Causes Of Global Settlements Delays And Battleplans To Overcome Them

“What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all.”

London Temple Head

These are multiple interlinking issues to help you really understand the full board in play today gaming your own lives, the reason for global settlement delays, and what is coming at you. Unplanned, unshielded they will take it all.  Get real and get organized. They did!

Politicians have failed us all. The system is not working because of the dubious political rogues, ambulance chasing attorneys, grifters and snake oil peddlers, seeking only self-enrichment, who hold too many seats, and, sadly, in the U.S., are mainly funded and owned by Jews, and the lobbyists (presidents all are).  Trump’s own pardoning for obvious “alleged” bribe money via the Kushners, of seriously convicted long sentenced criminal Jews, is disgusting and shameful. As was his land theft of the Syrian’s Golan Heights for the Kushners, Israeli racketeers and Cheyney.  He’s yet another shameful, political low life! No, it’s NOT acceptable. He’s a shabby grifting slag and it hurts good Americans. Trust is a price not fair to be lost. 

There are few quality statesmen left to deal with this barbarian Putin and his Moscow mafia henchmen. The orange blimp can’t. Biden’s too incontinent to understand the meaning of a continent. This war has caused so many delays. Rasputin’s so scattered the board right now. Chaos rules while vipers change Biden’s diapers and Hunter channels funds to Ukraine. For what? You wonder why it takes time? Swindling the swine?    

Both U.S. Houses are full of the self-serving, untrustworthy rogues like Pelosi and Clinton, who hold too many seats, and, like the ruthless Bush family, blatantly loot the store unchecked by the system. America’s infrastructure is failing and collapsing, because wealth created and taxed from your American societies hard work, and US Zionist global hegemony, is also being syphoned off by the bloated military industrial cabal and Jewish bankers.  America fares badly beyond most Western nations, as since JFK, there has not been a national leader of intelligence, patriotic embodiment, and integrity, to serve the needs of the nation, and ensure ethical standards. Instead, as with the Bushes and Clintons, archcriminals of the worst kind loot with impunity. How can such a festering, feral rabble lead anything? You wonder why Asia and the Far East are breaking away and scourging the dollar and SWIFT? Eisenhower warned America’s deaf ears and dumb politicians what was coming.  When will America wake up to reality, as all around them is collapsing and no one cares? We will explain more in stages.  

Here is an interesting rabbit hole of intrigue if you were unaware. Can you absorb and handle this? Welcome to my world, if so: How America Secretly Recovered Yamashita’s Gold

First and foremost, before we get to the real issues affecting all nations, let’s dispose of these tiresome Dinar banshees and endless desperadoes who just won’t get it; the ever-vacuous ambulance chasers. Hard facts. Reality time, not pumpers’ empty rhetoric.

The protected assets behind the settlements are beholden to no one and will not be cross assigned to underpin or bail out fake currency printing scams, promoted by such undesirables and Dinar pumping con artists. There is no agenda to bail such almost demonetized notes, or even converted versions.  Nor will Iraqi banks assist convert or encash out to anyone who illegally invaded and perniciously destroyed their poor, DEFENSELESS country. Wantonly!  Hegemony ghouls and bloodsuckers who have no shame or humanity for these lost Iraqi souls. Just gimme, gimme, gimme hands out. They feel owed. Pitiful. One million Iraqi innocents are dead, and no shame! Swap places!  Murdered by the U.S., swindled by Bush 41, and Iraqis genocided by Bush 43.  Pariahs, banshees wailing in the night.  Eat it. There is no, and never will be, any interest in enriching such bottom feeders, and they are all peeing in the wind. Blood money! Scurrilous greed and human indifference.  Me, me, me! SORRYYY! Not happening. Noise on the system Wombats. Swamp creatures.  

Gettin’ Ready For The RV! (For 15 years)

Anything for a failed fast buck, after how many years and how many fake imminent closures?  You lost! Wake up and walk. It’s time now as Iraq is not coming good for such ambulance chasers.  How long is your wake-up time? Dreams are not free. Cash out and get out while there still are suckers to buy. The pumpers took your pants down. Get-real time. The Settlements are not bailing you. It’s a no-show and they still keep hustling! They know now that you will swallow… anything. Iraq is NOT bailing you, nor are the Elders. Not a chance! No one is buying pumper’s paper, apart from you. The Dinar rags know there’s one born every day. How many have tried to get their notes back from dubious group arrangements, and failed? We are looking at another South Seas Bubble just waiting to pop. Too late then, exit now. Quit dreaming, you don’t have multi-millions at stake, just what you put into it, even if that. Running money only. Call it and try Cryptos. It’s time. They failed. Time for you to bail. Know when to fold and walk away, when the dream is done. Before your money is. The IMF will not bail it, nor will Iraq. Bail or go down with the burst bubble as many gullible fools will.  Time to stop being a Mug. Call it and start afresh. 15 years of bottom feeder BS?  Pumpers feed from naïve greed. Good suggestions to help you with meaning respect.  It’s only time now before the Fed’s hands are on collars.  Then it’s too late for them and they know it. Stop dreaming and start thinking straight. Re-purpose your lives. There will be no Free dinners from Dinars.  

If you really want to be part of the oncoming Settlements allocations markets, first start with intelligent reading by actually understanding the history of the Elders’ Au and what IS coming with the currencies and BRICS.  You need to position. You do the real legwork for once and get the true history of what it takes, the subterfuge, and their chicanery, the Criminals In Action Agency, and Zionist skullduggery with these Khazar raptors waiting like hydras on every corner. Appreciate what was done to Yamashita, Marcos, M1, Riyardi, Tropos, Falcone, and the tyrannies perpetrated by these carnivores and Cabal jackals like the Bush Family and Greenspan. Get with it.  Read up and think what If – it’s you?  Unguarded it will be. 

We do, in fact, have plans to try to help most get clear of what is coming, but it will create a schism with the Zios. 2 big dogs will not feed from a bowl for one. Ours will be a power transfer and no feed bowl for them. No Khazars or camels in the tent. 

But now we keep our cards close, and plans shielded. It will be epoch-breaking for mankind, and ball-breaking for their kind. We are planning for post-America. Not following the lemmings to the cliff edge in the kingdom of the blind. Know your enemies. 

