Comes the Hour. Comes the Man

88 BC. General Sulla Arriving in Rome Under Arms to Bring Order. Never the Emperor – Always the Emperor Maker.

Another year is upon us.

What we can disclose at this time is that we cannot disclose anything in great detail. But, rest assured, what you cannot see is looking back at you.

A dynastic alliance, formed to reshape the future without the need for profiting off of human misery, is in possession of the means, the advantage and the guidance to assert itself on the world’s stage.

These alliances are also building in other directions. A recent message for our leading key German supporters is as follows:

Kommt die Stunde.

Kommt der Mann.

Das nächste Mal werden sich Mutterland und Vaterland vereinen und nicht gegeneinander kämpfen

(Comes the hour. Comes the man. Next time, Motherland and Fatherland will unite and not fight against each other.)


While almost the entirety of Earth is laboring under a Kakistocracy which itself is under the influence of a parasitically oriented, international clique of rootless opportunists, the aforementioned alliance is tasked with offering an alternative. Only significant power can overcome a significant problem. Anything less capable of doing so is doomed from the start.

Presently, more details are not possible. Hopefully soon they will be.

But, overseeing all of this is a special collective group also advancing Trans-Humanism planning to have life expectancies reaching to c200 years, so as not to lose such valuable knowledge and wisdom, in order to take humanity forwards to a new level of ethereal and cosmic consciousness. With the applied sciences of those 200 years, what will then be possible? Formal Religions will fail and fall. But, will be replaced by a higher consciousness of being more, and soul values.

So much is unfolding.    

The current scene society is faced with is disastrous – bordering on catastrophic. You all see it. With applied research, you will find the malignant hand of the Goyim enslavers all over it, and their Talpiot tentacles burrowing deep into most critical structures and information hierarchies.  Spying on all they presume to own as masters of the Goyim web; the nations they covet and the damage they do. The tracking oversight knows all.  Scheme as they may, there will come their day. 

Increasing energy and healthcare costs pushing people out of their homes. Pension funds are facing a looming crisis. Most plans were structured for actuarial function up to around 70-75 years. People are reaching into their 90’s and even 100’s in greater numbers. Who will make up the differences?

Military spending is absorbing resources which could provide for the education and healthcare of many who otherwise go without. What good is funding large standing armies when drones and precision nukes have rendered their open maneuvering virtually obsolete? Waste. Ending the Military Industrial Cabal to instead focus on excellence and trade, would lift the world out of poverty.  Trillions are mass wasted in pursuit of warfare hegemony. Why is money not instead focused to aid the living and so needing? 

Why is the unelected Deep State outside of the rule of law and ethics? Once the Petro Dollar fails, who will fund them? 

Banking is being forced to change, as ever more decentralized financial technologies pressure them to become competitive. SWIFT will be gone soon, along with their rip-off fees.

Even the most benevolent political leadership is becoming ineffective by default. Even without all of the conspiracies, the plots, the power struggles, the infighting and debate of which politics is comprised of, its effectiveness when set against superior technological means of societal management is outclassed by miles. Politics is visibly failing, and new powers WILL emerge. 

It’s time for the political horse to be led to the glue factory, and more effective and reliable means utilized to meet the needs of society.

While such will most likely not happen by a sudden burst of sanity on the part of the political classes, the passage of time and the realities of technology and its inexorable effect on the way people live and work, will see to the glue horse’s fate. But this is for future generations to consider. Presently, we are facing a far different reality within which we must survive, notwithstanding the progress in present time.

To close, thank you all for your continuing contributions to our discussion sections. The incredible work all of you are doing to bring together such a wide array of facts and opinions for reader consideration is exceeding our expectations.

Be ready for anything. Always.

Something enormous is in play and moving forwards which will only uncloak when ready; stealthily shielded and being readied to swoop down on the known enemies and poisoners of mankind. 

More when possible.



    Responding to Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden’s Dec. 15 inquiry about illegal migrants flying across the country, TSA Administrator David Pekoske explained that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable forms of alternate identification for non-citizens, including a “Warrant for Arrest of Alien” and a “Warrant of Removal/Deportation.” -Daily Caller


  2. So, No compliance means …you can’t pay taxes, which means (they) can come take all your stuff (home and vehicles), and you are in the streets, …. just assuming here….. We’ll see how all this will evolve…..!!

    NEW: The IRS says by mid-2022, the only way to login to will be through, an ID verification service where applicants have to submit copies of bills/ID documents, & live selfies via a webcam or mobile.


    1. RUMOR: Biden’s “4 free covid tests” are “smallpox blankets”
      Who needs to be told that??!!??
      Forget about the dime, I’d bet a penny to a dollar this rumor is bedrock FACT. You can’t trust these people and Gates did indeed say we’d get the next one soon, sort of like Fauci saying all of this would start during Trump’s administration, all the way back in 2017. I don’t think there is going to be a two year lag this time around.


    1. No Tony. I have been wondering the same thing. Thought she may have desired to have a break or that her Mother may be in need of more of her time perhaps. Hope all is well whatever the case. I miss her.


    1. Hello

      Please note: The IRS begins accepting electronically filed tax returns and processing refunds next week on January 24th. However, you don’t need to wait until then, you can prepare your tax return today on When you complete a return with us before the 24th of this year, we will save and transmit it once the IRS opens electronic filing, helping you to be on your way to a fast refund. Simply visit (that’s e dash file dot com) to continue your return.

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      Start Your Return – Here →


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    1. No masks from next week, no more schools masked and all employees told, back to work!
      No more Homeworking Go to Work! Hospitals Open TF up! Cut the backlogs and do your jobs F U.



    Now this I have always claimed would be truth. Standard low life Grifter tactics.

    Of course, they are going to Ukraine it’s the new Cuba.
    Jewkraine unfolding live
    Hal Turner Radio Show – WAR Coming Fast; U.S. Navy Sorties 22 Warships, 4 Nuclear Subs in ONE DAY

    Drums best away How many will die each day?


    Married men get the same
    Mystery dog illness sweeps the UK

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    The rumors we first reported on back in December have turned out to be true: the United States federal government is apparently in the process of trying to force automakers to install kill switches in their vehicles that authorities can use to shut down any newer vehicle.
    Which, of course, is code for some kind of device that is constantly on and monitoring your vehicle – and will likely have the power to shut down your vehicle anytime it wants.

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      1. Good luck with that. Hackers anyone? Perhaps the easiest way to put an end to the nonsense is to generically hack the system so that once, oh say 20% market use is reached, on September 18th of that year, we can make our version of The Day the Earth Stood Still and stop each and every vehicle, for 92 minutes. If we do it right, the electronic dashboard can run the movie, after all, not like they’d be going anywhere.

        (The Day the Earth Stood Still was released September 18, 1951 and has a 92 minute runtime)

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  6. Key Real news for you from the Real Fronts.

    1.They need to lobotomise a mentally dysfunctional, clearly deranged jabbering halfwit Jesus Freak / Commie from the old site, spewing garbage which got him booted before. Sad to see a site which pioneered so much in its day, is now down to that. Bottom feeders?

