The Legitimate Dynastic Elders And Goals of Their Releases  

This is a complex, multifaceted, multi-nation, multi-Banking, and Global Power Control Dichotomy. All have their Say and want to be in the final Game play. 

We now have Rockefellers, the Crown via the Committee of 300, and the Elders in full play. Representatives are there right now, as parties try to reach a consensus with so many self seeking special interests. One which will cater for the ever changing new Global Dynamics. With the emergence of Cryptos, Blockchain, the growing Global preference for Euros over USD, and incoming QFS, the Zionist Old Guard is seeking to hook their Claws onto something, or all will be swept away. Their problem in the new world incoming, is there is no real role for them to play or dominate. Nor a need. Parasites are trying as ever to burrow into a new Host! “Hit the Rocks, Fella”, is not what they had in mind. It’s Culture Shocking them. 

QFS can negate their entire control base, as so many accounts would fail the History of Funds Diligence Checks. How was it earned or sourced? Apply this and entire groups of cross corruption will be exposed. They seek control. We are denying it. 

“…We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits…”  

Senior GS Trustee

Tough London Ethical Controls. No “Camels” in the tent. Trust! Zio Free!

The U.S. simply is insolvent, and in desperate need of an asset base to underpin its Fake Fed Base, the insolvent U.S. Zio Banks are sucked dry to cover over the cracks in the U.S. Treasury Balance Sheets to continue the Myth of Fiscal probity. We know this! 

More meetings are set for next week hoping to clear issues to be finally signed off soon by all parties. Presidents are waiting. There is a lot we can’t and won’t say in Public. Nor will we show our hand yet. Almost all the Tier One and Tier Two MTN Bank Program Profits (Vast!!!) are skimmed off into their Offshore Accounts daily, evading Taxes and denying nations’ wealth creation needs. This goes to fund an insatiable CRIMINAL Military Industrial Cabal and a vast plethora of Special Interests’ Mercenary Contractor Killers costing between $3K to $5K per man day operating beyond the rule of law, in ruthless Wars created for profits. A Million poor Iraqis died for this. How many poor Syrians have died for this?

Be clear – the ONLY reason the US is in Syria is to steal its oil, and to steal its land. Look at the disgrace and suffering of Palestine. Trump, acting under orders from his Zionist Paymasters, unlawfully gifted Syria’s Golan Heights to the Kushner Crime Family and other Zionists, Cheney and Mossad’s Nutter Yahoo. Hegemony for Money!  There is no Moral Imperative or Honor in using the U.S. Military as body bags for Israeli and vast Zionists’ profits. Mongrel Dogs rented for profit. 

We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits. They want amnesties? We want the vast Profits accrued daily to service Human and Ecological needs, not their greed. Putting back. Establishing a Moral Imperative.   

Wait until you see our terms. We will show our real plans only after we first get real control. We are thinking a Century forwards. Inclusive regeneration. Our objectives are going to recycle back Project Profits created by the People, into new Wealth Creating Projects and Token/Cryptos where the profits of good projects are then reinvested back into you, the people, and you all become real stakeholders in a United New Wealth Version Self Generating funds for all nations. Educating nations by Professionals, not Churches and Cults skimming off fees. No 7th Century ignorant Despots loose and demanding. Ethereal values from birth. Quality education for all children to have equal chances. Nurturing values from birth. Educating. Not allowing ever continuing indoctrination from these Mongrels and their Blood Cult Child sexual mutilations. We have to turn the tide over a century.  

Only 40% of all Taxes syphoned off from you actually goes back to fund needs for you. 60% is recklessly wasted on Admin and Bureaucratic Suits. Why? Because it’s “Their” pernicious Law? Not to serve you, but to help themselves. We will be looking to fund Humanity directly to the point of need, and to cut out their waste. Why do we need “Governments”? Incompetent, inept and crooked. Without these mediocrities over 150% more investment can go back to meet needs, without the Half Wits, Clinton sleaze, Nancys and Scammers syphoning from the pot.

What you the people create, we want to put back without Roaches on your back. Rethinking Community Development, its purpose, protective needs and how to secure Communities by the self created Community Pride of We The People protecting its own Community with pride. Where every Person’s Home is YOUR own Sovereign Domain. Your Right to be Free of persecution! To exist safely. To know, that as long as you have Humane values, we will protect your very right to exist.

Those are the objectives of the Elders and London Trusts. To make a Difference! To serve Humanity, not to help themselves.

So much is active on your watch. Vision is alive! These funds need to be used for a good purpose as endowed. To sow the green shoots of hope for Mankind to be Kind. Leaders fit to serve. Service to others is a Privilege, not a Right.

Right, is putting back.



    A professor with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has said that there is a general dismissal of the fact that more than half of all Americans have developed natural immunity to the coronavirus and that it constitutes “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership.”
    No shit Sherlock!…
    “When you make big, overarching statements that we’re going to defund or abolish and dismantle the police department and get rid of all the officers, there’s an impact to that,” he said.


  2. What’s this??? Lack of support? You mean after 10 years of “…we should be at the bank next week…” people are starting to wonder what their donations have bought them? Are the realities of this narrative starting to gain traction? Or, is this a play, a hustle, an angle, a game designed to engender sympathy for the poor underfunded international currency experts?

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    What a nasty, sneaky Bitch Snitch Bumbling Buffoon Boris Johnson has trying to bring him down . 2 slimebags together

    Cummings is shredding reputations today in tbe Govt Inquiry.

    1. He’s trashed the Health Secretary Matt Hand on Cock as a persistent liar.
    2. He’s trashed Boris’s Dog Carrie as completely Nutts.
    3. He’s been trashing Johnson for weeks and is trying to get him fired.
    4. He’s trashing The Cabinet.

    This worm is not turning he’s thrashing!
    Useless Boris is being exposed. It’s a torrid day for Chubby Johnson as he’s character trashed before all.
    Sneaky low life backstabbing Zionist Michael Gove hangs in the wings like a lump of Gorilla Snot hoping to get Johnson’s job if blown out. He’s a nasty creep. Both!
    The perfect soup: Dietitians reveal their favourite nutrient-rich packaged option that’s packed full of vegetables and protein

    Two dietitians have revealed their favourite packaged soup you can buy from the supermarket, and not only is it packed full of seven different vegetables and protein, but it only costs $4.50.

    For Ladies who don’t lunch.

    As most know I’m no Charles Fan. But what Harry and the Buckle nosed Bolter are doing is wrong. Most girls would die for her chance. She had a chance to be our joint US/ British Princess. It’s sad she’s let us all down. You too. She had such a welcome here and a 40M wedding a fairytale. A single year and she Fs off. Beyond sad. Both Phillip and William warned Harry to slow down and get to know her first. But he was headstrong and limp brained. She must have a second tongue. Richard the 3rd under Shakespeare offered his kingdom for a horse. Harry just gave up his for a mare.
    Truly, it’s sad she’s let both our nation’s down. No Class and a horse’s Ass.
    She’s got skinny Chicken legs like Obama. Scrawny legs and a Big Ass.

    We can certainly agree they failed the public but Cummings also
    Brad Pitt is granted joint custody of his children with Angelina Jolie

    This is better Justice. She stole him ruthlessly from Jen and the last few years this train wreck faced Bruiser had done to Brad what she did to her own father. This is a truly dangerous shrew and now the Kids get to spend time with their Dad not war games with that mental Bitch. Good for you Brad now get some real hot women and watch her get committed to Belle Vue where she belongs. You put a ring on the finger of that Minger and look what it costs.
    Live well Brad and peace in your head.

    Send her a pic of you in Jen’s bed. A smiling Jen go screw with her head. Payback.
    Biden Tries To Shield China From Trump — But It’s Too Late | Sons of 1776

    This is a Tinkers Tea Party.
    Did you expect anything less ?

    Subject: Wuhan Lab Caught Deleting Files Proving Fauci Funding

    Why the hell is this not sorted by now?

    Why are there no international independent prosecutors looking at this?
    When you see and learn such things the whole narrative of Covid deserves question.


    The demise of the dollar? Reserve currencies in the era of ‘going big’
    Bitcoin: Advert claiming it’s ‘time to buy’ crypto is banned in UK
    ‘It’s wild out there’: crypto firms lure top bankers in price boom
    Bitcoin price to hit six-figures in 2021 despite crypto market crash


        1. And George Clooney looking for Brads cast offs.
          Then the Democrats looking for Clooney’s tier 3 cast offs.
          Lighten up it’s a good thing when any dad gets to see his kids with freaks like Joley hissing vitriol.

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    “I’m not a pro-Republican person,” Brand introduced while talking to Greenwald on his YouTube channel. “I don’t see myself that way. I don’t see myself as conservative, or that I’m in a Trump, or Giuliani, or the kind of media establishments that were reporting on these revelations [about Biden’s family]. They are not my cultural, social, or political allies. That’s certainly not how I see myself.” And then he blasted away: “However, it seems to me — what reason is Hunter Biden sat on the board of an energy company in… Ukraine?” he questioned. “What reason is James Biden sat on the board, or receiving payments from an energy company, in China?”

    “We’re talking about sleaze, corruption, financial misdemeanors, and relationships between corporations, big business, and politicians — let’s face it, unless you’re bloody stupid, you know that’s going on all the time.”

    “For me, revelations that there are financial connections between energy companies in… Ukraine, energy companies in China, and the Biden family are troubling. That should be public knowledge.”


  5. Manhattan prosecutors in criminal probe into Trump Org convene grand jury to consider whether to INDICT the ex-President

    The Washington Post reported that the grand jury will also consider whether other Trump Organization executives or the business itself will be prosecuted.

    The trouble with being a narcissistic Grifter, is that Trump can’t tell the difference between Fact or the Fiction of his numerous lies. Does he skate clear again?
    Will a competent Attorney bring him down this time?
    Life for habitual and serial liars tends to catch up.
    Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin – WSJ

    Why do people doubt that it came from China? It takes this long for confirmations by MSM. What about the role of Fauci? And we are asked to give credence to what this fool says ? This whole narrative is falling apart quickly which suggests the front men will run and hide while the likes of Klaus dreams of new cyber threats to break the economies to achieve a reset.
    Complete madness is destroying the world around us that will lead to decades of work to find a new stability. Every week I discover new and different supply chain problems.

    ASB News / MILITARY〽️ on Twitter: “2020: 🎥 US military vehicles encircled and chased away by Russian military in Syria, Russian soldiers force US occupation vehicle to a stop and point a camera at it, says “smile” laughs Cat and mouse between Russia and US in Syria just doesn’t get old” / Twitter

    On the 16th of June supposedly Putin and Biden will meet in Geneva. Events like this tell a bunch about the nature of such a meeting if it comes .
    Putin is well aware of who pulls the strings and who does not.
    Why Are Democrats So Afraid of Election Audits?
    If the results are legit, why the care?
    CBS News on Twitter: “New video from the U.S. Army shows a soldier’s view with night-vision goggles, known as Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular. The video was captured during a live-fire training exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington.” / Twitter

    Just like a video game fantasy. Nowhere to hide.
    Top cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum
    Bitcoin as a call option
    US bank chiefs express caution over cryptocurrency
    JPMorgan initiates coverage of Coinbase at overweight, says stock can rebound more than 60%

    The whining Bitch gets outed again.
    He’s finished in the UK. Once the Bolter sees he’s no use to her he’s gone.

    She’s a user but he’s a Tosser what a mysogonistic pair of mediocre posers.


  6. Tony thank you so much for all the recent info. We decided to add more to our portfolios and just finished with that this evening. because we dolloar cost average into our positions on the dips our cost per coin goes way down while the returns go way up. Your advice on buying dips has been very good to us! we anticipate by year end we will be seeing incredible numbers.

    We notice that our London friend is very mum about what is going on and we can only assume that what is happening has got to be extraordinary because of this silence. The anticipation over here is elecrifying to say the least! How fortunate for us that you have shepparded and responsibly maintained an environment where our British friend is willing to share the real world playing out which is hidden from our direct vision.

