The Legitimate Dynastic Elders And Goals of Their Releases  

This is a complex, multifaceted, multi-nation, multi-Banking, and Global Power Control Dichotomy. All have their Say and want to be in the final Game play. 

We now have Rockefellers, the Crown via the Committee of 300, and the Elders in full play. Representatives are there right now, as parties try to reach a consensus with so many self seeking special interests. One which will cater for the ever changing new Global Dynamics. With the emergence of Cryptos, Blockchain, the growing Global preference for Euros over USD, and incoming QFS, the Zionist Old Guard is seeking to hook their Claws onto something, or all will be swept away. Their problem in the new world incoming, is there is no real role for them to play or dominate. Nor a need. Parasites are trying as ever to burrow into a new Host! “Hit the Rocks, Fella”, is not what they had in mind. It’s Culture Shocking them. 

QFS can negate their entire control base, as so many accounts would fail the History of Funds Diligence Checks. How was it earned or sourced? Apply this and entire groups of cross corruption will be exposed. They seek control. We are denying it. 

“…We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits…”  

Senior GS Trustee

Tough London Ethical Controls. No “Camels” in the tent. Trust! Zio Free!

The U.S. simply is insolvent, and in desperate need of an asset base to underpin its Fake Fed Base, the insolvent U.S. Zio Banks are sucked dry to cover over the cracks in the U.S. Treasury Balance Sheets to continue the Myth of Fiscal probity. We know this! 

More meetings are set for next week hoping to clear issues to be finally signed off soon by all parties. Presidents are waiting. There is a lot we can’t and won’t say in Public. Nor will we show our hand yet. Almost all the Tier One and Tier Two MTN Bank Program Profits (Vast!!!) are skimmed off into their Offshore Accounts daily, evading Taxes and denying nations’ wealth creation needs. This goes to fund an insatiable CRIMINAL Military Industrial Cabal and a vast plethora of Special Interests’ Mercenary Contractor Killers costing between $3K to $5K per man day operating beyond the rule of law, in ruthless Wars created for profits. A Million poor Iraqis died for this. How many poor Syrians have died for this?

Be clear – the ONLY reason the U.S. is in Syria is to steal its oil, and to steal its land. Look at the disgrace and suffering of Palestine. Trump, acting under orders from his Zionist Paymasters, unlawfully gifted Syria’s Golan Heights to the Kushner Crime Family and other Zionists, Cheney and Mossad’s Nutter Yahoo. Hegemony for Money!  There is no Moral Imperative or Honor in using the U.S. Military as body bags for Israeli and vast Zionists’ profits. Mongrel Dogs rented for profit. 

We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits. They want amnesties? We want the vast Profits accrued daily to service Human and Ecological needs, not their greed. Putting back. Establishing a Moral Imperative.   

Wait until you see our terms. We will show our real plans only after we first get real control. We are thinking a Century forwards. Inclusive regeneration. Our objectives are going to recycle back Project Profits created by the People, into new Wealth Creating Projects and Token/Cryptos where the profits of good projects are then reinvested back into you, the people, and you all become real stakeholders in a United New Wealth Version Self Generating funds for all nations. Educating nations by Professionals, not Churches and Cults skimming off fees. No 7th Century ignorant Despots loose and demanding. Ethereal values from birth. Quality education for all children to have equal chances. Nurturing values from birth. Educating. Not allowing ever continuing indoctrination from these Mongrels and their Blood Cult Child sexual mutilations. We have to turn the tide over a century.  

Only 40% of all Taxes syphoned off from you actually goes back to fund needs for you. 60% is recklessly wasted on Admin and Bureaucratic Suits. Why? Because it’s “Their” pernicious Law? Not to serve you, but to help themselves. We will be looking to fund Humanity directly to the point of need, and to cut out their waste. Why do we need “Governments”? Incompetent, inept and crooked. Without these mediocrities over 150% more investment can go back to meet needs, without the Half Wits, Clinton sleaze, Nancys and Scammers syphoning from the pot.

What you the people create, we want to put back without Roaches on your back. Rethinking Community Development, its purpose, protective needs and how to secure Communities by the self created Community Pride of We The People protecting its own Community with pride. Where every Person’s Home is YOUR own Sovereign Domain. Your Right to be Free of persecution! To exist safely. To know, that as long as you have Humane values, we will protect your very right to exist.

Those are the objectives of the Elders and London Trusts. To make a Difference! To serve Humanity, not to help themselves.

So much is active on your watch. Vision is alive! These funds need to be used for a good purpose as endowed. To sow the green shoots of hope for Mankind to be Kind. Leaders fit to serve. Service to others is a Privilege, not a Right.

Right…is putting back.


  1. If the audited states start to de-certify the win for Biden, and declare Trump the winner, will the Senate act to install Trump? Or will Bolsheviks like this disgusting shit-bird start another phony witch hunt to keep Biden in play?

    Are we heading towards a rapid-fire re-shuffling?

    A blockchain voting system would forever prevent this paper counting circus from happening again.

    I would ask, “Hey Siri, why is every country the IMF tries to help, so fucked up?”

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  2. A key point. Consolidation of prices along a rage for an extended period of time is usually what precedes a significant, supportable price rise. We saw this from 2018 to 2020. This allowed a price stability from 30-40K at the moment, up from the lows of 2017-2018. Whales are accumulating, and the metrics currently show this.

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  3. People always wonder why we go to such expense to go back to the moon.

    While I am not an expert in space travel or Moon geology, I do believe the discover of frozen water ice at the poles, as well as Helium3, has a lot to do with it. With both elements in abundant supply, the establishment of a permanent colony/base there is going to be key for getting people to focus on making our civilization a true cosmopolitan one, developing skills to live and exist on a broader plane; not focusing on Bolshevik poison from a minority cultish clique who consider us all a herd of animals for their consumption.



    Big News potentially for all Americans. What is truth in this America?

    A constitutional crisis in the making. This is for all our Allies and Readers. It’s for Justice. It’s not ours, but the choices of the American people, who they chose to lead as a Democracy,

    But not to have votes stolen and rigged.

    Thinking people worldwide do not believe Biden won this election. It stinks.

    Please, all forward this to Kayleigh McEnany. She’s a so professional and a great US Patriot. Let’s help her get it all out there. Truth is all we ask. Your vote is all you have left for integrity. We all have to stand for something.
    Who will stand over this?

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    1. Sadly correct Jim.
      But, how the Hell do you expect to fill all those fat Guts, Welfare Wasters, illegals, and pointless Federal Suits choking America.
      Who the Hell keeps funding this bottomless War and Agency machine? Why FFS? To gain what?
      This was never conceived by the Founders.
      Why are you swearing Oaths of Allegiance to that murderous Pariah abomination Israe Hell? You are not Khazars and they are not Jews. Why do you have over 990 Global bases plus Illegal Rendition Centres?
      Who cleans up the Beltway of such obnoxious corruption?
      When will you boot the Zios out of the Fed and Treasury?


  5. Covid vaccines rollout steams ahead but curbs could stay

    Up to their bloody games again
    Tinder sex cult killer, 54, is sentenced to death for murdering woman

    WTF is it with Yanks? If it’s not Trailer Trash like Clinton or Freaks like Epstein and Weinstein, or raping forced sex trafficked little girls in Vietnam, it’s deranged public massacres or Cult nutters. Is there a nation anywhere as seriously F up as this?

    Sure, until your electric car won’t start in freezing weather, or the damn thing Zaps out on you at 2 in the morning, miles from anywhere and freezing cold. Good luck with that but I promise you. If her Indoors is with you a lot of whining heat is coming free, but if her indoors is waiting at home some hot Chiquita is in the car , don’t call home to be rescued.
    The results will be electrifying for sure.
    I talk to breakdown services and Electric cars are a swine when breaking down and can be as tricky to diagnose.
    This could be a tricky transition period and in a few years replacing a battery’s may cost more than the cars then residual value. Technology has some way to go.

    No question about that we all do.

    Beyond sad Thomas.
    She’s a self serving, callous little Bitch . Her Mother bolted leaving you to fund bring her up now she’s Queen Bee, 2 Bolter’s together. Gratitude heh?
    Harry is a disrespectful little Shit. !
    Don’t grovel Thomas it won’t work. 2 Users! Selfish little Shits.His father is the same.
    A Real Media would be impaling the bastards for this Thomas. Justice heh?
    The next world will re unite you and Justice will flow. Karma catches up Thomas. Both these shits will face the music at some stage.
    Be assured we will ram it up the Ginger Tosser here. He’s blown it here.


  6. Someone in NY actually did not have their Bolshevik head up their Leninist ass.

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    A memo of key takeaways by the Republican members of the House Judiciary committee argued that the McGahn interview was a waste of time and money in the hopes of finding something that the special counsel’s extensive investigation did not. The memo pointed out that the investigation took two years, cost more than $30 million in taxpayer dollars, had a team of 40 FBI agents, interviewed 500 witnesses, issued 2,800 subpoenas, and executed more than 500 search warrants.


  8. Awesome!…

    ” My daughter’s prom was cancelled “because of Covid”, but me and a couple friends decided that we weren’t going to let Fauci & Biden take one more thing from our kids. So we organized our own
    Prom – “Footloose-style” – at another friend’s barn. Here’s what it looks like when parents start taking things into their own hands. No one will love or care about our kids as much as we do – so let’s keep fighting for them and our rights to just be Americans, live, breath freely, and have fun!”

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    “All that is to say that over the last 20 years this complex has been feeding and feeding and getting bigger and bigger,” said Bedford. “And who’s been standing in the way of it? You have a lot of leaders of the GOP as well as a lot of the leaders of the Democratic Party that are entirely in favor of this. The fear gets them votes. The fear makes people money.”

    “It means power here in Washington, D.C. So you look at what’s the difference between January 6 and the riots — the hundreds of riots we saw that actually killed dozens of people across this country — is that January 6 is a useful tool for that fear and that power. So, he’s going to make a lot of money on that,” the senior editor continued.



    The professor previously told Newsweek that COVID-19 lockdowns are “the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years,” adding that “We will be counting the catastrophic health and psychological harms, imposed on nearly every poor person on the face of the earth, for a generation.”

