Causes Of Global Settlements Delays And Battleplans To Overcome Them

“What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all.”

London Temple Head

These are multiple interlinking issues to help you really understand the full board in play today gaming your own lives, the reason for global settlement delays, and what is coming at you. Unplanned, unshielded they will take it all.  Get real and get organized. They did!

Politicians have failed us all. The system is not working because of the dubious political rogues, ambulance chasing attorneys, grifters and snake oil peddlers, seeking only self-enrichment, who hold too many seats, and, sadly, in the U.S., are mainly funded and owned by Jews, and the lobbyists (presidents all are).  Trump’s own pardoning for obvious “alleged” bribe money via the Kushners, of seriously convicted long sentenced criminal Jews, is disgusting and shameful. As was his land theft of the Syrian’s Golan Heights for the Kushners, Israeli racketeers and Cheyney.  He’s yet another shameful, political low life! No, it’s NOT acceptable. He’s a shabby grifting slag and it hurts good Americans. Trust is a price not fair to be lost. 

There are few quality statesmen left to deal with this barbarian Putin and his Moscow mafia henchmen. The orange blimp can’t. Biden’s too incontinent to understand the meaning of a continent. This war has caused so many delays. Rasputin’s so scattered the board right now. Chaos rules while vipers change Biden’s diapers and Hunter channels funds to Ukraine. For what? You wonder why it takes time? Swindling the swine?    

Both U.S. Houses are full of the self-serving, untrustworthy rogues like Pelosi and Clinton, who hold too many seats, and, like the ruthless Bush family, blatantly loot the store unchecked by the system. America’s infrastructure is failing and collapsing, because wealth created and taxed from your American societies hard work, and US Zionist global hegemony, is also being syphoned off by the bloated military industrial cabal and Jewish bankers.  America fares badly beyond most Western nations, as since JFK, there has not been a national leader of intelligence, patriotic embodiment, and integrity, to serve the needs of the nation, and ensure ethical standards. Instead, as with the Bushes and Clintons, archcriminals of the worst kind loot with impunity. How can such a festering, feral rabble lead anything? You wonder why Asia and the Far East are breaking away and scourging the dollar and SWIFT? Eisenhower warned America’s deaf ears and dumb politicians what was coming.  When will America wake up to reality, as all around them is collapsing and no one cares? We will explain more in stages.  

Here is an interesting rabbit hole of intrigue if you were unaware. Can you absorb and handle this? Welcome to my world, if so: How America Secretly Recovered Yamashita’s Gold

First and foremost, before we get to the real issues affecting all nations, let’s dispose of these tiresome Dinar banshees and endless desperadoes who just won’t get it; the ever-vacuous ambulance chasers. Hard facts. Reality time, not pumpers’ empty rhetoric.

The protected assets behind the settlements are beholden to no one and will not be cross assigned to underpin or bail out fake currency printing scams, promoted by such undesirables and Dinar pumping con artists. There is no agenda to bail such almost demonetized notes, or even converted versions.  Nor will Iraqi banks assist convert or encash out to anyone who illegally invaded and perniciously destroyed their poor, DEFENSELESS country. Wantonly!  Hegemony ghouls and bloodsuckers who have no shame or humanity for these lost Iraqi souls. Just gimme, gimme, gimme hands out. They feel owed. Pitiful. One million Iraqi innocents are dead, and no shame! Swap places!  Murdered by the U.S., swindled by Bush 41, and Iraqis genocided by Bush 43.  Pariahs, banshees wailing in the night.  Eat it. There is no, and never will be, any interest in enriching such bottom feeders, and they are all peeing in the wind. Blood money! Scurrilous greed and human indifference.  Me, me, me! SORRYYY! Not happening. Noise on the system Wombats. Swamp creatures.  

Gettin’ Ready For The RV! (For 15 years)

Anything for a failed fast buck, after how many years and how many fake imminent closures?  You lost! Wake up and walk. It’s time now as Iraq is not coming good for such ambulance chasers.  How long is your wake-up time? Dreams are not free. Cash out and get out while there still are suckers to buy. The pumpers took your pants down. Get-real time. The Settlements are not bailing you. It’s a no-show and they still keep hustling! They know now that you will swallow… anything. Iraq is NOT bailing you, nor are the Elders. Not a chance! No one is buying pumper’s paper, apart from you. The Dinar rags know there’s one born every day. How many have tried to get their notes back from dubious group arrangements, and failed? We are looking at another South Seas Bubble just waiting to pop. Too late then, exit now. Quit dreaming, you don’t have multi-millions at stake, just what you put into it, even if that. Running money only. Call it and try Cryptos. It’s time. They failed. Time for you to bail. Know when to fold and walk away, when the dream is done. Before your money is. The IMF will not bail it, nor will Iraq. Bail or go down with the burst bubble as many gullible fools will.  Time to stop being a Mug. Call it and start afresh. 15 years of bottom feeder BS?  Pumpers feed from naïve greed. Good suggestions to help you with meaning respect.  It’s only time now before the Fed’s hands are on collars.  Then it’s too late for them and they know it. Stop dreaming and start thinking straight. Re-purpose your lives. There will be no Free dinners from Dinars.  

If you really want to be part of the oncoming Settlements allocations markets, first start with intelligent reading by actually understanding the history of the Elders’ Au and what IS coming with the currencies and BRICS.  You need to position. You do the real legwork for once and get the true history of what it takes, the subterfuge, and their chicanery, the Criminals In Action Agency, and Zionist skullduggery with these Khazar raptors waiting like hydras on every corner. Appreciate what was done to Yamashita, Marcos, M1, Riyardi, Tropos, Falcone, and the tyrannies perpetrated by these carnivores and Cabal jackals like the Bush Family and Greenspan. Get with it.  Read up and think what If – it’s you?  Unguarded it will be. 

We do, in fact, have plans to try to help most get clear of what is coming, but it will create a schism with the Zios. 2 big dogs will not feed from a bowl for one. Ours will be a power transfer and no feed bowl for them. No Khazars or camels in the tent. 

But now we keep our cards close, and plans shielded. It will be epoch-breaking for mankind, and ball-breaking for their kind. We are planning for post-America. Not following the lemmings to the cliff edge in the kingdom of the blind. Know your enemies. 

Held as assets in Elders’ trusts, these few remaining dynasty global hard Au assets, which were not pre-stolen by the Cabal or Zionists, are subject to multiple well-contemplated codicils, and at all times protected from scurrilous, unprincipled Americans.  They are also protected from emerging Chinese interests. Having stolen the rest across Asia and the Far East, the usual predatory U.S. locusts are being kept well away. The Zionists and the CIA crime families syndicate cabal are the real enemies of geopolitical freedoms. The now failing NWO conspirators are panicking. Skull and Bones fear their own oblivion as rats on a sinking ship. Kissinger aspires to see 50% of the Third World dead, or more. Some kind of humanity! It’s now a Davos thinktank head-on grab with WEF.  If that tanks, what then? Hopefully, it will! Neither China nor India will go with it, thankfully. 

And Who Controls The Money?

Life becomes an ongoing poker game at all times; watching out for so many concealed cards up their sleeves, like river boat card sharks.  Have you any idea of the focused force and threats applied to parties who decline them, or the global extent of their reach?  

The Cabal are beyond shadow governments and face implosion as economically unaffordable. Over 60% of taxes coerced by the IRS are used to fund banker and the military industrial black operations. You cannot conceive their agendas and real-world take out via the Fed programs if you’re outside the loop. We try to warn you. Americans are clueless of the unelected powers who rule and run their lives. Their powers and controls far transcend presidents. They control it all. Unchecked! 

These same funds supported a global hegemony which funded Fauci to unleash COVID-19, and skunks like Gates to hype up and enrich himself from faulty and fake vaccines, sterilizing and killing the world with protected Teflon indemnities. 

