Comes the Hour. Comes the Man

88 BC. General Sulla Arriving in Rome Under Arms to Bring Order. Never the Emperor – Always the Emperor Maker.

Another year is upon us.

What we can disclose at this time is that we cannot disclose anything in great detail. But, rest assured, what you cannot see is looking back at you.

A dynastic alliance, formed to reshape the future without the need for profiting off of human misery, is in possession of the means, the advantage and the guidance to assert itself on the world’s stage.

These alliances are also building in other directions. A recent message for our leading key German supporters is as follows:

Kommt die Stunde.

Kommt der Mann.

Das nächste Mal werden sich Mutterland und Vaterland vereinen und nicht gegeneinander kämpfen

(Comes the hour. Comes the man. Next time, Motherland and Fatherland will unite and not fight against each other.)


While almost the entirety of Earth is laboring under a Kakistocracy which itself is under the influence of a parasitically oriented, international clique of rootless opportunists, the aforementioned alliance is tasked with offering an alternative. Only significant power can overcome a significant problem. Anything less capable of doing so is doomed from the start.

Presently, more details are not possible. Hopefully soon they will be.

But, overseeing all of this is a special collective group also advancing Trans-Humanism planning to have life expectancies reaching to c200 years, so as not to lose such valuable knowledge and wisdom, in order to take humanity forwards to a new level of ethereal and cosmic consciousness. With the applied sciences of those 200 years, what will then be possible? Formal Religions will fail and fall. But, will be replaced by a higher consciousness of being more, and soul values.

So much is unfolding.    

The current scene society is faced with is disastrous – bordering on catastrophic. You all see it. With applied research, you will find the malignant hand of the Goyim enslavers all over it, and their Talpiot tentacles burrowing deep into most critical structures and information hierarchies.  Spying on all they presume to own as masters of the Goyim web; the nations they covet and the damage they do. The tracking oversight knows all.  Scheme as they may, there will come their day. 

Increasing energy and healthcare costs pushing people out of their homes. Pension funds are facing a looming crisis. Most plans were structured for actuarial function up to around 70-75 years. People are reaching into their 90’s and even 100’s in greater numbers. Who will make up the differences?

Military spending is absorbing resources which could provide for the education and healthcare of many who otherwise go without. What good is funding large standing armies when drones and precision nukes have rendered their open maneuvering virtually obsolete? Waste. Ending the Military Industrial Cabal to instead focus on excellence and trade, would lift the world out of poverty.  Trillions are mass wasted in pursuit of warfare hegemony. Why is money not instead focused to aid the living and so needing? 

Why is the unelected Deep State outside of the rule of law and ethics? Once the Petro Dollar fails, who will fund them? 

Banking is being forced to change, as ever more decentralized financial technologies pressure them to become competitive. SWIFT will be gone soon, along with their rip-off fees.

Even the most benevolent political leadership is becoming ineffective by default. Even without all of the conspiracies, the plots, the power struggles, the infighting and debate of which politics is comprised of, its effectiveness when set against superior technological means of societal management is outclassed by miles. Politics is visibly failing, and new powers WILL emerge. 

It’s time for the political horse to be led to the glue factory, and more effective and reliable means utilized to meet the needs of society.

While such will most likely not happen by a sudden burst of sanity on the part of the political classes, the passage of time and the realities of technology and its inexorable effect on the way people live and work, will see to the glue horse’s fate. But this is for future generations to consider. Presently, we are facing a far different reality within which we must survive, notwithstanding the progress in present time.

To close, thank you all for your continuing contributions to our discussion sections. The incredible work all of you are doing to bring together such a wide array of facts and opinions for reader consideration is exceeding our expectations.

Be ready for anything. Always.

Something enormous is in play and moving forwards which will only uncloak when ready; stealthily shielded and being readied to swoop down on the known enemies and poisoners of mankind. 

More when possible.



    “The purpose of science is to have rigorous debate about different hypotheses. I’ve never really experienced in my life where there was private telephone calls among scientists that had a decision on what position they would take collectively, and to see that position then published in a scientific journal like Lancet, to say that individuals that thought like myself, had a different scientific hypothesis, somehow had to be put down and viewed as conspirators, this is really antithetical to science,” Dr. Robert Redfield, the agency’s head until Jan. 20, 2021, said during a Jan. 26 appearance on Fox News.



    What a truly ugly, malignant and treacherous Dog she is. But Boris only gets to poke Ugly, because no looker would touch the gibbering half wit. God she’s ugly!

    Sorry Bors not even with yours.

    Absolutely right Europe should not be body bags for America’s meddling.
    How many wars have you won? What was the terror level of 9/11?

    Butt out.
    Prince Andrew branded Beijing’s ‘useful idiot’

    A bought Slag
    Correct no Cabal Contractors, stop shipping arms and Butt out.
    How the Cabinet stopped Boris’ ‘insane’ plan to cancel Christmas

    No question Johnson is pathetic the knives are out.


