Comes the Hour. Comes the Man

88 BC. General Sulla Arriving in Rome Under Arms to Bring Order. Never the Emperor – Always the Emperor Maker.

Another year is upon us.

What we can disclose at this time is that we cannot disclose anything in great detail. But, rest assured, what you cannot see is looking back at you.

A dynastic alliance, formed to reshape the future without the need for profiting off of human misery, is in possession of the means, the advantage and the guidance to assert itself on the world’s stage.

These alliances are also building in other directions. A recent message for our leading key German supporters is as follows:

Kommt die Stunde.

Kommt der Mann.

Das nächste Mal werden sich Mutterland und Vaterland vereinen und nicht gegeneinander kämpfen

(Comes the hour. Comes the man. Next time, Motherland and Fatherland will unite and not fight against each other.)


While almost the entirety of Earth is laboring under a Kakistocracy which itself is under the influence of a parasitically oriented, international clique of rootless opportunists, the aforementioned alliance is tasked with offering an alternative. Only significant power can overcome a significant problem. Anything less capable of doing so is doomed from the start.

Presently, more details are not possible. Hopefully soon they will be.

But, overseeing all of this is a special collective group also advancing Trans-Humanism planning to have life expectancies reaching to c200 years, so as not to lose such valuable knowledge and wisdom, in order to take humanity forwards to a new level of ethereal and cosmic consciousness. With the applied sciences of those 200 years, what will then be possible? Formal Religions will fail and fall. But, will be replaced by a higher consciousness of being more, and soul values.

So much is unfolding.    

The current scene society is faced with is disastrous – bordering on catastrophic. You all see it. With applied research, you will find the malignant hand of the Goyim enslavers all over it, and their Talpiot tentacles burrowing deep into most critical structures and information hierarchies.  Spying on all they presume to own as masters of the Goyim web; the nations they covet and the damage they do. The tracking oversight knows all.  Scheme as they may, there will come their day. 

Increasing energy and healthcare costs pushing people out of their homes. Pension funds are facing a looming crisis. Most plans were structured for actuarial function up to around 70-75 years. People are reaching into their 90’s and even 100’s in greater numbers. Who will make up the differences?

Military spending is absorbing resources which could provide for the education and healthcare of many who otherwise go without. What good is funding large standing armies when drones and precision nukes have rendered their open maneuvering virtually obsolete? Waste. Ending the Military Industrial Cabal to instead focus on excellence and trade, would lift the world out of poverty.  Trillions are mass wasted in pursuit of warfare hegemony. Why is money not instead focused to aid the living and so needing? 

Why is the unelected Deep State outside of the rule of law and ethics? Once the Petro Dollar fails, who will fund them? 

Banking is being forced to change, as ever more decentralized financial technologies pressure them to become competitive. SWIFT will be gone soon, along with their rip-off fees.

Even the most benevolent political leadership is becoming ineffective by default. Even without all of the conspiracies, the plots, the power struggles, the infighting and debate of which politics is comprised of, its effectiveness when set against superior technological means of societal management is outclassed by miles. Politics is visibly failing, and new powers WILL emerge. 

It’s time for the political horse to be led to the glue factory, and more effective and reliable means utilized to meet the needs of society.

While such will most likely not happen by a sudden burst of sanity on the part of the political classes, the passage of time and the realities of technology and its inexorable effect on the way people live and work, will see to the glue horse’s fate. But this is for future generations to consider. Presently, we are facing a far different reality within which we must survive, notwithstanding the progress in present time.

To close, thank you all for your continuing contributions to our discussion sections. The incredible work all of you are doing to bring together such a wide array of facts and opinions for reader consideration is exceeding our expectations.

Be ready for anything. Always.

Something enormous is in play and moving forwards which will only uncloak when ready; stealthily shielded and being readied to swoop down on the known enemies and poisoners of mankind. 

More when possible.



  1. Well, the interesting part is that 10 tied up 50 officers just in the field. Imagine processing the lot. One can’t notice that a determined push by the under 30 (the most politically active) could tip this easily by crippling the NYPD solely with ‘unvaccinated enforcement’. How long before One Police Plaza calls the Mayor to call the Governor to knock it off with the draconian vaxxport bullshit? Of course, any judge of integrity (are there any?) would stop this all cold by pointing out that it is impossible to claim, as a side-effect of existing, that all unvaccinated have no right to commerce (let alone 1st Am e.g. movie watching), when being healthy, and de facto cannot be a threat to anyone. And even if sick, omicron is now endemic, e.g. it’s the common cold. IFR 0.03% and skewed towards the elderly. You quarantine the sick, not the healthy.


    1. Even IF we had a valid vaxx (we don’t), for nCov2019, NOBODY under the age of 24 needed it. The cohort had between a 99.98% and 99.997% survival rate depending on the exact age. This vaxxing of the young, to see the universal vaxx precedent, is nothing but CRIMINAL.


    The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is reportedly seeking to give grants to programs that hand out crack pipes to drug addicts as part of a program to keep drug users safe. The idea is to limit infections among drug users.

    A $30 million Biden administration grant program includes money for non-profit groups to purchase ‘safe smoking kits/supplies according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon.


    1. Giving folks permission to continue to kill themselves and wait until we see how much of that money gets siphoned off to the wrong hands.


    No, this isn’t a joke. Local authority’s are to spend millions of pounds training teachers and others to observe children for signs that their parents might be arguing too much and to intervene when it’s deemed appropriate.

    As crazy as this may sound, this programme has nothing to do with protecting children. It’s about stealing children. Children are a commodity and forced adoption is a billion pound a year industry in the UK.

    Forced adoption is when social services recommend that a child is taken from her law-abiding parents and put in care. The decision to remove the child is made by a family court judge. The family court system is shrouded in secrecy. The media isn’t permitted to observe or report on the proceedings.

    Yes, sometimes children need to be removed from their parents because they are being sexually or physically abused. Neglect is a legitimate reason for intervention too.

    However, tens of thousands of children are taken from loving homes each year for something called “risk of future emotional harm.” Have you ever read Philip K.Dick’s Minority Report?

    Ian Josephs is a British ex-pat living in France. He has a law degree. Over the years, Ian has helped dozens of families escape the horrors of forced adoption. He is an expert on the UK Family Court system. Writing in The Sunday Guardian in 2018, Josephs said:

    Why has the system evolved this way with nearly 100,000 children in care in the UK? Thousands of officials make a good living, some making literally millions of pounds, out of this rotten system.

    Local authorities advertise with posters on local buses offering £590 per week per child for foster carers (most take on two or three). The agencies supplying the foster families and adoptive parents get around £2,000 per week per child.

    One agency (The National Fostering and Adoption Agency) founded by two social workers around 18 years ago worked its profits up to more than £10 million per year and sold out about three years ago to a commercial firm called Graphite for more than £130 million.

    Graphite in turn resold last year for a lot more. Special schools for “difficult children” in care (in other words, children who miss their parents!) charge £3,000-£4,000 per week per child for housing them mostly in rundown terraced houses.


  4. Oh sure,,, just trust what Trudeau says…
    According to Justin Trudeau’s liberal administration, the Chinese takeover of a lithium mine located headquartered in Toronto “poses no national security risks whatsoever,” according to a report by True North.

    The report comes after Neo Lithium Corp. was purchased by Zijin Mining Group Co. without a national security review.


    1. This is the kind of s**t that drives me bonkers.

      Let me give an example of stupidity right here in the US. We have a slew of rare earth mineral mines across the midwest/northwest. We’ve essentially sold forward a decade of production to China. Why?

      Then we compound stupidity with ‘failure to act’. General Atomics has a modified fusion reactor. It doesn’t quite cut it, but if you got a few good practical physicists in there, and maybe $250 million, I think it could be pushed into total viability. The reason this particular reactor is important is that it used boron as fuel, which when fused, become radioactive carbon, and then it degrades in steps giving off 3 alpha particles, which gives us electricity when the alpha particles absorb electrons into their orbits, causing a power differential et voila! electricity.

      You know where the greatest concentration of boron is? The Nevada desert….


      1. While we are it… the MD is correct. FDA is suffering from dereliction of duty…


      2. Repeat after me — NO MASK in common use can stop a 0.125 micron particle from penetrating the mask interface. Even an N95 mask, will allow 1000 particles of such size in, and in 3 respirations on average. Which is the reason they failed in Germany. Poor fitting just makes the mask useless. And that too happened. What is the Infectious Dose (ID)? Based on the original SARS coronavirus, the ID is between 500 and 1500 viral particles.


  5. What ever some one thinks about Rand Paul, they should be able to see this by now…
    Senator Rand Paul warned Friday that the COVID mandates and restrictions have always been more about getting people to act submissively to government than they have been about health and safety.
    Appearing on Hannity, Paul stated “the dirty little secret is it’s always been more about submission.”

    “It’s always been more about collectivism. It’s been about growing government power over your lives,” Paul adding, further noting “the science has been clear for a long time on masks for children.”

    Paul continued, “Sweden didn’t have their school kids wear masks at all. Not one child died. The incidence of the disease and the teachers did not rise, with the kids not wearing masks. I mean, it’s sort of, you know, I worry about the future of America if the Europeans are leading us toward freedom.”

    Paul also referred to the Canadian trucker convoy standing against mandates, urging that “the Canadians are ahead of us in trying to unwind mandates.”

