Financial Re-Sets

A Waypoint To Competent Planetary Management

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

In greater and greater numbers, people are seeing political governments, and the growing numbers of incompetents that comprise it, as no longer necessary to manage the needs of an increasingly technologically managed society. They simply are not trained to do so, and anyone with even a modest IQ can understand that.

Other societies encountered similar situations in the past. There was a day when the last Western Roman Emperor sat on his throne. He was there, but…why? The luster of the Caesar’s robes was long ago worn through. Nobody saw value in the now powerless symbol.

The Empire, long ago divided into East and West, with the West being flanked by its enemies whom commanded far greater resources than any organized Western Roman force could now overcome, possessed almost none of its former influence, much as we see happening with the USA today.

Surrounded by Vandals, Ostragoths, Alamani, and the intermixed within its shrunken border who could manage to get there and squat, the idea of a Roman Empire in the West didn’t interest anyone anymore. The populations which once organized around the Caesars, moved outwards. All the “modern conveniences” of the former Rome (water aqueducts, sewage management systems, food distribution networks, protection, road maintenance, etc.) had ceased to effectively function. So, too, had the need to be there to obtain such things. Similarly, the calls in the USA for “infrastructure expenditures” point to the poor state of such in the present time.

The Eastern Empire had managed to hold on much longer because it commanded control over its culture, military and economic processes with greater skill than in the West, which had faltered from shear overwhelming forces, both internal and external.

Similar to that period of time, the present-day awareness of society managed by a five thousand year-old model of monarchies, presidents, congresses, parliaments, juntas, satraps, potentates, commissars, dictators, kings, etc., will also give way to a more local and efficient center of influence: The individual technically savvy person who commands at their fingers the ability to transact/produce/exist, at will, without the need to have a central parasitical authority (government) to support in the process.

The globally incoming tax increases may be the final straw for many. Also, the arrogant presumption that, “…the hoi polloi will always acquiesce without a fight to such parasitism…” may be incorrect.

Given a viable technological pathway, and by sheer weight of numbers, they will, by natural default, force onto society a method of operation devoid of the need to render unto Caesar what was not his to begin with.

This is the first period in modern history that technology has outpaced the human ability to perform tasks of societal management on the widest influential scale ever known, and the power and influences once reserved for governments, kingdoms, republics are now going to graduate along a wider sphere, with less ability (or need) for centralized command over any of it. Hence, politics will become unimportant, and eventually go extinct.

Like the Western Roman Empire’s collapse, it will not always be orderly or without consequences. But, it will happen if we do not downright destroy it all with a catastrophic war, or have a natural disaster put an end to life on Earth.

One thing is for sure. We cannot continue to survive at optimum levels at the present rate of incompetent management of our resources and technological prowess. Only adherence to outdated, obsolete ways of how we relate to the universe, and, each other, stands in the way of a more rapid-fire implementation of the most logical and effective solutions for delivering to the people of Earth the superior society they are capable of having.

This is where the present efforts by dynastic elders, and their role in the huge transactions they are presently involved in, play a key role in bridging the present to the future. A new way of thinking, entirely centered around building a new civilization, not allowing money-grubbing shylocks to squeeze it.

Be assured, behind the Elders is one very hard focused entity who will not take crap from politicos or even acquiesce to their self-serving laws or practices. Be assured, there is an agenda and it’s a Tsunami coming at the suits.

Once achieved, from this new waypoint of liberating resources for true beneficial progress, the future outlined above can more rapidly be made reality. These efforts continue, and we will bring you news about it when it is possible.

It may seem that nothing is happening, but this is not so. Often, there is frantic progress, followed by sudden halts. Then, just when it looked like prolonged delays were expected, the accelerator is engaged and things move forward again; a dynamic, emotional gamut playing out on an international stage. The pressures and responsibilities of those involved must be formidable.

So, stay tuned.

We have received many reports from readers who have used gains from our suggested digital asset plays to pay off debts, fund schooling for their children, re-invent their lives, etc. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a very satisfying feeling to know we are providing value while asking for no financial compensation in return.

Rest assured, by all indications, the largest gains are yet to be had. The path will be a very volatile one, which is expected when you are early in a new technological space which is forming its running legs. There will be more drama, more “fear”, more “expert opinions”. If you are in for the largest possible wins, simply tune it all out. Time, patience, and prudent risk management is all that is needed.

Strength and Honor.



  1. Just a brief housekeeping note.

    J2021’s article on the CBDCs etc., was well received. Without going into all the details as to why we didn’t in the first place, we will post it as a new main article and move on from this bloated thread. It will be largely the same with some minor changes. It will be sent to our subscribers of course, many of whom do not read the threads or comment. It has key information which they should see.

    Sorry for the confusion. Hectic schedules sometimes cause poor judgment. I take responsibility for the mix-up. Thank you, and I do appreciate all the contributions from all of you. We are turning into a very diverse center of discussion and learning.

    Good night. 3 hours sleep in 2 days…😴

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  2. All those hopes, dreams and their lifetimes investments lost.

    Subject: Data From Yelp Shows 60% of All Businesses that Shut Down During COVID Are Now Permanently Closed

    One does wonder what they expect going forward ? They just gutted millions. Why?
    Be assured Parasitic Bank BASTARDS will now come after them. No Mercy. Helpless poor folks.
    The Strange China Feud of Soros and BlackRock

    As China tanks, Soros and Blackrock both stand to get Arse Reemed! About time.

    This is a house of cards tearing on insolvency in a global economy that is contracting as demand collapses. Now what could go wrong will likely go wrong.
    The question is whether the world is ready to absorb the shock of a restructuring that is nearing. Because very few companies will be unaffected which implies a shock to their stock values and their asset holdings. The value of any investment made in China is no longer at par.
    The Most Important Covid Video on the Internet Today—Bar None! ! ! | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    A crash Course in Operation Mockingbird Stupidity. The Lunatics are running the Zoo now. Running YOU!

    We have madmen at the wheel and no breaks working.
    A Demented Buffoon as President, a delusional Child in waiting, and low life imbeciles whining like a smacked arse angry that a Brit dare attack these Imbeciles.
    While they suck us into more wars. or hide War Criminals.
    Empires End! What will happen to. America? It’s clear, it’s Over!
    Driving without breaks? How do you think this will end? The accelerator is stuck- Hello? Whose lost the plot?
    Secede to succeed.

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      1. If the Las Palma overhang does collapse in the sea, the Tsunami effects could be horrific. It will affect the southern coasts of England, the Channel Islands take a mighty hit, the Silly Isles get washed away, but what builds then for the East Coast of America and Caribbean is alarming. Bermuda- Gone! Boston, NY DC, .Florida, you could be hit by 600 ft high waves travelling at over over 400 mph. Anything within 50 miles of the Coast inland,goodbye. It could reach 150 miles inland. It will be like a 600 ft high concrete wall coming if it hits. Imagine Trump, “Get my hairpiece save the Orange Raccoon “!!!! Lol. The scale of panic if it hits. Chaos ahead. It’s only a few hours from the drop to the Chop. If this drops at midnight Saturday night, Sunday morning the lot goes.
        America is sleeping and bang. Wake up call. Or not.
        But of course it may not yet happen. That overhand needs to be stage sliced now just in case. Reduce the size in phases. Pro F active thinking ! We have warned of this for years.
        Save the Chumps Hair Piece. Cut the F Rock idiots! If only for next time. But America does not do Geography. Education? Disneyland.


  3. Hat tip Market Ticker — I will refrain from cursing, but Nuremberg 2.0 can’t come fast enough. Many MUST hang. I volunteer to administer the capital punishment. I will sleep like a baby.

    Saw this on Raconteurreport blog. First attempt at posting a link. Posted on u tube , if this is real how is it still up?

