The Legitimate Dynastic Elders And Goals of Their Releases  

This is a complex, multifaceted, multi-nation, multi-Banking, and Global Power Control Dichotomy. All have their Say and want to be in the final Game play. 

We now have Rockefellers, the Crown via the Committee of 300, and the Elders in full play. Representatives are there right now, as parties try to reach a consensus with so many self seeking special interests. One which will cater for the ever changing new Global Dynamics. With the emergence of Cryptos, Blockchain, the growing Global preference for Euros over USD, and incoming QFS, the Zionist Old Guard is seeking to hook their Claws onto something, or all will be swept away. Their problem in the new world incoming, is there is no real role for them to play or dominate. Nor a need. Parasites are trying as ever to burrow into a new Host! “Hit the Rocks, Fella”, is not what they had in mind. It’s Culture Shocking them. 

QFS can negate their entire control base, as so many accounts would fail the History of Funds Diligence Checks. How was it earned or sourced? Apply this and entire groups of cross corruption will be exposed. They seek control. We are denying it. 

“…We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits…”  

Senior GS Trustee

Tough London Ethical Controls. No “Camels” in the tent. Trust! Zio Free!

The U.S. simply is insolvent, and in desperate need of an asset base to underpin its Fake Fed Base, the insolvent U.S. Zio Banks are sucked dry to cover over the cracks in the U.S. Treasury Balance Sheets to continue the Myth of Fiscal probity. We know this! 

More meetings are set for next week hoping to clear issues to be finally signed off soon by all parties. Presidents are waiting. There is a lot we can’t and won’t say in Public. Nor will we show our hand yet. Almost all the Tier One and Tier Two MTN Bank Program Profits (Vast!!!) are skimmed off into their Offshore Accounts daily, evading Taxes and denying nations’ wealth creation needs. This goes to fund an insatiable CRIMINAL Military Industrial Cabal and a vast plethora of Special Interests’ Mercenary Contractor Killers costing between $3K to $5K per man day operating beyond the rule of law, in ruthless Wars created for profits. A Million poor Iraqis died for this. How many poor Syrians have died for this?

Be clear – the ONLY reason the US is in Syria is to steal its oil, and to steal its land. Look at the disgrace and suffering of Palestine. Trump, acting under orders from his Zionist Paymasters, unlawfully gifted Syria’s Golan Heights to the Kushner Crime Family and other Zionists, Cheney and Mossad’s Nutter Yahoo. Hegemony for Money!  There is no Moral Imperative or Honor in using the U.S. Military as body bags for Israeli and vast Zionists’ profits. Mongrel Dogs rented for profit. 

We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits. They want amnesties? We want the vast Profits accrued daily to service Human and Ecological needs, not their greed. Putting back. Establishing a Moral Imperative.   

Wait until you see our terms. We will show our real plans only after we first get real control. We are thinking a Century forwards. Inclusive regeneration. Our objectives are going to recycle back Project Profits created by the People, into new Wealth Creating Projects and Token/Cryptos where the profits of good projects are then reinvested back into you, the people, and you all become real stakeholders in a United New Wealth Version Self Generating funds for all nations. Educating nations by Professionals, not Churches and Cults skimming off fees. No 7th Century ignorant Despots loose and demanding. Ethereal values from birth. Quality education for all children to have equal chances. Nurturing values from birth. Educating. Not allowing ever continuing indoctrination from these Mongrels and their Blood Cult Child sexual mutilations. We have to turn the tide over a century.  

Only 40% of all Taxes syphoned off from you actually goes back to fund needs for you. 60% is recklessly wasted on Admin and Bureaucratic Suits. Why? Because it’s “Their” pernicious Law? Not to serve you, but to help themselves. We will be looking to fund Humanity directly to the point of need, and to cut out their waste. Why do we need “Governments”? Incompetent, inept and crooked. Without these mediocrities over 150% more investment can go back to meet needs, without the Half Wits, Clinton sleaze, Nancys and Scammers syphoning from the pot.

What you the people create, we want to put back without Roaches on your back. Rethinking Community Development, its purpose, protective needs and how to secure Communities by the self created Community Pride of We The People protecting its own Community with pride. Where every Person’s Home is YOUR own Sovereign Domain. Your Right to be Free of persecution! To exist safely. To know, that as long as you have Humane values, we will protect your very right to exist.

Those are the objectives of the Elders and London Trusts. To make a Difference! To serve Humanity, not to help themselves.

So much is active on your watch. Vision is alive! These funds need to be used for a good purpose as endowed. To sow the green shoots of hope for Mankind to be Kind. Leaders fit to serve. Service to others is a Privilege, not a Right.

Right, is putting back.


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  2. Never underestimate the work content and commitment to run a Blog. Competition is intense.
    Continuity is essential. Pandering to the masses is short lived.

    Insightful knowledge, depth of Top Business Experience, good judgment of people, deep awareness of all Political realities, and Social issues are a must. Contentious opinions helps encourage debate. Readership!

    Also humour. Take no one too seriously.. Least yourself.

    Following the tailing off of the old White Hats site, the intense efforts and new creative artwork approach resulted in OWON raising the bar in its time. Others tried to follow but only WHA has the good judgment and already good relationship to build its own comment capacity when the sad Editorial differences at other sites became apparent. WHA invited support freedom. Many have since followed. Judgment calls. There is no perfect panacea to satisfy all of the readers, all of the time. For some, sadly the Propaganda machines have shaped the mentality of many to the mass Sheeple we see today.. The Real World is too much for them.

    At least on WHA thinking realists, don’t have to be Revolutionaries, just Realists to have a place to opine. Like Minds truth seeking. Not denied by Prima Donna fairyland Editors of a kind, or Bottom Feeding types, guaranteed to finish a site. Such can’t either handle truth or tell the difference.

    Whilst competitive sites have wilted and perished WHA goes from strength to strength. Others .sadly are Stillborn. They lost direction and the readers. The hard work, focus and work content were not maintained. No one picked up the losses of key contributors leaving, or the committed work content needed. Now they all seem to be flatlining. Judgment Calls came home. Dereliction of quality content shows. Multiple sites have come and gone. None have risen to fulfill the work and intellectual skills needed. It shows. Naked Emperors. They opine and die on the vine. Boring.

    WHA seems to the last remaining Freedom site left. Support it. That work content is high to give you all a voice and real news. To debate and contest realities. No Prima Donnas here. Just truth seekers seeking to make a difference.


    1. Feel very lucky to have found this site back when… truth seeking is what it should all be about… wouldn’t it be a wonderful, different world if that is what our leaders were about?… is it very obvious to anyone who is looking with a brain that has not been dumbed down or programmed.

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    2. I do appreciate that, and yes, it’s correct beyond any doubt that keeping up a site like this is very time consuming and requires work. No problem there. Nothing in life comes to anyone without hard work.

      But, in addition, we have not only the day to day administration of the site. We have the distinct advantage of being allowed a unique line of communication on which information of a very rare and refreshingly accurate nature is bestowed on any who wish to avail themselves of it. 99% of what you read about the subject matter we are tuned into, is false, exaggerated, embellished and pumped up to be something it is not going to be. That being, a large casino constructed to pay off a fantasy longshot to the masses, paid for by the blood of nations – gratis.

      I can assure you all, beyond any doubt and on the blood oath of my family, there is much more going on behind the scenes, and only at the right time will it be disclosed and described in further detail. For now, just be comforted that we are not dangling a carrot on a stick to get donations or beg you to help keep our lights on or pay rent so we can save humanity “this one last time”.

      Our tack is quite different. We have undertaken considerable time and expense to give those who are inclined and responsibly able, a helping hand into digital assets, which show considerable promise in the future. Far more than blood money war torn paper has shown in nearly 20 years of pumping and hyping by the very interests which sold it to the masses.

      In time we may offer even more assistance of a similar but altogether different nature. Time will tell, but for now we must be patient.

      Just know that, at this time, the focus and work being done at the highest echelons is ongoing and shows no sign of let up. This is a serious undertaking for which we will not lower to the level of a cheap talk-show or Paypal pump scheme. Your host would not align himself with such people, and in no uncertain terms will we ever ask you for a dime. Nor would we purposely tailor our approach with soft, comfortable fairy-tale underpinnings to attract only those of a highly gullible or suggestible nature – which seems to comprise the very makeup of the masses who insist on supporting the worst “sources” of “intel” that serve only to mislead and in some cases, damage them.

      Stay tuned. The real world spins on another axis, and that’s the one which we are watching.

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      1. I again sincerely thank you Tony for all the time and effort you place into running WHA and all the time, understanding and kindness you offer in supporting all of us and our future.

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      2. Tony – I’m sorry for asking you in the past to delete or move a comment because I posted in the wrong place. What a trouble maker I am. Promise, won’t happen again.


  3. Crypto market comeback? Experts’ insight into bitcoin and ethereum – and predict emerging altcoins
    Historically accurate Bitcoin metric nears the next ‘potential’ price peak
    Shared from Sky News: G7 nations close to historic deal to tax tech giants in plan that would ‘change the world’, says German finance minister

    Vast Billions are Tax Evaded each year by top US Corporations.
    How the hell can Microsoft hide away in Dublin, Ireland and pay no tax? The same for all of them. Trillions are evaded in Banking.
    The LOT needs cleaning up. Put back where you made it Damn you all!Stop stealing each nation’s wealth. Have a word with Romney! Tax Evader!
    Shared from Sky News: G7 nations close to historic deal to tax tech giants in plan that would ‘change the world’, says German finance minister

    Vast Billions are Tax Evaded each year by top US Corporations.

    How the hell can Microsoft hide away in Dublin, Ireland and pay no tax? The same for all of them. Trillions are evaded in Banking.

    The LOT needs cleaning up. Put back where you made it Damn you all! Stop stealing each nation’s wealth. Have a word with Romney! Tax Evader!

    What happened last time? So many powers, so little done.
    So many powers, just no BRAIN POWER!
    ‘No dinners with Zuckerberg next time I am in the White House’: Trump calls Facebook’s two-year ban an ‘insult to the 75M people who voted for us’ and gives strongest hint yet he WILL run again in 2024

    Former President Donald Trump’s suspension from Facebook will last for two years, the company said in a statement Friday. But the company said Trump could return if he stopped committing ‘violations’.

    The question is will his already visibly taxed low mental powers cope with another 4 years?
    Where is any support team behind him? Most of his old senior team said he had the mind of a child.
    A position we commented on very early in office.

    Is he the best America can do? America has MILLIONS better! Thick as a Brick does not lead.


    1. Hi John,

      The usual cluster-f of illness, family, moving, and doing a very deep dive into mRNA vaccines, not mention the law since I am going to war on the vaccine mandate at a major north-eastern university — have taken up time. The insanity of vaccinating the 18-24 cohort is visible simply in the stats. Survival is 99.9998%. You have vaccinate 1MM to save 2 lives. It’s stupid. The risk-reward re the vaxx is upside down by a factor of at least 100. It’s unethical and illegal. But I digress. Back to Trump.