  3. Excerpt From: Doug Casey on Why Finding a Bolthole is More Important Than Ever
    by Doug Casey

    International Man: What do you say to people who say that the US and Europe are still the best places to live?

    Doug Casey: In many ways, they are. But look it at this way. In the ancient world, if you were a free man, probably the best place to live was the Roman Empire. That was true for centuries, until the 220s. It offered the highest standard of living, the most opportunity for self-realization, and the least danger of being robbed and murdered on the highway. It was an advanced, orderly society. The barbarians outside the border mostly had to grub for roots and berries while living lives that were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. But things started going seriously badly in Rome during the 3rd century.

    By the time Constantine took over early in the 4th century, Rome was turning feudal, and he started its transformation into a theocracy. Romans were no longer free citizens; they were subjects. Many were already trying to exit the empire to avoid its onerous taxes.

    Still, it was a relatively good place to live. They still had the Roman baths and books. Commodities were still traded around the empire. Things basically still worked. In 378 AD, however, the barbarians won the battle of Adrianople; within two generations, the Roman world had transformed totally, absolutely, and irrevocably. It headed rapidly into the Dark Ages, where it stayed for five centuries.

    Why do I bring up this bit of ancient history? It’s pretty much the way both the US and Europe are heading. They’ve gone from being free and open societies with high standards of living to following the path of Rome after Adrianople.

    Tens of millions of migrants are going to overwhelm North America and Europe, and they’re going to permanently change things. Some immigrants add some spice to the stew, as it were; everybody enjoys some new ethnic cuisines. But past immigration was fairly orderly and almost all from Europe. However, if you transplant 20 million Nigerians to Canada, it’s going to look like and act like Nigeria, not what used to be Canada. That’s what’s happening on many fronts around the world today.

    Is that “good” or “bad”? As a fan of Western Civilization, which is responsible for almost all the progress the world has ever made—and, yes, I understand it’s shockingly un-PC to even think that—I’d say it’s bad. But who knows what humans will say 500 years from now when—hopefully—all the action is elsewhere in the solar system, or even elsewhere in the galaxy?

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  4. Vladimir Putin is boiling Nato alive, and the fractious West is incapable of responding

    If it a face off Russia will rip NATOs off.
    https://www.ff enr will the tner of.
    Man horrified new battery for Merc will cost him £15000 – more than it's worth

    Reality Check hello?
    Bitcoin price prediction panel lowers forecast but still predicts record-breaking 20
    Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer: She will accept a settlement only if it holds Prince Andrew to account;

    Vile, vicious Fat boy has it coming.
    Putin ally says Russia will wipe out Ukraine’s military in 48 hours

    Ukraine’s military will be wiped out within 48 hours. That says it all.


  5. Somewhere in the history books there is an excerpt of the Soviets trying to create the perfect little communist from birth with the so-called today “you’ll have nothing and be happy” approach.

    Would you like to know what happened? A mortality rate of >90% if memory serves.

    And for those that remember that history rhymes, when communist Romania collapsed, there was the orphan tragedy, which created not only death of children, but incredible misery for all who survived – a generation of children with 100-yard stares.

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  6. Leaked Database Shows U.S. Military Disease Skyrocketing After Covid-19 Inoculations

    Data leaked from the Defense Health Agencies Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) shows skyrocketing levels of disease among military personnel.

    Percentage Increase Over the Average of the Last Five Years

    Heart Attacks 269%
    Cancer 300%
    Pericarditis 175%
    Myocarditis 285%
    Pulmonary Embolisms 467%
    Cerebral Infarction 393%
    Bell’s Palsy 319%
    Guillain-Barre 250%
    Immunodeficiencies 275%
    Menstrual Irregularity 476%
    Multiple Sclerosis 487%
    Miscarriage 306%
    HIV 590%
    Chest Pain 1,529%
    Labored Breathing 905%
    Neurological Issues 1052% h/t Pal3Ride3r

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    1. Not that I could clearly hear everything happening in this vid, but I got the drift. These are the moments I wish I was a man with one hell of a mighty right or left fist.


    2. The Takeover Of Upstate NY By Satmar Hasidics
      Entire Jewish Community Moves North From NYC

      By Patricia Doyle

      It just occurred to me why the Hasidic moved up to rural NY but still kept the homes in Williamsburg. Brooklyn.

      These people are mostly from Hungary and also from Poland, Romania, and other countries in Eastern Europe. So, we now have an invasion by Muslims happening in Hungary, Poland Romania etc. So, I think…

      1. They know the Muslims are going to be allowed to come here and bring diseases. etc.

      2. They may be bringing their relatives from Europe and setting them up in Williamsburg as a start. So they rent their Williamsburg homes to the Europen jews fleeing Europe.