    This was an FDA livestream of an open virtual meeting their own officials and medical professionals, along with multiple other outside parties, from yesterday. This is a US Government-sponsored meeting:

    “Herd immunity using the vaccine is impossible.” 4:15:00ff

    “The vaccine caused 71x more heart attacks in the vaccinated than any other vaccine.” 4:20:00ff

    “…vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical.” 4:21:00

    “We killed two people to save one life.” 4:21:30

    “[The number of deaths per million doses administered – 411:1M] translates into about 150,000 people have died (from receiving the vaccine in just the U.S.).” 4:21:50ff

    “The real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save.” 4:22:00ff

    “In the most optimistic study (for 90-year-olds) it means 50% of the vaccinated died, and 0% of the unvaccinated died.” 4:22: 20

    Read and watch TWT.

    Most of that was from the presentation of Steve Kirsch, Exec. Director of COVID Early Treatment Fund.

    This guy is throwing hand grenade

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    1. We’ve been making our own. The recipe we make is almost identical. My husband got it from listening to one of the frontline doctors.

      You drink a couple of tablespoons with 20 to 25 mg zinc. Or you can take zinc with quercetin and it does the same thing. Helps the zinc absorb into your body on a cellular level. It was suggested to take it everyday, to keep the immune system strong, weather it’s the grapefruit/lemon with zinc method or the zinc with quercetin. We take it everyday along with 5000IU D3 and liposomil vitamin C.

      3 grapefruit peels
      3 lemon peels
      Fill sauce pan with purified water
      Bring to boil
      Simmer for three hours
      Good for one month

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  5. Their solution is going to be, of course, more debt.

    Which is, in essence, a big F–K Y-U! to the banking cartels.

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  6. Australian swimming gold medalist Madison Wilson, 27, has been admitted directly to hospital ICU unable to breath despite being fully double vaccinated, and of course, at the peak of physical fitness after competing at the Tokyo games.

    As with all COVID patients, we wish her well.

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  7. Ding dong I am the Chinese sandman.

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    “The Woo of the Saxon Peoples”

    The Saxons were indigenous to their lands once upon a time in European Continent, long before they assimilated and adopted the Imperialistic ideologies from the religious cults, normalizing that which were not theirs to be had from other indigenous people in other parts of the world through the use of the debt based legal tenders coupled with the military industrial complex. Instead of leaving something of value to the future generation, the current monetary system leaves larger debt burdens.

    “Unraveling the Petro Dollar – Here is What YOU Need to Know!”

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  9. Like

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    1. F Mueller… anyone who hasn’t know for a MINIMUM of 5 years that he’s a pawn, hasn’t been paying attention. He’s been bought and paid for for decades apparently… what do we do Tino??? I’m seriously here to help!


      1. Take it into their teeth at every level. Remember that the MSM doesn’t report the ever-weekly increasing rounds of complaint. Participate in every protest. Our last round in NYC had better than 70K in the streets. And it takes a lot to get NYers into the street given their attitudes. I expect next weekend we will crack 100K.

        School Boards are being en-masse replaced. Get involved.

        Election Boards are being seriously clobbered. Get involved in the integrity of your local election.

        DO NOT COMPLY. And no violence, of course.

        At this point I have been a guest on radio shows x 3 in a major Philadelphia market. I was not kind to the evil leprechaun Fauci, the WHO, the FDA, Doctors, and I was militant on the criminality of masking and vaccinating children.

        Ever heard of PSA – Public Service Announcements. Make a 5 minute video and find out which local cable channels might broadcast it. (Probably do the steps there in reverse.)

        Withdraw your support from ALL that do comply. LET THEM KNOW. It took all of 5 minutes to get most of the Bronx to understand, ExcelsiorPass==NO BUSINESS. Arthur Ave restaurants (it’s a big deal here for Italian food) go thru the motions looking at cards and wink to the nonPass guests.

        Yes, you might spend a night in jail for misdemeanor trespass. I have been physically removed from a local university (no unvaxxed on campus) and they were shocked when I not only refused to comply but that wouldn’t give a Zoom lecture in lieu of proper in-person Grand Rounds, as I was an invited Guest Lecturer as I have the world’s best PTSD results.. Didn’t go to jail, but it it will eventually happen.

        I’m sure you can think of more steps more attuned to your own interests and levels. Make noise. Make them understand how bad these ideas are.

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          1. Had I known I was going to live in a dystopian cross of Dune, 1984, and HP Lovecraft novels, I would have lived my life very differently. But I have really done nothing yet. I am just another infinitesimal increase in the global anger ratchet. You’ll know I really did something, went it ricochets around the planet.

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  11. They won’t be able to walk down the street… Karma is coming

    They Brits give Pelosi a warm welcome.
    The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It Is a “Poison-Death Shot” – LewRockwell

    This is ugly. This is coming.

    One day accountably will come and it will be ugly, because when it does the barbarian mob will have been released and there will be no mercy. These people have no idea of what they have released in mob fury that will come for them all.
    Hello .. is this a turning point ?

    Who pays now with THEIR LIVES? About Time!
    Opinion | This Is How Putin Wins

    Putin Games you all. Ras- Putin at work.

    Mossad assassinated Iran’s top nuclear scientist using an AI-powered, remote-controlled machine gun, report says

    The sooner Iran gets full Nukes the better., Payback and do the world a favour. Finish the job next time!

    The so Diss United states are profiling to secede.
    Why not who wants DC milking you. dry with corruption and stupidity.
    Game up for the Mongrel Pups?

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    1. For Tino, and all Covid challenging parties, Please read what I sent you all via articles.
      On one side the fightback is growing.
      On the other side, the lockdown on vaccines is accelerating.
      Nations are following.
      Is no one listening to the risks?

      What the hell is sticking to their masks and incubating?
      Clearly it’s not brain cells.
      Morons MASK. What the hell are you ingesting from them.
      Use those F brain cells, masks do far more damage.
      When I see a mask, I know I am dealing with Stupid. Sorry but, Butt Heads need head banging.
      Masks ARE for Morons. Wake up! Distancing and hands Yes. Take care. Masks are NO! Masks alone in cars and in empty streets, are you that stupid?
      Look in a mirror, Baaahhh,

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      1. Will do.

        The interesting nexus which will blow up, will be when
        (1)80% vaccinated population account for the majority of the sick
        (2)That same 80% has their vaccine passport
        (3) and they get lockdowned.

        And that would be this winter… because the crazies in power can’t help themselves

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      2. I’m so glad the UK is filing Criminally!! When will the US follow suit?!?! 🤬

        Saw a video about Pelosi’s ice cold welcome… it warmed my heart!!

        As for the masks 🤣 I saw a meme that read “If you’re riding alone in your car with a mask on, you don’t need a Biden sticker… we already know!”

        On a serious note… does anyone know a doctor that would write a “prescription” for my children to not have to mask up in school?!? We don’t do doctors so I really have no rapport with one. I’ve been asking other parents around here with no luck. I’ve told the teachers and faculty that I would take full responsibility for my children’s illness should it arise from them not wearing one.

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    1. This situation is way way way out of line and needs to be stopped immediately. This fight needs to get a whole lot tougher than it currently is to ensure matters of this nature are addressed in a final sense.


  12. John what does this mean? By this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term elimination of Public debt escaping their incompetence and criminality,

    Does this mean they will erase the public (me) debts?Student loans? credit cards?


    1. Hell No, you owe, you pay.
      No one is forgiving Joe Public debts. Sorry- But?
      Either get a higher paid job, or a second extra job, and pay off debts or suffer. Debts drain and kill.
      Stop wanting Stop using cards and work for the goal to get clear. Sorry but, no Fairy Godmother is coming.
      The Zionists stole her.
      Bad news is a Bitch, but Debts don’t go away you pay.
      Yes to a second job and then freedom.


      1. Meh. A reasonable case can be made that nothing real was transferred due to leverage and that as a matter of math not all debt can be repaid until it is squeezed down by the leverage ratio. Additionally there is a known exception in the Law pertaining to involuntary servitude. The debt load is so crushing in many instances that no family unit can be formed by the young, as with student loans. It is not irrational to claim the situation as fraudulent. Reification of debt is not a solution. Plus, as things presently stand it is going to crater anyhow.


