A Report From The Front. Prepare To Defend Your Rear

Salve, Citizens!

Time is short. The reasons why are not possible to share at this time. However, WHA has taken onto its shoulders the responsibility to bring forth from front line positions, true and accurate assessments of situations which our readers may find useful in future planning. Reality balanced, and without any motive to pitch dubious wares or subscription fees.

What’s coming is not what most people are led to believe. But concerning the bigger real issues, what will follow is a series of summaries for those readers endowed with a perspicacious oversight and ability to handle such balanced reality.

So, shortness of time notwithstanding, let us begin.

  • You really do need to pre-think your own family’s life plan for the future changes coming.  Real world truth, at a price. Drone herding is coming as almost ALL global leaders now permeate towards Davos and the Kingdom of the Bald Comic Clown Troll, who seeks to take all, and to then make you happy, or NOT, with nothing! So far, he has the floor, and support among the politicos. Yet the West is now being clearly and clinically circumvented out of the Middle East and Far East. India, with a larger population than China’s, is the fast-growing IT hub for Asia, and a superpower in waiting. One China fears the most. Yet they must coexist, but each concur that America and its hegemony must be phased out of Asia and to simply annex them out where possible. It’s cynical and precise, America by consensus is to go.  As with BRICS, all conclude a US free trade future. Asia is annexing the West. Who is left to prey on? Future US demographics read a bleak picture. Time to reprofile your own futures. Reality checks. How did it work out for Rome once their borders became unenforceable?
  • Sovereign monetary wealth today is either gold/asset backed, or just worthless fiat fake in freefall. What the Zionist Jewish bankers have not syphoned off and stolen, the WEF Swiss gnomes seek to sequestrate from gullible fools. Playing YOU! Word to the wise: Have a metals portfolio and keep it safe. Seek expert advice.
  • You really do need to rethink your banking, your portfolio strategies and balance, and how to protect your assets from bail-ins or tax grabs. Parasite protection. Rethink your portfolio balances. Seek the very best professionals who understand such profound risks and how to avoid the worst-case scenarios if such extreme measures are taken by governments who are desperate to survive at your expense.
  • How do we make sense of a freefalling America, where bribe taking Biden’s own son, drug addict, child molesting Hunter, is found to be a 10% shareholder of a vast new lithium mine in Afghanistan, in conjunction with the Chinese? This explains why the dirty Bidens got America out, to fill the dirty Biden crime family pockets yet again. How many died needlessly for this racket? You wonder why Asia plans to remove America from the Far East and Asia? The stink of Washington corruption carries very far. India and China want you gone! Read up on the Biden lithium filth we post separately.  
  • We now briefly revisit a topic we swore off. Let us, once again, cover the sad truth about Iraqi Dinar pumpers.  Iraq, at best, is a c$4T or max $5T economy. No one in authority gave rights for parties with stolen Iraqi bank note plates to engage in mass printing dinars. But that’s what appears to have happened. There are allegedly Quad Ts of this Muppet Fed junk paper out there. Lunacy if so. No one is going to authorize such paper to be legally revalued to pre-war numbers at the cost to Iraq in trillions of USD. The Iraqi Santa Clause is not coming. Iraq does not possess the reserves nor the obligation to pay off war speculation on its currency. NO one will fund this stupid crap shoot. How many more years will have to go by before this is understood?
  • The all-powerful World Gold Council Chairman for many years was a South Korean Chinese Dynasty Elder, soley entrusted with the knowledge of where the key Family warehouses are, and only he knew the location of the underground bunkers and booby-trapped caves. That family knowledge has been “Bloodline Bond” entrusted to only one current Dynasty family member. Our secret! Right to know only! Secrets we do not share. The Chairman ONLY held the position because the core assets were verified and known to be real. How we now progress “Mongrel Free” to try to safely make good use of those assets, is key. An ever-evolving series of entanglements with a voracious military junta necessitates commensurate care at arm’s length. Also keeping self-serving predatory Americans right out of the loop. Raptors! The Elders are positively guided by trusted and proven London trustees, core and key advisors with a veto block, to protect them from abuse and to guide them safely through the labyrinth of CBDC and unfolding global currency issues. In addition, London shields them from the historical abuses, guile and malignant Zionist/Jewish criminal entrapments of the voracious, utterly corrupt Jewish US Treasury/Fed rackets. Racketeers!  From Jekyll Island onwards they have raped America and the world unchecked. As ever, it’s their plague viral history. It’s also why London has a glass ceiling towards the buggers. Their Oath of Allegiance forcefully entrapping Americans is absurd; an oath to a pestilence and scurrilous roach turd species of Khazarian Mafia! How utterly naive are Americans in Politics?  Oafs swallow! The Zionist and Jewish bankers have looted, scavenged and bankrupted America. Wake TF Up America! Why do real live dummies allow them total oligopoly, criminal control of the US Fed, and Treasury? Jews run the LOT. They own both houses, the media, and the White House. Ridiculous, roach entrapment. For sure as the Afros and Hispanics take over, they will face this species down in the future. Usury Jews used you and took it all. What have they done to the dollar now? It’s worth what? Still the nation sleeps on, devoid of reality. They are being blocked from Elder’s access. Totally.   
Actual Dynastic Elder gold cache. Only a fraction of their total holdings.
  • There are 40 Elder bloodline family unit members, and with their weekly hog fights, positioning needs consummate care. Believe it, with 40 family groupings each presuming their right to draw down 10% of the total wealth for their group alone, once liquidated, from metals. So many rice bowls and so much greed. Trainee Americans? Yet the normal US patriots can be so kind. We segregate them with care. Daily diplomacy versus self-interest. Weevils are Global. It’s a delicate path. We have “Special Plans” but not for disclosure. Ways to beat the system.
  • The WEF and WHO will walk you blindfolded from reality to their sought endgame, if not stopped. Their agenda is anathema to us. They have no compassionate agenda. Nor seek such. They seek only to acquiesce the power of your very being. From the CFR upwards, their position has been, and currently IS clear: Population reduction. Real and clear! That is their core mainline thinking – don’t feed those we don’t need. Don’t be misguided.  Population reduction is real! Planned genocide! They see that no economic herd sized sustainability tables stand up as viable. Doomsday avoidance policies are floundering. Attempting sustainability of ever-growing, non-contributing mass breeding, to them, is pointless. The mass human ostriches just don’t hear or see it, nor handle bad news well. What happens when woke becomes broke? Will you carry them? How? You can’t afford to! Davos is coercing them all. Look at Canada! Unreal. Look at the Woke State of America, complete cuckoo’s nest territory. WEF is bewitching the world. And the methods used center around disruption of the natural inclination to form family bonds and reproduce between both valid sexes.
The rise in this phenomenon is not by accident.
  • Blog sites continue to be assailed with endless GCR fantasies, delusional currency wealth scenarios and conspiracy theorists purport that global debt forgiveness is imminent. For over 20 years now, a concept called NESARA is said to be coming. But funded by whom? No such adoption of this plan has taken place, and it continues to exist in the minds of blogging Moonshiners only! Banks forgiving all worldly debts – sure.
  • As A.I. takes down and clears out vast numbers of soon to be redundant employees, empiric social changes are going to take place.  Tax revenues will collapse as more and more menial and manufacturing jobs are automated. Without taxes, seized to underpin the welfare largesse of socialist spenders, you will fund with what? Socialists and Zionists. None better for bankrupting economies. Bankrupt economies run aground. Unless there is seismic change in replanning the State of Being Human, for the self-centered, delusional beings of today, the future will be one of conflict between the conscientious haves, and the escalating Hottentots. Even the fast-food restaurant chains of the future will be server Free! Supermarkets and Stores increasingly automate checkouts. With growing home deliveries, stores are folding in larger numbers. If you cannot fill a critical role in an ever-increasing technologically based workplace, then there will be no purpose to hire you. For the unskilled and unnecessary, it’s going to get ugly. Have-nots sometimes have nothing to lose. Large groups of such can inflict significant damage if hungry enough.  
  •  Ever-expanding sales of electric cars, trucks and SUVs require fewer parts, and are fast and easy to fix. Huge job losses will follow for manufacturing supply chains and mechanics. It’s coming.  As for oil barons, many saw the light and divested their interests long ago!  If supply chains, tankers and such are untenable, what will become of the price of oil?  
  •  A.I. will hit the mass clerical roles, bookkeeping, administrators, accountants, even law adjudication itself. As A.I. becomes ever more sophisticated, it will self-code and mass program code itself multi-times faster than humans. Programming capacity, thus replacing Programmer coders, will eliminate their errors and costs. Seismic changes. A.I. will be faster and cheaper. Capable also of incredible new concept algorithms and pioneering breakthroughs. Unleashing then a whole new dawn of futuristic technology. Also, Cybernetics. Enhanced people!  Or not? Yes, it IS coming. No, you will not stop it. Enhanced or unenhanced is the next social dilemma. Who will spend on the masses? It does not augur well so far. No one is thinking of sustainable societies. Allow WEF control and it will be draconian. 
  • We are facing an emerging reality future where possibly 40% or more of many jobs will go within the next decade or so. There is no economic forethought of population sustainability, or society ramifications. Each administration simply pushes this toxic bombshell forwards to future incumbents to deal with. State welfare and even retiree packages are unsustainable and bail-ins inadequate.  Your representatives represent only themselves. No one is working for or acting for you! We may as well be on the Titanic. If this lot hits, as is likely, have you got your own family funds sorted, sequestered safely away to swerve the unfolding bank bail-ins and tax grabs? You will need it. Lifebelts will not be thrown. Unless you are earning, you will be left for churning and forget bailouts. Learn now to look after yourself, take responsibility for God’s sake, because if not the cliff edge is looming for Lemmings. 
  • Yes, we are looking for Elders’ support, but it will only be core humanitarian projects and selective, screened sustainable global community financing. We can’t save the world. No one can. Nor will they try with authority. 