      3. They are still buying, stealing, Eminent Domaining property up in rural NY to expand the community. At the rate they are producing children they will outsurpass
      US Citizens in no time. Add to the population growth of illegals and the US middle class white population will die out by 2050 or sooner.

      The Hasidic are very arrogant with the local population in Upstate NY. People living near and in Kiryas Joel are persecuted and taxed to the hilt due to Hasidic.

      They will probably spread out from Bloomingburg to the Hudson River and encompass Stewart Airport and as far west as the Pa border. They do have vacation property in the Ellenville NY area where they have a lot of summer camps and bungaloos. The camps are very dirty especially the Hungarian one. and the Russian camps. Filthy.

      The Hasidic act terrible in the local town businesses. They take things down f shelves and do not buy and just leave them on the counters.

      They try to bargain for price. They expect businesses to cater to them and serve them. It is scary to be a Christian local in Bloomingburg. They allow their children to behave poorly and do not pay for damage done to locals by these fresh kids.

      Jaynie says it is horrible. She might try to find a place to live but will not get the same price. A shame to be uprooted from your home by foreigners.

      BTW the Hasidic do not speak English or won’t. They only speak Yiddish. Some still speak Hungarian. Jayne speaks Latvian. However the Hasidic won;t try to converse as she is non Jew.

      They are very secretive and resent those who are not Hasidic in the town. They are buying out all of the property for miles and miles. around the town. The locals feel as though they are cut off from the rest of society.

      Either they know the Muslims are coming to the US specifically the NY City area or they know that Ebola or some type of epidemic flu is headed our way from Europe.

      The Jews are making settlements for themselves within the US and Israel. They will be able to close up ranks, and close the gates to their settlements and are prepared to ride out any insurrection. I suspect they are armed to the teeth. Maybe white people should do the same.

      I heard that German children elementary to College are forced to clean and wait on the invaders at the local invader centers. They are now slave labor for the invaders. Tell me why do the Muslim invaders need German children to clean and cook for them? They do not look exactly handicapped. This is how the invader diseases will hit the school age and university German white people.

      I had a Latvian friend who said watch what the Jews do and when you see them like rats running from a ship that is going to sink you know the end is near. Sure is true.

      The Hasidic have their own schools and ambulances and police forces but these services are paid for by the town. If you pass out in the street you will not be picked up by a Hotsula ambulances and must wait for a regular ambulance If a car accident happens the Hotsula will only pick up the Hasidic person and leave the regular white person in the street to wait on a local ambulance.

      This stinks and it is in my area of upstate NY. I plan on driving over there in the coming weeks just to see for myself.

      What is America coming to? (It’s end…)



  7. Good one from Vox Day:

    Sowing the Seeds of Evil

    Chris Langan observes that many of today’s celebrities and politicians were manufactured from the start and identifies the factory.

    What do the names Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Sergei Brin, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Anderson Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, and Charlize Theron have in common? They’re former Schwab proteges who were recruited decades ago as “Young Global Leaders”, taught how to infiltrate the governments and subvert the constitutions and cultures of Western nations, and charged with cementing globalist domination and committing genocide against White Western majorities. This we already knew.

    Here’s the surprise: according to the interview, this dark distinction is shared by Vladimir Putin. Schwab found and mentored not just little Justine Trudeau and Teutonic Battle Axe Angela Merkel, but Russian dictator Vladimir Putin himself. I don’t find it surprising that Schwab intended to mold them all into the tyrannical caricatures that we see before us today, or that their kindly “Uncle Klaus” deserves full credit for their antihuman mindset and every dastardly deed they’ve ever done. That much is common knowledge. What surprises me is that Schwab would take the risk of admitting it, especially in the case of Putin. It’s not good for the kind of political theater in which these people habitually engage.

    In short, Klaus Schwab is foolishly crowing about having trained and planted treasonous globalist agents in our governments, including the government of Russia, for the purpose of ensuring that our lives and destinies would be totally controlled by a gruesome gaggle of shifty, shady, power-drunk globalist vampires who wouldn’t know what it’s like to do an honest day’s work if you dressed them in orange jumpsuits, put them on a chain gang, stuck picks and shovels in their soft pink-palmed hands, and cracked a bullwhip over their pointy little heads.

    The set-up has been long in the making. Schwab and his fellow oligarchs are absolutely certain that they’re going to win. Better hope they’re wrong. A win for them means the total loss of basic rights, human dignity, and every kind of freedom for every decent human being on the planet.


    1. How many times have I told you this and what’s coming?
      Only when it reaches America does it permeate.

      As Churches own the schools, what chance of Real Education have your Children got ? You ?
      As Schwabb tells you, you will own nothing and be happy.
      They will own everything and you won’t.
      With nothing – You are nothing. What then?


    2. I appreciate you sharing this info Tino but in my opinion, there is NO BLOODY WAY ON THIS EARTH these mongrels will win. Sure, what they can do will be devastating to many but the core of rejection will ALWAYS be present. And, I am a part of the core. Live or die, I will never succumb to their bullshit.


