A Report From The Front. Prepare To Defend Your Rear

Salve, Citizens!

Time is short. The reasons why are not possible to share at this time. However, WHA has taken onto its shoulders the responsibility to bring forth from front line positions, true and accurate assessments of situations which our readers may find useful in future planning. Reality balanced, and without any motive to pitch dubious wares or subscription fees.

What’s coming is not what most people are led to believe. But concerning the bigger real issues, what will follow is a series of summaries for those readers endowed with a perspicacious oversight and ability to handle such balanced reality.

So, shortness of time notwithstanding, let us begin.

  • You really do need to pre-think your own family’s life plan for the future changes coming.  Real world truth, at a price. Drone herding is coming as almost ALL global leaders now permeate towards Davos and the Kingdom of the Bald Comic Clown Troll, who seeks to take all, and to then make you happy, or NOT, with nothing! So far, he has the floor, and support among the politicos. Yet the West is now being clearly and clinically circumvented out of the Middle East and Far East. India, with a larger population than China’s, is the fast-growing IT hub for Asia, and a superpower in waiting. One China fears the most. Yet they must coexist, but each concur that America and its hegemony must be phased out of Asia and to simply annex them out where possible. It’s cynical and precise, America by consensus is to go.  As with BRICS, all conclude a US free trade future. Asia is annexing the West. Who is left to prey on? Future US demographics read a bleak picture. Time to reprofile your own futures. Reality checks. How did it work out for Rome once their borders became unenforceable?
  • Sovereign monetary wealth today is either gold/asset backed, or just worthless fiat fake in freefall. What the Zionist Jewish bankers have not syphoned off and stolen, the WEF Swiss gnomes seek to sequestrate from gullible fools. Playing YOU! Word to the wise: Have a metals portfolio and keep it safe. Seek expert advice.
  • You really do need to rethink your banking, your portfolio strategies and balance, and how to protect your assets from bail-ins or tax grabs. Parasite protection. Rethink your portfolio balances. Seek the very best professionals who understand such profound risks and how to avoid the worst-case scenarios if such extreme measures are taken by governments who are desperate to survive at your expense.
  • How do we make sense of a freefalling America, where bribe taking Biden’s own son, drug addict, child molesting Hunter, is found to be a 10% shareholder of a vast new lithium mine in Afghanistan, in conjunction with the Chinese? This explains why the dirty Bidens got America out, to fill the dirty Biden crime family pockets yet again. How many died needlessly for this racket? You wonder why Asia plans to remove America from the Far East and Asia? The stink of Washington corruption carries very far. India and China want you gone! Read up on the Biden lithium filth we post separately.  
  • We now briefly revisit a topic we swore off. Let us, once again, cover the sad truth about Iraqi Dinar pumpers.  Iraq, at best, is a c$4T or max $5T economy. No one in authority gave rights for parties with stolen Iraqi bank note plates to engage in mass printing dinars. But that’s what appears to have happened. There are allegedly Quad Ts of this Muppet Fed junk paper out there. Lunacy if so. No one is going to authorize such paper to be legally revalued to pre-war numbers at the cost to Iraq in trillions of USD. The Iraqi Santa Clause is not coming. Iraq does not possess the reserves nor the obligation to pay off war speculation on its currency. NO one will fund this stupid crap shoot. How many more years will have to go by before this is understood?
  • The all-powerful World Gold Council Chairman for many years was a South Korean Chinese Dynasty Elder, soley entrusted with the knowledge of where the key Family warehouses are, and only he knew the location of the underground bunkers and booby-trapped caves. That family knowledge has been “Bloodline Bond” entrusted to only one current Dynasty family member. Our secret! Right to know only! Secrets we do not share. The Chairman ONLY held the position because the core assets were verified and known to be real. How we now progress “Mongrel Free” to try to safely make good use of those assets, is key. An ever-evolving series of entanglements with a voracious military junta necessitates commensurate care at arm’s length. Also keeping self-serving predatory Americans right out of the loop. Raptors! The Elders are positively guided by trusted and proven London trustees, core and key advisors with a veto block, to protect them from abuse and to guide them safely through the labyrinth of CBDC and unfolding global currency issues. In addition, London shields them from the historical abuses, guile and malignant Zionist/Jewish criminal entrapments of the voracious, utterly corrupt Jewish US Treasury/Fed rackets. Racketeers!  From Jekyll Island onwards they have raped America and the world unchecked. As ever, it’s their plague viral history. It’s also why London has a glass ceiling towards the buggers. Their Oath of Allegiance forcefully entrapping Americans is absurd; an oath to a pestilence and scurrilous roach turd species of Khazarian Mafia! How utterly naive are Americans in Politics?  Oafs swallow! The Zionist and Jewish bankers have looted, scavenged and bankrupted America. Wake TF Up America! Why do real live dummies allow them total oligopoly, criminal control of the US Fed, and Treasury? Jews run the LOT. They own both houses, the media, and the White House. Ridiculous, roach entrapment. For sure as the Afros and Hispanics take over, they will face this species down in the future. Usury Jews used you and took it all. What have they done to the dollar now? It’s worth what? Still the nation sleeps on, devoid of reality. They are being blocked from Elder’s access. Totally.   
Actual Dynastic Elder gold cache. Only a fraction of their total holdings.
  • There are 40 Elder bloodline family unit members, and with their weekly hog fights, positioning needs consummate care. Believe it, with 40 family groupings each presuming their right to draw down 10% of the total wealth for their group alone, once liquidated, from metals. So many rice bowls and so much greed. Trainee Americans? Yet the normal US patriots can be so kind. We segregate them with care. Daily diplomacy versus self-interest. Weevils are Global. It’s a delicate path. We have “Special Plans” but not for disclosure. Ways to beat the system.
  • The WEF and WHO will walk you blindfolded from reality to their sought endgame, if not stopped. Their agenda is anathema to us. They have no compassionate agenda. Nor seek such. They seek only to acquiesce the power of your very being. From the CFR upwards, their position has been, and currently IS clear: Population reduction. Real and clear! That is their core mainline thinking – don’t feed those we don’t need. Don’t be misguided.  Population reduction is real! Planned genocide! They see that no economic herd sized sustainability tables stand up as viable. Doomsday avoidance policies are floundering. Attempting sustainability of ever-growing, non-contributing mass breeding, to them, is pointless. The mass human ostriches just don’t hear or see it, nor handle bad news well. What happens when woke becomes broke? Will you carry them? How? You can’t afford to! Davos is coercing them all. Look at Canada! Unreal. Look at the Woke State of America, complete cuckoo’s nest territory. WEF is bewitching the world. And the methods used center around disruption of the natural inclination to form family bonds and reproduce between both valid sexes.
The rise in this phenomenon is not by accident.
  • Blog sites continue to be assailed with endless GCR fantasies, delusional currency wealth scenarios and conspiracy theorists purport that global debt forgiveness is imminent. For over 20 years now, a concept called NESARA is said to be coming. But funded by whom? No such adoption of this plan has taken place, and it continues to exist in the minds of blogging Moonshiners only! Banks forgiving all worldly debts – sure.
  • As A.I. takes down and clears out vast numbers of soon to be redundant employees, empiric social changes are going to take place.  Tax revenues will collapse as more and more menial and manufacturing jobs are automated. Without taxes, seized to underpin the welfare largesse of socialist spenders, you will fund with what? Socialists and Zionists. None better for bankrupting economies. Bankrupt economies run aground. Unless there is seismic change in replanning the State of Being Human, for the self-centered, delusional beings of today, the future will be one of conflict between the conscientious haves, and the escalating Hottentots. Even the fast-food restaurant chains of the future will be server Free! Supermarkets and Stores increasingly automate checkouts. With growing home deliveries, stores are folding in larger numbers. If you cannot fill a critical role in an ever-increasing technologically based workplace, then there will be no purpose to hire you. For the unskilled and unnecessary, it’s going to get ugly. Have-nots sometimes have nothing to lose. Large groups of such can inflict significant damage if hungry enough.  
  •  Ever-expanding sales of electric cars, trucks and SUVs require fewer parts, and are fast and easy to fix. Huge job losses will follow for manufacturing supply chains and mechanics. It’s coming.  As for oil barons, many saw the light and divested their interests long ago!  If supply chains, tankers and such are untenable, what will become of the price of oil?  
  •  A.I. will hit the mass clerical roles, bookkeeping, administrators, accountants, even law adjudication itself. As A.I. becomes ever more sophisticated, it will self-code and mass program code itself multi-times faster than humans. Programming capacity, thus replacing Programmer coders, will eliminate their errors and costs. Seismic changes. A.I. will be faster and cheaper. Capable also of incredible new concept algorithms and pioneering breakthroughs. Unleashing then a whole new dawn of futuristic technology. Also, Cybernetics. Enhanced people!  Or not? Yes, it IS coming. No, you will not stop it. Enhanced or unenhanced is the next social dilemma. Who will spend on the masses? It does not augur well so far. No one is thinking of sustainable societies. Allow WEF control and it will be draconian. 
  • We are facing an emerging reality future where possibly 40% or more of many jobs will go within the next decade or so. There is no economic forethought of population sustainability, or society ramifications. Each administration simply pushes this toxic bombshell forwards to future incumbents to deal with. State welfare and even retiree packages are unsustainable and bail-ins inadequate.  Your representatives represent only themselves. No one is working for or acting for you! We may as well be on the Titanic. If this lot hits, as is likely, have you got your own family funds sorted, sequestered safely away to swerve the unfolding bank bail-ins and tax grabs? You will need it. Lifebelts will not be thrown. Unless you are earning, you will be left for churning and forget bailouts. Learn now to look after yourself, take responsibility for God’s sake, because if not the cliff edge is looming for Lemmings. 
  • Yes, we are looking for Elders’ support, but it will only be core humanitarian projects and selective, screened sustainable global community financing. We can’t save the world. No one can. Nor will they try with authority. 