    What amazing things are unfolding. The entire world is breaking out of old machinery and installing the newer versions and we are at the right place at the right time to be taking advanatage of the values of being early.

    Thanks again and we are with you and WHA! Your pal C.

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    1. As always, you seemingly have your act together and know how to ride the tiger. Keep up the good work. I do appreciate your updates and feedback.

      Yes, our English friend is very generous with his time, and despite his 12-15 hour days, manages to spend time here to help us understand what is taking place in the upper reaches of political intrigue and international finance.

      While I am limited in what I can say, rest assured that when the time comes for a proper briefing on the true and legitimate processes playing out, it will most likely be beyond anyone’s capacity to believe it. It has been a series of fortuitous events and a concatenation of miracles that we have arrived at this most fortunate arrangement, found only here. I sometimes have to stop and force myself to realize what good fortune this is.

      All my life I wanted to assist in the most effective way to better the survival chances of our planet, and I am thinking this is probably as good a chance as I will ever be given to do so, and for that I am extremely grateful to share the effort with our many fine readers.

      Yes, you have it right. The blockchain economy is coming. There is no turning back. To refuse to continue with such development would be tantamount, as an example, to dispensing with the present micro processing world of semiconductors and reverting back to vacuum tubes. It just won’t happen.

      Be sure to keep in touch here and do let us know how your kids and their friends are doing in their blockchain training and career path. I hear of amazingly high salaries being paid out to people who are adept at such technical matters. What incredible opportunities the intelligent and ambitious segments of our youth have in their hands today! All I wanted in my hands in my youth was a hot chick and the keys to a Trans Am. I did find that having the latter made the former a lot easier. lol

      Thanks again…

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    2. We sent you copies of the South Korean President Moon video last week in Washington meeting with the US Treasury, Military, UN, Bankers and Flopsie Biden, plus both House Leading Members, as many issues are now clearing. As the most advanced UK Warships, Carriers, Subs and Battleships are all now sailing high speed between Elders countries, docking and collecting, while China is screaming, why? It’s not a health trip. With so many Nuclear Missiles on board armed and ready, China will just have to Shut TF up or go for it and perish. The Brits are giving the lot 2 Fingers. Mess at their peril.

      Moon was in DC signing off certain issues. London is active!!!! We are looking at long term plans.

      It’s all well forward, focused and progressing between the nations and interests.

      You will only get the release statements when ready only via WHA. They already see the phased clearances off record. It owes no one anything. Key clearances are progressing. These are major Global undertakings, and re-alignments of powers. Huge potential when ready. No Brokers, Intermediaries, or misogynistic Grunts involved or sighted. Behind the scenes, no Drama Queens. Out of sight, but very much in full mind. Changes are coming. London has spent the last 5 years building vast underground secure rail connected bomb proof Depositories for a reason. Out of sight, but cutting edge. The questions coming, is who makes the Cut, or is Cut?

      Changes will be seismic. But still the growing issue, is Populations and Pollution. If we can’t feed and educate where is the need? Real issues. Fund and feed who and why? Talking though whose pockets?

      Re-planning by Intelligent design. Everything is being connected. Rethinking purpose and need.
      Educating for what and those we need. Reality planning. Re positioning everything. Asset deployment.

      Life for more will become, if you can’t pay, you can’t play. Freeloaders Gravy trains run dry.
      Rethinking need is now the core agenda. The herd needs feeding – how? Who pays? Why? Real issues.


        1. Cut your drinking and get STD checks?

          China’s currency is fast appreciating .Dongs may follow but nothing like Cryptos have achieved. Is it time for a rethink?
          If the Dong doesn’t rise, new reading material? Or a personal touch?
          Ask Tony for Personal Services recommendations, and use your troublesome neighbours card! Or your bosses?

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              1. Talking of Big Pharma I think those screams are Viagra going out of business with Tonys pics. Hell Tony, half those Blow Up plastic apologies for Women on LA wives just got the hots. One creature needs to be in a new film called Mated with Dogs. What a Schnauzer? Stick a bag in its head, or sell facial pics as door posts to scare away burglars. Hows does any guy marry any of them? Beyond airheads of Hollywood. But then, look at the guys?
                Your pics are better than anything seen live in Hollywood. Definitely Dongs moved upwards.

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    A study published in the National Library of Medicine in 2014 proves that “superparamagnetic nanoparticles” are successfully delivered into the body via vaccines, and once in the body, they can be used to inject DNA into cells, altering their genetics. The study is entitled Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine.

    Vaccine scientists have been experimenting with magnetic nanoparticles for many years, and they’ve already created techniques to use vaccine injections to deliver nanoparticles into the brain, allowing them to be controlled by external magnetic fields.


  8. Bloody marvelous

    Worthless little shit.

    Just some gunshots…


    1. Is there a bigger farce than AOC?… I can’t think of one at the moment… and by farce I mean, piece of excrement!… how does she hold her head up as she walks the halls?… one day, maybe, her deeds comes back to haunt… that would be a great day in history.

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  9. Ban gas boilers by 2025 for net zero but how will we heat our homes?
    Chinese commodity prices fall as authorities warn of ‘excessive speculation’
    Paul Burrell slams Prince Harry over US interviews

    He’s not the first to be swept away by a Chancer Bolter but he’s an IDIOT whose going to see it all end. She has no talent but Grunt ambitions and he’s a stepping stone fool.

    What did he expect when he crossed Ras Putin.
    Putin KNOWS the West is Weak.
    Next they will give his Nuts a Tweek.

    Yes, there’s every indication the Election WAS stolen but where is MSM Truth?

    That is why Biden can’t hold an open Dialogue with China or Russia or ride on Air Force One.
    Even the Military don’t believe him.
    Who protects American Democracy? We care! We want TRUTH!

    Typical Labour Democrat BS. This mindless Muppet wants months off because she can’t cope with life. So – How TF does she expect to advise others as an MP?
    Socialists, strangle the lot at birth! Second only to Zionists as parasites. Who elects this Crap? How about if she can’t cope she resigns? Idiots!
    China’s renminbi hits three-year high against dollar
    Introducing More Merchants Accepting Cardano ADA
    Donald Trump slams liberal US media over Wuhan lab flip-flop

    Why is this not seriously investigated?

    This will impact hard on the Russian Thug regime. No KGB would have been on board without Putin’s approval.
    Banning Russian flights would torch Putin with the Oligarchs. Time to bring the Dwarf to size and toss him?


    1. Why is it not investigated?… because it involves Fauci… and it will not support the global emergency gene altering jab they are trying to force on everyone!… most knew something was not right with this entire fiasco of a plandemic from the damn start… how many doctors were silenced?… how about our wonderful bought and paid for main stream media?… what if they had actually done real reporting and journalism?… it’s an entire narrative controlled by,,,,?… watching children being molded by a mask is sickening!

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    “Detransition” testimonies expose what so many parents suspect, but are too afraid to say – that maybe they shouldn’t allow their teen to chemically or physically castrate themselves at the first sign of confusion. As this issue enters more statehouses across the country, we need more journalists digging into what happens when we “blindly affirm” minors. These stories are not “dangerous” or “fearmongering,” they are crucial.

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    1. Divide, divide, divide us. How many more things will they come up with to divide and pit us against one another?
      Endless! It’s a weird world we live in right now.

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    1. Also limit funding from Banking and Zionist parties. Equal opportunities and keep these Zio Snouts out of both houses. No more buying seats or control. Cut the lot off. It’s a nasty, perverse Cult and has no place in the free world. We need more Ampitheatres and that lot pitted against each other, or lions unleashed. Rome controlled them. How about a world Appian Way month, encircle the world with them.
      As they hang there with sad faces Mid April, wailing, Oh God,What a way to spend Easter.

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      1. I really wish the Appian Way was a reality with so many so called leaders!… bought and paid for POS scum… they are letting our country float down the river!… it’s more obvious every day… it all needs cleaned out with a fire blaster!


      1. Unlike Trump he both has an education and a lack of Eastern Block Mail Order or Showgirl Wives.
        Unlike Trump, DeSantis has both intelligence and Class. So why not step up?

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  11. No doubt highly skilled, well educated, desperately needed in our labor force, right?

    Very good information. On-chain metrics is a key data source in this sector.

    Ding dong…I am the Chinese sandman. Sublime Chi-com sandbagging


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    I have no idea if the articles regarding GITMO tribunals, among other things, are accurate from this site, but they are compelling and go into extensive details.

    So far they have covered Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and John Brennan trials. The names of attorneys and JAG flagg officers check out too as I have been researching them as these are posted.

    Based on these postings, Clinton was hanged a month ago after 5 days in trial. Podesta is scheduled for death by firing squad in June and Brennan death by hanging first week of June as well.

    Trump appears to be involved. I have a feeling this is a military intelligence drip.


    1. Sadly, all Hopium. If only.
      It’s just the vacuous Blogosphere. Mouths exhale, brains not switched on.
      If only! Then you would know for sure. DC needs sanitising but it’s all dirty and will not heal itself. One grubby, festering pot.

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  14. John, give it back.

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    1. No my Ancestors controlled Cumbria and Leicestershire to keep the Buggers away from London.
      In Combria we blocked their ability to joing up with the Irish and come South to attack. If the Scots broke though York and came South our role was to harass and kill as many as possible to buy time for the Kings army to get ready for attack. Be assured if Mary had anything we took it first. She was locked away in Tutbury Castle which is cold, wet and windy as hell. No place to be . Sounds more like an Insurance job to me. We mugged any Scot first. Rosary beads were no issue. What use were they to her, headless. No time to be a Scot was it. We beheaded her father. See, we keep it in the family. Not quite the Head Job she had in mind. ─

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        1. No question the English know now to control the Scots.
          If only Longshanks had Tanks?
          The weather is dreadful, flies also. Cold, wet and miserable, a Kip of a place to be.
          The Clans are more like Klans, and ever betrayed each other for greed.
          Inhospitable, dour folk, always whinging and always broke.
          So many ugly women, no wonder the Sheep all have sore Butts. .
          But only, a Scot would eat it afterwards.
          England needs to help generate new industries, give their kids a chance.
          Home Rule with these fools?


  15. Sniffer dogs are 94% accurate at detecting Covid

    About as effective as wives sniffing out Cryptos in divorce settlements.
    Shared from Sky News: Sasha Johnson: Black equal rights activist in critical condition after being shot in the head in south London

    They all cashed in with their crap. Now someone put a slug in her head. Violence begets violence. People are tired of BLM bullshit. It asks for trouble and it comes.
    Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds ‘will marry in July next year and have sent save-the-date cards to friends’.

    Really Boris, go to your local Pet shop, they will have a better looking range of Dogs. Why pay for a Mongrel like that? It’s only going to end in Divorce anyway.
    He’s got form with Dogs, but why marry them? With Boris the bar is always low.
    China’s chilling warning: Australia will be the ‘first hit’ if the ‘insignificant’ nation meddles in Chinese conflicts – as Beijing boasts of ballistic missiles which can reach Down Under

    Beijing has warned that Australia’s ‘weak and insignificant’ military will be the ‘first hit’ if comes to the aid of Taiwan in a potential conflict.

    A clear warning China is coming for Taiwan. War will follow.
    No one’s safe anymore: Japan’s Osaka city crumples under COVID-19…

    What a mess Gates and Fauci what have you done?
    Cummings posts damning ‘optimal deaths’ chart from start of pandemic

    Trust this is true Idiots rule!
    US Secretary of State Blinken leads condemnation of Belarus President Lukashenko after forcing passenger plane to land and arresting journalist as it is claimed KGB agents were on board and MiG-29 ‘threatened to shoot flight down’

    Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, bottom right, is leading global condemnation of Belarus’s president for diverting a plane, right, with bogus bomb threats to arrest a journalist, top left.

    The KGB are up to the neck in this and no air space is safe. I expect it from the CIA, but Putin’s let this happen again. Just like the UK poisoning. Where was Putin in this? Ras F Putin!
    Another Humiliation for Biden: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Unable to Talk to Chinese Military Leaders Despite Repeated Attempts

    No surprise. How do we explain to good Americans this RETARD can not act for you as a World Leader he’s a joke!