      1. They won’t win in the long run, since what they are attempting runs against the nature of the species. We are NOT, as they think, tabula rasa. We can transiently be caused to act against nature, but such a manipulation can’t be held or frozen in place. Unfortunately they will cause great harm going down.

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  8. ‘Government Overreach Is Coming to an End’: Massive Truck Convoy Heading to Washington After Ottawa

    Go you T Ruckers :

    What started as small effort to protest is spreading to many countries as the Truckers move to end government overreach.

    Politicians like Trudeau may think this is minor, but it may be just the biggest trucker protest globally ever.
    Mother attacked by crowd after being gang raped and tortured

    Heartless and so cruel.

    Mother attacked by crowd after being gang raped and tortured


  9. Like

      1. They are still pushing the vaXX!! that is just one thread on Telegram… there are 2 more that I know of… and that is just a Telegram… and what about all the injuries not reported anywhere for many reasons… where is the AMA?… where is our GOV?… and the sheep still sleep!


    1. I have guesses, none of them pleasant. Remembering that both antibodies and mRNA lipid nanoparticles pass freely into the breast milk, draw your own logical conclusions…


    2. Thank you for sharing this vital info James, but I personally cannot view this at the moment. I have had enough of all this cruelty and destruction for now.


  10. Biden fears NATO might BLOCK his deployment of up to 8500 troops

    Damn right they should, STOP F meddling.! No more of your Contractors wars F off home. Go!
    America needs to keep its Snout OUT!
    No one wants more US Wars. Let this be WITH home. Some hope.
    Biden admin warns of Russian combat forces gathered near Ukraine

    Take it ~Russia. End it.

    Biden admin warns of Russian combat forces gathered near Ukraine
    Thousands Come Out to Support as Trucker Convoy Rolls Through Toronto Area

    Well done, Canadians.
    It is growing
    Good it’s time this gets sorted. End it
    Biden warns Ukraine’s president Russia could invade in February
    This is about right go for it.
    Prince Andrew gives up honorary membership of The Royal and Ancient

    It’s a dripping tap of retribution endlessly tearing fat boy apart weekly.
    His own family is at war over him
    It’s all ugly. Tacky. Sleazy and nasty.
    But then, apart from the Queen and William so are the Windsor’s
    The whole family has a dreadful history.
    If fat man continues the nation may call time on all of them.
    William allegedly dip sticking Rose Hanbury was inviting trouble. If Kate walks the lot goes. All out! All disgraced. Andrew needs a banana skin
    Revealed, the masturbation hotspots of the UK: Women in the South East and men in London indulge the most frequently

    Women in the South East masturbate seven times a week on average – with their libidos even outperforming men, according to a survey by VoucherCodesPro.

    Sorry Tony, get in Line!

    Well, that for sure us real but the world is flooded with US dirty money also so be careful what you start
    Ukraine crisis: US ignored Russia’s security concerns, Putin says

    This, sadly, is the truth.

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        1. My god Rockville2, you really are an adventure man. You thrill me and scare the heck out of me at the same time with your interests lol.


    Capital One Arena broadcast a pre-recorded speech by Qin to the audience on Tuesday on the occasion of Lunar New Year – which the NBA referred to as “Chinese New Year,” despite it being a celebration observed throughout Asia – that also featured Chinese dance troupes, a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” on a Chinese traditional instrument, and other activities “honoring Chinese culture.”


  12. I hope NATO is not sucked into this and lost for these Ukkie crooks..Russia need to tell the US if we see any US forces engaged against us defending our Homeland, we will switch to full on US mainland attacks and your Fleets will go, so get ready to swallow big time.
    The total atomization of Israel would help all step back. Totally createred. Gone! Two for one. No more Zionist Shit Flies. Goyim to that. Peace would follow.


    Gun Owners of America, one of the largest pro-gun organizations, has just published what appears to be a leaked internal ATF email documenting their plans to start seizing lawfully-owned forced reset and wide-open triggers beginning immediately.
    So by all logical standards, that trigger is semi-automatic. Gun owners should be very concerned about this. When the ATF banned bump stocks, many people thought they were silly devices that were more of a novelty than anything else, and while that might be true, how they were banned has opened up the path to banning all semi-automatic firearms.



    From their ivory towers (and returning to their low-crime neighborhoods) the San Jose, California City Council has decreed that gun owners will soon be required to carry liability insurance and pay a fee if they want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

    San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said at a Monday press conference that “San Jose has an opportunity to become a model for the rest of the nation to invest in proven strategies to reduce gun violence, domestic violence and suicide and the many other preventable harms from firearms in our communities.”


    1. The relationship with the Jinns, Genie, and Abdals was the most rewarding. That caused the real chasm with the Vatican. Also, Philipps’ debts.