Let us help you grasp core dichotomies we face, and more to follow to understand our moves and why YOU also need to learn and plan forward to protect your own assets from what is coming. Dreamers will be lunch. Clueless. Gone is gone! But we will also show you what is possible if handled correctly and funds ethically redirected. Position for BRICs and your own safety. Your own mind power! Learn how to game your own board or get bank bailed-in. Sucker punches.  

  • $10T of Au (But more in reality) held in secure storage will be worth at least $15T to $20T over 10 years invested as simple net asset capacity in securities trading. In reality, if we utilized these vast funds to securities trade in the Tier 1 and Tier MTN and BG markets, that could transform national debts, and interjected as needed and deserved, will be like a Viagra shot for struggling retirees and pension funds. Time to build CDFI Community funding. MTN and BGs fund the Cabal and most Zionist bank racketeering. What we are looking at would be a Crypto Bitcoin motherload force of good for all. Caring and sharing as society deserves. But with the Zio’s snout taken out!  
  • With the collapsing U.S. petrodollar, $10T of Au converted now for a depreciating American petrol dollar currency, will be worth at best only a depreciated $5T by then, and possibly far less. Even demonetized. Will it even survive? Toilet paper! Why hand over these hard-core assets for a worthless fast depleting US fiat currency and to Cabal treasury Zionist sharks to still steal? It’s an ongoing protracted poker game with Zionist swindlers and their Israeli overseen FRB NY skunk hole. Other factors also impact, meriting intense geopolitical and Treasury oversight. We need at all times to be Teflon clad dealing with these ever-scheming Cabalists, the same Fed who intercepted an $800B ACAT Tropos SWIFT and blatantly stole it from the Wachovia Bank screens mid transfer. Racoons! We protect the Elders as a united team together. Au will not move for toilet paper, nor to banks open to Fed or BIS sequestration for the Zio’s alien nation.    
  • The same Fed/Treasury Zionist Rothschild backed parasites with whom multiple parties signed off the Bank of Indonesia Riyardi Au contract, (Fronted and insurance wrapped by Greenspan, confirmed to us by both the Governor of the B of I, and the ex-White House Senior Legal Presidential Advisor) confirmed for us that the account was real, and that Bill Clinton was then using the proceeds weekly, with poor Riyardi denied access to his own lawfully contracted profit share. But this was not for public media release. It was part of our own journey of discovery while entering the web and unmasking the weevils at work. 
  • Over decades we have been able to access most of the Cabal and Zionist networks, also their infrastructure behind, seeing firsthand most of the betrayal and siphoning off of the vast wealth and hard-earned assets of mankind, and the unaccountable corruption of what is both running America, and robbing it blind. All Eisenhower’s warnings and fears were realized. Even then the weasels were burrowing in deeply.  Eisenhower feared for you all. It has come to pass as he warned. 
  • America is run with 2 sets of books, one undisclosed for mass connivery and unparalleled fraud and ruthless chicanery. The scale of siphoned theft is the primary cause of America’s deteriorating infrastructure and Israel’s hidden wealth. It keeps these Jews well suited and booted. Gullible Goyim whom they despise, exploited. The transfer switch game which allowed the Bushes to award single supplier contracts without tendering to their own front companies, skimming vast profits by double transfer cons, with the likes of Cheney acting for the Bush family to skim the lot. Bush 41 was a crime lord, a con artist. They got rich stitching up Americans. You!
  • Let me give you all hope. For many years we have been planning innovatory rail networks across Eurasia, from Beijing to London, traveling via Kazakhstan and to both Moscow and the U.K. The same from China, through India and over to Iran. Networks taking us from Iran, via Turkey, into Greece and Europe. Networking also new joint-venture projects between the U.S. and U.K., which has great synergy. The same with Germany. Vast new infrastructure projects. Creating and building entire new economies. Taking the vast industrial potential of the Ruhr to empower its foundries, fabrication industries and opening up new jobs for metal workers, re-tasked to manufacture the vast new rail tracks and rolling stocks needed for the emerging Silk Roads’ new cities, communities and infrastructure along the way. Refunding the Foundries to re-fund Germany and other nations by intelligent use of securities profits to secure your futures. Money for taxes not skimmed to offshore banks. Enrich nations instead. New education systems free of Abrahamian dogma and no Vatican child molestation. Core ethereal values star children! Allow and encourage Germany to adopt part national service as with Switzerland, to protect its borders, communities and women with pride. 
  • Our Elders would part-own the entire new highways, the infrastructure, and the global community financing. Waging war on want, not each other. Not cross-funding the vast, out- of-control rapacious military industrial Cabal, four-squares-a-day posing comic Pentagon characters; coffee and burger fat guts who run from trouble, and their greedy toy soldiers. Its unquenchable thirst is for the creation of wars to feed the vast shadow governments military combine hegemony contractor companies who mass kill for profit. Or to feed its Criminals In Action crime syndicate agencies who quadrupled opium production in Afghanistan and did deals with the Taliban for profits. Never mind that the ever-faulty Lockheed planes fall out of the skies, they just charge ever more fees which increases their profits. Never mind the fact the ejector seats don’t work, this time they make sure any new “Francis Gary Powers” pilot does go down with his plane. Vast trillions are syphoned off each year, and for what gain for Americans? Zero! Mugged!
  • When the new central BRICS currency is unleashed as a preferred USD alternative, which many will then adopt, do you have a clue what is coming at you? 
  • When over 50% of all water running off the Rockies every year is wasted, while America faces droughts and food shortages, why is it beyond Washington to innovate, repair the levies, create new dams and use the enormous power then harnessed to generate new hydro power for the cities? Self-help, instead of the Cabal helping itself. Self-sufficiency by self-help. Here is a brief review of a project proposed in 1964 which could have been built in 20-30 years. Instead, Lyndon B. Johnson chose to spend the funds on Vietnam and kill 58,000 of our young men in a war that was never declared by Congress; men that could have built this system. The resources, both financial and technical, exist to do this and other projects. But only if such project funding will remain out of the grasp of desperately insolvent central bankers, who, like before, will not see such positive life supporting projects like the North American Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA) as important to their interests.

    And those interests are not interested in looking out for your interests.  
58.000 Dead Instead Of 4,000,000 Employed. Courtesy Of Politics And Its Backers

Remember, the preceding information concerning the global settlements is certainly true, but not all there is to know. It is impossible to reveal all the details at this stage. The complexities require delicate handling and discretion. As we can, more information will be forthcoming when it is appropriate and safe to share. Your understanding is appreciated!

And as a final thought, the only place you will find accuracy in all matters concerning the global settlements, is right here. No other sites or outlets are going to legitimately reveal details of the process beyond what is disclosed here. Be cautious in your judgment when you hear stories of pending mass public financial payments from “elders” or “Asians”, claimed by people with no discernable positions of responsibility within the necessary sovereign halls of power where such matters are negotiated.

Remember, the mountain does not come to the man. Never forget this.

Thank you, and stay tuned for further announcements. The journey continues.



  1. The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia – VT | Foreign Policy Journal
    King Charles plots major Royal Family shake-up with role changes for Harry and Andrew – Mirror Online
    China Weaponizes Fentanyl Issue Against America: Expert

    The real enemy has always been China. Weaponising Drugs to kill Americans. Sucker punching them.


