The Legitimate Dynastic Elders And Goals of Their Releases  

This is a complex, multifaceted, multi-nation, multi-Banking, and Global Power Control Dichotomy. All have their Say and want to be in the final Game play. 

We now have Rockefellers, the Crown via the Committee of 300, and the Elders in full play. Representatives are there right now, as parties try to reach a consensus with so many self seeking special interests. One which will cater for the ever changing new Global Dynamics. With the emergence of Cryptos, Blockchain, the growing Global preference for Euros over USD, and incoming QFS, the Zionist Old Guard is seeking to hook their Claws onto something, or all will be swept away. Their problem in the new world incoming, is there is no real role for them to play or dominate. Nor a need. Parasites are trying as ever to burrow into a new Host! “Hit the Rocks, Fella”, is not what they had in mind. It’s Culture Shocking them. 

QFS can negate their entire control base, as so many accounts would fail the History of Funds Diligence Checks. How was it earned or sourced? Apply this and entire groups of cross corruption will be exposed. They seek control. We are denying it. 

“…We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits…”  

Senior GS Trustee

Tough London Ethical Controls. No “Camels” in the tent. Trust! Zio Free!

The U.S. simply is insolvent, and in desperate need of an asset base to underpin its Fake Fed Base, the insolvent U.S. Zio Banks are sucked dry to cover over the cracks in the U.S. Treasury Balance Sheets to continue the Myth of Fiscal probity. We know this! 

More meetings are set for next week hoping to clear issues to be finally signed off soon by all parties. Presidents are waiting. There is a lot we can’t and won’t say in Public. Nor will we show our hand yet. Almost all the Tier One and Tier Two MTN Bank Program Profits (Vast!!!) are skimmed off into their Offshore Accounts daily, evading Taxes and denying nations’ wealth creation needs. This goes to fund an insatiable CRIMINAL Military Industrial Cabal and a vast plethora of Special Interests’ Mercenary Contractor Killers costing between $3K to $5K per man day operating beyond the rule of law, in ruthless Wars created for profits. A Million poor Iraqis died for this. How many poor Syrians have died for this?

Be clear – the ONLY reason the U.S. is in Syria is to steal its oil, and to steal its land. Look at the disgrace and suffering of Palestine. Trump, acting under orders from his Zionist Paymasters, unlawfully gifted Syria’s Golan Heights to the Kushner Crime Family and other Zionists, Cheney and Mossad’s Nutter Yahoo. Hegemony for Money!  There is no Moral Imperative or Honor in using the U.S. Military as body bags for Israeli and vast Zionists’ profits. Mongrel Dogs rented for profit. 

We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits. They want amnesties? We want the vast Profits accrued daily to service Human and Ecological needs, not their greed. Putting back. Establishing a Moral Imperative.   

Wait until you see our terms. We will show our real plans only after we first get real control. We are thinking a Century forwards. Inclusive regeneration. Our objectives are going to recycle back Project Profits created by the People, into new Wealth Creating Projects and Token/Cryptos where the profits of good projects are then reinvested back into you, the people, and you all become real stakeholders in a United New Wealth Version Self Generating funds for all nations. Educating nations by Professionals, not Churches and Cults skimming off fees. No 7th Century ignorant Despots loose and demanding. Ethereal values from birth. Quality education for all children to have equal chances. Nurturing values from birth. Educating. Not allowing ever continuing indoctrination from these Mongrels and their Blood Cult Child sexual mutilations. We have to turn the tide over a century.  

Only 40% of all Taxes syphoned off from you actually goes back to fund needs for you. 60% is recklessly wasted on Admin and Bureaucratic Suits. Why? Because it’s “Their” pernicious Law? Not to serve you, but to help themselves. We will be looking to fund Humanity directly to the point of need, and to cut out their waste. Why do we need “Governments”? Incompetent, inept and crooked. Without these mediocrities over 150% more investment can go back to meet needs, without the Half Wits, Clinton sleaze, Nancys and Scammers syphoning from the pot.

What you the people create, we want to put back without Roaches on your back. Rethinking Community Development, its purpose, protective needs and how to secure Communities by the self created Community Pride of We The People protecting its own Community with pride. Where every Person’s Home is YOUR own Sovereign Domain. Your Right to be Free of persecution! To exist safely. To know, that as long as you have Humane values, we will protect your very right to exist.

Those are the objectives of the Elders and London Trusts. To make a Difference! To serve Humanity, not to help themselves.

So much is active on your watch. Vision is alive! These funds need to be used for a good purpose as endowed. To sow the green shoots of hope for Mankind to be Kind. Leaders fit to serve. Service to others is a Privilege, not a Right.

Right…is putting back.


  1. and

    Wait for it another delay because India’s mutation is loose and racing away.
    Ethereum price shoots to new all-time high as experts make $20000 prediction

    The Brits face down RAS Putin

    Now he’s really going to piss her off this will get ugly

    Good luck with this I hope he can cover his legal bills

    Greed rules!
    BREAKING NEWS: Police raid Romelu Lukaku’s birthday party in Milan

    Covid police are arresting everyone it’s easy fines to rip us off again
    Editorial: No amount of airstrikes will end the conflict between Israel and Hamas

    We Brits and the US are guilty as hell of throwing millions of poor Palestinians out of their homes and stealing their Homeland , because Post WW11, no European nations wanted these fake Kazarian Jews back at any price, nor did the US want them.

    We stole Palestine’s land in a deal with Rothschilds, and we sent this poor nation to hell.

    The more they kill these poor Palestinians, an ever greater hatred builds across the Arab world and Global views of Pariahs will build up. America must stop funding and arming these Kazars.

    Mossad already has plans in situ to cause mass destruction across America if it does not get its way.
    You have a wild animal by the tail. All they touch they destroy. America needs to think with care of the end game here. You have seen 9/11 and it caused mass panic across America. The Middle East lives with it daily.
    Arabs will think new WMD’s and it wont end well for America. These Kazars will take all the gain. You will get the pain.

    Israel is a cruel Pariah State, its ruthless greed will bring on Armageddon. .No one will shed a tear.

    There are many good and valued Jews across the world, who are in no way to blame for Mossad or the Kazars. We must respect and protect the good Jews. This will not end well. Arabs will unite and with Russian and Chinese backing, may bring forward the final solution. Was there even any other end game for them? Are all the nations wrong who expelled them? It’s time for Russia, Iran and China to step up, lance this vicious Carbuncle of Despots. No Palestinian Child should be raised in such terror, Are yours? .

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  2. The roots of this pestilence were planted mid last century…and we watered the roots. The plant is poisonous and we are doing very little to pull it out of the soil.


    1. Thank you for sharing Tony. This is horrible. But this society (in US) is headed on that direction and the future does not look promising, it is pretty bad. We can be the next south Africa, indeed.



    Greed from hero to Zero.

    This is the danger every guy faces with a one sided marriage contract. They were only married 12 years she came in with nothing. Now she is trying to grab the crown Jewell’s. The worst contract and guy ever enters into.
    With a 50%, divorce rate are we mad,?
    Dozens more Covid dead wash up on the banks of the Ganges

    They wonder why it’s exploding in India?
    This unhygienic filth is coming at the world as they travel. Quarantine ship rules!
    Benjamin Netanyahu declares a state of emergency in Lod

    Understand SS Kazars, your invasive and ruthless repression and theft of their nation will never be forgotten. Now their tickets travel further and with increased warheads real revenge is coming.
    Just wait until their Labs start to release viable WMDs. One viable virus will take out a million. The Egyptian plague will come. Good Jews need to leave. Go to welcoming nations and live in peace. You are a good people
    These repressive Kazars have Karma to pay karma is a Bitch
    Violence erupts in London as pro-Palestine activists clash with police

    Now the truth is getting out and the Kazars don’t like it.
    Palestinians will never stop and Iran plus Syria will come into it
    Husband of wife killed in Greek burglary ‘begged’ men not to hurt her

    Dreadful our world is sick.
    Scale of Covid-19 pandemic could have been prevented, panel says

    All this is correct we were screaming at Johnson to stop Chinese flights in February. He dithered like a big girls blouse for 6 months
    Israel vows more attacks to bring ‘total, long-term quiet’

    Both Iran and Syria will send ever more rockets and the Vengeant Mullahs in the Bekar Valley are fanatical it’s only time before they get, or get sold WMD s then Israehell gets torched.
    . Israelis will keep stealing land and brutalising Palestinians. Children grow up brutalised and hating. Israel really needs to humanise fast or they will wreak hell.
    Covid can cause erectile dysfunction months later, study claims

    Jeez this will stop the uptake if advertised. What No Lead in my Pencil? Take it away
    Ellen DeGeneres to END her talk show after 18 seasons

    Her time was up years ago. This pointless, Talentless , grossly overrated misfit has no role in this modern world and no class for sure.
    She’s well past her sell by date and reflects a certain type we well know.
    How did she ever emerge from La La land as anything?

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    1. Fork Disneyland! “The happiest place on earth” my ass. (That’s what it says on the sign at the entrance) So many fond memories growing up as a kid and adult. What a shame! I could care less if I ever visit there again.

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      1. Ah yes…Disneyland in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

        Always a great place to meet hot chicks and suck face when the ride you were on got to a dark place. I don’t think I ever saw half the pirates in the Caribbean. lol 🦜🏴‍☠️

        Haunted Mansion was the best. Just the two of us…I heard the ride…I didn’t see it. 🙄

        I once got thrown out of Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln because I shouted out “Bang!”, during a brief quiet moment in his speech. (I was dared).

        A guy that used to hang with us thought he was a real lady killer. He told us that he could walk a certain way, and stare a certain way and attract a girl just by doing that. We thought he was nuts. He walked up and down between the Matterhorn and It’s A Small World for about 15 minutes, and we were laughing so hard we nearly pissed our pants. All he attracted was an old lady who needed to know where the bathroom was. We never laughed so hard.

        I would not go near the place now. It’s an Ellis Island for third-world retards.

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          1. I was on the Voyage Into Inner-Space, seeing how far I could get my tongue into Bonnie Brown’s throat. Definitely an E-Ticket ride!