    The Biden administration is preparing to release an executive action that will task federal agencies with regulating digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a matter of national security, a person familiar with the White House’s plan tells Barron’s.

    The national security memorandum, expected to come in the next few weeks, would task parts of the government with analyzing digital assets and assembling a regulatory framework that covers cryptos, stablecoins, and NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, this person…


  16. There was a time when a president would have been impeached and imprisoned for this. Literally an invasion going on. But not today. Taking this country down is proving very easy.

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    Which brings us to the actual point of this piece: The governor shouldn’t make comments that can’t be confirmed by publicly released data from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

    This is far from the first time this has happened. Gov. Pritzker and Dr. Ezike have made statements throughout the pandemic that couldn’t be independently verified.


    1. Just think, he was voted into a political office representing people form his community in Washington DC. Should of been kept in prison where he belong for the scam he pulled off a few months back, Another creep.

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    Better get a copy to Bathhouse Barry Soetoro.
    For Profession of Father on Birth Certificate does he state Wanker?

    Retired teacher, 66, fathers 129 children as sperm donor
    Thirty years of failed German foreign policy have brought Europe to the brink of war

    Not far wrong, Socialism?
    “You Will Own Nothing & Be Happy” – Davos 2022 The Great Res

    Lunacy rules these Fools.


    UK troops poised to move to repel Ukraine assault within DAYS

    What part of Get TF out of there does DC not understand? It’s F Arms Sales again. Butt out!

    The LYING King Again!
    China Builds 27 Empty New York Cities – Udumbara Falun Dafa and more…

    Why not build them in America for the illegals?

    Read this carefully. (From a Contributor)
    No country can withstand such a debt load without being the reserve currency backed up by military might. So one might dare to ask what’s is trade worth with a country who clearly is experiencing more liquidity grief now than is reported in real time as exports contract and internal consumption falters due to a widening loss effect of collapsing real estate values. China has always been a house of cards built on debt where growth had to outpace the interest growth on debt. That clearly has not been the case for some time.
    Much of the proposed commodity growth in raw materials like copper and iron ore is based on the premise that China will consume like it did in past.
    What happens when they do not? How long will the Fed cover losses of BlackRock and company be endangering economic stability?
    We will find out one of these days without much notice. As it is likely some of the supply chain shortages will result from a distinct lack of availed liquidity as it is prioritized elsewhere in the Chinese economy. This is why the Chinese have been so adamant in pushing local suppliers over foreign ones as they cannot afford capital to leave China. Take the recent attacks on Canada Goose where the official narrative is to attack the quality and push local brands as equal or better.
    One would do well to find trade with other nations than China as that ship has sailed. Even India isn looking to replace China in trade volume with Russia within a10 year period. And to remember that in China the CCP will hold to power by any means possible making China in the short term a cornered nation willing to strike to divert attention from its’ real problem of debt and spiraling costs as debts become greater to actual loss of asset value which creates unrealizable debt collection.
    And yes, quietly Chinese residents in countries like Canada are being pressured to return to China selling their assets abroad to bring Money back home. This should strike people as wake-up call.
    Anti-Vaccine Protests LARGEST in Human History — “Over 31 Million Worldwide” — Getting Bigger by the Day – DailyVeracity


    All narratives that are false do not stand the test of time, as in the end, truth comes out. In past i have said that the Great Reset espouses by Klaus at the WEF will fail because it does not take into account human nature.
    As we watch the protests grow around the world, we should see an ever-growing number of country governments fall or in some cases see politicians abandon their positions in attempt to get ahead of the will of the people to survive. Where stupidity or callousness of diehard followers of Klaus wait too long, they will find that protests grow, and the public becomes more enraged over the freedoms seized over a false narrative for control.
    Predictability chaos will grow into the spring bring all sorts of surprises and changes not yet being addressed. And with this will come opportunities.

    Now this is a major heads up and you got it here.
    Disney sparks outrage after debuting new look for Minnie Mouse

    Come on Frieda go for it


  19. Fingers crossed that this is ‘one giant leap for mankind’

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    By indoctrinating and coddling young people, American universities are breeding intolerance. We are already seeing the effects of this indoctrination. Young leftists have disavowed our founding documents and fathers, and they censor, fire, harass, and publicly slander anyone who dares think differently from them.


    1. Love the intro swings right ,enjoyable music with just the right emotional verve. A Trio ! That intro is used elsewhere, but cant say where at the moment. You hear that base !!!. he even touch on a popular TV show background music. I love how musicians can do that, but you gotta have the ear to catch it. And the base player went on another journey at the end, LOL Here a playlist you may enjoy …

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    “Public-health officials ruined many lives by insisting that workers with natural immunity to Covid-19 be fired if they weren’t fully vaccinated,” Dr. Makary writes. “But after two years of accruing data, the superiority of natural immunity over vaccinated immunity is clear. By firing staff with natural immunity, employers got rid of those least likely to infect others. It’s time to reinstate those employees with an apology.”