  2. I forgot to mention. 🙂 More waking up Europe. There will be more.

    And yes John I saw your last. Smiling as ever here. And sent as flash traffic to our network. The part about the GS, not the rest lol. Behave! 🙂

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    1. Disgusting betrayal of Free Speech from the heart. Opening Minds and Hearts is a big task when facing Empty Heads.
      Bravo to Holland, Spain, and Italy for trying, and my hopes also for Germany, Poland, and Sweden.
      My sadness for Canada, lovely people, being systematically dismantled by the WEF lapdog. Germany also. Thank God for the Patriots still mentally alert fighting back. Later for sending back those who don’t belong.
      Behind the visible collapse of Western Civilisation, we see the Real Enslavers. The dead Claws of the Khazarian Mafia Evil Spawn, the Bolshevik Claws of the Commies, and the sleaze eroding Societies by the World’s Number One Real Enemies, who own the Media, Banks, Fed, Law, and corrupt all they touch. 6,000 years it’s time to Kill the Roots for good.
      Once a nation arose, Now the whole of Europe needs to. Ukraine must not be allowed to become the new Jewish Nuclear Armed State. Open minds, kill the Corrupt Oligarchs.
      Why is Soros not in the Hague or Moscow bound? They scooped up Eichmann. Who will do Soros?
      Now that, would be a Freedom Coup. That slimy smile caged in a Public trial?
      Power was taken by those who organised. Power corrupts. It still fails, look at the Vatican.
      Life of Mankind is worth fighting for. Europe may well need its own French revolution. Next time with mass technology. Round up for the Zoo before they come for you. Free Dum is NOT for the DUMB!
      History repeats itself. Round up time needs to be focused. Affirmative action.You know what is right, some need to go into the night. Or you will rage in the cage.
      Respect for those trying. Freedom fighters matter. As America itself found by Civil War.
      Be Strong, Belong to your own Souls. Not WEF Are Souls.

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  3. Right on schedule. Free and open elections that don’t go your way is a “difficult direction”? Ursula uses Bolshevik rhetoric to hide the fact that she’s going to continue to fellate Marxist c–k in order to destroy European identity on order from Soros.


    1. Just restocking our Polaris Subs ready. The Runt has threatened us, if he fires one, the lot goes down
      Why not? Defence to go to Offence! We bite! We are expendable, but if so he dies. No big deal.


      1. Watched again and good to see Freedom alive. Roman Spirit lives. Take the Socialists and WEF to the Colosseum. Each day let THEM fight to live! Justice. Use what’s left for Organ transplants.
        Let WEF and Zios fight each other. Naked! Winners to fight the Lions. Payback for the Zio Swine.

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  4. John thank you for your generous advice which I enjoyed much. I copied the text and will make use of it in my meetings with my staff when needed. They sometimes need some British kicking in the ass. lol

    You have such a deep understanding of the complex administration issues we face in business and even with my rapid promotions I am still learning every day and meeting expectations of my bosses is no easy task at times.

    I can understand why you are positioned to be the Elder point man when you display such knowledge. Many years of experience and wisdom can not be learned in a few weeks so they are fortunate your life gave you such skill that they can use and follow.

    And your humor continues to put a smile on my face. But not sure those child names would go well outside of Bavaria anyway. 🙂 Und das heißt – Erika!

    As was shown here on the website the European continent is waking up. Sweden, Italy and soon Spain. The nationalist spirit is rising and the disgraceful populating of our sacred soil with the lowest kind of cast off of other nations has to stop. Giorgia Meloni is bright and beautiful and the youth of Italy will rally to her banners. They have rejected the liberal lies and will hopefully make the best of their political power to avoid the mistakes of the past and remain on guard to defend Italy for the benefit of Italians.
    We continue our work and I am not fooling you when I say you would not believe the people in very high places who are coming to our side. John I know you are aware of what is being said in quiet corners of Europe. Well in this case the words are transformationing into actions now.

    All of you keep up the good work and to finally close I will say this John. From Italy to Sweden, from Poland to France we watch for your work to start and all between we are following your work with tremendous interest. We know you came close to agreements in December and so we feel that if that is so then next time should be it. We hope so as you work so very hard and no doubt at some cost to your personal life as is the case for all of us when we focus on a difficult task.

    Thank you WHA!
    Hugs from Munich!

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    1. Name the 9?

      When you extrapolate out from the Peter Theory it rings alams of reality. Use it and reshape understanding. Analyse and think out What I suggest, use it all. I have used it to rebuild Corporations and to help Nations. It will really help to retrack your group and avoid a lot of problems.

      I put the work and time in, with respect, to help you and your missions, because, all jokes aside, I see the Patriotic potential in you. And the Value of keeping you all safe. Motherland and the Fatherland together. How you can rise to help the bigger calling. A “Brotherland”???? Stronger together. I make time for you. WHA also. Always.
      Can Nein, 9, become 10? I can rise to it. Forget the EU, all Wasters. Anglo German revival. It works.
      You saw, the pic, maybe we can reach 10? Beats cloning and we know the Blueprint works !
      I have more emails and calls from the Elders, it’s all growing. Remember its Geo Political and very sensitive. A bit like after 8. Humour. Always.

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    2. Once started we need all to co enjoin and march as one to the beat of Erika. A million voices coming at the Rodents and Socialists. Mobile Gallows. Mobile Micro Ovens. Zio sized. Clear out the trash. The deserved backlash.All will join in. No stalling, we will start de balling. Breed no more.

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    A lot of info in this… 2 excerpts from the article:
    After losing his Father in Law to an ill advised COVID protocol in 2020, Dr. Ardis began to dig deeper. One of the first red flags was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s declaration “There is only 1 antiviral experimental drug that can be used for hospitalized COVID-19 Americans”.

    The first page of the study reveals the 4 experimental drugs used on the Ebola study. On August 9th, 2019 the safety board found that Remdesivir was the ONLY drug in the study that had a fatality rate over 50%.


  6. 2:23 min clip… last few words.. ” we reached out to the FDA and NIH but did not hear back before airtime”
    A detailed study with over 100,000 participants shows that Ivermectin is highly effective in preventing hospitalizations and death from COVID-19. Dr. Pierre Kory, who co-authored the study, said millions of lives could have been saved if Ivermectin hadn’t been misrepresented in the media.

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  7. ‘Entire Democratic Party in US’ wants Joe Biden gone | Sky News Australia

    So does the world . Unreal they field THAT?
    Russia’s nuclear threats ‘totally unacceptable’, says UN chief | Ukraine | The Guardian
    Watch “dirty joke : going down on wife” on YouTube

    Wild videos show Hunter Biden going down waterslide naked and entertaining hookers | Daily Mail Online

    This Rules America???????????????????

    No more cover up …
    Hah, we laugh at her and them. So London is hurting tnem, more to come you Bolshevik Bum. More Arms for the Ukkies. More Drones then they will be down to only Clones.

    Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’ propagandist says Liz Truss risks nuclear war
    Exactly as post WW11. These filthy rabid animals repeat history. Vermin who need to go. Godless, as with Genghis Khan and look at the Khazars he left. The Khazarian Mafia.
    Stop making excuses for them. Post WW 11 we should have finished the let. Yes, get the LOT out of the West. Leave China and India to finish them. Filth. nasty filth. Rabid and mad as we have seen.
    I feel for the Ukkies. Exactly why the Czechs want the lot gone. Let them keep dying in the Ukraine until the turn on Ras Putin. Time for the world to say enough. Lock them out.
    Freeze the lot out. Intern and return. Animals!
    Children as young as FOUR have been raped by Russian soldiers, UN say


  8. For Munich Girl,

    A contribution via WHA, to assist our German Allies rationalise the reasons behind Resourcing Failures and preventable Shortcomings. Almost everything that goes wrong in life or Corporations goes wrong at the beginning – Because of inadequate planning and unrealistic objectives. Examine and understand the Peter Theory/ Principle. We will elaborate later, it’s your key to succeed and survive what is coming.

    It applies ever more to Political Hierarchies, completely inadequate Ministers appointed, lacking understanding of Office, necessary Intellect, relevant experience, or the Drive and Motivation to identify problems, resolve them and Lead! Look at the Illegal problems. Who let the Dogs in and why? Do that to a company and it will fail. So now we fail our nations instead? Why for God’s sake,WHY? Look at Biden????? A Mongrel Dog like his Druggie Son, in a Pooch Pound. Where was his Vetting and Selection. Harris? Madness!