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    After receiving no answer to address his concerns, Wood addressed a formal complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). On May 11th, he received an answer that read: “At this time OSHA has no standards or jurisdiction when it comes to COVID-19 concerns or complaints. We have been told to give all complainants these 3 numbers to contact if you so choose:”, listing the New York State Governor’s office, the New York State COVID-19 hotline, and the New York State Department of Labor COVID violation hotline. Wood was subsequently fired from his position at Kinney Drugs.


  12. British Carrier Strike Group arriving in Korea in August

    The South Korean President is here in the UK right now.

    He’s also been invited to the G7. Does China mess with the Brits fleet once it leaves South Korea, knowing then that Beijing, and all major Chinese Cities and bases will have been Shanghaied off the planet in one hour if so?

    Chinas nightmare, British nukes and subs. Plus our Asian Bombers and missiles.

    Coincidence? Really?

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  13. I pre warned you this would happen. The guy is so Senile he’s a laughing stock here. WFT is wrong with you sending a Lunatics like this overseas? He’s taking you down worldwide. He’s a F Dimwit flying a lunatic flag for you.
    Then look at his criminal son. .

    Hilarious and sad that he is even there / so many good people in America.
    COLLATERAL DAMAGE: New Study CONFIRMS Trump Was Right – And Fauci, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, etc. Lied About HCQ and AZM to Damage Trump and MURDERED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in Process

    Will Fauci take down Biden with his lies?
    How can Americans have any faith in a administration that supports and condones Fauci ?
    And perhaps the best question is how can anyone believe the Covid narrative based on such lies and the jabs that go with it ?
    Line of galaxies is so big it breaks our understanding of the universe

    Like an LA wives Alimony chain.
    Joe Biden should keep his sneering anti-British, anti-Brexit views to himself

    What your not seeing it is not going well for him.
    Joe Biden REVERSES Trump’s executive orders targeting Chinese-owned TikTok, WeChat — RT USA News
    The trouble with a Bribe taking Scumbag, and a Coke sniffing, child molesting, bribe taking Son, is who now protects Americas interests?
    He sold out Falcone.

    What did you expect? They did not pay Hunter for nothing.

    Billionaire banker Ken Moelis compares bitcoin to the 1848 Gold Rush

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  14. Collateral Damage.

    How do we reign in a reckless America over false Covid reporting , Drugs controls and were YOU the Lab funding cause of Covid which has crippled the world now?
    Has American Lab money caused this?


    1. Yes. Fauci funded gain-of-function research, illegally and treasonously, since he didn’t inform that Administration that he unilaterally made the decision in conflict of interest with his wife, and sought the new chimeric virus.

      The chimeric virus was created by the literally and figuratively batshit crazy Wuhan scientist Shi Zhengli.

      We know that Wuhan lab personnel where hospitalized in October with COVID symptoms, and being that there is no goddam way precautions were taken, that is when the pandemic started. Even the timing is right for 2nd and 3rd generation infections to start in the Wuhan hospitals.

      China lied about the first death wave. I believe they lost in the millions. Otherwise there is no explanation for the millions of post-Wuhan spike cellphones that went silent….

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      1. Thank you Tino I’m raising American awareness and sticking it to Fauci. .
        Plus our people here will be flagging John is sticking it to Fauci again.


  15. Gas-lighting in real-time the medical profession.


    And this
    Deaths in India Hit 6,000 in a Day
    The Delta variant was first detected in India in December 2020 and has now spread to 60 nations, the CDC says. The World Health Organization has designated it the fourth global variant of concern, along with the ones first identified in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil.

    In India, the variant is thought to be behind a second deadly surge of infections.

    The COVID-19 death toll in India was more than 6,000 on Thursday, a world record daily high, CNBC reports.



    1. Remember, the issue isn’t New Dehli numbers vs India-at-large.

      The issue is that the COVID surge has been crushed in New Dehli, so why is NOT crushed elsewhere. What’s the agendacy?

      So reporting 6,000 dead in a 1.366 billion population, don’t you think we need the adjusted rates per 100,000 and the geographic locale of said surge — and why ivermectin isn’t being used to crush it to the ground?


      1. I have a senior, long term sound relationship, with a high level Indian Medical Doctor who assures me he sees none of this, and is scathing about the Press and Fake claims, As regards bodies in the Rivers, this is normal for the Peasants, Pissants . Forever reckless breeding and forever broke. Fake causes, and with a surging B plus, plus population, who cares? No one can keep them! Too bloody many. Ask the Tri Laterals!


        1. A long time friend who works in a local hair salon has an Indian couple who are close friends… I went in today… my friend told me the couple speaks with relatives in India daily… they say the deaths shown on TV are the older and peasants, as you say John… they are not Covid deaths… confirms exactly what you just posted John… our media needs jail… I know its the owners, but how do the people sitting in the chairs in front of a TV camera live with themselves?… they know they are feeding an agenda!

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  16. “Focusing on the vaccine safety concerns, let’s call into question the true effectiveness of the vaccines and the reported estimates of effect. In the Phase I/II trial analyses, the efficiency of the mRNA vaccines were reported as 95%. (At the time I said ‘b**lsh*t’) The implications were derived from a Relative Risk Reduction (RRR). If the real numbers are used to determine the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR), then the results are a paltry 0.8%. Had the ARR been published, then a different picture would have emerged as to the effectiveness, and why one would accept a vaccine with such low indications of benefit, and while we are now learning, the potential harms? ”

    Is this not deception???

    (Thanks to Dr. K for sending me this note)


  17. Let’s dump Elite-a-Beth Warren into it.

    …checking the prices of water front property in El Salvador.

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    1. The town I live in is “red” country. Everyone is armed.

      BLM tried to come up to our little town to create havoc. (Was still in Hawaii and at that time) Armed patriots guarded the roadways and would not allow those punks in or anyone who did not live here. I feel like I live in paradise.

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  18. The Five Doctors are: Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madje, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Larry Palevsky. We have taken a stand together to educate and clarify the ongoing issues of this Plandemic, the fight for your lives, your mind, and your very soul.

    In this episode of The Five Doctors Speak Out:

    Dr. Lee – gives a big picture overview on why we don’t have clear answers.

    Dr. Christiane – talks can you tell us a little bit about why people are using white pine needle tea, anise, fennel, and citrus rinds as a source of schikimic acid, a pathway responsible for the production of vitamins and certain amino acids.

    Dr. Carrie – explains what she is personally doing to avoid EMFS and to detox her system.

    Dr. Sherri – tells why children and teens absolutely should NOT receive this injection and the approaches she personally is using to safeguard her health

    Dr. Larry – takes the discussion home with how we can move forward through these tumultuous times.

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    1. Very nice. Even if it were to turn out that their worse case scenarios don’t play out, this is how the mainline docs were supposed to think. The problem is that MD’s are no longer independent. There is nothing worse than conversion of independent doctors to employees. Note the lockstep disasters at national scale this has caused. “CDC guidance — which isn’t — and should be fired for incompetence and tried for Crimes Against Humanity” in the US and NHS Chiefs that ban HCQ should be fired — and tried for involuntary manslaughter in the UK.

      Centralized authority needs to go by the wayside. We need a new, decentralized, humanistic approach. The “greater good” needs to take not only a backseat but a major you-know-what up the backside.

      Note the WHO vaccine chief, an Indian, got served with major papers relative to her India vaccine approach. It’s a step in the right direction. Ivermectin and fluvoxamine for the win!


  19. Force them to use ivermectin if you have to. Incidentally, since doctors here are somewhat not prescribing ivermectin as liberally as they should, folks are voting for using over the counter horse ivermectin gel or paste.

    It has worked really well. Endless reports, mostly positive, with 1 over-dose.

    Ivermectin, and now, fluvoxamine — for the win. Any country not stampeding to its use has agendacy in play and malfeasants in its bureaucracy and regulatory.

    In front of ivermectin, at $9 for a full course, examine the transaction cost of vaccine passports vs simply giving any suspect human off a plane a couple doses of ivermectin/zinc/azithromycin?

    Remember, India, with its fraudulent Delta variant (it’s just nCov2019 kids) , 97% crash in cases and deaths…


    1. Thank you for you comment here Tino. I use the horse wormer ivermectin. It is easy to use and you just measure it out according to your body weight. At first I got it for $6.00. Then that store ran out and when they got it back in, it went up to 11.00. So I went to a farm store in another town and am paying 6.00 again for it. One tube measures out to a bit over 3 weeks for me and the expiration date is out to a year. So I am buying a bunch and storing it and waiting until the new supply comes in with a farther out expiration date. I am grateful for the “ok” to use this product from a Doctor’s point of view.


      1. As long as it is the pure stuff and you measure out the proper dosage, all will probably be well.

        It’s just obscene that the medical profession has been cowed out of fear.

        By making employees of once highly independent professionals, there is litter resistance to authority, no matter how idiotic said authority is.

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  20. “To examine the emergence potential (that is, the potential to infect humans) of circulating bat
    CoVs, we built a chimeric virus encoding a novel, zoonotic CoV spike protein”

    – Shi Zhengli
    [12:58 PM]
    Translation: We made one that can directly infect humans


  21. Hat tip to this Good Guy for all the questions and his ground-breaking identification of fluvoxamine, which like ivermectin is an absolute nCov2019 stopper, bio below. (Who says I don’t recognize any other opinion than my own?):

    Steve Kirsch is a high-tech serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He has been a medical philanthropist for more than 20 years. When the pandemic started, he left his day job at M10 and started the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) which funds researchers from all over the world running outpatient clinical trials on repurposed drugs. CETF funded David Boulware’s trials on hydroxychloroquine and the Phase 2 and Phase 3 fluvoxamine trials, among many other research projects. He was recently featured on 60 Minutes which highlighted his work with fluvoxamine. He has no conflicts of interest; his objective is to help save lives. In 2003, Hillary Clinton presented him with a National Caring Award. He wrote this article to share some of what he has learned over the past year about the failure of evidence-based medicine during a pandemic in the hopes that people will realize their mistakes and change their views.