      On the whole ‘mind of a child thing’, since his senior leadership team was in pay to the Deep State, why would we listen to them?

      As to your own evaluation of Trump, perhaps you are simply 2 standard deviations above him in IQ? Nonetheless, he accomplished much in Office, and unfortunately, the Enemy gets a vote in any conflict.

      We are moving towards a major Constitutional crisis, because the audits will reveal the Election malfeasance, showing that Orange Man Bad got the requisite Electoral vote to be President again — and possibly as far as the German server with evidence of the 410 to 118 blowout.

      This will instantly make the current Administration illegitimate and the shortest distance travelling to resolve the Constitutional crisis might be moving the Trumpster into Office.

      I agree that this may not be the way to rationally bet, but we do live at an unprecedented shift of the ages. Almost anything may happen.

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  4. And that’s how you hustle a nation. Everyone’s ancestors were slaves at one time. Low IQ’s in action. The braindead are leading the brainless.

    We are the ETH Node. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. Resistance is futile.

    It would have probably gone to the crack pipe anyway.


  5. Invest in Cardano for Its Long-Term Growth
    Ethereum hits its highest ever crypto-market share as investors load up following dramatic May selloff
    Russia says it will remove dollar assets from its wealth fund

    So will many others.
    Cryptocurrency dealers face closure for failing UK money laundering test
    Fauci Trembling As Treasure Trove Of Emails Leak | The Wolf of Washington
    The whole world is watching Fauci now. If he’s behind Wuhan, nothing less than hanging will do.

    He has blood on his hands
    If Fergusson spent less time in bed screwing his work partners wife, and focused on the devastating costs to the economy, this crap would stop. Shut up Fergusson!
    Pfizer vaccine ‘works less well against Indian variant’
    A Democrat thinker is born?

    Universe’s biggest EXPLOSION is caught on camera
    We really are all tired of this endless BS. They need to Shut the F up and get out of our faces. Get after Fauci for Gods sake or the Fake Votes.

    UK’s Covid infections rise AGAIN to 6,238 and 11 deaths are recorded

    China will be relentless in its’ quest for Global supremacy. It sees this as the ultimate and only reality for itself. America is very much conflicted and divided, corrupted by people like Fauci and Gates who have aligned views with the Chinese and with the money to burn in pursuit. All the while thinking they will be rewarded. So naïve! They would do well to read how Stalin used and dealt with useful idiots. Or the Zionists with the Bushes! Then you have the agenda crowd, be it the War Machine Cabal or simply morally lacking state department officials and agencies who have their own philosophy and plans. All contrary to what the average American wants or cares about. Add to that the special interest groups who are fanatical about causes, right or wrong. Then you have a wicked brew that consumes both time and money and progress of the nation.
    Face this off against the Russians who seek simple survival as a nation. They do not need land, they need people. This is why their whole posture is defensive, as they have very limited ability to project power by occupation. The Chinese are single minded in seeking expanding hegemony and have the mass of people to project power and then you have what you see today. There are many so called allies who use and abuse American goodwill to their own designs. Do not think that Globalist capital does not play off against all national interests for profit and gain.

    America needs to restore international law within itself, to help clean up multi directional efforts into a singular direction to regain its’ stride. Start by destruction of the Hackers and ID Scammers. The efforts of an outsider like Trump scared the shit out this Deep State crowd. It never was about him as a Prince of a Man but as flawed low IQ mortal character on stage to be ousted. But it simply symbolized what the average American wants. Without the finesse and and understanding of anything real. It is this will of the people that has been denied by the bogus election results, aided with foreign interference, like the use of Italian satellites 📡. It is interesting that on ground level, even today as you drive in rural Ohio and elsewhere, you see large American flags painted on barns with emblazoned with the name Trump. He captured the mood of average Americans who want to see their country great again, as it was before. Like him or not, he was the choice of the people; ordinary people looking for hope and dignity in the spirit of their nation and in their daily lives. The world should want this desire to keep America strong, to keep Global peace, as it is the enduring nature of the American people that became the consumer that drove the world. The ability to win and lose in America built the desire of people to seek life in America, contributing to the wealth of the country.

    The fate of the world rests on a return to lawful expression of American voters as to their will and their voice and their choice. It was never about the man but about the people and their voice. They just piaced a still inadequate man in Trump. All that is left today is the Military to defend both the constitution and the people, because everyone else has failed in their duty to serve the people. Without this, the risk of outright Civil War grows monthly. It will become ever more ingrained as time wears on. Such Civil War and breakup is not limited to America.
    It is no different in places like Canada and worse frankly in Europe, where socialism is coming to an end with a coming Digital Currency and a move to outright tyranny. Why would that crowd even think about American betterment when they look to trap America to weaken the nation to serve their agenda. One should not assume that NATO serves American interests, but rather European ones Free Riding behind US Body Bags. . One only has to read the messages coming out of Klaus at the WEF to see this. Even there is Division, and today you see the Brits leading the charge with their flagship Elizabeth carrier into the Black Sea to encourage hostilities with Russia. This knowing full well that any war will hurt Europe to their benefit. Even if they support the WEF agenda for now. Britain will not engage in War but will seek benefit from such a outcome, if it occurs. Conflicting interests over centuries have not produced any real brotherhood in Europe but only conflict by other means. It is why currencies of Empires fail over and over again. Britain narrowly escaped the EU with a Brexit and their own currency and they can thank Maggie Thatcher for that. They will not follow the EU on its’ fate with history.
    One of Americas better Presidents said America should be wary of foreign entanglements. Regrettably that advice fell on deaf ears. The same is true in commerce and Banking where entanglements produce problems and losses.
    Today, we see events like potential confrontations on the continent, or in the redrawing of the map in the Middle East, through to China waging war by other means, with viruses and the like to State Actors engaging in cyber warfare. All occurring at once and it is the actions and results of steps taken in real time that will redraw the multipolar world we are in now and the unipolar world that once existed but is simply gone now, and never will return without conquest by another means, other than nuclear war. Hell, even the North Koreans have 6000 people who daily conduct cyber warfare and cyber theft to feed the hunger of their nation. Its now a State Industry.
    The world would be much better off if it were not the melting pot of such interests, but we have seen throughout history, perhaps it is the best case for humanity to muddle through to write new history.

    This Political Cannon fodder will not strive for it. A better New World Order Visionary is needed, None Jesuit. Who will think for Mankind? All of Mankind? One kind of Kind Man? Education?

    Is Coinbase safe and trustworthy to release sales proceeds? Check the references.


    1. Ask the poor Vietnamese so treacherously sold out. The Iraqis with a million needlessly dead. Syria, Disgrace! Shame!!!, Afghanistan at least has boosted opium to feed America and buy more arms to kill Americans. .Libya? Your funding the weapons killing Palestinians pushed off their own land. Your funding Khazars in Israe hell.

      990 plus foreign bases. Why?

      Contractors hired by the Govt at $3K to $5K a day., Why? Killing is a racket and the innocents do the dying for your lying. How can you keep sucking in this hype crap about sacrifice. Is the whole population brainwashed with this hype? Sucking up the Kool Aid or just Suckers?

      The Khazars and Jews control all your money and dole out use at a cost like pocket money to children.
      You have no Central Bank they Butt F you all! 350M total Stupido’s.

      You swear an oath of allegiance to lsrael. Why FFS? Are you all mental?
      Who owns your MSM and brainwashes you?

      Who owns both houses?

      How about a war on stupidity? Sadly. A few million Khazars own the lot of you. Mugged! Body Bags for the War Machine for Profit. Dying for lying. Some racket. The Military Industrial Cabal and Zios have 350M Captive Fools to waste. You think you are Patriots but your Presidents are all Draft Dodgers and Con Men/ Grifters. Biden calls the Military Morons, and Kissinger says they are all mindless body bags for the military. Both can be right!

      Post WW11 what honour FFS? Shame more like it. Feed , fund and EDUCATE Americans instead.
      Did Clinton, Bush 43, Trump or Chicago Con Man Soetoro fight for you?

      Dumb and Dumber. 350M do SWALLOW!
      Sam Elliot asks the Big American Question?
      You front Biden?

      When Patriots marched in DC, the Grifter ran away Hiden! Heel Spurs FF Sake?
      Patriots raping Vietnamese children? A million innocent Iraqis dead? Shock and Awe? SHAME!!!

      You destroyed Libya, Why? Iraq? Shame! Syria? Vietnam. Cambodia? You fund the killing of Palestinians.
      Patriots? What a vile racket.


      1. I agree this country f____s everyone is included. The one person who battled everyone every single day and battling this country (cabal) u trash every breath u take. I would like to see him b____f____ u though.


        1. You should learn to express your disagreements without being a jagoff in the process. Friendly warning.

          Last time j2021 was threatened with physical harm, he simply took off his shirt and assumed a fighting position. His whale opponent retreated.

          Also, you posted last time as Bobby Mack. Don’t change your username.


          1. Sadly, America breeds them, and that is the problem. Dumb just got surpassed by Dumber.

            En masse too often. We don’t reserve contempt just for the Grifter. Try reading the rest. Thinking would help. What if- It’s true?
            Now we have your other Mutt here next week, I fear how many will die laughing of apoplexy.

            Last time the public released Orange Blimp Balloons as an IQ sign.

            See what we do with our own? Non last long here. Politics is not working.

            Imagine Dumb Joe facing an Hour of Open PM house questions with an open house loose facing him down. . With the TV cameras filming the ridicule as he gets shredded by hostile MPs calling out his moronic stupidity. Neither he nor the Chump would last a month. Open forum, intellectual capacity against the House. – Bang! Gutted.

            America has far better. Since JFK look at what passed through since. Sadly. Who screens these Clowns?

            We miss JFK. The world needs a Top Patriot back. It’s a Crap Shoot here! The Bear Pit. Derision.

            But, it’s a Global dilemma. Macron in France. Markel. We see off our own quickly. That’s Democracy. That we CAN! Try it?


    Electric cars giant Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) said it expects to soon begin buying more than $1 billion a year of Australian lithium, nickel and other critical minerals for its batteries and engines. Chairman Robyn Denholm said the country has taken important steps towards cleaning its image of polluting commodities exporter and it is poised to become a globally significant supplier of climate change solutions.
    “Australia has the minerals to power the renewable energy age throughout the world in the coming years,” Denholm, an Australian, said in a speech during a Minerals Council of Australia event.


  7. In case you missed the obvious.

    ALL the vaccines, not just AstraZeneca are causing clotting issues, just not as virulently as AZ. In fact, they MUST cause clotting issues because the spike protein triggers such in the disease.

    So what do you think will happen what flying, which causes blood pooling from the hours and hours of sitting, will do to all those precious vaccinated flyers?

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    1. Many of us have swollen veins so blood clots will follow. Strokes with it. I’m walking and working out hard.
      Maybe our third top ups later year may sort the clotting issues. It’s known.
      Unless you need to vaccinate, don’t. Only 60’s plus should risk the vaccine. No point if younger. It’s not in your favour. As for Kids, they are mad!
      We know so little yet of side effects. Some are worrying for sure. Step with care.
      Big Pharma can’t be trusted.