    They all know he’s a Ringer! Your not even told the truth.

    Apart from at WHA then some of you freak.

    Be clear big things are coming from South Korea.

    Plan to step with care.
    ‘Smug’ Prince Harry is ‘out for vengeance’, royal expert claims

    Smug Bastard needs a circular stating I’m the Headcase family idiot. How long before the Bolter tires of this fool?

    It would look very like a bank run: Cryptocurrencies face dangerous times, critics warn

    Cut off their money and arms.
    Heads too would be nice!



    Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that he is now “not convinced” that COVID-19 developed naturally, and called for deeper probe into the origins of the virus.

    Everything that is in darkness eventually has to come to the light and it appears little by little light is being shown on the on how the COVID-19 Pandemic really started.
    A U.S. Intelligence report has revealed that three researchers who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized in 2019.

    The State Department previously reported as similar report that revealed that several researcher became sick in 2019 “with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness.”.

    Many are calling for a deeper probe into the origins of the Coronavirus with this newfound report being brought into the public eyes.



    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced this weekend that he will not get vaccinated against COVID-19, explaining that he already contracted the virus last year and has “natural immunity.”

    “In a free country you would think people would honor the idea that each individual would get to make the medical decision, that it wouldn’t be a big brother coming to tell me what I have to do,” Paul said in the interview, suggesting that the pressure campaign around vaccines could be an attempt to manufacture consent for other power grabs.

    “Are they also going to tell me I can’t have a cheeseburger for lunch? Are they going to tell me that I have to eat carrots only and cut my calories?” the Kentucky senator said.

    “All that would probably be good for me, but I don’t think big brother ought to tell me to do it.”

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  18. I was sampling some of the commentary by the usual mental cases that share “intel” with the “dinar community” and snagged my eye on this particular one from “Judy”.

    Judy Note: Notification at any time.

    Last weekend CMKX, F&Ps, Adjudicated Settlements and PPs payouts & deliveries began moving out of Zurich, Reno, Miami & London.

    Over this last week funds have moved out of Dubai Three to pay out thousands of Tier 3 CMKX and other Adjudicated Settlement accounts.

    According to Fleming, as of Sat. 22 May over 250,000 CMKX packages had been delivered with an NDA, check and debit card. They would not get total liquidity until Tier 4B has gone.

    Well, we do have a lot of CMKX victims here, so let’s ask. Have any of you received a “package”? It’s fine to admit it here. After all, if “Fleming” knows that such a thing has happened despite the “NDA” in the pack, then someone let him know, so why not let us know too!

    Don’t be shy. ⌚

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    1. Tony

      There are no such funds it’s the usual brain damaged Crocks spouting off. Totally unfounded, no one is bailing that Crock. How many times? What part of- There is no Money- Do these MORONS not get?
      Not happening! Tiresome, howling Bottom Feeders. Forrest Gump bred them.

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      1. We certainly have given those claiming to have “received” every opportunity to prove it. None have. How people can make up and spread such false nonsense to continue to give false hope to so many who have invested decades of their lives seeking truth about their funds, is beyond pathetic.

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  19. The weak continue to sell to the strong…and we thank you.

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    1. The Bitcoin market appears to be possibly heading down to 20K again as markets panic and slide.
      Bail or wait and buy again?
      Risk and double or risk and ,lose?
      Amber gamblers now.


      1. My answer to anyone asking me that, would be: “If you have to ask yourself those questions, you over-bought with funds you are now afraid to lose”.

        Bitcoin down to $20K would make my nipples even harder.

        BTC remains a buy up to $75K. An exceptional deal at any price below that.

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        1. NIce to know about the “buy up to $75k”. When I first started, BTC was around 60k. I wanted to get my foot in the door and now have gotten it in the 30ks. Wild ride. But I am patient. Appreciate all the great tips and education on this site!

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          1. Thank you, that is much appreciated.

            One key thing to always remember is that we are not really investing in any one idea. We are taking a position within an entire new technology which is going to expand and permeate almost every corner of the modern world.

            The ideas we have shared here offer key uses within that framework, and there is the issue of technologies not even thought of yet which new innovations within the blockchain world will enable. We are truly in terra incognita, and only the bold will see this and hold on until the numbers of people that are currently unable to participate, start doing so.

            As I mentioned in my last fireside chat video, between now and then, there will be volatility; there will be scary articles; there will be all manner of evaluations from almost every angle except one’s sphincter as to why you should run, get out, sell, stay away, be careful, don’t do it, etc.

            One of the most popular excuses now is the “environmental impact” argument, which is promoted by pussies who think that mining BTC is going to destroy the planet. It’s beyond belief that anyone could actually believe that. It’s been proven that the vast majority of such mining is already done with sustainable clean energy methods, yet this environmental canard is constantly being promoted.

            One of the biggest mistakes I made in the 90s was listening to too many blabbermouths who convinced me that “Apple was finished”, and that tech was dead, and that there was no need for the internet, and the gov’t would shut it down, etc.

            Big mistake. It literally cost me millions, and I swore that from that time forward, I would be the final decision maker in my chain of command – I would no longer make any decision based on what someone else said. Right or wrong, the final counsel would be myself.

            With so many people here having had their RV dreams flounder for 2 decades now, we are very fortunate to have this particular opportunity now to get in early in front of a potential wave that is just forming. This particular time will enable one to take relatively small stakes, and turn them into fortunes.

            I know of no other sector that allows such a thing at this time.

            Let’s see what the rest of this year brings.

            Pax Vobiscum

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  20. Pro-Palestine protesters in London wave hate-filled signs calling Israel ‘the new Nazi state’, claiming ‘Netanyahu surpasses Hitler in barbarism’ and saying ‘stop doing what Hitler did to you’

    One man standing in Trafalgar Square yesterday held a Palestinian flag with a placard reading, ‘Stop doing what Hitler did to you’.

    Exactly the horror and filth of the Nazis is what is done daily by this vile Khazar trash in Palestine’s stolen land.
    You have no idea how many in Europe quietly think Germany should have been given 2 more years to finish the job.
    How are they any different? Dreadful, both of them as inhumane. Each as appalling. Each Wrong! Shameful, this hurts Good Jews. Zionism is the enemy of all mankind..
    Good Jews have always lived in peace in the Middle East. Zionists cause hell and hatred anywhere.
    EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s Attorney Marc Elias, Her Campaign Manager John Podesta and Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain Are Connected to Democrat Efforts to Stop the Maricopa Audit

    Can no one clean up America?

    What the hell¿????????
    Michael Jackson’s family ‘threaten to sue’ Martin Bashir

    Hopefully the run Bashirs life also. Scheming shit
    IT BEGINS: Fort Campbell Commander Warns Unvaccinated Soldiers No Pass or Leave of Base and Non-Deployable Until Vaccinated

    I wonder how many will resign Hopefully ALL!

    Who benefits from you not knowing this?

    As we watch lockdowns and the like, crushing small and medium sized business with a completely bought and paid for compromised, silent media, one wonders if this is not a political agenda? Now that lockdowns are widely used, does any government official dare to admit the so called vaccines were not necessary? No, they double down in hopes you will never learn the truth and if you do, you are too blind to see what is happening around you. Because if you awaken, you will hold them accountable and they fear that more than anything. As it is we all will pay a price for their folly in the future. And it is remarkable to think that in America states like Texas and Florida are full speed ahead with the low vaccine rates, no mandatory mask wearing and no lockdowns. The lockdown narrative simply has no basis to be credible. And it is equally foolish to think that protocols to deal with this problem remain unchanged and people are being hurt needlessly. And many more people are scared of the wrong things. As I see people on streets with double masks struggling in hot summer weather, it is alarming that they are so afraid of fresh air that they weaken their own immune systems breathing their own air. And I cannot help but wonder about longer term social effects in our communities, as I listen and see lives being destroyed and young people robbed of futures that will never be. To see children being made afraid to play with friends is truly tragic.

    And what of the Chinese communist party who allowed Fauci to spend American dollars on a gain of function research in Wuhan? Where is the accountability?

    Oh yes, there was a demonstration in Toronto this afternoon, care to bet the media will not cover that? As a cyclist volunteered to tell me “fake news” as he laughed as we watched the police ready themselves.

    Russia has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) for a Covid-19 corpse. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but rather a bacterium that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by coagulation in the blood.

    Covid-19 disease has been found to cause blood clotting, which causes blood clotting in humans and causes blood clotting in the veins, which makes it difficult for a person to breathe because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly.

    To find the cause of the shortage of respiratory energy, doctors in Russia did not listen to the WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on COVID-19. After doctors opened arms, legs, and other parts of the body and carefully examined them, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and filled with blood clots, which impeded blood flow and also reduced the flow of oxygen. In the body it causes the death of the patient. After learning about this research, the Russian Ministry of Health immediately changed the treatment protocol for Covid-19 and gave aspirin to its positive patients. I started taking 100 mg and Imromac. As a result, patients began to recover and their health began to improve. The Russian Ministry of Health evacuated more than 14,000 patients in one day and sent them home.

    After a period of scientific discovery, doctors in Russia explained the treatment method by saying that the disease is a global trick, “It is nothing but a coagulation inside blood vessels (blood clots) and a method of treatment.

    Antibiotic tablets
    Anti-inflammatory and
    Take an anticoagulant (aspirin).
    This indicates that it is possible to treat the disease.

    According to other Russian scientists, ventilators and an intensive care unit (ICU) were never needed.Protocols for this effect have already been published in Russia.
    China already knows this, but it has never released its report.

    Share this information with your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends and colleagues so that they can get rid of the fear of Covid-19 and realize that this is not a virus, but a bacterium that has only been exposed to radiation. Only people with very low immunity should be careful. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Victims should take Asprin-100mg and Apronik or Paracetamol 650mg.

    Learn Why Bill Gates is Being Brought Down for Failing
    China’s Takeover

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  21. Trump JR post…
    ” Guys do you think this will end well? The military wants to work with outside tech companies to be able to spy on active duty military personnel and monitor their social media. They need to do this with private companies because the government First Amendment restrictions. Think about the implications of this. What do you think will be viewed as “extremist” in the eyes of today’s woke leftist controlled military leadership? It’s a must watch.

    This is the kind of crap you do when you are trying to take over and push thru an agenda not for the people… draconian/socialist/commie crap… take away free speech , make people afraid to say the truth and what is right!

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  22. In the game of life Class rises to the top. the sediment settles to its place.
    Grace Kelly was an Actress with a level of Class. In Monaco she portrayed it. Her films were carefully screened, nothing Trashy or Tacky. Grace made the step up with Grace! Grace had Dignity.

    Williams wife Catherine has accomplished it. Class. As have others.

    All that Markel has achieved, with a Bolting mother, a Bolter also herself, is a career as a bit part Video actress for a low budget Car Head Job porn part, and a Filing Room knee Trembler, Class – Low!
    Many of us opened hearts and minds to give a recycled, mixed race girl a chance to be Americas Royal Duchess.
    We hoped she would rise to it. A part to die for.

    Sadly we just got this head case, Allegedly very Common, a freaking Bitch with attitude, and a money grubbing Trailer Type with its hand out. Beyond sad, she’s let America down also. We see enough of the lwo graders as Tourists, and we’ve seen a few portrayed elsewhere, best ignored. Never mix in a squealing Hog Pen. Class and Crap.

    She couldn’t handle Decorum and Class. William and Prince Philip advised Harry not to marry her. His Johnson ruled the fool. Now the Fool is a Media Puppet. When they are done with him, where then? .
    Market has neither the acumen or Class to achieve a high role in Politics. But, as we have seen to date, she gives an impression she appears to know how to Couch Cast. Bottom feeders?
    Harry’s father gave up his Princess for a Mares Ass. It’s a Windsor trait.
    Thank God William will save the Monarchy. The Markel Union is going where once she realises she’s married to a whimpering Dimwit with the Persona of a Pumpkin.? Cinderella will chase a new Political Fella. Hapless, hopeless Harry will head home. To what? Markel has blow the UK. Cut both loose. Tinsel Towns 5 minute wonders will implode when LA tires of this talentless, grasping, free loading pair . 5 minutes of fame and a life of shame.
    Karma always collects.