  • We are deeply engaged in Blockchain and new innovative cryptos, project backed and communities sharing in the sustainable wealth created. Not 10 cents Zionist Fed phony CBDCs. More on that later and WHA will have a sound platform for its readers. An input. 
  • The current sad state of Ukraine is only a small element of the evolution now between Hemispheres. American hegemony is doomed. It’s over. Empires end. Usually in ignominy. America has lost the Middle East; it’s now re-aligned with Russia and China. The badly planned Jesuit/Vatican U.S. socialist Eurodollar is unsustainable, bailed only now by poor Germany and the Fed.  Scavenging nations now all in disarray.  All take out, no one puts in. For how long? Britain has walked away from the chaos. It’s not sustainable as is. Nor can poor Germany carry it alone. For how long?  If those banks fail, it takes America down with it. That fine a default line. The Teutonic nations need to form a new alliance and leave the rest. Close the porous borders. Look after your own. Merkel has a lot to answer for. Social Madness. She has brought Germany to its knees. Why mass import a nasty, malignant, child molesting, backwards 7th century blood cult? They are destroying the entire multi-millennial nationhood culture of the EU. Barbarians loose inside the gates. Social Havoc. Political suicide. Be clear when EU Banks fail, the knock-on effect means the cross-lending U.S. Banks and Fed goes with it. 
For $40 Billion This Guy Will Do Anything
  • The world is already re-evolving into new trading hemispheres by planned design. The snout of the West will be Out! India is the sleeping giant arising. With a voice and attitude. China fears India. America will be increasingly annexed out of Asia and its markets. They will weaponize metals supplies to the West. To your detriment. Also, for sure, cost! Think portfolios! Balances. How to credit line and leverage your own portfolios. Think money!
  • Eurasia will go to Asia. What a mess. What a loss. 
  • The EU is unsustainable. Let it find an iceberg. The endless Islamic and African flows will sink it if not stopped. Call it or lose it!
  • Pragmatic thinkers will get past what is coming. Key metals will increase in price and with Chinese market games, ever more so. Select which and track the charts. Make money and safely leverage.  
  • America’s own 10 to 15 years demographics do not profile well for many regions now. The melting pot is boiling. The world is yours, just find the right locations. You came as locusts, take flight again if needed. Doors close.

Creative thinking is the future. Foresight, or go with the Sheeple into the night.  Look at the Leaders? Next? Think for your kids now. Who will head off the WEF and WHO? Enhanced or Hottentots? Choose with care. Society is breaking down and there is no telling what it may re-assemble as in the short term.

Be ready for anything.   

Stay tuned.



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  2. Experts warn that monkeypox is mutating at 12 times the expected rate https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10958337/Experts-warn-monkeypox-mutating-12-times-expected-rate.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    It’s a Butt Bandits disease here.
    Russia has released many reports
    The US hides theirs
    What you are not told about is the 7 Crashed UFOS recovered by Russia since the 1940’s, their difficulty trying to reverse engineer metals containing elements totally unknown on Earth., fusion systems unknown to us, and energy systems still beyond our capability, but we are getting there. Scientists, “Communicate” that is all I can say. Or will!

    Canadian special forces operating in Ukraine, New York Times reports | Edmonton Journal
    Interesting views from a Canadian reader.