    “And I think particularly for young males, the evidence is pretty strong now that the more vaccines you give young males, the higher their incidence of myocarditis,” Paul, who is also a doctor asserted.


  6. Russia’s Mediterranean port in Syria – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

    America has now lost the Middle East and Europe. You really need to help America its looking so trashed now. Help Americans and STOP the Sleaze. Get the Zionist thieves out.

    So much for the nonsense of a amphibious assault on the Ukraine. More DC PR to capture headlines for a day with no meaning. The the nonsense so far has cost the Ukraine $12.5 billion in lost revenue according to Zelensky. Does anyone believe the arms being shipped there will make up for the economic loss or the hardship of the people there? Who will pay to rebuild this hollowed out nation? Let alone who can afford to? This leaves the Ukraine to be broken up over time. As it is there is no real future for young people there. And why Moldova and the Ukraine are the top recruiting grounds for exploitation of women and children by gangs through many countries. The Ukraine is just another notch in a long list of countries from Vietnam onwards of a delusional none caring bunch who are a total failure in foreign affairs.

    So what is Russia doing, it is finishing the work it started in Syria with 6000 new prisoners cleaning out the radicals. People forget that China has made Syria a very real part of their BRI and since Russia and China share a similar objective, US meddling in Syria will come to an end in the not-too-distant future. Turkey will also find itself curtailed as China controls Turkey by direct trade more than people know or admit, if they do know.

    Sadly, it appears the US is bent by ineptness to close the door on both Europe and the Middle East, having lost both creditability and any real hegemony. And to make matters worse Africa and South America are turning away from the US as well. One has to only look to Argentina, Chile, or Brazil to see what is happening.
    How Stalin’s favorite pianist stood up to the Soviet Union

    Quiet heroism even then, it must have been horrific living inside Stalin’s purges, a truly brutal regime.


  7. Rockville,

    How about you consolidate your musical contributions in one post with both links instead of 2 separate posts. It makes for a more visually pleasing presentation. And in this business panache is everything if you want to get ahead.


  8. Some of my dates were like this.

    In Roman times, they would have dragged her out of the carriage, cut her tongue out, and then put her back in. The instances of such behavior would have thus decreased as if by magic throughout the Empire.


  9. Unreal… but it is happening…
    These companies have to report every pay period what they have done to improve the environment, what they have done for “equity” and what they have done to help government (Left wing) policies. If they aren’t trying to get to zero emissions, or don’t have enough minorities or aren’t giving Critical Race Theory classes, or aren’t supporting some government sanctioned policy their score will be lowered. If they have a low score that will mean the banks won’t loan them money, or take away their ability to process credit cards, or even take away their ability to do banking. This is why so many are on board with all of these extreme policies.

    The ESG Scores are ALREADY in practice and WE, you and I, are next. Some of you may remember Bank of America going through customer’s accounts and reporting to the FBI


    1. The Founding Fathers achieved something extraordinary and that cracked open what you consider Western Civilization. All primary ideas, including the elimination of slavery originated in 1776 and are downstream of Locke. And yes, the British Empire was instrumental in the crushing of slavery. Despite China being a present dictatorship, do you remember what statue was erected in Tianamen Square? Critical Race Theory is a joke of identity Marxist origin that concentrates on a particular negative, misses the simple truth that at the Founding, the majority of the population was white, of European descent, had a huge history of religious persecution, and voted usually with their feet going by going further West to be left alone. The Civil War was completely unnecessary — technology would have ended overt slavery by 1880. Most of the South plantations were unprofitable as the Civil War started. Slavery would have collapsed anyway. Lincoln should be seen in context as the largest mass murderer of his time as the Civil War could easily have been averted, and is responsible for a roughly 2.5% mortality rate — at least 750,000 dead.

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    2. Teaching the TRUTH about racism and the real history of it is very important, as is all history, it is all important to teach it accurately… what is being pushed as CRT, and other names as they have changed the name to mask it, is not about teaching racism… CRT is grounded in Marxism… and it IS being taught in elementary schools… that proof has been posted here many times.


    “At the most fundamental level, Idaho’s education system is designed to replace the influence of parents on the opinions and sentiments of children with the influence of public institutions,” the authors write. “Our public education system emphasizes the principles of [critical social justice], a false and harmful anti-American, anti-Christian ideology that sows racial hatred, gender confusion, and resentment. There is no making peace with this imperial ideology. It must either be rooted out of our system (a tall task) or parents must be assisted in walking away from the system.”


  11. Nato takes control of US Carrier Strike Group in show of strength to Russia

    Rootin Tootin MIdget Putin Stands up Tall. 5 ft 3 is not bloody tall, now he’s getting faced down over Ukraine.
    His Ass is in a Bind now. Negotiate out fast or it’s getting caned
    Christie says Trump admitted he lost 2020 and wanted it overturned

    The Walls are closing in on Shrek.
    The US economic war on Afghanistan amounts to a humanitarian crime

    Yet another American HUGE Foreign Meddling F Up. Cluster sized! Every time.

    Butt the F out now for Good. Sort America, sort BLM, Sort the Zionists and Flakes, sort the Deep State, and sort DC For F sake.

    The screw is turning. Class Actions?

    Everyone is gunning for the big Grifter.
    Startling New Data From Germany Shows Cases of Serious Injury From The Vax Have Increased Over 2000% – enVolve

    Crazy stuff, does anyone really understand what has been done to society as we have known it?
    The Current Government is tyrannical and clearly is more interested in self-preservation than the will of the people.
    This is not Canadian!
    And such confrontations with force are consistent with revolutionary strife as they have been throughout history. As time rolls on this will escalate as there is no going back without the public giving into tyranny as the more violence occurs the worse it will get. The midterm result will be a complete breakdown of activity with disruptions across the country.
    Forget immigration or tourism to Canada as the country will lose its’ flavor quickly.
    The long list of legal cases against Donald Trump

    Good, good, good, good, hopefully this slimy piece of Shite gets taken down a good American fit for Office gets elected. Good for the world. Trump is a SCUMBAG! Always has been.

    Top hardline Russian general warns Putin NOT to invade Ukraine

    Good to see Top Intelligent Russian Generals warning of this little GGB Baby Thug not to cost Russian lives for his ego.

    Intelligent reporting.

    Top hardline Russian general warns Putin NOT to invade Ukraine
    Truckers are spot on. Truckers blow apart fake MSM.
    Biden says Putin wants what he ‘cannot get’ and US warns Russia could invade Ukraine ‘any day’

    This is worrying if it’s escalated. We need reason and calm The MSM and Military plus Agencies, make things worse as each have agendas.

    Right now Russia is calm and stable, no bad thing.
    What Russia is asking, is for no NATO bases in old Eastern Block Nations. which can threaten Russia. No bad thing to ask for With today’s missiles reach why not concede for Peace and build Trade harmony as a gain for both sides? Very achievable. More credible.
    Hopefully No War it will cost many lives and be ugly. Both sides are human beings being programmed to kill for a lie. So many will die, Each a life and family link. It’s never the Politicos doing the dying is it?
    It’s good to see a Russian General strongly opposing war. Good man!

    Laverov is an accomplished, intelligent, experienced and charismatic Minister Advocate for Russia. No fool. We need to really listen to his case, appease if due and achieve an accord, Not killing! No more Boys with Toys.
    Delivering more weapons and Troops is forcing Russia’s hand. That IS Arms Sales Profiteering, not Diplomacy. Have we learned nothing? Any fool can see a balanced solution can be achieved with reason and goodwill. Use it. War games over, face off with a hand of peace over those conference tables. Offer Vlad, and the Ukraine and the West, Trade Pact deals. Help Ukraine with Irrigation sources, as so needed. A Huge gesture. JV Russia and the Ukraine together on Major Joint Projects where each benefit. Ease tensions. Help Russia build its own economy bypassing the Oligarchs where possible. Not threats. Nor corruption. No to corruption. No! That hinders Russia. But so do these damned Arms sales exploiting it.

    Talk, negotiate, mediate, Trade, do NOT Invade. A season and time now for reason. Stop escalating this thing on both sides. Mediate! Yes- We-Can and We Must! War is horrific. The worst of a Mankind.

    If we could just fast track these damned Elders settlements, we could do so much with the funds to help build synergy. We are working on this now and have been all weekend. If we can just get the US to release these funds we can move so fast to help break the blocks.

    Stop this this damned war. Hear and resolve the issues. We must. We need to and can. It’s up to Man now to be kind. Man Kind! All lives are Human lives here and it will be carnage. Do NOT do this. Neither side. Trade out!
    More posing fantasies and 8 meals a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The running track calls?

    These Leaders love to dress up

    How the Hell can Canadians keep reelecting this Shit?
    Great country. Wonderful people the Brits love you.
    This Wank is unfit for Office, what is Wrong with you?
    Bin- Trash.