  4. We are moving towards resolution of so many closing issues now with the Elders, that detailed reality of what will follow with a QFS history of funds list just came home with a bang, and Leaders want a certain bank replaced fast as the Lead Bank Issuer. QFS leaves all skidmarks and identities publicly exposed, so a fast profile reformatting history is taking place. Believe it! Details you don’t need to know, just that it’s being sorted.

    Once activated, the list of project needs is insurmountable. A step at a time.

    Daily I see so much need, and daily I see so much Greed.

    12 Good Men once tried to give is a guideline list of 10 commandments.

    It seems still not to have even yet sunk in. Yet so much makes sense. Do we re start there?

    Where do we start? Children needed values we can live by. How do we reshape man to be Kind?
    Do you think Politicians can grasp the 10? Ever?

    It starts there. It cover most. Why are Human values not more important than a fast Buck?
    Is the love and smile on the face of a happy child not priceless?

    Real value , is what we Gift to them in values. For life to have meaning, not to be demeaning.
    These funds need to make a difference. Stewards of Probity with care. Not for Bar Stewards of sleaze.
    Who leads? What values?

    I was asked what will be the terms for approval. I gave them this. Is it so bad a place to start again?

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    1. Brilliant! Thank you John but it’s seems to me that we have a long way to go to with what should be a “knowing” and not be a piece of paper to tell us so. But good start. Bravo!

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    2. Excellent place to start!… power in the hands of leaders who are for humanities real needs while promoting love and kindness for all will be earth shattering!… that alone will be a real change!

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  5. Jeezzz…. This is crazy…. 8-0

    Internet Computer is already one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $45 billion – just two days after launching

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  6. This is going to escalate the escalation.

    Beware the Palestinian armored division.


    1. Wait until both Syria and Iran really come in behind Israel. Iraq too.
      Iran will give them 100,000 rockets with ever bigger warhead.
      The Leaders in Lebanon are working on WMDs. andone Syria backed by Russia recovers the Golan Heights, THEIR Land, they will rain down hell daily. Palestine will never give up. This will bring more Arab support.,

      Arm Palestine to stop these Kazar Swine.


  7. He’s a p—y machine.

    This should be good.

    Why prolong the inevitable?

    Holy mackerel. I hope there were no people in that building.

    The Arabs and the Jews…

    No laughing matter, is it.


    1. Newfound RESPECT for Queen Elizabeth. Going thru some documentaries about her family and her reign. One tough cookie. Even if only half that was said about her is true. Many would buckle from the challenges she had to face both as a reigning monarch and as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, etc.


      1. MN

        She’s been the most devout and Iconic Monarch ever, a truly dedicated inspiration to many.
        Every woman should be proud.
        William will hopefully carry the torch.
        Unfortunately, the half wit Charles may douse it first.
        Elizabeth deserves all respect.
        The Public will never forget Diana, Or Charles! He and the HO both need to go!



    This is dangerous.

    Tucker Carlson: Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen, why isn’t there a criminal investigation? | Fox News

    Raises an appropriate question. Heat is growing for Fauci
    Dr. Fauci’s Entire Career and Reputation Now Hinge On This One Video… – Revolver

    Fauci has a lot to answer for along with Gates. Why is he still free?
    The return of casual sex: Boris Johnson gives the green light for overnight stays for first time this year, with rules on kissing and hugging relaxed from May 17

    Casual sex will be allowed again for the first time this year as part of the Government’s latest lifting of lockdown measures, with people from different households allowed to meet inside from Monday.

    Really, Boris thinks we distance from Social Bonking? Dumkoff!
    ‘Civil war is brewing’: Serving French soldiers send Macron another chilling warning following earlier letter from retired generals calling for military action against ‘Islamists’

    A group of serving French soldiers have published a new open letter warning Emmanuel Macron that the ‘survival’ of France is at stake after the President made ‘concessions’ to Islamism.

    Islam is tearing the West apart.
    An Areshole started his games on London Bridge. He should have been thrown over into the River Thames. The rest with him.
    Hopefully the French do riot against the Muslims because Macron has lost the plot. Islam needs to be stopped- Dead!

    What the hell has been released? Why won’t China allow the WHO team into China to investigate the Wuhan Labs?
    Israel warns it has only just begun as it unleashes new air strikes in Gaza after overnight attacks | Daily Mail Online

    These Kazar Mafia animals posing as fake, assimilated Jews, will keep stealing land and murderking poor Palestinian children in ther own homes. Palestne needs and deserves the weapoms to fight back.
    Vaccine passport will be on the NHS app from NEXT WEEK

    Without this you will not fly, stay at hotels , attend conferences, or attend events soon.
    You can decline. But then you live outside of the herd.
    The State is rapacious. Uncaring.

    Vaccine passport will be on the NHS app from NEXT WEEK
    Immediate Use of Ivermectin Medicine Globally Can End COVID-19 Pandemic: Scientists | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel |

    Thinking Doctors.
    One imagines this will get wider exposure. Please help it.
    Government to ban ‘abhorrent and coercive’ gay conversion therapy
    For any human born with a different or cross divided genetic or Gender nature, or find ourselves enlosed in a body where Michael Fitpatrick feels he really should be Patrick Fizmichael, life will not be easy.
    Life has evolved, and we are no longer Queer Bashing,. but understanding and empathising will take time. As Man kind is developing Man needs to be Kind. To understand.
    We need to rethink Genders, and change false Church double standards, two faced agenders.
    We are who we are. Differences need time to understand We did not have the change to design our own DNA or Genders. Change agenders change what?
    Maybe the biggest change needed is our OWN consciousness. Do WE need the therapy?

    Government to ban ‘abhorrent and coercive’ gay conversion therapy


  9. Well, if Chinese and Russian paratroops ever land here, they won’t need to worry about quarter-mastering food in the advanced guard units. They can eat off the fat of the land.

    Fund moms.

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  10. Are we in the twilight zone? This just can’t be real.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to OK hugs between households on May 17 – Reuters

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    1. The definition of insanity… sheeplings will be sheared!… Boris can take his Vaxx passport and tie a string to it, swallow the string then pull it put his arse@!… why is a vaxx that has killed more people than all other vaxx combined in the last 20 years being shoved so hard?… and that is with reported numbers, what are real numbers… and the death percentage, what is that real number… CDC has said it’s way less… no one uses the real numbers!… I have a better chance of dying from a plane falling out of the sky… take all the real science info we have learned over the last year and a half, if you put all the together and shared it on national news every minute, like they do with the fear porn, masks would have been gone as would lockdowns long ago… look at FL!… Fauci is in the neck deep… as is our leaders… what is the real goal?


  11. Wait until someone puts VX or Sarin in one of those rockets.

    Godfrey rocks.

    What about dinar?

    Since when does a bank “Ponder” over fee income?

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    I for one dare not say F Sturgeon because I fear she will take me up on it.
    Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 ‘To Cause Enemy’s Medical System To Collapse’ | ZeroHedge

    Some people might imagine the Chinese with traitors within America conspired to use the virus as a weapon against the West. If not, then it sure would make for a great movie script.

    The Gobshite Socialist parasite gets called out and ridiculed.
    Biden’s $90 Billion Bailout to Tehran

    For the last 5 years while I have been building goodwill and reason with Iran, I have noted the deluge of CIA agents flooding in to meetings with the Republican Guards heads trying to fill their boots witht every energy and wealth producing contract going.
    The Criminal Intelligence Agency at work.
    Bush 41 was up to the neck in it with the KGB until the found he was too crooked to deal with.
    General Betrayus gave up the secrets for a bang. Pathetic.
    Its all about 2 faced rats buying in. Body bags for Dumb Americans and Profits for the Cabal, Contractors and CIA.
    I am sure the bagmen are traveling. Perhaps a New system is needed that makes every movement of capital transparent to all parties. No Liars Charter? OMG ?
    Up to half of Covid cases in London could now be Indian variant

    A whole new wave is coming at us.

    Not sure if China’s Yuan can give confidence
    150 rotting bodies of ‘Covid patients’ wash up on the banks of Ganges

    More sad allegations on India

    As the Khazar Zionist steal more Palestinian land, as Parasites do, tnhese Pariahs are now disturbing Arab Holy Sites as well as stealing homes.
    There is dissent What a surprise?
    The sooner Syria, Egypt and Iran move against this tyrannical Khazar vermin in the better. Russia and China must protect Iran and Syria. Israel needs booting out of all occupied territories, head first and the US must stop arming and funding these vile Pariahs. If Iran and Syria invade there will be no mercy. These are not real Jews, wake up! I know many good Jews they are not like this. Good Jews need protecting and welcoming everywhere. Good Jews, we are with you a kind and good people. Assimilating Zionist Khazars you are not. You hurt good Jews. Jews are not Zionists.
    Moment a pet TIGER is seen roaming around a Houston neighborhood

    Nutters need horsewhipping

    Harry you damn mental case look what you and the Bolter have done. Stupid little boy. Grow Up!

    Epstein knew the type. He’s going to get screwed for free now. This will hurt she will be ruthless and dirt will come out as now.
    Explosions heard in Israel as Hamas claims to have fired rockets

    It’s vile, try living as a Palestinian brutalised. Your home’s torn from you. Denied access to families in Ghaza. Denied basics and refugees in your own land. Tent cities and Khazar ruthless brutality masked from the world by Zionist Mafia press and MSM owners. They muzzle truth. We need to barbed wire muzzle the lot of them. Disgusting Pariahs Good Jews are not like this nor are Jews Zionist . Zios are assimilating Genghis khan animals and their Parish spawn is loose in the world. Education needs to remove them

    Just look at this now with Pfizer. What the hell is going down Here, apart from YOU?

    Restrooms Signs

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    First of all, I am holding 5,000 ARRR that I sunk $300 into about five months ago or so. Each crypto cost me 6 cents. Recently the crypto went up to $16:00 + each and is now hovering between $6 and $7. These are the kind of fantastic gains that can be made in crypto.

    I expect ARRR to go to the moon in the future for various reasons. I am not recommending that you buy it, but just wanted to tell you about it.

    When I brought Fantom here a few months back, it was selling for 8 cents, and now is .80… a ten bagger for you my Lords and Ladies.

    I have other tremendous gains that I could tell you about, but there is another token that sounds FUN to me and I am hoping to see it go up to $10 per token at which time, I will become a FUN millionaire as I have 100,000 FUN.

