Causes Of Global Settlements Delays And Battleplans To Overcome Them

“What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all.”

London Temple Head

These are multiple interlinking issues to help you really understand the full board in play today gaming your own lives, the reason for global settlement delays, and what is coming at you. Unplanned, unshielded they will take it all.  Get real and get organized. They did!

Politicians have failed us all. The system is not working because of the dubious political rogues, ambulance chasing attorneys, grifters and snake oil peddlers, seeking only self-enrichment, who hold too many seats, and, sadly, in the U.S., are mainly funded and owned by Jews, and the lobbyists (presidents all are).  Trump’s own pardoning for obvious “alleged” bribe money via the Kushners, of seriously convicted long sentenced criminal Jews, is disgusting and shameful. As was his land theft of the Syrian’s Golan Heights for the Kushners, Israeli racketeers and Cheyney.  He’s yet another shameful, political low life! No, it’s NOT acceptable. He’s a shabby grifting slag and it hurts good Americans. Trust is a price not fair to be lost. 

There are few quality statesmen left to deal with this barbarian Putin and his Moscow mafia henchmen. The orange blimp can’t. Biden’s too incontinent to understand the meaning of a continent. This war has caused so many delays. Rasputin’s so scattered the board right now. Chaos rules while vipers change Biden’s diapers and Hunter channels funds to Ukraine. For what? You wonder why it takes time? Swindling the swine?    

Both U.S. Houses are full of the self-serving, untrustworthy rogues like Pelosi and Clinton, who hold too many seats, and, like the ruthless Bush family, blatantly loot the store unchecked by the system. America’s infrastructure is failing and collapsing, because wealth created and taxed from your American societies hard work, and US Zionist global hegemony, is also being syphoned off by the bloated military industrial cabal and Jewish bankers.  America fares badly beyond most Western nations, as since JFK, there has not been a national leader of intelligence, patriotic embodiment, and integrity, to serve the needs of the nation, and ensure ethical standards. Instead, as with the Bushes and Clintons, archcriminals of the worst kind loot with impunity. How can such a festering, feral rabble lead anything? You wonder why Asia and the Far East are breaking away and scourging the dollar and SWIFT? Eisenhower warned America’s deaf ears and dumb politicians what was coming.  When will America wake up to reality, as all around them is collapsing and no one cares? We will explain more in stages.  

Here is an interesting rabbit hole of intrigue if you were unaware. Can you absorb and handle this? Welcome to my world, if so: How America Secretly Recovered Yamashita’s Gold

First and foremost, before we get to the real issues affecting all nations, let’s dispose of these tiresome Dinar banshees and endless desperadoes who just won’t get it; the ever-vacuous ambulance chasers. Hard facts. Reality time, not pumpers’ empty rhetoric.

The protected assets behind the settlements are beholden to no one and will not be cross assigned to underpin or bail out fake currency printing scams, promoted by such undesirables and Dinar pumping con artists. There is no agenda to bail such almost demonetized notes, or even converted versions.  Nor will Iraqi banks assist convert or encash out to anyone who illegally invaded and perniciously destroyed their poor, DEFENSELESS country. Wantonly!  Hegemony ghouls and bloodsuckers who have no shame or humanity for these lost Iraqi souls. Just gimme, gimme, gimme hands out. They feel owed. Pitiful. One million Iraqi innocents are dead, and no shame! Swap places!  Murdered by the U.S., swindled by Bush 41, and Iraqis genocided by Bush 43.  Pariahs, banshees wailing in the night.  Eat it. There is no, and never will be, any interest in enriching such bottom feeders, and they are all peeing in the wind. Blood money! Scurrilous greed and human indifference.  Me, me, me! SORRYYY! Not happening. Noise on the system Wombats. Swamp creatures.  

Gettin’ Ready For The RV! (For 15 years)

Anything for a failed fast buck, after how many years and how many fake imminent closures?  You lost! Wake up and walk. It’s time now as Iraq is not coming good for such ambulance chasers.  How long is your wake-up time? Dreams are not free. Cash out and get out while there still are suckers to buy. The pumpers took your pants down. Get-real time. The Settlements are not bailing you. It’s a no-show and they still keep hustling! They know now that you will swallow… anything. Iraq is NOT bailing you, nor are the Elders. Not a chance! No one is buying pumper’s paper, apart from you. The Dinar rags know there’s one born every day. How many have tried to get their notes back from dubious group arrangements, and failed? We are looking at another South Seas Bubble just waiting to pop. Too late then, exit now. Quit dreaming, you don’t have multi-millions at stake, just what you put into it, even if that. Running money only. Call it and try Cryptos. It’s time. They failed. Time for you to bail. Know when to fold and walk away, when the dream is done. Before your money is. The IMF will not bail it, nor will Iraq. Bail or go down with the burst bubble as many gullible fools will.  Time to stop being a Mug. Call it and start afresh. 15 years of bottom feeder BS?  Pumpers feed from naïve greed. Good suggestions to help you with meaning respect.  It’s only time now before the Fed’s hands are on collars.  Then it’s too late for them and they know it. Stop dreaming and start thinking straight. Re-purpose your lives. There will be no Free dinners from Dinars.  

If you really want to be part of the oncoming Settlements allocations markets, first start with intelligent reading by actually understanding the history of the Elders’ Au and what IS coming with the currencies and BRICS.  You need to position. You do the real legwork for once and get the true history of what it takes, the subterfuge, and their chicanery, the Criminals In Action Agency, and Zionist skullduggery with these Khazar raptors waiting like hydras on every corner. Appreciate what was done to Yamashita, Marcos, M1, Riyardi, Tropos, Falcone, and the tyrannies perpetrated by these carnivores and Cabal jackals like the Bush Family and Greenspan. Get with it.  Read up and think what If – it’s you?  Unguarded it will be. 

We do, in fact, have plans to try to help most get clear of what is coming, but it will create a schism with the Zios. 2 big dogs will not feed from a bowl for one. Ours will be a power transfer and no feed bowl for them. No Khazars or camels in the tent. 

But now we keep our cards close, and plans shielded. It will be epoch-breaking for mankind, and ball-breaking for their kind. We are planning for post-America. Not following the lemmings to the cliff edge in the kingdom of the blind. Know your enemies. 

Held as assets in Elders’ trusts, these few remaining dynasty global hard Au assets, which were not pre-stolen by the Cabal or Zionists, are subject to multiple well-contemplated codicils, and at all times protected from scurrilous, unprincipled Americans.  They are also protected from emerging Chinese interests. Having stolen the rest across Asia and the Far East, the usual predatory U.S. locusts are being kept well away. The Zionists and the CIA crime families syndicate cabal are the real enemies of geopolitical freedoms. The now failing NWO conspirators are panicking. Skull and Bones fear their own oblivion as rats on a sinking ship. Kissinger aspires to see 50% of the Third World dead, or more. Some kind of humanity! It’s now a Davos thinktank head-on grab with WEF.  If that tanks, what then? Hopefully, it will! Neither China nor India will go with it, thankfully. 

And Who Controls The Money?

Life becomes an ongoing poker game at all times; watching out for so many concealed cards up their sleeves, like river boat card sharks.  Have you any idea of the focused force and threats applied to parties who decline them, or the global extent of their reach?  

The Cabal are beyond shadow governments and face implosion as economically unaffordable. Over 60% of taxes coerced by the IRS are used to fund banker and the military industrial black operations. You cannot conceive their agendas and real-world take out via the Fed programs if you’re outside the loop. We try to warn you. Americans are clueless of the unelected powers who rule and run their lives. Their powers and controls far transcend presidents. They control it all. Unchecked! 