  13. And we hope that the decline of zionist power is truly on the horizon because what has been said about them here at WHA has been absolutely correct and many other countries and cultures have tried to desperately rid themselves of this cancer culture that eats all it sees.

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  14. John thank you for your recent update and briefing on cbdc and how you see things playing out with the covid drama. Well received at our sunday group meeting today.


  15. Let’s contribute to that seething.

    HIW posted info on this earlier. It’s no joke. If that mountain slides into the Atlantic, a huge Tsunami could envelop the East coat of the U.S., as well as other Atlantic coastal regions.


  16. This was posted to members by HT on August 27th. I post it here because China has been sending fighter jets daily into Taiwan air space. They had air raid drills this last week in China and this morning 5000 US military spec ops troops were sent to Asia. These are the most highly trained behind the lines type of personel.
    And considering the Milley leaks this week, none of this seems outlandish anymore.
    This week may be the week it all comes unglued.

    August 27 post…..
    Low-level, preliminary negotiations have been completed and an agreement in principle has been reached between the United States and China concerning Taiwan.

    There are approximately 6 people who are aware of this in the United States up until right now.

    China, obviously, is very interested in reclaiming Taiwan and there was some perplexity as to whether the U.S. would come to Taiwan’s defense. Chinese representatives approached American contacts with an interesting proposal two days ago. In a stunning act of arrogance, they informed our contacts that they do, indeed, intend to invade Taiwan, and they suggested that they would tell us the exact date they intend to do this on the condition that we do not relay the information to Taiwan and of course, that we agree not to intervene in the conflict.

    Unbelievably, and this is the reason why I am writing this at great risk to myself, the U.S. President gave instructions to agree to China’s terms. This message was passed along, to which China responded with information concerning their plans.

    The Chinese attack against Taiwan is going to begin at 2:15am local time on September 25, 2021. The plans include two weeks of bombardment followed by an amphibious landing.


    The only proof I can offer you that any of this is fact will be once it happens, and when it does, I suspect you’ll agree about the reason. By doing this, the Biden Administration is committing treason and betraying one of our closest allies. Pray for the people of Taiwan and the people of the world, as it seems we may be headed for one of the darkest chapters in human history.


  17. Trump Called Out Jared Kushner For Being ‘More Loyal To Israel Than The United States’ – REPORT – National File

    What a surprise! They used the fat Clown to free God knows how many seriously crooked Convicted Jewish Criminals on Trumps pardrons. Bribed – Bought off!!!!!
    They used the Grifter to steal the Golan Heights for Kushner,Cheney and a bunch of Israeli Thieves for its Mineral riches, it’s Syrias land.!!!!!!!!
    All they have done is USE the Trumps for gain! Scheming, Evil Bandits played the Brain Dead Chump,
    He thinks they LIKE Him? What a Mutt! Dumbo gets Dumber.

    Or Shove It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. SIGH. It’s long. Read it when bored. The title says it all.

    COVID PCR Test Swabs are as dangerous as inhaling Asbestos
    21. Mai 2021Regenbogenseele

    An experimental physicist and bio-materials researcher examined various PCR test swabs under a microscope and found that the fibres they contain are as dangerous for human beings as inhaling asbestos.

    Professor Antonietta Gatti examined various PCR test swabs and analysed their ingredients. The results showed that they are made of tough materials and contain a large number of nano-particles including silver, aluminum, titanium, and glass fibres. All of which are not declared on the PCR test package insert.

    According to the Professor if these fibres get stuck in the mucous membranes they can cause severe wounds and inflammation. Mucous membranes that are no longer intact can no longer fulfill their role of fending off viruses, bacteria and fungi before they reach the airways. The germs penetrate the respiratory tract without any immune filter. This isn’t good news for those who have been compliant with the authorities rules since the start of the alleged pandemic and take part in regular testing and mask wearing. This is because face coverings are the ideal breeding ground for all types of germs.

    In the laboratory, Professor Gatti used electron microscopy (ESEM and EDS) to analyse various types of swabs, which are used to collect human organic material for PCR diagnostics, in order to check the morphology and chemical composition.

    With a “cotton wool” stick made by Biocomma in Shenzhen, China, it was not possible for Prof. Gatti to determine whether it was made of carbon or cotton. The dirt in the product consisted of calcium corbonate, stainless steel and silicates.

    A brush-like test stick from Manta, China, showed a large number of broken fibers. Carbon, oxygen, silicon, zirconium, sulfur, aluminum, titanium and sodium were found to be components of the sample.

    Another swab from Biocomma appeared to be made of fiberglass, or at least to have a fiberglass coating. Components were carbon, oxygen, aluminum, silicon and titanium. It could not be ruled out that an additional coating was made of organic materials.

    The tip of the applicator of another test stick – FLOQSwabs – was coated with short nylon fibers arranged vertically.

    Prof. Gatti said – “The company explains that the fiber core is made of nylon with a coating of a patented material, which in the analysis, turns out to be silicate-zirconium-titanium. This coating makes the fiber harder so that it is able to tear the mucous membrane. There is a chance that the pressure applied during the smear manoeuvers could break some fibres that remain in situ. When this happens, they can cause a foreign body reaction that can damage the mucous membrane in such a way that breathing and speech are impeded.”

    The tip of the applicator of another test stick – FLOQSwabs – was coated with short nylon fibers arranged vertically.

    Prof. Gatti said – “The company explains that the fiber core is made of nylon with a coating of a patented material, which in the analysis, turns out to be silicate-zirconium-titanium. This coating makes the fiber harder so that it is able to tear the mucous membrane. There is a chance that the pressure applied during the smear manoeuvers could break some fibres that remain in situ. When this happens, they can cause a foreign body reaction that can damage the mucous membrane in such a way that breathing and speech are impeded.”

    According to the analysis by Professor Gatti, the small white dots on the picture of the swab neck are silver nanoparticles – “Silver is a material that is not declared in the manufacturer’s data sheet.”

    Prof. Gatti comes to the following conclusions –

    “The “porcupine” swabs are made from tough fibers. If they scrape on the nasal mucosa, they can damage it, causing a bleeding lesion or, in any case, trauma to the tissue.

    “During the healing process of the mucous membrane, the broken fibers can penetrate the tissue without an opportunity to remove them, causing the formation of a granuloma or fibrotic tissue, as happens with any foreign body.

    The medical devices examined are not completely biocompatible and therefore do not meet the requirements of ISO standard 10993 and the tests required to obtain the CE mark.

    The summary of the professors findings were as follows –

    Swabs are dangerous for the nasopharyngeal mucosa. The glassy fibers, hard and brittle, can scratch the mucous membrane and create lesions. The bleeding is an indication of the invasiveness of the test. Repeated swab testing can produce chronic lesions. The release of fragments of the brittle glassy fibers can cause biological reactions such as granulomas and / or fibrosis of the tissue. These smears pose a risk to the health of infants and children. If the tests are necessary, small and mild smears must be carried out in children

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  19. This fascinating time lapsed video shows the thousands of earthquakes the volcanic area on La Palma island of the Canary island group.

    As it stands now the earthquakes today have increased and become much shallower. This reveals that the molten lava is rising to the surface and could break out in either a volcanic explosion or a flow of lava. Right now the volcano area is on a yellow alert. The earthquakes are mostly in the 2 range but they have had several over 3 in the past 24 hours. Locals are posting videos and photos now showing that the flank has started to separate and cracks are forming in the surface. Coastline dwellers should be alert this week in the event this piece slips off into the ocean.


    1. Tino

      We are reaching a dangerous precipice for the vaccinated and otherwise.
      Dangerous high risk moves by unqualified Politicos are in play. So called “Scientific Advisors”.are all on fat Pharma Retainers, with Gates and Fauci belonging in jail. You voice will be ever more needed.
      Do we “Thalidomide” millions?