Held as assets in Elders’ trusts, these few remaining dynasty global hard Au assets, which were not pre-stolen by the Cabal or Zionists, are subject to multiple well-contemplated codicils, and at all times protected from scurrilous, unprincipled Americans.  They are also protected from emerging Chinese interests. Having stolen the rest across Asia and the Far East, the usual predatory U.S. locusts are being kept well away. The Zionists and the CIA crime families syndicate cabal are the real enemies of geopolitical freedoms. The now failing NWO conspirators are panicking. Skull and Bones fear their own oblivion as rats on a sinking ship. Kissinger aspires to see 50% of the Third World dead, or more. Some kind of humanity! It’s now a Davos thinktank head-on grab with WEF.  If that tanks, what then? Hopefully, it will! Neither China nor India will go with it, thankfully. 

And Who Controls The Money?

Life becomes an ongoing poker game at all times; watching out for so many concealed cards up their sleeves, like river boat card sharks.  Have you any idea of the focused force and threats applied to parties who decline them, or the global extent of their reach?  

The Cabal are beyond shadow governments and face implosion as economically unaffordable. Over 60% of taxes coerced by the IRS are used to fund banker and the military industrial black operations. You cannot conceive their agendas and real-world take out via the Fed programs if you’re outside the loop. We try to warn you. Americans are clueless of the unelected powers who rule and run their lives. Their powers and controls far transcend presidents. They control it all. Unchecked! 

These same funds supported a global hegemony which funded Fauci to unleash COVID-19, and skunks like Gates to hype up and enrich himself from faulty and fake vaccines, sterilizing and killing the world with protected Teflon indemnities. 

Let us help you grasp core dichotomies we face, and more to follow to understand our moves and why YOU also need to learn and plan forward to protect your own assets from what is coming. Dreamers will be lunch. Clueless. Gone is gone! But we will also show you what is possible if handled correctly and funds ethically redirected. Position for BRICs and your own safety. Your own mind power! Learn how to game your own board or get bank bailed-in. Sucker punches.  

  • $10T of Au (But more in reality) held in secure storage will be worth at least $15T to $20T over 10 years invested as simple net asset capacity in securities trading. In reality, if we utilized these vast funds to securities trade in the Tier 1 and Tier MTN and BG markets, that could transform national debts, and interjected as needed and deserved, will be like a Viagra shot for struggling retirees and pension funds. Time to build CDFI Community funding. MTN and BGs fund the Cabal and most Zionist bank racketeering. What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all. Caring and sharing as society deserves. But with the Zio’s snout taken out!  
  • With the collapsing U.S. petrodollar, $10T of Au converted now for a depreciating American petrol dollar currency, will be worth at best only a depreciated $5T by then, and possibly far less. Even demonetized. Will it even survive? Toilet paper! Why hand over these hard-core assets for a worthless fast depleting US fiat currency and to Cabal treasury Zionist sharks to still steal? It’s an ongoing protracted poker game with Zionist swindlers and their Israeli overseen FRB NY skunk hole. Other factors also impact, meriting intense geopolitical and Treasury oversight. We need at all times to be Teflon clad dealing with these ever-scheming Cabalists, the same Fed who intercepted an $800B ACAT Tropos SWIFT and blatantly stole it from the Wachovia Bank screens mid transfer. Racoons! We protect the Elders as a united team together. Au will not move for toilet paper, nor to banks open to Fed or BIS sequestration for the Zio’s alien nation.    
  • The same Fed/Treasury Zionist Rothschild backed parasites with whom multiple parties signed off the Bank of Indonesia Riyardi Au contract, (Fronted and insurance wrapped by Greenspan, confirmed to us by both the Governor of the B of I, and the ex-White House Senior Legal Presidential Advisor) confirmed for us that the account was real, and that Bill Clinton was then using the proceeds weekly, with poor Riyardi denied access to his own lawfully contracted profit share. But this was not for public media release. It was part of our own journey of discovery while entering the web and unmasking the weevils at work. 
  • Over decades we have been able to access most of the Cabal and Zionist networks, also their infrastructure behind, seeing firsthand most of the betrayal and siphoning off of the vast wealth and hard-earned assets of mankind, and the unaccountable corruption of what is both running America, and robbing it blind. All Eisenhower’s warnings and fears were realized. Even then the weasels were burrowing in deeply.  Eisenhower feared for you all. It has come to pass as he warned. 
  • America is run with 2 sets of books, one undisclosed for mass connivery and unparalleled fraud and ruthless chicanery. The scale of siphoned theft is the primary cause of America’s deteriorating infrastructure and Israel’s hidden wealth. It keeps these Jews well suited and booted. Gullible Goyim whom they despise, exploited. The transfer switch game which allowed the Bushes to award single supplier contracts without tendering to their own front companies, skimming vast profits by double transfer cons, with the likes of Cheney acting for the Bush family to skim the lot. Bush 41 was a crime lord, a con artist. They got rich stitching up Americans. You!
  • Let me give you all hope. For many years we have been planning innovatory rail networks across Eurasia, from Beijing to London, traveling via Kazakhstan and to both Moscow and the U.K. The same from China, through India and over to Iran. Networks taking us from Iran, via Turkey, into Greece and Europe. Networking also new joint-venture projects between the U.S. and U.K., which has great synergy. The same with Germany. Vast new infrastructure projects. Creating and building entire new economies. Taking the vast industrial potential of the Ruhr to empower its foundries, fabrication industries and opening up new jobs for metal workers, re-tasked to manufacture the vast new rail tracks and rolling stocks needed for the emerging Silk Roads’ new cities, communities and infrastructure along the way. Refunding the Foundries to re-fund Germany and other nations by intelligent use of securities profits to secure your futures. Money for taxes not skimmed to offshore banks. Enrich nations instead. New education systems free of Abrahamian dogma and no Vatican child molestation. Core ethereal values star children! Allow and encourage Germany to adopt part national service as with Switzerland, to protect its borders, communities and women with pride. 
  • Our Elders would part-own the entire new highways, the infrastructure, and the global community financing. Waging war on want, not each other. Not cross-funding the vast, out- of-control rapacious military industrial Cabal, four-squares-a-day posing comic Pentagon characters; coffee and burger fat guts who run from trouble, and their greedy toy soldiers. Its unquenchable thirst is for the creation of wars to feed the vast shadow governments military combine hegemony contractor companies who mass kill for profit. Or to feed its Criminals In Action crime syndicate agencies who quadrupled opium production in Afghanistan and did deals with the Taliban for profits. Never mind that the ever-faulty Lockheed planes fall out of the skies, they just charge ever more fees which increases their profits. Never mind the fact the ejector seats don’t work, this time they make sure any new “Francis Gary Powers” pilot does go down with his plane. Vast trillions are syphoned off each year, and for what gain for Americans? Zero! Mugged!
  • When the new central BRICS currency is unleashed as a preferred USD alternative, which many will then adopt, do you have a clue what is coming at you? 
  • When over 50% of all water running off the Rockies every year is wasted, while America faces droughts and food shortages, why is it beyond Washington to innovate, repair the levies, create new dams and use the enormous power then harnessed to generate new hydro power for the cities? Self-help, instead of the Cabal helping itself. Self-sufficiency by self-help. Here is a brief review of a project proposed in 1964 which could have been built in 20-30 years. Instead, Lyndon B. Johnson chose to spend the funds on Vietnam and kill 58,000 of our young men in a war that was never declared by Congress; men that could have built this system. The resources, both financial and technical, exist to do this and other projects. But only if such project funding will remain out of the grasp of desperately insolvent central bankers, who, like before, will not see such positive life supporting projects like the North American Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA) as important to their interests.