    “For most of last year, many of us called for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to release its data on reinfection rates, but the agency refused,” he added. “Finally last week, the CDC released data from New York and California, which demonstrated natural immunity was 2.8 times as effective in preventing hospitalization and 3.3 to 4.7 times as effective in preventing Covid infection compared with vaccination.”

    It has become abundantly obvious that the mass media effort to downplay natural immunity from prior Covid infections is a deliberate strategy to tout the universal vaccination program at all costs. One is led to conclude from the historic levels of intellectual dishonesty that this agenda has less to do with Americans’ health than it has to do with politics.

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    1. There are literally no trials that show “it would have been worse” in the absence of the mRNA jab. Omicron has an IFR of 0.02% to 0.04%. Influenza has a 0.15% IFR. There is utterly no reason for any restriction of any kind at this point.


  22. Watch the first 12 mins of this… this is a fox report posted on 01/27/2022… the vid they reference is from Aug last year… it was obtained thru the freedom of information act… something must be done in our country!


      1. But Schneider did not walk away empty-handed. Far from it. She won $1,382,800 in her 40-game streak as champion and broke several records. Her hefty payday ranks fourth on the list of regular season winnings. Only Matt Amodio ($1,518,601), James Holzhauer ($2,462,216) and Ken Jennings ($2,520,700) won more. She reigned as champion longer than any other player, with the exception of Jennings, who had 74 wins. In addition, Schneider became the woman with the highest winnings ever and the highest number of games won ever. She also became the first transgender contestant to qualify for the annual Tournament of Champions, back in November.

        “It’s really been an honor,” Schneider said after her loss. “To know that I’m one of the most successful people at a game I’ve loved since I was a kid and to know that I’m a part of its history now, I just don’t know how to process it.”

        The famed player has mentioned before that her parents introduced her to the game show that they had enjoyed so much, and she’d long aspired to appea


  23. Back to the key Primary Objective Tino now.
    Our Immune systems. 3 m years to evolve and achieve. 3 years in a Fauci Lab to DNA derail the lot.
    Is that Progress?
    The Breeding Program for the Future now? Or the Political Tool for suppression?
    Why are Fauci. Gates, Soros and Co not in Gitmo?
    No waterboarding!
    But Urine?
    Are they taking the P?

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  24. At this point, Putin should give NATO a nice bloody nose. I can’t believe how incredibly stupid our side is. This is the creation of problems were none were necessary. And if we are stupid enough to poke a nuclear bear, that has all-too-reasonable demands, we should bear the brunt of a hit. Un-f-in-believable that we are at this point.

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    1. It’s Pandora’s Box Tino and Russia won’t stop then.Remember the Accorde, you get China- Both!
      Russia will not lose this war.America can, It has form!

      But the csse is Yes.

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    1. It will be adopted by the EU and Canada. En masse!
      May I introduce you to the Munster family?
      Cross breeding, or can they now?
      Thanks to Pearly Gates?


  25. Own the L Pfizer, Moderna, J+J and AstraZeneca.

    As I said, it was doomed failure. It has failed everywhere. And did nothing for the lesser waves.

    Oh and it’s worse than failure — as this is Vaccine Enhanced Illness. You’ve induced, with the vaxx, a hole in the immune systems of 2 billion humans.

    Knock it off with mandates, passports, vaccines. Walk away… or there will be an “or else” coming…

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  26. The T+14 gimmick essentially moved vaxxed myocarditis to the unvaxxed category.

    Finally someone looked at the dogma and said what the rest of us knew — an upper respiratory infection does not induce myocarditis.


  27. The vaxx has failed. Period. Own the L.

    Does anyone think that a full 4th shot for everyone is the solution? Do you really want an Dengue-Philippines vaxx disaster or a Marek’s disaster?

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      1. Bugger helping , saving is first right now. Bush 41, Mega Crook, Clinton Sleazebag crook, Bush 43 Idiot son, Soetoro, Chicago Usurping AC/DC Con man, Grifter Moron Shrek, now Biden?
        Since JFK it’s been all free fall. Stop the Rot or the Commies will stop the lot! They and Israe hell run it.
        No place to be an American.
        Land of the Free Welfare lunch. So much Sleaze?


    1. They did cause some panic so their pals could scoop some bargains. This is one of their key roles: manipulation.

      These parasitical money grubbers don’t invade a host country and then ignore the host. They plunder the living guts out of it while the plundering is there for the taking.

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  28. Canada has Fallen – Unvaccinated must be accompanied at all times by a staff member whn visiting a retail store for essentials – The Expose

    And this is called freedom?
    What a joke! Will it go Global? It’s looking so.
    AN URGENT WARNING – by Alex Berenson – Unreported Truths

    This is alarming if true.
    Prince Andrew files legal papers DENYING all allegations

    Interesting and much as I dislike Andrew, as do many, he deserves the right of a fair hearing. What if he is innocent of this? A prime Shit he’s well proven, but this? If he’s prepared to face a Jury trial and Perjury consequences, what if trailer trash Roberts is green mailing?
    What is the truth?