    2.Real world past garbage disposal.

    Be clear Lavrov is a very competent Foreign Minister, the best out there. And Russian. A Top man. Better than ours or the US.
    We don’t need loose cannons or Commie psychos running off at the mouth. Biden is enough.

    Be clear, this whole Ukraine mess is Mossad and the Khazar Zio RATS Gaming poor Ukraine, with their corrupt Politicos and the US Contractor Companies seeking wages from Wars for Whores.

    As Khazar Gang Israel is running out of land and minerals to steal., like America, they did with so naive America
    (Although Kushner, Cheney, Criminal Benny and Trump just STOLE the Golan Heights off Syria for them) they still know that Armageddon is only a stone’s throw away for the brutal Khazar Zionist interlopers. Genghis Khans marauding seed needs somewhere viable to steal to feed and house its rapidly expanding Locust swarms. As infestations do. The Zio Vultures have identified a new Promised Land to conquer and sequestrate. With Dupes like low IQ Turd Brain Trump taking a payoff for the Golans, the new target Jew – Kraine, is now more accessible to the Khazars to follow through. Minerals and Wild West Banks also. Khazar Bankers too. For the Zios the new Frontier. They have already stolen Palestine, part of Syria and the Lebanon, America is now fully conquered and bought off from the inside, so poor Ukraine fits nicely. Gaming the new Jewkraine. War devastates it and buy it for 5 cents on the Dollar. Like the Russians own Jewish Oligarchs have done inside Russia. Their Vermin seed is everywhere. War Criminal Soros, and his kind, are Teflon in America.
    The whores of War. Rotten Childs!

    This is Russia’s own Cuba. They know they cannot allow it. Tens of millions of assimilated Mongols on its borders breeding, looting and scheming. Poor, innocent Ukrainian nationals are just helpless Pawns in play. Dam right they are watching. What TF business is it of Americas? What good has Washington done anyone in 60 years? Mogadishu sorted them. Russia cleared trash out of Syria when the US failed. Afghanistan, Great result How many of our kids needlessly died for the Agencies and Bankers profits and lies on those Poppy fields. Defoliation calls, yet who will? The Agency still has its cut. Behind the scenes deals are cut, and for you, they really don’t give a F!

    I talk on Projects for good at the highest level with Iran’s Heads of the Republic Guards, while outside are the Agencie’s Bag Men in two faced queues., all waiting to cut deals. Duplicitous Dogs. We joke together about them, unprincipled, forked tongues and No Standards. The Public have no idea of what’s real. Childlike Serfs. Like the US JAG Lawyers trying to tell me “This is MY Fed you are denigrating.”. Seriously Dumb F’s. clueless, like Clockwork Soldiers loose on the gaming board of Real World Dynamics. How we shatter those illusions. Your ALL being played! Israel owns you. As for their US spying?

    You did what in Iraq? Total chaos. Far worse and more totally inept, than Saddam ever was. I know far more than you will ever know. I was there, my neck right on the line, but our PM, when I got back with Saddam’s good offer to stop this war happening, was too gutless to face Jr down. He had promised Daddy!!! Poppy! A travesty. A million innocents needlessly and wrongly died for that ugly and cruel travesty, so did both sides, kids of our kids. Dead for a Bush Lie! Stop another! We can try.

    Vietnam’s shame will live forever, now so will Afghanistan’s. Learn, Butt out.
    Syria waved the long finger, as has Iran. Ukraine does not need the US meddling. Nor for a war to become Mossad’s Jewkraine!

    A number of issues are worrying, and a lot of real lives are at risk. Human’s kids. No idea, just both sides being naively Patriotic. The UK’s very advanced High-Tech weaponry is being readied to unleash and will eviscerate vast number of incoming Tank boys and infantry. All someone’s kids. No chance. It will be a Turkey shoot. Are we still no better than this. Arms sales to display. The Profanity of Humanity.

    Followed up by the F Khazars buying up all for Nickles, the Rotten Childs and Co gains of war. Gains not justice! Pawns on the Board- again! This should not be fought but aborted. How can we win for what Israeli Covets? Ukraine needs to boot the lot out.

    Germany, right call, is staying neutral. Ukraine is not a NATO nation so hopefully stays out. If this unfolds, after the first skirmishes and bad losses, Iskanders will unlock. The S500s and others will be readied. All the fleets will be sitting ducks Crustacean food served at water temperature as they mass drown if not atomised. Clueless kids used as Puppets. We are in it for arms sales, so is the US. Russia is in simply not not to have Missiles pointed at its cities. Ukraine is just a gaming board of helpless pawns being played by the Khazars and mass resident Jews in their midst, helping bring them in for the new promised land of Jew Kraine. Is no nation safe from this manipulative, scheming Khazar Spawn. Assimilators! Replicators! Deny their lie. Dead people, why?
    There are no Heroes if mutilated, Ask them.

    We have weeks let’s try to use it. Reason? A truly immoral war unfolding. Wrong!

    We, behind the scenes, are on the verge of a deal which can re plan and re purpose Mankind to become enhanced life forms, humane, to reach for the Stars with no Khazars up our Rrrrs!

    Putting back, not going backwards. This is a war without justification to avoid for all.
    No More Shock and Awe inhumanity. If a serious warning shot has to be fired, let it be into Israe hell, the real Luciferian spawn behind all.
    Boys with toys are loose.

    At what cost now? Get into those F thick Head, Russia WILL preempt and China too. Why die for this extra Khazarian lie? Russia needs to roast the Roach nest. Armageddon Head on! Take out the Viper spawn.

    A new dawn. No more killing fields. Naive kids, Pawns on a Gaming board. Look at how we rose as one Mankind for JFK and Cuba. Why are we bystanding this? National interest, or Humanity. Stop this travesty, ask Why? Russia is just protecting its own borders from Khazar marauders. Chess masters. Not Checkers playing with their Peckers. Help stop this needless war! Where’s hubris? What happened to No, No We won’t go? An immoral War to be avoided. Laverov is the best hope, calm, sophisticated, experienced and reasoning. Try ” Listening?”

    Stop Gaming the Board for Ghengises hoard. One Being- Human!

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    The list isn’t exclusively focused on race, however, also promoting left-wing distortions of sex with quotes like “You know, some people are born with penises but feel like girls on the inside and some people are born with vaginas but feel like boys on the inside. We can’t always tell if someone is a boy or a girl just by looking at them and that’s okay.”



    🇺🇸@COVID19Up: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is bringing together an expert panel of scientists and doctors to talk about COVID-19 vaccines and early treatments from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET on Monday, January 24 in Washington, D.C at the Russell Senate Office Building, Kennedy Caucus Room 325.

    The discussion—titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion”—will feature many of the same medical experts speaking the day before at the Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming protest on Sunday, January 23, where thousands of Americans from across the political spectrum will march in unity against federal government overreach during the pandemic.

    Among those scheduled to speak at Sen. Johnson’s panel are Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Bret Weinstein, and more.