    And those interests are not interested in looking out for your interests.  
58.000 Dead Instead Of 4,000,000 Employed. Courtesy Of Politics And Its Backers

Remember, the preceding information concerning the global settlements is certainly true, but not all there is to know. It is impossible to reveal all the details at this stage. The complexities require delicate handling and discretion. As we can, more information will be forthcoming when it is appropriate and safe to share. Your understanding is appreciated!

And as a final thought, the only place you will find accuracy in all matters concerning the global settlements, is right here. No other sites or outlets are going to legitimately reveal details of the process beyond what is disclosed here. Be cautious in your judgment when you hear stories of pending mass public financial payments from “elders” or “Asians”, claimed by people with no discernable positions of responsibility within the necessary sovereign halls of power where such matters are negotiated.

Remember, the mountain does not come to the man. Never forget this.

Thank you, and stay tuned for further announcements. The journey continues.



    1. Culture? Sorry, I don’t get that statement. Maybe it’s because I am white lol. To me, twerking seems quite slutty when it is displayed in the manner in which it is these days.


  1. Monday is the one day our One World of Nations needs to stand together and acknowledge the world loss of Queen Elizabeth II, an awesome Monarch, dedicated to her nation and the Commonwealth. She inspired the world. The ultimate Patriot who gave all. We will never see her kind again. She raised the Bar.

    When the American Sniper, Chris Kyle, a truly great American Seal Patriot respected by all, was brutally and needlessly killed by a Marine Nutter in Texas, the world stood with you in sorrow. Every Bridge and Highway was filled with Texans mourning his loss. Also Americans. The UK stood with you as we did for 9/11. Respect for your loss. We all felt it. A good man. and with JFK, Saluted by all. So sad. We feel with you.

    At the end of WW II, when British Tank Commanders outnumbered by Raping Russians, refused to stand aside and sheltered helpless Germans from marauding Bolsheviks, the Germans saw the best of the English as we risked our lives facing down massive Russian Tank forces to save defenseless Germans. It was the Right thing to do. The Russians were told, fire on our tanks and it’s WW III. We will Not stand aside. Our Royal Family are Sax Coburgs., and Mountbattens. Blood links as one. We ARE ONE! One People, one kind!

    Then our Spitfires arrived in the skies and flew over the Front Russian line threatening all, leaving the Reds in no doubt, we are now here. Harm our Brits and we blow you Commies to hell. As it is today. We stand! United, fearless.

    Watch the parades and ceremonies on Monday it’s awesome, all of it. Beyond inspirational.
    No one does it like the Brits. Are you listening to this Munich Girl? LOl. Joking!
    The world watches with us. Awesome. Real history is unfolding. Awesome, be part. Let the whole world come together as one. A season of reason. Life? This one day, share our loss and sorrow. Value life for all. You all matter. Bar Zios, and Commies. Watch the ceremonies. Inspirational.

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  2. “Hydroxychloroquine blocks SARS-CoV-2 entry into the endocytic pathway in mammalian cell culture”; this study needs clinical research but in a crisis, with ‘precautionary principle’, we use it
    If a drug has been shown to be prior safe & effective, is available, not harmful, regardless if used for other purposes, with reports of benefit & you have & had nothing available, then you use it
    Dr. Paul Alexander
    Sep 17

    If there was no alternatives, nothing, it was safe and effective all along, and clinical reports were showing it was highly effective, then why was this drug blocked? Why were the proper studies not done and still, in a crisis, in an emergency, we can mount those studies while we use a therapeutic, empirically, in an emergency, precautionary principle; when there is a threat of harm and nothing is available, you use what suggests works and can work and also is not harmful and not prohibitively expensive etc.; turns out it was blocked and still the NIH and CDC have never, to this date, studied the role of HCQ in COVID…and most studies done were corrupted and designed to fail. Wrong patient group, dose, timing of administration etc. Just pure corruption.

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    1. What America is morphing into is unrecognisable now. A street language of Welfare Free Loaders, tribal in itself, like a human Locust swarm. A visible Sub Species which exists just to eat and breed.
      Funded by you, a Sub Human Zoo. Tubs of lard. Congealing Puss. Follow the Mantra don’t make a fuss. When all is lost, do they eat you, or the Jew? Human food. It comes to this?
      This is what has become of America, are you taking the P**s?

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  3. NEWS IN BRIEF: Trump judge appoints special master and denies DOJ request to stay…

    Judge scolds Facebook’s big corporate lawyer for discovery abuse…

    University admissions bribe case thrown out…

    Musk countersues Twitter using whistleblower information for upcoming October trial date…

    Kellogg dodges a class action suit over its veggies products that don’t include vegetables because a federal judge calls the word “veggie” so vague it includes meat…

    A fired employee wins right to discovery in suit against employer who fired her for being at 1/6…

    Mortgages rose to highest level since 2008…

    US banks, whose deposits surged during the stimulus/lockdown economics of 2020, saw the biggest decline in deposits in recorded history last quarter…

    DC capitulates on its latest gun control law after Hellers sues again in court…

    Danes quit vaccinating six months before the country prohibited covid vaccine for most people…

    Fed stockpiling assets on its balance sheet, despite promises otherwise…

    Germany plans to nationalize energy companies due to self-induced energy crisis…

    Investigation unmasks Congress’ magical ability to pick winning stocks…

    Martha’s Vineyard kicks illegals out…

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  4. Like

  5. The Bitch has no shame.

    CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC 7 On 9/11’ | Principia Scientific Intl.