      1. In my opinion and personal experience, and not giving medical advice: Be sure to intake adequate amounts of copper in your diet…which should be part of your daily intake of proper minerals through food and/or supplements.

        Copper is what keeps your veins and arteries strong. Also, personally speaking…adequate intake of essential oils is key to healthy circulation. No fried foods. No gluten. No wheat, rye, barley, oats. No burnt animal fats. Meat is fine, but not processed.

        We have to keep you around for Alexis.

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  8. Well, that’s one way to get dongs in the news.

    Mile High Clubbers better be quick.

    The future expansion and continued implementation in this space is all but assured.


    1. Climbing to 60K feet should bode quite well for the vaccinated “thrombosis” population” by 2029, if they survive that long.


  9. Recipe for the nCov2019 SARS COV 2 virus:

    From: Adam Gaertner

    Date: March 11, 2020 at 6:16 AM EDT

    To: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID)

    Subject: Coronavirus bioweapon production method

    Hello Anthony,

    This is how the virus was created.

    Intervirion Fusion. HIV-luc(ACE2)(500 ng of p24) was mixed with 1,000 ng of p24 of HIV-gfp particles incorporating ASLV-A envelope, SARS-CoV S protein, or both envelopes in PBS at 4°C for 30 min to allow binding. Virions were adjusted to the desired pH with 0.1 M citric acid. PBS, TPCK-trypsin (final concentration 10 ng/ml), CTSL, cathespin B (CTSB) (final concentrations 2 ng/ml) or CTSL buffer alone was then added. Recombinant CTSL (R&D Systems) was preactivated by incubation for 15 min at 10 ng/ml in 50 mM Mes, pH 6.0, on ice. Recombinant CTSB (R&D Systems) was preactivated in 25 mM Mes, 5mM DTT, pH 5.0, for 30 min at 25°C. After a 10-min incubation at 25°C, proteolysis was halted by the addition of 300 nl of DMEM10 containing leupeptin (25 ng/ml) and STI (75ng/ml). Virions were then incubated at 37°C for 30 min to allow membrane fusion. 100 nl of the virion mixture was added in quadruplicate to HeLa-Tva cells pretrated for 1 h with leupeptin (20 ng/ml). The cells were spin-infected and incubated at 37°C for 5 h.


        1. So glad to see you posting Tino . I saw that they are running the PCR tests at a much lower rate now that the vaccines are out . Do you still stand by the fact that the false positives were very high due to high cycle rates and that the virus was not as devastating as they have played it out?


    1. Wow, thanks Tino. I wonder how they will spin their way out of this one and who the fall guys or gals will be.


  10. The Queen and Prince Charles Hatch a Plan


    Microwave weapons that could cause Havana Syndrome exist, experts say

    It just keeps coming.
    Meghan & Harry ‘want to attend Queen’s 2022 Jubilee’ in ‘fresh headache’ for palace – Mirror Online–harry-want-attend-24235228

    So the whining little mental case wants to keep his gravy train and titles for The Bolter. He’s blown it in the UK, both have.
    Let the little Shit stay in LA. She now sees he’s useless, and it won’t last. William does not need the basket case around. He will fit in LA with all the other Lunes.
    Ripple making waves against the SEC’s confusing crypto rule book
    Austin Asks Top General For ‘Options’ to Evacuate Afghans – Defense One

    The burial ground of Empires, all lost out there.

    What they brought over or left will be like the Vietnamese supplies all left behind? Years of work and endless money pissed away it seems.
    These wars are such a racket.
    Ministers fear new strain of Covid from Nepal could scupper holidays
    Yet another, and rather than the issues of the virus, all we hear is screaming Bratts and my holidays. F Plebs! The Tri Laterals have a case.Cull the Tossers. .

    Ministers fear new strain of Covid from Nepal could scupper holidays

    Another Patriot Trump hung out to dry faces DCs vengeance.

    Interesting for all readers think about it?
    600% by 2030: The next big investment boom

    All these companies will have to be forced to pay their way and tax dodging stopped

    Try it on Biden?
    Princess Charlene of Monaco debuts an even MORE dramatic shaved hairstyle in South Africa | Daily Mail Online

    Poor Albert, like Harry, both have married bloody Nutters. Royals heh? She clearly, does not want to return.
    The guy needs a Mistress. Oh sorry, that’s why she was pissed before?
    That Was A Lie”: Tucker Carlson Levels Fauci After FOIA Emails Connect The Dots | ZeroHedge

    There may be a whole lot of dirt and shit on Fauci, so here is more. Who will act?

    If you assume that now we are discovering the truth and that Fauci is a liar of the worse order, then it stands to reason everything else the public has been told by him is suspect, if not a outright lie. This leads one to wonder why the big push on so called vaccines by companies granted immunity from prosecution for damage they may cause.
    Disaster for holidaymakers as EU refuses to put UK on its ‘white list’

    Frankly,, who gives a XXXX simply stop spending there.
    As for our own whining Assholes, Shut the F up and holiday at home this year.
    It’s not a big deal and you really dont matter in the big picture. .Real UK Leaders need to tell you that.

    Disaster for holidaymakers as EU refuses to put UK on its ‘white list’
    Institutional investors load up ETH, with its share of AUM hitting a new record
    It’s coming and no one will be listened to. Corralling the Sheeple.

    EU opens the way to vaccine passports with ‘digital wallet’
    This Piers has right.Either way China failed us all, but if Covid tags to the Wuhan Lab, and Fauci is linked,
    nothing less than Execution is the answer for him. Death! Gates also if linked.
    PIERS MORGAN: If COVID did leak from lab, China needs to be punished
    The best cryptocurrency to invest in: 3 coins for the summer
    Analysis: China’s banks are bursting with dollars, and that’s a worry

    Even worse for the US if China calls them.
    Human lifespan can extend up to 150 years, new study explores critical pace of ageing

    Good thing .. there is a lot to do … I know from my own experience that aging is controllable without drugs or chips. The reality is information is withheld from curious minds to discover. The reality is to come to an understanding while your body can adjust and fix itself in time to have time.
    Former MI6 Head Warns China Will Have Had Lab Leak Evidence “Destroyed Or Made To Disappear” | ZeroHedge

    Why would anyone expect less of this ruthless regime? They kill to order, harvest organs at will under inhumane cruel conditions. Xi and his Mobsters lack any integrity or humanity.

    Major issues but how will a Gibbon in the room help? Dribbling chin and all.
    Analyze the facts. Batman? It needs beyond an earthquake, it needs China shutting down. Stop all trade in 6 months and watch it collapse.


  11. Not to put too fine a point on it, has the NHS Chief Medical Officer that banned the use of hydroxychloroquine, been fired? He is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in the UK.

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  12. And if all that didn’t blow your mind — An astute reader noticed the following:

    That Daszak was later appointed to head the Covid 19 origin investigations was reported in Sept 2020 and widely denounced – at least to people that were paying attention.

    Also note that several of those signatories worked for EcoHealth Alliance.

    Now check out the authors on the retracted Lancet paper that attempted to debunk HZQ.

    And the paper that claimed cardiovascular toxicity to HZQ.

    See who Sapan Desai is:

    There is so much corruption in the entire “science” of covid-19 there isn’t enough duct tape on the planet to keep your head from exploding.

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  13. This is a failure of scientistry as much as it is a failure of the media. Remember this in the future: neither the mainstream media nor the professional scientific community can be trusted to tell you the truth in any way, about anything. They will not even hesitate to directly lie to you, and will afterwards go to great lengths to mislead, to redirect, and to cover their tracks.

    Daszak and every other signatory of that February letter in The Lancet should have their funding pulled immediately.

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  14. An the crowd sourcing journalists blow open the pandemic — The White-Coat Wall of Silence Falls

    The money quote:

    When the pandemic happened to break out on the doorstep of the lab with the largest collection of coronaviruses in the world, fueling speculation that the WIV might be involved, Daszak and 26 other scientists signed a letter that appeared in The Lancet on February 19, 2020. “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” it stated.

    We now know, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, that Daszak orchestrated the letter to squelch talk of a lab leak. He drafted it, reached out to fellow scientists to sign it, and worked behind the scenes to make it seem that the letter represented the views of a broad range of scientists. “This statement will not have the EcoHealth Alliance logo on it and will not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person,” he wrote in his pitch to the co-signatories. Scientists whose work had overlapped with the WIV agreed not to sign it so they could “put it out in a way that doesn’t link it back to our collaboration.”

    At the time, however, there was no hint of Daszak’s organizing role. The letter helped make Daszak a ubiquitous presence in the media, where he called a lab-leak “preposterous,” “baseless,” and “pure baloney.” He also attacked scientists who published evidence pointing to the lab. Part of the reason the lab theory made no sense, he argued, was because the Wuhan lab wasn’t culturing any viruses remotely similar to SARS-CoV-2. (Daszak has not responded to Newsweek’s request for comment.)

    For a long time, Daszak was astonishingly influential. Few in the media questioned him or pointed out that his career and organization would be deeply damaged if it turned out his work had indirectly played a role in the pandemic….

    By early 2020, The Seeker was beginning to question that viewpoint. He had begun to interact with people who were poking holes in the conventional wisdom. One important piece was an extensive Medium post by the Canadian longevity entrepreneur Yuri Deigin that discussed RaTG13, a virus Shi Zhengli had revealed to the world in a February 3 paper in the journal Nature. In that paper, Shi presented the first extensive analysis of SARS-CoV-2, which had seemed to come from nowhere—the virus was unlike any that had been seen before, including the first SARS, which had killed 774 people from 2002 to 2004. In her paper, however, Shi also introduced RaTG13, a virus that is similar in genetic makeup to SARS-CoV-2, making it the only known close relative at the time.

    The paper was vague about where RaTG13 had come from. It didn’t say exactly where or when RaTG13 had been found, just that it had previously been detected in a bat in Yunnan Province, in southern China.

    The paper aroused Deigin’s suspicions. He wondered if SARS-CoV-2 might have emerged through some genetic mixing and matching from a lab working with RaTG13 or related viruses. His post was cogent and comprehensive. The Seeker posted Deigin’s theory on Reddit, which promptly suspended his account permanently.

    That early whiff of censorship piqued Seeker’s curiosity, so he read more of the Twitter group’s ideas. “I found a lively group of people eager to debate and explore the topic,” he told Newsweek by email.

    It was an eclectic group. There were entrepreneurs, engineers, and a microbiologist from the University of Innsbruck named Rossana Segreto. None of them had known each other in advance; they gravitated to the forum after independently concluding that the conventional wisdom of the origins of COVID-19 didn’t make sense. Conversations were kept on track by a wisecracking coordinator living somewhere in Asia who went by the pseudonym Billy Bostickson, and whose Twitter icon was a cartoon of a beat-up lab monkey.

    The Seeker fit right in. “They helped me catch up on the debate, and I started to educate myself,” he says. “Before I knew it, I got hooked into the mystery.” He was driven in part by curiosity, but also by a growing sense of civic duty. “COVID has taken the lives of countless people and devastated so many others. But it has also left so many clues that haven’t been followed up. Humanity deserves answers.”