    According to the press release from Sen. Johnson’s office, “the panel discussion on the global pandemic response” will look at “what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.”

    “The panel will also discuss censorship from Big Tech and the mainstream media, pandemic response effect on children, and vaccine mandate impact on worker shortage,” the statement said.

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    This is child abuse.
    Several young girls including four freshmen, one sophomore, and a junior were abused at their school New West Charter LA because they chose not to get the COVID vaccine.

    The girls were denied chairs, forced to sit outside on the pavement behind warning tape, and were not allowed to use the school’s restrooms.


  10. The Verge: Jared Kushner floated the idea of a federal cryptocurrency, documents reveal.

    Any fast buck brings in Zionists
    Thousands without power as US and Canada hit by winter storm – BBC News

    Laverov is the best Foreign Minister out there he needs no advice from Milken

    Let us hope sense emerges

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    1. There are too many senseless idiots in power… While I pray for sense to emerge, realistically, I’m not feeling it!

      My most sincere thoughts with those without power. Hopefully most were prepared!


        1. Thank you! Mom was a Stone’s fan so it couldn’t be spelled like Abbey Road! LMAO! Also, not short for Abigail (yuck… I’ve known too many of them and I don’t fit that bill!)
          As for Trump… The only good thing I feel he is doing (as baffoon as he is) is pulling this country together. I feel we do need a better leader! It’s just hard to trust, hard to know… I agree with the IQ test being necessary! Along with that, a personality test! We need someone humane and humble. I told my daughter yesterday that if the world isn’t laughing at us right now, they should be.
          I’m really sick and tired of being misrepresented! I’m NOT the same, nor would I wish it on anyone, as those “leading” this country. I am glad he won in 2016 simply because of the alternative!! I can’t imagine I’d have the luxury of you lovely people had Hillary won (Holy Mother of PEARL is really all I can say!). I’m certain we’d already be in the 4th year of war right now!

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  11. My home state…

    The West Virginia treasurer’s office raised issues with the firm’s commitment to “net zero” emissions investment strategies at the expense of the state’s workers who are reliant on coal, oil, and natural gas. Moore also cut the state’s relationship with BlackRock over the group’s escalating investment in Chinese interests.

    “The Chinese government’s blatant interference and controls over businesses and markets creates a tremendous amount of uncertainty and risk for anyone attempting to invest there,” Moore added.

    “I know several other states are looking at this as well,” Moore told The Federalist. “I think this is the beginning of a big pushback.”

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  12. One of the most well-regarded doctors who challenged Big Pharma, co-authored RFK’s book on Fauci, successfully led the only previously successful effort against a forced vaccine on the military, now faces a suspended license and forced psychological exams for her dissident opinions. Note also the Daily Mail repeats the Big Lie about Ivermectin in the report.


  13. All for Jew Kraine now. Their new Phoenix Motherland. So sad, so wrong. Such a total lie. Boys with Toys will torch all beyond recall. 

    Russia has removed its’ diplomats from Kiev and Lviv today and their families have left by bus back to Russia. Russia has accelerated the timetable for American diplomats to leave Russia and the embassy in Moscow will be on a skeleton watch or completely empty. The same is happening in Washington as Russian diplomats are leaving. It is apparent that when diplomats leave war comes soon after. There is a reason why Belarus called up its’ reserves several days ago.

    Europe has less than 50% reserves of natural gas and there is NO GAS booked for February through the YAMAL pipe. How it is expected to maintain industry and heat through February into March is a mystery. And with war beckoning, whether supply will be availed by Gazprom is a worthwhile question? Either those LNG ships are coming faster or there will be gas shortages and no doubt prices will skyrocket for gas. It is not possible with the current availed ships to supplement Russian gas nor is it cheap. As every with LNG boat load is taking full advantage for a quick buck.

    Meanwhile the Brits are feeling lucky and are sending additional troops to complement their existing forces in the Ukraine while the Germans have politely declined saying this is not our fight or in our interest. We will wait to see what the French do. The Germans are aware of what awaits and will not play. The Americans are not sending troops but have positioned their Carrier group in the Mediterranean as a strike force to attack Russia with airborne missiles at the appropriate time and shortly the British naval carrier group will be positioned in the Baltic.

    Sweden has sent additional troops to Gotland Island and there have been deliveries by US aircraft of presumably missiles. If NATO troops deploy there, it will become a real target quickly. It is likely that this island will be used to attempt to contain the Northern Russian fleet. And if rumors are true that an assault on Kaliningrad is planned it will not end well for the aggressors. Kaliningrad may fall but it will not be without a fight and response will be devastating to the aggressors with no mercy.

    Several days ago i wrote; Russia’s Pacific Fleet’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade is crossing the entire breadth of Russia to deploy near Ukraine/Belarus. This is taking place along with several regiments from 4 armies of the Russian Far East. I have told you about a number of mile long trains carrying equipment westward from deep in eastern Russia. Of which there were 7 and I explained earlier that mobile railway-based launchers were deployed around Russia and surrounding countries. Today, the troops arrived at the various staging areas they were directed to. In coming days, one might assume they will be matched up with equipment arriving by rail for deployment. Lavrov listened to Blinken’s call today but it was meaningless to deescalate matters. And no amount of flag waving will substitute for concrete action to change the threat Russia perceives.

    Complete madness, modern war offers no winners and the last thing Europe needs is a war, a needless war. And those folks who think that war invites a progress of agendas will discover the folly of misguided delusions.
    Travelers to Europe should exercise caution or avoid travel to the region entirely and that includes Turkey.
    Michael Douglas health: Actor warned he could lose part of tongue and jaw due to cancer

    HPV cost of tongue jobs on actresses. His wife now?


  14. White House and UK Foreign Office state that a „Russian Invasion“ could now happen at any time.

    The UK Foreign Office also told it’s staff to be ready for „Crisis mode“ at very short notice.

    White House now also state that it’s a possible step to exclude Russia from Swift in case of a invasion/aggressive act (contrary to the reports from yesterday based on the German gov)

    courtesy palerider


  15. Mega fat dysfunctional lying Boris Johnson is under the knife to be ousted. He’s always been a Greasy little Oik, unfit for office, or command. A real Rat Fink of a part man.
    Stick it to him.
    Pressure increases on Boris as TWO ministers slam him over Partygate
    Too many shared Hand Jobs in the Vatican it seems. Heavy breathing, congregation deceiving.

    Pope’s right-hand man in the Vatican tests positive for Covid
    Boris Johnson’s fate hangs in balance as Truss, Hunt and Sunak plot

    Scheming Carpet Baggers line up to debag Johnson


      1. It was all stupid shit from the start that nobody should have taken seriously. Even remdesivir — the simple fact that Fauci endorsed should have been enough to kill it. However, they went all off to use a triple failed drug with a penchant to destroy kidneys. When conclusive evidence emerged that it was a failure with a 20% renal failure case rate, it should have been thrown out.

        Hell, at this point, fluvoxamine, Pepcid and Benadryl are a winning consideration. Ivermectin, z-pack and budenoside are a winning combination. It would obliterate 95% of the folks progressing into hospitalization and ICU.