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      1. Be assured, nothing moves Ass fast than a F good Sjambocking! See it first hand.
        Live in Africa to understand. Then know how to deal with them worldwide.
        If reason fails, a Sjambok Flails. They get it then. Hard!



    “Several thousand years ago Sun Tzu, in his manuscript of The Art Of War, warned us of our entry into the Vietnam war. He cautions those contemplating war to make certain that if you go to war you must hold the moral high ground or you will lose.
    Early in the Vietnam war Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara called for a study of the war and concluded, along with generals, that the US could not win that war because we did not have the moral majority. Yet that war flourished and millions of people died as a result, probably because of pride. But in the end even the folks back home turned against the war after learning they were being lied to about it.
    The moral majority was always held by the Vietnamese people because they were fighting for their country, their homes and their families. This motivated them to dedicate their lives and the lives of their families for the cause whereas the US had troops there dedicated to only doing their time and leaving the place. Sun Tzu was right.
    Clif High has been educating the world that the lowly majority of the people have a moral right to fight for their very lives. Now with the Covid plandemic no longer are we restricted to a draft of 18 to 24 year olds. Clif’s army now includes 80 year olds with all of in this fight for our lives, freedom, our species and the future of no more warfare.
    Clif is really bolstering our might to win this moral fight and in addition showing us how to make it somewhat as bloodless as possible. He’s giving us the moral strength to do this.”

    The religious cons never had the moral high ground, so we either wait for the parasites to kill the hosts or eradicate them. Russia and China will not feel sorry for us because their own survival is at stake.

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    THIS IS MASSIVE !!! 🚨🚨🚨 Please Share!!! A Member of The FDA Vax Panel Today Said… “We Are Killing More People Than We Are Saving With The Shots”

    “Why not America?”
    America is suffering from the Stockholm syndrome with the religious cons who have been controlling the purse strings.

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  22. John,

    On your comments below, does this mean global settlements are dependent on the outcome of CBDC implementation? In other words, it appears GS now have a backstop of 2025 at the latest date.


  23. In the early morning hours of September 5, 1986, a Pan Am flight carrying 365 passengers from Pakistan to Germany was hijacked by four Palestinian terrorists. As the hijackers boarded the plane and demanded passage to Cyprus, the flight crew was forced to act quickly. The senior air hostess, 22-year-old Neerja Bhanot, swiftly punched in the code for “hijacking” over the intercom, which allowed the pilots to escape from the cockpit unscathed and kept the plane on the ground.

    Over the next 17 hours, Bhanot bravely put her life on the line to save others again and again. When the terrorists demanded the passports of American passengers, presumably to single them out for execution, Bhanot hid their documents, flushing them down the toilet or hiding them under seat cushions. And when the ordeal came to a head and the hijackers began shooting indiscriminately into the aisles, Bhanot flung open the emergency door, allowing hundreds of passengers to jump to safety. She stayed behind to shield three children from gunfire — and was killed in the process. Today we honor her courage.

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    1. A respectful Yes Tino.
      You won’t see that from a Politico.
      Look how fast Heel Spurs ran and hid when the DC demonstrations HE called for started. Ever the Coward.
      3 more years not to have to bite that bullet again.
      Where are the good ones for Gods sake.


      1. Sigh. We are going to forever be at odds on Trump. Preserving one’s life from a Think Tank War is a proper moral choice. Especially given that there may have been only two “just” wars since 1860. And those two are suspect.

        There were 3 demonstrations.

        In the first, with the White House directly threatened, protocol mandated securing the President. He had ZERO choice on that one.

        In the second, he went out over objections, to the Church.

        In the third, he was at the far end of the so-called protest/insurrection, literally 2.5 miles from the action.


        1. Correct, On Trump we will be. Uncouth, unqualified and unfit for the role.
          Kushner’s have ringfenced and played him like a Hog.
          How many bad, seriously bad Convicted Jewish Criminals did he Presidentially Pardon for his pay off.
          He’s a tacky Grifter and no more. A New York Shyster and his Mail Order Brides or Rent Girls, I give you Stormie and more. Cohen did time to shield this Swine. As have more. A Mongrel Dog.


  24. Like

    1. That was wonderful AJ, thank you for sharing that.

      Tony is not allowed view this video as he has no time for dilly dallying at the moment lol. Although, I bet he does lol.


  25. These protest videos are ripping good stuff to get a realistic idea of how ancient Roman combat must have really looked like. I can imagine the crowd being the legionaries, breaking through a thinly held skirmish line with orders to hold till death. Imagine what that would have looked like, but with the blood and gore, and none of the skirmishers rising to wonder what the hell just happened.

    And that’s one of Britain’s more polite welcomes for a US politician!

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    1. Re your first link Tony, things are heating up hear. This was a ripper protest and of course it was the Victorians that pulled it off. They are a very different breed down there but I admire the action they are taking lately. This will not stop. It will become more and more heated. So, that boils down to…. Ya ain’t seen nothin yet. Rip the bastards a new one brothers and sisters.

      I loved that last link too. Good on them. Go the poms.

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    1. You bloody bet Tino. Ripper protest. Things will get bigger and better from here. Keep an eye on it. Love the Aussie spirit when we get really pI??ed off.

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  26. Suggested Reading for all.

    Reality Check – Hello?

    Here Commeth the Truth for many and what a Wake Up Call.

    In Europe, and the world to follow, after the trials of the CBDCs with South Korea, London and China, the schedule is set for a Global Digital Currency World by the start of 2025. Whether Europe or America can sustain themselves until then is another issue. What is clear is that Vaccine passports have much less to do with YOUR Health, but for more to do with much more with population control. To think you need such a passport to buy Petrol from a Gas station in Slovenia confirms everything. And perhaps now as people there demonstrate, they will realize they are fighting to be free. They will attempt this Draconian control in every country in Europe. They will fail, but the damage of State, Police and Bankers Tyranny with their attempted Socialist State communism, will leave a long ugly scar as their systems collapse.

    Now, the Socialist Commie Czar US is visibly behind this push, but the ramp up is clear and coming worldwide. At YOU! The automated clearinghouse (ACH) system is changing to allow direct deposits from non-banks – i.e. Big Tech in repayment for censorship (We have written about this before where the promise to get the incumbent Idiot Donald to give Big Tech their desired reward, at the expense of Commercial Banks). On December 23, 2019, there was approval of modifications to the Federal Reserve Banks’ National Settlement Service and Fedwire Funds Service to support enhancements to the same-day ACH service to prepare for digital currencies. On September 25, 2020, the Board amended the implementation date for certain modifications. They are preparing for a New, REAL Digital currency, but this means two things.

    By this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term elimination of Public debt escaping their incompetence and criminality, (Or America Dies) in which case there will no longer be Primary Dealer Banks, and hence therefore Thank God, no need to bail out the Incestuous Goldman type Banks when they blow up in trading, assuming they will still be allowed to trade in the future. The same thing will hold true in Europe. There is this belief (MMT modern money theory) that debt does not matter as with a digital currency you print to your heart’s content and no one knows, so why does it matter? The slight problem with this is that both Russia and China have told the Globalist WEF to piss off. So we can expect tensions, because they will try to subdue them by hook or crook. Even to the extent of going to war. Either party might refuse to supply any goods to the Digital currency crowd, sending them into never never land. Do you not think that there is a reason why China is building silos for Nukes at a frantic pace. Or why they just did a siren test in their cities for fear of attack. This Globalist crowd needs America as the attack foil to execute their plan and will fail without it. In the end, it will not matter. Russia has the wherewithal to render America silent and dead within 30 minutes. It will do everything possible to try and avoid such a direct encounter. But pushed to the brink, they will strike, even if they take the US punishment that will come. The Pentagon does not get this. Have they ever? America is La La Land. Naïve!