These same funds supported a global hegemony which funded Fauci to unleash COVID-19, and skunks like Gates to hype up and enrich himself from faulty and fake vaccines, sterilizing and killing the world with protected Teflon indemnities. 

Let us help you grasp core dichotomies we face, and more to follow to understand our moves and why YOU also need to learn and plan forward to protect your own assets from what is coming. Dreamers will be lunch. Clueless. Gone is gone! But we will also show you what is possible if handled correctly and funds ethically redirected. Position for BRICs and your own safety. Your own mind power! Learn how to game your own board or get bank bailed-in. Sucker punches.  

  • $10T of Au (But more in reality) held in secure storage will be worth at least $15T to $20T over 10 years invested as simple net asset capacity in securities trading. In reality, if we utilized these vast funds to securities trade in the Tier 1 and Tier MTN and BG markets, that could transform national debts, and interjected as needed and deserved, will be like a Viagra shot for struggling retirees and pension funds. Time to build CDFI Community funding. MTN and BGs fund the Cabal and most Zionist bank racketeering. What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all. Caring and sharing as society deserves. But with the Zio’s snout taken out!  
  • With the collapsing U.S. petrodollar, $10T of Au converted now for a depreciating American petrol dollar currency, will be worth at best only a depreciated $5T by then, and possibly far less. Even demonetized. Will it even survive? Toilet paper! Why hand over these hard-core assets for a worthless fast depleting US fiat currency and to Cabal treasury Zionist sharks to still steal? It’s an ongoing protracted poker game with Zionist swindlers and their Israeli overseen FRB NY skunk hole. Other factors also impact, meriting intense geopolitical and Treasury oversight. We need at all times to be Teflon clad dealing with these ever-scheming Cabalists, the same Fed who intercepted an $800B ACAT Tropos SWIFT and blatantly stole it from the Wachovia Bank screens mid transfer. Racoons! We protect the Elders as a united team together. Au will not move for toilet paper, nor to banks open to Fed or BIS sequestration for the Zio’s alien nation.    
  • The same Fed/Treasury Zionist Rothschild backed parasites with whom multiple parties signed off the Bank of Indonesia Riyardi Au contract, (Fronted and insurance wrapped by Greenspan, confirmed to us by both the Governor of the B of I, and the ex-White House Senior Legal Presidential Advisor) confirmed for us that the account was real, and that Bill Clinton was then using the proceeds weekly, with poor Riyardi denied access to his own lawfully contracted profit share. But this was not for public media release. It was part of our own journey of discovery while entering the web and unmasking the weevils at work. 
  • Over decades we have been able to access most of the Cabal and Zionist networks, also their infrastructure behind, seeing firsthand most of the betrayal and siphoning off of the vast wealth and hard-earned assets of mankind, and the unaccountable corruption of what is both running America, and robbing it blind. All Eisenhower’s warnings and fears were realized. Even then the weasels were burrowing in deeply.  Eisenhower feared for you all. It has come to pass as he warned. 
  • America is run with 2 sets of books, one undisclosed for mass connivery and unparalleled fraud and ruthless chicanery. The scale of siphoned theft is the primary cause of America’s deteriorating infrastructure and Israel’s hidden wealth. It keeps these Jews well suited and booted. Gullible Goyim whom they despise, exploited. The transfer switch game which allowed the Bushes to award single supplier contracts without tendering to their own front companies, skimming vast profits by double transfer cons, with the likes of Cheney acting for the Bush family to skim the lot. Bush 41 was a crime lord, a con artist. They got rich stitching up Americans. You!
  • Let me give you all hope. For many years we have been planning innovatory rail networks across Eurasia, from Beijing to London, traveling via Kazakhstan and to both Moscow and the U.K. The same from China, through India and over to Iran. Networks taking us from Iran, via Turkey, into Greece and Europe. Networking also new joint-venture projects between the U.S. and U.K., which has great synergy. The same with Germany. Vast new infrastructure projects. Creating and building entire new economies. Taking the vast industrial potential of the Ruhr to empower its foundries, fabrication industries and opening up new jobs for metal workers, re-tasked to manufacture the vast new rail tracks and rolling stocks needed for the emerging Silk Roads’ new cities, communities and infrastructure along the way. Refunding the Foundries to re-fund Germany and other nations by intelligent use of securities profits to secure your futures. Money for taxes not skimmed to offshore banks. Enrich nations instead. New education systems free of Abrahamian dogma and no Vatican child molestation. Core ethereal values star children! Allow and encourage Germany to adopt part national service as with Switzerland, to protect its borders, communities and women with pride. 
  • Our Elders would part-own the entire new highways, the infrastructure, and the global community financing. Waging war on want, not each other. Not cross-funding the vast, out- of-control rapacious military industrial Cabal, four-squares-a-day posing comic Pentagon characters; coffee and burger fat guts who run from trouble, and their greedy toy soldiers. Its unquenchable thirst is for the creation of wars to feed the vast shadow governments military combine hegemony contractor companies who mass kill for profit. Or to feed its Criminals In Action crime syndicate agencies who quadrupled opium production in Afghanistan and did deals with the Taliban for profits. Never mind that the ever-faulty Lockheed planes fall out of the skies, they just charge ever more fees which increases their profits. Never mind the fact the ejector seats don’t work, this time they make sure any new “Francis Gary Powers” pilot does go down with his plane. Vast trillions are syphoned off each year, and for what gain for Americans? Zero! Mugged!
  • When the new central BRICS currency is unleashed as a preferred USD alternative, which many will then adopt, do you have a clue what is coming at you? 
  • When over 50% of all water running off the Rockies every year is wasted, while America faces droughts and food shortages, why is it beyond Washington to innovate, repair the levies, create new dams and use the enormous power then harnessed to generate new hydro power for the cities? Self-help, instead of the Cabal helping itself. Self-sufficiency by self-help. Here is a brief review of a project proposed in 1964 which could have been built in 20-30 years. Instead, Lyndon B. Johnson chose to spend the funds on Vietnam and kill 58,000 of our young men in a war that was never declared by Congress; men that could have built this system. The resources, both financial and technical, exist to do this and other projects. But only if such project funding will remain out of the grasp of desperately insolvent central bankers, who, like before, will not see such positive life supporting projects like the North American Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA) as important to their interests.

    And those interests are not interested in looking out for your interests.  
58.000 Dead Instead Of 4,000,000 Employed. Courtesy Of Politics And Its Backers

Remember, the preceding information concerning the global settlements is certainly true, but not all there is to know. It is impossible to reveal all the details at this stage. The complexities require delicate handling and discretion. As we can, more information will be forthcoming when it is appropriate and safe to share. Your understanding is appreciated!

And as a final thought, the only place you will find accuracy in all matters concerning the global settlements, is right here. No other sites or outlets are going to legitimately reveal details of the process beyond what is disclosed here. Be cautious in your judgment when you hear stories of pending mass public financial payments from “elders” or “Asians”, claimed by people with no discernable positions of responsibility within the necessary sovereign halls of power where such matters are negotiated.

Remember, the mountain does not come to the man. Never forget this.

Thank you, and stay tuned for further announcements. The journey continues.



  1. Putin’s dream of Russian victory slips away in Ukraine

    Outside of all the assurances Russia would win, and Ukraine would roll over, they didn’t . Winter is coming and Russia is getting its Ass kicked. Generals and Colonels are mass dyeing.
    Russians are retreating and dying, leaving munitions behind them. Troops are deserting. Conscripts are hiding or leaving Russia. Now their own captured shells will be used against them.
    Russia is now LOSING This war. Face is already lost. Reputation shattered. Is Putin now on Death Row?
    Macron’s European Political Community Debuts in the Shadow of War – The New York Times

    A shift of priority. At last Leaders are waking up to Russia’s aggression and the energy crisis. Meeting and talking it through.
    The fact that Britain, a Non EU party has agreed to attend raises Britain’s standing sky high. Action men. British rockets are killing Putin in Ukraine. .