    Because of the market that this token caters to, we can expect to see both investors and gamblers buying it up. The WHA admin could tell you more about it also as it was recommended by TEEKA some time ago.

    After blockchain becomes more and more mainstream and this token is adopted by casinos and also sports books, this token could really fly high. I just hope these casinos and sportsbook owners who have their blinders on right now will have them ripped off when they really see the potential of converting their casinos and sportsbooks over to the FUN blockchain ecosystem.

    That is all for you now my Lords and Ladies, Robert The Bruce – King of Scots

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    1. Good, constructive Self Help from the Scots. Free thinking.
      But time to cease the whinging and false tribulations.
      Bruce callously and shamefully betrayed Wallace to an appalling death and to be hung in Westminster. Bruce was bribed and shameless. Ever the Scots. Yet they eulogise this tarnished sub human. Why? He’s a scumbag. Rethink history and truth ?

      Sheep and Cattle Rustlers. Always bribed. A truly, laconic and mediocre bunch of disunited Tribes. Rome called it well – Wall them in. As Hadrian did.

      But beyond the shame of a Drunken, Drug ridden kip of a nation is their disposition to breed such ugly women.Any thinking guy facing that has to choose to use them facing only the back door. I give and gift you ~Sturgeon!
      One small island, the only sensible solution is to co exist. ,One Island One people.
      Or Prima Nocta to bang some class in the place. Breed the Scots out?

      Goodwill and dialogue to rebuild Scots economies. Caring and sharing on our Island together, Or ignominy in freefall? No choice to be fed then only gruel for a Fool.
      Scots need to show some latitude and show F Gratitude.Let’s work together and work it out.
      I will fund you the Hessian head sack for Sturgeon. A Gag also. Salmon has already swam up shit creek. Scots.

      Reason? . The EU has its own basket cases. All of them! It needs no more.


    2. Just wanted to issue a caution about the FUN token. I probably should sell part of my holding to get my original investment back as the risk in buying this token is that the sports books and casinos may not adopt this token and the FUN ecosystem for their companies. A competitor may also come along that has something better.

      So just wanted to issue this warning, and tell you I am not necessarily recommending the FUN token as a purchase. If you purchased it already, I am sure there will be an opportunity to get out at a profit if you want to grab profits and use your money elsewhere.

      The FUN token is speculative.

      A special hello to Aurataya13 who is one of my favorite Viscountesses. I have you in my heart always also.

      Robert The Bruce – King Of Scotland


    3. HI All,
      I just viewed the video with the lady testing the covid-19 jab site on her shoulder and showing that there is something magnetic in her arm.

      I don’t know which brand of the vaccine she was given…. but …
      just for shits and giggles, I tried the same thing she did and I did not get the same result. I don’t know how big a chip is nowadays, but the last video I saw on Swedes getting chipped is that it should at least be the size of a grain of rice. Unless the technology has improved so much that they can pass thru a needle so small that they cannot even be seen with the naked eye.

      Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin


  14. SF Driver
    Re Zimbabwe AU notes.

    One of our Clients holds vast amounts of that crap. Au notes. He’s been trying for years to cash out at anything.

    Good luck with yours! He’s sold Zero and not for want of trying. He’s tried the Bank Program route via Ambulance Chasing Flake Attorneys, and taken the crap from Reno, to NY and Florida. Even his Butt turns its face at them..

    But, there’s a Sucker born every day. Trump and Biden Voters are living proof that either passed IQ or Standards vetting? .Bush 43 can’t even do joined up writing. Seriously! No one does F Brains like America. How many voted twice for Soetoro, the Fake Indonesian Illegal Chicago Usurper Con Man?

    In Reno they tried peddling this crap for years. Without success. Try wallpaper stores? $100 Bucks buys you how many T’s? Float it with the Floaters in the Bible Belt or Utah. They do a Special Line of BS in disappearing Gold plates. Tell the Suckers Smith printed them with mystic codes of Romney’s Offshore account details. Throw in 3 more wives to go?

    A hundred Bucks will buy you a plane load or you were conned.

    If Reno can’t float them? Will Ebay or like types bite? Amber gamblers. Biden voters? This is America. Good luck.


    1. SF Driver

      Hang in good change is coming. All these last stage issues are resolving US and Zionist corruption. Turkeys being made to vote for Thanksgiving. Speed is not our remit or call. Resolving redemptions is. Our side is sorted as we get the US aborted. Unlike the Scots Sturgeon, it’s coming, Watch the daily Crypto tips aso. Good luck.


  15. Hi John and Tony. I’m listening to oldies music with mom this morning and this version of the impossible dream played.
    I thought of you both while listening. Thank you for all you do.

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    1. A Johnson

      Without the impossible dream, there is no evolution. Making dreams happen forges nations. Look at America today. F’d up now in many parts but still an Empire OK it left the tracks but re track it.
      Leaders make dreams happen. . Until you pollute the quality of Chumps who only dream in black and white. Great Leaders know the difference. New ones emerge.

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    2. My Dearest A. Johnson:

      Did you not think of your KING also when you listened to that song? I would like all Viscountesses Of The Kingdom Of Scotland to have their KING always in their hearts.

      As you know our great country may soon be free of the english overlords who have oppressed us these many years. When that happens, I would like the first dance to be with you my lady.

      I have you in my heart always,

      Robert The Bruce – King of Scotland


        1. Now thinking – Boris Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And most of our MP’s! A Job lot for each Hottentot.


  16. Digital currency is the future. The quicker we develop an e-pound, the better

    When is this Wobbling Clown Johnson going to tell this Hag STF UP YOU are a Conquered People! Losers are not Choosers.
    Scotland can’t wipe its own A** without the English Gag Sturgeon! With Barbed Wire!
    Scottish Parliaments We Funded building the bloody place. Who cares? Gobshites need muzzling. It’s a Yapping Scots Dog.
    As Longshanks said, the place is full of Scots. We buggered the Crofters off to the Colonies. Time to clean house again?
    We don’t need them. We don’t want them We are tired of subsiding and feeding them. Close off all access to England.
    Shut off TV broadcasting in. Shut all roads. Also no passenger trains back out. Only taking them home.
    No more free TV and No English funded NHS for the Scots. No use of the English pounds, no English Vaccines. No cross trade.
    On their knees in 6 m months Begging . The Scots will torch her like Joan of Arc. England will supply the Fuel. Gag and bag the Hag.
    Muzzle the Mutt.
    1,047 Dead 725,079 Reported Injuries following COVID19 Experimental “Vaccines” Reported in the U.K.

    Be careful there is No Evidence to support any of this. If so we would activate the sirens. Fake news worries me. we try to avoid it. !,000 at worst is nothing anyway if we save many more. What is truth? ~Right now who knows? Trust nothing.
    “Worms For Dinner?” World Economic Forum Promotes Mealworms as New Protein Source in Europe’s Bid to Reduce Meat Consumption

    No thanks?
    Absolutely force feed the Muzzies. The see how fast they leave! Carrion!

    An attention seeking Bloody psycho.
    The mother bolted. She’s bolted twice.
    She had an enormous opportunity way beyond her capacity and couldn’t cut it. What damage will she do next to the kids. Vexatious psychos are dangerous. Even worse married to one. Ask Brad Pitt.

    These bloody animals will steal everything if not stopped. Supply Palestine nukes!


    1. Ha! we read this part out loud about Sturgeon at our meeting and had quite a laugh. Even the few Scots in our group agree that shes a putz and a loon.


      1. Concord
        Tell them to bare their Butts and stick a Kilt over its head.
        Johnson is too Dumb to run it over as Road Kill.
        Leaders and Bottom feeders. It must have been bred from a Dirty Week End with a Leprechaun, or a Floater.

        The Scots and English need to get real co exist, End this BS. Longshanks should have finished the job.


    1. Had he complied when the police asked to simply inspect his church when they tried to work with him (on multiple occasions), he made more of an effort to take his case to social media, call them Nazis while appearing unhinged. I don’t feel sorry for this drama queen televangelist at all. He had it coming to him, and now he’ll become a martyr.


      1. He is brave and has heart… he should have had the entire population behind him… Inspect?… show you papers?… what some people are accepting these days is very scary!… I am so thankful for states like FL, TX and many others… also many counties, cities and local school boards… more and more everyday are waking up!… standing against the draconian, Bolshevik and woke crapola that is out GOV…
        The agenda being pushed around the world should scare all!


        1. He’s playing folks like a fiddle. Click on his site. He’s raising money for his “legal defense fund”. Who’s going to audit this carnival barker?

          He’s getting exactly what he wants out of this production and people are buying it.


  17. Rewarding sloth gets you more sloth.


    1. This dumb Sturgeon Hag is ego tripping again with no money to run anything and thinks the EU will be a soft touch to free ride. The EU has enough basket case failed nations already.
      We will not expose our border to attacks and illegals. .We will keep Scotland but we don’t need the Scots. Cut off the Gobashites subsidies and see how long she lasts then? It’s a Tinkers Kip and Knackers yard of a nation.;
      Johnson needs to derail her . She’s just a Gobshite. Socialist rabble rouser. Worse she’s not fit to be seen in daylight without a bag on her head.


  18. What I learnt from a year of cooking Korean food with my mother

    Really interesting. For a Foodie nation.
    VanEck Files for an Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fun
    Mastercard in Talks With China’s Central Bank in Push To Support Digital Yuan: Report

    All are clambering on board.
    Goldman Sachs executes its first bitcoin derivatives trades
    From Denial to joining the circus.
    Nearly-new electric cars cost more to run than petrol and diesel

    Beware the Con!
    Cryptocurrency investors will lose all your money; says Bank of England chief

    The Bank of England keep warning the Bubble will burst.
    Florida and Texas Join the March to Restrict Voting Access – The New York Times

    An awaken America is fighting back Good and retrospective crime?

    BREAKING: Maricopa County Did not Have ‘Admin’ Access to the 2020 Election – This Means They Ceded Ownership of Election to Their Outside System Provider

    Wow, why would anyone do this unless you did not care how the vote went ?
    This is nasty. WW1 we had Mustard Gas and it forced a truce. There is no truce if this is unleashed. As with Covid it’s a long game. When will these IDiOTS of Leaders realise we are ALL ONE Family of Man?