  23. file:///C:/Users/13047/Downloads/Telegram%20Desktop/ea20200706_deutsche_bank_consent_order.pdf

    ” The Department has determined that Deutsche Bank failed in various respects to
    meet these obligations fully with respect to three different customer relationships: one direct
    customer relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and entities related to Mr. Epstein; and two dollar clearing/correspondent banking relationships with foreign banks, FBME and Danske. Each will
    be addressed in turn.”
    “Deutsche Bank shall pay a penalty to the Department, pursuant to New York
    Banking Law §§ 39 and 44, in the amount of one hundred fifty million U.S. dollars
    ($150,000,000.00). The entire amount shall be paid to the Department within ten (10) business
    days of executing this Consent Order. ”

    Deutsche gets caught and pays a fine!… quietly… no one goes to jail, again… how many times have we seen this in the big banks?… corruption to the max!

    how much drugs do we see being caught?.. so how much gets by and sold?… massive amounts… who launders that money?… I remember one big bank getting caught ( allowed to be caught) laundering drug money -money
    common sense will say they all do it, or most… they pay a fine and move on… our financial system.


    1. At the pace they are going, they will all be worth those prices again before long.

      Alot of lower highs and lower lows.

      The technicals are not looking great right now.


      1. I hope they do. It would be an unimaginable gift to buy another round at those prices.

        For now, the wise person who does not fret over weak prices, will hold. Of course, this assumes they used money set aside for speculative ventures of this nature, and not funds which should not have been placed in such a highly volatile market.


    2. Hi Tony.

      Thanks for the reassurance.

      This also happened last year. Nothing new. Fact is the world is changing. Just hold on for the ride. Been in this situation last year also. I just ignored the news. And them came back when it was better. Worse thing you can do is panic right now.

      It is of-course a different kind of fight in the crypto world. Newer technology. Greener approach? New use cases are fighting for dominance. You place your bets on some and hope that they get to the top.

      Tony, thanks for showing us your perspective on how to pick them. The rest of the decisions are ours. Hope to see life changing gains hopefully soon. Until then just keep working the 8 to 5 jobs.


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      1. You have it right.

        You do not place funds into this kind of market, and then run at the first sign of high volatility. Otherwise, why bother? You take your place, then hold on for the end goal, or total collapse.

        Our end goal is something you cannot see on a chart, or be discerned from technical analysis. Oh no. Those are simply tools to speculate on what the price may do over a certain timeframe. It’s no guarantee of any future price at all.

        For now, our goals and the reasons behind it are probably way outside the mind of the quick-buck-only crypto participant. This is why they place so much emotional energy into their trades. They are in and out for the buck, and don’t see the longer term value in the creative energy which these ideas represent over the longer haul.

        Just as nobody saw the smartphone or laptop until the technology enabled these ideas to become reality, there will come a time when the blockchain economy will advance to a point where many of the ideas we hold will most likely be in such high demand that Wall St interests will clamor for the fees that selling such will make possible.

        So, for now, the prices, up or down, are not really important. The key thing is to have a piece of the action. Just like having a piece of the tech sector action in the 90s, mattered. Despite the crashes and volatile swings of that period. Look at those values now.

        I don’t think we will have to wait as long for the blockchain sector to reach extremely higher levels, but as I have repeatedly written, the journey will be very volatile, up and down, and you will survive it by using only risk capable funds and having the courage to hold on through what is essentially a normal process of highs and lows.

        As we are not teaching “trading” here, we won’t be concerned with chart analysis and trying to decided when to sell. That’s for the traders. We are holding for maximum valuations, which buying and selling won’t accomplish.

        There will be a time when it will be very obvious to exit many of our positions. However, we have not even come close to that time. When we do, you will know.

        Of course, along the way, if a certain goal has been reached, and you need the cash, there is no shame in exiting. It certainly is better than having one’s funds in dongs and dinars, which have not moved at all in what, 20 years?

        Thanks for your comment!

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    Certified organic foods cannot be grown in biosludge
    Important to this entire discussion is the fact that USDA certified organic foods cannot be grown in biosludge, and they cannot be sprayed with glyphosate, a toxic weed killer herbicide.
    Additionally, USDA certified organic always means non-GMO, since genetically engineered crops are not allowed to be certified organic under current USDA rules.

    Yuck. Non-GMO Project Verified just not healthy.

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  25. During our last fireside chat, I mentioned that we could expect “scary news” to hit the newswires concerning crypto. The goal is to get you to run scared, and it worked with many on the other side of that “news”. The whales love a bargain.


  26. Cryptocurrency holders take on central banks at their peril
    1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code | Soren Dreier

    Makes one pause and reflect. Interesting, but where will it go?

    Will truth, as ever, DIE in America? Look at how they covered up the Usurper Soetoro? America is the Wallmart of integrity.

    No wonder more and more international players are questioning the legitimacy of the Biden crowd. When countries like Russia raise such issues, you know there is a creditability problem in foreign policy
    China’s Rush Into Africa, Explained. – YouTube

    Did you know this?
    Why does anyone trust such a country ?
    They will enslave Africa left unchecked. There is no interest in helping the people of Africa to find sovereign wealth or strength without the boot of China.

    EXCLUSIVE! Papadopoulos Exposes Deep State – “Nothing Is Going to Stop What’s Coming”

    The worlds Achilles Heel is stupidity.

    Better on this channel
    Shared from Sky News: Israel-Gaza conflict: Shocked girl ‘hasn’t spoken a word’ since four siblings and mother were killed

    How can any poor Souls live in Gaza next to these Bastards?
    Wake up Public Opinion.
    Russia, Iran and Turkey please arm Palestine and all countries surrounding this evil Pariah State.of assimilating, marauding low life Khazars.

    Mentally unstable Cummings may get Johnson going- Out!

    Big danger emerging for The Chump. So many parties can flip on the Glutton Grifter and here is one.
    Barack Obama was a ‘parasite’ who sucked the Democratic party dry to get re-elected and was so arrogant he believed he would have beaten Trump if he could have run for a third term, new book claims

    Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump hits shelves May 25.

    This is the arrogance of the Chicago Con Man Usurper.
    Martin Bashir ‘put listening device in Diana’s Kensington Palace flat’

    What a cruel and ruthless Bastard Bashir was putting poor Diana through this to manipulate and interview which would destroy her and the free fall afterwards.
    Diana suffered through her own treacherous Prick Charles and shameless Camilla. The Queen and William do tremendous jobs and Catherine is an asset. We need to protect them and be thankful poor Diana’s life left us with William
    Bashir and the BBC lying cover up needs exposure. The BBC needs to lose its licence fee and it’s Left Wing BS!
    Bashir belongs in jail and the BBC a major fine and savage cash cut backs. End it’s arrogant grandstanding. It’s no loss to lose it. We don’t need it’s Left Wing Fake news.
    Let the Cons deal with Bashir.
    If only Charles too. Diana was ruthlessly trashed by this fake Defender of the truth 2 faced husband.
    Shame for what was done to Diana. Let Bashir lose his pension. Diana lost her life? Charles and Bashir both need booting to hell.
    That is justice
    I don’t pity that whining Tosser Harry or his attention seeking manipulative Bolter user! Both head cases. Markel has no Class. She’s no Grace Kelly just LA smelly
    Jail Bashir and don’t sent Harry back here. The Bolter will boot him when the money runs out and Fake Hollywood tires of this second rate misfit pair.
    Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters take over central London streets

    Yes,Yes Yes Israel is a Khazar mafia terrorist state. Boot them out and give it back to Palestine. No one wants them.
    Dr Fauci Spent $400K To Conduct Secret Experiments Transplanting Scalps Of Aborted Fetuses Onto Living Rats | GreatGameIndia

    Why does anyone listen to this warped minded fool ?

    Again, this nasty little Grunt with so much Wuhsn explaining to do between himself, Gates and Soros.
    No wonder Fauci has sold his properties ready to cut and run.

    When does Fauci get investigated?

    This is what happens with Irish builders lol

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    The CDC is demonstrating the beauty of having a “disease” that can appear or disappear depending on how you measure it.

    To be clear: If these new policies had been the global approach to “Covid” since December 2019, there would never have been a pandemic at all.

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    In the same week that the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously declared that police cannot carry out warrantless home invasions in order to seize guns under the pretext of their “community caretaking” duties, the Biden Administration announced its plans for a “precrime” crime prevention agency.


    1. In the midst of all this… one of our picks is currently up 128% at the moment.

      Keep your risk capital based positions within your tolerance and let time and the inevitable forward technical progress on planet earth do all the work.


  29. Harry says family tried to STOP him and Meghan from leaving

    Apart from showing what a pair of whining , self ingratiating Arseholes they both are, it’s devastating the monarchy and Harry may get iced out soon where does he go to freeload with no title and her too,? The press own him now and they will eat them both alive. Stupid little boy. I want my Mammie. He needs a Soother still! Immature child!
    This in NOT what Diana would want.
    Markles brought nothing but damage the attention seeking Minger this will wipe her out as a Royal now. Common little Bolter did it to her father and ex husband. She can’t handle Class but Kate can? Markle had such a chance. No Class
    Canadian Bitcoin ETFs rattled by crypto tumult
    Dr. Christiane Northrup Gives New Details on COVID Vaccine Shedding/Transmission, Especially Among Women | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News

    Is this the only thing hot women will shed now for Tony?

    A video worth listening to, regardless of what you think about these so called vaccines.
    Sometimes, I really wonder if critical thinking can be taught or learnt without pain?
    I fear that we have no idea of the real damage will be with these shots down the road, for some people. As always, each of us needs to think about we put into our bodies. Whether it is food, shots or drugs. And like most things, each of us must be ready to accept real information and assess whether it is acceptable. And it just awful, that people are being put into positions of having such shots just to work. And I am sure that not long from now, such organizations will find themselves on the receiving end of lawsuits and damage claims. Frankly, I will not buy any stock of any company that has such a policy.
    IAF Personnel Are in Russia on S-400 Missile Training As Delivery Nears
    If Russia sells S400s to India, why not Palestine, Syria, Iran and Iraq? Egypt? Blast these ruthless land stealing Khazars to hell.
    As I wrote many months ago, India will receive the S400 to balance against China. Training their personnel in use of this system is a good sign of an upcoming announcement of delivery.

    Level the MIddle East playing field. Level Israe Hell! See how fast the bullying stops then. American weapons are doing the killing!
    Prince Harry claims Charles told him he would suffer same problems as him | Daily Mail Onli

    Thank God William was the first born not this complete imbecile!
    Immigrant gangs plague Denmark and the only solution is deportation: former immigration minister | The Truthseeker

    This will spread everywhere. These bloody WOGS need sending back. Bag, Tag and Frag the lot! Freeloading trash.

    Sooner or later all of Europe and the UK will be forced to do this. Sadly, it likely will be at the point of a gun.
    Shared from Sky News: Martin Bashir’s Diana interview: Police to assess BBC’s Bashir Diana interview report as minister says it raises ‘issues of governance’

    At last Bashir belongs in jail and an end to BBC Left Wing Prima Donnas. Jail all who covered it up. They are all a disgrace. Let the Cons deal with Bashir Real Justice!
    6 year for Bashir in Belmarsh. Naked face down! .
    Twitter users accuse Harry of being a ‘one-trick pony’
    This is the hard truth he’s a whining missfit married to a bolting Headcase Hottentot cashing in bitching. They will eat him alive. Plus the Hottentot with Chilli and fries. Misfits!
    Harry’s long road to therapy

    What a Wassock. Was a hard kick In the arse never tried,? Wet little Bitch?
    Harry’s explosive new series reveals new insight into Sussexes’ home

    This is how an unemployed mentally unstable misfit and a small time C Grader cable TV Actress live having bolted on everyone and failed roles people would die for. Why do we give them any respect 2 F Wasters?
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thought Oprah interview would help

    Reconcile after that? Both mental!
    NASA’s Curiosity rover is on the cusp of discovering salts on Mars

    Correct the F Zionists stole everything else
    Up to 8 MILLION may have died of Covid around the world, WHO warns

    Then the test is working and they can try for one billion next
    Africa and Pakistan will profile high but poor India has it now.
    Pro-Palestine, pro-Israel protesters clash in Times Square

    Face it, the Muslims now usurp everything, One lied his way to the WH. What a Con Man.
    So next they will come for you over Palestine. You will do nothing. Cut and run.