    Michael Hudson: A roadmap to escape the west’s stranglehold

    America has lost the plot

    An interesting perspective worth reading.
    Biden Made Secret Offer to Buy Tons of OPEC+ Oil at $80 a Barrel in Exchange for Not Cutting Production – Got Rebuffed

    Biden fails again!

    Talk about a clueless bunch with limited creditability.
    In today’s world of Fiat currency( printed scrip with no intrinsic backing) the only thing that gives rise to currency value is the productive output of a nation and confidence in the value of that currency to be acceptable desired payment for labor/ efforts. Confidence is measured in part by the creditability given to a nation’s leadership.
    Today, there is little confidence in the Biden gong show which is not even representative of a larger government bureaucracy but a limited number of State actors.
    This action by OPEC is a clear, piss off moment for the Biden regime. This will not be lost on the global community of nations who are watching.

    Florida is no place to be



  2. As now innumerable analysts have reported, the vaxx kills. We have pointed out the Bayesian data crime and the general malfeasance of not performing autopsies. Like others, we said “dead is dead” and the numbers weren’t turning — low ball counts in official records not matching actuarial predictions not matching coroner counts not matching mortuary results and cemetery not to mention some absurd in-both-directions numbers out of clinical. All obfuscation. And then booom!

    Israeli report: “the mRNA experimental vaccine from Pfizer killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period”

    Haim Yativ and Dr. Seligmann declare that for them, “this is a new Holocaust,” in face of Israeli authority pressure to vaccinate citizens; Pfizer and Bourla did this to Israel, a 2021 ‘KILLING FIELDS


    All the value stored in US dollars, euros, and other fiat currencies will be siphoned out and transferred elsewhere.

    This process is already well underway.

    For example, from the start of the Covid hysteria in March 2020 until today, the Federal Reserve has printed more money than it has for the entire existence of the US. It’s the biggest monetary explosion that has ever occurred in the US.


    1. It’s readying for the oncoming Zio default, the Zio and Jewish Bank Rats are running, Asset stripping fast. Americans have been taken for Mugs. Gutted.


  4. This heartbroken mom was not given a reason why her perfectly healthy baby died, even though her daughter’s adverse reactions were clear indications of vaccine injury. Her death was dismissed as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), even when there is growing evidence that SIDS should be more accurately named Vaccine Infant Death Syndrome (VIDS) as found in court cases and supported by medical research. Kimberly shares her painful experience with the hope that Chloe’s memorable story will bring awareness to the health issues, injuries, and deaths, that are often attributed to vaccines and our broken “healthcare” system.

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  5. I sincerely hope the GS will require all such “imports” to be returned to their ethnic lands before any benefits will flow to the respective country into which they were allowed in. Multiculturalism only seems to be demanded on European culture. Soros, the chief cockroach in back of this scheme, needs to have his balls nailed to a wagon wheel.

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  6. Typical, typical, typical. History repeating. Let’s start another world war (with nukes this time) over war guarantees prompted by someone who wants to create another Israel on the Euro-Asian continent.

    Danzig, 2.0.

    Had we stayed out, this turd cross-dresser would have been all but out by now, and peace at hand. But, no, we had to finance the continuation of a conflict to protect a US installed Ukrainian Zionist fake money launderette and LGBTQ child modification centers, and ensure more gay pride parades in Kyiv. All pointing to reducing birthrates on the continent.

    Vladimir, drop a neutron device on Kyiv. The sooner, the better. War is all hell, as William Tecumseh Sherman said. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. Stop picking at the scab. Better Russian Oligarchs control Ukraine than a bunch of Jewish faggots.

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  7. Watch “😅 Funny Joke: A man is in a long line at the grocery store. As he got to the register he realized…” on YouTube
    Teenage Tony at the Grocery Store.

    Watch “😅 Joke Stories: A priest goes to the barber for a haircut. When it’s done, he asks the barber…” on YouTube

    Sadly, this IS America today


    1. The supermarket checkout chicks in my younger days were always middle aged women whom no man wanted to marry. Gruff, angry looking types that scared the crap out of me. Never younger good looking ones. The younger ones were always working in diners or malt shops. Being raised a Catholic we never had condoms in the house, so by the time I started to need them, we had to buy them from the Protestant boys in the neighborhood. It was expensive to shag in those days.


  8. If Peacefully Protesting Abortion Is Criminal But Firebombing Pregnancy Centers Is Not, There Is No Rule Of Law



  9. Saudi Aramco chief sounds alarm over global oil capacity

    The Arabs are playing us all.
    Biden stands humiliated – the Saudis chose Putin over hi

    As will Asia, all want America gone.
    Bitcoin Accumulation Hits Seven-Year High, Flashing 2015 and 2019 Bottom Signal: Quant Analys
    Note this.
    Vitalik Buterin Reveals Ethereum’s (ETH) End Game, Names Several Big Visions for Fut
    OPEC announces the biggest cut to oil production since the start of the pandemic

    Now they can cut output by 20% and increase UNEARNED Income by 150% . We are so being played.
    Ukraine’s three likely routes of attack as the brain-dead Russian army collapses

    Putin and Russia is in Freefall.
    Our families need it: Russian soldiers demand pay after mobilisation order

    Sent to die unpaid. No wonder why they run. Thieve less and pay your Troops Runt Putin!

    The end of Vladimir Putin is fast approaching

    The Runt is losing the plot. Will he follow the Czars , a bullet to the head or a red hot poker up his Rrrrs?


    1. IMHO she’s just stupid. Lethally so. The “pills” at the end aren’t medication, unless you consider TUMS medication.

      Of course, either way, we are doomed…


    1. Maybe THIS is the (vax) domino that we‘ve been waiting to fall?

      [video src="" /]


  10. Joke of the morning….

    A blonde was speeding in a 35-mile-per-hour zone when a local police officer pulled her over and walked up to the car.
    The officer also happened to be a blonde and she asked for the blonde’s driver’s license.

    The driver searched frantically in her purse for a while and finally said to the blonde policewoman, “What does a driver’s license look like?”

    Irritated, the blonde cop said, “You dummy, it’s got your picture on it!”

    The blonde driver frantically searched her purse again and found a small, rectangular mirror down at the bottom.

    She held it up to her face and said, “Aha!

    This must be my driver’s license” and handed it to the blonde policewoman.

    The blonde cop looked in the mirror, handed it back to the driver and said,

    “You’re free to go.

    And, if I had known you were a police officer too, we could have avoided all of this.

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  11. ttps://

    Real world it’s British rockets delivered to Ukraine which is scuttling Russia.

    Russian nuclear submarine armed with ‘doomsday’ weapon disappears from Arctic harbor: report | Fox News

    Disappeared means they lost track of it on radar sensors, so now it can be anywhere . Looking right down your throats.
    That OMG moment when the Navy has no idea where the hell it is but know it s a wild card loose

    Belgorod carries 6 Poseidon drones and those, having unlimited range and speeds in excess of 100 knots, are not interceptable by any existing ASW means and they carry not only nuclear ordnance, but also can carry a pile of conventional explosives in lieu of nukes, and that means that a single Belgorod can sink 6 US Navy nuclear aircraft carriers
    Now you know why people are stressed

    As the energy cost spiral has lost control, the greed of the few means entire vast industries and businesses are forced out of business, or have to leave. Horrendous. Wake up time!