  • We are deeply engaged in Blockchain and new innovative cryptos, project backed and communities sharing in the sustainable wealth created. Not 10 cents Zionist Fed phony CBDCs. More on that later and WHA will have a sound platform for its readers. An input. 
  • The current sad state of Ukraine is only a small element of the evolution now between Hemispheres. American hegemony is doomed. It’s over. Empires end. Usually in ignominy. America has lost the Middle East; it’s now re-aligned with Russia and China. The badly planned Jesuit/Vatican U.S. socialist Eurodollar is unsustainable, bailed only now by poor Germany and the Fed.  Scavenging nations now all in disarray.  All take out, no one puts in. For how long? Britain has walked away from the chaos. It’s not sustainable as is. Nor can poor Germany carry it alone. For how long?  If those banks fail, it takes America down with it. That fine a default line. The Teutonic nations need to form a new alliance and leave the rest. Close the porous borders. Look after your own. Merkel has a lot to answer for. Social Madness. She has brought Germany to its knees. Why mass import a nasty, malignant, child molesting, backwards 7th century blood cult? They are destroying the entire multi-millennial nationhood culture of the EU. Barbarians loose inside the gates. Social Havoc. Political suicide. Be clear when EU Banks fail, the knock-on effect means the cross-lending U.S. Banks and Fed goes with it. 
For $40 Billion This Guy Will Do Anything
  • The world is already re-evolving into new trading hemispheres by planned design. The snout of the West will be Out! India is the sleeping giant arising. With a voice and attitude. China fears India. America will be increasingly annexed out of Asia and its markets. They will weaponize metals supplies to the West. To your detriment. Also, for sure, cost! Think portfolios! Balances. How to credit line and leverage your own portfolios. Think money!
  • Eurasia will go to Asia. What a mess. What a loss. 
  • The EU is unsustainable. Let it find an iceberg. The endless Islamic and African flows will sink it if not stopped. Call it or lose it!
  • Pragmatic thinkers will get past what is coming. Key metals will increase in price and with Chinese market games, ever more so. Select which and track the charts. Make money and safely leverage.  
  • America’s own 10 to 15 years demographics do not profile well for many regions now. The melting pot is boiling. The world is yours, just find the right locations. You came as locusts, take flight again if needed. Doors close.

Creative thinking is the future. Foresight, or go with the Sheeple into the night.  Look at the Leaders? Next? Think for your kids now. Who will head off the WEF and WHO? Enhanced or Hottentots? Choose with care. Society is breaking down and there is no telling what it may re-assemble as in the short term.

Be ready for anything.   

Stay tuned.



  1. Miserable little Bastard maybe we need to slide a few real Black Death virus ampules into that place fromr own Germ Warfare labs and cull then down fast. The Runt needs taking down. Hard. Nato has seen the reality of how weak and dysfunctional the Russian Amry is. Sorry folks, but real world.,he will be creamed alive if he takes on Nato. Real world he’s just a Punk whose coming up short. Nato now sees that. Now emboldened. Ugly animals.
    We also have technologies undeclared thanks to reverse engineered crashed crafts. Apart from leading the world in Cyber Warfare if needed, we have achieved breakthroughs in molecular materials construction and weapons development which will frag his Butt if unleashed.
    He may think he’s got edges via Kapustin Yar. We have vast underground bases and labs decades in the making. where real sciences are applied. The Runt is cruising for taking. Little Napoleon will also see his own arse History Runt.