    The Seeker and the rest of the group became increasingly convinced that RaTG13 might hold the key to some of those answers. In a crackling thread, half a dozen participants hashed out its mysteries, combing the internet and the WIV’s previous papers for clues.

    If there is a moment when the DRASTIC team coalesced into something more than its disparate parts, it would be this thread. In real time, for all the world to see, they worked through the data, tested various hypotheses, corrected each other, and scored some direct hits.

    The key facts quickly came together. The genetic sequence for RaTG13 perfectly matched a small piece of genetic code posted as part of a paper written by Shi Zhengli years earlier, but never mentioned again. The code came from a virus the WIV had found in a Yunnan bat. Connecting key details in the two papers with old news stories, the DRASTIC team determined that RaTG13 had come from a mineshaft in Mojiang County, in Yunnan Province, where six men shoveling bat guano in 2012 had developed pneumonia. Three of them died. DRASTIC wondered if that event marked the first cases of human beings being infected with a precursor of SARS-CoV-2—perhaps RaTG13 or something like it.

    In a profile in Scientific American, Shi Zhengli acknowledged working in a mineshaft in Mojiang County where miners had died. But she avoided connecting it to RaTG13 (an omission she had made in her scientific papers as well), claiming that a fungus in the cave had killed the miners.

    That explanation didn’t sit well with the DRASTIC group. They suspected a SARS-like virus, not a fungus, had killed the miners and that, for whatever reason, the WIV was trying to hide that fact. It was a hunch, and they had no way of proving it.

    At this point, The Seeker revealed his research powers to the group. In his online explorations, he’d recently discovered a massive Chinese database of academic journals and theses called CNKI. Now he wondered if somewhere in its vast circuitry might be information on the sickened miners.

    Working through the night at his bedside table on phone and laptop, fueled by chai and using Chinese characters with the help of Google Translate, he plugged in “Mojiang”—the county where the mine was located—in combination with every other word he could think of that might be relevant, instantly translating each new flush of results back to English. “Mojiang + pneumonia”; “Mojiang + WIV”; “Mojiang + bats”; “Mojiang + SARS.” Each search brought back thousands of results and half a dozen different databases for journals, books, newspapers, master’s theses, doctoral dissertations. He combed through these results, night after night, but never found anything useful. When he ran out of energy, he broke for arcade games and more chai.

    He was on the verge of calling it quits, he says, when he struck gold: a 60-page master’s thesis written by a student at Kunming Medical University in 2013 titled “The Analysis of 6 Patients with Severe Pneumonia Caused by Unknown Viruses.” In exhaustive detail, it described the conditions and step-by-step treatment of the miners. It named the suspected culprit: “Caused by SARS-like [coronavirus] from the Chinese horseshoe bat or other bats.”


  15. Using Robin Williams’ best voice: Good Morning White Hat Auxiliaries!

    It’s been a 100% lie from the start. At every level. Fauci’s emails solely increase his guilt, confirm his lies. In particular, the following:
    – Masks – Fauci knew they didn’t work
    – PCR — Fauci/NIH/CDC/WHO knew it was an orgy of false positives. Kari Mullis was 100% right and Fauci/NIH/CDC/WHO 100% wrong.
    – Social distancing – Fauci knew the dichotomy was inside/outside not distancing. Human respiration follows the inverse log of particle size, guaranteeing that humans will spray aerosols. N95 masks or better are necessary. Surgical masks in common use and mandate are completely useless. Inside, open windows with airflow would have been more effective.
    – No such thing as an asymptomatic spreader or asymptomatic infection. There are no COVID Tom’s or COVID Alice’s to make hay with Typhoid Mary. All asymptomatic nonsense originated from the invalid PCR test. Checking temperature alone would have been the easiest way to quarantine the infected and leaving the healthy to go about their lives. Given no asymptomatic spread, there is ZERO reason to vaccinate anyone below the age of 39 (99.98% survival)
    – Is directly guilty of violating the Biowarfare Law and Treaty by unilaterally restarting gain-of-function research
    – Is directly guilty of malfeasance-cum-Treason for failing to inform the Administration, and President Trump in particular, of the restart of GOF research.
    – Is directly guilty of foisting a pandemic on the world. And while the death estimate from the pandemic is wildly over-stated due to the PCR malfeasance, it is still in the hundreds of thousands. This is a Crime Against Humanity and he deserves to hang for it — no death in a bed for this man. Additionally, his wife cleared the research, despite the conflict of interest, and is accessory to the crime and deserves life-in-prison

    In my next post, we will look at what a team of amateur reporters did re the shenanigans of the gain of function research. The team deserves the Pulitzer Prize, and those identified deserve everything from prison to hanging.



    Following a series of corporate cyberattacks that American intelligence agencies have blamed on Russian actors, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund (officially the National Wellbeing Fund) has decided to dump all of its dollars and dollar-denominated assets in favor of those denominated in euros, yuan – or simply buying precious metals like gold, which Russia’s central bank has increasingly favored for its own reserves.

    He explained that the Kremlin is moving to reduce exposure to US assets as President Biden threatens more economic sanctions against Russia following the latest ransomware attacks. The transfer will affect $119 billion in liquid assets, Bloomberg reported, but the sales will largely be executed through the Russian Central bank and its massive reserves, limiting the market impact and reducing visibility on what exactly the sovereign wealth fund will be buying.


  17. Issues I have with reparations is that not only were there black slaves, there were also white slaves, chinese, mexican, indian, etc.
    Also I personally did not do those things back then as I wasn’t there, and neither were they. I don’t want our hard earned taxes to pay for this.
    I feel great sadness for the way that the natives, blacks, and all the rest were treated back then, but they need to be careful with this.
    I would welcome other views and discussion.

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  18. To be fair to the historical record would mean every person would get reparations pay. I am still going to sue Carthage (Modern Day Tunisia) for the invasion, murder and enslavement of my ancestors during the Second Punic Wars. They’ll pay. Is there a Tunisian lawyer in the house?

    Vat???? Somdings for nodings?


  19. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

    Never the king, always the king-maker.

    Murder makes you free.


      1. Take your money and run quickly, I trust no project that holds the admin keys. They can jettison with your $$$ very quickly.


  20. Dogecoin tipped to break $1 in days as crypto makes comeback with ‘new all-time hig
    Digital currencies are the future for Russia’s financial system, central bank governor says

    There goes the Dollar.
    Bitcoin price D-Day starts ‘any moment,’ says trader, as BTC reclaims key leve

    We try to help you.
    Joe Biden Calls U.S. Troops ‘Stupid Bastards’ – YouTube

    It takes one to know one.
    Why would anyone in the Military vote for this stupid fool ?
    Go the Gibbon!.

    XRP adds 20% as Ether also rebounds – crypto movers and sha
    Russia is surprised why EU stays passive as US ruins arms control — Lavrov – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

    War is only a matter of time, unless things change in west.
    Trade engagement is key to peace. But that is not what the war mongers want to hear. Russia will shred them alive.
    7,300 People Tune in to White House YouTube Channel to Watch 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden Deliver Memorial Day Service Remarks:

    So, you trust your vote?
    Sadly as Flubber Guts ran and hid when you did march, the Heel Spurs Draft Dodging Coward is no answer, but who will lead America now. Moses Isn’t coming. The Zios and Khazars have screwed you already.

    Yeah, sure 81 million votes and only 7300 people watched. What does that tell you ?

    You’ve all lost the Plot, so before you lose the Pot, what next? America for sure HAS GOOD PEOPLE, but who will lead?

    The Grifter is no answer. Must do Better! You have them. One can turn America around. Or hit the Rocks!
    China’s ‘artificial sun’ sets world record by running at 216MILLION°F

    China sets the path once had by America. China now leads. America bleeds.

    Caught illegal fishing seize or sink their boats. That ends it.


  21. Just passing this on. Crickets in protein bars!

    My brother told me this morning that his coworker’s husband went to work the other day and noticed a horrific smell.

    His boss showed him a shipment of frozen crickets being thawed out to prepare to be dried and ground for a customer who will be using it for protein bars. They will name it “animal protein” to the list of ingredients on the label.


      1. I always thought some of the protein bars had a funky smell. I wonder… well I will not be buying anything that says “animal (insect) protein” on the package.

        I know people in other countries eat insects but I just can’t. I’ll throw up. I wouldn’t feed it to a pet dog.

        Smart you make your own Biffie. I need to do that too.

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  22. It’s difficult for me to relate to where the world is heading. I don’t know what to think, is this cool or creepy? Regardless, I’m invested in both Ada and agi.

    Published on Jun 2, 2021
    The Grace the humanoid robot chats with SingularityNET’s Ben Goertzel and Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson about the future of elderly care and health care professional assistance using artificial intelligence via AGIX on Cardano.


    1. Aurataya my fellow caregiver – Ben Goertzel said that it takes three people to care an elderly person. Ha! I do it all, wound care, bed baths, purée meals, feeding, toileting, transferring using a lift and so on and so on.

      We must be super women! I watched the video again and I would welcome a robot for some extra help.

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      1. Hi beautiful,
        Thank you for sharing the video, I have not had a chance to watch it yet but most certainly will tomorrow sometime.

        I would have to agree with Ben, it is a huge job. But I would never like to see my Aunt in a nursing home after knowing what happens in some of those places, I could never forgive myself.

        We have had some fantastic news today regarding my Aunt’s health. We thought there may have been a chance that the cancer she had many years ago had possibly returned but it has most definitely not as all tests were negative.. All the vitamins I have been giving her have achieved astounding results so far too. It was such a relief to me to have confirmed that what I am doing with her care is truly working. It makes me cry just thinking about it. She is so happy just now.

        You are such a magnificent daughter A Johnson doing what you do for your Mom. Can you just imagine the inner comfort she has knowing she is with you and having you care for her so wonderfully and lovingly.

        Yep, a robot for some of the tasks would be much appreciated some days when I’m feeling a little on the weary side.


    2. Interesting. I can see good here with that type of help for the elderly. Frees up the nurses and would be nice for the families to have the records of their loved ones life that they may not know.
      That bit on when we will be robots….year 2050 is creepy.
      No wonder CDA stays in and near the top 10. I have some too.

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      1. Caregivers, great Ladies how much you are needed.And how undervalued.Well done each of you.
        We are privileged to have you. For so many you are their last hope.
        Training for Biden, he’s coming next.

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        1. Thank you John. Your words just hit the nail right on the head where you stated “their last hope.” This is exactly why I could never give up on my Aunt no matter how tough things get. There may come a day where I am not able to cope but I will fight that day off as long as I can. I just imagine what it would be like to be in that situation and experience those feelings of fear and vulnerability. Care and kindness go a very long way in this life as far as I’m concerned.


        2. What a nice thing to say John. Sometimes, we just need to hear it. It’s a big responsibility and commitment to care for an elderly person. Thanks you for the kind words.

          Biden – lol. I don’t think sooo.