    More Good News on Ivermectin
    It would not be surprising that more people will using this, even if you have taken a jab, as more information comes out that people who got these shots still get Covid.

    “A scientific review funded by the WHO found ivermectin reduced COVID-19 deaths by 75%. It also increased viral clearance. A meta-analysis of a greater number of studies found a 68% reduction in deaths”

    Cryptos and Non Privacy.Risks.

    There’s also growing allegations of funds lost via coinbase read their reviews. Big questions there.
    Does this look like Covid care to you?
    Not a mask in site only for the little people. Not one for Nancy?

    What the Irish taoiseach told Biden that got him worried about China

    When even the Irish prefer China to America it says it all


    1. Where’s my homie James darrin? Sing it with me! 🎵 big bags only – got my big bags homie….. 🎵 🕺🏻

      (Gosh – I’m so silly today)

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      1. Love it!
        .. but right now a Coinbase listing is not gonna move the price!… might be a long slow crypto summer… we wait and watch… I have my “big bags”…lol… I’m singing!… feel good… great group here!

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    “Stay-at-home.” “Distance learning.” “Essential travel only.” In the fight against COVID-19, widespread restrictions on human activity became a norm in 2020.

    But now it’s clear from the data that lockdowns not only had devastating effects on much of society, but they also failed to protect the most vulnerable, says former White House COVID advisor Dr. Scott Atlas. “There’s a big reason why lockdowns were never recommended in prior pandemics.”



    It was inevitable that climate change warrior Greta Thunberg would be tweeting about an enormous ice slab nearly the size of Majorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, calved off an Antarctic ice shelf and was spotted by satellites this week.

    Dozens of autonomous war machines capable of deadly force conducted a field training exercise south of Seattle last August. The exercise involved no human operators but strictly robots powered with artificial intelligence, seeking mock enemy combatants.


  32. Salve

    Given the clearer nature of the recent sell offs and the resilience of ETH, we hereby raise the buy-up-to price for ETH to $5,000.

    Remember, in this asset class, the volatility we said would happen, is happening, and this is the price you will have to pay for being very early in a sector that is still very much in its infancy. So, with your risk capital only, you may consider buying ETH up to the above price.

    Always remember – Fortune Favors the Bold!


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    1. Thank you ~Tony for adding the pics to the emerging Diana story. We need to expose these Bastards, warts and all. Truth will terrorise them for a change.
      Thank God William is the first born and not Harry.
      Charles will face real lashbacks now also. Shite!
      Let that Bastard abdicate now to William and Kate. The nation does not want him. As for Camilla, even a Gold Lam’e Bag will not hide her shame. They both need to join Harry and the Bolter Hottentot and F off”

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    1. You get far better real news and Intel on WHA than you do from the MSM.
      It’s like waking up and finding you’ve got a new man each day.

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      1. Thanks John and Tony. I like to be in the know about many things. I care deeply about mother earth, humans, the multiverses, and the many lives to come.
        Rock on!

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  33. Everyone wants a piece of the action

    Vat?? Somedings for noding?

    Now you tell me.

    It was amateur night.

    Harry And The Hottentot – Take the money and run…

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    What has China unleashed knowingly on America and the world. Is Covid a Chinese WMD tested on the West with worse to come.

    Interesting information for key parties at WHA.
    Just take care with Cryptos for a while with the Chinese, Indian and other issues.
    Residents are limited to what money is outside of their country, and will sell and hold cash outside of China.

    China has banned financial institutions and payment companies from providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions, and warned investors against speculative crypto trading. Under the ban, such institutions, including banks and online payments channels, must not offer clients any service involving cryptocurrencies, such as registration, trading, clearing and settlement, three industry bodies said in a joint statement on Tuesday. China has banned crypto exchanges and initial coin offerings but has not barred individuals from holding cryptocurrencies. Banks in the UK like Natwest now close your account if you are even seen to be trading in Cryptos. Their excuse is money laundering risks. Its getting messy for a while.

    Pretty clear prices are headed down and not up

    Every one of these Bastards is linked to each other. Scammers Incorporated!

    Worth pondering given the current climate narrative.

    Interesting historical evidence questioning todays Global warming realities


    Now this is a story the BBC and MSM tried to cover up and needs Global exposure.

    Princess Diana WAS the Peoples and Worlds Princess. She aspired to be more for her children and to try to give both William and Harry all the love she had to give, and give them an upbringing as normal as possible.

    Diana was not the smartest tool. She had the IQ of probably a 13 year old. Not smart. Still a year above Trump!
    Charles with a lot of bad form, needed a Virgin bride He ruthlessly took this naïve, innocent child, manipulated her into a cold, one sided marriage. impregnated her twice, while all the while carrying Camilla on the side.

    Poor devastated Diana tried to protect the boys, while Charles mentally abused her with cold disdain. He’s some Shit. Protector of what Faith? With Camilla his Groupie from Hell.

    Along comes Martin Bashir, a devious cunning Indian reporter from the BBC Panorama program ,who criminally had bank records forged, and gave poor Diana fake records, then manipulated this poor child into the interview from hell.
    In a cold and ruthless move, he faced her head on against the the Windsor’s machine and she was gone.
    Poor Diana was cut loose. Alone, abused, she was used by so many. It cost her her life. No life!
    The BBC and Bashir have lied and covered up so much.
    Bashir and the BBC have so much to answer for, The DEATH OF OUR PRINCESS. Who Pays?
    The BBC is a disgrace. Bashir conspired to deceive poor Diana
    Bashire need to go on Trial. Conspiracy charges.
    Charles needs to be booted out of succession. Unfit for Office.
    Jail Bashir. Appoint William Regent. Gut the Left Wing BBC. Charles needs to go into exile, as Treacherous Windsors do. Like Edward and Harry next. What a mess.
    We can all get aggressive and demand Justice for poor Diana and William. The BBC covered all this up. Bashir needs to do real time! Hard time! Cons will give him real justice.
    Your voices for Diana? William and Kate are trying so hard. For them?

    Ex BBC boss Lord Hall says he wrong to call Martin Bashir honest
    How about we all smash into the BBC and Bashir and get justice for Diana.
    Charles won’t escape this shite!

    ANDREW NEIL gives his devastating verdict over BBC interview

    Harry lashes out over ‘unethical’ BBC interview with Diana

    William needs all our help and Diana does to. Together we can help raise voices and rip down ivory towers. Diana was badly used by too many abusers.
    Time Charles was faced down and booted out. Let the people have a referendum Charles or William? Charles helped destroy Diana. He and Camilla should be witch hunted out

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  35. Not surprised. That’s San Franpsycho these days.

    What an end.

    I am a breast man anyway.

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  37. Haha…

    Go get’em honey.

    What timing…


  38. Beyond cruel and disgusting. Stop Arming these F Khazar Pariahs!!!!


    Every effort is being made to take down Trump now

    Will only flame guns stop them?
    A promising new vaccine candidate could protect us from multiple coronaviruses – including some that haven’t jumped to humans yet
    ‘We don’t know what they are and can’t explain how they move’: Obama confirms UFO sightings by military are real and says they ‘must take them seriously’

    Barack Obama has confirmed footage of UFOs with extraordinary aeronautical capability to anything in the US military is real, but shot down rumors of a ‘secret’ lab where aliens are kept.

    Obama confirms UFOs but has no idea who they are.
    Bitcoin falls sharply after China signals crypto crackdown

    Clouds coming it seems?
    Fox News host labels Harry the Prince of Woke Social Justice

    Any amusing epitaph yet the gruesome twosome wont relinquish their titles.
    The Can’t Cut It Bolter and the Mental case will last how long?
    The Wannabe Clinton will dump the Chump.Two posing, grasping Wasters.

    Fox News host labels Harry the Prince of Woke Social Justice
    110 direct flights from India have landed in UK since it was put on ‘red list’: Up to 8,000 arrive from Covid-ravaged sub-continent in nearly a month amid fears airports have become ‘super spreaders’ for virus

    This means that up to 8,000 travelers have flown in from the subcontinent despite concern over an Indian covid variant that threatens to undermine the easing of the national lockdown.

    Useless Bastards in Govt here Red List means NO F Flights! Or should. Refuse Landing slots. FFS what does it take to stop these infected Wassocks flooding in?
    Brain dead Border Security here. A dreadful exposure. Well researched. Effective MSM.
    Watch “Did the DOD/OIG Get Correspondence From Congress That Initiated Their “Evaluation” on UAPs?” on YouTube

    Interesting questions.

    PIERS MORGAN: Blame for Indian Fiasco lies with Boris Johnson

    On this I totally agree. Why do we, and our across the pond Allies, continue putting such useless Plonkers in key roles?
    I truly remain A -Political The lot are useless Is there one between DC and London fit for office? . We have none.
    As Russia declines to accept a crooked US Vote Rigged Election for the Left, thank God at least the 2 Militaries talk through back channels to each other.
    Biden is Brain Dead and Harris has alleged “Escort Form”, how can either be the face of America?

    The Kremlin has announced that they will continue to refuse to acknowledge Biden while “there are ongoing legal processes,” even though there’s little prospect that any of Trump’s complaints will be taken seriously by the U.S. courts. Nor will the courts acknowledge any other complaints. Just look at the resistance to a vote review in Arizona. One might think what is the big deal if the vote was honest.

    This should upset the apple cart of the Biden crowd. And this will not be lost on other countries, even China. They do have their back channel communications with the US military and that is the best venue for peace.
    Panic is starting be prepared for possible panic is.
    Bitcoin plunges in value as China starts cryptocurrency crackdown

    Brilliant performance and not a Covid vaccine needle in sight?


    The greatest attack on freedom of speech I’ve ever seen in USA


    Watch the dips

    So an illegal, Usurping Keyan Chicago Con Man feels he knows what Trump is, but himself does not know if he’s Arthur or Martha.
    From Chicago Bathhouses to the Oval Office, he’s taken how much?

    What can be learned here?


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      1. You will see that Cryptos lost 25% today, Panic! Plus last weeks losses. Opportunities or a rough ride.?
        Roller Coaster time for sure.
        Russia is still refusing to recognise Biden.
        Russia has indicated to Mad Yahoo if he continues persecuting the Palestinians he risks war with Russia. Yes Please.!!!!! These Khazars need reigning back. But then America and Russia face off. For Khazars? Always they bring trouble. 6,000 years it never ends. Murdering Palestinians is typical of them. A dreadful species who could do so much good if retracked. Bad seed! They started Genocide the day they arrived in Palestine., Genghis Khans scum loose. If that goes up, what price Cryptos then? Just watch with care. Tread with care. Protect your risks.
        Tricky markets and times.


        1. Yes. Today.

          BTC still up 300% for the year. We will focus on the long term outlook, and short term volatility is the price we will pay for reaching higher plateaus. Like Amundsen, having to eat some of his sled dogs on the way to the South Pole – it’s going to get messy at times, but the goal is there. We protect positions by not overbuying. These types of retracements are expected, and so far have always been overcome and followed by new highs. This is anticipated again. But, yes, by all means, risk capital only in this market.

          Amundsen referred to the location of the canine abattoir as “The Butcher Shop”. All agreed that dog was a fine meal. Today, I dine on a “fine meal” of lower prices on ETH. Those Chi-Coms are good for their annual boogey man crack down rhetoric. Expected from dog eaters.

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  39. Watched Fauci say, when asked about illegals comin in with Covid unchecked, that it was NOT HIS AREA… and not long ago watched him talk about gun violence being a public health issue…and now I see a vid where he says Covid exposes racism… tell me his is not politically motivated!