    Putin threatens to deploy new Satan II nuclear missile https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10940009/Putin-threatens-deploy-new-Satan-II-nuclear-missile-reach-UK-just-three-minutes.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    So, the broke Bitch wants to snitch again. She shat the nest, and no one will buy her book. Shes unemployable and becoming ugly. You won’t hear HEARD!

    Amber Heard to ‘write tell-all book’ because she’s ‘broke’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10940093/She-lose-Amber-Heard-write-tell-book-shes-broke.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    second pandemic? what is he saying? does that mean there is another one (planned) coming?
    Am I interpreting this correctly? Who said anything about a second one?
    I wonder if he just let something slip. Not that he knows anything but forces behind him do!
    Needs some arrests don’t you think? What have the Bio Labs told us?

    Dominic Raab plans law to ignore European rulings blocking Rwanda deportation

    Absolutely right ignore the EU and pack them off! Go- Parasites!


    What we KNOW is that Russia is losing tens of thousands of its Troops,. while the Runt dreams. 119 days Ras Putin and still you can’t take it.
    What a mess Runt. How long? What happened to the May 9th end Runt?
    Shared from Sky News: Uvalde school gunman could have been neutralised ‘in three minutes’ and police did not check door was locked, says Texas safety chief https://news.sky.com/story/uvalde-school-gunman-could-have-been-stopped-in-three-minutes-but-response-was-abject-failure-says-texas-safety-chief-12638110

    Cowards, disgraces to Uniforms. Cowards, fire the lot.
    Meet the mites that have sex on your face and nipples while you sleep: Eight-legged bugs live in our pores and may soon ‘become one with humans’, study warns

    Researchers from the University of Reading have sequenced a mite’s genome for the first time, and found inbreeding is causing them to shed unnecessary genes and cells.


    Dream on Tony. Free Riders.


    1. May I suggest a better approach, one that does not involve nukes, interdimensional weapons or billion death collaterals for all the crazies on our side? Because y’all are talking crazy whether you realize it or not.

      Here is the suggestion, yeah it takes longer, but you might wake up one morning to the problem being gone…

      “In fighting those who serve devils one always his this on one’s side; their Masters hate them as much as they hate us. The moment we disable the human pawns enough to make them useless to Hell, their own Masters finish the work for us. they break their tools.” – C.S. Lewis

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      1. Crazy rules Runts and Fools Tino and the Runt invites taking down. He’s near the Rubicon line.
        We have our own underground cities, and Vermin weapons. Look what happened to Napoleon and even Ceaser.
        Dwarf Ras Putin is a Lemming on the Cliff edge. Ready for booting. Punks with Power?


        1. Yeah, but the collateral damage of the Napoleonic campaign was limited. If the mad go MAD, I am well within the reach of a Manhattan detonation.

          I find the rhetoric and escalation by our side severely misguided. And I am too suspicious — I don’t think Russia has been properly evaluated here and NATO will get severely beaten back. It’s a long time since I found WMD from orbit (well, designed a system that did), but you get a feel for things, and I don’t trust “woke” agencies…

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    1. About F*ING TIME!!! I have family property over there… About an hour-ish from here. I certainly hope the rest of the south follows QUICKLY!!!

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    1. I watched “Afterlife of the Party” on Netflix last night… This song was in it, too! Thank you for sharing! It is a WONDERFUL song!!


  2. Like

    1. Sanctions are pointless when half the planetary enterprise walks away and votes with its pocketbook. Our sanctions are a version of us punching ourselves in the face while saying to Russia “We will hurt you”.

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  3. Never turn your back on someone walking around in a store holding an ax. Especially a mad tranny.

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    1. What is wrong with people! That guy got hurt bad. I hope he’s ok. I am working for a psychologist now and business is booming. Go figure? People are really losing it out there.

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  4. What an incredible revelation. Carstens must have added magic mushrooms to his donut intake.

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    1. At this point I don’t know what Saint to turn to. It’s all clown world. Forget me (I almost cured cancer[sitting on the shoulders of giants] and I can do wonders for PTSD) but it’s not the pedigree they look to — but to go after McCullough and Kory at this point staggers belief.

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  5. Even Pope John Paul II was guilty — the Vatican Bank had way too many shenanigans under him.

    This current Pope is almost certainly guilty as described below, and of course, the whole bit on his anti-Catholic diktats….


  6. Ex-general calls for NUKES to be sent to Kaliningrad https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10936955/Putin-spokesman-says-Russia-NEVER-trust-West-ex-general-calls-NUKES-Kaliningrad.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Every time they want excuses to nuke. They won’t stop. Patten was right. Finish them post WW11. They are as growing problem. 44m displaced Ukkies already.
    It’s a start now let’s make it Global.

    Tunisia to abandon Islam as state religion in new draft constitution https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10938665/Tunisia-abandon-Islam-state-religion-new-draft-constitution.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Ukraine’s arsenal of weapons on the Dark Web – uncut-news.ch

    Full oversight so you get the total view. Zelensky! All
    Zionist crocks of Shit!

    This is global travesty that will haunt the world for a long time. The fact that the West ignores the fact that the Ukraine is easily the world’s largest arms dealer of Western weapon systems is beyond belief. This negates any creditability to what the Ukraine is all about. This is plain gun smuggling in plain view with Western blessing. And a shameful stain for all the world to see. There is no moral or righteous high ground to allowing this to take place while Ukrainians die in vain, and the world suffers the wrath of sanctions that do not work. And it does great harm to any hegemony aspirations as a world watches events unfold.
    ‘Russia simulating missile attacks on Estonia’ says defense minister https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10939111/Russia-simulating-missile-attacks-Estonia-warns-Baltic-States-defence-minister.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    If they hit Estonia NATO needs to unleash technology we are keeping under wraps and evescerate the bastards in a 200 miles kill zone. Neutron them.

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  7. Dear God, does nobody read even their own guidelines for diagnosis of heart conditions?