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    1. Right now we are working day and night to get releases so we can help Laverov and appease a deal for all. Money talks. Reality is for the big boys not selling Toys which kill..We are on No Ones side, just Humanities for all of us. Oligarch free! Those funds can help us fast grip this issue. Save lives and face Real thinking. Stop escalating it from the West, cease, all of us. It needs a window of calm. Macron will try. We all need to. The US is as guilty here making Agency game plays for power, and the Zios as ever, Carrion who want to pick up the pieces. We all need to back off for a while. UK also. Calm and talk, It can be saved, wrong and cruel not to. No more wars. This is not for Amateur meddlers. It’s a Chess board. Not an easy game .
      There are many convoluting issues here playing out. Good to see a Russian General firing water cannons. Russia will have to rethink the Oligarchs after this. We also. The money laundering needs to cease now. bankers also. Put back to feed need not Zionist greed. This is a Window for us all. Reflect. Have we learned nothing from Afghanistan? Iraq or Vietnam? Syria?

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  12. No- We MUST all be saying F You ,it’s your responsibility to Check it was safe, NOT OURS, YOU have .a Duty of care so F U and we WILL FU! YOU let us all down. YOU need to pay. Jail the lot even.

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    1. Thank you Tino. Thought you might be interested in this article:
      ‘Last Living Signatory to Canada’s Charter of Rights Takes Trudeau Gov’t to Court Over Vac Manades’.
      Brian Peckford is the last surviving author/architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Peckford was Primier of the Province of Newfoundland Canada while Prime Minister Trudeau Senior was in power. Peckford made the law suit announcement on the steps of the Victoria BC legislature to a large crowd Jan 30/22. I did not see MSM cover this story.


    It appears many parents are experiencing a “great awakening,” resulting in their desire for more choices for the education of their children. With the encouragement of the U.S. Supreme Court, elected officials may be forced to re-evaluate allowing a government school monopoly that stifles healthy competition for the hearts and minds of parents and their children.

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    A 5th grade teacher working in the North Penn School District made white elementary school children apologize to black kids for their skin color, according to irate parents.
    The mother’s complaint was bolstered by a further claim by another individual at the meeting who described how the same teacher forced children to take part in a ‘privilege walk’ multiple times.

    “A teacher…lined the students up on the wall, asked them to step forward if their parents were married, step forward if their parents were college educated, step forward if they own a cellphone or an iPhone, step forward if their skin color resembled a band aid, step forward if they had an in-ground pool.”

    Explaining that multiple different parents had told him that this had happened, the speaker also related how the teacher in question “also added at one point when she asked about a band aid with a mini-megaphone, the teacher told the student to get back on the wall because her parents were from India.”


  15. Interesting issues building, watch them blow.
    1. Astra Zenaca is being accused of killing hundreds of thousands. If Class Actions launch then what about Pfizer? It will break Gates if it blows.? Reports will follow today.
    2. Puppet Muppet Putin is now getting ring fenced as the Naval Forces appear off the Coast to shield Ukraine, and the Brits go after his Oligarch handlers tracking every account worldwide. They are going to panic and turn on him, As Dogs do. If the Oligarchs go, he runs to where?
    3. Russia is now protecting Syria from the Khazars in Israel and both Russia and China will shield and arm Iran Within years we may see the end of Israel in a God almighty Armageddon Head on; It’s a cruel and devious Cult there. No one will shed a tear.
    4.America is finished overall in the Middle East, Europe wants you gone.and both China and India will carve up the Far East. The Petro Dollar will tank, Welfare Costs will cripple America, what then?
    5. The , narcissistic gruesome and POINTLESS Harry and Buckle Nosed Markel continue scamming America, for how long? He’s a Tosser, and she’s a Flake.
    6. Once Cryptos break out Banks have real trouble.
    7. Covid is peaking and sliding. What has the economic cost been and why is China free of retribution?
    8.America will be forced to come clean on the UFOs. What then for the Fake Religions and Flakes? All will fail.
    9. The EU is failing. Germany needs to leave and combine with the UK and Scandinavia.Dump the rest.
    10. What happens when focused Terrorist Forces release the Zio DNA attack Dog Virus to be rid of them worldwide? 10M will be gone in the USA alone. Dump them where? Land fills? Old mines? When does it hit? Or does Iran go first? Will Israe Hell wake up in time and build goodwill as so much needed?.Stop its brutality?
    11.Will we see the Break Up of America and its gruesome Federal State? Why does Texas need or carry any of them? It’s 4 times than the UK and can stand alone.
    12.Zio Roach Free, who will run America? As it should have been.
    13. How legally messy will it be for Trump for the next 2 years? Who will deal with the slimy Kushners?

    So much is in play. So much breaking now each day. Real news on WHA. Real people. Flake free.


    1. 19 Court Cases coming against Lying King Sleazebag Trump. He only needs to lose 1!!!!!!!!!!
      He’s such a low life expect more.


  16. Rockville
    The most off putting is flying into JFK, Washington or Atlanta trying to clear Customs fast with those barking Dogs on Customs Point all with heavy part shaven 7 0 Clock Shadow and Coffee stained moustaches, only to realise they are the women!
    Jeez what a sight, and mess.
    In LA and Washington English voices go down so well, and the women go down a lot.
    Now Air Crew Females I won’t tell. But First Class you get pulled, often. Fact. .


  17. From my pal the Desert Rat

    Gee – Imagine back to just after George Floyd was killed and all the riots and destruction and disrespect toward the cops nationwide…

    This resulted in the huge “Black Lives Matter” movement that spread like wildfire! Everyone across the nation knew about BLM and a whole lot of sympathy / $$$$ went toward them – whoever they were. Sports stars, Hollywood and a whole lot of influential people sent money their way – TONS of money when “Black Lives Matter” had evolved far beyond just a slogan. It became a belief system and even though many didn’t believe in the belief system, any criticism was charged as racist as if the critic didn’t believe black lives mattered.

    They clearly received tens of millions of bucks and all indications now is this became a free for all. Imagine their disbelief as endless streams of money was showing up. Those who were running BLM were rolling in dough and apparently started spending like a bunch of drunken sailors when this was intended to aid the black community. Now here we are a couple years later after a bunch of these BLM “officials” have enriched themselves buying mansions and who the hell knows what else.

    Now there’s a lot of questions being asked and gonna get real interesting. We all know that any real criticism will be met with charges of racism.

    Lots of money spent and the fingers will be pointing every which-a-way to cover their asses.

    I’m gonna go stock up on popcorn

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  18. I read with some amusement the “challenge” laid down before WHA, and with trembling fingers and tears of fear I will write the following concerning it. I will not directly engage the person as it would impart undeserved recognition of them to begin with. My words are directed to the challenge and how incredibly defective it is from the start.

    In general, the challenge is that he will collect a number of news articles showing that Russia is innocent of any and all war mongering, and that all is the direct cause of the United Kingdom, and our London contributor is complicit in trying to push both nations into war.

    The contest is ludicrous from the start; a juvenile assemblage of blathering nonsense which is devoid of any understanding of how conflicts truly start and who has been at the center of fomenting such in the greater part of the 20th Century, and now in the 21st.

    It’s akin to holding a contest where one person gets a new Chevrolet, and another a new Ford. They are allowed to drive them for 50K miles and then keep them, but only if they report on how well the handlebars felt when driving. You see the point? Cars don’t have handlebars, so the end reporting result is impossible to achieve.

    Let’s be adults and face facts.

    The general populations of nations do not hate each other. To say that all the citizens of the UK are in favor of killing all the citizens of Russia is a lie. Anyone who says so, lies.

    Such conflicts are spurred on by those who finance them and have the most to gain from the outcome.

    The chief culprit of such wars in the 20th Century has been, and still is, International Jewry and those who associate with them. By “International Jewry” is meant the monopolistic Zionist monetary interests, and not the good Jews of nations who conduct their affairs with quiet dignity and reject in total the attitudes of Talmudic supremacy considering all outside of their kind as human chattel to be exploited.

    That’s the answer. It’s not UK or Russia wholesale, or J2021, or his butler for that matter.

    The premise of the challenge is laughable. To think that an observation of press articles can distill down to any point of proof beyond doubt that one or the other nation is to blame is childish fantasy.

    To think that WHA is formed to associate with advocating Zionist war mongering is to openly declare oneself certifiable.

    There exists between any conflict of nations a hidden provocateur, cliquish and subdued, egging the parties to war. You see it in the media. You see it through the halls of politics. You see it from Hollywood. Mesmerizing, hypnotic, repetitive. “Saddam is bad”…”Ghaddafi is bad”…”Assad is bad”…”Israel good”…”Israel chased”…”Palestinians are terrorists”.

    If this is not obvious, then no amount of discussion or prompting will have any positive affect in bringing an understanding.

    Once again, WHA will not directly engage in any lunacy with mental cases or those who back up such lunacy.

    There is a saying I am fond of. One should never argue with a fool. For it may be hard to point to the bigger fool.

    This is submitted to make a point concerning the defective reasoning laid down in the “challenge” before WHA. Not to directly engage the challenging party, who will continue to be ignored. We have better things to do with our time.

    This matter is concluded.

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    1. Brilliant response.

      I popped over to the site this morning and was quite horrified with the posts there. I had no idea it had become quite that crazy. Really is a shame.

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      1. Beyond sad that such a Rabid Troll is given a Pulpit for such Bile, demeaning for all the work of all who helped build that site, to see the absurd, uncontrolled vitriol spewing out. It’s beyond vile for all. Gruesome and banal.
        It’s best left until the reprehensible damage is realised. What a Legacy? Beyond sad to see its uncontrolled,demise but it has its own policies. WHA is thriving. Why? To each their own. That back library deserves saving. It has historic value.