    In other words, California’s Democratic supermajority wants to have an unlimited tap on raising taxes and spending to fund its socialized medicine scheme. Make no mistake: Raising taxes on a regular basis would be necessary to fund a single-payer health care system. As a 2014 paper examining single-payer in Vermont admitted, “We would need to accept some increases in tax rates in the same way that we accept increases in insurance premiums today.”


  17. Laverov is the most effective Foreign Minister out there. When he talks for Russia and tell the Jewkraine and NATO you have until Wednesday to meet our wishes, or else, it’s time to listen.
    They can’t say they were not warned.
    Laverov is not into bluffing. Nor Ras Putin.
    Hasn’t America shown us all the days of meddling Hegemony are over, and time to F off home.
    Coffee, Burgers and Doughnuts NATA fight? You must be joking. Desk warriors meeting hard Russians, sorted Boom.Over! Our meddling again- Really? What gives us the right? Leave Jewkrain and its corrupt Leaders to sort their own mess. Time we all Butt Out.
    Why should innocent Germans pay for this mess? Israel wants Jewkraine, Keep out! Is stealing Palestine and Syrians land not enough? Why should anyone die for another Mossad US Agencies lie?
    Laverov please Molotov Mossad’s Sewer Rats nest.

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    1. Deutschland we are helping give you backing. No more innocent dying for Zios Lying! Zios out of Europe is a start. Let Germany have its own army now for its own safety. No more account racketeering.Why should Germans die for a NATO Mossad lie? Did we learn nothing from WW11? Now we are sucked into War games again. All because Israel Covets Jewkraine. Get real, again the Khazars just want to steal. Take it home to Israe Hell. Hit the Rat nest.

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  18. Ok. Two patients in their mid-80s. Married couple. I get tagged. Why? THE BASTARDS AT THE HOSPITAL IN VERMONT SENT THEM HOME DESPITE HER O2 SATURATION BELOW 85% AND HIS O2 SAT IS 90% because freakin’ Biden can’t be bothered, after seizing ALL the monoclonal antibodies, to make sure there are SOME in “temporal equity” for the freakin’ State of Vermont. Never mind that they SENT THEM HOME WITHOUT OXYGEN.


    So at this point an acquaintance in common reaches out to my wife and we’re on the phone in 10 minutes. I list all the drugs available and dosages to tackle COVID. Their physician does give them ivermectin and budenoside. We thank this doctor for his courage. Both patients are starting to recover. He’s doing well, and she has bottomed out and it’s getting better but is not out of the woods as her O2 Sat is still uncomfortably. low Why the HELL was an antibiotic not given?

    Medicine in the Age of Depopulation. Therapeutic nihilism. Why is anyone at that hospital still allowed to practice?

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    Gibraltar is a British Colony at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula attached to the country of Spain. It’s population is just over 30,000 people, and it is best known for its huge “rock,” the “Rock of Gibraltar.”

    I have been contacted by residents in Gibraltar stating that 53 people have died in 10 days immediately following the roll out of injections of the Pfizer mRNA COVID injections, and calling it a “massacre.”

    Local media reports confirm the deaths, but blame them on COVID, and not the COVID injections.

    However, prior to the roll out of the injections, it is reported that only 16 people in total died “from COVID” since the beginning of the “pandemic” about a year ago.


      1. Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.

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  20. Always good advice:

    A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

    -Robert A. Heinlein

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  21. EXCLUSIVE: ‘He really believed he owned these women.’ How Hugh Hefner demanded orgies five nights a week, drugged women with ‘leg spreader’ Quaaludes and hosted weekly ‘Pig Nights’ with ‘ugly’ prostitutes, new doc reveals

    ‘Secrets of Playboy’, premiering on A&E on January 24, is set to lift the lid on the ‘dark underbelly’ of Playboy, which became a seedy playground for drug use, sexual abuse, and even bestiality.

    This was a Truly Ugly and depraved apology for a man. Disgusting. America?????????????????
    Then you give us Clinton and Epstein?


    1. You know, given the pandemic I am earning a pittance self-employed, but man o man — I read the s*** you find sometimes and thank my every star that I walked away from regular corps 2 decades ago and self-employed roughly for 13 years. I think if someone told me I had to wait to speak based on race as opposed to real-world knowledge, experience or regular take-your-turn, I would lose it, forget that I’m a mild-mannered scientist, and bounce the instructor off the nearest wall to knock some sense into them.

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        1. Tino

          If the Elders deal proceeds as hoped, a hand is coming. A higher agenda is in play. But with humour.
          12 Good men, but one with a propensity to give thick ears to those in need.
          All will be revealed later in its own time, then it will be become clear.
          Be “As you are” change nothing. Life is a jigsaw of many Souls. Avoid the “A “version.

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          1. LOL. No worries. I abide by Heinlein’s adage:

            A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

            -Robert A. Heinlein


  22. When the GS is done, I can’t hope but think that this sentiment will be on the minds of some. The parties will be all too easy to remember. It was earned.
    Never the King. Always, the Kingmaker.

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        1. LOL amladenka. I should have chosen a more appropriate word to express myself. That was just the first word that came to mind when I watched a few seconds of the insanity in that video.

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          1. Oh no DOUBT!!! LOL… And y’all can call me Abbye 🙂 that’s my name. It’s all very ridiculous! Male and Female are genders… The rest are psycological disorders IMO!
            I really am fortunate to live in my little bubble of America. My daughter is almost 14 and she’s never even HEARD of a cis-gender anything, much less come across one (that she’s aware of). I have been substituting at my son’s elementary school, and I can say with confidence, that I’m not worried about what he’s being taught. I personally know the administration at my daughter’s middle school also… It’s about as conservative as it gets around here, thankfully!


  23. Dominic Cummings ready to claim under oath that PM lied about parties

    We have our own Rasputin, and we know how that ended up. Cummings is treacherous. Untrustworthy and unemployable. He should never be allowed near Whitehall or any State role again.

    For God’s sake he deserted his post and ran to play happy families with a Bolter in Tinseltown parliament needs to step in and relinquish their titles Andrews too.
    It’s time for William to step up. Cut the deadwood and build a solid monarchy no one will give a dam for Harry once his titles gone and the Bolter knows the road to go again. Neither America nor the UK want either. Off with their heads.

    A simple Rsunami Volcano, or warning games in play?

    The Biden crowd realized it had lost track of the K-329 Belgorod and its feared Doomsday Poseidon torpedoes this past week when it didn’t transit into the Indian Ocean along with the Russian Pacific Fleet— it is why they freaked out at the North Korean missile launch unsure whose missile it really was. And that was the real reason for grounding aircraft.
    Could it be that Russia fired off a Poseidon torpedo to demonstrate its’ ability? It is part of Russian doctrine to demonstrate its’ capability, in advance of use. The explosion whatever it truly was, was in a US proving ground in the Pacific. Is this why Nuland is going nuts threatening 18 different options of retaliation?