    Economies are cross integrated. Political maleficence drags down entire economies. Again poor planning. Inadequate resourcing.
    Think through and adjust to your Corporations the Conceptual Reasoning of the Peter Principle.
    Published by Laurence J Peter in 1968. It then determined that in a hierarchy, each Employee will be promoted to reach, and thus fail to control, their own level of Incompetence.

    If only we could instead, determine that ahead, and avoid the avoidable Corporate or Political consequences. Better, more clinically applied selection, and ongoing Resource Management Career Tracking. Track monitor for Obsolescence.
    We know, accept and plan for our vehicle degradations and accepted obsolescence, and we upgrade accordingly every 3 to 5 years. Yet not for Core Management. Why not? Are they evolving as fast as the competition? Are they as capable now? Who monitors, because that determines the Corporate future and pre indicates the need for change. Square pegs stay in round holes. Obsolescence follows.

    Executive Hierarchy Structuring Anomalies, which create Planning and Sales Forecasting Targets being missed, Market Sales and Delivery Penetration Failures, loss of Market Share and Product Obsolescence failures. almost all come down to Failed Management Planning and inadequate Resource planning. From day one the round pegs in square holes cause it. Inability and inadequate knowledge or experience to forecast, plan objectively, to determine ahead failure risks, the reasons why, and how to avoid it. Your not alone, the entire European Union is now a victim of Reich Stag Inflation, vacuous open door unplanned Illegals immigration, no thanks to Socialist Commie Educated and reared Merkel. Brussels is a Failing Nations Begging Bowl, riddled with Mediocrities, leaving Berlin hemorrhaging in ever growing Capital Debts. A nation where its own Males sadly now don’t know if they are Arthur or Marther. Decried publicly by Nations encumbered by mindless Socialism, the ugly and mouthy Woke Brigade, and unravelling of nations cultures.

    If Patriots demand the right to protect their own Fatherland, they are denied the Right to Bear arms or to hold Grudges. Denied the Right to Self Protect their own Families and Communities. Flooded by Wogs and drowning under unaffordable Social Welfare costs .Madness.As with Corporates,Who let the Dogs ( read Wogs) in?
    Resourcing Experience Recruitment Skills, REALLY matter and have terminal longer term Corporate consequences if not ever refined. No Dogs, No Woke, No Wogs. Don’t buy in Trouble.
    You try not to marry a Mongrel.Why hire them? Selection of the Species. Refining thinking.
    That flight to London for Sieg and Heil? Just to give you a daily smile.

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    1. Frieda no Nein, let’s go for 9. Restock the new Aryan block. Focus on fun with the Tommy’s gun. Firing live Stormtroopers. All lined up and marching to Erika. Girls too just for you.


  9. Lavrov Says That the One World Order is Over – No One Can Stop the Great Unraveling

    The main cause of the worsening situation in the world is the “persistent desire of the West led by the United States to ensure its global dominance,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Newsweek. This endeavor is “impossible for obvious reasons,” Lavrov added.

    High-ranking Russians just talk casually about one-world government and global international elites.

    Let’s face it. Russia and China are not controlled by Jews. We are. Russia and China, with their forging of even deeper alliances into the future, are ironically making it possible to avoid a one world government by forcing the continual existence of a multi-polar world. NATO, the once defensive, and now offensive expansionist military organ of the Jew World Order, is coveting Ukraine, and its US puppet cross-dressing-globo-homo-pecker-piano-playing puppet certainly has not been vague about who he wants to set up shop in his country if that covetous goal is achieved.

    I somehow feel we have not fully grasped the stratagem that Vladimir is working. As Sun Tzu wrote: “All warfare is based on deception”.

    He’s not showing us his plans in full. Would he be that stupid? I think not.

    I continue to find most Western news coverage on this war highly questionable. After all, who owns the Western press?

    That’s my amateur geopolitical view at this time.

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  11. House Passes Liz Cheney’s Trojan Horse Elections Bill Enabling Democrat Takeover Of The Ballot Box 


  12. Sure pal. Not if the rising tide of nationalism in the younger generations has its way. The only diversity in your life will be the black and blue marks on your ass as they kick your kind out of positions of power, and your Zionist Jew handlers as well.

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  13. Hopefully Charles and William rid the Monarchy of him. The Tower calls!
    Prince Andrew ‘lobbied’ Queen to stop Charles being King, book claims

    Of course its a Bluff, but his neck in on the line now for sure. Military entities he had removed want him dead. Oligarchs want him dead. Opposition parties want him dead. His ex wife wants him dead.
    Agencies want him dead. The Dwarf is on borrowed time. If he resigns they will assassinate him. If he doesn’t Usurpers will still try. Oligarchs want him dead. China has reservations about him.
    Zionists want him dead. A walking Dead Man.
    Putin’s exiled former PM claims nuclear bomb threat is a ‘BLUFF’

    Russian Scum loose in Berlin. Animals!

    The Prick flew to London, placed only in the 18th Row, he now thinks he’s the KIng? Retards?

    Ghislaine Maxwell is FIRED by lawyers after failing to pay her bills

    She’s failed trying to screw money out of Epstein’s lot.

    No No No both Bums must go.


    1. Someone said the other day “I will never believe SADS is coincidental ever again” – they were referencing all of the healthy athlete deaths in the last couple of years.

      I politely brought up that no one Questions SIDS anymore… What is so sad is that people are just now realilzing the correlation B*W the mRNA and SADS. This is basically equivilent to 1 shot every so many months. The suggested vaccinations for a child in their first 12 months of life is up to 22. That’s almost 2/month. And it isn’t just SIDS… autisim/mental disabilities that these children were not born with. It is very common that these are developed at the 3 year mark.

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  14. Ethereum and XRP Whales Come Alive, Abruptly Move Nearly $300,000,000 Worth of Crypto in Just 24 Hour
    Ukrainian Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk exchanged for 200 Azov battalion fighters, Zelenskiy says

    Russia had its games in play.
    King Charles III may ban Archie and Lilibet from being Prince and Princess

    No May, this pair need to go also. Deserters and Bolters!

    Markel is a joke, unfit and mindless. As with Andrew and Fergie.

    Putin can call up all the troops he wants, but Russia can't train or support them

    Sitting Ducks for Ukkies to pop.
    -Ukraine war: Joe Biden slams Vladimir Putin over ‘brutal, needless’ conflict

    But takes Zelenskies kickbacks!
    ‘I’d rather leave than fight’: Russians react to Putin’s draft

    Now Putin has a Male Drain to fight.


    1. Charles has to move once King. Fully!
      1. Andrew.Fergie his ugly ex Bitch and 2 lazy, tasteless ugly daughters need to be cut loose. Free loaders.
      2. Harry, balding, talentless, treacherous Yahoo, his grasping C Lister rotten with greed, and his 2 Hottentots , need to go. None are fit for purpose, and Ginger Hottentots won’t even appeal in CA.
      He’s a snivelling Wimp who deserted his post. A farce who deserves it up the A***! 8 off the Fee loading list. Markel is finished here now. William has cut him loose. So have the Courtiers, he’s blown. Markel is despised. Disgraced. Two faced. Bolt off!
      Time to clear out the trash. The Montecito Wannabe Dork and Fat Fergie, the ugly Duchess of Pork. Be- Gone! For God’s sake Netflix despatch those 2 mediocre Pricks. Or all doors will close on you. Oprah had her last Hurrah. Bolter Markel is facing oblivion. Harry too. The Tacky Twosome. Cheap!
      C Listers don’t sell well. Markel will be blowing Democrats next. She has form. Yuk rating!

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  15. Is NATO willing to risk a a nuclear exchange just to keep the Russians of Donbass and Crimea under Zelensky’s rule against their will?

