1500 sub-micron particles thru per respiratory cycle. How many breathes does it take to be fully infected? Easily 1. For surgical masks, a 0.125 micron viral particle will sail thru a 2-micron pore surgical mask. Forget cloth masks with 2-250 micron pores. But, droplet stopping? So what? The mask will wet with respiratory moisture or wet from the droplet. The wet pore will blow a bubble on respiration that will shatter into a myriad of sub-micron particles, which will sail thru the mask. This is why the Science Guy’s video of the process is not correct, and is criminally stupid. And never mind ocular transmission, fecal oral, fomite-to-hand, fomite to clothes to hand, all routes nobody talks about but must be there. Ever see the video of the nurse with glow-in-the-dark dust showing how normal human behavior spread it *everywhere*? Moral: Wash, wash, the hands.

    Everyone gets both tests [influenza and COVID]

    Everyone DOESN’T get both tests. In fact, influenza testing is running 25K per week — whereas COVID testing is running roughly 1MM per week with 100K positive. Remember that in strict test of COVID v Influenza, 1500 samples of the clinically symptomatic with COVID positive tests, turned out to be overwhelmingly influenza A or B (about 1450 I think).


    In wide-scope accounting of masks, you need to factor the following in:

    Remember Operating Theatres are pseudo-sterile. We use a disciplined approach to keep everything above waist-height as sterile as we can make it. And while we minimize bacteria and viruses thru disinfectants and filters, the reality is not as absolute as medicine likes to portray.

    The medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent: masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.

    Ritter et al., in 1975, found that “the wearing of a surgical face mask had no effect upon the overall operating room environmental contamination.”

    Ha’eri and Wiley, in 1980, applied human albumin microspheres to the interior of surgical masks in 20 operations. At the end of each operation, wound washings were examined under the microscope. “Particle contamination of the wound was demonstrated in all experiments.”

    Laslett and Sabin, in 1989, found that caps and masks were not necessary during cardiac catheterization. “No infections were found in any patient, regardless of whether a cap or mask was used,” they wrote. Sjøl and Kelbaek came to the same conclusion in 2002.

    In Tunevall’s 1991 study, a general surgical team wore no masks in half of their surgeries for two years. After 1,537 operations performed with masks, the wound infection rate was 4.7%, while after 1,551 operations performed without masks, the wound infection rate was only 3.5%.

    A review by Skinner and Sutton in 2001 concluded that “The evidence for discontinuing the use of surgical face masks would appear to be stronger than the evidence available to support their continued use.”

    Lahme et al., in 2001, wrote that “surgical face masks worn by patients during regional anaesthesia, did not reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria over the operation field in our study. Thus they are dispensable.”

    Figueiredo et al., in 2001, reported that in five years of doing peritoneal dialysis without masks, rates of peritonitis in their unit were no different than rates in hospitals where masks were worn.

    Bahli did a systematic literature review in 2009 and found that “no significant difference in the incidence of postoperative wound infection was observed between masks groups and groups operated with no masks.”

    Surgeons at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, recognizing the lack of evidence supporting the use of masks, ceased requiring them in 2010 for anesthesiologists and other non-scrubbed personnel in the operating room. “Our decision to no longer require routine surgical masks for personnel not scrubbed for surgery is a departure from common practice. But the evidence to support this practice does not exist,” wrote Dr. Eva Sellden.

    Webster et al., in 2010, reported on obstetric, gynecological, general, orthopaedic, breast and urological surgeries performed on 827 patients. All non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries, and none of the non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries. Surgical site infections occurred in 11.5% of the Mask group, and in only 9.0% of the No Mask group.

    Lipp and Edwards reviewed the surgical literature in 2014 and found “no statistically significant difference in infection rates between the masked and unmasked group in any of the trials.” Vincent and Edwards updated this review in 2016 and the conclusion was the same.

    Carøe, in a 2014 review based on four studies and 6,006 patients, wrote that “none of the four studies found a difference in the number of post-operative infections whether you used a surgical mask or not.”

    Salassa and Swiontkowski, in 2014, investigated the necessity of scrubs, masks and head coverings in the operating room and concluded that “there is no evidence that these measures reduce the prevalence of surgical site infection.”

    Da Zhou et al., reviewing the literature in 2015, concluded that “there is a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that facemasks protect either patient or surgeon from infectious contamination.”

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  71. Touche

    Hahaha. And at the same time these rats have held up the GS, and other beneficial financial releases for society’s benefit.

    Good news. The only good Bolshevik is one laying flat on his back and bleeding from his ears.

    What would Enoch say?

    If I can free some time, I will be there.

    Good. More for us. Silly wogs.

    I will start caring when you can show me anything the IMF has done that translates to helping anyone.


    He clearly has balls.

    The way of the future…the way of the future…the way of the future.

    Vibrant cultural enrichment.

    The Chi-coms Strike Back.


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