    Pretty damning and why not true?
    Ask yourself, what if this is true? Why lie at that end game stage? Sadly, its America and no truth will be found.

    A Joint, a warm lavatory seat, loose shoes, toilet paper, why does he need a book if he barely reads? ? Ignorance sells, he’s proof. Hottentot rules.

    Subject: Kanye West says he NEVER read book, claims we need to ‘outlaw STAIRS

    Kanye West says he NEVER read book, claims we need to ‘outlaw STAIRS’
    What is wrong with the ego this mediocre Runt whose already Butt bleeding from being Ass reamed in Ukraine, as the world sees his losses and failures. An ex KGB Numpty, and thief of St Petersburg funds, this second rate Moscow Mafia thug is so dumb as to face off and threaten the US in its own backyard? They will eat him alive if it kicks off.

    The Runt taunts America with Arctic military drills close to Alaska

    He’s no Napoleon. Too dumb to be true and already ass reamed by a runt cross-dressing Jew. How long will the Moscow Generals put up with this mediocre Clown before they take him down?
    He chose, and LOST this war. Runts and C’s?
    Germany’s top military chief gives stunningly poor assessment of strength of Russian army

    Enough BS assessment of Ras Putin’s power. His troops are running and he’s losing territory everywhere.
    Now he wants to fire more Commanders? At some stage they will take his head. He Chose this War Dumb F!
    Now pay for it. No one fears him now. Russian Farmyard Shit. All are laughing at him. China disses him and the UK waves 2 fingers to him.

    Losers! Run, run, run, Run Rabbit run.


    1. In the US, on average, 22 plants go up in flames yearly. Now, insurance fraud is a fair fraction, because despite no food shortage a lot of established concerns see the writing on the wall in poor margins and basically take an insurance check. It’s a tacit way to control and exit matters in that industry.

      We are up 4 to 5-fold, so yes, this is goddam deliberate and for nefarious reasons.


    1. Load of horse manure. We funded it, several second-hand idiot scientists suggested how, and the literally batshit crazy Sheng Li coronavirus crazy phd at Wuhan made it. And then piss poor Chinese protocol adherence had not one but two leaks of it in Wuhan. The 2nd leak triggered the pandemic when the locally infected went back to flying to their day jobs, specifically in Italy.

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    This is dreadful news. The Ukrainians have suffered mass genocide. Torture and massacres. Bodies everywhere.

    The Ukrainians have Russian forces encircled in key areas. Use the new weaponry and mass decimate the lot. Release then to the world the videos of the Russian bodies piled high and Putin will fall. Putin started it, finish him!
    Again, interesting releases for contemplation. What is reality? What is truth?

    CryptoSlate Wrapped Daily: SEC’s Gensler wants CEX, DEXs to register; Bitcoin regaining dominance
    Ethereum Will Introduce Something Magical After the Merge, Says Macro Guru Raoul Pal – Here’s What He Means
    Calls for Putin’s resignation grow in Russia over Ukraine war failings


    1. Again, albeit old news, the South Pole Byrd expedition does tend to give a lot of key answer leads to both UFOs and the Under Sea objects travelling at speeds way beyond our capabilities. Also why so many witnessed UFOs’ are not radar identified entering our atmosphere if already here.


      1. We can’t get a straight answer on the 1952 DC fly over let alone anything Byrd did…. Even now, AFTER having whetted appetites with videos, the FOIA requests crashed against the usual national security wall.


        1. We will not let it go Tino. Even now I shock dumb Senior Politicos with it. They are Kabuki Pawns we game the board with . It takes time to move mountains and enlighten Political Morons. WHA is a huge slice of free speech and innovation for each nation. Knowledge is like Rust, it takes time to integrate.

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    1. Totally agree, throw out both. Time for Parliament to tell Charlie Boy, the game is up for his Ginger Pup. A Tosser and a Groupie. Last chance, toe the line or cut it. Markel has no Class and it shows.


    1. Me Gain is just like a Footballers Wife Groupie Trash.
      A Gold Digging Bitch whose dropped everyone not able to satisfy her desires, him next.
      She’s a User, pathetic legs. A grasping manipulative Groupie. Harry was warned by William and Phillip, she was not right for him or the role. Me Gain is a Ball Buster who was rude to staff, demanding and demented. Stuck away from family in LA Airhead land he will go stir crazy.
      Life is not a Tea Party as he now sees. He either returns or burns alive. Bottom line, a Montecito Royalty, grow up.


  7. Meanwhile, our borders are open – an invasion underway. Biden following his orders from his Zionist masters.

    Shitpants needs to be sent to Chernobyl.

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  8. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before 2023 to Become a Millionaire
    Quantum battery breakthrough paves way for instant recharging

    I was thinking of letting them research why the Little Fella recharges so fast.
    Trump chief of staff used book on president’s mental health as White House guide | Books | The Guardian

    No question Kelly saw a deranged Dog Turd loose and tried to shield him . The world saw from day one what he was. Orange Shrek crossed with Bigfoot and a 10 year olds IQ.
    Russian intelligence officers and military commanders flee Crimea, Kyiv claims – as it happened

    If Putin loses this war they will take his head.

    Putin’s Military is running away.
    From Robert, a contributor.

    The world of globalization died the day the ship of fools decided to deny Russia the use of Swift for transfer of payments and receipts in USD. This clearly demonstrated use of currency as a hegemony weapon against a opponent. This was not lost on China and a host of other countries who have been long serving vassals where currency has been used to control trade and wealth transfers. Many nations in their desire to be uplift their economies had no choice but to use USD and in turn borrowed in the only currency globally accepted as a debt currency of choice by banks. This placed countries and companies into a form of captivity as dollar availability and rate of cost was control by the FED causing great stress when rates of interest rose and easy credit when rates declined. You might say the dollar became an addiction well used for decades. When Russia was thrown off Swift the unthinkable became reality and has forced a structural shift. As the saying goes, carry a big stick and speak softly. However when you use the stick you also have no other stick to use. So in a non military sense America’s biggest weapon was used, and for now has failed to produce servitude and collapse of the Russian State. And has served to unite many countries behind Russia and forged an even stronger bond of mutual benefit between China and Russia. Many nations now rush to side with what they see as an alternative to the American century of hegemony. After all historically such feelings are normal under any empire rule.