    Putin routes the corrupt Khazars

    Expect 2 large fingers to this
    German lawmakers debate making vaccines mandatory for ALL adults

    This is what is coming at you all and it will go Global.
    Again was Dr Death Fauci behind a Lab slip up which unleashed all of this?
    IAN BIRRELL reports from Ukraine’s border

    One wire fence from madness unleashed
    Biden warns of rare personal sanctions on Putin

    Boys with toys.
    Re: Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Spectacular Failure of Covid Shot

    This is just part of a series of issues we face now dealing with the apathetic mediocrities presuming the right of Governance in the West.
    To take our money by nefarious taxes, all wasted, then to shoot us full of Exotic cocktails with unknown yet consequences as Hybrids of what?

    Such reviews are just the beginning as people learn about the problems associated with the shots. It all leads to a loss of confidence in Government, as we are now seeing across North America and Europe. In many ways this will be the end of Government as we have known it, before moving to a new approach.
    Scientists regrow missing frog legs using a five-drug cocktail

    Heh Fellas can it be?



    Nearly half of all patients labeled as “COVID-19 hospitalizations” in Massachusetts were actually admitted for reasons other than coronavirus, but happened to test positive for the virus upon admission.

    The revelation surfaced this week as, for the first time in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health began making a distinction between COVID-19 patients hospitalized with “primary” and “incidental” cases.

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  30. A Global reality check right now.
    1. We have a pending possible warfare situation building and Bank Balance Sheet Reserves to assess. All issues. 2. Chinese New Year approaches fast. Chaos and endless Eating!
    3. Elections are unfolding in their key areas soon.
    4. Will China use the Ukrainian window to go for Taiwan?

    Huge pressures are mounting. The “Obvious” is not achievable. Coagulating dynamics rule Fools. All is in play.
    9 D Chess right now.

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    1. Credit Lining vast assets right now has “Issues”. It’s a pressure cooker. We worked right through Monday night in entirety. So many issues are at stake. Self interest has no role.

      Liked by 3 people

  31. Huge credit and accolades to all the balanced, cognizant and cogent thinkers here. You are the support base and asset of this site, to each, Thank You. This site stands alone in such standing for its own selective multi party readers, and its contributors, who maintain a professional standard, and an equally visible, credible Editorial policy, to ensure it. Phobic, ranting psychotics of dysfunctional sites will attract Regulatory and Media Compliance Oversight, as befits the undesirables who chose to associate. You are judged by the company you keep. Ask even Facebook or Google? It goes deeper.
    Mixing with a visibly deranged Attila the Hun type is no place to be seen, or associated with. As for the daily rantings of a clear lunatic entity who has taken a once viable and valued site, to the current sad decline standards of heavily used toilet paper, that is Editorial choice, noted by the absence of all credible following. Judgment calls.
    Debating or associating with the mentally impaired ends only one way. As the isolations of such sites attest. A standard in freefall descended to Attila the Mutt ? Madness incarnate. Cry havoc? Beyond sad. To each their own and Nero’s Throne? Truly sad to see such uncontrolled verbal dysentery. It would not be tolerated on WHA, well hopefully not, but that’s Tony’s call and I remain, as ever, just a contributor and no more. To each his own.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOS ANGELES (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday she will seek reelection, ending speculation that she would retire as Democrats face the threat of losing control of Congress in the 2022 midterms.

      “While we have made progress, much more needs to be done to improve people’s lives,” the 81-year-old Pelosi said in an online video.

      “This election is crucial. Nothing less is at stake than our democracy,” she added.

      By announcing she would seek a 19th term, Pelosi avoids becoming a lame duck in a year when Democrats are clinging to a fragile majority in the House and the party is under pressure to raise vast sums of money to defend control of Congress.

      Her decision to remain in the chamber follows announcements by 29 House Democrats that they won’t seek reelection this year, compared to 13 Republicans as the GOP looks toward taking back the House.

      The party that controls the White House typically loses seats in Congress in midterm elections, and Democrats are defending both chambers at a time when President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been slipping.


    2. Oh John, I see your bar for “maintaining a PROFESSIONAL standard” is extremely low 😉

      We all appreciate your hard work and endurance… There are so many in the WHA family that brighten our existance, whether it be with needed information, great music, or heavily ridden sexual innuendos 🙂

      Paraphrasing: “You shouldn’t take life too seriously, you’re never getting out alive!”

      I’m not exactly sure where I heard that or if I somewhat altered it to my liking, but I live by it! We do have to plan for life events to thrive because just surviving is no way to exist… that’s not even living in my book! But if you can’t enjoy the little moments, then all the planning is for nothing.