    Leader, REAL Leaders of competence would slam in price controls, smash instantly all Futured speculators when our Nation States are threatened by such Racketeers. and, if need be, congregate together to have our forces arrive and ” Negotiate with Brass Nuckles” with Despot who allow to rule Fiefdoms.

    Removing a few Sheiks, by the Nutts if need be, woul Shake them all up.
    Power- Use it!
    Power to give a smacking it forces change. Once we sent Gunboats. Now they send the Bidens for Pelosis for kickbacks.

    Many Europeans have already begun departures to even South America.
    Germany can not take this. Smash Speculators.


  12. In a nutshell.


  13. ——–
    He’s such a big, DUMB Lummock

    The Kushners used the clown to free endless convicted Jewish Criminals. then dumped him. He’s embarassing, the Clown of Stupidity.
    Trump rages against Russia probe of 2016 but nothing about huge hack
    Russian ANIMALS again. Filth.

    Russian torture chamber with bucket of teeth found in Ukraine
    Re: UK Blocks Russia From Purchasing Array Of Services >From British Firms |

    This is first of many more sanctions to come.. Britain stands up to Putin with a huge F O sign. One wrong move from this idiot Moscow Crook and we hit him.

    Another grubby Markel mess by Grabbing Markel


  14. Only place I could find this nearly 2 minute clip was on Telegram… interesting if it is true…
    Fred Corbin – an educated man with multiple engineering degrees and expertise – received internal documentation from Pfizer that declares: each 30mg vial contains 15 billion nano particles of graphene oxide.
    Graphene oxide is the main culprit responsible for the vaccine side effects in recipients of the Covid-19 jabs.


    1. So true Tino, but our own MSM here is as bad. It’s a Global dichotomy. Where is the Rule of Law-Anywhere?
      Does no one care?
      Beyond sad.
      Sadly- True.


        1. Lara Logan,,, a REAL journalist… our MSM is the exact opposite of real journalism!… dare I say it,,, FAKE!… it is obvious they are more than just fake… they are lying scum who push whatever agenda they are told… they are one of the biggest enemies of state IMO!

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  15. Like

  16. Like

  17. Putin ‘preparing to make decision about tactical nuclear strike’

    A cornered rat up a drainpipe.
    How European voters are rejecting left-wing, elitist politicians

    Good it’s long overdue . Out with Woke and Commie wasters
    Right is Right!
    Meghan Markle releases delayed fourth episode of Archetypes podcast

    2 posing ,posturing self adulating Muppets whose treachery will not be forgiven
    The weapons Putin could use on Ukraine, and the targets they could hit

    My fear as indicated many times. A cornered Rat which is what he is..this is not a smart man just a Mediocre crook who stepped up as better parties killed each other.
    This piece of shit is a loose turd, he’s no cannon
    New Intel for you to assess.

    Jeffrey David Sachs, an American economist, has come out and said on TV, that the US destroyed Nord Stream 1&2. Everyone I have spoken to from around the world, all believes the US did this and I know there is a think tank that has recommended the US now take out the South Stream from Turkey to Europe. Nord Stream was a formal act of war. Russia sees it that way, as does most of the world. This is an attempt to destroy the economy of Russia where energy accounts for 50% of its’ GDP. What does one expect of a Neocon thieving crowd that seeks the breakup of Russia? There are now public accessible documents that show that Russia was invited to join NATO and the hard liners stepped in and said NO as it would mean the breakup of Russia. It is what led to Putin coming in. The Clintons’ dirty laundry will soon come to light in that caper.

    If South Stream is taken out, then yes you can expect a nuclear strike in short order. Putin for all his larceny is a moderate, however he is under growing pressure from so called hard liners, much like American Neocons and even allies now to raise the bar. As for the hate filled Neocon Ukies directed by their enablers they soon will see hell on wheels as they face off against real Russian army forces armed with with modern systems and not old revamped equipment. As you no doubt know there is more build up occurring now than before this conflict started which clearly indicates a determination not seen before.

    The difference is that Russia is fighting on Russian soil ( debated by the West, but real under Article 1 of the UN charter) and not in the Ukraine which allows an escalation of battlefield tactics restricted by the SMO. This is something that historians one day will say was the Turning point in the conflict. For now what we have seen is a typical Mongol tactic of retreat upon contact and harassment with artillery and that will soon change. As it is Ukrainians are taking severe losses and it is well known that English voices direct tactical activities and not the Ukrainian Army command.

    For the first time in a very long time i have 2nd thoughts about being in Europe late October and early November and that is not about gas shortages. I have similar concerns with expected upheavals in the US. Both China and Russia are also well aware that there is pushback internally against the Biden gong show which leads to uncertainty and both parties have concerns as unpredictably enters the equation.

    And there is a very good chance that Biden will be removed and you may see Pelosi on stage and a delay in US elections. This too if it occurs this way this too will concern many parties beyond America. And given what has occurred in Central Banking the Fed is now the leader of a Band where they have control interest in the likes of BIS and very much a need to get real capital into a system where printing no secured dollars will serve to create greater problems. It is all a mess with derivative issues coming to surface with their own repercussions. And countries and Central Banks incapable of bailing out banks in trouble.
    Welcome to fall!
    yes we will be your voices

    Yes WHA will stand with you.


  18. A word of caution to balance reality for you all. If the US Military blows Putin’s Gas pipes they blow his income source for war. Crude, dirty and American. Like the US Politics.
    It’s getting ugly. Putin’s Hawks want war.


    1. Blowing the pipes was the most imbecilic move anyone could do at that moment in time. Trading with the Enemy has long been a universal tradition. Under the laws as presently construed by all sides, Germany remains on the hook for payments regardless. We’ll see what happens in practice.


      1. Tino

        Germany had a quiet back channel dialogue with Russia playing out for cheap gas. It leaked, and the Pentagon did a DC or Hollywood fast fix, they blew it. Never mind over 150 m undeserving struggling people now facing needless deprivation. Freeze and die for another needless lie. It will backfire on America. Post BRICS where will the Allies be, with such Hegemony ignominy?
        My small Island nations has an Energy bill for Gas and Electric to stay alive rising from $2K to $5K and Car fuel on top for the poor. They don’t have it!!!!!!!!!!
        Eat and to freeze to death, or heat and starve. The old and poor can’t pay. We need a war, but on Want, and to invade the Arabe Fs if need be. Lock out hiking prices, say No. Stop Speculators racket and freeze their funds. Put our people first. F Futures games. Freeze the lot.
        Post GS, post BRICS there will be hell to pay. Shake out and Up the Sheiks.


        1. 100% on having Value Delivery Competitions instead of Destructive Wars.

          Figured Germany was acting in somewhat rational self-interest and that DC had a hissy fit.


            1. lol I am going to have to buy a bigger paddle when I get to London! 🙂 Trust me bad boy if I did you would not be quiet. lol


    1. Yes, the original study was retracted, but frankly it was all political reasoning. Get in there with IVM early, and the covid simply does not progress. Respect the FLCCC guidelines on dosing and there is no toxicity.