    1. All Western Nations need to reset to pursue real crime. George Floyd died because he was stupid, consumed a lethal mixture of drugs, and was surrounded by personnel that would not have been able to reverse the drug mixture because none had the requisite training to spot.


      his brother just shot and killed a mother of six…

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    1. The country is now full to overflowing with Wogs, Wookies, and low life illegals of all species. Unwanted and here.
      It’s coming to a head and will blow. Pakkies and Muslims with nasty attitudes need sorting hard. They bring us only crime, Child Molesting and a massive drain on Welfare and Health Care. It’s our country and we want it back.
      2,000 years of our Culture is being stolen and swallowed by an Alien Zio and Wog Vulture.
      It’s OUR Land and it’s time You Wogs were banned and panned.
      Change is coming, and when ready, your will hear our Drums as We are Coming!
      It will sweep Europe, the dirt with it. Teutonics and Aryans unite, these are Our Lands,. our Families and our Rights.
      Unless invited, you will go into the night. Study History, we have Form!.

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  8. The Guardian: Russian emails appear to show ‘network’ holding $4.5bn assets linked to Putin.

    The witch hunt is on worldwide to locate and seize every Russians assets of proceeds of Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering. The Moscow Thief in Chief will be hounded mercilessly. We have thousands of experienced Financial Intel Analysts locked and. Focused and sifting through vast Intel files to identify and seize their laundered funds..see Putin jumping in fury is a Russian Leprechaun who’s had his funds, yachts and money confiscated. Just like Capone. We are getting to the little Bastard and all his crooked Cohorts. No bad thing. Mafiosi scumbags feeling heat.
    Daily Mail: Crypto industry on edge as bitcoin hovers over key $20,000 level after dropping to $17,500.

    Is it heading now for 15K or even 10K? Calm nerves buying times. Waiting time? Panic will spook the amateurs.

    NATO is coming for Ukraine now they see how disorganized and pathetic Russia truly is. A real war across all borders is now an escalating risk. Putin has opened Pandora’s Box now with huge attrition building

    Threaten all they like, Russia is being walled in. Commie Karma
    We thought Homer was the biggest Dork, until we saw Trump. No question, Shrek leads the field for Moronic stupidity. Only in America. Walmart Trump. Packaged low lifes.

    Little Ras Putin as they seize his gold.


    1. NATO will get its ass kicked. And there is no scenario where if NATO goes in this doesn’t escalate into an exchange of strategic weapons. Stop the insane MSM and fire the damn intelligence analysts which got this f’er wrong since the start. The Russians are playing a weak hand to deliberately draw the West in. They deliberately deployed 2nd string and hired 3rd string. Do you really believe a Nation with full C5ISR down to the individual trooper acts goofy if not for ulterior purpose? Plus, the West has already lost heart minds literally everywhere except in their own echo chambers. The old saying of not believing one’s own press really applies here. The West has literally no strategic victories in this affair. It has lost ground every week since pushing back the decapitation attempt push at Kiev. Red grows on the map every week. The West lost this. Only in the modern era does the losing side claim its winning when it has been forced to draft women.

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  9. All Canadian & US Police & Military (and elsewhere) COVID injection refusers must be reinstated immediately with all their pay, back pay, positions, ranks, backpay, pension disruptions, leave etc.

    The COVID injections is a farse, a failure, completely ineffective and harmful; we have thousands of military & police now vaccine injured, walking around; again, we hold Fauci & Bourla to account

    Dr. Paul Alexander

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      1. In a recent CT school confrontation between the administration and the students lacrosse team. The school told the girl’s lacrosse team to wear masks. The team laughed its ass off and went home. The school folded literally 35 minutes after the last player got in their parents car. Practice was held without masks the next day.

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  10. NATO Wants World War
    That’s the only possible conclusion, which makes it obvious that the neocons – who have been banging the drums for war with Russia for years – are in full control of US, EU, and UK foreign policy

    Vladimir Putin’s allies have threatened Lithuania after the NATO country blocked EU-sanctioned goods from reaching the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Moscow warned of ‘very tough actions’ against the country after deliveries of coal, metals, construction materials and advanced technology were stopped from entering the Russian territory, fuelling fears of an escalation of the Ukraine war.

    The Lithuanian chargé d’affaires in Moscow was told that unless cargo transit was resumed in the near future, Russia reserves the right to act to protect its national interests.

    The Russian foreign ministry said: ‘We consider provocative measures of the Lithuanian side which violate Lithuania’s international legal obligations, primarily the 2002 Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the European Union on transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Russian Federation, to be openly hostile.’


    1. Russia’s totally inept invasion of Ukraine has put it very much In Play. There is now a War on to get the money behind that whole Cheap Russian Criminal Regime. Akin to Capone. Putin is now seen to be a Cheap Punk for taking
      He is so out of his depth. He and Lavrov misjudged the temperature, and have misjudged the markets. We have the full intel reports on Putin, via his early days in London. A mediocrity. his entire Corruption riddled Oligopoly is under intense review. Punk baiting. He’s in trouble. As was Ca[pone. The Spooks have his books.


      1. Sure. Putin is in trouble. It hasn’t changed one damn thing on the ground. And nobody in Russia is going to reward the West for targeting its leader by removing him.


        Every single claimed failure of Russia from logistics to antiquated missiles has been shown to be false or misleading, 0 for 11 on war crimes, sanctions have not removed Putin, the ruble is not rubble, Russia has turned to China and the jury is out on whether the China will have the upper hand there. And Russia red keeps spreading on the map as of 0100 today. And Ukraine drafts women.

        I wish I was that inept.

        Have Ukraine fall back to the rivers, partition the region into 3 republics, and put an end to the escalation which the West has no goddam ability to control. We have economic catastrophe to deal with and having a war at the same time (a potential nuclear one no less) is beyond unwise.

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  11. Like

    1. He fears the backlash risk now to his mortality. He knows he’s put himself in play. Epstein cost him his marriage. Will this forage cost him his life?

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  12. Like

  13. Like

  14. Putin loses 55th colonel when attack helicopter ‘explodes in fireball’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10935481/Putin-loses-55th-colonel-attack-helicopter-hit-missile-explodes-fireball.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    This is so not going how Putin hoped. How many stooges now?

    Ukraine war: This secret unit’s tanks are virtually invisible, and soldiers have one job – to steal the enemy’s vehicles

    Have they stolen 400 Russian Tanks?

    Some downer.

    Ukrainian Nazis Burned 50,000 Tons of Grain in Mariupol – 21st Century Wire

    It’s never ending.

    While no one has clean hands in Ukraine, this is reality of the Zelensky crowd and their enablers ..