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    Democrats and much of the media are pushing to make permanent the extraordinary, pandemic-driven measures to relax voting rules during the 2020 elections – warning anew of racist voter “suppression” otherwise. Yet democracies in Europe and elsewhere tell a different story – of the benefits of stricter voter ID requirements after hard lessons learned.
    Of 47 nations surveyed in Europe — a place where, on other matters, American progressives often look to with envy — all but one country requires a government-issued photo voter ID to vote. The exception is the U.K., and even there voter IDs are mandatory in Northern Ireland for all elections and in parts of England for local elections. Moreover, Boris Johnson’s government recently introduced legislation to have the rest of the country follow suit.

    Japan provides each voter with tickets that bear unique bar codes. If the voter loses the ticket or accidentally brings the ticket for another family member, polling staff verifies the voter’s name and address using a computer with access to the city’s database. The voter may have to present government-issued photo identification.

    New Zealand technically requires an ID with a unique code, but while it will take longer to look up identifying information, it is still possible to vote without the ID.

    Australia has by far the loosest rules, and while a photo ID is required to register to vote, once at a polling station, voters need simply report their names, addresses, and whether they have voted in a previous election.

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    “Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you,” Fauci wrote. “I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a very low risk location. Your instincts are correct, money is best spent on medical countermeasures such as diagnostics and vaccines.”
    At 29:52 mark of the video the WHO official says, “coronaviruses are pretty good… you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily… the spiked proteins drive a lot about what happens. You can get the sequence you can build the protein, we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert into the backbone of another virus and do some work in a lab.”
    Here is the full video that is still up on YouTube for the moment.

    We are downloading a copy of this video for when the globalist elites or Google leftists remove it from YouTube.

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  25. I was reminded of this short clip of Alex Collier comments on money and power after reading Biffie’s post about the Indians being starved to death and blaming it on the c word. It’s horrendous! How these people sleep at night, I’ll never know!

    I have posted it here many times and doing so again.

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  26. I would definitely be interested in starting one of those factories in my area as we have a lot of hemp grown in this region.


    Hemp has the potential to be used in more than 25,000 products, including fibers, textiles, paper and construction and insulation materials, food and even fuel. However, because government is the antithesis to freedom, industrial hemp was previously banned nationwide since 1937 ostensibly due to the plant’s similarities to marijuana. Many have speculated that this move was also due to the fact that cannabis is in direct competition with the pharmaceutical industry by providing far safer alternative treatments as well as directly competing with the petrochemical industry.
    Other countries in Europe, however, have been innovating these hemp products for years and they provide a green, carbon-sequestering, insulative wall solution far superior to wood — particularly the hemp block.
    The hempcrete block is similar to the concrete blocks used in construction but are far more superior. They are significantly lighter, do not degrade over time, actually absorb carbon instead of produce it, click together like legos, are easier to produce, and are magnitudes more efficient.
    “We have been working to decarbonize the construction sector for 10 years now and we remain 100% convinced that the hemp block has a crucial role to play,”

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    Actor Chris Pratt shared a powerful Memorial Day sentiment about our country, its detractors, and those who have given their lives so that we have the right to complain.

    Pratt shared images on Instagram of fallen U.S. veterans being mourned by their loved ones, originally posted by veteran and former MMA fighter Tim Kennedy.


    There have not been covid deaths in India, all the dead have died of starvation caused by lockdowns. All the dead floating in the river were people who were starved to death. They locked the farmers down, did not permit them to work in any way, including tending their animals, and now they are starving. He also goes over what is going to happen elsewhere, they are gearing up for total genocide and he’s already seen this first hand.

    Biffie: I could not get the link to copy in this 5 minute video. But it is well worth the watch. This video is over on
    This man is on the street partaking in a protest, and being interviewed by a news reporter. He covers many things in this 5 minutes about people dying, covid, variants, etc.

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      1. There are no pics nor does he dwell on the dying. He briefly touches are many situations going on in India right now. Worth watching.


    1. Not strictly true. Friends of mine in India just sent me video proof of the COVID deaths in villages where firsthand locals confirm this and walk through the health care facilities that have simply been abandoned by a government unwilling to care for its people. I want to acknowledge that India is expansive, so more than one account can be true.

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  30. An interim report to keep some Diapers on. We will NOT debate it. Way too sensitive.

    1. Money is finite. Clear? There is little! Fact! What part of that does not translate?

    2. Biden needs $6T to meet the Infrastructure needs and the huge greedy Contractor bills for endless US Military waste. These Weevils are bleeding you dry. They need purging hard! Biden can’t do it. Who will?

    3..The Elders last week upped the ante in D.C. for the needed release of their assets. They totally rejected DC’s greedy low offer. Rightly so. They want way over 100% more. Totally right!!!! We have alternatives. Damned right!

    4. The US has to meet Basle III Liquidity Terms and cease overspending after June 7th. It can’t. You can not keep spending as you keep on doing. It’s grossly irresponsible. Nations don’t feel you should be allowed more time. A hard smacked Arse is more like it and well deserved. Billy NoMates has No Mates. Stop selfish spending and eating like Obese Pigs!!!!! You can’t afford your ridiculous Welfare funding levels. Are you mad? Illegals are off the charts. Mine the borders! Sorted! A half mile strip of No Mans Land mined. Good luck Pedro! Boom!

    5.The Elders are not subsidising you. You blew it all. Hegemony is so Passé today.

    6. If Biden is allowed the $6T, IF, and the Elders will NOT take less than their new demands, with the rest to go to the UN for their Global needs, what is left? You are not the world, YOU are the Problem!

    There will be No Money left to bail currency speculators with their worthless currencies. No one cares. GCRs and RVs – grow up! Get real? How many times will you listen to Reno Sirens? Go and run with Forrest Gump.

    Albeit we hear Forrest Trump also expects to be back by August. Is he Biden his time? La La Land at work.

    US Infrastructure, Elders and the UN Special Funding only. Clear? Finite or go into the night. How long will you keep holding that old Jungle Bunny paper? Try Cryptos. Can you do worse?

    Real issues are in hard daily debate right now. It’s no one’s business who, or how, or how much. Or When. It is when the real parties say yes. Terms to be right, or go into the Night. Hard ball. Real guys, focused. It is when it is. No Freebies. No Delusionals.

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    1. $6T for infrastructure? That’s laughable. It will go back into the pockets of the same people you are at the table with and certainly not for infrastructure or the people, but we’ll get the bill.


      1. Sadly, it will fund your Contactors, killing in Syria to seize land allowing Oil companies and Insurgents to steal Oil from poor Syria, protecting your 400% increase in Poppy/ Opium production in Afghanistan, funding the weapons protecting the Golan Heights, mineral rich, gifted from Syria illegally by Trump to Israel, but all for the gain of the Kushners, Cheney and Zionist Mafia again.This you call Democracy? As you ruined Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, you standby while Palestine is raped of land, and threaten Iran constantly.

        But agreed, Yes, they will be raping Americans. You have sucked the rest of the world dry.

        With 990 plus warfare bases scattered across the world, Fleets across all oceans, how else can it all be paid for? Who else with your Agencies keeps the world at war?

        How about for a change, you pay serious retribution costs to the hundreds of thousands of poor , unwanted and devastated half bred children your vile GI s left behind from the poor children sold into Prostitution to satisfy the lusts of this Pariah nation, who ran as cowards faced down and slaughtered by the Viet Kong? Heros then? Infamy which will last forever. The stink and your shame of Vietnam will live in infamy.

        But Yes, correct now they rape at home. Poetic Justice?

        It will get worse when Basle III hits home. Fiscal responsibility? You’re Broke!

        The world knows it. How about you kill your bloated Arms industries and stop creating wars?

        How about the war on need in America? Help at home? What? America?


    2. Next week the G7 meet in Cornwall in the UK for the week. That will be a key discussion on all issues before anything can be settled.

      It’s a tiny sandy coastal holiday village now swamped a week ahead by 6,000 police coming in, forcing the community to close stores, blocking all vehicle access and insisting any community members venturing out do not use their own beach, or walk Dogs etc. A total nightmare lock down, such overkill.

      America, God bless them, will be contributing a talking Gibbon for the amusement of all with nothing else to do there.
      Disbelievers will be seen attempting to communicate with the poor animal, goading it to speak.

      What’s your name, what’s your name, what’s your name?
      Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden.

      Gobbledygook, gobbledygook, gobbledygook.

      Welcome to the G7. You wonder why the world is such a mess.

      Thanks for the Gibbon. Led by that?


            1. The Dong wasn’t released in short order it scrambled fast.

              The Pic of London Tower Bridge imitates John, awake, check the key parts are moving for the day, Salute the Thames. Watch the pic! Llol

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  31. China again for Gods sake!

    Bird flu: China confirms world’s first case of H10N3 in human

    Throwing these Scientific Advisors over London Bridge with hands tied and an iron weight to each ankle,. will solve the problem. Sorted. Tie a dead rat to each. Company!
    Disgusting Censorship. They betray freedom. The BBC is a disgrace. Commie C’s the lot! Funded by us cancel their Licenses. No one wants to fund them.

    Subject: The Silence From BBC and Sky Is Deafening as Gargantuan March for Freedom Rolls Through London – Anti-Empire

    As the insanity of lockdowns and destruction of lives and jobs and futures continues, this is what one might expect. This is a growing trend around the world and not just in London. As it grows it will take on a life of its’ own and perhaps mold events quite different than that what current politicians plan.
    Human nature is not something that politicians factor in as they try their so called reset. The unknown is how this will all collide to shape a new tomorrow, as yesterday will never return the same and nor will be what was planned. As that time is already passed.
    US reports it has imported sanctioned oil from Iran, a first after 30 years of sanctions — RT Business News

    What’s this tell you about the upcoming deal with Iran? Sanctimonious LYING CRAP.
    5 years ago when I was talking directly with the Senior Republican Guards in Tehran, the CIA were crawling all over the place cutting contracts for wealth. Lying, 2 faced Scumbags. False show all of it,.Deals were cut daily! Lies!
    Russia To Create Dozens Of New Military Units To Confront NATO

    You can bet on hypersonic missile systems being placed with these new units.. Russia has a new means of creating independent groups that use such missile batteries along with their robots which will be on the front lines. The serial production of these robots which is underway is destined for these new units. There will be a robot for every platoon and each soldier will have their newest skeletal equipment along with new guns.
    While NATO dreams of such confrontation, it will be a slaughterhouse for them.
    Arned with such potent weapons, Russia also wants to use them for supremacy. It’s no War Game for Soldiers being shredded alive by such firepower.
    Woman who ate McDonald’s meal for daily ‘snack’ now unrecognisable after losing 13

    Send it to Chump Trump.
    Really? How about We the Public, looking at needlessly ruined Town and Cities, millions unemployed, collapse of rates and taxes, potholed roads everywhere, and hundreds of thousands of stores and staff lost. Ruined!