    China ‘preparing for WW3 with biological weapons for last six years’
    Michigan Gov Sneaked off to Florida in a Billionaires’ Jet and No One Seems to Care – RedState

    As ever Corruption thrives in America.

    What a weasel ! And she wants to cut the the oil pipe that has been supplying Ontario with oil from Alberta since 1953 with a easement given by treaty between both countries.
    Top cryptocurrency 2021 by value: Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and more | Tom’s Guide
    Questor: how to buy gold and Bitcoin for your wealth preservation portfoli
    What is the cheapest way to buy cryptocurrency? How to start investing in digital cash – Metro
    SafeMoon price: New cryptocurrency jumps 45% in just one day – how to buy SafeMoon tokens | City & Business | Finance |
    Markets bounce back, with wannabes storming out in front as Cardano hits all-time high – City _______
    Meek Mill Buys Up $50,000 Worth Of Dogecoin As It Skyrockets – UNILA
    Dogecoin’s 12,000% Rally Spurs Hunt for Next Crypto Winner – WSJ
    U.S. court authorizes IRS to seek identities of taxpayers who have used cryptocurrency | Reuters

    This is NASTY and it will spread Globally.
    Biden Admin Hesitant To Invoke Defense Production Act To Divert Semis To Automakers, White House Source Says | ZeroHedge
    The man is a Dam fool!:

    What do you expect from a stage fool ? Taiwan accounts for 54% of global production of chips. Once China takes Taiwan, perhaps starting as early as this weekend, watch what happens to controlling economies? They have been preparing for a long time as I have written to you about previously.
    Either America gets rebuilt soon with a intent to make America the restored leader in real technology production, or you will see the gradual erosion of hegemony on a worldwide basis, ultimately giving the Chinese the upper hand within another 20 years. And that will take the assistance of the Brits. As it is under current unaltered projection China will surpass America within 7 years in economic weight.
    The window is not a wide one for change to start. For this to stand to have any success, a real change needs to occur soon.
    These shifts occurring globally are seismic in nature and have long term impacts. The static nature that occurred over the last several decades was only temporary as an illusion while real change was occurring by intricate movement of production to weight in China’s favor. It matters not what machines you wish to purchase, China today will make them cheaper by a 1/3 if you buy from them. They copy or steal what they want and replicate items and sell them back to the same customers people sell to at cheaper prices and people buy. They will do the same with Taiwan and use the monopoly on chips to further expand their control and influence knowing that the funds, guts , brains and imagination needed to compete, will not come from the likes of Apple ( they will not risk share valuations to build chip factories) and what more needs to be said about the current slate of politicians masquerading as leaders.
    The window for change is short and the reasoning behind many Asian Elders anxiousness to make a deal now to relocate asset classes to safer havens than what they have relied on in the past. It is more about their realization that one day sooner than later the Chinese Party will come for them and their riches, exterminating them ruthlessly in their quest for power and influence. To mask their lack of true financial solvency. Xi has not been silent about his desire to to go down in history as the Chinese leader who reunited China. Part of their hegemony threats like they make against Australia is more bluff than reality as China has a food shortage and is currently sourcing outside of Australia. This is not the kind of behavior they like to see or tolerate and their current thinking is to strike sooner than later before the world resists and they need to bend their behavior. If they succeed in a short time countries like Australia will brought to heel by pressure in chip availability and the like which the Party sees as needed leverage. China does want the capital and infrastructure Taiwan has intact for its’ own use and leverage.
    Countries like Japan have already made it known they will not fight for Taiwan and certain realignments are perhaps in realization of hegemony realties that may soon come about and what solidarity needs to be increased to hem in China while the opportunity still exists. Britain showing its’ flag in the area is serious boost of presence as the world ie realigning itself.
    China fears the UK acting.


  19. Hmm, So now we have another City of London Conspiracy Theorist. Also our Agenda, Really?

    Our Political Leaders are exposed and called out. How often? Trumps OWN Key Pre Election Advisor Steve Bannon openly declared Trump has the mind of an 11 year old Child and Senior Staffers, selected by him, have all left declaring themselves to be aghast that such a childlike Moron has the role. As the world has long determined.

    The fact that the complainant appears to view this Grifter through Rose Tinted Glasses questions his validity to opine on anything. Banal, childlike nonsense. Usually the remit of Basement dwellers. One Termers go down in flames.? Stormie stated enough about this low life and his character. As have Cohen and others.

    But not to digress, the almost childlike disparaging of the City says it all.
    As does his blatant theft of the Golan Heights for the Kushner Crime Family, Cheney and others. Probity?

    1. There are extensive Draconian Standards and Monitoring Regulators watching all transactions, and everyone in London. Any suspicious transaction flags up fast. Instant independent investigation and retribution.
    2. Auditors, Compliance, Risk Management, Security Monitors, and Account Supervisors all watch

    3.A few banks tried to rig Libor. Chairmen and all key Staff were fired. All lost their licenses to work within Finance ever again. Bob Diamond ex Barclays is an American Shady character of notoriety, Exposed and ejected. Nowhere to hide. Exposed and closed.

    4. Security and Diligence here is extensive. Try even getting a Bank account.

    5. We see these vacuous, unfounded Conspiracy Theory Nuts all too often. Saddos. Give me the facts! We will expose any issue for you. For example, from his Goldfish Bowl to what? Evidence backed example of what?

    Tony, he lets himself down propounding such diatribe and clearly is yet another aficionado who votes blindly for a mental case 11 year old. Even worse, they vote! Something is naïve and childlike here. Is this his mental standing and balance? Maybe a night for him with Slack Alice will let the light in.

    They walk among us. Clearly reality does not permeate. Sad. London IS Supreme because of its high standards.
    Wall Street, Milken, Madoff and so many hundred others. Sub Primes came from that Garbage heap . Remove his Blinkers.


    1. Mark my words, as we get closer to the start of phased releases, the nut cases will start to show up in greater and greater numbers.

      How do I know that? Because usually, any group which stands on the cusp of doing something good will inevitably cause a very small fringe outside of it to go absolutely berserk with rage that anyone else could possibly be better, stronger or smarter than they are. I have seen this happen too many times to know it is so.

      I think we are going to experience more and more of this. And, my tolerance for it will be less and less. Fortunately, their numbers will still be relatively small.

      We are not here to cater to mindless challenges to the valid, proven experience and credentials of our key support. We will not take such people with us to where we are planning to go.

      They can google their way into whatever kind of existence they want.

      We have other plans.


      1. With kindness I suggest our party realises that Google also carries a lot of Flake articles. Discern with discretion.

        A Fiscal revolution is coming, and with it, power. You are privately aware of certain London issues not yet for publishing.
        The Elders have MiIlennias of Culture, and educated history behind them. Wisdom has refined awareness.

        I hardly think some Googling Hottentot without the Grey Matter for discretion, would surpass Elders consciousness. All have tried and failed to secure Elders support. They smell and see Skunks coming.

        Only a tiny Elite in London has accrued the goodwill and Trust necessary. Ability, history and integrity. Also Culture, so lacking in America. How do you explain colours to the Cultural Blind? Washington and NY is a Tinkers Camp in comparison. In a changing world, can America mass educate and refine ignorance in time?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Indeed I am aware, and very grateful to be here and responsible for the proper administration and safeguarding of such information on this site.

          I was a bit off my game with this Hoosier character. Usually I would have dispatched such in one or two comments, not several as I did. Long hours I guess. Gods help the next one who tries such a thing. Grapeshot at the ready.

          We simply will not go forward with such types here.


          1. Tony you are doing a great job with this blog . I have followed it from about the start in the background . There was a year that i was not following . Everyone is looking at the big picture right now, which they should be. But here’s a little picture story about a year and half ago I put 1k in coins for my grandsons HS graduation which is the 20th of this month. He has a scholarship to play baseball at a local college, but because of this website I will be able to hand his mother and him a 10k check for the rest of his cost the first year. Tony me and my guys have your back.

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            1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully supportive message. I am very honored that we helped with your grandson’s education. This kind of thing makes my day.

              It’s my fondest wish that in the not-to-distant future, these kinds of stories will be very common here, as the goings on behind the scenes may just open up opportunities which will make what’s happened so far, look modest.

              Congratulations, again, and my very best to your grandson’s future!


              1. Thanks , I sat here and watched every couple of hours the diips and and peaks nothing else to do.for the last year. I rolled the profits into new coins. My driver license. Is all over the web. So many sites don’t support a coin .When this is done in a few weeks or months we are going to have to get together Vegas or Branson do some fishing..

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      1. Few hate him. Most just pity him, his Class and type is visible from day one.
        He was able to block Clinton which mattered. The sadness is that in 4 years the nation, abundant with better talent, could not encourage a suitable person to run. But to be owned by the Zios is the killer. Understandable reluctance sadly. Cleaning up America, When? The world is moving on. All Empires end usually badly.
        The rest is all Kabuki Theatre.


  20. “john2021 says:
    May 7, 2021 at 12:02 am

    Be careful with these Gold backed notes. Any Gold Zimbabwe had would be minor. After the takeover they went on an orgy of theft, greed and murder. Mugabwe and his Thug regime. The West did nothing about his genocide.

    Zimbabwe at best will get a moderate B in cash help from the IMF to underpin a new economy, heavily controlled and supervised. It’s far more likely a new note will be issued under controlled circumstances as all others are either demonetised, or treated as such. Major Gold backed note holders I know have given up. They have touted this stuff for decades and it’s gone nowhere. There is no indication of redemption, just Broker and Pumper hype. You can be assured, with Zimbabwe’s debts, Bankers and others will loot to order.

    As a question of your chance of a fast buck there from a highly, highly, highly unlikely redemption, first a Zimbabwean Monkey will jump out of your Butt whistling Dixie. Fools and money?” unquote


    I can

    Takes me,

    Spartacus Unchained


    1. Spartacus here to help with an open opinion. Note also only 04-56 here Saturday morning hard at work here responding to so many issues and the site. Here to help.


  21. I’m here on my own behalf! And I’ve pointed out items to Google for the facts! I rest my case….And I’ve made a valid point!