    With an Arse like Biden as its Lead, what does that tell you? Un-Real!

    We can only hope sanity returns. That will require another sets of changes, far different than the path we are currently on. As it is, our societies and cultures are massively damaged from their attempt at absolute control. It will take time, planning and new levels of Digital capital to rebuild.

    Once the Fed moves to create its own digital currency, it will no longer be the independent entity it was supposed to be. Welcome to the new 21st century of a Hybrid Central Bank, end of primary dealers, and the elimination of Government Debt. Just ponder the impact to Banking in general. There is a reason why Twitter has a bank license.

    Of course this is for your security, so you will be told. It’s so that you Mutts do not revolt when their Government system collapses. Banks do not see this end coming. This is no light in the tunnel, it is a freight train that will slaughter them. Digital currencies will mean you have no control over your money and wealth. Discretion will not be yours anymore. Just ask anyone who lived through the Soviet era. Living in a self absorbed Reality TV world, Joe Public Sheeple Brains do not see this coming. Ignorance is their Bliss. Until…Bang!

    At the flick of a switch, Centuries of Zionist Jewish Manipulation, Theft and Hegemony will be removed. We can and WILL seize it All Back. They will be Gone! Finished. About time!

    The Sheeples road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these Globalists are fighting to retain power in the middle of their unsustainable debt House of Cards collapsing. Much like Debt is eating China beneath the surface while their exports shrink. COVID passes are all about control – not health. Is not Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline about control, if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated, no gasoline. Soon enough they will try no food or medical attention. Do you really think that clipboard carrying folks in Toronto trying to get Dentists to sign up for not providing care to non vaccinated people is random? They will not stop until the public wakes up enough to give them the boot. In some countries, this will be at the polling booths (provided they do not use Dominion voting machines to alter the vote) and in other cases it will be the public mob that carries them out. Watch for sane leadership steering through this. It will be the safest places to reside. When this falls flat, we will see National Currencies restored. Pay attention to Populist Candidates who want your vote, as they likely are the more honest and at least THINKING! Not one of us will escape the impact of what is coming, so please prepare yourself for the realities of what IS coming for and at YOU!.

    There will be no return to normal, we have left Kansas for good. This will be obvious when 3rd quarter results are reported.

    This IS the Beginning of the End of Socialist America, and the smug EU. Apocalypse is coming for the Goyim hating Zionists. Deservedly.

    Banks Compliance Tyranny will die along the new, incoming Tech controlled Appian Way. On every cross, a squealing Banker. We WILL collect!

    But the new Digital Money will leave you nowhere to hide. Recalled by a switch. Hello? Think it out? Sequestration of the Zionist Spawn Nation. Wake up time at the Zoo. You thought the Suits were ever working for you? What now, for the soon about to become Obsolete, Global Oligopoly Banking Jew? We are so coming after you! Nowhere to hide then. Recovery! Central IT control.

    “Oy Vey!! You Mean We Gotta Voik Now???”

    Switch On or be Switched Off. Dreamland is ending. What then, when it all goes Digital, for you?

    Dinarians, Dong gamblers, and Money Changers, it’s over. The House of Cards is coming down. Welfare funded by Who? Who then feeds the Human Zoo? Why?

    Real calls. Digital REALITY. Hello? It means what for you? Think it through. Reality check time.

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    1. The kill job started by the 43rd was completed by the 45th. We are at the point of no return. All the breadcrumbs were eaten by the religious fakes. America has no leadership to find the path into the future. DJT was the con, and he did what he was supposed to do for the religious cons. Sooner people realize it, better off they will be. The left right paradigm was the biggest illusion. The USA has been controlled by the global communists.


      1. The FRB was started by the gold stolen from Romanoff, or so I heard. That gold has been stolen by the Deep State, Bush CIA, the banking cartel. Romanoff and religious fakes/cons are arch enemies that goes back long history. All of us cought the tail end of the cross-fire inadvertently. I know, knowing their history, why Russian will not allow the same history repeated. The same goes for China. Communism did not originate there. It was implanted by Mao Zedong, skull and bone.They lost millions of people while the West enjoyed good and stable life. I can understand why they have prepared their countries not to repeat the history. The West cannot relate to their hardships.

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        1. “President Of Brazil Just Said NO ! General Milley In His (Red Star) Uniform”

          Montagraph said in the above video that XRP will be the last crypto standing. It will be tied to our credit ratings or credit worthiness that are derived from the insurance ratings. This will be the social score equivalent.

          The jab records patent was applied from Milan, Italy in 2016 according to Montagraph in another video, cannot remember which one anymore though. I have heard Algorand keeps health information on the block chain.

          Let’s see how civil disobedience will be able to undo the globalists’ totalitarian plan with the second amendment. If not, the African Continent where the jab rate is around 1 percent of the population. There is an island near the continent where I maybe able to flee to.

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    2. John what does this mean? By this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term elimination of Public debt escaping their incompetence and criminality,

      Does this mean they will erase the public (me) debts?Student loans? credit cards?


  27. Why China is developing a game-changing thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor

    Goodbye Oil and Gas Moguls. Goodbye Arab Moguls.
    AUKUS submarine deal with sealed at the G7 summit

    The sneaky Brits and Americans stitched up the French with a new Australian Sub deal right under heir noses at the UK G7 conference.
    Armed Forces to trial laser weapons for the first time

    Now at the speed of light the Brits will send you into the night.
    Star Wars now Star here.
    China is on course to build the best cars in the world

    This will cripple the US, Japs, Germans and UK.
    Dr. Ayesha Khanna: How London could transform into a smarter city – RBC Wealth Management

    Huge implications now.
    Love it, every Brit now looks at France and waves 2 fingers.

    You laugh as you wave on illegals to us. Jeez the size of this contract and we took it from right under your noses. Loving it.
    Submerged and dangerous. That’s the Brits.They didn’t even see it coming. A US, Aussie and Brit Stitch Up. That will hurt.
    Too every Brit, that’s Xmas. Skewering the Frogs. Right under their noses, we took down their Panti Hoses.
    What a Coup.

    Britain is warned it WON’T escape being targeted by France
    This IS real, it IS here and It’s now. We won’t fast fix this and some Clown failed to plan.Why? Fabrication will suffer. As will all. Jesus, a Pub with no beer? Plan fast for this now. Factor in back up.

    Crisis talks after soaring gas prices spark food shortage fears
    Gangsters are jailed for 101 years after chasing and fatally stabbing NHS worker, 24, with Rambo knives and machetes ‘for the sake of it’ while hunting random victims in east London rivals’ territory

    David Gomoh, 24, was chased and knifed at least nine times as he spoke to his girlfriend on the phone near his home in Canning Town, east London, on April 26 last year.

    This is the Feral Shit we have loose here. Breeding, Raping and killing. We need Vaccines. It will stop their breeding, crime and welfare feeding.
    See what happens after we threaten to cut the Subsidies off these Bastards. Free riding Bums, the lot.

    France stops two-thirds more migrant boats after threat of funding cut

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  28. As ever more historically researched information is now published about the Trump Administration, we see how Melania and even Barr so often saved this low IQ, loose Cannon Ox from further humiliation. History will portray this Chump as evidence of Americas visible decline from JFK down. Epoch moments of crass stupidity.
    While this petulant Man Child ( Small hands and a 30 seconds Cannon record according to Stormies evidence) seems more focused on extracting revenge for Bidens dismissal of his second term, the Half Wit Mutt needs to survive the Media exposures coming, Litigation, ongoing corruption investigations, a Hotel portfolio in decline, and a deteriorating mental issue. Three years to go. Enough time for America to find real, genuine quality, pre vetted, intellectually competent candidates, and with the professional standing to address America’s so many now visible Political shortcomings and corruption. In three more years of economic decline, will there be a Federal Rat pack still in charge as Debt envelopes the combined States? CBDCs will annihilate the Petro Dollar.
    With collective Feral Administrations, unwieldy Military and Welfare budgets, America seems cursed with an Electorate majority visibly possessing less intellectual reasoning capacity on both sides, than a Chimps Tea Party. Who arrests the ongoing decline of this self absorbed, failing Disneyland Empire, as the world turns its back on America?
    Who cries for candidates fit for purpose? Call time!
    Watching the manic ramblings of this narcissistic Shrek demeans America. MUST-DO-BETTER! New Matra- Quality FFS! No more Shreks or Bidens. With a Redneck plus contributor following level greater than the Popes, worry more about what’s loose with a vote! Ignorance,clearly sells.
    As Americas fiscal decline accelerates, it’s no time to pass the Buck, to a Grifting, untrained Mongrel Pup.
    Try screening first? Now that would be a first. New Rules – No more visible Fools?
    What breaks next on 4 years of this Fool? Records! Evidence.