    So much for non-active deployment of NATO forces. Who declared war? Two thirds of the Polish troops in Ukraine are dead. That is fact, so how does one explain this or does anyone care? How many other NATO country troops will die in vain for a conflict lost? Street noise 160,000 dead or MIA while quietly behind the curtain intel agencies suggest the number is in excess of 200,000 Ukrainians. Remember America only lost 60,000 during Vietnam, with a population much larger than the Ukraine and that tore America apart.
    All the Ukraine has to throw in a new offensive push is Reservists, criminals and anyone they can find on the streets, cafes etc. to likely die in the meat grinder of artillery. How completely useless and for whose benefit?
    In time, NATO will be forced out of the Ukraine and Zelensky will be fed to dogs, if he does not run away with his minions. Ukrainians will not react humanly to what has been done and will seek revenge. Do not forget all opposition to the Western NEOCON puppet has been squashed supposedly for the greater good. One does wonder whose good is that? Because it certainly is not that of the Ukrainian people residing in the Ukraine. One might imagine that those folks who are laundering 65% of the arms shipments as free booty will sooner or later find the gravy train stalled and face the wrath of those weapons in European cities unleashed by gangs currently acquiring them.
    At some point in the future, Ukraine will be a new nation under a new banner and how that evolves will be interesting to watch. One might imagine that contrary to current Western desires, Ukraine will turn eastwards to Eurasia and the new sovereign nation order being created. There is little love for the West in the Ukraine these days, and there will be even less tomorrow. And those Ukrainians desiring Europe and other countries have left reducing the population by about 5 million to 39 million.
    There is a growing parade of country participants who do not want the old order and are appalled at what they see. Whether the likes of Klaus at the WEF or Soros understand, they have committed Europe to disintegrate into nation states. Whatever comes of Europe, it will not be what it is today. It is not difficult to imagine that so called existent countries may not face breakups as this new order is sought out of chaos yet to come. This maddened seeking of war to escape the burden of debt which cannot be repaid will not succeed, as Europe has stripped itself of the ability to have a ground war so nukes are viable choice of self-destruction as there can be no winners. Notwithstanding those cheerleaders eager to test out their new weapon systems in hopes of seeing success. They too will, if it comes to it, see the flash of death, as desired suicide come forth.
    Whilst this childish war rhetoric spews, nations are abandoning the sinking ship of fools who parade musical chairs on the sinking ship not realizing that they are being isolated by a new alliance that do not need them to grow and prosper. At the same time, waning dollar hegemony is locked in a defensive struggle of a rearguard retreat while trying to control the illusion of normal to a slumbering public.
    Sadly, the broom is sweeping yesterday’s normal into the dustbin of memory making way for new horizons and realities to come forth. Whether we are ready to accept them or not as everything will be overturned to find new equilibrium.

    Wives of Russian Oligarchs Say It’d Be ‘Suicide’ to Go Back to Russia

    The wives say it all about Rat Putin’s Russia. They are not putting back what they have stolen.

    Putin ‘doesn’t have long’ under ‘grave’ illnesses: Ukraine spy chief https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10956483/He-doesnt-long-life-ahead-Putin-suffers-grave-illnesses-says-Ukraines-spy-chief.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Dying or lying?
    What the hell sort of legacy will he leave?
    Knife attack leaves one dead and five wounded at German refugee centre https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10956165/Knife-attacker-kills-1-wounds-5-German-asylum-shelter.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Keep Germany safe seal the borders man up and march

    Male Irish tourist, 28, ‘raped by two men on holiday’ in Spanish city https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10957169/Male-Irish-tourist-28-raped-two-men-night-holiday-Spanish-city.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    What a Bummer, or 2!
    How hunger crisis could tip Ukraine war in Putin’s favour https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10956515/African-Middle-Eastern-leaders-press-Ukraine-peace-deal-hunger-crisis-looms.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    As if this Commie Runt or his Zionist Oli sharks care
    Ex CIA chief says Putin could be killed in secret plot by inner circle https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10957391/Ex-CIA-chief-claims-Putin-killed-f-king-hammer-head-inner-circle-plot.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    It’s time this dwarf Ho needs to go. We have some attack Bulldogs, or Dwarf Toss Him off a high tower. Stalin would have poisoned him
    If he’s deposed Lavrov will go with him. Moscow Elites are done with him and too many Military Officers have died. So many want him gone.
    Zelensky calls on US to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10957001/Ukraines-President-Zelensky-calls-declare-Russia-state-sponsor-terrorism.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    How can the biggest Terrorist State of all CIA driven, declare Russia to be Terrorist when no one comes close to America as Despots.


    1. Saw this last night and she is spot on! The craziness about it all is that they didn’t make it illegal. SCOTUS simply said (in a nutshell) that abortions are not in the constitution and should be left up to the people… you know, at the State level!! Most lib scum don’t understand the constitution or law at the most basic level. I live in the one state that would have to travel the farthest for an abortion. I’m fine with that!! Right up until we are overrun with roaches… It’s a catch 22!

      I have been saying for years that if anyone is living on our tax dollars, after their second child they should have an ablation OR they are off welfare completely after their 3rd. Also, that a drug test should be mandatory with every check.

      All these whack jobs that were screaming to “Get the Vax” and “Wear Your Mask” are now screaming “My Body, MY Choice”… Hell, 3 weeks ago, they couldn’t even tell you what a woman is! This is one of the many topics that just burns me up. I know I shouldn’t let it, but these scum bags want to worship a fentanyl addict, yet kill an innocent. And don’t even get me into what they do with the aborted child!! Their CHOICE was to have sex!!!!!!

      I have been praying for the rapture lately. I’ve never in my life been filled with so much rage and anger towards another human being. You can ask anyone who knows me!! I’m so upbeat and positive… I’ve always been one to pray for those in bad situations. And love others, ESPECIALLY criminals, because they probably didn’t get loved as a child. Now I’m not so naive that I believe they shouldn’t be punished, and jail just didn’t seem to be enough for SOME. Now there are so many rats that I want to release every lion I can. There isn’t enough room in GITMO… there shouldn’t be a GITMO. EXECUTION!!!!!! I can’t be the only one who wants this earth cleansed of all the horrible vile people. My heart aches.

      Sorry to get on a rant… I’ve been away for a few days! 🙂

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  3. So sorry to see our German Allies stabbed by Feral Illegals. it’s Merkel’s poisonous gift. Europe needs a wall, borders which seal them out. No papers, open suitable Camps. No papers, no residency, Why let Feral Dogs roam free? Europe is awash with them. Ghettos and crime. Political indolence. Take care all of you.

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  4. Careful, another country tried this brand of nationalist support for the people and wound up pounded into the dirt when banking cartels saw it as a threat to their nation-sucking vigorish.

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  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-daniel-hoffman-russia-b2109631.html
    _Vladimir Putin ‘could be toppled in secret plot by inner circle’, ex-CIA chief claim
    Western Officials Admit Ukraine Is Crawling With CIA Personnel

    Criminals In Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always when they meddle tragedy follows. A loathsome version of SPECTRE.

    Best hope the Russians continue to see this a s internal matter and not a true proxy war pushed by the Neocons, otherwise it will expand without warning.
    Listening to Max Boot, one realizes quickly he is delusional as to Modern Warfare and its’ consequences intentional or otherwise.