    1. And I am here on mine as well. You have had your say. Don’t prolong this type of thing.

      You are not in a position to challenge credentials until you present yours, so be warned. One more attempt to falsely accuse us of presenting an “agenda” to harm, and you will be done here.


    2. Hey ! Is this Mike Pence aka Hoosier 1. This person has to be a banker. Why are they so upset? Go off and lay down some where and google your self.


  22. Everyone on this site should Google “City of London corruption” it’s a smorgasbord of information….Not hot air Tony….FACTS!


  23. Everyone here should Google “The “Secret” City of London is not part of the UK” and please watch the multiple videos on the subject…The three legs of the Deep State Cabal are the City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican…You will all see the City of London is not cleaned up as your friend here says…I wouldn’t trust them with two nickels to help humanity!!! Time to wake up and know all the disparaging comments about Trump and the US with regards to Zio and Khazarian mafias and crooked bankers is not really accurate, because the strings are being pulled in the ultra corrupt City of London! Your friend here has an agenda but the truth is I wouldn’t trust any of the three! They’re all corrupt to the core!


          1. Read closely Tony….The City of London is a major part of the Central Banking Global corruption!!!!


            1. There is corruption is banking???

              Can we quote you on that?

              Name me one place on earth where there is NO corruption in banking.

              Who is your champion? On whose agenda do you present yourself here? Kim Goguen? David Ike? Neil Keenan? St Germain? Lord Kyron And His Galactic Fleet?


              1. Please Tony! It’s just fact.. I’ve watched your friend disparage Trump here forever…He needs to take his blinders off…


                1. You are free to speak up in defense of Trump. But not make repetitive pointless statements of your own opinions and ask us to accept your version of things as true.

                  There is no time here to attend to a nuisance, which you are becoming.


                1. I don’t need to defend opinions of others, his or anyone’s. What is or is not “baloney” is just as much baloney coming from you as anyone else. He’s free to speak his mind, as are you, but not to act as you are now – endlessly arguing points which you cannot offer any solution for other than just making your points over and over. This is not the place for this kind of balloon juice.

                  Make a choice. Either speak to your point and present your case, or go elsewhere.

                  Answer the question: On whose behalf are you here? I won’t ask a second time.


                2. Hoosier1…. with the info this site provided I am now debt free and riding 2 very big bags of cryptos that are not even close to awareness and they are growing the use case they have every day…. the projects I got into because of this site are top class projects that are going to change the space they are in!…. John has his moments, no doubt, but he has also backed what has turned my finances around…. are you upset because John speaks the truth about Dinar and ZIm?… are you upset you are not going to be a multi billionaire after investing 1k?…. get yourself a new outlook and go after some crypto’s…. it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!…
                  The space John operates in I can not even begin to fathom, nor do I really want to…. I highly doubt, as with so many others, real info is going to be accurate about so much power….
                  Why are you so intent on breaking in and reporting?…. do you have skin in the game?…. and, can I change anything with your info?… no.
                  After 17 years of being on the fringe (and I do know others very close to some goings on) I still know diddly squat how this will all turn out…. and I think very few really do know until it happens, even those working on it all….
                  Back up and reset your thinking!

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  24. India’s Covid-19 second wave will ‘devastate the country and the rest of the world’ if not brought under control, politician warns – as research suggests country is close to hitting a million deaths

    Rahul Gandhi, the leader of India’s main opposition, has warned that the country’s second wave is a threat to the world because it provides a breeding ground for new virus variants.
    Where is Truth with India.
    Govcoins: The digital currencies that will transform finance
    Tories secure historic Hartlepool by-election win

    As Labour ( democrats) got hammered in the UK elections last night, the knives are already out for its Leader.
    If only our American colleges could do the same.
    An America without Democrats criminally stuffing Ballot boxes or mass shipping hopeless Welfare scavengers in to multi vote. An election where illegals do not vote or collect welfare money they have not contributed towards.

    We all need to look at socialists and rid our nation’s of these whining parasites . Time to ask the big question with this scum what is their point?
    Switch off the taps.
    PolitiFact – Debunking the anti-vaccine hoax about ‘vaccine shedding’ –

    As ever, take gossip claims with care.

    An Ancestor of Bill Clintons and Epsteins?
    Citi weighs launching crypto services after surge in client interest
    4 ex-cops indicted on US civil rights charges in Floyd death

    Vengeance is rife
    Govcoins: The digital currencies that will transform finance | May 8th 20
    Wallet Security 101 – How To Store Your Coins


    1. Damned national holiday on Wednesday, so for a nation which troughs out on 8 course meals and booze, has resulted in key absenteeism on Thursday so into next week. Damn!!!!
      It’s bad enough with the US who F up the entire week with Thanksgiving, and half the Bastards then get bumped on overbooked Monday flights, so it’s Wednesday before they crawl back in fit for nothing after traipsing behind to order for her indoors! We treat the US as pointless after Thanksgiving until February. Truly hopeless.
      We watch the next 2 weeks now but others are in the saga with us. Politics and Zios death rattles.


  25. Mr. SF Driver:

    I have a few questions for you and the answer to it will clear up the questions I have.

    These questions are based on a recent post you made so they are very relevant.

    Do your ZIM bonds say “redeemable in gold” on them or some such communication?

    What does it say on your bonds that gives you confidence in what you are holding?

    How do you know that your ZIM bonds are gold-backed versus the bonds you think are not?

    Answering these questions will help greatly.

    Thank you


    1. Be careful with these Gold backed notes. Any Gold Zimbabwe had would be minor. After the takeover they went on an orgy of theft, greed and murder. Mugabwe and his Thug regime. The West did nothing about his genocide.

      Zimbabwe at best will get a moderate B in cash help from the IMF to underpin a new economy, heavily controlled and supervised. It’s far more likely a new note will be issued under controlled circumstances as all others are either demonetised, or treated as such. Major Gold backed note holders I know have given up. They have touted this stuff for decades and it’s gone nowhere. There is no indication of redemption, just Broker and Pumper hype. You can be assured, with Zimbabwe’s debts, Bankers and others will loot to order.

      As a question of your chance of a fast buck there from a highly, highly, highly unlikely redemption, first a Zimbabwean Monkey will jump out of your Butt whistling Dixie. Fools and money?


  26. I have come from the past in a time machine to join Robert The Bruce in his fight against the oppressors of the Scottish people.

    Can someone who knows anything, tell me if the new ZIM gold backed bond notes have any chance of a very nice appreciation after the reset takes place? What are your estimations on the appreciation details if you have any inkling.

    Thank you, Spartacus Unchained


    1. I would say, sell the technology for your time machine to the Feds, and with that money you would not have to worry about your ZIM bonds.

      Hopefully, if we have any news about ZIM bonds, it can be shared at the right time. At present, there is no news on this.


      Crassus And the Crew From Via Appia


    2. Wallace started it. Sold out and betrayed by his fellow Scots, we finished it. One less scavenger on welfare. 7M to go? Forever whining. Even the Romans built a wall to keep them out. They knew.

      They bankrupted their own Banks. We English bailed them – Again!

      We founded and Funded their Oil and Gas industries to give them jobs and feed them.
      We English funded their lavish new Parliament to howl and whine all day. Wasters!
      English money is rebuilding. Scotland . Subsidising.

      English money funds the Scots NHS. Subsidsed scroungers.

      They are subsidised 20% more than the English per head on Welfare. Why? Just stop breeding them.
      Only in Scotland do you find the Midgie, a parasite fly created in Trillions to feed off such carrion full of S***!. The S Flies know.

      Without English funded FREE Scots vaccines, how many would be dead? That whining Hag should be ashamed. She funded none.

      For Top Ups, change the vaccine! 7 M to go, – Sorted!

      There’s a Bruce loose in the Hoouse . Bruce betrayed Wallace! That’s Scots for you? So few Jews there, why?
      They breed. Just look at and tag the Hag. Time to unleash infected Midgies. Sorted.

      Despite all our Woes Bruce Loose in the Hoose, post the Elders releases, we will help with new Industries there and give the kids a chance. Pro active thinking. Thank this site, we will help. End whining. Economic solutions.
      Major DNA funding. New vaccines to give birth only to Jocks with no Cocks. sorted?

      I always make a note to show Visitors to the Westminster Hall, indicating with Pride, that is the hook where we hung Wallace, after first we hung, drew and quartered him. Did this create. “Sling Your Hook?”

      Bruce- I tease on Scotland! But the Wallace hook is real.



    Revenue scavengers are at work
    Travelers warned they face 10 HOUR queues at UK airports this summer

    10 hours waiting to clear border checks. Madness!
    They say there is no way round it.
    BS! If truly dangerous decline flights in from infected nations. If not remove the staff! BS all of it for most nations. Shut down Africa and India plus high risk nations. We should not insult the rest with this nonsense.
    Inside Bill Gates’ 1,440 sq ft hideaway with ex Ann Winblad

    Gates exposed no wonder she’s divorcing him
    Indian government advisor warns of third wave even before 2nd peaks

    Sorry, but Lock India down for this year.

    Indian government advisor warns of third wave even before 2nd peaks
    Binance CEO on Bitcoin, Crypto Volatility, Going Public

    China’s banks unveil ATM for foreigners to use digital yuan
    Steve Bannon reportedly joked to a friend that Trump is ‘like an 11-year-old child’

    [Steve Bannon reportedly joked to a friend that Trump is ‘like an 11-year-old child’] [News Republic]

    Again, old news BUT!!, if we ever want to see high standards emerge from America, the nation really does have to Lobby to raise the bar Trump is a Laughing Stock in the real Free World. America has so many better.
    Jewish Money funding Grifters must be stopped. This racket pollutes integrity and comes at a hell of a price. Buying seats and votes is flawed. Have they learned nothing still? Delude yourselves but the world sees reality fast.
    Who Vets these CLOWNS?
    Bill and Melinda Gates’ three kids were ‘very angry’ with him

    According to press speculation this Epstein regular has also been banging a Mistress, hit caught, and sanctimonious crap aside, is now going to face the wrath of an alimony battle where lawyers on a fat cut will go for everything
    The next year’s may see a lot of Gates exposed.
    Victoire! Royal Navy ships send French fishing flotilla scurrying back

    The French show their WHITE flag again F the French and F their Brexit laws.
    An issue many of you may wish to debate.
    The writer seems to concede this is a US issue. It’s not, it’s Global.
    But Truly, the level of simple moronic stupidity experienced with the masses, has attained such a pointless Sheeple waste of a Human Skin prognosis, I doubt they will be consulted again.
    It’s pointless, the Morons mass stupidity ratings are off the Richter scale. The last year has been beyond disappointing. Let this lot decide? Pre Covid I held higher regards. Post Covid the Tri Laterals have a case.
    The Herd is overstocked, so expect moves to counter that. This does not augur well for the brain dead. Mass spraying is back in the picture. Consultation- Really? Look around.