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    2. Well said bravo!

      Read openly to the group today to cheers. This site does too much good for people to be sidetracked by some peasant gibberish. What a crackpot cause.

      Portfolio is now set to reach new highs because of dollar cost averaging the positions at the recent lows. This is getting better and better!

      We just need the settlements to start and this year will be one for the books. Hopefully soon!

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      1. Very glad to hear about your portfolios.

        I am hoping that the present Asiatic holiday will be the last one to delay the start of the process. Before the holidays in the US commenced, we were told of increased activity before new years – a very rare thing. We can only hope that such rarely timed holiday efforts were not done without the ultimate goal of seeing the matter through. But, as we stated, we are dealing with cultural practices which are not going to be set aside in the process. Given how superstitious the Asians are, I can understand why this is happening.

        I remember how the facade of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was completely redone because Chinese whales would not enter through the giant lion’s head which adorned the front of the casino. They considered it bad luck. Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker revenue plunged until the lion was removed.

        By the way, thanks for sharing the Chained To The Rythm video. Some of our European readers loved it and I received many requests for copies.

        Keep up the good work.


        1. Remember the key Elders Signatory was flown into NY to meet 3 key Bank Directors of whom 2 were also flown in during 28th and 29th December to keep it moving, off radar and to try kick start things before the Chinese New Year Crap Shoot. 16 days of this Shite I am going Mental with them,Unreal! F great Childs Hoolie party and never ending. Hard daily all have reality issues. I could say a lot but Diplomacy. But- Unreal.

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  19. The final pieces: Three new signs Russia may be planning Ukraine invasion | World New

    Everyone is on Vlad now. He and his corrupt Oligarchs are now under Global banking siege. Try spending Proceeds of Crime when you start looking at doing time. This is how they brought down Capone. The heat is on now.
    UK and France agree Nato must ‘unite against Russian aggression

    Now France unites with the UK to stop the Bear.

    Post WW11 many wanted to drive into Moscow and stop what was building.
    What If You Were Alive During the Big Bang.

    An interesting little video. How life formed post the Big Bang.

    Reality of 4 years of the Big Chump.

    Get the Fat, useless Bastard out, and be done with him. That Pigs arse faced wife Carrie runs the clown. Shake the Flake, Out.
    Camilla WILL become Queen: Her Majesty, 95, issues historic Platinum Jubilee statement to end years of uncertainty and tells the public ‘I know you will give her and Charles the same support you have given me’

    In a statement that ends years of uncertainty, Elizabeth II has expressed her ‘sincere wish’ that Camilla be given the title when Charles ascends to the throne.

    A sad, BAD and Stupid move. Will the Windsors ever learn? Camillas been ridden more times than a Sea Beach Donkey for kiddies rides. Bad Meat and he’s an idiot.
    The only King Material he is, is Wan King!
    Such silly people sometimes.
    Step aside Charlie, let William take it on.
    Exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky claims Vladimir Putin is afraid of starting a war with Ukraine.

    The little Shit has boxed himself into a corner now wand as all know Russia is far more at risk of a Chinese invasion for its food and mineral resources, walking into the Lion’s Den with Xi is not the smartest of moves. Hes now put himself under Western spotlights and it’s going to get hot for him. As the end product of a weak Sperm life will get tough for a Runt.
    It says we could be the Dolts of the Universe. Have they seen Trump and Biden?
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle branded ‘grifters’ by furious US talk show host – Daily Star

    Too right 2 bottom feeding Fake money-grubbing Skanks demeaning to see and Fake as hell. Shallow and shameful.
    Each the Class of a Smacked Ass.


  20. In addition to the above, there is this to consider. WHO executives are not voted for by the general public, so it is inconceivable, but no doubt not accidental, that they are allowed this much power. The argument will of course be that we the people are represented at WHO by our elected Govt officials. That is not exactly inspiring given the last 2 years ⬇️⬇️

    On 1 December 2021, the 194 members of the World Health Organization (WHO) reached consensus to kickstart the process to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the Constitution of the World Health Organization to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

    A convention, agreement or other international instrument is legally binding under international law. An agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response adopted under the World Health Organization (WHO) would enable countries around the globe to strengthen national, regional and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics.


    1. Or the MANY, MANY others doing What? The Vast bases. Many linked. Area 52?????????? And more.
      Wright Patterson? It’s all huge, The UK has them also. As do others. Antarctica?


  21. While the Navy doesn’t release statistics on Hell Week for Navy Seal Training (BUD/S) other than the aggregate pass/fail, I had the privilege of restoring many a PTSD-damaged Special Forces man back to neuro-typicality. So there are hours of conversation there, and talking about original training, is actually a lesser part of the therapy. (I use it to help induce compliance with what they need to do to remain healthy after they leave.) Injury events are routine and typical. Shit happens. Occasionally, few and far between, someone dies during extreme pushes, not after and usually from some unknown cause. Ie. Aneurysm, heart block, etc. The overall record, on the qt, is stellar.

    To have two men, after Hell Week, one die and the other in hospital and in serious condition, is a near statistical impossibility. You don’t last even thru the first couple days of the month of training, let alone the Hell Week, unless you are in superb physical condition.

    Can you say “Vaxx”? No confirmation, but damn suspicious.

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    1. Tino

      The test exercises are beyond crazy. Horizontal Bench Leg Raises with 20 lbs then 40 lbs weight tore guts
      and were wrong to build abdominal strength.So many good guys were invalided out or RTR’d out. A war of attrition against our own best. Dehydration was another killer. Not understanding the need to adjust for climatic temperature levels and water needs. A 60 lbs Bergen backpack, 25 lbs of body armour, 25 lbs of weapons plus boots and clothing. then time trialed for 25 to 35 miles. Mountain and hill ranges. Excess heat or cold took out so many. Badly planned and no coordination. Only in the last decade have we made allowances. Fizzy drinks are puking fuel. You learn. We spend half a million to train them and 2 dumb days to wreck them. Piss poor planning.


      1. Tino

        Above was ours but your own 82nd Special Airborne units started here with us before you upgraded to the rest.
        Same training, same games. Same insanity. We lost 3 the same day 2 or 3 years ago on the Brecon mountain test. Heat exhaustion. Again poor planning and lack of route supervision;. The Excreta flew for that. Heads rolled. .


  22. Never mind the fake Olympics, what about the tens of thousands of executions and vast rapes and tortures inside Xl’s brutal regime.? China is hell on earth.


  23. How does South Korea celebrate the Lunar New Year “Seollal”?

    This is why we can’t get them back to work culturally game playing.

    They spend all year waiting for this.

    Should be Year of the Pig after 8 meals a day for 16 days.

    A Sjambok does not work. If only.

    I wonder if they have Farting contests.


    The Hawks who protect the Kremlin Midget Ras Putin.


    1. I believe the current figure is 0-18 all causes 49,000 circa deaths, only like 331 from COVID. At the “vaxx” present efficacy you’d have to vaccinate the whole cohort of 29 million at ~150 per million adverse event rate of myocarditis alone. Who’d do it in their right mind? Ezekiel Emanuel is also the guy that would let everyone under 2 and above 65 die — e.g. death panel fame.


    The Biden administration has tried to stop a plan by the U.S. Postal Service to replacing its aging fleet of mail trucks with 165,000 new gasoline-powered delivery trucks.

    The USPS was preparing to spend up to $11.3 billion to replace the fleet, but the Biden administration has held up those plans, citing “the damage the polluting vehicles could inflict on the climate and Americans’ health”, according to The Washington Post.

    Both the EPA and the White House Council on Environmental Quality sent letters to the Postal Service this week, telling the USPS to rethink its plans to buy the gas-powered vehicles, the report said. The letter requested that the USPS conducts a new search for environmentally friendlier alternatives.


  25. DeSantis has huge testicles.

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      1. Got to be better than Trump.
        ,At least there’s a brain there. Hopefully you don’t get repeat of the Thickest President ever, in the history of America. America has now lost its way. 4 more years of Dumbo Shek will put it away. No more Chump Trump.


  26. A credible UK source and worrying.

    Ukrainians ‘will be put in internment camps’ as part of Putin’s plan
    As the West goes after Putin’s money, these are the Russian oligarchs the UK has sanctioned

    Expose and close the lot! Commie Snot. It’s coming.
    Putin and Xi… a new axis of evil aiming to shatter the West’s power
    Lie down with Dogs and wake up with Fleas. China will eat the midget alive,
    He mustn’t have even been a full-sized sperm. A Tiddler the interceptors ignored.
    We are finally beginning to understand migraines and how to treat them

    How about the pains in the Rrrrs?
    New HIV strain found in the Netherlands: Highly infectious variant makes people ill twice as quickly.

    Nothing is free in Amsterdam.
    Who Owns the World?: Blackrock and Vanguard | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

    Are you ready for this?

    You decide how control occurs.
    Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping pledge to take on the West in new alliance They have NO MONEY to Fund Shit!


  27. The peeps in Aussie land who still think this is all about safety and health had better get their head out of their tush and start taking back the country… they are not going to stop until full blown Tyranny takes over, or the people stop it!
    In contrast, online rights advocates have been screaming from the rooftops that this bill has nothing to do with protecting average Australians from online abuse, but rather it’s all about enabling politicians, like Dutton, to uncover anonymous critics, so they can then take legal action.