    The European illusion of grandeur is finished. Germany is dying a slow economic death and 1/4 of all the companies in Europe are considering leaving.
    New levels of economic activity will shatter the unity and financial myth of the Euro. As we have said before, the biggest winners will be the UK and America as these companies depart to survive. What happens to those left wallowing with immigration issues ignored and now breaking out remains a mystery, but be sure safe travels and living conditions will deteriorate rapidl Europe faces a decade or more of real grief and no doubt will see war somewhere on the horizon as conditions internal push for war as a distraction from realities. How they deal with vast Groups of immigrants through this is questionable as strife is likely to be more internal than external. Wogs are burying the EU and with it. Crime and Child molestation is soaring. Stop allowing uncleared Wogs in!
    Deportation has to be the future agenda. Clear them OUT!

    Russia controlled and contrived default is going to be deeply embarrassing and stain its reputation for decades. It’s being played with a vengeance by the West. Sanctions will bite ever more. A prelude to what now? There will be itchy fingers with the Hawks. Boys and Toys?
    Footage shows Ukraine ‘strike on Russian command post using HIMARS’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10956271/Ukraine-strikes-Russian-command-post-Donbas-using-HIMARS-video.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Now they get a taste off their own send more missiles

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    1. Why can’t [WON’T] countries defend the boarders?! It makes no sense! I’ll defend my home… Sharks defend theirs… Bears defend theirs… it seems like it’s a basic instinct!!!

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    1. Please excuse my vulgar language here. I would say F Ukraine.

      Why do we not spend the so called excess dollars currently going overseas on caring for the needy in our own countries?

      That little t-shirt wearing puke arsed muppet in Ukraine needs a god damn shiny bullet. Thieving little punk he is..I have no time whatsoever for him. P off punk.

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    1. LOL!!! I saw this last night as well. My 6yo laughed at her! I told him, “If you EVER behave like that, I will spank your butt so hard, you won’t be able to sit for a solid 24 hours!” He said, “yes, ma’am. I understand. That is very bad behavior!”

      I’m so proud that he understands! 😀

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    1. I’ve always believed and said that there is a difference between blacks and N*****s… She seriously just validated my beliefs! Interesting……….


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  9. Germany’s First Report of Birth Rates Since Vaccine Rollout: A Massive Safety Signal for Infertility

    @Jikkyleaks shares the following thread on Twitter:

    “This is a massive safety signal for infertility. Germany’s FIRST report of birth rates since the rollout … Remember that the birth rate data is 9 months too late. If the next quarter is worse, this is Children of Men scenario.

    For the years 2011-2021 the average number of births is 63,911 for the Jan-Mar quarter, with a standard deviation of 1015

    The drop to 54871 for 2022 is approximately 9 SD!

    9 Sigma. Unicorn events! The money people understand this.

    For a 9 sigma drop in birth rates to have happened in Jan-Mar 2022, something dramatic had to have happened to stop pregnancies occurring in March to June 2021.

    I wonder what that could be? Were couples depressed? Looking to move house? Too busy?…”

    • Source for Official German data
    • Netherlands… Same pattern

    👉 Read more: Jikkyleaks / Thread Reader

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    1. Beyond worrying, but nothing permeates the Morons out there. Numbskulls!
      Look at the Bastards we elect? Lemmings vote, for the Cliff Edge.
      IQ test the RIGHT to Vote! That gets 80% gone!
      I’m being kind.

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  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-ally-london-bomb-world-war-3-b2108980.html

    Enough, ENOUGH, These F Commies need to be told head on STOP threatening us to hit the UK and we will wipe Russia the F Out. If one hits the UK 3,000 nukes will atomise Russia. Animals. Put up or shut up Commies! Do and you will All die. America then has to follow. Hit the Uk and you die. Got that Shit for Brains. We don’t care, we WILL kill the lot of you. Stupid comments. . Stupid threats. Animals. Cease or do you want us to pre empt. Lunatics. Thief of St Petersburg, Shut it!
    Ukraine’s Severodonetsk is now ‘fully occupied’ by Russian forces https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10953031/Ukraines-Severodonetsk-fully-occupied-Russia-Kremlin-announces-total-liberation.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Bombard the place with Monkey pox and send that back to Russia. Give the Animals 30m infected at home. Then he’s got trouble. Mass infect them and watch them die.
    UK, US, Canada and Japan ban imports of Russian gold at G7 summit https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10954029/UK-Canada-Japan-ban-imports-Russian-gold-G7-summit.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Simple enough. If the LBMA are ordered not to register or accept any Russian Gold Certification they can’t even Credit Line or Trade it . No LBMA Cert it may as well be Counterfeit that is the power of London it’s a worldwide trade ban. Huge implications even trying to breach it.
    This will hurt Ra’s Putin and all Russian Mining. Nobbled.
    Prince Charles ‘accepted €1MILLION in cash in a suitcase from Sheik’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10953159/Prince-Charles-faces-questions-claims-accepted-1MILLION-cash-suitcase-Sheik.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Jesus What a Charlie!
    Unfit to be King and this will not be really checked. It could cost this Clown his Crown . MPs will demand truth and put Jug Ears under the cosh. Defender of the Faith proves an Arse again.. Money Laundering Charlie?

    Preparing for a NATO War with Russia
    Boris Johnson pledges a further £430MILLION to Ukraine https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10953597/Boris-Johnson-pledges-430mto-Ukraine-pushes-free-grain-Russian-clutches.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    At every turn Putin has the Brits bitting his Ass. Unlike America Brits don’t run away.
    Man suing the NHS over trans surgery he regrets shares his ordeal https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10953157/Man-suing-NHS-trans-surgery-regrets-bravely-waived-anonymity-share-ordeal.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    This is a Classic Balls Up and Gone isn’t it. Can’t even keep your Pecker up now can you? Freaks! Now you don’t know if your Martha or Arthur.
    Russia’s republics, bled dry by Putin, begin to demand independence from his rule

    As with Federal America, rotten to the core, Russia’s own States want to get away from Putin’s rule.

    ‘F**k America’: Green Day star claims he’s renouncing his citizenship https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10954557/Green-Day-star-Billie-Joe-Armstrong-says-f-America-claims-hes-renouncing-citizenship.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    More Americans moving to London. Makes you think?


    1. The Green Day coke-head can leave. He’s free to do so.

      As for me, if it were not for the damned war being so close, Poland seems to have form.

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      1. The one thing that truly sucks about nuclear war is that all of the scum causing it in the first place actually have a bunker to hide/live in. That’s what would be left when the dust settles! COCKROACHES!!!

        On that note: if cockroaches survived nuclear war, what is in a can of Raid?!


    1. It’s nothing new for politicians and public health authorities to be hypocritical. But their ability to blatantly disregard the principles of bodily autonomy and personal control over health decisions just a few months ago means it’s impossible to take them seriously now.