    This movement is using Russia as the military shield while other nations position as they have accepted correctly or not that only Russia can stand up to the Collective West and win. Countries like India and China both need Russia’s technology as a shield while they develop further independence both from a military and economic stance. And why they support Russia to have freedom of choice for their national development leading to future hegemony growth. Otherwise they will be vassal states for the next century. So one can expect all manner of dirty tricks from assassination attempts on Putin and others in Russia as well as in China.

    Nor did the DC crowd understand the true implications of what was done and even today are simply ignorant of real seismic shifts occurring and future implications as the usual party continues to fleece wherever possible failing to see what others see. It is why trust is long gone. It will only change if previous wrongs are righted as actions speak where words are no longer heard. And this will happen out of necessity to survive and with reluctance.

    Trump in many ways was against all odds and internal political infighting a breather for a time out for America to rethink itself and act accordingly to realities and not delusions. In many ways he could only buy time with a political class too blind to recognize the need to change or alter the thievery that was rampant. After the humiliating debacle in Afghanistan in August 2021, when the Americans were kicked out and NATO was routed, the Asian century arrived. The complete failure to exist with grace of a true Leading Nation was evident in the withdrawal and total disregard for equipment and people left behind. This was done in full global view for people to see. And no amount of denial or narrative can change what has been done.

    Recently, senior representatives from sixty-eight countries gathered at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast, a centre of the new multipolar world. They were there to listen to Moscow’s economic and political vision for the Asia-Pacific after the fall of the obsolete unipolar Western Empire. President Putin declared: “The new world order is based on the fundamental principles of justice and equality, as well as the recognition of the right of each state and people to their own sovereign path of development. Powerful political and economic centres are being formed right here in the Asia-Pacific region, acting as a driving force in this irreversible process”. While this rattles the Western hegemony controllers it is music to the ears of attendees.

    The Russian future is marked by the development of the Russian Arctic and of the Northern Sea Route through the Arctic. On the Northern Sea Route the emphasis is on building a powerful, modern fleet of icebreakers, some nuclear-powered. There is a long-term plan up to 2035 to create infrastructure for safe shipping navigation and a transformation in Arctic navigation and shipbuilding that has been under way for the last few years. A second development for Russia is the International North-South Transportation Corridor with one of its main ports in Chabahar in Iran. Now for the first time India will be directly connected to Central Asia. An Iranian shipping line with 300 vessels which link to Mumbai is taking part in the development of this Transportation Corridor. The creation of such a transport corridor is also leading to the integration of national transit systems in several countries. This is not a new event as this was planned years ago and has real form and is without Western banking or capital. Hence no western control or influence.

    This week the Samarkand Summit of the multipolar Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) is taing place. Apart from the current full members – Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and now Iran – no fewer than eleven more countries wish to join, including Afghanistan and Turkey, making potentially twenty in all. The SCO Summit is to examine economic cooperation with the aim of solving health, energy, food security and poverty reduction issues. India too wants an Asian century, for which close cooperation between India, China and Russia is necessary. For now India is not competitive and needs to diversify to obtain improved access to Eurasia, thanks to logistical help from Russia. Russia will also play a vital role in the Indian Ocean with the need for close co-operation between ‘The Big Three’, Russia, India and China. So you see India is very much in the Russian camp wishing success and why India is more than willing to buy Russian oil and gas. In fact, India is taking up the actual reduction of supply that is no longer going to the West. Both India and China will act in concert to ensure a steady basis of supply for Russia because they need Russia to succeed. And one must appreciate that in reality such deals exclude the likes of Glencore etc. allowing Russia price flexibility since no margin goes to such commodity players and cuts out Western banks.

    Remember that Asia alone has over 25% of the world’s GDP and 50% of the world’s population. Asia is no longer a series of countries subject to colonisation by Europe and the USA, but the agent for planetary change. The Asian century is here. There is also a global movement to join the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and Argentina. It all means that the Global Majority is no longer the US/CA/UK/EU/AUS/NZ and a few US colonies like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. It is Afro-Eurasia-Latin America, 87.5% of the world. Equally important is that all trade in it will be in bilateral currencies, not in USD. The centre has passed from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Atlantic is becoming a backwater. This is a New Age. And this is what the Ukraine conflict is really all about as to weaken Russia; break Russia up before this new reality goes too far to stop. And if Putin can be removed by a bullet or overthrow then all will be done to achieve this to stop this movement. And this is not new as it has been done often in the past.

    The Eastern Economic Forum showed how most Asian nations are either neutral or warm towards the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) in the Ukraine. They know that the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian State had been seeking peace and protection for those folks who prefer to speak Russian and culture in the Ukraine for eight years. The Operation was imposed by the incredible belligerence and arrogance of the West. Remember Nuland’s infamous words “fuck the EU” speaking to the American ambassador of the Ukraine. Recently the British, US-backed and mercenary-led Kiev Armed Forces launched a counter-offensive to the south and east of the Ukraine towards Kherson and took many casualties for minor success. Kiev has been trying to compensate for that counter-offensive, where they lost two motorised brigades and over 300 tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery, with strikes to the north-west of Kharkov. But here too Kiev has been suffering such heavy losses that they have had to send reserves. The militia of the Donbas and Russians have trapped the Ukrainian Army and its mercenaries in the open. Do not believe the absurd propaganda that Russia is losing. This has a long way to going and tactical defeats are not strategic wins. In the past, we have seen too many reports of horrendous losses by Ukrainians not to conclude they have already lost. And no matter the number the number of NATO troops sent, their blood will serve to enrich the soil. Reality suggests Ukrainian losses are 10 fold to that of aligned Russian forces and most of that is Ukrainians from the Donbas and not Russians.

    The pain dial has been turned up in this conflict as we have seen recently. This will continue as there is no choice as Putin has been holding back hoping that a compromise was possible. And while that was never the case, NATO involvement and Kremlin pressure combines to raise the pain threshold. If Putin is killed or overthrown, expect Kiev to disappear in a nuclear strike within a short time to send a clear message of what is to come if NATO does not back off. What is cast is cast and Russia will not back down or accept defeat as either means a loss of hegemony and a collapse of this alternate structure taking place. Too many parties are becoming fully vested as will soon be publicly seen for there to be return to yesterday’s world order.