    The British, with USA material backing, were willing to escalate to a full blown World War just to prevent the unification of German populated lands with Germany.

    I think it is unwise for Putin to be talking about nuclear weapons.

    If he thinks he can spook the nihilistic, suicidal, homicidal sodomites and psychotic Jews who govern the West, he is probably mistaken.

    The Kremlin is making a huge error to assume that just because all of the NATO nation diplomats they meet are female, nerdy Jews or gay that they will back off after hearing a few barks. That means that there needs to be a bite, and when you put your nukes on the table, this can quickly go to a place of no return.

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    1. So Munich Girl, once you arrive in London with your wish list, before you call me dial 9 first OK?

      See the joke of the day below.


      1. I saw your joke Mr bad boy knight. 🙂 I may have to punish you now by asking for your credit card information before you talk to me. 🙂 We only say “nein” we do not dial it. Playing with you of course.

        Sorry it takes so long to reply to your messages but things are crazy here. Hope you are staying well and getting your work goals accomplish. I need more time in a day!

        And just wanted to say I enjoy all the information all of you post here. I need to take more time to read it but it is very good when I do read here.

        Behave Mr knight! 🙂
        Ein Kuss aus München


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  17. Today, September 21, 2022, a federal judge in Lafayette, Louisiana ruled that the federal government cannot require Head Start, an educational facility typically for impoverished youth, to be vaccinated against COVID-19, nor can the federal government require a mask mandate. Earlier this week, AAN released an article about Ron DeSantis and his disagreements with impoverished pre-school-aged children being forced to wear masks two years after the onset of the pandemic in the United States. The Federal judge’s ruling will apply to the children, as well as faculty and staff of Head Start.

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    1. Thank you Tino!!! I try very hard to avoid the MSM… It’s lovely to hear that my home state FINALLY did something right in regards to this BS! My city is abutt a blue city… horribly enough, most of the larger cities are blue and they are causing the rest of us grief. Fortunately where I reside, the conservative constitutionists have a strong hold!! So thankful! This is my son’s class. I promised the teacher that I wouldn’t get any of the children’s faces 🙂 THIS is HOME!!

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        1. We are literaly on the fence of the AFB… I can hear them when they are shooting on the range. Since I get off work early to get my kids from school, I’m in my front yard for the National Anthem played at 5pm every day M-F! I love it!!

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    1. These sicko jokers must look at this like some sort of game. I donated more than you, look at the damage I caused, competing on who can control more issues, etc.

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    1. Exactly as we have been warning you all. The Khazarian Mafia, with Israel’s Nukes, on Russia and Europe’s borders able to Rob, Rape, Money Launder, Drug and People Traffic at will.
      The Poxed seed of Genghis Khan and his Plains Marauders will take all. Assimilating filth.
      God help the world if these Sub Humans get Ukraine, and they will if not stopped. Game changer.
      Based on that Putin has to Nuke Ukraine and round the lot up for the Gulags. Germany cannot afford them on their Borders. Nor can Europe. That filth will mass proliferate. Unthinkable.


    1. Thank you James for this post. That was powerful. Feeling sad for this lie that is being fed to the worlds children. Also, can only imagine the struggle that those that feel the pull to the opposite gender go through.

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    1. I read an article the other day that said the FBI were pulling some of their agents from the Child Trafficing division to put on the “dark money” investigation…

      I’m sure this is wishful thinking, but I’m guessing they will/would catch more pedos “following the money” than they will/would if they continued the other route. 2 birds; 1 stone kind of scenario??


    1. He’s cornered, losing, bleeding badly and going for it. Mass escalate the supply of rockets, Mortars, Shells and armed Drones. Retask satellites. Wipe out his supply lines. Rocket attack their camps each night. Every night. No sleep. No mercy. Mine their escape routes, and mine supply routes. Surround them with IEDs. Attack border towns. Hit oil depots. Mass attack all his camps. Take out all tanks. Take out all his vehicles. Move up hundreds more Snipers. Each tasked to kill 10 or more each day. Silenced rifles. Hollow heads. Terror. Kill his border guards and dogs. Torpedo more ships. Mass drone attack his ships. Block all flights and ships to Russia. In and out. Block trains in and out. Wall them in. Freeze all Russian banking and Intern all Russians. He won’t last then. Block in a Rat. Bring the lot down. Now they are banned from European Soccer. Block the lot. Pile in but police supplies. Hit first. Put him on his back foot. Patton, like Enoch, was Right! Doing nothing begets this. Hit first, hit hard. Hit low. Animals! Scumbags. Sub humans. Viral attack the lot.


  18. Donald Trump sued for ‘years of bank, tax and insurance fraud’ | US News | Sky News
    Skank, Skunk, Grifter and Crook. The American bar is so F low!
    China’s ‘hidden epidemics’: the preventable diseases that could reshape a nation | China | The Guardia

    China shows care for national health care. Interesting.
    King Charles chooses France for first state visit after bonding with Macron.

    Macron is building influence. As Biden loses Americas.
    Truss: Russia must leave Ukraine and pay ‘recompense’ to resume diplomacy

    The UK takes a hard line with Putin. No love lost here. Britain is right in his face.
    Inside Meghan Markle’s last-ditch letter to King Charles III

    The Wannabe Bitch tries to plea bargain her way out of trouble. Place staff she abused lodged multiple complaints. A petty Tyrant. Hated by all. Ugly inside.,
    Air pollution increases hospital admission risk for autistic children, study suggests

    Interesting new conjecture on pollution harm.
    Early bird or night owl? How your sleep cycle puts you at risk of heart disease and diabetes

    Worth reading, it does affect many of us. Take care out there.
    We have your backs.
    Israel risks crossing Hezbollah ‘red line’ as it prepares to connect to disputed gas field

    Unstoppable they steal nations land and will steal anything. Eradicate the Swine. Do we learn nothing from history? A F virus!
    A businessman checks in at a hotel and gets lonely

    Putin is cornered and dangerous – the prospect of a nuclear war is now closer than ever

    Very true, the Thick Public are Reality TV Mutants only. Putin is LOSING in Ukraine and will gamble to save his own neck.
    Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone Predicts When BTC Will Tap $100K and ETH $6k
    ‘Avoid tumble dryers or radiators!’ Cheapest way to dry clothes without a tumble dryer

    Save your money from Electric thieves.
    Is Vladimir Putin happy to risk nuclear war to avoid admitting defeat? | Andrew Roth

    This is a cornered Rat losing the war. What next? Nukes?
    ‘Inheritance tax axed, VAT slashed and 1p off income tax’ – Kwarteng plots budget hit list

    Good thinking if applied by the UK and hated Inheritance Tax to be gone. It’s only used to fund hated Wog illegals. Strip us and fund them. No!
    Sorry Folks this is NO WAY to Dinar Revalue. Just waves of more illegals.
    Why the Dinar fan crowd thinks there will be a rest of value is a mystery
    Correct we risk real Nuclear War soon. Putin now fears assassination.

    Foreign Office warns Putin’s nuclear threats must be ‘taken seriously’


  19. Fact, Winter is coming in the Ukraine. Putin, like Napoleon, has badly misjudged resistance. As did Hitler too. Both LOST! The cross dresser will fight to the last Ukrainian life, just not his. He will skip if cornered. Putin is cornered. The Brits and US are supplying Satellite and Drone intel. Rockets too. The Russians are being annihilated systematically. Mass killed. Missile killed. Drone targeted like Fish in a barrel. Zelensky does not care. He will sacrifice all Ukrainians, just not his Jews. Ukkies will mass die for his Zionist lie. Israel covets Ukraine. The more dead , the more land for them. What an agenda. Sewer Rates wait and bait. They covet Ukraine.