    1. I honestly don’t know where you get this stuff. From the outside this looks like unwarranted confirmation bias.

      Massive sabotaging of Trump by those closest to him is how it all reads to the rest of us. Technically, many are guilty of Treason as Domestic Enemies.

      There is NO POINT, where Barr saved Trump from anything. Remember this? He was f’ing duty bound to investigate. If anything, after due process, Barr should hang for his Crimes.

      This does not excuse errors of Trump’s Admin, Kushner, etc, the Pardons, etc. But Trump did immense good. And right now, despite protestations, Trump is the only candidate that you can use to unify the Nation behind. Even if only as a monkey wrench in the works.

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      1. A monkey wrench to the head would be more appropriate. The sadness is that it comes down to a Dork like this.
        If so,America is lost.


    1. Yes. In the under 40 population “long COVID” is merely non-specific symptoms that randomly come and go at the level we’ve all seen for years. Over 50, seems to be a different story. Some are, in fact, flattened.


      1. Tino…since when has mask wearing, lockdowns, jabs and jab pass been about Covid?… this whole damn mess, just like you have stated from the start, could have been over by now if the response would have been about real science and health… it was a plan put in place well before the virus was leaked… In My Opinion anyway.


        1. If they are not stopped, they want to keep this freak show going year after year. Hopefully people start nothing the insanity before they get their way to kill 95 percent of the population.


          1. It’s actually closer to 92.5% of the population, but bad. Transhumanism will bring it on. It will be phased over a century. The Third World will be hit badly. Israel will embed The Rotts are all over China.


  29. Some quick comments for the weekend.

    I wish to thank those of you who sent me your confidential reports of your recent update experiences within your currency groups. I assure you, on the honor of my ancestors’ remains under the seven hills of Rome, your identities are kept as confidentially veiled as a vestal virgin’s honey cup.

    The following applies to legitimate currency groups. NOT individual speculators, or broker chains which formed after a poker game at a local Rotary Club.

    There are only two outcomes of course. Transactional success, or failure. Meaning, your years of receiving continual information on hoped-for timelines, and all the prep-work expense, was either engaged in at the behest of a bona fied party who had unquestionable authority to engage their stated purpose, or the entire thing was a roll of the dice, and given impetus by a dubious, time-wasting assemblage of bloviating yahoos, who are about to hand you almost a decade of “Oops, sorry, it didn’t work, and we are just now letting you know. The boogeymen just would not let us transact. Go home now, and we hope you enjoyed how we wasted your time”.

    As the Furies are my witness, the opinions on what is actually happening and the chances of outcomes remains extremely polarized. There is no single chorus of unified voices which all agree on either a positive, or negative, outcome. Only the passage of time, or an act to shut it all down, will reveal what is truly about to happen.

    Since most of you reading this are NOT in groups, it is of no consequence. We mention this only because it has been discussed off and on over the life of this site; has been viewed in both a favorable and unfavorable light, and is an activity which will be the last bastion of hold outs from this extended process which has, by now, exhausted the youth and health of the parties involved – a tragic outcome in and of itself. No amount of money can re-purchase your years of anticipation should it come to nothing.

    As to the GS, we can only say that there is much going on which has to remain out of the public eye. There is no possible way to know much more until it is conveyed to us. We have covered the impact of these processes many times in the past, so we won’t re-hash it here. These settlements have no direct speculative consequence to your purse, although we are told that possible spin-offs are hopefully planned, which may. They have been described as some pretty exciting things, many of them crypto-based, and with a first mover advantage.

    But, here is the rub with that. The time from a GS conclusion to the assemblage of such an effort to be properly presented could be quite a while. There is no telling. It remains a continually shifting, amorphous quantity of “who knows when?”, involving a continuous squabble over who gets the most after stroking the hardest; a true battle royal with the potential to do a lot of good, but continually having to deflect the claws of international banking Jews who won’t easily relinquish their world-wide usurious exsanguination of nations. Of course, to harmless law abiding Jews, who reject such extreme practices, we intend no disrespect whatsoever.

    The only real-time, viable, paying pathway we have assisted with continues to be digital assets, or cryptos. Both the list we have suggested, and your individual choices outside of this list have produced real results for many of our readers. We have heard of school loans being paid off; life ruining usurious debts being killed off; tuition being met; new home improvements; medical and dental bills paid; housing upgrades made possible; retirement accelerated; wife and/or husband upgrades, etc. Thank you for sharing these stories, both here and privately. We are anticipating continuing rises in prices as adoption and regulatory issues continue to progress.

    The future looks very bright, as we have timed our entry ahead of billions of people who will, as with the Internet, become swept up in the inevitable injection of technical transactional efficiency, which emergent people always universally adopt if they wish to remain viable, and the economic benefits which accompany such moves will fall unto the bold who recognized what was coming, and were ready for it.

    With respect to all the things mentioned above, the passage of time will settle, once and for all, what was real, and what was not. WHA is here to watch and assist with the understanding of it as best we can.

    We may move to a new thread in October.

    Lastly, what’s a week without a song for Aurataya? Here is Australia’s own, devilishly talented in all respects, Tal Wilkenfeld.

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    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you so much for taking the time you have in sharing this message, it is always greatly appreciated and even more so considering your current time constraints.

      You are way ahead of me in the Oz music scene as I have never heard of Tal Wilkenfeld. I thought I was going to listen to some type of lovely classical music but you surprised me big time with this one. I really enjoyed it though, lyrics were awesome. Love the wild hair too.

      So nice to gain these wonderfully written and informative weekly message/music treats again but I know your time these days does not always permit that. Thank you for your trouble Tony.

      Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend which includes a decent portion of relaxation time.

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    1. AJ

      America needs to half its gross Military spending.
      Slash its ridiculous Welfare budgets. Let the Bleeding Hearts fund them. Their hand is always in your pockets. Deport ALL illegals. Go hard on crime. Hard Time. Cages!
      Close at least 500 Foreign bases. Stop employing Contractors!
      Mine the borders! Boom! Gotchya.
      Ban Lobbyists!
      Ban Political funding Racketeering. Prohibit Jews buying or funding Political offices. Kill the Oath of Loyalty to Khazarville- Dead! Boot everyone with a second Israeli passport out. Deport them!
      Stop all State procurement rackets. Plus so much more.
      FEMA Camp illegals and Deport.

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    1. For a long time now I have been wishing to find a good portion of private time to explore this digital art world. I have always been a little on the arty side and wanted to see what I could create. I do hope I get the chance one day. Thanks Tony.

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  30. With Critical Race Theory in place to effect a genocide against European white Americans, the replacements are inbound. No effort is being made to secure our border.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this video AJ, much appreciated.

      Clive Palmer tends to be a bit of a joke to many in Aus and has certainly been involved in some shady business practices. I will say that I personally consider him to be a man that does speak out on many occasion and does express a good measure of truth in certain instances.