    Because YOU State paid parasites got it so wrong with the calamitous taxes now mounting up for your mistakes. Piss Poor Political Leadership. Numpties- The lot!
    How about we demand YOU are all sacked. When do the mindless Mutts in public say – Enough! Has all free thought and freedom gone?
    Sadly, I see the mass Sheeple and OMG has it come to this?
    Scientists demand RETHINK on June 21 ‘Freedom Day’
    The British company pioneering quantum secure encryption
    Military drones may have attacked humans for first time without being instructed to, UN report says

    You mean they are taking over from murdering US Contractors?
    Bitcoin price bounces back with market 'looking bullish' – lates

    As indicated, the bounce.
    950 military ballots went 100% for Biden & came back in sequential order

    Why is this Theft of Americas democracy allowed?
    This is simply impossible.
    There needs to be a clean up over this election fraud because no matter who or what games are played in the future, the confidence of the people will be forever lost. That has very real consequences that reach well beyond America.
    As it is governments are failing their constituents and the world needs a beacon of truth and hope. America is not it and broken.
    Ex-Senate majority leader Harry Reid on UFOs: ‘We’re at the infancy of it’ | UFOs | The Guardian

    What wake up the Thick Sheeple with Truth? The Thickest are already in Government.
    Can EV Battery Swapping Take Off In The U.S.?

    Its coming.

    Will China’s cryptocurrency ban spark a global crypto crisis

    You think now he’s got the message? Well done girl. Deserved! Rape is appalling and indefensible He got what he deserved. Protect all girls and women.

    Worker slices boss’s penis ‘as he tried to rape her’ at Spanish bar
    Shock claim: Meghan and Harry’s explosive fight | New Idea Magazine

    What a mess. She married this Ginger Minger who hides behind his beard, because the whinging Bitch can’t handle being a real man. Face it Markel, it’s time to bolt again. You have form, your Mother also.
    This pair won’t last. Hopeless Harry just wants to be kept. By us all. A parasite! 2 Talentless Wannabes. LA Posers.
    Russia will not like this. The QE is a game changer. stacked with technology. Armed to Kill!

    NATO squares up to Russia: HMS Queen Elizabeth leads war games
    Ethereum, dogecoin surge as cryptos continue volatile recovery
    Watch “Funny (dirty) Joke: They were going to get married, but the little sister was a problem” on YouTu

    Trump ‘is telling people he will be reinstated as president by AUGUST’ after Mike Flynn called for a ‘Myanmar-style coup’ to replace Biden

    Former President Trump is telling people he will be reinstated as president by August after his original National Security Advisor Michael Flynn said a Myanmar-style coup ‘should happen.’

    This is going to hit big tomorrow. We hope it’s right for America’s sake.
    What the Hell will India release now? See why the Tri Laterals want 6 Billion dead? They have a case. Nuke the place?

    Stray dogs are EATING human bodies washed up on Indian river banks
    Amazing talent

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  32. ” Part of the reason the ETI presence has been kept secret is that one of the first questions would be, “How are they getting here?” They are not using fossil fuels. It is through zero point or quantum vacuum energy generation systems. And it is those energy systems we want to develop and bring out to the general public so that we may have a world of pollution free , sustainable abundance.”

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  33. John,

    Is it accurate to read into your comments below that Boris Johnson is now delaying settlements? Didn’t see that one coming.


    1. No, No!! Just the Lock Down release. That Prick has no clout in the big league. He’s just a befuddled Buffoon keeping Labour out. Bumbling Boris, he’s just a sideshow.
      Think Basle 111. I will comment soon, OK? Real issues. Real power.
      Timing issues and blowing the Delusionals. The Real Issues.

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  34. The only flags that should be flown in our country and at our embassies are the ones we already have.
    If someone feels the need to fly another, it should be ALL LIVES MATTER! Enough of this division among us.


  35. Translation: Think of all the Rupees we can make in fees, Ravi. Cancel the boogeyman Bitcoin news releases.

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    1. Ohhhh, loved that one James. Thank you. Well heck, they can well and truly shove their VAG anywhere they like. LOL I will NEVER be converted to this ridiculous leftists BS,



    “Think of compressing all the information on the accessible Internet into a shoebox,” says Karin Strauss, a principal researcher at Microsoft. “With DNA data storage, that’s possible.”

    Strauss is working with Luis Ceze, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, to wield DNA for data storage and computing. Using synthetic DNA molecules, the team has successfully stored over one gigabyte of readable information, including various forms of media such as the top 100 books from Project Gutenberg, a high-definition OK Go music video, and the #MemoriesInDNA project.


  37. No need to delay Freedom Day in the UK or anywhere else on earth. India is proving that ivermectin works. Several cities and states in India have adopted widespread distribution and dropped their infection rates 80% in a matter of weeks.

    And, they are so confident in its effectiveness that they are finally sticking it to the WHO for lying about the evidence.

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    1. Pete

      Thank you for the constructive response.

      1.The profits for the Big Pharmas.

      2. The Sad and moronic stupidity of the masses. Combine the 2 and where are real Leaders?

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      1. The solution is, WHEN are you all going to organise, Demonstrate., Tar and Feather them, then put them in the Stocks naked, bring out a 17 hnds Stallion, as they are bent over,. guide it’s Yard in and F the shit out of them. It’s called a yard because it iS!. A stallion with a 3 feet extension.. Aurataya is on the boat!
        Idiot Johnson is going to delay the release. Tie the lot together and throw the lot into the River Thames. Sorted! .


        1. The question should be. When are all of us going to pull together and deal with all of this crap in every country once and for all?

          And Johnny, stop making me out to be a big loose tart lol. I know you’re joking but new members to this site might wonder what type of woman I am if they read that stuff. Oh heck, bugger it, I am always up for a good joke and laugh. Hope you are well big boy.


            1. LOL. Nah, no wishes here. Been there done that. Ha Ha Ha. OMG, that is so rude lol. And it is not true either, just joshing.


          1. Civil disobedience will be the first start in my opinion. Each of us has to grow a spine and refuse to comply with the tyranny. When many of us start to say “no”, the “governments” will run out of resources to force their ill will, but it is not going to be easy. It never was, it never will be.


  38. _______
    SAGE expert calls for June 21 to be delayed ‘for several weeks’

    It’s never ending BS the economy is shredded already. Unlock the towns and F off!

    This will be welcomed by so many.

    Apart from crossing it to travel to Germany, Switzerland or Spain I can’t think of one.

    This pampered, whining GIT needs to go!
    Fauci’s Hidden History And Secret Affiliations Finally Catch Up With Him | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    Interesting perspective.
    The world is coming for Fauci. About time and he’s going to know eyes are on him now. If he was in on Covid he pays.
    Vaccine passports plan ‘dead’ as evidence suggests they are not needed

    What a mess. They are demanded to work in Health Care now and to even fly with many airlines. It’s all a mess.
    How the Australian tax office is cracking down dodgy returns

    As ever the Bastards are coming to steal every dime

    The economy can’t take this.

    This will drive markets down for a while.
    Vaccine passports plan is ‘dead’: Controversial proof of jabs ‘will NOT be legally required to attend large events’ as evidence suggests they could be unnecessary ‘because young people may never have them and some people can’t’

    Ministers are said to be preparing to drop the requirement for proof of a jab because the state of the pandemic in the UK may not make them necessary.

    Now this is a major kick in the face for Big Pharma and the NWO crowd.
    UK set for stronger post-Covid recovery, says OECD

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  39. Like Rats in a Sack these Khazars are now cross trading their Souls to Slice and Dice Israel and to STEAL more land and disenfranchise more Palestinians. The rats fight for power. Fraudster Benny clings on.

    This is why post WW11 no one wanted them back. They are NOT Jews and Jews don’t need Zionists. Nor does the world. Nutter Yahoos competitors just want more land. To move out more Palestinians from their own land.

    The Zio trash know that Israel is a Pipe Dream with limits. At some stage the Middle East will come for them.
    This vile Zionist Species covet the Ukraine and will fund it to self destruct so they can acquire it cheap.
    You think Putin will take that? Genghis Khans seed Scum on his borders?
    If they move in Satan 2 ,missiles will rain down on them.

    Just look what they have done to America? This is NOT the Founders plan.

    If the US does fight a WW and lose, be assured, the Zios and Khazars will be rounded up and next time there will be a Final solution. In WW11 every nation handed them over. If there is a post WW111, retribution will come.

    Even if not, the world still has to deal with them. History shows they always push it too far.
    Even in Europe, radicalised Muslims are attacking them. Innocents suffer. It’s building again.
    What they do in Israel, is paid for in blood in Paris and London. Islam is coming for them.

    No one can cure Zionism until every Snout is taken out. They don’t help themselves, apart from to what everyone else has. Always,the nature of the Beast. Look at America?

    Will Retribution be the Final Solution for Zionism?

    Which nations do not want them gone? It’s building. Why should peaceful innocent Jews in Paris or London, be attacked for what is done by ruthless Zionists in Palestine’s- Israel?

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  40. Like

  41. SBI customers alert: Bank changes rules for cash withdrawal from ATM, branch
    US regulators signal bigger role in cryptocurrencies market

    Switzerland is right about the EU – Britain must also go it alone Correct the EU is a Jesuit monstrosity

    Bitcoin collapse fears as Wall Street icon explains why no one’s money is safe; Beyond worth reading


    Bank are setting up obstacles to crypto traders

    If true Boris resolved multi issues

    First it was small and saved him major money he doesn’t have

    Second it’s such an ugly, deranged and happy Dog that no one would wish to mass publicise it.

    Third he saves himself massive media exposure taking it back to the Stray Dog Compound

    Exactly a trend I have advised needs watching to set new buying levels.
    Labour MPs claim Boris Johnson had ‘secret’ wedding to ‘bury bad news’

    Woof woof woof
    Wuhan lab leak theory ‘is feasible’ says British intelligence

    At last these Arseholes in the MSM are asking the right questions. Hopefully truth may be forced out
    Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Alt-Coins – Beware of Weekend Volatility

    Did the Hessian sack bag come free?
    Why every Dogecoin has its day – crypto explained

    Roller coaster buying
    Shared from Sky News: NASA release striking picture of Milky Way’s ‘downtown’, 26,000 light years away

    Downtown from our Milky Way.

    Don’t tell me they just found Late Biden Votes?

    So now the Banks are blocking payments for Cryptos. So much for your money?


    1. Some comments on the above articles about “banks blocking payments for crypto”.

      Not all banks are like this.

      In such cases, establish a relationship with an exchanger which has a debit card option. There are many.

      In time, banks, which are fee-hungry creatures, will not keep up this crypto-boogerman façade. They won’t pass up a sugar-teat for long. Once a BTC ETF is SEC approved, the rest of Wall St will follow, and fees will motivate them all to fall in line.

      Banks are just fearing the de-centralization of money, which would render them moot. Peer to peer is their fear. Traditional banks continue to process the highest amount of criminal proceeds, by far.

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  42. Evidence Emerges China Created An Unnatural Virus, Then Tried To Conceal It…In Order To Destroy The USA? – CD Media

    Not the first time a country weaponized their population and sent them to kill. It was done with the Black Plague, if you read history.