    No doubt, everyone has weapon systems not discussed or acknowledged. It remains to be seen who has the biggest toys of war that do the most damage.
    Meanwhile the march to war continues unabated as the Brits sail their carrier fleet into the Baltic to be within strike reach of Kaliningrad. There are rumors that a land assault is being planned to teach Russia a lesson. Complete madness if true, as no one will win as things escalate. And where they will stop is unknown once hostilities break out.
    Watch “Wife finds Husband in Bed with Young Girl” on YouTube

    Well his case is proven is it not?

    Thousands of packages looted as thieves rob L.A. bound trains | Sara A. Carter

    This is the future all unfolding first in La La Land. How to steal anything en mass and get away with it. It’s called Demo Trash.

    Welcome to a third world country in the making. You keep letting them in!
    Smoking Gun: Moderna Patented ‘Man Made’ SARS-CoV2 Gene Sequence in 2018 – News Punch

    How many times do we have to keep seeing this?
    Can we safely say it was a con??
    A real tool Khazar Hell will face once they can carry explosive and viral WMDs. It’s an extremists gift. .

    Abu Dhabi ‘attacked by drones’ launched by Iran-backed Houthi rebels
    Expect a Huge Growth in Drone Warfare carrying Weapons and WMD’s to take out Israel. Viral warfare will be the real Silent killer.


    Let the Buyers beware!

    Well surprise, no surprise, so now it seems poor Anne may have been betrayed by one of her own. A dreadful way to die betrayed by a Cult coven member for gain.
    No one can excuse 6m lost and what was done, but so many were betrayed by each other, Some “We are Special Species Heh? “. Israelis are mass dying, no God there for them.
    It’s a Carbuncle of a Cult. Grow TF up.

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        1. Interesting and unfortunately very true comment John.

          It was obvious why Papa Luciani was killed and in the light of inaction of John Paul the Second, just another blot on an abysmal institution. Then again, no need to tell you that…


    1. The Unacknowledged Weapon Systems is a very VERY Big Problem.

      Without properly knowing the strength of the adversary, mis-steps will ALWAYS happen.

      Without a clear look at seismograph data I wouldn’t be able to say anything. That something was going on was visible in the region up to 1 month ago. The main blast was preceded by tremors at 100 events per second. Which is astronomically high. So, by all accounts, this should be a natural event.

      However, if I was a sneaky Russian, I might not launch literally until I thought it was going to blow, to magnify the event. And one explosion would cover the other.

      Then again, anything that gives Psaki and US pause on their insane Ukraine adventure, works for me.

      And if I were Paul Muadib I’d say I used atomics on a natural feature of planet and f anyone that has an issue with it.

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  24. From the Metatron Substack:

    As a follow up to my analysis of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust hospital admissions¹, here is an analysis of their ICU admissions.

    Main Points
    Since the unseasonal return of COVID at the start of June 2021, the majority (two-thirds) of patients admitted to ICU were vaccinated.

    Peak admissions since the rollout of vaccinations exceed the peaks during the prior autumn/winter COVID season so if there is any pressure on their capacity, it has come since vaccinations.

    The variability in admissions (i.e. the cause of the spikes) is significantly more correlated with vaccinated admissions than unvaccinated.

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  25. Great comment over on Vox Day re Scott Adams. Backstory — Scott Adams melted down online and on video when someone took him to task. The gamma male rant has to be seen and heard to be believed. In regards to COVID he has completely failed to help. To wit Vox Day penned a short piece with great advice, which generalized is “stick to what you know”.

    BEGIN QUOTE: The world does not need another mediocre political commentator, Scott. You’re not a great predictor. You’re not a great persuader. You’re not a great podcaster. You’re not a great hypnotist. You’re not an economist.

    You’re a great cartoonist, one of the greatest ever. Stick with the cartoons. END QUOTE.

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    1. Take out Flue that’s about right.
      So we destroyed our economies, took on multi Ts in debt. all for c8.5K a year we can now treat anyway. Having injected c50M what have they now done to our immune systems? Once in it incubates to What?????????
      Scientific Advisors? TheRope?

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  26. Did not mention vaXX once… we have a never before seen increase in deaths that correlates with the roll out of the vaXX…
    Health departments in several states confirmed to The Epoch Times that they are looking into a steep surge in the mortality rate for people aged 18 to 49 in 2021—a majority of which are not linked to COVID-19.

    Deaths among people aged 18 to 49 increased more than 40 percent in the 12 months ending October 2021 compared to the same period in 2018–2019, before the pandemic, according to an analysis by The Epoch Times of death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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  27. I’m NOT arguing for the Vaccine, just stating what your facing. I’m NOT Pro Vax, be clear,MY stance as ever is to show you the scale of what’s facing us all. Your ON the site, so your NOT Stupid, but the masses Truly, are. Unreal. So many times I want to use my old Farming Estate Electronic Cattle Prod. Or African Sjambok for sure. Unreal, far too many of them.
    Waking the Sheeple. It’s a Global dilemma. Stupidity at its worst, then they go into Politics. FFS?Now they breed and the lowest Class with the lowest level of F Wookies! What????
    Lol. That or cry.
    I’m On the Site because I Do care. But my right foot is designed for kicking arses, and ever more needed . I don’t “Do”,Delusional. Nor am I gullible to the Khazars, or Cabal realities. Or the Political malifescence of Government. The realities you don’t see. When pressure gets harder, and the Interns get uglier, what hope is left? Lol.
    Unlike Clinton, our Girls know know how to Non Chinese Launder!.Waste not, want always.
    This IS our battle for humanity. Also Transhumanism and how applied.
    Know the Game Board. Know- Reality.

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  28. As the TPTB net tightens on Non Vaxxers, Djokovik now faces being banned from entering France also.
    It’s beyond reason. It’s testing the limits of power.
    No Vaccine passport, No fly. No vaccine no travelling, No Restaurant, No schools No Sports attendances, No Trains, or buses, or Car hire. No Hotels, as for Boat Cruises Look at the Stats?????????????
    Soon they will block out your Car insurance also. No jab, no drive.
    Then No Jabs No Health Care Cover. No access for medical care. Of ANY kind. Comply or die. Soon you will go off the Net. Ring fenced OUT.
    You think they care or are even listening? It’s about POWER! For them it’s working.
    It’s all coming DOWN on you. Next moves? They don’t care! It’s ALL about Power now.
    The new Opiate for the masses. Control and reduction. They don’t “Care”. You’re all being played.
    But as One legged men in an Ass kicking Contest. Words don’t beat warriors with Guns.
    Where is your Power? It’s not about You, it’s control of the Zoo. Mass imposed think out what’s next?;For sure past 65?????????????????????? Dispensable. Smell the Roses. Wake TF up it’s coming.
    Stop talking Shit like Rights, you have none. It’s all about Power. Can you Pay to Play? Retirees to go away. .
    Humanity is In Play .