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  22. Airlines could weighing passengers under new FAA rule

    About time 300lb to 500lb Methane Pigs need to pay their way. In fact, with health risks why fly them all? Or fly them in Cargo with animals. If they croak they croak we dont divert a plane for them
    No slob should be allowed to fly economy with their flubber taking up 3 seats with overlaps.
    Business is bad enough with any flubberguts overlapping, but in First at least we can get them deplaned.
    Or have a limit of 300lbs and No Flying Pigs on board signs.
    Yes to Airlines double or triple charge them. A Flying Pigs Tax!
    Why so many sites were down

    Is China kidnapping students to fill its Armies? Butl, Xi has already warned a Nuclear War is coming.

    I bet the CCP did not want this out there … across most universities in China yesterday…
    What do you expect from commies ? The world is a mess and bristling with vicious new weapons filed testing in Syria and elsewhere ready to use.

    [video src="" /]
    The 10 Most Invested Cryptocurrencies in the Wo
    Bitcoin prices could drop toward $20,000 as experts predict more pain ahead
    Thomas Markle begs Meghan Markle for forgiveness in new interview | Daily Mail Online

    Poor, poor Thomas. Expect no mercy begging from those rwo scurrilousl self seeking media creeps.
    Shallow posers are no role models. Harry has blown it n tbe UK Megan next when LAC tires of her.
    Public opinion will swing to you Thomas give it time. Its only time before attention seeking Harry and his Bolter, get called out for it on a talk show.
    Take no knee , take the High Ground. Thomas. What comes around goes around.
    Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body

    Last week, COVID vaccine injury victim, Brittany Galvin appeared on the Stew Peters show and her neurologist confirmed that her injection with the Moderna “vaccine” is the cause of her affliction with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare autoimmune condition that affects the peripheral nervous system, resulting in a rapid-onset muscle weakness, paralysis and death.

    Even the weather is pissed off with Biden in town.
    Joe Biden backs down: White House desperately rows back from claims president rebuked Boris Johnson for ‘inflaming tensions’ in Northern Ireland through ‘sausage war’ spat with EU – as furious Brexiteers brand US leader ‘senile’

    Brexiteer Tories branded the 78-year-old Democrat ‘senile’ after he failed to side with the UK in its ‘sausage war’ bust-up with the EU.

    I warned you the EU and UK would laugh at this Senile idiot to his face, and ridicule him. They will shame his limp brain. Why do you send this Mutt out?

    The big question for all Americas is Why?

    From all this panic BS where are the deaths?
    Trillions wasted by needless, WRONG fear!


  23. Questions for Tony Fauci by TrialSite (with some edits by me)

    Why was Jeremy Farrar involved in the coverup as to the source of the virus?

    How come Kristian Andersen deleted all those tweets. Do you think he’s trying to hide something?

    What is in the redacted part of the FOIA request? It seems it was redacted improperly. So can you just let us know what it said?

    Did you honestly think you would get away with the cover up?

    How stupid do you think people in Congress really are? They seem to be pretty brain dead to have not figured this out by now. How long do you think they will continue to be fooled?

    Have you ever heard of the precautionary principle? You seem to be using it for mask wearing, but not for repurposed drugs? Why the double standard.

    Knowing what you know now about the free S1, why the heck aren’t you calling for the stoppage of the vaccine so that the defect can be fixed before we kill more people? You do understand this stuff, right?

    Do you know how many people have been severely disabled by this vaccine? How do you know the exact number? Would it surprise you it is 3%? Tino: Covid morbidity is far less

    When Fluvoxamine was confirmed in a second trial, with 100% effect size, and a p-value of 1e-14, which is 10 orders of magnitude more than the vaccine, why weren’t you jumping on a plane to confirm or invalidate the result. This could have saved millions of lives.

    If fluvoxamine doesn’t work, how can you explain the 1e-14 p-value for the symptom data on the 77 treated vs. 48 untreated in the Seftel study?

    How come in the NIH Guidelines you never have a calculation of the cost you are wrong? Do human lives not matter to you? Is it all about being right?

    How long do you really think you’ll last before they fire you?

    Dude, the furin cleavage site is the “smoking gun” fingerprints showing the virus came from the Wuhan Lab. Why shouldn’t we fire your ass for absolute incompetence for not seeing the connection? You were funding (without proper authorization) the research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab which used the very unusual furin cleavage site. Covid breaks out and it’s an exact match to the research you funded. And then you tell the American public that it was a natural occurrence? What the hell what were you thinking?!?!

    How come you didn’t make a stink that the WHO committee never looked into the man-made origin theory? Surely you knew the cleavage site means it is 99.99999% certain it is man-made. Not considering that is beyond incompetent. Why didn’t you call them out on this? Asleep at the wheel?

    Are you ever going to be honest with the American people and take the blame for creating this virus in the first place? Tino: Yes, you’ll hang for it and rightfully so.

    Early treatment is the fast, safest, cheapest way to end the pandemic. You knew that. You also knew that viruses are always best treated early. Why didn’t you fund clinical trials of any the most promising outpatient drugs? has a handy list. Is NIAID that inept? Did you fund studies of ANY of the drugs on that list? — TIno: You didn’t did you because a positive trial meant an EUA vaccine could not be authorized. Malfeasance in office.

    What was the reason PEG was included in the mRNA vaccines? Surely you knew that was a mistake, right? Vaccines are only supposed to have the stuff that is absolutely required… you have to justify everything. How was this justified? Did you forget that vaccines are supposed to be localized to the injection site? Tino: PEG is hyper-allergenic in many humans — is ubiquitous in hospital.

    Do you think you should face criminal charges? (Tino:Yes, you should hang for Treason in the US and Crimes Against Humanity at Nuremburg 2.0)

    How does it feel to have created the world’s first man-made pandemic?

    You know that they’ll eventually out you… it’s just a matter of time. Will you fess up? Or continue to act clueless?

    Who would you like to share your jail cell with?

    When Cliff Lane told you that fluvoxamine and ivermectin were confirmed in a Phase 3 trial, what did you instruct him to do? (How about a FOIA on that?)

    Are you EVER going to talk about fluvoxamine and ivermectin? You must know they both work. Don’t you give a shit about loss of life?

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  24. CDC
    Exactly how many people have been killed by the vaccine so far?

    How many people do we have to kill before you call it? Seems like we are way over the limit.

    Why aren’t you telling anyone how many people have been killed by the vaccine?

    Can I see an analysis of the death reports done so far showing how you could possibly rule out the vaccine as the cause of death?

    If it wasn’t the vaccine that killed all these people, what was it? Just a sudden change in the death rate by 25X that just happened to coincide with the start of vaccinations?

    Aren’t you violating federal law by failing to inform patients of all the risks? (YES)

    How can you legally obtain informed consent of a minor without their parent’s permission? (YES, PARENTAL CONSENT IS THE LAW)

    Were you aware of the paper showing an 82% miscarriage rate in pregnant women who get vaccinated? Would it matter at all?

    Since you are obligated by law to inform patients of potential risk, why aren’t you warning women that the ovaries are one of the main organs targeted by the defective vaccine and they could be at risk in the future for birth defects?

    Most people who get the vaccine think it stays in your shoulder. This is not the case here. This is not the case and never was. Why do you support the misinformation?

    Shouldn’t people be informed that the mRNA vaccine instructs cells in your heart, lungs, brain, and ovaries to make a toxic spike protein?

    The spike protein was never supposed to be free in the bloodstream and cross over the blood brain barrier into the brain. Shouldn’t people be informed of that?

    Why aren’t you informing people of all the significant adverse events that have been reported? I’ve heard that the range of side effects “off the charts.”

    Shouldn’t you be telling people “The adverse events reported for these vaccines are more than the last 30 years of all 70 vaccines combined?”

    Shouldn’t you be letting teenage boys know that there is a 25x higher chance of myocarditis and pericarditis associated with the jab which can lead to heart failure and death?

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        1. Extraordinary. [Shakes head in bewilderment]

          Obviously they wanted an independent means of verifying vaccination, via magnetism, and via fluorescence, via luciferase.



    The Wall Street Journal reports that, during the pandemic, freshly printed money from the Federal Reserve and U.S. government, in the billions of dollars, was lent or given to big businesses. But much of that money went unspent, and so it’s still sitting in bank accounts, earning interest. The banks aren’t too happy about that. They say spend it or move it.


  26. It’s always the same characters that do not like Bitcoin. I wasn’t aware Elizabeth Warren is a crypto expert now. It was hard to stomach listening to that woman but I did. She’s just a puppet playing her part to help usher in the new system.

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  27. Courtesy of a friend with my edits:

    Important, if a bit dense medically, article:
    nCov2019 Spike Protein potential unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen

    “Science has found that the spike protein itself, when it gets into the bloodstream, causes the damage to the cardiovascular system almost entirely on its own. In fact, when the purified spike protein is injected into the blood of experimental animals, they get all kinds of damage to the cardiovascular system and it can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause damage in the brain”.

    The incoming data is showing us the unanticipated disastrous side effects of the vaccine itself.

    Tino: As I mentioned previously, targeting the spike protein is an unforgiveable error in the vaccine. It is the nucleotide sequence that provides the permanent human natural immunity, and should have been the proper vaccine target for emulation.


  28. Now that’s a valid “white supremacist”. Dream on, jagoff.

    How incredible that a third-world country takes such a forward-thinking step, and the so-called “developed countries” jump against such when their central banking Bolshevik minority weevil infested cliques tell them to.

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    1. Hahahaha! Another keyboard ruined by Wild Cherry diet Pepsi… As if folks wouldn’t stampede right to the hoods with the greatest concentration of 2nd Am citizens… hahahaha….


  29. The banking cartels are starting to feel a disturbance in the Force.

    Mr. “BTC is Rat Poison” decides to taste test it after all.

    There is enough geothermal power under the earth to provide the entire earth with clean energy (and shortdick every central banker in the process).