    Think Russia is not carefully studying this? Putin will carve Xi a new asshole if it is confirmed. Now again the Chinese might wish to pay dearly to buy off Russia for their mistake and blame America and likes of Gates and Fauci. Who no doubt played a part, which part is not yet in wind. Why was this not long since exposed?
    Kamala Harris Causes Cringe Detectors to Explode During Naval Academy Speech – RedState

    This not a disgrace it is just sad to see the low level of these fools in Office.. Its about time the Election Fraud was exposed to all, and Biden booted don’t you think?
    Virologists Say Genetic “Fingerprints” Prove COVID-19 Man-Made, ‘No Credible Natural Ancestor’ | ZeroHedge:

    Since Gates funded Fauci who funded the lab in Wuhan, in gain of function research might there be a connection?
    And why is it that the Chinese economy seem to be racing ahead while all others are stumbling with lockdowns ?
    Sometime is amiss here.

    Big Questions, about time don’t you think? Way, way, way overdue.

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  43. With the current counter trends in the markets, I am going to add another project to our list of suggested ideas. The price of this idea is too good to pass up at this time, so if your risk capital allocation will allow it, consider this one as a quality project which could pay off rather well in the future.

    Synthetix (SNX)

    Synthetix is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that provides on-chain exposure to a wide variety of crypto and non-crypto assets. The protocol is based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and offers users access to highly liquid synthetic assets (synths). Synths track and provide returns on the underlying asset without requiring one to directly hold the asset.

    The platform aims to broaden the cryptocurrency space by introducing non-blockchain assets, providing access to a more robust financial market.

    The protocol is designed in a way that exposes users to the underlying assets via synths, without having to hold the underlying asset.

    The platform allows users to autonomously trade and exchange synths. It also has a staking pool where holders can stake their SNX tokens and are rewarded with a share of the transaction fees on the Synthetix Exchange.

    The platform tracks the underlying assets using smart contract price delivery protocols called oracles. Synthetix allows users to trade synths seamlessly, without liquidity/slippage issues. It also eliminates the need for third-party facilitators.

    SNX tokens are used as collateral for the synthetic assets that are minted. This means that whenever synths are issued, SNX tokens are locked up in a smart contract.

    Since launch, the protocol has transitioned to the Optimistic Ethereum mainnet to help reduce the gas fees on the network and lower oracle latency.

    SNX tokens can be purchased at top exchanges, such as:

    Coinbase Pro
    Uniswap (V2)

    SNX is a buy up to $21.00

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      1. Yes, I think SNX will be a real winner in the De-Fi space, providing very efficient transactions and liquidity to the space.

        Mike is promoted to First Spear Centurion, with special dispensation to take a wife, or substitute via spoils as he chooses. (Roman soldiers were usually required not to be married).

        I exchanged right into SNX in a few seconds…very easy and not all that costly.

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  44. Goddamned Bolshevik pestilence. I personally don’t know who is on the proscriptions lists that J2021 referred to earlier, but I sure hope these vermin ingrates are high on that list. Scoop them all up and airdrop them into North Korea, and let them live they way they seem to want.

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  45. John,

    Seems the front has gone quiet when showing so much forward momentum. Are the meetings still ongoing and as promising as the information briefing hinted?Thank you in advance.


    1. I said, many times, we will ONLY comment when it is safe or appropriate to do so.

      Highly sensitive Geo Political discussions are in place with Top Parties on a Strict Need to Know Basis
      None of it is appropriate at this stage to disclose to the public now.

      They have not even been back a week, and you’re calling it Gone Quiet?

      This is why sometimes is best to close off. Any leak could crash the lot. Seismic issues are in play. So much at stake.
      As and when it is safe and appropriate to consider more, we will. Trial by Public overlapping personal issues is not our domain.

      When it merits more we will consider it. Huge issues overlap. Trust, Secrecy, Diplomacy.
      20 years of intense work, vast costs and stress, and a week has gone quiet?

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  46. Vibrant enrichment

    I think John’s PA staff may bolt with BTC at 1M. lol

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    Cases in Delhi, where Ivermectin was begun on April 20, dropped from 28,395 to just 2,260 on May 22. This represents an astounding 92% drop. Likewise, cases in Uttar Pradesh have dropped from 37,944 on April 24 to 5,964 on May 22 – a decline of 84%.

    Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu announced on May 14 they were outlawing Ivermectin in favor of the politically correct Remdesivir. As a result, Tamil Nadu’s cases are up in the same time frame from April 20 to May 22 – 10,986 to 35,873 – more than a tripling.

    While HCQ has become a punchline by the media, scientists like Dr. George Fareed know it is effective against COVID-19 – especially in the early stages.

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  48. You all may want to think about this?

    Mike Pompeo says Wuhan lab was conducting secret military research

    Black Wednesday for big oil as courtrooms and boardrooms turn on industry

    Carbon energies, Fuel and Gas are OVER..Raping the planet is OVER. Oil Barons and the Arab Mafia will free fall.
    Cashing in by destroying Mother Earth is bad news. We not only live on, but need to survive on the delicate planet Human F Brains are destroying, so the Big Question.

    The Tri Laterals Ethos, with AI and .IT now able to replace Sheeple, ability to synthesise food, and alternative Energy systems coming in, why do we need 8 Billion Under educated, low IQ wasters when 500M will do the job?

    Yes, contentious, BUT Covid alone has shown clearly what it costs to feed those we don’t need.
    So, in time to come, don’t you think new Powers will determine it’s time to Cull the Swine?
    Another time, another place, what if TPTB then decide to “Adjust” the pointless among the Sub Human race?
    We clean up the planet, we clean up the Ozone. We recover the Oceans, we reduce Extinctions, we focus on Educating the Children. We remove the Cults. We reduce waste, and the Wastes of Space

    These are questions which will be revisited. Thinking outside the Box. Even Forrest Trump only got 4 years!

    Life is NOT a Chocolate Box, and the packaging is waste. Why mass pack for Wastes of Space. Just exploring the comfort zones for you.
    What IF the future species pull the Population trigger?

    We ARE going to extend lives soon for those who can pay and those who we need.
    Your 80 year olds then will see 120, and with future innovation, then 200. But who counterbalances space to be, free?
    Who gets extended and why not me?

    What do we do with the Non Enhanced? We then cares for the Sheeple Pigmies we leave behind?
    Who cares- At all?

    In 10 to 20 years it starts. You? Who will decide the herd size for the Human Zoo?
    It’s time to rethink not just Sheeple, but their purpose. Be assured, the time is coming, when Pragmatic Thinkers- Will!
    Once the time comes for the enhanced and non enhanced, which side of the line will you be on?
    Do you really think the Enhanced will perceive a need to feed the Swine? Think in that context. Thinking is the start.

    Cryptocurrencies banned in Iran after crippling power cuts

    The side effects of Cryptos. Energy competition.
    The rise of crypto laundries: how criminals cash out of bitcoin

    Are the Biden family taking notes?
    The biggest long-term threat to bitcoin and cryptocurrency
    How high will Ethereum go? ETH will be a lot higher down the road – market forecaster
    Thrill-seeking traders send ‘meme stocks’ soaring as crypto tumbles
    ‘I lost millions through cryptocurrency addiction’

    For some the downside of Crypto addiction
    Report: Bennett, Lapid reach agreement on forming coalition to oust Netanyahu | The Times of Israel
    As ever in Rodent Land the Zio Trash are finding ways to upset each other, as the scurrilous curse on humanity
    plays its usial Khazar games of supremacy. Now they steal from each other.
    6,000 years they never change. Genghis Khan and his Plains Marauding trash came in assimilated, and the human curse of Zionism was released.
    Even in Khazar land they seek to defraud and destroy each other. Human Roaches in public sight..Vermin seed.

    Exclusive: UK intelligence helping US investigate Wuhan lab leak theory

    What, the UK helping the US think outside of its box?
    THEY’RE FREAKED: Fulton County Election Officials Hire Top Georgia Defense Attorneys
    The whole world knows the Biden election was Fraud.
    When does the US Face up?

    Why the alarm, if all is well? Seems like the democrats are freaked out about something coming to light.


      1. Just a note regarding the article about the Georgia guidestones. I don’t necessarily agree with everything in it because I don’t belong or follow any sort of religious establishments.

        I’m a loner, I walk my own path.

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    1. Tony
      Interns in Politics is Pussy Farming. Every new term, new meat. Hot air and hot Interns, Testosterone factories. Lambs to the slaughter. And- you will like this Tony, they work for Free and come for experience.- Hello?
      You question Gravitas. Where else can a mediocrity as visibly Thick as Trump, arouse millions to vote for a Dope?
      Even worse the vast millions who “Allegedly” voted for Biden.
      Political Methane Tony, something in the air. Stormie reported enough on the 30 seconds mini Pecker at work by a Jerk. Clinton. JFK. Politics Tony, they herd for the word. Power and Money- Pulls!


      1. I am a bit short of experience to apply at Westminster, not to mention not having been born in England. But, perhaps I can plant a garden this summer and hope for the best.

        Besides, even if I were British and worked there, I think you and LJ have the concession on interns pretty much locked.


        1. Locked and Cocked Tony.
          But a few do slip the net. LJ, God knows why, married an absolute Beefer! Yuk territory. The pheromones must have got mixed with a farmyard mare. Folk?
          Still, it’s always an annual scandal source for the tabloids. Who is rogering who in the Zoo?
          Only Jeffrey Archer got trapped with a whore when Interns are free. DC is as bad.
          Fringe benefits. Look at what Johnson is shacked up with. High Yuk rating.
          With the hot ones, waste not, want not. Rude to refuse them don’t you think?


          1. Oh my! lol LJ is a good fellow no doubt, so I hope his union with the “opera singer” is a happy one. Indeed you dwell in a unique environment of monetary intrigue and sexual transmutation which is no doubt the norm going back centuries. I am amazed that there is time left for such after all the duties at hand. But, then again, I am sure the cloak rooms are spacious for a reason. lol.


            1. Tony
              Churchill’s Grandson is of such enormous Gut Girth, one of the poor girls who allowed a Dalliance said it was like being Fell on by a Double Sided Wardrobe with the key jutting out !
              He’s immortalised forever.


  49. Blockchain ideas, like DATA, will fill the need to make the future “stuff” work


  50. Olympics looking likely to have NO fans as Japan extends emergencies

    Devastating for Japs.
    Coins like ethereum are going to be a lot higher; Jim Bian
    Shame on Martin Bashir, but don't forget original culprit in Diana drama'

    Bashir needs a serious hiding, but Charles? He’s the cause of this.Unfit father, unfit for the role of King!
    Harry and Meghan ‘slept through calls about Philip’s death until police arrived’ – Mirror Online

    2 Bloody Ditsy whimpering Children slept through it all. Pathetic!

    Wow, who was in on this?
    Is Dr. Fauci the Mastermind Behind the Creation of SARS-CoV-2? – Part II – RedState

    Fauci will find if hes caused these problems for Russia, that Ras Putin will have his Ass on a Spike and Yes, Im serious!