    UNLOCKED: What Russia Thinks Will Happen Next – by VBL

    Russia has planned for what is unfolding. The West has not. Everyone who is half awake understands this reality.
    The Rubicon line has been set and crossed with the West. There is no going back, ramp up the Walls.

    Get all Russians out of Europe. Intern and Deport, New rules and new thinking. Get real, get Soviets out.

    Ukrainian forces destroy Russian artillery with British howitzers https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10933951/Ukrainian-forces-destroy-Russian-tank-two-infantry-vehicles-British-howitzers.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    These invading animals are losing lives.
    Crypto industry braced for fallout after weekend meltdown

    Expect more panic knee jerks yet.

    Putin will start war with Nato if he wins in Ukraine, says dissident

    If he does he will see his Arse.


    It’s called COWARDICE!

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  15. ” Build back better “?…
    In recent years, more women and couples have come to depend on Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM) for family planning—and for good reason. As more becomes known about the dangers of pharmaceutical contraceptive drugs and devices, FABMs provide the effective, empowering, side-effect-free alternative that couples have been searching for.

    Unfortunately, the Biden administration is attempting to illegally rescind the Affordable Care Act’s mandated coverage for FABM instruction—so much for “choice,” right?


      1. This is why they are not tracked inter stella approaching. Dimensional wormholes. Beings of light energy have totally different life structures. They are Eons ahead of us. We are Lab studies.


    1. Well, his son is exceptional, so that would make dad off the charts exceptional. He has to be so proud and smiling down at you of the kind of man you are that he brought up Tony.

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      1. Thank you I appreciate that kind remark.

        Smiling at me? Well, maybe sometimes. Not today. Slept in. Growing up, he told me once he never saw anyone sleeping past 7am that wasn’t sick or dead. He rose early. Never once did I see him sleep in until the day he died.

        He would have liked John. No doubt. Kindred spirits. No tolerance for laziness, goldbricking or wanting something-for-nothing.

        Liked by 2 people

  16. Vladimir Putin’s veiled threat to ex-Soviet states: You’re part of historic Russia

    This pathetic IDIOT Thief of St Peterburgs Community Funds, thinks he is Vlad the Impaler.
    He puts all of of Free Europe at risk.
    The UK has faced Russia down in the Black Seas. We are helping Ukraine and Finland / Sweden avoid the Commie Bastards clutches. If he wants to grasp a Bulldog by its Tail, good luck with that. John Bull has form.
    We need to rethink Europe not the EU. We need to rethink Commies in Europe and Intern the F lot. Animals. The Czechs are giving 3 hears in jail to theirs. Right move. Without food wil finish it. If Sweden wants to join Nato, it will want Commie Scum handed over.
    Europe needs to be Russian free. The lot out. Putin is heading for a face off.

    Be clear the UK is now fully preparing for a full-on war with Russia. 3,000 plus UK nukes will finish them. They want Europe? Try and die! Of course we will lose the UK . But we will finish Russia. Putin has no idea what he is unleashing, just like Napoleon. Dwarf Tossing!
    Time to wake up and unite Europe to these Monsters. Close the borders and Intern the rest. The Czechs have started. Well done. Commie Czechs Check out fast. Off to jails. Commies out.

    Prepare to fight and beat Russia in a Third World War, says UK general https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10930527/Prepare-fight-beat-Russia-World-War-Britains-general-warns.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Amber needs to be neither seen nor Heard, she’s Shat the nest already. Shes now Box Office unbankable . Hollywood will close all doors. They did for Gibson.

    Heard says Depp’s exes are scared to publicly accuse him of violence https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10931581/Amber-Heard-suggests-Johnny-Depps-exes-scared-publicly-accuse-violence.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Russia-Ukraine war could last for years, say western leaders
    Sadly its profiling that way so far. A huge Russian Cluster F!

    This is good it save lives.

    Footage claims to show 14-battle-hardened Russian soldiers surrender https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10931715/Footage-claims-14-battle-hardened-Russian-soldiers-surrendering-Ukraine-battlefield.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Every reason to round these Bastards up all over Europe.

    Fears that Putin’s spies are ‘active at all levels of British society’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10930811/Fears-Putins-spies-active-levels-UK-society-MI5-spyhunters-alert-Russian-agents.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Watch “Funny jokes! – A man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in stunningly ….-

    Watch “DIRTY ADULT JOKES – A sailor and a marine are taking a piss at a public restroom…” on YouTube

    Viral On TikTok! China Creates ‘Exact Replica’ Of Russian Fighter Jet & It Is Selling Like Hot Cakes — Watch

    China has learned fast and is now selling vast numbers of Arms and weapons of war. Beating America at its own game.

    Alex Mashinsky, Celsius founder feeling the heat

    Fathers day for Tony.



    1. Yes. Justified. “Stand your ground” allows you to remain in place and bring lethal force against anyone who threatens you with grievous bodily injury or death. In this case, the youth was demonstrating intent to severely assault the man, including the possibility of taking the gun away in the process and using it on him.

      I have been in similar circumstances on two occasions. Fortunately, the opponents saw a Walther .380 pointed at them and wisely retreated to live another day as an asshole.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Late night in Buffalo, some 30+ years ago. Two malfeasants crossed the road to be on my sidewalk. I made the reaching gesture. They crossed back across the road. I got in my car and left in haste.

        I didn’t have gun…

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Karl Denniger usually fails at the higher levels in understanding because the fact the events are guided is “tinfoil hat conspiracy” to him.

    BUT every so often anger saves him:

    (Lifted from Vox Day)
    Karl Denninger appears to have finally run out of patience with the “safe and effective” crowd.

    I get it. Nobody wants to admit they were full of crap, especially when it might mean something really bad is coming. Like what happened to both Justin Bieber and his wife. What are the odds two young people both get f’ed by “rare” side effects that are in fact linked to the jabs and its not the jab that’s responsible? If the odds of a “random” hit from such events are 1 in 100,000 for someone of these ages in a given year for both of them to get hit in the same year by said “random” events has roughly a one in a billion chance — in other words you’re more likely to win the Powerball and not by a little either.

    Surrrrrrre that was random.

    The Biebers are not the only ones. The multiple re-infection list is so long among politicians and celebrities you can’t even count it anymore. Never mind the young people dropping like flies of things that almost never get young people. Sure, it does happen that young people “thud” from time to time; I knew someone who fell over from a congenital heart defect he didn’t know he had in his early 30s, and he was the jock’s jock too. But when that happens, at least historically, they always go look for the cause at autopsy and in basically every case find it too.

    That’s not being done now, is it? Nope.

    Let me know when you wake the f up.