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  30. 5 mistakes forex day traders must avoid!/5-mistakes-forex-day-traders-must-avoid-20210608
    MicroStrategy to Sell New Bitcoin Bond

    Now they are all trying it.
    Major investors dial down bitcoin price targets to $47,000

    Now this is a market leveller warning.
    Diamond synchrotron sparkles and shows its value to UK economy
    Don’t lose your shirt in the Crypto Casino: Bitcoin crashes by half

    How many are catching a leveraged Covid from this?
    Facebook And Fauci Doomed After Getting Caught In Collusion Scheme | Life and Liberty Dail

    Crazy business .. lawyers must be breathless in imagining lawsuits.
    ‘It’s infuriating and shocking’: how medicine has failed women over time

    Ladies, and Tino, for you all.
    Tough regulations are coming for the cryptocurrency sector

    Warning, now the Big Suit Parasites are here. Like Compliance they will screw up everything.
    Richest 25 Americans reportedly paid ‘true tax rate’ of 3.4% as wealth rocketed

    As ever Taxes are only for the Little People. Screwed all ways up.
    Solar storm: ‘High speed’ space weather may hit Earth | Science | News |

    Solar flares again may be impacting on our satellites and IT. Sat Nav and the Net are at risk.
    Ripple Can Only Go Can Only Go Up After Its Day in Court
    Rishi Sunak may agree to two-week Freedom Day delay

    The country is only just starting to get back tp work and now these Pricks, with false sciences, are debating delaying the unlock dates beyond so necessary.
    Hotels weddings etc can’t survive.
    Utter madness. Vast Billions have been lost already, in fact,.Trillions! When does the Dam break, DAMN these Varmints!

    Rishi Sunak may agree to two-week Freedom Day delay

    Well done Andrew takes a stand against these bloody parasites. Just what is needed. Enough is enough. Go to Hell matters now!
    Another mass lock down mainly in these bloody Wog Areas! Illegals and Hottentots. Send the lot back makes more sense. They cripple Welfare and crime rises. Feral trash.

    A tenth of the population gets new ‘advice’ to curb Indian variant
    Legal storm clouds gather over Donald Trump’s future | Donald Trump | The Guardian

    Trump IS a Skank. Trump has always been a Skank.
    But will all his gathering legal storms make his future tank?
    His ego and simply moronic stupidity has placed him into so many conflict zones
    Greasy and Sleazy his life is now far from easy.
    No Presidential protection, they are now queuing up to take him down.
    He or Biden, Jesus what a choice. Poor America. Who clears this Crap? Vet!
    Watch “Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde’s Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional – America’s Got Talent 2021” on YouTube
    A little Tribute to our own Aurataya whose also going through her own Rocky Patch right now.
    Your not alone Lady. You matter. Life matters so live it each day. You matter here Aurataya. It gets better.

    VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Bitcoin mania is spiralling out of control

    Step with care, don’t over reach.
    Fauci Deception and the Australian B and C grade Group Think Teams Block early Treatments

    Read Population reduction.

    Fauci will continue to be subject of much ridicule as will those politicians who followed his lead.
    And one can only ponder at the angry people will have who have suffered at the lead of this liar and the countless lives affected from those who lost their jobs or livelihood to those who suffered personal loss.
    The longer the Biden crowd and media like Facebook continues to band behind this liar the faster their credibility will fall. A awakened public does not take kindly to being lied to.
    This fallout now in process will not be limited to the US but will flow out internationally as questions will grow about the quality of Health authorities abroad and the politicians continuing to muddle in the mud of lies and health fraud.
    What a mess !
    Brazilian wife ‘COOKS husband’s penis in frying pan after killing him’
    Now Guys, this is one Brazilian you don’t need.

    Brazilian wife ‘COOKS husband’s penis in frying pan after killing him’
    Fauci busted: Top immunologist was told two drugs could help curb the spread of COVID-19 but he ignored it to push vaccines –

    Why is Fauci not already under arrest?

    It is only a matter of time before the lawsuits start and they will be personal.


    1. My god John, you have me balling my eyes out after that gorgeous tribute..

      Thank you so much for thinking of me, making me feel cared for and offering me such kind words. You really have no idea how much your kindness, thoughts and generosity mean to me.

      What a beautiful young lady Nightbird is and that song was just what I needed to hear. Her experience is so much harder than mine, yet she is so much stronger than me. I wonder where people find this strength. Finding happiness is one thing that has alluded me my entire life. I think I have been looking to find it somewhere when really, it is within me to uncover and feel within myself. WOW, that sure is a big task for me.

      John, thank you so much for thinking of me. I appreciate you more than I will ever be able to express to you in words. THANK YOU. XX


  31. The criminalization of reality by Vox Day

    Thanks to their Promethean rulers, neither the USA nor the UK are very far away from literally outlawing the idea that 2+2=4.

    A mother-of-two law student investigated by university chiefs after saying ‘women have vaginas’ has won her disciplinary hearing, it has today been revealed.

    Lisa Keogh, 29, was hauled before a disciplinary panel at the University of Abertay in Dundee after she made the comments during a seminar on transgender issues.

    But after a two month probe, which took place as the mature student underwent her final year exams, the university has now dropped its case against her.

    University chiefs cited a ‘lack of evidence’ behind the decision to drop the internal investigation.

    Today Ms Keogh hit out at the university for subjecting her to what she described as a ‘cruel witch hunt’ due to her ‘gender critical views’.

    The university deny Ms Keogh was put through the disciplinary procedure because of her ‘personal opinions’.
    Notice that the internal investigation wasn’t dropped because it is evil and stupid to punish people for making incontrovertibly true statements of fact, but for lack of evidence that she had made one.

    What they are doing is attempting to enforce the lie by enshrining it into law. But once you start forcing people to accept your lies as truth, whether they are “some women have penises” or “there was never a land called Palestine” or “all men are equal”, you’re already on the path to losing your indoor plumbing.


  32. 2 min clip… very interesting

    One of the reasons the reparations movement gained steam is because many people believe the slaves were “kidnapped” out of Africa. However, the inconvenient truth is that most black slaves taken out of Africa were captured and sold in war by European, Arab and African slave traders. In this episode, Larry compares two sides of the story and exposes the double standard with the debate on reparations for black Americans.

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  33. Even to put your name behind that crap Markel has had published as a book, is unreal it screams Schmuk!

    Both are crudely and wilfully trying to use the Queens name and Sussex Title to manipulate funders to underpin a high life for 2 such sad Low Lifes.. Markel has to be the pits. What ever were you thinking Harry?

    What a mess. What a miss match! What a Dog in 10 more years. Yep, it belongs in LA with all those plastic airheads. What a childish book. What a Freak! They need to walk in shame. Both as pathetic. 2 Users.


  34. I am a firm “knower” from personal experiences of the law of attraction and visualization. I don’t like to use the word believer).

    With everything going on in the world, thought I would share this with whoever may be interested. Long but very good.


    1. The shortest distance to travel if this goes to a Constitutional crisis, is simply reinserting Orange Man into the Presidency. Fraud vitiates everything — Supreme Court, 1856

      In an ideal world, we would hang the Administration. In the current world, they would be retired, never to be heard again.

      Of course, this can’t happen without the Military passively taking a side.


  35. Like

      1. Like I tell my immediate family Tony, we need to get through the other side healthy and wealthy.

        Same thing goes with our WHA family. 🙂

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  36. The stupidity!…ok, so there are 3 groups… one massive group all waving the American flag… the other waving the BLM flag… and the other waving an Antifa flag… now which group would you feel safe walking into?… and which one would you feel safe walking into if you have a different view on politics?… why are we not ALL waving the American flag and demanding truth?… the flag represents ALL Americans of every color!

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  37. Look at your site it’s pounding out news and views daily.
    Look at the other wet, failing apologies. The proof is in the doing and viewing. Who can cut it, who not?
    Dreams die fast faced with reality.
    What other site does it better?
    History, is a cruel leveller.


    1. What a whirlwind it’s been as of late. And to think, we are not even reaching minimal potential value to our readership yet. Having seen what’s coming, I can only imagine what lies ahead for our modest corner of the Internet.

      When someone asks me what it’s like to work at WHA (guess who is who):

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  38. Let’s for a brief moment talk about nightmares.

    First a little background. The animal trials of mRNA vaccines, mostly killed the animals on exposure to the wild type virus. For 20 years regulatory agencies all over the world said “no” to human deployment due to this antibody dependent enhancement or ADE effect.

    Along comes SARS Cov 2 and everybody falls all over themselves to deploy mRNA vaccines, and in the US, they even hurried in a law change to cover with the legal term ‘vaccine’ the mRNA stuff. Never mind that the mRNA vaccine isn’t a vaccine. Exercise left to the reader. In truth, it is just mRNA cellular malaware.

    Now, what follows, if I know it, they MUST KNOW IT.

    (1) It is not the spike protein that generates immunity in the infection. It is the nucleotide capsid that produces the best natural immunity. So, why use the spike protein segments as the ‘vaccine’ target? Errors of this magnitude are never innocent. Natural immunity to coronavirus is why this virus was a dud medically. (No Victoria, 600K didn’t die of COVID in the US. Less than 100K. The rest is double-counting of the dying-while-positive folk despite the gunshot to the head as cause of death…)

    (2) Given (1) is directly associated with ADE, where they hoping for a big kill-off later? Well, most test animals used had what are called persistently-activated immune systems. Alternatively it is referred to as ‘persistent T-cell activation”. Humans do NOT have persistently activated T-cells. However, given disease conditions, baseline inflammation, the damn mRNA malaware – how many WILL get ADE and die?

    If we are lucky, maybe a fraction of a percent. But the more knowledgeable than I are absolutely terrified — giving a range of 2.5% to 10%, possibly as high as 20%. That’s just death. The remaining will have massive morbidity.

    Immediate consequence of a national ADE event:
    – Collapse of the healthcare system
    – Martial law because just moving the bodies will take the Army
    – It WILL be a disaster because anti-cytokine storm treatment stockpiling should have started 6 months ago

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  39. More balls than Yankee Stadium on this guy.

    Buying high and selling low never works.

    Like the Alien that exploded out of the guy’s chest.

    So, take advantage of those who panic sold on fake hacking news. Longshanks would. lol

    And add: Sellout to the slime of humanity.


  40. IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT! Fauci and Top US Doctors Caught! They CONSPIRED to Disqualify Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Treatment — MILLIONS DEAD AS A RESULT

    Unbelievable the pain and suffering Fauci has caused
    Fauci funded ‘bat-human interface’ research in China to avoid an outbreak in the US – YouTube

    Faucis BS is coming apart.