    If he is, then Gates is right behind him as he did not act alone, as there are others. And it could be that this whole narrative is hitting the wall faster than people think.
    Russia has quietly stood behind the curtain, it’s said it holds the true culprit (s) as accountable for an attack on Russia and humanity. Just stop and think about this for a moment. Russia’s policy is to hold such a party (s) as accountable, as an attack is a declaration of war. Make no mistake about this.
    I have written before, that in weaponry Russia is second to no one, and quite capable of wiping an opponent into disarray quickly. No one poisons faster! Russia looks at all friends as potential enemies, given the chance, in changing times. It is not without due reason that XI Jinping sent his most trusted man to Russia. No wonder why the Biden crowd wants a meeting fast. Russia is looking at who released Covid into the wild and intends to hold the guilty party accountable. No stone will be left unturned.
    Russia will hold the guilty party to account, with no exceptions, have no illusions about what this means. War by another means be it Covid or a cyber attack is a declaration of war and Russia has declared it will hold the guilty to account, which means a response will come and it will be without notice and swift. The obvious parties are running to declare innocence and blame the other guy. You have to understand Russian mentality to know they will listen to all sides and vet every word and decide based on facts what the truth is. It will not matter what the relationship past or present is, as the attack will be responded to. Watch for warnings to Russian citizens abroad. Travel got a lot more dangerous in certain parts of the world. Look at what is escalating in Europe over the party detained in Belarus as there is much more to the story, behind the curtain.
    Buy popcorn for this to play out as Russia will act as judge and executioner. A military response is coming for the guilty. Will Fauci die for this? Gates?

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    1. ” You have to understand Russian mentality to know they will listen to all sides and vet every word and decide based on facts what the truth is.”… would be nice if that was the normal!


  51. Markets are erratic as Bitcoin crashes today. nose diving.
    Allow for a roller coaster ride. Projections indicate it could fall well below $30K but then bounce back again.
    But is the real value now in Bitcoins anyway at this stage? Short term what may do better?
    Time to juggle.
    No problem having 8 balls in the air, UNTIL you spot 2 are YOURS? Jesus!



    ” Then the Loudoun NAACP leveraged the Equity Collaborative assessment to trigger an AG investigation and settlement to require critical race theory in Loudoun County Public Schools. All because two teachers used an exercise invented and used by anti-racist and equity coaches across the country. What an absolute scam.”



    “The date May 8th, 2021 was 31.4 years from the turn in the Economic Confidence Model 1989.95 which marked the collapse of Communism. This date to me marks something far more profound than just a turn in markets. It represents a similar collapse in Socialism. I know people say I am wrong and it is Capitalism that is collapsing. They are confusing Capitalism with Corruption. The collapse in Socialism is the fact that these people have been borrowing year after year with NO INTENTION of ever repaying the national debt.

    They have engaged in a child’s game of musical chairs. The bond traders buy and sell just punting. Now that Europe moved to negative rates in 2014. they are trapped and cannot raise rates but at the same time, they have destroyed their bond market. This is the collapse of Socialism for all they can do now is claim COVID to justify just expanding the money supply to cover their promises and at the same time, this is when they move into high-gear to try to seize assets and taxes. You have Biden pushing a global minimum corporate tax of 15%.
    The fact that the MAJORITY of people have rejected the vaccine despite call all of us conspiracy theorists and Nazi-like Alt-Right, perhaps the silver lining here is that those getting the vaccines if there are any serious long-term side-effects, they will be culling their own herd who believes that the government, like a prostitute, really loves them.”


  54. Bitcoin price – live: Ethereum up $1,000 amid ‘highly positive’ outlook for crypto

    No says Switzerland your EU illegals and Wogs can not have free access here. We allowed Muslims on before and they F the country. Now we vet before or show them the door.
    NatWest launches ‘urgent’ cryptocurrency scam alert – BBC News
    Forget Bitcoin and Ethereum: 10 Best Cryptocurrencies Redditors are Buying
    Binance Coin Prediction: Another 26% Rally is Likely
    First results from UK tokamak offers a STEP towards commercial fusion – Physics World
    Prince Harry speaks about how he dealt with Meghan feeling suicidal into=native_share_article-top

    What a pathetic attention seeking petulant child. He needs a serious kick In the arse and Markel needs Bitch Slapping. A whining Brat Pack.



    In the same vein of rules changes and to recapitulate our premise, it appears that right from the very beginning of his first term in early 2009, Obama leveraged a biosecurity executive order inherited from an outgoing Bush (11 days before Obama’s inauguration) to make substantial rules changes in biosecurity writ large. Those changes eventually permitted the off-shoring of gain of function research relative to the SARS-CoV-2 virus to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China. It appears Obama then leveraged an apparent manufactured biosecurity crisis created by a DHS memo issued by Lisa Monaco in 2014 that cited three unrelated incidents as justification for issuing a national “security stand down” at U.S. biocontainment facilities, which created the entities and processes to make the rules changes. The Monaco memo coincides with internal U.S. whistleblowers who, on the same 2014 timeline, shined the light on U.S. gain of function research causing Obama’s administration to halt it and then, in 2015, off-shore it to China and fund it with Fauci’s NIH, et al.


  56. Gobble…gobble…gobble…

    In the end, it’s technological development, and not politics, which gives us all the higher standard of living we all desire.

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  57. Good info in this video.

    Side note: Has anyone received an invite from uphold to pilot the XRP MasterCard? In order to participate, you have to sign up for Global ID. Im hesitant to sign up because they want so much personal information.

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  58. Period poverty seriously? Why not get rid of the Jones act which hikes the price of everything there by 30 percent more then the mainland.

    Is that the best these idiots can do? The liberals have ruined Hawaii and California. My two use to be favorite places.

    I can’t imagine what the price of ribeye steaks are there now. I noticed a steep increase in meat prices where I live in Arizona.

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  59. Forget all the GCR and RV plus Currency Wannabe fantasies right now.

    We KEEP telling you all that demonetised CRAP has no backing, nor will such mindless amounts happen. How? With what, Who will bail it?

    Every month more Pumpers or Gurus keep promising you it’s here, how many years?
    The same vacuous promises – hang in and get rich quick. It fails every, time and has now again. All were again promised for May 20th Hello?

    For those who followed our suggestions to dump half or all, and switch to Cryptos, you have recovered all and profited.

    For the desperate who chose not to listen, can we sell you London Bridge, going Cheap? Or Florida swamp land.? Why let a good Sucker pass by unpunished?

    All the US remaining money available is here. Spent! Spent up!

    For the realists, many of you will find, if you recall your notes, excuse will follow excuse because they may NOT be there. Fed hands may be coming on collars.

    Should you getting out before the whole Ponzi scam collapses? Which Suckers will be holding the parcel? Boom!
    Can you even get your notes back, are they even there?

    Even $500 Bucks back now can turn into $5K or more in Cryptos. Or dust in broken dreams. How many don’t question, when is the time to cut your losses? Where is money coming from?

    If the run starts to get out, and your left sucking tail pipes,.what then? When are enough failure excuses enough? Is it more Broker Shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You decide, its your backside! How smart are you?

    Just a heads up, time to walk? Or miss the Crypto boom? How smart are you? Or not? See what happens if you recall your notes. Or go down if it implodes. Sensible heads?

    President Biden will propose massive $6 trillion spending plan
    The UK is being screwed by faliing EU Eurocrats who cant pay what is owed to the UK now????????????
    Buying into the bitcoin fantasy will cost us dear

    One line of thought.
    New cryptocurrency Chia blamed for hard drive shortage
    Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers land in Syria for first time as country’s air force begins training over Mediterranean Sea — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

    Please know that Russia slso has high speed atomic torpedos that can wipe out a coastine. All Naval bases and cities will be gone. But also the new Bombers.

    This is noteworthy. These are powerful state of the art, long range bombers with hypersonic nuclear missile capabilities.
    Today, Putin announced that 70% of all districts have the S400 missile systems fully deployed with the S500 in serial production. He also stated that 85% of all senior active personnel have seen combat experience in Syria. Russia made it a point to use Syria to acquire live field experience. This should not be taken lightly as it means live combat situations have been put to the test and refined. Further, robots tested in live field conditions are in serial production. There are wicked killing machines that communicate at a platoon level with soldiers in the field.
    Whatever comes in the future, know that Russia has been actively preparing for war. War with who and where, only time will show. And we can be certain they will not flinch to inflict punishment as they vividly remember their sacrifices in WWII. Russia will bring for the fights to come. Hit big, hit hard.
    Meanwhile should the meeting actually take place mid June in Geneva between Biden and Putin, I suspect it will be the visible end of the Open Skies agreement since America has already pulled out, with relationships finding a new low. Russia is not going to accept a Biden Socialist Agenda nor entertain any unilateral actions. Russia does not even acknowledge Biden as the legitimate President elected by the people, and will likely treat him accordingly. You should not expect much, even though the media will try to make a big noise.
    Meanwhile rumor is that by this meeting date, sea trials of the Russian Doomsday nuclear torpedo capable of wiping out a vast coastline will be completed. They are dead serious about defensive response that kills.
    Utterly dreadful and we keep letting them in????????????

    Woman is gang-raped during wedding at her home in India
    WAYNE ROOT: If You Believe 60 Judges Turned Down “Stolen Election,” You’re Either an Idiot, or In On the Fix

    America is finally waking up. You reckon? Walmart cannon fodder vote!

    Watch until the end. Love the aussies.

    Wake the Hell Up this is coming right at YOU All!

    Liked by 1 person

  60. This is a powerful article… so many need to be held accountable!

    ” Because of ivermectin, Capuzzo says, there are “hundreds of thousands, actually millions, of people around the world, from Uttar Pradesh in India to Peru to Brazil, who are living and not dying.” Yet media outlets have done all they can to “debunk” the notion that ivermectin may serve as an effective, easily accessible and affordable treatment for Covid-19. They have parroted the arguments laid out by health regulators around the world that there just isn’t enough evidence to justify its use.”

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  61. Dominic Cummings’ biggest bombshells: 20 most damning allegations

    You wonder why I am Apolitical?
    These Tossers are not fit for office. On either side of the pond. At least every 20 years we cull the hell out of ours.
    This crap lot kill by stupidity.
    DC kills for profit.
    AI will overtake the lot.

    At last, why has the obvious taken so long. Taking Fauci for Gitmo waterboarding will get answers fast. Wash his mouth out?
    Tea for two! President Biden will meet the Queen in June during his G7 trip to the UK

    The White House is finalizing plans for President Joe Biden to meet with Queen Elizabeth II during his trip next month to the United Kingdom, his first trip abroad as president.

    The low lifes she has to accommodate, from a Chicago lying Kenyan Usurper, to a Fake vote rigged geriatric who can’t even climb the steps of AF One. How the hell does DC parade that as the face of the nation? The EU will ridicule him. The Orange man was fool enough. Now you send that? America has the PR image of Walmart. Does no one screen these Dopes?
    China reveals god of war;, a stealth bomber that can reach US islands
    John McAfee faces dying in prison for the same thing Elon Musk does on Twitter, says his wife – CityAM
    Stampede for digital currency poses a threat to our banking system


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