    Until then you can f off, especially if you’re one of the assholes who did, or still is, pushing this crap on people. If you formerly were but recant and accept just punishment for every person harmed as a result of your “advice” or worse, fine — but not until. The evidence is that this crap not only doesn’t work it’s dangerous besides. I mean c’mon man — not everyone who uses fentanyl dies, right? Does that mean you should use some today? The NY Health Department claims “safe” fentanyl use is “empowering”, I remind you and they’re the same group of fuckfaces who has been pushing these shots on everyone, including children.

    You really are that stupid, aren’t you?

    You really will let them kill you — and your kids — won’t you?

    [[emphasis added]]

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Extremely foolish. One thing is an open sea with lots of maneuvering space, a road is quite another… Well, 3 major wrecks will end this experiment pretty quickly.


    1. The policies are very destructive. It takes decades to recover costs of a refinery. We are not going to add capacity if Administrations don’t commit to stable policies. So the irrationality compounds…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Liz Wheeler is very good and sharp.

      This forced material is pushing many parents to homeschool which is growing across the nation. No parent wants to deal with this forced ideology material in school while the kids graduate without knowing how to read, write or knowing basic math. “keep them dumb as long they obey the ideology..”

      Liked by 3 people

  18. Unimaginably large EU Twat stokes the flames of war by announcing Ukraine as a candidate for inclusion, when it’s not allowed to extend such to a country at war. The EU is not a serious group. It is a homosexual, feminist, Jewish cult hellbent on world domination.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Be assured Ursula is no Dominatrix. The UK and Germany need to think out the next moves. No more limp wrists. Barbarossa 2 with Nukes! Cage in the Commies. The UK is ready for war. Every time they threaten us FU is our message back We will die free and send them to hell. If Mad Vlad wants WW111 go for it, Twat. Then take what comes. 3,000 plus missiles in 7 minutes then the Bombers and ICBM’s. They will kill him first. They will not die for Mad Vlad. Hit the UK and die from the sky. Even Animals get that. He can’t even get Ukraine right, Tosser.


      1. The US has ran away. Nato is clueless. The EU a joke. Only the UK, ONLY Britain is facing down Putin. We will give him his OK Coral. These Bastards need to be stopped. How many are sanctioned and Oligarchs plus Mafia? Rotten to the core. Bastards who only fear strength. Animals. We are ripping them apart in the Tax Havens and London. .Seizures everywhere. Money Laundering Criminals. No fear of Scumbags. The EU needs its own Gitmo for these deranged animals. Intern the lot. Deport or abort! Open our own Gulags. With technology. Microwaves stop Rodents. 2 minutes and cooked.


  19. “We will set up a new payment platform that will be independent, to increase and facilitate logistics…we are opening up new corridors…”

    Does not sound like he’s concerned about sanctions.

    I wish our president had this ability to articulate his views in this way. Statecraft is a lost art in the West. The Jewnited Snakes won’t be producing quality statesmen if we are going to focus on teaching our kids gay fisting techniques or how to sue if proper pronouns are not used, by the 4th grade.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup…. from forgetting everything to falling of the bike…. its like having a series of literally like “Weekend at Bernies”

      Like the guy on the first comment on this bike clip from Biden “I’ll give it to Joe. He’s consistent when it comes to malfunctioning.” LOL


    2. One problem the West has is zero-day thinking. Current G2 models of what is happening don’t take into account that the line in the sand has been drawn and that it can’t be crossed. Boots on the ground in Ukraine is impossible without uncontrollable escalation. Plus the ground war there IS lost by Ukraine. Anything else is wishful thinking and unicorn farts. The next step there is whatever is left of the Ukrainian forces is to abandon the indefensible plain(s) and drop back to the rivers and allow partitioning, with Z fleeing and a new gov being installed.

      While true that the UK can counter-strike on launch and help devastate Russia, it is just traditional MAD. At best it keeps the Ukraine bullshit bottled locally. At worst missteps put you into nuclear war.

      Sanctions are meaningless when one side views the war as existential. The calculus amounts to 15% of GDP and if anyone is thinking more than that, they can’t do math. They chose to pay that price. Also, they have been preparing for this at least since the 2014 Neuland coup. And I note that Putin has not been removed. So much for sanctions.

      Oligarchical wealth seizure has simply branded the West as hypocrites and anything gained in pressuring Russia has been lost in half the planet voting with its feet for Russia. The damage to international law by the West is incalculable. Just wait until unaligned nations take what they want because they view us Westeners as equally ‘criminal’. The West will be hard-pressed to respond when what is good for the goose is applied to the gander.

      Last but not least, the West is now viewed unabashedly thru a prism of Satanic lenses by all concerned. As far as hearts and minds are concerned, the West is seen as the Enemy of the Good, the Beautiful and the Just. This is NOT reversible anytime soon. This should be earth-shattering worrisome to those that understand the role of this in war.


      1. Wang Wenbin, Foreign Ministry, China June 16, 2022

        Wang Wenbin: On the Ukraine issue, China has always independently assessed the situation on the basis of the historical context and the merits of the issue. We always stand on the side of peace and justice.

        Whereas the US reneged on its word, pushed NATO expansion eastward and brought conflict and confrontation back to Europe, China is committed to dialogue and cooperation for common and sustainable security and called for a balanced, effective and sustainable European security framework. Whereas the US has clamored for a fight “to the last Ukrainian” and fueled the conflict, China has actively promoted peace talks and called on the world to enable negotiations, not fighting, to continue between Russia and Ukraine. Whereas the US has exercised maximum pressure and sanctions, causing the crisis to spill over and spread, China has firmly opposed attempts to politicize, instrumentalize and weaponize the world economy. China stressed that what has been achieved through international economic cooperation over the decades cannot be just wiped out, still less should the ordinary people around the world bear the cost. People will come to their own conclusion as to who is on the right side.

        The US keeps claiming itself to be on the right side of history, but is it entirely confident when saying that? Maybe the US is just whistling in the dark.

        Wang Wenbin, Foreign Ministry, June 16, 2022

        Liked by 1 person

    1. WEF and WHO Tino. Games in play. It’s about power over the masses. Ring fencing the Plebs. Subjugate, Dominate, Exterminate.


      1. Well, we are going to have to eventually ram this behavior down their throats and probably decapitate a few for good measure. Not that I am a fan of the French Terror but perhaps Jefferson was right…

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Well, it seems our grid sucks…


  21. Like

  22. Like

  23. Like

    1. If the BLM types think that America is not a great place for them to dwell, just wait until the Chi-coms take over, if they do.