    1. Words don’t beat warriors with guns. Remind me: Who lost India to Ghandi? Yeah, it took forever but it happened.

      Rights so far are the thin veneer that maintains stability. It the PTB keep acting democidally, the desire to work “within system” will fade. And, just as an example, you might be able to put 1000-yard perimeters around major potentates, but you will never manage to put those around captains, lieutenants, and other servitors and made men. Even a classic 100 yard rifle will suffice then. Wonder who will show up to work after the first handful are dropped. And we haven’t even touched sabotage…

      And Rights don’t cease because a government or a PTB decides they don’t. They merely abuse and deny said Rights. RIghts are despite the fragile documents that encode them, attributes of Reality. They are State Change of Humanity and it was one way. Like the advent of consciousness after bicameralism. The PTB think they can drop them, but that’s not mid-term or long-term realistic.

      Lastly, the PTB think they live in alternate dimension disconnected from this one. They are, in point of fact, locked in the same Zoo with us. Only fools want a war, but if they keep pushing, pushback will happen and given what they have just tried, they will pay a severe price before sanity returns.


      1. That requires a motivated resistance.We don’t have one here. New laws are coming in to even prohibit protests now.
        TPTB are looking at numbers now.
        We already have Prism, total snooping. .Total watch here. ID camera data base.


        1. You overestimate the capabilities. The analog hole remains and from that alone PRISM is screwed. You can’t even prevent knifing in downtown London without deploying 30% of the available police department.

          When the mass stand down happens the pooch will be totally screwed.

          I bet 10% non-compliance by the general populous would be sufficient to cripple any of the plans. And no, your precious military will not be up to the task.

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        1. As I said, who give a F if 535 cower in terror behind a fence. It takes a law enforcement apparatus, and they can’t protect themselves if we open season on them. But it’s not yet time. As was written, it requires a long train of usurpations and abuses. And it needs to mature more. A million extra dead each year, laid at the feet of the vaxx will create all the animus needed.

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  29. Oopsie!

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    1. so where is her list? I’d like to see it. anyone have it?
      For whatever reason (corruption), the US news is not covering this at all, only the UK tabloids. The last word was the list was going to be kept secret and the FBI is supposedly reviewing it for further prosecution.


      You can bet there is a lot of money flowing in the background. This FBI director Christopher Wrey, a Trump appointee, is a real tool, protecting Individual[1].


  30. UK Government is Colluding with the WEF on Artificial Intelligence for The Great Reset – Activist Post

    Be clear you understand what is coming down here.
    Millions of routine clerical admin Jobs will go. Tax will be simplified. So will audits.
    Unemployment will soar as none will have skills needed. For most, either menial jobs or none.
    Welfare support? Good luck with that under current systems.
    Health care, can you pay, or waste away? Again, systems?
    We need to rethink humanity, but the system will have none.
    Educating our societies to be humane is so needed. Right now, we are under attack with vast numbers of illegals involved in ugly crimes. Child molesting and rapes. Drugs trafficking, money laundering. Car thefts, robberies, mugging, it’s off the map of crime levels. Wogs.
    80M more US War Displaced are coming to Europe to scavenge. F U America!
    So Russia will take care of its own with Ukraine. America too if it meddles.
    Why produce so many Souls if 90% are Are Souls? Sorry but, these are unaffordable.
    Number crunching will take on a whole new meaning.
    We need to build vast Amphitheaters and Wog cages. New Reality TV. New audience pulling, Criminal Wog culling Gladiator nights. They face each other. Or the Lions.
    Mindless Morons TV. Trumps favourite Channel.
    Shared from Sky News: Suspect shot dead after taking hostages in Texas synagogue siege was British

    He’s NOT British. He’s a Pakkie and Wog. All these Muzzies need to go back. The lot. They are trouble.

    Damned right you treacherous Skank you deserve a slap, or 4
    Time to cut you loose, Go! Self-serving Rat!

    Will each one be carrying 500 Pakistanis, 50 Afghans, and 50 Nigerians? All in a line with Prince Harry for Free Social Security.
    Incoming Pakkies. Laser / Strike the lot. Test the Lasers on Prince Harry and Bolter Markle. Latch Markle and Harry to an Asteroid they will go anywhere for a free ride.. But one way out!

    They have the nasty Kazhar bandit so now he will throw someone to the wolves to step clear. Arm Iran and it’s sorted
    Ageing is no fun it’s cruel.

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        1. You are such a cheeky bugger. You underestimate me big J, I have the basics available whenever I wish to indulge but I am not particularly interested when specific levels in certain areas are not to be found. I know that’s a tad cryptic but I don’t wish to be too rude,. I’m sure you get my drift. Just a kind caring mate would have been fab, nothing fancy. But those days are gone and at my age ya just have to face it. I’m just looking forward to the magnificent flower garden upstairs these days.

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  31. Like

  32. I wanted in the bucket list to take a major trip into the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia and pushing to the edge of Antarctica. With the insanity in Australia, with the thought crime removal of Djokovic e.g. “his presence may foster anti-vaccination sentiment”, no trip there, ever. And now, whoever wins the Australian Open will always know they came in second… why bother with the tournament kids? Go home and boycott. Send a message.

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        1. They’ve over-reached and they know it.

          Australia just lost the narrative and all moral authority with the expulsion of the #1 tennis player. Now that VE is negative and all NPI a failure, there isn’t a fig leaf of support. The Emperor has no clothes. The travel restrictions are beyond asinine — there is no justification for any restriction, neither national nor transnational.

          Mexico just walked away from all vaccine related restrictions for travel.

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          1. Tino

            Your using the voice of reason. Sadly. It does not apply to Politics.
            The door has been opened to Big Pharma, the CFR and Cabal.

            Reason and Intelligence with a Species on a par with a Stool Sample does not relate.
            Think the 3 Witches and Banquo in the Shakespearean MacBeth play The pot stirring hubble and bubble of politics. Greasy, grimy, mercurial characters, stirring the pot of intrigue. Self interest, self serving.
            Devious spawn, the lot.

            We have just given TPTB a tool to enslave the masses.
            Mass stupidity applies. I see beyond first hand, the contempt there is for the Public, and the danger of applied powers if not contained. Only post Covid have I witnessed first hand the depressing reality level of Sheeple mass stupidity, and it’s sad. TPTB have the tools, will and multi level methodology to mass depopulate at will, and may test new avenues. Vaccines won’t just go away Tino. It’s a powerful tool .to mass subjugate and not lost on the Suits in power. Power corrupts Tino and its presence needs to be seen live.
            We don’t have the current system, or wealth production capacity, to fund the masses We DON’T!
            Reality rules. So again who will fund and feed those we don’t need?
            Socialist principals don’t fund hardcore shortfall realties. Culling does.
            So who moves on the gaming board of life?
            Right now. LIFE is a Commodity to be traded. Terms?
            We pay to play, or be put away.