    Trump wanted to publicly grill Fauci on Wuhan lab funding

    This Turkey will not fly .. he is done as is Biden

    Well the Big Gut Quad McD Burger Turkey failed to act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One is already done!
    MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer.
    Minsters says don’t going abroad after Portugal was put on amber list

    You were all warned about the risks and did not give a dam about us you selfish. Irrelevant F ups. Stay there if Johnson had the balls to lead he should have frozen your passports, demanded the planes returned empty and marooned all you bastards out there as you deserve.
    Leave dam you we don’t need you. We are bloody well ashamed you ARE British so sod off and go.
    Shared from Sky News: Hundreds arrested, guns, drugs and millions in cash seized after joint operation targets organised crime gangs

    For a country founded on Crime where we dumped all our own Crims, old habits clearly did not die.
    Crim Cities at large.
    British woman in coma after being saved from Mexico crocodile attack by twin sister

    What a brave, heroic and wonderful sister. Many guys will be looking for the location so they can take the Wife on a holiday fast.
    Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Welcome New Baby Girl Lilibet Into the World I THR News

    2 Selfish, irrelevant pampered Brats with their never ending attention seeking.
    They have achieved what?
    The big arsed, boney legged, buckled nose C list actress lost America its own Princess because she was not up to the job. Low Class came out!
    The Mental Case she married blames his family for making him a F Wimp????????????

    He blames the Queen and his father, yet the scheming pair cash in on the Queen and Diana’s names. Puke content.

    What of her poor father, he reared and funded her when her Bloody Mother Bolted? He manned up!
    This self centered pair of irrelevancies have blanked the poor man from seeing his Grandkids.
    Harry, you pompous, shallow little Shit, and your scheming Bolter, are disgusting Get a JOB and stop living of us all. Give her Bloody FATHER chance to hold his Grandkids you selfish swine. Your both a disgrace. Shameful.

    Meghan Markle’s The Bench fails to make the bestseller list

    Great news Class versus Crap.
    Amazon, Spotify, Reddit and Twitch are DOWN
    Woman claims to have given birth to TEN babies in South Africa

    Bugger here’s another one who will want to move to the US or UK on welfare.
    Money well spent

    Can you believe the asininely stupidity of this guy? Answer the question you Schmuk! This is how Trillions are wasted!

    The Era of Mobile Phones

    It matters are we all mass lied to?

    Meghan Markle’s The Bench fails to make the bestseller list

    Justice and LMAO? F Bolter like mother like daughter and a father disrespected by that F Up Windsor failed Spare. Let the Grandfather see his kids you F Guttersnipes then earn the right to opine? Bolter STFU!
    Americans kick her over padded Arse to let her father see the kids. Harry your a disgrace and Markel cut the Ego stance your way out of your Class cruising for a bruising. Your father funded you You Snot! Not to be a callous Bitch.
    Harry your a F disgrace you conceited sniveling Wimp. Respect her father!
    We Brits will give you some stick for your conduct. When the US tires of playing to your egos you will be back begging here.
    Bring a Eunoch bowl with you.
    Britain’s Covid cases rise by 90% after 6,048 are recorded

    Total BS trust and believe non of it it’s BS! Rigged fake cases. BS !!!!!!
    The US Secret Service storms the beaches of Cornwall: Airbase is turned into a huge RV camp and Osprey helicopters soar over Carbis Bay in massive G7 security operation that promises chaos for locals and staycationers

    More than 50 of the luxury vehicles – known as RVs – have been delivered to a RAF air base 20 miles from where the meeting of world leaders takes place at Carbis Bay, Cornwall, at the weekend.

    What a bloody ridiculous overkill! So unnecessary, Who even cares about these Tosspots?
    CCP Set-Up by the Globalists, SWQW Plot Foiled?

    Meghan Markle’s book is consigned to half-price bargain sale

    Hah, slashed to half price day one as mediocre vanity trash from a low class Hottentot. Rub her nose in that. She opines, with that IQ?
    Legs which have never seen exercise or athletic pursuit. Boney legs like a farmyard Turkey and the Arse of a Hippo already? She expects what in her Childish delusional world?
    Thank God we have William and no longer need the spare. They deserve each other smarter girls kicked him out long ago who needs a Man Child. The sooner LA is bored with them the better.
    Fake posers both of them.
    I’m sad she could not handle being America’s Princess. For both our nation’s. No Class. No character. No idea. Hottentots?
    Response To Fauci’s Emails Proves Everything Is Fake, Narrative Management Trumps Reality, And Those In Power Want It That Way | ZeroHedge
    Submitted by one of our readers.

    This article hits home the very point that most everything we are bombarded with, as so called news or even information is fake. Fake news, fake so called truths and fake narratives leaving the individual to rely on critical thinking and self independence to determine not just what we choose to believe but what we choose to do. And one cannot help but feel scorn for those attempting to deceive.

    In past, I have extensively written about how likely the public will lose confidence in government and extensions of such propaganda via the media. This endless barrage of mistruths and narrative, creates its own blowback in equal proportions as the public wakes up. The danger here is not the awakened public, but the likelihood that governments around the world will lose their creditability in the eyes of the public and capital. Once lies are seen as such, capital becomes very skeptical of agendas and capital safety in the hands of liars. While the public awakened becomes disenchanted to the point that nothing is believed and every politician is a crook or liar and demand change. Such change is usually substantive and serves as broom for all that came before it. History has shown this combination has crushed both empires and civilizations in its wake.

    Whatever the future bears, it will not be the control element so desperately sought by the deep state actors and will usher in a new chapter as they lose the pot and the plot. They are now simply the ones living the illusion as the pendulum swings.



    If any European country ever receives anything close to a check for 15% of the profits made by a big digital tech company selling in their borders, I shall eat my hat. I’ve already heard there is a note from an accounting firm suggesting Amazon can wriggle out because of the marginal cost calculations… whatever… something to with governments getting “the right to tax 20% of profits exceeding a 10% margin” – which sound much less than 15% of profits to my mind.


  42. From the inimitable Karl Denninger:

    Indeed the CDC just got caught lying again by making a claim that there is a “rise” in young people being hospitalized. They cherry-picked the dates; the data is that there never was a serious hospitalization rate among young people and it is currently plummeting just like it is for everyone else.

    Even at the highest levels of Covid in late December among the 5-17 year old group hospitalizations were running slightly above one person per state per week.


    Further, of those from 5-17 the number of persons who were admitted to the hospital and died, from March 1 2020 through March 31st, 2021 was……. wait for it…… NINE. Yes, a literal NINE nationwide. Another nine under 5 died. That’s right — 18 children in total from 0-17 year olds died of Covid-19 all the way back to March of 2020.

    If that’s not enough further review in a recent study the CDC did itself found that about a third of those were misclassified and had no plausible connection to Covid-19 actually killing the person in question.

    That’s a statistical zero risk of death if you are in that age bracket (17 and under) and get Covid. There are roughly 75 million persons under the age of 18 in the United States; this means their risk of death from Covid-19 since March of 2020 is roughly 1 in 4 million. To put context on this you’re roughly one thousand times (there is a lot of variation with age and sex) more likely to die of something else in that age bracket provided you make it out your first year. Why your first year? Because roughly 5,500 per million infants die in their first year from all causes combined which is a stunning 20,000 times the rate that Covid-19 kills them.


  43. I remember reading a study sometime back about how a virus is the best way to deliver a payload for genetic change.

    The crux of the study was that the best way to alter dna permanently was to deliver the key to the lock through the virus.

    I was reminded of this watching The Bourne Supremacy a few nights ago when they talk about this same thing. They were using viruses to set genetic changes.

    Now there are videos popping up on the net of people literally freezing up. I saw one where an entire park full of people were frozen. I can’t help but connect these vaccine payloads and 5g electromagnetic signals. Plus, you have all kinds of people becoming magnetic after these shots.

    Are we creating human cyborgs with these vaccines? Slowly building an architecture inside the body so it can be frequency controlled?

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  44. Notice:
    I used to subscribe to Jim Willie’s Newsletter “Golden Jackass” and made a large donation to aid his financial hardship early this year. I have put together puzzle pieces in the personal dealings with him and determined that he is not trustworthy. It is probably not wise for me to go into details, but I stopped the paid subscription as to this afternoon. This is just one testimony, but based on his loss of subscriptions recently, it is possible others see what I saw.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I told him to go ahead to sue me for slander/libel for posting this here. The guy has issues, most likely addictive personality disorders and narcissism. All he can offer these days are what so and so said, and of course, we are not going to know who the so and so are. Be very careful when anyone opens generous heart to help those who are experiencing hardships. If this matter ends up in court, he will lose because I have all the documentations, and the public will know the truth in the end. I could name others I helped in the past here who were soliciting help on the Internet. If anybody wants to find out what the person is really like, find out by making a small donation and see how the Internet personalities transform before your eyes. I made a 5 digit donation to him because I was concerned about his children’s welfare, and that’s how I got to the bottom of the matter.


        1. Money sticks to the hands of angels.

          We never went down that path, and never will.

          Feel free to share anything you like about anyone you feel should be discussed for the public good. Your identity is not going to be revealed here, ever. Your choice.


          1. My counter argument against him will be defrauding the public. I offered him the large amount of money to leave Costa Rica, but he refused to leave. I made the donation anyways, hoping the situation improves for him and his family. Then he asked for more money, so I told him what he was asking was not normal. Besides, he is not without money because his father passed away not long ago, leaving him a sizeable sum of money, but he said that money was sacred, suggesting donations people made were not. I told him those who helping him with donations decide how they want to help, not the ones receiving aids. He should have rejected the donation from me because it was meant for him and the family to find safety. He publicly stated the demonic attacks started when he spoke about the children being tortured and killed for harvesting blood, so I told him to stop talking about the Satanic practices. He seems to think he is invincible, but I was thinking about his children if he should have an untimely death. I think he was making up stories to gain sympathy for donations. I told him he was responsible for everything that is happening in his life, and to use demon or Satan for anything happening in his life is a cop out I hope this helps anyone thinking about sending donations to make the right decision.