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  12. Boris Johnson and Germany will be lobbying hard on the G7 Committee to bring Russia to task over Ukraine this week. NATO needs unity and NATO is in vogue right now.
    As Russia has just had to appoint a long retired 280 lbs obese wind bag retired lard arse General to cover so many failed Flops, and so many more are dead, all see Russia now as bare arsed. Overrated and shambolic rabble. To be taken. Sorry there IS NO Russian Reserve Elite. This Shit is it. Reality!
    This is how wars start and WW111 will be Armageddon. Knee Jerks and Jerks is a recipe for End Gaming.
    One flash point is all it takes. There are no Statesmen, just Poncing jerks. Jerk 2 and we have a Flash Fire. We are approaching that Ciuba time. While Buffoons like Johnson sabre rattle a rancid Runt.
    It’s bad. Beyond bad. Morons sleep on. Boom!!! That’s how it could go. The Brain Dead may get a wake up call. Atomised.


    1. NATO doesn’t have a ghost of chance even IF what you say is true. The West needs to stop this as it can’t win. All roads lead to strategic exchange.


      1. Western Leaders?
        Our own top MIlitary Heads are very worried. If Jerks Knee Jerk? It has never been so dangerous as now.
        Trump, Biden, Johnson. A putrid pot of Gorilla snot bubbling. Then Macron?

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        1. Well they are awake enough to attempt a blockade in the North.

          Ultimately it was the blockade that was viewed as an Act of War by the Japanese in WW2 that triggered Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War.

          They are running the same stupid script and the outcome will be identical. So I agree, Western Leaders are out of their already limited minds…

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  13. We will wait to see if the kid is vaxxed… but odds are he is and its the vaxx…


  14. Received today, author anonymous

    A play on the Guy Fawlks poem. Updated for today’s America. Forgive any errors.

    Remember, remember!
    The third of November,
    The ballot trafficking, treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the election treason 
Should ever be forgot!

    An old Senator and his companions
    Did the scheme contrive,
    To pilfer power from the people
    This they conspired and connived.

    Loads of false ballots, they did sow. 
To prove America’s overthrow. 
Emergency powers, had lit a match
    So few thieves would they ever catch.

    A lie and a fake
    For their own damn sake!
    To hell with the rest,
    What do the people know?,
    Only elites know the best,
    Conservatives all must go.

    A rope, a rope, to hang them? Nope.
    Complain to the top, they’ll make that stop,
    Force, they will overwhelmingly show,
    While quietly, at first, the people say no.

    Soon they will find, emergency powers declined,
    That time comes again, when they must to defend,
    We, the People, will define, they all must be resigned.
    So their powers we’ll rend, their reign’s will all end,
    Most of America, again, will align.

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    1. Small moot point it was the 5th November and he was betrayed from within, as ever.
      Imagine the torture, the rack, anal red hot pokers, thumb screws, then to be hung, drawn and quartered.
      What better illegal’s deterrent? We need it back today. Parliament is ever deserving. De Louse a packed House.


  15. The vaxx trials for children have not gone well. This didn’t stop the CDC from recommending it. It appears the monsters are seeking to find another way to sacrifice children to their evil god now that abortion “rights” are no more.

    ITEM: There were no cases of severe COVID illness in either the vaccine or placebo group.

    ITEM: There were more overall hospitalizations (unspecified) in the vaccine group. Out of a total of 7 children requiring hospitalization, 6 were in the vaccine group and 1 was in the placebo group.

    ITEM: The vaxxes were associated with a 370% increased risk of getting COVID-19.

    ITEM: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced a new recommendation to vaccinate all 20 million children 6 months to 5 years of age.

    Both vaxxes are unsafe, inversely effective, and unnecessary, so naturally the CDC is endorsing it.

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  16. If the police hadn’t stepped in when they did, there would’ve been a racist murder on the streets of London this evening, at least 30 onto 1, you won’t see this in the media.

    Diversity is our strength.


  17. Ukraine war: Several Russian generals removed by Kremlin over course of conflict – UK defense intelligence says

    Failing Leaders?

    Instead of wasting money on the Ukraine, European contributions or weapons and money might have been better spent on protecting borders. We need Peoples militias. They will fire.

    The Snitching Bitch got found out, now they will take her by the Snout. No appeal without Money you will not be HEARD!
    The Jury believed you lied. Worse you shat his bed. Disgusting. Pay up!

    Amber Heard ordered to pay Johnny Depp $10M for damaging reputation https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10951059/Judge-makes-jurys-10-3M-award-official-Depp-Heard-trial.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Joe Biden heads to Europe for G7 and NATO summits under pressure to do more on Ukraine | Daily Mail Online

    Why send this mental case to be ridiculed? Its over for you now in Europe your finished. Your finished in the Far East and Middle East. Israel just uses you. Abuses you. .
    Get real its over. Heal sick America. Help at home! Stop meddling like Retards! They are USING you!

    Disgraced Prince Andrew ‘is furious with Charles and William for blocking his public comeback at Order of the Garter ceremony’: Shamed duke ‘pulled out of Ascot because he was so angry with the future heirs’

    The Duke of York had intended to participate in the full Order of the Garter ceremony, presided over by his mother the Queen at Windsor castle, but was restricted from some parts of the service.


    Fat Bastard needs a ” Heart Attack!”.
    Google warns of SPYWARE being used by foreign governments to hack into Apple and Android phones and snoop on citizens’ activities

    The spyware, created by Milan firm RCS Lab, was allegedly used by governments of Italy and Kazakhstan to spy on private messages and contacts stored on their citizens’ smartphones.

    They are all at it.

    And the side effects still to come?
    So now you cant shoot a Mugger or Rapist?

    Biden signs historic gun bill into law https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10952331/Biden-signs-historic-gun-bill-law.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Excuse me why are the Criminal Bidens not in Jail?

    Biden slams Supreme Court and says it’s made ‘terrible decisions’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10952439/Biden-slams-Supreme-Court-says-terrible-decisions.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    I saw plenty of those in Kentucky!

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  18. Pissing Italians off is really not a good idea. At some point the descendants of Rome WILL act and folks worldwide will remember that the hands of Rome stretched from the edge of India to all of modern Europe and up into Russia. Ethnic cleansing will take on a new meaning.

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    1. Wogs Again! WTF Up? Stop this Pollution. Cull the Swine! The front line is the borders. Nothing crosses and lives is the Ethos needed. As the plan for you all. We need need united European:Legions. Arm and destroy. Save the Whales and Wild Life,. Shoot the Wogs. Get Real it’s them or you! Who let this lot loose from the Zoo?

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      1. Now you got it, Knights.Aryans and Teutonics, the time will come to unite and march!.Sweeping all aside. An Appian Way for all Politicos, and Zios. Job lots, do the lot. Peoples trials and rail carts to the quarries. Large Land Fills for Pig Swill. It’s them or you. Get real.