    Dr. Fauci: COVID-19 pandemic exposed the ‘undeniable effects of racism’ across the US.

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  40. Crypto pioneer burns billions of dollars in shiba inu-themed currency
    Is Karma coming for Fauci?
    Looks like the media is turning against him.
    10,570 DEAD 405,259 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

    Big questions for Tino and Biffie.

    If this is at all accurate, there is more damage from these so called vaccines than from Covid.
    I’ve reported on bitcoin since the beginning. Here’s the harsh truth | Tim Mullaney

    Well worth reading , operate with care.
    Never mind the Bitcoin madness: inflation is a far bigger worry for investors

    Yet more issues tow be aware of.
    Federal investigators warn of rise in cryptocurrency scams

    No question nasty scammers are growing. Sadly.
    The BBC caught again hiding truth yet again to protect these Socialist swine.

    Memo suggests BBC plot to axe staff who criticised Martin Bashir


    Employers who mandate covid vaccines may be held liable for “any adverse reaction”
    (Natural News) The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is warning employers that they will be held liable for any adverse events resulting from mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” policies.

    If an employee who was forced to be injected with experimental mRNA gene therapy becomes paralyzed or dies, for instance, that injury or death will be considered “work-related,” meaning the employer will be held responsible.

    In the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of a new OSHA guidance that was issued on April 20, the agency explains that all employers who mandate experimental Chinese Virus shots are required to record any adverse events that result from the injections.

    In response to the question, “If I require my employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of their employment, are adverse reactions to the vaccine recordable?” this is what OSHA says:

    “If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.”

    What this means is that employers who try to force their employees to get injected are opening themselves up to lawsuits, worker’s compensation claims and a negatively impacted safety record. Tread at your own risk, employers.

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  42. John,

    Are the current multilateral engagements you are apart of scheduled to continue until consensus is reached with the goal of sign off for releases by all parties involved? Or, is there a backstop which will allow for convening a separate session at a later date if unable to successfully negotiate terms?

    Attempting to determine the overall sense of urgency with Presidents waiting.


    1. Hmmm,
      A certain President and the US team fly to Washington to meet with the US President and it’s not a health trip.
      I can say no more OK? It’s not a Tourist trip.


  43. Hey John,
    I do hate to discuss too much personal stuff sometimes (not always lol) BUT, remember you recently advised me to use my will to repair my current issues? I’m am pretty sure I do not know how to do that. I gave it a shot the other day and the pain of allowing my mind to take control of my body was seriously painful. If I am worth a comment or a little assistance in your eyes I would greatly appreciate a tad more of your valued advice if time and care permits such.

    I am bloody struggling John, having a lot of trouble even walking properly at the moment. Nothing is working how I expected it would. Not that my current circumstances are your worry at all but a little education for someone not so wise would be deeply and sincerely appreciated. I’m sorry and quite embarrassed to be so needy. XX

    On another note. You know what I found rather astounding last week? You referred to me as “one of our own.” Do you have any idea what that meant to me? To the person that never really felt like they belonged anywhere. All I can say to that is thank you. THANK YOU.

    I’ll probably regret posting this comment tomorrow but who says we cannot be vulnerable in our hour of need? FRIGHTENING STUFF. XX

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    1. Aurataya,
      First be yourself. Tough luck everyone else is bloody well taken.
      Lie back, relax, breath deeply, let your body body be at one with nature. Just test your arm and leg movements, wriggle your toes and hands. Let your body respond. Think, just beautiful thoughts, nature, flowers scenery., hot locals.
      Lift arms and legs slowly just a little, to show your in commend.
      Just slowly start to reconnect with your limbs.
      If you can’t, just tell Donk to get off and go jump on a Ru of his own.
      Just get breathing right, a step at a time, small steps. Build back slowly.
      Stop Mud Wrestling Abos and Crocs.
      Check with your Doc for deeper issues . Let them advise.
      Let Donk have a turn on top? Overdoing it?

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      1. John, not only did you just make me laugh with your sense of humour but also cry with the beauty of your words. Thank you so much for taking the time to share what you have with me here, I appreciate it more than I can express in words.

        I have been to the doc and all they want to do is operate but I am not willing to take that chance. So I am going to do as you have so generously suggested and hopefully come back as superwoman very soon.



        1. Here to serve Aurataya.
          If Ops are strongly, recommended, is it for the best? What’s best for you if it frees you to live better?
          Ops only affect you for weeks. Benefits are for life. Some parts just wear out. Fear of Ops is natural, but benefits are for life. What is best for Aurataya? Quality of life?

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          1. So sorry John, I did not realise you had responded again to my comment.

            John I can’t do it. It is more than one operation. It’s major back surgery, hip, knee and ankle surgery. I cannot go through that now. I have to be on my feet every day caring for my Aunt, I cannot put her in care, she is too vulnerable now. And her bloody cancer may be back as well, will know more next week. I cannot let her down now. I have to be superwoman at the moment and I will be.

            John, both my parents were taken out with medical operations when I was very young, I have a big issue with that. I cannot do it. I must admit, I am starting to become a little concerned. BUT, I bloody tell ya what, when I get this p’d off, as I am now having something trying to control my ability to do what I need and have to do, this is when I gain strength and beat the obstacles aside. I cannot fail.

            Thank you again John for your kindness and time, I do so very much appreciate it. You are a good man and I know that. Thank you John.


        2. Aurataya- have you tried massage therapy for your sciatica?

          Remember Biffie said she cured herself by applying pressure? Well, my mother in law has severe sciatic pain and is going for her second treatment this week. Her friend referred her to the doctor who cured her after a couple of months of massage therapy.

          There are YouTube videos on the subject. I hope you feel better soon.

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          1. Thank you so much beautiful, I do so very much appreciate your kindness, care and information. Sweetheart I have very serious spinal stenosis. It was getting better with the youngevity vitamins until I fell down two flights of stairs earlier this year. That fall caused more back issues along with hip, knee and ankle issues. I am riddled with arthritis. I have major bone growth happening in my collar bone now as well and if that gets any bigger then the old doc tells me that will need an operation too due to the pressure on my throat.

            I have had enough of all this health drama. I have decided on this very day I am getting up tomorrow and nothing is going to stop me doing what I have to do. I am not going to let the pain beat me. I used to be such a strong healthy woman and I have gone so far down hill in recent years. BUT, I have had enough and I am going to fight back now and I do not like to lose a battle. Let’s see what the future holds.

            Thank you beautiful. XX


            1. Have you looked into tensor rings Aurataya? It could help relieve a lot of your pain. I can’t say first hand because I have no pain, except for if over do my workouts but it goes away.

              Though my husband has been using them for his aches and pains. The first time, he thought it was maybe a coincidence. The second time was his shoulder and third was his knee. He placed the ring around the area with pain and it went away.

              He just now told me that, he thinks there something to it. He working out on the elliptical and going to the gym to lift some weight this morning.

              It’s Tesla technology and the rings are 144hz. I bought a bunch of them and they were so cheap. I trust the guy who makes them. I can send you a couple for you. I hate to hear that you are so much in pain.


  44. From one moment to the next, always be ready to defend yourself. You never know when you will be forced to.

    It’s amateur night. Don’t panic sell. If that’s your plan, to run at every dip, just go play craps and spend it on hookers.

    And yet the sky is still above, and the earth below.

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    1. Tony, I only watched about 2 mins of that attack video and must admit, I am struggling to take and even witness this crap anymore. The tide must turn.


  45. Remember, WHA warned about Bolshevism coming to power. Will our armed forces remember their oath? All enemies…foreign AND domestic?

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  46. Biden Pulls ALL US TROOPS From Israel – Exposing Ally to Jihadists and Regime in Tehran

    Interesting move. But what is truth? Is the US really pulling US troops out of that Kazar Cesspit? Too much to hope for, but Turkey, PLEASE DO GO to Palestines aide. Iran, Syria, Egypt too. Russia, you can help. China too. Armageddon them! Long overdue.
    Luongo: The Coming Apotheosis Of The Banks | ZeroHedge Contributed by an associate.

    I have been writing since mid year last year that when the central banks pull the plug they will go digital because they themselves are insolvent with certain banks having more solvency than they have. And many banks cannot survive without their skimming of on and off balance assets.
    Klaus and his crowd are not the only ones playing for position and it is far from being clear whether they will succeed. In fact their Covid narrative has failed as people wake up and now they are talking about a “good war”. Covid has failed to produce the desired effect. As I have previously written these fools do not understand human nature in their arrogance towards society. Reality is their creditably and that of apostles like Fauci and Gates are rapidly headed for the toilet. Both will be fortunate if they are not arrested.
    Meanwhile many parties are expecting miracles to save their dreams when only work and sweat and guts to try and dare to fail continue to work.
    What a total mess we have which will sort itself out in ways not expected.
    They and China are holding ‘us’ by it’s balls so its no surprise 🙄

    Netanyahu defends attacks, says US knows ‘d**n well’ it would do same

    Bang take that. Ouch,! How about the World comes to Palestines aid? F disgusting what bribe taking Politicos and nasty Mossad have done to Israel. Disgraceful treatment of Palestinians. Arm Palestine. Disarm these truly vile and nasty Khazars.
    Barbara Loe Fisher: Seeing Through the COVID-19 Spin – How Big Pharma and Government are Spending BILLIONS to Deceive the Public with Misinformation on COVID “Vaccines”

    Big Pharma, Big Questions?
    Prince Harry calls the First Amendment ‘bonkers
    We don’t want this clown or Markel back. Buckle Nose needs to keep it out and the Mental Case Boy needs to get a job meeting his so very limited talents and to find that flipping burgers is also demanding .
    Both need to Shut It and cease their delusional psycho babble. When will her father see his Grandkids? Selfish bastards! Shame!

    Prince Harry calls the First Amendment ‘bonkers’
    Jeffrey Epstein ‘gave marital advice to Bill Gates’

    As predicted, it’s coming home for Gates. Dozens of meetings???????? Only for One Thing. A vaccine won’t stop this coming to get you Gates.

    Jeffrey Epstein ‘gave marital advice to Bill Gates’
    Shared from Sky News: Bill Gates left Microsoft board as it investigated relationship with an employee 20 years ago

    Affairs with Staff, Epstein visits and sleaze. The Gates now open to him for sure and what a Drop is waiting
    The whole world will have the needle with him.
    For whom the Bell Tolls?
    Israeli jets bomb Gaza overnight as death toll rises to 207

    Palestine needs to be supplied with hundreds of SAMS. Shoot the Bastards out of the sky.
    Bigger rockets for the Palestinians, 50 times more explosive power, level the illegal occupation buildings, and blow the wall to hell. Rain down 5,000 rockets each night, let none sleep. Mine access to Palestine. Supply anti tank missiles. Arm Palestine!
    Stop funding and arming these murdering thugs.

    Iraeli jets bomb Gaza overnight as death toll rises to 207
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Thousands of British tourists head overseas – some ignore advice to avoid amber list countries

    For God’s sake LEAD Wimp Politicos.

    If, big IF you have genuine cause for real concerns over Amber List countries, make everyone aware that Selfish Bastards who refuse to consider risks to our nation, are forewarned you WILL be slammed straight into Quarantine Hotels on return, your passports will be held on return by customs / immigration and cancelled if you fail to pay the c!,700 pounds per head you will pay for your quarantine hotels, and your car keys will be held by the hotels. If you have no assets, and are just bottom feeding Welfare trash abusing the system, we need to have Army camps ready to hold them as with illegals, and after flagging them into the system, tear up all passports from future use. Get tough with selfish and trash.. Raise the bar. Protect the masses of each nation. Passports gone, good luck Who needs you or cares.
    Weak Johnson again let so much crap happen needlessly. Iron fist not limp wrist you pathetic slob. Defend the masses and the nation. Or quit!
    Standards are gone, just look at what crawls the corridors of politics today. Any crap in Monaco and repercussions are instant. As it should be. They keep Monaco clean. The bar is high.