      The political party Clive started, The United Australia Party is getting a bit of a makeover just now and he has placed a man by the name of Craig Kelly in as leader. Craig Kelly really expresses a lot of truth in my opinion, particularly where this vaccine bs and real cures are concerned. He has been severely ostracized for doing that too. The other major political parties have really tried to make him look like an utter nutcase as far as the general public perceive him but I know he is not.

      The United Australia Party members certainly are a breed of their own and could be referred to reflect the “Aussie Battler’ style image. They have not had great success here to date but I consider they will achieve better results in the next Federal election as most here have had enough of the usual two party corrupt bs. The UAP just have to be very very careful where their preference votes are directed.

      From the knowledge I have regarding the subject matter of this video, I consider he is most certainly expressing the truth and I am very pleased someone in this country has had the guts to publicly express it. And that rude reporter speaking to Palmer needs to learn some manners when requesting information. I would boot that bugger out of every future press conference if I was Clive.


        1. CBDCs will start the Crash Tino.
          It will also end the Tyranny of the Banks.
          Within just 3 years, all you know faces dramatic change.Seismic.
          Thorium Reactors and Hydrogen will slash energy costs. But end Petro /Gas Giants and end Petro Dollars.
          No Petro Taxes? So who then funds the 4 squares Guts of the Pentagon, and Princes Contract killers for hire?
          Who funds that Turkey gobbling Beltway? When CBDCs come in, Big Tech will Not fund Welfare.That game is up.


          1. “No Petro Taxes?”… Is that the reason for the carbon tax they are shuffling around?… tax you per mile driven?… I am sure they will find some way to make up the tax revenue.


  31. Liked by 1 person


    “The paradigm is subsumed; the Universe does not allow total domination. Woo-time is too powerful for the Deep State. Be very careful-we are living through very dangerous times. Communists are psychopaths and sociopaths; they are clever but not intelligent.”

    “Jim’s Rant For The Day. Major News Stories Out Yesterday.
    Several news stories broke yesterday indicating the Deep State is indeed in peril. The first was from Clif High indicating his prior linguistics projection that the Main Street News would be overwhelmed by the Alternative News drops. He says that is indeed now the case and the MSNM can no longer ignore those stories nor counter them. He reinforces his prediction that by the third week in October the MSNM will be gone.
    Special Counsel John Durham arrested a Clinton Campaign attorney, after an indictment, for his involvement in the Russian Hoax news reports against sitting President Trump at the beginning of his presidency. This clearly makes Hillary and her co-harts in the Clinton Foundation the main targets for Treason against Trump by impeding his office as President. The Deep State was hoping the Russian Hoax has disappeared but now it is clearly center ring.
    The next news story is a double header. One by Jim Stone suggests the Street Rapper/celebrity Nike Minaj may be shaking awake a lot of Woke fans into questioning the Vax clot shot, all while Mike Adams is suggesting that Biden is terrifying the Deep State operatives by his coxyness with Communist Chine. Adams suggests the operatives now fear for their jobs and lives if China does take down the U. S.
    Getting back to Clif High, the above news stories are ones that Joe Scarborough must try to counter today and in doing so exposes those stories to even more people that are asleep. Thus the MSNM will be destroying itself.”


  33. _______
    Cabinet minister: Vaccine-dodging variant will prompt lockdown

    Now this IS a curved ball grenade we need to keep the damned pin in.
    We CAN’T afford more lock downs, but now the Jerks we allows as Leaders, have seen what utter and pathetic Jerks the Sheeple truly are. idiotic rules may be enforced with calamitous consequences
    Cabinet minister: Vaccine-dodging variant will prompt lockdown
    RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Boris Johnson must hope he catches Joe Biden on a good day

    When Kingdoms rely on the whims of an Arsehole.
    Australia Continues Its Plunge Into Authoritarianism And Military Brinkmanship | by Caitlin Johnstone | Sep, 2021 | Medium

    Is down under just going down?

    Someone should take time to write a book analyzing the fall of Australia.
    Not only is Australia suffering from insane lockdowns; the sheer tyranny against its’ citizens is fascist in nature. Couple that with increased military debt spending and a falling trade value with their largest trade partner China, one cannot help but wonder how they will remain solvent.
    Free market capital simply will avoid Australia and their currency will decline in value as will their living standard. As for tourism and the like, it is gone as Australia is fly over country. Real capital investment will be in other parts of Asia but not in Australia. A simple indication of changing trade is that Australian beef now is a regular staple at Whole Foods in Toronto whereas before it was non existent on shelves.
    I really feel for friends there as they have become prisoners in their own country. One day we might see a string of refugees seeking safe haven elsewhere much like has been seen before in too many nations.
    Lt. Col’s Resignation Letter Goes Viral: Bashes Biden’s ‘Unethical, Immoral And Tyrannical’ Vaccine Mandate | The Daily Wire

    Rebellion in the Ranks?

    Kudos to the Col
    [video src="" /]
    Covid-19 deaths are 58 times higher than this time last year |


    Very revealing ….
    Crypto Exchange Coinbase Announces $2000000000 Capital Raise Amid SEC Lawsuit Threat
    Horrendous and heartbreaking. The ignorance of Religions. She needs to get LIFE!

    Muslim doctor charged with female genital mutilation is seen in court
    World Bank Abandons ‘Doing Business’ Report After Probe Finds IMF Boss Cheated China’s Ranking Higher | ZeroHedge

    And you would trust this type of deceitful leadership on a digital currency? Only a fool or a desperate cornered going out business nation would lie in bed with this group. The board should fire her to retain credibility or not.
    One should not wonder why creditability of such groups is falling. It is not just falling, it is goin into the toilet. And yes, she is highly pushed by Klaus at the WEF. What’s the old saying, you are known by the company you keep; or sleep with dogs and live with flies? We are seeing confidence fall in almost all governmental or official organizations as the public loses trust. Such revelations are very long lasting and cause future effects well beyond the disclosure.
    As for China, rose colored glasses will not change the reality of a lying tyrannical CCP ruling the country at the expense many stakeholders and to the detriment of the Chinese public. As their real debt problems come to surface many parties will find their amour with China will become sour.

    Racketeering ahead.

    Wow, One right up the Knickers for the EU.
    Scott Morrison laughs off moment Joe Biden FORGOT his name on live TV during nuclear submarine announcement – and reveals the US President’s friendly nickname for him

    The senile slip-up happened during a virtual press conference on Thursday morning to announce a new alliance between the Australia, the US and the UK.

    This is how the world sees an American Imbecile!

    Virus Surveillance is now both key and vital
    Nowhere to run and hide now for the Duke of Pork now is there? His TV interview was disastrous for him here. If he’s lied the roof falls on him.
    You think you have problems. Scorcheard earth faces him. Roasted alive. If he’s found to be lying the world drops on him.

    Virginia Roberts’s lawyers release photo of papers being posted


  34. Dear vaccinated,
    We did not take your freedom. The government did.
    We are not holding your freedoms at ransom. The government is.
    If we are a danger to you, then your vaccine doesn’t work.
    If it does, then you should already be free.
    The government has lied to you.

    I am a surgeon in southwestern Ontario. On September 23, as a result of vaccine mandates, I will no longer be able to enter the hospital. My hospital based practice is given over to skin cancer (large resections with flap coverage) and trauma.

    I have over 200 patients already booked in clinic that will be left orphaned as there are currently only 2 plastic surgeons for 450000 people.

    This is a metaphorical hill I am prepared to die on. My privileges at the hospital will be revoked which will result in an automatic notification to my licensing body.

    My son, in his last year of computer science, will likely lose his year as a result of refusing the jab.

    One of the nurses phoned me last weekend inquiring as to possibility of referral to a psychologist/psychiatrist for her husband to go on stress leave-he is a nurse who works in the cath lab. The final straw for him was the 23 year old who came in with code STEMI 3 days post 2nd Moderna jab. He has many other stories of post jab MI’s etc. The neurologists are labelling post jab strokes as “embolic stroke of unknown etiology”. The cardiologists don’t even want to discuss the possibility of subclinical myocarditis in the vaccinated.