    2. Unfortunately, I’m not James Bond, and I don’t have guns delivered to me when I arrive at a hotel overseas. A main reason I’m leary to travel abroad. It’s perfectly legal for me to have a firearm in my vehicle! So I drive 🙂


    1. Sadly James many more will follow. Politico’s have failed us all. Economic devastation will lead to Annihilation. Germany was part right, but led by a Corporal. Doomed to fail. As with our Politicos. The ethos was right, just not the Leadership. Post Elders wait and see. Erika is coming. One land Mother and Fatherland. We will take it back.
      Eurasia will follow. Cleaned up.

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  19. Just a thought. How long, deprived of all status, and ridiculed as is growing now, before Prince Harry wakes up and realises that egoistical C Lister has cost him everything, and Home sickness starts. His childlike fantasy is just that. Buckle nose , dreadful Boney legs and big arsed Bolter Markel is finished in the UK We don’t ” Do” Bolters. Her ex Husband is well out . Idiot Harry has married a Turkey’s Wishbone. What a mess. How long now before the wake up call hits home. Netflix, you bought 2 Pricks, get rid! Markles Wannabe Monarchy is a Bimbo fantasy. Of such, nightmares are made. 2 Airhead LA Posing Clowns. Pathetic. 2 Posing Cronies.
    She failed to Cut it. No class and a big Ass. Bolters? Poor Thomas Markel. She runs on all of them. Half Wit Harry next? How long?


  20. Just heard.

    US Pediatricians are unexpectedly resigning from positions.

    Others simply are not providing shots.

    May take a few weeks till it breaks into MSM or into crisis mode.

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  21. A .308 with windage adjusted site should do it.

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  22. They would not do so if they thought it was garbage.

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    1. We can’t cure Stupid Tino. The world is full of them. Trump, Biden, Bush 43, Nancy, Then Woke. You wonder why the CFR wants the herd culled to c500M ? Feeding those fat arsed, brainless Mommas on Welfare is a toll on the Planets welfare. With McD Quad Burgers for Trump, I rest the CFR case. Forrest Trump. What a Turkey for Thanksgiving. Feed that beast to those Mommas.


  23. Isn’t this kind of subornation of insurrection what they blamed on Trump? The morons are leading the moronic.

    At the battle of Fredericksburg, RE Lee observed fresh Union troops massing in greater numbers. He turned to General Longstreet and pointed this out. Longstreet told Lee that as long as he had enough ammunition, he would kill them all if they approached his lines. Nevertheless, Lee told Longstreet that they should not ignore the unknown or the unpredictable.

    I have no idea how rough things are going to be after today’s Roe decision, but I would take Lee’s advice and be ready for any situation where you need to defend your life against a mob of screeching lunatic harpies who may be moved to violence by their infanticidal bloodlust.

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  24. What would HE know about anything?

    Michelle Obama leads furious criticism of Roe v. Wade overturn https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10950323/Michelle-Obama-Amy-Schumer-lead-furious-criticism-Roe-v-Wade-overturn.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Ashley Biden Was Molested by Joe Biden: Diary Should Be Used as Evidence in Criminal Trial

    Did America get a Pedo as President?

    No Hiding for the Bidens, what is wrong with you all?
    He’s working the Stages.

    Volodymyr Zelensky appears at Glastonbury by video link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10949879/Volodymyr-Zelensky-appears-Glastonbury-video-link.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Poetic justice. LMAO!

    Russian missile U-turns and smashes into troops who fired it https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10949493/Return-sender-Russian-missile-U-turns-smashes-troops-fired-malfunction.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Try, YOU Die!

    London will be first to be bombed in World War Three, says Putin ally https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10949677/London-bombed-World-War-Three-says-Russian-TV-propagandist-rails-against-West.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

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  25. Ukraine war exposes serious flaws in western military assumptions about the future of war. “This reality should be a concrete warning to Western countries, who have scaled down military industrial capacity and sacrificed scale and effectiveness for efficiency. This strategy relies on flawed assumptions about the future of war, and has been influenced by both the bureaucratic culture in Western governments and the legacy of low-intensity conflicts. Currently, the West may not have the industrial capacity to fight a large-scale war.”


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    1. Excerpt from a Vox Day post

      The mentally- and historically-challenged “leaders” of the skinsuit “West” simply refuse to accept the reality that Russia is not surrounded by them, they are surrounded by the rest of the World. Which means the USA and its European satrapies have less of a chance of winning WWIII than Austria-Hungary had in WWI and Germany had in WWII.

      Say, whose side are Austria and Germany on this time? Are you starting to notice a pattern here?

      ITEM: IEA warns Europe to prepare for total shutdown of Russian gas exports.

      ITEM: Lithuania expands Kaliningrad blockade.

      ITEM: Putin announces deployment of S-500 air defense systems.

      It’s the third item that is the most significant, because it indicates that Russia is now preparing to contest European air superiority with NATO. There is no need for S-500s, or even S-400s, for that matter, to defeat the air forces of Kiev. Now wven the Washington Post has finally figured out that the USA is already at war with Russia; one wonders how long it will take the intrepid reporters there to notice that China has been actively engaged in unrestricted warfare against the USA for the last 23 years.

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    2. Correct but Putin is pushing for one, so are his Hawks. He’s allegedly lost over 1,000 tanks, many to the British supplied rockets, so he’s becoming aggressive as Weasels do. We have seen Lavrov unstable, so also expect the Rat Punk to be the same. Wars, like Shit, happen. If so Nukes will follow. If it kicks off we have only 48 hours before he overruns Europe then we Nuke them to hell. You will be sucked in, so be ready for death. There are no other variables. Any UK survivors will Blast the Wogs and Zios on sight. ICBM’s will come from Russia and China. The 4 Horseman unleashed. We will blast 5 into Israel. This is a war the US can not run from. The losses if so, will be huge. No one cares, so take what comes if we hit that launch button. I fully expect the Runt to go hostile so be prepared, if he hits London we will give them a 20,000 years nuclear winter. No one will win, but if they try they will die. His bases and fleets will be atomised. His land mass irradiated. How do you reason with Animals? Oligarchs, Commies and Lunatics. He opened all doors with his invasion and threats. Open season with No Reason. Sad, Mad and Russian.


  26. Boris Johnsons leading Conservative (Republican) party just got wiped out ij 2 by lections. Just like Trump with Biden. The Grunt and Wog hate got him. Just like Trump worthless Grunts vote.
    How long has shapeshifting Lying Johnson got now because knives are out, and we Do get rid of Losers.

    Tories are wiped out in TWO by-elections and party chairman QUITS https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10947439/Boris-Johnson-braces-election-battering-defiant-PM-insists-wont-quit.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Austria scraps compulsory Covid jabs despite rising infections

    As it should be.

    Using the wrong pronouns is now a crime

    What the hell is going wrong with America ???????????????????

    Among other things Biden’s new Title IX rule — which applies to all public schools and most universities — says that using the wrong gender pronouns is sexual harassment. Wokeism will be mandatory, unless you want to be expelled.