    So why be so F disgusting to Palestinians? Will you ever learn?
    Is there real evidence for Vaccine blindness? Where is truth?
    Some hot girls on page 3 will do it faster.
    Secretary of State Antony Blinken says ‘he’s seen NO evidence’ Hamas was operating in Gaza media building destroyed in airstrike – despite claims that Biden was ‘satisfied’ with Netanyahu’s ‘smoking gun’ intelligence

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday he hasn’t seen evidence Hamas was operating inside a Gaza building Israeli forces blew up Saturday that also housed the AP and Al Jazeera.

    CORRECT!!! This is as bad as Thug Bush 43 mass blasting poor defenceless Iraqis while they blasted innocent civilians and this piece of SHIT and his sick father laughed with Glee.Dam both to Hell and worse.

    Netanyahu and the Khazars are evil Goldless species. These Thugs need to be shot out of the sky. Iran and Turkey need to aid Palestine. Where is the UN ? These disgusting Kazars commit war crimes and land theft daily. Vicious murdering Scum. Vile sub humans. Stop this Genocide! Netanyahu has his slot in hell. Along with Hitler, Gengis Khan, Bush 41 and Saddam. They all deserve eternity in pain. Bush 43 in the idiot section.

    When will people cry enough? Is one Palestinaian Child nothing?
    Israel IS the cause of this !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Secretary of State Antony Blinken says ‘he’s seen NO evidence’ Hamas was operating in Gaza media building destroyed in airstrike – despite claims that Biden was ‘satisfied’ with Netanyahu’s ‘smoking gun’ intelligence

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday he hasn’t seen evidence Hamas was operating inside a Gaza building Israeli forces blew up Saturday that also housed the AP and Al Jazeera.

    CORRECT!!! This is as bad as Thug Bush 43 mass blasting poor defenceless Iraqis while they blasted innocent civilians and this piece of SHIT and his sick father laughed with Glee.Dam both to Hell and worse.

    Netanyahu and the Khazars are evil Goldless species. These Thugs need to be shot out of the sky. Iran and Turkey need to aid Palestine. Where is the UN ? These disgusting Kazars commit war crimes and land theft daily. Vicious murdering Scum. Vile sub humans. Stop this Genocide! Netanyahu has his slot in hell. Along with Hitler,Gengis Khan, Bush 41 and Saddam. They all deserve eternity in pain. Bush 43 in the idiot section.

    When will people cry enough? Is one Palestinaian Child nothing?
    Israel IS the cause of this !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shared from Sky News: ‘Monster’ cyclone to batter COVID-ravaged India as officials scramble to evacuate hundreds of thousands

    Poor, poor India

    It’s how we feel coping with the illegals.
    From one free thinking and free speaking Brit to our American Allies, this Limp Brained ever whining Asshole does not have our support and your free to take him and his Bolter any time to Rykers. This way the poor Grandfather can see his Grandkids.
    Ask the Shit what about Grandfather Markel denied to see the baby, you two little arrogant, shameful Snots! The Bolter and the Family idiot!

    PIERS MORGAN: Harry’s attack on free speech makes HIM look bonkers

    I feel for attacks on innocent Jews it’s wrong. But for Arabs in the West, it’s their only way to get back at Palestinian attrocities, so Jews everywhere need to tell Nasty Nutter Yahoo Cease your killings! Or we will all be dying next.
    What goes around comes around. 6 M died last time because of hate. It’s not gone away.
    How do you think this will go if catches on? Take your case to Israel and say STOP! Stop killing Palestinians.Stop stealing Palestinians homes. Stop inhumane Gaza brutality. Stop expanding Greater Israel and stop funding Ukraine violence so you can pick up the pieces cheap.
    Stop your Bank Racketeering. Stop your Financial Criminals. Stop rigging the US Presidencies. Stop the MSM lying!.
    Be clear what is happening in Palestine will spread. Anger is building, Hate will follow. Will you ever learn? How many Millenia? How many Exodus repeats? Are you Slow Learners?
    Yes it’s wrong, but so is Palestine! So stop these Khazars parading as good Jews! It’s now a real Jewish problem so step up. Man up! Khazars are hurting Jews. So you die for their Zionist Greed and lies? No one wants that. Let Good Jews be heard.
    We ALL need to protect innocent, Good Jews. No one wants this. .Why are good Jews tolerating these Zionists? Netanyahu is no Moses! Armageddon will be the end game if the killings don’t stop..Zionists are hurting Jews. Good Jews.

    Jenrick blasts ‘racist’ anti-Semitic attacks on British Jews
    Fauci is mocked as the ‘Patron Saint of Wuhan’ after DC Mayor declares Christmas Eve ‘Dr. Fauci Day’ | Daily Mail Online

    What a joke! Look at the ridicule building on Fauci? He’s a Pariah just one slime lick behind Netanyahu and Clinton .

    This is same duplicitous fool who was totally wrong on HIV, AND had no remorse in spouting off lies.

    As for credibility ask yourself if nearly 50% of many federal employees in government refuse to be vaccinated having access to much more hard info than the public, why should the public not be guarded in blindly accepting a jab?

    As a reading and thinking public, should we ignore the questions of renowned and respected people like toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., has called on the U.S. government to halt COVID-19 vaccine distribution? Granted some people need or have needed to take the jab to preserve their jobs or careers, however should we not be concerned about their well being? I know of a young 30 year healthy woman who fainted 2 days after taking the J&J vaccine in a coffee shop for no apparent reason. And she works out every day and looks after herself. Perhaps such events are normal for some and it does raise the question of what effects exist longer term. Society owes it to its’ self from a selfish perspective to learn what the true nature of impact is on people before it is too late. We simply cannot afford to have half of the existing population with long term side effects. Nor can we afford to lose half the population as the consequences to the remaining population is far beyond what Fools like Gates and the cult culture imagine. Such a event would produce anarchy on a scale that the so called elites would find is a hunt for them and not the other way around.
    And with a potential collapsing western society you can be sure that China will be patience in waiting it out for their turn to manage and cull the remaining herd of humanity. To think they would extend a helping hand is quite foolish.



    ” So let’s ask ourselves if we are really going to do this. Are we really going to sit maskless in church while kids younger than 12 breathe through fabric? Are we going to return to our bars and nightclubs unrestricted while children go about their days with faces hidden by masks? Are we going to pretend that it doesn’t matter because experts tell us so?”


  48. You only buy dips with cash that can withstand drawdown periods in this kind of volatile asset class, because you should have only bought with the anticipation of future rise (which has happened after every single 30% drop in BTC). Peter, comments like this show that you play to the brain-dead section to make twitter points. Even the most myopic of dunces can see you coming a mile away.


  49. Hi John, yes He definitely rocked that exchange with fauci. That man can lie as easily as he breathes.
    I would like to see a video done with all the lies fauci has told since the beginning of this whole plandemic.
    That would be a good watch. What a creep.

    Thanks for bringing so much interesting information in here. I appreciate it.


    1. Biffie
      With what is coming in Banking, Globally, the melt down risk for many if not swerved, will lead to the collapse of both the Cabal and the Big Pharma Cartel. Fauci,Gates and the so called ” Financial Advisors”, all of whom seem to have large Big Pharma Consultancy contracts paying them millions may become accountable. Aso GP practices, most of who also seem to have fat Drug Use contracts as commission for pumping us full of one sort of crap or another, will all come under review as the noose tightens with financial restraints imposed.
      The new world will not be as perceived by many, but a reckoning of consequences as the haves chose not to give any more to the Nots, and the Web Strings see the Spiders dislodged as the whole infrastructure crumbles.
      If there are consequential impacts of the vaccines, in years to come, it’s going to get ugly.
      The Gates divorce is going to attract a lot of adverse MSM and alternative media.
      The wife won’t just be looking to get even..She will want to get everything. Gates’s exposure risk is high.
      As for Fauci, he seems to be a dead man walking. For both, and more, is the day of reckoning profiling ahead?
      We still need a full, real WHO investigation into Wuhan, the true cause and why?
      So much obfuscation. If China has in fact given the world a Dose, big questions!
      If only we had Leaders, not todays exalted bottom feeders.
      When money fails and stops making the world go around, who then puts the spin on what?

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    1. There is a reason why the order calls this “The Final Solution”

      Make no mistake, most of the people taking these vaccines will be dead shortly.

      Thus, the huge push to get people to take these anyway they can.


  50. The strong acquire the coin the weak sell.

    Even The City has heard the falconer.

    Let’s not do like a Roman.

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  51. _______
    What the hell?

    God was watching over him!


    No question we have an IDIOT on Point Duty, but Labour Socialist Cooper is no better. Same Eeeejits!
    Major cryptocurrency platform says it is adding support for dogecoin
    Convoy of cars shout anti-Semitic abuse through Jewish community

    Now you see the backlash reality. The good, decent and innocent Jewish families in North London who harm no one, and are nothing to do with the Palestinian nightmare, are now being threatened, abused and face real attacks because of the rapacious Khazar marauders in Israel who will steal anything not bolted down, and who are now kicking more innocent Palestinians out of their homes for more illegal Khazar settlements.
    But now the lashback comes home in London, Paris and worldwide.
    For centuries they have done this and always it ends badly.
    If Turkey does come to Palestine’s aid, then Iran, Syria and more will follow. Mercy for Palestinians.
    Always they push it then Karma comes in.
    Good Jews need to stop these Bastards in Israel or 6 M more worldwide face underserved violence
    The US needs to get TF out of this mess then see how fast those Mongrels stop their games. Stop funding and arming them. Let them get a hard taste of reality. These are nasty vermin loose.
    Cryptocurrency Crash! – What is going on? | Crypto News

    Sunak; to hike inheritance tax to help pay UK’s Covid bill

    WTF? We don’t need a F Indian coming with extra taxes to siphon our assets. Stop F spending!
    What’s the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021? 7 Contenders | Cryptocurrency
    What happens when the narrative does not play to receptive ears?

    Who NEEDS Locking UP?????????????????

    Johnson as ever has been a dithering Clown, but he is a KNOWN IDIOT!

    Will Turkey follow through and actually send troops Palestine so much needs a Champion Right Now. Some to erase the Khazar Bastards.
    America sticks its nose in everywhere. Uninvited. So why not Turkey and Iran both sending their Troops to Palestine. Run these F Khazars right over. The world so needs this. Russia then has to help Palestine
    Hopefully atomizing those Bastards on the Golan Heights So needed!.
    While it sounds more like bluster than reality if only Turkey were to really sent troops into the area, the whole cesspit area could well ignite into a real conflict not imagined. Turkey is not above sending in many of its’ proxy forces currently in Libya and Syria . This is a mess that can become much bigger in a hurry. What a way to remove Khazars. En Masse! Long overdue. Russian S400 killing anything that moves incoming from Israel.
    Peace at last. Rodents removed.



    Good, Rip these Sewer Rats out of there. The MSM wont tell the truth. Let the nations drag them out. Restore Palestine and move the Swine.


  52. The eventual goal of society. The GS is a step in that direction. Unleashing social development.


  53. ANOTHER US Navy UFO video leaks: Excited sailors watch spherical object hover then splash into ocean off San Diego hours after fighter pilot reported seeing them for YEARS over Virginia ahead of report into Pentagon’s handling of sightings

    US Naval personnel had a close encounter with a UFO – this time a spherical object that makes a controlled descent into the ocean off the coast of San Diego in July 2019.

    Reality is that UFO Truth will be forced out soon. Stop Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Indian variant more transmissible and will become dominant strain in UK, Whitty says

    This Indian Covid is coming in faster than its Illegals!
    It may delay releases and trigger more lockdowns.
    Like the Mother in Law, it comes for a week and stays forever.
    Digital Yuan: China’s Attempt to Replace Crypto / USD in 2021

    Take Crypto care out there. Beware the Bubble effect?

    Vile, vicious and typical Khazars!
    Iran and Russia MUST now give Palestine far greater power rockets with a hundred fold damage power.
    They must blow Israel to hell away from their territories. Palestine must be given weapons to take down Israeli troops. It’s a new Stalingrad. Invaders! Palestine suffers very badly .