  24. Dr Mike Yeadon
    May 23

    Josh, being from the industry I’m pretty sure I know how this fraud is committed. Not that I’ve ever committed clinical trials fraud, but I’ve spoken to experienced people who are aware of others doing similar things.

    If you want to disappear problematic subjects, here’s how to do it.

    1. Make the trial protocol complicated, especially in the “visits” & “contacts” with the lowest level clinical trials staff. These people are not doctors. This is a nifty way of almost ensuring that there’s a “protocol violation” for every subject & it’s impossible to spot. An example might be to proscribe the time window for a contact call to happen such that it’s hard to get it right every occasion. If a call is made even 5min late, technically that’s a PV.

    2. At some point in the trial, review and note subjects with the required characteristic, such as a positive Covid test. The cheat seeks to exclude the vaccinated who got infected. You do need to cheat overtly around this point because the blinding code is meant to be held by an unconnected organisation. Note though in the whistleblower case, treatment group was left unblinded in Ventavia trials, though this defeats the entire experiment.

    3. A third party is meant to review clinical report forms (CRFs) and check if there are any reasons to exclude subjects prior to database lock (DBL). Once at DBL, nothing can be change & the numeric file goes off to the firm Pre-contracted to run the statistical plan. In the case of the Pfizer agent, they did the clean up. Quite simply, they removed many of the Covid positive subjects who’d been vaccinated themselves & they did it by citing “unspecified protocol violations”. We know they cheated because there’s huge imbalance in numbers removed from vaccinated vs control groups, without which the agent would have shown a negative result.

    The entire “clinical benefit” of “vaccination” was accomplished this way. It doesn’t actually do anything except to poison, injure & kill people.




    1. The situation is mind-numbing. And never, ever forget folks, the German docs stampeded into the Nazi party…


  25. The Guardian: Julian Assange’s extradition from UK to US approved by home secretary.

    Bagged and tagged. I remember his squealing like a stuck piglet wth no dignity or courage when dragged out of the Embassy. Pathetic. The US will shed his mind when they do get him. He is top of the To Do Over list in DC.
    Assange will get to know Terror once sent down. The walls will close on on him, and as for Injections? They will shed his mind. He in going into a War of mental survival. See how far squealing like a stuck Piglet gets him there
    Another one with the courage of Trump. For Assange, Hell is coming. He wont need to suicide himself, Cowards don’t. Yet another last pointless appeal. Yet his Shemale walked free. only in America.


    Yes give 44m innocent Ukrainians the right to be free and F the Russians off. Barbarossa!

    Massive law changes will see all new homes need an electric car charger from today
    again, with Stolen and occupied lands, the Khazar’s Fake Israelis, will now mass supply Gas to Europe and devastate 20 years of Russian market building, at big costs to Russia’s economic needs.
    A curved ball Putin did not see coming. Palestine’s Gas! Egypt’s Gas. Sequestrated by Khazarian vermin Scorpions under every stone They will hurt Russia,

    Israel-Europe Gas Deal Will Transform European Geopolitics and Energy Security

    Was this the reason objective ?

    All the Gas stolen by the Khazars from poor Palestinian and Egyptian lands, will now be used to destroy Russia’s vast trade base to Europe. Putin did not see this coming.
    Invade the Bastards do the world a favour. .What a curved ball , the Khazars have them by the Balls?



    1. This electrical car idea is not compatible with energy systems as they are. You can’t get there from here, via fossil fuel. The math does not turn. Nuclear fission or fusion or some partial hydrocarbon pseudo-fusion (there are reports) are the only 3 realistic options of achieving the power load required.


      1. Where is the Lithium source for the batteries needed, China will close all doors.. How long before they take Taiwan? Then no microchips, phones or computers.


  26. A whopping 16-years after I worked on putting the science on solid theoretical footing before resigning for irreconcilable differences with the CEO, they are still using the tech poorly. CEO, who couldn’t stay on the critical path, would die of his long-standing prostate cancer — something that wouldn’t have happened if we took the direct regulatory path. Eventually the assets got sold at bankruptcy and the new company Immunicom came about. This should be frontline therapy in patients WITHOUT chemo or radiation. Once you damage the immune system results will be equivalent to CAR-T and a little better than chemo.


    Immunicom announced the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have awarded a $2 million grant to support the initiation of its first US-based clinical trial at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. The trial will evaluate the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of the Immunopheresis LW-02 Molecular Ligand-Capture Column for treating patients with refractory, hormone-resistant breast cancers. It will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Mothaffar F. Rimawi, Professor of Medicine/Oncology and Executive Medical Director, Dan L. Duncan Cancer Comprehensive Center, Baylor College of Medicine.

    The Company’s LW-02 Molecular Ligand-Capture technology, which received FDA Breakthrough designation in 2018, is designed to remove specific factors (sTNF-R1/2) shed by cancer cells that inhibit endogenous tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), a cytokine widely recognized for its tumoricidal behavior. Similar to dialysis, Immunopheresis therapy removes sTNF-R1/2 from plasma, prompting an endogenous TNF-α response to cancer without toxicities that increase the risk of side effects.

    The study will enroll 12 metastatic, hormone-refractory ER+/HER2- breast cancer patients who have failed at least two lines of hormone therapy, and one to two lines of chemotherapy. These patients will receive Immunopheresis LW-02 Column induction monotherapy over a two-week period, then in combination with low-dose chemotherapy for an additional 14 weeks. Throughout treatment, patients will be monitored for reduction of circulating sTNF-R1/2 and adverse events. Objective response and clinical benefit will be exploratory; quality-of-life/clinical function, circulating CT-DNA and tumor cells, and markers of an immunologic response (including in tissue) will also be evaluated.

    “We are honored to receive this grant from the NCI/NIH recognizing the potential of Immunopheresis therapy. This clinical trial is a monumental step for Immunicom to address unmet needs for patients with difficult-to-treat cancers,” said Principal Investigator Dr. Robert Segal, Immunicom’s Chief Medical Officer. “We feel confident that further evaluation of Immunopheresis, both alone and as an adjunct to chemotherapy, will demonstrate that this is an essential new modality for immuno-oncology.”

    Immunicom announced the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have awarded a $2 million grant to support the initiation of its first US-based clinical trial at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. The trial will evaluate the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of the Immunopheresis LW-02 Molecular Ligand-Capture Column for treating patients with refractory, hormone-resistant breast cancers. It will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Mothaffar F. Rimawi, Professor of Medicine/Oncology and Executive Medical Director, Dan L. Duncan Cancer Comprehensive Center, Baylor College of Medicine.