    Putin, FACT, IS Losing this war. Badly. They are emptying Jails of criminals for the front lines. All die. Body bags keep flowing. Territory is lost. Russians in borderland towns now fear Ukrainians invading them. Rockets travel. Two can play. Putin has lost face and men. The Punk misjudged this war. His fault, he was warned not to invade. Now he escalates attacks but it will come back. More mass corpse atrocities are found. War crimes. Cornered Rats will risk Nukes to survive. How else can he?
    The Runt is losing so much face in Moscow. Russia is shamed. Butt F by a Cross Dresser Jew boy? 2 Midgets in a pissing contest. One legged men are ass kicking.
    Corned Rats make desperate moves. When does Moscow arrest or assassinate him? Moscow hates failure. How did they deal with Ras Putin? Follow the Rat droppings.
    See now why Putin shakes. Fear! Fail and he dies. No more of his lies. His clock is ticking and Bells toll. War Crimes make bad reading. Commies and Zio trash? Bad bloodlines. Rushin- g to their deaths? Who cares if Putin dispaires? Will he die for his lie? How much rope before they yank him back? Russia is publicly humiliated now. Losers! Dangerous times with Commie Swines. Cornered Rats? The Runt is running out of bodies and time. Next- His? Ring fence them in. No Trade, freeze funds. No visas, then no flights. Cage the Bear. Intern Russians. Get tough. Get real. Cornered rats bite.


  20. Biden admits no pandemic, yet emergency never ends…

    Emmy ratings bomb as wokeness turns off fans…

    They stick Biden in the back row at Queen’s funeral…

    A lefty Texas sheriff claims he will investigate Desantis for crimes he has no jurisdiction over and when there were no crimes…

    Biden sends big heroin dealer back to Afghanistan for American contractor…

    Another hurricane rocks Puerto Rico…

    Neocons pretend to be Desantis fans to wedge out Trump…

    ”Serial” podcast prisoner freed thanks to podcast…

    LA corruption scandals keep rippling out, as USC lefty professor confesses to bribing county officials for sweet state contracts…

    Deaths due to “irregular heartbeats” behind excess deaths in 2022…

    Germany sees highest producer price increase since end of WW2…

    Ten year treasuries see worst return ever…

    Stock/bond portfolios saw biggest decline since great depression…

    Biggest decline in housing permits since lockdowns…

    Al Gore’s climate politics about to make him a billionaire…

    Ukraine agrees to give over land to western corporations to pay back war debts…

    Transcript shows FBI agents admit no chance of fair trial for 1/6 in D.C….

    British pound falls to lowest level in almost 40 years…

    Bread price surges in Europe by 18%…

    China dominates all the essential minerals for green energy industries…

    FDA approves more gene therapy drugs, this time for brain disorders…

    Marines drop vaccine mandate sanctions for anyone who asserts religious objections…


  21. Re: Vladimir Putin ally warns London ‘will be bombed first’ if World War 3 breaks out | The Independent

    I very much doubt there will be a Nuclear strike on London or any where else by Russia. A stupid comment by the Runt in Moscow.

    Perhaps a Nuclear scare may buy the Runt Moscow Brownie points, but such a event will only occur by accident or foolishness. However a 1st strike on Russia will be responded accordingly, as is written in their nuclear doctrine for all to see and understand. Yapping dogs only excite themselves. The skies will rain fury. End times.

    Clear them out out of Europe first. No bad thing.

    Indiscriminate killing of civilians in the Donbas offers no strategic advantage, other than to cause people to want Russian State protection. There can no no peace with hatred like there is, only division.

    Soon winter comes and with much more urgent issues for nations to confront, because old man winter will stay as long as he wishes.

    It is a shit show and as you say a cleanup is required, of sticky fingers by all.
    But this conduct makes the world trigger happy on Russian oblivion. Reds best dead? If war breaks out there will be no mercy towards Russians, as with Stalin, the lot will be shot.;A truly stupid comment from a Dwarf.

    The Runt is on the line now.

    Germans need the EU to help supply energy and share the load.
    London will assure Munich of absolute energy, warm nights and a full load.


  22. Don’t take it too hard kid. Rady’s management was FUBARed long before the pandemic came along.

    One day I’ll recount how Rady’s refused to hire me for a project where hands down, I was the best choice, literally in a 600 mile radius.

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    1. John, I anxiously await the day you release to us your recommended crypto list. I read all of the crypto articles you post and it seems you like mainly the largest ones in the top 10. Please let us know before you begin buying. THANKS


      1. Top 10, more or less, for good reason.

        When the next leg down comes, it will destroy all the turd projects and amongst this detritus will stand the key use projects; those with value and those that Wall St will eventually have leave to promote to the many millions of their clients and offer buying ease with the click of a mouse.

        The end of this “bear market” will most likely be signaled by a sudden downward “collapse”. We are getting close to that time. The Fed will jawbone and chinwag the prices lower, as they are there to do just that – to allow their large commercial interests the best entry value at the expense of weak holders who fuel their gains and losses with emotional buying and selling. Lambs to the slaughter.

        Right now the BTC price is heavily correlated to the NASDAQ, but this is understandable since the large commercial interests that hold BTC positions are tracking both markets as they adjust their positions with the Fed news etc.

        But that won’t last forever as more people take crypto positions. Adoption and accumulation continues. There are no signs of a letup.

        We watch with fascination.

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        1. Thanks Tony and John, I set ready to watch this show with 50% cash (some in the safe just in case), 30% crypto’s (ADA,BTC and XRP) and 20% Silver.


  23. “To be clear there is nothing unusual about naming alternate electors. It has been routine in American elections for slates of alternate electors to be named while the final results of close elections are awaited. Each candidate puts forward a slate of electors, and then when the dust clears and the final tallies are in, the winner’s slate moves forward. It has been done by both major parties on multiple occasions. It has never been investigated. There is nothing criminal about the action. And, yet, suddenly the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are willing to devote huge resources to look into the selection of alternate slates of Trump electors in multiple battleground states in 2020.”


  24. With composite Care , Bolter Me. Me, Me Markel has been blocked and cut from most key media shots.The gruesome twosome got annexed. No one trusts them. Grasping,scavenging False Users. All turned on them. In, or out. If Out, Get out, No more scavenging. Bolters are bad Bedmates.
    Markel shows No Class. A Montecito Horses Ass. She lets America down badly. Harry has been a Clown. When does he walk? He’s now out in the cold. The real world is tough. The Heir of Despair.


    1. If Bribe taking Biden can’t even get to the Church on time, the Hell with the Clown
      We have been the closest of Allies for a Century, but now we can’t even get a Trade Agreement with the Woke Louts evolving now in power. Disrespectful and disgusting. These are not the good Americans we all work closely with. It’s a Mutation we don’t need. Time to Say Goodbye?
      Billy No Mates needs Mates. Proud Brits will not take this DC Shit. Alone is a cold place to be.
      Dignity not Infamy. It’s not all about “What’s in it for Me?”. Partnerships are 2 sided. Caring, sharing.
      With the US today, it’s ever despairing. A bad marriage with a One Sided Taker. Conan the Barbarian Shrek types. Orange! Fake Tan, Fake Allies. Together we matter. We have your backs. Or, if lost, had?

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  25. Like

    1. For the adults with ADHD – you can survive w/o meds (I’m one of them)!
      For the kids with ADHD – take away the drugs and GIVE BACK play time… OUTSIDE!!! NO ELECTRONICS. The shows and games these days are so fast paced that these little ones are TRAINED to not pay attention for an extended period of time.

      *Sorry… soap box speech done 🙂

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  26. Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor: Only Bitcoin PoW works, Ethereum is doomed after switching to pos
    Hal Turner Radio Show – Ukrainian “Kill List” hosted on NATO servers!!

    Some slip up here!
    Is a European collapse avoidable ?
    When are they going to get that the sheer sale of Wog Welfare and Socialism will kill Europe. that plus so many failed states.