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  19. Like

  20. Like

    1. Weevils breed until stopped. Or they devour all. The key of 13 tribes as the base DNA target has not been missed. It took Covid 2 years to encircle the world. But just 6 months to start serious damage.
      Targeted Rodent viruses will emerge. They want more funds for Bat DNA Virus research. How much for Flying Rodent virus research. Of course species jumping is a risk, but species safety blocks can be planned in. Before we focused on Chemical solutions for Rodent control. Now we have DNA. Bat research is acceptable. What about bearded invasive predatory Sewer Rats? Species selection. Is the Rat run ending? How many Black Ops Labs are out there? Look at Ukraine alone.
      If funds are allocated for invasive species, it gets “Sorted”. Most are located near Monetary Centres or Political Power Centres. Maximising the Bang for each Buck.
      Iran Syria, Egypt, Iraq and more would ” Assist”. As would many more. How high is it on Palestine’s wish list?
      Or Russia’s? How many in the EU want a solution to Rodent pollution.
      A thinking world will retask the need for which mask. Who sorts the Whores of Wars behind Closed Doors? A new world is emerging. Focused.

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  21. As we earlier pointed out…

    (It’s good to have friends in high places).

    (Munich, too. hehe)


    1. They need a SAFE Central Major Banking City Coordinator. Safe hands. It can be planned as Rodent free. CDFIs, in each nation. Community Development Financial Institutions, funding Communities to develop, cohesive support, free of Rodents. No more Derivatives or Ponzi scams. One city who controls 67% of all All Global Forex and a “Glass Ceiling”. Damage control fast. Evil Empires gone. Replacing Weevils. Feeding Need! Not Rodent Greed. Exodus with No Fuss. Let the Ho go.

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  22. NBC: “How the CDC’s communication failures during Covid tarnished the agency”; that’s a load of bollocks, its the FRAUD, the LIES, the DECEIT, the MISLEADING data, the OMITTED data, NOT communications
    “Frustrations still run high at the CDC, but staffers remain hopeful that agency will regain its credibility with the public”, note to CDC, you cannot regain it, it is over, the public divorced you

    Dr. Paul Alexander
    Oct 3

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  23. 27 prototype pathogen vaccines…

    Are you goddam insane Daszak? Fauci, you’ll hang for enabling this. Can you imagine the level of disease mRNA-based prototype pathogen vaccines would create and spread and facilitate? Is not Covid Spike Proteing vaxx a disaster-in-progress?

    Nota bene — The Nobel folks know its a disaster and as such no one associated with the mRNA vaxx is being rewarded with the Nobel prize.


    1. These Fs own the Oval office and both houses. They own the lot.
      Guillotines! Micro wave Cells for 50 a time. 3 minutes cooked for Hell.
      Get it right!


  24. That’s what it’s for.

    Juden banking cartels getting nervous.


    1. If we default the lot, the Rats can do what?
      Leave them all with an empty hand, and exodus the lot to their Stolen Promised land.
      Move out the Arabs. Neutron it. Move back in the Arabs. Sorted. Screw Balfour.
      Rodents gone. Palestine free, Palestine, No Khazar Swine. 6,000 year to sort Rodents? DNA sort America. A fast spray, they go away.


  25. ”The armed conflict in Ukraine will continue until 2030, as a result, Ukraine will lose half of its territory, and the EU will cease to exist by that moment. This conflict could have been local, but due to the intervention of the West, it became global, as a result of which the EU economy was destroyed.”

    -Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban


    1. Will the Euro survive past 2025? Germany cannot keep bailing it. It can’t even cover its illegal Wogs. When will Italy bail?
      If Italy and Germany’s Banks fail the US takes the hit. It can’t !
      The EU does not have until 2030. Without the GS nor does the US.
      The US Jew Treasury, and US Jew Bankers, are putting total Self Interest over the GS. They can’t redeem the Petro Dollars or MTNs, and if CBDC’s come in they lose their control. Jewboys caught in the headlights as Thieves in the night. When did a Thief ever pay back? 6,000 years of these Rodents cross bred with Genghis Khans assimilating Khazarian Mafia scum. Israel is KHAZAR! Until the West wakes TF up they will not be stopped. The US is mugged and Butt F every year and still does nothing. These Rodent Fs have every post covered and blocked. Roach roasting time.
      Roaches ride free.

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      1. We are fortunate for your help John. It is rare and almost impossible to have information about such high level hidden financial things on any other site.

        And I did read the information you mentioned to me on WEF. It takes me time to find it all because this site has so much information it takes a while to read it all!
        Europe is starting to unravel and now Polacks want war payments? Our leaders many just be stupid enough to agree. Go get it from Israel and Russia. We have already paid back the world with our innovation and trade. Who got you to the Moon? Polacks? lol

        I posted some of your information to our internal messaging. Keep working on the GS! 🙂 And behave!

        Hugs from Munich!

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          1. The US can NOT cover its black holes without the GS.
            We will NOT accept Roaches in the London Global operation Total Block . Zero access.
            No Roaches or Roach Banks. A Gold Wailing Wall!
            If we can get the Elders to allow the London BRICS CBDC spread, the lot comes down. Yid Central croaks. Via London we can control China also. Their nightmare is us bringing India in, with phased, affordable steps, and them being cut out. Major Kabuki 9D Chess.
            The US and Zios would be totaled. We need neither. The entire Ponzi Fed pyramid would collapse.
            A whole new world order with both blown. A huge board is in play. You have no idea. Kabuki 9D.
            Clean boards, no Mongol hoards. Our own Yank and Zio free banks. Ethical banking. CBDC’s and BRICS. Scum free.
            We have any in the wings ready and waiting. My A Teams. Loyal, long standing and Ethical. Zio free. No Politicos needed. Our OWN Banks. Crook free.

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        1. Totally agree Munich Girl!
          Not only John has been fighting for this but has the wisdom to fight evil because knows their game. We are a good family here and this is a worldwide event to benefit good people with good intentions.

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    1. Jewish people lived in peace in Israel/ Palestine , accepted by all, until these Khazar Fs took all.
      Khazars are NOT Jews, just fake Assimilators. Fake Khazar Scum.


  26. DOMINIC LAWSON: Russia’s forces are approaching mutiny

    Countdown to end this clown?
    The pound surges after Truss and Kwarteng perform 45p tax U-turn

    The pound surges after pressure was applied not to cut taxes for the fat cats
    Is the body key to understanding consciousness

    Interesting conjecture. What if?
    Bowel Movement Frequency Could Indicate Risk of Heart Attack and Type 2 Diabetes

    Heads up- to keep you alive.
    Russian TV shows chilling sequence 'in anticipation of nuclear war'

    This is what Rasputin will unleash.
    The corrupt little Whore Chose this war.

    Kwasi Kwarteng faces calls for inquiry after attending champagne party with hedge fund managers hours after delivering mini-budget

    Already we see evidence of the new Chancellor partying with Fat Cats. The Media now have him. Lunch ?
    Think Putin is a global threat? Then we need to talk about Xi Jinping

    Without a good MSM, who alerts you?

    Only WHA from what I see.
    Our Galactic Backyard What a cosmos
    Kadyrov claims he is sending his teenage sons to fight in Ukraine

    Every intel effort should be made to locate and annihilate them asap
    While you could expect anything from the obnoxious Cheap Skank and Grifter Trump. having already seen Biden’s corruption, and family Sleaze, it’s time he wad down faced with this, and if true, removed fast.
    America must hang its head in shame if this Slag is guilty. No more In the Land of Hos Anything Goes. He must Go! Investigate for Gods sake clean up this filth.
    Poland demands £1.1TRILLION in war damages from Germany

    As if, let them have it, then all the Wogs, Zionists and Bolsheviks trash will move to Poland, and we can delouse our nations. Get rid.
    Russia’s military veterans condemn Ukraine war and slam ‘idiot’ Putin

    Does this Cheap Thieving Punk have any idea what he will saddle Russia with if we launch?


  27. That plan was called “Cloward-Piven.”

    Obama learned it well. It’s happening today. Look around. The powers-that-be have just given it a different name: “The Great Reset.”