    The Company’s LW-02 Molecular Ligand-Capturetechnology, which received FDA Breakthrough designation in 2018, is designed to remove specific factors (sTNF-R1/2) shed by cancer cells that inhibit endogenous tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), a cytokine widely recognized for its tumoricidal behavior. Similar to dialysis, Immunopheresis therapy removes sTNF-R1/2 from plasma, prompting an endogenous TNF-α response to cancer without toxicities that increase the risk of side effects.

    The study will enroll 12 metastatic, hormone-refractory ER+/HER2- breast cancer patients who have failed at least two lines of hormone therapy, and one to two lines of chemotherapy. These patients will receive Immunopheresis LW-02 Column induction monotherapy over a two-week period, then in combination with low-dose chemotherapy for an additional 14 weeks. Throughout treatment, patients will be monitored for reduction of circulating sTNF-R1/2 and adverse events. Objective response and clinical benefit will be exploratory; quality-of-life/clinical function, circulating CT-DNA and tumor cells, and markers of an immunologic response (including in tissue) will also be evaluated.

    “We are honored to receive this grant from the NCI/NIH recognizing the potential of Immunopheresis therapy. This clinical trial is a monumental step for Immunicom to address unmet needs for patients with difficult-to-treat cancers,” said Principal Investigator Dr. Robert Segal, Immunicom’s Chief Medical Officer. “We feel confident that further evaluation of Immunopheresis, both alone and as an adjunct to chemotherapy, will demonstrate that this is an essential new modality for immuno-oncology.”


  27. https://djhjmedia.com/rich/minnesota-to-implement-new-teacher-licensing-requirements-that-teachers-must-demonstrate-marxist-worldview-to-keep-their-jobs/
    The new licensing standards being pushed by the PELSB are geared to embed Marxist ideology and practices like fluid sexual identity, critical race theory, gender politics and more into every Minnesota school.

    What happened to reading, writing, math, and science? Marxism would infect each of these courses of study with the sickness of communism, death, envy, and darkness. Marxism is a death cult everywhere it’s ever been tried. It is the great equalizer, as it makes everyone equally miserable. That’s what equity is.


  28. The total lack of any safety data provides no reassurance whatsoever about use of mRNA vaccines during pregnancy

    Have you ever wondered how come we haven’t heard about how the pregnancies turned out in “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons”? Well, there’s a reason we haven’t. There isn’t any. — S. Kirsch

    Until proven otherwise, no pregnant woman should be mRNA or influenza vaxxed. Period.

    It is possible, given mRNA vaxx biodistribution, that the offspring of any jabbed woman are damaged at the molecular level. Disturbing reports of neurological and behavioral defects amongst the latest crop of kids from the Tainted.

    I don’t care how much a woman or man is your soulmate. Breed only with purebloods.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. https://cdn.jwplayer.com/previews/3yGDnthW

    What part of this are you just not getting? Russia is fully preparing for WW111. The West is Sleepwalking. If he keeps threatening the UK will WILL Nuke him and game on. We know we are gone so we will rip them apart anyway. You fight or get roasted, we don’t care when gone. Man up. These animals only understand force. It’s like Churchill trying to warn Plebs for 3 years. What was coming. Ras Putin is loose! We are right in his face. Bulldogs don’t cower. We F BITE! Dead is dead so we take out most of them. You finish the rest if they cause this. Man up.
    CCP meeting to wipe out US population and US military via mRNA Vaccines

    How did you think this would end?

    Russian Ministry of Defense Release on US Biological Activity in Ukraine 06/16/22

    Good stop talking start doing.

    Wild stuff …



    1. I hate to say it, but if Russia is preparing for WW3 one has no farther to look to see the guilty than the nearest mirror. After the fall of the Soviet Union y’all blew it, and then y’all went on to crowd them without justification. And half the planetary enterprise (some 90 nations) have sided with them, so we are going to end up with the two trading blocks of the Great Bifurcation.

      Y’all keep thinking that there is respect or even self-interest in this Ukraine defense. There isn’t. The true majority opinion is that the West is nothing but Clown World. Outside the Halls of Power y;all are dreaming with wishful thinking. Everyone else is voting with their feet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Led by America, as lost as Moses circling aimlessly. America is finished, now it’s the Void. China now prepares to do a US and take its turn, taking it all. When Empire’s end, it’s ugly. Let by Biden, O-M- God.
        After the FBI interrogation, what hope is left?
        Russia will hit the wall economically. China, in time, will land and trade, asset strip them. Wrong move Ras Man.
        The EU has failed. Asia is coming. The Zios have Butt F America and still the Lemmings don’t get it. Stop this F Oath of Allegiance to Israel Wake TF up. It’s like Allegiance to the Anti Christ. Blood Cults took your Nutts.


        1. Amen. 100%

          From 1982 to 2022 the “official” estimate of transfer of wealth from the heartland is roughly $70 trillion…

          The sad part is that simple nationalism, a Treasury as opposed to the Fed, and a little self-interest, and all of it could be reversed…


          1. And I can assure you, such efforts are underway. Especially in Europe. I am not directly involved in such European affairs, but segments of the youth of that continent are organizing against those who are importing the destruction of their culture.

            Here is one such example. This little firebrand, Isabel Peralta, is organizing Spanish nationalists at a brisk pace. Similar efforts are underway all across Europe.

            We needn’t go into the details of whose influence they intend to remove. But these Spaniards mean business.

            And to top it off, Isabel is pretty damned easy on the eyes. If I were a Spainard, and much younger, I would be on the streets with them.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Eurofragility by Vox Day

      SHOT: French demand for Russian natural gas has been on the rise for the last four years. The upward trend continues in the current year as well. From January 1 through June 5, 2019, Gazprom’s gas supplies to France totaled 5.8 billion cubic meters, an increase of 5.6 per cent from the same period of 2018. In 2018, Gazprom supplied to France 12.9 billion cubic meters of gas, an increase of 5.4 per cent against 2017 (12.3 billion cubic meters).

      CHASER: Russian natural gas flows to France via pipeline from Germany have ceased. Russia’s Gazprom will reduce gas supply to Italy by 50 percent today, says the energy company Eni.

      I wonder how the politicians in Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden who threw away their nations’ neutrality in order to participate in those stunningly self-destructive sanctions are feeling now? The presumably unintended consequences have boomeranged so horrifically on the neoliberal economies that they could not unreasonably be charged with being Russian agents.

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