    The Italian 10 year bond yields are flirting with the 4% mark which is thought to represent the line in the sand for the Italian government not being able to cover its finances. What happens when it can not?

    Back in 1924, John Maynard Keynes warned against using sanctions which ”would always run the risk of not being efficacious and not being easily distinguished from acts of war”. He also argued that the globalist economy would eventually stop all wars because their economic cost would become so horrendous. Are we slowly learning that lesson or will we slowly learn that lesson in the coming months?

    Globalization died the day Russia was removed from Swift as a means of TRADE settlement in USD. This destroyed the ability of Russia to sell raw materials in what was normal context of trade settlement. The seizure of USD held outside of Russia showed a complete breakdown in the holdings of USD in external banks in foreign countries and further rendered any USD cash holdings within Russia as valueless. Clearly a serious blow to country wealth and a vivid painted picture for China and other nations.

    What we now see developing quickly is a new order as a challenge to the entire West as trade not just of Russia but of at least 68 countries including India, and China is being converted to national currency swaps to settle trade. Trade is the life blood of not just commerce but banking capital flows. Each dollar of value of settlement removes that value from the Western banking system of business as only country banks partake in the trades putting strain on Credit Default Swaps in Western banks, especially European ones leading to a Collateral Crunch in banks as the value of most used collateral ( sovereign bonds ) with respect to deposit rates is collapsing.

    Overall economic activity in the West is dropping quickly causing recessive values with no escape hatch while the countries aligned in the SCO and BRIC and related participants have both Eurasia and mutual national currency swaps for trade to hold themselves apart of the contagion caused by the removal of Swift for the Russian trade value with the West which has effectively eliminated that currency rollover velocity affecting both its’ use and need, causing value decline. This is most obvious in the Euro which has declined against the USD.

    With the stoppage of natural gas now a further decline in Euro demand occasions impacting its’ forward value, think futures. And with the seizure of Rosneft refineries in Germany there is no reason for Russian oil to flow and there will be no consideration of value for this ill informed decision and action. Expect oil flow to stop. Russia would be naive to continue to ship oil to seized refineries. This will mean all activity between the Euro zone and Russia will cease other than natural gas supply to Hungary and Slovakia and perhaps some raw mineral sales. However, it is likely that all raw material sales will cease in time. And just as likely Russia has or will rid itself of Euro’s as need for such currency is not required.

    The 64 dollar question is what Europe will do to secure energy supplies. The so called storage gas supplies are meaningless without a means to force that gas out and it is doubtful the means to do so, exist. In any case, the short term looks bleak and it is likely that there will be a continued escalating closure of commerce output as a result. Not withstanding the trillions in margin calls both companies and nations cannot afford to pay. And each trillion paid even by a nation is going to act as a dead weight on the value of the Euro. If the Euro declines to $.60 by September 2023, it will have done well in face of what is occurring. At some point of further value decline the Euro zone will implode as nations cannot cover their finances in force.

    There is no easy roadmap to meander through this storm that has been hoisted upon the world causing many events to occur and develop momentum. However, the first step in developing a roadmap is understanding what has happened and anticipating the impact and fallout of that impact recognizing the inadequacy of governments and politicians to chart a course.

    From a Contributor
    Subject: Read this carefully

    Some people will say this false, others perhaps will laugh and then others just might look and compare what is happening now, to what was written.
    You be the judge of what you choose to believe.

    Click to access rand-corporation-ukraina-energikris.pdf



    What a truly stupid, Bog Irish idiot Turd , he will get so ridiculed by the Brits.
    There’s no hidin’ a Crooked Biden.

    Good for the Ukkies.

    On all this he is worldwide judged.

    Putin is walled in by his failures now. He has ridiculed Russia’s army. He must fear the knife soon.

    All So, So wrong! Man’s inhumanity again
    Bloomberg Analyst Doubles Down on Big $100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Prediction – Here’s His Timeli

    Queen’s funeral seating plan: Joe Biden placed 14 rows back – behind Polish president

    Hah, that puts him in his place. Sniffer joins the Numpties out of view and Diaper zoned. Who needs that embarrassment in the front rows?
    No publicity for him.
    Hunter and Bribe Taking Dirty Joe, ignominy.
    Prince William and Prince Harry are seen together at Queen’s funeral

    The long walk. An end of a monarchy. Disgrace for Andrew and a coming lashback for Harry and Markel.


  27. In honor of the events in London and the funeral of H.M. The Queen, and to show respect for the many hours of support and assistance we receive from London in bringing forth understanding of events we all share interest in, we will pause the chat for approximately 12 hours.

    Thank you, and may our British cousins find comfort as they honor their Queen and welcome their King.


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    1. Our thanks to Tony and WHA.

      The day was memorable and seismic, watching the mad scramble to gain invitations for so great an epic, was akin to a day at the Coliseum. The Great, the Good and the great Unwashed. Beyond doubt the need of this nation’s and the Commonwealths commitment to its Monarchy for the standards of excellence she set for others to aspire to. They mass attended by choice. The respect exuded by the world Leaders present was awesome. The world flew in.

      Trump received no invitation and Biden was shunted 18 rows back. Ron and JFK got front features in their time. Trash- not.

      Now only William can carry it all forwards. Deserted by hit half -wit brother Harry, himself entangled with grasping, manipulative Bolter Markel, she was put in her place by the system and now either toes the line, or it’s free fall to oblivion. Delusions of the pouting, shallow Princess of Montecito will founder when America tires of her.

      A mediocre, ageing C Lister Cable TV Actress with no Class. It shows. She’s no Grace Kelly. She was shunted. The petulance on the face of the family betrayer showed. What he took for granted is transient. As is fame. Will it permeate through in time. Betrayal on parade.

      So many Leaders attended and so many private meetings took place, but not with Biden who chose not to meet at this stage. Was he capable? Mentally? So many worldwide, Global issues, needing to meet as Civilised Leaders, dire, core issues, to mediate. America cannot send “This Mutt” to world auditoriums and aspire to lead. Devoid of Representation, face loss occurs. Loss of standing is measurable behind loss of Standards. JFK exuded appeal and Ron the Camaraderie of goodwill. A truly warm relationship existed. It matters. It showed. All now missing in a sea of Flotsam on a world stage. This was a huge opportunity for American Statesmanship to establish its presence. Sadly not with an incumbent, suited Orangutan. Diapers sealed. A microcosm of Americas standing is exhibited on a world stage for all to see and aspire to. Akin now to the Freefall of Rome. As DC visibly rots from the head up. Sadly, our Brothers of Democracy are missing.
      America now is divided into 3 Hemispheres of Being.

      1. One aspires to the highest standards of Excellence and civilised Family/Community Leaders. The core and backbone bedrock of America. You, who built everything and achieved so much. Respect.

      2. There now exists a secondary layer of Zionist and Cabal Deep State control, collusion and corrupt manipulation of the Nation State, a Behemoth of all funding via the rapacious control of the nations Treasury and Fed, its MSM, and Supremes. Its bloated Military and Agencies draining its life blood waging war on the world. Israel controls the Goyim kind. Spoon fed, brain dead is visible and coming. Just look at the Bushes , Nancy, Trump and Biden. This “Class” rules? Mediocrities loose.

      3.Sadly the third, now a turgid, congealing, undereducated mass of a Hottentot species, Mongrel Dogs bred without hope of purpose. Body bags for its military, Factory cannon fodder, occupants for its jails, or the sleaze which is elevated into American Politics today. All want their lick, as the American Dream is now ever lost? The rot of corruption and Hollywood depravity is now endemic and taints all it touches.

      It’s no place for good Americans to be.
      It shows as we sadly see the ever faster Political emergence of a failing nation of Hoe’s.
      America is no place to be on Bidens, or a Vatican knee.
      The core spirit of our respected and valued American Allies was missed. MIA.