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  28. Okay kids, time for a bit of HALLELUJAH.

    Many here may not be interested in this amazing woman. Heck, sure, she is a tad overweight as far as some standards may be concerned, and sure she is gay but you cannot bloody well tell me this gal cannot sing.

    I went to a concert of hers many many years ago at the State Theatre in Sydney. It was bloody amazing. I like her so much as she has such a beautiful and very tender side but also has a brilliant mind and an incredible vocabulary and on top of that, a frickin awesome voice box. Totally magnificent all round. I would have loved to spend an afternoon with her. ;))

    So, here is a bit of good music imo to tickle your fancy on this Saturday evening. Take it or leave


      1. She was brave to try and thank God you did not say take it or heave it with that weight.
        Much more and its going to be a Butch with a crutch.
        A very, very hard song to take on.
        Teasing Aura lady


        1. I know you are teasing John but I also know your personal likes where a woman’s appearance is concerned. I’m cool with that, we each like what we like. She still has a brilliant mind and an awesome voice.

          I feel a bit sorry for her actually with regard to that which she has endured at the hands of money hungry fakes. She has come out better off but sometimes scares can leave their mark until one becomes a little stronger.

          Have a great week mate.


  29. Salve, Citizens

    Some comments to end the week.

    First, cryptos. And I am making these comments in spite of the recent rises and not because of them.

    For quite a while I have reserved extensive discussion of the crypto space because the market direction was displaying a contempt for the underlying metrics. This usually indicates a wide divergence in sentiment and also points to severe indecision. On top of this, we saw and continue to see, incredible adoption across the board and in a great many sectors. Personally, I don’t see a sector that will eventually be based on anything but blockchain and DLT processes, as anything less will be to essentially be clamoring for the days of the vacuum tube. Possible, but why?

    Eventually, these metrics and the market will have to come back to synchronicity. Otherwise, the metrics themselves will prove useless. And what do they show at present?

    One of the most interesting metrics is that with the drop in prices has come an increase in the number of people putting funds into crypto. Naturally, buying the dip is the smartest approach. And right now, new user adoption is increasing without letup. Clearly, selling out now would be a monumental mistake.

    Another metric, coins coming off exchanges, is growing. This means less sellers wanting to sell. Hence the price rises we see now affected by this very metric. The leveraged shorts are getting their intestines ripped out and fed to them. Their balls will soon follow. They didn’t pay attention to the important metrics. They used those silly chart patterns, heads and shoulders, triangles, flags, etc. The big dogs know this and use them to their advantage – to acquire coin from you when those patterns fail to do as the textbooks (written by brokers) say. If only trading those things were that easy.

    If you have the stones and the risk capital to buy more, now is probably a good time to make your well measured placements, because in time, based on the metrics, these prices are going to get left behind.

    The present course, for our purposes remains to hold, and buy up to the prices we have suggested, if it is right for your circumstances. There will come a day when we signal taking the entire portfolio to cash, but that day is not today, nor is it likely to come until later in the year or possibly early next year. There is no way to really know at this time. One thing we will not do is repeat past mistakes which were made in similar new sectors, that being, selling out when market volatility made everyone reach for the fire doors, when they should have reached for the Quaaludes, and just let it be. Emotions and financial decisions are best left in separate rooms, like lovers after too much corn beef and cabbage.

    The journey continues. We are still early. All we have to do is hold. Let the kamikaze traders try to call tops and bottoms. Let the “influencers” continue to spew their effluence. Since the beginning, the smart move has proven to be: position and hold.

    Now, the GS.

    I know it must really be hard to understand how a project of this nature, size and importance can be delayed by a two-week New Year’s celebration involving eating, drinking, shitting and probably a great deal of fornication. One would think that with so many years behind us, and so few left to those involved, that the final moves to conclude agreements would be beset by impulses of greater urgency. But we are dealing with a cultural divide which I am not fully educated on, nor wish to be. There is apparently no choice but to let the matter play out.

    I am reminded when my father took me to the local plant nursery once in the mid 60’s. He grew lots of fruit trees in the back yard and did battle with aphids on his orange trees. He found the pesticide he wanted and proceeded to wait forever for the Asian owner to finish his conversation with the preceding customer. I could tell he was annoyed, but he knew that the owner was quite wealthy from his business and was the only nursery owner around for miles in those days. He leaned over to me and said, “That’s how you act when you have it made”. I never forgot that.

    And so, those who have it made will do as they want, when they want. As imbecilic as it seems; as silly as such is viewed, the world does not revolve around the axis of reason. But it’s not a lost cause just yet. The pressures are still on, and the troughs will soon be empty. Hopefully, despite the infuriating cultural inclinations to indulge the pallets while the world burns, those who have it made will agree to arise from their sated repose and complete agreements so important work can begin before the next banquet or Wuhan bug blast.

    As this platform currently serves as your communication gateway to the halls of power involved in guiding the Asiatic revelers through the modern age of doing things without 10 course meals in between, we will, as always, bring forward any news when it is available.

    Lastly, many of you may have noticed the rather amusing frantic rebuttals from the resident Russian over at One World of Nations. Personally, I am rather amazed that the floor has been extended to one person (formally banished from that floor) to level such overdone critique at a former contributor who is now resident here.

    I would not permit anyone to engage in such excessive, unjustified caterwauling on my dime to be directed at former readers/contributors elsewhere. They would have to pay for such via their own site on their dime.

    What could be the purpose of allowing such behavior, as the reason of “free speech” was formerly not enough to prevent being banned before. How can it be the reason for allowing it now?

    A very curious situation. It’s easily ignored. And WHA will simply ignore it. But, and this is the main point. Many of you may think he is using that platform because he has been banned here. Not so. But it stands to reason that his first post here would be his last if such behavior were displayed. And that ban would be permanent. There is no time here to attend to mental cases.

    Have a good weekend and stay tuned.

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    1. Just realized you guys are talking about OWoN… wow, that is the way back machine… have not been on that site in awhile… damn Russian over there?… nuke it from space, lol… actually,, sometimes I like Putin.


    2. Tony, thank you so much for sharing this extensive message with us all. You contribution to all of our well being, in the financial sense is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

      I have no further comments re some of the other matters raised, that is best left to others over my pay grade as they and you see fit. But I thank you for the advice. XX

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        1. The raw ugliness of what is loose and worse, condoned.

          Your WHA site does more good than you realise.

          It’s beyond sad to see the state of what’s flatlining for Nutters in the gutters now.
          At some stage Google will step in and close it down, it’s beyond rancid, as for the states of mind to condone it?
          Regulators at some stage will move under new Anti Trolling Laws and the cost will be high. Deservedly. .Sad to see a deservedly twice rejected Troll is the only pawn on the board left. Some standards. There are new Trolling laws. A gruesome twosome left. What sad state of mind condones that? To even be associated with it as it wantonly and needlessly self destructs, serving no purpose but rancid Bile daily.? Beyond sad after the work we all put in to help build a party after his hissy fit then with an alternative site.
          It once reached for the skies. It lead. It had meaning. Now that gruesome thing left unchecked is just demeaning. Who would associate now with what is becoming Vomit Inc? What a legacy unfolds.

          Once we all co site, co enjoined to save a life in free fall, and I was so proud of you all as we all chipped in financially together via Go Fund Me to give Mike a break. Well done, I was humbled by so much goodness and proud of you all. You did this, as you rallied to our call, humbling to see the goodness among you and I do not forget it. Ever. You touched my Soul. We helped a Human in need. You rose to a call. So much goodness. You did this. You save a life. You!

          When the the race was on to get a person into impossible closed Reno Currency Doors for the Big Battalions, I made the calls to get a certain person accepted into already closed door portfolios, and to become a multi-millionaire fast if it happened for him, as all hoped. I asked nothing in return. Team support. Opening closed doors at the top for him. He was met and escorted through in Reno. Signed up and in. For most impossible then, for all. For me, a call. Relationships earned and built over decades.

          I had a memo stating, “I will never forget what you did for me”. As the backstabbing started later, after I declined to fund contribute towards new Toys for a Boy to play with, the Toys left the Buggy and the vitriol emerged. A good call. How short memories are. Even now if those Reno platforms trigger it saves his life. From current stressed zero to hero. Hubris then?

          How short self-serving memories are’

          We had a desperate plea for help from a Site Reader whose business had run out of Shockwave, a high intensity chemical needed to meet cleaning standards or close down. There was a complete supply vacuum and a 6 months backlog. Desperate times, real stress. Impossible to purchase, everyone needed it We rose to help and found them months supplies from non existent sources inside just 3 days. Intense calls to dig them out. Our own Lab Contacts, our reach is far. Synergy as it should be. Putting back. Camaraderie as it should be. Good site work. Goodwill. Helping you all. Then values mattered. What you don’t see..Our real values. Our ethos to be more. Serving you humbly where possible.,

          If Tony reached for access between our sites, I always obliged, no issues and to date it’s been a pleasure working with him with constant humour and zany if possible. When Tino, Biffie and others came over, it was euphoric, the huge time it takes which he contributes, as you all do. You are the site. We debate with intelligent reason, and you are read. Our German reader influence is growing. Welcomed. Balanced.