    But the goals are the same- destroy America, make us into a socialist nation, make everyone poor and dependent on government to survive, and make us into a one-party country (Democrat Party) with no opposition or dissent.


    1. Respectfully I DID listen to Putin’s speech. All his concerns. Many we share and support.
      But waging war on innocents, with 6 million homeless is not the way. Nor Nuke threats. When plans are the knee jerks of a jerk, all we see is a Jerk. Then a good case is lost. He has now needlessly polarised Russia and lost the high ground. As with Trump, Biden and himself, none are up to their jobs. But the Jews rule these fools. Whores wars. Whores now own the US. Sadly.


  28. Very very important development. If low-dose nattokinase does the trick it will save lives.


  29. We’ve just about had it. Intellectually blown out and culturally nonexistent anymore.


  30. Like

    1. Deutsch is a racketeering CIA Agency bank. CS lesser, but both on a big US hook.
      Deutsch is an MTN issuing bank, and those run in 10 year cycles. Once they come up for redemption and renewal, and the Fed cant back it, the lot erupts. CS and more will be caught in the implosion. Americas exposure to both will sink the Dollar. The Ponzi scam is nearing its end.
      Fake MTN Ponzi money scams false funded the bloated Military, Cabal and Zios. Vast QUAD Trillions were stripped. The Human Zoo knows nothing. If this goes, who rounds up the Hos?
      You bet the Fed and Treasury are panicking. Who dies for the lies?
      Time a few missiles ended Israel. Scumbag central.


  31. This does not belong in any school. Children cannot consent, period, end of story. It isn’t even a grey area of jurisprudence. The Governor needs to be hoisted and hanged on this. Everyone else needs to go down for Corruption of the Morals of a Minor and the related charges of foisting pornography on a minor.


  32. Thank you John for the communication regarding the Ukraine matter and the plans to increase ZIonist Jewish influence in that poor country. I am sorry it took me so long to reply as getting communication is sometimes not so easy with my schedule and nature to be careful as is needed in my work.

    The information was very important to understand as we do understand it entirely. The western man is sold a false idea by the press owned by the same interests.

    Ukraine is to be the southern flank of the wests penetration into Russia. They are already having LGBT gay faggot parades in Ukraine, which is an attack on the traditional family values which Russia holds so valuable and necessary to protecting her future, and is not a traditional Ukrainian celebration. Nobody should celebrate their sexual preference. It is not needed. Just be who you are and do your job.

    While Putin is not an angel he is a nationalist and not about to let a fake western press paint him as what the Zionst controlled west is themselves. And that is of a waring aggressive spreader of Bolshevism and usury hungry animals intending to produce a society that is for capital enrichment of the money lenders and not economic betterment of society in general. The collapse of western economies is proof of that.

    We know who destroyed the gas line. Just ask who benefits from it? Israel now reported ready to sell us natural gas now? Biden shitpants openly saying they would stop it. Does not take a scientist to figure that one. The money grubbers again behind the scenes profiting off of the people as their goyim cattle to serve them.

    As you said once. They will come in a buy it all for pennies. The people suffer, and they do not care. Money grubbers.

    So much is going on I can not even start to say what. But I have a busy day tomorrow so I am going to have some food and relax. Getting a foot massage in the morning in the spa! 🙂

    Be good John and keep up the work for releases okay? It is getting bad and new management is needed in Europe.


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    1. MG
      New Management is needed in the West and Asia.
      In London it can be organised to swing 160 degrees after each morning and be foot massaged every day. Not back too?
      Read what I left you re WEF and more. Also your own economy.
      See the item on Lords access. End lines. Scroll down.
      Failing to agree the GS could leave the US facing default and we know this.
      Controlling China via BRICs currencies is key. Balancing them and India equally. It’s taking time with the Elders to risk allowing the Chans any position. They really fear Beijing. More than Rocket Man in the north
      The EU is visibly approaching implosion. How much longer can you keep bailing them? Italy may defect next. You are not far behind. All you know needs repositioning.
      Like the massages.


  33. Exclusive: Hindawi and Wiley to retract over 500 papers linked to peer review rings
    Richard Bennett, vice president of researcher and publishing services for Hindawi, told us that the publisher suspects “coordinated peer review rings” consisting of reviewers and editors working together to advance manuscripts through to publication. Some of the manuscripts appeared to come from paper mills, he said.


  34. “We will all have heard of Klaus Schwab & the World Economic Forum. Some will know of the Global Young Leaders program, of which Schwab is so proud, since it is through this program that WEF has “penetrated the cabinets” (of numerous governments around the world).
    Fewer will know that Dr Henry Kissinger ran an analogous program out of Harvard, wholly funded & supported by the CIA & that Schwab had had Kissinger as his mentor.
    The first time I heard Schwab (foolishly, in my opinion) claiming credit for placing Trudeau, Macron & several of the cabinets of the Canadian & French Governments out of his YGL program, I knew that at very least, no graduate of such a program had any business standing for election. The conflicts of interest are obvious & potentially so serious as effectively to constitute, for that nation, a “Manchurian Candidate”. I propose that it should be illegal to have been a member of any organisation, club or body who’s objectives aspire to be global & either political, economic, social or technical in nature. It is to be understood that this really intends to exclude from elected public office alumni of the YGL of the WEF. Furthermore, I believe there already is a duty of candor on the part of candidates for election to parliamentary positions, obligating such candidates to declare any such relationships, past or present.
    Would it be so surprising if it were to encompass those who’ve been supported (or manipulated) by the intelligence agency of any foreign power? Then no more should it be a surprise to include WEF among any list of proscribed organisations.”


    1. James,
      The CIA, under many false front companies, is probably the worlds largest
      Crimes and Racketeering syndicate. False, Fake Front and totally ruthless. See their portfolio of holdings.

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  35. Putin’s loyalists start to turn on tyrant key Ukrainian city lost

    We have unrivalled back channels and unrivalled intel
    We have him on play and he’s no idea how much we can unsettle him

    Ugly all of it.
    this is why ivermectin must be used in all citizens who have taken the shot

    This is from a long time pharmacist friend…. Not with standing this i personally have taken ivermectin since last April as a precaution ……never did trust the narrative …. Whenever you you see a collective of bombarding pressure like we saw, you know it is a lie because you are in essence being over whelmed with narrative to force you not to think for yourself but accept Group think.
    Sometimes when everyone walks in one direction, you need to walk in the opposite direction to be able to think and not accept the main stream. The reality is we have been conditioned not to think independently and the ability to reason through fiction and truth is so much more difficult.
    Truss ‘orders Charles to stay away from Cop27 climate change summit’

    On this occasion we will give you a real insight into the Monarchy Kabuki theatre. King Charles is being ordered by the PM not to attend conferences which may offend Government policies or to risk giving credibility with adverse parties.
    Kings march to orders.
    Michael Hudson on The Euro Without Germany | naked capitalism

    We need our readers in Germany to grasp this.

    An article worth reading as it spells out what is in store for Europe as I repeatedly have been saying for many months.


    1. Run Piggie,Run, Piggie,Run,Run,Run.
      Useless! Gutless and pointless. Defund cowardly Crap. Paper F Tigers.
      Hard Fact, bring in the Riot Squad TRAINED Army Units and this SHITE would be cleared in 5 minutes. Just bring enough body bags and dags. 4 GPMG units so we can sweep the sides , middle and one to hose from above. That would get us at least 500 taken out in the first minute. Mounted cavalry can come up from behind when safe and swords flashing. Animals! The Wogs are now out of control.
      The Hell with Reason, it’s HUNTING SEASON! The Iron fist and none missed!
      Disgusting trash. We are trained for this. Use them for God’s sake.
      Bang, sorted anarchy aborted.
      Uppity Wogs need felling like logs. Deport! Enoch warned this would follow. We all knew it.