    The clock is running out for the Collective West as a United World Power block and this goes for Western banking. . It morphed from good intentions to being controlled by a parasitical elite with a pubic zombified, hoodwinked and betrayed by that elite’s lying propaganda. One only has to look to the recent Covid Scam that has created billions in profits for a few, while the public has been locked down and jabbed with who knows what, causing many people to suffer needless grief or death. There was no mass public benefit, only pain, debt and angst and global supply chain disruptions that will be with us for a long time.
    Weak, dithering Charles needs to be told by Parliament, Harry is In or Out. No more half way. He leaves, he loses all of it. No Titles for either and none for the kids. Out is out!. You leave with nothing.

    Reign him in, either he’s in, or for the Bin! Two to go and his LA Ho.
    Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children be granted HRH titles?


  9. Yes John I will watch that movie. I do not think I have before.

    But I think you are more in love with Erika! 🙂 Is she there in London? 🙂

    I had to look up the word hottentot. My English is not good enough for knowing that word but I see what it means now.

    And Eva is my friend so you be nice to her Tony! I have one bad British boy to handle I do not need a Yank too. 🙂

    What news from Sweden! Still a long way to go ridding her of the weaklings who lead her but as I have family there I hear stories about it. And those who are responsible for import of unneeded populations of human garbage because they think multiculturalism is good for Europe need to be shot for murder and mass rape of our nations. I am talking about you Barbara Specter you vile ugly smelly cunt of a useless witch who needs to go back to the womb of the hog that birthed you and turned into sausages to feed to your companions of criminal moneylending rats who fund your chaotic works.

    So thank you for the movie idea John I will look for it. And maybe I will have some chocolate and popcorn as I watch okay 🙂

    Hugs from Munich

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Munich Girl

      Erika is only the music I like . Nothing more. Even more as it’s banned.
      Think of the special “Day” Pics you sent me.
      I have not been able to zip up for 3 months!
      I’m thinking of entering a Deutschland Pole Vaulting contest with a big lead.
      Then always you will think, do I have mail? See the magic and think of last Xmas. It was special.


        1. John… she is married,, and happy,, from what I read… good woman… world needs many more… they are out there, we just see the worst… the happy married ones are chilled… as it should be


          1. They like to play, the both of them, James. It’s all in fun. Both admire the other I can assure you. She’s a handful!


  10. Read the Crazy here

    I’m truly scared. At this late date, no major doctor in orthodox practice will state unequivocally that
    (a) the vaxx does not prevent infection
    (b) the vaxx does not prevent transmission
    (c) the vaxx does not prevent hospitalization
    (d) the vaxx does not reduce severity except at the margin
    — so the vaxx is pointless — and also that
    (e) carries ~100-fold the adverse events of the disease
    (f) reactivates dormant cancers
    (g) that triggers fatal myocarditis in children
    (h) driven a 40% increase in the death rate, confirmed across nations
    (i) stillbirths and birth defects, still unquantified properly



    The Department of Homeland Security filed a patent for a new product using luciferase, a bioluminescent material that is being proposed to mark people as a way to verify if they’ve had vaccinations. The concept is being proposed in several different forms, including for bioluminescent quantum dots, and is part of a larger push for new ways to track people’s medical data.

    Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted that concerns of myocarditis with the vaccines, which were previously deemed fake news, are actually valid.


  12. New Documents Show College Board Planning To Push Extremist Politics Further Into K-12 Schools

    The Federalist (
    Docs: College Board To Push Extremist Politics Further Into K-12
    A hugely influential organization plans to release courses that will teach America’s top students extreme racial and other leftist politics.


  13. NEW DOCUMENTS: Obama IRS Scandal is BACK!
    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it received previously sealed court documents, including depositions of IRS officials Lois Lerner, the former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Holly Paz, her top aide and former IRS director of Office of Rulings and Agreements, which show that they knew most Tea Party organizations were legally entitled to tax-exempt status in the run up to the Obama reelection in 2012.


    1. The best is to hang them. In public, no heads covered, let all see them drop. The worst like the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Biden and Pelosi, all to hang the Iranian way, hoisted by the neck on a crane jibbet and to die slowly seen kicking and screaming by all. Mankind needs to learn hard.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. Saylor bets the bitcoin bottom as MicroStrategy shorts subsid
    Shared from Sky News: Unease among agitated pundits on Russian TV as Ukraine makes big gains

    Ukrainians are fighting for their lives and nation.
    Soon Putin may be fighting for his own!
    British Intel and Special Forces inserted.are costing Russia and it’s relentless. As we chip away at their assets, block visas to travel, Freeze and seize Homes, Yachts and Planes,block Trade , Putin is now very afraid. No wonder he’s got the shakes.
    So, he wants to be the Czar with his 1 B Dollars stolen criminal funds Palace. How did the Romanovs end?
    The net encircling him is closing. How many Russian dead now? More, high power and destructive power is coming. We refine our radar and drone imaging and more die.
    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s also coming home to Moscow. More deserters, More dead. For some the bell tolls, but the net closes on the Dwarf.
    They only have to get him once, He knows now it’s relentless. His life. Reality is his card is marked and he knows it. For him, every day is now fear. He shakes. It’s clear. Who will send him into the night? A cruise missile into his Dacha?. The Thief of St Petersburg is no Ali Baba. He has no Magic Carpet. Planes can be bombed or missiles.. He lives in fear.

    For God’s sake stop whining, it’s a day. She matters. What’s a day? Eat less.
    UK data: Deaths from COVID shots have surpassed fatalities from all other vaccines reported within the last two decades –

    Real news defying the MSM. The true horror of the Vaccines and deaths THEY cause.
    Keep up the good work Tino, James and Biffie. Exposure matters. So do you.

    This is truly beyond comprehension. Who will be held to account for this attack on the public ? Because what else can this be?