      Thank you everyone for your continual contributions! Thank you Tony and John for the upkeep of this sight!

      Happy Hump Day Everyone! And don’t forget the Spirit Fingers!!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Amladenka.
        Be assured my acceptance levels of most entities is OK. But some? I respect most. Value too. Most old WH parties worked well in mutual accord. I will not demean this site for Trolls.

        Liked by 2 people

    3. I would fellate Satan’s thorny schlong before I ever let a psychotic drone use this site to conduct a sustained moronic unjustified attack on anyone.

      This is a place to share useful knowledge, to explore that knowledge fully, and to expand one’s base to survive as best they can.

      It is rare that I ban anyone. Very rare. But mental cases will for sure get the hook.

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  32. Tony,do you have any predictions for tomorrow’s Fed announcements? What effect on stocks and crypto do you think will happen? Wild volatility would be my guess,long term probably no effect.


    1. Most markets failed to close above Monday’s high so I would expect lower prices regardless for the week with about 80% chance.

      Volatility – always! And yes, long term I am still bullish. I do not personally recognize a sell signal of any kind in this market as the position size itself is completely disposable should something make the markets go to 0. I cannot see what that would be other than an attack from Godzilla, so I will risk it.

      Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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    1. Absolutely disgraceful. That monster was lucky I was not there at this time. How dare she treat a child like that. The food was more than likely totally inedible anyway. Actually, I wish I had been there so I could have shown that bitch the repercussions of treating a child like that. And I would have been more than thrilled to educate that stupid bully. Guess where those waffles would have ended up? Both ends would have been fed.

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  33. Like

  34. Yes, while crypto has sold off with macro markets dipping, it’s future is nothing but bright. Fundamentals only get stronger. Adoption and use case are growing. Supply shock coming. 9.5 trillion Blackrock to open blockchain ETF. 7.5 trillion Charles Schwab to open BTC ETF. Rothchilds investments disclose 232,000 shares of Grayscale BTC trust.Thailand to recognize crypto as means payment. Ex Goldmans ceo Blankfein says “crypto is happening” The big boys are here to play. Now is the time to Dollar cost average in, while it’s down. Yes it may dip some more,but we are in this for the long term. DCA,STAKE and HODL is the way.

    Liked by 2 people


    Will he or won’t he?

    What, you think he can now take on the whole world?
    Do you know how many you now have after a century of ruthless hegemony?

    Correct it’s now coming to their Cuba moment does he blink and be seen to Wimp?
    Russian soldiers are ALREADY in Ukraine, warns defense minister

    For sure they are before we hit Saddam, we were inside Iraq hiding ready to take out his communication systems and radar plus far more.


  36. the number of cancer diagnoses in the military’s DMED system went from a 5-year average (2016-2020) of 38,700 per year to 114,645 in the first 11 months of 2021. This is a predominately young population.


  37. If Russia is pushed into invading Ukraine, don’t be surprised if China uses the same blind feint window opportunity to invade Taiwan. A double Whammy, both nations have issues. If Russia does go for Ukraine, watch the mass Exodus then of Jews running to Israel. Holy Moses.

    Putin has too much invested now to cut and run. Is it really too much to ask for No NATO bases in Ukraine to save so many lives? Common sense is needed. Laverov has it. The rest? Use reason.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This whole thing sickens me. My sister and her new husband (She is the last of 4 to get married and have children) want to get pregnant… However, they have both been vaccinated. I, like many of you, tried convencing EVERYONE I know and love to stay away from the vaccine. Before I knew anything about it, the one thing I DID KNOW is that the goverment(s) all around the world were pushing it way too hard. Pollio, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer, flu, car wreck, obesity/Heart Disease, Liver Failure… All more deadly than COVID, no forced vaccination or alternate way of living. If that isn’t enough of a red flag, then I don’t know what is! I just know in my gut that my sister is going to have a long hard battle if she can even get pregnant at this point. As the saying goes: She made her bed and now must sleep in it… I still hate it for her none the less.
      While I think every child is precious, these “infants” terrify me! The eyes are scary… They look more like a Lycan’s eyes than a human’s. Then the newborn with a TOOTH!!! WTF?!?! I’m scared for the future of humanity at this point.

      Liked by 1 person


    The world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning French virologist Professor Luc Montagnier has declared that “the unvaccinated will save humanity.”
    Prof. Montagnier made the statement during recent protests in Italy against government-mandated “Green Pass” vaccine passports.

    “What would I say to a young person today?
    “You absolutely must act, each of you, and find the truth hidden behind the lies. Long live freedom.”

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Glad you like it, James. Robert is a sharp guy and is determined to research and share things in his discipline which are being altered or suppressed for political and social reasons. As one who detests those who lie about history, I greatly admire his work and courage. People like Robert are in short supply, and that is tragic.

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