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  36. DEVASTATION & Tragedy: 20-Year-Old Med Student Dies from Heart Attack ONE DAY After Covid Vaccine; Med student received vaccine in order to participate in clinicals, family states.


  37. Tony, is this Fed meeting in Monday a “Emergency” as many are saying? Or is this being blown out of proportion? Thanks


    1. Mainly meeting to discuss major banks ability to withstand growing market instability and liquidity capacity to take runs. Also the coming BRICs impact implications.
      If Asia and China pull on US Treasuries, who redeems T Bills if called, and with what with no money if not repurchasing new bills to run the Ponzi scam. Fake Fed banks. The Jews have screwed the pooch, now the pooch is hungry.
      SWIFT will take a hit, the USD will take a hit, how do they sell the big lie? If the big Pension Funds dont buy, the lie explodes.

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    1. “Surprisingly, only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein could be detected within the foci of inflammation in both the brain and the heart, particularly in the endothelial cells of small blood vessels.

      Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection.

      The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.”

      Yep. Absolutely correct reasoning and conclusion.


  38. ———
    PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    This is shocking article and it makes to understand why so many people are over whelming the health systems.
    Putin is trapped in a corner. Trying to blag his way into seizing territory is not working out well. Winter is coming fast. He’s losing Generals and men fast. Ground also. What now?
    Good bye to the European economy if this gets cut off.

    When everyone knows this is fight for control of oil and gas in dollars for hegemony on the wane, it is clear that being a brother’s keeper is trumping all else.

    September 29, 2022: Days after explosions damaged Nord Stream 1 and 2, Oleg Aksyutin, CEO of South Stream Transport BV, said that if TurkStream natural gas pipeline is damaged, they won’t be able to mount repairs, because the Dutch government has revoked a key license due to EU sanctions against Russia, according to the US state-run RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe) on Thursday. And has informed the company’s managers to stop all work and cancel contracts with Western suppliers. According to the letter dated September 14, and said that the Netherlands, where the company is registered, had canceled its operating license effective September 17.

    The TurkStream is operated by South Stream Transport, a pipeline finalized in 2020, running under the Black Sea to Türkiye and then on to Serbia and Hungary. It’s annual capacity is 33 billion cubic meters of gas, and Reuters said SouthStream had confirmed on Thursday that its license was revoked, but said it had requested a resumption and “will continue gas transportation.”

    Putin for the last 10 years has been attacking the West and assaulting our freedoms. Listen to how he has played us all.
    When does the face off come? Whose?
    Ukraine is only part of Putin’s game plan
    Russia cannot afford another 15 years at war with the west
    How Putin miscalculated in the struggle for Ukraine


  39. Good evening, citizens.

    A few items to cover.

    First, a housekeeping item concerning how to post a comment.

    Recently, I have received quite a few e-mails from readers who say they can’t figure out how to post a comment. I find this rather interesting, but then I had to look into the matter from different angles and I think I know why this is a factor for some people.

    The site will display different ways for people depending on the medium they are using to view it. For instance, the “Reply” field will be at the bottom of the comments if you view on a standard web browser on a PC. On phones, it should be the same, and is on mine. But, on other phone browsers, the reply field is at the top of the comments section. If one does not see it at the top, and does not scroll down to the full length of the existing comments, they will not see it and figure they are not able to post.

    So, remember, it’s there. Scroll up or down and you will find it.

    Next, some encounter problems when they do enter a comment. They get a message to “log in” in order to post. This means that the e-mail address you are using is associated with a Word Press user account, and if you want to post, you have to log in to Word Press to do so with THAT e-mail address. If you insist on using that e-mail address, then log into Word Press and use it. If not, use another e-mail address, enter any username you wish to, and post your comment. You DO NOT have to have a Word Press account to post here. But you have to use an e-mail address that IS NOT associated with a Word Press account in order to avoid having to log into a Word Press account to post on a Word Press site, as ours is such.

    Next, some comments on the crypto space.

    I have avoided saying much about this space because events are moving at such a brisk pace that one day to the next, the directions are changing so rapidly, that any observations I share of a personal view are suddenly stale and no longer the case. But, I have been able to take a much longer view ahead and despite the intermediate volatility (which is expected), I think I am confident of a few things which will be consistently in play no matter what.

    This may be of interest to those of you who are looking for good entries while you cost average your portfolios.

    For a while now, the volume of coin hitting the exchanges has been increasing quite a bit. This positive funding rate has always preceded a price decrease as sellers sell in significant volume. I am anticipating a re-test of June lows, if not making even lower lows. In other words, for the long term holder and accumulator (of which I am), this means discount entries are a big possibility here. So, we watch.

    I also anticipate other markets to likewise dump. When they do, the Fed will fire up the printing presses, and commence on their usually well timed hyper-inflationary blowout actions, which will destroy bonds and currencies. Harder assets, like gold and BTC, will likely benefit from this.

    My longer term outlook for our digital asset portfolio is still very good. There is no need to sell it off and go pout. Now is still the time for accumulating up to whatever particular level is good for each of you, if appropriate for you to do so.

    Pricewise, I think after a very serious flensing and bloodletting of the weak and confused, who think that prices always go one way and free rides are really free, we will see higher prices which will exceed past highs. Maybe by significant amounts. It’s not unreal to think of BTC to make $200K, with alt coins keeping pace to exceed past highs as well, within the next few years.

    What is most important is to keep your incomes intact, and find ways to increase it. Then divert spare risk capital to places that are ahead of the curve. Soon, the several hundred million who hold crypto will be a billion or more, and then, tens of billions. Despite the scary boogeyman language from the plantation owners of Earth via their press and political influences, they will not be able to stop digital asset development, or competition from it. And they know it. Regulate, yes. Stop, no.

    And regulation, if balanced, is a good thing, as it will stabilize the ground on which further commercial interests will want to walk in order to participate in the largest ways possible for them. They will not ignore that sugary teat. Wall St, particularly, is waiting for the SEC to remove its stinky finger from Gensler’s rancid anus once he’s signaled satisfaction that the interests he fronts for have positioned themselves ahead of the bulk of stock market mom and pops (at rock bottom prices) who are wanting in, but have no easy way or technical skills to do so.

    And then, there’s the missing equation that virtually nobody on the Earth considers, except those of you who are reading this. And that’s dynastic Elder participation, post GS releases. This is the great variable, the missing link, the great unknown, terra incognita within terra incognita. We have no idea of the projects or amounts to come. Yet. There has been talk of a first mover advantage should they decide to enter this sector.

    What more could a plebian ask for? First mover advantage from a project related to the biggest financial transaction on earth. Does it get any better? Only a night with Jane Mansfield could top it.

    Lastly, I am almost ready to start the short term play portfolio but have been tied up with my own affairs of late, so please forgive me, but I am moving as fast as I can.

    Be ready for anything. Always.


        1. In reverse not for public printing LOl.
          Remember she made the first approach and remember how. Mata Hari loose on a poor Wolverine. Who had the bigger claws? Still on X rated melt down.
          She’s got character for sure. But shes fun. Life. And bright. It evolves.


  40. [Forwarded from Reader Mark C who can’t post for some reason- WHA]

    Today Vladimir Putin made a pivotal speech.

    In this speech he attacked:
    Replacement migration and open borders.
    The LGBT agenda.
    American imperialism and occupation.
    The American banking system.
    The West’s treatment of political dissidents who speak out against ‘progressive’ politics.
    The fact that Western leaders have contempt for their own people.
    The openly Satanic nature of Western elites.