          Constructive work and goodwill is needed between the sites. Our relationship with Paladin has been excellent for decades. As it should be. I withdrew with dignity and decorum from a declining site as merited. Even with the slights which followed. We will not allow WHA to be drawn into the sad hiatus from a funny farm. It’s shameful to see.

          Thank God we all have a balanced site, free of that conjunctive dysentery. Clean and sanitary. WHA has a big role to play. You all do. Let’s keep our bar high. With our respect for you all. Thank you all for all you do to inform and help. You bring value and Dignity.

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    3. Thanks for the update. Your crypto observations are spot on and timed perfectly as always. It amazes me that so few can manipulate prices when such strong fundamentals are obvious. I keep dollar cost averaging and staking. Earning passive income with crypto is becoming huge, and very easy. The next time I’m feeling sorry for myself and emotional because the market is down I will think of the ” lovers after too much corn beef and cabbage” analogy. That should do it! Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Globalist billionaire George Soros is secretly funding shadowy left-wing groups behind the latest effort to silence Joe Rogan, according to a new investigation.

    The campaign to censor Rogan began when a group of media-described “medical professionals” – who turned out to be leftwing activists posing as medical professionals – launched an “expert” petition in the media demanding that Spotify ban the Joe Rogan Experience podcast from their platform.


  31. I do not have words to describe this POS woman,,, Bolshevik is on target, but still does not do justice…

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was confronted with a new Johns Hopkins comprehensive study that shows “lockdowns” were a comprehensive failure worldwide.

    When asked about the irrefutable evidence that the lockdowns caused massive damage, but delivered no tangible benefits, Psaki went into full spin-mode.

    “We’ve not been pro-lockdown — most of the lockdowns actually happened under the previous President,” Psaki claimed. This is directly contrary to the policies advocated by Biden advisers, particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci.


  32. I have read about the money given to schools who obey the mask mandates… when you see places that will not let go of the mask mandate ill bet it is about money!… we new, and now all should know, masks do not work, yet they keep pushing the horseshit… MONEY!… just like the NIH- Fauci protocol for treating Covid in hospitals is packed with money incentives…
    “We get about $1.3 to 1.7 million dollars a month from the state,” Greene said. “If we decided that we were going to go against the mask mandate in schools, that potentially could be something that they would withhold from us.”

    “It would bankrupt our school within a month,” he said.


  33. “So we’re finally seeing a genuine, bottom-up, working-class revolution. In Canada, and increasingly in the United States, truckers and others are refusing to follow government orders, telling the powerful that, in a popular lefty formulation, if there’s no justice, there’s no peace. Naturally, the left hates it.”

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    Britain has told the Dwarf to go Toot his Flute.
    Poison Dwarf.
    Singer arrested after video mocking Vladimir Putin’s ‘£1bn palace’ goes viral as he backs Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny

    Putin’s proceeds of Oligarch kickbacks crimes. Leprechauns Gold?
    He’s so being watched, Poison Dwarf.
    His intel file here is amusing when he went to an English Language school.
    Debate: Is the wind changing for Vladimir Putin?
    Putin’s Search for Greatness | Foreign Affairs

    Shared from Sky News: Politics latest: Resignation of Downing Street official ‘will be terminal’ for Boris Johnson – as Tory MP says public has been ‘let down’

    Sunak is just a Shithouse Rat, but then they all are.
    Investigation Uncovers George Soros Secretly Funding Effort to Silence Joe Rogan – enVolve

    No surprise here, truly a place in hell for him



    The FDA played the same shell game last year when it announced it approved the BioNTech injection, Comirnaty
    Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “There is currently no fully FDA-approved licensed COVID shot available to the population. Neither Comirnaty nor Spikevax are available. Everything that is available remain un the EUA law. That means that people have the option to accept or refuse the shots.”

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  36. Prince Andrew’s ex claims infamous photo of him with Giuffre and Maxwell is fake

    Much as I dislike Andrew, deservedly, the photograph raises real questions. His shoulder is not positioned right for an arm around her waist like that and the arm length needed is way beyond him, it looks fake! Greenmail tactics! Whores and a Buck?
    China: What does it want from the Ukraine crisis with Russia?

    Hello, How about another step towards Global domination?
    South Korea’s nose-only ‘kosk’ mask for Covid-safe eating raises eyebrow

    Innovation from a flatulent nation.
    Out of hiding Rishi dishes out help and praise – for himself | Rishi Sunak | The Guardian

    Now we see this narcissistic 2 faced little rat whose totaled the economy wanting the top job. A scheming Rodent waiting to pounce. Another Blair here
    Ukraine-Russia tensions: Moscow’s plans ruined after US and Britain call out possible invasion

    Britain’s in the Doghouse calling out Putin. Now the Brits have forced the US to send troops to save face. Vlad wants to Impale the UK for this;
    Not good for relations now is it.
    Do we create space-time? A new perspective on the fabric of reality

    Space time reality, where do YOU exist?

    Targeting the Russian Oligarchs in London and seizure is a good thing. That vast web of Russian corruption needs to be exposed, funds frozen, and the lot kicked out. Sequestrate the money as proceeds of crime.
    Most are Bag Men for Putin. We know who and he won’t like what is coming. Not a lot! Not at all. Proceeds of Racketeering. Zionist Bankers co enjoined laundering. Time for a Spook to Look? Seize the lot.
    McConnell wants ‘dirty truth’ about Trump to emerge, says TV host

    So do we all Joe. He’s a Ho!
    Shared from Sky News: Ukraine-Russia tensions: Moscow’s alleged plan for fake attack to justify invasion is ‘shocking evidence of its aggression’, warns Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

    Ras Putin won’t like this.

    Now the West is locking onto Putin and his kickbacks. Find the money, the order has gone out. It brought down Capone.
    Protection costs.


    1. German Allies co rejoin the Uk. Motherland and Fatherland. Innovate and rebuild all. Socialism , swamped by Illegals and the EU is not for you. .Fly free of the.Vatican’s knee and subsiding the French and Eastern lot. .
      Cut the Losses and all those Tossers. The Euro has failed and the EU too. The only ones picking up the Tabs are you. Man the borders. No more, close the door.
      Play Erika daily.
      25,000 German fully laden cars playing Erika full blast approaching Strasbourg as it fast runs out of toilet paper.
      Film the panic. The French Army Flag, a White Cross on a White background.
      Shitenzee. Lol

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  37. The last thing that a Fed Reserve rat will give you is a straight answer. Every rodent in that organization should be rail transported and their bloodsucking usuary schemes dismantled forever.

    And with a little luck, we’ll see it done…hoorah!!


  38. UK government report reveals that British children, 10 to 14 years old, up to 52 times more likely to die after getting a COVID shot

    New data from the ONS in the UK shows a 52X increase in all-cause mortality if you got two jabs compared to the unvaccinated. Might explain why informed kids aren’t rushing to get jabbed.

    Mind you, this data fact ALONE says that ANY UK regulatory can now PULL the vaccines.

    There is zero legality in having a shot out that increases mortality.

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  39. As Ukraine and its corruption is high on the agenda, not gut rotten Hunter Biden featuring

    Classified State Department email declared Hunter Biden ‘undercut’ U.S. efforts in Ukraine


    Charge the crooked Bitches

    We in the West need to stay of of Ukraine. We will just make it worse.

    What’s cooking Vlad?


  40. [video src="" /]
    This guy rolled his car. He woke up. He was trying to get out. EMT knocked him out with drugs. They loaded him onto a chopper. 8 hours later he woke up on a vent and and managed to remove the catheter, the IV, and the intubation. He was FINE, there was no reason for it. Hospital told him he had COVID. He was not a sleeper, he knew what they did and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE with them attempting to refuse him to leave.

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  41. They did what??

    At about the 2:00 minute mark, he claims that “the funds have started moving” for groups. (Along with the usual seminar promo and some David Ike oratorio vomitoria).

    Those of you in groups will know if this is so, very soon.

    Let’s watch this play out…or not.


  42. This is what we now deal with, 16 days now of Chinese New Year, eating, eating, eating, shows, eating and sleeping. Then 10 days to recover. Chaos.

    Beyond frustrating how much it knocks us back. There is no reasoning with them. Try pulling a Piglet from a new food trough.

    Culture is not easy. There is no reason in troughing season. The methane levels above South Korea? Refueling jets in midair.

    These are reality issues our teams face, getting Elders to cease Pigging out and start putting out signed contracts and agreements as scheduled. It’s like dealing with a whole nation of “Special Needs ” children daily. Diplomacy is not wringing their necks.

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    Correct. The UK stands its corner. Even when wrong. And is the only one giving 2 fingers to Ra’s Putin right now. As he finds his bombers are intercepted long before reaching our air space and will be missile blown to hell in conflict. Hitler made that mistake

    This cranks up the Bear. It won’t stop invasion, but it could cause it.
    US special forces carry out large scale anti-terror raid in Syria

    Time we did this with all Zio Lairs.
    Khazarville would be a good start. Arm Iran so they can.
    Biden CONFIRMS ISIS leader Al-Qurayshi is dead

    Well done, America. How about a few runs at Pakistan and Israel?

    Commies cluster from Cold War moves

    As we all strive to keep abreast of the real front line on Ukraine issues, below may be of interest.

    This is worth reading.

    I have thought for some time that Russia has decided to turn its’ back on the west. Recent events only support such a decision.