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I am getting Diplomatic reports indicating that Markel is now realising the sheer scale of attrition she has unleashed on herself and Harry by having him renege on his Public responsibilities and her own. She sees how fast they are blocked out, and that Netflix will walk if not fed damaging vitriol. Publish and be damned? Don’t buy it. Man Up Wimp
    There are signs she may rescind and return to the UK to uphold their duties as intended.
    For both, I hope so. The UK will forgive and she has a role for America also.
    I hope for a wake up time in the Markel Zoo, and to rebond with her poor father.
    Harry has been a shit and needs to grow up. Hopefully that will also change. Families matter Idiot!
    So does your nation. I hope this is a wake up call to both and healing of wounds can start. Man up time. Do your Duty – Both. The people will forgive. Earn respect. We all have to. I hope both return and rebuild, with her father also. Respect others. William does. Truly I hope she comes good. Both of them. Get real time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He just had his knees locked too long 😀 I’ve seen it too many times in various color guards. And yes, John… these are the wimps! Can’t even stand correctly! LOL


  16. “Abortion currently is a distinct issue that falls under ‘sex discrimination,’ but under the Biden administration’s change, abortion would be included as an aspect of pregnancy.

    And the distinction is extremely consequential. Under Biden’s revised definition, abortion would be morally equivalent to carrying a child to term, giving birth, and breastfeeding.”


  17. You are seeing a Nation and Commonwealth truly amassing and mourning the passing of an Icon.
    Only she, Mandela and Churchill ever achieved this. She deserves it all. A GREAT Queen.
    Monday all of the British Nation will be with her. Sadness and Deep Respect. Total Class.
    If only the Windsors were. Thank Diana for William. He alone is left now with Class.
    Of the Queens 4 Children, sadly, only Ann has any ability. Diana gave us hope with William or the Monarchy would be lost. She was used and abused by Charles, Damn his Soul. Defender of The Faith,What?????? ****!!! I call it as it is. Thank God for William. Now Kate also. She is no Markel. Kate has Class. Markel has none. Diana died for Camilla. Charles will not escape his heinous deeds. His Book of Life will be the life of his Wife. The Queen and William were all. The Family is ALL! Diana will never be forgotten. Nor Charles Forgiven. We will not see the likes of Queen Elizabeth again. You did. Monday she leaves revered. A Jackass in the Box takes over. Diana died so William can live. She is forever missed. As will be the truly great Queen. She was Exemplary.
    Now a mediocrity takes over. We wait for William. Only he can now save the Monarchy. Nothing real in life is easy. Integrity matters. Human values also. The courage to make a difference. To stand.

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  18. From our Legal Eagle, the esteemed Robert Barnes:

    A Reasoned Rant: The Alex Jones Connecticut trial’s first day captured the entire essence of the case, and proved a very useful example of learning public advocacy in a trial setting by example, at the same time. All the invasive financial documents discussed by the plaintiff’s proved the Big Lie about Jones defaulting on discovery obligations. The court’s obsession with excluding the name Hillary Clinton from the trial revealed the desire to cover up the true reasons for this case – Hillary’s speech inviting lawfare against Jones over Sandy Hook in her 2016 speech, from which sudden legal interest in all these cases commenced. The court’s rage at its inability to coerce Jones defense counsel Pattis into forfeiting his client’s rights on full display for the world to witness in live time. The one-sided rulings from the bench without any legal basis even cited often. The witnesses that cry on cue then suddenly shift tone when under cross-examination. The lead plaintiff, an FBI lawyer and agent, admitting he sued Jones even though he failed to cite a single thing he actually ever heard Jones say, and acknowledged Jones never even talked about him. The excellent use of opening statement, cross-examination, and fearless standing up to a rogue judge by defense counsel Pattis. The case can be captured in the opening: plaintiffs want Jones to be “shut down” and, as Pattis warned, “First Alex Jones. Who’s next?”

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  19. The system is united to try to restate Harry as family for the Monarchy. But he and his LA C lister wannabe Bitch , wil publish vitriol for a Buck and be damned for ever. Prince Philip told him C Lister Actresses are for Diddling not marrying.
    So now the Ginger Shit will betray all, for his whining moment of attention. Then we will bury the F! His 5 minutes of fame for a life of ignominy. A future Divorcee and 2 Hottentots. Parliament needs to act and cut the Bastard loose.
    Charles 1st lost his head . I feel sorry for William and Kate, this sniveling Bastard and his grasping Grunt are going to lose everything. A total Twat and Tosser, sadly.
    No way to behave. No place for him, it will all turn bad soon. If he publishes bad things, we will exile the Twat for ever. Markel is bad news. She’s let America down also. Pocahontas was Class, she’s just an LA Ass.

    We all WANTED an Anglo American Princess of Mixed Race. We were all behind them. But Markel is just a nasty, scheming shallow DISGRACE! Ditch this shallow Bitch.

    Prince William and Prince Harry are reunited for Queen’s procession
    I feel for William and Kate. Saddled with Whining Harry, scheming Markel, and blubbering Charles. Markel is no Cinderella.

    Solemn Kate and Meghan mourn for Queen
    Xi’s visit to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan set to chart new blueprint for bilateral ties – Global Times

    Eurasia is coming, American FREE!

    It is not just Russia looking to Eurasia as China is making this a priority as it too decouples from the West looking for new markets of trade to keep its’ factories humming.
    No doubt new interactions will be reported next week.
    Jack E A Kidd on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS!! 🔥 GERMANY HALTS ALL C19 VACCINES, SAYS THEY ARE UNSAFE AND NO LONGER RECOMMENDED!! There has been a 2 week pause so they can reflect on the damages being caused to their people, NO ONE CAN GET IT and the vaccine license has been put on pause!!” / Twitter

    Jab the illegals, Zios and Hottentots.

    Good, then that gives more time when he wakes up and sees tha that Grasping Bitch each day for what she is, he may Wake TF UP fully and stop it. A Kingdom for a well used LA S is not worth it. She’s a retread you Clown! A lot of miles on that.

    Prince Harry’s memoir ‘won’t be published until next year’
    Executive Order: Biden Unleashes Transhuman, Genetic Modification Firestorm On America

    We have been warning you now for years now that this is coming.
    Next the Clones! Be aware and be warned. Next your. Soul?
    Joking ? You sure about that? The Public are Lab Rats caged. A Zio’s Zoo. Will any wake up?
    Welcome the Borgs.


    1. hahahahahahahaha, I’m laughing and crying. Fantastic find James.