    He also boldly stood up for:
    Traditional Values.
    The nuclear family.
    The nation state.
    The right of people to preserve their culture.

    This is the strongest and most important speech made in defense of nationalistic views since the end of the World War 2. What’s more, this speech is actually stronger than anything said by any of the civic nationalists who have been elected in Western Europe since 1945. In fact, it is largely inline with the views of genuine nationalists all over the Western world.

    But this speech was not made by someone who just took a small fraction of the vote or by someone that gained a toe-hold in a regional parliament thanks to proportional representation, instead, it was made by the leader of one of the world’s most powerful nations.

    If at this point nationalists in the West cannot see the importance of Vladimir Putin and Russia as a global counterbalance to the Judeo-American Western liberal democracy that has subverted every Western nation and is slowly erasing white people, then they need to wake up.

    The anti-white and morally corrupting poison that has destroyed the West has just been challenged by a global superpower, this is something to celebrate!

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  41. Like

    1. Be careful not to overreact we have been there before. It’s the F Parasites shorting the currency price to make a killing and racketeering energy prices. City Scumbags of the worst kind. Worse the inability of Political Leaders to bring in emergency Fiscal racketeering laws, and sequestrate the lot. long overdue, take their balls.


  42. Joe announces further money laundering operations in Ukraine. All the while, US citizens in Florida get scraps after a hurricane destroyed everything they have.

    NATO membership for Ukraine is just another war guarantee in Europe. Remember how the last war guarantee worked out?


    1. Biden is lunch as the Zios play him. How stupid are the MSM with Zelensky?
      Since when did helping Ukraine while he helps himself make it right?
      6,000 years then crossed with Genghis Khan , Gorilla Snot.
      Some cocktail.


  43. These are parts of Europe he’s taken. Do we let him?

    Putin declares that occupied regions of Ukraine are part of Russia
    The Killing Fields are killing Putin. He can’t keep killing his High Command or he’s gone!

    Double blow for Putin as Ukraine kills two top commanders
    Germany We are WITH You. Resist.

    Yes we ARE Militarising Space and have done for Years. Wake TF up.

    Ukrainian forces destroy three Russian tanks and 60 soldiers in Kharkiv

    From the Sky to Just Die. Will they reach Israel? Iran and Syria will buy. Iraq and Egypt too.

    The Bombing of the Nord Stream Pipeline: Who Benefits? – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    Cutting down the Trees only goes so far. The end of American Hegemony in Europe is here The game is up! All is now in free fall. Germany will not tolerate No Heating or Eating while Bankers Racketeer

    Protect Germany from Racketeers. No more Banksters shorting stock, or the lot need to have their Cock on the Block.

    The unspoken reality is that Germany started to have behind the curtain serious talks with Russia about turning the gas back on, without American consent. Germany was and is trying to look beyond today. Surprised? Can any government official admit this publicly, without retribution? As it is relationships are seen in a new light and it is cold one with resentment bordering on hatred. And the prospect of resistance grows as realities sink in.

    Agendas trump all else in a game of hegemony, where survival rises above previous hegemony muscle. And the discourse of national opinions and grudges bares the light of day to be seen in full view. Dividing what unity existed by nationalist interests and grudges solidifying wounds that do not heal. Europe has never been one singular European culture, rather it is historical collective of national cultures in a melting pot where family, culture and religion has been stamped upon to create a uniform homogenous culture. It simply has been a failure in the inability to recognize and understanding human behavior. No one having a taste of the good life, willing gives it up for Socialism. It is why it always fails and why Klaus and gang are more worried and desperate, as they are failing in their grand plan. Even Neocons fail to grasp the folly of plans not working as people rebel. The human spirit always fights to survive and Germans want to survive. Just like many other people want to live a peaceful life with a prospect of a better tomorrow. When you take that away, you muster the human spirit to resist as it has through centuries of existence.

    And just like American hegemony or imperialism died the day Russia was thrown off Swift because there will never will be a return to the norm that existed. With repercussions that can’t be avoided for the Western world. And why the collective of Russia, China, India and the SCO and the BRIC have and will formalize the Swift alternative, which really is the abandonment of the USD in trade. Attempts at military solutions to mistakes of State are too lame and too late to make a difference. And America cannot win against the forces it unified and created as competition without the destruction of civilization. As it is no nation will escape the fallout of changes that are occurring. One can only accept and navigate the uncharted waters of economic and societal change that are coming.

    Talk to every day people in Germany and you will learn that trees are being cut down everywhere for firewood. It is not about the economy any more, it is about survival and that means not freezing in the dark of winter. One imagines the Greens will be shouting as smoke rises from the mass burn of wood this winter to hollow ears. Did you see anyone planting new trees? However, what comes after winter?

    No one knows the horrors that will be unleashed by events in the making. However be certain those who can will leave or have left and capital drain out of Europe is accelerating. The curtain is falling on the Europe once known and enjoyed and loved by many. When the chaos comes as it always does with economic decline and societal strife, the outcome is not controllable by current enablers as chaos breeds its’ own control and retribution with a vengeance.


  44. 2002: If you question US Foreign Policy, you’re on the side of the Terrorists.

    2022: If you question US Foreign Policy, you’re on the side of Russia.

    Both times this came from neocons, now on behalf of Dems. That’s why one can discuss this only on Fox:


  45. This is particilarly scary in light of the fact that billions of people have just given away their DNA through the PCR tests…

    ‘You can take someone’s DNA and design a weapon that can kill them’: House intelligence committee member warns people not to share health data with sites like 23andMe because it can be used to program new bio-weapons to target them”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly Fauci will walk- but ONLY in this life. Atonement is REAL. As Bush Sr now finds and Soros will, to his horror. Clintons, Greenpan and both houses have spaces reserved. For Obama, the Back door.


    2. Be careful that a joke does not become prophetic. Each is developing versions of HAARP. Tsunamis can be made as WMD’s. Storms also. We example for you the pipelines. Who? Why?
      Mankind is not KIND. Grunts rule Fools and Humanity is long lost. We so much need the GS. It almost made it in December but now we try again after CBDC’s can be agreed with Global mediums of exchange. Temple Money changers hang in like Crabs! Even the BIS is a Roach Central Exchange, and as with the 2 DC Houses, we need to De Louse each house and sanitise the Vermin seed. Big mistake to let the Ho go. Educate or annihilate. Will animals respond? Roaches?
      We, the world, need WHA and all of you. If 12 Good Men could change a world, what could you all do if unleashed. Many of you are our hope if we can get the GS cleared. As we have switched from Singular Petro Dollars, to our new dual option, so we have also cranked up the Gaming Board. Also to 9D Chess. Nothing good is ever easy. Understand, it’s not for these Brainwashed Roach F’s Promised Land. Women understand Promises, LOl. Good men die for that lie. Humour.
      Post GS, we need to rethink, repurpose and re-task the lot. Ethereal Values then. The power of Good! Life to be replanned as fit for a human Being. Thinking time and Off the Swine.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The above is correct. It took the Brits 60 years to even realise the Empire was dead. The US and EU are not even awake to it yet. It’s unstoppable and unfolding. We must Zip up the Zios. Rotts out.


    1. Those behind the GS are true Humanitarian Patriots. To care and share. To Feel,not exploit.
      One must go, it’s the Zio Kosher Ho! Krystal Night ( Nacht). Every nation , everywhere, must heave the lot out. It’s a Sub Human Virus. Where’s Arnie and the Exterminators? Bring him back and task him next time.


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