    Yes, they will sell to the West for money, but to think that they will waste time on trying to create a more intertwined relationship is not in the cards. Their fortune and future are not in the West. And unless the West rebuilds (will not happen with the current crowd) i do not know what real growth the West will see. And one can be sure that China more than Russia will act aggressively to limit Western growth.

    It is clear that Russia has NO intention of invading Ukraine contrary to the DC PR noise. Yes, they will likely arm or fully support the Donbas not be overrun by Ukrainian forces but forget a Russian invasion. While a false flag event cannot be ruled out it is doubtful a real invasion would occur. This does not mean that Russia will not act to defend itself from attack and strike offensively if required. Russia understands too well the money pit the Ukraine has become under US administration and wants no part of fixing it. This clearly does not go over well with delusional bunch in DC.

    One must recognize that China cannot afford to see Russia lose to the West and is and will be with Russia side by side. It is less certain that Russia would stand by China in the same way. And China has serious pain coming and needs Russia. Wait until real losses on Chinese investments come home to roost.

    Russia will turn the pain level up on Europe inch by inch and it is clear now that with the deal Hungary made which gives them cheap gas until 2036, they are the low-cost production country in energy cost in Europe while everyone else has made themselves uncompetitive by their own actions buying at spot prices.
    The Middle East is a different story where America has lost the region, and everyone knows this, and it is a passage of time before China and Russia limit US influence which wanes daily. Did you catch that a Australian naval vessel was rendered inoperative in the Pacific off Tonga? Does that ring a bell with the electronic jamming of Israel of GPS? Clearly who is responsible is a guess, but one can narrow that down.
    Watch for new announcements after the signing of certain agreements in the coming days.
    Facebook stock plunges 24% – rattling world markets

    It will get worse he’s despised. Markets will scuttle him


  44. COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used With Many Common Meds: FDA
    By Tammy Hung December 31, 2021 Updated: January 4, 2022

    Pfizer’s antiviral oral drug developed to treat COVID-19 can cause severe or life-threatening reactions when used with common medications including some anticoagulants, antidepressants, and cholesterol-lowering statins, according to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fact sheet (pdf).


  45. Am I to think this lady does not know what the real stats are?… what is her agenda?… is it about health and safety?
    does she really care about facts and truth?… we can not question if someone had the vaXX or not when they drop over dead when they were a perfectly healthy person, but we must know the vaXX status over everyone alive!


  46. Thank you!!! I laughed myself to tears! This is something my brothers would do!! Stick it to “The Man” where you can!!


    1. You have got to be kidding me! The only ACE that feeds my disbelief is the fact that my younger cousin developed autisim after his 3-year booster shots… My mother is a very intelligent woman and taught me to question everything, do my own research, and make up my own mind! These people have lost it!!

      If one person tells you it’s raining and one person tells you the sun is shining, it isn’t up to you to determine who’s correct… It’s up to you to look out the FREAKING window and see for yourself!!!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Well… my husband’s typical forcast: He swears to me it could be raining tits and he’d get hit with nothing but dicks! LMAO!!! He feels he has bad luck and I have to constantly remind him of all the blessings in his life!

          Liked by 3 people

    1. A senior in high school in a school in oregon just organized a 100 student, peaceful, resistance against wearing masks in school. He gathered them together and told them they were going to meet in the senior parking lot in the back, go into the school together without masks, and if they were asked to put one on, they were to say no thank you, and if they were told to leave, then they would all just go home. He told them, this was not the time for disruption or chaos. But to do exactly what they planned. And they did. They did it yesterday and he was interviewed on the radio today. He seems like a good candidate for politics in the future. A fine young man. A strong message has been sent.
      However, with k brown in office, it won’t matter.

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  47. More vaccine failure


  48. Beyond sad to see after all the work invested in OWON, work which so many people invested in building it, that it’s now bottom trawling as the oratory box for a gruesome Commie Shill. From such heights to that? Who can have any pride fronting that? There are times to hold and times to fold. Land fill the Shill. Who will be seen to be associating with that thing? Pure Cuckoo’s nest. Belle View escapee. To even be known to be fronting that? Choices which stick. Some to scrape off. A lunatic is loose in its Hoose.

    Liked by 2 people

  49. SF DRiver

    I concur with all asking you to stay. You will be missed. You have a Shill Free family of minds here.
    Find a way to have your say. Thoughts carry.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Hi SF,
    I am sorry to see you decide to no longer post here at WHA. Your decisions are yours and you know what is best for you at this time.

    You are a good person with a great deal of value in so many ways imo. I hope the decisions you make regarding your future work out brilliantly for you. We will always be here and if you find one day you feel like saying g’day then that would be awesome.

    Sweetheart, I want you to remember one thing for me. YOU are enough, you are unique and you bring a beautiful light into this world that is your own. You do not need to measure up to anyone in anyway. I will miss your energy and your kind spirit.

    May I thank you for the kindness, understanding and acceptance you have personally offered me. Many are roughed up the wrong way when I show my true self but you always showed me kindness. THANK YOU.

    Stay strong, stay safe, stay bold and never stop believing in YOU. XXX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NO WAY. John values you more than you will ever giver yourself credit for big T. And if he misbehaves then leave him to me, I’ll take care of him lol.


        1. Now Tony and I shared a good Xmas game and explored a few moves better than Movies. Off Radar, New friends one even gave us a hand. Private joke. The US , Germany. Sweden and UK had an Open Season to be merry. Star Trek open frontiers.


  51. “The use of lockdowns is a unique feature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century. However, lockdowns during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating effects. They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.”


    1. Hey beautiful. You have been away for a while, hope you have been well. Nice to see you back with us again. Big J will love your new pic.


        1. Hey beautiful light! I don’t say much but, I’ve been here. My “part time” job keeps not being quite that way. Plus I was on a rapid response medical care team that took me away for 7 days to New Mexico. As far as the new picture: We have a collection of Churchill books and things. We just sold part of the collection and were rummaging through, so I took a picture. Hope Big J and Tony don’t mind the switch.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. So fab to hear from you again. Thank you for sharing what you have in your comment yeildedandstill. I look forward to catching up again soon. Stay well gorgeous.


  52. And people start to come to their senses

    Liked by 2 people

  53. Remember WW1 started for less than a wrong move on Ukraine. No one needs 111.
    The Game Board is changing everywhere as result of the Games changing over all Russian Dynamics.
    Ukraine is just a jumped up old Nazi type State with Zio trash, Khazarians and money laundering. Ugly. Not an asset for the West. If Russia takes Ukraine it deals with the Zionists there! No bad thing even if only a short sanitisation stay.
    All Russia wants, “Allegedly” is No missile carrying NATO bases in Ukraine. Not unreasonable. Britain’s fast Arms Sales and Advisor support is an issue. But the UK will have its reasons, not least containing the Bear.

    How many tens of millions of the Russians own society did Stalin mass murder post WW11? Vile Bolsheviks. They played Russian Roulette with the lives of tens of millions of Russian human beings. Genocide.
    Defenceless poor German civilians, post WW11, were subjected to cruel, brutal and barbaric mass rapes by the rotten toothed, body odour stinking Bolshevik Scum of the earth when the Red army arrived and laid siege to all before them.Mass rape followed daily never ending. Depraved. Mass theft and carnage. Hell on earth. Children too, Filth!. Once the Cold War ended captured nations were desperate to leave the Soviet block. None more so than East Germany and Poland. Victims of unspeakable brutality by the Bolsheviks. .How many Rasputin’s are there? What other nation could so callously and brutally murder the Czars family and children? Animals!
    Know for reality what we face with the Bolsheviks. We see one lunatic ranting. SUVs come for less.

    Alexei Navalny is an Anti Corruption Russian Patriot, who dared challenge KGB Thug Putin for Political office.
    Yet another Russian poisoning victim of Putins. Knowing he faced arrest and a KGB type rigged show trial he returned and now survives incarcerated, starving in a Russian jail. Putin! Ras Putin!
    Putin is a Rat on his own treadmill. Surrounded by the very subordinates he installed, He has to stay in power at all costs, because he knows what awaits him . Retribution. Death!
    Mikhail Khodorkovsky is yet another Russian Oligarch who plundered Billions and ran to London to hide. As many do. Putin has not build his $1 Billion dollar home from his State income package but by mass corruption. Monaco is full of this tattooed trash, their Minders and their whores. All Cheap,ugly types
    The Rot is at the top everywhere. And to the core.
    This is what we face and need to contain. Beyond the remit of a blogging delusional Lab Monkey doing endless harm to a site many good people helped to develop. So sad to see dereliction and a pre booted squatter’s moved back in. Control Policies? A soap box for a Trolling Phobic complete Nutter. Unreal. Free fall.
    Thank God for WHA for all of us. Company we chose to keep.
    Let’s see how it goes, realistically there will be a solution found. The Oligarchs won’t like what’s coming.
    Interesting times.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Are they going to have an agreement not to nuke each other and then go to war?… I just do not see a WW3… lets say they go to a land war and someone gets their azz kicked, so some loony at home goes ballistic and hits the launch button out of rage… now we have nukes filling the skies heading everywhere… I could very well be commenting on something out of my range, like most things I comment on, but it seems right…