      Remember when people were being denied transplants in violation of common sense, informed consent and medical principles regarding the vaxx? All on the woke idea that one shouldn’t waste an organ on a patient that would die of COVID if they don’t mRNA vaxx. Never mind the EUA codicil against coercion, never mind that there was limited data that they were at risk, never mind we had plenty of drugs that would work (hell, indomethacin alone was damn effective not to mention the Frontline Doctor protocols).

      The woke nonsense has to end.

      It’s one thing to deny a transplant based on pre-existing cancer. Give immunosuppressants and they will die of cancer. At the margin, in select cases, even diabetes. If they can’t heal, the organ won’t take. We know this and the odds support the decision-making.

      But the mRNA vaxx never made sense for organ transplant. Already the incoming organ is generally targeted for rejection. And now, via the vaxx, you are going to target said tissue with the spike protein?!! Just how stupid are you?

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  20. Good a lot less dead men to send home. And less Ukrainians killed.

    Intelligence official claims Putin’s soldiers ‘are refusing to fight’
    Boron-powered Chinese missile will work in the air and underwater

    So much spent on how to kill faster, and more.

    Why not spend it on the living and poor?

    Bombers escorted by British fighters are arriving ready to bomb the Shite out of Russia if needed.
    77 years too bloody late.

    Yes to Patton we should have pushed on and finished the bloody lot.
    It could have avoided WW111 and these bastards finishing everyone..
    Then 50M dead may have been enough now do we have to kill them all?
    Will Sarah Ferguson be invited to the Queen’s funeral?

    Correct the Duchess of Pork is a Slag not fit for such a service. Trash like Andrew.
    This is how Rat Putin spends his stolen gains defrauding Russians. We expose him and he will lose it all along with his Commie Thug Life.


  21. There are growing indications that now cut off by the West, Russia itself may disintegrate. Ras Putin has poisoned all we were building with them. Our way was bringing in the Silk Road, ring fencing and erasing the piss eyed Khazars, and clearing our Muzzies. We were going to educate and rebuild Eurasian civilisation, refining out Russian shit. Putin let the Dogs out. At least it forced us to move on the Zionist Oligarchs and the Russian Mafia. Garbage removal. London is causing hell to freeze and seize their assets worldwide. 3,200 UK Intel Analysts locating and seizing these whores funds and assets. They now live in fear of what is coming. Putin fears when they turn on him. We chip away, he’s so much in play. Dwarf tossing. Putin is so much in play. Runts. Zios and Russian C,s?


  22. A good first step, Europe. Now, deport all the Wogs and make lots of babies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Swedes want their Country back. Out with the Wogs, out with the WEF and hang the Russian low lifes hiding there. Clear out the sty of Wogs and Russian Pigs. Sweden for Swedes. The Czechs now jail their own Russian Commie seditionists. They know how to deal with Bums. Wogs and Russians need to go. Clean up and clear out Europe. Send them home, the lot, or low class girls will breed a Hottentot.


  23. John I received your child picture thank you. Such a handsome little man standing there in your tie and coat in a dignified pose. Already you looked ready to take the world on. And I never knew that about the hair cuts in those days. And yes I continue to smile at your humor. 🙂 And I love chocolate haha!

    Busy day tomorrow so better get to bed. Keep up the good work sir brave Knight. Sorry my replies are so delayed. My days are crazy.

    Hugs from Munich!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh Munich Girl,
      Post War when nothing was available and rationed to hell, even clothes were hard to find, unaffordable for most, and a tie plus jacket for so young a boy was simply not done. Most were just ragged urchins, it was enough to survive. Haircuts were mass sheared to save money, so only the families of Elites passed as civilised. Those destined to become more. One selected Ayran among the mass poor. Even then forces were streamlining. Aryans have a certain look. DNA carries. So book a slot and swerve a Hottentot.


  24. Subject: US regulators say multi-billion-dollar crypto lender Celsius was operating like a ponzi scheme

    Must have been more Zoo Weevils at work.
    Ethereum leads market back over $1 trillion
    The financial superbubble that could kill America (is happening NOW


    Oprah slammed for comments on Harry, Meghan and Royal Family
    The 2 faced, ageing, overwieight Blowbag Media Lump negates how she started thsi mess with vain attention seeking Markel, and the damage it’s done. Oprah is finished in the UK now. Blown her image big time. Stupid old has been.
    Oprah slammed for comments on Harry, Meghan and Royal Family
    For Tony and John after a week with Munich Girl and the Cousins , and a Prayer to God for the Lil Fella, Bring him home

    FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Makes Prediction for Ethereum (ETH) Merge, Warns of Potential Rough Transition
    British Army carries out ‘Swarming Drone’ tests

    Here’s what’s coming at You Rasputin if you mess with the Brits.
    Collaborators with Russian forces are fleeing, say Ukrainian officials

    For sure the Ukies will mass castrate the lot of them. Quislings?
    Moment boys shriek with excitement at shaking Queen Consort’s hand

    I give Charlie Boy Credit when it’s due, when he makes an effort to go to the Provinces and Nations, it means a lot to the locals. Well done for this.

    Moment boys shriek with excitement at shaking Queen Consort’s hand

    Disgrace: Meghan and Harry lied about their family
    If only these 2 Skip Rats can stop Markel’s money grubbing and save themselves in time. Conniving Me Gain!!!!!!!!
    Florida Arrests 160 In Human Trafficking Busts… Includes Disney Workers, Teachers, And Illegal Immigrants

    Well Done Americas Border Forces and Immigration.

    Long over due

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    Update: Dr. Paul Offit criticizes CDC & says a healthy person will not benefit from boosters CDC is trying to shove down your throat; CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is clueless, inept & LIES!
    Walensky openly lying about the science, pure boldfaced LAIR, she knows no study exists showing injection cuts severity or death; she disregards natural immunity & early treatment; Fauci: “No time”

    Liked by 1 person

  26. OBEY OR BE LOCKED DOWN: Trudeau threatens that covid tyranny will return this fall if 90% booster shot compliance isn’t achieved –

    Trudeau needs to be taken down- Or Out ? !

    > The man is a brick short. Very few people will take a 3rd shot,, even if they had two already. And to think those people without a jab will be moved to do so is foolish.
    Watch “Psychological Facts About Human Behavior | Psychology Facts” on YouTube

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Take Note Tony and note the 23 seconds. Big selling point. Get a copy to Munich. 23 seconds and a chocolate bar. LOl Offer varieties.


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