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      1. If 10 M Khazarian Zionists go, 5 Billion Humans get a life. 6,000 years is enough time to squash the vermin swarm. Fake Jewish Assimilated Genghis Khans marauding trash.
        Zionists and Humanity can not live together. Eradicate Vermin species from the Human race.
        Watch Russia clean up Ukraine. Once Russia cuts off its Gas to Ukraine, they freeze. Sorted.
        But, any stupid move now by the US and the US bases,. NATO and British bases face being atomised.
        Hear Laverov FFS. he says Wednesday is the deadline. He means it. Are a bunch of Ukrainian Criminals worth dying for ? Any attacks on Russian forces will be punished hard. Russia is clear.No NATO bases in Ukraine or no NATO!. Boom!. Does it need 1,000 Iskander missiles turning the US into a fireball to get it though? America needs to reign its neck in. Or lose it!

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  33. This is a new but heightened focus on a Man about to be Muttt hunted. It’s not about Justice it’s a US Ambulance Chasing Attorneys case at its wort. A Rabid Packl smelling money. Rat hunted for Bucks.
    I can’t stand this msn but this is not justice. Its vile. Play acted.

    Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts vows to ‘destroy’ him
    Prince Harry says: Give me back my bodyguards | Daily Mail Online

    The nasty Whining Bratt. He dumps his country, he rats on his family, he chases Bucks with his mutli Bolting Mutt, and now he whines I want more money. I want, I want, I want, F U you nasty, sniveling Self Serving Bratt.
    2 Vile, Attention seeking Wannabes. He rats on the Queen and his Patriotic well serving Brother.
    Rat.Rat.Rat,.Rat. whining, Runt Brother Rat. Be Gone!

    Sorry time to sort and reduce to size most of the free loading Windsors Tribe now.
    Ann does not need all this Crap. Nor Edward.
    Andrew is obnoxious anyway and needs to go.
    Time to sort these hangers on.

    Time to cut off the Tit pack. Take away his Titles and hers. Parlaiment, time to see the Queen and an ultimatum. Windsoss De Louse YOUR House! Or we will.

    4 Kids 3 married badly and divorced. Some Yuk Grandkids and Harry the no longer needed Spare whose now over there. Cut off his titles he loses LA Clout.
    No longer Royal who then will Fork Out? Grubby, Grasping, Oily Ugly Twosomes. Take those titles away. Conduct unbecoming, how long then does he last? For her Divorce 2. Shes a USER! And Harry’s a Tosser. So, Toss HIM!
    Why we should critically think about what is happening in Europe

    A Report to wake up to fast! Huge implications if this unleashes.


    This morning, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held his annual Press Conference. In it, he told gathered media “Russia’s patience with the actions of the West has come to an end, we have been harnessing for a long time – now is the time to go.”

    He went on to say “While we are waiting for a response [in writing] from NATO on security guarantees, [which he later said they expect by WEDNESDAY] Russia is now preparing for _any_ development of events.”

    Ominously, Lavrov made explicitly clear “If our proposals for security guarantees are rejected by NATO, we will assess the situation and start acting in the interests of our country’s safety. Russia knows how to ensure its security, and will not endlessly wait for some changes and promises from the West.”

    Also during today, Russia’s Pacific Fleet’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade is crossing the entire breadth of Russia to deploy near Ukraine/Belarus. This is taking place along with several regiments from 4 armies of the Russian Far East. I have told you about a number of mile long trains carrying equipment westward from deep in eastern Russia. I have also explained that China has Russia’s back with full manufacturing supply of war from boots to uniforms etc. They have even expressed a desire to send occupation troops to help if needed or desired.

    This is a completely unprecedented troop movement by Russia; way beyond any exercise they have ever mounted. If this is an exercise, then it is at great cost because such movements are planned and cost a bunch. Russian mentality is such that they plan to take a shit in the military, they really are that detailed oriented.

    Lavrov. Was asked specifically if this means war against Ukraine. His answer was surprising: “No, it means creating counter-threats for the West and the appearance of Russian bases or missiles near the US borders, painful counter-sanctions for the West and the like. Russia does not need a war in Ukraine. There are too many kinship ties between Ukrainians and Russians.”

    He then went on to say: “The participation of Western instructors in the conflict in Donbass will cross all red lines and mean a direct clash between the “Russian people” and the NATO military.” What that really means teh Brits and Americans there can kiss their ass goodbye if conflict beaks out as they will die with the Ukrainian forces.

    Meanwhile, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said in an Interview with Repubblica News “NATO has made a decision to admit Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance but did not set a deadline yet.”

    He further clarified the decision was made in the year 2008 but no deadline had been set. THE MAN IS A BOTH A FOOL AND A DANGER TO THE SAFETY OF EUROPE. This is the same clown when said Sweden could be accepted quickly into NATO. Russia took 3 days, but it acted and has sent an AMPHIBIOUS assault fleet into the Baltic Sea near Sweden and the ships are loaded with equipment and troops. Sweden has dispatched troops north of Stockholm.

    Also this morning, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs candidly pointed out “US and NATO face a choice”. The consequences of which will be irreversible.
    TODAY RUSSIA. DEPLOYED FIGHTER JETS AND BOMBERS TO KALININGRAD. If we assume that these will have the latest weapon systems, every base within 1500KM is a acceptable target from there.
    I have warned my many friends and business acquaintances about what is coming. Sadly what is coming will soon have life of it’s own. The US has A nuclear Sub 50 kilometers from Russian waters in port. Think they did not see that? Why is Britain moving their carrier into a strike position? It is naive to think that Russia will lay down or be intimidated. And Heaven help us all if a false flag event occurs as certain agencies flex their wares.
    War is not an answer to European security or American hegemony as both are at risk. As for North Stream 2 Russia has made back its’ investment and it is of no consequence if Europe chooses to freeze or shut down. And it is quite certain that America is not able to tackle Russia successfully in Europe with conventional forces. To think that nuking Russia is brilliant, i suggest that would be fatal mistake that will be responded to with unstoppable nukes. What is at risk is safety of Europeans and American hegemony even if a PR event. This can end very poorly and quickly. Think twice about traveling to Europe.
    SARAH VINE: Prince Harry, if you still want security for the family, make sure your mates at Netflix pay for it

    SARAH VINE: Let’s be in no doubt: it was Harry and Meghan’s own decision to leave behind their Royal trappings in search of a different life in America. Theirs and theirs alone.

    Good point Sod Off Harry for Good, Traitor Weasel.

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  34. Another shoe drops….

    Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out
    But it can’t be caused by the vaccines since they are “safe and effective.” I wonder what the cause is? Infectious disease docs say nothing is wrong, ignore it. Keep repeating “safe and effective.”– Steve Kirsch


      1. While one can only imagine what happened, I can say that my mother instilled a bandaid fixation on all of her grandkids at a very early age… If my daughter so much as brushed her toe along the carpet, not only was she covered head to toe, but so was every baby doll and stuffed animal she owned. Photos do tell stories, but not always the ones we conclude. Those bandages are VERY symmetrical… Just food for thought and maybe some reason for hope.


  35. Please awaken, your country needs you and the world needs you awake

    You don’t have ot believe, or even be swayed, but at least read another’s view. . After US Presidents with visible Ph D’s in Moronic Stupidity, be enlightened why you may soon be dying. Knowledge is power. It sets you free.