          2. Jim Willie has two young children, and they are not ten yet.
            He made multiple public requests for prayers and monetary supports because the people close to him were being killed by demonic attacks, or so he said.
            As months and years went by, I started to question what he was saying and doing. So I had to ask him why demons were killing everyone but not him.
            He seems to think all single women are lesbians. SF driver happens to be a single female, so he made many suggestions that I was a lesbian. I finally got tired of everything and told him why I rather be single than to find myself with someone like Jim Willie who cannot provide for his family without soliciting for money from kind strangers He may have a PhD, but I told him he was a moron because my donation was not enough for him. I told him what was not enough was his brain. I told him it is unbearable for me to sleep with a moron.
            Both of my parents passed away when I too young to understand what happened, so my concern was the well being of his young children, and for that Jim Willie needs to stay alive. This was what influenced my decision to help him.

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            1. Well, nice to me you SF Driver, the single female lol. And good on you giving him the chat that you did. You were very kind offering the assistance you did.

              Never be concerned about any twat calling you some stupid childish name. You know who you are and what you stand for and that is entirely your business and no one else’s EVER. And if some dickhead wishes to revert to childish name calling then you know what sort of idiot they truly are and they are not worth your time or energy. This may be a tad bold to express but I will anyway lol. You know what I say to some twat that has called me a lesbian for whatever ridiculous reason it may have been? “Listen buddy, I have been down that road and it really is not my cup of tea as I much prefer a real man with something a little more substantial than that bloody pathetic dill pickle you have hiding in your navel.” That has always shut them up lol.

              SF Driver, you have suffered a terrible loss very early in life and believe me, I know how hard that loss can hurt. I also still carry the exact pain with me that you do. Your decision to assist JW based on your concern for his children was hugely admirable. Do not feel uncomfortable about doing that even though things have turned out in the manner in which they have. The reason I say that is that it is my belief that in some indirect fashion your care and concern for his children will become evident possibly in a very indirect fashion because you offered it with such loving energy and intent. Truth does not stay hidden for ever. You have done a beautiful thing and you should proud of yourself for being such a caring generous spirit.

              DO NOT let this incident bring you down. I think we all know here how strong you are SF Driver, so move on from it and know you did a good thing with what you intended to happen. Maybe it did not go in the manner in which you thought it would/should but that is okay imo. We face these lessons to enable us to make better decisions on the next occasion we are confronted with a similar situation. DO NOT beat yourself up about this.

              I sincerely apologise if I have rambled a bit too much re this matter but I just felt like expressing this to you this evening. We care about you and appreciate you being here with us. XX


              1. Shady people have used the same method to keep me astray and lost from the real issues in the past by being on the offensive. I think JW has been confronted by others since the “demonic episodes” began. If you can imagine I was furious all day yesterday. Reggie Middleton, the inventor of Veritasium (crypto token) that solves and overhaul the banking problems, said in the recent video that his priority was keeping his children safe, so he kept his silence without vindication while being sabotaged by the Security and Exchange Commission. The loss for his invention must be in the billions, yet, he is keeping his silence. After listening to RM, I asked JW why he could not keep his mouth shut like Reggie. Until and unless the power structures are overhauled, no single individual should get smart ideas to be the next superhuman especially if he/she has young children to care for and provide for. JW is very good at one way communication. The moment he hears any criticisms, he starts name-calling. He told me I was a mean-spirited psychotic lesbian. I asked him how many children he was able to save by pulling them out of the deep underground cages while yapping on the Internet about Satanic rituals and getting repeated “demonic attacks”. He told me he saved nine children. I told him I have no idea what in the world he was talking about. I have done all that I could, and he is not a project I intended to take on. I am hearing the “big change” is being expected in August this year, and I am hoping to complete replacing the roof, sidings and windows. After that I plan to build a greenhouse, so I will have food that I will be able to share in the community. I hope you are doing well in the Southern Hemisphere.


                1. Thank you for expanding further on this matter SF Driver. I hear you and completely understand your mood regarding this experience.

                  Things are okay down here and I hope your days ahead brighten as well. Sorry for not chatting too much this evening but I have a shocking dose of the flu and need to head to bed for some rest just now. Stay strong SF Driver.


        2. That donation was extremely kind of you and I hope you do not feel uncomfortable in that action. We are here to live and learn, sometimes the lessons hurt the hip pocket. The best thing that could come from this is that you become a little more aware of what some people will do for money.


          1. You and I both have a lot of pent up feelings for having overcome many obstacles in life, yet we try to help others. May be we need to take a chill pill for the time being so that when others betray our efforts to help them, it does not have such a huge blow back on us. I have helped others before, I once helped a young man in Spain for one year until he could grow his Internet business to be on his feet. When the year was up, he told me the financial aid was not enough. I don’t think I will offer any more help to anyone in PIGS nations plus the people in Latin America going forward because something very important for individual growth is lacking in these nations. I believe you will thrive during and after the “reset”. Please take care.

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            1. So sorry SF Driver, I missed this comment last night. You have expressed some very wise words in this comment, particularly the “chill pill” idea. I am so highly strung all the time I end up making errors in life. I find it extremely hard to relax as I’m always worrying about something not going in the manner in which I think it should.

              If you were to ask me about helping others in the future, I personally would suggest you take a little break from that and concentrate on getting your life exactly how you wish it to be to the degree you currently are able to. I am sorry to hear that some one else has taken you for a ride. Heavens SF Driver, you are such a generous person.

              There will always be deceptive people in this world and maybe we just need to take a little more time in sussing out others that appear to need such assistance in the hope of assessing the truly genuine need in such cases. There are beautiful genuine needy people in this world where a small gesture of kindness goes a very long way and can be life changing, these we must identify with clarity and continue to offer assistance to in my opinion.

              Stay strong SF Driver and thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thinking of you.


          1. You just punctured Willie and this will impact on his cash raising games. His credibility also. He just took a hit.


            1. Sorry for the delay in response. I got bad Internet connection due to the heavy clouds in this area. My intent was not to destroy his business but to tell him what he needed to hear. He is accountable for all of his actions, and since I saw him going off the rail, he had to be whacked on the rear end. If he is genuinely gifted, he will find a way to raise himself. Hell, I have done that so many times in my life with nobody’s help. With blockchain on the horizon, not much “narrative creation” is going to work in the future. Everything has to reconcile for the system to work.

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    1. SF Driver
      You get it all her free.

      Now if we charged for acerbic comments and put downs?
      Free, and we still upset a few.
      That truth Demon.
      Waaah, who just said Santa was not true?
      Are Blogs the last bastions of truth?
      But how many are cashing in on them?


    2. Thank you SF Driver. I appreciate you sharing this.

      As far as I’m concerned, I stopped listening to him quite a while back. I am only basing that decision on what I felt at that time whilst listening to him on the occasions I did and he definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Far too full of himself and his voice grated on me terribly. But that’s just me. I cannot stand irritating noises and his voice was one such noise to me.


      1. Aurataya- I’m posting this here because I can’t see what I’m typing to your last post to SF Driver.

        First of all I am so sorry I did not respond to you about your aunt’s cancer. I was so happy to read that her cancer is under control. Big relief!

        Also, the nice compliment about me being a good daughter. People tell me that all the time. I never know what to say because it feels natural to me to be here for mom at this time.

        And I feel exactly like you about not being able to live with myself if our loved one is in a nursing home with strangers. Best place is to be with family who loves them.

        You are the best niece! How fortunate your Aunt has you in her life. ❤️

        SF Driver – I have been burned many times as well. My mother in law once told me, as long as it comes from the heart. That’s all that matters, wether they appreciate it or not.

        It came from your caring heart SF Driver. I believe abundance will come back to you tenfold. How would you know what his real motives are?

        Good to know that mans true colors, thanks to you, I never would have known.


  45. The net is closing on Fauci
    Genome sequencing of COVID ”seemingly proves it was made in a lab’

    Now this must be the Smoking Gun, and if correct, China needs to have all its trade contracts stopped for 2 years, all flights stopped, and bring their whole Commie Empire crashing down. Fine them Trillions in reparations and send them back 25 years.

    Genome sequencing of COVID ”seemingly proves it was made in a lab’
    Crashing crypto prices spooked some new investors. Others are doubling down
    China blocks cryptocurrency Weibo accounts in ‘judgment day’ for bitcoin
    China floods again

    How long will they be able to keep this impact quiet ?

    When China cant feeds its own, it starts.

    Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2 | In Vivo

    No doubt we will hear much more about this in coming months.

    I have a feeling we all will want to take this in coming days, whether you have taken the jab or not, just to know you are protected whether from Covid variants or spike proteins as a result of a jab. This is especially true for people with other problems as likely healthy younger folk will be fine.

    And I doubt it will be readily available as I am sure it will be in short supply like everything else it seems.
    Chaos in Portugal as Brits scramble to return to the UK
    Lead Johnson Dam YOU! If you have positive evidence of risk, shut the F door on the lot of these self serving Bastards, and strand them there. Control the dam Sheeple. We have another gibbering Flubber Guts. Pathetic.

    Chaos in Portugal as Brits scramble to return to the UK
    Gold to surge in 2022. But Bitcoin to surge even more. (Hedge fund view, adds comment on Fed taper!/gold-to-surge-in-2022-but-bitcoin-to-surge-even-more-hedge-fund-view-20210606
    Britcoin: as cash use slumps, get ready for a digital pound
    Xi’s change of heart is too late to stop China’s collision with the west

    Conflict will be difficult to avoid now.
    If Beijing it tagged to Covid, the roof comes off.
    Suspect throws an INFANT at a cop after a high speed chase

    Why are we even breeding these monsters?
    Hal Turner Radio Show – COVID-19: Obama Lifted Block on “Gain of Function Research” Days Before Trump Took Office

    As this whole narrative over Covid falls apart with Fauci.. the moment he is let go the narrative will fall apart and the rabbit hole will run deep. The Biden administration is in a box and in trouble now in ways it never dreamt… if he is let go flood gates will open and if he is kept the noise rises
    Watch the European press go for blood on this and lay blame on Covid and related fallout on America, starting with Fauci, Gates and Ultimately Obama .. Gallows- Please?

    January 9, 2017 – [Four Days after the Susan Rice oval office meeting with Obama, Biden, Comey, et al The Obama Administration re-authorizes funding for the creation of SARS biological weapons. “Adoption of these recommendations will satisfy the requirements for lifting the current moratorium on certain life sciences research that could enhance a pathogen’s virulence and/or transmissibility to produce a potential pandemic pathogen (an enhanced PPP).“
    Invest Today: The 10 Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies in June 20

    It’s here…
    God Bless!!!