    Health Impact News

    Senior NHS Board Member Warns: Stop The Genocide Or Our Children Are Next, as Pfizer Seeks Permission in UK and US to Inject 12 to 15 Year Olds
    May 4, 2021 5:52 pm

    The UKCOLUMN has published two interviews with whistleblowers from within the UK’s NHS (National Health Services). On April 14th they interviewed a nurse whistleblower who referred to the experimental COVID injections as “genocide,” and her interview prompted a Senior NHS Board member to come out also and warn the public, in an interview with Brian Gerrish. She agreed with the nurse who came forward that “genocide” is the proper word to describe what they were seeing with the adverse reactions to the injections. “If I had a magic wand, it would just stop. It would stop now, before we hurt anybody else. That would be amazing. That would be the best day ever, because every day I wake up, I think about how I can find that golden nugget to try and wake up the people around me to the damage we are causing. We are causing — I mean, we heard the word ‘genocide’ from the lady on Wednesday. I don’t disagree with that statement. And it’s terrifying, and it saddens me, and the reason I’m staying where I am for now is to try and make a difference in whatever way I can.” Brian Gerrish then asks her: “What advice, or what would you say to your NHS colleagues, to encourage them to think about what’s going on?” She replied: “Honestly, what comes to mind is, ‘Your children are next.’ And that is terrifying, and it makes me well up when I think about it. So if you won’t speak up because you’ve had the vaccine, or you won’t speak up because you’re scared (I understand that), or you won’t speak up because you don’t want to lose your job (and I totally understand that), just know that this doesn’t stop until we all stand up and say, ‘Stop.'”
    Read More…
    From MK Ultra Mind Control to Lab Created Viruses: How the U.S. Government Keeps Experimenting on Its own Citizens
    May 4, 2021 6:21 pm

    “We the people” have also become the police state’s guinea pigs: to be caged, branded, experimented upon without our knowledge or consent, and then conveniently discarded and left to suffer from the after-effects. This is not a government that values us. To the architects of the American police state, we are not worthy or vested with inherent rights. This is how the government can justify treating us like economic units to be bought and sold and traded, or caged rats to be experimented upon and discarded when we’ve outgrown our usefulness. To those who call the shots in the halls of government, “we the people” are merely the means to an end. “We the people”—who think, who reason, who take a stand, who resist, who demand to be treated with dignity and care, who believe in freedom and justice for all—have become obsolete, undervalued citizens of a totalitarian state.
    Read More…

    Sophia Media, LLC
    201 Hunters Crossing Blvd.
    Suite 10 – 149
    Bastrop, TX 78602

    Britain is set to boom.


  28. This is what is heading to the Asian coast at this time. One would think that they would not go all that way for nothing. What they are guarding has to be huge. If you are reading WHA, you know why they are going, and what they are going to protect.

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      1. I think all should be.

        If any appreciable gain for that currency is in the cards, we will certainly bring such news to you if and when possible. For now, we are in possession of no such information either way.

        Dongs are liquid, so if it does not work out as many hope it will, you can recover your money less spread and fees and move on.

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  29. Like


    Blow the F rrsss out of the Ocean. Sorry, we mistook your White Flag for a Pirate ship bullying Jersey.
    The Argentine threatened us. We sunk their F Belgrano as punishment. No less for the French. Bastards!

    Now Russia shows its teeth again, and awesome fire power.
    Anyone messing with Russia will end up with a lot of dead bodies as the price.
    Iran airs propaganda video showing a missile blowing up the US Capitol

    You are now seeing the emergence of a Mad Dog in a corner. Be assured, Israel will forever be its enemy.

    Iran airs propaganda video showing a missile blowing up the US Capitol
    Tech stocks hit by sell-off in New York
    I own Bitcoin and Ethereum but I won’t be investing in Argo Blockchain (ARB)
    China’s digital yuan is a transaction helper, not a Trojan horse
    What is the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrencies
    Dogecoin price sky rockets as yet another exchange offers crypto ahead of Elon Musk’s SNL appearance
    What’s going on with ethereum? Cryptocurrency’s meteoric price rise explained
    Melinda Gates could become world’s second-richest woman
    You think this had not factored in? Women, Alligators and Alimony?

    Indian delegation to G7 summit in London ‘goes into self-isolation’
    Poor India. Indian restaurants will bomb out.

    India accounted for half of global Covid cases in the last week

    Now this is our best move to tackle Covid. Porton Down are world leaders.
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Two coronavirus cases among Indian delegation at London G7 meeting, Sky News understands

    This is how we control the G7 now.
    Really funny. Has the attention seeking Bolter now been caught plagiarizing. She will be howled out of any power standing. Head Case Harry married this Muppet. She’s a real liability. Look how she’s dissed her father, who carried her when her mother bolted.

    Did Meghan Markle COPY children’s author with The Bench?
    This is a tough call for the family and child.
    I have no problems calling out many of our Polticos as a Big Girls Blouse. It seems to raise dissent?

    Father of trans boy, 4, says people insist on calling his son a girl
    It’s beautiful. Commies hate it.

    Russia announces tests of Putin’s ‘invincible’ ‘Satan 2’ nuke

    One bomb and we are gone.
    RAS Putin at work
    Facebook oversight board UPHOLDS ban on Trump’s account

    Jews News Censorship again. Strip Facebook of media control
    Most Vaccinated Nation Seychelles Reintroduces Curbs as Covid Cases Surge – Bloomberg

    Why is the question to ask.
    Video: Jimmy Carter’s wife Rosalynn says goodbye to Joe and Jill Biden | Daily Mail Onlin

    What a pointless, worthless and grasping pair they were behind the scenes. Carter tried to muscle his way into one of DC Gold deals claiming it was His Right! F him forever the arrogant Creep! Both are methane gobbling wastes of space.
    How Pakistan will solve its debt crisis.

    This is a punch line you wont see Coming.


    1. That last joke was a ripper, loved it. Hopefully Dolly is able to visit your room each evening to rock you to sleep lol.


  31. Remember that part where the EUA for the vaccines could only be authorized if “no alternatives” were available, and the governing bodies continue to refuse to acknowledge the effectiveness of Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, Zn, Vit D, etc despite massive evidence that they work? Think this might have something to do with their refusal?
    $3.5 Billion, or 1/4, of Pfizer’s Q1 revenue came from the vax. “The drug giant said it expects the vaccine to earn about $26 billion in total revenue for 2021”


  32. The Brits will now get a Third Covid booster after August to shield them through winter and shield new mutations.
    We hope!


    The 10 Points of the Code
    This website gives a brief history of how the 10 points of the Nuremburg Code came into existence. Interestingly, although the code is an international ethical landmark, it is apparently still not enshrined in American or German national law. We must assume those governments via their secret agencies like the CIA wanted to keep the door open to conduct medical experimentation (such as bioweapon programs like weaponized ticks) upon their citizenry without technically breaking the law:


  34. Caitlyn The Bruce just may be the right one at the right time to get rid of Governor Gruesome.


    1. Sampson

      With the evolution of time., nations , technology and deaths, we have reorganised it, and while keeping the old title, we really now have only about 30 who matter. But, as with best kept secrets, it does not meet our security needs to share our secrets of Who’s Who. Do You? The Lady is still head and that will pass in time. But control will stay, as ever, in London. Empires which do last. Control is everything. Culture protects it. Chatham House is the Think Tank.



    The holiday children are not happy Boo Boo. Nor is a population concerned at what the selfish pricks may bring back..o Dr s year ago even last February I was asking deadbeat Ministers why are you not immediately stopping flights from China and HK? But bumbling thick Johnson wanted no confrontation so the arsehole gave us mass Covid instead because he’s too dumb to be s Statesman . Again politics is not working. Know when to say No to the Sheeple .

    The Pearly Gates won’t welcome either

    This is Leadership when the UK and US go right in Russia and Chinas face and the UK sends it’s new Flagship Aircraft carrier to sail into both their waters with them knowing we also then have nuclear subs already in place within ,5 minutes strike distance if they attack our fleet.
    This is how high John’s standing may be with the Elders. Plus his macabre, humble but self effacing humour. It’s an interesting journey of enlightenment.


    Eight LIONS test positive for Covid-19 at an Indian zoo

    Is the dam thing really jumping species or another false positive?
    Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott board her private jet in Miami

    Was there ever such a gross , uncouth and pointlessly vacuous a family as this cashing in on hype notoriety for fat arses and worm lips? A truly low level bunch of mediocrity. Yuk!
    Unintentional comments

    Some of the finest (unintentional) double-entendres aired on TV and radio

    1. Ted Walsh – Horse Racing Commentator ?
    ‘This is really a lovely horse. I once rode her mother.’

    3. Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator ?
    ‘And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria .. I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing!’

    4. Harry Carpenter at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race 1977 ?
    ‘Ah, isn’t that nice.. The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the Cox of the Oxford crew..’

    5. US PGA Commentator ?
    ‘One of the reasons Arnie (Arnold Palmer) is playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them ……… Oh my god !! What have I just said

    7. A female news anchor who, the day after it was supposed to have snowed and didn’t, turned to the weatherman and asked,

    ‘So Bob, where’s that eight inches you promised me last night?’
    Not only did HE have to leave the set, but half the crew did too, because they were laughing so hard!

    8. Steve Ryder covering the US Masters:
    ‘Ballesteros felt much better today after a 69 yesterday.’

    9. Clair Frisby talking about a jumbo hot dog on Look North said:
    ‘There’s nothing like a big hot sausage inside you on a cold night like this. ‘

    10 Mike Hallett discussing missed snooker shots on Sky Sports:
    ‘Stephen Hendry jumps on Steve Davis’s misses every chance he gets.’