      ” Rot at the top everywhere ” is the real pandemic… and the variants at different levels are the bought and paid for shills, and then all the captured multitudes in places below following orders… anytime the Oligarchs do not like what happens is a good thing in my book.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. James,
        The irony of Karma, is the twisted Bastard never misses and opportunity to collect.
        1. As you can see from the wrangling of political Prostitutes like Biden and Macron, Putin’s Butt will be kissed appeased over the bases. A bit like the Munich Agreement. Will it stand? Probably. Laverov is a good Advocate for Russia. Smart and Wise. I assess the man and give credit where due. But the festering sore will be the Khazarian and Israeli Zionist avarice there. Breeding sewer Rats. The Zios seek it as the new Rodent Promised Land. Putin as the Exterminator for the Zios is no bad thing. Zio Avarice only ends one way. 6,000 years of the Cult. They never learn.
        2. The risk of over reaction is always there, and with today’s technology, ever in mind, but at this stage the risk is low.
        3. Invasion risk while low, remains.Moscow is watching the Zio and Khazarian games in play there and Mossad.That could send Russia crashing in. The Rodent risk. GRU watches. Kremlin Hawks have weapons to test. What better for them than a Zionists nest?
        4. Now as for Karma, will Putin unleash the Bitch? This altercation has brought home to Western Intel, the sheer number of their Oligarchs and other Ruski types residing in the EU, London and Monaco. All living high from the proceeds of their many Crimes. Zio Trash who plundered Russia as is their kind, robbed the store and ran. Coupled with the worst kind of tattooed, ugly , vile Bolshevik Russian Mafia trash, who run the People Trafficking Drug Smuggling, Extortion, Prostitution and Arms dealing kind. Many Zios too. Filth. All deep into Money laundering to hide their ill gotten gains. Hugely Criminal. They throw their money around in London and Monaco. The Zio lot carry that Slimy stench around them. The other Mafia lot are usually the cruel, hard faced , heavily tattooed, visible Russian Mobsters surrounded by their Goon bodyguards, cheap Hookers, plus flash trash wives. They all lower the tone everywhere. But the focus on Ras Putin has now drawn in the Intel operations. They got to Capone by exposing his Tax frauds. They will go after Putin by tracking and exposing all Russian and Zio trash plus Russian Mafia criminal operations and money laundering worldwide. By freezing and seizing his Commie Czar and Oligarch funds, blocking their travel, attacking the circles around him, they will isolate him and focus the blame for their vast losses. Freeze and Seize will the be the new Shock and Awe. Taking from them, blaming him. Coup tactics. He is unleashing new War Games they won’t like. As for the Zios? Applied IT technology today can trace, freeze and seize funds so clinically. Mafia and Zionists, what the Lord Giveth, the Agencies will take away. Leprechauns, Jews and Russian Mafia deprived of their Gold? Wailing Walls to rent? Will Vlad get impaled by his own as the move to dethrone the cause of their misfortunes? Conspiracies build. London knows how to skin a Rat. Will Putin like that? Not a lot. A taste of his own ” Poison”. If Vlad loses Political control, he has nowhere to run. Western Intel knows that. So does he. Is Karma his fate? He is now being gamed on the board. The Money Pit may be his undoing. A tiny Treasure Island controls it all worldwide. Offshore, Onshore, Forex, all London. We really know how to do Deep State. Out of sight, but real Global might. We have no fear of Ras Putin and he knows it. For us Ukraine is just containing the Commie Wall Bear bating. It has no value.
        But any wrong moves and what games are on? The UK is his Achilles Heel. Always. Gaming the Board from the Russian horde. The Circle of Life. Who controls the Board as each move changes it?
        But London flatters to deceive. We always keep 2 Aces up our sleeve.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. James,
            Yes it is.
            Believe in yourself, Just do.
            You were one of between 400M to 4 Billion Sperms who made the run for the egg YOU James won. YOU.Alone got to live this wonderful Life. They all died James. Only you got here. Winner James. Don’t waste it, Carbon Life Form is just a journey of Discovery. Live it to the full James. Be Wise. Find meaning, life need not be demeaning. You live, each day you exist. Up to 4 Billion tried and died. All would swap for what you have. You have life James Use each day to create meaning for others deserving and in need. You don’t have to take demeaning from pathetic, moronic attention seeking low lifes, Grunts. Baying Dogs.
            Get value from life and put back, You can. Ostentatious is not life. It’s vermin sector.
            Im as happy sitting with good Folks on $20 dollar meals as Poser tables costing thousands.
            Humanity is value.
            We had a demented Flake, Chris Story, with his insane lunatic rambling and now we have another sadly loose and as deranged. We all have our Shit flies. Ours are in for a culture shock.

            Liked by 1 person

  54. Sick, vile, twisted Bolshevik scumbag. This type of filth and others much worse are infesting academia. You wonder why your college kids are graduating as unsane drones? This is why.

    Most likely will not be removed or prosecuted, because he’s special, and you? You are just goyim.

    Liked by 2 people

  55. Three men raped homeless woman during 11-hour ordeal are jailed

    Endless Pakistani and Asian rape filth in our country. Why are any here? There will be a time when cleansing will be reviewed.

    So many games are in play, careers to save. Madmen stalk the Earth.
    Is a No NATO base commitment in Ukraine too big an ask? Really? Madness is in play to save careers.
    We have our issues with Putin and his Thugs, but this is not a case to fight over. So many would die. Horribly.
    Sorry but, I’m with Russia on this one. We are A – Political, open opinions to debate Right from Wrong. To us all: Politicos are mendacious Tosspots and untrustworthy.
    If we disagree, we WILL call it! NO fear or favours. Wrong is wrong and no one should die for feckless Politicos here. We are for People, not Posers.
    Stop these weapons flights in. Cease meddling. Talk and reason not a new Killing Season.
    But for Russia’s Oligarchs, and Putin’s own funds, the UK can hurt them so badly worldwide. This will get focused mean.
    Reason? Trade? Goodwill?
    Stop wanton wars for Whores. Trade together not conflict.
    Johnsons flight in is Fake to save his faltering career. Our kids can die for his lies. Both sides will.Why? Arms sales kill! Time to say No!
    Political Prostitution offers no honorable solution. Fake lies at work. Wrong!
    Cryptocurrency slapped with 30% tax — RT Business News

    Ouch 30% will hurt.
    Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers say her right to a fair trial WAS ‘violated’

    Total BS she had a fair trial refuse it
    Why diplomatic talks could seal Ukraine’s fat

    We should not be playing Political football with this issue. WW1 started for less! Mediocre Politicians do not help here. Life is worth more! What if it’s YOURS?????????

    Putin is playing with fire sending bombers approaching UK air space.
    Escorting out is one thing.
    One wrong move and we blow them to pieces. What then.?
    Two sides are upping the risks levels now.

    A positive step and welcomed. Will it be enough? What about no bases?


    1. So, shall we go for Jab 5 or just finally admit that the goddam mRNA shot simply doesn’t work, is now causing the present vaccine-enhanced illness wave, and that had we done NOTHING, we’d be DONE and over it.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Biffie… just want real info to get out as much as possible… take as much time as I can to copy and paste… so much blatant censorship of real info, it is criminal!… if they could get by with it, and they are trying, we would live in a state run only information stream… China!… our MSM is already there!

        Liked by 2 people

  56. Chinese New Year is upon us. 16 days of endless pigging out as Swine will not leave their troughs. They have no concept of obligations to achieve results. Just endless Pigs at the trough. Beyond frustratingly mindless. East and West have a chasm here. A hopeless, mindless, Pigs at the trough Sub Culture. There is no reason in Pig Out Season. This is going to knock them back into Mid March to even return them to coordinated Global actions. God I miss Gunboat Diplomacy. The Fleets cannon had them off their arses. Dead Pan Chan, eat, eat, eat. Try taking a squealing Pig away from its trough. Children with Rights. Worse, they breed! How many Pigs do they cull before those Party Time Guts are full? Beyond frustrating.. Cultures? Trading nightmares. How does this world achieve anything Time to run out of Pigs.


  57. Imagine what would transpire if the entire food chain was disrupted throughout the country. This is just a minor sample of the insanity that could be unleashed by these incompetent politicians who we put in charge of things they have no business being in charge of.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! There is nothing more revolting to me than rude disgusting behavior where food is concerned. I would rather starve for months than be involved in such behavior. Bloody disgusting and totally repulsive, to me anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

  58. The Tonight Show stopped being funny the day Carson retired.

    The present talentless blowjob hack that hosts the show now is a men’s room attendant at best. Garbage. Worthless garbage. Have not watched a complete Tonight Show since Carson left. He was the only man for the job.

    Liked by 4 people

  59. It was already irrational in 2013. We just “jumped the shark” as it were. Here is my comment from back then.


    H1N1 vaccine induces narcolepsy in 800 kids. Vaccine makers scream it isn’t the vaccine. “No causal link.”. Morons. I quote Vox below because the sarcasm and the logic are spot on:
    [ Perhaps, as supposed to be the case with the increase in autism, what we’re seeing here is nothing more than a sudden increase in the parental awareness of narcolepsy…. What one always has to keep in mind when hearing the pro-vaccine parrots squawking “no causal link, no causal link” is that the standard they use for a causal link would eliminate the link between “being shot in the head” and “death” in the vast majority of lethal shootings.]

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