    Both these 2 UK Police officers need to go to jail. Good MSM needs to be unleashed and get them sent down hard. Pigs at their worst!
    ‘Alien’ plutonium isotopes that date back millions of years have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean and experts are rethinking why the dangerous element exists on Earth

    Plutonium-244, one of the rarest elements on Earth, has been recently found more than 5,000ft under the Pacific Ocean. It dates back millions of years, leaving experts perplexed how it got there.

    Move it to Israel?
    Do we, or do we NOT exist as an alternative reality?
    Vaccines ‘less effective at reducing transmission of Indian variant’
    So now we are threatened with increasing death, no thanks to India.

    Vaccines ‘less effective at reducing transmission of Indian variant’
    Five-month-old baby pulled ALIVE from rubble after Israeli air strike

    This is dreadful
    The Indiscriminate killing by the disgusting, rapacious Gengis Khan mass murdering seed , assimilating Khazars NOT JEWS with NO claim to Palestine !!!, Khazar marauders and their seed have killed 10 of his family and he’s got to grow up asking why?
    Why, why, why must more Palestinas die because they steal their homes to settle more Khazar illegals there. Bastards!!!!
    Wny must more die so they can steal more of their lands? Bastards!!!
    Why have they stolen Palestines Holy City of Jeruasalem? Bastards!!!
    Why are they denying them access to their Mosques? Bastards!!!!!
    Why have the beeen allowed to seize land never granted to them and been allowed to divide Palestinians from Gaza and their people? Bastards!!!!!
    Why are we allowing this Genocide in Gaza again? Bastards!!!!!!!!
    Why is America arming and funding them?????????? Shame!!!!!!!

    When will the Arab world and Iran say NO More? Will Russia or China come to Palestines aid? Why allow America solely to King Make with Israe Hell?
    What is the life of each child worth? Why is America funding death there? Look at how they have Stolen Syrian land again.Lebanese land. Palestinian land.Will it never end?
    Why are they there??????????? Greater Israel will end with Armageddon.No one will shed a tear this time. This is an ugly Cult.
    Is there no shame for the suffering in Gaza? Why are we allowing this?
    When will Palestinians get WMD’s? Who will feel Palestines pain? How much hatred in building in the hearts of Terrified !!!oppressed children? How can they forgive???
    When Iran gets its Nukes, what then? Who will Atomise this Khazar Devil Spawn? What sting will erupt when the Scorpions day comes?

    Why has every country wanted them gone? Why have they been allowed to steal Americas wealth?
    Why are they Americas biggest Spying threat?
    When Iran get Nukes., will the mad Khazar Dogs then be muzzled?
    Well done all Protesters in London this week end. Palestinians have RIGHTS!
    Protesters march through Hyde Park in solidarity with Palestine

    Good to see there is a Social Conscience at work in London. Well done all Protesters. Stop these Khazar Vipers. Shame the Bastards!

    Protesters march through Hyde Park in solidarity with Palestine
    Watch “Audience Were In PERFECT SILENCE When She Performed! BEAUTIFUL!” on YouTube

    A nice few minutes break for you all.

    Watch “Somewhere – (There’s A Place For Us) – West Side Story” on YouTube

    There’s a place for all of you.

    Watch “Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci” on YouTub

    ForTino and Biffie

    Go for him!

    Watch “Dave Allen on Religion” on YouTube

    Dave tells it as it is.



    1. HIW

      Now you have the reality. Their country was ruthlessly invaded in an ILLEGAL War based on a fake WMD report.
      A Texan Limp Brained Snot wanted only to prove to “His Daddy” that he was no One Termer and he could use the one sided Military Power of America to bully a Defenceless nation. A million Iraqis died from this pernicious and cruel genocide. A vile war, like Vietnam. There, you raped the nation, prostituted its children, dropped still ever toxic chemical weapons, and ran away in terror when they came for you. You ran! Crying! Screaming as cowards and what a fate you left to its betrayed.people. What of the mass children you impregnated? What Scum!
      Hollywood Heroes. Lies! Vietnam will stain and stink as Shame forever. Where is Hollywood real truth? As with Iraq,.All fake BS propaganda! A shameful war. Infamy lasts!

      Iraq was another needless and vile war. Shameful. War Criminal Leaders are the reality . Bush and Blair belong in the Hague. As do the Cabal.

      Iraqi Dinars were mass printed from seized plates.
      Why should poor Iraqis be brought into play to pay everlasting costs and capital debts of its racketeered currencies.? This paper serves only to pay the greed of the Military, its,Agencies and speculating low level Grunts who cared nothing for the brutal genocide of its nation, but only to free ride for a fast Buck.
      Hah, didn’t work did it? Gimme the money? We don’t care how. Just Gime, Gimme,Gimme.
      Iraq, from a sensible strategic planning position, would be well advised to declare the lot Demonetised War issues and to torch it all. Start again with a new currency, based on its actual economy, IMF supported,and an amount which it can sustain. Burn the speculators. Carry none!

      Rethink Iraq.


  54. Here is some Vivaldi to end our week. If there was ever a reason for Vivaldi…

    It’s rare to see such classic beauty in a young woman these days. No ink, piercings, blue hair, etc.; I miss these natural beauties which used to grace the beaches of my youth.

    Hope you have all appreciated the subtle news as of late. Stay tuned…


  55. Liked by 1 person

  56. Watch “President Ronald Reagan’s Best Debate Moments” on YouTube

    Ron or Biden you chose?

    Watch “Donald Trumps hair fell OFF!” on YouTube
    Watch “Dave Allen’s thoughts about Adam and Eve” on YouTube

    He was a real comedian. The best.

    How can Charles answer? He was too busy banging Camilla.

    Charles returns to work after Harry’s claims about his parenting
    He’s a treacherous piece of shit. He needs a “6” interview!

    Martin Bashir quits BBC amid Princess Diana probe
    Why the hell are armed Drones not sinking them mid channel?

    Nearly 200 migrants crossed Channel yesterday
    These are the IDIOTS we have to contend with in Ireland. Basket cases. Beyond hopeless.

    Creationist Christian Edwin Poots elected new DUP leader

    When it’s Jewish MSM Ownership it’s not murder when Palestinians die. What a dreadful, inhumane Cult. What is the price for the life of a child? Yours?


  57. John,
    If the QFS is close, why would financial remittance cryptos even have a purpose in the near future?

    Bitcoin was created around the time of the last crash because of all the money printing as a sound money. Ripple is a way to transfer money quickly. Nano, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, all only have purpose mainly as a medium of exchange. I could see some of the smart contract ones having use, but the space feels much smallet in a QFS world.

    Wouldn’t the internationally recognized credits of the QFS make these obsolete if they are based on measurable commodities and can be transferred quickly in the digital space?

    Unless, there is something I’m missing about this QFS.


    1. HIW

      At this moment we do not yet have the sophisticated infrastructure in place for Global QFS.

      Compounding this a major, very large asset conversion is playing out with a nation where the President and the Asset Owners will not accept anything less than fully cleared USD’s into their own Central Bank Accounts, to be credited to our major asset owners. for Global structuring and re investing. A Whale sized deal. We have to go backwards to go forwards. Then to multi-track, rack and stack all of them. Multi tasking and multi challenging.

      But then, how to convert to QFS? But safely!
      Right now, all the markets are a 3 shell game.

      But who can call which will survive, or which are the Sleepers?
      But then, which are we backing, all in time?

      We are strapping the lead reigns on a whale right now. Not yet for disclosure.
      Everything has its role. A new Season is upon us. Open Season!

      Only, explained after completion. Strict Non Disclosure. Protecting the Golden Goose.


    1. The America we all knew is disappearing fast. Invaded by undereducated Hispanics and crime gangs. Also with a catastrophic Muslim surge with its 7th Century Despotic Cult, facing of under educated Afros in vast millions, deprived and angry, no Central Bank , the Fed run only by Zios and Jews, what the hell is left of the Founders America? Yet this lost, unfolding nation in freefall, sits on its arse blowing Goldfish bubbles. The only Western nation with a Ph D in mass stupidity. Throw in visibly increasing gross obesity, funded by welfare. Are you mad?
      Take off those rose tinted glasses,.Look around you.Look at Washington DC, and start getting there. Wake up America!
      Great country, what happened?


      1. America we all knew was disappearing, but there are so many waking up, and I am not talking about the WOKE crapola, people are waking up to that mess also… I see more and more everyday using common sense now… more and more states and cities are enacting common sense to counter the crap coming from our so called GOV… I think the jury is still out on the outcome… feels like the tide has turned and light is starting to shine on the rats more and more… just an observation from a tiny corner of the America… guess we shall see what unfolds…

        But, hey, did you know the POS CDC just said it was OK to go outside without a mask on?… what a revelation!…
        Think peeps are waking up to the politically controlled CDC also…

        Thanks to Tino for real science and facts from day one!



    This is a culture shock for the EU, no more free border access to the UK.Good!
    No more access to Albanian criminals, Romanain thieves. and Eastern Block trash.
    If your visit is not visa cleared , you’re not staying.
    Israeli ground troops attack Gaza as air force bombards targets and officials order EVERYONE living within miles of the border to go to bunkers – after tit-for-tat death toll climbed to 110 including dozens of children

    The military said just after midnight air and ground forces were attacking the Hamas-run enclave. Rocket barrages from Gaza swiftly followed.

    Any excuse and the Kazars swarm in. Arm Palestine for Gods sake! Russia helped keep Syria free. Russia and Iran need to help Palestine. The entire Arab world needs to stop this!

    What, criminal investigations of Trump? Is the Grifter not squeaky Clean? His life may change.
    The green cryptocurrencies that want to solve Elon Musk’s crypto climate concerns
    Watch “Jim Carrey as Joe Biden (he’s good at it, and look very alike)” on YouTube

    Carey finds a new career. Spoofing Biden as the village idiot.
    Dr. Fauci is Funding Gruesome University of Pittsburgh Study Skinning Scalps off of Aborted Babies and Growing them on Lab Rats (VIDEO)

    So now Fauci wants to Lab Produce more Kazar Zionists.

    How sick are people?


  59. and

    Wait for it another delay because India’s mutation is loose and racing away.
    Ethereum price shoots to new all-time high as experts make $20000 prediction

    The Brits face down RAS Putin

    Now he’s really going to piss her off this will get ugly

    Good luck with this I hope he can cover his legal bills

    Greed rules!
    BREAKING NEWS: Police raid Romelu Lukaku’s birthday party in Milan

    Covid police are arresting everyone it’s easy fines to rip us off again
    Editorial: No amount of airstrikes will end the conflict between Israel and Hamas

    We Brits and the US are guilty as hell of throwing millions of poor Palestinians out of their homes and stealing their Homeland , because Post WW11, no European nations wanted these fake Kazarian Jews back at any price, nor did the US want them.

    We stole Palestine’s land in a deal with Rothschilds, and we sent this poor nation to hell.

    The more they kill these poor Palestinians, an ever greater hatred builds across the Arab world and Global views of Pariahs will build up. America must stop funding and arming these Kazars.

    Mossad already has plans in situ to cause mass destruction across America if it does not get its way.
    You have a wild animal by the tail. All they touch they destroy. America needs to think with care of the end game here. You have seen 9/11 and it caused mass panic across America. The Middle East lives with it daily.
    Arabs will think new WMD’s and it wont end well for America. These Kazars will take all the gain. You will get the pain.

    Israel is a cruel Pariah State, its ruthless greed will bring on Armageddon. .No one will shed a tear.

    There are many good and valued Jews across the world, who are in no way to blame for Mossad or the Kazars. We must respect and protect the good Jews. This will not end well. Arabs will unite and with Russian and Chinese backing, may bring forward the final solution. Was there even any other end game for them? Are all the nations wrong who expelled them? It’s time for Russia, Iran and China to step up, lance this vicious Carbuncle of Despots. No Palestinian Child should be raised in such terror, Are yours? .

    Liked by 1 person

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