    The word from the top of the pyramid has come down, and that word is to stick with the playbook comrades – to vilify the Russians and steal their land at all costs. What could go wrong? Repeatedly, i said to you Russia has NO NEED of more land or resources with over $75 trillion in disclosed natural resources. It needs trade and population growth. And NO, they will not go quietly into the night to be enslaved. To believe that is not understand Russian history or scarifies they have made and will make. Believe whether man or woman they will fight to the last breath. And they are not some banana country that western military intimidates. Nor is China and do not think their closure of certain ports to create further Supply Chain problems is not without intent to break your economy’s ability to function.

    Yesterday evening a Russian sub surfaced off Norfolk in plain view for people to see. Loaded with 16 missies containing 10 warheads each, it was a response to the American Surfaced sub 50 kilometers from Russian waters. Is this a test of nerves or stupidity? Do you not think that Russia may allow the technology to countries like Iran or China to have naval exclusion zones? They could easily do that by offering a 500-kilometer Hypersonic missile that neither have without impeding their own safety. Both Iran and China will pay handsomely for such technology. While carrier fleets of both the Brits and Americans may have illusions of naval glory, Russian planes have been equipped with missiles not yet publicly disclosed so Zircons and the like are not the problem to anticipate. They are now armed with the latest and best Russia has to defend itself. And they will be used.

    If the Russians refuse to bow and allow their people to be enslaved, which their actions express – and the result is a nuclear war – it is still a win for the conspirators. They would throw parties, mask-less mind you, at the fulfillment of a depopulation agenda. The more millions that die, the happier they are. The spice must flow. Sick as this is this is, it is the way they think.

    To my Americans friends, this is not by accident, this is all by design that your find yourselves where you are today. Comrade Biden wants you dead. Comrade Fauci, Gates and Blinken want you dead. Comrade Harris, Nuland and Pelosi want you dead. You’re in the way, you’re the wrong color, black or white or Hispanic; you believe the wrong things; you won’t accept the death jab, and how dare you want to close the border and prevent the invasion of your nation. You’re just not a very good communist, are you? You still believe in the American dream and the principles of the Founding Fathers of your nation. And you work hard and avoid handouts. Somehow, you have stayed true to your beliefs. To them you are the problem to be eliminated so their agenda can proceed. Presumably, you are unaware that in Washington State they have already built camps for you and are now trying to pass State law to put you there. And it’s why States like Florida and Texas are vilified for giving freedom to their residents and visitors. And it is why you are seeing mass migration to States like that.

    A five-year-old can see these things are wrong and the treatment of the Russians is unfair and unjust, as is the treatment of Europeans as expendable pawns. The Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption, not worthy of time nor money, let alone dying for. Which brings me to the leaders behind the scenes in Washington, DC and the military. Are you blind? Can’t you see the inmates are running the asylum? Can’t you see what is going on and that your nation has been overthrown? If you obey unconstitutional orders from traitors, thieves, and globalist thugs, you are as guilty as they are! Following orders from such people is not a defense, but saying NO is. And it is much better for you, your families and your fellow Americans.

    If a war starts and people die, their blood will be on YOUR hands. You will not escape retribution. Even under Stalin, Beria used to say “show me the man and i will show you the crime”. It will be no different as this is the way these folks think. And the true Americans will not forget!

    It is a time for Americans to awaken and stand together as brothers and sisters as Americans. This is not just for yourselves, but the world needs you as a light beacon to save the rest of the world as a brother’s brother and not as brother’s keeper.

    An anxious world awaits your decision.


    1. Russia and Belarus have called up all reservists. There wil be a 500,000 Russian army of terror on the footsteps of Nato Europe in 48 hours.


      1. As they should. They will do no less. It really is time for the US to get TF out of Europe. Go FFS!.You ARE the problem. Have you won anything? Cease your games, Losers! No more of YOUR wars on OUR Shores. You die on your own land.
        Russia needs to expand it with Arctic forces and missiles also. S500s and Iskanders. Subs loose. . China also Ring Fence the place. Stop this nonsense or stop them. Payback. Comply or? They WILL run!
        Reason can sort all of this but NO US presence is needed. NATO is just a Fat Expense Account and Desk Blowbags. Arm Iran. It’s time they remove the unwanted Swine. Russia will just atomise the lot if pushed in one hour. Who needs this ? No one.. Cease hegemony. Feed Americans! Heal your sick and educate your THICK!


    2. All I will say to you on the above is that We,WE!! have weapons no one releases and if it kicks off, huge awakening! We WILL hit back and end them. Fact! So,if we Die, for sure they do. For sure. Why Die for a Commie lie? Do we not see enough mindless Commie jabbering from one certifiable loose cannon.
      The real problem is the Cabal, US Khazar scum, and Zionist Israel. Plus China’s ambitions. Ukraine is not worth dying for.. .
      NATO cant get out of its own way in a fight. Never have. Two left feet,



    This is time for Europe to leave well alone in Ukraine. For NATO also or it risks s confrontation which could escalate and with alarming collateral damage.
    It’s time to face reality with Ukraine.
    Russia is not threatening the EU. Its issue is Ukraine. Let Ukraine resolve its neighbourly issues or Russia will.

    Innovation to save each nation


  37. And CLOWNWORLD continues! Just when you thought we had hit max insanity… they top themselves.

    Effective immediately STOP all the F’ing NPIs and Mandates of all types. If you can’t bother to measure and quantify the “crisis”, don’t bother me with the insane dictates.


  38. So…. now even *with* the T+14 stat gimmick… it’s a complete and total failure.

    The UK 2nd report on vaccine surveillance AGAIN has a vast swath of negative vaccine efficacy.

    Wherefore now O Mandate Crazy people? Factually, a negative VE means more folks are getting the disease because of the jab rather than less.

    I am pretty sure it is illegal in England to mandate a provably harmful substance. Wherefore art thou O Ye Regulators? Why is the “vaccine” (quotes because it isn’t one) still in circulation ?

    Not to mention that without the T+14 stat gimmick, out of the box, you have deaths, SAE, AE, that collate directly to the shot, as opposed to the unvaccinated or the shot-1 cohort.

    At this point, continued mRNA use for any reason is just a galactically-level stupid action.

    (Yes, I stole the line from the Adventures of Lois and Clark when Terri Hatcher still had baby fat. One minute 36 seconds. Setup and delivery.)

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    Joe Kent, a highly experienced veteran of sophisticated counter-terrorist special operations and a congressional candidate from Washington, put the dynamic plainly in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson. Referring to Vice President Kamala Harris’ comparison of January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, Kent said, “I fought these wars before and I’ve seen this playbook run before. What Kamala Harris is doing, what Joe Biden is doing, is they’re taking very powerful imagery and they’re saying that the attack on Pearl Harbor, the attack on 9/11, this is the same thing that took place on January 6th because that allows people to compare Trump supporters to Nazis, to actual members of al- Qaeda, and with that imagery comes the justification to turn the tools of the state against them.”

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