    North Korea: Kim Jong Un orders military boost to ‘overwhelm any hostile forces’

    This Obese Punk needs nuking big time.

    China’s Newest ‘Gyrfalcon’ Stealth Fighter Jets To Operate From Its ‘Nuke-Capable’, Flat-Top Type-004 Aircraft Carrier?

    The Chans are coming.



    1. How can you reason with Robbing Bastards pointing a gun at you.Sadly all too often the Afros family business,
      Mugging, Robbing, Raping, Drugs and Hookers. Why keep breeding them? . .


  27. Important quote on a retracted paper, illustrating the arbitrary nature of the death count:

    [[Additionally, what the re-reviewers failed to mention was that for each hospital patient who could 1) be tagged with COVID-19 by a flawed PCR test and 2) placed on a ventilator, the hospital received a payment of $100,000 (or more) from the government (in the USA). Thus, in a death attribution process that was completely arbitrary for ~95% of the deaths attributed to COVID-19, there was a very strong financial incentive to classify deaths in this ~95% group as due to COVID-19.]]


    1. That was a very short leave.

      I understand. To be under the legionary standard…in the fight…is better than all the wine in Narbo. Even the Londinium legions rarely take leave. Their leader is always on the front lines…as long as we keep the women away from the camp.


          1. Welcome back whatever. When you and Biffie came over I was euphoric. We all left a sick and poisoned site now inhabited solely by Freaks and Wierdos. Birds of a feather – Carrion!
            The site needs you Tino, and all parties. One sanitised site, one unsanitary. This site helps all. Good people. Freak free.


  28. Absolutely dreadful and horrific. Africans and Russians! Time to close all the borders. Animals.

    Man and woman are charged with conspiring to harvest organs from child https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10945317/Man-woman-Nigeria-charged-conspiring-harvest-organs-child.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Bitcoin could stay below $69,000 peak for two years, says Binance boss

    Interesting views for you but look at the swing.

    Britain must be prepared to go to war with Russia

    We are preparing. He will hit us first. Then we F him big time. This is a no win but we will bury the Bastards. So we’ll be dead but so will most of them.

    If proven guilty he needs to be hung in public.

    Ukraine to begin first trial of Russian soldier accused of rape https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10945085/Ukraine-begin-trial-Russian-soldier-accused-rape.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE by provoking Russia into global nuclear war – DC Clothesline

    A view of one of our contributors.

    War never brings joy; it was never destined to be joyous. And the only peace that comes is to the dead. You get to see all sides. We hold back nothing.

    In a Neocon delusion of winning a war with Russia there can be no joy. Other than realizing if such insanity occurs they will be met in an end in a fiery blaze that will kill many millions of innocents as a result.

    As one watches this insanity and the joyous cheerleaders celebrating this rush to war, one also realizes that everyday life has lost its’ place. Everyday shortages are common place as everything taken for granted becomes a shortage. Even a simple refrigerator is in short supply due to a chip shortage. And diesel shortages loom by September ensuring that food shortages will be reality. Regardless of whether food abundance exists. And forget non essential deliveries as essential goods transportation will take priority. Safety in grocery store parking lots will be an issue and in America expect armed guards … this is already baked in as the flood of the worse comes from poor Central American neighborhoods on purpose flooding unchecked into America.

    After suffering through years of mandated lockdowns and vaccine craze and fear mongering society is fragile as people try to recover a sense of normal. Only to find that normal is a illusion and a distant memory. Society is wresting with challenges that seen in a lifetime. Knowledge and skill is sadly lacking at time when new approaches need to be taken to remake industries and corporations to become revised and renewed engines of prosperity.

    Everything is being found to be stretched out in time with new acceptance of new norms. Leasing a new vehicle can well mean you pay for options that do not work because of chip shortages. While housing construction runs into the reality of shortage that money can not fix, meaning time is extended for all development while costs escalate. No need for rate increases as this will already reduce economic activity, causing recession. But know that rate increases will come regardless, ensuring a higher level of joblessness for years. And with such increases, pressure on the EU and emerging markets will grow causing dislocations and stress, and failure. Japan is already teetering on a road to hell as the Central Bank is the largest buyer and holder of national debt. This is akin to an individual buying their own debt and sayings they are solvent. While ignoring the reality of insolvency.

    Realizing this, the blindness of Neocons is astonishing because the reality is that even if a conflict was winnable it is already lost because the necessary conditions for winning no longer exist, due to the incompetence of political engineering. So madness suggests the nuclear option for which there is no win and just like the rest of things taken for granted, there is no reason to think that is in any better shape.

    Whatever the future may hold for humanity, we can be sure that we will fall into a real near death time, where it will be obvious to everyone even the blind or deaf that we face a death moment from which a rebuilding must take place for society to move forward. And in this day, the neocons with their enablers will be cast from sight as mob rage will find its’ scapegoats and have its’ revenge in blood. One is reminded of the French with their guillotines. And the restaurants that still exist today in Paris, that take their standing from the days that people dined after the guillotines had their day. Only tomorrow, it will be weapons sold by the Ukrainians freely provided by Neocons that will take their toll on the streets of Paris and many other cities.

    Enjoy this summer as it will be the last summer that resembles anything close to normal that we have known for some time.

    EU leaders to grant Ukraine candidate status in blow to Putin
    Ukraine needs to be allowed into the EU.,F Putin and F Russia. Round up these animals in the EU.

    We are walking blindfold to a war with Russia. Deaths if so will be in vast millions.

    Sunspot THREE TIMES the size of Earth is facing directly at our planet, sparking fears that it could release blackout-causing solar flares in the near future

    Sunspot AR30398 has doubled in size in just a 24-hour period, sparking fears that this massive sunspot could release medium-class flares in the near future that would cause blackouts.


    Boo Hoo you can’t talk to your Mommie. Nor order take aways.
    Gone fishing… for plastic! Tiny robo-fish that ‘swims’ around picking up microplastics and can squeeze into cracks and crevices could help clean up the oceans

    Scientists from Sichuan University, China have made a fish-shaped robot that can absorb ocean microplastics. It is only half-an-inch long so can squeeze into cracks and crevices in the seabed.


    Good move, good thinking.. Can we have one for Politicos and one for Russians embedded like Crabs in Europe?
    Shared from Sky News: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall to divorce after six years of marriage, reports say https://news.sky.com/story/rupert-murdoch-and-jerry-hall-to-divorce-after-six-years-of-marriage-reports-say-12638772

    Poor little Rupert thought he was marrying for love. Meet her Alimony Attorneys.


    1. If we get truly clobbered it will not be like the Carrington Event. In 1859 we had barely mastered DC and certain aspects of induction, and heat from induced current in long wires triggered fires.
      This time the induced currents will wreak havocs with all unshielded electronics, including, but not limited to cars, buses, trains, air conditioners, TV sets, medical devices, even cell phones. Planes are essentially Gaussian surfaces, so not much should happen there. A Carrington Event wouldn’t put us back to the era prior to electricity, but it would take out a hell of a lot of chips, during a chip shortage.