    Sure and it’s going how far?

    Click to access

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  46. “The Delta Danger” screams the headline.

    Sudden “surge” in Delta variant COVID cases.

    Indian variant proves challenging to Britain. Perhaps lockdown can’t be lifted.

    OH MY GOD.

    Are you all lemmings? Is not one person at UK NHS capable of reading English in England?

    Ivermectin, in India, over 21 days from the restart of prescriptions, forced a 97% drop in cases and deaths. Please note the same thing happened in Peru, which was a perfect A/B test as much as India has been.

    Instead of acting like morons, masking hard, social distancing more, and locking down in a draconian way — just do THE OBVIOUS: Prescribe Ivermectin.

    And no, there is no evidence the Delta variant is either more lethal or more infectious except in the hysterically minded.


    1. Re English. Not really Tino most of the Buggers are now Indians or Pakkies. The English emigrate to get away from them.


  47. I received an anonymous contact from someone who claimed to be a Colorado State University professor. He told me something that was totally bizarre. He said that livestock/animals were implanted with a prion that resembled mad cow disease. However, the alleged professor’s account became very bizarre as well. He told me that the implantation of the “madcow disease” was done through artificial means using a hard-to-detect electromagnetic grid in which AI was used to implant the disorder. He then told me that the animals had previously been tagged and given a spiked protein from a vaccination of sorts and the disease would be activated through the spiked protein by the electromagnetic signals. He also told me that he heard persistent rumors that aliens (ET) were involved and this somehow related to the morphing of DNA, which produced diseased effect and the desire to change the DNA.

    This professor and myself had three conversations. I confirmed he worked at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. After we went two weeks without talking, I tried to call his office number and it was suddenly a non-working number. Further, his identity had been wiped clean by the University or some force connected to University.

    I have never told this story but I thought of his revelations often when the story of a spiked protein surfaced as a concern with the present covid vaccines. The alleged effects are identical to what this professor told me.


    1. HIW, I read about this awhile back from a different source but never saved the information and could not find it again. The person said that something was done to one of the animals consumed by many, but he would not state which animal. Thanks for posting this.


      1. Biffie,

        Before I sold our Irish Estates, we used to contract out 500 acres of the bloodstock paddocks for Bullocks to graze and keep the paddocks clean. The amount of Steroids and Angel Dust the Irish Meat Men use is unreal to cram on the pounds to maximise earnings, selling it all heavily subsidised to the EU. When a bullock was identified as having BSE, the Mad Cow disease, it was picked up and sent straight to the Slaughterhouse. Right into the food chain. You have no idea how much, and God knows what, is injected into cattle to promote weight gain, or the effects on the human body from eating it.
        I no longer eat red meat. Apart from Venison.
        Pigs I can only, guess. When you see how many Irish women actually feature pigs features, big questions!
        I don’t eat pork. ( Nor Irish women!) Lol
        Even chicken and Turkey have feeding issues. Oceans are infected. The food chain today?
        You are what you eat? So, the Democrats and Bush family, are into Stupid Cookies?
        What goes in, does not come out. Cancers today?
        Is Biden effected with BSE? Enhanced senility.
        What the hell is Clinton eating? To produce that?
        Trump just eats multi McD Quad Burgers. The effects you see.
        Re think what you eat. It’s toxic out there.


  48. Tino

    1. Look at all the latest exposures on Fauci. How long? Is no one awake in Justice? All bribed?
    2. The latest Lab reports challenge the Non Natural Chromosome links. It’s now being seriously alleged at last there has been definitive genetic cell tampering and evidenced. Prove that and China falls. Who funded Wuhan? Hello, it traces back. Who water boards Fauci and Gates? You want truth, don’t wimp, water and electrodes focus response. Or 48 hours strapped in bed with Nancy, Clinton and a Cannibal?


    1. Fauci is in the cesspool up to his eyeballs.

      My conversations with lawyers here in the US in the matter of vaccine mandates by universities have been dismally disappointing. Officially, I/the_students have a case. It violates the FDA EUA and because the 18-24 yr old cohort is bulletproof to the disease but exposed to provable risk 100-fold the disease level from the vaccine, it is blatantly illegal. This is further compounded by violation of the pre-existing agreement between students and university AND the university cannot be a healthcare proxy of public health. Privately, they tell me no judge is willing to take this on and rule against the government due to corruption and fear of being ostracized in their career.

      I’m now backing into and retooling to embarrass the living hell out of both my alma mater and its Regents.

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      1. Fauci is trapped in quicksand right now Tino.
        Daily he is being sucked down.
        Guys like yourself are the nails. You are read. Fauci just wishes he was dead.
        We are working on it.
        Starting with his credibility.
        Which you are helping shred.
        Fauci is becoming the name to take the blame

        Godfather as Tino
        Just when I thought I was out, he sucks me back in!



    “A California virologist who told Anthony Fauci that COVID-19 looks ‘potentially engineered’ and ‘inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory’ – only to later reverse course and publish a ‘natural origin’ paper 8 weeks later (before receiving a multi million-dollar NIH grant) has deleted more than 5,000 tweets.”


  50. IMO this is what happened everywhere, and it was planned…

    ” “Alameda County previously included any person who died while infected with the virus in the total COVID-19 deaths for the County,” the county’s public health department said in a press release (pdf). For example, someone who tested positive for the virus before dying in a car accident would still have been counted toward the COVID-19 death toll .”


    0:00 Intro
    0:45 Market update
    1:34 Clif High introduction
    6:20 Q – What is a ‘web bot’?
    11:25 Q – What made you stop your web bot program?
    17:59 Q – Why haven’t you spoken at crypto conferences?
    21:29 SEC + Congress want to regulate crypto exchanges more
    29:05 Q – Thoughts on Robinhood stopping trading for GME incident
    32:31 Interesting predictions/forecasting
    44:43 Q – Where can you find Clif and what is he working on these days?
    46:12 Crypto couple said IRS can’t tax newly mined coins
    51:06 BIG Clif predictions for summer 2021
    58:49 Comparing data from 5 years ago to now
    1:09:38 ‘How to spot a train’ – Clif High
    1:14:05 Billionaire Carl Icahn investing HEAVILY in crypto
    1:18:35 Comparing PoS to PoW fairness
    1:21:55 PayPal will let users withdraw their crypto eventually + capitolism rant
    1:28:53 Trailblazers v Followers
    1:32:08 ‘The compassion disease’ – Clif High
    1:33:11 Thoughts on the ‘environment’ narrative
    1:41:30 Space money
    1:44:18 Aliens?
    1:45:21 Is the earth flat?
    1:49:47 Technocracy incoming?
    1:52:00 Thoughts on AI?

    Very informative and entertaining. Listened to it three times already. Clif gives out nuggets of information about the timing in the economic cycles.


    1. SF Driver – Well there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I haven’t to it yet but plan too. Thanks!


  52. She’ll run for congress in CA, and win.

    Of course. That’s what you omit when you want to pay tribute to Bolshevism. Old glue horse.

    “All units, be on the lookout for low IQ hood ornaments…”

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    1. Look at the Butt and Gut size of that lot. Whose feeding them? With shovels or buckets?
      Time to review the herd don’t think? How many of these pointless MF s are on welfare?


      1. To be that big has to be uncomfortable.

        I took quite a fall yesterday that looked far worse then that on my power walk yesterday. I’m not fat either, I tripped on the sidewalk and did a full roll to prevent a twisted ankle. Luckily just a scrape on the knee and I’m fine. 🙂



    Just lately the sad explosion of low cost and poorly done plastic surgery in America’s Reality TV shows has brought in s vast expansion of trout pout lips, poorly slanted blow fish eyes and dreadful face wrecked monstrosities who qualify for the dog pound.
    Wives of LA and NY albeit reality TV exhibit pathetic rubber Mutts who are now fit only for a dog kennel.
    Ladies. Don’t do it. She gracefully. This is no place to be.
    High-Ranking Chinese Defector Working With DIA Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of China’s Bioweapons Program—and It’s Very Bad – PJ Media

    Beyond concerning.

    There are many icon type fools that will find themselves without a chair as this goes down, and the music stops playing.
    Think for a moment what it means to conspire with the enemy of a state. What happens when a person is implicated in State terrorism?
    Some of the bio weapons the Chinese have, make Covid a walk in the park. And look at the fallout over it. What will people do, faced with a true Bio threat weapon that kills more often than not.
    China is playing war by another means as nukes have a place but are not the only weapon to be used. Currencies and the like are all part of the arsenal of weapons in the mix and ever more in play. It’s onluy, just starting. .
    What happens going forward is likely going to be organised chaos. Do anticipate supply chains disruptions of greater magnitude than what what we seen to date and the days of using China as a beneficial investment at the expense of Western countries may be on the way down. This may very well be the biggest story of the year with immense consequences.
    “HEADS UP: Wuhan Lab Research”: Newly Released Fauci Email Reveals Even More Funding Than He Told Congress – Becker News

    How can this guy still keep his job? Who else will he take down ? Start with Fergusson and the UK Scientific Advisors. These CLOWNS have decimated the economies.
    Covid cases soar 70 per cent in a week to 5,765

    The stupid. Stupid bastard.

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  54. Thank you John!

    An embarrassment of riches in those 3 posts – especially historical on Trump’s “success”. As I know time is at a premium, grateful for the extensive comments.

    Right now the hits keep on coming on the viral front.


    1. Tino,
      We ALL need your input multi facet. Covid is a Global dichotomy. As are the vaccines and after effects.
      Flying now?
      I respect and understand Americans protecting their President. .But so many bad ones?
      Collateral damage hurts the Allies.


    2. Tino

      They now KNOW what they can unleash. They KNOW the Sheeple are malleable.
      They KNOW the lot can be spooked and cooked. They can not believe the crass masses. China has also seen how fast they can infect the West. This was just a test dose.
      The Tri Laterals have now seen the mindlessness of the masses.
      They have just questioned the purpose or point of the Sheeple.
      The lid of Pandora’s Box is now ajar. 6B in a Petrie Jar? Dangerous times.
      Wild West rules ?