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  28. Most American parents reject covid shots for their kids…

    Typhoon heads toward Japan…

    EU continues political war against Hungary’s Orban, threatening billions due…

    NBC caught comparing illegals in Martha’s Vineyard to trash…

    El Paso sends busloads of illegals to Gotham (NYC)…

    Home mortgage rates now at 2008 highs…

    Study shows Biden’s illegals cost an extra $20+ Billion a year…

    The NYT blames the Ruskies for criticism of the women’s march of 2017…

    In “Greatest Lack of Self Awareness” nominee, AG Garland says political factionalism is getting “dangerous”…

    Media trying to recast limiting kids’ access to perverted books promoting sexual deviancy as “book banning”…

    Lawsuit exposes how Pennsylvania’s drop boxes facilitate illegal ballots…

    Haiti on verge of another collapse due to food and fuel crisis…


  29. Barnes Daily Library

    1. “If it turns out the federal government did in fact have undercover agents or confidential informants embedded within the so-called militia groups indicted for conspiring to obstruct the Senate certification on 1/6, the implications would be nothing short of seismic. Especially if such agents or informants enjoyed extremely senior-level positions within such groups.”

    2. A story that some missed: Ukraine sold off it rich farm land to western companies.

    3. A woke Army can’t recruit.

    4. Lindell case connected to Colorado.

    5. Wisdom from the author of A Brave New World.


  30. This fool is going to get us all killed.

    First, he sends a cross-dressing money-laundering US-installed puppet Zionist clown billions of our money while our border is open and people just walk in and are taken to the interior of the country and dropped off. (The US knew well in advance, as did the cross-dresser, that Russia would not tolerate a potential US NATO member so intrenched in the south along their border, no more than we would tolerate another Russian military base in Cuba, 90 miles away).

    Second, he now says in contradictory fashion that US soldiers will fight Chinese soldiers if they invade Taiwan.

    That would potentially have us at war with China and Russia, both strong allies of the other. The stress of this could have Joe stroke out, and Comrade Kamala (in essence a psychobabbling whore politico) could be in charge of a floundering no-win war effort, the dynamics of which she has no experience in dealing with.

    Just my personal view of the possible mess ahead.

    Do these things without fail:
    EMP shield your home and car.
    Store food and water for at least 6 months, and the means to heat food.
    Get a generator and plenty of fuel.
    Move away from “diverse” densely populated cities if you can.
    And anything else you feel is needed to survive these maniac psychotic war mongering politicos who hide in bunkers while they plot doomsdays wars we will have to catch in the teeth, if war comes to our shores.

    History shows that civilians are the highest casualties of massed warfare. God knows this won’t be expected to change any in a modern intercontinental exchange of nukes, which are not going to be fired at just military targets.

    Let’s hope there will be no need to deal with war, but I can’t help think that the Chinese and Russians perked up at hearing this interview.

    BRICS nations are already planning on arresting economic dominance of the world reserve currency exchange status from the West. Gods only knows how far war will go to attempt to keep the West on top in that context. Wars were started before to defend such status. I can’t help think that much has changed since those same intrenched minority provocateurs are pulling the strings.

    Enough venting. I can’t believe we are declining at the rate we are. Almost free-falling into a black hole.


  31. The Planet will switch into London Monday. Epic reality, not Kardashians and from people who can read books. Live the day and be as one with all of us. If only we had Leaders to outreach to all.
    For one day Peace and Brother Man. A thinking, living day to be alive. Hopefully incident free, Uppity Wogs will be shot on sight and sent into the night. If the illegals see what’s staked out, they will keep out. No Papers, no Rapers. Be clear, Monday we WILL shoot to kill! No filth loose on our streets. No mercy for Barbarians. Riot rules!
    Let us hope for a trouble free day, the best of Mankind. Monday it needs to be trouble free, or mess with the best, and die like the rest. Dignity for one who deserves it. Be, please, one good people for all. Dignity for all.Let all live this day in peace. Let Human values rule. No Nutters in the gutters.
    You will never see her kind again. Dignity. An Icon above Political trash. They send Biden???????

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  32. EU forced to begin Europe-wide Investigation into 700% to 1600% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved COVID Vaccine for Kids thanks to Exclusive Investigation carried out by The Exposé

    However, since launching the investigation the EU has altered the data to artificially reduce the severity of the number of excess deaths among children…


    1. Correct. It will cause a schism of East /West Power abuses, end the Petrodollar, and bring the reality of Basle 111 to America. No more fake books. End the nasty, grasping , defrauding Jewish Fed for God’s sake!!!! End Global Hegemony and cut the boated Inept, wasteful Military Industrial Cabal down to size.
      End Fake Wars and Contractor Rip offs. No more Prince and his thieving Killers. Scumbags!
      The Treasury needs to be a Centre of Excellence for deserving American nationals. Not a contrived Rat Hole for thieving, truly loathsome Zionist Kikes and like Genghis Khan bred trash. Fake Jews, Khazar Plains Spawn. Rodent Spawn, the lot. Look what they have done to America over a century. They set up their plot and stole the lot. A Kike Free America. No more Oaths of Allegiance to that Khazar rathole. Arm Iran. Do the job needed. Armageddon head on for the Khazar Rats. Sanitize the planet. If it’s Khazar,Can it!

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      1. Until we can get a balanced Global CBDC agreement, free of Zio Rat Turd theft access, we cannot risk releasing the GS. We have to keep it Jew Theft free. No State grabs either. It takes time to remove Zionist Crab Infestations from nations. Their Spawn is everywhere in the money chain. A Zio Virus. How they keep breeding and feeding off YOU! Labs, get to work on this pestilence !

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  33. America used to hang horse thieves. So what if he steals your Sovereign Right to be free and think?
    When does this ugly, Flotsom, vermin turd face Justice?
    Leaders of SCO member states sign Samarkand declaration – CGTN

    Wogs break free from sinking America. The old Jew Plot will lose the lot.

    Compare this to the lunacy of words from Europe and the US. What is clear and the real problem, is this collective of nations seeking a different path. One not dominated by Western group think and dominance. This is the reality of the world, today.
    Did you note that Iran became the 9th member of the SCO this past week? The winds are Whifting the sands of trade and prosperity. And yes this shifts away from the West. So one either plays in that sandbox as one of many participants without dominance to achieve a share of that pie. Or one fights that sharing by conflict. What we see now is choice of conflict with Russia to slow or disrupt this process. The fallout is everything from penalties on rising the thermostat in Switzerland to banks now in Britain limiting withdrawals with more to come.

    Putin needs to go to The Hague. War Criminal!

    The price of Government stupidity. Unify and Price Freeze.
    Check out this article from about Meghan Markle Might See Return to UK Due to Response After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

    I hope so it helps both nations for this grasping Bitch and Flopsy Harry to stop family betrayals. Maybe Bitch slapping is working. She has a role to play.
    But God, in 10 years she will be so ugly. She already looks like a Mongrel Stray. With attitude. A month in the Pound is needed.
    ‘Unethical’ and Up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease: Top Scientists Publish Paradigm-Shifting Study About COVID-19 Boosters for Young Adults

    Science brought us the Vaccines. Now THEY tell us their inept, untested creation, is 98 times worse than Covid.
    How many must die for the Covid lie?
    When will Fauci, Gates, Soros and Co hang?
    Absolutely right the treacherous shit, families heh? He cant have it both ways the whining Brat. 10 more years when that Mongrel Dog he’s married emerges, he will scream for home. Megain the Mongrel.

    Harry ‘heartbroken’ after ‘ER’ initials stripped from military uniform

    The guy is so visibly demented how can they meet talking Gibberish?
    What a Piss up this will be. Pubs will run dry.

    London braces for Queen’s funeral: TWO MILLION to arrive in capital


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