  29. I don’t understand British politics very well, but I have to admit, their parliamentary procedures are far more dynamic than ours. Everyone seems to be able to chime in, subject to the oversight of the Speaker. I don’t know how they decide who speaks or for how long. I don’t know why some people suddenly stand up and then sit down, as if they suddenly have to adjust their shorts, but I am sure they do this for a reason.

    It seems the PM addresses the Speaker directly. The other side seems to address the PM.

    There is probably some good history behind how this system came to be, post the monarchical only system. Someday I will have to learn more about this.

    Fascinating stuff.

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    1. Just what we need, one solid single point of failure… One System to Rule Them All… Let’s transform a horrific, monstrous oligopoly to a monopoly with all the attendant failure. Technically speaking banks shouldn’t even exist in the modern era. Person-to-person without middle man has been fully possible since the advent of the PC, and with mobile computing beyond easy.


  30. So John is that what our child would look like? I saw the picture of the boy templar and had a good laugh. 🙂 You are still a very bad boy talking to a married woman like that. 🙂 But your spirit is appreciated and you are right about the invasion of our respective sacred soils. On European soil the anger is rising. And for quite a while also on English soil as this video from 2016 will attest.

    Good night you bad knight John.
    God save England.
    Kisses from Munich.

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    1. The video is right and it’s building. Yes to the little Teutonic Aryan. Exactly that. A DNA match.
      Always that smile is good. Take it with humour. That video was 2016 it’s worse now. They flood in. It’s vile and we hate it. It will grow until we say No! No more! It affects us all.Not just Klein Englanders. We are One. We have huge and complex Settlement issues playing out and the Moscow Thieving Dwarf does not help right now. We are fragging his Oligarchs and his own Mafia thugs. So many fronts and so many issues. Resolution will fund Revolution. A step at a time. We guard all. We see all.
      And with a mischievous smile. Special magic.


  31. Time to make some WHA digital asset portfolio adjustments. Feel free to follow these guidelines if you feel it appropriate for your circumstances.

    Bear markets are valuable in a few ways. One way is to expose by way of varying stresses the strength of the project and its viability. If they have failed to acquire the kind of adoption levels we look for, it’s best to divest ourselves of them now before the next bull cycle. The HOLD positions are suggested because these ideas are developing well but further market weakness ahead in the near-term suggests prudence of further capital exposure to drawdown. Based on observations and the opinions of key market analysts in our good graces, we make the following suggestions.

    XRP – SELL to close. We are exiting this position for a slight gain.

    Stellar (XLM) – HOLD

    VeChain (VET) – HOLD

    Enjin-Coin (ENJ) – HOLD

    Cardano (ADA) – This one is not in our portfolio, but since it is very popular with our readers, it is suggested that you HOLD it at this time, with no further buying.

    Pax Vobiscum

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  32. Good now give these Bastards a taste and hit 50 more. More rockets and more drones. Hit all supply convoys and drone kill all sighted units. Block the roads and rain down hell. Timw to start closing their Embassies soon. Animals.

    Ukrainian kamikaze drone ploughs into oil refinery inside Russia https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10941085/Dramatic-moment-Ukrainian-kamikaze-drone-ploughs-major-oil-refinery-inside-Russian-territory.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Good, Well Done York throw the obnoxious Bastard out. Liz hes got to go. William will can his ass. So he should.

    Prince Andrew could be stripped of his Duke of York title https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10940275/Duke-York-dubious-peers-stripped-titles.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    As it should be , this malevolent Dwarf needs Tossing. How many have died because of the ego of a corrupt little Runt? Thief, Fraud and malignant Midget as he is is getting Uppity if not stompted, is cruising for a bruising. Nukes wil kill vast millions because of this RUNT.
    What happened to Rasputin? This small time, overrated Thief is no Rasputin. He was a disposable medicrority in the KGB, and a joke now We are in has face everywhere. If he keeps on mouthing off Nuke threats, there will be a reckoning!
    Stop Bigging Up this Runt, he’s going nowhere. Down if he keeps pushing it. He’s just a Punk Dweeb playing tough. Time to Rat Poison?

    US warns Russia that support for Lithuania is ‘ironclad’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10941373/US-warns-Russia-support-Lithuania-ironclad-Moscow-threatened-country.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Covid‐19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors – Gat – – Andrology – Wiley Online Library

    Thank you Gates and Fauci!
    These two have really screwed up the lives of so many people. People wonder why public distrust is growing of Health Officials and Government; it should not come as a surprise as people wake up to the overreaction and sanctions. Plus, vaccine mandates.

    Utterly disgusting these rotten Cops did nothing while thousands of poor young girls as young as 11 were groomed and Prostituted by these Filthy Pakkies. Scum of the Earth. They should all have been castrated, flogged and mass deported, entire families with them.

    The damning verdict on police who failed Rotherham victims https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10941619/The-damning-verdict-police-failed-Rotherham-victims.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Horrific. No joke stay clean and clear. Send it to Russia and Pakistan.

    Austrian man catches Super gonorrhea from Cambodian prostitute https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10941755/Austrian-man-catches-Super-gonorrhoea-Cambodian-prostitute.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Freedom heh the Runt is getting Ass fragged again. Why does this Runt not lead from the Front? How many more must die for his Ego?

    Ukraine deals ‘significant’ blow to Putin with attack on Snake Island https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10940985/Ukraine-deals-significant-blow-Putins-Black-Sea-forces-pounding-Snake-Island-garrison.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    You WILL be executed, Putin’s men in Ukraine tell detained Brit https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10942931/You-executed-time-running-Putins-men-eastern-Ukraine-tell-condemned-Brit.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    2 complete posing Pricks who asked for trouble. The fat clown surrendered because he was hungry. Wassock! The other one is a wizzened Runt too low in ability to make it in the UK.
    Save time and money tell them to top both. Neither of them are worth swapping Russian held assets for. We exchange only for value, not for 2 low life Runts. Top both who cares. Posing Runts now whining. .Fatso is hungry. Not for much longer. Both pathetic losers. Wastes of space keep them.
    Which new Perv are they gearing up for the Gullible? Isn’t it time to close this vile Child Molesting slag heap down?

    Frail Pope is pushed around in wheelchair amid resignation rumours https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10941765/Frail-Pope-helped-feet-weekly-audience-days-speculation-plans-resign.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

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    1. I hope you get the needed R&R! It is seemingly difficult to unplug/unwind these days… It’s also posts like these that I really wish there were an [unlike] button 😦

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Legionary Tino is gratefully granted leave.

      The best wine is in Narbo. The cleanest brothels are near the Temple of Venera. For the best stuffed songbirds, go to Antilles’ Bistro just across from the Baths of Caracalla. They are off the menu.

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