    My licensing body (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) has ruled that I cannot say anything negative regarding masks, lockdowns, and vaccines.

    Informed consent is a joke. With removal of a simple cyst, I have to detail the potential complications of bleeding, infection, spread scar, hypertrophic scar, recurrence, and the issues of scar maturation over time. This is a bare minimum. With the jab (administered by nurse or physician), “please sign here that you consent to be jabbed and have your name entered in a database”-that’s it because the jab is “safe and effective and no steps have been skipped in its development”.

    I am the progeny of holocaust survivors. I recognize Nazi Germany circa 1932 very well. It is difficult for me to swallow the cognitive dissonance of the Israeli government. People are starting to fight back. Twenty local EMS workers are refusing the jab.

    The local police and firefighters are having a silent demonstration this weekend. You can feel the change in the air. However, the opposition are all in. They have no choice now but to see it to the end. If the public finds out what they have done, lynching won’t even begin to cut it.

    I am not violent. I have spent my entire adult life caring for people in distress and consider it an honor to have been able to do so. But, as mentioned here and elsewhere, all it would take would be the elimination of 100 people and this would all be over. Here, in Canada, we are very far away from that place.

    I have friends in the US who are retired special forces. They are closer to that place but not yet there. We shall see.

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    1. Wow. This is really crazy. I’m not pro-vaccine and try and measure pros and cons when a vaccine is “offered”. I went decades and always refused the Flu shot.

      I was diagnosed with auto-immune several years ago. I knew something wasn’t right but had no idea what the culprit was. I would have a burning sensation in my lungs when I would complete a run. Finally got diagnosed. In the mix was pulmonary fibrosis so when covid began claiming victims, I was deeply concerned. Loss a very good friend last year to covid. He was healthy, Had history of pneumonia but otherwise healthy. But covid took him down and ended up killing him.

      So when the vaccine (Pfizer) became available, hesitantly, i signed up and took it. Both. And by the grace of the Almighty, I suffered no ill effects. My wife as well.

      But I’m 100% against the mandate. It should be YOUR choice. This push solidifies for me what’s down the road. That which was written thousands of years ago, “that no man might buy or sell save he that has the mark”. Unlike many, I’m by no means saying this mandate and the vaccine is the “mark of the beast” but its the precedence that’s being set in all of this.
      The stripping away of citizen’s freedoms. Pushing for proof of vaccination to have employment, go to events, restaurant’s and even buy food. Now that they have this is in place, how easy will it be for them to dictate what’s acceptable and what’s not.

      Look what they did to President Trump. Regardless of how you feel about the man, he was sitting President and they silenced his voice, pushed false allegations against him and stole the election from under him.

      IMHO, the United States of yesterday is no more. Ungodliness, hate, anarchy rules the day. BLM and ANTIFA under the ruse of “peaceful protests”. There is no standard. Everyone now decides what’s right based on their own thoughts, no matter how corrupt and wicked that may be. And then they get “elected”.

      Tino – so sorry for your plight. I hope and pray the wave of wickedness being pushed in the name of “safety” will be stemmed and halted.


  35. Liked by 1 person

    1. HIW
      Add no Jobs in Healthcare, Travel, ,the Cities, Stores or Deliveries next without the Vax. No sports stadiums. It’s all coming. Imposition is their mission.


      1. It’s completely irrational and the fear is wearing thin…. and the vaxxes don’t work… …and adhesions are ILLEGAL all across Western Civ… judges ARE taking notice… …and you can’t manage the complexity… and you can’t prohibit healthy people from travelling… and the vaxxed are going to be severely ill this winter while the unvaxxed are going to sail thru… and already business is crumping across the land as positions go unfilled… we simply are NOT going to get vaxxed… and there is ZERO reason to attach ANY activity to vaxxing… and eventually a small subset WILL respond with extreme violence… and no, the violence WON’T be random, but highly targeted — and when it happens — leaderless, random, and with full popular support — just imagine the fireworks if Fauci took it between the eyes or if Pfizer headquarters burned to the ground – dare I name the politicians who are now persona non grata across many a Land — try walking around with a 300 yard cordon All the F’ing Time…. it’s coming…

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  36. After capturing and burning Washington D.C. in August 1814, the British set their sights on Baltimore. As 5,000 British soldiers approached the city from the south, a 19-ship British naval squadron sailed toward it up the Chesapeake Bay. But to reach the city by water, the British would first have to get past Fort McHenry and the 1,000 American soldiers defending it.
    Early on the morning of September 13, the British flotilla began shelling the fort with rockets, mortars, and cannon.

    When the attack began, a 35-year-old lawyer named Francis Scott Key was aboard a vessel in the harbor, negotiating for the release of an American being held prisoner by the British. From aboard the ship he watched anxiously as the British rockets and shells rained down on the fort throughout the day. After nightfall, the streaking rockets and exploding shells would occasionally illuminate the American flag flying above the fort—proof that the defenders were fighting on and had not surrendered. But as dawn began to break, Key strained to see. Was the flag still there?
    That morning the defenders in the fort ran down the tattered flag that had been flying since the bombardment began and ran up an oversized flag used for ceremonial purposes. As the sky brightened, Key was thrilled when he saw the flag flying defiantly over the Fort. An amateur poet, he quickly began to scratch out a poem on the back of an envelope. Titled “The Defense of Fort McHenry,” the poem begins “O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming…,” concluding the first stanza with “O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

    Afterwards, Key set his poem to the music of a popular British drinking song and, renamed “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the tune became a popular patriotic anthem. So popular, in fact, that in 1931 it was adopted by Congress as the official national anthem of the United States.

    The defenders of Fort McHenry saved Baltimore, turning back the British fleet, which next sailed to New Orleans and another appointment with destiny.

    The conclusion of the Battle of Fort McHenry, and the episode which inspired “The Star-Spangled Banner,” occurred on September 14, 1814, two hundred seven years ago today.

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  37. Just as the CMO of NHS’s head has not been chopped off for his HCQ decision — I’m still waiting–, at what point do you roast the Oxford-AstraZenica crew –> UK ONS data reveals 30,305 people dead within 21 days of the shot. Official United Kingdom Office for National Statistics data reveals 30,305 people died within 21 days of shot in England during first 6 months of 2021.

    And you didn’t stop vaccinating? So much for the standard that a vaccine has to be at least 100x less dangerous than the disease….

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    1. That issue becomes ever more perplexing Tino. Now the Third shot, the booster, starts next week. Pfizer to be added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one is minding the safety store.


  38. @Gary Young

    Thank you for the kind words, but anyone not vested-in-the-system could see what was happening. What threw me for a loop is the catastrophic collapse across the board of medical honesty. Of course, Pfizer et al, have all lied. NONE of the vaccines were effective. In the Pfizer trial, a category of “suspected COVID” was never properly quantified. Had it been included in the results “vaccine efficacy”, which is just Relative Risk Reduction, would have cratered to between 19% and 39%, essentially useless for purpose. I’ve watched PH UK publish data, without every doing a single proper analysis of vaccinating into a pandemic, on the down slope, even as Farr’s Law zeroed out the Alpha ‘Variant’ and attributing to the “vaccine” what Farr’s Law accomplished.

    It’s time for everyone to pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and withdraw all your support from the established institutions and orders.

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  39. Christine, please. The world has had enough of your gas.

    Slowly, the inexorable replacement of anything large and centrally run on an inefficient basis is going to continue and accelerate. The lesser developed countries are now going to compete on a more even basis with the giants, because technology will give them that opportunity. They won’t have to wait for the IMF to help them. That kind of ‘help” they can do without. Useless, bloated, parasitical banking cartel worms.

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  40. The real RV.

    This image of about 8200 people is about the same number of Union and Confederate dead/wounded in the Miller Cornfield during the battle of Antietam in 1862, and the day was just getting started.

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