  55. re: Covid vax for kids — America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr Simone Gold’s group, is putting some legal teeth into the fight to prevent kids from being harmed by the vax. They have filed a petition for a Temporary Restraining Order against HHS in Federal court. Details at


    1. OUTSTANDING find.

      The measurement in question is the “absolute attack profile” also known as the “absolute risk profile” of a vaccine.

      It’s lousy. And was stated by the luminaries on Day 1. If you need 60K individuals, 30K in each clinical arm, plus a meaningless PCR test to “confirm COVID, you are just a silly vaccine company with a worthless product, terrible testing and NO isolated virus. (On the latter, if you had the isolated virus, you wouldn’t need to do a 60K patient accrual trial…)


  56. Alrighty then…

    “According to Duke Today, researchers at Duke announced an artificial intelligence tool that could easily be mounted on a standard toilet to analyze patients’ stools and give gastroenterologists suggestions about bowel health.
    Associate Research Professor for Duke University Dr. Sonia Grego is working on the ‘smart toilet’ that takes stool images and sends them directly to a doctor for review. ”



    “Are the carbon footprints of EVs really as drastically lower than that of internal combustion engine vehicles? When considering the amount of carbon and CO2 created from assembling lithium ion batteries, one firm thinks the difference could be “negligible”.”

    —some interesting comments at bottom of this article…


  58. Tino The Trump Reality versus Myth.

    About 30 years ago, we were inundated with US Brokers seeking to access Bank Programs to bail a sinking US ship.
    The “”Entity” was declined as not a Fit and Proper person to so Empower.

    His debts to the Banks by his Fiscal recklessness had become so great they could not afford the losses of bankrupting him..Instead he was placed into Administration, and “Accommodations” were made to allow the Administrators to accrue fast Program profits to bail the leaking ship and them. I can not elucidate.

    Once losses and loans were recovered, he was cut loose to find new Bankers, which were only the Jewish Mafia and Russian Money transfers to buy his shares and wash money.

    He was refloated, untouchable to most banks, and has proceeded train wrecking ever since.
    How many Bankruptcies? How much litigation? How many Thousand cases?

    Tino, it’s 06-38 Sunday morning and my respect to you to respond with such issues.

    If I graded JFK as a 9, the best I would give Trump is a 3. Sorry. We miss JFK. He earned respect. Deservedly. He lifted America’s standing. There are many good Americans. Time to find one?


  59. Tino,

    Let me address numerous issues you raise, with a different perspective.

    Some 40 or so years ago, in High Level Corporate Management Consultancy, a key emergent application we used was the Peter Principle, which determined that rising Executives would rise, unless pre determined by appropriate checks, to their own level of incompetence, and the Corporate Misjudgment chaos perpetrated when Empires were lost. How to pre read and avoid it.

    When addressing Corporate weaknesses, we assessed a wide cross spectrum of Executive skills, using Psychometric Testing, varying IQ options, aptitude testing, analysis of their Social awareness. Global awareness, depth of literary skills and awareness of a wide spectrum of global issues, to assess their ability to absorb and balance data in decision taking skills. We assessed capacity. Intellect. Accurately.

    The key always was to discover how many were already far beyond their competence levels, or fast approaching it. Any skilled practitioner over decades refines such techniques, as mental abilities, and can rapidly asses most people’s true IQ levels within minutes of watching, or reading, with a high level of accuracy. Refined judgment builds over time. Appliance is critical to success. As is a Doctors diagnosis. We were Company / Corporate Doctors fixing sick Corporates.

    A highly specialised art and skill in itself.

    Look at how you, yourself, have diversified out as a Medical Doctor, to exploring issues such as Ethereal existence, Dimensions, Kinetic energy, UFOs, SFO’s, remote viewing etc. Expanding consciousness and mental empowerment. You chose your path. You question all. Correctly.

    So now let me address Trump for you, correctly. A new section as many have limited reading skills.


  60. Tino

    First, beyond welcome back, as Covid and yet more Viruses to come, will play ever greater parts in our so dysfunctional societies, your balanced input is needed and Globally read. . The side effects of the vaccines have yet to be unleashed.Blood clotting, strokes, embolisms and more are likely. Brain cerebral impacts also.
    With the new viruses, China has a weapon of Global magnitude to address population depletions. What is, or will be, truth?


  61. Snap out of it! There is no reason to vaccinate anyone under 39, let alone 24, 18, 15 or 12. There is no such thing as asymptomatic spread of nCov2019 and the cohort has an almost bulletproof survival rate even if they become infected.


    China-backed ‘Ethereum killer’ cryptocurrency Vechain sees price surge nearly 2,000%
    A third of Britons would consider cryptocurrency like bitcoin if it was regulated
    SHARE with Loved Ones: If They get Jabbed after watching this They Are Beyond Saving
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are DEMOTED on Royal Family website

    Good that puts the Weasel in his place.

    Be assured in London we are sticking it big the time to these Bastards. Pay YOUR WAY!.
    Microsoft can not hide Vast B’s away in Ireland and you bloody Micks have to stop your games colluding !
    Typical scavengers selling their Buts for a lick, it stops here!
    British Leadership -Expose them and close them!

    More trouble no thanks to What’s App security! Watch out all.


  63. Variants, more properly called scariants are NOT and CANNOT be clinically relevant.

    The ontological hierarchy is
    Upper Respiratory Virus –> Coronavirus –> SubType (nCov2019, OC43, etc) –> Variant of SubType (e.g. nCov2019-B.1.1.9, nCov2019-501Y, etc)

    ALL variants (in the MSM and the testing labs) ARE nCov2019. The variants of nCov2019 have NO significant differences. They are NOT clinically more lethal in any way. They are NOT going to infect ANYONE who had some OTHER variant of nCov2019. If you DO get infected, clinically, with ANY nCov2019 variant, you are IMMUNE from any other. They actually did a bone marrow study to show the immunity is permanent and variant effective (amazingly enough, it seems it is always Year 0 in medicine at this time). This is all natural immunity. We will discuss the pathetic and potentially lethal vaxx immunity later.

    In pure science terms, nCov2019 variants, are identical to one another to the tune of 99.7%. The point mutations, measuring between 1 to 37 base pairs (out of 10,000), are utterly irrelevant to function. Discussing the ‘variant difference’ is akin to car enthusiasts discussing shades of color among Ferraris, and as equally immaterial.

    The journalist stammers — but we have waves of variants and newly infected and newly dead? Do you? Have you corrected the malfeasant use of excess PCR cycles (US 40, UK 35) generating nothing but false positives? The recent headline of a dozen kids “hospitalized for COVID” is pure bunk — the kids were in for regular conditions and happened to test positive. How do I know? 10 actual clinical COVID suffering children , AT THE SAME TIME, is a 1 in 10^60th event. Why is such **** acceptable reporting these days?

    Worldwide we have a deliberate double-counting problem, which ZERO authorities have addressed. It’s called dying-while-positive, making one a Covid statistic despite the heart attack or gunshot wound to the head. It has destroyed every source of death statistics. What if I told you that the burial business was NOT as proportionally busy as it should have been??? Eventually, after almost a year of hysteria, did WHO admit, “You have to do a clinical diagnosis, and not use the PCR as sole indicator”. Really? NOW you say that?

    600K dead in the US? I think not. Maybe, just maybe, the original wave that killed folks at an average age of 80, had a maximal size 60K dead of true clinical COVID. The second wave (last winter), with the alleged disappearance of influenza (really? is that in any way , believable?) was a gigantic gaslight hysteria story — maybe just maybe, nCov2019 killed 30K. Influenza may have killed another 40K and PCR-misclassified into Covid stats. In the second wave other than a Texan hospital near the border (overwhelmed with Mexican patients) and a weird spike in Minnesota, every time a hospital claimed to be over-run, a citizen journalist with a cellphone showed deserted emergency rooms, half-full COVID wards and almost full ICU’s. For the non-medical folk, at peak flu season, ICU census usually goes close to capacity. Post-COVID all ICU have added capacity now, so flu season itself is unlikely now to utilize full capacity.

    And CDC — who the hell are we kidding? You can’t have it both ways. If 33 million cases were true (yeah, PCR at 40), and if we are — by your numbers — only finding 1 in an 11 — then the whole Nation has been exposed to nCov2019. (I can’t tell, new math and all that, but I’m pretty sure 11*33=>363 million) But disease prevalence by serology never broke 15% and was ~8% on average…

    Reminder — Farr’s Law works. We have never had more than 2 waves of a viral URI. A third wave raises interesting questions. If PCR continues to be used despite its flaws, you can certainly state you are being scammed. If there is a true clinical COVID wave, then you can be certain that all previous government measure are to blame AND the damn nCov2019 is a bioweapon. In the latter case, let’s make sure that zinc gluconate with trace copper, indomethacin, ivermectin, monteleukast and levoceterizine are in every house-hold.

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  64. Well, when will Western Europeans walk away from the failed vaccine, failed masking protocol, failed social distancing and failed disastrous lockdown policies? Vaccine passports? How foolish are you?

    Doctors in New Delhi gave the middle finger , sorry the two finger .salute, to the Government and voted with their prescription pads for ivermectin.


    97% reduction. A perfect before, during and after test. Before, ivermectin use in India was ubiquitous. COVID was mostly non-existent. Gov steps in, ivermectin use plummets, catastrophic COVID rise ensues with idiot lockdowns causing 25% of total dead by starvation and lack of sanitary services. Doctors rebel (bravi!!!!) , ivermectin use skyrockets, Gov walks back anti-ivermectin stance, COVID cases and deaths plummet. So much for needing a precious vaccine…. chart below.

    Given how effective ivermectin (and HCQ) is, the EUA conditions for withdrawal of the vaccine are met now worldwide. As of the publication of this data, every single new vaxx jab is potentially assault and battery with intent of deadly harm. Failure of regulatory agencies to now withdraw ALL mRNA vaccines is absolute willful blindness, dereliction of duty, and for appointed regulatory chief — failure to uphold their Oath of Office.


    “It is time that the people DEMAND the end to censorship. The immunity given to platforms was to prevent them from being sued for posts of others. Not that they are now the Censors of society. They are endangering people’s lives and they should be dragged out of their offices and put on trial for sedition. This is supposed to be a government by and for the people – not World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, and politicians lining their pockets to create concentration camps to reduce CO2 and the population.”


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