    11. Michael Buerk on watching Philippa Forrester cuddle up to a male astronomer for warmth during BBC1’s UK eclipse coverage remarked:
    ‘They seem cold out there, they’re rubbing each other and he’s only come in his shorts.’

    12. Ken Brown commentating on golfer Nick Faldo and his caddie Fanny Sunneson lining-up shots at the Scottish Open:
    ‘Some weeks Nick likes to use Fanny, other weeks he prefers to do it by himself.’

    Demonstrating how to bleed America dry.
    Finding Freedom’s new chapters could be ‘final straw’ for Prince Harry

    Meghan Markle’s Grunt upbringing and unsophisticated greedy attention seeking has cost America its first real Princess. Fact she had a Golden opportunity but was not up to it.
    Both have mental problems it’s time air space was cut off. A gruesome twosome such Wasters!

    This is when it gets sordid and ridiculous and you regret this stupid contract
    Taliban launches huge offensive in Afghanistan’s Helmand province

    All the deaths and Trillions wasted. Why?
    Britain is hit by 800-mile wide ‘weather bomb’ with 60mph wind

    What the hell is with our weather patterns?

    Britain is hit by 800-mile wide ‘weather bomb’ with 60mph winds

    Every armchair pundit has a Ph D Masters in Covid. Whatever is the truth, poor India is struggling hard. Beyond sad.
    Two former paratroopers accused of murdering Official IRA leader in the Troubles are formally acquitted as prosecutors offer NO further evidence

    Two former paratroopers accused of the murder of Official IRA leader Joe McCann during the Northern Ireland Troubles have been formally acquitted after prosecutors offered no further evidence

    About bloody time. The IRA are the Scum of the Earth. Bombing, protection racketeering murdering filth. No serving soldier should EVER stand trial, how many IRA did?
    Finish the bloody job! Human filth. Special Ops had simple dispatch rules.

    Extradite this Bastard to America. Wake up! Add Michael Herzog to the list. Clean the lot up.
    Meghan Markle writes a children’s book called ‘The Bench’

    A Children’s story says it all for Harry. The Bolter married a Muppet. Markel Mugged again!

    Meghan Markle writes a children’s book called ‘The Bench’
    Will going digital transform the yuan’s status at home and abroad?
    So much BS!

    France threatens to cut electricity to Jersey over post-Brexit rules

    The French are truly bloody nasty. Next time Germans drop in, we Brits need also to invade. Waste everything in front of us. Meet the Germans in the middle, shake hands. job well done and leave. We take out the Muzzles too.
    That’s why at the Battle of Waterloo, Martial Blucher gave the order to the Prussians not A Frenchman is to be let alive this day, anyone showing mercy I will kill, myself. As Napoleon had done before to them! F Bullies given the chance and White Flags when not.
    France threatens to cut electricity to Jersey over post-Brexit rules



    Considering how quickly vaccines using novel technology with unproven long-term safety records have been authorised for use, the failure to approve a known safe drug with considerable evidence to suggest clinical benefit is almost inexplicable. Some have suggested the resistance has been motivated by a wish among pharmaceutical companies to prioritise more profitable medicines like the vaccines. If so, this is a criminal example of putting profits before people.

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    I puked a little bit… wonder if Samantha’s dream for her daughter is the same path Kamala took?… Our country is going down the crapper… anyone who was helpful in the lies put out to try and oust Trump is being rewarded with positions… still see many people who think Biden is great and doing great things for America… God help us!
    Thank goodness for states like FL and TX!… lets divide this country up and let the morons do what they want with their part… what a cesspool that will be!

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    1. Thank you Biffie for posting this article!
      Excellent Information.

      I bought tensor rings about the size that would fit a Mans wrist. I wear it above my elbow when I’m out.

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    1. LOL! The girl talking about ETH. I’ve seen her before and it appears that is her regular attire. Hilarious!


        1. I don’t know, John likes to keep up with the crypto market.

          I’m sure he would appreciate her “views” on the subject. Lol

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    Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce. The couple has been married for 27 years.

    The couple said they no longer “believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

    “After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” they said in a joint statement. “Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives.”


    1. Zimbabwe bonds are either gold backed or not gold backed, and if you compare them, what is printed looks different. I will see if I can find the images on the Internet. I heard/read bonds without gold backing will not appreciate in value.


  39. Maher is a pig. A true Zio pig.

    Read WHA, Godfrey. J2021 told us why.
    “China is both producing and buying Gold but it also has invasion plans for both Taiwan and South Korea where big assets are held. Which is why the London discussions are key and our Warships are visiting soon.”

    Now’s your chance, single girls. He’s back on the market.

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      1. Tony – I feel bad about my Bill Gates comment. Would it be too much trouble to delete it?

        It wasn’t a nice thing to say. I don’t want bachi coming back to me.


        1. SD Driver – this is why I love this site so much. I learn something new everyday. I did know know of the extent of Bill Gates monstrous deeds.

          The comment I had deleted was about his looks not his deeds but it makes sense why I think he’s so butt ugly. He’s a horrible human being.


  40. Figures show 15m people have been fully vaccinated against Covid

    Keeping our vulnerable safe has been key.

    This treacherous attention seeking Muppet needs to join the Markel Bolter and be gone for good. Renounce his free loading title and with no qualifications for anything. Get a job.

    Waking up to Bitcoin
    Argo Blockchain’s share price climbs as it declares deal to build new crypto-mining facility

    Goodbye Gas and Petrol industries. Goodbye service stations .

    It’s good the world is working together to expose and close these vile crimes.

    A comprehensive response from a top Indian long term Doctor associate of mine:

    Fake stream media is full of crap.
    People do die and with a population of over 1.4 billion people the country’s deaths will be in proportion.

    The Western media is using India to spook and enslave it’s gullible citizens and I hope they will wake up from the their slumber.

    I am treating people (the so called seaweed patients) on a daily basis and haven’t found the need for ventilators and oxygen despite what is being portrayed by the psychopathic media.

    Modi’s BJP cannot break the fortress held by the incumbent TMC party but the way the media portrays it is laughable.

    Real people, our fellow Human Beings, are dying sad and hopeless deaths because of Covid.
    It’s good that the UK is sending 1,000 Ventilators. We owe it to them having looted India to build our old Empire.
    We need a new Mankind to be Kind. Life is precious, and Souls matter.
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle been ‘distraction’ for Royal Family

    How can these vacuous attention seeking grubby misfits sort anything out. Throw them out and be done with them . Markels going to be booed down in the UK and Harry’s seen as Treacherous. Both need to go.

    Pubs are forced to CLOSE as 50mph winds batter Britain

    Britain is battered by freezing rain and gale winds. Freak weather again

    Soon we hope to make your dreams become reality. Let’s lift up Aurataya, she’s one of our own.
    What we are seeking to achieve is for ALL of you. Putting people back to being valued. Launch your Children’s dreams.

    We are on it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your exceptionally kind words John, I really do appreciate that very much. I am getting a little better each day but it is a very slow road this time. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day John.

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        1. Thank you John. I am a little lost just now but am sure I will head where I am meant to.

          One absolutely incredible piece of truth has finally been confirmed for me in recent weeks regarding the world beyond this one. And I am so very pleased to know it is as beautiful as I knew it was. It’s real and so beautifully light and gloriously colourful. I am in absolute awe.


            1. Heck mate ya better up that number. How about 28. LOL

              Nah, absolutely zero alcohol. It is so incredibly comforting to know a little of what is beyond this life. I had better be a good gal or the colours may not be so bright and beautiful when I get there lol.

              Thanks John, enjoy your day and thank you for your reply.


  41. These Bolshevik vermin need sorting, and fast. One company of light mechanized infantry should do it in an afternoon.

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  42. I have been given permission to share the following. This communique was just routed to John from the Dynasty Elders as all parties try to get their Lawful Redemptions agreed.

    Negotiations Oversight.

    At present, Rockefellers have achieved a lot. Crown officials are actively moving also in Seoul.
    No one knows whose hand God will raise, we are just looking ahead and working hard.
    John, your position is the hardest of all. Your choices and direction will determine the next 100 years.
    May God bless you.

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    1. Just when I think we have said as much as we can at any point in the process, more happens, and I have to let it sink in, and really appreciate this moment in time and the incredible good luck we have to be given a glimpse of the largest financial transaction in the history of Earth.

      When was the last time someone told you that the decisions you make, with respect to something important, would “…determine the next 100 years…”??

      I am completely convinced that the responsibilities and duties being performed by these people, would exhaust most ordinary men.

      Remember this, the next time your particular cross seems heavy.

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    2. Bubba is smiling, bubba is singing. Bubba is not-a-hands-a-wringing. Because his beer is about to be a flagon. And his girl a wench. Good days for Bubba ahead. Unless his last name is Wallace. Then its continued losses.


  43. Best cryptocurrency to invest in for May 2021: no BTC included
    Warren Buffett says online trading platforms encourage ‘gambling impulse’

    Sadly the leveraging sites encourage huge losses and are dangerous to use. Over 85% lose money!!!!!!
    Jeff Bezos to pull of Amazon’s digital currency: Massive customer base
    Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy o… : American Journal of Therapeutics

    Sooner or later everyone will be taking this and the world will move on and forget the current vaccines. It is much cheaper and safer and that is the problem.

    Two faced Tan Man gets panned. Forgot your Offshore accounts did you Mitt, the ones with money stolen from Falcone in them?

    Unlike the US where truth is buried by its false MSM, the UK Media will hound the hell out of this Lying Skank Johnson and expose him for the Weasel he is. As they did with Tony Blair.

    Typical scheming Scots they want to ignore the vast subsidies they owe to England. Our enormous English investment in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. Our money not theirs.
    The life saving Vaccines and the heavily English funded NHS while this English Funded Scots Parliament schemes up new ways to rob more.
    Remind then they are a conquered nation and we will NOT allow a ragged arsed tribe of Boozing Scots to put our borders at risk. Send the English Regiments up for uio for 6 months and give a serious hiding to Revolting Scots. English Army recruitment applications would go sky high.
    Watch “Joe Biden has ‘no active role in running the US government'” on YouTube

    This is a shameful and disgusting way to steal Americas trust.

    Watch “The ‘leader of the free world’ is ‘cognitively delinquent'” on YouTube

    Why is this farce continuing? How can you let Harris step up? Either in fact?

    The new gold rush: How Britain’s mines will be central to ending our reliance on China
    Good news for the English.


  44. UK Banks and Credit Card issuers are now closing your accounts if you trade in Cryptos.
    But both Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan are taking on new Crypto accounts. Try them?
    It will be interesting to see what game Rockefellas try on next week to. save their evil Empire.


    1. Let me get this straight..You think you are fighting against the cabal. The cabal creates a toxic jab, designed to sterilize and disable a good chunk of the world population. You, voluntarily, get the jab. The kindest way I can say this is, you are in way over your head.


      1. He’s produced his offspring already. Quite prodigiously, in fact. Sterilization, at this particular time, may be an added benefit.

        I hope you have the credentials to issue such a judgment about being “over your head”, or people will think you are bat-shit crazy.


      2. DK
        The jab is a choice. Way too much is unproven conspiracy theory right now. You have a free choice.
        I’m of an age where frankly it matters little. I have 6 kids., You?

        10 Grandkids and growing, You?

        I have a choice Take it and enter Westminster and Whitehall to do so much, good, or not? To fly, or not? I am needed to be free to travel for the greater good. My family below has not had it, nor need it.

        As regards sterilization, it’s yet to be proven!!! Pre Covid I would have contemplated Sheeple Stupidity at only c20%.

        Sadly, Post Covid from a personal mass encounter position, I now consider that equation to be in excess of 50%. Sadly the Tri Laterals do have a point. Why keep breeding them? Post Covid, who will keep them? You?

        As regards in over my Head, by ability alone I now lead the most progressive Global rebuilding Team.
        Post release, you have no concept of the scale of progressive change we can achieve. You?

        Armchair Snipers?

        My head is fine. The rest of me also. The fight is far greater than just the Cabal. The Zios and mass ignorance factor. At my age, it’s a balancing act of judgement. the Percentage game. With Age related Asthma Elders make intelligent choices. One being not to Covid shred our lungs. It will come to you one day also. Judgement calls. For the greater good, I work 18 hour days as Tony can attest. You? Judge when competent to do so? Or who cares?

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        1. The fact that you think you live on a Globe shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t even know where you are tight now! I doubt you have any idea who or what you are either. Good luck though.


          1. You obviously have nothing of any value to contribute here, so you have made your last few posts.

            I know where you are…and it’s not here.

            We have no time to attend to the mental cases of the universe.


        2. Also, you talk about the US as if the Biden administration exists, when we in the US are under military control until the fraud in Maricopa County is revealed and Trump is placed back in power. If you don’t understand any of that either, then you are hopelessly lost. Doesn’t make any difference how many hours you put in when you are just wandering around in circles with no idea where you are and who your allies are and what you are up against.


  45. Great article!!! WHA is the place to be indeed and we had a great time reading this information. All are on board here in upstate NY and hope we can partake in whatever we can with the banking platforms mentioned. they sound fantastic! You get out of life what you put in and we are all ready 100% with the ideas presented.

    Thank you so much! And thank you to the man in London who keeps us in the loop. We are fortunate for that.

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    1. Concorde

      As the Banks fight a rearguard action to protect their own base, and the US Fed seeks to maintain its stranglehold over Global Banking, there are huge battles ahead to remove their rapacious claws, as we will be seeking to rethink all remunerations if the Elders succeed. New Times, new Hemisphere needs. Change is needed.

      The scheming and treacherous Zionists via Jekyll Island, coerced naïve, gullible, trusting American Leaders into STUPIDLY agreeing a Duplicitous fake Fiat monetary standard, whereby the valueless money they printed came at such interest charges as would enrich the Conspirators beyond their wildest imagination. They used it to fund wars, to cause wars, and to charge even more to reconstruct the devastating damage caused by their wars. As with the Napoleonic Wars, and in post WW1, they burrowed in deep. and as of even 1936, the writing was on the wall, there would be genocidal hatred unleashed once payback erupted. No less than they do themselves to poor Palestinians and to this very day witnessing their inhumane , evil treatment of the poor dispossessed Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians and Syrians, as they ever expand the Khazars Non Jewish, Greater Israel until stopped. They ever threaten and attack Iran. It is now incumbent upon Pakistan, Russia and China to both protect and Nuclear Arm Iran to counter this ever present Khazar threat. To know that if they attack Iran they get atomised. The only way to deal with Genghis Khans marauding swarms of false assimilating Nomadic scum.

      Post WW11, be clear, neither the US nor the Europeans wanted them back at any price. Palestine was abused of their Sovereign rights to be the poor Fall Guys to re settle this scheming flotsam. America itself post war deeply connived to swerve them also. Look at their conspiratorial control of America now. No None Jews or Zionists can ever get the top US Treasury or Fed jobs. They gate keep, block and control the lot. Americans have no control of their own money, or Banks. You are all headlocked into Debt Slavery by them until you rip them out of it. They own the Banks, MSM, the Judiciary, and have bought both Houses, the Supremes and the Presidency. Your just surfs in your own land. Cryptos can set you free, but they will block that.

      The Free World is rethinking evolution of our species and roles. You have to rethink America. Freedom. This is NOT what the Founders perceived for you or aspired to. They are worse than Feudal Monarchs. They are Weevils sucking America dry. In 6,000 years there has been nothing but trouble with them. It’s like letting Wolves into a Sheep or Hen pen. Your sleep walking into Armageddon. Wake Up!

      Asia and Europe, plus Russia, are stepping away from Americans dollars and US interference. US Meddling.

      They own the seats in both houses. What Democracy? They steal it! As Madoff made off with funds. They all do. They are behind most Wall Street crimes. You need to start building your Global freedom next. Get into the Free world. Get free of their claws! Your money needs to be YOUR Prisoner, not theirs! Think outside the box and break their locks!

      How big does a tapeworm grow to once it grows inside of you? You have 10M of them.
      Control your OWN money! Be free of their Hege MONEY!

      Advised with respect and humbly. Caring for your right to be free in your own land.

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      1. Thank you so much john. Well received here. We read your reply out at our meeting on Zoom chat and also your communication from the elders. Amazing things. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to doing our part when the time comes. all the best C.

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  46. Translation: I’m a bitter old Luddite.

    Trump’s character issues? Ask Ed Falcone what he thinks of your character issues, Mitt.

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  47. SF driver,,, she is explosive with this message!… it makes sense… we know the PCR test is gives out false positives, as Tino was first to tell us last year… it is backed up now by many… the positive numbers of peeps not sic, along with the bogus death numbers, tell a story!…
    Fauci on TV saying Children need to wear a mask outside until they are vaccinated?!… they dont get the damn virus not spread it… time to move to FL or TX and form a new union!

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    1. I have heard several doctors talk about how they are geared towards big pharma… my mom’s doc did not know what mRNA was about with the vax… they just follow and do what they are told… she did say it should be my mom’s choice… it should be everyone’s choice!

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      1. People need to wake up all across this country and start getting involved where they are… people need to wake up!… its not just about the vaxx, it is about America and freedom… Our leaders(both sides), MSM, freakbook and tiwtt, the establishment stars, CEO of the top companies- they are blatantly pushing an agenda… people have to start standing up and speaking out… so many are afraid to lose a job or be ostracized… it is all about taking power away from the people and the sheeple, just fall in line and say baa… ide like to sheer a few myself and slap them real hard but I am to cute for prison!


  48. Why not? It worked for Napoleon.

    This man has balls. Very rare in politics.

    Even more productive?

    There’s no turning back.


      1. I sincerely believe the great European Continental culture must be preserved, and the traditional native people of those countries have the right to demand it.

        Poland said “no” to third-world locust hoards. They’ve had enough of invasions.

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        1. We need a simple, well publicised strategy for Vermin control. All troops bullets to be oiled with Pig Grease, so non can go to Allah’s paradise, as being unclean in death to roam lost forever, in a twilight lmbo land. No Welfare! No Virgins, just 90 year old Redneck Hookers on tap for Swine tainted lost Muslim Souls. Facing this end an Exodus is guaranteed, or toothless Hookers and no Welfare? They only swarm in for a easy touch. They all need kicking into touch! France needs to get real and send them all packing. Let them riot, then open fire. Helicopter gunships need the practice. France needs to mass Deport. I warned the Swiss to lock their borders 20 years ago. Let None in!

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    So after Will will no longer be free?
    Bitcoin is making all Revolut’s dreams come true

    War for water. It’s coming
    Top 5 Altcoins for May 2021
    China’s digital yuan will not topple the dollar, SEC official says
    Watch “2016 Hedgehog movie PREDICTS virus and ((((MASKS))))🥺😳” on YouTube

    Sadly the Public and ever more despairing the inept Political misfits, are as equally simply too Stupid to grasp how they are being manipulated. Why? Because its what is done to stupid people.



    A Chain saw would get traffic flowing again. He wont stump up again!


  50. Bitcoin: too good to miss or a bubble ready to burst?
    China is scrambling for global semiconductor supremacy

    After losing an epic battle with Mark Zuckerberg over ownership of Facebook and being shunned in Silicon Valley, CAMERON and TYLER WINKLEVOSS are back—this time as budding Bitcoin billionaires at the center of the future of money, the creative economy and quite possibly a new operating model for Big Tech itself.


    The Brits are coming.. Twice tonight.
    Yet another Sleazy Bum in an unwarranted power role

    Clean thinking. The Arabs and Oil Barons won’t be happy


      1. Jay

        Let us get it cleared fully then we will show our hands.
        Half of all the real wealth from Bank Trading Programs is syphoned off for War and Greed.
        Providing tacit agreements we have pending are honoured, there will be ice cold and forceful discussions in London to clean up the Sewer Pit of Tax Evading Overnight games and for those vast funds to be reversed to build nations. We have in mind a whole different Crypto partnership for inclusive wealth creation. Also radical ideas to asset enrich your Pension funds. If this is redeemed as OWED!!!, then we can do so much for many of you. All Crypotos look to have a lot of growth yet,. Certain parties are there for damage limitation. Panicking. Nation rebuilding will need all of you.


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